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november 14-20, 2012

South eaSt

Meet the Downsizers For Brian Stacey and Rodney Smith there are no surprises in the current market trend to downsized homes. Long-time Fasham designer Brian (pictured—striped shirt) and industry veteran Rodney have not just seen this coming, they have for two decades been front and centre in the push for smaller, smarter homes as a wise, environmentally sustainable alternative to the MacMansions of the 90’s and early 2000’s. Fasham design and build individual homes for individual clients. We’ve been doing this for four decades for people at all stages of life, but our core client base has always been the baby boomer generation. And now the baby-boomers are downsizing in droves. If you are about to downsize too, you could do a lot worse than talk to Brian or Rodney. Here’s how it works. First, we suggest, you visit our website (address below) to learn something of our design beliefs. Secondly, visit our current display home (address also below). Whilst this display is a ‘grown-up family’ home we can talk to you about our next display (opening early 2013), which is very definitely a downsizers’ property. If you’re comfortable with what you’ve seen and learned then give us a call, asking for either Brian or Rodney. (At Fasham you talk direct to a designer.) Rodney or Brian will get a sense of what you’re looking for and canvass the possibilities of your land. They’ll discuss your budget too. Rodney and Brian function as a design studio embedded within a building company, which means they’re not guessing at figures—they have a very strong knowledge of construction methodology and costs. They’ll be able to tell you whether your needs can likely be met within your nominated budget or whether some reconsideration—of your brief or your budget—might be required. Depending on your site and your requirements it may be that $380,000 is sufficient, or that $650,000 is not enough. Perhaps you are in the fortunate position of living on land that could be subdivided, giving you the prospect of a new home to sell, and a new home for you. We’re presently designing and building for a number of clients in this position. Why wait another day? If you’re ready to make a move to a smaller, smarter home, why not talk directly to Brian or Rodney, designers for whom downsizing is second nature.

FAS 5348

Display home (not illustrated): 157 Bulleen Rd, North Balwyn. Open Sat & Sun 1.00 - 5.00 PM. Ph: 9822 9000

mastery of light and space

mouthing off

Virginia trioli \ The needs of The few win elecTions


elcome to our world, America! As the result in the US presidential election became clear last Wednesday afternoon and as the great divide in American society yawned even wider, one conservative pundit was heard to splutter: “So, does this mean that future elections will just come down to three or four states, with all the money and promises thrown just at them? Is that what we’ve come to?” Well, yes – and as Australia has been in this place for quite some time, there are many voters here who have simply given up on hearing about a national vision and direction from would-be leaders. Instead, we resign ourselves to a campaign blitz of, and reductionist pandering to, just a handful of Queensland, western Sydney and New South Wales seats that now define a general election win. The rest of us hope to pick up some crumbs of inspiration along the way … a forlorn hope. The power of the “swing state” has long been a reality in the US, so I don’t quite know why this Fox News pundit suddenly got up a head of steam about it. Presidents and would-be presidents always spend a disproportionate amount of time in Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Iowa – states that can easily shift a degree

or two and change the course of an election with their valuable electoral college votes. What this US election revealed is that demography is destiny: the huge shifts in the US population – more Hispanic, women and African-American voters, and fewer “angry white men” as the cliché goes – had been better identified and captured by the Democratic party than the Republicans. In Ohio, more than 40 per cent of voters there had signed up after September 1. Win them – win the election. Simple, no? But what, if any, parallel is there in Australia, where voting is compulsory, where “swing” seats are also the prizes for Labor and the Coalition, and where demography doesn’t appear to have changed on that scale – or has it? In Ohio, the talk was all about either coal or cars, the key industries in that place, and that spilled over into the national debate about who was anti-coal and who supported manufacturing jobs better. If you hear echoes of rhetoric about who is pro-mining and who is anti-mining here in Australia, you are not mistaken. The two major parties in Australia now don’t even wait to go into a federal election with a bunch of policies

we welcome your feedback »

that are not in the national interest but are believed to be of deep interest to the majority of voters in the swinging seats: those policies now form the permanent platform of Labor and the Coalition. You couldn’t sail a clapped-out fishing skip between the two parties on refugee policy; ditto “economic responsibility” (deficits, bad) and interest rates. The national debate, such as it is, is actually a shout-out to angry voters in disaffected seats, with the rest of us reduced to spectators. That’s what it feels like, conservative Fox guy. But maybe, just maybe, something has shifted here and the pollies are still stuck in their old ways. Is there now an age divide, with more younger voters than old? Is there a gender divide here too, one that is more out in the open following the Prime Minister’s landmark sexism and misogyny speech? This country of ours feels more fragmented and angry than at any other time I can remember, and you can expect the major parties to ruthlessly exploit that. I’m just not sure if that dangerous game will now end in the way that they expect. \

Virginia Trioli is on leave from presenting ABC News Breakfast.

Follow Virginia on Twitter @latrioli

november 14, 2012 \ The weekly review 3

Do you want to enjoy a day of premium wine, delicious food and live entertainment - all for a great cause?

For more information about the event visit or or call St Mary’s House of Welcome on 9417 7985 NO BYO. NO GLASS. After party at Middle Park Hotel from 6.30pm 102 Canterbury Road, Middle Park

Live bands all day Entertainment for families at the Jayco Children’s area Touch footy grand final at 4pm How to get there from the CBD: Train to Elsternwick Station or Tram 67 to Stop 43 and walk down New Street to Head Street NEW ST REET

UK Wine Writer Matthew Jukes is the patron and founder of Wine Rules. Matthew will taste and review wines from competing wineries. Matthew was made Honorary Australian of the Year in the UK in 2012 for his work promoting Australian wine and his contribution to charity in Australia.

Over 60 wines to taste, plus craft beer and cider







Wine Rules raises money for St Mary’s House of Welcome which supports people in Melbourne experiencing homelessness, social disadvantage and mental illness.

Bar opens to the public from 11am to 6pm


Sunday 18th November 2012 at Elwood Park

Victorian wine industry touch footy tournament starts at 10am





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Kym Jackson photographed by Julian Dolman.

Editor \ EilEEn BErry 9020 5350 ProPErty Editor \ Maria Harris 9020 5358 rEal EstatE salEs dirEctor \ JoHn ioannou 9020 5319 GEnEral ManaGEr \ Editorial, salEs & MarkEtinG \ trEnt casson

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Q. Where are Blessed & lucky products made?

PuBlisHEr \ antony catalano

mElbouRnE cup 2012

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conGRatulatIonS to tEam WIllIamS In our spring racing special edition TWR featured Macedon Lodge, whose horse Green Moon won last week's Melbourne Cup. Re-read our interview with Nick Williams at http://www.theweeklyreview.

Q. What iQ society does actor kym Jackson belong to?

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november 14, 2012 \ The weekly review 5


ym Jackson might be one of a rare breed in Tinseltown. She’s one of thousands of hopeful actors making a career out of the film and TV industry. And she’s a member of Mensa, the IQ society that only accepts people who score in the 98th percentile or higher of a demanding intelligence test. “I only did the test because I didn’t go to college or university and a friend of mine pulled his master’s degree out of his arse every time we had an argument!” says Jackson, 29. “I got tired of this guy so I snuck off and did the Mensa test. When I got the results I did call them and ask them if they were sure. But the next time that guy and I had an argument, I was like, ‘Boom! You can’t argue with me as much now’. Although I don’t think he believed me initially …” Jackson moves regularly between Australia and Los Angeles, her home since June 2004. She is in Tasmania this month filming a relationship drama called Breeding in Captivity. She plays a lead role opposite Melbourne Theatre Company actor and VCA graduate Christopher Brown (Rush, City Homicide, Blue Heelers). By the time she moved to the US,

cover story

Jackson had been acting for years, although her stage debut at the age of five at Kimberley Park State School in Brisbane didn’t go as she’d planned. “I was the narrator in Peter Pan and I thought I knew all my lines. But there was one point when I didn’t know what I had to say next, and as I ran across the stage to pick up a script I made a bunch of stupid jokes to fill in time,” Jackson says, laughing. “The audience died laughing and that was probably the moment when I became addicted to the stage.” Jackson, who was born in Bath in England but migrated to Queensland with her parents and younger sister when she was four, acted in school and community theatre and studied with acting coaches. At 17, she moved to the Gold Coast and spent three years as a tour guide at Warner Bros. Movie World. “I was very unreliable because every time I got an acting job I bailed,” she says. “Everything was unpaid until finally, in 2000, I did my first paid movie – Scooby-Doo. I got a one-line role – and my line got cut – but they still paid me a fortune. I remember the line,” she says, demonstrating her best teenage American accent. “It was, ‘Freddie, Freddie, over here, can you sign an autograph?’.” Determined to meet the right people and learn as much as she could about the movie industry, in early

“I was only there for four hours but it was a big step for me. Once you get that first network TV credit, agents and managers take you a lot more seriously. Matthew Gray Gubler made the most ridiculous jokes and he and Shemar Moore are besties and the mischief-makers on set.” The Hollywood lifestyle has brought Jackson into close contact with a raft of well-known names and faces. When a friend invited her to the wrap party for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at a Sunset Boulevard club, Jackson was introduced to Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart and Shia LaBeouf. “Then my friend said, ‘I want you to meet Steven’,” recalls Jackson. “On the way across the room I was chatting to a little girl who was one of the producer’s daughters. My friend was standing there with Steven but I said, ‘Could you just give me a second?’ because I didn’t want to be rude to that little girl. And then I turned round and said, ‘Hi, nice to meet you … Steven Spielberg’. But I haven’t met Meryl Streep, Alan Rickman or Michael Caine yet. I’d flip out if I met those guys.” Among the celebrity moments, Jackson has sometimes felt far from home. “There are times when you aren’t getting auditions, but everyone has slow patches – it’s the way the industry is,” she says.


hollywood Kym Jackson makes her living as an Aussie actress in Los Angeles. She tells SARAH MARINOS what it takes to pay the bills.

read »

The Hollywood Survival Guide For Aussie Actors by Kym Jackson, Perfect Books, $39.95. 6 The weekly review \ november 14, 2012

2004 Jackson went to the Cannes Film Festival. “I happened to be walking along a street when an awesome car drove past. I commented on the car to nobody in particular and a guy joked back to me. We got talking and I discovered he ran a film production company in LA. “I said I wanted to work in Hollywood and he suggested I work for him,” says Jackson. “But when I returned to Australia, he wouldn’t take my calls. So I rang one day and pretended to be a distributor interested in distributing one of his films. I got through to him and said, ‘Actually it’s Kym Jackson and you promised me a job in Hollywood’.” He told Jackson to write a proposal about why he should hire her. That night, in between working a shift as a “door bitch” at a hotel in Sydney, she wrote up a six-page proposal. By the following week she was in LA. The job came with an apartment and Jackson spent six months as a production assistant at the company before moving on to another production firm. “During that job I lived in the storage room. It was pretty creepy and I shared my home with stacks of paper, green tea and office supplies,” she says, laughing. “I was strapped for cash for a few months until I got a job with another production company working in purchasing and payroll.” Jackson also got a job assisting the casting director on the sequel to Raging Bull and now gets regular casting work, reading for actors auditioning for film and TV roles. She’s since made a point of meeting about 200 casting directors. In 2008 she made her US TV debut in an episode of the crime drama, Criminal Minds.

“You have to know every pilot that is being shot, read those pilot scripts to see what roles you can push for, and you have to stay in touch with everyone you know in the industry so when a project comes along, you are fresh in their mind.” Jackson has survived solely on acting since late 2007 and LA will remain home for another five or six years. She rents an eighth-floor apartment with views of the Capitol Records Building and Griffith Park Observatory. “I have a huge balcony and a couch out there. It’s where I chill out,” she says. She also loves hiking and go-karting and has just enrolled in graffiti classes. “I went on a date the other day and we went zip-lining in Catalina Island – riding a flying fox through the trees,” she says. Later this year Jackson is casting a film in Toronto and, based on her experience in LA, she’s written The Hollywood Survival Guide For Aussie Actors. “I think Aussie actors do well because they work hard and people know they are getting someone who won’t be high maintenance and who won’t moan about the size of their trailer,” says Jackson. She puts her own survival down to working hard and persistence. And has that Mensa membership helped? “It has planted that idea that a lot of the time you can say something is too hard or you can’t do this and that,” she muses. “But now I question that and think, ‘Why can’t I do that?’ I have no excuses now.” \ we welcome your feedback @

“I haven’t met Meryl Streep, Alan Rickman or Michael Caine yet. I’d flip out if I met those guys.”

pICtuRe \ JulIAn DolMAn


InterContInental Melbourne the rIalto derby & Cup day \ noVeMBeR 3 & 6



Mix & Match in Timber, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Mosaic, Stone, Cast & Polywicker Accessories: Heaters, Cushions, Benches, Umbrellas and Sun Loungers stavros tavrou & JaMes razos, of rakIs on CollIns

GRC & Iluka 9pce $3289 (SDP-MEDIA)

Themis Teak 3 pce $1799

lIndy & MIChael klIM

pop-up glaMour bar

lavazza bar derby day Positano Travertine 9 pce $3699

Cross Teak 9 pce $2899



Ph: (03) 9532 2270


8 The weekly review \ november 14, 2012

ChrIs Judd & dean Cox

deMI harMan & saMara WeavIng

eMMa freedMan & saMantha harrIs

Isobelle CornIsh

roberto CavallI

brItanny CaIrns & ChrIs Judd

Madison 7pce $2499

Bondi Wicker 9pce $2099

238 Chesterville Rd, Moorabbin

\ noVeMBeR 3

Space Saver 11pce $2199


G536 G53 G 53646 466665AE 4665 AE-v EE-v31O 31Oc Oct©FC O t©FCNVI NVIC N I

Corinthian 7pce $999

pop-up glaMour bar

It was a stylish reunion at the Lavazza Bar on Victoria Derby Day for Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, whose flamboyant designs have brought him a cult A-list following worldwide, and LA-based Aussie starlet Sharni Vinson, rumoured to be Cavalli’s latest muse. It was the first visit to the Melbourne Cup carnival for Cavalli, who today presides over a global design empire that includes the “Roberto Cavalli” label, “Just Cavalli”, the “Roberto Cavalli Home” collection and the newly released “Roberto Cavalli for Target” diffusion line. Guests included Cavalli, Vinson, Isobelle Cornish, Samara Weaving, Chris Judd, Samantha Harris, Kate Waterhouse, Brian McFadden and The Voice’s Brittany Cairns among others. \

sWisse marquee cup day \ november 6

julien hemard & philippe guettat

vince colosimo

hugh sheridan & laura bruce

alex dimitriades & anji lake

phobe tonkin & cheyenne tozzi

g. h. mumm marquee derby & cup day

joh baily & michael christie

\ november 3 & 6

Is there anything more exquisite than of a bottle French Champagne? especially one that has been opened with a sword? For the past three years, G. H. mumm has wowed guests with its beautiful birdcage marquees, its impressive list of celebrities, and its world-renowned chefs. This year was no exception. Again, the marquee was adorned in red and white, colours embodying the bottle’s red sash, and presented an excellent selection of French-inspired canapés, prepared by melbourne chef Daniel Wilson from Huxtable. \


mark beretta & natalie barr

This year, the Swisse marquee went green, creating an organic “sustainable rainforest”. Celebrity chef George Calombaris (The Press Club) designed an Australian-sourced menu, which included dishes from the land, sea and garden, using key ingredients from Swisse products such as green tea, celery and a cornucopia of fruits. \

jessica mcnamee, nicole kidman & ashley hart

the new grammar

EXPERT PICTURE FRAMING Framing and Restoration of Photographs, Artwork, Medals, Needlework, Memorabilia to Conservation Standards

“Frame with Style”

G53768332AA-v12Sep© ©FCNVIC

ABC... To...VCE... Shop 1/277 Centre Rd, Bentleigh Ph: 9557 7576

Oakleigh grammar CoͲeducaƟonal ChrisƟan school catering for students from ELC to Year 12 For further informaƟon please contact our Enrolment Oĸcer Tracy on 9569 6128

77 – 81 Willesden Road Oakleigh november 14, 2012 \ The weekly review 9

Under the radar \ Myke bartlett reviews the latest tOP Pick

film GOD BLESS AMERICA \ Opens November 15, rated MA15+ »

Frank (Joel Murray) is the last sensible man on the planet. Sickened by the cruel, self-obsessed and trivial acts he witnesses from neighbours, colleagues and the television, he goes on a one-man righteous killing spree. Frank isn’t alone for long. His first target is a spoilt star of reality TV and, in dispatching her, he earns the admiration of teenage Roxy (Tara Lynne Barr). Frank might be angry at widespread idiocy, but Roxy is angry at everything. She’s ready to kill people who high five, who prefer Bowie to Alice Cooper, who misuse the term “literally” and, well, pretty much everyone. Through Frank, we’re shown a dumb, ugly and cruel culture, where there’s no point creating anything decent, as nobody cares. Opinions are regurgitated endlessly, because the act of sharing is more important than actually contributing anything new. A central target is American Idol – here rebranded American Superstar – where talentless drones are propelled to stardom because their audience of 32 million doesn’t know any better. It’s as if bad taste transforms into good taste when it reaches a critical mass. In the face of this hideousness, Murray’s left-wing Dirty Harry appears uncomfortably likeable, even when gunning down children. The charismatic Barr manages to make Roxy more than yet another manic pixie dream girl, although her character’s eloquent diatribes are somewhat overwritten. Shocking, funny and packed with biting insight, God Bless America is only let down by a lack of apparent self-awareness. It’s so busy asking us to take a good, hard look at ourselves that it never really stops to probe Frank’s all-American gun obsession. We’re left worried that director Bobcat Goldthwait approves too readily of Frank shooting first and asking questions later. \

tv MAGIC CITY \ SoHo, Wednesday November 14, 9.30pm » BOB eVanS

music THE DOUBLE LIFE EP \ Bob Evans (EMI) » After a recent reunion with punky popsters Jebediah, Perth ex-pat Kevin Mitchell has revived his alter-ego Bob Evans, ahead of a new album next year. Here we see Mitchell (or Evans) contemplating the future. First single I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Anymore bemoans the complications and disappointments of adulthood. Just as the sentiment is a common rock-star complaint, there’s a comforting familiarity in its strangely sedate pop. Like angsty teens, Jebediah songs demand the listener’s attention, with Mitchell’s (not Evans’) voice edging from screechy to scratchy. Here, he sounds relaxed and confident, more Elliott Smith than Johnny Rotten. His work is all the better for it. The four tracks here are mature, complex and really rather pretty. Melburnians can catch Mitchell (or Evans) at the Bella Union next Friday, November 23. \

tara Lynne Barr & JOeL MUrray

Myke’s space

Watching \ Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace (Reel DVD). Superb, surreal British comedy for fans of The Mighty Boosh, finally available in Australia. attending \ La Mirada Film Festival. Wes Anderson is a curator for this year’s selection of the best in Spanish and Latin Cinema. (November 15-26) anticipating \ Underground Cinema’s mysterious summer event, which takes place next weekend. Tickets always sell out.

Follow Myke on Twitter @mykebartlett 10 The weekly review \ november 14, 2012

play POMPEII, L.A. \ Malthouse Theatre, November 16-December 9, $41-$58 » Tracing a child star as his life spirals out of control, this new Australian production is a black comedy poking at the dark side of celebrity. Written by acclaimed young playwright Declan Greene, the play ponders the fates of Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson – those who found fame too young to survive it. Our damaged hero is thrust into a weird purgatory populated by Judy Garland and other former child stars. Featuring some impressive local talent, Pompeii, L.A. promises to provide a bold, memorable end to an excellent season for the Malthouse Theatre. \

New Year’s Eve, 1958, and Miami hotel impresario Ike Evans (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is preparing his luxury venue for an appearance by Frank Sinatra. When the local union threatens a strike as Frank takes to the stage, Ike turns to Chicago mobster Ben Diamond (Danny Huston) to help him out. It’s a decision Ike will, we suspect, spend the next seven episodes regretting. This new US drama series looks and feels like great television. Specifically, it looks and feels like a mix of Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire. The ’50s glamour is artfully exaggerated, the gangsters play by old-school rules and the stylised dialogue makes the viewer work to figure out exactly what is going on. It’s all very impressive, if a little empty. The first episode is oddly bereft of surprises, playing out as if it hopes to meet, rather than subvert, any expectations. Nonetheless, the setting is alluring and the characters engaging. It might be worth giving the series time to reveal its promised magic. \


be praised Festival \ As Melbourne Music Week rock’n’rolls around, the Saints’ frontman Chris Bailey talks about inspiration, longevity and his favourite films. MYKE BARTLETT listens. CHrIs bAIlEy & pEtEr wIlkINsoN


hris Bailey is feeling worse for wear. It’s early Saturday morning in Amsterdam and he’s had what he calls a “very traditional” Friday night. Despite that, he’s in surprisingly jolly form. While he insists he is a “miserable, reclusive shit”, there’s no sign of the tortured artist behind the Saints’ 36-year legacy. In fact, Bailey seems to take very little seriously. “I’ve been accused over the years of being a bit flippant about things,” he admits. “A lot of my tunes are horrible, slash-your-wrists dirges, but I don’t think the artist needs to be a miserable pain.” There’s much about Bailey that confounds expectations. Hailing from Brisbane, seminal punk group the Saints are generally thought of as an Australian band, despite first making it big in Britain. Bailey himself was born in Kenya to British parents and, although he moved to Australia as a young boy, he’s never held Australian citizenship. For the past 15 years, he’s lived in Amsterdam, making only the occasional visit to the southern hemisphere. “Australia seems to be a place that we don’t visit as often as we should,” Bailey says. “It is a very long bus ride, but we vow in the future to make up for lost time.” This month, the Saints will be in town promoting their latest album, King of the Sun, and supporting US legends Blondie. Bailey confesses his band isn’t exactly a natural fit with Debbie Harry’s mob. “It’s very, very odd, but I think it echoes those old-school variety tours from the ’60. I’m looking forward to it, as I get in to see Blondie for nothing, which I suppose is a perk.” These nostalgia tours have become big business, I suggest. “Oh dear. I did the nostalgia thing a couple of years back and I kind of enjoyed it. It was as close as I’ll ever

get to being Doctor Who, jumping into the Saints’ TARDIS. But I feel a lot more comfortable cranking out new music.” While in Melbourne, Bailey will also be hosting one of Melbourne Music Week’s Playing Under the Influence sessions, in which musicians talk about taking inspiration from the silver screen. Worried about spoiling things for his session on 1934 classic The Black Cat, Bailey declines to discuss the film. However, he considers himself a surprising choice for the gig. “The only time I really see movies is when I’m on an aeroplane. The reason I like music is that I find it more exciting than cinema. It’s like reading a book; you have to use your imagination.” So he’s not tempted to find a sideline career composing film scores? “I’ve thought about it, but I kind of figure I’m lucky in that, all my adult life I’ve made an occasionally great, occasionally shithouse living. I’m gainfully employed, I should let other people have the luxury of doing that.” He wants to give other people a chance to hog the limelight? “Absolutely.” Bailey listens to himself, and laughs. “Oh, what a wanker I am.” He might enjoy talking himself down, but there’s a real sense that Bailey is grateful to still be doing what he loves. Other Aussie icons have burnt out or faded away, but the Saints have consistently performed and released records for almost four decades. Is he happy to have achieved that kind of longevity? “I seem to know a lot of dead people, but I’m a bit of a happy idiot in that respect, I live in the moment. I get to travel the planet and people occasionally pat me on the head and tell me how clever I am. I’ve never understood people in the arts who whinge.” \

» Melbourne Music Week runs across various venues November 16-24. Playing Under the Influence with Chris Bailey: ACMI, Saturday, November 24, 7pm, $15/$11 Cinemix: Nick Huggins plays I Am Eleven: ACMI, Thursday, November 22, 7pm, $25/$19

Nick Huggins plays I Am Eleven This year’s Melbourne Music Week also sees a screening of acclaimed documentary I Am Eleven, with producer and composer Nick Huggins performing a live version of his score. The score is Huggins’ first attempt at soundtrack work and he says he enjoyed working closely with director Genevieve Bailey. “It’s kind of like an extended version of what I do with music production jobs, where people ask me to help them interpret their songs. In some ways, non-musicians describe what they want better than musicians do, because they talk in abstract, non-musical terms. They say exciting things like ‘I want this to sound like a distorted ice-cream van’.” He says he approached the film believing the best soundtracks are the ones that draw the least attention to themselves. “It should be subliminal. If people don’t notice the music, that’s a success. The challenge is to push them and pull them, but without them noticing.” Although he recorded the soundtrack solo, the live version will see him joined by four local musicians. It’s almost a throwback to the early days of silent cinema, and something Huggins would like to see come back into fashion. “I love that idea, the piano player in the corner. That kind of crossover is really exciting.”

november 14, 2012 \ The weekly review 11

What’s on \ South EaSt FILM FEstIVaLs

MARGARET FULTON: QUEEN OF THE DESSERT The Margaret Fulton Cookbook revolutionised Australia’s staple of meat and three veg in households across the country. Fulton encouraged mum and dad cooks to experiment with exotic influences, such as Spanish, Italian and Chinese flavours. But we know little about the woman behind the cookbook that sold more than 1.5 million copies. Her Women’s Weekly readership would have been shocked if they had known their favourite columnist was a Communist Party member or had started life in Australia X-raying nuts and bolts at the Munitions Supply Laboratories. This musical comedy, by Doug MacLeod and Yuri Worontschak, will take you on a culinary experience full of romance, drama, money, sex and power. ■ Theatre Works, 14 Acland Street, St Kilda. November 16 to December 1, session times vary. 9534 3388

JEWISH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Eddie Tamir is at the helm of this year’s Jewish International Film Festival, not because he was asked to but because he threatened to run his own if they didn’t give JIFF the facelift he felt was needed. Organisers succumbed and let Tamir take over and reinvigorate the program four months ago and, in that short time he has pulled together 34 features and documentaries from 14 countries, including 24 Australian premieres. ■ Classic Cinemas, 9 Gordon Street, Elsternwick. Until November 25, session times vary. 9524 7900 EXhIBItIons ARTISTS’ PROOF #1 The inaugural Artists’ Proof #1 exhibition gives contemporary artists a chance to develop and exhibit new and innovative work. The nine exhibiting artists’ works will demonstrate experimental new tendencies and modes of practice. Experience a multi-sensory experience of art, where the artists have explored performance, media and event cultures and the post-industrial architecture found in industrial parks on the city’s urban fringe. Others have worked with sound, sculpture, film and painting. ■ Ground Floor, Building F, Monash University, Caulfield Campus, 900 Dandenong Road, Caulfield East. Until December 15, Tuesday to Friday, 10am-5pm, Saturday noon-5pm. 9905 4217 CALLING AUSTRALIA HOME This is the newest addition to the permanent exhibition in the Zelman Cowen Gallery of Australian Jewish History. It tells the story of generations of Jewish Australians, why they came, the lives they built for themselves and what it means to be a Jewish Australian today. It also explores the diversity of the Jewish community, the challenges faced by Jewish migrants as they attempt to integrate themselves into established communities and the contribution Jewish Australians have made to local communities across Australia. ■ Jewish Museum of Australia, 26 Alma Road, St Kilda. Monday to Thursday, 10am-4pm, Sunday 10am-5pm. 8534 3600 soCIaL EVEnts BALLARAT SELF-DRIVE TOUR The popular “out and about” walking tours put on by the Jewish Museum of Australia have set their sights on the historic town of Ballarat, the former home of the largest Jewish population in Victoria outside 12 The weekly review \ november 14, 2012

2000, which landed him a deal with a local independent label. His last performance in Australia was at the Falls Festival in 2008. Sean Price is making his first visit to Australia. The Brooklyn-based rapper has been a presence on the underground hip hop scene for two decades. ■ Prince Bandroom, 29 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda. November 21, 8pm. 9536 1168 MY FRIEND THE CHOCOLATE CAKE The band name My Friend the Chocolate Cake conjures up thoughts of children’s party entertainment or a comedy-cum-musical act. Despite the unusual name, this all-acoustic act has won a strong following of fans and two ARIA awards. Their music is best described as ambient world music, which has an emphasis on piano and violin. The Melbourne-based group has been around for more than 20 years, have recorded five albums and their music has largely defied being pigeon-holed. ■ The Flying Saucer Club, 4 Georges Road, Elsternwick. November 23, 8pm. 9528 3600 ChaRItY & aWaREnEss

FALLOW: BETWEEN ABANDONMENT AND REBIRTH When the Berlin Wall came down, artists and students began occupying and transforming derelict buildings. In an echo of that, a derelict house scheduled for demolition in St Kilda East has been transformed into an art instillation. The name of the exhibition refers to the fallow period between abandonment and regeneration. The artists have tried to work solely with the contents of the building, from the detritus left by squatters, old furniture and the bricks and mortar of the building itself. ■ 54-56 Chapel Street, St Kilda East. November 17, 18, noon-4pm, subsequent weekends until December 16, 2-4pm. Melbourne. You have to get to Ballarat yourself, but once you’re there, you’ll be taken to the Ballarat Synagogue, the award-winning Gold Museum, the Ballarat General Cemetery, Ballarat Botanical Gardens and the Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial. The tour includes entry fees, morning tea and special talks organised by staff at the Ballarat Synagogue, Gold Museum and Ballarat General Cemetery. ■ November 18. 8534 3600 aRt & CULtURE AT THE WATER’S EDGE The Palais Theatre is celebrating its 85th birthday with a selection of short plays by local and international playwrights. These bold, contemporary works will offer a glimpse of life in St Kilda, from the revelry of backpackers, to a heartbroken young woman, and a man who finds love in a most unexpected place. ■ Palais Theatre, Lower Esplanade, St Kilda. November 14-20, 8pm

(one additional show at 5pm on November 17). 9525 3240 ROCH VOISINE Roch Voisine dreamt of becoming an ice-hockey player when he was young, but a severe injury shattered those dreams and perhaps led to a career as a musician. The Canadian Arcadian singer dazzled audiences at his first solo performance on Canada Day in front of 50,000 people. But it wasn’t until three years later that his breakthrough came with the release of his 1989 album Hélène, which sold 3 million copies and became a hit in Quebec, France, Belgium and Switzerland. He performs in English and French, and is experiencing continuing success in the English-speaking world. ■ Palais Theatre, Lower Esplanade, St Kilda. November 22, 6.30pm. 136 100 MIDSUMMER Midsummer is Red Stitch Theatre’s latest production by David Greig and Gordon McIntyre. This romantic comedy about two mismatched

lovers is set during the summer solstice in Edinburgh, when Bob (Ben Prendergast, Offspring, RUSH and Winners & Losers), a petty criminal, and Helena (Ella Caldwell), a highly paid divorce lawyer, spend a wild weekend together on stolen money. ■ Red Stitch Actors Theatre, rear 2 Chapel Street, St Kilda. November 16 until December 15, Wednesday to Saturday, 8pm, Sundays, 6.30pm, matinees on Saturday at 4pm (except November 17). 9533 8083 MUsIC BROTHER ALI AND SEAN PRICE Both US-based artists will be performing tracks from their latest albums, Brother Ali’s Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color, and Sean Price’s recently released Mic Tyson. Brother Ali is a self-confessed social outcast, who found an escape in hip hop music as a child. He produced, recorded and arranged his first demo tape in Want YoUR EVEnt LIstEd?

RSPCA PARTY ANIMALS The RSPCA is calling on all partygoers to embrace the silly season by throwing an RSPCA Party Animals Party, which can be a morning tea, a cocktail party, a dinner or a fancy dress, and, along the way, raise money for animals that come into the RSPCA’s care. Sign up online by creating your own fund-raising page and you will be sent a party-starter quiz, snack tips and other free bits and pieces. At present 97 per cent of RSPCA funding comes from community donations. Last year that went towards caring for 30,000 animals and investigating 8500 cases of animal cruelty, so do your bit and help the cause. ■ Parties can be hosted any time between now and January 2013. 9224 2237 EXpLoRE ACCESSIBILITY WEEKEND To celebrate Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week, some of Melbourne’s most popular attractions will open their doors for free to people in wheelchairs and their carers. Eureka, IMAX, the Melbourne Aquarium and the NGV are just some of the venues involved in the event, which promotes the importance of wheelchair accessibility. ■ Various CBD attractions. November 17, 18. 1300 704 456 \ COMPILED BY LEXI COTTEE

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uring a comprehensive renovation and extension of this 1920s Californian bungalow, just two of the original rooms were left relatively untouched. With high, decorative ceilings, ornate leadlight doors and a marble fireplace, it’s not difficult to see why the current vendors wanted to hold onto the two front rooms, now a lounge and entertainment area. But one look at what they’ve achieved with the rest of the renovations and it’s just as easy to understand why they were prepared to sacrifice other parts of the original house. Hidden Tasmanian oak floorboards were a pleasant surprise for the vendors when they pulled up the old mustard-yellow carpet. Now polished, they gleam throughout much of the ground floor. The back of the house has been opened up entirely, comprising a kitchen, meals and family area beneath high ceilings and feature gossamer-fine lights that appear to be made of spun sugar. The unadorned gas log fireplace is a chic addition to the living area, while CaesarStone and Miele take pride of place in the kitchen and adjacent butler’s pantry.

A sliding door reveals a separate play area, ideal for young kids, as well as their parents, who can simply shut the door on all the mess. More sliding doors lead to the timber deck, ideal for entertaining outdoors. The pool has a children’s play area, before deepening into a 15-metre lap pool, and is surrounded by a veritable forest of greenery, much of it borrowed from the neighbouring gum trees. Four upstairs bedrooms encircle a central landing. The main suite has his-and-hers dressing rooms on either side of its entrance. Sliding windows in the bedroom allow plenty of northern light to flow through, as well as overlooking the back garden. The en suite is almost as big as the bedroom itself, with room for Balinese tiles, a large stone bathtub, a double vanity and the best view in the house – the city skyline. A bit of the old, a lot of the new, and a great position minutes from Carlisle Street was a recipe for contemporary family living with the current vendors. They’ve done the work; now it’s somebody else’s turn to reap the benefits. \ JO DAVY

we lov e it

+52 south east





jO DAvY \ 0411 388 365 ADvERTISING INQUIRIES REAL ESTATE SALES DIRECTOR \ jOHN IOANNOU M: 0418 323 009 The real estate cover story (above), We Love It property reviews on the following pages have been visited by TWR journalists. Agents’ Choice and Out of Town are real estate promotions provided by the agents unless tagged as written by a TWR journalist.

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Hocking Stuart \ 8532 5200

11 Redan Road

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Price \ $1.2 million – $1.32 million

14 The weekly review \ november 14, 2012

Set on a sprawling corner plot, this tuckpointed red-brick Edwardian nestles among perfectly manicured gardens. The leadlight-detailed front door reveals an airy entrance hall, off which sits a grand, formal dining room to your right and north-facing lounge straight ahead, both with decorative ceiling roses and elaborate chandeliers. Thick honey-coloured carpet feels luxurious underfoot and soaring ceilings add to the sense of class. Move along the hallway, through double doors with ornate handles, and a large bedroom on your left also has a ceiling rose, with natural light from a large window overlooking the side yard. A bedroom of a similar size sits across the hall, with a ceramic chandelier and floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobes in cream with gold detail. A third bedroom is also generous and currently configured as a study. They share a bright and airy central bathroom that is finished with biscuit-coloured tiles. The formality relaxes in an open-plan family and meals area to the rear of the residence, with a contemporary kitchen configured in a horseshoe layout, offering plenty of bench space. The adjoining laundry has a shower. The backyard features a deep, solar-heated pool and carport with storage facilities. In the same hands for almost 50 years, this is a once-ina-lifetime opportunity to buy something special just across the road from lush Caulfield Park. \ STEPHEN A. RUSSELL


Auction \ November 25 at 11.30am

final word “The perfecT combinaTion of period charm and modern luxury.” darren krongold – agenT



Gary Peer \ 9526 1999

Price \ $2.4 million +

Auction \ November 25 at 3.30pm

Fast facts \ 1920s Californian bungalow architecturally renovated to suit a contemporary family lifestyle; sunroom with front-garden aspects; period features in the lounge and entertainment room, including leadlight doors and ornate ceilings; Tasmanian oak floorboards throughout the ground level; open-plan living and entertainment area with Miele appliances and CaesarStone benchtops in the kitchen and butler’s pantry; north-facing timber deck overlooking 15-metre lap pool and back garden; main bedroom with his-and-hers dressing rooms and en suite with subfloor heating and city views; Balinese limestone tiles in all bathrooms; integrated eight-zone Sonos system with ceiling speakers; ducted heating and cooling; off-street parking for three cars; close to schools and Carlisle Street shopping and cafés. St Kilda East \ 6kms from the city




Hodges \ 9557 7891 38 East View Crescent Price \ $650,000 – $720,000 Auction \ November 17 at 11am

This just-completed townhouse doesn’t stint on the proportions. A large bedroom to the right of the entry has two windows, both with plantation shutters, and a pair of sliding doors, one leading to a spacious walk-in wardrobe and the other to a neat en suite, also accessible from the hall. Sprawled at the end of the hall is an impressively large open-plan living area that extends to the front of the house along its western edge. With clearly delineated living and meals areas, a CaesarStone kitchen runs along the eastern wall, with a huge stainless-steel Bosch oven and six-burner stove. It leads to a laundry that has direct entry to the garage. A tree-lined deck sits through bifold windows. Upstairs, three generous bedrooms sit off the hall. Two have built-in, mirrored wardrobes and share a second bathroom while the third has a walk-in wardrobe and its own en suite. \ STEPHEN A. RUSSELL






Buxton \ 9563 9933 21 Yarraburn Close Price \ $700,000 – $750,000 Auction \ November 24 at 2.30pm

Perched at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac close to the Yarra Yarra Golf Club, this highgabled townhouse offers something extra. A tiled hallway leads through the heart of the house, with a roomy study through folding double doors followed by an open-plan living room with maroon feature wall. A spacious open-plan living area to the rear has windows on two sides. The well-appointed kitchen includes a large Westinghouse oven and five-burner stovetop with plenty of cabinetry and a huge stone island bench. Two sets of french doors lead to a paved courtyard. Just across from the staircase are a laundry, a powder room and a door to the double garage at the front. Upstairs, the main bedroom with a dark flock feature wall is at the rear, with a walk-in wardrobe and luxurious stone-appointed en suite with double vanity. Two further bedrooms, a bathroom and separate toilet are off an informal retreat. \ STEPHEN A. RUSSELL



november 14, 2012 \ The weekly review 15

agents’ cho i ce




This modern red-brick townhouse with contrasting cream render is tucked at the back of a small block. Surprisingly spacious inside, it has an airy feel to it with lots of windows and a huge, open-plan layout that covers most of the ground floor. Polished hardwood floors throughout add a touch of class. Cleverly delineated areas mark out lounge and dining spaces; the kitchen has stone benchtop providing loads of workspace. Stainless-steel Omega appliances complete the picture, and a separate laundry has good storage. Direct entry to the double garage is at the foot of the stairs, which leads up to three large bedrooms. The main bedroom is on the north side, with a corner walk-in wardrobe leading through to an en suite with a skylight. The other two bedrooms have built-in wardrobes and share a well-appointed bathroom. The backyard has a raised wooden deck and is treelined, offering privacy. \ STEPHEN A RUSSELL




Hocking Stuart \ 9569 3666 2/4 Ardyne Street Price \ $640,000–$700,000 Auction \ November 17 at 1.30pm







Hocking Stuart \ 9557 7733 25a Mavho Street Price \ $870,000 – $950,000 Auction \ November 17 at 12.30pm

Behind an unassuming façade hides this striking, architecturally impressive and lightfilled escape. At the front, a bright study, a bathroom and a large bedroom with built-in wardrobes sit off a short hallway with entry to the garage, but it’s only when you turn the corner that you realise the sheer scale of this stunning residence. Opening onto a huge, bright lounge overhung by an enormous skylight beside an impressive steel-and-wood staircase, a sheer glass wall overlooks a leafy courtyard. A short step down reveals a vast open-plan living space with dark flooring; a huge entertainment unit runs along the one side and a stylish kitchen along the other, with stainlesssteel Smeg oven and cream cabinetry. Patio doors lead to a huge paved courtyard. Upstairs a retreat has a long study desk. The main bedroom has a Narnia-like walk-in wardrobe and stunning en suite beyond. A third bedroom is at the rear with shower room and toilet outside. \ STEPHEN A RUSSELL

Marshall White Armadale 9822 9999 3






1a Karma Avenue, Malvern East ................................................................. Price: $1.1 million + ................................................................. Auction Saturday November 17 at 11.30am ................................................................. OFI Thur 11-11.30am; Sat 12.30-1pm .................................................................


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Gary Peer & Associates 90664688 3.5



18 Kelburn Street, Caulfield North ................................................................. Price: $1.05 million - $1.18 million ................................................................. Auction Sunday December 2 at 1.30pm ................................................................. OFI Sat 11.15-11.45am; Sun 1.30-2pm .................................................................

Generous living/dining opening to north-west deck with spectacular garden. Heating/cooling, alarm, intercom, storage and remote-controlled garage.

Let your creative juices flow as you consider the prospects for this house. With '60s appeal, the layout features lounge/ dining, family room and eat-in kitchen.

Let's eat lunch @ Servery & Spoon, 137 Waverley Rd Let's eat dinner @ L'Olivo, 171 Waverley Rd Let's drink coffee @ Aubergine, 154 Waverley Rd

Let's eat lunch @ Las Chicas, 203 Carlisle Street Let's eat dinner @ Ilona Stalle,- 282-284 Carlisle Street Let's drink coffee @ Espresso Etc, 97 Orrong Crescent

16 The weekly review \ november 14, 2012

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WHer e to Go \ V i c to r i a aV en u e , alBert Par K



ABsINTHe ATeLIer 1 Victoria Avenue 0408 329 326 Nestled beside bustling café Combi Coffee, Absinthe opened its doors two years ago. Rare oddities and eclectic art consume every inch of floor, wall and ceiling space in this petite artists’ workshop-cum-store. Owner Cynthia Salmon travels yearly to Paris and Istanbul to source handpicked “objects of desire” for her devoted customers. Among Salmon’s favourites are Italian porcelain toys, copper pans and luxurious linen. Expect to find handmade collectables and antique homewares alongside Salmon’s own painted curtains and canvases. \






sCOOGLe 51 Cardigan Place 9077 9883

GUITAr eMPOrIUM 155 Victoria Avenue 9696 8032

rIPe THe OrGANIC GrOCer 23 Victoria Avenue 9699 6405

FOX sTYLe LIFe [sTYLe] 39 Victoria Avenue 9939 7109

Quirky eyewear shop Scoogle is tucked away in shady Cardigan Place, alongside Victoria Avenue. Handcrafted Belgian and Australian glasses hang from a spectacular copper “eyewear tree” inside this four-year-old family business. Local and destination clients come here seeking unique designs to stand out from the masses. Artisan frames with premium lenses cost between $500 and $3000, with owners investing the time and energy necessary to accommodate challenging scripts. \

Some people know just where to find this musicians’ mecca at the beach end of Victoria Avenue. Others have never heard of it. And that’s exactly how the owners like it. Operating for nearly 20 years, the Emporium’s walls are packed with vintage and preloved guitars. Staff provide expert advice on equipment dating from last century, with most sourced from the 1950s and ’60s. Lessons can be teed up three times a week. Enthusiasts can invest in guitars with prices from $200 and soaring to more than $50,000. \

The smell of freshly squeezed juice bursts out from Ripe’s modest shopfront. In five years, this independent shop has become a neighbourhood favourite. Regulars drop by to find organic food, cosmetics and domestic products. The friendly staff are happy to offer tips on how to choose, store and prepare products and ingredients. Those behind the scenes at Ripe work with wholesalers and growers directly, ensuring their shelves are always stocked with the best local seasonal produce. \

A new addition to Victoria Avenue, boutique fashion shop Fox opened in May 2011. Flickering candles in an exposed-brick fireplace set the scene for a relaxed, bohemian shopping experience. Expect to find one-off pieces of women’s clothing from local and international designers, such as Zahir, Rabens, Zola and Moda Immagine. Not to mention jewellery from Melbourne designer Banjara, and soft furnishings made from Cambodian and Indian cottons. \ dANIeL McCULLOCH

Marshall White Hawthorn 9822 9999 3





Hocking Stuart Caulfield 8532 5200 3


in partnership with

1 Address

Here is a wonderful opportunity to preserve this house's charm and character while adding stylish renovations an create an up-to-date interior.

Immaculate three-bedroom townhouse with a relaxing living room, stylish kitchen, north-facing dining area, decked courtyard, garage and second car space.

Let's eat lunch @ The Ormond Providore, 746 North Rd Let's eat dinner @ Bombay Club, 556 North Rd Let's drink coffee @ Gauge Espresso, 3 Katandra Rd

Let's eat lunch @ The Spot, 215 Balaclava Road Let's eat dinner @ The Potsticker, 58 Hawthorn Road Let's drink coffee @ Café Ufizzi, 53 Hawthorn Road


online @

3/10 Hudson Street, Caulfield North ................................................................. Price: $570,000 - $620,000 ................................................................. Auction December 1 at 11.30am ................................................................. OFI Sat, Sun as advertised .................................................................

saturday’s auction results

65 Draper Street, Ormond ................................................................. Price: $800,000 + ................................................................. Auction Saturday November 24 at 10.30am ................................................................. OFI By appointment .................................................................

4 Mavho st 25a Mavho st 4a Lawson st 25a Fairbank rd 30 Mitchell st 13 Paschal st 26 Milford st

Bentleigh east 1 Melva st 4 Celia st 23a deakin st 1a Orloff st 38 east View Cres 6 Benina st 12 Claronga st 21 Yarraburn Close 34b Goodrich st


10b Frogmore rd 400 Koornang rd


14 Harcourt Ave 4/27-29 Neerim rd

Caulfield north 109 Kambrook rd 11 redan rd 41 Crimea st 4 Wootton Gve 12 Oulton st 13 Manor Gve 16 Cambridge st 5 Bella Vista rd 9 Powderham rd 16b/153 Hawthorn rd 18 Kelburn st


Century 21 Hocking Stuart Hocking Stuart Hocking Stuart Hodges Buxton Buxton

19 20 20 24 27 29 29

Marshall White Century 21 Hocking Stuart Hocking Stuart Hodges Buxton Buxton Buxton Buxton

18 19 21 24 26 29 30 30 30

Hocking Stuart Woodards

24 26

Gary Peer Gary Peer

33 34

Hocking Stuart Hocking Stuart Hocking Stuart Gary Peer Gary Peer Gary Peer Gary Peer Gary Peer Gary Peer Gary Peer Gary Peer

21 22 24 32 34 34 35 35 35 36 36

Caulfield south 426 Hawthorn rd 15 saturn st 57 Frederick st 39 Teak st 55 Burrindi rd 2a eumeralla rd 12 Lygon st

Hocking Stuart Hocking Stuart Hocking Stuart Gary Peer Gary Peer Gary Peer Gary Peer

22 23 25 33 33 34 35

109/242 Glenhuntly rd Hocking Stuart


elsternwiCk Mckinnon 45 Carlton st 148 McKinnon rd 7 ellindale Ave

Buxton Buxton Buxton

30 31 31

Hocking Stuart Ray White

25 36

Marshall White Marshall White Hocking Stuart Woodards

18 19 23 26

Hocking Stuart Hocking Stuart Gary Peer

25 26 32

MurruMBeena 321 Murrumbeena rd 1288 dandenong rd

orMond 65 draper st 2c Walsh st 10 Bevan st 23 Garfield Ave

st kilda east 161 Glen eira rd 1/135 Hotham st 14 Lynedoch Ave

listings provided by campaigntrack. november 14, 2012 \ The weekly review 17

BENTLEIGH EAST 1 Melva Street An extensive renovation process has entirely transformed this 1950´s home into a thoroughly contemporary family environment close to Mackie Road shops, buses, parkland and the newly completed GESAC. Elegant modern finishes now enhance spacious 4 bedroom/4 living proportions in a brilliantly light filled floorplan extending to alfresco dining and a private landscaped garden. Granite kitchen, downstairs main bedroom with multiple BIRs, ensuite and zoned study, 2 family bathrooms, double garage, remote OSP.


Saturday 24th November at 11.30am


Thursday 6-6.30pm & Saturday 11-11.30am




Ian Whiteside 0419 591 761 Kate Strickland 0400 125 946




312 New Street Brighton 9822 9999


ORMOND 65 Draper Street This character laden family home c1950 offers a wonderful opportunity to preserve its charm and character whilst adding stylish renovations to an create an up-to-date interior. Current accommodation comprises formal sitting, adjacent dining room, three bedrooms, period-style bathroom, laundry plus a well appointed kitchen opening to an expansive living/dining area designed to capture northern sunlight. Features include alarm, gas heaters, airconditioners, external bungalow, single garage/storage. Close sought-after Ormond attractions and McKinnon Primary.


Saturday 24th November at 10.30am


Thursday 3.15-3.45pm & Saturday 12-12.30pm




Andrew Gibbons 0407 577 007 Ian Whiteside 0419 591 761




312 New Street Brighton 9822 9999


18 The weekly review \ november 14, 2012

City-style family lifestyle! Bentleigh 4B Mavho Street Vastly accommodating with suites upstairs and down, this cutting-edge 4 bedroom & study, 3.5 bathroom home offers a city-style family lifestyle with formal, casual and 1st-flr living, a Smeg & Stone kitchen, fully-tiled bathrooms and architectural detail. With every extra including auto-garage, this is city glamour, just off Centre Rd!


VieW Sat as Advertised Wed 4.30-5pm Auction Saturday 1st December 1pm Agent Harold Laver 9559 0807 Ben Quigley 0411 878 636 363 Centre Rd, Bentleigh 9559 0888

4A 3 B 1 C

Grow a family here! Bentleigh east 4 Celia street Stylish heated & cooled up to 4 bedrm, 2 bathrm home has formal & family zones around a gardenview kitchen, ensuite & approx 7950xsqft/738sqm gardens with a wisteria-draped deck, fun filled cubby, vegie-patch & double auto-garage workshop …close to the bus & schools.


VieW Sat as Advertised Wed 5.30-6pm


auCtion Saturday 24th November 12 noon

2 C

2 B

agent Michael Egan 0412 359 956 David Jane 0419 562 376 363 Centre Rd, Bentleigh 9559 0888


ON CENTRE november 14, 2012 \ The weekly review 19

Bentleigh 4A Lawson Street Entertaining luxury like no other. Beautifully proportioned, this awe-inspiring 3-4 bed 2.5 bath new residence is the best of the best in low maintenance luxury living. Superbly appointed with Spotted Gum floors, porcelain tiling & stone benchtops, this outstanding design showcases a spectacular stone kitchen (Blanco appls), stunning dining area, split level to a huge family room opening to an elevated deck & landscaped garden; and a palatial main bedrm suite (balcony with distant views, fitted WIR, BIRs & ensuite). Impressive from start to finish, it boasts zoned R/C ducted air cond, alarm, video intercom, amazing storage, LED light, water tank & auto garage. Auto sliding gate. Moments to Centre Road shops, schools, parks & transport. 4




Wed 4.45 - 5.15pm & Sat as advertised Sat 24th November - 1.30pm 77 / F2 Price on Application Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 9557 7733 Peter Sinclair 0425 854 981 Nick Renna 0411 551 190

Bentleigh 25a Mavho Street An ultra-contemporary indulgence of lifestyle chic. An architectural wonder of light and space, this aweinspiring 3 bedroom + study 3 bathroom sensation brings in abundant light from all angles. With clean crisp lines defining the individual spaces, this impressive design provides 3 huge bedrooms (BIRs, main with WIR & palatial ensuite), study + workstation area, spectacular living (2-storey skylight & stylish courtyard), tiled open plan entertaining with luxury stone kitchen (Smeg s/steel appliances) opening to a rear deck & alfresco garden in established gardens. Finished with polished boards, R/C air cond, alarm, video intercom, great storage & an auto garage. An unbeatable lifestyle, metres to Centre Road cafes, shops & train. 3



Wed 5.45 - 6.15pm & Sat from 12.00pm Sat 17th November - 12.30pm 77 / D1 > EPR $870,000 - $950,000 > OFFICE Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Calvin Reid 0413 878 860 Trent Collie 0425 740 484 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF 20 The weekly review \ november 14, 2012

Bentleigh East 23A Deakin Street Family lifestyle living that’s made to measure. Enjoying a wealth of low maintenance space, this brand new 3 bed + study 2.5 bath street front sensation is an ideal floorplan for the growing family. Brilliant with light, this timeless modern haven enjoys a wide entry hall, large study/living area, cafe style stone kitchen (WI pantry & Bosch s/steel appls), north facing open plan entertaining spilling onto a lovely deck & landscaped gardens; 3 big bedrooms (BIRs, main - ensuite & WIR), private living area upstairs & stylish bathroom. Dressed to impress, it boasts timber floors, porcelain tiles, R/C air cond, Nobo heating, ducted vac, alarm, abundant storage, water tank & double auto garage. Own title, walk to shops, GSAC, bus, parks & great schools. 3




Wed 4.15 - 4.45pm & Sat as advertised Sat 1st December - 10.30am 68 / K11 $770,000 - $830,000 Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 9557 7733 Rob Manning 0414 895 745 Nick Renna 0411 551 190

Caulfield North 109 Kambrook Road An Edwardian classic with brilliant prospects. On 400sqm approx with a 61m approx depth, this captivating 3 bedroom Edwardian charmer has all the inspiration to become a sensational renovator. High ceilings, open fireplaces, leadlights & tuckpointed brickwork create the character, while the spacious proportions give you the canvas to make this classic jewel sparkle again. With exceptional room to extend, this eye-opening gem features 3 bedrooms, delightful living (gas heater), original kitchen with WI pantry, family bathroom, external laundry, HRV ventilation, a deep deep garden block & parking for one. Opposite Caulfield Racecourse, easy walk to Caulfield station, Caulfield Park, a great selection of cafes & the tram. 3



400 (approx)

Sat & Sun as advertised Sat 24th November - 11.30am 59 / D12 > EPR $600,000 - $660,000 > OFFICE Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 > TEL 8532 5200 > CONTACT Todd Newton 0412 568 313 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF november 14, 2012 \ The weekly review 21

Caulfield North 11 Redan Road An esteemed Edwardian in a coveted parkside pocket. First time offered in 48 years, this beautifully maintained 3 bedroom tuckpointed brick Edwardian stands proud in this manicured garden estate. Graced with a leadlight entry, superb proportions & high ornate ceilings, this exquisite home enjoys a north facing lounge (bay window), engaging dining room, 3 large bedrooms (main with BIRs), 2 renovated bathrooms (spa bath & laundry), casual kitchen and relaxed living/dining room overlooking the solar heated pool & alfresco area. With potential to extend up to gain views of Caulfield Park (S.T.C.A), this immaculate home features ducted R/C air cond, intercom, alarm, tandem auto carport & outdoor storage. Metres to tram, cafes, schools & Caulfield Park. 3



2 Sat & Sun as advertised Sun 25th November - 11.30am 59 / C12 $1,200,000 - $1,320,000 Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 8532 5200 Todd Newton 0412 568 313 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981

Caulfield South 426 Hawthorn Road Plans and permits for the ultimate in lifestyle living. On 700sqm (7534sqft) approx, this untouched Californian Bungalow is raring to move to make way for the plans and Glen Eira Planning Permit for a stunning new landmark apartment building. An awe-inspiring architectural design, this developer’s opportunity features 10 amazing 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartments over 3 superb levels each with courtyards or balcony terraces, basement car parking and storage in beautiful landscape surrounds. An unrivalled proposition in this lifestyle location, a leisurely stroll to Princes Park, trendy Glen Huntly Road cafes, great shopping and a selection of schools, with the tram at your door. 2



Sat & Sun as advertised Sun 25th November - 12.30pm 68 / A5 > EPR $950,000 - $1,050,000 > OFFICE Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 > TEL 8532 5200 > CONTACT Max Pisano 0418 378 900 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF 22 The weekly review \ november 14, 2012

Caulfield South 15 Saturn Street Feel on top of the world in lifestyle luxury. Absolutely stunning, this impressive 5 bed 4 bath contemporary home showcases energy efficient innovation in an entertainer’s paradise. Maximising every space, this inspiring home features 5 big bedrms (BIRs/WIRs), vogue bathrooms (2 ensuites), open plan indoor/outdoor entertaining with bifold doors to a covered alfresco area (cafe blinds) overlooking the beautiful pool & landscaped gardens; sunny granite kitchen, upstairs living with expansive leafy views & secure north facing front garden (deck). Complete with ducted heating, R/C air cond, security, 2 water tanks, 5kw solar panels, tinted windows & double auto garage. Tree lined street, walk to tram, bus, train, shops & Gardenvale zoned school. 5



2 Sat & Sun as advertised Sun 2nd December - 12.30pm 67 / J7 $1,400,000 - $1,500,000 Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 8532 5200 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981 Todd Newton 0412 568 313

Ormond 10 Bevan Street An awe-inspiring creation of unrivalled quality. This magnificent Art Deco contemporary home in McKinnon College zone ticks all the boxes for grand designer living. Boasting 3 spacious bedrooms (master WIR & porcelain ens), two living zones, Caesarstone kitchen (Smeg & Bosch apps), soaring cathedral ceilings (OFP) overlooking paved alfresco & low maintenance gardens. Upstairs to a second living area, fully fitted study and storage. Flooded by natural light, with a host of exclusive extras including solid timber floors, ducted heated, air-conditioning, fully automated sprinkler system, alarm security, pre-wired surround sound and built-in rear wall speakers and an oversized lock-up garage, with mezzanine storage. 3



Wed 11.00 - 11.30am & Sat as advertised Sat 1st December - 11.30am 68 / B9 > EPR $900,000 - $950,000 > OFFICE Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT David Picking 0408 378 170 Peter Sinclair 0425 854 981 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF november 14, 2012 \ The weekly review 23

Bentleigh 25A Fairbank Road Secluded, spacious and superbly serene. In tranquil established gardens, this contemporary 3 bedroom 2 bathroom rear single level townhouse is a relaxing haven of open plan bliss enjoying north facing open plan entertaining, serene deck & double auto garage.

Carnegie 10B Frogmore Road This exquisite 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom street front residence oozes luxury & warmth featuring a Miele marble kitchen (WI pantry), north facing living & dining (pebble fire), bi-fold doors to a sunny deck (outdoor kitchen); study landing & single auto garage plus car space. 24 The weekly review \ november 14, 2012




Wed 5.00 - 5.30pm & Sat as advertised Sat 1st December - 11.30am 77 / F4 $600,000 - $640,000 Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Trent Collie 0425 740 484 Calvin Reid 0413 878 860 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR > OFFICE




Thurs & Sat as advertised Sat 1st December - 1.30pm 68 / K6 $780,000 - $850,000 > OFFICE Carnegie 59 Koornang Road 3163 > TEL 9569 3666 > CONTACT Chris Janssens 0418 541 208 Mark Staples 0411 527 174 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR

Bentleigh East 1A Orloff Street Intelligent design for luxury lifestyle living. Architect designed, this striking 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom ‘better than new’ residence infuses its designer elements into 3 fabulous living zones, Bosch stone kitchen (WI pantry), covered deck in coastal landscaping & a large auto garage.

Caulfield North 41 Crimea Street An Edwardian beauty in picture perfect serenity. Surrounded by beautifully established park-like gardens, this irresistible 2 bedroom + study Edwardian has an air of French beauty featuring a country style kitchen, split level dining with staged north facing living area and parking for 2.




368 (approx)

Wed 4.45 - 5.15pm & Sat as advertised Sat 1st December - 1.30pm 77 / K5 $780,000 - $840,000 Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Kosta Mesaritis 0412 117 529 Jason Collie 0403 191 453 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR > OFFICE




Sun from 12.00pm Sun 18th November - 12.30pm 58 / K11 $720,000 - $790,000 > OFFICE Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 > TEL 8532 5200 > CONTACT Todd Newton 0412 568 313 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR

Caulfield South 57 Frederick Street An Art Deco beauty with deep prospects. Full of warmth and comfort, this enchanting 2 bed Art Deco one of a pair has room to grow, featuring inviting living & dining (gas fire), modern kitchen, renovated bathroom, study/meals, elevated deck, a deep rear garden & work garage.

Murrumbeena 321 Murrumbeena Road Opposite Duncan MacKinnon Reserve, this beautiful 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom street front residence enjoys parquetry floors, generous open plan living & dining areas (park views), a private garden courtyard & double auto garage.




Sun from 1.00pm Sun 18th November - 1.30pm 68 / C8 $580,000 - $640,000 Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 > TEL 8532 5200 > CONTACT Eyal Malka 0414 778 837 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR > OFFICE




Thurs & Sat as advertised Sat 1st December - 2.30pm 68 / K9 $560,000 - $610,000 > OFFICE Carnegie 59 Koornang Road 3163 > TEL 9569 3666 > CONTACT Chris Janssens 0418 541 208 Mark Staples 0411 527 174 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR

Elsternwick 109/242 Glenhuntly Road This 2 bedroom apartment puts quality & design back into low maintenance living. Stylishly appointed with floating timber floors & large o/plan design, modern kitchen with all the latest s/s appl & glass splash backs, appointed with heating, cooling as well as 2 lge BRs w/ BIR’s, alfresco nth facing balcony off the living area & u/cover parking for 2.

St Kilda East 161 Glen Eira Road An immaculate renovator on a superb block. A shining example of a clear cut opportunity to prim & polish, this spacious 4 bedroom 2 bathroom brick original has 2 large living areas, sunny kitchen, generous north facing rear garden & double garage on 557sqm approx.




Sat & Sun as advertised Sat 24th November - 12.30pm 67 / F3 $460,000 - $480,000 Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 > TEL 8532 5200 > CONTACT Max Pisano 0418 378 900 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR > OFFICE




Sun from 2.00pm Sun 18th November - 2.30pm 67 / E1 $920,000 - $1,000,000 > OFFICE Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 > TEL 8532 5200 > CONTACT Todd Newton 0412 568 313 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR november 14, 2012 \ The weekly review 25


Bentleigh East 38 East View Crescent 4

St Kilda East 1/135 Hotham Street Love the contemporary warmth and courtyard appeal in this light filled ground floor 2 bedroom security apartment featuring a sun filled living area opening to a private paved tropical oasis, casual kitchen/meals, bathroom/laundry & parking.




Sat & Sun as advertised Sun 25th November - 10.30am 58 / E12 $410,000 - $460,000 Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 > TEL 8532 5200 > CONTACT Eyal Malka 0414 778 837 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR > OFFICE

Auction Price Inspect Office Contact



Sat 17th November at 11am $650K-$720K Wed at 6.00-6.30pm, Sat from 10.30am 361 Centre Road 9557 7891 Leigh Gardam 0416 149 422 Garry Murphy 0418 597 241

Sized up, optioned up & on the streetfront! Freestanding, new 4 bedrm (or 3 + study), 3 bathrm (2 ensuite) home with expansive nth-facing living, dining & meals areas with bi-folds to decking, Bosch & C´Stone kitchen, duct heat/evap cool, alarm, solar hot-water & auto-garage - a walk to East Bentleigh strip.

think results

Auction this Saturday 2

ORMOND 23 Garfield Avenue True land value



Auction this Saturday 3

CARNEGIE 400 Koornang Road Period gem offering a brilliant opportunity!

Under instructions from State Trustees Ltd. Set on a

Auction Sat 17 Nov, 1.30

Exuding potential, this Art Deco gem, ´Canowindra´

broad 17m frontage/645m2 approx allotment, this

Quoting $680K-$720K

is a unique opportunity to create your own vision,

Auction Sat 17 Nov, 10.30 Quoting $580K-$640K

original 4 roomed brick residence provides the

View Wed 4:45 - 5:15

on approx 663sqm (STCA). A diamond in the rough, it

View Wed 12:00 - 12:30

perfect re-development opportunity for a new home

Vicki Pollard 0439 655 727

retains rich period detailing synonymous with this

John Pollard 0418 331 533

or new townhouses (STCA). Great position on an

John Pollard 0418 331 533

period of home including timber framed glass etched

Vicki Pollard 0439 655 727

ever improving avenue amidst stylish family homes.

Bentleigh 9557 5500

doors & architraves.

Bentleigh 9557 5500

Bentleigh 396 Centre Road 9557 5500

26 The weekly review \ november 14, 2012



Bentleigh 30 Mitchell Street Auction Inspect Office Contact

Sat 24th November at 11.30am Wed at 6.30-7.00pm, Sat as advertised 361 Centre Road Bentleigh 9557 7891 Leigh Gardam 0416 149 422 Nick Blow 0411 831 731 Nikolas Sky 0422 246 972

4 Resort living in the Centre of it all Offering a 5 Star resort lifestyle, this 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom Art Deco residence steps back beyond a formal lounge to offer breathtaking indoor-outdoor living with pillarless corner bi-folds to al fresco dining, a separate bar with beer-on-tap - even a putting-green - around a glass-fenced heated pool. With a



Blanco & C´Stone kitchen & frameless screened bathrooms (including double ensuite), this centrally-heated home has a double auto-garage...& a lifestyle location between Patterson´s village & Centre Rd´s strip!

november 14, 2012 \ The weekly review 27

Outstanding business opportunity – Elsternwick Franchise ,SZ[LYU^PJR*H\SÄLSKHUKKPZ[YPJ[ Q

,_PZ[PUNOPNOL_WVZ\YLJVYULYVMĂ„JLSVJH[PVU Trading in Elsternwick since 1948 Q 4HYRL[SLHKPUNULPNOIV\YPUN)\_[VUVMĂ„JLZ Q Proven and established systems, processes and marketing Q Premier real estate franchise group Q











november 14, 2012 \ The weekly review 29





30 The weekly review \ november 14, 2012















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november 14, 2012 \ The weekly review 31

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� ������� ������� �������

CAULFIELD 348 Orrong Road 9526 1999 ST KILDA 55 Inkerman Street 9066 4688 32 The weekly review \ november 14, 2012

� ������ ���� �������� ���� ����� ������������ ��� ����������� � ��� ����������� ������ �������� ���� ��� ��� ����� ������ ���� ��� ���

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CAULFIELD 348 Orrong Road 9526 1999 ST KILDA 55 Inkerman Street 9066 4688

� ������� ������� ����� ����� �������

� �������� ���� �������� ����� ��� ���� ������� �������� � �������� ���� ����� ���� ��� ��� ���� ��� ���� ��� ��� november 14, 2012 \ The weekly review 33

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���������� ��� �� � ������� ���� ���������� ��������� ���� ������ ������� ������ ����� � �������������� ��� �������� ������ �������� � ������������ ������ ����� ��������� ������� ������ ������ ����� �������� �������� � ������� ��������� �� ��� ��� ���������� ��������� �� � ��������� ��� ��� ���� ���������� �������

� ������� ������� ����� ����� �������

� ������ ���� �������� ����� ����� ������������ ��� ������������ � ��� ���� ������� ���������� � ���������� ������ �������� ���� ��� ��� ����� ������ ���� ��� ���

CAULFIELD 348 Orrong Road 9526 1999 ST KILDA 55 Inkerman Street 9066 4688 34 The weekly review \ november 14, 2012

� ������� ������� ����� ����� �������

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���� ��������������� ���� �������� � ����� �� ������ ��������� ���������� ��� ������� ���� �������������� ������� ������������ ���������� ���������� ��������� ������� � � �������� ���� ���� ������� � ���� ��������� ����� ���� � ������� �������

� ������� ������� ����� ����� �������

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CAULFIELD 348 Orrong Road 9526 1999 ST KILDA 55 Inkerman Street 9066 4688

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��������� ����� ������� �������� ����

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CAULFIELD 348 Orrong Road ST KILDA 55 Inkerman Street

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9526 1999 9066 4688

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Murrumbeena 1288 Dandenong Road Development opportunity


A good sized allotment opposite Chadstone shopping centre offers the astute buyer the opportunity to contribute to this progressive area. Situated close to two of Melbourne’s major road ways provides residents with easy access to the city and the Eastern suburbs & beyond.

On Site 24th November @ 11:00am

Ray White Noble Park/Springvale 36 The weekly review \ november 14, 2012

Theresa Huynh 0450 551 959 9547 0000

With 400,000 listings and growing, download the FREE app today!

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spring ‘12



Pioneering Bathroom Designs - Melbourne Design Awards 2011 Winner. Let us transform your tired/outdated bathroom into a modern and innovative design. With over 20 years experience, we specialise in all aspects of bathroom renovations. HIA 984704. Contact Sam 0439 115 225,,

Northcote Landscaping - Our services include complete landscape design and construction, renovate existing paving, decking, retaining walls, irrigation and planting. Call our qualified professionals, to receive personalised service and quality workmanship. For your free consultation and quotation Contact: Michael 0412 300 712 or Jay 0438 445 933.

Smarter Bathrooms - Escape to a beautiful bathroom with a complete design, build and project management from Melbourne’s smartest bathroom renovator. Guaranteed start and finish dates, or we pay you. Call now for an award winning interior designer to visit you. Contact: 1300 662 838. Showroom: 77 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne or visit:

Spruce Landscaping - Have the garden you’ve always dreamed of. We deliver professional garden maintenance and design services including, clean ups, lawn mowing, hedging, pruning, paving, planting, green waste removal, weeding & more. Offering competitive rates, attention to detail and respect to your property. Always willing to go that extra step, we’re passionate about what we do. Call now - Free onsite quote. Contact Jared: 0414 303 557. Email:

BUILDING CONTRACTORS Unique Homes Pty Ltd - Unique Homes provide a complete home construction and project management service. Incorporating such aspects as planning, engineering and architectural support. We have designed and constructed everything from small extensions to second storey additions and new homes of all sizes. No job too difficult. Call now for a free onsite consultation. Contact 9576 8444.



DECKING DeckSealRevival Pty Ltd - Beat the Spring Rush, call today! Melbourne’s deck care and maintenance professional’s. Residential and commercial; Deck sanding, cleaning and sealing. Interior floor sanding and coating available. Continually delivering a beautiful and long lasting deck surface. We will beat any genuine quote. Contact Brian on 0410 537 164 or visit us at

GARDEN DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION Gerard Butterss Landscapes - Spring special. Contact us to organise an initial garden consultation free of charge. We have been designing and building gardens in Victoria for over 30 years and provide the complete service - from garden consultation and landscape design through to construction. We aim for a perfect match between lifestyle, budget and property aesthetics to create the right garden for each project. For further information, please Contact Gerard on mobile phone: 0411 609 566 or visit the website:

GLASS POOL FENCING Tough Glass Worx - We specialise in frameless glass pool fencing. Enjoy the view of your pool and landscaped oasis with a stunning glass pool fence from the experts. We can also help you with frameless glass shower screens, balustrades, splashbacks and other architectural glazing requirements. Contact (03) 9553 4417 or 0415 755 285.

DSR Interior Floor Sanding and Polishing - Our experienced team has set the benchmark across Melbourne for many years. Client satisfaction is our priority. Flexible and competitive rates. Sanding and polishing floors in the following areas: Existing floors, recoating/staining, renovated and new homes, commercial properties, sporting venues. Sanding and polishing on the following surfaces: Timber and parquetry floors, steps and staircases. Contact 0410 537 164. Call for an obligation free quote or visit our website:


Ovenu - The oven cleaning and detailing specialists, we provide you with the ultimate professional domestic oven cleaning and detailing service that will leave your oven and other associated cooking appliances in near showroom condition. Our oven cleaners are the best in the business. Return your oven to new using non caustic, biodegradable solutions. No fumes, no mess, safe for you and your family. Introductory $10 discount. Contact 1300 683 681.

SHUTTERS CONTACT 9818 1133 AP SHUTTERS Highest quality timber plantation shutters. Custom made and fitted by professionals, on time and at the best value for money in Melbourne. Call now to organise a free, no obligation measure and quote.

BATHROOM RENOVATIONS CONTACT 1300 66 28 38 Showroom 77 Salmon St, Port Melbourne SMARTER BATHROOMS Full design, build, project management. Complete makeovers of your bathrooms, kitchen and laundry is our specialty. Guaranteed start and finish dates, or we pay you. Call now for an award winning designer to visit you.

SEWING MACHINE REPAIRS Sam’s Sewing Machine Repairs - Sewing Machines and Overlockers, Industrial and Domestic all makes and models old and modern, we can provide technical support, repairs and services to fully maintain your sewing machine in excellent working order. Fully qualified technician, quotes before work commences, pick ups and deliveries supported by written guarantees on all works. True professional service. Contact Sam: 0418 308 979

GLASS POOL FENCING CONTACT (03) 9553 4417 or 0415 755 285 TOUGH GLASS WORX We specialise in frameless glass pool fencing. Enjoy the view of your pool and landscaped oasis with a stunning glass pool fence from the experts. We can also help you with frameless glass shower screens, balustrades, splashbacks and other architectural glazing requirements.

Venetti Kitchen & Bathroom Designs - Proudly Australian owned and manufactured with Italian Design partners. Our experience and seamless supply chain allows for fast installation, custom built kitchens, completed usually within 10 days, including stone benchtops. At Venetti we provide a free in-home design service. Your plans are created by qualified designers with years of experience. Special Offer: Stone for the price of laminate. Contact Chris: 0434 690 360, 9544 7889. Showroom 7B Audsley Street, Clayton South, or visit





Almara Cabinets – Winners of the Australian Achievers’ Award. Custom-designed wardrobes, wall units, bookshelves, guaranteed quality. Renovations, our specialty. Visit our showroom. Contact 9793 8233.

CONTACT Michael 0412 300 712 Jay 0438 445 933 NORTHCOTE LANDSCAPING We are qualified professionals who provide quality workmanship, we design and construct new landscapes or renovate existing, we offer a free consultation and quote service, so for any paving, decking, retaining walls, irrigation or planting call for your free consultation and quotation.

Smarter Kitchens - Live in the kitchen you love with a complete design, build and project management from Melbourne’s smartest kitchen renovator. Guaranteed start and finish dates, or we pay you. Call now for an award winning interior designer to visit you. Contact 1300 662 838. Showroom 77 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne.

AP Shutters – Highest quality, timber plantation shutters at Melbourne’s best prices guaranteed. Also specialising in all other window furnishings. For a free, no obligation quote, Contact 9818 1133.

Green-Isle Built-In-Robes - Built in wardrobes and bookcases. High standard of work and expert advice. Reliability guaranteed. Contact Michael Clarke 0407 731 801 or Ah 9350 6362.

T O A D V E R T I S E C O N TA C T A M A N D A O N 9 2 3 8 7 7 2 5






CONTACT 1300 662 838 Showroom 77 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne SMARTER KITCHENS Live in the kitchen you love with a complete design, build and project management from Melbourne’s smartest kitchen renovator. Guaranteed start and finish dates, or we pay you. Call now for an award winning interior designer to visit you.

CONTACT Jared: 0414 303 557 SPRUCE LANDSCAPING Selling your home? Increase the value of your property by up to 20 per cent by improving your garden. Whether you’d like a new look or simply a tidy up, we can design, create and maintain your garden exactly how you like. Call now for a free quote. Email:

CONTACT Sam 0439 115 225 PIONEERING BATHROOM DESIGNS Melbourne Design Awards 2011 Winner. Let us transform your tired/outdated bathroom into a modern and innovative design. With over 20 years experience, we specialise in all aspects of bathroom renovations. HIA 984704. Email WWW.PIONEERINGBATHROOMDESIGNS.COM.AU

CONTACT Richard 9793 8233 Fax: 9793 8243


ALMARA CABINETS Winners of the Australian Achievers Award. Customdesigned wardrobes, wall units, bookshelves, guaranteed quality. Renovations, our specialty. Visit our showroom.

november 14, WEEKLY 2012 \ The weekly review NOVEMBER 14, 2012 >> THE REVIEW SOUTH EAST37 1


Glazing and Glaziers

Phone 0423 676 555 Email:



Carpet Layers and Services S



24hr Flood Work

Call Tony direct on

0404 888 998

Cleaning Services G5350630AA-dc29Aug

� Andrew 0404 977 869


APN Plumbing


Lic. 48953


Reliable, Fast & Friendly Service Specialising in Older homes: Maintenance and Renovations Water Tanks, H.W.S, Roofing, Gutters & Blockages. Home Maintenance through to New homes

Tel: 9798 8615

Peter’s Plumbing


Reg #36352

General Plumbing Tap Repairs Gas Fitting Hot water Water Filters Water Tanks Call Peter 0419 306 866 or 9570 2747 G5349549AA-dc29Aug

Rubbish Removal

Call Carol 9569 5238


 All sizes  Bins from $200

9696 9199 45-47 Tope Street, South Melbourne SWA5109BE

9793 2988 9793 2986



More new ladies

17 Nicole Way Dandenong South

For Classifieds contact us on

13 24 25

30 mins Nude Relaxation $70 30 mins Full Service $90


MANHATTAN TERRACE Kelly - curvy busty blonde Scarlotte - 24yo fiery redhead Zara - 18yo busty brunette Summer - 18yo petite blonde Dakota is back and many more new girls

554-556 Swanston St, 554 - 556 Swanston Carlton St, Carlton

9576 9100 pca618be $20 Show Entry + Recieve $20 Discount Hot Live Erotic Caberet Style Bi-Twin Sex Shows Thursday Night 7.15pm Saturday Night 8pm Sexy Style Day Shows 12 Noon Thursday, Friday + Monday Low prices never change same 12 years. Full Service 20 mins $65 - 1 hour $155 Relaxation from $40 - 1/2hr $70


Ph: 9347 9347G5521164AA-dc14Nov 6000 Ph: 6000

Body Rubs

Full Service from $80

623 Hawthorn Road, Brighton East

Open 7 Days 10am to late 142 Bridge Rd, Keysborough

Call Adam: 0415 456 563

Red Lantern

Ultimate Magic


24 HOUR BROTHEL This week’s new girls


238THE WEEKLY REVIEW SOUTH EAST >> NOVEMBER 14, 2012 The weekly review \ november 14, 2012



Red Light Centre Sexy Ladies 18+ Undercover Parking 44A Winterton Road Clayton

9543 8820 9543 8837

Open 7days pca5531b

The new 30 St Kilda Road, St Kilda Low Day Rates - Erotic Body Rub from $60 Service mins $110 vic ce from m $90, $90 90, 30 m in ns $ Open 24/7 Escorts Availablee



Ladies Welcome.

Review all the latest property

9429 8242


Mel 95 E3, 7days

9543 5901

Ladies welcomed

PH - 1300 ESCORT

BH BIN HIRE Specialising in all electrical installations • Extensions/Refurbishments • Stove/Oven/Hot water repair • Switchboard upgrades • TV/Phone/Data G5473105AA-dc24Oct Free Quotes • House Rewires • Safety switches Lic 17824

20 mins $100


Mention this ad for $10 discount ☎ 9775 3210

Electrical Services

Discount Doozies Sunday, Monday & Tuesday Only After 6pm ONLY …

339 Punt Road Richmond



Reach & wash system (pure water) up to 65ft off the ground Also specialise in: Builders Cleans, Cafe/Shop Cleans & Office Cleans

Kama Sutra

Sensual Body Work. Call/sms. ☎ 0430 596 499. swa6298xe.


Steam or Dryclean, Upholstery Cleaning, Car Interiors, Rug Specialist , Scotch Guarding

Fully Insured. Free Quote Credit Cards & EFTPOS Accepted

0431 446 700

24hrs/7 days



Windows - Pet Doors - Shop Fronts



COURTNEY - 23yo sexy blonde. Tall, toned and terrific. Very friendly and affectionate. Outcalls: 9495 2741 swa4281be

24 Hour Service Pensioner Discounts


� New dwellings � Units Quotes done within 48hrs! � Extensions Call Mark 0419 525 949 � Pergolas etc.


• Waterproofing • Render & Plaster • Brickwork • Concrete work • Granite & Stone paving • Any unusual jobs FREE QUOTES 24/7

G G5504842AA-dc7Nov

Melbourne Property Repairs

Cougar Ladies The best of 30's, 40's & 50yo. We're eager to please & a total tease Ph: 9495 2738 swa4281be

10 Fulton St, Oakleigh South Open From 10am - Late Escort Available

7 days till late


Builders and Building Services

Adult Services

Ask for Our Tuesday Special

5979 3066



Ladies for Gentlemen

24/7 FREE TRIAL 9900 4940. Dirty as you like.


Mick 0407 180 476


Beautiful Girls From 18+ Private Car park Available Full Service Start From $70

47 Glendale Ave, Hastings Prices Discounted

Relaxation Full Body Care


With great people & the best facilities.


21 Thomas St,Yarraville


9315 2922

Ladies Welcome Non-sexual



All types of Brickwork

Discreet Rear Parking (via lane way) CREDIT CARD & EFTPOS WELCOME Ladies Warmly Welcomed Mel ref P43 B1 / Tram 57 Stop 22 77 Race Course Road, North Melbourne



■ Garages ■ Free quotes

Affordable Prices From $65


Adult Services


■ Renovations ■ Fences Repointing ■ Restoration

FAR EASTERN RELAXATION Now With More Young, Beautiful, Exotic, Friendly Ladies

9326 8388

General Adult Phone Talk


BA Floors - Timber Floor Specialists


$12 0

Free Call 1800 035 121 Rick 0407 214 006

Floor Services

Contact Eric 0402 691 089


SWA6143B SWA6144B G5349138AA-dc29Aug

Call Steve 0431 554 333




• All work comes with certificate of electrical safety

• Sanding • Polishing new & old timber flooring • Lay timber or floating boards • Non toxic coating • Recoating & staining • Dust free sanding repairs • Master painting & tiling



Ph 0423 676 555 / 9530 0422 Email:



• Renovations • Waterproofing • Plastering • Remodelling • Plumbing & Electrical • Tiling

D I G I TA L Antennas

• 20 Years Experience • Lifetime Warranty - Locally Made • Poor Reception Specialist • TV/Phone/Data Points • Home Theatre Set-ups G5472677AA-dc23Oct • Australian Government Endorsed Installers ELECTRICIANS ALSO AVAILABLE REC 21355


“We Do “W Do It It All” All” Free Free q quotes uotes t - 24/7 24/ 4/7 7

Specialising in new main switchboards & safety switches



All types of electrical work A-Grade Electrical Contractor


Bathroom Renovations


Adult Services G5518434AA-dc14Nov

REC 10377

Trades & Services

TV and Home Entertainment Services G5353196AA-dc30Oct

Electrical Services

REVIEW CLASSIFIEDS 13 24 25 Public Notices


142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong 3175

Classifieds 13 24 25 Music

Proof deadline: All Classifieds:

Thursday 2.00pm Thursday 4.00pm

A ULTIMATE Pleasure. Body-soul relaxation, prof sports massage, sciatica, back pain relief. European exp. Michelle: 0431 442 956. TIFFANY RELAXATION In CBD for gents and ladies. Appointment only. 7 days. Hours: 10am - 7pm. Please phone 0403 668 381.

✰ A Tantra Massage ✰ Sensual Tantric body work. ☎ 9824 2261.

Training and Career Services

Need A Massage ?

146 Rosebank Avenue. Clayton South, 0410 680 558. Level 1, 685 Centre Road. Bentleigh East, 0451 174 946. CAMBERWELL HERBAL New international staff, new decor. Deep tissue relaxation. 517 Camberwell Road. Open to 8pm. 9889 5633.

Phone 13 24 25

8.30am-5.00pm, Monday - Friday. All major credit cards accepted.

Full Body Massage



13 24 25


10am-8pm, 7 days. $40 for 30 mins. 1106 Nepean Hwy, Highett Call 0430 686 010.


$55. 10am-11pm. Basement, 178 Collins St, CBD. Please call 9654 6635.

From Wed Nov 14 to Sat Nov 17.

MIDDLE PARK Massage. 7 days. From $40. Qualified, experienced, caring and thorough. Full body massage. Matt: 0412 045 585. RELAXATION MASSAGE 28 Heyington Cr, Noble Park Nth. Shower available. 7 days, 10-7:30. Phone 0430 042 882.

Ask Us About our RENTAL with Option to Buy Program. Or see website for details!

To advertise or place your wedding photo in this section contact one of our friendly staff on

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"Commission only'' jobs are only accepted in these columns PROVIDED that this is clearly stated in the ad AND the employer is paying Workcover and Superannuation. If not, then these advertisements MUST be placed in an alternate classification such as Self Employment Opportunities.

13 24 25

Placing misleading advertisements is an offence against the Competition and Consumer Act and all advertisements are subject to the publisher's approval. For further advice contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on 9290 1800. Whilst Metro Media Publishing make every attempt to screen job advertisements, WE DO NOT ACCEPT LIABILIT Y FOR ADVERTISERS WHO FAIL TO C O M P LY W I T H T H E S E REGULATIONS.


Home based/ internet/ mail order. PT, $2,000 or FT, $5,000 month. Phone: (03) 8671 2990.

We’ve got it all for you! Your readymade market place for buying or selling . . . our Classifieds give you a wide market to choose from. To place ads in the Classifieds contact one of our friendly staff.

13 24 25 Email:

or go to our website



Santa Cla Care of:

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Are you offering

"genuine employment?''

Write a letter to Santa and receive a personalised letter back...

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Situations Vacant


Ph 9532 2600 11 Central Ave Moorabbin

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Kids Corner



All employment advertisements must state clearly the type of job offered and remuneration offered. (i.e. salary package, retainer plus commission or commission only).

The best way to view what’s on the market

Order NOW for Christmas at sale prices

ph: 9792 3666 ph: 5940 8838 ph: 5996 7254 ph: 9556 5406

Our Professional Employment and Situations Vacant columns are reserved for advertisements which carry a SPECIFIC and GENUINE offer of employment.

Come in for great prices on all our stock!!!! No strings attached GUITAR and BASS deals. Unbeatable DRUM, Percussion and Cymbal deals. AMP deals that go to 11!! (that’s one louder) Instruments for children of any age: 4 to 96!!! Strings, Sticks, Leads, Stands, Cases, Bags, Capos and Accessories!!!

Dandenong Pakenham Cranbourne Moorabbin

Massage Therapy

Relaxation. 305 Queensberry St, North Melbourne. 7 days. Telephone: 9077 7620.


HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY CLEARANCE SALE 20 to 40% off Retail Prices!!!! 4 DAYS ONLY

If you have a disability or permanent medical condition and are looking for work, then we can assist you. We have 20 years experience in offering personalised service and support to suit your needs. We get results. Call us at Dandenong Valley Job Support

All letters go into a draw to win a Flight Centre voucher valued at $500

ssifieds Review Cla

P.O. Box 318 3175 South Vic Dandenong

To enter: For your chance to win a Flight Centre voucher valued at $500, send your ‘Letter to Santa’ to PO Box 318, Dandenong VIC 3175, including your name, address and contact number. Everyone that writes a letter to Santa will receive a return letter from Santa. Entries close Friday 30th November at 5pm and will be drawn Monday 3rd December at 12 noon, 142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong VIC 3175. Winners notified by telephone and names published in your local Review. Terms and conditions available at



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For The Weekly Review South East are as follows:

Massage Therapy

Australia’s new home for property


Health and Wellbeing

Proudly sponsored by

NOVEMBER 14, 2012




The Weekly Review


The Weekly Review