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Visit Lexus of Blackburn today. �����������������������������Ph 9877 2788 ��������������������������������������� �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

mouthing off

Virginia trioli \ FOOD FOR THOUGHT


ust as Australians were about to start thinking about and more sustainable than food production based on their Christmas menu, one high-profile Australian vast economies of scale and large investor return. emerged as a candidate for turkey of the week. Many Australian growers already know this. The AWU union chief, Paul Howes, copped several We now have a fascinatingly diversified agricultural well-sauced serves for suggesting Australia had to sector that ranges from larger-scale production and move away from “ma and pa farming” and embrace long-term family businesses to niche growers and large-scale diversified companies: “What we need distributors. The sector’s arguments for more is not too dissimilar to what exists in the US taxation, environmental and investment farming sector, where you have large-scale support are convincingly made, particularly we need conglomerates that can diversify across when you look at the advantages Australia has to care different states and different feed stocks and in food production. about how take advantage of those different elements It’s hard to find anybody, apart from the food is to be able to have sustainable long-term conglomerates themselves, who is arguing for grown investment into the sector.” more machine production of food. Instead, the Howes appears on his own here. From growing interest is in healthy, flavoursome food high-profile Nationals such as Barnaby Joyce to grown and reared well, with the value-added export well-loved cooks such as Maggie Beer, Howes was cachet of being produced with care and individuality. howled down as being out of step, not only with the We need to care about how our food is grown. We family tradition of farming, but with the international keep banging on about food security, about the need direction of smaller-scale, sustainable farm production. to produce plentiful, healthy, sustainable food; and we Indeed, the UN has declared 2014 the International also keep on about the rising cost of healthcare and the Year of Family Farming, backing up its landmark 2010 need for preventative healthcare and self-care, but rarely report that argued small-scale farming would double do we ever join the dots. As any doctor will tell you, food production in places where most hungry people diseases linked with lifestyle choices – including type 2 live within five to 10 years. diabetes – are the fastest growing ones in the country, The surprise in the report was that it found that and the role played by the food we choose to eat is now traditional farming methods are fundamentally correct unavoidably crucial. Good food can make us healthy,

Exceptional living just 15 mins* from the CBD

but discussions about agriculture and health take place in separate hemispheres of the national brain. Good food and the part it plays in good health is disconnected, to the point where a social divide may be opening up along food production lines. A well-reared chook is a delicious thing – but it costs $25, and the factory-line supermarket one is $10. My fear is that good food – and therefore good health – will only be possible for those who can afford it, unless the smaller farmers that both the UN and Australian authorities champion can come up with economies of scale. I was struck last week, during the last episode of Kerry O’Brien’s interview series with Paul Keating, by the former prime minister’s observation of the incomparable advantage of living on a continent: there just aren’t that many handed out, he said. This continent, Australia, has always presented the possibility of us becoming a healthy independent food bowl for the region and the world, one of diversified farms and ownership, of production both niche and large but always committed to value-adding. It’s hard to see how Big Food, as it’s known, would provide that future. Think about that as you’re about to buy your celebratory turkey. A happy and safe Christmas to you all. \

Virginia Trioli is co-host of ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 and ABC News 24, 6-9am weekdays.

Follow Virginia on Twitter @ latrioli

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La Se nd N lli ow ng

Valley Lake Boulevard Release Now Selling Visit the sales centre at 45 Valley Lake Boulevard, Keilor East, call 131 852 or visit today.

*Off peak

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 3



Alouette Design is the brainchild of Melbourne jeweller Kate Wilson, specialising in unique sterling silver and gold pieces that are complemented by semi-precious stones and pearls for a bright pop of summer colour. Alouette is offering one TWR reader a stunning pair of hoop earrings, adorned with pearls and beautiful coral and turquoise semi-precious stones. Be sure to also check out Alouette’s Petite range for the special little girls in your life.



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Meet the new children’s book series with entertaining, fun-loving, super cute and adorable characters including Dan the Dog, Molly the Mouse, Bob the Bunny, and Caz the Cat. The adventures of this Fab Four have been collected in a series of hardcover books written and illustrated by local husband and wife team Victoria and Tony Piperkos, and suitable for children aged two to five. TWR is giving away three sets of books; each set includes four books.



Cuddledeer is a super cute limited-edition toddler towel, released by Cuddledry in time for Christmas. These adorable reindeer-themed towels feature a dotty back, cute antlers on the hood and come complete with a foam red nose so little ones can really get into character this festive season! Made from Cuddledry’s signature blend of pure cotton and bamboo, these towels are twice as warm and snuggly as normal towels. One lucky TWR reader can win one Cuddledeer towel.

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Find all 9 of Santa’s Reindeer and you could win a $500 voucher

Santa’s reindeer are appearing in dozens of Camberwell shop windows along Burke Road & The Junction. Find all of Santa’s reindeer – Rudolf, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen – for a chance to win a $500 shopping spree! More info on how to participate on our website. Terms & conditions apply.






A day for the whole family with street entertainers balloonists, firetruck ride with Santa, face painters, and more!



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Festive glamo glamour



hen this festive season throws you an occasion you need to glam it up. I was told early on in my career that glamour can exist only if there is certain sprinkle of courage and bravery. Courage means to lead rather than follow, bravery means to be yourself and stride with conviction. The festive season’s code word this year is glamour. Strut the town in show-stopping, tongue-wagging and style-clashing options. The order of the occasion is black, white and red all over. See these colours in a new light, redress the ordinary and brush off the mundane. Lips should ooze with red, nails shine with colour, and glitter is a must. Men, think plush fabrics and form-fitting suits. Women, play with proportions to titillate and surprise – a men’s shirt and pants never looked better. Everyone can do with a flash of style and a good dose of glamour this holiday season. As Jean Cocteau said, “Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.” Have a glam-tastic festive season. See you next year. \ DHAV NAIDU

ABOVE, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT \ ELLA \ Preen Aden top, Steffen Schraut pant, Theyskens’ Theory coat LAURA A. \ Givenchy top and pant, St Erasmus bangles DYLAN \ Hugo Boss suit and shirt AUDREY \ Lover Valentine crop top and pant YUNJI \ Givenchy jacket and Celine skirt LAURA H. \ (lying on floor) Victor & Rolf top, Jean Paul Gaultier skirt-pant, Lanvin clutch MATT \ Jack London jacket, pants and shirt

stoCkists \ alexander McQueen, Celine, givenchy, Jean Paul gaultier, Mawi, victor & rolf \ Marais Melbourne 9639 0314 Calibre \ dita von teese, lanvin, Maison Michel, shourouk, st erasmus \ Christine 9654 2011 hugo boss \ 9474 6300 Jack london \ lover \ Preen, steffen schraut, theyskens’ theory, valentino \ thurley \ serena lindeman \ tony bianco \ Zambesi \

Cover credits

PhotograPhy \ Toshihiro Takaoka siobhan wears \ Victor & Rolf Bib Ruffle shirt and Serena Lindeman Starlight Starbright headwear yunJi wears \ Givenchy jacket and Celine skirt CaMeron wears \ Calibre suit, vest and shirt

above, froM left to right \ brooke \ Givenchy top and pant, Alexander McQueen clutch siobhan \ (seated) Victor & Rolf Bib Ruffle shirt, Serena Lindeman Starlight Starbright headwear CaMeron \ Calibre suit, vest and shirt Meghan \ Thurley swimwear, Dita Von Teese trench, Shourouk necklace aMber \ Valentino dress, Celine clutch bella \ (seated) Lover Courtney halter dress anissa \ Zambesi pyramid long dress, Maison Michel “lace ears” Zoe \ Lover leather dress Serena Lindeman “halo” and Mawi clutch all woMen’s shoes by Tony Bianco


Creative direCtion \ Dhav Naidu PhotograPhy \ Toshihiro Takoaka Models \ London Management hair \ Jamie Furlan, Danielle Solier and team at Xiang Hair QV Make-uP \ M.A.C cosmetics artists Annie-Rose Foretti, Sara Phanekham and Jodie Porter nails \ Cima Starnes for ORLY Professional Nail Care PhotograPhiC assistants \ Liliko Arai and Rohan Young heartfelt thanks to Gaynor Harman for her deft hand and Isa Videll-Jane for her ongoing support DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 13

my vieW

\ katrina hall checks

off her list of all that’s wrong with christmas

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GINGER GARLIC Ginger Garlic Lunch from 12pm Sunday • Dinner from 5pm Tuesday – Sunday Licensed & BYO (wine only) Ph: 03 9499 9902

We specialise in Daily Yum Cha & Provincial Chinese Cuisine 239 Blackburn Rd Doncaster East Phone 9841 9977 14 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013




Award Winning Restaurant for 2012




Book now for Christmas






9844 2271


European-style Cuisine 1/188 Yarra Street, Warrandyte


New look menu Christmas functions available Now open Sunday lunch

262 Lower Heidelberg Road East Ivanhoe Vic 3079

We know most of what we know about Christmas by watching American TV shows, Elf included. So, all the things we understand to represent the season – roaring fires, dragging fresh trees home in the snow, shopping at Macy’s, strange groups of people in hats and gloves singing Christmas carols – we’ve never, ever experienced. The only time a group of singers has stood outside our house and sung Christmas songs, they woke the kids and I had to tell the singers to shut up and go away. There was no Christmas joy spread anywhere on that occasion. And eggnog in 30-degree heat could quite possibly cause a salmonella outbreak. It is no longer acceptable to have Kentucky Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes for Christmas lunch. Christmas is all about the food these days. Right now I do not know what watercress is, and I am worried a whole salmon won’t fit in my oven, so already I’m feeling the pressure. And I have vegetarians coming! No matter how many presents the kids get, they will always ask if there is more. Maybe Santa left one outside on his way in, or maybe there’s another one somewhere under the tree. Come Boxing Day, they’ll be asking when Easter is. The only queue-jumpers we should deal with, and as a matter of urgency, are those at the Myer windows. They are tricky, man. But for all these weird, strange and wrong things about Christmas, there are a hundred good things … like Champagne and bonbons and being woken at 5am by kids telling you to come quick, mum, Santa’s been. You’ve got to love it for the good and bad. \ (ISTOCK / THINKSTOCK)


ou have to catch up with everybody you have ever known in your entire life before Christmas. This means you have to juggle social engagements and check your calendar before committing to anything, and that is just such a tosser thing to do. Houses with exterior decorations suddenly become cool. Strange, given that garden gnomes in football guernseys and terracotta mushrooms aren’t anywhere near acceptable in the garden ever, but blow-up Santas on sleds and dancing elves are. Then, after New Year, decorated houses are all of a sudden not cool. In fact, some people choose to leave their Christmas decorations up all year round. They are on to something, and it’s called apathy. Christmas trees are ghastly but everyone’s afraid to call it. The real ones leave prickly little things all over the place, and the plastic versions that come in boxes give off a very strange chemical smell. Still we insist on posting pics of our freshly decorated, jazzy, sparkly trees on Facebook and Pinterest so everyone can say how gorgeous your tree is. Oh, and tinsel is meant to represent falling snow, so why is it red and green and blue? Some people go to church only at Christmas. We don’t, we watch Elf. We’ve tried religion and all the Christmas movies, but Elf is the only one that works for us on both counts. Sometimes we watch it during the off-season, just to remind ourselves to be wary “christmas of fake Santas and not eat used chewing gum from the New York subway. trees My seven-year-old thinks “Jesus-Christare was-born-on-Christmas-Day” is a swear ghastly’’ word. Mention Jesus in the actual context and she freaks out and gets the swear jar. That’s another reason we don’t go to church.

BAriSTA \ LEANNE TOLRA REVIEWS SPOUT CAFé Years ago Elliot bAristA Koren watched boss Jonathan Dvash create a caffe latte and

weather warms. Co-owner Jonathan Dvash finish it with some impressive latte art. That says Spout can seat another 30 inside and sparked his desire to become a barista. “I’ve gets rather cosy on weekends. worked in some pretty ordinary places and Dvash spent three years at The Pound used their equipment to learn,” he says. in Elsternwick and another two at Miss “Now, three years later Johno is my boss.” Jackson in St Kilda before he and Ferris Gattica in St Kilda marked the official “Zul” Khamsani, a chef who spent time at start of his journey to the head barista role St Ali, Gas Eatery in South Melbourne he took on at Spout six weeks ago. “I and Eden Espresso in Malvern, was there for 14 months and it’s joined to open their own café. where I learnt the A-Z of specialty the open Dvash grew up in East St Kilda coffee and most of what I know kitchen and recalls some of the local up until now,” he says. hums with shopkeepers from his youth. Stints at Hawk & Hunter activity The space had been a in Ripponlea, Little Collins hairdressing salon and a pizzeria in Clayton and Little Tommy and needed an overhaul. Friends and Tucker in Bentleigh added further builders helped the pair put their ideas know-how. Koren, who studied graphic together with style. The rustic stools use design at RMIT, completed an espresso timber recycled from fishing boats in Bali basics course at William Angliss Institute and the original brick walls add character. knowing he didn’t want to spend his The menu features shakshuka eggs days behind a desk. He enjoys the (baked in tomatoes and spices) and Turkish coffee-passionate crowd in Ripponlea, bread, and a smoked-chicken sanga with serving up nutty long blacks with a walnut and celery mayonnaise. luscious cocoa body and subtle strawberry Chef Sarah Spiteri (ex-Miss Jackson, sweetness, and hopes to compete in latte Donovans) has recently joined the team to art competitions. help Zul in the busy kitchen. The café uses Allpress Coffee’s Supremo Dvash had used Allpress coffee at blend and Koren is enjoying experimenting Miss Jackson and is pleased that the with iced long-blacks in the warm weather. Sydney-based company has now opened a He says there’s a cold-drip unit on order. \ café and roastery in Collingwood.

SPOUT CAFé 48 Glen eirA rOAd, riPPOnleA Phone \ 9523 8155 Barista \ Elliot Koren Coffee \ Allpress Barista’s choice \ Strong caffe latte Open \ Monday to Friday 7am-5pm; weekends 8am-5pm


elliOT KOren

(MAggiE BuFE)

New seating for 16 on the CAfé footpath is drawing bigger crowds to this 18-month-old local as the

TO reAd mOre reviewS

Semi-industrial touches give this lively space a casual vibe. Ply panels line exposed-brick walls and recycled timber bar stools sit at the counter, facing the La Marzocco FB80 espresso machine. The kitchen hums with activity and the room purrs with the chatter of mums with prams and suntans. Huge amber glass bottles hold sprays of greenery and outdoor seating attracts sociable locals. \

no mess no fuss and no Hollywood stars just great coffee, roasted in Melbourne

available in bold, mellow and decaf

go on, take a shot at * Nespresso® is a trademark of Societe de Produits Nestle SA. Neither that company nor its affiliates have manufactured or endorsed this product or the use of this product. The Nespresso® trademark is used in relation to this product in a descriptive capacity only and not to indicate the origin of this product. DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 15


Two new


Brighton East

show homes Image for illustration purposes only.


Image for illustration purposes only.


The Brighton 48

The Brighton 44

35 Comer Street, Brighton East

19 Northern Avenue, Brighton East

48 squares, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, powder room, 3 indoor living areas, outdoor living area, refrigerated air-conditioning, floor coverings throughout (including laminated timber floor), 40mm stone bench tops and waterfall edge to kitchen, double-glazed windows to bedrooms and living areas and much more.

44 squares, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 4 indoor living areas, outdoor living area, study/adult’s retreat, evaporative cooling, 9' ceilings to ground floor, floor coverings throughout (including timber floating floor), 20mm stone bench tops throughout, double-glazed windows to bedrooms and living areas and much more.

Open Saturday & Sunday 1pm–4pm and Wednesday evenings 7pm–9pm or by appointment.

Call Frank Graffeo on 1300 244 663

Show homes available for viewing…

Bentleigh 45

Brighton 48

45 squares 86 East Boundary Road, Bentleigh East

48 squares 35 Comer Street, Brighton East

44 squares 19 Northern Avenue, Brighton East





Brighton 44


Our plans, your plans or anywhere in between

* Home price excludes inground costs and colour & electrical upgrades. Carter Grange Homes reserves the right to change prices without notice. Images are for illustration purposes only and may depict fixtures, finishes and features not supplied by Carter Grange Homes such as landscaping and furniture. Prices do not include the supply of these items. For detailed home pricing please talk to a sales consultant.


fOOd \ kendall hill reviews bomba

(Maggie Bufe)

can see the waitress’ lips moving but her words drown in the din. She moves closer. I lean in. “It’s much noisier at this end,” she shouts, miming an apology face. This end is the Lonsdale Street, close-knit tables-and-chairs bit of Bomba, rather than the high-stools section opposite the copper bar or, better still, on the rooftop under the stars. There are no spare tables so we’re stuck in the raucous corner. I don’t recall Bomba’s forerunner, The Aylesbury – or even the Barbagallo pizza joint that was here before that – being this rowdy. But in its latest incarnation, as a “Spanish workers’ bar” with sandblasted brick walls and bare floors – i.e. industrial 101, the now-mainstream Melbourne fit-out – it’s awfully, annoyingly loud. And it’s not the just the noise that irks me. Remember a decade or so ago when newspapers ran squawking stories about posh restaurants charging $50 for a main course? The audacity. But wait until they find out Bomba charges $1.50 for a single olive. The price tag might be justifiable if these olives had been sourced, say, from the remotest part of the Pyrenees and had first passed through the digestive tract of a lynx before arriving at table. But these ones appear to be common, commercial-quality green olives, pipped and stuffed with a sliver of piquillo pepper and palm heart or salami. And they taste, overwhelmingly and exclusively, of brine. We sample almost a third of the menu (11 of 34 dishes) and it’s like a gourmet game of snakes and ladders – ups and downs. Sourdough bread baked in-house and served with Yarra Valley olive oil is good (and complimentary). Chicken, manchego cheese and smoked paprika croquetas – fried to a deep, George Hamilton tan – are oily and exceedingly salty. It’s a recurring theme. Of course fat and salt make things taste so much better but there needs to be restraint, a deft hand at the controls. The menu’s loosely defined charcuterie section includes air-dried tuna and wagyu beef, as well as standout strips of “Fisk’s” pickled pork belly, which I assume means chef Andrew Fisk pickled this Wessex saddleback himself. In which case, congratulations. The results, seasoned sparingly this time with a drizzle of olive oil and some sea-salt flakes, are crave-worthy. Even my (mostly) vegetarian dinner companion thinks so. Tomato-rubbed bread is Bomba’s take on the defining pa amb tomàquet of Catalonia, but with none of the rustic delights of the original. Even topped with a squirl of serrano ham, it is a drab, unappealing snack. But another toasted treat, this time smeared with goat’s curd and spring-bright broad beans and a slab of blood pudding (morcilla) made in-house, is memorable. The morcilla is brownie sized, heady with cinnamon, nicely crisp on the outside and crumbly within. Fried quail pieces with pistachio and buckwheat are fatty; a charcoal-grilled lamb cutlet arrives smothered in yoghurt spiked with paprika and, I think, garlic. It’s OK. One thing you can approach with certainty is the winelist. With its heavy bias to the Iberian Peninsula, there’s an opportunity to try unusual and rewarding

PedrO Ximenez braiSed POrk jOWl mOrcilla With gOat’S curd & brOad beanS

bottles such as the terrific Gabo do Xil godello by Telmo Rodriguez. It’s a delicious anaesthetic against the noise and a blessèd chaser after some of the less appetising eats. Like the freekeh and cauliflower salad with mint and pomegranate, which promises relief from the fatty fried stuff but it, too, leaves an oily film on the palate after each mouthful. “This sounded so nice, and it’s really not,” moans The Vego. To be fair, by the time the king prawns arrive we’re probably past the peak appreciation stage. It feels like a chore to consume these ringbarked creatures (heads and tails intact, bodies shelled), gathered in a clay pot in a pil pil sauce of oil and garlic. But a glimmer of pleasure returns with the gelatinous discs of pork jowl braised in sticky-sweet pedro ximenez sherry. The glistening meat pieces slump on a mound

of celeriac puree that only just manages to rein in the excesses of slow-cooked pig and caramelised liqueur. It’s not a patch on, or a match for, Movida’s PX-braised beef cheek with cauliflower puree, but it’s definitely one of the better dishes of the night. Chocolate croquetas with custard and hazelnuts are another letdown, another oily-mouth moment. There are definitely things to like about this place – the stripey Basque tops worn by staff, the rooftop perch, the Made in Japan stoneware and the linen tea-towel napkins. But the food? Not so much. Or, as a disappointed Spanish worker might say, No mucho. \ tO read mOre revieWS

eat this bOmba, 103 lOnSdale Street, city Cuisine \ Mediterranean

We rate it Chef \ Jesse gerner and andrew fisk


Hip Pocket \ about $45 a head for food Open \ Monday-friday noon-3pm, dinner daily 5-11pm Highlights \ The wine list, crockery, stripey tops. Lowlights \ Spanish food lost in translation. Bookings \ Knock yourself out


Phone \ 9077 0451 Stuffed OliveS

Out Of 10 DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 17

Decanter \ Ben Thomas is Turning japanese husks off, before milling them down further to get to the starch and remove proteins on the outer grain, which add impurities to the finished sake. It ends up being a rather expensive process. There’s a strict classification system regarding how far the grains are milled down – or polished – too. When 50 per cent or less is polished off, it’s called daiginjo; up to 60 per cent is ginjo and between 60-70 per cent is classed as honjozo. The more the grain is milled, the more expensive the sake is. After it’s polished, the rice is steamed and inoculated with koji, a mould that converts starch to sugar. Water and yeast is added and fermentation takes place in an open fermenter. As the process progresses, more steamed rice and yeast is added to trigger a parallel fermentation, in which the yeasts feed on the sugars as they are converted by the koji. The mixture is pressed, just like fermented grapes, then the extracted juice pasturised and left to settle in tanks for a few months before being bottled. Some sake is fortified with alcohol, others are broken down with water or left unadulterated. Sake is at its best up to a year after bottling and will last a week in the fridge after being opened. \ » Leigh Hudson owns Chef’s Armoury at 422 Church Street, Richmond, and he is hosting a free sake tasting, matched with Christmas dishes, on December 14 from 1pm. If you can’t make it, visit Online Only »

Ben Thomas’ weekly wine selections

the tradition

(moodboard / THINKSToCK)


oes your family have a Christmas wine tradition? For us there’s always sparkling shiraz at the table and Rutherglen muscat poured with the pudding. This year, I’m going to change the pace a little and serve sake with one or two of the Christmas Day courses. Sake is a great option with food, complementing and highlighting elements rather than competing with them as some wines can. “When you drink sake you should eat. In Japan, you’ll order food and sake – every round of drinks has a little nibble with it,” says Melbourne-based sake importer and sommelier Leigh Hudson. Just like wine, different sake styles are suited to different dishes, from oysters and salmon to charcuterie and even steak – pretty much anything you might find on the Christmas table. Try karakuchi with oysters, oni koroshi with cured meats, and nama with prawns on Christmas Day. While there are different styles and a host of brewers with names that are hard to remember, let alone spell, sake’s actually a really approachable drink. “Sake is where beer and wine meet – in flavour and how they are made,” says Hudson. “I think beer drinkers can find something familiar with sake and wine drinkers will find something very familiar, too.” There are common characters that wine and beer lovers will appreciate, from the citrus and minerality of a riesling and stone fruits of chardonnay to the tropical aromas and caramel flavours of a beer. “Sake’s made from rice that’s specifically grown for sake; it tends to be a bigger grain with a starchy centre. There are many breeds and some are better than others: just like grapes, price is a good indicator for quality.” Sake producers mill the rice grains down to take the

Ever wondered why sake is drunk from small porcelain cups, known as an ockoko? “Small glasses are based on social reasons but people do drink from larger vessels at home,” says Leigh Hudson. “If you’re drinking with colleagues, you pour for the other people and never fill your own – it’s very rude if you do. “The small glasses allow you to finish your drink quickly. at the

end of the night everyone will have poured for each other.” Sake is not aromatic like wine, so serving it in a glass with a large bowl does not improve its enjoyment. a smaller vessel, known as a tokkuri, is used to pour sake at the table. Tokkuri come in portion sizes, starting with a measure for two people. Porcelain tokkuri help the sake to be warmed and sit in hot water to stay warm. \




EVERYTHING AVAILABLE BEFORE CHRISTMAS 280-284 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading • Tel 0429 334 092 • Open 7 days: Mon-Fri 9-5.30 Sat 9-5 Sun 10-5

UTLET O D N A R B BIG 18 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

Delivery service available... see instore for details. Photos for illustrative purposes only. Limits apply. While stocks last


Tricky business T

he truth is, in sport near misses are often just as memorable as the real thing. In Damien Fleming’s case, one particular dropped catch might be even better, because it was just … so … torturously … close! Most people know Fleming took a hat-trick in his debut Test for Australia. And when you really think about it, that fact is extraordinary. A skinny 24-year-old from Perth claims three Pakistani scalps in consecutive balls the first time he wears the famous baggy green cap. The first wicket, a catch at mid-wicket, the second a spearing LBW, the third caught behind. But Fleming plays down the feat. “It’s not something you really aim for,” he says. “The big one for me was getting the baggy green on your head. And then we broke records in Test cricket and I probably played with seven or eight of the greatest players ever. That’s what you look back on.” As famous as that first hat-trick made Fleming, the almost second is invariably picked over more, especially given the profile of the culprit who bungled it. The question that Fleming has asked himself umpteen times since is, would he be dining out on the story as often if Shane Warne had actually snared the slips-bound rocket that ricocheted off his hands? Would it be better to have two genuine hat-tricks or one and two-thirds, involving perennial media magnet Warney? “The conclusion I’ve come to is that I don’t reckon people would’ve remembered it as much if Warney had actually taken it,” Fleming says. “Real cricket fans would know I took two Test hat-tricks, but by him dropping it and Warne being that famous, a lot more people know that, don’t they?”

Like most retired sportspeople, Fleming talks about his cricketing career openly and freely. Since then he’s become a father, I wonder how that experience compares to the highs of representing Australia? “You just can’t compare them,” he says. “The daily joys of fatherhood and hopefully grandfatherhood is going to be there for the rest of your life; whereas playing for Australia was a seven-year period.” We’re sitting in a café in Ashburton, with people milling all around us. There are no interruptions for autographs or “are you the guy who …?”. The past is clearly safe where it is, but the present is full of promise for Fleming. The conversation covers as much of Fleming’s current gig as a commentator as it does his time as one of Australia’s spearhead quicks. It was earlier this year that the surprise verdict was delivered by current and former players that he was the most popular cricket commentator in the country, edging out even ageless legend Richie Benaud. Fleming loves the work, and takes it seriously. “Even now I’m still looking to improve,” he says. “To take it different levels, to be more entertaining, to give a better insight. So I’ve got my commentary goals, as I had my cricketing goals.” Fleming could happily talk about the vagaries of commentary all day, but that won’t do. One thing I’m eager to tell Fleming now I have the chance is that I’m sorry, but just like the song goes, I don’t like cricket, oh no. And I don’t love it, either. I used to. I have more

“I don’t think it’s really the players’ fault that it’s less fun. It’s the standards within cricket australia”

The scorecard Pakistan v Australia at rawalpindi, 1994


Aamer Malik 65 c Bevan b Fleming


Inzamam-ul-Haq 0 lbw Fleming


Salim Malik c Healy b Fleming 237

On a rOll \ Damien Fleming (left) celebrates claiming the scalp of Pakistan batsman Inzamam-ul-Haq. pure jOy \ Fleming celebrates his hat-trick (far right) after dismissing Salim Malik. Fleming became only the third bowler to get a Test hat-trick on debut. (SHaun BoTTerIll / GeTTy IMaGeS)

20 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

Picture \ jules tahan fond cricket memories than I do of football. I have memories of blokes in coloured pyjamas running around under lights, playing well past my bedtime, with big blazing batsmen – Deano! – and gangly West Indian quicks going at each other. I have memories of some poor Kiwi bloke being called a wanker, whatever that was. Memories, too, of tension and drama and a whole stand mirroring the every move of a hefty bloke with a mo. I have bloody excellent memories of cricket. Now, it’s grim-faced whippets with reality-TV girlfriends also selling me undies and cricket bats and turning a triple-century knock into a seven-figure sponsorship. Where’s the fun in that? Damien Fleming’s room-mate on that first tour, in 1994-95, says the fun has gone the way of the facial hair. Former Test selector Mervyn Hughes was recently quoted as saying “facial hair brings the best out of the players”. “When I played, a lot of people had moustaches – David Boon and Graham Gooch [former England skipper] both had lovely moustaches,” Hughes said in The Telegraph. “They are just going out of the game. I firmly believe it should be brought back. I would like to see the guys with moustaches, beards, goatees, half-beards and half-shaved heads.” Despite being an admittedly “odd couple” in their hotel room – “I never said a word in my first few years and he was the loud extrovert” – Damien and Mervyn have found accord over the years. While the pair were “the messiest guys of all time” in the Australian team, they have forged a fraternal bond. Hughes is now “like an older brother”. “I’d trust him with my life. He’s the most honest, polite person I’ve played with.” This tender bromance notwithstanding, Fleming happens to agree with him on the point about a little extra growth going a long way. “I totally agree with Merv,” he says. “We’re a mullet short, we’re a goatee short, we’re a Boonie moustache short. And for me, I’d rather it come from the quicks. When you talk about the characters, how many characters are batsmen?”

read » Damien Fleming’s

book Bowlology: Cricket, Life and Stories From the Avenue of Apprehension is available from good bookshops.

The Mo: Merv Hughes in Bay 13. (PENNY STEPHENS \ THE agE)

Fleming is obviously biased towards his kind, the bowlers, but overall he’s philosophical about the state of cricket. To put it bluntly, they had more fun back in his day, but they make more money now: “I suppose nothing’s perfect. They make millions of dollars now, whereas my era was quite well off, the era before got nothing.” Is it as simple as declaring the current-era professional compared to a semi-professional and before that amateur sport? “It was probably semi-professional in my time in terms of money. I don’t think we were any less professional in our training. We still had to sacrifice a lot. You had to drift away from from your mates a bit because you were playing cricket. But at least there was a culture where it was OK to celebrate. “I remember we won an Adelaide Test at 11 o’clock one time and we knew we’d be able to drink for the rest of the afternoon in the dressing rooms, then go out and celebrate in public, as well. We’d pick a pub, we’d celebrate with the punters. So the punters loved it. We were out there doing our thing. And then you travel and you train hard. “With fines and all that now, that’d be just asking for trouble. I don’t think it’s really the players’ fault that it’s less fun. It’s the standards within cricket Australia and the standards within the public. It would be all through the papers now, wouldn’t it, because everyone’s got a phone. “I can tell you the younger players coming through still love it. If you talk to older players who have started playing in premier leagues around the world, they’re out there in the field going ‘Who are my teammates? What am I doing this for?’ It’s just money. “Whereas, if you ask a lot of young players, they still want to do it. You’re still playing for your country, and I think that Test cricket has still got that feeling to it. It still means something to play for Australia.” \ We Welcome your feedback @ DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 21





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va m a st y le


hen it comes to swimwear this season, it’s all swimwear collection is all about pitching to the about bold, printed Lycra, fabulous one-piece sun lover all year round. Colourful swimwear suits for a hint of glam, and chic bikinis for and functional one-piece suits that flatter all body those who dare. Keeping your beachside manner chic shapes are what rule her summer message. and feminine depends on what you wear and how “I think the one-piece is a classic style that never you wear it. goes out of fashion,” says Manani. Designer label We Are Handsome is known for its “It’s the most flattering style and perhaps the progressive approach to swimwear and resort pieces. most versatile also doubling up as a super flattering This season, its collection, titled The Divine, is all about body suit. I’ve designed the new Sunseeker collection taking its bold prints one step further. with the resort lifestyle in mind, so our Boathouse It’s here you’ll find imagery of places, animals one-piece looks amazing poolside as well as bar and nature emblazoned across entire swimsuits side – worn with some of our signature print and beach dresses in an effort to remind lounge pants.” “I think the people that summer is about slowing down Zoe Elizabeth is another swimwear and one-piece is and taking stock and connecting with your lifestyle label pitching to the summer animal instinct, too. goddess. Started by Zoe Weir in 2006 a classic” “It’s easy to miss the beautiful things in life from her studio in Richmond, she is when we’re moving at 100 miles per hour,” says stocked across Australia and known for Jeremy Somers, managing and creative director of her individualist swimwear bent. We Are Handsome. This summer expect a colour scheme The Sydney label is all about bringing sexy back – inspired by sorbet hues and Liberty prints bikinis and one-piece swimsuits that can work with a – from tart yellow, lollipop pink and variety of body shapes. creamy peach that sit against cool blues The Landing panel print (which features a plane about and mint shades. to land) makes a comeback for summer. It was first When it comes to knowing what style to go for worn by the likes of Tyra Banks, while The Township this season, Weir says you need to try on a variety print was inspired by a holiday in Portofino a few years of looks to consider what works best. ago – a colour palette that matches the upmarket Italian “The trick is to try on as many bikini shapes as resort’s blue skies and creamy landscape. Other pieces possible,” Weir says. include images of lions, stallions and penguins for “You should approach buying a swimsuit like you kooky fun. would a dress – buy it because it makes you feel good. Kaitie Manani, who runs Vamastyle, says her Australian girls are very confident and natural when

» » » »

Style file



wearing swimsuits and that definitely shines through. You can also never go past a good bottle of fake tan.” But she has a word of advice for those who will bare their midriff this summer. “Unlike the ’80s and ’90s midriff look, this season’s midriff is based on a whole lot of structure,” Weir says. “Bands of fabric need to sit firmly over abs of steel for it to work successfully. If that’s you, go for it.” We also can’t go past Sunseeker’s Rebelle and Pacifica ranges for a hint of floral and the overtly feminine. The emphasis on flower prints makes a delicate beach statement, while the nautical theme never fails to impress – we love the navy, white and red stripes for a simpler message. Aimed at women of various generations and body shapes, their pieces go up to a DD and keep your look chic and elegant. \



Dare to take a plunge in the deep end with bold-print bikinis or elegant one-piece swimmers this summer. There’s everything from nautical, tropical, block colours and Liberty prints to whet your appetite.


According to Specsavers, sliding on a pair of sunglasses when you are outside could prevent much more than just a headache this summer. Sunglasses are a vital defence against potentially irreversible eye damage, blocking out up to 90 per cent of UV radiation which can be caused by Australia’s unforgiving sun. To encourage Australians to be sun safe with their eyes this summer, Specsavers would like to give one lucky reader an $800 Specsavers voucher. For your chance to win, go to and enter your details before midnight on December 15.

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Australian surfer Stephanie Gilmore returns as the face of swimwear and lifestyle label Roxy. This summer it’s all about vivid stripes, tropical prints and cropped swim tops in Lycra and quick-dry shorts, too. Perfect for in and out of the water.


Soludos and We Are Handsome collaborate in what is a first when it comes to digitally printed espadrilles. The image (one of four) is a limited run and in shops now. Also in new derby lace-up style. MUST HAVE


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These sterling-silver and 10-carat yellow-gold stud earrings complete with diamond simulants are a winner from the latest collection at Secrets Shhh. Add pizzazz to your outfit and don’t go unnoticed with this classic design.

Showrooms open 7 Days 9-5

n e i ia d Ma ctor Vi

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Custom made kitchens made direct from own workshop

Beautiful bespoke Kitchens at friendly prices

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Now selling, premium retirement apartments with exceptional shared spaces and a level of service and support that are second to none. To view our display suite phone 8862 9099. Or visit us online at Corner Power & Denham Streets, Hawthorn. OFS_CATH0465_HPC_TWR_S01_145x265





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High Pressure LP Gas Big Stock Pot Burners Burners

Mitcham Level Crossing Removals

Mitcham Road closure at Mitcham level crossing

Detours will be in place for drivers heading north or south on Mitcham Road and delays can be expected on the surrounding road network. Alternate options for drivers include Springvale Road. Reduced speed limits will apply near the station during the works and will remain in place until January 2014. Pedestrian access will be maintained at the level crossing via a signed detour route and local businesses will trade as usual. Train services and station operations at Mitcham will be unaffected by the road closure.

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Some temporary changes to bus routes and timetables can be expected on routes 736, 740 and 765. Check on these buses or visit or call 1800 800 007 for details. There will be overnight and daytime construction including saw cutting, excavation and jack hammering to construct the intersection. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this temporary road closure. To register your mobile phone to receive SMS alerts on road changes at Mitcham or to receive this information in large print please contact:


• All work guaranteed • SAAB loan cars available • Personalised attention by qualified factory trained technicians MMP05640-12-a4Sep©FCNVIC


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Mitcham Road, at the Mitcham level crossing will close to through traffic for one weekend from 7:30pm on Friday 13 December and reopen early morning on Monday 16 December. This is to construct the new intersection at Mitcham Road, Brunswick Road and Calcutta Street as part of the Mitcham Level Crossing Removals.

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MW sales executives in Munich must kneel beside their bed every night and give thanks to the guy in product planning who conceived the X5. The pitch might have gone something like this: “We’ll just take our 5 Series sedan, build a big boxy body on it, add all-wheel-drive, produce it at an untried plant in South Carolina and throw it out there to see what happens.” What happened is that this mere niche vehicle when it was launched in 2000 has become BMW’s global second-best seller behind the more affordable 3 Series. Even in Australia, BMW has sold almost 40,000 of the big beasts, making the X5 the perennial No.1 in the large luxury SUV market. The third generation has arrived, bringing a new look and a host of improvements including a larger body and a broader range that includes a more affordable four-cylinder, rear-wheel-drive variant for the first time. The cheapest X5 is now the rear-drive 2.0-litre diesel sDrive25d at $82,900 (plus on-road costs), which lines up against arch rival Mercedes-Benz’s similarly equipped M-Class SUV (and which, incidentally, is also built in America’s deep south). Six other X5 models are available, covering six-cylinder diesel and petrol engines and petrol V8. The range tops out with the triple-turbo six-cylinder diesel, the sports-tuned M50d, at $147,900. Our test car was the classic V8 petrol xDrive50i, which, despite its moniker, is powered not by a five-litre engine but a 4.4-litre V8, this time boosted by twin turbos and breathing through a variable valve timing system. BMW’s excellent eight-speed automatic transmission is standard equipment. Priced at $133,900 ($145,467 driveaway), this X5 rumbles along with a hairy-chested 330 kilowatts of power (up 30kW on the previous model) and 650 Newton metres of torque (up 50Nm) under the right foot. When the X5 first appeared, the petrol V8 model was the most popular variant, but as diesel has taken hold here, mainly due to advances in performance, cleanliness and quietness, the 3.0-litre diesel model has come to dominate sales. Now, the V8 X5 is mainly sought by those wanting a

big dollop of performance with their SUV spaciousness, class-leading handling and commanding ride height. The good news is that the new V8 X5 is not only more powerful and faster than before – it covers the sprint from zero to 100km/h in a sharp five seconds – but also more efficient. BMW says thirst has been slaked by about 16 per cent, down to 10.5 litres per 100 kilometres, thanks to fuel-efficiency methods such as reducing weight (an aluminium bonnet replaces steel, for example), idle stop at the traffic lights and regenerative braking that tops up the battery as the car glides to a stop rather than when driving around. We managed about 14 litres per 100 kilometres in a week of city driving. The X5’s natural habitat is the leafy eastern suburbs, although if you want to venture on to a muddy bush track, it will give a reasonable impersonation of a Toyota Prado. But its strong suit is its all-round driving ability, especially its peerless road manners (for a car of its size). The X5’s interior is pure BMW, with high-end leather, “x5 drivers white-on-black circular dials (supplemented by a digital will love it head-up display projected on the windscreen) and a if they wide free-standing LCD screen dominating the centre of the dash and operated by the German company’s trade up� iDrive knob on the console. It is all very high-tech but easy to use compared with many others. Unfortunately the console layout is designed for left-hand drive, so the buttons are a little awkward to reach. The X5’s seats are perfect for hours in the saddle, with myriad electric-operated adjustments including the important under-thigh extension, as well as heating. As the car’s size would suggest, spaciousness is not an issue, but it is only a five-seater – there is no third row of seats in the back. We love the new surround-view camera system for reversing, showing a 360° view of the car’s surroundings, supplemented by parking sensors. And if you can’t be bothered parking the car, the automated “parking assistant� will do it for you. Other features are automatic emergency braking, active cruise control with “stop and go� when following another vehicle, a Harman/Kardon surround-sound system, internet functionality and DAB+ digital radio and voice control.

Bundoora 909 Plenty Road, Kingsbury, Victoria 3083 (03) 9478 0100

1 Mercer Street, Geelong, Victoria 3220 (03) 5221 8899


Puncture repair voucher worth $30 ‥

Mitcham 462 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, Victoria 3132 (03) 9873 1322


What is it? All-wheel-drive luxury SUV What’s in it? 4.4-litre turbocharged V8 engine Power: 330kW. 0-100km/h: 5.0 sec is it thirsty? 10.5 litres per 100km (petrol) $145,467


thumbs up V8 performance, improved fuel-efficiency, new safety and convenience features, spacious cabin, electric rear hatch, 360° parking camera system thumbs DoWn still thirsty compared with diesel variants, shallow cargo area, dirt-attracting beige interior of test vehicle * These are manufacturer’s list prices.

Our X5’s cabin was cloaked in beige leather and carpets, which also extended to the carpet lining of the rear cargo area. Better stock up on carpet cleaner or choose another colour ‌ This cargo area has a pull-out cover and lots of tie-down points, and is accessed via a two-piece hatch-and-tailgate, with the top hatch now swinging open electrically with the touch of a button on the keyless fob. Most loads could be lifted over the smaller bottom tailgate with relative ease, but that can be opened down with a pull of a simple lever. A space-save spare wheel lurks under the rear floor, which is high, reducing luggage space to good but not great. A hidden space under the floor helps, as do split-folding rear seats. Overall, the latest X5 has all the strengths of the previous generations, but gains all the latest gizmos for safety and convenience and much more standard equipment. All those 40,000 current X5 drivers will love it if they trade up. \

You’re driven by the journey. We’re driven by value.

Pay nothing until 2015!! â€


BMW X5 XDrive50i

Super summer

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626 South Road, Moorabbin, Victoria 3189 (03) 9555 6325

Thomastown 45 Wood Street, Thomastown, Victoria 3074 (03) 9466 4155


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At Catholic Ladies’ College we strive to provide a learning environment that celebrates the diversity and giftedness of all within our community. It is a learning journey that acknowledges parents as primary educators and our privileged role in partnership with them throughout their daughters’ secondary education. Through our students’ well-being, learning and teaching programs, we foster a passion for lifelong learning, ensuring the holistic development of each student. We celebrate the achievements of our VCE students and acknowledge outstanding contributions to college life each year. This year’s Caltex all-rounder award winner was

At Whitefriars we believe our young men need guidance in developing the attitudes and skills needed to equip them for life beyond school. While we want them to be strong, confident young leaders of the future, we also aim to show them the need to be sensitive, compassionate, thoughtful and empathetic members of society. During Whitefriars’ Year 9 program week, we run sessions in conjunction with the White Ribbon Foundation, which have allowed students to reflect on their own value systems and to understand their role as ambassadors of respect within the community reflecting the Carmelite ethos of the College. This year, master of ceremonies Chris

college co-captain Ilaria Bigaran. Ilaria was presented the award by Sisters of Charity, Sr Judith Peart RSC and Sr Elizabeth Costigan RSC. We congratulate Ilaria, all our award winners and the class of 2013 on their accomplishments. Catholic Ladies’ College students are challenged to think as global citizens, consider the needs of those beyond their community and to recognise the responsibilities their education provides as they take their places in work, social and family networks of the 21st century. The college continues in the tradition of the Sisters of Charity, ensuring that our girls flourish in their time with us and beyond. \

Potter (director of Manningham Council community programs), included presentations from: mayor Jim Grivokostopoulos; John Finn, principal Whitefriars College; James Box, middle-school co-ordinator; Katherine Georgakopoulos, IMatter program Mentor; Paul Zappa, White Ribbon ambassador & director of NIRODAH; and Victoria Police Inspector Geoff Darlison. Whitefriars College is proud to be supporting White Ribbon raise awareness about violence against women and our hope is that we can not only provide ambassadors for White Ribbon but also produce young men of the future who will continue the fantastic work of this foundation. \


girls flourish here Enrol Now for Year 7 2015 Enrolments close 28 February 2014



Founded in 1902. In the tradition of the Sisters of Charity.

Be l on g. Be li eve. Bec ome.

Creating lifelong connections and providing excellence in Girls’ education. For further information please go to our website or contact our College Registrar Mrs Helen Cattapan T: 9439 4077. 19 Diamond Street, Eltham, 3095 Congratulations 2014 College Co-Captains Maddison and Meghan.




– Whittlesea, Yan Yean via Doreen, Yarrambat, Plenty, North Greensborough – Mill Park, Bundoora, Greensborough, Eltham North – North Ringwood via Park Orchards to the College Grounds

Engaging, quality Catholic education in the Carmelite Tradition, catering for your son’s unique individuality. Whitefriars College - focusing on learning and teaching to engage boys. 156 Park Road, Donvale Victoria 3111

Ph: +613 9872 8200

Fax: +613 9872 4343

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he formal front garden of this house is like a statement in contrast to the bushland reserve across the road. It sort of draws a line between where humans seek shelter and where wildlife can romp. There are no houses across the road from this property that faces Furness Park, one of three reserves marking the course of Gardiners Creek as it winds its way, roughly east-west, across central Blackburn. Just as the bush reserve has its own history, this house, too has one. It was built in 1980, sold in 1988 and resold between 2004 and 2006 to its present owner. Renovations in the early 1990s removed a fifth bedroom to make way for a living area, which now shares an open floor plan with the family/meals area and kitchen. The owner had new carpets laid, repainted the house, installed new blinds and spruced up the garden. The original footprint of the house has not changed, but the alterations to its interior bring it up to date with contemporary family lifestyles. With the long axis of this house running north-south, the entry is at the northern end, and is the starting point of a long passageway that originally had bedrooms to its left and living zones to the right. This is not a walled space, though, as no wall separates it from the formal lounge, and a standalone wall (open on two sides) marks out the dining room that has now become linked to the living/family meals area (when the bedroom wall was torn down). To the left of the entry is the main bedroom, with walk-in wardrobe and en suite. To the right is the carpeted formal lounge, which has an open fireplace and views to the front and side garden. Acting as a partial separation between the lounge and dining rooms is a tiled, enclosed wet bar, complete with under-bench storage and timber wine racks. The entry is lit by downlights, which are repeated throughout the residence and keep the ceiling lines clean and uncluttered. The slate floors, which also start in the entrance hall, also continue right through to the rumpus room at the rear of the house. An “original” feature is a glass panel wall that separates the meals area from the rumpus room, with a sliding door linking the two areas. This extends the sight-line from the meals area (which is open to the kitchen and living room) and creates a space that manages to be both open and enclosed. The rumpus room overlooks the rear garden with its freeform pool. The kitchen, with composite-stone worktops, is neat and functional, with additional workspace provided by a central island bench. The original design provided for uncluttered living by installing built-in storage and display or desk space in every room. There is space for everything, and everything has its own place in this house. This is a house with well-planned zones on a street where properties have been tightly held. The agent says this is only the second house in Heath Street to come on to the market in the past 10 years. And, according to the original owner, she would love to buy it back, except that it is too big for her now. The house is within walking distance of Blackburn station, the shops of Blackburn village and is close to primary and secondary schools. \ SIEW-CHING GOH




we love it Hocking Stuart \ 9894 8788 Price \ $900,000 – $990,000 Auction \ December 14 at 11am Boutique builder Joe Apap has developed quite a following for his cottage-style houses with the mod cons of the 21st century. The owners of this house had such confidence in him they bought the house only half built. That was eight years ago. Today it has the inviting, homely look of an older residence, with its picturesque weatherboard façade and dormer windows. Polished floorboards feature throughout, aside from the four carpeted bedrooms. Three of the bedrooms line the southern side of the house, with a laundry, bathroom and powder room between them. Off a central corridor you’ll find a second living area with a porch. The hub of the house is at the rear, where the kitchen, living and dining areas share an open space. There’s ample bench space and room to move in the kitchen, which also has a double oven and five-burner stovetop. An outdoor “room” has a whitewashed ceiling and looks out over the pool. \ LEXI COTTEE







Fletchers \ 8833 8888

Price \ $700,000 – $750,000

Auction \ December 14 at 1pm

This house is made of slimline bricks that add appeal to its imposing façade behind a high wall. Built in the 1940s, it has rich, dark floorboards, two hexagonal feature windows and a gas log fireplace, while a recent renovation opened up the living areas to include a new Caesarstone kitchen with a free-standing induction Belling oven. A formal front lounge has double doors to the open-plan meals, family and kitchen area, where a new 50-square metre undercover deck steps down to the rear garden. There is a study or fifth bedroom downstairs and a separate shower and toilet, while upstairs is the new main bathroom and four double bedrooms – with double glazing for the two facing the street – and a balcony overlooking Burwood Reserve. At the rear of the 820-square metre block is a self-contained unit with a kitchenette and en suite, and a powered shed. The house has split-system air-conditioning and brushed chrome fan-lights with retractable blades. \ SUE HEWITT





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Jellis Craig \ 8841 4888

Landfield \ 9841 4433

Price \ $880,000 – $950,000

Auction \ December 14 at 2pm

Price \ $1.3 million +

EOI \ Offers close December 17 at 5pm

Cottesloe Court has become coveted real estate in Doncaster East. The cul-de-sac’s beautiful American oak trees may have something to do with it, but its grand houses – like this one – are the major drawcard. The sculpted front garden is filled with bluestone walls and weeping cherry trees and its rendered façade centres on two towering columns and is dominated by floor-to-ceiling windows. There’s a double garage at the front that opens onto a pergola and paved area behind it. Inside, cathedral ceilings in the living room create a dramatic effect, enhanced by an open fireplace. A granite bar straddles this room and the family room. French doors in the entry open to a dining room. The open-plan family and kitchen area is at the rear and has a semicircular atrium – an ideal spot to enjoy the morning sun. There’s a fourth bedroom or study downstairs and three bedrooms upstairs. The huge main bedroom has a walk-in wardrobe and en suite. \ LEXI COTTEE

Space certainly isn’t in short supply at this address. The renovated four-bedroom house sits high on the elevated side of the road, on a 755-square metre corner block, and has been gutted and modernised inside. There’s room for three cars in the garage, with additional parking in front. Step inside and there’s a study on the left and an open-plan lounge and dining room on the right, with a sliding door opening to a long verandah at its furthest end. All fittings in the kitchen are new, including Caesarstone benchtops and top-of-the-range Bosch appliances. Outdoor decking separates the kitchen from the rumpus room, which opens to another outdoor area kitted out with a built-in barbecue and a Caesarstone benchtop with a sink and space for a bar fridge underneath. There are four large bedrooms upstairs – two with en suites – one shared bathroom and a home-theatre room. The sculpted bathtub in the main en suite is something of a show-stopper. \ LEXI COTTEE











agents’ cho i ce POSTCODE


Barry Plant Blackburn 9878 0222 3





Fletchers 8833 8888 4





Hocking Stuart Blackburn 9894 8788 2





Jellis Craig 9908 5700 4



2 Charles Street, Nunawading ................................................................. Price: $460,000 + ................................................................. Auction Saturday December 14 at 1pm ................................................................. OFI Thur 1-1.30pm; Sat 12.30-1pm .................................................................

24 Frank Street, Box Hill South ................................................................. Price: $650,000 + ................................................................. Auction Saturday December 14 at noon ................................................................. OFI Thur 2-2.30pm; Sat 11.30am-noon .................................................................

2/23 Lithgow Avenue, Blackburn ................................................................. Price: $450,000 + ................................................................. Auction Saturday December 14 at 3.30pm ................................................................. OFI Thur 11.45-12.15pm; Sat from 3pm .................................................................

543 Canterbury Road, Vermont ................................................................. Price: $900,000 - $990,000 ................................................................. Forthcoming auction ................................................................. OFI Thur 2-2.30pm; Sat noon-12.30pm .................................................................

Located moments away from shops, transport and schools, a future brimming with success and potential (STCA) awaits the next owner of this enticing home.

With its delightful storybook façade and nestled in lush verdant gardens, this charming home has been sympathetically extended to create excellent living areas.

Beautifully refurbished BV unit comprising living room, new kitchen and bathroom, two generous bedrooms, paved courtyard and garage with new remote door.

Leahurst is an elegant home on a tranquil garden allotment with a north-facing floodlit tennis court & potential for redevelopment or subdivision (STCA).

Let's eat lunch @ Formosa House, 86 Springvale Rd Let's eat dinner @ Mayura Thai, 291a Springfield Rd Let's drink coffee @ Station Street Café, 26 Station Street

Let's eat lunch @ Liquid Café, 866 Canterbury Road Let's eat dinner @ K.Ho Contemporary Chinese Cuisine, 195a Middleborough Road Let's drink coffee @ Peta's Café, 164 Elgar Road

Let's eat lunch @ The Station House, 110 South Parade Let's eat dinner @ Enriks Restaurant, 25 Railway Road Let's drink coffee @ Bean & Baker, 71a Railway Road

Let's eat lunch @ JS Lunch Spot, 18 Brentford Square Let's eat dinner @ Payom Thai, 586 Canterbury Road Let's drink coffee @ Two Brothers, 558 Mitcham Road

32 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

DONVALE \ 20 White Lodge Court Summertime, and the entertaining is easy with this Doncaster house that has a whole lot of love for the grand lifestyle. Take the sweeping drive past a front yard full of conifers to the stately double doors. From here on in, it’s all about the good life. The double-height dining and lounge area is majestic in its proportions and soaring windows add to the cathedral-like quality. Directly below is a rumpus room, bar with kitchenette and what the parents would call a conversation pit but their children would know better as a chill-out room. Also on the lower level is a recently renovated self-contained flat. Ideal for inter-generational living, or just as a luxurious teenager’s retreat, it contains a fully fitted kitchen, bathroom, living and dining area. Buyer beware: if the offspring do take over this space, they may never want to leave home. All five upstairs bedrooms are zoned for privacy and the main bathroom has a corner spa and sauna. Outside is a leisure-lover’s paradise with a pool and spa, immaculate gardens, a recently resurfaced tennis court and built-in barbecue in a substantial bluestone setting. With several paved areas, there are plenty of outdoor dining options and gardens are kept lush by two 30,000-litre tanks. \ JAN FISHER








Barry Plant \ 9842 8888

hockingstuart Doncaster 9842 1188 4

we love it





Price \ $1.45 million – $1.6 million

Fletchers 8833 8888 4





Auction \ December 14 at 2pm

Jellis Craig 8841 4888 3





Barry Plant Manningham/Doncaster 9842 8888 4



440 Park Road, Park Orchards ................................................................. Price: $1.15 million + ................................................................. For sale ................................................................. OFI Thur 5.30-6pm; Sat 1-1.30pm .................................................................

45 Robinlee Avenue, Burwood East ................................................................. Price: $800,000 + ................................................................. Auction Saturday December 14 at noon ................................................................. OFI Thur 5-5.30pm; Sat 11.30am-noon .................................................................

7 Tracey Street, Doncaster East ................................................................. Price: $680,000 - $740,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday December 21 at 11.30am ................................................................. OFI Thur 1-1.30pm; Sat 10-10.30am .................................................................

22 White Way, Bulleen ................................................................. Price: $800,000 - $860,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday December 14 at 1pm ................................................................. OFI Thur 6.30-7pm; Sat 12.30-1pm .................................................................

On more than half an acre, this amazing home showcases large, open-plan living, fabulous backyard garden with BBQ kitchen/entertaining area and heated pool.

This renovated family home offers a spacious living/dining room, family/meals area, excellent undercover al fresco deck and an expansive rumpus/theatre room.

This impeccably updated family favourite gleams with polished boards and neutral hues that transport you effortlessly through the bright living domains.

Whether it's the peaceful setting or the chance to experience a North Balwyn lifestyle without the price tag, there´s much to love about this exceptional home.

Let's eat lunch @ Gummy's Fish & Chips, 5 Tunstall Sq Let's eat dinner @ Jade Village, 3/602 Whitehorse Road Let's drink coffee @ Lorenti Café & Deli, 598 Park Road

Let's eat lunch @ Grill'd, Burwood One, Burwood Highway Let's eat dinner @ Burwood Teppanyaki House, 145 Burwood Highway Let's drink coffee @ Mochachinos, 172 Burwood Highway

Let's eat lunch @ La Porchetta, 72 Tunstall Rd Let's eat dinner @ Saporito, 42 Tunstall Square Let's drink coffee @ Home of Delicacies, 9 Tunstall Square

Let's eat lunch @ Café Vue at Heide, 7 Templestowe Rd Let's eat dinner @ Tao's, 201 Bulleen Road Let's drink coffee @ Bulleen Expresso, 28/79 Manningham Rd DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 33

34 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 35

36 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 37

38 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 39

40 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 41

42 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013


DONCASTER EAST 25 Gaudion Road SUBSTANTIAL FAMILY ADVANTAGES A commitment to family lifestyle excellence resonates throughout the superbly zoned spaces of this outstanding 5BR modern residence. A quiet family-focused pocket just footsteps to parkland provides idyllic environs for this quality-appointed home featuring large living area, family/meals, stunning granite kitchen, 2 travertine bathrooms and remote-control double garage. Near schools, The Pines shopping and transport.


Saturday 14th December at 3.00pm




Wed 6-6:30pm, Sat 2:30-3pm


Gordon Whale 0419 335 459 Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

5 2 2

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 43

Doncaster east

6 Deloraine Close

The Bold and The BeauTiful

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s BIG and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s definitely very BEAUTIFUL, a very extensive renovation and remodel by a multi Award winning builder. Nothing is left undone from the gleaming stone topped kitchen to the 4 totally new bathrooms to the polished porcelain floors, new carpet and all new Bosch appliances. Set on a high corner lot of 755m2 in established landscaped gardens. Ground floor; Formal entry, massive formal living room, formal dining, family meals and living room, kitchen, rumpus room, study, powder room with shower, Al fresco with BBQ and bar. 3 car garage with internal access. - Upstairs; Master with en suite and WIR, another bedroom with full en suite plus 2 additional bedrooms sharing the main bathroom, home theatre and an open studio/study/sitting area.

Selling or Leasing? Contact Landfield for a free market appraisal 9841 4433 44 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

offers By: PriCe: oPen: ConTaCT: offiCe:

5:00pm Tues 17th Dec (unless sold prior) Interest above $1,300,000 Thurs 5.30 - 6.00pm & Sat 3.30 - 4.00pm Francis Van Gulick 0418 310 907 DoNcASTER EAST 284 Blackburn Road 03 9841 4433

4 4 3



Doncaster East 4A Thea Grove

3 A 1.5 B 2 C

Single Level, Affordable Living! Custom built unit backing on to parkland and moments from Jackson Court or Devon Plaza. The family/living area opens to an alfresco area overlooking the park. 3 robed bedrooms, accomm for 2 cars, gas ducted heating and evap cooling, ideal for investment, downsizing or first home.

Box Hill North 9 Trainor Street

4A 1B 2C

Family Living with Options Galore Auction Inspect Call

Sat 14th December at 11.00am (if not sold prior) Thur 2:00-2:30pm Sat 10:30-11:00am Scott George 0410 753 549

Move right in or redevelop (STCA) this smart single-level home with spacious lounge, rumpus, sunny kitchen/meals and entertainerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s backyard. Across from a reserve and near schools, shops and Eastlink, this updated family home on approx. 532sqm is packed with perks.

Auction Inspect Call

Sat 14th December at 2:00pm (if not sold prior) Thur 6:00-6:30pm Sat 1:30-2:00pm Scott George 0410 753 549

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 45

AUC TI O N Saturday December 21st


5A 3B 3C

20 oliver road

CalliNG reNovaTors, BUilders aNd developers! UNder iNsTrUCTioNs From sTaTe TrUsTees. on an elevated corner allotment of 1365m2, buyers will appreciate the great potential this superb property presents! renovate or redevelop. reNovaTors! The home itself was once a jewel in the crown of Templestowe offering a grand floor plan; including 5 bed plus study, 3 full bathrooms, a combination of walk in and built in robes, a huge lounge with separate dining, open plan kitchen meals/ family area, plus a separate rumpus room that opens to a rear terrace & a 3 car garage. The budding renovator will appreciate the huge potential this property presents. BUilders! perhaps divide the block in two, retain the existing approx 42sq structure rejuvenate & renovate the existing home while applying for a land subdivision, possibly allowing an opportunity to build a second prestige property here in the heart of Templestowe. developers!planning permit approved for 5 double story town houses the options are all readily available to redevelop this magnificent piece of blue chip real estate! aUCTioN saturday december 21st 12.30pm

46 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013


wednesday & saturday 12.00pm - 12.30pm


daniel d'assisi sam Nanos

0411 863 338 0411 957 505

IS TH N AY IO RD CT U U T A SA DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 47


48 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013



DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 49

50 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 51


3401/90 Lorimer Street Docklands 280 Degree Sub-PenthouSe ViewS · Luxurious living surrounded by water and luxurious boats · Amazing sunset views, sparkling city lights · 34th floor in Mirvac’s award winning prestige Tower 5 · Chef’s kitchen, Miele appliances and abundance of storage · 4 bedrooms of impressive proportions · 3 car spaces with storage for the car enthusiast

NewQuay 1/401 Docklands Drive, Docklands Yarra’s Edge 62 River Esplanade, Docklands 52 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013




VIEW: Sat 2:00 - 2:30pm Sun 2:00 - 2:30pm PRIVATE SALE: $1,950,000 - $2,140,000 CONTACT: Helen Bell - 0408 377 555

254/55 Victoria Harbour Promenade Docklands excluSiVe 265m2 of city liVing · Parent’s retreat, space and privacy · Combining main bedroom, dressing room, study and tv room · Stunning uninterrupted water and city views · Chefs kitchen complete with separate pantry · You will come for the views and stay for the lifestyle




VIEW: Sat 1:00 - 1:30pm Sun 1:00 - 1:30pm PRIVATE SALE: $2,450,000 - $2,648,000 CONTACT: Helen Bell - 0408 377 555

03 9091 1400


October 2013 Dear Eddie, RE: 32 Rosco Drive,Te

mplestowe I still cannot believe the speed and efficie ncy your staff demo selling my house. nstrated


From our ver y first meeting you showe d professionalism an extremely compreh d an ensive knowledge of the properties in the Templestowe area.

Another Happy Customer 15A Anderson Street Templestowe

You will remember that at our first meeti ng, I had arranged for furniture placement a company to provide a quote for furnishin house. The quote cam g the e in at approx. $4,80 0.00 and so you ask give you 2 weeks at ed me to selling the home wit hout the furniture. insisted that I wante I agreed but d to cut back the tre es in the front garde the garden a fresh loo n and give k. I worked five conse cutive days and durin time your sales team g this brought prospective buyer s to view the ho in 8 days after our firs use.Well, t meeting you had 2 offers in writing by As Louise = House Sold. hley and The house was sold before it went onto the internet and befor “for sale” board when e the up. I would like to thi nk it was due to all work in the garden, my hard BUT I really have to concede that it was your friendly efficient the due to sales team and your large data base of pro buyer s. spective Once again, thank yo u for selling my house .Your sales team did awesome job, not on an ly saving me nearly $5 ,000.00 for not placin furniture, but in selling g the the house for $28,0 00.00 over my selling price. Great job guys, Lynn Harris

9846 2111 DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 53

54 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

BlackBurn 14 Heath Street The ultimate Blackburn lifestyle awaits Designed around family living with its sprawling single-level layout and located in a peaceful pocket on the footsteps of Furness Park, enjoy a quintessential Blackburn lifestyle inside this exceptional family residence. For the grand entertainer, a stunning formal arrangement comprising lounge, dining and separate wet bar permits one to entertain in pure class. A flowing open-plan setting and separate rumpus take up residence towards the rear of the home, integrating with the landscaped backyard that accommodates an inviting in-ground swimming pool with spa. As the future occupant, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll also be treated to five-star convenience with walking distance access to Blackburn Station Village, Blackburn train station and Blackburn Lake.

A4 B3 C 2 E2 Saturday 14th December at 2pm PRICE GUIDE

More Than $1,300,000


Thur 5-5.30pm & Sat 1.30-2pm Photo ID required


Adam Harris 0433 521 380 Terry Burgoyne 0404 842 771 Blackburn 9878 0222 88 South Parade

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 55

Donvale 20 White lodge Court Stately In appearance, Grand In nature The grand dimensions of this extravagant solid brick family residence are evident as soon as you step beyond its imposing bluestone fence and set foot inside its striking interior, defined by its captivating architectural elements and breathtaking living spaces. And if you happen to require extra accommodation to house extended family members, a fully self-contained flat with its own entry, living areas and kitchen allows them to live under the same roof â&#x20AC;&#x201D; but not under your feet!

56 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

Saturday 14th December at 2pm PRICE GUIDE

$1,450,000 - $1,600,000


Thu 2.30-3pm & Sat 1.30-2pm Photo ID required


Sam Kocuk 0419 311 222 Adele Kocuk 0412 255 919 Doncaster 9842 8888

A6 B 3 C 4 E 3

TemplesTowe 19A Browning Drive A statement of Contemporary living Striking the perfect balance between practical everyday living and modern design, a lifestyle filled with luxury and class greets the new owner of this quality constructed executive residence. Crisp high ceilings stand as testament to the homeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s meticulous attention to detail and carefully crafted manner; fully-tiled bathrooms with frameless showers and floating vanities, spectacular open-plan living and premium-grade fixtures and fittings illustrate the sheer luxury and lavish nature of this exceptional home.

Saturday 21st December at 1pm PRICE GUIDE

$800,000 - $880,000


Thu 4.30-5pm & Sat 11.30-12pm Photo ID required


Spiro Drossos 0425 709 479 Adele Kocuk 0412 255 919 Doncaster 9842 8888

A4 B 3 C 3 D 1 E 2

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 57

RENTALSy compan




2 0 1









Donvale 12/205-213 Mitcham Road Safe and Secure and Fabulously located! Whether youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re downsizing, searching for that ideal investment property with low maintenance or purchasing your first home, this carefully crafted Executive Townhouse demands your attention. Set back in a gated residential enclave with secure intercom entry, an element of peacefulness and security is very much assured for the lucky buyer of this exceptional residence. Furthermore, a coveted location delivers five-star convenience with its outstanding access to Mitcham Shopping Centre, Mitcham train station, Mullauna College, Mitcham Primary School, Halliday Park, Tunstall Square shops, bus transport and the Eastern Freeway/Eastlink.


$540,000 - $590,000


Thu 12.30-1pm & Sat 11.30-12pm Photo ID required


Sam Kocuk 0419 311 222 Adele Kocuk 0412 255 919 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn Road

A3 B 2 C 2 E 2

1300 REAL ESTATE 58 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

RENTALSy compan




2 0 1









Vermont 28 Barnesdale Drive An outstanding Home In A Five-Star Setting Serenely perched on an elevated allotment within the Vermont Secondary College zone and a short stroll from Bellbird Dell, a higher standard of living is what you can expect as the next resident of this exceptional family home. In terms of everyday living, enjoy the practicality and functionality offered by two separate living areas. In terms of entertaining, take your pick from two outdoor areas to stage summertime BBQs. And in terms of storage space, a large storage area under the house certainly promotes clutter-free living inside!

Saturday 14th December at 11am PRICE GUIDE

More Than $610,000


Thur 12-12.30pm & Sat 10.30-11am Photo ID required


John Stack 0402 443 312 Kane Penhalluriack 0406 556 445 Blackburn 9878 0222 88 South Parade

TemplesTowe 84 The Grange enough space For everyone! Family living is at the heart of this grand and exceptional residence, offering plenty of space for a household of growing children plus provisions for multi-generational living. Five bedrooms (or four bedrooms with a study!), four toilets, three living areas and three bathrooms are an impressive set of numbers. And should more space be required, the lower level rumpus presents a sixth bedroom option, making it ideal for extended family accommodation or a teenagerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s retreat!

Saturday 14th December at 3pm PRICE GUIDE

$750,000 - $830,000


Thu 4.30-5pm & Sat 2.30-3pm Photo ID required


Mark Di Giulio 0407 863 179 Jenny Kenyon-Smith 0419 882 941 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn Road

A3 B 2 C 2 E 2

A4 B 3 C 4 D 1 E 2

1300 REAL ESTATE DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 59

RENTALSy compan




2 0 1









Bulleen 174 Bulleen Road An Oasis Of Opportunity! Secluded behind high fences in a location delivering abundant convenience hides this oasis of a home, ideal for the first-time buyer and even more so for the savvy developer (STCA). The large 763sqm (approx.) allotment lends itself well to development opportunities, but for the buyer wishing to call this residence home, enjoy the comfort of radiant living spaces, zoned generous-sized bedrooms and the potential to make your mark.

Saturday 14th December at 12pm PRICE GUIDE

$530,000 - $590,000


Thu & Sat 11.30-12pm Photo ID required


James Hatzolos 0418 518 694 George Pangalos 0430 060 123 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn Road

Box Hill NortH 557 Middleborough road renovate or Detonate — the Choice is Yours! There’s the location. There’s the sizeable allotment. And there’s the blank canvas. All that’s required is your vision to transform this potential-laden property into a sparkling gem by developing (STCA) within easy reach of schools, the Kerrimuir shopping strip, transport and the Eastern Freeway or modernising with some contemporary flair! For the renovator, there’s plenty of scope to restore this home to its former glory. With two separate living zones, spacious bedrooms and a large backyard, the bones are there to create something really special.

Saturday 14th December at 3pm PRICE GUIDE

More Than $480,000


Thur 11-11.30am & Sat 2.30-3pm Photo ID required


John Stack 0402 443 312 Kane Penhalluriack 0406 556 445 Blackburn 9878 0222 88 South Parade

A3 B 1 C 1 D 1 E 4

A3 B 1 C 1 E 2

1300 REAL ESTATE 60 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

RENTALSy compan




2 0 1









NuNawadiNg 2 Charles Street where The Future is Bright Standing moments away from shops, transport and schools, a future brimming with success and potential awaits the next owner of this enticing home. Presented with blank canvas appeal, the opportunity is therefore one to be seized upon given the scope to modernise the interior or develop on a generous-sized 633sqm (approx.) allotment in a sought-after location (STCA).

Bulleen 22 White Way A Taste Of north Balwyn living, But Without The Price Tag! Whether it’s the peaceful setting, the convenient access to amenities or the chance to experience a Nth Balwyn lifestyle without the price tag, there are plenty of positives that would entice the growing family to upgrade their way of life with this exceptional home.

Saturday 14th December at 1pm PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

$800,000 - $860,000 Thu 6.30-7pm & Sat 12.30-1pm Photo ID required Mark Di Giulio 0407 863 179 Lisa Yeung 0422 677 033 Doncaster 9842 8888

A 4 B 3 C 3 D 1 E 3

Saturday 14th December at 1pm PRICE GUIDE

More Than $460,000


Thur 1-1.30pm & Sat 12.30-1pm Photo ID required


John Stack 0402 443 312 Kane Penhalluriack 0406 556 445 Blackburn 9878 0222 88 South Parade

TemplesTowe 6 Kelvinside Drive The Family Upgrade You’ve Been waiting For A cleverly designed floorplan complemented by contemporary style and zoned bedrooms make this flowing, single-level residence perfect for the growing family desiring an upgrade. Moments to Templestowe Village, St Kevin’s Catholic Primary School, Finns Reserve & bus transport.

A3 B 1 C 1 E 3

A 4 B 2 C 2 E 2

Saturday 14th December at 11am PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

$640,000 - $690,000 Thu 5.30-6pm & Sat 10.30-11am Photo ID required Mark Di Giulio 0407 863 179 Jason Stepanow 0405 159 650 Doncaster 9842 8888

1300 REAL ESTATE DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 61

Lower TempLesTowe 14-16 Airdrie Court Top of the world A brilliant hilltop location with stunning views to the north. This substantial elevated allotment of 2,527 sqm (approx.) is set at the head of a private court as part of a new subdivision. Ideal for development (STCA), with concept plans available on request. Ideally located with easy access to Templestowe Village, local schools and transport.

Land Size: 2,527 approx. D Auction Mel Ref Price Contact Office

HOCKINGSTUART.COM.AU 62 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

Saturday 21st December 12:30pm 33 D6 Contact Agent Ken Chappell 0412 295 316 Richard Rose 0419 446 688 Doncaster 9842 1188

Doncaster east 8 DiamonD Court space, style and a perfect location! A brilliant indoor / outdoor lifestyle, this immaculatelypresented home is sure to impress with its spacious design, extensive features and landscaped garden surrounds. On over 1000sqm of land, the home itself comprises four bedrooms (master with WIR and ensuite), updated main bathroom, formal lounge and dining, well-appointed kitchen with adjoining meals/family area and separate rumpus/living room. Other highlights include ducted heating and cooling, solar power, excellent storage, double carport, plus a huge northfacing backyard with outdoor spa, entertaining area and elevated valley views. Close to public transport, The Pines Shopping Centre, local schools and parks. 4A


View Auction Mel Ref EPR Contact Office


Thursday 4:00-4:30pm & Saturday 11:00-11:30am Saturday 21st December 2:00pm 34 F8 In Excess of $780,000 Stasi Adgemis 0401 640 853 Brad Ellis 0418 394 062 Doncaster 9842 1188

the property market report WIth Lee SaLCe Director | 0400 77 00 99 hockingstuart Doncaster

HOW DO I FIND THE GREATEST NUMBER OF BUYERS FOR MY PROPERTY? IS MARKETING IMPORTANT? Generating interest in your property from the largest number of potential buyers rests on a solid marketing campaign. Your Sales Agent should use the media and all other means available to ensure that the greatest number of house hunters see - and fall in love with - your property. These include the leading real estate websites, local press and magazines, local marketing and signage. IS THE AGENT IMPORTANT? Ask your agent about his or her experience, both generally and locally. Their understanding of the prevailing market conditions in your area, down to the very street, will help define likely buyers and tailor your property’s marketing campaign. The best sales agents will share their knowledge with you, so you can prepare your property to directly target the market. Also ask about the team that will help promote and

sell your property. There are many facets to a property sale, from the marketing and management of enquiries through to the preparation of paperwork and the auction. Each area requires a degree of specialist expertise so support is important. WILL MY CHOICE OF AGENCY MAKE A DIFFERENCE? hockingstuart’s network is the largest of all Victorian real estate agents, which allows consistent delivery of more buyers and tenants, and therefore better results. Resources are pooled and knowledge is shared to develop the most effective marketing techniques, and the results are often staggering. The hockingstuart brand has become one of Victoria’s most recognisable among house hunters. Among the specialised marketing tools available from Victorian-based real estate agencies, hockingstuart’s red magazine, website and online property search system early alert are the most popular of their type. Combined with a large co-operative network they deliver the greatest number of buyers.

HOCKINGSTUART.COM.AU DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 63

NuNawadiNg 1/68 Mount Pleasant Road


3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 car garage!

View Auction Mel Ref EPR Contact

Be first on the block with this NEW three bedroom BV townhouse with double garage and own street frontage within easy reach of Nunawading train station, Blackburn Lake parkland, Nunawading South Primary School, Brentford Square and Forest Hill Chase shopping and Golden Mile retail precinct. Accommodation comprises living room, modern kitchen/meals with stainless steel appliances and stone benchtops, 3 bedrooms with BIRs, ensuite and family bathrooms/2 WCs plus double garage with provision for additional off-street parking for family and friends. Ideal first home, retirement or superb investment property.

HOCKINGSTUART.COM.AU 64 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013




Thurs 12.00-12.30pm & Sat 10.00-10.30am Saturday 21st December - 12.30pm 48 / F11 In excess of $570,000 Fiona Everett 0402 049 407 Brad Ellis 0418 394 062 Blackburn 9894 8788


BlackBurn 6 Wright Street an imposing presence - inside and out! Set behind a scrolled wire fence this stunning 8yo WB residence must rate as one of the prettiest homes to be offered in recent times in the suburb with outstanding family accom comp elegant formal living rm with dble drs to private nth facing porch, stunning modern kitchen with island bench, adjacent dining area & capacious familyrm opening to an uâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;cover entertainment area - more like a room in its own right - overlooking a magnificent ingrd pool, 4 excellent brms plus study/5th brm, main with ens/WIR, further family bth/pwdrm/2 WCs plus DLUG with remote & internal access. Walk to Laburnum train station, buses, cafes & leading schools.



View Auction Mel Ref EPR Contact Office



678 D

Wed 5.00-5.30pm & Sat from 10.30am Saturday 14th December - 11.00am 47 / H8 $900,000 - $990,000 Gordon Openstein 0402 303 508 Maurice Di Marzio 0419 182 276 Blackburn 9894 8788

BlackBurn 49 Pakenham Street 4 bedroom family home Much loved BV home on a very generous allotment approx 788m2 offers excellent family accommodation in this highly convenient locale; walk to Laburnum Primary School, Blackâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Walk/Blackburn Creeklands, Laburnum train station and local shops. Accommodation comprises living/dining room, modernised kitchen overlooking very large family room, four bedrooms with BIRs, main with ensuite bathroom, further family bathroom/2 WCs and expansive double garage. Enjoy further easy access to Blackburn Village and Blackburn South supermarkets/ restaurants, Box Hill High school, playing fields and more!



View Auction Mel Ref EPR Contact Office


788 D

Thurs 11.00-11.30am & Sat from 1.30pm Saturday 14th December - 2.00pm 47 / H11 $760,000 - $840,000 Brad Ellis 0418 394 062 Gordon Openstein 0402 303 508 Blackburn 9894 8788

HOCKINGSTUART.COM.AU DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 65


iPhone & iPad app is now available! Searching for property on the go just got easier!â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s free iPhone & iPad app allows you to search for properties to buy, rent or share, no matter where you are.

BlackBurn 2/23 Lithgow Avenue




Beautifully refurbished BV unit in quiet cul de sac only mins walk to Blackburn Village shops/train. Comp living, NEW kit & bthrm, 2 generous brms, paved câ&#x20AC;&#x2122;yard & SLUG. Rewired/plumbed feat polished hardwood floors, dble glazed windows & 2X split sys.

Auction Mel Ref EPR Contact Office


Thurs 11.45-12.15pm & Sat from 3.00pm Saturday 14th December - 3.30pm 47 / J9 In excess of $450,000 Gordon Openstein 0402 303 508 Brad Ellis 0418 394 062 Blackburn 9894 8788

With 400,000 listings and growing, download the FREE app today! Now available at iPhone & iPad is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U. S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc.


7 Hartigan Street BLACKBURN Family Home In a Premium Locale Privacy with tranquility surrounds this wonderful character weatherboard home. Perfectly positioned in a wonderful treelined street, the north facing aspect assures natural light flowing throughout. Comprising 2 master bedrooms, both featuring an ensuite & WIR, 2 further bedrooms at the rear of the property, a centrally located bathroom, a large carpeted L-shaped lounge & dining room, open plan kitchen with a split level family room & a generous size laundry with plenty of cupboard space. The rear decking can be easily accessed via the family room which showcases the very well landscaped back garden.

A4 B3 C3 Auction Price Inspect Agent

9894 2044 66 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

98 South Parade Blackburn

Sat 14th December @ 12:00noon In Excess Of $750,000 Thur 1-1:30pm Sat 11:30am-12noon Frank Molinaro 0418 390 988 Anthony Molinaro 0411 061 796

A Review Local Advertising Feature

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Dear Santa, My name is Mikayla. I am 4. Merry Christmas. I have been a good girl. For Christmas I would like: a Lalaloopsy doll, Lalaloopsy shoes that light up, clothes and pyjamas. Love Mikayla Box Hill

Dear Santa, For Christmas this year I would like something for my fairy garden and a pretend purple pussy cat. I will give a present to a little girl who doesn’t get any presents at Christmas, can you give her a present too. Hello to Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. Love Faith Doncaster East

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Dear Santa, My name is Daniel. I am 6. I have been a good boy. For Christmas I would like: a computer, headphones, clothes, lollies, books and a new charger. Thank you Santa. Love Daniel Box Hill

Dear Santa, We don’t have a chimney so we are going to leave a special Santa key at the front door. What do the elves eat? The toys I want on Christmas Day are: iPad, new textas and paints, books on dinosaurs, nerds and slime. Don’t forget Bonnie our dog. Love Emma Doncaster East

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Dear Santa,

Dear Santa, My name is Jamie and I am 16 months old, so my Mum is writing this Santa letter to you. I really like buses so could you please give me a toy bus. I have been a very good boy. Love Jamie Templestowe Heights

This year I have been a very good boy for my Mum and Dad. Please send me lots of presents. I would like: Thomas trains, cars and a bike. Thank you Santa. Love William Blackburn Proudly Sponsored by

ALMARA CABINETS Guaranteed quality. Renovations our speciality.

Winner of the Australian Achievers Award. Custom designed:

HONDA specialist mechanics


All log book servicing. Only genuine Honda parts and oils are used.

We wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

HAVE PEACE OF MIND Get your HONDA ready for holiday travel.

CALL US ON 8838 0035

Email; Web; 3/14 Queen St. Nunawading 3131

Shop 169 Forest Hill Shopping Centre, 270 Canterbury Road, Forest Hill, VIC 3131 Ph: 03 9878 0422 G6517451AA-dc10Dec




KEVIN 9849 0750 OR 0419 371 625 We will be back to work mid January 2014.

Christmas Parties Sit Down, Buffet and Cocktail Packages Available From $39.00 per person

Melbourne Extensions would like to wish all their clients a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

Christmas Dining Lunch & Dinner from 18 November – 24 December 2 Courses - $38.00 / 3 Courses - $45.00 Christmas Day


CONTACT 9889 0355 MELBOURNE EXTENSIONS & DESIGNS Extensions from concept to’re in good hands 1149 Toorak Rd Camberwell. Visit our showroom:



• wardrobes • study/office fit outs • wall units • entertainment units • bookshelves • garage storage

P: 9793 8233 F: 9793 8243

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


For more information: Call Natalie on 0418 593 813 or email

TOYWORLD FOREST HILL Check out our website:


Tinies Tap and Dance Movement Class: KiX Dance Studio has a 45 minute class tailored especially for children aged 3 to 5. Combination Ballet/Jazz/Tap Classes: Combination dance classes are available for primary aged children. Teenage Dance Classes: KiX has classes in each genre from beginner to advanced levels. Adult Tap/Jazz Class: This is a casual class designed for beginner to intermediate level adults . Singing Lessons: Both solo and group lessons are offered.



A beautiful Christmas Buffet with beverages A visit from Santa with a little surprise for each child Roving Jazz Musicians throughout the day

Adults $142.00 per person / Teens (13-17 yrs) $90.00 per person Children (4-12 yrs) $45.00 per person 649 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC 3121 Ph: (03) 9246 1200 Fax: (03) 9246 1212 Email:


KiX Dance Studio

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DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 67

REVIEW CLASSIFIEDS 1300 138 910 Trades & Services

Homes, Businesses, Offices, Insurance Work

9548 3000 or 0418 881 551


*Conditions apply


• Free Quotes • Carparks • Walkways • ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS • Variety Of Edgings: Brick, Pavers, Bluestone etc Asphalt • Brick Pattern throughout Driveways • Government Work • Federal & State

Qualified Arborist’s - Free Honest Advice Free Quotes - Fully Insured Safe Tree & Stump Removal - Expert Pruning

0400 496 886

Aluminium, Timber and UPVC Windows Free Measure and quote



9794 7913


General Adult Phone Talk



Foundation Specialist MEMBER OF VRUA

Bill 0418 380 721 9723 1050 James 0403 196 813

(fascia cover available)

PAMELA - raunchy fun blonde. Specialising in couples and anything other than vanilla sex. Private escor t. 9948 0622. swa4281be.

Jim 0413-423-130

9762-2380 G6366454


Over 30 Years Experience Specialising In: • Floor & Wall Tiles • Old & New Homes • Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation Free Measure & Quote. Specialising in all electrical installations • Extensions/Refurbishments • Stove/Oven/Hot water repair • Switchboard upgrades • TV/Phone/Data G6423789AA-dc5Nov Free Quotes • House Rewires • Safety switches Lic 17824 Jason 0411 300 Rec 772 17824

0432 774 645

CLASSIFIED DEADLINES For The Weekly Review Eastern are as follows: Proof Deadline: All Classifieds:


By appointment 10am-11pm.

St Davids Street, Fitzroy

9415 7762 swa7930xbe

15 George St. Blackburn Special before 2pm Relaxation 65 Full service $80

Tree Services Storm Damage Works and Inspections

z Pruning & Risk Management z Tree Health Care z Removal & Stump Grinding z Elm beetle control z Pest & Disease Control z Fully insured or call 1300 228 463

Beautiful Babes 18+ swa6374be

Tel 9877 3123

Friday 11.30am Friday 1.30pm

Phone 1300 138 910




68 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013



LOTUS EXOTIC ESCORT I Luv you longtime. Tiny size 8 figure, pleasurable. I can do body rubs too. 9935 7738 swa4281be.

Public Notices

Mention this ad for $10 discount ☎ 9775 3210


1800 111 800 (free call) 0488 88 10 88 (Alex)

IMOGEN - Hot, hot, hot. Ex pole dancer. 32yo size 8. Tall, toned, busty and blonde. I visit you. 9495 2723 swa4281be

iPhone is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U. S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc.



Rec 15764

Rewire Specialist - New Homes & Extensions Power Points, Bathroom Heaters, Ceiling Fans

7 Duke Street Abbotsford 9428 8669 swa6679b.

Ladies Welcome.

GENTLE MAGGIE - escort. Available daytimes, 40 + slim and affectionate, GFE, pash kissing. Phone 9495 2760. swa4281be.



ADORABLE ANGELA Stunning, upmarket doll. Size 10, " DD " bust. A discreet outcall service. Phone 9416 6204. swa4281be.

Will visit you. Available till late. 9775 3210. swa224e

----simply roofing & guttering expert!!

Electrical Services

The Duchess $50

Adult Services

Busty 20’s Blonde

Roofing Services

G6111533AA-dc25Jun Email:

is now available!

Slim 23yo




Cabinet Makers

Phone 9311 8708 or 0421 735 778



Will visit you. Available till late. 9775 3210. swa224e

KEVIN 9849 0750 OR 0419 371 625

Specialising in: • Kitchens • Vanities • Wardrobes • Timber, Vinyl or Laminate Showroom: 1/186 Duke St, Sunshine 3020

1300 138 910

PRINCESS RANI - Escort. All affectionate service. You will be ver y pleased. Please call 9935 7672. swa4281be.

Reblocking and Underpinning

For all your Classified advertising contact us on

PH - 1300 ESCORT

24hrs/7 days



03 9347 6000

(2hr meter parking out front) Girls always available


iPhone app

Adult Services

ALL FETISH! Anything goes! from 99c/min 1300 700 904 1902 226 323 Chat now! $5.45/min pay/mob extra

(No Job Too Small)

Builders and Building Services


Window Replacement Service

Servicing all of Greater Melbourne




554-556 Swanston St, Melbourne Open 24 hrs - 7 days G6516900AA-dc10Dec



Bathroom Renovations




ALL WORK GUARANTEED PH: (03) 9725 0715 MOBILE: 0418 539 710

Call Darren on 0412 555 338


Phone Dean 0425 499 828



� Friendly, reliable service � 15 yrs experience. � Bathroom & Kitchen renovations � Free measure & quote � All Trades Inclusive � Work Guaranteed

Adult Services

50% DISCOUNT* or cover $100 excess Windows... Doors... Shop Fronts...



Tree Services G6442362AA-dc12Nov


8.30am-5.00pm, Monday - Friday. All major credit cards accepted. G6255558

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL ADVERTISERS The Competition and Consumer Act provides that advertised prices for goods and services which attract GST should be GST inclusive. Prices should not be quoted as being 'excluding GST' or 'plus GST' or by the use of words or phrases conveying similar meaning. Readers are entitled to expect that the advertised prices are the actual prices at which they can purchase the particular goods and services. Metro Media Publishing will not knowingly accept for publication any advertisement which may be in breach of the Competition and Consumer Act or any other relevant law.

CLASSIFIEDS 142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong 3175

REVIEW CLASSIFIEDS 1300 138 910 Massage Therapy

med-sleepandmemorystudy Ph 0458 366 035


Phone Pamela on 0412 325 561. Qualified in Remedial, Sports and Relaxation Massage.


Deep tissue & relaxation massage. Waxing & facial. Glen Waverley. Ph 8806 9517 or 0432 458 997.

Full Body Massage

Melting Touch, $40, 7 days. 191 Springvale Road, Nunawading. Please call 9877 6838.


Deep tissue & relaxation massage. 10am-8pm, 7 days. 0478 813 368. 116 Canterbury Rd, Blackburn.


$40, 7 days, 10am-8pm. 4/150 Wattletree Road, Malvern. Private & clean. 0452 208 873.


New girls, new technique. Dancing on your skin. 4/54 Atherton Road, Oakleigh. $40. 9563 0080.

Grand Opening Promotional offer from $35 2nd Dec - 31st Dec 2013 for an unforgettable massage.

24 Station Street, Mitcham  9874 2968


Thai Massage & Spa Combination Thai Massage • Hydrotherapy Spa • Waxing & Beauty • Male & Female Welcome • 7 Days, 10am – 10pm 37 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne

9328 5581

Are you offering

"genuine employment?''

ADVERTISERS PLEASENOTE Much hardship and difficulty is caused to job-seekers by misleading advertising placed in employment columns.

Health and Wellbeing

Mention this Ad.




Our Professional Employment and Situations Vacant columns are reserved for advertisements which carry a SPECIFIC and GENUINE offer of employment. All employment advertisements must state clearly the type of job offered and remuneration offered. (i.e. salary package, retainer plus commission or commission only). "Commission only'' jobs are only accepted in these columns PROVIDED that this is clearly stated in the ad AND the employer is paying Workcover and Superannuation. If not, then these advertisements MUST be placed in an alternate classification such as Self Employment Opportunities. Placing misleading advertisements is an offence against the Competition and Consumer Act and all advertisements are subject to the publisher's approval. For further advice contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on 9290 1800. Whilst Metro Media Publishing make every attempt to screen job advertisements, WE DO NOT ACCEPT LIABILIT Y FOR ADVERTISERS WHO FAIL TO C O M P LY W I T H T H E S E REGULATIONS.

Business Opportunities

Training and Career Services

Seeking genuine entrepreneurs, working from home Take a look at - or call Angie on

0458 966 101 G6519557

Review the latest property trends

ENROL NOW for 2013 funded Courses in

1300 138 910


Motoring Cars New and Used

Cars New and Used

NISSAN PATROL Gu III ST 2004, 4.2ltr, turbo diesel, man, 4wd. 75,150 kms, 7 seats, bull bar, spot lights, dual batteries, electric brakes and new tyres, reg INCO2, $17,000. Call 8820 5499.


PLEASE NOTE: Private party sales are open to negotiation, therefore statutory charges may vary and are not included in quoted prices.

9761 2156

Let us help you today!


This training is delivered with Victorian & Commonwealth Funding. Subject to eligibility. TOID 6832 G6268464AA-dc3Sep

Situations Vacant


Cleaner/ Kitchen Hand Cake shop in Doncaster seeks person for cleaning and some kitchen hand duties including biscuit packing. • Casual position • Must be available Saturday afternoons

1300 138 910

Celebrations Venues


Auto Services


1300 138 910



Call Kelly:

Please contact Vito 9842 3162

contact us on

or email

Boronia, Frankston, Dandenong, Cranbourne, Hampton Park & Box Hill.


For all your advertising

Always wanted to work in: ➤ Aged Care Govt. ➤ Disability funded ➤ Home & Community Care?

Home Based Business, NOT MLM!



9728 1044 LMCT 8887

iPhone app is now available!



We are here

9894 4460

Ce nt ra

Now available at N iPhone is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U. S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc.



Melway 48 A9

73 Railway Rd, Blackburn


Healthy sleeping participants aged 30-65 are needed for a sleep research study at the Monash University sleep laboratory. You will be required to complete two simple computer tasks, before and after sleep. $50 will be provided to cover transportation costs.



Sleep Research Volunteers Notting Hill


Public Notices

*Conditions apply. Not valid for use in conjunction with any other offers, specials or vouchers. Specials valid until 31/08/13.

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 69


ADVERTISING FEATURE To advertise in this page call Anna on 9238 7529

Recycled Textbooks

Boroondara Dog Training

Taylor Francis & Company

Recycled Textbooks saves the environment and your money. Buy your high school textbooks at greatly reduced prices (up to 66% off the RRP) from Recycled Textbooks. Sell your current edition textbooks on consignment, receive high returns and make great savings using your store credit on purchases of second hand textbooks. Perfect for students needing cheap study guides, changing schools or subjects, so start saving today.

Our aim is to help you train the perfect dog, one that always

With only 4 weeks until Christmas come and discover the petit

comes when called, walks on a loose lead, sits quietly to be

treasure trove of wonderful gift ideas at Taylor Francis. With a

stroked, groomed or examined by your vet. A dog who does not

fabulous choice for Kris Kringle, gifts for women, men and children

13 Arcade Road, Mont Albert North. 9898 1677

Melbourne. 0413 230 104

3 Salisbury Avenue, Blackburn. (03) 9878 9955

chase cyclists or joggers and is generally a well-behaved member with prices starting at $1.95. Santa is also waiting for the children’s of our community. We use modern scientifically proven positive

letters and a return note will be sent to all letters posted at the

reinforcement methods of training. Family friendly.

Taylor Francis North Pole box. We look forward to seeing you.

Real Life Hair

Redbox Vineyard & Winery

WAS Hairdressing

Are you ready for a change? Let Georgia and her team make you look beautiful. Georgia opened Real Life Hair in 1994. We have a friendly experienced team who are committed to producing fabulous hair for you. We cater for all aspects of hair, makeup, extensions etc. We offer new clients the following discounts: First visit at half price. Second visit less 30%. Third visit less 20%. Tuesday special: Free haircut with every colour.

Discover the place with inspirational wines. Redbox Cellar Door is

(03) 9712 0440 or visit our website.

Warren Ansell Salon is a unique salon specialising in colour, hair-straightening, wigs, hairpieces and extensions. You can have a full head foil highlights and free style cut and blowdry for $199. Offer starts 27th December 2013. Also the famous Bio ionic hair-straightening with a free colour or treatment for $599. A huge range of wigs and hair extensions, also irons and blow-dryers. Or shop online at:

Italy 1 Camberwell

Madison Avenue Hair Skin & Wellbeing Clinic

Streets of Melbourne

Since reopening in 2012, Italy 1 Camberwell has established a humble philosophy: To create a simple menu that has an honest approach to rustic Italian food. With our dedicated team sourcing the finest local, imported produce and wine. Join us at our Warm, Intimate and Inviting restaurant. For your next dining experience or if you’re looking for a Christmas booking now is the time to secure your date. For more information, give us a call, visit our website or email us.

Change your body shape. Lose the weight. GET healthy. 1. Ionithermie Body Treatment: Ionithermie is for the correction of cellulite and improvement of skin/muscle tone. Added benefit of slimming. 2. EatHealthy via Your Blood Type: EatHealthy kick starts your weight loss program and lifestyle change. 3. Infra Red Sauna: The latest technology to detox and many health benefits. Make an appointment with our Weight Loss Consultant: (03) 9898 3144.

Discover the fascinating stories behind Melbourne’s streets and

Shop 8, 477 Burwood Highway, Vermont South. (03) 9803 2899

823 Burke Road, Camberwell. (03) 9804 0944

70 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

2 Ness Lane, Kangaroo Ground. (03) 9712 0440

open every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, 11am - 6pm. For a superb wine tasting experience, visit the Redbox Cellar Door in Ness Lane, Kangaroo Ground. For more information, visit us at 2 Ness Lane, Kangaroo Ground (Mel ref 271 E8), give us a call on

965 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill. (03) 9898 3144

915 Burke Road, Camberwell. (03) 9882 5311

20 Spring Street, Melbourne. (03) 9651 2233

their names. View early nineteenth and twentieth century original paintings, maps and photos of the city buildings and streets. Learn about Melbourne’s colonial origins, founding fathers and events in the city’s history. Exhibition opens mid November 2013 May 2014, Sunday - Friday, 10am - 4pm. Free entry.

Ringwood M{zd{ for ring gwood m{zd{â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

M{z zd{ {2

M{z zd{ 3

M{zd d{ CX X-9

Stormy Blue | Manual reg 1AB61W | 67kms

Sedan | White | Manual reg ZVC096 | 3759kms

7 seater



Great family motoring with loads of safety and comfort features

Stormy Blue | Auto reg ZXC698 | 1110kms

Hatch | Aluminium | Auto reg ZXC659 | 3007kms

Aluminium | Auto






Ask us s about our 8 other Maz zda3 Demos

Ask us s about our 3 other Maz zda2 Demos

Classic FWD

Reversing Camera

reg ZXC690 | 4060kms

Ask us abou ut our 2 other Mazda CX X-9 9 Demo o models

HURRY IN Before these models race out!

LMCT 11143

395 Maro oondah Hwy Ringwood



While stock lasts. Images for illustrative purposes only.

Etn eastern 20131211 iss  

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