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The Wedded Bliss May/June 2011

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The Wedded Bliss MAY/JUNE 2011

Volume 8

Number 45


Sarah Symbalisty & Brandon Johnson


Brandi Woodley & Nathan James


Bari Ancinec & Chad Enzel

12 Kimberly Shute & Zachary Pommer PLACE AN ADVERTISEMENT J.C. Hope

13 Jennifer Houghton & Adam Bodovsky 16 Samantha Poindexter & Barry Whisenhart

17 Kristy Hopkins & Micheal Marjason 20 Shelley Long & Tory Boyce 21 Maleta Ridpath & Bobby Carter 24 Alisha Barron & Roncarlos Clark 25 Candice Cox & Jose Ramos

Director of Advertising Sales (903) 240-8118 PLACE AN ANNOUNCEMENT (903) 295-1284 Sandra McNeese Publisher Editor-n-Chief Proof Editor and Contributing Writer Rebekah Williams Graphic Designer Nathan Roberts (512) 917-0451 Graphic Designer Amy Denman (903) 746-7617 Graphic Designer Pat Croft (903) 399-9096 Graphic Designer Sharron Holmes (903) 753-4390 Photographer/Layout Joel Dryer (903) 801-9228

The Wedded Bliss wants to thank everyone involved in creating the look for our cover bride. Tammy Greene and Crystal McClung from created a Hollywood-worthy hairstyle and beautiful makeup. PS:121 Jewelry’s owner, Michael Macaluso, hand crafted the stunning period jewelry. The Cascades Country Club provided their exquisite location for the photo shoot. And, Joel Dryer Photography researched, photographed, and fused each of the elements together to create this cinematic 40’s-inspired cover.

©Copyright 2010 by The Wedded Bliss®. All pieces reproduced in this issue are under prior copyright by the creators or by the contractual arrangements with their clients. Nothing shown may be reproduced in any form without obtaining the permission of the creators and any other person or company who may have copyright ownership. The Wedded Bliss® reserves the right to edit any or all submissions as they deem necessary.

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


Sarah &Brandon

Sarah Symbalisty and Brandon Johnson were married on January 1, 2011, at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Tyler. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Symbalisty, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Johnson. Sarah and Brandon are 2005 graduates of Whitehouse High School.


May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss



BRANDI & NATHAN 03.05.11 ...elements of... BRANDI & NATHAN 6

|  VENUE  Villa Di Felicitá  |  FLORIST  La Tee Da Flowers  |  MUSIC/DJS  CMB Music Productions

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


...elements of... BARI & CHAD 8

|  VENUE  Stone Oak Ranch  |  FLORIST  Brosang’s Flowers LLC  |  BEVERAGES  Latte Da Espresso Catering

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


bari ANCINEC chad ENZELL 4.2.11


May/June 2011


The Wedded Bliss



Catering Company, Inc. …Never Ordinary and Always Exciting! If you’ve experienced the fullservice, gourmet catering from Adalante’ Catering Company in Tyler, it’s easy to see why Chef Whit Bowman, resident pastry chef Lisa Bowman, and their professional staff were awarded first place among caterers by voters in The Wedded Bliss’ 2010 Best of the Best survey. Opened in 2002, Chef Whit’s dream of providing East Texas with a catering service that is never ordinary and always exciting is the culmination of years of training and hard work. Chef Whit’s culinary journey began at the University of Houston and The Conrad N. Hilton School of Hotel and Restaurant Management in the pastry department. In addition to attending college full time, he was responsible for daily production for three restaurants, a 100,000square-foot banquet facility, off-premise catering, an 87-room hotel, supervising and instructing student cooks daily, as well as overseeing student activities during their annual Gourmet Night student-run dinner. He also worked jointly with NASA to develop food for the International Space Station which proved to be an interesting and challenging endeavor. While preparing plated desserts for a Chaine des Rotisseurs event, an international gastronomic society founded in Paris in 1950 and the oldest food and wine organization in the world, he was recruited by Certified Master Chef Fritz Gitschner of the Houston Country Club. He honed his culinary skills under the tutelage of Chef Gitschner and a multi-national team of chefs. Chef Whit was soon promoted to Banquet Sous Chef. In addition to being responsible for banquet preparations and platings, he instructed students from the Culinary Institute of America and the Art Institute of Houston. He also assisted Chef Gitschner with culinary consulting and training and implementation of proper culinary techniques at fledgling establishments, as well as being Chef Gitschner’s assistant during multi-day master chef certifications. After training at the Houston Country Club, Chef Whit upped the ante by taking a position as sous chef at Abuso Catering, one of Houston’s most successful and respected high-end catering companies. Here, he prepared food for Houston’s elite including the Houston Ballet, the Houston Symphony Orchestra, as well as providing services to visiting dignitaries at Rice University. After being promoted to executive chef, he began teaching cooking classes at Sur La Table and performed cooking demonstrations on local television. To further his knowledge of everything food, Chef Whit left catering and became a chef at H.E.B. Central Market. Here, he explored the world of exotic fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood during his daily in-store cooking demonstrations and private chef events.


May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

With every catering event, Chef Whit and his wife, Lisa, take their fanatical attention to detail and use it to provide unparalleled catering and event planning services. To make sure that clients enjoy their event and are treated as guests, Chef Whit and his talented staff secure all labor and rentals and provide complete set up and clean up. Cooking on site with fresh ingredients ensures excellent food quality that is unmatched. Adalante’ Catering Company also provides a 100% scratch bakery and custom cake design, providing extraordinary wedding and special event cakes, pastries, homemade cookies, and a myriad of house-made gourmet items. Adalante’ Catering Company is a collection of talented professionals who strive for exciting event and menu design as well as creative food presentation. Let Chef Whit and his staff create a customized menu and event that meets your budgetary needs, your location, your guests, and all the services you need. Find out why Adalante’ Catering Company is never ordinary and always exciting.

Adalante’ Catering Company 1723 Troup Highway, Tyler • 903-526-3800

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


...elements of... KIMBERLY & ZACH 12

|  VENUE  Ramage Farm Weddings  |  FLORIST  Twisted Vines...A Floral Studio

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


O ur Engagement Story…

Hillary Noble and Josh Whitten

Taking a little time out of our busy day, my boyfriend, Josh, two of our good friends, Aunt Autumn and Devin, and I went to Bergfeld Park in Tyler to enjoy the beautiful day, relax, and enjoy each others’ company.


We threw the football around and sat on a quilt near a tree. Then, I noticed Josh tying blades of grass together to form a ring, and I said, “Aww, you’re making me a ring, how cute.” He quickly and bashfully said, “No! You can’t see it yet. Turn back around.” I felt like a school girl for a split moment because of his shyness and cute grin.

I live seven and a half hours from my girlfriend, Shelley, and she believed I was coming in for a visit. She also thought she would be picking me up later that evening from the airport. What she didn’t know was that I had spoken with her father earlier in the week and told him that I would be driving into town early that morning to surprise her. He also agreed to meet me to talk before I went to see Shelley. Shelley’s father and I met that morning, and I expressed to him that I am in love with his daughter, I want to take care of her forever, and that with all of my heart, I believe she is the one for me. I then asked him for his blessing so that I could ask Shelley to marry me. He gave me his blessing and asked when I planned on proposing. I showed him the ring and replied, “Now, if it’s ok.”

A few moments later, he said, “OK. Give me your hand.” But, without turning around, I put my hand behind my back for him to slip the grass ring on my finger. To which he responded, “No. Turn around.” As I turned around, I realized that instead of holding the handmade grass ring, he held a beautiful engagement ring! I immediately started to cry, kiss, and hug him. In the midst of my excitement, I didn’t realize that he had asked me to marry him, and I didn’t answer him. “So…” he said, waiting for my answer. Devin and Aunt Autumn also prompted me when they said, “Are you going to answer him?” I quickly replied, “Oh Yeah,” and through laughter and tears, I said, “yes.”


Shelley Long and Tory Boyce

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

It was getting close to the time when Shelley and her mother would be leaving for the airport to pick me up, so her father stalled them while I got everything set up. Shelley lives in the country, and I rode in her father’s truck to her house. I was hiding as he went inside. I had already put a flower arrangement close to her front gate, and I scattered rose petals in a trail from her front door leading around to the side of her house where I was waiting. I also spelled out “Marry Me” in rose petals. Her father took the card from the flower arrangement in to Shelley. The card read, “Follow the petals.” As she followed the petals, I was waiting and anticipating what was about to happen. My heart was racing. As Shelley came around the corner of the house, she was surprised to see me. I told her that she is the one for me, and I can’t live without her. I want to spend the rest of my life with her, and I’ve never felt more love for anyone. I then got down on one knee and happily asked, “Will you marry me?” and she answered, “Yes!

Konnie Balltzglier and Josh Hill Our engagement story happened on a snowy day in Tyler, Texas, on February 12, 2010. When I awoke on that Friday morning, I knew I had to find something formal to wear in a hurry considering my boyfriend, Josh, had informed me the night before that we would be going somewhere for which I would need formal attire. He would not tell me anything else nor would he tell me what he was going to wear. I spent most of that day finding a dress, and thanks to my cousins, I found the perfect one. As I headed out the door and got in my car to drive to Josh’s parents’ house, I realized my parents were waving me goodbye. When I arrived, I thought I’d be meeting Josh to go enjoy a romantic dinner, but I heard a knock at the door and a voice politely say to me, “Miss K, I’m here to escort you to your next destination.” Outside of the house was a white stretch limousine, and my heart began to race. The chauffeur handed me an envelope, and inside was a card with Josh’s writing that said, “Our journey begins here.” I knew then that this was going to be the night. The limousine drove me on back roads making me really wonder where I was headed. We turned into a driveway leading into woods where the limousine stopped right in front of a helicopter. That’s when I saw Josh standing with a single red rose and grinning from ear to ear. He was adorable. When I walked up to him he said, “Are you ready to go for a ride?” We got in the helicopter, and as it rose into the air, we were able to see the lights of Tyler looking so beautiful amidst the white of the snow that had fallen that day. After a few minutes of flight, Josh turned to me and said, “So, are you ready to spend your life with me?” I shyly said, “Yeah…” He continue to ask, “So will you…Will you marry me?” My heart stopped for a moment and then fluttered with excitement as I responded, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”


etting engaged is one of the most memorable moments in your life. Everyone’s engagement story is unique and one to tell for a lifetime. The Wedded Bliss would like to hear your engagement story and perhaps include it in a future issue. Whether he proposed with poetry in a hot air balloon at sunset or slipped the ring on the dog’s collar and had the dog greet you at the door, we want to hear your unique engagement story.

When we finally landed, we made our way to a romantic dinner, and I was surprised and thrilled to find my family and Josh’s family waiting to share in our special moment. Six months later, Josh and I said our vows and began our life together, leaving the wedding reception in the same helicopter that we got engaged in.

To submit your story, visit May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


...elements of... SAMANTHA & BARRY 16

|  VENUE  Elmwood Gardens  |  FLORIST  La Tee Da Flowers

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

...elements of... KRISTY & MICHEAL

|  VENUE  Hunt Villa

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


Memories May Be Beautiful And Yet…

Have you ever asked yourself what you would do if your photographer or videographer failed to show up on your wedding day or if your photos or videos were somehow deleted? It could be a painful possibility, but with careful planning, this added stressor can be avoided.

This tragedy was a realization for one recently married couple in England, as seen on ABC’s Good Morning America. You can see video of this interview at The newlyweds sued the videographer, but no amount of money could bring back the video of their wedding day that they planned to cherish for a lifetime. As back up, they had their friends take pictures, and they hired a photographer.

wedding budget. She has witnessed many situations where couples have had friends take pictures, only to have the footage missing or worse, destroyed. Incidentally, the couple in the Good Morning America feature, skimped on this vital service. They paid the videographer $500, and Melinda believes you Malinda Felts get what you pay for. This Owner couple’s videographer double booked himself on the day of their wedding, and was unable to make it to their event.

3. With the many advances in technology and the advent of YouTube, smartphones, and Apple® products, many laymen believe they have become experts at shooting videos and editing photos. If you insist on using your friends and family to capture your day, here are some important tips to consider. • Identify 5 to 15 friends and family with real video and photography experience. Use these friends and family as stand-ins to capture the moments they know will mean something to you. When you return from your honeymoon, you, your family, and your friends can come together for a party to review the photos and video.

• Give 5 to 7 guests flip-video cameras, and ask other guest to bring their digital cameras.

Because memories of your wedding are very important, you must have a plan for preserving your wedding photos, video, wedding cards, and other wedding-day memorabilia that you’ll share with your loved ones for years to come.

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll avoid the heartbreak of not capturing your special memories, and you’ll remove any added stress from your special day.

1. Once you are engaged or find yourself in the process of planning a wedding, of course you will want to book a wedding venue. Most professional photographers and videographers won’t contract with a couple until their date has been set and their venue has been booked.

2. Contract with a quality photographer and videographer as soon as possible. Both of these services are recommended for capturing all of your special moments. In light of the current economic shift, Malinda Felts of Shoemaker Hill Ranch, has noted that couples are cutting corners, and photos and videos are usually the first items to be deleted from the 18

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

• Place 1 to 2 regular, disposable cameras on each table for guests to capture many of the candid moments.

When planning for your wedding day, it’s important to have a plan and a backup plan for anything that might go wrong. Whoever said that when you fail to plan, you plan to fail, was not kidding. Using these simple steps will guarantee that you’ll get some great footage, beautiful photos, and also capture moments that you didn’t even see happening at your event.

The special day you dreamed of since you were a little girl, Your Wedding Day, is finally here! You too deserve to enjoy this day. Let us make your day stress free and hassle free. Shoemaker Hill Ranch was made just for you and your special day. A picture perfect setting for your perfect event! ~ 903-530-3340 ~

“My husband and I were recently married at Shoemaker Hill Ranch, and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. I believe every bride deserves to have their special day where all their dreams come true, and that is exactly what I got here at Shoemaker Hill Ranch. I received so many compliments on our elegant and gorgeous wedding. The scenery is just absolutely beautiful. Malinda was there from the very beginning, making sure everything was how I wanted. If I had any questions or concerns, she was always only a phone call away. Our experience was wonderful, and without a doubt, I would recommend Shoemaker Hill Ranch to any couple who wants a fairytale wedding!

Photo by Donna Cummings

~Natalie Maxwell~

Traci Lynn Photography

AmericanClassic Photos

A fabulous East Texas venue providing

country ELEGANCE

for your private occasions. Traci Lynn Photography

unsurpassed VIEWS elegantly DIFFERENT unique SECLUSION

903.530.3340  |  Jacksonville, TX

AmericanClassic Photos

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


Maleta and Bobby Carter March 26, 2011

Colonial Hills Baptist Church, Tyler TX




B r e a k d o w n How Much Can You Spend? A wedding is a complex

exercise in coordinating,

planning, and organizing when designing and

creating a wedding that

reflects your unique tastes, sensibilities, and dreams.

For the best experience and

As you begin to plan your wedding, lay out the proposed prioritized categories on a cost sheet. To build your cost sheet, include all of the categories and any others that are important to you. Review your proposed pre-wedding, wedding, and post wedding activities from beginning to the end and start to build an outline. This will allow you to clearly see what items should be included and still keep you within your budget. It will also allow you to look at alternative choices and see how they would work within your cost parameters. On the cost sheet, include two amounts: the budgeted amount of money you are planning to spend and the maximum amount over which you will not go. These two amounts will help you to stay focused on the budget. After all the categories are listed and the preliminary budget

memory, the creative vision must

amounts are set, start calling suppliers and vendors to price their


If your budget allows, you may

be coordinated with a budget in

The bride and groom should

decide together what is most

important and make a prioritized

list. Food, location, cake, invitations,

beverages, photography, clothing, transportation, rentals, rehearsal, flowers, music, entertainment, lighting, place cards, gifts for

attendants and helpers, insurance, and security all cost money and

must be included in your budget.

services. want to hire a professional wedding planner or consultant. A planner will be able to determine if the amounts you have in your budget are reasonable and logical. You can have a planner do it all or you can limit the consultant’s involvement to specific, welldefined tasks. It is more convenient and less stressful to hire a wedding planner to handle and to prepare your wedding day. You will want to enjoy every minute of it worry free. A less costly alternative to a wedding professional is a temporary secretary or personal assistant who


May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

can manage invitations, run errands, and take care of other tasks. An even more affordable option is to assign family members and friends to tasks that are likely to interest them. Don’t turn down help, but do be direct about what you want and how you want help. Don’t wait until the last minute to enlist volunteers; ask them early. When pricing the supplies and services that you need, write everything down – dates, times, suppliers, who you spoke to, and what was said. Notes and information can be kept in a tabbed notebook. Writing everything down is one of the best tips for saving money when planning a wedding. As you talk to suppliers, get all estimates in writing, and ask detailed questions. For gratuity is

Remember THE GOAL…

included in the

Remember that the goal is

example, ask if

price given for

to create a memorable event while staying in

the catering.

budget. You want your

Once you have laid out your cost sheet and compared the costs with your budget, you may decide to change some plans in order to lower the cost and put the saved money to an item that is over budget. Many times, it is important to invest in quality rather than quantity. You may also want to skip some of the props, such as arches, and have one great floral arrangement. Also, it might be more budget conscious to hire one topnotch violinist or guitarist in place of a five-piece band. ~ Ouida Ashworth ~

wedding guests to be

comfortable, relaxed, and to have a good time, and

you will be more relaxed if you have done your

homework, planned

carefully, and stayed within your budget.

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss



& Roncarlos

Alisha Barron and Roncarlos Clark were married on February 26, 2011, at Villa di Felicitá in Tyler, Texas.

...elements of... ALISHA & RONCARLOS 24

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

|  VENUE  Villa Di Felicitá  |  CAKE DESIGNER  Chez Bazan French Bakery |  FLORIST  Brosang’s Flowers LLC  |  LIMOUSINE SERVICE  Classic Coach & Carriage


...elements of... CANDICE & JOSE

|  VENUE  Hunt Villa

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


The Perfect Beginning to

Happily Ever After

• Banquet Facilities • Luxury Suites • Catering • Bar/Bistro

Tyler South 2421 e.s.e. loop 323 Tyler, TX 75701

NEW PROPERTY 7424 South Broadway Tyler, TX 75703


Longview North 3044 n. eastman road Longview, TX 75605




marshall 105 West I-20 marshall, tX 75672

Longview South 112 South Access Road Longview, TX 75603

903-509-4411 C o u r t ya r d t y l e r . C o m You and your guest will have an IDEAL experience at any of the Award Winning Hotels offered by Image Hospitality. Call to make your reservation today!

903-938-7666 faIrfIeldmarsHall.Com




Developing & Managing Exceptional Hotel Properties

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


Smith County Workshop Dates: May 23 & 24 June 20 & 21 Time: 5:30-9:30 Where: Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Tyler Address: 7330 South Broadway Childcare: Available through RSVP to 903.738.2000 Facilitators: Tony Puckett & Travis White Dinner: Provided both evenings

Visit for a list of upcoming workshops in your area. VOW Marriage Workshops are scheduled on most Saturdays from 8am - 5pm and costs $25 per couple. This workshop gives you the chance to mingle with other couples and strengthen your marriage at the same time.

For more information or to pre-register, call 903-232-1700 or visit and

“Women who reported “keeping their mouths shut” during conflict with their spouse had 4x the risk of dying from heart disease over a 10year follow up study.” “Marital Status, Marital Strain and the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease or Total Mortality: The Framingham Offspring Study.” Eaker, E.D., et al., 2nd Int’l Conf on Women, Heart Disease & Stroke, Feb. 16, 2005.

Studies also suggest, however, that the health effects of marriage vary by marital quality, especially for women. Research by psychologist Janice Kiecolt-Glaser and her colleagues indicates that women’s health is particularly likely to suffer when they are in poor-quality relationships and thrive when they are in high-quality relationships. For instance, negative marital behaviors (e.g., criticisms, put-downs, sarcasm) are associated with increased levels of stress hormones (epinephrine, ACTH, and norepinephrine), with higher blood pressure, and with declines in immune functioning. So, particularly for women, marital quality, not simply marital status, is strongly correlated to better health outcomes. Couples who attend marriage workshops where they learn to assess the seasons of their relationship, set goals, and build a stronger, more confident future together, achieve harmony which leads to improvements in physical health for both husband and wife. By attending a VOW marriage workshop, you can take the first step toward a better life together. Workshops are held most Saturdays from 8am-5pm, and couples have the chance to interact with other couples in the program and strengthen their marriage at the same time. Keeping silent is no way to maintain a healthy marriage, and constant communication is a key ingredient in the recipe for a happy relationship.

For more information or to pre-register for a workshop, call 903.232.1700 or visit and

VOW Marriage Workshops are scheduled on most Saturdays from 8am - 5pm and costs $25 per couple. This workshop gives you the chance to mingle with other couples and strengthen your marriage at the same time.

For more information or to pre-register, call 903-232-1700 or visit and

220 East Grande Boulevard Tyler, Texas 75703 903-509-1166

Private Rehearsal Dinners • Wedding Receptions • Bridal Luncheons • On-Site Catering Services • Honeymoon Packages • Sleeping Room Blocks for Wedding Party & Guests On-Site Restaurant & Bar • Professional Staff Dedicated To Your Event

Only with Hilton HHonors® can you earn both Points & Miles® for stays at 3,500 hotels worldwide and airline miles with over 50 airline partners.

205 North Spur 63 Longview, Texas 75601 903-234-0214 32

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

Private Rehearsal Dinners • Wedding Receptions Bridal Luncheons • Catering Services Available Sleeping Room Blocks for Wedding Party & Guests

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


Complete Event Planning and Coordination Custom Designed Cakes Full Service Catering Exquisite Gift Baskets 34

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

Green Acres Shopping Center


(903) 526-3800

We have a large selection and great customer service to help guide you to the perfect fit and style for your occasion. Located in Downtown Lufkin 104 S. First Street Lufkin, Texas 75901 936.637.1084 Lesa Terrell - Owner


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A fabulous East Texas venue providing country ELEGANCE for your private occasions.

unsurpassed VIEWS elegantly DIFFERENT unique SECLUSION


May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


! t e e w S r u o Y t a Tre Dippin’ Dots is available for weddings, showers, receptions and any event looking to add a little fun and excitement! Groom’s Cake is one of many yavors available, perfect for your wedding day! Contact Shannon McBride

(903) 736-8224


May/June 2011

3500 McCann Rd., Longv iew 4601 South Broadway, Tyler

The Wedded Bliss

This day will be remembered forever.

Let us help make it the very best it can be.

Bill & Eva Sealey 10271 FM 2813 Flint, TX

(903) 561-6926 May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


Monday thru Saturday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Rooted in Tradition, Inspired by a Western Lifestyle Wedding & Gift Registry - Deliveries - Financing Unique Rustic Furniture - Rustic Home Decor - Bedding Living Room - Dining Room - Bedroom Groups - Layaway Available

2 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS LONGVIEW 207 Horaney Street 903-757-9200

MARSHALL 2410 East End Blvd. S. 903-472-4104


May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

Bar-B-Q at its Best!

Full-Service or Pick-Up Catering for Your Special Event

Ser ving the greater Tyler area with delicious BBQ and homemade sides. Let us design a unique meal for you...from traditional brisket to bacon-wrapped quail breast and succulent smoked chicken.

(9 0 3 ) 780 - 15 83 Bullard, TX • Palestine, TX • 903.549.2716 or 903.724.5619 May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss









ith the inspiring touches of the Old World, the Villa is a beautiful destination for your wedding and reception of a lifetime. Choose a picturesque outdoor wedding or an elegant indoor wedding. When you are ready to plan your memorable wedding or special event, we are ready to help.

alexm photo by Gema Blanton

Located just 3.5 miles outside of Tyler ’s NW Loop 323. Please call 903 597 0002 or visit


May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss



May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

The perfect setting for your perfect event awaits you at Southern Hills. Let our professional staff take the stress out of the planning. We offer flexible and spacious event rooms with a custom menu. Our 5,000-square-foot pavilion with outdoor fireplace is a spectacular venue. And, of course, the 18-hole championship golf course provides a stunning backdrop to your outdoor event.

We have new wedding packages that include an announcement with The Wedded Bliss. For more information about planning your wedding or other special event, contact our Wedding Coordinator.

Amity Richardson 903.984.5335

Call for an appointment 903.663.2010

103 W. Loop 281, Suite 206, Longview May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss



The Chapel at Hynson Springs

Photos by Tracee Patterson

Near Marshall, TX 46

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

(903) 578-0302

Lakeside Clubhouse:

Cathedral Pine-Wood Ceilings, Open Deck, Sunset Views, Seats 110

Harbor Landing:

Mid-Century Style, 3-Sided Glass Building with Full Panoramic Waterfront and Sunset Views, Seats Over 200


Whether you’re looking for sunset views, a waterfront backdrop, or an indoor/outdoor venue, the Lake Tyler Petroleum Club can make all your dreams come true. Choose from our two venues, Lakeside Clubhouse or Harbor Landing. (903) 566-4444 / (903) 561-8000 WWW.LAKETYLERPETROLEUMCLUB.COM Call today for more information, or visit our website.

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


It’s Your Day. We’ll Make it Everything You Imagineddddddddddddd Oud ddsidd is td ddkd ydud visidds cddd td lifdd

Whether your event requires a few suggestions, day-of coordination, or full-service planning, we’ll design an extradordinary event that exceeds your expectations and fits your budget. CONTACT US FOR A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION

Sidply Yduds by Ddsigd WEDDING & EVENT PL ANNING

Deann Robertson

Certified Wedding Specialist (903) 372-4728

Request Line: 866-953-1023 48

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


Gayla | Tammy | Crystal SPECIALIZING IN




621 East Kay St. | Kilgore, TX 75662

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


One of the Leaders in the East Texas Area Providing DJ and MC Services


(903) 926-0807 50

May/June 2011

Ron and Norma Mattox

The Wedded Bliss

1167 FM 779 • Mineola, TX 75773 866-890-2063 • 903.768.2474 • Kathy & Mark Bland •

105 N. Spring • Tyler, TX • 903.566.1566

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss



Music for all occasions! ��������� ���� ���������� ����� ��������� ���� �������� ������� ��� ����� �� ���� ������ ������ � ���� �������� ������ ��� ������������������ �������� ����� ���������� ��� �������� �� ��������� ���� ����� ������ ���� ���� ������ ���� ����� ������������ ��� ������ ���� �������������������������������������������������������� �������� ������� ����������������������� ������������ ��������������������������������������������������

Classic Coach & Carriage

CDs can be purchased from website.

The most up-to-date style

Limousines, Sedans, SUVs, & Shuttle Buses for all occasions

More Than 20 Years In Business Excellent Driving Record Member of Tyler’s Best, Tyler Chamber of Commerce and BBB

Tyler 903.581-7566 1.866.605.6224


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����������� Bennie Webster, Manager Phone: 903-597-4928 ����������������� 1403 South Academy Tyler, Texas 75701 �������� ������

Gun Barrel City

(903) 887-3830

Photography and Video Services

3596 Country Club Rd E | Longview, TX 75602

903-757-4548 | 903-806-6943 May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


Carrie believes that no matter how creative the design, the cake should taste as good as it looks.

Carrie Beckham, Owner 903-678-4248 903-738-7544 Search Candy-And-Cakes-By-Carrie on Facebook Catering Custom-Made Bridal Favors 3-D Cakes


Ann s Petals

artistry in bloom

(903) 297-7799 Andrea Gatlin, Owner 1107 Evergreen St., Longview 54

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Salon Kalea Tyler’s Premier Day Spa

Body Wraps · Formal Hair · Facials Make Up · Massages Manicures/Pedicures w w w . s k d a y s p a . c o m 3415 S. Broadway Ave., Tyler, TX · 903-534-1101

Handmade Wedding Day Jewelry Featuring Precious and Semi-Precious Stones, Pearls and Swarovski Crystals

Ps:Jewelry 121

The old Parker Place A rustic venue on 3 1/2 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, The old Parker Place is available for family events, parties, weddings and meetings.

• Fully equipped kitchen in main house • Beautiful bridal room in main house • One-room rustic log cabin completely furnished • Lighted gazebo


Joy Manning 516 Young Rd. Hallsville, TX


(903) 660-2497

Luscious Crumb 903-881-CAKE (2253) 1420 S. MAIN ST. #B1 Lindale, TX 75771 M-F 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Specializing in


Gourmet Cupcake Towers Designer Cookies

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Prices Starting at


The Tux Shop

Open Monday - Saturday


Sugared Rim

Professional Bartenders

Special Events • Private Parties • Corporate Events

Owner: Jennifer Crawford 406 N State Line Avenue Texarkana, AR 71854


TABC Certified

Shonda Lowe 56



May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

Photo by Callynth Finney

Large Selection and Special Order


• Beautiful designer bridal gowns, plus tuxedos and dresses for all of your wedding party. • In-house, expert alteration and embroidery services.

903. 5 8 6 . 9 5 4 6

102 E. Commerce | Jacksonville, TX

www.el a in e s b r id a l. c o m

Inside the Fashion District, Lufkin, Texas

Photo: Tara Swain



936-639-6564 |

Wedding & Event Rentals

New Location!

5971 Gilmer Road • Longview, TX

903.738.3231 903.297.7803

w w w. i r o n i n s p i r e d w e d d i n g s . c o m May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


ellie bee’s


117 E. Tyler Street Downtown Longview 117 E. Tyler Street 903-758-0300 Downtown Longview 903-758-0300 • 903.589.6992

I could relax and enjoy the whole weekend of my daughter's wedding because I knew Taryn had everything under control.

Glyn Sloan Nacogdoches, Texas


May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

small or large, formal or informal, ��������������


served or buffet, hors d’oeuvres, appetizers or a five course meal...


yet simply perfect


������������������������ ������������������������������ ���������������������

�������������������������������� ������������������

(903) 236-2895 202 Teague St. Longview, TX

Wander Horse Carriage Company 903-721-7870


Alto, Texas



Weddings Anniversaries Bir�hdays Quinceaneras Special Events

Call Us For Your Special Event!

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Registration for Brides Elegant Rental Room for Showers and Receptions

Balloon Art Available

Contact Us For Package Deals

Chia’s Creations Full-Service All Under One Roof ttFlorist ttCatering ggWedding



Paai Chiarello (903) 572-8967 402 N. Jefferson, Mt. Pleasant, TX

SSSSSSS MMMM----OOOOO Laaes, Mochas, Cappuccinos, Gourmet Hot Chocolate, Teas, Italian Sodas, Smoothies and Blended Ice Drinks.

Visit our Newly Expanded & Decorated Boutique Twice the room and more selections.

Bridal Boutique



Visit our second location, Bridal and Prom Boutique 3333 Troup Hwy. at Loop 323 • 903.526.3224 60

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

MusicMasters of East Texas

Music For Your Day, Your Way... Allen Durham, Owner

(903) 360-3204

Rachelle Espindola is known for her flawless make-up application, brow shaping and lash extensions. Make-up on location. • • 469.684.9438


Touch of Nature by Debbie Stubbs

Wedding Decor and Fresh Floral Arrangements for corporate dinners, banquets, meetings & Rehearsals

(214) 906-3727

We offer individual consultations and customized playlists. Professional service and appearance with attention to detail. Since 1984 With References Available

The best day of your life deserves the best entertainment!

Alan Teague cell: (903) 676-7372 bus: (903) 852-7717 email:


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The Wedded May/Jun

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www.thew edde



Bridal and

Event Maga

zine of East


Britian Saye & Bryan McKinney October 9, 2010 MATTHEW HOGAN PHOTOGRAPHY & DESIGN



entary Issue

DISTRIBUTORS ATHENS A Volume Unlimited Alan Teague 903-676-7372

ATLANTA/LINDEN/JEFFERSON Renee Bledsoe 903-263-8887

GILMER/DIANA Katie Billingslea 903-399-4852

HENDERSON Sulayne Cox 903-658-1803

JACKSONVILLE Castle on the Lake Britian McKinney 903-721-3593

KILGORE Southwest Studios Sean Landry 903-235-8870

LINDALE Lasting Impressions by Viki Viki Bunch 903-312-0251


The Wedded Bliss

Contact a distributor or pick up your copy of the latest issue while dining at one of these fine restaurants. ATHENS


Cherry Laurel Café Lake Athens Marina Restaurant The Edom Bakery

Big Dave’s Bar-B-Que Bodacious Bar-B-Que (4th Street) Bodacious Bar-B-Que (Hwy 80) Bodacious Bar-B-Que (Loop 281) Carlito’s Catfish Village China King Dudley’s Cajun Cafe El Sombrero GZ’s Johnny Cace’s Little Mexico Lotus Inn Lupe’s Mexican Restaurant Osaka Pietro’s Pizza King Tele’s Mexican Restaurant (Gilmer Rd) Tele’s Mexican Restaurant (Hwy 80) Texas Roadhouse

ATLANTA Rose Garden Eatery

MARSHALL Mattox Entertainment Ron and Norma Mattox 903-407-1955

NACOGDOCHES/LUFKIN J.C. Hope 903-240-8118

PALESTINE CMB Music Productions Casey Brown 903-724-3192

PITTSBURG/MT. PLEASANT Chia’s Creations Patti Chiarello 903-572-8967

TATUM/CARTHAGE Candy and Cakes by Carrie Carrie Beckham 903-738-7544

TEXARKANA Twisted Vines…A Floral Studio Jennifer Crawford 903-748-6319

TYLER/WHITEHOUSE Richard Reeder 903-738-4124

BULLARD Arseino’s

DIANA Tele’s Mexican Restaurant Big Dave’s Bar-B-Que

GILMER Bodacious Bar-B-Que China Buffet Village Country Café Lori’s Eats and Sweets

GLADEWATER Guadalupe’s Tejas Chile Pepper Restaurant Tele’s Mexican Restaurant

HALLSVILLE Dairy Queen MVP Pizza Pizza Inn

JACKSONVILLE China Buffet Hong Kong Super Buffet Lupe’s Mexican Restaurant Sadler’s Kitchen

JEFFERSON Don Juan’s Glory Days Kitt’s Kornbread Sandwich & Pie Bar

KILGORE Bodacious Bar-B-Que (Hwy 42) Buffet City Cancun Dave’s Charburger Johnny Ozark’s Fried Chicken New China Buffet The Back Porch Restaurant

MARSHALL Bodacious Bar-B-Que Café Italia Central Perks China Garden China King Don Juan’s Gucci’s Homero’s Jalapeno Tree Jucy’s Larry’s Pizza Lupe’s Mexican Restaurant Porky’s Smokehouse & Grill R & R Bakery The Blue Frog Whataburger

MT. PLEASANT Blalock BBQ Butler’s Pantry El Chico IHOP Laura’s Cheesecake & Bakery Luigi’s Two Senoritas


Cactus Mexican Restaurant Papa Nachos Perlata’s Mexican Restaurant Pittsburg Hotlinks


Bodacious Bar-B-Que Brac’s Steakhouse Buck’s Pizza China Buffet Delicia Mexican Restaurant El Ranchero La Fiesta La Hacienda Milano’s Pizza


Amigo Juan Dixie Diner Fuji’s Hopkins Icehouse Joe’s Pizza Julie’s Deli Papa Murphy’s Ramage Farm BBQ Starbucks Texas Roadhouse The Baker Man The Italian Café The Lunchbox Zapata’s


Bernard’s Bodacious Bar-B-Que Café Taza Chez Bazan China King Don Juan’s El Charo #1 & #2 Fat Katz Joseph’s Julian’s Restaurant KE Cellars Little Italy Potpourri House The Eatery



Circle W Café Dairy Queen El Rincon Moe’s Pizza



Tin Star Steakhouse

Eilenberger’s Bakery



La Hacienda

...... Directory of Preferred Vendors and Resources .... AIRBRUSH MAKE-UP ARTISTS FACE ART Make-Up Studio 469-684-9438 621 E. Kay Street Kilgore 903-984-6252 Salon Kalea 3415 S. Broadway Ave. Tyler 903-534-1101

BAKERIES Chez Bazan French Bakery & Café 5930 Old Bullard Road Tyler 903-561-9644 The Luscious Crumb 1420 S. Main Street, Suite B1 Lindale 903-881-2253

BED & BREAKFASTS Centaur Arabian Farms 10271 FM 2813 Flint 903-561-6926 Pine Tree Bed and Breakfast 1167 FM 779 Mineola 903-768-2474 866-890-2063


Elaine’s Bridal 102 E. Commerce St. Jacksonville 903-586-9546 Lesa’s Bridal and Formal Wear 104 S. First St. Lufkin 936-637-1084 Lillies and Lace Bridal and Formal 1013 N.W. Loop 281 Longview 903-759-7751 The Glitz 1416 McCann Road Longview 903-234-8262 Veils & Tails 1905 Tulane Drive, Suite 102-H Lufkin 936-639-6564 Weddings A to Z 2429 SSE Loop 323 Tyler 903-597-7497

BRIDAL BOUTIQUES: CONSIGNMENT AND RETAIL Bridal and Prom 333 Troup Hwy. Tyler 903-526-3224 The Glitz 1416 McCann Road Longview 903-234-8262


Latte Da Espresso Catering 903-534-8899

Parties and Celebrations 414 US Hwy. 79 N. Henderson 903-657-3204

The Sugared Rim Professional Bartenders Tyler 903-571-8798 903-570-9694

The Cook’s Nook 1446 McCann Road Longview 903-757-5300


The Mercantile 207 Horaney St. Longview 903-757-9200 2410 East End Blvd. S. Marshall 903-472-4104

Brides & Belles of Tyler 3524 S. Broadway Ave. Tyler 903-581-8211

for a stylish wedding


CAKE DESIGNERS Amazing Grace Cakes 2312 ESE Loop 323 Tyler 903-279-1606 Cakes By Design Longview 903-241-5949 903-234-9155 Candy & Cakes By Carrie 152 CR 2411 Beckville 903-678-4248 903-738-7544 Chez Bazan French Bakery & Café 5930 Old Bullard Road Tyler 903-561-9644 Cindy’s Creative Cakes 501 East Hwy. 31 Kilgore 903-983-2242 Designs By D’Anne 903-589-6992 903-216-5714 The Luscious Crumb 1420 S. Main Street, Suite B1 Lindale 903-881-2253

CATERERS Adalante’ Catering Company 1723 Troup Hwy. Tyler 903-526-3800 Dippin’ Dots 903-736-8224 Perfect Catering 202 Teague Street Longview 903-236-2895 Rã-K’s Meat Market & Deli Bullard 903-780-1583

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


..... Directory of Preferred Vendors and Resources .... Texas Roadhouse 320 E. Loop 281 Longview 903-757-6006 4002 Saint Michael Drive Texarkana 903-223-8444 The Cook’s Nook 1446 McCann Road Longview 903-757-5300

CHALKBOARDS Spell It With Style 158 Copperfield Loop Lufkin 936-676-7707

FAMILY PLANNING Zeid Women’s Health Center 705 E. Marshall Ave., Suite 3000 Longview 903-315-2700

FLORISTS A Touch of Nature 214-906-3727 Ann’s Petals 1107 Evergreen Street Longview 903-297-7799 Brosang’s Flowers LLC 3333 Troup Hwy. Tyler 903-597-3333 800-256-7363 Chia’s Creations 402 N. Jefferson Avenue Mt. Pleasant 903-572-8967 Fantasy & Fairytale Floral Designs 903-930-5395 Flora Bella 101 B West Sixth Street Tyler 903-526-8822 La Tee Da Flowers 105 N. Spring Street Tyler 903-566-1566


May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

for a stylish wedding

Twisted Vines...A Floral Studio 406 N. Stateline Ave. Texarkana 903-748-6319 870-772-2700

HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGES Farm Valley Carriages 903-752-5501 Greensleeves Carriage Company 903-245-1994 Wander Horse Carriage Company Alto 903-721-7870

HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS FOR GUESTS Candlewood Suites Longview 2904 Tuttle Boulevard Longview 903-663-9751 Comfort Suites Tyler 303 E. Rieck Road Tyler 903-984-2385 Country Inn & Suites Tyler South 6702 S. Broadway Ave. Tyler 903-561-0863 Courtyard by Marriott Lufkin 2130 S. 1st Street Lufkin 936-632-0777 Courtyard by Marriott Tyler 7424 South Broadway Ave. Tyler 903-509-4411 Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Marshall 105 West IH-20 Marshall 903-938-7666 Hampton Inn & Suites Longview North 3044 Eastman Road Longview 903-663-8670


Hampton Inn Longview South 112 South Access Road Longview 903-758-0959 Holiday Inn Express Jacksonville 1923 S. Jackson Street Jacksonville 903-589-8900 Holiday Inn Express Kilgore 3308 US Hwy. 259 Kilgore 903-986-3533 Holiday Inn Express North Longview 300 Tuttle Circle Longview 903-663-6464 Holiday Inn Express Tyler South 2421 ESE Loop 323 Tyler 903-566-0600 Holiday Inn South Broadway 5701 S. Broadway Ave. Tyler 903-561-5800 Homewood Suites / Hilton 205 North Spur 63 Longview 903-234-0214 LaQuinta Inn & Suites North Longview 908 E. Hawkins Parkway Longview 903-663-6611 LaQuinta Inn & Suites Sulphur Springs 1344 Eaton Drive Sulphur Springs 903-885-8181 Staybridge Suites Tyler University 2759 McDonald Road Tyler 903-566-1100 The Hilton Garden Inn 220 E. Grande Blvd. Tyler 903-509-1166

INVITATIONS & CUSTOM PRINTING Ellie Bee’s 117 E. Tyler Street Longview 903-758-0300

...... Directory of Preferred Vendors and Resources .... Pen and Company 1311 Alpine Road Longview 903-757-5550


Spell It With Style 158 Copperfield Loop Lufkin 936-676-7707


JEWELERS & CUSTOM JEWELRY DESIGNERS Ps: 121 Jewelry Longview 903-738-9688 Something Old Something New Elegant Custom Jewelry 903-759-9955 Susan Robinson Jewelry 6009 S. Broadway Tyler 903-581-5530

LIMOUSINES Brosang’s Limousine Service 3333 Troup Hwy. Tyler 903-525-9977 903-752-5402 Classic Coach & Carriage Tyler 903-581-7566

LOCAL EVENTS SEARCH ENGINE The GO Spot Longview 903-738-8091

MARRIAGE COUNSELING Vow Marriage Enrichment Longview 903-232-1700

MONOGRAM PROJECTION & EVENT LIGHTING Lone Star Light & Sound 903-480-0027 Tyler Uplights 903-724-3192

Otis & The Metro Band Tyler 903-597-4928

A Volume Unlimited 903-676-7372 903-852-7717 Boogie Butt Productions 903-597-6788 CMB Music Productions Palestine 903-724-3192 Dave Goldman’s Music on Wheels 903-312-2576 DJ Daddy Co Mobile DJ Longview 903-918-4555 DJ Rob J Music Services 214-763-7034 Lone Star Light & Sound 903-480-0027 Mattox Entertainment 6159 Victory Drive Marshall 903-938-4977 Moore Music Entertainment Mount Pleasant 903-563-0505 MusicMasters of East Texas Jacksonville 903-360-3204

MUSIC/STRINGS Colore Ensembles Ark-La-Tex 903-752-1607 Evergreen Strings 903-938-1359

for a stylish wedding


PARTY SUPPLIES Parties and Celebrations 414 US Hwy. 79 N. Henderson 903-657-3204 Party N Things 3801 North St., Suite 3 Nacogdoches 936-560-5501

PHOTOGRAPHERS 361 Photography 1503 Rodden Street Longview 903-237-8866 Able Wedding Photography Longview 903-663-8884 Tyler 903-939-8884 AlexM Photography 903-480-4011 aprilWes Photography Athens 903-386-3133 Barnett Photography Longview 903-736-8561 Brandi Burkett Photography Tyler 903-312-5550 Casey Jay Benson Photography Tyler 903-571-9749 Chia’s Creations 402 N. Jefferson Avenue Mt. Pleasant 903-572-8967 Donna Cummings Photography 222 County Rd. 3160 Jacksonville 903-586-8087 903-721-9279 Fresh Focus Films 5002 Woodgate Drive Texarkana 903-831-6837 903-276-4432

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


..... Directory of Preferred Vendors and Resources .... Gema Blanton Photography 109 W. Front St., Suite 205 Tyler 903-526-4114 Jamye Perelli Photography 544 Jolly Drive Gun Barrel City 903-887-3830 Jennifer Willard Photography 903-723-5956 903-724-1529 Jim King Photography 100 Tall Pines Ave., Suite 4 Longview 903-241-1242 Joel Dryer Photography East Texas 903-801-9228 Lasting Impressions Portrait Designs by Viki Lindale 903-312-0251 Matthew Hogan Photography 903-245-4263 Nguyen Photography Longview 903-738-3006 Photography by Don & Judy 114 Timber Trail Longview 903-759-4927 Photography by Frank 1013 Bazzell Dr. Longview 903-759-6959 Rebecca Jordan Photography 903-581-2667 Southwest Studios Photography 1100 A N. Kilgore St. Kilgore 903-235-8870 Studio K Photography 409 S. White Oak Road, Suite E White Oak 903-393-2460 66

May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss

for a stylish wedding

The Party Box 913 W. Loop 281, Suite 215 Longview 903-759-2229 903-399-3026 Video Perfection Photography 6503 Summerhill Road Texarkana 903-223-5600

PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTOBOOTH RENTAL PhotoboothXL Rentals 903-253-7668 The Party Box 913 W. Loop 281, Suite 215 Longview 903-759-2229 903-399-3026

PHYSICIANS Zeid Women’s Health Center 705 E. Marshall Ave., Suite 3000 Longview 903-315-2700

SALONS & DAY SPAS 621 E. Kay Street Kilgore 903-984-6252 Planet Beach Contempo Spa 103 W. Loop 281, Suite 206 Longview 903-663-2010 Salon Kalea 3415 S. Broadway Ave. Tyler 903-534-1101

TABLESCAPES Melody’s Tablescapes & Designs Tyler 903-581-6028 903-539-1370

TUXEDOS Sir Knight Tuxedos 1410 Judson Road Longview 903-757-6647


The Tux Shop Of Tyler 4815 Old Bullard Road, Suite 104 Tyler 903-534-9799 Veils & Tails 1905 Tulane Drive, Suite 102-H Lufkin 936-639-6564

VIDEOGRAPHERS A Thousand Word Productions 903-839-7200 Fresh Focus Films 5002 Woodgate Drive Texarkana 903-831-6837 903-276-4432 Jamye Perelli Photography 544 Jolly Drive Gun Barrel City 903-887-3830 Vanessa McKellar Productions 903-894-6078 Video Perfection Photography 6503 Summerhill Road Texarkana 903-223-5600

WEDDING COORDINATORS East Texas Events 903-484-4928 Simply Yours by Design Tyler 903-372-4728 Taryn’s Errands East Texas 903-521-9050

WEDDING EVENT PLANNERS Adalante’ Catering Company 1723 Troup Hwy. Tyler 903-526-3800 East Texas Events 903-484-4928

...... Directory of Preferred Vendors and Resources ....

for a stylish wedding


Janice E. Cameron Weddings & Events Longview 903-757-7844 903-576-2706

Hunt Villa Hallsville 903-668-4752 903-746-0024

The old Parker Place 516 Young Road Hallsville 903-660-2497

Party N Things 3801 North St., Suite 3 Nacogdoches 936-560-5501

Lake Tyler Petroleum Club Tyler 903-566-4444 903-561-8000

The Old Victorian House 1920 Magnolia Street Texarkana 903-556-0545

Simply Yours by Design Tyler 903-372-4728 Taryn’s Errands East Texas 903-521-9050

WEDDING LOCATION AND EVENT PACKAGES Arabella Manor 11361 Hwy. 300 Longvie 903-746-5461 Bella Sera Ranch 286 ACR 1400 Palestine 630-363-3262 Bride’s Chapel and Event Hall 4400 W. Marshall Avenue Longview 903-759-7100 Castle on the Lake Inn Jacksonville 903-721-3593 Centaur Arabian Farms 10271 FM 2813 Flint 903-561-6926 Eagle’s Bluff 700 N. Eagles Bluff Blvd. Bullard 903-825-1123 Elmwood Gardens 680 ACR 446 Palestine 903-549-2716 903-724-5619 Hidden Creek Estate 24956 Country Club Road Gladewater 903-844-9191

Ramage Farm Weddings 901 Main Street Hooks 903-547-6187 Roseland Plantation 2601 State Hwy. 64 Ben Wheeler 903-849-5553 Sharon Shrine Hall 10027 Hwy 31 East Tyler 903-566-2151 Shoemaker Hill Ranch Jacksonville 903-530-3340 Southern Hills Country Club 568 Wilkins Road Gladewater 903-984-5335 Stone Oak Ranch Murchinson 903-530-7947 Tankersley Gardens 518 Tankersley Road Mt. Pleasant 903-572-0567 The Arbor 2215 Roy Rd. Tyler 903-534-4997 The Belgium House Longview 903-660-0125 903-720-6414

The Pineapple Manor 3596 Country Club Road E. Longview 903-757-4548 903-806-6943 The Reserve 7725 Hwy. 259 Longview 903-431-3496 903-720-4295 The Summit Club 210 E. Methvin St. Longview 903-753-0331 Villa Di Felicitá 7891 Hwy. 110, 3-5 miles outside N. Loop 323 903-597-0002 903-253-8989

WEDDING SUPPLY RENTALS A-1 Party and Tent Rental 4005 Judson Road Longview 903-758-2772 903-297-7770 Iron Inspired Longview 903-738-3231 903-297-7803 Red Hat Rentals Athens 903-677-3850 Fairfield 903-389-8665 Palestine 903-729-3400

The Chapel at Hynson Springs Marshall 903-578-0302 The Legacy Jacksonville 903-571-9644 May/June 2011  The Wedded Bliss


The Wedded Bliss - May-June 2011  

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