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A FESTIVAL OF SHORTS Plan your weekend at the Eighth Annual West Chester Short Film Festival

PLAYING FOR PROFIT West Chester is now home to a talented computer game programming studio



Christopher Curtin is one of the world’s premier chocolatiers



Shots from Saint Paddy’s Day, Celtic Crawl and more

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FIRSTFRIDAY “for beats sake”






Here’s What’s Going On... 11

Inside Test Chamber 202 A look behind the closed


Makeover Anthony Giunta of Salon Chemistry


A Trainer’s Tips Christine Mooney shares her insights


The Look of the Month With these tips from Nich


Indulge Jeremy Malanka offers an indepth look at a

doors of a video gaming studio recreates an iconic image

on staying happy, healthy and upbeat

owner Kristy Mak you’ll stay ahead of the curve world-class chocolatier


Bartender of the Month Get to know Erica Frisoli of


Three-Letter Word Jill McDevitt revisits her trip to the


Photo Hunt Find the seven changes we’ve made to


West Chester Short Film Festival Schedule Plan out your


The BBQ Playlist As the weather warms, the party

Vudu Lounge

Dominican Republic

this month’s photo, then find us on Facebook festival weekend with our complete schedule moves outside and so does the music




Genuinely Satisfying

THERE ARE FEW THINGS IN life more satisfying than finishing a major project. That’s why I love my job. Each month my team and I get to create art and share it with all of you. That’s pretty damn satisfying. This month particular credit needs to be given to Jeremy Malanka who turned out an enlightening piece about West Chester’s own world-class chocolatier. While Jeremy routinely gives me heart attacks by never, ever managing to make a deadline (seriously, never), he redeems himself with engaging writing. He’s developing a great voice, and we’re happy to be working with him. I also want to give a thank you to the team at Test Subject for opening up their doors to a stranger and offering one of the most intriguing interviews I’ve ever conducted. I hope I didn’t say anything I shouldn’t have. I’m genuinely terrified of them. Oh, and you may have noticed some discrepancies with the headshot attached to this column. When I worked on the old blackand-white issues of The WC, we made sure to include the SPCA in every issue. They’re one of my favorite charities, and I feel terrible that we haven’t been able to include them thus far. So, this is my modest attempt to make up for that: Meet my adopted mutt Odin. He’s a rescue who’s become more than a friend. He’s weathered many a late deadline night with me, and if you walk by our office on Church Street, you might find him standing in the window waiting to say “hi.” There are tons of dogs like Odin available for adoption at the CCSPCA, so you should find some time this month to pay a visit and maybe meet your new best friend. If you do, take a picture of yourself and your new buddy and send it to We’ll include it in our next issue. Check out for more info.

Contributing... JEREMY MALANKA loves few things more than food. By his own admission 60% of his budget is spent on delectables. He’s always showing up at our office unannouced, begging forgiveness for being late on some project. He rolls in smelling of garlic, olive oil and and other delicious things being concocted in the Limoncello kitchen. Scruffy, dishevelled, hurried and out of breath he bundles through the door bearing gifts like a black-clad Santa Claus. Four iced caramel macchiatos, three varieties of Kiwi frozen yogurt, complete with a side of choose-your-own toppings, and about four minutes worth of excuses. His piece about Éclat starts on page 31.



From the Editor...

The Press

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Editor/Publisher Dan Mathers

Advertising Manager Nick Vecchio

Staff Photographer Adam Jones

Published By The WC Press 13 South Church Street West Chester, PA 19382 610-344-3463 Source Local This publication is printed in conjunction with Market Street Print located at 204 West Market Street.


The Team... NICK VECCHIO is only still employed with The Press because, by some miracle, he managed to make his quota by the slimmest of margins. He then hunkered down for four days straight and ensured this magazine got finished. ADAM JONES routinely stares at his own reflection – be it in a mirror or a tinted car window – and remarks, “Damn. I am a stud.” Fortunately for him, the photos he shoots turn out more beautiful than his own reflection.





Antiques Show Photos by Adam Jones

March 16 Chester County Historical Society hosted their annual antiques show at Westtown School



Antiques Show Photos by Adam Jones

March 16 Chester County Historical Society hosted their annual antiques show at Westtown School


Susan Anderson at the CCAA booth

Allen Burke, Mayor Carolyn Comitta, Tom Comitta

Signe, Tom, Glenn

Matt Therlow, Kathy Dress, Samuel Freeman

Amy Sperow, Vina Estrada, Craig McLain

Some guy reading a book






Story Dan Mathers Artwork Kelsey Adams

Gamers will battle on behalf of these dieties, representing water, earth, fire and wind, in the video game “Ascended.” The game was developed right here in West Chester.

Inside Test Chamber 202 A look behind the closed doors of Test Subject LLC Story by Dan Mathers


Y BEST GUESS IS THAT I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO DESCRIBE WHAT lies on the other side of the occluded glass façade at 202 West Market Street, the building that used to house Frazer TV. I’m probably not supposed to tell you that there’s a fridge full of beer, a decent bar, and a bunch of geeks sitting around a poker table. I haven’t been explicitly told not to talk about the monitors, servers and 3D technology surrounded by mud-colored walls, Berber rugs and black-painted ceilings. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to print these things, but I wasn’t clearly told not to, so you’re reading them now because, had I written this story entirely the way the building’s new tennants had wanted me to, it would be painfully boring. Still, for the most part I’m going to respect their wishes; there’s a lot I’m not going to mention. APRIL 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


I’m not going to give you the name of the mind behind Test Subject LLC, the new company that’s taken root there. We’ll just call him Tex. I’m not going to risk telling you about Tex’s previous companies. I’m not even going to tell you what Tex did at half of those companies. Partly because I don’t know and partly because I believe it’s in my best interest not to do so. But mostly, mostly it’s because I know that if they wanted to, these guys could probably crash the harddrive of every computer I’ve ever touched, wipe out all my company’s data and release my personal information across the internet. You see Tex, like much of the Test Subject team, used to be a hacker. He used to get paid by companies to break into their databases and websites, extract their information and show them where they were most vulnerable. He was also a scholarship powerlifter at the University of Texas and a professional Jiu Jitsu fighter. He has been a professional handball player, professional disc golfer and a semipro soccer player. He reads and speaks a few Asian languages and is fluent in Spanish. Three separate times, in three different games and three different servers, Tex and his entire guild were booted from an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) because his systematic approach to the game was so successful he was costing the game’s owners money. He owns multiple companies overseas, including a design firm and several he wouldn’t speak about even off the record. Now, you read that and think, “This guy has got to be full of it.” But, oddly enough, I believe him. It’s not that I have done my research. I imagine Googling club histories for semi-pro, European soccer teams and trying to track down Warcraft-loving fanboys would be a mind-numbing if not ultimately fruitless endeavor. I’m here to write something entertaining – not hard hitting news. What’s got me believing all these claims is that Tex’s partner sat in on our interview and stood by every word that came out of his overacheiving compatriot’s mouth. And, Tex’s partner is willing to put his name on the record: Dan Sweeney. Sweeney is coowner of Century 21 Alliance here in West Chester, and his reputation is important for business. I doubt he’d be willing to risk that reputation just to play an extensive gag on a local publisher. Although, I have to admit it’s not outside the realm of possibility.



The core group behind Test Subject LLC, Dan Sweeney, Eric Huskey and Tex, stand in the company’s motion capture studio Photo Adam Jones Sweeney serves as the face of the company. He runs the business end of things, meets investors and clients, and sits in on Tex’s meetings and interviews, making sure his secretive but extremely friendly brain trust doesn’t share too much information. The Dan Sweeney I met at 7pm on a Wednesday night looked nothing like the Dan Sweeney on the business card I’d been handed. His fitted black jacket, salmoncolored button-down and fresh haircut had been replaced with a Jägermeister hat, Tommy Bahama shirt and a blue Nike hoodie. He was lounging on a ten-foot bean-bag chair while Tex conducted a team meeting. I looked at him and said, “I think I’ve seen you before.” He replied, “Probably at a bar or something.” Tex, on the other hand, isn’t someone you’re likely to run into at Barnaby’s. He’s slowly trying to transition back out of being so clandestine. “I’ve spent my whole life trying to hide who I am,” says Tex, “but now I’m in the public eye.” The two met through real estate, with Sweeney helping Tex to make some investments in the West Chester area. While work-

ing together, Tex talked about a company he wanted to start. Sweeney was intrigued, believed in the goal and financed the operation. “This is going to be a billion-dollar company one day,” he says. The company they chatted about was a gaming and programming studio. Why gaming? Because it was the most challenging thing Tex could think of. “Gaming combines all the things I had been doing before – we’re doing everything from the concept and design up to the programming, hosting and implementation.” Not only that, but as an avid gamer, Tex was disappointed by the games available. “The games weren’t made for what a gamer wants; they were made to make some company a bunch of money. We’re making games with the goal of entertaining gamers.” Test Subject’s business plan involves releasing their games for free on the web. All the money they earn from those games will be made when players decide to purchase upgrades from the item mall to help speed their progress through the game. To date Test Subject have only released one game, Dawn of Creation, an MMORPG 



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Despite their 3-D appearance, any objects or scenery in “Ascended” more than 30 meters from a player are rendered in 2D.

they bought from a Korean company and tweaked to their own specifications. While the game had roughly 20,000 registered users and 2,000 daily players, its entire purpose was to serve as a test. That’s why the game wasn’t even developed from the ground up by Test Subject. Dawn of Creation was a way to figure out what worked and what didn’t. “Gamers are weird,” says Tex. “They were complaining about being able to advance your character too quickly, so everyone could be on the same level. They didn’t want to buy into our idea that being on a more level playing field made that game all about skill.” Well, the results are in, and last month Test Subject took their test game off the web. But, why take down a successful game? “We’re a small company, and it takes a lot to monitor thousands of crazy gamers,” said Tex. “You deal with kids on a daily basis who want to hack your game. They don’t think there are going to be any consequences because they think it’s a toy, not a corporation.” So, Dawn of Creation was taken down to make way for Test Subject’s new game, Ascended, which should go into beta testing this month. Ascended takes players to another realm and sets them down naked, broke and helpless in the middle of a holy war. Players must earn everything in their quest. They’ll battle against mobs within the game and forge allegiances with other players to achieve their ultimate goal: defeating the opposition’s deities. And, it will be no easy task. “It’s going to take several hours and hundreds of players to bring down a single deity.” As Tex pours another Guinness into his glass, he starts talking about their next project. It’s still untitled, but it’s coming along

quickly. When we’d first met two weeks prior the game was an idea, the dialogue was still being constructed for its premise. Now it has characters and a storyline. “We work quickly,” brags Tex, “We can make an entire game in three months.” What allows them to work quickly in developing these massive worlds is the unique way in which they render environments. Rather than programming everything in three dimensions, anything farther than 30 meters away from a player’s character is rendered as a two-dimensional jpeg. This allows for quicker load times, less lag and more available bandwidth. (For nongamers, those are all good things.) But, the company is not limited to MMORPGs. They’re developing hospital software, programming online universes for non-profits and negotiating government

adios turd nuggets

contracts. Sadly, that’s all I can say about those topics without venturing back into foul territory. It’s a shame, because there are so many amazing things about to happen at Test Subject, but if the ink’s not dry it’s off the record. It’s the secretive nature of Test Subject that makes their business so intriguing. That’s why people keep trying to peer through the blockaded windows and open the locked doors. It’s funny because, when you meet the guys, you figure they’re just a bunch of beer-swigging, poker-playing techies until Tex has had one too many and let’s slip a bit of his past – or a bit of his future – that causes Sweeney to cringe. The thing is, for the most part, the guys at Test Subject aren’t all that different from us... except that by the time this goes to print, they might be millionaires. WCP



Antiques Show Photos by Adam Jones

March 16 Chester County Historical Society hosted their annual antiques show at Westtown School

and Darci 1Goldberg The WC Larry April.12_Layout 3/15/12 3:22 PM Page 1

Seth Coldren, Timothy Coldren

Funky Functional American Art


• engagement • wedding • graduation • birthday • anniversary • hostess gifts



Bill Ronayne, Vernon Keesey

slash entertainment

North American Handmade Functional Works of Art

Sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch…

from wind chimes to Soaprocks® to metal art, Jonathan's Spoons® to silver jewelry, pottery to clocks, Hoboken Eddies® hot sauces to Barrick Design candles to glass to Leaf Leather® to Yardbirds®. April 6th - First Friday Open Late ‘til 9pm ‘Baseball, Iron Hill Brewery Beer Tasting & Weenies’ Wear your Phils hat, shirt, etc. take 15% OFF your purchase


Mon~Fri \ 10 am to 6 pm Sat \ 10 am to 5 pm Open Late Every 1st Friday

133 West Market Street, West Chester, PA • 610.719.0170 16



Antiques Show Photos by Adam Jones

March 16 Chester County Historical Society hosted their annual antiques show at Westtown School

Mary Bigham, Kristine Lisi

Claire Holahan, Mary Galligan

Kelly, Peter



Best of the Month Photo by Adam Jones This burger was shot in the window at Ram’s Head but didn’t make it into their ad



Best of the Month Photo by Adam Jones

Another shot that didn’t make it into the Ram’s Head ad... man is that one beautiful jalapeño



Saint Paddy’s Day Photos by Adam Jones

March 17 Around the town and up on the the rooftop of Más Mexicali Cantina on the greenest day of the year

Jessica Platt, Sharon Webb, Jacqui Rearder, Chris Hunter, Fran Glennon

Victor, Matt, Danny, Kartik

Amanda, Erin, Rachel

Nadir, Abdul, Ray, Harv, Smitty

Ryan O’Donnel, Victoria Chapman, Ida Lindstedt, Jamie Payson

Jeremy, Marlene, Jacen, Meg, Ant





Salon A top-notch salon with a very real feel.

610-585-0102 Or you can reach your stylist directly... Anthony Giunta - 610-585-0102 Laura McCallin - 484-364-6276 Jason Nichols - 610-299-6859 David Mumford - 484-753-1536 You can find Salon Chemistry on Middle Alley between Walnut and Matlack Streets. Just head down Market Street and Salon Chemistry is in the lot to your left, behind the Salvation Army.




Salon Chemistry takes us back in time

HAVING WORKED ON SEVERAL period movies, salon owner Anthony Giunta was excited for the chance to recreate an iconic image. So, we surpised Heidi right after her spin class and turned her into a piece of World War II propaganda: Rosie the Riveter Anthony: I have always loved the image of Rosie the Riveter, and Heidi actually has that poster hanging in the laundry room, so it was an easy choice. My grandmother actually worked as a riveter, and there is a photo of her dressed just like Rosie, so it has a particular significance for me. The key with a cut this, and this is true for anyone with really curly hair, is all about getting a good base. You’re almost sculpting the hair to create a good base. I touched up her roots a bit then blew it out. It’s a pretty simple style, and it only took about 15 minutes to acheive. She’ll be able to do this or a variety of other looks by herself. WCP Photos Adam Jones

Saint Paddy’s Day Photos by Adam Jones

March 17 Around the town and up on the the rooftop of Más Mexicali Cantina on the greenest day of the year

Tim, Pat and Danny Cogan



Sallatzo The Mad Turk

Tucker Buch, Jason Klapsuniak

Saint Paddy’s Day Photos by Adam Jones

March 17 Around the town and up on the the rooftop of Más Mexicali Cantina on the greenest day of the year

Mike and Theresa

S ’ P Y IZZ N N E The first pizza

Home of tHe $5.50 LuncH SpeciaL #1 Two slices cheese pizza, fries, 12oz soda #2 Eight-inch sandwich, fries, 12oz soda #3 Chicken tenders, fries, 12oz soda #4 Chicken wings and tenders, 12oz soda #5 Mini Stromboli, fries, 12oz soda

now serving gluten-free pizza

proud hosts of...

114 North Church Street  (610) 696-0754

Alana, Meghan

June 3, 2012

parlor in West Chester... Taste a slice of history



Tuck and Chris

Ride for Heroes is a 60-mile ride through Southern Chester County to benefit the Chester County Hero Fund, dedicated to helping first responders with financial hardship sustained through injury or loss of life suffered in the line of duty. $20 registration includes a donation to the Hero Fund, two slices of pizza, a drink and a gift.

To register, contact APRIL 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


Saint Paddy’s Day Photos by Adam Jones

March 17 Around the town and up on the the rooftop of Más Mexicali Cantina on the greenest day of the year


Erica, Bekah, Tony

Brittney, Danielle, Rachael, Anika

Kate, Bob, Lauren, Sus, Ryan, Angela, Billy, Josh, Matt

Matt, John, Bernie, Mike, Kass, Krissy

Marlene Chotkowski, Kelly Cotter, Meg Tuohey THE WC PRESS | VOICE OF THE BOROUGH

Taylor, Shannon, Lauren



Need a unique event venue, that is full of character & a guaranteed good time? Look no further, Kildare’s Irish Pub can accommodate events from 1 to 100 people! Our staff and management are dedicated to planning and making your special event at Kildare’s a pleasant experience.

18-22 West Gay St. West Chester, PA 610-431-0770



A Trainer’s Tips

Christine Mooney shares her hard-earned insights on staying happy, healthy and upbeat HINDSIGHT IS A BLESSING and a curse, isn’t it? Sure, you can learn a lot from it, but sometimes it’d be nice to have just ambled on in ignorance. In 2006, I ran my first marathon. All 26.2 miles were on the unpaved trails of Umstead State Park in North Carolina. The twists, turns, hills and valleys made for an

incredibly demanding run. Since I lived in the area, I completed most of my weekly long runs on those same trails. I also made sure that I continued to lift weights throughout my training. Endurance aerobics, such as long distance running, cause the body to cannibalize muscle for energy. I needed to stave off the inevitable muscle loss by lifting. And throughout all this, I stretched prior to training, usually dynamically, and then sometimes at night sitting on the floor in front of the TV. I felt like my training and life were completely dialed in. My nutrition was on point. I had a good solid training plan, and I was making progress each week. But I was also in denial. My IT bands and hip flexors were exceptionally tight, no matter how much stretching I did. But that’s what happens when you train hard, right? I’d hear the old war stories from longtime runners and assumed I was simply paying my dues. That is, until I hit Mile 16 in the marathon. At the top of a particularly grueling hill, my left leg completely seized up. All the running and lifting I had been doing — and all the months spent ignoring the growing tightness in my legs — finally caught up with me. If I knew then what I know now, I would have spent time each day on a foam roller practicing self-myofascial release (SMR). Or, as I like to call it, “a poor man’s massage.” Most gyms have foam rollers lying about, but if you’d like to buy one, it’ll run you about $10. SMR with a foam roller works by stimulating muscle tension, causing the Golgi Tendon Organ – tasked with protecting us from injury – to relax the muscle to which you’re applying the foam roller. The effect is similar to that of stretching, but the benefits are much greater. Where stretching improves the length of the muscle, SMR improves the tone of the muscle, keeping the muscles strong yet pliable. If your muscles are exceptionally tight, using a foam roller won’t feel great at first. This isn’t a Swedish massage, after all. But afterwards, the level of relaxation you’ll feel far outweighs the initial discomfort. I now spend 5-10 minutes each day rolling my lower back, hamstrings, quads, IT bands, pecs and lats both before and after training. As for my marathon, I did finish it, though I limped most of those last 10.2 miles. It’s frustrating knowing that I could have had a much better showing had I paid attention to my body and actively worked towards fixing the persistent and excessive muscle tension I was experiencing. And all of that could have been accomplished with a few minutes a day on a foam roller. But I guess that’s hindsight for you. WCP

Best Steakhouse in West Chester 125 West Market Street 610-760-7100

is n i t r a M s u Fabulo Live Music g Patio Dinin enu M l a n o s a e S s m o o R e t a v i Pr Gift Cards



Celtic Crawl Photos by Adam Jones

March 10 West Chester’s biggest bar crawl stopped in Ram’s Head a week early for some Saint Paddy’s fun


Rafael, Brandon, Lamar

Bill, Mike

Melissa, Marissa, Sean, Steven

Ryan, Eric, Matt

Brad Andrews, Will.I.Am, Ryan Phillips

Danielle, Ashley


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Celtic Crawl Photos by Adam Jones

March 10 West Chester’s biggest bar crawl stopped in Ram’s Head a week early for some Saint Paddy’s fun


Erica, Lisa, Katie, Alyssa

Eve, Chris, Jay Z, Kelly, Brian

Jesse O’Dell, Megan, Dave

Shane, Kelsey, Ryan, Chrissi, Jeff, Lisa, Erica, Chrissy

Melissa, Jennifer, Brittany, Ray, TJ, Alex

Chrissy, Seamus, Sexy, Nate, Alyssa, Jen, Allison


Family Owned Since 1976


DAREAUTO.COM 301 S. Bolmar Street West Chester, PA 19382

Our Services Include: PA State & Emissions Inspection • Heating & Air Conditioning • Oil, Lube & Filter Changes Brakes & Tune-Ups • Alignments • Preventative Maintenance • Foreign & Domestic Cars Same Day Service • Local Shuttle Service • Belts & Hoses • Complete Engine Assembly Engine Diagnostics • Suspension Systems • Tire Services • Full-Service Machine APRILShop 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM 33

Our Family, your town, your florist since 1957

Save The Date... Easter: Sunday, April 8 Administrative Professionals Day: Wednesday, April 25

29 S. Church Street 610-696-5200



The Look

Photo Adam Jones Story Kristy Mak

Nich keeps you ahead of the fashion curve

Left: Callista Maxi Skirt by BB Dakota ($80) Basic Solid Tank Top by Niki Biki ($12) Beaded Necklace by Art Box ($20) Right: Resort Maxi Dress by Costa Blanca ($86) Chain Link Necklace by Art Box ($20) Marled Cuff by Art Box ($16)


AKE IT TO THE MAX THIS SEASON WITH THE OMNI PRESENT, EVER ELEGANT, ALWAYS comfortable MAXI! In seasons past, the maxi dress dominated runways and full-length skirts are coming back, but now it’s not just for the girl who wants to put dandelions in her hair and run barefoot through the fields. We are talking chic, sophisticated and stylish. Maxi dresses are a versatile piece to be dressed up or toned down depending on jewelry and accessories. Impress your girlfriends at lunch with a maxi dress, studded earrings and neutral gladiator sandals. You can also wear that same dress to an afternoon wedding, pairing it with a necklace, bangles and a metallic wedge. A personal favorite of mine is, in fact, the maxi skirt because it is comfortable and breezy like a maxi dress but offers the ability to mix and match tops. Who doesn’t love a reason to get just a few more tops for your fabulous skirt? Sometimes you just need to be seen in a gorgeous printed maxi skirt and a neon yellow tank top, or sometimes that same skirt will do just fine with a white tee and a denim jacket. Yes, you can pull the look off. If you wear it with confidence, you can pull off anything. WCP



12 E Ma r k e t S tr e e t


er, PA e st Chest




12 E Market Street 610-696-9770 Delivery Now Available!!! 484-631-0241


Join us for lunch Monday - Friday

10 Meals, All $10 Includes beverage, soup or mixed greens, and salad or sandwich

Cafe Seating Now Available. 36


Open Late To Satify Those Late Night Munchies


The world’s finest chocolate, right here in West Chester


Story Jeremy Malanka Photos Adam Jones APRIL 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


Christopher Curtin is one of the world’s foremost chocolatiers. His shop, Éclat, is located on High Street.


ODAY CHOCOLATE IS EASILY ATTAINABLE, a heavenly, delicious treat. Enjoying morsels of delight in any way, shape or form, I have taken for granted the journey chocolate takes from the bean to my mouth. I’ve had a Hershey mentality that has led me to overlook the fact that more than half the world’s chocolate comes from cocoa beans harvested in Africa. Like most commodities it is a business with winners and losers, where land and people are exploited for profit on a daily basis. The conscious, modern consumer should keep informed of where their food is coming from and how it is obtained. However, chocolate has so many layers of production that one can become lost in the truffle… err, shuffle. Christopher Curtin aims to bridge that gap. He owns Éclat Chocolate, a small shop that boasts remarkable quality and countless awards from all over the world. From truffles to caramels, this shop is not Willy Wonka’s factory; it’s a serious enterprise backed by Chris’ extensive training. He started his work in pastries, training in Belgium. He went on to become the first American to be awarded the title of master chef in Germany, learning the more technical nuances of crafting confectionery concoctions. He gives credit to the work he did in Germany for opening up doors in Switzerland and France, allowing him to explore his creativity. His experience as a pastry chef gave him the opportunity to work his way into a career as a chocolatier. However, the transition wasn’t easy – it took nearly 15 years to adapt to a totally new mindset and profession. After perfecting his skills in Europe, Chris decided to return to America to open his own shop, ending up in West Chester near where his parents had retired. “It was a happening town, and I just really liked the feel of West Chester,” he said It didn’t hurt that the WC



offered easy access to Chester, the largest cocoa bean port in the U.S. After initial success with Éclat, Chris pushed his creativity to new frontiers. He developed Molly Dooker Shiraz truffles, making Éclat the only chocolatier in the world to use Molly Dooker in a truffle. He went on to use caramelized hazlenut and toasted corn in his chocolate and has infused chocolate with wasabi as well as creating flavored hot chocolate sticks that have revolutionized the warm beverage. He has worked with Iron Chef Jose Garces to develop an exclusive line of chocolates available both at Éclat and Garces Trading Company in Philadelphia. The two culinary wizards developed crazy combinations including my personal favorite, white chocolate infused with porcini and thyme. The acclaim Curtin receives from people all over the world is astounding. “I think we’re in a really interesting place right now,” he thinks aloud, reflecting on his culinary journey, considering the awards and the places he has trained and the clientele he has satisfied, including the Belgian Royal Family. “But now it’s under my name.” And, with his name on the line, he is not stopping – he’s pushing his art to new heights. New York chefs, including Eric Ripert, appreciate his work and act as ambassadors of his product, making sure the right people’s taste buds are receiving their share of his exceptional chocolate. Ripert went on to say on national television that he believes that Éclat is the best in the world. “That feels good,” says Chris. “It inspires and motivates us.” However, no matter how high the praise or how good the final product, Chris is engaged in a relentless pursuit for better and ultimately tastier components to flavor tomorrow’s food. “Every year I’m finding something. I am constantly looking for great ingredients.” This pursuit has given Chris access to an amazing, recent discovery. A variety of bean called Pure Nacional Cacao 

LAW OFFICES OF SHEHWEN & CLARK, P.C. A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION 123 East Gay Street West Chester, Pennsylvania 19380 telephone: (610) 430-0607 facsimile: (610) 430-0715 email:

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10% when you mention the wC Press | 117 East Chestnut Street | 610-430-6255 40 THE WC PRESS | VOICE OF THE BOROUGH

were rediscovered in the Maranon Canyon in northern Peru. The cocoa pods of this variety are almost twice the size of normal plants and offer both dark and white beans in the pods. “They look extraordinary,” says Chris. “You look at it, and it’s like, ‘Holy cow! what IS that?’” This variety was thought to be extinct after disease ravaged the plants nearly 100 years ago. Through good fortune and sheer evolutionary perseverance this fantastic bean has been put back on the chocolate map. After their re-discovery, the beans were harvested and manufactured into chocolate named, Fortunato, after the farmer whose land it was discovered on. Éclat was chosen as one of the select few in the United States to be allowed to use this rare chocolate. The West Chester cocoa operation developed the chocolate into truffles. After the first bite I felt transported to Peru. I could taste the richness of the soil and the vibrancy of the Peruvian sun shining through taste buds I didn’t know I had. Not only did Éclat make use of the bean in a variety of their fantastic truffles, but Chris also collaborated with Victory Brewery to celebrate the local brewery’s sweet sixteen with Éclat Cocoa Lager, flavored with nibs of Pure Nacional. Another unbelievable pairing, this time benefiting beer drinkers everywhere. Lager is a genius vehicle for this specific chocolate. The bright, slight bitterness of the chocolate meshes with the malt bringing a surprisingly clean, light cocoa finish. The medium body and a drinkability

Combining single origin chocolates, fruits, nuts, spices, and more, Éclat have created a series of special blended and spiced Mendiants

Éclat is the only store in the world to offer this bite-sized piece of heaven: Molly Dooker truffles that’s not often expected with a chocolate brew leads me to believe we might see a second run. Local beer bars will be carried the draft-only lager throughout March. Chris has been building relationships with the farmers who grow and harvest in a way that benefits everyone. “We can never grow cocoa beans [here]. If we start bringing more of the beans here from Peru and South America it’s really going to keep down our global footprint,” explains Chris. “It’s not only environmentally better than shipping it in from Africa; it’s better business and it’s cheaper.” Currently, two thirds of the chocolate produced in America is imported from Africa, which can make sense for a huge operation like

Hershey. But, for a small scale operation like Éclat, the benefits of sourcing from South America are enormous. Chris’ passion for his trade is extending into our community. The cocoa beans being brought here and produced into chocolate locally have brought jobs, benefiting our economy immediately. His mentality about farm to table goes beyond just knowing where his beans come from. He wants people to consider the conditions on the farm and how that may impact the product’s overall integrity. “I’m glad people are becoming more aware, but I’m a little disappointed people don’t think past the next layer. Sure it’s grown on a farm, but is that necessarily better than somewhere else?” Chris certainly practices what he preaches. Éclat has the widest selection of organic, free trade, and single-origin chocolate in the region. Not only is he communicating with the farmers and remaining informed about the harvests, but the farmers harvesting Pure Nacional have invited Chris to be more involved in the process: He will be traveling to Peru this month for the harvest, standing alongside the farmers, picking the beans, feeling the soil that produces his raw ingredients. Chris is the only person in his field in the entire United States invited be part of this incredible event. Not only is it bringing separate worlds together, but it’s another reason that his chocolate is considered one of the best in the world. The enthusiasm he brings to his craft is evident in his chocolate, from start to finish. From bean to mouth. WCP



Celtic Crawl Photos by Adam Jones

March 8 West Chester’s biggest bar crawl stopped in Ram’s Head a week early for some Saint Paddy’s fun


State of Insurance.

Second Location NOW OPEN 57 N. Bailey Road (Behind Kmart)

Thorndale • 484-786-8507 KYLE’S AUTO TAGS and INSURANCE WEST CHESTER • 610-429-1447 529 E. Gay St. • Gay St. Plaza

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Networking Event Photos by Adam Jones

March 8 The WC Press’ monthly networking event was a big success at Kildare’s this past month. See you at Doc’s in April.

Darrell Spencer, Adam Weinstein

Andy Chapis, Chris Richetti

Brittany, Jason



Networking Event Photos by Adam Jones

March 8 The WC Press’ monthly networking event was a big success at Kildare’s this past month. See you at Doc’s in April.


Brad Lierman, Mike Green

Andrew Galiffa, Andrew Chinofsky

Abbey Remington,Angela Sustello

Dave Jones,Anthony Firrantello

Cristina Bennett, Melissa Garvey

Amber Gladys, Deanna O’Hanna




Best of the Month Photo by Adam Jones

There’s very little wrong with this photo we shot for The Social Lounge. You’ll probably find it on their website.



Best of the Month Photo by Adam Jones DJ Romeo had girls up on the bar during Mardi Gras at Kildare’s

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s pa

Catch the Calista Tools product line on QVC

Best of

West Chester four-time award winner


Commons of Thornbury • Building 300 • Suite 301 • 1211 Wilmington Pike, West Chester (610) 399-6677 •



Networking Event Photos by Adam Jones

March 8 The WC Press’ monthly networking event was a big success at Kildare’s this past month. See you at Doc’s in April.

Lissa Cordova, Molly Bowtree



Maggie Dever, Danielle Walmsley

Alana McGrath, Lauren Lombardo

Networking Event Photos by Adam Jones

March 8 The WC Press’ monthly networking event was a big success at Kildare’s this past month. See you at Doc’s in April.

Julie Long, Lisa Boucher

Sebastian, Mike O’Neill

Boyder, Kyle Rheiner



presented by High Street Caffe

116 East Gay Street 610-430-0203

Traditional Italian Fare With A Flair our H y p p Ha nt e m n i a ntert E e v i L ing n i D o i Pat un S r u h T Lunch s m o o R e Privat ds r a C t f Gi

creole fusion gourmet takeout live jazz tuesdays

takeout craft beer byob mon-wed $30 prix-fixe menu 322 s high street 610-696-7435

highstreetcaffe . com 50


Photo Adam Jones

Meet Our Bartender of the Month from Vudu Lounge Name: Erica Frisoli Hometown: Brookhaven Can you tell me how old you are? I can, but I don’t want to. Alright then. How long have you been in West Chester? I’ve been here working for a year and a half, but I went to school here then left after college. Where did you go? I moved to Delaware County to teach elementary school. I guess you didn’t like teaching? Oh, no, I really, really liked it, but I was simply making way more money bartending than I was as a teacher. So I guess that’s your backup plan? Eventually get out of bartending and back into teaching? I would start teaching again tomorrow if I could, but I will definitely get back into it again one day. How long have you been bartending? If I tell you that, then you’ll be able to guess how old I am. Let me just say this: I’ve been bartending since before it was legal for me to drink. Where did you get your start? I started down at The Lagoon in Essington (now The Deck at Harbor Point). I worked as a cocktail waittress and worked my way up from there. Have you worked anywhere else? Plenty of places. I worked at Barnaby’s when they first opened up on 202, Brownies

23 East, Tiki Bob’s in the city. I helped Alibis here in West Chester when they first got started. Now I work at Ocean Drive in Sea Isle during the summer as a bartender and manager. You work here AND at the OD? Yup. I have already started doing some weekends now that it’s getting warmer. During the summer I’ll be down there full-time. Does that make it tough to hold down a job here? Not really. Donny is the best boss ever, and we have enough people working here that covering shifts isn’t a problem. But, it has definitely caused some problems elsewhere in the past. Despite being all over the place, do you still have a decent crowd of regulars? Yes. I have made a lot of friends working here. Some come in for happy hour, lots come in to eat at the bar, and others late night. What are the busiest nights here? Of course Fridays and Saturdays, but Tuesdays are also great because it’s jazz night. What does jazz night entail? It’s an open jazz jam, but you have to be of a certain caliber to get up there and play. We have students and teachers from WCU coming in to play, plus guys like Mike Boone, who played with Buddy Rich and Frank Gattis who is a jazz drum legend. What’s the best part about working here? It has to be the food. I get a free meal each shift, and the food here is to die for.



Jazz Festival

March 7, 2012 Photos by Adam Jones Chester County Jazz Festival hosted another party to promote the fest, this time labeling it a card exchange

Hugh, Andrea, Sheila

STRICKLER insurance est. 1860

Dave Jones 610-350-8192 433 W Market Street West Chester, PA 19382

Mark Kochanowsky,Mark Yoder, Chris Amentas home | auto | business | health | life At Strickler Insurance we offer the right coverages for your family and your business with the personal touch you would expect from your neighborhood insurance agent. Visit our website for a full list of the services or to request a quote. Mention this ad an we’ll buy you a cup of coffee.

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Steve, Ken, Chris

Limoncello caterers Weddings Graduations Corporate Events Family Celebrations



Jazz Festival Photos by Adam Jones

March 7 Chester County Jazz Festival hosted another party to promote the fest, this time labeling it a card exchange


Steve Blatman, Brad Casto

Colleen and Friends

S. and Anita Broady

Anthony Firrantello


Vince, Dan Truitt




Jazz Festival Photos by Adam Jones

March 7 Chester County Jazz Festival hosted another party to promote the fest, this time labeling it a card exchange

Audra, Casey

Alice Thomas, Maria Hurley

Cliff Lewis

10 Years and Still Going Strong IT’S DECK TIME

Available Monday through FriEnjoy lunch, dinner and cocktails day from From 5:30-7:30pm at the bar out on our secluded, secondoor patio


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available Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Chamber Social Photos by Adam Jones

February 16 Zukin Realty hosted an evening social for members of the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce

Andrea Larosa, Lauren Ditlow

Scott and Rose Zukin, Bruce Cavin

Terry Miles, Bob Fedor


Burrito Loco (West Chester,PA)

701 S. High St.


610-918-1112 APRIL 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM



soothe your soul

Front Panel

JUNE 29 – JULY 1, 2012


Exhibitor Opportunities

Jazz Supper Club (Dinner/Live Music) Scan here to 6:00 – 9:30 p.m. order tickets Chester County or visit Historical Society chestercounty Tickets on sale NOW jazzfestival. Food by Social Lounge, com Wine by Penns Woods to order Winery

soothe your soul


(Smooth Jazz Guitarist) 7:00p.m. Peter kicks off the Opening of the 2012 Chester County Jazz Festival Weekend. June 29 - July 1

Scan here to order tickets or visit chestercounty jazzfestival. com to order

Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall on the campus of West Chester Univ. Tickets on sale NOW #chescojazzfest 610-365-1404 e-mail: info@

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS FOR THE 2012 CHESTER COUNTY JAZZ FESTIVAL Tuesday, April 3rd 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. History of Jazz Poetry Concert Sykes Student Union Campus of West Chester University Fund Raiser for Chester County Food Bank & Stephen Chandler Ericson Foundation Saturday, April 21, 2012 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Jazz Supper Club (dinner/Live Music) SUPERSTAR Jazz Pianist Vana Gierig Tickets on sale NOW on website! Chester County Historical Society Food by Social Lounge, Wine by Penns Woods Winery June 2012 (Date TBD) The CCJF Promotes Volunteerism Come Volunteer With Us Harvest Fields at Chester County Food Bank

Produced by:

JAZZ WEEK JUNE 24th – JULY 1st Sunday, June 24th 10:00 – 2:00 p.m. Jazz Brunch Live Jazz Music & Great Food Faunbrook Bed & Breakfast Thursday, June 28th Time TBD, Live Jazz Jam Social Lounge Friday, June 29th 4:00 – 5:30, VIP Invite Only HOST HOTEL: Wyndham Garden 7:00 p.m. SUPERSTAR Peter White Smooth Jazz Guitarist Tickets on sale NOW on website! Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall Saturday, June 30th 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Jazz Festival Hoopes Park., West Chester, PA Sunday, July 1st 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Live Jazz Breakfast HOST HOTEL Wyndham Garden 11:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Jazz Festival Hoopes Park., West Chester, PA With SUPERSTAR Ronnie Laws 7:00 p.m., The Note, Live Jazz



A Three-Letter Word Jill McDevitt is the proprietor of Feminique Boutique and holds a master’s degree in Human Sexuality

I JUST RETURNED FROM A “volunteer-cation” in the Dominican Republic. I took a day out of my resortand-beach, tropical vacation to travel to a barrio, a Dominican slum, to teach sex education to a group of young girls. When you walk through a town where the average household income is $100 a month, you can’t help but notice how much extreme poverty impacts sexuality in ways most of us in America never have to think about. Here are a few examples…

104 N. Church Street 610-551-3262

The nation’s only sex shop owned by a degreed sexologist

1. Condoms In the United States condoms cost about $1.50 each. The same is true for the Dominican Republic. But when your family only makes $100 a month, that’s more than 1% of your monthly budget for each sex act. That would be the American equivalent of paying $43 every single time you have sex. Needless to say, many aren’t using condoms. But if you could afford to use a condom, where could you even find one? The only “drug store” I saw in the neighborhood where these girls went to school was an unlicensed, one-room house with a tin roof, dirt floors, and a hand-painted claiming to sell hand soap, eggs and other corner store-type things. No CVS. No Planned Parenthood. The handful of condoms I left at the school could very well be the only way anyone in the town will be having sex without putting their lives at risk. 2. Sex Trafficking The Dominican Republic has one of the highest rates of child prostitution in the world, with an estimated 30,000 boys and girls being forced into sex slavery or sold into prostitution. Upon learning this I asked my volunteer liaison, “Who should I contact if a child discloses to me that they are being victimized in such a way?” She responded with a grim, “They won’t disclose.” The children know their families need the money, and if they did report it, the police can’t/won’t help. Law enforcement earns some of the lowest salaries, much lower than the pimps who can pay them off to be silent. Abject poverty and sexual exploitation often go handin-hand. 3. Sexual Medical Care What are the choices in this Dominican town when birth control is too expensive/inaccessible, abortion is too expensive/illegal, prenatal care is too expensive/inaccessible, and caring for a baby on $100 a month just seems impossible? In the US, sexual and reproductive health has been politicized, especially as of late. We have the luxury of debating about it. In the Dominican town where I taught, the lack of affordable and accessible reproductive health care is a vicious cycle of poverty begetting more poverty. 4. Privacy When you have sex, you do it in your bedroom with just you, your partner and a closed door, right? Maybe it’s the car or a motel in a pinch. But when there are multiple people living in a very small space, and you have nowhere else to go, the privacy to enjoy sexual intimacy is a comfort you simply don’t have access to. WCP

$500 off any purchase over $20



A 19380

ster, P 323 East Gay St • West Che

L E .C O M P IZ Z A F O R T H E P E O P4 -9 4 7 -5 1 1 3

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dom to ee fr e th ve ha u Yo “ : ce en nd Our Declaration of Indepe o n O d eckn cinegredients. n e p e d to n -s I in f r ou om fr ti le a r ab in la c anuytrhiDnge imag customize“ O s to m iz e u C o T m o d e e r F e .”  ie a vPeizza P eroicuanHas as aAtmY s ms. We’Ire

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c e.a ’s i pl r eo e P he m T e A th s to I ed t id a ov pr  be should


That Is America’s Pie!

S t o r e Hoursudrasy: 11 AM to 10 PM or Later Monday – 1 2 A M o r L a te r to M A 1 1 : y a rd tu F ri d a y – S a PM Sunday: 12PM - 10 A v a il a b le

C a te r in g A s W e ll A s A ll D a y D e li v e r y !

Meal Plans! U C W r ou Y or F e er H s ck u Use Your Ram B 60


Photo Hunt

Find the seven differences in these two versions of a photo from Mardi Gras at Kildare’s, then find us on Facebook to see the solution.



Chamber Social Photos by Adam Jones

February 16 Zukin Realty hosted an evening social for members of the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce


Anthony Firrantello, Tom Bailey, Anthony Williams

Daniel Essick, Kevin Johnson

Stan Zukin, Mellisa Thrasher, Elsa Zukin

Scott, Grant, Stan

Fred, Jeff, Bob

Lynne Templeton, KimEngstrom, Sheree Richnow


NOW AVAILABLE Enjoy One in Doc’s Shore Shack

Come to Doc’s starting at 10pm on Thursdays for Half Priced Drinks, DJ Dance Party, and more!

117 East Gay St. West Chester, PA 610.429.4046



Opening Day Party Thursday, April 5 - First pitch is at 1:30pm Phillies Prizes and Giveaways

Beer Tower & Homemade Pizza ONLY $20 Towers of Rolling Rock, Bud and Bud Light

ONLY $15

available during every Phillies game Located In The Parkway Shopping Center 929 S. High Street | 484-887-8771



West Chester Short Film Festival Schedule A Complete Rundown of the Innovative Films and Workshops at The Eighth Annual Festival


HE WEST CHESTER Film Festival presents a fantastic collection of innovative short films and interactive workshops. There will be screenings of short films, up to 30 minutes in length, submitted by independent filmmakers from around the world. Submissions are juried by a panel of industry professionals and winners chosen according to content, innovation and technical execution. This year’s festival runs from Friday, April 27 through Sunday, April 29. Show times vary, and film blocks often run at multiple times. For more information about the festival or to purchase your passes, visit EVENTS... Opening Night Party Friday, April 27, 5-7pm Side Bar and Restaurant 10 East Gay Street Tickets: $25 online or at the door Filmmakers’ Meet & Greet Saturday, April 28, 5:30-6:30pm Pietro’s Prime 125 West Market Street

“Immune” was written and directed by Andrew Lathrop and revolves around a music composer who risks a journey to find a missing piece of music FILM SCHEDULE... Friday, April 27 7–9pm @ CCHS (Also plays Saturday 3-5pm @ KoC) The Man at the Counter Follow Me Knuckle Sandwich SWOOSH! The Grave Reflector Time Freak 9:15-11:15pm @ CCHS (Also plays Sunday 12:15-2:15pm @ KoC)

Closing Night Awards Party Sunday, April 29, 6-10pm The Note 142 East Market Street Tickets: $20 online or at the door

A Finger, Two Dots Then Me Come to Harm LEAP BEFORE YOU LOOK This is Not Real Once Upon a Park Bench Easy Street Pentecost


7:15-9:15pm @ KoC (Also plays Sunday 12-2pm @ CCHS)

Chester County Historical Society (CCHS) 225 North High Street (Handicap Accessible) Knights of Columbus (KoC) 110 West Market Street

Mossadegh Look to the Cookie My Left Hand Man Pomegranate Liking Men

The Back Tenant Adam’s Tallit The Road Home 9:30-11:30pm @ KoC (also plays Saturday 9:15-11:15pm @ CCHS) Next Floor Danse Macabre Immune 2 scoops of love Purple Flowers Long way Home Lightheaded The Maiden and The Princess   Saturday, April 28 10-12am @ KoC Young Filmmaker Block A The_Signal.exe Echoes of Exxon Deadly Notes Guilty As Charged Nocturne in X Poker Face Love Will Tear Us Apart Life as a Collage Saturday? Green Waste Consequential Lies Atomic Woman 



Toto A City Symphony Underground Guaranteed Happiness Je pourrais être votre grand-mère   7-9pm @ CCHS (Also plays Sunday 2:30-4:30pm @ KoC)

In “Burmese Refugee”San Aung, a refugee from Burma, has escaped his oppressive homeland; however, his new life in America has not turned out the way he expected. 12:15-2:15pm @ KoC Young Filmmaker Block B May God Give You Peace The Incredibly True Story of a Lonely Bruised Boy: The Musical Mack Meet & Greet Ava Dancing with the D List My License Alice

An Introduction to Indie Film Technique Perfection Le Petit Chef The Ascension

7:15-9:15pm @ KoC (Also plays Sunday 2:15-4:15pm @ CCHS)

3:15-5:15pm @ CCHS (Also plays Saturday 9:30-11:30am @ KoC) Following Chase ‘No Greater Pain’ Wrigley and King il Lucchetto

Live outside the Box Un Buen Hijo How to Break Up with Your Mother Angela The Crossing The Elevator Raju Shark Pool

Employee of the Month Overfished Burmese Refugee After ever after or numbers on a napkin Oh! Give me strength Cryo Last Words

132 N High Street West Chester, PA

Alibis Chester County Young Talent Search Last Sunday Each Month

Local Guest Author Maggie Mitchell Book Signing of “The Big Stink” Friday, April 6 from 5-9pm

1PM to 5pm

ALL AGES WELCOME Special “Kids Menu” 3 Different Bands Featured Each Month!


Alibis Cafe

(484) 887-0794 15 N. Walnut St, West Chester



Chamilia Jewelry Event Thursday, April 19 from 10am-8pm Spend $100 and Receive a FREE Sterling Silver Bead

Chamber Social

February 16 Photos by Adam Jones Zukin Realty hosted an evening social for members of the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce

Matt Holliday, Rick Loughery, Kerry Acker

Mahrous and family

Bob Rogers, Marisa and Sean Powell APRIL 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


Chamber Social Photos by Adam Jones

February 16 Zukin Realty hosted an evening social for members of the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce


Michael Dougherty, Danielle Pelazzo

Dean Wesley, Will Vilano

Gary Hess, Jennifer Corrigan

Bill, Theresa

Bill, Ken

Cindy Stoltzfus, Ann Rudolph

Stan and Scott Zukin

Bob Rogers, Bethany Henry

David Yori, Ed Yori


YOUNG PROFESSIONALS NETWORKING EVENT Thursday, April 5th, 2012 6pm-9pm

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know!” Come to Doc Magrogan’s West Chester and build your network! • Complimentary Appetizers • Discounted Drinks

(use our new Thursday specials, mention the 1/2 priced drinks from 10-12 after the event)

• DJ - Supplied by Schaffer Sound Productions • Giveaways from our local sponsors • Get your picture taken by The WC Press • Business card exchange and raffle

117 East Gay St.

West Chester, PA

610.429.4046 APRIL 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


Chadds Ford Dermatology 6 Dickinson Drive, 300 Building, Suite 311, Chadds Ford, PA 610-558-1200 |

Laser Hair removaL Save time and money by getting rid of unwanted hair. No more spending money on expensive razors and causing unsightly stubble. Call Chadds Ford dermatology today to schedule laser hair removal treatments to prepare for the summer weather.

Bikini Line, Under Arm, Legs, Chest, Back & More Treatment for Women & Men! Ask About... microdermabrasion | chemical peels | facials, skin tightening | stretch mark and cellulite removal

Saturday yoga and massage sessions by appointment 70


The BBQ Playlist

DJ Romeo cues up a set of music sure to entertain friends at your first outdoor party of the year AS THE WEATHER WARMS the party spills outdoors and so does the music. Fraternities will be pouring onto front lawns and backyard chefs will be firing up the grill, so I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite BBQ party songs. Kicking off that list is a local group you may not yet know of, but their first single will definitely put them on the map.

“Do What I Want” is HAHA-YO’s first single Photo by Adam Jones HAHA-YO – “Do What I Want” Dave Matthews Band – “Two Step” Sublime – “What I Got” Wyclef Jean – “Gone til November” O.A.R. – “That Was A Crazy Game of Poker” Citizen Cope – “Son’s Gonna Rise” Tom Petty – “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” The Roots – “The Seed 2.0” Black Keys – “Lonely Boy” Dispatch – “The General” Matisyahu – “King Without a Crown” Blink 182 – “What’s My Age Again” Bob Marley – “Jammin’” Jimmy Buffet – “Let’s Get Drunk and Screw” G Love & Special Sauce – “I Like Cold Beverages” Jimmy Hendrix – “All Along The Watchtower” Calvin Harris – “Feel So Close” Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Gorillaz – “Clint Eastwood (Sunshine in a Bag)” 311 – “All Mixed Up” Asher Roth – “I Love College” Wheatus – “Teenage Dirtbag” Weezer – “Undone (The Sweater Song)” A Tribe Called Quest – “Can I Kick It?” Modest Mouse – “Float On” Incubus – “Drive” Jay-Z – “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)” MGMT – “Electric Feel” Foo Fighters – “Learn to Fly”



the lineup Sunday 4/1 Tuesday 4/3 Doors 6pm|show 6pm doors 8pm

Wednesday 4/4 friday 4/6 Doors 8pm|show 9pm doors 8pm|Show 9pm

This Providence, Tyler Carter, Simple as Surgery,

with DJ AQ


My Name is Drew

GLBT event is 21+

event is all ages

shortbread Teen Party Live event is 21+ event is teens only

Thursday, April 19 |Doors Open at 7pm

Lights This event is all ages

saturday 4/7 doors 8pm

Tuesday 4/10 doors 8pm

wednesday 4/11 friday 4/13 doors 7pm|Show 8pm Doors 8pm|show 9pm

Event is 21+

event is 21+

W/DJ RUn dmt

Seduction By Design


Dub Step Voss MDS, Dem In Dub C deific, Random Boys, k3I, event is 18+

Risk Talker event is 21+

saturday 4/14 sunday 4/15 Tuesday 4/17 Doors 8pm|show 9pm doors 7pm|Show 8pm doors 8pm

Friday 4/20 doors 8pm|Show 9pm

FT. Mont Brown, Theodore Grams

event is 18+

The High Roller Tour event is 21+

Fair to midland dead letter circus, lionize, enstride event is 21+

GLBT xv event is 21+


west chester, pa

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