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My name is Erinn Hazley, and I’m a life-long West Chester resident, graduating from Villa Maria, then James Madison University and currently residing in the borough. I grew up part of my family’s construction business, Michael J. Hazley, Inc, which gave me great experiences working with old, historic homes, as well as new construction and familiarized me with municipalities and codes, and Erinn Hazley land development opportunities. Since becoming an agent, I’ve had 610.842.8039 Erinn@AnsteyTeam.com experience working with first-time buyers as well as those experienced in the field. I know real estate’s a big investment, especially for first-time buyers/sellers, so I’m part of the entire process, helping stage and suggesting repairs, working with mortgage companies, coordinating inspections, final walk throughs and beyond. Whenever you buy a house, there will be unknowns, even after settlement, but I always help my clients along the way.

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Busy Week Ahead? Let Chefanti do the cooking! Our no-nonsense table of contents


WC BY THE NUMBERS What our readers are saying about weddings


EVENT PHOTOS We caught a foot race, a fundraiser and an Easter egg hunt


OWNERS OF THE MONTH Chatting with Tonda DiPasquale and Ashley Tischler of Tish


THE BRIDE GUIDE TO WEST CHESTER The businesses who’ve come together to promote WC weddings


A WEST CHESTER WEDDING Everything you need to plan your special day here in town


LOCAL TALENT We catch up with wedding-music expert Brian Fitzgerald


BARTENDER OF THE MONTH Grabbing a drink with Barnaby’s Terésa DeMarco


WEDDING BUSINESS DIRECTORY Need a baker? A Venue? Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered!


WEDDING TO-DO LIST Our handy guide to simplifying the planning process

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It ain’t always pretty, it ain’t always easy, but we’re all making a bet that—in the end—it’ll be worth every effort.

Telling people that I’m married really used to surprise them; it doesn’t anymore. My peers are catching up to me—this year I’ll be attending seven weddings—and I sort of miss being an original. When we got married I was 23. My wife, Tanya, was 22. Neither of us looked our age. When people would make an assumption and refer to Tanya as my girlfriend, I’d proudly correct them. They’d always pull a double take, glance at our fingers and ask, “How old are you!?” I miss that. Our ages weren’t the only thing about our marriage that was out of the ordinary. In putting together the “Wedding To-do List” for this issue (pg 75)—which I totally stole from The Bride Guide to West Chester (pg 25)—I learned that most people spend a year planning their weddings. Tanya and I took a month. When we announced our engagement in April and told family members the wedding was to be held in June, they all assumed we meant the following year. Nope—we meant in four weeks. We put our entire wedding together for less than $3000. Tanya’s engagement ring is an heirloom, lovingly given to me by my mother, inherited from her mother, inscribed with her parent’s initials. The ceremony, to which we invited only 24 people, was held on a deck overlooking the beach in Cape May Point and officiated by my boss, who’d been ordained by an online church a few years earlier. The reception was held at his house and catered by our favorite, little, local kitchen. It was honestly one of the most fun days of my life. But it wasn’t all as fun and stress-free as the tales of our eventplanning skills make it sound. The day started off all wrong— Tanya was 20 minutes late. I was left standing on the deck, struggling to keep the contents of my stomach in place. My best man saw the stress on my face and, knowing the US faced England in the World Cup that afternoon, and knowing that I was a huge fan of the US Men’s National Team, asked me what the starting lineup might be for the US. It was a simple question meant to distract me from my panic, but that panic was all-consuming, and I couldn’t think of a single name. Instead, I dry-heaved over the railing of the deck and took another gulp of ocean air. Of course, Tanya eventually showed up and everything went smoothly from there, which is what makes the story an amusing anecdote. It was also somewhat prophetic. For the most part, our marriage is much like our wedding day: for one, Tanya is always late; also, it’s not always easy—in fact, sometimes it’s incredibly stressful—but the good times far outweigh the bad. I’ve been married four years now, so I have a bit of an idea what I’ve gotten myself into. If I were going to give advice to a younger me, I’d tell him that marriage isn’t always easy; it’s going to take work. But, what I’d most want to tell that less-experienced version of me is that—while you may see your single friend’s Facebook feeds, and it may look like fun—marrying Tanya is the best decision you’ll ever make. You won’t miss being single.


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After 12 successful years in Havertown, we decided to make the move to West Chester and have been creating beautiful styles and colors for the past two years. We are a small, comfortable, fun salon with a big punch. We love what we do and love sharing our creativity with our clients. We specialize in Cuts, Multi-tonal Color and Brazilian Keratin Treatments. We also use Ammoniafree Color. We have convenient online booking and a super friendly staff. Come seem what the buzz is all about!

We’re looking for a few good stylists to join our team!

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Happy Mothers Day because we know your pets are family (so we treat them like our children)






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Going to the


Certified dog trainer and behavior specialist Debbie DeSantis shares some helpful hints

Debbie DeSantis, CPDT-KA, is a certified dog trainer and behavior specialist as well as the owner of Going to the Dogs Obedience. She’s trained nationally-ranked obedience, rally, agility and therapy dogs. Thinking about acquiring a new canine family member? Here’s some crucial puppy-preparation information for you to get ready for your new little companion. First and foremost: keep your puppy safe! Puppies explore the world with their mouths, so unsafe items should be put out of the pup’s reach, including chemicals, electrical cords, plants and anything that might be a problem coming out the other end. And keep your belongings safe from him, too. Puppies like to chew furniture, your brand-new Christian Louboutin heels, and pretty much anything else within their reach. Items with your scent will be very attractive to your pup! If you have a persistent puppy, there are specialized chew deterrents that may help. You should work on training your puppy to lose this bad habit. Have the puppy’s food, dishes and safe toys ready, and when he chews on an inappropriate item, immediately verbally correct him with an “eh-eh.” Corrections—which shouldn’t be harsh—must be immediate so that the pup connects his behavior with the correction. Then, quickly redirect the pup to another activity, such as chewing on a safe rubber Kong toy or Nylabone. Just like you can train your puppy to avoid bad habits, you can also train him to develop good ones. Enroll your pup in a class that uses positive reinforcement. Make sure that the trainer has experience and that you feel comfortable with him/her. [Editor’s Note: We know a good one, if you’re interested!] Training classes are great for socialization, but you should commit to socializing your pup in many different situations. Have him meet a wide variety of friendly people, and get him used to everyday sights and sounds. When he’s appropriately vaccinated, take him to meet other friendly dogs, puppies and other animals. When your puppy is at home, keep him in an area where you can watch him. If you give your pup too much freedom before he’s ready, he can misbehave without correction. Safely confine him to a crate or pen when you can’t observe him, but make sure that he’s not over-confined and that he receives a sufficient amount of positive interaction with your family! Make sure to structure your puppy’s daily life. They thrive with a regular schedule and need consistent and ongoing exercise, training and socialization. See that your pup gets enough exercise through games of fetch, playing in a safely enclosed yard, going for walks or chasing your children maniacally around the yard. Finally, remember to schedule periodic visits with your veterinarian to check the pup’s health and administer any necessary vaccinations. DDeSantis@TheWCPress.com



Parkway Dash 4 Diabetes


Parkway Cleaners hosted a 5k race to raise money for diabetes research in the borough this month. The event seems to grow bigger every year, as evidenced by the mob that gathered outside our office door! photos by Luke O’Brien

Nathan, Alex

Jackie, Liz , Heather



We are Insurance. We are Farmers. Brandt van Naerssen agency owner Business 610-386-7326 Fax 610-441-7583 Cell 610-745-3276 bvannaerssen@farmersagent.com www.farmersagentpa.com

1000 Continental Drive, Suite 500 King of Prussia, PA 19406-2820 www.farmersagentpa.com

All Baking Done on Premises 15 N Church St ď‚Ą 610-344-9674



Team Charley Beef and Beer


Barnaby’s hosted a fundraiser for Charlotte Grace Radcliffe, a local infant suffering from a malignant brain tumor. The Radcliffes appreciate any generosity, and you can give by visiting thewcpress.com/teamcharlie. photos by Niki Rutkowski

Crazy in Stereo





Everhart Park Easter Egg Hunt


This annual, can’t-miss event hosted by the West Chester YMCA brings all of the most adorable faces in the borough out to Everhart park for the most classic of Easter games. photos by Niki Rutkowski







Owner(s) of the



Tish Boutique is still in its honeymoon phase, and owners Ashley Tischler and Tonda DiPasquale don’t think that will change. How long have you been in business? ASHLEY: We just celebrated our one-year anniversary, and it was great. We had a DJ, food and drinks, and we got a lot of support from friends, family and customers. TONDA: We started dreaming up the idea of Tish about three years ago. Then, a few years later, we went for it. So are you still in the honeymoon phase? TONDA: Absolutely; we’re constantly trying to improve. We’re always evolving around what people want, price and product. People love that we carry the selection we do. ASHLEY: It’s nice because every boutique in town brings different brands and options to the table and that keeps the West Chester community from having to go to a shopping mall to find what they want.

Is that why you chose West Chester? TONDA: We did. I went to Henderson High School, so this is home for me. Also, the town looks great right now. The borough looks great. There’s just so many positives in town. ASHLEY: I’m from Garnett Valley but now live in West Chester, and I just love this town. How did you two meet? TONDA: Well, my daughter and Ashley grew up as best friends, and I always admired Ashley’s sense of style. At a Christmas party two years ago, while chatting over prosecco, we threw the idea of Tish out there, then went for it! ASHLEY: I studied Fashion Merchandising at Philadelphia University and was working at Macy’s at the time, but I always wanted my own spot. After Tonda and I talked, we looked at spaces and when we saw this one, we knew it had to happen. How does Tish fit in the wedding scene? ASHLEY: I love dresses. I think that we are becoming known as a dress shop in West Chester. We offer a lot of other things, but I’m excited to be known for our great dress selection. Throughout April, we do 15% off for brides and bridal parties. We’ve had a lot of girls coming in to get dresses for rehearsal dinners, showers and wedding parties.

TONDA: One of our customers came in this week and said, “I wore my Tish dress at a bachelorette party in AC this past weekend and everyone loved it!” We love to hear that kind of feedback! What ages do you see in the store? ASHLEY: We are a young, contemporary shop but we see girls of all ages. It gives us a reason to expand what we have, and that’s fun for us. TONDA: “Multigenerational” is a term and concept that’s becoming very popular. You see older people joining forces with younger people to complement each other’s styles, and that’s how we see Tish. How do you stay up with fashion? ASHLEY: I subscribe to everything that I can, and I go to all kinds of fashion shows. My reps help me to forecast trends, but I really just trust my taste and my style. It seems like that has worked out for you thus far! ASHLEY: Thank you very much! In addition to our bridal sale, we do “Sip & Shop” on Sundays, where we have Sinatra Pandora and mimosas, and people have really liked that. TONDA: We will also be here on Mother’s Day. We’ll have our mothers in the store and there will be a gift with purchase. A lot is going on, so stop in and see us!





The local businesses who’ve come together to promote everything West Chester has to offer the soon-to-be-wed. by Kate Chadwick


ometimes you have what you think is a great idea, and it ends up just kind of sitting there. And other times you have a great idea and it takes on a life of its own and becomes a veritable runaway train of success. The latter is how best to describe the idea that Nicole Bair had for what was to become The Bride Guide to West Chester, an organization with resources devoted to helping you plan a West Chester wedding. If you’ve planned or otherwise been part of a wedding lately (unless you’re a witness at a courthouse quickie ceremony), you’re keenly aware of the fact that pulling together a fantastic event is not for the faint of heart. So much to think about, so much planning—invitations, flowers, venue, apparel, cake, photography, honeymoon—the list can go on forever if you let it. The Bride Guide To West Chester narrows that focus nicely, providing a veritable one-stop shopping guide to all things fabulous. Nicole is a consultant for Whirlaway Travel, and the brains behind the operation. We spoke with her and a few of the other founding members of this networking organization that turned into a website, and then into a printed guide, and then into a bridal showcase event—



WhirlAway T R AV E L & C R U I S E C O N S U LTA N T S

Destination weddings, honeymoons and more... 26 W. Market Street  whirlawaytravel.com info@whirlawaytravel.com  610.431.3642



and which is very likely expanding by leaps and bounds as you read this, with discussion underway to add to the core vendors that began the group. And the best part of all is that the vendors are local, and concentrated right here in West Chester. “Back in 2012, I noticed the need for bridal networking in West Chester,” Nicole told us. “It was suggested by my boss that I look for different ways other than bridal shows to build my bridal client base. I started asking around town, which led me to find lots of common interest for this avenue, so I scheduled a meeting.” That meeting led to another meeting, and then, domino-style, to other meetings as the ideas expanded. “The group was formed with two goals,” Nicole added. “One, to bring more brides to West Chester and to show them all that we have to offer here, and two, to expand the amount of time we are able to spend with each bride.” Nicole further explained that so many wedding vendors are only seen as “day-of” vendors. The idea became to show brides that they can be utilized for much more. “For example: your invitations,” Nicole said. “You’ll need invitations for your wedding day, but what about invitations for your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette/bachelor party, maybe a one-year anniversary shindig? And if you want to really go crazy, what about your baby shower in a year or two?” To that end, Cyndi Meadows of Penwick Design, who designs and prints custom invitations in her shop on High Street, was invited to join the group. She’s a member of the BID Board and the Preservation Awards Committee, and is a big proponent of spotlighting local businesses. She’s had five couples invitationshopping at Penwick as a direct result of the Bridal Showcase, which was held on February 23. (The big seller? Invitations made of seeded paper, which can later be planted.) “I can see this group growing each year, and that’s exciting to me,” she told us. “I want to see this town not only survive, but thrive,” she told us. Added bonus? “And it’s a FUN group!” Ditto, says Karen Cavin, proprietor of The 5 Senses on Market Street, designer of the Bride Guide booklet, and one of its initial members. If you’ve been to The 5 Senses, you know that it features plenty of handmade, functional art pieces, glassware, pottery, jewelry and more. But it’s also a great spot to score one-ofa-kind wedding gifts. “One of the reasons I started this shop is

The Bride Guide Showcase was, by all accounts, a smashing success, complete with a mock wedding “officiated” by mayor Carolyn Comitta. that I hated buying gifts off of registries in chains stores, where everything looks cookie-cutter,” she told us. “Of the gifts I received when I got married years ago, the unique ones all have one thing in common: I remember exactly who gave them to me.” And 97% of it is made in North America—another twist on “shopping local.” The Bride Guide Showcase, now slated to become an annual event, was, by all accounts, a smashing success, complete with a mock wedding “officiated” by West Chester mayor Carolyn Comitta. “We had well over 100 brides, more than 30 vendors, and nearly 300 people in total,” Nicole said. “The Chester County

The Bride Guide Team

Historical Society was our venue/planner and they threw the best bridal show I’ve seen, and with ease. It was such a great turnout that the vendors were getting booked that day. Brides were ecstatic about our great prizes—and the free mimosas! Mayor Comitta made the day with her cheery mood and love for West Chester. We were so pleased with the outcome that we’re already looking at dates for next year’s event.” We spoke with Tara Thistlewaite of the Chester County Historical Society, who was equally taken with the group and the showcase experience. “Our participation in this group has been an excellent way to spread the word about our beautiful and unique venue here at CCHS,” Tara said. “It’s been a great way to market our services, engage new clients, and establish CCHS as an ideal location to host any event, be it an engagement party, wedding shower, rehearsal dinner or wedding ceremony and reception.” Allison Benford Barto, of Kati Mac Floral Designs on High Street, agrees. “The turnout was awesome,” she told us. “I think it was a win-win for vendors and for attendees. The Bride Guide group was sort of founded on the premise of ‘natural referrals.’ I mean, if someone isn’t going to use your services, or if they’re looking to you as a florist to recommend a photographer, for instance, of course you want to refer a neighbor. But the thing here is that we’d alternate meeting places at each other’s places of business, and this way get to KNOW that business and be able to recommend it with confidence.” Amy Tucker, owner and operator of Amy Tucker Photography, had a very similar take. “We’re connected,” she says of the other group members. “I love walking into a wedding venue and seeing that Kati Mac Floral is doing the flowers, or that there’s a gorgeous cake there by Maryellen Bowers.” And Amy also clearly understands the power of the Bride Guide’s networking. “I’ve been doing this for six years now, and I’m up to shooting 35-40 weddings a year,” she says. “But when I first got into this business, I wasn’t working for the money. I was working for the connections I was making.” And speaking of Maryellen Bowers, she is the proprietor of Cakes and Candies by Maryellen, and we managed to catch up with her for a comment on the Bride Guide group—no easy feat, as we went to press on this the week before Easter, her busiest time of the year. “I think the Bride Guide group works so well because it’s composed of local businesses referring to other local businesses to help create someone’s dream event right here in our town,” she told us. “It’s an amazing thing to be helping each other out; it’s basically what community building is all about.”





“ The



PHOTO Andrew Hutchins STORY Jack Lindeman

Making a smart investment Sure, you could just rent a tuxedo for the wedding, but

unless you’re just the ring-bearer, you’ve probably done all the growing you’re ever going to do. So, we suggest making an investment in a quality tuxedo that—statistically speaking—is likely to outlast the marriage, and because we’d hate for you to make a rash decision, we’ve compiled some key factors that the discerning gentleman should always take into account... Keep it simple. Trends come and go, but the classic tuxedo is effortlessly cool, so avoid fads (midnight blue tuxes are big right

Mainline Men’s gives you the effortlessly cool look of a classic tuxedo.

Tuxedo: Jason Aboud Bow Tie and Pocket Square: Ike Behar Tuxedo Shirt: Ralph Lauren now) unless you’re buying your second or third tux. Really, the only acceptable alternative is the white jacket, which should be used sparingly in the summer. We suggest going with a black tux, white shirt and black bow tie. There’s nothing trendy or edgy about it, but that’s the point. Going classic doesn’t make you boring; it makes you a gentleman. There are options within these rules though. Namely, the lapels. Lapels come in a variety of styles, but the peak and shawl lapels tend to be more formal but (somehow) less conservative. When selecting the width of your lapel, make sure to match it to your tie (don’t go wide lapel and skinny tie), and make sure it works with your body type; narrow lapels on a wide frame aren’t slimming—you just look even wider. Once you’re fitted, try out any adjustments the tailor has made in advance of the big day, then relax; you’re not going to be the center of attention on that altar, anyway.






Becca Boyd has a passion for good food


After the dust settles following your wedding celebrations, the real excitement of starting your life with another person truly begins. Maybe you’ll discover the love of cooking as a pair, or one of you will find yourself in the driver’s seat. Either way, sharing meals will become a constant in your new life together and finding mutual favorites will be inevitable. Here are a few of my husband’s and my favorite recipes. Sausage Rolls Makes 30-40 (two bite) rolls 1 tbsp. vegetable oil; 1 onion, diced fine; 1/2 tsp. dried sage; 1/2 tsp. dried oregano; 1 1/2 lb. bulk sausage; 2 sheets frozen puff pastry, thawed; 1 egg; 1/2 c. Grey Poupon mustard for dipping 1. Preheat oven to 375 and line two rimmed baking sheets with parchment paper. 2. Heat an oiled skillet over medium heat and add onion. Sauté until onion is lightly browned and soft. Stir in sage and oregano. 3. Combine onion mixture with sausage in a mixing bowl and stir until evenly combined. 4. Spread flour on countertop. Take one sheet of puff pastry, unfold and roll with a rolling pin until it is smooth and flat. 5. Roll sausage into a 1 inch-thin logs and position and connect them down the long side of the puff pastry. 6. Roll the edge of pastry over the sausage and then roll once or twice more. Slice the sausage roll away from the puff pastry (down the long side—you should use about half of the puff pastry sheet). 7. Repeat; you should have four long rolls when you are finished. 8. Using a serrated knife, cut the rope into 1 inch chunks (or if serving dinner portions, 3 inch chunks). Place chunks two inches apart on parchment paper. 9. Beat egg in a small bowl and brush over each piece. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. 10. Cool long enough to handle and transfer to serving dish. Serve with mustard. Ricotta Cookies Makes 4 dozen 2 sticks unsalted butter, softened; 1 3/4 c. sugar; 3 3/4 c. all purpose flour; 1 tsp. baking powder; 1 tsp. baking soda; 1/2 tsp. salt; 2 c. ricotta cheese (16 oz); 2 tbsp. vanilla extract; 2 eggs; Glaze; 2 c. powdered sugar; 1 tsp. vanilla; 2 tbsp. milk 1. Preheat oven to 350 and line two baking sheets with parchment paper. Cream butter and sugar with electric mixer until pale in color and fluffy in texture (about 5 minutes on medium speed). 2. Whisk flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a mixing bowl until combined. 3. Whisk ricotta cheese, vanilla and eggs together until smooth. 4. Add flour mixture and ricotta mixture alternately to creamed butter (start with 1/3 of the flour, then 1/2 of ricotta, and so forth). Beat mixture after each addition on medium speed until combined. 5. Using two spoons (one to scoop and one to push off), drop batter in 1 tbsp. amounts onto baking sheet, spacing two inches apart. 6. Bake for 12 minutes. Meanwhile, whisk all ingredients for glaze together in medium mixing bowl. 7. Transfer baked cookies to cooling rack and, while warm, spoon glaze onto top of each cookie and swirl to cover if desired. Let cool until glaze hardens. bboyd@thewcpress.com


The Bridal Suite

at Peter’s Salon and European Spa

The Ultimate in Luxury and Beauty for the Bride, the Groom and Wedding Party Peter’s Salon & European Spa offers the largest and most luxurious bride suite in Chester County. They specialize in bridal make up and hair styles and will make your experience at the salon as enjoyable as the rest of your special day.

1009 West Chester Pike West Chester, PA 19382 610.436.6464 peterssalonandspa.com MAY 2014 THEWCPRESS.COM




PARTY OF 2 = $229 each PARTY OF 3+ = $199 each EXPIRES August 31, 2014

$35 Sham

& Blo poo wout

20% O OF FF F




this a d

DESTINATION BLOWOUTS Let our styling team create the right look for any social situation ladifferencesalon.com/professionalblowouts


830 PAOLI PIKE, WEST CHESTER www.ladifferencesalon.com





West Chester Wedding






k c i w n Pe sign De

ted o N Well Well Noted is a boutique stationery store located in downtown West Chester that offers full-service invitations, save-the-dates, and thank-yous in a seemingly endless array of colors and designs. Offering a personalized approach to every project, you can quickly and inexpensively design unique stationery for your wedding.

WELL NOTED 121 WEST MARKET ST WEST CHESTER, PA (610) 350–1227 fb.com/WellNoted

Penwick Design has long been a West Chester destination for couples seeking customized save-the-dates and invitations. You can choose from a vibrant color palette, an extensive selection of decorative elements, and a large list of typefaces. The design can be placed and printed on site, meaning you can have your invitations quickly—sometimes in as little time as an hour.

Models Birttany & Sean are a year into their engagement and looking forward to solidifying their commitment

PENWICK DESIGN 132 N HIGH ST WEST CHESTER, PA (610 431–2739 pennwickdesign.com



Weddings  Celebrations  Corporate Events 430 Hannum Avenue, West Chester, PA 19380 ballroomatthewestside.com  610-431-WEST(9378)








& Brrook eakfa st Concord Country Club

A wedding at Faunbrook Bed and Breakfast begins with a beautiful setting—a large, early 20th-century estate in a forest with a wandering brook. Complementing this is the venue: a mansion with a first floor boasting four expansive rooms that open to a covered veranda, stone patio and the manicured grounds of the estate. FAUNNBROOK BED & BREAKFAST 699 W ROSEDALE AVE WEST CHESTER, PA (610) 436–5788 faunbrook.com


Concord Country Club will help you achieve your vision for the ideal wedding. Their magnificent ballroom seat up to 220, offers panoramic views of a their championship golf course, and is adjoins a smaller room that leads to a covered, open-air deck, with options ranging from cocktails to a knock-out dessert display. For more intimate weddings, consider their Brandywine room.

ne o t s y Gre Hall

Greystone Hall is an elegant, stately mansion at the center of an English-style country estate, a monument of the era of great American architecture from the Gilded Age. The venue allows you to step into another time, and feel like you were transported to Europe. Your wedding will sprawl across the picturesque mansion and grounds to provide you and your guests memories that will last a lifetime.

GREYSTONE HALL 1034 PHOENIXVILLE PIKE WEST CHESTER, PA (610) 436–5788 greystonehall.com







& Videography WE LAUGH WE LOVE

We L We Laugh ove

Christie Green Photography

We Laugh We Love is a collaborative venture founded by established photographers Sasha Israel and Justin James Muir (who handles many feature shoots for The WC Press, including this month’s cover). The collaborative launched with the intent of capturing the biggest milestones in people’s lives, so in times of laughter and love, they’ll be there to frame each moment and preserve your memories. WE LAUGH WE LOVE WEST CHESTER, PA (401) 465–7570 welaughwelove.com

CHRISTIE GREEN PHOTOGRAPHY WEST CHESTER, PA (610) 350–8988 christiegreenphotography.com

Christie Green is a photographer located in West Chester who specializes in wedding and engagement photography. Christie loves to capture candid moments in natural light—smiles, a loving glance, family laughter—and she’s sure to capture the happiness and excitement of you and your guests on your special day.

ckeprhy u T AmyPhotogra

Amy Tucker is a highly rated, fine-art trained photographer known for her sense of aesthetics. Whether capturing a bride at her most ecstatic or framing the expression of a mother as she embraces her newly wedded son, Amy uses her exceptional eye to capture candid moments, and her years of experience to create truly unique memories.

Models Kaitlyn & Doug tied the knot last September and revisited their big day for our cover.

AMY TUCKER PHOTOGRAPHY 203 E STATE ST KENNETT SQUARE, PA 19348 (484) 888-5115 amytuckerphotography.com



@ sa Fo lo ll nc ow he fo m ri ist ns ry an p d irin de g si st gn yl s es


A top-notch salon with a very real feel.

610-585-0102 salonchemistry.net You can ďŹ nd Salon Chemistry on Middle Alley between Walnut and Matlack Streets. Just head down Market Street and Salon Chemistry is in the lot to your left, behind the Salvation Army.



Catering Pietr o’s Prim e Limoncello

Pietro’s Prime offers excellent service and quality food in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Their upscale menu is loaded with many different cuts of beef—all premium Black Angus—as well as a variety of tasty seafood selections, and the most unique martinis in West Chester. The restaurant has plenty of experience with private parties, and can provide everything you need to plan your rehearsal dinner or cater your special day. PIETRO’S PRIME 125 W MARKET ST WEST CHESTER, PA (484) 760–6100 pietrosprime.com

LIMONCELLO 9 N WALNUT ST WEST CHESTER, PA (610) 436–6230 limoncellowc.com

Limoncello brings legendary, awardwinning Italian cuisine and exceptional service to downtown West Chester. The family-run business has plenty of experience hosting and catering everything from the Chester County Hospital Polo Cup to your wedding. Their staff will guide you through the process and provide only the highest-quality service to make your event memorable.

s Root Cafe

Roots Café is known for local and organic options in their newly opened East Gay Street location, which could be the perfect setting for your rehearsal dinner. They’re also happy to take their culinary talents on the road to cater weddings and events with a rotating menu consisting of organic, local and sustainable ingredients that aims to satisfy vegetarians and meateaters alike.

ROOTS CAFE 133 E GAY STREET WEST CHESTER, PA (610) 455-0100 rootscafewc.com





To set up an appointment or book your party, contact Marissa Merrill: 610-429-4046 mmerrill@docmagrogans.com 117 East Gay St. West Chester, PA 610.429.4046





Dj R omeo of S chaff e

r So und

DJ ROMEO (610)299–1100 djromeo.fm schaffersound.com

Schaffer Sound Productions employs more than 60 of the area’s most talented and professional DJs, like West Chester’s own DJ Romeo. Schaffer Sound’s DJs are equipped to play music for all ages, styles and themes. They have a company policy to let the customer pick as much or as little of the music as they like, so your wedding sounds exactly the way you want.

s e v e e ensl nt

Gretertainme En

Greensleeves Music offers one-stop shopping for all of your wedding music needs. Completely customizable, Greensleeves works with you to create the mood and ambience you desire, providing a free consultation to determine the sound you want. Through a vast network of musicians, they can provide traditional processional music, jazz ensembles, DJs, full bands or any combination of what you’d like.

GREENSLEEVES ENTERTAINMENT WEST CHESTER, PA (610) 764–6283 greenmusiclessons.com



Distinctive Lodging in Downtown West Chester Free WIFI, Free Parking, Complimentary Continental Breakfast On-Site Fitness Center & Indoor Heated Pool

Wedding Group Rates Available Come be Our Guest! 120 N. High Street - West Chester, PA 19380 610-692-6920 - www.HotelWarner.com 44



c a M i t Ka igns day st a l l a H i Flor

Des l a r o l F

HALLADAY FLORIST 29 S CHURCH ST WEST CHESTER, PA (610) 696–5200 halladayflorist.com

Halladay Florist has proudly served West Chester since 1957. The family-owned store prides itself on complete customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality products and floral service. Whatever your tastes, the Halladay Florist design staff can meet your personal needs and help you achieve that certain look to make your wedding dreams a reality.

Kati Mac Floral is a family-run florist in downtown West Chester. For your wedding, Kati will meet with you personally to put together an exact vision for your day. No matter the size of your wedding, you will be treated like you are the biggest client they have. Promising to go above and beyond even your own expectations, Kati Mac will use the best materials to design your gorgeous arrangements.

KATI MAC FLORAL 36 S HIGH ST WEST CHESTER, PA (610) 431–9414 katimacfloraldesigns.com








Calis ta Gran


te Avanlon & Sa

Peter’s Salona & European Sp

CALISTA GRAND 1211 WILMINGTON PIKE WEST CHESTER, PA (610) 399–6677 calistagrand.com

Calista Grand’s staff of more than 90 employees comprises the best aestheticians in the region. Their innovative spirit has not only won them many “Best Of ” publication awards, but has also landed them spots on television shows aired on TLC, CN8 and MTV. A full-service salon and spa, Calista Grand will take care of your every need on your wedding day.

Peter’s Salon has invested in the ultimate experience for weddings by creating a Bridal Suite on the premises, promising to offer the discriminating bride a place to enjoy being pampered. The entire bridal party is invited to relax and enjoy complimentary pastries, cheese, fruit, coffee and tea as Peter’s fulfills your every expectation. PETER’S SALON & EUROPEAN SPA 1009 WEST CHESTER PIKE WEST CHESTER, PA (484) 436-6464 peterssalonandspa.com


nce iffeDraey Spa D a L lon & Sa


La Difference Salon & Day Spa works individually with every bride to ensure their wedding day is picture perfect. They offer bridal services for the entire wedding party, including bachelorette parties, relaxing spa treatments, rehearsal dinner manicures and pedicures and trial runs to make your wedding day as stress-free as possible. Head-to-toe beauty is every bride’s wish, and at La Difference, your dreams become reality.

We’re sure models Traci, Katie Rose, Rachael and Nicole will look beautiful at their weddings this year!

Avante is a premier spa and salon that understands that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. They provide image professionals who will advise you on the perfect look in preparation for your special day, with multiple wedding packages available that attend to every detail and pamper you from start to finish in the salon or the destination of your choice. AVANTE SALON & SPA 668 DOWNINGTOWN PIKE WEST CHESTER, PA (610 429-1800 avantesalon.com











Cakes & Candies by MaryEllen is dedicated to bringing the very best culinary creations to your wedding. With endless creativity, the cakes combine just the right amount of sweetness with rich flavors to astonish your taste buds and please any guest. If you have an idea for a special cake, that fantasy can be made into a reality through Cakes & Candies by MaryEllen.

YORI’S CHURCH STREET BAKERY 15 N CHURCH ST WEST CHESTER, PA (610) 344–9674 yorisbakery.com

Yori’s Church Street Bakery is a relative newcomer to the baking scene in West Chester, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they can’t hang with the best. Yori’s prides itself in quality baking done on the premises. They specialize in creating unique and delicious custom cakes to fit any wedding theme or palate.

Cakes & Candi


MASTER’S BAKER 880 SUNSET HOLLOW RD WEST CHESTER, PA (610) 436-9888 themastersbaker.com

The Master’s Baker might partner with a lot of hotels, country clubs, and caterers, but they haven’t lost CAKES & CANDIES BY MARYELLEN that small, personalized feel of a family shop. There are so many 1332 WEST CHESTER PIKE flavors and designs from which to WEST CHESTER, PA choose, you’re sure to find exactly (484) 266–0710 cakesandcandiesbymaryellen.com what you are looking for.

Anthony & Nick are recently married, but loved the idea of another cake-tasting for this photo!



© The Barlett Pair

Your childhood dreams can come true...

GREYSTONE HALL Creating memories for years to come

© Joh n Shetron

©T he Bartlett Pair

© Mi chael Brun

Engaged couples and their families are welcome to visit us at our weekly open house Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. through 8:00 p.m. BOROUGH 50 THE WC PRESS | VOICE OF THE Info@Greystonehall.com 610-696-1272  GREYSTONEHALL.COM  1034 Phoenixville Pike, West Chester




5 Sen

ses sion n a xp y E l a ler Visu Gal

nt The Merchcea of Mena

Representing North American and regional artists, The 5 Senses offers a range of objects— appealing to all five senses—that would be an original gift to newlyweds. The 5 Senses has made it their goal to bring you unusual, functional and affordable art for everyday living. With gifts in every price range, you can find exactly that little something special. THE 5 SENSES 133 W MARKET ST WEST CHESTER, PA (610) 719–0170 the5senses.com

THE MERCHANT OF MENACE 1351 W STRASBURG RD WEST CHESTER, PA (610) 344–7774 themerchantofmenace.wordpress.com

The Merchant of Menace Art Gallery specializes in the “re-imagination” of found objects and reclaimed material into furniture, sculptures and jewelry. It’s an original art form that turns everyday objects into wonderfully imaginative and emotionally stirring pieces, providing you with a one-of-akind gift.

Visual Expansion Gallery presents works from local artists and produces high-quality custom framing that caters to diverse styles and tastes. Visual Expansion Gallery can provide you with the gift of art that will only appreciate in value. They offer professional services, such as restoration, if you have a particular heirloom you would like to pass on.

Thank you to Nicole & Matt, slated to be married September 12, for taking time to model for us!

VISUAL EXPANSION GALLERY 126 N HIGH ST WEST CHESTER, PA (610) 436–8697 visualexpansiongallery.com



Graduation | Business Happy Hours | Bachelor-Bachelorette Parties | Rehearsal Dinners | Wedding Brunch





oo r b n u a F

el t o H

More than just a lovely wedding venue, Faunbrook is also an elegant bed and breakfast with available lodging for your wedding. In a manor once owned by a Civil War-era congressman, Faunbrook provides a wonderful two-acre setting complete with six guest rooms featuring distinctive details like Monticello windows.




e arn

The Hotel Warner is the only hotel in historic West Chester Borough. With free WiFi, an indoor heated pool and a delicious complimentary Continental breakfast, there’s no end to the amenities to make your stay comfortable. Many wedding groups have stayed at the Hotel Warner and the location lends itself to a great overnight stay for out-of-town guests, especially after the reception ends and the celebration continues on.

HOTEL WARNER 120 N HIGH ST WEST CHESTER, PA (610) 692–6920 hotelwarner.com




Faunbrook B&B

An 1860s grand manor estate on the south side of West Chester

Weddings d shoWers d rehearsal dinners guest stays d events d 2 to 100 guests 699 West Rosedale Avenue • West Chester, PA 19382 610-436-5788 • 800-505-3233 • www.faunbrook.com






Sunset H ill

Jewelers SUNSET HILL JEWELERS 23 N HIGH ST WEST CHESTER, PA (610) 692-0374 sunsethilljewelers.com

No tangible reminder of your wedding day lasts longer than those two rings, and Sunset Hill Jewelers offers a unique collection of fine jewelry, and a large selection of authentic antique and estate jewelry from the Victorian era through the 1950s. They can also provide rings created just for you, and all provide

restoration, repair, or re-design services for your heirlooms. They consider no job too small or too large—Sunset Hill just wants to make sure you have the ring that will mean the most to you and stand the test of time.





Tell Me something


Kate Chadwick takes a moment to spotlight a local citizen for doing something swell

Who she is: Charlotte Cain What she does: Borough resident Charlotte Cain has been volunteering at the West Chester Food Cupboard, located at 545 Gay Street, for over eight years. The Food Cupboard serves nearly 600 families in West Chester, providing non-perishable food, dairy, produce, frozen foods and personal care items to those in need. It exists with the support of the local businesses, churches, and individuals who donate food and gift cards, and is run entirely by volunteers. Why she’s on this page: Charlotte is the volunteer coordinator at the Food Cupboard, overseeing and scheduling the group of approximately 125 people who donate their time to the organization. “When I first got out of college, I worked at the Board of Assistance,” Charlotte told us. “I learned then that there was a need for services like this. But until I got involved with the Food Cupboard, I had no idea how great the need really was.” Charlotte discovered the Food Cupboard through her church, and has been devoting several unpaid hours of her time to it on a weekly basis ever since. And in that time, she says, “It’s just continued to change and evolve.” Charlotte matches up volunteers with duties, whether it’s cleaning and stocking food, assisting clients with shopping, running the register, or picking up donations. What she likes about West Chester: “I love to walk—it’s my only form of exercise,” she told us. “And West Chester is just perfect for walking around. Before we moved into the borough about 12 years ago, we lived outside of town. It was nice, but you can’t take a walk on 202.” She’s also a fan of how much there is to do in the town. “All of the events—Super Sundays, the restaurant festivals—it’s wonderful. Just walk out the front door and there you are.” What we like about her: She’s a realist that wants to help her own community. “If you go into a big city, you might see people panhandling on the street. Just because you don’t see that in West Chester doesn’t mean that there are not people who need help with things as basic as food.” Moral of the story: You can’t tell by looking at someone what their struggle is. “There’s an entire cross-section of clientele at the Food Cupboard,” Charlotte says. “We have all different age groups, all different family sizes—from single, elderly people to families with one child or several.” The clients register annually, and “Sometimes we see them every month, sometimes their circumstances change and we don’t see them for a six-month stretch.” And while it’s tough to think of people in our community struggling to put food on the table, there’s an upside. “The bad thing is that there is such a huge need,” Charlotte says. “The good thing is, we are meeting it.” Want to volunteer, make a donation, or register for services? Call 610-344-3175, or visit westchesterfoodcupboard.org. kchadwick@thewcpress.com

WE PUT YOU ON THE MAP WEST CHESTER’S LANDLORD Limoncello Ristorante • The WC Press • Subway Yori’s Bakery • The Note • Kooma Viet • The Social Lounge Culinary Deliveries • Ram’s Head Bar & Grill • Saladworks Pietro’s Prime Pisano & Sons Shoe Repair • I Pasta Senator Dinniman • Salon Chemistry • Mercado’s • Nonna’s Doc Magrogan’s • Optimal Massage • Cozy Hookah Café William Shehwen Law Offices • Big Mike’s Barber Shop Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union • High Roller Tattoo Giuseppe Cabinets • Mainline Men’s • X-treme Ink Chester County Intermediate Unit • D’Ascenzo Gelato The Pita Pit • The Olive Branch • Blaze Salon • Balance Hair Spa Vitesse Sports • Moonflower • Zazen Nail Spa The Lunch Box• Jazmine Thai• Elwyn School



Best Steak House In West Chester Live Music on Weekends, Patio Dining Fabulous Martinis, Seasonal Menu

125 W Market Street West Chester, PA 484.760.6100  PietrosPrime.com pietrosprime.com/facebook

Excite all of your senses

at West Chester’s most alternative & unique boutique! A vast array of “one-of-a-kind” products, including...

Hip Clothing • Bags & Accessories • Jewelry Galore • Incense/Oils/Candles • Tapestries/Blankets • Eclectic home/Dorm décor • Hemp products • Grateful Dead, Bob Marley & ‘60s Memorabilia • Tie Dyes & Cool T-shirts • Hand-blown glass & local artwork • Tobacco accessories • Groovy Gifts Gift Certificates Available

130 W. Gay Street 610-431-6607 www.moonflowershop.com A portion of our proceeds go to environmental and pro-peace charities! All major credit cards accepted. Open 7 Days A Week

10% off purchase with student ID! SINCE 1992






From ceremony to reception, Brian “Fitzy” Fitzgerald has musical wedding prowess. When did you start playing music? I was nine. My first choice was saxophone, but there were too many kids signed up. My second choice was trumpet—but that was also really popular. So I started out learning what was, at the time, my third option: violin. Is that all you play now? Primarily, I play the violin. I think that’s my favorite, but now I can play sax, trumpet, guitar, bass, drums, beatboxing and vocals. And I had to learn how to play keys when I went to West Chester University. Is that your tie to West Chester? Yes. I went to West Chester University and in my time there, I studied music. I got really into the music scene in West Chester and

after I graduated, I moved into town and played pretty much every night. I had a lot of fun but I wanted to reach beyond West Chester with my music. That’s when I decided to start touring. Do you tour now? I have a bunch of different groups of my own and I also play as a hired gun for people, but mainly I’m a solo act. Do you do covers or originals? When I am playing as a solo act for my project it’s about 50/50. I like the covers because I put my own twist on it. The crowd always likes to sing along to a cover and it helps them get a feel for your style. What types of covers have you done for weddings? I do all kinds of stuff. I actually had a couple that wanted me to learn instrumental, violin versions of Nirvana songs. It turned out really great. I think people are shifting away from traditional wedding tunes. I have learned a lot of top 40 covers which can sound really cool on a violin! Are you typically hired for the ceremony or the reception? It really varies. Even if they don’t hire me to play at the reception and they just have a DJ, I will often times play the violin over top of the DJ’s music. That ends up sounding really neat and people respond really well to it. Other-

times, I’m just wallpaper at the reception. During cocktail hours, I’ll sit and play and allow people to enjoy if they so choose, but it is really just background music. Do you enjoy playing weddings? I really do, because each couple has a different vision for their big day and it’s important for me to listen to and understand what they are going for, and then work with them to create something as close to what they want as we can. A lot of times I end up getting very involved in the wedding to the point that I feel like a wedding planner. How can people can in touch or book you for a gig? All my info is on my website: www.brianfitzy.com. Word of mouth has actually been huge for me. The internet is great and all, but I get the majority of my gigs without any advertising, so I’m very lucky to have the network I do. That’s great. Can we catch you locally anytime soon? I will be at Picasso in Media, PA on the 27th of May and then on the 30th I am playing a kick-off party for The Roots Picnic with Dice Raw. Weddings to Dice Raw! That’s eclectic... It is, man, I try to stay busy and stay involved in all kinds of projects; I’m really living my passion right now!



One bite and you’re hooked

ramsheadbarandgrill.com 40 East Market Street 484-631-0241

It’s hard to beat our California BLT with tots and an IPA 60


Children in


Jennifer Ozgur is a mother, wife and teacher who still finds time to get out and about with her family

I just celebrated my anniversary with my husband a few weeks ago. It’s only been three years, but I truly believe I married my soulmate. I don’t say that because life has been a perfect fairy tale together; I say that because it hasn’t been perfect, but we deal with it without taking each other down. Maybe it’s because, at 38, I was a more, ummm… “mature” bride, so I had a more realistic view of love and romance and what constitutes being a good spouse. We skip “date night” in favor of joint workouts at the Y. We learned how to argue different points of view instead of fighting. I’ve come to understand that helping each other with daily tasks, humor and sincere apologies express more respect than the requisite holiday gifts. We also let each other have personal time: he goes to watch soccer with the boys; I trek into town for a leisurely stroll down Gay and Market streets. Our fantasies now consist of going to open houses beyond our real estate budget. I tend to think that how a couple plans a wedding sets the tone for their marriage. While there is something to be said for the dramatic, theatrical production of a highly staged event, it’s not for everybody. What we wanted was to be legally recognized as husband and wife. For us, Chester County Courthouse accomplished our goal. Our day was simple and fairly stress-free (That’s not to say I wasn’t nervous!). I wore a wedding dress sent to me by a friend (I met her in an internet forum for women with Turkish men... who knew?!?!) and he wore a suit. A former student of mine did my hair and makeup in a meeting room down the hall from the courtroom. We took pictures at Marshall Square Park and had a small reception at a Chinese buffet. The whole day cost about $300, from soup to fortune cookies. A few months later, we had another ceremony in Turkey for his family. It was modest by Turkish standards, but it was an over-the-top cultural experience for this American bride. Our specific situation may be different from most, but our marriage license is just as valid as any other. In fact, ours came with a unique gift. When one spouse is a non-citizen, the couple must prove to the U.S. the legitimacy of the union. We went into Philadelphia and an investigator poured through our album of our double wedding. There was something very affirming to have a federal official validate the biggest decision of our lives. Since our nuptials, we’ve bought a house together, had our son, and traveled to my husband’s hometown twice. He’s made a great deal of sacrifices that show his dedication to our family and I’m amazed every day how our lives have played out thus far. And it all began at the Chester County Courthouse. Interestingly enough, our first date was in town, too. He had told me that he’d never had curry, so we met at The Star of India. Halfway through the date, he began sweating. To this day, he blames it on the spices. I prefer to remember it as him realizing his destiny. jozgur@thewcpress.com



Classes at... Peter’s Salon & European Spa 1009 West Chester Pike Bring this ad to your first class and it’s FREE carolt.zumba@gmail.com 610-436-6464

CarolThiel.Zumba.Com Contact Carol for Current Hours 62


The Real (estate)


Entrepreneur and Realtor Brad Liermann keeps tabs on development here in the borough

The way we change matters. As the announcement comes down that the US Post Office will be selling off their historic and iconic downtown location on the corner of Gay and Walnut Streets, yet another piece of West Chester is at the precipice of serious change. It’s no surprise that this sale will occur considering the losses the postal system runs, and as demonstrated upon each visit to buy stamps, the federal government seems to be entirely unfit to maintain such a significant and ornate building. Peeling paint and rotting wood, broken window panes, water damage and flickering fluorescent lights (instead of beautiful pendants) are all indicators of serious neglect. This property deserves much more. Built in 1905 and featuring marble also used to build the Washington Monument, it has helped to shape the definition of downtown West Chester. Identity in a neighborhood starts with the places that matter – the places we are familiar with, where we gather, buy, live, and do business. This is one of those places. West Chester has had several cornerstone buildings change ownership in the recent past. The old Warner Theater building became The Hotel Warner under the eye of The McFadden Group. The potential for the first hotel in decades to enter borough’s limits and make its mark was sky-high, and the owners chose a brick veneer and faux concrete for the façade. The hotel’s interior flourishes take on a very modern feel, which is a huge change from the building's history. On the other hand, the restoration of 10 North High Street, a structure previously used for county functions and just a few doors up from Starbucks, has gone out of its way to marry the old and new. Tall glass entryways and lobby, modern office space for large corporations, a simple green courtyard and first floor retail space bring center city Philadelphia to the suburbs. Eli Kahn and Jack Lowe own this property, in addition to many other holdings in the borough that are soon to be developed. The most prominent properties in the West Chester portfolio were previously government buildings and will, after construction, include private residences and retail. If 10 North High Street is a sign of their commitment to quality, the town can have confidence that the changes that are soon to be will complement their surroundings, not detract from them. The announced sale of the post office is full of opportunity, but also concern. The building is owned by a federal government that cares little about the fabric of this small community, one that is certainly barely on their radar. The borough can hope that a developer that invests in projects that matter will be in the mix when it comes time for the sale of the building, but there’s no guarantee. Here’s to hoping the result is excellent and the 14,000-square-foot early 20th-century icon changes well and in so doing becomes a new place that matters to the borough and its residents. bliermann@TheWCPress.com





Bartender of the



Terésa DeMarco fills us in on how to host a fun and exciting bachelorette party at Barnaby’s So Teresa, where are you from? I‘m from Marlton, NJ. I grew up just a few miles from the Philadelphia stadiums. My family bleeds green, which is why it makes sense that I used to be an Eagles cheerleader. How did you get into that? A bunch of my friends hit me up the day before tryouts and asked me if I wanted to give it a shot. I figured, why not? Even if I don’t make the team, the tryout will be a fun experience. I ended up making it to the final auditions, but I didn’t get the gig. I went back the next year, tried out again, and made the squad! How old were you when you started? I was 18 years old—my first year in West

Chester. I attended the university, studied marketing, and graduated in 2013. West Chester really caught my eye because I was able to get far enough away from home to be independent and do my own thing, but I was still be close enough to my family and the Eagles. What’s one interesting aspect of being an Eagles cheerleader that the reader might not know? They don’t allow us to be on any social media, though they do allow LinkedIn. I’m not returning for next season, so I got my Facebook back—but I’m not sure that I really even want to be on it again How did you get involved at Barnaby’s? I started working here last August; I got the hook up through another cheerleader. She was leaving her position at Barnaby’s when I mentioned that I was looking for work, so I made the connections and it just came together. Did you have any bartending experience prior to working here? Barnaby’s taught me everything I know. The managers and owners brought me in on faith and gave me the opportunity. I am so grateful for that;I love bartending. I am a conversationalist, so when people come in to talk and have a drink I really enjoy it. I think that’s why I prefer working day shifts and parties because I get to chat with people.

I understand you guys do all types of parties, including bachelorette parties. What is that all about? We do! We do bachelorette parties and we have a couple packages that we offer. They are both wristband deals and with the “Basic” package you can get 2 hours for $20 or 3 hours for $25 and then with the “Premium” package we do two hours for $25 and three hours for $30. Basic and Premium determine what kind of alcohol we serve. With both those packages, you get a complimentary meat, cheese, and vegetable tray. We do not host bachelor parties because management fears the rowdy mentality that men often adopt when they get together for such events. So what do you like about working here? This is my scene. As I mentioned before, I like the daytime shifts because I can connect on a more personal level with our customers, but I also appreciate what goes on here at night. We get awesome DJs in here and the nightlife scene at Barnaby’s can be great. Working here, I get a mix of both and I think that’s what I really enjoy. Also, every Thursday night we have an awesome happy hour: 8-10 pm $1.50 drinks, and 10-12 pm $2 youcall-its; that happens every week. We usually do prize giveaways at happy hours too, so we keep it fun and exciting. That’s what bartending is to me: fun and exciting!





You've probably seen many of these businesses featured throughout the issue, but we thought we’d compile a directory to make planning your wedding as easy as possible:

Mainline Men’s mainlineclothiers.com 129 West Market St., West Chester (484) 905-7098 Mainline Men’s Clothier are formal and semiformal experts who'll find you the perfect suit for your next wedding.


Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Artifact shopartifact.com 200 W Gay St, West Chester (610) 431-7111 Artifact offers the boutique look (or perfect wedding look!) to women at affordable prices—everything in the store is under $60. Kaly kalyclothing.com 37 W Gay St, West Chester (610) 436-8272 Kaly offers exclusive apparel including lingerie and comfort clothing plus jewelry, gifts, handbags, hats, and scarves.

Jane Chalfant janechalfant.com 123 N High St, West Chester (610) 696-0290 Unique collections of everything from denim to dresses to casual sportswear from New York, California and Europe.

May23 may23online.com 117 W Gay St #134, West Chester (484) 356-1008 The latest in contemporary and fashionable women’s clothing and accessories, offering a fun, urban edge at this creative boutique.

Tish Boutique tishstyle.com 138 E Gay St, West Chester (610) 692-7500 Tish blends the latest trends with classic pieces to help create your own personal style for every age, size and budget.

Nich shopnich.com 29 S High St, West Chester (610) 436-8181 Ni­ch carries the latest in women’s clothing and accessories to bring a fun urban edge at inexpensive prices.

Joya Boutique joyaboutique.com 30 E Street Rd, West Chester (610) 399-8386 An eclectic boutique that offers “wearable art” perfect for special occasions or the mother of the bride.

OBVI obvionline.com 30 S High St, West Chester (610) 696-2477 OBVI specializes in providing women with affordable looks that work with their own personal style from exclusive desginers.

Blink shopblink.com 136 W Gay St, West Chester (610) 431-2212 BLINK offers selections from the latest contemporary designers and premium denim for every occasion.

Alibis alibiscafe.com 15 N Walnut St, West Chester (484) 887-0786 A bar and cafe specializing in great food, drinks, and an environment to enjoy excellent live entertainment from the area. Barnaby’s barnabyswestchester.com 15 S High St, West Chester (610) 696-1400 Barnaby’s exclusively handles bachelorette parties. Brides-to-be can celebrate in any or all of the seven different rooms. Kildare’s Irish Pub westchester.kildaresirishpub.com 18 W Gay St, West Chester (610) 431-0770 Kildare’s offers the flavor of Ireland with natural warmth and ambiance with individual rooms to hold any size party from 10 to 300.







Jimmy Duffy Catering jimmyduffy.com 284 Boot Rd. Downingtown, PA (610) 647-0160 At Jimmy Duffy’s, timeless classics blend with modern flair to create fabulous memories.

Symmetry Pilates symmetrypilatesstudio.com 511 E Gay St, West Chester (610) 431-8990 Symmetry Pilates is a comprehensive facility for Pilates and yoga instruction and overall body conditioning, perfect for tonight up before your wedding.

Colonial Village Meat Market colonialvillagewestchester.com 929 S High St, West Chester (610) 436-9514 Since 1972, Colonial Village Meat Market has been known for its quality meat and deli, excellent catering, reasonable prices, as well as its friendly and helpful staff.

Ram’s Head ramsheadbarandgrill.com 40 E Market St, West Chester (484) 631-0241 A gastro pub offering a delicious selection of American cuisine menu items. After dinner, the nightlife scene continues in Baxter’s Basement. West Chester Screen Print wcscreenprinting.com 508 Eaches Mill Rd, West Chester 484-459-3726 Located in West Chester and specializing in silk screen printing perfect for inexpensive shirts for your bachelorette parties.


Cakes & Candies by MaryEllen cakesandcandiesbymaryellen.com 1332 W Chester Pk, West Chester (484) 266-0710 Offering endless creativity with just the right amount of sweet and rich flavors, leading to astonishing desserts for your day. The Master’s Baker themastersbaker.com 880 Sunset Hollow, West Chester (610) 436-9888 The Master’s Baker, founded 1970, design and create works of culinary art specializing in wedding cakes and party cakes. Yori’s Bakery yorisbakery.com 15 N Church St, West Chester (610) 344-9674 Quality, from-scratch baking, done on the premises, specializing in creating unique and delicious custom cakes.

Destination Wedding & Honeymoons

Whirlaway Travel whirlawaytravel.com 26 W Market St, West Chester (610) 431-3642 Whirlaway Travel’s main objective when planning your travel is to ensure that you get the best value and help create memories that last a lifetime.


Greensleeves Entertainment greensleevesentertainment.com West Chester (610) 764-6283 Greensleeves Music works with a vast resource of musicians to provide any type of music you desire on your day. Schaffer Sound Productions schaffersound.com 843 N Providence Rd, Media, PA (610) 627-5900 Schaffer Sound has entertained at more than 30,000 functions of all types and guarantees to provide a DJ with at least 5 years expereince to give you the best wedding possible. DJ Romeo of SSPDJ djromeo.fm 316 W. Market St, West Chester (610) 299-1100 DJ Romeo of Schaffer Sound Productions has spun at hundreds of weddings, and with experience in everything from clubs in AC to 50th anniversaries, he’ll play to your audience and help make your day perfect.

Mitch’s mitchsgym.com 322 W Market St, West Chester (610) 918-2900 Mitch’s Gym is a health and fitness club that specializes in personal training, yoga, pilates and other group fitness classes, so you can look your best come the big day.


Halladay Florist halladayflorist.com 29 S Church St, West Chester (610) 696-5200 Halladay Florist serves the diverse needs of customers, giving special attention to all occasions both big and small to provide an individual look. Kati Mac Floral katimacfloraldesigns.com 36 S High St, West Chester (610) 431-9414 Finest floral arrangements and gifts, backed by friendly and prompt service dedicated to making your experience a pleasant one.


Kreutz Creek kreutzcreekvineyards.com 44 E Gay St, West Chester (610) 436-5006 Kreutz Creek Vineyards provides a Napalike atmosphere with enjoyable handmade craft wines, where you can even visit the tasting room to try a wine before purchase. Merchant of Menace themerchantofmenace.wordpress.com 1351 W Strasburg Rd, West Chester (610) 344-7774 Specializes in the “re-imagination” of found objects, and reclaimed material into art forms such as furniture, sculpture, and jewelry.



A P S Z SINCE 1948

BEVERAGE A West Chester Tradition Locally owned and operated since 1948, Spaz Beverage has been providing Chester and Delaware Counties with a great selection of imported, specialty and domestic beer. We also offer a variety of soda, mixers, spring water, mineral water and non-alcoholic beer.




Mon-Thurs 8:30am-9pm Fri & Sat 8:30am-10pm Sunday PRESS | VOICE OF 10am-6pm THE BOROUGH 70 THE WC


1015 West Chester Pike (610) 696-6320 www.spazbeverage.com

The 5 Senses the5senses.com 133 W Market St, West Chester (610) 719-0170 Representing North American and regional artists, The 5 Senses offers a range of different, yet still very useful and affordably priced objects ~ appealing to all five of the senses.

Calista Grand calistagrand.com 1211 Wilmington Pk, West Chester (610) 399-6677 The area's premier full-service salon and day spa offers rejuvenating facials, soothing massages, indulgent manicures and pedicures, making sure you look your best from head to toe.

Visual Expansion visualexpansiongallery.com 126 N High St, West Chester (610) 436-8697 Visual Expansion has offered local art, archival framing, and art restoration in a number of different mediums since 1975, providing a one-of-a-kind gift for the newly-weds.

Kalon www.kalonhair.com 138 W Market St, West Chester (610) 344-7747 Kalon provides a comfortable atmosphere, with exceptional personal service at a reasonable cost—creating great styles and color that are easy to wear.

Hair & Makeup

Avante Spa & Salon avantesalon.com 668 Downingtown Pk, West Chester (610) 429-1800 Offers a range of salon and spa options to pamper you and find the perfect look to complement your style with the right hairstyle and makeup. Balance Salon balancehairspa.com 150 E. Gay Street, West Chester (610) 314-4300 Balance Hair Spa specializes in impeccable service for hair coloring and design with an uncompromising commitment to quality. Blaze www.blazesalon.com 144 E Market St, West Chester (610) 431-2190 Blaze Salon is an upscale full-service salon, specializing in color artistry, corrective color, foils, precision cutting, make-up and waxing.

La Difference Salon & Spa ladifferencesalon.com 830 Paoli Pike, West Chester (610) 429-1808 Cultivating total relaxation and providing all the amenities of a full-service salon and a complete day spa, La Difference includes hair, nail, and beauty treatments. Mia Bella Salon miabellawc.com 7 N Church St, West Chester (610) 696-4247 An upscale retreat for those in need of a little pampering , they offer a warm, friendly environment to provide each client with “a little personal attention.” Peter’s Salon peterssalonandspa.com 1009 W Chester Pk, West Chester (610) 436-6464 Offering a specific Bridal Suite, just for weddings to give the discriminating bride a place to come and enjoy the experience of being pampered on her wedding day. Platinum Salon platinum4hair.com 129 Turner Ln, West Chester (610) 692-2887 A salon with a cool atmosphere featuring expert hair design artists and nail care specialists, take-home hair products, and upscale costume jewelry. Salon XQuisite salonxquisite.com 1243 W Chester Pk, West Chester (610) 701-8163 Small, comfortable, fun salon with a big punch that specializes in cuts, multi-tonal color and Brazilian keratin treatments.


Penwick penwickdesign.com 132 N High St, West Chester (610) 431-2739 Create one-of-a-kind invitations that reflect the mood of your special occasion from a vibrant color palette and extensive selection of decorative elements. Well Noted facebook.com/WellNoted 121 West Market St, West Chester (610) 350-1227 Well Noted is a full-service invitation, stationery, and ready-to-order company, offering a custom approach to every project.


Hotel Warner hotelwarner.com 120 N High St, West Chester (610) 692-6920 The Hotel Warner is the only hotel in the Borough and offers gracious hospitality, stunning rooms, and the historic charm of downtown West Chester.


Christie Green Photography christiegreenphotography.com West Chester (610) 350-8988 Christie Green is located right here in the borough of West Chester, and she specializes in wedding and engagement photography to capture your special day.





Roots Café rootscafewc.com 133 E Gay St, West Chester (610) 455-0100 An intimate cafe that provides local, organic, and affordable food and offers a full array of choices for your private party. We Laugh We Love Photography welaughwelove.com West Chester (401) 465-7570 We Laugh We Love is responsible for the cover of this wedding issue and many of the other features you see throughout the year, like our fashion issues. Amy Tucker Photography amytuckerphotography.com 102 E State St, Kennett Square, PA 19348 (484) 888-5115 Amy Tucker is a highly rated, fine-art trained photographer known for her artistic style that creates truly unique memories.

Rehearsal Dinner

Doc MacGrogan’s docmagrogans.com 117 E Gay St, West Chester (610) 429-4046 Doc Magrogan’s warm atmosphere, pleasant hospitality, and fresh dishes can handle your gathering of up to 100 people. Kooma koomarestaurants.com 123 N Church St, West Chester (610) 430-8980 Award winning, top quality sushi and asian fusion cuisine in the heart of West Chester where food is art and atmosphere enchanting.

Rehearsal Dinner & Catering

Pietro’s pietrosprime.com 125 W Market St, West Chester (484) 760-6100 An award-winning steak house in downtown West Chester, their private dining option can entertain any sized group for your rehearsal dinner.

Limoncello limoncellowc.com 9 N Walnut St, West Chester (610) 436-6230 Offering guidance through every step of the event, Limoncello caters to private functions and banquets, bringing legendary Italian cuisine and exceptional service.

Rings & Jewelry

Sunset Hill Jewelers sunsethilljewelers.com 23 N High St, West Chester (610) 692-0374 Sunset Hill Jewelers has a full line of engagement and wedding rings from antique to contemporary designs to fit any look you want.


Mainline Men’s mainlineclothiers.com 129 West Market St., West Chester (484) 905-7098 Formalwear experts with over 20 years of experience will help you choose the appropriate tuxedo that suits your wedding and complements your bride.


Chester County Historical Society chestercohistorical.org 225 N High St, West Chester (610) 692-4800 The Chester County Historical Society surrounds guests with six galleries filled with Chester County history and can accommodate rehearsal dinners and weddings up to 300 people. Concord Country Club concordclub.org 1601 Wilmington Pk, West Chester (610) 459-2200 Concord Country Club accommodates large to small weddings, and offers the magnificent ballroom with seating for 220 and panoramic views of the course.

Greystone Hall greystonehall.com 1034 Phoenixville Pk, West Chester (610) 696-1272 Greystone Hall is a stately mansion harkening back to the Gilded Age at the center of an English-style country estate— the ideal site for elegant weddings. Milestone milestonemoments.net 600 E Market St, West Chester (610) 918-4704 A customizable wedding venue, Milestone offers elegent, tastefully decorated rooms that complement any color scheme and offer choice of using their in-house catering or self-catering your event. Oakbourne Mansion oakbournemansion.org 1014 S Concord Rd, West Chester (610) 692-1930 The Oakbourne Mansion is a striking Victorian mansion at the center of Oakbourne Park perfect for small elegent weddings. Penn Oaks pennoaksgolfclub.com 150 Penn Oaks Dr, West Chester (610) 399-0501 Historical grounds, with picturesque trees and lovely greens spanning across the countryside with spacious and tasteful décor to suit your wedding reception. West Side ballroomatwestside.com 430 Hannum Ave, West Chester (610) 563-7964 Westside offers an elegant space for your wedding. The catering can be provided by Christina’s Catering, who offers a wide selection, or you can supply your own.

Venue & Lodging

Faunbrook faunbrook.com 699 W Rosedale Ave, West Chester (610) 436-5788 Faunbrook Bed & Breakfast is an elegant, intimate, historical Victorian inn in West Chester serving as an event venue for 100 guests or less, with seven guest rooms for overnight accommodations. Turn the page to view our To-Do List!



Join us for the 12th Annual event to support the

beautification of Downtown West Chester

pinnaCle sponsors

panorama sponsors



Chestnut Street Garage


Saturday, June 7, 2014 | 7-11pm Live Music, Buffet, Beer and Wine, and Rooftop Martini

A. Roy Smith Blue Dog Printing & Design Maillie LLP

M u s i c a l E n t E rta i n M E n t b y blue sky band

meDia sponsors

d E s s E rt s c o M p l i M E n t s o f cakes & candies by MaryEllen, d’ascenzo’s Gelato and yori’s bakery

The West Chester Downtown Foundation and Up on the Roof are charitable funds of the Chester County Community Foundation. A copy of the official registration and financial information for the Chester County Community Foundation may be obtained by calling the PA Dept of State at 1-800-732-0999 (toll-free in PA.) Registration does not imply endorsement. EIN 23-2773822.


dinnEr coMpliMEnts of limoncello

F o r m o r e i n f o r m at i o n g o t o :

www.WCDF.org For questions contact the Chester County Community Foundation at 610-696-2628.

To take the stress out of making sure you plan what needs to be planned when it needs to be planned, here is a quick, comprehensive list of everything that needs taking care of.

12 Months Ahead

 Create budget  Reserve ceremony site  Work on guest list for count  Visit reception sites and reserve one

9 Months Ahead

 Shop for wedding dress  Compile guest list  Choose attendants  Select bridesmaids' attire  Plan reception decorations  Select photographer  Select videographer  Select band or DJ  Discuss honeymoon  Get engagement photo taken  Select and mail save-the-date cards

6-9 Months Ahead

 Reserve wedding day transportation  Register for gifts at 1 to 3 stores  Select and book musicians for wedding ceremony  Select florist  Select caterer  Reserve party rental equipment  Order wedding cake  Order invitations and thank-you notes  Reserve accommodations for out-oftown guests  Finalize honeymoon plans

4-6 Months Ahead

 Order men’s formalwear  Book salon for bridal party  Select guest favors  Select and reserve rehearsal dinner location  Reserve accommodations for wedding  Finalize guest list

2-4 Months Ahead

 Meet with caterer to finalize menu  Address wedding invitations  Buy attendants’ gifts  Buy wedding rings and order engraving  Announce engagement in local papers  Select ceremony music, readings and vows.  Arrange ceremony rehearsal and notify participants  Order rehearsal dinner invitation  Mail wedding invitations

1-2 Months Ahead

 Call county clerk’s office for marriage license details and schedule date to obtain  Arrange final fittings on your gown  Make reservations for bridesmaids’ luncheon  Confirm honeymoon arrangements  Prepare printed program for ceremony  Start reception seating chart and select place cards  Purchase wedding accessories (guest book and pen, toasting glasses etc)

2-4 Weeks Ahead

 Arrange for preservation of your gown and bridal bouquet  Finish seating chart and finalize placecards, table cards and/or menu cards  Confirm final guest count to caterer & reception site  Write rehearsal dinner and wedding toasts

1 Week Ahead

 Have final consultation with caterer, florist,musicians, photographer and videographer  Host bridesmaid luncheon  Begin packing for honeymoon  Put fees due on the wedding day in envelopes for the best man to distribute

 Enjoy your wedding!

This list is courtesy of The Bride Guide to West Chester. For more information, visit bg2wc.com







DJ Romeo gives the perfect songs to make those moments unforgettable .

As I see friends taking the leap into marriage, I’ve grown to love the wedding reception tradition. As a DJ, being part of that tradition means more to me than anything else. The following list is a sampling of the most requested songs by our clients at Schaffer Sound Productions, and any bride-to-be would be wise to take note. djromeo@thewcpress.com | www.soundcloud.com/d-j-romeo

Ceremony Music Pachelbel - Canon in D Yo-Yo Ma - Bach Cello Suite No. 1 Clarke - Trumpet Voluntary Bridal Party Introductions Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling Beyonce & Jay-Z - Crazy In Love Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel Bride & Groom’s First Dance John Legend - All of Me Christina Perri - A Thousand Years Blake Shelton - God Gave Me You Bride & Father Dance The Temptations - My Girl Heartland - I Loved Her First Frank Sinatra - The Way You Look Tonight Groom & Mother Dance Rascal Flatts - My Wish Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World The Beatles - In My Life Bouquet Toss Beyonce - Single Ladies Beastie Boys - GIRLS Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Garter Removal Nelly - Hot In Here David Rose - The Stripper Justin Timberlake - Sexyback Top Modern Wedding Dance Songs Pharrell Williams - Happy Pitbull ft. Ke$ha - Timber Robin Thicke ft. Pharrell Williams & T.I. - Blurred Lines Ultimate Line Dances Cupid - Cupid Shuffle V.I.C. - The Wobble Marcia Griffiths - Electric Boogie Top Last Dance Songs Michael Buble - Save the Last Dance for Me Journey - Don’t Stop Believing Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes - (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life



kooma 151 W Gay St (Old Kooma Location) 484-947-5410  koomaviet.com www.koomarestaurants.com


Pho Rice Vermicelli Special Dishes


Vietnamese Egg Rolls Select Asian Beers Seafood Stir Fry Korean BBQ Summer Rolls plus other Chinese, Korean & Vietnamese dishes


Happy Hour Mon-Fri 4:30-6:30pm $5 Wine $2 off Martinis $3 Drafts 20% off Appertizers

Closed Mondays Tuesday–Thursday: 11:30am-10:00pm Friday–Saturday: 11:30am-11:00pm Sunday: 12:00pm-8:00pm reservations accepted

takeout available



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The WC Press Wedding Issue - May 2014  

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