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“Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” –Steve Jobs


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OWNERS OF THE MONTH Chatting with Split Rail's Paul McCreavy and Douglas Huntley


THE LOOK Summer fashion tips from Blink


THE SUMMER FUN GUIDE 77 festivals, fairs and fun things to do this summer


EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH Meet Shana Walsh, Kids Zone coordinator at ACAC


THE MAKEOVER Velvet Hair Studio brings out a lucky client's natural beauty


PHOTO HUNT Find the five differences between the two pictures and win!






from the


Dan Mathers shares some personal insight about this month’s theme

I think everyone’s first week of college is preoccupied by small talk as you meet an endless stream of new faces. Alongside the classics like “What dorm are you in?” and “What’s your major?” was the question “Where are you from?” And, while the answers to those questions varied greatly, there was one consistent theme. No matter their origins, everyone I encountered expressed a similar conviction: there was nothing to do in their hometown. As a freshman, confident that West Chester was boring, I bonded with others over the shared sentiment that life would be more exciting in college. After all, my high school peers were so certain of the scarcity of entertainment that we’d hang out in the Wendy’s parking lot and call it a fun Friday night. However, after I’d left West Chester in my rear-view, I began to reflect on it in a different light. I mean, it definitely had more to offer than Penn State come summertime—at least it wasn’t situated in the middle of nowhere. My first job took me to Cape May, NJ, and by January of that year—when the tourists had gone home, the snowbirds had shipped off to Florida, and the bars and restaurants had closed—I was pining for all the excitement of my hometown. At the time I felt it was a matter of perspective. State College's closest neighbor is a cow pasture, and Cape May had only 3,000 year-round residents. Of course West Chester had more to do! It wasn’t until we assembled our first Summer Fun Guide that I began to realize my mistake. West Chester wasn’t boring, and it wasn’t simply fun by comparison; West Chester was loaded with activities, and I was simply ignorant. Four years ago we set out to inform our fellow residents with a list of "53 reasons not to go to the beach this summer." We bragged that our guide was “nearly definitive.” As it turns out, it fell far short of our own praise. As the years have gone by—this is now our fifth Summer Fun Guide—our list has done nothing but grow. We’ve removed some of the less novel entries (like listing ice cream eating as an activity) and yet this year’s guide contains 77 different entertainment options and spans 16 pages. It may seem massive, and it may seem complete, yet I know we’ve missed a couple of events; I expect this issue will be even bigger next year. All-in-all it’s a compelling directory, and no matter your age, you’ll find more than a few things to occupy your time. Parents will take note of entries aimed at occupying children who are home for the summer, and young adults will find suggestions for amusements beyond bar hopping (although, there are a handful of booze-related options). Even teenagers who’re sure their hometown has nothing to offer will be greeted by a host of entertainment opportunities. Sure, it may deprive West Chester’s graduating high school students of a shared subject over which to commiserate with others, but it’s a whole lot better than sitting on the hood of your car, wishing you had enough money to buy yourself another Frosty. Trust me. —





Owner(s) of the



Discussing business building and innovation with Split Rail Tavern's Paul McCreavy and Douglas Huntley. How’d you come up with the concept for Split Rail Tavern? Doug: We try to stay away from the word gastropub... but for lack of a better word that’s what we are. One constant in our favorite bars is that they are places where a doctor, a lawyer, a plumber, a teacher and an electrician are all sitting at the same bar, all talking—different walks of life can commingle and rub elbows. Paul: A tavern should be a place for bringing people together. D: I have a background in fine dining, and so does our chef de cuisine. We wanted to take those sensibilities and apply them to accessible food. Our menu changes four

times a year, and our ethos is craft, handmade, local. We even take a hands-on approach to our beer and cocktails What’s been most rewarding so far? D: Validation that we could pull it off! P: Yeah. You know, I didn't realize how much competition there was in town. You think, “They’re not our competition— they’re an Italian restaurant,” but, really, everyone is our competition. Trying to earn the regular business of people who have already been going elsewhere is tough. Making regulars is the hardest part. Have anything exciting in the pipeline? P: We’re going to partner with Levante for a beer garden. D: Well we’re already partners—they’ve brewed an exclusive saison for us since last May. I was talking to Eric Santostefano, the president of Levante, one day and we got to discussing this barn location in Chester Springs. I told Eric about our concept for a beer garden there. Well, the Levante team went out there, they saw it and liked it. Once we accepted the idea that we were doing business based on handshakes, we assigned duties, got working, and now we're slated to open in June!

Whoa! That happened fast. P: I took a trip when this idea was in its infancy, and I was still at an airport in Barcelona when I got the call from Doug saying, “We’re doing this!” D: But, Split Rail is our flagship, this is our base. We’ll never get tired of innovating in this space. Right now we’re really pumped about what's going on there, too. The big question is: how do you guys like working together? P: We’ve had our fights, but one of the reasons I love working with Doug is we always reach a resolution. D: Paul and I are practically married. When you go into business with somebody, you’re stuck with them—you've always gotta work things out. In our working relationship, while we have many similarities, we come at everything from different angles: I’m the food guy and Paul has an accounting background. We have different ideas, but at the end of the day, we always come together. We embrace differing opinions and respect the other's input. P: If you think that you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room!



Near and Far

Jamie Jones of Whirlaway Travel explores some travel options abroad and highlights their local counterparts

Summer is fast upon us. Just like every other year, that means I go into a mad dash of planning out camps, vacations, barbeques, gardening, patio projects... the list goes on and on. Last summer my family was run ragged with weddings and all that comes with them. We were juggling crazy schedules to the point that we decided to tone it down this year and actually enjoy our favorite time of year without all the social responsibilities. We live in a great neighborhood in the borough and actually like our neighbors. Our kids can roam freely with their friends and we enjoy cocktails in the driveway or on our newly finished deck. Summer is a great time to take advantage of our incredible surroundings in this town, which makes this issue one of my favorites. All of that being said, travel is part of me. I grew up traveling and want my kids to experience the world. We set a goal a few years ago to try to visit every state before the kids graduate high school. We have checked a few states off so far and in planning this summers’ vacation had all intentions of exploring a new state (Texas and Georgia were at the top of our list). Over dinner one night we each listed our top three wants for our vacation to help narrow it down, and with an overwhelming majority, the beach came in first, followed by family time, then relaxing at an open bar. I made the executive decision to escape the US for some sun and sand and disconnect at Finest Playa Mujeres in Mexico. The resort is nothing short of incredible, boasting 12 sumptuous restaurants offering food for every palate, 16 bars and lounges to fulfill that need for a cold drink around every corner. There’s nightly entertainment to delight young and old, daily activities at a kids club people rave about, and a full-service spa to massage our stresses away. What sealed the deal was the option of a family suite, a junior suite with an attached bedroom with twin beds for kids. As wonderful as the resort and all of its offerings are, a week in one room with two young children sharing a pullout sofa is not my idea of a relaxing time. Everyone needs their space, including my sleeping seven-year-old’s flailing arms and legs. As much as we are looking forward to our week-long vacation away from home, we are still very excited for all that West Chester has to offer in the summer months. From concerts and movies in the park, Swingin’ Summer Thursdays and festivals galore, there is something for everyone. We will be kicking off the official start of the season with our neighbors at Summer Solstice at the Brandywine Valley Association, where the kids can run free, and we can enjoy an ice cold beer or two with our friends. That’s what living in this great town is all about. —

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Blink boutique forecasts the biggest trends for the coming season

Look One

PHOTO Sabina Sister

STORY Ilysa Biles

As the days get longer and warmer, the summer styles get brighter and bolder. One of the best ways to play up these bold options is to pair them with something a little simpler—we love the pops of color against crisp chambray and white denim! With a classic chambray and clean, white denim, you can play up just about any look. Rompers are a summer staple, and

Blink has tons of styles and colors to choose from. One that stands out from the crowd is this chambray, ruffle, offthe-shoulder piece by Splendid—it's one of our favs! This romper can be dressed up for a night out, or dressed down for a casual lunch. Best of all, it's unbelievably soft. White jeans are another summer must, and these Hudson ripped

Hot Pink, Tie-Front Tank Susana Monaco, $118 Distressed Jeans Hudson, $176 Gray Suede Heels Splendid, $146

Look Two

Off-The-Shoulder Chambray Romper Splendid, $13 Nude, Suede Wedges Splendid, $138 Yellow Tassel Earrings Misa, $88

skinnies are perfect. Our white jeans options come clean, ripped, capri, and as shorts from designers like Jbrand, 7forallmankind, Level 99 and Hudson. This hot pink, tie-front tank by Susana Monaco pairs perfectly with the denim. Stop into Blink, and we'll make sure to get you ready for everything summer holds, whether it's a fun night out in WC or a margarita at the beach!





Design Dilemmas Andrea Mason of Perceptions Interiors is a professional interior designer who wants to help you upgrade your space

It’s home buying season, and who wouldn’t want to live in West Chester? I was recently one of the many people touring what seemed like a million houses to find the perfect one. With all of the homes that I visited, it dawned on me that a lot of people are missing that extra impact that can help others see its beauty or potential. Let’s talk about a few cost-effective and easy fixes to help your home look amazing and sell quickly! Curb Appeal First impressions are everything. Spruce up your yard with plants that fill out the front nicely and add cheerful flowers to welcome your potential buyers. Power wash the siding of your house as well as any decks. Don’t forget to mow your lawn and clear any walkways of leaves and debris. Wash your windows and clean out your gutters. Interior Paint It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. Your goal is to create a house that people can imagine themselves in. This is not the time to be experimenting with color. Keep the paint selection simple and clean with a neutral color. My favorites are Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter or Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan. Clean Find a place for everything in your house, preferably hidden! Clean off all surfaces and take down any family photos and collectables. Put away dog bowls and kids toys. Remove objects that exude your style. The overall tone of your house should be neutral—nothing too bright and distracting. You want to help your potential buyer see the architectural and design detailing in your house, not in your things. You also want them to see a nice, clean, fresh home that they could own! Stage You want to find a happy medium between making your house look clean and tidy but also lived in. Place flowers as a dining table centerpiece, enhance your fireplace by placing a stack of wood next to it, and fluff your pillows and fold a blanket on the sofa. Place a stack of books and a candle on an end table. Decorate your bed with layers of pillows and hang a fluffy robe in your bathroom. These are all accents that can help your home seem more inviting. Rooms with Purpose Make sure that all of your rooms have a specific function, whether it be an office, a bedroom, or a gym. Do not combine two ideas in one space. It will be easier for the potential buyer to imagine what the room could be used for if there isn’t a clutter of things. You want to help them answer the question, “What can I do with this space?” If you need help executing the above suggestions, or if you’re unsure where even to begin, I offer staging services that will help your house fly off the market, so don’t hesitate to reach out! —





Festivals, Fairs And Fun Things To Do In West Chester This Summer

by Ayla karim Kate Chadwick & Skye McDonald



One-Time Events Mark your calendars, now. These events only happen once... this year. While there are a tone of options— we’ve got everything from 5Ks to Shakespearean plays—there are at least a few that will be can’t-miss moments for you and your family this summer.

JUNE 2-4 “Blueprints” by Nickerson-Rossi Dance The debut of Blueprints by contemporary modern Nickerson-Rossi Dance at the Knauer Performing Arts Center also marks the debut of Nickerson Rossi as the Uptown! resident dance company. Get your tickets now for this compelling performance. Uptown Performing Arts, 226 N High St | 610.356.2787

JUNE 2 The Art Trust’s Opening Reception JUNE 3 for “Operation” Up on the Roof Party The Art Trust presents the works of three local ceramic sculptors: Pam Lethbridge, Sandy Malamed, and Eileen O’Donnell. Using clay as a material and the human figure as inspiration, the featured works all relate to the theme of “Operation.” The opening reception is from 4:30-8:30pm, with the show running until July 28. The Art Trust at Meridian Bank, 16 W Market St |

Watch the sun setting over downtown West Chester from the best vantage point in town: the roof of the Chestnut Street Parking Garage. From 7–11pm, you’ll get to nosh on offerings from some of West Chester’s favorite restaurants and dessert purveyors and enjoy a complimentary bar with beer, wine and the signature Rooftop Martini. 14 E Chestnut Street |

The annual Up On The Roof party, taking place this year on June 3, is the most fun you’ll ever have in a parking garage. The food is great, the drink selection is excellent and those views...

Flea Market and Bike Sale Get in on the flea marketing craze at the West Chester Flea Market, where you can find that new-to-you bike along with plenty of other treasures large and small. The market will run from 9am to 2pm at Borough Hall. West Chester Municipal Building, 401 E Gay St

JUNE 4 Super Sunday It’s downtown West Chester’s biggest street party! From 11am to 5pm, Gay Street between Matlack and Darlington becomes a giant street fair for all ages. There are rides, games, moon bounces, a dunk tank, and much more for the kids, with antique cars and craft booths for parents, and plenty of food vendors for everyone. Admission is free. Gay St between Matlack and Darlington 610.436.9010



Sunny, with 100% chance of success. We make math make sense. At Mathnasium, we teach math in a way that makes sense. Our summer programs are designed to combat summer learning loss—we’ll help your kids retain all they learned in math class this year, so they’re well equipped for a strong start in the fall! Summer Learning Gap













Johns Hopkins University study about summer slide: http:// why-summer-learning/

844-4GETMATH (844-443-8628) •



JUNE 10 Second Annual H.O.P. Party JUNE 8 Trail Blazer Run Lace up your running shoes for the 6th annual 5K trail run, or sign up the whole family for the 1.5 mile family fun hike. Either way, you’ll be supporting East Bradford Township’s public trails. The race starts at 6:30pm, and your registration fee includes an after party sponsored by Victory Brewing. Rain or shine! Paradise Farm Camps, 1300 Valley Creek Rd

JUNE 9 Classic Broadway Gala Kick off the Resident Theatre Company’s first season in style! A glamorous pre-party and red carpet walk starts at 6:30, followed by a live show with Broadway stars Becca Ayers, Marty Thomas, Nikki Van Cassele, and Chelsey Ristaino at 8:30pm. Chester County Art Association, 100 N Bradford Ave 610.356.2787 |

Levante Brewing is celebrating their second anniversary with a follow-up to their inaugural H.O.P.(Helping Other People) party. From 12-7pm you’ll get to enjoy food trucks, live music, and craft beers, with a portion of ticket sales going to the Chester County Food Bank and Fiorenza’s Food for Friends. Get a free beer if you bring five non-perishable food items to donate. Levante Brewing 208 Carter Dr | 484.999.8761

West Chester Public Library’s Summer Reading Challenge Kickoff The West Chester Public Library is a fantastic resource for entertainment this summer, and their Summer Reading Club is at the center of it all. Register for their summer activities, plus enjoy balloons, crafts, games temporary tattoos and much more. Bring the whole family! The event runs from 10am to 2pm. West Chester Public Library 415 N Church St 610.696.1721

The winners of the West Chester Public Library’s 2016 Summer Reading Challenge, which kicks off this year on June 10 with a big ol’ party, gathered to celebrate with Mayor Carolyn Committa on the patio of the library.

JUNE 11 Chester County Hospital Polo Cup With live entertainment, a silent auction, free activities for the kids, and tailgating for the grownups, all culminating in an athletic showdown of horse and rider, the Chester County Hospital Polo Cup is the place to be on June 11. Tailgating and festivities begin at 1:30pm, with the match starting at 3pm. The event features a beer garden and the culinary stylings of Limoncello Restaurant and Cakes & Candies by Maryellen. Brandywine Polo Club 260 Polo Rd, Toughkenamon 610.268.8692





Local favorites, like Boxcar Brewing Company and Levante Brewing Company, are just two of the more than 60 breweries who will be represented at the first ever West Chester Craft Beer Festival, which is taking place at the Melton Center on June 17.

JUNE 11 Spring Naturalist Walk In this event, participants are accompanied by expert naturalist William Ryan to help see beauty they might otherwise miss. The walk will last about one and a half to two hours. It’s not a run, but a walk and hike where you can enjoy the true beauty of nature in the Chapel Trail. The event starts at 2pm, and registration fees are $20 for families, $10 for individuals. Rain date June 24. Chapel Trail 1300 Valley Creek Rd

JUNE 13 Paleo Dinner on the Patio You don’t need to choose between your diet and a magical night on the patio at Faunbrook Bed and Breakfast. Enjoy a three-course paleo meal and learn about the benefits of this style of eating. The dinner starts at 6pm and is BYOB. Faunbrook Bed & Breakfast, 699 W. Rosedale Ave. 610.436.5788

©Amy Gillard Photography

JUNE 15 The Land of Goshen 1777: From Turk’s Head to County Seat This kickoff event for the Town Tours and Village Walks series will explore the Revolutionary War happenings around the Turk’s Head Inn, and will visit the northeast quadrant of present-day West Chester. Topics will include Lafayette, Marshall Square Park, Victorian architecture, the Chester County Hospital, private academies, industrialization, plants, and nurseries. Preregistration starts at 5:30pm with the tour kicking off at 6:30. Chester County Historical Society, 225 N High St | 610.269.8230

JUNE 16 Uptown presents: The Summer Club Get into the swinging sounds of summer with Jeff Coon and some of his most talented and entertaining friends from the Philadelphia and New York areas, and all backed up by a 17-piece big band. Uptown Knauer Performing Arts, 226 N High St 610.356.2787 |

JUNE 17 Craft Beer Festival The resurgence of downtown West Chester is often attributed to craft beer (looking at you, Iron Hill), so it is only fitting that there should be a festival to celebrate said beer. The First Annual Craft Beer Festival, held on June 17 from 1pm to 5pm will be sure to lighten moods and brighten days and nights with delicious drinks of every variety and flavor. This event also acts as a music festival as well, with a live performances. Make sure to purchase tickets online prior to the event. VIP tickets will allow entrance to the festival an hour before the start time, as well as a complementary lanyard to hold your sampling glass. All general admissions just get a sampling glasses. Bring your taste buds and have a good and safe time! 501 East Miner Street |





JULY 16 Turks Head Music Festival

JUNE 22 Broadway in the Borough Want the Broadway experience without traveling to New York? Broadway in the Borough combines the culture of live theatre with the West Chester community! This professional cabaret series produced by The Resident Theatre Company (RTC) at Sprout Music Collective will cast the spotlight on singers from New York and Philadelphia who present an eclectic style of music from various Broadway productions. Kristin McLaughlin Mitchell, founding artistic director of The Resident Theatre Company, stated that the audience is invited to interact with the cast at the after party. “We feel this helps to strengthen the arts community in West Chester,” she said, “and it provides our audiences with a truly unique experience.” The Next Broadway in the Borough will be on Thursday, June 22nd and will feature Luke Grooms, renowned Tenor who was seen in The Phantom of the Opera and has performed with The Metropolitan Opera, and at Carnegie Hall. 226 N High St | 610.356.ARTS

While Shakespeare can be a bit difficult for the whole family to understand, Romeo and Juliet is such a classic that even kids can follow along. Grab your blankets and catch Commonwealth Classic Theatre’s free production in Everhart Park on July 7.

JULY 7 “Romeo and Juliet” Presented at Everhart Park Commonwealth Classic Theatre Company is a professional theatre company that has been connecting communities with the cultural arts in the region for 13 years. One of their most popular series is their annual Shakespeare in the Park. Join them for this free production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and enjoy this timeless classic right in our own backyard. Everhart Park 100 S Brandywine St | 610.202.7878

What’s not to love about the Turks Head Music Festival? Keith Kurowski, director of parks and recreation, has a list of his top three reasons to love this event: Number 1: It’s Priceless…For Real Attendance for the Music Festival is free—and according to Kurowski, that’s a rare find nowadays. Community members can come out to Everhart Park and not spend a penny doing so... though you can if you so choose (there are some great vendors). Number 2: The Festival’s Longevity “We’ve been running this event on the third Sunday in July for the past 35 years (with few exceptions),” he stated. “That’s over 350 bands that have graced the stage!” Number 3: The Effervescent Community Feeling The feeling of community surrounding the park is permeable, and always accompanied by positive vibes with all of the available activities. Kurowski stated excitedly that there is always good music, good food, and good people in general. “Plus,” he added, “if you look around the neighborhood, folks have barbeque’s and parties as you can usually hear the music in the block around the park.” “This event,” he concluded, “is just one of several that make West Chester such a great place to live.” 401 E Gay St | 610.436.9010





JULY 19 - JULY 23 Summer Sidewalk Sale This five-day event is a favorite of area bargain hunters and shopaholics. All of your favorite retailers will be out in force throughout the borough. So, map out your favorite shopping destinations, cross your fingers for fair skies, put on your walking shoes, and browse, stroll, and shop your way across town. Downtown West Chester 610.738.3350

JULY 24 - AUGUST 4 The Handwork Studio Workshops Handwork Day Camp Got a crafty, creative kid on your hands? We’ve got a camp for you. The Handwork Studio Workshops is a kids’ fashion and needle arts community. Sign your budding crafter or fashionista up for a hands-on experience in hand sewing, knitting, weaving, and more. Day Camp for ages 5-12. West Chester University, 700 S High St | 610.660.9600

The Handwork Studio Workshops Fashion and Machine Sewing Camp This crafty camp is for the nine to 15-year-old kid in your life who wants to learn to sew. Whether future fashion designer or learning an eminently practical skill, your child will learn to read and use patterns and pick their own project. West Chester University, 700 S High St | 610.660.9600

The Twilight Cycling Series, kicking off on August 12 this year, is one of the biggest events in the borough, and it’s about so much more than bicycles. Catch great local vendors at the Community Festival, right in the middle of the track

JULY 28 Uptown presents Better than Bacon Improv Every show is a brand new experience when you’re watching Better Than Bacon perform. It’s all made up on the spot and driven by suggestions from the audience. Improvisation is their game, so get your tickets and get in on the act. Uptown Knauer Performing Arts, 226 N High St. | 610.356.2787

Twelfth Night Experience Shakespeare in the great outdoors with the PA Leadership Charter School’s Production of Twelfth Night. Bring the family and friends, a picnic and a blanket or chairs, and enjoy a free production of this timeless classic comedy. The Shakespearean shenanigans start at 6pm. Hoopes Park, 700 Hoopes Park Ln 610.436.9010 |

AUGUST 12 Benchmark Twilight Cycling Classic Do you believe life is better on two wheels? This summer special event is perfect for you! You can either participate (amateur qualifiers start at 8am the day of at Bayard Rustin High School) or support a field of Olympic-caliber riders in both the men’s and women’s professional races. There are also plenty of challenges for your children to compete in, like the Tolsdorf Trike Challenge and the West Chester Dental Arts Kid’s Race! With so many different competitions throughout the day, it’s easy to stay active, healthy, and have fun biking or spectating! This is an event that screams, “community!” especially with the fun-filled activities throughout the day that don’t involve bikes, such as Kid’s Zone and the Community Festival. featuring more than 30 vendors. This really is a spectacle you don’t want to miss! 119 N High St | 610.696.4046





AUGUST 2 National Night Out Against Crime Though West Chester is a fun and safe environment, it is always savvy to stand against crime in town. National Night Out Against Crime, hosted by the West Chester Police Department since 2013, is aimed at having the community show support against crime and violence and build a relationship between enforcement and the community According to the Police Department, the event includes residents supporting each other by locking up their residences and properties, turning on a porch light, and coming out into town to participate in a street festival with community members, first responders, and law enforcement officials. This idea is to show solidarity against crime and violence. Since the 1984’s First Annual “America’s Night Out Against Crime,” West Chester has adopted their mentality to solidify the sense of community, spirit, and determination that will lead to change and a brighterfuture. West Chester Municipal Building, 401 East Gay Street | 610.692.7574

AUGUST 13 Touch a Truck Day This event is a blast for fans of all things automotive. Local businesses will bring their vehicles to the Chester County Government Services Building parking lot for you and the kids to get up close and personal, with cars, trucks (including fire trucks!) and tractors for the exploring. There will be clowns to entertain the kids, and plenty of food vendors. The event runs from 12-4pm and is free. Parking is $3.00. 601 Westtown Rd | 610.436.9010

AUGUST 14 - AUGUST 18 Radical Reactions & Detective Science It’s not rocket science… it’s radical reactions and detective science. During this week-long camp, 7 to 12-year-old science fans will mix potions, make sidewalk chalk, grow crystals, and make and analyze their own fingerprints. 9am-noon

Momentum Madness Fasten your seatbelts for a week-long camp for 8 to 12-year-old engineers to learn about four specific fields: industrial, electrical, mechanical, and aerospace, and then build vehicles and safety mechanisms for speed and safety. 9am-noon

Inventor’s Workshop This creative camp is for the 4 to 7-yearold set to invent new machines and explore creative design solutions through engineering. They’ll also learn how a windup toy works and design their own drawing robot. 9am-noon

Hardware Engineering Get Wired with Makey Makey In this week-long engineering program, 8 to 12-year-old students will engineer their own customized video game controllers. Via the application of circuitry, acoustical engineering and video game design, they’ll learn new ways to interact with technology. 9am-noon

Kids take to technology far faster than the rest of us, so why not introduce them to one of the fastest growing technologies that’s about to invade our homes: 3D printing? And, what better way to get them interested than by crafting their Minecraft creations in this camp running from August 21-25.

Intro to Film and T V: Acting and Behind the Scenes This cool camp is for 8 to 15-year-old thespians who will learn the basics of acting, directing, and operating a camera. Scriptwriting, improvisation, and storyboarding will also be introduced. They’ll truly learn the basics! 9am-noon West Chester Municipal Building, 401 E Gay S 610.696.1773 |

AUGUST 21 - AUGUST 25 3D Printing: Minecraft Creations In this week-long program for kids from 8 to 12 years old, students will explore the basic concepts of 3D printing and computer-aided design, or CAD, in order to bring their favorite Minecraft creation to life. 9am-noon West Chester Municipal Building 401 E Gay St 610.696.1773 |





The WC Summer Soirée is a fundraising party based on the Diner en Blanc concept. This year it’s on August 26, but the location won’t be released until August 25.

AUGUST 21 - AUGUST 25 Science in Action Campers aged 7-12 will investigate Newton’s Laws of Motion in simple machines and discover fun physics through sound waves, gravity, inertia and more. This is a hands-on camp, with take-home projects every day, and they’ll learn about aerodynamics as well. 9am-noon West Chester Municipal Building, 401 E Gay St 610.696.1773 |

Lego Robotics Simple Machine United In this Junior Robotics camp, kids ages 4-7 will explore the basic concepts of simple machines and how we use them, using Lego WeDo construction and resource kits to produce new and exciting builds. 9am-noon West Chester Municipal Building, 401 E Gay St 610.696.1773 |

Lego Robotics: EV3 Robo Battles This program is designed to introduce 8 to 12-year-old campers to the world of both building and programming basic robots, and will explore ways in which a robot could be utilized to engage in different battle challenges. West Chester Municipal Building, 401 E Gay Street 610.696.1773 |

Wings, Wheels and Sails This program for 4 to 7-year-old campers makes the connection between engineering and transport. During the camp, students will get “passports,” and travel to a new country each day via different means, and will engineer their own mode of transportation. 9am-noon West Chester Municipal Building, 401 E Gay St 610.696.1773 |

AUGUST 26 WC Summer Soirée In an event similar to Diner en Blanc, which is held in large cities like Philadelphia, New York City and San Francisco, the Second Annual WC Summer Soirée invites the West Chester community to arrive dressed all in white and bring a picnic dinner and cocktails to be enjoyed at a surprise location, which is announced the day of the event. Kelly McLaughlin Catania explained what is so striking about the WC Summer Soirée. “The difference between these nationwide cocktail parties and the WC Summer Soirée is that we are a registered 501© 3 non-profit wherein all proceeds benefit West Chester children and local charities,” Cantania stated. This year’s WC Summer Soirée will once again include dinner, live music, dancing, and great times to be had with friends in the West Chester community. At last year’s inaugural event held at the American Helicopter Museum, they witnessed nearly 400 people in attendance. Proceeds for the event fund at-risk children in the community who come from low-income families and need assistance with necessities. This year, the WC Summer Soirée will raise funds to support the Chester County Family Academy, Cuddle My Kids, and The Andrew Hicks Foundation. “‘WC Summer Soirée’ has already made a huge impact on our local community,” Catania said. “We have helped many families with life’s basic necessities like food, clothing, and school supplies. Equally as important, we are bringing our community together, which is empowering in and of itself.” 917.699.8166 |

AUGUST 26 East Goshen Food Truck and Music Festival This free and fun event will feature live music with several bands and performers, a moon bounce for the kids to play in, and trucks... plenty of trucks, with plenty of food, including that most important of food groups, dessert. The event will run from 4-8pm. East Goshen Township Park, Stage Area |





Borough residents are familiar with the West Chester Growers Market (every Saturday, 9am-1pm at Church and Chestnut) but you should also make an effort to check out the East Goshen Farmer’s Market every Thursday, from 3-7pm

Recurring Events Opportunities are still limited, but you’ll have more than one chance to catch these events throughout the summer. There’s borough classics, like First Friday and Swingin’ Summer Thursday, as well as some things you not have thought of, like family-friendly yoga.

East Goshen Farmer’s Market The East Goshen Farmer’s Market will be held each Thursday from 3-7pm through October 12. Swing by to pick up the absolute farm-freshest quality, locally grown, and flavorful food—produce, meats, baked goods and more—to enjoy for all of your summer meals, picnics, and backyard barbeques. There’s handmade soaps and jewelry, too. East Goshen Park, 1661 Paoli Pk 610.692.7171 |

Summer Concert Series at East Bradford Park Join the Diamond State Concert Band on July 19 for traditional music from musicians from middle school age and up. On August 27, it’s the Lukens Concert Band, another community band from Coatesville with members ranging in age from teens to eighties. The concerts are sponsored by Taylor’s Music Store. Both shows start at 6:30pm and are free. East Bradford Park, 835 Kenmara Dr 610.436.5108 |

Family Movie Nights Get the kids together and enjoy a family-friendly movie at the West Chester Public Library on Wednesday evenings all summer long, beginning June 14 and running through August 16. Check their website for titles to be announced. Snacks are provided and the event is free, but registration is required. West Chester Public Library, 415 N Church St 610.696.1721 |

First Fridays Ask anyone who knows West Chester what their favorite things are about it, and its walkability and diverse shops will no doubt hover near the top of the list. And First Friday means that more than 75 boutiques, galleries and shops will be staying open late for your browsing and shopping convenience. Mark your calendar for June 2, July 7, and August 4. Check the website for your favorite participating stores. Downtown West Chester 610.738.3350

Music at Marshall

Do you love music? Do you love Marshall Square Park? Why not combine both of the elements you love about West Chester? Kick off the summer the right way with Music at Marshall’s first concert of the season on July 19th. Complete with a potluck dinner you can participate in and fabulous views of the gazebo stage, Music in Marshall is a fun, social event you won’t want to miss! Enjoy great conversation and delicious food at this summer concert! The first concert of the season, held on June 18, features BirlGirl Design, with performances by Sin Brothers. Music at Marshall would like to thank their sponsors: Kit Anstey Real Estate Team, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, MacElree Harvey Law Firm, EBW Civil Engineering Design & Land Surveying, D.L. Howell Civil Engineering and Land Planning, and Stillman Volvo. Make sure to check their website for future dates.s 405 N Franklin St | 610.429.4533





Fit4Mom Glen Mills’ Stroller Strides

Keep fit and have fun at this BYOB (bring your own baby) class, held all summer long on Tuesdays from 9:30-10:30am at Everhart Park. This full-body workout class is taught by a certified fitness instructor and can be modified for all fitness levels. Follow them on Facebook for updates, and register today. The first class is free. Everhart Park, 100 S. Brandywine St. 610.692.7574

Hide the Gnome He’s out there somewhere... every other Monday this summer, scavenge your way through the East Goshen Township park system as you search for the EGT gnome. He’ll be placed by township staff on 6/26, 7/10, 7/24, 8/7, and 8/21. Find him, bring him to the township building and claim a prize. Clues will be provided on their Facebook page. East Goshen Park, 1661 Paoli Pk 610.692.7171 |

Live Music at East Goshen Park Slip out of work early and head to the park on the third Thursday of the month for a little live music. Performers include Not Quitting Our Day Jobs, Alex Allegra, and Judah Kim. Concerts are from 4-6pm and are free. East Goshen Park, 1661 Paoli Pk 610.692.7171 |

Local’s Children’s Yoga Camp Join Local Yoga Café as they introduce yoga practice to 4 to 12-year-old enthusiasts. There are three one-week sessions to choose from, and in addition to learning the concepts of brain, body, and breathing to release and control emotions, there will also be crafts and snacks. 11:30am-2:30pm Local Yoga Cafe, 216 E Market St

Getting back in shape is tough—getting back in shape when you’ve got a new baby on your hands is almost impossible. Luckily, every Tuesday at 9:30am, you can check out Stroller Stirdes, a fitness class built around your baby.

“Opera Tutti” Means Opera For All! You don’t have to be Italian to enjoy opera. Opera Tutti!, presented by Uptown! at Knauer Performing Arts Center, is a monthly series with a different operatic theme from each of the entertainers. From Puccini to Gershwin, Opera Tutti! features fantastic performers like Heidi Starr, soprano and director; Catherine Friedman, soprano; and Josh Graves, tenor, who have all been performing opera together for the past eight years and revel in every performance! Along with the accompanist, Timothy Crawford, this is a group that can’t be beat! Leslie Telthorster of Uptown! commented as to why Opera Tutti! is such as thrilling experience. “Opera Tutti! brings the grand art forms of opera and classical music to a very fun, accessible and intimate setting,” she stated. “As one of our teenage audience members said, ‘Mom, close your eyes, you’re in heaven!’ We hope to engage both opera lovers and those who have never had the chance to experience opera, right in their own neighborhood!” See Opera Tutti! live in the Univest Room of the Knauer Performing Arts Center! The next performance will be a classic cabaret performed in Italian on June 8 at 7pm. Tickets cost $20 in advance, $25 for adults, and $15 for students and seniors. 226 N High St | 610.356.2787





Get hands-on training from one of the world’s best with monthly gelato making classes at Gemelli.

Make Your Own Gelato at Gemelli!

Me and My Doll Camp Your favorite dancer and his or her favorite doll are invited to a fun week of dancing, crafts, games and stories, as well as historic and contemporary stories of dancers and dolls. Two sessions are being offered: June 26-30, or July 17-21, from 9am to 4pm. This camp is for children from 6-10 years of age. Diane Mathews School of Dance Arts, 315 Westtown Rd | 610.692.3398

Movie Night At Charles A Melton Center Two family-friendly movies will be screened under the stars this summer at the Charles A. Melton Center. On June 27, it’s Invincible, and on August 17 enjoy modern-day classic Finding Dory. Both movies are rated PG. Movies start at dusk on both dates, and are free. Charles A Melton Center, 501 E Miner St 610.692.9290 |

My Summer Scrapbook This event will help your child document his or her summer memories by creating a mini scrapbook with pages for photos and mementos. Two sessions: June 23 and July 14, both running from 12:30-1:30pm. The event is free but registration is required. West Chester Municipal Building, 401 E Gay Street | 610.696.1773

Preschool Entertainment Series There are two great words when it comes to entertaining toddlers: “fun” and “free.” Bring the little ones to the Ira Hicks Pavilion on July 18 for kids’ band Chris and Lou, and one July 25 for Puss in Boots by the Family Stages Theatre Company. The shows begin at 10am. East Goshen Park,1661 Paoli Pk | 610.692.7171 |

Stay cool and learn a new skill this summer by making gelato at Gemelli! Gemelli’s owner Vincenzo Tettamanti is a professionally-trained Italian gelato maestro who recently won the people’s choice award at a nation-wide gelato competition, and he’ll be teaching you how to make two fresh gelato flavors from scratch! This 90-minute experience will send you home with two pints of gelato at a $24 value and ineffable memories, as you learn how gelato-makers perfect their craft over the years. Julianne Tettamanti explained why her husband and partner Vincenzo, who grew up in Northern Italy, holds a unique professionalism in making gelato. “He opened Gemelli in 2014 to bring West Chester the lost tradition of crafting truly artisanal, Italian gelato and desserts completely from scratch with passion, professional skills and local, organic, farm-fresh ingredients,” she stated. “No other Gelateria or ice cream shop in the area works like he does at Gemelli.” Gemelli’s gelato is made completely from scratch without the use of artificial flavorings or colors, and all ingredients are made in-house. 12 Market St | 484.557.8482






You can snag awesome vintage attire, great handmade goods and some quality antiques at the Vintage Market which is held in conjunction with First Friday throughout the summer.

Yin Yoga with Equanimity Hatha Yoga

Vintage Market Buy completely vintage items at West Chester’s Vintage Market, held every First Friday from May 5th to October 6th! Hosted by West Chester’s Department of Parks and Recreation, this Market will sell a variety of up-cycled and repurposed vintage and rustic items that antiques fans would love to get their hands on, including jewelry, clothing, art, and furniture! The merchandise at Vintage Market is the perfect way to spice up your home and impress your friends with your rare finds! The Vintage Market runs from 4pm to 8pm at the Chestnut Street Parking Garage, which is aptly situated to provide shoppers the convenience of shopping right where they parked and the close walking distances to any of the restaurants that will have delicious First Friday deals. Bring back the classics with Vintage Market! Chestnut Street Parking Garage, 14 East Chestnut St | 610.692.7574 West-Chesters-Vintage-Market

Princess Camp Dancing to princess music, playing dress up for the Royal Ballet, and making princess crafts are part of the fun at Princess Camp. Ballet, tumbling and tea parties are also on the princess agenda. Two sessions are being offered: June 2630, or July 17-21, from 9-11:30am. This camp is for children from three and a half to six years of age. Diane Mathews School of Dance Arts, 315 Westtown Rd | 610.692.3398

Swingin’ Summer Thursdays If it’s Thursday in West Chester, Swingin’ Summer Thursday is the place to be. This popular event, held the first Thursday of June, July, August, and September each year, offers live music, food, artists, magicians and more for the whole family. Check the Parks & Rec website for me information, and we’ll see you there from 6:30-9pm. Downtown West Chester 610.436.9010

This all-ages class focuses on Yin practice, with emphasis on deep stretching, releasing muscle tension, and creating greater flexibility. Equanimity Hatha Yoga owner Jane Clark has been teaching therapeutic yoga for more than 20 years. Join her under the trees at Marshall Square Park every Wednesday, all summer long for only $5. Marshall Square Park In case of rain got o 323 E Gay St 215.666.2653

West Chester Friends School Summer Programs Pre-k to Rising 6th Grade Each week of this camp focuses on a different theme, with each day highlighting art, science, music, fitness, gardening and literature activities based around that theme. Plus there are games, lunch, campus visitors, and more, in a supportive and nurturing setting. Check their website for registration and more information. West Chester Friends School 415 N High St 610.696.2820 |



A vast array of one-of-a-kind products including... Hip Clothing, Bags, Accessories & Jewelry Incense, Oils and Candles Tapestries, Blankets & Home/Dorm Decor Grateful Dead, Bob Marley & 60s Merchandise Tiedyes & T-shirts Handblow Glass & Local Artwork Tobacco Accessories 130 West Gay Street 610-431-6607 Portion of proceeds benefit pro-peace and environmental charities 10% Off With Student ID



ongoing activities These activites require little to no planning. They are almost always available as an option when you just need to find something to do on short notice. There’s rock climbing and kayaking, or you can slow things down and get into some arts and crafts. There’s plenty to do!

ACAC There are options aplenty at ACAC. Beyond the multiple pools and waterparks you can access with your family membership, there are also half- and fullday camps, indoor and outdoor camps, field trips, video production camp, yoga camp, and more. Not interested in an ACAC membership? Not a problem— the camp is open to non-members, too! Some camps fill up quickly, but registration is open through the summer and there’s an option for everyone. 1130 McDermott Dr. | 610.431.7000

Baldwin’s Book Barn There is simply no better place to while away an afternoon than at this historic barn packed with books. Built in 1822 in a still-bucolic setting, Baldwin’s is filled with books on every floor. Browse to your heart’s content, chat with Bingo, the resident shop cat, and we have no doubt you’ll find your next favorite page-turner. 865 Lenape Rd 610.696.0816 |

Brandywine Picnic Park If you’re looking for a place to spend the day in the great outdoors, whether it’s tubing, riding paddle-boats and amusement rides, rock climbing, and more, this must be the place. Public admission dates, prices, and more information is available on their website. 690 S Creek Rd 610.793.3198 |

Chester County Arts Association Keep cool and appreciate art—the Chester County Art Association will show you how. The association offers a variety of exhibitions for the art lover, along with some free classes, as well as a summer art camp for children! Check their site throughout the summer months to stay up to date on their exhibits and openings. 100 N Bradford Ave | 610.696.5600

Chester County Historical Society Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Chester County, there is always something informative to discover at the Chester County Historical Society. There are several exhibits on tap for the season, so join them for either a scheduled public program or a custom program for groups throughout the summer months. 225 N High St | 610.692.480

These slides (and pools) represent just a small sliver of the water activities available at ACAC, and their summer programming is seemingly limitless, too.

Eat. Drink. Om. Yoga Cafe Keep cool and find your Zen at eat. drink. Om. Whether you’re a pro yogi or just starting, this studio has plenty of optionsfor any and all types of yoga enthusiasts. Check their website to find the class that’s a perfect fit for you. A more relaxed and flexible you is within reach. 124 E Gay St 484.356.8655 |

Highland Orchards There’s nothing like a fresh-picked piece of fruit on a summer day. And picking it yourself at Highland Orchards ensures it’s as fresh as can be. Choose from a variety of strawberries, cherries, peaches and other fruits. Bring the kids along to help pick, and enjoy an afternoon with the family at the orchard’s playground, animal area, or take a hayride. 100 Marshalton Thorndale Rd 610.296.3494 |

Kids’ Chess Club Your children can learn the skills and strategies that come with “the game of kings,” chess. This kids’ club meets each Saturday morning at 10am with Chess Coach Chuck through July 1. (And it’s free.) West Chester Public Library, 415 N Church St 610.696.1721 |



Northbrook Canoe Company

Who needs a lake, when you’ve got a river to jump into—specifically, the Branywine? Grab your friends and pick your favorite aquatic conveyance: canoe, kayak, or tube, and spend an afternoon floating along. Don’t forget a blanket and a picnic lunch, and boom—a perfect summer day in the making. 1810 Beagle Rd | 610.793.2279

Painted Plate Indulge your inner artist at the Painted Plate. Choose from a variety of pre-made pottery pieces, and then paint them however you please. Get half off your studio fee with specials throughout the summer: every Thursday is Ladies’ Night, and alternating Saturdays are Date Night, and there’s even a weekly summer camp program. Check their website for details 104 W. Market St 610.738.0603

Senior Card Club Put on your card shark hat and get together with friends every Friday this summer with the Senior Card Club. Play bridge and ping pong on the first Friday of every month, various card games on the second and fourth Fridays, and ping pong on the third. Let the games begin! 10am-noon East Goshen Park, 1661 Paoli Pk 610.692.7171 |

Skatepark Do you enjoy skating but aren’t sure where it’s permitted? Robert E. Lambert Skatepark is open daily from sunrise to sunset for all responsible skateboarders. You can watch the park live on the site’s webcam and check how crowded it is before heading over. Pottstown Pike near Greenhill Road

Branch Out at TreeHouse World! The Painted Plate is about so much more than pottery these days. Try your hand at crafting vintage-looking signs that make for great gifts and wall hanging.s

Summer Classes Don’t be a victim of the dreaded summer brain drain! For kids, early summer learning losses have later-life consequences, including high school curriculum placement. Without the stress of other classes, summer is a great time for kids to focus on courses that might give them a particular challenge... like, say, math. Mathnasium is the solution! Mathnasium specializes in teaching kids math in a way that makes sense to them, and their summer courses are the best way to keep your child’s mind sharp. 113 Turner Ln 484.971.4452

With so many activities going on each day at TreeHouse World, it’s very easy to branch out and try something new! TreeHouse World is an adventure park in the woods, filled with innovative tree houses, including a five-car train tree house, old graybeard, the wild man of the woods, a giant oak leaf platform, the children’s grove, and even a pirate ship. The big shoe tree house is currently being built. Want to try out their Aerial Adventure Course? Simply choose any one of the eight available treetop challenges and three thrilling ziplines. TreeHouse World also offers adventures for the whole family! In their Rock-Climbing-On-Trees activity, children as young as four-years-old can climb up to 40 feet, as long as they’re wearing the proper protective gear at the time. According to Erik Knudsen of TreeHouse World, this activity is “much like a climbing gym, but up in the leafy goodness!” “The staff really enjoy themselves in an environment where they have a new experience every day,” Knudsen said. “Many guests comment on the friendliness, enthusiasm and helpfulness of the TreeHouse World staff.” Knudsen recalled a fun memory while working at TreeHouse World. “Dan Wright, the owner, challenged the staff to a round of archery tag—a game where a team of players uses bows to shoot foam-tipped arrows at their opponents. There are some protective barriers to seek cover, but there is also a lot of running around action! Dan was pretty tricky and a very good shot, but was hopelessly outnumbered by an overly-enthusiastic staff mob. Needless to say, the boss got rained on relentlessly by an unending stream of wellaimed arrows. Staff morale has never been higher!” TreeHouse World is open full-time beginning June 15th! 1442 Phoenixville Pk 484.329.7853 |





Is there anything more rewarding than reminding a forgotten animal that there are people out there who will love them? It might break some hearts, but Volunteering at the SPCA is always a worthy decision.

Volunteer at the Brandywine SPCA What better way to show your love and support for animals in need than to volunteer? At the Brandywine Valley SPCA, you can apply for any number of their volunteer opportunities, as long as you are at least 16 years old. Administration volunteers are perfect for those who are savvy with computers and data. Adoption counselors are best for people who love matching pets with their forever homes. You can also volunteer to take care of the dogs and cats staying at the SPCA, including grooming, feeding, walking, and loving! One of the more unique qualities to volunteering at the Brandywine Valley SPCA is the opportunity to participate in the “Dogs and Cats on Tour,” which involves taking adoptable pets to local shelters, animal hospitals, and fundraisers to increase their likelihood of being adopted! Or, if you have a more creative side to you, you can be a pet photographer, a treat-baker, toy-maker, and so much more, including volunteer opportunities for children! It’s all here at the Brandywine SPCA, and it’s a purr-fect way to share special bonds with cats and dogs! Linda Torelli of BVSPCA expressed why volunteering has such a positive impact. “Each time a volunteer interacts with an animal at the shelter, it changes that animal’s day for the better,” she said. “That cat or dog may have lost the only home they knew, or maybe they knew only neglect and cruelty, and the time with a kind volunteer helps the pet relax and enjoy the moment. Then there are opportunities to work with animals to help improve their adoption chances or to take on other roles to help the animals, like events, photography, and admin work. It’s a very rewarding experience to make a difference to animals that have lost everything.” 1212 Phoenixville Pike 610.793.3198 |

Waterview Swim Club Stroud Preserve Looking for a new place to take a stroll or go for a summer’s night run? The historic beauty of Stroud Preserve will thrill you, encompassing over nine miles of unpaved trails that will take your outdoor adventures to new heights. Welcome to your new favorite nature spot. 454 N Creek Rd 610.353.5587 |

West Chester Railroad And now for something completely different. Looking for a new way to explore Chester County’s beautiful scenery? Hop on the train at the West Chester Railroad! The scenic train ride runs from Market Street to Glen Mills’ Victorian station and is a fun and relaxing way to while away 90 minutes. Summer picnic specials will be offered every Sunday at 12pm, all summer long. Visit their website for all the details, or call them for more information. 230 E Market St 610.430.2233 |

No pool in your yard? No worries. Waterview Swim Club is the place to go for a refreshing dip in an Olympic-sized pool. After your swim, head to the playground, shuffleboard courts, picnic area, and so much more. The club is open every day from 12–8pm. At Waterview, there’s fun in and out of the pool for everyone. 16 Lochwood Ln | 610.696.9740

Summer Camp at Diane Matthews Although many dance schools close up shop for the summer after a June recital, the Diane Matthews School of Dance Arts offers a summer program for both new and returning students. Whether your dancing shoes are of the tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop or Zumba variety, you’ll find a class here. Diane Matthews School of Dance Arts, 315-9 Westtown Rd 610.692.3398




Becca Boyd shares tips on life and cooking on her blog at


A trip through the West Chester Grower’s Market and the subsequent cooking is my idea of summer fun. The simple, fresh, locally grown ingredients in this salad come together in a ridiculously addicting way. It’s all the side you’ll need for any grilled, summer dish. And, that healthy eating needs a bit of balance, so sample this summery dessert that's fabulous with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Simple Summer Salad serves 4 5 tbsp. olive oil, divided; 3 ears of corn, corn removed from cob 1 tsp. + 1 tbsp. salt, divided; 1/2 tsp. black pepper 3 jalapenos, partially seeded and diced 5 plum tomatoes, chopped 1/2 lb green beans, trimmed and chopped to 1 in. pieces 1 bunch scallions or green onions, sliced (green parts only) 1 tsp. Champagne vinegar

1. Heat 3 tbsp. olive oil in large nonstick skillet over medium high heat. 2. When hot but not smoking, add corn, jalapeno, 1 tsp. salt and pepper. Stir occasionally until corn has turned golden and softened, about 10 minutes. 3. Meanwhile, bring a pot of water to boil. Add remaining 1 tbsp. salt. Add green beans. 4. Boil green beans for about 3-4 minutes, then drain. 5. Put chopped tomatoes and scallions into large mixing bowl. Add corn and green beans. Add remaining 2 tbsp. of olive oil (or more or less depending on your tastes) and vinegar. Toss to combine. Salt to taste. Lemon Pound Cake serves 8 1 1/2 c. all purpose flour; 2 tsp. baking powder 1/2 tsp. kosher salt; 1 c. plain yogurt or buttermilk 1 1/3 c. sugar, divided; 3 large eggs zest of 2 lemons; 1/2 tsp. vanilla 1/2 c. vegetable or other mild oil 1/3 c. fresh lemon juice (about two lemons) Glaze 1 1/2 c. powdered sugar; Juice of 1 lemon; 1 tsp. vanilla extract 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 9x5" loaf pan with butter/flour (baking) spray, or butter and flour. 2. Whisk flour, baking powder, and salt in a large mixing bowl. 3. Whisk yogurt (or buttermilk), 1 c. of the sugar, eggs, lemon zest and vanilla together until combined. 4. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and fold until mostly combined. 5. Add oil and fold in until combined. Scrape mixture into prepared pan and bake for 45 to 50 minutes in the middle rack of the oven. 6. Meanwhile, heat remaining sugar (1/3 c.) and lemon juice in a small saucepan until simmering. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat. 7. Let the cake cool in the pan about ten minutes, then remove cake from pan and place on wire rack. Pour lemon liquid over the cake, slowly, allowing it to soak in. Let cool completely on rack. 8. Whisk glaze ingredients together and drizzle over cooled cake. If glaze is too thick – thin with a bit of water. —



Employee of the


PHOTO Sabina Sister

INTERVIEW Sabina Sister

We chat with Shana Walsh, Kids Zone Coordinator at ACAC, about great ideas for entertaining your kids this summer. So, what's it mean to be Kids Zone Coordinator? I oversee all the staffing in the Kids Zone, and all the children who hang out there. It’s fun working one-on-one with them, building socializing skills, creating strong relationships and a great environment for parent and child to come into every day. I was a team member for a number of years beforehand, and it’s been nice to work my way up to this role. How many years have been here? This is my fifth year. I began as a dance

instructor, worked in summer camps, and then the coordinator position opened up. I knew it was the role for me. What’s your favorite part of the job? I’m most excited about the daily activities we get to do. We offer craft time, gym games, creative time, movies. The kids are always doing something different every day. Through Kids Zone we work with 150 to 200 kids a day. Wow! That sounds like a handful. It is, but it’s rewarding. We also get to build strong relationships with the families, and, really, I think that might be my favorite aspect of this job. There are some children that enter hesitant, and we really try to build a rapport right away and establish a friendship, knowing their name right away, making them feel welcome. As we build that relationship, it’s exciting to get to the point that the parent will want to drop their child off so they can spend an entire day at ACAC. How do you guys do it all with 200 kids? We are fully staffed Sunday to Sunday. We use a lot of sensory toys, bubbles, games, music, which really

engages them. Developing friendships among kids but also with staff members is the biggest piece. Each team member builds relationships with the kids and families, which I really appreciate as a coordinator. It’s so nice to see how close everyone gets every visit, year after year. What’re some of your favorite programs? Oh gosh, so many! We have Kids Night Out from 6-9pm on certain Fridays of the month. Parents can leave their kids, and we play date night babysitter. The kids can utilize all the equipment, they have craft time and watch movies. Do things change up in the summer? The more the children are here, the more they develop, and we get to watch that! Through all the camps and activities we offer, we have kids come at six weeks old and stay until they’re 10. We host TONS of kids camps: day camps, jewelry making, videography, theatre. We offer a wide range to capture everyone’s interests, and they run June 12 until the end of August. We have something fun for everyone in the family.






Dr. Geoff Winkley is a board-certified emergency medicine physician who operates Doctor’s Best Immediate Medical Care

In the US, we are in the midst of an epidemic, and it's the kind of topic nobody likes to talk about: Sexually transmitted illness (STI). STIs encompass a large number of ilnesses, including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes Simplex Virus, Human Papilloma virus, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis C, Trichomonas, Chancroid and Mycoplasma genitalium. Despite the unpleasantness, it's something we have to start talking about because prevention awareness is necessary to control and reverse the current trend: an increasing rate of infection—about 20 million new cases each year—and a massive increase in the number of people living with acquired infection— roughly 110 million. This is true for all age groups, including significant increases in rates of infection among those 65 and over. STI education is critical now, not only because more people are being infected, but because many STIs can be present with minimal or no symptoms, which puts many at risk of acquiring or spreading them unknowingly. The urgency to increase awareness and prevention is that some of these infections can have significant, long-term impacts on our health, including infertility, ectopic pregnancy, congenital infection, increased risk of certain cancers, chronic pain... the list goes on. Additionally, contracting one specific STI, Syphillis, can make it easier to transmit and acquire HIV. Potentially most frightening is that some STIs are becoming resistant to the common antibiotics that are used to treat them. Prevention of infection is the key to changing these alarming trends. The best way to prevent these illnesses is through the use of male condoms and through routine screening, even when you're not having any symptoms. The appropriate use of male condoms prevents the transmission and acquisition of all STIs effectively, and there is no single better method of prevention. Also, the appropriate use of condoms has the added benefit of helping to prevent unintended pregnancies. The CDC most strongly recommends routine screening of specific groups that are more likely to acquire and transmit STIs: women ages 15-24, men who have sex with men, and people who have a history of HIV. Routine screening should be considered for other groups as well, so ask your doctor to determine if screening is recommended for you and make screening a condition of any relationship with a new partner. If you think that you have symptoms that may be due to an STI, see your doctor, an urgent care or your local health department without delay to be evaluated and treated as necessary. Inform your partner immediately, and abstain from sexual activity until the healthcare provider confirms that you can resume activity. Final note: teens are one of the groups most at risk for contracting STIs. I encourage teens and their parent/guardian to talk about sexuality and how to protect themselves from STIs. As a parent, if this is not a topic you feel able to cover, ask that their doctor do so during their annual checkup. —




Join the Y today for affordable family summer fun! Enjoy it all with a Y family membership that includes hundreds of group exercise classes. Your children can have fun in our safe and caring Child Watch center, while you work out. Take advantage of reduced rates on summer camp, sports, childcare and early learning.

Don’t wait. Now’s the time to join the Y! Income-based membership is available.

Don’t forget to join the Outdoor Water Park at the West Chester Area YMCA. Visit or contact a branch today. WEST CHESTER AREA YMCA 610-431-9622 • OSCAR LASKO YMCA AND CHILDCARE CENTER 610-696-9622 branches of the YMCA of Greater Brandywine



West Chester's newest salon, Velvet Hair Studio, brings out a lucky client's natural beauty photo Sabina Sister color & styling Erica McGuirk Makeup Annie Mac


ubry is a young professional, so she did not want to take on a change in length, which could easily result in more time spent getting ready. She was, however, ready to take on a change in her hair color. All of the inspiration pictures that she provided included some variation of the Balayage technique (a free-hand painting method) and were significantly lighter than her natural level. By highlighting with the Balayage method, we are able to offer dimension that appears “nature-given,� without the harsh regrowth line just a few weeks down the road.

For hair preparation and styling purposes, our stylist used R+Co products, starting with Sunset Boulevard blondeenhancing shampoo and conditioner, setting her hair with Outerspace flexible hair spray, and finishing the look with both Tinsel smoothing oil and Foil frizz/static control spray. Aubry's natural-inspired texture was created with a medium barreled hair wand, some pieces curled towards her face and other pieces away from her face. Styles that include texture like this are ideal for Balayage color because it plays up the contrast between the highlights and

lowlights throughout the hair. For her makeup, we wanted to give Aubrey an elevated, daytime look. Our main focus was to give her beautiful glowing skin and define her features by contouring the cheekbones and perfecting her brow shape. Using a neutral pallet on the eyes gave room to brighten with a pink/mauve lip color.







Cathy von Luehrte shares info on local food and the upcoming West Chester Food Co-op

For those with busy lives, fun often takes a backseat to responsibilities. If you’re like me, you’ve got a mental list of all the places you want to go, and all the events you want to check out... just as soon as you have time. Toward the top of my mental list is Wyebrook Farm. If you’re unfamiliar with Wyebrook Farm, they’re so much more than the name suggests. While they are a working farm, they’re also a market, a restaurant and an event center. Well, I recently (finally) made my way out to Wyebrook Farm to participate in an event, one of their many cooking/food-related classes that I had heard so much about. This particular class was sausage making, a skill I’ve long wanted to learn. I have all the tools needed at home, so I just wanted a push to jump into it headfirst, and this class seemed perfect. So, after scoring two tickets—class sizes are fairly small, so I felt pretty fortunate—I grabbed my friend Lisa, and we were off for a new adventure. While Wyebrook is outside of West Chester, the short drive to Honeybrook is quite scenic. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the farm was beautiful: from the buildings, to the property and everything in between. The class gathered in their teaching kitchen, a spacious room stocked with everything you could possibly need, and it was all set in a quaint, old building that was the perfect backdrop to promote creative culinary creations. The chef was friendly and knowledgeable. He first demonstrated for us, prepping the meat, grinding it, and offering tips on how to squeeze it into the casings. Then, in pairs, we were set loose to make our own sausage! We covered the gamut from chorizo and Italian to even classic breakfast sausage. It looked like everyone in the class really got the hang of it and were off to the races in creating their tasty sensations. We were able to bag up our sausages and take them with us to enjoy for meals at home—what a treat! After the class, the group headed next door to the restaurant where we were seated at a large table for dinner. The restaurant has a rustic feel, nicely appointed décor and a very warm ambience. We were served several courses family style, with sausage as the obvious theme. The food was delicious and the staff could not have been more welcoming and accommodating. When we were finished with dinner, we wandered over to the store—conveniently connected to the restaurant—to explore the meats and other specialty items available at the farm. What a wonderful way to cap off a great day. Wyebrook Farm is just one of many examples of local organizations, like the West Chester Food Co-op, working to bring people closer to what they eat. If you have any interest in learning more, or just want an incredible sausage, I suggest you check them out. – West Chester Food Co-op are working to build a community-owned, full-service grocery store in West Chester. Learn more at



Taco trucks are great and all, but nothing says summer like the sounds of the ice cream truck. Spot the five differences between these images, and send your answer to for your chance to win a Barnaby’s gift certificate. Congrats to our April winner, West Chester University student Julia DelGrosso!





Summer Playlist DJ Romeo curates a list of the tracks you’ll be enjoying all summer long The following is a list of songs that will take over the radio stations in the next few months. You’ll soon know them by heart and play them ‘til they’re tired. But, good news: you can download them first and look like the cool musical genius to all of your friends. | @DJRomeo24

DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil’ Wayne “I’m The One” Selena Gomez – “Bad Liar” Lady Gaga – “The Cure” Miley Cyrus – “Malibu” Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee & Justin Bieber “Despacito” (Remix) DNCE ft. Nicki Minaj – “Kissing Strangers” Calvin Harris ft. Future & Khalid – “Rollin” Kygo ft. Ellie Goulding – “First Time” Cheat Codes ft. Demi Lovato – “No Promises” Vice ft. Jon Bellion – “Obsession” Katy Perry ft. Migos – “Bon Appetit” Shawn Mendes “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” (NOTD Remix) Charlie Puth – “Attention” Hailee Steinfeld – “Most Girls Jason Derulo ft. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign – “Swalla” Paramore – “Hard Times” Zayn ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR – “Still Got Time” OneRepublic – “No Vacancy” Imagine Dragons – “Thunder” Harry Styles – “Sign of the Times” Logic ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid – “1–800–273–8255” Kendrick Lamar – “Humble” Halsey – “Now Or Never” Future – “Mask Off” Zedd ft. Alessia Cara – “Stay” Bebe Rexha ft. Ty Dolla $ign – “Bad Bitch” The Chainsmokers – “Break Up Every Night” Jonas Blue ft. William Singe – “Mama” Maggie Lindemann – “Pretty Girl” (Cheat Codes X CADE Remix) Niall Horan – “Slow Hands”