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Kevin Mash wasn’t content with a single business - he built Computer Doctors to two locations and recently launched his newest project, gaming studio LEvel13.

vices. While we’ve greatly enhanced our business service offerings, I know that my efforts and focus on building the Computer Doctors brand somewhat hindered my progress in the managed services marketplace. We’re all caught up now, and have an amazing IT support team of engineers, helpdesk, and administrative people, but it would have be better to be at this point five years ago.”

DARE Automotive DARE is one of those businesses that toe’s the line between family-owned and operated and being what we’ve dubbed a “mid-size biz.” They’re family-owned and operated in the sense that founder Dave Aloisio’s two children now control the company since his retirement, but the business has grown bigger than any two people could manage on their own. Started in the mid 1970s as a single-bay auto repair shop with Dave himself serving as the only mechanic, today the auto repair side of the business boasts eight bays and enough technicians to keep those bays constantly busy. In addition, they’ve added a car sales company in Jonathan’s Auto Outlet, plus Between the Seats auto detailing services. To this day, Dave’s daughter Laura is often the friendly face that greets you as you come in, and she saw the growth of the business as obvious and inevitable. “Really, the process has just come full circle,” she says. “With an excellent automotive repair team and extremely competent staff, and we have access to a variety of vehicles, so it made sense to incorporate the sales aspect, so we now have 80 used cars, full title and tag service.” Detailing was just as clear-cut a decision, since DARE already prided themselves on returning the vehicles they service back to their owners in better condition than when they arrived. “We could not be happier with our decisions,” she says.

But they’re also aware that providing a superior product is only part of the job, and they’ve worked hard to develop relationships with local businesses, non-profits, schools and events. “We appreciate the community we serve, and give back in many ways,” Dave’s son Jonathan said. In fact, Laura served as the chair of The Rotary Club of West Chester’s Chili Cook-off this year, which makes it incredible that she’s able to juggle family time, running a business and chairing such a massive event. “My

support group in and out of DARE is amazing!” she says. “We all understand how important it is to support our community.”

Iron Hill Most Millennials might not remember, but there was a time when your local pub likely had as many beers on tap as the bartender had hands. Craft beer, as we know it today, is still a very recent trend, and its explosion has as much to do with big names like Sierra Nevada



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The WC Press Local Business Growth Issue - February 2019  

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