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Voice of the Borough  May 2012


HEROES West Chester gives back to those who give everything



A focus on the artisans, artists and musicians who call this town home

We follow the recently engaged couple through every step of planning a beautiful wedding


All you’ll need to get married right here in West Chester



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The Press

How YOU Doin’? Editor/Publisher Dan Mathers Advertising Manager Nick Vecchio Staff Photographer Adam Jones Published By The WC Press 13 South Church Street West Chester, PA 19382 610-344-3463 Source Local This publication is printed in conjunction with Market Street Print at 204 West Market Street.

The Team... NICK VECCHIO has too many friends. Seriously, it’s unreal. You can’t go five feet in this town without Nick stopping and asking 10 people how their Aunt Sally is doing. I feel sorry for the next girl he dates – she’ll rarely get him to herself. But, such is the life of great advertising manager. ADAM JONES, our staff photographer, is convinced it’s getting harder and harder for us to poke fun at him in these pages. “Dude, really, I’m so cool there really isn’t much more you can make fun of me for.” Well said, Adam. Well said.

ANDREW “HUTCH” HUTCHINS is the first intern brought on by The Press. Typically this is where we’d write something embarassing about him, but we feel the photo is abuse enough. Must have been quite a bitter beer, but surprisingly he doesn’t drink. Coulda been a titty twister.





Wedding Guide



And also some other things for people who might not be all that interested in weddings...


9 From The Editor


Dan Mathers reflects on some of the feedback he’s received and poses a question.

13 The West Chester Food Safari

Jeremy Malanka chats about his favorite places to grab a bite and a beer outside

17 Children in Tow

Jennifer Ozgur is a mother, wife and teacher who still gets out and about


25 A Trainer’s Tips

Christine Mooney shares her insights on staying happy, healthy and upbeat

29 Bartender of the Month


Doc Magrogan’s Zach Weidner knows that age is just a number

37 Ride for Heroes

Giving back to those who give everything

53 20-Something Dating

Kaela Mast is looking for love, and she hopes she’s found it

61 Local Talent

The first installment of our ongoing series about local artists.


67 It’s Just A Three-Letter Word

Jill McDevitt explores why something so natural and necessary is so taboo


69 Worth A Listen

Ryan Colestock is an intriguing musician with a bright future

71 Photo Hunt

Your favorite bar game, free of charge

79 Top Wedding Picks

DJ Romeo discusses some of the highs


A Campaign to Raise Money to Support Our Film Crew


Join us for lunch Monday - Friday

Eating A Shoe To Support Our Crew Sunday, June 3, 2012 - Super Sunday

It should be an encouragement for all of you who want to make films but are just scared to start. -Werner Herzog, Famous Director and Shoe Eater

more info at

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From the Editor... Let’s hear from you

FOR THE FIRST TIME since this magazine’s inception we’ve received a few emails (four to be exact) from readers who wanted to make their voices heard. To be honest, they weren’t all readers. One person read Jill McDevitt’s “A ThreeLetter Word” column in our March issue and informed his friends that The WC Press was, in fact, a “vehicle of darkness.” They emailed, called and wrote in (yes, I received a hand-written letter) demanding that I pull “A Three-Letter Word” or else. “Is she worth it?” they asked. In response, the simple answer is “yes.” We feel Jill is a fantastic writer and her contributions to this publication are far from the despicable trash she is accused of writing. Regardless of how you feel about a sex shop opening in West Chester, “A ThreeLetter Word” is always a positive and informative piece, and we won’t be pulling our support. Check out her piece about being a sexologist on page 65. However, these few emails did inspire us, and we think it might be a good idea to utilize this magazine as a vehicle for responsible public debate. While we won’t be judging or commenting, we’re happy to open up our inboxes to you, the readers, and we might even pose a question from time to time. For instance, I’m routinely faced with a conundrum when I pull up to the intersection of Market and High in my embarrassingly decrepit ’99 Maxima. To honk or not to honk? The crowd hoisting yellow ribbons, American flags and “Support Our Troops” banners are clearly patriotic, but does a honk transform me into a war-mongering, oil-hungry imperialist? But, then, what kind of awful human doesn’t support the troops? They didn’t choose the war; they’re just risking their lives every day on behalf of this country. Worse yet, not honking isn’t necessarily a refusal to withdrawal from the debate, but more a refusal to support the troops. So, I honk. Of course, the situation becomes far more complicated when there’s opposition standing caddy-corner. When there’s a crew waving dove-covered flags and hoisting peace signs, you’re faced with a clear-cut decision. You still have to take the prior argument into consideration, but the obvious juxtaposition of War vs. Peace confuses the “Support Our Troops” conundrum. Additionally, if you honk, you’re going to have to take on the extra effort of physically pointing to indicate who is to receive the support from your honk. I don’t honk. Do you? Write in. Let us know how you handle the situation, and we’ll run our favorite responses in the next issue in our new “Letters to the Editor” section. We’re looking forward to hearing your responses. Dan Mathers Publisher



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The Couple Photo Adam Jones

We follow these young lovers as they plan a wedding without leaving the borough


EVIN AND ERIN MET WHILE SHE WAS A SENIOR AT WEST CHESTER UNIVERSITY AND HE WAS bartending at Kooma. He was West Chester born and raised. She was a transplant. They kept running into each other and, when Kevin didn’t make a move, Erin took their continual encounters as a sign and amassed the courage to ask him out in December of 2005. They never looked back. Kevin managed to take the lead on their proposal, plotting a secret evening and a long, busy day for Erin on a warm Friday this past March. She got her nails done, had lunch with her mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law (both of whom were in on Kevin’s plan but managed to play it cool throughout the meal). Erin later joined Kevin for dinner, drinks and a casual walk through town. They reflected on the places they knew and loved, and shared stories of how their relationship had grown. When they reached the front steps of their home Kevin recapped their evening, saying that their lives were great just as they were. Then, without missing a beat, he dropped to one knee and said, “But it would be better if we could spend the rest of our lives together.” WCP



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The Food Safari

Jeremy Malanka serves up a detailed list of the patios he enjoys the most when the weather warms IF PAULY D, OF MTV’S JERSEY Shore, is not my favorite person in America, he is certainly near the top of the list. His excitement about everything is carried out in his ridiculous catch phrases, the best of which has to be, “Cabs are here.” He gets so amped about the arrival of a vehicle set to carry him to an inebriation station. I get equally enthusiastic about West Chester’s fantastic patio scene. Ryan’s Pub is an all-around good time because of their great specials and vibrant bar scene. With Lager always on draft, this pub is a quintessential PA bar and a necessary stop on any crawl through West Chester. Their latest addition is a moon deck off the second story of the building that offers an amazing outdoor drinking venue. I love it on Thursdays with the original $2 U-Call-Its from 9-12pm. When it comes to Phillies games there is only one place in The WC to catch the crack of a Homerun: Barnaby’s back patio. This West Chester staple recently added an 80-inch LCD TV outside that makes you feel like you’re at Citizens Bank Park catching a highlight on the JumboTron. They have more than 50 seats as well as a bar for easy access to tipples that make a win that much better or a loss that much easier to swallow. If you are in “the biz” check out $2.50 drinks on the patio on Sunday nights. It is the place to be after that long shift. Happy Hour is unbelievable in The WC; sooo many options that some get overlooked. One option is Side Bar who serve up the biggest selection of brews in town. Monday through Friday from 5-7pm they have $3 craft beers and 25% off appetizers. Their beer list is everchanging and has more than 15 draft beers from all over the world. Side Bar’s Gay Street patio is colorful and electric and is the place to be seen in West Chester. With the amount of foot traffic through this patio your table is bound to grow with each passing friend. Limoncello’s happy hour is so popular that it spills out onto their 55-seat patio located on beautiful Walnut Street. This Italian ristorante serves up half-off pizzas and appetizers from 4-6:30pm from Monday through Friday. The drink specials are crazy: $3 draft beers, $6 giant wine pours, and $2 off specialty drinks and cocktails. You can catch one of the owners, Maria or Giusseppe, for a chat as they peruse the patio admiring their beautiful flowers that transform this West Chester sidewalk into a Southern Italian patio fantastico. Late night bar stints often happen because I routinely leave work late, and the rooftop bar at Mas often beckons with the best margaritas in town. After climbing three flights of stairs you feel as if you’ve left West Chester altogether. Catching a breeze and looking out over West Chester is really the best place to finish your night. Make sure you get there for Cinco de Mayo and their official summer kick off. It’s not as though I need an excuse to have an after-work drink, but it just gets all that much harder to refrain when the weather warms and dining moves outdoors. With so many great spots to choose from in town, you’ll often catch me shedding my apron as I step out of Limoncello and shout, “Patios are here!” Yeah Buddy. WCP





Rings Photo Adam Jones

Sunset Hill shares secrets on finding a perfect fit


F YOU’RE JUST LOOKING FOR A STANDARD BAND, YOU CAN FIND THAT ANYWHERE. BUT, IF YOU want to honor your matrimony with beautiful custom rings, Sunset Hill is the definitive name. “If you’re looking for custom rings,” says owner Sandy Riper. “You can come to us with an idea for what you would like as a symbol of your marriage, and we will make that a reality.” Custom rings do take time, so make sure to visit your jeweler well in advance of your wedding date. “For peace of mind, I’d suggest giving yourself three months, but I have finished rings in three hours and run them over to the courthouse,” says Sandy. Brides often want the engagement ring to fit perfectly up against their wedding band, and a custom band is the best way for your rings to complement one another. Otherwise, brides are often disappointed to find that rings won’t sit flush. Men face a much simpler problem: “Men really just have to get used to wearing rings because it is often the first time they’ve had to wear one,” says Sandy and warns about wearing the rings too loose. “Men tend to be uncomfortable with how tight a ring fits, so they get a ring that’s too loose. It’s not uncommon for them to end up losing the ring in the ocean on their honeymoon.” WCP




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Children In Tow

Jennifer Ozgur is a mother, wife and teacher who still finds time to get out and about with the family CALL IT DESTINY’S TWISTED sense of humor or life’s idiosyncrasies, but I love irony. It can be blatant or subtle, but nothing has quite the smack-you-across-the-face effect as much as when it happens to you. I have been living in the borough since I transferred to WCU in 1993. You could say I took the Darwinistic approach to residences: I slowly climbed my way up the real estate ladder. I started out living on campus. Then, I rented. Eventually I was lucky enough to find profit in flipping a property on South Walnut Street before the housing bubble burst. For the last seven years I owned half a double within spitting distance of Jake’s Bar. The reason I’ve stayed in town this long is because I love it that much: walking on brick sidewalks with rain barrel flower pots; coming out of Bella and Betty and running into friends before crossing the street; and that perfect West Chester combination of quaintness and sophistication. I’ve had many milestones during my borough tenure: my first car, college graduation, a job in my major, getting my international wings and, most profoundly, motherhood. For the first few years of my daughter’s life, borough living was conducive to little legs. The five-block walk into town was an adventure. I happily traded Ladies’ Night last calls for Girl Time over Saturday morning pancakes, and we headed for home when the sun started to set, not rise. I successfully made the transition from Gown, to Town, to Mr. Brown Can Moo; Can You? Everything was humming along nicely. But then I found out I was expecting again. Thus came the challenge of finding a larger house while simultaneously tightening our budget. After some careful searching and negotiating, we found something that fit our needs. I moved yet again. But this time, the decision included a different zip code and a ten-minute drive from the borough center. I tried not to think of it as saying “Goodbye” to the borough, but rather “Hello” to the new set of possibilities a change of scenery could provide. That was less than two months ago, but now I have been given an opportunity to write for The WC Press, a magazine dedicated to borough life. My cheeks still burn from the crack of irony’s whip, but the chance to write about family-friendly events and share it with other lovers of this wonderful town helps take away a bit of the sting. Another interesting twist is that I will now make attending family-friendly events in the borough a priority. Gone are the serendipitous days of taking a spontaneous stroll and getting swept into a cultural event in town. I will now have to write things down… in a planner. And not just because I have a deadline, but because I want to make sure I don’t miss out on life. Maybe, just maybe, I really have evolved. WCP


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Dash 4 Diabetes Photos by Adam Jones

April 14 Parkway Cleaners proudly hosted this 5K run to benefit the Chester County Hospital’s Diabetes Self Management Program

Roberta Spatz, Meg and Kayla Moyer



Linda and Timothy McBride

Thomas and Lauren D’Antonio

Dash 4 Diabetes Photos by Adam Jones

April 14 Parkway Cleaners proudly hosted this 5K run to benefit the Chester County Hospital’s Diabetes Self Management Program


Bridget and Maureen Armbrust,Mary Pat Kennedy

Dina Stern, Stephanie Hoffman, Alli Stern, Christi Stern

Maureen, Kailyn, Megan, Morgan

Frank and Emily Duca, Michelle and Miles Marovich

Brandon, Andrew, Brian, Greg, Connor, Aj, Valerie

Jesse Tarr, Lily Ciccarone, Dina Ciccarone, Maria Pacitti


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Penwick Design guides our couple through custom styles

Photo Adam Jones


F COURSE THERE ARE THE OBVIOUS THINGS TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT WHEN READYING YOUR invitations. If you don’t know the date or the venue, then it’s probably best that you hold off. On the other hand, there are some less obvious things you should consider. “You have to remember that your invitations set the tone for you wedding,” says Cyndi Meadows, owner of Penwick Design. “Your guests should be able to anticipate the style of your wedding based on the invitations.” With so much riding on a piece of paper, it is very important that you get it right. That’s why we suggest you sit down with a professional and come up with a truly one-of-a-kind design rather than try to handle it all on your own. “It is important to realize that the way an invitation looks on the screen of your computer and the reality of that image can be very different,” stresses Cyndi when explaining the drawbacks of ordering invitations online. Aside from the advantages of personalized service and a quicker turn around, there are real advantages to having another person help with your invitations. “Without another person, a different set of eyes, going over your invitations first, you run the risk of typos and mistakes, and you really want to make sure there are no mistakes.” WCP





A Trainer’s Tips Christine Mooney shares her hard-earned insights on staying happy, healthy and upbeat EVERY SO OFTEN ONE OF my coworkers will ask me out to lunch before remembering, “Are you eating today?” To an office passerby this might sound a bit strange, but what my friend is really asking is whether or not it’s a fast day for me. Once a week I fast, meaning for a 24-hour period I refrain from consuming anything other than water, green tea or black coffee. There are many benefits to fasting: Autolysis – where the body, without incoming energy, turns to its own resources, like fat stores, for energy; Overall healing properties – the digestive process requires exceptional amounts of energy, and by fasting, energy is diverted to other functions, such as those of the immune system; Detoxification – as fat reserves are used for energy during a fast, they release chemicals from fatty acids to be expelled from the body; Release of human growth hormone; More efficient protein production; Resetting the metabolism to encourage higher basal metabolic rate once eating has again commenced and so on. I am often asked “But how do you do it?” followed immediately by a self-defeating, “I couldn’t do that.” To answer the question: It’s actually quite simple – I don’t eat. After the first couple times fasting, I didn’t even notice that I wasn’t eating. I didn’t get hungry and my blood sugar didn’t plummet. For years I would get “hangry” (“hungry” meets “angry”) when I didn’t eat every few hours, but now that I’m fasting once a week and maintaining a low-carbohydrate lifestyle, the blood sugar rollercoaster ride and food cravings I had been experiencing have disappeared. As for the “I couldn’t do that” part: Yes, you can. (Unless, of course, your doctor has advised you against fasting, in which case, you should definitely listen to their prescription instead.) Whether or not you actually give it an honest try is a completely different story. I’m amazed at how often people tell me they can’t do something, but I shouldn’t be. After all, I’ve heard it a thousand times. I guess I should say I’m amazed at how little people think of their own abilities. Wayne Dyer, an author and motivational consultant, once said, “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.” When people tell me that they couldn’t take on something as simple as a one-day fast without first really committing to it or without conducting their own research on it, it tells me that they are more likely to reject other beneficial and innovative ideas and practices, whether they are health and fitness related or not. Fasting may not be a viable option for everyone due to health reasons, but if you reject the idea because you feel you “simply cannot do it,” then I strongly urge you to reconsider. Over time, feeling incapable of doing something you haven’t even tried, never really committed to, or simply discounted without knowing much about it, will greatly undermine your efforts, regardless of what life puts before you. Because, as it turns out, you can do it. WCP

Best Steakhouse in West Chester 125 West Market Street 610-760-7100

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Our Family, your town, your florist since 1957 Don’t forget! Sunday, May 13 is Mother’s Day!

29 S. Church Street 610-696-5200



F lorist

Halladay Florist shares secrets to help avoid a budding disaster

Photo Adam Jones


HERE ARE REALLY TWO THINGS YOU HAVE TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT BEFORE COMING TO YOUR florist: dress and venue. Figuring out what the bride and her wedding party will be wearing is primary. “Once you’ve purchased a dress, you’re locked into a color scheme,” says Nick Halladay. “Then we can get to work on choosing the colors to build around your dresses.” The next most important step is making sure you’ve finalized the location. “A location with a whole lot of windows and a location with very few windows is really like night and day to a florist,” says Nick. “If you know where your ceremony is being held and you know where you’ll be having the reception, we can make sure that your flower arrangements match the location perfectly.” As for the time frame, Nick suggests that six to eight months from the date of the wedding is about prime time. That should allow you to have everything your florist needs locked in, but also give you the peace of mind not to be rushing. So, is there anything else a couple should take into consideration? “Generally not. I’d say if you have those two things we’re off to a great start. Then I can start working on your order and give you a rough idea on price,” says Nick. WCP






Need a unique event venue to host the ulimate bachelorette party , that is full of character & a guaranteed good time? Look no further! Kildare’s Irish Pub can accommodate events from 1 to 100 people! Our staff and management are dedicated to planning and making your special event at Kildare’s a memorable experience.

18-22 West Gay St. West Chester, PA 610-431-0770



Zach was outgoing and boisterous during our interview, cutting off mid response to shout to an incoming co-worker. “Hey ‘Liz’beth. Hey girl. Shucking oysters. Oh yeah.”

Photo Adam Jones

Meet Our Bartender of the Month from Doc Magrogan’s Name: Zach Weidner Age: 20 Hometown: Bloomsburg So what brought you to West Chester? I came here for school. Too many of my classmates from high school went to Bloomsburg. As one of two gay guys in my class, living in a small town and going to a small school, I definitely wanted to get away, and I loved West Chester. How did you get started as a bartender? I started working at Ruby Tuesdays as a server, and within four months they asked me if I wanted to start bartending, so I gave it a shot. What was it like coming to Doc’s from a Ruby Tuesdays? I’d never worked at a bar that was this big and handled this much volume, but I love it here, and I plan to stay here for as long as possible. Is there a benefit to working in a seafood restaurant? The food here is great. I love the steamer pots, especially the Diablo because it’s spicy. It has shrimp, clams, mussels and crab legs in a spicy marinara sauce. So, we structured this feature as a contest this month, and you received the most votes. How does that feel? It’s great. I wanted to win to prove that just because I’m not 21 doesn’t mean I can’t do what everyone else can. Why do you think you won? When I moved to West Chester I tried my best to get to know as many people as possible, so

I have a lot of friends in this town. When friends come to visit me here they get frustrated because we can’t walk down the street without me having to say “hi” to at least five people. Was there any contention amongst the staff over you winning, or was it friendly competition? Everybody that works here has been perfect. There were three of us who all ended up getting a whole bunch of votes, and it was a good competition between us. What’s your schedule like? I bartend and serve on Thursdays and Saturdays, and I serve on Sundays. Being a student, I have a busy schedule, but I try to pick up as many shifts as I can. Are Sundays busy? Oh yeah, and we move a lot of Bloody Marys. We’ll sell 50 of them in two to three hours. And how are Thursdays here? Thursdays have gotten great recently. The DJ is bangin’, and we all feel it behind the bar and jam out, which I think adds a lot of energy to the crowd. Plus, from 10pm-12am it’s half-off everything, even bottles of wine, and we have $3 fishbowls. We’ve heard people complain that the fishbowls don’t have much alcohol in them. I mean, with the Long Island Iced Tea you can’t say there’s not plenty of liquor. You have vodka, tequila, rum, gin and triple sec filling the bowl. I’ve seen the effects of a single fishbowl when people try to stand up from the bar and get that look like, “woah.” WCP



Featured Artistan Photo by Andrew “Hutch” Hutchins

April 13 Bella & Betty hosted Jamie of Dop Dop Design who handcrafts beautiful aprons and totes from vintage fabrics



Networking Event Photos by Andrew “Hutch” Hutchins

April 5 We hosted our monthly event at Doc Magrogan’s and handed out Phillies tickets. Don’t miss our next event at Más on 4/3.

Jerry Newman won a pair of Phils tickets

Darrell Spencer, John Hannafin

Kelly, Kyle

June 3, 2012

Ride for Heroes is a 60-mile motorcycle ride through Southern Chester County to benefit the Chester County Hero Fund, an organization dedicated to helping first responders with financial hardship caused by injury or loss of life suffered in the line of duty. Registration takes place 9-11am at the Government Services Building at 601 Westtown Road. You can register in advance by contacting

$20 registration includes a donation to the hero Fund, two slices oF pizza, a drink and a giFt. MAY 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM




Networking Event Photos by Andrew “Hutch” Hutchins

April 5 We hosted our monthly event at Doc Magrogan’s and handed out Phillies tickets. Don’t miss our next event at Mas on 4/3.

Cliff Lewis, Tom Boyd, Kyle Rheiner

Steve Pompeo, Kelly Ryan, Lauren, Dee, Jen Devine, Ryan Langianese

Heather Hillman, Shawn Mulholland, Nick Yankanich, Allison Bristow

Kaela, Boyder, Adam, Joe, Deanna, Anthony, Doofus

Rain Speciale, Greg Kupiee, Susan Sluk

Alana, Ben, Meg MAY 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


Milestone Events can accommodate wedding ceremonies and receptions for 50 to 225 guests Weddings include exclusive use of the Great Room, Lobby, Lounge and Gated Outdoor Patios The venue features a welcoming lobby with antique furniture, a beautiful stone hearth and 50� plasma television The Great Room features soaring ceilings, extensive crown molding and millwork, and is painted in warm, neutral colors Arrange your own vendors and services or select from our preferred providers




Milestone Events tells our couple what to look for in a venue

Photo Adam Jones


BVIOUSLY THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT WHEN DECIDING ON A venue is capacity. “Of course you don’t want to try squeezing a 250-person wedding into a small space,” says Milestone Events’ marketing director Andrea Sankaran, “But it works both ways. You also don’t want to end up with a 30-person wedding that looks like it’s being held in a warehouse.” The next thing to consider is your budget. There are West Chester venues that can run you thousands of dollars, and others that seem like a drop in the bucket by comparison, but you need to pay close attention to what a venue doesn’t include in their quote. “Often a venue will give you a quote that represents their base price,” says Sankaran, “but if you want anything else it’s going to cost you more, sometimes up to 25% more. Others, like us, will give you a straight price that, 95% of the time, is what you’ll pay in the end.” Finally, make sure to pay attention to exclusive agreements that a venue might have. “Here at Milestone you can use any caterer you wish,” says Sankaran, “but other venues might only work with one caterer which could be a real problem for couples wanting specialty or ethnic foods or simply wanting to choose their own caterer.” WCP





Photo Adam Jones Story Dan Mathers

You routinely rely on first responders to keep your family safe. Here’s your opportunity to give back.

Ride For Heroes


HEY’RE OFTEN OUT of sight and out of mind, but we constantly rely on the efforts of first responders – police, firefighters, paramedics and rescue personnel. We count on them to protect us and our families, but who is there to protect their families? That question is what led to the development of the Chester County Hero Fund in February of 2001. “Chester County was one of the few counties without a financial support vehicle for first responders,” said the fund’s president, John P. DiBuonaventuro. “I had family in police work, and I had served on the Philly Hero Fund, so I had the experience,

and knew I could get one started here.” The goal of the Chester County Hero Fund is to help injured first responders with the financial burdens they inevitably face, and to aid the families of those who are killed in the line of duty. “Sometimes – like in the case of a volunteer firefighter – we’re talking about blue collar guys who can’t get back to their full-time job because they were injured while fighting a fire,” explains DiBuonaventuro. “In those cases, we have purchased necessities for the family and even paid mortgages.” While people often make donations to the fund, or give money in memory of a loved one who has passed away, the organization is primarily event-drive.

Major benefits like the Fraternal Order of Police’s annual golf tournament, and – as of last year – the Ride for Heroes are essential to the fund. Joe Inzone, owner of Benny’s Pizza, organized the Ride for Heroes. “I’m volunteer fire police here in Chester County,” he said. “So, when I found out about the fund, and I found out about who it was helping, it was helping us, so I immediately wanted to help them.” Inzone is the kind of person who is always looking to give back to others – be it through donating money to local charities directly from purchases at Benny’s or in organizing major events. And, he is also an avid motorcycle rider. 



“I wanted to find a way that I could do something positive, to raise money for the cause, from my hobby,” says Inzone. So, the Ride for Heroes was born. During the inaugural ride in 2011, 72 riders wound through 60 miles of northern Chester County, ending up at Benny’s Pizza on Church Street. Whenever they passed through a town, police were notified and intersections were shut down to make way for the ride. Inzone also managed to involve his business in the charity ride: $25 gets you registered for the ride, plus two slices of pizza and a drink at Benny’s when the ride ends. This year the ride takes place on June 3, coinciding with Super Sunday, so while Gay Street is closed to traffic, Church Street will also be shut down between Gay and Chestnut to make room for the riders who’ll be parking along the block as the ride concludes. And, if Inzone’s big hopes are any indication of what we can expect, than the block is going to be packed. “We’d like to get 150 riders this year,” he says. “It’s for a great cause, and it’s a great time.” Why wouldn’t you take part? WCP



You can register in advance of the ride by stopping in Benny’s Pizza at 114 North Church Street, by calling 610-696-0754 or emailing Registration is welcome on the day of the event, June 3, and will take place from 9-11am at the government services building at 601 Westtown Road. If you don’t have a bike, you can always make donations directly to the Chester County Hero Fund by visiting their website at



Uptown! Premiere Photos by Adam Jones

April 14 Uptown Entertainment Alliance’s premiere sets the stage for their coming drive to bring a theatre to West Chester

Patty and Jeff


Neil and Laura Pennington

Anthony and Shelly

Diane and Steve Ross

Anthony and Josh Rice




Uptown! Premiere Photos by Adam Jones

April 14 Uptown Entertainment Alliance’s premiere sets the stage for their coming drive to bring a theatre to West Chester


Lily and Stephen Higgins

Rob and Tammy Wampler

Julie, MiMi, Richard, Jenny

Jim and Karen

Todd Jones

Richard, Kate, Brianna


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Elegant edibles from The Master’s Baker

Photo Adam Jones


HE MOST IMPORTANT SUGGESTION THAT CHAD FROM THE MASTER’S BAKER WANTED TO stress right off the bat was the time frame. “Generally we say to worry about your cake between two to four months before the wedding. That way you’ll be more certain of your guest count, and guest count really determines the wedding.” Another important suggestion Chad made was trying to get an idea what you’re looking for before heading off to find your baker. “We really encourage couples to have an idea or a theme, a set of colors they want to utilize. If they have pictures, that’s great. It definitely helps if they do a bit of research before coming in.” The next step is where it gets difficult: having the couple agree upon the cake. “We have 16 different flavors, so choosing between those and coordinating the filling can be tough for couples.” To give you an idea where to start, The Master’s Baker offers a marble ribbon cake with a chocolate, whipped-buttercream icing that’s a big seller. (And we can certainly understand why!) Being a family-owned and operated business is a big deal to The Master’s Baker, with second-generation twins heading up the shop today. And, because they only focus on wedding and party cakes, you’re sure to be guided in the right direction. WCP



First Friday Photos by Andrew “Hutch” Hutchins

April 6 Local Author Maggie Mitchell was on hand at Penwick Design signing copies of her new children’s book “The Big Stink”



First Friday Photos by Andrew “Hutch” Hutchins

April 6 The opening of Malena’s Boutique’s new location at the corner of Church and Gay was well-timed and well-attended

Carmen, Steven

Josh and Malena

Renee, Sarah

irt All Sh ailable at ns Av Desig t Stree t e k r a o est M c@yah 124 Wtandardw s egold




First Friday Photos by Andrew “Hutch” Hutchins

April 6 Some shots from around West Chester on a beautiful Friday evening

People came from far and wide for the grand opening of Malena’s Boutique’s new location


Mia Gibson, Betsy Zukin

Gordon and Betsy Woodrow

Adam and Ryan

Hannah Taylor, Celeste Giuliano

Tom and Ryan at reworkwc

Karen and Sheree at The 5 Senses


Why You Should Join 24-Hour Key Card Access Safe & Clean Atmosphere 7 Security Cameras Panic Button (Just In Case) Cable TV on Each Cardio Machine Treadmills, Elipticals, Bikes, Stair Climber Cooler With Pre And Post Workout Drinks Plate and Pin Fed Machines Dumbbells from 5-150lbs. Squat Rack And Smith Machine EZ Bar Barbell Set from 20-110lbs Private Core/Exercise Room Kettle Bells, Bosu Balls, Medicine Balls Stability Balls and more

348 Hannum Avenue




Salon A top-notch salon with a very real feel.

610-585-0102 Or you can reach your stylist directly... Anthony Giunta - 610-585-0102 Laura McCallin - 484-364-6276 Jason Nichols - 610-299-6859 David Mumford - 484-753-1536 You can find Salon Chemistry on Middle Alley between Walnut and Matlack Streets. Just head down Market Street and Salon Chemistry is in the lot to your left, behind the Salvation Army.



Catering Christina’s Catering serves up award-winning food Photo Adam Jones


HOOSING YOUR CATERER IS A MAJOR STEP - THEY’LL BE SPENDING A LOT OF TIME WITH YOU and interacting with your guests, but that doesn’t mean you should jump the gun and hire your caterer first. “You shouldn’t hire your caterer until you’ve got your venue planned,” says Chef Dan of Christina’s Catering. Not only do some venues only work with certain caterers, but a good caterer will gear their services to your location. “We change what we’re offering, from the food, to the colors and the linens, based on the location,” says Dan. He also suggests that it’s a major red flag if a caterer seems too strict and rigid right from the start. “When there’s no room for change, when a caterer says, ‘This is what we offer and that’s it,’ it can make the whole experience more difficult for the bride and groom. A good caterer should be able to tailor the whole experience to your liking.” Also, remember to shop around, even if you like the food. “There’s often a huge descrepancy in pricing from one caterer to the next – even if they’re offering the same service,” says Dan. “Due diligence certainly pays.” WCP





20-Something Dating Kaela Mast reflects on the highs and lows of dating for a couple in their twenties

I CHOSE TO WATCH ANIME. Not your typical Pokemon sort of anime, but REAL anime. The kind where the cartoons speak Japanese and you’re forced to read subtitles in English. For those who know me, you know this is completely out of character. I recall sharing this bit of information with a few close friends, and they laughed in disbelief. It’s just not my “thing.” So anime and dating; how are these two things linked together, right? My boyfriend, who I’ve only been dating for a few months, is into a lot of Japanese culture. Although I find it interesting, watching re-runs of Meet the Press will have me more on the edge of my seat than this hodgepodge of hand-drawn characters battling for a wizard’s book. It was weird, and I’ll leave it at that. Yet, I willingly curled into my snuggle spot on his chest and pressed play. When the pixilated dust had settled, I hadn’t been converted into an anime-loving fan girl, but I did have a better understanding as to who my boyfriend was and what interests him. Every day since we started dating, I learn new things about him. A weird quirk, what makes him laugh, the buttons to push when I want to piss him off, and the look that gets him to almost instantly say, “Yes, Dear.” Allowing one another into our personal lives has had this weird, cosmic way of drawing us closer to one another regardless of how different we are. I mean, seriously, if you were dating me, would you want to constantly hear about my dating blogs or articles? Probably not. But we’ve learned to accept each other’s weirdnesses and adapt them into our own lives. I’ve been told since I’ve gotten a boyfriend that I’ve changed. Fact of the matter is that everyone changes when they are in a relationship or even just dating someone. The changes are apparent even to me. Four months ago I wouldn’t have been able to tell you the name of an anime series, yet now I am writing an article based off that very topic. We don’t intentionally change to conform ourselves to the ideal held by our significant other, but it just tends to happen when we care about someone outside of ourselves. We bend a little, make a little bit of an adjustment to our everyday lives, and learn to compromise in order to continue growing our relationship. We’ve all heard stories of people doing crazy things for the ones they love. It makes sense. Sure, I feel crazy admitting I watched anime just to spend an extra 25 minutes cuddled up next to my boyfriend after a long day at work, but I don’t feel crazy for admitting I enjoy spending time with him. WCP

OPEN @BurritoLocoWC


Burrito Loco (West Chester,PA)

SUMMER 701 S. High St. 610-918-1112 MAY 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM




Casino Night Photos by Adam Jones

March 25 Parks and Rec’s annual Casino Night fundraiser at Milestone Events raised money to benefit the Send a Kid to Camp Fund

Doug Castaldi, Nancy Schuster

Mayor Comitta

Lesley and Keith MAY 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


Who’s That?

Below are three minimalist block sketches of different, unrelated, fictional characters. Think you can figure out who’s who? Check our website for a hint, then tweet your answers @TheWCPress for a chance to win a $25 gift card to a local business.






Casino Night

March 25 Photos by Adam Jones Parks and Rec’s annual Casino Night fundraiser at Milestone Events raised money to benefit the Send a Kid to Camp Fund

STRICKLER insurance est. 1860

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Funky Functional American Art


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North American Handmade Functional Works of Art

Matt Holliday, Rick Loughery, Kerry Acker

Sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch…

from wind chimes to Soaprocks® to metal art, Jonathan's Spoons® to silver jewelry, pottery to clocks, Hoboken Eddies® hot sauces to Barrick Design candles to glass to Leaf Leather® to Yardbirds®.

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Mon~Fri\10 am to 6 pm • Sat\10 am to 5 pm • Sun\12 to 4pm Open Late Every 1st Friday

133 West Market Street, West Chester, PA • 610.719.0170

George Jones, Irene Benjamin, Christine and Wayne Kinsey MAY 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


Casino Night Photos by Adam Jones

March 25 Parks and Rec’s annual Casino Night fundraiser at Milestone Events raised money to benefit the Send a Kid to Camp Fund


Lisa and Pat O’Donnell

Denise and Justin Smith

Jillian and Dave

Tom and Cheryl Paxson

Chris and Robin Gardner

Sally and Chuck Christy


greek life


bar crawls





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BUFFALO TUESDAYS: small pizza $4.72 18” XL pizza $7.99 PEPPERONI WEDNESDAYS: small $4.72 18” XL $7.99 HALF PRICE PIZZAS 4-6 PM DAILY!

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Open Late To Satify Those Late Night Munchies




Local Talent Many nights while sitting on my front stoop, my neighbor Erica Brown would be hanging out on hers, often drying artwork or taking a breather from the toxicity of her paints. I started noticing Erica’s work and was intrigued by the freedom of it. I never stuck around long enough to ask indepth questions – our interactions were always fleeting – but when I was asked if I’d be interested in writing a series on local artists, Erica immediatley came to mind. When not painting, Erica is a bartender at Pietro’s Prime and within the past few months she’s become a mother, so it took some time for us to find a break in her busy schedule so I could make the trek all the way next door and chat about

Photo and Story Adam Jones Erica’s studio will be open for painting demos as part of the Chester County Open Studio Tour from May 19-20 What is the medium you work in? It’s called encaustic, and it is one of the oldest forms of painting. It’s painting with bees wax and dried pigments. You brush it on a wooden panel or sometimes canvas and then heat it up. It can also be very sculptural – you can carve into and layer it. At what point did you decide this would be your career? As soon as I could I was drawing everywhere, on the walls, in story books, you know I was always doing something with art. Initially when I started at Tyler School of Art I was taking art education, and I had a professor convince me to try fine art. I gave it a try and some gallery shows fell into my lap, so I was like, “Okay. This is cool.” Where do you find inspiration for your work? Each piece is different, but I mainly get inspiration from West Chester in some of the strangest ways: the bricks, the way trees roots crack up the pavement, broken windows and even the history. How long have you lived here? Seven years. Would you describe your artwork as expressionistic? The only reason I would hold back from calling it expressionistic is because I have so much respect for the people who started the abstract expressionistic movement, but I think it definitely falls in line with that style. Can you describe what you’re feeling when you create a piece? I tend to find my works as I make them, so it’s very much reactionary to the process, to what I’m feeling at the moment or what I’m listening to. I am not concerned with what you literally see, but more with how it makes you feel. It’s great if someone likes what they see, but every once in a while you get someone who stands in front

of your painting and just stares and they’re feeling something really deep inside of them. How do you stay inspired when times get tough? Often it helps me to vent, not like I want to go tackle a painting, but sometimes if I paint I can work through what I am feeling, and I can feel a little less overwhelmed. But, if my heart is broken or I lost a friend, it makes it harder for me to paint. I don’t know how much of that is that I don’t want to convey dark feelings, or if it’s just that I am not as excited about things in general. Do you have any advice for people who want to start an art career? Ummm... Be Honest. It’s not easy. I don’t mind selling my artwork. I love showing. I don’t mind hearing people’s opinions, even if it’s negative. But, you have to have thick skin and be able to handle someone throwing your art in the trash or cheating you out of money. You need to have good business sense, and I am still working on that – it’s not my strong suit. Go for it if you’re gonna go for it. Don’t let fear stop you, be wise about who you trust, and never forget why you’re doing what you’re doing. Your work is so different from traditional Chester County. Do you often have peoplele say they don’t like it or don’t get it? I have had a lot of people say they don’t get it, which is fun. I find a lot of representational work very beautiful and know a lot of artists who are representational, but thats just not the way I paint. I’ve found people whose entire houses are landscapes that fall in love with one piece and end up taking it home. It’s more about how it makes you feel; not just what matches your couches. WCP



PETER WHITE Sunday Brunch

June 24th from 10AM-2PM

JUNE 29th at 7PM Peter White kicks off the opening of the 2012 Chester County Jazz Festival Weekend June 29th - July 1st. Also apperaing with Peter are Philadelphia’s own Point Blank smooth jazz band and Comedian C.P Lacey.

Who doesn’t love an outdoor brunch in the summer? Faunbrook Bed & Breakfast hosts a Sunday Jazz Brunch. Come listen to Aniya Jazz Band as they play live music and enjoy great food by High Street Cafe.

Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall on the campus of West Chester University.

Tickets on Sale Now!

Side Bar’s Bunny Brunch Photos by Adam Jones

March 31 Local kids enjoyed brunch at Side Bar with one of the most terrifying Easter Bunnies we have ever seen

Nathaniel and Nelson Murray

Jennifer Gething


Madeline and Cora

Angelina Reiner, Marissa Caldwen, Eugene Law

Alexa Mattos MAY 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


129 W Market St 484-905-7098 Robert Graham Ralph Lauren Michael Kors Calvin Klein Bugatchi

your source for tuxedo fittings and rentals

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Mainline Men’s finds you the perfect fit


OT ONLY CAN YOU AND YOUR GROOMSMEN GET YOUR TUXEDOS WITHOUT HAVING TO STEP a foot outside the borough, but thanks to Mainline Men’s Custom Clothiers on Market Street, you’ll get custom treatment, too; they won’t just take your measurements and toss a tux off the rack on your back. “The key,” says owner Larry Albert, “Is making temporary adjustments to the jacket. You want it a little tighter? We can take it in for you without permanently changing the jacket.” This is an extremely important step, especially for someone who may be a bit atypical in body shape. You can have that perectly tailored look without needing to purchase a tuxedo. And with years of experience, it doesn’t take Larry long to get it just right. Seconds after Kevin hopped up in front of the mirror, Larry had sized him up as a 42 regular and helped him into a slim-fitting jacket that was a perfect match. Larry was also happy to discuss the style options and to answer any questions. That’s the benefit of dealing with a seasoned professional, not your run-of-the-mill salesman who’s just looking for a commission. WCP



Family Owned Since 1976


DAREAUTO.COM 301 S. Bolmar Street West Chester, PA 19382

Our Services Include: PA State & Emissions Inspection • Heating & Air Conditioning • Oil, Lube & Filter Changes Brakes & Tune-Ups • Alignments • Preventative Maintenance • Foreign & Domestic Cars Same Day Service • Local Shuttle Service • Belts & Hoses • Complete Engine Assembly Engine • Suspension THE WC PRESS | VOICE OF THE BOROUGH Systems • Tire Services • Full-Service Machine Shop 66 Diagnostics

A Three-Letter Word Jill McDevitt is the proprietor of Feminique Boutique and holds a master’s degree in Human Sexuality

I AM A PLEASURE-POSITIVE sexologist. This is because I believe pleasure for the sake of pleasure is a worthy goal in and of itself. Some people, on the other hand, believe my career is “destroying morals,” “smut,” “contributing to a culture of abuse,” “bringing cultural demise,” “the downfall of family life,” “perversion,” and my personal favorite, “a degrading assault on the dignity of a human person.” Yes, I’ve been called these things because I am a sexologist. I believe pleasure is important, but there is more to being a sexologist than selling toys. Here are four cases in which people utilized my sexology services that had nothing to do with pleasure:

104 N. Church Street 610-551-3262

The nation’s only sex shop owned by a degreed sexologist

1. A woman paid me a visit looking for information on the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse to see if she could now, decades later, press charges against her childhood rapist. I field hundreds of inquiries per year from people who have had a sexual trauma or injustice of some kind and need help finding resources to prosecute. I do not charge for this service. 2. A young woman was told she could not purchase the sponge, a barrier birth control method like a condom, by three different pharmacies. They told her she needed a prescription, which is untrue. Whether they refused to let her purchase the sponge due to their religious beliefs, her status as an unmarried woman, or something else, I don’t know. But she called me for help, and I called the pharmacies. Using the clout of my sexology credentials I was able to convince them they were wrong to lie about needing a prescription, and wrong to deny her right to purchase it. She has since been able to secure her birth control without hassle. Many people use me to lend a credible voice for their cause or plight. I do not charge for this service either. 3. A woman came to see me to talk about something she was horribly embarrassed about, but she was at her wits end and said she had nowhere else to go. She was suffering from sexual insecurity, pain and body image issues after she was diagnosed with vulva cancer and had to have her outer genitals surgically removed. Countless people, both men and women, have sought me out for empowerment of sexuality related insecurities and anxieties that they are suffering from but are too embarrassed to ask anyone else about. I don’t charge for this service either, unless their need requires hours of my time. 4. After experiencing crippling pain that made walking difficult, a woman paid me a visit at the recommendation of her physician, who said the pain was caused by spasms of the pubococcygeus (pelvic floor) muscle. The physician’s recommendation? A vibrator! I’ve had dozens of clients referred to me by their doctors to treat pelvic floor pain, vaginismus, rectal prolapse and other conditions. I like to think I’m being compassionate by providing these muchneeded services, and free of charge, no less. But, I guess one person’s compassion is another person’s “smut” and “perversion.” WCP

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NYBODY WITH A BASIC knowledge of tabs can pick up a guitar and woo the ladies with a cover song, but it takes an awesome understanding of music to add your own twist – to make somebody else’s music your own. It takes an even greater talent to write music thats sounds so original people stop and think, “What is that?” Ryan Colestock, with his blend of Sublime-esque, Rastafari reggae and homespun hiphop, has mastered all the above. We’re routinely approached by girlfriends, boyfriends, fathers and mothers telling us how we need to write about so-and-so. We always give it a consideration but don’t usually make it through the first song on their Myspace page. With Ryan, we blew through his Facebook and quickly set out in search of YouTube videos including originals, covers and an appearance on Radio 104.5. We figured this was a kid we could get behind, so we sat him down for a photo and a brief interview just days before his 21st birthday.

Check out Ryan Colestock’s single “Playpen” right now by visiting So you’re one of those WCU guys who actually grew up here, right? Yeah. I graduated from East High School in 2009. And what made you stick around West Chester? I was looking at the whole music program here, but after a while I realized it wasn’t going to work for me. If I wanted to play guitar I’d have to be a music teacher or play in an ensemble, and that wasn’t what I was looking to do. Did you give it a shot? I took some vocal classes, but the teacher told me from there my options were basically to go into theatre, so I knew I didn’t want to do that. So, what are you doing in college? I took some sociology classes and thought that was pretty easy. So you chose your major because it was easy? Well, really, college is just a backup plan for me. I know a lot of people who graduated high school and just decided to become musicians, but I was like, “But what if that doesn’t work out?” Have you always been into music? I played saxophone in elementary school, but really I just made the thing squeak a lot, so that didn’t last long. I was part of an honors program chorus when I was in elementary school, too, which was the first indication that maybe I had some talent, but then I got into middle school and suddenly thought it wasn’t cool because I was the only guy in chorus. I started playing the piano in middle school, and I enjoyed it, but I didn’t like practicing. I guess I realized that there was really no sense in playing an instrument that I didn’t like to practice, so I stopped playing piano. But then I picked up a guitar.

And that stuck? Yeah. I started off with an electric guitar, playing all the classic rock like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. I wanted to rock. Were you taking lessons? I was just teaching myself, playing what I could, but when I wanted to get better, when I wanted to learn to play rock solos and stuff, I started taking lessons. In the end the teacher just wanted to teach me songs, so I went back to teaching myself. Eventually, in tenth grade, I realized I didn’t want to play electric. When did you start writing your own music? Also in tenth grade. The winter of tenth grade to be specific. I look back on that song now, and I really like the tune, but it could use a lot of work. Do you enjoy writing music? I love it. I used to just like jamming out, but now I like writing just as much as I like playing. And of course, the standard, ‘What are you influences?’ question. I’m often told that I sound like Sublime, but I try to make music that is my own. I grew up in the nineties, and I love nineties music. It has just completely died out, so I try to bring it back. In what way? I try to tell a real story. Modern music seems so straightforward and risqué. How much of it can you listen to before you tire of violence, drugs and sex? I want people to be able to find meaning in the music I write.

Come out to our networking event Thursday, May 3 on the rooftop at Más where Ryan will be providing the entertainment and Más will be providing free appetizers and a free margarita for all in attendance. MAY 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


Limoncello caterers Weddings Graduations Corporate Events Family Celebrations



WE ARE PROUD TO OFFER UP A print version of everyone’s favorite bar game... and you won’t have to pay 50 cents. Compare the two photos at right. They may look the same, but there are seven subtle differences between the two. Find those seven differences and identify the item that has been changed. Then send an email to listing those items. You’ll be entered to win a $25 gift card to a local business. Winners will be chosen at random, and their name will be posted to Facebook along with the solution at the end of the month. So make sure to like us and follow along if you want to play. Enjoy

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. MAY 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


Parks & Rec’s Egg Hunt Photos by Adam Jones

March 31 Even a spot of bad weather couldn’t stop the annual Easter Egg Hunt; it just moved indoors to the Fugett Gymnasium


Barb, Jenn, Scott and Colton Harris

Kevin and Georgette Kokinda

Luke Waiters, Ed and Suzann Bradley

Sophia, Ella, Holly, Jason




Parks & Rec’s Egg Hunt Photos by Adam Jones

March 31 Even a spot of bad weather couldn’t stop the annual Easter Egg Hunt; it just moved indoors to the Fugett Gymnasium

Gianna Marie Darmo, Ally Darmo

Luis Alowso, Gabriela Geron, Abel Alowso, Juan Alowso

Matt, Tamra, Trevor and Addison Pusey

Allie, Emma, Harris, Steph and Marc

Kristen, Kevin, Eric

Nancy, Harrison, Lexi MAY 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


hair services • facial therapies • massage therapy • nail services body wraps & scrubs • depilatory services • makeup & beauty




s pa

Catch the Calista Tools product line on QVC

Best of

West Chester four-time award winner


Commons of Thornbury • Building 300 • Suite 301 • 1211 Wilmington Pike, West Chester (610) 399-6677 •



Makeover Calista Grand takes Erin from casual beauty to big-day elegant


Photo Adam Jones

HE FIRST STEP TO THIS MAKEOVER WAS ERIN’S HAIR, AND stylist Karen was up to the task. She set Erin’s hair, then back-combed the top apex area of her head section by section for a soft look and to create volume. This kept all the fringe hair out of her face. Then Karen pinned up the side sections of Erin’s hair to the back-center, creating a ‘draped ribbon’ look that is very elegant, soft and suited to her features. Renee handled Erin’s makeup and wanted to create a warm glow. She played up Erin’s eyes with soft smokey purples and greys then glammed up the look with some individual lashes. Then Renee applied a soft pink blush to the apples of Erin’s cheeks and a little blush on the cheeks. The goal with the makeup was just to enhance Erin’s natural beauty. Marie kept erin’s nails simple with a light, natural-looking polish to keep a clean beautiful look to nails.



Starting May 10th & 17th Compete at Kildare’s West Chester for Your Chance to go to the National Finals! The winner will appear in Kildare’s ads for a year & win a trip to Cancun!

Visit Kildare’s to Sign Up! 18-22 West Gay St

West Chester, PA


**Must be at least 21 to Compete**



Top Wedding Songs

DJ Romeo knows what’s special about a wedding and what is most important on your big day, brides WHEN I STARTED DJING, it was about the party: the women, the alcohol and the music. But over the years I have learned being a DJ is more than that; it’s about creating moments. As I grow, I see friends taking the leap into marriage, and I’ve grown to love the sacred tradition that is the wedding reception. I’ll always work a small wedding over an AC club, simply because of what it means to one person... the bride! Women have always been fascinating creatures to me, and I think I may have earned the nickname “Romeo” because I love to make them smile. From the first dance to the last, my focus is on her; it’s her one night to be the princess. Grooms on the other hand, at least the ones I have encountered, are either too drunk to know whats going on, too nervous to actually enjoy themselves or too concerned with, “When will the night end so we can consumate this whole shebang?” Women run the world, so when it comes to weddings, it is all about the bride. She runs the show. She needs to be on the dancefloor all night singing every song with her bridesmaids, dancing her ass off, and by the end of the night her feet hurt so much she hates the DJ (me). When she wakes up in the morning she should feel like P.Diddy (or whatever he is calling himself by the time this goes to print). The following is a sampling of the music that any potential bride needs to think about. And, as one of the most-requested DJs for the Philadelphia area’s biggest DJ company, Schaffer Sound Productions, I think I may know what I’m talking about. These are the mostrequested songs sure to become part of your everlasting love story. Top First Dance Songs Jack Johnson – “Better Together” Etta James – “At Last” David Gray – “This Year’s Love” Top Father/Daughter Dance Songs Frank Sinatra – “The Way You Look Tonight” Nat King Cole – “Unforgettable” The Temptations – “My Girl” Top ‘Do Not Play’ Songs Los del Rio – “Macarena” Marcia Griffiths – “Electric Boogie” a.k.a “The Electric Slide” Village People – “YMCA” Top Modern Wedding Dance Songs Rihanna – “We Found Love” Chris Brown – “Forever” Taio Cruz – “Dynamite” Top Last Dance Songs Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes – “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” Journey – “Don’t Stop Believing” Donna Summers – “Last Dance” WCP



the lineup wednesday 5/2 Thursday 5/3 friday 5/4 saturday 5/5 doors 7pm|Show 8pm doors 8pm|show 9pm doors 8pm|Show 9pm doors 8pm|Show 9pm

Dub Step In Dub C W/DJ RUn dmt event is 18+

DJ AQ No Sir E event is 21+

catullus, FosterChild, Novelectro, leaving midnight event is 21+ Fikus event is 21+

friday, may 18 |Doors Open at 8pm

blackthorn This event is 21+

wednesday 5/9 doors 7pm|Show 8pm

Dub Step In Dub C

Thursday 5/10 friday 5/11 saturday 5/12 doors 7pm|show 8pm doors 7pm|Show 8pm Doors 8pm|show 9pm

black river john brown’s zelazowa, subliminal criminals, commoner, body, a victim of good times,

collingwood steppin Razor W/ love city djs the event is 21+ event is 21+ event is 18+

wednesday 5/16 thursday 5/17 doors 7pm|Show 8pm doors 6pm

Dub Step In Dub C W/love city DJS event is 18+

He is we deas vail, windsor drive, south jordan

MK omega event is 21+

saturday 5/19 Friday 5/20 doors 8pm|show 9pm doors 8pm|Show 9pm

Splintered sunlight event is 21+

powerglove protomen event is all ages

event is all ages

west chester, pa

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