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March 2012 




Meet the arts organization shaking things up in The WC

We’re all too happy to sample some food pairings from The Social Lounge’s new menu



Get to know West Chester’s entertainer of the year



Shots from Bartenders’ Ball, Jazz Festival and more

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$5 CAR BOMBS (10-12)


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Inside This Issue Bartenders’ Ball 6-30 Photos from one hard-partying fundraiser

Uptown Entertainment Alliance 11-15 This group of philanthropists are determined to bring a theatre to downtown West Chester


Makeover of the Month 19 Calista Grand choose one lucky winner

Eating American 23 Photos from El Wingador’s trip to America’s Pie

Jazz Festival 25-38 Photos from Chester County Jazz Festival’s first little shindig

A Trainer’s Tips 35 Christine Mooney shares her insights on staying happy, healthy and upbeat

Perfectly Paired 31-36

We do a bit of food and drink pairing with the owners of The Social Lounge

WCU Theatre’s 12th Annual Aids Benefit 39-51

Photos from a theatrical evening aimed at raising money for a much needed cause


The Look of the Month 41 With these tips from Nich owner Kristy Mak you’ll be sure to stay ahead of the fashion curve

Bartender of the Month 45 Katie Murtagh is a familiar face behind the bar at Landmark Americana

The West Chester Food Safari 48 Jeremy Malanka knows that, sometimes, it’s not just what’s on the plate that matters

20-Something Dating 50 Kaela Mast is a girl who knows what she wants... she’s just not sure where to find it

Entertainers of the Year 53-54 Meet Jamison, West Chester’s favorite entertainers

The Polo Cup 56-58


Photos from Turks Head Auxilliary’s first meeting of 2012

It’s Just A Three-Letter Word 57 Jill McDevitt explores why something so natural and necessary is so taboo

Saint Patty’s Playlist 59 DJ Romeo shares some holiday favorites



From the Editor...

The Press

Feels Good to be Back

I HOPE YOU’RE HOLDING THIS THINKING, “Wow, how is this free?” I hope you picked it up in the store and took it home to put on your coffee table. I hope you’ve grabbed this copy in a café, will read it over lunch, then pass it on to a friend. I hope you go home and share it with your rommates, your wife, your partner. Then, I hope you do the same thing next month. Yup, there’s gonna be another one of these bad boys hot off the press on the first of each month from here on out. Welcome to The WC Press, a fresh, local entertainment mag’ that should keep you up on all the awesome stuff that’s happening in the borough. As is customary when launching a new project, there are a few people who need thanking: First, the advertisers. Without them, this might not exist, and it certainly wouldn’t be free. Second, I have to give a shout out to our talented photographer, Adam Jones. All but a handful of the photos filling this magazine are his handiwork. Next, I want to praise the team at Market Street Print, Tim Kelly in particular. He’s pulled some strings and seen to it that this magazine – one that so fiercely preaches the need to spend your dollars locally – is able to be printed by a company right in town. Finally, I need to thank Nick Vecchio, our advertising manager. It’s his hard work that’s ensured this publication’s existence. He courted sponsors, he sold ads and saw to it that this enterprise got off the ground. Thanks, Nick. We are the local publication, published by three local guys, and we’re really hoping this is something you’ll look forward to each month. Enjoy. P.S. If you happen to be reading this on March 1, meet me at Ryan’s Pub from 8-10pm. I’ll buy you a beer.

Editor/Publisher Dan Mathers

Advertising Manager Nick Vecchio

Staff Photographer Adam Jones

Published By The WC Press 13 South Church Street West Chester, PA 19382

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The Team... NICK VECCHIO a.k.a. DJ Romeo is a transplant who came to West Chester University and was never able to leave this town. During his years at WCU he started a successful DJ and promotions company, allowing him to cultivate friendships and business partnerships throughout the borough. He joined The WC Press in June 2012 as a sales rep, before he started spray tanning. He recently took over the reins full-time in January 2012 as advertising manager. ADAM JONES is a West Chester native, Henderson High School grad and a self-described "scrubby skater dude." When he's not out shooting for The Press, you'll might find him longboarding around town, putting down an IPA at a local bar, or chatting up a girl the rest of us are entirely stunned is interested in talking to him. He studied photography at the Philadelphia Art Institute and joined The WC Press before a single issue had even been printed.





Bartenders’ Ball Photos by Adam Jones

January 29, 2012

This past January dubC Bar Stool organzied the Second Annual Bartenders’ Ball, a charity gala which has, to date, raised nearly $25,000 for local charities. The Chester County Historical Society was packed with partygoers dancing, dining and drinking, all for a good cause. A special thank you is owed to all of the event’s sponsors who are far too numerous to list individually.

Ben and Zahra



Josh DiNunzio and Corey Lauth

Herb Beekley, Nikki Cooke



Bartenders’ Ball Photos by Adam Jones

January 29, 2012 West Chester’s service industry hosted a community fundraiser at the Chester County Historical Society

Melissa and Chad Thrasher

Casey Hockenberry, Bob Huss

Heather Kehoe, Jessica Dolan

Jessica Dolan, Andy Shoffner

Joey Dipilla, Joanne Fuentes

Jeff and Christy Cerra

Jared Savitski and Jayme Fuentes

Kiki Comerford, Bob Rogers

Patrick Comerford, Sue Rogers






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Uptown Entertainment Alliance

L to R: Tony Stancato, Danielle Chmelewski, Linda Foster, Richard May, Tom McEvoy Photo Adam Jones

Story Danielle Chmelewski Photo Adam Jones


This borough still lacks one thing... but not for long

IGHTS QUICKLY DIM, WHISPERS OF ANTICIPATION RIPPLE through the crowd and your eyes fight to focus through the darkness on stage, seeking the first sign of movement. The night carries you through laughs and grins, tears and fears, drama and glamour. As the performers take their final bows, roars of applause fill your ears and you reflect on the moments that resonate with you most. ďƒœ MARCH 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


The Warner Theatre was routinely packed when it first opened in 1930 Photo Chester County Historical Society

Sadly, this experience lies beyond the borders of our town, but imagine a night when you could enjoy all of this without leaving West Chester. A night that allows you to dine outside on a patio, have a couple drinks and walk down the street to see a fantastic local performance by a published poet, a Broadway star or a dance group from a nearby studio. A small group of loyal and passionate West Chester residents have dedicated their efforts in the past year and a half to making this experience a reality. They have been working to develop a performing arts theater right in the center of town and to cultivate a stronger arts atmosphere for West Chester as a whole. AND SO IT BEGINS... While sharing cocktails on the back porch of a home in the Historic District, Tom and Connie McEvoy, Richard May, and Linda Foster made a commitment to each other and to the town of West Chester: They were going to build a theatre. “The first thing we asked ourselves was, ‘Is there support for this?’” said Tom McEvoy. So the group started by holding several informal meetings and putting together a happy hour presentation at Side Bar & Restaurant to build interest. They needed the passion and excitement of many fellow West Chester residents to help with their new undertaking. The interest was so enormous that the group quickly gained momentum. Their effort grew into the non-profit organization now known as Uptown Entertainment Alliance (UEA). Commit-



tees were formed. Donors were located. An impressive interest was expressed in supporting such a great effort to make West Chester a better place to live. THERE’S JUST ONE THING... “I left Washington, DC 34 years ago in search of a place where I could spend the rest of my life and raise a family,” said Richard May, secretary and real estate committee co-chair of UEA. “Ever since I moved here, this town has done nothing but improve, and the only thing missing is a theatre.” “Since the moment I first came to West Chester, I knew that this town needed one of two things: a riverfront or a theater,” chuckled McEvoy, “and since one of those is simply impossible, let’s do the other!” Many residents have seen this town’s impressive progress over the past 15 years. Unique bars and restaurants keep adding to the expanding cuisine alongside exclusive boutique stores. The Note has been bringing local and sometimes largely popular music artists to an audience appreciative of pop, rock and hip hop. But, there has not been any other effort to bring the arts culture to town. A THEATRICAL HISTORY... West Chester wasn’t always void of theatre and entertainment. On November 14, 1930 the prestigious Warner Theatre opened its doors to the community. Located on North High Street, its

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march 16th, 17th

t h e


the Art of Chester County


3 0

t h

a n n i v e r s a r y

preview party friday, march 16 6:00pm - 9:00pm $130 show hours saturday, march 17 10:00am - 7:00pm | sunday, march 18 11:00am - 5:00pm expert verbal appraisals sunday, march 18 11:00am - 1:00pm

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Art Deco architecture and large marquee attracted crowds even throughout the Great Depression. People would flock to the 1,650seat theatre to watch the latest films on a screen set atop a full vaudeville stage. As the theatre was opening, a Warner Brother’s representative reassured West Chester’s Board of Trade that they had “every confidence in the stability and growth of West Chester.” Despite many attempts to save the theatre, it closed its doors in the early 1980s because it could not be sustained. The building is currently being renovated to become the new Warner Hotel, West Chester’s first downtown boutique hotel. The Warner Theatre was an important element of the arts culture in West Chester that many were sad to see go under. But up until now there has been no sustained efforts to bring back the vibe of Warner. The theatre is a magical place. A place that can take you beyond the limits of your imagination into different worlds of culture, music, drama and performance. A place that allows you to meet others who share a common love for the performing arts. “We want this effort to act as a catalyst for letting all residents of West Chester get to know each other better and have fun doing so,” says Angeline May, daughter of Board Member Richard May and acting Co-Chair of the Uptown Entertainment Alliance’s Marketing Committee. “A theatre will be a high-end experience that allows us to really share and celebrate the things that make us unique.” By bringing such a venue to this diverse town, it will allow not just enjoyment, but growth. The performing arts center has the potential to unite an increasingly diverse community. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE... The most prominent vision of Uptown Entertainment Alliance’s founding board was to have something for everyone. Programming for the theatre has hopes to include children’s shows, poetry readings, short and feature length films, open mic nights, musical performances by local entertainers, well-known travelling shows, dance concerts, local artist showcases and educational workshops, receptions, and lectures. The opportunities are nearly endless. “It (the performing arts) enhances

The area’s premier arts organizations, like Brandywine Ballet, support UAE in their efforts Photo Matthew McMasters your life in many ways, including opening your mind to other things you wouldn’t normally think about,” says Linda Foster, a founding board member. The Uptown Entertainment Alliance is currently working to plan their event schedule for 2012. Local venues, such as the Chester County Historical Society, have offered to house some of these performances temporarily while the group continues to work on solidifying a permanent theater venue. As Richard May puts it, “if they will come, then we will build it!” With a business plan in place and a goal of raising an initial $100,000, the Board Members are extremely optimistic and enthusiastic about the direction the Uptown Entertainment Alliance is taking! JOIN THE MOVEMENT... The Uptown Entertainment Alliance will be hosting their premiere event at the

Chester County Historical Society in the next few months. The night will include a red carpet reception, a variety of spectacular performers, and a chance to support the growing arts culture in West Chester. Tickets will be on sale soon, so keep an eye out. With so many people passionately involved in the development of a theatre in West Chester, it is looking to be nothing short of a success. The board members are not only committed to the performing arts, but also determined to improve the town of West Chester by bringing an element of creativity through the performing arts. WCP To keep yourself updated on the happenings of the Uptown Entertainment Alliance, to become a volunteer or become a donor, please visit the website at



Bartenders’ Ball Photos by Adam Jones

January 29, 2012 West Chester’s service industry hosted a community fundraiser at the Chester County Historical Society

Eric Johnson, Kara Jones

Nancy, Ashley

Calvin Card, Big Dave

David Mann, Sarah Watts

Bobby Bigtime and his proud Mama

Becky and Rob Lukens

Jennifer Dunn, Ed Knight

Devon Hurley, Kyle Dohoney

Melissa A, Ryan Janni



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h t n o M s i ook for b e h c fa n T o s u LIKE ’ll Be view

e W e r e Wh

March 1 - Happy Hour Launch Party @ Ryan’s Pub 8-1Opm Grab a pint on us to celebrate the release of our magazine

and to more events album oto our digital ph

March 8 - Young Professionals Networking Event @ Kildare’s 6-9pm March 9 - “Heading to Nashville” @ Alibis Cafe. Rob Snyder & Davisson Brothers Band with Owen Schmitt. $5OO Bikini contest March 1O - dubC Barstool Celtic Crawl see page 31 March 1O - Glow Nation VI @ Más Mexicali Cantina March 16 - Fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Join guest bartenders Mike Missanelli, Mike Quick. VJ edEX and live music by The Fraction @ Alibis Cafe March 16-18 - Chester County Antique Show @ Westtown School see page 13

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s pa

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Best of

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Commons of Thornbury • Building 300 • Suite 301 • 1211 Wilmington Pike, West Chester (610) 399-6677 •



Makeover Calista Grand spoils a lucky lady NOBODY ON STAFF HERE HAS ANY idea what goes on in a salon, so we figured it best to let Calista Grand’s team describe the treatment... Dayna: I took Lauren from a summer blonde to a more natural brunette with some peek-a-boo highlights. Although Lauren loved her lighter hair, she wanted a softer look. I still kept some of those softer blondes but added more brown tones. Her new look goes great with her skin tone and adds more depth and dimension. I also took her length up about 3 inches. Her hair is fine, so by cutting it shorter the appearance was fuller and thicker. I gave her a deep conditioning treatment to lock in her new color and add shine, then styled her hair with Calista Tools hot rollers.. Kim: I pampered the client with our relaxing Calista Grand Signature Facial, a customized facial including thorough skin analysis, deep cleansing, an exfoliating mask under steam abd a lovely foot & lower leg massage. Extractions were done and followed by a relaxing face, neck and decolette massage. Eye cream and moistourizer were then applied, leaving Lauren comfortable, relaxed and looking beautiful. WCP Photos Adam Jones



Bartenders’ Ball Photos by Adam Jones

January 29, 2012 West Chester’s service industry held a fundraiser for the West Chester Police Depart at the Chester County Historical Society

Bartender of the Year Lesley Young-Klein and dubC’s Johnny Gigantic

Don, Mom and Donna Ruberti

Rachel, Monty, Lauren

Shannon, Alyssa, Katie, Arielle, Anne, Elena

Johnny, Dave, Bobby

Sean and Marisa Powell, Nina and Frank Giunta





Bartenders’ Ball Photos by Adam Jones

January 29, 2012 West Chester’s service industry held a fundraiser for the West Chester Police Depart at the Chester County Historical Society

Paparazzo Pat Ryan



The Nonna’s/Pietro’s Crew

Eating American Photos by Adam Jones

January 24, 2012 Competitive eater El WIngador takes on the American Voyage Challenge at America’s Pie in preparation for the Wing Bowl

Mike Cerenzia, El Wingador, Matt Reed

S ’ P Y IZZ N N E The first pizza parlor in West Chester... Taste a slice of history



He ate four steaks in less than 15 minutes

114 North Church Street  (610) 696-0754

Home of tHe $5.50 LuncH SpeciaL #1 Two slices cheese pizza, fries, 12oz soda #2 Eight-inch sandwich, fries, 12oz soda #3 Chicken tenders, fries, 12oz soda #4 Chicken wings and tenders, 12oz soda #5 Mini Stromboli, fries, 12oz soda

now serving gluten-free pizza MARCH 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


nty’s finest retailers and at your palate to some y’s favorite eateries

nightS Front Panel

te night jam sessions at itation-only exclusive ce and food

JUNE 29 – JULY 1, 2012

soothe your soul

JUNE 29 - JULY 1, 2012 Exhibitor JAZZ GIANTS Peter White, Warren Hill, and Ronnie Laws Opportunities

FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2012 Peter White, Electrifying Smooth Jazz Guitarist

Asplundh Concert Hall on the campus of West Chester University Tickets on sale now SATURDAY, JUNE 30 Warren Hill, Smooth & Sultry Saxophonist FREE in Hoopes Park West Chester, PA SUNDAY, JULY 1ST Ronnie Laws, Saxophonist & Smooth Jazz Pioneer FREE in Hoopes Park West Chester, PA FEATURING... • Gerald Veasley • Karen Rodriguez • Tom Braxton Latin Jazz Ensemble • Gary Davis • Aniya • Dotsero • Hidden Treasure • Olivia Rox …and more • B.D. Lenz

soothe your soul



Come on board as a Sponsor or Vendor, opportunities are still available. Contact us at or call (610) 365-1404 Festival benefits the Chester County Food Bank and the Stephen Chandler Ericson Foundation



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Jazz Festival Photos by Adam Jones

February 1, 2012

Just when you thought summer weekends couldn’t get any more packed, along comes the Chester County Jazz Festival. This party at MIlestone Events was to raise awareness for the summer festival and featured the Henderon High School Jazz Band as well as several notable jazz musicians. Pictured: S. Broady, Anita Broady, Petrona Graham, Larry Graham

Anita Broady, Angela Myrtetus

Gary Beideman, Cynthia Ericson

Kathrin and Ron Homnade MARCH 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


Jazz Festival

February 1, 2012 Photos by Adam Jones In hopes of piquing interest and raising awareness, Chester County Jazz Festival threw a party at Milestone Events

From March 9-17 Kildare’s celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with the largest party on the planet! The world’s top Irish Bands, Amazing Food, and Celtic Spirits!

Lillian, Paul, Christine, Rodney, Patricia, Thomas, Lee Ann

Cheryl Towns, Anita Broady, Jaye Worrell

Special St. Patrick’s Menu Available all Month! -

St. Patrick’s Day VIP Packages available for only $20 see pub for details

18-22 West Gay St. West Chester, PA 610-431-0770

Doug Kitson, Phoebe Kitson, Beth and Jim Gasho



A Trainer’s Tips

Christine Mooney shares her hard-earned insights on staying happy, healthy and upbeat FREQUENTLY, FUNDAMENTALS are not sleek or sexy; they are basic. But “basic” does not mean simple or easy. Oftentimes, quite regrettably, basic can also mean “ignored,” and this is especially true in the realm of fitness. Countless times I have seen people attempt a complicated exercise (one whose intrinsic value I’m rather dubious of to begin with) and yet turn around and not be able to perform a proper bodyweight squat. For those of you who currently play or have played sports, I’m certain that you’ve heard the importance of fundamentals many times, with your coaches referring to them as the building blocks upon which success is built. Well, I couldn’t agree more. So let us turn our attention, then, to the most basic of human movements: the squat. First, disregard everything you’ve ever heard about the dangers of squatting past parallel. Your knees (tendons and ligaments) need just as much strengthening as your muscles do. Instead, we are going to reinstill the fundamental and natural human squatting pattern, which entails squatting well below parallel. This is crucial to overall knee health. One reason for this (of which there are many) is that maintaining healthy physiological full-range of motion is imperative to the consistent release of synovial fluid (synovial fluid: your joints :: motor oil: your car’s engine). In turn, practicing full range squatting patterns strengthens the glutes, particularly the abductors, to ensure knee stability, which is crucial for the prevention of the “trifecta” of knee injuries: damage/tearing of the ACL, MCL and meniscus. As for the mechanics, we’ll take this from the bottom up. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and straight ahead (no duck stance). Heels should be firmly planted on the ground and your weight evenly distributed between your feet. Before you descend into your squat, ensure you are long and tall in your spine, not hunched over or overarched. As you descend, first sit back as if you are preparing to sit on a bench that is just out of reach, then lower your body as if you’re trying to pull yourself between your legs, only going as far mobility will allow. At end range, you want to focus on pushing your knees out (at the very least, in line with your toes) and keeping the torso as vertical as possible. Further homework: try to accumulate as much time in this position as you can throughout the day (one minute here, another minute or two there). You will be amazed at how much your mobility improves and how therapeutic this movement can be for your lower back and knees. It may have been years since you’ve trained in the “fundamentals” of any athletic endeavor, but it is never too late to start. And with greater stability and a full range of motion, I’m willing to bet you’ll find yourself with more confidence in your physical abilities. No matter what new exercise you try, never leave the fundamentals too far behind. WCP



Jazz Festival Photos by Adam Jones

February 1, 2012 In hopes of piquing interest and raising awareness, Chester County Jazz Festival threw a party at Milestone Events

James Corum Jr, Robert Nelson

Monty Pollard, Mark Mitchell

Thomas and Patricia Szelak

Florence and George Mano

Lynn, Dr Anni Goldenberg

Taz Beacher, Susan Lang

Meghan Kelly, Dr George Drake

Anita Broady, Marty Hill

David and Carla Wilson





18 S. Church Street


The WC’s BesT MaC ’N’ Cheese Family Dinners mon-thurs Breakfast on weekends Homemade Ice Cream -Banana Mascarpone -Strawberry Balsamic NON-NOODLER MENU Serving all your homestyle favorites

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Perfectly Paired Chef Dan Funk serves up five courses of perfection This seared Ahi tuna encrusted with raspberry tea leaves was a great match for the raspberry mojito

Story Dan Mathers Photos Adam Jones




INE DOES A GOOD ENOUGH JOB FOR when you’re headed to a house party or BYOB joint. Drink red with marinara, white with fish. But that’s boring. With the number of unique beers on the market, and the massive resurgence of the craft cocktail, a good bar with a great kitchen can serve the role of matchmaker, mixing booze and food into combinations far more interesting than steak with syrah. Since The Social Lounge’s new menu includes dishes like Andouille meatloaf, cocoa-spiced pork tenderloin and French fries topped with crab meat and Old Bay, we knew Chef Dan Funk had a flair for peculiar matchmaking. When owners Donald Moore (Calista Grand, Goose Creek Grille), his son Donnie Moore (Rex’s Bar, The Note) and Bill Shehwen (attorney) opened their doors last year, they weren’t planning on being a restaurant. “I’d done the restaurant thing before,” said Donald. “I just wanted to be a watering hole this time around, but when you get lucky enough to have someone like Dan Funk as your chef, you can’t really pass up that opportunity.” Dan honed his skills at Mac Jon, which used to stand at the corner of High and Miner, and took his Creole cooking to some of the area’s best-known Cajun restaurants. He was recently chef at Tony’s Big Easy in Paoli. Donald, a professed food lover, was happy to join me for the tasting, and the always frantic Donnie jumped behind the bar to serve up drinks while Chef Funk got to work in the kitchen.

Chef Dan Funk has a flair for peculiar matchmaking

ANDOUILLE MEATLOAF & MAKER’S MARK APPLE MANHATTAN Going into this story, I was expecting there to be more of a science to pairing dishes, but Donnie didin’t seem to feel the need

Andouille meatloaf with bourbon barbeque sauce

for seriousness. When asked why he’s serving up a Manhattan with the meatloaf he responds, “Bourbon and meat. Why not?” But the truth, according to Chef Funk, is a bit more thoughtout than that: there’s bourbon in the barbeque sauce that tops the dish. Maker’s loses its bite of alcohol when cooked, but retains the smokey, caramel flavors that are so prominent in a good bourbon. My mom used to make meatloaf once a week when I was a kid, and I came to resent the dish. But this, my friends, is not your mother’s meatloaf. It seems wrong to call this hunk of meaty goodness a “loaf ” at all. Its flavors are too interesting and complex for such a dull-sounding name. As for the drink? I only indulge in two types of liquor: you can usually find a bottle of Tito’s Handmade Vodka in my freezer, and a decanter full of Maker’s Mark in my living room. So, when I was told my glass was primarily full of my preferred bourbon, I was already sold. What separates this drink from a typical Manhattan is the lack of vermouth and the addition of Sour Apple Pucker, lending the drink a sweetness that is much appreciated after a few bites of andouille-laced meatloaf. COWBOY BURGER & MAGIC HAT VINYL LAGER According to owner Bill Shehwen, The Social Lounge’s burgers never go in the freezer – they’re fresh, Black Angus beef. Though Bill may be an attorney for some of the borough’s most reputable businesses, he’s certainly not above a bit of playground humor,



A 19380

ster, P 323 East Gay St • West Che

L E .C O M P IZ Z A F O R T H E P E O P4 -9 4 7 -5 1 1 3

8 4 8 4 -9 4 7 -5 1 1 5 • F a x : 4

dence n e p e d n I f O n o ti a r la “Our Dec m iz e to s u C o T m o d e e r F e s. Is at You Have  m te I k c to S n I r u O f O Out A n y th in g I m a g in a b le a n A s P iz z a P ie .” W e ’r e A s A m e r ic ro d u ct s & P ty li a u Q st e B e  P e o p le e W e B e li e v e O n ly  o T d e id v ro P e B ic e M a y  e B e st Q u a li ty S e rv Pie!

 a t I s A m e r i c a ’s

S t o r e Hoursudrasy: 11 AM to 10 PM or Later Monday – A M o r L a te r 2 1 to M A 1 1 : y a F ri d a y – S a tu rd PM Sunday: 12PM - 10 a b le

C a te r in g A v a il A s W e ll A s A ll D a y D e li v e r y !

Plans! l ea M U C W r ou Y or F e er H Use Your Ram Bucks MARCH 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


Your Laundry, simplified

Plaundromat oly Clean


STOP DOING YOUR OWN LAUNDRY! Let us wash, dry and fold it for you!


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adding that, “Our burger is so good, I guarantee nobody beats our meat,” before breaking into laughter. The truth isn’t far from that, because this is one good burger. I had to forcibly compress the layers of barbeque sauce, onion rings and beef by mashing down on the bun with the palm of my hand to slim the burger to a manageable girth. My point: it’s a big burger. A big, tasty burger. I sometimes dream about Friday nights full of beers and burgers, so I was in heaven when bartender Jeff Moffa served up a Magic Hat Vinyl Lager with my Cowboy. His description of the beer was pretty spot on: “Like a hoppy Yuengling.” It wasn’t overly hoppy, though, and it lacked some of the sourness that makes Yuengling so distinct. It was a smooth, delicious larger perfect for washing down massive mouthfuls of beef, and its slightly bitter aftertaste hung around just long enough to blend into each bite of the burger. COCOA-SPICED PORK TENDERLOIN & BROOKLYN CHOCOLATE STOUT A certain member of the team thought this dish derived its name from being marinated in Coke. That’s Coca, not cocoa. This tenderloin is coated in unrefined cocoa powder, giving it a bitter-yet-sweet bite. Chef Funk also mixes in some secret spices, unrefined brown sugar and a bit of cayenne pepper for kick. The combination is spicy, sweet and savory. It is, to use Donald’s words, “Orgasmic.” Playing on the theme of cocoa, Jeff

Cowboy Burger and Magic Hat Vinyl Lager

Cocoa-spiced pork tenderloin with pumpkin man ’n’ cheese served up a Brooklyn Chocolate Stout. The beer is sweet and bitter, with an aftertaste that is rich rather than savory. Its sweetness washes down the burn of the cayenne pepper, but meshes nicely with the other flavors of the dish. The aroma of the beer is remarkably similar to that of the pork.

RASPBERRY TEA-ENCRUSTED TUNA & RASPBERRY MOJITO The biggest compliment that be given was uttered by local tattoo artist Doug Sherbak who happened to walk into the restaurant just as I was sitting down to the feast. “I don’t eat seafood,” he said. “Hate the smell. Hate the taste. But that? That is incredible.” His comment isn’t all that surprising. Tuna is little like any other fish, and tuna that’s been flavored with raspberry tea, encrusted in tea leaves and served with a raspberry sauce on the side tastes less like fish and more like fruit with a peculiar texture. To complement a dish so sweet, Donnie ordered up a raspberry mojito… heavy on the rum. The drink itself needs little description. If you don’t know what a mojito is, you wouldn’t have made it this far into an article so heavily focused on food and drink. This mojito was light on the simple syrup, because of the inclusion of fresh fruit, which made it refreshing, but not overly sweet – a perfect partner to the tuna. Too much sweetness and I could have ended up like a rambunctious five year old battling a sugar high.




Possibly the planet’s best bread pudding

I once worked as a server in a Cape May restaurant where the chef routinely bragged about how good the bread pudding was. Customers always agreed, and I was delighted every time the dessert came out of the oven too ugly to be served, and the staff all got to fork down a bite. It was excellent. Chef Funk’s bread pudding is better. This bread pudding is so good that I forced a friend who worked as a cook in that same Cape May kitchen to come along and try the bread pudding. I needed a second opinion. He agreed. This dessert is so moist it melts in your mouth – literally dissolving into your saliva – and you get the delicious pop of blueberries in every bite. Mix that with some vanilla ice cream, and I’ll eat ’til I’m stuffed then unbuckle my belt to make some more room. While Chef Funk refused to divulge the secrets of his bread pudding, he did admit there was a bit of Frangelica in the mix. So, it wasn’t much of a stretch to pair this dessert with the Nutty Irishman, a creamy dessert drink made with Frangelica and Bailey’s. The drink itself is enough for dessert, but paired with bread pudding, it becomes nothing short of pure indulgence – like a commercial for Godiva chocolate. AFTER finishing five courses and five boozy beverages, I was bloated. Again, Donald’s description hit the nail on the head, and I think I’m quickly following in his footsteps: “I’ve traded my love of women for a love of food, and now I can’t even get into my own pants.” WCP

Salon A top-notch salon with a very real feel.

610-585-0102 Or you can reach your stylist directly... Anthony Giunta - 610-585-0102 Laura McCallin - 484-364-6276 Jason Nichols - 610-299-6859 David Mumford - 484-753-1536 Jenny Fragale-Randell - 610-659-0800 You can find Salon Chemistry on Middle Alley between Walnut and Matlack Streets. Just head down Market Street and Salon Chemistry is in the lot to your left, behind the Salvation Army.





Jazz Festival

February 1, 2012 Photos by Adam Jones In hopes of piquing interest and raising awareness, Chester County Jazz Festival threw a party at Milestone Events

Tanya Otto, Anita Broady, Kathy Bende

Bruce, Anita, Pamela

Will Anderson, Anita Broady, Lillian DeBaptiste



WCU AIDS Benefit

February 4, 2012 Photos by Adam Jones Students performed at Madeleine Wing Adler Theatre to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids

presented by High Street Caffe

Jim Kutz , Evelyn Kellett, Deb Kutz

creole fusion gourmet takeout Andy Clair, Becca Clair, Deb Clair

live jazz tuesdays

takeout craft beer byob mon-wed $30 prix-fixe menu 322 s high street 610-696-7435

Connor Behm, Sean V, Melanie Whelan

highstreetcaffe . com MARCH 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


Our Family, your town, your florist since 1957

29 S. Church Street 610-696-5200



The Look Nich keeps you ahead of the fashion curve

LOOKING BACK, SPRING 2011’s color palette was drab and unexciting. We saw blush, champagne, nude, etc. Fast forward to Spring 2012 and it’s ALL ABOUT COLOR! And we are seeing it everywhere: tops, dresses, accessories and – best of all – skinny jeans. Dare to go bold with a pair of colored skinnies, and don’t be afraid of pairing it with something equally as bright and loud. Since color blocking is a big trend for Spring, pair your denim with another contrasting color for a really strong and confident look. Or mix it up with a print or pattern. Polka dots and florals with colored skinnies? Yes, please! And don’t worry about matching colors anymore because this ain’t your grandma’s wardrobe (apologies to the fashionista grandmas out there). We promise your colored skinnies will be the new staple item in your wardrobe. So grab a pair today, and you’ll love all the fashion-forward outfits you’ll come up with. WCP

Story Kristy Mak Photo Adam Jones MARCH 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM




WCU AIDS Benefit Photos by Adam Jones

February 4, 2012 Students performed at Madeleine Wing Adler Theatre to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids

Mary Wyllie, Al Wyllie, Maranda Wyllie, Austin Taylor

Elaine Allebach, Lisa and Rich Sharp

Laurie and John Townsend

Katie, Kasey, Ben

Andrew Laino, Atie Stecklar, Perry Ecksel, Janet Ecksel

Devon Powers, Olivia Goodwin, Joanna Volpe MARCH 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


Family Owned Since 1976


DAREAUTO.COM 301 S. Bolmar Street West Chester, PA 19382

Our Services Include: PA State & Emissions Inspection • Heating & Air Conditioning • Oil, Lube & Filter Changes Brakes & Tune-Ups • Alignments • Preventative Maintenance • Foreign & Domestic Cars Same Day Service • Local Shuttle Service • Belts & Hoses • Complete Engine Assembly Engine Diagnostics • Suspension Systems • Tire Services • Full-Service Machine Shop 44 THE WC PRESS | VOICE OF THE BOROUGH

Bartender of the Month Meet Katie Murtagh of Landmark Americana Name: Katie Murtagh Age: 24 Hometown: Berwyn How long have you been in West Chester? I moved back to Berywn in September, but up until then I had been living in West Chester for six years. And what brought you to West Chester? I was studying psychology at West Chester University. What do you plan to do with that degree? I want to get my Masters of Industrial Organizational Psychology. So, in layman’s terms, what does that mean? The idea is to use the principles of psychology to make the workplace more efficient. How long have you been at Landmark? Well, I started here my freshman year when I was 19. That was four years ago, about two months after they first opened. So you were one of the first bartenders hired? Actually, no. I was hired as a server, and I started bartending last January. You’ve only been bartending 15 months? About that. And yet you’re bartender of the month. How did that happen? Well, I guess I had experience in all the necessary fields from waiting tables. I knew the drinks, had done plenty of multitasking and was used to dealing with drinkers. Plus, working here you learn how to deal with the crowds and moving quickly.

Photo Adam Jones

And why do you think you’ve been named bartender of the month? I can’t say I’m better than any of the other bartenders who work here. We have a great team. I guess it’s because I’ve been here so long that I really know the customers, and I do what I can for the restaurant. Has anyone been here longer than you? A few of the bartenders have. Brittany DiMarzio is another who was a server and promoted to bartender. She’s been here since they opened and is actually the one who trained me as a server. I understand the bartenders here are involved in some charity work during the holidays. Yes. Queets for Kids. A what? A queet: Q-U-E-E-T. It’s what we call quarters. Starting in November the bartenders set aside all their quarters. Does that end up raising a decent amount of money? In 2010 we raised about $800 and used that money to buy coats for local kids. This year we raised $1142.16, and we’re donating that to Safe Harbor so they can purchase toiletries and canned goods. Wait… if you’re just donating quarters, how’d you end up with 16 cents? Some bartenders dump in all their change at the end of a shift. And what happens to change the rest of the year? Oh, we pocket it. I don’t mind getting change… especially with the meters here. WCP



WCU AIDS Benefit Photos by Adam Jones

February 4, 2012 Students performed at Madeleine Wing Adler Theatre to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids

Lauren Conwell, Logan Markiewicz, Nicole Watkins, Alexandra Shermot

Justin Caiazzo, Joanna Volpe, Richard Gonzales

Liz Amand, DJ Matsko, Genevieve Brogdon

Thomas Keebler, Michelle Dietsch, Stephen Keebler

Patricia Shermot, Alexandria Shermot, Harris Shermot

Haley Akers, Devon Powers, Shannon Powers



LAW OFFICES OF SHEHWEN & CLARK, P.C. A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION 123 East Gay Street West Chester, Pennsylvania 19380 telephone: (610) 430-0607 facsimile: (610) 430-0715 email:

CONTACT US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION IN ANY OF THE FOLLOWING FIELDS: Criminal Defense – State & Federal Transactions- Buy/Sell Agreements, Contracts, UCC Personal Injury- Slip & Fall, Auto Accidents, Workers’ Compensation Estate Planning- Wills, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Estate Administration Liquor License – Transfers, Citation Defense, CLAs, Management Agreements Litigation- Civil and Criminal Litigation at both State and Federal Levels Real Estate- Foreclosure, Settlements, Land Development, Leases Business- Formation, Planning, Consulting



The Food Safari

Jeremy Malanka knows that, sometimes, it’s not just what’s on the plate that matters IF YOU’VE READ ANYTHING I’ve written, it’s obvious I love West Chester and all the restaurants in it. The aromas from this jungle gym of epicurean delight intoxicate from the moment I step onto Gay Street. It’s always an indecisive debate amongst my friends on where to satisfy our collective hunger. We dine, drink, laugh and enjoy most bars and restaurants in The WC. However, there have been disappointments from cold food and smug bartenders. Cold food happens… sometimes. There’s plenty that impacts the burger’s journey from grill to table. But what should always remain consistent is customer service and staff efficiency. Full disclosure: I wait tables at Limoncello and sincerely believe we have the best staff around. I would put us up against any staff in the country. From bartenders to busboys, we hustle and produce great service. So, that ristorante aside, I chose three restaurants I often visit simply because the staff is friendly, prompt and make sure I always leave with a smile. Okay, and the food is pretty good, too. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Iron Hill is one of the best dining experiences in West Chester. The servers and food runners are always fast and non-invasive . They are eager to explain anything about the menu and are equally knowledgeable about the ever-changing beers. The bartenders control the music in the bar, and it always creates good vibes. Cocktail craftsmen shake up great tipples to treat the palate after a meal. They enjoy contributing to conversation, yet won’t awkwardly butt in unprompted. I always have a good time. My least favorite thing about any restaurant staff is visible disdain towards customers because a certain server doesn’t want to work. I hate that. If you don’t wanna work until 2am, don’t get into the business. Side Bar’s fantastic staff know the rules, and they humor me no matter the time of day. They listen to me babble on about life and rehash stories from the weekend that I forgot or one of my coworker wishes he could. I can depend on the staff to make me feel welcome. Remembering favorite beverages is a skill for serious professionals and bartender Kelly is the best. She has customers’ preferred drinks shaking as they walk in the door and ready to pour before they sit. But, if I’m picking favorites, I have to go with the waitresses at Market Street Grill. They hustle and serve more than 150 people a day. They keep the coffee flowing and smiles cracking. They care about what they do and respect their restaurant’s reputation. The owner, Kerry, is super friendly, and has an unbelievable rapport with customers. He’s always milling about shooting the breeze. Everything’s fast, and I’ve never asked for anything but hot sauce. Though they’re always busy, I’ve never waited more that 10 minutes for a table. I love being part of West Chester’s restaurant scene. There are characters everywhere. So, here’s a toast to all the staff of West Chester, from hostesses to managers, food runners to servers. We are all part of something amazing. Keep it up and strive for the best. Oh, as for our loyal customers? Stay hungry my friends. WCP



WCU AIDS Benefit Photos by Adam Jones

February 4, 2012 Students performed at Madeleine Wing Adler Theatre to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids

William Morris

Jena Wood, Christina Thomson

Megan, TJ



20-Something Dating Kaela Mast is a girl who knows what she wants... she’s just not sure where to find it

West Chester’s Freshest Food Fresh Grilled Fish Extensive Raw Bar Doc’s Famous Crab Cake Steak, Chicken, & Vegetarian Options

Join Us On St. Patrick’s Day FEATURING MUSIC BY

Jamie Tillman from 3-7pm Also Irish inspired dishes & drink specials

CALL TODAY FOR RESERVATIONS 117 East Gay St. West Chester, PA 610.429.4046



I CAN ONLY THINK OF ONE question that stopped me in my tracks as I filled out online dating profiles trying to sound appealing to just the right type of man. I read the question, then carefully considered my answer. I started typing. I deleted. I thought, thought some more, and then stopped. The question that had me stumped? “What are you looking for?” Good question. What AM I looking for? After 5 years of a relationship that included relocating to West Chester together, I was kind of stuck. Post-relationship me had no idea what she was looking for. I needed to get out of my house, but I didn’t want to go just anywhere with anyone. I wanted to shake the norm, but that involved effort... an unappealing amount of effort. Sure, bar crawling was always an option, but when you’re torn, the possibility of bar hookups and drunken nights sounds all the less tempting and, frankly, dull. Finally it clicked. For future dating, I had decided on my answer to the question: I’m looking for someone with a sense of adventure. Now, I’m not talking about the adrenaline junkie, the “I jump out of airplanes” type of adventurer. I’m talking about falling in love all over again with each new, exciting date. Taking walks along the Brandywine, seeing Longwood Gardens in the winter, going for a ride on the scenic WC Railroad just because it is Saturday morning. I wanted someone to grab hands with as we navigated through a crowded Gay Street when the borough shuts it down for a Swingin’ Summer Thursday. I’d spent the past year memorializing the relationship that failed, but I should have been utilizing it as a compass to guide me in understanding what future relationships needed. Had my ex and I explored all the options West Chester offers our sense of adventure might have reinvigorated the ever-so-routine hours of Netflix, of us minding everyone’s business but our own on web-connected, social media-infested laptops stuck in opposite corners of the room. As our relationship had grown more and more familiar over the years, we’d let it stagnate, rather than trying to kindle a new spark. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for years or have just happened into one, it seems to me that adventure is key to keeping that relationship together. You don’t need a horse and carriage or a beachfront condo – simply breaking your routine keeps the excitement alive and allows you to discover new things about each other. Without the distraction of social media (with which I have a love-hate relationship all its own) you might save a failing relationship by spending more time with a real person. I know most of you must be thinking, “Well, duh,” but when you find that you’re fighting too much or being together is simply getting old, what you’re looking for might not be some time apart, but an adventure together. WCP

WCU AIDS Benefit

February 4, 2012 Photos by Adam Jones Students performed at Madeleine Wing Adler Theatre to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids

Ashley and Suzanne Eidman

Kevin, Alicia, Leah

Ashley, Ally, Lloyd, Stephen MARCH 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


A California-Style Taqueria


Don't forget about our deck for drinks and dining. Happy Hour Wednesday and Friday from 5-7pm

$1 off drinks, drafts and wines

1/2 Off Apps MonFri at The bar from 5:30-7:30pm

124 West Gay Street, West Chester 52

It's Nearly Spring!



701 S. High St.

Interview Dan Mathers Photos Erin Aloi Fresh Focus Photography


L to R: Frank Daly (guitar, vocals), Sean Callaghan (drums), John O’Callaghan (guitar, vocals), Dave Lynd (bass) and CJ Mills (fiddle)

entertainers of the year


O BE HONEST, WE WERE HOPING JAMISON WOULDN’T WIN. The WC Press had its own horse in the race with columnist and advertising manager DJ Romeo, so of course we were pulling for him. But, after thousands of votes were counted, Jamison Celtic Rock proved to be an unstoppable force and won the B.E.S.T. award for West Chester Entertainer of the Year at Bartenders’ Ball 2012. Luckily for them, we’re gracious losers, and if we had to lose to anyone, we’re glad it was these guys. So, to honor their victory (and because Saint Patty’s Day is right around the corner) we scheduled an interview with the band’s frontman, Frank Daly. Frank’s day job is as director of marketing for The Dave Magrogan Group, owners of Kildare’s, so it only made sense to meet up with Frank at their Gay Street location to talk music, politics and all things Irish. MARCH 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


It’s not just all Celtic rock with Jamison, they mix it up with hip hop and pop

How does it feel to be named best entertainers in West Chester? How do I say this without sounding corny? We love playing West Chester – that’s why we play here for Saint Patty’s day every year – and to find that there are enough people in this area who like us as much as we like playing here was really awesome. So, Jamison is an Irish rock band? Primarily. We play a lot of Irish music, but we mix in hip hop, rock and pop songs. We’ll play Celtic rock then follow it up with Usher. Nobody wants to hear four hours of Irish music. Have you ever played in bands that just played Irish music? Before Jamison I was in a band called Con, and we played Irish music, covers and original stuff. We recorded an original CD which, to this day, I still swear is great. But, before Con I was in Spirit of ’16, a band that played strictly Irish rebel songs. We were getting pretty big. How so? Well, we played in major cities up and down the East Coast, Philly, New York, Boston, Baltimore. We opened for bands like The Clancy Brothers and The Wolfe Tones. The best was when Sinn Fein flew us over to play in Ireland. Sinn Fein is basically the political wing of the IRA. They flew us over to play in a show commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Hunger Strike. It was amazing. So what happened to Spirit of ’16? Well, the fact that we played nothing but rebel songs ended up being our downfall. Here we were singing about wars being fought by other countries, and then 9/11 happened. Suddenly America was at war and people kind of lost interest in this other fight because they had their own to worry about. How did you end up with Jamison? I started filling in and playing with them back when I was in Con. Back then Jamison had completely different members, and – to be honest – they were atrocious. But, it was easy money for me – just show up, play and get paid.



But things are better now, right? Yeah. When Sean joined from Con is when things started to get better, and when CJ came onboard with the fiddle we started booking a lot more shows. Not to mention Dave, who is one of the best musicians I have every played with. I mean, everyone in the band is great. I’m lucky to play with guys who are good enough that we can just send out an email during the week saying what songs we need to learn, choose a key, then we learn on our own and play together on the weekend. Has playing music ever been a full-time job for you? It is a full-time job – promoting, booking, learning songs and playing shows. I’ve just also had to have another full-time job. Plenty of Americans claim to be Irish. How Irish are you actually? Oh, I’m really Irish. I think I might have a great grandfather who was part German, but other than that it’s all Irish in my family. So you grew up immersed in Irish heritage? Yes. Both of my parents founded AOH chapters when I was a kid. What is AOH? Ancient Order of Hibernians. It’s a group that is partly about promoting and protecting Irish heritage, partly about doing charitable work. It’s like a charity and a social club. So were you brought up on Irish music? I remember being a kid and thinking of Irish music as being the music that my grandmother listened to. I wasn’t that into it. But one night, actually the night before my grandmother took me to this music festival, I saw The Pogues on SNL. I thought it was incredible. The next day at the festival someone was selling a cassette of The Pogues, and I bought it. That was really a turning point for me. You play at Kildare’s on Saint Patrick’s Day each year. Anything changing this year? Nope. We’ll be here, and it is going to be an amazing show. WCP



Polo Cup Kickoff Photos by Adam Jones

February 7, 2012 The Turks Head Auxilliary to the Chester County Hospital officially begins fundraising and planning for Polo Cup 2012

Sandy DePhillipe, Maureen Robinson, Sarah F, Liz Moffett, Dina Ciccarone, Gretchen Delrossi, Barbara Voltz, Lisa Kitchen, Barb Waddy, Jodi Knapp



A Three-Letter Word Jill McDevitt is the proprietor of Feminique Boutique and holds a master’s degree in Human Sexuality

I GIVE A LOT OF SEXUALITY education seminars at colleges, and I am sometimes asked to address different college sex scandals that have made national headlines. Many I find ridiculous because they send a terrible message. Here is my list of the top five most ridiculous college sex scandals: Shippensburg University, 2012 The “Scandal”: After 85% of students approved it in a campuswide survey, SU, who happens to be one of my clients, starting carrying emergency contraceptive pills in vending machines in the health center. They are only offered to students, and at cost, meaning they are only $25; they are about $40-$45 in pharmacies. This arrangement worked for two years, until the media found out last month, prompting the FDA to investigate the sale of overthe-counter drugs (which every college does in the way of Tylenol). Now pro-life groups are calling the vending machines “curbside abortions in the form of morning after pills.” The Ridiculous Take-Home Message: Adults can’t be trusted to take legal, over-the-counter medication… over the counter. Arizona State University, 2008 The “Scandal”: Members of the cheerleading team took photos of themselves in their bras and underwear, which surfaced online. In response, the university cut the cheerleading program on campus. The Ridiculous Take-Home Message: Being half naked for sport is okay. Being half naked because it makes you feel sexy is wrong. Brigham Young University, 2011 The “Scandal”: A player on the basketball team, was suspended for having pre-marital sex, which is against the BYU honor code. The Ridiculous Take-Home Message: Sex is bad. Northwestern University, 2011 The “Scandal”: A human sexuality professor offered non-mandatory, after-class discussion panels, including one in which a woman was penetrated with a sex toy in front of the classroom to demonstrate the debate about the existence of the g-spot. Everyone in the room was over 18 and had been warned about the graphic nature of what was about to follow. In response to the national criticism and outrage, the president of the university condemned the presentation. The Ridiculous Take-Home Message: There is no such thing as academic freedom. Penn State University, 2011 The Scandal: When Joe Paterno was fired amidst the case against Jerry Sandusky, students rioted and protested (not about the rapes, but about the firing), turning over lampposts and news trucks. The Ridiculous Take-Home Message: If you are a raped as a child and a grown-up knows about it but does nothing to help you, don’t expect them to be held accountable, especially if they were good at winning football games. WCP

The nation’s only sex shop owned by a degreed sexologist




any purchase over $20

104 N. Church Street, West Chester PA 19380 610-551-3262 •

Funky Functional American Art


• engagement • wedding • graduation • birthday • anniversary • hostess gifts



North American Handmade Functional Works of Art

Sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch…

from wind chimes to Soaprocks® to metal art, Jonathan's Spoons® to silver jewelry, pottery to clocks, Hoboken Eddies® hot sauces to Barrick Design candles to glass to Leaf Leather® to Yardbirds®.

Mon~Fri \ 10 am to 6 pm Sat \ 10 am to 5 pm Open Late Every 1st Friday

133 West Market Street, West Chester, PA • 610.719.0170 MARCH 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


Polo Cup Kickoff Photos by Adam Jones

February 7, 2012 The Turks Head Auxilliary thank the owners of Limoncello for their support of the Chester County Hospital

Turks Head Auxilliary present a plaque to Paul and Frank Mingrino



The St. Pat’s Playlist

DJ Romeo gets a bit of help from Frank Daly to assemble the ultimate Saint Patty’s Day playlist I’M A BIT IRISH, BUT ALSO quite a bit Italian. I know some good “Irish” music, but when I wanted a list of authentic tunes, I had to turn to Frank Daly for help. Frank plays guitar and sings for Jamison (see page 47). So, we put our heads together and came up with the following list of certifiedgreen songs. Perfect with a food-colored beer, a car bomb and a shot of Jameson, these tunes are sure to have you jumping like a leprechaun. (God that’s a bad joke)



12 E Ma r k e t S tr e e t

61 0-69 ster, PA , We st Che



12 E Market Street 610-696-9770 Delivery Now Available!!! CALL FOR DAILY SPECIALS…

Flogging Molly, a seven-piece celtic punk band from LA, make the list twice The Wolfe Tones – “Celtic Symphony” The Dubliners – “Whiskey in the Jar” Dominic Behan – “Come Out, Ye Black and Tans” Flogging Molly – “Drunken Lullabies” Drop Kick Murphys – “Shippin’ up to Boston” The Wolfe Tones – “Streets of New York” The Dubliners – “Wild Rover” Paddy McGuigan – “Boys of the Old Brigade” The Pogues – “If I Should Fall from the Grace of God” The Pogues – “Fairytale of New York” Ewan MacColl – “Dirty Old Town” Pete St. John – “Fields of Athenrye” Steve Earle – “Galway Girl” The Clancy Brothers – “The Moonshiner” Robert Dwyer Joyce – “The Wind That Shakes The Barley” Flogging Molly – “If I ever Leave This World Alive” Christy Moore – “Ride On” The Dubliners – “Seven Drunken Nights” D.K. Gavan – “The Rocky Road to Dublin” Goats Don’t Shave – “Las Vegas in the Hills of Donegal”

llatzo ners Big Harv & So ow w ne it vis e om C knife! s go od with the the Mad Turk who’


Open Late To Satify Those Late Night Munchies WCP



the lineup Thursday 3/1 Friday 3/2 Saturday 3/3 Monday 3/5 Doors 7pm|show 8pm doors 8pm|Show 9pm Doors 8pm|show 9pm doors 6:30pm

The Future Country 58 Fury Comedy Night Unwritten Line dancing Shane Gillis event is 21+

Seduction by design Aponic Blue Tony Cacciutti event is 21+

Man The Fire New Pony

event is 21+

event is 21+

Thursday 3/8 | Doors Open at 8pm | Event is 18+

Conspirator Tuesday 3/6 doors 8pm

GLBT event is 21+

Monday 3/12 doors 6:30pm


Line dancing event is 21+

with BiNary Bits & Flux Capacitor

wednesday 3/7 Saturday 3/10 sunday 3/11 Doors 7pm|show 8pm doors 8pm|Show 9pm Doors 6pm|show 7pm

Dub Step In DUb c

Love City DJs

minsharA conversations with

with mojo Risen enemis, Jill and the and Special Guests know how,The Good event is 18+ excuses event is 21+ Tuesday 3/13 doors 8pm

GLBT event is 21+

crunk witch

the goaround keepers,

The New Bolsheviks, MK OMega event is all ages

wednesday 3/14 Friday 3/15 Doors 7pm|show 8pm doors 8pm|Show 9pm

Dub Step In DUb c

Love City DJs and Special Guests event is 18+

salsa Shark event is 21+

west chester, pa

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