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We make what you’re holding Editor/Publisher Dan Mathers Advertising Manager Nick Vecchio Staff Photographer Adam Jones Published By The WC Press 13 South Church Street West Chester, PA 19382 610-344-3463 Source Local This publication is printed in conjunction with Market Street Print at 204 West Market Street.

The Team... NICK VECCHIO is slowly adjusting to holding a 9-5 job. As of now, we're shooting for 10-6, but it usually tends to be more like 11-7. Maybe someday in the near future he'll adjust his circadian rhythms, but for now he DJs late into the night, then pounds down coffee the next morning. ADAM JONES currently has us extremely worried. He's managed to come down with a 101 degree fever right in the beginning of deadline week. Hopefully he'll get well soon enough to handle the boatloads of photos he shoots for every issue. [Update: He soldiered through like a champ.] ANDREW “HUTCH” HUTCHINS probably deserves to have a new character sketch in the magazine this month after doing great on all his work. However, we all think he secretly likes this photo, so it won't get changed until he graduates from intern to employee. We'll see how that goes.



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Here’s What’s Inside... 9 From The Editor

A few thoughts from the boss


9 To The Editor

A few thoughts for the boss

13 The West Chester Food Safari

Jeremy Malanka chats about his favorite brews in the borough

17 Children in Tow

Jennifer Ozgur is a mother, wife and teacher who still gets out and about

21 Employee of the Month

Glenn Collins tells us the ins and outs of being a beer distributor


25 A Trainer’s Tips

Christine Mooney shares her insights on staying happy, healthy and upbeat

29 Bartender of the Month

Maggie Dever of Timothy’s was born to be in the restaurant industry

33 The Beer Guy

Justin Dougherty is the man who chooses what goes on tap at Side Bar & Restaurant


37 The Right Track

Boxcar Brewing Company lets West Chesterian’s drink local

45 Somebody’s Gotta Do It

As it turns out, Parking Enforcement Officers are just normal people

51 Makeover of the Month

Jason Nichols of Salon Chemistry styles up a tribute to Vidal Sassoon

55 Service Above Self

Jeannie McGinn tells readers how to give back to the community


63 Local Talent

A quick chat with inspiring local artist John Hannafin

67 It’s Just A Three-Letter Word

Jill McDevitt explores why something so natural and necessary is so taboo

71 Great Summer Beers

Ram’s Head’s definitive list of the season’s most fitting brews

75 Photo Hunt

Your favorite bar game, free of charge

79 Top Wedding Picks

DJ Romeo combines his two great loves: music and alcohol


Now Serv ing Lunc h on the Patio 8


From the Editor...

Cheers, ladies and gentlemen PUTTING TOGETHER the May issue was a bit of a struggle. Actually, I take that back; it was ridiculously difficult and stressful. We were three clueless guys sitting in an office trying to come up with ideas for a wedding issue. Sure, I’m married, but that doesn’t mean I know anything about planning a wedding. Thankfully, Nick Vecchio has plenty of wedding experience as a DJ, so he wasn’t totally clueless, and since he is also the sweet and emotional one, we decided to let him take the lead on the wedding issue. But, at the end of the month, there I was planning flowery layouts and writing cute editorials about caterers, venues and attire. It wasn’t my thing, but we were still ecstatic with the final product. This month, however, I’m totally within my comfort zone: beer. I know beer. I’ve brewed at home (albeit poorly), sampled more varieties of beer than I can ever count, and consider the act of sipping beer to be my number one hobby. So, when it came to planning a beer issue, I was more than happy to take the lead. You’ll find a feature about West Chester’s own brewery, some tidbits about great summer drinking, and a couple of Q&As with guys who know far more about beer than I ever will. As always, we also have intriguing articles for those not so into beer. There’s an awesome interview with our neighbor and good friend John Hannafin, and we introduce you to some of West Chester’s most notorious residents: The Parking Enforcement Officers. Dan Mathers Publisher

To the Editor...

Our favorite response this month You highlighted the issue of "to honk or not to honk" when it comes to the opposing protests by the courthouse, and I enjoyed the dilemma you laid out. Encouraging one to honk to support the troops is about as useful as those who cryptically post random things (bra color?!) to apparently raise breast cancer awareness. Sure, honking your horn to show your support might give a jolt of excitement in an otherwise boring commute and a feeling of association with those strangers on the street, but what is that actually doing to help? Don't feel like you're letting our troops down by refusing to honk. Also, I don't see these counter-protests as necessarily in opposition. They support the troops by wanting to see them home as soon as possible. For those who feel inclined to honk, I hope they consider taking more substantive action to make a difference, such as sending a care package to a soldier, something I think both sides of the street would honk for. -Paul Sookiasian

Burrito Loco (West Chester,PA)


Changing lives, one burrito at a time Everything, from Guac to Sauce, is handmade fresh daily 701 S. High St. 610-918-1112 JUNE 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


Kildare’s Ninth Anniversary by Andrew Hutchins

May 9 Kildare’s threw a huge party to celebrate their birthday, with free food, discounted drinks and even a free beer for everyone

Laura and Miss Kildare’s WC Olivia O’Neill



Megan Begley, Devon Powers

Frank Daly of Jamison

138 West Market Street West Chester, PA 19382 610.344.7747

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The Food Safari

As it turns out, Jeremy Malanka is just as passionate about fermented barley and hops as he is food FOR NEARLY FIVE YEARS now I’ve worked with Stephanie Hoster and her jokes and mannerisms have become a part of me – her approach to the industry is inspiring. My favorite of her sayings happens when she looks at a menu elsewhere and sighs, “Ehh. It’s not worth the calories.” Although I have reckless abandon in my pursuit for new tastes, I pace my consumption based on her seasoned advice. The issue I run into is that, with the quality of brews and food available in this town, it’s worth the calories far too often. At Ram’s Head, I don’t even bother to add up the caloric intake on anything from burgers to decadent nachos. The menu has recently changed and my new favorite is You’re Bacon Me Crazy, a burger made with ground beef and ground bacon, topped with an onionand-tomato jam on bread handcrafted by God: brioche. This burger cuts like butter and right now it’s my favorite in the WC. It pairs incredibly well with a Good and Evil kolsch, made by local brewery Evil Genius. The lightness and subtle sweetness of this fantastic beer pairs with the buttery burger and tasty onion jam. As with most good beer bars, Ram’s Head’s taps change often, so get there soon. Another on my list of favorites is Side Bar and Restaurant where local beer aficionado Justin Dougherty [See The Beer Guy on page 33] chooses some of the world’s best beer to grace his taps. But, with kegs being tapped and kicked in the same day, it’s hard to hone in on my favorite; by the time this goes to print there’ll be a new list. However, their bottle list is extensive and changes only seasonally. My favorite is Green Flash IPA, and it pairs incredibly with Chef Dave’s PB-and-J jerk shrimp cocktail. The jerk-seasoned shrimp rests on a pool of homemade cashew butter accented by pepper jelly reminiscent of my favorite childhood pairing. Really, any beer would go great. I’m just partial to Green Flash. When it comes to West Chester beer, there’s one place that’s always part of the conversation: Iron Hill Brewery. They always have their own craft beer on tap, and their food is to die for. A recent addition is themed cheese plates with accoutrements and matching beer. Chef Dan chooses accompaniments like frozen grapes, cornichons, agave paste and nutella paired with the cheese and beer. Presently, my favorite beer at Iron Hill is the FE-10, brewed in celebration of Iron Hill’s 10 year anniversary. It is complex and offers a symphony of flavors. A little caramel and some earthy tones mesh to create the ultimate cheese beer. If you know me or have read anything I have written, you know my affinity for cheese. My favorite places for beer in the WC are homeruns. Every time I visit I enjoy top-notch beer accompanied by top-notch food. Did I mention that they all offer growlers so you can take brews home to enjoy from the comforts of your sofa? I like to cook for myself and sip the best beer the WC has to offer, or just skip the food altogether. Because, while Steph’s advice is sometimes valid when it comes to food, beer is always worth the calories. WCP

Craft Beer Bar Ithaca Apricot Wheat Yards Philly Pale Ale Sierra Nevada Torpedo Ale Sierra Nevada Summerfest Blue Moon Summer Honey Victory Hop Devil Victory Summer Love Victory Golden MOnkey Leinenkugel Summer Shandy Longtrail Blackberry Wheat Troegs Dreamweaver Wheat Russian River Damnation IPA Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA Boxcar Original Ale

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Kildare’s Ninth Anniversary by Andrew Hutchins

May 9 Kildare’s threw a huge party to celebrate their birthday, with free food, discounted drinks and even a free beer for everyone

John Hannafin and Dave Magrogan unvail John’s commemorative painting

Dan Spencer, Paul Horan, Tyler Giampa

Andrew, Vince, Michelle, Sheik and Monique, who won a trip to Vegas

Caiti, Frank, Colleen, Ali, John, Hannah

Shawn, Dane, Joe

Jim McAleer, Lars Olsen, Alice Hutchinson, Kelsey Kugulman, Chase Jones



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Children In Tow

Jennifer Ozgur is a mother, wife and teacher who still finds time to get out and about with the family IF YOU SPENT ANY TIME IN the borough of West Chester this Spring, you would have seen various posters and banners sporting the catchy phrase: Small Town, Big Film. This tagline promotes the West Chester Film Festival, which occurs during the last weekend in April. According to their website, the West Chester Film Festival’ s mission is to, “Entertain, Enlighten and Educate the public through the presentation of global independent and innovative short film.” One particular segment is called the Young Filmmaker Block, dedicated to showcasing the efforts of minors. It was broken into two different showings totaling 25 films. Students can submit from August to December the year before (they even waive the entrance fee) and preference is given according to geographical proximity. I attended the second viewing and was amazed at the variety of submissions: a tender film from Israel addressing the issue of loyalty to his mother as the family grapples with divorce; a twenty twominute tale of trickery loosely based upon Shakespeare’s Macbeth; a documentary about eating disorders; a concept film from Hong Kong… even a musical. For two hours I was taken on journeys into young, creative minds. When the final short ended and the house lights came up, I was satiated. But I did have one burning question: where were the West Chester kids? They were notably absent – both in the audience and on the screen. I have a theory that attempts to explain the lack of local teen involvement. It boils down to one word: default. Are kids really, intrinsically satisfied with online gaming, social networking and mall crawling? I need to believe that the answer is a resounding, “No!” But at this point in their lives, what they lack is the agency to independently seek out alternatives. That’s why they need us, their parents and role models, to present them with options other than defaulting to their norms. Young minds – be they potential filmmakers, poets, artists or philanthropists – need to be pointed in the right direction. I come from the optimistic position that children at this age are prospective Fillinis, Dickinsons, VanGoghs and Oprahs if presented with the appropriate outlets and opportunities. Their unfettered energy will never again be this abundant; they just need to channel it into an appropriately productive venue. Fortunately, the borough has resources for your budding creative progeny! Enlighten them by setting and providing good examples and, with a little dedication, your whole family will be entertained by the fruits of their labors. Events like Swinging Summer Thursdays, First Fridays, and the Turks Head Festival are great ways to plant the seeds in those fertile, pliable minds. They are all stimuli-rich and completely free; the perfect combination for a family with imaginative adolescents. WCP


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WC Film Festival Opening Photos by Adam Jones

April 27 Side Bar & Restaurant were proud hosts of this year’s film festival opening party, which kicked off a weekend of great shorts


Elaine, Stan and Jeremy Schmidt

Helga and Wolfgang Gunther

Ted, Joe, Jane, Doug, Marc

Joy, Jack, Di




A P S Z SINCE 1948

BEVERAGE A West Chester Tradition Locally owned and operated since 1948, Spaz Beverage has been providing Chester and Delaware Counties with a great selection of imported, specialty and domestic beer. We also offer a wide variety of craft soda, can soda, mixers, spring water, mineral water and non-alcoholic beer.


Monday-Thursday 8:30am-9pm Friday & Saturday 8:30am-10pm Sunday 10am-6pm

1015 West Chester Pike (610) 696-6320

The Best Craft Beer Selection in Town! 20



“When it comes to selling craft beer,” said Glenn Collins, “You really need to keep your finger on the pulse. It’s constantly changing.”

Photo Adam Jones

Meet Our Employee of the Month from Spaz Beverage Name: Glenn Collins Years As Employee: 30 How did you get started here? I first started as a driver’s helper. Back when we had the old location, back when we weren’t just a distributor. We would deliver beer to all the bars and to distributors. The truck was a manual transmission, so I couldn’t drive it, but I helped with the loading an unloading. And since then? Since then I have held every job in between. What’s the difference between the old Spaz and the new Spaz? We used to also be wholesalers. We were the Sam Adams guy. We had the rights for Sam Adams in all of Chester County. We had sales reps who would go places and try to get them to buy Sam Adams products. Now we’re just a distributor. It’s a big change for us. Are you happy with that transition? I do miss a lot of the people. I mean, I still see the reps because now they come in here trying to sell me. Do you get to try a lot of beers? I do. I like trying out different beers, but I don’t drink all the time. Have you gotten to know your customers? I try my best to learn people’s names, and since their names are on their credit cards I get to read it, and that makes it easier for me. Do you have a number of regulars? We have guys who come in every day. We call them our Case A Day Club. However, a lot of people switch up where they’re buying their beer, because

they don’t want us knowing how much they’re drinking, so they buy from a couple different places. What are your biggest sellers? Overall it’s Miller Lite bottles, well, actually, any kind of Miller Lite, then Yuengling. How about in terms of craft brews? Probably anything by Victory or Sam Adams. Do you vary your selection based on the season? Yes. Right now we have Bells Oberon and Victory Summer Love [more about these beers on page 71]. They’re both great beers, but Bells could only supply us with five cases, so I expect to be out of that pretty quickly. But you’ll have plenty of Summer Love? Yeah. Victory usually does pretty well. I mean, you have to take care of your backyard first. I saw on Facebook that you’ll be switching up the layout? It’s important to use your social media to listen to your customers. Ours have told us that they’d like to see the store arranged by style of beer rather than by brand, so we’re going to try that out. How many craft brews do you have? We have hundreds and hundreds, but it’s always changing. You really have to keep your finger on the pulse with craft brews. What’s your favorite beer? Oh. I don’t know. That’s like children; you can’t favor one over the other. WCP



WC Film Festival Opening Photos by Adam Jones

April 27 Side Bar & Restaurant were proud hosts of this year’s film festival opening party, which kicked off a weekend of great shorts


Kevin Fitzpatrick, Tommy Stackhouse

Michael and Sherri Dimenna

Joseph Mountz

Gregg, Carol

Courtney and Debbie Baxter

Angeline May, Graham Nolte






A Trainer’s Tips Christine Mooney shares her hard-earned insights on staying happy, healthy and upbeat SUMMER AND BEACH SEASON are coming up fast. If we’re all being honest here, I think we can agree that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to have a nice, trim, toned tummy, right? With that in mind, I’m willing to bet that there are a lot of people out there who have begun performing sit-ups and crunches in earnest, anxiously awaiting the arrival of a six-pack, or at least something more than a one-pack. There is a function and purpose to your core muscles that often gets ignored, and that purpose is anti-flexion, anti-extension, and anti-rotation. In other words, the primary purpose of your core is stabilization. Having a strong, stable core is crucial to injury prevention. Most people are already too unstable in their lumbar region. This means that until you are able to perform a solid plank, which emphasizes stability, you should not be training your core’s mobility with sit-ups, crunches and the like. So let’s talk about the plank: Sure, it’s a very basic movement, and you’re probably saying to yourself, “But, Christine, I know how to do the plank. I’ve done it a gazillion times before.” That may well be true, but I’ll bet that you aren’t fully optimizing this killer movement. When you finally do, you’ll realize that the plank is NOT as easy as you think it is. Done right, the plank is the best core-stabilizing exercise around. It won’t just give you a phenomenal core workout, it will help you find the right amount of tension to utilize while performing upright exercises, such as overhead pressing, squatting, rack holds, top of the deadlift, etc. Plus, it will help you in nearly any other endeavor that requires you to, well, move. It doesn’t matter if that’s a walk on the beach, hauling a heavy watermelon into the house for the barbeque you’re hosting, or tossing your kid into the pool for the umpteenth time because he keeps coming back, begging for more. A strong core puts your entire body in a much better position than a weak one. It’s that simple. So let’s go over the basics of the plank: • Come into a push-up position with your feet together, hands planted beneath your shoulders, perpendicular to the ground. • This exercise IS NOT just abs; you need to tighten your glutes, squeeze your thighs together, and keep that belly tight. • Engage your lats by squeezing your armpits. Envision yourself pushing the ground apart with your hands to get your shoulders back and down. • Do not pop your butt up, or let it sag. Keep a nice, neutral spine. You should be able to serve coffee off of your back! • One of the most important parts of performing a plank is to stay engaged! If you are doing a true plank, you should have difficulty holding it for 15 seconds so stay tight and active. So go on, enjoy beach season, and know that your core doesn’t just look good, it’s functional, too. WCP

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Cinco de Mayo Photos by Adam Jones

May 5 Americans have been all too happy to adopt the fifth of May as their own party day, and drinkers flocked to Barnaby’s and Más


Megan, Mallory

Ken, Mike

Alana, Meg

Michael Thompson, Maurice Baptiste

Karen, Danielle, Mike

Patricia and Kevin


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Running bars is in Maggie Dever’s blood. Ever since she was 10 years old she’s been working in her family’s restaurants.

Photo Adam Jones

Bartender Of The Month From Timothy's Name: Maggie Dever Age: 22 Hometown: West Chester How long have you been in the industry? Really, since I was 10. I used to bus tables back then, but I didn’t really get into the industry seriously until my freshman year of college when I was waiting tables. So, I guess five years. Why were you bussing tables at age 10? My dad made me. No, really, I wanted to. It was at our family restaurant, Timothy’s in Wilmington. I wanted to be part of what everyone was doing. You were raised in the business. Think you’ll always be doing this? I don’t expect to be doing this forever. It’s fun for now, and I really do love managing. So, what you’re saying is you like bossing people around? No, not at all. Jeff, our GM, is more about running the whole show. He is more strict and demanding, making sure everything gets done and it gets done right. I’m a lot more laid back in my approach. So, good cop/bad cop? I’m definitely the good cop. What did you study in school? International relations. Which – as you can see – has really gotten me far in the field. What were you planning on doing with it? I was supposed to go to Paris, but I lost my visa because the job fell through. I lived abroad there for awhile, and I went back again for a week after my visa was denied. I enjoyed it, but in the end I felt like I got all I could out of it, so I’m not that disappointed.

What’s your usual crowd like here? We have a great, really diverse crowd. No college students, but I’d say like anywhere from 30-50 is the average age. We have a great crowd of regulars. Working at the restaurant in Wilmington I’d dread coming to work because I knew I’d hate everyone at the bar, but it is the total opposite here. Everyone’s just happier. You have a lot of TVs. Do you get a crowd for sports games? We do. Plus, during every Phillies game you can get a pizza and a tower of domestic beer for just $20, $18 if you order Rolling Rock. Generally, we’re a very athletic bar. I can see that. And it’s not just the jerseys from the local schools – which are given by friends and family of people who work here – but a lot of us who work here are athletes, too. How so? Well, my dad, who’s the owner, ran the Iron Man and is training for it again, I run marathons and Billy, another of our bartenders, runs ultra marathons, 100 miles. It’s a very family-run business? Yeah. There’s my dad, my mom and even my aunt all working here, plus my sister, who is 16, will be starting here soon. Does it ever get old being around the family so much? [Laughing] It can. I still live at home, too, so everyone knows everything I’m doing all the time. Are you gonna try and break out? Absolutely. I’d love to get out of the country, but I’d settle for moving into the borough. WCP



Cinco de Mayo Photos by Adam Jones

May 5 Americans have been all too happy to adopt the fifth of May as their own party day, and drinkers flocked to Barnaby’s and Más


Angel, Stacy, Andrea

Steph, Jess, Madison, Ally

Bridget and Rob Pinto with The Family

Sam, Maureen, Rachel

Jamie, Amanda, Maggie

Kevin, Julie, Patricia, Dave




parlor in West Chester... Taste a slice of history



S ’ P Y IZZ N N E The first pizza

$5.50 Lunch SpeciaL #1 Two slices cheese pizza, fries, 12oz soda #2 Eight-inch sandwich, fries, 12oz soda #3 Chicken tenders, fries, 12oz soda #4 Chicken wings and tenders, 12oz soda #5 Mini Stromboli, fries, 12oz soda

now serving gluten-free pizza

114 North Church Street  (610) 696-0754 32


The Beer Guy I

T’S NOT A DEBATE. WE’RE not choosing favorites. It’s simply a fact that when it comes to beer selection in West Chester, Side Bar & Restaurant is second to none. Since Justin Dougherty is the man making the decisions about what gets served and what doesn’t, in our opinion, that makes him West Chester’s beer guy. Because it’s the beer issue, we decided to sit down with him for a chat. Actually, that might not be the best way to put it; we never sat down. It was Justin’s day to watch his one-year-old daughter Ella who has recently learned to walk... and run. So, Justin was waddling around, bent over at the waist chasing an adorable menace across Side Bar’s hardwood floors while answering questions and posing for photos. It made for one of our most interesting interviews to date. How did you get into craft beer? My roommates and I would go to Victory in college when they offered $2 pints, and you could take the glass home. How many beers are on draft? 27 Including bottled beer, how many beers are available? More than 135 What made you decide to keep so much beer on draft? It was one of the main points of our business plan when we opened here. We wanted to make sure we always served craft beer because a lot of people liked it, and we wanted people to know we would always have a great selection. Do you think the craft beer movement is a phase, or will it continue? It is definitely not a phase. If you just look at local breweries like Victory and Troegs, they’re investing millions of dollars into expansion. Those are smart guys, good businessmen running those breweries, and they wouldn’t be making that kind of investment if this was just a passing phase. Plus, you and I, are we ever going to stop drinking good beer? No. What’s your personal favorite? Victory’s Prima Pils. It’s an amazing yet simple session beer. I also love Dogfish Head’s Sah’tea. It’s one of their ancient ales, inspired by a 9th-century Finnish beer. It is flavored with juniper berries, spices and tea. It has the piney taste of juniper plus a strong tea taste.

Photo Adam Jones What is the highest ABV you’ve had on tap? Also Dogfish Head. Their 120min IPA. [Editor’s Note: Depending on the brew, 120-Minute IPA is between 15-20% alcohol.] What is the highest IBU? Founders Brewing Company’s Devil Dancer. It is a Triple IPA that tastes like someone ripped all your taste buds off your tongue. Take the biggest IPA you’ve ever tried and multiply it by 10. [Editor’s Note: IBU is a measurement of a beer’s bitterness, a character derived from the hops used in brewing.] What’s the most exotic? Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Brunch Weasel. It’s an Imperial Oatmeal Stout made with the world’s most expensive coffee, Kupi Luwak. The coffee is made only from coffee berries that have been digested by a civet, a cat-like animal. What beer traveled the farthest? Anything from Europe has travelled a long

Not just a beer guy, Justin Dougherty is also a family guy, and he proudly hoisted up his daughter Ella to smile for their photo way, but to stick with craft beer from here in the United States, I’d say anything from Ballast Point, a brewery in San Diego. With craft beer being as popular as it is, why doesn’t every bar have a selection like yours? It’s a greater upfront investment – the kegs are way more expensive. Plus, you have to really be on top of your stuff and be dedicated to the trade. You need to know what’s new, what’s good, and with the way the craft beer is going there’s all kinds of new beers every week. Now that you own a bar, do you ever find time to drink? I make sure to find time every Sunday at our brunch, which is always a great time. We’ve been doing it since we opened, and it’s become a really awesome family environment. Plus, we tend to tap some of our more rare beers for those brunches. WCP



May Day Festival Photos by Adam Jones

May 6 Everhart Park was the place to be on a beautiful Sunday for the annual May Day Festival of the Arts


David and Amy Gomez

Kyle Rheiner of

Libby MacBrine

Vashon, Gina, Meesa, Brooklyn

Don Brown

Ralph and Ellen Kramer, Ian Powers






Happy Father’s Day From Your Friends at Doc’s!

Come to Kildare’s this Father’s Day, and relax among our vast beer selection; boasting a whooping: 28 BEERS ON TAP 68 BOTTLED BEERS Including Locally Brewed Boxcar Beers

That’s not all, every Father will leave Kildare’s with a sleeve of Kildare’s Golf Balls!

Bring Dad and kick up your feet in our famous Shore Shack. Let us transport you to the South Jersey Shore as you feast on our special Father’s Day Build Your Own Surf & Turf or our new Steamer Pot Menu. Pair your meals with a seasonal cocktail or craft beer; including local brewery Boxcar

Come to Doc’s starting at 10pm on Thursdays for Half Priced Drinks, DJ Dance Party, and more!

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117 East Gay St. West Chester, PA 610.429.4046


UCH OF THE CRAFT beer you’ve sipped and savored was once made by some guy with a fivegallon pot, a bucket and a free Saturday, long before it was mass-produced and kegged for distribution. In the case of West Chester’s own Boxcar Brewing Company, those homebrewers are coowners Jason Kohser and Jamie Robinson. Jason is ridiculously friendly and happy. He’s tall and skinny, often sporting a day’s worth of facial hair and a plaid button-up. He ends most statements with a laugh, and no matter the situation, there’s a smile on his face. While working for wineries in California, Jason fell into homebrewing. After he moved to Tennessee, where winemaking was no longer an option, he focused on his brewing. “I like making alcohol,” says Jason. “When I moved to Tennessee winemaking simply wasn’t possible. So, I was like, ‘I like beer. I’ll make beer.’ It was more for the love of fermentation than anything.” It wasn’t until 2006 that Jamie had the opportunity to try Jason’s beer. At the time Jamie was dating Jason’s cousin Kym (they’re now married), and he accompanied her to Jason and Kristen’s wedding. Jason was so into his homebrewing that his crudely labeled beers were served at the reception. “Our family helped make the food. I made the beer. We wanted it to be more personal,” he said. They’d met before, but the two really bonded over brews. In Jamie’s words, “We were just sitting around drinking his beers and talking, and it was like, ‘Hey maybe we should do this together.’” While Jason initiated the brewing, Jamie seems to take on the role of the businessman. He’s the more serious of the two, but that’s not saying all that much. His facial hair grows out a bit longer than Jason’s, and he regularly suits up in Boxcar t-shirts. Jamie has a shadow by the name of Porter, an 

Story Dan Mathers Photos Adam Jones Jason Kohser and Jamie Robinson were suprised to find their logo painted on one of West Chester Railroad’s boxcars before their second Ride the Rails event

The Right Track JUNE 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM


Boxcar’s bottling machine was made in Philadelphia in 1963 adorable, black Vizsla mix who pads around the brewery. Throwing out the phrase, “Porter sent me,” is often good for some discount or other. After the wedding, Jason and Kristen moved to West Chester. Jason grew up in Michigan, but his family is from this area. Now in the same town, Jason and Jamie

upon a recipe that was a hit with both of them. A recipe that would later become Boxcar’s flagship beer, their Original Ale. “We started honing in on this one beer we really liked,” Jamie remembers. “We’d brew one batch, then split it into smaller batches and experiment with the fermentation, utilizing different hops.”

“Nothing stopped us from brewing. We were out there when it was snowing.” started brewing together on a regular basis. “We brewed every couple weeks,” said Jamie. “At first we were limited to five gallons, then we started using a keg cut in half and brewing in Jason’s garage.” They were dedicated to the task. “Nothing stopped us from brewing. We were out there when it was snowing.” They eventually stumbled



It wasn’t until right around the time that Jamie was set to marry Jason’s cousin Kym that they felt they’d nailed it. “It was exactly right,” says Jamie, “And we were like, ‘We should do this.’” In the state of Pennsylvania, before you can even start filing the stacks and stacks of paperwork necessary to open a brewery, you need to have a 



physical address for the brewery. In March of 2009 their operation moved into the space at 306 Westtown Road that today houses the brewery and settled on the name Boxcar Brewing Company. “There were a couple of different reasons for the name,” says Jamie. “Partly it was because we liked the train motif. Plus, there are a lot of people connected with the railroad in Jason and Kim’s family.” “I think at one point all my uncles and my grandfathers worked on the railroad,” said Jason. “That’s as far back as I know, but it probably goes farther.” After securing an address, they worked with a shoestring budget to procure the equipment they’d need to start brewing. “We did almost all of the work setting up the brewery by ourselves and looked wherever we could to find equipment. When we first started we were fermenting in dairy kegs and the bottling machine we use to this day was originally made in Philadelphia in 1963 to bottle soda.” It wasn’t until a year later, March of 2010, that they sold their first beer. As the brewery has grown, the equipment has improved. They now have proper



Sugars are extracted from the grain to make wort, the basis of beer, using hot water fermentation tanks that are liquid cooled with glycogen to ensure an exact fermentation temperature. They originally carbonated their beer by sealing up the brew with active yeast inside and not allowing any of the carbon dioxide, which is a byproduct

of fermentation, to escape, thus forcing the CO2 back into the beer. Now, their methods are more precise. By “force carbing” they can ensure each beer is just as carbonated as the next. The expansion at Boxcar isn’t limited to their equipment. Today, in addition to Original Ale, they offer an India Pale Ale that’s smooth and lightly hopped (by IPA standards), and a rich, nutty Brown Ale. As of June 1, they’re adding a new beer to the mix: Mango Ginger IPA. The beer started off as a small-batch test, but Jamie and Jason quickly realized they hadn’t brewed enough. Their limited supply moved incredibly quickly, and it received an amazing response from customers. “People who’ve tried it are just saying awesome things about it,” says Jamie. The brew has a sweet, tropical fruitiness upfront, then it mellows into the flavor of the hops mixed with a little bit of the ginger. “It sounds somewhat intimidating,” says Jamie, “but it’s actually extremely smooth – especially for a beer that is 7% ABV.” Its subtle sweetness should make the Mango Ginger IPA a great summertime brew. The first few days of June will be 



busy for the Boxcar team. In addition to launching a new beer on the the first of the month, June 2 marks the summer leg of their bi-annual Ride the Rails event. Ride the Rails offers fans the opportunity to ride the West Chester Railroad from the borough out to Glen Mills. Participants gather where the line meets Market Street between Matlack and Franklin. Before stepping onto the train, they’re handed a souvenir Boxcar cup. “We have done pint glasses in the past,” explained Jamie. “It was really cool, but we ended up with a lot of broken glass. Now we just hand out cups.” After climbing aboard a 1950s style passenger car, everybody gets their Boxcar cups filled. There are also fill stations on the train, so that souvenir cup never needs to be empty. “It’s a booze cruise, if you want to use that term,” says Jamie. The ride takes 35 minutes to wind through Chester County past recognizable landmarks. Upon arrival at the Glen Mills station, the cars unload to food, live entertainment and – yes – more beer. “We setup a band on the train platform and they play for two hours,” says Jamie. “Pig Out BBQ caters the event, so there’s pulled pork, barbeque chicken and ribs, and a bunch of beer

While the bottling machine helps, it’s still very much a hands-on process for Jason stations. We hang out for two-and-a-half hours, then head home.” Tickets can be purchased at The event is a dream come true for the team. “Once we settled on the name Boxcar, we thought it would be cool to res-

urrect the old train in West Chester,” says Jamie. We didn’t think it was a possibility, but we contacted the railroad anyway, and they have really gotten behind us.” The railroad supports the brewery to the extent that they’ve rebranded one of their cars. “The train pulled up for our second Ride the Rails with a boxcar. We were so busy with the event that we didn’t even notice right away that they’d painted our logo on it,’” said Jamie. In return for making their dream a reality, a portion of the proceeds from each Ride the Rails event is donated to the non-profit railroad. The act of giving back to the community has been Boxcar’s business model from the beginning. They admit that it is by engaging with this community that they’ve been able to be successful. Volunteers come out to the brewery to help, and bottling day is a community affair. Boxcar posts information up on their social media – when they’re bottling, what they’re doing – and West Chester shows up to help. “We really couldn’t be doing this without the support of the community,” says Jamie. “This really is an awesome place to start a brewery.” WCP

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124 E Market Street, West Chester



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Somebodys Gotta Do It T

L to R: Rocio, Jill, Geoff, Melissa, Miguel, Monica, Elinette

ELL ME THIS: CAN YOU THINK OF AN ORGANIZATION IN WEST CHESTER THAT GETS hated on more than Parking Enforcement? No? I didn’t think so. This group gets it so bad that people don’t just hate the agency – they hate the individuals. But why? It’s not their fault you forgot to feed the meter, or that you didn’t take the time to read the sign that said, “Don’t park here, dummy.” Okay, so there aren’t any signs that say that, exactly, but that’s how I feel everytime I walk back to my car and find a ticket on the dash and a “No Parking 8am-11am” sign. When that happens, you feel angry and you want to take it out on somebody. I know I do. However, since we spend all day in our Church Street office, we’ve met our resident Parking Enforcement Officer, Rocio Roldan. At first we talked about tickets, but then we talked about adopting dogs, whether her son should rent a tux’ for Henderson’s junior prom, and everything West Chester. Want to know what’s going down in this town? Talk to a Parking Officer. What we’ve learned is that they’re just people doing a job. They’re not out to get you. When I asked them if they’d ever knowingly written a ticket to friends or family, the answer was unanimous: “Yes. It’s the job; you’ve gotta follow the rules.” So, we figured we’ play the devil’s advocate and offer these West Chesterians a chance to clear up their name.

NAME: ROCIO ROLDAN, HOMETOWN: WEST CHESTER OFFICER SINCE: 2002 How did you get into the job? My aunt used to work here, and she always used to try to get me to do it. I had my own company at the time, so I was hesitant to join. Eventually I did. What’s the worst excuse you’ve heard? The other day someone told me they couldn’t feed the meter because they threw up on it. What’s the most expensive car you’ve ever ticketed? Oh. I don’t know. I gave Bam Margera’s Porsche a ticket the other day. One time there was this sports car with gull-wing doors. I couldn’t find the name of it anywhere to write the ticket, and to this day I don’t know what it was. Do you ever get recognized outside of work? I was in Disney World, and this girl standing behind me said, “I know you!” Ever gotten a ticket in West Chester? Only one, but not since I started this job. Because you work here? No. Because I pay the meter.

NAME: JILL JONES, HOMETOWN: WEST CHESTER OFFICER SINCE: 2007 What’s the best part about the job? It has got to be the people I work with. We have a good time.

Is there a proper term for the people you write tickets to? You know, something like “Defendants”? No. They’re just called residents. But what do you guys refer to them as? Violaters. Do you ever plan on getting out of this job? Oh no. I’m just staying here. It’s hard out there to get a job. What’s the craziest reaction you’ve ever gotten from someone? [Editor’s Note: It took about a minute of hysterical laughing before Jill got herself under control enough to answer the question.] There was this one woman who was crying, screaming, wailing, and she grabbed hold of the mirror of my truck and refused to let go. And, she was with her daughter. The whole time her daughter is going, “Mom, please stop. PLEASE STOP. You’re embarrassing me.” But, this woman wouldn’t stop crying, and she wouldn’t let go of my mirror.

NAME: GEOFF FOSTER, HOMETOWN: BOSTON OFFICER SINCE: 2010 What do you like best about the job? I like when I can help people – help them find somewhere to park, explain the rules of the borough to them. Has anyone tried flirting with you to get out of a ticket? Not that I picked up on. Have you ever felt threatend on the job? One time I had 



someone try to run me over. I had written him a ticket, and he was screaming at me so I walked away. He got behind the wheel and floored it staight at me. He blew the stop sign at the intersection I was crossing, and I had to dive out of the way to avoid getting hit. Then he blew through the next light. I had just written him a ticket, so I had his license plate number. The cops arrested him. And how do you react when people attack you, even just verbally? I’ve gotten to the point I want to snap, but I’ve never screamed at anybody.

NAME: MELISSA WILLS, HOMETOWN: CHESTER PARKING OFFICE CLERK SINCE: 2006 Do you think people save their anger for you when they come to the parking office? Definitely. They curse at me, yell at me, call me a bitch. One time we had to get one of the lieutenants from the police department to come handle a guy. He was there with his two little kids, and he was going crazy and threatening us. Do you try to calm people down? Absolutely. I just talk to them in a calm voice and try to explain what we can do for them. Usually they calm down. And if they don’t calm down? That really only happens like once a month, but I have to walk away. I go get my supervisor, Hector, and he handles it.

NAME: MIGUEL COLON, HOMETOWN: MANHATTAN OFFICER SINCE: 2000 What’s the worst thing you’ve ever been called? [Editor’s Note: We cannot print a single word Miguel said, but – suffice it to say – the list includes several four-letter words and a racial slur. Oh, and, apparently it’s routine for “violaters” to swerve to hit an officer AFTER being given a ticket. You know, AFTER their license plate has been registered in the system. Good luck getting away with that hit and run.] How do you deal with that? Well, there are good days and bad. It doesn’t really bother me much anymore. But it was hard at first? Yeah. It took me two months to get



used to it. It wasn’t until a PO we used to work with named Ruby told me, “Just turn your back and walk away. It makes them even angrier.” And, she was right. It really does make them angrier. A lot angrier You like the job now? I plan on sticking around here until the day Hector has had enough and decides to fire me.

NAME: MONICA CORREA, HOMETOWN: WEST CHESTER OFFICER SINCE: 2007 Do you have any regular customers? I see the same people every day, because I work down at the university. I can guarantee if I walk down South Matlack there’ll be a guy with a blue Dodge parked illegally. The best part is it’s not ever his car – it’s his girlfriend’s. Have you ever seen someone break into tears? There was one time that this girl parked up at the post office then walked all the way down to the borough building to pay her ticket. I was just writing her a ticket when she walked back to the car, and she broke into tears. She was just a young girl, 20 at the most. Do you make commission for writing tickets? No. We definitely don’t, but people ask us that all the time.

NAME: ELINETTE CONDE, HOMETOWN: WEST CHESTER OFFICER SINCE: 2004 Do you ever go out in West Chester? No. I do my job, then I get out of here right away. I don’t live here anymore. I live in Delaware. How did you end up in this job? Through Rocio. She talked me into taking a job here. Has anyone ever tried to bribe you to get out of a parking ticket? Oh yeah. It happens a lot. Like, “Hey, I’ll give you a pretzel if you don’t give me a ticket.” A pretzel? I work on Church Street, and people are always going into the Pretzel Factory and not paying their meter. They come out with an extra pretzel. They think that I’m going to risk my job for a pretzel. I take my job very seriously. You’re not getting out of a ticket for a soft pretzel.

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May Day Festival Photos by Adam Jones

May 6 Everhart Park was the place to be on a beautiful Sunday for the annual May Day Festival of the Arts


Keith, Meghan, Rich, Derek, Joe, Mallory, Mike

John and Kate Boland, Carlie and Isabelle

Megan, Chris, Timmy and Lily Bertinetti

Stephanie Williams, Stacey Lockstone

Robert, Bridget and Ava Capobianco

Alan, Cecilia and Ella Pendlebury


Why You Should Join 24-Hour Key Card Access Safe & Clean Atmosphere 7 Security Cameras Panic Button (Just In Case) Cable TV on Each Cardio Machine Treadmills, Elipticals, Bikes, Stair Climber Cooler With Pre And Post Workout Drinks Plate and Pin Fed Machines Dumbbells from 5-150lbs. Squat Rack And Smith Machine EZ Bar Barbell Set from 20-110lbs Private Core/Exercise Room Kettle Bells, Bosu Balls, Medicine Balls Stability Balls and more

348 Hannum Avenue




Salon A top-notch salon with a very real feel.

610-585-0102 Or you can reach your stylist directly... Anthony Giunta - 610-585-0102 Laura McCallin - 484-364-6276 Jason Nichols - 610-299-6859 David Mumford - 484-753-1536

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Funky Functional American Art


• engagement • wedding • graduation • birthday • anniversary • hostess gifts



North American Handmade Functional Works of Art

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th check out The Man Cave gifts for Dear Ole Dad!

Friday, June 1 ~ 5 to 9pm Gallery Walk ~ Featuring

John Wilson Porcelain Pottery

John will be outside in front of the gallery demonstaing his craft (weather permitting)

You can find Salon Chemistry on Middle Alley between Walnut and Matlack Streets. Just head down Market Street and Salon Chemistry is in the lot to your left, behind the Salvation Army.

STRICKLER insurance est. 1860

Dave Jones 610-350-8192 433 W Market Street West Chester, PA 19382

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133 West Market Street, West Chester, PA • 610.719.0170 50


Your Home, Your Car, Your Business

Your Peace of mind


To honor Vidal Sassoon’s passing, Salon Chemistry revives his trademark cut, the Sassoon bob


AIRSTYLING LEGEND VIDAL SASSOON RECENTLY PASSED, away, so stylist Jason Nichols wanted to give model Mercedes a modern twist on Sassoon’s most famous cut, the bob. Most of Jason’s training over his 16-year career has been centered around Vidal Sassoon’s theories about cutting hair. Sassoon single-handedly revolutionized the beauty industry. In the years before his philosophies became mainstream, women set or styled their hair once or twice a week. With the introduction of his techniques, women began to see the benefits of a haircut that allowed them to style their hair at home. The wash and set was becoming a thing of the past. Do it yourself was the future. Perfection is the key to this timeless haircut, and the stylist must have great training as well as patience in order to excute a cut that conforms to the individual. WCP

Photo Adam Jones



Faulkner Cruise Night Photos by Andrew Hutchins

May 11 The second Friday of every month Faulkner hosts an awesome car show on their lot in the Westtown Auto Park



Disc Jockey • Door Prizes • 50/50 Drawing • Huge Cash Giveaway! Antiques • Classics • Hot Rods • Customs • Motorcycles • All makes welcome!




Westtown Rd. & Rt. 202, West Chester, PA GI





line Visit us




Faulkner West Chester 705 Autopark Blvd., West Chester, PA 19382 | (610) 436-5600




for directions and cancellation information

Please bring a canned food donation for our food bank!

Every 2nd Friday of the month April - September | 5:30pm-8:30pm

See pictures from previous events!


July 13


Aug 10


Sept 14

SEASON FINALE! Annual Police Cruise Night/Car Show

Benefits Chester County JUNE 2012 | THEWCPRESS.COM SUMMER 53 Lodge #11 F.O.P.

Happy Birthday to Us!

we are turning 10 and you know what we want for our birthday?


Hometown Cooks, Restaurants, Businesses and Nonprofits take advantage of our

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL Enter your Chili Cooking Team in the sizzling competition going down on

Sunday 10/14/2012 Sign your team up by July 1st and receive: • A FREE tent package • A 100% refund of your entry fee (a $260 value)* • 2 Chili Cookoff Wristbands to sample the competition’s goods • A warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach for giving us the Best Present Ever – The ability to give back to the community! For more details about competing visit our website at: Questions? Contact Sue Karr at *Entry fee refunded once you have competed in the cookoff.



All proceeds benefit the good works of the Rotary Club of West Chester

Service Above Self

West Chester Rotary Club President-elect Jeannie McGinn tells readers how to give back to the community WHILING WRITING MY FIRST column for The WC Press, I couldn’t think of a more shining gem of a nonprofit organization to share with you than The Arc of Chester County. This phenomenal resource for families is celebrating 
60 years of service to both children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Founded in 1952 by local parents who wanted to better the lives of their children, “The Arc” was originally known as The Association for Retarded Children. When The Arc was founded, there were few programs and services for the special needs population they served. In line with the prevailing thinking, many were institutionalized at Pennhurst, Embreeville and other places. The founders of The Arc defied conventional wisdom by diligently advocating and working for public education and community inclusion. Diane Carey, Executive Director and fearless advocate for her “Arc” constituents, gave me an example of how The Arc has even influenced the current awareness of these special children and adults. At the highest levels of government, the word “retarded” and retardation” has been replaced with the more compassionate and accurate phrase: developmental and intellectual disabilities. It struck me how easily we can pass on this knowledge at our own kitchen tables by sharing the proper and respectful way to identify the individuals The Arc nurtures through life. Individuals like Tom Potts. Tom is now 37, and he was born with Down Syndrome. At sixweeks old his parents, Jack and Kathy Potts, reached out to The Arc for guidance and support. That was the beginning of a long-term relationship. Kathy credits The Arc with making it possible to raise a child with special needs. “The Arc is like having another member of the family,” said Kathy. Tom graduated from The Arc’s First Step program and is an active participant in the Life Skills, Recreation and Comprehensive Employment Services programs. He proudly works part-time at a grocery store, takes part in Special Olympics, and volunteers at Goshen Friends School and the Chester County Family Academy. Is there a better gift in life than to see your child happy and thriving? The Arc has been instrumental in providing Tom with the tools that make this possible, and so the Potts family is devoted to the The Arc. For those of you curious if The Arc could be the resource you’ve been looking for, I invite you to a wonderful day of fun called The Arc Achievement Walk & Fun Day on June 10. Registration for the walk starts at 11am in the West Goshen Community Park. The Fun Day picnic and activities, including arts & crafts, moon bounce, face painting, and a live beach band, kick off at noon. This is a fun walk, so strollers, wheelchairs, bikes, wagons and friendly pets are all welcome! For a complete description of The Arc Achievement Walk & Fun Day Picnic as well as a list of The Arc of Chester County services available for individuals with I/DD, please take the time to visit WCP



Vintage Garage Sale Photos by Adam Jones

May 4 West Chester Parks and Rec hosts a vintage garage sale in the Chestnut Street parking garage every first Friday


Mary Bigham

Matt, Jen

Majorie Prendergast

Debrorah, Ella and Caroline Stark

Mason and Tracy Philips

Chris, Kate, Will and Georgia Feryo




Who’s That?

Below are three minimalist block sketches of different, unrelated, fictional characters. Think you can figure out who’s who? Check our website for a hint, then tweet your answers @TheWCPress for a chance to win a $25 gift card to a local business.






Vintage Garage Sale Photos by Adam Jones

May 4 West Chester Parks and Rec hosts a vintage garage sale in the Chestnut Street parking garage every first Friday

Veronica Lane, Justin Muir

Scott Kelly, Sarah Stefanides

WC Pedi Cab Now Hiring

Lunch Shift: 11am-3pm Happy Hour: 4pm-9pm Night Shift: 9pm-3am Drivers License Required Must Have Biking Experience Find Us On For More Information @West Chester Pedi Cab

John, Emma

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Doc Magrogan’s Clam Bake Photos by Adam Jones

April 29 This annual smorgasborg was a definite can’t-miss for the seafood fans of West Chester

Tony Primavera, Peggy Volpone


Tiffany, Nikki, Devon

Ann, Jen, Carolyn

Hudson The Wine Merchant

Natalie, Justin, Erin






12 E Ma r k e t S tr e e t


er, PA e st Chest




12 E Market Street 610-696-9770 Delivery Available!!!

BUFFALO TUESDAYS: small pizza $4.72 18” XL pizza $7.99 PEPPERONI WEDNESDAYS: small $4.72 18” XL $7.99 HALF PRICE PIZZAS 4-6 PM DAILY!

116 East Gay Street 610-430-0203

Traditional Italian Fare With A Flair our H y p p Ha nt e m n i a ntert E e v i L ining D o i t Pa un S r u h T Lunch s m o o R e Privat ds r a C t f Gi

Open Late To Satify Those Late Night Munchies




Local Talent Those who live in town recognize John Hannafin and his work. He’s out and about the borough painting where everyone can see him. With the number of friends he’s made here and how frequently passersby stop and compliment his work, it’s a wonder John ever finishes a painting. We’re lucky enough to know him personally. He’s moved in and setup a studio a few doors down from our office, opopping in often to see if we’d had as much fun last night as he’d had. Before knowing John, his art hung on our walls, and now we’re fortunate to display original works on rotation. Considering his move back into the borough, and his upcoming show in June, we figured this was the time to chat with John about his work.

Photo and Story Adam Jones You recently moved back into the borough. How’s it feel? It’s awesome. It just feels natural – like it’s meant to be. Andrew Wyeth only ever painted two places that he considered to be his personal paradises: Chadds Ford and Maine. I feel that way about West Chester. I grew up on High Street. My heart’s here. You’ve just moved into this small space, and your work covers almost every inch. What’s it like to live in an art studio? I don’t want to compare myself to Thoreau or whatever, but I love that I don’t have a TV now. I’m just trying to be a free spirit, but take action. I want to really focus on my work. How’d you become an artist? I sustained a back injury on a canoe trip during college orientation that became an off-and-on problem over the next several years. Eventually, while I was stuck in a cubicle selling cubicles for a living, I ended up getting back surgery. I was laid up bed for a month. My mom came to Boston to take care of me, and she brought me a set of paints. When was that? Ten years ago. I painted as a hobby for five years, and now I’ve been doing it professionally for five years. How much has your work changed over the years? Actually, these two [indicates two immense canvases behind him] are other paintings that I’ve painted over. It has evolved over time, and these ones that I’m painting over just feel archaic. Is that growth what made you decide to turn this into a profession? It’s a combination of things, because there are a lot of forces at work. In part it was feeling confident that I could make a living from my work, but I also wanted to really commit to something and be great at one thing.

John’s one-night, joint show at the Chester County Historical Society with Bam Margera will be First Friday, June 1 from 5-9pm Would you say you’re starting to solidify a style that is all your own? Everything we do is just building on what people have done before us, so I can’t say it is all my own. I am trying to create a style that’s mine. It’s cool that people can see the painting I did of the Lincoln Room and say, “I know this piece,” or “Oh, that’s John Hannafin.” Is there a theme to your work other than West Chester? A lot of artists have to paint beach scenes or whatever sells, but I want to paint what I know. I’m comfortable painting out on the street now, with people passing by, so I can paint my surroundings. You have to get used to a lot of people walking by. I wasn’t always comfortable with it. Is that why much of your earlier work in the borough depicts the downtown area from parking garage rooftops and out-of-the-way locations? Partly. But that’s also because I wanted to portray the big picture of West Chester. I wanted to show this place in its entirety. We call ourselves “Voice of the Borough.” Is it your intention to have your work be seen that way? Yeah. Definitely. It’s amazing that people around the world know what Chester County looks like because of Andrew Wyeth. I would like to be a part of that tradition. And you have a show this month, right? June 1 I’ll have a joint show at the Chester County Historical Society from 5-9pm with Bam Margera. That’s such a huge space, so it will be great to show with another artist. Someone like Bam could really fill that place. WCP



Doc Magrogan’s Clam Bake Photos by Adam Jones

April 29 This annual smorgasborg was a definite can’t-miss for the seafood fans of West Chester


Bridget and Lennox Melville

Andy Esworthy, Kim Robson

Brian Womelsdorf, Marven Flagler

Vince Andreozzi


Adam Gottlieb

MESMERIZING AND DYNAMIC SMOOTH JAZZ GUITARIST PETER WHITE Appearing One Night Only at the Asplundh Concert Hall on the campus of West Chester University at 7:00 p.m.

Tickets on sale NOW at or call (610) 365-1404 ext. 1, ask for Anita or e-mail Join us in Hoopes Park on Saturday, June 30th and Sunday July 1st for more jazz, food, and vendors.



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A Three-Letter Word Jill McDevitt is the proprietor of Feminique Boutique and holds a master’s degree in Human Sexuality

WHEN I FIRST HEARD ABOUT the erotic BDSM novel 50 Shades of Grey, I was excited. A first-time writer had reached massive commercial success, and her work sparked a dialogue about sexuality among women – both are things I aspire to do. But then I read it. Now I’ve become the lone voice of public opposition regarding this “mommy porn” phenomenon. I blogged about it; I was quoted by Entertainment Weekly about it; and at the risk of pigeon-holing myself as the one person against one of the most popular books of our time, here is one more explanation of why I think this book is junk. Myth 1: BDSM is Abusive. BDSM, which combines the acronyms for bondage and discipline (BD), domination and submission (DS), and sadism and masochism (SM), is about the consensual exchange of power, pain and restraint in a relationship. 50 Shades does well depicting power play, domination, control, restraint and pain, but the author missed the key word in the definition of BDSM – consensual. Jumping on a plane and flying across the state to show up at a bar where a woman you’ve met once or twice is celebrating her college graduation, pulling her outside, and scolding her for drinking and talking to friends is not BDSM. It’s not sexy. It is not romantic. It is possessive, controlling, manipulative and abusive. Selling violence against women in a package of BDSM is not only offensive to women, it’s offensive to actual BDSM practitioners. Myth 2: Women are pure until the “right man” prompts a sexual awakening. The main female character is an innocent virgin. She’s never had a boyfriend or even been kissed. She rebuffs sexual advances from her peers, but then a brooding, moody, mysterious, and filthy rich man comes along and awakens her sexuality with his “special” brand of sex. This characterization of a pure woman shown the ropes by an experienced man plays on the repressive myth that women cannot be their own sexual agents, that women don’t seek their own sexual pleasure. They are just a maiden waiting for the right man to tell her what kind of sex she should like. Myth 3: Men will change if you love them enough. The book starts out with her unimpressed by her suitor’s controlling behavior, like how he forces her to eat when she’s not hungry. But she won’t “give up” on him. While he remains an aggressive and abusive character throughout the book, he does “ease up on her” and agree to have “normal” (non BDSM) sex with her and actually lets her fly across the country to visit her mother (although he shows up the next day uninvited). This type of plot line reinforces the dangerous myth that a bad man can turn good and change his ways if the woman is patient. Apparently women are so thirsty for a raunchy sex book they are willing to swallow any garbage, so I’ve decided to write my own erotic novel. It will be a book so hot that only a person with 10 years of post-secondary education in human sexuality could pen it, but my female lead will be strong, and she and her lover will treat each other with dignity and respect. What a concept! WCP

104 N. Church Street 610-551-3262

The nation’s only sex shop owned by a degreed sexologist

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May Networking Event Photos by Andrew Hutchins

May 3 Mas Mexicali Cantina served up the complimentary apps and margaritas for an awesome party. See you at Side Bar on June 7.


Kyle Wilson, Anthony Murdock

Julia Radliff, Nick Radliff

Juliana Haviland, Dave Jones

Adam Weinstein, Adam Jones

Nick Vecchio, Alana McGrath

Caroline, Dustin

Tyler, Courtney

Ryan Colestock

Kristin, Donny Kerabatsos


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A Campaign to Raise Money to Support Our Film Crew

Eating A Shoe To Support Our Crew Sunday, June 3, 2012 - Super Sunday

It should be an encouragement for all of you who want to make films but are just scared to start. -Werner Herzog, Famous Director and Shoe Eater


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Ram’s Head shares their definitive list of the best brews when you’re barbequing or beach bumming, all available from their extensive bar

Bell’s Oberon American Pale Wheat 5.8%

Oberon is a must-have summer seasonal. It has a nice, mild hop bitterness up front, with a smooth and lightly fruity finish. Unlike some in the style, Oberon maintains a solid body and flavor while being a very drinkable beer on a hot summer afternoon.

Great Summer Beers Victory Summer Love American Blonde Ale 5.2%

Besides being the poster beer for summertime in the Philadelphia region, this beer makes you think warm weather from the first sip. It pours a medium yellow with a nice, thick white head. The floral and citrus notes really give this beer some character. It’s light enough to drink a few but remains bitter enough to show its presence.

Southern Tier Hop Sun American Pale Wheat 5.1%

21st Amendment Bitter American Extra Pale Ale 4.4%

Southern Tier always steps it up with their seasonal selection including Hop Sun. This beer is a little more dry than a typical American Pale Wheat. The fact that they add fresh hop flowers after the fermentation process really gives it a nice hop bitterness at the end. If you love hops, this beer is a great alternative to an IPA.

While it is a year-round beer, Bitter American is a perfect summer session beer for hop fans. It has the aroma and flavor of a much bigger beer, while sporting the ABV of a light domestic. The hops are prominent, giving even IPA lovers an option for an allday backyard BBQ.


r ise Cans e dw ag Bu can Fl eri 5.1% Am



May Networking Event Photos by Andrew Hutchins

May 3 Mas Mexicali Cantina served up the complimentary apps and margaritas for an awesome party. See you at Side Bar on June 7.


Marc Teti, Donna Teti, Bev colestock, Dane Colestock

Carla Thomas, Bryan Bupp, Rachael Donchez

Laura Stairiker, Lauren Beley, Lauren Merkel

Michelle Daugherty, Benjamin Charney, Tom Konecny

Brian Merkel, Jeff Schuler, Kyle Rheiner, Tim Judge

Nelson Lee, Niki Treat, Michelle Noble, Kerry Hutchinson


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WE ARE PROUD TO OFFER UP A print version of everyone’s favorite bar game... and you won’t have to pay 50 cents. Compare the two photos at right. They may look the same, but there are seven subtle differences between the two. Find those seven differences and identify the item that has been changed. Then send an email to listing those items. You’ll be entered to win a $25 gift card to a local business. Winners will be chosen at random, and their name will be posted to Facebook along with the solution at the end of the month. So make sure to like us and follow along if you want to play. Enjoy

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Jazz Festival Photos by Adam Jones

April 21 After all this time, Friday, June 29 marks the start of the Chester County Jazz Festival in Hoopes Park


Bruce, Gladys, Pam

Cheryl and Ron Foreman

Richard Carney, Anita Broady, Wanetah Wilkins

Richard and Charlynn Blackwell

Celia and Chris Lang

Carmen and Jeff Tucker


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s pa

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Best Drinking Songs DJ Romeo is always ready to combine his two great loves: music and booze. Enter the power hour.

LIVING IN PI KAPPA PHI’S fraternity house during my sophomore year at West Chester University I stumbled upon something that changed my views on drinking games. My drinking buddies and I had grown bored of card games, truth or dare was no fun without females, and we could sink any cup with our eyes closed. We were bored until the day that life-long friend Mark Kuhn entered my room with a devilish grin and claimed he had found the next best thing: Power Hours. At first we all told him he was lame. Why pace our drinking? Let’s just shot-gun beer after beer after beer after beer. But, Mark insisted we give it a try. Sixty-Minutes later we’d each put down a six pack and were ready to forget the night. We’d had more fun listening to music and taking shots of beer than we’d ever had with a ping pong ball and a red Solo cup... and we wanted more. So, being a DJ, I naturally started making my own power hour mixes. Why not combine two things I love? Music and drinking were a natural mix. The rest is history. The following is a list of music that makes reference to drinking. I’ve worked all these songs into my power hour mixes over the years and am ready to declare them “The Best Drinking Songs of All Time.” If you like the teaser below, check out my column at to download the full hour. Crack a beer and enjoy. Toby Keith – “I Love this Bar” Garth Brooks – “Beerrun” Flogging Molly – “Beer, Beer, Beer” Snoop Doggy Dog – “Gin & Juice” Beastie Boys – “Brass Monkey” Dropkick Murphys – “Kiss Me I’m Sh*tfaced” Chumbawamba – “Tubthumping” Jamie Foxx ft. T-Pain – “Blame It” George Thorogood – “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” J-Kwon – “Tipsy” Kid Rock – “All Summer Long” The Champs – “Tequila” Jimmy Buffet – “Margaritaville” Ron Browz ft. Jim Jones & Juelz Santana – “Pop Champagne” Busta Rhymes ft. P. Diddy & Pharrell – Pass the Courvoisier Sublime – “40oz to Freedom” The Alkaholiks – “Only When I’m Drunk” Iconz – “Get F**ked Up” Roger Miller – “Chug a Lug” T-Pain ft. Akon – “Bartender” UB40 – “Red Red Wine” The Doors – “Roadhouse Blues” Afroman – “Colt 45” Gucci Mane ft. Plies – “Wasted” The Pogues – “Streams of Whiskey” WCP



the lineup Friday 6/1 Thursday 6/2 doors 7pm|Show 8pm show 9pm

Dub Step In Dub C W/DJ RUn dmt event is 18+

Scrapple creek Runners, The Levee Drivers event is 21+

tuesday 6/5 doors 8pm

GLBT Night event is 21+

friday 6/7 doors 7pm|Show 8pm

Protagonist Nona, Go Rydell, Ex friends event is 21+

friday, june 8 | Doors Open at 8 | Event is 21+

Laugh-A-Palooza An Evening of comedy and music

saturday 6/9 tuesday 6/12 doors 8pm|Show 9pm doors 8pm

friday 6/15 tuesday 6/19 doors 8pm|show 9pm doors 8pm

event is 21+


GLBT Night

friday 5/22 doors 8pm|Show 9pm

saturday 6/23 tuesday 6/26 doors 8pm|show 9pm doors 8pm

saturday 6/30 Doors 8pm|show 9pm

red fang, Kyng

vasudeva Pilots in orbit old nick

Villains Like You,


THE SWORD event is 21+

PHILLYBLOCO event is 21+

event is 21+

event is 21+

North End event is 21+

GLBT Night event is 21+

Can You Canoe, New Sweden

event is 21+

west chester, pa