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ď ł AUGUST 2012

The fashion Issue 9 Boutiques, 9 Salons, 19 Pages of West Chester Fashion p. 31 | BreakawayINK p. 19


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Is your Mac not quite what it used to be? An upgrade from West Chester Computer Doctors will accelerate your late model Macbook, iMac, or Mac Pro to a performance level you thought was only available from a new system. Stop in and ask us about it today.

West Chester Computer Doctors located in the middle of the block at 28 South High Street   610.431.0400 

10th Annual West Chester Rotary

Chili Cookoff

Sunday 10/14/2012 Rain or Shine Event

Hometown Cooks, Restaurants, Businesses and Nonprofits take advantage of our

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL Sign your team up by September 1st and receive: A 50% refund of your entry fee (a $92.50 value)* Top 10 Reasons to Enter your Team into the West Chester Rotary Chili Cookoff: 1. All the proceeds raised go right back into the community 2. It is our 10th Birthday! 3. Teams get 2 free wristbands for all you can eat chili 4. Exposure for your business- over 6,000 people came last year 5. This is a great opportunity to bond with friends and family 6. You have 10 cans of beans in your pantry already 7. Chili is a delicious food that everyone loves 8. Your mother would be proud of you 9. Cash Prizes 10. You make the BEST DARN CHILI! Vendors and Sponsors Wanted Too! Visit our website for details: Questions? Contact Sue Karr at *Entry fee refunded once you have competed in the cookoff.

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The Press Really, really, ridiculously good looking Editor/Publisher Dan Mathers Advertising Manager Nick “Hansel” Vecchio Staff Photographer Adam “Zoolander” Jones

121 East Gay Street, Prescott Alley Entrance Located behind Zukin Realty, Next to Doc Magrogan’s

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While your experience at Optimal Massage will be relaxing, it is designed to improve your muscular health.

We don’t just want you to feel better; we want you to be healthier. Mention this Ad and receive a 60-minute massage for $60 6

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Published By The WC Press 13 South Church Street West Chester, PA 19382 610-344-3463 be good to your planet... This publication is printed by Lane Press, an environmentally conscious printer certified by Forest Stewardship Council, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and Programme for the Endorsement for Forest Certification.

The Team... NICK VECCHIO might be a decent DJ and a passable advertising manager, but he has recently discovered his true passion: modeling. Put the guy in a suit and toss him in front of a camera, and he’ll pose for hours. We had to physically restrain him from jumping into every shoot. adam jones is straight as an arrow, but boy does he have a thing for fashion. He has turned down dates with beautiful women solely because he didn’t like their shoes. “She didn’t have good fashion,” he said. Well, that fashion sense came in pretty handy for the issue you’re currently holding. Paul Imburgia is The WC’s three-time male model of the year and refuses to accept payment for his work with The Press. Instead, we donate his earnings to The Paul Imburgia Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too.

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The WC Look Book 31

9 Boutiques. 9 Salons. 18 Pages of West Chester Fashion.

Inside The Fashion Issue... to and from the editor 11 About this issue specifically and West Chester generally 20-something dating 13 Relationship foibles chronicled for the world to enjoy stay fresh & break away 19 Designer apparel inspired by life in West Chester employee of the month 25 Bella & Betty: the specialists in all things artisan a trainer’s tips 29 Advice to keep you happy, healthy and upbeat bartender of the month 51 Witnessing The Blarney Stone’s transformation photo hunt 55 The free version of your favorite bar game service above self 61 Giving back to an incredible community children in tow 63 A working mother who enjoys the town going in blind 67 Testing the 24 flavors of D’Ascenzo’s local talent 71 Showcasing West Chester’s artists who’s that 73 Identify characters, win gift cards three-letter word 75 You just can’t have it both ways the runway mix 79 Tunes that rock the runway

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From the Editor... Style Versus Fashion

I’ve always thought of myself as a stylish individual. I avoid a crew cut at the barbershop in favor of a styled look from Salon Chemistry. I’m drawn to designer clothes, even if I tend to purchase them in outlet stores. I eschew sweatpants, squeeze into skinny jeans and only lace up sneakers when headed to the gym. While in the process of writing this piece, I was referred to as a “metrosexual,” a term I thought dropped out of our vernacular around the time Queer Eye for the Straight Guy dropped from Bravo’s lineup. While I try to avoid giving my wife real criticism, I can point out what I like and dislike about her outfit if she really presses me. I know how to weigh my answers heavily in favor of the likes with a splash of negative criticism thrown in for the flavor of authenticity. It’s this unique ability that’s left me standing outside many a dressing room, holding a purse, looking for a place to sit, waiting to give a verdict. I may be a discerning consumer, but the truth is I don’t “get” fashion. Fashion is emphemeral. Fashion is transient. Fashion is always just a bit ahead of it’s time. I prefer to be punctual. So, for the current issue, I leaned heavily upon someone who understands this volatile word: staff photographer Adam Jones. While we routinely ask him to be a multi-purpose artist, he has an incredible knack for fashion photography. His photos genuinely carry the magazine you now hold. Additionally, we were lucky enough to have partnerships with some incredible boutiques and salons. We entrusted them with dressing and styling our models, and they made our jobs easy. Really, this issue is a testament to their skill. They “get” fashion. Dan Mathers Publisher

To the Editor...

Our favorite responses this month Just read your article on the West Chester Parking Authority. Didn’t we learn from Nuremberg that “I’m just doing my job” isn’t an excuse? -Anonymous Wow... This one threw me. I suppose the Nuremberg Defense doesn’t hold up when it comes to genocide, but I think I’ll let it slide when we’re talking about parking tickets. -DM I’m a newish subscriber to The WC Press, a former West Chester resident. I just read your latest subscription edition email, and I hereby volunteer to be your proofreader/editor. I’m a technical writer/editor by trade, and I’d love to help you guys out. -Tracey Taylor Whoops. Thanks so much for the offer. Our apologies for any typos that slip by our tiny team. We really try out best to be professional, but only one of us knows the difference between they’re, their and there. -DM

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the wc press | voice of the borough

20-Something Dating Kaela Mast finds that her sense of fashion is miraculously malleable and trending towards overly casual

A shirt with a hole in the armpit and a pair of gym shorts. That’s what my boyfriend was wearing the first time he picked me up. Sure, I fully understood he was a brewer and was picking me up straight after work. He distinctly informed me it would not be considered a date for the very reason that he was looking scrubby. But I insisted it would be. That was before I opened his car door. Was he serious? I had spent about an hour rummaging through my closet; I didn’t want to look too slutty, or too grandma-y. My hair was done. I was ready to go. And now I was overdressed? I reconsidered revoking the “It’s a date” line as I hesitantly climbed in the car. As the months passed and more of his skinny jeans and loud hoodies with abstract designs grew on me (and my laundry pile), I thought about my previous boyfriends. None of them had even remotely the same style. From an unemployed post-grad student, to an account manager, to a brewer, I certainly had eclectic taste, yet my wardrobe adapted to theirs. I never followed fashion trends, so I easily adjusted to match my man. Maybe it’s just me, but when I go out I like to look like a couple. I’m not saying we have matching red polos, Levis and perfectly white Keds. What I mean is simply this: If he’s rocking Pac Sun’s latest graphic tee, and I’m in a Calvin Klein dress, I assume people will question what we see in each other. My train of thought may be a bit skewed, but as this relationship progresses, I find myself drawn to t-shirts and sneakers. I’m most certainly not wearing graphic tees – pretty sure that trend went out in 2002, and my boyfriend just hasn’t gotten the memo yet – but I’m no longer ashamed to leave the house in sweatpants littered with college logos and unbrushed hair. Those 4.5-inch red, patent leather heels I bought a few months back? Why did I ever think that was a good idea for anything besides Halloween?! And bar apparel? Gone are the days I so eagerly anticipated running to Forever21 to get a new, tight bodycon dress for just one evening of sweating on the dance floor of Kildare’s. I now dress myself with the thought process of, “I have a boyfriend, and I know who I am going home with this evening. He loves me regardless.” If you’re not trendy, you risk falling in these fashion traps. That comfort-bug attacks and leaves you the next potential victim of What Not to Wear. Luckily I caught on early and was able to rejuvenate by liking some local boutiques on Facebook. The change of seasons is partially responsible for my uplifted appearance as well as increased responsibilities at work, but ultimately, I decided that every day I should plan like it’s the “first date” and of course, to make sure my shirts don’t have any holes in the armpits. WCP

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Twilight Criterium Photos by Paul Imburgia

Saturday, July 7 Iron Hill hosted their annual, professional bike race that tore through our borough. Find more photos at

Men’s Winner: Bruno Langlois

Photo Adam Jones

Women’s Winner: Sophie Williamson


the wc press | voice of the borough

Photo Adam Jones

Men’s Runner-up: Christian Grasmann

Photo Adam Jones

August 2012 |


Twilight Criterium Photos by Paul Imburgia

Saturday, July 7 Iron Hill hosted their annual, professional bike race that tore through our borough. Find more photos at

Danielle Emery, Ian Forsythe

Alex Alesio, Aaron Ram, Andrew Boorse, John McGlade, Melanie Kentler, Leigh Alison

Dave Werkiser, Maria Werkiser, Emma Werkiser, Amy Hoplamazian, Bob McGowan

Donna and Charlie Golden


the wc press | voice of the borough

Sam McNaughton, Adam Shapiro

Herb Eilertsen, Dan Allen, Caleb, Rebekah Allen, Karen Walsh, Jon Walsh

Best Steakhouse in West Chester 116 East Gay Street 610-430-0203

Traditional Italian Fare With A Flair our H y p p Ha ent m n i a t r nte Live E ing n i D o i Pat un S r u h T Lunch oms o R e t Priva ards Gift C

125 West Market Street 610-760-7100

s i n i t r a M s Fabulou Live Music g Patio Dinin nu e M l a n o s a Se s m o o R e t a v Pri Gift Cards

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Stay Fresh & Break Away JULY

Kyle Rheiner, center, is the creator of BreakawayINK Apparel


rban isn’t the first word that springs to mind when you meet Kyle Rheiner. In fact, it would be rather far down the list of adjectives. But, I suppose the same could be said of designer Marc Eckō, a comparison I doubt Kyle would object to. They’re both good-looking, young entrepreneurs who’ve created companies marketing urban-styled attire, and while Marc’s designer t-shirt line has taken him to the fashion promised land, Kyle’s line seems soon to follow. In the summer of 2004, while confined to a car for nine hours on a trip from West Chester to a three-day music festival in Toronto, Kyle’s mind began to wander. He found himself thinking intensely about the t-shirt he’d just purchased in Philly. It was simple yet powerful, tan with an American flag emblazoned across the chest and the word “mine” written boldly beneath. Kyle had always been an artistic individual, and in this t-shirt he saw the opportunity to transfer the ideas stuck in his head to a physical medium. He could bring his throughts, his ideals to the public through t-shirts. The company remained an idea, the designs stuck in Kyle’s head while he spent the next several months researching the industry. It wasn’t until West Chester University’s homecoming later that year that Kyle put ink on canvas. He designed and printed 400 homecoming shirts and marketed them to his fellow students. He hustled from party to party, up and down the streets of West Chester. “I was just hauling a duffle bag around campus, giving out some shirts at the right places and selling all the rest,” said Kyle. In less than two days he’d sold all 400 shirts, and it was all the justification that was needed to start his own company. BreakawayINK was born. 

Photo Justin Dahl

on a t 2004 Fou r n weari ip to Canad der Kyle R ng . H a and heiner e Re s e a rch be decides t analyzes th gets bore d o star gins. t a cl e shirt he’s othing l i n e. OCTO B shirts ER 200 f Shirts or West Ch 4 Designs e Break completely ster Univer and print a way I s N K A p s e l l o u t i n l s i t y h o m e co 4 0 0 ess th parel is crea an 48 ming. hours ted. .

2004 MAY

to pur 2006 Tak e s next ue a caree s hiatus fr r i n co o m B three r how t o run years. Lea rporate AmeakawayIN K a b u s i r n s va e r i c a f ness. Resea luable less or the rch co o n ti n u e n s i n DECE s. M marke BER 2 0 t re-bra ing and b 09 After nds B randin learn and cr g r eates eakawayIN in a “rea ing abou t l first f K ull lin as desig job,” Kyle e of tner a shir ts ppare . l

and s -2006 D o e Contin rority func signs shir t t u throu es supply ions, parties for fra gh gra ing sh t s duatio irts f and bar cernity o r co l r n. l e ge p a w l s . a r ti e s


Break ARY 20 1 a mediu wayINK .co0 Design m a s and m a m a s fo r d i s t s m a r r i b u ti n s a co La u n c h e ke t . g des st-effe s igner c a p p a r ti v e e l to


winte BER 2010 r which line with lo Breakaway with a garners the ng-sleeve sINK launch writeu m the hirts a es first p by T ir first nd hoo hrillis t Phill media atte dies n ti o n y.

Piazza2010 Atte n shirts at Schmid ds the gra in one ts as nd op ever y e a festiv day. Breaka vendor a ning of the al pos w a y sible f INK set nd sells 22 rom h s ere ou up shop at t.

July 2012 |




200 W 2011 A c a r r y i e s t G ay S t r ti fa c t B o ng B reet i utique n wome , n’s lin reakawayIN West Che located a e. t st K’s newly er, begins releas ed

retail ARY 201 1 shop. outlet to c Nestology a B King o reakaway rry Break becomes th f Prus INK is awayIN e firs t sia ma K l l . n o w ava i l a a t t h e i r ble in the MARCH 2 Break 011 O a f join R wayINK is more than o A W Philad artists.o ne of ten 2,300 app elphia rg an artists licants , se r u n wa d p a r t y show icipate lected to at G-L s in th o u n ge eir JUNE . Philad 2011 Beg i e Stew, lphia areans sponsor i . n a t i EmSe onal w Among thng emcees e free i s t y l e c n n e r o f t h o s e a r ti s t s i n t h e hallen is yea i r ’s Re s Mic ge. d Bul l


eco-fr MBER 2 0 i ester endly mate 11 Transi blend r i a l s l ti o n s landfi ll-frie from recyc ike 50/50 cclothing to l ndly i nk . ed fibers, otton/poly p r i n te d with JANU A begin RY 20 s 1 prove carrying 2 Manay s to b u new li e a m Breakaway nk Green nes fly ajor s INK. w Th o r k s ing off eller i shelve n the s e brand tore, s. with MARCH soring 2012 quickl skateboardBreakaway I y ing th followed b ers. Their NK begins e bran y INKs INKska spond find u t inroad rf and INK e team is s with snow, the m helparket.



t h e m 2 0 1 2 La u o n review st anticipa ched #INK e d b y ted lin Summ Blog , Aroun outlets l e yet, wh er2012 line dPhill ike Ph ich is , y and h i TeeGa lly Weekly ighly zette.c om St yle

the wc press | voice of the borough

Kyle spent the rest of his college career hustling custom shirts at almost every party and event thrown at WCU. “It got to the point where organizations would get mad if I didn’t make shirts for their party,” remembers Kyle. He gained a reputation around campus. “I’d be walking from one class to the next and people would be like, ‘Hey, you’re the t-shirt guy.’” But, college only lasts so long, and after graduation Kyle lost his campus connections and set his sights on a professional career. “I got a real job,” says Kyle while emphatically drawing air quotes around “real job.” Despite the career, Kyle never lost his enthusiasm for BreakawayINK, and in 2009 the brand was reborn and rebranded, transforming from the custom college party clothier and – with the launch of his Spring line – into an urban, designer t-shirt company. The designs were inspired by his taste in music. “I’d always been a huge hip hop fan,” says Kyle, “and clearly that culture influenced my designs.” The shirts sold well on his website, Still, the brand had plenty of room to grow. Almost a full year after launching his first line, Kyle set out a full winter line, expanding from solely t-shirts and into longsleeve styles and hoodies. He honed in on his target market, launching skate, surf and snowboarding teams. He sponsored local hip hop artists, videographers and DJs. Kyle started the INKArmy, BreakawayINK’s street team of foot soldiers who receive points redeemable for free gear when they share BreakawayINK with their friends or post on social media. Kyle continued to push the brand throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs over the next couple years, and his apparel was picked up by local retail outlets like Artifact Boutique here in West Chester. Stores like Manayunk Greenworks can’t seem to keep the shirts on their shelves, and they continue to offer BreakawayINK more and more room in their store. The brand has quickly grown beyond the Philadelphia area. BreakawayINK has expaned into other major metros like Chicago and even Houston. “We’re focusing on major urban areas,” Kyle says. Their most recent line is promising, with setting new records for daily unique visitors several times a month. Plans are in motion for BreakawayINK to have its own store, and the brand continues to expand across the US. “We’re currently negotiating with stores in Denver, California and New York,” says Kyle. “Ultimately, I don’t want BreakawayINK to be sold in Kohl’s or any other major chain store. When you mass produce, your product loses value. Our goal is to be a cool, boutique brand.” If trends continue, those goals could be well within Kyle’s reach rather soon. “I feel like we’re so close,” says Kyle as he kicks back on our couch and stares off into the distance. His mind is clearly filled with all the ideas he hopes to get out. WCP

August 2012 |


Turks Head Festival Photos by Paul Imburgia

Sunday, July 15 Everhart Park set the scene for the Turks Head Music Festival which brought folks out in flocks. More photos at

Joe Breslin, Jim Breslin

Chelsea Paul, Brian Davis


the wc press | voice of the borough

Lani Hellrung, Melissa Mendenhall

Kelsey Heiss, Juan Sanchez, Blake Wilson, Gizmo, Josh Mowery, Steve Mowery, Brandoo McMuffin

August 2012 |



the wc press | voice of the borough

Name: Rain Speciale Hometown: New York When did you open? February of this year. How many people work here? Just me. I’m the owner and my only employee. How much do you work? Six days a week, and I’m usually in here for eight or nine hours each of those six days. But I’m sure, as the owner, you work outside of work. My brain never shuts off. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and remember something that I need to do. What takes the most thought? I’m always really focused on keeping things fresh, paying bills and, really, it’s just all the daily stuff that occupies me. It’s the back office stuff that keeps me up – not being in here dealing with the shop. Keeping things fresh is your number one priority? I always have to make sure that the products we’re offering turn around quickly; I have to keep a good window display to bring people into the shop, and continue to pick out new things that I like. That’s the hard part – finding things that I like and hoping that others will like them. We have a few big names in here because we needed to gain some name recognition, but everything else – most of the store – is all artisanal and handmade. What’s it like when people appreciate your collection? It’s such an awesome affirmation just to hear people say, “Oh that’s beautiful,” or “Wow, it’s so pretty.” I also make my own soap here in the store, so it’s rewarding whenever purchase something I’ve made with my own hands. What’s an item you liked that has sold particularly well? Himalayan candles are my number one seller. They are soy candles that are handmade in Decatur, Georgia. What’s an item you like but were unsure how people would respond to? Maple Leaf at Home. They’re custom-made, personalized cutting boards. I wasn’t sure how they’d do, but they’ve been a great seller. Personalized cutting boards? How does that work? People come in, take a look at a few of the samples we have, then they tell me what they want and we get the cutting board made custom just for them. They’re great for anniversaries, graduations and weddings. Do you offer bridal registries? Not in the store, but we do have a website that offers bridal registry.

Employee of the Month

Rain Speciale is the owner and only employee of Bella & Betty on Gay Street, so she’s employee of the month by default Yup. My goal with the website is to make everything I have in the boutique available online for people who can’t make it in here. It’s the way shopping is trending, and I want to make sure everyone has access. What’s your goal with the boutique? My goal is to create something that will become an institution here. I’m not opening this shop hoping to get rich; I just want to offer something beautiful to the people of

West Chester, because I love this town. You’re from Long Island. What’s your connection to West Chester? When I was living in Manhattan I used to come to West Chester with my then boyfriend to visit his friends from college. When he and I got married, we decided that we wanted to move to West Chester. He’s now my ex-husband, but we still get along great, and I have been living in the borough for four years now. I never want to leave West Chester.

august 2012 |


Jazz Festival Photos by Paul Imburgia

Saturday, June 30 World-class acts took the stage in Hoopes Park for the Chester County Jazz Festival. Find more photos at

Michael and Lynne Foy

Margaret Lawrence, Rocky

Deana and David Thomas


the wc press | voice of the borough

Jeannette and Bob Cooper

Rhonda and Chauncey Harris

August 2012 |



the wc press | voice of the borough

A Trainer’s Tips Christine Mooney shares her hard-earned insights on staying happy, healthy and upbeat Finding a pair of shorts that fit beautifully and you can workout in shouldn’t be a lifelong journey. After all, it’s not like they are a pair of jeans, right? Yet, time and again, I’ve purchased a pair of workout shorts only to be disappointed. It seems like every pair I bought left me wanting more, and as someone who spends what seems like half my life in athletic clothing, it’s very important to me to find clothing that fits well. But I now have exciting news: I’ve finally – finally – found workout shorts that are both functional and cute. Maybe that doesn’t seem like much, but I spend a considerable amount of time in athletic wear. After years and years of wearing ill-fitting workout shorts that I constantly picked at during my training sessions, this is huge... and I mean huge! Seeing as I’ve found something that could actually help other women in their own hunt for workout gear, I definitely wanted to tell you about my discoveries. First off, the number one thing that I’ve learned in my search for cute-yet-functional workout shorts is to look for wide waistbands. These definitely minimize any, shall we say, “overflow” in the tummy area. The wide waistband creates a nice smooth silhouette, and besides the pleasing aesthetic benefit of the wider waistband, it keeps the shorts from riding up as you move through a variety of exercises. Also, I personally can’t stand feeling any undue pressure on my waist when I’m working out, which is exactly what narrower waistbands seem to do. The wider ones stay down. There are other important features, too, including moisturewicking fabric and side vents to allow for greater mobility. These features are important, considering the range of motion you utilize during a given training session and how drenched you can get from a serious workout. I’m totally stoked for my new pair of Moving Comfort Momentum Shorts and my new Speed Shorts by Lululemon. I’ve been training in them, anything from sprints, to heavy deadlifts, to full range-of-motion squats, to grueling, non-stop kettlebell complexes, and after all that testing, I’ve got to say: I love them. They fit beautifully, and they come in some very fun colors that actually make me excited to put them on and go workout, finally convincing me that “cute” and “functional” are not mutually exclusive. The one thing on my wish list for the Moving Comfort shorts is a continuous drawstring. The Lululemon pair has one you can cinch when you need to, but otherwise it stays hidden and doesn’t even feel like it’s there at all. Again, that’s perfect for me since I find it’s really uncomfortable having pressure on my stomach while training. Let’s face it: Working out can be a challenge, but if you’ve got cute athletic wear that fits really well, suddenly getting yourself into the gym doesn’t seem as hard. Hopefully now that I’ve uncovered some awesome workout shorts for you, your own journey to the gym won’t be so difficult.

August 2012 |



the wc press | voice of the borough

The WC Look Book

Custom-made shirt ($98) and suit ($695) by Mainline Men’s Custom Clothiers. Ruffle dress ($51), seed bead necklace ($29), stud earrings ($18), stretch, gold bracelet ($28), chunky costume ring ($19) and Big Buddha zoey bag ($85) by Green Eyed Lady.


s we’ve said many times: you don’t need to leave town. Forget Exton. Forget King of Prussia. West Chester is a fashionista’s paradise, offering even more quality and variety than our staff anticipated. We collected that variety, condensed it and created The WC Look Book, showcasing 9 boutiques and 9 salons in this detachable, 20-page booklet (Grab all 20 pages and pull!). Each boutique was paired with a salon to turn out one look that would encapsulate their brand, their talent and their taste. We have catalogued each item for you, to help expedite your shopping experience. Just turn the page...

august 2012 |



the wc press | voice of the borough

Artifact Boutique Hair & Makeup by Calista Grand

With a sweetheart neckline and turquoise, bandage bodice giving way to an iridescent, diamond-patterned, baby-doll skirt, this dress allows you to transition from picnic to night out when coupled with a pendant necklace, chevron ring, and gold bangles. er Dress

one Summ elly Two-T



ce $28

nt Neckla

nda ssover Pe Circle-Cro

Ring $18 Chevron

LOOK TOTAL $102 August 2012 | 33


the wc press | voice of the borough

Blink West Chester Hair & Makeup by Mia Bella Salon

Pair this leopard-print dress with Sam Edelman leather sandels and a chill jean jacket when you’re grabbing lunch and going shopping with friends, or ditch the flips for some nude heels or ankle booties and you are ready for a super-fun night out with the girls. r SS Parke



son $158 CKER Hud JA N A JE H DARK-WAS an $62 am Edelm S S E L D N A LEATHER S



the wc press | voice of the borough

BreakawayINK Hair & Makeup by Blaze Salon

As one of BreakawayINK’s sponsored musicians, you’ll find our model @lukeythebird rocking BreakawayINK Apparel onstage when he’s performing, either as part of HAHA-YO or A Cool Stick. This casette tape tee, inspired by childhood memories of creating mixtapes on the bedroom floor, is perfect everyday apparel... just try not to get any mustard on it. 27

yINK $ reakawa B EE T PE A ASSETTE T


LOOK TOTAL $27 august 2012 | 37


the wc press | voice of the borough

Christine’s Consignment Hair & Makeup by Platinum Salon

What would you expect to pay for a set of Ferragom heels. Got a number?. Now check the price below. Caught your breath yet? This look would retail for around $900, but you can expect great deals on every barely-worn consigment piece at Christine’s. blic $29

ana Repu



9 KLACE $3


ic Edge $17


anity $49

s of Hum

Citizen NY JEANS



o $59




the wc press | voice of the borough

Green Eyed Lady Boutique Hair & Makeup by Bella Bella Salon

You’ll be sure to stand out in this panel-design chiffon dress. The V-neck bodice with a cinched sash waistband flows around to an open back with criss-cross ties bowed just above the twirl-worthy skirt. And the icing on the cake? It’s comfy! ress $54

Grecian D

s $26

l Earring

r Faux Pea

elet $32 Cuff Brac rystal Vintage C



LOOK TOTAL $242 August 2012 | 41


the wc press | voice of the borough

Mainline Men’s Custom Clothiers Hair & Makeup by Kalon Hair Studio

Every man needs a jacket that can take him anywhere – a long day in the office, or dirty martinis at Pietro’s Prime. Button the jacket and cuff the sleeves, or un-tuck and relax, this look is extremeley versatile llo $175


iore Giorgio F FIT JACKET

ham $198


s $110




$ Valentini


LOOK TOTAL $503 august 2012 | 43


the wc press | voice of the borough

Malena’s Vintage Boutique Hair & Makeup by Salon Chemistry

Some things never go out of style. Other’s do, but then somehow find their way back in again. At Malena’s Boutique you’ll find all the vintage styles that will put your mother’s (and your grandmother’s) old wardrobe to shame. rs $22

h Feathe


it cinator w Netted Fa

t Blouse


axi Skirt


ele Cotton Ey 50s White


Print M s Pop-Art


les $38

ng akelet Ba Vintage B


ms $5 e Platfor

rem zilian Ext 1960s Bra

LOOK TOTAL $180 August 2012 | 45


the wc press | voice of the borough

Nich Boutique Hair & Makeup by Avanté Salon & Spa

This dress is a fantastic transition piece to go from Summer to Fall with it’s warm color palette and touches of suede. Add a pair of espadrilles and metal jewelry to complete the summer look or throw on a pair of sweater tights, a chunky scarf, oversized cardigan, and your favorite worn-in boots to take you all the way through Autumn. S C. Luce NILE DRES ACELET MARLEY BR

$76 8

a $4 Seraphin

LOOK TOTAL $124 August 2012 | 47

Clothes Accessories Gifts Celebrating 6 years in West Chester


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Luxury Looks, Affordable Prices

Obvi Boutique Hair & Makeup by The Klip Joint Salon

This soft, garden party dress is a great piece for making the transition from summer to fall. You can pair it with a cardigan for day wear as the warmth of summer fades, or keep it strapless to show off the sweetheart neckline on a night out with your girlfriends. 78 SS Tulle $






Girly $12

RING Girly


LOOK TOTAL $106 August 2012 | 49

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Plus Corona Buckets All Day

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the wc press | voice of the borough

Céad M

1227 West Chester Pk 610-436-5222

Joe Ordway has been part of the Blarney Stone for more than a decade and has watched its transformation over the years

Photo Adam Jones

Our Bartender Of The Month From The Blarney Stone Name: Joe Ordway Age: 35 Hometown: Exeter What brought you to West Chester? School. That seems to be a common theme. Yeah. I was at Penn State, up at the main campus, and I transferred to West Chester University. I was looking for something smaller and closer to home. What did you study? I changed my major a bunch of times, but I left before I finished because I just wanted to make some money. I had like 200 credits, but it had just taken so long, and I still had more to go. I needed to make money. How’d you get into The Biz? I started out as a server at Outback in Glenn Mills. How did you end up bartending? Well, when I came here I started out barbacking and cooking – that was back in 1999. At the time I also had a day job in a cubicle, but when the opportunity came up for more hours here, a job that’d get me up on my feet and off my ass, I had to take it. Just more hours backbacking and cooking? Actually, I started bartending and managing. That was like eight years ago. You’re the bar manager? I’m one in a team of managers. You’ve been here for some time. Have you seen much change over the years? When I started here it was a very different place. There has been a lot of good change over the years,

and we’re still making good changes. Since as recently as just a few years ago we’ve made some great cosmetic changes in here, really opened it up and brought in some light, made it look nicer and more welcoming. How about the crowd? Well it used to be just our regulars, but now, while we’ve still got plenty of great regulars, we get a really diverse crowd. There’s all sorts of different people and different ages coming in here. Has the food gotten better since you stopped cooking? [Laughing] The food has come a long way. We used to just do pub food, but now we have a great Irish dinner menu with fish ’n’ chips, shepherds pie and other stuff. Of course, we still have a great roast beef sandwich, and we sell a ton of wings. What’s your favorite night here? Any night is great. We have an awesome happy hour crowd from 5-7pm on weeknights. They come for the $3 Guinness and $5 pub plates. Weekends we’ve gone with acoustic music, so people come in, have a few drinks, have some food and they can sit and talk with friends. It’s not the major party scene you might find elsewhere in West Chester? No. This is a much more relaxed place. It’s busy on weekends, lots of people coming in to have a good time, but you can relax and just hang out. So, you’re not a college bar? [Laughing] We’re a place where everyone can come have a good time. Everyone.

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Swingin’ Thursday Photos by Paul Imburgia

Thursday, July 5 Swingin’ Summer Thursday shuts down Gay Street on the first Thursday of every month. Find more photos at

Tina and Jim Dwyer

Mackenzie Kelly, Elaine Byerley

Jimmy Pitman, Karina L’Esperance

Sue, Stan

Julie Lin, Esha Khurana

Donna, Elise, Kerry, Rebecca, Segal, Susan, Rob

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So Much More Than Pizza...

Like, Review

and Follow!

Mon-Thurs 11am-10pm or Later | Fri-Sat 11am-12am or Later | Sun 12pm-10pm

323 E Gay Street | | 484-947-5115

We are proud to offer up a print version of everyone’s favorite bar game... and you won’t have to pay 50 cents. Actually, you can WIN money. Compare the two photos at right. They may look the same, but there are seven subtle differences between the two. Find those seven differences and identify the item that has been changed. Then send an email to listing those items. You’ll be entered to win a $25 gift card to a local business. Winners will be chosen at random, and their name will be posted to Facebook along with the solution at the end of the month. So make sure to like us and follow along if you want to play. Enjoy

We changed this photo taken during our BreakawayINK model shoot with @lukeythebird of @HahaYoMusic

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. August 2012 |


Comedy Night Photos by Paul Imburgia

Sunday, July 15 The Social Lounge brought in comedians and an improv troupe for Socially Awkward Sunday. Find more photos at

Ryan Shiflet – Host of Socially Awkward Sundays, first and third Sundays at The Social Lounge

Jafiel Ayala

The Win Show Comedy Troupe: Kyle Markiewicz, Pat Rebec, Alvas Lopez-Moreng, Matt Aukamp

Becky Latchford, Steve Klinicki, Cheryl Tandarich, Michael Vasko


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Zeta and Annie Moretti

Disc Jockey • Door Prizes • 50/50 Drawing • Huge Cash Giveaway! Antiques • Classics • Hot Rods • Customs • Motorcycles • All makes welcome!




Westtown Rd. & Rt. 202, West Chester, PA TIO RA ST GI







Faulkner West Chester 705 Autopark Blvd., West Chester, PA 19382 | (610) 436-5600


for directions and cancellation information


line Visit us

Please bring a canned food donation for our food bank!

Every 2nd Friday of the month April - September | 5:30pm-8:30pm Aug 10

See pictures from previous events!

Sept 14



Annual Police Cruise Night/Car Show Benefits Chester County Lodge #11 F.O.P.

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Summer Concerts Photos by Paul Imburgia

Thursday, June 21 This concert series takes place on three summer Thursdays in Marshall Square Park. Find more photos at

Mark and Eve Miller


Allison and Annalise Miller

Jeff Beitel, Steve Gallo

Kevin and Lola Burkenstock

Mary Bayer, Mary Coffey

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Donna and Charlie Golden

License to Sell Fran McMenamin Your Chester County Realtor

(484) 885-3822 CELL (215) 558-1029 EFAX (610) 363-6006 BUSINESS (484) 356-0540 FAX 390 Waterloo Boulevard, Suite 101 Exton, PA 19341

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Service Above Self

West Chester Rotary Club President Jeannie McGinn knows that no one should go hungry It’s really this simple: No One Should Go Hungry. Yet every day, more than 70,000 people in Chester County go without, many of whom are children. So, how can we help? Recently I had breakfast with Anne Shuniak, Director of Development for the Chester County Food Bank, to learn more. CCFB is a non-profit organization that collects, grows, processes, stores and distributes food to more than 65 organizations through food cupboards like the West Chester Food Cupboard. In 2011, CCFB distributed 1.2 million pounds of food to meal sites and non-profit organizations in our community. Making use of donated time, food and money, they strive to acheive their mission of getting food and nutrition to those without, so they can not only survive, but thrive. A particular program grabbed my interest: the Food Backpack Program, which helps feed hungry children over the weekend when access to school meals is not available. The Food Bank distributes 1000 backpacks filled with seven pounds of food – including protein, fruits, vegetables, grains and healthy snacks – throughout five school districts on Fridays. Unfortunately, there are more than 12,500 hungry children in the county, and they can only feed a meager 8% of those children and their families. This is why, for the month of August, The Rotary Club of West Chester is leading a drive to fill backpacks for hungry children. Every reader can make a difference with a single purchase. Here’s what you do: When you head to the store, pick up just one (or more) of these items: peanut butter, canned or pouched tuna, cereal or grains.Then, drop it off at one of our partners below during the month of August: 1. West Chester Rotary Lunch Meeting Thursdays at the WC Country Club 11:45am-1:30pm, 484-343-4577 2. The WC Press Weekdays 9am-6pm, 13 South Church Street, 610--344-3463 3. Chester County Bar Association Weekdays 9am-5pm, 15 West Gay Street, 610-692-1889 4. WCU Bookstore Weekdays 8am-6pm, Fridays until 4pm, Sykes Student Union 5. Chester County Recorder of Deeds Weekdays 9am-5pm, 313 West Market Street While this backpack food drive is for non-perishable food items, if you have a bumper crop and would like to donate your produce to the WC Food Cupboard, reach them at 610-344-3175 or Monetary donations are also welcome. For more info about the Food Bank, or if you are interested in volunteering at the Food Bank or the Food Cupboard, or having a food drive in your neighborhood, harvesting food, or making a monetary charitable contribution, reach Anne Shuniak at 610-873-6000. Together we can fight hunger and feed hope into our community, because no one should go hungry.

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Let’s Talk Favorites... We asked, you answered. Here’s what West Chester likes best.

Who has the...

Who has the...

Who has the...

Best Happy Hour? Doc Magrogan’s

Best Happy Hour? Más

Best Happy Hour? Jitter’s

Best Dinner? Limoncello

Best Dinner? Kooma

Best Dinner? Limoncello

Best Night Life? Kildare’s

Best Night Life? Ram’s Head Best r Dinne

Joe Lovell - Marketing Specialist at Kildare’s

John Hannafin - Artist

Best Night Life? The Note Aimee Beaver - Owner of Moonflower

Who has the...

Who has the...

Who has the...

Best Happy Hour? Pietro’s Prime

Best Happy Hour? Teca

Best Happy Hour? Ryan’s Pub

Best Dinner? Nonna’s

Best Dinner? Limoncello

Best Dinner? Limoncello

Best Night Life? The Social Lounge

Best Night Life? Jitter’s

Best Night Life? Kildare’s

Tommy Ciccarone - General Manager of Parkway

Rob Lukens - President of the CC Historical Society

Arleen Pecone - West Chester RE/MAX Realtor

You have an opinion, share it. Let us know your local favorites by voting at Photos by Andrew Hutchins


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Children In Tow

Jennifer Ozgur is a mother, wife and teacher who still finds time to get out and about with the family In my very first column for The WC Press, I wrote that my husband and I were expecting a child. Well, that child arrived just a few weeks ago on June 20th. My husband and his family are from Turkey, and no amount of phone calls or Skype sessions can substitute for family being together celebrating this wonderful time in our lives. Luckily, his sister is paying us a visit and will be staying with us for a while to share in our bliss. I’ve come to realize that I put myself under a bit of pressure to make sure my sister-in-law is impressed with our town. I know it’s not a competition, but she is leaving one of the richest and oldest cultures in the world to come spend time in West Chester, so I’ve got to put some effort into showcasing everything this town has to offer... despite how much younger we are. We’ll be starting our family time by paying a visit to the Chester County Historical Society. The staff are extremely friendly. They’re always so excited to share information about this county’s rich historty. There is a plethora of information and resources all in one convenient location, and it doesn’t hurt that the building is beautifully laid out. As soon as we leave, we can immediately begin a selfguided walking tour. Wandering over the cobblestone streets is a perfect way to get my SIL acclimated to the area while discovering some great nuggets of information about our town. I also want to schedule some time at The Painted Plate on West Market Street. It’s a wonderful way to spend some quality, creative time together and my SIL will have some great handmade pieces to take back with her. Iznik, Turkey, a town very near to the city my husband is from, is famous for their intricately designed pottery. But, despite their superior pot-making skills, I’ve never seen anyone in Iznik offer to put your nephew’s little footprint on a coffee mug. Another must-do on our itinerary is to head to Pump It Up on East Union Street for their Family Jump Time every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:30am. They offer an hour and a half of bouncing fun for just $9.95, and parents are free. I can’t wait to see my daughter and her aunt cutting loose with wild abandon. A few pictures to capture those moments will be treasured for years to come... and possibly retained for a few laughs. Of course, I want to schedule some sister bonding time, so what better way than a little clothes shopping? I intend to take her to my two personal favorites: Moonflower, to pick up a few of their breezy, flowing ethnic print tops and skirts, and Malena’s Vintage Boutique, to indulge in a funky retro piece or two. It’s going to be a fun-filled visit, and we just hope she’s able to stay long enough to attend two of the most impressive events of the upcoming season: the Restaurant Festival and Chili Cook-Off. I’m looking forward to attending both events and sharing my experience, with WC readers and my SIL.

August 2012 |


Car & Bike Show Photos by Paul Imburgia

Sunday, June 24 West Chester riders showed up in droves at MVP Sports Lounge for their auto show. Find more photos at

Kelly Carter with MVP’s Winner

Gina Birkmire, Suzanne Carrell, Karen Guano

West Chester Motor Sports, Most Wanted Riderz, Suicide Kings

Nick Lombardi, Eryn Detwiler, Skrappy, Dreamer, Bill Henderson, Chris Henderson


the wc press | voice of the borough

Joe DeMito, TJ Scavello

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Photos Adam Jones and Paul Imburgia

Going In Blind S ometimes you get tired of vanilla. You get tired of chocolate, tired of artificially flavored soft serve smushed in cake cones the consistency of cardboard with bits of wrapper still clinging. You want variety. So, you head to D’Ascenzo’s Gelato. At any given time D’Ascenzo’s has 24 flavors of fresh, homemade gelato patiently awaiting your arrival. And, we mean fresh – the authentic Italian gelato is made right in the back of their Gay Street shop by owner Glenn D’Ascenzo. They use fresh fruits and real chocolate in their recipes, not fake flavors or sweeteners. You’re not getting a cup of sweet, orange mush chock-full of sugar that someone decided to call mango. You’re getting cream and mango. Okay, and a good bit of sugar. So, because the flavors are so authentic and varied, we thought it would be fun to round up the team and make a contest of it – a blind taste-testing competition where each person samples five mystery flavors and tries their best to name them. Glenn and his wife Kristen were kind enough to serve up the samples, and it turned out to be tougher than expected. Our guesses are listed below, followed by the actual flavors in bold.

Paul Imburgia - Photo intern and a genuine gelato lover. Paul has sampled D’Ascenzo’s on more than one occasion. 1. I think it’s strawberry or lemon. But, I’m going with lemon. Strawberries and Champagne 2. That’s peanut butter. Peanut Butter 3. Okay, that’s definitely lemon. Now, I see the difference. Lemon 4. That one is café mocha. I’ve had that one before. Café Mocha 5. [Long Pause] That’s… delicious. Is it chocolate? Chocolate Adam Jones – Staff photographer with an insatiable appetite. 1. Is that chocolate? Dark Chocolate 2. Is it Caramel? No? Yeah. Caramel with the sea salt. Tiramisu

3. Peach maybe? Not peach, strawberry. Fig and Raspberry 4. Pistachio! Reminds me of Snookie. Pistachio 5. I know this… but I can’t think of it. Honestly, I can’t even guess. Can I take off my blindfold and just look at the flavors? Hazelnut. Shoot. I totally knew that.

Nick Vecchio – Advertising manager who we will eat anything, as long as his mother has cooked it. His favorite flavor is garlic. 1. It’s reaaallly good. Sort of strawberry. Definitely strawberry something. Bananas Foster 2. Now that’s strawberry. Strawberry 3. No idea, but it’s a recognizable flavor. I don’t know. What is it? Mango. Yup. That was it. 4. Chocolate something… rum? Chocolate Raspberry 5. That’s sherbert. Orange sherbert. Blackberry Gelato Dan Mathers – Publisher who used to think he possessed a welldeveloped palette. He’s not so sure anymore. 1. This is really hard. Stracciatella. Vanilla 2. It’s chocolate chip. Stracciatella 3. That’s a big one. Umm... peach? Pears and Champagne 4. Caramel. Caramel with Sea Salt 5. Hmm. Different texture. Dark chocolate? Chocolate Hazelnut Brittany Gunning – D’Ascenzo’s staffer with an extremely acute taste for sweets. She’s the expert on our panel. 1. Cookies and cream. Cookies and Cream 2. Caramel with sea salt. Caramel with Sea Salt 3. Limoncello. Limoncello 4. Café mocha, and I’ve never had that one before, but I’m guessing cafe mocha. Café Mocha 5. Pistachio. Pistachio

august 2012 |


Vintage Garage Sale Photos by Paul Imburgia

Friday, July 6 Vendors, food and live music inside the Chestnut Street parking garage each first Friday. Find more photos at

Jon Long, Jennifer Rossi, Mary Bigham, Rich Ashenfelder

Barry Burgoyne, Matt Hribal

Kevin, Maggie, Cy


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Sally and Grace Hunsinger

Stephen Schwartz, James Scwartz

Jeanette Pietschmann, Arlene Adams

Sammi Barbeau, Catalina Lassen, Emily Isbel

August 2012 |


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Funky Functional American Art


• engagement • wedding • graduation • birthday • anniversary • hostess gifts



North American Handmade Functional Works of Art

Sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch… Not everyone is down the shore... stop in for our annual Frosty Margarita NIght, Friday, July 6th - 5 to 9


Don’t miss the 5th Annual West Market Street Block Party Saturday, July 7 - 4 to 7:30 Mon~Fri\10 am to 6 pm • Sat\10 am to 5 pm • Sun\12 to 4pm Open Late Every 1st Friday

133 West Market Street, West Chester, PA • 610.719.0170


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Photo Adam Jones

Leslie’s handcrafted books of leather and metal, soldered together using a crème brûlée torch, are available at The 5 Senses on West Market Street

Local Talent Showcasing the World-Class Artisans of West Chester

Name: Leslie Marsh How long have you been in West Chester? We moved here back in 2000, so twelve years ago. Where were you before then? Before West Chester I was living in Malvern, but I grew up in New Mexico. There’s a lot going on in this studio, but what are you most passionate about? Well, I make some jewelry, I’ve been into photography since my children were born, and I do some painting, but what I’m most passionate about is making books. How do you go about making them? I used to cut the metal myself, but it became too much work. Now I start with these blank sheets of metal that I get cut in a metal working shop. I then use a crème brûlée torch to solder on various bits and pieces that I’ve collected. Have you ever been comissioned to make custom books? I’ve made lots of guest books for weddings, and often people want to supply me with photographs for the book for me to make a keepsake, either of them or of a loved one who is

now deceased. I’ve made them to be worn as a necklace and even one small enough to fit inside an Easter Egg. How did you get into bookmaking? I started out scrapbooking, but I quickly wanted to do more with it – I wanted to make my own books. I like working with the metal and leather, something more dimensional. More dimensional? I like making something unexpected and creating things that have specific meaning for individuals. When did you start? Back in 2007 I accidentally started a blog because I wanted to make a comment on someone’s scrapbooking blog, and I needed a blogging account to do so. I got very into the blog and started exploring the world through it, workshops, meeting people, learning the skills I needed to make books. So you’re new to this. I’ve always been crafty – scrapbooking, drawing, painting, always doing something artistic. It’s just the bookmaking that is new. Your studio’s filled with odds and ends. Have you always been a collector? Not really, certainly not with all of

this stuff – jewelry, old books, anything that might inspire me. I’ve even ended up using things like old hinges and anything intricate. I’ve had to find room for everything here in the studio. Is this full-time for you? As full-time as I do anything. The time I put in varies. If I’m being pushed for production, if a shop needs new stuff, then I’m working at least 40 hours, sometimes more. But you are selling what you make. I only started selling the books to help cover my costs for all the things I was collecting, and I’m fortunate enough to be able to do that now. Where can people find your work? I have books for sale in three different stores: One is in Missoula, Montana, another in The Plains, Virginia and also right here in West Chester at The Five Senses. Do you have plans for the future? My son is always trying to talk me into getting more people in here, interns, people helping me make more of the product, but really that would take a lot of business sense. I love the work, but when it becomes a job, I’m not up for all that. WCP

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Who’s That?

Below are three minimalist block sketches of different, unrelated, fictional characters. Think you can figure out who’s who? Check our website for a hint, then tweet your answers @TheWCPress for a chance to win a gift card to a local business.




Every Wednesday:

All-You-Can-Eat Snow Crab


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A Three-Letter Word Jill McDevitt is the proprietor of Feminique and holds a master’s degree in Human Sexuality

For those who didn’t know, Chik-Fil-A is an anti-gay company. They’ve donated $2 million to organizations with mission statements like “Oppose homosexual behavior as a protected class in non-discrimination laws.” So, I was pretty dismayed to see a West Chester promotional Facebook page advertising Chick-Fil-A. I gave the page administrators a heads up and suggested they remove their post. I’ll spare you the details of their response, but one line really struck me, particularly since they refused to remove their Chick-Fil-A shout out. It said: “My close girlfriends just got married, and I openly support same sex relationships/marriages.” No. You don’t. You can’t claim to support gay rights while promoting corporations who actively oppose those same rights, especially if that claim is primarily based on the assertion that you have gay friends. The “I’m not homophobic; I have gay friends” and the “I’m not homophobic, but (insert homophobic comment here)” routine is a particularly dangerous breed of homophobia because it espouses social intolerance under the guise of social-justice rhetoric. To highlight the pervasiveness of this phenomenon I searched “I’m not homophobic but” and “I’m not anti-gay but” on Twitter to see how often this poorly cloaked bigotry is spouted. Here are some of those tweets along with my response to each. “Got nothing against gays, but when they go on about being gay everyday, it’s like... we get the point. I don’t go on about being straight.” Yes. Yes you do. Straight people “go on” about being straight all the time. They walk down the street holding hands with their partner. They put a picture of their partner on their desk. Every movie that features heterosexual couples and is then broadcast on televisions and billboards “goes on” about being straight. When straight people “go on” it’s normal, but when gay people do it it’s… “we get the point”? “For the record I’m 100% all man , I’m not homophobic but I’d appreciate y’all dudes in the closet coming out so we can know who’s who.” 1. Masculinity, or being “all man” has nothing to do with sexual orientation. 2. From your privileged heterosexual perch, you have absolutely no right to call anyone out of the closet. They’re in there because they fear hatred and violence from people like you. 3. Why do you need to know “who’s who”? So you can treat them as though they have the plague? “As I’ve said, I’m not anti-gay & I back Civil Partnerships, but when they try to infringe upon straight marriage that’s where I draw the line” Straight people can still get married. Straight marriages are still recognized and honored. Gay people cannot get married. Gay marriages go unrecognized and not honored. So you are infringing on gay people’s rights, while no one is infringing on your rights. Do you see how that works? And civil partnerships? Really? You’re for antiquated, separate-butequal, Jim Crow-esqe laws? “Shoutout To All The Gays And Lesbians do what you do we have nothing against anyone for being who they are but its #TeamHeterosexual FOREVER” ...Please be satire.

August 2012 |


Talent Showcase Photos by Andrew Hutchins

Sunday, June 24 It’s a night for all ages at Alibis Cafe, where talented, young musicians take center stage. Find more photos at

Brock Benzel, Dan Mazario, Dean Fields, Max Black, Pete Andrel

Sally and Grace Hunsinger

Cynthia Black, Elizabeth Weiler, Sarah Black, Rachel Black, Nancy Fields, Paul Black

Noah Young, Jenny Founds,Brendan Walsleben, Mike Haldeman


the wc press | voice of the borough

Tatum Murray

August 2012 |



the wc press | voice of the borough

The Runway Mix

DJ Romeo curates a playlist that’s as likely to be a hit on the runway as it will be at your next party Happy, poppy, catchy. When I’m planning a set for a fashion show, those are the three adjectives I keep in mind. I’ve enjoyed spinning at a few shows recently and have been truly blown away by how much work goes into the production. You can feel the passion when speaking with a designer about their clothing, and you know right away how important it is to play the right song with the right line. Although it is often neglected by reviewers and generally ignored by the public, music is a huge part of the production; what’s playing when models hit the runway can make or break a show. Most designers choose happy, fun, dance music to get the audience’s attention, while others go for a more subdued, beautiful vibe. It’s usually a hybrid of electronica, indie rock, remixes and dance tracks. Like the clothes that take center stage, the music either needs to be new and progressive or an unexpected throwback that encapsulates the feel. The following is a list of 30 songs that live up to those standards. Passion Pit – “Take a Walk” Miike Snow – “Black and Blue” The XX – “Islands” MGMT – “Electric Feel” David Guetta ft. Chris Willis – “Just a Little More Love” Stylophonic – “Dance Floor” Charlotte Gainsbourg – “Paradisco” Simple Minds – “Theme for Great Cities” Justice – “D.A.N.C.E.” PlanningToRock – “Living It Out” (When Saints Go Machine Remix) Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith – “Not In Love” Miracle Fortress – “Raw Spectacle” Flight Facilities – “Crave You” (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) Ivan Gough/Feenixpawl/Georgi Kay – “In My Mind” (Axwell Remix) Deadmau5 – “Aural Psynapse” Right Said Fred – “I’m Too Sexy” Parov Stelar – “Catgroove” 3D Friends – “Lina Magic” RuPaul – “Supermodel” Daft Punk – “Robot Rock” Goldfrapp – “Number 1” Radiohead – “These Are My Twisted Words” Marlena Shaw – “California Soul” (Diplo/Mad Decent Remix) Harold Barefoot Sanders III – “Get Plastered” The Naked & Famous – “Young Blood” (Tiesto/Hardwell Remix) Gareth Emery ft. Christina Novelli – “Concrete Angel” Goodwill/Hook N Sling – “Take You Higher” Foster the People – “Houdini” (RAC Remix) Ellie Goulding – “Lights” (Bassnectar Remix) Madonna – “Vogue”

August 2012 |