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Mosque broken into seven times

Swansea University’s mosque has been broken into for the seventh page 3 time in just nine months

Skeleton world record attempt Students will dress up as skeletons in an attempt to break a Guinness page 9 world record FEATURES

EXTINGUISHER PRANK PUTS TWO IN HOSPITAL HAVING FUN: The latest set of freshers from the student village don their colours for last week’s Fresh and Free welcome party held at the university campus

by Becca Taylor TWO freshers were taken to hospital after having a fire extinguisher sprayed in their faces. The male and female were suffering from breathing problems after being covered in foam by another student. Swansea University officials are investigating the incident which happened in the early hours of Monday morning. It is understood they are dealing with the case as a disciplinary matter but have yet to decide what action to take against the offender, who is thought to

Investigation underway while fire service slams ‘high-jinx’ revellers for risking lives

be from another flat in Hendrefoelan student village. He could be asked to attend a fire safety seminar which he would have to pay for as well as replacing the fire extinguisher. The two students, who were released from Morriston hospital later that day, have not been identified. A university spokeswoman would not discuss the incident. She said: “We have a duty of care to

students and therefore cannot refer to specific individual incidents.” But Ryland Williams, station manager in community risk reduction at Mid and West Wales fire service said: “Playing around with fire extinguishers may seem like fun initially, but it can have serious consequences if they’re needed in an emergency. “An extinguisher can help your friends and you get away from a burning building for example.

“They can also harm you as the contents inside some are hazardous – CO2 can asphyxiate you in a confined space, and its so cold it can also give you frost burns on bare skin. “Dry powder will affect your breathing if you suffer from chest problems, so they’re not toys. “Don’t forget extinguishers are there help you escape from a fire, and consequently save a life. “If you mess around with them, your landlord can lose his business in providing accommodation for students, and you will lose your bond as a result of damages.”

The big interview

We ask SU president Luke James what students are getting for their page 16 money FRONT

What’s in your wardrobe?

Delving into the closets of Swansea’s chicest students to uncover page 27 their style secrets SPORT

Why Varsity in Cardiff is good

Athletic union president Dan RyanLowes explains the benefits of holdpage 40 ing Varsity in Cardiff


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HELPING OUT: Postrgaduate student Janet Hoskin and youngster Saul playing Decipher, which teaches in four brief sessions of 15 minutes to help improve literacy

Postgraduate Janet reaches final of National Lottery awards by Matthew Griffiths

Travel Zoe Gullet

A SWANSEA University postgraduate student has reached the final of the National Lottery Awards with an innovative project which helps children who suffer from a serious, progressive muscle condition. Janet Hoskin who graduated in the summer developed the Include Duchenne project which addresses the behavioural and learning difficulties that

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can affect children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Children with the condition are often at risk of dyslexia, autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The Include Duchenne programme delivers its specialist learning assessments via a new online literacy programme, Decipha, which is delivered in conjunction between the school and the home. Decipha teaches in four brief sessions of 15 minutes which was found to be

more effective in improving literacy whilst engaging the children. The programme is now offered in over 60 schools throughout the UK. Speaking about the project Miss Hoskin said: “After extensive research I developed a tool to support children with complex needs, including dyslexia, speech and language, which took a fresh, child centred approach to learning and which teaches to the child’s strengths as well as addressing their weaknesses.” The awards, now in their eighth year,

celebrates the difference that Lotteryfunded projects have made to people and places all over Britain. The Lottery raises over £28m each week which goes towards these projects. When asked about how she felt about Include Duchenne being short listed for the Best Education Project award Miss Hoskin said she was “immensely proud” of the programme. The final of the prestigious awards ceremony takes place on November 5 and will be broadcast on BBC One.

mitchell theaker, general secretary WE have some exciting times ahead of us in our students’ union. You have already seen a massive makeover of our bars and of our union services, and on Thursday you will get to experience the radical changes we have made to our student meetings. The first Student Forum of the year kicks off at 6pm in the marquee and whether you want to sit at the back and listen or stand up and have your say, we want to see you. Massive decisions are made that can affect the everyday lives of all Swansea students and in the past only a handful of people knew anything about where and how these decisions are made. But now we have made it easier than ever to have your say. The first part of the meeting will be an open forum on the most important student issues where anyone can have their say.

Meeting Times (Meetings are in the Waterfront office) Features Front Section editors News & Sport De-brief & Ideas

Monday, October 3 Monday, October 3 Monday, October 10 Monday, October 10 Friday, October 14

12pm 12pm 11am 1pm 1pm

We are moving the meetings out of lecture theatres and into open rooms with flat floors, which will make speaking far less intimidating. We have made it easier to submit motions on our website and we are producing a guide on how to make your views the policy of the Union. Plus for the first time we will be streaming a video of all the student forums live and producing highlights of the meetings, all on our website. We want everyone to see that student meetings are for them, not just a few elite groups of wannabe student politicians. In short there is no excuse not to come to student forums and have your say. And that is important because your students’ union should be campaigning on the things that matter to you. Student forums are just one of three projects to ensure our members are at the heart of the stu-

dents’ union. We also want people to sign up to our campaigns network and ‘Making Change Happen’ project. From now on you will see the student forums where these decisions are made - being better advertised, better catered towards the student body and much more informal. The student forum is at 6pm in the marquee, so if you want to have your say or just want to see what’s going on you should definitely come along. If you want to find out more about the student forum or about how you can get involved in our campaigns just email Luke James at president@ or Mitch Theaker at gensec@ You can keep up with all the work of your Students’ Union officers on our official blog at http://

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Anger as uni mosque is raided seven times in just nine months


Uni library charges and fines revealed by Callum Cameron

EASY TARGET: Students’ union international officer Mahaboob Basha says the location of the Mosque on campus makes it an easy target for opportunist thieves by Callum Cameron SWANSEA University’s mosque was burgled twice last month, taking the total number to seven in just nine months. The first of the recent incidents took place on September 11. Lockers were broken in to and between £200 and £300 was stolen.

A man has been sentenced to an 18 month intensive alternative to custody order for that offence. A second break-in was reported on September 24 where between £100 and £250 along with two laptops were said to be stolen. At the time of going to print, a man had been arrested in relation to the alleged offence. Swansea students’ union international

officer, Mahaboob Basha was furious about the break-ins. He said: “Personally it is disgusting. We are open to people of all faiths and creeds. “It is not acceptable at any point to steal from a mosque, and not only from a mosque but any other place of worship.” The targeting of the mosque is seen as more opportunistic than racial due to

New CCTV clamps down on potential trouble in village

Scramble for sold-out Freshbook night tickets by Jon Griffiths

by Matthew Griffiths SWANSEA University has installed new CCTV equipment at Hendrefoelan student village to make students feel safer. It is hoped the cameras will help cut down on the usual flurry of incidents that occur when new students move in. Students are more of a target as they often leave their flat and room doors unlocked making it easy for criminals. Alcohol-fuelled incidents and trespassers can also be clamped down on. Jezel Jones, a first year student who has recently moved into the student village said she had not really noticed the cameras. David Goddard, a student who lived in the student village in his first year, welcomed the move. But he added that a less intrusive method of preventing crime could have been used.

the quiet area it is in and apparent lack of security around it. It is housed in a small building near the abbey. General Secretary Mitchell Theaker, a part-time officer within the students’ union also offered his support toward the mosque. He said: “We need to work with the mosque to see how we can make sure they aren’t put in this terrible situation.”

STUDENT VILLAGE : The latest set of freshers moved into the village last weekend Police have are attempting to make students more security conscious by entering flats demonstrating how easy it would be for a thief to steal their property. A university spokesperson said: “It is

an investment following feedback from students from surveys for security to be improved (although feedback has not been negative) to enhance security at the site. It is a key issue for students to feel safe.”

SWANSEA University library’s amnesty on fines saw thousands of pounds wiped off charges handed out. The library handed out £192,647.45 in charges - the second highest of Wales’ 10 universities - with £68,611.21 collected. In a joint effort between the students’ union and the library in February 2011, the library held a three-day amnesty on library fines as an incentive for students to bring back overdue books. President Luke James lobbied for this amnesty during his time as education officer and both parties gained from the joint venture. He said: “The amnesty meant we got thousands of books back into the library to be used, students saved thousands of pounds in fines and the university saved even more because they didn’t have to replace the books that came back.” Around universities in Wales, libraries charged almost £1m in fines and collected close to £600,000. All the universities said there could be a number of reasons why many fines are waived including books or equipment eventually being brought back after being assumed lost. They also said the libraries were not reliant on fines to help fund the services they provide. Cardiff University, the largest university in Wales, charged £503,863.94 but collected £293,694. Bangor University could not produce figures.

STUDENTS were so desperate to get into last week’s Freshbook event that they were offering up to £50 for the £5 tickets. Wednesday’s sell-out was held in both Oceana and Odyssey for the first time due to the high demand with up to 5,000 students attending. Tickets and t-shirts were needed to gain entry and students without either were offering all sorts of money to get their hands on them, while many others were swapping red, amber or green shirts outside the clubs. Russell Wade, manager of Swansea Ents said: “Freshbook was a great success and we were very pleased that we managed to accommodate all the demand for the event using both Oceana and Odyssey as venues. “A joint club night has never happened in Swansea before that I am aware about and definitely not on this scale.

“I think we can now boast we have run the biggest student club show in the whole of the UK.” Student Ameya Vaidya said on the event page: “Freshbook at Oceana was awesome last night. “Hopefully everyone at Odyssey had just as a good a time.” Mr Wade said he hopes the skool disco this Wednesday will be another successful big event for Swansea. Earlier this week, ents came under fire from some students about queuing times for Oceana on the first big Monday night out of term. A small amount of complaints were made by students about long queuing times and that there were not many bar staff available on the night, leaving them waiting for drinks. Mr Wade said: “We were always going to encounter queues and delays on entry and at the bars. “But it was more so when the majority of students arrived at Oceana at the same time.”


Catering firm hits back at claims over portion sizes and prices by Becca Taylor CAMPUS Catering has denied claims from students that prices have gone up while portion sizes have gone down in their venues. The firm’s boss Les Carmichael said meal prices were the same as last year despite rising commodity costs. He explained that comes even though the company runs independently as a business and receives no subsidies from Swansea University or the students’ union.

Mr Carmichael also praised the new group leading the university to become part of the healthy university group and the work towards the soil association food mark. “We will be awarded with the Good Egg award in November for our longterm use of fresh, free range eggs, which is really exciting,” he said. Student involvement was encouraged particularly in the new herb garden which provides the coriander for the curries and the mint for the salads. Mr Carmichael urged students to get in touch if involvement would be of in-

terest to them. But students like Toby Hughes as well as union officers like Tom Upton have criticised portion sizes and spoke with Campus Catering staff who told them that they have to reduce portion sizes in order to cut costs. Mr Upton said: “I asked why I had fewer chips than last tim and I was told costs had to be reduced. I decided extra chips weren’t worth job losses.” Arguing that £4 a day before buying a drink would add up very quickly, Mr Hughes said Campus Catering meals are no longer value for money.

by Callum Cameron

by Laura Henry

Pic: istock DANGERS: Alcohol Concern Cymru say many drinkers are unaware of caffeine intake

Students’ union offers cash to help students running campaigns by Alicia Nugent SWANSEA University’s students’ union is looking for new members to get involved with their already successful student campaign scheme. The campaign network wants new faces and a wider age range of students. The network has been promoted

He said: “There’s not much competition on campus, but I might as well go to Pub on the Pond now.” Mr Carmichael said: “Our meal deals and healthy options like salad boxes are the same price and size, and our coffees in the corner shop are 12oz instead of the standard 9oz, showing you can still get a good deal on campus.” Campus Catering is also launching its own loyalty card this year, allowing students to build up five points for every pound they spend and then redeem them on food or drink across the venues.

Energy drinks and alcohol mixing dangers warning

Asbestos disturbed in dining rooms ASBESTOS has been disturbed while work has taken place to convert old dining halls into lecture rooms. Halls A, B and C in Fulton House were in the middle of being transformed to create more study space. The works, which have been stopped until the issue is resolved, were part of a wider building project to spruce up the ageing Fulton House building. Last month, work on the roof caused a leak in JC’s bar which itself was being renovated Despite the news, students’ union societies and services officer Tom Upton has praised society committees who have been most affected by the asbestos disturbance. Mr Upton described the committees who used the halls as “fantastic” and praised them for working very well with them. But there is good news as it has resulted in three free shows in Taliesin for the societies affected. It is believed that the dance society one of those affected - will have one of these shows.

thewaterfront 204 03.10.11

throughout freshers’ fayre and will enable students to have a say within the areas that affect them the most. A vast number of campaign areas already exist, but this year students will be able to create campaigns of their own. SU president Luke James said: “The strength of any union is in its members, that’s why for the first time we are offering cash and support to students who

want to run campaigns. “We have to build on the successful student-led campaign to save modern languages department from cuts last year”. Previous campaigns such as stopping Saturday exams have been extremely well received and the students union hopes that other students will come forward to voice their opinion.

ALCOHOL Concern Cymru is urging drinkers to be more aware of the potential risks of mixing alcohol with energy drinks. In its new briefing paper mixed messages launched last week the charity highlights the possible dangers of mixing highly caffeinated drinks with alcohol. In particular, the caffeine in energy drinks can mask the effects of alcohol, meaning that drinkers may be less aware of how drunk they are, and more likely to put themselves in danger. Andrew Misell from Alcohol Concern Cymru, said: “Sales of energy drinks have shot up in the UK in recent years, particularly among young people, but there is a general lack of guidance about the dangers of mixing high-caffeine drinks with alcohol. “Many drinkers may be unaware just how much caffeine they’re taking in. “A 500ml can of an average energy drink such as Rockstar, Relentless or Monster contains 160mg of caffeine. “That’s the equivalent of a double espresso or five cans of Coca-Cola. “Both caffeine and alcohol are diuretics – they cause the body to pass water – so mixing energy drinks with alcohol can leave drinkers badly dehydrated, possibly leading to vomiting, nausea, The campaign network goes hand in hand with the National Union of Students (NUS) latest project ‘Making Change Happen’. The scheme, which will be launched in the next few weeks, has given the university £500 and will provide resources and training for student activists. Students can join online saying which campaign areas they are interested in.

and other health problems in the long term. “What’s more dangerous, perhaps, is that the stimulant effect of so much caffeine can mask the depressant effect of the alcohol. “People drinking energy drinks with alcohol may feel very alert and not realise how drunk they are. “One possible result of this is that drinkers will take more risks.” Charlotte Britton, Swansea University students’ union welfare officer said: “It’s incredibly important that students are aware of the dangers of mixing alcohol with energy drinks. “In order to have a great night it’s important to stay hydrated and know your limits, both of which are made more difficult when mixing these types of drinks.” But there is no need to start fretting in the drinks session not knowing what to buy before that night out. Alcohol Concern Cymru’s drink wise Wales website contains an alcohol and energy drink counter outlining the amount of alcohol, caffeine and sugar in common energy drink cocktails. They include a double vodka and Red Bull, a Jägerbomb (Jägermeister shot with Red Bull), and a TVR (tequila, vodka and Red Bull). For more information, visit the drink wise website uk.

£10,000 worth of goods ‘stolen’ from students’ rooms in an hour

Plastic bag charges welcomed by Katie Whitehead

by Becca Taylor MORE than £10,000 in electrical items, musical instruments and valuables could have been stolen from Hendrefoelan student village in just one hour. Students’ union sabbatical officers Charlotte Britton and Tom Upton joined campus police to conduct the Operation Hand campaign, in which they enter houses without force and leave a hand-shaped leaflet on a valuable item that could have been stolen with ease. PC Katryna Malinowski-Evans said they walked into 39 properties in an hour. “I would encourage students to take those few extra seconds to lock and secure their homes when they leave,” she said. “Take a note of your serial numbers on electrical items so that they can be traced. “You wouldn’t recognise a burglar. They don’t wear balaclavas and most will pretend they have got the wrong house when looking for a mate if you run into them.” Mr Upton highlighted one room where an iMac, two guitars, an amp, a television and a PlayStation 3 were all found with the door, window and front door open. Of other rooms, he said: “Some students didn’t even try to make their valuables safer after we pointed out the problems.” In the last two years, there have been at least two break-ins without forced entry on the student village.


EASY PICKINGS: An example of how easy it is to steal items from rooms if doors and windows are left unlocked Miss Britton reminded students that it would be possible for anyone to walk in to their homes unnoticed. She also advised that students register their valuables with www.immobilise. com - an online database which police search when goods are found in a raid. Miss Britton told the Waterfront: “We will be giving away UV pens over the next few weeks.

“Mark your property with your home postcode and door number and it’s more easily traceable if it’s stolen.” Police are hoping to recruit student volunteers to help with the schemes over the year, and saw the first drive in the student village on Saturday. The Safer Swansea scheme will also be running through Brynmill and the Uplands over the next few weeks, extend-

ing the reminders of property safety to off campus students. “Security problems are normally worse off campus, so we’re expecting a few more un-forced entries to be possible across Brynmill and Uplands areas,” added Miss Britton. The police will be keeping in touch via student emails through the year, and also have a twitter account: @SWPWest.

THE new carrier bag charge has been welcomed by Swansea University students’ union. Saturday saw Wales become the first country in the United Kingdom to introduce a compulsory charge for single use carrier bags. But there is little change for the four SU-run shops which were already charging for bags. Level Two Spar and Niche Manager Emma Snaydon said: “In the three Spars we sell re-usable bags for 10p and we ‘ve been doing this for the last two years. “In Niche we sell biodegradable bags for 5p. “We started charging for bags quite a while ago as we wanted to encourage students to reuse bags as they were asking for a carrier bag for one packet of crisps etc.’ Environment and ethics officer Rob Abrams added: “On a personal level, I strongly support this move by the Welsh Government; of course within the context of readily available alternatives. “The motion that was passed at the end of last year recognised that the student body, through the students’ union, has an important role to play in pioneering such methods, and promoting sustainable practises.” “It also proposed that the money raised from this tax could then be channelled back into a fund for environmental campaigns within the union - the administration of which was given to my position.”

Bucket collections on campus Welsh students for Gleision miners’ appeal miss out on places by Jon Griffiths

by Craig Hadley SWANSEA West MP Geraint Davies was on campus last week to help raise money for the Gleision Colliery miners’ appeal. The bodies of Charles Breslin, 62, David Powell, 50, Garry Jenkins, 39, and Phillip Hill, 45, who all lived locally, were discovered on Friday September 16, a day after the alarm was first raised. They had been working at the mine near Pontardawe in the Swansea Valley. Mr Davies has been offering his support around the campus, raising funds in aid of providing the victims’ families with some support from the community. He said: “We went around with buckets during freshers as we wanted to raise money. “It was an opportunity to see thousands of students walking around and it was an opportunity for people around

RAISING CASH: Swansea West MP Geraint Davies helps to collect on campus to show support. “It is great that the Swansea Labour students have taken initiative in enabling student freshers from across Great Britain to make a contribution.” Seven miners were working 295ft down in the mine when the accident happened. Two escaped unharmed while another was taken to Swansea’s Morriston hospital.

Rescuers were only able to find the bodies of the other four. Mr Davies added: “The people are happy to contribute as they’re concerned about the deaths through Britain. “They feel sorry for the people in Swansea area, no matter how small the amount they give. “This shows the solidarity of the local community at this difficult time after the mining disaster”.

THE number of Welsh students gaining entry onto university courses has fallen, new figures have shown. Swansea university student records say the number of students who applied in 2011 was 13,174, with only 2,993 managing to gain a place. Last year, 14,137 applied with 3,057 being accepted. The figures follow a trend for Welsh students going to university all over country this week, compared to last year. Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (Ucas) figures show there are 169 fewer Welsh students entering higher education establishments. This comes despite the number of applicants rising from 24,521 to 24,769. It means percentage of Welsh students that have been accepted into university has fallen by 1.4%, from 74.5% to 73.1%. Overall UK statistics shows an increase

of 2.1%. The decrease in success for students has been linked to a growing attainment gap between Wales and England. It is feared a slump in top grades in Wales might hamper the chances of students getting into university amid increased competition and the imposed cap on available places. Luke James, president of Swansea University students’ union, said people in power need to act. “The Welsh Government needs to ensure that nobody is left on the scrap heap and that young people can access universities, colleges, apprenticeships or meaningful work,” he said. “As a students’ union we want to see everyone with the ability to study being given the opportunity to come to university,” he said. David Moyle, chairman of the Higher Education Liaison Officers Association (Heloa), said students need to think carefully before selecting their choices.


Increase in graduates leaving uni with a job by Holly Griggs GRADUATE employment rates in the United Kingdom rose from 72.4% in 2008/09 to 74.4% in the 2009/10 academic year. In Wales, graduate unemployment levels stand at 6.5% for 2009/10, which is low in comparison to the high rates of 8.9% in London. Liam Burns, president of the National Union of Students, said more training and financial support was needed for students About 11.1% of the 49,065 who responded from across the United Kingdom said that they did not think their degree course was good value for money. And 6.4% said they did not think university had prepared them for employment at all. Overall, 84.2% of the people asked said they were happy with their career so far. Chief executive of Universities UK, Nicola Dandridge said: “Graduates can trust that their degrees put them in a better position to succeed and make them more employable both in the short and long term.”

thewaterfront 204 03.10.11

Sexual harassment zero tolerance warning as campaign kicks off by Carys Thomas A ZERO tolerance campaign against sexual harassment is being launched today. Swansea University students’ union women’s officer Eleri Jones is behind the campaign and wants to highlight the subject of harassment. “I plan to make students more aware of what defines as sexual harassment and to recognise sexual harassment as a huge problem not only in this union, but on a national level,” she said. A recent National Union of Students study, the ‘Hidden Marks’ report’ revealed an alarming amount of young women affected by sexual harassment and stalking at universities. Both UK and international students took part in the NUS study and one in seven said they had experienced a serious physical or sexual assault during their time as a student. Launched last year by the NUS, the zero tolerance campaign has been raising awareness across universities helping them to establish policies to support students who have suffered sexual harassment. According to their research, only 10% of female students who have been seriously sexually assaulted have reported it to police and an even smaller percent-

TAKING A STAND: Students’ union women’s officer Eleri Jones (centre) is behind the zero tolerance campaign age to their institutions. Miss Jones will work alongside NUS Wales women’s officer Steph Lloyd as Swansea University becomes part of the overhaul study to counter sexual harassment within universities. She added: “Students are being affected across Wales, especially in students’ union bars, and it’s generally seen as acceptable”.

As a result, all students’ union bar managers, door staff, sabbatical and executive officers have been briefed on zero tolerance and the re-formed procedure for reporting cases of sexual harassment. “My aim is to reassure students that if they experience sexual harassment in any of our venues they will be believed and that incidents are seen as a violation

of our zero tolerance policy,” added Miss Jones. The week-long campaign will involve distributing leaflets and badges across the student village and halls to “inform and protect students”. A feminist workshop day will be held on campus on Thursday featuring representatives from NUS, Swansea’s domestic abuse co-ordinator and the police.


Student recalls horror of Indian earthquake during university trip by Becca Taylor SWANSEA University students were rocked by a rare earthquake that killed nearly 100 people while on a trip to India. The group were on a joint biology and geography trip to Sikkim, in northern India when the earthquake, measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale hit. Third year student Ella Potts told the Waterfront it was a “hairy” experience. “We had gone to bed for a quick nap when we were jolted awake by the quake,” she said. “I felt painful shocks going through my body as I crawled across the floor to huddle in the doorframe. “The whole experience was pretty hairy to say the least.” The group, made up of 19 students and three lecturers left unharmed and were quickly reunited after the initial shocks. The epicentre of the earthquake was in Sikkim, which lies across two fault lines, though earthquakes that strong are a rarity. The area is around a third of the size of Wales, meaning the effects were spread across the whole state. It shares borders with Tibet and Nepal and the death toll across the three areas is nearly 100. As well as the initial quake, there were eight aftershocks. The earthquake happened just over halfway through their trip last month, in which they were studying the biodiversity and physical geography of the relatively un-researched state.

by Dan Harvey

DAMAGE: Some of the buildings in the area were destroyed by the earthquake which measured 6.9 on the Richter scale Miss Potts said the area has a good reputation for eco-tourism, but that many hoteliers were worried about the effect on their businesses. She added: “The peak season is September to November, so this will damage tourism as people worry about the structural damage and their own safety.” A wall in the British embassy fell, and the water supply was cut off. Military protected areas such as a university and the sports ground in Gang-

tok temporarily housed those who had lost their homes in the country, but urban homes remained standing. Miss Potts described the state as “economically balanced” and shared her concerns for recovery. She said: “It’s going to take a long time for them to fix all the problems, and though most houses will stay standing, their structural integrity is almost gone. “Another quake before they repair them could see them fall.”

Students given postcards to say hello to neighbours STUDENTS living in private accommodation are being encouraged to introduce themselves to their neighbours with handy new postcards this week. The postcards feature pictures of houses drawn by children at the Swansea University students’ union nursery, and the reverse leaves a space for students to write their names. Officers of the students’ union will be delivering 1,000 postcards to student houses in Brynmill and Uplands this week as students arrive for the new academic year. The postcards also have a message. They say: ‘We’ve just moved in next door. Please don’t hesitate in saying hello. “If you ever need a hand, just ask!’ Charlotte Britton, the students’ union’s welfare officer is behind the postcard campaign. She said: “We thought it would be an excellent way for students to introduce

Volunteers wanted to help global community

The group received a phone call from the Home Office to check on their safety, but Miss Potts admitted she was surprised by the lack of coverage in the UK. “I was a bit confused when no one rang or text to see if I was all right,” she said. “But when I checked the news and saw it hadn’t made headlines and was barely broadcast, I realised that my friends probably didn’t know.” Rescue efforts and the recovery process are under way across the state.

RESTLESS Development is looking for participants within Swansea’s student community to take part in their programme to inspire generations of people across the world to make changes in the global community. This charity has worked for 25 years to ensure that young people go out to 11 countries across Africa and Asia to help develop communities. These participants will do this through educating and harnessing the skills of the young people of that area to help them gain employment, giving an active role in the decision-making process that effects their every day lives. The successful candidates will be working in a government-funded scheme, International Citizen Service, to encourage positive change to these societies by encouraging the younger generations to take up the mantle and become active citizens. Ellen Maunder, a 23-year-old LSE graduate from Swansea is taking part in the scheme for three months from January. “When I completed my degree in politics and development in August, I knew I wanted to experience the challenges of development work first-hand,” she said. “I am passionate about young people working together to make changes and Restless Development is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate that. “I think it will be a life-changing experience and an unrivalled insight into the development sector as a career.” Restless Development have places available for their December 2011, January 2012 and April 2012 programme which will last 12 weeks. These places allow anyone to participate no matter what their social background with opportunities for fully funded placements for the right candidates. If you are interested in the scheme ap-

Tooters glassing

SAYING HELLO: President Luke James and welfare officer Charlotte Britton post cards themselves to whoever lives next door. “At the union we know the value of getting to know your neighbours. “For students who have just moved into the area from halls, living complete-

ly independently can be a daunting experience. “The pictures drawn by the nursery children are lovely and we hope nonstudent residents like them.”

A STUDENT needed hospital treatment after smashing a glass bottle on his head for a dare. The incident took place at the first Tooters night of term at Divas nightclub in the students’ union building. The student was looked after by security guards before being taken to hospital by ambulance. It is believed he is a fresher. Elsewhere, aside from the fire extinguisher incident in the student village, the opening weekend of term was generally quiet. One villager said: “The freshers seem to be having a lot of fun.”


thewaterfront 204 03.10.11


From Smurfs to skeletons as another world record is in sight by Jazz Dicker

Electoral reform may alienate voters by Dan Harvey

IN June 2009, Swansea University students broke the record for having the largest gathering of people dressed as Smurfs when 2,510 crammed into Oceana. Now another title is up for grabs. The “skeleton rave” is an official Guinness world record attempt for the largest gathering of skeletons and it is all set to take place on campus on October 8 to mark the end of freshers’ fortnight. Students will be provided with an official skeleton costume along with their ticket that they purchase for the event. The current record stands at 197 people, which was set on the Paul O’Grady Show on Channel 4 two years ago in the marquee at the front of Fulton House. But the Swansea student events team believe that they can smash this record and get the university’s name in the record books for a second time by having more than 3,000 skeletons. Breaking a world record is not only fun, it is also great publicity for the university and this type of exposure is just another way to increase the amount of applicants per year. The Student Swansea Events brand has grown excessively over the last 12 months and they hope to become the best student union event department

SWANSEA academic Dr Toby James revealed in a report for the Political and Constitutional Select Committee that the proposed reforms to electoral registration could alienate voters. The proposal of Individual Electoral Registration (IER) will change registration so that it will not be the head of household registering the members of the household. By 2014 the new registration process will see all individuals’ having to register individually and produce personal information about them which is currently unnecessary. The research also found that administrative costs will increase with this new system at a time of deep governmental spending cuts. Dr James ‘ report goes on to suggests that if IER is implemented then long term funding should be given in context to the local government cuts. He added that the process should be closely monitored to fully consider the public’s opinion of these reforms as well as voter accessibility to prevent a loss in voters. Dr James said: “These proposals will radically affect who registers to vote and who votes. “There have been long held concerns about apathy in UK elections. These proposals could compound the problem.’

in the UK. Events officer Michael Simmons is excited about the up coming event. He said: “The skeleton rave is a genuinely incredible opportunity for Swansea students to become a part of the Guinness world record club. “With Wheatus performing and Radio One’s Matt Edmondson hosting, the freshers’ marquee is being

totally transformed into a huge UV party, with black lights and glowing displays; this is sure to be one not to miss.” The only slight hitch which has occurred so far is the delay of the skeleton costumes as they are particularly high quality but Simmons assures us that it will be definitely worth the wait.

SU president hits back over Upgrade for parts editor’s tuition fee claims of Fulton House by Max Murdoch SWANSEA University students’ union president Luke James has hit back at claims made against Wales and Scotland by Times Higher Education editor Ann Mroz. Mrs Mroz said in the magazine the devolved states are guilty of “national navel-gazing” in not joining England in accepting the new £9,000 per year tuition fees. Mrs Mroz went on to comment on how the split position could affect students from Northern Ireland. She said: “Imagine the angst of trying to plan for university with little idea of the fees structure. “That is the limbo in which the young of Northern Ireland find themselves. “They have not yet been told how much they will have to pay if they wish to study in Great Britain because political stalemate has delayed a decision on

FIGHTING CORNER: President Luke James fees. “They may find that unless they want to pay much higher fees in Great Britain, the menu of institutions from which they can choose shrinks from more than 100 to just two.” In response Mr James said: “It is the UK government and the British establishment that have a separatist education policy: it is they who are navel-gazing, stuck as they are in the imperialist past.”

He went on to applaud the Welsh and Scottish governments in having “the audacity to protect the people of Wales and Scotland from outrageous fee levels”. In direct response to Mrs Mroz’s comment that “Brand UK is the second most successful higher education system in the world”, Mr James wrote “The people of Wales and Scotland have moved on: we are progressive, outward-looking and should no longer confine ourselves within the insular “Brand UK” - progressives in England should join us”. To support his point Mr James compared the English fee system to the rest of mainland Europe. “Even private universities in France charge only 6,000 euro (£5,300) a year and public institutions charge 169 euro …In Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, the Republic of Ireland, Slovenia and Sweden, home and European Union students don’t pay tuition fees”.

by Becki Allen PARTS of Fulton House has been refurbished over the summer holidays. The Venue dining room has been redecorated to create a multi-functional space that can be used socially, for dining or as an alternative study area. Work has also been undertaken to provide new, improved teaching areas. Both Cafe West and Dining Rooms B and C are being adapted into fully equipped lecture spaces. Further work in Fulton House has been carried out on the first and second floor toilets to bring them up to date with environmentally friendly technology. Paul Robinson, head of commercial services for the university, said: “We’ve listened to feedback from our students, particularly for more social and informal study space, and provided it.” Students requested more study areas which can now be found on Levels One

and Two, with more plug-in points and smaller tables for individual work. The study hall now features new computers and the implementation of an express station of available netbooks aim to enhance the time spent working. Changes to the services provided by the university are continuous as the SU strive to offer the best student experience possible. Through the union, the university has secured a student experience fund that is helping to make vital changes to the campus that are expected to be finished by January 2012. Elsewhere on campus, the students’ union is working to develop services offered in the library based on student services and feedback.


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New-look Waterfront website to go live

NEW LOOK: A draft version of what the new website will look like when it goes live in a few weeks. Check it out: and let us know what you think YOUR new-look Waterfront website is set to go live in the next few weeks. To tie in with the relaunch of the paper, we have given a make-over too. The aim was to give it a more simplistic look which compliments the newspaper. What you will find with the website is that on top of the stories you can read in the paper, it will be the first place to look for breaking news. So you will not just have to wait a fortnight to find out what is going on around campus, it will all be there at the touch of a button. But obviously if we have an issue coming out, we will just use the website to give you snippets as we still want you to read the paper. Also online you will find galleries from nights out and sports matches. Every Wednesday, we will have our team of reporters out and about at matches tweeting (@thewaterfrontSU) and providing live match reports to the website, along with post-match reaction.

The newspaper will not be redundant though as it will bring you the news that is going on in the university’s sporting world as well as interviews and previews looking ahead to forthcoming games. It will also give you the lowdown on the key sporting matches coming up that week. The rugby season kicks off on October 12 with all three teams in action. Badminton, football, hockey, netball, squash, tennis and lacrosse all start the following week. There has been a tremendous response from people wanting to be part of the paper and anyone is welcome to get involved. Just send us an e-mail: The aim is to improve you as aspiring journalists by helping you learn how to write, teaching you how to find and develop stories and how to put the paper together. The end result will be you leaving university in better shape than you started. And for those who don’t want to get involved, we hope you enjoy a good read.

New look Real journalism Get involved NOW e-mail:


Twitter: @thewaterfrontSU Facebook page: The Waterfront Swansea


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Big Interview with SU president

Luke James >> page 16

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October 3, 2011

features 16-17

L i f e s t y l e a n d f e at u r e s f o r S wa n s e a s t u d e n t s



contents big interview 16-17 >> We put the important questions to Swansea SU president Luke James

games 17 >> Our experts review Gears of War 3 PLUS put the spotlight on indie game Bastion

features 18-19 >> Fresher frolics - in pictures. Can you spot yourself?

front row 20-21 >> Everything you need to know about what’s on and where in the next fortnight

music 22 >> Teenage Dirtbags Wheatus are this week’s big gig PLUS album and single reviews

film 23 >> Catch up with the summer’s big blockbusters and read what’s coming next

gadgets 24 >> Five ways to keep your stuff safe PLUS get the lowdown on the Smartphone Wars.

fashion 26 >> This season’s style trends for men and women PLUS What’s in your wardrobe?

societies 28 >> We report from the Freshers Fayre; tell you how to survive that first social, and put the spotlight on the Bright Futures Society

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October 3, 2011

Hot review Tony Lee, hypnotist

Divas, Tuesday September 27 Tuesday night saw the annual return of X-rated hypnotist Tony Lee, who has been doing shows at Swansea consistently since the early 90s, writes Aiden Ramsey. As usual, the queue extended far from the venue and the excitement and anticipation for the evening’s events were almost tangible. Several older students were sharing stories of what has happened during previous shows, much to the alarm of the newer students. Finally the doors opened and the audience flooded into their seats until Divas reached its capacity. The evening was kick started with a comedy routine, provided by zany Australian Benny Boot for the second year running. His appearance onto the stage was met with some hesitation and unsure laughs as people tried to make sense of his eccentric presentation. However, Benny managed to get the crowd to warm to him, and the laughs were soon rolling in for his list of 15 jokes. Subjects covered in this act ranged from the Ghostbusters theme tune, laser eye surgery, paedophiles and Thai child writers. As you can probably tell, many of these jokes hung on the verge of being offensive, as acknowledged by the audience. However, it was all taken in good spirits and left the crowd fully warmed up for the main event. Fashionably late, Tony Lee appeared on the stage, immediately gaining the attention of every single person in the room. This was the most quiet that the audience had been all night. Tony began his show with the tradition of downing tequila shots and encouraging everyone to hug the person to their left. He then went on to explain the processes by which hypnotism works, who is susceptible to it (everyone) and which people should not volunteer that evening. This speech was listened to intensely and there was even a sense of fear in the air. Moving swiftly on, he attempted a group hypnosis to attempt to ‘glue together’ the hands of the audience members. Unfortunately, Tony only gained one successfully glued volunteer from this. However it didn’t take long for the stage to be filled with volunteers willing to participate in the show. Tony brought back the audience’s confidence extremely quickly, starting off with small comedic feats such as convincing the participants that they needed to rub each other to survive the sub-zero temperatures they were ‘experiencing’. The show swiftly picked up pace, leaving the volunteers believing that they were driving away from the cops, hiding in Jurassic Park and even that Tony Lee was their primary school teacher. After this very funny first half, we quickly get to know why the show is classified as XXX. People on stage are left simulating sex acts, revealing their orgasm noises, giving lap dances and licking whipped cream from the bodies of other audience members. The crowd lapped it up, laughing in hysterics as the people before them were humiliated and revealed intimate details of their lives. Under Tony’s spell, the participants were only able to remember what they had done on stage after they left the building. And I can tell you now, few images are more beautiful that the face of someone who suddenly remembers that they have just stripped to their boxers and licked whipped cream from another man, all in front of housemates they have known for only a few days. All in all, Tony Lee and his support Benny Boot provided a thrilling night of entertainment. The finale was a moment you’d remember throughout the rest of your time at uni, and left everyone wanting more. I thoroughly recommend going to witness this display if you ever get the chance. But be warned, this is definitely not a family show.

big interview

S tudents fa c ing debts o f £ 5 0 , 0 0 0 O R M O R E

Luke James


Students are facing a huge rise in tuition fees, and must decide whether a higher education is still value for money. We sent Callum Cameron to pose that question to the Swansea SU president.


HERE are very few certainties in life, but in 2012 one thing is for sure and that is the rise in university tuition fees across the United Kingdom. Fees are going up from £3,500 per annum to £9,000 in many cases. Swansea University is one of the institutions planning to charge the maximum. The prospect of such a huge rise has sparked unrest and demonstrations, with many students unhappy that the Lib Dems abandoned their pledge scrap tuition fees once they joined in coalition government with the Tories. Welsh students will be shielded from increased tuition fees through a Welsh Assembly subsidy, wherever they study in the UK. Their fees, currently around £3,400, will only rise in line with inflation. Scottish students are also exempt from paying tuition fees, but students from England will be forced to make a choice between finding the extra cash to go to university or abandon their plans to get a higher education. With the rise in fees next year, student debt is forecast to double to around £53,000 at the end of a three year degree. The National Union of Students (NUS) is at the forefront of a campaign of fierce opposition to the rises, and as part of that, it voted hugely in favour of a national demonstration on November 9th this year. ny university charging over £6,000 will have to offer bursaries, scholarships or other measures to students from low-income families; and to support them through studying, to encourage a similar number of applications similar to this year and last year. Labour leader Ed Miliband said at the party’s conference in Liverpool last week, that if Labour was elected a total reversal of the rise was out of the question. But he did promise a cap of £6,000 on fees. With these issues in mind, I went and had a chat with Luke James, Swansea Universities Students Union President.


Q. Can you say what Swansea University will offer students from low income backgrounds? Will they be offering bursaries or scholarships? A. The university had to develop a fee plan to be approved by the Welsh Government which set out how they would stop the

harshest effects of the fee rise. Former President Luke Young and I worked with the University’s senior management to ensure that bursaries would be available for students from poorer backgrounds after the fees rise so that they could still afford to come through the doors of this university. The university’s emergency support fund for students has also been restored after being cut in previous years. It was a bittersweet piece of work for us; we despised the fees rise but couldn’t shirk out responsibility to those students. Q. Are universities, such as Swansea, having to charge these fees to compensate for the Assembly’s cuts to the teaching budgets? A. Swansea University has to

on apprentiships, further education or work. I think funding free higher education is a better way of using tax payer’s money than paying for extravagances like failing banks and the Olympic Games. Q. Do you agree with Ed Miliband that the maximum cap on fees should be £6000? A. The best thing I can say is that it has put fees back on the agenda. But did he write the proposal on the back of a fag packet? It’s struck me as pub economics. If he is supposed to be the champion of low-income families and the middle, to think it’s socially progressive to double fees in England has struck me as hypocritical really.

We despised the fees but couldn’t shirk our responsibilities to poorer students charge 9k fees because of the London government’s dogma. Public money has been pulled out of educating people for ideological reasons and young people who have the ability to study a degree now face what seems to many an insurmountable financial barrier. Until the Welsh government has financial powers there’s only so much it can do – local councils have more financial clout that our national government and that’s something that must change soon. Q. What would you say to people who claim that students are adults and should pay for their own education? A. It’s a legitimate view, but it depends what society you want to live in really. University is one way for people to realise their ambitions, others might be better suited to taking

Q. Is the National Students Union planning further demonstrations? A. NUS are arranging more demonstrations against cuts and fees. It is not led by NUS, but by a smaller group The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts. NUS President Liam Burns has promised it support it. In my manifesto I promised to support student-led campaigns and we have had a grant from NUS worth £500, for us to deliver our student-led campaigns. Within the next couple of weeks we will begin advertising our ‘Making Change Happen’ project and go from there. It’s up to our members then if they want to campaign against fees or anything else. NUS Wales deserves a lot of credit for their work on fees. They are very close to the Welsh government and managed to make real progressive changes to their policy on funding and fees last year.

What do you think? Richard Willets, BA History, First Year Fees should be lowered but, at the same time, perhaps it is a good idea as so many people go to university. Imogene Dudley, BA History, First Year Next year’s fees are way too high, it’s disgusting and discourages people from going to university. They should go back to £3000 a year.

Pearleen Sangha, BA Int Relations , Third Year All Welsh students should be protected whether they decide to study in Wales or not. Jonathan Imm, BA History, Third Year It’s disgusting, considering universities were free. Now we have to pay and it’s different for Welsh or Scottish students to English students.

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October 3, 2011

games Well worth the wait! P

ossibly the most anticipated game of 2011, Gears of War 3 is the third instalment in the Gears of War series, and the final game for this particular story arc, writes Rosin O’Connor. Developed by Epic Games and released by Microsoft exclusively for Xbox 360, the game was delayed after its intended release in April and eventually released on September 20 to huge acclaim. As soon as the game begins there’s an obvious improvement to graphics. Now even sleeker to enhance the effect of the surroundings, the environment is more varied and often a lot lighter than that of its predecessors. Movements are faster and more responsive, and a large majority of the problems from the first two games have been dealt with. Epic is also blatantly trying to entice the more casual gamer, with short but sweet clips to portray background from previous events, and a “casual” difficulty setting that allows you to sweep through the 12 hour campaign without any problems. The story for Gears of War 3 begins with humanity on the brink of destruction. The Cog has disbanded and the Stranded have formed small communities across Sera, while what remains of the Cog are also trapped, surrounded by the Locust horde. Leader Marcus Fenix discovers that his father is alive and travels with his team across dangerous terrain to find him and a way to destroy a new and deadly enemy: the Lambent, a feral strain of Locust that have a nasty tendency to explode if you kill them. Difficulties are pretty much the same:

Casual, Normal, Hardcore and Insane. I completed on Hardcore but there is also an option with multiplayer to use different difficulties during co-op, so if you’re playing with someone who isn’t as experienced you can still play at normal speed. Checkpoints do tend to come at awkward times within the game and at one point when I killed enemies “too fast” the game refused to let me continue to the next objective, so I had to repeat this particular section a second time. On Horde mode with multiplayer there is still an issue with lagging, as Epic may have chosen not to turn on all their servers just after the game release, though multiplayer on Beast or Versus mode is fine and the Horde mode is likely to be resolved. Lag issues compared to Gears of War 2 are so far improved that any remaining problem is barely noticeable, with game-play that runs smoothly and with better response. The music, composed by Steve Jablonksy who worked on GOW2, is incredibly atmospheric and works along with the story; at one point an absolutely stunning instrumental for Mad World is used to create an intense, beautiful scene. The scripting is definitely another improvement, with characters making dry comments on the situation or the landscape, and the introduction of the Lambent giving Epic an excuse to hurl a thousand howling enemies in your direction every few minutes. All in all, an astounding game that was worth the extra wait.

spotlight BASTION Developer: Supergiant Games Publisher: Warner Bros Platforms: 360 (Xbox Live Arcade), PC (Steam) Review by: Matthew Edwards “Proper story’s supposed to start at the beginning. Ain’t so simple with this one.” So begins the introduction of Bastion, delivered by a jaded narrator with a whiskey-and-sandpaper voice, and for that matter so it continues as I begin directing the protagonist – named only as Kid – around a watercolour paintingeqsue environment. Bastion sells itself on its method of storytelling, and it comes to the fore immediately. Kid finds himself a hammer. “His trusty friend,” the voice tells. Pretty standard so far, I thought. I noticed there were a few objects littered around the level after exploring a bit more, and to find out if I get anything for smashing things up, I smash things up. Cue the narrator. “Kid just rages for a while.” Whilst it is a simple concept, using words as well as graphics to tell a story works in Bastion’s favour, particularly as the gameplay is largely set in a top-down tiled environment where the land flies upward to meet your passing feet, with no cutscenes to speak of. Narrator helps to fill in the story where the game cannot. This isn’t to say that the gameplay is lacklustre, however; at its heart, the gameplay is similar to Zelda or other dungeon crawlers, complete with a wide selection of weapons, special abilities and fluid, responsive controls.


Freshers 2011 First Big Night OUT


Freshe ever :

Can y

er than : 2011

you spot yourself? October 3, 2011

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The Nextmen @ sink Sin City, Oct 8th, 10pm,

The Nextmen have been prolific remixers since 2000, they have been responsible for a string of popular mixtapes, and are perhaps most well known for their two-man, four turntable DJ sets, often fronted by an MC (usually MC Wrec, Dynamite MC or Yungun) which include music from all genres and occupy the space between turntablism and club based DJing. They play shows across the UK regularly and have taken their mash up DJ style to many parts of the world. The pair grew up in Cambridge, England and are based in North London. They are both musicians, playing guitar (Dom Search) and keys (Brad Baloo).

Ben Howard

Sin City, Dec 9th, 8pm


Ben Howard is a young acoustic troubadour who will make you feel as though he is the first young acoustic troubadour you have ever heard. He brings freshness to the form, gives it lustre, making it all seem brand new even as his songs have about them a quality of wisdom and a rootsy authenticity as old as the hills. Dark and alluring on tape, and creating this unique live story before the story’s truly yet begun, Ben Howard harks back to a classic and comforting time of old, albeit with a forward-thinking method of guitar performance. Spring is afoot, and Old Pine is a timely breathe of fresh air.


lazy Habbits @ sink Sin City, Oct 15, 10pm


They’ve smashed Glastonbury with their live performances, hosted and DJ’d on “The Other” and “Jazz World” stages, ticking off slots at Bestival, Secret Garden Party and Edinburgh Festival along the way. 2011 sees them travel even further afield including festival performances in Latvia, Croatia, Taiwan and The French Alps as well as a full UK tour. Their debut self-released EP “On the Wagon” put the Habits on the radar of Taste Maker Huw Stephens, and blew up on the underground scene, selling out on pre-orders alone. Their follow up single “Even Out” introduced them to a wider audience and was used on commercially released cinema and TV productions both domestically and Europe wide.


The Blanks

Sin City, November 24, 8pm

£10 adv

The Blanks, a quartet of friends who sing a cappella music and perform sketch comedy. They love to sing, entertain and make people laugh, so their shows include skits, antics, choreography (the kind a 5-year old could memorize), talking toys as lead singers (!), and mildly effective costume changes. More often referred to as “Ted’s band from Scrubs” this will be The Blanks third visit to Sin City each time selling out fast, so get your tickets quick!


Whos Next


If you’ve already been then you know what we’re talking about... If you haven’t then maybe it’s time to don the headphones and head too the dancefloor!

 Marco Del Horno vs Last japan @sink Sin City, Oct 29th, 10pm



Sin City, Nov 20th, 10pm

£7 adv

His sound appealed to many people outside of the dubstep world as his productions became more adventurous in formula, sound and energy. His huge hit “Cockney Thug” has been played by everyone from Pete Tong, Switch, Diplo and Santogold. And has been remixed by Buraka Som sistema, Diplo, Drop the Lime and the Scratch Perverts.

COMEDY BOX Piff the Mgic Dragon

show Last of the Magic Dragons.

£5 adv

‘Unbelievable’ - BBC1 | ‘Top Three Picks of the Fringe’ - The One Show | ‘Cute, Inspired and Very Funny’ - Time Out | ‘Gloriously Grumpy!’ - | ‘The last of his species: a card trickster who is funny.’ - The Skinny | ‘One of our favourite discoveries of 2009’ - Three Weeks | ‘A great act’ - Jonathan Ross | ‘One of the most magical things we’ve ever seen’ - Penn & Teller

Divas, Oct 4th, 8pm

Accompanied by Mr Piffles, the World’s First Levitating Chihuahua™, Piff returns to Edinburgh in 2011 with his new

societies 28

Sin City, Oct 7th, 7.30pm £3

Sin City, Monthly, 10pm

Piff the Magic Dragon, is a former Hackney Empire New Act of the Year finalist and Edinburgh Fringe favourite. Piff has appeared in the West End as part of La Soiree (formerly La Clique), performed a sell-out run in Australia, and is currently on a fifty date UK theatre tour as part of An Evening of Burlesque at venues including the O2 and Blackpool Grand.

culture 27

Psycho Kiss, Eleven, Shweet

 Silent Disco


fashion 26



Yet another collaboration from and Sin City... A night that is as groundbreaking in terms of indivduality as it is in terms of excitement!y The Silent Disco is a night with no amplified sound what-so-ever! You and and those around will part take in the biggest silent party around! Of course we call it a silent disco but it is far from silent! The sound of a packed out Sin City dancefloor as any student whose anyone sing and dance the night away is enough to raise the roof and electrify the air!


travel 25


Sin City, Dec 3rd, 8pm

They are a hard working live tribute to The Who, and capture a magical point in time when The Who were the greatest live rock ‘n’ roll band around. Our live show aims to recreate this period in the 1970’s with an explosive live sound and stage act, plus authentic stage wear and instruments. The result is a time capsule ride back to the days of Live at Leeds and The Isle of Wight Festival, with a selection of early hits and 70’s stadium classics.


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October 3, 2011

Psycho Kiss formed out of the ashes of Sister Bliss in 1994 by Helen and Penfold who were studying perfoming arts at Neath College. The original line up consisted of Helen Ceri Jones, Penfold, Paul O Brien, Neil Rogers and Rebecca Williams. After some great gigs promoting their first self titled EP , including some great nights at Bogiez, Cardiff and Llanharan RFC, the band had it’s only line up change with Becky and Neil leaving the band. A new line up was complete with Jason Sims on Bass. Their second EP ‘Skint’ did well and saw the band playing gigs at Birminghams Exposure Rock Cafe’s, where they supported bands like ‘Whatever’ and ‘The Scrap Iron Scientists’. The band crashed and burned in 1998............. Psycho Kiss have now returned........ Come one, come all....and let the madness begin.......AGAIN!!



Going for the record - In ST yle

the Big gig




You Me at Six

Kasabian are back in the charts this September showcasing an evolution of sound and talent with their fourth album Velociraptor!, writes Adam Rennie. Having a reputation for being one of the most experimental indie-rock bands in the music industry, it has certainly been exposed through this new 11-track, near-flawless masterpiece. From their unapologetic track Days are forgotten to the more reminiscent Goodbye kiss, the band display extreme versatility lyrically and emotionally. As well as a range of experimental sounds, from the psychedelic echoes in la fee verte to the more techno-inspired track switchblade, the band’s newest work will certainly not go unnoticed. Their tunes are guaranteed to pull in crowds and kindle arenas and stadiums across the globe. This band’s success has not just been down to their individuality, but their ability to stay ahead with a modern sound. Fear not music lovers, as the real album of the year has arrived.

From the Surrey-based rock group that brought you ‘Underdog’ and ‘Finders Keepers’; You Me at Six releases ‘Loverboy’ from upcoming album ‘Sinners Never Sleep’, writes Alex Gibbs. ‘Loverboy’ discusses how eventually people get what is coming to them. The single has an upbeat rhythm, attached to Josh Franceschi’s endless supply of powerful vocals, and some classic YMAS guitar riffs. Similar to Underdog, it has an incredibly catchy chorus that fans cannot help but belt out. Fans of YMAS’s ‘Hold Me Down’ album will be relieved that they have not altered their fierce pop-punk style and maintained music originality.


Wheatus, by Simon Brass

Ultimate one-hit wonders 

Wheatus and the song that made them, Teenage Dirtbag, are not forgotten. The one hit wonder about teenage hardships is celebrated by the likes of All Time Low and Weezer, and has sold over five million copies to date. No wonder Swansea University’s ‘Skeleton Rave’ chose an unforgettable band to provide the soundtrack to this potentially record-breaking event. Relive the quintessential one hit wonder and have a great night out at the Campus Marquee on the Saturday, 8 October. Emerging from the lower east side NYC downtown music scene during the mid-90s, the long Island based singer/ songwriter Brendan B Brown formed Wheatus as a driving force for his humorously energetic rock songs. The band has had an extremely dynamic career, from their biggest hit Teenage Dirtbag released back in 2000 to their subsequent split from their former label Sony. Since then, Wheatus stepped away from the spotlight, but despite the career woes the band is still continuing to work independently through a label set-up by themselves named Montauk Mantis. Since the beginning of the millennium Wheatus have released 4 studio albums – one being a rerelease edition - and 4 EPs, and show no signs of slowing down. They have been on tour for the past two years in the US and are embarking on a 32-date tour of the UK. In total, Wheatus has gone through 23 band members, whilst maintaining boyish flair and turning painful memories into humorous lyrics. Wheatus’ first three albums persevered with pop melodies, accompanied by Brown’s high-pitched vocals, trying to regain ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ reputation. Latest EP’s ‘Pop, Songs and Death: Vol 1 and 2’ strip back from old material, with a downbeat tempo that brings powerful emotions, offering up a side of Wheatus that fans would not expect. Wheatus showed promising skill through covers of Benatar’s ‘Hit Me with Your Best Shot’ and Erasure’s ‘A Little Respect’. Wheatus are demonstrating their determination as an unsigned act by touring America and Britain, whilst using a ‘pay what you want’ scheme on latest EPs.

Chase & Status No More idols

‘No More Idols’ is the second studio album from the collaboration kings of Drum and Bass, writes Alex Gibbs. With five singles from the album reaching the top 40 charts, Chase and Status have built a remarkable reputation. Working with the likes of Ceelo Green, Tinie Tempah and Sub Focus, they demonstrate their determination and passion for breaking into mainstream. ‘No More Idols’ overflows with an impressive mixture of sounds from Delilah’s sweet emotional melody to Tempah T’s exaggerated, impulsive rant. Clearly Chase and Status are not afraid to transform the definition of Drum and Bass, by experimenting with genres like indie, reggae and soul, rather than filling the album with nothing but heavy bass rhythms. Chase and Status have an enigmatic style, suggesting that they are no ‘one trick pony’.


Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse Body and Soul

The jazz veteran teams up with a tragic icon in this spine-tingling cover version of a hit made popular over 80 years ago, writes Adam Rennie. The song starts with a hypnotic piano and harp combination, and as it progresses Bennett’s vocals make it impossible for listeners to press the fast forward button. Then you hear the vocals of the late Ms Winehouse, her voice a true testament as to why she was and still is adored by millions and that she may be gone but never forgotten. There is a melodic and soulful back and forward between the pair before an explosive sunset of vocals that stops the listener in their tracks. This is definitely a very satisfying, one last taste of the late Amy Winehouse’s extreme talent.

Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris We Found Love

Not even a year after her fifth studio effort loud, The Barbadian popsongstress is back with an exciting first taste of her sixth studio album, writes Adam Rennie. In this newest track Rihanna does what Rihanna does best - sing with confidence and exude energy against a euphoric beat guaranteed to get everyone dancing in the clubs or even in the privacy of their own homes. Produced by Calvin Harris, this new cut from Rihanna’s back catalogue certainly stays true to her preferred use of a variety of producers, taking risks with her sound and style. Get ready RiRi fans as this song will not disappoint.

Summer 2011 Summer of 2011 has brought forth some memorable blockbusters. Jyoti Mistry and Andy Williams cast a keen eye over some of the best

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 2 In the last instalment, Harry, Ron and Hermione race to find the remaining horcruxes which are helping to keep Lord Voldemort alive eternally. Having regained the magic of previous films, the finale is dramatic and action packed, and fans should be happy with Harry and Voldemort’s spectacular final confrontation. Although quite cheesy in places, this can be overlooked as the final film proved to be a worthy climax for a series which has spanned ten years, seen the audience grow up with the main characters and has gone on to become the most successful film franchises of our time. BRIDESMAIDS Touted as the female version of The Hangover, Bridesmaids is a smart comedy about the perils of being a bridesmaid. Kristen Wiig is brilliant as Annie; the maid-of-honour whose life is falling apart. Annie has to watch as best friend Lillian plans her wedding and grows closer to a rival bridesmaid. Mentions must go to Melissa McCarthy as the groom’s oddly sexual sister and Chris O’Dowd (The IT Crowd), as a traffic cop who Annie finds herself drawn to. Those who have been bridesmaids will relate to the underlying emotions and awkwardness, whilst the sheer hilarity of the situations the bridesmaids find themselves in is enjoyable for all. RISE OF PLANET OF THE APES James Franco (above) stars in this prequel/reboot of the classic sci-fi story.


Origin stories can often detract from the original masterpieces, however, Rise is a great addition to the series, boasting a very impressive motion-capture performance from Andy Serkis (Gollum, King Kong) as head of the ape uprising, Ceasar. For a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster, Rise is a very well told tale and manages to make the franchise fresh again. ONE DAY Based on the best selling novel by David Nicholls, One Day tells the story of Emma and Dexter who spent the night together on July 15th 1988. The story follows them on this date over the next 20 years. The premise for One Day sounds simple, but it leaves the viewer wanting to know more about the characters. Instead of showing major events in their lives, they are simply referred to with one line of dialogue when in actuality the events themselves are far more interesting. Anne Hathaway’s Emma is supposed to be from Yorkshire, however Hathaway only remembers this in certain scenes as her accent goes from Keira Knightly-esque to sounding like she’s from Emmerdale. While the film is a fresh take on the love story, it lacks the emotional depth of other films of the genre .

DRIVE - Starring Ryan Gosling ,

left, as a Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver. He discovers a contract has been put on his head after a heist gone wrong.

2 RED STATE - Made on a miniscule

budget, this latest Kevin Smith offering differs vastly from his previous comedies. Telling the story of a group of teens who receive an invitation for sex, they soon encounter fundamentalists with a far different agenda.

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October 3, 2011



he Inbetweeners

Fans of the TV show will not be disappointed with the big screen version and neither will be those who have never seen an episode. Will, Simon, Neil and Jay are leaving school having finished their exams, writes Jyoti Mistry. After a depressing final week, which includes a death and a dumping, a lads holiday to Malia is booked with the promise of sun, sea and “clunge”. However, in typical Inbetweeners fashion, the latter may prove to be more of a misguided hope, which of course provides amusement at the expense of the boys themselves. This is all despite constantly bumping into four girls who seem to have developed a soft spot for our four hopeless heroes. As always, Will’s witty commentary provides narration on those holiday customs that are so intrinsically British. The film has the familiar feel of a half hour episode, and by doing so, helps to translate the winning formula of The Inbetweeners from small screen to big. That being said, it does not feel simply like an extended episode. There is something different which allows the film to be enjoyed by all as a standalone comedy as well the conclusion to a brilliant TV series.


ane Eyre

Remaking a classic period drama is always tough ground to tread. writes Andy Williams. Very few people will go into this version not knowing the story. With that in mind, this version attempts to shoehorn all the main story arc from the novel, although to those that have not read the book it may end up feeling disjointed. The film lacks flow and ends up feeling more like a collection of scenes. Credit to Michael Fassbender’ for his performance as Mr Rochester as the film seems to glow in his aura every time he appears on screen. That is not to say that Mia Wasikowska’s performance as the eponymous Jane Eyre is in any way overshadowed. Although having some towering performances, Jane Eyre is all over the place, leaving its audience wondering exactly what is happening.


urassic Park

Being re-released in cinemas ahead of its Blu-Ray release, Jurassic Park is easily one of the most influential films of its time, writes Andy Williams. Originally released in 1993, the special effects and computer-generated images are spectacular; a feat enhanced by the cinema experience. Jurassic Park tells the story of a theme park created by using the DNA left behind in fossilised mosquitoes to recreate dinosaurs. However, things go awry when the park loses all power during a pre-opening tour and the dinosaurs begin to attack. Jurassic Park is a thrilling watch and holds up perfectly well in cinemas today. Thoroughly entertaining and very well made; it puts some modern blockbusters to shame.

riends with Benefits

The film tells the story of Dylan and Jamie trying to play the risky game of casual sex between friends, writes Shelley-Marie Phillips. Although the film may succumb to the generic rom-com formula and a predictable ending, the chemistry between Timberlake and Kunis adds to the brilliant balance of raunchiness, sweetness and friendship. The film’s smart and witty dialogue satisfies where No Strings Attached failed, it also has enough relatable moments to forgive the predictability of the story, and enough cheesy Hollywood moments to make it a feel good watch. A word of warning: If you’re a man, don’t take your girlfriend if you don’t want to feel inferior to Justin Timberlake’s beautifully sculpted body for the rest of your life, and if you’re a woman, don’t take your boyfriend unless you want to feel like a troll compared to the goddess that is Mila Kunis.



e v e r y t h i n g t e c h n i c a l . e v e r y t h i n g s t u d e n t.

The Smart phone war

spotlight Every week we ask a reader to put a product in the spotlight. This week Fliss Ludgate looks at the new HTC Android Smartphone, with a 1.2 Ghz Dual Core.


or almost every student coming to Swansea, a mobile phone will be a lifeline to home, friends, relatives and of course, taxis at three in the morning. But out of the huge array of phones out there, who has what and what does it all mean to you? Well to start, around 50% of phones in active use now are smartphones (which means they can install applications or Apps) and for students this figure is more likely nearer 75%. Brand loyalty seems to be a big issue with smartphone. Every user has their online life channelled through one device, so no wonder opinions are divided. There’s a constant battle between the big three smartphone creators (iPhone, Android and BlackBerry) to make their device more appealing. Becca Taylor (Third Year History and

Politics) talked about her HTC Android phone: “I’ve got the Desire, and it’s about a year old. I chose it because it seemed to do everything the iPhone did, just as well for less money. However, if I had to choose a new phone, I’d go Apple, as the HTC has let me down quite a lot.”

“I have found the HTC sensation incredibly easy, fun and exciting to use. It is my first smartphone and so far I’m really impressed. I love being able to switch between Facebook, Google, messaging and all the apps so quickly. “It feels lightning fast and the keypad is simple to use. It feels solid and safe in my hand and the camera is great. It’s worked perfectly with my WiFi connection so I don’t have to worry. “It was free on a £27/month contract with O2 (RRP £499.99)

What will this mean for you? Only a more confusing array of gadgets from even more manufacturers, but at a wider variety of budgets. iPhones are still going to be a “premium” item, that is part of the product, it’s a status symbol. What will change is that Android, in a bid to be the only other non-iPhone choice, will try and emulate the “idiot proof” status that Apple has enjoyed for so long.

rumour The iPhone 5 Launch Hannah Botting looks at the new iPhone launch, at Apple’s HQ. Apple is to release the new iPhone 5 on Tuesday, 4th October. The new model is expected to be a simpler version of the iphone4 in a bid for Apple to enter China’s smartphone market. Although the iphone4 was the best selling smart phone of 2010, it hasn’t previously impressed in Asia.

review Kindle Third Generation Callum Waters looks at the new offering by Amazon of the Kindle Now smaller than ever but with a capacity of 4GB, which equates to 3,500 books, it is as portable and in-depth as ever. The clarity of the screen has improved making reading in the sun a breeze. The biggest drawback is there is no touchscreen interface which makes navigating clumsy. From just £111, it’s a bargain.

5 things...

Do you want to put a gadget or game in the spotlight? Email

track it

secure it

PreyProject Install this free program to track your laptop if it gets stolen If you haven’t got this great program on your computer, download it right now. Not later on, right this second! If your computer ever stolen, just log in to the website and it can tell you its location, grab screenshots and even take a photo of the bandit! This free service ups the chance of getting your laptop back from 3% to over 70%! Only takes a moment.

block it RFID Blocking Wallet Make sure that you’re protected against the new cybercrime The new way to steal your money means the thief doesn’t even touch you! A walk past someone carrying a small RFID scanning device can virutally mug you, swiping your credit card details and bank card numbers. This wallet (RRP £19.99) can block the scanning signals and protect you. It’s an increasing crime and virtually untraceable, with few being jailed.

Kensington Lock

... To Secure Your Stuff T

here’s no worse feeling in the world: You come back to your room to find the window broken and your laptop is missing. The feeling of your stomach dropping and thought of the financial loss fades in comparison to the four months of coursework that was saved on there, with no backup. In a world dominated by mobile technology, it is hardly surprising that 95% of students arrived at universities with a laptop or netbook in September 2011. It’s so important to protect your laptop from being stolen and there is a wealth of devices to help you do just that.

Students Union Welfare Officer Charlotte Britton has in the past proved how careless security leads to an increase in theft . During Operation Hand in the Hendrofolian Student Village late last academic year, post-it note style hands were left in unlocked accommodation by the police team. Also, make sure you’ve got expensive electrical gadgets covered with specific insurance., featured on TV adverts, has given The Waterfront an exclusive discount code. Enter “SSEAUNI10” on the website to receive 10% off your monthly premium.

Physically secure your laptop with a cheap and easy lock Available from eBay for only a few pounds, most laptops and netbooks have a small rounded rectanglar hole, possibly with a “K” enscription. This is where the lock connects and is then chained to the main chassis, making a casual theft impossible. Even a determined thief would spend a few hours trying to sever the twisted steal wires.

watch it Vitamin D Video A free CCTV program to see what happens when you’re not there This free service lets you use a webcam and use it as a CCTV system. You can select sections of a room to watch, email alerts and even sound an alarm if an intruder is detected. Even if it’s just seeing who goes in your cupboards, this nifty little program allows you to make sure you’re safe. Just make other people aware it’s running in communal areas.


thewaterfront 204 03.10.11


t h e fas h i o n pa c k r e t u rns

Trend Review glitter,


navajo & houndstooth This autumn/winter the catwalks have been flooded with a range of different styles, thus providing the High Street with plenty of choice to re-create the looks. Here Jessica Caruana picks her favourite trends and explains how to achieve them. Navajo is one of the predominant styles this year and originates from the designs created by Native American tribes. It is perfect for the autumn owing to its earthy colours. This look was seen on the Pucci catwalks and has taken the High Street by storm. To channel your inner Pocahontas invest in a woollen poncho, or to give the look a twist. Asos has a Reverse dress in Navajo skull print for £39. This is a perfect student look and can be dressed down in the day with a pair of boots and woolly tights, or worn with stiletto heels for a night out. The next trend is one you may remember making an appearance a few years back. The houndstooth is a classic look and on the YSL catwalks it came in the form of tailored dresses and jackets, worn with leather gloves and chokers. For on campus, try Topshop’s Houndstooth lace-up brogues retailing at £28. Finally the biggest trend this year keeps on sparkling. Dolce and Gabbana have perfected the glitter look, incorporating it into a number of designs. They teamed it with tailored suits, brogues and braces to give the androgynous look a feminine twist. They went for full on glamour at the end of their show with a mix of sequinned star print dresses. The look is very 1920s however; investing in this trend is wise as it continues through to S/S 2012 in the form of the Studio 54 look. For students on a budget Dorothy Perkins and New Look are both stocking glittery gold heels.

Coming soon... for men.

The manbag, River island £40

This season men will be wearing roll neck jumpers, lacing up suede brogues and carrying a man bag. Also, check out Topman’s new fragrance which retails at a mere £16.

Topman Fragrance £16

Suede brogues, Schuh £65 Roll Neck Jumpers, Zara £29.99

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October 3, 2011

show me your wardrobe

In this new feature Alice Simpkin delves into the wardrobes of Swansea’s chicest students to uncover their style secrets. But first she unveils her own wardrobe... Describe your style Eclectic! My wardrobe has everything from simple knits to gold sequinned harem trousers, a flamingo print maxi dress, and a masculine tuxedo jumpsuit. Where do you get inspiration from? I’m a magazine addict. I buy so many I have no space for them so I stick images I love on my wardrobe like a child! I trawl for hours (often in lectures!) and spend too much time reading street style blogs like

Who are your style icons? I’m not a celebrity worshipper; most of them just have amazing stylists. However I do have a girl crush on Beyoncé mainly for her fierce, sexy confidence! I’m in awe of Vivienne Westwood too because I’m determined to look that eccentric at her age. What is your favourite wardrobe item? Definitely my Louis Vuitton Speedy 35. It was an 18th birthday present from my parents so has sentimental value.

My mum christened it my ‘eco-friendly bag’ because I’d never need to buy another bag again. What is your item of shame? My embarrassing clothes are in charity shops because I can never fit everything in my wardrobe! However I have a dress I bought in the sales for a tenner. It’s frilly, dirty gold and awful! I figured I could customise it with my sewing machine but it’s only good for tacky Christmas fancy dress! What is the one accessory you always turn to? Geek glasses! I can’t get enough. I even have a pair with heart shaped tortoise shell frames. They are perfect for detracting from my hungover face! Where are your favourite places to shop and your key fashion tip? H&M for surprise bargains. Topshop for unique pieces. for heels that visually say Office but financially qualify for Tooters abuse! I love a charity shop rummage and if I’m home I hit Manchester’s Northern Quarter vintage emporiums. Keep an open mind. Trends come and go, style is timeless.

Are you interested in being part of this feature? Just e-mail us on waterfront. and get involved!

splurgespendsave This week Jessica O’Donnell finds three perfect on-trend outfits to fit anyone’s budget - shopping has never been so easy. All of the pieces that have been chosen are readily available to buy on the Swansea high street or online.


These amazing leopard wedges are from New Look at £24.99; Leather-look skirt, H&M £19.99; Red vest top, £3 Primark ; Leopard Print headscarf, £2, Primark. This outfit totals 49.98!


Peter Pan collar dress from Topshop, £50; Oasis bag, £22 and patent brogues from New Look, £19.99, totalling at £98.99.


This slouchy look includes: Black leggings, £3, Primark ; Mustard oversized slouchy T, 5.99, New Look; Scarf , £6, Evans, adding up to £14.99 exactly.



E n h a n c e yo u r s t u d e n t e x p e r i e n c e

How to survive the first social AFTER Fresher’s Fair, you are likely to receive numerous e-mails from every society that you willingly gave your address to about a first social. Here are a few tips to survive:


Fayre was not so fresh, but definitely frantic! T

he first day of the annual Fresher’s Fayre last week was swamped by hordes of people eager to sign up to more than 100 societies in the hope of enhancing their student experience, writes James Langridge. It was a hot, sunny day and the atmosphere inside the marquee on Fulton House lawn was reminiscent of the Black Hole of Calcutta as students struggled through the crowds to reach their society or sports club of choice. Societies and businesses hoping to attract student custom were giving

away sweets, magazines and music, but other societies tried more imaginative ways of grabbing attention. The German Society drew crowds, for example, by having president Jon May (see right) strutting around the Fresher’s marquee in traditional Lederhosen (shorts and braces to you). The Ancient History Society members ran with this idea and all dressed up as Romans. It was a hot, tiring day for everyone manning the stalls, but the overwhelming opinion was that it had all been worthwhile.

Bright Futures

Reem al-hassani

ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH This sounds like such an obvious statement to make but it is surprising how many people feel compelled to tell a lie because they feel inadequate. Many people feel worried if they study an ordinary subject and then talk to someone who, for example, studies Biomedical Engineering. Although this may sound impressive, remember that you’ll walk out with similar accreditation at the end of your degree and you should be proud of what you study.

Jon May and Chris Penn

society SPOTLIGHT THE Bright Futures society helps students to gain the skills, knowledge and competencies required to succeed within a competitive job market whilst connecting employers to the best student talent. Employers affiliated with Bright Futures include Centrica, Deloitte and IBM. They host events throughout the year with graduate recruiters who are actively looking for students who stand out from the crowd.

It is important to remember that you are in the same boat as everyone else. Although you might feel apprehensive about talking to people that are virtually strangers, it’s easy. Ask the necessary questions that everyone will have an answer for such as their name, subject area and level. As many societies will happily admit, the first meeting is also the most difficult for them. So, start with an open frame of mind and willingly talk to as many people as possible.

They believe that having a degree is no longer enough and that being part of the Bright Futures Society shows employers you are pro-active and driven around your academic studies and will help you differentiate yourself from a growing student population. Network with top employers, make informed career choices, enter the business champions competition - and get yourself headhunted!

BE PREPARED FOR A LITTLE CONFUSION In most cases, people that hold the positions responsible for running the society are often new. Therefore, the initial socials might have a sense of confusion and disjointedness as the committees are also finding their feet. So, it is important to be open minded and pragmatic – do not dismiss them as unorganised but just go with the flow.

FIND THE SOCIETY OR SPORTS CLUB THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU Been to Fresher’s Fair and not seen the Society that you wanted to join? For information about starting a Society e-mail


e v e r y t h i n g C a r e e r s . e v e r y t h i n g s t u d e n t.

Think ahead to get ahead, warn careers advisors Thinking ahead to what you’ll do when you’ve finished your degree? Then don’t miss out on all the valuable help available from the university’s careers team. Jo Davies describes some of the ways they can help you to take your first steps on a career ladder. Find us in the Library and online OUR helpdesk is on the ground floor of the Library in the central hall. It’s open throughout the year (not just term-time) from 9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday (10.00 am – 5 pm Tuesday). Our website at is a gateway to information on career s, further study options and job search skills,. We provide lots of information on Blackboard too, including the “Profiling for Success” aptitude tests and personal development assessments. These give you the chance to try out the kinds of selection tests employers use and get confidential feedback reports by email for FREE.

Advice from the Careers Team Getting your head around career ideas may seem daunting to start with, but we can help you break it down into manageable bite-size chunks, with face to face help and also online advice through our website. To make an appointment for an informal chat with an Adviser you can book online at www. We can help with any career topic you want to discuss, such as CVs, application forms, preparing for interviews – any many more. If you are unable to come and see us, you can use our confidential e-guidance service at Advicebyemail/ which is available to all students currently registered at Swansea University.

Jobs, internships and work while you study In the Jobs section of our site at www.swansea. you will find our database of UK-wide vacancies notified direct to Careers and Employability including jobs for after you graduate, immediate graduate vacancies, work experience placements, voluntary work, and temporary casual jobs in the Swansea area. As well as our own database, you’ll find links to many other sources of jobs and work experience opportunities, for example:

The Careers Fair and Talks Programme Don’t miss the Careers Fair on 20 October, and our programme of talks by visiting employers! These events are your chance to talk to people you may want to work with. The Talks Programme runs throughout the year, but most of the talks happen during the autumn term and early spring term. Keep an eye at for news of these events, and book online for talks.

GO Wales Work Experience Programme We work in partnership with Graduate Opportunities Wales (GO Wales), and GO Wales Guidance and Placement Officers are based with the Careers and Employability Team in the Library. The GO Wales programme offers work placements and work taster opportunities throughout Wales. •Placements provide paid project-based work

Graduate Prospects Visit for a wide range of indepth Careers Information resources dedicated to Higher Education students and graduates.

in both small and large companies, charitable organisations and public sector bodies based in Wales, together with the chance to gain a Professional Development Award. •Work tasters are unpaid, but may fill the gap where placements are not always possible – you may have an idea about a job and want to try it out first. For more information visit or contact Careers and Employability. Gradintel – be discovered! Gradintel is another of our key partners. This is an innovative online job-matching service where you can fine-tune your profile so that it can be matched with jobs, placements and internships in the right niche for you. Visit Jobshop If you need to work while you study, our Jobshop service provides information about opportunities in the Swansea area during term-time and vacation periods. See our page on temporary and part-time work at Workwhileyoustudy/.

Employability IS THE KEY


degree is important for getting a great job, but employers look for much more than a degree when choosing which graduates to employ. Gaining experience and developing skills while you study and during vacation periods will give you a competitive edge. But what exactly do you want to

do when you graduate? What kind of work would suit you? Many types of work require you to have had some experience before you apply. The Swansea Employability Award helps you to explore who you are and then gain experience and develop skills. If you complete the SEA it will be recorded on your Higher Education

Achievement Record, HEAR. There are two main modules to the SEA following registration. The first module is about finding out more about yourself: what you value in life, your personality type, learning styles, what jobs might suit you, then marketing yourself by creating a CV and covering letter. The module finishes with an

interview with a Careers Adviser. The second module is about getting experiences. These experiences may follow on from the first module or they may be general experiences and can be work experiences, volunteering, positions of responsibility, to name but a few. Following the completion of these experiences you will have a mock

job interview. For each element of the two modules you need to record your experiences and thoughts in relation to your career plans.

Visit to find out more and register to participate in the SEA.

Issue 204  

3rd October 2011