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08 March 2010 - Issue 188



Florence and the Machine Headline the Summer Ball By Tom Maya and James Taylor Culture and Music Editors AT THE Re-Fresher’s Fayre, Ents asked students who they would love to see at the Summer Ball. The most popular answer was Florence and the Machine - and we’ve got them! At the BRIT AWARDS, Florence and the Machine won Best Album and were nominated for British Breakthrough Act and British Female, but it was the unforgettable performance of “You’ve Got The Love” with Dizzie Rascal that stole the show. Soon after the awards ceremony the song was released on iTunes and reached number one in the charts in no time. It is performances like this we can expect to see at what will hopefully be a sunny Swansea day. The guys at Ents have worked hard trying to book this act over a number of months. We spoke to Jamie Tagg at Ents about this year’s summer ball and asked what he thought of the line up this year. He told us that “I think without a doubt it’s the best we’ve ever had. We’re all proud of it.” He went on to say that “I think with Florence and the Machine, where she is in the charts today and how popular she is, on the back of the success of last year, I think it will be much bigger and much better event.” SU Welfare Officer, told The Waterfront “I’m really excited to see them play at the summer ball, after performances I have seen over the past week on the TV and internet.” However, Florence and the Machine are just one segment of a huge night that the Summer Ball has to offer. If the words “Teenage Dirtbag” were said to you, instinctively you would jump to our next huge band – Wheatus. The

American-grown rock band are travelling across the pond to sunny Swansea, in time for the one day festival. Many of you will remember the band for their hit single “Teenage Dirtbag” but also for their sensational cover of Erasure’s “A Little Respect”. I expect to hear these two cheesy classics being bellowed out by 5,000 students on June the 9th. The band consists of singer Brendan Brown, drummer Kevin Garcia, bass guitarist Matthew Milligan, backing vocals from Johanna Cranitch and Karlie

Bruce and finally Gerard Hoffmann on keyboard. The early Noughties band recently brought out their new album ‘Pop, Songs and Death’ available to download, despite a long succession of technical difficulties, including a server crash of their own website. Yet the band will be here on June 9th to show us all what we have missed for so long. Another unmissable band is indie based band 2 Door Cinema Club. For those of you unfamiliar with their work, 2 Door Cinema Club are “3 people

with the help of technology and a thirst for anything quirky” as stated by their MySpace page. The band’s influences are from the likes of Bloc Party and Arcade Fire with their own unique edge brought into the mix. The band were originally booked to play at Divas at our very own Riff Raff nights, but a last minute cancellation denied the indie crazed fans the escapism this band brings out in their music. Definitely not a band to miss. Finally, the guys at Ents Box Office

have managed to travel to the depths of Neverland and grab the famous Navi – Michael Jackson Tribute Act. There are many rumours that Navi has actually had facial surgery to look just like his late hero Michael, yet his off-the-wall dance moves and vocals are all natural. Also watch out for the winners of the annual Battle of the Bands, who are also part of this surreal line up. Turn to Page 3


WATERFRONT 188 - 08/03/10

Editorial So it has finally been confirmed! The Summer Ball headliners for 2010 will be none other than BRIT AWARD winners Florence and the Machine. 2010 is sure to be one of the best Summer Balls yet so be sure not to miss out and make sure you guys get your tickets on the 17th of March! I also personally can’t wait to see up and coming Northern Irish indie rock group Two Door Cinema Club, who will also play the main stage alongside Florence and Wheatus. I first saw these guys last June at Glastonbury where they took to the BBC Introducing stage in front of no more than about 180 people. Anyone who was lucky enough to see that set last summer walked away with the knowledge that they were going to be something special as they absolutely rocked that tent. I can’t wait to see them perform again in front of a grander scale of 5,000 people that are expected at Abbey Meadow, almost exactly twelve months on from when I first heard of them. Away from thoughts of Summer, TODAY also sees the start of the one day ticket sale for Varsity 2010. Don’t forget to get in their first and obtain your tickets available with a package deal. This is the first Varsity rugby match to be played in Swansea for almost ten years, so another huge event to get involved with and behind as we all have hope of reclaiming the trophy from Cardiff come April the 28th. For more action, information and quotes on the build up to Varsity, see our Sports section! The last few weeks of term are no doubt busy for everyone, none more so than for the nineteen candidates running for sabbatical election this week! The best of luck to all of you, I hope you enjoy the week. A full list of candidates as well as information of how and where to vote are available inside a special pre-election pull out of this edition. The Waterfront, Xtreme Radio and SU tube will be teaming to bring you the best and fastest coverage of all the election action throughout the night, so tune in and turn on to get the results with us first. Also don’t forget to look out for our special election edition of The Waterfront complete with photos, behind the scenes information and results from all the candidates THIS FRIDAY 12th of March! This is however out last full edition of the term, how the year is flying by! Hope that you have all had a good one, no doubt I will see you all in Oceana/Sin City. Have a great Easter break,

Inside this week’s edition

SU 2010 ELECTIONS President: Paul CARGEEG Luke YOUNG Societies and Services: Craig LAWTON Raechel MATTEY Getting into the sporting spirit. VARSITY 2010 IS COMING. Read up about the AU’s publicity stunt last Monday and how you can get your hands on a package price ticket! - Page 4



Education Officer: Callum ALLSOP Simon DARVILL Scott David DAVIES Luke JAMES Samuel LOVELESS Alice McLINTOCK Kyle SOULSBY Angharad WILLIAMS

POLLING DAYS: Wednesday 10th March – In Hendrefoelan Village from 1-7pm Thursday 11th March – On Campus from 9.30am-7pm REMEMBER! Bring your student card!


Women’s Officer: Raegan HEALY Sarah RAMPLING

HUSTINGS (GRILL THE CANDIDATES) Monday 8th March - In JC’s This is your chance to question the candidates on ANY issues that concern you!


Welfare Officer: Charlotte BRITTON Lance HORSEY James KERR Ben SHAW

International Officer: Andy PATTON

ELECTION WEEK: 4th – 11th March – Campaigns kick off for all candidates

All the best, James


Candidates for THIS WEEK’S

Not quite Teenage Dirtbags anymore! Despite that Wheatus took time out of their busy shedule to talk to us ahead of their Summer Ball preformace all the way from the States. Check out their interview in the music section - Page 18

ELECTION NIGHT/MORNING: Thursday 11th March/Friday 12th March


Photo’s Galore! Check out our NEW two page spread dedicated to photography and some of the best work our students can produce. Pages 22 and 27

Stuck Campaigning: Cartoon by Martin Maxwell

News 03

Vox Pops

Summer Ball Fact File Name: 2 Door Cinema Club

Name: Navi

Famous for: Hit single “Undercover Martyn”

Famous for: Looking and dancing like the King of Pop

Originated from: Bangor and Donaghadee, Northern Ireland

Highlights: Visited Michael Neverland many times

Highlights: Toured with the likes of Delphic and the Wombats

Random Fact: Worked as a decoy for Michael Jackson for several years

Famous for: Hit single “Teenage Dirtbag”

Famous for: Hit single “You’ve Got The Love”

Highlights: Both singles reaching the top three in the UK charts

Highlights: Singing with Dizzee Rascal at the Brit awards 2010/ Number 1 UK album

Tickets will be on sale at the Ents Box Office on the 17th March for a ONE DAY SALE. This is your only chance to grab a ticket for the prestigious event. It

Ben Kennedy - SU Staff “I wouldn’t think it would work at all, I think they might be able to stop it on campus catering but I don’t think students would agree with that. I think students would be quite annoyed. Maybe they should put up

Originated from: New York

Originated from: London



chewing gum bins like they do in town.”

Random Fact: The band were originally meant to do the theme tune for the Jackie Chan adventures, with a song titles “Punk Ass Bitch” is also possible to buy tickets on the day online at swanseaents. As advice to students, Ents tell us “It’s a bit of a cliché but just buy tickets as soon as you can, because there is no doubt we are going to sell out. This will be the best event of the year. Tickets

will be £40, but if you feel you cannot afford the full amount don’t worry, as you can pay a 50% deposit of just £20 on the day and not have to pay the other £20 until term begins again in April. Dress code is “black tie”, so it’s a chance for all the girls to rush off to Jane Norman and grab that ‘life changing’ dress, and

for all the guys to grab that all important ‘interview suit’ that’s collecting dust in the wardrobe. Circle and keep the June 9th on your calendars free, as the Summer Ball is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Rebbecca Jones 3rd year Law “Nice idea, but won’t make any difference. It might help a tiny bit but there’s a shop in Brynmill so you go there on the way to uni to buy it anyway.”

A sticky spot By Thore Haugstad News Reporter THE UNIVERSITY has banned the sale of chewing gum from its Campus Catering outlets in a stance against littering and disrespectful behavior to campus facilities. Stopping sales will cost the university around £1500 a year in commercial interests and come into effect when the existing stock is sold out, leaving Student Union shops as the only places where chewing gum is sold at campus. The University has already made plans to improve the campus facilities through a large re-development project, but is reluctant to see their efforts ruined by people dropping chewing gum and litter. The Waterfront has learnt that the new Mall paving stretching from the library and alongside the Faraday building has been bombarded with gum since its renovation and restoration over the past six months, leading university bosses to take a moral stance against such behavior. Craig Nowell, Director of Estates and Facilities Management, told The Waterfront: “We want to engender a culture of respect and tolerance for the built environment and public realm so that it is there for all to enjoy. “It isn’t necessarily going to stop people throwing gum on the floor, but we want to take a moral position

What do you think about the University’s decision to ban chewing gum from Campus Catering shops?

Name: Wheatus

Name: Florence and the Machine

Continued from Front Page

What’s your opinion?

and show that we’re willing to take a financial hit in order not to contribute to the problem. “We don’t want to encourage people to throw gum so we’re going to help people by not selling it and remove the temptation. “If people still throw gum then it’s an active decision by them. Obviously you can’t stop people buying it off site, but that’s something we can’t control.” According to Nowell, the intention to stop sales is to raise awareness about disrespectful actions towards the facilities and make students think about their own actions. Despite a financial losses of £1500 a year, Nowell believes the ban will represent good value for money if successful. “Litter and gum on the floor, ignoring smoking signs, and throwing cigarette stubs are all part of a behavioral issue,” he added. “What we’re trying to do is to use the cessation of gum as a platform on which we can promote a debate. “If we can achieve that for £1500 a year, then I think that’s good value for money.” At a termly meeting between Estates, Student Services and the Student Union, The Waterfront has learnt that Nowell asked the SU to join him in tackling the gum littering issue by extending the ban to all SU run shops, which would include the Spar on campus.

Emily Milsom 3rd year Law “I don’t really think it’s going to make much difference as I’ve normally got chewing gum at the bottom of my bag and hardly ever buy it from uni.”

The ban’s effect relies heavily on the SU’s decision, but the Students’ Union President has refused to take a position in the debate at the time of going to press, but revealed that a final decision will depend on the students’ views and the financial consequences. “We want to engage students’ views on it and take it to the next student general meeting (SGM) to let them decide” he said.

“We also don’t know how much it would cost us yet, so I don’t want to give my view on it before the financial implications are clear. “Generally, issues like these are usually what the students care about the most so whatever they say will make up our decision.” What is your opinion on this story? Get in touch and tell us: editor@

Matthew Roberts 2nd year English & Creative Writing “You can’t just stop selling things, it’ll aggravate people. what would be next - stop selling cans as they make a mess on the floor? Every time I go to campus I buy two packs of gum - and I always find a bin.”


WATERFRONT 188- 08/03/10

Are you ready for Varsity?

Polling Day approaches By Laura Burnip News Editor

V FOR VARSITY: The cheerleading squad get into the spirit on Fulton House lawn last Monday

By Catherine Daniels News Reporter GREEN was the colour of the day last Monday (1st March) as the Athletic Union held a publicity stunt to promote the one day ticket sale of the Varsity rugby match between Swansea and Cardiff Universities that takes place after the Easter break on Wednesday 28th April. The event included a painting of the Varsity crest on Fulton House lawn and a photo shoot of the Swansea Sirens cheerleading team. Students were also encouraged to wear their old Varsity Tshirts. Women’s Football firsts team member Michelle Owen said that the event “really got you in the mood for the occasion and created a good atmosphere with the music and speakers.” Varsity is the biggest sporting event in the AU calendar, regularly attracting crowds of over 5,000 students. With

Swansea hosting the event for the first time in nine years, and the rugby match being played at Liberty Stadium, the AU is hoping to attract a bumper crowd to the event to cheer on the team to victory AU president Siwan Lillicrap told The Waterfront: “Last year in Cardiff we had just over 10,000 supporters. This year we are looking to extend that by putting more on offer during the day and evening, making sure we reach out to every student guaranteeing a memorable event.” This was reiterated by AU manager Richard Lancaster who highlighted the fact that Varsity aims to involve the whole University in the occasion: “You don’t have to be interested in sports to enjoy the day; there will be a funfair, cheerleaders, music and inflatable games”. Other events to encourage the competition between Swansea and Cardiff will be a Battle of the Bands war between the winners of the two contests.

Lancaster continued: “It is one of the only days in the University that creates a community to support and be proud of your university. It’s a good experience if you haven’t been to a Varsity game before.” Ticket sales start 10am-4pm on Monday 8th at the ENTS box office. One pack includes transport to and from the rugby match, a varsity rugby match ticket, Play’s official after party, a Varsity 2010 T shirt, temporary tattoo and bumper sticker for £17.50. In order to secure tickets it is recommended to get there early, Lancaster advised students not to leave a ticket purchase to the last minute as there are only limited packs available which include the official after party. He also encouraged those that wanted to sit together in large groups to: “give a collection of vouchers to one person instead of having a lot of people come up at once, so all friends can still sit together.”

EXCITEMENT is building in the leadup to this year’s Sabbatical elections which take place this Wednesday and Thursday (10th & 11th March). Pressure is on for the candidates as they continue their campaigns this week to get students to come out and vote. Today is the perfect opportunity to decide who will get your vote, with candidates encouraging students to come and ask questions during a ‘Grill the Candidates’ session in JCs from 12pm onwards. There are nineteen hopefuls altogether running for the six sabbatical positions, with five current Sabbs running for reelection. The current President faces just one challenger, and there are also headto-head battles for the positions of Women’s officer and Societies and Services officer. However there are a total of eight candidates standing for Education Officer, a position which will be left vacant when Ross Gillman leaves after serving two full years. There is a four-horse race for Welfare Officer, while this year’s International Officer will run again unopposed. The Students’ Union is at the forefront of student life and this is your opportunity to have your say and decide

Uni radio App goes live APP FACT FILE •An “app” or application is a piece of software that you can download to give your phone new functions •Apps were launched on July 11th 2008 •There are currently more than 140,000 apps and there has been more than 3 billion downloads altogether

Two grand for RAG week!

•They are available through the Apple App Store

By Laura Morgan News Reporter THE UNIVERSITY’S charity fundraising society, ‘Raise and Give’ (RAG) succeeded in its money-making events last week, raising a staggering £2025.33 for charity. Despite this being slightly under the society’s expectations of how much would be raised, the diversity and entertainment the events provided made it a highly enjoyable experience for all that participated. For those of you that may have seen, or even participated in the events, you would have witnessed the various ways in which the society raised money for charity. The events from last week included students ‘gnoming’ all day on campus, followed by the ‘slave auction’ where well known faces from around the University were up for grabs. RAG Media and Publicity Officer, Simon Maughan shared his thoughts on how the week went overall: “The week was a great success with all events welcomed by the students.” “The slave auction kicked off the week

the future of Swansea students. The six elected Sabbs will work together to fight for what you care about, from better facilities on campus or lower prices in SU shops, to keeping students safe. All of the candidates’ manifestos can be found in this issue of The Waterfront as part of our special Election pullout (pages 23 to 26). Polling begins on Wednesday 10th March in the Student Village from 1pm til 7pm and Thursday 9:30am til 7pm on campus in the Colin Aid room, on the right of Fulton House foyer. Alternatively you can vote today or tomorrow from 10am til 4pm in the General Office as an ‘absentee voter’. DO NOT FORGET to bring your STUDENT CARD as without it you will be unable to vote. The winner is decided using an Alternative Transfer Voting system, which means that instead of choosing one person you can number the candidates in preference order. However you can also just put ‘1’ next to your first choice. The votes will be counted and the winners revealed later in the night during an election after-party in Divas. Students can log on to for web and video updates, or to listen as the nail-biting events of the night unfold.

•Some apps need to be paid for but many are free to download

By Sarah James News Reporter

in style, raising over £1000 from the sale of just 15 people. The President’s kidnap of Luke and Siwan was well received and the students even got their own back with some water-guns! The idea was to promote RAG to as many people as possible and I think that we did just that and so many were involved.” The festivities continued throughout the week, including Wednesday’s AU vs SU President ‘Rag Ransom’ where the presidents were required to raise a ransom release of £250 each. This was

followed by Diva’s hosting of ‘RAGs to Riches’ on Saturday. RAG President told us if the society’s expectations were met, “Despite not raising as much money as we’d hoped for the RAG Ransom, we exceeded our expectations regarding the Slave Auction. There was a lot more publicity for RAG week this year and I feel that the Slave Auction was definitely our most successful event.” If you want to get involved in RAG or make a further contribution please email

SWANSEA’S Xtreme radio station has become the first student university radio station in the UK to have its very own iPhone app, edging out the likes of BBC and the Student Radio Association with the release. The app allows users to listen to Xtreme radio on the go and message into the studio directly. The new accessible feature for Xtreme listeners was set up by head of engineering, Brett Jenkins, who set out to create the app as part of his third year project. Brett told The Waterfront: “I wanted to do something a bit different, and iPhones and iPod Touches are very popular, it’s something I’ve always wanted to give a go, so I decided to write an application for it for the radio station.” The app also enables listeners to

‘listen again’ and shows the current placement of each song in the student radio chart. The near future will also see the release of the Student Radio Association app, which gives users the opportunity to listen to student radio stations across the country whilst receiving information about the stations. The new addition to Xtreme means that listening is now more accessible and up to date with technology trends. Brett says “I hope it brings more listeners to Xtreme as now you can listen when you’re on the go, even if you’re away from an AM radio or computer, and allows you to still interact with the show.” The Waterfront has learnt that in its first two weeks of release over 500 people have downloaded the app. For a direct link to download it, head to the Xtreme Radio website; and click on apps.



Redevelopment for Union entrance After: With glass doors and window panels


UK uni round up Cardiff University - Gair Rhydd A second year Cardiff University student has claimed that a taxi driver made sexually inappropriate comments towards her during a journey home after a night out. The female student was picked up by a local taxi company in the early hours of Sunday morning (mid – February). The student now refuses to travel alone in taxis and says the experience has left her feeling “nervy.”

The University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC) UWIC is to collaborate with an Egyptian University in order to establish an international institution in Africa. A signing ceremony took place at The Senedd (National Assembly for Wales) at the end of February. The project will enable a new Egypt-based University to be built. Fayoum University and UWIC have maintained a partnership since 1996 that now looks set to strengthen its ties over the next decade. The ceremony was attended by Swansea West AM, Andrew Davies.

Image supplied by: Stride Treglown Davies Newcastle University – The Courier

By Laura Richards News Reporter THE STUDENTS’ Union building entrance is about to undergo a crucial redevelopment. Although it is the main entrance into the building, signage and lighting is poor, meaning a number of students are actually unaware of this. Also the lack of lighting means that it is an uninviting area and can often attract undesirable behaviour. The architectural proposal put forward revolves around enclosing and brightening the entrance to make it more welcoming. New external LED lighting will be mounted adjacent to the columns as well as fluorescent lighting installed within the feature wall opposite the stairs. A glazed facade will be placed behind the present columns, completely enclosing the entrance. A second entrance will be constructed behind the

stairs for delivery access to areas like the SU shop, while the main entrance in front of the stairs will be replaced by automatic doors. Due to the encasement of the entrance, natural ventilation will be put in place to prevent any condensation. The footpaths will also be refurbished which will provided clear indications of the architectural improvements around the building. New tiles will be placed alongside the existing steps which will be renewed, with the current handrail replaced. Other landscape developments will see the embankment to the side of the building replaced with shrub planting to minimise maintenance. Although the loading bay will remain in its existing place, signage will be improved as well as the refurbishment of existing bollards. Alun Griffiths, Estates Project Manager commentated that the main reason for renovation “is to make the Student Union building and University

as a whole more presentable, not only for current students but also prospective students.” “The SU has suffered from a lack of a main entrance since the building was erected and that is the main issue we are trying to address with this redevelopment.” “Hopefully when students return in September they will notice the remarkable improvement and hopefully it will become a more pleasant place for their studies.” Work is due to start on the SU building at the end of April, although The Waterfront understands no date has yet been confirmed. Renovations need to be completed by the end of July so therefore students will benefit from the very start of the academic year in September. Pierre Wassenaar, Senior Architect working on the project, also reiterated the huge impact that the development will have on the University. “Prior to this development, the

front of each building has been its own separate area with its own landscape. The big thing is to tie together all the separate projects into one space with consistent materials and appearance. The SU buildings entrance will be an attractive secure place and will aid in the revamp of the Singleton Campus.” When asked about the disruption the work could inflict on the students, Wassenaar replied: “Unlike the Mall redevelopment which was the backbone to the forthcoming work, we are now focusing on individual pockets of development which hopefully will be staggered so as to cause little disturbance.” The renovation of the SU building is just one part of wider university regenerations. Other areas being redeveloped include the Taliesin building and Technium Entrance as well as the James Callaghan Entrance and Garden.

NUS Women’s Officer speaks out against Miss Uni By Collette Bird Deputy News Editor AN EMERGENCY CAMPAIGN was held outside the Miss University GB Final held in Cardiff in a bid to fight against the objectification of women in Students’ Unions. Estelle Hart, NUS Wales Women’s officer, believes that competitions such as these undermine the campaigns women have fought over the last century to gain access to University and to win the right be judged on their achievements, rather than solely on a narrow conception of beauty that bears little relation to the majority of women. The event, which took place in Oceana on Monday 1st March, was organised by The Joshua Foundation, which aims to raise money for terminally ill children

with cancer. The contest raised an estimated £6,000 for the charity. The contest consisted of three rounds where female contestants were interviewed and then judged on three catwalk rounds dressed in swimwear, evening wear and finally a “little black dress.” Kylie Hearne, a contestant finalist from Swansea University, won the title of “Miss Charity” as she herself managed to raise a third of the total raised. Kylie told The Waterfront “I was really disappointed to see the protesters outside a charity event. This isn’t like a regular beauty pageant – we’ve all willingly taken part to raise money for a good cause. “I’ve juggled studying for my degree with three jobs and extra fundraising and I’m really proud of how much I’ve achieved. This contest promotes

diversity too; I’m a size sixteen and was still accepted into it! You cannot tar all pageants with the same brush.” However, in a letter sent to Luminar, the company in charge of club chain Oceana where the event was held, Hart voiced her concerns: “It is of course vital that we respect the rights of all students to engage in whatever activities they choose to, and as such we never extend our criticism to the women who choose to enter beauty pageants. Our criticism lands squarely on those who make money out of the exploitation of women students. “Those hosting the event give credence to the idea that women are sexual objects whose value is determined by how they rate on a scale of attractiveness that has not been decided by them but by a patriarchal, capitalist society.” Hart believes it is this image which

leads to a dehumanisation of women, and leads a large number of the British public to believe that a woman is somehow at fault if she is raped. Sarah Cornelius of The Joshua foundation spoke to The Waterfront on this issue. “For me personally, Monday night was a pleasure. The finalists were young, motivated, intelligent and sexy women who have the whole package and as a business woman myself I know that the whole package is not a bad thing. “Women should no more just be judged on their brains than they should on looks alone but I think everything there are always people more blessed than others. And that relates to beauty and brains! The girls had a ball doing something for a good cause, and it was a pleasure meeting them all and seeing them bloom!”

A group of Newcastle University business students have won two awards for making candles out of 100% pure beeswax. Their young enterprise company Queen Bee Candles is an environmentally aware candle making company and was born out of the students business enterprise module last October and has gone from strength to strength ever since. The eco-friendly candles also raise money for the ‘Save the Honey Bee Campaign’ with 50% of the profits going towards the cause investigating why bees are dying out.

Cambridge University – Varsity Oxford students from Oriel College have been blamed for riotous and drunken behaviour whilst on an exchange trip to Clare College. A letter sent from Clare accused undergraduates representing Oriel College of insulting people, urinating on staircases, and in once instance physically assaulting a person and are demanding an apology from the College over their actions. One Claire student commented that “I’m not sure who was responsible or who started it, but from what I’ve heard it was pretty bad. It’s unfortunate because it’ll have consequences for all of us.” Both colleges have refused to comment on the matter. However, it is understood the exchange scheme that had been running between the two colleges has been now been ended.

University of Exeter – Expose University of Exeter student Karla Drew has been selected for the Great Britain Under – 23 athletics squad. The first year psychology and sociology student competes in the multi-discipline events of Pentathlon and Heptathlon and will join up with the GB squad for an international competition in France this month where she will compete in the indoor pentathlon. Being selected for the national team represents the culmination of years of dedicated training, an achievement even more impressive considering Karla caught swine flu just weeks before the final national ranking event in January. On her selection Karla commented “I’ve worked really hard for this for a long time now and can’t wait to represent my country. I owe a lot to my coach who I have been working with for over 10 years.”

News 07

TRUSTEES VETO FAY HONOUR SOCIAL NETWORKING By Alun Rhys Chivers News Editor THE STUDENTS’ Union announced its new Life Members at the AGM in February, with a host of names put forward in recognition of their hard work as Sabbatical Officers and Executive Officers, as well as those of active students within the Union. The list included a past President, past Women’s Officer and a current NUS representative. One notable omission was former Treasurer Andy Fay whose nomination was vetoed by the Trustees and as a result was not put forward to the student body at the AGM. It is ultimately the decision of the Trustees, which include the current Sabbatical Officers and a coelected representative, whether or not to present nominated candidates for Life Memberships at the AGM. Andy stood unsuccessfully for reelection to the Sabbatical team last year for the newly created position of Societies and Services Officer, replacing the old Treasurer position, amid rumours of disharmony amongst the Sabbatical team. The role of the Treasurer in later years had included more and more societies-based work, which ultimately was the deciding factor in bringing about this constitutional change. According to Article 109.5 of the newly reformed Constitution, “the Executive Committee may recommend the appointment or removal of

Honorary Life Members of the Union. These shall be such persons as the Executive Committee considers to be fit, in accordance with the guidance and criteria as set out in the Schedules of the Union.” According to the current SU President, “The trustees did not believe that he was worthy of Honorary Life Membership.” “Out of 23 student executive members, only one supported his nomination and the Trustees did not believe that he was worthy of Honorary Life Membership.” Andy said, “Some people disagreed with some things I did, but I feel I did a good job. I’m proud of what I achieved.” Could it therefore be assumed that some disagreements between the Sabbatical Officers last year regarding Union policies may have led to Andy Fay not being considered ‘fit’ for nomination, despite some successes as Treasurer? Outgoing Education Officer, Ross Gilman, when contacted by the Waterfront, was quick to jump to Andy’s defence, paying tribute to his “hard work and dedication.” Ross said, “I think it’s a shame when politics and petty squabbling behind the scenes clouds what he did. He left the Union with his head held high. It’s a shame that he won’t be rewarded.” Those considered for Honorary Life Membership this year were last year’s

President James Houston, and Women’s Officer Leoni Munslow, past winners of the Ben Lockwood contribution award (Xtreme Radio’s Oliver Head and founder of SU Tube Robin Hayward), LBT and now NUS Women’s Officer Estelle Hart, as well as comedy club’s Will Scambler, and Imam of the University Mosque, Sheikh Mohsin. Set alongside these nominations, it raises the question of Fay’s involvement in the Union as a Sabbatical Officer. He often worked out of hours with societies, supporting an array of events during his five year association with the Students’ Union. Perhaps one of his most notable contributions was helping the organisers of last year’s Intercollegiate Eisteddfod by co-ordinating arrangements within the SU. The event attracted more than 500 students to the campus from across Wales. Importantly, from a financial point of view, the Eisteddfod brought significant profit to the Students’ Union. Indeed, this event was honoured with the award for the Best Event at the Students’ Union Societies Awards 2009. Andy, who was also a well-known face behind the Union’s bars, remains upbeat and has no regrets about standing and serving as Treasurer, despite his nomination for recognition being vetoed. “I’m not going to dwell on it and I’ve got friends that I’ll visit when I come back to Swansea in the Uni and the bars.”



By David Lewis News Reporter STUDENTS HAVE expressed anger over at the usage of social networking websites on library computers. Stephen Marshall, the Student Union’s undergraduate officer, had been made aware of the issues facing students within the library, namely being unable to do work on the computers due to them being clogged with social network users. Stephen said: “Since being made aware of the issue, I certainly believe this is an area that needs further discussion in order to improve the situation.” The library officer has stated that it is not the intention of the student union to totally ban the access to social networking websites. The undergraduate officer added that as he consulted students, he had found that many societies need certain social networking websites to reach out to

their members in one easy place. Whilst some of the student population has argued that social networking should be outright banned, others stated the fear of a big brother state, arguing they are old enough to negotiate between themselves and expressed minimal support for limitations during certain hours. In an attempt to address the problem, the library staff have also made other computer spaces available but it has been suggested that there needs to be advertisement as to where these are. The staff, alongside Stephen and the library officer, are currently looking into the possibility of introducing a new 10 minute limit on some computers to quickly print work or check emails before timing out. If you have any comments on the issue, please feel free to contact Stephen at: or

FUNDRAVING SUCCESS! By Angharad Jones News Reporter

By Stephen Anderson News Reporter THIS YEAR has seen a rising popularity in Monday’s student night at Oceana, according to figures from Ents. Last Monday’s St. David’s day party at the club saw over 1800 students go through the doors, compared to this time last year when only 850 attended. According to Ents, in previous years enthusiasm for student nights would ease off after the initial success of Freshers’ Week, but this year this has not been the case. Reasons given for the increase in popularity include a change in music policy and the introduction of cheap drinks promotions.

Ents entertainments assistant Jamie Tagg said: “When Oceana first opened, there was a stigma that the prices weren’t student friendly and the nights were aimed at locals. “However this year we’ve worked really closely with Oceana week in, week out, to create a night that is cheap for students with a great atmosphere.” This year has also seen the club attract bigger names and the introduction of more live music on student nights, with chart-topper Mr Hudson playing a set to a packed Icehouse back in November. Oceana student events manager Michael Simmons said: “I’m so proud of the success of Monday nights this year. “The increase in numbers ensures that we can continue to bring students

exclusive music performances, guest appearances and drinks promotions, as well as fund events such as the Summer Ball, which thanks to this year’s Monday night punters is certain to be hugely popular and the envy of every university.” The Waterfront asked some Swansea students why they enjoy Mondays at Oceana. Third year crime, law and policy student Craig Hawkes told us: “It’s got a bit of everything, so you don’t need to go to any bars first. It ends up being a cheap night out.” Second year geography student Sam May said: “There’s cheap drinks, and it’s always full of girls. What else could you want?”

RAVEAID, a charity event to raise money for the Morocco/Prague Hitch was a “great success” say organisers Isobel Payne and Dina Ramadan. The event was held in Monkey Bar on Monday 22nd February, and saw up and coming local DJs such as Mr Fish, DJ Sioux and K. Samrai performing to support the fundraiser, drawing almost 200 guests to the charity performance. Despite the low entry price of £3, the two hitchers raised a staggering £560, contributing generously to their joint target of £700 to be donated to Link Community Development. This is a charity whose aims revolve around improving the educational system in Sub-Saharan Africa through developing classroom facilities, building washrooms and establishing the support and resources needed to help schools function through governance and financial management training. Dina told The Waterfront: “If it

wasn’t for the willingness and support from the acts and those who attended, RAVEAID wouldn’t have been such a success, so we’re really grateful to everyone that contributed.” “The Monkey staff were really supportive too, they even let us have an extra hour as it was going so well!” Following the success of the event, the two hitchers plan to organise a second RAVEAID in the summer term, before the sponsorship deadline for the Hitch fundraising impends upon them on the 1st June. Along with local DJs they are looking to book a largely recognized headliner to draw a bigger crowd to the forthcoming event. Isobel said: “It was a great success. It was a pleasure and great fun to organise, and we are really looking forward to the next one!” Dina and Isobel will join 60 other hitchers from Swansea later this month as they embark on their hitch-hike across 1,600 miles starting from outside the University on the 20th March.


WATERFRONT 188 - 08/03/10

EMAIL SPARKS LANGUAGE DEBATE Students meet the world! By Alun Rhys Chivers News Editor AN ALL staff e-mail from Professor Andrew Rothwell advertising a language translation seminar has sparked a debate about the use of translation services on campus. Rothwell sent out an e-mail, inviting recipients to a seminar on language technology by a leading translator at the European Union, but rather than follow standard procedure of sending the document to the Translation Unit, he decided to utilise Google Translate in order to experiment with its accuracy as a reliable translation source. The move caught the eye of one of the Welsh Language Policy Officers, Sioned Williams, who promptly reminded staff that this method of translating is not acceptable, and that any documents to be translated should be referred to the Translation Unit, or sent to the Welsh Language Board which offers free

translations for such documents. The issue is all the more poignant as Professor Rothwell, who is the subject leader for Translation Studies and who co-ordinates the MA in Translation with Language Technology, sent the message on St. David’s Day. Rothwell told The Waterfront, “In languages which I know, the quality is already astonishingly high compared with competing systems, although there are still howlers.” Rothwell said that he sent the initial e-mail “in the hope of making a constructive contribution to a complex debate,” a debate which was taken one step further by staff member Clive Richards, who questioned the use of bilingual e-mails when Welsh is placed above English. Mr Richards said: “English is currently the most widely spoken language in Swansea University so I do not see the sense in placing the Welsh translation at the top of the English one since the greater proportion of users will

have to scroll down the page to find the version they can read.” Mr Richards continued by suggesting that as e-mail is an instant form of communication, the process of translating such communication would slow down the whole process and “defeats one of the major benefits” of email, which is its immediacy. Furthermore he suggests that using Google Translate is a better option than including an apology at the bottom of an English-only e-mail. Better, then, than sending translations to the Unit in good time, emergencies aside? A spokesman for the Welsh Language Board also added that Professor Rothwell’s suggestion that it is to consider adopting Google Translate as a means of translating material is not something that the translation department would advocate. He said, “We are not yet convinced that this is a reliable way of translating because you cannot see common sense in the translations which it generates.”

A Barrels of laughs!

David Lewis News Reporter MEMBERS OF Swansea’s Model United Nations (MUN) society were among hundreds of student delegates from around the world who attended the 11th annual London International Model United Nations (LIMUN) conference at the Institute of Education and King’s College London. The three day summit, which took place between 19th - 21st February, offered delegates the opportunity to have a go at representing various UN member states in a number of mock UN Committees. This involved several heated debates on topics affecting the international community and numerous diplomatic discussions over coffee, as well as drafting resolutions to be voted upon by each committee. Swansea’s MUN society, which represented Morocco and Japan at the conference, has only been existence for a little over a year and the London weekend marks the first time that Swansea University has been represented at a national Model UN event.

Other highlights of the event included an opening ceremony with talks from a number of eminent guest speakers, including Dr. Luis MorenoOcampo, a renowned prosecutor with the International Criminal Court, several UN officials and diplomats and a director of INTERPOL, the international police organization. After long days of debating and drafting papers there were also some much needed social events, one being in the form of the Global Village, where each delegation got the opportunity to represent its country’s culture with pictures, cuisine and even a martial arts display in Swansea’s case! The weekend was rounded off with a closing ceremony, before delegates bid farewell to their new-found friends and headed for home after a tiring but productive weekend. Szymon Parzniewski, president of the MUN society at Swansea and head delegate for the weekend said: “It was challenging, inspiring, but most importantly, lots of fun. We were a bit unsure how it was all going to be but I think we’ve done a really good job.”

Post Graduate Forum Evening Tom Haines News Reporter

By Kimberley De Selincourt News Reporter JUST WHEN you thought you had at least one free night in the week to finally get down to some serious studying, Tuesday nights have been hijacked by the rising popularity of the comedy circuit. The Waterfront takes a look into Swansea’s hectic comedy scene and chats to its popular comedians to find out just how spoilt we all are. From the Garage Comedy Club, Only Joking and Velvet Goldfish, to newer nights such as One Mic Stand in Coyote Bar and the university’s own open mic night – comedy nights are erupting across Swansea. Not only does the plethora of opportunities allow for more stage experience; the clubs are also nurturing rising talent on the student comedy circuit wherever possible. Charli Dickenson, the President of Universities Comedy Club which was voted Best New Society 2009, said “we run a writers’ and stand up workshop every Sunday for those who wish to try out new routines and get feedback from committee members.”

The bi-monthly Only Joking night, held in Divas on Tuesdays also has a booked headline act and a support slot for a student. Despite the University event clashing with the Garage Comedy night, there haven’t been any major conflicts as the two nights cater for different audiences. Dickenson told The Waterfront that even when the same headline act, Paul Foot, was booked for both venues, there still wasn’t an issue: “Everybody just legged it from here to the Garage to watch him again!” A great thing about the current comedy scene is the links between University and city venues for students. Since its August launch, The Garage Comedy Club night has been amassing a customer base with the tenacity of a juggernaut. Its organiser, Benjamin Jenkins stated: “The cultural output of the University to the city is very good.” And it’s not just the city of Swansea that they’ve been conquering. Jenkins has also been arranging gigs for student comedians in London and Edinburgh for the duration of the Festival. “I’ve gone to clubs in London in the last few days, and they’ve all heard

of us.” That said, the comedians have not been reserved in making their own opportunities either. New to the scene is Dave Matthews, already shortlisted for Beach Break Live, while Luke Eliot Whiting has won both the Velvet Comedy and Garage Comedy GONG! Shows. Swansea Students Chris Barnes and Philip Cooper have made it to the semi finals of Laughing Horse competition. Matthews told The Waterfront: “I believe the show went quite well, the overall performance of all the comedians was amazing.” “I’ve never seen such talent spread out across a smaller city like Swansea. The Garage have been very supportive towards me and my comedy, they just took me under their wing and began showing me the ropes before I decided this was the path I wanted to choose.” “The University have also been really supportive, offering me gigs and letting me do the Open Mic Night which went down a treat. Audiences are brilliant here. I’m really enjoying it and just can’t wait to get back on stage.” For more information on up-coming events with the University and Garage comedy clubs, check out our Societies section - Page 10

THE STUDENTS’ Union will be holding a Post-Graduate and Part-Time Students open forum on Wednesday 17th March at 7pm in Fulton House lecture room 5. The evening will give post-graduate and part-time students the chance to bring up any issues with the Students’ Union regarding their course: Anything from space issues, contact time issues, finance problems or just general issues regarding the university and their studies. In addition it will enable the Students’ Union to give information to these students on how the Union can help them should any situations arise in the future.

Ross Gilman, the Student Union Education Officer, told us “we understand as a union that most postgraduate students needs don’t fall under the same categories as traditional undergraduates and therefore they need to be catered for differently. This evening will give us a chance to do this.” Post-graduate student Jaevion Nelson said “As post-graduate students we are bombarded by numerous challenges which are different to those faced at under-graduate level and often have very little opportunity to have our voices heard. This will be a great opportunity to share our concerns and to suggest ways in which to resolve them.” The forum takes place on Wednesday 17th March at 7pm in Fulton House lecture room 5.

Brynmill Burglar Caught By Becci Gould News Reporter ONE OF the student victims affected by the Brynmill burglaries, reported in issue 187, was solved by local police last week. Physics student, Simon Garner, was informed by police that a man has admitted to taking his laptop during October last year. The Swansea student has since been

to the police station to make a statement about the incident but has been told it is unlikely he will get his laptop returned. Simon told The Waterfront: “I’m surprised they actually caught him…it just goes to show that the police do a good job, even though it can take a long time.” The man who admitted to stealing the laptop has since been charged with the burglary of several houses in the area.

Welsh/Cymraeg 09

^ Waterfront Gwyl Ddewi ‘Yma O Hyd’



CYMRU! Gan Jess Main a Daniel Harvey

Geraint Roberts

Gan Alun Rhys Chivers Fe ddathlwyd Dydd Gŵyl Dewi mewn ffordd draddodiadol yn y Ffreutur ar Fawrth 1af, gyda bwydydd Cymreig ar gael, yn ogystal ag adloniant ar ffurf pibydd a chanwr gwerin. Fel rhan o Wythnos Fwyd Cymreig y Brifysgol, roedd bob math o gynnyrch lleol yn cael ei weini, tra bod Geraint Roberts a Chris Reynolds yn perfformio ambell alaw werin a rhai o’r hen ffefrynnau Cymraeg yn Fusion Cafe. Drwy gydol y dydd, cynigiwyd sesiynau

ymwybyddiaeth iaith, lle’r oedd sgwrs gan Chris Reynolds am hanes yr iaith, ac fe gafodd staff a myfyrwyr flas ar yr iaith Gymraeg mewn sesiynau llafar. Dywedodd rheolwr yr Adran Arlwyo, Les Carmichael, “Mae’r ymateb rydym wedi ei dderbyn yn y gorffennol wedi bod yn gadarnhaol iawn, yn arbennig felly gan fyfyrwyr rhyngwladol sydd wedi gwerthfawrogi cael blas ar ddiwylliant Cymru. Mae’r Wythnos Fwyd Cymreig yn dangos y cynnyrch gwych o safon uchel sydd gan ein gwlad i’w gynnig.” Trefnwyd Gweithdy yn y prynhawn (fel

rhan o’r gyfres o seminarau Cymraeg) i gasglu syniadau ynghylch ffyrdd o gofio’r diweddar Athro Hywel Teifi Edwards, cyn Bennaeth Adran y Gymraeg a fu farw’n gynharach eleni. Mae’n fwriad trefnu cynhadledd y flwyddyn nesaf ar y thema ‘Hywel Teifi Edwards 19342010: Cloriannu ei gyfraniad ac adeiladu arno’ i drafod cyfraniad yr Athro Hywel Teifi i’r Gymraeg ac i Gymru. Beth bynnag a wnaethoch chi, gobeithio y cawsoch chi Ddydd Gŵyl Dewi wrth eich bodd.

Gofal Plant yn y Brifysgol Gan Catrin Roberts Ar gampws y brifysgol mae yna feithrinfa i blant a’u rhieni yn y Brifysgol. Mae’r feithrinfa’n cynnig gofal plant proffesiynol ac mae’r prisiau’n rhatach i fyfyrwyr. Mae’r feithrinfa’n cynnig lleoedd i dri deg dau o blant o dri mis i saith mlwydd oed ac mae dau gategori: chwe lle i blant o dan ddwy flwydd oed a dau ddeg chwe lle i blant rhwng dwy a saith mlwydd oed. Mae blaenoriaeth i fyfyrwyr yn gyntaf ac os oes unrhyw leoedd ar ôl, mae’r cyhoedd yn eu cael. Ond mae yna restr aros hir am leoedd. Mae’n syniad da i fyfyrwyr sy’n gwneud cais i’r Brifysgol i gysylltu’n gyntaf i sicrhau lle i’r plentyn cyn dechrau ar eu hastudiaethau. Prif ieithoedd y feithrinfa yw Cymraeg a Saesneg, ond i blant nad yw’r Gymraeg a Saesneg yn iaith gyntaf y cartref, mae’r feithrinfa’n gofyn am restr o eiriau allweddol sy’n galluogi staff i gyfathrebu hefo’r plentyn. Cyn gynted ag y mae’r plentyn wedi setlo i mewn i’r feithrinfa, mae gweithiwr allweddol yn cael ei bennu i edrych ar ôl y plentyn tra ei fod yno. Mae’r gweithiwr allweddol yn golygu ac yn helpu datblygiad y plentyn ac yn rhoi adborth amdano. Bob tymor, mae pwnc yn cael ei ddewis i’w ddysgu i’r plant ac mae’n yn cael ei ddefnyddio fel canolbwynt i’r gweithgareddau. Mae’r gweithgareddau’n cael eu cynnal ar ffurf grŵp ac fel un-i-un. Mae pynciau yn y gorffennol wedi cynnwys ‘Pobl sy’n ein helpu’, ‘Planhigion a phethau sy’n tyfu’, a ‘Ni ein hunain’. Nod y feithrinfa yw helpu myfyrwyr nad ydynt yn gallu ffeindio rhywun arall i ofalu am y plant ac mae’n gysur da i fyfyrwyr allu cael y gwasanaeth hwn ar y campws.

Beth yw’r Eisteddfod? Gellir cyfieithu’r gair Eisteddfod i’r Saesneg i olygu ‘ to be sitting together’ a dyna beth yw’r Eisteddfod. Yn fyr, mae’n ŵyl Gymraeg enwog sy’n dyddio’n ôl i’r ddeuddegfed ganrif, ac sy’n cynnwys llenyddiaeth, perfformiadau a cherddoriaeth. Mae nifer o wahanol fathau o eisteddfodau’n cael eu cynnal ledled Cymru bob blwyddyn, ac nid yw eleni’n wahanol. Eleni, mae’r Eisteddfod Genedlaethol yn cael ei chynnal yng Nglyn Ebwy. Mae’n anrhydedd fawr i’r ardal. Mae Glyn Ebwy yn ardal Saesneg yn y Cymoedd a dydyn nhw ddim yn defnyddio’r Gymraeg llawer, yn wahanol i ardaloedd eraill lle mae’r Eisteddfod yn cael ei chynnal, er enghraifft y Bala llynedd neu Gaerdydd. Mae Glyn Ebwy yn dref bwysig yn y Cymoedd. Mae ganddi orffennol cyfoethog gyda’i diwydiant glo, ei chymuned gref a’i diwylliant sylweddol. Wedi dweud hynny, yn y ganrif ddiwethaf, collodd hi lawer o’i chryfder a’i hysbryd cymunedol, wrth iddi golli’r iaith Gymraeg. Gobeithio y bydd yr Eisteddfod yn helpu Glyn Ebwy i dyfu i ddod yn dref Gymraeg gref unwaith eto yn y cymoedd. Mae pawb yn falch o ymweld â’r Eisteddfod. O edrych ar rhai o’r ardaloedd eraill sydd wedi cynnal yr Eisteddfod ar hyd y blynyddoedd, e.e. Y Bala, Tyddewi a Chasnewydd, rydym yn gallu gweld bod llawer o fanteision a chydnabyddiaeth i’r ardaloedd hyn. Hefyd, mae’n gallu cynyddu’r apêl i deithwyr. Gobeithio bod yr Eisteddfod yn gallu rhoi Glyn Ebwy ar y map Cymraeg unwaith eto! Er, paid ag anghofio am yr Eisteddfod Ryng-golegol! Cynhaliwyd yr Eisteddfod Ryng-golegol ym Mhrifysgol Aberystwyth y penwythnos diwethaf, ac roedd yn llwyddiant fel arfer. Yn debyg i’r Eisteddfod Genedlaethol, mae’r Eisteddfod Ryng-golegol yn ddigwyddiad blynyddol. Mae’n denu cannoedd o fyfyrwyr yng Nghymru i gystadlu yn erbyn ei gilydd mewn cystadlaethau amrywiol, er enghraifft llenyddiaeth a chanu. Yn y gorffennol, cynhaliwyd yr Eisteddfod Ryng-golegol yng Nghaerdydd (2006), Bangor (2007), Caerfyrddin (2008) ac yma yn Abertawe yn 2009! Gwelwyd eleni enillwr o Abertawe, sef Aled Warwick a ddaeth yn drydydd yn y gystadleuaeth unawd offerynnol ond yn anffodus i Abertawe, enillodd Prifysgol Bangor yr Eisteddfod - gan drechu pob un o’r prifysgolion eraill yng Nghymru. Felly, er nad oedd y digwyddiad yn llwyddiannus dros ben i Abertawe eleni, mae’n siŵr bod y myfyrwyr Cymraeg yma yn Abertawe yn falch eu bod yn gallu cynrychioli’r Brifysgol mewn cystadlaethau fel hon. Dywedodd Mai Jones, myfyrwraig ail flwyddyn sy’n aelod o’r Gymdeithas Gymraeg, ‘ Es i i’r Eisteddfod y llynedd pan ddaeth hi yma, a chefais amser arbennig! Roedd yr awyrgylch yn drydanol drwy’r dydd, hyd yn oed pan oedd yn rhaid i ni gysgu yn y cantîn!”


Waterfront 188 - 08/03/10


S E I T E I C SO How to start a new society

Feel like starting up a new society? The SU always welcomes new ideas for new societies; there is always room for new societies with different event ideas and concepts.

Simply follow these steps:                     "        ##   $   '  " *+   <= >$    '   " *+ Z" [


 "        \\  ] " >  ] #^    \\     >  _` > "\\ [[" #    > "[   Z"[

\     " "[   ]]   "\   ]\ ]   {" = >|" ]    "[   [

# "\ Z"[

 ##  ^  = > ] #   " *+      "]]#>  ] " #>   ]="        ] >  \ ]" ]

Gosple Choir

Comedy Clubs Upcoming events: The Garage Comedy Club in Whitez, Uplands " }" Â&#x201E;Â&#x2020;`\] Coyote Bar, just off Wind Street[


[=  ] >   ># 

  ]  [    #=  - Writers Workshop " " Â&#x2021;"Â&#x2C6;\]Â&#x2030;Â&#x201E; < $ => - JCs open mic night *Â&#x160;Â&#x2039;Â&#x152; <      Â&#x2030;_<

}[+ ~\  []   " ^"   > \ > >  ] [  Â&#x20AC;Â&#x20AC;  \ >       " >\  ]"  Â  #     ]    Tickets ÂŁ2 from Ents or ÂŁ3 on the door, and bar open all night.Â&#x201A;=[ > "  Â [\  \ [

# ">


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WATERFRONT 187-08/03/10

Stage: Woman in Black at the Grand Theatre From Monday 29th of March to Saturday 3rd of April, the Grand Theatre in Swansea will be hosting what has been called the most terrifying theatre experience in the world, “The Woman In Black”. The play is Stephen Mallatratt’s adaptation of a best selling novel by Susan Hill, and around 7 million people altogether have watched the film noir inspired play. The play stays very faithful to the original novel, which is a traditional ghost story written by Hill in 1983. The plot focuses on a solicitor, Arthur Kipps, who is summoned to a small English town to attend the funeral of a woman living in a secluded and desolate mansion. Whilst investigating the woman’s papers, Kipps encounters a mysterious woman, dressed completely in black, and vows to explore who or what she is. However, his inquiries are met with fear, but discovering more

information about the house of the dead woman leads Kipps into gradually discovering the real and terrifying intentions of the Woman in Black. The play opened in the Fortune Theatre in London’s Covent Garden in 1989, and has been running ever since, even being staged in other countries. It is easy to see why the play has had so much success over the last few decades, as the play perfectly represents the typical ghost story, being highly atmospheric and skilfully working to the horrific climax of the tale. Tickets are still available for all nights, except Good Friday, and cost £9.50 to £18.50, with concessions available for students. Caitlin Gwynn

elements and as we progressed through the exhibition each chair was increasingly eye catching and often quite controversial for its ‘chair’ classification. Some of the chairs are not as appealing as others: take for example Erik de Graaff’s grey box chair of 1979. His innate talent for minimalist design is certainly a quiet understatement but even with an adjustable back, its dark grey, hard and uninviting composition is not something I think I would get great pleasure from. With this in mind however, we questioned whether or not the exhibit was there to parade a selection and range of comfortable and ‘homey’ chairs. Now that might be a rise and recline, an over padded armchair from your grandparent’s house, an old favourite or a snugly beanbag chair but what we came to appreciate was not the questionable domesticity of this furniture, but its significance in a revolutionary movement to achieve sculpture and tranquillity through their its form. These chairs are not engulfing magnitudes of stuffing and they’re not all specifically designed with long term comfort in mind however they are eyecatching and by the amount of visitors the gallery has had for the exhibition, capable of generating many different responses and intrigue. Tord Boontje is a distinctive exponent of utilizing advanced technology while embracing artisan techniques and the result in this case is a communication between fashion and design, a gorgeous creation with a playful trend: fabric and hard material work together to bring the outside world into the furniture world – a bright and enticing creation and definitely my favourite. There was something of an oriental influence in Jim Partridge’s scorched oak stool – its textured finish definitely resembles the British craftsman’s trade but I can’t help but think that it belongs in a Chinese Zen garden! Standing amid this medley of stools, chairs and what looks like an upside down waste paper bin (Sorry Ruud-Jan Kokke – An inventive way of stacking stools in the home, whilst also, I’m well

I myself have seen this play five times at the Fortune Theatre and absolutely love it. It is definetely one of the scariest things I have seen, yet it draws you back time and time again. The Sound effects are chilling and haunting and visually, it is as if you are part of a horror film as you are there in the theatre where all the action is taken place. It is definetely not for the faint hearted as you are in a constant state of fear. To show you how bad this has haunted me I will let you into a secret, If I see black and white together shaped like a figure, I immediately think of the woman in black! If you get a chance to see this I would definetely recommend it. Tom Maya

Art & Design: Sitting Pretty at the Glynn Vivian “A well designed chair can bring a sculptural element to any room”: I don’t know about you but the chair in my room is outwardly the cheapest flatpack chair my landlord could afford to furnish me with. Nevertheless, not being a particular art enthusiast (mainly due to my considerable lack of understanding), I can now say that I have graced Swansea’s Glyn Vivian in search of some sort of cultural enlightenment. ‘Sitting Pretty’ is one of the latest exhibitions to be on show at the art gallery and whilst it’s not a dazzling decoration of swirling dots, an enticing collage of glittery pictures or a shimmering hotchpotch of sequins – the kind of beguiling ‘art’ I would usually be attracted to, this exhibition of well designed chairs and stools is quite remarkable. As you step into this craft gallery you will find an assortment of geometric forms, avant-garde inspiration and modern technology; modern experiments and functional forms; award winning designs and sensuous lines; rigidly economical creations alongside the flamboyant and exuberantly formed – let me walk you through, or rather sit you through the artistic delight that is Ralph Turner’s ‘Sitting Pretty’. I brought my friend along for a Sunday afternoon blare of culture and as we stepped into this display of furniture we were surprised by the colourful selection and array of materials used, each progressively more innovative and complex in design than the next. Tejo Remy, a designer from Utrecht famous for his utilizing of recyclable materials has offered his galvanised buckets, each crediting the title of the ‘Edward Marshall Trust Award’ that he won in 1995. In contrast Fred Baier’s Star Wars, is an energetic comment on the extravagant and showy times in which we live. Similarly Gerrit Rietveld’s famous Red/Blue chair questions comfort and convention through its own outlandish geometric form: made up out of a bright red rectangle, a bright blue rectangle and black arms and legs; the chair is an astonishing visual perception. By this time we really were questioning the relaxation factor one might obtain from these sculptural

Editor’s Choice

assured, providing an ideal resting place for tired gallery visitors!), you really do get a sense of the influential and the architectural. Some of the chairs follow a conventional form but others completely circumvent and adapt what you would normally associate with the ‘chair’ definition. Colour appears here and there and the materials used are part of what makes each chair so diverse from the next. From one as pretty as a rainbow with a seemingly profound message about the outdoors to a sinister and shadowy looking creation, I’d have to say that the exhibition really is profound. As I said, I’m not the world’s greatest art enthusiast but if only for the rest of the afternoon spent in my friend’s equally aptly designed Seat Ibiza’s (excuse the pun) car seat with supplementary seatbelt I did leave with chairs on the mind. I’m not sure about the advancement in unorthodox materials because as much as I criticise it, I’m fairly content with my wooden Ikea model - but if anything, artists like Joe Wentworth and Jasper Morrison have revolutionised the composure and elegant balance of this classic furniture item: the modern stance and resolved structures make for a more complex thinking behind what we might usually imagine to engulf us in supporting and assuring arms. The exhibit promotes a rethinking of our relationship towards this household item and if we should always settle for what’s cheap, what’s ‘comfy’, and what’s normal – but to be completely frank, at least for the time being, I’ll stick with what I and my dictionary know: ‘a raised surface used to sit on, commonly for use by one person’ – for now, my four legged Swedish handiwork will be more than adequate. ‘Sitting Pretty’ can be seen at the Glyn Vivian ‘Craft Gallery’ from 4th February to 4th April 2010 and admission is free. Sophie Bamber


Art & Design: John Cooper and Karel Lek at the Attic Gallery

From the 13th to the 18th of March John Cooper and Karel Lek will be displaying their paintings at the Attic Gallery, Swansea. Cooper and Lek, being two of Wales’ most senior artists, are highly

influenced by the communities in which they were brought up in and this is reflected in their art. Cooper was born in Merthyr and studied Painting and Stained glass from 1949 - 1956 at Swansea School of Art, becoming Assistant Curator at the Glynn Vivian before entering teaching. He participated in various important group exhibitions throughout the 1950’s and early 1960’s and is considered a member of that distinct group of Welsh painters that have become known as the “Naïve Realists.” His retirement has

meant he has had the opportunity to exhibit regularly and his work is now in the collection of the National Museum of Wales. Cooper states ‘“My early influences were Heinz Koppel, and also my father Frederick Cooper who was a student of his for some years. During my formative years as a painter, I was one of a number of artists for whom the ordinary life in Welsh urban and industrial communities became a subject many artists viewed enthusiastically.” Lek MBE RCA is also one of Wales’ most respected artists. He was born in

Antwerp in the 1920’s but due to the war, moved to Anglesey where he still lives. He studied at Liverpool College of Art and has been a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy since 1954. His works have not only been exhibited regularly across Wales but also in London, Amsterdam and Chicago! His work is now held in the permanent collection of the National Library of Wales. Lek stated “I believe the ‘divine’ is in the ‘ordinary’. The older I get, the more I like immediacy even though this might necessitate having several goes at

a subject before I feel that I have captured the essence. A slight movement of a shoulder can say more than a thousand words. I paint what I love.” The exhibition displaying these two great artist’s work will be on show between 10am and 5pm. So why not go along and experience Lek and Cooper’s work for yourself? Charlotte Ellis

Stage: Welsh National Opera: Tosca / Carmen at the Grand

This Easter season, the Welsh National Opera bring two of the finest operas ever written to the Grand Theatre stage with productions of Tosca and Carmen scheduled for the 16th and 17th of April respectively. In a co-production with the State Opera of South Australia, Tosca is considered to be Puccini’s most exciting

work. An enthralling thriller set in a 19th Century Rome under the tyrannical rule of the corrupt Baron Scarpia, Tosca is the story of an opera singer, appropriately named Floria Tosca, whose world is turned upside down as her lover becomes embroiled in a struggle that will ultimately lead to tragedy and she herself catches the eye of the villainous Baron Scarpia and his insatiable lust.

Based on a play by Victorien Sardou called La Tosca, Tosca was initially not well received by critics, being described by one as a “shabby little shocker” but has since become one of the most wellloved operas and a staple for touring companies, appearing as number 8 on a list of the 20 most performed operas in North America. Tosca is fast-paced, high-energy and it’s most famous arias “Vissi d’arte” and “E lucevan le stalle” will stay with you forever. This production stars Alwyn Mellor as Floria Tosca, Geraint Dodd as Cavaradossi and Robert Hayward as Baron Scarpia. It runs for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes and is performed in Italian with English and Welsh surtitles. Carmen is a classic of opera and is co-presented with Scottish Opera. A opera comique by Georges Bizet and

based on a novella of the same name by Prosper Merimee, it tells the story of a man named Don Jose who lives a quiet and respectable life in 19th Century Seville, Spain and how his world begins to unravel as he is overcome with his passion and intoxication for the charismatic Carmen, his obsession and jealousy threatening to destroy them both. Bizet paints a fascinating picture of Spain in the 19th Century and his characters are some of the most richly and deeply observed in all of opera. If you’re a man, expect to fall in love with Carmen very very quickly! The production by Patrice Caurier and Moshe Leiser is deliberately sparse and minimalist to emphasise the many qualities of Bizet’s absolute masterpiece. This production stars Patricia Bardon as the titular Carmen, a role she has made

Books: City and the City by China Mieville Since 1999, but there are examples before this, a new literary movement has emerged known as The New Weird. One of the major authors associated with this movement is China Miéville. This movement has perhaps been labelled The New Weird because it is hard to place its novels in any existing genre. Miéville’s novels work to blend the genres of Scifi, fantasy and horror, and he has been very successful in doing so. His novels King Rat, Perdido Street Station, The Scar and Iron Council have all done well critically and have collected a huge fan base. His latest novel The City and The City is perhaps the most successful of his contributions to The New Weird with its absolute inability to be defined under any genre.

The City and The City stems from the idea, which has been pondered about constantly by theoretical physicists, that one object can occupy the same space as another. In this novel, the city of Besźel occupies the same space as the city of Ul Qoma. The citizens of each city can see each other faintly but by law are obliged to not see. From this aspect of the novel you automatically assume it belongs to the genre of science fiction/ fantasy. However in this reality Miéville has created, he also presents the murder of a woman. The murder case is assigned to Inspector Borlu who immediately realises that there is something unusual about this murder that involves both cities. Throughout the novel the mystery unfolds and you find yourself not only

her own in recent years and Welsh tenor Gwyn Hughes Jones taking up the role of Don Jose. The production is in French with English surtitles and runs for approximately 3 hours. The Welsh National Opera aims to bring quality opera to the Welsh masses. Their productions are critically revered and commercially successful and never fail to entertain. If you’re new to opera or a certifiable opera buff, these productions of two established classics will be a perfect dose of highculture. Opera has a reputation for being something for the upper-classes only but with tickets for both operas are £5.00-£36.50 with selected concessions available, this is a supremely affordable way to enjoy some of the finest cultural achievements in human history. Rhodri Diaz

drawn into a sci-fi/fantasy novel but a crime fiction novel as well. Like all novels that can be described as belonging to The New Weird, The City and The City is very much concerned with the modern world. Through this consideration of the modern world, politics also becomes an important factor in the novel. However, the beauty of Miéville’s novels is that they are not solely driven by political and moral notions. The City and The City can be taken as an enjoyable crime fiction page-turner, but through its considerations of the modern world and its fantastical setting it can also be taken as a metaphor for how we live and the politics of today. It should be noted that Miéville does not bombard you with this

metaphor; it is very subtle and is only there for those who wish to look deeper. It is just as agreeable for those wishing to read an intelligent murder mystery.

prose, rants and general stage fright,” and it’s sure to make you laugh, think and enjoy, even if you don’t know the first thing about poetry. I don’t, and I’m there every time: it’s a really good laugh. Still, for those of you who are less ignorant than me, there’s the chance to sign up and read your poetry in front of everyone, as well as to listen and get inspired. Some of the “performers” have published their poetry as well, so who knows! Funked up is a night of Funk, Soul, Disco, Latin & Reggae music,

100% on vinyl, it’s free entry till 10:30 (£2 after that) and I’ve been told it’s great, but get there fairly early because the place is small and it’s usually very crowded. They literally run every kind of event you can think of, many more than I have room to tell you, so add them on Facebook and keep up to date. They also offer FREE hire for parties and celebrations, so it’s definitely worth checking them out! Alice Copello

The idea of The New Weird is reflected in TV shows such as Lost and Fringe, and films such as Pans Labyrinth so for fans of these The City and The City or any other of Miéville’s work would be a great read. The novel has just been short listed for the Nebulas (a major scifi award) and shows Miéville as a true master of fiction as a whole. Suzanne Beynon

Food & Drink: Mozarts Open Wednesday to Sunday until 2 or sometimes 4 o’clock in the early hours, Mozart is a nice little alternative pub/ bar on Walter road, and its liveliness and atmosphere are difficult to forget. Located in an adapted house, which makes it cosy and welcoming, it features all sorts of events from funk nights to poetry get-togethers via hypnotist’s shows. On a normal day it’s an amazing place to go have a quiet pint with friends and have a laugh. The staff is also very nice and the place is

everybody’s local, so after two or three visits you’ll find yourself chatting away with everyone: it’s one of the most social place I’ve ever been to. It’s also a great place to get a feel of the “real” Swansea, the one that has nothing to do with Uni, exams, societies.. Real Swansea people go there, and they show their proverbial welcoming attitude in full. The most popular events are ‘The Crunch’ and ‘Funked Up’: poetry and music always get along! The crunch, run twice a month on a Thursday, is an “evening for spoken word, poetry,


WATERFRONT 187-08/03/10

Food & Drink: Review of Lemongrass

You might disagree, but St Helen’s Road really is a cornucopia of culinary delights: there is something for everyone and in my time in Swansea I’ve seen new restaurants crop up and old ones sucked back into the bricks, boarded up or turned into a charity shop for cats. Whilst the road itself leaves a little to be desired to the naked eye, I’m always looking for an excuse to announce its respectability and guarantee for a quality meal. With this in mind I was more than happy to give Lemongrass a crack; I love Thai

food and have been fairly disappointed in the past with excuses for Indonesian cuisine – generally a watery fragranceless sauce masquerading as ‘Thai Green Curry’. Thanks Lloyd Grossman but for my next combination of coconut milk, coriander and lime I’ll make my own fix. Lemongrass is not all that far away from the Mosque on St Helen’s, it’s bright and you’d be hard pushed to miss it with the green-neon lit sign, it certainly stands out and whilst arguably a little pokey on the inside, it is very inviting. It’s a clean and exceptionally well decorated restaurant – the name has certainly had an influence on the interior designer as several of the tables are separated by what I can only presume to be lemongrass dividers – they’re not that dissimilar to the screens you might find in a beauty spa, next to the toxin relief baths and tranquil looking mud wrap table. I couldn’t tell you what material the menu was made out of but we were a little overexcited by the ring bound presentation and colourful pages, again depicting the grassy inspiration for the restaurant’s name and ordered a selection of starters. Not wanting to jump straight into a fiery face sweat and clammy hands

we took it easy with some fishcakes and deep fried king prawns. Fragrant and insanely moreish – the fishcakes, cooked with lime leaves and beans, came with a sweet chilli sauce and if I were to fault them at all, there were not enough, but they really were delicious and I’ll be having them as a main course next time! The king prawns came in a deep fried basket, I kid you not, and we spent a good ten minutes trying to decipher what it was and if it was edible, eventually concluding that it was an oriental pancake. That or some filo pastry: either way it provided entertainment upon devouring the prawns and fishcakes successfully. Appealing as the meal was without the added amusement, there was more. I’m sure you’ve encountered a flower carved out of a carrot before, I remember being scolded by a waitress in a restaurant in London’s Chinatown for eating mine once and was told that it was just for decoration – a little odd considering it was on my plate but there we go. Anyway, the king prawns were also accompanied by a white vegetable intricately carved into a plant: It was not until all five of us had had a bite and concluded that it was not, as we thought, an onion, a potato or, strangely enough, a melon that we asked and found out

that it was Aloo Muli, the North Indian equivalent of a radish. It’s all fun and games at the Lemongrass! I have to compliment the waitress for going through the complexities of carving a flower out of an Aloo Muli to a group of overly bewildered students! For mains we had a selection of Gaeng Lao (Yellow Curry), Hor Mock Talay (Steamed Seafood), Chuchee Pla (Deep Fried Fish), Nua Phad Prik Khing (Stir Fried Beef in Red Curry) and Red Wine Beef – all of which do not include the rice or noodles, but fear not the boiled rice and plain noodles come in a student friendly £2 each. Everything came in a separate dish which is always good as you’re not overwhelmed by an Uplands Diner ‘Beast’ size portion. All the dishes were sensitively spiced and indeed the menu has a chilli rating system so you know if one mouthful is going to be sending you down to Swansea bay to cool down or not. My combination of lime leaves, coconut milk, bamboo shoots, long beans and stir fried beef definitely lived up to expectation, if only for want of a thicker sauce. My friend had opted for the Lad Nah noodles as opposed to the plain and having helped myself, I would certainly order them next time – the dark soy

sauce and vegetable combination was a lot more fulfilling than the £2 white plain ones I had ordered to accompany my meal, so bear that in mind if you’re on a budget. With Dessert, A banana fritter and sorbet later with the others having a miscellany of pistachio ice cream with hints of saffron in a Roman jar and an alcoholic chocolate ‘Erufito’, we were done. Lemongrass is top-class and has steered away from ulterior meanings when it comes to its menu – we asked for beef and we got beef, we asked for fish and that’s what we were served, not a chewy jaw work out disguised as a Thai takeaway in a plastic pot. The restaurant was full by the time we left, I only wish we’d stayed and had another bottle of Indonesian wine Lemongrass is impressive outside and in, the food is lush and if you’re still not persuaded it’s worth knowing that they give you free Thai prawn crackers with a sweet chilli and a satay dip upon arriving. Sophie Bamber

Film: Previews of upcoming films at the Taliesin Up In Air (15) 15th-16th March This Box Office Hit starring George Clooney as the ruthless Ryan Bingham has proved to be a roaring success and is already being rumoured for Oscar Nominations. It is now going to be shown in the Taliesin Centre on campus.

Das Weisse Band/The White Ribbon (15) 17th March Austrian auteur Michael Haneke is one of the most important, and often misunderstood, filmmakers in World Cinema today. Responsible for such contemporary classics as Funny Games (1997) and 2001s The Piano Teacher, for his latest feature he returns to the themes of guilt and (possible) political allegory that haunted his 2005 masterpiece

Nine (12A) 23rd-24th March Nine is the recent 2009 release of the director and producer Rob Marshall. Previously Marshall has enjoyed successes with the likes of Chicago in 2002, Memoirs of a Geisha in 2005 and in 1998 with the revival of the musical Caberet. Nine has been accepted with rave reviews from Variety and Rolling Stone. In addition the movie received

From the director of Juno and Thank You for Smoking, the story centres around Bingham who fires people for a living. He’s so good at it that he spends 360 days a year travelling the world breaking the devastating news to unwanted employees. As the film progresses Ryan begins to query his life choices and realises he has lost grasp of what is important in life. This, at times rather poignant, tale of a man who has

everything but in one sense has nothing is touching and at times humorous. Clooney’s performance in this film has been described by a number of critics as ‘ perfect’. His portrayal has received a Golden Globe nomination as well as an Oscar nomination. But it is not just Clooney’s performance that has had audiences dazzled. His co-star Anna Kendrick who plays the young, enigmatic Natalie Keener has been rumoured to be

the next big thing in Hollywood. So if you fancy watching an award winning and accomplished comedy with a gripping script and compelling performances you might want to see Up in The Air. It is a timeless film that’s utterly of its time -- a movie of humor, heart and mind. So just sit back and enjoy the flight. Charlotte Ellis

Hidden. The White Ribbon is set in a Northern German village between the years of 1913 and 1914 and is, somewhat cautiously, depicted as an exploration of the beginnings of National Socialism and two subsequent world wars. Through voiceover narration the local schoolmaster describes his recollection of the events of this period many years later; these include a number of attacks and violent occurrences that, in typical Haneke fashion, are often left

unexplained. Many of Haneke’s detractors claim (wrongly) that his films are too slow and too cold. That they are in fact subtle and often understated in comparison with the majority of mainstream directors should not be viewed negatively; it simply allows space for us as an audience to engage with them – something that is certainly key to The White Ribbon. The film marks an interesting departure for the director, with it being his first period piece and the first shot

without the use of colour. However these elements go hand in hand, as the sharp monochrome reflects the grim and severe outlook held by the villagers. The White Ribbon finally garnered Haneke with a long overdue Palm d’Or at last summer’s Cannes Film Festival, and is a thought-provokingly poignant and precise visual feast that should not be missed.

four nominations for the 82nd Academy Awards which included Best Art Design, Best Costume Design and a nomination for Penépole Cruz as Best Supporting Actress. Marshall enlists an amazing star studded cast consisting of award winners such as Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Sophia Loren, Kate Hudson and Fergie. The movie is based on the award winning Broadway show Nine which features around the famous arrogant

and self centred film director Guido Contini who is in the midst of a creative and mid life crisis. Contini finds himself struggling for inspiration whilst writing the script for his new film Italia. The matter is further complicated when the press, public and crew believes the script is complete, when in fact he has not written a word. He finds that his mid life crisis has been taking its toll on his person relationships with the many women in his life which includes his wife, his mistress, his muse, his confi-

dant and costume designer, an American fashion journalist, a prostitute and the spirit of his dead mother. Nine is a romantic musical which would be enjoyed by any lovers of fancy, glamorous costumes and musical films such as Moulin Rogue and Chicago. Nine will be showing at the Taliesin for two nights on the 23rd and 24th March.

Nathan Shaw

Rosalyn Thomas


Film: Previews of upcoming films at the Taliesin Twilight/ New Moon Double Bill (12A) 21st March Not even the Taliesin could escape the current vampire obsession, with its back to back showing of Twilight and its sequel New Moon. After the success of Stephanie Meyer’s four part novel series, both films were greatly anticipated and received huge public reception. The first film tells the story of Bella Swan, who moves to Forks, Washington to live with her father. At

Nowhere Boy (15) 22nd March Nowhere Boy is the debut feature film from artist Sam Taylor Wood. Scripted by Matt Greenhalgh, who wrote 2007’s Control (the brilliant biopic of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis) and starring Aaron Johnson, Anne-Marie Duff and Kristen Scott Thomas, the film chronicles the teenage years of the late John Lennon and includes events such as the formation of his first skiffle band, The Quarrymen, through to his departure for Hamburg as

The Road (15) 29th March The name Cormac McCarthy may be familiar to any readers who have seen the spectacular film, ‘No Country For Old Men’, which is based on one of McCarthy’s novels. Swansea Taliesin will be showing the second film based on a McCarthy novel, ‘The Road’, on Monday 29th March. The film stars Viggo Mortensen, Charlize Theron and

The Lovely Bones (12A) 30th March The Lovely Bones is an extremely touching film that lifts you up and then immediately pulls you back down again, filled with heart and soul, this film takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. Set in the 1970’s, 14 year old Susie Salmon is a young girl who is surrounded by her loving parents, her grandmother and her younger

Precious (15) 31st March Senegalese American gospel singer Gabourey Sidibe has won huge critical acclaim for her role as 16-year-old New Yorker Claireece Jones, better known in her Harlem yard as ‘Precious’. Precious is an obese 16 year old Afro-American girl who has learning difficulties. Her father has raped her repeatedly resulting in Precious giving birth to a downs syndrome child. The contextual

her new high school, Bella is instantly intrigued by the Cullen siblings, particularly Edward. After a confusing introduction with each other they quickly form a close bond, and even discovering that Edward is a vampire doesn’t put Bella off! However, we soon learn that falling in love with a vampire is a risky game, and Bella ends up in a terrifying situation with a not-so friendly hunter named James. The sequel, ‘New Moon’ is much darker. Bella is left heartbroken, after Edward leaves in fear that his

presence provides an ongoing threat to her. In desperation to retain her memory of him, Bella adopts a dangerous lifestyle, to induce the vision which always appears warning her to stop. Jacob Black becomes more prominent in the sequel, as he becomes part of a love-triangle with Edward and Bella. Like Twilight, this film also ends with a cliff-hanger, which will no doubt cause the next film to be equally as anticipated as the first two. Twilight received mostly good reviews, and being the ultimate romance

story it’s easy to see why. Although fairly true to the book, New Moon may seem a bit slow for people who haven’t read the trilogy and it received a less enthusiastic public reception. However, with Twilight winning 21 awards, and New Moon receiving 4 nominations, no-one can escape its success and the fascination with the vampire world that it has caused. Even if it’s just for a look, these films are worth getting your teeth into!!

the Beatles embark on their first tour. It tells the story of John’s home life with his strict Aunt Mimi (Scott Thomas) who raised him after he was abandoned by his biological mother at a young age. However, he is unsurprisingly astounded to discover that his mother actually lives only a few streets away and the film spends much of its time exploring the impact that this discovery has on the young John, who is clearly torn between his love for his authoritarian aunt and the breathless excitement that is offered by his mother, Julia (Duff), who introduces him to rock ‘n’ roll and teaches him to

play the guitar. Whilst it might be expected that a video-artist of Sam Taylor Wood’s calibre would produce quite unconventional cinema, Nowhere Boy has a rather mainstream structure and aesthetic. However, that is not to say that the film does not take any risks. It frequently hints at an almost Freudian relationship between John and his mother, perhaps most strongly demonstrated by the rapid intercutting between an afternoon spent discovering rock ‘n’ roll with his mother, during which she informs John that the meaning

of rock ‘n’ roll is “sex” and his memories of a sexual encounter with a girl from school. Overall, Nowhere Boy is a well-made film that is superbly acted by its protagonists, particularly Anne Marie Duff and Kristen Scott Thomas, who give highly subtle and engaging performances. It also has an excellent soundtrack that manages to capture the rock ‘n’ roll spirit of an era that was to have a significant impact upon the life

Guy Pierce and is a bold imagining of a post-apocalyptic future. Both the novel and the film focus on a father and his son and their journey across an America devastated by a mysterious cataclysmic event. Throughout this journey, both father and son are tested and are pushed to their absolute limits. The event that caused the destruction of the country is never referred to, and similarly, we never find out the names of the father and the child.

The novel won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, and was also named as book of the decade by the Times newspaper, and generally achieved a great deal of critical success amongst literary critics. Relatively soon after the book was released in 2006, film rights were achieved for the book, directed by John Hillcoat. Hillcoat wanted to make the film faithful to the spirit of the book, but also to expand on some elements of the book. For example, one of these was the more prominent role of the father’s

wife, played by Charlize Theron, who rarely features in the novel. Filming mainly took place in Pennsylvania, but parts were also filmed in parts of New Orleans that had been affected by Hurricane Katrina. The film is both harrowing and moving, with amazing performances from the central cast, and promises to be an essential must-see, and not just for McCarthy fans. Caitlin Gwynn

family and sits in anguish watching their lives fall apart piece by piece, she in her half life must try to mend the pieces of broken hearts and lives, and protect her loving family who struggle to come to

a lot of films do) that he seems to paint a happier picture over the original plot and draw us away from the true tragedy of “Lovely Bones”, which therefore doesn’t make it as realistic as it should be. Definitely a film to see, but it will make you want to read the book, and if you have read the book, you probably won’t want to watch the film (sorry

brother and sister, has a crush on a boy called Ray Singh in school, she is simply a normal girl until the day she is walking home from school and follows her reclusive neighbour to the “underground clubhouse.” Her life from this point is about to change, in fact it is about to become a nonexistent half life . Susie is murdered by the local pervert, but doesn’t travel immediately to the afterlife, she is situated in the “inbetween” (to quote her little brother). Susie acts as a protective Angel to her

narrative explores issues of child abuse and official neglect within the permanent under-class of a fractured society. The Oprha Winfrey produced, Lee Daniels directed film of Ramona Lofton’s 1996 bestseller ‘Push’ features Mariah Carrey as a New York social worker, and stand up comedienne MoNique as Precious’s dysfunctional mother. The film explores the deep awakening of gender and cultural consciousness that emerges as Precious discovers to her horror that she is pregnant again. Afro-American director

terms with her death - will she do it? Producer Peter Jackson (Lord of The Rings) has reproduced Alice Sebold’s “Lovely Bones” in a way that we are able to consider the devastating affects of the story but are spared the exact details of the novel. Unfortunately he spares to many details (as I suppose

Lee Daniels, who made ‘The Woodsman’ starring Kevin Bacon in 2004, blends humour and pathos expertly so that ‘Precious’ never becomes too selfabsorbed, or preachy. Veteran British cinematographer Andrew Dunn gives the film’s New York locations a retro look that recalls his work on Robert Altman’s country house murder mystery Gosford Park. With her legendary acting performance as Sofia in Alice Walker’s Colour Purple, Oprha Winfrey demonstrated how the bonds of sisterhood

Hannah Price

and work of John Lennon. Sarah Hill

Peter). Gemma Davies

and a shared heritage of oppression can empower women to take control of their own destinies. ‘Precious’ makes fleeting reference to Ntozake Shange a feminist poet and dramatist who like Alice Walker in Colour Purple wrote about the social and moral empowerment of AfricanAmerican women during the Civil Rights struggles of the late sixties and early 1970’s. Ramona Lofton the author of ‘Push’ is better known to many as ‘Saphire’ the street tag of her Slam/Rap performance poet alter-ego. Paul Seacombe


WATERFRONT 188 - 08/03/10


BROTHERS GRIMM Bryony Hicks gives us a rather critical opinion on the child friendly pop trio - the Jonas Brothers and their award performance at the NME Awards.

Reporter Eva Sellmoss discusses the Six Nations, Yeasayer and kitchen sinks with Orlando Weeks of The Maccabees. Orlando, how are you? Yeah I’m fine, thank you very much. Cool. First question - how bored are you of being asked what you think of the other bands on this tour? I’m not actually bored. I’m so impressed by them that I’m happy to say over and over again that I think they are quality bands and that we’re happy to be on a tour with them. Is there any one band in particular that impresses you? I hear you have a good repertoire with The Drums going. Really? Oh good. I think they’re all really different, they all tick different boxes so I’m happy. I’ve watched most of the gigs from start to finish and they’ve all been good. There was a Wales rugby match on in Cardiff today: how do you cope when you go to a venue and there’s a major event going on at the same time? Very well I think. I watched it: it was a good game I thought. Better that the Welsh won in the end, for tonight – it might have been tricky otherwise! And the French just walked all over the Irish… I don’t care really, it’s not like any of us are desperate for attention.

ago, but it was so brief and I’d like to see them again, how good they’ve got and what they’re doing. I saw this thing in a record shop one day, I haven’t heard it yet, called The Retribution Gospel Choir. I’d heard of them, and the cover is beautiful, It’s like this ice landscape, something like a… a Shackleton photo, very beautiful so I’d like see them just for that. And I’d like to see Polyphonic Spree come back because they’ve been away far too long. Someone put me onto YouTube and led me on to them. I’d forgotten how many of them… they were amazing, I think I may have watched too many of them… but yeah, that’d be my line-up. You mentioned Yeasayer, have you hear their new album Odd Blood yet? Yeah I got it on Monday. Went straight out, bought it, played so? snooker and listened to it all the way through. Brilliant, brilliant record, been worth the wait. You’ve had a good long tour since you released Wall of Arms. It’s been mostly Europeanbased, is there any reason behind that? Are there plans to go further afield?

I don’t think so. We need to write a new record, and it takes half a week, a week or so out of your time? to get ready for it. We enjoyed ourselves last summer, I don’t think we’ll be missed and also it’ll also mean that next summer we’ll have a whole new record to play to people which will make it lots more fun.

Expense – it’s expensive. We didn’t have a US distributor. We could have gone to America, but it’s better to have a record out there, a record that appeals… I don’t know… We might go to Japan at some point this summer. We went to Africa which was pretty far out.

Obviously you’ve got a good line-up going here, but if you were to do a festival, what sort of bands would you like to play alongside?

You’ve mentioned plans to write a new album, what stage is it at?

I still haven’t seen Yeasayer, so I’d like to have them handy. I’d like to see The XX again, I saw them ages and ages

A very early stage. I’m optimistic about it.

The festival line-ups are starting to be announced – are you planning to be at any of them?

What instruments are you planning to use on it? You hear all sorts of things about accordions and xylophones when it comes to The Maccabees. Are there any plans for more amusing and varied instruments?

needed, so long as it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

I know the boys have been getting their heads around pedals and stuff a lot more, so they’ll be doing that a bit better, and everyone’s much better at production and stuff, so we’ll be able to figure it out… basically everyone’s planning to do stuff individually on computers and then we’ll figure out ways to mesh it together so hopefully that’ll throw up some things. Last time I learned a lot about how not to throw the kitchen sink at stuff and I think there’s good point in that, and hopefully if Markus [Dravs, who produced Wall of Arms] does the record again, which I think he will, and if we write good enough songs then we won’t need to do weird things, it’ll just need the right noises, but I get what you’re saying: I still it’s more fun to have tried something and it not be

Maybe it’s the best way to start and end the record.

You could always put the sound of a thrown kitchen sink in there somewhere, I’m sure it could fit in.

Well if it does happen I’ll be entertained even if no-one else is. Well that’s one record sold then: that’s a pretty hefty percentage of our record sales, so if you do that, we’re away. You recently did the Empty Vessels remix, are you planning to do any more like it, or will it have any influence on the next record? It proved that Felix and Hugo have got miles better at production, because they single-handedly did that, and so I think we can be a lot more prepared for when we go to make the record so it doesn’t take as long and we can pre-empt the process. It was nice to do something works and earns its place in our output, but then again it’s a bit of a twist, making it harder to pigeonhole us. It’s not a reason to do anything, but it’s nice to know it’s true. My last question is about the ‘Colour It In’ cover: how did the cover variations come- about? That was our choice. We were going to do just one, then we found out during the printing process that for hardly anything you can have a load of different colours, and we thought “if you can, why not?” It’s that kitchen sink thing again, I think it’s kind of fun. I wish I’d thought about it a bit more, because if we’d have known that we could have done more stuff with it. It was bright and breezy and all stuff like that. Cool. Thank Orlando. Cheers.




For those of you who are not aware of the recent winners and losers at the Shockwaves NME awards – some of you might be happy to know that the cheese infested Jonas Brothers received the ‘Worst Band of the Year’ award. I bet even Walt Disney would have had a little chuckle at the poor boys’ expense. Personally, I’ve never understood the whole Disney franchise. Not in this recent decade anyway. Before, we were served with some delicious sing-a-long-songs, cute animations and loveable characters. Now, we’re being given cheesy American high school ballads from teenagers whose voices haven’t broken yet. Disney – what happened?! The brothers also received the worst album award for their album ‘Lines, Vines and Trying Times’ and unfortunately missed out on the ‘douchebags of the decade’ award! A fan on the MTV website has criticised the UK for its decision to give the Jonas Brothers these two terrible awards, claiming the boys are basically “the Bill Gates of teen culture.” We also have to take responsibility for Westlife, Victoria Beckham, ‘that dude from X Factor’ and Blackout Crew. Although on the plus side, they’re happy enough with The Beatles – win. I’ve always thought of the Jonas Brothers as Hanson (MMMBop!) with dark hair and purity rings. For those who don’t know (or care) about the Jonas Brothers, here’s a little history lesson: the boys gained popularity after starring in the Disney Channel’s ‘Camp Rock’ (find the funnies) and have three albums AND a record number of downloaded singles. Thus, the boys have had some decent success – did they really deserve NME’s worst band and album awards? It’s arguable – on one hand, the boys represent the innocent pop culture lost many childhoods ago, yet on the other hand they are so cheesy, you may become lactose intolerant. On a serious note, the boys have done some good; one member of the band, Nick testified in the US senate to promote more research funding for diabetes, being a diabetic himself and has supported Bayer Diabetes Care. The brother also earned an estimated 12 million dollars a few years back and donated 10% of this to the charity, Change for the Children Foundation which they also started. Feeling guilty yet, NME? I doubt it. As far as philanthropy goes, the boys are amazing, but when it comes down to it, the Jonas Brothers’ sticky sweet pop songs just aren’t enough to soften the UK. My bet is, if the boys are still on the scene next year, NME will have the award waiting for them this time!’




This week, current Education Officer Ross Gilman gives us his top 10 tracks of the moment. Hi, I’m Ross Gilman and I am your Education Officer (at least for the next few months) and my job is to look after all your educational needs. This includes issues to do with the library, your course and even any more personal issues that are stopping you from getting the most out of your time here at Swansea. I’ve been asked to do the Mix Tape this week because I am leaving and it was felt I needed to educate you all before I go... joke. But please enjoy!

Muse – MK Ultra This is a great song from a great band and an amazing album; don’t know how they keep doing it! Currently set as my alarm to make sure I am set for the day!

Children In Need with Cheryl Cole (or is that now tweedy?) you will know how good it is!

of when I was young enough and cool enough to go to divas... great times!

Jimmy Eat World – Big Casino The Fray - We Bend Then We Break Great uplifting song, great riff and generally just a cool video as well.

Such an awesome song, despite it being from an average album.

Incubus – Mexico The Offspring – The Kids Aren’t Alright

If you haven’t heard this song yet you are in for a real treat. One of the most talented bands to come out whilst I’ve been around, and a great form of musical education for anyone who hasn’t already listened to them.

Showing my age a little now but this tune takes me back to my young teenage years and still hits the spot every time, always makes me want to listen to some of their old albums – please turn up loud!

Snow Patrol feat Martha Wainwright – Set the Fire to the Third Bar Kings of Leon – Sex On Fire This is/was my divas song! Great tune to sing along with friends and reminds me

their attitude has to respect their talent. Everybody loves a bit of ‘A Thousand Trees’, personally I think this is much better!

We Are Scientists – The Great Escape Amazing riff, simple, catchy, and a really funny video! Also reminds me of meeting the lead singer who signed a copy of the bass for the song at a gig in the Metro Club in London!

Editors – The Racing Rats Sorry to sound like a broken record…. (sorry had to be done) but fantastic riff and a great band who I one day hope to see live!

Stereophonics - Mr Writer Definitely my favourite Snow Patrol song, perfect chill out track in the office! If you saw it performed on

Simply incredible - enough said! Anyone who doesn’t like these guys for


Our harsh critical reporters review this week’s upcoming singles and albums.

The Courteeners – Falcon

Delphic - Halcyon

Tinie Tempah – Pass Out

Automatic – Tear the Signs Down

Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce - Telephone

After the triumph of their first album (St. Jude), The Courteeners return with their equally enjoyable ‘Falcon’ (out now) that Q Magazine describes as ‘majestic’. Each song is hand-crafted by the band’s lead man, Liam Fray with ‘everyman’ lyrics and a personal feel that appeals to followers of every music genre. Slower, emotional songs such as ‘Lullaby’ are interspersed between the more uplifting sounds of ‘Scratch Your Name Upon my Lips’, ‘Sycophant’ and the amazingly catchy ‘You Overdid it Doll’ (released February 15th). The only hiccup on the album is ‘Take Over the World’ which sounds surprisingly like Take Thats’ ‘Rule the World’ but it shows the wide range of influences that helped mould the album to fit snugly into the heart of the classic British indie-rock scene. With comparisons to Elbow, The Verve and Morrissey, The Courteeners can do no wrong.

I remember the first time I heard Delphic, it was at a local bar where the DJ loved them so much he held a release night where he played the entire album. I admit at the time I thought this was both lazy and absentminded, but I was proved wrong completely and have been a fan since. Four singles along with the follow up to the release ‘Doubt’, Delphic’s ‘Halcyon’, released March 15th, does not disappoint. Delphic manage to make dance/indie work in a way that I‘d say is quite rare. This newest single, reminds me of one of those classic summer tracks you listen to again and again. A real feel good vibe, with beautifully written lyrics. I think this could be a real grower and what with their album ‘Acolyte’ having already entered the UK charts at number 8, Delphic are definitely the band to watch this summer.

Tinie Tempah represents another wave in what seems like a sea of UK ‘urban music’ (whatever that means) washing over the charts. And it’s unfortunate he’s followed up lightweight imps such as Tinchy Stryder and Chipmunk, because ‘Pass Out’ is actually pretty good. The track is bass heavy and the synth loop is epic, but it definitely falls short when it comes to the lyrics, Mr Tempah has fallen in line with that age old rap tradition of stating how good you are over and over, which is where artists such as Devlin and Mike Skinner differ. I still don’t understand why a form of music that has its foundations in lyrics, so often lets itself down by just saying what’s already been said by everyone else. As a piece of music, ‘Pass Out’ is awesome and bound to have chart success, but it’s nothing new, and that’s the problem.

‘Tear the Signs Down’ is the third album from Welsh-grown The Automatic, due for release on March 8th. According to the band’s sources, it’s “a massive leap away from those small-town roots”. For me what does come through is a more mature rock sound compared to the likes of ‘Monster’ and ‘Steve McQueen’ which were a bit more towards kid-pop, although it’s also lost their memorabilty and stand-out quality. Singles off the new album include ‘Interstate’ (not the best for a single) and ‘Run and Hide’, probably the best and most defined track. Another one to watch is “Race to the heart of the sun”, a definite winner for me. Overall it’s a bit of a mixed bag, decent if you like the band but with the exception of a select few, most tracks sound very similar. The album’s a step down from the band’s previous stuff.

With the amount of success that Lady Gaga has accumulated across dance floors globally, concerns about the possible desertion of ‘The Fame’s fresh sound are abolished as Gaga’s latest offering is louder, bolder, more powerful than anything she has released thus far. ‘Telephone’, which features the unrivalled and incomparable Beyonce Knowles, allows Gaga to rightfully hold her own against this century’s most popular and industry-proclaimed diva. Unexpectedly however, Gaga outshines Sasha Fierce on this track whose vocals are monotone compared to those of The Fame Monster’s own; proving even more so that Gaga is the future of contemporary pop music. Unlike most of her other tracks, ‘Telephone’ is not drowned out by auto-tune or the huge synthesizers used to make this song a hit on the dance floor. So to some up, ‘Telephone’ is quite possibly one of the biggest collaborations of the year.




7/10 9/10 Sophie Evans Nia Hooper

Jennifer Wenham

Charlie Teasdale

Sara Grummett


WATERFRONT 188 - 08/03/10


Music Editor and Culture Editor James Taylor and Tom Maya talk to Wheatus’ frontman Brendan Brown about the Summer Ball, Florence and the Machine and their messy break up from Sony - all the way from the Big Apple. Ha-ha!

Hi Brendan, how’s things? Not bad, not bad...just tired ha-ha! Well first and foremost, let me thank you greatly for agreeing with the interview, as I understand it is only 8:30am there in New York right now?

Yeah they are some of the best shows sometimes because you have an audience that are there to have the best time possible. They are always there eager to enjoy themselves and that should be the goal for every show. But sometimes it’s not, and in University performances you always have that factor.

Something to leave for the imagination? Exactly. No one knows the true stories but there are lots of rumours.

Yeah it is. Ok well thanks for getting up early for us.

Of course you are supporting the sensational Florence and the Machine at our Summer Ball, are you familiar with their work?

No problem, no problem. Also, thank you for agreeing to perform at our Summer Ball. What are your feelings about the gig? Well we haven’t toured in about a year and a half, so right now we are rerecording our first record as our Sony contract is now over, so we now have the rights to it. And at the moment we’re working on a new record and when you write a new record you discover new things and how the song is suppose to go. We have had an opportunity to correct a few things we didn’t get right 10 years ago. Its because people want things done in five minutes, so you end up cutting corners, so we didn’t do that this time. Are you a big fan of the student scene then?

Yes I am, and I am really excited about it, that’s something we’re really looking forward to. There stuff as just started to filter over here in the States. I think because we had success in England for a while we ended up talking to a lot more English people than your average American so we got a few contacts. I think it was one my Twitter followers that actually glued me in a while back. During your touring days, were there any backstage antics you can remember? Ha-ha the ‘Wild Stories’ question comes out. Well something happened in Bath University one time, I don’t think any of us remember the same thing. The theme of the Uni ball was toga, so you had like 4000 kids in Togas to begin with. And then alcohol....and then....I don’t know

make songs however you want, they don’t have to fall into the three minute restrictions. Ten years ago it was such a different world, we would be getting ready to do something like Smash Hits and some label idiot would come up to us and say “Here’s the new version of Teenage Dirtbag that you’ll be miming today, we’ve taken 70 seconds out of the song so its short enough for TV, I’m sure you’ll get it right first time round.” This ignorance of that is so profound, we perform that song life every night a certain way and we might not be able to mime to it. To a version that’s cut up 70 seconds shorter some way that we have never heard before! People talk about piracy being the reason labels are failing, well no labels are failing because the people that work there don’t know what the f*ck they are talking about!

Well what’s new with Wheatus right now?

In regards to ‘Teenage Dirtbag’, do you guys find yourself typecast now to that particular song?

If you go to there you can download our second, third and fourth singles. There’s also a donation system, I mean it’s free but if you want to help support us please do. We have also started making comic books with this new series called ‘Pop, Songs and Death’ – check those out too. So all of our music is just us now too which is great. I mean its kind of cool that radio is dead, because now you can

Well I guess people who don’t dive deep into the music they’re interested in to think that. But that’s not a bad thing I don’t expect everyone to know the in’s and out’s of their favourite music genre. I mean the truth behind Teenage Dirtbag is weird because not many people know the context of the song. It was a scene plucked out of my childhood, there was satanic cult in my town and they murdered one of their

friends – they were dirtbags. There’s a Rolling Stone article about it from November 1984, and the word dirtbag was used in that article and that was the only place I have ever seen that word used – its proper context. Because they listened to Iron Maiden and AC/DC, also known as Devil’s Music, you were known as dirtbags by parents, teachers police etc. I was 10 years old when this happened - just getting into AC/DC, so I got categorised with these guys. So you have to know as a fan that an artist’s message isn’t coming across just from one song – life isn’t that simple. With the Battle of the Bands starting up at our University now, do you have any words of wisdom for the aspiring bands? Yeah, don’t go near any multi-national companies, stay away from it. It’s all about to implode – they won’t be here in 10 years time trust me. Let your passion for music lead you to knowledge, you need to get your hands dirty. Also don’t get starry eyed and believe people when they tell you it’s going to be huge, take it with a pinch of salt. Thank you Brendan for your time, we look forward to seeing you on June the 9th. Cant wait. See you there!


Reporter Bella Whately reviews the night with the illustrious Radio 1 DJ - Judge Jules Unfortunately I was not able to catch Judge Jules for the interview as planned due to the A-lister’s eagerness to depart as swiftly as possible. Having originally planned the interview for 10:30pm, no-one really seemed to know what was going on and it was virtually impossible to get any sense out of anyone as to the Judge’s whereabouts. After dancing myself out from being

at the club from opening time, some friends and I managed to blag our way into the VIP area to relax and try and work out a plan to catch this elusive DJ and get the interview. When 4am hit we were pretty fed and a few drinks later we got word that Judge Jules had left the building. Despite the diva DJs poor efforts of showing up for a chat the atmosphere in the club was electric.

People were still pumped and raring to go at club closing which had been the general pattern since opening at 10pm that evening. Supporting Judge Jules were Simon Patterson, Oliver Lang all of which played sets consisting mainly of house, trance and techno. Oliver Lang, apparently coming from a very musical background has been spinning records in clubs since he was 14 and by

16 he had released his first tune. Now a resident in Bora Bora his tech-house sound certainly got the crowd going this weekend. Simon Patterson’s edgy riffs and driving basslines , his music has been described as ‘cutting edge, dark, driving, pulsating.’ Tunes of his such as; ‘Miss You’ and ‘Always’ went down a treat on Saturday night, an altogether impressive performance from

all DJs involved. Judge Jules’s set (and I say this slightly begrudgingly) was if nothing else a sure fire crowd pleaser, his sets never usually fail to leave a crowd wanting more (unless, of course, you’re expecting an interview).










tSUheELECTIONS waterfront ARE HERE! Your Vote, Your Voice *FULL LIST OF CANDIDATES - pages 24 - 26 * *The ATV (voting) system explained - page 26*

Why should you vote? By Lleu Williams NUS Deputy President THIS TIME of year flies around so quickly. I don’t know where my head is at, but Sabbatical Officer Elections, to me, are the most important time of the year, as it gives you the chance to choose who represents you next year! As a former student at Swansea University, as well as a candidate against Ross Gilman in the infamous Education Officer Battle of 2008, taking part in the election process to me was, and still is, a great opportunity for every student to get their voices heard! I am sure that some of you will associate election week with some sort of Rio Carnival, with all the colour, noise and paper flying about, but you should use this as an opportunity to speak to people running in the elections to find out more about them and what they want to do for you next year. Yeah, it can be easy to vote for the loudest person or the one with the best election song, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they might be the best candidate for the job. There will be plenty of manifestos floating about in The Waterfront, online, on Xtreme Radio or at the polling booth - have a read of them or go to ‘Grill Your

Candidates’ and ask questions on the issues that you think need dealing with next year. Sabbatical Officers really do make a difference from promoting the best education possible for you, to ensuring that you know your housing rights! I have seen some fantastic officers during my time at Swansea who have battled to secure 24 hour library access, the flooding issues in Singleton Park being addressed, housing standards right across Swansea being brought upto scratch and the introduction of the Cooper Tax - a 10p charge on all plastic bags, years before any Government in the UK. So yes in a nutshell, Sabbatical Officers do make a difference! These officers will work in conjunction with NUS Wales next year to ensure your voices are heard in Cardiff Bay and at Westminster. NUS Wales represents students right across Wales and have already made some important gains for students in Wales this year, including a promise of a National Bursary Framework for students and lobbying MPs through the Vote For Students campaign to ensure that the cap on top up fees is not lifted! Make sure you get out there, speak to the people running and vote on the person you believe will the best person at representing you next year! I personally can’t wait for it to start all over again, roll on!

SABB LIFE! Explained by outgoing Education Officer By Ross Gilman Education Officer IT’S NEARLY two years since I first ran for this position and I’ve never looked back. Before I had decided I was running, I was simply just another barman but learnt a lot from other students whilst working in JCs. I heard a lot of opinions about everything from problems with the library to moans about people’s courses and of course the occasional complaint as to why students weren’t always allowed glass when drinking in our bars. So with a few ideas to bring in some real change and a little bit of experience from helping former Welfare Officer Nick Morgan campaign the year before, I was ready (almost) to take on the challenge. I was extremely nervous as I knew if I got elected I would have some pretty big shoes to fill but I would have only regretted it had I not given it my all. It is really hard to know where to start because in the two teams I have worked in, we have achieved so much. The things that stick out for me the most were the debt awareness campaigns I ran, as they got students questioning where the value for money was on their course. For me is this exactly why we are here, to make sure the students voice is the loudest and most important. During my time in the position I have

also helped extend the library hours during the exam periods on a Friday and Saturday night till 10pm from 8pm, as a lot of students complained this was too early. Consultation with the students also lead to the 24 hour times starting a week earlier, allowing those students who came back early to do revision etc the time to do this. As of the beginning of the new academic year there will be for the 1st time ever exam feedback forms being rolled out and in some departments better, clearer feedback forms that will actually help towards students being able to improve their work and go forward. Other achievements include: • 1st student/staff feedback day in Wales with NUS/ HEA (Higher Education Academy) • 24 hour library walking bus service • Award winning radio show on xtreme • Helped with team campaigns including the SOTEAS protests, domestic violence, S.H.A.G. week, Shhhh campaign. • Helped lobby welsh assembly members to support the proposals for a new bursary framework for welsh students with support from NUS Wales. Sabb life is extremely testing and you are always being pushed to your limits. You never stop working and although we have a minimum length of hours we have to work, the majority of sabbs will do far more

than this because it is essential if you want to achieve your goals and make any campaigns successful. It has been one of the most fulfilling times of my life and I think I will find it hard to find another job when I leave that will push me as much as this job has. I am looking forward to this year’s election as we

have some great candidates and a more active student union than we have had for years. The race for the new Education Officer will be an interesting one and from speaking to a lot of the candidates I feel that whoever gets the job they will do a fantastic job.

24 Election Special

Waterfront 188 - 08/03/10

PRESIDENT LUKE YOUNG Hi I’m Luke and I’m re-running to be your Student President. I ran for president to change the way the union does things and to make it an organisation that can win for students. We won the fight against redundancies, ended the SU - AU conflict and challenged politicians over fees. All this while still delivering the best in entertainment and activities. A lot done, there is a lot more left to do. We need to continue changing so we can help you when you need it most. It’s about getting the job done. Re-elect Luke Young for President

SOCIETIES AND SERVICES RAECHEL MATTEY Re-elect Raech for an officer with the passion and experience to stand up for you and your societies, who has, and will continue to deliver. Societies • Continue increased focus and support • Integration at Hendrefoelan Student Village • Collaboration with the AU utilising facilities • Additional support for Academic Societies encouraging enhancement of education • Society Alumni • Gain extra space and facilities • Inclusive-of-All! Catering for the needs of all, religious, international, postgraduate, mature and part-time students. Services • Commercial services review • Work closely with NUSSL utilising offers • New commercial activity: SU clothing, JC’s Cocktails?

WELFARE OFFICER LANCE HORSEY Hi my name is Lance Horsey and I’m running for the position of your Welfare Officer, I have been in the position for the past year and have run numerous successful campaigns including S.H.A.G 2009 and Hug A Housemate 2009. I believe that the experience and knowledge with the accompaniment of new exciting campaigns makes me the only candidate. My new campaigns include: Pharmacy On Campus 2010 Stop, Drink, Listen, Learn 2010 The Great Housing Conundrum 2010 ...And I’m Feeling Good 2010 Safer Students, Safer Swansea 2010 S.H.A.G. 2010

PRESIDENT PAUL CARGEEG Since choosing Swansea 4 years ago I’ve enjoyed every second and feel it’s time for me to give something back. I feel society experience, along with time as Non-Portfolio officer, election as NUSUK delegate and campaigning against SOTEAS cuts puts me in a good position to solve many problems your union faces. Alongside tackling tuition fee/course cut problems, I want a GREENER union, and focus on campaigning for REAL change in Singleton Park, with a big student community in Swansea we shouldn’t be taking no for an answer when it comes to personal safety. VOTE CARGEEG – DRIVING YOUR UNIVERSITY FORWARD

SOCIETIES AND SERVICES CRAIG LAWTON Hi, I’m Craig and I’m a 3rd year Law student. I am running for Societies and Services Officer as I feel I can give something back to the SU and improve your university experience. My goals: • Support and promote all societies, big or small • Allow more access to grants to help societies • Increase inter-society links • Use all media resources to increase funding through sponsorship and advertising • Match societies with potential sponsors • Organise training events for society executives • Revitalise Woody’s bar • Make the SU fully accountable to you Craig Lawton, at your service!

WELFARE OFFICER CHARLOTTE BRITTON If elected as your Welfare Officer I plan to move Safety Week to Michelmas term, therefore educating Freshers as soon as possible. I propose setting up Peer Support Workshops where older/more experienced students will provide social and academic support to peers. I will encourage students to get tested for STIs using clear information and incentives. I plan to organise an Accommodation Fair to thoroughly inform students about their rights and what to look for. Also I want to raise awareness of the importance of good mental health and the help available, in addition to having an open door policy.

“My name is Lance Horsey and Welfare 2010 is My Idea”.

WELFARE OFFICER JAMES KERR I’m James Kerr, I’m on the exec and President of RAG and Debating, and now I want to look after your welfare. Here’s an idea of what I’ll do: > ‘Hydrated Student = Happy Student’: Water fountains around the SU and campus. > ‘Welfare Drop in Desks’: all welfare services in one place. > ‘An apple a day …’: healthy eating campaign. > ‘Remember the Night!’: Safe drinking campaign and non-alcoholic drinks promotions. > ‘Stay Safe Swansea!’: Student safety campaign focussing on entire city not just the park. > Cheap condom machines on campus. Start Caring; James Kerr for Welfare.

WELFARE OFFICER BEN SHAW 1) Housing/Accommodation – Weekly surgery sessions with students on and off campus to speak about any accommodation issues making you aware of your rights stopping you from being ripped off. 2) Student “Family” Safety – Working with the SU Executive I would set up drop points for information, condoms, rape alarms, Safe Sip Anti Drink Spiking Devices and a year round walking bus. This will not be limited to accommodation drops but, lecture halls as well as Night Clubs. 3) Money Matters - Student Budget pack including likely living costs in Swansea, reasonable rent costs, tips on where to look for jobs.

Election Special 25



Library: • More vending machines in the library and a greater variety of food available. • More laptop power points in the library. • Prioritise library loans based on level of study. Fees and exams: • Fight for more affordable fees for all students. • Propose feedback from exams for all students. Student support: • Promote student awareness of support networks and the availability of said networks. • Conferences and forums for both mature and international students. • Easier access for international students applications at Swansea University. • Greater representation for ERASMUS students.

My experience in the union has shown me what our education campaign needs to deliver the best student experience My pledges ● Lobby for no exams on Friday afternoons and Saturdays ● Take employability seriously o create a volunteering and internship database o run interview and CV building workshops ● A Better Library o enough key texts and printing facilities ● Lobby all departments to use Blackboard ● Accreditation for captains, societies committees and course reps ● Fight against course cuts, raised fees the marketisation of our education ● Fight for better student support



Our Education ● Our Employment ● Our Experience Vote Simon Darvill #1 for Education Officer

3rd Year Psychology & Criminology

I will listen to you and campaign on the issues affecting you!

● I want to campaign for more personal hours with lecturers,

Your experience is as important as your education – I will work hard to enhance both. I am an experienced union officer who will deliver for you!

so YOU have the opportunity to see your lecturers when you need to. ● I want to push for more facilities such as computers and better help with the photocopiers etc. ● I want to help change how lectures are taught and create a practical element, for your involvement. ● I want us to make everything accessible via the Blackboard. ● I want to create new School Rep meetings, which would be the first call before Student Rep meetings, so issues may be resolved faster.

EDUCATION OFFICER SAM LOVELESS As a student here I have always tried to put my education first and foremost. However, as I have participated in the wider activities across the university and the student’s union, I have come to realise how beneficial everything we do at university can be to our education and our lives as a whole. As education officer for the student’s union, I would pursue policies that are relevant to the students of this university, making it easier for them to balance their education with a more rounded university experience whilst tackling communication issues between students and their departments.

EDUCATION OFFICER KYLE SOULSBY Crown Kyle King for Education. Education officer is a post that affects every member of the student body. It requires awareness, determination, integrity and approachability which will make me the King over others. I aim to address several main issues that have been flagged to me over my three years at Swansea. By ‘crowning’ Kyle King of Education, I aim to: • Extend Library times over exam period (weekends) • Text reminder service about exams • Better communication between department & students • Feedback on exams • Air-con System in Library • Computer awareness Campaign

A vote for me is a vote for: • No to Saturday exams – no to more exam stress! • Stop fees rising –keep fees capped • 24 hour library all year –choose when your study not closing times • Wednesday afternoons for sports and societies – I wont compromise on this • Full exam feedback – quick and personal feedback to help you improve

EDUCATION OFFICER ALICE McLINTOCK My name is Alice McLintock. I am currently doing a Masters in Development and Human Rights. I have had an amazing four years as a student at Swansea, so much so that I now call it my home. I want to make your time just as amazing and awesome as mine. Through my policies of providing greater and more equal rights for students and enhancing your opportunities, I want to create an educational environment whereby, students are able to recognize and fulfill all their dreams and aspirations. Vote Alice McLintock for Education Officer. Let me make your university a wonderland!

EDUCATION OFFICER ANGHARAD WILLIAMS My name is Angharad Williams; I am a final year Business student running for Education officer. If elected I would: - Fight for fair and affordable fees for ALL students. - Work with careers to assist graduate employment. - Establish a 24 hour library. - Help students during exams by holding a stress week. - Restructure the exam time table. - Hold events for student parents and increase opening hours of the nursery. - Increase the importance of class and course representatives and work with academic departments. - Provide fair representation for ERASMUS students returning to Swansea. - Provide standardised feedback forms for exams. - Improve co-ordination in academic appeals.

26 Election Special

Waterfront 188 - 08/03/10

WOMEN’S OFFICER RAEGAN HEALY My name is Raegan Healy and I’m currently the Students Union Women’s Officer. If re-elected I will ensure that the B.E.S.S.T campaign is fulfilled throughout my next year in office. - Background and culture: All individuals should be taken into consideration no matter what their background or cultural values are. - Equality: Equality within the University needs to be ensured throughout all sectors. - Sport: I want to push for all women fitness classes and sports days. - Safety: Provide women only self defence classes throughout the year. - Training and career development: I want to provide women with opportunities they should have for future careers. RE-ELECT RAEGAN FOR YOUR WOMEN’S OFFICER!

INTERNATIONAL OFFICER ANDY PATTON I, Andy Patton am standing for re-election as International Officer. I believe that the International Officer should facilitate the “Internationalisation” of ALL STUDENTS! From personally greeting students off the plane at London Heathrow to promoting study placements abroad, I pledge to ensure you get the best experience here at Swansea. As a graduate in modern languages, I’ll ensure you know your options regarding language learning. Leaving Ireland 5 years ago was daunting, so I understand when students find it difficult setting-in. From access to accommodation, or from finance to food, I’ll ensure you get the best possible deal.

WOMEN’S OFFICER SARAH RAMPLING Hi, my name is Sas and I’m running for Women‘s Officer. If elected I plan to: • Introduce a ‘Campaign Calendar’ • Hold entrepreneurial workshops • Strive for Equal Opportunities for all • Campaign against the objectification of women; hold an alternative event to the Safe Sex Ball during Fresher’s fortnight • Provide more support for Student Parents • Introduce ‘Ladies Hour’ at the Gym • Raise awareness of mental health issues • Focus on the transition between school and university • Ensure sabbatical officers write a weekly blog • Publicise and provide free basic provisions, help and support

OPEN TO ALL POSITIONS RON If you feel none of the candidates deserve your vote or you would like to re-open the selection process there is another option. VOTE RON! RON stands for Re-Open Nominations and is always given as a choice on your ballot paper for every position, no matter how many candidates are standing. PLEASE NOTE! If you do vote RON and it wins it re-opens nominations for the position leading to another election. In NO WAY does it constitute Ron Burgundy winning the election and taking control of the position won.

Are you unsure how to cast your vote with the ATV System?

Sabbatical Election Procedure As Simple as 123 Swansea University Students Union will go to the polls on Wednesday March 10th and Thursday March 11th to elect the Sabbatical Officer team for 2010-2011. Although the Students’ Union employs three electoral methods in its democratic procedures – the Alternative Transferable Vote method (ATV), the Single Transferable Vote method (STV) and First Past the Post (FPP) – the Sabbatical election procedure is conducted via the Alternative Transferable Voting system. Alternative Transferable Vote (ATV) is a system of preferential voting designed to minimize wasted votes and provide proportional representation while ensuring that votes are explicitly expressed for individual candidates. ATV is employed as the electoral method when selecting one person for one position - i.e.// a Sabbatical officer or an Executive member. The system might look complicated but it’s dead simple really. Basically it means that rather than a simple cross or tick you number the candidates in order of preference for each individual office – check out the following example: i.e. there are four candidates for President: Bagpuss Danger Mouse Basil Brush RON (RE-OPEN NOMINATIONS)

This voter has put Danger Mouse as their first preference, Basil Brush as their second, Bagpuss as their third and RON as their final preference. Unless a candidate gets a straight 50 + 1 average then the Alternative Transfer System comes into play. Then the votes for the candidate who has received the least number of votes are taken and they are checked to see who was the second choice given on these ballots, these votes are then distributed to the other candidates. If this leads to a candidate gets a gaining a straight 50 + 1 average then the transfer of votes ends there. If not, then the situation is repeated with the candidate with the least votes being transferred to their third preference. This continues until there is a straight 50 + 1 average. Thus in the case of the vote for Danger Mouse if he came last, and there was no outright winner this vote would be then transferred to Basil Brush, if this did not lead to an outright win it along would be transferred to the third choice (Bagpuss). Use your vote wisely – it’s as simple as 123 – and please don’t forget your student card. Only students with valid 2009-2010 student card will be permitted to vote. Voting will take place on Wednesday March 10th at Hendrefoelan Student Village from 1pm to 7pm and on University Campus on Thursday March 11th from 9.30am to 7pm.











30 Travel

Waterfront 188- 08/03/10

Travel -



By Nikki Littlehales Travel Editor

Situated in the South West, Pembrokeshire is Wales’ award winning county. Surf, sea, sand and castles galore, there is more than enough to explore. The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park fringes Britain’s only coastal national park. A stride along part of the 143-mile trail will fire a love of this evocative and stunning edge of Wales. Long golden surf beaches easily rival those of California; the clear green seas are the habitat of seals, whales, dolphins, sharks and, in summer, you may even catch a glimpse of exotic species such as sunfish and even seahorses! Further offshore, Ramsay, Skomer and Skokholm islands are home to internationally important sea bird colonies. Visit for more information on exciting Sea Safari’s. The walk along the path leads you atop the highest sea cliffs in Wales, guaranteeing picturesque views; and in the hamlets, harbours and villages you pass along the way, there are plenty of pubs and charming restaurants in which to refuel. The variety is one of the best things about the coast path, which offers something for everyoneand not just in summer. The off-season can provide the thrilling spectacle of mighty Atlantic storms, dashing thirty foot waves against the sea cliffs as you fight your way along an exhilarating wind lashed beach. Take time out from your hike to soak up the breath taking views across the Atlantic, which, other than the occasional lighthouse have remained untouched since St. Patrick sailed from Whitesands Beach to Ireland. Surprisingly to walk the full length of the path can take up to two weeks. However even just half a day outing along the trail is more than worth it and acts as a reminder that Wales boasts some of the finest coastline in the world.

Pembrokeshire boasts a number of stunning beaches along it’s coastline


No other county in the UK has as many blue flag beaches as Pembrokeshire. With around 50 beaches to choose from, the variety is overwhelming. There are many pedestrian accessible beaches North and South of the county, but the best are off the beaten track. Barafundle has been voted many times as one of the best beaches in Britain and the world. Wow! is probably the best way to describe this beach. A small bay backed by dunes and pine trees, reachable only by a half mile walk from the nearest car park. Swathes of golden sand and crystal clear waters, this pristine beach is isolated which means no facilities; it’s a good idea to pack lightly as everything you take has to come back up over the cliffs. A personal favourite is Watwick Bay; a quiet sheltered sandy beach usually the lunch time stop for passing yachts. You can’t get more off the beaten track than this as you have to hike down the side of a cliff to access the beach by foot. You will soon realise that every step was worth it, as your bare feet touch the white sand of this secluded tranquil bay. The award winning beach Freshwater East is a must-see; a wide bay of golden sand backed by dunes with a stream running through the beach at its southern end. At low tide the sea reveals plenty of sand for ball games without worrying the neighbours. The low cliffs at the eastern end provide some private nice private bays. Avid surfers out there should definitely visit neighbouring Freshwater West. This sand and rocky beach is a surfers paradise, boasting the best waves in the county, but it’s only for the experienced and strong swimming surfer as strong rip currents occur off this beach. It’s the best place to go to watch the surfing. The beach is wide, sandy and backed by a widespread arrangement of dunes. The dunes are fragile so no camping or barbeques are allowed.


Manorbier Castle

Pembrokeshire is also home to 51 forts and castles, including enormous stone fortresses such as Pembroke Castle, Manobier Castle (est.1003) and Carew Castle (est.1100). All castles offer tours and reasonably discounted student prices. - Pembroke Castle (est.1093): - An enormous oval castle, mostly surrounded by a serene mill pond. Extensively restored in Victorian times, it’s dominated by the complex gatehouse on the outside and the huge circular keep once you’re inside. The walled town of Pembroke grew up around the castle also contains many ancient and interesting Norman buildings. - Manorbier Castle (est.1003): - The castle’s basic plan is almost rectangular, and consists of a sturdy battlemented curtain wall with niches and powerful corner towers, impressive gatehouse, a complex hall-range, and a huge barn. - Carew Castle (est.1100): - An enormous stone castle in a picturesque location next to the mill pond, which powers the tide mill. The castle is ruined now, but was once a powerful stronghold and a grand Elizabethan mansion. Whether you are a foreign student or from neighbouring England you should not miss out on visiting Pembrokeshire while studying in Swansea. Arriva Trains Wales operate daily services to Pembrokeshire and if you have a student rail card then a return ticket will only cost you around £10. The train journey itself while only take around 1hr 30 mins so you can even do a day trip. For more information visit www.visitpembrokeshire

Win Win Win with thewaterfront Every issue Rough Guides will be offering a lucky reader the chance to win a Rough Guide book of their choice! To enter please email your answers to or text your answer to 07768975162. Q. What is the name of the UK’s smallest city?

Fashion 31


fashionfashionfashionfashion Editors letter Hi readers! This is now our 4th fashion section in The Waterfront and we thought it about time we introduced ourselves! See below for a mini profile on each of the fashion writers and their view on the man UGG debate we’re featuring this week.


It’s not just clothes at London Fashion Week... By Amy Sheridan

As Spring finally comes and the UGGS get their supposed final uses for the year (let’s face it though this is the U.K) we asked ourselves and a sample of the students at Swansea whether the male readers should be also tucking the male UGG away to sleep for the nice weather or away altogether! This edition focuses on London Fashion Week which took place two weeks ago. We show you the new trends set to hit the shops and show how it can be done on a student budget. And with London Fashion Week setting the trends for the next season we refresh on the trends for this season! And let’s not forget the Fashion section staples, the Tip of the Week and the Shoe of the week! If you have any opinions or anything you’d like to see appear in next edition, drop us a line

London fashion week doesn’t just set the staple for the Spring/Summer clothing; buyers and fashionistas look at everything from the hair style to the colour on the toe nails to set the trend for the new season. This fashion week was mainly inspired by the change of the weather and that ‘beach look’ that comes from stepping out of the sea. The secret is to use a ‘Surf spray’ to give the impression that you’ve just stepped out of the sea. VO5 have a range that is just as good as the spray used by the hair stylists behind the scenes at the catwalk and a lot more affordable. If your hair is not as malleable as you would like try plaiting your hair into a loose plait and then taking it out just before you leave the house.

look pull your hair to a bun and spritz with some hairspray and then pull out to achieve the messiness seen strutting down the catwalk. Another hair staple seen on the catwalk and off was the bun to the side. The hairstylists working behind the Christopher Kane shows added volume to the top of the hair and then pulled the hair to the side just below the right ear. Anna Wintour and Donatella Versace also donned this new look. To make the look less severe, wispy tendrils were pulled out of the left side of the ‘do’ to create a chic-ness that would carry over from day to night.

Bows have been fashion news for a couple of seasons now, as have the high messy bun. The catwalks took both these popular movements and put them together. The bigger and shiner the bow, and the higher and messier the bun, the better. To achieve this

We’ll see you in 2 weeks Enjoy

Amy and Jaye xxx

Jaye Turpin Media 3rd Year Favourite Magazine: Cosmopolitan Favourite piece of clothing on the opposite sex: A nice shoe Favourite Shop: New Look Man Uggs: Maybe

Some other key trends to take note of this season: • Whether it’s heightened or volumised hair, or an elaborate or messy up-do, make sure you start at the crown and allow the inches to do the talking. • Invest in a matte nail varnish like the nail technicians at the Jeremy Scott show. Matte nail varnish is going to get more and more popular so get ahead and start using it now. The darker colours such as black are the most effective. • The new trend is definitely going to be pale and interesting. So lilacs and sky blues with candy floss pinks are sure to replace the neons and dark reds seen last summer on both nails and eyes!

Cara Dare Edwards English Literature 2nd Year Favourite Magazine: Vogue and Look Favourite shop: Topshop Style Inspirations: Nicole Richie and Olivia Palermo Favourite piece of clothing on the opposite sex: Rugby Kit Man Uggs: Yes

Amy Sheridan English Literature 3rd Year

Lucinda Reid English Literature 1st Year

Favourite Magazine: InStyle

Favourite Magazine: Elle or I.D

Favourite Shop : Topshop

Favourite piece of clothing you own: My Christopher Kane dress that I got in the sale for £25, it was £125 so that made my day!

Style Inspiration: Lauren Conrad, I heart her! Favourite piece of clothing on a male: Blazer

Style Inspiration: The street, I like seeing how people put their outfits together

Man Uggs: NO!

Favourite piece of clothing on a male: Aviators Man Uggs: No, no, no

32 Fashion

waterfront 188- 08/03/10




Spring to Autumn By Lucinda Reid London Fashion Week is a time which sends the city into a state of frenzy. The event was held at Somerset House on 19th-24th February, showcasing the hottest designers with their Autumn/ Winter 2010-2011 collections including ready-to-wear, accessories and menswear. The week holds a great anticipation for the fashion industry as London is particularly famous for producing innovative and exciting new talent. The likes of Matthew Williamson and Christopher Kane all had their first shows at London and continue to thrive with original ideas. This season was no exception as celebrities from Victoria Beckham to Kaya Scodelario rubbed shoulders on the front row to view the exciting concoction of designs that were revealed on the catwalks. So, even though we are anticipating the hot weather and the dilemmas of what to wear this Spring/Summer, designers are ready with new trends for when the cold weather invades again in a few months. One of the most striking trends was the designer’s use of cut-out necklines and shoulders. Shown on the left by House of Holland, a collection which continued the 80’s revival with slogan t-shirts and patterned jeans, Holland chose to bare some shoulder but team it with long sleeves and dark tights. This season is all about showing some skin tastefully, the phrase less is more is definitely one to consider as Aquascutum agrees with Holland, conveying button up shirts and maxi skirts. There was also a clear progression from Spring/Summer 2010 through the use of colour. Most of the catwalks, like many

HOT London Fashion Week The look to guide for what to wear.

Varsity Ticket Sale Buy your ticket for the biggest event of the year. Be there or be square!

Cheryl Cole now Tweedy

previous Autumn/Winter collections were awash of blacks and greys, but designers like Betty Jackson evolved the khaki trend by using a strong metallic shade in her shirt dress. This highlighted that the metallic trend is still prominent as many designers chose to incorporate it into their collections. Refreshingly there was also a lot of red on the catwalk, shown subtly here by Louise Goldin through some sequin cycling shorts but then more boldly by Nicole Farhi. Cobalt blue was also used by designers and gave a remarkable contrast to the use of black and grey, especially in a daring ruffle dress. Finally, the catwalks for this autumn conveyed a heightened use of texture with most designers opting for fur in their designs. It was seen on oversized collars, lining coats and on bizarre head pieces, so fur is surely an investment piece. The trend of wearing underwear as outwear also made an appearance but more subtly as shown by Unique by wearing it under a parka. In contrast to fur was the use of patent, which some designers used by mixing with other fabrics to produce an interesting texture. Overall the next season has a diverse range of trends for the high street to convert into wearable clothes; a concept which sends shoppers into the same frenzied state as anyone on the front row of London Fashion Week.


hasn’t met us yet!

Cheryl Cole single again. Result!

Earthquake in Chile Another natural disaster with many lives lost. Our thoughts go out to them.

This season the catwalks appear to be inspired by the student life. This may seem to be an odd choice of muse, as students are notorious for their casual and rugged look. But in spring 2010, gone are the garments steamed to perfection with their crease-free fabric. Instead they are replaced with clothes that have ripped and frayed edges and are so wrinkled that the sight of an iron would surely be a new concept. A trend tailored made for students. As designers ranging from Donna Karan to Jil Sander embrace this style using fabrics that crease with ease, from cotton to linen, they show how un-ironed clothes can look edgy. Designers use the idea in force, some enhancing most of their collection with the wrinkled look from bubble dresses to pencil skirts ensuring that this trend is easy to incorporate in anyone’s wardrobe.

Socks: Miss Selfridge £5

Out to play but not quite hot enough yet!

Recent reports have allegedly confirmed rumours that Robbert Pattinson is dating his co-star Kristen Stewart. He obviously

By Lucinda Reid

Camisole: Topshop £28

The Sun

Robert Pattinson and that other one from Twilight

Crease Up

Shoes: New Look £25

If you would like to write for the Fashion section at the Waterfront send us an e-mail at fashion. waterfront@hotmail.

Charlie Grant 2nd Year History T-shirt: Zara £25 Jeans: USC £50 Trainers: Exist £40

This is a development which does not require another trip to the high street, which is always good news for anyone on a student budget, as all you need to do is not iron your clothes! An idea that seems to be a little too good to be true. This is however a definite love or hate style as some may grimace at the concept of worn in clothes, but for people that are thrilled at the idea of the trend wear it with pride. Team a crinkled cami under a cotton shirt with a pair of ripped denim shorts which will illustrate the look of casual chic. This is a welcome relief for students as now we have the perfect excuse. Instead of appearing idle dressed in our creased clothes, whether it is a shirt or dress, we now have a reply to the disapproving looks; that in fact ironing just is not fashionable anymore. Who can argue with that?

Swansea Students

Fashion 33


Runway to Real-way By Cara Dare- Edwards

Men do it in style! By Jaye Turpin

Denim jumpsuit ASOS £38, Floral Shorts Topshop £35 On the threshold of spring 2010 your wardrobe is calling for a sparkling fresh new look to carry you through to summer. With fashion week recently finished we are once again presented with shops full of untouched, lustful clothing just begging to burn a hole through our pockets and replace those ‘old news’ purchases we were longing for the season before. Check out these versatile signature trends straight off the catwalk that’ll stay with you season after season. 1. Denim: Will the appeal ever wane? This spring the runways were lined with blue-clad models restoring the basic denim essentials to their former glory! Dolce and Gabbana in particular injected a ‘western’ appeal into their collection involving a lot of denim with tan leather accessories and suede, cowgirl tassels and delicate florals for a 1970’s hippie take. Dungarees also returned to the pedestal they once occupied in the nineties, Chloe Sevigny and Alexa Chung demonstrate their appreciation for the mini trend in denim rompers. Asos’s identical version is a steal and can transform an outfit for just £38!

2. Sheer Fairytale: Designers were smitten with romantic nude, spearmint

and soft lilac hued frothy dresses this season, as they were the year before! The cascades of candy-shop ruffles dressed up the classic ‘floaty dress’ staple that never fails to charm or go out of style. Day or night, dress down with ribbed tights and chunky knits or dress up with towering platforms, a simple sheer dress is a versatile fashion fail-safe! Invest in Topshop’s various sweet shop dresses or visit the vintage fair at Brangwyn Hall on March 7th and hunt for a unique one-off!

It would seem that there is a new movement in London fashion week when it comes to menswear. It’s apparent that from this year’s fashion week that the male grunge looking is fading into a memory although not a distant one! Instead fashion designers have gone for a new sensation and are bringing together two great British eccentric looks. By mixing country and punk together a new style has been created in the way of ‘Punkotry’! Formal wear is having a much needed make-over, designers are now creating 19th century silhouetted suits, using a mix of tweed and tartan in fall colours, whilst adding a shocking red or blue for example running through the muted pales. This sharply steers this trend away from the vintage look and firmly places it in a new category of its own.

A trend that is set to stay (although I haven’t seen many of you guys pulling this look off around campus) is the rolled up trouser and sock look, accompanied by a much loved brogue or boot. Capes are set to be the new trend next season, when I say capes I don’t mean superhero capes such as Batman and Superman etc but I mean beautifully tailored capes made from suede and suitable for even Sherlock Holmes himself. Another look that is set to hit Autumn men’s-wear is the kilt. Not everyone is a fan of a man in a skirt and only a select few can pull of this daring look, so watching out ladies, there could be bare legged men all around campus. Overall then, the future for men’s fashion has become much more adventurous and extreme, but for now the new ‘Punkotry’ look is the way forward.

3. Fancy Pants: Shorts might sound a bit Plain-Jane, not at Valentino, Alexander Wang, Tommy Hilfiger and various other big name designers. This spring/summer we’ll see a major revamp of shorts transforming into new shapes and a range of materials like leather, suede or broderie anglais as seen at Dolce & Gabbana. Dressed up fancy shorts look great on a night out but try dressing them down with opaque tights, pumps and a thick coat to stay cosy until the arrival of the (highly anticipated) warmer months. Take inspiration from style icons Olivia Palermo and Russian vogue’s Miroslava Duma.

This weeks winner:

Charlie Grant

This edition we’ve scoured the magazines and websites and picked our favourites for style and for price. Both shops we’ve picked our shoes from offer student discount.

Red Herring for Debenhams £9.60 Rhiannon Davis 2nd Year Psychology Jacket: H&M £20 Top: H&M Leggings: H&M Boots: New Look £35 Bag: Tescos

In this unpredictable weather it’s fair to say that UGGs can become a staple for the student. They’re warm, comfortable and go with anything but is the male UGG one step too far? Should the females be the only ones allowed to feel the security and warmth that wearing a pair of these boots bring? With celebrities such as Vince Vaughn donning this controversial footwear, it raises the question are we only against ‘MUGGs’ because we’re not used to seeing them or because they just look plain horrible? We asked some Swansea Students we found in the library what their thoughts were, 62% thought that Male UGGs were a massive no-no; interestingly most of them being girls. 22% said yes and 16% were undecided.

When women first started wearing trousers there was undoubtedly backlash against this fashion statement so maybe all we need is a group of brave students to take the plunge and help kickstart the new fashion craze.

Shoe of the Week

do it in style

MUGGs: Friend or Foe?

New Look £40 (also available in black)


of the week

Supplied by Cara Dare-Edwards Fashionista who owns an iphone? Try downloading foursquare, its similar to twitter in that you ‘check in’ and let your friends know where you’re eating, partying and of course shopping. Better than twitter though, by doing this you can unlock ‘badges’ which allow for rewards in the shape of freebies from accompanying businesses! For example you could be awarded the ‘fashion victim’ label through your whereabouts; your passion could be rewarded with tickets to high fashion runway shows or amazing discounts! Even Marc Jacobs is rumoured to be in on the fun!

34 - Film

Waterfront 188 - 08/03/2010


Censorship in the cinema

Violence Saw

Saw’ is the godfather of the current torture-porn world. Though many of its themes of sadistic torture were borrowed from ‘Se7en’, it brought the idea of torture for entertainment to a mainstream audience. The film also steals the idea of redemption through personal suffering from ‘Se7en’, the idea being dispensed as the series progresses. The violence and torture scenes in the film are integral to the plot, rather than being the whole plot like in other torture-porn films such as ‘Hostel’. The popularity of the film and that fact it spawned so many sequels shows the public’s blood-lust. With scenes including a reverse bear trap and a drill chair, ‘Saw’ aims to shock and disgust the viewer, though at the same time the methods of death are intriguing and leave you wondering “is this one going to die?” Secretly all of us hoping that they do, because it’s always more fun that way.

Over the last few weeks of term, and after the break, we will be chronicling the most taboo subjects film ever dared to show, and which movies pushed the boundaries of taste. This week,it’s violence.

really frightening. Made on a budget under $750,000, The Blair Witch Project manages to do something genuinely scary without showing any gory violence on screen. The movie is comprised of amateur documentary footage from three students as they attempt to uncover the mystery of the Blair Witch. Throughout the film they are haunted by the screams of tortured kids and strange idols, seemingly belonging to the witch. The only gore in the film is the small chunk of flesh left behind after one of the documenters goes missing. However, what really makes your blood crawl is the final scene in which the remaining characters investigate the witch’s house, only for them to be attacked from behind and for the footage to be cut out. This method of implied violence sends chills down the spine in a way no CGI blood could ever achieve.


Kill Bill


The Blair Project


With an increase in special effects, the horror genre has become submerged in a blood bath of graphic gore and visual violence, at the expense of anything

The Kill Bill volumes are the fourth and fifth films written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. ‘The Bride’ (Uma Thurman), is brutally gunned down at her dream wedding, and is shot in the head, leaving her in a coma for four years. The rest of the two films are about the bride gaining revenge on those who did this to her, including her former lover and boss, Bill (who would’ve thought it?!) Both films are good viewing, with the first volume in particular having many brilliant fight scenes and humorous moments. However, there was much criticism and controversy concerned with the amount and presentation

of bloodshed and general mayhem, especially in the first volume. One critic referred to Volume 1 as a “A barely watchable mess, a tangled montage of gloss streaked in gore, a cocktail party in an abattoir.”

Cannibal Holocaust

WARNING This page contains material some may find offensive.

Man On Fire


American History X

American History X is a powerful and controversial story of two brothers, played by Edward Norton and Edward Furlong, who are both involved in a white supremacist skinhead organisation in Venice Beach, California. This film literally begins with violence and ends with violence. In the opening scene we see Derek shooting two black men who try and steal his car. Later on in the film we see him crushing the one man’s skull by getting him to put his mouth on the side of the pavement before stamping on his head. This movie consists of a number of difficult scenes to watch including a white supremacist attack on a Korean grocery store, a domestic dispute where Derek nearly suffocates his sister with a piece of meat, and also the infamous anal- rape shower scene in the prison shower room, which is pretty explicit. The violent scenes are essential to help tell the story, but no need to fret people, this movie isn’t all violence and race hate. There is actually a powerful and moving storyline which displays a message quoted by Danny (Edward Furlong) that “hate is baggage”.


What About....?

With the advent of Betamaxes in the ‘80’s, the infamous “video nasty” instantly became a thorn in the side of censors everywhere. Previously, censoring had been an easy business; cinemas and television went through rigorous corporate vetting before the public would even hear of a film. Then came the video player, introducing the formerly saintly public to all manner of bestial acts, bloody violence and foul language. Of all the unwholesome magnetic tape, Cannibal Holocaust was one of the first and remains one of the nastiest. The plot involves a film within a film, as an America reporter attempts to track the footsteps of his missing friend (also a film-maker) in an attempt to confirm the existence of cannibalistic tribes in the Amazon. After recovering film of the missing group, we find out in disgusting detail just what happened in that darkest jungle. The scenes of violence include guts being eaten, beatings with large hammers, several actual animal slaughterings (that were then eaten by the film crew), and the impalement of a young woman. Most impressively, the director Ruggero Dadato was taken to court on murder charges, eventually having to produce evidence that the young woman in the impalement scene was not really murdered for the purposes of the film. Dadato avoided conviction by proving that the young woman was alive and well, and that the impalement was simulated by a bicycle seat and a block of wood.


With one of its criticisms being it’s excessive use of violence, Man on Fire is one of those films that could have worked more subtly but instead defied this – after all, a vengeful ex-special forces bodyguard let loose in the corrupt heart of Mexico City is bound to cause some bloodshed! Creasy (Denzel Washington) carries out his interrogations, however brutal, cruel or grimly humorous, with the air of a professional - casually cutting his way through the mystery of his kidnapped charge, Pita, a 12 year old girl, in some cases quite literally. Man on Fire doesn’t rely on the use of gore – for example, at one point in the movie, one unlucky soul gets five minutes to explain himself. When the five minutes expire, a bomb in his rectum explodes. Creasy’s remorselessness allows for some unique revenge scenarios that I relished. This would mean nothing without an appropriate reason, however, and the film as a whole gives reason to this rail of destruction.


Compiled at gun point by David Lewis, Charles Gallery, Jennifer Thomas, Harriet Perkins, Victoria Doherty-Bone and Matthew Edwards.

Andy Williams takes us on a tour of Kevin Smith’s unique imaginary world.....

Kevin Smith’s film career started, oddly enough, in a small corner shop, where he worked during the day and shot his film during the night. After maxing out 8-10 credit cards, Smith, in his early twenties, had $27,000 to shoot, produce and edit his film. After taking his completed Clerks to any film festival he could, Smith was lucky enough to sell it to Miramax. The “View Askewniverse” was born. The View Askewniverse is a reference to the fictional universe that Kevin Smith created within his films, named after his production company “View

Askew”. “Clerks”, “Mallrats”, “Chasing Amy”, “Dogma”, “Jay and Silent Bob”, “Strike Back” and “Clerks II” are all set within the same universe, concentrating on different characters and their different stories. For example, “Clerks” refers to Julie Dwyer dying in a pool and “Mallrats” refers to the same story. “Chasing Amy” is seen as generally the stand-out film from the Askewniverse because it deals with more adult subject matter. Even today, 13 years after its release, “Chasing Amy” is often cited as Kevin Smith’s finest work.

“Dogma”, Smith’s fourth feature, was plagued with controversy. Its plot alone caused an outcry: two fallen angels try to exploit a loophole to get back into heaven. Smith received a lot of hate mail from the Catholic Church and even received death threats. Jay and Silent Bob are key characters within the Askewniverse. Jay – a loudmouth who talks of nothing but sex and drugs – and Silent Bob – who says one line a film (or in the case of Chasing Amy, a speech) – appear in every view Askewniverse production, even with a film based around them.

“Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” is rife with references to previous films in the Askewniverse. Indeed, even the plot is based around a film being made from a comic book created in “Chasing Amy”. After making a film away from the Askewniverse (“Jersey Girl”), Smith returned with “Clerks II”, again, full of references to his previous films. Smith has done something unique to cinema in creating his universe and his characters and making his films, his way.


new releases

We’re late! We’re late! For this very important... er... set of new releases. Enjoy!

solomon kane

valentine’s day

the crazies

alice in wonderland

who’s in it: James Purefoy, Rachel Hurd-Wood

who’s in it: Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher, Bryce Robinson, Emma Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Julia Roberts, Kathy Bates, Patrick Dempsey, Queen Latifah, Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift.

who’s in it: Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell, Joe Anderson

who’s in it: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham-Carter, Anne Hathaway, Mia Wasikowska, Stephen Fry, Barbara Windsor, Matt Lucas.

what’s it about: After the devil attempts to take his soul, mercenary Solomon Kane attempts to redeem himself by fighting evil. what it’s like: Since Lord Of The Rings, film makers have aspired to recreate a fantasy of epic proportions. Solomon Kane is a perfect example of a failed attempt. Purefoy plays the dark hero like a moody teenager, and the Somerset accent does little to help take him seriously, while Rachel Hurd-Wood fails to give life to the stock damsel in distress. The films villain is little more them a cameo at the end and is less intimidating than the blunt swords. The whole film plays more like a recap of fantasy clichés, and with a running time of only 104 minutes, there’s no time between the films average action sequences and prolonged scenes of nothing but Solomon walking for the audience to start caring about the characters, and any of the twists in can be predicted from the outset, which makes it very difficult for the audience to engage with the plot. Although the infrequent use of effects is commendable for a fantasy film, it does however provide an anti climax at the end when the big CGI monster is dispatched with almost immediately.

what’s it about: This remake of a classic 1973 zombie film, by the same title, shows us what happens when the inhabitants of a small Iowa town begin to turn psychotic and homicidal after their water supply becomes contaminated by a U.S. military plane carrying a virus, which has crashed into a nearby lake. The story follows four main characters; the Sheriff (Olyphant), his deputy (Anderson), the Sheriff’s wife (Mitchell), who is also the town doctor, and her teenage secretary, all who have managed to escape infection so far. Soon after the epidemic has become evident, the town becomes overrun with military personnel, and our four main characters find themselves battling not only the virus-infected ‘crazies’ but also the U.S. government, in an attempt to escape their plague-infested and corpseridden town.

what’s it about: From the director of Pretty Woman comes this named and released for film, which takes us through the experiences of a number of LA couples and singles as they try and navigate the commercial and emotional nightmare that can be, ‘Valentines Day’. what’s it like: Despite its subject matter, those who would write this off as another to add to the long list of idealistic portrayals of life and love, that fill the unsuspecting viewers with unrealistic expectations of relationships and people, would be wrong. What you actually find is a film that has elements of truth; relationships that don’t work, and those that do don’t show either party to be perfect but willing to persevere. While some characters do find love at the end of the film, it is by no means glamorised and has a twist or two which surprise. However, I found that overall the film didn’t captivate me, and left me feeling a little bored. Despite the Hollywood a-list cast drafted in to attempt to create this American ‘Love Actually’, it lacked the cheeky charm of our original. Best friends Kutcher and Garner, who I first mistook for siblings, are the films main couple, closely followed by ‘adult phone entertainer’ Hathaway and her boyfriend. Taylor Swift was excellently type cast but the biggest disappointment was that Taylor Lautner did not take his top off.

what’s it like: Although suspenseful with some classic methods of execution, this film, unable to decide whether it’s a virus/plague epic, or just a straight zombie/horror movie, fails to establish itself as either. The plot, which has more holes than direction, seems more like one long conspiracy theory, with any potentially relevant issues concerning biochemical warfare or government and military supremacy being largely overshadowed by, what seemed like, everlasting moments of suspense, alternating between uninspired scenes of graphic violence. Quite simply, a film I would recommend for those wishing to see senseless bloodshed and nothing more.

charles gallery liz cooley lianna thomas-forbes

hidden gems Welles, Suburbia) and features an all star cast of young stars before they discovered fame, for example Ben Affleck and Matthew Mconaughey. The film follows the freshman class on their last day of junior high as they go through their rites of passage laid down by high school seniors to some hilarious consequences, but when a friendship ensues between one of the freshmen and seniors the films takes us on a more heartfelt trip about the values of friendship and discovery.

Dazed and confused is trip back to seventies America and shows us the trials and tribulations facing two generations of high school teenagers on their last day of school. This coming of age drama is directed by Richard Linkkater (Me and Orson

The 1970’s setting is perfectly recreated here with everything feeling authentic, from the hair to the amazing soundtrack that is rumoured to have used up much of the film’s $8 million budget. The characters in the film are throwbacks to the defiant era of the late sixties who are discovering that independence is much harder to find than they had hoped. Thankfully

what’s it like: Igniting excitement among devoted Burtonites everywhere, one has to feel that the melding of Burton’s own brand of bizarre gallows humour with Disney’s typically wholesome image would require a compromise somewhere down the line. Indeed, this could have been a lot darker than it could have been, and I can’t help feel that Disney has diluted Burton’s Bosch-like vision in order to create a more cookies-and-milk, children friendly film. Every trick in the book is deployed during Alice’s brief appearence in her own world to make us feel sympathetic to her, and it made for a lagged viewing. Despite that, the rest of the film, set in Wonderland, is enormous fun. Depp and Bonham-Carter are typically and comfortingly grotesque as the big headed Red Queen and the Mad Hatter, while Anne Hathaway drifting silkily around the screen acts as a relaxant to their kaleidoscopic characters. In short, utterly enjoyable if you ignore the very start and the very end. vicky doherty-bone

Actor Profile

Great films that you should see that you may have never heard of

dazed and confused

what’s it about: The unholy trinity of Bonham-Carter, Burton and Depp team up with Disney in a reenvisioning of Lewis Carroll’s beloved childhood tale. Years have passed since her last adventure into Wonderland, but now Alice (Wasikowska) has returned to the fantastical land to find it once again subjected to the tyrannical rule of the Red Queen (Bonham Carter). Reunited with her old friends the Mad Hatter (Depp) and the Chesire Cat (Fry) Alice endeavors to free Wonderland once and for all of the Queens evil mechinations.

Edward Norton

the film is not reliant on partying and nudity to entertain us like so many Best to see in: high school films that are released nowadays, although your typical high An actor with a bizarrely broad filmogschool stereotypes are here from jocks raphy, Edward Norton has a penchant for to stoners. making life-threatening situations sexy. From Fight Club to American History X Richard Linklater has created the to Kingdom of Heaven, Norton’s defining high school movie that has skills as a consummate actor are influenced many that have come particularly well displayed in ‘The after it. With a light-hearted storyline Painted Veil’ and ‘The Illusionist’: that deals with themes of friendship, believable, moving and utterly defiance and what its like to grow up absorbing. From cuckolded husin 70’s America, and features what is band desperately trying to make possibly the greatest movie soundtrack his wife love him to being the of all time. Dazed and confused is Incredible Hulk, Edward manages considered by many to be the greatest to maintain a suave sort of allure high school move of all time and will throughout all of his roles without no doubt please fans of the genre to no cheapening his performance. end. Trivia: Although he did not originally appear on the cast list, Edward Norton played Baldwin rhys williams. IV in Kingdom of Heaven. The author enjoys watching The

Definitive Edition: Kingdom of Heaven, where Mr Norton manages to make a leper in a mask incredibly awesome.

Sammie Katie Ryan

Features 36

WATERFRONT 188 - 08/03/10

Take me to the Vetch Field

where I will follow A History of the Vetch By Peter Golding

Past and Present Arriving by train in Swansea these days, you will be greeted by the up to date, dual-purpose 20,532 seat Liberty Stadium, which since 2005 has been the home of the Ospreys regional rugby side and, of course, Swansea City AFC. That the stadium hosts two of the most competitive professional teams in Wales is testament to the importance of sport in Swansea. However, part of the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sporting history is soon set to be removed, as the original home of Swansea City, the Vetch Field stadium, is to be taken down and the site redeveloped and used for housing. The ground was put on the market at the end of November 2009 after much delay, having been dormant for four years, and plans have been made to build housing on the land beginning this summer after a developer is selected - ominously referred to as the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Vetch Masterplanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. As well as hosting domestic and international rugby and football matches, the 30 million pound Liberty stadium, managed by an independent company, is used for gigs (previous visitors include The Who and Elton John, and this summer will see P!NK perform), and also has conference and exhibition facilities. It takes its name from a sponsorship deal with local developers Liberty Property; in contrast, the Vetch Field takes its name from a type of legume (not cabbage, as is commonly ">   [>[  # [" #

">  "]# #>>\  football in Swansea, an area traditionally dominated by Rugby Union. } ">   Â?     ># " [     ' > " Â&#x17E; however up until the 1970s parts of the ground were little more than mounds where the spectators would gather, having paid at the gate and proceeding to jostle for the best place, rather than booking seats ahead online. When the Vetch closed, it had a capacity of 11,000; however, at its peak it could hold more than 30,000, and the record for attendance was set on February 17th 1968 when Arsenal visited the city in an FA cup tie that Swansea lost 0 -1. The stadium opened for the 191213 season, when Swansea Town joined the Southern League division two, and were Welsh cup winners. They went on to win the Welsh cup another four times, eventually becoming Swansea City in 1971 when Swansea was granted city status, >> [ Â&#x;  "\  ] Â   [   Â?   "#^ "  ""   [ ]   #> promoted and relegated between divisions for a number of years, the club enjoyed one of its most successful periods under player-manager John Toshack, with successive promotions in 1978 and 1979 taking the club back into Division Two. In 1981, Swansea were promoted to the First Division; but then the club then hit a low point with relegation in 1983 and 1984, and on December 20th 1985 the club ceased. However, a rescue package was put together and permission was granted for  "#   " Â "    "##" # = # ]>Â&#x201A;>"$ ]\ _``Â&#x152;|ÂĄ season.


Past Memories: The Vetch today lies in ruin

¢\= Â&#x2020;Â&#x2020;  ]  $*Â&#x201A;  "    "#[]Â&#x2020;``\\  spell lasting nearly 15 years, serving under 16 managers, from Frank Burrows to the current Paulo Sousa. Born down the road in Port Talbot, Kris was a one-club player apart from two short loan spells, and therefore has perhaps the best >    "#*    Â?      Â&#x201A;#  "] Â&#x2021; ]] Â? \  ¤¢[  [   >] <  + \  ¢ = [  ÂĄ`^"  ]  =\ [ 

} *]  ]]  � ¢ ^"   >> [ [ ¢ []   \  \  #

>"} ]\ was great. I loved it straight away.â&#x20AC;? Kris signed to Swansea City as a schoolboy aged 14 back in 1992, and made his \ #" "> Â&#x2039;Â&#x201E;Â&#x201E;ÂĽÂŚÂ&#x201E;§Â&#x2021;

"  ¤ = [=>  \¨  "#[    ¤[[]]  "# >> \     Â&#x;[    [*   ¨ ">   [# ¤Â&#x2020;` Š#" [[ the training ground, so unless you purposely make the trip to the stadium every day you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see all the staff.â&#x20AC;? FORMER SWAN: Kris Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Leary spent 14 seasons with the team

Features 37

way down by the sea,

Swansea City! However, football is a business, and as mentioned earlier the club went through turbulent times in the 1980â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. The move to the Liberty Stadium has brought somewhat more stability. The Vetch was also showing its age by the end of its use. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It had to be done for the club to progress, it had to be done. The Vetch had sort of gone past its sell by date as a business. The football itself was great, the atmosphere â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the teams didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like coming down, it was a bit of an advantage for us. The fans loved it, the old terrace and that. But for Swansea City as a business to move on and progress up the league it had to be done. It was tough leaving.â&#x20AC;? Evidently there is truth in this, as Swansea currently sit 4th in the table, and are realistically targeting a play-off spot and the possibility of the Premiership. The trend of clubs moving to new stadiums has in many cases garnered criticism from some fans. Such comments as these new purpose built stadiums being â&#x20AC;&#x153;soullessâ&#x20AC;? are frequently heard. Surely this is to be expected as an immediate consequence of clubs leaving well-established homes, often to more capacious facilities that struggle to sell out; yet Swans fans are still in good voice at the Liberty. But will it ever become an intimidating cauldron like the Vetch, or gather the same reputation? Kris thinks itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a matter of time. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s loud itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s very loud yes, but whereas before theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d be singing and shouting beforehand and you could hear it. It was an intimidating atmosphere; now itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sort of down to the players to get it going. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been some fantastic games down there, against Leeds a few years ago the atmosphere was unbelievable; obviously at the Cardiff games it comes out, you expect it to be like that.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll get to a stage when you sort of forget the Vetch and it will become the Liberty atmosphere, not comparing it to the Vetch Field all the time. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s still early days, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s still relatively new, so the atmosphere NEW GENERATION: The Liberty Stadium opened to the Swans in 2005 will be growing. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got to remember a lot of these fans have youngsters who never really went to the Vetch or canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t remember going to the Vetch and all they know is the atmosphere at the Liberty, and as they get a bit older, the day will come when it will be like it was at the Vetch.â&#x20AC;?

The Future

Now, the old Vetch site sits awaiting its fate; long grass covers the old playing surface and plants are overgrown; seats have been ripped out, and the stadium looks like ] >" >  [ [  ' >  \>    ground which once was so vibrant. Security around the site has been tightened around the ground due to the imminent development, with CCTV, razor wire and anti vandal paint. The process of developing the area has been much delayed, with the Vetch unused since 2005. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been very unhappy with the way itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been handled,â&#x20AC;? says Kris. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got this stadium sat there with a pitch thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just gone to rack and ruin. ¢ * =    ] "\ [   \     [   "   # " Swansea reserves could have been playing on it, it could have been the training pitch.â&#x20AC;? However, in December 2009, Councillor Chris Holley announced: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s full steam ahead now that the site has gone out to the marketplace. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important we develop a scheme that meets the needs of the nearby community while commemorating the proud history of the Vetch and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s very encouraging that several developers have already been in touch about the project.â&#x20AC;? Cllr Gareth Sullivan, Swansea Councilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cabinet Member for Economic and Strategic Development, added: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Consultation [ \\    ]]#    "[ ]]"    is hugely important to residents there and this is why itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been included in the overall masterplan for the Vetch. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll continue to listen and to keep the community updated as the project progresses.â&#x20AC;? The image for the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;masterplanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; shows the open space where the site of the centre spot of the old pitch is situated. The open plan layout communicates the idea of a community space; however, the design concept somewhat bluntly states: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Replicate some feature of the previous football use,â&#x20AC;? on the site that is the spiritual home of the Swans â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and although one part of the schematic is labelled â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Landmark site for \  "*   ]^   [

#   ' "     ""  """ ' > [

#  # # ]    centre skyline. Earlier ideas in the planning process suggested saving features such as the turnstiles. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think they should save as much of the Vetch as possible as thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lots of things there,â&#x20AC;? says Kris. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fond memories not just for myself but for a lot of people, be it players or fans. I hope they save as much as can be. It would be nice to see something given back somewhere where maybe fans could go as a sort of reminder of what it was and the great times there.â&#x20AC;? COUNCIL PLANS: Redevelopment of the land that used to be hallow turf for Swans fans

38 Xtreme Splash

Waterfront 188 - 08/03/10

Splash Mixing it up with DJ Yoda

Calling all budding musicians Live sessions up for grabs with the XTC show By James Thomas At the start of this term I was thinking of new ways to improve my radio show on Xtreme radio. I present the XTC show from 9pm until 10pm on a Tuesday night and was getting a little tired with just playing music and talking. Then it hit me - I want to do some live sessions! This is something unique and different on Xtreme and a good way of showcasing some of the University’s musical talent! So every week I’m getting musicians into the studio to perform a three song acoustic set and it’s been a great success so far. Johnny Rickwood kicked things off with his brand of musical comedy and just last week we had the wonderful Kelly-Ann Bradnick performing. It has added something new to the show and to the station, and I hope it continues for a long time. I have two more acts lined up for the next two weeks and I am sure they will be as good as the others we have had so far. If you are interested in doing a session on student radio then e-mail me:

tubelord roll into town Xtreme Radio An extraordinary name for an extraordinary band, Tubelord hail from South West London and signed to Hassel Records in London on 12th October 2009. They have become an unrivalled talent on the alternative music scene. Their debut album ‘Our First American friends’ followed a number of self released singles, including ‘Feed Me A Box Of Words’, ‘Pencils’ and ‘I am Azerrad’. Their fast paced riffs mixed with unique vocals make for an uplifting and unconventional listen that will leave you wanting more. Mixing acoustic guitars with high pitched vocals and racing electric guitars, Tubelord are truly in a category of their own. Before arriving in Swansea tonight they will be playing a gig on their home turf at Banquet Records in Kingston, an independent record shop which champions upcoming and unsigned bands. Tickets at Sin City are £5.00 on the door, this is an opportunity not to be missed so get there early - doors open at 7:30pm!

An unassuming stage for an unassuming talent; Sin City played host to one of Q magazine’s ‘Top 10 DJs you must see before you die.’ Having played at Fabric in London the night before, the gig was definitely understated. Remixing visual and audio, the mash ups included the likes of Inspector Gadget with The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Fix Up Look Sharp with Organ Donor, by DJ Shadow. Having cancelled in December, Yoda played an enlightening, entertaining and downright amazing audio-visual set for two and a half hours. Watching a DJ mix not only LPs but DVDs as well is a sight few can claim to have seen. With the crowd being less than 200 it proved to be a rare gem in music at the moment. Without a doubt the time and effort put into the show was nothing less than astounding, Swansea was even personally included at the end of the mammoth set with scenes and audio from the brilliant yet harrowing independent film ‘Swansea Love Story.’ It was mixed in with floor raising dubstep, creating a euphoric ending to an awe-inspiring night. Sin City often plays host to some rare and understated acts and one would be hard pressed to find a better guest. If anything the only criticism of DJ Yoda is finding material for him to build on. The brilliance of finding audio and visual that blends so well together is as yet unmatched and without a doubt he lives up to his Jedi-like reputation. Catch him next in Kentish Town in London on the 10th April. Alternatively download the brilliant AnnieMac Remix for a 5 minute preview of his talent. Watch out for Tubelord at Sin tonight!

Election results To run a student radio station you need some of the society members to dedicate their time and efforts in order for it to keep going. Within Xtreme, this team is made up of 15 elected members and is called the Executive (the ‘exec’). Last Monday saw this year’s Xtreme exec decided. Below is a list of the results, congratulatuions to everyone who got voted in. Neil Donoghue – Station Manager Tom Upton – Deputy Station Manager Joanna Morgan – Website Editor Jacqui Harvey – Head of Sport Lewis Crompton – Head of Communication Jess Main – Head of News Vic James – Head of Promotions Samina Trickey – Head of Sales Nick Lockley – Head of Research Toby Hughes – Head of Engineering Nic O’Brien – Joint Head of Music Sean Roberts – Joint Head of Music Adele Tomlinson – Head of Events

Special Feature on PALESTINA

Features 39

A former Swansea Student gives us an insight on her travels across the Middle East By Ingrid Bousquet Ever since I was a child I have tried to stand up to injustice and had strong Humanitarian ideals. This is what drove me to volunteer in Angola 10 years ago, in a school for street children and amongst displaced people, and from there enrol on a Social Anthropology and development Studies Degree at Swansea University. I had been restless for a while, wanting to raise up to a challenge, explore the world and contribute to making a difference when I heard about the convoy to Gaza. My friend D, who had travelled a couple of times to the West bank and told me about the desperate living conditions out there, had applied to take part in the Viva Palestina convoy and I decided to join her and ‘sacrifice’ Christmas with my family for an experience of a lifetime. A month before departure we met up with Janet, another volunteer from Swansea, and devised an action plan to find a vehicle, medical aid and fundraise towards travelling costs. The response from individuals, unions, mosques and various organisations was incredibly generous and to our amazement we managed to get to our first goal. Eventually, we set off from London on the 6th of December 2009, joining over 80 vehicles and 160 people from all over the UK and Ireland from diverse backgrounds, religions and ages. The first week already presented itself with some complications: we had problems with weight overload, the CB radio not working and were held for a bit by the customs after some particles similar to those of bombs were found on our mini-bus. Slowly but surely the problems were solved and we ‘sailed’ on European motorways while surrounded by beautiful landscapes and stopped late at night after the occasional contre-temps to camp at service station car parks. We saw our first big welcome in Greece with a speech from the Mayor of Thessaloniki before eating from the provided buffet and sleeping in the Olympic sports hall. The next destination was Turkey. From the second we crossed over the border we were cheered by hundreds of people, who accompanied us all the way to Istanbul where a rally in support of Palestine took place on Taksim Square for the first time in 30 years and where we were embraced by Turkish women in tears giving us messages of hope, support and compassion to pass on the people in Gaza. The reception in the whole of the country was overwhelming, there were even people George Galloway and President of IHH at press conference in Istanbul waiting by the side of the roads day and night, to wave us through. The convoy got much bigger at been told in 1948 and 1967 that they would be going back, and who could see their homeland from the hills that point as 60 vehicles filled with aid, provided by the Human’s rights Turkish Charity I.H.H., 20 of Amman but were not able to go there. The journey got tougher in Aqaba as we realised on Christmas Americans and a few more Europeans joined us on our journey. In Syria the reception was more formal but nonetheless welcoming and the convoy was looked Eve that the Egyptians were not allowing us to cross the Red Sea. We demonstrated in the street, started after, fed and put up in hotels by various unions and organisations, while George Galloway gave press- a hunger strike and held a minute silence in commemoration of the massacre of over 1500 Gazans by the Israel government in December 2008. The Jordanians and Palestinians opened their doors to us until it was conferences. I met Palestinian refugee families in Jordan, who still held keys to their house in Palestine as they had decided that we would drive back to Syria to load the vehicles onto a ship. In Al Arish, in Egypt there was a definite shift in atmosphere, we’d heard that the Egyptian government had started to build a steel wall on its frontier with Gaza and we could feel that they didn’t want us there as their police and agents provocateurs surrounded us at all times. There was no certainty then that they would let us through to Gaza and it was only until we passed the sign ‘Welcome to Palestine’ that we knew we had made it. Our short time there was one hard to describe, the Palestinian people were so grateful for our presence, for the aid we had brought with us and especially to know that we care; they were very welcoming and shared with us the very little they had. We found out that an Israeli drone had followed us on our way in and we could hear distant bombing throughout the day until the evening when a deafening bomb exploded so near that it shook the building we were at, and made us jump. Our Palestinian hosts were more concerned about us than themselves. There hadn’t been a bomb so deep in the city centre since the last massive bombardments by Israel a year ago, and it was decided that we had to be evacuated for our safety. The situation is so outrageous and incomprehensible to my mind how people can be left to die and starve in this big open air jail that I am in awe at the way Palestinians are so brave and survive with as much dignity and smile as they possibly can. There are many ways you can protest against this tragedy as a crime against humanity such as writing to your MPs, making links with universities and groups in Gaza, boycotting Israeli goods... I urge you to take a stand in your way, however small or big it might be. The three Aunties held a ‘Swansea to Gaza’ Slideshow at the Dylan Thomas Centre on the 24th of February which was very well attended and they will be organising more slideshows following requests. To find out more, visit our website

Rally in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Careers 41

Careers Advice... Ask Jan

Written by Careers Advisor Jan Binnie-Gordon

Civil Service Fast Stream There are about 490,000 civil servants working across the Civil Service dealing directly with the public, politicians (ministers) and senior civil servants. The Civil Service Fast Stream is a programme for graduates of any discipline. Check the website (www. The Scheme is a four or five year accelerated training and development programme which looks for people who want to ‘make a difference’ and who want to ‘have a visible impact’ on society through working for the government. There are five schemes and the programme allocates graduates to a department where they will be given many opportunities to develop themselves and learn. The schemes are:O Graduate Fast Stream, the largest scheme which is made up of 5 options (Central Departments, Diplomatic Service, Houses of Parliament, European Fast Stream and Science & Engineering); O Economic Fast Stream, working in the Government Economic Service; O Statistician Fast Stream, working for the Government Statistical Service; O Technology in Business Fast Stream, part of the Government’s IT Profession; O HR Fast Stream, working in human resources. The latest figures show that in 2008 there were 13,500 applications for Fast Stream in total. There is no single ‘faststreamer’ sort of person as such, it is not all full of Oxbridge types, and indeed people from all sorts of different backgrounds are really what makes an organisation tick and unlike many private sector organisations I would say that the Civil Service is far less stratified by background. If there is such thing as a ‘typical’ Fast Streamer they do have a passion for working for the Civil Service. Obviously you have to have a degree but they don’t distinguish between recent or previous graduates and they particularly welcome applications from career changers who have worked after graduating. They see life and work experience as well as diversity as enriching the civil service as a whole. The alternative way into the Fast Stream is to apply for general position in the civil service and then apply for the Fast Stream after one year’s service. For details of that route, check the website ( You might not be aware that the Civil Service Fast Stream has formal links with Teach First and they are always happy for successful Fast Stream candidates to defer entry into the Civil Service in order to spend time teaching with this organisation. Teach First is an independent charity founded to encourage top graduates (who would not normally consider entering the teaching profession) to teach for at least two years in challenging secondary schools in London, the North West or the Midlands. If you have not already considered this as an option then have a look at the Teach First website ( The practicalities are that when you apply to the Graduate Fast Stream you will have the opportunity to express an interest in Teach First. If you do and your application is successful Teach First will contact you about deferring entry into the Graduate Fast Stream in order to teach. Another interesting option is the HR Fast Stream Graduate Programme which is a demanding three-year programme which offers you the opportunity to train as a Human Resources professional. It consists of two 18-month placements in varied but equally challenging HR roles. This could mean supporting allocation of lottery grants, issuing passports, helping families with lower incomes or people back into work. The aim is to prepare you for a range of senior roles in HR. At the same time, you will be taking part in a structured learning and development programme, and will be expected to work towards achieving chartered membership of CIPD (for which they provide full support). In return they expect you to perform effectively and to a high level in your work placements, act as an advocate of the programme by modelling HR professionalism and to fully engage and participate in the learning and development offered to you

so that you continually display the potential expected of a trainee. Given the size and scope of the Civil Service, the possibilities for your long-term professional career are practically limitless. Think of any HR job, anywhere in the world, in any organisation and that role will be done somewhere in HR in the Civil Service. There is a summer internship programme for students who are disabled or from ethnic minority backgrounds. The Cabinet Office is now recruiting for the 2010 Fast Stream Summer Placement Scheme, a 6 to 12 week paid placement which runs from June - August 2010. The scheme, which is open to disabled undergraduates and graduates, is managed by Scope, the national disability organisation whose focus is people with cerebral palsy. The scheme offers an introduction to the interesting and varied challenges across the Civil Service. Interns are placed in a wide range of Government Departments and through the scheme are able to further develop the skills and abilities required to join the Fast Stream. Applicants must have a minimum of an expected (or awarded) 2:2 degree in any discipline.

So… how do you apply? After registration and selection of the Fast Stream scheme/s you wish to apply for, you will have a specific number of days to complete each stage. You’ll be notified of the completion date for your online tests on your “My Applications” page in the password protected area of the site. The time frame for each stage is set once you have completed the preceding stage; any unused time is not carried forward. Next are the Online Self-Assessment Tests. These tests have been designed to help you assess your own performance and the results rate your chances of success at the Verbal and Numerical Reasoning stage. Online Practice Tests will give you an opportunity to try out the type of tests that you’ll have to pass in the next stage of the application process. Whilst practice is optional, I strongly recommend it. If you do well at Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and in the Competency Questionnaire then you’ll progress to the next stage (results of these tests are the only ones used to determine if you’ll be invited to go further). After this there’s Options Selection and the eapplication form before the supervised e-tray exercise and Numerical and Verbal Reasoning re-testing. It all sounds a little daunting but success thus far leads to a London Assessment Day and a possible Final Selection Board. Remember a Careers Adviser can help you at any stage of the process and some of us have actually sat in on the selection process for real! If you’re ‘thinking about’ becoming a civil servant but still a little unsure about what might be involved then I can recommend catching up on BBC iplayer with the BBC4 series “The Great Offices of State” in which veteran journalist Michael Cockerell examines the three most important offices of state. There are three programmes in total one each on the Home Office, the Foreign Office and the Exchequer. He looks at the history of the departments, their current operation and conducts interviews with Ministers past and present as well as permanent Civil Servants both past and present. It’s very informative and quite an eye-opener in places. One final word, many candidates fall at the early hurdles and at their first attempts but don’t give up because a very high percentage of the successful candidates are getting through at their second, third or even fourth attempt so the lesson appears to be if this is what you want then don’t give up. For general careers guidence or to make an appointment Call: 01792 513 266 Email: Or visit the website -

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WATERFRONT 188 - 08/03/10

waterfront What’s yours? Get in touch:


The John Terry and Wayne Bridge Saga A Non Football Fan’s Perspecitive By Charlie Teasdale

TEAM MATES NO MORE: Bridge over troubled water

A Football Fan’s Perspective By Ben Donovan John Terry collects the World Cup and holds it aloft to a chorus of adoring, you’re just dreaming. Instead, someone else will be lifting the trophy after Terry was sacked as England captain following allegations he had an affair with the ex-girlfriend of former team mate and best friend, Wayne Bridge. So was Bridge right to turn his back on his country? Everyone mentions how much of an honour it is to represent their country and they would be right, but after Bridge claimed his position had become ‘untenable and potentially divisive’, I had to agree with him. Nobody can judge the actions of Bridge unless they have been in that position themselves, with a significant difference in that it doesn’t help when it is publicised daily in a PR smokescreen that threatens the sanity of those involved. It must have been a gut-wrenching decision to rule himself out of contention for his country and effectively end his chances of playing at the World Cup while Terry continues his role in the squad. The irony being that, since the story broke, Terry has suffered a remarkable drop in form, whereas Bridge contrives to turn in some of his best performances for Manchester City, suggesting that should Terry even be in the squad as Fabio Capello appears to pick players who are in form? Bridge’s decision is one we as fans should respect, but that seemingly doesn’t apply to those moronic Chelsea fans that booed Bridge throughout their home defeat by Manchester City and aspired to wear ‘Team Terry’ t-shirts. Unless I have missed something somewhere, I don’t think Bridge has done a lot wrong other than conduct himself with great dignity. No doubt the fans would have been cheering his every touch had he been on the plane to South Africa this summer. If Bridge can’t shake the hand of his once best friend, then how can he sit in the same dressing room as him and the other England players? It is a huge blow for England, as Bridge was the replacement for the injured Ashley Cole. The irony being that if Cole is fit then two of our so called ‘heroes’ will be lining up amidst reports of infidelity – an exquisite example to young fans who worship the ground they walk on. Maybe they should look to Iraq and Afghanistan for the real heroes. In February 2002, Terry was pictured urinating on the floor of a nightclub and his dad was caught trying to sell cocaine in an Essex bar last year. He is the arrogant coward that is all too apparent in our national game and to think, he could have been holding the World Cup. What would the late Alf Ramsey or Brian Clough have made of it all? Probably turning in their graves right now. Terry, once labelled the next Bobby Moore, should not even be mentioned in the same breath as the hero of ‘66 and will never have the honour of lifting the World Cup for England.

Adultery, drink-driving, drug abuse, casual violence, sexual attacks. It’s all in a day’s work for a professional footballer. Now this may seem absurd but, if you rack your brains, how often have you seen one of them plastered all over the papers having committed one or more of these crimes? It’s not that hard to believe when you realise that professional football is a vocation populated mainly by idiots. Actual idiots. And John Terry is no exception. Not only did the England captain (that’s right, captain) cheat on his wife with his team-mate’s ex-girlfriend but he knocked her up too! Don’t worry though, he paid for the abortion and gave her £20,000 to go and buy a new bag or car or miniature dog or something. Thank God. He deserves a knighthood. The question is, should he have been stripped of the captaincy? It’s tricky because one can argue that he is a role model for children (but how John Terry’s sexual exploits concern Britain’s children is a mystery to me) and that his actions don’t reflect those of a responsible adult, trusted with a position of authority and great iconic status, and by doing the things he has done, has ‘let the nation down’. However, over the last few years under new management and Terry’s captaincy, the England squad have been performing well, suggesting that his personal life has had no effect on his ability to kick a ball. So in the interest of the success of English football, should he have stayed? Additionally, we have to consider the media’s stance on this matter. Professional footballers are about as exciting as the goalposts they kick the ball at, so when this story came to light (thanks to the rejection of Terry’s application for a super injunction, again, an idiot) the press were ready to pounce. Not only did the England captain have an affair, but it was with one of his teammates’ exgirlfriends! Golly, stop the presses! Had they not exploded the story so bitterly, then Terry would still have his job and fans would be none the wiser. Whether he deserved it or not, the press has forced a talented man out of his job on the grounds that ‘the nation deserved to know’, however, not many people in Britain really cared, and the truth is most people don’t mind what he gets up to off the pitch, as long as he performs well on it. I find myself torn. On one hand, the sacking is apt because he not only did wrong, but he’s clearly a massive moron and we don’t deserve to have someone like that leading our national team. However, he is a very good defender and he needs full confidence going into the World Cup if we are to have any chance. Truthfully however, I don’t care. Both Terry and Bridge are overpaid and dull, and this story has already had way too many column inches. So you’ll have to make your own decision, but think hard, are you really bothered?

F*CK YOU!: Bridge refuses Terry’s handshake


WATERFRONT 188 - 08/03/10

Intramural review - Cup Final special - by Sports Editor Tim Harris

TEAM SLOTH AFC V TITS FC What’s on offer? *** Swansea Sirens performing *** *** Half-time competitions *** *** Oceana giveaways *** *** Live PA ***

The biggest day in Intramural history!

Photo: Marc Holmes CLIMAX: The Ents Intramural Cup reaches its final stage, on the big stage, at the Sketty Lane pitch. THE CUP reaches its climax this Wednesday 10th March, in the long-anticipated final between Team Sloth AFC and Tits FC. It will be the first ever Intramural final to be played on the Sketty Lane pitch at the centre of the running track. This showcase event, sponsored by Ents, represents the culmination of a

magical cup for all the teams that have been involved. This Wednesday the grandstand will be filled to the brim with fans clad in white, blue and red; and the noise will be immense. The cup has taken stronger focus this season than ever before, and now is everyone’s chance to be a part of Intramural history.

THE ROAD TO THE FINAL - Sloth SUPER-EIGHTS finalists last year, Sloth have once again found themselves on the big stage playing for a title. Sloth cruised through the first round; beating Sketty Bolognese 4-2. After that, difficult draws meant Sloth had to axe both Uni teams to reach the final. In the quar-

ter-final Sloth clocked a 2-1 victory over the Uni 6ths. And groans circulated JCs from the Sloth players during the semifinal draw; they were next to play the Uni 7ths. But a closely contested match saw Sloth take a 4-2 victory. They go into the final as strong favourites.

SEMI-FINAL: Uni 7ths 2 – 4 Team Sloth VICTORY over Swansea Uni 7ths saw Sloth fire their way into the cup final. However, a match that carried plenty of excitement began in the Uni 7ths favour. Greg Tippet finished from a tight angle to put them in front. The 7ths went on to control much of the first-half, and looked comfortable with their lead. But on the stroke of half-time, Sloth bit back. Tommy Zoom rose highest from a corner, and headed in Sloth’s equaliser. The 7ths were shocked and Sloth had new momentum going into the second-half. Folarin ‘Sheva’ Ayeni slotted home to take the lead. And soon after, Sloth extended their lead courtesy of Javed Ahmed, who buried a twenty five yard screamer in the top corner; his long awaited first goal for Sloth. With the tie edging out of the reach of the 7ths, their

heads went down. Sloth’s fourth goal then arrived, again through Ahmed. The 7ths did pull a goal back late on through a penalty; Richard Hall handled the ball on the goal line, earning him a red card. Bradley-Courtney Pinn blasted the spotkick home, but it was too little too late. Uni 7ths Captain Matthew Jacob commended his players’ efforts. “I feel proud of what my freshers have achieved. “We were forty-five minutes away from the final. The difference was, Sloth finished their chances.” Sloth Captain Billy Goodhall was ecstatic. “The team produced an excellent performance and deserved their place in the final... I feel we are the favourites. However, Tits are a very organised team. They’ll want to win just as much as us.”

So get on down to Sketty Lane on Wednesday at 4pm to soak up some of the atmosphere, before the bout between old rivals Sloth and Tits is settled once and for all. The winning team will hoist the Ents Intramural Cup as the triumphant victors!

THE ROAD TO THE FINAL - Tits SUCCESS for Tits has definitely come in the cup over the league this season. Tits saw off Geography in the first round with a tightly contested 3-2 win. The quarter-final draw was kind to Tits; SubStandard Liege their opponents. Tits walked the match 5-1. And Tits’ luck continued in the semi-final draw; avoid-

ing both Team Sloth and the University 7ths. However, Ajax were no pushover, and Tits had to come from behind to force extra-time to book their place in the final. Tits are from all accounts the underdogs; but that’s just the way they like it.

SEMI FINAL: TITS FC 3 – 2 Ajax (AET) COMEBACK-KINGS Tits FC lived true to their name, turning over a twogoal deficit in their semi-final clash with Ajax Trees Down. The game began in Ajax’s favour; they scored two goals in quick succession. Tom Drinkwater has been prolific in front of goal all season, and with the help of his midfield service, he slotted two goals home. Tits’ top scorer Dan Clancy was out injured, and two goals down, things didn’t look good. Ajax were fully in the ascendancy, and when were they awarded a penalty it all looked over for Tits. But the Tits goalkeeper pulled off a decent save to deny Ajax a third, and gave Tits new energy. After the break, Ajax began to defend sloppily, and Tits’ confidence began to build. Tits notorious long throw resulted in them grabbing a goal back; Matt Northern popped up to finish the chance. Tits continued to push Ajax back, however, amongst several goal-mouth

scrambles, simply couldn’t find a finish. But in the dying minutes of the game, the ball bounced awkwardly around the Ajax keeper, and Adrian Westoby arrived for a simple tap-in to equalise. Conceding so late on knocked Ajax’s confidence going into extra-time, and failing to clear properly allowed Tits the winner; albeit an own goal. Ajax pushed on, but Tits held strong, and confirmed their spot in the final. Ajax winger Stephan Paustian-Bulmer was disappointed. “The entire team was gutted about the final score. It was a close game which neither team deserved to lose.” Tits Captain Tom Beale said “Ajax were well worth their two goal lead, but the penalty save changed the game.” “Our goals gave us the momentum going into extra-time”. “All I can ask for from my lads is to show the same desire in the final.”


Rugby firsts survive trying first season in BUCS Premiership Continued from Back Page A difficult start to the season made survival look like an impossible task, losing five from the first five games. However, despite there being losses, there were many positives to take from the performance in these matches. The mid season saw the team rally and take important victories over St Mary’s University College firsts and University of Exeter firsts. They also secured a vital draw against the University of Bristol’s first team. The rugby firsts will be hoping that they can continue to improve next season and start challenging the bigger teams and not have to worry about relegation. Now that the season is over and Swansea firsts have also been knocked out of the cup, losing 30-19 away to Newcastle recently, they can now focus on preparing for Varsity. They will be hoping to get revenge on Cardiff, who narrowly beat them 9-6 in last year’s match. Fans will be hoping for a higher scoring game than last year, which was a tense affair and didn’t see

FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL: Swansea’s Men’s firsts have endured a tough season, but have survived are now focused on the Varsity match against Cardiff at the end of April

a single try. This year’s Varsity match will be held at the Ospreys and Swansea city’s home ground, the Liberty Stadium. It is the

first time that Varsity has been held in Swansea since 2001. Tickets will be available from the ENTS Box Office in the one day sale on

Monday 8th March. The package costs £17.50 and contains transport to and from the Rugby Match, a Varsity Rugby Match ticket, a ‘PLAY ON’ Official

after party ticket featuring special guest DJ, a Varsity 2010 T-shirt, a Varsity 2010 temporary Tattoo and a Varsity 2010 bumper sticker

Swansea’s cricketers declare Women’s Football intentions to dismiss Cardiff stumble in semis By Rhys Williams Sports Editor SWANSEA’S cricketers are looking to start their season in style with a win over Cardiff at Varsity. Last season both Swansea’s first and second teams were promoted, with the firsts jumping up two divisions from BUCS Conference 4B to BUCS Conference 2A. First team captain Alex Siegmund praised his team for last season’s performance and is relishing the start of the new season. “We did really well last season. We went up two divisions, so now we’re facing much tougher opposition.” “We have our first competitive game on the 21st of April, our Varsity game against Cardiff, it’s going to be huge.” Siegmund admitted it’s going to be a tough season, but is confident that if Swansea reach high, they can achieve their goals. “There’s going to be some tough competition in the league this season, but if we play well then we might be able to push for promotion again.” “We’ve had some really good new bowlers coming through this season. Jeremy Suter one of our new players, and is very handy. He will be our main batsman, and last years captain Craig Evans will be leading our bowling attack.” “It’s going to be tough though as Cardiff have a really good team, they have people who go there just for their academy.” “I think our main competition will come from Cardiff seconds and

DISAPPOINTMENT: Women’s firsts crash out of the cup, but can now focus on Varsity

By Rachel Clayton Sports Reporter

CONFIDENT: Swansea captain Siegmund hopes to knock Cardiff for six at Varsity

Aberystwyth firsts. But I think Cardiff will be our main rivals.” However, tougher opposition may not be the only thing standing in Swansea’s way, the weather can always have an effect on the outcome of the cricket season. But Siegmund hopes the weather will be on Swansea’s side. “Hopefully the weather will be as good for us this year as it was last year. We

didn’t really suffer from any problems with abandoned matches, and hopefully it will be the same this season.” “But the Fairwood pitches aren’t the greatest. They’re cut for Rugby so it’s almost impossible to hit a four.” The Varsity Cricket Match takes place on 21st April and is being held at Gowerton Cricket Club and all are welcome.

SWANSEA Women’s Football first team faced their first defeat of the season last week as they were edged out of the BUCS Western Conference Cup by a strengthened Gloucestershire side. After being knocked out in the semifinal for a second year running the football girls are now turning their attention to their league position and their upcoming Varsity match. Continuing with the consistency of recent years, the first team are again unbeaten in the league and look forward to a repeat of last year’s top finish. Despite losing their most consistent goal-scorer at the end of last term, Swansea are pushing for promotion again this season. With league rivals Cardiff hot on their heels though, it could go down to their

head to head in the last game of the season. Captain Nia Gape is equally as focused on Swansea’s other encounter with Cardiff at Varsity this year, claiming that “winning Varsity is just as important to us as winning the league.” After last year’s impressive performance, Gape believes that the girls are as determined as ever to bring home another victory in around 8 weeks time. “It felt really good to win last year and we really want that feeling again. It is going to be a competitive game, but I think we will have the edge.” The Varsity squad are holding extra training sessions in the run up to the big day, perfecting their fitness in preparation for a notoriously physical Cardiff side. Gape expressed her confidence in the capabilities of all her players and predicted another 3-2 victory.


WATERFRONT 188 - 08/03/10

Swansea rowers look to shake off underdog tag and emulate last year By Thore Haugstad Sports Reporter ROWING club captain Steven Gray is confident Swansea can beat Cardiff at the Welsh Varsity Boat Race and repeat last year’s heroic performance. The men’s eights claimed a finish-line victory last season, pulling away from Cardiff in the closing stages after a clash between the two boats. The win was as a huge surprise considering the gap in resources between the two clubs, and Swansea will be entering the race as underdogs once again. Gray, however, does not believe there is much between the teams and has warned of another Varsity upset. “When it comes down to one race, you never know what’s going to happen. Looking at the results this year, I think we’ve got an excellent chance,” he said. “Last year you’d still put Cardiff as favourites and they tend to do well every year. The Cardiff’s women team are possibly ahead of us, while the men’s teams are fairly even. “Last year there was a bit of a clash between the boats and they panicked. Towards the end of the race you never know who’s going to buck under the pressure, but I fancy us to win it.” The difference in funding and facilities has made it hard for Swansea to catch up

COMMITMENT: Rowing captain Steven Gray believes Swansea’s hard work, dedication and intensive training plan can net them a victory against the affluent Cardiff team

with Cardiff in recent years, with Cardiff possessing both national coaches and brand new boats. The fact that the Welsh squad is based in Cardiff does not help the matter, but Gray has pointed to Swansea’s hard work and determination as the way to nullify Cardiff’s advantages. “We work together to get results, and the results against Cardiff last year shows that. The fact that we beat them

is pretty astonishing,” he said. “It’s a lot about attitude. The guys train eight to ten times a week, so there’s a lot of hard work behind it. “There’s a big gulf between the very best British universities and universities like us. Universities like Oxford Brookes get 85 percent of the funding which is hard to compete with. “But we’ve got a realistic chance of competing with crews like Cardiff.”

Swansea will now prepare for another dramatic Varsity encounter, and the rowers will be monitored closely to get the best finale selection possible. Gray says the hard work has already started, and believes the team must now show the commitment that has brought the club such a long way forward. He added: “We’ll be looking at getting the selection right for the best boats, and assess how people are getting on.

“We might also push people to improve on weaker spots. In addition, we will have a training camp during the Easter holiday. “People are training pretty much every day at the moment. It’s definitely a commitment for people, it’s hard work. “We’re down at the marina taking the boats out at 7 o’clock in the morning, but that’s what it takes. It’s the reason why we are where we are today.”

Netball team looking for revenge Fencers prepared to against out of form Cardiff side foil Cardiff Varsity bid By Ben Donovan Sports Reporter AS THE COUNTDOWN to Varsity 2010 continues so do the preparations of the Netball team as they bid to avenge last year’s defeat to their Cardiff rivals. They are currently 3rd in the BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) Western Conference which has been a decent campaign but Captain Louisa Bycroft believes there is more to come from the squad in the build up to the showpiece event. “This season has been on a par with our form last season but I think we still could have done better, but we have had some good fresher’s come in this year and that has made us a lot stronger.” With matches against local rivals always high in anticipation, Varsity will be no different and Bycroft believes there is every chance of Swansea claiming success this time around. “Last year we lost but Cardiff are always a good side and we know that, but we often aim to get half their score if we can and build on that. “They have gone down a division this year however, and we have consolidated our league position, so in that sense we have closed the gap and given ourselves every single opportunity to win the match.” With just over seven weeks to go until the big day, all our teams are putting in

CHALLENGING: Swansea’s fencers face an extremely tough match against Cardiff

By Michelle Owen Sports Reporter

OPPORTUNITY: Cardiff have suffered a tough season, culminating in relegation

the hours of preparation and the Netball squad are no different. “Following last year’s defeat at Varsity and the optimism in the squad that we should have a higher league position means we will be training hard in the coming weeks to make sure we are ready,” Bycroft said. With the return of Varsity to Swansea

this year, there is a definite buzz about the University and within the AU, but Bycroft isn’t sure if it will give her side an advantage being at home. “With us being at home this year we don’t really know what to expect, but we will be hoping to put on a good performance for all our supporters that we know will be out in numbers.”

A RUN of good form has given Swansea’s fencing teams the confidence boost they need as they prepare for their Varsity match against Cardiff. The men’s team currently sits fourth in their conference, which isn’t a spectacular position to be in, but they have just reached the BUCS conference Cup final, where they will compete against the University of West England. Reinforcements have arrived in the form of ex modern pentathlete champion Will Cummings, further building on a strong team from last year. Other vital members of the team include former Welsh Fencing captain John Dignam in Sabre and Welsh Universities Fencing Championships medal-contender Joe

Silva in Foil. The women’s team were knocked out in the final 16, but are confident that their performances this year have been good enough to make a fight out of it with Cardiff. They are also sitting fourth in their league at the moment. The team also had individuals compete in the BUCS individual competition in December and are looking strong to capture medals at the Welsh Universities Fencing Championships. Women’s Team Captain Gwen Moon predicts a tight score. Swansea have already faced Cardiff’s women’s team this season and both teams are very closely matched. “Personally I’m aware that Cardiff’s men’s team have some very strong fencers this year and I’m predicting a hard match, however a win is definitely not out of the question.”


Swansea squash players ‘hit the wall’ in vital cup game just weeks before Varsity By Tim Harris Sports Editor DEFEAT at the hands of Cardiff firsts saw the squash firsts crash out of the BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) Men’s Western Conference Cup, preventing them from booking a place in the final against Plymouth. The game finished 4-1 to Cardiff, and floundering in the hands of our biggest rivals was a cruel way to go. Swansea firsts had already seen off Cardiff seconds and Cardiff Medics firsts, before failing to produce against the strongest Cardiff contenders. And Captain Charlie Batten admitted that on the day, Cardiff simply deserved the match. “Cardiff have a very skilled squash team, with players that have high fitness levels and incredible racquet skills. “They are the toughest team in our division. We have some very good players but we are just not at the level of

the Cardiff team yet.” The day actually began in Swansea’s favour however, with Tommy Eyre winning his game after clocking in a sound performance. However, following this triumph, Cardiff went on to take all four of the other games. Philip Allman was unlucky not to win his game, but Cardiff stood resolute and clinical. But this match was only the warm up, as Swansea will have to come racquet to racquet with Cardiff once again, on the huge stage: Varsity. And following last year’s bullet-proof 5-0 Varsity victory, Batten is keen to take revenge for the semi-final loss. “We have a strong side this year. We will be training with the team Tuesdays, trying to improve our skills and fitness levels for the big day. “However, we have a lot of respect for Cardiff. We understand it will be a tough challenge for us”. If Swansea are to repeat last year’s

DEJA VU: Swansea will be hoping for a carbon copy of last year’s Varsity result after losing out 4-1 to Cardiff in the cup

success, on home turf this time around, they will need all their players on top form and ready to battle.

Batten commended the efforts of all his players this season, but made special mention to Rob Waters.

“He has hardly lost a match this season. He is definitely a player to look out for due to his intense fitness levels.”

Lacrosse acquire new found Tennis team want confidence for Varsity match vengance at Varsity

NIGHTMARE RESULT: Swansea lost 10-0 to Cardiff in last year’s Varsity

By Ben Donovan Sports Reporter

FORM TEAM: Swansea’s lacrosse team head into their Varsity match full of confidence after completing their best season ever

By Rachel Clayton Sports Reporter SWANSEA Men’s Lacrosse team are heading into Varsity with a huge amount of confidence on the back of their most successful season to date. They have really hit form this year and have been rewarded with their most successful season ever, finishing third in the league and narrowly missing out on promotion. This season the team side have shown a remarkable turnaround from their previous season which saw them

defeated in every game. With no more BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sports) league or cup fixtures in place for this season, the lacrosse boys are totally focused on their upcoming clash with Cardiff. With training now completely geared towards Varsity preparation, the Swansea side are hoping to build on last year’s victory and maintain their winning run, which currently stands at two in a row. Men’s Captain, James Tiley revealed how Swansea followers also helped his team to gain the edge over the local

rivals at their last encounter. “The support the team got last year was great and really helped us to win the game.” Tiley hopes that the team will get the same support this year, boosting the players, especially as it will be a home fixture this time around. Swansea have already met Cardiff in a league fixture earlier this year, coming away with a convincing 9-6 victory. On the back of such a good season, and with confidence so high within his team, it’s hardly surprising that Tiley predicts a convincing at Varsity.

THE MEN’S Tennis team are counting down the days until they entertain their Cardiff rivals as Varsity 2010 heads to Swansea. The team currently lie mid-table in the BUCS Western Conference, with Cardiff’s first team just one place above them, and they will be hoping to lay the ghosts of last year’s defeat in the showpiece event. Club captain Luis Jackson said, “We lost 10-0 last year which was really hard to take as all the matches were so close, so we want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.” Following last year’s disappointment, the squad will be looking to put on a good performance for the supporters that will be in attendance at the Swansea Tennis Centre, and Jackson believes this can only be a good thing for the players. “We are all really looking forward to it being held in Swansea because it give us a lift and gives our club members and also any other spectators the chance to

lend their support in which it will be a great occasion.” With just over seven weeks to go until Varsity, the preparation is well under way for all our teams, with the Tennis squad being no exception and Jackson believes they are in far better shape than last year. “We feel we are in better position this year because we drew 5-5 with Cardiff in the league this year and missed the opportunity to beat them which really should have happened.” For the readers who are unsure of the format for Tennis competition, there will be four players on each team and each will be seeded, playing singles matches against one another with a win being worth two points. There will also be doubles matches being played worth one point for a win and as a result there will be 10 points up for grabs. For those of you that want to catch the action, the games will be played at the Swansea Tennis Centre which is adjacent to the Liberty Stadium, where the Varsity Rugby Match kicks off in the evening, so get down and lend your support to our teams.




10-0 VICTORY SEALS TITLE FOR SWANSEA By Rhys Williams Sports Editor A CRUSHING 10-0 victory was more than enough to secure the BUCS Western Conference 2B, with a game to spare for Swansea’s Hockey Women’s firsts. Club captain Serian Ganesh had nothing but praise for the team, commending players both old and new on their dedication and effort. “We’ve had a really good influx of freshers and our seniors have really picked up their game. The freshers have exceeded all expectations.” “Our captain, Kate Lloyd, has really stepped up this year, she has done a fantastic job. But it’s been a real team effort rather than individual performances that have helped us win the league, they’ve been amazing.” Ganesh also praised the support that the club has received this year, citing the arrival of a coach as a vital factor in the success of the team. ”For the first time we’ve had a proper coach, which has really helped. We’ve had a proper training structure and fitness sessions and that has improved us an unbelievable amount.” After heartache in the past, it was clear to see how much this meant to Serian and the whole club. “This has been a long time coming. We’ve had a difficult couple of years before this season. It’s really great that we’ve finally been able to win it.” Swansea have been unbeaten in the league this season, and the only time they were defeated was in the cup, narrowly losing 2-1 to UWIC seconds. They are currently seven points ahead of

CAPTION: Hockey caption

the nearest rivals, who are again UWIC seconds. Now that the league is in the bag, the team can now focus 100 percent of their efforts on the upcoming Varsity match

Rugby firsts narrowly avoid being relegated By Rhys Williams Sports Editor A SINGLE point was all that stopped Swansea Men’s Rugby firsts from being relegated from the BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) Southern Premiership. It was a close battle between but Swansea finally secured their place in the league with a hard fought 23-10

victory over UWE Hartpury firsts. It has been a difficult season for the men’s firsts, who always admitted playing at the pinnacle of university rugby would be difficult, but they have managed to achieve their goal of staying in the BUCS Southern Premiership, and hopefully can build on this performance next season.

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against Cardiff. Such a strong performance in the league surely bodes well for the women’s hockey team, and will surely give them the confidence they need to

put in a fantastic performance against Cardiff. “Varsity is going to be big for us this year. It has usually been out of our reach in a way, but this year we have such a

strong team that winning the league and Varsity is a major possibility.” “Now that the league has come to an end we can focus fully on Varsity to give ourselves the best chance of winning.”

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