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Academic excellence celebrated at senior prize-giving.


STUDENTS SMASH RECORDS Local students excelled at the Otago Primary School Athletics on Thursday November 24. 28 Reece Crescent Wanaka ph 03 443 8176 |



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Charity trade day DANIELLE BUTLER


harity So They Can was presented with a large cheque by Mount Aspiring College’s year eight students this week, following the success of their trade day two weeks ago. Year eight integrated studies teacher Andrew Sloane said that the idea for Trade Day came about when the students made videos to communicate with children in Kenya in a project called One Heart Day. “That really opened up a connection and the kids saw that they have all this stuff compared to these students in Kenya who have pretty much nothing. It was then that they decided they wanted to help and have their trade day,” Andrew said. The students set up their own stalls and business ideas and sold them to the rest of the school, raising $508 for the charity. So They Can, which works to educate and

empower communities and governments in Kenya and Tanzania, was founded by Cass Treadwell in 2009 and now educates 1080 students at Aberdare Ranges Primary School in Nakuru, Kenya. “It’s amazing to see, as the goal really is to teach these children philanthropy and how good it can feel to help others. It’s connecting kids to kids,” Cass said. Student Dylan Rimmer said, “the money we raised was enough for 101 children to have two meals a day for a month, and that’s just from one small year eight class in the middle of New Zealand. So imagine the possibilities of every school doing the same.” Pictured: Mount Aspiring College 8SL students with teacher Andrew Sloane presenting their cheque to So They Can founder Cass Treadwell. PHOTO: DANIELLE BUTLER

Northlake dust storms under investigation esidents of Hidden Hills are angry with the amount of dust coming from the Northlake residential development. Over the past couple of weeks wind has blown a huge amount of dust off the development to surrounding properties. Ian Shaw, a resident of Hidden Hills, said it has not only been in the last couple of weeks that it has been a problem. He has had a long-standing battle with the developers over the dust. “Since last summer the dust has been a real problem and it is getting worse. Today my whole house is covered in dust. We couldn’t even see the road today (pictured) with all the dust in the air. They have stripped a huge area of land, instead of doing small sections at a time and it is blowing a huge amount of silt everywhere. It appears Northlake only has one truck working on dust suppression and the



Ian complained to the Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) about the problem, but so far nothing seems to have been done. QLDC communications officer Jimmy Sygrove said, “QLDC are aware of the dust concerns regarding the Northlake development and have received a significant number of complaints. There are a number of different rules regarding developers and their responsibilities. These exist through the District Plan, Resource Management Act 1991 and, in most cases, through conditions of a developer’s Resource Consent and Site Management Plan. Dust from developments and construction that affects other residents isn’t considered acceptable, and the matter is under investigation. There are several PHOTO: SUPPLIED tools available to our enforcement team and they are currently looking at the appropriate action development is getting bigger and dustier by the day,” Ian said. Developers are required to implement appropriate dust control measures to to take.” The Northlake developers could not be reached avoid nuisance effects of dust beyond the boundary of the site in accordance for comment prior to going to press. with Plan Change 49 earthworks provisions of the District Plan.

17 Finch Street, Albert Town Deadline Private Treaty (unless sold prior) 4pm, Thur 12 Jan 2017



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4pm, Fri 16 Dec 2016

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This year's Wanaka Sun Christmas Food Bank Drive will take place on the evening of Tues, 20 Dec 2016


Cromwell man charged GLENDA TURNBULL A 23-year-old Cromwell man has been charged with careless use of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, after a passenger on a quadbike he was driving fell from the vehicle on Wishart Crescent, Cromwell, in the early

hours of Sunday September 11, 2016. The passenger, 20-year-old Andrew Paul Grubb of Palmerston, was transported to Dunedin Hospital but died from his injuries five days later on Friday, September 16. The 23-year-old man is due to appear in the Alexandra District Court on Tuesday December 6.

Recommendations yet to be actioned GLENDA TURNBULL Earlier this month the Department of Conservation (DOC) suspended the use of all Robinson helicopters to transport its staff, volunteers and contractors. This decision followed the fatal Robinson R44 crash in Northland involving two forestry workers and the placing of Robinson helicopters on a Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) watchlist. There are around 300 Robinson helicopters registered in New Zealand comprising 35 percent of the total helicopter fleet. There have been 107 accidents involving helicopters reported to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) since 17 November 2010. Of those 107 accidents, 45 have involved Robinson Helicopters. Information received from the CAA reports 32 percent of reported helicopter hours have been in Robinson helicopters and 62 percent of reported helicopter training hours have been in R22 helicopters. In 2016 to date 50 percent of total training hours have been in R22s. Since 1996, TAIC and the CAA have investigated 14 “mast bumping” accidents involving Robinson helicopters, costing the lives of 18 people. It was reported in the Robinson Helicopter Fleet Consultation document issued by the CAA in 2015 that there were three fatal accidents in the Wanaka/Queenstown area involving Robinson Helicopters, with two attributed to mast bumping.

Mast bump is contact between an inner part of a main rotor blade or a rotor hub and the main rotor drive shaft or “mast”. The outcome is usually catastrophic. TAIC commissioner and spokesperson Stephen Davies Howard said, “We understand what mast bumping is, but it is often difficult to determine exactly what happened to cause the mast bump. We know the condition results when low-G occurs – a bit like when you leave your stomach behind when going over a hump on a country road, or from an inappropriate control input. Low-G can be caused by turbulence, but it is not normally a condition that causes concern beyond discomfort.” “However, it can lead to mast bumping which too often has fatal consequences in Robinson helicopters with their rotor head design.” The commission identified that the rate of Robinson helicopter in-flight break-up accidents in New Zealand had not been significantly reduced by the adoption of US Federal Aviation Administration measures intended to help prevent such accidents. TAIC also found the format of the Robinson flight manuals and terminology did not draw enough attention to safety-critical instructions and conditions that could result in serious injury or death. “Four of our earlier recommendations made as a result of Robinson mast bump accidents have yet to be actioned. We therefore remain concerned that there is a real risk that we will see more of this type of accident,” Stephen said.


MAC opens doors to new facility DANIELLE BUTLER Mount Aspiring College celebrated the opening of its new special needs classroom HQ last week and the enhancement of its facilities. The building, which includes a large classroom, offices and shower room, has taken around two years to complete with funding from the Ministry of Education. Special needs coordinator Dawn Bosley said that the facility will be used by 12 students next year. “The Ministry [of Education] has been so great with realising the needs of the students we have and the students that we will have in the future.

It’s great compared to what we did have, which was just one room which also had school journals inside, so it was just like a big cupboard really,” Dawn said. The new facility will not only be used for regular lessons, but also for teaching life skills such as cleaning and making meals. Principal Wayne Bosley thanked staff, students and the Ministry of Education and said that the new learning environment would be a place with real love and care where students would feel stimulated to be the best they can possibly be. Pictured: Students perform You Are My Sunshine at the classroom opening with Anna Van Riel.

Dunstan councillors lobby together DANIELLE BUTLER The three Dunstan Ward Otago Regional Councillors have joined together to form a lobby on behalf of their 55,000 Dunstan constituents. Newly elected councillors Maggie Lawton and Michael Laws have formed the Dunstan Lobby alongside second-term councillor Graeme Bell with the aim of achieving effective action for their constituents. Councillor Michael Laws said that the lobby would help with district-specific issues such as lake snow and water rights.

“It is my political experience that joint action is more effective than individual action and that there are issues which are really going to require some real grunt over the next three years. We can do that best together,” he said. Councillor Maggie Lawton said that establishing two-way communication would be essential in knowing what the ward’s communities are thinking. The lobby aims to involve district councils and community boards in its actions, and meetings have been arranged with the district’s mayors, councils and community boards before Christmas and going into the new year.



Bringing a Little something extra to those in our community this festive season. Simply purchase and wrap a gift to go under the tree at Ray White, 1 Helwick Street. Gifts will be distributed by Community Networks to local families in our community.

A Little Ray Of Giving 1-16 December 2016.

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED Can you help on the night? Please phone Nikki Heath (co-ordinator) on 03 443-5252 or send us a message via the Wanaka Sun Facebook page. Wanaka volunteers will meet at the Upper Clutha Rugby The donations collected on the Wanaka Sun Christmas Food Bank Drive will be given to Community Networks Wanaka to fill their food bank and makeup their Christmas hampers for local families in need. Wanaka Sun is proud to support

The Hawea collection will take place on Sunday 18 December from 2pm.

in conjunction with Licensed under the REAA 2008


THURSDAY 01.12.16 - WEDNESDAY 07.12.16



No Wanaka trustees for CLT GLENDA TURNBULL There will be no Wanaka representation on the board for Central Lakes Trust with returning officer Dale Ofsoske advising that Cath Gilmour (4193), Tony Hill (3520), Alex Huffadine (5323), Bernice Lepper (4643), Malcolm Macpherson (4878) and Greg Wilkinson (5064) have been elected as trustees following the election which concluded on Friday November 25. The three Wanaka candidates Jude Battson, Hetty Van Hale and Megan Williams received 2693, 3351 and 3318 votes respectively. In addition, the referendum for the proposed amendments to the Central Lakes Trust Deed were both voted in. Voter turnout continued to be low with 26.2 percent returning their votes, compared to 23.3 percent in the 2013 election. Hetty Van Hale was disappointed there would be no Wanaka representative on the board. “I’d like to congratulate those who were elected to the trust and especially new trustee Tony Hill. Tony and I worked together at Tourism Holdings Ltd and his business skills and professionalism will be an asset to the trust,” Hetty said. “I accept the election is a fully democratic process, however I am disappointed that once again no

one from Wanaka was elected to the trust. While I understand all trustees must impartially represent all regions in the trust’s area, I believe having no trustee from Wanaka results in lost opportunities for both Wanaka and the Central Lakes Trust.” “Wanaka is the second largest town in the trust’s region and yet there is no one on the trust Board with an in-depth knowledge of the Wanaka community and its not-forprofit sector. If partnerships and understanding communities are part of Central Lakes Trust’s strategy, then the trust is facing a resource gap to achieve that strategy. And for the trust, it means it has no advocate living in Wanaka who can informally promote the trust, and also be a local sounding board for those charitable groups who may want a little local advice on how to present a good business case for funding.” “I was very heartened to see the favourable vote for the referendum on the future new governance structure of three appointed trustees and five elected trustees. Two of the boards I work on, Badminton New Zealand and Snow Sports New Zealand, use this formula and it has served the boards very well. Who knows, hopefully in the near future we may see an appointed trustee from Wanaka with the requisite community knowledge, business skills and governance experience,” Hetty said.

Airport consultation submissions GLENDA TURNBULL The Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) received 78 submissions on the Wanaka airport consultation. The proposal was a result of several months of investigations, including consultation with a number of council officers, the full QLDC council and the Wanaka Community Board and has been considered in

light of current and future needs of the wider Queenstown-Lakes district. The proposal outlined four different options, with the council’s preferred option to enter into a longterm lease and management arrangement with Queenstown Airport Corporation (QAC). The council will make its decision after considering formal submissions and holding a public hearing, likely to be in January or February 2017.

Draft parks strategy submissions GLENDA TURNBULL The Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) is seeking submissions on its Draft Parks and Open Space Strategy Plan 2016. The plan looks at existing open space and new reserves to ensure they are meeting the needs of the community and are protected for future generations. The Parks Strategy was last reviewed in 2002. The new strategy will be used to define park types,


describe the sort of facilities you can expect to find at each park type and define and provide guidelines for open space requirements in new developments. As well as ensuring the council meets the local sport and recreation needs of the community, the council needs to consider whether it has enough space and adequate provision to cater for regional, national and international events held in Queenstown and Wanaka. Submissions close on December 16, 2016.


Temporary carpark for Roys Peak walk GLENDA TURNBULL A temporary carpark will help relieve the parking pressure at the Roys Peak track on Mount Aspiring Road this summer. Over the last two seasons, the track has increased in popularity and this has caused parking issues with vehicles being parked on the side of the road due to the carpark at the entrance of the track being full. The Department of Conservation (DOC) has been working with landowners of Alphaburn Station (the MaCrae family) and Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) to determine solutions. DOC senior ranger Annette Grieve said, “DOC has negotiated with Alphaburn Station to purchase land adjacent to the existing carpark to increase the parking capacity. This will double the size of the carpark to approximately 3600sqm. The landowners have allowed a temporary carpark to be formed ahead of settlement (pictured), which

DOC have fenced. It will need to be used with care as it is not gravelled at this stage.” The temporary carpark has already helped the traffic congestion with no cars parked on the side of the road on Tuesday November 29. DOC workers confirmed there had been 95 cars in the carpark on Monday November 28. The formation of the carpark will be completed in conjunction with the road widening work to be undertaken by QLDC proposed for the end of February 2017. “Once the final design for the carpark has been completed, it will be gravelled and the entrance to the track made more obvious. The carpark will also include a bicycle rack,” Annette said. DOC is encouraging people to consider being dropped off or walking along Glendhu Bay track and then taking the link track up to WanakaMt Aspiring Road to help ease the parking congestion. The Roys Peak track is 16km return and takes most people five to six hours to complete.

Goose caller comes fourth in world DANIELLE BUTLER Eighteen-year-old Luggate building apprentice Hunter Morrow has returned from America with fourth place in the World Waterfowl Calling Championships. Hunter, pictured, placed fourth in the live goose calling category of the competition held in Maryland earlier this month. The competition rounds off a successful year for Hunter, who won the New Zealand duck calling supreme title in July and was the first non-American citizen to be selected as one of the judges for part of the world competition.


Safety campaign focuses on visiting drivers GLENDA TURNBULL Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss announced on Friday a major road safety campaign to help visitors understand and prepare for driving in New Zealand. “Summer is on its way and so are many international visitors. New Zealand roads can be challenging, particularly in and around some of our most popular tourist spots,” he said. “The campaign focuses on the areas of Otago, Southland and the West Coast, and uses billboards, posters, digital advertising and social media to spread road safety messages.” The messages include: NZ roads can be narrow, winding and steep; Allow extra time; Journeys may take longer than you think; Save overtaking for long, clear, straight roads; Pull over somewhere safe to take photos; and remember to keep left. The messages were tested in six target markets -

THURSDAY 01.12.16 - WEDNESDAY 07.12.16

the Australian, German, Chinese, United States of America, United Kingdom and India. Craig Foss, Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean and Queenstown Lakes Mayor Jim Boult met to discuss road safety, including the $15 million road safety engineering programme for Visiting Drivers Project areas announced last month. Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said, “I’m delighted that the Otago, Southland and West Coast regions have been targeted in this campaign. “These are the areas where self-drive visitors can be challenged by our roads and so it’s excellent to see this investment in safety at the front end – ensuring those who are new to our roads have a good understanding of the conditions.” Craig Foss said the government, including local councils, will continue to roll out initiatives to further reduce harm on our roads. The road safety campaign is part of a wide range of education initiatives already improving safety at every stage of a visitor’s holiday. PAGE 3



Four-year-old party a hit GLENDA TURNBULL The four-year-old children at Aspiring Beginnings held a special party on Sunday, November 27. They planned the party along with the teachers and invited some of the children who had started school in the last term. The children enjoyed music, movies, outside play, barbecue dinner, ice cream and a treasure hunt before heading home. AB head teacher Jen Rawson said, “It was a great project for our older

children and extra special to come to AB’s on a Sunday evening. The children had regular meetings with the teachers to ensure we had everything organised. As manager, I am so proud to work with such enthusiastic, dedicated and amazing teachers that will give up their Sunday to run a special event for the children. The teachers commented that the excitement and fun it brought to the children and parents was well worth it.” The children are pictured at the party with teachers Jen Rawson, Maxine Fraser, Hayley McMillian and Siomara Murguia.

New book from Neal Brown GLENDA TURNBULL Hawea resident Neal Brown is launching his new children’s book “Grumpy Grumpy Grader.” It tells the story of the grader who went to work on Hawea Station for Farmer Brown and his adventures while he is working there. The idea for the story came about when Neal was playing with his grandson. “I was pushing him around in the lounge room and the idea just came to me. It grew from there,” Neal said. This is the second book Neal has

written. In February this year he launched his first book “Little Grey Fergie.” This is the second book in the series and Neal is currently working on the third book. Grader Grumpy Grader is also illustrated by PG Rob and will be launched at the Wanaka Library on Thursday, December 8 at 4pm, and the Hawea Library on Saturday, December 10 at 10am. PHOTO: SUPPLIED The Wanaka Sun has one copy of the Grumpy Grader to give away. Tell us the names of Neal Brown’s two books - enter via Facebook when you see this post, or via email at editor@thewanakasun. Written by Neal Brown

Illustrated by P G Rob

3rd Annual Lighting of Community Christmas Tree Friday December 2nd 2016, from 7pm. Free community event with singing and dancing from Wanaka locals A collection will be taken to go to the people of Kaikoura please donate generously. With thanks to Wanaka Lions & Mitre 10.

Proudly supported by the Wanaka Sun PAGE 4


Two hundred dancers perform GLENDA TURNBULL Dance Wanaka presented its annual dance recital West End to Broadway in style last Saturday, November 26 at the Lake Wanaka Centre. This year’s production was a tribute to the famous musical shows staged in theatres from London’s West End to Broadway in New York. The performance featured hits from over 20 musicals and 200 dancers performed items from Cats, Mary Poppins, Mamma Mia, Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, Thriller and more. Dance Wanaka director Anna Thomas said the

dancers were super excited to be on stage in full costume and performed to full audiences. “I’m extremely proud of their efforts, talented dance teachers and the dedication over the past three months during rehearsals. The emerging talent and diversity of styles within the school has grown significantly this year. “Learning to dance includes building many life skills. Building confidence and performance skills, learning and polishing technique, memorising steps, dedication to attend weekly classes, and the discipline of working in a group”. Dancers are pictured performing an item from Cats.

Academic excellence celebrated DANIELLE BUTLER Rosie Spearing and Johnny Brebner were awarded Best All Round Girl and Best All Round Boy at Mount Aspiring College’s senior prize giving last week. Michaela Rogan achieved the title of 2016 Dux, while Sam Neale was named 2016’s Proximae Accessit at the prizegiving on Friday November 25. Michaela attained academic excellence of the highest order in chemistry, art design, Spanish and biology while Sam achieved academic excellence in maths with calculus, chemistry, physics and biology. Rosie, pictured, was awarded for excellent academic results, her talents in music and sports and her success as the college’s head girl for 2016. “Academic high flyer” Johnny was awarded for his extensive work in the community and passion for the environment. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Kids send Kaikoura care package DANIELLE BUTLER Year five students at Wanaka Primary School have joined in efforts to help the people of Kaikoura affected by the 7.8M earthquake two weeks ago. Teacher Hannah Chisholm’s Room 22 class sent care packages to the quake-damaged town last week, packed full with cards, toys, books and their own baking. Hannah said that a couple of the children’s parents, Jo McGregor and Justine Quirke, came up with the idea following the destruction of friend Ginny Rutledge’s family home in Kaikoura. “The children ran with the idea, and as she (Ginny) was going up to Kaikoura to help out anyway it was perfect timing, as packages are quite hard to get up there,” Hannah said. In a letter to the Wanaka Sun, students Kelly Quirke, Bonnie McGregor and Daisy Sanders, pictured baking, said, “We wrote cards that had kind words so they know we still care and a joke THURSDAY 01.12.16 - WEDNESDAY 07.12.16


to cheer them up. As Kaikoura is a lot smaller than Christchurch and Wellington, it often gets forgotten about so we need to keep remembering them and the difficult situation they are in.” THE WANAKA SUN


Wastebusters bounces back after Alexandra shop fire GLENDA TURNBULL Wastebusters board chair Sally Battson reported at the annual general meeting held on November 24 the business has successfully negotiated a tough year and is rebuilding cash reserves as insurance claims are settled. Wastebusters operates in Wanaka and Alexandra, and employs 43 staff. The community owned enterprise reported revenue from recycling, reuse and education services of $1.8 million for the 2015/2016 year. Releasing the annual accounts, Sally said the arson at the Alexandra site on September 3, 2015 had resulted in a testing year for the community enterprise. “We were fully insured, which helped to relieve the financial pressure but the fire has placed huge demands on the time and resources of our general manager and staff.” “It’s testament to the resilience and commitment of our staff that we have managed to grow and improve our Wanaka site, while rebuilding and streamlining the Alexandra site after the devastation of the fire,” Sally said. Sally said Wastebusters general manager Sue Coutts had “worked an extraordinary number of hours and never failed to go the extra mile.” The board was satisfied with the operating result, which was a small deficit. Extra costs were incurred in providing information required by the insurance company and in improving equipment. Two months of trading were lost at the Alexandra shop while the site was cleared after the fire and a pop-up container shop organised. “To end up showing only a small deficit shows the strength of our business overall,” Sally said. Despite losing the shop building and two months of trading, the Alexandra shop achieved the same turnover as the best ever year under Central Otago Wastebusters. “That gives us confidence that the Central Otago community likes what we’re doing, and we hope


more people will come and check out the container reuse shop as we make more improvements.” Despite flat prices for recyclable materials and tough competition, the recycling side of the business has picked up customers with 555 Central Otago and Wanaka businesses now recycling with Wastebusters. Overall the financial statements reported a $623,527 surplus, which includes the insurance pay-out and the transfer of donated Alexandra assets onto the Wastebusters balance sheet. “We are still waiting for the financial settlement of the business interruption component of the insurance payout, expected to be in the order of $120,000,” Sally said.

Field fashion on Cromwell catwalk

Teacher trains for hospice help DANIELLE BUTLER Mount Aspiring College teacher Jane Watson-Taylor is nearing the end of a year-long mission to raise funds for the Otago Community Hospice, with the hardest part yet to come. Jane, pictured, will run the mountainous 60km Kepler Track circuit on Saturday December 3 to raise money for the hospice, which looked after her mother throughout her battle with Motor Neurone Disease. Year eight teacher and Dean, Jane, who has been training all year, is prepared for the difficulty of the Kepler Challenge, which she has completed once before. “It’s a really hard race and I know what I’m in for but I thought it would be a good way to celebrate her life and the work that the Otago Community Hospice do,” she said. So far Jane has raised more than $1000, with her father Doug Watson’s home-made puddings raising a further $2000. To donate to Jane’s cause, visit and search for Help4hospice.



THE EXPERTS In store | 7TH Dec | From 6pm

do it yourself, to lf e rs u o y r Empowe rinks, nibbles, d f o g in n e v e g with an and fascinatin g in p p o h s t h late nig re! experts in sto

DANIELLE BUTLER Around 50 fashionable ladies and gentlemen paraded down the catwalk at The Brooklyn Barber’s Fashions In The Fields event at Cromwell Races last Sunday. Judges Jody Direen and Ben Boyne crowned Simone Montgomery as winner in the female category and James McKinney as winner of the males, both of whom won a generous prize package from local businesses. Joe-Anne Gormon, who co-ordinated the event, said that organising the parade was her way of thanking Wanaka and helping local businesses to promote themselves. Pictured: Bradley Craig, Jody Direen, Joe-Anne Gorman, Simone Montgomery and Ben Boyne.

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Who benefits? Ratepayers may be surprised to learn they are paying for Queenstown Lakes District Council employees’ subsidised private medical insurance, since 2008 in fact. The then chief executive instituted this benefit on the grounds that it was an inducement to retain staff and that similar benefits were common practice across both public and private sectors. The current chief executive adds: “The council is committed to ensuring that we maintain a healthy workforce.” But is health insurance the council’s business? Surely its responsibility begins and ends with workplace health and safety. Does it need perks to induce staff to stay in the Lakes District? Surely the scarcity here is not staff but secure, well-paid jobs. People leave the district because they can’t get good jobs. Are health insurance benefits common practice in the public sector? I worked in four government departments over a period of 30 years and I never heard of anyone being offered subsidised medical insurance. Providing customers for a private health business is not a public sector function. Not only does such a benefit undermine the public health system, a service we all pay for, it uses public funds to do so. It seems to me that successive CEOs have gone beyond their authority on this matter. It’s likely the confusion began when some government departments were transformed into Crown Enterprises, probably as a precursor to privatisation. The model they were instructed to follow was business enterprise, paying a dividend to government. However, the council is not a business and nor is it a private employer. It is organised local democracy. Questions about who benefits from deals with private enterprises should not arise.


Christopher Horan Queenstown Lakes District Council manager human resources, Meghan Pagey, responds: QLDC, like any other responsible large organisation, is absolutely committed to the health of its staff. Subsidised healthcare is a common staff benefit throughout New Zealand, both in the public and private sectors and is just one of a number of measures QLDC has in place to ensure a healthy, happy and productive workforce.

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Grebe Diary 8 November 27 2016 CAMERA CLUB Patience, pin-sharp focus and perfect lighting BOB MOORE Wanaka Camera Club Butterflies are fascinating and beautiful insects to photograph, but they are very sensitive. If we get too close they are likely to fly away and when we do manage to get near them they are constantly moving. One tip is that butterflies need heat to use their wings so they are easier to approach when it is cooler (early morning or late afternoon). When photographing butterflies: By standing and waiting by a flower, it is likely that the butterfly we have been observing will show up. It is helpful to observe the flower the insect is fond of and focus and wait for the butterfly to appear. Visit a butterfly house, like the one found in the Otago Museum in Dunedin. Use continuous (burst) shooting mode to get many pictures and review what we have taken later. Butterflies are small so to truly capture their beauty so that all the detail can be seen, it is useful (but not essential) to use either a macro lens or a zoom lens with a macro mode. A good choice of macro lens will have a focal length of around 100mm which will allow us to be far enough away not to disturb our subject. Use a fast shutter speed to freeze movement with a large aperture to blur the background and isolate the butterfly. It is essential to ensure that all the details of the wings, body and eyes are in focus. Good results can be achieved with a simple point-and-shoot camera by zooming in to frame the butterfly and using the macro mode. Have fun as John Wattie did taking his photo ‘Sip Stelenes – What a Mouthful for a Butterfly’. John took the picture in the butterfly conservatory at Schloss Seyn Castle when on holiday in Germany. John used a Panasonic DMC FZ00, which he says is an amazing camera as it has no mirror and Leica


made single lens with an enormous focal length range of 18mm to 400mm which he supplemented with Nikkor one dioptre extension lens. He took the picture a metre away, so not disturbing the insect, but still achieving a macro type image. He had even lighting coming through a window with the sun being diffused by a cloudy sky. John handheld his camera with lens set at a focal length of 31.5mm; aperture of f4, a shutter speed of 1/500th second and ISO 800. The image was well received by the judge of the club’s monthly competition who awarded it an honours. Wanaka Camera Club is dedicated to helping improve the skills of anyone interested in photography. We welcome anyone to join us, irrespective of photographic ability. If you know nothing about photography we will teach you. Come along and see what we can do for you. Our next meeting is Monday December 12 and our Christmas dinner and award presentation will be held from 6.30pm at the Wanaka Golf Club.

New school consultation - clarification Last week’s article ‘new school consultation’ (edition 793, page 3) about future schooling provision in Wanaka incorrectly stated that there is to be further public consultation in regards to a new primary school in Wanaka. All public


consultation is complete and the Ministry of Education are currently identifying potential land for primary schooling in the area. The Wanaka Sun would like to apologise for this error and any inconvenience it may have caused.

THURSDAY 01.12.16 - WEDNESDAY 07.12.16


Archie has calculated hatch dates this time and here they are: The first (nest 4B) will have hatched by the time you read this. Numbers followed by a letter signify that this is the second clutch on that nest this breeding season. Thus the first number is that of the nest, the second the number of eggs and the third the estimated hatch date. 2B/3/1Dec. 3B/3/18Dec. 4B/4/19Nov. 5/5/25Nov. 6/5/30Nov. 7/3/4Dec. 8/3/10Dec. 11/3/7Dec. 12/4/5Dec. 13/4/4Dec. 14/4/1Dec. 15/3/30Nov. It has been busy this last week with nest four B hatching a full quota, nest five is on the way. Nest 13, with four eggs, broke one of its chains and needed rescuing in some pretty scruffy conditions. Nest seven, with three eggs, also broke away but birds have not been on this platform for at least eight days and the pattern of egg-laying suggests that more than one female has been involved. The heading photo shows nest

12 with what is probably the best example of egg-dumping recorded in NZ. The experts, I am sure, will hold the unusual nesting conditions around the marina as being responsible, but I have my doubts that that would be entirely the reason. There are 11 eggs in this nest and given the length of time from the first egg to the most recent and the number of times the nest has been abandoned it is unlikely that any will hatch. We have removed ten and left the freshest and not surprisingly it was joined by another three eggs within the week. I have more hope for this latest clutch, because within a day of nest four B hatching; its nest was taken over by a pair that has been hassling the birds on nest 12 among others. Nest two, the one with the video camera focussed on it, is due to hatch the same day you receive this in your mailbox. John Darby



MALE VOLUNTEERS Wanted for Visiting Service - Companionship for Older People project. Can you spare a bit of time to visit one our senior citizens, WANAKA PHARMACY is your local pharmacy. to have a chat or go for an outing once a week? We’re the big pharmacy at the top of Helwick For more information please call Community Street - open until 7pm every single day. Ph 443 Networks 443 7799 or email championforolder8000


NEW RESTAURANT opening. Need Chef, kitchen hand, bar/wait staff, F/T & P/T. email your cover letter and CV

NOTICES WANAKA SALVATION Army Family Store. Opening Hours – Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9.30am – 4pm. We look forward to seeing you here! DONATIONS KINDLY received. Please drop them into the Salvation Army Family store or ph 443 5068 to book a pick up. BUSINESS NETWORKING International. The Wanaka chapter of BNI meets weekly at 7am Tuesday morning. Great networking opportunity to grow your business. Contact Rosie Ford for information 021 189 6671 WANAKA PRIMARY School ‘Op Shop’ open Tues & Thurs - 12 midday to 4pm. Use Koru Way entrance, off Totara Terrace, alongside the steps. RAGS, RAGS, rags ... little ones, big ones, cotton ones and drop cloths, available from the Wanaka Salvation Army Family Store 443 5068


CALTEX *NEW* Brushless carwash








Incl gst & install 03 443 8075

The Stonemasons Ltd

N O T I C E B O A R D Proposed Local Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy

Jim Edwards

GLAZING 0276 994 269

Queenstown Lakes District Council is proposing a Local Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy to allow all shops in the Queenstown Lakes District to trade on Easter Sunday. Details regarding the proposal are available on the Council’s website from 28 November 2016.


Thought about upgrading your original windows to double glazing?


The Wanaka Sun are pleased to provide limited design work as a free

Any person or organisation has a right to comment on the proposal. Submissions should be completed online via Council’s website and must be received no later than 4 January 2017.

courtesy service. • A warmer home in Winter, cooler in Summer. • Reduction in condensation. Please reply with your approval or any changes to your advert ASAP. • External noise reduction. We can provide 2 PROOFS ONLY so please be thorough when checking your advert. • Significantly reduces heat loss.

Late submissions or oral submissions (without prior written material) will only be accepted where exceptional circumstances apply. All submissions are treated as public information.

If we do not receive a response by 12 noon Tuesday on the week of publication your advert will be printed as shown.


Amended Meeting Schedule The QLDC December Meeting Schedule has been amended as follows:

WARMER. DRIER. QUIETER. GREEN. Please reply with your approval or any changes to your advert ASAP. We allow 2 PROOFS ONLY so please be thorough when checking your advert.

Additional Meeting: Hearing of Submissions on the Proposed Amendments to the Development Contributions Policy – Supper Room, Memorial Centre, Memorial Street, Queenstown. Friday 2 December 2016 at 9.00am. Amended Meeting Time: Resource Consent Hearing (Gavin & Jacquetta George) – Edgewater Resort, Sargood Drive, Wanaka. Friday 2 December 2016 at 9.00am.

Notice Of Intention To Grant Lease Over Recreation Reserve, Wanaka Croquet Club PURSUANT TO SECTION 54(1)(b) OF THE RESERVES ACT 1977. The land described in Schedule A of this Notice (the Land) is vested in the Queenstown Lakes District Council pursuant to Section 26A of the Reserves Act 1977 as recreation reserve. Wanaka Croquet Club is seeking a lease over the reserve for their current facilities and a new storage facility. The Council is considering granting the appropriate lease pursuant to Section 54(1)(b) of the Reserves Act 1977. Pursuant to Section 54(1)(b) of the Reserves Act 1977 the Council has an obligation to publicly notify its intention to grant such lease by way of this Notice. Any person or organisation may object to or make submissions with respect to the proposed licence. More information can be obtained from the Council’s agent, APL Property, PO Box 1586, Queenstown, phone 03 442 7133 or email Submissions will be required no later than 6 January 2017 and should be sent to APL Property as above. Schedule A: The reserve is legally described as Sections 3 & 4 and Part Section 2 & 5 Block XXXV Town of Wanaka. THIS NOTICE is given on behalf of Queenstown Lakes District Council by APL Property, PO Box 1586, Queenstown, phone 03 442 7133.


For an obligation free quote call Kris today 022 135 6997 Email: If we do not receive a response by 12 noon Tuesday on the week of publication your advert will be printed as shown below.





TheShoe Cobbler is in fine form. Devoting time and New location Repairs, Possum Products, Trophies, Keys Street energy67toBrownston fix your shoes. We are open 7 days from (the mini putt building) 67 Brownston Street (the mini putt building) 10 am toPhone: 5 pm . 67 brownston st, the mini putt 03 443 9999 Relocation specials Beside New World. Keys centre of the universe. - Key cutting 20%cut, tags engraved, while u wait. - Pet pet tag engraving OFF - Watch battery fittings Heel special $20 mention this add. Open late on Fridays (until 7pm) (the mini putt building) 67 Brownston Street

Phone: 021 238 4506


DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY We are relocating... to 67 Brownston Street (the mini putt building) on Monday 4th November. Thank you for your support over the last 4 years and we look forward to seeing you in our new shop.

Birds Eye Productions Drone Video & Photography NOT TO SCALE

©This advert has been created as a service of The Wanaka Sun. It cannot be reproduced without permission, ©Thisifadvert has been created as athis service of The Wanaka Sun. please It cannotcontact be reproduced without you would like to use material elsewhere the office onpermission, 03 443 5252 (a charge will apply). if you would like to use this material elsewhere please contact the office on 03 443 5252 (a charge will apply).

Paul Roy

Phone: 027 322 9593 | Email: Private Bag 50072 | 47 Ardmore Street Wanaka | Phone 03 443 0024

dusty blinds or dirty chandeliers?

call jae for delicate cleaning of your precious goods




we’ll take care of it

03 443 1150 M: 027 4391 675 0800 225 552 THURSDAY 01.12.16 - WEDNESDAY 07.12.16



FREE LEGAL ADVICE available at Community Networks delivered by the Dunedin Community Law Centre on Wednesday 7 December. Please call Community Networks on 443 7799 to book your appointment. PREVENTING SUICIDE – A Community Conversation’. Open to everyone, a presentation and conversation about suicide and what you can do to help. Learn what practical steps can

The right choice for • your personal health care • your family’s care • specialist sports medicine • womens’ health • vasectomy and minor procedures • travel medicine & immunisations • immigration medicals On the right …… in the Wanaka Lakes Health Centre

be taken to promote a suicide safer community. No charge. Tuesday 29 November, 7-8.30pm, Mt Aspiring College PED room. With thanks to the Callis Charitable Trust. Any enquiries please contact Community Networks Wanaka. WHEELS TO DUNSTAN –free shuttle service to Dunstan Hospital or Alexandra specialist appointments, also linking with the St Johns Health Shuttle to Dunedin Hospital. For bookings please call Community Networks on 03 443 7799 before 3pm the day before.

Commercial For Lease 107 Ardmore Street


$630 pm + gst + opex


The Brooklyn Barber

3/31 Dunmore Street

The Yard

14 Reece Crescent

Wanaka Boarding Kennels and Cattery

68 Kennels Lane

By Negotiation Price on Application By Negotiation

4pm Friday prior to publication. 021 786 740 Classified Advertising 5pm Monday prior Text: 0220 786 778 Subscriptions: $175 within NZ (including GST) per year. Overseas rates on request. Remittances to PO Box 697, Wanaka, NZ

While every care is taken in the publication of advertisements, the publisher cannot be held responsible for errors or their subsequent effects. The right is reserved to alter, abbreviate, omit or reclassify advertisements for any reason. No portion of the content of the Wanaka Sun may be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior written consent of the publisher.


Please send sports results to Wanaka Progressive Bowls Results – 25:11:16 Skips 1 T Tovey 2 C Kiewiet 3 D McLeay Thirds 1 B Kane 2 N Findlater 3 D Byers Leads 1 G Walker 2 R Hannon 3 E Findlater

Call our commercial team today Ray White Wanaka 03 443 8912 1 Helwick Street, Wanaka

Wanaka Real Estate Ltd (Licensed REAA (2008)

Duncan Good

Anna Findlay

Harry Briggs


Free delivery to Wanaka, Cromwell and surrounds, PO boxes in Makarora, Cromwell, Haast, Wanaka, Albert Town and Hawea. Also distributed to businesses in the Wanaka business district Average circulation: 15,000 weekly.

Deadlines: Display Advertising

HU SONG this Thursday 1st December 6pm to 6.30pm at Plunket room. All welcome. For info please phone Lyn 4437388



Phone: 03 443 5252 Fax: 03 443 5250 Editor: Ruth Blunt Journalists: Danielle Butler Glenda Turnbull Social media: Nikki Heath Graphic design: D. Foster Advertising: Leon Durbin 021 786 740 Admin: Benn Ashford 021 956 740 Mail: PO Box 697, Wanaka

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED at The Salvation Army Family store if you have some free time and would like to be part of a team which makes a difference, come and see us.


Businesses For Sale




Call: 443 0725 23 Cardrona Valley Road, Wanaka

JP SERVICES are available at Community Networks every Tuesday from 1pm (this week only from 11-12pm) and Friday from 10.30am. Please book your appointment by ringing Community Networks 03 443 7799. CAN YOU no longer drive? The Total Mobility Scheme provides subsidised taxi services to people who have an impairment that prevents them from being able to drive. Contact Community Networks for more information on 443 7799.

Financial Capability Mentor - Wanaka/Queenstown • Permanent full time or part time • Based at either location Full details at our services EMPLOYMENT

Resource Management Planner, Central Otago Southern Land is a medium sized consultancy based in Wanaka with small sub offices in Auckland and Queenstown. We are seeking a senior Resource Management Planner well versed in the Queenstown Lakes District Plan. We envisage the position to be based in Wanaka, but would consider Queenstown depending on the circumstances of the applicant. Our workload is varied and will offer considerable experience to the successful application. Survey Manager/ PA - Wanaka Due to continued steady growth we are seeking candidates for a management role within the company starting January 2017. This position is permanent part time 25 hours, five days a week. CV’s and cover letters should be e-mailed or posted to or PO Box 713 Wanaka 9343. We place high value on attention to detail, and a hand written cover letter would be well received. Applications for both positions close 16 December 2016


UPPER CLUTHA HOSPICE TRUST HOSPICE SHOP MANAGER Are you passionate about retail and want to work for the good of our community? The Manager position at our Hospice Shop in Wanaka is becoming vacant and we are seeking to appoint a new Manager. This paid position involves managing the day-to-day operation of the Shop and the wonderful team of volunteers who work with the Manager to staff the Shop. The position reports to the Trust’s Retail & Events Director, and involves approx 33 hrs per week. Remuneration by negotiation. The successful candidate will have: • Knowledge of retail of clothing, furnishings and bric-a-brac • A flair for shop arrangement & retail stock display • A sales flair

Apprentice Carpenter required to start early 2017 Contact Kelvin Mulqueen On 021 340 714 Or THURSDAY 01.12.16 - WEDNESDAY 07.12.16

• Great customer skills • Great inter-personal skills to work with volunteers and other Trust staff • Cash management skills

If this is you, please reply in writing or by email with your CV and references before the close of business on December 15, 2016 to: The Secretary, Upper Clutha Hospice Trust, 20 Little Oak Common, WANAKA.



HEALTHY DEALS THIS WEEK Phone: 03 443 8000 Top of Helwick Street, Wanaka

3 FOR 2


across the entire DR LEWINN’S range.

Canine behaviourist Leone Ward explores aspects of canine behaviour in a new monthly column.

A dog is for life Leone Ward Canine behaviourist I remember the first day I came here, I was playing with my mother and siblings and the children came here to see us. I ran over to them and jumped up to greet them like I do to my mum and they picked me up and cuddled me. They showed me to their parents and the next thing I knew we were travelling in a car to a strange place. They were kind to me and we played and ran around together, but I missed my family and I cried at night when they locked me in the garage alone. I was not sure why I couldn’t sleep with them like I had with my family. But in the morning the children played with me again and I chased them around and had fun. They liked that game but after a while I would sometimes catch them and they got angry with me when I did that and I would get growled at by the parents. So I found some other things to play with and chew and sometimes I got growled at for that too and I was not really sure why some things were okay and some not. Also I got told off for pooing and weeing but I didn’t understand that either, my mother never told me it was wrong, I thought

everyone did that!! So they put me outside on my own a lot more. At first everyone was home with me and we had fun most of the time then suddenly everyone went away all day. I was very unhappy as I loved my new family and I cried a lot but no one came. The children would run to greet me when they got home and I would jump up on them to show them how much I loved them and missed them and wanted to play. We would play a while then they would go inside and I had to stay outside now. I was very sad. Sometimes in the day when I had nothing to do I would find a way out and go exploring. I had so much fun just sniffing and meeting other dogs but I was not sure about people because they would catch me and take me away and growl at me a lot. Now I stay here in the backyard. The children don’t play with me anymore. I am tied up on a chain and I can’t do much so I just sleep a lot and bark at the neighbours and dream of the days when my family played with me and loved me and hope they will love me again someday. Your dog is for life. If you cannot care for it and love it every day for the rest of its life, reconsider getting a dog this Christmas.

Students smash records at Otago Athletics



*free product is the lesser value of the three.


Zoe Smith, representing Mount Aspiring College, won the over 13,800m final, breaking the old record by six seconds. Henry Bowering representing Wanaka Primary School won the under-10 60m sprint in a record time of 8.59s. He then joined his under-10 relay team with teammates Lucas Perry, Finn Thompson and Cody Gemmell to win the final. Billie Crowe, representing Holy Family Catholic School won the under-11 75m sprint, the under-11 long jump and 800m for year 5-6 girls. Abby Fisher won the under-13 sprint and Molly Barham won the THURSDAY 01.12.16 - WEDNESDAY 07.12.16

under-13 high jump. Georgie Bruce, Ella Landreth, Abby Fisher and Ella Landreth teamed up to win the under-13 girls relay. Aspiring Athletes Club coach Lincoln Bruce said he was really pleased with how the athletes performed. “The kids have put in a lot of effort with their training over the last few weeks and they have come away with some great successes. We have a number of kids who will now go on to compete at the South Island Colgate Games in Invercargill in January,” Lincoln said. Ella Landreth, Molly Barham, Georgie Bruce, Zoe Smith, Billie Crowe and Henry Bowering are pictured at training on Tuesday, November 29. THE WANAKA SUN



Camp showcases spectacular tracks DANIELLE BUTLER


Popular demand for half marathon DANIELLE BUTLER This year’s Wanaka Sun marathon will have an extra course added for those wanting to try a half marathon trail. Organiser Adrian Bailey said that the decision to add a half marathon to the existing annual marathon, 10km and 5km races was made due to so many people asking for it. “This is what people want, so we thought let’s try it. The main reason we didn’t incorporate one initially is that the current courses are loops or

big circuits, whereas this one will be two laps of 10km plus a small last leg section. More people are quite open to the idea of having multiple lap courses now, which is the reason we’ve gone with it,” Adrian said. “It’s a beautiful trail along the Clutha River with a variety of terrain, so it won’t just be one boring stretch of track. It will be interesting.” The Wanaka Sun Marathon, which starts at the Albert Town Tavern and runs alongside the Clutha River, will take place on April 8 2017. For information and to register visit Pictured: A competitor in the 2015 event.

Run your ass off team smashes target for Move challenge GLENDA TURNBULL Two local men have taken up the challenge to run 300km in 30 days to raise awareness for prostate cancer this November. Tom Wild came up with the idea of running 10km every day for the 30 days in November a while ago. “Movember has been about moustaches and people looking a little bit silly for the month for a few years now and this year they were encouraging people to take up the Move Challenge to not only improve your physical health but also your mental health,” Tom said. Tom teamed up with friend Jon Griffiths and they have run every day despite carrying a few injuries. “We are not super sporty and we both have longterm injuries. We set ourselves a goal we thought would be a challenge but wasn’t unrealistic. Our physios have been patching us back together,” Jon said. To keep people informed about their progress they started a Facebook page “Run your Ass Off”. They reached their initial target of $500 early on and donations have been steadily coming in over THE WANAKA SUN

the month, reaching $1300 with only a couple of days left in the challenge. “People were very kind last week. I think they felt sorry for us,” Tom said. Different groups of people have been joining them on their runs and Jon said that had been the biggest surprise about the challenge. “It’s been really enjoyable getting out and running in a group. It is much more fun getting out and running with a group. We also tried to mix up the runs to make it more interesting. We entered the Queenstown Marathon 10km race and we ran up the Rob Roy Glacier track with six people. The most enjoyable run was last Saturday when we went to the Blue Pools with eight people (pictured) and ran part of the track towards the Young River. We were running PHOTO: SUPPLIED through rivers and marshland and wading through water,” Tom said. Tom’s brother Matt Wild, who lives in the United Kingdom, has been supporting the pair by running the 300km challenge himself. The final day’s run was up Mount Iron, a 7km run. Even though the challenge has been completed, people can still donate to Movember at THURSDAY 01.12.16 - WEDNESDAY 07.12.16

Ultra runner Scott Hawker hosted a four-day trail running competition around the Southern Lakes earlier this month, putting participants through their paces. Alongside fellow athletes Andy Dubois and Ben Duffus Scott works for Mile 27, a company providing online training for people completing trail and ultra marathon races across the world. Mile 27 invited the small group of trail runners to travel over to Queens-

town from Australia, where they then covered around 80km over the four days. Scott said that the purpose of the camp, pictured, was to showcase some of the “incredible trails” in these areas and to teach and coach at the same time. He added that after the success of the first camp the team were excited to announce that a second will be held in the Southern Lakes area over four days from February 17 until February 20 2017. Details are yet to be confirmed.

Epic Tour coming to Wanaka You may spot more than a few McLarens on local roads today as the McLaren Epic Tour NZ; a sevenday drive from Bruce McLaren’s hometown, Auckland, to Glenorchy undertaken by 32 McLarens and their drivers, makes its way to town. The drivers will take in some of the

region’s finest high-country salmon fishing spots and a helicopter journey for fine dining at Minaret Station while in Wanaka.Tomorrow (Friday December 2) they make their way to Highlands Motorsport Park before finishing the day in Queenstown. -The Wanaka Sun


Jim Beam 1750ml


Gordons Gin 1 litre


Stil Vodka 1 litre


Baileys 700ml






(Available from 1stDecember)

Steinlager Toyko Dry 12 pack bottle


Famous Grouse 1 litre


Glen Moray Speyside single malt



35.00 56.99

1 Ardmore Street, Wanaka | Ph 443 1466 Open seven days from 10am to 9pm 2 Brownston Street, Wanaka Phone (03) 443 6641






People-power raises $2k for swing bridge access ramp GLENDA TURNBULL The month of November saw hundreds of Bike’vember pledgers ditch their cars and trucks in favour of people-powered travel. The Bike’vember crew have motivated pledgers daily with 30 Reasons to Bike, competitions, hosting close to 50 community events and promoting local business Bike’vember passport deals, all whilst encouraging pledgers to raise funds for the Upper Clutha Tracks Trust - Hawea Swing Bridge Ramp project with almost $2000 being raised so far. Bike’vember organiser Colleen Nisbit said, “Congratulations to the hundreds of Bike’vember pledgers who ditched their cars and trucks in favour of people-powered travel for 30 days this November. One member tagged us as Fun’vember, testament to the fact our fit and fun community are committed to

working together and improving our environment, town centres and maintaining the lifestyles we love by using sustainable travel options. “Small towns like Wanaka and Hawea have such great biking facilities and active populations. Bike’vember’s been a great platform for the community to show their support of all things peoplepowered. It’s been an epic month for all ages and abilities, marked by fun, creativity and radical takes on “people-powered travel”. Our pledgers have been walkers, scooter and skate board riders and all types of cyclists. We’ve even had a bike ridden on top of a stand-up paddle board,” Colleen said. Jo Goodwin is pictured pulling her trailer up the Hawea Swing Bridge stairs with children Fern and Wren. The Givealittle fundraising site will remain open as the target for the project is $40,000. To donate go to cause/bikevember.


Cromwell streakers race to arrest DANIELLE BUTLER Spectators at last weekend’s Cromwell races had their attention briefly turned away from the horses and on to four streakers. The last couple of hours of a booze-fuelled day saw a naked man and a woman in her underwear run down the home straight, performing cartwheels and playing up to the crowd. Two more

naked men then found their way onto the track, one of whom was removed from the event by security. The second man, pictured, was chased, tackled and carried off the track by four policemen. All three men involved were arrested by police but released without charge. Race spokesman Gordon Stewart said that despite the odd bit of trouble the race day largely went well with good crowd numbers and buy-in from sponsor tents.


Hawea will not host Cavalcade DANIELLE BUTLER Hawea will not host 2018’s Otago Goldfields Cavalcade after the people of Hawea, Hawea Flat and the Maungawera Valley decided against it following two public meetings. Lake Hawea was selected by Cavalcade organisers as the first choice to host 2018’s event, but it was decided in a meeting last week that the town would decline the offer. A planning committee set up during the decision-making process cited difficulties finding a chairperson for an organising committee as the main reason for the decision. Meeting organiser Elizabeth Horrell said that this didn’t mean that Hawea would not host the Cavalcade in the future. Cavalcade organiser Terry Davis said that he would be looking at other towns for the 2018 event and that he would be keen to offer Hawea another chance to host in the future. “We understand it is a big undertaking and we appreciate the effort that Hawea has put in to explore the possibility of hosting the Cavalcade. We are hopeful that in the not too distant future the stars will align to make a Cavalcade finish in Hawea a reality,” Terry said.


THURSDAY 01.12.16 - WEDNESDAY 07.12.16


Wanaka Sun | 1 - 7 December 2016 | Edition 794  
Wanaka Sun | 1 - 7 December 2016 | Edition 794  

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