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River park proposed A group of people is proposing to establish a Red Bridge River Park on a 2.6ha block of land on the banks of the Clutha River. PAGE 2

School roll near limit Wanaka Primary School is expected to reach its maximum roll limit next year, just five years after it opened. PAGE 3

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The rugged Grumman Avenger, flown at Warbirds Over Wanaka by Squadron Leader Jim Rankin, was built in 1945. It was designed as a carrier-borne torpedo bomber and was one of the largest single-engine fighters of its time. It was an important RNZAF fighter used in the Pacific campaigns of World War II.

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Sharing the road with cyclists Jessica Maddock Wanaka Sun

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Wanaka Police say they have flagged conflict between motorists and cyclists as a growing problem in the Upper Clutha. The Wanaka Sun has received several comments about the number of road cyclists riding two abreast. Senior sergeant Allan Grindell said, while there had been no accidents in the area involving cyclists riding two abreast and the police had received “very few” complaints about it, he believed it could become a problem. “Wanaka is marketed as an area for people to come and enjoy the outdoors.

This obviously includes cycling.” It was not illegal for cyclists to ride two abreast and the police “have no issue” with the practice, providing they ride as far left as possible. Snr sgt Grindell said motorists usually needed to cross the centre line to pass cyclists whether they were riding in single file or two abreast and a vehicle spent less time in the oncoming lane when passing cyclists who were riding two abreast. The Wanaka captain of the Central Otago Wakatipu Cycling Club, Brian Weedon, said most cyclists who trained and raced regularly were “particularly aware” on the road and generally cycled in single file and as far left as

possible. Less experienced cyclists who rode recreationally and were not affiliated to a club were perhaps not as aware, he said, and some riders chose to ride slightly on the carriageway to force motorists to slow down when they passed them. “It can be safer for cyclists to take a little bit of the road,” he said. The club did not have any specific road rules for its members - other than during races which involved a detailed traffic management plan - but urged them to be “courteous.” “I think the majority of cyclists appreciate the situation from a motorist’s point of view and appreciate their vulnerability.”

Brian Weedon said he had cycled on roads in Europe where motorists were more accustomed to sharing the road with cyclists and were therefore more patient and courteous. While some New Zealand drivers still needed to “grow up,” cyclists on roads in this country were becoming more common and accepted. Challenge Wanaka race director Victoria Murray-Orr also said road cycling was becoming more popular throughout the country and both motorists and cyclists needed to be considerate toward one another. Story continues page 3...


Expedition cancelled post avalanche Caroline Harker Wanaka Sun


River park proposed Caroline Harker Wanaka Sun A group of people is proposing to establish a Red Bridge River Park on a 2.6ha block of land on the banks of the Clutha River. The land is owned by Contact Energy, and is in three titles, the largest of which is on the market. Contact decided to sell its riverside land along the Upper Clutha after its May 2012 decision to abandon plans for a dam at Luggate. The river park proposal has been developed by Lewis Verduyn-Cassels, who has lived on the site since 1991, Graham Taylor, and landscape architect Anne Steven. “We have asked Contact Energy to join us in a community partner-

ship, or at least allow us time to work with the community and find funding, however, they have told us that they intend to sell this land,” Lewis said. Contact Energy project manager Neil Gillespie said the company has been in the process of selling the land for some time, and that Lewis has known this. “If the future owner wants to use the land as a river park, he can,” said Neil. The proposed park would include a native nursery, a Longfin eel riparian habitat, a skink habitat, a threatened species area and information panels regarding freshwater management, conservation and historic features of the land. It

would also serve as an amenity area for picnics, swimming, kayaking and local gatherings. Prior to the construction of the Red Bridge in 1914-15, the land was occupied by a puntman and Chinese goldminers. Lewis Verduyn-Cassels has been restoring native vegetation in the area since 1991. “It’s the perfect location for a community park, and we’d like to have an official opening ceremony during the Red Bridge centennial celebrations in October 2015,” he said. The group would like to see a trust administering the park on behalf of the community, working in partnership with the Department of Conservation.

“Spectacular” trading Jessica Maddock Wanaka Sun “Spectacular” is how one Wanaka retailer is describing business in the town over Easter. Base co-owner Brent Harridge said the clothing and accessories store’s Easter sale started on Thursday and was well supported by local people, and that “solid trading” continued throughout the long weekend. Relishes café duty manager, Anneke Martin, said the weekend days were busy “but not summertime busy,” however, when the Warbirds Over Wanaka crowds came into town for dinner after the airshow, the restaurant was fully booked each night. Visitors also stayed in town after the airshow finished on Sunday, with the café busy


throughout the day during the early part of the week, Anneke said. Paper Plus manager, Chris Lumsden, also reported strong trading over the Easter break, similar to the level during the 2012 biennial airshow. He said, overall, trading was down on two years ago and Easter was a welcome “blip”. Brent Harridge said the level of trading in town over Easter was exactly what retailers anticipated from the long weekend. “It is expected - it is what everyone is gunning for.” However, he said he was witnessing a return to consistently strong trading during the past six months. This was evident across all sectors, including real estate, building and general industry, he said.

“What I’m seeing at the moment is just better general trading, a much better, healthier economy… much more stable, prosperous and confident.” Brent believed this lift in activity would continue in Wanaka, saying it was the current trend in the country’s cities, which were steps ahead of regional towns. Most Wanaka retailers opened their doors on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, in breach of the Shop Trading Hours Repeal Act 1990 and risking a fine of up to $1000. Some retailers were reportedly tipped off that there would be no Ministry of Business, Employment and Innovation inspectors in the town to check whether retailers had opened in contravention of the law.

Wanaka’s Adventure Consultants (AC) has cancelled its 2014 Everest Expedition following the loss of 16 Sherpas in an avalanche on the mountain last Friday (April 18). It is the deadliest accident which has ever happened on Everest. Three of the Sherpas were working for Adventure Consultants at the time. They were Phurba Ongyal Sherpa, Lakpa Tenjing Sherpa and Chhring Ongchu Sherpa. Adventure Consultants general manager Suze Kelly said it will take some time for the expedition to pack up and return home. She knew two of the three AC Sherpas personally from previous trips, and company owner Guy Cotter knew more than half the Sherpas who died. He is now in Kathmandu where many of the funerals are being held at Buddhist monasteries. The AC Everest expedition was at Base Camp when the avalanche happened. The team included four Wanaka people; guide Dean Staples – who has summitted Everest nine times, Base Camp manager Caroline Blaikie, food manager Sarah Macnab and solar power expert Mark Ayre. Also on the team were an

American-based Sherpa guide, an Australian doctor and 15 local Sherpa support staff (including the three who died). There were six clients from around the world. Expedition members attended a funeral puja at Base Camp on Tuesday. Suze Kelly said they were all involved in the rescue operation. “The team is still at the base camp and at this stage we do not know when they

knew most of the 16 men who died. Guy was in Geneva when the accident happened. “This is a very, very difficult time,” he said. “Everyone knows everyone in the Sherpa community, so everyone is affected.” Although AC has cancelled its Everest expedition Guy thinks some companies may continue. “I suspect that some teams, after a period of

The team is still at the base camp and at this stage we do not know when they are expected to return. are expected to return,” she said. “They have not had much sleep and are now pretty exhausted. Losing their Sherpa friends has been the hardest part. It is a lot to take in.” The avalanche started when boulders of ice broke away on the Khumbu Icefall. The 16 Sherpas were carrying gear and supplies from Base Camp up to higher camps. Suze said Sherpas are the backbone of guided expeditions. They carry equipment, including tents, stoves, food, fuel and oxygen bottles, to higher camps and fix the lines up the mountain. She said their staff on the mountain

reassessment and grieving, will carry on. I know that some Sherpas will want to keep working—it’s their livelihood after all, just as it is for the mountain guides.” For any expeditions planning to continue, surmounting the Khumbu Icefall will be a dilemma. Prior to the 1990s, “ice doctors” - Sherpas hired to find the route up through the Icefall and put in ropes and ladders - have placed the route along the lefthand side of the icefall. This is the smoothest path through the ice, and yet has the distinct disadvantage of passing directly below the

hanging glaciers suspended on the West Shoulder of Everest It was the calving of one of these hanging glaciers that killed the 16 Sherpas on April 18. Guy Cotter described the route as a ticking time bomb. In the 1990s, the route was changed to go up the centre of the icefall, trying to stay clear of the ice avalanches. The path was slow and required crossing crevasses on aluminum ladders and there was a 9m wall of ice at the top. In the past decade, the “icefall doctors” rerouted the path back along the left-hand side of the glacier, which meant Sherpas and climbers spent much less time in the danger zone. Guy and others have pushed for taking loads by helicopter from Base Camp to Camp 1, above the icefall. “This would obviously reduce the number of trips Sherpas must make through the icefall, which would dramatically reduce the risk,” Guy said. Many Sherpas agreed with Guy’s plan, however, it was rejected by the Nepalese Ministry of Tourism. Nearly 250 people have died on Everest. The previous worst toll was in May 1996 when eight people died in two days during a storm.


Consent for new fire station Jessica Maddock Wanaka Sun Wanaka’s new fire station is on track to open during the latter half of next year. The New Zealand Fire Service has bought 2100sqm of land between the new police station and the Land Search and Rescue building, which was being constructed, on Ballantyne Road.

The land had belonged to the Department of Conservation. The fire service’s national commander, Paul Baxter, visited the site on Monday. Wanaka chief fire officer, Bruno Galloway, said the new station had just been granted building consent and the final touches were being made to the plans before they were put out

for tender. The building, designed by Mason and Wales Architects, would have a footprint of 1400sqm and include three bays for fire appliances, a communications room and office, a training and social area, a locker room and storage areas, and a kitchen, canteen and covered outdoor area. An artist’s impression of the Ballantyne Road

THURSDAY 24.04.14 - WEDNESDAY 30.04.14

façade of the building is pictured. A fire service spokesperson said the cost of the new station would not be clear until tenders were received. Bruno said the future of the existing fire station on Ardmore Street was not yet known. He understood it had been offered to Ngai Tahu in the first instance.


School roll near limit Jessica Maddock Wanaka Sun Wanaka Primary School is expected to reach its maximum roll limit next year, just five years after it opened. The school was built to cater for 650 to 700 students. Principal Wendy Bamford said she was expecting to start next term with 545 to 550 pupils. The school had 120 new entrants this year and its survey of preschools in the Wanaka area indicated it could expect about 100 new entrants each year for the next three or four years. Wendy said, when the school was built in 2010,

the Ministry of Education expected it would need to build another new primary school in the Wanaka area within a decade. She understood the ministry had started “scoping work” for another school, investigating where and when it might be built. However, the ministry’s acting head of sector enablement and support, Jill Bond, said no new school was currently being planned for Wanaka. “Our local office is closely monitoring school age population changes in the area and the proposed plans for residential development,” she said

in a statement. But the Wanaka Sun understands the ministry is considering a site in Albert Town. The Queenstown Lakes District Council said, despite the primary school roll surge, Wanaka’s population growth was slightly behind the council’s projections. Last year’s census found Wanaka’s “usually resident population” was 6474, compared to 5040 in 2006 and 3330 in 2001, when previous censuses were held. Acouncilspokesperson said the organisation’s 2012-2022 long term plan was based on Wanaka’s population reaching 7140 last year.


... Continued from page 1 Drivers also needed to accept cyclists were a slower road user and be patient. “Ride to the conditions, be thoughtful, be sensible. Share the road.” “If both parties follow those rules, it will be a lot more pleasant for everybody.” While it was not advisable to

ride two abreast on narrow and busy roads, on wider roads with less traffic riding two abreast could ensure cyclists were more visible, she said. Many of New Zealand’s roads were not ideal for road cycling, with the rough road edges forcing cyclists out onto the smoother surface. Victoria Murray-Orr said “out of control situations which make your skin crawl” were not

uncommon for road cyclists with some motorists choosing to “shoot the gap” between a cyclist and an oncoming vehicle, a decision which was “terrifying” for cyclists. “There are definitely some pretty angry motorists out there with no consideration for cyclists. On the flipside, some cyclists openly antagonise motorists, but it’s weighted more the other way.”

Passengers unharmed in Cardrona Valley crash

Concern over size of substation Some Hawea residents are concerned by the profile poles (pictured) put up on land by the Hawea River bridge indicating the size and scale of the proposed Aurora Energy substation. Two residents, who wish to remain anonymous, contacted the Sun saying the poles appear to portray a structure far bigger than they anticipated the substation would be. Aurora Energy’s planning consultant Don Anderson said an application for designation had been lodged with the Queenstown Lakes District Council. While public submissions will not be called for, concerned residents can see the application on the council website and/or speak to local councillors about the proposed substation. The substation is planned for a 3000sqm site adjacent to the kayak playwave carpark on Camp Hill Road. The land will be purchased from dairy farmer Jim Cooper. The substation is expected to cater for increased demand for electricity from farmers with irrigators, and for residential growth in Hawea Flat.

A Wanaka woman and three children escaped injury when the vehicle they were travelling in crashed on Cardrona Valley Road yesterday. Senior Constable Bruce McLean of the Wanaka Police said the woman, who was in her mid-thirties, left the road twice during the accident, colliding with a barrier and then a lamp post, both on the left-hand side of the road. The girls in the car were aged two, seven and eight. The crash happened nearly 4km south of Timber Creek at 3.30pm. Snr const McLean said the cause of the crash was yet to be determined, however, there were no other vehicles involved and wet roads or alcohol were not a factor. It was not yet known whether charges would be laid, he said.



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crimescene Witness sought, intoxicated drivers Police are appealing for a witness who took a video clip of a dangerous driver in Makarora on Thursday, April 10. The dangerous, drink-driver allegedly assaulted a police officer. The witness showed the clip to a road worker in the Makarora area. On Saturday police dealt with an intoxicated male on the lake front. He had been drinking port most of the day and had to be detained in police cells until he sobered up. A male was arrested at a check point on Saturday after an officer found cannabis and a white substance in his car. He was also found to be in possession of an offensive weapon which was seized. He faces a charge of possession of cannabis. A number of youths were spoken to for being on the Wanaka Library roof. This may be taken further if there is any damage to the building. An intoxicated driver was located by Senior Constable McLean on Kane Road at 8am. He blew 617 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath and faces a court appearance. On Monday evening we had to deal with a male at a local restaurant who claimed he did not have enough money to pay.

If you have information on any crimes call 0800CRIMESTOPPER (0800555111).

Local artists at altitude Caroline Harker Wanaka Sun Photographer Gilbert van Reenen has been awarded the second artist’s retreat at the Whare Kea Chalet on the edge of Mount Aspiring National Park. The first retreat, awarded in 2012, went to environmental artist Martin Hill. Martin and his partner and collaborator Philippa Jones spent two ten-day periods at the chalet and an exhibition of the work they created there opens at Gallery 33 today. “The residency enabled us to work in solitude over an extended period at altitude in this remarkable mountain wilderness,” Martin said. “Philippa and I have been making environmental sculptures in remote places for 20 years. The residency was an inspirational experience because we could respond to the constantly changing weather in safety and comfort.” The resulting exhibition, Martin Hill Watershed, in collaboration with Philippa Jones, examines the relationship between human systems and the water cycle. The exhibition includes photographs of ephemeral sculptures made in the landscape from natural materials including ice, snow, moss, rock, water and vegetation. The image pictured is called Ice Guardian. There are also two videos. “The focus is on the water cycle and the global situation with water and climate change,” Martin said. “It’s


called Watershed because the chalet is up the Albert Burn Saddle, and ‘watershed’ also means ‘defining moment’.” Martin Hill Watershed is also on show at the McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery south of Melbourne, and at Mossgreen Gallery in Melbourne. “It’s very exciting, and unusual, to have three exhibitions on at the same time,” Martin said. The artist’s retreat was created by Whare Kea owners Martyn and Louise Myer in honour of Martyn’s father, who was very involved in the arts. The Kenneth Myer Artist’s/Writer’s Retreat includes a fully catered stay at the chalet for ten to 20

days, with a mountain guide for support for two days, helicopter transfers and a weekly helicopter to bring supplies. Like Martin and Philippa, Gilbert plans to break his retreat into two visits, one after the first snowfall and the second in the late spring. “I’ve got a whole suite of things I want to pursue up there,” Gilbert said. “In a way it’s a dream come true. I’ve been up there several times – initially for the Conservation Board when the chalet was first proposed, and several times for the Whare Kea website and publicity. I just love the East Matukituki – it’s Wanaka’s best kept secret.” One

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of the many projects Gilbert will be exploring is time lapse photography of the night sky and, hopefully, “the aurora might just happen when I’m up there.” The lodge sits at 1750m. It is covered in snow four months of the year and is mainly used as a base for heli-skiing and tramping. It was built in 2004 and won the Relais and Châteaux Environment Design Award for Excellence. With an A-frame steel exoskeleton, it is anchored by gabion baskets filled with rocks and can withstand winds of 300kph and a two-metre snow pack on the roof.


TEDx talks coming to town Caroline Harker Wanaka Sun Wanaka woman Jo Guest (pictured) has taken on the challenge of organising the first ever TEDxWanaka, scheduled for June 21. TEDx is a variation on Ted Talks – ideas-based conferences which are held in the United States and watched by millions around the world on the internet. The concept behind TED Talks is “ideas worth spreading”, and TEDx is an extension of the concept, run in communities where someone (such as Jo) has been able to get a license to use the TEDx name. TEDx events combine videos of Ted Talks with live speakers and include discussions with the audience. Generally they are kept small, and Jo’s first event will be restricted to 100 people. It will be held in Rippon Hall and feature nine speakers.

Jo is looking for sponsors because TEDx is put on by volunteers and restricted to an audience of 100. “We can raise a significant amount from ticket sales but will still need to pay for the hall, food, audiovisual facilities, filming, lights, sound, and airfares and accommodation for the speakers,” she said. “It’s a huge amount of work but it’s an amazing opportunity and I’ve already met lots of fascinating people.” Details of some of the speakers will be announced within a week. Those who know Jo would agree she’s a master, or should that be mistress, of organisation. She has directed Mission WOW (women’s ski, bike and surf skill coaching events around New Zealand and in Europe) since 2009, and that’s just in her spare time. Jo is nothing if not dynamic. “I’m an active sort with energy to burn,” she said.


“On snow, dirt, lakes or oceans, I’m in my element in the outdoors.” With an honours degree in Zoology and Animal Biology, Jo is fluent in French and Spanish and

has worked as a teacher at Mount Aspiring College (and elsewhere) in subjects as diverse as Maori, Metalwork and Outdoor Pursuits. She still does relief teaching

at MAC, and has recently started a company which offers bike skills courses. The first TEDx in this neck of the woods was held in Queenstown last year and featured Wanaka locals Jeromy van Riel, Ella Lawton and Steve Henry. Two similar events called Inspire Wanaka, run as a Kahu Youth fundraiser, have also been held locally, and attracted good audiences. Jo hopes to hold TEDxWanaka events annually, depending on the success of the first one. She also hopes to be able to attend a TED Talks conference in the United States, after which she will be allowed to hold events for larger audiences. On June 21, her speakers’ talks will be based around the theme of “change makers” They will include demonstrations and performances, and will be filmed and submitted to TED Talks.

inbrief Rock parody In week eight of term two, Mount Aspiring College students will be performing in the biennial musical titled “Rock Apocalypse”. Rehearsals began in term one and the drama and music departments will focus on the musical for the majority of next term. Rock Apocalypse is a parody of, and tongue-incheck tribute to, horror and sci-fi B-movies from the 1950s to the present day. It will be a fun, energetic, frivolous show similar in style to the Rocky Horror Show.

Foreshore review furore Caroline Harker Wanaka Sun Further to Queenstown Lakes District Council calling for submissions on the Wanaka Lakeside Reserves Management Plan, the Wanaka Sun has received anemailfromLakelandAdventures co-owner Simon Stewart. Simon is concerned about suggestions that commercial businesses be removed from Roys Bay Reserve. “As a lad I used to thoroughly enjoy holidays on the Wanaka waterfront,” he wrote. “ Trips with Grey West on Malibu and hiring rowing dinghies out of a small

wooden hut. Activities that had a lasting impression. Activities that have remained popular to

marine radio service and onwater rescue capability, I am concerned that I may not get

As a lad I used to thoroughly enjoy holidays on the Wanaka waterfront. this day. Activities that exist on most of New Zealand’s waterways. “Aspart-owneroftwoconsented companies which operate from the Wanaka foreshore and the Log Cabin, providing those very pleasures I enjoyed as a boy, as well as a free monitored

a fair chance to preserve my business future. “To date I have not had any approaches from any council or community board members. My recent approach to council to extend my lease was met by the comment, ‘Get involved in

THURSDAY 24.04.14 - WEDNESDAY 30.04.14

the foreshore review.’” In Rachel Brown’s Wanaka Community Board chair report, item nine for discussion at next Tuesday’s WCB meeting in the Lake Wanaka Centre considers the Draft Wanaka Lakefront Reserves Management Plan: “The consultation period has been extended and submissions will now close on Friday, June 6. This is because Section 41 of the Reserves Act 1977 stipulates that management plans shall be open for public comment for a period of not less than two months. It is proposed to hold the hearing on either June 23 or 24.”



Warbirds Over Wanaka Never pay for a line ad again... Jessica Maddock Wanaka Sun

The Warbirds Over Wanaka airshow would have attracted a record crowd this year, had the weather in other parts of the country not prevented many people from attending, general manager Ed Taylor says. “One guy who got stuck in the Haast had to detour over Arthur’s Pass, then got stopped at a slip near Oamaru. It took him 18 hours to get to Wanaka. [Aerobatic pilot] Jurgis Kairys took two-and-a-half days to make his way down from Auckland, arriving on Saturday only hours before his performance,” he said. Given the “challenges” caused by the weather in other parts of the country and last minute rumours the airshow had been cancelled, Ed was delighted the biennial, three-day event still attracted about

50,000 people – the same number as in 2012. He was also relieved the wet weather forecast did not eventuate, saying “I

think a total of eight spots of rain were seen at the airshow.” The only weatherrelated disruption to

the flying programme was the decision by the team of six Harvard pilots not to fly their valuable aircraft south for the event,

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due to the conditions in Auckland. “They’re old planes and they weren’t prepared to risk them.” “Safety has to come first,” Ed said. Among his highlights was the inaugural #GigatownWanaka jet racing, which was so popular it was likely to be repeated at the 2016 airshow. It involved a competition between American and New Zealand pilots, with the Kiwis taking out the top spots. “Having American pilots really captured a lot of people’s imagination. When they announced it was starting, the crowd would surge to watch.” A contest between Lithuanian aerobatic pilot Jurgis Kairys flying a Sukhoi, and New Zealand motorsport legend Greg Murphy in a Lamborghini was another highlight, along with a commemorative event involving six World


wows crowd of 50,000 people War I fighter aircraft dog fighting over Lake Wanaka, which ended with six blasts from a 25-pound Howitzer field gun. Ed said having three airforces attend the event – from New Zealand, Australia and France – was a first and a coup. The French airforce CASA military transporter aircraft had been a ground display only, but the French pilots had indicated they would like to fly in the next airshow, Ed said. Only two of the three Australian airforce Hawk jets had taken part in the airshow, as there had been a problem with the flaps on one of the aircraft when it was landed in Queenstown. Another had been affected by bird strike on the return journey to Australia, Ed said. Visitors he had spoken to were “ecstatic” about the event, he said, and the children who attended had “big bug eyes.” There were no major traffic problems, despite delays on Saturday morning when about 20,000 people flocked to the airshow.

Traffic at this time was backed up the 10km between the Wanaka airport and the town centre and was moving at about 15kph, Ed said. A dinner was held on Sunday night to thank the airshow volunteers. Among them were 14 people who have contributed to the event since 1988. They were Sir Tim Wallis, Bill Gordon, John Lamont, George Wallis, Graham Taylor, Kevin Harris, Bill Wrigley, Keith Skilling, Simon Spencer-Bower, Stephen Grant, Rod Anderson, Paul Dodds, Trevor Bland and Ace Edwards. Air BP’s contribution was also

recognised, Ed said. The 2016 airshow would be held on March 25, 26 and 27th. Pictured: The original Waco (opposite page, top right) design dates back to 1929, however, this aircraft was built in 1988 for the producer of television show Magnum PI and is now based at Classic Flights in Wanaka Airport. The Fokker DR.1 Triplane (opposite page, bottom) was designed by Anthony Fokker following the introduction of the initially successful British Sopwith Triplane. Only 320 of the German triplanes were manufactured during 1917.

The Fokker D7, introduced in 1918, quickly developed a reputation as one of the finest single-seat fighters in the war. This aircraft featured great structural strength, considerable agility and good firepower. The Bristol Fighter F.2b

(above, right), with its high speed, bomb load and agility, was one of the most successful two-seaters of WWII. The Sopwith Triplane was the first triplane fighter to be made and put into action. The Bristol, Sopwith and the

Fokkers are part of Sir Peter Jackson’s Vintage Aviator collection based in Masterton. The Avro Anson aircraft (above, left) is the only Avro Anson Mk 1 still flying. It was based in Australia during World

War II and used after the war as a passenger and freight hauler between Melbourne and Tasmania. The aircraft was piloted at Warbirds by David Phillips and owner Bill Reid. PHOTOS: WANAKA.TV

THURSDAY 24.04.14 - WEDNESDAY 30.04.14



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Finalist in country music award Caroline Harker Wanaka Sun Hawea singer/songwriter Anna van Riel is joining the ranks of Kiwi women success stories with her nomination as one of three (all female) finalists for the 2014 Best Country Music Album. Her Whistle and Hum album is up against Waimate’s Kaylee Bell’s second album Heart First, and Auckland-based fiddler Marian Burns’ The Paris Sessions. Kaylee won Best Female Artist at the National Country Music Awards last year, and Marian Burns’ album won Australia’s Best Album by Fiddler as a Soloist at the 2013 Golden Fiddle Awards. It was recorded in Paris with producer Jean Alain Roussell (who has worked with Sting and Cat Stevens). Anna’s album was produced with Adam Fairley in Wanaka last year and she promoted it during a three-month North American Sustainable House Concert Tour. “I’m stoked to be a


finalist,” Anna said. “It’s very competitive in little old New Zealand. There are so many amazing musicians and not many awards. Whistle and Hum is really a mix of alt [alternative]-country, folk, blues and bluegrass. It’s not country and western.’’ Anna said a lot of the credit for the album’s success should go to Adam Fairley. “He played heaps of the instrument tracks on the album and helped

me create exactly what I wanted.” She said Whistle and Hum has been well reviewed in Europe. “I got a bunch of awesome reviews including one from Rootstime in Belgium that said ‘It’s impossible not to listen when this album is playing, something that I only have with the greats: Aretha, Nina, Billie, Dusty, Sandy, Allison...and especially

Natalie Merchant’.” The winner will be announced on May 23 at the New Zealand Country Music Awards in Gore, and a prerequisite for entry was to be available to perform at the awards. Anna’s second child is due on May 10, but she’ll “be there come hell or high water.” Wanaka musician Diana Hickey, and possibly local guitarist Robert Glen, will be performing with her in Gore.

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New home for German fighter aircraft

A productive Easter Cromwell Rotarians and friends contributed more than 1000 volunteer hours to local community events this Easter. They were involved in helping to park visiting aircraft at Warbirds Over Wanaka; helping with gate duties at the Highlands Motorsport Park; and showing people through the Brewery Creek Tunnel DR560 in the Cromwell Gorge (pictured). They raised more than $8000 for community projects.


Jessica Maddock Wanaka Sun A Swiss man who has made Wanaka his home has just opened a museum at the airport displaying a replica German fighter aircraft which took him 14,000 hours to build. Gilles Kupfer, who is 43, opened the museum in time for Warbirds Over Wanaka. It houses a replica of a Focke-Wulf 190D-9, singleengine and single-seat aircraft which were used by the German Air Force during World War II. It is the first time a replica of a Focke-Wulf 190D-9 has been built. Gilles, who moved to Wanaka four years ago, built the aircraft in Switzerland and it was brought to New Zealand by boat in 2009. The aircraft, which is 80 percent of the size of an orginal Focke-Wulf 190D-9, was built over five years. It can travel at 500kph



and Gilles, who is also a test pilot, has done 10 test flights in it, totalling fiveand-a-half hours. Gilles is now building a replica of a MJ77 Mustang, also 80 percent of the size of an original, to sell to fund his next project – a full-sized Focke-Wulf 190D-9. The full-sized version would be made from both original parts and parts

Gilles would make from wood and metal. He is in the North Island this week building the wing of the MJ77 Mustang and, from the end of May, people can watch him working on the aircraft in his hangar at the Wanaka Airport. He said replica aircraft were about five times less expensive to buy than original versions, saying

the original Spitfire he displayed in his hanger during Warbirds Over Wanaka would cost between $2 million and $3 million. Gilles, who is writing his third book, is also the only official distributor in Australasia of the Bucker Jungmeister / Jungman kitset biplane.


Safety improvement work for Nevis Bluff Further safety improvement work will begin next week at the Nevis Bluff above State Highway 6 about half-way between Cromwell and Queenstown. NZ Transport Agency Project Manager John Jarvis said the work is part of on-going safety measures and monitoring of the Nevis Bluff and it involves abseil inspections, rock bolt stabilisation, scaling and helicopter sluicing to remove loose debris. “Road-user safety is paramount while we do this work, making some disruptions for motorists unavoidable,” he said. Delays of up to ten minutes can be expected on weekdays between 8am and 5pm from Monday, April 28, until Friday, May 16.

THURSDAY 24.04.14 - WEDNESDAY 30.04.14




EDITORIAL Politicians and retail industry spokespeople are again talking about the fact the laws which prevent some shops from opening on Good Friday and Easter Sunday – when overseas and domestic visitors have the time and the desire to go shopping – are an “ass,” outdated and irrelevant to the large proportion of the population which describes itself as non-religious. But these conversations are – again – happening after the event. It seems most Wanaka retailers have decided to flout the laws because the maximum fine, of $1000, is a drop in the ocean compared to their potential profit when around 50,000 aviation enthusiasts are in town. But wouldn’t it just make sense to not force these local businesspeople into “criminal” activity? Some may say there’s an argument for keeping the lid on drinking without dining at Easter – surely it makes the police officers’ long weekend easier – but, really, what’s wrong with letting visitors shop if that’s what they feel like doing, while injecting a welcome shot of cash into our local economy?

Lake Hawea foreshore development




021 986 786

On this, the Ides of April, I would like to record my appreciation, and the occasion itself, of the gathering that took place yesterday evening, April 16, in the Community Association Hall and take this opportunity to thank the gallant, small section of public-spirited citizens who attended to contribute and discuss the multi-faceted aspects of the future scenario in Lake Hawea. To my mind the meeting was both fruitful and valuable. There was little doubt about the commitment and enthusiasm of our members but I could not help noticing that most of us had white hair and were geriatric; no offence intended, indeed please regard these comments as complimentary! However, I was left wondering why the younger generation of ratepayers (and possibly a few from Hawea Flat) did not turn up; perhaps this merely indicated that they had other more important matters to attend to but I rather fear that insufficient numbers tend to indicate that inertia and disinterest outweighs enthusiasm. I just hope that my views are not regarded as universal but should be seen as a gentle warning that future interest and participation is preferable to inaction and apathy. Yours sincerely,

Issue 658 Thursday April 24, 2014 Free delivery to Wanaka, Wanaka surrounds and Cromwell urban and rural mailboxes, PO boxes in Makarora, Cromwell, Haast, Wanaka, Albert Town, Hawea. Distributed to motels, hotels and cafes plus businesses in the Wanaka central business district and to drop boxes in Wanaka and Cromwell.

Phone: 03 443 5252 Fax: 03 443 5250 Text view: 021 986 786 Text classified: 022 0786 778 Address: Upstairs Spencer House, Wanaka Postal: PO Box 697, Wanaka

(R.G.ANDERSON). Admin Officer & Magistrate, Class I. Her Majesty’s Overseas Civil Service . (Retired).

Forest and Bird versus the Hawea farmer. This letter is not about taking sides but about offering an alternative option F&B could put money and energy into. I applaud F&B on its motives for its conscientious intentions in wanting to protect our indigenous flora and fauna. However, what happens on private land surely is up to the landowner unless there is an issue regarding noise, air or water pollution causing damage outside the property. I suggest F&B could better spend its time and money focussing on public land, which there is an abundance of particularly on the Clutha River. I personally know there is not only matagouri, kanuka, coprosma and phorium the most obvious. If you look close you will find myrsine, rubus, several variety of fern, native grass and ground covering plants. Not all these plants are easy to see until you clear the gorse, broom, rosehip, tree lupin and willow. So I ask F&B to cease thinking about throwing more good money after ba fighting battles in court and start campaigning to have mandatory fencing erected on farm boundaries to keep stock out of our waterways, ergo protecting waterways from pollution and allowing our flora and fauna a chance to flourish. It’s there, it’s always been there. Alas through misguided farming practices over many years it’s slowly being lost. With the right approach we can help bring it back again to what it was 100 years ago. George Clinch

Editorial manager: Ruth Bolger Journalists: Jessica Maddock Caroline Harker Production: Adam Hall Advertising: Jake Kilby Accounts: Printed by: Guardian Print, Ashburton Delivered by: Wanaka Rowing Club Published by: Wanaka Sun (2003) Ltd Distribution: 7500

An alternative view

Guidelines for letters and texts to the Wanaka Sun The Wanaka Sun no longer accepts letters or texts that directly respond to the author of previous letters or texts. If you wish to reply to another letter or text, stick to the topic involved and try to advance the debate so that other readers might join in the discussion. Correspondents should not engage in recriminations against earlier correspondents. Letters of fewer than 200 words and texts of fewer than 25 words are preferred. Letters or texts may be edited for clarity, length or legal reasons. Letters can be sent to with “Letters to the editor” in the subject line, or can be posted to PO Box 697, Wanaka 9343. Texts can be sent to 021986786. The Wanaka Sun cannot acknowledge receipt of letters or texts. The Wanaka Sun reserves the right to edit, abridge or decline letters or texts without explanation.

Thank you Once again we find ourselves speechless with regard to the kindness and generosity of the Wanaka and Hawea Community. We hope no one else has to go through what we are going through but think there would be nowhere better to have to go through it. Thank you does not seem enough, we are truly humbled and grateful. To everyone who has supported us in anyway, big or small, massive thanks from Bella Wright’s family. Kelly Wright

write to the editor Let the community know your views, email your letter to: *200 words or less

THURSDAY 24.04.14 - WEDNESDAY 30.04.14


sunsport M 1P Y AT DA EN AC OP ANZ

Adventure racers win in Whenzou Staff Reporter Wanaka Sun Four Wanaka adventure racers faced pollution and humidity while roller blading, abseiling, kayaking and mountain biking, to name a few sections, to win the fourday Whenzou Outdoor Challenge. Team NZ Adventure –Bob McLachlan, who replaced Glen Currie just before the race, Braden Currie, Jess Simson and Dougal Allan (pictured) – led the race from the start. Day one consisted of an inline skating (rollerblading) section, following which the team did the fastest kayak leg of the day, then onto a mountainbike leg and a run leg. The run included a flying-fox (completed by Jess and Bob) and an abseil (completed

by Dougal and Braden) section, before the final run to the finish line. They finished nine minutes ahead of the field, completing day one in five hours, ten minutes and 53 seconds. Day two started with a stair climb followed b y an almost threehour kayak leg and long mountainbike leg, another stair climb and an abseil, and finished with the team extending their lead. Team NZ Adventure lost time in the orienteering section on day three, which they didn’t recover on the mountainbike or run sections and they followed stage winner, Thule (captained by Martin Flinta with Jackie Boisset, Mimi Guillot and Kiwi Marcel Hagener) home in just under fourand-a-half hours.


A mass start kicked off day four with Braden taking on the abseil and swim to his waiting team for the kayak leg. Once on the mountainbike leg they were joined by teams Red Bull, (another New Zealand team consisting of Richard and Elina Ussher, Trevor Voyce and Stu Lynch), and Thule which were racing for second overall place. Thule overtook Red Bull when they got a flat tyre and, during the final leg, overtook Team NZ Adventure to win the stage. Wanaka athletes not only featured in winning team, Team NZ Adventure, but also through Pete Smallfield in team Moxi Gear which was placed sixth and Ailsa Rollinston and Hamish Flemming from team Oso Negro in seventh place.

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20 word limit - deadline Tuesday 4pm - standard network rates apply PAGE 14

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trades&services PANELBEATING



sport results TARRAS GOLF CLUB RESULTS -Eagles Visit:Murray Hyndman (T) 46 stablefords, Bill Grant (E) 41, Bob Brent (E) 41, John Beattie (E) 41, Trevor Studholme (E) 40, Doug Wilson (T) 38, Graeme Rive (T) 38, John Harrison (E) 38, Carmel Hyndman (T) 37. TwoJohn Beattie Club Day Stableford:Murray Hynd-

TIMBER SUPPLIER man 41, Colin Pledger 39, Bonar Rowley 37, Robert Leslie 36, Beau Trevathan 36. LAKE HAWEA GOLF RESULTS 20.04.2014. EASTER TOURNAMENT. AMBROSE. 1st. Chris Brown, Andy Wavish, Paul Knowles,Steve Hundinish. 51.8 2nd. Hamish Watt, Keith Lawry, Steve Mur-

ray, Greg Willie. 53.4 3rd. Mark, Dean, Garry Templeton, Mick Donovan. 54.1 4th. Gerald Haggett, Alan Easte, Noel Payne, Craig Westle. 54.8 Rick Johnston, Adam Clifford, Scott Reid, Robyn Reid. 54.9. Ross Niles, Luke Babbington, Brent Mullen, Paul Marshall. 55.4 Tim Cotter, Joe Cotter, Ashley Hale, Grant Morgan. 55.5.

THURSDAY 24.04.14 - WEDNESDAY 30.04.14



sportbrief Rowing prize-giving The Wanaka Rowing Club is hosting its end of season prize-giving tonight. With school rowing slowing down after a busy summer season, the masters rowers are back in their boats and back on the lake. They are gearing up for the South Island Masters Regatta which will be held at Lake Dunstan on June 1 and 2.

Safety first

Wanaka hosts jetsprint season finale Staff Reporter Wanaka Sun The New Zealand Jet Sprint Association Championships season finale was held under floodlights at the Oxbow Aqua Track on Friday. The 120m-long, 70m-wide jet sprint course hosted 43 race teams and the Upper Clutha Rugby Club which helped the safety marshals as pushers in the cold water. The PSP Limited Group A Class, the Suzuki Superboat Class and the 400s Class were contested in an event which had a few wrong turns, beached boats and mechanical issues. In an eventful PSP Group A, Sam Newdick and Glenn Mason came first, and also took the championship, Duncan Wilson and Jaimee-

Lee Lupton were second and third place went to Bevin and Kathy Muir. Garry Stephen and navigator George Meyer, in their boat Rapids Jet, made it through to the top 12 in the PSP Group (pictured top). The Suzuki Superboats also delivered an eventful race. Richard Burt was not the only one to need

the safety marshall, Mark Newdick (PSP Racing) also beached his boat, leaving his championship run high and dry. Peter Caughey and Karen Marshall won round six, and the championships, ahead of Graeme Hill and Tracey Webster and Greg Mercier and Dorinda Mercier, who, with their third place,

got their first podium spot since January. In the 400s, rookie Hayden Wilson and his teenage navigator Chris Hausman won round six and the championship, with Warren Farr and Ben Thomas in second place and rookie Ollie Silverton and Geoff Sisterton third.

Hunters are being asked by Fish and Game (F&G) to brush up on firearm regulations and ensure they have bought a licence this season. The game bird season starts on Saturday, May 3. F&G will deploy rangers to carry out checks on hunters and many teams will be accompanied by police officers. Rangers will check hunting licences and whether hunters are sticking to the regulations, including the ban on lead shot in 10 and 12 gauge shotguns within 200m of open water, and police officers will check firearms licences and other behaviour - including alcohol consumption. “The majority of hunters are responsible and do the right thing, as they enjoy a healthy outdoor pursuit with a long history,” F&G communications advisor Andrew Currie said. “But history tells us that a small minority may try to avoid their responsibilities.” He said while game bird hunting accidents are rare, it is timely to again remind hunters to take the utmost care while hunting and handling firearms. “While the opening of the hunting season is often a very social event for hunters who often catch up with mates they haven’t seen for some time, leave the drinks until the day’s hunting is done and until firearms are safety locked away,” he said.


Elmo second in slopestyle Staff Reporter Wanaka Sun The Queenstown Bike Festival finished on Sunday after more than 25 events, from fun races to competitive races and films to concerts held during the ten-day festival. Wanaka’s Elmo Cotter (pictured on the podium) just missed out on first place in the professional category of the slopestyle competition on Thursday at Ballarat Street car park. He was beaten, by only two points, by Queenstown’s Conor Macfarlane with Phil McLean of Christchurch coming third with a best run score of 85 points. The competition is New Zealand’s only Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour 2014 event. Event manager, Fraser Gordon, was full of praise for the riders and his team. “We had heaps of aerial



goodness tonight,” he said. “It’s a testament to the spectacle these guys put on that so many people came out to watch and we couldn’t have put on the

event without the help of our outstanding volunteers and crew.” Erin Greene and Thomas Lamb, of the Wanaka team “Greene Eggs & Lamb”, won

the mixed team title at the Super D Enduro on Saturday April 12. Erin also rode in the Coronet Enduro on Friday and finished fifth in the open women’s category.

THURSDAY 24.04.14 - WEDNESDAY 30.04.14

Wanaka Sun 24 - 30 April 2014  

Your weekly fix of local news, views and sport from Wanaka.

Wanaka Sun 24 - 30 April 2014  

Your weekly fix of local news, views and sport from Wanaka.