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Cardrona goes for Gold Cardrona residents Jean-Claude Handtschowerker, Rachel Ferris and her daughter Amber, dressed up for the 150 Years of Gold celebrations at the weekend. (See story page 5)

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Water under investigation Caroline Harker QLDC ratepayers are being asked to save water even though we have limitless supplies. The problem is the cost of moving it from the lakes or bores to the reservoirs and then to household taps. The current costs are exacerbated by the loss of one third of the water through leaks, and council wants ratepayers to check their properties, while council staff check pipes on the other side of the tobies. Another major water cost is the massive increase in demand over the summer holiday season, which means ratepayers bear the expense of the bigger facilities we have to cope with the extra demand. Wanaka township uses 6000 cubic metres a day most of the year but in summer this goes up to over 20,000 cubic metres. Council researchers are investigating how much of this is due to visitor numbers and how much is due to outdoor use – in particular

irrigation. Meanwhile ratepayers are being asked to conserve water. QLDC strategic project manager Martin O’Malley said council slashed $100 million (for bigger water schemes) from the water budget in the 2009 District Plan. “We have a huge water resource that will

meters in Luggate have shown that 95 percent of people use less water than expected which means either 5 percent are using a huge amount and/or the leaks are causing the problem. He said they should have a good idea of what is required to save water in the district by the end

We have a huge water resource that will never run out. But we are asking everyone to be careful how they use water and not to waste it. never run out,” he said. “But we are asking everyone to be careful how they use water and not to waste it.” Council is also looking at its own use, including irrigation of parks and reserves. An option being considered is individual water meters for every household and business. Test

of the summer, although they will continue with further research. “We engineers tend to be a cautious bunch,” he said. “Our water demand management is in its infancy.” Negotiations are taking place with Otago Polytechnic to employ a dry gardening expert who will give talks around the district about landscaping

suitable for our environment. “It is to get people who are respected as experts to represent us,” Martin said. One controversial water expense in the district is chlorination of the water supply. While most parts of the Upper Clutha do not have chlorinated water Wanaka township does and this costs $275,000 a year. Martin said although they can get away with no chlorination on smaller schemes, due to the larger populations in Wanaka and Queenstown they have to adhere to a national drinking water standard which means treating the water with chlorine or with ultraviolet light. Water is on the agenda for the next council meeting which is being held in Queenstown on Tuesday.


Tamati’s top work Paul Tamati’s effort in a number of community projects have earned him this year’s Bill King Award. The award is in its second year and was created by the Dunedin RSA in recognition of the volunteer work the late Bill King did for the RSA and the community at large. Paul has been involved in the formation of the local kapa haka group, Stars in Your Eyes and other productions, the Upper Clutha A&P show and the Wanaka rodeo. He received a certificate acknowledging his efforts and a $500 voucher for New World supermarket.

Christmas volunteers

Next week’s Wanaka Sun Christmas Food Drive is a strong reminder of the volunteer ethic in the area. “We are so grateful to all the people who have volunteered. We have had an awesome response,” co-organiser Nikki Heath said. “All the emergency services said yes straight away.” More than 50 volunteers signed up for the annual food drive in a matter of days, with many families returning from previous years to help with the collection. Firefighters in their brigade trucks from Lake Hawea, Luggate and Wanaka have volunteered, St John Youth and the ambulance crews are joining in, as well the local scouts and cubs,

and completing the motor cavalcade is a police escort and a number of locals in their own vehicles getting into the festive spirit of the collection. “It starts off a bit slow, then people start getting into it bringing out their goodies,” Senior Sergeant Allan Grindell said. “We do get a good response.” He has been on the Wanaka Sun Christmas Food Drive for the past two years with the police usually contributing two vehicles with two collectors per car. The St John Youth group normally contributes 15 to 20 volunteers who bring a lot of positive energy with them, area executive officer Barbara Roxburgh said. The

ambulances also add to the atmosphere with their flashing lights and sirens, she said. Donations such as rice, frozen meat, pasta and vegetables are particularly requested this year to put together in Christmas hampers for families in need. The collection will start, with the sirens on and lights flashing, just after 6pm in Lake Hawea, Hawea Flat, Albert Town, Luggate, Cardrona and Wanaka this coming Tuesday, December 18. If you have a ute or if you can help out on this year’s Wanaka Sun Christmas Food Drive, please call Nikki on 0272 467835. PHOTOs: wanaka sun

Business survey summarised The Wanaka Chamber of Commerce business confidence survey reports that while 86 percent of respondents think their business will improve or stay the same in the next six months, there is a rise in the


number of respondents who think Wanaka (8.8 percent to 15.4 percent) and their own business (7.5 percent to 13.7 percent) situations will decline. Other statistics show visitor

numbers as the biggest impact on profitability in the last six months, and about one third of respondents could not increase staff wages during the past year. Fifty-one businesses from

Thursday 13 December to Wednesday 19 December 2012

Wanaka and Cromwell responded to the November 2012 survey with Wanaka Chamber of Commerce chairman Alistair King encouraging more businesses to participate in the next survey in May 2013.


New economic vision An Economic Futures Task Force made up of local volunteers has recommended an agency be set up in the district to deliver the strategies it has come up with in response to the Shaping Our Future forums. The economic vision is: To ensure a diversified, high value, knowledge based, green economy. Outcomes the task force envisages include an economic base which is diverse, prosperous and resilient; a comfortable and affordable lifestyle for all residents; an uncompromised natural environment, a focus on sustainable environmental practice; engaged, integrated, robust and welcoming communities; safe, secure and supportive neighbourhoods; accessible high quality health and education services; and empowered, inclusive communities with transparent local and quasi government decision-making.

The task force members were Sarah Bogle, Nick Brown, Lyal Cocks, Martin

sustainable community. The result is an incredibly valuable look at the economic drivers

The economic vision is: To ensure a diversified, high value, knowledge based, green economy. Hawes, Alistair King and Anthony Mason, supported by QLDC officer Jonathon Richards and facilitator Dave Roberts. The task force’s report is now available online (on the Shaping our Future website) and will be considered in public forums early in the new year. Shaping Our Future Steering Group chair Vanessa Van Uden is encouraging everyone to read the task force’s report. “This group of people – economic, business and financial leaders – volunteered their time to begin the journey towards a more successful and

of our district, an economic vision to work towards and a series of recommendations to be seriously considered,” she said. The report is the second produced by Shaping Our Future, which aims to bring together council, community and commerce to examine issues and build plans to address them. The first focused on events in the district and has resulted in the establishment of a district wide events office.

Salisbury decision thrills family

Tim Brewster A judge’s decision that closing Salisbury School for girls would be illegal has thrilled a Wanaka family. Hisashi ‘Bruno’Sasaki and his wife Yukio joined forces with a number of other parents in lobbying the Education Ministry for the past six months. Their daughter Renon, 15, had only just gained entry to the Nelson special care residential school when the ministry announced plans to close it and move the students to a coeducational school in Christchurch. “I’m just so relieved. The minister wouldn’t listen,” Bruno said. The school board had presented evidence showing that special needs girls were seven times more

PHOTO: supplied

likely to be sexually abused at a coeducational school but minister Hekia Parata chose to ignore it Bruno said. Bruno attended a High Court hearing in Wellington last month and said the minister’s plans to close down the school showed

no regard for the consequences for its vulnerable students. Evidence was presented about the increased risk of abuse in coeducational schools which the education officials seemed unaware of even though the research had been commissioned by the ministry Bruno said. “How could they close it down when the boys’ school wasn’t even ready?” When Renon first heard the school was going to close she was very upset as she has been happy for the first time in a number of years. Bruno had got to the stage of packing up some of her possessions in preparation for the closure. “We were very sad as well. Now at least we should have one more year. It’s a good Christmas present.”

Localising food

Christmas crackdown Southern District Police launched a drink-driving campaign yesterday that will continue through Christmas and the New Year. “We will be mass testing as many drivers as possible at peak times at road checkpoints and also carrying out random stops,” Southern District Highway Patrol Senior Sergeant Steve Larking said. In December 2011 and January 2012, 45,909 drivers were stopped and breath-tested in the disctrict. Of those, 291 were charged with drink or drug driving offences. Seventy were under 20 years old.

Caroline Harker Permaculture guru Robina McCurdy was in town last week inspiring people to grow their own food, save their seeds and think about where they would find something to eat if the supermarket shelves were suddenly empty. More than 60 people attended workshops and presentations and a new organisation called Local Food Wanaka was set up.

The group plans to promote local food resilience, organise future events and create a network of organic growers, hunters, gatherers and backyard gardeners. It will also continue work on a seasonal food calendar which was started during the workshops. This includes food which can be harvested in the wild as well as that grown in gardens. It will also draw on the experience of long-term residents who have grown their own food in the area

for decades. Other workshops included making gardens from scratch and a discussion of the regulations surrounding food, especially in relation to the new Food Bill which Robina said is focused on the interests of big business and not supportive of community based initiatives such as local farmers’ markets and new small business initiatives. See sunspots for details PHOTO: supplied

Thursday 13 December to Wednesday 19 December 2012


sunnews The long pathway Adventure runner Richard Bowles (pictured) ran through Wanaka last week on his 3054km journey along the Te Araroa trail which stretches from Cape Reinga to Bluff. Richard’s path takes him along rugged, mountainous terrain and he has had several decent tumbles down steep mountain sections and crossing fast flowing rivers since he started out on October 13. Richard is raising funds and awareness for leading conservation organisation Project Crimson. He should reach Bluff by this weekend.

PHOTO: supplied

Six known pa sites in Upper Clutha Caroline Harker A retired bank manager, a librarian and a geographer have collated the Upper Clutha’s first collection of published references to preEuropean Maori in the region. Former banker Richie Hewitt has been working on the project for 18 years. He was joined more recently by geographer Louise Whitelock and reference librarian Jude Terpstra (pictured with Richie). Richie was perturbed when he came to live in Hawea nearly 20 years ago and was persistently told Maori never lived here, they only passed through. “It just didn’t make sense to me,” he said. Richie had a lifelong interest in Maori history so he started doing some research. “The myth seems to have been perpetuated by the community, but I think we have irrefutable evidence that Maori did live here,” he said. Richie’s research turned up six known pa sites, some of which were fortified. He also found references to carved meeting houses which indicate Maori lived in the area for decades at a time. A tekoteko (carved human figure from the gable of a meeting house) found in the Matukituki River area is now held in the Otago museum.

PHOTO: caroline harker

“Many people believe Maori only came here for seasonal food gathering but the research indicates otherwise,” he said. Richie found hundreds of documents and with Louise and Jude has put them together in one collection. He wants people to read them and reach their own conclusions. Jude said they contacted Ngai Tahu for support and guidance on the project and were visited by a group which included tribe historian Trevor Howse earlier this year. “They were very supportive of our work even though it was

done by Pakeha,” she said. “That was very important for us.” She said the library receives many requests for information about early Maori myths, place names and general history of the area. “It was a very happy meeting when Richie came into the library four years ago,” she said. “I have the passion [to make information available to the community] and he has the knowledge.” The freshly published document is called ‘Maori in the Upper Clutha and Beyond: a starting point for further research.’ “I think the time is just right,” Jude said.

“People are open and wanting to learn about pre-European local history.” Two primary sources of information were authors Herries Beattie and Atholl Anderson. Other source material includes the Taiaroa map which was drawn in 1879 and has been used by Ngai Tahu to show the extent of Maori use and occupation of the area. Among the hundreds of snippets of local history in ‘Maori in the Upper Clutha and Beyond’ are references to 3000sqm of gardens in the Matukituki valley (which were ‘re-discovered’ during research for Glendhu Station’s tenure review, and can still be seen). Other documents of interest refer to Hawea Flat “absolutely teeming” with weka, and trying to count eels [in Makarora] being “like counting a swarm of sandflies” (Ngai Tahu kaumatua/elder, 1880). There is documentation of disputes regarding the controversial Kemp purchase of a vast portion of the South Island, and much more. The bibliography alone runs to 20 pages. All the references are printed verbatim from historical records. “People can read the information and make their own decisions regarding what has gone on here,” Richie said.

Yoga with Buddhism A weekend yoga retreat held in the Maungawera Valley at the weekend attracted a group from Queenstown, one yoga teacher from Dunedin and a number of local people including yoga teachers Jill Midgely and Keri Addison, and students Chud Cunningham, Rob and Eve McGregor, Gina Dempster, Caroline Harker, Grant Fyfe and Rebecca Picard. The retreat was led by Queenstown yoga teacher Loris Mills (front left). An unexpected bonus to the weekend was a talk from Tibetan lama Amnyi Trulchung Rimpoche who was in the district doing public teachings. Loris said thousands flock to hear him speak in Tibet. His message to the people at the retreat was to practise having a good heart, warm feelings and kindness. PHOTO: supplied

PHOTO: supplied


Thursday 13 December to Wednesday 19 December 2012


Fans enjoy Festive Fete Wanaka women Lyndal Parker and Vivienne Fitzgerald were pictured with country singer Jody Direen (centre) and ten-year-old fan, Ella Hope Hedley, on Sunday. Jody was performing throughout the day at the Festive Fete at Cromwell Race Course.

PHOTO: amanda hodge

New tutors for art school First timers teaching at next year’s Autumn Art School include two Wellingtonians: actor Miranda Harcourt and cook Adie McClelland; and two Australians: printmaker Bruce Latimer and photographer Ian Poole. Among the more famous returning tutors are writer Jo Bennett and artist Nigel Brown. Registration for the art school opens in the New Year and organizer Robyn Van Reenen

expects demand for places to be heavy, as usual. Miranda Harcourt is probably best known for her role as Gemma in the classic television series Gloss. She has performed her show Verbatim in prisons around the world, and directed and acted in numerous shows in New Zealand. Her course will be on acting for stage and for screen. Adie McClelland launched her second cookbook in Wanaka

earlier this year. She has her own cooking school in Wellington and also works as a food consultant and private caterer. She was inspired by Elizabeth David’s book Mediterranean Food and trained with Michelin-starred chef Roger Verge and at Prue Leith’s cookery school in London. Her class - Cooking with an Edge - will focus on stylish straightforward Asian and Mediterranean inspired recipes using fresh seasonal ingredients.

Thursday 13 December to Wednesday 19 December 2012

Valley of gold Pipes and banjos, bustled beauties and rabbit stew - all the ingredients came together in Cardrona for the 1500 people celebrating 150 years of gold last weekend. Children raced with hoop and stick, adults tossed cabers and gumboots, and locals and visitors dressed in period costume. One lad (pictured) couldn’t resist a momentary 21st century distraction. The ‘unofficial – but deserving’ Mayor of Cardrona John Lee and QLDC Mayor Vanessa van Uden opened the celebrations along with other dignitaries including author Ray O’Callaghan (Cardrona – 150 Years in the Valley of Gold) and former Cardrona school pupil Ron Mair. Horses played a large part in the festivities with equestrian events and a cavalcade of riders making the journey from Luggate over the Pisa Range to Cardrona just as travellers did more than 100 years ago. Revellers ate and drank local produce including rabbit stew, ale, honey, merino lamb, pork, pizzas, honey, waffles with plum sauce, beer and wine. Music rang through the valley as Irish pipers, Scottish bagpipers and Martin Curtis,

PHOTO: Thierry Huet Photography

Jamie Robertson and band, and the Wanaka ukulele orchestra and choir all entertained the crowds. Credit for the two-day extravaganza of history and entertainment goes to the 50 adults who live in the valley. Guests attended the Cardrona Miner’s Ball Ceilidh on Saturday night with authentic dancing and music of the period. The commemorative

book Cardrona – 150 Years in the Valley of Gold “rushed out the door as descendants poured over the pages searching for mention of their ancestors,” according to editor Carla Munro. “Cardrona valley certainly rocks to its own tune and the weekend was true testament to that. For a community so small in size, it sure knows how to put on a shindig,” she said.



Thursday 13 December to Wednesday 19 December 2012


Naming of sculls

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wanakasun colour & design The Wanaka Rowing Club celebrated the naming of two single sculls, Robert N Bruce and Sue 57, last week. Both boats already have a history with

the club. Robert N Bruce, named after Rob Bruce (pictured here with Riley Bruce), who is a teacher, a club coach and a founding member,

was used by Saasha Bruce when she won a bronze medal at Maadi and recently Eachann Bruce has been rowing it. Sue 57 was used by the

call 03 443 5252

club for years before it was purchased. It was named by Susan Little who loaned the boat to the club when she stopped sculling. PHOTO: supplied

Healthy hearts for under fives Aspiring Beginnings Early Learning Centre has received the Whanau (silver) Healthy Heart Award. The award encourages early childhood education services to promote healthy eating and physical activity to under fives and their families. The children at the centre have been practising their balance and learning to ride

bikes to develop motor skills through physical

healthy eating in their edible garden, through

It is just fabulous to see and hear the children’s excitement when making their own healthy heart choices at meal times. activity and to keep their hearts healthy. They have learnt about

hosting a Healthy Heart Whanau Breakfast, and in making relish

to sell at the local A&P show. “The Healthy Heart Award strongly reflects our passion for educating children and their families about the importance of a healthy lifestyle from an early age,” senior teacher Jen Rawson said. “It is just fabulous to see and hear the children’s excitement when making their own healthy heart choices at meal times.”

Thursday 13 December to Wednesday 19 December 2012


93 Ardmore Street

03 443 9855

New BNZ for Wanaka

Lakefront views are just one feature BNZ customers and staff are enjoying in the new Ardmore Street premises which take banking in Wanaka to a whole new level. Manager Penny Ford is inviting the people of Wanaka to go in and have a look. From the outside digital signage replaces traditional window poster displays. Inside there is ambient music, and a lighter

brighter modern layout with no screens separating customers from tellers. “The new store has been specially designed to make every-day banking modern, friendly and accessible for our customers,” Penny said. A dedicated kids’ zone keeps children occupied and adults are enjoying the free internet and wifi facilities. Small business customers are

taking advantage of the new video conferencing facilities which link them to specialists around the country. One of the most popular features of the new store is the digital notice board which the community can use to advertise local events. BNZ business customers are also using it to promote their enterprises. “BNZ has made a

significant investment in Wanaka with this new store and the whole team is thoroughly enjoying working in such a modern spacious environment,” Penny said. The new store is located at 93 Ardmore St next to Bullock Creek. Opening hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am to 5pm, Wednesday 9.30am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 1pm. *advertorial

Remarkable Glass would like to welcome BNZ to their new premises. For your FREE Measure, Quotation and Expert Advice call today... 157 Glenda Drive Queenstown Ph: 03 451 0002

Flooring xtra wishes BNZ all the best with their new premises. For carpets, vinyls, hard flooring and expert advice call into Flooring Xtra today. 28 Reece Crescent, Wanaka

Phone 03 443 5479


Thursday 13 December to Wednesday 19 December 2012


The car’s the star A 1934 Duesenberg Model J was put on display at the Warbirds and Wheels visitor attraction at Wanaka Airport this week. The car came into New Zealand ownership last year and is the only one in the

Southern Hemisphere. A team of Wanaka craftsmen took 1600 hours to restore the vehicle to its original condition. According to Duesenberg records the original owner of the car was Hollywood actress

Carole Lombard. Carole paid $US17,000 for the vehicle but today a Duesenberg can sell for millions of dollars at auction in America. This Duesenberg Model J features a Le Baron “sweep

panel” dual-cowl sports phaeton body and was the most powerful production car motor in the world when it was built. The straight 8, 265hp motor has a top speed of 200kph. PHOTO: supplied

Thursday 13 December to Wednesday 19 December 2012



crimescene Abusive gestures, reckless driving, trespassing swimmers On December 3, a male was trespassed from the Bullock Bar after returning intoxicated from the races at Cromwell and behaving inappropriately. Police dealt with a domestic dispute between a father and son in the Meadowstone area on December 5. On Thursday a male was trespassed from an Albert Town address. Police received a report of a local male using abusive gestures to his former in-laws on Friday. A vehicle was seen damaging the paddocks near the Outlet motor camp on Wednesday December 5. Wanaka Police are trying to locate the owners/user of a maroon Holden Commodore station wagon, registration number CPQ558, which was witnessed at the scene. Police dealt with a vehicle accident on the Albert Town bridge on Thursday. On Sunday police received a report of local swimmers boarding a moored boat. Senior Constable Sean Peter Hurley said “if apprehended you may face charges in relation to your offending.”

If you have information on any crimes call 0800CRIMESTOPPER (0800555111).

Sheilas master mountain bike skills Roll-overs, cornering and braking on steeps were all demystified for 42 women on wheels during the weekend. On Saturday they attended the Mission WOW (Women of Wheels/

Winter/Water) mountain biking skills course, followed by a barbecue and wine tasting at Maude Winery. On Sunday they went on a group ride in Sticky Forest where they

practised their new skills. “As with all Mission WOW events the atmosphere was relaxed, and the forest was full of laughter,” biker Miek Deuninck said. The weekend also included talks

on basic bike maintenance and nutrition. The weekend’s workshop raised $300 for Kahu Youth. “It’s also about giving back to the community,”WOW founder Jo Guest said. PHOTO: Camilla Stoddart

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Thursday 13 December to Wednesday 19 December 2012

Thursday 13 December to Wednesday 19 December 2012

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Fast finishes for boys

Floortje top female Wanaka multisporter Floortje Draisma was the top female individual at the Patagonia 8hrs@ Jacks mountain bike event at Jack’s Point on Saturday. She finished in 17 laps, in 7 hours 46 minutes 58 seconds beating Harriet Miller (Dunedin) who clocked 15 laps. Alexandra rider Shaun Portegys completed 19 laps of the 6.5km track to win the individual open men’s division. PHOTO: supplied Local team “Unspoken 1” recorded the highest number of laps with 20 and the fastest lap time of 20 minutes 43 seconds to win the junior male division ahead of Alexandra team “What Eva” on 16 laps and “Unspoken 2” (Wanaka) on 14 laps. Mixed team, “Mopsy and Scott”, also from Wanaka, won the mixed team division with 18 laps. PHOTO: rory thompson

Moving up Wanaka’s Katharine Eustace moved up two places from her first run to finish 13th in the World Cup women’s skeleton race in Winterberg Germany on Saturday. She had the second fastest push off in the first heat and the tenth fastest run in the second heat run. “Things are progressing in the right direction,” Katharine said. Her team mate Ben Sandford from Rotorua finished ninth.

Kayak park a Christmas cracker The new kayak feature created on the Hawea River has well exceeded expectations and is the only one of its kind in Australasia, local kayaker Roy Bailey said. A Central Otago Whitewater committee member, Roy has been involved in the PHOTO: quentin smith project since the idea was put forward 11 years ago. Roy’s been thrilled with the positive response to the project with a lot of local interest from different groups. “We’ve had tons of people come down. Families are having picnics and people are boogie boarding. We had hoped for a multi-use facility and we definitely have one,” he said. Two rock weirs have been permanently installed creating two play waves such as the one Wanaka kayaker Dylan Thomson is pictured kayaking on. The waves will vary in size depending on the volume of water released from the Hawea dam. The work was paid for by Contact Energy as part of their resource consent obligations. The park is considered to be suitable for international level competitions with the New Zealand freestyle championships scheduled for March 8 of next year.

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MAC student Lorenz Kissling almost pulled off a stunning upset in the senior boys 1500m at last week’s national secondary school athletics championships. With only a few races on a competition surface this year Lorenz, pictured here in the yellow and black colours of the Aspiring Athletics Club, finished a very close fourth in a personal best time of 4:02. Lorenz has spent most of the past few months training on his own as his normal training partner and mentor, Oska Inkster Baynes has been injured, his coach Val Burke said.

“To run a 4:02 is amazing.” He beat the Nelson runners who are “part of the NZ high performance running academy” and train together year round. She said Wanaka has very little in the way of track training facilities so his commitment and achievements in the sport have helped inspire a number of other younger Wanaka athletes. A total of eight Mount Aspiring College athletes competed in a range of track and field events at the championships and while the all weather track and concrete throw pads were a new experience to some,

a number of personal bests were achieved. While competing as an under 19 with another year in this grade, senior sprinter Finn Moore ran the 100m and 200m events with the tenth fastest time in the 200m of 23.71 seconds and a personal best of 11.75 seconds in the 100m. Samantha Barnett, a senior female sprinter gained personal best times in the 100m and 200m while junior sprint runner Ruby Coers qualified for semi finals in both these events with an 11th place ranking in the 200m. Another personal best was achieved by John

Stevens, a middle distance runner who trimmed 16 seconds from his 800m time to narrowly miss the semi finals, and Oli Jarvie and Layne Opetaia, both 14 year olds in the under16 grade, who ran impressively the 100m in 12.85 seconds and 200m in 26.89 seconds respectively. “Everybody performed out of their skins and ran PB after PB. The support and comradeship they offered one another from Year 9 to Year 13 was impeccable and I couldn’t have been more proud,” coach Oska InksterBaynes said.

MAC 1st XV to join comp The Mount Aspiring College Rugby 1st XV will join the Highlanders Secondary Schools Competition in 2013. The competition, introduced in 2009 to allow the top 14 first XVs from Otago, Southland and North Otago to

compete against one another, represents the top competition for school boys in the lower South Island. “This means the boys will be playing against a high calibre of players, giving them exposure to the highest level of

competition,” MAC rugby administrator Hamish Crosbie said. “There is also the chance for them to be seen by talent scouts and representative team selectors.” He also said it would help retain our most

Thursday 13 December to Wednesday 19 December 2012

talented players, as they could play in the same competitions as teams in larger centres. The new team will be based in Wanaka and include players from Wakatipu High School and Cromwell College as well as MAC.



BOARD Happy Birthday Julie-jules, big birthday hugs and kisses, love from auntie and uncle b xx Our lakefront Dinosaur has been a permanent fixture and much loved provider of sliding fun since 1976, but the question remains. Is he a local? In response to a text suggesting we ban smoking at outside public places. I say, as an x-smoker, give the smokers a break. The law has enabled your health to be protected by providing a smoke free environment inside. Excluding publicly owned property I think it should be a personal choice by each individual business owner as to whether smoking is banned at their establishment or not. Happy Christmas Wanaka!! See y’all next week! Non Smokers Happy to sit indoors in the winter when Smokers are out in the cold! As Soon as the sun comes out they want Smokers to go inside! Just remember taxes from Smoking help fund nz big time No footpath on 1 side of road in luggate...time 4 cop 2 be seen...50k a joke

editorial For four years now a group of volunteers has got together to do the Wanaka Sun Christmas Food Drive collection for families and individuals in need. As well as replenishing the local food bank which is used by numerous groups, including Salvation Army, Women’s Refuge and Community Networks, the drive hopes to help fill Christmas hampers, with Christmassy goodies. Many of the volunteers already give up a lot of their free time training and putting out fires, attending accidents and bandaging people up as well as coaching children and general duties for clubs and organisations. Despite the big changes in Wanaka over the past few years, we still get a great turnout which is reassuring. What will make their efforts rewarding next Tuesday is lots of food. Help out with hamper goodies, Christmas treats for the children, and anything else you feel would be welcome. What the food bank is hoping to avoid are tinned goods and anything past its use by date which has to be thrown out. So on Tuesday when you hear the sirens and see the flashing lights grab your nicely boxed up goodies and spread some Christmas cheer.

QLDC responds to questions posed by this week’s texters.

As a non smoker that works in what was a very smoky environment I was happy when smoking was banned in bars but for smoking to be banned everywhere? Come on give them a break, they had to accommodate us not smoking indoors, I don’t feel it’s right to drive people that choose to smoke out of every social environment altogether. Plus I’d have no one to talk to ;)

Response “The council has invested in new lights this year in Wanaka, both for the community tree and the Helwick Street garland. There are also new silver and red decorations on all light poles in town and of course the rooftop Santas. Council also worked with New World on its project and agree it’s a wonderful thing. Unfortunately decorations have a big price ticket on a large scale but we try and give value for money and bring some cheer.”

goreous front page pic last week! The views expressed in the text board and in the Letters to the Editor are those of the author alone and not necessarily those of the Wanaka Sun.


4pm, Thursday December 20

new year edition deadline: 4pm, Friday December 28 Deadlines are for all advertising bookings and material, letters to the editor, sunspots and the viewpoint textboard. Don’t worry the Wanaka Sun will be out every Thursday as usual.

Call our advertising team on 443 5252 today and ask about our Christmas advertising deal special. Amanda Buffy

Council responds

Only 12 days to Christmas – that makes me smile even more than it did last week!

Hot blonde who copped a feel at the races...marry me?

Christmas edition deadline:

/ WanakaSun

Text What a wonderful festive spirit New World has turned on for Christmas. Come on you other businesses in town. As for the council, what a miserable display - Get the fairy lights out and get Wanaka twinkling

Happy birthday Tup, from himself and myself. xxx

Wanaka sun christmas & new year editions

- Jan Maxwell QLDC Text How sad it is that council has taken down goals at Allenby Park! Some guys having fun playing social football and council go mad! Can anyone explain why the council puts in tracks that cost millions so you can walk and bike, boat and play on the lake, skate at the skate park, dirt bike on Plantation Road but can’t play football unless you pay? Response “Allenby Park is earmarked to be used for junior sport and there is a booking system so no-one gets disappointed. Council would love to speak to those who went to the effort of marking up the ground so we can talk about how we can work together and possibly find a solution that works for all. Please contact Barbara at the Wanaka office.” - Gordon Bailey QLDC

Letters to Santa NZ Post shared a few of the things kids wrote in their letters to Santa this year: From those trying to get on the good list… “Dear Santa I am a good boy. I always am. It’s not true what you hear.” “As far as you’re concerned and as far as I want to remember, I have been a really good boy.” “I am sorry about being a little bit naughty for the last few years, this year I have been a very, very, very, very, very good boy. Apart from when I wasn’t.” To what kids really want for Christmas… “We would like two drum sets for me and my brother so we can play them at Christmas. My mummy doesn’t think this is a good idea, but we think it’s great.” “This year can I swap one of my annoying sisters for a really cool toy?” “Please could I have a remote control helicopter for Christmas. I also wondered if you could do anything magical to get rid of my warts.” “My brother and I are great at cleaning the chicken hut and cleaning the garage and I think we need a remote control car to keep up this progress.” There is still one more day for local children to write to Santa and get a reply before he gets too busy. Letters can be posted at the special postbox outside NZ Postshop on Ardmore Street.

021 986 786 Guidelines for letters and texts to the Wanaka Sun The Wanaka Sun no longer accepts letters or texts that directly respond to the author of previous letters or texts. If you wish to reply to another letter or text, stick to the topic involved and try to advance the debate so that other readers might join in the discussion. Correspondents should not engage in recriminations against earlier correspondents. Letters of fewer than 200 words and texts of fewer than 25 words are preferred. Letters or texts may be edited for clarity, length or legal reasons. Letters can be sent to with “Letters to the editor” in the subject line, or can be posted to PO Box 697, Wanaka 9343. Texts can be sent to 021986786. The Wanaka Sun can not acknowledge receipt of letters or texts. The Wanaka Sun reserves the right to edit, abridge or decline letters or texts without explanation.

Thursday 13 December to Wednesday 19 December 2012

Issue 587 Thursday December 13, 2012 Free delivery to Wanaka, Wanaka surrounds and Cromwell urban and rural mailboxes, PO boxes in Makarora, Cromwell, Haast, Wanaka, Albert Town, Hawea. Distributed to motels, hotels and cafes plus businesses in the Wanaka central business district and to drop boxes in Wanaka, Queenstown, Arrowtown and Cromwell. Phone: 03 443 5252 Fax: 03 443 5250 Text view: 021 986 786 Text classified: 022 0786 778 Address: Upstairs Spencer House, Wanaka Postal: PO Box 697, Wanaka

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Hawea Playgroup thank the Med Supermarket 4 supporting us at Cardrona Vintage Fair, the lemonade was a hit!

Organic jersey benne new potatoes just $6.90/kg at organicexpress. the grocery store that delivers to your door.

Need Christmas decorations? Come to the Salvation Army Family Store

Is your I phone screen cracked. Smashed or broken I can replace screen. 4 u . Ph Byron. 4437070

Party Planner: Taking the stress out of your party. Available in Wanaka. Please call 021 999 370 or 443 4039.

Thanks frm Hawea Playgroup 2 Tony Lynch of the 45th Degree 4 framing our beautiful photos of the Old Hawea Flat Post Office

Organic leg of lamb $17.25/kg. Eat organic meat on Christmas Day for less.

Next Christmas Belles show at Wanaka Farmers Market now cancelled on 20th.

CARAVAN and campervan renovation, repair, custom design, fabrication. Mobile service optional. Steve at Overland Engineering. 027.513.7582

Thanks also 2 Ants of Wanaka TV 4 lovely print of our 100 year celebration at Hawea Playgroup

PLANTS FOR SALE! FIORDLAND NURSERIES (03)2497706 www. Vege boxes, juice boxes, baby food boxes and more at

for sale Caravan extension leads, 2 x 10mts. as new. Cost $155, sell bargain price $80, ph 027 246 2084. Beautiful china tea cup bird feeders, great for attracting wax eyes and bell birds to your garden. Make the perfect presents $20 ph 443 1017 or txt 021 680 110

Wheat and barley 4 sale, whole or crushed. 021 251 5510

garage sale Epic garage sale - 15th @9:00am - 7 Wicklow Terrace Albert Town. Snowboard gear, men’s/women’s clothing/shoes, beds, furniture, kitchenware, art, bargains.

Christmas gifts from Pirate Pickles at the farmers market from 4pm Pembroke Park every Thursday Christmas Vouchers available for the lady in your life. Facial, massage, 1/2 day retreat at Nirvana Retreat. or call 4432252 Cot for sale. Touchwood 4 in 1. Excellent condition. Comes w innersprung mattress. $150. 0272942262 Porta cot with mattress $75, highchair chrome $30, mountain buggy $70, all ex condition phone 443 5894 Moby babycarrier. As new condition with manual. Lifesaver during first few months with bubs. $20. 0272942262 Toyota carib. 1995. Very reliable. Tidy condition. Has current wof and rego, towbar, roofracks, chains, jumper leads.$3500 ono. 0272460644 Nissan terrano. 1992. Diesel, auto, 2.7L. New wof. $2800. 0272460644 GIFT BLISS! DESTRESSING + DETOXIFYING TREATMENT. Vouchers available for nurturing lymphatic system clearance with Maryann 4436463 0211101160 GLIDER Trial flights-gift vouchers for the soarer in your family-brand new motor glider at U-Fly ph.443 4005 Guitar: samick acoustic electric, good condition with carry bag. $150 Ono. Text or Ph 0272250027 Honda crv,1998,rare manual trans,new wof,$ or text for details Huge range of summer clothing upstairs at the new Salvation Army Family Store. Kauri wood doors $260 each, Sheepskin rug 1.60m x 1.70m $450, Antique wooden rocking chair $580, Cobcraft pottery kiln $980. 0211119218 Lake Hawea Community Centre Fundraising calendars - beautiful pictures, local scenes, $15 each Phone Linda 4436744 Nissan X-Trail 2004 for sale! $11500 ono. Great car but moving overseas. Must sell! 02102568768

Garage Sale! 1 Rimu Lane. Saturday 9:30-1:30pm.Furniture,golf clubs,women’s clothes/shoes (size 10/37),household items,linen,han dbags,books,CDs and more. Come make an offer! Garage sale! Saturday 9am12noon. 4a willowridge. Heaps of goodies (books, bric a brac, plants, clothing, ski gear as well as coffee and scones! 0210 2568 768

notice BE READY from 6pm on Tuesday. When you hear the sirens head to your front gate for the Wanaka Sun Christmas Food Drive collection Avoid the check out queues this summer. Save time and shop online at Food Combining & Raw Food Workshop - two hour hands on learning and tasting. $45 Saturday 15th at Nirvana Retreat. or 4432252. Free - 2 camelia trees. Still smallish so easily moveable. Ph 443 2222 Free delivery - when you buy your groceries online at Wanaka, Albert Town, Hawea and Hawea Flat residential areas. Glass, jewellery, flax and lots more handmade arts and crafts direct from the artist to you at the craft market this Sunday! Help us kick start awareness and support for young stroke survivors nz. Check out www.yssnz. Is your ponga tree missing its pukeko? At artisans studio, Ardmore St, we have toys and puppets made right here in wanaka! SIRENS SIRENS SIRENS Tuesday night, don’t panic! it’s the Wanaka Sun Christmas Food Drive collection Local Food Wanaka: for details or to sign up go too Lost in the mess? Text the Wanaka Sun on 0220 786778 for your free classified listing: 20 word limit, standard network rates apply. LUGGATE HOTEL’S SUNDAY SESSION this week features the lovely Liv McBride 3pm in our sunny garden bar. Good times!

Not just made in New Zealand , but made in Wanaka! Lots of great gift ideas with that local flavour. Artisans co-operative studio , 56 ardmore st . Please could the family that took delivery of the kitten from Chch last Sat please contact me. Thanks. Nicole 443 4079 Pottery , paintings , photographs , and lots more handmade arts and crafts direct from the artist to you at the craft market this Sunday! Relaxed Christmas shopping with an amazing view! Come to the Sunday craft market, Pembroke this week, for handmade arts and crafts .

Colour steel fencing. Same both sides. Handy solutions 0272080175 Dog walker available Monday to Sunday in Wanaka. Please call 021 999 370 or 443 4039. Dogs are healthier and happier when they are walked. Dog walking avail with PET CARE SERVICES WANAKA. Ph 021 201 1121 Earth Healing Meditations each 3rd Wed of the month 8PM. Wanaka Wellness Ctr 24 Dungarvon St. Gold coin donation. All welcome. Jen 443.1672

Salvation Army Family Store Mon-Fri 10am – 5pm, Saturdays 10am- 4pm. Open for sale of preloved goods and donations. Help us to help others.

Experienced caretaker available now to look after your property. Ten years caretaking experience with small and large properties. Excellent references. Please call 443 4030 or 021 999370.

School Holiday Programme 17 to 21 Dec and 9 to 29 Jan for 5-13 year olds. Book online at

Pest Control. Sick of flies and spiders ruining your summer months? Ring Jae Services for a free quote. 4431150

The dam good fruit is back! New location on Dungarvon st. Fruity goodness with a view!

Garage sale? House for rent? Text the Wanaka Sun on 0220 786778 for your free classified listing. 20 word limit, standard network rates apply.

THE LUGGATE HOTEL - great garden bar, great food, great locals! THE LUGGATE HOTEL presents ‘The Hard Yards ‘ performing live Friday 14th December 8pm.. don’t miss these guys, they’re awesome! Wanaka Kyokushinkai Karate Club Class at the Scout Den Eely Point from 5.15 - 6pm. For children aged 6 upwards. Enquiries: Jim 4438809, Trevor 4432993

rent Holiday Rental avail. Marvellous Meadowstone house so close to town. Dec 21-26 and Jan 25-Feb 2 avail. Ph 443 2222 Lovely Room available to rent. Very warm Meadowstone home. Close to lake and town. Suit active employed person. Ph 443 2222 Room to Rent. Suit employed person with a spring in their step. Warm,sunny modern home. 200m Wanaka lakefront. Ph 021 201 1121

services All types of fencing and gates. Wrought iron. Timber. Colour steel. Post and rail. Glass and steel balustrades. 4434078 0272080175 ASPIRING MASSAGE WANAKA. Deep tissue - relaxation.Trevor Bailey. 7 days.4432993 or 0274222455. Xmas gift certificates $60. Ultrasonic Cleaning. Dusty blinds lights or delicates, phone Jae Services for all your specialised cleaning. 4431150 Babysitter available in Wanaka. Please call 021 999 370 or 443 4039. Bowen Therapy Practitioner Nikki Turner available extra hours holiday period. 4436765 0277662667 www.

General engineering Handy Solutions 0272080175 GENTLE YOGA. $10 Classes at 9 Tyndall St Wanaka. Mon, Wed 9.30AM. Prenatal Tues 7PM. Thurs Mums and Bubs 10AM. Jen 443.1672. Girl Friday: no job to small. Please call 021 999 370 or 443 4039. Going away? Who will feed the cat? PET CARE SERVICES WANAKA visit daily, water plants and check home security too. Ph 0212011121 Handy solutions mobile workshop engineering and handyman service. You name it our team will do it. Ph 0272080175 Handyman 0272080175


PET CARE SERVICES WANAKA. Looking after your dog in my home when you are out of town. Overnight or longstays. Ph 021 201 1121 POST and RAIL fencing. HANDY SOLUTIONS happy to quote. You may be surprised. Ph 4434078 0272080175 Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls: Soothe nervous system, balance energy and chakras. $20 group sessions ea Mon 1.30 9 Tyndall St. Private/couple appts. 443.1672 Jen SADHANA LIVING; retreats, rejuvenation, inspiration, support, therapies, practice. wisdom.... For happy living 2013. Www.thesadhanastudio. com SHADE SAILS. Free advise and quotes. Ph Handy Solutions 0272080175 VASECTOMYS available here in Wanaka with Dr Simon Brebner at Aspiring Medical Centre.Ph 443 1226 for an appointment to discuss. Vitroglaze your shower, windows or balustrades to make cleaning a breeze and less frequent. Contact SOUTHERLY SHOWERS Shower Installer 0800484876 WANAKA WINDOW CLEANING professional, friendly, efficient service. Enjoy those mountain views. High, awkward windows a specialty. Paolo 021 0572505/ 4432420 Wanaka Window Cleaning Xmas bookings now being taken. Professional, friendly, efficient service. Call Paolo now. 021 0572505/ 4432420 Waxing special - 20% off waxing for the month of December at Nirvana Retreat. www.nirvanaretreat. or call 4432252 for details. WHEELS TO DUNSTAN:Free daily transport to Dunstan Hospital & Alexandra specialist appointments,Bookings call 4437799 Yes Rika is busy but has time to work her magic on your hair please ring 0273169463 your hairfairy


House and pet minder available, local, mature, honest female. Any dates during January to April please phone 443 1017 JP SERVICES at Community Networks Tuesdays 1 to 2pm and. Fridays 10.30 to 11. 30 For appointments call 4437799 Lovely professional singing! Weddings, dinner, holiday parties, birthday and anniversary serenades, and more. References available. Travel OK. Jen 443 1672 MASSAGE THERAPY, Sportsmassage, Deep tissue, Relaxation. Treatment work and stress relief.Ursula Krebs, Dipl. Massage Therapist, Ph: 0276602271, mobile service available. Need to get organised? Experienced PA ready to help. Please call 021 999 370 or 443 4039. Osteopaths are medically trained to diagnose the exact cause if your pain so we get results quickly. Call The Wanaka Osteopathic Clinic on 443 OSTE for ACC.


YOGA SESSIONS; @ the lake, scotts beach, this sun 9-10:30 for other times and details;

wanted Empty Van wanted for travelling! No equipment inside, please. Text me 0223173408

sport results Friday Bridge 7 December: North/South:- Margaret Waterman, Deirdre Lynch 57.54% 1. Jan Anderson, Pat Gray 56.35% 2. Sherril Harries, Mo Schofield 52.38% 3. East/West:- Joy Baxter, Lynda Hodge 55.56% 2. Beaton Marr, Noeline Raffills 52.38% 3. Lake Hawea Golf Club Results 9/12/12 Mt. Maude Stableford Men 1 T Cotter 45, 2 G Haggart 44, 3 J Paddon 42, 4 R Stevenson 41, 5 S Innes 40, 6 J


MAC uniform – girl’s shirts wanted, thank you. Please call 021 999 370 or 443 4039. Preloved crystal cluster wanted to buy larger sized. Nikki 4436765 Salvation Army – Volunteers wanted for Saturday’s 10-12, 12-2, 2-4pm Please call into the storevarious hours available. Help us to help others. Volunteers needed @ Salvation Army Family Store Mon- Fri 3.305pm. Please call in if you are able to help. Horse riders looking to ride in Wanaka over summer give us a call. Nikki at Pembroke Stud 027 2467835

For FREE listing text your advert to

02 20 786 778 20 word limit - deadline Tuesday 4pm standard network rates apply Page 14

Thursday 13 December to Wednesday 19 December 2012

Cotter 39, 7= S Johnston 38,K Vincent 38. Ladies 1 B Stevenson 34, 2 M McElrea 31. Single Knockout Championship Final Red Stevenson bt Kahu Vincent 4&2. Nearest The Pin Skip Johnston Tarras Golf results Men’s Putting competition-Ken Galloway 29 putts, Richard Pullar 30, Mark Hervey 31, Murray Hyndman 31, Craig Still 33, Bonar Rowley 34, Skip Johnston 34

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Thursday 13 December to Wednesday 19 December 2012

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Local downhillers charge

Success at Special Olympics

Wanaka mountainbike riders finished the season strongly at the final event of the Southern Series Downhill at the Dirtpark last weekend. Cam Johnson, pictured, was the open men’s overall series winner with Tristan Muirhead taking the senior title and Phoebe Coers, 17, winning the overall women’s title. The junior male title was won by Dunedin rider Raphael Kammelian-Cuttler. PHOTO: Black Peak Photo Works PHOTO: supplied

Instructors Sensei Trevor Bailey (3rd dan) and Sempai Jim Thomsom (2nd dan) of Wanaka Kyokushinkai Karate Club were impressed with the standard displayed by the junior club at the end of year grading on Tuesday December 4. Trevor said the not-forprofit group has about 15 regulars in the children’s classes which cater for youngsters from six to 12 years old. A new intake of juniors commences in February of next year. This year’s grading results are: 9th kyu-Orange

Belt/tip: Blake Alty; 8th kyu-Blue Belt: Roman Alty, Jacob Harwood, Jack Culshaw; 7th kyuBlue Belt/tip: Bonnie Traynor, Tom Rizzi; 5th kyu-Yellow Belt/ tip: Samantha Traynor, Colton Sintes. Pictured are some of the junior members (from left): Bonnie Traynor, 8, Blake Alty, 11, Roman Alty, 7, Tom Rizzi, 11, Colton Sintes, 9,Callia Sintes, 6, Bradley Gendall, 6, Samantha Traynor, 9, Ben Boyd, 11, Jack Culshaw, 8,Ocean Alleman, 10 and Jacob Harwood, 11.

igh standard Hkarate displayed

Four Riding for the Disabled riders from Wanaka competed in the Special Olympics regional summer games in Dunedin on December 1 and 2. Team manager Sharon Robertson said the riders faced bad weather on Saturday and had to ride horses provided at the games rather than their usual mounts, but they “still managed to do us very proud”. She said they were practising for months with coaching from RDA members Ange van Asch and Carol Armstrong. Simon Scaife won three gold medals, Chloe Wigg won two gold medals and came sixth, Morgan James won one gold, one silver and a fourth place and Anna Freeman got one gold, one silver and a fifth place. “We would like to thank all those who have donated funds to help with expenses, and also the volunteers, without whom RDA couldn’t exist, and our parent helpers,” Sharon said. The team have now qualified for the National Special Olympic Games to be held in 2013.

PHOTO: supplied

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Thursday 13 December to Wednesday 19 December 2012

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