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Need for speed

Third time the charm

The normally serene rivers around central Otago resonated with a petrolhead’s dream soundtrack last weekend as some of the fastest jetboats in the world went head to head. The Otago Five Rivers race had legs on the Matukituki, the Clutha, Dart, the Kawerau and Shotover rivers over two days. The overall event was won by Nelson man and former world unlimited jetboat champion Rob Pooley, pictured here on the Matukituki in his Chevrolet powered Kwikkraft.

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Empty car found freedom camping Caroline Harker

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A local man who walked home after drinking during the Rippon Festival was surprised to receive a $200 ticket for freedom camping on the lakefront. HetoldtheWanakaSunhehad spent an enjoyable day listening to the concert with friends on a boat on Lake Wanaka. “We had been drinking so I left my car where in was in the lakefront parking zone and walkedhome. Howcananempty car be freedom camping?” The man rang Lakes Environmental to say he wasn’t in the car and could prove his case. He sent in his parents’ phone number and hasn’t heard anything back to date. Meanwhile mothers Michelle Cotter and Jo Chamberlain stand by their claim they would rather go to prison than pay a $200 freedom camping fine after their sons slept in their car on the lakefront rather than drink drive.

We had been drinking so I left my car where in was in the lakefront parking zone and walked home. They rang Lakes Environmental and were told the fine would have to be paid. QLDCmediapersonMeaghan Miller told the Wanaka Sun anyone who feels a fine is not justified is very welcome to fill out a waiver form. “This will then be considered and where appropriate the fine will be waived,” she said. “Council is

not suggesting anyone should break the law or put themselves or others at risk drink driving, nor is it in the business of sending our residentstoprison.Unfortunately the reality is that people sleeping in vehicles on the lakefront have on other occasions left unacceptable, unsightly and sometimes disgusting mess behind for foreshore visitors

to discover in the morning. It is one rule for all.” Acting Sergeant Phil Vink said locals sleeping in their cars rather than driving home under the influence was quite common in Wanaka. “It’s a good option,” he said. “We can’t tell them to drive on. It requires a bit of common sense. The majority of young

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here people here are pretty responsible about drunk driving. They do the right thing.” He suggested people could make a plan for how they were going to get home right from the word go. “But in this case the boys should be praised for making the call [not to drive] he said. The QLDC freedom camping control bylaw 2012 states that freedom camping does not include the following activities: (a) temporary and short-term parking of a motor vehicle; (b) recreational activities commonly known as day-trip excursions; (c) resting or sleeping at the roadside in a caravan or motor vehicle to avoid driver fatigue. Under the bylaws the maximumfineforillegalcamping is $20,000.


inbrief Building to start soon

Third time the charm

Eight builders have been sent the plans to price the new Lake Hawea community centre. All the paperwork has been in the hands of the council for a fortnight and building will start as soon as consent is received, according to building committee secretary Linda Osborne. “Hopefully that will be within a month,” she said. It can take three months to get building consent. A new building sub-committee has been appointed consisting of Donald Urquhart in the chair and Peter Hook as treasurer with Geoff Hewson, Dave Paterson, Bill McCarthy and Doug Bressnell making up the committee. Centre supporters have been raising funds for the $1.54million redevelopment project for two years. Linda said they still need money for fittings and furnishings. The project will convert most of the original centre into a library and includes a multifunction meeting room and redeveloped community hall.

It’s third time lucky for national aerobatic champion Doug Brooker who will be at Warbirds tomorrow with his spitfire. He tried to bring it to the 2008 airshow but was stumped by security requirements shipping the plane to New Zealand from the United States. He tried to come here again in 2010, but could not due to a minor accident. The spitfire has been painted in the colours and markings of the Mark IX Spitfire flown in the North Africa campaign by Squadron Leader Colin Gray, New Zealand’s highest-scoring Ace.

Wastewater solutions The Otago Regional Council has given the Cromwell Community Board two years to decide on a longterm wastewater management solution. The ORC granted a two-year interim consent to discharge Cromwell and Bannockburn wastewater in the Kawarau Arm of Lake Dunstan with the proviso that no further short-term consents will be approved. The community will be invited to help with its decision-making in the coming months.


QLDC won’t be showcasing Wanaka Caroline Harker Although the Queenstown Lakes District Council is hosting the 2012 local government conference, there will be no visits to this side of the hill. Instead all three tours on offer at the conference will be held on the Queenstown side; one to the events centre, one to a new housing development in Nerin Street and one to Shotover Jet, Arrowtown and some miners cottages. At Tuesday’s council meeting Councillor Jude Battson suggested a visit to Project Pure would have been appropriate however QLDC chief executive Debra Lawson said because the tour was taking place in mid-winter (July 15-17), “we have tried to minimise the amount of road transportation required for each


tour in case of adverse weather conditions”. Jude quipped it would be a good opportunity to get better roads to Wanaka. Mayor Vanessa van Uden said Jude was welcome to invite

The three tours being held in Queenstown are based around three topics: CCOs, affordable housing and tourism in Queenstown. The events centre tour follows a discussion on the benefits of

We have tried to minimise the amount of road transportation required for each tour in case of adverse weather conditions. anyone who she wanted to take to see Project Pure. She also suggested the 2013 Community Boards Conference which is being held in Wanaka in May next year would be a good time to have tours around Wanaka.

council controlled organisations, governance styles and public transparency. The Nerin Street visit is part of a session on affordable housing. Debra Lawson said the QLDC response to house affordability

Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012

is unique and there would be discussion about the HOPE strategy (Housing Our People in our Environment) and the activities of the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust. These will be at Jack’s Point. Debra said Jack’s Point had been chosen as the venue, “not only because it allows us to show conference delegates a little of the district but also because a 5 percent voluntary contribution from Jack’s Point provided initial funding for the affordable housing project.” The third tour, on the changing face of tourism in Queenstown, is intended to present two aspects of Queenstown’s tourism product – its adventure tourism industry and its heritage.


Tourist tax mooted Caroline Harker

The council plans to gather extra revenue by imposing a ‘tax’ on businesses which benefit from tourists. Many ratepayers are disgruntled about paying high rates for facilities which are used mainly by tourists, and council anticipates the ‘tax’ will be welcomed. Those who may not be quite so happy are the businesses which will pay it. The lakes district has a resident population of 28,000, and receives 2.8 million visitors each year. The council deputy CEO and

general manager finance Stewart Burns said the community wants costs fairly apportioned to visitors.

tourism,” Stewart said. “For example a new recreation and events rate will recover some costs associated with parks,

To do this in a fair and transparent way, council is looking to include a visitor cost ... “To do this in a fair and transparent way, council is looking to include a visitor cost in the rates of businesses in a region that benefits from

reserves, trails, walkways, public toilets and events by collecting about 50 cents per day from each visitor. The proposal is part of the

rates review which will be in the draft 10 Year plan. It will be available from April 7 and the council is keen to get feedback from the public. Both Stewart Burns and Mayor Vanessa van Uden said at the council meeting this week it is important the community takes the time to understand what they are trying to achieve. Stewart said he would be making a ‘cut down version’ of his report available to submitters and all interested parties.

inbrief Going to the ball Last week the Wanaka Sun had two single tickets to give away to the First annual Masquerade Ball on the Full Moon at Criffel Station Woolshed. The winners of the competition are Amanda McHolm from Hawea Flat and The Scarlet Pimpernel fan James Copley.

Crime decline for 2011 Tim Brewster

rate for burglaries was 3.8 percent last year with one resolution compared to more than half at 54.2 percent solved in 2010. The biggest decrease has been inreportedvandalism,with 101 incidents reported last year down from 199 incidents in 2010. The report shows there were 45 assaults with a 91 percent resolution rate recorded last year down

Crimes in the Wanaka area for 2011 have shown a decline in most cases from the previous year with the biggest drops in reported burglaries and vandalism. A summary of offences released by acting senior sergeant Derek Shaw show there were 26 burglaries in 2011 down from 48 in 2010. However the resolution

Reduced debt forecast The Queenstown Lakes District Council has reduced its forecast debt level by $1.23million after three years examining every project it planned to deliver in the next decade. “The 2009 forecast debt level by 2019 was $393 million, in 2012 the 10-year forecast is now $170 million, not only a major improvement but also allowing council considerable headroom,” QLDC deputy chief executive and general manager finance Stewart Burns said. “It’s a great result but there are a number of big issues that council needs to hear from the community on before finally adopting the [draft 10 year] plan in June.” A 10-Year Plan summary will be distributed widely in mid-April. The council has identified seven big issues, which the community could genuinely influence. These are: financial affordability; community facilities including the Wanaka Sports Facility; Wanaka water supply (algae); Water Demand Management; Rates Review; Wakatipu wastewater treatment (Project Shotover); and a District Events Office.

from 54 in 2010, with a 79.6 percent resolution rate. Last year there were three sexual assaults reported, compared to five in 2010. Regulated weapons and explosives offences were down to four last year from 18 in 2010. Drug use has stayed relatively consistent, with five dealing and 20 possession offences in 2011 compared to three and 19 in 2010.

Minor changes to residential rates Caroline Harker Residential rates should remain the same or decrease for most home owners in the Upper Clutha according to figures presented to the QLDC on Tuesday. Examples given included three properties: - a house in Wanaka valued at $528,962 will face a rates increase of 0.12 percent ie $2.74. - a house in Albert Town with a value of

$293,868 can expect to pay 3.84 percent less, which equates to a drop of $71.54. - a house in Hawea with a value of $362,437 will pay 2.48 percent less, a drop of $49.90. The biggest rates increases in the examples given included a ‘country dwelling’ worth $1,076,790 which faces a 3.84 percent increase of $176.34 and an accommodation property in Wanaka worth $704,736 which faces an

increase of 3.41 percent or $204.61. The QLDC Rates and Funding review was adopted by the council at Tuesday’s meeting and will be incorporated into the Long Term Plan. Details of the rates review are available on the QLDC website now, and will be in the Long Term Plan which will be made available to the public on April 7.

Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012



inbrief Thousands raised The raffle of a quilt, which took local quilters two full days of quilting from their temporary quilting station in Wanaka’s National Bank, raised $6001 for the Otago Neurosurgical Appeal. W Mason from Clyde won the quilt. Many diverse groups in Otago have joined the effort to raise $3million for the Otago Neurosurgical Appeal to secure the future of the service through the Neurological Foundation Chair in Neurosurgery, based at the University of Otago.

Vintage pilots get free flights Free flights are on offer this weekend, but only for applicants who pass a rigorous selection process: WWII veteran, and 90 years plus. Local pilot and flight trainer Peter Hendriks is offering flights in his vintage Tiger Moth, donning his passengers with a leather flying helmet, scarf and goggles. The Tiger Moth biplane was a standard pilot training plane during WWII with the majority of New Zealand airmen learning to fly solo in them. So far more than four veterans have inquired, including one 98-year-old.

PHOTO: supplied


Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012


Flight, photos for WWII veteran Tim Brewster Warbirds weekend will have a special significance for a former WWII pilot with a flight in Tiger Moth on the cards and a photographic display of him installed at the Luggate Hotel. Peter McKinlay, 91, pictured on the wing of a P 51 Mustang, lives in Bannockburn, and has visited the hotel a number of times for a meal and also to view the photo display there of New Zealand WWII

airmen, many of whom he knew, his son Trevor said. He was an RNZAF pilot with 15 and 26 Squadrons in the Pacific, stationed mostly at Bougainville in the Northern Solomon Islands. He finished the war with the rank of Flight Lieutenant, and in the years following, was a member of No 4 Territorial Squadron which was based at Taieri Aerodrome near Dunedin until it was disbanded in 1956. Self-employed for most of his working life

after the war, Peter has at various times been a garage and petrol station proprietor, a roading contractor, a bridge builder, and the owner of a hire company, which later became Hirequip under the direction of his son Stuart. Peter is currently considering taking up an offer from local pilot and flight trainer Peter Hendriks for free Tiger Moth flights for any veteran over the age of 90 over Warbirds weekend.

PHOTO: supplied

n a p a J in y e n r u jo ’s Jup Wanaka’s most famous plumber, Jup Brown, has started his running journey up the length of Japan to run 4100km as a fundraiser to help tsunami-affected areas. Jup set off on April 1and has almost completed the length of Okinawa Island.

During the trip he will be stopping in the affected areas to do volunteer work and raise awareness of the help that is needed. Jup is a fluent speaker of Japanese having spent a number of years in Japan working in the ski industry and identifies strongly with country’s culture. He is hoping to complete his journey in early July. PHOTO: supplied

Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012



Older people asked to speak out Caroline Harker Older people in our community tend to be stoic; making do, getting by, not wanting to be a bother. They’re much more likely to offer help than ask for it. However there are some parts of life which aren’t easy for the elderly - for example, getting around when they can’t drive any more, or finding life a bit lonely when they start giving up activities. Community Networks is carrying out a research project to look at the needs of older people and use the information to make their lives a bit easier.

The idea for the project beganwhennewimmigrant Sarah Ballard (pictured far left) was co-opted onto the Alpline Community Development Trust. She came across some research into the lives of the elderly and decided a bigger project was warranted. She set up a pilot project writing a questionnaire and interviewing ten people in the community. Most of them were over 75 years old. Problems she came across included transport, not wanting to ask for help and loneliness. “We had an amazing afternoon tea party to thank them for be interviewed,” Sarah said. “It was like a

movie. They all absolutely enjoyed the occasion. It was a real treat for them.” A former psychiatric social worker in mental health, Sarah realised the importance for her survey. Community Networks applied for a research grant and received $23,000 from the Lotteries Commission. Helen Millar (far right) was employed to help Sarah and now they are looking for about 60 people aged over 65 who are willing to talk to them sometime before the end of the year. Interviews will cover a broad range of topics including what family people have in the area,

why they live here, how they manage financially, social activities, interests, independence and health needs. “It’s a chance for them to have their say, especially if they feel isolated or vulnerable,” Sarah said. “This is a real opportunity to raise the profile of this age group in our area and anyone who’s interested can contact Kate Murray, the manager at Community Networks.” The project is being supervised by Professor Amanda Barusch from the Department of Social Work and Community Development at the University of Otago.

PHOTO: don buick


Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012

sunprofile Daughter Maisie looks on as Sarah-Kate and Dan taste the Two Degrees 2009 pinot noir.

Through the grapevine Viv Milsom Sarah-Kate and Dan Dineen love living and working in Wanaka. Experienced wine-makers, they married in Wanaka in 2003, and went on to establish Maude Wines, a family owned company which today produces about 10,000 cases of Central Otago wine. Sarah-Kate and Dan first met in Australia, where they were working in the Hunter Valley for Brokenwood Winery back in the 1990s. “I was a ‘cellar rat’ and he was the winemaker,” SarahKate said. Australian born and bred Dan had learned his wine-making skills at prestigious Roseworthy College in South Australia, while kiwi Sarah-Kate, who grew up in Southland had studied science at Otago University, before gaining a diploma in viticulture and wine-making from Lincoln University. Both have since won a string of awards for their wine-making, including “Best Red Wine in the World” at the London International Wine Challenge, an award Dan won with his 1999

Brokenwood Rayner Shiraz. Sarah-Kate went on to set up the successful Tempus Two Winery in the Hunter Valley, while Dan became the general manager and chief winemaker at Tower Estate. Sarah Kate also became

“a huge support.” Her family has taken holidays in Wanaka since SarahKate was a child, and her brother, sister and parents have a share-holding in Maude Wines. “We make Mt Maude wine using their grapes exclusively, and then we make Maude wines,

Dan fell in love with Wanaka and it’s lovely to be bringing our children up here. a full judge and panel chair, judging at wine shows all over Australia. “It was a tough decision to leave,” she said, “but Dan fell in love with Wanaka and it’s lovely to be bringing our children up here.” Stella is now four years old and Maisie is two. “I try to achieve a balance between them and work, but it’s of course easier said than done.” “It’s frantic for about six to eight weeks during vintage, but the rest of the time Dan and I can share work and caring for the kids.” Sarah-Kate’s parents, who own Mt Maude vineyard have also been

using a variety of grapes from Wanaka, Gibbston Valley, Bannockburn and Queensberry. There are actually huge differences between these sub-regions and we’re enjoying blending the different grapes.” Dan and Sarah-Kate also make wine for a number of other small vineyards in the region, including Two Degrees, a boutique vineyard at Queensberry. “Because of their northerly aspect and slight elevation, they’re often one of the latest picked vineyards and this extra time on the vines gives their grapes a ripeness and flavour development which

PHOTO: Anna Allan

allows us as winemakers a beautiful platform. With premium grapes you have more choices to add complexity to the wine.” Indeed so. The Two Degrees 2009 pinot noir recently won the Champion Pinot Noir trophy in the Royal Easter Show in Auckland and the 2010 Mt Maude pinot noir won gold at the same show. While winning awards offers Sarah-Kate and Dan recognition in the winemaking industry, their love of Wanaka and strong sense of family are equally important to them. “We lost most of the summer when we worked in the Hunter Valley, but here we can enjoy the summer and early autumn. We love to water and snow ski, and I run a lot and coach junior netball. I love cooking too and I’m into cheese making,” Sarah-Kate said. Dan, a keen biker, claims to be a “terrible fly fisherman and golfer”. He is Australian so this may be true, but not likely. This is a couple who love to live their lives to the max, whatever the challenge.

Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012



Best gardens in Tarras

All going to the dogs Event manager Rebecca Brosnahan won a Treble Cone season pass on Friday in a raffle held to raise funds for the Aspiring Avalanche Dogs. She was given her ticket by her sister. When organiser Matt Gunn phoned Rececca on a public speaker phone, “she was so stoked her excitement infected everyone there and the crowd broke out in smiles, laughter and even the odd tear.” Matt said funds raised will go towards day passes for volunteer dog baiters and a new container. PHOTO: supplied

The excitement was evident among senior students for the final judging day of the Tarras School best garden competition 2012. Each senior student planted, grew and harvested vegetables in their own raised garden bed, and took care of its maintenance. Judges, Bill Gibson and local farmer

Jan Gibson, had the difficult task of deciding which young gardener would win the school’s shield. Bill, a retired local farmer and expupil of the school, won the best garden shield when he was a pupil in 1938. The competition was re-introduced in 2010 when the students’ gardens

were established. The children first grow their vegetables from seed in the classroom and plan the layout of their gardens. They enjoy snacking on their freshly picked vegetables, and morning tea at Tarras School is often supplemented with carrots and radishes. The students also use their produce in school

and home cooking. Ten-year-old Hamish Robinson was this year’s best garden winner. Arabella Chapman-Cohen, 11, placed second and third place went to nine-year-old Milly Robinson (pictured). Tarras School is an enviro-school and was awarded a bronze award last year. PHOTO: supplied


Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012


Kids help raise funds Wanaka came up with $3200 for the Blind Foundation Red Puppy Appeal over two days last week. The biggest single contributor was Wanaka Primary School which raised $480 with a coin trail. Teacher Kitt South invited guide dog puppy trainer Lorraine Knowles to visit the school with her puppy Geffrey. Kitt has been teaching her five and six-year-old students about pets - including working pets. Other visitors have included search and rescue dogs and local vet Gary Walker. Pictured are five-year-old Wanaka Primary School students with Geffrey the dog from left: Ollie Morgan, Charlie Scurrr, Kitt South (teacher), Lorraine Knowles (guide dog trainer), Ruby Cochran, Amelia Loudon and Zedyn Fellows. PHOTO:

Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012



inbrief Simple rules - save lives

Thanksgiving in Hawea

The New Zealand Mountain Safety Council advises trampers that following five simple rules could save a life this Easter weekend. “Becoming compromised by inclement or a swift change in weather, your own physical limits or becoming injured could have serious consequences for you and your party,” Mountain Safety Council bushcraft programme manager Chris Owens said. The simple rules of the New Zealand Outdoor Safety Code include: plan your trip; tell someone; be aware of the weather; know your limits; take sufficient supplies.

Doug from Lake Hawea Douglas from Lake Hawea, he really is a goer He trundles up and down the street upon his ride-on mower When the weeds and broom grow high the local people say ‘Just give Doug a ring, he’ll come and spray’ His energy is boundless, he seldom ever tires And when the siren goes, he rushes to fight fires He’s the dedicated grounds man, down at the local school The kids all call him Doug and think he’s pretty cool ln the Lake Hawea community he’s at everyone’s beck and call Even in his spare time, he’s helping extend the hall On Hawea gymkhana day he’s unsure which hat to wear Whether it’s Committee or Fire Brigade, you can be sure that he’ll be there ln the Lake Hawea community, when there’s work to be done Doug will turn up in his truck, he comes on the run Waitangi weekend’s Hawea Challenge - games & competition in the sun Doug’s a keen organiser and planner of the fun Every community has one, the volunteer hidden under the rug ln Lake Hawea, our ‘main man’ is Doug - Liz Matheson


Thank you Hawea volunteers Caroline Harker A thanksgiving pot luck dinner organised for volunteers in Hawea packed out the community centre on Friday night. Organised by the wellbeing sub-committee of the Hawea Community Association, the

dinner included volunteers from more than a dozen voluntary groups ranging from the Grans Group (who help with reading at the primary school) to the Thursday Group (who plant trees along the lakefront). A special prize, The Chocolate Cake Award for volunteering excellence, went to volunteer fire

brigade fire chief Doug Brenssell. Doug (pictured) also received a poem written especially for him by Liz Matheson (see above). The theme of the pot luck dinner was something people had reared or grown. The prize for the best main course went to Elisabeth Horrell for her broccoli salad and the best

dessert prize went to Alison Brown for her walnut torte. Wellbeing sub-committee member Judith Shaw said they plan to make the dinner an annual event, “to celebrate and thank all the wonderful volunteers who, through their generosity, make Hawea such a great community.”

Plan change for water strategy Plan Change 6A to the Otago Water Plan - a proposed policy aimed at maintaining good water quality and improving the water quality where it has deteriorated - was notified on March 31. The plan change includes rules to control pollution entering rural waterways from runoff, leaching, and farm drains while recognising the variability in climate, land use, and water quality throughout the region. Otago Regional Council chairman Stephen Woodhead said the proposed rules give land managers the flexibility to implement practical changes to meet the discharge limits. The proposed rules were developed with an effects-based approach in mind to protect good water quality into the future and improve it where necessary. Discharges which have an obvious adverse effect on receiving water, or from disturbed land, and discharges to water from animal waste systems, silage storage, or composting processes will become prohibited.

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Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012


Matilda turns one Caroline Harker Anna van Riel was advised to terminate her pregnancy so often she banned all mention of it. And today her baby girl Matilda is one year old, happy and well, just as Anna always hoped she would be. Anna was 21 weeks pregnant when she and her husband-to-be Locky Urquhart came home to Hawea to get married in January last year. They had been living in Byron Bay. Anna went for an ultrasound in Wanaka and realised all was not well. “I saw the radiographer’s face drop and I said what’s wrong with my baby?” It was the beginning of what could have been a nightmare, but Anna was determined to stay positive. “I was under a lot of pressure to terminate. They said if she survived she wouldn’t have a good life. They talked about chromosomal abnormalities and a rotated heart. I listened to my intuition. I knew she was coming regardless. She was strong. I could have put a lot of fear into it but I choose not to.” Some time later an amniocentesis showed no chromosomal abnormalities. No-one mentioned a rotated heart again. When Matilda was born in Wellington hospital on April 5 her stomach, liver and intestines were in a sac outside her body. She had a ruptured omphalocele, a rare condition where the abdomen fails to close around the base of the umbilical cord during early development. “She was in the neo-natal intensive care unit where there were six babies and two nurses in each room. Matilda had three nurses all to herself. It really was a life and death situation.” Anna and Locky lived at Ronald

PHOTO: supplied

McDonald house for three months while Matilda had three major operations and battled for her life. It was seven weeks before

fun day to raise money for the Christchurch Ronald McDonald House. Now Matilda is one and doesn’t have to see a specialist

I saw the radiographer’s face drop and I said what’s wrong with my baby? Anna was allowed to hold her baby, 10 before she could breastfeed. Later they were able to move to Invercargill where they could go to the hospital for daily dressing changes, and be closer to family and friends. Finally in August they moved home to the Nook in Hawea, and Anna organised a family

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again for 12 months. “All her organs are working properly. She’s an amazing child.” Her mother is fairly amazing too. As well as looking after Matilda she’s busy harvesting fruit at the Nook, putting together a new album which she is recording bit by bit in Invercargill, and organising a

house concert tour of the United States. Next year she and Locky plan to take Matilda and travel around the States where Anna will perform and Locky will learn as much as he can about building eco homes. Then there’s the business of why Matilda got sick. “There have been clusters of babies born with abdominal wall defects. We lived outside Byron Bay where they grew macadamia nuts and bananas and a lot of spraying went on. There were eight cases in 24 months which is a very high ratio. The health board is doing a research project into chemical sprays. It’s fascinating but we’ll probably never know for sure.”

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Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012

7 Frederick St, Wanaka 443 6404

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Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012


Hockey players wanted

Wanaka winners Deb and Gary Johnston were the lucky winners of accommodation and activities in Queenstown when they shopped in the Spencer House Mall before Christmas. Deb wrote to the Wanaka Sun to tell us how their weekend went: “We stayed at the Millennium Hotel on the Thursday night in one of their superb king size rooms with views looking directly up the Gondola. Following drinks in their Club Bar we headed out to the Hilton Hotel at the Kawarau Village for dinner at the Stacks Pub: A real fun night in a great setting with great staff and the food was delicious. The following morning we were treated to an awesome breakfast in The Observatory Restaurant at

Upper Clutha hockey junior Laetitia Telford,13. PHOTO: supplied

the Millennium then off up the Gondola to soak in the amazing views and have fun on the Luge. Absolutely heaps of fun but don’t think I managed to break any speed records there! We had a great chat to the guys in the treehouse that run the Ziptrek Ecotours which we were also lucky to receive vouchers for. We are planning to use these later in the year. All up a fantastic few days and many, many thanks to the organisers of the Spencer House Mall Competition, the Wanaka Sun, the Millennium Hotel, the Hilton Stacks Pub, Gondola and Luge and the Ziptrek Ecotours.”

Freedom camper self-contained The caravan pictured on the front page of the Wanaka Sun last week was parked at Waterfall Creek freedom camping area for self-contained vehicles. “Whilst we understand there are problems associated with freedom camping in vehicles without toilets and holding tanks, the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association self-containment programme is set up to alleviate this problem, and leave nothing behind but footprints,” the caravan owner said. His caravan is a certified self-contained caravan with on-board toilet, rubbish container and holding tanks for fresh and waste water.

The Upper Clutha Hockey Club is looking for young enthusiast players for their upcoming winter season. The club currently has four teams with players ranging from the Fun Sticks at four to seven years, the Small Sticks at eight to ten years, the Kwik Sticks, 11 to 12 years, and a senior B team with 13 to 18-year-old females and 13 to 15-year-old males. The club also extends to senior men and women’s grades and accumulates 100 members within the Upper Clutha region with the majority of competition games played in Cromwell. The club practises on a half pitch on Warren Street which has lighting for night use. A recent grant allocation of $6813.15 has enabled the UCHC to purchase a new goalie kit, game balls, coaching material and uniforms for senior players.

Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012

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Solid school performance A squad of seven rowers and coxen George Heard, coached by Dave Varney and Rob Bruce, travelled to the Maadi Cup last week and picked up some personal best times and some medals. The boys under 18 lightweight double (Jarrod Wellman and Jamie Bowley) topped their heat to qualify for the A final on Saturday where they won a bronze

medal with a personal best of 7.11. The boys under 17 coxed quad of Jamie Bowley, James Redai, Eachann and Riley Bruce, coxed by George Heard, came fifth in the A final, with a personal best time of 6.44, to beat their rivals Otago Boys for the first time this season. Anna Watson Taylor’s (pictured) recent decision to take up single sculling

gained her a place in the under 18 single sculls semi-final and fifth in the B final in 8.42. Thirteen-year-old novices Riley Bruce and Jack Porter raced in the under 15 doubles and came fourth in the B final in 7.51. Riley also raced in the under 16 single sculls, placing third in the B finals in a time of 7.57. The under 17 double of Eachann and James had

a good run, overcoming illness and placing fifth in the B final in 7.01. Eachann raced to sixth place in the under 17 single sculls B final in 8.01. The under 18 boys double of Eachann and Jarrod got to the semi-finals but had to scratch from their race due to a timetable clash with the quad race.

PHOTO: supplied

Bold boulderering

Moa hunters seek adventure

Wanaka has two new national champions and a second place after the final round of the New Zealand Alpine Club’s national bouldering series final held recently at Castle Hill in Canterbury. Nia O’Connor won the open women’s title, and Stefan Schwarz,15, pictured with Nia, won the junior male title, with Finn Fairbairn,15, coming second. Bouldering is a climbing discipline involving scaling large boulders without ropes or harnesses, with the competition involving climbers being judged on a number of climbs over a period of several hours.

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Tim Brewster The hills and waterways of Fiordland are likely to be the setting for next week’s 450km Godzone adventure race with the Wanaka Moa Hunters expecting a challenging week. “Our goal is to finish amicably,” veteran adventure racer Richard Anderson said. The most experienced member of the team, Richard has finished 11 expedition length adventure races and is aware of the stress the group can come under. “The challenges include food, blisters, the ‘sleep monster’ and injury.” The other three members of the Wanaka-based team are experienced multisporters and triathletes with Simone Maier and Ailsa Rollinson placing first and second in the Goldrush recently and Jeremy Warnock, a former Coast to


The challenges include food, blisters, the ‘sleep monster’ and injury. Coast competitor and mountain marathon runner. This is the first time the four have combined in an event and the Godzone promises to be a test for even the most prepared team. Billed as a multi-day, non-stop, expeditionstyle adventure race the disciplines include navigation, trekking, mountain biking,

kayaking and fixed rope climbing and abseiling. Starting on Monday April 7, the top teams are expected to finish the following Thursday afternoon. With Ailsa and Simone still fit from their recent events, the team has been doing multiple trips up Mt Roy in preparation for what will be a number of round the clock hill

Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012

climbs regardless of weather. As well as the Wanaka team, top local multisporters Braden Currie and Jessica Simson will be joining two highly competitive teams in Queenstown. Braden, who placed third in this year’s Coast to Coast will be joining well known professional multisporters Richard and Elina Ussher and Sam Clarke on team Subway, Jess joins Adrian Bailey, Matt Woods and Bas Smith in team R&R Sport. The teams will be tracked throughout the event, with updates on the organisation website. They will have no prior knowledge of the route and will be issued with route books and topographical maps with a list of checkpoints they must find just prior to the start. The Moa Hunters are hoping for a strong finish on either Thursday or Friday.



Sporty mum and son Tim Brewster The local mother and son combination of Emma and Finn Bilous from Hawea Flat had another successful sporting weekend recently. Emma won the gruelling 50km endurance run held at Northburn Station near Cromwell while Finn won his fourth consecutive Central

Otago primary school triathlon title. Emma, pictured at the finish with well known endurance runner Lisa Tamati and event organiser Terry Davis, ran in the shortest of the distances which range from a brutal160km down to the 50km. The run was held in extremely windy and wet conditions with some competitors including Emma

blown off their feet during the event. She finished in a time of 7:15, 42 minutes ahead of her nearest competitor. “It was a fantastic event, despite getting blown over. Although I was really happy with the 50 km, I am totally inspired by those who completed the 100 mile run ... maybe that could be me one day,” Emma said.

Drunken antics A party in Helwick Street got out of control with vomiting and urinating on the street and was closed down by the occupants. One underage person was taken home by police to ensure his safety. A male was arrested for disorderly behaviour after he started fighting with a group. A drink driver was caught more than 1 ½ times over the legal limit in Hawea. PHOTO: supplied

Theft A purple mountain bike was taken between March 16 and March 23 from an address at the SH6 end of Aubrey Road.

Traffic Warbirds over Wanaka will bring a heavier traffic flow than normal and there is a 4kph tolerance during the Easter weekend. Senior Constable Bruce Mclean suggests taking SH6 towards Hawea, right onto Camp Hill Road, right onto Kane Road and left onto SH8A a good path to get to Cromwell and beyond.

Home invasion still open A lack of assistance from some of the victims of the reported home invasion at Stratford Terrace in late January has been “disappointing” for police, who have yet to make an arrest, Acting Senior Sergeant Derek Shaw said. “We may not have the full cooperation of some of the victims. We still believe it is solvable, if more information is forthcoming.”

If you have information on any crimes call 0800CRIMESTOPPER (0800555111).

Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012

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Swimmers strong again at champs Tim Brewster Wanaka’s young swimmers are continuing what must be their best competition season ever with a record breaking time at the Otago Primary and Secondary school swim championships. Ellie Brooks, 16, Lennox Hemingway, 14, Hailee Humphrey ,15, and Kenzie Findlay, 13, won the primary 200m medley event in a time of 2:25.91

taking four tenths of a second off the record. The squad came away with a number of other medals, including one from a dramatic finish by Sophie Fairbairn who won the 12 and over 50m breaststroke and just missed out by hundredths of a second to breaking a 20-year-old record set by Olympic swimmer Elizabeth van Welie. Gregor Findlay won the 50m freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke in the 11

and under age category and his older sister Kenzie won the 50m freestyle, placed second in the backstroke and butterfly and third in the 50 metre breaststroke in the 14 and under girls event. Other podiums came from Ellie Brooks who placed third in the 15 and over 50m backstroke and in the mixed nine and under 200 freestyle relay, Jack Findlay, Sam Knight, Fergus Read and Tom Heather, all nine-yearsold, placed third.

Medals in multi-style

Eleven-year-old Holly Wigg came away from Tapanui with fantastic results in the Southland Multi-style karate tournament. The Wanaka girl won gold for under 12 year Kata, gold for under 15 year Kata (brown belt and above) and gold for women’s open Kata (brown belt and above). She also won silver for Kumite in under 12 year (green to black belt) Holly will train in Queenstown for three days during the Easter school holidays with Hanchi Paul Mitchel while he is here for a black belt grading. Then she will attend a two-day training camp with the New Zealand team to gain selection for the Oceania karate team to represent New Zealand in Sydney in September.

PHOTO: supplied

The team, made up of students from Wanaka, Cromwell Alexandra, Arrowtown and Queenstown train for competitions with Sensei Chris McGregor from Wanaka’s Shukokai Karate. The other team results

for the Central Otago students from Saturday’s competition were: Kobe Townsend won silver in the under 10 year boys. In the under 12 year girls Emma Henderson won gold for Kata and gold for Kumite (white to yellow belt). Michael Manson

won silver in Kata and gold in Kumite and Seth Mawhinney won gold for Kata and silver for Kumite in the under 12 year boys (green to black). In the 15 year to 17 year category Jenny Howse won gold for Kata (below brown belt) and also bronze for Kata (brown belt above) bronze Kumite(15 year). Cole Mackie topped the men’s open grade to win gold in Kata, and picked up silver in Kumite and silver in the men’s open Kumite. Levi Healey 1517 year (brown and black belts) received bronze for Kata and Kumite and gold in the senior men’s open. Jacinda Morton was unable to compete because of injury but offered valuable coaching support to her team mates.

Cardrona Valley road race records Fast times and a largest ever field of 320 for the Southern Lakes half marathon and 10km run meant records fell last weekend, but despite a strong individual run in the Southern Lakes half marathon by local Oska Inkster-Baynes, he was still three minutes off the mark set by Dunedin’s Luke Hurring last year. However Greer Mclean of Wanaka running in the 60 plus women’s division broke her own record by two minutes finishing in 2:06:30. In the 10km event, local teen Lorenz Kissling broke his own under 19 record and ran the fastest time ever on the course in 34:21. Triathlete Nicky Samuels was only a second behind him and set a new open women’s record, with her partner Steve Gould breaking the existing record for the men’s open in 38:48, with Andrew Town setting a record in the 40-49 age group in 37:22.

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Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012

sunviews editorial


BOARD It is certainly a short sightedness of the FOPP to oppose the angle parking on Browston Street which will not affect the park whatsoever. We need more parking around Wanaka and this has provided it many times during the year. Angle parking is also safe for the driver entering or leaving the car as well. I think it is unnatural and unhealthy having thieves in our community and drunk drivers on our roads. Seeing as the law is no deterrent to these people perhaps everybody knowing their names will be. If you go to court you did something wrong. Simple. Keep naming them. Just read the Wanaka Sun re: park or parking lot. 2 dangerous 4 motorist 2 c oncoming traffic when at STOP sign on Dungarvon St wanting 2 turn right onto Brownston Whose bright idea was it to rip up the road near Rippon right before our town has visitors for Easter? To the red head lady I gave a lift home to on Saturday night, I hope your hangover wasn’t to bad the next day, my car still stinks of vomit thanks a lot! Why does our tap water smell like a swimming pool & taste like the swimming pool? Is it to hide the diquat put near water intake or a wrong dosage mistake? As new zealand is now far from clean and green lets not sacrifice people’s freedom as well. This whole no freedom camping bylaw is rubbish. Provide more toilets and educate instead.

Council, in the time honoured fashion of local and national government agencies worldwide, seems to have forgotten how to write documents in a simple, understandable format and it seems there is already confusion on the streets about the council’s changes to our rates which have been approved this week. The plan to introduce a tourist tax on facilities used by tourists, among other rate changes, has been included in the draft 10 year plan. The idea that businesses which benefit from tourists should foot the bill for costs related to them is nothing new but it has to be managed in a fair and balanced way, particularly when visitor numbers are not buoyant and businesses here are struggling financially. Will out-of-the-district car and campervan rental companies be charged for using the roads, in our district, will aircraft companies be charged for bring visitors in, and importantly, will residents here face increased costs to also enjoy the place we live?

Our council wanting to fine those 2 boys for “freedom camping” when they did the right thing and didn’t drive drunk is pathetic. Driving across those “dreaded” speed bumps this glorious autumn afternoon I thought just how well they were working. With the traffic slowed & lots of people crossing between the lake & shops the whole area was so user friendly. Drivers u r slower now anyway so is it in the 2 hard basket 2 give way 2 pedestrians on you Michelle and Jo, also your sons. Really cannot believe FOPP being so ridiculous re the preposed parking plan . It makes sense to tidy Brownston st parking around the sportsground If traffic speed is the issue around the CBD (!?) then erect and enforce 30k speed limit signs rather than turn Wanaka into a terrain park. The person opposing the naming of local criminals must be one. have a cry! people should be named and shamed, just like u do the crime u do the time. keep on the rightside of the law and u cant complain. What’s wrong with competition and affordable fast food? Can’t wait for mcd or bk to undercut expensive wanaka f&c shops.

Petty officials It shows you just how quick petty officials will abuse new laws, two boys after drinking to much sleep in their car rather than risk driving. Great, well done! Then a fine from a poorly thought through law which has no relationship with this situation. This almost comical situation is then made far more serious when a Mr Paul Wilson puts his official ten cents worth in. My comment is this, Mr Wilson is either a complete idiot or has no idea how dangerous young people driving drunk are! First get rid of the so called freedom camping law it was not thought through and very much rushed through parliament, second Mr. Wilson obviously should have nothing to do with community services. Ross price

Parkins bay development is the most significant loss to Wanaka’s outstanding landscapes. to me the most beautiful part of the drive back from aspiring national park. Come on every one get behind the Wanaka Skate Club and together we can finally get the skate park extension started. Whoop whoop. Re: mums would go to prison. I too received a 200 dollar fine for freedom camping on rippon night and i wasn’t even in my car!!! The true meaning of life is 2 plant trees, under whose shade U do not expect 2 sit. Should we not put the rowing club on the speed bumps, time to move on! now hasn’t the weather been lovely this year?;-) p Anyone else getting nuisance calls? “Goodbye”

The views expressed in the text board and in the Letters to the Editor are those of the author alone and not necessarily those of the Wanaka Sun.


021 986 786 Issue 551 Thursday April 05, 2012

circulation: 9,000 Free delivery to Wanaka, Wanaka surrounds and Cromwell urban and rural mailboxes, PO boxes in Makarora, Cromwell, Haast, Wanaka, Albert Town, Hawea. Distributed to motels, hotels and cafes plus businesses in the Wanaka central business district and to drop boxes in Wanaka, Queenstown, Arrowtown and Cromwell.

Phone: 03 443 5252 Fax: 03 443 5250 Text view: 021 986 786 Text classified: 022 0786 778 Address: Upstairs Spencer House, Wanaka Postal: PO Box 697, Wanaka Editorial manager: Ruth Bolger Journalists: Tim Brewster Caroline Harker Production: Adam Hall Advertising: Amanda Hodge Buffy Paterson Rob Eggers Accounts: Printed by: Guardian Print, Ashburton Delivered by: Wanaka Rowing Club Published by: Wanaka Sun (2003) Ltd

Don’t go to prison

Irresponsible behaviour I am writing in response to the article “Mums would go to prison”, published in the Wanaka Sun on March 29, 2012, in particular the attitude demonstrated by QLDC’s general manager of community services Paul Wilson. Young people are often berated for making bad decisions however on this occasion it appears the boys in question acted in a mature and responsible fashion choosing not to drink and drive. Paul Wilson’s stance in enforcing the parking infringement notice they received rather than waiving the fee with a warning discourages these responsible decisions. Would Mr Wilson rather they drive their cars home whilst under the influence of alcohol? I’m sure he will say no but when the alternatives are either a $200 fine, or up to a $100 taxi fare home, what does he expect the next young person in a similar situation to do? That’s right; they will drive their cars and be the bloody idiot he appears to be. It concerns me that someone who by his very actions encourages this sort of socially irresponsible behaviour would be allowed to stay in a position of management in our community. Councils have the ability to waive infringements when they consider the explanation to be acceptable. That Mr Wilson has “no sympathy” in punishing the boys for making what most people I am sure would feel is the right decision shows not only bad judgment but in my opinion a real dose of pure arrogance. I’m curious, when our Mayor read this article in the Wanaka Sun, how did she feel about Paul Wilson’s stance on the matter? Does she feel it sends the right message to our community? Also, how do our local police feel about it? I trust you will find out for us.

After reading the article in the Wanaka Sun about two young men being issued a “ticket” for sleeping in a car they did not want to drive, given they had been drinking, I thought it must be 1st April. Sadly not, just QLDC in action. If the quote and attitude attributed to QLDC general manager community services is correct, then I despair. It shows a complete disconnection from life’s realities. Local authorities are established to serve the communities in which they operate, and they need to stay connected to their community. If the facts as reported are correct, any reasonable person considering the circumstances of this case would not treat it as “freedom camping”. To do so is a perversion of the intent and purpose of the relevant regulation. More importantly, there is a counter-balancing community concern over drinking and driving which should be taken into account. QLDC needs to get back in touch with the community it has been set up to serve, and look at all the circumstances. Its apparent position on this episode does it a disservice. An aspiration for QLDC in 2012 should be to humanise itself. And to the mothers of the young men concerned - don’t go to prison as you suggest. You will have received an infringement notice. Respond to it saying you will defend the matter, and let the District Court deal with it. Not only might you get a judge who may have some difficulty in finding an offence against the freedom camping regulations to be proven, but QLDC may also receive a deserved message from the judicial system in this case. You might even find a lawyer who will help you without charge, especially if you find one as incensed as I am with this apparent stupidity. I would do it myself if I was still practising instead of enjoying Wanaka lifestyle and activities despite what appears to be an over-bearing local authority.

Having read the proposals being mooted for a tourist tax in Wanaka I feel there needs to be considerable community discussion on this matter. We must be aware that it is the tourists that it appears this town wants to attract because of the revenue they bring with them so we must consider if a tax would be of a benefit or a discouragement. One of the proposals to levy sectors of the ratepayers with a “tourist” levy on their rates could well become a resident tax – not a tourist tax. Just because the ratepayer has been deemed to be a commercial ratepayer does not mean that they will be receiving a large proportion of tourist income. Many ratepayers have been rated as “semi commercial” because they are a B&B or work from home. To levy them with a flat “Tourist “ tax could well mean they are paying a tax regardless of whether they are generating tourist income or not. Let’s not just make this another income generating tax without really assessing how this would truly represent the best interests of the tourists and residents alike.

David Mackenzie

Terry Drayton

Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012

Alan McKay Wanaka

Tourist tax

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Aaron, Nikki, Hunter and McKay are pleased to announce the arrival of their third son, and brother, Chase William McKay Heath on 03/04/12. Special thanks to Justine and Pauline of Mountain Mamas.

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Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012

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trades&services TREE services





sport results Wanaka bowling Club progressive bowls, Friday March 30: Skips 1 George Russell, 2 Norm Matheson, 3 Kerry Suckling. Thirds 1 Mike Ryder, 2 Brian Holmes, 3 Dirk Gootjes. Leads 1 David Byers, 2 Rick Mclean, 3 Fred Anderson Tarras Golf Opening Results AmbroseKen Galloway, Richard Pullar, Stephanie Still and Russell Lovelock 57 nett, Allan Kane, Craig Still, Robert Leslie and Graeme Rive 58.7, Annabel Spiers, Carmel & Murray Hyndman and Richard Timpany 60.4

Lake Hawea Golf Club Results 01/04/2012. Medal, LGU + Ringers. Men 0 -13: 1 R Johnston 8013-67 on c/b, 2 S Johnston 77-10-67. Men 14+: 1 A Hales 81-17-64 on c/b, 2 R Stevenson 83-19-64. Women: 1 K Todd 88-24-64, 2 J Hanson 89-20-69. Nearest the Pin: K Vincent. Two’s K Todd No 10, T Cotter No 18. Birdie net eagle K Todd No 16. Bridge results: Mt Iron Stakes 1 North/South: Marion Furneaux, Laraine Shepherd 60.55%1. Pat Gray, Jean Stokes 59.27% 2. Fran Holmes, Sue Orbell 57.55% 3. East/West:- Errol Kelly, Jenny Pryde

69.82% 1. John Lyness, Hugh Simmers 63.18% 2. Pauline Davidson, Marg Grieve 55.18% 3._Wilkin Pairs Silver Division. 29 March. North/South:- Clare Scurr, Ann-Louise Stokes 67.00% 1. Errol Kelly, Max Shepherd 50.00% 2. Bronze Division:- Adrian Stewart, Judith Jenkins 64.58% 1. Cliff & Grace Harris 56.25% 2. Friday Bridge 30 March. North/ South:- Lynne Fegan, Maggie Stratford 58.75%1. Pat Gray, Freda Ryder 52.08% 2. K.Gibbons, Dorothy McDonald 50.83% 3. East/West:- Anne Hamilton, Pat Ross 69.17% 1. Karolyn Macandrew, Barbara Waterworth 61.25% 2. Noeline Goldsbrough, Lyn Howson 47.50% 3.

Thursday 05 April to Wednesday 11 April 2012

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Mixed fortune over the hill Both Wanaka football teams travelled to Jack’s Point in Queenstown on Saturday. The A team (pictured at last week’s game) were first up against Galaxy and knew they had to be on top form having lost on their last visit to this ground. Connor Ceci was unavailable due to illness and Pauly Hodgson was back in the side after his absence last week. Galaxy, a young team who have played together for a few years, like to get the ball on the ground and play a passing game which can be hard to combat. From the start Wanaka dominated the middle of the field. They created a

few early chances winning the physical battle to shut down Galaxy’s passing game. In the first ten minutes, midfielder Ian Bell opened the scoring when the Galaxy keeper failed to handle his deep, inswinging cross into the top corner. It was to be Ian’s last involvement as he retired early with a calf injury. Gabe Shwarz got back among the goals with a nice finish after being set up by Finn Moore to make it 2-0 at the break. Galaxy turned on the pressure in the second half but without success as young Gabe made the game safe with his second goal making it 3-0. He

Veteran wheels out another win

then secured his fifth goal in two games to gain his first hat-trick of the season. With 11 goals for and one against, the Wanaka A team are the side to beat at this early stage of the season. In the Wanaka B game against Rangers both teams fought out a scrappy contest which could have gone either way. In the end it went Rangers way, with the Queenstown hosts grinding out a 4-3 victory. Wanaka B Central midfielder, Dom Jennings bagged a brace in what was the only highlight of this encounter.

Wanaka cyclist Doug Hamilton (pictured) has maintained his record as a veteran endurance rider winning last weekend’s six hour Super D enduro race in Queenstown. Doug, 47, has won the vet category at the previous three ‘Brakeburner’ lift accessed events at Coronet Peak and was pleased to win the new event being held on the Skyline gondola track by eight laps over the next placegetter. He averaged “about 25 minutes” for the 13 laps he completed which included an approximate seven minute ride on the gondola and he also finished seventh overall in the open men’s division.

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- Allan Carmichael

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