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Trouble in Paradiso Sue Wards

Something from nothing

Members of Wanaka’s Kea Scouts performed their version of Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book on Tuesday afternoon at the Scout Den. The children, aged between 6 and 8years-old, have been practising the play for the past few weeks, and entertained family and friends with their musical adaptation. The Keas are pictured getting into their characters before the performance.

A Wanaka business owner is frustrated with the latest obstacle in his attempt to find new premises for his longstanding business. Queenstown Lakes District Council commissioner David Whitney has ruled a resource application to relocate Cinema Paradiso to the former Catholic church on Brownston Street should be publicly notified. Cinema Paradiso owner Callum McLeod (pictured) has been trying for five years to find a suitable new location for his business and has spent more than $100,000 on the resource consent process so far, including expenditure on his first application for a site near the junction of Highways 6 and 84. “You do sit back and go, why is it so hard?” Callum said. The commissioner’s decision for the process to be publicly notified will add at least another three months to the process and will cost many more dollars, Callum said. If he had been told at the beginning of the process it was “a no go” he would not have gone ahead, he said. “But we’ve done everything – got the traffic report,

noise report, the neighbours’ consent.” Lakes Environmental had supported both applications to proceed on a nonnotified basis. Wanaka businesses are currently struggling, Callum said, “And here we’ve got Varina, an out-of-town developer who’s wanting to spend money in town, being stalled.” Callum said he still has the drive to complete the process, but said, “We need the support of the town to make this happen.” QLDC deputy mayor and Wanaka Community Board chair Lyal Cocks said the Wanaka Community Board does not formally support applications and would not submit for or against the cinema application. However, Lyal said he personally supports the application going through a public process because the proposal is in a residential area. “It’s more than just the neighbours’ signoff – it’s an issue of town planning,” he said. A town centre strategy process was completed recently, confirming Brownston Street as the boundary to the town centre, and it was important to stick to the “integrity” of the plan, Lyal said. While he acknowledged the site was close to the boundary, he said,

“Why have a town plan if you’re just going to ignore it?” Lyal said the developer, Varina Property Ltd, “wants to put commercial operations

all along Brownstown Street”, but Varina Property Ltd director Duffy Krook, who owns the church along with a number of other properties on Brownston Street, said that is not the case. He has one other application pending regarding an existing commercial property on Brownston Street. Duffy, who has had business interests in Wanaka for five years, said the cinema application process has been “very difficult” and he

has almost got to the point of “putting Wanaka into the too-hard basket”. The commissioner’s decision said the cinema application is likely to have adverse effects on the environment “that are more than minor”, in particular the effects associated with “peripheral expansion rather than intensification of activity in the Wanaka town centre; effects in terms of blurring the clear definition of the edge of the town centre at Brownston Street; effects in terms of pedestrian movement across Brownston Street; and effects in terms of the integrity of the District Plan.” Lake Wanaka Tourism general manager James Helmore said Cinema Paradiso is “definitely one of the must-dos when you come to Wanaka” and having it continue “in some shape or form” will be beneficial to the town. James said compliance costs associated with resource consents have risen in recent years. “Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on which side of the fence you’re sitting on,” he said.


inbrief Irish cyclists A group of Irish rugby fans got on their bikes last Monday to raise funds for seriously injured rugby players under the care of the Irish Rugby Football Union Charitable Trust. They began their 12-day cycle tour in Christchurch and will cycle 1050km via the West Coast to Dunedin where the Ireland play Italy on October 2. The cyclists are due to arrive in Wanaka this Saturday from Haast.

Car park extension sought

Bar suspension delayed Charlotte Trundle A decision by the Liquor Licensing Authority (LLA) to suspend the Bullock Bar’s on-license from this Saturday has been changed. The four day suspension will now start one day later, on Sunday. The suspension relates to an incident in which the bar’s co-owner Sean Colbourne bit off a patron’s earlobe. While a Ministry

of Justice spokesperson told the Wanaka Sun the suspension was delayed “due to an ongoing competition during the All Black World Cup games”, bar co-owner Brendan Quirke said the primary reason the bar was allowed to open on Saturday was for the Spring Racing Carnival. “We are the only TAB in town,” he said. The original decision to suspend the bar’s licence

was made at an LLA hearing in Queenstown on August 31. “An application was made by the Licensee to change the date of

An application was made by the Licensee to change the date of suspension. suspension … and in this case the request to rehear was granted,” the Ministry of Justice spokesperson said. The

Local identities and issues have featured in Hawea Flat School’s production ‘Bush Creek’, on stage this evening (Thursday) for the last time. The entire school roll (150 students) have taken part in the musical, which was adapted from Bob Bickerton’s script to refer to local issues such as the introduction of dairy farming and the impact of freedom camping on Lake Hawea’s foreshore. “Hopefully the audience will enjoy the adaptation,” director Bridget Brady said. The production had been “a massive undertaking”, she said, since three classrooms of students have been added to the school since the last production in 2009. ‘Bush Creek’ takes place at 7pm this evening (Thursday) at the Hawea Flat Hall. Pictured performing in the production are year two students, from left, Taane Bayce-Horsley, George Crotty and Mica Drake in the back and Kaia Rosie and Kiara Berceli in the front. PHOTO: - Sue Wards

Fiery afternoon

Daylight savings Daylight savings starts this Sunday (September 25) so adjust your clocks and watches forward an hour on Saturday evening. The change to daylight saving is also a good time for people to check their household emergency plans, survival kits and home smoke alarms. Daylight savings concludes on Sunday April 1, 2012.


has in the past frequently allowed for suspensions to be served on the same day of the week as the offence occurred. The change of

suspension attracted no opposition from other parties,” the spokesperson said. Applications of this type are not advertised, however the police, who were asked for comment, did not oppose it. When asked if the change in suspension date had lessened the impact of the punishment Brendan Quirke made no comment.

Local issues featured in show

The owners of Wanaka New World have applied for resource consent to extend the supermarket’s car park. Foodstuffs South Island Properties Ltd has applied to the Queenstown Lakes District Council for consent to undertake earthworks, establish signs and create an access way off Dungarvon Street, creating 30 additional car parks (which will include seven campervan parks). Foodstuffs’ application said the existing car park is too small for customer demand during busy winter and summer months.

Last Friday was a busy day for the Wanaka Volunteer Fire Brigade, with three call outs in one afternoon. The crew were first called to a burn-off on farmland in the Cardrona Valley, notified by a concerned member of the public. The burn-off was a controlled activity with a fire permit and the fire fighters found no issues of concern. The crew were then called to an incident on the Makarora to Haast road, where a tourist had driven off the left hand side of the road and dropped 100m into a ravine. The Makarora Fire Brigade arrived at the scene first and assisted the family. Finally the crew attended a chimney fire at Relishes Café on Ardmore Street around 4pm.

four day suspension will now start on Sunday, which is the day of the week the offending occurred. “The Authority

Water protection zone requested Sue Wards Hawea Flat action group Protect Our Water (POW) is focusing its efforts on creating a Drinking Water Protection Zone in Hawea Flat. POWspokespersonMarkThomas said the zone designation would offer significantly higher protection for ground water drinking reserves than is currently the case. “All our residents, our primary school and our kindergarten get their drinking water from the aquifer and so if this area doesn’t qualify as a Drinking Water Protection Zone then I don’t know what would,” he said. “We have a relatively shallow aquifer and relatively free draining soil structure so our water

is particularly vulnerable.” The group was told by the Otago Regional Council the designation could be justified and group members are developing a submission to the council. The development of a large scale dairy farm in Hawea Flat triggered POW’s formation, but Mark said POW is not antidairying: its concern is to protect the community’s high standard of water from the impact of future farming development. The ORC is currently consulting on a new water plan, which would require water quality to be two and a half times higher for sensitive aquifers than other ground water supplies. A public meeting will be held in

POW members Hugh Barnard (left) and Mark Thomas. PHOTO:

the Hawea Flat Hall this Sunday, September 25, from 4pm, to discuss water management issues in the Hawea district. The meeting will be attended by ORC

Thursday 22 September to Wednesday 28 September 2011

chair Stephen Woodhead, ORC environmental information and science director John Threlfall and Wanaka Community Board chair Lyal Cocks.


Drink drivers are slammed Sue Wards Wanaka drink drivers have come under criticism by Judge Kevin Phillips of the Queenstown District Court. Judge Phillips said on Monday he had seen at least ten drink drivers from Wanaka, all of whom had told him their offending was a “one-off”, an Otago Daily Times report said. “You’re just another one driving around merrily to the danger of the community that night,” he told one. Senior Sergeant Allan Grindell of the Wanaka Police said drink driving is an issue for Wanaka

which has got worse in recent years. Twenty-four drink drivers have been apprehended by Wanaka police in the past four months, with almost half of them more than twice

Rene Weissange’s parents were supported by the Lake Hawea community at a ceremony last week PHOTO: CAROLINE HARKER

supported by frequent visits to Wanaka from the Rural Drink Driving Team based in Alexandra. Senior Sergeant Grindell said the maximum penalty for a first time offence is

You’re just another one driving around merrily to the danger of the community that night. the legal limit, a figure Senior Sergeant Grindell described as “alarming”. Drivers may perceive the risk of being apprehended as low, he said, but the police have been very active, have caught a lot of drivers and are also

$4500 and a minimum disqualification of six months, while a third offender may face a maximum imprisonment of two years.

Community ceremony Libby Paulin The search for Rene Weissange, 25, was officially suspended after hundreds of hours of searching, including a final aerial search of Lake Hawea on Sunday which failed to find any sign of him. Rene went missing more than

Drink driving charges this week: A 32-year-old woman who was more than double the legal breath-alcohol limit fled her car last week after crashing on the Maungawera Hill between Lake Hawea and Wanaka. The woman’s car rolled and she was helped from the car by motorists before running off. She was charged with failing to accompany, resisting arrest, careless driving and driving with an excess breath-alcohol level and will appear in the Queenstown District Court on October 3. Wanaka’s Grant Maynard, 58, dog control officer, was arrested with a breathalcohol level of 740mcg on Aubrey Road on August 6. He was fined $750 and disqualified from driving for seven months. Kelly Urquhart, 28, casual farmer of Tarras, was convicted of drink driving in Luggate on August 20. She was sentenced to 70 hours’ community service and disqualified for eight months. Derry Cosgrave, 25, of Ireland was convicted of drink driving in Wanaka on August 7, fined $450 and disqualified for six months.

three weeks ago after departing on a kayaking trip across the lake. About 60 members of the Hawea community gathered at the Lake Hawea jetty last Thursday morning to take part in a tapu lifting ceremony performed by Jeromy van Riel. Tears were shed

during the solemn ceremony, which was also attended by Rene’s parents. Rene’s father spoke on behalf of the family, who were supported by members of the police and search and rescue. Liz Matheson and Michelle Cotter spoke on behalf of the Hawea community.

ticketgiveaway Wanaka’s famous summer music festival - Rippon - is back in February 2012, and the Wanaka Sun has a ticket (worth $132) to give away to one lucky reader. Thirteen correct entries were drawn from the hat last week: Hemi Mitchell, Alice Crowther, Jess Noone, Tamara Green, Laura Bylsma, Rachel Harvey, Matty Town, Nikki Turner, Nichola Mcivor, Stu Mcivor, Ashley Mcivor, Emma Bradford and Michael Harray. These people now have the opportunity to go to the next level, by emailing admin@ with the correct answers to these two questions: Q: Riki Gooch (pictured) will be playing drums in which band at Rippon 2012? Q: In what year was the very first Rippon Festival held? Read next week’s edition of the Wanaka Sun to find the final step to win your Rippon 2012 ticket.

PHOTO: Pat Shepherd

Thursday 22 September to Wednesday 28 September 2011



All aboard the night class Charlotte Trundle Senior music students from Mount Aspiring College will showcase their talents next week with the Night Class show at the Luggate Hall. This is the second year for Night Class, which features performances from top Year 12 and 13 music students, the MAC Jazz Band and Saxophone Quartet. MAC Head of Music Angela Mote said the success of last year’s sellout show meant staff and students were enthusiastic about doing Night Class again in 2011.

Nu-folk tells a story Australian folksinger and songwriter Lucy Wise and her nu-folk band, The B’Gollies, will perform in Wanaka this weekend, with story-telling at the centre of their songs. Lucy has played at international folk festivals from a young age, and her music draws inspiration

from Appalachian and Celtic folk music. She is joined by Chris Stone (violin), Holly Downes (double bass) and Mischa Herman (accordion) to form “The B’Gollies”, who bring influences from their backgrounds in classical, European folk, Celtic and American music. The band

“The eclectic mix of jazzinfluenced pieces has enabled students to extend their musical skills into different genres.” Senior students will be assessed for NCEA on performance and setting up and running the sound for the evening. Night Class is a fundraiser, and all proceeds will go towards buying equipment for the Mount Aspiring College Music department. Musicians from the local group Hound Lounge will support the students on the night. See sunspots for details.

The B’Gollies. PHOTO: supplied

was a favourite act at The National Folk Festival (ACT) and Fairbridge Festival (WA) this year. Lucy Wise and The B’Gollies will perform at the Riverhouse this Saturday. See sunspots for details. MAC level two and three senior music students. PHOTO: charlotte trundle


Thursday 22 September to Wednesday 28 September 2011

ticket giveaway The Wanaka Sun has two tickets to give away to ‘Night Class’ at the Luggate Hall, on Wednesday September 28 at 7pm. All you have to do is tell us who the MAC Head of Music is and email admin@thewanakasun. with your answer by Monday September 26.

sunnews Kris Vollebregt lends a hand at the Outlet.



Blossom Festival Alexandra will celebrate its annual Blossom Festival this weekend, an event which has marked the arrival of spring for the past 50 years. Festival events include the Round the Clock Race, the Tarbert Street Mardi Gras, a grand procession of floats and the Festival Queen competition.

Going for gold Sue Wards Keen volunteers turned out last weekend to plant native trees for Conservation Week. Wanaka Playgroup parents and children planted 70 native trees from Te Kakano at the Luggate

Domain on Saturday. Earlier this year the Albion Cricket Club cut down the dead or dying poplar trees along the creek and allowed the playgroup to cut them up for firewood to sell as a fundraiser. The playgroup wanted to give back by re-vegetating

Wanaka Playgroup parents and children at the Luggate Domain. PHOTO: nikki heath

the area with natives to create a shaded area for people to sit beside the swimming hole in future years. About 40 people planted 90 native trees and shrubs, including kowhai, at the Outlet on Saturday as part of the Project Gold launch.

Project Gold is a Department of Conservation initiated project dedicated to the protection and enhancement of kowhai trees in Otago. Te Kakano partnered with DOC, QLDC and local landowner Callum Urquhart in this initiative.

Celebrating one hundred pupils Charlotte Trundle

Teacher Paul Cartlidge and his son Arthur, 5.

Holy Family Catholic School celebrated a huge milestone this week, welcoming their 100th pupil on the school roll. The day of celebration started with a big chocolate cake, cut by new pupils James Watson, Arthur Cartlidge and founding board chairperson Yeverley McCarthy. It was a special moment for the Cartlidge family

as the day coincided with Arthur’s fifth birthday and his father Paul teaches at the school. “We are so proud Arthur is the 100th

need for our school.” Principal Bernadette Lawlor-Beech said the school had been on a wonderful journey since its inception

New-look lawyers A Wanaka law firm has changed ownership but will maintain a presence in Wanaka. AWS Legal’s Wanaka-based partners Janice Hughes and Mike Toepfer are taking over the local practice and will launch their own firm, Aspiring Law, next month. Janice said the opportunity to take over the practice came about as part of a strategic review. Aspiring Law, which will continue as a general practice firm, will be up and running on Monday October 3.

Film festival on the move Films from Wanaka’s Mountain Film Festival are now being screened in Auckland and Christchurch. Festival co-ordinator Mark Sedon said seven films have gone on tour, more than in previous years. The Best of Wanaka Tour includes the grand prize winner Cold and the winner of the festival’s inaugural film editing competition, Breast Hill Carbon Free. Next year’s Mountain Film Festival will be the tenth year the festival has been held.

We are so proud Arthur is the 100th pupil. pupil,” Paul said. School Board chairperson Colette Kelly said it was exciting to see the school’s growth: “It shows there is really a

in 2006. “To see the continued growth and the happy environment makes the journey a worthwhile one indeed,” she said.

PHOTO: charlotte trundle

Thursday 22 September to Wednesday 28 September 2011



Seed swap

Future shapers Calling Libby Paulin

Sue Wards Wanaka gardener Tim Ryan (pictured) has initiated a community seed exchange, which officially starts next Thursday (September 29) at the Wanaka Farmers’ Market. Tim is asking people to bring their spare seeds along to the market to swap for others. He is kicking it off with a selection of Maori heritage potatoes, in the hope the spuds find a home in Wanaka gardens. Tim hopes the scheme will reduce people’s dependence on seed companies and encourage the sharing of seeds, in particular heritage seeds and seeds which have been in Wanaka for generations. A community seed bank is also a possibility, he said. The seed exchange will start at the Farmers’ Market next Thursday at 4pm, in Spencer House Mall. PHOTO: sue wards


The Hawea Flat Hall resounded with enthusiastic discussion last Wednesday evening as Lake Hawea and Hawea Flat residents told the Shaping our Future Forum their visions for the future. Pure air and drinking water, stunning mountains, lakes and rivers, access to the outdoors and a caring involved community were

what do you think it will look/feel like in 50 years, and, if you had the ability to do anything to create that vision what would you do? An innovative addition to the meeting was a short film, live music and poetry, because “it’s necessary to engage the heart as well as the head to get the vision going,” forum facilitator Dave Roberts said. It seemed to work with this community, whose members envisaged community

It’s necessary to engage the heart as well as the head to get the vision going. the key things participants said they valued about living in Hawea. The Shaping Our Future Forum is travelling the region collecting the views of small towns and communities, as well as the larger centres, in the ‘Visions and Values’ part of the consultation process. Three questions are being asked of communities all around the Queenstown Lakes District: What do you value most about your district,

plantings of food and trees on the local domain and the environment being in a better condition in 50 years’ time than it is now. Thursday September 29 is Wanaka’s chance to ‘Shape our Future’. Two meetings are being held at the Lake Wanaka Centre: 4 - 6 pm and 7 – 9pm. If you cannot attend or want to add to the discussion on line, complete the survey at www. .

Thursday 22 September to Wednesday 28 September 2011

all elves Aspiring elves and dwellers of Middle Earth can try their luck tomorrow (Friday) at a casting call for extras for Peter Jackson’s latest film, The Hobbit. Filming of The Hobbit, Jackson’s fourth film adaptation of J.R.R.Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series, will take place in the Twizel area in late November and December this year, and film scouts are hoping to find local extras for two different character types: townspeople and elves. Townspeople must be aged from 30 to 80-years-old, and have “interesting character” faces. Men with beards are being sought, but all shapes, sizes and ethnicities are welcome. Elves must be slender people aged from 17 to 35-years-old who are taller than 168cm (5’6’’). The casting call will be held in the St John Training Room on Link Way from 10am to 12pm Friday September 23.

- Sue Wards



Something from nothing Gina Dempster

Confused tourist A Russian tourist confused by directions from his GPS device stopped in the middle of the Cardrona Valley Road on the weekend, leading to a three-car crash. Two vehicles were following the tourist, and the rear-most vehicle hit the middle vehicle, which crashed into the Russian tourist’s vehicle. There were no injuries.

Spitting tourist A Norwegian tourist slapped and spat at a Mint Bar bouncer last weekend after being refused entry to the bar. He was charged with assault and appeared in the Queenstown District Court on Monday.

Thieving tourist

Even though we love recycling at Wanaka Wastebusters, the waste hierarchy pyramid reminds us that recycling is not the best way of reducing waste. First choice options near the top of the pyramid include redesign to prevent waste, and re-use. That’s why we started the Unpackit Awards; to recognise companies who are making less waste by using good packaging. It’s also why we’re embracing

upcycling. Upcycling is fun and creative because you’re converting waste or useless products into something of value. The wallets sold at Wastebusters’ recycling centre are made out of tetrapak – soymilk and juice containers. Tetrapak is not recycled in Wanaka, so it’s great to have an alternative for a few of the containers which would otherwise go to the landfill. The visitor who gave us the idea said he’d had his wallet

for two years and had even put it through the wash – so it makes great packaging for your cash. The monthly craft evenings at Wanaka Wastebusters are all

from pre-printed paper and card. There are lots of passionate upcyclers in Wanaka, so if you’re one of them, come along to our

Upcycling is fun and creative because you’re converting waste or useless products into something of value. about getting people together to get creative. The craft evenings are organised by upcycling guru Leanne Parkinson. Popular sessions so far included sewing toys and hottie covers from old blankets, and gorgeous creations

next craft night at the Wanaka Wastebusters recycling centre, Wednesday October 19, 68pm. Check the notice board in the recycling centre for some examples of what will be created on the night. PHOTO: simon williams

Kanaan Hatab, 27, of Kuwait, was convicted in the Queenstown District Court this week of stealing hotel equipment valued at $762 from Wanaka’s Clearbrook Luxury Apartments on September 2. He was sentenced to 80 hours’ community work and asked to pay $82.60 reparation.

False statement A Hawea Flat woman was convicted of making a false statement to police last month which resulted in an Armed Offenders Squad callout in Balclutha. Joanne McDiarmid, 34, admitted calling 111, giving a false name and accusing a man of slapping his children, using drugs and being in possession of a firearm. She provided the false information about her sister’s partner and their children. She was asked to pay $200 compensation to the New Zealand Police and $132.89 court costs.

Graffiti reports The Wanaka police have received ongoing reports of graffiti around town, including tagging at the Wanaka Tennis Club and addresses on Roche Road and Gordon Road. Senior Sergeant Allan Grindell has asked people to keep reporting tagging, as police have recently successfully arrested two out-of-town taggers.

Thieving continues Thieves continue to plague Wanaka. A trailer (registration P558F) was stolen from a section near Kane and Watkins Road in Hawea Flat. This property has been targeted by thieves previously and police are asking people whether they have seen anyone acting suspiciously in the area. A vehicle left unlocked with the keys in it was taken from Hunter Crescent and driven a short distance before crashing through the fence of another property, and a jet ski was stolen from outside a dwelling on Sunrise Bay Road. If you have any information on these thefts please call the Wanaka Police Station (443 7272) or the Crime Stoppers number below.

If you have information on any crimes call 0800CRIMESTOPPER (0800555111).

Thursday 22 September to Wednesday 28 September 2011



Thursday 22 September to Wednesday 28 September 2011


Run Jup, run Jup Brown on day 16 on the road between Dunedin and Timaru. PHOTO: Rick Zwaan

Charlotte Trundle Wanaka plumber Justin ‘Jup’ Brown is letting nothing stop him on his challenge to run the length of New Zealand to raise funds for the Stroke Foundation. Jup reached Christchurch on Tuesday where he was joined by members of the Canterbury Crusaders rugby team, who are also fundraising for the Stroke Foundation. Although the journey has been tough at times Jup said

the highlight so far was running into Dunedin with Nick Chisholm - his friend who inspired the journey. “That whole

Jup said inflamation to places on his body had been bothering him, but nothing would stop him from his goal.

There have been a lot of people tooting the last couple of days. day he was there with me. That was the best bit, seeing the smile on his face and seeing him on his bike was just awesome.”

“There have been a lot of people tooting the last couple of days. The media coverage has helped a lot in getting the word out there,”

Jup said. Members from various stroke clubs had come to support him. “They’re making the effort to come and meet us, some of them can’t walk very well, but they still make the effort to come out, which is just amazing.” Jup ran from Christchurch to Waipara yesterday and today (Thursday) he will run 56km from Waipara to finish the day in Cheviot. See sunspots for details.

bookgiveawayWanaka celebrated The Australian couple responsible for Wanaka luxury lodge Whare Kea are also behind a glossy celebration of Wanaka, a new book entitled ‘Wanaka: Earth to Heaven at Whare Kea’. Philanthropists, art patrons and outdoor enthusiasts Martyn and Louise Myer first came to Wanaka more than 25 years ago, and have returned year after year to enjoy outdoor activities and develop Whare Kea lodge. The new book, authored by Michal McKay and with photographs by Kieran Scott, has been described as a celebration of what makes Wanaka unique, and features local activities, profiles and seasonal recipes. The book will be launched at Whare Kea this Sunday. The Wanaka Sun has three signed copies of ‘Wanaka: Earth to Heaven at Whare Kea’ to give away to Wanaka Sun readers. Email admin@ and tell us what ‘Whare Kea’ means to go into the draw to win.

Thursday 22 September to Wednesday 28 September 2011


sunnews BIG Little Family Duathlon competitors at last year’s festival. PHOTO: supplied

Short on volunteers Charlotte Trundle Willowridge Wanakafest organisers are struggling to find volunteers for their annual event which starts on October 19. The show is dependent on about 75 volunteers to help with the wine and food festival and marshal the street parade.

Organiser Laurel Morrison said volunteers are a

think people may think we have the volunteers

I think people may think we have the volunteers sorted, but we really need more help. critical part in making the festival a success. “I

sorted, but we really need more help,” she said.

The festival has also opened entries for the BIG Little Family Duathlon. “There is no other duathlon that we know of in New Zealand that has a team made up of an adult and a child. It is a great opportunity for parents to race together with their kids,” Laurel said.

Kids excel at school comp Wanaka Ski Club hosted a giant slalom and gravity cross race on Tuesday for local schools. Primary and intermediate skiers and snowboarders from Wanaka, Cromwell, Tarras, Alexandra and Twizel competed in the event at Cardrona Alpine Resort. Racers were in teams of four with the best three times counting towards results. Wanaka Primary School ski team “Speedies”, comprising Julius Staufenberg, Max Watt, Phoebe Young and Leo Staufenberg, had a solid win in the primary ski title and the snowboarding team “Shredders” of Blake Alty, Zoi SadowskySynnott, Cole McIntyre and Briar Hight won primary snowboard gold. Intermediate skiers from MAC, the “Slowcoaches” Emile Coote, Janus Staufenberg, Olly Ford and Tom Coulton, won gold, and the snowboarding team “Totara” comprising Ben O’Brien, Morgan Jones, Ned WilliamsHolloway and Ben Everest won intermediate snowboard gold.

Friends Jody Chisholm and Milly Robinson who raced for Tarras School at the top of the gravity cross course PHOTO: supplied

Have your say on waste There is still time to give feedback on the council’s new plan about managing waste in Wanaka and Queenstown. The council held a drop-in session on the draft plan yesterday. Submissions on the sixyear plan close at 4pm Friday September 23. Wanaka Wastebusters general manager Sue Coutts said it was good to see the value of recycling recognised by Mayor Vanessa van Uden in her foreword to the

Page 10

plan. “The Mayor talked about the importance of waste minimisation and recycling, not only for the

captured in the draft plan include a focus on diversion from landfill, a review of the proposal

This waste plan will set the course for the next six years. health of our community and environment, but also to meet visitor expectations.” QLDC solid waste manager Stefan Borowy said key changes

to introduce a kerbside organic service and another 40 methods for working towards zero waste in the Lakes District. “This waste plan will set

Thursday 22 September to Wednesday 28 September 2011

the course for the next six years.” Sue Coutts said. “It is important that the community let the council know whether they are heading in the right direction. If you have some other ideas make sure you put them down.” The draft Waste Management and Minimisation Plan is on the Queenstown Lakes District Council website and submissions can be made online.

Thursday 22 September to Wednesday 28 September 2011

Page 11



Three in one Charlotte Trundle

CEO sought for Snow Sports NZ Snow Sports NZ is looking for a new CEO. The organisation is looking for someone with experience in business leadership and relationship management across diverse groups of stakeholders. The introduction of changes in the Olympic programme and the opportunities these bring for snow sports and New Zealand is just one of the challenges facing Snow Sports New Zealand. Applications for the CEO role close on Friday October 7.

Snow, ice and poor visibility didn’t stop two local women mountain biking 160km, in a personal challenge to conquer all three local ski field roads in one day. Professional athlete Simone Maier, who placed second in last years’ Challenge Wanaka, and her friend Floortje Draisma, a passionate mountain biker, said they decided to try the tri-mountain adventure to show that “girls can

do anything”. “All our friends thought we were crazy, but we wanted to do something out of our comfort zone and something no woman has done before,” Simone said. The journey started at 7am in Wanaka. They first took on the Treble Cone access road before heading over to Snow Park. Initially the weather was fine, but as the women negotiated the Cardrona Alpine Resort road a snow-storm rolled in. “We were going up and cars were coming down

with their snow chains - it was pretty funny,” Floortje said. The women finished their journey in Wanaka, in nine hours. “It was really fun to do this with a friend, and great training,” Simone said. This summer Simone will compete in Challenge Wanaka vying for the number one spot. She will also take part in the XTERRA Motatapu UDC Triathlon, which is a qualifier to the XTERRA World Championships held in Hawaii.

Simone Maier and Floortje Draisma. PHOTO: supplied

Rugby crazy Charlotte Trundle

Peter, Nicholas and Bradley Jackson under their homemade goal posts.

A rugby mad family has shown their support for the All Blacks by building rugby posts at the entrance to their Golf Course Road driveway. The Jackson family spent the weekend making the 8m-tall posts out of drainpipes and topped them with All Blacks’ flags. Plumber Peter Jackson and his sons Nicholas, 17, and Bradley, 14, have grand plans for the goal posts. “We want to make them bigger, with a hanging rugby ball and a cardboard cutout of

Dan Carter,” Peter said. After the World Cup Peter will auction the rugby posts and give the proceeds to fellow plumber Jup Brown who is fundraising for the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand by running the length of the country. “If we lose the rugby they won’t be worth anything. We may have to hang the flags at half mast.” Peter joked he hadn’t exactly got permission from his wife before putting up the construction: “She didn’t say we couldn’t do it.”

PHOTO: charlotte trundle

Father’s Day winners Father’s Day has arrived late for three Wanaka fathers, but it should be worth the wait. The Wanaka Sun has given away three Stanley Tool packs, each including a Stanley FatMax Folding Retractable Knife, FatMax Fubar Functional Utility Bar and FatMax AntiVibe hammer - valued at $175. We asked readers why their father needs DIY help from Stanley: “My father recently had a home renovation accident involving an angle grinder! Some new tools would enthuse him to keep renovating and help him to smile again.” Sommy Macdonald’s daughter Linli Lovelock. “My Daddy has different kinds of jobs to do and he needs some different tools. If he had the right tools, he could do the different jobs. That’s the problem.” John Huddleston’s daughter Olivia. “My Dad tried to build us a bike ramp but without the right tools it didn’t last long. It would be great if he had more tools so he could fix more things around the house. I think it would make mum happy too!” Greg Jury’s children Jack, Ryan and Sara.

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The Canadian freestyle ski team have come to Wanaka to train. They picked their new training venue at Treble Cone after plans for a training camp in Australia fell through. The team will be training here for almost three weeks. PHOTO: thierry huet

Thursday 22 September to Wednesday 28 September 2011

sunviews editorial


BOARD Keep the txt board, it is great. Ireland, Ireland, Together standing tall, shoulder to shoulder we’ll answer Ireland’s call! Go on you good things!! Sorry thurs group lake hawea, but as a mother of preschoolers i really can’t c the benefit in cutting down our shade 4 summer until new cutting were established. why? $81 million spent on lake taupo to fix & cow numbers restricted to 1 cow per 2 hectares. $12million on lake ellesmere. Southland about to cap cow numbers. 90% of our lowland rivers & 50% of our lakes polluted. Why do we need intensive dairy farming in the lakes district?

The sight of three exotic-looking, black-leather clad tourists on a deserted Helwick Street this week seemed to herald the beginning of the shoulder season. The tourists, seen clutching handfuls of real estate flyers, seemed bemused by the almost empty street. I’ve heard plenty of conversations over the past few weeks about how the town is “dead”, and the winter has apparently been a grim one for many local businesses. I’ve heard numerous reports of people leaving Wanaka, but what’s really going on? Is it the yearly departure of snow-seekers, or something more significant? Plenty of contractors are heading north to Christchurch to take part in the anticipated building boom and young families have left town in search of a higher standard of living, but the latest sign seems conclusive: The Post Office is advertising available post boxes. Post boxes used to be sought-after items requiring a lengthy sit on a waiting list. It looks like some kind of exodus is underway. If Wanaka’s future lies in bridging the gap between seasons and attracting year-around visitors, as well as encouraging growth in our local community, how are we doing?

What were arts award judges thinking when awarding 1st prize to a bundle of plastic cable ties? why not something enduring or reflective or representative of cent Is there not any space available at the local marina for the rowers to use build or whatever? I know this is a bit late, but happy birthday precious my love =) I agree, your txt board is a blight to our community paper. If you don’t like the txt board then don’t read it! I totally applaud doc & “project gold”. What a wonderful initiative. However please don’t 4get 2 plant some exotics eg scarlet oaks, poplars etc 4 their fabulous autumn colours which help put Wanaka on the map. It’s great to have an opinion. “i think therefore i am”. Why do people take offence? This is a democracy not a dictatorship! Discuss and resolve, don’t use this as a forum to slam people and bully. Work together and become informed. Holy cow! People of Wanaka ...relax! Say something positive and be more pro active. Speed bumps are awesome. Farmers are not out to ruin the environment To the people who throw bottles and cans around town- if you are grown up enough to drink you should be adult enough to put empties in a bin.

Dairying It was only a matter of time before the illustrious draw of the dairy industry with its ability to intensively farm cows, on land that was previously unsuitable, forged its destruction here. The introduction of lysimeters to monitor nitrate leaching merely appeases the increasing concern and awareness about intensive dairy farm practices, and certainly does not solve the almost guaranteed impact of nitrate leaching in the water. My primary concern with the Camp Hill dairy farm is the children. I fail to comprehend how an intensive dairy farm, not to mention its stink, within the vacinity of a school, kindergarten and playgroup will benefit our community. I believe its benefits are grossly disproportionate, particularly in regard to the health and wellbeing of this community. Presently the Waitaki Valley, now home to a myriad of intensive dairy farm conversions, has toxic water from excessive nitrate leaching and has seen an alarming increase in children with food allergies, asthma, skin disorders and so forth. We cannot underestimate this correlation. What sort of nation do we live in where we knowingly and complacently posion our water, and are willingly allowing this to happen here. The decision to allow a large intensive dairy farm in the area has undermined the health, well-being and happiness of a community. The people responsible for this large scale operation don’t have to drink our water and they refuse to acknowledge genuine concerns that are set to compromise our community. Carmen Howell Lake Hawea

Hey why doesn’t some start a rowing club that doesn’t want to put buildings on our reserves? Focus on the positive! What a beautiful place we live in! What’s so funny bout peace love and understanding? one love rock on good peeps! The lady that drives the blue parado could you please stop parking in the disabled car parks or we will tow your vehicle Sick and tired of hearing other parents moan about cops dealing with their teenagers. If u don’t like it, do what i do, get out of your warm cosy bed in the early hours and deal with them yourself, instead of leaving the cops to do your parenting for you Not all us cleaners r stealers!!! That screaming kid ruined my peaceful coffee @ th cafe. Cmon parents control yr brats and consider others.

Whose doing the shaping? Three ventures involving our elected representatives are in the news: (1) A promising project called ‘Shaping our Future’ is stimulating public participation. (2) An Australian farmer is about to embark on a landscape changing project in Hawea Flat, which, once established, will encourage a procession of dairy conversions throughout the district. (3) An affordable housing scheme, seven years in the making, has been vetoed by three developers. That appears to be the only reason the Queenstown Lakes District Council is limping away from the scheme in defeat. Recent expressions of concern suggest most people who live here think the introduction of dairying is an unhealthy development. That concern, reinforced by a multitude of negative experiences throughout New Zealand, apparently means nothing to the Regional Council. On the other hand, affordable housing for low income workers is in line with public aspirations for a sustainable and cohesive community. But apparently it is the wealth and influence of the few that wins the day. Which tends to make Shaping our Future exercises look like play therapy. Christopher Horan Lake Hawea

Safeguard our water Several people have asked why Hawea Flat residents are worried about possible contamination of their drinking water when most township bores are effectively “downstream” of the Camphill Station dairy conversion currently underway, when the north to south flow of the aquifer is taken into account. We wish to point out that Preserve Our Water (POW) is concerned about the precedent the Camphill Station conversion sets, as under the present rules there is nothing to stop further dairy conversions upstream of residential bores, and also the bores for the primary school and the kindergarten. Also it should be remembered that, unless properly managed, dairy effluent and nitrate leaching has to end up somewhere, and we should all be concerned about the health of people and rivers which are downstream. We are not anti dairying nor against the economic stimulation dairying can offer, we simply ask that there be a set of rules in place which safeguard our excellent drinking water and river quality, now and in the future. Mark Thomas and Hugh Barnard Preserve Our Water (POW) Hawea Flat

The views expressed in the text board and in the Letters to the Editor are those of the author alone and not necessarily those of the Wanaka Sun.


021 986 786 Thursday 22 September to Wednesday 28 September 2011

write to the editor Let the community know your views, email your letter to: *200 words or less

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notices Central Otago Vintage Car Club Swap Meet & Car display @ Cromwell Litany St 25 Sept gates open 8am gold coin entry. Cooking demonstration. Healthy everyday food from around the globe. Sept 28 and Oct 5. Enquiries please phone Community Networks 4437799. Dunk the Deputy? Willowridge Wanakafest is seeking a DUNK TANK. contact info@wanakafest. GAME of the century Lawn Bowls, Shaun Scott v Gary Lawson at Cromwell, Oct 9th, Phone 4451233 for tickets. Healthy everyday food from around the globe cooking demonstration. 28 Sept & 5 Oct. Enquiries please phone Community Networks 4437799 K a r at e / k i c k b ox i n g @ Tarras Hall. Fri 23rd. Kids 3.30-4.30pm. Adults 6.30-7.30pm. Text or phone 0273236974 or 034452644, for info. MAC: Night Class takes place at the Luggate Hall, Wednesday 28 September at 7pm. Tickets are limited and are available from the MAC office. Public meeting in Hawea Flat Hall on Sunday 25th September 4pm. ORC will be answering questions about dairy farming and water quality. RIVERHOUSE GIG: Lucy Wise and The B’Gollies, 7.30pm Saturday Sept 24 at the Riverhouse, tickets from VideoEzy. Ph Anna 027 458 1247 for more details. The 2011 Food and Wine Festival at Willowridge Wanakafest. A very tasty weekend. Beer, wine, food, and entertainment. Www.

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The details of Jupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s run can be seen on his blog: COUNSELLOR/FAMILY THERAPIST Meg Bryant MNZAC, ACC reg. Family Court approved. For children, youth, families, relationships, mother & baby issues and individual adult issues. Ph 021270 0866 for an appointment. megbr yant1@yahoo.

02 20 786 778 text message only - deadline Tuesday 4pm 20 word limit - standard network rates apply Page 14

Thursday 22 September to Wednesday 28 September 2011

sunclassifieds sport results Bridge results: Championship Pairs 10: Silver Section. North/South:- Max & Laraine shepherd 66.44% 1. Allan Kelly, Ena Leckie 56.48% 2. Karolyn Macandrew, Jenny Turnbull 53.01% 3 East/West:- John & Jan Lyness 64.81% 1. Errol Kelly, Ian McDonald 59.03% 2. Lynda Hodge, Madeline Reveley 55.56% 3. Bronze Section. North/South:- Hugh Fraser, Bob Menlove 62.96% 1. Peter Herbert, Ray Newell 57.87% 2. Sarah Oscar, Gavin Stevens 55.56% 3. East/West:- Alwyne Haworth, Betty Swift 63.19% 1. Morag Chisholm, Jacqueline Roberts 57.64% 2. Kate Coe, Lesley Davies 52.55% 3. Friday Bridge 16 September: North/ South:- Gerarda Herlihy, Jan Lyness 63.80% 1. Noeline Goldsbrough, Freda Ryder 56.25% 2. Marion Furneaux, Jenny Muir 53.65% 3. East/ West:- Pat Ross, Mo Schofield 61.36% 1. Joy Baxter, Barbara Waterworth60.80% 2. Anne Hazlett, Bridget Rennie 60.15% 3. Wanaka Junior Pairs Tournament: Jenny Pryde, Pamela Buchanan 64.01% 1. Alison Giller, Elaine Donaldson (Dunedin) 62.71% 2. Margaret Cockburn, Margaret Hughes (Alexandra) 60.30% 3 Wanaka Bowls, Tuesday Pairs: 1 Jill Millar and Geoff Thomas, 2 Kay Chartres and Rob Mathewson, 3 Coleen Landsborough

employment and Trevor Tovey. Friday Progressive: Skips 1 Coleen Landsborough 2 Kerry Suckling, Thirds 1 Rob Mathewson 2 Trish Hewett Tarras Golf Results: Championship Finals played on 17 September: Senior - Jonny Trevathan beat Tom Moore, Jan Gibson beat Lynn Rae. Intermediate - Ken Galloway beat Russell Lovelock, Maire McElrea beat Annabel Spiers. Junior-Craig Still beat Beau Trevathan, Jan Allen beat Helen Davis. Hole-in-one at No. 1 - Russell Lovelock LAKE HAWEA GOLF RESULTS, 18/9/11, OPEN TOURNAMENT 4BBB. 1. Barry Smith - Dean Whaanga 48 on c/b, 2. Rick Johnston - Adam Clifford 48, 3. Arthur Dovey - Jeff Neiderer 47. Averil Templeton - John Templeton 46. Neil Matchett - Paul Nolan 46. Ashley Hale - Tim Mulqueen 45. Kay Todd - Neville Roberts 44. Country Rovers. Dick Sullivan - Brian Burgess, Nearest pin Men: Mike Thompson. Nearest pin Ladies drawn: Kay Todd. Straightest drive: Jeff Neiderer. Twos: Mike Thompson, Dean Whaanga, Neville Roberts, Isaac Davidson 2. Wanaka Golf Club Results Tuesday Ladies, September 13, GNZ Medal. Division

1: 1 Yeverley McCarthy 68, 2 Anne Moffat 72, Anne McKenzie (Otago) 72, Penny Wilson 72 ocb, Margaret Read 72 ocb. Division 2: 1 Jenny Laing 70, 2 Pamela McRae 71, 3 Bev De BeerLamont 73. Division 3: 1 Annabel Spiers (Tarras) 71, 2 Jill Shaw, 74, Julie Mulholland 74 ocb, Chris Willson 74 ocb. Division 4: 1 Nan Hogan 68, 2 Alison Stretch 73, 3 Carolyn Wallace 74. Wednesday Men September 14 Edward Gibbon Monthly Medal. Division 1: 1 Jeff Niederer 62, 2 Graeme Barbara 63, Russel Lovelock (Tarras) 63. Division 2: 1 Mike Kelly 60 2, Ray Leckie 65, Tony Waterworth 65 ocb, Bob Menlove 65 ocb. Thursday Nine Hole Ladies September 15 - Nett: 1 Ann Trevathon 30, 2 Lynda Duff 34, 3 Jill Millar 35. Nearest the Pin - not claimed. Saturday Men September 17 Collings Trophy Round 3 (Stbfd). Division 1: 1 Bill Grigor 44, 2 Arthur Dovey 42, William Hunter 42 ocb. Division 2: 1 Barry Beck 43, 2 Vittorio Guglietta 41, Bill Coupland 41 ocb. Saturday Ladies September 17 Medal & Stableford. Medal: 1 May Moffat 65, 2 Heather Malcolm 68, 3 Chris Willson 70. Stableford: 1 Lynn Howson 37, 2 Margaret Read 37, 3 Lesley Boyd 36, Anne Brown 36 ocb. Nearest to the Pin Hole No4 Anne Brown, Hole No15 Annie Mantell.

Masterlink is looking for a plumbing & gasfitting apprentice in Wanaka. If you are interested please contact Roger Herd on 027 591 8810 for further details.

Issue 523 Thursday 22 September 2011

circulation: 8,500 Phone: 03 443 5252 Fax: 03 443 5250 Text view: 021 986 786 Text classified: 022 0786 778 Address: Top of the escalator, Spencer House, Wanaka Postal: PO Box 697, Wanaka

Editor: Sue Wards Journalist: Charlotte Trundle Production: Adam Hall Advertising: Jude Smith - Ronnie Hopkinson, Office Supervisor: Ruth Bolger Printed by: Guardian Print, Ashburton Delivered by: Wanaka Rowing Club Published by: Wanaka Sun (2003) Ltd



open homes TREE FELLING Address





25/09/11 AUCTION




12-12.30 24/09/11 AUCTION

24/09/11 $425,000



24/09/11 AUCTION



24/09/11 AUCTION


24/09/11 $495,000


12-12.30 25/09/11 $429,000



Auction 22/09/11 On-site



22/09/11 Auction



Deadline 22/09/11 Sale



23/09/11 Auction



24/09/11 $550,000



24/09/11 $479,000



Auction 24/09/11 On-site



24/09/11 $1.075m



24/09/11 $650,000


24/09/11 Auction



24/09/11 $695,000



24/09/11 $679,000



25/09/11 $657,000



Deadline 25/09/11 Sale


25/09/11 Auction



25/09/11 $995,000



25/09/11 $679,000

Thursday 22 September to Wednesday 28 September 2011


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sunsport Award winning combination Jeanie Pattison and her pony Blown Away. PHOTO: Charlotte Trundle

Blown away by selection Charlotte Trundle The results are in: local rider Jeanie Pattison was selected for Dressage New Zealand’s Under-21 Talent ID squad. The 15-year-old Mount Aspiring College student who has been riding since she was eight was “surprised” and “excited” to be among the 12 riders to be chosen. “It’s all done by results, so it’s an honour to get picked,” she said. Jeanie is a member of the Hawea/Wanaka Pony

Club and has had success all around the country on her 14.2hh chestnut gelding Blown Away. Her dressage competition highlights include winning the Level One Pony of the Year in 2008 at the Horse of the Year in Hastings and a sixth placing in the Level Two Pony of the Year, at the same show in 2009. This year Jeanie placed third at the South Island Dressage Championships in Level Three beating adult competitors. Jeanie bought Blown Away as a

six-year-old and has trained the pony to Level Three dressage in three years. She credits her pony, family and coaches Kay Meachem and Amanda Taylor for her success. She plans to return to the Horse of the Year to compete in the Level Three dressage in March and attend a three-day Dressage New Zealand training camp in October. Jeanie is also a gifted basketball player and has been selected in the Basketball New Zealand under-18 team.

Talented teen impresses When Maddy Nolet found out she had been selected for the under-17 Otago Talent ID squad she couldn’t have been more excited. The 16-year-old Mount Aspiring College student was picked along with fellow MAC student Gen Scurr to trial for the squad after good performances at the recent South Island secondary school championships in Nelson. Unfortunately Gen was unable to take part in the trial because of illness, but Maddy impressed selectors and was picked as one of 12 girls to make the team. “When I got the email that I had been picked, I was so shocked and excited,” she said. Maddy also plays for the MAC A-team, Central Otago under-17 team, Central Clutha under-17 team and still finds time to coach a MAC year 9/10 team. The talented teenager hopes to go far in the sport of netball. “I love challenging myself. I want to go as far as I can go,” she said. - Charlotte Trundle

Shooters on target The secondary school clay target shoot competition was held in Wanaka for the first time last Sunday. The Mount Aspiring College clay target team of Holly Ansley, Ben Robertson, Brendon Murdoch, Lachlan Woods, and Levi Bent performed well against 50 other competitors. Ben Robertson placed first in the boys’ shingle rise and Levi Bent shot well achieving first in Point Score and he was high overall in both down-the-line and single barrel.

From left, Ben Robertson, Denis Nyhon (coach) and Levi Bent. PHOTO: Andy Woods

Tournament tennis Sue Wards

Renee Hystek.

A friendly and informal tournament kicked off the Wanaka Tennis Club’s season last weekend. Newly elected club president John Lyness said the tournament attracted as many as 80 young players and about 30 adults. The club, which has more than 400 members, has expanded from two

courts to seven courts and developed a new clubroom under past president Dave Buckingham’s leadership. The tournament’s mixed doubles event saw 15 couples play five rounds each, with Anna Brewster and Sam Bamford winning first place and Aaron Molloy and Fran Tait second equal with Brian Cooke and Lyn Taylor.


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Thursday 22 September to Wednesday 28 September 2011

Maddy Nolet. PHOTO: Charlotte Trundle

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