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Callaghan returns home with shrunken tumour Emma Conyngham

um of two, Kate Callaghan, who was diagnosed with stage four metastasised cancer at the end of last year has returned to Wānaka after three weeks in Mexico undergoing alternative therapies at Hope4Cancer in Cancun. The 35-year-old suffered a horror trip home which included vomiting half a litre of blood prior to departure. But, not wanting to be stuck in a Mexican hospital and desperate to be reunited with her two children she opted to white knuckle it home to New Zealand. Upon arrival she was immediately hospitalised at Auckland Hospital, then transferred to Dunedin meaning she had to wait an extra week before being able to hug her children. But, it was all worth it. “I’ve just come back from the oncologist in Dunedin and she did a physical assessment on me and she said the tumour was definitely smaller and softer,” said Kate on Tuesday. “It was really good to get that validation because she has nothing to do with the clinic over there and in fact she was telling me not to go.” Callaghan was fortunate to have a rota of support whilst in Mexico with her mum accompanying her over for the first week, then her doctor from Timaru, Dr Tracy Chandler, flying to Mexico to be with her for the second week; then her husband joining her for her final week. “[Dr Chandler] is extraordinary. I asked her if she wanted to come because she’s really supporting me here and I wanted her to see what they were doing over there so we can carry on with those things back home,” said Callaghan. Continued on page 5


PHOTO: Bel Jones

Kate Callaghan is now home with her kids after undergoing three weeks of alternative therapy in Mexico.

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NATIONWIDE 2016 / 2017

Sun News

Jet boat explodes on Lake Hāwea Francesca Maria Nespolo

Lake Hawea played host to a near-tragedy on Monday the 13th a jet boat exploded. “I have never seen a boat on fire before, it was exciting and scary. Once we realised what was happening we were concerned there were people still on board or near it but then realised they had been rescued by some kayakers. Then it exploded and there were huge plumes of black smoke,” said local witness Jake Thompson. “There was someone working on an old Hamilton jet boat on Lake Hāwea down at Scott’s Beach when it looked like it started close to shore then pushed out when fire started.... locals rushed to see if people were aboard but they jumped off and got picked up by kayakers close to shore. [It] took roughly five minutes for the Lake Hāwea Volunteer Fire Brigade to show up on the shoreline at Scott’s Beach. Local boaters ferried firefighters out to the wreckage so they could extinguish the fire,” shared Thompson. In just a matter of minutes, what was a gorgeous afternoon on the water turned into a frantic leap for their lives. The jet boat set fire due to a small fuel leak, causing an explosion that made everybody leap into the water. The end result could have been tragic but thankfully the boat’s owner returned to shore as soon as he noticed the leak. “Initially we were told that a boat was on fire on Scott’s Beach, but when we arrived it was about 100m off the beach,” said Brent Arthur, a

local Hāwea volunteer firefighter. “At this point we needed to change plans and figure out how to get to the boat. By fortune, two other volunteer firefighters happened to be on the water were close by when the blast went off,” he added. Arthur was amongst a team of three others who went out in two boats to figure out the best course of action. Upon getting close, they realised that the boat’s aluminum frame had nearly melted down to the water level. “The risk in extinguishing a fire at this point in the burn it that the likelihood of it melting becomes far greater. To avoid the environmental consequences of a sunken boat, the extinguishing foam and additional oil we decided that the best plan of attack would be to pull it to shore, whilst still aflame,” said Arthur. The Lake Hāwea Volunteer Fire Brigade managed to successfully tow the boat ashore, extinguish what was left of the fire and keep it all contained on the vessel. The casualties: a wallet, a phone, car keys and everything else one abandons when fleeing an exploding boat.

PHOTO: Supplied

The Lake Hāwea Volunteer Fire Brigade were the heroes of the day when a Hamilton jet boat exploded.

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Sun News

Regional economic confidence may not translate to Wānaka Emma Conyngham

Julian and Camilla Cox smile with their tandem bicycle and coffin.

PHOTO: Wānaka Sun

Cycling with a coffin to raise awareness Caroline Moratti

If you’ve ever been exhausted by a long bike ride, imagine adding a 50kg coffin to the back and cycling from Dunedin to Wellington. That’s exactly what Julian and Camilla Cox are doing this summer, all to raise awareness of a petition by Patient Voice Aotearoa to double Pharmac’s budget. The couple passed through Wānaka on January 9 and chatted to the Wānaka Sun about their journey so far. New Zealand spends 55 percent less on medicines than the OECD average and Julian and Camilla are keen to change that. Their own 19-year-old daughter, Rachel, has cystic fibrosis and sits at only 30 percent lung capacity. The medicine that the Cox’s believe could help is waitlisted by Pharmac due to budget limitations. “We can’t afford to wait,” says Julian. They decided to cycle up to Wellington, coffin and plastic skeleton in-tow, to “send a really strong message to government that a) people are literally dying without access to these medications and b) that we as a country need to be increasing our

budget for these things.” The couple left on January 3 and are expected to arrive in Wellington on January 22 in order to deliver the coffin and signatures at the steps of Parliament. They’ve had some trouble along the way, including an array of smoking brakes, loose spokes, flat tires and gailforce conditions. At each stop they’re gathering paper signatures to add to the 21,000 online signatures and said people have been generally supportive of their cause. No stranger to the Wānaka area, Camilla says “we have visited before, but when you go slowly on a bike, you see so much more, you notice the funny little things.” Despite being avid cyclists, the Cox’s have struggled with the extra load and can go as slow as 5kmph with bad tailwinds, but in favourable conditions reach speeds of 20kmph. That being said, the Cox’s are not taking the easy route. Rather, in order to reach as many people as possible they’re doing a loop route for 10 days and cycling to Oamuru just outside of Dunedin, their starting point, before continuing the slow journey up to Wellington. If you want to sign the petition and learn more, go to

A net 14 percent of Otago households expect their region’s economy to improve over the coming year, according to the Westpac-McDermott Miller Regional Economic Confidence survey for the December 2019 quarter. This is slightly up on the 10 percent recorded for the September 2019 quarter. “This slight pickup in confidence comes after a big drop in the previous quarter,” said Westpac chief economist Dominick Stephens. “The improvement seen is likely to be because of rising house price inflation, particularly in Dunedin and Queenstown, low unemployment and an increase in overall spending in the region,” said Mr Stephens. “Farmers and growers will also have been buoyed by elevated prices for dairy, meat and stone fruit, although weakening growth in tourism spending is likely to be a source of concern.” Whilst farmers and growers in the broader

district may be feeling more optimistic, it is unclear whether that optimism applies to Wānaka town where slowing tourism growth hits hard. “It is true that growth in international guest nights to the region has been slowing for some time and this is being reflected in weaker growth in tourism spending,” said Paul Clark industry economist for Westpac. “This is evident in most regions within New Zealand, but clearly has a bigger impact on key tourism hotspots such as Wānaka, Queenstown, and even Auckland.” “The reasons for this are varied and complicated, but if I was to boil it down to a single factor I would pick weaker economic growth in key source markets, notably China, and rising globally uncertainties at the back end of 2019. International tourists tend not to travel far during times of economic strife,” he continued. “Given that we are forecasting an economic slowdown in most source markets for tourists in 2020, it seems reasonable to suggest that tourism growth will remain sluggish over the coming year. This will affect tourism spending, which is not particularly good news for Wānaka.”

Motorcyclist caught doing 236kmph Francesca Maria Nespolo

A 27-year-old man from Queenstown was caught riding a borrowed motorbike at 236kmh near Cromwell. He was wearing sneakers, cotton pants and no gloves. The man, “has now been summoned to appear before the Alexandra District Court this week in relation to driving in a dangerous manner,”

according to police. A spokesperson from the Police Media Team said his driver's licence has been instantly suspended for 28 days. Senior Constable Graeme Buttar from Cromwell Police commented, "The riders actions were extremely dangerous, the man was not wearing appropriate motorcycling safety gear and could have been badly injured or could have caused a crash”.

Roys Peak a hotspot for unauthorised drones Caroline Moratti

Tourist crowds aren’t the only thing visiting Roys Peak this summer; since Christmas, Wānaka DOC office has received four reports of unauthorised drones on Roys Peak through their visitor centre and DOC hotline. Drone use over conservation land is prohibited, without the use of a permit, in compliance with Civil Aviation Authority regulations. These restrictions help to protect wildlife, respect cultural values, and allow people to visit sites with minimal disturbance. According to senior ranger, Annette Grieve, DOC staff have interacted with visitors using drones on Roys Peak, tracks along the Haast highway and near backcountry huts in the national park in recent times. She says “Drones are a significant issue for conservation, with many unaware of the rules around using their drones over public conservation lands and waters or around wildlife.” None of the unauthorised drone users have been fined, but instead asked to cease operating and informed of local restrictions. Once warned,


PHOTO: Wānaka Sun archive

Conservation land is a no-go for drones, yet DOC is still spotting them this summer.

drone users are wise enough not to attempt a second flight. “DOC has not dealt with any repeat and significant offenders in Wānaka this season,” says Grieves If you are an avid drone user and want to capture some of Wānaka’s beauty, consider applying for a permit or check out recommended flight locations online. In the meantime, DOC asks that if you spot inappropriate drone use, to report it to your local DOC office or call the emergency hotline 0800 DOC HOT (0800 362 468). THURSDAY 16.01.20 - WEDNESDAY 22.01.20


Sun News

Questions over excessive noise at NY raised

PHOTO: Pixabay

Don’t believe the rumours. It’s not happening.

Is McDonald’s coming to town? Caroline Moratti

PHOTO: Bren Dyer

Anne and Fraser Symon described the music on New Years as 'unbareable.'

Caroline Moratti

New Years Eve is a time of celebration and parties, but for one couple it marked a loud, unpleasant evening due to music from the waterfront. Anne and Fraser Symon live on Warren Street, several blocks back from the lake and said, “the so-called music was so loud that it dominated anything else going on or being watched. We were unable to hear a TV, phone conversations, general conversation etc.” She said friends who live at the far end of Mt Iron Road could also hear the loud music. Despite

living in Wānaka for over four years, the couple have never heard music that loud and called it “unbearable.” They called noise control but were told by a phone message that no complaints will be dealt with until after 1am, when the waterfront event was scheduled to finish. Subsequent calls resulted in “one person agreeing that it was so loud even she could not hear us properly over the phone,” according to Symon. The New Years Eve waterfront event was attended by approximately 6,000 people consisting of both tourists and locals who enjoyed a show of live music, entertainment and fireworks. Queenstown Lakes District Ccouncil told the

Wānaka Sun “The reception to the events by locals was overwhelmingly positive and QLDC considers the noise levels to have been appropriate. Three complaints were received later in the night that did not relate to the New Year’s event.” Anne and Fraser have filed a complaint with QLDC but says they haven’t heard anything back apart from a short email thanking them for their feedback and that the complaint has been sent to the appropriate parties for review. “The noise level was way over what is listed in QLDC’s noise level rules regarding what is an acceptable level of noise in a residential area at any time of day or night,” said Symon.

No. Despite rumours on Facebook that Google Maps was showing McDonalds’ golden arches in Three Parks, there will be no Big Macs in Wānaka any time soon. Allan Dippie, developer of Three Parks confirmed, “I drove down Sir Tim Wallis Drive this morning to get a coffee from the supermarket and didn’t see any sign of any yellow arches so they definitely haven’t arrived over the holidays whilst no one was looking ! There are other places in Wānaka selling burgers and chips however if you are desperate…” Dropping a pin on Google Maps is easy to do and once loaded onto social media, can gather traction in full fledged fake news flight. However, McDonald’s confirmed that it is fake news and there are no Big Macs on the horizon.

l ove yo u r h e a r i n g

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Sun News

Callaghan returns home with shrunken tumour Continued from page 1 The treatments ran eight hours a day, six days a week and some felt much nicer than others. “There were lots of infusions including Vitamin C, B17, curcumin, and resveratrol,” said Callaghan. There were also heat treatments with her least favourite therapy nicknamed, ‘the pizza oven’ as her body was placed in a dome with just her head sticking out. Her body was then super heated to a fever level in an attempt to kill off the cancer cells. “It was horrible!” said Kate. “The treatments were all non toxic but they were definitely not easy.” Whilst being heated to a fever in a pizza oven was her least favourite therapy, Callaghan said vitamin C was the best. “Even though I don’t like needles and I had hoped I would get over my needle phobia – I had at least 25 needles while I was over there – vitamin c made me feel very

energised.” “I was on 25 grams per infusion. Tracey had done some testing on me here and there is a gene pathway that I have that means I can’t metabolise high doses of vitamin c. So while we initially wanted to go higher we stuck at 25 grams.” The Nutrition Foundation of NZ recommends 45mgs per day, so 25gms is 555 percent above the recommended daily intake. With the help of Dr Chandler who runs clinics in Wānaka, Callaghan hopes to carry on many of the treatments on a DIY basis from here. “I can do infrared sauna, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, juicing, coffee enemas, and vitamin c infusions but I need to talk to Wānaka medical about that. I know people who do them at home but there’s no way I am going to do my own IV line at home.” Now at home in Hāwea, Callaghan is full time with kids and “getting myself better.”

Chemo is due to start in approximately three weeks and she is looking at alternative therapies to support the chemo and support her body whilst going through the treatment. She also plans to make an appointment with Dr Adam Bartlett, a liver specialist shortly. “There are discrepancies in the reading of my liver’s scans as to whether it is even covered in metastases,” said Callaghan. That ambiguity is very unsettling. “That’s the difference between having liver surgery or not. Right now the tumour in my breast isn’t causing the issues, it’s my liver. So if we could operate on my liver and if that is even an option then that could go a long way.” For now, Callaghan is holding her family tight and holding onto hope. She would like to thank all the Wānaka community for their support to her and her family over this time.

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Caroline Moratti

Northlake and Aubrey Road were hit by 16 burglaries on the night of Thursday, January 9. Such a large spike of victims in a small area suggests these are interrelated events, and Senior Sergeant Miriam Reddington told the Wānaka Sun that “we believe that the vast majority if not all burglaries were committed by the same person or people which is why there was such a high number in one week.” There were 16 on the night of January 9 and one which is loosely associated from December 28 making it 17 burglaries for New Years week. According to Reddington, the burglars were “targeting small items of value such as wallets and cash and anything of value,” and police continuing to investigate and follow up any leads. Vera Yakzhik posted on Facebook about how her and three neighbours' cars were broken into in Northlake. All four cars were parked in driveways. Yakzhik said that nothing was stolen, but says “Every compartment inside the car was open and all content of them was taken out and scattered around the car. All my cards were taken out from the wallet and left in the car as well.” According to Yakzhik, her neighbours experienced a similar situation. Police have since fingerprinted the cars in question. Officers would like to speak to anyone who may have information about the burglaries. Reddington says that “in particular we would like to hear from anyone in the Northlake, Aubrey and Outlet Roads or Hidden Hills areas who may have CCTV which could assist the investigations.” If you’re worried about your property, consider investing in an alarm system or sensor lights, as well as remember to always lock vehicles, hide tools and ladders and keep your trees and shrubs trimmed so they don’t offer hiding places for burglars.

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Police caution to lock doors in light of burglaries

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Sun News

Local scam targets popular concert

PHOTO: Supplied

Aspiring Art Prize creative director Leigh Cooper (left) with judges Lucy Hammonds (centre) and Lauren Gutsell.

Aspiring Art Prize a fundraising success Emma Conyngham

A graphite drawing depicting the frustration of an emerging social class in New Zealand was judged supreme winner at the Aspiring Art Prize in Wānaka on Friday night. Class Precariat, by Wānaka artist P. William (aka Paul McLachlan), was awarded the Craigs Investment Partners Prize of $10,000 at the gala event at Holy Family Catholic School. According to Wikipedia, the precariat “is a social class formed by people suffering from precarity, which is a condition of existence without predictability or security, affecting material or psychological welfare. The term is a portmanteau obtained by merging precarious with proletariat.” The annual event attracts artists from around New Zealand and is becoming a nationally recognised art award. It is one of the school’s biggest fundraisers, raising about $22,000 each year. The runner-up award, a $2000 prize donated by New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty agent Craig Myles, went to Ki Hyun Kim for his painting Morning on Sunday Market. Best landscape, which

was awarded a $2000 prize donated by Peak Accommodation, went to Priscilla Clair for her painting Matukituki 2 and the best work under $1000 went to Gavin Chair for his painting Interior no.7 (Hotel room in Greymouth). Thirty-one artworks were sold on Friday night, with the remainder up for sale until Tuesday January 14, when the exhibition ended. Judges for this year’s Aspiring Art Prize were Dunedin Public Art Gallery curators Lucy Hamonds and Lauren Gutsell. They were impressed by the variety of strong, innovative and interesting works on display, submitted by well-known Kiwi artists through to up-andcoming young artists. Holy Family Catholic School principal Jo McKay says she was thrilled with the turnout of Friday night’s gala event and the number of artworks sold. “Fundraising events like the Craigs Aspiring Art Prize are hugely important for a high decile school like ours, as it provides additional opportunities to provide extra resources to enhance learning through cutting-edge educational programmes,” McKay said.

The Council Word Smokefree and vapefree lakefronts This summer we’re going smokefree and vapefree at Wānaka waterfront, Queenstown Bay, Frankton Beach and Glenorchy waterfront. Help keep the air clear and the beach butt free so everyone can enjoy the waterfront areas. The trial will run until 31 March 2020. If you want more details or have any feedback on the trial, let us know at

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Liquor ban in effect

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A liquor ban is in effect in the Wānaka town centre and along the lakefront from the hours of 8.00pm through to 8.00am, every day. For more on the restrictions and areas prohibited, head to PAGE 6

PHOTO: Wanaka Sun

People using Facebook should be cautious of sending money online.

Caroline Moratti

Facebook scams have been sweeping the area and stealing hundreds of dollars from locals. A popular scam includes offering tickets to the sold out Gibbston Valley concert, only for the buyer to be blocked after transferring the money. Matt Ecroyd lost $600 to a fake profile by the name of Emma Senara after trying to buy four Gibbston tickets. Rachel Sarah almost lost money to Senara after she made an advertisement looking for two king single beds for her sons. Senara contacted her, claiming to have two beds in Christchurch and would sell them for $250, including delivery. This immediately set off warning bells for Sarah, who knew from experience that delivery companies were very expensive, and she took a closer look at the seller. “I looked at her profile and it had only been created hours beforehand. Her profile and cover pic were uploaded at the same time and there were no likes or friends list and no previous posts,” Sarah says, noting that the photos of the beds had also been screenshots of other people’s listings. “So I very rudely told her/him that Thieves go to Hell etc and the profile was deleted within minutes,” confirming her suspicions. Clare Hartnell lost $150 to “Hannah K Oeveren” in an attempt to buy a ticket for the concert, but says she knows others who have lost “300, 500, 600” dollars from the woman. Hartnell is currently in the process of attempting to get the money back from her bank and will go

PHOTO: Supplied

Gibbston Valley concert tickets are the focus of this recent scam.

to the police. The scammer she warns about is apparently now selling fake Six60 tickets. Charlotte Pring also lost $150 to Oeveren and says “I've heard from a few others that have been scammed by the same person and it's been a lot more than that. I'm not worried about the money, I just want to get the word out so it doesn't keep happening.” After Pring had transferred the money, Oeveren kept on making a series of excuses such "I'm driving", "laptop playing up", "I'm sorting my kids out" until Pring was eventually blocked from her profile. To add a twist in the matter, Pring says she’s now heard from Oeveran’s alleged mother and boyfriend, who claim that the profile isn’t her and rather she lost her ID in Auckland about six months ago. The mother is apparently working with Queenstown police to help resolve the issue of stolen identity. If you’re thinking about buying a concert ticket online, meeting with the seller in person is always a good idea. Amanda Calvert, CEO of Greenstone Entertainment who runs the Gibbston Valley concert, says “We always recommend only buying tickets directly from the authorised outlet, in our case it was via our website” but notes that this weekend’s Gibbston Valley Winery Summer Concert is a complete sell out. “We feel for anyone who gets affected by purchasing tickets for events through third party, non-authorized resellers and reiterate to only buy tickets through the authorised ticket provider,” Calvert goes on to say. Be careful online and make sure to do a good profile check of your seller or buyer to avoid losing money.

Water wastage questioned Francesca Maria Nespolo

A concerned local contacted the Wānaka Sun about the use of sprinklers along the lakefront, questioning why they were aimed at concrete and turned on whilst it was raining. The sprinklers’ ineffectiveness was on full display this week as the wind picked up and threw the water to the other side of the footpath. When brought to the attention of council, a spokesperson from Queenstown Lakes District Council said, “QLDC is committed to sustainable water practices. The situation regarding the sprinklers near the lake is currently being looked into by staff.” Council went to say they are taking various steps to minimise water wastage. These include: “monitoring irrigation usage around weather events; continually assessing whether irrigation run time and cycles are appropriate, taking into consideration the season, events, importance of location and level of service; emphasising the importance of good irrigation system design

THURSDAY 16.01.20 - WEDNESDAY 22.01.20

PHOTO: Supplied

Watering the footpath is a needless waste of water.

and installation to efficiently carry out irrigation of grass assets at new locations. This includes understanding prevailing wind and other local factors; and watering times are monitored with irrigation cycles being completed before dawn where possible, when weather conditions are more appropriate. This also means minimising disruption to the public”. If you see watering on council land that you think could be improved, contact QLDC.


Sun News

Major drugs bust in Wānaka

COMMENT By Chris Harris, CEO of Holocaust Centre NZ

Caroline Moratti

A 44-year-old Wānaka man was arrested by police following a drug bust last Thursday that saw a worrying amount of illegal substances recovered from the property. The police obtained three search warrants to search properties in the ongoing investigation. At one address they seized in excess of 80 poppy plants that were used for extracting opium alongside LSD, cocaine and MDMA. An indoor cannabis grow with 20 plants and a quantity of dried cannabis head and plant material were also located on the property. Police were unable to comment on whether the offender had any previous drug-related offences as well as why and for how long police had been investigating the properties due to “operational reasons.” However when asked about whether the Wānaka public should be worried about a potential drug problem, a police spokesperson said “All areas should be concerned about drug use as there is commonly a link between drug use and other crimes. Wānaka is no different and drug dealers are driven by trying to make what they think is easy money.” The spokesperson goes on to note that “as with Queenstown, Wānaka has a large tourist population travelling through the town and drug dealers are known to try and target young people in bars and other areas that they gather.” The 44-year-old man appeared in the Queenstown District Court on Monday on several charges including possession of methamphetamine.

PHOTO: Wānaka Sun

One man arrested by police on several charges of drug possession.

This is not the first drugs bust in recent times. In October, a Lake Hāwea man was sentenced to nine months' home detention after police discovered a locked "grow room'' on his property which housed three rooms of 28 cannabis plants. In June, another Lake Hāwea property was searched to discover firearms, $3700 in cash and 56g of MDMA and 10 cannabis plants, altogether an estimated value of $17,000. Perhaps the most famous local drug bust comes from 2013, where a Wānaka painter was found to be involved in a $1 million cocaine distribution ring and imprisoned. Police will continue to target the supply of drugs in Otago Lakes Central area to help protect communities from harm. Anyone with information about the sale and supply of illegal substances should contact their local Police by calling 105, or phone Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Men being led to the concentration camps after Kristallnacht in November 1938.

PHOTO: Supplied

“Words matter. Be careful what you say, be the story was added to the newspaper’s Facebook careful with your words, the Holocaust began page support came flowing in, from comments with words” – a quote from Deborah Lipstadt, such as ‘they are only expressing themselves’, world-renowned historian on the Holocaust. ‘vegans are worse’, ‘he’s allowed his point of view’, The actions of one individual that was recently plus other racist messaging and words of hate. published in the Wānaka Sun should alarm us all. There are no lone wolves anymore. With the At a rodeo event where protestors were help of the internet, no one is ever acting alone. confronted by a man with two children in the Every comment in the thread of this story that back saluting and self-confessing to be Nazis is a focussed on hating vegans instead of Nazis was a warning that cannot be ignored and to say it is his vote of support for Nazis. right to express himself, I say no. This year will mark the 75th year since the This article is not about taking sides in the liberation of the camps in Europe and North debate over rodeos, it is about the vile actions of Africa. When the horrors of these camps were some people within society who think that they shown to the world, we said to ourselves ‘never can use gestures that are associated with hate, again will we repeat the disgusting, degrading discrimination and prejudice which resulted in acts of mass murder of the Nazis’. Today, we still the murder of 11 million people. say never again. The lack of respect for the past events with The individuals who claim to be Nazis – who young children who are easily influenced in plain use the salute with such power – are not the sight, is deeply troubling. This is not about a people who say never again. They have not learnt history lesson of what happened between 1933- from history and seem willing to repeat it. They 1945 but a lesson about acceptance of diversity are people who spread their message of hate. and inclusion not exclusion. For too long people And to those who sit behind a computer have used the term Nazi as some throw away thinking they are immune – you are not. You are description of a person in authority – or they complicit with the actions of these people, for it is have used the salute to get a reaction or to show you that stoke the fires of hate and discrimination, their political beliefs. Given what happened in for it starts with words and ends in action. March 2019 it is deeply worrying that someone We must be the upstander and not the in Wānaka takes such pride in their hate – that it’s bystanders, as Edmund Burke said, “the only ok to have pride associated with the deaths of 11 thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good million people. men to do nothing”. This is not acceptable and alarms so many Chris Harris is the chief executive officer of the people as memories of the horrors of 1933-1945 Holocaust Centre of New Zealand. The Holocaust are replayed. Centre is based in Wellington but has an extensive We look at these actions and their image of education outreach programme that travels the PHOTO: Supplied The proposed SHA lies to the southwest of Lake Hāwea township, outside the urban growth boundary. giving a salute and optimistically think, ‘It’s ok; country to schools, community and adult groups One submitter will be speaking in support of they are lone wolves and don’t pose a threat to educating people on the lessons from the Holocaust Emma Conyngham the development. Daryl Kerin whose farm lies anyone’. But they are not alone. Moments after and how we can do the right thing. along Cemetery Road, next to the proposed Queenstown Lakes District Council has set SHA, has stated, “Mr Hocking has been in the date for the controversial Special Housing touch with myself since the early planning Area in Hāwea resource consent hearing. The of the subdivision at which point I identified application is for the subdivision to establish my primary concern was understanding how 480 residential allotments and eight reserve lots. drainage, including stormwater and sewage Land use consent is sought for the construction would be managed. Mr Hocking has provided of 480 residential units, a childcare facility and me with further information on the application a commercial building. Cancellation of Consent and in particular stormwater. I am pleased to Notice 8101037.5 is also sought. see consideration has been given to drainage Documentation for the hearing shows management and this will have no implications Willowridge Developments Limited, which is for my property.” the developer behind Three Parks, will be one For Lane Hocking, director of Universal of four presenting in opposition to the SHA in Developments, the hearing is part of the process Comprehensive skin checks now available with one of its entirety. They oppose the development with and one of the many hurdles he has had to jump. our accredited GPs trained in skin cancer management. many infrastructure and commercial concerns but “The SHA was approved in July last year. The principally state; “The Universal Developments hearing on February 24-25 is just a standard Remember to slip, slop, slap and wrap. proposal is entirely contrary to the community hearing for resource consent,” he explained. vision for the growth of Hawea and as such there “There were 21 affected parties notified of 23 Cardrona Valley Road, Wanaka has been a very negative and widespread response our resource consent application and only three within the community about the location and chose to submit against us. That’s not really a Wanaka Medical - Leading the Way density of this development.” community in an uproar,” he reflected.

Hawea SHA consent hearing dates set

Wanaka Skin Cancer Clinic


THURSDAY 16.01.20 - WEDNESDAY 22.01.20


Sun News

Wastewater pipeline construction work nearly finished Emma Conyngham

PHOTO: Wānaka Sun

Will Elliot Gilchrist get the rose?

Local lad looking for love on The Bachelorette Caroline Moratti

Some might be surprised to spot a familiar face when The Bachelorette NZ hits our screens on Monday January 27. Wānaka local Elliot Gilchrist, 32, is amongst those competing for the heart of Bachelorette Lesina Nakhid-Schuster. Gilchrist owns a painting company in town and signed up for the show after some good ol’ fashioned peer pressure, which led him to realize that “this girl is probably going to be really amazing and

I’d really like to meet her.” He’s never seen the show before and was “disappointed” to learn that the popular television format doesn’t include immunity challenges. Gilchrist considers his dating history to be “pretty good”, and said “I’ve met some really nice girls. My first girlfriend was a long-term one, five years, and that sort of set the bar. Since then, I’ve not met anyone who’s matched up. I’ve been single for about eight months this time.” Meanwhile, his celebrity crush is Ariana Grande. As for what those at home will think, Gilchrist said “My friends and family are

going to love this, guaranteed. They’ll all be excited, I’d say. I think they’ll be happier I’ve finally done something along these lines, than surprised.” Perhaps the most distinctive aspect about Gilchrist is his fondness for close up magic, which is apparently his party trick! Gilchrist is competing alongside 21 other men to win the heart of Dr Lesina Nakhid-Schuster, an Aucklandbased doctor and actress. Here’s hoping that Gilchrist might find himself lucky in love, or if not, at least with a few more instagram followers.

The construction of the main Clyde wastewater pipeline is close to completion, with work in Tarbert Street, Alexandra, expected to be finished this month. The pipeline has recently been installed in the area outside St Gerard’s School where it has been linked up with a section of pipeline at the Otago Central Rail Trail car park. Temporary chip-sealing work is underway on Tarbert Street between Fastnet and Killarney Street, where the pipeline has already been installed. There is still final asphalt surfacing work to be done on Tarbert Street to fully reinstate the pipeline trench and restore the road surface to the standard required. This work is scheduled for the end of January. Installing the pipeline through an urban area means there’s been more factors to consider and work around, including existing infrastructure, local businesses and traffic management. “Our crews have really appreciated the community’s understanding and

patience, particularly businesses and households along the route, as this work has been carried out,” said CODC Capital Projects Programme Manager Patrick Keenan. The wastewater pipeline will track further along Walton Street and under the Manuherekia River to the Alexandra wastewater treatment plant. Design and consent requirements are currently being evaluated for the Manuherekia River section and it’s not yet confirmed exactly when this last part of the pipeline will be completed. “Construction is scheduled to begin on the first stage of the Clyde wastewater reticulation system in autumn and the new system is planned to be connected up in 2021. So, there’s time to consider our options for the best way to complete this more technically challenging last stretch of the pipeline to the Alexandra wastewater plant,” Mr Keenan said. “Following on from the community drop-in sessions we held late last year, over the coming months we’ll be sharing more information with the Clyde community about the next steps in the wastewater project.”

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Sun News

Made in Wānaka Be more mindful at

roadworks says NZTA

Francesca Maria Nespolo

Pondering your New Year’s resolutions to find a new job or follow your dreams into the unknown? Meet one local who did just that – taking what he had in his hands, to forge and new business in Hāwea. Having passion as fuel, hobbies can easily turn into serious business. “As these things go, you give a bag or two to friends and family and before you know it, people are stopping you in the street asking how to get some of this coffee they’ve been hearing about. And like that, See Crow Fly coffee roastery was born,” said Robert Holt, who moved to New Zealand in 1995. The modern cup of coffee has come along way since its first unveiling to the west. While the history is both long and debated, it is generally accepted that Venice was the first place coffee took hold in Europe. After some debate amongst the Vatican it was deemed that coffee was not in fact the devil’s work and hence it began to spread like wildfire. Cafes throughout Italy became the hot new place for people of all classes, all ages and all walks of life to pass time and be seen. The cafes were progressing and adapting quickly and in 1901 Luigi Bezzera would change the scene yet again. His new process consisted of forcing very hot pressurised water through a handful of coffee grounds, creating an espresso coffee. As one could probably conclude the modern espresso was born. The barman who would execute this craft became known as a barista and this 100-year-old tradition is more alive today than ever before. “When my dad was a young lad and worked as a grocer's assistant, one of his tasks was to roast and bag coffee beans to order. This was a common part of a household grocery list back then and before instant coffee became the norm, that's just what folks did – at least in that part of London,” said Holt. “I have been a barista since the 90’s and I enjoy the work a lot. I have probably made over a million cups of coffee to date and the repetition does take its toll on the body. Hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders:

Caroline Moratti

PHOTO: Supplied

Robert Holt followed his passion to start his coffee roasting business in Hāwea.

they all can suffer from overuse and repetitive strain in the coffee game and it is a bit tough on an old timer like myself,” he said. Whilst working as a barista, Holt reflected on his sore joints and figured he would need a life backup plan. In a stroke of fortuitous synchronicity, a friend of his offered him a small coffee roaster for a good price and it seemed perfectly logical to accept. “As a coffee roaster, I could still be in the coffee industry, but not necessarily taking the physical hits on the front lines, as a full-time barista,” explained Holt. He bought the roaster and began teaching himself how to roast coffee. “Having a partner who also works in coffee means some blurred lines between home life and work. We have a seven-year-old son and so we prioritise as best we can. We always eat together and read stories together at bedtime etc. As busy as we are, we do our best to put time aside for playing and hanging out. This often means working late into the night to catch up as a result but, so be it. I definitely tend to burn the candle at both ends but endeavour to ensure they never meet in the middle,” said Holt. Holt works from a small space in Lake Hāwea, but he has his eyes open for something roomier. “I love roasting coffee as much as I like making cups of coffee and, well… drinking coffee. What I really like is bringing a little momentary joy into people's lives, one bag of coffee beans at a time,” concluded Holt.

Whether you’re going on holiday or visiting family and friends, summer can be a stressful time and often involve long car trips. The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) are asking that drivers are mindful of speed and respectful to stop/ go operators that are on the roads this holiday season. Stop/go operators are on the roadside all day, in all kinds of weather, yet unfortunately they also have to increasingly deal with reckless driving at the hands of impatient drivers. NZTA Central South Island system manager, Peter Connors says “A few road cones and a stop/go sign are no protection from a speeding vehicle. We’re asking all motorists to please slow down and keep to temporary speed limits.” The agency has been concerned to hear of recent reports of stop/go operators report nearly being hit by vehicles passing too close or speeding

PHOTO: Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

A stop/go operator working alone is at risk from speeding vehicles and abusive motorists.

through the work site and hopes to minimise dangerous behaviour. “Our workers are mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, just doing their job. They go to work each day expecting to be able to go home safely at the end of it. Safety is our highest priority, but we can’t keep our people safe if other people show no regard for their well-being,” says Connors. Don’t be surprised if you run into roadworks this summer, with the Transport Agency well underway

on its biggest maintenance renewal programmed for the last 10 years. Summer is typically the busiest time of year for road repairs as the agency takes advantage of the dry conditions and long sunny days. Connors asks for patience and understanding from motorists, and advises that if stopped by a stop/ go operator “use the time to pause and relax, have a stretch or wind down the windows for some fresh air. You’ll soon be on your way again.”

Millions lie in wait for winner Emma Conyngham

Twizel is a mere 1.5 hour drive from Wānaka so it is in the realm of possibility that someone from Wānaka, or someone travelling through the district, won the $17.1million that is yet unclaimed from the December 28 draw. “A lot of Kiwis have returned to work from [Monday] and are back to their normal routines, so we are really hoping our missing millionaire realises they have won big and claims their prize,” said Marie Winfield, Lotto NZ head of communications and corporate social responsibility. “We encourage anyone who bought a ticket from the Market Store in Twizel for the draw on December 28 to check their tickets. This is a life-changing amount of money, and we have the champagne on ice ready to celebrate with our newest Powerball winner.” Ms Winfield said Lotto NZ had already been contacted by two players today who each won $1 million with

Lotto First Division. One of the tickets was sold at Alexandra New World in Alexandra for the draw on January 4, and the other was sold at Onehunga Mall Superette in Auckland for the draw on December 18. “We’re on a roll today as we’ve already had two people claim $1 million each this morning – so we’d love to hear from our lucky $17.1 million winner. “If we don’t hear from them in the next week we will make every effort to find the winner.” “Most Powerball winners claim their prize within a few days of winning – but occasionally we have these big wins go unclaimed for a while,” Ms Winfield said. In August 2019 a $12.2 million Powerball prize went unclaimed for over two weeks. The ticket was purchased on MyLotto and Lotto NZ was able to contact the winner who was completely unaware they had won and was surprised by the news. In 2017, a Gisborne couple took two weeks to claim a $6.5 million Powerball prize. They knew straight away that they'd won but wanted to take their time


PHOTO: Supplied

If you have a Lotto ticket lying rumpled in the bottom of your bag, now is the time to check it.

before claiming to think about how to manage their windfall. In 2014, a Hamilton couple sat on their winning $16.2 million ticket for ten days before checking and finding out they were the missing millionaires. In 2013, Lotto NZ tracked down a Christchurch player who was unaware they had won $22 million. The man thought the prize had already been claimed so was taken by surprise when Lotto NZ knocked on his door. Anyone who purchased their ticket from The Market Store in Twizel is encouraged to write their name on the back of the ticket and check it immediately at any Lotto outlet, online at MyLotto. or through the Lotto NZ App.

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How can your business help our community? Murray K Kate Community Networks Manager While the Upper Clutha region shows many visible signs of wealth and well-being, it is also home to many people who struggle to meet the high costs of living here because of poor health or shortfalls in income, or who run into other difficulties. Often successful people can fall on unexpectedly hard times and need somewhere to turn to for basic necessities. Fortunately there are many enlightened organisations and individuals in the Wanaka area who recognise this and carry out excellent work to support those in need. Community Networks provides a focus for many of these activities, and serves as a conduit to link those in need with those able to help. Corporate social responsibility is becoming recognised as an important part of the activities of companies both large and small, who need vibrant and healthy community engagement in order to ensure their businesses can thrive. This is not simply a PR exercise – businesses need happy and healthy customers and staff to be successful. Some examples of this kind of approach include Ray White’s ‘A Little Ray of Giving’ campaign, BNZ’s ‘Closed for Good’ activities and Harcourt’s sponsorship this year of the annual Wānaka Christmas hamper and foodbank drive, which runs to several thousand dollars. Meanwhile the Community Networks team could not do what it does without the logistical and professional support provided by the likes of Radio Wānaka, Print-It, the IT Centre, the Wānaka Sun, the Wānaka App, Wunderbaa, and

BOPP C Calvin Constable, NZPD

PHOTO: Supplied

The foodbank drive is an example of corporate social responsibility for Harcourts who sponsors the event.

other local businesses that respond positively to specific requests for help. Jana Reulecke, owner of local marketing company Wunderbaa, enjoys the voluntary work she does supporting Community Networks (she oversees and manages its marketing activities) and says; ‘It’s important for us all to do what we can to connect our community and create social change.’ Since its inception three years ago, the Fit Collective, which was recently voted the people’s choice at the Wānaka Ignite Business Awards, has been a great supporter of the Mental Health Foundation. Trainer Andrew King says its fundraising activities have been fun, aligned with mission values (healthy bodies in healthy minds – or as manager Kim Parry likes to say ‘Some days it’s not about speed or distance – it’s just therapy’) and staggeringly successful. So far the Fit Collective has managed to raise over $10,000 in support of mental health in Wānaka. If you think your business can contribute to social engagement in the Upper Clutha region (or even if you can’t immediately think of any ways in which it can), give Kate Murray at Community Networks a call on 03 443 7799 or email kate@

There must be something in the water this week because my goodness, we have been chasing our tails at the station. Here is what has gone on. Monday was the quietest day we had. A vehicle crashed into the barrier at the summit of the Crown Range and was responsible for an alarming number of incidents. We managed to get the rental contract terminated, hopefully they continue their journey on a bus. Please continue to call us when you witness poor driving, we really appreciate it and you might just save someone’s life. Tuesday had us deal with two family harm incidents. We are trying to get all involved the support they need. We encourage people to reach out for help when they are having issues at home. A driver licence that was lost by somebody was used to sell fake concert tickets on Facebook. PLEASE do not buy off market place unless you have the ability to pick up the item and pay in person or know the person you are buying off. It is too easy for miscreants to dupe people of their hard-earned cash. A huge number of these incidents have been brought to our attention and all are avoidable. Wednesday there were two jobs that involved search and rescue. A huge thanks to the work that these men and women do to help people out. Always carry a locator beacon if you are out bush bashing in the hills. Thursday had Police respond to a drunk driver who crashed and breached their bail conditions and was arrested. Not much to explain to the judge there. Thankfully the victim was driving a ute which had minimal damage to it. Car 0 : Ute 1.

Also on Thursday night / Friday morning somebody or bodies took it upon themselves to create mayhem for us and the victims of their offending. A total of 17 burglaries have been reported to us since then. Majority of these are unlocked cars which have been rummaged through and items of value have been stolen. With the cars being parked on properties, it is technically a burglary as the grounds of people’s properties have been entered, so quite serious offending. I’m sure you’ve read articles that have outlined prevention advice to reduce the risk of these happening but please please please do the simplest thing and lock your cars and the house. Thieves are looking for the easiest way and a locked door almost always moves them on. Friday involved a lot of follow up and investigation for the reported burglaries. This will be ongoing for a while. The evening saw two drunk drivers dealt with and another gentleman breaching his bail. Saturday had search and rescue involved again. The locator beacons literally saved the couple’s lives. A great thanks to the Land SAR team that went in in such conditions to help save them and the helicopter pilot for some superb flying. This needn’t have happened though if they had seen the major weather warnings. There was a roadside fire near R & A. Huge thanks to the public that put this out. Crazy winds that day. A suspicious male was also seen but not found. The evening was capped off with another family harm incident and a breach of bail. Sunday night saw us deal with a family harm incident. Stay safe all. I hope you have a great week.

Invest in New Zealand cherries for the long term An exciting opportunity exists to invest in a Central Otago cherry development at iconic Mt Pisa Station. This 80-hectare Hortinvest development is set to deliver lucrative returns from December 2021. The Mt Pisa development offers investors the chance to enjoy the rewards from an industry identified by the Government as an emerging growth opportunity. Summerfruit NZ predicts a 40 per cent dollar value growth in exports in the next 20 years. Cornerstone investors including the sheep and beef landowners of Mt Pisa Station have already committed and stage one planting is complete. Another 28,000 trees will be planted this winter. Site attributes include elevation – ideal for optimal cherry production. This opportunity comes at a time when New Zealand’s cherry industry is experiencing unprecedented global demand. Central Otago cherries consistently achieve the top price per kilo globally. This is a sustainable, long-term, high-return investment which can span generations. Led by experienced horticulturalists Ross and Sharon Kirk, Hortinvest sources land, establishes and manages high-tech orchards and packhouses, and markets and exports produce on behalf of investors. Minimum investment: $100,000. Cash calls over 4 years.

Returns 34-59% based on 12-18 tonnes per hectare (peak production). Request your Mt Pisa Information Memorandum.

Offer open to wholesale investors who fall within the exclusions applicable to offers made under the Financial Market Conduct Act 2013.

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THURSDAY 16.01.20 - WEDNESDAY 22.01.20


Sun News

Aid concert raises over $40,000 the horrendous holocaust of wildlife that has happened and is still happening in Australia.” There were many moments that made the day significant for Wānaka, Simon said that at one point, “a lady with tears streaming down her face handing me $2,000 in an envelope.” “It’s not with competition in mind,” added Simon, “we were just feeling frustrated about not doing anything, so we did something. We never thought we’d ever raise so much money but that’s continuing with people donating online thanks to Daisy Thor-Poet’s film.” Mayor Jim Boult issued a statement thanking the district for pulling together for Australia, “there are often jokes about sporting tensions between our two countries, but in times of true crisis it’s heartening to see locals pulling together to help raise much-needed funds for the firefighting effort… a big thank you to the

What was once just an idea has far exceeded expectations with last Friday’s Wānaka Aussi Aid concert raising over $40,000 to help assist the fight against recent Australian wildfires. The initiative was the brainchild of local actor Jay Simon, who, with his family, put the idea out to the community on Facebook and quickly saw it turn into a seven-hour concert, featuring around 100 local performers. As well as collecting cash donations on the day, Simon also set up a givealittle page to give no excuse for those who couldn’t make it. The event was a major success, with crowds flocking to Kai Whakapai to support the cause. Volunteers around town collected $22,000 in cash donations, and another $20,000 was donated across the week online and direct to the

account set up for the event, with that number still growing (donations are still able to made on the Wānaka Aussi Aid givealittle page). Being the first community fundraising event of its kind across the country, the concert gained national media attention, with One News featuring a story on the Friday six o’clock news. Local photographer/videographer Daisy Thor-Poet also spent the day taking photos and video which culminated in a three-minute event summary which has been viewed on Facebook over 11,000 times. Simon said that the event was a wholehearted community effort, “I can’t tell you how overwhelmed I am with all the community spirit and generosity of this town! My family are extremely proud to be able to have give our town the chance to do something and get involved in a gig or give money to show concern for about

From left: Blaise Barham and Jay Simon with buckets for cash donations.

Local performers ran for seven hours to raise money for the Australian bushfires.

Ollie Blyth

Evie Simonsohn and Luca Georgalli were one of around 100 acts to perform at the fundraiser.

performers who gave their time and to everyone who turned out to support the event. Well done to those involved in organising this event.” Simon would like to thank the community for coming together to support the event, particularly his family, the MAC music department, Roger North and the staff from Kai Whakapai, Jenn Anderson from Wānaka Radio, Richard Elvey from Kahu Youth, Pukka Print, Design Wānaka, Nicola Simonsohn, Julia Larkin, Lucille Clarke, Carol Bradley, Wānaka Visitor Centre, the Hāwea and Wānaka Fire Services, Queenstown Lakes District Council, the Wānaka Police, Mitre10 Wānaka, PaperPlus, Pukka Print, Design Wānaka, Nicola Simonsohn, Julia Larkin, Lucille Clarke, Carol Bradley, Wānaka Visitor Centre, and all of the musicians, magicians, face painters, and volunteers from Hāwea, Queenstown and Wānaka who helped make the day a success.

PHOTOS: Daisy Thor-Poet (from Tinted Productions Wānaka)

Jen Anderson and Jay Simon make headlines on 1 NEWS.

HAPPY NEW YEAR Looking after all your joinery needs from design to installation. Also designer splash backs & appliance packages.

The team at Community Networks would like to thank the many businesses, community groups and individuals who donated food and gifts for the Christmas Hampers and the Food bank. We put together 75 Christmas Hampers for local families in need. We are humbled by the ongoing generosity of our community.

B & M JOINERY LTD 4 Ree Crescent, Cromwell, 03 265 2077 Brendon 027 449 2291, Mark 027 768 1977


34 MacDougall Street, Wanaka 443 7799 THURSDAY 16.01.20 - WEDNESDAY 22.01.20


Sun News

Sadowski-Synnott nominated for Halberg Emma Conyngham

The Halberg Foundation has announced 26 finalists for six categories at the 57th ISPS Handa Halberg Awards – New Zealand’s preeminent event to celebrate and honour sporting achievements from 2019. The ISPS Handa Halberg Awards judges reviewed 70 nominations from National Sports Organisations to create the shortlist, recognising achievements from 1 December 2018 to 30 November 2019. Seventeen finalists in the Sportswoman, Sportsman, Team and Para athlete/team categories are all eligible for the supreme Halberg Award – the country’s highest accolade for sporting excellence. Last year’s High Performance Sport New Zealand Sportswoman of the Year canoe racer Lisa Carrington is a finalist again after a successful 2019 which saw her claim two world titles. Laura Langman, captain of the Netball World Cup winning Silver Ferns team, makes the shortlist along with Zoi Sadowski-Synnott who produced New Zealand’s first Snowboarding World Championships gold medal. Courtney Duncan is also a contender after her Motocross World Championship win. Queenstown’s Alice Robinson is nominated in the Sky Sport Emerging Talent category which features of a group of young athletes who achieved big things in 2019 including; Robinson who won gold in the giant slalom at the FIS Alpine World Cup and swimmer Erika Fairweather who earned the 200m freestyle

Sunsense SPORT SPF50+ 75g & Lip Balm SPF50+ 15g Lasting protection designed for sports. Sport is a highly protective lotion best suited to those enjoying an outdoors lifestyle. Suitable for all skin types.

PHOTO: Wānaka Sun

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott is nominated for the sportswoman of the year making her eligible for the Supreme Halberg Award.

gold at the FINA Junior World Championships. The winners will be announced at the 57th ISPS Handa Halberg Awards ceremony on Thursday February 13, 2020 at Spark Arena in Auckland. The Awards were created by Olympic champion Sir Murray Halberg (ONZ) in 1963 to honour sporting excellence and as a major fundraiser for the Halberg Foundation – his charity which aims to enhance the lives of physically disabled young New Zealanders by enabling them to participate in sport and recreation.

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Phone: 03 443 8000 Top of Helwick Street, Wānaka OPENING HOURS: 8AM TO 8PM 7 DAYS PAGE 12

PHOTO: Mountain Turk Club

Approval has been given for six turks to be built on the 60km traverse across the Harris Mountains.

New ski traverse across Harris Mountains Francesca Maria Nespolo

A new brand of adventure will be ready by this winter if all goes well for Arrowtown adventurer Erik Bradshaw. A "spectacular" 60-kilometre ski traverse across the Harris Mountains, linking Wānaka’s Treble Cone with Queenstown’s Coronet Peak has been approved. The Queenstown Lakes District Council has granted resource consent for six Turk huts to be built on the trail. The turks will be situated along the tops of the Harris Mountains through the Mahu Whenua conservation area. The traverse runs along the backbone of the Harris Mountains – the terrain here is “particularly suited to backcountry skiing as it offers enough excitement without excessive risk from steep country and glacier travel. It is also

relatively accessible, with ski-field roads providing access at both ends,” according to the Mountain Turk Club. Establishing a series of huts along this traverse will provide opportunities to people with a broad range of abilities. With six huts, adventurers would “never be too far from safe shelter should weather conditions deteriorate.” The establishment of the trail links in with the establishment of the Mountain Turk Club, also founded by Erik Bradshaw. “A Turk is a lightweight, helicopter flyable mountain hut based on a large plastic water tank. Creative interior design combined with the circular shape results in a highly efficient and relaxing space that is safe in even the most extreme of storms,” according to the Mountain Turk Club. The name derives from the saying “Not a hut and not a yurt, not a tank so must be a Turk”.

Picking flowers on private property is theft Francesca Maria Nespolo

In the scale of things, stolen poppies might sound a minor incident, but when Lauren Ann Sleeman wrote a post about the theft on the Upper Clutha community page, she hoped that people might be deterred from taking such liberties on land that appears as if it is unattended. “Would they have leapt the fence and come onto a private property to steal if there was a house there and a greater chance they would be seen – probably not!,” explained Sleeman. The flowers were stolen from a farming property that Sleeman’s husband owned down by Cardrona River. Before they were stolen, the poppies were meant to be a Christmas gift from someone worthy. “The poppies grow wild there at this time of the year and we thought we would leave them to pick just before Christmas to take them to some old friends at Elmslie House,” said Sleeman. Unfortunately, the property can be seen from the road, there is a private property sign clearly displayed at the entrance. “As my husband drove onto the land one day before Christmas the two women were caught picking the poppies red-

THURSDAY 16.01.20 - WEDNESDAY 22.01.20

PHOTO: Pixabay

Lauren Ann Sleeman was not impressed at the two women who were caught red handed stealing poppies from her property.

handed, they saw him and quickly scrambled up the small hill to their car which they had parked on the road and took off. So they clearly knew what they were doing was theft,” shared Sleeman. Stolen poppies aren’t the only issue facing farmers in Cardrona. “Despite the private property sign we have also had to shoo many freedom campers from the site (who leave the inevitable very undesirable waste) too. I guess we’re just over the taking of liberties that seem to go on more in a tourist town,” concluded Sleeman.


Sun Views


Nazi salute is disgusting Dear Editor My name is Chris Harris I am the CEO of the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand, I have been forwarded today’s Wānaka Sun newspaper front page. I am totally disgusted by the actions of the people in the truck, they have no idea what offence they have caused by the use of that gesture. I would like to thank you for calling them out and making them visible to the world. We are in a world where we see the use of gestures, slogans and phrases that were used to persecute, discriminate and eliminate in the world’s history and for some people in 2020 to use this is beyond belief. The New York Yankees Baseball club would not be impressed by their team being displayed in the connection of Nazism given the recent events in the New York area. I am often a visitor to that area and would invite that person to explain to our organisation why using that salute and expression is suitable, Once again thank you and I am so disgusted that this person can act in this way. Kind regards, Chris Harris


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Nazi just a stunt It was very disappointing to see the standard of journalism at the Wānaka Sun has plummeted to the level evident in last week's article on the Wanaka’s Rodeo. The article’s bias, evident in the overwhelming coverage accorded to the protestors compared with the two paragraphs allocated to the rodeo’s perspective buried at the end of the story, was mirrored in the emotive and inaccurate headline above a front page photograph of driver of a random vehicle waving a hand in a Nazi salute. As there was zero evidence reported the driver even attended the rodeo, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn this was a pre-arranged publicity stunt. Printing verbatim the conjecture provided by protestors without checking the accuracy and validity of the statements is indicative of poor journalism. Contrary to your report, the protestors were welcome to attend the rodeo and could have met with the rodeo organisers. Your reporter was also personally invited to attend the rodeo, as did other reporters, but she declined the invitation. Had your reporter taken the time to attend she would have seen that animals were not being abused as your story implied; neither were rope burns inflicted nor were electric prods used; and a check with the veterinarian at the rodeo, or the MPI Inspectors, or Animal Welfare Officers, would have verified that.

Lyal Cocks President, NZ Rodeo Cowboys Association

Rodeo response pours fuel on fire

Dear Lyal Many thanks for your letter. To clarify a misunderstanding, we had two reporters at the rodeo so the accuracy and the validity of the story is very strong. To say the headline was inaccurate is… inaccurate. He was at the rodeo and he was doing a Nazi salute; so the headline, ‘Nazi salute at Wānaka Rodeo’ was 100 percent correct. Whilst I appreciate you may not like the article, your response is pouring fuel on a fire. A rational response would have been for the NZ Rodeo Cowboys Association to denounce any form of neo Nazi activity at your event and to confirm that the organisation does not condone such behaviour. Instead, you passively defend his actions by writing it off as fake or a stunt. Accusing us of poor journalism whilst completely failing to address the fact there was a neo Nazi saluting at your event is deeply troubling. Shooting the messenger because you don't like the message doesn't change the essence of the message. Your response, coupled with the overwhelming support for the neo Nazi online by rodeo fans, only confirms to me that it was the right call to publish his image and the story. It has held up a mirror to Wānaka so we see the truth of who we are as a town; ugly bits and all. That self-reflection should enable us to address our faults by humbly admitting there are things that need work. There is no excuse for not knowing that a neo-Nazi killed 51 people in a hate crime in Christchurch less than 12 months ago. That another neo Nazi boldly declared his allegiance at your event should have you very worried – but instead you attack us whilst other rodeo supporters online attacked the protestors, completely ignoring the Nazi – literally – in their midst. In regards to animal welfare, the article clearly stated that ending electric prods, flank straps and rope-burning was an election promise made by Labour and does not infer that these were actually taking place at the Wānaka Rodeo.

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TERM 1 2020 begins on MONDAY, 3 FEBRUARY.

Closure of Streets to Ordinary Vehicular Traffic PURSUANT TO THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1974, notice is hereby given that consideration will be given by the Queenstown Lakes District Council under delegated authority, to the closure of the following roads to ordinary vehicular traffic for the purpose of holding the 2020 Motatapu Sporting Event: Friday 13 March 2020: Road to be Closed: Periods of Closure:

Motatapu Road (from Wanaka – Mount Aspiring Road intersection) Saturday 14 March 2020 from 04:00 to 13:00 Sunday 15 March 2020 from 06:00 to 10:00

It will be an offence under the above regulations for any person otherwise than under authority of an authorised permit to use the roads for ordinary vehicular traffic during the period of closure. Those who have any concerns regarding the above closures, please contact Sarah Mitchell at APL Property on 021 244 9988 or by email before 5.00pm on Friday 24 January 2020.

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Students are requested to assemble outside their allocated Pods by 9.00am – dressed in full uniform, including a sunhat. POD 1 - Year 1 POD 3 - Year 2 POD 4 - Year 3 POD 5 - Year 4 POD 7 - Year 5 POD 8 - Year 6 New enrolments, who have not previously contacted the school, are welcomed at 10.00am on THURSDAY 30 JANUARY or FRIDAY 31 JANUARY 2020 to complete enrolment and participate in a tour of the school. Please check the Wanaka Primary School website for zoning information. Those outside of the Wanaka Primary School zone, should contact Take Karara - Stationery lists are available on the school website - Stationery requirements for all students are available from Paper Plus Wanaka and stationery should be brought to school on Monday, 3 February.

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Hāwea athlete carries NZ flag at Youth Winter Olympics Caroline Moratti

Hāwea’s biathlon athlete and crosscountry skier Campbell Wright, 17, had the honour of carrying the flag for the New Zealand team in the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games on Friday morning. The youngster was named flag bearer by Chef de Mission Jesse Teat at a recent team function well attended by athletes and their families in Lausanne. Teat described it as a “pleasure” to present Wright with the flag, saying “Campbell is an enthusiastic and determined young athlete whose actions epitomise what it means to be a member of the New Zealand Team.” Wright moved to Wānaka at age eight where he developed a love for cross country skiing. He now studies at Mount Aspiring College, but still finds the time to practise and compete professionally, saying “it doesn’t really clash, there’s plenty of hours in a day for both things.” Although his sporting calendar does clash with his NCEA exams, the 17 yearold manages to get around the hurdle by taking his practice exams as his real ones. Teat says of Wright, that “as well as being a leader in his sport he’s dedicated to his studies and involved in his community.” Since 2016 Wright has been named ‘Snow Sports New Zealand Cross Country Skier of the Year’ every year. In 2017 he also began competing in

biathlon and last week won the Italian Biathlon Nationals in the U19 category. Biathlon is a winter sport that combines rifle shooting and cross-country skiing and is incredibly physically demanding, requiring a level of fitness that brings your heart rate down to shoot accurately after skiing at maximum speed for between 2.5km to 5km. The young athlete is coached by Luca Boromilili and trains at the Snow Farm in Cardrona alongside other Mt Aspiring students. In October, Wright travelled to Livigno, Italy, to practice with Boromilili where he dry trained on land until the snow was skiable. His race results in Europe this summer have been incredible, with his results the best a New Zealand junior has ever achieved in both biathlon and cross country. Now Wright is competing in the Winter Youth Olympics where 2,000 athletes from 73 countries come together to compete. He’s been training hard for this and the work has paid off. The opening ceremony saw the young athlete carry the flag for his country, who did a spectacular job. The NZ team is made up of 20 athletes, all aged between 14-18, so Wright was chosen out of high calibre competition. Wright told the Wānaka Sun: “It was super cool to carry the flag, especially being a biathlete because in NZ it’s not the biggest of sports in comparison to free skiing, so it was definitely one to remember.”

PHOTO: OIS Bob Martin

Campbell Wright YOG opening ceremony 2020.

Since the flag bearing, Wright has gone from success to success in the games. Sunday saw the athlete compete in a field of 99 athletes to claim a sixth-place finish in the 12.5km biathlon. He’s “absolutely loving” the Youth Olympics, and says his placing was “so cool” and “good to see that I can be competitive with the Europeans.” He’s still got the 7.5km biathlon and the cross country skiing to go and is excited to see how the games will go. “I’m feeling focused and ready for the next race coming up,” he said. As for what’s next after the games, Wright plans a well-deserved week to “chill out” and return to school. This certainly won’t be the last we hear of the young Hāwea athlete.



JOURNALIST REQUIRED An excellent opportunity has arisen for a trustworthy and reliable Maintenance 2IC at Wanaka Hotel Applications from Long Term Residents Only

The position will involve general maintenance around the Hotel, including repairs & maintenance on the hotel rooms, paint touch ups, basic plumbing, cleaning of the carpark building and rubbish areas . You will need to be physically fit, a self starter and not afraid of getting your hands dirty. Previous experience with building & grounds maintenance, carpentry, & plumbing would be advantageous General knowledge of New Zealand work, health, and safety. Your main duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Responsible to maintain the hotel buildings, machinery and equipment

through carrying out scheduled routine checks. • Collaborate with the Maintenance Manager to respond and provide resolution to all planned and unplanned maintenance issues in an efficient and timely manner. • Clean and declutter the garden area while ensuring the safety of guests and staff. • Exceptional interpersonal skills, with a natural ability to effectively communicate to a diverse audience. • Demonstrated ability to plan, prioritise and organise your varying work load.

This position would be 32 hours over 4 days, Tuesday to Friday. You must be able to work well in a team and enjoy variety as no 2 days are the same.

If you are looking for a new challenge, starting in the new year, email your CV through now to or drop into Wanaka Hotel Reception. Applications close 26th January 2020. WWW.THEWANAKASUN.CO.NZ


Be part of the small team responsible for producing our popular weekly newspaper. • You will have the relevant journalism qualifications, and a minimum of two years' experience writing for a recognised media organisation. • You will have existing local contacts and the ability to connect with the wider community. • You will also have an eye for community news, strong writing ability and photography skills, and the ability to meet strict deadlines.

Based in Wānaka, this position is for 20 hours per week with an immediate start. This is a fantastic opportunity for a passionate journalist who enjoys a challenge! If this sounds you, please forward your application with your CV and cover letter to:

The Editor, The Wānaka Sun, PO Box 697, Wānaka,



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PHOTO: Supplied

Campbell Wright, from Hāwea, was chosen to carry the New Zealand Flag in the opening ceremony of the Winter Youth Olympics.


The Ruby - a swim event around Ruby Island, takes place on Saturday 25th January between 6.30am and 12.30pm based at Waterfall Creek at the end of Ruby Island road, which will be busy. The event will be at its most active between 7.00am and 11.30am with swimmers in the bay out to Ruby Island. The event organisers would like to ask for your assistance, patience and consideration and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Come watch and enjoy the evening with us! Ruby Events Ltd

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Bowls at its best Sun Sport


It was a “feast of bowls” when the annual Fulton Hogan Wānaka Men’s Classic Fours Invitational Bowls tournament took place on January 8-9 at the Wānaka Bowling Club according to Peter Wilson from the Wānaka Bowling Club (WBC). The event is a major tournament on the WBC’s calendar and attracts a lot of interest from South Island bowlers. There was a full field of 16 teams entered including a number of composite teams that included a number of well performed bowlers from Wellington, Dunedin, Southland, Nelson and Central Otago as well as WBC members. Wānaka turned on two almost windless, sunny days for the 70 games that were played over the two days in front of an appreciative group of spectators. After the first day the field was divided, with the top eight teams competing in the Main Event and the bottom eight teams playing in the Plate Event. The final of the 10 end Plate Event was fought out between Bannockburn (Terry Collins(s), Wilson Moir, Bryan Neill, Dave Stewart) and one of the Wānaka teams (Stu Hurley(s), Murray Finn, Murray Ives, Lowell Croft). Bannockburn got away to a flying start and led 8-4 after five ends but that was the end of their scoring, with Wānaka piling on the pressure with some excellent draw bowls and winning the

PHOTO: Peter Wilson

Winners of the Main Event from left: George Cameron, Ken Muir, Eion Willis (skip), and Bruce Robertson.

remaining five ends to come out the winners of the Plate Event by 17-8. The final of the Main Event was between another Wānaka team (Don Cameron(s), Ken Allison, Fin McRae, Bob Steel) and a composite team: Eion Willis(s) (St Clair), Bruce Robertson (Fairfield), George Cameron (Wānaka), Ken Muir (Wānaka).

Every end of this 12-end game was fiercely competed, with the lead often changing during an end. Whatever Wānaka did was thwarted by Team Willis that scored a ‘1’ on each of the first six ends to lead 6-0. The seventh end saw Wānaka at last getting on the scoreboard, winning three ends in a row to trail by 4-6, and looking more likely. Team

Willis came back with two on the tenth end to consolidate their lead at 8-4. Despite all their efforts, Wānaka could not reduce the deficit and Team Willis, who were ‘runners up’ in 2019, ran out the winners by 9-5. The popularity of this tournament is such that almost all the teams that competed have signalled their intention to play again in the 2021 event.

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17 - 23 January 2020 | Edition 957  

17 - 23 January 2020 | Edition 957