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April 17, 2018

Malta President to visit US, Canada;

f thesive o e c i A Vo ese exclu t l Ma

Minister Helena Dalli to visit NSW


n late April and early May, the President of Malta, Her Excellency Marie Louis Coleiro Preca is to visit the Maltese communities in a number of cities in the United States and Canada as she leads a delegation that will also include the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion, Carmelo Abela.


eanwhile, the Honourable Minister for European Affairs and Equality, Dr. Helena Dalli will visit New South Wales in Australia in the last week of April. She has expressed her wish that during the visit she would meet as many members of the Maltese community as possible in the state. (See page 12)

Prestigious award for Gozo’s Cittadella Visitors’ Centre

The Visitors’ Centre at The Cittadella in Gozo has been presented with the ‘Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement’, the highest honour in the themed entertainment sphere that is awarded by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA). The award was presented during this year’s edition of the Association’s Awards Gala held at the Disneyland Hotel in California, USA (Story in Maltese on page 12)

‘Real people can make a real difference’ - PM Joseph Muscat tells Brisbane Innovative Forum 2 The Voice of the Maltese


alta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, key speaker at the two-day Commonwealth Innovation Forum in Brisbane pointed out to the august gathering, that innovation does not take place in laboratories, but by Governments listening more to the people and the needs of their communities. Addressing the Forum that coincided with the Commonwealth Games that were being held in the Gold Coast, in Queensland as Chair-in-Office of the Commonwealth, Dr. Muscat said that Malta is an example of this therefore “a good case study of innovation”. He added that the first impression many get when hearing of the word innovation is that it is related to scientists in some laboratory who are carrying out experiments on ideas to change the world. However, “Even the simplest of ideas, that emerge from the communities that we serve can make a real difference in people’s lives,” he said To drive his point across, he mentioned Malta’s current economic performance, which, he said, is at its peak for generations. “We have established a growth rate that has surpassed the 7% per annum over the past five years; unemployment levels are at an all-time low, and the country is running on a sustained budget surplus of almost 2% of our GDP. Our policy can easily be to sit back and take our feet off the pedal, yet we don’t do so,” he said. Dr. Muscat said that the word Innovation has/is used, and abused by businesses and politicians all around the world. “It is a word we use in times of prosperity as well as in times of crisis. It is in our nature to innovate. History – and the things that made it to the history and science books – is just a story of innovation. “Innovation is about improving our life; our standard of living. Simply, it is our fight for survival.” He said that innovation is all about improving our quality of life, pointing out that Malta, is test case of how this is being accomplished in practice. He admitted that he was aware that innovation can lead to controversy and uncertainty, but the same controversies have created the greatest changes that affect our lives. Within this context he said that despite its positive economic growth the Maltese Government was making sure that the country would continue to be innovative. It is see-

Tuesday April 17, 2018

ing innovation in the regulation of new industries that so M a l t a would be at the forefront of the production of medical cannabis and financial technologies such as blockchain technolThe Prime Minister of Malta, ogy. Joseph Muscat addressing the Dr MusInnovation Forum in Brisbane cat said his idea of the Commonwealth is a simple one, that of having more collaboration, including the exchange of students in subjects related to science and research. He added that the world has changed, but common challenges can be overcome through a form of innovation that never fails, “that of making sure we change with the times while listening and adapting to people’s realities”. He maintained that “if we, as Commonwealth rekindle a sense of community and collaborate more, we can make innovation the hallmark of our existence as a block of countries that are so diverse, yet with so much shared heritage.” The Commonwealth Innovation Forum, that was attended by a large number of dignitaries, politicians and businessmen from the 53 Commonwealth countries present in Queensland for the Commonwealth Games drew speakers from the respective countries who gave their views about ways to explore the innovation that would feed, fuel and heal the peoples of the Commonwealth Innovation: its common wealth.

During his visit to the Queensland capital, Brisbane, Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and his accompanying delegation had a most hectic few days. Before the expiry of his term as Chair-in-Office of the Commonwealth, The Prime Minister not only took part in the Innovation Forum where he was key speaker (above report), but also attended the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast, and on the eve of the event visited the athletes village where he met the Maltese athletes who were preparing for participation in the Games. As head of government of Malta, along with his delegation, that included Carmelo Abela, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion and Dr Clifton Grima, Parliamentary Secretary for Sport, Youth and Voluntary Organisations Dr. Muscat had other commitments, that included a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (below), with the Premier of Queensland, Annastacia Palaszczuk, and also the Maltese Community in Brisbane. (see also opposite page)

Tuesday April 17, 2017

Australian PM praises Maltese community and PM Muscat’s support t a most cordial meeting between the Prime Ministers of A Malta and Australia in Brisbane (picture right), Malta’s PM Joseph Muscat expressed his appreciation for Australian Prime

The Voice of the Maltese 3

Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s praise of the Maltese community and their families for their contribution to Australian society. “You could not imagine modern Australia without the contribution of Maltese people,” Mr Turnbull told Dr. Muscat. While the two leaders recognised that the relationship between their respective countries is very strong and contunues to improve Mr. Turnbull thanked the Maltese Government for the support it is giving to the free trade agreement with the EU. Dr Muscat said Malta is not only in favour of free trade but believes this would also create prosperity which Governments then need to ensure is distributed to society in a just way.

QLD Premier hosts Maltese delegation for discussions


he Maltese delegation also held discussions in Brisbane with Annastacia Palaszczuk, the Premier and Minister for Trade in the state of Queensland. They talked about tourism that generates $A25 billion in the QLD’s economy; agriculture and investments by new companies in the medicine sector, are also doing quite well. Dr. Muscat in turn mentioned how successful the tourism sector in Malta has become with record arrivals and the tourists’ expenditure during their stay. But, he pointed out, tourism is not the only sector dominating the country’s economy. There are other sectors that keep growing at a fast pace, such as manufacture and the financial services. The Commonwealth Games event was also a point of discussion with Ms Palaszczuk maintaining that Australia, and in particular the Gold Coast were very enthusiastic to prove themselves good hosts of an event that had cost two billion euro to organise. PM Muscat commended the preparation for GC2018 and the infrastructure as being of a very high standard.

‘The Maltese, the very foundation of what Australia represents’ n Brisbane, as in Mel- he said that despite the fact munity who could use their Iegation bourne, the Maltese del- that the community is a talents in their parents’ and the PM’s small one, a lot of people country of birth.

family met the Maltese community at a reception successfully organised by Brisbane’s Honorary Consul Sandra Micallef. Addressing the community, Dr. Joseph Muscat said that the participation of the Maltese in Australia has also been recognised by the Australia’s Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove who told him the Maltese are the very foundation of what Australia represents. The PM said that during his short visit he heard nothing but praise about the Maltese community, which was often described as a hard-working human resource that is full of initiatives. Acknowledging “the incredible people” in Brisbane, QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk greeting PM Joseph Muscat

showed up to welcome him and tell him about their Maltese ancestry. He urged the Maltese that while they should retain the traditions of their native country they should not build walls that would make them a minority in Australia, but should feel like an integral part of society. “You are proof of how a good policy of integration can be successful for different communities,” he said, pointing out that there are so many descendants of those who went to Australia to find work, that now they are considering returning to Malta to find a job. He said that on his return to Malta he was looking forward to meeting such people from this com-

Some of those present for the event felt that the warmth and sense of community during it “was just amazing and a tribute to all Maltese and supporters of the Maltese community”. One of the attendees said on Facebook, “An incredible honour to be a part of this prestigious gathering, embrace my ‘inner Maltese’ and to welcome the Maltese (delegation)”. The Maltese delegation is now back in Malta with the Prime Minister singing the praises for the rapturous welcome they received wherever they’ve been in their short, but fruitful stay. The Prime Minister accompanied by his family in the meeting with the community

4 The Voice of the Maltese

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Something magical happens each time you enter these city walls. Architectural excellence captivates your visual senses, as every step leads to a landmark of historical value. Walls and pavements that line the grid of narrow streets whisper secrets and mystics to passersby, whilst the air fills up with modern art, live music, and an array of celebrations. The Unesco World Heritage Site could perhaps best be described as a place where history meets the present.; where every explorer can find something they love. How will your Valletta story unfold?

The Voice of the Maltese 5

Remembering the ANZAC legend

Tuesday April 17, 2017


Honouring the ‘Knights of Gallipoli’

pril 25 marks ANZAC DAY, the anniversary of the first military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during World War I (1914-18). The day that is commemorated all over Australia and New Zealand and by citizens hailing from these neighbouring countries all over the world has a special meaning to them. It was on April 25 1915 that in the hope of capturing the town of Constantinople (new Istanbul) in Turkey, that was the capital of the Ottoman Empire, an ally of the Central Powers, soldiers from Australia and New Zealand (ANZACS) landed on Gallipoli. The Anzacs, who then formed part of the allied expedition planning to capture the Gallipoli peninsula that could open the Dardanelles to the navies of the allied forces, met with fierce resistance, and a campaign that dragged on for eight months ended in failure. In the end, with both sides suffering heavy losses and having a large number of casualties were forced into mass evacuation. Despite the fact that the Gallipoli campaign ended in failure, the forces of both Australia and New Zealand left a powerful legacy, and the “ANZAC legend” became an important part of the identity of the two countries. It shaped the way they viewed their past and future. Malta also played a part. Apart from the fact that around 800 Maltese volunteers who supported the Gallipoli campaign then served in the armed forces, numerous soldiers wounded during the campaign and in the spring of 1915 were evacuated to Malta, then a British colony, for medical treatment. Hospitals and convalescent camps were established on the islands of Malta and Gozo, to deal with the thousands of sick and wounded from the Gallipoli and Salonika campaigns, thus the island became known as “The Nurse of the Mediterranean”. The soldiers were given great attention by the local medical staff, however, some failed to recover, among them 202 members of the Australian Imperial Force and 72 members of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force. They were buried in Malta, at the Pieta` Military Cemetery. The operation itself was not a success, but the valour and determination shown by Anzacs, the so-called

“Knights of Gallipoli,” were immediately commemorated in Australia, London, and even at the Allies’ camp in Egypt in 1916. Parades and ceremonies were held in their honour. Even those who were wounded during combat and still recovering, formed part of the parade. By the 1920s, the day had become a way to memorialise the sixty thousand Australian soldiers who died in the First World War. By the next decade, all the Australian states had a form of celebration for Anzac Day, and many of the traditions still carried out today had already taken shape. Among the casualties were 48 Maltese who served in the Australian Imperial Forces, and five who served with the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces. The Maltese ex-servicemen’s Association, NSW and the Returned and Services League of Australia in NSW remember them on a plaque at a memorial set up. Besides the casualties from the Gallipoli campaign, 24 members of the Royal Australian Air Force and seven members from the Royal New Zealand Air Force who were among the members of the Royal Australian Navy in escorting convoys to supply the island, and pilots from Australia and New Zealand who formed part of the fighter defence in offensive operations that took part in Malta and who died in action, are also buried in Malta. When it comes to Malta, they will be remembered at the annual commem-

The ANZAC monument at the Argotti Gardens in Floriana, Malta, the first of its kind outside of Australia and New Zealand honouring the fallen who were buried in Malta orative service and a wreath-laying ceremony organised by the Australian High Commission in Malta, on the morning of the 25th at the Pieta’ Military Cemetery. It is also worth noting that Malta itself also holds this day dear to its heart in that the fallen are remembered at an Anzac memorial - the first of its kind outside Australia - at the Argotti Gardens, in Floriana. It was erected on the initiative of the Maltese Australian Association and unveiled on April 2, 2013, its specific aim being, “to honour the many Australian and New Zealand troops who died at Gallipoli during World War I and in subsequent battles elsewhere in World War II, during which Malta featured prominently”.

An advocate for Human Rights

6 The Voice of the Maltese

Tuesday April 17, 2018

t is noteworthy to include a Maltese-Australian personItralian ality who has contributed extensively to mainstream Aussociety in the field of social justice. This is none other

than Denise Ann Cauchi, the daughter of Prof. Maurice Cauchi, and his wife Agnes who has made a name for herself in her own right.

Denise Ann Cauchi OAM


enise Ann Cauchi holds a BA degree and a Masters of Development Studies from the University of Melbourne. She has made good use of her academic background to advocate for human rights, both in Australia and abroad.

Denise co-founded Diaspora Action Australia (DAA), which supports diaspora organisations that promote peace, development, human rights and humanitarian response in Australia and overseas. A multi-award winning organisation, DAA is inclusive and values-driven. It has mentored and trained over 70 diaspora organisations for a cultural change. On a hands-on level, Denise and her colleagues assisted 500 South Sudanese Australians to vote in the referendum for the future of South Sudan in 2011. This shows her strong commitment to justice and human rights around the world. Denise told The Voice of the Maltese that being a Maltese Australian has given her insights into multiculturalism in Australia and has inspired her in her career: “When I was growing up, my parents instilled in me a commitment to social justice and a respect for diversity. They were very involved in the Maltese community – particularly my father – and I was very proud of what they did.”


Denise (second left back) works with women from a range of multicultural communities in Melbourne. Diaspora Action Australia

Denise Ann was born in the UK. She arrived in Australia with her parents when she was just two years old. She lives in Brunswick East Victoria. Before working with DAA, Denise promoted human rights issues for the Human Rights Alliance of Australia and worked with Oxfam Australia. She has sat on several Boards, including the Australian Council for International Development, Live and Learn Environmental Education, Slavery Links and Amnesty International. She is currently a member of the International Council of Peace Brigades International and others. Denise has also spent three years in Colombia in South America, promoting non-violence and protecting human rights defenders, and done voluntary work in India, Timor Leste and Spain, always promoting human rights. Denise speaks fluent Maltese and Spanish. She has been awarded the OAM this year for her extensive contribution in the fields of human rights and multiculturalism. The Maltese community is justly proud of her achievements and congratulates the Cauchi family for making us all proud.

(Story: MarkCaruana)

The Voice of the Maltese 7

L-ilbies tal-irġiel Maltin fl-imgħoddi

Tuesday April 17, 2017


l-imgħoddi f’Malta, l-irġiel Maltin kellhom l-ilbies tipiku tagħhom. Il-kbarat u n-nobbli Maltin kienu jilbsu ġkieket u qliezet tal-bellus, qomos tal-ħarir bil-frill fuq quddiem, kalzetti bojod u żraben tal-alakka. Kienu jilbsu wkoll beritta talgħamla trespikos li kienet tkun magħmula minn tliet ponot. Fi żmien l-aristokrazija n-nobbli Maltin kienu jilbsu wkoll ilparrokki. Imbagħad, influwenzati minn artijiet oħra, bdew jilbsu t-tomna u l-bakkaljawwa u minn xi daqqiet in-nofs tomna. Mażżmien daħal ukoll l-użu tal-kappell u l-lobbja li kienet tkun talpannu, tal-feltru, tat-tieben jew inkella tar-ross. Ir-raħħala kenu jilbsu f’rashom beritta jew barjola li l-ġummiena tagħha kienet tilħqilhom ’l isfel sa nofs daharhom għal rashom; il-Maltin kellhom ukoll il-milza. Il-bdiewa kienu jiddandnu bi sdieri tas-suf b’żewġ saffi buttuni bżengulin tal-fidda u qmis tal-fartajja ta’ Malta b’għonq imxaqleb u bajda silġ. Huma kienu jżommu l-qmis miftuħa biex minn taħt jidher il-flokk jew il-labtu. Kienu wkoll iħobbu jżommu l-kmiem imxammrin fis-sajf bil-ġlekk fuq dirgħajhom. Fl-imgħoddi l-irġiel Maltin qatt ma kienu jersqu lejn il-knisja mingħajr ġlekk li kien ikun aktarx tad-dragunar, tad-drill, talgħażel oħxon, tal-gabardin jew inkella tal-panama, għamla ta’ drapp li llum Xi rġiel, x’aktarx mis-sinjuri tas-seklu m’għadux 20, jidhru lebsin ilbiesi ntieri, b’uħud jidher. lebsin il-lobbji jew briered f’rashom Fuq spalleIl-Maltin kienu jilbsu qliezet tal-fustan u jhom, misxi drabi b’qalza waħda mxammra. Filserijietna biċċa l-kbira huma kienu ikunu ħafja u jxkienu jilbsu iddu xi ħaġa f’saqajhom meta jmorru l-ħorġa li l-knisja jew il-Belt. Għal dawn il-postijiet kienet tkun huma kienu jxiddu qrieq li jinqaflu b’żewġ f’għamla ta’ qafliet irqaq tal-ġilda. PeterPaulCiantar but biex fih Dari, ħdejn il-Bieb ta’ Putirjal (li sfortuiġorru dak li natament kien twaqqa’) kien hemm irġiel kien ikollhom bżonn. Huma kienu jilbsu wkoll it-terħa magħmula li wara li jkunu ħadu l-qies tas-saqajn ta’ dak li jkun, kienu mill-buxakka u kienu jdawruha ma’ qaddhom. Din kienet tkun jagħmlu l-qrieq f’ħakka t’għajn. Maż-żmien, meta nqata’ l-ħafa twila xi tliet jardi (2.6432m) jew er- fil-Belt bdew jidhru dawk li jnaddfu ż-żraben. Lil dawn għadni bgħa (3.6576m) u wiesgħa xi sitt niftakarhom, u forsi anke wħud mill-qarrejja anzjani. pulzieri (15.24cm). Dawn kienu użanzi li nqatgħu għal kollox, uħud minnhom birXellug: Ilbies tradizzjonali Malti fl- raġun, l-aktar fejn għandi x’jaqsam dak li wieħed kien ixidd antik, nkluż it-terħa mal-qgħadd f’riġlejh.

Have your say/Xi trid tghid?

8 The Voice of the Maltese

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Your letters/ L-ittri tagħkom ...

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PM Muscat made us Proud to be Maltese


Frank M. Mallia from Parkville, Victoria writes: am so proud to have been among the hundreds of Maltese-Australians who gave a rousing welcome to the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, his family, and his delegation in Melbourne. The Maltese-Australians once again ing this legislature and this time it would proved how enthusiastic they become take him to other states as well. I also hope that the community heeds his when such people, be they politicians or dignitaries, and whatever their political advice when he encouraged us to concolour not only visit this continent, but tinue to participate in activities organised genuinely express their appreciation for by fellow Maltese, but also by the Aushow the Maltese community has man- tralian community. The only disappointment in Melbourne aged to integrate while making a life for themselves and their families in this con- was the lack of participation by the tinent. We have shown that we still treas- MCCV. I would have thought they would ure our homeland and all that is Maltese. jump at the opportunity to meet with the Among the audience were people from Prime Minister. I could only see one memdifferent strata, a number of them I also ber from the MCCV. If I am mistaken I know very well, who might still be polit- would like the MCCV to clarify my error, ically divided (stupidly I would say) but if not, I think they should give some about the situation in Malta, but they form of explanation. I am a regular visitor to the MCCVs webwere there and they joined in the great site. I could not see even the slightest hint welcome. We all agreed that this young Prime that the Prime Minister of Malta was visMinister is a politician of stature, but he iting Melbourne, or afterwards, one is also a family man and a person with measly sentence or comment about the great charisma that helps him to attract welcome the delegation was given during the attention of even those who might not the visit, or about his meeting with the enlike his political views. He showed us that trepreneurs in Melbourne. Why the omishe is genuine enough to accept the sacri- sions? But then under the news section fices that we have made when we left they give the "great news" that Prince Malta to make a life for ourselves and for Philip was entering hospital for a hip surgery. our families in this country. From reports I received, the Maltese delegation also had a similar welcome when it visited Brisbane. It is a pity that as he told us, this time round he may have disappointed other Maltese communities in other states as he could not visit them, but D.Sammut from The Ponds NSW writes: perhaps he could make another visit dur-ilsien Malti jinteressani ħafna, għalhekk li naqra l-paġna dwar Tagħrif dwar il-kitba Maltija. Imma naħseb li din il-paġna mhix addattata għal dawk li jridu jitgħallmu, jew huma nteressati fil-lingwa, izda li l-Malti mhux l-ewwel lingwa tagħhom għax jgħixu barra minn Malta. Li kieku din il-paġna kienet iddedikata għal dawk li jgħidu li għalihom Maltese is not their first language, naħseb li tkun aktar addattata. Wara kollox naħseb li The Voice of the Maltese tinqara l-iktar minn dawk li jgħixu barra minn Malta. Ħaġ’oħra, li rrid nistaqsi hi, għaliex iktar naqraw dwar dak li qiegħed isir mill-Ambaxxata Maltija fiċ-Ċina milli mill-uffiċini tal-gvern Malti fl-Awstralja? Naħseb li hawn isir ħafna xogħol u li tajjeb li jkun jafu biħ il-Maltin.

Mhux għal min l-ilsien Malti mhux l-ewwel lingwa


The Voice of the Maltese 9

Tuesday April 17, 2017

The annual Easter tour Melbourne to Sydney The happy group from Melbourne at the Sydney Circular Quay

The annual four-day Easter Tour from Melbourne to Sydney, a land distance of 712km organised by the Maltese United Promotions once again took in the Good Friday procession at Our Lady Queen of Victory Church at Horsley Park as the major attraction. The church is some 39 km from where they were accommodated in George Street

Sydney. Dinner at the popular Marconi Club followed. The trip also included visits to Darling Harbour, Star Casino and South Sydney Juniors Leagues Club where a first-class show also featured to make the occasion so much varied and interesting. The members of the group attended Mass at the DePiro House in East Sydney where

Għal serħan il-moħħ f’ambjent indipendenti Nelsons Grove Jekk bħalissa qed issibha diffiċli tkopri mal-ħajja. Jekk fejn toqgħod sar kbir wisq għalik u ma tistax tlaħħaq aktar, qed noffrulek alternattiva.

Kompli għix ħajja indpendenti f’ambjent ta’ komunita` familjari u attiva, fejn għandek issib serħan il-moħħ, sigurta`, kura u attenzjoni. Tirtira iżda żżomm id-dinjita’ u l-indipendenza tiegħek.

Leandlease Retirement Living toffri dan kollu. Itlobna biex nuruk dak li nofru Ejja arana. Issibna:

Nelsons Grove, 2 Newport St, Pemulwuy, NSW (Wara Woollworths)

Jekk trid xi tagħrif ċemplilna 02 9636 9163

they were met by Fr Tarcisio Micallef MSSP. On the way back the group also stopped at The Entrance and had dinner at Gosford. Reno Grima, the Director of MUP assisted by his wife Lyn has been organising this tour for the last 30 years. Report and photo: EmmanuelBrincat

Alterna t għal da tiva w qabżu l k li -55

10 The Voice of the Maltese


Malta u l-fiat


Le, dan mhux artiklu fuq karrozzi Taljani! id-dinja finanzjarja l-kelma ‘fiat’ tintuża għal munita li m’għandiex valur intrinsiku, imma li għandha valur stabbilit minn awtorità amministrattiva (gvern) jew maqbul bejn ilpartijiet ta’ transazzjoni. Eżempji ta’ muniti fiat huma d-dollaru, lewro, il-lira u l-bqija, li jibdlu l-idejn bħala l-valur astratt ta’ prodotti u servizzi reali. Fl-2009 bdejna nisimgħu fuq munita ġdida, il-Bitcoin, li hija kompletament diġitali, u ma kinetx imwaqqfa minn gvern jew bank ċentrali. Transazzjonijiet isiru bejn persuni li meqjusa fuq l-istess livell (peer-to-peer) u mingħajr intermedjarji, u jiġu vverifikati b’mod kriptografiku u miktuba f’reġistru pubbliku imxerred (distributed ledger) fuq għadd kbir ta’ kompjuters madwar id-dinja. Dan irreġistru huwa ġeneralment imsejjaħ katina ta’ blokok (blockchain). Li hu differenti, u speċjali, bis-sistema ġdida ta’ reġistru pubbliku mxerred, fuq sistema tradizzjonali ta’ dejtabejż (database) irreplikata, huwa illi f’dan tal-aħħar l-integrità tat-transazzjonijiet tiddependi fuq l-amministraturi u l-kompjuters li juffurmaw id-dejtabejż ikunu fdati, mentri f’tal-ewwel l-integrita tat-transazzjonijiet hija ggarantita mis-sistema nnifisha u l-kriptografija li tintuża, anke jekk l-amministraturi u l-kompjuters ma jkunux fdati. Hu ċar għalfejn intermedjarji tradizzjonali fdati, bħall-banek, mhumiex iktar strettament neċessarji f’sistema bħal din, ħlief għall-kambju. Persuni jew entitajiet legali oħra jistgħu jixtru l-Bitcoin billi jibdlu l-muniti fiat tagħhom f’organizzazzjonijiet ta’ kambju, bħall-Independent Reserve u Coinspot fl-Awstralja, li jkollhom kont f’bank tradizzjonali apparti li jiffurmaw parti mis-sistema tal-Bitcoin. Wara dan, il-Bitcoin jista’ jerġa jinbidel f’munita fiat oħra, jew jibdel l-idejn bħala ħlas għal prodotti jew servizzi oħra. Hemm rapporti li iktar minn 100,000 negozju madwar id-dinja jaċċettaw ħlas b’din il-munita. Minn dakinhar ħarġu diversi muniti diġitali kriptografiċi oħra, kollettivament imsejħa altcoins, bħall-Ethereum, Litecoin u ħafna oħrajn, kollha b’reġistru mxerred speċifiku tagħhom. Żvilupp interessanti ta’ xi wħud minn dawn ir-reġistri kien il-faċilità ta’ kuntratti intelliġenti (smart contracts), fejn kuntratt jirrappreżenta transazzjoni ta’ valur irrappreżentat minn towkin li jiddependi fuq xi loġika li jista’ jiġi pprogrammat, u rikordju li dan ikun seħħ jiġi imxerred b’mod żgur fuq ir-reġistru, bħall-muniti diġitali l-oħra. Kont ktibt fuq The Voice (Nru 162) dwar eżempju wieħed, imsejjaħ POWR u li jinvolvi n-negozju ta’ enerġija elettrika sostenibbli, u li jaħdem fuq ir-reġistru mxerred tal-Ethereum. Żvilupp ieħor bid-diversità ta’ muniti diġitali jew towkins kriptografiċi huwa li wieħed jista’ jibdel munita diġitali waħda f’oħra mingħajr ma juża flus fiat tradizzjonali. Wieħed jista’ jara kemm iktar ma jgħaddi ż-żmien, u dawn il-muniti diġitali jibda jkollhom użu iktar mifrux fl-ekonomija ta’ pajjiż u tad-dinja, l-importanza tal-muniti fiat u l-organizzazzjonijiet tagħhom tonqos. Mhux hekk biss, imma meta r-reġistru pubbliku mxerred jintuża għal affarijiet oħra ta’ valur li mhumiex flus, dan it-tħarbit fl-industrija tradizzjonali jikber. Eżempju wieħed biss huwa l-użu talkatina ta’ blokok fir-reġistru tal-artijiet. Ftit mill-banek iddeċidew li ma jridu jkollhom xejn x’jaqsmu ma’ din l-industrija għax riskjuża wisq, oħrajn fil-fatt qed jaħdmu fuq verżjoni daqsxejn differenti, fejn l-operaturi tal-katina ta’ blokok ikunu magħrufa u fdati, bħal per eżempju RSCoin li tintuża millBank of England1, u R3, EEA, Hyperledger u oħrajn f’banek oħra fl-Istati Uniti.2 Biżgħat u perikli hemm diversi. Waħda ewlenija hija l-ispekulazzjoni sfrenata li l-muniti diġitali jistgħu jagħmluk sinjur kbir, li wassal lil ħafna nies jinvestu (u jisselfu biex jagħmlu dan) f’muniti bħall-Bitcoin għax kulħadd kien qed jagħmel hekk, bi stejjer ta’ profitti astronomiċi (li kien veru għal diversi xhur), u ħafna issa

Tuesday April 17, 2018

A version of this series in kitba ta’ English may be found in IVAN  the author's blog at: CAUCHI https://ivancauchi.

bdew jingidmu meta l-istorja inbidlet. Periklu ieħor huwa aspett partikulari tal-muniti u towkins kriptografiċi, dak tal-anonimat. Illum, wieħed jista’ jżomm il-munita tiegħu f’portafoll diġitali, kemm online, fuq il-mowbajl jew il-kompjuter tiegħek, jew fuq apparat żgħir elettroniku. Kull min għandu aċċess għal dan il-portafoll għandu aċċess għallmuniti miżmuma fuqu. Għalhekk is-sid huwa anonimu, u valur diġitali jista’ jibdel l-idejn b’mod anonimu. Il-potenzjal għall-użu ta’ dan il-mekkaniżmu għal affarijiet bħall-ħasil tal-flus jew kriminalità oħra huwa ċar ħafna. Illum hemm ftit li xejn ta’ regolamentar ta’ din l-industrija, u għalhekk hemm ukoll il-biża li toħroġ munita jew towkin għall-bejgħ (Initial Coin Offering - ICO) li fil-fatt tkun intenzjonata bħala frodi, jew tintuża għal skopijiet kriminali. Hemm pajjiżi li ddeċidew li dan mhux se jitħalla jsir iktar (għallinqas għalissa), l-iktar notevoli minnhom aktarx hija ċ-Ċina3 u warajha l-Korea t-Isfel. Dan wassal biex l-ikbar organizzazzjoni tal-kambju tal-muniti kriptografiċi, il-Binance, kumpannija Ċiniża, l-ewwel tipprova tmur il-Ġappun, u x-xahar l-ieħor tiddeċiedi li tiftaħ uffiċċju f’Malta!4 Għaliex dan l-interess f’pajjiż missirietna? Il-gvern Malti jidher li jrid ikun minn ta’ quddiem biex jisfrutta lopportunitajiet ta’ dan in-negozju l-ġdid għall-ekonomija Maltija, speċjalment issa meta l-pajjiżi ta’ madwar id-dinja għadhom jistudjaw dan il-fenomenu u jiddibattu internament jekk, u kif, u sakemm l-aħjar li jintervjenu. Għadu kif spiċċa perjodu ta’ konsultazzjoni5 mal-pubbliku fuq ilpjanijiet tiegħu ta’ regolamentar tal-industrija. Il-gvern Malti jrid joħloq qafas b’regolamenti u proċeduri li bihom jiġu ċċertifikati lpjattaformi ta’ reġistri mxerrda, tinżamm lista ta’ awdituri u amministraturi tagħhom, kif ukoll qafas ieħor li jirregola l-ICOs u servizzi marbutin ma’ dawn il-muniti virtwali. Dan ir-rawnd ta’ konsultazzjoni huwa t-tieni wieħed, wara dak maħruġ mill-Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) iktar kmieni din is-sena. Jidher ċar li l-Gvern għaraf opportunità għall-pajjiż, u qed jimxi b’pass meqjus imma mgħaġġel biex jilħqu. S’issa ma qalx xi prinċipju se jaddotta fir-rigward tal-anonimat tal-muniti, aspett li mhux kompatibbli mal-ġlieda kontra l-ħasil tal-flus u l-kriminalità. Nimmaġina li dawn il-kunsiderazzjonijiet u oħrajn joħorġu meta jkunu qed jiġu mfassla l-liġijiet u r-regolamenti fil-konkret. Bħala Malti ma nistax ma nifraħx b’din ix-xiehda pożittiva u dinamika ta’ pajjiż twelidi, fuq quddiem nett f’din l-industrija tant eċċitanti, teknoloġikament avvanzata, rivoluzzjonarja u trasformattiva, mhux biss għall-pajjiż imma għad-dinja.

Referenzi 1,, retrieved 11/4/2018 2. Wall Street Occupies the Blockchain; IEEE Spectrum; October 2017; p36 3., retrieved 11/4/2018 4,,retrieved 11/4/2018 5. SDEI%20-%20DLT%20Regulation%20Document%20OUTPUT.PDF, retrieved 11/4/2018

The Voice of the Maltese 11

Tuesday April 17, 2017

Another service offered by The Voice of the Maltese providing legal information to our readers

As infrastructure grows, is your property in the Government’s sights?


by PaulSant

n NSW, all levels of government can acquire privately owned land for “public purposes”. They may take the whole property, part of a property or an interest in the property including easements for power lines, sewer or water. Usually, privately owned land is acquired by negotiation and agreement between the land owner and the acquiring authority. When there is an agreement it will usually involve an agreed purchase price and the Valuer General is not involved. Normally, the acquiring authority has a period of 6 months to achieve an agreement before compulsory acquisition is an option. When negotiating the amount of compensation to be paid, the law requires consideration of the following factors: (a) the market value of the land on the date of its acquisition, (b) any special value of the land to the person on the date of its acquisition, (c) any loss attributable to severance, (d) any loss attributable to disturbance, (e) the disadvantage resulting from relocation, (f) any increase/decrease in the value of any other land of the person at the date of acquisition which adjoins or is severed from the acquired land as a result of the acquisition. Compulsory Acquisition and the role of the NSW Valuer General When an acquiring authority and land owner are unable to negotiate the purchase of the land, an acquiring authority can compulsorily acquire land for a public purpose. The Valuer General is required to independently determine the amount of compensation to be paid by the acquiring

authority to the former land owner. Step 1: Proposed Acquisition Notice An acquiring authority cannot compulsorily acquire land unless a Proposed Acquisition Notice has been given to the land owner. The proposed acquisition notice includes: (a) a description of the land (b) the authority of the State proposing to acquire the land (c) the period of time in which the land will be compulsorily acquired. Negotiations regarding the purchase may continue during this stage of the compulsory acquisition process. If agreement is reached, the matter is finalised by a contract and transfer, or by a formal agreement. Step 2: Section 39 Claim for Compensation Form After the proposed acquisition notice has been issued by the acquiring authority, the land owner is to complete the Claim for Compensation Form. This is the landowner’s opportunity to identify the information, issues and concerns they want the Valuer to consider when completing the valuation report for the determination of compensation. Step 3: Acquisition Notice If the negotiation is not successful, the land will be compulsorily acquired by the acquiring authority. This occurs when the acquiring authority publishes an Acquisition Notice in the NSW Government Gazette. This normally occurs after 90 days from the issue of the Proposed Acquisition Notice. When an acquisition notice is published, it means: (a) the compulsory acquisition has been approved; (b) the Valuer General is required to make a determination of compensation;



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and most importantly (c) ownership of the land transfers to the government. As land owner, you are generally entitled to remain in occupation of any building that was your principal place of residence or business for three months. How is compensation determined? When assessing the amount of compensation, a full valuation report is prepared by an independent valuer. The land owner is afforded an opportunity to provide feedback regarding the Preliminary report, which is then considered the by Valuer in providing a final report. After the preliminary valuation report has been finalised, the report is issued to each party and the report’s findings are adopted as the determination of compensation. This is the final part of the Valuer General’s formal role in the determination of compensation process. The Valuer General is required to provide the determination of compensation to the land owner and acquiring authority within 45 days. Compensation notice The acquiring authority must issue the landowner with a Compensation Notice that includes the determination of compensation. The compensation notice officially notifies the landowner that the land has been compulsorily acquired and provides the offer to pay the amount of compensation determined by the Valuer General. If you agree to the amount of compensation determined, the acquiring authority is required to pay the amount to you within 28 days of receipt of a deed of release. Interest is payable on the amount of compensation from the date the land is acquired until payment is made. What if you disagree with the valuation? If you are not satisfied with the amount of compensation determined by the Valuer General and offered to you by the acquiring authority, you can lodge an objection with the Land and Environment Court. Objections need to be lodged within 90 days of receiving the compensation notice. If an objection is not lodged within 90 days the offer of compensation is deemed as accepted. We have provided you with an overview of the topic above but you should consult a professional for advice specific to your circumstances.

12 The Voice of the Maltese

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Roundup of News About Malta President MLCP to visit USA and Canada


he President of Malta, Her Excellency Marie Louis Coleiro Preca is to lead a delegation that will also include the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion, Carmelo Abela, to a number of cities in the United States and Canada. The visit that will commence on April 25 and for the first week of May, will mark the first time by a President of the

Republic of Malta in Canada. The President and the members of the delegation ar scheduled to vist San Francisco in the USA, and Toronto and Vancouver in Canada. It has been the President’s long-time wish during her Presidency to make such a trip following repeated requests from the communities in the respective countries. Her wish comes into fruition four

years into her Presidency. The Voice of the Maltese has learnt that the Maltese communities in the named cities are preparing to give the Maltese delegation, and particularly President Marie-Louis Coleiro Preca a great welcome. Her husband, Mr. Edgar Preca, will also accompany her. This is another exclusivity for The Voice of the Maltese.

Malta can now boast of its first Equality Minister Mnister Joseph Muscat Dr. Helena Dalli global data centre Prime (right) with the officials from Streamcast at the opening he former Enemalta to visit NSW power station’s unhe Honourable Minister for European derground installaT Affairs and Equality, Dr. Helena Dalli tions in Marsa have been will visit New South Wales in Australia in


converted into Malta’s first global data centre, which, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said at the official inauguration, is a great turnaround to Enemalta’s fortunes from one that was a major risk and threat to the economy, that was suffering major losses, to a more sustainable and profitable position He said that the investors, Streamcast of India would find the required talent to continue to grow its business ventures on the island. “Preparing the right infrastructure as well as other factors is important for Malta to become a hub for digital innovation. Such investments will further enhance Malta’s presence in the technology and innovation industries,” the Prime Minister said. The new facility is to offer a new opportunity to the country, and with an initial investment of €5 million in this facility, the project has the potential to become the second-largest investment in Enemalta’s past five years.

the last week of April. She has expressed her wish that during the visit she would meet as many members of the Maltese community as possible in the state. This visit by a member of the Maltese Government follows the successful visit to Australia of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat with his family and a delegation that included Minister Carmelo Abela and Parliamentary Secretary Clifton Grima. The Prime Minister had rousing welcomes in Melbourne and Brisbane, the two cities he could visit during his short stay. This time, Minister Helena Dalli's official visit will take her to New South Wales.

EU recognises Esplora as one of the best projects in Europe


he Esplora Interactive Science Centre at Bighi in Kalkara, that was officially opened less than two years ago – October 26th 2016 – at a cost of €26 million, €14m of them funded by the EU and the rest by the Maltese Government, has been recognised as one of the best European projects financed by the European Union It will now feature in an exhibition to be held by the Commission in Brussels along with other member states to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Cohesion Policy/ The Malta Council runs this project, a first of its kind in Malta, for Science and Technology under the chairmanship of Dr. Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando. The project included the transformation and renovation of a historic but dilapidated building into Esplora Interactive Science Centre

that took almost three years to complete. In his reaction to the recognition, Dr. Pullicino Orlando said they were very proud of it and that it was “given for the years of dedication and hard work that went into making Esplora one of the foremost Interactive Science Centres in Europe and a leading visitor attraction in our country.”

Malta, Microsoft sign MoU


he Government of Malta and Microsoft have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will eventually lead to further improvement in e-Government services and pave the way for further exploration in the utilisation of disruptive technology. This collaboration should increase even further efficiency in Malta’s e-Government services, which has already come a long way. It will also allow citizens to access information faster in an even more transparent and effective manner.

The Voice of the Maltese 13

Tuesday April 17, 2017

Roundup of News About Malta Malta takes up position as a blockchain destination


hen it comes to Blockchain and DLT, (as we reported in the last issue of The Voice), with its new regulatory framework, Malta is at the forefront and should hold on to its high position when in November 1-2 it will host the Malta Blockchain Summit, which should be a reflection of this momentum. The summit anticipates 4000 delegates worldwide, and around 100 speakers, among them as key speaker, the Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat. The event will also feature a Hackathon and an ICO pitch, connecting investors with ICOs. During it, one anticipates a buzzing expo and riveting discussions about the world-changing potential applications of the Blockchain It shows that Malta is on track to be a pioneer in regulating DLT and Blockchain technology that has widespread potential applications, including in finance, healthcare, energy and entertainment, four sectors that stand to experience a great deal of disruption as blockchain technology hits its stride. The organiser of the conference, and others

Top award for Air Malta


alta’s national carrier, Air Malta has won the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice 2018 award for European airlines in the category Regional Airline. The airline’s chairman, Dr Charles Mangion welcomed the news and said that the company continues to strive to improve standards. Air Malta said that this result is based on impartial review and on passengers’ experiences while travelling with the airline. It added that the award reflects the company’s commitment to deliver a good travelling experience to its clients even when the airline faces difficult situations. Tourism Minister, Dr Konrad Mizzi, stated that the award was given to Air Malta at an important time when it launched its growth strategy with the operation of an increase of more than 4,000 flights over last year.

before it, is the international company Smile-Expo, which has become a pioneer of the exhibition business in the field of advanced technologies. The Malta conference will cover such topical issues as ICO holding, trends of the blockchain industry, development of cryptocurrencies and challenges of legislative regulation of the fintech sector. The participants in the conference will be, government officials, IT specialists, best experts of the industry, well-known speakers developers and entrepreneurs, so-called business angels, investors, lawyers, representatives of payment systems, and representatives of the largest financial organisations in Europe. Meanwhile, following the re-location of Binance, the largest company, which is basing its operations in Malta, another international company based in Japan, and as a result of various meetings with the Maltese

Government, OKEx will be expanding its operations in Malta. It is confident that the country will be the best base for the company’s continued growth. Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Innovation and Digital Economy, Silvio Schembri explained that this is a clear and unequivocal certificate of trust in Malta.

metres wide, and have three lanes - one lane heading in either direction, and an additional safety lane. It could cater for around 6,500 vehicles on a daily basis. Ian Borg, the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure relayed the information to journalists at a news conference in which he also revealed that studies about the fruition of this project are at an advanced stage. He said that according to studies currently being considered by the government, Manikata in Malta and Nadur in Gozo as the proposed tunnel's most likely entry and exit points. He also pointed out that the possibility of having different tunnel entry points remained on the table. Norwegian experts SINTEF, who have been hired to work on tunnel plans, said they

The Minister reiterated that the environment is a priority and that a full and detailed environment impact assessment is being commissioned in connection with the tunnel proposal. A selection is now being made on the entrances with the least possible environmental impact. University experts are currently working to build a full geological study of the proposed site. A final decision about the ideal tunnel route is expected by August. Before the commencement of the study, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that support for the project among Gozitans was “enormous”, while Minister Borg recalled that 82% of Gozitans had agreed to a permanent connection between the two islands.

Malta-Gozo tunnel will be 13km long; take three years to complete he proposed Malta to Gozo undersea favoured the Manikata entry point as it feaT tunnel that could take over three years to tured a natural slope while being close to sea complete, will be 13 kilometres long, be 70 level.


Breakaway Travel 94 corner of Main & Campbell Streets, Blacktown NSW ...... for all your travel needs.

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14 The Voice of the Maltese

Tuesday April 17, 2018

L-Arċisqof Scicluna jidħol f’polemika


l-midja soċjali, bħal facebook, ittweeter, linkedin, eċċ, huma mezzi ta’ komunikazzjoni mill-aktar efikaċi, iżda huma wkoll tentazzjoni għal dak li jkun li jitfa’ fuq din ilmidja kummenti li forsi aktar tard jiddispjaċih li għamilhom. Għax ċerti kummenti jwasslu għal reazzjoni qawwija, l-aktar jekk min jikteb il-messaġġ ikun bniedem magħruf jew ikun ta’ ċerta responsabilta’ Hekk propju seħħ dan l-aħħar meta l-Arċisqof ta’ Malta, Mons Charles Scicluna fettillu jagħmel retweet ta’ messaġġ ta’ artiklu li deher fuq is-sit The Shift News. L-artiklu fost kollox kien jgħid hekk: “Dak li fi Sqallija hija magħrufa bħala Cosa Nostra, dak li f'Kalabrija hija magħrufa bħala l-Ndrangheta u dak li Napli hija magħrufa bħala l-Camorra, f'Malta nsejħulu l-Gvern”. Dan r-retweet ġie nterpretat minn diversi persuni bħala akkuża lillgvern preżenti li qed jamministra bi stil tal-Mafia. Bilkemm laħqet dehret ir-retweet li ma kienx hemm reazzjoni qawwija minn sorsi Laburisti, fosthom talPresident tal-Partit Laburista, ilPerit Daniel Micallef. Il-kummenti, uħud minnhom xejn sbieħ, dwar li fettillu jikkopja l-Arċisqof kulma jmur bdew jiżdiedu. Saħansitra kien hemm min poġġa appell fuq il-facebook biex issir sejħa ħalli l-Arċisqof jitneħħa mill-kariga. Sintendi kien hemm ukoll dawk li għamlu reazzjoni għall-kritika li saret lill-Arċisqof. Ġie allegat li l-partitarji u diriġenti Laburisti riedu jagħlqu ħalq l-Arċisqof u sostnew li dan, kemm bħala mexxej tal-fidili u bħala ndividwu, kellu l-jedd jesprimi ruħu... u li kellu d-dritt tal-liberta’ talkelma daqs kull ċittadin ieħor. L-istorja spiċċat fil-midja lokali, li bħas-soltu tat lill-istorja l-kulur, dejjem skont l-aġenda fid-deher jew moħbija tagħha. Meta l-Kurja ġiet mistoqsija dwar din il-polemika, kelliemi għall-Arċisqof sostna li Scicluna kien jagħmel differenza bejn tweets li joħloq hu u retweets fejn kulma jagħmel ikun li qed jikkopja dak li kiteb ħaddieħor biex joħloq diskussjoni. Għal uħud din kienet skuża bażwija. Sa kien hemm min staqsa kif b’kumbinazzjoni l-Arċisqof qatt

Naqset sew l-attendenza fil-quddies tal-Ħadd

inn ċensiment dwar il-quddies li sar M mill-Knisja f’Diċembru li għadda jirriżulta lil għalkemm 92% tal-Maltin għad-

hom iqisu ruħhom li huma Kattoliċi, huma biss 40% tan-nies li jattendu l-quddies kull nhar ta’ Ħadd, li jfisser tnaqqis ta’ madwar ma kiteb xi tweet jew għamel xi 11% miċ-ċensiment li sar fl-2005. retweet ta’ xi artiklu li hu kritiku L-istħarriġ li ġie ikkummissjonat millgħall-partit fl-Oppożizzjoni. Arċidjoċesi ta’ Malta sar fost 1,000 persuna F’diskussjoni dwar dan ir-retweet li f’total ta’ 987 quddies f’Malta, li saru fi 329 saret fuq Onetv (tal-Partit Laburista), post. Dawn kieDun Ġorġ Dalli nu kemm fi knejjes, kappelli u postijiet oħra ta’ talb. L-għan tar-riċerka kien biex il-Knisja jkollha stampa wiesa’ u fattwali tas-soċjetà, ħalli tilħaq ukoll lil dawk li ma jersqux lejn il-Knisja, u tkun tista’ tippjana lħidma pastorali tagħha. L-Arċisqof Charles Scicluna

Michael Pace Ross, Segretarju Amministrattiv tal-Kurja, sostna li lArċisqof ma kellu l-ebda ħsieb li jxebbaħ lill-Gvern Malti mal-Mafia. Qal li l-iskop tal-Arċisqof kien li jqajjem diskussjoni kif is-sistema politika Maltija żvilluppat mill-1960 sallum. “Nista’ nassigurak għax jiena nafu sew mill-qrib li ma ried bl-ebda mod jassoċja lill-gvern mal-Mafia. Dak nista’ ngħidulek jien u nista’ nserraħ ras it-telespettaturi tagħna.” Pace Ross kompla jgħid li l-Arċisqof kien ħa nota tal-kritika li saret u żgur li se jitgħallem minn dan l-inċident. Fl-istess programm, kien hemm ukoll Dun Ġorġ Dalli, li deher jaqbel ma Pace Ross li l-Arċisqof ma kellux l-intenzjoni li jħallat lill-Gvern Malti mal-Mafia:, u qal: “l-Arċisqof mhux miġnun, imma kien imprudenti. Fil-fehma tiegħi xorta kien żejjed ħa nkun ċar u tond. Jiġifieri m’hemmx tidwir mal-lewża. Meta int taf li qiegħed f’kamra tan-nar bil-murtali ma tqabbadx sigarrett,” sostna Dun Ġorġ. L-istess saċerdot appella biex ilmembri tal-kleru jkunu aktar kawti meta jiktbu jew jitkellmu dwar materji li huma politkament sensittivi. Min dak li qal l-kelliemi tal-Kurja jidher ċar li l-Arċisqof intebaħ li għaġġel wisq meta għamel dik irretweet.

L-“imma” għada hemm?!

aħseb ftit huma dawk li ma jafux bitN taqbida qalila li kien hemm f’Malta bejn il-Knisja u l-Partit Laburista fl-imgħoddi. Uħud għexuha u oħrajn qraw jew semgħu dwarha. Fortunatament, maż-żmien il-kwestjoni nħallet u r-realzzjonijiet bejn iż-żewġ naħat tjiebu ħafna, Iżda stħarriġ li sar dan l-aħħar, filwaqt li kkonferma li l-maġġoranza assoluta tal-poplu Malti għadu jħaddan ir-reliġjon kattolika, ma kienx daqshekk skjett dwar it-tmexxija tal-Knisja Maltija. Infatti mill-istħarriġ ħareġ li huma biss 65% tal-Maltin li għandhom fiduċja fl-Arċisqof Scicuna. Iżda dak li wieħed jasal jistaqsi hu, jekk l“imma” politika reliġjuża għadhiex hemm. Dan joħroġ mill-fatt li meta dawk li wieġbu listħarriġ ġew mistqosija lil min ivvutaw flaħħar elezzjoni u abbonaw din il-mistoqsija dwar il-fiduċja li għandhom fl-Arċisqof, 43.3% minn li vvuttaw Labour urew fiduċja f’Mons Scicluna, filwaqt minn dawk li vuttaw Nazzjonalista l-perċentwal kien ta’ 98.6%. Dan l-istħarriġ sar qabel ma qamet ilpolemika msemmija fl-artiklu fuq ix-xellug. Ma nafx x’kien ikun ir-riżultat li sar wara. Dak li qal Dun Ġorġ Dalli fil-programm li semmejt hu ta’ tħassib serju. F’Għawdex l-istampa hija differenti għax fejn għandu x’jaqsam l-Isqof Mons Mario Grech, dan igawdi perċentwal ferm akbar meta kiseb 76%. Bejn wieħed u ieħor kellu listess appoġġ min-naħa ta’ dawk li vvutaw għaz-zewġ partiti.

The Voice of the Maltese 15

Tuesday April 17 2017

Sezzjoni żgħira mill-folla f’Misraħ il-Ħelsien hekk kif għaddiet il-vara ta’ San Pawl. In-nies kienu tul Triq ir-Repubblika kollha jistennew il-vari

Festa Kbira tassew!


-għexieren ta’ eluf ta’ Maltin – mhux Beltin biss - u turisti li l-Ġimgħa 6 u s-Sibt 7 ta’ April daħlu fil-kapitali Maltija, kienu prova ċara tal-għaqal tal-membri tal-Fondazzjoni Valletta 2018 li ġiethom l-idea li jorganizzaw dik li sejħu bħala l-Festa l-Kbira. Għall-ewwel darba, is-Sibt, lerba’ statwi titulari tal-erba’ parroċċi fil-belt inħarġu minniċeċ tagħhom fil-knejjes rispettivi, u b’purċissjoni/mixja mil-Pjazza San Ġorġ sa Misraħ il-Ħelsien, ħdejn il-Parlament, u waqt brijju li l-baned Maltin kapaċi joħolqu, taw gost lil min attenda, kemm jekk b’devozzjoni nkella bħala lejla soċjali. L-istatwi ta’ San Pawl, Santu Wistin, San Duminku u lMadonna tal-Karmnu kienu akkumpanjati minn partitarji

tal-parroċċi rispettivi, imma għalkemm bejniethom fil-festi proprji tagħhom ikun hemm rivalita` kbira, f’din lokkażjoni dehret għaqda liema bħala. Fi tmiem din il-festa l-verdett l-aktar tal-beltin kien, li lewwelnett din kienet l-isbaħ ħaġa għalihom li kellhom iċċans jiffesteġġjaw flimkien, u ttieni li inizjattiva bħal din għandha tibda ssir kull sena. It-toroq kollha tal-belt kienu mżejna mill-voluntieri rispettivi u l-folol attendew bi ħġarhom għal festa tipika Maltija. Lejlet il-Festa l-Kbira sar ukoll kunċert fi Pjazza San Ġorġ mill-baned tal-belt, il-La Valette u l-King’s Own li wkoll urew il-ħila tagħhom biex jgħaqqdu lil-Maltin f’okkażjoni bħal din.

Iċ-Ċittadini ‘ġodda’

atul l-2016, Malta tat iċ-ċittadinanza lil 1,495 persuna. Skont M ċifri tal-Eurostat, ċittadini Russi, mirRenju Unit u l-Għarabja Sawdija bejniethom kisbu kważi nofs iċ-ċittadinanzi ta’ dik is-sena. Kważi terz kienu Russi, 8.4% mirRenju Unit u 5.2% mill-Għarabja Sawdija. Malta kienet it-tielet l-iktar pajjiż tal-Unjoni Ewropea li fl-2016 kellha żieda fl-għoti taċ-ċittadinanza meta mqabbel mal-2015. Fil-fatt fl-2015, Malta tat iċ-ċittadinanza lil 646 persuna. X’aktarx minħabb l-Brexit irdoppjaw iċ-ċittadini Ingliżi.

Iċ Ċittadella f’Għawdex b’unur internazzjonali Il-premju ngħata għallċ-ċentru tal-viżitaturi taċ-Ċittadella fir-Rabat kisbiet eċċellenti firIGħawdex rebaħ premju restawr u ħolqien ta’ internazzjonali ieħor, bħala attrazzjoni distinta filgżejjer Maltin. Dan kien it-Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement. F’ċerimonja li ssir kull sena, organizzata mitThemed Entertainment Association (TEA), li dis-sena saret f’lukanda ewlenija f’Kalifornja, fl-Istati Uniti, iċ-ċentru tal-viżitaturi taċĊittadella ngħata dan ilpremju. Kien l-Ambaxxatur Malti għall-Istati Uniti Pierre Clive Agius u Ross Magri, id-direttur maniġerjali ta’ Sarner International, il-kumpanija li tat il-ħajja lil dan iċ-ċentru li rċevew il-premju

postijiet delapidati u li jiġu trasformati f’esperjenzi uniċi u speċifiċi kemm għas-sidien tal-post u l-operaturi, filwaqt li hu wkoll għarfien tal-kontribuzzjonijiet ta’ individwi u kumpanniji li bil-kreattività tagħhom joħolqu u pproduċew attrazzjonijiet u avvenimenti. Il-Ministru għal Għawdex Justyne Caruana faħħret ix-xogħol ta’ restawr li sar fiċ-Ċittadella u fiċ-ċentru talviżitaturi li matul l-2017 żaruh aktar minn 158,129. Bih Għawdex reġa’ ta lħajja lil ġojjel li kien qed jintilef.

Polemika dwar għotja lil ‘Puttinu’ t-telfa ta’ ħafna Maltin dwar il-politika L-aħbar ntlaqgħet b’entużjamu millqed twassal biex kważi dak kollu li jsir preżentatur tal-programm u dawk kollha Ifil-Gżejjer Maltin jingħata tiċpisa politika. li kienu preżenti tul il-ġbir Seħħ ukoll dan l-aħħar fil-maratona ta’ ġbir għal Puttinu Cares, organizazzjoni li trid tibni djar f’Londra biex jintużaw mill-pazjenti li jintbagħtu fir-Renju Unit għall-kura, huma u l-familji tagħhom. Waqt il-ġabra, fil-programm ta’ TVM, Xarabank, il-Prim Ministru Malti, li kien fi żjara fl-Awstralja ċempel lill-preżentatur tal-programm u nfurmah li l-Gvern kien se jagħti €5 miljun għal dan il-proġett. Dawn il-flus kellhom jittieħdu mill-fond li qed jinġabar mill-iskema taċ-ċittadinanza b'investiment IIP (li wħud jirreferu għalih bħala l-bejgħ taċ-ċittadinanza).

Iżda mhux kulħadd laqgħa din l-għotja. Ftit wara bdiet il-krtika min-naħa Nazzjonalista, fosthom Simon Busutti, Beppe Fenech Adami u Jason Azzopardi li sejjħu l-għotja bħala stunt. Ilmentaw li dawn ilflus kienu ġejjin minn skema korrotta u li l-għotja kienet qed issir biex il-Gvern jipprova jiġġustifika din l-iskema. Uħud qalu li Puttinu ma kellux jaċċetta flus li ġejjin minn dik li iddeskrivew bħala “skema korrotta”. Mhux l-istess ħasbuha l-istess il-parti lkbira tan-nies meta wieħed jikkunsidra l-għan nobbli li għalih saret il-maratona.

16 The Voice of the Maltese

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Coalition told to rewrite Asylum-seekers to foreign donations bill lose income support



Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters report into the Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform Bill, chaired he Turnbull Government’s protection. It provides a living by Liberal senator Linda Reynolds, agreed only “in-prinplan to cut income support allowance – usually 89 per ciple” to the passage of the bill, subject to 15 recommendations. from up to 7,000 asylum-seek- cent of Newstart allowance, or The report is a blow to the govers could leave people desti- $247 per week – casework ernment, which faced wall-totute, hungry and at increased support, assistance in finding wall resistance from the charirisk of self-harm, refugee ad- housing, and access to torture ties and not-for-profits sector. and trauma counselling. vocates say. The joint committee recomThe government’s rationale for Some of the asylum-seekers mends clarifying the definition likely to be affected have been withdrawing support from June of “political expenditure ... so as in the country more than five is that work rights have been renot to capture non-political issue years waiting for the govern- stored to almost all bridging advocacy” and calls for the crement to make a decision on visas (on which asylum-seekers ation of a “transparency registheir application for protec- live in the community) and ter” with mandatory registration tion. The Department of Home those who are “job-ready” for all entities “engaged in activAffairs has also specifically should be obliged to work. Senator Linda Reynolds ities that require disclosure of The impact of the governsaid asylum-seekers studying political expenditure”. full-time will have their sup- ment cuts to income support is important public debate on the Australian Council for Inter- bill. In particular, debate on very real. People won’t be able port cut. national Development chief who, and what activities, The status resolution support to afford rent or to feed themexecutive Mark Purcell said should be subject to the ban.” services (SRSS) payment is selves and we are seeing this at the committee report showed provided to asylum-seekers our doors more and more each Liberal Ben Morton, a comthe bill was a “dud” and free- mittee member, had previously living in the Australian com- week,” Jana Favera from the market think tank the Institute accused charities of “waging a munity while the government Asylum Seeker Resource Cenof Public Affairs said the rec- scare campaign”. decides upon their claim for tre said. ommendations were a “step in the right direction” although “it would be preferable to see the bill withdrawn altogether”. “Citizens must have visibility of who is seeking to influence their votes and have confidence that foreigners are not meritus professor of law at seeking to influence the outthe University of Sydney come of their votes,” Senator Terry Carney (pictured right), Reynolds said. Ombudsman re“Therefore, Australia’s elec- who was on the Administrative toral laws must apply equally Appeals Tribunal for 40 years, has weighed into port and a Seninquiry to all participating in the polit- the debate over the controversial debt collection ate ical process with the aim of in- method saying the Department of Human Serv- recommending fluencing electors voting ices has no legal basis to raise debts when a sweeping reclient fails to "disprove" they owe money. forms to the intentions. While Professor Carney urged it be made to programme “Despite consensus on the principle of banning foreign comply with the law, the DHS rejected his com- was at the cendonations, over the course of ments, saying its Online Compliance Interven- tre of a storm of controversy last year and remains loathed by critics calling for change. the inquiry there has been sig- tion program was consistent with legislation. “Robo-debt” – the subject of a Commonwealth The “robo-debt” programme compares Tax Ofnificant and democratically fice income records against fortnightly income clients report to Centrelink and asks them to confirm figures when a discrepancy is detected. From July 2016, the OCI scheme raised debts in every case where the person could not disprove the possible overpayment or its amount, Professor Carney said. DHS spokesman Hank Jongen said the system did not automate debt recovery, nor change how income was assessed or how debts were calculated. The independent review by the Commonwealth Ombudsman found the online compliance system met all legislative requirements and accurately calculated debts when the required information was entered, Mr Jongen said.

Call for change to “unjust” Robo-debt programme E

While visiting Malta Stay at: The Diplomat Hotel, 173 Tower Road Sliema

Email: Tel: (00356) 23497000

The Voice of the Maltese 17

Tuesday April 17, 2017

Malcom Turnbull says he 'has confidence of the party room'


he latest Newspoll, published in The Australian, shows the Coalition trailing Labor 48-52 per cent on a two-party preferred basis. Mr Turnbull says despite reaching 30 straight Newspoll losses, he has the "confidence of the party room". Speaking on Miranda Devine Live on Monday, Mr Turnbull (pictured left) said polls are wrong "plenty of times", citing the polling of the recent Bennelong by-election and South Australian and Tasmanian state elections. He also said many Australians simply "do not pay attention" to polls. Yet in 2015, Mr Turnbull cited 30 Newspoll losses as a reason for challenging Tony Abbott for the leadership. Cabinet ministers, including treasurer Scott Morrison and education minister Simon Birmingham, rallied around the t has nothing to do with the Games just con- prime minister, insisting he maintained cluded in the Gold Coast. The Maltese terrier the support of the party. Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton won bronze anyway. The mighty Labrador is still the most popular dog breed in Melbourne, said “There are 149 people in the fedbut the Staffordshire terrier and the Maltese ter- eral parliament, I’m one, and I think the rier are almost as popular. Sylvia Porter the other 148 if they're honest, would tell head of Canine Health and Well Being said that you if the opportunity came their way they’d be interested as well,” is simply because of lifestyle. The analysis of 207.864 registered dogs found Labradors were the most popular (13 per cent), followed by Staffordshire terrier (12 per n a controversial interview with Sky News, Pauline Hanson, cent). The Maltese terthe controversial leader of One Nation has denied she is a racist rier came third on (11 after complaining of the "disgusting" focus on Indigenous culture per cent). during the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. The Maltese terrier The One Nation leader also said she considered herself "Indige(below) was described nous" because she was born in Australia. "I've got nothing against as a temperament that the Aboriginals but I'm sick and tired of being made to feel as if charms everyone from I'm a second-class citizen in my own country," she said. babies to grandmothers. " Our country is not based on the Aboriginals. Our country is According to Suzanne what it is because of the migrants that have become here," Senator Scarcella who has been Hanson said. "It breeding Maltese terri- was over the top. ers for 30 years “they There were a lot may be high mainte- of aspects of our that nance to show but as a country have pet, you clip them off, should and they’re very easy. been in the openThey’re a magnificent, ing ceremony of healthy, smart, intelli- the games. Not gent and very entertain- w a t c h i n g didgeridoos." ing little dog.” "I'm sick and tired of people having a go at me because it's racism. Don't call me a racist when people don't know what the hell I'm talking about." She said.

Bronze medal for the Maltese I

The Commonwealth Games were they “too aboriginal”?


Kim Beazley appointed WA’s new Governor


ormer deputy prime minister and diplomat Kim Beazley (above) has been appointed Western Australia's 33rd governor. Mr Beazley, 69, will replace former Fremantle Port Authority chief executive Kerry Sanderson, who was the first woman appointed to the role in WA in 2014. The Labor stalwart was in parliament from 1980 to 2007, and was Leader of the Opposition from 1996 to 2001 and again from 2005 to 2006. After his retirement from parliament, Mr Beazley became the Australian ambassador to the United States from 2010 to 2016. In 2009, Mr Beazley was awarded the Companion of the Order of Australia. He told reporters in Perth that his appointment was "daunting". Premier Mark McGowan said Mr Beazley had been appointed following approval from the Queen. He described the fatherof-three as one of WA's "most respected citizens".

18 The Voice of the Maltese

n the next issue of The Voice of the Maltese, we would be pubIabout lishing the first in a series of articles by Dr Doris Cannataci the THE FLEMISH TAPISTERIES IN THE CONVEN-

TUAL CHURCH OF THE ORDER OF ST JOHN in Valletta. By way of an introduction to these articles, the author told The Voice that primarily, through her contribution she wants to share part of Malta’s heritage with Maltese, their descendants in any other part of the globe, and anybody who is interested in these treasures. This year Malta’s capital, Valletta, is carrying the title of Europe’s Capital City of Culture 2018. One of the most sought after cultural buildings in this city, “built by gentlemen for gentlemen” is the The Church of St John, a gem of our heritage and culture that houses these precious tapestries. Dr Cannataci explains that these tapestries are the only com-

Tuesday April 17, 2018

plete set in Europe. Most of the designs were based on the cartoons of Peter Paul Rubens and were woven at the atelier of Judcos de Vos. This Flemish atelier was the famous court weaver of Louis XIV. Peter Paul Rubens is considered as the most influential artist of Flemish Baroque tradition. These tapestries were executed during the Baroque period. In Europe, Flemish art was at its highest at the time, and Rubens’ compositions showed aspects of classical and Christian history. The church where they belong is one of the highest historic monuments of the world not only of Malta. In order to understand the importance of these tapestries, one also needs to accept the role the Knights (Hospitallers) of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, have played in all this. In this introductory article, Dr Cannataci focuses on the origin of the Sovereign Military Order Of Malta.

The Knights of St John (Hospitallers)


he Order of St John of Jerusalem is special, and in some ways a unique institution. It was founded in Jerusalem on 15th July 1099 – the day Jerusalem was conquered by the crusaders – by a group of merchants from Amalfi (Southern Italy) who used to trade with the Holy Land. They were granted permission by the Caliph to build a Hospital and to look after the pilgrims and the sick who used to visit the Holy Sepulchre: hence, the name “Knights Hospitallers”. In 1104 the king of Jerusalem, Baldwin I, acknowledged and confirmed the “Brotherhood of the Hospitallers”, and three years later gave them land by charter on Mount Tabor. In 1113 Pierre Gerard, the director of the Hospital asked Pope Pascal II whether this community could transform itself into a religious body. The Pope accepted and sanctioned the constitution by a Bull. Both the Char-

Pierre Gerard

Dr. Doris Cannataci

ter and the Bull are still preserved at the National Library, in Valletta among the records of the Order. Ramon du Puy who succeeded the saintly Gerard formulated the rules of the Order and adopted the Benedictine Rule. For their ensign they took the white cross on a red background ( pictured right) – the white cross stood for peace and the red background signified field of war. During the twelfth century as the Knights were constantly attacked by the Infidels, they formed themselves into an Order of Military Monks. After the Order was expelled from Rhodes the red colour was exchanged for black. The Order was made up of eight different langues or tongues. They came from Provence, Auvergne, France, Italy, England, Germany, Aragon, and Castille. The Knights of Justice had to prove their nobility for four generations (eight quarters), and those of Ger-

Ramon du Puy... formulated the rules of the Order

many for eight generations (16 quarters). They came from very rich families and were the elite of Europe. Although they were accustomed to a high social standard, in order to become Knights of Justice they had to take the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and they lived in a community with a shared liturgical life. The Grand Master was the head of the Order. He was chosen by the Knights and was elected for life. The Knights were great defenders of faith. The cross of Religion was represented in the coat-of-arms of the each Knight. The cross of the Knights became known as the “Maltese Cross”. Originally this was the cross of Amalfi, where the founders of the Order hailed from. The eight-pointed cross symbolised the eight Beatitudes, and the four quarters: the four Cardinal virtues. References

1. HANNIBAL P. SCICLUNA, The Order of St John of Jerusalem. A brief account of its Origin, Organisation and History and a short description of the Historical, Archaeological and Picturesque Places of Interest in Malta and Gozo, Malta 1969, 5. 2. Ibid. 3. Ibid. 4. ANTHONY T. LUTRELL, The Rhodian background of the Order of Saint John on Malta, in The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta. The Order’s Early Legacy In Malta, ed. John Azzopardi, Malta 1989, 3.

Tagħrif dwar il-kitba Maltija

The Voice of the Maltese 19

Tuesday April 17, 2017

ktar regoli u tagħrif uffiċjali dwar kif wieħed għandu jikteb il-Malti. Dan skont Akif maħruġ mill-Kummissjoni fi ħdan l-Akkademja tal-ilsien Malti f’Malta. TIBDIL FIL-KONSONANTI LI JIXXIEBĦU Il-konsonanti li jixxiebħu huma: b u p, v u f, d u t, żu s, ġu ċ, g u k, għ u ħ, h u ħ. (Ara r- Raba’ Regola – l-ewwel Taqsima). Dawn jieħdu l-leħen ta’ xulxin, meta: (1) Jaħbtu qabel u maġenb ittra konsonanti li jekk tkun ta’ leħen qawwi, tqawwilhom ukoll il-leħen tagħhom. Ara: minn sidrija nsemmgħu żdieri; minn feda, mivdi; minn kiber, gbir, gbar; minn gawda, dgawdija; minn bata, dbatija; minn sebaq, niżboq, li għalkemm jinħassu hekk, għandhom jinkitbu sdieri, mifdi, kbir, tgawdija, tbatija, nisboq, skont il-konsonanti tas-sura ewlenija jew l-ittra li tridha l-grammatika. (2) Jaħbtu qabel u maġenb ittra konsonanti li jekk tkun ta’ leħen artab, trattbilhom ukoll il-leħen tagħhom. Ara: minn bitħa, beka, ġifen, beċċun, daħla, żifna nħossu li ngħidu: ptieħi, jipki, ċfien, pċieċen, tħul, sfin, fejn il-konsonanti tal-għerq b, ġ, d, żquddiem u maġenb konsonanti ratba jieħdu l-leħen artab ta’ p, ċ, t, s. Għad li nħossuhom hekk għandna niktbu: btieħi, jibki, ġfien, bċieċen, dħul, żfin. T.ċ. Dan it-tixbih ta’ leħen jinħass ukoll meta l-konsonanti li jixxiebhu jaħbtu fl-istess kelma ’l bogħod minn xulxin. Għalhekk mill-kelma kermed (Għarbija), il-Malti jgħid germed, germdu; il-konsonanti d iebsa fl-istess kelma twebbes il-konsonanti ta’ qabel k u tagħmilha g, hekk ukoll minn kiddieb (Għarbija) għandna giddieb; minn ġaħad (Għarbija), ċaħad, fejn ħ konsonanti ratba, trattab ukoll il-ġ u tagħmilha ċ. Hekk ukoll mill-kelma Taljana cardello, nagħmlu gardell fejn id-d twebbes il-konsonanti k (ca) u tagħmilha (ga); minn bastardo nagħmlu pastard fejn il-konsonanti t trattab il-b u tagħmilha p; minn sorba, żorba; minn cova, guva; minn gocciola, koċcl̇a; minn predella, bradella; minn scodella, skutella.

Il-konsonanti ebsin b, v, d, ż, ġ, g, għ u h f’tarf il-kelma, isiru rotob u jieħdu l-leħen ta’ p, f, t, s, ċ, k u ħ. Ara: il-kliem qalb, bieb, nerv, ġdid, ħadid, ħobż, ħruġ, tieġ, dmugħ, qligħ, uġigħ, fih, għalih, tah, iblah, koroh, jinħassu qalp, biep, nerf, ġdit, ħadit, ħobs, ħruċ, tieċ, dmuħ, qliħ, uġiħ, fiħ, għaliħ, taħ, iblaħ, koroħ, imma għandhom jinkitbu bħal fuq: qalb, bieb, eċċ. Dan it-tixbih ta’ konsonanti jfixkel lil ħafna kittieba u għalhekk jiġi li kelma ma tinkitibx sewwa. Jeħtieġ għalhekk inħarsu dawn irregoli: 55. Meta f’kelma mnissla jiġi li konsonanti tbiddel il-leħen tagħha min-ħabba x-xebh ta’ konsonanti oħra li taħbat warajha jew għax taħbat f’tarf il-kelma, u din il-konsonanti tibqa’ tinħass hekk, f’kull tiswir tal-istess kelma, dik il-konsonanti tinkiteb dejjem bħalma tinħass. Mill-kliem tiġieġa, ħasel, sagħtar, żgħir, taraġ, belt, art imnisslin minn dġaġa, għasel, żagħtar, sgħír, daraġ, beld, ard (Għarbija), insawru dejjem: tiġieġ, tiġiġiet; maħsul; sagħtar; żgħar, iżgħar; tarġa, tarġiet; bliet, belti, beltin; artijiet; u għalhekk niktbuhom dejjem kif inħossuhom. Hekk ukoll minn kliem Taljan bħal: cardello, coverta, cova, taverna, toga, gocciola, Francese, innisslu u niktbu dejjem: gardell, gverta, guva, dverna, doga, koċċla, Franċiża u mhux kardell, kverta, kuva, tverna, toga, ġoċċla, Franċisa.

Fil-Ġnien ma’ Doris


Aktar regoli u tifsir fil-ħarġa li jmiss

a tridx tkun xi dilettant kbir tal-ġonna biex tapprezza l-laqgħat li fihom titkellem l-hekk magħrufa bħala “l-garden guru”, Doris Meilak (xellug), Maltija, esperta li mhux biss taf sewwa dak kollu li għandu x’jaqsam max-xtieli, il-fjuri u s-siġar iżda kapaċi tfisser b’mod intelligenti kif taħdem in-natura. Doris hi nnovattiva u twassal il-messaġġ tagħha b’eżempji sempliċi iżda li jwasslu għal xogħol inqas, imma sbuħija fil-ġnien. Hekk għamlet meta dan l-aħħar tkellmet f’waħda mill-laqgħat li jsiru kull tieni Tnejn tax-xahar fis-sala San Ġorg Preċa fil-knisja OLQP fi Greystanes NSW quddiem udjenza (taħt) li apprezzat it-tagħrif li wasslet. Doris Meilak twieldet San Pawl il-Baħar u emigrat lejn Sydney ma’ zewġha Salvu fl-1974.

20 The Voice of the Maltese

Tuesday April 17, 2018

MCA Choir wins Fairfield’s Seniors Talent Quest The members of the Maltese Cultural Association Choir of NSW winners of the Seniors Talent Quest


fantastic result for the popular MCA Choir by winning the Fairfield City Council’s Seniors Talent Quest on a unanimous decision by all three of the judges, for their innovative performance that delighted the capacity packed audience. The Talent Quest, which was held on April 12 as part of Fairfield City Council’s Seniors Week celebrations, at Club Marconi’s Coleseo Auditorium. The Choir, under the direction of Marisa Previtera, was the first to perform. It set a very high standard right from the start. The

Choir, which had to perform to strict criteria, delighted the large crowd with their choice of songs that included cameo dance routines by two of its popular members, Vicky Rupnik and Charlie Cortis. They captured the hearts of all the romantics in the audience with their dance routines as the Choir sang ‘Singing in the Rain’ and ‘La Vie En Rose’. The Choir finished its performance with the song “I Have a Dream” that was dedicated to all the different nationalities of the very diverse multi-cultural Fairfield Council area reminding all present that we all

Dr Hugh McDermott MP

State Member for Prospect For issues concerning:

Ageing and disability - community services -education - environment health - housing - planning - Police transport - water

P: (02) 9756 4766 E: 2/679 The Horsley Dr, Smithfield NSW 2164

need to have a dream for a better life in Multi-Cultural Australia. Second place, with a lovely dance performance, went to the Traditional Chinese Dancing Group by NSW Multicultural Seniors Association Inc. They were taking part for the first time this year was another community choir from the Social Singing Group by CORE Community Services led by Charlie Muscat, the well known and popular Maltese singer who won third place prize. A very good outcome for all who took part Second place, with a lovely dance performance, went to the Traditional Chinese Dancing Group by NSW Multicultural Seniors Association Inc. Also taking part for the first time this year was another community choir from the Social Singing Group by CORE Community Services led by well-known popular Maltese singer Charlie Muscat. They finished third. A very good outcome for all who took part This Annual Talent Quest for seniors is proving to be a very popular event in the Fairfield Council’s Calendar. It was a very well organised and successful event celebrating and encouraging all seniors to stay active and involved in the community. (Report: MarisaPrevitera Pictures: PatrickBartolo

22 The Voice of the Maltese

Tuesday April 17, 2018

C Co om mm mu un ni it ty y N Ne ew ws s

Għadd ta’ Maltin flimkien mal-Isqof ftit wara li saret ilprezentazzjoni

Jirregalaw kwadri tal-Madonna ta’ Pinu lil żewġ parroċċi I l-Maltin, u l-aktar u l-aktar lGħawdxin għandhom devozzjoni

Saint Nicholas Festa Committee Main events for 2018

Sunday July 1: Lejla fil-Buskett Sunday October 14 : Fete Saturday Nov. 10: Dinner Dance Sunday Dec. 2: St Nicholas Feast

Events are held at the Good Shepherd parish hall, 130-136 Hyatts Road, Plumpton NSW

speċjali lejn il- Madonna ta’ Pinu. Dan deher biċ-ċar għal darb’oħra fil-ġest sabiħ ta’ żewġ familji fi Blacktown. Tony Mercieca ta bidu għall-ġestmħabba kbira meta l-familja tiegħu, mir-Rabat Għawdex, u dik Farrugia mill-Għarb irregalaw żewġ kwadri impressjonati tal-Madonna ta’ Pinu liż-żewġ parroċċi fi Blackotwn, ta’ St Patrick u ta’ St Michael. Il-preżentazzjoniji saret lill-Isqof tadDijoċesi ta’ Parramatta, Rev. Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv. fil-parroċċa ta’ St Patrick’s waqt żjara li

La Valette Social Centre

Activities throughout the year

La Valette Social Centre Inc. 175 Walters Road, Blacktown Tel. 96225847’ Email:

Every Thursday: Maltese Respite Care Service

10.15 a.m.: Mass in Maltese in the Main Hall Morning Tea and Lunch, Bingo and Boċċi Everybody is wlecome Every Saturday: Kitchen and Bar open from 5.00 p.m. Taditional Maltese cuisine, rabbit, ravioli and pastizzi; Boċċi from 6.00 p.m. Live Dj from 6.00 p.m. Bingo starts at 8.00 p.m. with jackpot from $100 to $500 DJs Emanuel Grech and Sam Mifsud (alternate Saturdays) Last Saturay of month: Għana Night with Saver Bonanno and friends ___________________________________

MASS TIMES: Saturday: St Francis Chapel: 4.45 p.m. and 6.15 p.m. Sunday: St Dominic’s Chapel: 9.00 a.m.

għamlu f’dik il-knisja. Ritratt: Patrick Bartolo

Community Wheels Inc.

Connecting you with your community

Community Wheels is your local community organisation that provides door-to-door transport services to eligible people (+65 years old etc.) to: * attend medical appointments * go shopping (including assisting clients with their shopping bags) * meet a friend for a chat or coffee, and *go on bus tours etc. Available in the Parramatta City Council and parts of Cumberland Council areas For information call 88681400

L-MCCV qed jilqa’ applikazzjonijiet għal għalliem/a tal-ilsien Malti

Min japplika jrid ikollu għarfien sew tal-Malti, miktub u mitkellem. Dan hu xogħol volontarju, bla ħlas. Min hu interessat jibgħat l-applikazzjoni bid-dettalji akkademiċi lil: Għal tagħrif ieħor ċempel fuq 0412 115 919. Ħalli nnumru tattelefon u nċemplulek lura

22 The Voice of the Maltese

Tuesday April 17, 2018

C Co om mm mu un ni it ty y N Ne ew ws s

Tu n e i n t o Ra d i o a n d Te l e v i s i o n

Maltese Radio Programmes

MELBOURNE: on 3ZZZ 92.3FM or on Mondays 5-6 pm, Fridays 5-6 pm and Saturdays 10-11am. MELBOURNE: on 98.9 North West FM, every Friday 6.00 - 7.00p.m. and Mondays 7.00 to 8.00pm. Presenter: Emmanuel Brincat.

MELBOURNE: STEREO 974 (93180930): 97.4FM Wed (Maltese Magazine) & Thursday (Merħba): 6.00pm to 8.00 pm Co-ordinator – Ray Anastasi On SBS Radio Day Time Analogue and Digital Tuesdays and Fridays: 12:00-13:00

(On Demand: Ethnic Maltese Council 11am)

Il-Ħadd 11.00 am: l-aħħar aħbarijiet minn Malta, mużika, tagħrif, kultura, avviżi u suġġetti ta’ interess. UNCLE SAM DJ (Maltese Radio) tune in to link:

97.7fm SBS 2. To tune into digital radio you need a receiver or device with a DAB+ chip. Tuning in is by station name not frequency. Digital radio can also be heard via digital TV. SBS MALTESE NEWS: L-Aħbarijiet on SBSTV twice a week nationwide; Sunday 8.00 am on SBS2 (Chan. 32) Thursdays at 8.00 am on SBSTV32. SYDNEY: listen to the MCC radio programmes on 2GLF FM 89.3. Isma’ l-programm tar-radju bil-Malti mill-Kunsill Malti ta’ NSW minn fuq listazzjon 2GLF 89.3FM. (Jista’ wkoll jinstema’ On Demand minn fuq l-Internet:

Maltese Seniors Social Welfare Day Groups

Fairfield Active Maltese Seniors month at the Llandilo Community Hall, Meets on the last Tuesday of the Month. Seventh Avenue, from 11am to 1 pm. Group meets in Parish Hall, cnr of Stella Street & The Boulevard, Fairfield Heights at Maltese of Bankstown 10 am. Group meets 3rd Wednesday of month

in the Bank-stown CBD area. Maltese Seniors Central Coast Every other 3rd Thursday an outing. Have to contact our Welfare Officer for Enquiries call: Sam 9534 2357 an appointment. For all information and referral matters call Censina Cefai: 02 Greystanes Maltese Seniors 439 000 12 or 0414 267 652 Meets on the second Monday of each month at the George Preca Centre of OLQP Church, 198 Old Prospect Road, Meets the last Wednesday of the mon- Greystanes from 10 am to 12 noon th in the Meeting Room One, No. 3 GenThe Sutherland & St George eral Bridges Crescent, Daceyville.

Daceyville Maltese Seniors

Note: The Groups also arrange regular Bus Trips

Maltese Group

Join us and make new friends.

Meets every First Wednesday of the Month from 10:00am-1:00pm.

Llandilo Maltese Seniors

Charles Mifsud J.P.Phone (02) 9501 5525 – mobile 0421 662 298.

Merrylands Social Maltese Seniors Meetings/Get Togethers are interestMeets every second Friday of the ing, informative & entertaining, so month: Miller Room, Memorial Av- come Join us and make new Friends enue Merrylands from 10.30am to For more information contact our Co12.30 am ordinator:

Meets on the first Wednesday of each

*(All Groups are co-ordinated by The Maltese Community Council of NSW) with a sponsorship from Multicultural NSW. Please contact the MCC Welfare Officer: Marisa Previtera JP on 0414 863 123. The MCC offices are at 59b Franklin Street (corner with Young St) Parramatta West NSW (next to West Parramatta Primary School).

SBS Radio 2 on Channel 38. Programmes can be accessed online (live or catch up) at and via mobile phone, using the SBS Radio app. For television news from Malta SBS2 TV 32 ( (Viceland) on Thursdays and Sundays at 8am.

VIVA MALTA on COAST FM 96.3 Community Radio in Gosford Central NSW. Aired on Thursdays every fortnight from 6 pm -7 pm. Presenter: Nathalie Gatt. Web streaming: BRISBANE listen to the Maltese Programme on 4EB on Tuesdays 6.00 -8.15am; Sundays 4.15pm to 5.15pm

MALTESE LANGUAGE SCHOOL OF NSW A Division of the Maltese Community Council of NSW Inc.

Learn Maltese!

Classes are available for students from six years to adults at all levels of ability in the Maltese language. We have trained and experienced teachers qualified in language teaching and with Maltese study credentials. Learn the Maltese language, the culture, lifestyle, cuisine, traditions and about the amazing history of the island.

Teachers urgently needed - Paid positions

For more information and enquiries Phone 9601 2189 or Email: Supported by the Minister of Education and Training and the NSW Community Languages Schools Programme. Member of the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools of NSW; Member of the Federation of Maltese Language Schools of Australia; Supported by 16 Maltese associations affiliated with the MCC of NSW. The Maltese Language School of NSW is a Not-For-Profit organisation.

The Voice of the Maltese 23

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Tuesday April 17, 2017

Photos by VictorBrincat

Green Gully win again and Sunshine GC get first win


NPL Vic: Northcote City v Green Gully 2-4

Pascoe Vale v Green Gully 2-2 reen Gully continued on their merry way by blowing away Northcote City 4-2 with four first half goals from Joshua Barresi, Jonathon Bounas, Alex Caniglia and George Lambadaridis. The home team added a bit of respectability to the score with two goals. These two sides meet again at the same venue Tuesday in the 5th round of the FFA Cup. In the previous match the Greens had to settle for a 2-2 draw after an evenly-contested game at Pascoe Vale. Green Gully led at the break through Nick Krousoratis. The same player rescued a point in the 79th minute. NPL 2 West: Murray Utd v Sunshine GC 0-1 Sunshine GC v North Geelong 0-3 eorge Cross registered their long awaited first win of the season at Murray Utd with goal on 34 minutes by Stefan Cicmil. Sunshine face Port Melbourne away the FFA Cup Tuesday. In the previous match, though showing more fight and determination SGC went down to two-second half goals against North Geelong


At the SGC ground launch. (On left): Kathy Majdlik. Darren Farrugia, Lewis Cassar, Steve Abboushi, Lara Carli and John Cassar. Above (from left): Eddie Gauci, Lara Carli, Kathy Majdlik, Bob Turner and Jamie Chetcut

SGC new Stadium officially launched n April 4, in front of a large gathering of O George Cross supporters the club and councillors from the City of Melton made the official launch of the new stadium at Taylor's Hill. Eddie Gauci who is the club's driving force behind this project thanked the councillors in attendance, Lara Carli, Kathy Majdlik, Steve Abboushi and Bob Turner for making this dream become a reality. The councillors welcomed the club and are looking forward to establishing a great club with facilities to match. The new club name will be Caroline Springs George Cross FC. The new project is expected to be completed in time for the start of the 2019 season

Joe Kavacevic is SGC’s new coach


oe Kovacevic who previously coached at Whittlesea Rangers and St. Albans has been appointed as Sunshine George Cross’ new coach. He takes over from caretaker coach Alan Muscat who will stay on at the club as Kovacevic's assistant..

Parramatta earn first win in a two-week run A-League: Finals series starts Friday


arramatta Melita Eagles finally sent their fans home with a smile on their face on Day 6 after their first win of the season, a 3-0 success over Northern Tigers, in a match that they dominated, securing the win with goals by Abuzar Awaz, Aleksander Najdoski and Charles Abou Serhal. Then followed an unlucky 2-1 loss

away at Marconi Stallions in their 2018 FFA Cup debut, and ended up a positive two weeks with an away 2-2 draw at league leaders and unbeaten CC Mariners. The share of the spoils were most deserved. They led twice from goals by Neram Yalda and Abuzar Awaz, both in the first half.


fter Sydney FC’s runaway success in the Hyundai A-League, now it is time for the Finals series. The Elimiantion finals start Friday with Melbourne C v Brisbane Roar and on Sunday Melbourne V v Adelaide Utd. RESULTS - DAY 27 Sydney FC v Melbourne V CC Mariner v Newcastle J Wellington P v Melbourne C W Sydney W v Adelaide U Perth G v v Brisbane R.

1-0 2-8 2-1 2-3 2-3

DAY 26 3-0 Sydney FC v Adelaide U 0-2 Newcastle J v Perth G Melbourne C v CC Mariners 1-0 Melbourne V v Wellington P 2-1 W Sydney W v Brisbane R. 3-0

24 The Voice of the Maltese

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Tuesday April 17, 2018

Malta ends up with two bronze medals


t looked as if it Malta’s participation pated that Malta could in the XXI Commonwealth Games in win some kind of medal the Gold Coast was going to end in in Lawn Bowls. That it ardisappointment following the failure of rived, in the women’s some of the athletes not to live up to ex- pairs was a historic occasion. It is the pectations. But then up comes Brian first medal that Malta has won in the Galea to land the Bronze Medal in the sport. The victory over Canada in the Trap Shooting competition to add to the bronze medal play-off was well earned. Brian Galea made up for the failures other bronze won for Malta earlier in of the other the Games in shooters, Lawn Bowls by William Rosemarie RixChetcuti – a on and her two-time daughters Rebronze mebecca and Condallist in the nie-Leigh, and CommonSharon Callus w e a l t h in Lawn Bowls. Games - and The CommonNathan Lee wealth Games Xuereb, by came to an end delivering a with Sunday remarkable night’s closing performance c e r e m o n y. to secure a Brian Galea place on the proudly carried podium and Malta’s flag in bring home front of the rest a second of the Maltese me-dal, also contingent. Brian Galea (left), winner The MOC of the bronze in shooting a Bronze for Malta. kind of anticiThe Maltese athlete showed his mettle from the outset by first confirming his potential by he Premier League title in Malta is not only going to the hitting 48 from 50 clays, then in the wire, but it could also end up in a championship play-off final three rounds as Valletta and Balzan go into the final round level on points. Valletta seemed to have wrapped it all up when Balzan suffered an unexpected 3-1 defeat at the hands of relegation haunted Tarxien Rainbows on Day 24 and the City defeated Ħamrun to overtake the former leaders by two points. However, on Saturday Valletta dropped the points advantage they had when they were held to a 1-1 draw by a 10-man Floriana side, and Balzan won their match against Senglea. Both title contenders now share RESULTS - DAY 25 1-1 Valletta v Floriana top billing with 55 points. 2-1 In their final outings, Valletta Balzan v Senglea 2-1 play Gzira United who secured a Gzira v Sliema St Andrews v Birkirkara 1-0 historic place in the UEFA Europa Hibernians v Tarxien 2-2 League by claiming third place Ħamrun v Lija 1-0 ahead of their final league match Naxxar v Mosta 2-0 by beating Sliema W while Balzan DAY 24 3-1 will meet last year’s champions Tarxien v Balzan 3-0 Hibernians, whose hopes of fin- Floriana v Ħamrun 2-0 ishing fourth were dented as they Gzira v Naxxar could only draw 2-2 with neigh- Hibernians v Birkirkara 3-1 2-2 Floriana v Sliema bours Tarxien. The latter remain in Senglea v Mosta 5-2 a relegation play-off place. St Andrews v Lija 2-1

Balzan, Valletta could end up in a play-off for the title


- but there were disappointments

of qualification he finished with a combined score of 117, to tie in sixth place, and then win the shoot-off to win the right to contest the final round. In the final round Brian impressed even more by hitting 36 clays to secure the bronze. Meanwhile, the Men’s Pair of Brendan Aquilina and Shaun Parnis failed to emulate their female counterparts in Lawn Bowls as they lost to Cook Islands 17-11. Whilst there was no doubt in the commitment and determination to perform well by all the Maltese athletes at the Commonwealth Games there was a degree of disappointment in the Gold Coast today, when Maltese athletes failed to secure places in final legs of competitions. For shooters William Chetcuti and Nathan Lee Xuereb not to even manage to secure a place in the final in the double trap competition was perhaps the hardest blow. Chetcuti placed 9th, and Xuereb, 12th place in the 27-man competition. The Lawn Bowls team winners of the first medal for Malta (from left): Mum Rosemary and daughters Connie-Leigh, and Rebecca, and Sharon Callus

The Voice of the Maltese No. 177  

This is a bilingual (in English and Maltese) fortnightly online magazine specifically targeting all Maltese living abroad with emphasis on t...

The Voice of the Maltese No. 177  

This is a bilingual (in English and Maltese) fortnightly online magazine specifically targeting all Maltese living abroad with emphasis on t...