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â‚Ź23 million traďŹƒc project inaugurated in Malta (a see page 13)

February 6, 2018

2 The Voice of the Maltese

MCCNSW celebrates Australia Day 2018


Tuesday February 6, 2018

An enchanted evening

hey all agreed that the Maltese community in Australia is “punching above its weight”. This was proven during the splendid evening organised by the Maltese Community Council of NSW to commemorate Australia Day 2018. It was also a unique and historic day for the Council, when for the first time in its long history two of its seniors were honoured at the same time as members in the Order of Australia. The evening held at Holroyd Function Centre at Merrylands reminded one of the strong and lasting links between Malta and Australia. The VIPs present emphasised that indeed our community is held in high esteem. Hon Chris Bowen MP, Dr Geoff Lee MP and Cumberland Mayor Greg Comminigs showered

their praises. One could tell they came from the heart. Dr Hugh Mc Dermott MP, Kevin Conolly MP and Julie Owens MP were also present. The keynote speaker was Charles Galea (pictured left), a veteran teacher who spoke at length about the importance of cultural links between the two countries. The appearance of the talented musicians Group Skoba led by Andy Busutill, and the popular choir of Maltese Cultural Association led by Marisa Previtera provided the musical interludes. The evening was opened by MCC President Emanuel Camilleri. Fr Noel

Bianco MSSP led the prayers, while George Bartolo OAM acted as MC. The past recipients of the Order of Australia were presented to the packed hall while special applause was reserved for this year’s newly inducted, George Bartolo OAM and Charles N. Mifsud OAM. Refreshments were served at the beautiful and specious entrance of this Centre. It is to be noted that these evenings are always free and open to all. The Function was sponsored by Multicultural NSW. (Photos courtesy Patrick Bartolo)

The Group Skorba with its leader, Andy Busuttil (extreme right)

Maltese recipients of the Order of Australia present at the celebration: (from left): George Bartolo, Prof Stephen Gatt, Lino Vella, Lawrence Dimech, Fr John Briffa, Nancy Serg-Borg and Charles N. Mifsud.

Memorable Australia Day for the Maltese community

The Voice of the Maltese 3

Tuesday February 6, 2017


ustralia Day 2018 was indeed a great moment for the Maltese community. Two veterans of our community were inducted as members of the Order of Australia together with a young lady from Victoria. There were 641 others that completed the honours’ list this year. George Bartolo and Charles N. Mifsud from NSW and Denise Ann Cauchi from Victoria can now add OAM to the end of their name. We offer them our sincere congratulations. George Bartolo born in Rabat Malta emigrated to Australia in 1959 and settled in the Wollongong area He is a foundation member and current vice president of the Multicultural Communities Council of Illawarra (MCCI). He was also president of the George Cross Falcons Club of Cringila for nearly thirty years and is the current treasurer of the Maltese Community Council of NSW, life member, and past president and secretary. Charles N. Mifsud was born in Sliema and arrived in Sydney at age 14. He

years. She is a Maltese citizen and speaks fluent Maltese. Denise is the Executive Director and Founder of Diaspora Action Australia (DAA) that was founded in 2008. She is also a human rights and development advocate and practitioner, with a particular focus on armed conflict. She has worked in the protection of human rights defenders in Colombia with Peace Brigades International, and as a human rights researcher with a

George Bartolo

Denise Ann Cauchi

Colombian women’s NGO. She has also held positions with Oxfam Australia and the Human Rights Alliance of Australia. Denise is the daughter of Prof Maurice Cauchi and his wife Agnes.

An Australian Police Medal was awarded to Assitant Commissioner of NSW Joseph John Cassar, while Sargeant Dean Paul Muscat from NSW received the Conspicuous Service Medal (CSM). During this year’s commemoration, London-born quantum physicist Michelle Simmonds was announced as the Australian of the Year; Matilda’s footballer Sam Kerr was named Young Australian of the Year; Dr Graham Farquhar was honourd as Senior of the Year, and inspirational Cherrybrook technology High mats teacher Eddie Woo was named 2018 Local Hero. The Voice will have more to say about the persons honoured in the coming issues. It is indeed difficult to decide from the published honours’ list who is of Maltese descent. Therefore any assistance would be appreciated.

il-Quiet Achievers Night of Recognition

Charles N Mifsud

served in the army RAEME 1956/61. He also served on the committee of the Melita Eagles SFC and in 1988 he joined the Għaqda Kulturali Maltija ta’ NSW. He is its current president. Charles is also the president of the Maltese Sub-Branch of the RSL, served as president of the Maltese Community Council of NSW from 1996 to 2008, is a life member and the current PRO. The other Maltese mentioned on the Honours’ List 2018 is Denise Ann Cauchi of Brunswick East, Victoria for services to the multicultural community and human rights. Denise arrived in Australia with her family 1968 when she was just two

Min ħaqqu jiġi onorat?

x-xogħol tal-voluntarjat fil-komunita’ IMaltin iseħħ kull minuta ta’ kull jum. Ilqalbhom tajba u jagħtu mill-aħjar li jistgħu. Hu għalhekk li kull sena għadd ta’ Maltin fi NSW jiġu mogħtija għarfien għax-xogħol siewi tagħhom fost ilkomunita` ġenerali. Maltese Welfare (NSW) Inc ilhom imwaqqfa 40 sena, sa mill-1977. Tul dażżmien ħarġu diversi studji dwar il-Maltin fi NSW, jorganizzaw laqgħat ta’ tagħrif kull tlett xhur u darba fis-sena jorganizzaw il-Quiet Achievers Night of Recognition fejn xi Maltin jiġu mogħtija għarfien jew aħjar jiġu onorati għax-xogħol voluntarju li jkunu wettqu. Għal dawn l-aħħar 17-il sena dan lavveniment kien immirat lejn l-anzjani

Maltin izda mis-sena l-oħra l-kumitat iddeċieda li r-regola tal-eta’ ma tibqax tapplika. Dan ifisser li kulħadd jista’ jigi nnominat għal xi att voluntarju li jkun wettaq; ma hemm bżonn ikun anzjan. Din hija bidla sinifikanti għax fil-komunita` hemm ħafna persuni li tassew għandhom jiġu mogħtija għarfien mingħajr ma wieħed iħares lejn l-eta’ tagħhom. Jekk taf b’xi ħadd ta’ nisel Malti li ħaqqu li jiġi nnominat tal-ħidma volontarja tiegħu fil-komunita` ġenerali, tista’ tikkuntattja lil Lawrence Dimech (Tel: 02 9631 9295) ħalli tikseb formola tal-applikazzjoni. Din tista’ wkoll tinkiseb billi wieħed jidħol fil-website tal-Maltese Welfare:

4 The Voice of the Maltese

Tuesday February 6, 2018

In order to commemorate Australia Day on January 26, Australia’s High Commissioner to Malta Her Excellency Julienne Hince, hosted a reception at her residence that was attended by a number of guests that included the President of Malta Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca and her husband Mr Edgar Preca, the Speaker of the House of Representatives Dr Angelo Farrugia, Ministers Carmelo Abela and Jose Herrera, Members of Parliament and Maltese, Members of the European Parliament and members of the Diplomatic Corps.

Australia and Malta share many values


– Australia’s High Commissioner to Malta Her Excellency Julienne Hince says

he Australia Day event was the second time that the HC Ms Julienne Hince has hosted the reception. The first time last year, was just weeks after she arrived in Malta with her family to take up the position. She said that in this year she had a number of occasions to confirm the reputation of the Maltese “as a welcoming and hospitable people, and to benefit from how well disposed the Maltese are towards Australia.” Malta’s is her fifth posting to Europe – three with Foreign Affairs and two earlier ones, as a student. She said that Malta is certainly the European country with the highest recognition factor and personal knowledge of her homeland. In her speech for the occasion, Ms Hince said, “on this day “we celebrate all things Australian. Ours is a culturally and ethnically diverse nation which we consider one of the most harmonious multicultural societies on the planet.” She went on to say that in Australia it is an occasion for national pride, for celebration. “We are a vibrant democracy with liberty to debate such issues. I personally hope for full reconciliation with our Indigenous peoples during my lifetime, the High Commissioner said. On this day Australia’s GovernorGeneral also publishes the list of several hundred Australians who have Australian HC Ms Julienne Hince (right) with President Marie been especially honoured for demonLouise Coleiro Preca at the Australia Day commemoration strating excellence in their field and making a significant contribution to the environment and and safer world. On a number of occasions the Australian community. She was climate change” “Thank you to Malpleased to acknowledge the presence Ms Hince pointed out Australia’s High Commi- tese government for of at least five recipients in previous that the EU, as a bloc, sioner in Malta had the your high levels of coyears of Order of Australia Honours. is a most important chance to confirm the repu- operation and supWorking as she does to promote Aus- partner for Australia tation of the Maltese as a port. You have suptralia’s interests abroad, she noted that with two-way trade in welcoming and hospitable ported us, for examour Department of Foreign Affairs and goods and services people, and to benefit from ple, in taking a place Trade last year completed the first For- worth some $99.5 bil- how well disposed the Mal- on the Human Rights eign Policy White paper in over four- lion. The EU is also Council and UNteen years that provides a Australia’s largest tese are towards Australia. ESCO’s World Hervalues-based blueprint that looks at source of foreign investment. itage Committee,” Ms Hince said. how best to support the international It was interesting to hear the AusShe is also looking forward to some rules-based order, and how to shore tralian HC say that an Australia-EU gentle rivalry in sports in April when up peace and prosperity for Australia. FTA will create new opportunities for Australia welcomes a Maltese team to She explained that a priority identi- Maltese and Australian businesses; compete in the Commonwealth fied in the White Paper is for the Gov- driving exports. Games, to be hosted on the Gold Coast. ernment to launch negotiations on a She said that Australia and Malta share Referring to President Marie-Louise Free Trade Agreement between Aus- many values - a commitment to up- Coleiro Preca, Ms Hince said she actralia and the European Union. holding democracy, human rights, the knowledges the role that she is playShe said Australia already collaborates rule of law, and the promotion of peace. ing in promoting bilateral relations with the European Union in many ways Australia works together with her Mal- and in her tireless advocacy for social under the auspices of a Framework tese friends and colleagues in interna- justice issues at home and abroad. Agreement. “Together we do valuable tional forums such as the UN and the work on disarmament, in science, health, Commonwealth, to promote a better *continued on page 5

‘Maltese, Australian societies have so much in common’ Tuesday February 6, 2017


The Voice of the Maltese 5

– President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca

n her address in response to the Australian High Commissioner, Her Excellency, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta who was the special President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca delivering her speguest at the commemoration said this ech on Australia Day. Also pictured: Minister for Foreign was an occasion to come together to Affairs Carmelo Abela (extreme left) and Mr Edgar Preca celebrate the close friendship that has developed between the two countries and the two peoples, since diplomatic relations between them were first established in 1964. She said that Australia holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Malta and Gozo, as many have relatives who made a home for themselves there. The President went on to say that that although the two countries are geographically distant, the respective societies share much in common, including a mutual commitment to uphold democratic values, to secure the importance of social solidarity, and to achieve sustainable peace in our world. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca reminisced on her visit to Australia two years ago and recalled that she was particularly impressed by the successful communities, of people of Maltese descent, with whom she met. “I am very proud of the Maltese people and their descendants, especially of their accomplishments dence of the strong social and cultural connections, which she and the contributions they have made, and continue to make, was confident, would continue to bring both sides together. “It is an ideal time to take such social and cultural contowards the prosperity of Australia,” the President said. She added that the Maltese people who emigrated to Aus- nections to the next level during Valletta’s term as Eurotralia, and their descendants, continue to give a living ex- pean Capital of Culture which began a few days ago. I am ample of what successful inclusion in a multicultural certain that this milestone will offer new and exciting avsociety is all about. “They are evidence of how much enues for cultural cooperation,” she added. The President remains onvinced that the Australian High stronger our societies can be when we live together in full Commissioner and her staff would continue to enhance the respect of each other’s diverse culture.” She highlighted the healthy trade links between the two special ties between the two countries and the two peoples countries, with over 200 companies in Malta currently have and augured that the friendship between the two countries shareholding interests from Australian. She augured that continues to go from strength to strength, in the years ahead. She further hoped that both countries would keep buildthe connections between the two respective business coming on what has been achieved so far, for the common good munities would flourish and grow even further. She maintained that the relations between the two countries and shared prosperity of the two nations and their peoples. President Coleiro Preca requested Her excellency Ms Juliare made stronger by the ties of “our heritage, which is attested to by our common membership within the Common- enne Hince to convey, in her name and on behalf of the wealth of Nations, and strengthened by the memory of those Government and People of Malta, her heartfelt wishes to gallant Australian servicemen who were stationed in Malta the Governor-General, His Excellency Sir Peter Cosgrove. during the Gallipoli Campaign, *continued whereby Malta served as a refuge to from page 3 the wounded.” While it was encouraging to note that On a personal note, Australia’s High tional Museum of Australia and FORM, perhaps due to these shared values and Commissioner said it was a privilege an arts organisation based in Perth, WA historical legacy the number of Aus- for her to serve as Australia’s High called the Canning Stock Route. She tralian visitors to Malta is on the in- Commissioner to Malta and Ambassa- explained that Canning Stock Route is crease, the President called on the dor to Tunisia. a place where indigenous and non-Inrelevant authorities, and businesses, to She added that while she is the one digenous histories intersect. It is also continue prioritising efforts that support serving at the front of house, it is the the longest running stock route in the and promote opportunities for tourism team surrounding and supporting her world, running about 1850 km across as this is an ideal way in which to bring who makes everything possible remote Western Australia. diverse groups and communities toShe ended by proposing a toast to the She also thanked a number of local gether, while also nurturing shared sponsors for their generous contribu- health and well being of Her Excellency prosperity and cultural diplomacy. the President of Malta, Mrs Marietion to the occasion. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca said that Finally she invited the guests to enjoy Louise Coleiro Preca, to Mr Preca, and our united perspectives are also evi- the artworks jointly curated by the Na- to the people of Malta.

/ Australia Day commemoration in Malta

6 The Voice of the Maltese

John Aquilina Malta’s Ambassador to

Tuesday February 6, 2018

China adds The Philippines’ to his duties


of interaction and cooperation. Mr. Aquilina referred to the dramatic increase in the number of Philippine citizens now visiting Malta for work and tourism, and informed the President that the number of visa applications by Philippine citizens wishing to travel to Malta had increased from 412 in 2014 to 2,835 in 2017. The Ambassador also informed the President that as at November 2017 there were 2,407 Philippine citizens residing in Malta. During the extensive meeting PresiH.E. John Aquilina (left) dent Duterte showed Presenting his credena keen interest in tials to President Duterte Malta, He was curious to know what had recently at- however, that because of Malta’s tracted the booming economy and its growth in attention of tourism, including health tourism, as so many well as the building and construction Philippine industry, there was a huge need for citizens to more workers. The ambassador advised the PresiMalta, and what kind dent that Malta is now ready to move of work to the next step of welcoming possible they were Philippine investment in Malta, espeu n d e r t a k - cially in the computer industry, textiles, shipping, and building and coning. Mr. struction. The meeting concluded cordially Aquilina told him with President Duterte expressing his that many satisfaction with the strong links that of them have been established between Malta were work- and the Philippines, and expressed his ing in the desire to see this become even stronger health and in future. Mr. Aquilina is also Malta’s Ambasservices inH.E. Aquilina signing the Ambassadorial dustries. He sador to the People’s Republic of Register in the presence of his wife Ann pointed out China.

he historic Presidential Malacañang Palace, Manila, the Philippines, which since its original construction in 1750 has seen both colourful and turbulent times, was where Maltese-Australian John Aquilina, U.O.M., Ambassador of the Republic of Malta, presented his credentials to His Excellency Mr Rodrigo Roa Duterte, President of the Republic of the Philippines. Mrs. Ann Aquilina accompanied Mr. Aquilina. Prior to the presentation ceremony that also included the ambassadors of Estonia, Paraguay and Timor-Este, to the tune of the Maltese National Anthem, played by the Presidential Palace band the Palace Guard extended a military salute to Mr Aquilina in honour of Malta. The Ambassador then accompanied the Guard Commander in an inspection of the Honour Guard. At the ceremony Malta’s Ambassador conveyed greetings on behalf of the President, the Government, and the People of the Republic of Malta to President Duterte, indicating that relations between the two nations have now reached an unprecedented level


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Tuesday February 6, 2017

The Voice of the Maltese 7


Q. I am 67 years of age and was a teacher. I retired from his is a monthly service offered by The Voice of the Maltese work a few months ago but I have been given the opporin which Marie Louise Muscat from the Fiducian Finantunity of teaching for the first semester. If I take up this cial Services helps our readers understand the complexities job will I be able to make contributions into superannua- associated with financial planning. If you need more advice tion and if so what is the maximum amount that I can in- send an email to Marie Louise via: vest? A. Yes as you are over 65 years of age you o u t s t a n d i n g need to pass the work test which is working amount. for 40 hours over a 30-day period. As you Once the house will be teaching for a full semester you is sold you will would have passed the work test and you be able to pay off will be able to contribute up to $100,000 as the outstanding non-concessional contributions and up to amount of RAD $25,000 as concessional contributions. and the rest of You will need to make these contributions the money can be before the 30th of June though, as after that banked into her it will be another financial year and again bank account. you will need to comply with the work test. The Refundable Accommodation Q. My mother is currently in an aged-care fa- Deposit is not cility for respite until she recovers from her re- treated as an cent illness. We were told that she should not asset by Centrelink and therefore your mother be living on her own and should be in the would be able to hold onto the age pension un- at all. You need to however speak to your accountant or call the Australian Taxation Office aged-care home permanently. She has agreed less the house is sold for a very high amount. yourself and explain the whole situation to stay there however we need to pay a refundable accommodation deposit of $500,000. Q. My father passed away five years ago Q. I am turning 65 in April and will be reShe has only a small amount of money, but and left his residential home to my brother tiring from work in July this year. My wife her home is worth more than the $500,000 and myself. We have been unable to sell the is 60 years old and works only one day a which she has agreed to sell. We have been house because his long-time partner had week. My superannuation is worth around given 28 days to decide what to do, but the been living in the house according to his $480,000 and we have approximately anhouse would take longer to sell than that. wishes. She has now passed away and we other $70,000 in other financial and perWhat should we do as we cannot come up are in the process of selling the house. Will sonal assets. I know that my superannuation will then be treated as an with this kind of money in such a short time? we be up for a large capital gains tax? asset and on these assets my entitlement A. Just let the age-care home know that you will A. Had you sold the house within two years will be less that the full pension. Is there need to sell the house to pay for the refundable of his demise, you would have had no capital anything I can do prior to retiring so that accommodation deposit. So use up her available gains tax at all to pay. However, because his I will qualify for the full pension once I funds to pay for part of the Refundable Accom- partner had been living in the house for a long turn age pension age at 65.5 years? modation Deposit (RAD). The remaining time, and as this was the only reason for not amount will be treated as the daily accommo- selling the house, I believe that you will find A. I’m glad that you realise you will not be dation payment (DAP) which is interest on the that you will have no capital gains tax to pay age-pension age until October this year so you will not be able to qualify for any age pension before then. However, you are able to withdraw money from superannuation at any time once you turn 65 even though you would still be working as you would have reached a condition of release, which is age 65. You should then withdraw say $100,000 from your superannuation fund and invest it in your wife’s name. This will reduce your assets by $100,000. Next financial year, i.e. after July, you should see a financial investment officer at Centrelink and they will calculate the amount of assets that are still above the limit. They will also take your wife’s income in their calculations and see whether you will still be treated on the asset test or the income test. If you see you are being tested on the asset test you can make another lump sum withdrawal from your superannuation and again invest it in her superannuation. Once all this is done you should qualify for the full age pension and commence an account based pension with the remaining funds in your superannuation to subsidise your living expenses


This document contains factual information only and is not intended to provide any recommendation or opinion in relation to the topic/s discussed. Fiducian recommends that you seek advice from a professional to address any issues that may be raised by this article. Fiducian accepts no liability for any loss suffered by anyone who has acted on any information in this document

Have your say/Xi trid tghid?

8 The Voice of the Maltese

Tuesday February 6, 2018

Your letters/ L-ittri tagħkom ...

Minister’s treatment of Alex Vella so inhumane

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Ross Bright from Richmond writes: lad that The Voice of the Maltese published the cruel decision taken by the Minister of Immigration Peter Dutton (page 21 issue dated January 23). Tough guy Dutton refused Alex Vella’s application to enter Australia for the funeral of his 81-year-old mother Victoria. In its January 21 edition The Sunday Telegraph also backed the Minister’s decision. This newspaper’s logic is that Alex Vella now living in Malta is not an Australian citizen, so he can mourn his mum at a distance. What a pathetic comment. Alex Vella has legally lived in Australia for 37 years. He

This year’s Isle of MTV in Malta


Sabrina Borg from St Albans writes:

have just learned that this year’s Isle of MTV in Malta is to be held on June 27. I have also learned that in this 12th year of the event it would include even more performers than last year’s event, which I am proud to say I have attended with a few of my friends from Victoria. I cannot make this year as I just started into a new job. If I could I would, most certainly, but after last year’s experience, if I had the time and money I would travel to Malta each and every year. I would certainly recommend it. Two of my friends who were with me last year will travel again this yea, but are only planning for a two-week stay. If anybody from the Victoria State are would be interested in accompanying them, just email me at

established roots in this country, and has a wife and children living in NSW. If he has done anything that is contrary to the laws of the land he should be brought back to Australia and then let the court decide. To revoke his residence permit is a cowardly way out.

Thanks Marie-Louise you are a great help


Paul Debono from Fairfield writes: n behalf of The Voice readers, I would like to thank Marie-Louise Muscat for her advice to us mortals in Australia in her page Money Talks. We really appreciate her advice Her fortnightly contributions are always very clear and to the point and I am sure that in one way or another she always manages to hit the right note and thanks to her, members of the Maltese community, particularly the aged find in her replies a lot of answers to the many problems that crop up from time to time. I am one of the people who found solace in her advice and thanks to her, I now know things that if it weren’t for her, I would by now perhaps still trying to find my feet. However, her advice not only helped my family regain our peace of mind, but also to recover money that we thought we had lost.

Wara l-mewt

Charles Camilleri from San Bruno California USA writes ħandi ħbieb li qed isibuha diffiċli biex ikunu jafu sewwa x’jiġri jekk xi Maltin minn dawn in-naħat ikunu jridu jibagħtu “human remains” lejn Malta permezz tal-Malta Post. Min jgħid li dan hu possibli u min jgħid ħaġ’oħra. Qalulna wkoll li l-Malta Post ilha sentejn sħaħ biex issolvi din il-problema mal-awtoritajiet ta’ dawn in-nahat. Nittama li din is-sitwazzjoni tirranġa mhux biss malMaltin fl-Amerika iżda mal-pajjizi l-oħra wkoll fejn għad għandna jgħixu l-Maltin.


Avviż lill-qarrejja

Il-qarrejja li jixtiequ juru l-fehmiet tagħhom dwar xi suġġett għal fuq din il-paġna, huma mħeġġa jagħmlu dan. Imħeġġa wkoll li ma jħallux għall-aħħar. Indirizzaw l-emails lil u indikawhom bħala Letters to the editor (ittri lill-editur) .

British Convicts in Australia The Voice of the Maltese 9

Tuesday February 6, 2017

A little bit of history


etween 1788 and 1868, the British government transported about 162,000 convicts to various penal colonies in Australia. Before that, in the early 17th century the British government began transporting convicts overseas to American colonies, but when transportation ended with the start of the American Revolution, an alternative site needed to be found to relieve further overcrowding of British prisons and hulks. Earlier in 1770, James Cook charted and claimed possession of the east coast of Australia for Britain. Seeking to pre-empt the French colonial empire from expanding into the region, Britain chose Australia as the site of a penal colony, and in 1787, the First Fleet of eleven convict ships under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip set sail for Botany Bay, arriving on January 20 1788. At first Philips decided that Botany Bay was unsuitable for the colony and tasked his officers with finding somewhere else to set up camp. But two days later the group returned to Botany Bay There they established the first permanent European colony on the Australian continent, New South Wales. Originally it was named New Wales. On January 26 the first European settlement on the continent was established. The area has since developed into the city of Sydney. This date is still celebrated as Australia Day Other penal colonies were later established in Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) in 1803 and Queensland in 1824, while Western Australia, founded in 1829 as a free colony, received convicts from 1850. Victoria and South Australia remained free colonies. By 1808, convicts who had been pardoned - known as emancipated convicts were celebrating the anniversary of their arrival with dinner, drinking and toasts. Penal transportation to Australia peaked in the 1830s. It dropped off significantly the following decade. The last convict ship arrived in Western Australia on January 10 1868. The last convicts were sent to Australia in 1849. They arrived in a ship called the Heshemy. They were the first convicts to arrive in the colony since 1840. The Heshemy docked in Melbourne, but public protests against the landing of the prisoners caused the authorities to move the ship on to Sydney. There the public outcry was even greater and the Hasehemy sailed to Brisbane, where the convicts were put ashore. The protests arose because many Australians, especially tradespeople and wage earners, were bitterly opposed to the continued flow of free labour to the colony. But transportation (the sending of convicts was still favoured by sheep owners and farmers, who wanted the labour, and by the British Government, who found it

a cheap way of getting rid of unwanted citizens. After the convicts from the Hashemy had finally disembarked, anti-transportation leagues were formed and attracted so much public support that it was decided to send no more convicts to any part of the colony. Others claim that the last convict ship arrived in Western Australia on January 10 1868.

An artist impression of the first fleet with British convicts that landed in Australia

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10 The Voice of the Maltese


Tuesday February 6, 2018

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Il-futur tal-industrija taz-zokkor


tit tal-ġimgħat ilu, reġa’ qam kjass fl-Awstralja dwar il-kontenut taz-zokkor fl-ikel. L-Australian Medical Association (AMA) għamlet l-inkwiet tagħha ċar dwar l-implikazzjonijiet ħżiena għas-saħħa taż-żieda taz-zokkor fl-ikel ipproċessat, u fix-xorb li fih ħafna zokkor. L-AMA, fost ħafna rakkomandazzjonijiet oħra, ipproponiet taxxa fuq ix-xorb b’zokkor miżjud sabiex jitnaqqas il-konsum, li n-nies jiġu nkoraġġiti li jixorbu l-ilma minflok, u li l-industrija tal-ikel tnaqqas il-porzjonijiet tal-ikel, u tnaqqas zokkor, melħ u xaħmijiet mill-ikel ipproċessat.1 Il-gvern Federali mill-ewwel stqarr li hu kuntrarju għall-ideja ta’ taxxa fuq iz-zokkor, bħal ma kien għamel meta l-ideja kienet issemmiet xi snin ilu.2 Huwa magħruf li l-industrija tal-ikel hija bilqawwa kontra miżura bħal din, li għandha lpotenzjal li tnaqqas il-bejgħ ta’ ħafna prodotti li fihom zokkor miżjud. Jien ngħid għalija, qatt ma fhimt kif flixkun talluminata, kollu zokkor, ikun jiswa inqas minn flixkun ilma fis-supermarkit. Jekk xerrejja tkun magħfusa fil-flus, faċli wieħed jifhem kif tispiċċa tixtri dak li hu irħas, fejn deċiżjoni fuq in-nutrizzjoni talfamilja tagħha tispiċċa tkun waħda sempliċement ekonomika. U f’dan l-isfond li nifhem, u naqbel mal-għajta tal-AMA. Huwa faċli li wieħed idur fuq l-industrija tal-ikel u jakkużahom li jpoġġu l-profitti qabel is-saħħa tal-bniedem. Madankollu xtaqt nagħmel osservazzjoni fuq parti minn din l-industrija, dik li tipproduċi z-zokkor fil-kannamieli għammiela tal-Awstralja, speċjalment fi Queensland. Din hi industrija li tant ipprovdiet opportunitajiet ta’ xogħol, anke jekk iebes, lill-pijunieri tal-immigrazzjoni Maltija f’dan ilpajjiż, li wħud minnhom għadhom involuti bil-kbir sal-lum. Din l-indistrija hija kbira ferm. Iz-zokkor huwa t-tieni l-ikbar prodott esportat tal-biedja mill-Awstralja, wara l-qamħ, bi dħul ta’ kważi $2 biljun. 95% tiegħu jiġi prodott fi Queensland, u lbqija fit-tramuntana ta’ NSW. 80-85% tal-prodott jiġi esportat, u l-Awstralja hija t-tieni (jew it-tielet, skont lil min tistaqsi) likbar esportatur fid-dinja wara l-Brażil. Jingħad li din l-industrija timpjega 40,000 ruħ.3 Nifhem li hu sensittiv li wieħed jitkellem dwar industrija li tipprovdi l-għajxien lil tant nies, madankollu kont sorpriż naqra li Fiona Nash, eks-senatur tal-Partit Nazzjonali u Ministru għas-Saħħa Rurali, kienet stqarret li lanqas biss riedet tiddiskuti l-materja.4 Jien nifhem li industrija taqbeż għall-interessi tagħha, għalkemm m’iniex se nidħol fl-ironija ta’ ministru tas-saħħa jipproritizza industrija fuq is-saħħa. Madankollu, nistaqsi għaliex lanqas jiġi diskuss is-suġġett? Mhux b’diskussjoni joħorġu l-problemi u jitfasslu s-soluzzjonijiet? Nifhem il-biża’ li t-taxxa proposta fuq iz-zokkor tista’ twassal, kif inhu mistenni, għal tnaqqis fl-ammont ta’ zokkor ikkunsmat bħala ikel mill-Awstraljani, li jwassal għal nuqqas ta’ dħul minn dan issors. Imma dan in-nuqqas jista’ jkun ikkumpensat minn dħul ieħor, wieħed li għandu potenzjal sinjifikanti anke ta’ tkabbir. Qed nirreferi għall-industrija tal-bijofjuwil, primarjament l-etanol, li jiġi prodott b’fermentazzjoni tal-glukows li jiġi, fost l-oħrajn, mizzokkor tal-kannamiela.5 Illum huwa komuni li sewwieqa ta’ karrozzi tal-petrol jixtru l-E10, li huwa taħlita ta’ 90% petrol u 10% etanol, mingħajr il-ħtieġa ta’ modifikazzjoni tal-magna. Stati bħal NSW illeġislaw biex 6% tal-petrol li jinbigħ f’dan listat ikun etanol, u fi Queensland din il-figura hija ta’ 3%.6 Dawn il-miri jistgħu jiżdiedu mill-gvernijiet statali, li jwassal

Għalqa tal-kannamieli fi Quensland

għal iktar bżonn ta’ materja prima għall-manifattura, inkluż millkannamieli. Jista’ wkoll jiġi promoss l-użu ta’ taħlit ieġor ta’ fuwils li fihom etanol f’persentaġġ ikbar minn 10%, li komuni fosthom huma E25 (fil-Brażil), E85 (fl-Istati Uniti u l-Isvezja) u E100 (filBrażil), li jeħtieġu modifikazzjonijiet fil-magna. Għalhekk, l-introduzzjoni ta’ dawn neċessarjament issir iktar bil-mod, imma jekk ma tibdiex ma tasalx. Ta’ min jinnota l-preżenza tal-Brażil fix-xenarju tal-bijofjuwils, fejn jidher ċar li bħala produttur globali tal-kannamieli qiegħed jagħmel minn kollox biex iwessa s-suq għal dan il-prodott ta’ importanza nazzjonali, u jisfrutta kemm jista’ dan ir-riżors tiegħu. Ilhom mexjin f’din it-triq mis-sebgħinijiet. Dan il-ħsieb strateġiku huwa impossibbli li jsir fl-Awstralja? Wara kollox, l-E85 diġa jeżisti fl-Awstralja, prodott mill-Caltex u l-United Petroleum, użat l-iktar fil-karrozzi tat-tlielaq. Fejn hi l-promozzjoni tiegħu għall-użu ġenerali? M’għandhomx rwol ilgvern federali u dawk statali li jinkoraġġixxu bidla li għandha benefiċċji biex tbigħ? Li wieħed ikun konservattiv u jipproteġi industrija lest li nifhimha, imma li tagħmel dan bi stinazzjoni u moħħ magħluq le ma nifhimhiex. Diskussjoni hemm bżonn li ssir. Is-saħħa tal-bniedem trid tiġi mħarsa, u jeżistu opportunitajiet ġodda għall-industrija taz-zokkor li jistgħu jpattu għat-tnaqqis ta’ dak il-prodott fl-ikel ipproċessat. Għandna bżonn ta’ mexxejja b’viżjoni, li jħarsu lejn soluzzjonijiet ġodda li kultant jolqtu żewġ għasafar b’ġebla waħda. L-innovazzjoni trid tkun mhux biss għajta elettorali. Referenzi 1., retrieved 30/1/2018 2., retrieved 30/1/2018 3., retrieved 30/1/2017 4., retrieved 30/1/2017 5., retrieved 30/1/2017 6., retrieved 30/1/2017

Tuesday February 6, 2017

The Voice of the Maltese 11

Maltese Literature in Australia


n the coming weeks, bestselling Maltese author Loranne Vella (right) will be visiting New South Wales and South Australia to meet the Maltese communities to discuss Maltese literature. The meeting in NSW will be held at 2.00 p.m. on March 3 at the Alfred Fenech, Maltese Resource Centre Franklin St, Parramatta and the one in South Australia at noon on March 30 at the Progressive Hall, Le Hunte Street, Kilburn. As part of the Maltese Literature in Australia - a project supported by Arts Council Malta, Cultural Export Fund literature enthusiasts in Australia will

have the opportunity to compare notes and review books and reading in Maltese both in Malta and Australia. Loranne said she is looking forward to meeting the Maltese community living in Australia that still values its native language, as speakers and more importantly as readers and writers. These literary sessions, open to the general public, tally with a project that Ms Vella runs, namely the Barumbara Performance Art Project, which aims to bring together Maltese and foreign artists for performative and literary events. In Australia, she will be talking about her recently published fiction book Rokit as well as her Interesting MCI Concert for February earlier novel MagnaTM Mater and The f you happen to be in Malta on February 18, attend the next Fiddien Trilogy, a fanMCI Concert to be held at 7.oopm. at the GF Abela Jnr College tasy series that she cotheatre at Msida that would be presenting Andrew Micallef on authored with Simon the Chromatic Accordion who will be playing a selection of Bartolo. music from the French, Latin American and modern repertoire. Ms Vella has also The evening’s programme organised by Dame Mro. Marie translated a series of Therese Vassallo will also feature the Four Winds Quartet, – Nathalie Cachia, René Camilleri, Karl Camilleri and Gabriel children’s books into Agius Pascalidis, who all possess advanced certificates in Clarinet Maltese, popularly performance obtained from distinguished institutions in the UK. known as Rumanzini, A special attraction will be an Indian dance performed to Hindi and has won various local literary awards music by Radha Agrawal in her traditional Indian costume. There will also be a painting exhibition featuring works by both for her original work and the translaFabiola Agius Anastasi.


With our latest and final stage of development coming soon, now is the time to pop in and see why this boutique style community could have the home you’ve been looking for.

A vibrant community located in Pemulwuy, Nelsons Grove offers an unbeatable lifestyle for over 55’s and our upcoming open day is the perfect opportunity to dscover why. WHERE TO FIND US

2 Newport St, Pemulwuy, NSW 2145

tions. She has been highly acclaimed in the Maltese media, with the Times of Malta describing her as successfully keeping “a very delicate balance between reality and imagination that creates an ambiguity that is full of tension” and It-Torċa lauding her as “one of the few thinkerwriters” of the country. For information one should get in touch with, Mr Emanuel Camilleri on for the NSW meeting; Mr Frank Scicluna on for the South Australia one. One can also log on to:

12 The Voice of the Maltese

Tuesday February 6, 2018

Roundup of News About Malta

Good policies make Malta’s economic growth “among biggest in Europe”


n its annual report on the Maltese economy, the International Monetary Fund, IMF said Malta’s economic growth is among the biggest in the European Union. This is mostly due, to conditions aided by good policies, together with structural reforms that assisted for a balance in government finances. In comments on the increase in jobs in Malta, the IMF said in its report, that workers’ increase in the labour market, both Maltese and foreign workers, are a factor that is providing stability in salaries increases, which leads to the containment of inflation. It further noted the increasing pressure on infrastructure, including also in the property market. For the second year running, its experts said that the government registered a balance, aided by greater revenue, including also from the citizenship investment programme and also in capital projects’ investment. IMF also stated that through the services sector, Malta is also registering a balance in international payments and a reduction in debt. Its economists also gave the thumbs up sign to Malta by further stating that the country’s prospects are good, even

Malta with second lowest unemployment rate in EU

U’s statistics agency, Eurostat inE dicates that Malta has the second lowest unemployment rate in the European Union, second only to the Czech Republic. At an unemployment level of 3.6% it holds the position jointly with Germany. The Czech Republic has the lowest rate, 2.3%.

if they predict that the rate of economic growth will go down to three percent in the coming years. The IMF experts pointed out that economic growth will continue to be assisted by local demand, by services and even by the fact that the country has the lowest unemployment rate in history, and called for measures on property rents and prices. IMF observed that the Maltese Government is implementing the advices of its experts and called for an effective implementation of the legislative framework against money laundering to safeguard the integrity of the financial system. It added that this is essential in the light of the financial services, gaming and the great demand for the Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna citizenship programme. It said that Malta should continue with reinister for Finance Edward Scicluna welcomed the forms to sustain ecoIMF report, stating that prudent policies and advanced nomic growth while addressing sectors, in- structural reforms contributed to the strengthening of private cluding transport, edu- and public sector balance sheets, whilst steady job creation cation and workers’ drove unemployment to historically low levels. He said that additionally, the Government is set to overskills, innovation and the involvement of more achieve the 2017 budget target. Expressing satisfaction at the report, he said that the IMF people and elderly persons in the labour mar- confirmed that Malta is enjoying robust economic growth and remains one of the strongest economies in Europe. ket.

Minister welcomes IF report


Maltese PM addresses Indian business leaders operating in UK

n a meeting in London with 45 InIthedian business leaders operating from UK, Maltese Prime Minister Joseph

Muscat told them that Malta is the ideal co-location in a post Brexit scenario. He said it would be to their advantage to consider Malta as a base from where they can continue to develop their trade relations with the European Union. Maltese Prime Minister He explained to them the Joseph Muscat addressadvantages that Malta has to ing the Indian business offer as an investment destileaders in London nation, including a favourable working environment and access to the EU market and beyond. He underlined parallels between India, the United Kingdom and Malta both on a legislative as well as the regulatory level. All three are also Commonwealth members,

Joseph Muscat told them, “Continue to manufacture in India, keep the base in the United Kingdom, however continue to negotiate in the European Union through Malta”. Malta’s strategy is not to tell companies to leave the UK and come to Malta but that it understands the situation and their wish of keeping part of their operation in the UK. It also understands their need for another base in Malta. Joseph Muscat said this is all part of the Government’s strategy and believes it is a successful one. The Indian investors have also been invited to visit Malta to closely explore what the country has to offer and to meet with officials from the public and private sectors. The meeting with Indian investors was organised by the Task Force the Maltese Government set up to explore investment opportunities in Malta due to Brexit.

The Voice of the Maltese 13

Tuesday February 6, 2017

Roundup of News About Malta

2017 a record year for tourism

2.3million choose Malta


alta’s tourism industry continues to flourish with the National Statistics Office, NSO pointing out that the number of tourists who visited Malta during 2017 has broken all records with the number reaching just under 2.3 million, a 16% increase on 2016. Money spent by these tourists exceeded €1.9 billion, a 14% increase on the previous year. Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi said a substantial part of Malta’s success in the tourist sector is due to expansion of connectivity by air. Eight new routes were introduced in 2017, to/from different countries. He added that based on planned major events, an increase in direct routes to Malta and additional seat capacity, indications are that year 2018 would be


In five years, the Maltese aviation register has become considerably stronger and currently holds 260 aeroplanes more than double it was in 2012; 52 new aeroplanes were registered last year alone.

even more successful. These record figures and the popularity of Malta’s capital, Valletta have prompted the owners of the Embassy Complex in the heart of the city that for 19 years has served as a shopping and cinema complex to convert it into a new 82room hotel. They have been given the go-ahead to develop the six-floor complex that currently houses a number of retail outlets and a cinema complex. The main design of the building is to remain the

same. There will still be room for shops on the lower floors that would also include the cinema theatres to be relocated from the top of the building. Valletta has 13 hotels, including four 3-star, three 2star and 10 classified as Boutique Hotels.

36 new vehicles on Malta’s roads every single day


ccording to statistic provided by the National Statistics Office, NSO, last year there were 3.7% more cars on Malta’s roads than the previous year, amounting to 372,061. That was an increase on average of 36 vehicles daily on the roads. It emerges that the overall amount includes 78.4% private cars, 13.6% commercial vehicles and 6.9% motorcycles. Less than 1% is buses or minibuses. Over a period of one year, an average of 68 licences per day were issued, most of which were for private cars. A large percentage of the cars that were on the road last year (60.3%) have a petrol engine; the rest run on diesel. The same statistic indicates that over the last quarter of 2017, 6,687 vehicles – most of them private cars – were removed off the roads, out of which 40.4% are going to be re-sold; 29.7% were garaged and 27.7% were scrapped.

UNESCO recognises Four Great Siege of Malta maps our maps forming a unique narrative of the Great Siege of 1565 have made it into the F Memory of the World Register and given world recognition by UNESCO. Three of these maps belong to the cartographic collection at MUŻA, while the fourth is located at the Faculty of Science at Charles University in Prague. At a press conference, praising this historic achievement as a first for Malta, Justice Minister Owen Bonnici said that the fact that these Great

Siege maps have been given world recognition by UNESCO is truly a marvellous thing for Malta. It is the first time that Malta has ever made it onto this prestigious list; a most welcome addition to the UNESCO world heritage sites managed by Heritage Malta. UNESCO favourably acknowledged that this collection of maps, jointly owned by two European institutions, collectively fills one of the many lacunae in the visual chronicle of the well-known Great Siege of Malta of 1565.

€23million road project inaugurated at Kappara new road project to facilitate traffic work done by entities, workers and author- started in April 2015, four months after a A flow in one of the busiest areas in ities. He said the government believes that consortium with Spanish interests was Malta was completed and officially inau- the level of infrastructure should reflect the awarded the contract

gurated by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Transport Minister Ian Borg late January, The Kappara Junction project (see front page), which the Prime Minister said has created a new standard for the way governments will tackle large scale infrastructural projects of this nature, cost €23 million to complete. In the few days since the Kappara Junction flyover project that took two years to complete in an area used by around 90,000 vehicles a day that used to be described as forming a bottleneck for vehicles using it to commute between Valletta, San Gwann, Gżira and St Julian’s has seen a great transformation and traffic can now flow smoothly in all directions. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat praised the

economic and social realities of our country. It gives courage to the Government for greater infrastructural projects, such as the Marsa junction that has also already started and would include seven flyovers. He reiterated that now that a high level of work was established, this should be maintained also for the next roads project. Minister Ian Borg said that the Kappara project has led to more efficiency and less emissions with economists estimating that €3.5 millions would be saved from less waiting in traffic and a further €1 million from the decrease in traffic accidents. Apart from that around 100,000 litres of fuel will be saved through less traffic congestion. Work on the Kappara junction project that was awarded to a Spanish consortium

The foundations for the flyover a number of steel columns and beams that were built in Spain weighed a total of 530 tonnes, the largest measuring 32 metres. The steel beams started to be put into place in April last year and months later, one of the lanes was opened for traffic. The other lane leading to St Julian’s was opened in September. Two kilometers of crash barriers with a protective strip for motorcycles were put into place, and more than two more kilometers of crash barriers were added that can withstand high-impact crashes to avoid any vehicle from falling over the bridge in the case of an accident. Sound barriers to reduce the noise from passing vehicles to residents were also installed.

14 The Voice of the Maltese

Tuesday February 6, 2018

Issa ta’ 16 se jibdew jivvutaw Ż għażagħ Maltin u Għawdxin ta’ 16-il sena se jkunu jistgħu jivvutaw wkoll fl-elezzjonijiet ġenerali għallħatra tal-Gvern Malti, kif ukoll biex itellgħu l-membri Maltin fil-Parlament tal-Unjoni Ewropea. Għidt ukoll, għax fl-2015 dawn iż-żgħażagħ kienu diġa ngħataw id-dritt li jivvutaw fl-elezzjonijiet tal-Kunsilli lokali. Hekk Malta se tkun it-tieni pajjiż fl-Ewropa li tagħti l-vot lil żgħażagħ ta’ 16-il sena. Għall-ewwel darba fl-istorja kellna qbil unanimu fil-Parlament dwar dan u qed ngħid hekk għax jekk immorru lura fl-istorja nsibu li kien hemm oppożizzjoni qawwija meta l-Labour Front fl-Assemblea Nazzjonali tal-1946-47 ressaq il-proposta tal-vot lin-nisa. Dakinhar kienu tqajjmu l-irwiefen kollha, iddeffset ir-reliġjon, u n-nuqqas ta’ maturita’ politika tal-mara. Saħansitra kien hemm min sostna li l-mara kienet se titlef ruħha. Imma minkejja dan kollu l-maġġoranza fl-Assemblea Nazzjonali ivvutat favur u l-Gvern Ingliż, għax dakinhar kienu l-Awtoritajiet Ingliżi li jiddeċiedu, tawna Kostituzzjoni (1947) fejn għall-ewwel darba ngħata l-vot lill-mara. L-istess seħħ meta fl-1974 il-Gvern Laburista ġie biex jagħti l-vot lil dawk li jagħlqu t-18-il sena. Mill-ġdid tqajjmet il-

VOM -172

Agħżel u ħallas K

kwestjoni tal-maturita, li mhux sewwa li żgħażagħ ta’ 18-il sena ngħabbuhom b’responsabbilta politika, eċċ, eċċ. Biss din id-darba żżewġ naħat tal-Kamra qablu li l-vot jingħata mas-16-il sena. Ma setgħux jagħmlu xort’oħra għax attwalment filmanifesti elettorali tagħhom iż-żewġ partiti l-kbar wegħdu li se jagħtu l-vot f’din l-eta’. U fis-saħna politika li għaddejjin minnha, liema partit politiku jista’ jmur kontra l-għoti tal-vot lil xi ħadd li se jkun jiddependi minnu fl-elezzjoni? Issa li rridu naraw hu: kemm fuq kollox dawn iż-żgħażagħ attwalment se jinteressaw ruħhom u jmorru jivvutaw fl-elezzjonijiet li ġejjin.

M’hemm l-ebda kruċjata J

idher li l-Knisja Maltija bdiet tifhem li żmien il-kruċjati dwar ċerti materji spiċċa. Attwalment l-aħħar ull min jixtri karozza f’Malta u Għawdex jingħata lkruċjati li għamlet ilgħażla jekk iridx pjanċa (number plate) personalizzati b’ittri u numri (tliet ittri u tliet numri), ikunu x’ikunu Knisja fejn jidħlu l-inl-ittri u n-numri, inkella li jordna l-pjanċa bin-numri jew troduzzjoni ta’ ċerti kunċetti ġodda kienet fi ittri, jew taħlita tat-tnejn li jixtieq hu. Fil-każ tal-aħħar in-numru jew l-ittri jew it-taħlita tat- żmien il-kwestjoni taddivorzju. Dak inhar iltnejn ma jistax ikun itwal minn 9 ittri/figuri. Knisja kellha diżappunt Jidher li minkejja li ħafna jgħidu ajma meta jiġu biex iħallsu l-liċenzji tal-karozzi fl-stess żmien ta’ meta għax il-poplu b’maġġowieħed iħallas ukoll l-assigurazzjoni tal-istess vettura, ranza tajba ivvota favur hemm dawk li ma jaħsbuha xejn iħallsu €1,500 ħalli id-dħul tad-divorzju. Dan it-tbegħid taljiksbu pjanċa personalizzata - jiġifieri li fuqha jkun hemm dak li jixtiequ huma (għalkemm hemm ċertu Knisja minn ċerti kruċjati stqarru l-Arċisqof, kliem li ma jiġix aċċettat). Il-Gvern imur tajjeb minn fuq nies bħal dawn. Biżżejjed Mons Cħarles Scicluna, ngħidu li fl-2017 inħarġu 2,650 pjanċa personalizzata li innifsu f’intervista li kellu fuq Radju Malta. minn fuqhom il-Gvern daħħal kważi €4 miljun.


a semmejna r-reliġjon tajjeb li nsemmu l-kwestjoni tar-reliġjon fil-qasam edukattiv. Għalkemm għal snin twal, issa fis-sistema tal-iskejjel tal-Istat, il-ġenituri ngħataw iddritt li jagħżlu jekk iridux lil uliedhom jattendu għal-lezzjonjiet tar-relġjon jew le, xorta l-uniku tagħlim tar-reliġjon f’dawn l-iskejjel kien tar-reliġjon kattolika. Għalhekk dawk l-istudenti li ma jieħdux irreliġjon kienu jispiċċaw jingħataw xi xogħol ieħor x’jagħmlu waqt il-lezzzjoni tar-reliġjon li ssir ta’ kuljum fl-iskejjel primarji. Issa wara żmien ta’ prova, mis-sena l-oħra, l-iskejjel tal-Istat bdew joffru l-lezzjonijiet tal-etika għal dawk l-istudenti li l-ġenituri tagħhom jagħżlu li wliedhom ma jattendux

Mistoqsi xi tkun irreazzjoni tal-Knisja li kellha tqum il-kwestjoni tal-pożizzjoni talKnisja fil-Kostituzzjoni, stqarr li xorta kien se jargumenta favur li lKostituzzjoni tibqa’ żżomm il-klawsola dwar il-Knisja Kattolika. Madankollu ma kien se jqajjem l-ebda kruċjata jekk jiġi deċiż li mill-Kostituzzjoni lklawsola li tgħid li r-reliġjon uffiċjali ta’ Malta hija dik kattolika titneħħa. “Jekk il-Kattoliċiżmu bħala reliġjon uffiċjali jitneħħa mill-Kostituz-

Etika jew reliġjon?

għal-lezzjonijiet tar-Reliġjon. Minn stħarriġ li sar dan l-aħħar dwar din il-kwestjoni rriżulta li l-parti l-kbira tal-ġenituri ma jixtiqux li l-Etika tiġi mgħallma minflok ir-Reliġjon imma flimkien mar-Reliġjon, filwaqt li xtaqu iktar tagħrif dwar ittagħlim tal-Etika. Minn dawk li wieġbu, 54% qalu li jixtiequ li wliedhom jistudjaw l-Etika; 23% li ma jridux lil uliedhom jis-

zjoni, il-knisja xorta tibqa’ għaddejja” Sostna li jaqbel li kulħadd għandu jkollu ddritt li jħaddan ir-reliġjon li jrid. Sostna wkoll li s-separazzjoni bejn listat u l-knisja hu żvillupp pożittiv u li tajjeb li r-reliġjonijiet kollha jkunu fuq l-istess livell. Saħansitra sostna li llum m’għadx hemm ilħtieġa tad-dikjarazzjoni dwar il-kattoliċiżmu filKostituzzjoni. L-importanti hu li f’Malta r-reliġjonijiet kollha jkollhom il-liberta’ meħtieġa biex ikunu jistgħu jiffunzjonaw.

tudjaw l-Etika filwaqt li 23% oħra qalu li mhumiex deċiżi. Linqas ġenituri li jixtiequ li wliedhom jitgħallmu l-Etika minflok ir-reliġjon huwa fliskejjel tal-Istat ta’ Għawdex. Għalkemm forsi dan il-fatt iwassal biex ikun hemm min jinterpretaha bħala xi sinjal ta’ konservattiżmu min-naħa tal-Għawdxin, il-fatti jistgħu juru xort’oħra. Fuq quddiem nett il-fatt li f’Malta hemm ferm aktar barranin jattendu fl-iskejjel tal-Istat milli f’Għawdex u billi dawn fil-maġġoranza kbira tagħhom ma jħaddnux ir-reliġjon kattolika, bilfors li jagħmlu differenza dwar dawk li jridu l-Etika f’Malta u dawk f’Għawdex.

The Voice of the Maltese 15

Tuesday February 6, 2017

Il-ktieb ta’ San Pawl wara t-tisbita

Dik l-imbierka ġirja!


dejna b’San Ġorġ filKanada, morna għal San Gejtanu fil-Ħamrun, l-irxoxt fl-Isla u issa għal San Pawl fil-Belt. X’hemm komuni bejniethom? B’xi mod jew ieħor l-erba’ statwi

Imut Il-Bayzo


alta tilfet wieħed mill-aħjar kantanti bil-mewt fl-eta` ta’ 70 sena ta’ Tony Camilleri, magħruf l-aktar bħala Il-Bayzo. Huwa miet fl-1 ta’ Frar li għadda. Il-Bayzo, bniedem mill-aktar umli kellu leħen partikolari li jispikka f’ċerti kanzunetti li ħadd bħalu, jew ftit setgħu jkantawhom. Hu kien beda bħala mużiċista u wara anke kantant, mal-grupp magħruf ilMalta Bums u ssokta f’karriera bħala solista. Kien baqa’ jissemma wkoll għall-kanzunetta popolari bilMalti “L-ewwel tfajla li ħabbejt” a għas-sehem tiegħu fir-rock opera Ġensna. Fit-tmeninijiet f’Malta ngibed il-film Kristofru Kolombu u IlBayzo kien fost xi atturi Maltin li ttieħdu fil-Karibew fejn issokta jinġibed il-film. Żar ukoll l-Awstralja, ilKanada ul-Istati Uniti bħala kantant u mużiċist mistieden u kien popolari mal-komunita` Maltija.

ġarrbu ħsarat waqt li kienu jinġarru f’purċissjoni. Fi tliet każi seħħet waqt il-famuża ġirja bl-istatwa lejn it-tmiem. L-aħħar inċident seħħ fis-27 ta’ Jannar fil-festa’ ta’ San Pawl (ilfesta kellha ċċedi posta għall-karnival fl-10 ta’ Frar). F’temp sabiħ il-Beltin u l-mijiet li daħlu l-Belt għall-okkażjoni setgħu jgawdu l-festa bil-kwiet. Imma fl-aħħar tal-mazzita sabu ż-żbiba, għax kif l-istatwa kienet qed tiddaħħal lura fil-Knisja bissolita ġirja, din xaqilbet fuq naħa u r-reffiegħa spiċċaw jissieltu biex ma taqax. San Pawl spiċċa jieħu tisbita mal-bieb tal-Knisja. B’xorti tajba l-ħsara ma kienetx kbira, ittajret biss parti żgħira mil-ktieb li San Pawl qed iżomm f’idejh Ta’ min jgħid din l-istatwa, kapolavur ta’ Melchiorre Gafa`, hija ta’ valur storiku u artistiku kbir. Tgħid wasal iż-żmien li l-Kurja tħares sewwa lejn l-użanża talġirjiet bl-istatwi? U min jaf jekk jiġix ikkunsidrat li ċerti statwi ta’ valur storiku u artistiku li jinġarru fil-purċissjoni jsiru kopji tagħhom ħalli l-istatwa oriġinali tibqa’ fin-niċċa tagħha?

Christabelle tirbaħ il-Malta Eurovision


’dik li ddeskriviet bħala “lisbaħ performance” ta’ ħajjitha, u jum li mhu se tinsieh qatt, nhar is-Sit li għadda l-kantanta żagħżugħa Christabelle, rebħet il-Malta Eurovision Song Contest bid-diska ‘Taboo’ u hekk kisbet id-dritt li f’Mejju li ġej f’Libsona, il-Portugall, tirrappreżenta lil Malta fil-Eurovision Kienet ir-raba’ parteċipazzjoni tagħha fil-finali tal-konkors. Tat wirja impekkabbli tant li kemm il-ġurija ta’ esperti kif ukoll il-poplu vvutaha bħala l-kantanta li tat l-aqwa interpretazzjoni bl-aqwa kanzunetta. Hija rebħet b’133 punt.

Bħal tal-Bibbja


oppja Maltija li żżewġet fl2014 ġralha bħal tal-Bibbja, imma minflok ma naqashom l-inbid jidher li naqashom l-ikel... u llum l-mirakli ma tantx jiġru. L-għarrejjes ħassewhom li waqgħu għaċ-ċajt u spiċċaw biex ifittxu fil-Qorti lill-caterer – ilKumpannija li ġiet inkarigata li tipprovdilhom l-ikel – għaddani, għax sostnew li ma kienx hemm ikel biżżejjed għall-500 ruħ li kienu mistiedna. Kemm l-għarusa kif ukoll ommha, sostnew li kienu wrew tħassib meta raw il-lista tal-ikel meta marru biex jordnawh. Tħassbu li mhux se jkun biżżejjed, filwaqt li l-persuna li kienet qed taqdihom serħilhom rashom li kien se jkollhom biżżejjed u żguraw li ma jkunx hemm ħala. Fil-jum tat-tieġ, l-inkwiet beda f’nofs il-festin, meta anke familjari bdew jgħidu li ma kienx hemm biżżejjed ikel. Kien hemm ukoll wejter li alle-

Iċ-Ċivil jinsab minn fuq


a ftit tas-snin ilu ħafna Maltin lanqas kienu joħolmu li jiżżewwġu barra mill-Knisja, jew kif inhu aktar magħruf biċ-Ċivil, kelma li nużaw billi ż-żwieġ ma jsirx b’rit reliġjuż imma wieħed ċivili. Iżda bil-mod il-mod l-istampa bdiet tinbidel tant li fl-2010 iż-żwiġijiet ċivili laħqu kważi nofs dawk tal-Knisja (740 ċivili u 1547 bil-Knisja) Mal-milja taż-żmien filwaqt li ż-żwiġijiet bilKnisja bdew jonqsu, dawk biċ-ċivil żdiedu tant li f’seba’ snin irduppjaw (740 fl-2010 – 1394 fl-2017) Attwalment, fl-2016 għall-ewwel darba saru aktar żwiġijiet biċ-ċivil (1452) milli bil-Knisja (1262).

gatament qal li l-ikel kien maħsub għal 400 u mhux għal 500 persuna. Fl-aħħar tat-tieġ, rappreżentant mill kumpannija tal-catering qal lil missier l-għarusa li ma kienx baqa’ ikel. Kemm familjari kif ukoll ħaddiema tal-kumpannija spiċċaw il-qorti biex jixhdu. Wara li ġiet ipprezentata b l-evidenza meħtieġa, Il-Maġistrat qalet li kien hemm ikel biżżejjed skont in-norma u l-evidenza wriet li t-tieġ dam iżjed milli kien suppost. Il-koppja ma kinitx għadha qasmet il-kejk matrimonjali sal-17.00, u saħansitra t-tieġ baqa’ għaddej sat-20.30. Sostniet ukoll li l-fatt li ma kienx baqa’ ikel ma kienx tort tal-kumpannija. L-għarejjes mhux talli ma ħadux sodisfazzjoni iżda minbarra li jħallsu l-kont - €12,359 – kellhom ukoll iħallsu l-interessi fuq il-kont mis-sena 2014 sal-lum.

Is-sena li għaddiet għal darb’oħra ċċivil rebaħ fuq il-Knisja (1394 1208). Għalkemm id-differenza bejn żwiġjiet fil-Knsija u dawk bir-rit ċivili jidher mhux ħażin, u allura tqum il-mistoqsija x’qed jiġri f’Malta, wieħed irid jieħu inkunsiderazzjoni li fiż-żwiġijiet ċivili hemm inklużi għadd ta’ barranin li qed jiġu Malta għal ftit jiem sakemm issir iċ-ċerimonja taż-żwieġ u lfestin u jerġgħu lura lejn pajjiżhom. Tal-aħħar, fil-maġġoranza tagħhom jiżżewwġu bir-rit ċivili u huma nklużi fl-għadd li semmejna. Allura d-differenza bejn li jiżżewwġu bil-Knisija u dawk biċ-Ċivil hija ferm iżgħar, għalkemm xorta waħda jibqa’ jgħodd dak li jgħidu ħafna “Kemm inbidlu ż-żminijiet!!!”

16 The Voice of the Maltese

Tuesday February 6, 2018

Euthanasia not on the agenda for QLD


Turnbull top job creator


he Federal Government has reormer Brisbane Lord Mayor Clem Jones left leased data that shows more $5 million in his will to support euthanasia jobs have been created under Mallaw reform in Australia, and Clem Jones colm Turnbull than any other prime Trust chair and solicitor David Muir says some of minister in the last 30 years. that money will be used to press for change in An analysis of the job figures over Queensland. the past three decades shows The trust helped to fund Go Gentle Australia, 631,800 jobs – an average of which successfully advocated for the legalisa- other steps. 23,400 a month have been crated tion of voluntary assisted dying in Victoria. “Maybe down the track (a parliamentary in- since Mr Turnbull took the top job That state’s law will come into effect in 2019, quiry into euthanasia could occur), but it’s not in September 2015. after an 18-month implementation period. on our agenda for the first year of governLabor prime minister Julia Gillard Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk ment,” she said, while adding that she had not oversaw the creation of 490,700 (pictured) said she wanted to see how the Vic- made up her mind yet whether she was for or jobs – 13,600 a month. Tony Abtorian legislation operated before taking any against the legalisation of euthanasia. bott averaged 13,500 jobs each “I’ve witnessed my grandfather who suffered month while Bob Hawke’s governterribly from cancer in the final stages of his ment generated 1.3 million jobs, an life; I think that anyone who watches such a average of 13,000 a month. tragedy unfold, especially someone so close Treasurer Scott Morrison said the abinet documents obtained by the ABC and such a loved one, is of course going to be Australian economy was “a job show former immigration minister Scott moved by that,” Ms Palaszczuk said. machine. Almost one million jobs Morrison requested ASIO in 2013 to delay “However, I’d have to have a lot of detailed have been created since the Coalisecurity checks so asylum seekers would discussions with the medical profession as tion was elected in 2013.” miss a deadline to obtain permanent protecwell to get a clear understanding of what’s inBut the record growth didn’t help tion visas. volved.” the unemployment rate, which rose It is unclear whether ASIO complied with Queensland Opposition leader Deb Freck- by 5.5 per cent up from 5.4 in Nothe written request. But Mr Morrison said in lington said she did not think the current laws vember. Labor seized on that saya statement, “As minister for Immigration should be changed. “It’s a very emotive issue, ing the unemployment rate of 5.5 and Border Protection, it was my policy and and my position is personally … that the laws per cent is comparable to the peak practice to put Australia's national security don’t need to change,” Ms Frecklington said. of the financial crisis. interests first. The prime minister backed up his cabinet colleague, saying Mr Morrison had ‘stopped the boats’”. “We make no apologies for sending the clearest message to the people smugglers ederal Labor MP David Feeney was and to their would-be customers: 'If you unable to confirm if he is a dual citithink you can come to Australia on a people smuggler's boat, you're wrong. You won't. zen, therefore he has resigned from parhis Northern Irish father. You won't get here, you will not become a liament. His resignation was effective Mr Feeney (right), permanent resident',” Mr Turnbull told re- immediately. who held the marginal He said he did not have sufficient paper- Victorian seat of Batporters in Sydney. “Keeping our borders secure is a critical obligation and responsibility work to prove he had renounced his British man, said during a press citizenship a decade ago, inherited through conference that he was of government.” unable to disprove that I am a dual citizen. "I have spoken to my family and I have decided that I will not be seeking ALP preselection for this by-election,” he said. He went on to say that his, was an incredibly difficult decision but that both his community and the Labor Party that he loves, deserve a candidate that is able to give the months and the years ahead 150 per cent of their effort, their commitment and their passion. "After careful reflection, I don't believe I'm able to offer this. That tells me that it's time for me to stand aside for a Labor candidate that can and will. It has been an honour for me to serve," he said.

Tough on people smugglers


Labor MP Feeney resigns over dual citizenship F

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Tuesday February 6, 2017


AAA rating with a warning

ustralia has retained its coveted AAA credit rating, but Standard and Poor's, the last of the big three agencies to release its rating after the December budget update, says the outlook is “negative”. The evaluation reflects doubt about the government's ability to deliver the thin surplus of 0.5 per cent of GDP promised for 2020-21. “We could lower our ratings if within the next year or so we come to the view that the government's fiscal consolidation measures are insufficient to achieve that target,” the report says. The risks to the return to surplus it identifies are lower than forecast wage growth

hitting revenues and obstruction in the Senate hitting savings. It went on to say that house prices have risen by more than two-thirds nationwide since 2009, but our concern is focused on financial stability risks in Sydney and Melbourne, where median house prices have broadly doubled. Bank lending to homeowners had climbed from 145 per cent of GDP to 171 per cent. “While our base case is for a soft landing, our ratings could come under pressure if credit expansion rebounds to a

level that we deem to be unsustainable.” Treasurer Scott Morrison welcomed the update, saying Australia was one of only 10 nations worldwide that has retained an AAA rating with all three major agencies. But Labor treasury spokesman Chris Bowen said Standard and Poor's had emphasised the importance of rebuilding the budget buffer, something the Treasurer had been “happy enough to ignore” in attacking Labor's negative gearing and capital gains tax proposals. The proposed company tax cut for bigger businesses was the single biggest hit to the budget over the medium term.

A blunt message to church The Red M leaders mass I

r Francis Sullivan chief executive officer of the Truth, Justice and Healing Council since 2013, said that “there needs to be reform, renewal and refreshment in the Church.” Mr Sullivan is compiling a final report to be handed to the Australian Catholic bishops by the end of March. He is also preparing for the council to be disbanded after delivering the report, and for his own next career move. Throughout the royal commission, Mr Sullivan pinpointed “the shameful and confronting” culture of Church in the past, and Mr Francis Sullivan maintained Mr Sullivan said he counted the need for cultural reform if the Church three major successes in the was to seriously tackle child sex abuse. His five-year work of the TJHC. public statements were often met with po“The establishment of larised responses. Catholic Professional Stan“It’s been five tough years,” Mr Sullivan dards, the push for a national said. He added that he literally had given redress scheme, and the willhis all, supported by my wife Susan. ingness for Church leaders “Child sex abuse is about the abuse of and bishops to enable victims power and the Catholic Church unfortu- to sue,” he said. nately has a very bad history about the “Those three major changes abuse of power – and not just in regard to were ground-breaking.” the abuse of children.” The TJHC’s final report will contain an analysis of royal commission recommendations, and how the council has spearheaded the introduction of child sexual abuse handling, safeguarding, care and prevention programs. Mr Sullivan said the report would recommend Church leaders set up a new implementation body to guide the future governance of the protection of children and vulnerable adults. “I do think it should be run by lay people, and I do think it should be something the bishops and religious leaders are advised by rather than sitting on the implementation body themselves,” he said, making clear he is not personally interested in joining any new body. “I think the implementation calls for a different set of skills. I think it's best to get out of the way and let other people have a go.”

n his homily at the Red Mass to mark the beginning of the 2018 legal term, Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher spoke of the growing threats to the expression or religious ideals in Australia today. The Red Mass is an ancient tradition hearkening to the Middle Ages, has been celebrated in Sydney since 1931. It is partly organised by the St Thomas More Society, a society of Catholic legal professionals who take inspiration from the martyred English lawyer who strove to uphold justice at all costs. “The pressure is on to eradicate Judeo-Christian ideas such as the sanctity of life and love from our laws and customs, to inoculate people to faith or make them embarrassed or secretive about it, and to enforce a kind of practical agnosticism on the whole community,” The Archbishop also emphasised the crucial role lawmakers have in our society saying law makers, judges, practitioners, teachers and students play an essential role in the community and rightly seek a higher wisdom to serve true justice and mercy. Archbishop Denis Hart also celebrated the Red Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne. His homily reflected his aspirations and prayers for Melbourne’s legal community as well as the work of those priests who sit on the marriage tribunal.

How to save the Maltese language from extinction 18 The Voice of the Maltese

Tuesday February 6, 2018

While Maltese literature is doing very well and publications are relatively strong, the everyday use of the language in the digital world is minimal, and there’s little hope this will be reversed.


Evarist Bartolo Malta Minister for Education

2012 study by the University of Manchester on the use of language in Europe makes glum reading. Scientists from this university, together with other European researchers, concluded that 21 out of the 30 languages on which they carried out research, risked becoming weak, or even non-existent, due to the digital revolution. The argument made is that because a number of European languages are used by a proportionally small number of people, these would not generate enough resources to integrate fully within the digital world. “Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian and Maltese are at the highest risk of disappearing, while other languages such as Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian and Polish are also at risk” the report concludes. Anecdotal analysis lines up with the evidence. Today’s modern iPhone or Android phones, and their apps, are entirely in the English language. Maltese translations of this software, or organic applications produced in Maltese, are the absolute minority. This also applies to everyday computers, which by default are in English, and very small numbers are operated through the Maltese language. There are relatively decent translations of popular computer software and websites, such as Google Mail and Facebook; however, the use of the English language in these cases is also prevalent locally. This is a very important element related to the use of languages, because while Maltese literature is doing very well and publications are relatively strong, the everyday use of the language in the digital world is minimal, and there’s little hope this will be reversed. I do believe that one of the most important steps we can take in the short-term is to introduce the Maltese language in the mass-produced devices, principally Apple and Android products, to make sure that when someone in Malta types in a Maltese word it is understood, recognised and there is a proposed correction in case of a mistake. However, that is the short-term. In the long-term we must work on strategies to

make sure the omnipresent use of digital services around us have the possibility to be introduced in the Maltese language. Machine translation is indeed gaining traction, however, such features are often reliant on user input to strengthen the quality of the translations, similar to what Google Translate does. Google Translate is a positive first step, but it leaves a lot to be desired with translations of full paragraphs not up to scratch. This is not a problem reserved only for our language since it can be seen in various other cases. However, this is a technology that is constantly improving,

including through individual user input. If the Maltese language perishes in the digital world, it will create a wider effect on our future generations. The presence of the Maltese language here is of the utmost importance. Not preparing for it, especially with some great technologies around the corner such as Google’s Quest Visual, would be a shame. This is not a challenge faced by our language only. Countries such as the Netherlands and others in the Baltic, with considerably larger populations than ours, are also at risk. We must make sure we have the strategy in place to maximise this technology and make sure our language continues to thrive. Absence in the digital world would mean being absent in everyday life.

Don Bosco festa 2018

he Maltese Past Pupils & Friends T of Don Bosco NSW held their annual festa celebration at Horsley Park Parish on Sunday January 28. For a few years now, this festa is celebrated as an integral part of the Sunday mass with the participation of the parish priest of the Michelites Order, which is part of the Greater Salesian Family. The participation by members and friends was encouraging. This year Fr John, a Salesian priest at St Marys Salesian Centre concelebrated. Fr Carmelo Sciberras presented the homily on Don Bosco. The Association thanked all those who took part. It is traditional that each year, the statue of the patron saint is taken out of the church accompanied by all those present. After the religious celebrations a reception was held at the Marion Hall.


Tuesday February 6, 2017

The Voice of the Maltese 19

200 sena minn mewtu


mieni f’din is-Sena l-Ġdida, l-2018 nixtieq li f’wieħed “Lil dan Francesco Tagliamill-ewwel artikli tiegħi nagħti tislima lill-kompożitur kbir ferro, li fost affarijiet oħra Malti u ta’ fama internazzjonali, Nicolò Isouard, li din iskien Rettur tal-Universita ta’ sena jistħoqqlu tislima mużikali speċjali f’għeluq il-mitejn sena Malta, kienu tawh il-laqam ta’ minn mewtu. Biex inkun preċiż hu miet fit-23 ta’ Marzu, tal-1818. ‘Napuljun’ għax kien bniedem Il-Franċiżi onoraw bis-sħiħ lil dan il-kompożitur tagħna, tant li intelliġenti ħafna u minħabba bust tiegħu jidher b’mod l-aktar ċar ma’ rjus importanti oħra fils-simpatija kbira li kellu lejn mużika fl-Opera ta’ Pariġi. Barra minhekk, Nicolo` Isouard jinsab il-Franċizi. Dan il-laqam ta’ midfun fl-akbar ċimiterju li hemm f’Parigi, il-Père Laschaise, fejn Napuljun kien jgħoġbu ħafna hemm midfuna wkoll ismijiet prominenti internazzjonali li lis-Sur Tagliaferro tant li beda għamlu ħidma jew onoraw lin-nazzjon Franċiż, fosthom Chopin u jiffirma Napuljun Tagliaferro. Cherubini. “Ġara wkoll li fl-1879 is-Sur Fl-artiklu tiegħi minn din is-sensiela, fil-ħarġa Nru. 142 kont Tagliaferro ressaq proposta ktibt dwar Nicolo Isouard u l-kontribut tiegħu fil-kultura Maltija biex il-banda tissemma għalltant li fil-Mosta l-banda ewlenija ġiet imsemmija għalih. kompożitur Malti Nicolo’ Meta kont għadni daqsxejn ta’ tfajjel kont influwenzat bis-sħiħ Isouard li għamel ħafna minn kwadru li kien imdendel fil-bottegin tal-Każin tal-Banda suċċessi mużikali fi Franza. 12th May ta’ Ħaż-Żebbuġ fejn kien hemm lista ftit twila ta’ ŻebĊertament li kienet proposta buġin li għamlu isem lil din il-belt, fosthom l-iskultur Antonio kuraġġjuża ħafna għal dak iżSciortino u l-Poeta Nazzjonali Dun Karm Psaila. Fil-lista kien żmien, imma fortunatament hemm ukoll il-Kompożitur Nicolò Isouard. il-proposta għaddiet u Kont nemmen, u bħali ħafna oħrajn anke minn barra Ħaż-Żebbuġ, li Nicolò Isouard kien Żebbuġi. Nicolo`Isouard Mhux il-każ, għax huwa mill-Belt Valletta u 'Il-Banda tal-Mosta' saret tgħammed fil-Knisja ta’ San 'Soċjetà Filarmonika Nicolò Duminku l-għada li twieled Isouard'... u hekk għadha fis-16 ta’ Mejju tal-1773. sal-lum.” Ikkonfermajt dan f’kitba Nagħti ħajr lis-Sur PeterPaulCiantar mill-aqwa ta’ Joseph Vella Francesco Tagliaferro u lillBondin, studjuż u riċerkatur Banda tal-Mosta għal dan importanti ħafna f’pajjiżna fejn tidħol l-istorja tal-mużika il-ħsieb, għax bis-saħħa tagħhom tkabbar isem il-kompożitur f’Malta. It-tagħrif hu wkoll ippubblikat fil-ktieb tiegħu ‘The Malti Nicolo` Isouard. Great Maltese Composers’. Nicolò Isouard beda jistudja l-mużika f’Malta u l-għalliema Biex tagħqad, il-Mostin ukoll jemmnu tiegħu kienu wkoll Maltin - Michel’Angelo Vella u Francesco li Isouard kien mill-Mosta minħabba lAzopardi. Wara kompla l-istudji tiegħu f’Palermo u f’Napli, u lfatt li l-Banda Nicolò Isouard hija ewwel opri tiegħu ttellgħu b’suċċess fl-Italja fl-1794. msemmija għalih. Ngħid li l-Mostin Naturalment, qatta’ ħafna snin f’Pariġi fejn iżżewweġ lil Claugħamlu sewwa li semmew il-banda dine Berthault u hemm issorprenda lil kulħadd bil-famużi opri tagħhom għal dan il-kompożitur Malti komiċi tiegħu taħt l-isem ta’ Nicolò de Malte. għax bis-saħħa ta’ isem din il-banda Irrid inħeġġeġ lill-organizzaturi ta’ diversi kunċerti mużikali, ħafna Maltin semgħu b’dan il-komanke fl-Awstralja, biex f’din is-sena speċjali - 200 sena mill-mewt pożitur. Fil-Mosta wkoll, fid-29 ta’ ta’ Nicolò Isouard - niskopru aktar lil dan il-kompożitur Malti. Marzu tal-2016 kien sar bust ta’ dan ilMiet żgħir, fl-eta` ta’ 44 sena iżda kkompona diversi xogħlijiet. kompożitur bravu (jidher fuq ix-xelug). Ibbrilla ħafna fl-opra komika u l-kompożitur Rossini kien jaf Sa ftit ilu kont qed nistħarreġ għaliex ħafna dwaru. din il-banda Mostija ssemmiet għal dan Ix-xogħlijiet mużikali ta’ Isouard il-kompożitur Malti u meta tkellimt mal-ħabib tiegħi Frans Deguara, millFil-lista ta’ xogħlijiet mużikali li kkompona Isouard insibu disa’ Mosta, li hu midħla ta’ din is-Soċjeta’ kantati - waħda minnhom dwar pajjiżna, Malta Sabiħa - quddies, Mostija u wkoll responsabbli mill-ansalmi, għanjiet klassiċi u għadd ta’ opri b’sinfoniji sbieħ. nwal tal-festa qalli: Għad hawn xi rekordings ta’ xi xogħlijiet tiegħu li jagħmlulu ‘Skont xi dokumenti fl-arkivju tasġieħ, iżda jinħtieġ li jkollna aktar. Studjużi (l-aktar żgħażagħ) Soċjetà Filarmonika Nicolò Isouard, in- għandhom jiskopru aktar lil dan il-kompożitur li kien ukoll sibu li din il-banda twaqqfet pjanista tajjeb ħafna. Għandha wkoll tingħata spinta biex inżidu uffiċjalment fil-15 t'Ottubru 1871, proaktar traskrizzjonijiet ta’ mużika tiegħu li tkun aċċessibbli għal prju fil-jum tal-Konsagrazzjoni tar-Rodawk li jixtiequ jesegwixxu mużika ta’ Isouard. tunda, tant li kienu jsibuha bħala Huwa wkoll mument opportun li wieħed jorbot lil dan il-kom'Il-Banda tal-Mosta'. L-ewwel Presipożitur Malti ta’ fama mill-Belt Valletta fejn twieled, u mal-attivident tagħha kien Francesco Tagliaferro tajiet li hemm imħejjija matul din is-sena li fiha qed niċċelebraw (1843-1915). il-Belt Kapitali Ewropeja tal-Kultura.

20 The Voice of the Maltese

Tuesday February 6, 2018

Rosemarie Aquilina sentences US Gymnastics doctor to 175 years in prison

Judge of Maltese descent becomes a folk hero in the US R

Judge Aquilina presiding Larry Nasser case

osemarie E. Aquilina, a circuit court judge in Ingham County, Michigan, United States became a folk hero when she handed down a sentence of 40 to 175 years in prison to US Gymnastics doctor Larry Nasser who admitted molesting some of the nation's top gymnasts for years. Rosemarie, 60, is of Maltese descent. She even holds a Maltese passport. Her father, Joe a Maltese, from Qrendi, who is still proud of his “Qrendi dialect” is a doctor specialising in urology, and her mother. Her mother is German. Joe emigrated to the US in 1947 and settled in Detroit. He and later moved to Saginaw. Joe, who has aso worked as a pilot, and later bought a winery in Argentina to start making Aquilina wine, is the father of four kids, two girls and two boys.He speaks seven languages Judge Rosemaroe, born in Germany, said in court: “I came to this country stateless. I’m naturalised. My father’s Maltese, my mother’s German, and I was raised on old country values.” Sentencing Larry Nasser she told him: “I’m giving you 175 years, which is 2,100 months. I’ve just signed your death warrant. (crowd begins to applaud) I need everyone to be quiet. I still have contempt powers, I told you all I’m not nice. She said, “When this case first came to me, and I have told you this, and I apol-

Judge Rosemaire’s parents

ogise to the Olympians and the athletes, I have five children, two dogs, my parents live with me; I work four jobs. “I don’t have much time for television; I don’t watch sports. I didn’t know anything about you, your name, or anything that was going on.” During the multi-day-long sentencing the judge listened patiently not only to a few but to hundreds of victims who shared their stories of abuse . She told the women in court, "you are no longer victims, you are survivors," reminding them that "the whole world" was listening. The victims and their parents thanked the judge for providing this platform and space to confront their abuser. The sentencing, broadcast live, made international headlines as gold-medal winning US Olympians stood up and publicly shared their memories of abuse. Judge Rosemarie lives in Meridian Township with her parents. She became a naturalised citizen at age 12. She earned her bachelor's degree in English education and journalism at Michigan State University in 1979 and her law degree at Cooley Law School in Lansing in 1984. After graduation she got married and still in school she had two children, David, now 35, daughter Jennifer, 34. When Rosemarie’s two older kids went to college, at the age of 42, she and her longtime boyfriend (since separated) welcomed daughter Johanna. Ten years later at age 52, she wanted more children, so went to a Michigan sperm bank her doctor recommended, and chose a father who was the same nationality and makeup as her family. Nine months later, she welcomed twins Michael and Marissa. The judge, known as an outspoken and self-sufficient multi-tasker em-

braces a number of roles. She is a judge but also an adjunct professor at Cooley Law School and at Michigan State University College of Law, a Major (from her days in the military where she became the first female JAG officer in the history of the Michigan Army National Guard), a Mom and a Grandma. Following law school, Rosemarie worked for ten years as administrative assistant and campaign manager for State Senator John F. Kelly, and then as a partner in his lobbying firm. She also formed Aquilina Law, where she practiced in partnership with her sister, Helen Hartford now specialising in family law. She also hosted a syndicated radio talk show, Ask the Family Lawyer. She then joined the Michigan Army National Guard, where she became the state's first female member of the Judge Advocate General's Corps and acquired the nickname "Barracuda Aquilina". She served for twenty years before retiring. There were many times in private practice when Rosemarie wanted to tell people what to do – rather than allow them to make their own decision – so 14 years ago finally decided to run for judge. The judge describes herself as “a fighter,” who does not take no for an answer. Earlier in her career she used to say that she does not let anyone create a mold for her. “I’m going to make my own mold. I stand up for people and say, `we’re going to do what’s right,” she said. She doesn’t mind a bit of controversy either. Judge Rosemarie Aquilina has published two novels, Feel No Evil (2003) and her most recent one, Triple Cross Killer (2017). She has another forthcoming. She hopes to stay on the bench until she’s forced by age to retire at 74.

Tagħrif dwar il-kitba Maltija

The Voice of the Maltese 21

Tuesday February 6, 2017

ktar regoli u tagħrif uffiċjali dwar kif wieħed għandu jikteb il-Malti. Dan skont Akif maħruġ mill-Kummissjoni fi ħdan l-Akkademja tal-ilsien Malti f’Malta. L-ARTIKLU L-Artiklu fil-Malti huwa dik il-kelma mqiegħda quddiem l-isem biex tgħarrfu, tagħżlu u turih. Ara: Il-bniedem, li għedtlek, ġej, fejn l-artiklu (i)l- jgħarraf, jagħżel u juri l-bniedem li fuqu jitkellem il-verb. Kliem ta’ sillaba waħda (ikompli) 39. L-Artiklu fil-Malti huwa l-ittra l- li quddiem konsonanti tinħass u tinkiteb il-. Ara: l-ikrah, l-isbaħ, il-bniedem, il-baħar, il-għul, il-hena, lagħma, l-egħruq, il-knisja, l-uċuħ. T.ċ. Il-konsonanti għ u h, meta ma jinħassux fil-leħen tagħhom tal-gerżuma, jieħdu qabilhom l-artiklu l- fminflok il-. Jiġi li jagħżlu l-waħda u l-oħra mis-suriet tal-artiklu. Għalhekk niktbu: il-hena jew l-hena, il-għajn jew l-għajn, ilgħata jew l-għata; imma aktarx il-għonq, il-għerq, eċċ. L-artiklu l- imur quddiem ismijiet sew ta’ ġens raġel kemm ta’ ġens mara, sew quddiem dawk ta’ għadd farrad kemm ta’ għadd imkattar. Għalhekk l-artiklu fil-Malti m’għandux ħlief sura waħda ta’ l li għal-leħen jiġi li jieħu l-vokali i qablu, iżda qatt ma jieħu vokali warajh. Minn dan kollu niġbdu illi meta l-artiklu l- jinkiteb quddiem kelma li tibda b’vokali, appostrofu ma jindaħalx. Is-sinjal tal-appostrofu jiswa biss biex juri li hemm vokali nieqsa, bħal fit-Taljan l’aria flok la aria, l’uomo flok lo uomo. Fl-artiklu Malti ma hemmx ittri x’jonqsu. Ħażin jagħmel għalhekk min minflok l-omm, l-uċuħ, l-oqsma jikteb l’omm, l’uċuħ, l’oqsma. 40. L-Artiklu fil-Malti nistgħu ngħodduh bħala biċcȧ millkelma ta’ warajh u għalhekk jingħaqad magħha b’ħażż ta’ linja żgħira (-). T.ċ. Fil-Għarbi jinkiteb kelma waħda man-nom. Flok el kien għall-ewwel l weħidha u għalhekk imsejjaħ lam it-tagħrif (De Sacy). Għalhekk sewwa niktbu: l-omm, l-urieżaq, l-erbgħa, l-egħrejjex, il-għabura, il-qattus, il-musmar, il-missier. Sewwa wkoll niktbu: fil-knisja, bil-knisja, sal-knisja, tal-knisja, mal-knisja,

lill-knisja, għall-knisja, bħall-knisja bl-artiklu l- (kelma waħda mal-prepożizzjoni ta’ qablu) marbut b’ħażż ta’ linja żgħira (-) mal- kelma li tista’ tkun sew nom kemm aġġettiv. 41. Meta l-Artiklu l- jew il- jingħaqad ma’ kelma li tibda b’waħda minn dawn ilkonsonanti ċ, d, n, r, s, x, t, ż, z, l-ittra l tinħass u tinkiteb bħalhom. Għalhekk niktbu: iċ-ċirċ, in-nar, ir-ras, issitta, it-triq, iż-żejt, iz-zokk, minflok il-ċirċ, il-nar, il-ras, il-sitta, il-triq, il-żejt, il-zokk. 43. Meta l-Artiklu l- jaħbat bejn żewġ konsonanti jinħass u jinkiteb il-. Il-vokali i ta’ qabel l-ittra l mhi xejn biċcȧ mill-artiklu, imma vokali li jridha l-leħen. Ara: kliem il-qassis, bejn il-ħitan. Għalhekk ukoll għandna niktbu: għaqal it-tfal, fost in-nies, fuq it-taraġ. T.ċ. Il-Malti (bħall-Għarbi) meta jrid jgħarraf jew juri l-ħaġa ta’ min hi, isemmi l-isem ta’ dak jew dik (bniedem, bniedma, jew ħaġa li tkun) wara li l-ħaġa li tmiss lil dak jew lil dik li tkun u quddiemu jew quddiemha flok il-partiċella tal-, jqiegħed l-artiklu l- jew il-. Ara: bin il-ħaddiem flok liben tal-ħaddiem, sultan in-nemel flok is-sultan tan-nemel, dnubiet il-għaref flok id-dnubiet tal-għaref. 44. Meta l-kelma tibda b’żewġkonsonanti wara xulxin, lartiklu ta’ quddiemha huwa (1) il-, (2) l- jew il- meta lewwel konsonanti hija waħda mill-ittri ċ, d, m, n, r, s, x, t, ż, z, ġ(bil-leħen ta’ ċ). (1) Eż. il-ħmir, il-bdot, il-frott, il-qlub, eċċ. (2) L-artiklu, miktub l, jeħtieġil-vokali tal-leħen mehmuża ma’ bidu l-kelma. Ara: l-imraden, l-infafet, l-ispraġ, l-Imdina, taħt l-iċpar, qalb l-iġfien, dawk l-idbabar, dawk l- irdieden, dawn l-irjus; hekk ukoll nistgħu ngħidu u niktbu: taħt iċ-ċpar, qalb iġ-ġfien, dawk id-dbabar, dawk ir-rdieden, dawn ir-rjus fejn l-l tinħass u tinkiteb bħall-ewwel konsonanti tal-kelma. (Ara Għadd 41).

Wasal il-Karnival; biex hekk il-festa tissokta F

tit tal-jiem ilu, bit-tema “Waslet il-Festa” iċċelebrajna l-bidu ta’ Valletta 2018 meta l-kapitali Maltija bdiet ir-renju bħala l- Belt Kapitali Ewropeja tal-Kultura. Il-festa se tissokta, din id-darba fuq aktar jiem, sitta, bejn il-Hamis 8 u t-Tlieta 13 Frar, din id-darba bilKarnival, l-hekk magħruf bħala ‘r-Renju talBluha u l-brijju’. Ir-Renju tal-Karnival Malti dejjem ikun mistenni minn ħafna, forsi l-aktar għat-tfal, imma mhux biss. Hu żmien li jġibilhom ċertu ferħ – u btajjel – u jitgħaxxqu bil-kuluri li dawk li jibnu lkarrijiet u l-maskeruni, kif ukoll il-ħajjata tal-kostumi kapaċi joħolqu. Dis-sena se jkun hemm parteċipazzjoni akbar mis-soltu li wassal biex il-Gvern ikabbar il-baġit għalih bi 12%. Il-Ħadd li għadda saret sfilata fil-Kottonera li tat togħma ta’ dak li wieħed jista’ jistenna, iżda l-

qofol jintlaħaq fl-aħħar erbat ijiem ta’ din il-ġimgħa u l-ewwel jiem tad-dieħla meta fil-kapitali Maltija ssir l-isfilata tal-20 karru “grottesk” u ż-żfin minn madwar 35 kumpannija. Fosthom se jkun hemm ukoll kumpanniji taż-żfin minn Għawdex. Kien hemm attivita’ kbira fl-imħażen filMarsa fl-aħħar xhur – uħud jgħidu li jkun ilhom għaddejjin, jippjanaw, jibnu u jiżbgħu mat-tmien xhur – biex juru l-ħila u lartistrija li jipposjedu ħalli finalment jagħtu

Aktar regoli u tifsir fil-ħarġa li jmiss

gost u jirċevu l-apprezzament mill-pubbliku li fl-aħħar snin fehem li l-Karnival reġa’ tqajjem u hemm fiex jieħdu gost. Għal xi żmien għadd ta’ Maltin kienu jerħula s’Għawdex biex fid-Nadur jingħaqdu mal-Għawdxin u jkunu parti, u joservaw, il-Karnival spontanju. F’Malta xi ħaga bħal din ilha wkoll issir f’Ħal-Għaxaq. Imm’issa nibtu wkoll oħrajn f’irħula oħra. Issa għandna wkoll l-iskejjel li qed jidħlu bil-kbir għall-isfida u qed jittrawwmu tfal ħalli din il-festa ta’ qabel ir-Randan meta nidħlu (suppost) għassagrifiċċi jkollha ġejjieni. Spunt importanti se jkun l-hekk magħruf bħala l-Villaġġ tal-Karnival li wara li fehem l-importanza tal-okkażjoni, il-gvern ta bidu għall-bini tiegħu u mistenni jitlesta sal-2019. Se jiswa l-miljuni, imma minbarra li jagħti sfog lid-dilettanti, il-post se jkun ukoll ta’ attrazzjoni turistika.

22 The Voice of the Maltese

Tuesday February 6, 2018

C Co om mm mu un ni it ty y N Ne ew ws s

Saint Nicholas Festa Committee Main events for 2018

Sunday March 11: Fete Sunday July 1: Lejla fil-Buskett Sunday October 14 : Fete Saturday November 10: Dinner Dance Sunday December 2:

St Nicholas Feast All the above events are held at the Good Shepherd parish hall, 130136 Hyatts Road, Plumpton NSW

Australian High Commission on facebook; HC on twitter


he Australian High Commission’s in Malta now has a new Facebook page, and the High Commissioner a Twitter account that could both be accessed by the readers. The High Commission’s Facebook: HCMalta/ The Commissioner’s Twitter handle is:

THE MALTESE CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF NSW Proudly Presents one of Malta’s most popular vocalists! Ludwig Galea in the “V18 Concert” Celebrating Valletta as the EU Capital of Culture 2018 Sunday 25 March 2018 at 2.00pm “Startlight Room” - Wentworthville Leagues Club Supported by the popular and talented Young Australian/Maltese singers James Cassar and ALEE FOR BOOKINGS CONTACT Dorothy Gatt: 9636 1834; Charles Mifsud 0421 662 298; Monica Ledger: 9896 0712 Donation: Adults $22; Children u/12yrs: $10 PROUDLY SPONSORED BY Contact: George Vella Ph: 9622 7799 94 Main Street, Blacktown


Organised by Friends of Providence House NSW IN AID OF ID DAR-TAL PROVIDENZA, MALTA Sunday, February 25 at 2.00 pm At La Vallette SC 175 Walters Road, Blacktown Special Guest Artists: Joe Galea and Stacey Saliba supported by Alee ,Martin Vella, the Vella sisters, and The popular MCA Choir

an afternnon of Great Entertainment, Prizes & fun Travel Voucher Prize for Lucky Donor Envelope Chocolate Wheel with Fabulous Prizes to be won! Maltese Food & Drinks available from 12 Noon Donation: Adults $10 Child u/15yrs: Free FOR BOOKINGS CONTACT: Greg & Agnese Caruana 9626 6753 or Jim Borg: 9636 7767 PROUDLY SPONSORED by Blacktown

Contact: 9622 7799

State Member for Prospect For issues concerning:

Ageing and disability - community services education - environment - health - housing planning - Police - transport - water

P: (02) 9756 4766 E: 2/679 The Horsley Dr, Smithfield NSW 2164

50 Smith Street, Wentworthville Ph: 02 8868 9200

GRUPP SANTA MARIA SYDNEY Se tiġi organizzata ikla

għall-Imġarrin u l- ħbieb tagħhom Nhar il-Ħadd 11 ta Marzu mis-1.00 pm ‘ll-quddiem fiċ-Ċentru ta La’ Vallette fi Blacktown. Se jkun hemm BUFFETT, u żewġ fliexken imbid fuq kull mejda.

(Soft drinks u birer jinxtraw mill-klabb). Caterers: Pelapidas Catering tal-istess ta Santa Maria. Divertiment: Charlie Muscat (Iż-Żebbiegħ) u The Vella Sisters. Guest singer: Natasha Tatarinoff. Il-qliegħ imur kollu għal banda talImġarr. Donazzjoni ta’ $55 dollars Għal aktar tagħrif ċemplu lil: Agnes: 9626 6753 (Mob: 0432 714 735); La Valette: 9622 5840 L-attivita` se tkun sponsorjata minn Breakaway Travel, Blacktown.

Please Note

Anybody interested in advertising on The Voice of the Maltese magazine in order to reach the widest audience possible, partcularly among the Maltese diaspora is requested to write to:

The Voice of the Maltese 23

Tuesday February 6, 2017

C Co om mm mu un ni it ty y N Ne ew ws s

Tu n e i n t o Ra d i o a n d Te l e v i s i o n

Maltese Radio Programmes

MELBOURNE: on 3ZZZ 92.3FM or on Mondays 5-6 pm, Fridays 5-6 pm and Saturdays 10-11am. MELBOURNE: on 98.9 North West FM, every Friday 6.00 - 7.00p.m. and Mondays 7.00 to 8.00pm. Presenter: Emmanuel Brincat.

MELBOURNE: STEREO 974 (93180930): 97.4FM Wed (Maltese Magazine) & Thursday (Merħba): 6.00pm to 8.00 pm Co-ordinator – Ray Anastasi On SBS Radio Day Time Analogue and Digital Friday: 12:00-13:00 97.7fm SBS 2

(On Demand: Ethnic Maltese Council 11am)

Il-Ħadd 11.00 am: l-aħħar aħbarijiet minn Malta, mużika, tagħrif, kultura, avviżi u suġġetti ta’ interess. UNCLE SAM DJ (Maltese Radio) tune in to link:

Saturday: 14:00-15:00: 97.7fm SBS 2 To tune into digital radio you need a receiver or device with a DAB+ chip. Tuning in is by station name not frequency. Digital radio can also be heard via digital TV. SBS MALTESE NEWS: L-Aħbarijiet on SBSTV twice a week nationwide; Sunday 8.00 am on SBS2 (Chan. 32) Thursdays at 8.00 am on SBSTV32. SYDNEY: listen to the MCC radio programmes on 2GLF FM 89.3. Isma’ l-programm tar-radju bil-Malti mill-Kunsill Malti ta’ NSW minn fuq listazzjon 2GLF 89.3FM. (Jista’ wkoll jinstema’ On Demand minn fuq l-Internet:

Maltese Seniors Social Welfare Day Groups Fairfield Active Maltese Seniors

month at the Llandilo Community Hall, Meets on the last Tuesday of the Month. Seventh Avenue, from 11am to 1 pm. Group meets in Parish Hall, cnr of Stella Street & The Boulevard, Fairfield Heights at Maltese of Bankstown 10 am. Group meets 3rd Wednesday of month at New BCRG offices 15 Kitchner PaMaltese Seniors Central Coast rade, Bankstown NSW (opposite RSL Have to contact our Welfare Officer for Club). an appointment. For all information and Every other 3rd Thursday an outing. referral matters call Censina Cefai: 02 Enquiries call: Sam 9534 2357 439 000 12 or 0414 267 652

Daceyville Maltese Seniors

Greystanes Maltese Seniors

Meets on the second Monday of each Meets the last Wednesday of the mon- month at the George Preca Centre of th in the Meeting Room One, No. 3 Gen- OLQP Church, 198 Old Prospect Road, Greystanes from 10 am to 12 noon eral Bridges Crescent, Daceyville. Note: The Groups also arrange regular Bus Trips

Join us and make new friends.

Merrylands Social Maltese Seniors Meets every second Friday of the month: Miller Room, Memorial Avenue Merrylands from 10.30am to 12.30 am Llandilo Maltese Seniors

Meets on the first Wednesday of each

The Sutherland & St George Maltese Group

Meets every First Wednesday of the Month from 10:00am-1:00pm. Meetings/Get Togethers are interesting, informative & entertaining, so come Join us and make new Friends For more information contact our Coordinator: Charles Mifsud J.P.Phone (02) 9501 5525 – mobile 0421 662 298.

*(All Groups are co-ordinated by The Maltese Community Council of NSW) with a sponsorship from Multicultural NSW. Please contact the MCC Welfare Officer: Marisa Previtera JP on 0414 863 123. The MCC offices are at 59b Franklin Street (corner with Young St) Parramatta West NSW (next to West Parramatta Primary School).

SBS Radio 2 on Channel 38. Programmes can be accessed online (live or catch up) at and via mobile phone, using the SBS Radio app. For television news from Malta SBS2 TV 32 ( (Viceland) on Thursdays and Sundays at 8am.

VIVA MALTA on COAST FM 96.3 Community Radio in Gosford Central NSW. Aired on Thursdays every fortnight from 6 pm -7 pm. Presenter: Nathalie Gatt. Web streaming: BRISBANE listen to the Maltese Programme on 4EB on Tuesdays 6.00 -8.15am; Sundays 4.15pm to 5.15pm

Community Wheels Inc.

Connecting you with your community

Community Wheels is your local community organisation that provides door-to-door transport services to eligible people (+65 years old etc.) to: * attend medical appointments * go shopping (including assisting clients with their shopping bags) * meet a friend for a chat or coffee, and *go on bus tours etc. Available in the Parramatta City Council and parts of Cumberland Council areas For information call 88681400 L-MCCV qed jilqa’ applikazzjonijiet għall-pożizzjoni ta’ għalliem/a tal-ilsien Malti. L-applikanti għandu jkollhom għarfien sewwa tal-Malti, kemm miktub u wkoll mitkellem. Dan hu xogħol volontarju, bla ħlas. Min hu interessat jibgħat l-applikazzjoni bid-dettalji akkademiċi lil Għal tagħrif ieħor ċempel fuq 0412 115 919. Ħalli nnumru tattelefon u nċemplulek lura

24 The Voice of the Maltese


New Uefa Nations League competition

Malta will play Azerbaijan, Faroes and Kosovo


alta has been drawn to meet Azebaijan, Faroe Islands and Kosovo in Group 3 of League D of the newly formed UEFA Nations League with 55 national football teams that have been divided into four leagues with each league being further divided into four groups of four, or maybe three. All the group matches will take place between September and November later this year, while the Final Four semis, thirdplace play-off and final will take place the following June. Each league is guaranteed at least four play-off spots in the Euro 2020 qualification process, although if a group winner has already qualified through the normal channels the spot goes to the next best team. Meanwhile the group winners in League A made up of the highest ranked teams, go through to a Final Four knockout tournament to decide the overall winner. In spite of the fact that the teams have been grouped according to the October 2017 rankings at the end of the World Cup qualifiers in the European region that placed Malta in League D (with the lowest ranked teams) with opponents in its reach, Malta coach Tom Saintfiet said the outcome of the draw left him with mixed feelings, particularly with Kosovo in the group. Malta kicks off its commitments with an away match against Faroe Islands on September 7 and its home outings against Azerbaijan on September 10. In October, the national team will have two away assignments in three days against Kosovo and Azerbaijan and conclude the group commitments with two home games in November, against Kosovo, and three days later Faroe Islands.

Tuesday February 6, 2018

Another Dutchman to coach Socceroos W ith less than five months ahead of Australia's opening match against France in this summer’s FIFA World Cup in Russia, the FFA has finally named the Socceroos’ new head coach. He is Dutchman Bert van Marwijk (right)who has been appointed to succeed Ange Postecoglou who took the team to the final before resigning. He is the third coach from the Netherlands to take charge of the Socceroos after Guus Hiddink in 2006, and Pim Verbeek who was in charge of the side from 2007-2010. Marwijk, 65, has been given a short-term contract that expires at the end of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. His greatest achievement was reaching the 2010 World Cup final with the Netherlands who then lost 1-0 to Spain in extra time. His last job was in charge of Saudi Arabia, where piped the Socceroos to second place in their Asian qualifying group, sending Australia into playoffs with Syria and Honduras. He was chosen for the job ahead of Slaven Bilic, Louis van Gaal, Roberto Mancini, Marcelo Bielsa and Jurgen Klinsmann.

Balzan take, retain 3-point lead



Malta at the Winter Games

The FFA will shortly also announce who would take over the Socceroos after the World Cup.

Parramatta FC are ready for the new season


arramatta Melita Eagles FC are alive and kicking. At the Annual General Meeting held on January 21 at the Melita Stadium the following committee was elected for two terms: President: Stephen Ellul; Secretary: Anthony Theuma; Treasurer: David Frendo: Directors: George Ellul, Ron Grima, Tony Buttigieg and Mark Tanti. The NP2 season kicks off Sunday, March 4. Parramatta kick off with an away tie at Illinden Sports Centre Rockdale against St George. The club’s new supplier is Gioca Futbal. The home and away kits will be unveiled soon. Meanwhile, Parramatta FC have signed former Western Sydney Wanderers star Jason Trifiro, while goalkeeper Stefan Giglio and Dylan Ellul are two of the handful of players who have already resigned for the 2018 season.

or the second Winter teams on Sunday deOlympic Games running spite finishing the Malta is to have a presence match with nine men beyond a 1-1 draw after two of their at the even due in PyeongChang, Korea February 7-25 with Sliema. players were sent off Having themselves in the final two min- when 26-year-old Elise Pelbeaten Ħamrun in utes of eight minutes legrin will be competing in Alpine Skiing, in Slalom and that same round, of added time. Giant Slalom. Balzan went into the Hibernians unexElise also competed in the clash with Valletta pectedly dropped two enjoying a three- more points after an- Sochi Games in 2014, when point lead. So no other scoreless result she classified in 91st. wonder they were the with Mosta to slip A-League RESULTS – DAY 17 happier of the two into fifth. Balzan v Valletta 0-0 Premier League ladder In another -League leaders Sydney FC keep marching on regardles and in the Gżỉra v St Andrews 1-1 P W D L Pts TEAMS game, Birlast two rounds,were the only team in the top three to win maxiFloriana v Ħamrun S. 1-0 18 12 5 1 41 kara’s revi- mum points that helped them extend their lead at the top to nine points. Balzan Hibernians v Mosta 0-0 Valletta 18 11 5 2 38 Sliema W. v Lija A. 2-0 Birkirkara 18 11 1 6 34 val contin- In the process they defending champi- RESULTS - DAY 19 Birkirkara v Naxxar L 2-0 Gżira U 18 10 4 4 34 ued with their ons scored seven more goals to add to Sydney FC v Wellington P 4-0 Senglea v Tarxien R. 2-2 Hibernians 18 9 5 4 32 seventh suc- their goals for tally that now stands at 46. Newcastle J v Melbourne V 2-0 Floriana 18 9 5 4 32 cessive victo- Against Melbourne V first (Rd 18) and Brisbane R v Melbourne C 1-2 RESULTS – DAY 16 2-1 Sliema W. 18 8 5 5 29 ry, 2-0 against last weekend against bottom team Wel- Adelaide U v Perth G Balzan v Ħamrun S. 2-0 Ħamrun S. 18 7 4 7 25 CC Mariners v Sydney WA 1-2 a much imlingtom Phoenix they proved themselves 1-1 Mosta Valletta v Sliema DAY 18 18 6 4 8 19 2-0 Senglea A 18 5 4 9 19 proved Nax- much too superior and swept aside both Melbourne V v Sydney FC 1-3 Hibernians v Gżỉra xar Lions. opponents without too much fuss. 1-0 Floriana v St Andrews Melbourne C v Newcastle J 2-2 S. Andrews 18 4 3 11 15 Birkirkara v Senglea 5-0 Naxxar L 18 3 5 10 14 Gżira droppd It now looks certain that the only real Wellington P v Adelaide U 0-1 Mosta v Tarxien R. 1-0 Tarxien R. 18 3 2 13 11 points in a challenge in the league is for the runner Perth G v W Sydney WA 3-1 4-0 Lija A. CC Mariners v Brisbane R 1-2 Naxxar L. v Lija A up position betwen three teams 18 1 2 15 5 draw.

he top of the table clash Balzan and Valletta at the weekend finished scoreless, which worked in Balzan’s favour as they managed to retain their three-point lead at the top following Valletta’s failure the previous week to go

Malta Football Premier League


Sydney FC march on regardless

The Voice of the Maltese No. 172  

This is a bilingual (in English and Maltese) fortnightly online magazine specifically targeting all Maltese living abroad with emphasis on t...

The Voice of the Maltese No. 172  

This is a bilingual (in English and Maltese) fortnightly online magazine specifically targeting all Maltese living abroad with emphasis on t...