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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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Violent accident touches community of Pelham BY SARAH MURRELL VOICE Staff A violent car accident on Regional Rd. 20 last week has left three people dead, another seriously injured and touched this small community in a significant way. Town of Pelham employee Nancy Yungblut and her husband Jim, a long time Thorold firefighter, were on their way home from a trip in Western Canada with friends, Sam and Art Turner, when their SUV collided with a car headon. The car, travelling westbound on Regional Road 20 just East of Victoria Ave. “appears” to have veered across the centre-line colliding with the front corner of the Yungblut vehicle, says Fire Chief Jim Phelps. The car careened across the road and burst into flames, he added. Art Turner got out of the SUV and pulled one of the people in the car to safety but three other people in the car did not make it out and died at the scene. The car, said Phelps,

was a “fire-ball” when firefighters arrived on scene. Firefighter Otto Heinrich, who was on the lead truck responding to the accident, said the car was “totally involved” when firefighters arrived. He also noted emergency responders were told only one person was in the car and no one else was inside. That information was incorrect, they later learned, but Heinrich said it wouldn’t have made a difference because of the size of the fire at the time. “The car was destroyed,” he added, noting he thinks the three occupants may have died in the collision, rather than the fire. “There was absolutely nothing we could do,” he said. Because of that, firefighters turned their attention to the SUV and Jim and Nancy Yungblut and Art and Sam Turner. Training kicked in, he said, as firefighters worked to extricate Jim from the wreck. “He was in there,” said Heinrich, noting the collision was on Jim’s side of the car. “It was a little challenging, but we got

‘em out.” Nancy was treated at Welland Hospital and released later on Friday. Jim was taken to Welland Hospital with serious injuries and later airlifted to Hamilton for further medical treatment. Three other people were treated at Welland Hospital for serious injuries. “Everyone’s doing okay,” said Jeff Yungblut. “Mom’s banged and bruised and battered but recovering nicely.” Jeff noted his dad had back surgery on Saturday and had his elbow “fixed up”. Along with the spine injury and what Jeff described as a hole in his elbow, Jim also suffered a broken tibia, a broken rib and four broken toes and is also banged and battered. “We’re fortunate he’s still here,” said Jeff. “We thank our lucky stars.” Jim is expected to make a full recovery, said Jeff, noting the spine surgery went perfectly and doctors say if it wasn’t for his other injuries he’d be walking out of the hospital this week. Beyond the physical

injuries, Jeff says his parents will have some other healing to do as well, noting as a 47-year volunteer firefighter his father was hard-hit by the fact that he couldn’t help the victims in the other car.

“We’re fortunate he’s still here,” - Jeff Yungblut

“He felt bad,” said Jeff of having to watch the car burn from inside his wrecked SUV. “There was nothing he could do.” It took firefighters 45 minutes to extricate his dad, said Jeff. For the first time in his life, said Jeff, his father needed help instead of being the one to come to the rescue. While Jeff and the Yungblut family are thankful Jim will, in time, recover from the accident, Jeff says they think of the other families and what they are going through.

On Monday, July 16 police released the identities of two of the men who died in the accident: 24 year old Justin Morin and 20 year old Dennis Falletta, both from Smithville. At the request of the family, the identity of the third victim will not be released. Due to the seriousness of the accident, which happened just after 1 a.m. on July 13, Regional Road 20 was closed in the area until late Friday morning. Phelps noted Pelham Firefighters were called back to the accident scene twice on Friday morning, once to help tarp the burned car for transport to the Niagara Regional Police yard and a second time to wash down the highway which was covered in oil and debris. “I’ve talked to all the guys to make sure they’re okay,” says Phelps, referring to the traumatic scene they would have witnessed as three people perished in the car. Along with Pelham fire, Niagara Regional Police Service, Niagara EMS, and Thorold Fire Department responded to the scene of the accident.

The Niagara Regional Police Service Traffic Reconstruction Unit investigated the accident most of the day Friday and were expected to continue their investigation throughout the weekend. Staff Sergeant Darren Forbes with the traffic division told The Voice Monday morning that the accident is still under investigation, noting the officers had been busy responding to collisions throughout the weekend and Monday was the first day they had an opportunity to continue their investigation. “There are still lots of people to talk to and interview,” he said. Police are still waiting on toxicology reports to determine if alcohol was a factor, he said, adding the same is true for speeding. The vehicle examinations were taking place on Monday, he said, noting there are a number of steps to go through in investigating the accident. Anyone who may have witnessed this accident is asked to contact the Niagara Regional Police Service Traffic Unit at 905688-4111 ext 5500.


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The ‘essence of Elvis’ in Peace Park on July 19 Fonthill Bandshell Concert Series 2012 Lineup July 19

Gino Monopoli, Elivs presented by Rotary Club of Fonthil

July 26

No Sugar Tonight presented by Flett Beccario

Aug. 2

Sugar Heat presented by Lucchetta Homes

Aug. 9

Mark Thomas & Dave LaFame presented by Kwikfit & DJ Weight Management

Aug. 16

Marshall Dane presented by Morgan, Dilts & Toppari

Aug. 23

David Rotundo presented by Regional HVAC Services

Aug. 30

Le Vent Du Nord In memory of Chuck Chataway

Sept. 5

The Sister Act Band presented by Zest

“The essence of Elvis” will be in Peace Park Thursday night to kick off the Summerfest street party in Fonthill. Presented by the Rotary Club of Fonthill, Gino Monopoli as Elvis! is this week’s Bandshell summer concert series performer. Gino Monopoli is simply one of the best Elvis tributes in the world. It might be easy to write Gino Monopoli off as just another Elvis wannabe, until you meet him and see him perform his “Elvis! Elvis!” show. It’s not the costumes, hairstyle or moves that make his show so good. And it’s not the voice, the music, or the facial expressions that take you back to 1956. It’s his attitude, body language and interaction with the audience, especially up-close, with his cordless microphone, where he likes to be. That’s when your brain will try to convince you that Elvis is in the room and it’s not 1977 yet. Gino Monopoli has been called a “superstar tribute artist” because he takes the tribute concept to a whole new level, a level far out of reach of the thousands of “impersonators” out there. For every minute of every show, he is Elvis, capturing the look, sound and animal magnetism of the

Outdoor burning ban Due to the prolonged heat and dry weather the Pelham Fire Department has put a ban on all open-air burning. “Right now the vegetation is so dry,” says acting Fire Chief Jim Phelps “that it would not take much to start a brush fire.”

world’s most recognizable celebrity and communicating with his audience as only a true world-class entertainer can. His efforts have paid off handsomely, with more than a year of advance bookings across Canada and the U.S. In addition to concert tours and television appearances, he has competed in and won top honours at “Elvis festivals” across the continent, including Collingwood, Penticton and Elvis’ home town, Memphis Tennessee. His titles include: “Collingwood Grand Champion”, Pacific Northwest Grand Champion” and “World’s Finest Elvis Tribute Artist”. He has been featured on City TV, ABC, CTV, CNN, NBC and The BBC. Gino has opened shows for Chubby Checkers, Frankie Avalon and many more. The Toronto-based artist calls it “a privilege and an honour” to bring what has been termed “the essence of Elvis” to his audiences. His tireless efforts to make each performance better than the last pays homage to “the King of Rock’n’Roll”. The band is hot, the songs are great and when Gino Monopoli hits the stage, Elvis is there too, if only in spirit. Gino’s band features Mike Daley

Gino Monopoli as Elvis on guitar, Bruce Tournay on keyboards, Beamsville Bill Culp on bass and Fenwick’s own Jim Casson on drums. This Thursday’s concert and Farmers’ Market will be the start to a four-day, free street festival in downtown Fonthill. Summerfest begins this Thursday and continues through to Sunday morning, finishing with a family brunch. For more information about the shows and about parking options near the bandshell, please visit

Insuring Change Happens

The ban includes farmers’ agricultural burning (the non-recreational burning) as well as the backyard campfires (recreational open air burning). The ban will be in place until further notice. For further information please call 905-892-3943.

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AS PART of its social responsibiilty program Intact Insurance held a draw among its brokers offering the winner a $500 donation to the charity of their choice. For Sue Napper of Pelham’s Main Mudie Gowan Insurance the United Way South Niagara was the charity of choice. Presenting the $500 are Mike Gowan and Sue Napper of Main Mudie Gowan and Joan Hobbs of Intact to Peter Papp and Jen McGuire, of United Way South Niagara. Sarah Murrell/Voice Photo

Ongoing bylaw trouble More than six months has passed since the start of 2012 and so far Nicholas Torzsas has been dealing with Town of Pelham bylaw officers for all of this year. A complaint was received by the Town of Pelham early in 2012 about Torzsas’ rural property, triggering an inspection by bylaw enforcement officer Heather Stones. At that first inspection, Torzsas says Stones knocked on his back door, despite several no trespassing signs, and when he refused to allow her to take pictures, she called police. Two cruisers were on his property within minutes, he added. Since then, says Torzsas, his property has been inspected five times and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Another inspection is scheduled for late August. “Where does this end?” asks Torzsas. Torzsas has owned his Sumbler Road property for 30 years and says he has never had a problem until now. His neighbours, he says, don’t have any complaints about him or his land, adding he has asked. “I think I could sense if they were lying,” he says. The ongoing inspections, and an order to clean up his land, stems from what he terms a “collection” of vintage cars, motorcycles, sailboats and other items. “What can I say I’m a collector. Some might say I’m a hoarder,” says Torzsas. “I’m not an organized guy as you can see.” But Torzsas says even though his collection isn’t organized, it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone, considering it is all behind a line of trees that edge his 350’ frontage, behind his house and even behind his detached garage. In order to comply with the town’s order for him to clean up, Torzsas says he has sold a couple of

cars and currently has a long list of items for sale, advertised in a local shopping newspaper and soon to be on Kijiji, but says it will take time to sell everything. “I could never comply, it would be impossible,” he says, pointing to a plastic lawn table on his patio that is covered in a variety of small items and explaining the table doesn’t comply with the bylaw. An old trailer, which Torzsas says he uses when working on his property with his ATV, doesn’t comply either because it doesn’t have trailer plates. Torzsas laughs and says the trailer isn’t road worthy and is never used on the road, but to keep it he must have it licenced. “They’re really pushing me,” he says of Pelham’s bylaw enforcement department, explaining he has requested Niagara Regional Police officers be present for every inspection. Torzsas says he understands not everyone’s yard looks like his and most people don’t have a collection of almost a dozen cars, three boats and two motorcycles in their yard. Unsightly, he adds, is in the eye of the beholder. He also pointed out that “derelict”, which his cars fall under within the town’s property standards bylaw, is defined as abandoned by the owner, which his collection is not. “What’s the ultimate goal?” he asks, wondering if Pelham wants to make every home in Pelham look like a suburban street? Keegan Gennings, Pelham’s Manager of Enforcement Services says his department handles 250 to 300 complaints a year and nothing has been done differently with Torzsas’ property than with the other 250 complaints.

“We have a look at each situation,” says Gennings, explaining enforcement officers inspect every complaint noting if the complaint is unwarranted enforcement officers will walk away. Gennings pointed out his staff is dealing with what council has approved. If there is an issue with bylaw enforcement in this community or a flaw in the bylaw system, it’s up to council to change the system. Pelham’s CAO Darren Ottoway was invited to Torzsas’ property for the last inspection, which took place July 11. “I was there at Nick’s invitation,” says Ottoway, noting Torzsas showed him some things he was concerned about. “That was the extent of it.” Ottoway says Pelham’s bylaw system does put the municipality in “a bit of a dilema” because if bylaws are enforced proactively, the town would need manpower - which would cost taxpayer dollars. Ottoway notes he has some thoughts on the issue and has talked with staff. He wouldn’t share his thoughts, but told the Voice he’s been thinking and researching.

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RON Leavens and Julie Gledhill, with Jasper who is looking for his forever home, present a cheque for $1,906 to Tammy Gaboury, adoption coordinator for the Welland and District Humane Society. The donation is from Pet Valu’s PAWS fundraiser, a chain-wide event that raised more than $600,000 for organizations that assist animals nationally. Helping the Fonthill Pet Valu were Studio Twenty which ran the barbecue and sold paws at the studio, M&M Meats which donated food for the barbecue and Giant Tiger which donated drinks and buns. Gaboury says the Humane Society will put the funds to its current fundraiser to build a companion clinic at the Humane Society location. Sarah Murrell/Voice Photo

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VIEWpoints Protecting a precious crop with the power of wind If we ever needed reminding about the risks of farming in Ontario, this summer has provided it. While strawberries were gorgeous and the grape farmers are licking their lips over this year’s fall harvest, Niagara’s tender fruit farmers took a licking. And it was so promising early on with hot weather in March providing the potential for an early and beautiful crop. But, while farmers are often seen as pessimists, in this case, those who professed their fear that the early budding would lead to disaster had their fears confirmed. April frost destroyed the sour

cherry crop in one or two nights. The July harvest saw farmers in our region harvesting crops of 10 to 20 per cent of normal volumes… those who harvested the crop at all. For some, it was more expensive to harvest the few cherries on the trees than to just let them fall. This is the second year in a row that the cherry farmers have been smacked by Mother Nature. Last year, a good looking crop was devastated by two weeks of cold, rainy weather just as pollination was beginning. The bees, who do much of the pollination, never left

their hives, and the wet weather put a damper on the natural wind pollination. The only bright spot for farmers is that these last two years have proven the effectiveness of some recent farm technology. While wind machines have been around since the 1920’s in California, they have made inroads into the Niagara area only relatively recently, and grape growers were the first to experiment with their benefits. Now, they are springing up in tender fruit orchards at an increasing rate. The theory is that a properly tuned wind machine can drive warm

air down onto the fruit trees or grape vines, keeping them warm enough to prevent frost damage to the developing fruit. The air at 20 meters can be 5 to 10 degrees warmer than the air at crop level. The machines are also used on frigidly cold nights to prevent damage to the trees and vines themselves. Installing a wind machine at between 30 and 50 thousand dollars a pop (plus $30 to $40 an hour to run) is a gamble. But, one machine can protect up to 15 acres of crop (more for lowlying fruit like grapes), depending on the terrain and local conditions.

This year, where wind machines were installed, growers harvested an almost full crop of cherries, and with prices very high thanks to the small crop, the machines virtually paid for themselves in one harvest. Yes, it’s true that wind machines are noisy creatures. They sound something like a helicopter hovering over the orchard. (In fact, helicopters have been used to blow warm air down on at-risk crops in many areas, including Niagara.) But for the few nights per year when they are employed, it’s almost

Snail’s Space

Slow Food Pelham

Brian Green comforting to hear them, knowing that they are protecting a precious crop and keeping our farmers in business and our delicious tender fruit available. Give me a cherry orchard, even with the wind machines, over a sub division any day!

YOUR VOICE Letters to the Editor

Lovely Garden Tea Party This letter is a heartfelt thank you to the ladies on the committee who planned the “Royal Tea Party” and all the Pelham businesses whose contributions made this event a wonderful experience. This tea was a chance for young and not so young to enjoy one of England’s finest traditions in Royal style. The Queen herself would have been “Royally” delighted with

the great attention paid to every detail of this tea party. She would have experienced the best of hospitality provided by the ladies who served use our afternoon dainties and tea. These same ladies looked lovely in their hats and British tea party dress. For just a little while this Royal treatment and the dainties we were served offered us a chance to feel like Royalty. Those who attended this

afternoon tea were also served some wonderful memories to add to their life album. A final thank you to those ladies on the Royal Tea Party committee who planned and executed this special event with such style and grace. It is my hope that a similar event will become a part of the Canada Day celebrations for the Town of Pelham. Marg Webster Fonthill

To the Town of Pelham and Fire Chief Selection Committee, Congratulations on selecting Robert Lymburner as your new Fire Chief. Robert is a fine selection and he will serve the community well. Over the years of knowing Bob he has shown great respect and admiration for not only his fellow firefighters but the citizens of Pelham. Bob has always been there when he

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Great choice for chief

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was available. Bob’s a helper. I’m sure the volunteer firefighters of Pelham are pleased to hear he was selected by the hiring committee for the position. Well Done. Again, congratulations to Bob and his family for the new position. Ron Winnicki Fenwick

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Regional council’s planning business sessions BY BRIAN BATY Regional Councillor When I first became a Niagara Regional Councillor in 2003, Council met every two weeks with Standing Committee meetings every two weeks in the non-council meeting weeks. Also fit in were ad hoc committees, advisory committees and meetings of Agencies, Boards and Commissions (ABCs). A lot to do in a short turnaround time period. One major complaint was that we received packages on a Friday evening containing material that was to be discussed on the next Monday. That left no time to visit a program or to ask questions of staff

before the meeting itself. Also, there seemed to be little time to explore issues in depth. We formed the Council Organization Review Committee (CORC) to research different ways to meet and make the most efficient use of time. That research took us to the five major regions in Ontario to examine their practices and attempt to find the best practices. Many of those regions had developed a three week rotation of meetings. One week contained the Regional Council meeting itself when the reports and agendas were distributed for the next cycle of meetings. That week was followed by a week to review the package and

The Town of Pelham Informational Column

•Pelham Farmer’s Market – Each and every Thursday May to October - 4:30pm in Pelham Town Square! Come on out each throughout the summer and fall for some fresh produce and lots of goodies! Rain or shine. Winner of the Market Bucks for July 12th was Margo Fraser!! Congratulations Margo! UPCOMMING EVENTS •Pelham Summerfest Thursday, July 19 to Sunday, July 22, with an all-day Street Party Saturday, July 21. Summerfest is one day away! For all the very latest news, information and schedules, parking, etc., go to Don’t forget to bring your detailed program with you to plan your day, and for a chance to win some great prizes. The brochure is “wrapped” around the front of the Voice today Family Walk: sponsored by Lucchetta Homes, this walk is an easy stroll in downtown Fonthill starting at 10 a.m. Sunday, July 22. Free T-shirts to the first 75 participants. Register starting at 9:30 a.m. Town of Pelham Programs. •“ZUMBA FITNESS” Tuesday July 24, 7:30pm-8:30pm •“ZUMBA GOLD” Thursday July 19, 9:30am-10:30am Tuesday July 24, 9:30am-10:30am •“AQUA ZUMBA” Marlene Stewart Streit Park July 23, 12-1pm July 25, 12-1pm Drop in and try any session for $6.00 or purchase your 10 + 2 bonus pass for $60.00 Need more info – contact (905) 892-2607, ext. 329 •New For 2012 Zumbatomic Turn up the music, wiggle, shake and have a blast with your friends in these rockin, high-energy fitness-parties packed with specially choreographed kid-friendly routines. Tuesdays –Pelham Arena- 1120 Haist Street (4-7 yrs) 5:30-6:00pm (8+ yrs) 6:00-6:30pm Thursdays Old Pelham Town Hall- 46 Canboro Rd. Ridgeville (4-7 yrs) 5:30-6:00pm (8+ yrs) 6:00-6:30pm Cost $40 for a 10 class pass + 2 bonus classes. OR $4.50 for drop in class Purchase your passes at Town hall- 20 Pelham Town Square Fonthill, ON. PELHAM TOWN SQUARE •Interested in Walking in Pelham? Interested in joining a Walking Club? Join us! Thursday July 19th Fonthill Bandshell 9am-10:30am Tuesday July 24th Pelham Arena 9am-10am Everyone welcome! For more information please contact Katie Thorpe at or (905) 892-2607 ext 341 GENERAL INFORMATION •Is your business interested in being listed in the Town of Pelham Community Services Brochure? If so, please be sure to fill out a business directory information card

have time to explore issues in depth. We struggled to name that week for a while. It was known by some as the “off week”, by others as the “study week” and in some cases it was referred to the “policy planning week”. I am not sure that we have a consensus on the name even today but what has evolved is the fact that we set aside the Thursday evening of that week to allow for committeeof-the-whole sessions called “Business Planning Meetings” to explore large scale issues that could not ordinarily fit into the time constraints of our regular committee and council meetings. Each term of Council develops a Business

Plan or Strategic Plan to guide operations and expenditures for the four year term. Actually we set it up during the first term of the new council to overlap with the first year of the next term of council. The development of this Business Plan or Strategic Plan usually takes a number of Thursday Business Planning meetings. After that, we use these Thursday meetings to annually review the status of our overall plan or to explore major topics in depth. The last Council Business Planning Committee-ofthe-Whole session was held last Thursday to explore our Transportation Strategy. The original transportation Policy was develop in 2002 so it was timely to see

with the Town of Pelham. For an information card, please visit Town Hall, 20 Pelham Town Square – 1st Floor, or contact 905-892-2607, Ext. 315 •IMPORTANT TO DOG OWNERS Please be reminded that Town of Pelham Dog Control By-law 97-2010 requires that any person who owns controls or harbors a dog shall remove, forthwith, any feces (excrement) left by such dog on private or public property. Remember to be responsible! Stoop and Scoop! Town of Pelham e-mail address: Visit our Web site at

The Corporation of the

TOWN OF PELHAM TOWN OF PELHAM REQUEST FOR QUOTATION Project No. 2012-31 Pelham Arena Concession and Kitchen Improvements PROPOSAL DOCUMENTS: Specifications and submission requirements may be obtained from the Town of Pelham Web Site at www., the Biddingo Website at or from the Corporate Services Department at the Pelham Municipal Building, 20 Pelham Town Square, Fonthill, Ontario during regular business hours. The purpose of the RFQ call is to obtain recommendation quotations for the Concession and Kitchen Improvements at the Town of Pelham Arena. SITE VISIT: Wednesday July 15th – By appointment ADDRESS: Sealed proposals, properly marked as to contents, will be received by Mrs. Mara Bray, Purchasing Coordinator, P.O. Box 400, 20 Pelham Town Square, Fonthill, Ontario, L0S 1E0. CLOSING TIME: Sealed proposals will be received until 2:00 p.m. local time on Wednesday August 1st, 2012 The lowest OR any submission not necessarily accepted.

what progress has been made, to take into account policy changes that have arisen over the decade and to develop “next steps” to move forward on a comprehensive transportation strategy. Pelham residents are aware of significant road improvements on Regional Roads over the last decade. We will see the completion of the multi-stage Highway 20 project with traffic calming stoplights at several new locations along the route not to mention the controversial medians. Regional Road 24, Webber Road and Rice Road have all seen substantial improvements. The biggest project, Highway 406 to Welland is proceeding as are flyovers or overpasses along roads such as Port Robinson Road. Future proposals include the continuation of the 406 through to Port Colborne and the creation of a four lane corridor to connect Highway 406 in Welland

to the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie. An environmental assessment is being arranged to explore a new escarpment crossing for trucks and heavy equipment to avoid the high density residential areas of Vineland, Beamsville and Grimsby. The biggest project is the Mid-Peninsula Corridor which could connect the Highway 406 with the Highway 401 south of the John Munroe Airport in Hamilton. These issues along with air, rail and water transportation opportunities are important discussion topics for the quality of life and economic restructuring of Niagara’s economy. These Council Business Planning sessions allow us to explore big topics in depth. Brian Baty is a Niagara Regional Councillor for the Town of Pelham brian.

The Corporation of the

TOWN OF PELHAM TOWN OF PELHAM REQUEST FOR TENDERS Project No. 2012-13 Chain Link Fence Installation Program TENDER DOCUMENTS: Specifications and tender forms may be obtained from the Town of Pelham Web Site at www.pelham. ca/business/tenders, the Biddingo website at www. or for a PLAN TAKERS FEE of $25.00 from the Corporate Services Department at the Pelham Municipal Building, 20 Pelham Town Square, Fonthill, Ontario during regular business hours. The purpose of the tender call is to receive tenders for the “Chain Link Fence Installation Program” in the Town of Pelham. The works consists of, but is not limited to, the supply and installation of chain link fence materials at Harold Black Park (953 Haist Street) and the Fonthill Cemetery (25 Highland Avenue). ADDRESS: Sealed proposals, properly marked as to contents, will be received by Mrs. Mara Bray, Purchasing Coordinator, P.O. Box 400, 20 Pelham Town Square, Fonthill, Ontario, L0S 1E0. CLOSING TIME: Sealed proposals will be received until 2:00 p.m. local time on Thursday, July 26, 2012 TENDER DEPOSIT: $1,500.00 The lowest OR any submission not necessarily accepted.

Page  THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pilates Niagara offers the ‘cure’ for incontinence BY SARAH MURRELL VOICE Staff For women who have had children and have reached a certain age a cough, sneeze or laugh is almost expected to cause light incontinence. Not only should it not be expected, it shouldn’t be accepted either says Allison Kares of Pilates Niagara. Kares explains new research from Dr. Bruce Crawford, a urogynecologist from Nevada, shows incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse is primarily a fitness issue and one that 10 simple exercises can prevent. Kares recently took a course in Pfilates, or Pelvic Floor Pilates, with Crawford to learn more about the issues and the

pilates exercises that can not only prevent pelvic floor issues but help repair them. She explains as a surgeon Crawford realized that by fixing organ prolapse with surgery he wasn’t truly addressing the cause of the issue, and conditions that lead to problems continued to exist even after surgery had relieved symptoms. Pelvic floor strength, or lack of it, is the culprit in incontinence and organ prolapse, says Kares, and it’s not strength you can gain through your regular fitness routine. “There’s no crosstraining,” she says, noting the pelvic floor, a bowl shaped area of muscle and connective tissues that keep the bladder, bowel and uterus in place, requires very specific exercises to work. Crawford’s research

included studying 120 exercises from pilates, yoga and regular fitness routines by hooking volunteers to an electromyography machine. Through the research he concluded pilates was the most effective type of exercise and he developed 10 moves for pelvic floor strength. Kares, whose background is in rehabilitation, says she took the training because she knew it would compliment what she’s doing with her rehab patients who suffer back pain. “It’s another tool for us,” she says. “One extra piece to the puzzle.” When she saw the numbers (nearly a quarter of adult women struggle with urinary incontinence, fecal leakage or organ prolapse) Kares says she became passionate about

getting the word out and helping as many people as possible. While pelvic floor issues seem to be primarily a women’s health issue, Kares says Pfilates is for everyone, men and women, young and old, including pregnant women and post-partum women. “There’s not one person it doesn’t touch,” she says of the need for pelvic floor strength. To help get the word out, Kares is holding a workshop at the Pilates Niagara studio on Monday, July 30 at 1 p.m. She says she’ll talk about Pfilates, teach the exercises and offer a take home kit that allows people to practice the exercises at home. Kares says she plans to hold regular workshops, about four a year, for people who want to

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Newborn to 36 Months Welland Fair - Niagara Regional Exhibition Saturday, September 15th, 2012 Sponsored by: CLASS

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am am am am pm pm pm pm pm pm pm Fair-est Baby Show Entry Form Clip & Mail Form to: Niagara Regional Exhibition 1100 Niagara Street, N., Welland, ON L3C 1M6 Baby’s Name: Parent’s Name: Phone: Address: City: Postal Code: Class: Baby’S D.O.B. Baby’s Age Months (As of Baby Show) $5.00 ENTRY FEE includes 1 adult admission and must be included with entry form. (NO PHONE ENTRIES ALLOWED) *ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER SEPT. 15, 2012* Limit of 15 entries in classes 1-10 and 8 entries in the special class, twins or more. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will receive a rosette, toy & certificate of placement. All participants will receive a rosette, toy & certificate of participation.

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A PFILATES instructor helps a woman through the 10 excercises to increase pelvic floor strength. /Special to the Voice improve their pelvic floor strength and learn about Pfilates as well as people who want to refresh what they know and ensure they’re doing the exercises correctly. For those who are a little more private when it comes to discussing the pelvic floor, Kares

says Pfilates is also part of her personal, one-on-one training. To sign up for the workshop or fore more information, contact Pilates Niagara at 905892-1239 or visit www.

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Little Kickers brings program to Summerfest Little kickers as young as 18 months, will have the opportunity to be active, learn about soccer in a non-competitive way and have loads of fun at Pelham’s summer street party. Little Kickers Niagara, the soccer program for children from ages 18 months to age 7, will be taking part in Pelham’s Summerfest this year, offering children an opportunity to try out the program and have some fun. “It is an amazing opportunity for Little Kickers to participate in the active zone this year,” says Little Kickers Niagara owner Brian McLeod ”It is great to see how many

people in the community are involved in getting kids moving.” McLeod says Little Kickers will be running a fun variety of drills and penalty shoot outs during Summerfest. “Using our imaginations we may be knights in shining armour, pirates shooting canons or fairies trying to store our gold dust!” Pelham’s Summerfest runs downtown Fonthill Thursday, July 19 to Sunday, July 22. The Active Zone, on Pelham Street and in Peace Park, runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, July 21. Little Kickers is also offering a special Summerfest promotion

to help kids stay active throughout the summer and year round. For all new enrolments at this event Little Kickers Niagara will be running a special promotion: 7 weeks for $84.75 and 14 weeks for $169.50. All Niagara residents that reference this article will also qualify for this special weekend promotion. As a thank you to all existing members Little Kickers has several specials going on throughout July including a Mid July Promotion! Re-enrol for 12 weeks get 15 weeks! Re-enrol for 6 weeks get 7; Birthday Parties for Members $25! and refer a friend promotions are also available.

Little Kickers is an International Franchising Company recognized as the top soccer program for young children in seven different countries with more than 20,000 kids now playing. Little Kickers Niagara owner Brian McLeod has followed their success, having opened venues in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and Fonthill, with future expansions planned for Fort Erie and Welland. McLeod is now successfully running this community based business and is teaching kids not only the skills and fundamentals of soccer, but also teaches the children, how to listen, take turns while focusing


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on camaraderie and team work. The weekly classes are action packed with age appropriate content, child friendly equipment and fantastic qualified coaches. Brian does not only teach classes on Saturdays with his team, but is successfully running classes in some of the Niagara District School Board’s schools, as well as local daycares. Most recently he has worked with the Education Foundation of Niagara and has donated more than 15 hours of time to get kids moving, exercising and having a blast! Little Kickers’ focus is on keeping content fun and active and fast

paced-with or without parent participation, As a result children willingly and excitedly participate. Children playing soccer at these ages and that are having fun playing soccer based games, are much more likely to want to continue to play sports and be active as they grow up. We believe in “Play not Push”- a positive, fun-filled kid’s soccer program executed in a friendly, pressure-free environment. Visit Little Kickers Niagara Website at www., email or call 269-690-5411.

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Page  THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pelham’s Peewee Rep team show best games The Pelham Peewee Rep baseball team sponsored by Bobcat of Hamilton are playing some of their best baseball games in tournament play. In a tournament in Harrow, they played three games with a total loss of four runs. They did not advance to the playoff round but played three excellent games over the weekend. The following weekend, they entered the Mahoney tournament in Hamilton and came home victorious capturing the championship after winning all five of their games. The first game against Guelph ended in a 138 win, they then faced Peterborough winning 6-4, and then went on

to beat Martingrove 132. With three wins, they advanced to the semi finals where they faced undefeated Mississauga coming away with a 73 win and then went on to the finals against Newmarket winning 13-2. Our very strong and talented pitching staff of Nathan Cook, Patrick Coupland, Evan Dobbie, Garrett Quast, Spencer Reynolds, Stephen Scott and Harry Steven did a fantastic job on the mound. Evan Dobbie and Stephen Scott led the hit parade with eight hits each with Evan smashing the first home run of the season for the team, Garrett Quast had seven hits and Dallas McKee and Ryan Reece picked up six each. Harry Steven

contributed four hits, Nathan Cook and Sydney Porte had three hits, Tyler Dobbie and Spencer Reynolds had two each and Patrick Coupland had one. Josh Stuart was unable to play due to an injury but was there to support his teammates. Congratulations to the players and coaches on a well deserved win. The Peewee Rep team: Evan Dobbie (front, left), Garrett Quast, Nathan Cook, Pat Coupland, Tyler Dobbie, Josh Stuart, Dallas McKee (middle, left), Stephen Scott, Ryan Reece, Harry Steven, Sydney Porte, Coaching staff of Chris Stuart (back, left), Sam Dobbie, Trevor Scott, and Len Reynolds. /Special to the Voice

This week in Pelham Minor Baseball action The PMBA T-Ball Green Lightning team had a full roster for their game at North Pelham Park on Tuesday July 10th. This made for an excellent game, filled with speed, c o n c e n t r a t i o n ,  a n d a solid effort from every player. Matthew Oakes and Ty Pelletier made some sensational throws. In the pitcher’s position, Julianne Morgan hustled to retrieve the ball every time. And Alek Morgetano surprised us with a few solid hits at bat! They’re green and as fast as Lightning. Watch out for this team! The Rookie Select Lunch Lady Panthers went on the road on Thursday July 5th for a game against the St. Catharines Cobras.  The normally hot hitting Panthers experienced a power outage only pounding out 9 hits and 1 run while St. Catharine’s scored 17 runs in 6 innings of play.  The Panthers were led offensively by Jacob Shirton and Conner Denbak, with two hits apiece.  While defensively struggling through much of the year, the team came up with its best defensive effort of the season. 

Conner Denbak matched his offensive effort with several stellar plays on D to earn player of the game honours. Honourable mention on defense went to Owen Dobbie and Drew McArthur for controlling the centre of the infield against a tough hitting Cobra attack. On Thursday July 12th, the Pelham Lunch Lady Panthers hosted Welland, and jumped out to a 5 – 0 first inning lead only to see Welland come back to hand the Lunch Lady Panthers a 22 – 10 loss.  Pelham was led by Jacob Shirton and William Baltrusinunas who pounded out 3 hits each.  Chipping in with two hits apiece were Drew McArthur, Anthony Battista, Ethan Wells, Alex Rubino, and Curtis and Carson Crysler. Battling the scorching heat and only having 9 players, the Pelham Miller Restoration Rookie Ball team won 10 to 2 against Beamsville. Special mention to William Baltrusiunas, Joshua Pennacchietti and Nathan Denbak for their skilled infield playing in the 5th inning, as well as Carly Elcich for her RBI in the 5th. On July 10th, Pelham Miller Restoration won

10 to 8 against Pelham Giant Tiger. A great infield play was made in the 4th inning by Short Stop William Baltrusiunas, who threw a zinger to Connor Denbak at first base. Special mention to a few batters in the game Nicholas Fraraccio, Carly Elchich, Aiden MacRae, Connor and Nathan Denbak who helped pull off the win. The Mosquito Studio 20 Pythons fell behind in the 1st inning in Beamsville, but they cued up their bats and delivered a string of base hits that kept their runners moving. A beautiful play from Evan Kernaghan & Sarah Saldutto for an out at 1st kept the Pythons in the lead. Some heavy hitting highlighted the middle innings. Dan Durkin opened the 3rd inning with a monster hit to the fence, and completed the home run in dramatic fashion. Doubles followed from Ayden Janas, Andrew Avolio, Sarah Saldutto (her 2nd of the game!), and Devin Stukel. Durkin added a triple, Malyssa Cimato hit a 2 RBI single, and Anasofia Vargas just missed out on a double. Infield pop-up flies were pocketed by Evan Kernaghan and Sammy

Ugulini, and Kernaghan rushed the 1st baseline to tag the runner for another out. Catcher Sammy Ugulini was outstanding in the 5th inning, catching a high foul tip and tagging a runner heading to the plate for 2 outs in the inning. Sarah Saldutto’s out at 1st base ended the 6th inning and secured the victory for the Pythons. The Pelham Peewee Meridian Credit Union Reds travelled to St. Catharines to continue their winning streak only to be defeated in the final inning by one run. Pitcher Scott Hooper recorded nine strikeouts while on the mound. In the second inning a double by Charlie deVries into the gap was followed by a steal of third and home.  The following night, the Red’s hosted the Welland team and held them off to win.  Pitcher Charlie deVries had two strikeouts.  A great pick up by deVries on the mound got the batter out at first, and an overthrow at first saw the Welland runner head to second but quick action by Ben Klassen tossed a bullet to second to deny the runner.  Matthew Leppert singled up the middle to advance Ben Klassen to third.  Ryan

Dykstra and Brock Pellow doubled. Ryan Dykstra pitched the next two innings and recorded three strikeouts.  An amazing catch was made by Ben Klassen to snag a high fly ball.  In the last inning, amazing heat was thrown by pitcher Josh George to record three strikeouts and a quick glove to snag a ball hit right back to him ended the inning and gave the Reds the win. The Pelham Bantam team, sponsored by Five by Five Design Studio travelled to Beamsville on Monday and hung on for a 11 to 10 victory. Matt Mann finished off the game, taking over from Graeme Ciccarelli who pitched two solid innings. Pelham came back from 3 runs down, took the lead in the third and held on. Owen Gallagher chipped in with a run scoring double and a great slide at home, Alex DiPaola, Braedon Bachur, Jordan Pisano and Zach Otto each had singles that brought in runs. The Lafarge Rookie Ball Blue Jays took an 18-15 final decision against Welland, as both the batting and fielding came together. Focusing on the lead runners, Kelsie Dyson threw out a player

at third and shortstop. Ethan Wells got a force out on second, and Nolan Killeen ran down a difficult fly ball. Alexander Rubino and Wyatt Gibson, ever reliable at bat, each added to their RBI count with doubles to the outfield. After recording his first home run, Cole Slingerland was welcomed at the plate by a crowd of his screaming teammates! Cole also recorded the final out of the game and shut down a come back rally when he caught a foul ball at home plate. The bats did all of the work for Lafarge in a 20-0 final against Beamsville. Maya Oakes had a personal best game, recording 3 base hits and several RBIs. Michael Dyson and Ben Iannizzi followed up solid hits with smart base running. As a first year Rookie Ball player, Simon Killeen shows incredible determination at bat, which paid off with several base hits and an RBI. In a very exciting play, Lucas Slingerland threw out a potential run at home, keeping the game at a shut out. Thanks to injured player, Brendan Veenstra, for coming out to cheer on your team!

THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, July 18, 2012 Page  2012 TRILLIUM AWARD ENTRY FORM Property to be judged


Property Owner: _____________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________ Postal Code: _______________ Ph (h): ____________ (w)___________ Category Entered:____________________________________________ Category Number (please ):          Entered by (please circle):



If property entered by nominator please complete the following: Name of Nominator: _________________________________________ Ph (h): ______________________________________________________ PTA President [aka ‘master chef’] Yann Marais serves up a hot dog to club member Dot Wismer of Welland. Around fifty members enjoyed the summer social recently at Centennial Park, Fenwick. The social was hosted by the PTA executive. After the delicious eats there was plenty of tennis to be played! Check us out at www.pelham /Special to the Voice

Please return all completed forms to: COMMUNITIES IN BLOOM COMMITTEE c/o Town of Pelham 20 Pelham Town Square, Box 400 Fonthill, ON L0S 1E0 Fax: 905-892-5055

**Winners that have received first prize in the past may not reenter the same category for two consecutive years following their win**




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Page 10 THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Council goes for four way stops at two intersections BY SARAH MURRELL VOICE Staff Pelham will be getting two more allway stop intersections, despite the recommendations against them from staff. At the Monday, July 16 council meeting two reports were presented to councillors regarding the request for four-way stops at Quaker Road, Line Avenue and Claire Avenue and at Sawmill Road and Centre Street. Based on traffic counts and accident

histories neither location warranted an all-way stop based on provincial criteria. At Quaker, Line and Claire the nine accidents that have happened in the past four years have all been as a result of a north-bound car not yeilding to traffic on Quaker Road. Councillor Richard Rybiak said that information tells him drivers believe this intersection is a four-way stop and expect that all cars will stop so they “stop and go”. Councillor John Durley agreed with his colleague, noting there are four-way stops all around that area and drivers

likely assume this intersection is the same. Councillor Gary Accursi said his concern was one of liability, but agreed the intersection should be a four-way stop. At Sawmill Road and Centre Street staff recommended increasing the speed limit to 60 km/h and signing it as such. Rybiak said he didn’t understand how a concern for safety at the corner and a call for a four-way stop could result in an increase in speed, noting he would like to see the four-way stop there as well. “I’m looking for common sense,” said

Councillor Durley, noting the staff report and “science’ didn’t convince him what the warrants say will resolve the issue. One of the issues with the intersection is that the rural road does not have posted speed limit signs, which puts the speed limit at 50km/h. Councillors felt without signage many drivers would assume the speed limit to be higher on the rural road. After much discussion, councillors decided to put four-way stops at both intersections and add speed limit signs of 50 km/h on Sawmill Road.




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THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, July 18, 2012 Page 11

CLASSIFIEDS COMMUNITY CALENDAR ONGOING • Mondays at 7 p.m. Sing Niagara Women’s A Cappella Chorus at Paroisse Immaculee Conception Church, 99 Garner St, St. Catharines. Call 905-8921640 or visit www.singniagara. com. •Tuesdays 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. SPAN (Single Professional Association of Niagara) meets at Bailey’s 111 Highway 20 East Fonthill - for info: Janine 905688-4358 •Tuesdays 7:30 p.m. A Cappella Niagara Men’s Chorus invites singers for fun, fellowship, and fabulous 4-part harmony. Meets at St. John Ambulance, 5734 Glenholme Ave., Niagara Falls. Info: Bob 892-2336 • Wednesdays - 1st & 3rd of the each month, at 2 p.m. Pelham Community Church Worship Service, 461 Canboro Rd, Fenwick. •Thursdays (first Thursday of every month) 1:30 p.m. to p.m. SOS (Survivors of Stroke), a welcoming and caring environment to meet other survivors of stroke and caregivers and exchange and receive information in a friendly and social environment. Everyone is welcome. Info call Ann 905-892-1621 • Fridays at 7:30 p.m. - Euchre at North Pelham Youth Hall, 1718 Maple St. $3 admission. Call Rose for info: 905-8923408. •Saturdays, 2 to 4:30 p.m. Bingo at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 613 Fonthill, 141 Regional Road 20. •GET GAME. If you’re 55 and older and are finding yourself more bored and isolated with time, the Ontario Senior Games Association (OSGA) has the answer. Get game. Whether you like card games, lawn bowling, horseshoes or active sports like tennis or hockey, join the OSGA for fellowship, friendly competition and a more active lifestyle. Info www. • Meals on Wheels. Availabe for Seniors and Adults with Disabilites in Pelham. Hot or Frozen Meal options, delivered Monday to Friday. Volunteers also needed. Contact Melissa 905-788-3181 ext. 25. Interested in singing with the Robert Wood Singers? We inivte you to join us this September as we start the 2012 season. We are a choir that sings a wide varity of music and welcome soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices. Please contact Barb Snopek at 905-735-6425 or at to arrange details. Volunteers Needed in Fonthill, Fenwick, Ridgeville. Community Support Services of Niagara offers programs and services

that allow seniors to live in their own homes independently. CSSN is currently recruiting volunteers for the Meals on Wheels program, Friendly Visiting program and also requires volunteer drivers to take seniors to appointments. Offer flexible hours and mileage reimbursement. Call Laura Dumas at 905-788-3181 ext. 27 or email Thursday, July 19, 2012 • 1 p.m. Just Imagine...What you can make with recycled jeans. Materials provided. $4 Ages 6+. Pelham Public LIbrary. Saturday, July 21, 2012 • 11 a.m. to 4p.m. Summerfest 3 on 3 Road Hockey Tournament by Pelham Minor Hockey. Registration 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Each team requires three players and one goalie. Ages 5 to 10. Sticks and balls are provided, must bring own helmet, with face mask, and gloves. Info 905-8928784 or 905-892-1754. Monday, July 23, 2012 • 6 p.m. Pelham Horticultural Society Members’ Summer Potluck Picnic at 7 Linwood Dr. Welland. Bring a lawnchair, place setting and dish to share. Tuesday, July 24, 2012 • 1 p.m. Mad Science Alchemist School Unseen Forces. Ages 6-12. $4. Pelham Public Library. • 10 a.m Just Imagine...If you were Crafty Chloe. Based on best-selling picture book. $4 ages 6+. Pelham Public LIbrary. Wednesday, July 25, 2012 • 1 p.m. Just imagine....What you can create with a rock. You may bring a special rock or one will be provided. $4. Ages 6+. Pelham Public LIbrary. Tuesday, July 31, 2012 • 1 p.m. Just Imagine...If you were Spiderman. $4 Ages 6+ Pelham Public LIbrary. Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2012 • 1 p.m. Castlemoon Theatre presents The Snail and The Whale. Experience the wonder of the world from the sea and help the snail save the whale in this puppetry workshop. Each child will make a snail puppet. $4 Pelham Public Library, Fonthill branch. • 11 a.m. Just Imagine... you were a character from Star Wars. Come dressed as your favourite Jedi or other character. $4. Ages 6+ Pelham Public Library. Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012 • 1 p.m. Just were in a fairy tale. Stumble into the world of happily ever after. $4. Ages 6+ Pelham Public Library. Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2012 • 1 p.m. Mad Science Alchemist School Potions. Combine ordinary and exotic ingredients to make crazy potions. Ages

6-12. $4. Particpants will take home “slime”. Pelham Public Library. Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012 • 1 p.m. Just Imagine... Everything you can make with buttons. Create your very won work of art. The Button Tree. Maple Acre Branch. $4 per person, for ages 6 and up. Friday, Aug. 17, 2012 • 12 p.m. TD Summer Reading Club BBQ day. Musician and former Fonthill resident Mikey V to perform. Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2012 • 1 p.m. Mad Science Alchemist School Mythical Creatures. Introduce yourself to amazing animals and automatons. Make your own take-home animated automaton. Ages 6 to 12. $4. Pelham Public Library. Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2012 • 1 p.m. Mad Science Alchemist School Sea Life. Learn about the Ocean’s many mysteries. The Anaglyph sea puzzle let s you dive in and take the ocean home. Ages 6-12. $4 Pelham Public Library.

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Pamerleau-Krah - Denis and Jennifer are pleased to announce the safe arrival of their baby girl, Capreece Barbara, on June 8, 2012 weighing healthy 9lbs 5 oz. Proud grandparents are Winston and Jodi Krah of Fonthill and Guy and Gisele Pamerleau of Welland. Thanks to Dr. Bedkowski, Dr. Pandey and the staff at the St. Catharines General Hospital.




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The North Pelham Cemetery Board has submitted by-laws to the Registrar of the Cemeteries Act (Revised). Any interested parties may contact Janice Aulph at 905-892-5244 for information or to make copies. These by-laws are subject to the approval of the Registrar, Cemeteries Act (Revised).

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Page 12 THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Transit without taxes BY SARAH MURRELL VOICE Staff

The Pelham Art Association held its final meeting of the summer recently at the Fonthill Branch of the Pelham Library. Guest artist Jim Kerr of Niagara Falls challenged members to a ‘ painting match’. Jim vs the PAA membership. The rules: one reference photograph, one colour pallette of acrylic paints, one paint brush each, no pencils, no drawing, two exact canvases. Jim paints the one canvas and various PAA members take turns painting the other -well,fortunately, one brave person picked up the gauntlet - member and Artist Diana Hinman of Wainfleet. The result - an educational evening watching two creative minds at work. /Special to the Voice

A transit system that connects all of Pelham, brings people to major community events like Summerfest, and doesn’t cost the municipality a cent of taxpayer money. It’s what Darren Parberry, president of Metis Transportation is offering the Town of Pelham. Parberry was at council on July 16 to pitch his transportation system, telling council a full transit system can be done in Pelham effectively. “You’ve got a big event in a couple of days, how do you get people there,” he asked, saying Metis Transit creates mobility. Revenue, he explained, is based on 50 per cent fares and 50 per cent advertising. Advertising, he said, would be on the bus, inside the bus, on shelters and benches, adding Metis Transit takes care of the shelters and benches and even lighting if it is necessary. He also noted shelters, lights and even the buses will have solar panels to power lights.

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The system, he said, would be “as green as possible.” It would also be 100 per cent accessible, said Parberry. Calling it “communitybased” transit, Parberry says before service begins Metis Transit would survey the community to determine the needs and to provide information for planning routes. He also noted the company accepts feedback on a regular basis and can change or adjust routes to ensure the system is successful. Parberry said Metis Transit would also hold community days, which would help collect food during food drives or raise funds for charitable organizations. “It’s all about the community,” he said. “Aboriginal people have been providing public transportation for 200 years,” said Parberry of the aboriginal-owned company. “We’re bringing it from the canoe to the bus.” Councillor Richard Rybiak qualified information Parberry provided that his company is working with the County of Peterborogh. Parberry explained they are in the finishing stages with several of the communities with

Peterborough County but not the city of Peterborough. “Are you operational,” asked Rybiak. “Buses no, canoes yes,” said Parberry. Councillor John Durley asked for clarification on Parberry’s claim the system would be at no cost to he taxpayer, noting in the presentation material provided it says “at almost no cost.” Parberry explained for Pelham it would be at no cost to the municipality or taxpayer. The “almost” no cost is for municipalities with a transit system in place. Councillor Peter Papp, who has long been involved with transit in Pelham and the Region, asked Parberry if he was aware of the Region’s transit system pilot and asked how his transit system would connect. Parberry said he plans to make his presentation to the Region and has already presented to two sub committees of Regional Council. The system, he added, would begin in Pelham and grow from here. Council voted to receive the information presented by Parberry but did not discuss accepting the service or providing Parberry with the letter of support he asked for.

Food Needed

The food shelves at Pelham Cares, which local famlies rely on to fill their kitchen cupboards and feed their families, are getting pretty low this summer, says Client Services Coordinator Betty Brown. Donations of food, and cash, are always welcome and don’t need to be part of an organized food drive. To make a donation, drop off non-perishable food items to 124 Regional Road 20 East in Fonthill (next to McDonalds). Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to noon. For information call 905-892-5300 visit www. or email

Items Most Urgently Needed

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