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Changing bylaws BY SARAH MURRELL VOICE Staff Bylaw enforcement in the Town of Pelham is getting a makeover, starting with putting bylaw services under the management of Fire Chief Bob Lymburner.

“I think the perception that bylaw services was broken or that something was seriously wrong, I don’t think that’s the case,” said Lymburner. The change, he added, is simply to fit with the vision and direction the Town See EDUCATION/page 2

Canada AM here BY SARAH MURRELL VOICE Staff Canada AM, the nation’s morning show, is about to become Crossley AM. On Tuesday, Jan. 29 the winners of the Aviva Community Fund grant will be announced - live on Canada AM, which will be filming a remote broadcast from the local high school. One of the finalists for the Aviva Community Fund is the Riehl Skate Park, an idea presented by E.L. Crossley students after the death of Isaac Riehl in a skateboarding accident in October of 2012. The idea was to honour their friend’s memory and also to create a park where local youth can skate safely. School Principal Ed Goerzen says the entire community will be on pins and needles waiting to hear the results on Jan. 29. “No matter how the results turn out, I want to say how proud we are of the students who have worked so hard to create a fitting

tribute to Isaac Riehl’s memory,” says Goerzen. The community is invited to be part of Tuesday’s grand finale in the Aviva Fund contest. Mayor Dave Augustyn is hoping the day’s morning program, which airs from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., will become a celebration of Crossley, of Pelham and of Community. “I am thrilled that Canada AM will broadcast live from E.L. Crossley,” says Augustyn. “Council and I encourage the entire community to attend the event so that we can showcase Pelham as the most vibrant, creative, and caring community in Niagara.” He’s hopeful as well the fact that the remote is being shot in Pelham, at Crossley, means this community will receive some of the millions in Aviva Community Funding being announced live on that day’s Canada AM program. While plans for the three hour program, which will only include a few short moments of live television, aren’t finalized yet, updates are offered on the town’s website, at

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

An outstanding Jr. citizen BY SARAH MURRELL VOICE Staff

“I feel very accomplished to be nominated,” says Regan Glen after receiving her Ontario Community Newspaper Association (OCNA) Junior Citizen of the Year Award nomination certificate. With Regan, however, the nomination isn’t the only thing that should make her feel accomplished. The young woman is accomplished in her own right. “Regan Glen is an exceptional young woman who maintains a standard of excellence in her academics while also being active in sports and her community,” wrote Martin Triano, Regan’s Grade 7 teacher, in nominating her for the provincial award. Regan’s involvement in the community includes volunteering at the Pelham Public Library with younger children in the reading buddy program; is an active participant in the Pelham Cares food drive for the past five years; participated in the Community Cleanup initiative; helps a neighbour rake leaves and shovel snow; and volunteers at Pelham’s Annual Soccerfest. A Grade 10 student at E.L. Crossley, Regan has also volunteered at her former elementary school, A.K. Wigg, as an assistant coach and as a volunteer at school fundraising events. Regan also volunteered at the Mondelez International

DIRECT ENERGY’s Jeff English (left) and TD Canada Trust branch manager in Fonthill Joe Giacomelli, were helped by Mayor Dave Augustyn in presenting Regan Glen with a certificate of nomination in the Ontario Community Newspaper Association (OCNA) Junior Citizen of the Year Award. The award is sponsored by Direct Energy and TD Canada Trust and supported by member newspapers, including The Voice of Pelham. Sarah Murrell/Voice Photo

United Way Campaign in 2012. “I like working with kids. It’s great. I like to help out when I can,” says Regan in explaining why she is so involved, noting her part-time job is also at the library. In a quiet voice, demonstrative of the “quiet leadership style” described in her nomination, Regan said it feels amazing to be nominated and she’s very pleased. She also noted she’s very happy Triano nominated her, adding “he was a great teacher.” Mayor Dave Augustyn, on hand for the certificate presentation, offered his congratulations to Regan and thanked her for her “tremendous involvement” in the community.

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The award, presented by the OCNA and member newspapers, including The Voice, is sponsored by TD Canada Trust and Direct Energy. Winners of the 12 Junior Citizen of the Year awards will be announced Jan. 25. “TD is a proud sponsor of the Junior Citizen of the Year Award and we are very happy to have Regan as Pelham’s nominee,” said Joe Giacomelli, TD Canada Trust branch manager in Fonthill. “Regan represents the true meaning of this award and continues to exemplify what it means to be a “good kid” through her work in the community and with a number of different charities. Congratulations to Regan and we wish her the best of luck on January 25th.”

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Page  THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Education to be new focus of bylaws

Continued from page 1

wants to take. While Lymburner says he can’t, and won’t, wave a magic wand and make bylaw enforcement a wonderful thing, he does have plans to make it much more customer friendly. “The vision of the town is to provide exceptional customer service, in every department,” said Lymburner. The main focus, he said, will be education. “He will be working with the new bylaw enforcement officer, a position the town recently advertised is vacant, to develop and implement some education ideas. “We’re obligated to let the citizens know what they can and can’t do,” he said. A second big change being

implemented by the chief is the rewrite of the bylaw work step process, changing the way in which complaints and requests are processed by the town. People will now have to attend Fire Station #1, where the new bylaw officer’s office will be located, and will be required to fill out a written form. Staff will review the form and do an assessment then work toward a resolution. “Definitely, most definitely, I would like to reduce the domestic complaints,” said Lymburner, referring to complaints made simply because a resident is upset with a neighbour. “I’m not sure how,” said Lymburner, but said one of his goals is to reduce those complaints made simply as

leverage in a dispute. Lymburner noted the new bylaw officer being hired will have the skills and knowledge to work with bylaws but will also have “exceptional people skills” and will be able to work with people. That person will also be in a formal uniform, driving a townidentified vehicle, to ensure they are easily recognizable as a town employee. CAO Darren Ottaway confirmed Heather Stones, the previous bylaw enforcement officer, is no longer employed by the town but would not offer any other details. The new bylaw officer being hired is a replacement and not an additional staff person, he added. Lymburner said he’s also been working with the provincial offences ticket writer, noting

he hopes to have that person knocking on doors and asking people to move vehicles before writing tickets, but said while he’s willing to give some slack, residents need to do the same. “We’ve got to work together,” he said. He also pointed out that while cars won’t be ticketed when parked overnight on a warm night, if the snow plowers are on the road so too will the parking officer, writing tickets. “In my view, enforcement is last. We have to try everything else first, education, informing, teaching, training,” said Lymburner. “I’m really confident we’ll be able to make the changes necessary for what the town needs and what our leaders expect,” he said.


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Changes okay’d BY SARAH MURRELL VOICE Staff Changes to the way complaints are handled by Bylaw enforcement personnel were approved by council Monday night during the Priorities and Policy meeting, giving the town’s bylaw enforcement system a new focus on education and communication. “I like what I see, it makes a lot of sense,” said Councillor Gary Accursi, asking if the new work step policy was based on best practices in other communities. Fire Chief Bob Lymburner, who is now in charge of Bylaw Services, explained he talked to other communities about bylaw enforcement, adding the ones that are being very successful in dealing with bylaws have a similar procedure in place. Lymburner also explained the risk assessment system he has included in the procedure, which will allow staff to gauge whether a complaint is a serious hazard which presents an imminent danger or a minor issue that can be dealt with in a less urgent manner. Lymburner said the same type of complaint could get two very different risk assessment numbers, using the noxious weed, giant hogweed, as an example. The potentially harmful plant found growing in someone’s back field poses little danger and would

have a lower risk than the plant found growing in a park where children play, said Lymburner. “We have to be able to sit down and decide how fast to try to resolve it and it minimizes our liability when we it,” he said of the risk assessment. Lymburner said it should also deter people from making frivolous complaints. “This is what I had in mind during the discussion the last few months,” said Mayor Dave Augustyn of the new procedure. “It follows up on the idea of services as opposed to enforcement, working together with community. I really appreciate it.” “From a common sense point of view this is the way to go,” added the mayor. CAO Darren Ottaway pointed out one of the biggest irritants for residents was unnanounced visits, without permission. That won’t happen anymore, he said, noting bylaw staff will set up an appointment to make the first contact regarding a complaint. “Communication is key, on both sides,” added Lymburner. Councillor John Durley said he thinks in six months the town will see some positive changes from this initiative. Councillors seemed to agree, voting unanimously in favour of the new step procedure. Before it is in place the procedure needs to be ratified by council, on Feb. 4.

Page  THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mayor and CAO talk about the future BY SARAH MURRELL VOICE Staff Pelham CAO Darren Ottaway and Mayor Dave Augustyn sat down with the Voice recently to chat about 2012 and what’s coming for Pelham in 2013. Ottaway, who hasn’t yet worked in Pelham for a full year, and Augustyn showed a synergy in their leadership of the town, agreeing on the big accomplishments in 2012 and the big projects coming in 2013. While it may not be obvious to many residents, internal reorganization, policy review and the hiring of two top managers, were the big accomplishments for the town in 2012, said Mayor Dave Augustyn. “The Town did deal with some internal issues,” said Augustyn. “Last year was a lot of getting our ducks in a row and reorganzing to meet our strategic plan.” While for the public that work may be behind the scenes, Augustyn says it laid the groundwork for 2013 and beyond. Augustyn also said the approval of the town’s new Official Plan (OP) and the East Fonthill Secondary Plan, which will allow development of the 450 acres along Rice Road to be developed,

was also a big accomplishment in 2012. Ottaway said for him the East Fonthill Secondary Plan was the big accomplishment of the year and has the “highest impact moving forward” for Pelham. “I had little to do with it,” said Ottaway of the plan that has taken a decade to complete, but went on to say without the plan in place East Fonthill would not move forward and the town wouldn’t grow. “To me it’s pretty significant,” he says. Personally and professionally, both men say the implementation of the creative problem solving method had the biggest impact. “When I started the concept of being innovative in municipal government wasn’t thought of,” said Ottaway, explaining the creative problem solving method, or “How might we?”, has been very successful and it is thrilling to see the entire Pelham team, staff and council, embrace the methodology and come up with innovative ideas and solutions. “I’m looking forward to a lot of things in 2013,” said Ottawa, noting the Fenwick revitalization is at the top of the list. “It’s very, very exciting. I’m looking forward to working with the community.” As a municipal manager,

Ottaway says the technological changes being made this year are also exciting, explaining a new website that is not only pretty but allows residents to register online for programs or request service (and track it), along with a new financial management system and voice over internet phone system will increase functionality at town buildings and improve service to the public.

The East Fonthill development, he said, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. For a municipality to have so much land to develop, which will include retail and residential space, is unheard of in Ontario, so he’s very excited about that development getting underway. For the mayor, East Fonthill is also very exciting as council continues to guide the

development and decide how to handle the town-owned land within the East Fonthill area. Augustyn said, however, his goal for 2013 is recreation, culture and wellness. “We need to make a decision on recreation,” said Augustyn. “I want 2013 to be the year we work with the public to make decisions and begin to work.” As for a new year’s resolution for

the town, Ottaway simply points to Pelham’s vision statement, “The most vibrant, creative and caring community in Niagara.” “I think that’s a good resolution,” he said. “It’s a great vision and a great resolution,” said Augustyn, adding the embodiment of the vision statement is where it becomes a resolution.

Deadline this Friday, January 25th

Local man faces The Dragons, episode airs Sunday, Jan 27 BY SARAH MURRELL VOICE Staff Fonthill resident Scott MacRae has faced the dragons, and lived to tell the tale. The long-time entrepreneur auditioned for Dragon’s Den, the Canadian business pitch show that has hopeful entrepreneurs selling their ideas to a team of Canada’s business moguls, last year. MacRae’s idea, that should eliminate the universally despised Styrofoam packaging peanuts, was accepted for the show and he was invited to the Den to film an episode. The product, Paper Nuts, are a new packaging product made

from craft paper and are therefore completely green. “You can put them in your garden, you can use them as kindling,” says MacRae, “You can do anything with them.” The green initiatives, and the chance to rid the world of traditional packing peanuts, which McRae says take 50,000 years to break down in land fills, were why he jumped at the chance to buy the world-wide rights to the product when he saw it. McRae, who has a background in telecommunications, was working for various governments vetting business ideas when he saw paper nuts in Finland. “When I saw it I wanted to bring this one in personally,” he says,

which he did. For the past two years “and change” McRae has been developing the product here in Niagara, explaining he has developed new manufacturing processes and new machines as well as delivery systems, so Paper Nuts is not only doing good environmentally, the company is creating jobs here in Niagara. Calling packaging a “horrible thing” for the environment, McRae says any company shipping with Paper Nuts has already done their part for the environment simply by choosing the all natural, compostable product. “It’s a far superior product than anything that’s out there,” for packaging, he says.

While MacRae can’t say how the Dragons received his pitch until after the show airs, he said the experience was pretty good. “It was pretty fun, it was kind of surreal, it’s not something you do every day,” he said, adding he got to meet Canada’s business moguls, the Dragons Jim Treliving, Kevin O’Leary, Arlene Dickinson, Bruce Croxon, and David Chilton. “At the end they said it was a good pitch,” said MacRae. “I wish I could tell you more.” To find out just how MacRae faired in the Den, watch Sunday, Jan. 27 at 8 p.m. on CBC. And, if you have a great idea of your own, this year auditions will be held in Niagara Falls on Jan. 31.

PaperNuts president Scott MacRae, President (left), Joanne Secord, Vice President of Distribution and Brent Selvig, Manufacturer, on the set of The Dragon’s Den. The episode the local company is in airs this Sunday, Jan. 27 at 8 p.m. /Special to the Voice For more on Paper Nuts, visit

Page 4 THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, January 23, 2013



Congrats to Pelham’s Jr. Citizen nominee

From The Heart of Niagara

Each year the Ontario Community Newspaper Association (OCNA), of which The Voice is a member, presents 12 deserving young people with the Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year Award. Before the 12 winners are announced, however, the OCNA requests that the local community newspaper staff present the certificates of nomination to the many young people nominated each year. Here in Pelham I’ve always made the presentation at Town Council. It offers a somewhat formal and public setting for the presentation, allows the recipient to be recognized publicly and gives the sponsors, TD Canada Trust and Direct Energy, a little free press.

of Pelham

209 Highway 20 East at Rice Road (inside Birchley Place) Office: Mon-Fri - 9am-3pm Fonthill, ON, L0S 1E6 phone: 905-892-8690 fax: 905-892-0823 Sarah Murrell, Editor Warren Mason, Advertising Liz Hayden, Graphics Leslie Chiappetta, Office Manager The Voice is independant, locally owned and operated. The Voice is a member of:

It also gives me the opportunity to say a few words about the quality of our young people and Pelham’s volunteers and give The Voice a little free press of its own. This year our recipient was unable to attend the last council meeting before the winners were announced so we scheduled the presentation in a more intimate setting, at the local TD Canada Trust branch. Since I didn’t get to give my annual speech there, here it is now, or at least a print version of what I likely would have said. One of the things I love about my job and working in a small community is the opportunity to meet a vast and diverse number of people, talk with them, learn their stories and then pass those stories on to you.

In Pelham I’ve met some truly amazing, wonderful, talented and generous people and that is what makes this particular job and community so rewarding. Many of those people are young people. Kids who at age 15 or 16 are doing more for their communities than some adults ever will. The kids in Pelham seem to be pretty amazing when it comes to volunteerism. One of those generous people is 15-year-old Regan Glen. The Grade 10 student has been nominated for the Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year Award, and reading over her nomination I can tell you it’s very deserving. (I won’t bore you with the details of her work here, as I would have at council, because her story appears on page 1 of this issue).

As the editor of The Voice of Pelham, a member of the OCNA and therefore a proud supporter of the Junior Citizen of the Year Award, I’m proud to say I’ve handed out nomination certificates in almost all my 12 years here and celebrated a handful of Junior Citizen winners. It demonstrates the quality of the young people we have in Pelham, which is a reflection of their parents, their schooling, and their personal character, but also of Pelham - the most vibrant, creative and caring community in Niagara - or even the world. I want to congratulate Regan, a truly wonderful young woman I was honoured to meet. With her quiet, calm demeanor I can seewhy she is so popular with the kids at the library and why

everyone she works with thinks so highly of her. In my mind she’s already a Citizen of the Year - we’ll find out if the OCNA sees it too on Jan. 25.

Sarah Murrell MY VOICE


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Letters to the Editor are welcome provided the submission contains the writer’s full name, signature, address and telephone number. Names only will be published. Names will not be withheld. The newspaper reserves the right to change, condense or reject any contribution for brevity or legal purposes. All Material in this publication is protected by copyright. Reproduction is prohibited without express, written permission of the publisher. Advertising: The VOICE of Pelham regrets any errors that appear in advertisements in this newspaper, however, we will not be held responsible for more than one incorrect insertion or for any damages beyond the amount of space which contains the error.

Site alteration vigilance

The council in West Lincoln was wise enough to listen to their residents and toss out the their version of the controversial Site Alteration Bylaw, but Pelham just keeps on plodding ahead, determined to have their way, in spite of or maybe because of their residents’ objections. And Pelham is not an isolated incident. The City of Welland just sent out copies of their 2013 calendar. This calendar has pertinent information on both front and back. Under Spring it states “Drainage Issues, planning to do some landscaping work in the near future? Sometimes the installation of flower beds, adding or removing fill or other changes in your yard could be in violation of the City of Welland, Site Alteration Bylaw.” And it has also come to our attention that in accordance with this bylaw, another Niagara

Council was considering making their residents get a permit to plant a vegetable garden. Remember, this involves expensive permits and fees and in our cash strapped economy this is manna from heaven to our municipal officials. If any of you have been following the Wind Turbine fiasco in West Lincoln, you know about the sheer number of residents that attend each and every council meeting and are very vocal in defending their rights. Of course, West Lincoln favours open meetings that give everyone the opportunity to let their concerns be heard. Much different than Pelham, from whom you have to have permission in advance before you can address council. Let’s take a leaf out of their book and pack council chambers and defend our right to the use and enjoyment of our property without big brother looking over

our shoulder and charging us for any changes we want to make. All of our requests for an open public meeting to debate this issue have been ignored. Please plan to attend each and every Council Meeting until this is resolved. Even if your voice isn’t heard, your presence will be noted. Remember we are supposed to be living in a democracy, but every infringement of our rights by any form of the government, takes us one step closer to living in a socialistic society. Is this the legacy you want for your children? Think about it. Wayne and Lorraine Patterson Fenwick

Hunt alternatives

“The good man is the friend of all living things.” Mahatma Gandhi. Regarding the letter to the editor written by Chuck Jansen, a tender fruit grower who publicly admits that he has been outwitted by deer and his solution is kill. If they should dare do what nature tells them to do to eat to survive and when food is staring you in the face then they should ignore and go search elsewhere. The earth is populated by 7 billion people, 7 billion! Just imagine the damage and destruction man has made to this earth. Why we have taken over

the deer’s living space. But that is okay, because we are selfish, demanding mankind. If they do not fit then kill them. Mr. Jansen could you not invest some cash, talk to some experts? I am not a fruit grower but I could think of a few solutions right off without resorting to killing. Just wait until the extra 500 houses are built on present farmlands and forests around Rice Road area and you might just end up with even more deer. That is the time the guns will really have to come out. Sad and depressing in 2013. Faye Suthons Wainfleet

Page  THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Pelham staff place second in video contest While Pelham’s lifeguards are serious and vigilant about the safety of swimmers at the public pool, they also have a fun-loving, musical side as well. The Town’s aquatic staff showed off that musical side this summer by creating a video promoting a water safety tip. The video, sung to the lyrics of The Whistle Song by Flo Rida, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen, The Motto by Drake, and You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift, earned the lifegaurds a secondplace finish in the 2012 Lifesaving Society’s (LSS) Lifesaving Shorts Contest. “We had to create a video that promoted one of the LSS’s Water Smart tips,” explained Andrea Mannell, who submitted the video. “Always swim with a buddy seemed like an appropriate message for our facility to

promote,” she said, explaining in order to swim alone at the Pelham pool, without a parent or guardian at the pool, swimmers must be 10 years old. “Even though they can come swimming alone once they are 10, we still encourage them to come swimming with a buddy,” said Mannell. “While they’re swimming in our pool we have very vigilant lifeguards on duty so if a swimmer was ever in distress we’d notice right away. However, that’s certainly not the case at all pools or beaches, so we feel that never going swimming alone, regardless of your age or if there is a lifeguard on duty, is a great Water Smart message to promote.” The Pelham lifegaurds entered the contest in 2011 and won an honourable mention that year so the group was excited to enter this year, said Mannell.

“We love playing music at the pool because it just gives off such a fun vibe for our patrons, so I think that making musical videos really shows how fun-loving our staff are acting instead of singing seems too dramatic for us,” said Mannell on why the group chose music videos. “We have been really fortunate because Chris Russell, one of our Instructors and Swim Team Coaches, has access to a great video camera and is very skilled at editing videos on his computer. Chris does make a brief appearance in the video, however much of his contribution was from behind the scenes and we definitely couldn’t have done it without his expertise!” Mannell adds making the video was really a fun bonding and team-building experience for the staff.

“We’re all really great friends, so we enjoy doing fun things like this together.” The summer-long process to make the video included choosing the songs, rewriting the lyrics to fit the message, singing the songs and filming and editing the video. Mannell says the group couldn’t believe they’d placed second this year and are very excited that their video has been posted on the LIfesaving Society’s facebook page so more people can view the video. “As much as being recognized by the Lifesaving Society is nice, creating these videos are also a great way to promote Water Smart messages and also a great memory for our staff to have,” said Mannell. “I think the videos are really representative of what the Pelham Pool is all about, having fun while being Water Smart!”

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9 am - 10 am Everyone welcome! For more information please contact 905-892-2607 ext 341 Town of Pelham Public Library • Introduction to Blogging Stay connected to friends and family, share personal thoughts and beliefs, market your business or service and be creative through blogging. This seminar will teach you how to set up a personal blog. Some laptops available bring your own if possible. Sat. Jan. 26 (10 am-12 pm). $5.00. Register ahead. • Financial Bucket List A bit of forward thinking can go a long way! This seminar takes an interactive approach in developing your own personal “Financial Bucket List.” Great for individuals age 40 and up! Avoid future surprises and be prepared for your possible 30 years of retirement! Tues. Jan. 29. 2 -3:30 p.m. or 6 -7:30 p.m. Free. Please register ahead. • Intro to Web Site Design Learn to create a personal web site to share your thoughts, artwork, hobbies; advertise and promote your business, etc. Bring your laptop

if possible. Laptops available on site. Register ahead as space is limited. Feb. 2 from 10-12. $5. Please register ahead. • Author Bryan Prince Bryan and Shannon Prince are among the most sought after speakers on the Underground Railroad circuit - Bryan, with his historical expertise, and Shannon, as the curator of the Buxton Historical Site and Museum. Bryan Prince is an awardwinning author, renown historian, accomplished lecturer, and farmer in Buxton, Ontario. As a descendent of slaves who came to Canada prior to the American Civil War, Bryan has a profound interest in the history of slavery and the Underground Railroad – particularly in the Canadian involvement. His work includes I Came as a Stranger, A Shadow On The Household, One More River To Cross, and A Thousand Miles to Freedom (television documentary) Bryan was the historical consultant for the PBS television documentary Underground Railroad: The William Still Story. Tues., Feb. 5 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets: $8.00.


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The Corporation of the

TOWN OF PELHAM REQUEST FOR QUOTATION Project No. 2012-43 TRADESPEOPLE SERVICES ROSTER The Town of Pelham is seeking to create a roster of tradespeople that will form an official agreement to provide services to the Town and Facilities and locations with the Town Limits. PROPOSAL DOCUMENTS: Specifications and submission requirements may be obtained from the Town of Pelham Web Site at www. or from the Corporate Services Department at the Pelham Municipal Building, 20 Pelham Town Square, Fonthill, Ontario during regular business hours. CLOSING TIME: Sealed proposals will be received until 4:00 p.m. local time on Friday February 15th, 2013 The lowest OR any submission not necessarily accepted. GENERAL INFORMATION • Removal of Snow and Ice From Sidewalks Please be reminded By-law No. 3164 (2011) requires that, after the effective end of any winter precipitation event, the owner or occupant of every occupied building and the owner of every unoccupied building and the owner of every parcel of vacant land, shall clear away and remove, or cause to be cleared away and removed, snow and ice from the sidewalk to a clear condition within twenty-four (24) hours. Please take steps to ensure that you are in compliance with the by-law. • Town of Pelham – SNOW ANGEL PROGRAM The Town of Pelham in partnership with Pelham Cares Inc. offers a volunteer snow/ice removal service for persons within the Town of Pelham urban areas* living

with physical disabilities who are incapable of carrying out sidewalk snow/ice removal at their place of residence. Application forms for residents and volunteers are available on the Town’s website at or at Town Hall. Please call 905-892-2607 extension 332 for additional information. • IMPORTANT TO DOG OWNERSPlease be reminded that Town of Pelham Dog Control By-law 97-2010 requires that any person who owns controls or harbors a dog shall remove, forthwith, any feces (excrement) left by such dog on private or public property. Remember to be responsible! Stoop and Scoop! • ONTARIO ONE CALL 1-800-400-2255All requests for waterline and sewer locates must be directed to Ontario One Call Town of Pelham e-mail address:

Page  THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Heart health with DJ Throughout the month of Janauary the Seaway Mall has been hosting fitness classes in the main court outside Sport Check. Fonthill’s Studio Twenty has been a partner in the promotion throughout the month, which is also a fundraiser for the United Way. This weekend Krysta Pratt of

Studio Twenty has invited other health-focused businesses to take part, including Fonthill’s D.J. Weight Management. On Saturday, Jan. 26 DJ will be focusing on being heart smart, since February is Heart and Stroke month. For a donation to the United Way DJ will be offering blood pressure

checks and offering healthy eating tips for heart health. DJ will also be promoting their heart smart special, to lose up to 20 pounds by March Break, with 10 per cent of the proceeds of that promotion going to the United Way as well.. Classes are $5 each and take place in the Sport Check hallway. This Saturday is a Spin-a-thon/ Zumba-thon/Yoga-thon/Nia-thon. Studio Twenty and the other health businesses will be at the mall from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. .

Send your news tips to us at

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Artist’s book launch Local artist Vanessa Brownbridge has created a beautiful coffee table book filled with her paintings. Symbols of the White Dove Channeled Paintings and Messages of Love From the He(art) Brush of the Soul is a book not only of Brownbridge’s work, it is a narrative of her story, how she came to the ideas for her channeled artwork and what she sees when she interprets each piece.

Brownbridge’s book is about love, forgiveness, compassion. She believes that we all have within us the power to change and that this is what her book and her paintings share. Her hope is that this message will resonate with others who want to be more loving, compassionate and appreciative. The artist, who has participated in several Pelham Artist Tours as well as the Pelham Arts Festival,

is planning a book launch and signing Saturday, February 2 from 4 to 7:30 at Maple Acre Branch of the library. Everyone is invited to see her art pieces, hear what her book is all about and help her launch it. Vanessa will speak about five of her art pieces beginning at 4 p.m. There will be light refreshments. Call ahead to reserve a chair, 905-892-5565.

VANESSA Brownbridge with one of her works. /Special to the Voice

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Panthers take silver in Pittsburgh

724 Canboro Road, Fenwick 905-892-4701 DIRECTORS Irvine Muir Terry Mikolasek         

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The Pelham Fonthill Paint and Decorating Atom BB Panthers stepped up in competition and were very successful in capturing the Silver Medal in the Steel City Thanksgiving Classic AA hockey tournament Nov 23, 24, and 25. The Panthers made it to the medal round with a crucial 4-1 win over the Milton Winterhawks. After fighting hard in two early round games, the Panthers found themselves on the short end of 2-0 and 1-0 scores against TNT Tornados and the Vaughn Rangers. The TNT game was a hard fought battle evenly played between the teams but the Panthers could not

find pay dirt after being stoned on numerous chances. Goaltender Josh Powell came up big for the Panthers with many good stops and the defensive line of Evan Lacroix, Ryan Belovari, Carson Stolk, Sam Ugulini, and Will Guitard played very strong in front of him keeping a talented TNT team in check. The Panthers second game against Vaughn was a 1-0 loss and a hard pill for the Panthers to swallow after being unable to score after dominating the vast majority of the game. A hot Vaughn goaltender made over 25 saves to shut out the Panthers. In the final round game the

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Panthers faced a tough Milton team and knew it had to dig deep and come up with a big win to advance to the Medal round. Milton came into the game with a 4-1 win over Vaughn and a 4-3 loss to TNT. The Panthers came out flying with an early goal by Campbell Whitley followed by goals by Nicholas Longo and Evan Lacroix. A goal by Milton made the score 3-1 and the Panthers knowing they needed a 3 goal victory to advance to the medal round dialed up the pressure in the final period. A clutch goal by team Captain Harrison Doan with 4 minutes to go and some solid goal tending by Josh Powell




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down the stretch clinched the 4-1 win and the berth into the medal round. A gold medal game against TNT proved to be a tight contest with the score 1-0 TNT after two periods. Both teams exchanged great chances and the game was up for grabs. Panther forwards Harrison Doan, Drew McArthur, Owen Leduc, Damien Pullar, Antonio DeChellis, Nicholas Longo, Campbell Whitley, Drew Colangelo, and Harmon Narbonne all played very hard taking it to the net time and again only to be denied. In the end TNT outlasted the Panthers 3-0 to take the gold.


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Beginning of 2013 successful for Free Gas Bantams The end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 have proven to be quite successful for the Pelham Free Gas Company Bantam No Body Checking team. The team enjoyed four home wins, three road wins and a road tie from December 12 to January 16. With 25 games played thus far and only three left to play in the regular season, the team is in first place, has 39 points, with 17 wins, 3 losses and five ties, 123 goals for, 78 goals against and a 0.780 win percentage.The team also attended two tournaments. On December 28 and 29 the team attended the Al Boone Memorial HL Classic at the Gale Centre in Niagara Falls. They played three local teams in the round robin, including Dave & Busters (1-1 Tie) and Rodeway Inn Fallsview (2-1 Loss) from Niagara Falls and St. Alfred’s Sharks from St. Catharnies (6-2 Win). On January 11 and 12, the troupe attended the Walter Gretzky House League Tournament at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre in Brantford. Walter Gretzky himself was on hand and available for photos, to sign autographs, tell stories and was a big hit with team players and parents alike. The team played the home town Brantford Lowes in a very close game on the first day which ended in a disappointing 6-3 loss (2 empty netters). However they bounced back on Saturday January 12 to two wins against the Clarkson Hurricanes (9-

0) and the Mississauga Applewood Coyotes (3-1). Despite missing key players due to injuries, illness and other commitments, the team placed second in their division and played some of the most amazing hockey of their short history as a team. Most valuable player honours went to David Coyne (game 1), Rajivir Sohi (game 2) and Daniel Van Alstine (game 3). Late November into early December was a string of success for the PMHA’s Bantam No Body Checking team, sponsored by Free Gas Company Ltd. A slight blip occurred at a late evening game on November 24 in Grimsby against Grimsby #1. The tired team had a sluggish first two periods. Grimsby scored in the first, with no goals in the second and Grimsby scored again at the beginning of the third. Down 2 – 0 to a team that Pelham had never lost to before, the offense was able to get the better of the Grimsby goalie making it 2-1. Grimsby quickly answered back making it 3-1. With the clock rapidly ticking down, Pelham made it 3-2. With a couple of penalties on the board for Grimsby, the Pelham goalie on the bench and 43 seconds on the clock the Free Gas Bantams were set to press for the tie but, it was not meant to be, as the curfew buzzer sounded. The team once again mustered up their courage to meet the same Grimsby #1 at home again on November 28th. With the wind






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The Handlebar Hanks POITS claimed their first win in defense of their 2011-2012 AAA League championship by thrashing DJB 61-43 in a round-robin tilt in Niagara Basketball Association action. The Pelham club worked through a sloppy first half for both teams which saw a 26-24 score at half, but broke open the game in the second half behind three 3-pointers in a row from Mark Yallin early in the 4th quarter. Kyle Kuzyk notched a game-high 18 points for POITS followed with double figures from David Jones and Kyle Kuzyk with 12 points, followed closely with 11 for Yallin. Dave Kaufmann hit for 7 points to close out the locals scoring. DJB, who matched the POITS point-for-point in the first half, were led by Gino Palermo with a solid 18 points, while Carm Infantino netted 6 points and Dustin Clark 5. Veteran Joe Seliske with 4 points and Ryan Woolcott 2 added to the final scores for the Welland club.

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the first. However, Pelham’s Coyne came racing off the bench on a breakaway which gave the NOTL goalie no chance, scoring Pelham’s first goal unassisted. The second period saw one goal scored by NOTL. After a quick reality check on the break, the group took their places on the ice better prepared and able to take advantage of NOTL’s string of penalties. Cheered on by the always excited Pelham fans, the team took their time and the troupe was able to score three times in a row, evening up the score in a 4-4 tie. Not the result they wanted against the only team they had not been able to win against, but an awesome effort nonetheless to come away with one out of two points.The team ended the first 16 games at 9-4-3, and tied for first place. Kudos to first rate goalies Braeden Chow and Daniel Van Alstine. Top points go to Coyne and Pauls followed by Keus, Jeremy Colangelo, Ratcliffe, Graeme Ciccarelli, Chris Slobodzian, Patrick Coupland, Rajivir Sohi, Josh Oussoren and Sam Abbott-Tate. Top points on defense go to Gillian Hennessy and Nicholas Song followed by Willie Lalonde, Christian Harford and Hannah Hennessy.

Handlebar Hanks’ first win

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in their sails, and the smell of success in the air, the focused team assisted goalie Daniel Van Alstine in his first shut – out of the season with a satisfying 4 – 0 win. On December 1st, the team was on the road to meet Beamsville. They succeeded in creating several scoring chances and notched 10 goals to Beamsville’s 6. Highlights of the game go to Ethan Keus for his first hat trick of the season and Richard Pauls with 5 assists! The next evening Grimsby #2 hosted the team to an early evening game. The squad was still in a state of euphoria from their exciting 10-6 win the previous afternoon and roared onto Grimsby’s ice with lots of energy scoring 4 times to Grimsby’s lone goal. December 5th in Pelham saw the team meeting Beamsville again. After peppering the Beamsville goalie, who nonetheless made some spectacular saves, the game ended with Pelham on the positive side of a 12 – 2 win. Highlights of the game included hat tricks for both David Coyne and Ethan Ratcliffe and another five points for Pauls.The team next met the Niagara on the Lake team in NOTL on Sunday December 9th. The team had a wobbly start, allowing NOTL to score three times in a row very quickly into

799 Balfour St, Fenwick


Page 10 THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, January 23, 2013


An exciting and busy week of hockey for Baron Late November brought another busy and exciting week of hockey for the Baron Roofing Peewee Pelham Panthers. On Wed.Nov.28th the Panthers faced-off against the Wainfleet Wild but it was Pelham who

went on a “wild” scoring spree in this 9-2 victory. From the opening whistle Pelham would show their dominance with great puck movement and speed on the ice. Defenseman Mitchell Waldt would get the show going





316 Welland Rd., Fenwick

at 8:21 in the 1st period with a great wrist shot from the blue line which found the bottom right corner. He was assisted by team mates Denver Parent and Rowan McLellan. The 2nd period was all Panthers starting at 6:59 with a goal from Jacob Gula assisted by Jared Sloan and Connor Adams. 4 minutes later winger Lukas White would get the puck to Matthew Vandenhaak who would score Pelham goal number 3. A goal from Parent assisted by Gula and Zachary Pasma would make it 4-0 Panthers. With 30 seconds left in the period White would score with assists from Sloan and Parent. The scoring would continue in the 3rd period with another goal from

Gula assisted by Parent to make it 6-0 Pelham. Defensemen Mitchell Karnay and Connor Adams would set up Vandenhaak for 2 more goals to complete his hat-trick. Panther goalie Tyler Scott was flawless in the first 2 periods and was solid in the 3rd allowing only 2 goals for Wainfleet. Finally in the last 2 minutes of the game, Sloan would pass the puck to linemate Brock Pellow who found the back of the net for a 9-2 win over Wainfleet. On Nov.29th the Panthers hosted Thorold in what would be a very evenly matched game. The 1st period featured many hard fought puck battles and great defense at both ends of the ice. In the 2nd period Pelham was first to score when speedy winger Jacob Gula found centreman Matthew Vandenhaak whose shot beat the goalie to put the Panthers up 10. In the minutes that followed,

Pelham found themselves scrambling for the puck allowing Thorold to get the equalizer and score again the 2nd to take a 2-1 lead. In the 3rd period, the Panthers settled down, found their rhythm and starting playing their positions. This paid off in a goal at 9:11 from Ryan Rhora assisted by Vandenhaak and Tyler Scott. Pelham goaltender Brock Pellow made a number of key saves to keep the Panthers in the game and ensure the tie. On Dec.1st Pelham hosted another Thorold team – this one being the number 1 ranked team in the league. After a high scoring victory and a hard fought tie, the Panthers were hungry for another win. Pelham scored early in the 1st period with a goal from Denver Parent assisted by Ryan Rhora and Rowan McLellan. The rest of the game featured excellent defense on the part of

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Pelham preventing any quality scoring opportunities for the opposition. In the offensive zone, Panthers defense held the blue line allowing the forwards to make the passes and get good shots on net. Defenseman Connor Adams definitely ruffled some Blackwing feathers with his great checking. Retaliation attempts resulted in a 4 minute penalty to Thorold. At 12:21 in the 3rd period, a shot from Matthew Vandenhaak beat the goalie but was not quite across the goal line. Fortunately Panther forward Jared Sloan would be in time to find the puck and put it where it belonged – in the back of the Thorold net. The Blackhawks would attempt a comeback scoring at 9:42 in the 3rd to make it 2-1. The continued great defensive play of the Panthers backed by the solid goaltending of Tyler Scott would seal the deal and give Pelham the win. In the words of Head Coach Steve Scott, “This was our best game of the year – we moved the puck, we hustled every shift, we gave 100% as a team.”

Page 11 THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Community Events ONGOING • Monthly Hearing Clinic. Connect Hearing will be here at the Fonthill Library giving free hearing screenings. They will be able to answer any questions about various hearing issues. Free but please schedule your appointment at: 905-8926068. Next clinic Feb. 4. 10:00am -1:00pm • Tuesday 7:00 pm Bingo Night at St. Ann’s Church, 834 Canboro Rd, Fenwick Wheelchair accessible. • Tuesdays 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. SPAN (Single Professional Association of Niagara) is a social club since 1982 for mature singles who meet and mingle at BaileyO’Brady’s,111 Hwy 20, Fonthill,  every Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Offers members a monthly calendar of social activities.  Further information, call Lynie @905-788-0359 • Alternate Wednesdays. 1:00-3:00 pm. Drop-in Bridge at Pelham Library. Ask for Schedule at front desk. • Wednesdays - 1st & 3rd of the each month, at 2 p.m. Pelham Community Church Worship Service, 461 Canboro Rd, Fenwick. • Wednesday - last Wednesday each month. Euchre Night at North Pelham Youth Hall, 1718 Maple St. $3 admission. Call Rose for info: 905-8923408. • Thursdays (first Thursday of every month) 1:30 p.m. to p.m. SOS (Survivors of Stroke) Everyone is welcome. Info call Ann 905-892-1621 • Thursdays (first Thursday of every month) 4:00-7:00pm Pasta Night, St. Alexander Church, Fonthill. $10 adults, $5 child age 4-12. All you can eat. $9 for take out. Penne, meatballs, sausage, bean medley, garlic bread, salad, desserts, coffee, tea. Wine and Beer also available. • Fridays 1:00-3:00pm.

Knit Wits - Knitting Club. Work on your present project while spending time with other knitters. All levels are welcome. Crocheters welcome. Knitting tips will be shared at each session. Begins Jan. 4. $2.00 includes refreshments. Drop in at the Fonthill Library. • Fridays at 7:30 p.m. Euchre at North Pelham Youth Hall, 1718 Maple St. $3 admission. Call Rose for info: 905-892-3408. • Fridays from 1:00 to 3:00 Knit Wits at Fonthill Library for knitters and crocheters. Drop in. $4 includes refreshments, • Saturdays, 2 to 4:30 p.m. Bingo at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 613 Fonthill, 141 Regional Road 20. UPCOMING Friday, January 25 • 11:30am - 1:00pm Legion Lunch • 5:00 and 6:30 pm Beef on a Bun dinner, with salads and pies, at Pelham Community Church. $10. Two sittings, Kick-off event for major fundraising project to aid the Redeemed Lives Barn Project of Open Arms Mission. • 6:00pm Snowed in @ the Library. Come celebrate Literacy Day with us in your coziest winter clothes. Bring everyone in your family for soup, grilled cheese and cocoa. $5.00. Please register ahead. Fonthill Branch, Pelham Public Library. Saturday, January 26 • 10:00am-12:00pm. Introduction to Blogging. This seminar will teach you how to set up a personal blog. Some laptops available bring your own if possible. Fonthill Library $5.00. Register ahead. • 7:00pm Progressive Euchre, Light lunch, cash bar, prizes. $5. Fonthill Lions Club, Hwy 20. Monday January 28 • 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. Pelham Horticultural Society

meeting at Fonthill Library. The presentation at our first meeting of 2013 will be on Green Roofs and Living Walls, given by Kristi Mantovani, Snips Landscape & Nursery. Membership fee is only $10. • 7:30 pm Wainfleet Historical Society Meeting. PI Hall of the Marshville Heritage Village in Wainfleet. The speaker will be Mary Beth Benner whose topic is The Marshville Chocolate Story.  Everyone is welcome.  Call 905-386-6978 for more information. Tuesday, January 29 • 2:00-3:30 p.m. or  6:007:30 p.m. Financial Bucket List. A bit of forward thinking can go a long way! Fonthill Library. Free. Please register ahead. Saturday, February 2 • 10:00am-2:00pm Intro to Web Site Design. Learn to create a  personal web site to share your thoughts, artwork, hobbies; advertise and promote your business, etc. Bring your laptop if possible. Laptops available on site. Register ahead as space is limited. $5. Monday, February 4 • 10:00am -1:00pm Hearing Clinic at the Fonthill Library. Free, but please book ahead with Connect Hearing at 905.892.6068 Tuesday, February 5 • 7:00 pm Author Bryan Prince and Shannon Prince are among the most sought after speakers on the Underground Railroad circuit - Bryan, with his historical expertise, and Shannon, as the curator of the Buxton Historical Site and Museum. Tickets: $8.00. Fonthill Library • 7-9pm WIN (Widows Information Network) Cafe at Faith Pentecostal Church. Light refreshments, speaker is Carol A. Nigh Naturopathic

Doctor. Friday, February 8 • 11:30am - 1:00pm Legion Lunch • 6:30pm Pelham Centre School 2nd Annual Trivia Night. Old Pelham Town Hall, 491 Canboro Rd, Ridgeville. $10 includes trivia game, pizza, snacks. Cash bar, 50/50, door prizes, Silent Auction. tickets/info: nfurlong@ Saturday, February 9 • Pasta Night at North Pelham Youth Hall, 1718 Maple St. Tuesday, Feb. 12th • 9:30-11:30am BEAUTY INSIDE & OUT! A relaxing morning of fun, friendship, information and inspiration. Coffee, tea and treats will be served and door prizes awarded all for only $7. Babysitting provided. Fonthill United Church Hwy 20 & Canboro Rd. RSVP Margaret at (905) 788-9641 or email us at nwconnection2012@ • 6:30-7:30 Common Retirement Planning Mistakes. This seminar will provide some food for thought and tips to ensure you enter this phase of your life informed and without unpleasant surprises. Free but please register ahead. Fonthill Library. Saturday, February 23 • 1:00-2:30 Geocaching 101. An environmentally friendly outdoor recreational activity for families or individuals alike.  Search for hidden objects using clues and GPS coordinates.  This workshop is intended for beginners and for people who are interested in finding out more about geocaching. Be prepared for outdoor weather as we search for the Pelham Public Library’s first cache. Adults: $3.00. Children and teens: $1.00. Please register ahead.


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The Voice of Pelham Routes Available

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My sincere thanks to relatives and friends who attended my 80th birthday Open House. Everyone’s cards, gifts and best wishes were very much appreciated. My special thanks go to my children and grandchildren for making this a special day. Spike Van Der Weide

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Page 12 THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, January 23, 2013


MEMBERS of Pelham’s Fire Service were recognized Monday night for their years of service. District Chief Jim Waldeck (left), District Chief Neil Stanley, and District Chief Owen Simmonds (far right) helped Fire Chief Bob Lymburner (centre, left) present awards to Bob Cullen (third, left) 20 years; Ben Gutenberg, 20 years; Frank Lehmann, 30 years; Terry Beckett, 30 years; Simmonds, 30 years; and Gerry Novosel, 30 years. Absent were Murray Bering, 20 years and Yvon Audette, 25 years. Sarah Murrell/Voice Photo

Fonthill Location Only

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The Voice of Pelham  

Locally owned community newspaper from the heart of Niagara, reporting on events in Fonthill, Fenwick, Ridgeville and North Pelham.

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