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Reorganization Pelham Chief Administrative Officer, Darren Ottaway, announced last week that the Town has begun to make organizational changes that affect Administration, Recreation and Bylaw Enforcement. An organizational review has been underway for three months and recommendations were made to Council regarding the changes at a special meeting Nov. 6. The first significant change will be the creation of a stand-alone Recreation, Culture and Wellness Department that will be headed by Vickie vanRavenswaay. This new department will focus on delivering innovative programs and events that advance the recreational, cultural and wellness needs of all residents. “We are poised to experience significant growth over the next few years and Council felt it important realign our human resources to meet these needs,” said Mayor Dave Augustyn. “With the growing success of our current recreational programs and a desire to focus on culture and wellness we are very excited that we will have the capability to meet the needs of our growing community.” The second change focuses on customer service improvements and the desire to make Town Hall a one stop shop for residents. All financial transactions and facility bookings will now be handled at

the basement counter. Residents will only need to use the upstairs counter if they have development or building needs. “We recognized the need to eliminate the confusing situation resident’s encounter while conducting business at Town Hall,” said Ottaway. “By centralizing services at one counter we can significantly improve our customer service.” The third change sees the relocation of By-law Enforcement from the Planning & Development Department to Fire Services under the leadership of Chief Bob Lymburner. “My focus will be on education, not enforcement, in respect to both fire safety and by-law,” said Lymburner. “Enforcement will be our last resort not our first response.” “Bob’s years of experience dealing with enforcement matters in the Fire Service makes him incredibly skilled to take a leadership role in how we deal with by-laws,” said Ottaway. “This important reorganization will clearly focus staff on superior customer service,” said Mayor Augustyn. “These improvements will further advance our vision of being the most vibrant, creative, and caring community in Niagara.” All three organizational changes will come into effect January 1, 2013.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Heaven is for real BY SARAH MURRELL

VOICE Staff When Michael Brownlee talks about his wife Velvet his face lights up, his eyes sparkle and a wide smile appears. The smile is a testament to his faith, to his love for his wife and to her strength and courage. Velvet passed away on October 31, at the age of 43, after a three-year battle with ALS. Despite his grief, Michael is choosing to smile when he talks about his wife and the mother of their four children, choosing to be thankful for the blessings in his life and choosing to see the positive. “What’s held us together is faith,” says Michael, explaining during Velvet’s illness the simple blessings in life, that many of us take for granted, were magnified. “And there were hundreds” of those blessings. “Life was perfect,” before Velevet was diagnosed, he says, explaining the family had moved to Fenwick 8 years ago and absolutely loved living in the village and the people they called neighbours and they were blessed with four beautiful children: Hope, Emma, Grace and Jack. “You learn not to sweat the small stuff,” he says of living with ALS. Michael says the response of the community to Velvet’s diagnosis has also been a blessing to the family. “I felt the strength of hundreds, thousands of people praying for us. I felt it,” he says, noting there were some who felt bad that all they were doing was praying. “I felt those” prayers, says Michael, adding his faith came on stronger during that time. There were also blessings from neighbours, friends, family and church members who helped the family through Velvet’s illness, he says.

Velvet Brownlee “If I didn’t have those people helping me, I’d have been in trouble,” he says, believing God blessed his family with the help they needed to get through. “My children and I have a choice to make. Do we take what is good from people helping us and hope we can serve others as people have served us,” he says. Some have asked Michael why bad things happen to good people and why he’s not angry with God for his wife’s death. Michael says he thinks it is okay to say “I don’t know” when trying to understand God’s works, adding someday he may understand but for now he is thankful to God for the blessings in his life. “He has blessed me with almost 19 great years of marriage, a committed faithful marriage, and four wonderful kids. I will take that and be thankful.” By talking about Velvet, her death and the blessings in his life, Michael says he hopes he can help another family going through the same sad journey, or a similar one. In her death, Velvet too has hope for those in Please see GRATEFUL/page 2

Grateful family


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PELHAM Fire Chief Bob Lymburner (centre) congratulates Firefighters Jack Junkin (left) on his 23 years of service and Ralph Smith for his 42 years of service. Both firefighters, who have retired from the department, were recognized at the Pelham Town Council meeting on Nov. 5. Sarah Murrell/Voice Photo


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her life. “My prayer is that this trial will find me, and those I love who are on this journey with me, emerging strong in faith, pure, true and with a strong knowledge of what is truly important in this life,” she wrote in a book to her family. “My Love Letter,” is what Michael calls his “manual” on how to get through without Velvet. It contains memories, Velvet’s feelings about her loved ones, advice to Michael and the kids, and reflections.

“Writing and reflecting on my thoughts has been a labour of love. I realize how God has blessed me in my life and in my family,” she wrote. “I want my writing to be a reflection of your past and help for your future.” In sharing Velvet’s story, Michael says he wants to express gratitude to those in the community who prayed for his family and who helped them but also wants the community to see, as he does, the blessings God gives. “I really feel God is going to do something amazing with Velvet’s loss.”

Conversation about senior services Niagara Region Community Services is asking residents to join the conversation about the service and housing needs of Niagara’s older residents. “It’s important that we talk with Niagara’s seniors about their priorities,” said Niagara Region’s director of seniors services, Henriette Koning. “We want to start planning for the future to ensure the services we are providing to seniors align with their needs and desires.” The goal of the public engagement project is to develop a pool of information that will support the Community Services department as it develops plans and refines programs to ensure seniors are able to enjoy a high quality of life and are able to create personal strategies for overcoming the social service and healthcare issues they face on a day-to-day basis. A core component of this process will be reaching out to all corners of the region to talk to seniors about how Niagara Region can best support seniors to remain in their homes as long as possible and enjoy a healthy, high quality of life. Accordingly, the Region will be

hosting Conversation Cafés in November in each of Niagara’s 12 municipalities. Seniors and their service providers are invited to join us in a face-to-face conversation about Regional program and service delivery. The feedback gathered through community and stakeholder conversations will be used to identify priorities for service and program delivery for seniors in Niagara. In Pelham, the cafe will be held on Friday, Nov. 16 from 1:30 to 3 p.m. at the Fonthll branch of the Pelham Public Library. Residents are welcome to attend any of the Cafés, regardless of where they live. For a list of all 12 cafes go to and click on the events link. Additionally, comment cards, and drop boxes for their return, will soon be available at selfserve kiosks at various locations throughout the region, such as long-term care facilities, community centres and libraries. For exact locations, to participate online, or for more information, please visit www.niagararegion. ca/seniors, call at 1-877-2123922, or email shelley.biro@

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Hwy 20 (next to Log Cabin) 905-892-4994


Mayor of Pelham As you may have read in the local media last week, Council used a somewhat different method to focus discussion and help solve issues surrounding the potential Site Alteration Bylaw. You see, during the Committee of the Whole on November 5, staff reported on the feedback received about a proposed Site Alteration Bylaw. The report also contained an alternative bylaw. Instead of the normal method of engaging in debate (and counterdebate) about what is needed and what may not be needed, we used a process to focus the discussion and focus on the problem. To do that, I used a flip-chart (and several pages) and asked

Council’s new approach

Councillors to offer the “key facts” about the “ambiguous situation” of fill being dumped on agricultural lands. After recording 28 facts, Councillors placed three dots each on the flip chart paper to identify the most important facts. Each Councillor explained the reason for picking that key element. From those most important facts, Councillors then outlined eight distinct issues that needed to be solved. Finally, the Committee directed staff to take the information, and present staff’s best ideas and recommendations for solving those distinct issues. On November 19, Councillors will evaluate the ideas and likely direct staff to develop and present action plans. (I want to emphasize that the process does not prejudge solution(s); the

solution(s) to these issues may or may not require a bylaw(s).) Council used part of an eightstep creative problem solving process developed by Dr. Min Basadur, Professor Emeritus of Innovation in the Michael G. DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University (www. Over the last couple of months, Town staff has also used the process to help solve various challenges, like developing ways to increase and improve communication with residents. The three-stage, eight-step process includes: Stage 1: Problem Formulation: including problem finding; fact finding; and problem definition. (Council completed this stage regarding “Site Alteration” above.) Stage 2: Solution Formulation: including

idea finding; and idea evaluation and selection. (Councillors will undertake this portion at our November 19 meeting, regarding “Site Alteration.”) Stage 3: Solution Implementation: including action plan; gaining acceptance; and action. This stage recognizes that “Unless the solution is skillfully prepared for implementation, and its implementation skillfully executed, the problem solving will not have been successful.” Council will continue to use this creative problem solving process to not only deal with this particular issue but to also take steps toward solving several other key challenges and opportunities that face our community. You may contact Mayor Dave at or read past columns at www.

A snowy night, a broken promise and Nan Home was a warm, secure place where I could always take my troubles to Nan. Because of this sheltered, secure feeling I was prone to homesickness, even though I really wanted to visit other places. One Christmas when I was about 11 I was to take part in the Christmas Concert at the Friends Church in Pelham. I was to sing a solo, up on the stage all by myself and I was looking forward to it. The night of the concert fell on a school day so rather than have me walk two miles home and then another two miles to the church, Nan had packed a small satchel so I could go directly from school to the church, cutting off about a mile of walking. As I reached the driveway of the church the shadows on the snow had long disappeared and the quiet of a country night was fast descending. It was so still. Not a breath of a breeze - the air was that of a typical cold, crisp winter night. Every footstep squeaked as it squeezed the snow beneath my shoes. The moon shone above and peeked at me through the

snow covered branches on the trees. Everywhere there was that silence of a very cold, winter night in the country. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by a longing to go home. The lights twinkling from the church windows beckoned me to come inside and take my place on the platform to sing. The coal oil lights in the minister’s house fluttered a welcome but my heart cried out for home. It was an overwhelming experience which had never happened to me so strongly before. It was nearly three miles to go home. What should I do? I looked up at the moon which seemed to smile back at me and say: “I will see you safely back home”. When I reached the driveway to the church I didn’t turn in. It was real night when I arrived at the farm but as I walked up the long driveway, the row of hundred foot tall evergreens which extended from road to house, seemed to stretch out their boughs as welcoming arms to safely usher me to the house.

I opened the door and walked in to the most delicious smell on earth - pine kindling drying in the oven to be ready for tomorrow morning’s use. The kitchen was warm and cozy. Nan was pretty surprised to see me but as always she understood. Not so with Uncle Sam, who was visiting at the time. To him it meant only one thing - I had broken a promise and Quakers (Friends), especially Wetheralds, did not break promises. I must go back and fulfill my obligation even if it meant walking another two miles. Nan listened thoughtfully. She had to pacify both Sam and me. What to do? Then to settle the matter she announced that she would walk part way back with me. Once outside of the house she said, “You don’t have to go back to the church if you do not want to but we cannot upset Uncle Sam so we will just walk for a while until Uncle Sam goes to bed and then we will go back to the house. You be very quiet and he will never know you came back

with me.” My fears were over. The night immediately lost some of its blackness and the evergreens whispered to us as we walked under them. Eventually we tip toed back into the house and upstairs to bed to happily drift off to sleep. How Nan explained my presence in the house the next morning I have no idea. Now, almost a century later, I find that I can still feel homesick at that particular time of day, when daylight has faded but night has not yet quite arrived.

Dorothy Rungeling


The Fonthill Lioness invite you on a

Holiday Shopping Spree Saturday, November 17, 2012 11:00am to 3:00pm Fonthill Lions Hall 103 Hurricane Road, Fonthill Featuring Vendors, Bake table

The Corporation of the

TOWN OF PELHAM EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES The Town of Pelham Corporate Services Division is now accepting applications for the following position: Contract Administrative Assistant Corporate Services (Permanent Status under 2013 Budget Consideration) ($24.53/hour) Reporting directly to the Director of Corporate Services, the Administrative Assistant Corporate Services will be responsible for providing administrative support to the Corporate Services department ranging from complex to routine, all of which contribute to the efficient and professional operation of Corporate Services. It is expected that the incumbent has a genuine appreciation for and understanding of protocol, discretion and professionalism, is able to accept and assume responsibility, and has the ability to interpret and make decisions in accordance with procedures and practices of the organization. In order to provide effective and efficient services, it is expected that the incumbent be flexible and maintains confidentiality, diplomacy and tact at all times. The successful incumbent will have highly developed research, report writing, communication and interpersonal skills and a diploma in Business Administration with experience in Finance. Resumes must be submitted directly through the Town of Pelham website at by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, November 26, 2012. Submissions are accepted under Career Opportunities under the Town Hall menu. Resumes must quote the position and be addressed to Sarah Thompson, Human Resources/ Payroll Specialist. We thank each applicant for taking the time and effort to submit their resume, however, only candidates to be interviewed will be contacted. In accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act, all information is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001, and will only be used during the selection process for the subject posting.

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of Pelham

From The Heart of Niagara 209 Highway 20 East at Rice Road (inside Birchley Place) Office: Mon-Fri - 9am-3pm Fonthill, ON, L0S 1E6 phone: 905-892-8690 fax: 905-892-0823 Sarah Murrell, Editor Warren Mason, Advertising Liz Hayden, Graphics Leslie Chiappetta, Office Manager The Voice is independant, locally owned and operated. The Voice is a member of:

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LETTERS to the editor Isaac deserves better than blame for his death I must say, I normally do not respond to letters in the newspaper but we felt compelled after reading the letter from Veronica Douglas. Ms. Douglas took it upon herself to write a letter with reference to an event that she obviously knows little about. With respect to the collision involving our son, Isaac Riehl, the citizens of Niagara should be concentrating on the cause of the collision, which is a woman operating a vehicle who crossed

into the oncoming lane and struck a pedestrian who was doing nothing wrong. The driver involved in Isaac’s collision, has been charged with Careless Driving, section 130 of the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario. The main phrase of the Careless Driving section of the HTA reads in part.. “Without due care and attention.� There in lies the issue of this collision as well as many others in our area and beyond. Drivers do not take the task of driving seriously enough and allow

themselves to lose focus and lack the attention required to operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner on public roads. Driving is a privilege, not a right and should be given the responsibility it is due. If the driver in Isaac’s collision was paying proper attention, Isaac would be alive today and uninjured. Do you think even for a second, that a pedestrian such as Isaac, when hit head on by a vehicle travelling at or around the speed limit of 60 kmph, could survive, helmet or not? Remember as well,

Isaac was travelling at some speed too, so the closing rate of speed would have been even greater. We advocate the use of helmets 100%, that is not the issue. Helmets will protect from bumps and falls and should be worn. But the purpose of helmets for bicyclists, longboarders and skateboarders is not to protect them from impacts with vehicles travelling at or around the speed limits on a public road. They are not designed to absorb the types of forces generated in a collision such

as Isaac’s. Did you see the damage done to the offending vehicle by parts of Isaac’s body? All who drive can learn from this collision. Lapses of attention cannot happen, for if they do, the consequences, as we have found, are unfathomable. So lets not lose focus of the cause of the collision and there by indirectly place liability with Isaac for his own death. He deserves better. Ted & Bonita Rieh Pelham

Got Want to share it? VOICE it! Opinion? Letters to the Editor are welcome provided the submission contains the writer’s full name, signature, address and telephone number. Names only will be published. Names will not be withheld. The newspaper reserves the right to change, condense or reject any contribution for brevity or legal purposes. All Material in this publication is protected by copyright. Reproduction is prohibited without express, written permission of the publisher. Advertising: The VOICE of Pelham regrets any errors that appear in advertisements in this newspaper, however, we will not be held responsible for more than one incorrect insertion or for any damages beyond the amount of space which contains the error.

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GREATER Niagara Model Railway Engineers president Richard Pengally (left) and vice-president James Whitaker were pleased to receive an original sign (in background) from the T.H.&B. Station in Fenwick recently. The sign, and an accompanying plaque, were donated to the club in memory of Nancy K. Tabbert, who pulled the sign from the debris when the train station was demolished. Visitors can see the sign, as well as the train layout at the engineers’ club, during an open house Saturday, Nov. 17 and Sunday, Nov. 18 from noon to 4:30 p.m. each day. The club is at 1141 Maple Street in Fenwick. Sarah Murrell/Voice Photo

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PUBLIC NOTICE Notice of Completion

Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Improvements to Regional Road 20 Between Haist Street and Lookout Street In the Town of Pelham The Study Niagara Region (the Region) completed a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) to identify the needs and opportunities for improvements to Regional Road 20 between Haist Street and Lookout Street, and to Haist Street between Regional Road 20 and Canboro Road, in the Town of Pelham. The study identified and evaluated a variety of road improvement alternatives, including combinations of: • Intersection upgrades • Streetlighting/intersection signalization improvements • Sidewalk construction /replacement • Storm sewer and watermain construction/replacement • Addition of bicycle lanes In addition to the proper design of the road features, a critical component of the study was the identification of a suitable means to address increased stormwater runoff and mitigate erosion of adjacent stormwater outlets. The Process The study was completed in compliance with a Schedule B undertaking following the requirements of the Municipal Engineers Association Municipal Class Environmental Assessment document. The preferred alternative includes full road reconstruction, including intersection improvements to address road safety, and rehabilitating and utilizing the existing drainage outlet located behind 190 Regional Road 20, in conjunction with utilizing the new storm sewer on Haist Street to address drainage issues. The Environmental Report, documenting the planning process, has been completed and is now available for a 30-day public review period. To view the Environmental Report contact one of the individuals listed below. If an interested party has outstanding environmental concerns about the Project, please raise these with one of the individuals listed below. If concerns arise regarding the preferred design, which cannot be resolved in discussion with those named below, a person or party may request that the Minister of the Environment make an order for the component of the project to comply with Part II of the Environmental Assessment Act (referred to as a Part II Order), which addresses individual environmental assessments. Requests must be received by the Minister, Ministry of the Environment, 135 St. Clair Avenue, 10th Floor, Toronto, ON M4V 1P5, within 30 calendar days of this Notice. A copy must also be sent to those listed below. If no ‘request’ is received by December 8, 2012, the reconstruction of Regional Road 20 and Haist Street will proceed to final design and construction as presented in the planning documentation. With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record. This notice was issued on November 7, 2012. Mr. Frank Tassone, C.E.T., Project Manager Niagara Region Public Works 2201 St. David’s Road Thorold, ON L2V 4T7 Telephone: 905 685-4225 ext. 3349 Fax: 905 685-0013 Email:

Mr. Mark Belanger, P.Eng., Project Manager Associated Engineering 110A Hannover Drive, Suite 208 St. Catharines, ON L2W 1A4 Telephone: 905 346-0990 ext. 214 Fax: 905 346-0992 Email:



Holiday home tour this Sat. BY SARAH MURRELL

VOICE Staff Each year local designers put their touch on one of six homes in Pelham for the annual Homes for the Holidays tour organized by Fonthill United Church. The popular event brings the same decorators back year after year but this year one designer has had to withdraw from the house tour. The owner of Forever Flowers in Fenwick had committed to decorating a house. Due to a serious family issue she has withdrawn from the event. In the true spirit of the season however, and to ensure the success of the house tour, DeHaan’s fellow decorators have “stepped up to the plate” and have agreed to each decorate a room in the home that was assigned to Forever Flowers. “This is incredibly heartwarming.,” says tour organizer Carolyn VanderSluis. “Each of these designers has already agreed to give their time, talents and products to decorate a home assigned to them, and now they all agreed to decorate a section of yet another home so as to not disappoint the people attending the house tour.” Six homes, as advertised, will

LOG CABIN manager Eva Cross (left) and designer Sandy Alexander are looking forward to decorating a home as part of the annual Fonthill United Church Christmas House Tour, using all of the new Christmas items, and ideas, available at the gift shop. Sarah Murrell/Voice Photo

be fully decorated for this year’s Homes for the Holidays Christmas house tour., she noted, adding the collaboration of the designers leaves her “humbled” and their continued support of the event exceeds any and all expectations. The designers taking part in this year’s Homes for the Holiday Tour include Vermeer’s Garden Centre; Cox Home Furniture; The Log Cabin; In The Village; Hometown Treasures; and J&J Floral Expressions and Floral Expressions will be decorating the church. They each bring unique talents and perspective to the tour and

each home will be stunning, we are sure, says Vandersluis, noting the Line Ave home will be particularly interesting, as all the creativity of the designers will be on display, side by side. The 9th “Homes for the Holidays “Christmas House tour will take place on Saturday, Nov. 17 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tickets are $18 The six houses can be visited in any order during the day and at any time during the tour ticket holders can enjoy a treat of coffee, tea, cider and scones served in the Church. A simultaneous Christmas bake sale table is set up on the day.

Notice of Public Meeting Class 9 Pesticide Use for 2011

As per Ontario Regulation 63/09, Lookout Point Country Club will be holding a Public Meeting to present the Annual Report regarding the use of Class 9 Pesticides for the 2011 season. This meeting will take place on

Thursday November 29, at 9:00 a.m. in the banquet hall located at:

Lookout Point Country Club 209 Tice Road Fonthill, Ontario L0S 1E0 For more information, please contact Aldo Bortolon, Golf Course Superintendent at 905-687-0150 or Rich Merlino, General Manager at 905-892-2639 Extension 241. Please RSVP to Aldo Bortolon, via email at

Page  THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pelham honours war veterans and soldiers on Nov. 11 over the years. Augustyn. “Their bravery and self sacrifice will always be After the laying of wreaths and a closing prayer by remembered by our grateful nation,” he said. Chaplain Russ Myers, piper James Carnegie led the Something that is rarely mentioned, said Wilma Veterans from the park, to the grateful applause of McNall, speaking for MPP Tim Hudak, is that those all those gathered. young men and women volunteered to go overseas. Following the service members of the public laid “They were not told to go,” she said. “They simply their personal poppies on the cenotaph and spent went because it was the right thing to do.” time in the park reading stones and remembering. “Like we wear a poppy on our hearts, they will forever wear the pride of Canada on their hearts,” RUTH Newell (far left) laid a wreath on Nov. 11 she said. in memory of her late husband, Veteran Bill Representing the Niagara Region, Pelham’s Newell, and Madyson Smith laid her poppy Regional Councillor Brian Baty noted many of at the Cenotaph following Remembrance Day us know Veterans as family members, friends or Services in Pelham on Sunday. members of our community but school children only Sarah Murrell/Voice Photos know “about” veterans, and this is why they must be remembered. Baty also read the poem “The Man We Never Knew”, a touching Pelham Historical Society reminder of the sacrifices soldiers Pelham Historical Society made for Canadians they did not know. Annual General Meeting “Let us be thankful. Let us Saturday November 17, 2.30 pm. rededicate ourselves to peace. Let Kirk-on-the-Hill, Haist Street us never forget,” said Mayor Dave


VOICE Staff On a warm, windy Sunday Veterans gathered at Veterans’ Memorial Park to honour their comrades who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Joined by Legion members, local dignitaries and a large crowd of residents, local Veterans took part in Remembrance Day services on Sunday, Nov. 11. Bernie Law, speaking on behalf of MP Dean Allison, talked of the millions of young men and women who have chosen to fight for our nation and the more than 100,000 who have paid the ultimate sacrifice


William Hall

Roger Bradshaw will speak on Niagara’s War of 1812.


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Local student’s art could win national contest BY SARAH MURRELL

VOICE Staff A local student has been selected as a finalist in the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) and Earth Day Canada Art Contest. Sophie Coote, a Grade 4 student at St. Alexander School, submitted a drawing based on the theme “how am I connected to nature�

as part of the contest for students across Canada. Sophie’s art was chosen as one of the top 10 finalists. With the help of the community, she has a chance to receive a $7,500 environmental grant for her school, along with a digital camera and a litterless lunchbox for each student in her class. Sophie’s artwork will also be featured on a limited-edition TD

FEF bag. “I like to draw animals, so I decided to draw a fox,� says Sophie on her choice to draw a wildlife scene with a fox, birds and mountains. “I love animals. I want to be a veterinarian,� says Sophie on how she is connected to nature. “I find they’re nice to draw.� When asked if she’s a good artist, Sophie breaks into a large

grin and nods her head. Despite admitting she’s a good artist, Sophie says she was very surprised, but very happy, to hear she was chosen as a finalist in the contest. She says if she wins she would like an outdoor classroom for St. Alexander or an environmental classroom. To help, the students at the local school have created posters

and are encouraging everyone they know to vote for Sophie. The winner of the contest will

be determined by an online vote, to be held now to Nov. 16, 2012 at

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SOPHIE Coote, with her dog Lucy, is hoping her drawing of a fox (inset) will win a national environmental contest with prizes for her school, St. Alexander. Sarah Murrell /Voice Photo

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On Friday Nov. 9 at approximately 2 a.m., the Niagara Regional Police Service became involved in a Robbery investigation at the Target Gas Station on Regional Road # 20 in Pelham. Three males were arrested and during the course of the investigation, it was determined that the same suspects committed a Robbery at the Gales Gas Station in St Catharines on Nov. 7. Police are asking anyone with any information that could assist in this investigation to call the 1 District, Criminal Investigations Branch at 905-688-4111 ext. 4307 or the 3 District Criminal Investigations Branch at 905-688-4111 ext. 3354.

Page  THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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Community Events ONGOING • Ladies of all ages are invited to join a fun relaxed league - Pelham Ladies Volleyball Recreational League. Tuesdays 8:3010:00pm at ELCrossley. Cost is $85 for season. Call Gayle at 380-5756 or Chris at 892-1257 • Thursdays, 6-8pm Free Art2 Workshops, Teens and Adults welcome to drop in. The Happy Place Studio, 1433 Pelham St. Fonthill. • Saturdays, 2 to 4:30 p.m. Bingo at the Royal

• 12:00-4:30pm Fenwick Central Railroad Open House. 1141 Maple St. Fenwick. Free. Sunday, November 18 • 12:00-4:30pm Fenwick Central Railroad Open House. 1141 Maple St. Fenwick. Free. Monday, November 19 •7:30. Interior Makeover with Brian E. Burgess $4.00. Please register ahead. Tuesday, November 20 • 9:30-11:30 am Old Fashioned Christmas

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Saturday, November 24 • 7:00pm Progressive Euchre, Fonthill Lions Hall, Hwy 20. Prizes, lunch, Cash Bar. $5. Monday, November 26 •7:00pm Granny Square Bootcamp. Crochet for beginners. Preregister with Maple Acre Library. $8. Tuesday, November 27 •7:30pm “The Write Stuff” - Readings and Book launch by emerging authors. Friday, November 30 • 11:30am-1:00pm Legion Lunch. $10.

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Friday, Dec. 7, 2012 • 10 - 11 am. Santa’s Visit to Fonthill Library. Free with donation to Pelham Cares. • 7:30pm Wassail Party presented by Fenwick United Church, 1050 Church Street. Join us for a beautiful evening of song and food to start the Advent Season. Tickets $10.00 ea. available at the door Saturday, December 8 • 8:00pm Pub Night, Fonthill Lions Hall, Hwy 20, Fonthill. Turkey Draw. Tickets at Klagers, Semenuk’s or Leon at the Seaway Mall. • Robert Wood Singers present “Christmas by the Fire”. Centennial High School, Thorold Rd. Welland. Tickets at the Log Cabin. Monday, December 10 • 6pm, Christmas Dinner with all the Trimmings. Concordia Lutheran Church, 105 Welland Rd at S. Pelham. $15 for adults, $7 for 6-12 yrs. Free 5yrs and under. Call for tickets: 892-8877.


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Saturday, Nov. 17th 4:00 to 7:00 pm $10 Adults, $6 Children This ad has been sponsored by:

Progressive Euchre Saturday, Nov. 24th 7:00 pm $5 per person Cash Bar

Pub Night

Featuring Turkey Draw Chili Cook Off Saturday, Dec. 8th 8:00 pm Tickets $2 or 3/$5

Page 11 THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Niagara Ice Dogs hit the ice with Pelham Panthers On November 7, 2012, the Pelham Minor Hockey Association hosted a Community Skate with the Niagara Ice Dogs. Local players had prime seats while they watched the Niagara Ice Dogs execute their drills and take amazing shots on net to prepare for their next game. Following the practice, everyone had a chance to win a prize package sponsored by Buckners Source for Sports and Coins Unlimited in the Annual Chuck-A-Puck competition. Once the Zamboni left the ice, Bones, Leo the Lion and the Niagara Ice Dog Team joined the crowd on the ice for a community skate. Players autographed

pictures provided by RBC and played tag with the kids. Bones and Leo the Lion also joined the skaters on the ice for some fun and high fives! Alex Barnes described the night as “an awesome night with the Ice Dogs”. In lieu of admission, PMHA members donated non-perishable food items to support Pelham Cares. The Pelham Minor Hockey Association would like to thank the Niagara Ice Dogs Association, Royal Bank of Canada and their staff, the PeeWee NBC team, and all the volunteers who made this event possible.

BONES and the Niagara Ice Dogs players (back) with members of the community and the Pelham Panthers who joined them at the Pelham Arena. /Special to the Voice

Kings strike back against Lightning The atoMc Pelham Kings had a solid offensive game Sunday, and were able to stride past the Pelham atoMc Lightning by a 6-0 score in Niagara District Local League Atom hockey action. Grayson Van Geest’s goaltending performance in the third period was spectacular, as he looked to hold on to the shutout, and made numerous great saves late to preserve it. His play earned him the McDonald’s Golden Jersey for the game.

The shutout was assisted with a solid team effort also, as the defense held up against a strong Lightning attack especially in the final frame. Both pairings Nolan Killeen and Jacob Martin, as well as Isabel Song and Joshua Major - made tremendous zone coverage plays during the game, with George Martinson and Jack Obdeyn showing noteworthy responsibility in their own end from the forward position with key defensive breakups.

However, the team as a whole provided great offensive punch and pressure, with good positional play and quick foot speed and passing. The Lightning goalie Sam Barnes was kept very busy and she too made some wonderful stops on Kings’ players. The Kings had jumped to an early lead with two in the first, and followed up with another in the second. The offense did not stop as the Kings buried three more in the

third to put the game out of reach. The Kings’ goals were credited to Conner Eller, Parker Triano, Josh Abbot-Tate, Martin and Colton Morrison with two breakaway high-wristers. Molly Hildebrandt, Song, Major, Abbot-Tate and Obdeyn all tallied key assists as well. Coach Joel Van Geest was quoted as saying “That was a great effort tonight by everyone…a really good game!”

Pelham U11 girls take big 35-6 win The Pelham Giant Tiger/Tora Panthers under-11 girls basketball team opened its season with a 35-6 win over the visiting St. Catharines Rebels. Leading the way for the Panthers were: Ally Sentance, 10 points, five rebounds

and five steals; Kaley Demont, nine points, three rebounds and three steals; Tess Capra, eight points and two rebounds: Maddie Coleman, four points and seven rebounds; Jordyn Britton, two points and four rebounds; Emma Melito, two points

Focu s on

and two rebounds; Lexia Poitras, three rebounds and three steals; Tess Puchalski, two rebounds and four steals; Jess Acaster, two rebounds and three steals; Bethany Langelaan, one rebound and two steals; and, Sarah Stayzer and Naomi Shad with rebounds.


Fenwick ^ŽŌďĂůůƐƐŽĐŝĂƟŽŶ ŶŶƵĂů 'ĞŶĞƌĂůDĞĞƟŶŐ Thursday, November 15 7:30 p.m. Fenwick Firehall Please Plan to Attend All are Welcome Info: Call 905-658-9FSA

Volunteers are needed in all capacities for the coming season. Come out and get involved.


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r‹†§Ÿ†™ P™™‹¦’‹§ ` †®‹ §­ʲ‹¦‹‰ ¯’ª †™™‹¦’‹§ ŒŸ¦ ³‹†¦§ɛ ` †®‹ Ÿ™³ ‡‹‹ ª†–’ ³Ÿ­¦ `œœ­ŸƃT†¦‹͊ ŒŸ¦ ɥ ‰†³§ †‰ ˆ†Ÿª ‹± ™†’ ª‹ ‰’ʲ‹¦‹ˆ‹ ª†ª ` Œ‹‹™ɛɛɛ œ³ †™™‹¦³ §³œ ªŸœ§ †¦‹ †™œŸ§ª Ÿƃ‹±’§ª‹ªɛɛɛ uɘdɘ¨ ig i ª‹ ª’¦‰ ‰†³¨ œ³ §³œ ªŸœ§ ¯‹¦‹ ¦‹‰­ˆ‹‰ ‡³ †ª ™‹†§ª ̭ŧƺɛɛɛ Ÿ §‹‹µ’¨ Ÿ ¯†ª‹¦³ ‹³‹§ Ÿ¦ ¦­’ Ÿ§‹ †‰ Ÿ ‹†‰†ˆ‹Ɵ u’§ ʵ`œœ­ŸƃT†¦‹͊˒ ’§ ¯Ÿ‰‹¦Œ­™ģ rɘ dŸª¦‹†™¨ jk Vˆµ‹œ† ` ‰‹†™ ¯’ª ‹±ª¦‹œ‹™³ ‡†‰ ¯‹‹ ’ ‹ˆµ‹œ†Ɵ ` ¯†§ ‰Ÿ’ œ†³ ª’§ ªŸ ª¦³ ªŸ ‹™  œ³ §–’ ‹†™ɛ `ª ¯†§ Ÿª ­ª’™ ` ’ˆ™­‰‹‰ `œœ­ŸƃT†¦‹͊ ª†ª œ³ §–’ ¦‹†™™³ §ª†¦ª‹‰ ªŸ ¦‹§ Ÿ‰Ɵ ` –‹‹  `œœ­ŸƃT†¦‹͊ ˆ™Ÿ§‹ ŒŸ¦ ªŸ§‹ ʹ†¦‹ƃ­ § †‰ œ³ ‡Ÿ‰³ ¦‹§ Ÿ‰§ ¯’ª’ ‰†³§ɛ }ɘRɘ¨ RT

]­†¦†ª‹‹‰ ªŸ ʳª„ T¦Ÿ’ˆ TŸ™‰§ Y Z™­ r‹†§Ÿ†™ P™™‹¦’‹§ Vˆµ‹œ† Y j§Ÿ¦’†§’§ Z’‡¦Ÿœ³†™’† j†’Œ­™ aŸ’ª§ Y œ­§ˆ™‹§ }†ª ‹Ÿ ™‹ †¦‹ §†³’ †‡Ÿ­ª `œœ­ŸƁT†¦‹͆„ TŸ™‰§ƕZ™­ ‚Ÿ­¦  ¦Ÿ‰­ˆª  ¦Ÿ‡†‡™³ §†®‹‰ œ³ ˆ†¦‹‹¦ģ ` ª‹†ˆ ˆŸ™™‹‹ ™‹®‹™ †‰ ’ ª‹ ¯’ª‹¦ɛɛɛ` ¯†§ ˆ†ªˆ’ ʶ®‹¨ §’± ˆŸ™‰§ † ³‹†¦ɛɛɛ ` ¯†§ §‹¦’Ÿ­§™³ ˆŸ§’‰‹¦’ ¦‹ª’¦‹œ‹ªɛ d³ §’§ª‹¦ §­‹§ª‹‰ ³Ÿ­¦  ¦Ÿ‰­ˆª ʵ`œœ­ŸƃT†¦‹͊˒ɛ }‹™™ ` †®‹ Ÿª ˆ†­ª † §’™‹ ˆŸ™‰ §’ˆ‹ ª‹ɛ ` †®‹ ‡‹‹ ˆŸ™‰ Œ¦‹‹ ŒŸ¦ ª¦‹‹ ˆŸ§‹ˆ­ª’®‹ ¯’ª‹¦§ Ÿ¯ɛɛɛ ` ‰Ÿ˺ª ª’– ` ¯Ÿ­™‰ ‰†¦‹ Œ†ˆ‹ †Ÿª‹¦ T††‰’† ¯’ª‹¦ ¯’ªŸ­ª ’ªɛ Pɘcɘ¨ jk

ƒ‚” Ž‚Œ ˜Ž }r”} r ‡Ž˜ Ž~ Y<JRĀ

Z’‡¦Ÿœ³†™’† d³ ­§‡†‰˺§ ʶ‡¦Ÿœ³†™’† †§ §ªŸ  ‹‰ ’œ ʵ†‰ œ‹˒ Œ¦Ÿœ §™‹‹ ’ ŒŸ¦ ª‹  †§ª Ɲ ³‹†¦§ģģ ZŸ­¦ ‰†³§ Ÿ `œœ­Ÿƃ T†¦‹͊ †‰ ‹ ¯†§ §™‹‹ ’ ª¦Ÿ­ ª‹ ’ª¨ Ÿ¯ †Œª‹¦ †™œŸ§ª f ¯‹‹–§ ‹ ’§ † ˆ†‹‰  ‹¦§Ÿɛ Pɘ rb j§Ÿ¦’†§’§ ` ‰‹®‹™Ÿ ‹‰  §Ÿ¦’†§’§ ŸŒ ª‹ §ˆ†™  ‰­‹ ªŸ T†™†¦³˺§ †¦§ ¯‹†ª‹¦ ˆŸ‰’ª’Ÿ§Ɵ `ª ¯†§˺ª ­ª’™ ` ªŸŸ– `œœ­ŸƃT†¦‹͊ ª†ª œ³ §ˆ†™  ˆŸ‰’ª’Ÿ §ª†¦ª‹‰ ªŸ ’œƃ  ¦Ÿ®‹Ɵɛ ` ‡‹™’‹®‹ `œœ­ŸƃT†¦‹͊ †§ ’œ ¦Ÿ®‹‰ œ³ ˆŸ‰’ª’Ÿ §’’ʶˆ†ª™³ɛ cɘZɘ¨ `™

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The Voice of Pelham  

Locally owned community newspaper from the heart of Niagara, reporting on events in Fonthill, Fenwick, Ridgeville and North Pelham.

The Voice of Pelham  

Locally owned community newspaper from the heart of Niagara, reporting on events in Fonthill, Fenwick, Ridgeville and North Pelham.