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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the year ahead

SANTA Claus arrived in Pelham in style on Saturday, led by a huge parade of bands, horses and floats. For more pictures of the annual Santa Claus Parade, see pages 8&9. James Whitaker/Voice Photo

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Niagara’s Only

Page  THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fonthill United shares experiences with solar energy BY SARAH MURRELL VOICE Staff Last year the congregation at Fonthill United Church looked into the feasibility of putting solar panels on the church roof, and made the decision to go ahead with the project - an often complicated process of applications, approvals and inspections. To help others who may be considering going solar understand the process and everything that’s involved, the church held an open house on Thursday featuring several speakers familiar with solar power. Henry vanderSluis, head of the church’s property

committee, explained the process the church went through to end up with 48 solar panels on the south side of the church roof. After hearing of the idea from Rev. Dr. Gary van Bruchem the congregation was enthused about the opportunity to take part, said vanderSluis, and agreed to begin the process by having an energy audit on the church and ensuring the church was suitable for solar panels. “We had a fairly ideal situation,” said vanderSluis, noting the church replaced the shingles, which were nearing the end of their life, so it would not have to be done once the panels were in place.

The church worked with Direct Current, which took care of all of the applications, structural engineering drawings and installation. The first application was for the province’s MicroFIT program. The Feed-in-Tarriff (FIT) programs for larger green energy installations and MicroFIT for smaller projects, pays third parties, such as the church or a homeowner, for feeding hydro into the power grid. Once approved, the church went ahead with financing to pay for the $72,000 capital costs, building permits and having Direct Current install the panels and two inverter panels in a small

room inside the church to convert the direct current from the panels to alternating current for the hydro lines. “Direct Current took care of everything, even trimming the trees,” said vanderSluis. “It definitely has been a positive experience for the church.” Mike Triska, with Direct Current, explained the process in a little more detail, showing photos of recent panel installations in Ontario. The process can take just over a month to complete, he says, “I think solar energy is very good. I think it is the way forward,” said Stephen Ward, FIT coordinator at Niagara

Peninsula Energy. Ward did note that the FIT programs were more successful than the government anticipated - meaning the cost of the program, shared by all hydro users, is higher than budgeted. That, said Ward, is where the “pushback” on the costs of the FIT programs comes from, adding there is a rate review now that may see the prices paid to third parties for power dropping. In the meantime, Ward said the little bit of power being fed into the power grid from alternative energy sources today could have prevented the huge power blackout experienced a few summers ago.

Five years from now, he added, solar energy could mean the difference between having to build a new nuclear power generating station, or not. For Fonthill United Church, the $72,000 capital costs will be paid for in about seven years, as the panels on the roof generate approximately $10,000 per year. Once the system is paid for, that $10,000 per year is revenue for the church. While about 50 people listened to the presenters for an hour, the church roof silently generated about $4 in power.

Hudak responds to Auditor General’s “scathing “ report BY SARAH MURRELL VOICE Staff Throughout the provincial election campaign PC leader, and Niagara West Glanbrook MPP, Tim Hudak told Ontarians that the rising costs of energy and

the financial burden families are under are a direct result of Dalton McGuinty’s policies and practices. With the release of the Auditor General’s report this month, Hudak’s stance that the Liberal government is hurting the wallets of Ontarians has been given black and

white proof, says the leader of the opposition. Calling it a “scathing 460 page report” Hudak says the Auditor General’s report highlights gross economic mismanagement and wasteful spending, and includes everything from families being ripped off by fraud in the auto insurance industry, to the LCBO charging Ontarians more for alcohol, to hydro bills going through the roof, all because of McGuinty’s policies. “The Auditor General as an impartial referee puts it in black and white that we need change and reinforces what the conservatives have been saying for a long time,” Hudak told the Voice (question period on Dec. 7 - what was the vote) “Every day during question period I have

raised issues and offered solutions on the things the Auditor General puts a big red circle around in his report,” said Hudak. “ Unfortunately we have a government that is set in its ways.” Hudak added the people in Pelham should be quite upset, knowing Ontario has paid New York and Quebec to take our excess energy. “While we’re paying higher prices they’re getting cheap Ontario hydro,” says Hudak, adding the report also indicates Ontarians have already paid more than $8 billion in stranded debt charges on their hydro bills, even though the original debt was just $7.8 billion. After the Auditor General’s 2011 report was released, Hudak officially called for an end to the “expensive”

Feed-in-Tarriff (FIT) program, saying the rich subsidies that pay up to 20 times the going rate for power are not helping the economy, but killing jobs in the broader economy. “I believe electricity policy should be focused on creating reliable power at affordable prices. This has long been the blueprint for job creation and success in Ontario, but we’ve abandoned that practice under the current government,” said Hudak. In Ontario, Dalton McGuinty continues to ignore the warning signs and plough ahead with treating energy as social policy instead of an economic fundamental. Hudak says he will use the report as a platform to continue to push for change in hydro policy,

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in wasteful government spending, and other areas of concern raised by the auditor general. While the report gives credence to Hudak’s position, it’s release after the October election did not help the conservative electoral fortunes. “That’s not the reality,” says Hudak on how helpful the report could have been if released a few months earlier. If the current Ontario government can’t make changes to address these issues and make life more affordable for Ontario families, Hudak says he hopes to be the leader of the next provincial government to bring change to Ontario.


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Christmas Choir Cantata

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Fonthill United Church, 42 Church Hill (at corner of Canboro Road & Hwy 20) on Sunday, December 18 at 10:00 am Featuring one of Niagara’s best church choirs. Accompanied on our new grand piano, under the direction of William Outred.

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THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, December 7, 2011 Page 

Christmas Worship 10:30 am We welcome Fonthill United Church New Year’s Day Sunday January 1, 2012 10 am We will be worshipping at Fonthill United Church January 8, 2012 – 9:30 am Muffins and coffee in the Church Hall 10:30 am Worship

Bethany Christian Reformed Church 1040 Balfour Road, Fenwick Christmas Eve Saturday, December 24 6 pm Service Christmas Day Sunday, December 25 10 am Service New Year’s Eve Saturday, December 31 7 pm Service combined with Grace CRC, Welland New Year’s Day Sunday, Jan 1 10 pm Service

Fonthill United Church 42 Church Hill, Fonthill Sunday, December 18 10 am Christmas Choir Cantata by the Fonthill United Choir Christmas Eve Saturday, December 24 8 pm Christmas Eve communion by candlelight Christmas Day Sunday, December 25 10:30 am Christmas Day joint service at Fenwick United Church New Year’s Day Sunday, January 1 10 am New Year’s joint service at Fonthill United Church

Church of Christ 765 Welland Road, Fenwick Christmas Day Sunday, December 25 9:45 am Sunday School 11 am Worship 6:30 pm Worship Concordia Lutheran Church 105 Welland Road, Fonthill Christmas Eve Saturday, December 24 7 pm Christmas Eve Service Christmas Day Sunday, December 25 10:45 am Christmas Day Service with Holy Communion Fenwick United Church 1050 Church St., Fenwick Christmas Eve Saturday December 24 7 pm Family Service 10 pm Candlelight Communion Christmas Day Sunday December 25

Holy Trinity Anglican Church 1557 Pelham St., Fonthill Sunday, December 18 8:30 am Holy Eucharist 10 am Service of Story and Song Christmas Eve Saturday, December 24 5:30 pm Holy Eucharist, with young families in mind. 11 pm Holy Eucharist Christmas Day Sunday, December 25 9:30 am Holy Eucharist New Year’s Day Sunday, January 1

8:30 am 10 am

Holy Eucharist, celebrating our 150th Anniversary Holy Eucharist, celebrating our 150th Anniversary

Kirk-on-the-Hill Presbyterian Church 1344 Haist Street, Fonthill Christmas Eve Saturday, December 24 7 pm Candlelight Service Christmas DAy Sunday, December 24 10:30 am Service Pelham Community Church 461 Canboro Rd., Fenwick Christmas Eve Saturday, December 24 4 pm service for families with young children 7 pm Lessons & Carols 9 pm Holy Communion Service Christmas Day Sunday, December 25 9:30 am Worship and Communion Service Riverside Christian Reformed Church 74094 Wellandport Road Christmas Eve Saturday, December 24 6:30 pm Candlelight Service

Christmas Day Sunday, December 25 9:30 am Service 3:30 pm Service New Year’s Day Sunday, January 1 9:30 am Service 3:30 pm Service St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Church 834 Canboro Road Fenwick Christmas Eve Saturday, December 24 5 pm Christmas Eve Family Mass (families with young children) 8 pm Christmas Mass 11 pm Mass During the Night (Midnight Mass) Christmas Day Sunday, December 9:30 am Christmas Day Mass 11 am Christmas Day Mass New Year’s Eve Saturday, December 31 4 pm Holy Hour & Reconciliation 5 pm Vigil Solemnity of Mary the Most Holy Mother of God Sunday, January 1 9:30 am Mass 11 am Mass Solemnity of Mary the Most Holy Mother of God

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Page  THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Christmas caution for the family pets this holiday The children are nestled all snug in their beds, all bellies are full, the last of the guests have headed home and the crackling fire tempts you to finally put your feet up…but then you hear that unmistakable sound… Shadow is vomiting in the laundry room. With all the chaos and novelty around the Christmas holiday season many pets find themselves ample opportunity to explore new objects and taste-test new goodies. Unfortunately, this often results in many pets becoming ill, some seriously, keeping us veterinarians hopping through December. Here are some helpful hints to keep you in front of the crackling fire and out of the veterinary hospital this Christmas! Tempting but toxic:

Seasonal plants such as Poinsettias, Holly Berries, mistletoe and Ivy can all make pets sick if they are chewed on or ingested so best to choose the imitation varieties. Beautiful Ambience but fire hazard: Candles are a popular addition to seasonal decoration, but they are often an irresistible temptation to cats, or the victim of a wagging dog tail. Timber! If you have a young cat and enjoy a Christmas Tree, be sure to anchor the tree to the wall, window frame or curtain rod. Young cats assume that Christmas trees are their personal playgrounds. Chocolate for People not pets: Most people are aware that chocolate can be toxic to our pets, but every Christmas dogs manage to sniff out what

we don’t notice. Common mistakes include guests bringing wrapped gifts that contain chocolate or boxes left on low tables that suddenly become unsupervised. Bakers chocolate and dark chocolate are even more toxic than milk chocolate. Pretty on the outside, dangerous on the inside! Cats find stringy, wiggly things irresistible, and Christmas presents an abundance of these items; tinsel, elastic bands, gift ribbon, string and threads etc. Cats start by playing with these items, but just one lick can result the item getting caught on the small barbs of a cat’s tongue. Unable to spit the string out, the cat continues to swallow until its all gone. Less than 12 inches of string/ribbon can result in knotting of the intestines that requires

life saving surgery. What’s Xylitol? Xylitol is a sugar alcohol used as a sweetener in many gums and candy. Xylitol can be quite toxic when ingested by our pets so be on the look out for it this season. What’s in the Stocking? Christmas is often a time when dogs and cats are given special treats as gifts. However the digestive tract of pets becomes accustomed to their regular food and treats. Bones, rawhides and other consumable treats may cause diarrhea, vomiting or worse in pets not usually receiving these items. It is best to give toys, not edible treats to our pets for Christmas. A “Bone” of contention: Although some dogs seemingly do fine when given bones to chew on, many are not so lucky. The marrow inside bones

Letters to the Editor

is a frequent cause of GI upset and pancreatitis. Bones are choking hazards, they can splinter and perforate the wall of the stomach, they can cause obstructions and get stuck in the mouth or around the jaw. Turkey in the bowl: Many well-meaning, guiltridden pet owners want to share on Christmas Day. But the fat levels in turkey, gravy, trimmings frequently cause the Emergency waiting room to be full of pets with vomiting and diarrhea on Boxing Day. Not you, not this year! On a final note, as the temperature drops, please remember that there are very few breeds of dogs that have a coat sufficiently thick to keep them warm in Canadian winters. When temperatures drop below -5C our dogs should be

The Vet’s Voice

Dr. Claire Todd brought inside when they are not exercising. And should not be left outside overnight. Even Husky dogs – if they spend some of their time indoors, their coat does not thicken sufficiently to keep them warm when trying to sleep in our cold temperatures. Merry Christmas and a Happy (and Healthy) New Year!

20th Annual Citizens of Pelham Food Drive a success The 20th Annual Citizens of Pelham Food Drive was held on Saturday, Dec. 3, 2011. As always, the event was a huge success! We wish to thank the thousands of residents of Pelham who donated food items by leaving them on their doorstep or bringing them to our drop-off points, and the hundreds of volunteers (students, army cadets, families, church groups, schools, service clubs, business groups, etc.) who canvassed the town and picked food up doorto-door and delivered it to Pelham Cares. As is our tradition, we were also able to share food with our neighbours in Welland through donations to Open Arms Mission, Salvation Army and The HOPE Centre. We wish to thank the following sponsors for

generously providing nourishment for the volunteers who collected, sorted and boxed the food that was received: Allan Crowe, Blue Star Restaurant, Country Corner Market, Da Vinci’s, Fonthill Sobeys, Klager’s Meats, M.T. Bellies Restaurant, My Place Bar and Grill, and Tim Hortons Fonthill. We wish to acknowledge the monetary support from the following groups that is used to advertise and promote the Food Drive: Fenwick Firefighters Association, Fenwick Lions Club, Fonthill Lioness Club, Fonthill Lions Club, Fonthill and District Kinsmen, Rotary Club of Fonthill, and the Royal Canadian Legion Fonthill We wish to acknowledge Randy Norton of Mr. Furnace’s One Hour

THEof Pelham VOICE From The Heart of Niagara MISSION STATEMENT

The Voice of Pelham strives to provide local news coverage in all aspects of the Town of Pelham, including politics, health care, education, service and community clubs, churches, sports, businesses and any other local events and happenings. The Voice aims to provide local businesses and services with an affordable, professional advertising venue reaching every household in Pelham.

for his continued contribution of Food Drive t-shirts, teams of trucks and volunteers, and his donation this year of $500 to Pelham Cares on his employees’ behalf in lieu of breakfast Saturday morning. Many thanks to the following businesses for being food drop-off points for rural residents: Century 21 Today Realty, Clare’s Cycle & Sports, Meridian Credit Union, North Pelham Avondale and Star Tile Centre. To our friends in the media, Niagara This Week, Pelham News, Welland Tribune and The Voice, we appreciate your outstanding promotion and coverage. Thank you to the Fenwick Lions, especially Ken Angle, for leading the Fenwick food collection, and to Gerry’s “Food

Drive Family” (Glen Robins, Gwenn Alves, Maxine and Doug Gaylor, Randy Norton, Rick Hatt, Sandy Mathews) for your ongoing, valuable assistance with organizing the Fonthill food collection. Finally, much appreciation to

both Lions Clubs for opening their halls to us and cleaning up after the event. Community spirit is alive and well in Pelham and we are grateful to be part of such a caring and responsible community that works hard to ensure

food security for all of our citizens. Gerry and Sylvia Berkhout Co-organizers of the Citizens of Pelham Food Drive

Thanks for parade success

The 14th Annual Pelham Santa Claus Parade was the largest and most successful ever thanks to the work and support of many individuals and businesses. Hundreds of people lined the route to watch the 40 parade entries, including six bands and Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus. A huge crowd of kids of all ages came to Centennial Park to talk to Santa, participate in the rides and enjoy complimentary hot dogs, chili, hot chocolate and cider. Members of the Pelham Santa Claus Parade Committee, the Fabulous Fenwick Lions, the Fenwick Lioness and the Pelham Community Policing Committee worked tirelessly, planning

209 Highway 20 East Fonthill, ON, L0S 1E6 phone: 905-892-8690 fax: 905-892-0823 email: Original bandshell design used on pages 1 and 4, courtesy of Todd Barber Forestgreen Creations. The Voice is a member of:

and operating the events safely and efficiently. We are very grateful to a long list of local business, organizations and individuals who donated food, candy and cash to support the event, allowing us to present it at no cost to the public. Our reward is to see the expressions of wonderment and joy on the faces of the kids as they watch for Santa then shyly approach him to tell him their wishes. Thanks to all and Merry Christmas. Fred Disher Chair, Pelham Santa Claus Parade Committee

Sarah Murrell, Editor Warren Mason, Advertising Coordinator Liz Hayden, Ad Composition Letters to the Editor are welcome provided the submission contains the writer’s full name, signature, address and telephone number. Names only will be published. Names will not be withheld. The newspaper reserves the right to change, condense or reject any contribution for brevity or legal purposes. All Material in this publication is protected by copyright. Reproduction is prohibited without express, written permission of the publisher. Advertising: The VOICE of Pelham regrets any errors that appear in advertisements in this newspaper, however, we will not be held responsible for more than one incorrect insertion or for any damages beyond the amount of space which contains the error. WEEKLY CIRCULATION: 8,705 Canada Post Agreement No. 40026500

THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, December 7, 2011 Page 

I want to know if you are magical... Dear Santa Dear Santa I would like to know when is your birthday? I would like How is Rudolph doing with his flying? Please bring me a to know what do your reindeers like to play? I got a bunny pretty doll house this year. Thanks Santa this year named Sparkles. I had a lot of fun this year in Love Claire the pool. I am going to leave cookies and coke for you and ps How are the elves doing? pictures for you. Love Emily Dear Santa I have been a very good boy this year. Please bring me Dear Santa some toy cars and trucks. Thank you so much Santa. My name is William. I am 3 years old. Can I please have Love Brock trains and train tracks and Planet Hoth toys. ps How is Rudolph doing? Thank You William Dear Santa My name is Ben. I am 6 years old, and I am in Grade one. I live in Fenwick, Ontario. Dear Santa I like elves and Rudolph. I wonder if his nose really shines This year for Christmas I would like a Samsung PL120 like a light bulb? Digital Camera. I have bin really good and respectful to all I hope to see you at Santa Brunch my friends. Love Ben Love Brianna Dear Santa My name is Matthew. I am 8 years old. Dear Santa Santa you are very kind, nice and generous. I wonder how My name is Hunter and I am 3 and a half years old. your elves get all that work done in one year. How do they I have been a good boy for Christmas. Can you please bring me a giant monster truck. Thank manage to get it done for all of the children? Does Rudolph’s nose really light up so bright that you can see through you. snowstorms and thick fog? Are Mrs. Claus’ cookies yummy? Love Hunter What is it like being around the world in one night? Matthew Dear Santa I try to be a good girl. I help my mommy and daddy and Dear Santa I help to feed my dogs. For Christmas I would like Lifeguard Barbie, Lalaloopsie My name is Jacob. I am almost three years old. Santa, I have a present for you. We will get a Christmas tree. We Dolls, a toy octopus. Thank you. are going to put decorations on it. Rudolph’s food will be Kaleigh cookies. Love Jacob Dear Santa I am a good boy and I am nice to my sister. I also give my Dear Santa dad a hand and give my dogs belly rubs. Can I please have Sentinel Prime. I am 5 years old. I love I would like for Christmas Lego Fire Temple and earth transformers and star wars. monster. Caverns of Nathuz and Waldurk Forest and castle Justin fortaan. Cursed cobra statue and Scarab Attack. Thank you Dear Santa David John We have a cat and a dog. Please put a treat in their Dear Santa I have been a very good girl this year. I would like some flavoured chapsticks and some geronimo stilson hard cover books. Thank you Santa Love Sydney ps How does Mrs. Claus make such good cookies? pss Or maybe a horse set?

Dr. Nelly SolimaN Wahba

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Dear Santa I hope you have a good Christmas. I want a princess for Christmas. Love Angelina Dear Santa I have kept my room clean and I have been a good girl. This year I would like a tv for my room. Thank you very much. Love Isabella Dear Santa I have been very good all year. I would like a new Bionicle for Christmas. Love Adam Each year The Voice of Pelham collects letters to Santa from children along the parade route in Fenwick. Before we forward them to Santa Claus at the North Pole, we publish a selection of the letters, to share with our readers the heart of Christmas - the wonder and belief

Dear Santa I want to know if you are magical. Love Julia


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Dear Santa Claus I wish you a Merry Christmas. We got a new puppy in the summer. His name is Cody. He got a new stocking you will see it. I hope people far and near will have a Merry Christmas. Please maby you and your eelvs could make these things for me, a rock tumbler, a playmobil 2 horse sets, a jumping and a stable. Love Natalie

stockings for them. I will work on a nice picture for you. I have been a good boy because I play nicely with Natalie and of children. Tyler and Cody. I would like a remote control car please. I am 3 years old. We are going to give you chocolate chip cookies and white milk and carrots for your reindeer. Look on the fireplace when you come. Love Connor



Dear Santa I hope you have a good Christmas. My name is Tyler. I am 5 years old. Do you have a dog? We just got a puppy. He is six months old today. His name is Cody. I want you to pick my present this year. I want it to be a surprise. I hope all the kids in the world have presents in their stocking and under the tree. I filled a stocking for a boy who is 5. Love Tyler

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Page 6 THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Region and Town of Pelham approve budgets early BY DAVE AUGUSTYN Mayor of Pelham

Rates budgets fund special services like water, waste water, and waste management. Not everyone across Pelham or the Region receives these services, and Provincial rules demand separate water and waste water budgets. On Thursday, December 1, Regional Council adopted your entire Regional Budget for 2012 – including the Capital, Operating, and Rate budgets. Not only does this more than $750 million budget include the work of Departments like Public Works, Public Health, Community Services, Integrated Community

You will recall that a capital budget acquires, builds, or rehabilitates major infrastructure or equipment with a long life. Such capital assets include municipal facilities and buildings, trucks and vehicles, roads and bridges and sidewalks, and water/sewage pipes and plants. The operating budget controls “day-to-day” expenditures such as salaries, wages, benefits, heat, hydro, and routine maintenance of buildings and infrastructure. ZUMBA FITNESS Thursday, Dec 15, 2011 7:00 – 8:00 pm Tuesday, Dec 20, 2011 7:30 – 8:30 pm ZUMBA GOLD Thursday, Dec 15, 2011 9:30 – 10:30 am Tuesday Dec 20, 2011 9:30 - 10:30 am Drop in and try any session for $6.00 or purchase your 10 + 2 bonus pass for $60.00 Need more info – contact (905) 892-2607, ext. 329 Women’s Learn to Play Hockey / Shinny Learn to Play Thursdays 9:30 am – 10:30 am, Shinny 10:30 am – 11:30 am Full equipment is required. LTP/Shinny - drop in rate $10.00/$5.50 For more information contact (905) 892-2607, ext. 329 Men’s Shinny Hockey Tuesdays 8 – 9 am $5.50 Fridays 8:30 – 10 am $8.25 Fridays 9- 10 am $5.50 Public Skating Friday, December 16, 8 – 9:30 pm Sunday December 18, 1 – 2:20 pm Tuesday December 20, 7:30 – 8:30 pm Parent/Preschool Skating Friday, December 16, 10 – 11 am Tuesday, December 20, 1 – 2 pm Adult Skating Thursday December 15 1 – 2 pm PELHAM TOWN SQUARE Walking Club •Thursday December 15 Time: 1pm-2pm, Meeting Location: Fonthill Bandshell Walks are cancelled for the holiday and will resume Jan. 10, 2012 For more information please contact:abrown@ or call (905) 892-2607 ext. 308. SNOW ANGEL PROGRAM The Town of Pelham in partnership with Pelham Cares Inc. offers a volunteer snow/ice removal service for persons within the Town of Pelham urban areas living with physical disabilities who are incapable of carrying out sidewalk snow/ice removal at their place of residence. Application forms for residents and volunteers are available on the Town’s website at www. or at Town Hall. Please call 905-8922607 extension 332 for additional information. GENERAL INFORMATION •Interested in Joining the Communities in Bloom Committee? The Communities in Bloom Committee is a Town Committee dedicated to keeping Pelham Beautiful. The Committee is responsible for planning events such as Pelhlam’s Annual Garden Tour and Community Participation Days in the fall and spring. To become part of this committee or for further

Planning, and Corporate Services, it also includes budgets for outside agencies like Niagara Regional Housing, Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, Niagara Economic Development, and Niagara Regional Police Service. This is the earliest in recent memory for the Operating, Rates, and Agency portion of the Region’s Budget! I am especially pleased with this, not only because it means we can start issuing capital project tenders and concentrate on finding efficiencies, but also because I had the honour of Chairing

the Region’s Budget for 2012. Then, on Monday, December 5, Pelham Council adopted your 2012 Pelham Capital Budget. Pelham’s Capital budget will continue to improve the community:• Regional Road #20: work together with Region on the reconstruction from Rice Road to Station Street – including new sidewalk (north side), streetlighting, and water / waste water improvements;• Downtown Fonthill: “fine tune” and complete streetscaping;• Downtown Fenwick: complete redesign plans, review structural integrity of

information please contact Katie Thorpe, Community Services Coordinator at 905-892-2607 ext. 341. •IMPORTANT TO DOG OWNERS Please be reminded that Town of Pelham Dog Control By-law 97-2010 requires that any person who owns controls or harbors a dog shall remove, forthwith, any feces (excrement) left by such dog on private or public property. Remember to be responsible! Stoop and Scoop! •KEEP PELHAM STREETS “LIT” Residents of the Town of Pelham are asked to report any problems with streetlights to the Community & Infrastructure Services Department at 905-892-2607, ext.332 The hydro utility requires that a pole number be provided when reporting the problem Town of Pelham e-mail address: Visit our Web site at

The Corporation of the

TOWN OF PELHAM Promotional Advisory Committee

Pelham is a vibrant, creating & caring community. The Council of the Town of Pelham recently authorized the creation of the Pelham Promotional Advisory Committee and is now inviting interested persons to make application to serve on this Committee. More specifically, the Town is accepting applications for local representation from the following community stakeholder groups: The Agricultural Community The Development Community Citizens at Large A Summer Recreational Association The Pelham Cultural Community A Winter Recreational Association Local Service Club Representation If you are interested in participating in this exciting new initiative, please submit your application by January 20th, 2012. Application forms and a copy of the Terms of Reference may be obtained from the Office of the Clerk, Town of Pelham Municipal Building, 20 Pelham Town Square, Fonthill during regular office hours – Monday to Friday – 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Application forms are also available from the Town of Pelham website, www. For further information on the Committee, please contact Craig Larmour, (905) 892-2607, ext. 316.

historic flagpole, and earmark revitalization funds in future years;• Investments in Recreation & Culture: including replacing Harold Black Park Soccer shelters, installing new bleachers and develop detailed design for Phase 2 & 3 of master plan for Centennial Park, and develop a Cultural Master Plan;• Concession and kitchen improvements to Arena;• Continue renovations and renewal of historic Old Pelham Town Hall;• Fire Service enhancements: start twoyear process of replacing all SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus),

and also begin schedule of replacing bunker gear;• Retrofit and improve Cherry Ridge Subdivision Storm Water Management Pond;• Finally, develop a Master Plan for the Town’s 32 acres at Rice Road and RR#20. Your 2012 Budgets will continue our Town’s revitalization and our Region’s service and enhancements. You may contact Mayor Dave at mayordave@ or read past columns at www. pelhammayordave.

The Corporation of the

TOWN OF PELHAM NOTICE Winter Maintenance Of Town Roads PARKING AND SNOW REMOVAL Citizens are reminded that Section 170(12) of The Highway Traffic Act prohibits the parking or standing of vehicles on any roadway in such a manner as to interfere with the movement of traffic or cleaning of snow from the roadway. Any vehicle parked or standing in such a manner as to interfere with municipal snow clearing or preventative road treatment (or maintenance) operations may be ticketed or towed away. Vehicles towed may be moved or taken, and placed or stored in a suitable place, and all costs and charges for removing, care and storage thereof, if any, are a lien upon the vehicle. Furthermore, the Town of Pelham’s Parking and Traffic By-law #89-2000 prohibits overnight parking on all highways (including all roadways, except Church Hill), from 2:00 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. from November 1 until March 31 of each year. The efficient and timely ploughing of snow and preventative maintenance of Town highways benefits all residents. Please cooperate with the Town’s Community and Infrastructure Services Department by keeping your vehicle completely off the highway overnight. Your cooperation is very much appreciated and will allow Town staff to better serve you during periods of snowfall and icy highway conditions in general. DEPOSITING OF SNOW ON ROADWAY Citizens are reminded that Section 181 of The Highway Traffic Act prohibits any person from depositing snow or ice on a roadway. Please cooperate with the Town of Pelham By-law #3013(2008) prohibits a person from depositing snow and ice upon any highway and from relocating snow or ice within 1 metre of a fire hydrant, or within the road allowance (including roadways and shoulders). Please cooperate with the Town’s Community and Infrastructure Services Department by refraining from depositing snow or ice on the highway or onto a sidewalk, and from relocating snow and ice within the road allowance. Your cooperation in helping the Community & Infrastructure Services Department keep our maintenance operations efficient and our roadways safe this winter is greatly appreciated.

THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, December 7, 2011 Page 

Have snow shovel, will be a snow angel BY SARAH MURRELL VOICE Staff They’re strutting their stuff in Fonthill, and that stuff includes Frye boots, Kenneth Cole handbags, and Un Tour en Ville shoes. Tanya Lewaskewicz and Anna Alfieri-Pirson are not just selling shoes in Fonthill, they’re personalizing the shoe business at the new store, Strut. The coworkers, and good friends, learned not just about shoes and customer service working together at Caesar’s Shoes in Welland, they developed a passion for shoes. “I love shoes more than I love my kids,” jokes AlfieriPirson. “We really, really do,” adds Lewaskewicz. When it was time to move forward and grow, everything fell into place for the opening of Strut and for the two women to continue working together doing what they love to do - sell shoes. “It was an ah-ha moment,” says Alfieri-Pirson on her feeling as everything needed to open the store just happened naturally. “It felt right to the core. What we’re doing is right.” Even walking into the space for the first time, before it had been painted and styled for Strut, felt like coming home say both women. They hope it is the same for their customers, they say - as they call out

‘hello’ and chat with shoe shoppers on a snowy Friday morning in Pelham. “We want to roll out the red carpet for our customers,” says Alfieri, offering one shopper a cup of tea or coffee. Lewaskewicz adds their personalities, welcoming, friendly and outgoing, are part of that red carpet treatment. More than selling shoes, the women say their goal is to get to know their customers by name, on a personal level so when they’re shopping for styles to fill their store, they can hand pick shoes for their customers. Knowing exactly what someone will love, knowing their style and the shoes they usually buy, will help them stock Strut so it caters specifically to their customer base. The store, “chic and upscale”, carries Kenneth Cole, Laura Ferri, Ryeiker, Un Tour en Ville, Jose Saenz and Frye, the only retailer in Niagara to carry the Frye line, says AlfieriPirson. From casual to high fashion, business to holiday wear, the store has something for everyone, including a great selection of men’s shoes. Strut also carries accessories, including handbags, jewellry and leather gloves. “Classic, with an edge,” is how Lewaskewicz describes the style of the store, adding they have trendy and funky footwear but shoes for the average girl as well.

Now Open in Fonthill

“Shoes are an expression of your personality,” says Lewaskewicz, explaining not only her love of shoes, but the reason for shopping at Strut. “Shoes are easy,” she adds. “They always fit.” “It’s the colour, the style, the texture, the pattern,” says Alfieri-Pirson. “It’s what you’re going to on with them.” Shoes, added AlfieriPirson, are all about style and comfort, adding there is something for everyone at Strut. “It takes five minutes to make yourself feel more womanly, more sexy.” At Strut, however, it often takes more than five minutes to find the perfect shoe or boot, have a long chat with Anna and Tanya, enjoy a cup of coffee, and unwind. While customers have been dropping in since

Strut opened two weeks ago, the visitors also include many of the other store owners and merchants in Fonthill, bearing flowers, gifts, and chocolates - including a chocolate shoe.

“Everyone has been so welcoming,” says Lewaskewicz, with AlfieriPirson adding their thanks to everyone, customers and colleagues alike, who have welcomed them so warmly to Fonthill.

From Our Family to Yours On Saturday December 17th 2011 the family of business owners at 1471 Pelham St. Fonthill, invite you to bring your family down to help us with our Fill The Van Campaign. While the food drive was a big success, Pelham Cares is still in need of the following items: canned fruit, stew, baby items and all grooming items. That is why Ooh La La Designs Living Art Studio, Chez Fromage Etc, Zest, Salon Utopia, Presentations and Fonthill Candy Company invite you to come down and visit us with your donation between 9am and 4pm and receive some great savings from the merchants involved. The van will be parked in the parking lot behind Chez Fromage Etc. The Shorthills Firefighters will be on hand to assist and all the merchants will be taking turns accepting donations. So come down, say “Hi” and help Pelham Cares at the same time.

Mon, Tues, Wed 10-6pm Thurs, Fri 10-8pm Sat 10-3pm Closed Sunday


1412 Pelham St ( at the corner of Church)


ANNA Alfieri-Pirson (left) and Tanya Lewaskewicz are ready to offer great service and fabulous shoes to Pelham. Sarah Murrell/Voice Photo

OOH LA LA DESIGNS Living Art Studio

Page  THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, December 7, 2011

THE DRUMLINE of the Burlngton High School marching band surprised some parade-watchers with a private performance (top) during the annual parade while the Guides (above), Ridgeville Bible Chapel (above, right), Pelham Firefighters, (top, right), Sobeys (immediate right), Pelham Cares (centre, right) and MPP Tim Hudak (far right) all took part.

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SANTA CAME MARCHING IN THE E.L. CROSSLEY Marching Band played for Santa throughout the parade, marching just in front of the Jolly Old Elf as per tradition (left). Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived waiving to the kids, then spent some time at Centennial Park to talk to the children while Lily Dean (above) helped out The Voice by collecting letters to Santa along the parade route and Lampman’s celebrated its 100th anniversary. James Whitaker/Voice Photos

The perfect stocking stuffer for the jewellery lover! The Thomas Kinkade ‘Christmas Carolers’ bouquet by Teleflora.

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Another creation from Teleflora’s celebrated Flowers-in-a-Gift collection, the beautifully sculpted, hand-painted cottage lights up inside and plays the carol Deck the Halls. A treasured collectible that will bring joy for years to come. • 905-892-3732 Fonthill Shopping Centre • Hwy 20

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MAYOR Dave Augustyn did the ribbon cutting at The Designer Delights Official Grand Opening party and holiday open house on Saturday, Dec. 3 with store owners, Jenna Young and Chelsey Cook. /Special to the Voice

MAYOR Dave Augustyn did the ribbon cutting at Presentations Inc. Grand Opening party Thursday, Dec. 1 with store owners Candy Ashbee and her daughter Bellina. /Special to the Voice

HELP TO VIMY THE ROTARY Club of Fonthill recently made a donation to the 613 Army Cadets to assist with the cadets’ upcoming European trip to commemorate Canada’s role at Vimy Ridge. Capt. Leo Giovenazzo, centre, visits with Andrew Larmand, left, Rotary club president, and John Heise, district governor for Rotary’s District 7090. Heise was making his annual visit to the club. /Special to the Voice

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e i s u r e

Atom Tigers victorious at Port Stanley tourney BY SARAH MURRELL VOICE Staff The McDonalds Atom Tigers claimed top spot in the Atom division of the Burn’s Foodland Hometown Challenge Tournament in Port Stanley. The road to the final saw the Tigers undefeated in round robin play which included a 7-0 shut-out for Carter Nicholas against the Mt. Brydges Cougars, a 4-0 shut-out for Tyler Scott against Post Stanley #1, and a 4-1 victory over Port Stanley #2. In the final, the Tigers met a much invigorated, Mt. Brydges squad. Harmon Narbonne opened the scoring with an unassisted shot to the back of the net in the 1st period. In the 2nd frame, Jack Obdeyn added a second point to the scoreboard with the assistance of Nicholas

Longo, and Narbonne scored another unassisted goal as the buzzer sounded to end the period. Carter Nicholas’ second shut-out of the tournament was spoiled when Mt. Brydges scored with 12 seconds left in the game. The Tigers’ strength was their team play with their outstanding blueliners, Owen Darling, Mitchell Karney, Elliot Song, Carter Nicholas & Nick Longo, setting up the scoring chances for their front lines. Tournament points were earned by Harmon Narbonne (5G, 3A), Dan Durkin (3G, 4A), Elijah Taylor (4G), Wyatt Glancy (2G, 2A), Drew Colangelo (4A), Nick Longo (2G, 1A), Tyler Scott (1G, 1A), Mitchell Karnay (2A), Jack Obdeyn (1G), and Colton Morrison, Elliot Song, & Carter Nicholas (1A each). The Tigers also participated in a skills competition held as part of

the tournament. Harmon Narbonne came first in the Skating Challenge, Drew Colangelo won the Breakaway Challenge, Carter Nicholas took first place in the Goalie Challenge, and Elliot Song came third in the Stickhandling Challenge. The McDonalds AtoMc Tigers travelled to face Welland #3 in an entertaining Saturday duel recently. After a scoreless first period, Drew Colangelo cracked the scoreboard with the help of Wyatt Glancy & Elliot Song. A minute later, it was Glancy’s turn to ripple the twine from Mitchell Karnay & Harmon Narbonne. With a second left in the game, Karnay got the empty-netter from Colangelo to secure the 3-0 victory. Tyler Scott earned the shut-out and Owen Darling’s solid D play made him the player of the game. The following Sunday,

the Tigers welcomed Thorold #2 to their lair. Harmon Narbonne netted the first goal of the game with the help of Elijah Taylor. Speedy Harm Narbonne found the back of the net for the second time late in the second period from Nicholas Longo & Tyler Scott and Eli Taylor shot the Tiger’s final goal from Elliot Song. Jack Obdeyn, Colton Morrison, and Dan Durkin added their offensive clout to the game and goalie Carter Nicholas earned the 3-1 victory. Tigers took up residence at the Pelham arena in a busy 3-home game weekend in earlier action. Patience paid off in their 1st game against NOTL#3, as the Tigers faced a 2-0 deficit early in the 3rd frame. Harmon Narbonne was the first the find the back of the NOTL net with the assistance of Jack Obdeyn, then found


it again a minute later from Obdeyn & Wyatt Glancy. Rapid-fire goals followed from Nicholas Longo (from Drew Colangelo & Mitchell Karnay), Elijah Taylor (from Carter Nicholas & Owen Darling), Wyatt Glancy (from Narbonne), & Colton Morrison (from Longo & Colangelo) to put another one in the win column for goalie, Tyler Scott. Next up was Pelham #1, the Storm. Wyatt Glancy drew first blood connecting from Drew Colangelo & Mitchell Karnay. Harmon Narbonne added a hat trick to the scoreboard in the 2nd period (from Nicholas Longo; from Tyler Scott & Longo; and from Colton Morrison & Karnay), before Longo found his sweet spot on the ice and sailed one past the Storm’s netminder with the help of Scott & Narbonne. The Storm

rallied in the 3rd period, but couldn’t overcome the deficit. Goalie, Carter Nicholas, took the 5-3 victory. A game against Thorold #1, started out competitively. Dan Durkin took advantage of a scramble in front of the net to score the Tigers’ 1st goal from Wyatt Glancy, which was quickly answered by the Thorold team. However, the game quickly became one-sided. Hat tricks were earned by Wyatt Glancy, Harmon Narbonne, & Elijah Taylor. Durkin added a second goal and Mitchell Karnay & Owen Darling each netted singles. Assists went to Glancy (3), Nicholas Longo (3), Narbonne (2), Drew Colangelo (2), Darling, Durkin, Elliot Song & Jack Obdeyn. Netminder, Tyler Scott, earned the win.

Under 10 girls near flawless

The Pelham Panthers under-10 girls basketball team played a near-flawless game in defeating Port Colborne 38-4 Saturday afternoon at E.L. Crossley. In evening their overall record at 5-5, the Panthers JORDAN Ingraham of E.L. Crossley drives to the basket played their best game since the team was formed past forward Marshall Cino in September 2010. Pelham committed a seasonof Blessed Trinity during low 14 turnovers while pilfering 22 steals from Port semi-final action at the Colborne, a team that came into the game with a 1-1 St. Catharines Standard record versus Pelham this season. basketball tournament. Top performers for Pelham were: Ally Sentance, 17 Crossley fell to an early lead, points, six rebounds and four steals; Jordyn Britton, dropping the game 47-39 six points, seven rebounds and four steals; Sydney and eliminating their hoes of Grummett, four points, five rebounds and two steals; tournament gold. Kaley Demont, four points, two rebounds and two Devaan Ingraham/ steals; Tess Puchalski, three points, 10 rebounds Voice Photo (seven offensive) and three steals; Emma Melito, two points, six rebounds and a steal; Lexia Poitras, two points, five rebounds Your Community. Your Paper. Your Voice. and three steals; Tess Capra, three rebounds The Voice of Pelham and a steal; Emma Kulik, two offensive rebounds and a steal; Bethany Langelaan, steal; and, Abbey McCulligh with solid defence. Next up for the team, which is sponsored by Mike Knapp Ford, Tora Inc., Giant Tiger Fonthill, Niagara Dental Centre, Miles Kulik MHC Mortgage Services and Colonial Florists, is the St. Catharines tournament this weekend.

Page 12 THE VOICE of Pelham Wednesday, December 7, 2011

& DJBs erase halftime deficit in NBA action Sports L

e i s u r e

Durward, Jones, Barkwell & Company (DJB) found themselves in a hole on Monday night down 24-19 at halftime to their longtime nemesis Millennium Computers. A big second half by rookie JoJo Duran (who scored 10 of his 16 points in the second half) and an increase in the tenacity of the DJB defence led to the demise of the Millennials.Duran was the sparkplug of the DJB offence adding 16 rebounds to his 16 points and making 3 steals on defence. He was 4 of 8 from the foul line. The G-Unit (Gino Palermo) scored 12 points (all with twohand shots) including an unprecedented 2 for 2 from the charity stripe. Palermo also earned two assists on passes to old greybeard Joe Seliske who scored 4 points as a direct result of Palermo’s assists. Carm Infantino who mixed the scoring with passing collected 4 points and 3 assists. Rounding out the DJB

scoring was Allan Choi with 3 points and John Raso with two. Guards Ian Harrison and Andrew Walker patrolled the backcourt and played tenacious defence, especially in the second half.Frank Rozman, who has well over 1100 points in this long and storied NBA career added 14 points to that total to lead Millennium in scoring. Mark Lawley was a constant threat as he repeatedly drove through the key. He scored 8 points. Point guard Vern Martens drove and shot from outside and scored 7. Big Stewart Wiggins moved through the key well and collected 4 points. Peter Kupper and Bernie Amyot completed the Millennium scoring with 2 points apiece. Dave Dick, who is well past 65 years of age was often in position, but could not score.The DJBs are now 2-3 in Tier play while Millennium falls to 0-5.Submitted by:Joe SeliskeDJB Manager &

NBA Erik Teather scored a game-high 22 points (including six 3-pointers) to lead A1 Flooring to a 76-57 victory over Durward, Jones, Barkwell & Company on Nov. 28. Teather scored 14 of those points in the third quarter when A1 outscored the DJBs 2818. Rookie Mike Snow had 19 points shooting mainly from inside the key. Chris Duschene’s 14 points included two treys. Kevin Allison scored 10 points which had him go 4 for 8 (50%) from the foul line. Rugged Randy Turpin had 7 points (one 3pointer) and 3 personal fouls. Sean Racine rounded out the scoring for A1 with 4 points. Gino Palermo, now in his twelfth season with the DJBs used his twohanded shot to score 12 to lead the DJBs. Rookie Jo-Jo Duran played a strong two-way game that included 11 points, 12 rebounds and 5 steals. Another rookie, Ian

Harrison patrolled the backcourt and scored on three shots, all 3-pointers for 9 points. Sixty-two year old Ivan Willmore scored 8 points including his first 3-pointer since the 2005-2006 season. He also pulled down 16 rebounds. Sophomore Carm Infantino was the playmaker garnering 4 assists along with his 7 points (with one 3ball). Old greybeard Joe Seliske boxed out well on defence and hit for 4 points which included 2 for 2 from the charity stripe. Second-year man Allan Choi scored on a rebound in the fourth quarter and added a foul shot for 3 points. Barclay Walker got his two points in the 3rd quarter with an assist from John Raso who later scored 1 point himself.This was the first time in NBA history that A1 Flooring played the DJBs. It was an interlocking game between the D Tier A1 and Over 35 Tier DJBs. The DJBs started the game on Nov. 16 quickly

Pelham Panthers avenged an early season loss against the Thorold Blackhawks on Monday Dec. 5 with an 8-5 win to win thier 5th straight game. The Panthers defeated Fort Erie AE, Lincoln, Grimsby AE, Niagara Falls, and Thorold. Panthers Goaltender George Martinson has shut the opposition down during the streak

allowing 11 goals in five games including two shut outs. During the streak the Panthers registered goals from 13 different players and registered points from every player on the roster. The forwards were led by Brendan Grenville, Ethan Doherty, Wyatt Gibson, Drew McArthur, Carson Crysler, Lucas Gaudet,

Luke Gualtieri, Alex Loscavo, Ethan Hawkins, And Parker Triano. The defence stood strong in front of thier goalie with strong

efforts by Owen Dobie, Curtis Crysler, Luca DeChellis, Evan Howey, Jacob Martin, and thier Captain Myles Stolk.

Novice Reps win fifth straight


Sales Representative you call



(905) 892-0222

• Cell: (905) 932-1819

1815 Merrittville Hwy, Unit #1, Fonthill

by outscoring Millennium 14-8 in the first quarter. Millennium stepped it up a notch in the second to trail by only two points (27-25) at the half. The teams were pretty even after that with the game ending 48-45 DJB. The Accountants never trailed in the game. Millennium committed 19 personal fouls in the game to the DJBs 15.Rookie JoJo Duran and 12-year DJB veteran Gino Palermo led the DJBs to the win with 9 points apiece. Duran also had 14 rebounds and 6 steals using his energetic style to stymie the Millenials over and over again. Palermo used his famous two-handed shot from underneath the basket. DJB Rookie but NBA veteran John Raso used the foul line to score 6 (of 10 attempts) of his 8 points. Rookie Ian Harrison scored a foul shot, a basket and a 3-pointer in the first quarter for his 6 points. Carm Infantino scored all of his 6 points the old-fashioned way

(two at a time) and contributed 5 assists to the cause. Sexagenarian Ivan Willmore threw up a couple of shots in the first half for his 4 points while quinquagenarian Joe Seliske got all of his 4 points in the third quarter. Sophomore Allan Choi threw in one basket for 2 points and Barclay Walker, despite not scoring played tenacious defence.Vern Martens scored a game-high 10 points for Millennium, four of those coming in the second half on foul shots. Mark Lawley and Dan Rosinski spent the game driving up the middle, challenging the DJB defense. Lawley finished with 9 points and Rosinski with 8 points. Veterans Peter Kupper and Bernie Amyot, and the physically present Stewart Wiggins all scored 4 points. Long-time Millennials John Schmidt and Frank Rozman, and NBA veteran Dave Dick scored 2 points apiece.


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BRIAN COSBY of the OPP Auxiliary presents Betty Brown, Client Services Coordinator of Pelham Cares, with Sobeys gift cards totalling $1,150 which was collected during the Auxiliary’s annual food drive at Sobey’s locations throughout Niagara, including Fonthill. The group also collected 941 pounds of food for Pelham Cares. The gift cards, which are given to clients with the weekly food pick-ups, will provide fresh vegetables, bread, milk, eggs and meats for about three months. Sarah Murrell/Voice Photo






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A GROUP OF 13 year old girls from Glynn A Green got together for an old fashioned cookie exchange this season. Instead of buying gifts for each other they decided to buy a gift for the toy drive. Girls include Brooke Casey (top left), Gracie Lowes, Kathryn Groom, Leah Fulton, Jessica Braun, Holly Casey, Shannon Love and Erin Lemaich (bottom right). /Special to the Voice




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COMMUNITY CALENDAR ONGOING •November 23 to December 10 - Silent Auction at the Royal Canadian Legion in Fonthill - snacks & refreshments from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Lots of nice gift ideas. • Mondays at 7:00 p.m. Sing Niagara Women’s A Cappella Chorus at Paroisse Immaculee Conception Church, 99 Garner St, St. Catharines. Call 905-3544745 or visit www.singniagara. com. •Tuesdays 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. SPAN (Single Professional Association of Niagara) meets at Bailey’s 111 Highway 20 East Fonthill - for info: Janine 905688-4358 •Tuesdays 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Kids Club: AWANA, Ridgeville Bible Chapel 905734-3640 •Tuesdays 7:30 p.m. A Cappella Niagara Men’s Chorus invites singers for fun, fellowship, and fabulous 4-part harmony. Meets at St. John Ambulance, 5734 Glenholme Ave., Niagara Falls. Info: Bob 892-2336 • Wednesdays - 1st & 3rd of the each month, at 2:00 p.m. Pelham Community Church Worship Service, 461 Canboro Rd, Fenwick. •Thursdays (first Thursday of every month) 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. SOS (Survivors of Stroke), a welcoming and caring environment to meet other survivors of stroke and caregivers and exchange and receive information in a friendly and social environment. Everyone is welcome. Info call Ann 905-892-1621 • Fridays at 7:30 p.m. - Euchre at North Pelham Youth Hall, 1718 Maple St. $3 admission. Call Rose for info: 905-8923408. Friday, December 16 • 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Friday Lunches at the Legion: LIGHTLY BATTERED FISH & CHIPS, Haddock, hand-cut fries, coleslaw, dessert, coffee, tea - $9 includes tax - take out available. Also Available for supper. • 7:30 pm The Savage War. Award-winning senior defense corresondent for the Canadian Press, Murray Brewster, brings the first comprehensive account of the key moments of the Afghan war. $15, please register ahead. Books available for sale and signing. Saturday, December 17 • 7:30 p.m. Glissandi Christmas, Fonthill United Church. A delightful evening of poems and short stories intertwined with seasonal music. Featuring Shaw actor Guy Bannerman as narrator and Glissandi. 905-4681525. Tuesday, December 20, 2011 • 6:30-7:30 pm A Night of Magic magic show for children and parents by Niagara Les

Wismer Magic Club, Pelham Library, Festival Room. Free with non-perishable food item for Pelham Cares. Sunday, January 1, 2012 • 1 p.m. New Year’s Day Levee, Royal Canadian Legion. Everyone is welcome to “make a toast” to the new year, enjoy some appetizers and casual, friendly comradeship. Friday, January 6, 2012 • 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Friday Lunches at the Legion: BABY BEEF LIVER & ONIONS and/or lean and tender sliced ROAST BEEF, with whipped hot mashed potatoes, gravy, dessert, coffee, tea - $9 includes tax - take out available Tuesday, January 17, 2012 • 9:30 am Getting Started with your Apple Ereader Peham Public Library. Learn how to use the Pelham Public LIbrary’s Overdrive e-books on an Apple device. Bring device, cords, email address and library card. Register Ahead. Friday, January 27, 2012 • 6 pm Jammin in Jammies in January, celebrate Literacy Day at Pelham Public Library, Fonthill Branch. Bring the whole family in PJs, blanket or sleeping bag and flashlight. Pancakes and popcorn provided. $5 for the whole family.

It Must Be


Looking for something really different to add a real “zing” to your Christmas festivities? Want to have a Christmas party that will be the talk of your friends for many years? What about a real bearded, specially trained Santa?

Santa Dennis C (The Dapper Santa)

905-892-3518 or

905-931-HOHO (sleigh phone)

*entertain house party guests * lead carol sings/tell Xmas stories *private moments with Little Ones *whatever you need to have that special time for guests/friends/ staff at work/customers *limited number of Christmas Eve children visits still available I want everyone to believe if only for that fun little moment

Get Home Safely this Holiday Season


December 21

$99 plus HST each Full process color Included Ad size: 3 1/4” wide x 6” deep PROMOTE • Gift Certificates • Last Minute Gift Ideas • Christmas Greetings • Boxing Day Sales Call Warren Mason at 905-892-8690 or email



Baby steps... ... start out by sharing your joy

FREE! Word Ads

For photo ad prices call our office at


The VOICE of Pelham Routes Available Shorthill, Lorimer, Leslie & Deborah, Edward, Lawrence, Welland, Karen For information please call




Small Yorkshire Terrier (silver, black and tan) lost in Metler Road, Effingham area. Was wearing a black harness. $100 reward. Please call 905-892-2792.


Gold Irish Claddaugh Ring, two hands holding a crowned heart. Heart is a green stone and crown has clear stones. Belonged to my late mother. Reward if found. Call 905892-2844.

STRAW Wheat straw for sale. small bales. Call 905-788-2956 or 905-892-1303


Josh DeHaan Flooring “For all your flooring needs”

We offer in-stock specials: • pre-finished hardwood

flooring solid, engineered from $2/ft2 • laminate flooring from $.89/ft2 • carpet and vinyl flooring from $4.95/yd2 • fibre flooring from $1/ft2 • ceramic tile from $.89/ft2 ...and other specials! Call us to see the products that are available & visit our showroom.

Phone: 905-892-7898 Fax: 905-892-4811 No Sunday Calls, Please


Commercial, Industrial & Residential

Installation or Repair Telephone, Cable, TV & Network LAN Wiring, Norstar & Paging Systems

1.800.249.5779 or 905.658.7182 Portable sawmill service. I will come to your home or farm and custom mill your logs. Firewood & lumber also available. Call Rob Patterson, 905-401-4948, Email: Robert’s Painting I only paint & I do it well. Interior & exterior, 25 years experience, neat, reliable, Niagara Region 732-2352

ALLTYPE MASONRY A Family Business for 30 Years • Brick • Block • Stone • Concrete • Foundations • Repairs 905-892-1924 289-241-4767

For all your masonry needs, call the Deamudes.

THODE HOUSECLEAING SERVICES Team of hardworking, organized, dependable and energetic ladies. We will take care of your housecleaning needs.

Give us a call


Part time position available for experienced

Business Development Manager Sales & Marketing experience a must. Work from home via email & telephone, approximately 20 hours per week salary, plus commission.

Contact Cindy 289-820-8589 or email resume to

Independent, self-motivated individual with knowledge of QuickBooks Accounting required. Job duties: bookkeeping, billing and administrative office duties. Please submit resume to Voice of Pelham 8-209 Hwy 20 East Fonthill, L0S 1E6 or COMPUTER

Elizabeth at 905-386-0082

after 5 p.m.


Due to a staffing transition The Voice of Pelham may experience erratic business hours. We strongly suggest you call the office to ensure someone is here - 905892-8690. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to return to our regular 9-5 business hours shortly.


Virus Removal

Visit us at our new location across from Sobeys - 111 Hwy#20

905-892-4000 Trusted Onsite Service for over 10 years (905) 892-6161

Look for our floating ad elsewhere in the Voice


Computer Services

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