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UK BLACK BUSINESS GUIDE 2022-23 OCTOBER ISSUE. 7 Powered by Black entrepreneurs are becoming an increasingly important economic force in the UK SUPPORTED BY: PAGE 6
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Thesummer of 2020 saw a big push on social media for people to support Black-owned businesses as a way of tackling racial inequality.

And events like Black Pound Day, launched in June 2020 added further weight to that call in the wake of the widespread protests that followed the death of George Floyd.

Big corporate brands pledged support and donations to various social justice initiatives and a number of leading UK banks acknowl edged the need to address what is often cited as one of the key barriers to Black business success – equal access to finance.

There was recognition of the fact that funding programmes and business support initiatives that exclude Black entrepreneurs is det rimental to both innovation and the economy as a whole.

Recent figures would suggest that this message is beginning to take hold.

A report from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and Aston University’s Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneur ship (CREME) revealed that businesses run by entrepreneurs from black and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds contribute as much as £25 billion to the UK economy.

Research shows entrepreneurs are still struggling to access capital, but the Black Business Network has shown how this can change


A number of UK banks are starting to address the barriers faced by black business owners

However other evidence seems to point to the fact that the high-profile support from corporations and banks has waned.

Research from the Black Business Network and Lloyds published in September called the Black. British. In Business & Proud 2022 report highlighted a trust gap between entre preneurs seeking to grow their businesses and institutions, such as banks and business support services.

The report found that Black entrepreneurs are far more likely to rely on their friends and family for support.

It revealed only 40% of this group trust banks while many relied on small, personal loans from family members. Howev er this form of self-financing hampered growth and produc tivity the report said.

It’s a frustration that Alisdair Soyode, founder of BEN TV, the first ethnic satellite TV station in Europe knows all too well.

He says that a lack of cultural awareness is at the heart of the trust gap highlighted by the research.

“I have a number of friends in the manufacturing sector who were not able to get funding because their primary mar kets are in the Caribbean or Africa. What the banks often don’t understand is that once a particular product becomes popular in these regions and other places, black customers in the UK start buying them as well. So there’s every chance that banks will get their money back.”

So how can banks and big corporations better support Black entrepreneurs to access the funding they so clearly need?

The Black Business Network report made a number of recommendations support to create equality in funding and support business growth.

In the last few Lloyds, HSBC and NatWest are among the UK’s leading banks that have begun to address the barriers faced by Black business owners.

They have launched initiatives to partner with grassroots and local community organisations to gain trust and visibility. There have also been behind projects to provide support in the form of networking, mentoring and access to funding.

Shari Leigh, Founder of Black Business Network says she hopes the findings uncovered in Black. British. In Business & Proud will be used by all the UK’s leading banks and financial institutions to help “create an ecosystem that directly sup ports our journey to improve growth and success levels.

“It also helps banks and other financial institutions to un derstand what support they need to provide for Black busi nesses, especially during tough times, and how they can work with Black entrepreneurs to close the trust gap.” n

Only 40% of Black business owners trust banks according to the Black. British. In Business & Proud 2022 report

We must continue to support Black-owned businesses

Asthis seventh edition of the Black Business Guide shows, TheVoicecontinues to champion business es owned by black entrepreneurs. The publication of the first guide back in 2018 marked a signifi cant milestone, providing an important platform that high lighted the achievements of Black business owners.

Since then, it has not only featured profiles of these entrepre neurs but also examined the challenges they have faced including efforts to adapt during the recent pandemic.

However, this year’s edition is especially exciting as it comes at a time of rising popularity for Black-owned businesses, evidenced by the growth of initiatives like Black Pound Day.

Other studies have shown that Black consumers in the UK are leveraging their purchasing power in increasing numbers to boost Black-owned businesses.

Black and minority ethnic customers have a combined annual disposable income of £4.5 billion, according to research pub lished by the Black Pound Report 2022. The figure for African Caribbean consumers alone is £1.1 billion.

Of the 3,500 people polled for the report, 93% of consumers from these groups felt it was important to back businesses who ac tively promote diversity and inclusion.

Businesses by entrepreneurs from black and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds are also becoming an increasingly impor tant economic force in the UK.

Recent research from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and Aston University’s Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME) found that they contribute as much as £25 billion to the UK economy.

The success of these business owners in fields as diverse as eco-fashion, hospitality, technology, haircare, and cosmetics will once again be highlighted in the forthcoming guide. Readers can learn about their entrepreneurial journeys through a range of fea ture articles and interviews.

They can also find out about entrepreneurs who have created new twists on traditional African and Caribbean cuisine, as well as

clothes, toys, and all-natural hair and skin care products that have been inspired by these regions.

These recent trends are positive. However as the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) research pointed out, challenges still remain which hinder the growth of Black and minority ethnic en trepreneurs.

High up on the list of these challenges is the difficulty in access ing business loans.

A report published last year by the Black Business Network and Lloyds Bank found that less than half of black entrepreneurs trust banks, and without access to capital in order to grow, companies are more likely to struggle.

It’s important to continue to champion innovative Black and ethnic minority entrepreneurs, and ensuring they are not left out of national strategies to support small business owners.

Black business owners often take the initiative to support local economies as well as reduce racial wealth gaps. This often takes the form of hiring people from underrepresented communities, funding local projects and training programmes, and supporting other aspiring Black entrepreneurs. This not only benefits de prived neighbourhoods but the UK as a whole.

Since its first edition, the Black Business Guide has highlighted many of the ongoing challenges these business have faced.

And this latest edition, which coincides with Black History Month, will also have a special focus on how banks are respond ing to the needs of business owners from underrepresented back grounds.

This guide is being published online as well as its original print format. By making the guide digital and promoting it on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it has been able to attract an even wider audience interested in support ing Black-owned companies.

Please continue to support them. If you would like to advertise in next year’s edition, contact us at:



Bornin Walsall and raised in Birmingham, mom of three Chantelle Pemberton with the support of April – Louise Pennant and Maria Robinson initialised the community group Black Women of Birmingham. Since its roots in 2016, the group has committed to sev eral events / activities across the city.

The main aim from back then and to this day is to create safe space for black women within the city to network, create and be held in the familiarity of one another.

The focus is to uplift black wom en, celebrate our wins and con nect to support our wellbeing and mental health.

The community group meets once a month at local black owned businesses and spaces across Birmingham, for example Full –a- Flava Jamaican restaurant on Dudley Road where attendees bring a book for dis cussion, share opinions, facts and experiences of various top ics including health, wellbeing, relationships, education and business elevation. Appetizing Delights restaurant formerly in Erdington was another restaurant that hosted the conver sation corners as well as the Blesst Centre in Newtown.

The inaugural Black Women of Birming

ham Celebration happened on the 11th March 2017 at the Afro Caribbean Millennium Centre and was a hub for women from across the city sharing their journeys of self discov ery, motherhood, wife life, growing with their partner, business entrepreneurship and tips for making juggling life that bit easier. Local sole traders exhibited and sold their products on the day, aswell as lo cal creative Anaisa Monteiro (Anais Arts) leading a head wrapping demonstration.

The upcoming awards ceremony will be a return of celebrating women in the city of Birmingham bigger and better. It is taking place in the Garden Suite at the Birmingham Botani cal Gardens, Westbourne Rd B15 3TR. It is a three course meal ticketed event with local entertainment from Annette Fagon, CSG Poetry, Italo Skarcha, Yan Mu sic, Claire Angel, Thankfully True Family, Creezon and dancer Jen Fyah.

It is a family friendly awards ceremony for all because representation mat ters and our younger generation need to see the examples and support we have.

There will be award presentations on the day from some very heartical and respectable women in the community who pride them selves on supporting their neighbours within

Chantelle Pemberton Michelle Thompson

the UK and Caribbean / African diaspora.

A special thank you to all sponsors; Deir dre Labassiere chair of WAITs (waitsaction. org) a charity that aims to empower and sup port

their lives. Michelle Thompson the lead consultant at Learning in Action consultancy (

a support and guidance provision set up

values and aspirations of black women in the modern UK.

A huge congratulations to nominees for being who they are and the voters. The voting closed 12th October 2022. The winners will be announced on the night of the awards cere mony. Tickets are available from: Check out the recently launched website to keep up to date with present and future progress:

are trying to push down accessibility

barriers, so if you, or someone you know of, are facing genuine hardship but would like to attend please get in touch.

Sponsorship for the awards ceremony is also very welcome contact via website email or 07955 324 787.

We have community sponsors that have of fered their hairdressing, barbering as well as new clothing donations. We also will look into financial packages for those who are strug gling to aid their inspiration and connection within the community. n

UK BLACK BUSINESS GUIDE 2022-23 9 The Black Women of Birmingham Awards will be taking place on Saturday 12th November 2022 at the Botanical Gardens: Garden Suite 1830-0030 Black Women of Birmingham Awards 2022 | Just Ricco Tix Would you like to support via Crowd Funding? Here’s our link: Instagram: Blackwomenofbirmz • Facebook: Black Women of Birmingham Twitter: Sisters of The City • Tel: 07955 324 787 • Web:
women to rebuild
LIA is
to improve the socio-economic

The entrepreneur who wants to help others grow

SUPPORT: Attendees at a recent Her Connect Hub networking event

own business, but due to lack of exposure a lot have given up on their dreams and settled for less.”

She continues: “I want to show that be coming an independent, powerful and suc cessful woman is achievable, that dreams are not mere dreams. If we put in the effort and support one another, dreams may become realities. Our mantra is ‘Together we rise’.”

Bold,powerful, fearless, gor geous… these are just some of the words which have been used to describe multi-entrepre neur Adebukola Salau, founder of Her Connect Hub (HCH).

Salau, also known as Arewah, founded HCH as a network to empower other women of colour to succeed in their businesses. Af ter launching as a WhatsApp group in 2017, it now provides members with investment op portunities, career masterclasses and online resources aimed at providing members with the skills needed to thrive in business.

As well as hosting successful webinars on topics such as sustainability, work-life bal ance and career success, HCH has also part nered with organisations such as the Black Beauty and Fashion Awards and the East

TRAILBLAZER: Adebukola Salau, founder of Her Connect Hub (HCH)

London Business Expo to broaden its reach.

It has also recently hosted a number of its own networking events in Kent, Essex, and Hertfordshire with more planned for Octo ber.

“I decided to create HCH because it sad dens me when I see talented people who are not appreciated for their efforts” she says.

“We have a lot of entrepreneurs in our community who are struggling to make ends meet. I know a lot of talented mothers and young individuals who have taken the bull by the horns and decided they want to start their

A core theme at the heart of HCH’s work is the importance of delayed gratification and a willingness to invest time and resources which Arewah says lead to the creation of a lasting financial legacy.

“It is crucial to nurture ideas, capacity, and skills through the programs offered in HCH. These give women of colour the self-assur ance, resources, and experience required to become dynamic leaders and innovators, and overcome the numerous barriers expe rienced by women that may thwart their as pirations.” n

To learn more about Her Connect Hub please visit: or email:

Adebukola Salau founded Her Connect Hub to support ambitious female business owners
UK BLACK BUSINESS GUIDE 2022-23 11 Proud to be Britain’s only black national newspaper for four decades We Are Forty


Proud finalists at the Black Business Show Launchpad 2022, we operate a free voluntary registration scheme assisting genuine prospective tenants affected by housing discrimination to highlight themselves from others to UK private landlords.

Sadly, Right to Rent document check requirements of tenants have triggered rises in the use of fraudulent documents being presented to landlords as Right to Rent evidence.

Despite this, landlords who conduct checks incorrectly, even in error, remain at risk of unlimited civil penalty fines. Consequently, covert housing discrimination by landlords has increased significantly, particularly within ethnic & British low-income communities.

So, we created the UK Right 2 Rent Register!


We invite genuine prospective tenants

Right to

register, creating in advance

• Previous UK lettings history info, including ex-landlords contacts

Prospective landlord

access is grantable by tenant-users only

confidential tenant profile containing evidence of:

communicate with ex-landlords and current employers for themselves, this, in turn,

Yes, tenant referencing info

them to let with

profile facilities enable tenant-users to keep UK lettings history

records, beneficial to themselves and future landlords.



to helping create a less

Moz Stewart (Co-founder) Direct Dial: 07914 014238 Web: Email:

• ID &
Employer details
captured allows potential landlords to
more confidence. Update
ADDITIONAL FREE SERVICES: • PROPERTIES TO RENT Free landlord listings, registered tenant access only • RIGHT TO RENT CHECKS Help to verify rights in the event of lost or stolen documents or ongoing immigration matters • A GDPR-COMPLIANT ROGUE TENANT REGISTER Enabling landlords to search or add information OUR OBJECTIVE:
provide a gateway to private renting for genuine prospecting tenants and also assist landlords to let with more confidence. Going
we hope to connect with other like-minded housing-industry professionals committed
volatile environment for both parties to operate in.

Avienne is a Trademarked Beauty Brand of JK Taylor Ltd. JK Taylor Ltd was established in 2018 as a Premium Natural, Organic Beauty and Personal care brand for black skin. The passion for the natural products was from a personal struggle with a number of skin and hair concerns.

I struggled with Acne since I was 12 years, which created my obsession for clear skin. I later had a bad experience with my teeth which created another obsession with Dental care and personal hygiene.

I am passionate about health, wellbeing and personal Hy giene, all my products are formulated with safe ingredients that repair, heal and preserve the body. Our best selling prod ucts are Toothpaste, 2 in 1 Natural Deodorant, Lips Therapy, Turmeric Neem soap, Charcoal scrub, Foot peeling mask, Snail Cream , Skin therapy oil, Vitamin soap, Vitamin E Col lagen cream

The products have been well received and appreciated glob ally. We have distributors in USA, UAE, Kenya, Uganda and we are working on having more stockists and distributors in more coun


Amazon, and

our online store

you can get
the products

Iamso proud to introduce you all to the West midlands first black lead education recruitment agency based in Birmingham. Since Covid19, we have seen a mon umental decline in our education system which has significantly impacted all children but particularly those children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). The gap between SEND students and their counter parts is widened when poor quality Teaching assistants and teachers are placed to support these learners.

QSEN Recruitment specialises in up-skilling/training staff before placing them in schools. Our USP is that we provide a unique service to our schools by matching the needs set out on a children support plan with the skills set on a candidates C.V.

As director, my strategic role involves securing procurements, investments, and funding. While my operational role involves vetting candidates, training, and consultancy for schools. It is my mission to a) change the colour of education, by support ing through training more Black and Asian parent to get into education and b) to help raise the standard of Special Educa tional Needs support in schools. As a mother with an Autistic son, I understand the struggle many parent face when raising a child with special educational needs. As a black headteacher, I understand just how important it is for a school leadership team to reflect the superdiversity of its students.

After achieving headship status aged 34 years old, I gained my national SENDCo award. I have a degree in social Policy, a mas ter’s in governance management and I am currently in my third year of my PhD researching Mental Health in Education all ac complished at the University of Birmingham.


am a mother of five ranging from the ages of

to twenty-two.

are by far, my greatest achievement.

am Vice-chair of Birmingham’s Education and Race Impact

hence leading from the front in the fight against racial discrimination.

currently looking for teaching assistants, teachers, train

education consultants to join our cause to change the colour of education!

can follow us on FB, IG, and LinkedIn.

work I
6 years
We are
ers, and
If you are a school and wish to know, more go to our website: FACE BOOK: php?id=100083620541838 QSEN INSTAGRAM: LINKEDIN: BRIG : Hello readers, I’m Asha Rose and Co-founder of QSEN Recruitment Ltd.


A plan for the growing ethnic minority businesses

Tell us about your business

We are providing a debt free solution for homebuyers to buy their dream home. We have now over 18,000 users that have submitted over £1Bn worth of property, on our platform.

Why did you decide to start your own business?

To help people avoid the debt trap. My focus is to help improve lives and more specifically offer my customers financial independence by providing debt free solutions.

Can you briefly describe your journey from launch to where you are now?

We launched the business 6 years ago with an idea. This idea evolved a couple of times over the years to be what it is today: a platform that helps homebuyers acquire their dream home debt free and allows investors the rewards of property investment without the hassle of property and tenant management.

Based on your personal experience, what are your thoughts about the Time to Change report and the challenges faced by ethnic minority businesses in the UK?

EMBs are still lagging in terms of ecosystem, from venture capital and angel funding to political representation. These businesses have grown in recent years but still need a conduit to help them become more successful.

What has been your experience with NatWest? How has the bank supported you?

NatWest via its incubator program has connected us with high calibre professionals that helped us answer some of the key questions any business needs to answer to in order to achieve exponential growth.

NatWest recently supported Aston University’s Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME) to produce the Time to Change report. It sets out 10 recommendations aimed at tackling the barriers faced by minority business owners such as accessing finance, markets and quality business support. Here, we speak to business owners speak about its findings.

Anouar Adham, CEO, CrowdToLive


out of concern, not malice by a school teacher in the early 2000s. Those words kick-started Chantelle’s drive and prepared her for a world where people real ly will say the craziest things to you. “Can I touch your hair?” being her favourite.

A graduate from the University of Central Lancashire in graphic design, Chantelle Mills was born and raised in Wolverhampton, West Midlands she loves food, athletics, and all things creative and now owns and runs three companies.

She is the Creative Director of Bostin Design, her first business venture. She works closely with internal teams to

Chantelle has worked with a wide range of clientele, from start-ups to large enterprises, across the UK and internationally.

Bostin Design is a design and marketing agency that helps busi nesses bring change and brands to life; specialising in branding, graphic design, innovation, web design, social media, exhibitions, packaging, food photography, food styling, planning and communi cations. Website: Mill + Ball (jointly owned with Fiona Ballantyne) is an all-inclusive, affordable beauty, bringing exciting yet functional products to the modern conscious consumer.

The successful launch of their magnetic eyelash kits and 2-in-1 adhe sive eyeliners saw them bridge the industry gap between luxury and affordability. Website:, Instagram: @millandballbeauty Rock Chick Food (jointly owned with Nadia Cummings) is a pop-up street food business serving chicken from a live charcoal BBQ. Rock Chick pops up at events all over the Midlands including pubs, festivals and private functions. Instagram: @rockchickfood

“You’re female, you’re black and you’re from a council estate. The odds are against you.” Shop now at:


a married mum of 3 with a career in accounting since the age of 17 and self – employed with my own operation for the past 5years.

I did not aspire to do this as a profession, but being good at maths and a quick learner in these fields, it opened the door to a ca reer in finance and operations I very much enjoy. However, I have an interest in our African history since high school whilst learning about Ghana and the Gold Coast.

When I travelled to Ghana in February 2020, I discovered various African Arts when visiting the various places I had read and studied about such as Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle, heart wrenching experience to connect me to my ancestors which was overwhelming and very emotional. Through this holiday, I networked with talented and ambitious people and Odeshe3 Ltd began 2020 with a slow start, shrewd planning and minimal funds. However, prior to going to Ghana, I always knew I wanted to start a business that enabled people to source African art, carvings and our skillfully made products of our culture and traditions are both accessible and affordable for our homes. Many homes are absent of any art forms based upon their culture and ancestral history outside of slavery.

Over the years, us as black people have become Westernised and made our homes more reflective of the British culture and tra ditions, rather than to reflect our own ancestral, cultural and tradi tional beliefs and lack a reflection of us and all that represents us. As a child, no matter where you came from as a black individual, a black home very much mimicked strong traditions, mantras, words of wisdom, carvings, art, and a vast majority of who we as people are, were and strove to become.

Our homes proudly represented our history, culture, words of strength, motivation, respect and our successes of the past to encourage us for our future unknown journeys.

We were continuously surrounded and embraced this once, but what made us change that over the years? If we don’t know our his tory, where will our future lead us? How do we encourage our future generations within our community to believe they can be great with knowledge and representation of their past. The significance and im portance for us to represent this in our homes to change our future and remain proud of the lessons of our past is key. n

LinkedIn Page:

INSTAGRAM BUSINESS PAGE: West African Art, Crafts & More ALTHEA HERON @ODESHE3 What we do: • African Kenti Fans with Maching • Drawstring Bag • African Wood Carvings & Sculptures • African Design Men’s T-Shirts • African Design Ruckacks • African Art/Paintings • Raw Shea Butter from Ghana Much more to come, so follow us on: Instagram @ODESHE3 Delivery available & card payments accepted Tel: 07857 428 605 Email: CULTURE AND TRADITIONS SCAN ME!

40 years of Black British Lives as told by

As the Voice celebrates its 40th Anniversary and as part of its legacy; it has published this book which shares the Black British experience through the pages of the newspaper - reflecting on what has changed and what has remained the same.

the only national Black newspaper With a foreword by Sir Lenny Henry, and written by former and current Voice journalists, this powerful book documents the social history of Black Britain over the last four decades. To purchase your copy simply scan the QR code or visit: Alternatively email: for information or assistance.
SCAN HERE Available now!

Explore our tailor made itineraries

Himy name is Anu and it’s nice to meet you, I’m going to tell you a little bit about my company. Are you still reading, great!

All things travel is a family run business with over 17years experience in the travel industry, planning luxury holidays.

A love for travel coupled with many years experience as cabin crew with Vir gin Atlantic enabled us to establish the company in August 2019. We are a specifically tailored at group travels for ladies( I mean girls just want to have fun, right), escorted trips for kids (because parents also need a break), boys trips (because men need to be boys) and of course family holidays.

If you are thinking of travelling and your friends are too busy or you and your travel buddies keep having clashing calendars - why not join one of our group trips and travel with like minded individuals ready to explore our tailor made itineraries. We have group trips to Bali, Tulum, Dubai,Turkey, Greece, Thailand, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Florida, Spain and Lagos.

We are a member of the Travel Trust Association so you will have peace of mind of knowing that all travel arrangement you book with us is 100% financially protected.

I can honestly tell you that we are much more than a travel agent; we are passionate about travel and have the knowledge and experience to find the perfect destination for you at your budget.

We have access to a wide range of holiday products to create a unique travel experience just for you so, in order to make your next All Things Travel experience a memorable one here’s our promise to you:

1. A dedicated Travel assistant that will handle your holiday from the point of booking till when you return and everything else in between.

2. Payment Plans: Monthly payment plan to increase af fordability and

3. A kick-ass trip leader at the helm meaning more action and less stress if you join our escorted group trips

Looking forward to speaking to you more about your next travel plan.

What ever happened to this Windrush boy? He is changing the face of British farming. WWW.THEBLACKFARMER.COM ARRIVE AGE DEPART DATE Wilfred10 Emmanuel–Jones NAME FLIGHT NUMBER 07-11-1967 KINGSTON-JAMAICA LONDON–GATWICK AL 451 - 609 BAGGAGE TAG BA226
WWW.THEBLACKFARMER.COM Celebrate Black History and Share the Joy of Caribbean Food Get £5 off this £45 Caribbean box using this code BHM2022


Lorraine Copes is making a big impact as the founder of social enterprise Be Inclusive Hospitality


Lorraine Copes has been hailed as one of the most influential women in the hospitality industry.

After two decades in high-powered roles leading procurement teams for brands such as Gordon Ramsay, Shake Shack and Corbin and King she founded the social enterprise Be Inclusive Hospitality (BIH) in late 2019 aimed at addressing the lack of diversity in the industry.

Through BIH, Copes has mentored black professionals in the industry, coached busi nesses and ignited conversations about how to make hospitality more inclusive and reflec tive of society as a whole.

“I’ve been really fortunate to have a fruitful career that I’ve enjoyed and which has ena

bled me to travel all over the world” she says.

“But what’s always been really important to me is people. My parents, as much as I love them dearly, weren’t really in a position to advise me on how to navigate the working world, how to negotiate a salary, or how I could get to become a director.

“And I also recognised that there were many people like me. So I’ve always been aware of the need to support people to move forwards and upwards.”

Copes has been hailed for her efforts to make the hospitality industry more diverse. Earlier this year BIH published a survey which explored the experiences of Black and minority ethnic employees.

She was also named the Food & Drink In novator of the year by GQ magazine. Now,

Copes has won more plaudits from leading industry figures as the brains behind the first-ever BIH Spotlight Awards.

The event will recognise the achievements of talented professionals from diverse back grounds in the hospitality industry across 13 categories. These include African Food, Car ibbean Food and Chef of the Year.

“I’d always review the winner’s lists from most of the industry awards, and generally speaking they are not representative of the ethnically diverse talent within the sector. The talent is there, but for the majority they are not visible, So the aim of the awards is to shine a spotlight on this exceptional talent. We really want to celebrate the amazing tal ent there is in the industry.” n

INNOVATOR: Lorraine Copes, founder of Be Inclusive Hospitality


Dr Hephzi Tagoe, founder of Townsq Learning Centre Director of charity GHScientific

Why did you decide to start your own business?

My income was basically paying for childcare. Having my own business means, I can work around my family and still earn a decent income. The final decision came down to time balanced with value for money.

What services does your company provide?

We provide supported learning for children aged 6 – 17 in Math, English and Science as well as support for exam preparation in GCSEs, A Levels, SATs, ISEB and 11 plus. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are run through our charity, GHScientific.

Can you briefly describe your journey from launch to where you are now?

We started as a home service in 2015 and opened the doors to our Basildon town centre premises in 2018. We lost some of our home clients with the move, but it was important we positioned ourselves for the right target market. We saw continuous steady growth in our first two years and then of course the pandemic hit. It was a good opportunity to upskill, review and improve our provisions which has paid off. We now have a team of 9 and are back on a healthy trajectory.

What has been your experience with NatWest? How has the bank supported you?

There’s so much value from being in a network of like-minded individuals and that’s one thing that being with NatWest has brought. Having a monthly accountability session also gets you in a cycle of good practise for a regular business health check. We’ve also been able to save on a few third-party services through the business bank provision.

Based on your personal experience, what are your thoughts about the Time to Change report and the challenges faced by ethnic minority businesses in the UK?

Sometimes it can feel as though these are tick box exercises and the reality on the ground is very different. The need goes beyond funding which of course is vital to business. There’s so much lacking starting from information and knowledge sharing, accessibility to opportunities, networks etc. However, I like to stay optimistic. Change has got to start from somewhere.


Dr Hephzi Tagoe

Jewel of Brixton

I was born in Brixton in the 60’s, and was raised with my 6 siblings. In my early years I attended Stockwell primary school and also attended Tulse hill secondary school in the Brixton area of S. London.

After leaving school, my plan was to become a tailor as I had a keen eye for tailoring and fashion after watching my mother who was a dressmaker, but after several attempts to get a tailoring apprenticeship I was offered a Jewellery ap prenticeship.

Once I completed the course, I started working in sever al jewellery workshops and gained experience and in-depth craftsmen skills working in soldering, setting diamonds and crafting bespoke pieces. As I grew more confident in my skill set, I decided to become a jeweller and have my own business. I opened a stall with my brother on Brixton station Road where I traded for 3 years until I opened the shop.

In 1986 with Frank Bruno, cutting the opening ribbon, which was an honour as he was the British heavyweight champion at the time.

What I most enjoy about working in the Brixton commu nity is providing a quality service to my customers. My motto “Build on reputation” is a true mantra to my heart. I want ed to be my own boss and opened a business in the heart of Brixton, that would sell good quality jewellery, also provide customised bespoke pieces and provide a repair service which takes place onsite all under one roof.

It also feels extremely gratifying when making dreams come true and helping those to prolong their good memo ries with items of jewellery.

I’m a born and bred Brixtonian. The area has changed so much over the years but remains to display culture and vibes which has always been the reason why this area is so great to work, live.

socialise and overall, just enjoy. Come and see us. You can also check out our website “I OPENED THE SHOP IN 1986 WITH FRANK BRUNO CUTTING THE OPENING RIBBON”
BLACK BUSINESS GUIDE Rated Excellent JN Bank is the trading name of JN Bank UK Ltd. JN Bank UK Ltd is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (Financial Services Register number: 832786). Eligible deposits with JN Bank UK Ltd are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Registered Office: 410 Brixton Road, London, United Kingdom, SW9 7AW. Registered in England and Wales. Company No. 11734380. UK Britain’s first Caribbean owned UK Bank We are a digital bank offering Saving Accounts and Personal Loanproducts. Scan here for more information


next took as much courage as appearing on the show. Despite what she describes as a great offer, the deal with Davies was not to be.

Although the dragon’s team were happy with the Nylah’s Naturals figures at the due diligence stage of the deal, they could not agree on the terms of the contract and Davis decided to walk away.

However Nylah’s Naturals has contin ued to prosper and the company has just launched in Boots.


pitch on the BBC show Dragons’ Den show can catapult a business into major success. However, rejection can feel like the end of the road for ambi tious entrepreneurs hoping to take their companies to the next level.

So it took a lot of courage for West Mid lands entrepreneur Kameese Davis to go ahead with her decision to appear on the popular show in April last year.

Davis founded Nylah’s Naturals, an inno vative vegan haircare products brand in 2013

after experiencing frustration not being able to find suitable hair products for her daughter who suffers with eczema and sensitive skin.

Since the company’s launch, it’s product range has won several industry awards for its products which help maintain Afro-textured and curly hair as well as being kind to skin.

But the entrepreneur was keen to expand the company. Davis’ Dragon’s Den appear ance was hailed as one of the success sto ries of the show after she walked away with a £50,000 investment from dragon Sara Davies in return for 40 per cent of her busi ness.

But what the Sandwell entrepreneur did

“This is a huge milestone and we are hap py and grateful that Boots supports a diverse range of brands, especially businesses owned by female entrepreneurs,” says Davis.

And she says there are no regrets about her experience on Dragon’s Den or walking away from her deal.

“Dragons Den definitely boosted our brand exposure in a positive way which helped to propel us forwards” she says. “Nylah’s Naturals has not yet had signifi cant investment in the brand, which means our product expansion has to be slow and methodical. That said, we are intending to expand into a range of styling products in the near future.”

Kameese Davies proved a hit when she appeared on the BBC show last year. But despite walking away from a £50,000 investment, her business is set for great things
MILESTONE: Nylah’s Naturals
just launched in Boots
Kameese Davis pitches her business Nylah’s Naturals to the panel on BBC show Dragons’ Den (Pic credit: BBC/Dragons’ Den)

U JAMAARKET (OO-JA-MARKET) is a platform dedicated to sourcing and sup plying products for the African diaspora community.

The company name is a blending of the words Ujamaa and Market to form Ujamaar ket. Ujamaa is Kiswahili for extended fami ly, derived from the Arabic Jamaa, meaning community. We are a business centred around community and we want you to be a part of it.

We bring your favourite household prod ucts from back home and make it easy, so you don’t have to go hunting around for them in specialty shops or spend hours online try ing to find what you need. Simply order from our online store and let us do all the work! We even deliver next day direct to your door.

Barrington is the founder and CEO of Uja maarket and he’s an entrepreneur with a pas sion for making his community feel at home.

After living in the UK for several years and seeing how difficult it is to find quality food items from his home country of Jamaica. He realised that there must be other people out there who were experiencing similar issues and decided to start Ujamaarket.

At Ujamaarket we believe that everyone de serves the opportunity to enjoy some of their favourite foods from back home and want every member of our community to feel like

they can connect with their culture no matter where they live. We’ve been working hard to make this pos sible by sourcing products we know you will love, directly from local manufactur ers and importing them right into your kitch en - We’re proud of our work, and we know you’ll love it too! n

So, visit us online and get the taste of back home, far away from home. Shop your favourite African Caribbean foods, seasonings, snacks, soft drinks and alcohol at: Email: Socials @ujamaarket


A convenient, ethical savings club for every community

pardna, commit tees, esusu, ajo, ekub, hagbad, tontine — whatever you call them, ROSCAs (or Rotating Savings and Credit Associations) are a big part of life for many cultures and communities around the world.


These informal savings clubs help people build wealth with their family, friends, and communities.

They can be especially helpful to save mon ey to get your business idea off the ground.

Why are ROSCAs still so popular?

There are three key reasons that ROSCAs are so popular:

• Trust — people save with their families, friends, and communities, whom they trust more than financial institutions

• Tradition — people have been using in formal savings clubs for generations, proving their worth time after time

• Convenience — it’s often easier to share and save money with people close to you.

At their heart, ROSCAs enable people to save for what really matters to them. Whether

it’s travel, personal savings, or investing in your own business, savings clubs help com munities, cultures, and traditions flourish.

Why use an app for your savings club?

Setting up a savings club can be tricky. You need to decide who to invite, how much each person should contribute, and how you’re going to collect and pay out the money.

But even when you know how to start a rotating savings club, managing it can be a headache. First, there’s tracking who’s paid in. Then there’s making sure you have enough money in the pot for the next payout. Then there’s chasing up late payments and collecting money from around town.

Using a ROSCA app makes the whole process easier. With Bloom’s ROSCA app, all the information you need is stored in one place — and contribution collections and pay outs happen automatically.

Do you need a ROSCA app?

People all over the world have used ROS CAs to save money for centuries — without an app. It’s a trusted, traditional way to save — which is why ROSCAs are so popular in growing UK communities.

But using a ROSCA app makes saving money safer, simpler, and more accessible to communities all over the UK.

So how does Bloom’s ROSCA app work — and how can it make your savings club easier to manage?
7 ways Bloom can help you manage your savings club better

1. Bloom makes it safe to send and receive money

Dealing in cash is a big risk — especially when you’re collecting and holding other people’s money.

Bloom is a much safer place to keep your money. You can send and receive money online, reducing the risk of theft and money loss.

2. Set up a savings club with anyone in the UK

All you need to join a Bloom Circle is a UK bank account. That means you can create a savings club with people all over the country — without having to travel to collect or deliver cash.

It’s a super convenient way to make sure communities across the UK can thrive and save for what matters most — whether it’s

travel, education, or building intergenerational wealth for their families.

3. There’s no need for the notebook

With Bloom, all your payments — in coming and outgo ing — are recorded and displayed clearly in the app. They’re also scheduled automatically, so you don’t need to track contri butions in a notebook.

4. Save with up to 10 friends or family members

Bloom enables you to save with up to 10 people from across the UK in a single sav ings club. You can also be part of multiple committees if you want to save with different groups of friends.

5. Only invite trusted savers to your ROSCA

You don’t need to worry about people you don’t know accessing your money. Bloom allows you to invite specific people to your savings club, keeping your group small and secure.

6. Get payment reminders to help you

manage your money

Bloom tells you when ROSCA contributions are due to be taken from your current account. This helps everyone man age their money better, and ensure they have enough money to keep contributing to the savings club.

As the savings club organiser, you’ll also be notified when payouts are scheduled.

7. Protect your accounts from fraud and identity theft

Financial safety is our top priority — so we use fraud prevention software and ID verifi cation partners trusted by the world’s biggest banks. These services protect your money and your identity from fraudsters.

Visit us at: to join the waitlist and be the first to know when Bloom Money is available in the App Store and Google Playstore.

2022-23 31
Photo by Thoughts Catalog

Minimalistic where less is more

Whilelooking for Christ mas wrapping paper with a Black Father Christmas,

I discovered a gap in the mainstream greeting cards and gift indus try as there were very limited products that represent Black and ethnic (minority*) people.

The products that I could source were ei ther in the USA or looked dated. As a profes sional graphic designer, I knew that this was something that I could change and set about creating products that would celebrate Black and minority communities through arts and culture. Modern society is multi-cultural, and I think it’s important for all people to see themselves represented throughout society.

My approach to artistic expression is sub tle, minimalistic where less is more, and I was intentional about choosing a name that both represented this aesthetic and people of the African Diaspora. I settled on the name ‘Sanaa’, a Swahili word meaning ‘work of

art’ which is an apt description of how I see myself and Black people. Through the prod ucts created and sold through Sanaa, it’s a re minder that we are created as masterpieces.

The thought of starting a business was daunting but having travelled across Austral ia shortly before starting Sanaa Gift Shop, I

had learned that being outside of my comfort zone and persistence pays off. I was uncom fortable being comfortable and decided that a 9-5 job was not for me and upon my return to the UK, dabbled in freelance whilst building my business.

My cousin and motivational speaker Cordell Jeffers was really supportive in en couraging me to follow my dreams. A family member introduced me to the Prince’s Trust through which I received support to start my business, and their amazing staff continue to open doors for me as my business develops.

Our products meet an underserved niche in the gifts and stationery market. I believe that Sanaa Gift Shop can make a difference to how Black people see themselves and how we’re represented in modern society. Through the power of positive imagery and the celebration of Black culture that can be seen in our premium quality gifts, Sanaa Gift Shop provides a more inclusive shopping ex perience. n




Itall started 4 years ago, I was frustrat ed with my local retailers not being able to provide me with jewellery that would complement my style. I liked oversize, bold, unusual statement jewellery that would make my outfits stand out and become a talking point for some.

All I can remember is having these reoccurring dreams for about a year and I saw metal wire soft enough to be twisted and turn and then it was put on the neck of a mannequin.

I remembered thinking “what is this” but more of the same images of twisted wire kept on coming in. I re member thinking I can’t make jewellery, I have never attempted too either, so why does this same dream keep reoccurring.

Then one day I met up with a friend and I felt to share with her my reoccurring dream and she sim ply said it these words “it’s God telling you to do something so just go and buy the tools and start making” I laughed my head off and I said “just like that” and she said “Yes just like that”. And so I literately did.

I watched YouTube videos, tutorials on Instagram etc on what to purchase, I looked for the right tools and obtained a starter kit. I also used all the different avenues online to looked for what sort of wire I would require, and I purchased them.

I practiced and practiced (still practicing today) of how to create shapes using the tools (pliers) and the rest is HISTORY. I self-taught some of my techniques which I now use today and I began to fly.

I went through stages where I thought I wasn’t good enough and my products weren’t strong enough but that was my own fears and in securities.

I continued to study my craft and sometimes I made mistakes which birthed another idea to cre ate a better design, strengthen the designs and even tested the durability of the designs which I could share with my customers it was awesome.

The mistakes were my game changers many times and whilst I made so many mistakes, wasted loads of wire and money trying things out, this became my school of mastering my craft and designs.

I had a moto “THERE ARE NO RULES with wire, just create and Be Creative. The self doubt was real but I never let it distort what I knew in my heart was going to be a part of the jour ney.

Then the unthinkable hap pened to me, I started posting my jewellery online and the en quiries and orders started com ing in! It was unbelievable!!!!

So, I created the business name on my Social Media handles, linked up with other handmade makers, wire jew ellery designers, followed their pages, subscribed to their channels and learnt from them all.

I have enjoyed the whole journey it’s been so fulfilling, purposeful, creative and exciting. It has taught me this and I quote “There are known gifts that we all have but there are hidden gifts that only come out when they are pursued and it’s those gifts that are phenomenal”. n



yinkansola Adebayo runs Niyo Group, a group of mul ti-award-winning com panies that specialise in using technology to economically em power black women. This or ganisation currently has three brands: Niyo Hair and Beauty, Niyo Dapp, and Niyo Boot

Her work has been recog nised in BBC News, The Voice, Metro, Black Beauty, and many more. She has also won many awards including Great British Fashion & Beauty Entre preneur of the year, and Female Innovator

She is particularly passionate about address ing poverty, especially amongst Black women,

ty women have access to quality hair care products, research driven hair care routines, and technology driven hair and beauty service solutions. No need to imagine anymore.

At Niyo Hair and Beauty, we are changing the quality of black and ethnic minority hair experience through technology driven solutions.

We are excited to also introduce the upcoming Hair and Beauty Academy. Our Niyo Hair and Beau ty Academy is going to be a training ground set to start in January, for aspiring hairdressers who are passionate and serious about making a sustainable Business and/or career within the Hair and Beauty industry. This Academy will teach all of the Black Hairdressing skills needed to become a qualified and accredited professional hair stylist.

Niyo Hair and Beauty is a global destination that allows for hair and beauty enthusiasts to book and buy hair and beauty products and services with spe cialists at the comfort of their home all around an em powering, fun and interactive community.

and using disruptive and high-value tools to trans form the lives of black women across the world.

Niyo Hair and Beauty is a technology-driven afro hair and beauty e-commerce platform that services over 1000 clients across the UK whilst economically empowering hairstylists through an academy to get accredited.

Its aim is to Empower black women through tech nology, hair, and beauty services. Its a one stop shop for all healthy afro hair and beauty needs.

Imagine a world where black and ethnic minori

USERS WILL BE ABLE TO: Slay: book various hair and beauty appointments Play: Learn hair and beauty techniques virtually or physically even to a professional and accredited level Care: Purchase tools, hair extensions, products and accessories on demand.

We are currently focusing on the Care and play part of the vision with our new premium 1st of its kind afro hair and beauty accredited academy with world leading stylists at the heart of Birmingham!. n

Website: SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram : @niyohairnbeauty Pintress: @niyohairandbeauty TikTok:


Multiply your success!

MrNumbervator is Isaac Anoom, and there is only one Mr . Numbervator! Mr Numbervator was invent ed over 25 years ago in response to underachieve ment in maths that I saw in most schools I visited as a Maths Advisor then later as a Maths Consultant. Teaching was poor and boring, there was no motivation for the children to do well and achievement in the BAME community was very low and very sad even though these young people had the brain and ability.

My mission, my aim, my determination was to change the script and prove to the educational authorities that with the right passion and right engagement our children could be successful. The way forward for me was to affect policy, thinking, aspirations so that teaching be came more meaningful, exciting and worthwhile.

Then there was TeachersTV who wanted me to write and present maths television programmes, then came the big one - BBC1. I re corded hundreds of maths shows. I used this opportunity to develop teacher training seminars, workshops and sessions.

Now my days are filled with exciting visits to schools and doing demo lessons for teachers and ECT’s to watch, parents maths training sessions, TA maths training and the best of all jobs is teaching children and young people, giving them that confidence and hope for their fu


I run breakfast maths clubs and after school maths clubs for high achieving young mathematicians and I also run girls only/ boys only maths sessions.

The partnership between Sovereign comics and me has allowed me to reach more young people, through the Mr Numbervator Maths Comics where I am teach ing maths in the comic format to entice and interest our young people. The team is made up of Paul Nelson, Dean Richards and myself and we are 3 black men with the vision of making impact on children’s learning inside the classroom and outside. The most exciting develop ment is my weekly maths radio show where I get to teach maths to a wider audience. It’s free and this means all can listen in and receive top quality teaching. I have a month ly maths quiz with prizes and teachers call in to get advice about teaching. n

If anyone would like teacher school Inset, teacher training days, maths days for the whole school, maths trails, TA training, maths training ses sions for parents, maths masterclasses for GCSE pupils, SAT’s preparation, ECT support and please call me on : 07535 644 850 or email: Why not call into the radio show. Let’s make maths the best subject to learn.

Isaac Anoom – Mr Numbervator


A Selection of Spiritual Messages for Women

Spiritual Author

Over 20 years of journaling brought these messages into ex istence. Come to the present moment, the energy of the words and the messages that came through has made me realise that this has to be shared. These messages can help support and empower others – empower women to learn and grow and understand themselves. And so… “Messages from the Divine Mother” was born.

Messages From The Divine Mother is no ordinary book. It is an authentic, undiluted communication between the reader and the Divine Mothers energy. You will feel your heart warmed by the words, your soul lifted and comforted. You will feel elated and loved.

It gives answers to questions that you may never have thought you had. It gives guidance to anything that you may be facing with truthful but direct, always loving answers.

It is a daily reminder of who you are and the unconditional divine love that we all share. Messages From The Divine Mother is a “goto” book that you would want to have with you at all times.

It is here to give women the permission to love themselves and be the true essence of who they are.

Spiritual Coach

I am a born Jamaican who has lived in the UK since early childhood. Spirituality has always been at the forefront and an important part of my life.

I lead a range of workshops, online, and in person as a Certified Coach recognised by The International Coaching Federation (ICF). In order to best serve others, my “Harmony Technique” uniquely inte grates coaching, mentoring, intuition, and spirit uality.

I fervently urge adults, teenagers, and small busi ness owners to discover who they are and have fulfill ing lives. Even after many years of teaching, my love for children still serves as the motivation for my work. I work with young people as a coach to help them find their unique talents and voices.


The future of African Fragrances

Abiodun Balogun born and raised in Deptford South London launched Alade Perfume in the winter of 2020, October 2021 saw the release of two limited edition perfumes from their private collection. A Lions Kiss and 7pm In Lagos. The monumental duo represents African culture and heritage in a way never seen before in fragrance. A Lions Kiss is smooth and consistent with a pow erful dry down & 7pm In Lagos is vibrant, well executed and innovative. The Private Collection is limited, & only 250 bottles of each beautiful scent has been created.

Social media handles are as follows:


DR SHARON BELMO DERMATOLOGY: London private dermatology clinic with a focus on Black skin and hair.

DrSharon Belmo is a UK trained consultant derma tologist and one of very few Black dermatologists in the country. She obtained her medical degree from the University of Dundee in 2006 and com pleted dermatology specialist training at Nottingham Univer sity Hospitals NHS Trust, a national centre of excellence for dermatology.

With over 15 years of NHS experience, Dr Belmo has now opened a first of its kind private dermatology clinic, Dr Sharon Belmo Dermatology, based on Harley Street, London, focusing primarily on Black skin and hair loss conditions.


Scottish by birth, Ghanaian by heritage and English by resi dence, Dr Sharon Belmo believes that her life experiences have driven her unquestionable passion for promoting diversity in medicine. Her NHS experience exposed her to inequalities Black people face both in primary care and hospital dermatology, with clinicians not understanding or being taught the nuances of Black skin and hair. This led Dr Belmo to write and introduce the first ever dermatology for skin of colour syllabus for the UK dermatology specialist training curriculum in 2021; setting a precedence for all future dermatologists’ experience and training in darker skin tones. Dr Belmo is a passionate advocate for equality in healthcare for all. She is very much involved in derma tology for skin of colour education for healthcare professionals, and the mentoring of young Black der matologists in training.

Specialist Interests

Dr Belmo specialises in skin of colour and hair loss, particularly Black skin and hair, treating a number of conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, eczema, razor bumps, DPN, CCCA and trac tion alopecia. She is one of the only Black dermatologists in the UK and the only Black dermatologist to run a private clinic that focuses on Black skin and hair. She has undergone additional training in


ethnic skin and hair in Paris and the US. She is the founder and clinical lead of the Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology Skin of Colour Resource, a resource developed to educate healthcare professionals about skin and hair loss conditions in darker skin tones. Dr Belmo is the medical advisor to the Scarring Alopecia Foundation UK CCCA support group, a hair loss condition that almost exclusively affects Black women. She has authored a skin of colour chapter in the textbook, dermatology training: the essen tials. She has presented at national and international conferences, regularly lectures, and publishes work pertaining to skin of colour in medical journals. She also runs inMYskin; an instagram image bank developed with the aim to increase representation of skin of colour in medical resources. Dr Belmo very much welcomes image submission from the public.

Dr Sharon Belmo Dermatology, located at 107 Harley Street, London, is a private general dermatology clinic specialising in Black skin

All major private health insurance providers

. n

visit:, email: or call 07709447218. For us by us


and hair needs.
are accepted
Ever wondered how a specific skin condition looks in YOUR skin tone? There is a lack of representation of skin conditions in skin of colour. It is time that medical images are more inclusive. WE NEED YOUR IMAGES! We are looking to collect images of skin conditions in skin of colour. If you have been diagnosed with a skin condition and wish to submit your image to the @inMYskin Instagram image bank, please contact: All submissions require a diagnosis by a doctor and must be sent with a signed disclaimer. Contact: to obtain For us, by us In MY SKin



The Moringa Family Group, in its mission to become the first Morin ga Farm to grow, produce and distribute high quality Moringa, Sea Moss and other superfood products in Grenada. We aim to set up a steady agricultural supply chain with spin-off effects. These in turn will create an economic multiplier by way of providing a sustainable source of income, employment and educational leverage for local farmers and the communities of Grenada.


The Moringa Family Group started in 2016 and later incorporated in the State of Grenada in September 2018. We are proud to specialise in the growth and nurture of Grenadian Moringa, as well as sourcing Sea Moss from the St Davids parish of Grenada. The volcanic soil and calm, clean waters of Grenada are ideal climatic conditions that pro duce fruit and vegetables with high nutrient profiles. Our competitive advantage is built on high quality and reliability. Few companies can boast of providing an agricultural product straight from the source, as growers and producers.


The main objective of The Moringa Family Group is to grow and market Moringa, Sea Moss and other superfoods and its potential val ue-added products globally. In addition, the expertise acquired is the basis for consultancy projects and assist farmers to create long term income and combat malnutrition and poverty.




The Moringa Family specialises in harvesting and milling the organi cally grown Moringa leaves from our own farms. We are excited by our growing range of products and moreover the positive impact each of these products will have on people’s health now and in years to come. We love to educate people about sustaining optimal health now and



Next edition planned in 2023

Theinaugural Birmingham Black Business Show at the N.E.C. Birmingham, support ing Black entrepreneurs, career professionals and allies from across the whole of the UK took place in June and was widely applauded by a large number of Black entrepreneurs, career professionals, students, allies of the Black communi ty, based in the Midlands and beyond.

Birmingham Black Business Show highlights

Headline Results

Birmingham Black Business Show welcomed 1,420attendees on the day and the UK Black Business Show team who successful ly planned and delivered the event is really pleased with how theyre continuing to have an impact on businesses in the region.

There were 50 exhibitors of a range of sizes from independent Black-owned brands through to major corporations, universities and business hubs.

The event featured 65 speakers across two stages and a range of formats including roundtables, panels, business pitches and keynote talks.

Key figures

When asked via the satisfaction survey, 96% of attendees responded that they are likely to attend again next year. 85% of sponsors and

exhibitors confirmed they surpassed their objectives.

The Advisory Committee

An advisory committee was established early in the planning. This consisted of business leaders in Birmingham and the Midlands. HSBC UK, kindly hosted the advisory com mittee meetings at their UK headquarters in Birmingham City Centre. These meet ings, held both in person and virtually have become a networking opportunity of them selves, convening 13 business leaders in the region.

The committee is being has been chaired by multi-award-winning entrepreneur and brand expert, Tru Powell. Other committee members include BBC’s Apprentice finalist, Scarlett Allen-Horton – serial entrepreneur, Justice Williams – Behind Her Dreams, Mac Alonge – The Equal Group, Sam Duru –Wolverhampton Black Business Network, Janet Smith – Wolverhampton Black Busi ness Network, Rebecca Picton – HSBC UK, Dan Hoff-Rodriques – Cx Squared, Sophie Marie – Black-Owned Birmingham, Anika Allen – Barclays and Black Magic Awards, Renée Davis – Out the Box plus D&I expert, Leah Slater-Radway – Nomura.

What Birmingham Black Business Show did differently

The team created a series of IG Lives featur ing event speakers covering themes includ ing entrepreneurship, leadership, personal

branding and sustainability, which they knew their audiences were eager to learn more about. Each was very well attended with over 400 live and on demand views for each one. Special guests included Tru Powell, Justice Williams MBE, Scarlett Allen-Horton and more.

The show benefited from natural national and local press with features in some of the leading publications in the UK, combined with announcements and press releases pub lished by BBC Midlands, Insider Media (Mid lands only, Birmingham Chamber Of Com merce (Greater) and The Voice Newspaper.

Next edition: Birmingham Black Business Show (17th June 2023) - www.birming Media Contacts

Laura Bazile – Marketing and Communi cations

UK Black Business Show

UK Black Business Show

UK Black Business Show Limited is the lead ing, Black-owned network for the Black en trepreneur and career professional. The UK Black Business Show and related brands (UK Black Business Week, Birmingham Black Business Show, Black Tech Achievement Awards) aim to develop, empower, inspire and recharge Black business owners, profes sionals and allies of the Black community.

UK BLACK BUSINESS GUIDE 2022-23 45 Develop. Empower. Inspire. Recharge. Monday to Friday 8 Northumberland Ave, London WC2N 5BY Saturday Business Design Centre, 52 Upper St, Islington, London, N1 0QH 17TH – 22ND OCTOBER 2022 2022


is the award-winning director of TC Publishing. In 2022 she won, best female fo cused publisher, UK Enterprise Award.

She helps women from all over the globe

find their voices and put their stories down on paper so they can be shared far and wide and impact the lives of others.

As well as publishing other people’s sto ries, Tarnya has self-published three of her own and has four publications on Amazon.

Her latest bestselling book, Planit.

See it. Anticipate it, is endorsed by the world-renown motivational speaker Les Brown. Tarnya received a SIMA global award for the most influential woman in 2021, is a regular contributor to Wythenshawe radio,


and speaks on podcasts worldwide. She also hosts webinars on writing books, setting goals and overcoming obstacles.

Tarnya is a business woman on a mis sion. She is a wife and mother of two children who is committed to encour aging people to write their stories and share their expertise through books.

Prior to starting her business, she was a lecturer; she loved her role but was overwhelmed, overworked, and under paid. She had little time to spend with her family and was always working.

Tarnya needed to take control of her life, reduce the stress and find work that enabled a healthy life balance. Some thing had to give and she decided it was her career in education.

Tarnya wrote her book, OpenDoors

in 2018 - In the summer of that year, Tarnya started her own company, TC Publishing and published her own books: Thesimplewaytogetmotivat ed, The simple way to get motivated goalplanner and Planit.Seeit.


As discussed; My mother, Audrey is a TC Publishing author and has written two devotionals and a prayer journal. n


ITPROFESSIONAL Sam Carew and his wife were expecting their fourth child when he learned that a baby born into the developed world leaves a 58.6 metric tonne carbon foot print every year.

These facts inspired Carew to leave his 22-year-long IT career to launch the first vegan, carbon-negative footwear firm in an effort to help slow down climate change and protect his children’s future.

He launched his company Elliot Footwear back in 2018 and quickly received support. A crowdfund ing campaign on Indiegogo saw the company raise £30,000 in two months.

The money raised enabled the company to produce its first collection in June of2019.

“We classify the trainers as ve gan because historically, majority of footwear is made from animal skins” explains Carew. “We don’t use any animal products in the manufacturing of our shoes. Our vegan leather shoes are made from a polymer and the canvas ones are made from organic cotton.”

He says that Elliot Footwear trainers removes one tonne of carbon from the atmosphere every time a pair are bought and have already offset 620 tonnes of CO2 since September 2018.

“How this works is that we’ve worked out carbon cost of creating a pair of shoes as well as a financial cost” he says. “From our own calculations producing a pair of shoes can work out as much as 200 kilogrammes.

“What makes our shoes carbon negative is the fact that we fund pro jects that offset the carbon that’s released into the atmosphere while producing our shoes. So if the carbon cost of producing our shoes is 200 kilogrammes we work with partner organisations on projects to offset five times that amount.”

The entrepreneur continued: “This looks different in each country but can range from planting trees, and creating solar panels to wind turbines or wind farms.”

Carew says he hopes more companies adopt Elliot Footwear’s busi ness model.

“I have a large family. How do I wake up every day and not care about what their future looks like? I’ve created an opportunity to make it look at least a little better.” n

PRODUCING TRAINERS THAT CHANGE THE WORLD Sam Carew left a well-paid job in IT to create a business producing the world’s first vegan, carbon-negative footwear “ELLIOT FOOTWEAR TRAINERS REMOVES ONE TONNE OF CARBON FROM THE ATMOSPHERE EVERY TIME A PAIR ARE BOUGHT” CLIMATE AWARENESS: (pic left) Elliot Footwear founder
Sam Carew

PatriciaBrown, proud to be a woman of color and founder of Pentland Lettings (2008) an in dependent lettings agency and property management company located in the Midlands.

I was born from Windrush parents who had dreams of success and fortune when they started life in the UK. My upbringing was no differ ent to any other person. My mother, being a single parent of 4 children, did not hinder her teaching us to have ambition and work hard. We are our own destiny, and we only get out, what we put into anything, whether a rela tionship, career or friendship.

My early adult years were spent working a 9-5 and conforming to a regular day job with nothing more to fit in after getting home. In saying that, I focused on my career working around the clock earning as much as I could, with overtime and additional second income jobs. Being proactive and a forward thinker, I decided that if ever I found myself in my moth er’s shoes either as a single parent, or even when taking time out to have children, I’d want enough money in the bank to relieve the stresses of just surviving. Life rarely pans out the way we intend it to, so I’ve always consid ered that ‘What if’ scenario and had my Plan B in place.

Following a failed relationship and at the prospect of being a single parent, I had to plan what career path I wanted to take that would give me job satisfaction and a work life bal ance. I had worked in customer services and management for many years but still not mov ing forward fast enough with the knowledge, drive, and ambition I had in the corporate sec tor. I’m sure you’ll agree only recent events are now putting us in the picture for equality and a somewhat level playing field (not there

yet though).

This brings me nicely onto my chosen ca reer as letting agent and property manage ment company. At the age of 40 during the recession and, coinciding with the loss of the position I held as manager for a letting agent, I felt if ever there was a time to set up my own business, it was now. After proving myself with various landlords I had worked with, they encouraged me to go it

for you!

Whether you’re a landlord living locally or further afield, we can effectively source prop erties and manage tenancies, from marketing, viewings, to producing contracts to suit your requirements. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients above the law, whilst maintaining their properties and feeding back any remedial works and issues that may present themselves throughout the tenancy.

I often get landlords who have chosen not to have their property managed, only to come

alone, as my talents with finance and property management were wasted with the company I had worked for, and they were more than hap py to transition across.

I set about finding out about the industry, I had rented a property of my own previously and enjoyed organizing and dressing it, and I found I had a creative streak. I took various courses for start-up businesses, went to the industry conferences, and networked, taking just one day at a time to home in on my chosen career, ensuring I was complying with all the legislative policies required.

The business focuses on providing quality housing and renovating property to a high standard to get the best tenants who will ap preciate and look after it, as if their own.

Our ethos is that we would never put some one in your property, that we wouldn’t put in our own. Less stress for me means less stress

back later and request our help in managing tenants, whether through written correspond ence, visitation or through the legal channels which can be daunting if you’re not familiar with your rights as a landlord or tenant. We remain objective and whilst here to provide a quality service for landlords, also have the ten ants’ legitimate interests at heart.

Pentlands being owned by a woman of color, looks primarily, to work alongside oth er trades/women of color and to help grow all our respective industries. Contact us for a chat on how we can help grow your property portfolio in the Midlands. Whether manag ing, sourcing or just to assist in solving your property issues. Properties in the Central and North are fast becoming places to invest in; the rental market has an increasing demand with very limited supply. n


Myname is Samantha, my daughter is Mayia. We are both founders of the small family start-up business Shea Coco Ltd which is based in Birmingham.

Shea Coco Ltd was founded in June 2021. The reason for starting up our own small busi ness was down to me having a medical condi tion. One of the conditions of my illness caused me to have flare ups which affected my skin. Of course, when we have an illness which affects the skin, we are prescribed topical steroid creams such as Betnovate, Hydrocortisone amongst many others which are used to relieve and heal the areas of inflamed skin. When they are used continuously over a long period of time, the medicated creams start to have an impact to the skin causing skin thinning alongside the skin becoming heavily reliant on them due to the chemicals which are used to speed up the healing process. I did not like the idea of this so, I decided to do some research to find a more natural way of healing my skin.

Seeking to find natural prod ucts which contain 100% natural ingredients is hard to find. I knew about Shea Butter for a while, I decided to research further into it and decided to give it a try. I no

ticed when using it my skin symptoms were less inflamed. I researched further to find what other natural ingredients I could add and decided to whip them together and use my creation over a longer period of time. I noticed a huge impact to my skin. My skin looked 100% healthier, it began to become clearer, all areas of the skin which had marks caused by my flare ups had faded. I had found a natural solution which had worked. Something that is natural and worked.

During this journey my daughter Mayia has been along side me all the way. We decided to speak to family and friends with and without skin conditions

to use the body butter. We have had noth ing but positive feedback. Everyone who we know have stopped using their everyday body moisturiser and are now using Shea Coco whipped Body Butter. Since making the Whipped Body Butter we have introduced other natural products to our brand such as our Bajac Hair Growth Oil. We have had a lot of positive testimo nials which customers have given. We re cently launched our range of body scrubs which sold out on the day it launched. Shea Coco will continue to grow from strength to strength. If you believe in using 100% pure natural products on your skin, Shea Coco is they way forward. n

EMAIL: ETSY: SheaCocoBySam INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram. com/_sheacoco WEBSITE: (to be launched)



Dayo Israel is passionate about Black love, Black marriages and ultimately Black families. Dayo is the founder of Melanin Matchmaker, a dating app helping Black singles to connect and find love.

Since launching two years ago, Melanin Matchmaker has had countless success sto ries with couples in relationships, engage ments and marriages from the platform.

Dayo says “We’re incredibly inspired by the magical success stories that have been created on Melanin Matchmaker and we’re motivated to continue to facilitate more long-lasting connections.”

Melanin Matchmaker’s mission is to create 200,000 marriages by 2030. Dayo says “We are a relationship focused dating app and ul timately our goal is to stimulate long term relationships and marriages. For any com munity to thrive and prosper, it needs strong families. We want to create Black marriages and Black families which can contribute to a prosperous Black community.”

Melanin Matchmaker has many interest ing features which help stimulate fruitful

connections. To cultivate an intentional plat form, each member must state on their pro file whether they’re ready for a relationship, open to chat to see where it goes or dating casually. Members can then ensure they are

on the same page with another member be fore matching.

Profiles are verified by humans so when a member has a verified badge you can be con fident that is a real person (I mean nobody likes catfishes!).

Each profile also shows a members’ hob bies and interests so members can search for other members they share things in common with which can enhance a potential connec tion.

The app is free to download on the Apple and Google Play Stores and already has over 100,000 downloads. Dayo clearly has big plans for Melanin Matchmaker and concludes “Ultimately our vision is to be the go-to dat ing app for Black singles looking for love not only in the UK but the world.” n

Find out more about Melanin Matchmaker at:



Tell us about your business

We are a social enterprise based in the UK, developing a low-cost eco-friendly housing solution for Africans living under the poverty line. The project is called DWLBL (Dwellable).

We have reached a significant milestone by taking something that was just an idea to a point where we have completed our research and designs and are ready to build our first DWLBL home in West Africa in October.

Why did you decide to start your own business?

During my time in The Gambia and other African nations I was fortunate to visit, was a big eye-opener. Things that people took for granted in the west like shelter and basic utilities were highly valued in developing parts of the world. Although people were content with what they had and made the most of it, I felt like they deserved better.

Can you briefly describe your journey from launch to where you are now?

The business was registered in late 2019. However, it was at the beginning of the covid pandemic when it really kicked off. I joined several accelerator programs (including the NatWest Accelerator Program) to gain knowledge and advice, test my idea and have it validated by seasoned entrepreneurs.

What has been your experience with NatWest? How has the bank supported you?

Through the Natwest Accelerator Program, I have gained knowledge from all the talks and lectures. I have also found a point of accountability with the monthly sessions with my assigned mentor who helped me stay on top of my short, midterm and long-term goals.

Based on your personal experience, what are your thoughts and feelings about the Time to Change report, or broadly the challenges faced by ethnic minority businesses in the UK?

I think it is great that such a report exists to highlight solutions that could help tackle the issues highlighted. However, we do see many reports and not all of them get acted upon. Now I hope institutions will take this report on board and implement the recommendations to be a part of the changes we wish to see.

WEBSITE: 4b74a74134

Ousman Touray

Awardwinning experienced consultant with a proven record of development and im plementation of strategic and tactical plans within budget utilising a broad range of programs and events. Accomplished within business development, educational, marketing, client servicing and administration roles. A people ori entated, personable communicator and negotiator, whose observant, dedicated, methodical and determined in attitude.

Over the past ten years, I have worked as a Business Consultant, both full time and part time. I have also worked in Admin, HR, Man agement: - Business Manager, Brand Manag er, Project Manager and many more.

I have worked with a range of companies, from small businesses and family-owned businesses to major broadcasting channels and multimillion pound organisations.

Nonetheless, my heart is with pre-start-up businesses, entrepreneurs and small busi nesses as I can relate to them more, as the end results help keep the staff paid, staying on top of bills and children’s extra-curricular activities i.e. football/ballet.

My in-depth community work started when I set up Black Owned Birmingham FB Group as a community organisation, with a goal of supporting Black people from all walks of life to create generational wealth, starting at home, in Birmingham.

I have always wanted to help people who have big ideas, and big dreams - do great things. But more often than not, these people in the community didn’t have the money, edu cation, or resources to make those entrepre neurial dreams come true.

I am the active founder of Black Owned Bir mingham, formed in June 2020, a community interest company supporting the overall mis sion to help small black business owners grow.

The Birmingham Black Business Show has been created to inspire and connect Black business owners and professionals. Through exhibits, deep-dive workshops, interactive panels, and seminars, delivered by industry

pioneers, this event enables personal, profes sional and corporate development.

Personal Black Owned Birmingham Bio:

To promote unity in the community and strengthen the Black Pound, mom of 3 So phie decided to use her spare time to make a platform that was beneficial to all! Putting her Master’s Degree in Management and En trepreneurship to good use, Sophie made a Facebook group which has grown to a family of almost 20000.

Black Owned Birmingham Awards:

The Black Owned Birmingham Awards was created with the mindset that in our commu nity we often work so hard to survive, thrive and makes things happen, however it is also important to take time out to recognise and

celebrate milestones and great feats. The inaugural Black Owned Birming ham Awards was held on 1st October 2022 at Aston Villa football club. This year, BOBA2022 raised over £2000 for Youth of the community Back Pack Campaign.

Black Owned Birmingham Back to School Backpack Campaign - in conjunc tion with Youth of The Community.

In the spirit of ‘It Takes a Village’, we give away backpacks for secondary school students in Birmingham ensuring children aged 11+, return to school in September, with the basic necessities to jumpstart their school year. n



AtAdiru Consulting, our mission is to empower Black businesses with the necessary tools to drive sustain able growth. To generate opportunities by attract ing investment that directly benefits our community through increasing corporate representation, leading to a greater impact on society.

As your strategic advisors, we will establish a bespoke governance framework; identify opportunities or mitigate potential risks; and im plement data protection and privacy compliance in order to guide you through the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

So, a little about me…and I feel I should start with the reason why I chose to name the Company as I have. Despite being a coincidental ac ronym for the services I offer (Advisers in Data Protection, Information Security, Risk Management and Underlying Corporate Governance), Adiru is actually my middle name. In the language of my birthplace, Lugbara, its meaning is “born during war” – referencing the Ugandan Civil War of the early 1980s that resulted in my family moving to the UK and establishing a new life for myself and my siblings.

The spring/summer of 2020 instigated a period of deep person al reflection for me…the world fighting a war against the Covid-19 pandemic, whilst social unrest was suddenly amplified by the barbar ic killing of George Floyd and the ever-growing Black Lives Matter movement…but this time was different…this time the entire globe was engaged…and I heard a united roar that “things must change”. On numerous occasions I read and heard the statement “this is not a mo ment; this is a movement” and I felt a call to join those that are actively pursuing change. I wanted to be a part of that universal voice whose mission was to create a better future for the next generation, including my own children.

So, what could I do to help? My professional background has been quite varied. Studying Accounting and Law at university directed my early career towards UK Taxation. My interest in the value of em ployees and the power of great communication led to seeking a qual ification with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), which progressed to employed roles within Corporate Gov ernance and Data Protection (more recently attaining a qualification with BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT).

I realised that my knowledge and experience had already been of

great value to organisations throughout my career, but my inner drive for social and corporate equality could particularly positively impact those individuals seeking independence from covert racism by branch ing out and embracing their entrepreneurial spirit.

Black businesses in the UK are growing exponentially (particularly with women founders!) and the inception of the monthly Black Pound Day starting on June 27th 2020, provides an avenue for consumers to discover and support new and existing Black-owned businesses to spend their money with, thereby sustaining and evolving the market. Increased growth through sales will inevitably lead to a greater num ber of employees and a greater emphasis on the strategic approach to operational activity. This is where guidance and advice from Adiru Consulting Ltd can make the difference between sustained growth and expansion versus limitations due to an inability to manage increased customer demand.

My mission is to level the playing field by implementing strong gov ernance systems within these businesses, that will enhance our status, our access to wider markets and ultimately our ability to attract invest ment.

I have been inspired by recent turmoil and driven to engage with Black owned businesses, empowering them to reach their strategic goals by partnering with my new business: Adiru Consulting Ltd.

Change Will happen if WE Make it Happen. n

MY VOLUNTEER ROLES: Charity Trustee at Signposts (Luton) Chair of the Board of Governors - Harlington Upper School Advisory Board Member - Black Pounds Project CIC




Douglas launches new patty company

Topchef and former Hudders field restaurateur Barrington

Douglas is back in the kitch en - and he’s cooking up a new online business venture. Douglas, 55, who ran popular Caribbean restaurant Discovery Bay in Huddersfield for 12 years, is bringing his artisan patties, chutneys and secret-recipe sauces back through his new venture, the Phat Patty Company.

The Huddersfield-born chef, who has appeared on TV with celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Gary Rhodes, achieved a lifelong dream when he opened his own restaurant.

However, after closing Discovery Bay in 2017 and needing to spend more time with his family after the death of his father, Douglas left the food industry and went

into sales.

But now he says his passion for cooking has been re-ignited.

“I’ve had the break that we all need at some time in our life and I’m back in the kitchen. I started in a small way making patties at home on a weekend and selling them via social media and the response was amazing.

“I quickly found I couldn’t keep up with demand so now I’ve turned what was a weekend operation into a full-time online venture with plans to grow and expand.”

Douglas makes an artisan Jamaican cur ried patty, a twist on a Cornish pastie. The original recipe is based on his mum’s from back home in Jamaica but he has refined it over the last ten years.

“It’s a short crust pastry filled with a choice of fillings - beef, chicken or vegan.

The filling is flavoured with curry powder, black pepper, scotch bonnet, garlic and thyme and a few more secret ingredients.

“It’s my own unique recipe. It also has a flavoured pastry so it’s not just your or dinary pastry which is just butter, flour and water. It is something special that you won’t have tasted before.”

Barrington is also bringing his award-winning royal hot pepper sauce back.

“Some sauces are just too hot and spicy and all you get is the heat and no flavour,” said Barrington. “My sauce is very balanced and has layers of flavour.” n

To find out

more please visit:
NEW VENTURE: Barrington Douglas is behind the Phat Patty company
Former Huddersfield restaurant


is a company of par ents, teachers and carers, passionate about creat ing innovative and excit ing products that lend a helping to parents in the development of their little ones.

The journey started almost a decade ago when Orlando, father of 3, and his wife, Krystyna, juggled the many balls that come with parenting; from school runs, to work and home life, to helping the kids with homework that felt like it was made for them.

With a rapidly receding hairline and an overactive imagina tion, he put his brain to good use by creating products to keep his hyperactive kids engaged while developing and learning new skills.

After realising how much his little minions enjoyed his creations, and with his wife’s encouragement he began introducing his designs to more and more families reaching even major retailers like John Lewis and London Zoo.

With a passionate team and family around him, Amonev has de veloped ground-breaking new products like a night light Globe that

uses AR technology to teach kids about our planet or flashcards designed to build the confidence of kids who struggle to com municate.

With the wind in their sails, Amonev is now ready and equipped to create even more fun, innovative products that chil dren can learn, play and grow with. n

Website: Instagram: @amonevkids Facebook: @amonevkids


A safe and secure app for your contributions

Leading fraud prevention software ID verification partners trusted by the banks Safe and secure payments in app Full control with invite-only access Download the Bloom Money app today and start managing your contributions with safety, transparency, and convenience.


The BoB Expo in Manchester has attracted thousands of shoppers and is now in its fourth year


When the landmark Black Pound Report 2022 was published earlier this year it highlighted the spending power of Black and minority ethnic consumers.

It revealed they had a disposable income of £4.5 bil lion; the figure for African Caribbean consumers alone is just over £1 billion.

However the research also revealed that al though this group of consumers spend on av erage £230 million each month on health and beauty nearly four in ten Black female buyers found in difficult to find the products they re ally needed.

It’s an issue that Stockport based entrepre neur Monique Kufuor is very familiar with. Frus trated by the difficulty she faced in buying diverse products for herself and her family she decided she wanted to make it easier for others facing the same challenges as she did.

“Gradually I realised this was a shared problem within the black community, and that the black consumer has been overlooked for so long. So I created an online platform to help people like myself find can know where to find things. And I was so surprised at how many amazing businesses there were who were offer ing really innovative products and services.”

That decision gave birth to The Black Owned Business Exhibition (BOBExpo) in Manchester in 2018. The annual event, now in its fourth year, has been hailed as the UK’s largest shop ping experience for black consumers. It also provides exposure for Black-owned businesses.

VISION: BoB Expo founder Monique Kufuor

“I found it really difficult to find cultural prod ucts and diverse products, particularly hair products for my daughter, and myself” she recalls. “I would always have to go the extra mile to get products and I found this really frustrating.

“Visibility is so important” she says. “Many black business owners don’t have the financial resources to be able to pay for huge marketing. This makes it harder to meet their ideal clients. The idea behind the BoB Expo was to create an event where Black business owners can meet their ideal clients in the same room. They can be discovered by potential customers who can then go away and tell people they know that they found this amazing product or service at the Expo.” n

Monique Kufuor launched the Black Owned Business Exhibition after frustration at not being to find culturally relevant products


Myname is Nyasha Matanda and I am the Founder and CEO of Silkebee skincare.

I have an LLB Law with Business degree from Kingston Univer sity, London.

Silkebee Skincare is a natural skincare brand that was born out of a desire to soothe my daughter’s dry skin condition. Making healing skincare is a family tradition that can be traced back a few generations, most recently to my mater nal grandmother, En eritha Rwaveya, who sold skincare and heal ing ointments in her and my grandfather’s farm shop during colonial Zimbabwe.

Both my daughters, Zuva and Ayanda have had dry skin conditions. My eldest, Ayanda was diagnosed with eczema at the age of 6 months, she was prescribed emollients that did not work. It was when

she was prescribed steroids that I sought to turn a balm I created as a necessity into a business. The baby balm is our best seller and is cosmetically tested safe for infants upwards. It is safe to use during pregnan cy to help soothe itchy stretchy skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Our baby balm is cosmetically tested safe for infants from birth, it is great for nappy rash and can be used on the most sensitive of skin as well as the whole family.

Some proud moments include meeting Beverly Knight MBE at the Shades of Beau ty Live Show 2019. Her favourite was our Lavender balm which she loved and used while on holiday.

Naima Mora (America’s Next Top Model cycle 4) has supported the brand for years. She used our balms on some scaring on her legs during New York Fashion week in 2019 to help increase her confidence when walking the runway.

Most recently we exhibited and pitched Silkebee at the Black Business Show, Bir mingham in June 2022.

Finally, because we take pride in not using any parabens, emulsifiers and syn thetically enhanced chemicals. Silkebee Skincare has been selected as a Con scious Beauty Brand of the Year Finalists at the upcoming Beautyworld Middle East Awards 2022. We enjoy serving a sector that loves and appreciate natural and envi ronmentally friendly products. n

Website: Facebook: @silkebeeskincare Instagram: @silkebeeskincare Twitter: BeeSilke

Founder: Nyasha Matanda CEO Smiles: (Right) Beverly Knight MBE at the Shades of Beauty Live Show 2019

Born in a Caribbean household where my mother loved to sew, crochet and bake, I quickly picked up the skills. This was the beginning of me falling in love with crafts.

At school I gravitated towards creative subjects, espe cially art. However, when I left school I didn’t follow that pathway and opted to work for a local authority.

I had become a mother and felt that I needed a ‘proper job’ to support my family. Over the years, I dabbled in the crafts; adding mosaic to my list of talents; making knitted and crocheted outfits for my girls; painting; making gifts for friends and colleagues. I worked for the local author ity until I was retired due to ill health.

In 2019, my eldest asked me to make her a bag. By this time my sewing machine had been sitting in the corner gathering dust.

I declined and suggested others who could make it, but she returned and asked me again. She wanted me to make the bag and brought the materials and pattern. I re luctantly agreed. Whilst making this bag, I found myself

Marine Knight and Olawunmi Fraser

really enjoying the process. It made me focus on being creative rather than the physical pain I was feeling. The end result was a beautiful bag my daughter still uses to this day.

On seeing how therapeutic it was, I decided to pursue bag making. Once I got started, there was no stopping me. I taught myself how to construct bags, researching and working with different fabrics, finishes and styles. I have not looked back since.

Then the pandemic arrived. With my long-standing medical conditions, I had to self-isolate as a vulnerable person. It was a silver lining to a miserable cloud - a golden opportunity for me to focus on increasing my skills by making a different bag or

accessory each week for a whole year. Feedback encouraged me to create my business. I sold everything I made and created KnotAStitch. Today I make an array of bags and accessories using one of my favourite fabrics - Ankara. I also enjoy the challenge of making vinyl and leather bags (demanding fabrics but beautiful results) as well as traditional fabrics. More recently HTV to create beautiful bags, accessories and one-off customised bags. My children have not only been inspirational in this new venture they work behind the scenes thus freeing me to create beautiful bags and accessories for you to enjoy. n Website: Instagram: Tel: 07506 125 847 “A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY FOR ME TO FOCUS ON INCREASING MY SKILLS”

CareBy Jords was created with the sole aim of increas ing people’s confidence. We have the belief that 99% of our problems come from a lack of con fidence. Think about it, where would you be if you had believed in yourself just a tiny bit more.

The way in which we look at ourselves makes up a massive part of that confi dence. Which is why me and my mom decided to create a business that would make skincare products that would make the people we care about believe in them selves just a little bit more.

My name is Jordan and together with my mom I founded Care By Jords. I am blessed to be where I am today because

several years ago I was in a prison cell. I lived a life that I am not proud of. After years of reflection, I came to the conclu sion that the reason I ended up falling so far from where I could have been was be cause of a lack of confidence, self-belief and self-love.

My mom has always treated people with natural remedies for a range of illnesses from high blood pressure and eczema to hormonal acne and psoriasis. After my release from prison, together we created a face lotion that made me feel the sense of self-love I had always been longing for.

The feeling I had was life-changing and we knew we needed to share it. And that is what we did. Side by side, me and my mom began to sell the lotion we had cre


ated at local markets.

We started to make products for the people that have supported me the most. My mom, my sister and my aunties are all strong-loving women that deserve the world. Creating products that would make that would make them feel like the black queens that they are is a gift that will never stop giving.

Not long after we started selling on market stalls, we got invited on to appear on BBC documentary to talk about harm ful skincare ingredients. The momentum didn’t stop there either. We then ap peared on multiple radio shows, and won

our first skincare award in 2021. And as of today, we have served over ten thou sand individual customers receiving hun dreds of five-star reviews in the process.

We have just launched a new product and have a lot more exciting things in the pipeline. But first and foremost, serving the people that have been with us from day one has been a blessing. I hope that going forward we get to serve you too. n

Web - Instagram - @carebyjords Facebook - carebyjords



Tamai Cameron. Aged 34 years old, and I’m the founder of MPB (my puberty box), which supports pre-teens to have a positive start to puberty with a well-round essential kit just for them based here in the borough of Haringey.

MPB started off; as a gesture to acknowledge my niece, who was a teen encountering everyday differences and chal lenges. A thought came to mind wondering if my niece had started her cycle.

I texted and her reply was “ No, Aunty I haven’t but...” So I gave her a call to hear her out. In the conversation, she brought up how she questioned her body, and how those of her age are showing signs and wondered if something may be wrong because she hadn’t.

I remember saying off the lines that “ Each person is differ ent, and their bodies will appear differently too! this doesn’t mean something is wrong or that you are late “ We continued our talk about changes that took place even how friendships changed not wanting to be involved as they persuaded her to do things which she didn’t want to and by saying that she was left without them.

I asked her what made her not do these things and in a straightforward answer “ it wasn’t for me and I care about what my parents think ‘’ disappointing them I felt kept her from doing those things even though she had those standards for herself I think the vision she had for her life wasn’t that and I was pleased to hear she took the initiative of exercising her choice!

I took from this conversation a girl who was growing up with relatable issues and was ready to support her; naturally, I felt the need to do something for her, so I went to my local shopping city bought a gift box with tissue paper stuffing the box with a variety of sanitary towel and other stuff to use some cute pens, a note pad and such forth.

Months followed and I overheard the similar experience that prompted me to start this business after months of moulding relevant content, i aimed to launch in 2020 but the pandemic happened 2 years in and MPB is ready to support pre-teens in Haringey. n



Genevieve Leveille, CEO & Principal Founder at AgriLedger

Why did you decide to start your business?

It was about pursuing my passion and realizing that I could ‘do something’ and create a positive impact in the process. About 8 years ago, I discovered this new “thing” called blockchain. Our quest was to discover the revolutionary possibilities it provided beyond the financial services industry. It’s on this basis that AgriLedger was founded.

Can you briefly describe your journey from launch to where you are now?

My experience as an entrepreneur has been both exhilarating and at times rather difficult. I started this journey alone. I had to build a team that had the knowledge and expertise that I didn’t possess.

It’s critical to have the right partners on the journey and being able to find them can at times be difficult. Although the journey has been challenging, I have enjoyed the impact I’ve been privileged to make by showing other women the path to their own success.

Tell us about your business

AgriLedger is an Agri-FinTech company looking to revolutionise the agriculture supply chain sector by empowering smallholder farmers and creating trust not only for them, but for everyone in the ecosystem.

What has been your experience with NatWest? How has the bank supported you?

I had the fortune of being chosen as one of the start-ups to be part of the NatWest Accelerator. The support from NatWest has been tremendous not only via the connections with other founders, but also the mentorship. These have been invaluable and

key to supporting me in driving my start-up forward.

Based on your personal experience, what are your thoughts about the Time to Change report and the challenges faced by ethnic minority businesses in the UK?

The report illustrates several key areas that should be focused on to create sustainable change. One of its key recommendations centres around loans and the assumption

by some (minority entrepreneurs) that they would not meet the criteria to get one. This is indeed a misconception.

But in my opinion, it must be about more than just loans. There needs to be real access to others who can finance or sponsor what founders need.

Genevieve Leveille

A recipe for success

Tell us about your company?

Lucocoa Chocolate is London’s first bean to bar chocolate maker. We make our chocolate from scratch, by importing the best beans from around the world and turning them into chocolate in our factory in Bermondsey, south east London. We promise to never use refined sugar, additives, preservatives or any nasties.

Why did you decide to start your own business?

I felt unfulfilled and knew there was something that I needed to do, to change the world in my own way. I wasn’t going to do that in the jobs that I had as great as they were, the celling was apparent and I would have just continued being frustrated.

What has been your experience with NatWest? How has the bank supported you?

NatWest had a really good accelerator programme which taught things like leadership, funding, even mindset. It was such a helpful course that has had a lasting impact as our business has grown.

What are your thoughts about the Time to Change report and the challenges faced by ethnic minority businesses?

Access to funding is such a big thing! I didn’t have that access in the first five years of my business and the hits on morale are big. You look at peers who will suddenly have growth spurts and started around the same time as you, you are there thinking, why am I not further ahead. Then you find our that they have access to family money, investment, loans etc, none of which that you have access to. I think what I have learnt on this journey is not to compare yourself to anyone else.

Leading the way in men’s accessories

Tell us about your company?

Mocaro is an avant-garde statement accessories brand for men. The range is designed in London and manufactured by craftsmen across the UK. It consists of bespoke and ready-to-wear accessories which range from ties, pocket squares, card wallets, jewellery and more.

What has been your experience with NatWest?

How has the bank supported you?

NatWest has been fantastic to me. They have supported my business since its initial conception and have been there with the help of various Natwest business accelerator programs during its maturation and development.

What are your thoughts about the Time to Change report and the challenges faced by ethnic minority businesses?

The challenges EMBs face are the same as any other business. However, the component of discrimination has left us with a stench that is unwarranted to the ethnic minority community. All we have ever asked for is an equal opportunity to compete in the marketplace. And so I welcome this report and thank NatWest for having the courage to tackle this sensitive issue.

Amarachi Clarke, Founder and chief chocolate maker at Lucocoa Chocolate
Monisha Robinson, Founder and designer

Accessibility is the catalyst for innovation

Somecall me Olivia; few call me Liv, and others may refer to me as Olivia Murray, CEO of RE-DOO marketing. I’m an advocate for change and a mentor. I’m passionate about social enterprise, tackling intersectional issues and sustainable socio-economic empow erment.

I volunteer with organisations like Young Enterprise UK, where we empower students to use their creativity to bring their ideas to life through entrepreneurship. I also support Climate Curious through TEDx London, where we dig deeper into how climate issues disproportionately affect minority communities and find fun ways to inspire change. I also work with Girls Who Code to offer free coding classes and oppor tunities worldwide for girls and non-binary stu dents.

At RE-DOO, we want to help you find sustainable and modern ways to tell your story and grow your business. We use a data-driven approach to learn about your business and create be spoke, targeted campaigns. Our solution-focused approach inspires us to identify potential growth areas and help you strategise a route to success by assisting you to RE-THINK, RE-PLACE and RE-DOO.

In 2018, RE-DOO was founded as a marketing consultancy for small and independent businesses hoping to catch the eye of new customers and reinspire their dedicated community. We helped com

panies across the country access new clients through B2B campaigns and expand their customer base to make the most of their local com munity and maximise their growth potential.

Over time, we have evolved to meet the demands of our customers. During COVID, we grew to pro vide marketing and management advice to local businesses struggling to stay afloat. Lockdown disconnected business owners from their customers and community. At RE-DOO, we worked with our clients to provide reg ular updates and bespoke campaigns to reinforce their relationship with dedicated customers and build anticipation for their re-opening. In doing so, we were able to help business access support loans, helped them create a comfortable environment for other customers and feel more confident about their future success.

As Chieko Asakawa, the developer of the web-tospeech system, advocates, “accessibility is the catalyst for innova tion”. RE-DOO has been My most exciting development to date is my maths radio show on Chalkhill community radio, the Only maths radio show on our airwaves. For five years, I battled with a life-chang ing chronic pain condition that left me bed-bound. For weeks on end, I couldn’t move, eat or think. My life was dictated by incapacitating pain and isolation, which challenged me to think in different ways and redefine my sense of self. Marketing became my creative and strate gic outlet; I could commit to remote work and adapt to the peaks and troughs of my state without compromising the quality of my work. My work inspired me to find new compassionate ways to think, plan and execute new projects. I continue to allow this compassion and innova tion to inspire my work. My journey with LR Pilates Studio let me go from rehabilitation to building fundamental core strengths, empow ering me to expand my workload into more challenging and exciting projects.

I hope to create campaigns that empower and inspire your audi ence. I recently worked with LR Pilates Studios, a Black-owned pilates studio in Central London, to access five new specialised instructors. We are creating an educational and inspiring social media campaign focusing on self-development, self-compassion and re-education of women’s health. So keep your eyes peeled!

If you would like to book a free consultation with our team, please feel free to reach out to me at:



career opportunities in

Recentresearch has highlighted the fact young Black people leaving education experience multiple barriers from finding work to progressing in their careers.

Figures from the This is Black Gen Z report, the largest ever survey of Black Generation Z members in the UK, people born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s – found that as they leave edu cation and begin their careers, they expect to experience discrimination in the workplace.

And the report found that just 29% of this group felt satisfied with their chances of securing a promotion compared with 52% of White Gen Z and 62% of Asian Gen Z.

One company is among the organisations aiming to challenge this bleak picture.

Black-owned digital marketing agency Get Found recently partnered with training agency Digished to cre ate a digital marketing training pro gramme designed specifically to upskill people looking to change career paths.

The programme combines several months of intensive training with real case studies and practical advice to help students land a new job right after graduation.

for local people

“We’ve made it our mission to make the digital marketing industry more accessible to those who want to change their career path” says Alex Davis, Founder and Managing Director of Get Found. “Through our dedicated training and apprenticeship programmes that focus on developing real-world skills, we have done that.”

Since Get Found was founded, we have aimed to not only provide excellent services to our clients, but also to give back to the commu nity and provide fair employment opportunities,” adds Jason Jackson, Co-Founder & Director of Get Found. “When Alex and I started Get Found, we built our apprenticeship programme in the first year to give people who have never worked in digital marketing the opportunity to make a career change and join our growing team. As of today, our team consists of thirteen professionals, most of whom went through our training.” n


BELOW) The digital marketing agency is playing a

Get Found is creating
digital marketing
leading role in creating job opportunities for young people “WE FOCUS ON DEVELOPING REAL-WORLD SKILLS”

NicoleRiley is a Profession al, Business owner and

mentor. She is pas sionate about help ing individuals thrive and busi nesses to flour ish. Everything that she does is centred around helping others to be the best that they can be! Nicole is an accomplished Marketer, with over 8 years of industry experience working within sec tors such as Advertising, Fashion and Ed ucation. Nicole’s journey began with a 1st class honours degree, then being taken on by the University to support & strengthen marketing & communication within the business school to its students.

Having won many awards within her then communications role at Birmingham City University (BCU) Nicole has a creative flair and a passion for communication.

Nicole currently works with small to medi um enterprises (SMEs) within the creative in dustry providing business support and linking students & graduates from BCU to provide employment opportunities. A role that gives the opportunity to help young people striving to achieve greatness through education and

learning, a role Nicole thoroughly enjoys.

She is also a mumpreneur running her own staffing agency called ‘iDEAL STAFF’ that supplies staff that carry out a wide range of

a Vision CIC’. The community interest com pany empowers women to do more, see more and be more. She provides workshops to help women get clarity on their goals by providing


Hospitality and Event support activities for her many clients.

The company provides temporary staff to businesses that require extra staffing support if they are short staffed, need an extra pair of hands for a busy event or need temporary staff for a project.

Nicole started the business to create em ployment for young people that find it hard to work in conventional jobs as well as training them with their soft skills and people manage ment which will help them throughout life. As time has gone on and the world of flexible working has increased, staff include not only young people who require an additional in come but also an older working professionals, with staff ranging from 18 -55.

What we love about the business, is the staff improve their confidence, make new friends and gain invaluable skills all whilst having fun. Nicole is also the co-founder of ’Woman with

vision board workshops and Personal develop ment programmes.

Nicole Riley has been named as a finalist for the Employee of the Year category at this year’s Multicultural Business & Community Champion (MBCC) Awards. Recognised for outstanding service to the corporate sector, Nicole Riley has been shortlisted following a fierce public vote.

Her business iDEAL STAFF is also a final ist for Small Business of the year at this year’s Birmingham Awards. Let’s wish her luck! n

Social Media Links Website: Instagram: ideal_staff Facebook: Ideal Staff Linked In: iDEAL STAFF


Inspiration from our culture

Longlive Ludi is our customised ludiboard company and brand, created by ourselves Ashley and Aleisha Lammie (husband and wife). I first made a Ludiboard in 2009 at my mum’s house in Brixton, I used to play the board with the guys on my estate and if you won you signed the back of the board.

In 2019, we decided to make a board to gether. After a quick trip to the hardware store, a little imagination, novice art skills, 3 days of painting and lots of laughter we de signed a Ludiboard table.

Aleisha posted a photo on Instagram and instantly the comments and direct messages were filled with requests for us to design and build ludiboards. Ever since, we have been making Ludiboards, whilst holding down our 9 to 5 jobs. We now have, nearly 1500 followers on Instagram and have sold almost 300 boards in 2 years.

Most of our inspiration comes from our customers and their personal journey in cre ating their board. We also take inspiration from our culture and what is relevant at the

time. From this collaborative approach, we design and create ludiboads that are treas ured for years. We believe that Long Live Ludi is now part of our culture, and we are now developing our own board game in spired by Ludi.

We put a lot of effort to make sure that our customers are happy. I talk to them through out the process to make sure they get exactly what they want. Our boards are like no other and we continue to push ourselves and be in novative.

Most Ludiboards are made from wood, we use different materials and push the envelope of the traditional Ludi style board. We have made boards out of acrylic, with lights and on a table. Our boards are personal, and the unique customisation sets us apart from the rest. n

YOU CAN FIND US ON: Instagram @longliveludi or Facebook @longliveludi

For any enquires please contact us via email:



YDWCis a social enterprise committed to embracing diversity and empowering talent to level the playing field for profession als from diverse cultural backgrounds.

We focus on the unique challenges faced by professionals who are underrepresented in competitive professions and created this platform to empower our peers with the tools, knowledge, and connections to overcome the social-cultural barriers that limit their person al and professional development.

We support our members to advance in their careers and partner with leading UK em ployers, bringing fresh thinking and strategic consultancy to address the most pervasive ra cial disparities in the workplace.

This community was founded on the belief that we can go far together, and since then we have empowered a cross-industry talent pool of over 7000 members and peers with tailored opportunities to connect, learn, and grow.

Across the year, members gain exclusive ac cess to masterclasses, retreats, and network ing opportunities that help them grow their networks, gain knowledge and share their ex periences to empower and inspire others.

One of our key focuses is opening con

structive dialogues between organisations and diverse pipelines of talent to build understand ing and commitment to make meaningful cul tural and structural change.

This year, we are proud to announce our biggest partnership yet - with Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. Together with world leading academics in business psy chology and leadership development, we will be launching a holistic leadership develop ment initiative to improve the cultural and ra cial representation at Senior Leadership levels across the UK. This programme will sponsor talented professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds to accelerate their readiness for leadership positions, and work with commit ted businesses to identify and dismantle the structural and cultural barriers to racial diver sity on their leadership boards. n

If you have 5 or more years professional experience and want to build the tools, techniques, and self-awareness to develop as a leader, get more from your teams and most of all, get that big promotion - sign up to our mailing list to find out more. For more on becoming a member or a strategic business partner visit us at:

UK BLACK BUSINESS GUIDE 2022-23 75 Connecting, Campaigning and Celebrating with our community for 40 years It’s easy and convenient! Get it delivered directly to your door SUBSCRIBE TODAY! SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS OF SPORTNEWSPAPER GUNNING FOR GLORY ing reception. The youngster wasfor words as saw wall lettersofsupportfromfanswhenhe returnedtoArsenal’sLondonColney traininggroundafterhisinternational exertionsduringthesummer. SUPPORT“Oh my gosh,” was his initial re-action before he started readingthroughthemessagesofsupport. “How do even say thank you forthis?Can justpick allupandtakeithome?”headded. Mature beyond his years, theprodigy was keen for others notsuffertheabusehehadreceived. formsHesaid:“Tothesocialmediaplat@instagram @twitter @face-book don’t want any child or adult to have receive the hateful andhurtful messages that me, MarcusJadonhavereceived.“I knew instantly the kind of hate that about to receive and that is a sad reality that your powerfulplatforms are not doing enough tostopthesemessages. “There no place for racismhateofanykind footballorinanyareaofsociety.” was YoungEnglandstarSaka producesperfectresponse toonlineabuseafterEuroheartache TOPSPORTSCOVERAGE24/7 VOICE-ONLINE.CO.UK/SPORT OCTOBER 2021 THEVOICE HAVINGTHELASTLAUGHThewayArsenal’sBukayo SakahassteppedupafterhisEuro final penalty miss has earnedhimwidespreadpraise OCTOBER 2020 The Nurse and Midwife Behind the Mask ADVERTORIAL ipants, provoke thought, and catalyse progress, creatingaforumthatinitiatesandfacilitatesconversations across Black communities locally, regionally, nationally and “We believe that change startswith conversation and through the amplification the voices less heard’, said Simon Cane, Executive Director, UCL Culture. “This a critical conversation about the futurethatwewanttocreate, a future where Black lives are valued as much asanyother,afuturethat BritishBlackcommunities’ areabletoinvestin,influenceandshapeasequal stakeholders.” Britons The organisers of the symposium are UCL Culture’sRevdProfessorKeith Magee, a senior fellow in culture&justiceandglobal social justice scholar, public intellectual and visiting professor of social justice at Newcastle University; Ms Sheryl Nwosu,apublicspeaker, senior barrister at a leading defence barristers 25 Bedford Row, and an advocate on issues race at the Bar; and Mr Andy MundyCastle, a documentary filmmaker, producer and director,ManagingDirectorofDocHeartsFilms.DuringUKBlackHistory Month, October 2019, the three began to collaborate on convening Black Britons to engage in and criticallyassessthesignificanceoftheiruniqueculture,heritageandidentity. The goal became to galvanise Black Britons, to acclaimtheirspaceinthe ever-changingglobalised world, to understand disparitieswhilststrengtheningcommonalities–looking backwards (Africa) andsideways(Caribbean & USA), and to continue moving forward and beCo-organiser Sheryl Nwosu said: “We’re here, we’re embedded here, through history, culture, and contribution; buildingandsolidifyinginstitutions, and the very fabric of a society that we can sometimes forget that we have, should we want it,theultimatestakein,i.e. itsfuture.Thissymposium is created as a reminder, and perhaps another timelystartingpoint” The theme and title of the symposium, ‘Being and Belonging’, is the golden thread which weaves together the world-renowned plenary speakers, performances, andthemoderatedpanel sessions featuring intergenerational leading experts. Participants will have the opportunity to celebrate blacknessandbeing Black in Britain now and beyond these times,toidentifyand articulatetheirshared and disparate challenges,andtodetermine future-facingstrategiesin a setting designed to ultimately strengthen Black personalandprofessional networks. Histories “There are few things as important and as necessary as the need to better understand the history, the impact and the Contemporary challenges faced by black Britons,’, said Smithsonian ‘BlackBritainandBeyond’virtualsymposium Britain ” “We’re embeddedhere,we’rehere, throughhistory, culture,and contribution THE VOICE OCTOBER 2020 has partnered with theBlackBritain and Beyond ‘virtual’ symposium on ‘Being and Belonging’ to be hosted on 24 October 2020. The symposium’sethosistoprovidea widerunderstandingand relevancetothemeaning “BlackBritishness”,totake stockofitsachievements andchallenges.Thesymposiumwillinspireparticinternationally. WWW.VOICE-ONLINE.CO.UK OCTOBER 2021 • ISSUE NO. 1923 £2.50 DO YOU KNOWWHO THEY ARE? See inside BORN LEADER England’s rstblack captain takeshis place in nationalHall of Fame TV historian David Olusoga tells The Voice why thesefigures of Black British history should not be forgotten Celebrating Black History Month 2021 EXCLUSIVE Find out, turn to page 3 Celebrating 25 years of OBV See pages 25 to 32 African &Caribbean 6 Edition - Digital A Voice Media Group Publication Vegetarian Recipes Catering Chefs Profiles Restaurant Listings RESTAURANT GUIDEFOOD & 2020-21 Simply contact our office on 0207 510 0340 or 0207 510 0366 and pay with any major credit/debit card. Print subscription can be also purchased by visiting our website: For further information you can email: 12 monthly issues £38.88 ONLY! Includes package, postage and our special publications SCAN ME the European Championships thatwould be the making of him, and re formsHesaid:“Tothesocialmediaplat UK BUSINESSBLACK GUIDE2022-23 OCTOBER ISSUE. Powered by Black entrepreneurs arebecoming an increasingly importanteconomic force in the UK SUPPORTED 6
By Vic Motune and Alannah Francis HE AFRICAN Car ibbean community came out in force at Lambeth Town Hall in Brixton last Saturday (December 8) to support black owned businesses. Around 1,000 people vis ited the town hall between 10am and 6pm to buy from a diverse range of business es and entrepreneurs who were present at the fair. Eager shoppers came from across the UK to buy high quality unique prod ucts that ranged from black dolls and books for children, natural hair care and skin care products to authentic African-inspired clothing, Caribbean food and drink and professional services. IMPORTANT Charlotte Francis, who set up black doll and ani mation company Biankha and Friends, told The Voice "It’s so important to have events like this because finding black-owned busi nesses can sometimes be quite difficult. Having them in the same room at one time means you can come out and support your com munity more easily." Sonia Winnifred, Cabinet Member for Equalities and Culture, Lambeth Council, also showed her support for the event. She said: really what to thank The Voice for putting on this event because it’s important to show the com munity that we are good at business. "We are entrepreneurs… you may not see us on the high street but we are there." THE MAINSTREAM media has been ac cused of being too slow to react to criti cisms that its portrayal black footballers encourages racism in the game. Earlier this week Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling prompted a major debate on the issue after took to social media to address what he saw as the root cause of vitriol spouted from the terraces following his team’s match with Chelsea. In an Instagram post he said that th pres sare helping to "fuel racism" by the ways in which they portray young black footballers. In a statement the Black Collective of Me dia in Sport (BCOMS) said it hoped Sterling’s comments would serve as a “wake up” call not just for newspapers but “all the media.” In his post, England international Sterling cited the markedly different ways his teammates Phil Foden and Tosin Adarabioyo were written about, with the latter portrayed in a markedly more negative light. Sterling’s comments came after he was abused by Chelsea fans at Stamford Bridge on Saturday (December 8). See page 40 The inaugural Voice Black Business Fair proves a success to racism’weekend (photo: Thierry Lagrin) SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY SUPPLEMENT sponsored by Guests at a special 70th anniversary reception for The University of West Indies in London TOP OF THE CLASS the University of the West Indies hailed as one of the best in the world See special 70th anniversary supplement inside WWW.VOICE-ONLINE.CO.UK NOVEMBER 2021 • ISSUE NO. 1924 £2.50 BLACK POUND MOVEMENT See inside EXCLUSIVE The Football Black 2021 List revealed Support for blackbusiness on the rise The Voice launchesBlack Biz Guide Pressure on banksto lend fairly +++ Black Business Special +++ Black Business Special +++ SUBSCRIBE TODAY! The Voice can be delivered directly to your door.It’s easy and convenient! T. 0207 510 0340 W. E. ONE SILVER liningin the Covid-19 pandemic is thatblack families arespending more with black-owned businesses. This isencouraging, but there is a lotmore we can do to keep theblack pound circulating within the community.Our collective spending poweris at least £4 billion a year.In this special edition, weexplore the successes - andchallenges - facing the blackentrepreneurs. TheVoicedoesnotonly report - we support. Read more in our Black Business special edition see pages 3, 6, 8, 12, 18, 20, 23-26 SUPPORTING BLACK BUSINESSES THROUGHOUT THE YEARS ISSUE NO. 1740 JULY 28 - AUGUST 3, 2016 Britain’s top black weekly HIGHER LEARNING Food 4 thought... Explore deliciousAfrican & cuisineCaribbean MANDELA TRILOGYThe majorSouth productionAfrican isset to hit theUK stage PLUS UNIVERSITY FEATURE INSIDE: Your guide to Freshers’ Week HIGH FLIER JohnsonreadyThompson for Rio Community flexes financial muscle to gain equality Ten tips to getyour child into atop school SEE INSIDE ›› BLACK WEALTH MATTERS FOOD & RESTAURANT GUIDE2016-17 association To request yourFREE GUIDE see inside ISSUE NO. 1811 | DECEMBER 14-20, 2017 Britain’s top black weekly OF CHAMPIONING A DIVERSE BRITAIN YEARS CELEBRATING THE VOICE Send at: And anywhere you see the MoneyGram sign PostOffice,TescoPersonalFinancePLCandThomasCook agents MoneyGramInternational Limited provision moneytransferservices.PostOfficeand PostOfficelogoareregistered trademarks PostOffice MoneyGramand Globe trademarks MoneyGramInternational Limited. othermarksare property theirrespectiveowners.MoneyGramInternationalLimited authorisedpaymentinstitutionregulated UnitedKingdom theFinancialConductAuthority. 2017MoneyGram 17-02884 Discover your way at • cash-to-cash • send online • Send money home pmp_MG_17-03745_Caribbean_Front page strip_268x60mm_v01.pdf 07/12/2017 14:50 AS CHRISTMAS approaches consumers will be spending hours searching for the best deals on presents for family and friends. Now African Caribbean business owners are asking shoppers to invest with them. According to recent statistics, black owned businesses form one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy and employ thousands of people. And according to data compiled by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising the spending power of Britain’s black communities is worth an estimated £300 billion. Entrepreneurs and campaigners argue that if some of that spending power is re-directed to blackowned enterprises this could translate into the creation of thousands more jobs and projects that benefit the community. Celebrating success Black achievers in the Midlands honoured LET’S SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESSES  16,000 black businesses in London  100,000 people employed  £10 billion annual sales turnover Get your Special Voice Christmas bumper edition Includes 2018 calendar and more... This Christmas ... Voice editionbumperout nextweek EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAYS! Exciting competitions & children’s page full of prizes Don’t miss next week’s edition! Britain’s top black weekly ISSUE NO. 1854 OCTOBER 18 - 24, 2018 FOR OVER 35 years The Voice has served the black community. This remit has led us to launch a special black busi ness guide to mark this year’s Black History Month. Black-owned businesses are becoming an increasingly im portant part of the UK econ omy. More than 11,000 black entrepreneurs have launched businesses with the help of the government-backed Start Up loans since 2012. And there are thousands more that are self-financing or have been assisted by fam ily and friends. It has always been impor tant to support black business owners. They create thousands of jobs, generate wealth in our communities and leave a leg acy for the next generation. WEALTH But sadly many in our com munity either do not know about their excellent products and services or do not give them the support they deserve. Black businesses cannot succeed without our support. And we hope that this guide will inspire you, our readers, to support them. See more on page 2 LABOUR MP Wes Streeting has called for Mary Seacole to become the first black per son to feature on a bank note. The call follows news that the Bank of England will be rolling out a new £50 note in plastic material polymer. It requested nominations from the public for the characters who will appear on the new note, which its set to be released after the £20 note in 2020. Speaking to The Telegraph, Streeting said: "Mary Seacole’s achievements are too often overlooked in history and yet what she did for soldiers in the Crimean War was an act of great heroism which led to her being voted the greatest black Briton.” Continued on page 2 We launch the UK Black Business Guide as part of our campaign to promote entrepreneurs Calls for Mary Seacole to feature on new £50 note THE VOICE PROMOTES BLACK BUSINESSES SUPPORT: The Voice urges readers to back entrepreneurs INSPIRATION: Nurse Mary Seacole Still a winner Freddie McGregor Enter our competition for a chance to win tickets for the big match on October 28 For more details visit and see page 23Jamaica's Reggae Girlz v Nottingham Forest Ladies Your UK Black Business Guide Free inside

In business for yourself, not by yourself.

An introduction to McDonald’s franchising

Starting your own business may seem like an overwhelming challenge, especially in the current climate. Franchising can help bridge many of the perceived barriers by offering a triedand-tested model in partnership with an established brand and giving you access to the brand’s systems, support and resources.

McDonald’s is an iconic, global brand which has been franchising in the UK for more than 35 years. Our core values – Serve, Inclusion, Integrity, Community and Family – define who we are and how we engage with our stakeholders, including our Franchisees.

Our Franchisees have a real sense of purpose and pride in what they do. It is not just about burgers and fries; they are on a longterm journey dedicating their full-time best efforts to bringing our brand to life in their communities.

You do not need prior retail or hospitality experience. Our Franchisees have an array of backgrounds including IT, dentistry, armed forces and even aviation. What they all have in common is an entrepreneurial spirit and the transferable skills to develop their teams and delight their customers within the McDonald’s framework.

Our Franchisees have access to top-quality support, including a business consultant who will give them advice and support throughout to help them succeed. Put simply – they are in the business for themselves, but not by themselves.

Read on to hear first-hand from our Franchisees about their journey with McDonald’s.

Anisha Sharma

“My parents came to the UK with very little. Watching them dedicate themselves to running their business and using it to give back has always motivated me to work hard, be successful and appreciate the value of community. I felt that being a McDonald’s Franchisee would allow me an opportunity to do just that, so after 14 years in finance, I made the decision to apply.

The process was rigorous, but it set me up for success, and each stage only further fuelled my desire to become a McDonald’s Franchisee. The firm lived up to its promise; it demonstrated true partnership and continually supported me through the process.

I took over my first restaurant, in West London, in June. I absolutely love being able to have a direct and positive impact in my local community and on my people. No two days are the same and there is no looking back. I have never felt as excited about my journey as I do now.”

Ian Stephenson

“I have been part of the McDonald’s system for more than 25 years. My formative years were spent working in my local restaurant in South London, then I enjoyed a fantastic opportunity working in Jamaica for a Franchisee who is still an inspiration for me. I returned and enjoyed a successful corporate career before becoming a McDonald’s Franchisee in 2018.

Partnering with a global brand has afforded me a real sense of personal satisfaction, whilst allowing me to dream big. Over the last four years, my organisation has grown to 11 restaurants in South London, employing more than 1100 people locally.

Every day I am able to make a difference, no matter how big or small, by empowering my incredibly diverse team, and creating and providing them with opportunities whilst giving back to my local South London communities. I am a supporter of many grassroots community projects and have also had the pleasure of being a founding patron for one of South London’s youth clubs, Legacy.”

Tony Sealey OBE

“Being able to treat people fairly, with honesty, integrity, respect and transparency, and expecting the same in return, is important to me. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than being able to afford an equitable opportunity to a diverse workforce and help them grow beyond their expectations. My partnership of more than 27 years with McDonald’s has just been exceptional and more.

McDonald’s encourages its Franchisees to contribute to the communities we operate in. In 2007 I was awarded an OBE to recognise my contributions to communities across Birmingham and the wider West Midlands. This is emblematic of the great work that Franchisees, with the support of McDonald’s, can achieve.

Partnering with a globally recognised brand made it easier to break down barriers and scale up my aspirations even more, and our aligned values helped me to achieve my professional and personal goals.

McDonald’s is constantly innovating. It is an exceptional business opportunity for the right individual who has the willingness to understand, embrace and support the McDonald’s core values, and can fully commit their full-time and best efforts to a long-term relationship.”

We are actively seeking aspiring entrepreneurs who are passionate about operating a multi-site business. To hear more about the investment and the franchise model and how it could complement your aspirations, please scan the QR code (left) to visit our website, where you can find out more about the selection process and our recruitment events.

Tann Law Solicitors was founded by Andrew Nyamayaro and it is based in Coventry.

Andrew is originally from Zimbabwe.

He came to the UK in 2002 to join his wife Nyaradzo. At the time, Andrew was already a law yer practising in Zimbabwe. When he relocated to the UK, he struggled to get jobs in the legal sector. He had to do vari ous jobs including working as a support worker, warehouse operative and van driver so that he could survive and at the same time save money to do the Qualified Lawyers transfer tests.

Nyaradzo Nyamayaro, the Andrew’s wife has worked for the NHS for 17 years as a gen eral nurse and a research nurse and is currently the Firm’s Practice Manager. Their son is a law student at University of Birmingham and their daughter doing A Levels is an aspiring

Architect. Tann Law with ac ronyms representing initials of the 4 family member names is indeed a family business.

Andrew is the current Pres ident of the Warwickshire Law Society and hold various po sitions in the legal sector and community. Andrew is a public speaker who has addressed var ious political and human rights organisations, religious, social and charitable organisations on leading issues of law, politics and contemporary matters.

Before establishing Tann Law Solicitors, Andrew worked for 3 law firms. He established Tann Law Solicitors so that he could provide legal advice to all people despite their race, colour, na tionality or sexual orientation. Tann Law Solicitors serve all members of the community. We do a free legal clinic every week on a Wednesday. Tann Law

Solicitors works in conjunction with Coventry University to facilitate recruitment thereby supporting local employment. We also provide Apprentice ship, student placement and Training Contracts.

We specialise in the follow ing areas of law - employment, immigration, family, civil litiga tion, Wills, probate, Business and corporate advice. Our law yers are experienced and have excellent client care. n

CONTACT DETAILS AND SOCIAL MEDIA Website: Phone: 02477632323, email: tannlawsolicitors/ company/tann-law-solicitors law?lang=en com/c/TannLawSolicitorsLtd/featured

UK BLACK BUSINESS GUIDE 2022-23 79 Whatever you call your savings club, Bloom helps you manage it with technology
Pardna Esusu
Tontine Ajo Ayuuto Hagbad ContributionStokvel
Download the Bloom Money app today and start managing your contributions with safety, transparency, and convenience.

NatWest Accelerator: Taking your business further, faster

We focus on the key driver of any business - You. Our free programmes, specialising in High Growth, Climate and FinTech support , empower UK entrepreneurs to scale and succeed with one to one coaching, events, access to like-minded networks and co-working spaces. Last year alone, we supported almost 55,000 entrepreneurs through mentoring, coaching and webinars.

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