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THURSDAY • April 26, 2012

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Staff Writer UCO student Emily Armstrong has a hard time explaining her major to other people. “I usually get an ‘Ohh,’ and then they try to find the nearest exit,” Armstrong said. “Either that, or they ask a thousand questions.” If people react strangely to Armstrong’s area of study, Funeral Services, it’s likely because they’ve never heard of anything like it. It is a program so rare that only 55 other schools in the nation offer anything similar to it. UCO currently has the only Funeral Services program in the state and is one of four schools in the nation that awards a Bachelor’s degree in the field. Often labeled as grim or even sadistic, funeral service is more science than sinister, department chair John Fritch said. “The embalming procedure is very surgical,” Fritch said. “There’s no ‘Eww, you’re draining blood.’ Yeah, you are draining blood, but you’re making a very small, precise incision.” In addition to being an informed and methodological process, funeral service is also highly technical and requires sufficient knowledge in a variety of sciences, as student Dustin Nugent explained. “You don’t realize how much chemistry is in this stuff,” Nugent said. “People are like, ‘Oh, it’s just a trade school craft.’ No. Come take our classes.” Students in the major must also be familiar with biology, anatomy and pathology, all of which culminate into the science of embalming, the process of temporarily preserving human remains. Though the study of science usually brings to mind a lot of book work, the Funeral Services department takes a much more hands on approach to learning. Jackie Garmon, administrative assistant in the department, says Funeral Services has three cadavers delivered to the school every semester for use in their restorative art and anatomy classes. For some, cadavers have a creepy reputation, but Garmon says their

In this September 17, 2010 file photo, Funeral Services majors Carolyn Smith and Darrell Potter stop to show The Vista a Native American style casket in the Max Walters Memorial Selection room where Funeral Services students learn about casket merchandising. Photo by Garett Fisbeck, The Vista

presence in the department’s anatomy class has made it one of their most popular courses. “It’s very similar to any other anatomy class because you’re really learning about the body and how it works and how it processes and how it decays,” Garmon said. “However, we have a lot of medical and nursing students take this class because it is so thorough and because it’s such a small class size.” In the restorative art class, cadavers are used to learn facial reconstruction and to practice fixing a body’s hair, makeup, or clothing. It may be important for Funeral Services majors to know the science of the science of death, but Fritch says it is important to remember that they are serving the living, not the dead. “We don’t really work with the dead people that much,” Fritch said. “We work with the families, and that really is the truth.” Funeral service is as much about

marketing and grief counseling as it is about chemistry. The department also has a mock selection room, which is stocked with a variety of coffins, urns and other funeral supplies. Recently Funeral Services was awarded a $10,000 grant, which they will use to refurbish the room, adding a flatscreen television and more technology in general. According to Garmon, this is to better replicate the modern funeral home experience, something the department goes to great lengths to do. “They do some mock family interviews in here, they bring the drama students in sometimes and they’ll act as the family,” Garmon said. “They kind of mess with them a little bit. They like to challenge them.” Though those in funeral service are supposed to help families deal with their grief, it is also a very personal thing for them as well.

Armstong says she chose the major because it helps her come to peace with past loss. “For me, it’s a healing thing because of my past experiences with personal death,” Armstrong said. “I feel it helps to fix that.” Fritch says he entered the field for a similar reason. “When I was young, when there was death in the family, I was always included in it, so as I little kid I was always interested in what was going on and the emotions surrounding death,” he said. As Fritch says, death can bring out the best and worst in people, and he has seen his fair share of both. Working with homicides, suicides, accidents or the death of a child usually brings out the most raw and aggressive emotions in families, he says. This is in direct contrast to his experience with deaths that have occurred after a long and happy life. Families tend to treat these as occa-

sions to celebrate their loved one’s time on Earth and try to forget how or why they left. Fritch said working with families like there usually lead to some of his best experiences. “The best part of being a funeral director is getting a letter from the family saying, ‘Thank you, I don’t know how we could have done this without you,’” he said. “And then a few years later they call back and say, ‘We’re only dealing with you.’” Fritch keeps a stack of such letters in his desk as a reminder of why he got into the business. Though he doesn’t currently work for a funeral home, as it would be a conflict of interest, he still handles some funeral service duties when a family directly requests him. For Fritch, it is this service to the living that is his greatest reward. He said, “When someone can actually say you made the most difficult time in my life a little bit easier, does it get any better than that?”

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Prescription Drugs


Contributing Writer The nationwide increase of the abuse of Adderall, an amphetamine salt-based drug prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and similar drugs, may be just as bad at UCO. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual number is higher,” Dr. Mike Herschel, coordinator of services of the UCO Drug Prevention office, said in response to the 2011 National College Health Association survey. “The big thing about Adderall abuse is that when people are taking it non-prescribed, they aren’t looking at the label for the dosage and side effects. Also, they don’t know what not to mix it with, like alcohol.” Business sophomore Jeff Cameron is prescribed the drug. “A lot of people take it during finals,” said Cameron. “I never take it because I don’t want to be reliant on it.” Mass Communications student Casey Hudson thinks that the drug helps her concentration. “I think it’s really useful. After taking it, I’ll study like crazy,” she said. “I’ll usually clean my entire room and get everything else done too because I’ll just be super focused.” The United States Drug Enforcement Administration has classified adderall as a Schedule II drug, meaning it has a high potential for abuse. Other drugs in this classification include cocaine, methadone, morphine, and phencyclidine (PCP). Drew Dodd, a broadcast junior, was afraid

his Adderall prescription would lead to taking other drugs. “I was afraid of what it would make me do. It made me want to try other things and I realized it was getting out of hand. I just had to stop,” Dodd said. Despite the growing number of students using the drug, the Edmond police department is not trying anything new to curb the trend. “We are aware of the studies about this kind of substance abuse,” Sgt. Chad Langley said. “Right now we would prosecute anyone possessing Adderall without a prescription as we would any other illicit drug. We are aggressively trying to accomplish a diversion of this kind of use. It is usually handled by campus police.” Lieutenant Shirley Lanning of the UCO Police Department said she is aware of student abuse. She said the department is limited to what they can do proactively to limit the abuse. “If we know about it when it comes up in an investigation, we work it,” Lanning said. “It’s a bigger problem than what people want to accept.” Lanning said that while the problem is out of hand, the department is limited in what they can do. “We are extremely short-handed,” she said. Canada recently made the extended release version of Adderall available after banning it in recent years, according to Health Canada, a Canadian government public health department. The drug is legal only in the United States and Canada.

Madeline Rainwater

Contributing Writer Wandering through darkened buildings, UCO student Micah Highfill grasps for any feeling or hint that there may be something beyond what is tangible. Her pen in hand, she marks ones, twos, threes and fours until she reaches the last apartment—then fear sets in. Highfill, 32, is a senior psychology major from Okarche. She began the UCO Paranormal Society last year as a project for her Transfer Leadership Counsel scholarship group. The idea sprang from her skepticism for the paranormal and her fascination with the metaphysical. “I’m a skeptic. A skeptic should never tell you to accept something they say without first finding out for themselves,” Highfill said. She and several members of the society work through an Oklahoma based group called GHOULI to spend time investigating historical sites around the state that have been known for unusual or paranormal activity. “What better way to discover the truth than to explore it on your own?” Highfill said. GHOULI— Ghost Haunts of Oklahoma and Urban Legend Investigation-- is based in

El Reno, Okla., where the Paranormal Society recently visited the historic Masonic Templea building from the late 1800s that houses several empty apartments above a old theatre. The students were given maps of the building and were told to explore. Participants weren’t given any background information about the building and its rooms. “We were supposed to rate each room as we went. A zero being that we didn’t feel anything and a 10 being that we were about to pee our pants,” Highfill said. After the investigation, participants gathered to exchange information on how they felt in each of the different rooms and what they scored. After their experiences were shared, the full history of the building was given. “People had some interesting feelings. There were a lot of similarities. For me it’s more learning about the history of the buildings that was kind of cool,” Highfill said. The Paranormal Society has gone on several investigations around the state in the past year. Their next destination-- Guthrie, Okla. The trip is still in the planning process, Highfill said, but she plans to continue the organization’s investigations beyond her graduation in May.



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April 26, 2012 Signed Editorial


THE VISTA 100 North University Drive Edmond, OK 73034 (405)974-5549

The Vista is published as a newspaper and public forum by UCO students, semi-weekly during the academic year except exam and holiday periods, and only on Wednesdays during the summer, at the University of Central Oklahoma. The issue price is free for the first copy and $1 for each additional copy obtained. EDITORIALS Opinion columns, editorial cartoons, reviews and commentaries represent the views of the writer or artist and not necessarily the views of The Vista Editorial Board, the Department of Mass Communication, UCO or the Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges. The Vista is not an official medium of expression for the Regents or UCO. LETTERS The Vista encourages letters to the editor. Letters should address issues and ideas, not personalities. Letters must be typed, double-spaced, with a maximum of 250 words, and must include the author’s printed name, title, major, classification and phone number. Letters are subject to editing for libel, clarity and space, or to eliminate statements of questionable taste. The Vista reserves the right not to publish submitted letters.

Normally, this regular column is used to discuss politics or public policy. This editorial is going to be an exception to that rule. I woke up Wednesday with a panic in my veins. I stared at the clock nervous yet relieved. I had been dreaming that I completely overslept and missed today. This was a problem for the dream version of me because Wednesday was the end of something big for me. Thankfully and triumphantly I arose and walked into the newsroom with the knowledge that this would be the last issue of The Vista I will contribute to as a student at the University of Central Oklahoma. As editor-in-chief for the last nine months, I had a long list of things I wanted to see happen with both the layout and the content of the paper. If you’re reading this editorial in our print edition you’re witnessing first hand the new design for our paper I worked on for several months. Additionally, I believe our paper has achieved a “return-to-form” with our reporting and our coverage of school

events. Let me give you an example: Last week, the administration of the private Christian school Oral Roberts University confiscated all printed copies of the student newspaper when a letter to the editor was printed criticizing the administration. Thankfully, UCO does not work this way, but if it did I’d be the first person to raise my voice. Beyond the newspaper, in my three years at UCO I’ve had opportunities to learn and opportunities to make changes. I didn’t take advantage of all of them, and now I wish I did. It’s a laundry list of things I’d like to have done, but I also am proud to have a list of things I did accomplish. Another such accomplishment from the list is passing the Fair Elections Act, an achievemant I share with the student body of UCO. Any student could have written that bill, and when the time comes for new legislation to be written I hope other students stand up. When you want to make those changes, don’t think you have to do it alone. Despite all its flaws, UCOSA is our stu-

dent government and its filled with volunteers who want to see UCO grow. You can join them, and you can be a part of the change. Also, the last time I checked, The Vista was looking for new contributors. A journalism major isn’t required, but it helps. College can’t last forever, but the memories we create and the accomplishments we obtain do. I am confident that The Vista is being entrusted into very capable hands and I hope that you will support the work of the incoming staff as much as you have been supportive of this one. Thanks for all the good times,

Cody Bromley Outgoing Editor-in-Chief @codybrom

The editorial is the opinion of one of The Vista’s management or editorial staff and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the entire paper, the University of Central Oklahoma or the Board of Regents for Oklahoma Colleges. Comment on this editorial at

Address letters to: Editor, The Vista, 100 N. University Dr., Edmond, OK 730345209, or deliver in person to the editor in the Communications Building, Room 131. Letters can be emailed to

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What is your plan for the summer? KYLIE GILCREST




Forensic Science & Biology - Junior

Accounting -Sophomore


Industrial Safety-Sophomore

“Do absolutely nothing.”

“I’ll be taking summer courses and work.”

“Going home and work at the grocery store in my hometown.”

“I’ll be going to summer school. Working and going to brotherhood scholarship service.”



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April 26, 2012


Staff Writer The second annual Oklahoma Craft Beer Festival will be held on May 19 outside Tapwerks Ale Café, 121 E. Sheridan Avenue. This year’s festival is the first time Tapwerks will host. Tickets to the event are $35. All Oklahoma-based breweries will be featured (Anthem, Choc, Redbud, Coop, Battered Boar, Belle Isle, Bricktown Brewery, Marshall, and Mustang). Aside from Oklahoma breweries, 27 breweries from across the United States will be participating. With a purchase of a ticket, patrons are allowed to sample any of the 150 beers available at the festival. Some breweries will bring specialty beers not available for purchase at stores or pubs. The festival has two sign up sessions. Session One lasts from 1-4 p.m. and Session Two

lasts from 5-8 p.m. The event falls on the last day of American Craft Beer Week. During American Craft Beer Week, similar events to the Oklahoma Festival take place across the U.S. Anthem Brewery will make its debut at the Oklahoma Craft Beer Festival. The company’s brewmaster, Matt Anthony has prepared two beers for the event, Golden One and White Flame. “The first is Golden One. It’s a take on Belgian blonde ale – bright and crisp, with a slightly fruity and peppery nose that comes from the yeast. Golden One pairs awesomely with foods like tikka masala, frites or a good burger. The second beer is White Flame, which is my interpretation of a Belgian witbier. I’m drawn to wits like a moth to the flame, especially in the summertime. Hence the name. There’s just something magical about that blend of orange peel and coriander, that

OFF THE RECORD By Brittany Dalton Closing Time At times when words couldn’t matter more, I find that there are none in me. Week after week, I’ve managed to eke out a 400-plus word column, on topics ranging from cutting ties in bad relationships to being perpetually late to class. And now I come to you on the last week of school, the ultimate “last call,” with no pretenses or parroted puns. So if it were you, what would you say if the words were your last? If they were your last words to a friend before leaving, if they were your last words in a column read by only a fraction of the campus at large? Better put – what words are straining against your bones, struggling to get out as the words do in me? In my year’s time as copy editor, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve lived a matter of years in only months. I have seen passion stirred awake in readers thanks to harebrained things I have written out of context. I have had nights where I lay awake wondering if that column would be my last, and mornings that dawned on me to bless me for just one more issue. The agony of sitting in front of a computer screen, future accusations and responses weighing heavy on my shoulders – I wouldn’t change a moment. These are the moments that shape us, the moments we don’t pay a lick of attention to until we’re typing or saying our goodbyes. The moments we look at while we’re experiencing them, and complain about how we’ll never miss it when we’re gone. It’s my time to move on, and it’s our time to go out and find a place for ourselves in this crazy, beautiful life. Why, in a time of moving

on, do we always look behind? I have been afforded a world of opportunities just from this year of my life. I have had the fortune of working with a staff that has, at times, made me look at myself and my outlook on life, and adjusted it accordingly. I have met individuals from all over the city, from all walks of life, who have taught me: to forge ahead with a plan in mind never falls in line. In one semester, I’ve learned to constantly keep momentum, to keep moving when all else stagnates. I have had professors that challenged me to better things – whether it was changing my minor or to be more conscious of my words and actions, and the way they impact the community at large. My time here has been an honor, one that I owe just as much to you, the reader, as anything else. Maybe more than anything else. So I’ll leave you with this, take or leave as you will. Not even a lowly column writer can make you change what you haven’t already committed to yourself. You are a warrior – yes, you; every single one of you – and no one can ever take from you what you won’t let them. If I’ve inflamed your sensibilities time or time again, I’m glad. I hope you’ll take nothing else from me but to stay fired up. Your passion is a gift, one you never want to forfeit. Never back down. Never give in. Goodbyes are only as final – or as frightening - as you want them to be. After all, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Comment on this column on Follow Josh on Twitter @purposenomadic

seems to strip away any thirst.” “My story is like a lot of brewers. My girlfriend, now wife, got me a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas in 2000. A year later a coworker invited me over to help him brew an extract batch using a kit he bought from The Brew Shop. We brewed another batch together before I went and bought a kit of my own.” Anthony does not own his own brewhouse, but instead calls himself a “gypsy brewer”. “I’m contract brewing my beer out of OKCity Brewing Company’s Brewery here in Oklahoma City. They have a great facility and have been incredible to work with.” Mark Hemmel, UCO senior business major and home brewer, is excited about the event. “Last year was a lot of fun,” he said. “I’m friends with a lot of the guys who run the local breweries. So, I enjoy seeing what special beers they put out for the occasion.” At the 2011 Craft Beer Festival over 650

people were in attendance. “Since I brew at home, it’s a great opportunity to get ideas from people with much larger operations. Brewing is a very tedious process, and any advice you can get is always appreciated,” Hemmel said. Live music and food will also be provided at the event. Earl’s Rib Palace and Big Truck Tacos will provide food during the first session, and Earl’s Rib Palace and Waffle Champion will provide food during the second session. Food is not included in the ticket price. The festival will not be cancelled unless the area undergoes catastrophic weather conditions. If it is raining on the day of the festival, tents will be put up for attendees. The event will issue no awards this year, but hopes to make an awards ceremony a staple for future festivals. Anyone interested in attending must be 21 years old or older. No children are allowed at the event.



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April 26, 2012



Bill Harpster works on a bike in the Cycology bicycle repair shop in the Murdaugh Hall basement, Thursday, April 5, 2012. Photos by Garett Fisbeck, The Vista

Garett Fisbeck

Photo Editor The relocated Pennsylvania man in the blue matching shirt and shorts is quick to offer solutions to broken handlebars and flat tires. He works in the basement of an all-boys dorm with no ventilation, metallic silver walls, a leaking roof, and no view - but he doesn’t need one. “After years in a truck, I’ve seen enough stuff.” Bill Harpster, UCO Cycology bicycle mechanic, said. “Bicycle Bill” has tried his hand at several different trades – truck driving, corning glass, and car mechanic - but childhood love of bicycles always kept him coming back to working on them. “It was one of those first summertime jobs. I did that for a couple years, then I did a lot of other things, and then I decided that, in the big picture, bicycles were the best,” Harpster said. Not only does he enjoy the work that goes in to bicycle repair, he also talks about other things that enrich his life. “You get to meet people, it’s healthy, it doesn’t really harm the environment in the aspect that we’re not building flamethrowers or

producing acetone. It’s pretty environmentally friendly,” he said. Harpster arrived in Oklahoma when he and his wife were on a trip and he herniated a disc in his back in Texas. They ended up staying in Oklahoma, where the couple’s trucking company was stationed and where they owned 10 acres of retirement land in Luther. They had bought the plot two years prior. He started working at Al’s Bicycle in Edmond and continued working there for four years, until coming to UCO to help with the Bum-A-Bike program. “My plans weren’t to be in bicycles at this time, or to be in Oklahoma. That’s just how the dice rolled,” he said. Harpster says that the bicycle repair program is important to students, who may not have any other form of transportation. “It’s kind of like a car mechanic for any other student. How will they get groceries? How will they get to their jobs? If their bike breaks down, it’s kind of handy have this right here so they can get it fixed,” Harpster said. Regular turnaround time for repairs is usually one day, Harpster said, depending on the parts needed. The labor charge for repairs at Cycology are about one-half to one-third

Bill Harpster works on a bike in the Cycology bicycle repair shop in the Murdaugh Hall basement.

Have a

cheaper than bike shops off campus and even free to those who live on campus, but Harpster still dislikes charging college students money. “It’s hard to look a student in the eyes and say, ‘You owe five dollars,’” Harpster said. International students commonly come to Bill’s bike shop to repair a broken down bike or to build one from the ground up. The students ride the bikes during their time here, and pass them off to the next student to come in. “It’s kind of recycling,” Harpster said. “I’ve learned how to say ‘Hello’ in Korean, Chinese and Nepalese.” Harpster says that his job is perfect someone his age, 53, because he gets to spend time with youth. “You get to interact with a variety people from a variety of countries,” Harpster said. “I know what I’m doing, it’s not like doctors where you have to go back to school every year.” Students on campus appreciate the services that Harpster provides, as well. Freshman Cody White and his girlfriend, Tazira Mae, came in to the shop one day to rent Bum-A-Bikes, when White spotted a black mountain bike in the corner.

Bill Harpster speaks with a student in the Cycology bicycle repair shop.


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“Is this for sale?” White asked. “It sure is. I’d like to get 35 bucks for that,” Harpster said. White left the shop with a good-as-new bicycle. “It’s a pretty good bike for the price,” he said. Harpster says what he enjoys is teaching both American and international students life skills like how to use tools, which they may not have been exposed to in their home countries. “I learn from them. I always ask them questions and they ask me questions. I ask them what they’re going to eat for supper. Most of them don’t like American food,” he said. Things as simple as removing nuts and bolts are fascinating to some students. Day after day, Harpster works in the stuffy, leaking basement of Murdaugh Hall, both as a mechanic and as a teacher. His grease stained hands continue working on broken down dumpster bikes; patching tubes, fixing breaks, and whatever the next problem may be, all while sharing life stories with students from all over the world. “The older you get, your mind goes,” he said. “You get slow in the mind, your eyes go. It suits me well... It suits me well.”



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April 26, 2012



Associated Press OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Anti-abortion activists urged House Republicans to bring a “personhood” bill to the floor for a vote and vowed on Tuesday to label any lawmaker who refuses to support the move as “pro-abortion.” A group of local religious leaders and other anti-abortion activists made the comments after the House overwhelmingly approved a non-binding resolution Tuesday that grants personhood rights at “all stages of human development.” A resolution simply expresses the will of the Legislature and is not enforceable.

“I’ve been around the Capitol long enough to know that nothing is dead out here until they adjourn Sine Die.” Ryan Kiesel

Director of the Oklahoma chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union Rep. Steven Vaughan, the author of the resolution, quoted Scripture and began crying as he urged members to support the measure. “I’m telling you, this is our Declaration of Independence,” said Vaughan, R-Ponca City. The resolution was adopted on a 74-13 vote. “This is completely unacceptable,” Kevin Calvey, vice chairman of Oklahomans for Life and a former GOP House member, said after the vote. “It is a cop-out, not a compromise.” Anti-abortion advocates are upset with leaders in the Republicancontrolled House after Speaker Kris Steele announced last week the personhood bill would not be heard on the House floor. Steele has said closed-door polling of in-

In this February 28 file photo people cheer at a rally in opposition to the state Senate’s passage of a bill that grants the rights of personhood to fertilized human eggs, at the state Capitol in Oklahoma City. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

dividual GOP members last week and again on Monday shows a majority of members do not want to grant the bill a hearing. Abortion rights supporters, many of whom wore pink and packed into the House gallery, said they were relieved the personhood bill has been temporarily scuttled, but were cautious about their optimism. “I’ve been around the Capitol long enough to know that nothing is dead out here until they adjourn Sine Die,” said Ryan Kiesel, director of the Oklahoma chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and a former Democratic lawmaker. “Let’s not mistake what happened in the Republican caucus last week as somehow a signal that this Legislature is friendly with regards to reproductive health and the reproductive rights of women. “This has routinely been the epicenter in the United States of

America for anti-women and antireproductive health care legislation, and I don’t think that’s going

“The pro-life community in Oklahoma is stunned and dismayed by that behavior of the House Republican caucus.” Kevin Calvery

Vice Chairman of Oklahomans for Life to change anytime soon.” Steele, R-Shawnee, said members expressed a variety of concerns over the bill, including that it could lead to a ban on in-vitro fertilization and certain forms of birth control and result in another potentially lengthy and costly legal challenge. The state currently is de-



fending two separate anti-abortion measures from legal challenges — one that restricts the use of abortion inducing drugs and another that forces women to undergo an ultrasound and listen to a doctor describe the fetus before having an abortion. “Politics took over, and the Republican caucus took matters into their own hands with votes behind closed doors to determine to kill this bill. The process failed us. The legislators failed us,” said Heidi Wilburn, a spokeswoman for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. The bill states that unborn humans at all stages of development have “all the rights, privileges and immunities available to other persons, citizens, and residents of this state.” It is bitterly opposed by doctors who perform reproductive medicine and the Oklahoma State Medical Association.

Calvey said an attempt will be made later this week to force a vote on the bill, and any member who fails to support the procedural votes necessary to bring the bill to a full vote will be regarded as a “pro-abortion vote on that member’s record.” “The pro-life community in Oklahoma is stunned and dismayed by that behavior of the House Republican caucus,” Calvey said. “Many cannot even believe it’s legal to vote in secret to kill this bill without going on the record in public about it.” Meanwhile, the Senate on Tuesday passed bills to further restrict the prescription of abortion inducing drugs and to make it easier to file civil lawsuits against abortion providers. The drug bill heads to the governor’s desk, while the lawsuit bill returns to the House.


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April 26, 2012

Reviving a past tradition, The Vista is publishing a complete list of eligible spring 2012 graduates. The Vista would like to wish all potential graduates the best of luck, and all returning students a happy summer break. The Vista will return this summer on June 6.

Misako Abe Julie Renee Abell Paul C. Abercrombie Katherine Huntley Abernathy Thomas D. Absher Kristine Annette Abt Syed Mohammad Abufahad Mohammed M. Abuobead Kimberly D. Ackerman Brittany R. Adams Abike Faoziath Audrey Adebo Safala Adhikari Jenna Marie Adkins Aliyah F. Ahmad Omar T. Ahsan Marsha Rochelle Aka-Bashorun Andrew Cedric Akufo Assal Alaee Faten Saeed A Alamri David R. Alba Chotsie E. Albright Lacey Dee Aldrich Brian Mitchell Alexander Abtehal Saad Alfahaid Marquiz Lynn Alford Jacqueline Marie Allen Jeremy R. Allen Theresa Allen Matthew Randall Allington Melanie Arai Allred Ashley Rene’ Allsbury Fatimah Ali Almulla Hassan Hamza A Almusabeh Saleh Abdullah Alsugair Murtadha Ali Altaweel Heather Anne Amaral Bibek Man Amatya Sarah Amin Margaret Sarah Amis Jamie Dawn Anderson Katey Jane Anderson Vanessa Grimalda Andrade Sally A. Anouar Mark William Anton Shella S Apongwu Travis W. Applegate Laura Elizabeth Appleman Sergio Omar Arandas Grant Michael Armstrong Rebecca Elizabeth Armstrong Jacob Levi Arnold Bogdan Asanovic Darren David Ash Bryce S. Asher Sean Allen Asner Alaa Jamal Attarji Christopher D. Attaway Brian Loyd Austin Keenan John Austin Haddyah Hesham Azoz Kyle Brent Babcock Amanda Denise Badgett Nicholas Allen Badry Stephen Michael Bagwell Ashkaan Bobak Bahreini Megan Sue Bailey Riley Renee Bailey Scott Michael Bailey Tracy L. Bain Payton Baird Andrew Daniel Baker Austin Adams Baker Sharon K. Baker Josh K. Baldwin Heather R. Ball Austin Ballinger Brianna Banka Tiffany Lynn Banks Charles Phillip Barnes Erin Barnes Tailor Lorea Barnes Julius S. Baroi Kim F. Barrett Shannon Elaine Barrett Emily Barstow Julie Anne Barto Kathryn Larua Barton Debasish Barua Paul Michael Bashline Courtney Megan Bass Jessica Rose Bates Justina Louise Bates Laura Anne Battle Nathan Bauer Audra D Beasley Brittany Beats Elizabeth Anne Beavers Jeannie Beavers Josh Jordan Beavers Brandon Lee Beck Brittney Nicole Becker Erica Catherine Becker Chantel Dawn Behney Lauren Brooke Belflower Anthony D. Bell Calvin Bell Travis K. Bellard Rebecca Nicole Benge Jenae Rachelle Bennett LaQuisha D. Bennett Edward Inman Bennifield Justin Frederick Bensinger Kendra Ann Benson Holly Leigh Bentley

Megan Lea Bentley Quincy L. Benton Melissa Katheryn Berry Tamara Rashade Berry Parker Noble Best Christina Grace Beverage Jacqueline Rachael Bevill Suman Bhattarai Sara B. Bilbrey Shauna Billeck Blake A. Billings Kelly Alyce Birdsong Adam R. Bishop Hollie Anne Bishop Kaitlin Lea Black Terri Lea Black Sarah Morgan Blackburn Kasey Ryan Blair Linda Jean Blair Joseph H. Blanchard Jacci A. Blankenship Jamie Blaylock Vicki Eileen Blazevich Bryan T. Blehm Kevin Ray Blue Li Bo Tracy Lorene Bocquin Brett A. Bogert Mark Douglas Bolds Ashland MaRae Boles Rachel Marie Boles William B. Bones Brian Jamelle Booker Tiffany D. Boos Joshua P. Boucher Katie J. Bourassa Constance Deanna Bourne Rhett Matthew Bouvia Zach W. Bowen Cherise Mechel Bowens James A. Bowler Katie Lynn Bowles Seirra Nichole Bowman Amy Boyd Davin Michael Boyett Brandon Louis Brackett Amanda Jordan Bradford Anna Bradley Susan Kay Bradley Heather Nicole Braley Savannah Nicole Brand Nathan Edward Braniff Caleb D. Braudrick Vanessa Braxton Corey Thomas Brennan Jonya Lea Brennan Eric Brewer Jeremey William Brewer Robyn N. Brewster Janetta Christine Bridges Mary J. Bright Tina Louise Britt Mandy Brixey Karissa E. Brock Cody Christopher Bromley Tina Ann Brooks Ashley N. Brown Elizabeth Ranae Brown John T Brown Mitchell L. Brown Samaya Janae Brown Sarah Kathryn Brown Tucker Drake Brown Gabrielle Nicole Brubaker Christina Garza Bruxvoort Meagan Elizabeth Bryant Clarice Elaine Buchanan Danny James Buchanan Kelly A. Buchanan Lovesta N. Buchanan Scott Thomas Buchanan Alexander J. Buchner Heather Michelle Buck Samantha S. Buck Vera L. Budlong Brissa Burbank Dustin Alan Burdick Amanda N. Burget Sarah Allison Burke Jaliquea Monique Burrell Tessa Mamie Burris Rachel Michelle Burt Britni C. Butler Tyler Renee Butler Rajen Byanjankar Rachel Lauren Byrd Maria Lucy Cabrera Hollee Elizabeth Caldwell A’stacishea De-Shodra Calhoun Juaacklynn E. Calhoun Amber Reanne Callaway Blake Edward Calvert Teresa C. Camarillo Benjamin Trevor Campbell Casey Jane Campbell Courtney Dawn Campbell Megan Cara Campbell Stephanie Marie Campbell Takeisha Canady Soledad Cancino Diaz Kayla Marie Canfield Kevin T. Cantrell Rebecca Cantu Jonathan Card

Lorena Del Carmen Cardenas Lee Tyler Carey Jessica Lynn Carpenter Monica Rae Carrizalez Destiny Carson Bradley McCall Carter Haley Carter Terence LaVell Carter Michael Casey Azucena Casillas Jared Bradley Cathey Jessica Nicole Cavazos Colleen F. Celeski Lu Cen Sheauboon Chai Jillian D. Chambers Elizabeth Chan Walton T. Chan Harry Chapel Billy Rdell Chastain Candise Lynn Chastka Christopher Lee Chautin Lorna Melissa Chavarria de Munger Jia Chen Pin-Yu Chen Yiyuan Chen Jatona Chester Takayuki Chino Mi Hyang Cho Jason Wesley Choate Craig Robert Chrisman Kara Nichole Christy Corey R. Churchill Regina Escare Cich Caitlin M. Cinotto Jillian Sharee Clark Mitzi Elaine Clark Terry Ray Clarkson Briana M. Cleary Tiffany Marie Cleary Jarrod J. Cleek Matthew Lawrence Clement Ashlee Letha Clemmons Claire C. Clemons Rebecca Margaret Clemons Willard E. Cleveland Alicia E. Cline Tyler J. Cmelik Allie Eve Coale Melissa E. Cobb Brenda G. Cobbs Andre R. Coca Beth Sharlene Cochran Emily K. Cockrell Lindsay Coe Allison Dee Cofer Preston Orlando Cofield Jenny Coke Virginia Ann Coker Emily L. Cole Shanee’ M. Collier Christopher Blake Colston Julieta A. Colston DeJa Monet Combs Kylie R. Combs Lindsey Conant Rachael Conner Gina Renee’ Coogle Debra Kay Cook Rachel Allison Cook Brandi Nichole Cooper Brieana R. Cooper Christine Marie Cooper Chase Patrick Cooter Rashawn Terrell Copeland Blake A. Corbin L. Ann Corder-Agnew Kristen R. Cordis Kelli Nichole Cormack Jacquelyn Nicole Cornelius Kay Elizabeth Cornelius Keeley E. Cornelson Jimmi Cornforth John Matthew Corpolongo Levi Cody Corr Emily Constance Corral Crystal K. Cosper Chad Michael Cotner Jacob Cowan Tara Darleen Cowan Cody L. Coward Benton Cox Brandon S. Cox Julie A. Cox Kelly S. Cox Paul A. Cox Camber Nicole Craig Richard Lee Cramer Andrea Belle Crawford Sierra Lianne Crook Brian Lee Cross Amanda Crumpley Zachary R. Cruse Nancy Cruz Chase Allen Cudmore Edmond Culberson Carl O’Donald Curry Candice Kay Curtis Laila Dabbakeh April Michelle Dailey Arpana Trilok Dalaya Toni Marie Dale Stephanie Kate D’Alessandro

Kelly Ann Dalrymple Brittany Renee Dalton Christopher James Damen Scott John Garland D’Amico Adam Paul Dan Samina Sarah Daneshfar Jack Martin Daneshmand Danielle Marie Darbe Weston Miles Dattilo Yvonne Lendy Daugherty Allison E. Dauphin Deanna M. Davenport Whitney Ann Davey Julie Ann Davidson Brittany C. Davis Chelsea J. Davis Heather Nicole Davis Eunice Dzorgbenyuie Davordzi Jenny N. Dawson Cassie M. Day Hayden Lee Day Vanessa Day Bonnie Blythe De Lany Adam W. De Toy Sarah Tehga De Toy Tina Sabrina Deaton Cody Deckard Bailee Ralynn Deffebaugh Antonio DeLara Vanessa R. Delgadillo Christopher G. Dellenbaugh Claudia Stephanie Deloera Alyssa B. Demeter Sarah Joan Dennehy Brishaun Elise Denton Robert Chase Derrick Mary Louisa Deter Jenna Nicole Dial Clayton T. Dickerson Steffanie R. Dickerson Stuart Maxwell Dickison Hayley Diffee Katie K. DiMaggio Chad L. Dimmick Noble James Diven James Edward Dixon Rameek T. Dixon Ha-Nguyen Thi Do John N. Do Phuong Thi Thuy Do Cuong Phu Doan Tony T. Doan Jeffrey David Dobbs Amanda M. Dodson David Andrew Doerfler Brent Robert Lowell Doggett Ryan Aaron Donahoo Ashley Charis Donathan Xiaoqian Dong Shayna Lea Donnel Kelsey Young Donohoe Courtney Lyn Doss Wesley Paul Dotson Susan Ann Douglas Elizabeth Ann Dow Susan Dowell James Donald Doyle Matthew Wade Doyle Candace Lee Dragg Laura D. Drake Britni Leigh Draper Alonna M. Dray Ciara Dubose Jordan M. Dudley Kailea A. Dull Jennifer Maisie Duncan Phillip Don Dunford Kelsee L. Dyess Megan Ruth Dykstra Stephen M. Ealy Phillip W. Easterly Cristian Eduardo Easton Barbara Ann Edenburn Daniel M Edge Jarrett Mikel Edison Jordan Dean Edison Barry David Edwards Melissa Brookelyn Edwards Sara Racheal Eichenlaub Nathan R. Eicher Mohammed El Hannouni Mohamed El Qacemi Chelsea Dawn Elam Ciara L. Elgin Kiley Shawn Ellegard Jeff Elliott Shannon Elliott Marcie Anne Ellis Taylor Dawn Ellis Tiffani Shaye Emerson Whitney M. Emerson Erfana Enam Rachel Croslin Enderwood Ashlee Gwen Erfourth Christina Lynn Eskew Alyssa M. Espinales Wendy B Espinoza Blaine T. Evans Cory M. Evans Kelsey Dianne Evans Tosha Renee Evans James Joseph Eye Shawn T. Fadum Timothy Robert Fadum

Charles B. Fagans Keith Falcon Lauren Faye Faris Carra Raelynn Farthing Ayuko Faulkner Nayeli A. Favila Pamela Celeste Felactu Sasha Ferguson Thomas L. Ferguson Stephen Richard Fey Linda Ashley Fichtner Emily Renee Finley Patrick T. Finn Holly K. Fipps Anna Marie Fish Jana M. Fisher Kevin Wade Fisher Ryan Colin Fisher Justin Chris Flanagan Angela Marie Flanary Scott Alan Fleenor Kimberly Dawn Fleischmann Christopher Flores Stephen Flusche Traci Forest Lyndsie A. Fosdick Amber S Foster Matthew John Foster Brittany Fowler Marcy Rae Fowler Andrea Kendra Fox James Andrew Francis Derek M. Franco Debra R. Franklin Nicholas Daniel Frary Janis K. Frazier Tiffany Nicole Frazier Brian P Freeman Charlotte Elizabeth Freeman Daniel L. Freeman Steven Willie Freeman Jessica D. French Richard Clark French Delene D. Freyder Monica M. Frick Carly N. Fugate Tamiko Harada Fukuda Daniel Craig Fuller Jenifer Nicole Fuller Torie Ann Fuller Stephanie Maxine Fulton Elyce J. Fuqua Rashad Furs Jose Luis Gabaldon Victoria Jean Gaetan Rebecca Gaines Melissa Kay Gallaway Levi James Garrison Delayna Renee Gary Edythe Rose Gatlin William C. Gattenby Adam William Gault Zachary Michael Geary Ancy V. George Jennifer Lauren Getts Sweta Ghimire James C. Gibbs Eric Neil Gibeau Breann D. Gibson Hannah J. Gibson Shellie-Renee Jo Gibson Jaleesa M. Gilbert Angela Nicole Gile David Roland Gill Jerrad Michael Gillham Martha O. Gillin Lacy Janine Gilstrap Albana Gjata Lisa Gay Gleisberg Alicia L. Glover Kevin Harold Gober Katelyn Leigh Godfrey Mary Kathleen Goff Stashea F. Gold Jessica Lyn Golightly Adam Zachary Golsen Ramina Golshani Chen Gong Diana Gonzalez Donna Lynn Goodman Allyson Megan Goodpasture Amanda C. Goodyear Chelsea Dawn Gordon Kimberli A. Gordon Linda R. Gouge John Christopher Gowin Leilani Ann Gradle Rebecca Suzanne Granata Brittany Rennay Graves Austin Z. Greaves Dana L. Green Amy Freeman Gregory Madeleine Eliza Gregory Tony L. Gregory Keith Griesel Anni Jo Griffin Bobbi Kaye Griffin Joseph James Griffin Katy Griffin Elizabeth Anne Griggs Derik A. Grimes Amanda Marie Griswold Amy Jordan Gross Brittany Elizabeth Grubbs

Ashley M. Guest Charlotte L. Guin Krystal N. Guinn Nirwan Gurung Kimberly A. Guthrie Amy B. Gutteridge Alysa N. Guyer Angela Marie Haggard Casey Lynn Hale Nicolas Dean Hale Rachel E. Hales Amy Ann Hall Cheryl L. Hall Christopher Lucas Hall Derek Wayne Hall Kristen M. Hall Matthew Gregory Hall Ryan Lee Hall Tyler L. Hall Julianne R. Halliday Ryota Hamajima Brandon Blake Hamill Corey Michael Hamilton Payton Hamlin Nathan P. Hamstead Emily Marie Hanan Jennifer Hancock Kristin A. Hancock DeAndre L. Hankins Christine Renee Hanna Joshua Matthew Hanna Cendy Marie Hansen Curtis Dickens Hansen Emily R. Hanson Jing Hao Kimberley Dawn Harmon Ethan R. Harms Matthew Mark Harriman Brittany Danielle Harris Kelly Michelle Harris Christopher Lee Harrison Janaye D. Harrison Shalondra Harrison Brian E. Hart Michael Paul Haszto Shannon Beth Hauck Travis Lee Hawk Abby Danielle Hayes Andrea R. Haynes Charli Bullen Haynes Courtney E. Haynes Melissa Kim Haynie Jessie L Hazzard Kyle Head DeAnna K. Heaton Charles David Heaverin Lydia Nichole Hedrick Megan Elizabeth Heenan Angala Rae Heilig Samantha E. Helmle Chaurley J. Hembree Sarah Neavitt Henderson Scott David Henderson Cortnie D. Hendrix Meagan Nicole Hendrix Regan Daniell Henley Margaret Kathleen Hens Jeanette Kathryn Henson Abree L. Hernandez Diana E. Hernandez Dionicio Hernandez Kendra Denay Herring Lisa Michele Herring Michelle Diana Hexem Heather Maureen Hicks Kristen L. Hicks Laura Nick Higgins Micah Dianne Highfill Kristin Anne Hilborn Taylor L. Hildenbrand James Travis Hill Morgan Hill Nicole Hill Tristan Hill Greg F. Hilovsky Nancy E. Hilterman Blake Tyler Hilton Brittany Nicole Hinckle Lanisha Diachelle Hines Damon E. Hinkle Jennifer L. Hinton Kyle Matthew Hirsch Henry George Hise Brandi A. Hitz Jordan A. Hladik Michelle Bao Hoang Leslie Hobbs Laura Elizabeth Hoffert Ramario R. Holland Tyler Duane Holland Jennifer Leigh Hollars Susan Lea Hollingsworth Ryan Arch Holloway Rebekah S. Holman Jon Franklin Holstein Daniel S. Holt Luke C. Holt Matt Holt Jasmine Latisha Hooks Ricky R. Horton Caitlin A. Hoskins Sarah Grace Hoss Ashley Renee House Kirk A. House

Graduates Zachary K Housel Christopher D Howell Yi Lin Hsiao Yida Hu Lixin Huang Yi Ju Huang Amy M. Hubbard Jessica Ann Hudspeth William Barrett Huffman Tiffany Janiece Hughes Juliette Aughtry Hulen Tracy Renee Hull Bonnie Jo Hunsicker Kerri D. Hunt Cindy Hunter Zachary Thomas Hurst Glover William Hutchison Brighton Hutton Julie Ann Idleman Josephine Wabuo Ikaba Kimberly Michelle Indergand Martha Inga Kristen Lee Ingargiola Bruce Robin Ingram Kellea D. Ingram Diane Spence Inman Marvis D. Irwin Alina Istrate Jeremiah C. Ivey Patricia Ann Ivie Miranda C. Iwuchukwu Amanda Erin Jackson Bethany Sue Jackson Clint David Jackson Corbie L. Jackson Matthew Ryan Jackson Justin William Jacox Adelina Jaha Justin Lee Janacek Chris L. Jantz Derick Miles Jantz Alicia M. Jarvis Lindsey Jenkins Deanna Jennings Kayla Jean Jobe David Franklin John Torri L. John Alyssa Arends Johnson Bradley K. Johnson Christina Renee Johnson Heather Joy Johnson Jeffery E. Johnson Jerry Johnson Julie Nicole Johnson Kaitlin G. Johnson Lisa Jane Johnson Stacy Ann Johnson Jonathon Ryan Johnston Kayla M. Johnston Kevin Alan Johnston Majur Makuei Jok Cliff Jonas Chelsea Irene Jones Elizabeth Meghan Jones Jennifer Ann Jones Jessica Renee Jones Kathryn Jones Mikel Tanner Jones Samantha Michelle Jones Sarah JoElyn Jones Marsha J. Jordan Desirae N. Journeay Jennifer Lea Joyce Delia Teresa Juarez Eric Lee Judd Jade Krystal Judd Shizuka Kaga Perris Virobe Kajirwa Tuganigwe Gerlinde Kalobo Laura B. Kamal Billee Karcher Aaradhana Karki Jennifer S. Karlovitz Tyler Brent Karnes Mohamad Gema Kartomo Zvikomborero Caroline Kaseke Kaytlynn N. Kashwer Forrest Katigan Kyle J. Kaufman Keisha D. Kearney Brandi Mae Keesee Gregory Samuel Kelch Tate H. Kelley Todd E. Kelley Yvonne Elayne Kellum Chance Stephen Kelsoe Kayla D. Kenedy Lacey Elaine Kennedy Alyssa Marie Kenworthy Summer Brooke Kerby Jack Wesley Kerr Kevin A. Kersey Alisha Dyane Kesler Susan Lynn Kester Rachael H. Ketch Abdalla A. Khalid Nura Khanfar Gretchen Alicia Kifer Sunie R. Killam David E. Kilpatrick Eun-Young Kim Inkyum Kim Seryeong Kim Shinwoo Kim Sarah Elise Kimbrell Laura Beth Kimmel Anna L. Kinder Elizabeth Ann King Katherine Marie King Nancy Wanjiku Kinuthia Brian D. Kirkwood Zane Jayce Kitsmiller Jeffrey Ernest Klappenbach Steve Edward Kluge Carol D. Knight Jennifer Nicole Knotts Tom E. Knudsen Rachel Koeppe Jyotsana Koirala Ben Robert Kokojan Mark Alexander Kollmorgen Justin C. Kopepasah Kassy N. Kornele Leah Kay Kostelecky Maryse Renee Niamkey Koukoui Anna Marissa Kowalski Catherine Kozik Amber Dawn Kraft Caroline Elise Kraft LaTosha Leann Krebbs Lawren Nikole Krone Jay Leland Krottinger Kayla T. Kroutil Bishop Melinda Natasha Kruger Joo Yeon Ku Clint Joseph Kubat Katie Ann Kucharski Jessica Nadine Kuegler Kathleen L. Kunkle Charlene R. LaFreniere Steven James Lake


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April 26, 2012

Christina Chau Lam Kari M. Landis Jason Allen Landry Courtney Ann Landsberger Matthew R. Lane Christina N. Lanham Ariana Diane Lankford Shannon Rene Larsen Geraldine L. Lartey Jordan J. Lashley Kacoria Lassien Bridget N. Lawrence Kasey Janelle Lawrence Jessica Lindsey Lawson Samantha Gena Lay Jimmy Le Kelvin Le Stacy Le Vivian Tran Le Audra L. Leal Kayla N. Leblanc Etta Marie Ledbetter Jordan Nicole Ledbetter-Mills Angela Lynn Lee Bethany Grace Lee Marianne Elizabeth Lee Robert Ford Lee Shannon Nicole Lee Siok Wen Lee Tiffany S. Lee Ue Jin Lee Tuonimi Legg-Jack Carly Nicole LeMay David Jermon Lemons Rebecca L. Lessley Brittani Lynn Lester Robert Ryan Lester Deborah Kaye Lestina Laura Anne Lewis Tamesha Mae Lewis Tina Marie Lewis Shenghao Li Monique Suzette Lias-Moore Katie Elizabeth Lieurance Dong Hun Lim Justin Wayne Limon Susan Pirtle Linderer Danielle Danae Lindquist Nancy M. Lindsay Abigail E. Lindsey Kylie B. Lisle Kael S. Little Misty Denise Loafman Rebecca K. Lockett Cecily Victoria Long Brandon G. Lonza Erika J. Lopez Maribel Lopez Terri Anne Lore Sara Marie Lorenzen Jason R. Lotspeich BJ Andrew Lougee Ethan Lough Janelle D. Lough Rebecca L. Lowery Virginia Lynn Lozada Kandace M. Luckey Kami E. Lujan Lareesa D. Luper Jennay R. Lutomski Kylie Shea Maberry John Temke Mackey Steven Lawrence MacLeod Cierra Jenee Maddox Chris Ryan Magbee Scott Allen Maginnis Linda Diann Magnus Prabhat Kumar Mahato Jessica Nicole Maier Christopher W. Maksimowski Jayne Elisabet Malahy Benjamin Levi Malone Samantha Lynn Maloy Jennifer N. Mamatov Dominic Paul Mancello Rachel Dianne Mann Nora Elizabeth Manning David D. Marchant Gary William Markert Ashley Ann Marley Dayton Marshall Marti Brittany SavannahLatrice Martin Steven Chase Martin Travis Martin Whitney T. Martin Robert Andres Martinez Crimson Paige Mason Shelby Ann-Marie Mason David Eastman Massey Max Tyler Matthes Christopher Dean Matts Melissa Suzanne Maxey Joshua Caleb Maxwell Jennifer Elaine May Suzanne M. Mayeux Natalie P. Mayfield Duncan Scott McAnally Jera McCann Tissa Lynne McClure Madison Elise Mccoy Taylor Allene McElhaney Kyle John McElyea Colby Garrett McGill Jessica Hayley McIlvoy Rebecca N. McIntosh Melissa Louise McKinley Sarah Elizabeth McKinzie Amy Michelle McLain Ellen Eilene McLain Michael D McLain Vanessa L. McLaughlin Chavon marie Mcmillian Craig Walton McMurry Lane Matthew McPeak Mychael A. McWhorter Nathanael Aaron Medlam Sara Elizabeth Meek Deana M. Meely Joe Alan Meggenberg Matthew Leonard Mejia Eunice Jose Melakayil Sarah A. Merchant Joshua Andrew Merritt Justin Michael Mettry Kayla D. Michel Kayla L. Miles Jhonny Luis Milla Nichole Ann Millage Adam Carl Miller Ashley Anne Miller Dane Harrison Miller Erin Michelle Miller Jamie Susan Miller Jason D. Miller Rebecca Miller Cynthia M. Mills Kerri Elizabeth Mills Christopher Thomas Minor Cameron David Mintz Elvira Miramontes Amy Rebecca Mitchell

Tessica Mitchell Cagatay Mitil Lien Ngoc Miu Benjamin M. Mobley Jennifer Lynn Mohon Trisha Moisant Surendra Kumar Moktan Devin J. Montgomery Ashley D. Moore Jackie Rena Moore Lindsay A. Moore Rebecca Denice Moore Hailey D. Morain Matthew Abraham Morales Megan Irene Moran Genise L. Morgan Ashton P. Morris Jordan Brett Morris Meaghan Caitlan Morris Kelli Ann Morrison Merlin Anthony Mosher Christina M. Moulton-Ford Tanner J. Mueggenborg Vilard Mullaliu Kristie Mullings Katie Shea Munda Matthew Colin Munda Lyndsay A. Munson Elizabeth W. Muritu Amyvanessa Lynn Murphy Brian Ross Murphy Gary Lee Murphy James Keegan Murphy Alana Noel Murray Margaret A. Murray Gina M. Muscari Addison A. Mutz Lindsey A. Myers Steven David Myles Tina R. Naff Sayuri Naganawa Annette Christine Nashire Laura E. Nations Marija V. Naumoski Ian A. Naylor Cameron Beckham Neal Rose Ann Neal Daniel Kelley Neas Johnathan Matthew Needham Leslie LeAnn Nelson Rebeccah LeNell Nelson Joseph Anthony Neri Jenna Christine Newby Tami L. Newby Tessa J. Newcomb Matthew Raymond Newsom Jacob Daniel Newton Francis A. Nguyen Kevin L. Nguyen Roxanne R. Nguyen Amy L. Nicewander Tanner D. Nickell Li Ning Dhiraj Kumar Niroula Casey Joseph Nix Thomas Joel Norman Jessica A. Norris Andrew Scott Norton Nick Novak Kelly O. Novakowski Morgan Justine Noyes Christopher R. Nusbaum Christopher Nutt Jon C. Ochoa Dandy E O’Connor Pepper Rene Odetallah Angel Kehinde Adebisi Ogbeide Angela Sibeso Ogunbase Christian Olivo Tiffany Dawn Olvera Magee Manoj T. Oommen Evan Michael Orgren Albert Muna Orock Andrew Sutton Osborne Theresa Joy Osborne Yoshimi Oshiro Staci Lyn Owen Elizabeth Elise Owens Tyeisha D. Owens Charles Ray Paddock Whitney Renee Padgett Jennifer Padilla Kaylyn Jannette Page Raina A. Page Forrest W. Paige Kristen Michelle Pallett Chad R. Palmer Travis Jon Pander Leighann Parham Jihyun Park Mira Park Sangeun Park Sojung Park Hannah K. Parker Vickie Rena Parker Catherine Nicole Parkman Kinjal R. Patel Salina Patel Andrew J. Patton Angela M. Patton Karyn H. Patton Lindsey M. Patty Jennifer Diane Pauff Amanda J. Paul Wiley C. Paylor Ramsey Harold Payne Jennifer A. Pearsall William A Pearson Ben S. Pelley Patrick Pena Mary B. Penner Samantha Sue Peno Anish Varghese Peringol Brandi LaVonne Perkins James Douglas Perkins Hayley Ann Persun Jesse L. Peters Ke’nisha Denise Peters Sycheekia S. Peters Danyel M. Peterson An H. Pham Nhung Tuyet Pham Kristin Elizabeth Phillips Tucker Rex Phillips Beverly Joyce Pierce Katelyn Rose Pierce Page Lynn Pierce Casey T. Pierson Catherine E. Pitt Media E. Pizzini-Giuroiu Jonelle E. Polk Robert Michael Polk Whitney Rosanne Ponder Renee C. Poole Nicole Poplin Sergio Armando Porras Darnell Porter Anna M. Potts Amit Poudel Kreta Dawn Powell Dewi Pratama

Felix Rey Pratts Jeni Cheyenne Presley Celeste E. Price Jessica N. Price Kelsey Glenn Price Renee Sue Price Richard Price Michael A. Priester Sarah Morgan Prim Rachel Jordan Prince Holly Marie Pritchard Jonathan James Prock Eric J. Proe Jennifer L. Pruitt Jennifer Nicole Pruitt Nicholas Ace Pugh Da’Marean DeShawn Pullen Chase Louis Pulliam Rachel L. Purdum Justin R. Purser Hannah Charlene Puryear Rana Rachidi Stephen Chase Rackley Jimmie Duane Rader Chandani Jayesh Ragha Jason Allen Ragland Rebecca K. Ragland Madeline Hope Rainwater Pritviraj Rajiah Chauncey Colin Raley Angela Erin Ralstin Sulema Ramirez Rajina Rana Sarah Elizabeth Ransom Lief E. Rantala Kayla Rapp Kristi M. Rath Allison Paige Rathgeber Danae Nicole Rawlings Christie Rawlins-Southern Andrew C. Rednose Michael Anthony Reece Tyler A. Reed Bruce Ritche Rehburg Kathryn Rose Reichert Kristi M. Reininger Kathleen Lynn Reynen Kelsey Lauren Reynolds Keni Rhines Harrison W. Rice Emily Christine Richard Joseph Bernard Richard Chance S. Richardson George L. Richardson Kristen Danielle Richardson Holly M. Richison Crystal Marleen Riddle Charles Mark Riden Jeanine Ridener Bethany Danelle Ridenour Susie E. Ridlen Trey Foster Ridlen Brittany M. Riggin Julie Kaye Riggs Pravesh Rijal Sandeep Rimal Monica Rios Meagan A. Rivera Hafsa Rizwan Deanna Lynn Roach Chantal Robatteux Denise Robatteux Kathryn Mari Robbins Sarah Ann Roberts Alyssa G. Robertson DeOren Ra-Ki Robinson Latoria Robinson Lauri Ann Robinson Max R. Robinson Kristen N. Robitaille Anneka M Robnett Paola Rodas Cody Joe Rodgers Timothy Clay Rodgers Cassandra Michaela Rodriguez Charles Clayton Roffey John Brandon Rogers Katherine M. Rogers Rebecca K. Rogers Erica Nicole Roper Adrian Pierre Rosado Brandon Rose James M. Rose Sean Patrick Rose Daniel Gene Ross Kacia Ann D. Ross Kelsey Rae Rothrock Tabatha Renee Roulston Amber Rouse Stephani Dawn Rouse Amy Marie Roush Teddy Ray Rowe Kelli Marie Roy Brandon Miles Roybal Tabatha M. Rubino Hannah S. Rudek Brittany D. Rudolf Febrina Christ Rudolf Samuel Paul Rummage Jamie Lynn Runyon Samantha Nicole Rusk Jessica Lauren Russell Alicia Michelle Ryan Ben David Ryan Ryan Richard Rylant Eun Lee Ryu Tammera N. Saavedra Ayesha Aslam Sahi Elizabeth Vail Salomone Jessika D. Saltos Hable Samadder Ariana Samandi Mary Sue Sample Carlos Alberto Sanchez Jennifer Dawn Sanders Rily D. Sanders Scott M. Sanders Christy L. Sanderson Katie Elizabeth Sanderson Melissa Ann Santana Joseph Santelmann Nathan W. Santelmann Kori N. Sargent Amanda Cassidy Sartain Matthew Sattre Beau Nelson Saunders Dustin William Saunders Raymond Fred Savage Jamie Marie Sawyer Juliet Corrine Saylors Christina Lee Sazama Heather M. Scheele Stephen Daniel Schiete Robert C. Schmidt Matthew Russell Schneeberger Casey Jean Schneider Jake Hansen Schoenhals Kathryn N. Schrantz Brian Eugene Schultz Kelsey A. Schulz Kimberly B. Schwab

Kelli Marie Schwenning Hayden Scolaro Leslie Ann Scorse Angela M. Scott Blake Yancey Scott Eric Wayne Scott Jordan A. Scott Jacob Ryan Scraper Nicole Elizabeth Seabolt Callie M Sebert Victor Keith Seidel Cara Lee Seikel Cleon Q. Self Jon Jeremy Sellers Kendyl L. Sexton Yuanni Shang Heather D. Shannon Melissa Gwendoline Shaw Charlene Shea Sarah Shelton Lysha M. Shepard Joseph Ryan Sheppard Leigh Randolph Sherman Levi M. Sherman Theodore Arnold Sherman Christin Brooke Shero Migmar Sherpa Sung Lye Shim Karissa L. Shimanek Tolonnie D. Shirley Marcia Lynn Shottenkirk Tiffany Lauren Showman Deborah L. Shumate Yuliya A. Shviadok Kayla Jean Siler Michael Silvey Bal Krishna Silwal Blake Evan Simon Hardeep Singh Manisha Singh Jennifer Michelle Sinks Melissa D. Size Clayton G. Sizemore Tyler Ray Slabaugh Laken M. Slate Ashley M. Slayton Melissa Ann Sluice Brooke Danielle Smith Christina Smith Crystal Michele Smith Emily L. Smith Joye Lynne Smith Kiley Marie Smith Maria D. Smith Robert Eugene Smith Anna Alicia Snell Stacy Maria Snorf Chandler R. Sowinski Thomas G. Spahr Ashleigh B. Spaid Shelley Lynn Spaulding Nathan Spears Jared L. Speer Amy K. Speligene David P. Spielman Kristina Naomi St. Clair Kyle E. Stafford Matthew P. Stanfill Ashley D Stanton Tina M. Steffensen Blake Anthony Stepanovich Dominick MarCell Stephens Robert William Stevens Ryan B. Stewart Stephanie Michelle Stewart Kassie Jan Stinson Kari Ann Stomprud Rebecca Stout Angela Yvonne Strader Lindsey Marie Stradone Jordan Dale Strawn Jana Elaine Strickler Jennifer Strobel Stringham Terry Sue Stull Dessie R. Stutson Brent Alan Sugg Rachel Light Summer Megan E. Sutton Courtney D. Swain Mark Anthony Swanson Raquel S. Sweet David Ryall Swingle Greggory C. Switzer Chau Hong Ta Stefano Tarantini Kristin Michelle Tate Laura Marie Taylor Terry Dalawrence Taylor Brittany Dawn Teague Mary Kate Tener Chelsey L. Teten Sean A. Teter Supriya Thapa Jeremy P. Tharp Cynthia M. Therese Jennifer Juhl Thielen Beena Thomas Jaime Elizabeth Thomas Kelsey Rene Thomas Kody R. Thomas Lia Barnett Thomas Caleb B. Thompson Chris D. Thompson Seth Adam Thornton Brooke A. Thrailkill Julia Tiller Latoya Renee’ Tillis Jennifer Dawn Tilly Jennifer E. Tindal Daniel C. Tippin Jacob Todd Kimberly Lynn Toft Aaron Paul Tomasko Alecia N. Tomlinson Dina Torres Lourdes M. Torres Toussaint Kamga Towa Vy N. Tran Ashley Nicole Trogdon Annie Nhi Truong Noriko Tsukada Nikki Danielle Tuggle Kylee Brook Turner Kylie Grace Tuttle Kasey Elizabeth Tweed Philip Blake Tweedy Chris Harold Twilley Morgan Sue Twyford Caitlyn Lee Tyler Tonya M. Tyler Randy William Tyner Christopher J. Ulish David Lee Umbarger Eric Steven Upchurch Lauren S. Valouch Jennifer Ann Van Huss Robert Dustin Vance Sydney M. VanHoose Elizabeth Joy Vannoy Jorge A. Vara Umul Vara

Nidhi M. Varghese Nimmy Alex Varghese Atthakorn Vasaratchanon Ashley Elyse Vaughan Megan Lauren Vaughn Jennifer Dawn Vaught Marielisa Vazquez Gypsy E. Velasco Lourdes Velasco Melissa Veley Rebecca Denise Velez Sherrye M Veselak Derrick Wayne Vickery Alyce K. Vigil Stephanie Marie Villanella Derek Allen Villar Beverly Belyne Vilog Andrew Steven Vincent Sunnie Vo Kaylynn Rae Vrabel Diana D. Vu Krystal Michelle Waddell James Colby Wagner Ryan M. Wagner Tiffany L. Wagner Martin Edward Waguespack Kay Wahlenmaier Matthew Clay Wakefield Logan Guy Walcher Heather Lynn Waldman Jessica M. Walizer Kara Walk Nathaniel L. Walk Dana N. Walker Julia R. Walker Kristin E Walker Paul Michael Walker William Brian Walker Stormy Ray Walkup Carl Daniel Walls Mack Walser Brooke Walters Guanqun Wang Michael Allen Wang Gevinna D. Ward Kimley Don Ward Phillip T. Ward Shelly A. Warlick Kaylen R. Washbourne Brandon Clifford Watson Melissa Anne Watson Brandi Kay Watts Sean Collin Wear Amanda R. Weaver Logan Cheyanne Webb Lucy L. Webb Robert Paul Webb Sara Webb Sarah Nicole Weber Alexis K. Weddle David Bradley Weed Emily Sue-Ann Weeks Stephanie Kwon Weigel Bridget Anne Weingart Alyssa Danielle Welker Natalie M. Wessler Deborah West Sarah Beth West Lucas Roland Westendorf Katelyn M. Westlund Linda Kay Whaley Aaron F. Wheelbarger Caroline Wheelbarger Nieachia L. Wherry Scott Tyler Whisenhunt Warren Martin Whisler Charlette Nicole Whitaker Cameron D White Chelsea D. White Jeremiah Jacob White Trent Lewis White Autum B. Whiten Benjamin Tyler Whitfield Jo L. Whitney Christian E. Wilbur Cassandra Jeanne Wiley Lashan Wiley Kyla M. Wilkins Evan F. Williams Kevin Williams Krystal Ann Williams Krystal Deon Williams Richard Matthew Williams Ryan Gregory Williams Torrie Breanne Williams Chelsea Grace Williamson Claudia Sabine Williamson Brittany A. Willis Ryan M Willoughby Camille D. Willyard Casey N. Wilmot Anna Leigh Wilson Christopher M. Wilson Jeanna R. Wilson Lashauna Cheri Wilson Brian Lee Wines April Annette Winfree Kathy Renee Winham Jared Paul Wise Shelby Caitlin Wolf Traca Jo Wolfe Pawin Wongpayak Amanda Wood Kyle Matthew Wood Michael Paul Wood Tracey E. Wood Tracy Wood Kylee Jane Woodard Jeff Travis Wooden Artrell Woods Chelsea DeAnn Woods Cody Garrett Woods Kyle Brent Worcester Susan Ann Worden Tandra Paige Worthen Katelyn Nicole Wren Brandi Wright Gunner C. Wright Micah Ray Wright Yuqiao Wu Ganesh Yadav Steven Anthony Yadon Jennifer Mai Yang Shujian Yang Wen Yang Treva Yarbrough Ching Wen Yeap Lauren Alison Yetter Melissa Renee Yohn Amber R. Young Tonya Renea Young Heather S. Zacarias William Brett Zinck Micah Shane Zink Sara Zink Christina Michelle Zitzow Mark William Zitzow Mennie Zoogley Jennifer Adine Zook Theodore W Zweifel



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April 26, 2012



Camelot Child Development Center 3 Locations now hiring bus drivers and FT/PT teachers.We promote a very positive and fun atmosphere! Please call for specific openings: Edmond-749-2262 Quail-254-5222 Deer Creek- 562-1315

Help Wanted Student to clean vacant apts, general house cleaning. Afternoons. Near UCO. Must be dependable, trustworthy, and do quality work. Call Connie. 641-0712.

Help Wanted

Help Wanted Edmond Ranch looking for part time landscaping help. 8-12 hours per week flexible schedule. Email mbtownsend@

Research Volunteers Needed Researchers at OU Health Sciences Center need healthy volunteers ages 18 to 30 who have a parent with or without a history of an alchol or drug problem. Qualified participants will be compensated for their time. Call (405) 456-4303 to learn more about the study and to see if you qualify. The University of Oklahoma is an equal opportunity institution.

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April 26, 2012



Contributing Writer As The Vista wraps up our preview coverage of UCO’s future MIAA opponents, our staff gives readers an inside look at the Washburn Ichabods and the Truman State Bulldogs. Washburn University, located in Topeka, Kan., houses an enrollment of just over 7,000 and fields 10 varsity sports teams. The men’s program, nicknamed the Ichabods after famous church deacon and industrialist Ichabod Washburn, is comprised of football, basketball, baseball, tennis and golf. The Ichabods were NAIA Men’s Basketball Championship in 1987. However. in recent years, Washburn’s football program has been the staple of men’s athletics. The football squad has won seven or more games in six out of the last seven years, including a 10-3 finish in 2011, in which the Ichabods handed UCO a 48-3 loss in midOctober. The program hosts games at Yager Field, which was built in 1928. In 2003, the historic venue underwent a $4.3 million renovation, making it one of the nicest in Division II. The women’s athletic programs, identified as the “Lady Blues,” have also had success on the hardwood. In 2005, the Washburn women posted a 35-2 record en route to a Division II National Basketball Championship. The Lady Blues volleyball squad has shown their dominance over the past decade, reeling off nine consecutive winning seasons, and making NCAA D-II National Tournament appearances in eight of those. The Lady Blues have also won three MIAA Conference Championships in that time period, taking home the crown in 2002, 2005

Graphic by Micheal McMillian

and 2010. Truman State University, formerly known as Northeast Missouri State University, is located in Kirksville, Mo. Named after former U.S. President Harry Truman, the university garners 6,101 undergraduate students in its small 140-acre community. The Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs have been a member of the MIAA since 2010 and participate in 12 sports while donning the colors of purple and white. In all, 21 teams represent the athletic department (11 men’s and 10 women’s), one that has seen much success since the changing of the university’s name. Recent success in both athletic programs has come from programs such as swimming, basketball, women’s volleyball and men’s/ women’s soccer. In 2008, the Lady Bulldog swim team capped off a run that was nothing short of remarkable. Truman State defeated Drury, a long time in-state rival, on their way to winning their seventh Division II National Swimming Championship in eight years. The women’s volleyball program has also had recent good fortune, as they have racked up four regional championships in the last 10 years, alongside the men’s basketball program, who advanced to the regional round of the NCAA D-II National Tournament in 2006. Both men and women’s soccer programs advanced to the National Tournament in 2010, with each winning 12 games, both a record number for their respective programs. Recent additions have also been made to the football facilities (Stokes Stadium) at Truman State, similar to at Washburn, to improve lighting and stadium maintenance, with the funding coming from a passed resolution of raised student fees.

UCO FALLS ON ROAD FORT SMITH, Ark. (April 24) -- Too little offense and too many errors spelled Central Oklahoma's demise here Tuesday night as the Bronchos fell to Arkansas-Fort Smith 10-2. UCO, which ranks among the NCAA Division II national leaders in several offensive categories, was limited to six hits and also committed four fielding miscues in suffering just their second loss in the last 10 outings. The Bronchos, now 30-15, return home to host Mid-America Christian at 3 p.m. Wednesday in a game originally scheduled for Monday. UCO then goes to Rogers State Thursday night before ending the season Saturday with a 2 p.m.home game against Oklahoma City.

UAFS took a 1-0 lead in the first inning, but the Bronchos got that back in the second when Austin Rycroft led off with his 18th home run of the season. The Lions came back with another run in their half of the second before UCO tied it again in the top of the third when Tucker Brown singled, stole second and scored on Kevin Blue's two-out single. UAFS took the lead for good with a threerun outburst in the fourth and then broke the game open with five unearned runs in the fifth. Blue had two of UCO's six hits.

Associated Press

NFL DRAFT AIRS TONIGHT NORMAN, Okla. (AP) — All-American receiver Ryan Broyles said Thursday that he will be ready to compete right away for any NFL team that drafts him, dismissing any concerns about the torn knee ligament that brought an early end to his record-setting college career at Oklahoma. And not just by the time the season starts. Broyles believes he'll be ready to go in time for minicamp. Less than five months after having surgery on a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, Oklahoma's star receiver made his case for the NFL draft Thursday by running the 40-yard dash and a handful of routes for pro scouts. Broyles was clocked in 4.57 seconds and 4.59 seconds on a pair of 40-yard runs and caught six passes from former Oklahoma quarterback Joey Halzle. "The scouts said the same thing: They don't expect me to be full speed, and I don't expect the same," Broyles said. "But me being competitive, I wish it was 4.3s. But that's not the scenario. It just shows that I'm working hard, and I'm getting my lateral movement back as well." About 30 minutes after Broyles got started, scouts hollered across Oklahoma's indoor practice facility to halt the session after Broyles had only run a handful of routes. He was able to accelerate, make quick stutter-step stops and come out of his breaks in order to catch Halzle's passes. "I felt good. They cut me short," Broyles said. "I feel like I could keep going right now." Broyles tore his ACL in November, shortly after breaking the NCAA record for career receptions. He finished his career with 349 catches for 4,586 yards and 45 touchdowns. He was also the leader among active players with 1,194 career yards on punt returns at the time he got hurt. "I've been working as hard as possible, trying to get back to my normal activities as fast as possible throughout the process," Broyles said. "I probably started running three weeks early, so that's why I'm looking so well right now. I pushed through the pain. Now, the pain's gone away."

Broyles said he trained for about two months in Southern California to get in shape for the draft and he believes he's "ahead of schedule right now." He was told his recovery would take up to nine months, and he's only halfway to that point. He wore a soft sleeve on his injured knee. "My left leg's not where I want it to be, but that's not expected right now. I've still got to get in the weight room a little bit more, but today I showed up and showed that I've been working hard," Broyles said. Broyles participated on a limited basis at the NFL combine, going through interviews and tests such as the Wonderlic, and only had measurements done at Oklahoma's pro day. He was the only one who worked out at the special session exactly two weeks before the first night of the draft. "As much as anything, it shows Ryan's toughness, his courage, his competitiveness," coach Bob Stoops said. "As talented as he is, that's just him. Most guys wouldn't have done that." Broyles said doctors have told him his knee will feel much stronger in another six weeks. He plans to take it easy in the final days leading up to the draft, believing that there's not much more he can do at this point to show how far he's come. "They know he's not all the way back but he sure looked good, and that's what they wanted to see," he said. "That's probably smart and why they didn't have him catch that many or run that many routes. We've got enough routerunning and catching to see (on film). I think they just want to see that it's healing like it should." Broyles certainly isn't the first player to go through a devastating knee injury at just the wrong time. Perhaps most notably in recent years, Miami's Willis McGahee injured three knee ligaments in the 2003 national championship game and is still in the league today — although his draft stock dropped slightly at the time. "It's a part of the game," Broyles said. "Some guys buckle when they get hurt and they want to sit back. I'm not one of those guys. I take it as a challenge. I'm going to come back stronger, faster and more healthy than I've ever been."

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April 26, 2012




By Bryan Trude

Vista Sports Editor

THE BUZZER SOUNDS ON ANOTHER SEMESTER We have arrived at the end of another school year, just like the one before that, and the one before that and so on so forth. Some of us are graduating, moving on to an uncertain future in an uncertain, unstable world. The rest of us, myself included, are staying here, resting and relaxing before we come back to play the game again. Anyone who has talked with me in person at any great length probably has figured out that, when it comes to sports, I actually know very little. ­Sports Editor is pretty much a job I fell in to thanks to a combination of volunteerism, a love of hockey and good old-fashioned American dumb luck. People will come up to me and ask my opinion on some obscure stat held by some AA pitcher for a team called the Biscuits, and I can usually bull my way into an answer. Meanwhile, in the back of my head, I’m perfectly content with the idea of sitting on my rump playing PS Vita without ever knowing why the designated hitter is a thing in the first place. That’s not to say delving into the world of sports journalism hasn’t benefited me at all. Sports coverage led me to my internship and my freelancer position at the Edmond Sun. More importantly, there are a few things that my experience has taught me that I couldn’t learn anywhere else. First of all, there is nothing more enjoyable during a long day than just taking a walk down by Broncho Lake, ignoring the smell of wet goose feces – and the feathered murder machines that make it – and feeding a crippling addiction to caffeine. Secondly, when the hockey team invites you to their endof-year banquet at the racetrack, never go in expecting to win significantly. That sweet 60-cent profit I got betting on the horses was lost a hundredfold on beer purchases. On another note, you can save on beer by feeding your caffeine addiction instead; there’s free soda on the casino floor. The third lesson I learned is that taking a bus anywhere more than an hour away, even if it’s free, is a horrible way to travel and will haunt your dreams until you break down and pay for therapy. If you do wind up taking a free bus ride to Cleveland, think ahead and sit near the back. It’s hard as hell to try and step over 30 sleeping men on a moving bus at 2 a.m. in the middle of nowhere, Indiana. Lesson number four, never get permission from a professor to skip class to cover an event on short notice. That event will almost always be cancelled and your professor will use your sheepish return to class as a “teaching tool.” Finally, and most importantly of all, get outside. Get a basketball, find a hoop and chuck the ball at it. Sure you may go 1-for-35, but the simple act of shooting a basketball is cathartic and relaxing, especially when most of your day is spent in front of a computer, typing until your fingers catch fire. There is a wide, wonderful world of sport and activity out there, and there is something that can appeal to anybody. Sitting inside reading this column or playing a facsimile on Xbox cannot compare. That, dear friends, is the final buzzer. Game over. Drive safe, and we’ll see you all again next time.

Macy McKay (9) slides in to third base during a softball game between UCO and Northeastern State University in Edmond, Friday, April 13, 2012. Photo by Garett Fisbeck, The Vista

Stuart Dickison

Contributing Writer UCO softball is set to close out their regular season at 3 p.m. today. The Bronchos will be hosting Mid-America Christian University at Edmond North High School, 215 West Danforth Rd. The Bronchos, who are 2-2 out of their last four, are building off of their last win against Missouri Western State, where sophomore Amanda McClelland pitched a 5-0 shutout. “She had a really good game,” head coach Genny Stidham said. “Her breaking balls were good. She was a big asset for that win.” However, UCO lost their first game of that doubleheader. The Bronchos also saw their NCAA best 35-game win streak snapped the day before as they split a double-header with Emporia State University. “We had some issues both days,” Stidham said. “It was windy. The wind makes a difference in all aspects of the game.” The top-ranked Bronchos currently

lead the nation in homeruns at 1.44 long balls per game, totaling 62 on the season. Only three of those came in their last four games. “The wind blowing in for us is not in our favor,” Stidham said. “We like the wind blowing out.” Senior catcher Nathalie Timmermans leads the team in homeruns and is third in the nation with 20. Timmermans is also ranked third in slugging percentage at an overall .942 clip. She also leads the Bronchos with 64 runs scored and 24 walks this season. The Bronchos are preparing for the playoffs, and Stidham hopes her squad can make adjustments from the weekend and go out and play their game today. “We are going to focus on a few defensive issues from the last couple of games,” Stidham said. “We’ve been pressing and just need to loosen up. We want to relax, play our game and have a good time.” Mid-America currently holds a 14-35 record and a 9-13 mark at home. UCO is 38-5 overall and 12-2 on the road.

The Bronchos won’t be traveling far at all today, as the ball game will be played at Edmond North High school with a scheduled start time of 3:00 p.m. “They have a new coach this past year,” Stidham said. “I’m sure they are a good program.” Next up for the Bronchos is the waitand-see game for a regional bid. “We will know on Monday if we have a regional bid,” Stidham said. “I expect to have one.” The Bronchos must first wait for conference championships to be played out over the weekend. “The MIAA, Lonestar and Heartland conferences all play their regional’s this weekend,” Stidham said.” We’ve got to wait for the results for that to see if we get that bid.” UCO, independent this season, is a former member of the Lone Star Conference. They will be joining the MIAA (Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association) next fall.

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The Vista April 26, 2012  

The University of Central Oklahoma's biweekly student publication, The Vista. Student-run since 1903.

The Vista April 26, 2012  

The University of Central Oklahoma's biweekly student publication, The Vista. Student-run since 1903.