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Students display their talent

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Making life better depends on your focus PAGE 2 Q&A with Angela Rice

Financial Aid Director answers questions about Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009 PAGE 3 From India to Italy

UCO professor Jesse Miller's photos from his visit to Italy with Dr. Mark Hanebutt's travel reporting class. PAGE 4 AND 5 NFL Hot Seat

Vista Sports Editor Chris Wescott explains which NFL coach is under fire. PAGE 9 PHOTOS BY BYRON KOONTZ

UCO Football

The Bronchos try to stop their losing streak Saturday at Southeastern PAGE 10

Paintings by students of the Advanced Painting class, taught by David Maxwell, assistant professor of art, are being exhibited in the north lobby of the Art and Design building. Artists include (clockwise from upper left) Shikoh Shiraiwa, Brittny Hacker, Brandi Noriega and Ariana Riera.

UCO official host site of Paral m ic events Tiffany Brown .S.tqf I I

PHOTOS ON Photo Essay

View more of UCO professor Jesse Miller's photos from his recent trip to Italy in full color on UCO360. COM.

Got sports questions?


Many young . athletes have dreams of becoming Olympic Gold medalists. For some that dream has come true while others are striving to make that happen. At the University of Central Oklahoma the court will be laid and the university will be in the spotlight on the world stage. UCO may become the place where new goals are set, new heights are reached and new dreams are fulfilled. On Tuesday, Oct. 6 officials made the official announcement that UCO would be the host site of the 2010 World Organization



8-19, 2010.

"UCO is excited to host the 2010 Sitting Volleyball Worlds," Kreidler said. It is the first Volleyball World Championship to be held in the United States. Approximately 640 athletes and

Author visits campus, offers advice

Tune in to the West and Wescott Sports Nelson Solomon Talk Show on UCO36o. (.0-Adi/or corn. Send your Rising author and writing prothoughts to: thewefessor at Johns Hopkins University standwescottshow@ Jessica Blau will visit UCO on Monday and Tuesday. Blau's first novel, "The Summer of Naked Swim Parties," published NewsCentral Tonight in the summer of 2008, was named a Top Summer Read by The Today Watch NewsCentral show, The New York Post and New tonight at 5 on Cox York Magazine. Cosmopolitan Digital Channel 125. Magazine listed it as a "Sexy Summer Read." Blau will give a public reading of her second novel that is tentatively titled "Home for the Heart Attack," in Room 115 of the Education Building on Monday, Oct. 12 at IOW TITO VILlirk 7:30 p.m. A question and answer FAkiiDli liK. SIECORE session will follow the reading. A book signing will take place 11

Volleyball Disabled Worlds (WOVD) at a press conference in the Wellness Center. "It has been a long and wonderful road," Steve Kreidler, UCO Executive Vice President, said. "But great things have occurred." UCO is partnering with the US Paralympics and USA Volleyball to host the 2010 Sitting Volleyball World Championships on July

DID YOU wow.?

3,000 years ago, most Egyptians died by the age of 30.

Sir Winston Churchill, voted Britain's greatest inidividual by the BBC in 2002, was reportedly racist. Vice President Andrew Johnson took his presidential oath while completely drunk.

coaches will come from around the world to compete for spots in 2012 Paralympics games London. Sixteen women's and 24 mens teams and 16 women's team's Paralympics volleyball teams will be competing at the World Championships in Hamilton Fieldhouse. Athletes from at least 20 countries, who will bring with them their 20 cultures, will be competing. It will be the first qualifying event for Paralympics 2012 Olympics. UCO received the honor to host this event when it was, as a part of being designated the official Paralympics' and Olympic Training

site in July 2009. "It's not the first time this university has hosted important games," Kreidler said. UCO has hosted track and field, sitting volleyball, Tae Kwon Doe and other training camps and events. It also became the official training site for the U.S. Women's National Sitting Volleyball along with the designation. In 2008 the U.S. Paralympics team won the silver medal at the 2008 Paralympics' games in Beijing and this past summer the team won the gold medal at the 2009 EuroCup in Netherlands. see WOVD , page 8

Tuition increase still up in the air

of tuition would increase $40 million over the next few years due to Staffil'riter the amount of dollars it takes for Although the University of utility. For UCO that cost breaks down Central Oklahoma has put the cost to an additional $2.3 million the of tuition on ice for the past year, university has to make up for. the fire to raise the cost of college This means the cost would be in a falling economy might be reighanded down to college students. nited. When tuition is unfrozen, The budget for Oklahoma's edustudents will feel the heat. cational system has also decreased The University of Central Photo Provided by 4 percent. Jessica Blau will give a public Oklahoma Student Association Currently that . money is being reading of her newest book, which held what was going to be the replaced by government stiMulus remaned unnamed, Oct. 12. first UCOSA Town Hall Forum money. and light refreshments will be turned into an informational sesWhat UCOSA is attempting to sion Tuesday night. served after her reading. do offset that increase is propose UCOSA president Daniel She will also visit Dr. Christopher an increase in student activity Givan's Fundamentals of Creative Stockton spoke about the cost of fees. Writing I class Monday at 2 tuition for students and why it "Student fees have not been p.m., and on Tuesday, Oct. 13 at would be increasing within the Increased in 11 year's," Stockton 11 a.m. She'll also visit Givan's next few years. According to Stockton the cost said. see BLAU, page 6 Tiffany Brown




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PAGE 2 OCTOBER 8, 2009'

Problem with schools isn't lack of time behind desks and ones that have existed since time powerhouse to grasp the fundamenAlex Knepper

tals of Aristotle's ethics or Epictetus' immemorial. Foremost among these is to final- emphasis on the primacy of virtuous Not content with angering senior ly banish the notion that all chil- action. Books by renowned classical citizens, President Barack Obama has dren are equipped with roughly writers such as these will plant the turned his guns on the nation's kids, equal mental prowess. The gifted seed in the next generation to reject proposing that American schools and talented should be nurtured and trendy relativism and misguided should add time to the school day to allowed to thrive in an environment multiculturalism. The importance of The Vista is published as a newspaper and public forum by UCO students, "stay competitive" with other coun- where they are surrounded by their the West's cultural survival is reachsemi-weekly during the academic year except exam and holiday periods, and tries. only on Wednesdays during the summer, at the University of Central Oklapeers. They will ultimately be our ing a critical point, and little innohoma. The issue price is free for the first copy and $1 for each additional copy Our school system's calendar, country's future scientists, journal- vation is required: the answers to obtained. Education Secretary Arne Duncan ists, authors, politicians, and busi- our problems are thousands of years explains, is "based upon the agrarian nessmen. It is to no one's benefit old. EDITORIALS economy, and not too many of our Opinion columns, editorial cartoons, reviews and commentaries represent the Current events should be dis-, riot the average intellect, not the views of the writer or artist and not necessarily the views of The Vista Editorial kids are working the fields today." cussed in the classroom. To engage gifted, and certainly not the nation's Board, the Department of Mass Communication, UCO or the Board of Regents Okay, great. Except that what the -- if excellence goes unchallenged students in the democratic process of Oklahoma Colleges. The Vista is not an official medium of expression for the calendar was based upon is irrel- and unrewarded. and to instill a love of world affairs Regents or UCO. evant if it isn't the cause of our Those among us who are not in them, they must understand that LETTERS present educational discontents. It's lucky enough to have been blessed their education will ultimately be The Vista encourages letters to the editor. Letters should address issues and rather as if our labor secretary were with the sort of intellect which allows related to actual, real-world conideas, not personalities. Letters must be typed, double-spaced, with a maximum to argue that professional cashiers one to advance into higher educa- cerns. of 150 words, and must include the author's printed name, title, major, clasare poor because there aren't enough tion should not be burdened with sification and phone number. Letters are subject to editing for libel, clarity and Knowledge for knowledge's sake space, or to eliminate statements of questionable taste. The Vista reserves the hours in the work day. is a beautiful, romantic concept, but impractical courses. right not to publish submitted letters. Making the school year longer Classes such as Algebra II and can only be reached after knowledge will only mean our kids are getting Chemistry are utterly useless to a for the sake of practicality is set as a Address letters to: sub-par education for a longer time. person who will go on to work as a baseline. An integrated worldview is Editor, The Vista, 100 N. University Dr., Edmond, OK 73034-5209, or deliver in person to the editor in the Communications Building, Room 131. Letters The problem, simply put, isn't the waitress. an imperative for a meaningful life. can be e-mailed to vistauco@gmailcom. calendar, but what the calendar is Such students know who they are, We should not allow our students to EDITORIAL being filled with. MANAGEMENT and should instead be allowed to slip into solipsism and -unwarranted It's true that American students take courses on topics such as con- self-importance.• Kaylea Brooks, Staff Writer are lagging badly behind other counLaura Hoffert, Co Editor To revive the innovative, optimis sumer math, lifestyle stabilization Tiffany Brown, Staff Writer tries, both Western and Eastern, Nelson Solomon, Co Editor (how to acquire a home, job, etc.), tic spirit of America, mere words are Steve Vidal, Staff Writer on standardized tests on a range of and information access in the digital ultimately empty. Each generation Kory Oswald, Managing Editor Jenefar De Leon, Staff Writer topics from mathematics to literacy. Caleb McWilliams, Copy Editor must be newly equipped with tools to era. Chris Wescott, Sports Editor And it is indisputably correct that Surely we are honest enough as a think critically, reason logically, and our education system direly needs nation to stop pretending.that chem- integrate their knowledge into a perreform. istry is more important than con- sonal, national, and global context. ADVERTISING While nothing can replace the sumer math to everyday life of the Only with the kinds of tools outlined PHOTOGRAPHY foundational effect of a stable house- lower middle class. above will any generation prosper, Stacey Sprague hold and nurturing parents, there Selections from the Great Books and only our nation's schools can. are certain actions schools can take must be introduced to all members provide them for all citizens. That's Byron Koontz in order to better prepare students to of each generation. One need not the reform we need. Allison Rathgeber CIRCULATION Amanda Siegfried meet life's challenges, both modern be an up-and-coming intellectual Laura Hoffert CORRECTION: Stephen Hughes Due to an editing error, in Tuesday's issue of "The Vista," the story headlined "Two men arrested in locker room thefts" should have included the following quotes from Jeff Harp, executive director of safety and tranSADMINISTRATIVE portation: "The items that were taken were not properly stored in locker rooms provided to athletes. Some were ADVISER ASSISTANT left in a publicly accessible space. Others were taken from a room that was left unsecure. The state will not reimburse for losses such as this as they are not covered under UCO's insurance. This does not prohibit someone from filing a claim with State Risk Management. Locker room thefts haven't been a problem at UCO." Tresa Berlemann Mr. Teddy Burch COMM. BUILDING, RM. 131 100 N. UNIVERSITY DR EDMOND, OK 73034-5209 405-974-5549 EDITORIAL@UCO360.COM

.American Iiniversity



PUS UOTES What is your favorite music video and why? "Firefly by Owl City" — "It's really creative, he talks about what's in his room." Ashley Meyer Junior English

Zane Mellinger Sophomore Kinesiology

"Amish Paradise" by Weird Al — "It's hilarious, the stuff he's making fun of makes it weird and funny." Marcus Hanna Freshman Elementary Education

"You belong with me" by Taylor Swift — "It has a good meaning, all girls can relate to it."

"Not about Love" by Fiona Apple — "It has the fat guy from 'The Hangover"

Austin Pierson Freshman Psychology

• •

Heather Perry Sophomore History Education

"There's a live recording of The Who playing at the first Woodstock. Their drummer played an awesome solo, it blows my mind."

"All the Single Ladies" by Beyonce "I like her music and watching them dance." Dottie Small Junior Broadcasting

Compiled by Byron ICoontz, Allison Rathgeber and Nelson Solomon

Making life better depends on your focus Yet John chose his faith in God as a vehicle to overcome anger and frustration? Succeeding in life is all about where your focus is. Does the minor thing your friend or neighbor did to That's the powerful lesson I was reminded of after the situation and to turn his negatives into positives. When I hear stories like this, it highlights how conve- you matter in the long run? Wouldn't it be better to just hearing the story of an accident survivor during a recent nient my life is in comparison to those around me, and forgive, deal with the consequences of the moment and Bible study session. let go? More than a year ago, John (not his actual name) and It is so easy in today's world to get caught up in the his family were driving one night when an illegal immifrustrations of those around us, to be cyriical and find no grant, who was drunk, crashed into his Ford Mustang. positives in the situations we endure daily. His grandfather died on the scene and John only had a 25 In the words of Denis Waitley, "There ate two primary percent chance of survival. choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept He was at the hospital for two months following the the responsibility for changing them." incident, and, by the power of God he believes, he overYou can either accept the bad conditions around you came his injuries and survived. or you can proactively change them to make things work But in October 2009, John is still around and telling better. And as you learn especially in college, the path to his amazing story of faith and triumph. BY NELSON SOLOMON an easy solution is a much longer road than it seems. One of his physicians who was actually an atheist, had But with optimism and keeping your focus 04 the only one word to utter when John overcame the situation: miracle. John has testified about his situation before how my "little" complaints don't really matter all that positives of the situation, you can build your character much compared to the trials many in this country and and and become a stronger person overall through the many audiences since that time. situation. To be honest, if I was told by medical professionals that world have no choice but to endure. Does it really matter in the big picture that traffic is so It's all about where your mind is focused: the problem a fanily member or loved one would be a vegetable after my terrible injury, I would be utterly shocked and have no intense on 2nd Street that it takes me an extra ten min- or what can be gained from solving the problem. utes to get somewhere, even if I'm late? Is it worth the desire or ability to look at the positives in the situation.





8, 2009

Assistant Director of compliance and training

WITH Angela Rice by Tiffany Brown, Staff Writer

Financial Aid Director Angela Rice sheds light on the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009 congressional legislation. The bill has already passed through the House of Representatives and is waiting on the approval or the rejection of the Senate.

What does the new bill mean for UCO who are currently ecewing students who are getting (oans?


If the bill passes, then beginning July 1, 2010, approximately 4200 schools would be required to send all loan certifications through one origination and disbursement provider which is the Department of Education Direct Lending Program. Students will no longer have the choice to choose their lender and therefore no competition among lenders to offer incentives to student borrowers to use one bank over another which can result in savings to the student borrower.

1:12 A

s it better for the government or for students or both?

The savings from eliminating the FFEL program will increase funding for the Federal Loan and Pell Grant Programs.


From what I've read the new program is going to save the government money Is it going to save students money?


By eliminating FFEL, the government would not have to pay a subsidy to the private lenders for making those loans. This savings would provide increased funding for the Federal Loan and Grant programs. The interest rates would be the same whether in the FEEL program or in the Direct Loan Program. Currently interest rates are 5.6% on the subsidized Stafford loans and 6.8% on the unsubsidized Stafford loans. Competition among lenders results in lenders offering repayment incentives which could provide savings to the student borrower.


Who is going to benefit most from this program?

That is difficult to determine at this point. Some schools on Direct Lending support the program and other schools who went to Direct Lending, came back to the FFEL program.

Are there any students who would potentially be excluded from this_program that were eligiblefor the old program? No.

Could you explain the difference between FFEL and SAFRA? 1.1-, EL stands for Federal Family Educational Loan Program where private lenders provide funds that are guaranteed by the Federal Government. The William D. Ford Direct Loan Program (Direct Lending) is another federal loan program where students borrow directly from the U.S. Department of Education. Currently, schools have an option to participate in FFEL or Direct Lending. UCO and the majority of schools in the country (approximately 70%) participate in the FFEL program. SAFRA (Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009) is the bill that proposes to eliminate the FFEL program.

Is UCO leaning more toward EL and SA FRA? The bill has passed the House, if it passes the Senate, which is expected, and President Obama signs it into law, then UCO and all schools across the country will move to Direct Lending through the Department of Education beginning July 1, 2010. Currently, UCO participates in the FFEL program where students have the choice of selecting a lender.




What impact will the Senate's decision to pass the bill or not have on students?

All students receiving a federal student loan will be required to sign a new master promissory note through the Department of Education's Direct Lending Program. Title IV Student Loan Management Contracts have been awarded to Sallie Mae Corporation, NelNet, Inc, Great Lakes Education Loan Services, and AES/PHEAA to help provide service necessary to support anticipated increases in the number of loans owned by the Department and to ensure borrowers receive the assistance they need to effectively manage their federal student loan obligations. We are not yet sure how the loans will be divided among these servicers.


What is one important factor students should know about the bill?

The bill would also allocate $50 million to the Department of Education to provide technical assistance, training, informational materials, and other forms of customized assistance to schools transitioning from the FFEL program to the Direct Loan Program. This is crucial for schools that will be asked to make this transition in a relatively short period of time.

Is there anything else you would like to discuss?


UCO's software system supports Direct Lending; therefore it should be a relatively smooth transitional process for the Financial Aid Office as well as for students. Students should check their UCO email in UCONNECT weekly for updated information from the Financial Aid Office concerning this issue.

Wouldn't you rather write them than read them?


I /

Order of Omega, the national-Greek honor society honoring sorority and fraternity members who excel in academics, leadership, service and standards, is currently seeking new members. AjoyCicants should have junior or senior standing, be a member of a fraternity or sorority that is officiaCCy recognized by UCO and the Greek Life office, be in good standing with their chapter and the University, and acac&micaCCy above the aCC-Greek average.

Appacaticms are avai,Cable in the NUC Room 212.1 & 0 are due no Cater than Monday, October 12, at 5 _p.m.

The Vista is looking for writers. Applicants should have completed Media Writing and have completed or be currently enrolled in News Reporting. Applicants should also have writing samples. If interested, contact Teddy Burch in The Vista office at 974-5123.

Hobby's Hoagies

Authentic Philadelphia Cheesesteaks and Italian Subs and New York Pizza

Student Special:

Show your student W and get a 7 in. hoagie, chips, and a medium drink for 05!

Edmond goad and Santa Fe 148-2214

325 N. Walker In OKC 605-3131


Greek Life

A Division of Student Affairs

Hours: Mon-Sat - 10:30ani - 9pnt


On this day in 1871, names sparked in the Chicago barn of Patrick and Catherine O'Leary, igniting a 2-day blaze that kills between 200 and 300. October 8th 1971, John Lennon releases his megabit "limo ine" — On this day in 1967, socialist revolutionary and guerilla leader Che Guevara, age 39, was killed by the Bolivian an-Ely.



We Can Insure: • Permits • Foreign Licenses • Minimum Auto Coverage Credit Cards Accepted • Discounts for Full Payments • Payment Plans Available Travelling Abroad? We Can Issue Temporary & International Medical Insurance.

Close to UCO! Call us today @ (405) 715-2233

Old Surety Insurance Agency (Formerly Insurance Depot)

Make Sure You Have Protection! 1712 S. Boulevard, Edmond

PAGE 4 OCTOBER 8, 2009

From India to Italy: Jesse Miller's latest showcase Kan! Oswald 1 „„,,,4,„A ,b,„,

Photographer and UCO professor Jesse Miller spent two weeks in Italy over the summer as assisting professor for Dr. Mark Hanebutt's travel writing class. While there he shot approximately 1,500 photographs that captured the culture and life of that country. "It was definitely about texture and color, because Italy is a lot of texture and color," Miller said. "For most of it, I kept people out of the shots because I wanted to ... put it into an observers point of view. I tried to have the viewer be the person in the images instead of having people be in the images so much." After returning home Miller narrowed down his images to a collection of thirty that he liked and, of those thirty, 14 are currently on display at Papa Angelo's Pizzaria at 3921 N. College Ave. in Bethany. The artwork went up on Sept. 23 and will be on display until Oct. 23, and the reception was on Oct. 2. Miller said he approached Papa Angelo's about a doing a show before he left for Italy because the it is a friendly, family owned and operated restaurant that he felt deserved more attention. "They wanted me to go to New York and take some photos, being that they are from New York, but I wasn't

able to go until [this spring break]," Miller said. "They're Italian-New Yorkers and I really wanted to do something that would be fitting for that place and I thought it would be ... a good location all-around." There are 12 color and two black and white 6-by-9-inch photographs of entrance and alley ways and other detailed depictions of life in Italy in the collection at Papa Angelo's. The images come in additions of ten, which means only ten prints Will be made, they are all matted, signed and framed in a 14-by-18 inch frame and priced at $75.00. "Seventy-five dollars seemed fair. To me the whole point of having the show in Bethany ... is because I didn't want to take it overly serious, it was supposed to be a fun ...come eat and enjoy," Miller said. "I thought it was fitting of the pictures. Italy doesn't take things too seriously, I didn't want to take things too seriously." Miller has taken photos in England and India, as well as Italy, and he said that Italy has the most color of the three. He said it was a very welcoming country that was very opened to being photographed. "India was beautiful," Miller said. "There was so many social issues and people. I was really drawn to that in India. They are completely different places. London was very metropolitan. It had its charm but not as much as Italy, I don't think." Miller has a Masters of Fine Arts in photography and ,

has been teaching for five years. He has taught photography at UCO for three years where he has taught basic, fashion and portrait as well as advanced commercial photography. Some of his work includes collections of Rosswell, NM, and elements of pre-colonial Native American life in the Southeast United States and neon signs. He has also done fashion but travel and documentary photography are starting to become his favorite type of photography. "Photography and travel ... go so well together," Miller said. "You look at the place you're going in a much more detailed way if you bring your camera along. You're not just going through some place, you have to look and try to find what's interesting about it. I think you're more visually sophisticated when you have a camera." This June Miller will offer a travel photography course that will spend two weeks traveling from San Diego to San Francisco California. Miller's work can be viewed at www.JesseLeeMiller. corn.

Vista Managing Editor Kory Oswald can be reached at koswald@uco360.corn.



PAGE 5 OCTOBER 8, 2009



PAGE 6 OCTOBER 8, 2009

Continued from page 1

Blau's childhood through the eyes of 5:45 p.m. to 7 p.m. Givan became friends with Blau's par- 14-year-old Jaime, and her experiences in ents, Sheridan and Bonnie Blau, when the summer of 1976. It's the summer when she has her first he and Sheridan began teaching at the University of California, Santa Barbara in boyfriend, surfer Flip Jenkins; when her 1970. Jessica was about 7 when he first two best friends get serious about sex, cigarettes and tanning; and when her parmet her. "I taught there until 1976, leaving, in ents throw naked swim parties, leaving fact, the bicentennial summer which is the Jamie flushed with embarrassment. And it's the summer that forever changes the setting for Jessica's [first] novel," he said. Givan said he thinks her second novel way Jamie sees the things that matter: will be more complex and more profound family, friendship, love and herself. Born and raised in Southern California, than "Naked Swim Parties." "In the new novel, Ms. Blau looks at Blau attended the University of California, an American family where the three adult Berkeley and lived in the Bay Area for eight children are in their thirties and thus have years until she moved to Toronto, Canada, lived through many adult experiences according to her biography at www.redinvolving career, marriages, partners and While in Canada, she started writing so forth," he said. "Even more than 'The Summer of Naked fiction. She was not granted a work perSwim Parties,' this novel manages to look mit (her husband was employed with a both at the dynamics of a family as well Canadian company), had no children and as the individual crises and pleasures of was somewhat at a loss as to how feel like individual family members," he said. "The a productive person. Blau started with limited resources, and new novel is a bigger canvas, but the secure didn't even know she could save things on brush strokes are the same." "The Summer of Naked Swim Parties," computers. She eventually started making published by HarperCollins, focuses on discs for her husband every few weeks for

him to print off her work. The first story that Blau sent out was accented by a Canadian literary magazine. It was at this point that she realized maybe her writing wasn't so awful, and maybe she could go to a graduat ,_ writing program, and maybe she might actually one day be a writer. With her then three-year-old daughter, Maddie, Jessica moved to Baltimore after being accepted into The Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins University. The first thing she did when she got to Baltimore was to buy a printer for her computer. Her husband stayed in Canada and they eventually divorced. Blau wrote and wrote and wrote while she was at Hopkins and during the years after she graduated. She met and married David Grossbach, a documentary film editor, and they had a baby, Ella. During this time, she also had about 25 short stories published. During this time, she was awarded scholarships for Bread Loaf and the Sewanee Writers' Conference. It was while she was at Sewanee that Jessica got the idea for "The Summer of Naked Swim Parties."

"This book wilt make you laugh and cry In public." —Larry Do*, author of I Love You, Seth Coopa

The Summer of floked Swim Porties

Jessica Rriuo 3tou

E !diVp7. 4 MR,

MO1 11, Mt

Blau's first book, "The Summer of Naked Swim Parties" has been out since May 31, 2008. The book is also available through Kindle on Amazon.

Dining services announces promotions Kaylea Brooks s,„/,


it/(r •

UCO Dining Services plans on announcing upcoming promotions for students at Rock the Block 2009, with clarifications on student dining as well. Among the promotions are Free-Fry Fridays at the Broncho Sports Grill (with the purchase of a hamburger/drink), $0.50 off all sandwiches, salads and pastries at the three Outtakes locations (Nigh Center, Buddy's and Library Café) with a coupon and $r off for students who show their IDs at Legends. Director of Dining Services Greg Schwartz said that the on-campus dining has undergone rigorous construction since the university awarded the bid to Chartwell's. Among the renovations were the central cafeteria, now Buddy's, the suites cafeteria turned Broncho Sports Grill, the Nigh Center convenience store that is now one of the Outtakes, and the newly built Starbucks, also in the student

through changes to house new vendors like center. All of the projects, labeled as "phase Quizno's Subs, Mama Leones' Pizza, based one" by Schwartz, are the beginning of the off of a New York Pizzeria, Martin Yan's Asian cuisine, and a grill with the Coyote new face of student dining. The dining services began with the Jack menu. Schwartz said that each location rotates remodeling of the outdated facilities, and then instating new menus and even ven- through limited time offers with special dors at the on-campus dining locations. recipes developed for that certain location. At Buddy's, the menu has an 18-day cycle. Legends will have a seasonal menu that Buddy's concept was to have the cooking will change slightly for the winter, offering upfront where the students could see their more comfort foods, he said. Like all the other dining locations, a food being made fresh. new menu was developed for Legends. A convenience store, or Outtakes, was placed at the entrance so that students are The menu offers such things as fish tacos, allowed the chance to buy various items, a Thanksgiving Day sandwich, and other such as laundry detergent, on their way items that should be healthier to students out. The former cafeteria's name was the and faculty. Schwartz also said that most students result of a student survey, a name that won have the misconception that if they don't out of the student picks. At the same time that the cafeteria was have a meal plan, they can't eat on campus being renovated, the suites transformed at Buddy's or any other student dining into a sports grill with a menu from Coyote facility. Nothing could be further from the Jack's, a southern grill theme with wraps truth, he said. "Students don't understand that they and burgers. The Broncho Sports Grill was also decorated with UCO sports memora- can still eat here. There is a great value in a meal plan if they're eating here a lot, but bilia and decked with new flat screens. The food court most recently went it's extremely inexpensive if they're paying

cash than if they were to eat off campus," Schwartz said. He listed the benefits of on-campus dining, such as convenience of not having to leave in the traffic and find parking on the way back, healthiness of on-campus food and the better value of paying for a wide variety of meal items, like pasta, pizza, meat, waffles and other things offered at Buddy's. "We want it to be an experience for the students," Amy Walling, marketing coordinator of dining services, said. UCO Dining hopes to clarify what this experience for students will be by making known the many options for them at the Rock the Block concert. Along with various discounts as mentioned above, it will also be having promotions such as a tailgating promo at the Broncho Sports Grill and Bronze and Blue Day at Buddy's before home games. They will also hold Monday Nite football deals and other specials listed at www. on the events calendar.

Photo by Allison Rathgeber

Outtakes inside the Nigh University Center is one of many campus dining facilities that have undergone recent renovations.

Relient K has been making the real thing since 1997, when they were in high school. In the decade since, they've released five full-length albums (three are certified Gold), five EPs and a Christmas record, toured the globe, and racked up several hit singles, a Grammy nomination, two Dove Awards and performances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan 0' Brien and Jimmy Kimmel Live. The Los Angeles Times has praised Relient K for "its smart blend of punk pop and power pop, weaving together influences as diverse as the Beach Boys, Blink-182 and Fountains of Wayne" while Spin noted, "Few bands play punk-influenced modern rock as proficiently." Joining Relient K will be Barcelona and Copeland for "A Three Hour Tour."




For ticket information, call 405-297-2264 or 1-800-364-7111. Tickets also available at the Rose State College Performing Arts Theatre box office located at 1-40 and Hudiburg Drive, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.2 p.m., 2 hours before show time and online at ,

$.50 off any sandwich, salad or dessert at any of the 3 campus locations! - Library - Nigh University Center - Buddy's When convenience counts and quality matters. Not valid with any other offers. Expires 10/31/09. Brouglif to you by UCO Dining Services.

CLASSIFIEDS Entry level. Must be available on Saturday. Email resume to nwoptometrist@ .

Part Time General Helper

with established commercial and residential house cleaning service. Some marketing. Flexible hours. Hourly plus 12 to 20 hours per week. 348-4697..

Temporary Positions Available for Busy Holiday Season.

Must be 21. Heavy lifting required. Please apply in person at Edmond Wine Shop: 1520 S. Boulevard.

Private Golf Club.

Looking for friendly, energetic staff to join our team as Event Staff or in the Golfer's Grill. One full-time and one part-time position open so do not hesitate and apply now! Will train. Located just a few minutes from UCO to apply in person at 10909 Clubhouse Road, Edmond, OK or email .

Server Positions

Available Š Pearl's Lakeside. Apply within. 748-6113

Shogun's Steakhouse

Hiring for wait staff, bussers, dish washers, host, bartender. Apply in person at Northpark Mall (NW 122nd & N. May) after 5:30pm. 749-0120

Teacher Needed Immediately

for Edmond Daycare. FT/ PT. Experience preferred, competitive wages. Apply in person @ 24 NW 146th. Call Camelot C.D.0 7492262.

Senior Services Of Oklahoma

Is looking for students to fill part time positions. Several 9am - 1pm and 1:30 pm - 5:30pm shifts are available for Mon-Fri. We pay $10 per hour for energetic phone work educating senior citizens on healthcare issues. No experience is needed we will train. Business is located at 1417 NW 150th St. in Edmond. Call 879-1888 to set up an interview. Ask for Megan Parris. SERVICES



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1 Bedroom Apartment

Gas and water paid. NO PETS! Located near UCO. 1209 N. Roosevelt. $375/mo. + deposit. 641-0712.


DEADLINES: All classifieds MUST be submitted by noon Tuesday for the Thursday publication and Friday noon for the Tuesday publication. PRICES: Classified ads cost $7/day for the first 20 words and $.10/word thereafter. PAYMENT IS DUE WHEN AD IS PLACED. Classified Display ads (one column boxed ads on classified page) have same deadlines and prices as regular display ads. Call 974-5549 or 974-5918 for info

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The Language Company: Edmond

Conveniently located on the UCO campus, offers English as a second language classes for international students/individuals. NOW FEATURING a specially designed program with: Strong emphasis in listening & speaking, highly interactive classes, and a new and improved TOEFL program. Enjoy small classes and the campus facilities. Contact us at (405) 341-2125 or

OCTOBER 8, 2009



Seeking Part Time Optometrist Assistant.


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The Vista is now accepting personal classifieds! Wish your friends a happy birthday, give a shout-out or send any message you want. All ads are subject to approval.

State Farm


Providing Insurance and Financial Services

Home Office, Bloomington, Illinois 61710

Gene "COACH" Waits RHU, Agent 723 W Edmond Road, Across from "Sonic" Bus 405 341 7060 Fax 405 341 1911 Edmond, OK 73003-5626 Res 405 341 7400 Cell 405 570 9900

The greatest compliment you can give is a referral.


PAGE 8 OCTOBER 8, 2009


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"It will be a represent U.S.A. on our on turf," Bill Hamiter, the Sitting Volleyball team coach, said. "The championship will also be one of the largest." Opening Ceremonies will be held at Wantland Football Stadium July 10, 2010. The ceremonies will include recognition of teams from each nation. The tournament will be held from July 11-18 and the closing party will be held on July 18. UCO is currently home to 11 Paralympics' athletes including:


Eric Duda, Roderick Greene, Edgar Miraku, Dan Regan, Dan Regan and James Stuck for the Men's sitting Volleyball team, and Michelle Gerlosky, Katie Holloway, Nichole Millage, Brenda Maymon for the wWomen's sitting Volley ball team and T.J. Pemberton for Archery "UCO does not do all the work by itself," he said "We have so many people to thank her on our campus." "UCO is very very pleased to have the opportunity," Officials said. Tickets to the Paralympics qualifying event will go on

sale in Spring 2010. The cost for day passes to the competition will be $io for adults and $5 for children 12 and under. Individuals will also have the opportunity to volunteer and work at the event. Vista Writer Tiffany Brown can be reached at

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A huge gap has been formed between the cost of tuition. and the amount of students' fees that are being paid. The only two choices students have is to either accept a 6 percent raise in tuition or have a $3.00 increase in student fees over the next few years, Stockton said. If the tuition is increased students do not get to control where the money goes. However, if student activity fees are increased students the funds can be earmarked and students.can control how that money is spent, he said. This means student's could have the

money to get a new student center built, or provided funds for a 24-hour library. Whatever the students wanted on campus the additional money would be used for those purposes. According to Stockton, a $3 increase would equal an additional $3.9 million dollars for students to spend over the next five years. It would be a tiered system of self-taxation. If students where to help bring in $3.9 million dollars for the university they would have the opportunity to discuss having better activities such as the home-

coming concert that was free to students. Events such as this attract high-school students and may help increase the amount of students who make UCO their college of choice. This would also help bring more money into the university and distribute the cost of tuition. The next town hall meeting will be held on October 20, 2009, Stockton said. The purpose of the town hall meetings are, "To educate and build a foundation of students who want to move forward with this," he said.

The forum is for students who want to discuss an increase in student fees. UCOSA is hoping to gain student support in putting together a proposal that would be presented to the university. If the university approved the proposal it would have to also go through the regents for approval. Stockton said, he wanted the opportunity to facilitate a change in how student funds are collected and distributed. Those who have thoughts, ideas, or opinions are encouraged to come to future town hall forums.

Student Art Sale at Jazz Lab one night only Caleb McWilliams Cop) Editor

The Student Art Association will hold an art sale next week at the UCO Jazz Lab. The sale, called the "Mad Hatter's Ball," will also include games and prizes, including a contest for the best hat. "We encourage people to dress up and wear crazy hats," Student Art Association president Jennifer Waldrop said. There will also be live music by Bridgewater and Justin Witte and the Homewreckers. Additionally, there will be a cash bar at the event, she said. • Artworks to be sold at the event will include paintings,

prints, ceramics, etching and photography, Waldrop said. "Supporting the arts, especially the student artists of tomorrow, is...vital to the well-being of our community," Waldrop said. "Interacting with art has the ability to inspire, motivate and change people's lives and society's ideals." "All arts, including visual arts, have the unique ability to communicate our values, stories, passions, and history," she said. Waldrop said the Student Art Association works to increase opportunities for its members, while giving back to the community. "Basically, we are work-

ing to gain exposure for the importance of the arts and our student artists' work and their role in the arts community," Waldrop said. "We encourage students to become active civic leaders by providing volunteer opportunities in the community and through events like `Mad Hatter's Ball' and our spring children's educational workship Arts for Kids." "There should be affordable student work," Waldrop said. "Prints and things like that are usually pretty affordable, and there will also be some more expensive pieces." Prices for prints and ceramic pieces will be as low as $7 to $3o and large pieces will be up to $900, Waldrop said.

Waldrop said there should be thirteen to fifteen students and six professors whose work will be exhibited and sold. Tickets for the event are $5 for students, $7 in advance for the general public and $io at the door. Tickets can be purchased at Thompson's Bookstore on University Drive, or by calling the Student Art Association's faculty adviser, A.D. Donovan at 974-5226. Vista Copy Editor Caleb McWilliams can be reached at cmcwilliams@uco360. COM.

Photo Provided

"Vanity II" by Shikoh Shiraiwa, shown here, is one of the artworks to be sold at the "Mad Hatter's Ball" next Thursday.

Iron Jawed Angels G.A.T.E. holds tradition, tribute lenefar De Leon to be screened Fri. Caleb McWilliams The UCO Film Society will team up with the Association of Women's Studies to hold a screening of "Iron Jawed Angels" this Friday at 7:00 p.m. The film, about the women's suffrage movement, will follow a meeting of the society at 5:00 p.m. The film society, which is in its second year, is "a group of students that love films" and screens "mainstream movies as well as some 'art house' films," the society's Web site says. Leah Heitzke, president of the film society, said that she would like the organization to be "a club where like-minded students who love films as much as I do can meet up to watch, discuss, and critique films." "Really, my aim this

year is to get more people involved and to have some fun," she said. Upcoming events this semester for the group include a bake sale and screening of "Night of the Living Dead" on Oct. 30, and a party and screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Oct. 31. Heitzke said that the society would also like to showcase on of the member's films this November and focus on a community service project and screen a relevant film to the project. "We've also discussed guest lectures regarding the film industry, history, theory or criticism," she said. The meeting this Friday will be held in the Liberal Arts building room 216. Vista Copy Editor Caleb McWilliams can be reached at .




fully change the negative attributes," Macey says. Stuff 1, 1 Macey says that in the past people were more closed-minded because it The Gay Alliance for Tolerance and may have been that they never met Equality (G.A.T.E) is hosting their someone who is gay, lesbian or transloth Annual National Coming Out gender, but currently people are more Day Candlelight Vigil on October 12 open and supportive because now at Fink Park. they either know someone such as a UCO G.A.T.E began hosting an relative or friend. annual candlelight vigil a year after "During the Homecoming Parade, the brutal murder of Mathew Shepard Edmond and the UCO community on Oct. 12, 1999. were very positive and supportive. Dr. David Macey, Department of UCO campus can be consider one English Chairperson and faculty advi- of the most friendly environment sor of G.A.T.E says this is an opportu- and support group for GLBT," he nity for students to come together in says. "Climate has changed a lot since a safe and supportive environment to then." come share their story. G.A.T.E is also going to participate "It's a mediated gathering, where in the AIDS Walk of Oklahoma City everyone can share their story and on Sunday, Oct. 11th at the Myriad declare him or herself with their fam- Botanical Gardens Downtown. This ily and friends present," he says. event is to raise awareness and funds G.A.T.E is a registered student for the prevention and treatment of organization that provides support for HIV/AIDS. gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender "This event is about building comstudents, and faculty and community munity awareness," Macey says. members. "Straight, Gays and Lesbians come G.A.T.E also sponsors the UCO together to support this cause." Safe-Zone Ally program, Out-Ok and The 5k registrations will be at 7 the annual Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and a.m. and start at 8:3o a.m. and the Transgender (GLBT) film festival. walk registration will be at 12:3o p.m. "Through visibility we can hope- and begin at 2 p.m. For more infor-

EARC Thrift Stores Hours: Monday - Thursday - 9-5 Friday and Saturday - 9-7 Shop EMU for all your Pack to School needs. We have Furniture, Appliances, Mattresses, Housewares, Electronics, books, Game Systems, TV's, Stereo's, Luggage, Linen's, Clothing, Shoes, You Name it, we got It! Check out our Student Discounts. New Items Arriving Daily! 100 E Third St er 92 E 15th St 348-6502


mation about the event go online al www. Macey says that G.A.T.E's purpos( is to educate the public and provide a service and outreach program. It main goal is advocate tolerance am equality for all people regardless o: sexual orientation in a safe environment. G.A.T.E host's social events with guest speakers who have served in local government who were gay or lesbian proving high acceptance in today's society The candlelight vigil is open for public to attend at 7:30 p.m. with special guest speaker Attorney and counselor at Law Brittany Novotny. Fink Park is located across 2nd Street from the UCO Campus. For more information about G.A.T.E contact David Macey at dmacey@ uco. edu. G.A.T.E meet every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Liberal Art Faculty Lounge room 211. "We used to meet monthly, but it changed to weekly because the students want to come together discuss issues and have fun." Macey says. "This year we have great student leaders, and so far it's a really good year."


Bring this coupon in for a:


Only Valid At: *After Rebate

811 S. Broadway, Edmond, OK 73034 405-359-9612


PAGE 9 OCTOBER 8, 2009

NFL Opinion: Which coach's seat is the hottest? Chris Wescott Sports Editor

The list of NFL head coaches that are on the hot seat continue to pile up as the season rolls on. Locally, the most notable would be Dallas Cowboy head coach Wade Phillips. However there are many more feeling the heat. Eric Mangini, Dick Jauron, Gary Kubiak, Jack Del Rio, Tom Cable, Nory Turner, and Jim Zorn are all NFL coaches who may find themselves searching for a new job come next season if they fail to produce. So who is in the most danger of losing their job? Wade Phillips has start-

ed this year 2-2 in Dallas. Tony Romo is losing fan support faster than Usain Bolt runs the 40-yard dash, and the Cowboys have not won a playoff game since 1996. Not for lack of making the playoffs, as they have made the post-season five times since that game. They just cannot put it all together and win when it matters. However, Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys, has expressed confidence in Phillips. So he is safe. For now. Jack Del Rio is coaching for a fan base that has yet to show they really care if the team wins or not. I am not putting down the

Jacksonville fan base as a a few seasons left under seat, but he won't be fired whole, as I am friends with his belt. Nory Turner has until the front office of San several Jaguar fans and produced wins for the San Diego sees how the season they are all die-hard loyal Diego Chargers. plays out. Jag-fans. Tom Cable is the head However, the team coach of the Oakland will not sell out a single "Tony Romo is losing fan Raiders. Under owner Al home game this year, support faster than Usain Davis, the head coach of forcing all eight to be Bolt runs the 40-yard dash, the Raiders is always on blacked out on local tele- and the Cowboys have not the hot seat. Cable has vision and the stadium been on the hot seat since won a playoff game since consistently has whole last season when he took sections covered with 1996." over for Lane Kiffin. —Chris Wescott tarp to take up seats. It didn't help that Until a large majority of there are reports circufans start showing disaplating that Cable got into pointment in the franchise, Although he has con- a physical fight with a team change is not imminent. sistently shown faults with aide. There is also a posGary Kubiak seems to game planning and play sibility he will be arrested be turning the Houston calling, he got the Chargers for assault and suspended. franchise into a legitimate to the playoffs last year. So he may be the first to go, contender, so he may have Turner may be on the hot but even legal issues don't

Or CLOW ao long co you want. Only U.S. Cellular® Ma Free Incoming Cat16, and Pix from anyone at any time. free. phone i6 Text So nearly hair the time on the


make him my top coach on the hot seat. Now, my top two coaches on the hot seat are Jim Zorn of the Washington Redskins and Dick Jauron of the Buffalo Bills. Jim Zorn had never been a coordinator in the league before owner Dan Snyder hired him a season ago to be the head coach. That was the first mistake. The second was to allow Zorn to call the offensive plays. Now there are questions about whether or not Jason Campbell is their franchise quarterback, whether or not Washington will win 5 games this season etc. etc. I mean, the 'Skins lost to the Detroit Lions. A thing no team had done in 19 games prior to that debacle. So Zorn has got to be feeling the heat. However it is Dick Jauron that will receive the bulk of my criticism and my vote for coach most likely to get fired pre-bye week. The Buffalo Bills have suffered through three straight 7-9 seasons in a row. Although not awful, a 7-9 record is below .500, and not going to the playoffs does not leave a lot to be happy about. The main problem with Jauron is the way Buffalo losses, and the way they go 7-9 every year, conservatively and boring, and at times, embarrassing. Last week's 38-10 thumping of the Bills by previously winless Miami is the perfect example. But the icing on the cake was the way the Bills played last year under Jauron. Buffalo got off to a 5-1 start to the season. Some ESPN and analysts picked them to go to the Super Bowl. Then Jauron's true colors showed and he effectively coached the Bills down to lose eight of their next 10 games and finish the season 7-9. Even after switching to the no-huddle re-shuffling an in-effective offensive line, adding a first round talent pass rusher and signing Terrell Owens, the Bills are out to a 1-3 start and look bad doing it. You know it's bad when of the team's former players begin to speak out against the coach and team. Linebacker Darryl Talley from Buffalo's Super Bowl glory days of the nineties has begun to lash out against the current Bills regime. From Talley's twitter account: "What a disgrace to professional football. I'm embarrassed [for] them." So good luck to all of these coaches in the future, whether they stay with their current team or not. But for some, it is only a matter of time before that SportsCenter tone rings and the breaking news banner flashes on screen telling us another coach bites the dust.

Hockey travels to Ohio for showcase

believe in something

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The Bronchos travel to Youngstown, Ohio to participate in the 2009 ACHA Showcase. UCO has a tough slate of games this weekend. UCO plays three teams. Two are ranked and the final team received votes in the rankings. The Bronchos play Youngstown State on Friday night. Then they play No. 16 Duquesne on Saturday night. UCO wraps up their Showcase lineup Sunday with a match against No. 10 Rhode Island. UCO returns to Edmond for a two game series against Indiana October 23-24.


PAGE 10 OCTOBER 8, 2009

Bronchos Cross Country team finishes 12th Prepares for Lone Star Conference Championships Oct. 24 Steve Vidal Sports IV riter

Evelyn Berko led the UCO cross country team to another strong performance at the Cowboy Jamboree last Saturday in Stillwater. UCO managed a 12th place finish scoring 271 points under less than ideal circumstances. This season's top runner Alina Istrate missed the meet due to a foot injury and some of the other girls battled minor injuries as well. Berko, the only senior on the team, crossed the finish line first for the Bronchos in 23rd place with a time of 19:47.40 in the five- kilometer race. Twenty-six teams and 199 runners participated in the college/ junior college part of the meet. "I am pleased with our effort and how we ran," UCO head coach J.D. Martin said. Last year the event included a six-kilometer race, but this year the event only had a fivekilometer race. The team had been looking forward to running the longer race as their only chance for a tune-up in the longer distance before the conference meet. UCO continued getting good contributions out of freshman Angelica Martinez and Cara Cox. As the next two Bronchos to cross the finish line after Berko, Martinez came in 55th at 20:31.70 and Cox posted a

66th place finish at 20:49.80. Junior captain Julia Crocker came in 71st at 20:54.00 after recently missing some training time with an injury. Three more runners participated in the race for UCO, all freshmen. Hannah Pempsell finished at 21:10.80 along with Angel Vick at 21:11.90 and Iasha Keller at 22:39.50. This Saturday UCO travels to Shawnee for the Bison Invitational. The meet is the last one of the regular season before the Lone Star Conference Championships. "The biggest thing is getting healthy," Martin said. After the meet in Shawnee the team will have two weeks to prepare for the conference championships. Martin says that the team will go back into a longer training schedule during the extra week in preparation for the conference meet. The Bronchos went into a longer training schedules during weeks with no meet earlier this season. This year the Lone Star Conference Championships will be Oct. 24 in Canyon, Photo provided Texas. The six- kilometer race will give UCO a chance to see where they stack up UCO competes in the land run at the beginning of September [above]. Last against the best in the conference. Vista Writer Steve Vidal can be reached at svidal@uco360.corn.

weekend the Bronchos finished 12th, scoring 271 points. The Bronchos will look towards the Lone Star Conference Championships which take place on October, 24 in Canyon, Texas.

UCO will try to snap their four game losing streak Saturday Chris Wescott Sports Editor

A comeback effort that comes up short always hurts, especially if it was on Homecoming. Last Saturday the Bronchos lost a Homecoming heartbreaker coming up eight points short in the fourth quarter losing 31-23 to Southwest Baptist University. The Bronchos, however, cannot dwell on the past. They have a tough opponent coming up in Southeastern Oklahoma State University this Saturday. The 1-5 Bronchos will attempt to snap a four-game losing streak when they travel to Durant, Okla. to take on 4-2 Southeastern. Southeastern has posted some impressive wins this season, flexing their offensive muscles. In their four wins, Southeastern has scored 29, 33, 49 and 54 points. They have also gotten some stout defensive performances, limiting their opponents to scores of nine and io points in their last two wins. UCO hasn't been so lucky as of late. The Bronchos face arguably one of the toughest schedules in NCAA Division II football. Their first four games came against ranked opponents. Three were on the road. Since entering Lone Star Conference North Division

play, the Bronchos have gone 0-2, losing by a cornbined score of 12 points. They lost their division opener against Texas A&M Commerce 27-23 when they allowed Commerce to drive down the field and score a touchdown with two seconds left in the game. UCO lost their Homecoming game last week 31-23 on a late fourth quarter failed attempt at scoring a touchdown. These two teams met last year in Edmond and the then 2-4 Bronchos put on a scoring clinic against Southeastern winning in a 41-7 blowout. Quarterback Brandon Noohi was 26 of 36 passing for 346 yards and two touchdowns. He also ran for three scores in the win. This week's game will be a coming home for Noohi, as he began his college career with SOSU. While passing is a strength of the Bronchos, Central Oklahoma will also try to continue their rushing success that they had last week. After going through a few weeks with a lackluster rushing attack, Ben Birmingham led the Bronchos to a total of 148 yards on the ground last week. Birmingham ran 18 times for 106 yards on route to a 5.9 average. The Bronchos have let up a lot of yards this season defensively. UCO has allowed over 447 yards per game from opposing offenses this season. This week it will be a challenge to contain a Savage Storm offense that is averag-

ing 30.8 points per game and over 375 yards a game and over 135 yards rushing per game. Kickoff is scheduled for 2:3o p.m. on Saturday. The game can be heard in the Oklahoma City and Edmond area on 1340 AM Fox Sports Radio. Vista Sports Editor Chris Wescott can be reached at cwescott@uco360. corn.


)Bryant Place Sr11 t

Photo by Byron Koontz

UCO runningback Ben Birmingham runs over a Southwest Baptist defender last weekend. UCO fell to 1-5 on the season with the loss to the Bearcats.

Dennis Chaumont, 325 N Bryant Edmond, OK 73034 (405)341-4581


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student to, mg

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The Vista Oct. 08, 2009  

The University of Central Oklahoma's student voice since 1903.

The Vista Oct. 08, 2009  

The University of Central Oklahoma's student voice since 1903.