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Aug. 28, 2008

Attention poured into drinking age "While I believe it is appropriate to call attention to alcohol, I do not support the Amethyst Initiative and will not join the other presidents in signing the proposal."

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--President Webb

Now that it's almost Friday, are you ready to answer the weekend's call? Here are the best for local entertainment this weekend.


OU vs. Chattanooga

Cheer on the Sooners as they take on the Mocs of Chattanooga on Saturday. The game will be at GaylordFamily Oklahoma Memorial stadium at 6 pm. Television coverage is available on pay-per-view.


Roman art from the Louvre Ancient Roman artifacts from the Louvre are on loan to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Open until Oct. 12, tickets to the exhibit are $12 for adults, $10 for seniors and students and museum members receive free admission.

University presidents seek initiative to curb binge drinking By Laura Hoffert

Senior Reporter


"The Three Musketeers"

Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park is performing "The Three Musketeers" at the Myriad Gardens Water Stage Friday evening, 8pm. Tickets are available online at oklahomashakespeare. corn or at the OSP box office at 7pin the might of the show, $10 for adults, $8 for students and seniors.

In ancient Greece the amethyst stone was believed to ward off drunkenness. College presidents from 100 universities such as Dartmouth, Duke, Tufts and Johns Hopkins University are hoping that the Amethyst Initiative will do the same. UCO President Roger Webb disagrees. The initiative calls for the drinking age to be lowered from 21 to 18. The presidents believe doing so will lessen binge drinking on their campuses. The college leaders joined together last year in an effort to draw attention to the issue. John McCardell started the initiative as the previous president of Middlebury College in Vermont. He also created www. ChooseResponsibili to supply information, both political and scientific, to the unsure citizens, students and organizations. "While I believe it is appropriate to call attention to the serious issues relating to alcohol, I do not support the Amethyst Initiative and will not

join the other presidents in signing the proposal. Everyone knows that many college students and nonstudents under 21 drink. Many high school students also find ways to obtain beer. Does that mean we should lower the age to 16?" Webb said. The primary group to disagree with McCardell and his planned program is Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). On Aug. 19, the group released a detailed statement in opposition explaining why passing the initiative would be ineffective, the science behind the 21 law and solutions they believe would work to end excessive campus drinking. "Solutions to the problem are

centered on enforcement of the 21 law, sanctions for adults providing alcohol to those under 21, changing the environment found on many college campuses and tightening alcohol policies on campuses and working with local establishments in college communities selling alcohol to sell responsibly and to ensure those under 21 are not being served," MADD stated. see Drinking, page 4

we know who we are? No vote? No complaining curved up, never throw away food. I think the very problem with Americans today is that nobody knows who or what they are. It seems like nobody knows what it took to get this country established; nobody reads history books anymore (with the exception of probably 8 history professors who made all of our lives miserable with homework at one time or another). My question is how do I "interculturally communicate" my lifestyle, my "Americanism" in a world that frankly does not like America? In Europe we are perceived as rude, but I think most of that is because we are taught at a young age to be proud of our country, to realize that we are the best. So, when we visit other countries how do we act? Like we are the best. While in Spain, I had people to my face tell me that I, personally, was George W. Bush. In their minds (at least the two girls that told me this), I represented all that they hated, war and our president. I learned fairly quickly to not make myself obviously stick out, so I was sure not to wear those white tennis shoes. My point? We are grateful to be in a free country. We are privileged beyond comparison to have the liberties that we do. But, in celebrating that freedom, don't gray the lines of forgetting who we are: The United States of America.

hat does it mean to an American? Does it mean a usband, wife, 2.5 kids d a picket fence? oes it mean overeating n practically every holiday, not to mention every day that passes? Does it mean we grill really big hot dogs on the Fourth of July and light things on fire? If we can better define "American", it might be a little easier to communicate who and what we are to other countries. A split, divided country looks good for no one. Intercultural communications is an overwhelming phrase. It's actually a fairly large class, also. We learn basically one concept. Be accepting of other cultures and your way is not the only way. One of my biggest pet peeves is the Americans who think that we are the only country that exists. On the other hand, my other pet peeve is the type of American who thinks the very word "American" means they have to accept everyone's culture, religious beliefs, etc. and to disagree or have any opinion toward that culture whatsoever, is simply barbaric, old times, 1920s. When I went to Spain and Ecuador a couple of years ago, I remember our group leader sitting us down and discussing with us the things to do and not to do while in those countries. Don't wear white sneakers, don't summon a child with your hand

It was over 50 years During the Democratic later on Aug. 26, 1920, that National Convention, Sen. Congress ratified the XIX Hillary Clinton delivered her amendment guaranteeing speech encouraging party the same right for all unity on Aug. 26, the 88th citizens regardless of anniversary of the ratification gender. of women's suffrage in the According to www United States. , Following her speech, one BY CARRIE CRONK in 1872 Susan B. Anthony of the local news channels broadened her work for aired an opinion segment featuring e-mails from viewers expressing women's rights by "demanding" the same their opinions and thoughts about Clinton's rights be guaranteed for women that were speech and Democratic presidential provided to black men in the XIV and XV amendments. It was through the tireless nominee Sen. Barack Obama. What caught my attention was the work of women such as Anthony and number of responses in which people said Elizabeth Stanton that women today have they might not vote, or would rather not the right to vote. Today, every American citizen has an vote at all than vote for Obama. Voting is the responsibility, duty, right and privilege opinion about our country's political system of every American over the age of 18, and and our political leaders. If a person doesn't numerous groups have fought long, hard act on their right to make their voice heard battles to secure the right to vote in this about issues and what politician they prefer to be in office, then that person waives their country. According to www.15thamendment. right to complain when they don't like the, it was during the manner in which things are done. The American government depends Reconstruction Era following the Civil War that Congress began working towards upon the people educating themselves securing the right to vote for black males, about all the issues, whether domestic or with the first legislative bill addressing foreign in nature. It is the responsibility of the issue being submitted to the House the American citizen to educate themselves of Representatives by Rep. James Ashley, about each candidate, their views about R-Ohio, and over 500,000 black men cast the issues and their plans to address and ballots in the election when President resolve those problems. After doing so, the citizen should be able to come to an Ulysses S. Grant was elected. On March 30, 1870 the U.S. Congress educated decision and help to select the ratified the XV amendment, which candidate that "We the People of these guaranteed the right to vote for all male United States" deem to be best suited to American citizens "regardless of race, color run our country. or previous condition of servitude."

As Eye See It

We'd like to Devon Energy donates books to classroom . By Melissa. Dixon Correspondgnt '1 •F .

; •

Due to an editing error, a mistake ran in Vista Correspondent Melissa Dixon's article about Devon Energy's donation of textbooks to Dr. Mary Teal's Oil and Gas Accounting class, which was in the Aug. 26, 2008 issue of the Vista. As a staff, the Vista apologizes for any misrepresentation of Devon Energy, an avid supporter of UCO's business program. The correct version of Dixon's article can be found to the right. -The Vista Staff

While most students complain about textbook prices, some students receive a break on the first day of class. Dr. Mary Teal's Oil and Gas Accounting class arrived Thursday having special guests with a presentation and surprise. Greg Henson, corporate controller, and four UCO graduate employees of Devon Energy gave a presentation over the history and growth of Devon Energy and at the end announced to the class they were providing textbooks for every student enrolled in the class. In June, Devon Energy met with UCO instructors and asked what the best thing they could do for the students. "UCO is unique in that they offer an Oil and as Accounting class," Henson said. The class has only been offered at the university for three years. "Students will have a learning curve by taking this class,"

Phelps to write a book

Kaftan marriage short lived LOS ANGELES – Chris Kattan's marriage to his model wife lasted almost as long as a "Saturday Night Live" skit. The comedian filed for legal separation from model wife Sunshine Tutt after only eight weeks of marriage. The couple were married June 28 in Yosemite Valley. They spent roughly a month together; Kaftan's filings indicate they separated on Aug. 10. The couple have no children together, and Kattan's filing in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday indicates the pair have a prenuptial agreement. By filing for separation instead of divorce, Kattan is leaving the door open for a reunion with Tutt, but is indicating the pair intend to live separate lives for the time being.

AP Photo Chris Kattan

'Bond' launches autobiography: "Being a Scot" EDINBURGH, Scotland -- He's recognized around the world as the iconic face of James Bond. But in Britain, Sean Connery is also well known as a proud Scot, and on Monday he returns to his hometown to launch his autobiography. "Being a Scot" looks at Connery's early life as a milkman in Edinburgh's Fountainbridge neighborhood, then delves into a wide-ranging look at Scottish culture including the work of poet Robert Burns, novelist Sir Walter Scott and Mary, Queen of Scots. "It will illuminate what Fountainbridge's most famous former milkman thinks of many aspects of Scottish culture and life, including

Henson said. Devon Energy.:,, kras-7-been . 4:V4M UCO, by.-1•proViding_interrii$44*4 students, lint based on thee cempany's values wanted to do more. "UCO has been a great partner for Devorc," Henson said. Through the intern program, Devon has been recruiting at UCO and has had 11 out of 12 students accept full time job offers with the company after graduation. Devon has 450 accountant employees world wide in which 250-300 are in Oklahoma City. The company that started in 1971 with four employees now has 5,000 and is ranked the second largest independent company in North America and continues to grow. They credit their growth on their ethical values and integrity. They are in the process of building a 54-floor building in downtown OKC to be complete in four years, which will double their space they by Vista photographer Chanel Henry currently have and will help enhance the our city. Henson will be back to visit Dr. Teal's Gregg Henson, Corporate Controller at Devon Energy, surprises students with free textbooks Thursday, August class on October 6. 21, in the Business Building. Devon Energy provided 52 books for the oil and gas accounting class.

sport, architecture, and of course the gothic tendency in Scots literature," said Edinburgh International Book Festival director Catherine Lockerbie. Connery is a vocal supporter of the pro-independence Scottish National Party. He lives in the Bahamas and has said he will not reside in Scotland until it gains independence from the United Kingdom. He was the first — and, many say, the best -- Bond. In a six-decade career, Connery also starred in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," "The Hunt for Red October" and "The Untouchables," which earned him an Academy Award for best supporting actor.

NEW YORK -- Olympic superstar Michael Phelps will write a book telling the story behind his historic eight gold medal swims just in time for the holiday season, Free Press, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, announced Friday. In "Built to Succeed," Phelps will also cover his philosophy on training and competition, as well as his life being raised by a single mother and coping with an attention-deficit disorder, the publisher said. The book is scheduled to be released in December. AP Photo Phelps, 23, became the winningest Olympian ever at this summer's Beijing U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps, winner of 8 games, winning eight golds to add to six gold medals at the Beijing Olympic, poses previous Olympic first-place victories. He with one of his gold medals before a press holds seven world records. conference in London, Sunday, Aug. 24, 2008.

Clooney and Pitt star in new movie together VENICE, Italy (AP) -- George Clooney and Brad Pitt: Bachelor and family man. Inevitably, a news conference Wednesday promoting their new Coen brothers film, "Burn After Reading," turned to the birth of Pitt's twins with partner Angelina Jolie, and whether his good friend would ever settle down. Clooney, 47, put on a look of mock bemusemen t. "I am so surprised to hear that question. That is honestly the first time I have been asked that," Clooney said. "I am getting married and having a child today." Pitt, whose brood has grown to six children with the birth of twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline last month, offered to share his children with Clooney,

adding deadpan: "I'll have two more by next year." The movie, which premieres Wednesday at the Venice Film Festival, is a tale about idiots — and what happens when their worlds collide. Pitt, 44, looked flustered as a Spanish TV journalist pushed her way to the front of the press conference dressed in red gym shorts similar to garb he wears as a gym trainer in the film. She asked Pitt if he would help her work out. "It's a movie," Pitt reminded her. "Would you run after me?" she asked Clooney and Pitt. "I think we're more likely to be running away from you," Clooney replied to laughter.

What's going on and events list for 8-28

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DVD Rel 9/2:


Art of Travel Bait Shop Before I Forget The Big Bang Theory The Complete First Season The Boys in Company C


"American Idols Live!" Ford Center, 8/28 Kellie Pickier, Frontier City, 8/30 Corbin Bleu, Frontier City, 8/31

Live Music

Up From Under, UCO Jazz Lab, 8/28 The Jazz Company Feat. Brian Gorrell and Shane Conaway, UCO Jazz Lab, 8/29 Michael Summers, UCO Jazz Lab, 8/30 The Arcadia Piano Trio, UCO Jazz Lab, 9/2


Oklahoma Shakespeare In the Park, "Much Ado About Nothing," Myriad Gardens Water Stage, 8/28 8pm Oklahoma Shakespeare In the Park, "The Three Musketeers," Myriad Gardens Water Stage, 8/29 8pm Oklahoma Shakespeare In the Park, "Richard III," Myriad Gardens Water Stage, 8/30 8pm "Mama Mia!" Civic Center, 9/2 — 9/7


Video Releases Game

7:30pm and 8/29 5:30pm


Roman Art from The Louvre, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, ongoing, ends 10/12


2008 Sundance Short Films, Oklahoma City Museum of Art Theater, 8/28

Films Opening 8/29:

Disaster Movie Babylon A.D. Traitor College I Served the King of England Sukiyaki Western Django

Favre makes history as first player featured in wrong jersey on cover By Greg Newby

the cover was made, Favre was retired, thus making him the first As you head to your retired player to grace local video game retailer the cover of the Madden to retrieve your copy of video game franchise. EA Sports' "Madden By the time the trade NFL 09," you'll be deal was finalized, EA happy to see NFL legend Sports was already in Brett Favre on the cover, the process of packaging dressed in . . . green and and distributing the gold? latest version of the "'Madden NFL 09' . game. .. hit stores on Aug. 12 For anyone who may with Brett Favre on the not know, there seems to cover in his Green Bay be some sort of mystique Packers uniform," the about appearing on the game's producers said Madden cover. Although on . "EA the franchise has been Sports does not plan to producing games every re-issue the game with year for the past 20 new packaging at this years, the first Madden time, but will offer a game to feature a player free downloadable cover on the cover came out . . . on in 1998. Since Garrison featuring Brett Favre in Hearst appeared on a Jets uniform." the "Madden NFL In a transaction on 99" cover, each player Aug. 7, Green Bay traded has realized at least a Favre to the New York significant decrease in Jets for a conditional production stats. Some fourth-round draft even suffered serious pick in 2009. When the injury. All of them before right jerseys. decision to put him on Favre were wearing the In case anyone's wondering how the team rosters can be updated, EA SPORTS also has an online roster download available. According to their website, "[TJhis new roster download features Favre as, the starting quarterback on the New York Jets Staff Writer

Eight's Top 8

Photo provided and is available today as an automatic download when you play an online game." If online gaming isn't your style, you can find a roster fix procedure at http: / / www.easports. corn /madden09/ fullsite/ news.jsp?itemID=favre_ download.

Desperate Housewives: The Complete Fourth Season Eli Stone: The Complete First Season Ferocious Fist of Legend Ghost Whisperer: The Third Season How to Rob a Bank Lagerfeld Confidential The Morgue Next Avengers: Heroes Of Tomorrow The Office: Seasons 1 4 Collection Outsourced The Promotion The Sensation of Sight Then She Found Me Time After Time Transformers War Requiem

Shining Dragon, 8/28 Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, 8/31

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8. Katy Perry "I Kissed A Girl" 7. Coldplay "Viva La Vida" 6. Flobots "Handlebars" 5. Student P . Slipknot "Psy cho 4. Weeze "Pork an 3. Es tel "A 2. 1 g Kanye We "Put Bonus Track: "Here I Am" by Rick Ross

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he Centers for Disease Control and even tion's Web site states that 51 percent f binge drinkers are between the ages of 8 and 20. The Choose Responsibility site claims that the root of the problem is due to treating the legal adults like children. "Choose Responsibility supports a series of changes to treat 18, 19 and 20 year-olds as the young adults the law otherwise says they are. Current drinking laws infantilize young adults. We should not be surprised, then, by infantile behavior from otherwise responsible adults. We support a series of changes that will allow 18-20 year-old adults to purchase, posses and consume alcoholic beverages," the Web site stated. Webb also recalled when the drinking age was set at 18 and said lowering the age back would cause those problems to arise. "There was a huge increase in the number of alcohol-related fights, sexual assaults and alcohol-related traffic deaths. Apparently, many of the Amethyst Initiative Presidents don't remember their history," Webb said. Among concerns with groups such as MA DD, students are weary of the Amethyst Initiative being passed as well. "I definitely don't agree. I admit I drink socially, but it's a rare occasion. If I had a vote, I'd be against it. In my opinion, I don't see any good in it. High schoolers are already drinking at this point, this is just making it more accessible to them," Jeremy Thompson, a sophomore International Business and Spanish major said. The UCO Student Health Advisory Committee released the State of the Campus Health Report of 2007, which is available online at student_health_ center /SOCHR.pdf, reported statistics regarding binge drinking on campus. "Based on the percentage of students reporting a given behavior on the American College of Health Association Assessment for UCO, 69 percent of those surveyed indicated that a typical UCO student has five or more alcoholic beverages when socializing or partying. When asked about their own use, 29 percent reported this amount of consumption," the site stated. The site also claims that 46 percent of typical UCO students consume alcohol on a daily basis, however less than 1 percent acknowledged the occurrence.

PT NANNY POSITION - Needed for 6 y/o boy. Hrs: 3:30pm - 6pm, Mon. - Fri. Pref. expe- TEACHER Needed immedirienced student. Must have ately for Edmond Daycare. references, reliable transpor- FT/PT. Experience preferred, tation. Great family offering competitive wages. Apply in great pay for the right indi- person @ 24 NW 146th. Call vidual. Call Stacy 408-3734. Camelot C.D.0 @ 749-2262

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(Compiled from a national sample of sales reports) 1. "Elvis: Viva Las Vegas," Various artists. Elvis Presley Enterprises. 2. "Live From Texas," ZZ Top. (Platinum) 3. "Scenes You Know By Heart," Jimmy Buffett. 4. "Where The Light Is: John Mayer Live In Los Angeles," John Mayer. 5. "Elvis: 1 Hit Performances & More, Vol. 2," Elvis Presley. RCA /Sony BMG Video. 6. "Elvis: 1 Hit Performances," Elvis Presley. RCA /Sony BMG Video. 7. "Farewell I Tour: Live From Melbourne," Eagles. Rhino/Warner Music Vision. (Platinum) 8. "Live in Las Vegas: A New Day," Celine Dion. (Platinum) 9. "Para Siempre," Vicente Fernandez. 10. "Walnut Creek," Phish. JEMP/ Alternative Distribution Alliance. Copyright 2008, Nielsen SoundScan, Inc.



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The Vista Thursday Aug. 28,2008 Page

"Tropic Thunder" creating its

storm of cont

This box office film has grossed almost $66 million in two weeks, despite the complaints

UCO, had this to say: "Mental retardation is the legal terminolog personally prefer the term 'cogniti impairment.' While they have cognitive impairment they also have giftedness. They teach us more about life with their survival. They choose to live life in a positive way as opposed to making excuses. I doubt whoever chose the word [for the film] was current on the terminology." Special education professionals agree that while their primary responsibility is to ensure the education and development of individuals with disabilities, their secondary responsibility is to educate the public about these individuals. The special education group on campus, The Student Council for Exceptional Children, has meetings and events open to anyone in the community that is interested in getting involved. Contact president Staci Clark at or the group advisor, Dr. Donna Kearns, at dkearns@ucok. edu.

Kirk Lazarus: Like the dumbest that ever lived? Tugg Speedman: [pause] When I was playing the character. "Calling somebody a retard is very offensive. Just because somebody thinks differently than you, [it] doesn't make them a retard," Clark said. By Greg Newby The creators and actors of the film argue Staff Writer that it is in no way intended to belittle or disparage individuals with disabilities. They say it is meant to poke fun at Film is about expressing opinions and ideas. Comedy Hollywood and the filmmaking is about reaching out to an audience and helping them process and all of the exorbitance forget their troubles for a while. Comedy in film fuses that goes along with it. In an excerpt from a journal on his the two together and the fusion actor/ director Ben Stiller Web site, Matthew McConaughey and DreamWorks Studios created has some people in wrote, "[I]f you see [the film], I the special education community boycotting. "I had no interest in seeing it to begin with," said UCO think you'll agree that all the touchy senior Early Childhood Education and Special Education humor is in context, and in no way major Linda Clark. "Then, after I heard a little bit more, I mean spirited or irresponsible. It's just funny." really am offended." Clark and others say the point of Since its release on Aug. 13, "Tropic Thunder" has held the boycott is to raise awareness the top spot at the box office, grossing almost $66 million for two weeks. Starring heavy hitters such as Ben Stiller, about certain sensitivities Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, Matthew McConaughey individuals with disabilities and even Tom Cruise, Thunder takes the audience on a have that mainstream journey into the jungles of Vietnam, giving us a behind society may not realize. the scenes look at the making of a war movie, never They're people who think differently, but taking itself too seriously. just need certain The buzzword that has everyone talking is 'retard.' Stiller's character plays the title role in a film called accommodations, "Simple Jack" with the tagline "Once upon a time .. . however, they function there was a retard." In a spoof of a "Forrest Gump"-type just like other role, Stiller intended on poking fun at actors who believe members of society. playing an individual with a disability will guarantee Protesters just want filmmakers them an Academy Award. A conversation between Stiller's and Downey Jr.'s to use a different word. character is as follows: In a telephone Tugg Speedman: There were times while I was interview with playing Jack where I felt... The Vista, Dr. [pause] Barbara Green, Tugg Speedman: ...retarded. Like, really retarded. head of the Kirk Lazarus: Moronical? Department Tugg Speedman: Yeah! of Special Kirk Lazarus: An imbecile? Education at Tugg Speedman: Yeah!

AP Photo

Robert Downey Jr. in the Aug. 13 movie "Tropic Thunder?

Singh may not be "king"after all Dexter's psychotic By Abha Eli Phoboo

Senior Reporter

If you are already tired of school and want to watch a mindless movie for the sheer enjoyment of it, then you should consider the comedy "Singh is King." This Bollywood flick, mainly hyped for the guest

appearance of hip-hop star Snoop Dogg, is funny, action-packed and silly, with all the trademark Bollywood singing and dancing in between. Of course, they string you along and Snoop Dogg only appears at the very end. The protagonist is Happy Singh (Akshay Kumar), who is a simpleton with a

good heart. He tries to help people, but is a klutz and ends up creating too much chaos. The villagers conspire to send him away to bring back Lucky Singh, who is the king of a mafia-like gang in Australia. However, Lucky becomes paralyzed in an accident and misunderstandings lead to

Hiring Full & Part Time, Kitchen Staff, Servers and Host/ess. 00 Flexible Schedules 00 Tenure Bonuses 00 Meal Discounts 00 Great Working Environment

Great Pizza, Great Job! Candidate must have Positive Attitude, Great Customer Service Skills, an outgoing personality and prior high volume experience. Apply between 2-5pm at the following locations. 6616 N. Western Ave. (OKC) 116 E. 5th Street (Edmond) 5501 Northwest Expressway (Warr Acres)

Happy being declared the new king of the gang. Then there is the whole rigmarole of ending up in Egypt en route to the Land Down Under, where Happy Singh meets Sonia (Katrina Kaif), the girl of his dreams. She happens to be the daughter of the flower selling lady he meets in. Australia. Of course you need conflict, so Sonia shows up with a fiancĂŠ An/ho is annoying and thinks he owns the world. There are a lot of coincidences that all work in Happy Singh's favor, which makes for a happily ever after ending and then enter Snoop Dogg, who raps while the credits roll. The action sequences are imaginative with a parachute and motorbike chase in the opening scene, then a Jet Ski and helicopter in the ending scene. give You have to Bollywood some credit unrealistic for the circumstances, but after all, it's a movie and a form of escape. I wouldn't watch the movie in a theater if I were you.

EARC Thrift Store has

episodes released on DVD Aug. 19 By Andrew Knittle

Senior Reporter

Unless you're among the 15.5 million Americans with enough extra cash to order Showtime, you probably haven't seen Season 2 of "Dexter"; one of the network's most talked about original shows. Released on DVD Aug. 19, Season 2 of "Dexter" is now available to the masses in a four-disc set, although it can be checked out - at least it can be at Blockbuster - for the cost of only three rentals as discs three and four come in the same package. Picking up where the first season left off, Season 2 again follows the life and times of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a serial killer who follows a strict code of ethics by only killing men and women who he believes deserve it. He also


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works for the Miami Police Department as a blood spatter expert, so conflict is built into his daily life and makes for plenty of drama especially in Season 2. As Season 2 gets underway Dexter finds himself unable to kill after taking the life of his long-lost brother, a local serial murderer nicknamed "The Ice Truck Killer" by the press because he froze the severed remains of his victims before allowing them to be discovered by police. This is the first time in the series where Dexter, normally an organized and precise operator, begins to show signs of being human. The development of Dexter's emotions in Season 2 carries throughout the 12 episodes and definitely makes for more complications and plot twists. In the first season, Dexter rarely changed modes - he was always cool, collected and unflappable. In Season 2, he ranges from the calm of his normal self to the monster one might expect from someone like Dexter. He also gets involved with a woman almost as dangerous as himself and begins to make mistakes in his personal life. Season 2 of "Dexter" is a worthy show and definitely a worthy DVD. The extras are pretty good, if you're into extras, and the shows are long and worth the money. With enough drama and close calls to fill up about 30 episodes, it can be a little exhausting, so be advised. Otherwise, if you're a fan of movies and shows about quirky, somewhat likable serial killers, then you'll probably enjoy Season 2 of "Dexter." If you don't, then perhaps you should think about lowering your ridiculously high standards.

The Vista Thursday, Aug. 28,2008 Page 6

chicken fry the Universe'

y Daviyion Johnson and Ryan Kolb Freelance Reporters

Do you every get that feeling in the morning that you should try something new like sky diving or storm chasing? What about eating at a new restaurant? Well that is what we do. We eat and review new restaurants where you may not have dined at before. Now this is not just a "pick the first place you see and eat there" kind of deal, there are rules we follow. The most important rule is the restaurant has to be a place that neither one of us has ever eaten at, which surprisingly knocks out the McDonalds and Chili's of the world. We have been doing this since the spring semester and originally called it the "Friday Date Night Series" because we looked at this project as a way to find restaurants to take potential dates too. Nothing wrong with that, ladies. We also love trying new things and food happens to be one of them. Now this review will be slightly shorter than the reviews we will write in the future, but in no way is it lacking in the meat and potatoes department, no pun intended. We had'not been to Chuck House, the restaurant we ate at, until last Friday, but had good expectations going in. They did not disappoint. Chuck House is familyowned and offers $1.00 off any entree to students with their UCO I.D (no freebies for professors yet). We walked in to Chuck House, which is nestled next to Long John Silvers on Broadway and were immediately impressed by its simplicity: no fancy bells and whistles, just great food at a good price. We ordered a chicken fried chicken dinner and a chicken fried steak meal, both with mashed potatoes and toast. We had water, but they have a range of drinks including sodas, coffee, and tea. Basically, we ordered college-friendly meals.

Photo provided

Sundry performed at the Battle of the Bands during Stamede Week on Aug. 17.

by Vista photographer Chris Albers

By Chase Dearinger Copy Editor

Jessica Shatto holds a plate with Chuck House's famous chicken fried steak.

UCO's Acacia fraternity recently gained recognition for more than their new residence; they also received national recognition for their contributions, reputation and achievements. The taternity attended the 55th Biennial Acacia Conclave and Leadership Academy in Louisville, Ky. earlier this month where they were given the opportunity to spend time with other Acacia chapters and bond with other brothers around the country. "The Acacia conclave was a great experience," fraternity member Mark Anton said. "We were able to meet and share ideas with other chapters." Anton said the fraternity was presented with seven national awards and recognition for human service, athletic achievement, campus leadership and largest

The Oxford English Dictionary defines sundry as "small articles of a miscellaneous kind; especially small items lumped together in an account as not needing individual mention." There is no other way to describe the band, Sundry. The band, which recently won the UCO Battle of the Bands competition, won $500 and the opportunity to open for Augustana. Their sound is fast, hard and most of all eclectic, incorporating sounds and tempos that may not seem familiar to the usual rock fans with provocative lyrics that address underlying Christian themes. "We pretty much like everything. I mean everything," drummer Michael Reece said. "It's kind of hard to put us into one — anything." The band, which hails from Bethany, is a diverse group of musicians that come from differing backgrounds. "We come from completely different backgrounds, musically," lead vocalist and guitarist Chad Dorough said. "So when we come together it's definitely rock. But it has an interesting flare to it." When asked to define their sound, Dorough said, "rock with other influences." This answer incited laughter from the rest of the band. "That sounds kind of boring," Reece told him. Bass player Raul Alfonso cites Latin music — both salsa and merengue — as his inspiration, as well as funk like Tower of Power. Keyboard player and backup singer David Wellman claims his influence is two-fold: the "big band" jazz that he's come to love and the Christian rock that he grew up on.

Reece loves so many gospel groups he can't name them but has still found time to fall in love with more contemporary rock artists like Jimmy Eat World and John Mayer. There's no question for Dorough. "Journey. That's my all time favorite," he said. "And you can't forget The Doobie Brothers. They're the ones that made me want to play the guitar," he said. "Me and [David] were in a band together and it sucked," Dorough said. "We didn't like it. We knew Michael and Raul and so Dave and I broke it off with the old band and started [Sundry]." Originally, Wellman and Reece played together on Wednesday nights at Bethany First Church. They met Raul through a friend that played with them. All of these circumstances fell in place so that Sundry could begin to mix its radically diverse musical background. This year's Battle of the Bands wasn't their first competition however. Sundry has entered three battles and has won all of them. The champions of a two-tiered Gorilla Productions competition, the band won another $500 cash and 20 hours of studio time. This studio time has been going towards the band's first album, which they expect to be complete by late fall. The four are excited to play more shows and complete the album. When the album is finished, they hope that their music surpasses both the typical rock band and the typical Christian band sound. "We want to tackle topics that aren't covered by most Christian bands," Dorough said. "Topics besides 'I love Jesus.' I think our goals would be met if we could just help somebody through a hard time." Sundry can be heard on their Web site, www.myspace. com/sundrytheband and at the UCO Homecoming concert on Oct. 24 at Plunkett Park.

We sat down and waited for our name to be called so we could pick-up our food. We waited less than 5 minutes and it was ready and piping hot. Their portion sizes were definitely college-friendly (massive and good for leftovers) if you order the chicken fried steak/chicken meal. We spent $6.56 and $5.94 (including tax) respectively. Their menu prices range from $2.29 for a hamburger to $9.52 for the ultimate chicken fried chicken sandwich meal. We were so impressed with everything that we decided to do something we have never done, order dessert. We got cheesecake and vanilla ice cream and were overjoyed with the taste of both. The friendly staff, short waiting time for food, clean atmosphere, large portions and cheap prices puts Chuck House on our "Must Eat 08" list. Chuck House is one of the best places we have ever eaten Steven Farrell, a UCO Mass Communication major, has taken the last several weeks to and is worthy of your hard- travel the United States on an Amtrak train. He started in Texas and will eventually end in earned paper (money for those not up on the latest Pennsylvania: These are his thoughts and experiences during the trip. slang). Ryan gives this The train itself was impressive. The coach area was like Monday Aug. 4, Irving, Texas restaurant 5 out of 5 stars. sitting in the first-class section of a plane; there is a dining Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays. That's Daviyion says eating here car, a lounge car, and seating cars. The lounge car was by me folks. It's only 12:27 p.m. and I feel anxious. I would is more important than life like for people to think that I know exactly what is going far the biggest surprise, as the natural light fills the second itself. level for gazers like me. on with this "30-day Amtrak" trip, but I really don't. An hour and a half passes and were still in Fort Worth, This all started out two months ago in Spanish II class. You see, the University of Central Oklahoma let me do the Texas. I met a nice lady named Sheryl, who told me part of whole graduation 'walk' in May. In reality, I had 15 credit her life story. It's a story of divorce and pizza. She owns hours to complete my degree. So, there I sat in Spanish several pizza stores and offered to ship me some of her II, for the third time in my college career (Why do we say college career? Are we really working? Does it classify as famous pizzas, which I graciously accepted. I wait, as a cute baby cries uncontrollably. a career? I think not). The first go-around I dropped halfway through. The delegation among others. Wednesday, Aug. 6, San Antonio second shot lasted one day. The third times a charm right? Not only did the While sitting in class one of my broadcasting buddies In my last journal entry a baby was crying on the way fraternity as a whole mentioned an idea he had. The idea was to travel from to San Antonio. I arrived there two hours late. I had a receive recognition and Los Angeles to New York. I'm sure your thinking, "Wow, feeling that delays will be a recurring theme on this trip. awards, but President Reg that's different", in a sarcastic way. However, his idea was The late arrivals don't really bother me, although, being Aldridge received $4,000 to hitch-hike the whole way. dropped off with $7,000 worth of production equipment for the Duncan McPherson He seemed taken aback over the next several weeks in downtown San Antonio, at night, by the train tracks Scholarship, which is given when I agreed that it was a great idea and that we should makes me a little nervous. I called a hostel while on the to the best Acacia fraternity purchase one-way tickets to Los Angeles immediately. train and was pleasantly surprised to find that they had leader in the nation. Of course, my adventurous whims scared him off. I had no open spaces. So, like any cheap guy, I grabbed a taxi "The scholarship award a wide-open August compared to his fall lineup. I don't and said, "Get [me] to a Super 8 and make it snappy." was a major achievement blame him for backing out. My experience in San Antonio has been a limited one. to me and I realized that it Here I am, two months later with a morphed version I didn't plan on dropping $140 for two nights here. Thus, was a culmination of four of this original idea. I bought a North American Rail Pass limiting my budget to walking around the city. This years of tireless efforts. I felt for $600. I convinced my dad's boss, the owner of Video morning I tried to make the best of it. I took a much-needed honored to join such a select Revolution, to lend me a professional HD camcorder. shower, brushed my teeth, and walked to the nearest group of individuals," Now, here I sit in my sister's living room, thinking, "What Walgreens. Granted, the store was three miles away and Aldridge said. in the heck have I gotten myself into? What's the story? the food was overpriced, even for them. There were 12 Acacia Do I really have enough money? Will anyone [care] about I walked past a drive -thru bar and it looked like an old members from the UCO his project?" oil and lube place. Mufflers and belts were exchanged for chapter present at the I don't know the answers to these questions, but I do Margaritas and Coronas and the attendant was comparable conference. They included: know one thing, as I am about to embark on this ambitious to a Hooters Girl, her attire consisting of a short jean skirt Reg Aldridge, Ryan Allen, trip and I can't help but feel overwhelming excitement. with a bikini top. What a great business idea. As luck has it, when I arrived back in the Super 8 lobby, Taylor Ortiz, Zac Hood, It's the unknown. Blake Brickman, Chase I met a traveler named Nancy, who was from Sonoma, Blondell, Ryan Wells, Calif. She was short, Hispanic and looked to be in her 40s. Tuesday, Aug. 5, Dallas to San Cameron Barnhart, Mark We had a nice dinner and chat at the "Original Mexican Anton, Tyler Weder, Blake Antonio Restaurant." Rockel and Kyle Swabb. After dinner, I visited the Alamo, which was a big While waking up from a short nap I hear, "How did you The UCO chapter was get down here?" You see, I was in the lower deck seating letdown. Maybe that was because I pictured it to be in the 61st Acacia fraternity which is more spacious than coach. The lower deck isn't this vast open field. There were no open fields it sat just chapter founded in the a place for recent college grads, but rather a place for the across the street from the Riverwalk. So, I decided to work nation and was chartered retired, older crowd. I met two older ladies named Ethel on my tan by walking back to my room. Two lost hours on April 25, 1964. and Dorothy, who were a joy to talk to. If only I could have later, I found myself wondering what have I accomplished there? used their good word as payment.

UCO Acacia fraternity receives national award By Lauren Lubbers Staff Writer

Sundry: Battle of the Bands winner

Farrell treks across the States

0 FOOTBALL ... EW GAME - • •

--H..... • . • : :




..; 7" //, ;

August 28;2008

August 28, 2008

1.1 ,

A ti 111.110-1! L

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0 0


By Kaylea Brooks Sports Editor

Last year was not the best of years for the UCO football team, which went 4-6 and found itself on probation. This then is a year of proving, both for players and new head coach, Tracy Holland. Last year was not the best of years for UCO football with only four wins and six losses. This year is a year of proving, both for players and the new head coach, Tracy Holland. Holland is not the average NCAA Division II football coach, to be sure. He has years of experience on many different levels of coaching this sport, from high school to the European football league. These many levels give him a different perspective on the game, he said. But even with the many different places coaching football has taken him, Holland loves Edmond and UCO. He has been in the Oklahoma City area for about 10 years, previously coaching for Heritage Hall and Oklahoma Christian . School before accepting

Vista photographer Erie Rothwell

CC!) 1')otbal coach Tracey Holland talks to players during a practice Saturday, August 16, at Wantland Stadium.

the job as head coach at UCO last December. "This is a great place to be," Holland said. "Our coaching staff has done a great job. They're putting in long hours and a lot of effort to make sure this program is where it needs to be. They have been exceptional." To make the program successful, changes will be taking place in the football program. A new coach with experience and a fresh prospective can give the program the new start that it needs. "We are taking the players that love it and want to be here," Holland said. "All the others that didn't want to be here have either left or we helped them leave. You gotta love

See SPIRIT, page 3 „


What They're Saying

- "He's brought a new swagger to the team, a new confidence." T.J. Shaw, senior defensive back

- "He's a great coach . . . and comes from a huge coaching background. He's brought back tradition and a new era."

- "He's- a hardnosed guy, but a great guy, a great coach. I like him." Terry Hardeman, junior linebacker

Jonathan Llama, senior offensive lineman



Coach: 'We play for championships' Irs; a mew day at Central Oklahoma, New head coach.. New offensive scherne. New frame of- mind. Tracy HoBand took over the UCO reigns Is Deerniber after six years: as an Oklahoma hie) school tread work, bringing with him a high-octane attack and no-excuse attitude that hasthe Broaches aiming high in 2008k, "We pray for chanapionships),"' Holland said_ "Our goal is: to be the best Oklahoma tearn in) the Ione Star Conference, to win the. North Division. to, win the earofererice and to make dile' playoffS.. And the biggest charnpieraship) of an is die national champieriship. "rve never gone into a football game II didn't think we could win. Our players are here and lining wit. to play because. they want to dream drat dream and that what - welre about — dreaming, big, dreams and making them happen-L.' The Broaches have 35 lettermen back from) last year's 4-6 team, with 16 of. those seeing at least some starting duty. Add in a heavy influx of talented newcomers., mix with a dangerous of and a stingy defense and ids easy to see that UCO will be a team to watch. Seven starters return on offense, highlighted by a trio of dangerous playmakersintailbackBenlifirminghani and wide receivers- Rick Montgomery and Marcelfus Parker and anchored by center fonathan Llama, The nohuddle; high -tempo , attack installed in the spring is capable of scoring points in a hurry-and should create • plenty of excitement_ "Wereprobably going. to throw more than we term;, but wefre.' not sold on that and well take what the defense gives Hoffand said. 'This is a wide-open 411

offense and l was very pleased with PlOW WO our players picked it up in the spring.. "Our purpose on offense is to take care of the football, tafilp advantage of. field position the defense -yes us put points an the board_ ft will be a fun offense to watch and a fun offense to play in and our guys are pretty excited about it." The mucks also have seven defensive starters back with tad& Jernuell• C'al 11, , linebacker Terry Hardernan and safeties Marcus Martinez and Tj. Shaw leading the way, "1 know we lost are AB-American and great. leader (]lit rue Will Omit's), but 1 really Re how new leadership has emerged with our deferuse,"' Holland said. "1 really expect us to be one of the best defenses in the Lone Star Conference, if not the best, "Wefre going to be tested hard right out of the blocks;, but f expect the defense to be a major anchor for us and they're going, to have to be ready at the start of the season."' The Broruchos will definitely be pushed by a tou early-season schedule, starting wittift perennial NCAA Division If power Pittsburg State and three-franc' defending LSC champion West Texas A&M in the first two gamesUCOS new coach is ready for those challenges and the many others his team will face this season, "Everything welve done is about being a Bront-ho overachievr "' Holland said. "We want to honor program and the players who have come through here and our guys understand that you can do more than you think you can."' V

August 28, 2008

UCO OFFENSE 04,11 a ia

Protect the QB, open holes

This was an area of concern going into the spring, but the line made great strides in the new system and should prove to be a capable unit that may get even stronger with a huge batch of incoming freshmen set to join the fold. The Bronchos have six returning lettermen in seniors Drew Dvoracek (6-0, 270), Dustin Finn (6-3, 285), Fernando Franco (6-3, 270) and Jonathan Llama (6-0, 290), junior Nolan Williams (6-2, 280) and sophomore Cody Ellett (6-2, 260). Llama headlines that group as a returning second-team All-LSC North Division pick at center, while Finn and Franco are back


after starting at tackle last year. Dvoracek and junior Luke Sapolu (6-0, 285) are the front-runners to fill the starting guard slots. Ellett and Williams will also figure in the mix, as should sophomore Zach Drew (6-6, 250), junior Andrew McCabe (6-3, 285) and senior transfer Jeremy Palmoore (6-6, 320). Holland Says: "Our offensive line improved considerably over the course of spring ball. The attitude and commitment weire getting from these guys bodes well for the type of season I think this group is going to have."

Run to daylight

The Bronchos are in great shape in the backfield with the return of both starters and the presence of several other proven players. Senior Ben Birmingham (5-11, 210) is back at tailback and BIRMINGHAM should be one of the best around after earning first-team AllLSC North Division honors last year. He rushed for 983 yards in 2007 and had 78- and 92-yard touchdown runs in showcasing his breakaway ability. Junior DaIMarean Pullen (5-9, 190) is a two-year letterman who shared all the

spring practice snaps at tailback with junior Jason Palmer (5-10, 210) while Birmingham sat out with injury, though Palmer could be shifted to receiver. Senior Kwesi Keller (6-0, 220) is back at fullback after picking up second-team AllLSC North accolades a year ago and is a hard-nosed blocker who plays a key role. Junior letterman David Cooper (5-11, 212) will probably be used at both positions. Holland Says: "The tailback position is probably one of the most potent areas we have. "We know what Birmingham can do and Pullen and Palmer both did a great job in getting all the reps in the spring. Weill run a lot of two-back sets and we feel good about what we have."

REZ-EIVERS: Welcome to pass-happy UCO will utilize plenty of receivers is expected to have a big impact. in its new pass-happy offense and the • Junior Tray Bowie (5-10, 170) and Bronchos look to have solid depth here. senior Stu Taron (6-2, 205) will also vie for Seniors Rick Montgomery (6-1, 210) and playing time along with some incoming Marcellus Parker (6-2, 185) are returning freshmen. Junior Jason Palmer (5-10, starters, with both possessing big-play 210) could be a factor if he moves from ability. Montgomery had 39 catches for tailback. 579 yards and Parker 39 receptions for With just one tight end on the roster, 571 yards a year ago, with even more UCO will commonly use three- and fourexpected from that duo this season. receiver sets in its new offense. Junior letterman Ryan Gallimore (6-2, Holland Says: "We've got some speed 205) is coming off a superb spring and and playmakers with our receivers and should also see plenty of passes thrown several of them had outstanding springs his way along with sophomore letterman in getting adjusted to our offense. I think Kendall Hendricks (5-10, 180), while welve got some depth here and will be junior newcomer Daniel Morrell (6-2, 195) able to use a lot of people."



UARTERBAGII: A Position Unsettled A position pretty much up for grabs between a senior letterman and junior transfer, though a late addition could also have a say in what happens here. Senior Colin Clancy (6-4, 200) started three games last year in picking up some valuable experience and he battled all spring with junior Brandon Noohi (5-11, 205), who played in 10 games last year at Southeastern Oklahoma before coming to UCO. Expected to come in and also be a factor is sophomore Alex Gibson (6-5, 234), who saw extensive duty in a spread offense at New Mexico State as a rookie two years ago before redshirting there last season. Two highly-touted freshmen add more depth. Holland Says: "Noohi came in and competed for the position with Clancy in the spring. Both can run and both showed they can do some good things in our offense. Gibson has a chance to be right in the thick of it, he stands tall in the pocket and already knows our offense."

Spirit Continued from Page 2 it at this level because it's just harder." Holland also wants to instill pride in the UCO program by honoring alumni and former coaches. "It's like gathering around the flag," he said. "Sometimes you need to go back to the roots and remember how it was to know how to get better." He explained that this year's players have been phenomenal and worked with

him to make the team better. "I couldn't accomplish anything without these players," he said. "They want to be good. They don't just say they want to be good and not change; they're putting forth the effort." Holland is hoping for a winning season, much like that of 1998 when the Bronchos were contending for a national championship.

irs,j Student checking account with 11,401 NO monthly service charge, NO minimum balance charge, NO per-item charge and NO PAW monthly ATM/CheckCard fee.

act SPEeiAL TEAMS: May they be special UCO has back both place-kickers from last year and will count on a transfer to take over the punting chores. Sophomores Chad Susman (5-10, 185) and Alex Weaver (5-9, 180) shared placement duties in 2007 and will once again battle for the top spot. Susman was 8-of-8 on extra points and made 3-of-5 field goals last year, while Weaver hit 7-of-8 PATs and 3-of-6 field goals and both will be better for the experience gained. Junior Cole Reynolds (6-2, 225) is expected to step in and take over as the top punter after spending the past two years as the back-up at Oklahoma State. Junior

Brandon Noohi is also available if needed. Several players could be used for returns, with many of them seeing action in that area last year. Senior T.J. Shaw, juniors Tray Bowie, Ryan Gallimore and Daniel Morrell and sophomore Kendall Hendricks will be among those who will get a look as a punt or kickoff returner. Holland Says: Susman and Weaver both showed some good things last year and in the spring and we'll have see what happens there. Wefre looking forward to Reynolds as our punter and weive got a lot of possibilities on returns."

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I4J ATM transactions at more than


200 locations statewide including all Oklahoma 7-Eleven and Walgreens stores.

Fantasy football draws conc.!!! from NCAA What's in a name? Controversy. to promote its current amateurism model NCAA eligibility and commerciali7a- -- the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear lion questions quickly arose when CBS a case in June regarding fantasy sports announced last month it will use players' and Major League Baseball, which many names and likenesses in its online fantasy interpreted as a sign that entities like college football leagues. MLB don't own the rights to names and For the first time, fan- statistics. tasy owners will be able to draft and track Yet Brand said he isn't worried about college players by name. In the past, posi- the issue, even if the NCAA doesn't have tion labels such as "Minnesota WR" had control over it. been used. While the NCAA considers its options, The NCAA has sent a letter to CBS the University of Minnesota will send Sports on behalf of its student-athletes, cease and desist letters to companies that explaining that the new version of fan- use its athletes' names and likenesses, tasy college football violates an eligibility University athletics compliance director bylaw. JT Bruett said. That bylaw, which the association creBruett said that a letter hasn't been sent ated in July, states that a student-athlete to CBS Sports yet, though the athletics might lose eligibility if his name is used in department has sent similar letters in the conjunction with a fantasy sports opera- past. tion. The bylaw also says that the player CBS Sports wouldn't comment on the or his or her institution would have to issue of its new format violating NCAA contact the fantasy sports company to bylaws, and said the same change might have the name and likeness removed. occur in its fantasy college basketball At its executive committee meeting on game if the football version is popular. Thursday, the NCAA voiced its concerns About 11.7 million unique users visited on the topic. fantasy football sites in September 2007 "We are not pleased and concerned , the first full month of professional and with the direction [fantasy sports] have college football seasons, according to taken," NCAA president Myles Brand Nielsen Online. said in a conference call with reporters. While the NCAA disagrees with the decision -- and Brand said it will continue

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August 28, 2008


Football Stars


By Kaylea Brooks

Sports Editor

Strength of the 'D' A big-time strength of the defense with the return of five players who played extensively last year, including one of the best defenders in the conference in junior tackle Jermelle Cudjo (6-3, 300). Cudjo was a first-team All-LSC North Division selection last year and is a dominating presence up front with his incredible combination of strength, speed and savvy. He had 47 tackles with 3.5 sacks last year and can be an unstoppable force. Senior Kenneth Pointer (6-3, 315) also returns as a starter on the interior and he will be even better this year, with junior Brandon Dixon (6-2, 265) expected to provide solid depth. Senior Micah Howeth (6-3, 255) started most of last year and will team with senior letterman Freddie Harris (6-3, 215) to give the Bronchos two of the fastest ends in the league. Senior letterman Tim Johnson (6-5, 268) will also see plenty of action at end. Several newcomers will add depth and push for playing time. Holland Says: "This is probably one of the strongest areas of the team. Our inside tackles are two of the best in the conference and weIve got great speed on the outside. We've got some good depth here and were looking for some big things from these guys."

MAGNER& Youth, inexperience The least experienced area of the defense with just two players back from last year, but UCO made a lot of strides in spring practice and will benefit from the addition of a talented transfer. Leading the way is junior Terry Hardeman (6-0, 235), a returning starter with loads of talent who appears poised for a breakthrough season. Junior HARDEMAN, Terrence Hill (6-0, 215) is a returning letterman who will push for a starting berth. Redshirt freshman Tanner Jones (6-0, 225) and redshirt freshman Chad Holland (5-10, 180) should see plenty of action, with a large contigent of freshmen also expected to help. Senior Division I transfers K.C. Asiodu (6-3, 240) and Mike Reed (6-2, 260) will both have a huge impact on the defense, bringing big-play ability and experience. Holland Says: "We lost an All-American here, but this was the most improved group of the team in the spring and we feel itfs going to be a strong area for us. We had some guys play really well here during the spring and show what they're capable of."

SEGO DARY: Eight letterman back Eight lettermen are back in the secondary to make this one of the teamfs most experienced areas, including four who saw some starting duty last year. Pacing the returners are seniors Marcus Martinez (5-9, 195) and T.J. Shaw (6-0, 187), a pair of team leaders who both earned second-team All-LSC North Division recognition last season. Shaw had 49 tackles and a team-high three interceptions last year and is set to be at strong safety this season, while Martinez made 41 stops and will be the main free safety. Juniors Prentise Muse (6-1, 190) and Ellis White (5-10, 191) and sophomore Cordarrow Milton (5-9, 180) are returning lettermen back to provide great depth at the safety positions. Senior Matt Gates (5-7, 165) spearheads the cornerbacks, a three-year letterman with plenty of starting experience who had 36 tackles last year. Junior DeMarques Potter (5-10, 175) also saw some starting time a year ago and should be much improved this season, while junior Caleb Prince (6-0, 165) is a two-year letterman coming off a strong spring who will be counted on heavily. Redshirt freshman Tyral Kearney (5-10, 185) will also help out at cornerback and the Bronchos have a number of incoming freshmen set to provide additional depth. Holland Says: "Shaw and Martinez both had a great spring and showed huge leadership, team and defense wise. They set the pace for what we think will be outstanding seasons for both. We were banged up at cornerback a lot in the spring, but Gates showed what he's got and Prince really came on for us. We've got good depth and some of the freshmen coming in can also help us."

by Vista photographer Chanel Henry

Ben Birmingham, left, and Jermelle Cudjo are considered this season's standout players.

University of Central Oklahoma Bronchos No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 39 40 41 42 43 45 46 47 52 55 56 57 58 60 61 63 65 66 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 97 98 99

Pos. Name WR Ryan Gallimore DB Matt Gates WR Kendall Hendricks DB T. J. Shaw TB Jason Palmer QB Colin Clancy LB Terry Hardeman WR Stu Taron WR Rick Montgomery WR Tray Bowie QB Brandon Noohi WR Marcellus Parker DL Micah Howeth WR Torrance McBrayer WR Daniel Morrell LB Terrence Hill QB Jason Robison QB Alex Gibson TB Da'Marean Pullen DB Ellis White TB Ben Birmingham DB Tyral Kearney WR Tucker Holland LB Chad Holland DB Marcus Martinez DB Caleb Prince DB DeMarques Potter DB Ronnie Neal DB Giorgio Durham DB Cordarrow Milton FB David Cooper DB Anthony Anderson DB Joey Fallon DB Prentise Muse RB Joey Davidson QB Garrett Valdez FB Kwesi Keller DL Freddie Harris LB Bryson Crawford LB Laquez Stone LB K.C. Asiodu LB Tucker Cason LB Mike Reed OL Nolan Williams OL Jonathan Llama OL Corbin Burchett OL Sammy Johnson LB Tanner Jones DL Cort Edmonds OL Luke Sapolu OL Cody Ellett OL Drew Dvoracek OL Fernando Franco OL Justin Pruitt OL Brian McGuire OL Jeremy Palmoore OL Matt Lantz OL Andrew McCabe DL Jermelle Cudjo OL Dustin Finn OL Cread Helton OL Wesley Holloway OL Curtis Baker OL Zach Drew PK/P Chad Susman PK/P Alex Weaver WR Lee VonTungeln WR Matt Jackson WR Preston Runyan TE Bryce Davis WR Dolphin Davis PK/P Cole Reynolds WR Marqus Stutson DL Derrick Ingram DL Brandon Dixon DL Alex Matunas DL Tim Johnson DL Tre' Smith Dominick Gilbert-Phillips DL DL Colton Archer DL Herbert Byrd DL Quinton Prince DL Kenneth Pointer

Hometown (High School) Class Okmulgee (Okmulgee) Jr. Spencer (Star Spencer) Sr. Norman (North) So. Edmond (Santa Fe) Sr. Concord, Calif. (Mount Diablo) Jr. Longmont, Colo. (Longmont)) Sr. Spencer (Star Spencer) Jr. Shawnee (Bethel) Sr. Houston, Texas (Hastings) Sr. Eufaula (Eufaula) Jr. Oklahoma City (Mount Saint Mary) Jr. Oklahoma City (Star Spencer) Sr. Dallas, Texas (W.T. White) Sr. Clinton (Clinton) Fr. Blanchard (Blanchard) Jr. Lawton (Eisenhower) Jr. Tulsa (Metro Christian) Fr. Tulsa (Holland Hall) So. Oklahoma City (Putnam City) Jr. Harbor City, Calif. (Narbonne) Jr. ,-Luther (Luther) Sr. Fr. (RS) Stillwater (Stillwater) Edmond (Oklahoma Christian School) Fr. Fr. (RS) Edmond (Oklahoma Christian School) Wichita, Kan. (North) Sr. Edmond (Memorial) Jr. Tulsa (Washington) Jr. Fr. (RS) Bixby (Bixby) Oklahoma City (Western Heights) Fr. Muskogee (Muskogee) So. Lawton (MacArthur) Jr. Oklahoma City (Western Heights) Fr. Edmond (Oklahoma Christian School) Fr. Oklahoma City (Millwood) Jr. Yukon (Yukon) Fr. Oklahoma City (Heritage Hall) Fr. Moore (Moore) Sr. Carrollton, Texas (R.L. Turner) Sr. Marlow (Marlow) Fr. Del City (Del City) Fr. Chino Hills, Calif (Ayala) Sr. Oklahoma. City (Heritage Hall) Fr. Vero Beach, Fla. (Vero Beach) Sr. Cheney, Kan. (Cheney) Jr. Walnut Creek, Calif. (De La Salle) Sr. Pryor (Pryor) Fr. Fort Gibson (Porter) Sr. Fr. (RS) Clinton (Clinton) Ardmore (Plainview) Fr. Costa Mesa, Calif. (Costa Mesa) Jr. Broken Arrow (Broken Arrow) So. Lake Dallas, Texas (Lake Dallas) Sr. San Pablo, Calif. (Pinole Valley) Sr. Choctaw (Choctaw) Fr. Broken Arrow (Broken Arrow) Fr. Memphis, Tenn. (Hamilton) Sr. Clinton (Clinton) Fr. Huntington Beach, Calif. (Mater Dei) Jr. Lawton (MacArthur) Jr. Moore (Westmoore) Sr. Perkins (Perkins-Tyron) Fr. Oklahoma City (Heritage Hall) Fr. Fr. Jones (Jones) Choctaw (Choctaw) So. Tulsa (Cascia Hall) So. El Reno (El Reno) So. Jr. El Reno (El Reno) Edmond (Santa Fe) Fr. Altus (Altus) Fr. Duncan (Duncan) Fr. Tulsa (Washington) Fr. Edmond (Memorial) Jr. Edmond (Santa Fe) So. Hollis (Hollis) Fr. Oklahoma City (Star Spencer) Jr. Glenpool (Glenpool) Fr. Homewood, Ill. (Flossmoor) Sr. Tulsa (Washington) Fr. Oklahoma City (Putnam City) Fr. Muksogee (Muskogee) Fr. Okmulgee (Okmulgee) Fr. Fr. Oklahoma City (Heritage Hall) Lawton (Eisenhower) Sr.

UCO starters Ben Birmingham and Jermelle Cudjo are more than ready for the season opener Saturday against Pittsburg State University on Saturday. Both expect nothing less than a win. Birmingham is a senior tailback who rushed 983 yards on 193 carries last year. Transferring from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M, the tailback arrived at UCO last year. He soon proved that he was a contending force for the Bronchos with long touchdowns, such as a 92-yard touchdown run during the Texas A&M:Commerce game. That run was also the fifth longest in UCO history. Jermelle Cudjo is a junior defensive lineman who has started since 2006. In 2007, he had 10 tackles in the game against Angelo State and finished the season with 47 tackles. He also earned first-team AllLSC North Division. "I expect to win," said Birmingham, who is gearing up for the season-opener slated for 6 p.m. at Wantland Stadium. "We've been practicing really hard." He believes the leadership of new head coach Tracy Holland will lift UCO to victory Saturday. "He's a great motivator," Birmingham said. Cudjo said he supports Holland's new , direction. "coach Holland 7 is good," he said. "He has high standards for us. He's concerned about [us] being team players." Birmingham said the team is closer this year because of the hard work they have put into changing the program. "Everything is clicking," he said. "We are so much closer. We are more of a brotherhood now." Both starters said they are confident this summer's training will prove to be beneficial in the up-coming game, and they are expecting the results to show. "It's definitely going to be intense,' Cudjo said.

Miles Moves Forward By AP Writer

HOOVER, Ala. - Les Miles wants to make it clear that his team, the reigning national champion LSU Tigers, will not be thinking of the 2008 season as a continuation of the 2007 campaign. "We're not defending. We're not dealing with rankings," said Miles on Wednesday at Southeastern Conference Media Days, as he prepares for his fourth season in Baton Rouge. "If you think we're defending, come see the trophy - it in our trophy case. We got a brand new team." While coaches usually offer such rhetoric after winning it all, a big question mark at the quarterback position leaves LSU in a bit of turmoil before it begins its quest to become the first repeat national champion since Nebraska in 199495.


August 28, 2008


2008 Football Schedule Aug. 28 East Central at Sam Houston State, 6 p.m. Northeastern State at Arkansas Tech, 7 p.m. Southeastern at Tarleton State, 7 p.m. A&M-Kingsville at North Dakota, 7 p.m. West Texas A&M at Mesa State, 8 p.m. Aug. 30 Abilene Christian at Northwest Missouri State, 6 p.m. Angelo State at Texas State, 6 p.m. A&M-Commerce at Northwestern State (La.), 6 p.m. Pittsburg State at Central Oklahoma, 6 p.m. Eastern New Mexico at Southern Nazarene, 6 p.m. Sept. 6 West Texas A&M at Central Oklahoma, 6 p.m. A&M-Kingsville at East Central, 6 p.m. Angelo State at A&M-Commerce, 7 p.m. Southeastern at Midwestern State, 7 p.m. Northeastern State at Tarleton State, 7 p.m. Southwestern Oklahoma at Eastern New Mexico, 7 p.m. Sept. 13 A&M-Commerce at Abilene Christian, 6 p.m. Angelo State at Southwestern, 6 p.m. Eastern New Mexico at Southeastern, 6 p.m. Tarleton State at East Central, 6 p.m. Azusa pacific at West Texas A&M, 6 p.m. Central Oklahoma at A&M-Kingsville, 7 p.m. Midwestern State at Northeastern, 7 p.m. Sept. 20 East Central at Angelo State, 6 p.m. Abilene Christian at Southeastern, 6 p.m. Southwestern at West Texas A&M, 6 p.m. Central Oklahoma at Tarleton State, 7 p.m. Eastern New Mexico at A&M-Commerce, 7 p.m. A&M-Kingsville at Northeastern, 7 p.m. Newberry at Midwestern State, 7 p.m. Sept. 27 Northeastern at East Central, 2 p.m. A&M-Commerce at Central Oklahoma, 6 p.m. Angelo state at Midwestern State, 6 p.m. Southeastern at Northwestern, 6 p.m. Tarleton State at Southwestern, 6 p.m. Abilene Christian at Eastern New Mexico, 7 p.m. West Texas A&M at A&M-Kingsville, 7 p.m. Oct. 4 Central Oklahoma at Southwest Baptist, 1:30 p.m. A&M-Commerce at Northeastern, 2 p.m. East Central at Abilene Christian, 6 p.m. Eastern New Mexico at Angelo State, 6 p.m. Midwestern State at West Texas A&M, 6 p.m. Southwestern at Southeastern, 6 p.m. A&M-Kingsville at Tarleton State, 7 p.m. Oct. 11 East Central at Southern Nazarene, 2 p.m. Southeastern at Central Oklahoma, 6 p.m. Tarleton State at Midwestern State, 6 p.m. Northeastern State at Southwestern, 6 p.m. Angelo State at Abilene Christian, 7 p.m. West Texas A&M at Eastern New Mexico, 7 p.m. A&M-Commerce at A&M-Kingsville, 7 p.m. Oct. 18 Eastern New Mexico at Tarleton State, 2 p.m. Southwest Baptist at Northeastern, 2 p.m. East Central at A&M-Commerce, 2 p.m. Abilene Christian at West Texas A&M, 6 p.m. Central Oklahoma at Southwestern, 6 p.m. Southeastern at Angelo State, 6 p.m. Midwestern State at A&M-Kingsville, 7 p.m. Oct. 25 Tarleton State at Abilene Christian, 2 p.m. Midwestern State at Central Oklahoma, 2 p.m. Northeastern at Southeastern, 2:30 p.m. A&M-Kingsville at Eastern New Mexico, 3 p.m. West Texas A&M at Angelo State, 6 p.m. Southwestern at East Central, 6 p.m. Oct. 30 Angelo State at Tarleton State, 7 p.m. Nov. 1 East Central at Central Oklahoma, 2 p.m. Southeastern at A&M-Commerce, 2 p.m. Eastern New Mexico at Midwestern State, 6 p.m. Northeastern at West Texas A&M, 6 p.m. Panhandle State at Southwestern, 6 p.m. Abilene Christian at A&M-Kingsville, 7 p.m. Nov. 8 Eastern New Mexico at Panhandle State, 4 p.m. Central Oklahoma at Northeastern, 2 p.m. Midwestern State at Abilene Christian, 2 p.m. East Central at Southeastern, 2 p.m. Southwestern at A&M-Commerce, 2 p.m. A&M-Kingsville at Angelo State, 6 p.m. Tarleton State at West Texas A&M, 6 p.m.

THE OPPONENTS Pittsburg State vs. UCO, 6 p.m., Aug. 30, Wantland Stadium Quick Facts Location: Pittsburg, Kan. President: Dr. Tom Bryant Athletic Director: Chuck Broyles School Colors: Crimson and Gold Nickname: Gorillas Stadium (Capacity): Carnie Smith Stadium (8,343) National Affiliation: NCAA Division II Conference: Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Chuck Broyles Years, Record at PSU: 18 years, 182-39-2 Years, Overall Record: 18 years, 182-39-2 Assistant Coaches: Tim Beck, David Wiemers, Lance Cullen, John Pierce, Carl Roth, Steve Wells.

Team Information

2007 Record: 8-3 2007 Conference Record (Finish): 6-3 (T-3rd) Lettermen Returning/Lost: 37/28 Starters Returning/Lost: 15/8 Key Returnees: QB Mark Smith, RB Caleb Farabi, OL Kendal Molz, OL Travis Greer, DL Rashad Pittman, LB Zack Langston, LB Rusty Morgan.

Series Information

Series Started: 1915, UCO won 14-0 Series Record: UCO leads 3-2-1 Last Meeting: Sept. 14, 1968 - UCO won, 29-3 Last UCO Win: Sept. 14, 1968 - 29-3 Last PSU Win: Sept. 16, 1967 - 14-13 Current Win Streak: UCO, 1

Texas A&M-Kingsville vs. UCO, 7 p.m., Sept. 13, Javelina Stadium Quick Facts

Vs. UCO, 6 p.m., Sept. 6, Wantland Stadium Quick Facts Location: Canyon, Texas President: Dr. Patrick O'Brien Athletic Director: Michael McBroom School Colors: Maroon and White Nickname: Buffaloes Stadium (Capacity): Kimbrough Memorial Stadium (20,000) National Affiliation: NCAA Division II Conference: Lone Star Conference (South Division)

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Don Carthel Years, Record at WTAMU: Three years, 33-5 Years, Overall Record: 10 years, 77-33-1 Assistant Coaches: Colby Carthel, Scott Parr, Nick Paremski, Mike Nesbitt, Justin Deason, Bob King, Billy Best, Jared May, Ryan Leaf.

Team Information

2007 Record: 1.2-1 2007 Conference Record (Finish): 9-0 (1st) Lettermen Returning/Lost: 45/20 Starters Returning/Lost: 16/10 Key Returnees: RB Keithon Flemming, WR Charly Martin, QB Keith Null, WR A.J. Ruffins, LB Jared Brock, DE Brandon Swain, DB Cashmin Thomas.

Series Information

Series Started: 1930 - UCO won, 7-0 Series Record: UCO leads 10-7-1 Last Meeting: Nov. 3, 2007 - WTAMU won 31-0 Last UCO Win: Sept. 11, 2004 - 38-27 Last WTAMU Win: Nov. 3, 2007 - 31-0 Current Win Streak: WTAMU, 3

Tarleton State vs. UCO, 7 p.m., Sept. 20, Memorial Stadium Quick Facts

Location: Kingsville, Texas President: Dr. Robert Strawser Athletic Director: Scott Gines School Colors: Blue and Gold Nickname: Javelinas Stadium (Capacity): Javelina Stadium (15,000) National Affiliation: NCAA Division II Conference: Lone Star Conference (South Division)

Location: Stephenville, Texas President: Dr. F. Dominic Dottavio Athletic Director: Lonn Reismann School Colors: Purple and White Nickname: Texans Stadium (Capacity): Tarleton Memorial Stadium (7,000) National Affiliation: NCAA Division II Conference: Lone Star Conference (South Division)

Head Coach: Bo Atterberry Years, Record at TAMUK: One year, 3-8 Years, Overall Record: One year, 3-8 Assistant Coaches: Ryan Beard, David Calloway, Pete Cuva, Jaime Martinez, Clay Patterson, Kyle Ppool, John Schroff.

Head Coach: Sam McElroy Years, Record at TSU: Three years, 22-9 Years, Overall Record: Three years, 22-9 Assistant Coaches: Cary Fowler, Jason Munoz, Henry Cofer, Scott Carey.

Coaching Staff

Team Information

2007 Record: 3-8 2007 Conference Record (Finish): 3-6 (T-8th) Lettermen Returning/Lost: 27/22 Starters Returning/Lost: 11/11 .Key Returnees: OL Jorge Guerra, QB David Garza, DE Jimmy Lugo, DL Tyrell Herndon, LB Arlen Childress, P Cody Smith.

Series Information

Series Started: Dec. 15, 1979 - TAMUK won, 21-14 Series Record: TAMUK leads 18-4 Last Meeting: Oct. 8, 2005 - TAMUK won, 41-38 Last UCO Win: Oct. 11, 2000 - 21-13 Last TAMUK Win: Oct. 8, 2005 - 41-38 Current Win Streak: TAMUK, 4

Texas A&MCommerce at UCO, 6 p.m., Sept. 27, Wantland Stadium Quick Facts Location: Commerce, Texas President: Dr. Dan Jones Athletic Director: Carlton Cooper School Colors: Blue and Gold Nickname: Lions Stadium (Capacity): Memorial Stadium (10,000) National Affiliation: NCAA Division II Conference: Lone Star Conference (North Division)

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Scott Conley Years, Record at TAMU-C: Four years, 19-22 Years, Overall Record: Four years, 19-22 Assistant Coaches: Jamie Critchlow, Erik Slaughter, Kevin Barbay, Randy Wilkins, Jon Loudermilk.

Team Information

2007 Record: 5-6 2007 Conference Record (Finish): 5-4 (5th) Lettermen Returning/Lost: 39/26 Starters Returning/Lost: 16/12 Key Returnees: QB Terry Mayo, RB Nabil El-Amin, DE Marcus Smith, DT A.J. Johnson, LB Chad Washington, DB Adrain Turner.

Series Information

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West Texas A&M

Series Started: Nov. 25, 1972 - TAMU-C won, 54-0 Series Record: TAMU-C leads 14-10 Last Meeting: Sept. 29, 2007 - UCO won, 21-20 Last UCO Win: Sept. 29, 2007 - 21-20 Last TAMU-C Win: Sept. 24, 2005 - 17-3 Current Win Streak: UCO, 2

Coaching Staff

Team Information

2007 Record: 9-2 2007 Conference Record (Finish): 7-2 (3rd) Lettermen Returning/Lost: 35/27 Starters Returning/Lost: 13/12 Key Returnees: QB Scott Grantham, WR Devin Guinn, WR Shamarr Prentice, DL Jamaal Steamer, LB Ben Dambold, DB Tremaine Wright.

Series Information

Series Started: Nov. 4, 1995 - UCO won, 47-0 Series Record: UCO leads 5-2 Last Meeting: Sept. 25, 2004 - UCO won, 42-17 Last UCO Win: Sept. 25, 2004 - 42-17 Last TSU Win: Nov. 15, 2003 -38-23 Current Win Streak: UCO, 1

August 28, 2008

Southwest Baptist



vs. UCO, 1:30 p.m., Oct. 4, Bolivar, Mo.

at UCO, 6 p.m., Oct. 11, Wantland Stadium

vs. UCO, 2 p.m., Oct. 18, Milam Stadium

Quick Facts

Location: Bolivar, Mo. President: Dr. C. Pat Taylor Athletic Director: Brent Good School Colors: Purple and White Nickname: Bearcats Stadium (Capacity): Plaster Stadium (3,000) National Affiliation: NCAA Division II Conference: Independent

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Keith Allen Years, Record at SBU: Second year, 0-11 Years, Overall Record: Second year, 0-11 Assistant Coaches: J.C. Dawkins, Ben Blake, Robert Clardy, E.J. Junior, Tracy Hayworth, Zach Wilkerson, Ryan Smith.

Team Information

2006 Record: 0-11 2006 Conference Record (Finish): N/A Lettermen Returning/Lost: 34/19 Starters Returning/Lost: 16/11 Key Returnees: QB Steve Gachette, RB Jeff Finnell, LB Jarod Bankhead, DL Clint Carroz, CB Tony Holman, LB Jarred Schumpert.

Series Information

Series Started: Sept. 13, 2003 - UCO won, 30-7 Series Record: UCO leads 1-0 Last Meeting: Sept. 13, 2003 - UCO won, 30-7 Last UCO Win: Sept. 13, 2003 - 30-7 Current Win Streak: UCO, 1

Quick Facts

Location: Durant, Okla. President: Dr. Michael Turner Athletic Director: Keith Baxter School Colors: Blue and Yellow Nickname: Savage Storm Stadium (Capacity): Paul Laird Field (4,500) National Affiliation: NCAA Division II Conference: Lone Star Conference (North Division)

Coaching Staff

Team Information

Series Information

East Central Northeastern State Wantland


Quick Facts

Quick Facts

Location: Tahlequah, Okla. President: Dr. Don Betz Athletic Director: Eddie Griffin School Colors: Green and White Nickname: RiverHawks Stadium (Capacity): Doc Wadley Stadium (12,000) National Affiliation: NCAA Division II Conference: Lone Star Conference (North Division)

Location: Ada, Okla. President: Dr. Richard Rafes Athletic Director: Brian DeAngelis School Colors: Orange and Black Nickname: Tigers Stadium (Capacity): Norris Field (5,000) National Affiliation: NCAA Division II Conference: Lone Star Conference (North Division)

Coaching Staff

Series Information

vs. UCO, 2 p.m., Nov. 8, Doc Wadley Stadium

at UCO, 2 p.m., Nov. 1,

Quick Facts

Series Started: 1951 - MSU won, 26-0 Series Record: Tied 2-2-1 Last Meeting: Sept. 29, 2001 - MSU won, 47-38 Last UCO Win: Sept. 30, 2000 - 24-21 Last MSU Win: Sept. 29, 2001 - 47-38 Current Win Streak: MSU, 1

Series Information

Series Started: 1905 - UCO won, 41-0 Series Record: UCO leads 56-24-3 Last Meeting: Oct. 27, 2007 - UCO won, 10-7 Last UCO Win: Oct. 27, 2007 - 10-7 Last SWOSU Win: Oct. 28, 2006 - 25-22 Current Win Streak: UCO, 1

Series Started: 1912 - UCO won, 56-0 Series Record: UCO leads 47-19-2 Last Meeting: Oct. 20, 200 - SOSU won, 24-15 Last UCO Win: Nov. 3, 2001 - 31-28 Last SOSU Win: Oct. 20, 2007 - 24-15 Current Win Streak: SOSU, 6

Location: Wichita Falls, Texas President: Dr. Jesse W. Rogers Athletic Director: Charlie Carr School Colors: Maroon and Gold Nickname: Mustangs Stadium (Capacity): Memorial Stadium (14,500) National Affiliation: NCAA Division II Conference: Lone Star Conference (South Division)

Team Information

Team Information

2007 Record: 6-5 2007 Conference Record (Finish): 4-5 (T-6th) Lettermen Returning: 32 Starters Returning/Lost: 10/14 Key Returnees: QB Steve Day, WR Johnathan Haggerty, Kyle Wimberly, DL Greg Franklin, LB Ruzell McCoy, DB Demarcus Render.

2007 Record: 4-6 2007 Conference Record (Finish): 3-6 (T-8th) Lettermen Returning/Lost: 28/18 Starters Returning/Lost: 15/11 Key Returnees: WR Daniel Nichols, TE Jerrod Temple, OL Jarred Anderson, DL Rocky Phillips, LB Noe Lopez, DB Bernard Daniel.

at UCO, 2 p.m., Oct. 25, Wantland Stadium

2007 Record: 8-3 2007 Conference Record (Finish): 6-3 (4th) Lettermen Returning/Lost: 52/20 Starters Returning/Lost: 16/11 Key Returnees: RB Marcus Mathis, PR/KR B.J. Mathis, WR Mookie Davis, OL Lance Calloway, DTTodd Zoglmann, LB Emmanuel Bagley.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Ryan Held Years, Record at SWOSU: Three years,13-20 Years, Overall Record: Seven years, 27-43 Assistant Coaches: Todd Helton, Russell Gaskamp, Judd Remmers.

Head Coach: Ray Richards Years, Record at SOSU: Three years, 18-12 Years, Overall Record: Seven years, 32-42 Assistant Coaches: Joe Jones, Dean Norsworthy, David Calloway, Scott Courter, Mike Hudson, Ryan Thomason, Jimmie Dailey.

Midwestern State

Head Coach: Bill Maskill Years, Record at MSU: Six years, 46-20 Years, Overall Record: Eight years, 59-28 Assistant Coaches: Rob Renner, Dean Norsworthy, Nathaniel Jones, Richard Lage, Brian Natkin.

Quick Facts

Location: Weatherford, Okla. President: Dr. John Hays Athletic Director: TBA School Colors: Navy Blue and White Nickname: Bulldogs Stadium (Capacity): Milam Stadium (9,000) National Affiliation: NCAA Division II Conference: Lone Star Conference (North Division)

Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Kurt Nichols Years, Record at ECU: Two years, 4-17 Years, Overall Record: Two years, 4-17 Assistant Coaches: Todd Fugett, Chuck Hepola, Robert Rubel, Travis Reust, David Pensyl, Andrew O'Neill, Mark Hodges, Matt Storm, Paul Talbert.

Head Coach: Kenny Evans Years, Record at NSU: First year Years, Overall Record: First year Assistant Coaches: Matt Hodgson, John Horner, Terry Jones, Charles Cooper, David Morgan, Tyler Cummings, Kyle Woods.

2007 Record: 2-9 2007 Conference Record (Finish): 2-7 (T-12th) Lettermen Returning/Lost: 33/18 Starters Returning/Lost: 12/12 Key Returnees: QB Marcus Johnson, WR Keewan King, OL Tim Bills, LB Kevin Avey, LB Tait Langston, CB Lionel Young, CB Derrick Suggs.

2007 Record: 3-7 2007 Conference Record (Finish): 3-6 (T-8th) Lettermen Returning/Lost: N/A Starters Returning/Lost: 11/11 Key Returnees: WR Damein Henderson, RB Josh Lewis, DB Broderick Mondy, LB Jon Evans, DL McCoy Campbell, PK Jared Homer.

Team Information

Series Information

Team Information

Series Information

Series Started: 1912 - UCO won, 53-3 Series Record: UCO leads 42-23-2 Last Meeting: Nov. 10, 2007 - NSU won, 22-14 Last UCO Win: Nov. 5, 2005 - 37-10 Last NSU Win: Nov. 11, 2007 - 22-14 Current Win Streak: NSU, 2

Series Started: 1912 - ECU won, 7-6 Series Record: UCO leads 56-18-4 Last Meeting: Oct. 4, 2007 - UCO won, 24-21 Last UCO Win: Oct. 4, 2007 - 24-21 Last ECU Win: Oct. 15, 2005 - 42-39 Current Win Streak: UCO, 2

Texas A&M-Commerce tops Lone Star Conference preseason poll Texas A&M-Commerce is the top choice in the North Division and Abilene Christian is the favorite in the South Division, according to the 2008 Lone Star Conference preseason polls announced Thursday. The league's preseason polls reflect the opinions of LSC head coaches and sports information directors, plus various media

representatives from throughout the region. The 2008 football season kicks off in late August, and the LSC has 13 teams set to compete. Each team will play a total of nine countable conference games. Divisional champions will be determined by only those games against division opponents, while the overall league

champion will be determined by the overall nine-game conference record, which will include division games plus designated crossover contests. Texas A&M-Commerce is favored to win the Lone Star Conference North Division title, according to the annual preseason poll, after being part of a five-way tie at the top last

season. The Lions received first-place votes on eight of the 16 ballots cast by LSC coaches, sports information directors and various media representatives. A&M-C, which finished 5-6 last season, totaled 82 points in the poll to finish ahead of Southeastern Oklahoma. SOSU, who has won or shared the divi-

sion title for the last four years, earned four first-place votes and 71 points. Southwestern Oklahoma (58) and Central Oklahoma (47) each received two first-place nods to finish third and fourth, respectively. Northeastern State (43) and East Central (35) rounded out the poll.

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August 28, 2008


One big question surrounding the Big 12: Can Missouri's Chase Daniels (above) win the Heisman? He's not the conference's only highly touted player. The Big 12 features a slew of talented signal-callers.

Big arms lift Big 12 into new stratosphere By JIM VERTUNO AP Sports Writer AUSTIN — The 2008 season looks like the Year of the Quarterback in the Big 12. The league is loaded with talented passers guiding spread offenses that fling the ball left and right, north and south and into the end zone. Ten Big 12 teams passed for more than 3,000 yards last season and six ranked in: the top 13 nationally in total offense. And with hotshot QBs Chase Daniel (Missouri), Graham Harrell (Texas Tech), Sam Bradford (Oklahoma), Colt McCoy (Texas) and others, it looks like the league should lead the country again in scoring fireworks. Won't somebody please step up and play some defense? Oklahoma usually does, which is why the Sooners own five conference titles since 2000. The Sooners are again favored to win the South Division and possibly challenge again for a national championship. Last season's North champ Missouri, is the most likely team to meet the Sooners again in the league title game Dec. 6 in Kansas City, Mo. It would be a chance for sweet revenge for the Tigers, whose unexpected rise all the way to No. 1 last season was undercut by a 38-17 loss to the Sooners in last season's title game. But the road to the Big 12 title is a long one. Consider these questions between now and late November and see how teams answer them on the way: 1) Can Missouri's Daniel win the Heisman Trophy? He was a finalist last year when Florida's Tim Tebow won, throwing for 4,306 passing yards and 33 touchdowns. He'll likely need another North Division title to win it, and a big game on the road at Texas (Oct. 18) could put him at the top of the list. Daniel certainly won't lack for confidence. He's already called himself the best quarterback in league chock full of great ones. 2) Can Sam Bradford duplicate his super freshman season? Daniel was great, but Bradford led the nation in pass efficiency and set an NCAA freshman record ,

Texas: McCoy

Texas Tech: Harrell

with 36 TD passes. He even beat Daniel head-to-head twice. Maybe Bradford will get the Heisman attention at the end of the season if he can do it again. 3) Will Kansas' much tougher schedule prevent another 12-1 season? Unlike last season, Kansas has to play (gulp!) Texas, Oklahoma and Texas Tech this year. All three are threats to win the South and all three could be losses for KU. Throw in rival Mizzou and the best season in school history could be a distant memory by the end of '08. 4) Can Texas A&M quarterback Stephen McGee thrive in coach Mike Sherman's new offense? The early signs say yes. McGee, a two-year starter, was forced to battle Jerrod Johnson for the job, but Sherman decided to stick with his veteran. It's a big decision for Sherman. McGee has won the hearts of A&M fans with his toughness, but he was also very close to former coach Dennis Franchione, who won't be missed by Aggie fans after five rocky years in College Station. 5) Can Will Muschamp save Texas' defense? Muschamp left Auburn to be the Longhorns' fourth defensive coordinator in five years. That's the kind of turnover that can decimate a defense or turn it around. The Longhorns had one of the worst defenses in school history last year.

Kansas: Reesing

K-State: Freeman

Muschamp's arrival allows Duane Akina to go back to doing what he does best: coaching the secondary and special teams. 6) Can Texas Tech finally put up the wins to back up those crazy numbers on offense? Nobody plays pass and catch like the Red Raiders. Graham Harrell to Michael Crabtree is the most dynamic combination on offense in the country. While the Red Raiders can riddle defenses in a heartbeat, they've never challenged Texas and Oklahoma for supremacy in the South. With /8 returning starters, this could be the year so long as coach Mike Leach lays off his criticism of the refs. Another outburst like last season's tirade after the loss at Texas could bring the distraction of a league suspension, not just a big fine. 7) Can Darrell Scott live up to his top -recruit hype at Colorado? Scott was one of the top running backs in the nation coming out of high school and Buffaloes coach Dan Hawkins won a pitched battle with Texas' Mack Brown to sign him. And make no mistake, the Longhorns weren't happy. If Scott can produce the big rushing yards expected from him, he'd add a nice punch to a team that made significant strides last season and earned a bowl berth.

see Big 12, page 8


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August 28, 2008

Bradford aims to become better quarterback By AP Writer

NORMAN It's difficult to aim much higher when you're starting out as the toprated quarterback in the nation, but those are the kind of expectations that Sam Bradford could be carrying into his sophomore year at Oklahoma. Instead, he's doing his best to shrug off unrealistic standards and find legitimate ways he can turn in a proper followup to his 36-touchdown season from a year ago. "You can't look at numbers," said Bradford, who edged out Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow of Florida to lead the nation in passer rating. "Numbers can be very misleading depending on situations. "There's a lot of things I can do to be a better cuarterback and a lot of flings I can do to help our team win. I didn't look so much at the numbers, more at the bigger things that I could do to help this team win." For Bradford, much of that improvement comes in the intangibles department. In his first summer entrenched as the

Sooners' starter, Bradford admits he had to force himself to be a more vocal leader and take charge during drills. "I'm not a real loud guy. I'm pretty quiet. So maybe stepping up and saying things that last year I wouldn't have said has been something that I kind of had to make myself do this summer," Bradford said. What head coach Bob Stoops doesn't want is for Bradford to feel like he has to be gunning for some unreasonable statistics just to have a better sophomore year. Bradford's 36 TD passes rank second in school history behind only Jason White's 40 from his Heisman season in 2003, and he threw just eight interceptions. Turnovers may be the only category Stoops would like to see some improvement — other than avoiding defenders on plays like the one that knocked him out of the Texas Tech game last season, which the Sooners lost. "I thought he played as well as we could have asked for a year ago," Stoops said. "He's stronger, I know, from a year in the weight room and a year's maturity." And he's got the majority

of his offense back around him. All five starting linemen return, and the only major subtractions are tailback Allen Patrick and receiver Malcolm Kelly. Thatputs running backs DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown into more featured roles in the backfield and forces Bradford to find a new deep-ball threat on the outside. There are still plenty of weapons, though, including Juaquin Iglesias, who had a team-high 68 catches for 907 yards, and 6-foot-6 tight end Jermaine Gresham, who caught 11 TDs last season. Once again, fall camp finds the Sooners o_perating behind closed doors to add a few wrinkles to the offense that Stoops doesn't want opponents to see before it's time. With new play clock rules starting this year, they're also implementing a no-huddle system like several Big 12 opponents already use. The main question is how to shore up the defense after linebacker Curtis Lofton, the team's top tackler, and cornerback Reggie Smith made early exits for the NFL. Still fresh in that unit's mind is a 48-28 blowout loss to West Virginia in the Fiesta Bowl.

BIG 12



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Continued from page 7 + AMAZING FAST DOWNLOAD SPEEDS 8) Can Kansas State's Ron Prince earn his new contract? The Wildcats stormed into the Big 12 schedule last year by handing Texas' its worst home loss in 10 years. So how did they finish? Four straight losses to fall to 5-7. Still, K-State rewarded Prince with a new fiveyear deal that pays him $1.1 million annually with nearly $1 million more in incentives. Maybe the Longhorns aren't blowing smoke when they say teams can make their whole season by beating them. 9) Can new Nebraska coach Bo Pelini win back the Husker faithful? The Bill Callahan disaster is history. The Bo Pelini era began with more than 80,000 checking out the Cornhuskers' spring game. Pelini's a defensive whiz and a little improvement on that side of the ball could go a long way toward rebuilding the Big

Red Machine. 10) Can Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy put his "I'm a man!" rant behind him? Until the Cowboys mount a serious challenge for the Big 12 South title, Gundy will be best known for last season's postgame rant against a reporter, the YouTube highlight of the year. Meanwhile, West Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens has poured hundreds of millions into this program and Gundy may be running out of time to build a title contender. The player behind the infamous rant? That was former Cowboys quarterback Bobby Reid, who transferred to Texas Southern. 11) Will Gene Chizik start to think he made a bad decision? Chizik surprised many in Austin when the former Texas defensive coor-

dinator jumped at the Iowa State head coaching job after the 2006 season. Longhorns fans thought he would have held out for a more prominent program, and his first year in the windy outpost of Ames was a tough one. The Cyclones finished 3-9. Chizik must find a new quarterback, and his defense gave up 31.8 points per game last season. The bright spot was a two-game winning streak (Kansas State and Colorado) to end 2007. 12) Can Baylor win a conference game? The bet here is no. The Bears were 0-8 in the league last year, and don't expect much more out of first-year coach Art Briles. He left his successful rebuilding job at Houston to try to do the same in Waco. His best shot is Oct. 11 at home against Iowa State.



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The Vista Aug. 28, 2008  

The University of Central Oklahoma's student voice since 1903.

The Vista Aug. 28, 2008  

The University of Central Oklahoma's student voice since 1903.