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July 26, 2007

CNN/YouTube debate takes politics to the next level by Andrew Knittle Staff Writer

Although touted as the first-ever forum of its kind in American politics, the July 23 CNN/YouTube Debate between eight Democratic presidential candidates in Charleston, S.C., seemed more like business as usual than a bold new frontier. Held at The Citadel, one of the nation's most prestigious and oldest military academies, the debate was mediated by CNN's Anderson Cooper and featured questions from everyday citizens — not professional journalists — who posted their submissions on YouTube. After starting off with some lightweight questions from YouTubers about change in Washington, or how one candidate would be a better President than the other, the questions became more pointed and serious — typical of past debates. When asked about the issue of gender and whether she was "satisfactorily feminine" enough to get elected, Sen. Hillary Clinton, the frontrunner to receive her party's nomination at press time, said she trusted the American people to make the right decision. "Well, I couldn't run as anything other than a woman. I am proud to be running as a woman, and I'm excited that I may be able, finally, to break that hardest of all glass ceilings [the presidency]," Clinton said.

AP Photo

Democratic presidential hopefuls from left, former Sen. Mike Gravel, D-Alaska; Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn.; former Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C.; Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y.; Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.; take part in the debate in Charleston, S.C., July 23, 2007.

"But, obviously, I'm not running because I'm a woman. I'm running because I think I'm the most qualified and experienced to hit the ground nm-

ning in January 2009," she said. Sen. Barack Obama, who trails Clinton by 10 to 15 points in most national polls, was posed a similar question regarding

critics who say the Senator isn't "authentically black enough." "You know, when I'm catching a cab in Manhattan — in the past, I think I've

given my credentials," Obama said to raucous laughter. "But let me go to the broader issue here, and that is that race permeates our society.

It is still a critical problem," Obama said. "Unfortunately, we've had a White House that hasn't invested in the kind of steps that have to be done to overcome the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow in this country." As the questions shifted to foreign policy, and more specifically to the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, the candidates started to focus their attacks on one another, each seeming to realize the possible consequences of his or her answers. Obama, who has repeatedly told the public that he has "opposed this war from the start," said he thought the Iraqi government — not just Congress — was responsible for the fact that U.S. forces remain in the war-torn country. "At this point, I think we can be as careful getting out as we were careless getting in. But we have to send a clear message to the Iraqi government as well as to the surrounding neighbors that there is no military solution to the problems that we face in Iraq," Obama said. Tough-talking Sen. Joe Biden followed Obama, sending him a thinly-veiled insult in the process. "There's not one person in here that can say we're going to eliminate all troops unless you're going to eliminate every physical person who's an American in Iraq — tell the

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Essay contest offers scholarship Walking the labyrinth provides students with spiritual relaxation by Lyndsay Gillum Copy Editor

The Campaign for College Affordability, a coordinated effort by groups working to ensure access to higher education, is offering an innovative essay contest, with scholarship money as the contest prize. With total student debt in this country totaling over $440 billion, and the average student today graduating with debt almost three and a half times that of graduates a decade ago, this campaign is giving students and recent graduates the opportunity to highlight the crisis in student aid and at the same time, turn their debt into cash, $2,500 specifically. The contest is open to current students, undergraduate or graduate, and former students

with at least $2,500 in outstanding educational debt. Those interested are to write and place an essay, reported article, opinion piece or multimedia work on the topic of college affordability in a college, local or national publication [print or web]. The requirement for publication is aimed at encouraging more public dialogue on this issue, read a press release published by the Campaign for College Affordability. Campus Progress, a participant member of the campaign, has contributed the $2,500 scholarship. It won this sum for its innovative Debt Hits Hard videos in Huffington Post's Contagious Film Festival, according to the press release. Contestants can submit their entries to the Campaign for

College Affordability up until Oct. 29, 2007 and the winner will be announced Nov. - 13, 2007. The panel of judges that were chosen this summer is comprised of top policymakers, journalists and experts. Entries on three topics will be accepted: college access, student debt and fair lending. The judges will choose one winner from the top five entries, which will be selected by the organizations that make up the Campaign for College Affordability. Essays will be judged for their content, visibility and potential impact. "You can report on the issues; write about your personal struggles with debt, affordability, and the system; propose creative solutions - we're look-

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Reggae Fest adds rhythm to OKC by Lyndsay Gillum Copy Editor

The 12th annual Bricktown Reggae Fest, presented by Dr. Pepper, will be Friday through Saturday, July 27 and 28. Reggae Fest will be held outdoors on the corner of Sheridan and Oklahoma Avenue, in the heart of Bricktown. This is a perfect time for those with the summer times blues to get out of the house, away from work and summer school, relax and enjoy the continuous live music, Caribbean dining and ice-cold drinks, all the while taking in the dazzling environment Bricktown has to offer. Gates open at 4 p.m. Friday and at 3 p.m. Saturday. Admission is free until 7 p.m. and $7 after that both days. The celebration will have Caribbean food, ice-cold beer

and soft drinks, tie-dye shirts, hats and much more for sale. There will be continuos live music from bands like Kinky Slinky; Sam and the Stylees; Local Hero; D.R.U.M on Friday night. Kinky Slinky; Tribe of

Souls; One Love Uprising; Watusi; and Leroy Shakespeare will perform Saturday night. Also taking place during the 12th annual Bricktown Reggae Fest will be a chance for those attending to win millions. For every purchase of a commemorative 16oz. Budweiser Red

or Bud Light Blue Aluminum bottle of beer each individual purchases, they will receive one free easy pick Powerball Lottery ticket for the drawing that will take place the 28th. Sponsoring the Reggae Fest includes Scion Dealers of Oklahoma, The Oklahoman, Budweiser, Southwest Airlines, Cox Communications, US Cellular, Oklahoma Lottery Commission and Lamar Outdoor. Participating sponsors include McClain's RV and Zeal. Desino and is produced by Brewer Entertainment. No food, drinks, coolers, video cameras or pets are allowed. For more information, call (405) 236-4143 or visit www.bricktownokc. corn. All ages are welcome. Lyndsay Gillum can be reached at

by Vista photographer Chris Albers

The Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies shows off its labyrinth, a third of a mile walking puzzle that promotes mental health. by Justin Langston Staff Writer

The 11-circuit labyrinth kept by the UCO Department of Kinesiology measures nearly 1/3 of a mile when walked in its entirety. Set up to explore the points of one's spirituality, although not necessarily religious health, the UCO labyrinth is designed to give those who walk its path some relaxation and time to contemplate. "When you walk the path, it's like walking your life's journey," said Diane Rudebok, assistant professor of kinesiology and community health program coordinator. "The thoughts you have matched where you are on your life's journey." A labyrinth is not the same thing as a maze. Labyrinths

have a single pathway that takes the walker to the middle. To exit, the walker must walk the same way again, only in reverse. Unlike a maze, which is designed to confuse and disorient, a labyrinth is designed to give the walker clarity. Labyrinths have a 4,000year-old history, with different designs and variations. Each labyrinth can be designed in a different manner from different materials. Some stand well above the walker's head, while some may be lines simply drawn on the ground. UCO's labyrinth is based on the one found in Carteres Cathedral in France, which was built in the 1200s. It lies flat on the ground, with ink being used to mark the boundaries of its path. Although labyrinths are used

to explore and study the health of those who walk them, there is actually very little research done on them. The reason is because each person's experience is his or her own, and each experience can differ daily. "People have all kinds of experiences walking the labyrinth," Rudebok said. "Different people's experiences are different." While walking the labyrinth, some people might find relaxation, or time to be with their thoughts. Others may simply become bored or distracted and think that walking was a waste of time. Walking the labyrinth can be a very personal journey. Justin Langston can be reached at

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OPINION July 26, 2007

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Cartoon by Zachary Burch STAFF EDITORIAL

Does the CNN/YouTube format really enhance presidential debates? Opinion 1 By now, many have heard about the presidential debates put on by CNN and YouTube. The first was held Monday in South Carolina, where the lights and cameras were focused on the eight candidates. Questions included one from a father who lost a son in Iraq and wondered if he would lose another, a gay couple asking why they shouldn't be allowed to many and a woman stricken with breast cancer asked if her chance of survival would be better if she had health insurance. In all, 39 questions were asked from the 3,000 submissions YouTube said they received from the American public. The video questions came in all forms and some of the questions from YouTubers were as good or better than those of the media and it was apparent that the candidates had a tough time ducking them. I believe that the debates are an amazing idea, and for several reasons. The debates are meant to generate interest in presidential election among younger people, which are the ones that use YouTube mostly. The candidates benefit also because they can reach out to a crowd that is very difficult to reach, the younger generation. CNN also benefits because they are grabbing new and younger viewers.

It is mainly interesting because candidates are being asked questions besides the typ-, ical, the war in Iraq and terror-' ism. There are other events and problems surrounding us, and many that are of particular interest to the younger viewers such as ourselves. The American public needs to realize that the world does not revolve around the war or terrorism. Issues that affect the upcoming generation need to be addressed and these debates are a perfect solution for these issues to be asked. And who better to ask then the presidential candidates themselves.



So maybe the questions were what we all expected: The War in Iraq, being environmentally friendly and gay marriage. But having issues with faces did a lot to personalize the debates. This creative new format kept the debates moving fast and grabbing the audiences' attention. There were some questions that caught me off guard, such as the question by the military man from Japan who asked Hillary if she would be taken serious as a female president by other countries. The Darfur qujstion changed the focus from the normal line-up of debate topics. Having the YouTube questions allowed people to voice matters often overlooked in debates.

The answers tended to be the same. The politicians. didn't seem to be caught off guard by the video questions. They generally answered in a very poised manner. Whether they actually answered the question and gave an action was similar to all other debates. Many times the responses could be summed up with "The current administration has failed us in (enter issues being discussed). Under my administration, it will not happen." There seemed to be few answers that outlined actions that would be taken if a candidate were to win the presidency. There was a lot of past, a lot of present, but a very vague future. Overall, this was a great idea to get the American public involved in the democratic process, especially with over 3,000 videos being received. Kudos to CNN and YouTube for embracing the new wave of technology.

Opinion 3 The first part of the CNN/ YouTube Debates is now over — and yet the world seems to have changed a little. After watching the "first-ever" political forum of its kind, it's hard to see what all the hype was about. Aside from a few cutesy skits the editors at CNN allowed to air in front of the eight candidates, all of the ques-

tions were pretty much standard issue political debate inquiries. There were some exceptions, though. Like the question about reparations, that one was pretty out there. And to Obama's credit, he didn't support them. Former Sen. John Edwards didn't think they were a good idea either. After all, where in Hades would the government come up with the funds to make "reparation" payments, and who would get them? The only guy who did was that crazy little guy (the one with the young wife, you know who we're talking about) on the end who kept telling people to text "peace" to some number that will not appear in this paper. Another interesting question concerned gay marriages and civil unions, a topic that most candidates would rather avoid than speak honestly about. But it wasn't the question itself that was intriguing — it was the questioners, who just happened to be a couple of homely lesbians. As the "man" was finishing her question to the disgusted candidates, she turned to her woman and looked longingly into the other eyes, and for a moment it looked like they might start making out. That's something you probably won't see at a typical debate full of questions from nerdy journalists. Surely, Edwards was about to lose his expensive lunch. And that Biden guy, he was probably

tough talking those ladies in his mind,. telling them, how things e really att. BeOause onc served'more than 30 years in the Senate, like Biden has, you have the firmest of grasps on reality. Other than the cheesy candidate-produced video clips, occasionally unprofessional yet interesting questions and Anderson Cooper's suave, Richard Gere-like stage presence, the debate was pretty much standard issue. Maybe the format will work out better for the Republicans, who love change and the internet as much as anybody, in September.

Opinion 4 Over 3,000 people submitted YouTube video questions for the candidates, which were narrowed down to about 30 videos. Although the video questions were carefully selected, a few nontraditional questions were slipped through that made for some interesting responses. That's what was so great about this debate: it was unexpected and it was politically incorrect, straightforward. These YouTube debates are a great way to get more young adults involved and interested in political issues. But when the one-on-one presidential debate start in 2008, I think people are going to want a more formal and serious format.

As host and moderator, Anderson Cooper did a great job keeping the candidates On tOpic and knew the right times to push the questions a little further to stimulate important responses. I'd like to see him moderating in 2008. I have an even better idea than YouTube debates, how about spy cam debates. This format would consist of CNN or some other news stations setting up spy cams in a candidate's house, office, car, campaign bus, etc. without their knowledge. After three months they hold a national debate and air footage of each candidate making comments in private concerning how they really feel about the issues. They get a chance to defend themselves and then the public gets to text in which candidate they thought responded with the most candor. It may be illegal, but at least we would be able to weed out the liars and crooks before we make one of them our president.

The Vista editorial staff can be reached at

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July 26, 2007

Exhibit highlights changes in women's bags Film society plans

free screenings

by Aaron Wright Managing Editor From handkerchiefs to smelling salts to opera glasses to Simon and Garkfunkel records to credit cards, the contents of a women's purse, along with its design, have changed greatly over the past 100 years. The Edmond Historical Society is showcasing a traveling exhibit of women's purses from 1905 to the 1990s. This free exhibit, titled "The Purse and the Person," opened July 22 and will stay open until Sept. 30. "The collection all comes from a collector named Anita Davis," said Iris Muno Jordan, interim director and exhibit director. She said Davis has over 3,000 items. Davis will give a gallery lecture at the museum from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Aug. 4. Other activities, such as foam wallet making for kids and a "What's Your Pursonality?" questionnaire, which asks questions about the look, weight and insides of a person's purse, are there for museum-goers. Future events include the gallery lecture, a reading of "My Granny's Purse" at 1 p.m. on Aug. 18 and a Brown Bag Program on Aug. 21, where people can bring a lunch and discuss the exhibit. The society will also attend SeptemberFest at the Governor's Mansion, where they will be making foam wallets and purses from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. A Fall Living Social will be held from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sept. 16 in the adjoining Stephenson Park. High Tea, cosponsored with UCO, will be held at 3 p.m. on Sept. 20. The first section of the exhibit showcases the purses of the "Edwardian Matron" or women from the early 1900s. The museum's write-up of this era explains the style as "one foot, in the nineteenth century and another in the twentieth." The purses were primarily made of leather, cloth or metal mesh.

by Aaron Wright Managing Editor

by Vista photographer Chris Albers

Katelyn Ogle's image reflects off the display glass at the Edmond Historical Society's new exhibit, "The Purse and The Person: A Century of Women's Purses."

They were often attached to belts. Inside, items such as bankbooks, cash, house keys, medicine and calling cards could be found. More uncommon items sometimes found in purses were buttonhooks and shoehorns used when women put boots on. The flapper era was made up of small pochettes, or clutches that matched the glitz and glamour of the 1920s. There was enough room in the purses to hold necessary items like taxi fare, cigarettes and make-up. Makeup containers were often decorated as many saw them when women corrected their makeup in public, which was more than acceptable in the 1920s. Art Deco styles hit big in the 1930s. Plastic began to be used more commonly during this era as well. Purses contained items similar to those found in the flappers as well as hosiery repair kits and coin purses. A vending machine card

of movie star Rochelle Hudson A section dedicated to the also appeared in one of the more modern "Superwomen" purses, showing the impact shows purses from the 1980s of the movies in the 1930s. to the early 2000s. Many In the counterculture atmo- designer bags are featured sphere of the 1960s, purses such as Prada, Gucci and Kate became more casual. Some Spade. The items found inside bags, like one in the museum's include cell phones, pepper collection of a shoulder bag spray, Nicorette gum, a contact made from pink cotton over- lens case, a planner and floss, alls and covered with buttons which represent today's culture. of peace signs and politicians, The museum also has a secwere used to portray a per- tion that highlights purses used son's political stance. Inside, during travel such as the picnic records, books and acces- style bag or ones that contain sories indicate the culture. names of places. There is also a The section titled "Rosie the section comparing day and night Riveter" contains purses from bags. One titled "All Shapes and the World War II era where Colors" contains an eclectic mix many women made their own of purse shapes and designs. purses. Shoulder bags became The Edmond Historical popular. Ration books and Society is located at hairnets could be found inside. 431 S. Boulevard. However, after the war when women returned to their role as 'Homemaker,' women car- Aaron Wright can be reached at ried items such as shopping . lists, coupons and lint brushes.

bathroom. This film will play August 2 at Harkins Theater in downtown Oklahoma City. After losing their father, a family gathers with their friends for a funeral in "Death at a Funeral." However, with each of them bringing their own problems to the event, the day turns out to be humorous. Matthew Macfadyen ("Pride and Prejudice") stars in this film as he tries to maintain peace and keep

The UCO Film Society has worked to give students what the members think their classmates deserve: free movies. The student organization is working with Moroch Advertising to bring UCO events to the students. "After all, who would turn down a free movie?" said Jeff Stuckey, UCO Film Society president. While the members of the organization don't get to select the movies shown or the theater, they do advertise the screenings to the UCO community through UConnect, Facebook, their e-mail at or their Myspace page at www. In the past, the group has hosted Fox Searchlight's "Waitress" and "Sunshine," and Picturehouse's "Gracie." The upcoming screenings are famliy secrets hidden. This film "Charlie Bartlett," and "Death will be shown on August 16 at at a Funeral." Stuckey said the the AMC Quail Springs Theater. movies generally start at 7:30 Upcoming events for the p.m. He advises people to arrive organization include a "Vampire at least a half hour early because Film Festival" to complement the theaters fill up quickly since the Oklahoma Blood Institute's the movies are free. UCO blood drive in September. According to Yahoo, A "Can-nibal Film Festival" "Sunshine," which showed July is being planned close to the 25 at AMC Quail Springs, is holidays. Zombie/Cannibal about a crew that sets out to themed movies will be shown save the earth by reviving the and cans will be collected for dying sun. the Oklahoma Food Bank. "Charlie Bartlett," starring The UCO Film Society is Anton Yelchin ("Alpha Dog"), a new student organization. is about a creative boy who Membership is open to anyone has trouble settling in school. who loves movies and wants When he finally resorts to to know more about them. public school, he realizes his fellow classmates are full of problems. He soon becomes an underground therapist for the students. He dishes out advice and pills obtained from Aaron Wright can be reached at his own psychiatrist appoint- ments in his office: the boy's

Seventh 'Harry Potter' book draws series to a close by Justin Langston Staff Writer With just a little more than an hour left until July 21 hits, it's no surprise to see the Barnes and Noble on May and Memorial packed. After all, at the stroke of midnight, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" goes on sale. The parking lot is completely full, with people on the grass nearby. Walking inside, the store is packed as one store

clerk says, it's "complete chaos." There have been games and trivia contests all night, but now, everyone is anticipating the sale of the book. The air is full of several different emotions. Excitement is the most prevalent, followed by hope. But there's also an undercurrent of dread, as people talk in hushed whispers, wondering about who will be left standing by the time Page 748 comes around. Death lists and spoilers had already penetrated the Internet by then, and many people were already afraid of what they had seen. Still, not everyone was discouraged. "I'm so freakin' excited," UCO student Kyle Fields said. "I'm going to read it in one night." Fields was not alone.

could read it. Some felt they Z, those with green bookmarks wouldn't be able to sleep until could purchase their copies. they had finished the book. The amount of hype attracted The store was so packed more than justfans ofthe book, as with people wanting the book people who were simply curious that the store had to set up or mildly interested came to see special guidelines for those what all the hubbub was about. purchasing the book. Those UCO student Farshad Askar, who had pre-ordered the book who was a fan of the movies, were given red bookmarks was picking up the "Deathly with a single letter printed Hallows" as his first foray into the on them. Those who hadn't printed version of Harry Potter. were given a green bookmark. "I came to see what the hype The letter on the red book- was about," Askar said with a mark determined which group green bookmark in his pocket. those who had preordered were "Last book, I thought why not?" in. Rumors circulating through When 12:01 a.m. Saturday the store indicated that there morning finally rolled around, were 50 people in each let- the books went on sale, and tered group, although it felt like the final part of Harry Potter much more than that to some. launched. After all the red bookmarks were gone through, and the let- Justin Langston can be reached at ters went all the way through

Put Yourself to the Test... 'Deathly Hallows' brings bittersweet end for Potter fans

Do you have the skills and knowledge to challenge one of our exams? We have approximately 45 nationally standardizes' enms and 158 tests developed here at UCO that you can take to earn college credit to benefit your degree.

by Abha Eli Phoboo Staff Writer It's a strange feeling to finish the seventh Harry Potter book and know that J.K. Rowling won't be writing another. All the hype built around "The Boy Who Lived" has become such an important part of Potter readers' lives that it leaves us feeling

break out of the


and into the

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-studio 1,2 & 3 Bedrooms -Pool and Hot tub -State of the art fitness center -BasketbaliNollyball court -Tennis court -Washer/Dryer in every apartment -Computer center with free wi-fi -Convenient to UCO,shopping & dining

Oxford Oaks

348-2431 1920 E. 2nd Edmond

by Vista photographer Chris Often

Annalise Dorety waits to have her face and hand painted at the Harry Potter book release party. Some people had adamantly they could. Many were just avoided the Internet and kept as excited as Fields was, makas far away from spoilers as ing boasts of how fast they

a little lost at "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" epilogue. To say Rowling's latest has been awaited by many with bated breath is an understatement. Beating its predecessors' pre-sale records, and selling 11 million copies in the UK and US on its first day ofrelease, July 21. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" was devoured by fans within days it hit store shelves. Potter fans were aware from the very beginning that it would all end with the seventh book, and that Harry would have to face the evil wizard, Lord Voldemort, in a duel to the death. The question was, would Harry die too? Filled with heartwrenching drama and suspense, "The Deathly Hallows" is certainly not for the faint of heart. Rowling meant it in interviews when she said more than one character dies in this final book. In the first few pages, two beloved characters are struck dead, and a third horribly disfigured. There is much doubt and

conflict to keep readers glued. After all that came before, it may be with much trepidation that one approaches "The Deathly Hallows." The previous book left Potter fans mourning the death of his mentor, Professor Dumbledore. What we quickly find is that there is more to Dumbledore than Hogwarts headmaster. The wise old wizard was closer to and knew more about Dark Magic than anyone could have suspected. With Dumbledore gone, it seemed Harry would be alone in his final quest, to find and destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes, fantastic objects infused with bits of Voldemort's soul, that he could use to return again if Harry killed him while some still existed. Harry's godfather, Sirius Black, died in book five leaving Harry with only his two friends, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley to turn to. Both Hermione and Ron are aware of the mission Dumbledore left Harry, and that

it would not be easy, but they did not expect their friendship to be tested to the breaking point when the strain of their predicament and the enormity of their task begins to take its toll on them psychologically. In their quest for the Horcruxes, Harry discovers that Dumbledore once set out on a mission of his own: to find

the Deathly Hallows, magical items of wizarding legend that hold unprecedented power. This knowledge serves as a horrible temptation for Harry, as he must decide whether to stay the course Dumbledore laid out for him and pursue the Horcruxes, or abandon the plan and try his hand at finding the Hallows, which might tip the odds in Harry's favor even more in his inevitable final battle. The series ends goes out with a satisfying bang only Rowling could be trusted to deliver, tying together countless loose ends the series has teased us with since the beginning to create an earth-shattering climax that makes reading the whole series well worth while. If you haven't yet, experience this book yourself, because T-T-P is indeed one of Rowling's best.

Abha Eli Phoboo can be reached at .



July 26, 2007

Smashing Pumpkins return to form by Nathan Winfrey Senior Staff Writer Influential rock band The Smashing Pumpkins are back after a sevenyear silence with new songs filled with the old magic that made them one of the defining musical forces of the '90s. With all the high-profile band reunions occurring lately, it would be possible to overlook the Pumpkins' regrouping while old dogs like The Police and Van Halen learn new tricks, but missing their new album, "Zeitgeist," would be a crime for anyone who ever appreciated the music of cueballheaded frontman Billy Corgan. The title means "the spirit of the day," and the new album does a good job of capturing a cross-section of America's current ills, from global warming to unraveling patriotism. This is a bold move from a band celebrated for its chronological ambiguity. Songs released on their first album, "Siamese Dream" in 1991 could be listened to today and mean the same things they did then, so was the Pumpkins' aversion to broaching current

s,...... kkktktiWcuu,"..Vf4iuszU.U,uuu;zuuu"


events. But with "Zeitgeist," Corgan chooses to dive in to what's in the news, bald head first. The result is not nearly as jarring as diehard fans would expect, and any break from tradition is pardoned by the appropriate album title and the skill with which they break it. Few who remember the Pumpkins' famous breakup at the turn of the century could forget the bitterness and hostili-

ty with which original members James Iha and D'arcy Wretzky parted ways with Corgan and drummer/musical soul mate Jimmy Chamberlin, and the two have not been invited back for the reunion, nor have they been permanently replaced. Talented musicians have filled their roles for the tour, but no new blood has been added to the alchemical potion that forged gold a decade and a

half ago, and has been minting shiny doubloons ever since. Those who complain that this is just a Corgan/Chamberlin project, and should not be billed as true Smashing Pumpkins, should know that Corgan was the creative force behind the band since the beginning, often filling in for his less reliable bandmates during recording sessions when they flaked out to get high or whatever. The energy and creativity with which the Pumpkins have returned prove that lha and Wretzky were about as replaceable as used tampons. This is not another Billy Corgan solo album, nor is it a retreat back to territory covered by Zwan, Corgan and Chamberlin's short-lived, postPumpkins project. The old sound is back, and it's as loud, distorted and beautiful as ever.

4/5 Stars

Nathan Winfrey can be reached at .

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ART 1112-1153 &2403 BADM 1103 BIO 1114 CHEM 1003 - 3303 & 3323 CJ 3643 - 3653 - 4003 - 4063 & 4703 ECON 2103 - 2203 & 3103 ENG 1113 - 1213 & 3013 FACS 3633 & 4513 FIN 2313 - 3413 - 3563 & 3603 FNRL 3483 & 3513 GEO 1103 & 2303 HIST 1483 - 1493 & 3303 MATH 1113 - 1453 & 1513 MATH 2053 - 2313 & 4483 MRKT 3013 NTRN 1513 & 3633 NURS 2113 POL 1113 LS 3113 SOC 2103 - 2203 & 2303 SOC 3103 - 3203 - 3403 & 3633 SOC 4443 & 4693 SPAN 1114

ESSAY from page 1 ing for original contributions to the debate," read the College Affordability Now Web site. On Jan. 11, 2007, the campaigns national coalition held a press event and lobbied to Congress at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., while people across the country called on their Representatives to make college affordable, read the College Affordability Now website. A week later, the House of Representatives took an important step toward softening the blow of student debt by passing a bill that cuts interest rates for subsidized Stafford student loans in half. "We hope to keep up the momentum until everyone has the opportunity to receive a quality higher education without accruing a crushing debt load," said the members of the campaign on their Web site. Since the bill was passed, the members of College Affordability Now have con-

DEBATE from page 1 truth for a change," Biden said. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, the only candidate on stage who hasn't served in Congress, said politics are the reason U.S. troops remain in Iraq, and offered his own plan to withdraw American soldiers. "I believe we should bring all the troops home by the end of the year, in six months, with no residual forces. This is critically important. A hundred American troops are dying every month, and this war is a quagmire, it's endless. The time has come to bring the troops home. No politics," Richardson said. On the topic of gay marriage, most of the candidates answered fluidly with well-prepared stances tailored to fit the image of Democrats as more liberal and open-minded than their counterparts across the aisle. However, former Sen. John Edwards, a devout Southern Baptist, struggled to defend his opposition to gay marriages and gay civil unions after a pastor from North Carolina asked him if he would use his religious principles to impede the rights of gays once in office.

tinued to pressure Congress to increase need-based grant aid by raising the maximum Pell Grant to $5,100, according to the campaign's Web site. "I find it sad that students have to carry with them the burden of having debts after they graduate college," Lauren Jones, senior advertising major, said. "And the fact that some individuals chose not to attend solely on the fact that they can't afford to attend an university for the reason that they can't take the risk of carrying around with them an outrageous debt is sickening and something needs to change. "All individuals who wish to attend college should be able to do so without having the constant worry and stress of paying off student loans years after they have graduated," Jones said. Submissions are due by October 29 and contestants can enter to win online at s s ay contest.

Lyndsay Gillum can be reached at . "I feel enormous personal conflict about this issue. I want to end discrimination, but I personally have been on a journey on this issue. As I think a lot of people know, my wife Elizabeth spoke out a few weeks ago, and she actually supports gay marriage. I do not, but this is a very, very difficult issue for me," Edwards said. After all was said and done, YouTubers posed 39 questions, out of pool of more than 3,000 submissions, to the presidential hopefuls in the first-ever debate of its kind. Additional topics ranged from Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, energy issues including foreign oil dependence, what to do about the genocide in Darfur, education, reparations for the nation's black population and a host of other talking points the candidates will no doubt be asked to speak about again in the near future. The Republican forum, the second part of the CNN/ YouTube Debates, will be held Sept. 17 in Florida. For a complete transcript of the Democratic debates, visit . Andrew Knittle can be reached at .

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CPDE Conterlbr Pmfeitional and Diaunsce Education

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Democratic presidential hopefuls listen to a question from Rev. Reggie Longcrier of Hickory, N.C., as they participate in the debate sponsored by CNN, YouTube and Google at The Citadel military college in Charleston, S.C., Monday, July 23, 2007.

University Village Apartments Small 1 bedroom $350 Large 1 bedroom $375 2 bedroom $450 gas and water paid 330-3711 ** ATTENTION STUDENTS **











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Needed immediately for Edmond Daycare. FT/PT. Experience preferred, competitive wages. Apply in person @ 24 NW 146th. Call Camelot C.D.0 @ 749-2262

FORMER BOYSCOUT needed to help PAC leader with Bear Den. Will meet twice a month from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Starting September and thoroughout school year. Will also attend two campouts during fall and spring semester. This is a paid position. Please call Fay at 366-9512.

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2 to 3 employees to do telemarSTUDENT WANTED keting fora local mortgage com- for busy doctor's office at Mercy. pany several nights a week and Must be available to work all occasionally on Sat. mornings day TR. Other hours are possibly Great pay with opportunity for available. Please fax resume to bonuses. 752-4242. Call (405)844-6121 AJ x200 or Jimmy x211. PART-TIME/ FULL-TIME SENIOR SERVICES OF Office assistant. Knowledge of OKLAHOMA Word, Word-Perfect, Poweris looking for students to fill part Point, phone, math skills and time positions. Several 9am - driving required; Flexible hours. 1pm and 1:30 pm - 5:30pm shifts Email resume to rrsuop@sbcare available for Mon-Fri. We pay $10 per hour for energetic phone work educating senior citizens HANDY STUDENT on healthcare issues. No experi- Wanted for painting and lawn ence is needed we will train. maintenance. Close to UCO Business is located at 1417 NW campus. Afternoons. Must be 150th St. in Edmond.. self motivated, trustworthy and Call 879-1888 to set up an interable to work unsupervised. view. Ask for Hannah McMa341-9651 han.

PINNACLE FITNESS seeking Child Care Associate. BUSY EDMOND REAL Must be experienced, patient & ESTATE OFFICE love working w/children. Apply has immediate openings for two in person, Pinnacle Fitness, N. of LOOKING FOR A JOB part-time afternoon receptionists. Memorial on Penn. next to Toysthat will work around your Must be people-oriented, multiR-Us. school schedule? Well look no tasked individuals and must be further. Papa Johns is now hiravailable to work on Tuesday FRONT-DESK ing all positions at NW OKC & and Thursday afternoons from RECEPTIONIST: 1:30-6:00 and available for shifts Various shifts. People skills are Edmond locations. Whether it's on weekends. a must. Dependable, honest, the quick fast money of our deIf interested, please send resume hardworking, happy & respon- livery drivers or your trying to to sible adults should apply at Pin- build your resume by working nacle Fitness, Memorial & Penn for our management team. PJs between Toys-R-Us & Hobby has what's right for your college experience. Call or stop by today. J•J• KELLY BRIDAL Lobby. 844-7900 Part-time, must work Saturdays, fashion merchandise students LOOKING FOR PART TIME welcome. Call for an interview. FLEXIBLE EMPLOYMENT RECEPTIONIST (405)752-0029 WITH SCHOOL SCHEDULE? Be a part of the premier restaurant needed for busy doctors office at BRITTON in OKC. Red Rock Canyon Grill, Mercy. Must be available to work NURSERY SCHOOL Apply in person Mon-Sat 2-4. all day TR. Other hours are possibly available. Please fax resume now hiring PT & FT teachers. 749-1995 to 752-4242 Apply 1423 W. Britton Rd. between the hours of 7am-6pm. AMERICA'S FAST LANE SHOGUN'S 842-1118 is now hiring for all positions. We STEAK HOUSE are a chain of high quality carOF JAPAN COOKS, SERVERS, BAR- washes with oil change and quick hiring for wait staff, bussers, dish TENDERS, HOSTESS, maintenance offered as well. BUSSER positions. Advancement opportunities avail- washers, host, bartender. Apply in person at Northpark Mall FT/PT, flexible hours, great pay! able. For applications call (NW122nd & N. May) Call Julie 330-9500, ext. 591 or 608-0570 or come in to after 5:30pm. 749-0120. fax resume to 340-1267. 2025 NW 142nd Oak Tree CC

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1 Bed $415 2 Bed $515

MO, leases










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1. Capital of western Samoa. 5. Promote. 10. Dwell upon. 14. Chinese, Indian or Vietnamese surname. 15. Philippine plant. 16. Lingering effect. 17. Amorous glance. 18. The Pentateuch. 19. Spleen. 20. Community social gathering. 21. Female person. 22. Small, agile Old World deer. 24. Actress Doris _. 25. Property and possessions. 28. 7th letter of the Greek alphabet. 30. Belongs to me. 31. Former bronze coin of France. 33. Mental character or disposition. 37. Mother. 40. First tone on a diatonic scale. 41. Germ free. 43. Plant species with bipinnate leaf clusters. 45. Eats away at. 46. Arbor with horizontal trelliswork. 48. In connection with. 49. Nearest in kinship. 50. Chief evil spirit. 51. Deface. 53. Exclamation of greeting. 54. Near the middle. 56. Relief. 60. River in central Netherlands. 63. Young shark. 65. Informer. 66. Imitator. 67. Issue a decree.








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69. Minor. 71._ gun. 72. World's longest river. 73. Rental contract. 74. State in western Brazil. 75. Crushed underfoot. 76. Terminated. 77. Become less formal.

Down I. Sun-dried brick. 2. Attendants. 3. Entrance. 4. Length of life. 5. Wash. 6. Double-reed instrument. 7. Boat paddle. 8. Trace of injury. 9. Lake in eastern California and western Nevada. 10. Norse goddess ruling Nitlheim. I I. Sour-tasting compound. 12. Saturn moon. 13. Small glass for liquor. 21. Pigpen. 23. Former inhalant anesthetic. 26. Combination. 27. Japanese game for two. 29. Priestly. 31. Extremely. 32. Where mentioned above. 34. Wait. 35. A holly. 36. Refine in a cupel. 37. Area representations. 38. Extent, range or scope of. 39. Trade center.

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40. 8th letter of the Arabic alphabet. 42. Nine plus one. 44. Style of printing type. 47. Before noon. 48. Otherwise. 52. Sumerian god of heaven. 53. Simple, roofed shelter. 55. Ttvofold. 56. Satisfied completely. 57. Ensnare. 58. Performance of one. 59. Replenish. 60. Loaned. 61. Title of certain Turkish officials. 62. Greek combining form meaning "thousand." 64. Existed. 65. Spring up. 68. Actor _ Knight. 70. Small child. 71. Realm of existence in Vedic mythology.

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Broadway 348-1555




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Not valid with any other offer. Expires July 31, 2007







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PATIO AGALL Buy 2 meals and lake $2 oft your total bill or buy 1 meal and take $1 off.



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July 26, 2007





July 26, 2007


Right on track; UCO sprints ahead by Jeff Massie Sports Editor

Sometimes life isn't fair. Some sports, despite huge levels of success, are relegated to second-class citizens of the sporting world. A lack of publicity though does nothing to diminish the accomplishments of the UCO Track and Field Club. The team is not a part of the school's athletic department, but is an official club recognized and funded by the UCO Student Association (UCOSA). As a result of this, all of the team's accomplishments do not go back to, and are not recognized by the athletic department, and that's unfortunate for UCO because the team has been on a tear all summer long. A national competition in Colorado was the first major event the track stars competed in. In Colorado, the five-man relay team made up of Matt Blubaugh, Matt Richardson, Doug Whitbeck, Chris Ward and Clayton Earlyw ine ran the half-marathon. The team ultimately finished

tenth in the race that featured Team Nike, Team Mizuno and other top teams from across the country. According to club president Blubaugh, they had been as high as sixth place during parts of the final leg of the race, but were unable to hold on and dropped back to tenth. "Matt Richardson did really good, and so did Doug [Whitbeck]," Blubaugh said. "Getting tenth at a national championship is really good." The team claims the event is one of the toughest high altitude races out there and that 39 of the 50 teams had either been to the Olympics or competed in the time trials. After the Colorado competition, Blubaugh went on to compete at the Sooner State Games. Another UCO student, Brian Amyx, competed in the games also, but he entered unattached and not part of the UCO track and field club. They both ran the 10K, which took place before the official start of the events and Amyx came in second and Blubaugh third. On the official day of the


jock Strap by Jeff Massie Lets take a trip back in time, to a simpler day before dog fighting and NBA betting scandals. The day was April 12, almost two weeks into the major league baseball season. Dreams were high and predictions were flying. Well, the all-star break has come and the season is more than halfway over. It's time to recant on predictions and brag about the few good calls I made back in April. As you probably remember, I predicted this would be the Royals year. For the first time in the last three years, they will not lose 100 games. I am proud to say that I am a firm believer in the Kansas City kids. They might be in last place in the American League Central, but they only need to win 20 of the remaining 65 games to accomplish this unincredible feat. On that same day, Yankees'

third baseman Alex Rodriguez was on pace to hit 154 homers. I stick by my prediction that he won't make it. He still sits atop the league having hit 34 balls out of the park, but he should end up somewhere around 55. So far so good. I sure can pick them, they fear me in Vegas. Now to the nitty gritty, the divisional and playoff predictions. This is where they separate the men from the boys. Apparently, I'm still an adolescent. I picked the Dodgers, Cardinals, Phillies and Mets to earn the four playoff spots in the National League. As of July 23, the Dodgers are leading in the West. They hold a slight edge of the San Diego Padres and I'm not ready to jump ship on Los Angeles. Currently, the Dodgers are out-hitting everybody in the NL with a .277 team batting

games, when the rest of the events took place, Blubaugh accomplished an amazing feat. According to the club president, he earned enough points to single-handedly win the competition for the team by himself. He claims that never before has one individual earned enough points to win a team title. Blubaugh competed in five races at the games. He won first in the 200-meter, the 400-meter, the 1500-meter, the 5000-meter and came in second at the 800-meter. "I was pretty much dead [after the races], but all the chicks were like 'oh my God,"' Blubaugh claims. To prepare for competitions, the team practices daily. They run nine 1000-meters back-toback, and have begun to focus a lot more on weight training. The Photo provided by Matt Blubaugh team lifts weights in the Wellness Center three times a week and Doug Whitbeck, Matt Richardson, Clayton Earlywine, Matt Blubaugh and Brian Amyx after the 2007 they swim 18 laps on Tuesdays OKC Memorial Marathon. and Thursdays. They also run five miles at a 6:30 per mile begun working on cross-country The track and field club have much hope of being pace, and on Sundays, the team running and is considering try- has enquired about becoming picked up as a varsity sport. takes it easy with a 10 mile run. ing triathlon. Triathlon features a part of the athletic depart- Jeff Massie can be reached at In a shift of focus, the team has swimming, biking and running. ment, but they claim to not

average. The pitching is also tion and also a very wrong one. hat on backwards and realize a disclaimer. Predictions are holding strong, ranking fourth I now see the Angels winning they don't even like baseball. likely to change often and within ERA (3.94). With Brad it all after demolishing Boston in So my new World Series pre- out notice at writer's discretion. Penny leading the way on the the playoffs. This will undoubt- diction — the Los Angeles Angels mound, the Dodgers are in good edly make millions of posers of Anaheim over the Chicago position for a playoff berth. upset for about 15 minutes Cubs in six games. But remem- Jeff Massie can be reached at Then there is the Cardinals. before they put their Red Sox ber, just like last time there is What a bad pick. I never imagined the red birds would be so bad. I'm embarrassed for this pick and I apologize. The Brewers are leading the division, but I think the Cubs will overtake them. Of the two East teams I picked, the Mets are leading the division and the Phillies have been ok, but not great. I still think the Mets are stacked and should hold on and make it to the postseason. The Phillies are a different story. They have a solid lineup, but they won't make it, the Padres will. In the American League, I went out on a huge limb, and it crumbled beneath me. I picked the Blue Jays to win it all, but the team from Canada doesn't AP photo by Jerry Lai have a chance. They're 11 games behind Boston, Chicago Cubs' Aramis Ramirez hits a two-RBI double against the Houston Astros on July 14 in Chicago. it was a very bold predic-

ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIALS! Studios - 1,2 & 3 Bedroom Immediate Occupancy Pet Friendly, Rent Weekly, Monthly, or Lease Credit Cards Welcome Quail Plaza 11004 N. May Ave Oklahoma City 405-751-5444

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Willow Cliff 5304 Willow Cliff Rd Oklahoma City 405-787-8900

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The Vista July 26, 2007  

The University of Central Oklahoma's student voice since 1903.

The Vista July 26, 2007  

The University of Central Oklahoma's student voice since 1903.