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July 15, 2009

The Student \oice of the tJniversity of Central 01:1. 1/411ioma Since 1Q03

Kern's morality decree incites outcry on issues


come up with this," Clayton said. "Instead of coming up with some ideas of how to StqffW Writer help our local and state economy, she's more focused on State Representative Sally preaching from her position Kern, R—Oklahoma City, has in the government." once again gained attention UCO Sophomore Whitney with her "Proclamation for Caldwell disagreed. Morality." "I'm not saying [that] I Last month, Kern intro- agree with her but if that's duced the proclamation, a what she wants to do, then petition for Oklahoma voters she can do it," Caldwell said. to sign, as a way to stand up The document is not legand say they want to declare islation, but rather a statetheir opposition to immoral- ment of beliefs. Among ity in America. those statements, the docuShe is getting plenty of ment reads that those who attention for the proclama- sign it are "alarmed that the tion, from both people dis- Government of the United satisfied with her actions and States of America is forsakthose who support them. ing the rich Christian heriKern has become famous tage upon which this nation across America for her vocal was built," and "deeply disopposition to gay marriage turbed that the Office of the and gay lifestyles. president of these United Last year, it was Kern who States disregards the biblical became the face of the oppo- admonitions to live clean and sition to gay marriage in pure lives by proclaiming an Oklahoma as YouTube clips entire month to an immoral of her saying that gays were behavior." The latter statea larger threat to the U.S. ment is a reference to the than terrorism started float- president's proclamation ing around the internet. that June be Lesbian, Gay, In April 2008, after Bisexual, and Transgender audio files of her speeches Month. made their way around the Kern said at a press web, the Associated Press conference last month at quoted Kern saying "you the state capital that after cannot separate your faith receiving enough signatures, from life." she very well may send the UCO senior Matthew proclamation to Gov. Brad Clayton is among those who Henry, D—Oklahoma, and do not support what Kern President Barack Obama. has done. Kern's office was contact"I think it's a tremendous ed for this story but did not waste of time for [Kern] to respond. Ryan Saylor

Photo by Vista photographer Musleh Alkhathami

Movie Night at UCO Housing, July 7. "We want to encourage students to come out of their rooms and enjoy being together watching a movie or any other outdoor activity," said Levi Harrel, a sophomore in organizational communication.

Greek Life to pour Summer Tea to introduce students to sororities Austin Melton StaffITriter

Greek Life and the UCO Panhellenic Council are hosting the annual Summer Tea event for students new to sorority life. The event will be held on July 19 in the Nigh University Center Ballrooms. The event will explain the fundamentals of sorority life and explain the registration process for Rush Week. "[The event is] to help educate the women on sorority membership and help them feel more comfortable with the rush process," Assistant Director of Greek Life and Student Organizations Jessica Schwab said. The event will be open to parents as well as students. There is a special session for the parents to help them feel more informed and comfortable with their children engaging in Greek life. During this session, parents will be able to address any concerns and questions they have with chapter advisors. One feature of the event will be a

"Summer Tea is the perfect opportunity for women who are thinking about going Greek at UCO." --Jessica Schwab

fashion show to help the women learn how to dress during Rush week. Other local schools have similar events, but the annual Summer Tea is unique to UCO. "Summer Tea is the prefect opportunity for women who are thinking about going Greek at UCO," Schwab said. The event is only offered for sororities. Last March, a Greek Discovery Day was planned to educate potential members about all Greek Houses, including fraternities, but was cancelled due to weather. The UCO Inter-Fraternity Council is planning a meet-and-greet this fall to acquaint potential pledges with fraternity life. "Attendance has no bearing on the recruitment process," Schwab said. "It is meant to be purely educational."

The event has hosted approximately 300 people in the past and event organizers expect to see a slight increase this year. Only Panhellenic sororities will be present at the event. Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Zeta, and Sigma Kappa are those that will be represented. While geared mainly at incoming freshman, any enrolled UCO woman wanting to learn about sorority life and the rush process is encouraged to attend. Attendance is free and registration is open up until the day of the event. Students wishing to attend can register online at or by contacting the Greek Life office at (405) 974-2580.

UCONNECT to disconnect old e-mails Sept. 1 Caleb McWilliams staff (Vim,

Older e-mails in the UCONNECT system have been moved to a temporary folder and will be deleted September as the portal system goes through an upgrade, said Dr. Cynthia Rolfe, vice president for information technology. Emails received before June 19 are now in the "Temporary Email" folder on the left folder in the e-mail center and users will need to be move messages they want to save to the e-mail inbox. Instructions on where the old messages are and how to move them are available from UCONNECT under the Home tab. "The system that UCONNECT sits on had an upgrade," Rolfe said. "Any system that you have is going to have periodic updates for various reasons to add features, to improve on security or to fix security holes."

"For most large systems like in the look and feel of the product, not UCONNECT, if you don't keep up to just behind the scenes," Rolfe said. date, the vendor will not continue to "We were the first university in the support the product for you," she said. state to have a portal that allowed you Planned upgrades to the system next to enroll online and offer a bunch of the year also made it necessary to upgrade other services, so we were kind of ahead UCONNECT in order for it to be able to of the pack," she said. "The downside to read information from the new system, that is that we have a system that's not she said. as modern as some of the others that Brad Stitt, portal administrator, said are out there." this was the easiest way to upgrade the New upgrades or updates usually system, and that this way would let the have a few bugs that the vendor has to students move e-mails at their discre- clear out, Rolfe said, and that is why tion. upgrades are not installed right away. "If we had done it the way we ini"We usually try to keep up with all of tially wanted to, it would have probably the latest versions within six monthstaken about a week of down time to ish of the release of the new version," actually implement," he said. she said. Besides what they have to do with Rolfe said that they are always lookthe e-mail, this October upgrade is ing for student volunteers to test sys"back office"and students "won't even tems that they are updating or upgradknow about it," Mike Wood, IT direc- ing. tor, said. "We actually will give them a test Unlike the October upgrade, the login on the test system and let them next version of UCONNECT due out look around," she said. next year will have "significant changes

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UCO summer enrollment rises with temperature Tiffany Brown StaffiVilter

As the temperature rises in Oklahoma during the summer months, so does the enrollment at the University of Central Oklahoma. Graduate students increased nearly 22 percent since summer 2008. Undergraduate enrollment is up nearly three percent. "When an economy has been deemed bad, enrollment in higher education institutions is likely to increase," Cindy Boling, director of Institutional Research at UCO said. Currently, 5,636 students are taking summer courses at Central Oklahoma, with 886 of those being graduate students and 4,750 undergraduate students. Graduate school at Central Oklahoma has seen an increase in first-time graduate students who have begun their master's program. "A significant increase such as this can be partly contributed to UCO's dedicated staff, adopted streamlined admission procedures, increased communication with prospective students, new partnerships with universities abroad— especially China— and ventures into social networking including Twitter and Facebook," said Dr. Richard Bernard, dean of UCO's Jackson College of Graduate Studies. In addition, there has been a 10.5 percent increase in enrollment for graduate students who are continuing their master's degree programs. "Our graduate school at UCO is receiving applications from individuals who have lost their jobs, and we are seeking to help them prepare to return to the workforce at a higher level," Bernard said. "A graduate degree can be the silver lining in a person's cloudy employment situation. Earning a graduate degree during these rainy days will prepare a person

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"Inside the Lines" with "Liquid Assets" with Caleb Chris Wescott McWilliams

The Vista

Comm. Building, Rm. 131 100 N. University Dr. Edmond, OK 73034-5209 405-974-5549 The Vista is published as a newspaper and public forum by UCO students, semiweekly during the academic year except exam and holiday periods, and only on Wednesdays during the summer, at the University of Central Oklahoma. The issue price is free for the first copy and $1 for each additional copy obtained. EDITORIALS Opinion columns, editorial cartoons, reviews and commentaries represent the views of the writer or artist and not necessarily the views of The Vista Editorial Board, the Department of Mass Communication, UCO or the Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges. The Vista is not an official medium of expression for the Regents or UCO. LETTERS The Vista encourages letters to the editor. Letters should address issues and ideas, not personalities. Letters must be typed, double-spaced, with a maximum of 150 words, and must include the author's printed name, title, major, classification and phone number. Letters are subject to editing for libel, clarity and space, or to eliminate statements of questionable taste. The Vista reserves the right not to publish submitted letters. Address letters to: Editor, The Vista, 100 N. University Dr., Edmond, OK 73034-5209, or deliver in person to the editor in the Communications Building, Room 131. Letters can be e-mailed to vistauco@g .maiLcom.



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A crazy new roller coaster Nelson Solomon, Ryan Croft, Caleb McWilliams Vista Writers


As you may have heard, The Vista has moved into a shared newsroom with NewsCentral, after being in room 107 of the Communications building for 4o years. When The Vista staff found out about this change in March, we had more pressing concerns than this historic, bold and innovative leap. We wanted to make sure my piles of gravely important papers, Ryan's noxious vegan mobile kitchen and Nelson's scattered, muffin-loving universe remained intact and untouched. Ryan:

Like a soldier going into battle without his gun or the football player readying for kickoff, minus his helmet and cleats, so I, The Vista's Web editor, have been without a computer for the past two weeks. So, in order to fulfill my Web editing duties, I am forced to skitch around from the print-editors' to the reporters' to the photographers' respective computers, and sometimes must resort to barebones Web editing via my Ipod Touch. I'm trimming stories for the site, putting together reporters' videos, troubleshooting connection and site problems and, when those problems are solved, I'm bumping and updating those stories on my Twitter and Facebook. Geeze, whatever happened to the good ol' days of writing my story, turning it in to the editors and getting on with the rest of my day? Why is everyone, myself included, so impatient that they can't just wait for the paper n'ink to hit the stands twice a week (or once a week in the summer)? Now, you may not give two hoots about what room The Vista's in or the struggles we've faced in our transition, but I do imag-

Cam s Q .es What are your summer plans? "The first week of August I'm heading back home to spend some time with family." Weston Walker Senior


More is on the way. This fall, we will be combining the best of both worlds, as Miley Cyrus might say, to provide an engaging and intuitive online news aggregation service giving you the up-to-date information on everything UCO. Content from Ed 90.1 HD2, UCO's student radio station, NewsCentral, UCO's student cable channel on Edmond Cox Digital 125 and The Vista, UCO's student newspaper, will all be available on the new Web site, Nelson and Ryan:

These changes are simply part of the process of adapting the journalistic world to the new age of advanced technology and immediate access to news. UCO's news will emerge from the Internet more and more as time progresses. You, the reader and audience and we, the writers/videographers/programmers, are all on a crazy new roller coaster of information gathering and giving. So strap down and hang on tight — it's going to be one heck of a ride.

Compiled by Musleh Alkhathami and Ryan Croft

"A public relations internship."

Amanda Flanagan

Matthew Bell Senior PR

"I'm going to Washington D.C. with Student Support Service for an educational trip."

Crystal Mohamed

Grad Student School Administration

Senior Marriage and Family

Pay Supreme attention to Sotomayor hearings When Judge Sonia Sotomayor sits with her broken leg propped up on a table and faces the Senate Judiciary Committee for most of this week, much of the nation will be enthralled by a highly choreographed fight with an almost certain outcome. The "wise Latina woman" will eventually be the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice, and the third woman to ever sit on the high court. But just because judicial confirmation hearings are faker than professional wrestling that doesn't mean you shouldn't be paying attention. The partisan game taking place may not be what it portends - one branch of our government honestly scrutinizing a nominee of another branch before she gets a lifetime appointment to the third

The Vista has long served as the student voice of UCO in the traditional print media form, and will continue to do so into the future, but the methods are definitely going to adapt as technology moves forward and forces change. We maintained a Web presence for several years, but the role of the Web site will become more dominant as the printed newspaper becomes less prevalent.

Incoming Freshman Biology

Lindsey Thomas

Editorial Board


"Not really. I'm going to Selman Bat Caves with UCO this Saturday."

"We're going to Costa Rica, after my boyfriend passes the bar exam."

Oregon Daily Emerald

ire you care to stay informed about what goes on at and around UCO. After all, you're reading this, aren't you? What happens here certainly does not stay here. In one way or another, it affects what you see on the page and the Web site.

- but the way the players behave will demonstrate the progress of minorities in our society, convey the state of both political parties and allow citizens their only chance to examine a woman who will have one-ninth of the final say on the most pressing issues of our time. Sotomayor should be well-prepared. She spent the past week in training, being grilled by White House lawyers who have done this sort of thing before. The strategy of a nominee, they say, is to play defense. The senators should be doing two-thirds of the talking. After senators grandstand on topics that can later be turned into helpful fundraising sound bytes - judicial temperament, abortion, guns and affirmative action for Republicans, financial regulation, abortion and executive power for Democrats - Sotomayor will respond by saying very little. The catchall response for every successful nomi-

nee in the past 20 years has been to punt on questions that can come before the court while exhibiting enough knowledge of the topic as to appear worthy to sit on the court. Sure, she will know which previous decisions were good (school desegregation) and which were bad (those saying black people could be property and the Japanese could be sent to internment camps). She will know that somewhere in the Constitution there is a right to privacy, but she won't tell you what that has to do with abortion, thank you very much. Republicans will turn to their battletested tactic of portraying a Democratic nominee as an "activist" judge. President Obama didn't help out any with all of his empathy talk, saying he wanted a jurist who would take into consideration the effects laws have on real people.

"Finding a place to live."

Cheryl Phillips Senior English


THE VISTA For Fall 2009 Must have completed English Composition I and II Media Writing and/or News Reporting preferred Contact Tresa Berlemann (974-5549) in CB 131

TheVista Wednesday, July 15, 2009 Page 3

Photo by Vista photographer Musleh Alkhathami

Charlotte Dominguez, a junior in International Trade, studies for a quiz in Humanities class Wednesday, June 8, at the Liberal Arts building.

MO grad to revive live theater in Edmond Sharla said that the theater Food Lion building hasn't will have "really comfort- really been used since it StaffIVriter able" car seats like a drive- closed. We want to fill that For ten years, UCO in movie theater, "only we'll vacant spot, make it nice and graduate Darren Park has have air-conditioning," she give something nice to the community." been putting together plans said. Darren Park graduated Though the theater was for "arts-driven" Edmond's newest live theater. supposed to open on July from UCO with a liberal "I've always wondered 10, she said, there has been arts degree with a theater where the' money i n live the_ - • a delay because of zoning emphasis in 2001, and has worked `sin the business. for • ater went," Park said. "So"*6-')"ues-.; T'" " "We had found our loca25 years," appearing locally looked at how other successtion, signed the lease, cast on stage and in commercials ful theaters did business and the first show and were in in Edmond, Oklahoma City have tried to keep our overthe middle of rehearsal when and Tulsa. Sharla Park studhead costs super low while we received notice that we ied vocal music education keeping customer service were not zoned to be a live at UCO and was in "many high." theater," she said. "It was a operas and musicals while The Lighthouse Theater, surprise to both us and the attending UCO," the thewhich be opening at people who leased the build- ater's website says. the oldwill Food Lion store ing to us, and we had to stop "My forte is comedy," on Danforth near Kelly in production." Park said. "I don't mind if Edmond, will seat 8o people Council there's a little bit of politiin an intimate setting geared will The voteEdmond on July City 27, Darren cal commentary in our plays, toward a date night atmoPark said, on rezoning the but I like to have people leave sphere, Park said. building. having had fun." "The dream of the If the council vote "goes The theater plans on perLighthouse Theaterexperience has been our way,running we will get the as show to bring a theater up and as fast we forming 12 "mostly comedy" plays every year, each with a to the public that is comfortafter that date," able, light and entertaining,"can ater's website says. the the- 4-week engagement. There will be performances Friday the theater's website says. "Edmond needs live the- night, Saturday night and As part of the date night atmosphere, Park's wife ater," Sharla Park said. "The Sunday afternoon. Sharla Caleb McWilliams

Campus pharmacy shuts down Students who have academic health plans with the school should not be affected by the StaffiVrIter closing. "No one should have to change insurance The University of Central Oklahoma plans — Academic Health Plan (the student pharmacy opened its doors for the last time insurance), should honor same benefits to on June 29. students using pharmacies off campus," she The pharmacy, which was located in the said. Wellness Center, closed on June 3o due to As of now, the pharmacy will not be its lack of use by UCO students, faculty and replaced by any other program. Students, staff faculty and staff needing to fill their pre"The pharmacy student and staff utilizascriptions will be sent to other pharmacies. tion rate, coupled with the healthcare envi"Local pharmacies that are equally converonment changes over the past two years, has nient...can provide students greater value for forced University Health Services to evaluate their money and a greater scope of both precurrent on-site pharmacy operations," Dr. scription and over-the-counter medicines Jo McGuffin, Director of University Health and products," McGuffin said. Services, said. "There are multiple pharmacies within a The pharmacy had been open in the short distance of UCO." Wellness Center for several years before it In addition, individuals who used pharclosed. macy services will not have to worry about "The UCO licensed pharmacy opened fall medical and/or prescription records being 2005. It had been located within the health disclosed to other recipients. center. In an effort to increase visibility, "All medical records are kept confidenthe pharmacy was relocated to the Wellness tial," McGuffin said. Center foyer in 2008," McGuffin said. For those who have used the UCO pharSince the pharmacy was not often utimacy, prescriptions can be transferred. lized, few students will be directly affected by "We welcome individual questions related the closing. However, the decision to close to insurance. In addition, we can facilitate pharmacy could save the university money. individual prescription transfers to the pharThis prevents the cost from being passed macy of choice should anyone want us to do down to the students. so," McGuffin said. "We take pride in providing excellent Individuals who have questions regarding patient care within our university communiinsurance policies or the transfer of prescripty. With that comes the responsibility to be tions should contact Jeanne Parsons at 974 good stewards of our resources," McGuffin 3117 or 3115. said. Tiffany Brown

Park said that tickets will be around $17.50 for a single ticket, and $3o for two. After Shakespeare in the Park left Edmond for Oklahoma City, Darren Park said, it left a void in not only live theater, but also entertainment. "Edmond is the perfect place to do it," he said. "I've always felt like Edmond is home to me."

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Th eVista Wednesday, July 15, 2009 Page 4

CAMPUS NOTES From Centralities your services to the students. Registration deadline is Thursday, July "Gentleness" Character First Breakfast, tomorrow, 9-10 a.m. 10. Please contact Kay Robinson, director of "Gentleness" Character First Breakfast Campus Activities and Events, at krobinwill be from 9-10 a.m. Thursday, July 16, or 974 -2593. in the Virginia Lamb Living Room, HES. Parking changes for faculty, staff Register at registration.asp. Faculty and staff members may park in any commuter lot this week. Alcohol, Drugs Seminar, tomorrow, 2-3 p.m.

A "Lifestyle Issues Complicated byAlcohol and Drugs" session will be from 2-3 p.m. Thursday, July 16, in Room 127, Wellness Center. The session will examine risky drinking and the differences between risky drinking, alcohol or drug abuse, and addiction. Register to attend at http://tech2.uco. edu/ertmg/registration.asp or by telephone at 974-2655. Faculty Summer Institute, Friday

Faculty Summer Institute 2009 will be from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. July 17, in Nigh University Center. Visit http://www.uco. edu/fec/. Volunteers needed at recycling center

Wellness Center classes to run through July

Wellness Center summer group fitness classes will run through Friday, Aug. 1. UCO students, faculty and staff may purchase 'a summer pass for $35. Visit or contact Johnny Watley at or 974-3155. Parking citations to be paid by Aug. 1

Parking citations must be paid by August 1 for the Summer Semester, or they will incur a $15 late fee. Photo by Vista photographer Musleh Alkhathami Broncho Corral Leadership Institute, Aug. 7-8

The Edmond Recycling Center, located 2009 Broncho Corral Leadership Institute at 20 W. 3rd, needs volunteers to work two- will be Friday—Saturday, Aug. 7-8. Contact hour shifts on Saturdays throughout the Janis Ferguson at 974-2625 orjferguson25@ year. Stop by the center any Saturday between 10 a.m.-2 p.m. or call Zain Khanakah at 715Student Involvement Fair, Aug. 19 5890 for more information. Please mention• that you are from UCO. The 2009 Student Involvement Fair will be from 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. Faculty, staff needed 19, at Broncho Lake, with setup beginning to teach Success Strategies at 9 a.m. Go to The Office of First Year Experience sif h Lill for more information. To participate, Programs is looking for faculty and staff to contact Janis Ferguson at jferguson25@uco. teach Success Strategies in the Fall 2009 edu or 974-2625 for a registration form. Semester. Applications are available at http://bron`Tapping Our Everyday Genius,' Sept. 21 Submit applications to the Office of First Year Experience Programs, Room 116, Nigh Author Michael J. Gelb will visit UCO for the "Tapping Our Everyday Genius" workUniversity Center. shop all day Monday, Sept. 21, in the Nigh Showcase your University Center. Faculty also are encouraged to put this office for Stampede Week workshop on Fall Semester syllabi. To learn Campus Activities and Events invites uni- more about Gelb, go to http://michaelgelb. versity departments/offices to hold events com/. during Stampede Week 2009 to showcase








Continued from page 1 for even better employment when the sunshine returns," Bernard explained. "More students are choosing to spend their summer vacations in a classroom than we traditionally see," Boling said. "Often for employees to move up in their careers, they need more credentials, and going back to school can offer huge benefits."

"Employers typically looked at job history when hiring and promoting an employee, but now we are seeing a new trend of employers looking at education history instead." Together, all the students enrolled in summer courses are taking 28,124 credit hours — up 6,710 hours from last summer.

A Word of Thanks Regarding The Vista's article remembering Nathaniel Martinez from last week, we thank the staff of NewsCentral, especially Alicia Raymond, for obtaining the accompanying photo of Martinez.


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UCO students E.A. Boyd and Larissa Adams, kinesiology exercise/fitness management graduate, exercise during the summer, Thursday, June 9.


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sifieds MUST be submitted by noon Tuesday for the Thursday publication and Friday noon for the Tuesday publication. PRICES: Classified ads cost $7/day for the first 20 words and $.10/word thereafter. PAYMENT IS DUE WHEN AD IS PLACED. Classified Display ads (one column boxed ads on classified page) have same deadlines and prices as regular display ads. Call 974-5549 or 974-5918 for info

Server Positions Available @ Pearl's Lakeside. Apply within. 748-6113 Shogun's Steakhouse Hiring for wait staff, bussers, dish washers, host, bartender. Apply in person at Northpark Mall (NW 122nd & N. May) after 5:30pm. 749-0120 Teacher Needed Immediately for Edmond Daycare. FT/ PT. Experience preferred, competitive wages. Apply in person @ 24 NW 146th. Call Camelot C.D.0 7492262 Senior Services Of Oklahoma Is looking for students to fill part time positions. Several 9am - 1pm and 1:30 pm 5:30pm shifts are available for Mon-Fri. We pay $10 per hour for energetic phone work educating senior citizens on healthcare issues. No experience is needed we will train. Business is located at 1417 NW 150th St. in Edmond. Call 879-1888 to set up an interview. Ask for Matt Hack. SERVICES

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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UCO soph gets to golf semis Henderson to advance to the quarterfinals. With another great showing, Aneshansley Sports1Vriter burst Trent Whitekiller's bubble winning 2 up and UCO sophomore Baer advancing to the semiAneshansley made it all the finals. way to the Oklahoma Golf With this tournament, Association State Amateur Baer begins what will most semi-finals. However he likely be, a fantastic junior could not quite cap the campaign. Baer took UCO performance he had in the golf by storm last season in quarterfinals. Aneshansley his first two seasons with lost to the eventual cham- the Bronchos. Baer posted pion Colton Staggs. a 74.2 average in the fall of It was quite an uphill 2008 and placed top 30 in battle for the UCO stand- every event. out. Baer started the 64 Aneshansley earned a person tournament as the starting roll his freshman 56th seed. In the first round, year through the spring seaAneshansley beat out Heath son during the 2007-2008 Myers from Oklahoma City campaign, finishing with a winning 4 and 3. After the 74.6 shooting average. tournament was narrowed Baer rejoins a UCO golf down to 32, he was victori- team that will return sevous winning 1 up against eral state contenders and a Liam Logan from OU. squad that will once again In the round of 16, Baer chase a championship. won 6 and 5 against Zac Chris Wescott

Photo by Vista photographer Musleh Alkhathami

UCO dorm students enjoy the summer evening on Tuesday, July 7 playing volleyball.


Harden signs with Thunder Chris Wescott Sports TVriter

As of Sunday, July 12, rookie first round pick of the Oklahoma City Thunder James Harden is officially under contract. Although the full terms of the deal were not initially disclosed, Sports Illustrated reports that Harden, the third overall pick, can earn up to $4 million this season. James Harden played for Arizona State. Harden was first-team All-American and the Pac-lo player of the year award winner last season. He averaged over 20 points a game, 5.6 rebounds a game and 4.2 assists last year. Hoops Hype reports the deal to be $4,000,160 for his rookie season and $4,304,520 next season. Then the team has the option of paying Harden $4,604,760 during the 2011-2012 season. They also have the option to fork over $5,820,416 for the 2012-2013 season. In the final year of his rookie contract, Harden is scheduled to make $7,636,385 if he qualifies for the offer. This contract makes Harden currently the fifth highest tendered player on the Thunder

roster. What is more interesting is how they are paying Harden over $200,000 more than Russell Westbrook this season. The top four paid in order are Earl Watson, Nick Collison, Nenad Krstic and Kevin Durant. Also signed Sunday were center BJ Mullens, and forward Serge Ibaka. Mullens was tendered at $1,120,200 his rookie year, and $1,204,200 his second. Mullens is also scheduled to make $1,288,200 and $2,253,061 his third and fourth years respectively according to . For his fifth year, Mullens can make up to $3,293,975 if he qualifies. Mullens was sixth-man of the year in the Big Ten having played for Ohio State. Mullens is listed at 7'0" and 26o lbs which gives the Thunder a possible big man for the future. Forward Serge Ibaka is listed under the same exact contract numbers according to Hoops Hype. Those contracts make the two rookies tied for the 11th highest paid Thunder players under contract. Serge Ibaka is a raw player with potential to make an impact in the future. He is listed as 6'11", 220 lbs.

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with Chris Wescott

Will AHL come to OKC? As the tension builds in Oklahoma City while we wait for confirmation of an AHL team moving to our state, news remains positive. The Edmonton Journal released some information regarding the whole engagement. According to the Journal's Web site last week, Edmonton Oilers president Patrick LaForge exchanged some e-mails with officials and discussed Oklahoma City as a possibility for their farm team. "Yes, we have an interest in Oklahoma City as a market," as cited by the Web site. "Of course, we wish them luck and hope to do business with them if and when they are legally clear and ready for entering into a negotiation." According to LaForge, he would love to get the ball rolling on negotiations ASAP. "I also hope we can get to that point soon because the 2010-11 AHL season is closer than we think. Right now, the city is looking into extending and negotiating a potential lease for the Cox Convention Center downtown to be the new hockey stadium

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for a professional team. A lease, pre-

dicted to be only a week or so away as of this past weekend, is supposedly being negotiated by Express Sports. Express Sports is the company who owned the now disbanded Blazers. Express Sports is eager to jump on the opportunity to take an AHL team and rim with it. In a letter written by James Couch, city manager of OKC to Oklahoma City Public Property, Couch expressed an intent by all parties to make this happen. "At this time, the opportunity exists to negotiate an agreement with a prospective American Hockey League franchise affiliated with Express Sports to present professional hockey at the Cox Convention Center arena beginning with the 2010-11 season," Couch wrote in the letter. Regardless of what happens with Express Sports or the city or the arena, it looks like only a matter of time until professional hockey has a place in Oklahoma.

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The Vista July 15, 2009  

The University of Central Oklahoma's student voice since 1903.

The Vista July 15, 2009  

The University of Central Oklahoma's student voice since 1903.