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Kuleshov delights audience Angela Morris Stahl I Wier

World-renowned Russian pianist Valery Kuleshov blew away his audience last Tuesday • with a performance in the intimate setting of Evans Hall. After a short introduction from the Dean of the College of Media, Arts and Design, Kuleshov entered the hall, took a quick bow and immediately sat down, wasting no time as he began working his magical fingers and opening the concert with Schumann's "Kreisleriana." Kuleshov, with hair down to his shoulders, glasses and a colorful bowtie, astounded the audience within the first few bars of music as he made his great talent, fueled by hard work appear so effortless. Dr. Karen Carter, the former Dean of the Liberal Arts Department, said Kuleshov played like he had twenty fingers. His fingers ran up and down that piano with such heart and passion as he took his audience through Schumann's emotionally moving piece. The expression in Kuleshov's performance of this piece was touching and he proved to not let one little detail of the work slip past his nOtice as he highlighted every little element of "Kreisleriana." Next on the program was music from Russian composer and personal friend of Kuleshov, Vladmir Horowitz. Kuleshov played Horowitz's up-beat Etude-Fantasy, Op. 4 "Les vagues," a piece which reminded me of the hustle and bustle of a busy city mixed in with people who stroll along its sidewalks. The next work, also written by Horowitz, was "Variations on a Theme from Bitzet's Carmen," an intense piece mastered by Kuleshov. During this piece, it was almost impossible to believe that one man could produce so many eclectic sounds from one instrument. As soon as Kuleshov hit the last note from Carmen, the audience rose to their feet for a standing ovation and the pianist was given a bouquet of roses from a fan.

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Kuleshov finished the program with pieces from Mussorgsky, Liszt and again Horowitz, giving the same jaw dropping performance of each composer's music. After finishing the piece listed above, Kuleshov received another standing ovation and three more bouquets of flowers. The audience received an extra treat by being delighted with three more pieces, Marcello's Adagis, Chopin's Etude Op. to No. 1 and Scriasin's Etude as an encore. Kuleshov will be offering a master piano class which is open to the public this Friday from Select School ; Log In f Sign Up

Austin Melton .Staff li


With enrollment season upon us once again, students are using technology to assist them in choosing professors and hopefully make their academic life easier. It wasn't that long ago those students stood in long lines in the University Center to enroll in their classes. Today, with the help of the Internet, students are able to enroll for classes at the click of a mouse. Students now get to look at all the classes, the times they are offered and more importantly, who is teaching them. Sites such as and often accompany the enrollment process—especially with underclassmen. Both of these sites allow students to post their opinions about a professor; however, the feedback expressed on the site leans towards the negatiVe side. gathers grade information and allows students to view what kind of grades a professor has given out in a particular course. The popularity of the websites declined among students the further they advanced in the collegiate career. "Of course I use rate my professors to find the best professor for the class," business administration senior Amanda Caudle said. "[But] sometimes 'with higher level classes there is only one [section] offered, so the time offered plays the biggest factor in me choosing classes," Claude said. Professors say that, in general, they do not look at the comments written about them and do not consider them when constructing their course. Advertising instructor Sandy Martin thinks the comments on the site are overly negative. "We will always have students that don't like us for whatever reason," Martin said. Faculty say the course evaluations done by students

towards the end of the course are the most effective means of changing things about a class. Instructors receive a score sheet averaging their evaluations for a particular course. These numbers are compared to other sections that are taught. "You don't want to have bad numbers, but you don't necess arily want to have the best numbers and make it seem like you have the easiest class on earth," mass communications advertising instructor Jill Lambeth said. "You have to find a balance." Instructors say that they have to keep in mind the difference between a one thousand level class and fourthousand. They say that they must adjust their class base on student perceptions. Instructors do not receive the evaluations until sometime in the next semester. The dean and the department chair have , the opportunity to review the course evaluations as well.

Alliance to hosts speakers to promote tolerance Caleb McWilliams sivii Hier

"It'll be a good way to think about the social progress that has been made, and also the progress that needs to be made in the future," Macey said. GATE hopes to make this an event that will go on ever) year, Johnston said, and they would really like there to be different topics each year, depending on the socio-political cultural environment. Roth, who is also an attorney in Oklahoma City, was the first openly gay person to hold a state office in the state of Oklahoma after Governor Brad Henry appointed him to the Oklahoma Corporation Cqmmissioner in 2007. The forum will be atj p.m. tonight in the Bob Burke Film Screening Room (Room 12o) in the Communications Building. For more information on GATE, contact president David Johnston al or faculty advisor Dr. David Macey al 974 -5641 or .


The UCO Gay Alliance for Tolerance and Equality (GATE) will hold a special forum tonight on "what it means to be a bisexual, gay, lesbian or transgender person in public life in the beginning part of the 2141 century." "Each one of the speakers will be speaking from his or her own expertise and experiences," said Dr. David Macey, faculty advisor to GATE. "They'll be talking about the progress that has been made and the progress they hope to see in the next few decades." Speakers at the forum include Jim Roth, former Oklahoma County Commissioner and Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner, Paula Sophia Schonauer, a poet, minister and activist and Brenda Chappell, faculty member in the UCO Department of Sociology, Criminal Justice and Substance Abuse studies. "They'll be talking about their lives as openly gay, bisexual and transgender professionals, 30 years after the assassination of Harvey Milk," said GATE President David

Clay Alliance for Tolerance and Equality

Johnston. "The topic will be their professional lives too, not only their personal lives." The forum will include talks from the three speakers, as well as a "Question and Answer" session leading into an open discussion, said Macey. now has classifieds!

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TheVista Thursday, April 23, 2009 Page 2

Campus Notes Geography Student Organization fundraiser today

UCO Relay for Life, Friday to Saturday

Friends of the Library, Awards, today

The Geography Student Organization is hosting a fundThe American Cancer Society Relay For Life of UCO is raiser from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Thursday, April 23, in the a fun-filled, overnight event that mobilizes communities Liberal Arts Building. Taco salad and dessert will cost $3. throughout the country to celebrate survivors, remember The organization meet at 3:10 p.m. Tuesday, April 28, loved ones and raise money for the fight against cancer. in Room 204, Liberal Arts. Teams of eight to 15 members gather with tents and sleeping bags to participate in the largest fundraising walk in the Israeli expert to speak in Pegasus Theater tonight nation. This event will take place this Friday, April 24th at 7:oopm Yoram Ettinger, a consultant to Israel's Cabinet since to Saturday, April 25th at 7:00am in Wantland Stadium. 1993, will speak at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 23, in Pegasus All students, faculty, staff, and especially survivors are Theater, Liberal Arts. encouraged to come and join the fight against cancer. 31re: event is hosted by UCO's Political Science departIf you would like to make a donation, please visit our webmebt . `with support from the College of Business of site: www.relayforlife/ucentralokok Administration. For more information, contact Beth Marcotte at bmarEttinger will speak on recent developments in Israeli politics and their potential impact on U.S -Israeli relations, -

and other Middle East issues.

Everyone is invited to honor UCO's 2009 Friends of the Library faculty grant recipients and the Student Book Collecting Contest winners at a reception at 3 p.m. Thursday, April 23, in the library's first floor.

Cookout with Pets, April 29 Campus Activities and Events is hosting a "Cookout with Pets" from 4-7 p.m. Wednesday, April 29, at Plunkett Park. The UCO community is invited to bring their pets to campus to enjoy food, fun and festivities. Organizers plan to offer contests, and the OKC Frisbee Dogs will perform. Contact Kay Robinson at or 974 2 593 for more information.





Wed., April 29, 2009

10:30 am - 1:30 pm



C Uratte ,Si

1.11C0 Can ws L L.mpt,il St ;

Will Rogers Rm - 4th Floor, Rm 421 Nigh University Center



i f- 2nd*,


Co-Sponsored by

ARCHIVES BOOKS 1914 E. 2ND ST. 348-6800


For more information call 974-2215 or come by NUC402 It


SAikt N 0 F


Congratulations Greek Convocation 2009 Award Recipients Greek Momemtum Award • Alpha Xi Delta. • Omega Psi Phi Inter-Fraternity Council Man of the Year • Devionne Harris, Tau Kappa Epsilon ,National Pan Hellenic Council Member of the Year • Diontrey Thompson, Alpha Phi Alpha Panhellenic Woman of the Year • Jennifer O'Brien, Alpha Xi Delta Order of Omega Member of the Year • Jennifer O'Brien, Alpha Xi Delta Outstanding Greek Seniors • Jayme Petete, Alpha Gamma Delta • Jessica Shropshire, Alpha Gamma Delta 2009 Greek Goddess • Mahensie Devane, Sigma Kappa 2009 Greek God • Hunter Scott, Sigma Tau Gamma Council Presidency Recognition IFC, Chase Pulliam, Sigma Tau Gamma ,• NPHC, Diontrey Thompson, Alpha Phi Alpha & Sanaria Obongor, Zeta Phi Beta . • Panhellenic, Leah Brown, Delta Zeta

Fa112008 Highest IFC GPA • Sigma Nu Fall 2008 Highest MGC GPA • Sigma Lambda Gamma Fa112008 Highest NPHC GPA • Alpha Phi Alpha Fa112008 Highest Panhellenic GPA • Sigma Kappa

Fa112O08 All-Greek Scholars • •

Brandon Robbins, Pi Kappa Alpha Jayme Petete, Alpha Gamma Delta



Spring 2008 Highest IFC GPA •

Pi Kappa Alpha

• A variety of scholarships available offering up to $2,000 per Spring 2008 Highest MGC GPA • Sigma Lambda Gamma Spring 2008 Highest NPHC GPA • Phi Beta Sigma Spring 2008 Highest Panhellenic GPA • Alpha Gamma Delta

trimester. • Three enrollment dates per year for the Doctor of Chiropractic program and the concurrent Bachelor of Science program. • Apply now for May and September 2009 classes!

Spring 2008 All-Greek Scholars •

Lindsey Pachiorek, Phi Delta Alpha • Shelby Nelson, • Alpha Gamma Delta • Olajumolqe "Rita" Ogunde, Alpha Kappa Alpha Greek Week Champions Team 1 • Alpha Kappa Alpha • Delta Zeta • Pi Kappa Alpha • Zeta Phi Beta



TheVista Thursday, April 23, 2009

Page 3

Former professor still inspires students, faculty Justin Neely (


journalism faculty to unwind and share a few laughs. "The booth was the release of the day," said Jill Kelsey. "It was collegiality at its best." Even today, when the faculty gather there, they toast Illidge: "Here's to Bob." Illidge retired from UCO and teaching in 2004 after a 15-year-long battle with leukemia including three painful years of shingles, a disease caused by the reactivation of the chickenpox virus. "He never complained or felt sorry' for himself," said Clark. According to Mrs. Illidge, had it not been for Clark's persistence to keep Illidge at UCO and encouragement, Illidge would have retired a few years earlier. "Keeping busy was a godsend," said Elizabeth. Illidge would have three farewell parties prior to retirement. During Illidge's final weeks, his impact on others would prevail more than ever. UCO faculty he barely knew offered their sick leave to hiin. "Correspondence, letters, phone calls, and flowers from students was amazing," said Elizabeth. Robert J. Illidge died at the age of 74 on April 1, 2005 in his hometown of Wichita. Perhaps a big part of who Illidge was came from his own passions and values. His wife and five children came first and foremost. Illidge was a man of faith and valued loyalty and professionalism. Throughout his career, he remained passionate about advertising, teaching, and cared a great deal for young people. Midge, born September 15, 1930, served time as a staff sergeant in the Korean War prior to receiving his Bachelor's in Journalism in 1958 from the University of MissouriColumbia. He later went on to work for several adverting agencies in the Kansas City and Wichita area as well as fulfilling his passion of teaching at numerous universities. He received his master's in 1984 from Wichita State where he later became the chairperson for seven years., , On Ibis free time, he enjoyed listening to jazz music while hoping to emulate his jazz idols, Dave Brubeck and George Shearing, on his own piano. "Music was a big part of who he was," said Mrs. Illidge. Illidge was also known to be a devoted Notre Dame and Missouri fan and was a "respectable golfer" as his wife put it. Today, while the original booth doesn't exist, when UCO mass communication faculty get together in a new booth they always toast Bob Illidge. "Many departments have legends, Bob's exceeded that," said Clark.

"There was just something there that was special," Elizabeth Illidge recalls. "People just liked him." Robert J. Illidge, former UCO advertising professor, had an impact on individuals that continues today four years after his death. For those who knew him, thoughts of this gravelly voiced, grey haired man with a beard to match, make people smile and jump at the opportunity to talk about him. "He would bring life to the teachings he would deliver," said Steven Schwartz, UCO alum and advertising major. Other returning advertising majors say that Illidge was the reason they chose advertising as a major and career. A breach of contract as the chairperson of Journalism at Wichita State led Midge to UCO in 1992 at age 61. His wife, Elizabeth, believed her husband's age would make it difficult for him to find a job and was a factor during the hiring process at UCO. Dr. Terry Clark, professor and chairman of the , Journalism Erpartment of UCO, saw otherwise. "Bob had the experience that we valued," Clark said. "His advertising and teaching experience were who we needed, not just a Ph.D." This new positipn would require Midge to drive 390 miles every week while his home and his wife of 39 years, better known to him as his "bride" or "sweet pea," stayed in Wichita. As a teacher, Illidge had a reputation for being strict and unforgiving, based on his three decades of athertising experience. Those who only heard of a- im, somehow feared him. As for the student he taught, many will tell you he played a song role in why they're in advertising today' "He really waited students to succeed and learn," said Elizketh Illidge. At the begin ng of every semester, Illidge would make or rule clear. Come to class and 3 0 2,0 p rne_l4lie. As a result, if a studentyas late- then theytvere also absent. Midge hac#ittle tolerance for lazy students who didn't and even less tolerance for those who qre late. Schwartremembers Midge talking about a time whO he was late for a presentation and was fed. Illidge knew the real world would noOccept such behaviors. Schw became well aware of his seriousness. • being late one too many times to class, h as asked to leave and received an F for semester. Schwartz apologized and retook idge the following semester. To y, Schwartz is the Director of Opera ons for Visual Image Adve I sing in Oklahoma City. He a le reciates Illidge not only for lq wisdom but also for his uniqe mannerisms, engaging pers nality and "little life lesso en people speak of Illi e, one word comes up eve time. Humor. ill Kelsey, professor and department intern coordinator, remembers Midge using his dry sense of humor, excelleg storytelling, and off the wall expressions to uplift and make anybody laugh. ; "He put his unique stamp on everything," Kelsey said. For Illidge, it wasn't just about nnexpected life changes; it was about the "vicissitudes and vagaries of life" as he put it. "He was exactly who he was...:ife was fun for him," said Terry Clark. Illidge's humor was just a small part of who he was. For some, the impact he had on others came from his endearing personality, the respect he gave others, and the fact he never took himself too seriously. Priv( ill ,n .1i id 11(111 Fir others, it was his sense AH PcIki hit , .1., of perspective, honesty, and /1,311 , 11 I intelligence. However, formost ';c. Ili ,. ic.) • I ? it was all of the above and 2 ,1 1.; ,.).,0 ( ■ mt,u1 , 1 ( much more. 1'0(11 e)f 1r i I•• it i ■ Some of UCO journalism .;■■ iro 1 , :911mhi professors' favorite memories of Illidge took place at/the "the Booth." The booth was just that, at Bennigans Restaurant smcut student Itv it tg.corn_ in Edmond, now Old Chicago. It's a place Illidge iitnd Clark ; i; ( /:., cry1 would occasionally unwind .1i' :!.)1 ;II1 in the afternoon, share stories, and play a fewhands of a card game known is cribbage. Within time, the b6oth became a magnet, a place for all UCO

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Th eVi s ta Thursday, April 23, 2009 Page 4

Police investigate death

Craigslist suspect had victims' items

the purse of the first woman he allegedly robbed. 1.vsociaicill'ress Investigators are looking into gambling as the possible motivation. The law enforceBOSTON (AP) — A Boston University ment source said Markoff was a "frequent medical student accused of robbing women visitor" to Foxwoods casino in Connecticut. Markoff, 23, is accused in the death of who advertised erotic services on Craigslist, Julissa Brisman, 26, of New York City, a killing one of them, had items belbnging to masseuse who was found dead in the doorboth victims in his apartment, a law enforceway of her hotel room after being bashed ment official said Wednesday. in the head and shot three times. He's also Philip Markoff is charged with killing a accused of robbing and tying up another masseuse at.the Marriott. Copley Place hotel woman, and police have said there could be April 14. He is also charged in the robbery more victims. of another woman who he allegedly met at Foxwoods Resort Casino, in Mashantucket, another Boston hotel four days earlier. Conn., has confirmed it is cooperating with A law enforcement official who spoke on authorities investigating Markoffs gambling the condition of anonymity said police found habits. items belonging to both women in Markoffs Markoff was arrested on Monday on apartment in Quincy, south of Boston. The Interstate 95 in Massachusetts as he and his official wasn't authorized to speak about fiancee drove to Foxwoods. Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley evidence in the investigation. The official would not confirm a report said he believes Markoffs original motive by ABC News that the items seized by police was robbery, but he ended up killing Brisman included the victims' underwear. ABC News when she fought back. The first woman Markoff is accused of said two unidentified law enforcement robbing said she believes she's alive because sources said Markoff appeared to be .col- she didn't resist. lecting underwear as "souvenirs" from his "I just complied with everything he wantalleged victims. ed me to do and I didn't resist him in any ABC News did not say how Markoff way and I think thes why," she said in took the underwear, and he has not been an interview with Boston television station accused of sexually assaulting either woman. WCVB. "I just hope that they can put him Prosecutors have said he went through behind bars for the rest of his life." Prosecutors have not released her name. AP Photo The woman, 29, of Ias Vegas, who also David Kellermann, the acting chief financial officer of advertised as a masseuse on Craigslist, was mortgage giant Freddie Mac was found dead at his allegedly attacked on April 10 at the Westin home Wednesday morning April 22, 2009 in what Copley Hotel. She said she had identified Markoff from police said was an apparent suicide. the surveillance photos police distributed. He was wearing the same clothing and she first quarter financial report, scrutiny. recognized his face, she said. due at the end of May, with Police responded to a The woman said she was able to slip out federal regulators closely 911-call at 4:48 a.m. at the of the plastic ties she wa; bound with about overseeing the company's suburban Virginia home a minute after Markoff left and escape. She books and signing off on Kellermann shared with his said she was robbed of $8D0 in cash, a debit major decisions. wife Donna and 5-year-old card and $250 in Amefcan Express gift That relationship has been daughter Grace. cards. tense at times. Freddie Mac The Kellermanns live Markoff is also suspected in an attempted robbery in Warwick, R.I., cf a woman who executives recently battled in Hunter Mill, Estates, a had posted a Craigslist ad a: a stripper. She with federal regulators over Nell off neighborhood Of was held at gunpoint befor.,, her husband whether,to disclose potential large single-family . homeiA entered the hotel room aril her attacker losses on mortgage securities with manicured lawns in AP Photo fled. tied to the Obama adminis- Fairfax County. County Boston University medical student tration's housing plan, said records show Kellermann's Philip Markoff stands during his ara person familiar with the home is assessed for about raignment in Boston Municipal Court, deliberations who was not $900,000. Tuesday, April 21, 2009, in Boston. authorized to discuss the matter publicly. OK, SO MY SUBS REALLY AREN'T GOU MET AND Federal prosecutors in ESTABLISHED IN CHARLESTON, IL WE'RE NOT FRENCH EITHER. MY SUBS JGT TASTE A LITTLE BETTER, THAT'S ALL! I WAITED TO Virginia have been investiIN 1983 TO ADD TO STUDENTS GPA CALL IT JIMMY JOHN'S TASTY SANDWICES, BUT AND GENERAL DATING ABILITY. gating Freddie Mac's busiMY MOM TOLD ME TO STICK WITH G , URMET, SHE THINKS WHATEVER I DO IS GOURMT, BUT ness practices. But two U.S. I DON'T THINK EITHER OF US KNOWS ► lAT IT MEANS. SO LET'S STICK WITH TASTY! Since jj 1983 law enforcement officials, G am. who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were _wo RLD , s GREAT tsT 093 not authorized to discuss the 46•Sei ' ° ErRmET sANDyncl"' Freddie Mac investigation, GIANT CLUB SANDWICHES 8" SUB SANDWICHES Corporate Headquarters Champaign, IL said Kellermann was neither All of my tasty sub sandwiches are a full 8 inches of My club sandwiches have twice the meat or cheese. try it homemade french bread, fresh veggies and the finest on my fresh baked thick sliced 7•grain bread or my famous a target nor a subject of the meats & cheese I can buy! And if it matters to you, homemade french bread! we slice everything fresh everyday in this store, right investigation and had not 0$° here where you can see it. (No mystery meat here!) #7 GOURMET SMOKED HAM CLUB been under law enforcement A full 1/4 pound of real applewood smoked ham, PLAIN SLIMS® #1 PEPE' provolone cheese. lettuce, tomato, & real mayo! Denise Lavoie

of Freddie Mac official Alan Zibel I .c.cnci? Pri *As

The chief financial officer of money-losing mortgage giant Freddie Mac was found dead in his basement early Wednesday morning in what police said was an apparent suicide. A law enforcement official familiar with the investigation said it was an apparent hanging. He declined to be identified because the investigation was ongoing. David Kellermann's death is the latest in a string of blows to Freddie Mac since it was seized by the government last September. The company, which owns or guarantees about 13 million mortgages, has been criticized for financing risky loans that fueled the real estate bubble and are now defaulting at a record pace. Freddie Mac lost more than $50 billion last year, and the Treasury Department has pumped in $45 billion to keep the company'afloat. Last month, David Moffett, the government-appointed chief executive, resigned apparently frustrated by strict oversight. Kellermann worked for Freddie Mac for the past 16 years, starting out as a financial analyst and auditor. He was named acting chieffinancial officer last September when the government ousted former CEO Richard Syron and Kellermann's predecessor Anthony S. "Buddy" Pizsel. Neighbors said Kellermann, 41, had lost a noticeable amount of weight under the strain of the new job. Some neighbors said they suggested to Kellermann he should quit to avoid the stress, but Kellermann responded that he wanted to help the company through its problems. The neighbors did not want to be quoted by name because they didn't want to upset the family. As the company's financial chief, Kellermann was working on the company's



8teitiViir .JOHArtro

Suspicious package found in Edmond office building

EDMOND, Okla. (AP) box and determined the — A suspicious package contents were not explofound inside a doctor's sive. When the box was office building in Edmond opened it held iodine, turned out to be filled with swab sticks and gloves. medical supplies. Chu says the box The Edmond was apparently found Regional Medical Build- just outside a door to the ing next to the Edmond • building and was taken hospital was evacuated inside. about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday She says police when the package was are trying to determine found next to a hyperbaric who left the package chamber in the building. outside the door and says Police spokes- police urge people who woman Glynda Chu says find suspicious packages a bomb squad X-rayed the not to move them.

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TheVista Thursday, April 23, 2009 Page 5

Global economy is expected to shrink this year Jeanne Aversa IP It titer WASHINGTON (AP) — The world economy is likely to shrink this year for the first time in six decades. The international Monetary Fund projeced the 1.3 percent drop in a dour forecast released Wednesday. That could leave at least 10 million more ?eople around the world jobless, some private economists said. "By any measure, this downturn represents by far the deepest global recession since the Great Depression," the IMF said in its latest World Economic Outlook. "All corners of the globe are being affected." The new forecast of a decline in

Fidel Castro: Obama 'misinterpreted' Raul's words Will Weissert . 11 tiler

HAVANA (AP) — Fidel Castro says President Barack Obama "misinterpreted" his brother Raul's remarks regarding the United States and bristled at the suggestion that Cuba should free political prisoners or cut taxes on dollars people send to the island. Raul Castro touched off a whirlwind of speculation last week that . the U.S. and Cuba could be headed toward a thaw after nearly a half-century of chilly relations. The speculation began when the Cuban president said leaders would be willing to sit down with their U.S. counterparts and discuss "everything, everything, everything," including human rights, freedom of the press and expression, and political prisoners. Obama responded at the Summit of the Americas by saying Washington seeks a new beginning with Cuba. But as he prepared to leave the summit Sunday, Obama also called on Cuba to release political prisoners and reduce taxes on remittances from the U.S. That appeared to enrage Fidel Castro, 82, who wrote in an essay published Wednesday that Obama "without a doubt misinterpreted Raul's declarations." The former president appeared to be throwing a dose of cold water on growing expectations for improved bilateral relations — suggesting Obama had no right to dare suggest that Cuba make even small concessions. He also seemed to suggest too much was being made of Raul's comments about discussing "everything" with U.S. authorities. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton had a different perspective on Fidel Castro's essay while speaking about Cuba policy with the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday. She said that while Fidel Castro had "contradicted" his brother's previous statements about Cuba's willingness to discuss a whole range of issues with the U.S., it shows "there is beginning to be a debate" inside Cuba about how to move forward with U.S. relations. Fidel Castro's remarks put into doubt the true meaning of his brother's statements and raised questions about Cuba's position on detente with the United States. Although he surrendered the presidency to Raul in February 2008, he retains enormous influence and remains head of Cuba's Communist Party. Raul Castro himself, meanwhile, has not jumped in to clarify the confusion and is not likely to, out of respect for his older brother.

global economic activity for 2009 is much weaker than the 0.5 percent growth the IMF had estimated in January. Big factors in the gloomier outlook: It's expected to take longer than previously thought to stabilize world financial markets and get credit flowing freely again to consumers and businesses. Doing so will be necessary to lift the U.S., and the global economy, out of recession. The report comes in advance of Friday's meetings between the United States and other major economic powers, and weekend sessions of the IMF and World Bank. The talks will seek to flesh out the commitments made at a G-20 leaders summit in London last month,

when President Barack Obama and the others pledged to boost financial support for the IMF and other international lending institutions by $1.1 trillion. The IMF's outlook, for the U.S. is bleaker than for the world as a whole: It predicts the U.S. economy will shrink 2.8 percent this year. That would mark the biggest such decline since 1946. Among the major industrialized nations studied, Japan is expected to suffer the sharpest contraction this year: 6.2 percent. Russia's economy would shrink 6 percent, Germany 5.6 percent and Britain 4.1 percent. AP. Photo Mexico's economic activity would G20 leaders pose for the second group photo, at the G20 contract 3.7 percent and Canada's Summit in the Excel centre in London, Thursday, April 2, 2.5 percent. 2009.




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TheVista Thursday, April

23, 2009

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The Vista


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Campus Quotes "What super hero has the biggest carbon footprint?" --splifo4ege 1:,—

"Batman, because he has all the

gadgets. ”


Oona Whitworth , Biology - Sophoniore

Cartoon by Aide Gonzales, Graphic Design Student



"Superman, Krypton sounds fishy. ,,

1 iii

Dustin Borias Music Performance - Sophomore "The Hulk, he leaves smoldering wreckage, fire and radiation

zz4 4

everywhere he goes. "


Tia Kishketon Advertising - Senior .z,. , 4, ,, ,



-, , '



"ronman, I he has a lot of cars and blows up a lot of things.' ,

Tia Kishketon Advertising - Senior "The Hulk, because he makes a


lot of things blow up." ,


Nicki Pinault Business Management - Junior Photographed & compiled by Matt Danner and Chris Albers

In memory and honor of our troops Kory Oswald Correspondent

In February I wrote a story about Sgt. Ryan Wood, who was killed in Iraq at the age of 23. It's an all-too-common and tragic story about an all-too-uncommon type of person. Stories like Ryan's are tightly threaded into our nation's past, and unfortunately, because of the unyielding qualities of human nature, these are stories that will certainly be stitched into the fabric of our future. Ryan's story hit me hard for many reasons, I never had the honor of meeting him, but through his actions, artwork and writings I have come to relate to him on a profound level. We had some of the same desires and goals. We raged against the same things and listened to the same music. We were both blessed with DNA that imbued us with artistic sensibilities and still managed to provide us with a natural propensity to fight and stand for what we believe in. Yet, one of the obvious differences between us is that when I faced the crossroads of adolescence, I stuck close to the path of excess and security. Ryan on the other hand had guts enough to give up luxury and venture down a path rife with intense uncertainty and danger. I have faced challenges but Ryan chose to fight a war, and if life is measured in challenges,, then 11 am positive Ryan lived a thousand of my lives everyday that he served in Iraq. While working on the story, I had the pleasure of talking to Ryan's mom, Renee Vincent. After talking to her for five seconds I realized that this isn't a "story" at all. Ryan was a brother, a son, a boyfriend, a fellow punk rocker, and ultimately he was a soldier that gave the ultimate sacrifice for something he believed in. This isn't a story; this is a life that was cut short, just like the other 4,924 men and women who have died in Afghanistan and Iraq over the past seven and a half years (671 and 4,253 respectively). With public discourse focused on the economy and the countless other concerns/distractions that plague us like finals, American Idol, sex, money, Twitter, etc. it is easy for us to forget that America is still fully engaged in two wars. After the success of the surge in Iraq and a new president

that vows to bring troops home from one war and send more to another, it is essential for us to remember that there are still sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, moms, dads and fellow students sacrificing their lives. I wanted to do a series for The Vista that featured profiles of students that have fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. However, out of all the students that I contacted only one was willing to let me interview him. Whatever their reasons were for not wanting to participate, it doesn't matter. I hope this column is enough to show my appreciation for them and remind readers that we should take the time to suppress our opinions about politics and war to remember and honor those who have died, those who have served and those who are serving now. Ryan's story reinforced my belief that we, the students and youth of America, need to be more vigilant and thoughtful about our roles in this country and the world. People like you and me are giving up everything and trying to make a difference. We need to hold the policymakers accountable for their words and actions, regardless of their party affiliation. It is up to us to ensure that they utilize shrewd prudence when deciding the fate of the men and women of the armed forces. At the very least we should demand honest language from the politicians. For too long we have been held hostage by cryptic political jargon. In February, President Obama announced that he was going to withdraw approximately 92,000 combat troops from Iraq and that the remaining 35,00o to 50,00o "transitional forces" will be out by 2011. The president has also ordered 21,000 troops to Afghanistan, bringing the total number to about 59,00o. Regardless of where they are we must remember that those figures are more than numbers, they are lives. To Ryan and all the other soldiers who will never have the chance to occupy a desk next to me in class, and to those soldiers that have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and have now started the "second chapter" of their lives as students at UCO: Thank you. "It's written in our blood so don't misdirect your rage." —Strike Anywhere Rest In Peace, Sgt. Ryan Mitchell Wood

Hazing incident reveals hushed reality Sarah Melecki Daily \ebraskan

Congratulations to the men of Sigma Chi's Alpha Epsilon chapter — you've made the news! I'm sure your parents must be so proud, clipping articles and recording newscasts that highlight the hazing your chapter has been taking part in. After all, it isn't every day when a proud mother gets to

brag to her friends about her son's involvement in forced alcohol abuse, paddle beatings and, my personal favorite, sexual assault. But it only gets better. Check out the punishments eight of your members could receive if they are found guilty of hazing and procuring alcohol for minors. Hazing is a class II misdemeanor, according to coverage of your fraternity's stellar activities in yesterday's Lincoln Journal Star, meaning your boys are looking at a possible six months in jail, a $1000 fine or both.

Procuring alcohol for minors, prohibited by section 53-18o of the Nebraska Statutes, is likely to result in a few more days in jail or an increased fine if the defendants are found guilty. While your fraternity brothers have yet to be charged with sexual assault, the allegations are extremely serious. So the story goes, you boys were having an innocent little orgy with a stripper when one of your pledges was handcuffed and blindfolded, no doubt to increase the pleasure of the rest of you, who were watching all around.

A *-

Bronchos split weekend doubleheaders Steve Vidal rorrevolidefil

The UCO baseball team can't seem to stop splitting doubleheaders. Sunday marked their fifth doubleheader split in a row as they downed Eastern New Mexico State 11-8 in the first game, and dropped the nightcap 5-1 at Broncho field. In game one the offense showed up in a big way. Initially the Bronchos fell behind 4-o, but woke up in the bottom of the third when Casey Bruns stole home on a double steal and Brent Hodge singled in another run. UCO then pulled in front to stay with five more runs in the bottom of the fourth, a two run single by Luke Yost led the way The Bronchos would add two more runs in the fifth on a two-run doubleby sophomore outfielder Ryan Schoonover. Kale Murphree got the win going 5 and one-third innings. UCO have another strong outing in game two, but it didn't happen. They fell to ENMSU 5-1. The Bronchos couldn't overcome committing five errors. UCO pitcher Brian Murphy started and gave up four runs on four hits coming back after being forced out of game one on Saturday when he took a line drive off of his foot. The offense could only manage one run. That run was manufactured inthe bottom of the first when Ryan Schoonover scored from third on a Brent Hodge infield single. That run tied the game at one. The Greyhounds went ahead to stay with a run in the fifth, two unearned runs off of Connor Farris in the sixth and finally one more earned run in the eighth. "Some games we show up, some games we don't," said UCO Head Baseball Coach Wendell Simmons when asked about his team's recent trend of splitting doubleheaders. Simmons can't remember this many doubleheader splits in a row in his time as the coach at UCO.


Just like on Sunday, Saturday started out great for the Bronchos. Originally Saturday was supposed to be the only doubleheader of the weekend, however the teams were forced to play two on Sunday due to a rainout of the single game scheduled for Friday. Schoonover w4s the hero of game one as his fifth inning grand slam broke a 1-1 tie. Schoonover drove in five runs for the game leading to an 8-4 win for the Bronchos. Brian Murphy only gave up one run in three innings of work but had to leave due to the previously mentioned foot injury, however Brent Miller would pick up the slack for Murphy finishing the last four innings for the win. The nightcap would look promising for UCO until late in the game. They jumped out to an early 2-0 lead on the strength of a Hodge RBI single. Later Andrew Foshee would break a 2-2 tie in the bottom of the sixth with and RBI single of his own to make it a 3-2 lead for the Bronchos. The Broncos couldn't hold the lead as the Greyhounds rallied forsingle runs in the seventh and ninth to pull out a 4-3 victory. With the weekend splits the Bronchos now have a record of 19-21 in the Lone Star Conference and 24-26 overall. Photo by Vista photographer Matt Danner They currently sit in eighth place in the conference, but they are right there with Southwestern Oklahoma, Tarleton State, and ENMSU in the battle to be in the top six in the Clint Straka, senior, stretches out as he throws a conference. Being in the top six is important because only pitch during the UCO baseball game Tuesday, Feb six teams qualify for the conference tournament that will be 24, 2009. held May 2-5 in Abilene,TX. The Bronchos will close the regular season with a buSy week. They will be at Missouri Southern for a single game Go online! on Tuesday, April 21, and home for back-to-back doubleheaders against Northeastern State On Friday, April, 24, and NE /S Saturday, April, 25.


VIen's Golf takes home awards


Johnston was named Coach of the Year, his sixth time in his eight years as a coach. Shrum is the second ranked player in NCAA Division II golf play. He has a scoring average of 71.6 this season. While Andrew Green, has turned in an impressive 74 average as a freshman. Between them they have 14 top-ten tournament finishes. Shrum has moved up the boards to become the 20th ranked player in par three scoring in the nation. As player of the year, Shrum is ranked number one in the nation in par five scoring. In subpar strokes per round he is ranked 4th with 4.38.

Chris Wescott • Sports tlither

4 Prior to the Lone Star Conference championship tournament, the UCO men's P; golf team attended the Lone 0 Star Conference banquet in Order of Omega, the Greekhonor society honoring sorority and Thackerville, Okla. The third nationally ranked Bronchos fraternity members who excel- in academics, leadership, service and „took home three major standards, is currently seeking new members. Applicants should '% awards. There was no surprise that junior golf star, Colby have junior or senior standing, be a member of a fraternity or 0 Shrum, was named player of sorority that is eiciaify recognized by UCO and the GreekLife the year for the second year a row. Freshman phenome, be in good standing with their chapter, and the University, in enom, Andrew Green, was selected the Freshman of and rankacademicatly above the all-Greekaverage. the Year. Head coach, Dax

Order of Omega

Applications are available in the NUC Room 212A & due Friday, April 24, at 5 p.m. ■

•.,j, 4


Coach Johnston has an impressive coaching record with the Bronchos. Since 2001, he has coached UCO to 37 titles and 82 top-five finishes out of 101 tournaments. These are very impressive numbers for the Coach of the Year, he could be considered the coach of the decade considering where he has taking this team. Shrum was named firstteam ALL-LSC and his teammates Andrew Green, Austin Bowman were second team ALL-LSC and Baer Aneshansley was picked to be honorable mention.

1 11:Main=in report? Contact LED'azti€03 Email:



Phone: 974-5549

zoper, ,,wwwfie.nompwromramswism,,,estw, jamaw ,asm,wr " '''' •-•




There's strong. Then there's Army Strong. Enroll in rmy ROTC at University of Central Oklahoma to s and skills needed to make you a leader. Army complement your. education with the training, experier ce ROTC also offers full-tuition scholarships of up to $15 ,000 and a monthly stipend to help pay for your education. And when you graduate, you will have an edgii in life as an Army Officer and a leader. All it takes is enrolling in MSL101. To get started, contact CPT Michael Sell or



fc4f ..1'

The Vista April 23, 2009  

The University of Central Oklahoma's student voice since 1903.

The Vista April 23, 2009  

The University of Central Oklahoma's student voice since 1903.