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The Student Voice Since 1903 THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 2006


Sweeping down the plains, and powering a university UCO makes switch to wind power, officials expect to save thousands by Heather Warlick Staff Writer

When the wind comes sweeping down the plains, UCO will save thousands of dollars because of the April I switch from traditional fossil fuels to a more environmentally friendly source of power: wind. UCO is the first university in the state to be 100 percent powered by wind, and UCO Executive Vice President Steve Kreidler said he expects $260,000 in savings this year alone. "With the current cost of fuel, the money we can save, and the fact that we're helping to protect Oklahoma's environment, we just think it's the right thing to do," Kreidler said. UCO uses about 27 million kilowatt hours per year and as the price of natural gas continues to rise. Wind is an abundant source of inexpensive energy in

Oklahoma, said Don Powers, manager of compliance for the UCO Office of Legal Counsel. The wind power comes from a wind farm near Woodward that has 39 1.5 megawatt turbine windmills. A single 1.5 MW turbine windmill can provide continuous power for about 400 homes, according to the American Wind Energy Association. It reports that Oklahoma ranks fifth in the country for states with the most wind energy installed. Wind farms are a booming industry. OG&E's Web site boasts growth rates in excess of 30 percent per year. "Not only is this good for the environment, we are also saving Oklahoma taxpayers' money," Kreidler said. UCO began the initiative toward wind energy in October 2004, when it shifted five percent of its power use to wind energy. The goal was 50 per-

cent, but as fuel prices went up and wind power prices went down, the decision was made to use wind for all UCO's electricity. "We are looking at every opportunity that we can to reduce our cost, improve our performance and promote a clean environment," Powers said. UCO has made many energy saving changes over the last few years including installing new, more efficient heating and air conditioning systems, replacing inefficient toilets with water saving ones and eliminating steam and gas burning boilers. These changes were part of an $8.9 million 20-year contract with Johnson Controls that UCO entered into in 2002 to save on energy costs. Heather Warlick can be reached at hwarlickŠthevistaonlinacom.

Bioterrorism drill at UCO to test emergency responders by Heather Warlick Staff Writer

by Vista photographer Travis Marak

A wind farm near Weatherford is seen April 17, similar to the farm in Woodward that will supply UCO with all its electricity.

A simulated anthrax attack will be the scenario for a mass immunization drill 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on April 26 at UCO's Hamilton Field House. "Students will not only learn what to do in a real event," said Don Powers, director of the UCO Disaster Resistant University program, "they will be helping fine-tune the system so they will be protected." In the event of a bioterrorism attack, bird flu outbreak or other medical epidemic, local emergency responders must be prepared to help thousands of people who need immunizations, antidotes and treatments. The drill will be a test of the state and county health depaitments' ability to distribute medicine to the public in such an event. UCO will be a Mass Immunization Point of Distribution, which means it will work with the health departments to distribute medications during emergencies.

"We thought we could serve the community well by being a location where they and their families can be taken care of," Powers said. Local first responders like fire and police departments will participate in the twohour drill at three different locations: UCO, Oklahoma City Community College and Carl Albert High School in Midwest City. Medical personnel from the UCO Student Health Center and students from the UCO School of Nursing will be specially trained and certified to administer treatment in the event of an attack or epidemic. "We will be the core, and they will bring in trained professionals from the area to supplement our staff," said Cayt Walls, administrative assistant to the director of student health at UCO. In the event of a real emergency, there would be at least eight distribution points in the metro area, and the goal would be for

see DRILL, page 6

SNL comedian Seth Meyers brings comedy to campus by Nathan Winfrey Senior Staff Writer

Actor and "Saturday Night Live" cast member Seth Meyers performed standup comedy in Hamilton Field House April 18. Meyers followed opening band Dreams from Jettison, and was careful to study up on UCO trivia while preparing for his routine, working into his monologue the university's founding, including jokes about the spelling of "broncho." He kept the crowd laughing constantly, and seemed to be improvising it as he went along, gleaning jokes and segues to anecdotes from frequent discussions with the audience, making nostalgic jabs

at college life and impersonating celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey and Owen Wilson. Meyers became a full-time "SNL" cast member in 2003 after being featured on the weekly, live sketch comedy show for years before that. "The first few shows were crazy," he said, sitting in a T-shirt and jeans on a couch in the women's locker room that doubled as his green room. Showers lined the wall behind him. He said he'd never been to Oklahoma before, "but my dad did basic training here and one time a buffalo ran into his car." "That's the best thing about doing college gigs; you get to see a lot of towns," Meyers said. He said he's vis-

ited between 10 and 20 colleges. "It's not stressful at all," he said. "You get used to traveling." Meyers said he watched "SNL" growing up, long before he got on the show. "I can't imagine a job being more stressful," he said. "It's a great job for procrastinators. There's no time to do anything but work." He said the cast members meet the host for each week's show on Monday, write the entire show on Tuesday, read through each script and pick the best 12 on Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday they rehearse. As if he weren't busy enough,

Second-place finish The UCO men's golf team fell short of winning the LSC championship, losing in sudden death to Northeastern State April 18 in Southlake, Texas.

See Sports pg. 12

see COMEDY, page 5

by Vista photographer Travis Marak

Saturday Night Live cast member Seth Meyers performs for students April 18 at Hamilton Field House.

Who's the man? With a host of eligible candidates, Vista sportS buffs Matt Cauthron and Teddy Burch face off in an argument about the NBA's most valuable player.

See Sports pg. 9 ,-s7„



April 20, 2006

THEVISTA Editorial


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Cartoon by Cary Stringfield


New medica passport simplifies records

Sorting through file cabinets, three-ring binders, and miscellaneous papers scattered throughout your dorm room is probably somewhere on a lengthy weekend projects list as the semester draws to a close. Between those composition notebooks and archive folders, your medical records may be littered among the debris. Immunization charts, lab results, old bill statements, prescriptions, and insurance information is likely to form part of the clutter that you've been planning to organize. In a nationwide effort to simplify patients' medical records, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has implemented its Health Passport for Life con-

sumer statistics program. Sponsored by the government agency's Division of Transplantation, the slim wallet-sized booklet provides ample writing room to better document personal care data. Students with limited space can transfer much of their current paper trail into fill-inthe-blank style report forms that include designated pages for emergency contacts, family health history, previous surgeries, booster shot reminders, allergies, current medications and dates of last procedural screenings. Also included is an Organ/ Tissue Donor Card specifying personal preference in regard to their ultimate use in transplants and facts about the process to aid your decision. According to the Coalition on Donation, some 90,000 patients are in need of anatomical transplants that could potentially save their lives. Recipients most commonly suffer from heart disease, diabetes or hepatitis, although congenital defects are

also among the major conditions remedied with the use of another viable human organ in place of their own failing one. An average 6,500 candidates on the U.S. Transplant Waiting List pass away before an organ becomes available due to lack of accessibility or a suitable match. A single donor can improve quality of life for as many as 50 individuals with the use of organs like the heart, kidneys, pancreas, lungs, liver and intestines, as well as tissues including the epidermis, corneas, heart valves, bone marrow, peripheral stem cells and blood. Despite public efforts to eschew popular myths, fear and confusion continue to instill doubt that makes people hesitant to register as donors. Contrary to popular opinion, declaring yourself a donor will not negatively affect the quality of hospital-based medical care you are entitled to receive, and you won't be allowed to die for the harvesting of your organs. Surviving family members are never charged for the process of donating a relative's organs. The concept of handing one's body over to a medical team to be purposefully dissected has led many to shy away from donation altogether, but the donor card allows you to choose which may be selected. Regardless of what organs are used, donation does not

imply a closed-casket funeral or aesthetic disfigurement of any kind. While the topic generally calls to mind such morbid topics as accidental death and autopsies, more donors are actually living than deceased. Segments of lungs, livers, and kidneys are often used instead of the whole organ, usually among family members. Diverse ethnic groups are particularly encouraged to consider organ donation, as favorable outcomes are most likely between two people of similar genetic characteristics. Carrying a donor card and indicating status on your driver's license are two positive methods of affirming your choice, but the real key to having your requests fulfilled is through communication with friends and family. You should state respective wishes to the people closest to you who may be asked to sign donation release forms. Planning is always a logical step towards better health, and having paper work in order can better prepare you for that next hospital visit, whether an emergency or a routine checkup. To obtain your free Health Passport and an informative DVD about organ donation, visit or call 1-888-ASK-HRSA.

Your Turn? If you're a member of a campus organization, if you're a faculty member or if you simply have something to say to the UCO community, The Vista wants to hear from you. If you have an idea for a "My Turn" piece for the editorial page, e-mail it to with your e-mail address and telephone number You may also e-mail a ready-to-publish "My Turn" submission to . Submissions should be between 300-500 words in length.

CAMPUS QUOTES: EARTH DAY EDITION Compiled and photographed by Travis Marak & Midori Sasaki.

Is there anything you do on a regular basis to help preserve the environment? "We planted trees outside our home in Bangalore and did rainwater harvesting."

"I make sure I don't throw trash outside."

Julie Shelley

Caroline Joan Misquith

Samuel Maina

Early childhood development, junior

College of Business intern, grad student

MIS, sophomore

"Not smoking. And I ride my bike a lot."

"I pick up trash a lot, and I don't drive a car."

Matt Cole Criminal justice, senior


April 20, 2006


Indian grad students participate in intern program at UCO by Alex Gambill Staff Writer

Six students from India came to UCO at the beginning of April to participate in a five-week internship program in the College of Business Administration. The program is called "twinning." Indian students study or intern in America and get credit that is put toward their degree in India. UCO plans on having the same program available for American students to study in India, said Dr. S. Narasinga Rao, UCO dean of the Joe C. Jackson College of Graduate Studies and Research. The students attend St. Joseph's College of Business Administration in Bangalore, a city in southern India. The city is also known as the Silicon Valley of the East. This is the first time for the students to come to the United States. "They've all completed their first year (of graduate school) and before they get into their second year, they must do an internship," Rao said. The students are living in Central Plaza until May 5, when they travel back to Bangalore. "President Webb signed a memorandum of understanding with St. Joseph's College last year in March," Rao said. Rao went to India in November to help with the selection process. Dr. K. J. Tullis, Chair of the UCO Depai tinent of Business Management, went to St. Joseph's in February 2005 and Dr. Jere Roberson, history professor and president of UCO faculty senate, went in January

2006. "They had a selection process in Bangalore. All those that were interested were encouraged to apply. Then they had an external review committee that interviewed," Rao said. Thirty-seven students applied but only six were selected. Bhavana Shekar and Devdatta Bhatfaeheryya are working with Dr. Kelly Moyers, assistant professor of business management, on a comparative study of Indian and U.S. public agencies. Caroline Jean Misquith and Dr. Randal Ice, chair of business finance, are working on a project to use an international coin substitution in automated devices. George Joseph Fernandez and Praven Ravi are working with Tullis on a study of employment and internship possibilities in India and outward expansion of by Vista photographer Midori Sasaki the city of Bangalore. Abeesh Aboobacker and Dr. Six graduate students from India, clockwise from back left, George Joseph Fernandez, Abeesh Aboobacker, Bhavana Shekar, Praveen Geoff Willis, associate profes- Ravi, Devdatta Bhatfaeheryya, Caroline Joan Misquith, work on a five week internship with the help of Dr. S. Narasinga Rao, front center, sor of information systems and dean of the Joe C. Jackson College of Graduate Studies & Research. operation management, are "It didn't take much working on a study of predicttime to get adjusted here," ing safe employee behavior in the energy industry and the Bhatfaeheryya said. "We love your potatoes. The development and testing of a food is a lot different," Ravi socio-technical model. "A lot of things here are said. They said they liked the unisimilar. We've attended a few versity because of its cultural classes, and the way they teach diversity. is very similar," Ravi said. Tullis, Thillon and Rao are He said students use case studies in India just as they do going to Bangalore in May to further the exchange program at UCO. "One thing I've noticed is the for UCO students to study in freedom between the students India. "I'm going in May mostly and the professors. It's more for the recruitment," Rao said. informal," Aboobacker said. Rao said India uses the much more "rigid and formal" British Alex Gambill can be reached at . education system.

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Photo by Dr. Woody Caddis

A racoon steps out from a drainage pipe around noon April 18 on the east side of Broncho Lake. Edmond animal control officials said racoons that nest in an area can be very destructive to surrounding structures and suggest that people not feed the racoons to discourage nesting.

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April 20, 2006

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April 20, 2006


'Institute of Hope' offers Liberal Arts scholarships by Alex Gambill Staff Writer

UCO's new Institute of Hope will offer scholarships for liberal arts students and sponsor events to educate the public about poverty, abuse and prejudice. "The institute also alleviates the effects of poverty, abuse and prejudice," said Dr. Pamela Washington, dean of the UCO

COMEDY from page 1 Meyers also does a free improvised comedy show in New York every Sunday night with the other cast members from Chicago. "It's unbelievably thrilling," he said. "Everybody's friends with everybody." Meyers said each host brings something different to the show, which allows for different sketches, and some members are nervous when they come on. He said Alec Baldwin is his favorite host, "because he has a filthy sense of humor." Meyers said he still gets star struck sometimes. "There are a few people that do it," he said, like Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen and Steve Martin. Meyers is known for his impersonations, which include 2004 presidential hopeful John Kerry and NBC newsman Brian Williams. He said Williams sends him notes all the time, jokingly threatening Meyers with bodily harm.

College of Liberal Arts. "The institute offers scholarship money for liberal arts majors for students who cannot qualify for financial aid." Three sociology alumnae, Laura Mitchell, Tina Dobson and Beverly Coon, graduates of 2005, created and fund the institute. "For the first time in the history of this department we

decide we couldn't just give it [an award] to just one of them so we gave a plaque and recognition to all three," said Dr. David Ford, chair of the UCO Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice. "All three are now attending their second semester at the University of Oklahoma and are getting their master's in social work." For example, Washington

Meyers said the notes say things like, "If this note can find you, so can I." "You try to take their one feature and exaggerate it," he said. "I learn a lot from watching Darrell Hammond." Hammond, another "SNL" cast member, is perhaps most famous for his impersonations of Sean Connery and former president Bill Clinton. Meyers said his favorite sketch is one where he and Amy Poehler play a couple that should be divorced. "We play a married couple that stays married because we don't want the other one to find happiness," he said. Before he started on "SNL," Meyers was doing improvised comedy in Chicago when he saw an audition notice for "Boom Chicago," an improvisational theater in Amsterdam. Meyers got the job and moved to the Netherlands. "They chose 'boom' because no matter what language you have, it means something fun, although 'boom' in Dutch means 'tree,'" he said. Now, he does about 20 "SNL" shows a year, and stars with Hugh Grant and Dennis Quaid in "American Dreamz,"

which opens April 21. "I play Mandy Moore's agent," Meyers said. "Hopefully it will be really good." He's also writing a movie called "Key Party," which he will star in, and he said it will use some of the same humor that he uses for "The Couple That Should Be Divorced." "It's about a couple that goes to a swingers party and how it ruins their marriage," Meyers said. "I find nothing more entertaining than people in relationships that don't like each other." "I thought Seth Meyers was pretty funny," said Kellie Swagerty an art education sophomore who's lizard, Archie, was the butt of some of Meyer's jokes. "His improv was above par for your typical 'Saturday Night Live' skit of 'Comedy Central Presents.' "I think he performed a great show, he knew how to work a college audience," said Rick Foresee, theater sophomore. "It was an exciting event."

said, "If students can't get their tax forms filled out because their parents have been abusive to them, and they no longer want contact with that parent," then they can qualify for a scholarship. "There might also be cases where a student might receive financial aid, but it's not enough to meet their needs. The scholarship fund would provide money

for books," Washington said. She said students can pick up an application form at the financial aid office on the first floor of the Nigh University Center. They will also have to provide a transcript and get a letter from Drew Duke, director of Student Financial Services, in the financial aid office explaining their situation. The institute sponsored a

Alex Gambill can be reached at

UCO alumna wins highest Greek award by Nathan Winfrey Senior Staff Writer

Stacy. McNeiland, director of UCO alumni relations, was awarded Sigma Kappa Panhellenic Woman of the Year April 4 at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club. "I was in the sorority when I was an undergrad," she said. Each year, the national sororities hold an election to select the new recipient, and McNeiland won the national award for Sigma Kappa, she said. "Panhellenic is the association that comprises all of the national sororities," McNeiland said. "It's basically the organization that umbrellas all of our sororities." "Her enthusiasm and spirit for life is inspiring to all those around her, and she is definitely deserving of this honor and I am proud to be her sister," said Daina Dill, sociology senior and Sigma Kappa member.

Nathan Winfrey can be reached at .

We've Cut The Cords!

free viewing of the film "Crash" and a panel discussion to educate students about prejudice and racism April 6 in Pegasus Theatre. Washington said the institute will sponsor another event in the fall.

by Vista photographer Travis Marak

Saturday Night Live cast member Seth Meyers performs for students in Hamilton Field House April 18.

Nathan Winfrey can be reached at



Academic Support Center is now taking applications for the following positions for the fall 2006 semester:

Mathematics Tutors and

Available now on an four floors of the library!

Writing Center Interns

Laptop computers are available for two-hour check- out. For more information visit http://library.ucok. edu

Please visit the Academic Support Center, Thatcher Hall 106, or the ASC website for more information and requirements


April 20, 2006

DRILL from page 1 them to distribute at least 3,000 doses of medicine an hour. In the drill, Powers said he hopes to distribute 800 doses per hour. Students and the public will play the roles of the victims of an anthrax attack at three malls, including Quail Springs. In the drill, they will be administered doses of medicine for themselves and up to nine family members. "You can plan all you want to but until you actually test something, you don't know how it's going to work," Powers said. He said the drill will only take about 10 minutes of students' time. Powers said drill participants should enter UCO from Danforth Road, turning south on Chowning Avenue to University Drive. They will then be directed to park in the football stadium parking lot. "It's important that people who come to participate don't get into the mainstream of student traffic," Powers said. "If students are in classes that day, they can walk over to Hamilton Field House." As an incentive for student involvement, the first 200 people to participate each hour will be given a coupon for a free fountain drink at the Nigh University Center.


DOMESTIC 11 p.m., April 11 Domestic abuse occurred in the Nigh University Center. .

activity in Thatcher Hall. 11:55 p.m., April 12 Gasoline was reported siphoned from a car in parking lot 17, north of the Coyner Health Science Building.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT 1:34 p.m., April 13 DPS responded to a disturbance in the Lillard Administration Building and issued a trespass warning.

LARCENY 3 p.m., April 13 A UCO staff member reported a laptop computer missing from Howell Hall.

INFORMATIONAL 2:16 p.m., April 11 A UCO employee reported suspicious

MEDICAL CALL 10:58 p.m., April 8 EMSA was called to the University

Commons for a student having a hard time breathing.

10:07 a.m., April 11 DPS assisted a student who fainted in the Liberal Arts Building while sitting in class. SUSPICIOUS PERSON 11:48 a.m., April 13 DPS issued a non-student who was in parking lot six, east of the Liberal Arts Building, a "Notice to Leave Campus" report for trespassing.

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April 20, 2006

Newspapers celebrate after Pulitzer winners announced prize with sweet tea and cookies because the paper does not allow alcohol on its property. "We never missed a day of publication and that's a testament to everybody in this room," said Ricky Mathews, president and publisher of The Sun Herald, whose coverage area includes hardhit Gulfport and Biloxi, Miss. "We will arise from this terrible situation," he added. "I think our best journalism is still ahead of us." Executive Editor Stan Tiner dedicated AP the Pulitzer to the residents William Snyder, director of photography, celebrates with the staff of the Dallas Morning News April 17 in Dallas after "whose magnifthe paper won the Pulitzer prize in the 'breaking news photography' category for its coverage of Hurricane Katrina. icent hearts and spirit moved us every day that lished only online. The first "They will not be defeated said in a newsroom speech. we have been pnvileged to tell -- not by Katrina nor anything," "Prizes don't always say printed editions came Sept. 2 the story of their struggle and he added. anything terribly important and were published through an triumphs." At The Washington Post, about the state of our business, arrangement with The Courier Susan Schmidt, James V. but this year's Pulitzers do, and newspaper in Houma, La. The Grimaldi and R. Jeffrey Smith what they say is: The country Times-Picayune has regained won the investigative report- has never needed us more than about two-thirds of its circulation, which was 260,000 ing Pulitzer for stories on the it does today." Jim• Sheeler of the Rocky on weekdays and 285,000 on Jack Abramoff scandal; David Finkel won for explanatory Mountain News was honored Sunday. For the first time, applicants reporting on the U.S. govern- for feature writing for his story ment's attempt to bring democ- on a Marine major who helps in all categories were allowed racy to Yemen; Dana Priest won families of comrades killed to include material published the beat reporting category for in Iraq cope with their loss. online as part of their entries. The Pulitzer for public serstories on secret prisons and the The newspaper's Todd Heisler government's counterterrorism received the prize for feature vice carries a prize of a gold campaign; and Robin Givhan photography for his accom- medal. The other prizes come for "her witty, closely panying pictures in a package with cash awards of $10,000. Each semester, UCO offers students the opportunity to evaluate their won The awards are given by observed essays that transform called "Final Salute." Rick Attig and Doug Bates of Columbia University on the fashion criticism into cultural instructors. Your comments are important and provide valuable The Oregonian of Portland won recommendation of the 18criticism." information to instructors as they assess and revise their courses. James Risen and Eric for editorial writing focused on member Pulitzer board. The Lichtblau of the Times and abuse inside a mental hospital. Times-Picayune was not named the staffs of the San Diego Bates wrote the 1991 book "The as a finalist for public service, Union-Tribune and Copley Pulitzer Prize: The Inside Story but the Pulitzer board voted You may fill out the survey at your convenience any time between News Service won for national of America's Most Prestigious to award it the prize, along April 3 and April 28, 2006, using the following method: with The Sun Herald, said Sig reporting _ the Times for stories Award." The prize for edito- Gissler, administrator of the on the Bush administration's domestic eavesdropping, the rial cartooning went to Mike Pulitzers. The Pulitzers were created Union-Tribune and Copley for Luckovich of The Atlanta Login to UCONNECT, proceed to "My Courses" and click on the under the terms of the will of disclosing the bribe-taking that Journal-Constitution. "UCO Evaluations" link. The Sun Herald, whose newspaper publisher Joseph sent former Rep. Randy "Duke" offices are less than a mile Pulitzer, who died in 1911. He Cunningham to prison. Joseph Kahn and Jim Yardley from the Mississippi Sound, endowed the journalism school of the Times won the award for never missed an edition dur- at Columbia, and dictated that international reporting for cov- ing the crisis. Before the storm money be set aside for the Respondents remain anonymous, and faculty members do not have access erage hit Aug. 29, managers arranged prizes. The first awards were of China's legal system. The Pulitzer for commenta# to have the newspaper printed handed out in 1917. to survey results until after grades are posted. went to Nicholas D. Kristof bf at a sister paper in Columbus, the Times for focusing attenon Ga., and then shipped back to eJN (be \ Mississippi. on genocide in Darfur. If you have technical difficulty, assistance is available at 974-2255. A.(bd To ensure delivery back "The Pulitzer judges have put a premium on watchdog home, the entire staff pitched in journalism _ on journalism that and handed it out free at tents, 44SO C;c4bi demonstrated the press standing damaged homes, shelters and up to power, often with sub- elsewhere. In the first days after Katrina, stantial consequences," Times Executive Editor Bill Keller The Times-Picayune was pub- \ \CC''N NC,t°

NEW YORK (AP) _ The staffs of The Times-Picayune of New Orleans and The Sun Herald of south Mississippi captured Pulitzer Prizes for public service on April 17 for chronicling the catastrophic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina despite life-changing damage to their own homes and workplaces. Tears flowed rather than champagne in the TimesPicayune newsroom, which the staff had to evacuate just eight months earlier for about six weeks. At The Sun Herald, staff members cheered and fought back tears. The Sun Herald won for its "valorous and comprehensive coverage ... providing a lifeline for devastated readers" and The Times-Picayune for its "heroic, multi-faceted coverage" to "serve an inundated city even after evacuation of the newspaper plant," the Pulitzer citation said. The Washington Post won four Pulitzers, The New York Times three and The TimesPicayune and the Rocky Mountain News each won two. In the arts categories, the fiction prize went to "March," Geraldine Brooks' novel imagining the life of the father in Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women," and the general nonfiction prize went to Caroline Elkins for "Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in Kenya." The Pulitzer

board declined to award a prize for drama. The Times-Picayune staff was awarded a second Pulitzer, for breaking news, for Katrina, and The Dallas Morning News was honored "for its vivid photographs depicting the chaos and pain" of the disaster. Like their communities, The Sun Herald and The TimesPicayune took a beating from Katrina. Their buildings were damaged, advertisers and subscribers were displaced, and circulation dropped. The Times-Picayune evacuated about 240 employees in the back of newspaper delivery trucks as water from a levee breach rose around its plant. Many staffers saw the disaster unfold in their own neighborhoods. The newsroom erupted in applause at the news of the Pulitzers, but there was no champagne. "It was a national tragedy," said Peter Kovacs, the TimesPicayune's managing editor for news. "It would not be appropriate to have champagne because of the nature of the event." As reporters quietly sobbed, Editor in Chief Jim Amoss stood on a table and said: "As our city was being ravaged and our citizens were dying ... as all these things happened, we came together as a team and fulfilled a mission that is sacred to us." The Sun Herald toasted its


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April 20, 2006

Chinese leader dines with Bill Gates

with a new budget said Cruise spokesman Arnold chief who is highly Robinson. The girl, named Suri, came regarded on Capitol Hill and promised into the world at 7 pounds, SEATTLE (AP) -- After a more changes were 7 ounces and 20 inches long. swanky dinner with the world's coming. He also Her name has its origins in richest man, Chinese President named a new trade Hebrew, meaning "princess," or Hu Jintao turns his attention representative. in Persian, meaning "red rose," to America's largest exporter, On Tuesday, Bush Robinson said in a statement. whose sales to China could help chose Rob Portman, "Both mother and daughter ease tensions over a growing a former six-term are doing well," the publicist trade gap. Republican con- said. Hu, who dined Tuesday gressman from Ohio Details about the birth night at the home of Microsoft who now serves as weren 't disclosed, but it had been Corp. Chairman Bill Gates, was trade representative, planned to take place as a silent invited to tour Boeing Co.'s to head the Office procedure under the tenants of Everett plant on Wednesday, of Management and the Church of Scientology, to just days after Chinese offiBudget, putting him which both Cruise and Holmes cials confirmed a commitment at the heart of White belong. to order 80 Boeing 737 jets, in a House decision-makScientologists believe words deal valued at $5.2 billion at list ing. spoken during times of pain prices. The order has yet to be Hailed by are recorded by the "reactive finalized, and airlines typically Democrats and mind" and can cause potential negotiate discounts. Republicans alike, problems for both mother and Boeing sees China as one of Portman's nomina- child. its most important future martion may help calm kets, estimating that the country AP GOP anxieties about Lay gives Skilling good will require 2,600 new airplanes administration mis- reviews at trial over the next 20 years. Chinese President Hu Jintao, left, stops to speak with reporters after a tour with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, steps. Portman is a The big Boeing deal is one of close friend of Bush's HOUSTON (AP) _ Former several purchases the Chinese right, April 18 at the company headquarters in Redmond, Wash. and has a reputation Enron Corp. Chief Executive made recently as officials try ofthe 148 Shiites and the impris- sional manifestation of schizoas a skilled communi- Jeffrey Skilling may appear to to ease tensions over the mas- changes in the military. He also discounted any sugonment of hundreds of others phrenia or a fundamentalist cator about the economy, which seethe at times when pressed sive trade gap between the will be a central theme for the during a prosecutor's questiontwo nations. It's one of several gestion that the generals' com- in a crackdown launched fol- Muslim's article of faith. Moussaoui's dream-driven November congressional elec- ing in his fraud and conspiracy issues President Bush is expect- plaints reflect widespread dis- lowing an assassination attempt against Saddam in the mainly conviction that President will tions. trial, but he got a good review ed to raise when Hu heads to sent in the officer corps. At a Tuesday Pentagon news Shiite town of Dujail in 1982. some time during his term The president tapped from his co-defendant who aims Washington, D.C., later in his conference, Rumsfeld said it's hold a news conference to Portman's deputy, Susan to testify next week _ company four-day U.S. tour. not surprising that his decisions 2 Duke players arrested announce Moussaoui's release Schwab, to move up and replace founder Kenneth Lay. Hu's Thursday summit with have roused some discord. on rape charges has emerged as a critical issue her boss as the administration's "I think Mr. Skilling did Bush will cover a broad agenda, "When you make a decision, in assessing Moussaoui's top trade negotiator with other a great job today," Lay said from China's much-criticized DURHAM, N.C. (AP) -- mental health. The jury was nations. Tuesday after Skilling wrapped currency and other trade poli- you make a choice, somebody Announcing the changes dur- up his sixth day in the witness cies, to its aggressive search is not going to like it," he said. Two Duke University lacrosse to hear more such testimony for oil and its positions on the "It's perfectly possible to come players were arrested on rape Wednesday from a defense psy- ing a Rose Garden ceremony, chair. The ex-CEO will resume Bush made clear that Defense testimony Wednesday. developing nuclear programs in into this department and preside charges in a scandal that has chiatrist. and not make choices, in which rocked one of America's elite The defense contends Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's "He may have had a few Iran and North Korea. case people are not unhappy, campuses and raised explosive Moussaoui is a delusional para- job was safe, despite calls for trick questions, as he said, but I Police rescue passengers until about five years later when questions of race, class and the noid schizophrenic, and cites Rumsfeld's resignation from a think he did a fine job on all of they find you haven't done any- privileged status of college ath- his belief about Bush as a prime half dozen retired military com- it," Lay said. from NYC cable cars thing and the country isn't pre- letes. example that Moussaoui has manders. Skilling, a plainspoken expared." The two players -both gradlost touch with reality. They executive Lay embraced to lead NEW YORK (AP) -- All 69 Later Rumsfeld and Gen. uates of Northern prep schools hope evidence that Moussaoui Tom Cruise, Katie Enron's transformation from a people trapped for hours in two Peter Pace, chairman of the -- were promptly booked suffers from mental illness will Holmes welcome baby staid pipeline company to an cable cars that were suspended energy giant throughout the above the East River after los- Joint Chiefs of Staff, met to dis- Tuesday and released on bail. persuade a jury to show mercy LOS ANGELES (AP) - 1990s, held his temper for the ing power have been rescued, cuss the war on terrorism with District Attorney Mike Nifong and spare his life. about a dozen retired military said a third player could also be Moussaoui, who is at - Word of the world's most most part. But at times he heatpolice said Wednesday. The passengers became officers who are regular com- arrested but has yet to be firmly odds with his own defense famous silent birth has finally edly sparred with prosecutor team, insists he is not crazy. been heard. Tom Cruise and Sean Berkowitz. stranded around 5:15 p.m. mentators on TV network news identified. shows. "It is important that we not Prosecutors agree and argue Katie Holmes, the public loveTuesday, and police worked only bring the assailants to justhat Moussaoui's fervent belief birds dubbed TomKat by the through the night, plucking them one by one from the dan- Experts authenticate tice, but also that we lift the in his dream is consistent with media, "joyously welcomed the cloud of suspicion from those religious beliefs of Muslims arrival" of a baby girl Tuesday, gling cars and hoisting them Saddam's signature team members who were not especially fundamentalist onto a gondola. The rescue BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -involved in the assault," Nifong Muslims _ and is no more crazy effort ended around 5 a.m. Handwriting experts authentisaid. that Christians believing in the Wednesday. cated Saddam Hussein's signaLawyers for the two men bitResurrection. At least a dozen of those PREP AND A defense psychologist, IAA PLA 1% TEST stranded were school-age chil- tures on more documents relat- terly assailed the district attorADMISSIONS dren or babies. Police delivered ed to a crackdown on Shiites in ney for bringing the charges. Xavier Amador, acknowledged food, water and diapers to the the 1980s, the chief judge in his Other attorneys for Duke's in his testimony that widely trial said Wednesday. Among lacrosse players said the two held religious beliefs are difpassengers. The cause of the outage of the documents was apparently were not even present at the ferent than delusions, and that the Roosevelt Island Tramway an order approving death sen- time the rape is alleged to have many Muslims place imporoccurred. tance in dream interpretation. cars was not known, said Herb tences for 148 Shiites. Saddam and his seven coReade Seligmann, 20, of Berman, president of the agency FREE LAW FORUM that operates the system, which defendants were in the court- Essex Fells, N.J., and Collin Bush, after some changes, Learn about the law school admissions process. offer breathtaking views of the room in the latest session of the Finnerty, 19, of Garden City, vows more coming trial Wednesday, as chief judge N.Y., are accused of attacking city from up to 250 feet high. Get valuable test-taking tips and strategies. WASHINGTON (AP) -One of the tramcars had 46 Raouf Abdel-Rahman read a a stripper at a team party at Hear from experts at a panel discussion. an off-campus house on the Under pressure to revitalize his passengers plus an operator, the report by handwriting expe other had 21 passengers and an on two documents said to be night of March 13. They were administration, President Bush charged with first-degree rape, reshuffled his economic team operator, police said. Each car signed by Saddam. The experts confirmed the sexual offense and kidnapping can hold about 125 people. No signatures were those of the for- and were released on $400,000 injuries were reported. mer Iraqi leader, Abdel-Rahman bail each. Rumsfeld not considering said. The experts' report did not Moussaoui's mental resigning This event will be held at the give details on the documents, health debated in court International University of Oklahoma College of Law. WASHINGTON (AP) -- but one was dated June 16, Airline Tickets 1984. That is the same date of a ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) Vowing not to bow to calls for Don't miss it! Consolidator his ouster from several retired memo approving the death sen- - It is undisputed that Zacarias generals, Defense Secretary tences of the Shiites, presented Moussaoui believes President Call Us Today Space is limited! To register, visit us online at Donald H. Rumsfeld said their by prosecutors earlier in the Bush will free him from prison. six-month-old trial. But the two sides in Moussaoui's or call 1-800-KAP-TEST. grievances are a natural fallSaddam and his co-defendeath-penalty trial differ greatly vAvatoasiacom out from his push for dramatic dants are on trial for the deaths on whether that belief is a delu-

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April 20, 2006

Point/Counterpoint The race for the NBA's most valuable player award features the deepest pool of potential candidates in years. Vista editor in chief Matt Cauthron and sports writer Teddy Burch have differing opinions on whose mantel should be cleared for the extra hardware.

Matt Cauthron

Teddy Burch

Who deserves the NBA MVP award? D



soon (before the LeBron/Wade Era really heats up), Kobe too will be in danger of getting the shaft. But this time, unlike in Isiah's case, there would be no justification-no excuse. But let's back up for a second. Don't think I'm suggesting we just hand Kobe the trophy because history deserves for it to happen. I don't propose turning the MVP into a lifetime achievement award. Kobe has definitely had an MVP year. Not only does he lead the NBA in scoring, he'll be only the fifth player ever to average more than 35 points per game over a season. He has singlehandedly carried an absolutely atrocious Lakers team into the playoffs. And unlike the other front-runners, he's a reliable defender—a five-time NBA AllDefense selection, compared to a combined zero for Nash and LeBron. And let's not forget, the man scored 81 points in a game this season, the second-highest single-game total ever. Sure, a single game doesn't make an MVP, but it does prove one thing: Kobe is a once-in-alifetime kind of player. Others can't do what he does. He's the only guard since Jordan who can accurately be described as "completely unstoppable." Call me crazy, but I think a player like that deserves his rightful place in history. I think it's high time Kobe got his due.

by Matt Cauthron Editor in Chief

Every NBA fan has a unique set of criteria for determining the league's most valuable player. Some value statistics above all. Some say a team's record is most important. Many try to imagine what a team would be like without a certain player. These are all valid measuring sticks, and they've served the actual MVP voters well in the past. But at some point, in picking the MVP, voters should take a step back and survey the bigger picture. At some point, history must be considered. When a special player comes along, a player like no other before him, it's a phenomenon that must be recognized. The MVP award should be more than an individual honor; it should be a way to preserve and pass on the history of the league and its greatest players. If I were to rank the 10 best players since I was a kid, it would look something like this: Jordan, Magic, Bird, Isiah, Shaq, Hakeem, Duncan, Barkley, Kobe and Iverson. That's the list. Those are the 10 best basketball players I've ever seen. The only two of those without an MVP award are Isiah and Kobe. And if you think about it, the only reason Isiah never won is that he got unlucky. During his prime ('83-'92), here are the winners of the MVP, in order: Bird, Bird, Bird, Magic, Jordan, Magic, Magic, Jordan and Jordan. Poor Isiah, possibly the best pure point guard ever, the leader of a two-time championship team and winner of the NBA Finals MVP, shared his prime with the three best allaround perimeter players ever. Sadly, if the MVP voters don't do something about it

by Teddy Burch

Inside the numbers 2005 06 per-game averages -

Sports Writer

The NBA season is ending and some of you think there is still a race for the league MVP. This race was over long ago. It seems that most everyone has settled on Lebron James or Kobe Bryant. Respectful choices, each have contributed in big

Kobe Bryant: 35.4 points (1st in NBA), 5.3 rebounds, 4.5 assists Steve Nash: 10.4 assists (1st in NBA), 18.9 points, 4.1 rebounds


Who's the





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ways to the success of their teams. Both have had plenty of the limelight. One seems to be easy to pull for while the other seems to be quite easy to pull against. In days of big money, very little loyalty and a dress code, the NBA has an MVP, and he is a repeat from a season ago. Last year Steve Nash returned to the Suns were he was drafted No. 15 overall in 1996. He had an impressive year, led the Suns to a 60-15 season and won the MVP. This season the Suns are again going to win the Pacific Division in the Western Conference and Nash is the reason why. So why is Nash going to win the award again? Nash ranks number one in the NBA in assists per game at 10.4. He ranks number one in the league in free-throw percentage at .921. Nash is also ranked first in the NBA with 814 assists on the season. Consider this season versus last year's award-winning year. Nash has a higher field goal percentage (.510 to .502), he is causing more turnovers per game (3.5 to 3.3), he is averaging more defensive rebounds per game (3.6 to 2.6) and, most importantly, he is averaging 19 points per game to last year's 15.5. These are the highest averages in each category Nash has had in his career. The Phoenix Suns are playing better, and they could possibly be seeded second in the Western Conference Playoffs. Shawn Marion, Tim Thomas and Raja Bell are all enjoying the best seasons of their careers, due in large part to Nash's court awareness. He may not win the award and if he doesn't, this should be a crime. But then again, a little crime in the NBA isn't anything anybody is going to get too excited about.

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April 20, 2006

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BASEBALL from page 12



ECU's attempt at a rally was cut short when Neal was struck out looking on a Morgan pitch. "The hardest part about the second half of the season is to have plenty of healthy arms in the pitching rotation," Wendell said. "After this point in the season, bodies begin to break down and injuries can pile up. We have been fortunate to this point." „1?-/ In the second victory, Marcus Lara pitched a solid six and one-third innings allowing only eight hits and four runs. Lara, junior from Wichita, continued

a perfect winning percentage on the season and improved to 3-0 overall. The Bronchos were led by Sullivan's one-run, two-hit, and three-RBI performance. His homerun in the fourth inning sparked a four-run, six-hit inning which saw the Bronchos Open up a 5-2 lead. A three-run seventh inning gave the Bronchos an 8-2 lead that proved to be enough to win the game. The Tigers scored two runs in the bottom of the seventh, but Chris Elam pitched a zero-hit, zero-run two-thirds inning to close out the Tigers and record his first save on the season.

April 20, 2006 1 1

"Overall, we were pleased with the way we played," Simmons said. "We understand that the conference championship will be decided with the reihainder of our schedule." UCO has eight games remaining—all against LSC North Division opponents— starting with a three-game series against Southwestern April 2223 at home. The Bronchos then head on the road for two games against Northeastern and three games against Cameron.

Teddy Burch can be reached at .

WOMEN from page 12 son," Coatney said. "The whole team just started to play better together." Post-season play for the Bronchos is still undecided. Invitations have not been sent yet to the NCAA Division II South Central Regional set for May 1-2 in Muskogee. "All of the teams that are selected are by their statistics," Coatney said. "There is a lot of criteria that goes into the selection, so we are hopeful." Teddy Burch can be reached at .

MEN'S GOLF: UCO falls short in sudden death playoff in conference from page 12 A&M Commerce Invitational. Bowman finished the tournament with a total of 222. He shot even par the last two rounds but shot a six over par in round one. Finishing the tournament with a total of 227

by Vista photographer Travis Marak

Freshman and third baseman Alley Roberts fields a ground ball in the first game of a doubleheader against Midwestern State April 18 in Edmond.


UCO split a pair of games with Midwestern State April 18 in Edmond. UCO remains one game ahead of MSU and Southeastern Oklahoma going into the final two games April 22. The Bronchos need one win to clinch at least a share of the LSC North title and top seed for the conference tournament, which will be held April 27-29 in Irving, Texas. In the first game, sophomore Alli Blake went the distance, giving up just four hits and striking out six in UCO's 1-0 win. Junior Karmen Kauk scored the only run, a homerun in the fourth inning.

In the second game, UCO had a chance to win with the bases loaded and two outs in the seventh inning, down 7-9. Rachel Smith singled, pinch-hitter Katy Lundburg reached on a fielder's choice that didn't get Smith out and Campbell took first on an error to load the bases.

was Chance Tatum. The sophomore from Pawnee, Okla., birdied the 16th hole in the final round and finished the round with a total of 76. The Bronchos will now prepare for the NCAA Division II

South Central Regional. The regional tournament will be held May 1-3 in Duncan. UCO won the 2005 regional by three shots over St. Edward's and five shots over NSU. "This will be an interesting

field," Dayton said. "We are ranked first in our region, and we have something to play for." Teddy Burch can be reached at .

Sports briefs from the Associated Press DURHAM, N.C.—Two Duke University lacrosse players were arrested on charges of raping and kidnapping a stripper hired to dance at an off-campus party. The two players—both graduates of Northern prep schools —were promptly booked and released on bail. Reade Seligmann, 20, of Essex Fells, N.J., and Collin Finnerty, 19, of Garden City, N.Y., are accused of attacking a stripper at a team party at an off-campus house on the night of March 13. They were charged with first-degree rape, sexual offense and kidnapping and were released on $400,000 bail each. Other attorneys for Duke lacrosse players said the two were not even present at the time the rape is alleged to have occurred.

Former champion Guillermo Coria will face Paul-Henri Mathieu of France, who beat two-time Grand Slam champion Marat Safin. Fifth-seeded Nikolay Davydenko lost to Robin Soderling of Sweden and 1998 champion Carlos Moya lost to Fernando Gonzalez of Chile.

BASEBALL SAN FRANCISCO (AP)—The head athletic trainer for the San Francisco Giants was told to appear before a federal grand jury investigating whether Barry Bonds lied about his connection to the BALCO steroids scandal, a newspaper reported. Stan Conte, who is not related to Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative owner Victor Conte, was subpoenaed to appear in a San Francisco federal courtroom April 27, TENNIS MONTE CARLO, Monaco (AP)— the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Conte is scheduled to appear before the Rafael Nadal beat Arnaud Clement of France 6-4, 6-4 in the first round of the grand jury on the same day as Bonds' orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Arthur Ting. The grand Monte Carlo Masters. The second-ranked Nadal, seeking his jury subpoenaed Ting's medical records second title and 14th overall, will play No. related to Bonds a year ago, the Chronicle 154 Jean-Rene Lisnard of Monaco, who reported. NEW YORK - (AP)—Arizona defeated Andrew Murray of Britain 4-6, Diamondbacks minor league pitcher Angel 7-6 (5), 7-5.

Freshman Christin Dobbs hit a chopper to second base and was ruled out in a tight play at first to end the inning. The Bronchos were unable to stir up any more offense, and the MSU Mustangs held on 9-7.

Rocha was suspended for 100 games, the toughest penalty baseball has levied for a positive steroids test. Rocha was suspended for 15 games last June 6. Four players were suspended for 50 games each for testing positive: Los Angeles Angels pitcher Karl Jelinas, New York Mets pitcher Jorge Reyes, St. Louis outfielder Yonathan Sivira and San Diego pitcher Matthew Varner.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) —Gonzaga forward Adam Morrison is expected to forgo his senior year and declare for the NBA draft, according to numerous media reports. Morrison, a first-team All-America and the nation's leading scorer, has not commented on the reports, but has scheduled a press conference at Gonzaga for Wednesday afternoon. HOCKEY EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (AP) —President and general manager Dave Taylor was among those dismissed by the Los Angeles Kings during a major housecleaning. The moves came after the Kings stumbled down the stretch of the season and failed to make the playoffs for the third consecutive year. The entire coaching staff, including interim head coach John Torchetti, will not have their contracts renewed. Kevin Gilmore, assistant GM, and Bill O'Flaherty, director of player personnel, also were relieved of their duties. CYCLING MACON, Ga. (AP)—Denmark's Lars Michaelsen won the 129.8-mile first stage of the Tour de Georgia by 1 1/2-bike lengths over Fred Rodriguez. Michaelsen finished in 4 hours, 45 minutes, 46 seconds, nearly an hour better than the 5:47.52 that winner Robbie Hunter posted last year.

The Bronchos are 2411 on the year and 17-5 in LSC North games.


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NSU edges out UCO for first place

Women's golf takes third at conference by Teddy Burch Sports Writer

by Teddy Burch Sports Writer

The UCO men's golf team fell short of winning the Lone Star Conference Championship, losing in sudden death to Northeastern State April 1718 in Southlake, Texas. The Bronchos had won their four previous tournaments. Coming back from a fourshot deficit, the Bronchos forced the overtime when Blake Bowman, freshman from Pryor, Okla., made an eagle on the 18th hole and tied the two teams at 865. Cameron finished third with a two-day total of 866, and Texas A&M Commerce finished fourth with a final score of 892. Todd Dayton, senior from Lawton, won the individual championship in a single-hole playoff with Cameron's Owen Mahaffey. Dayton has finished in the top five in seven of the nine tournaments this year. He completed the conference tournament with a total of 211. "This was tough, at the time I didn't really care about winning the individual award," Dayton said. "I felt bad for the team since I know we played good enough to win." Mitch Boles, sophomore from Marlow, Okla., and transfer from UT-Arlington, finished the 54-hole tournament tied for

Photo Services

Senior Todd Dayton eyes his shot at the UCO-KickingBird Classic March 28 in Edmond. Dayton took home the individual title at the LSC Championship April 18 in Southlake, Texas, after winning a single-hole playoff with Cameron's Owen Mahaffey. fourth with a two-day total of 215. His three-round scores were 75, 71 and 69. Boles has finished in the top 10 in five consecutive tournaments. "For the most part, I was pleased with my performance," Boles said. "I played the first round a little sloppy and if that gets corrected, this team will get better."

See MEN'S GOLF, page 11

UCO Men's Golf Scores, April 17-18 LSC Championships Player



74-68-69-211 75-71-69-215 74-67-77-218 78-72-72-222 78-73-76-227

BASEBALL Sunday, April 23

2 p.m.

2 p.m. vs. Southwestern Okla. vs. Southwestern Okla. (doubleheader) (final home game of season)



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April 17- 1 8 LSC Championships Player Scores

KELLEY 76-75-151 81-76-157 MILLER

84-86-170 KIRK 88-83-171 SPENCER 101-96-197 HENRY

fall. She finished second at the Tarleton State Classic after she shot a season low of 71 on the final day of the tournament Katie Henry, freshman from Edmond, shot a final round of 96 and a tournament total of 197. "We really started playing well towards the end of the sea-

See WOMEN page 11

The UCO baseball team improved to 30-14 and 12-3 in Lone Star Conference play by winning two out of three April 14-15 against East Central. With the two wins, the Bronchos remain one game ahead of Cameron in LSC North Division standings. "We played good enough to win all three games," head coach Wendell Simmons said. "The game we lost was tied late in the game, but we just couldn't get the outs we needed." In the 4-3 loss, Bronchos pitcher Nathan Nance pitched seven innings and only allowed three runs. Cameron Kamer pitched the final one-third innings and gave up the save with a single hit by Jay Neal, who batted home the game-winning RBI. The loss drops Karner's record to 4-2. Miguel Moctezuma, freshman from Edmond, led the Bronchos with two runs, two hits and two RBIs in the one-run loss. "Our first goal is to win the series," Moctezuma said. "When we have runners in scoring position, we have to be able to come up with the hits." In the first of the two wins, the two teams combined for 35 hits and 23 runs, and the Bronchos won a high-scoring game 13-10. by Vista photographer Travis Marak The Bronchos had five pitchers play in the game, as did the Tigers. The win was awarded to Jeff Morgan while Pitcher Brett Case, junior, is taken out in the second inning by head Kamer was given the save. Morgan's overall record on the coach Wendell Simmons after giving up four earned runs April 12 against season improves to 4-2. The game started fast for the Bronchos. They jumped Cameron in Edmond. out to a quick 6-0 lead in the top of the first inning. With the score 2-0, Brett Case connected with an Aaron Iker In the fifth inning, the Bronchos got more scoring as Brandon pitch and hit a homerun over centerfield that scored three RBIs. The Bronchos added another run with a Tim Sullivan single Bacon hit a homerun over the left field wall and scored two more runs. Bacon, senior from Tulsa, earned first-team All-LSC North down the left side. Division honors last season after ending with a .339 average, which included 14 homeruns and 61 RBIs. A big eighth inning that included four runs on five hits put the game out of reach for the Tigers.


420 S. Bryant

UCO Women's Golf Scores,

by Teddy Burch Sports Writer


Saturday, April 22

Matt Ellis, junior from Ponca City, finished tied for ninth with opening rounds of 74 and 67, but a final round of 77 prevented him from finishing any higher. Ellis has finished in the top 12 in each of the last three tournaments, including a second-place finish at the Texas

The UCO women's golf team finished third in the Lone Star Conference Championship April 17-18 at the Trophy Club Country Club in Southlake, Texas. The Bronchos came up short in their bid to win their third conference tournament in a row. "We did OK," head coach Patty Coatney said. "We had some injuries that were tough to overcome, and Northeastern just had a big lead, and we were unable to catch them." . Northeastern State won both the men's and the women's conference championships this season with Tarleton State fmishing second. NSU shot a 621 while TSU shot a 635. The Bronchos finished with a final of 649. Texas A&M Commerce was fourth at 673, followed by Southwestern Oklahoma at 677, Cameron at 678 and West Texas A&M 680. Ashley Kelly, senior from Edmond, shot a final round of 75 to finish third in the tournament with a total of 151. Ashley Miller, junior from Greeley, Colo., and transfer from Texas State, had a season low of 76 and was ninth at 157. "We would have loved to win this tournament, but we are happy with third," Kelly said. Kelly was selected Lone Star Conference Women's Golfer of the Year April 15 for the second straight season.

"I am honored to win this award," Kelly said. "It says a lot about the school and the golf program." Kelly won the award as a freshman and as a sophomore at TSU as a member of the Southland Conference. The Bronchos also got a final round of 83 from Jenna Spencer. The freshman from Edmond finished the tournament with a total of 171. Spencer has placed in the top 20 in three tournaments this year. Emily Kirk, sophomore from Edmond, shot a final round of 86 and had a two-round total of 170. Kirk placed in the top 20 in all five tournaments this

UCO splits pair of games with ECU



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See BASEBALL, page 11

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