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April 19, 2007

UCO students and faculty create banner for Virginia Tech

bâ– Vista photographer Laehyung Lee

UCO students, staff members and professors express their concerns on a banner made by Division of Student Affairs for the Virginia Tech tragedy April 18 at Old North. The banner will be sent to Virginia Tech next week in honor of the victims and their families. Please see story on page 3.

Oklahoma City remembers federal building bombing

by Vista photographer Alex Gambill

Candidates for UCOSA vice president Cyndi Munson (left) and Nate Burke debate on April 16.

Candidates hold official debate by Abha Eli Phoboo Staff Writer

The candidates running for president and vice president of UCO Student Association had their official debate April 16 at the Constitution Hall in the Nigh University Center. The debate gave the candidtes the opportunity to explain their platforms and show commitment toward UCO Student Body. The vice presidential candidates are Cyndi Munson and Nate Burke. Presidential candidates are Jason Hines, Daniel Durning, Teara Flagg and Dane Olson. The voting period is April 18 and April 19. As current speaker of the UCOSA House of Representatives, Munson's vision is "Building relationships to create change." "'Where there is no vision, the people will perish.' If you don't know where I'm going, how can I have a following," said Munson quoting Proverbs 29:18. She emphasized the need to build relationships with UCO students, the city of Edmond, and the state of Oklahoma. Her goal is to create a student lobbying task force that will visit the capitol regularly to fight for more funding and recognition from the state toward UCO. Burke's platform is "Growing from Within." It is important to recognize that if we want to grow and impact our community where we were accepted and have good relations as well as grow as a university with our vision and goals, we must begin within, said Burke. "I'm

here to listen, to help you," he added. His goal is to increase funding for student organizations, help the student voice be heard on campus and improve UCO/Edmond partnership. The candidates for UCOSA president then took the stage to debate. Jason Hines, current president pro tempore of the UCOSA senate, reinstated his commitment to have short term and long term goals. "My short-term goal is to have a 24 hour library by next year. My long-term goal is to build relationships with Edmond," said Hines. His plan to increase Edmond/UCO relationship is by getting UCO more involved in Edmond's activities through a monthly volunteer service program. "We need to be doing something for Edmond and not just expecting them to support us," he added. Hines stated his participation in the state legislature and direct involvement in lobbying for UCO. Daniel Durning of Envoys is running as candidate with the platform: money, safety and equality. Having been a part of the UCOSA Appropriations Committee, Danny said it is important to know that the money is spent wisely. "My motto is it takes someone different to make a difference. I would be representative of UCO student because I know how students feel and can translate that to the administration. The friendships I have with UCO students and relationships that I've established has helped me understand other

Watch News Central Channel 6 @ 5 p.m.

people better," said Durning. Teara Flagg, current vice president of UCOSA, and the only female candidate in the elections this year emphasized her passion and commitment for UCO through the activities and offices she has held. "The minute I stepped on this campus, I knew this was the place for me," said Flagg, whose goals are to create tradition and have a presidential residential in order to get more faculty involved. Bridging the gap is something that can be done through monthly meetings in order for the university administration to understand what students really want, said Flagg. "I know what it takes to get things done and am a true leader," she added. Dane Olson, who has worked with Old Blue Crew, said he would work on campus pride, to encourage UCO students to be more excited about the campus and to support athletics. "I will work on creating separation with OU, OSU, and making UCO a leadership university for students of any major," he said. According to Olson, publicity is key in putting UCO in a tier by itself. It is important to work on a statewide level and to lobby for the university, to focus on what we have and to use them, said Olson. "Look at the great things we have. Take the people that really want to be involved. The biggest thing is to create the difference," he said. To vote, log on to UCONNECT.

Abha Eli Phoboo can be reached at

AP Photo By David Longstreath

The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building following an explosion in this April 19, 1995 file photo, in downtown Oklahoma City. One hundred sixty-eight people died as a result of the explosion. Timothy McVeigh was convicted Monday June 2, 1997, of blowing up the building. by Aaron Wright Staff Writer

On April 19, 1995, a tragedy occurred in the heartland. Most of the students on this campus are too young to really remember the day of the attack, being in first through third grade when the tragedy occurred. Twelve years later, though, the impact is still felt across the state. Oklahomans and Americans, in general, responded with sympathy and support after homemade explosives, located in a van parked outside the Alfred P. Murrah Building, were detonated at 9:02 a.m. Five hundred people were injured and 168 died. Within the first hour of recovery, 139 people were transported to area hospitals, according to EMS reports.

Among the dead were 19 children. The photograph of firefighter Chris Fields holding baby Bailey Almon served as a symbol of the loss experienced by many that day. It also served as a symbol of the compassion that Oklahomans showed in response to hatred. "In fact, throughout the rescue effort, the large outpouring of citizen and agency volunteers astonished veteran rescue workers," a report from the U.S. Department of Justice stated. Memorials littered the area surrounding the bombing site within days of the event. President Clinton, within an hour and a half after the bombing, signed an emergency declaration. "The bombing in Oklahoma City was an attack on innocent children and defense-

less citizens," said the president. "It was an attack of cowardice, and it was evil." Timothy McVeigh, a 33year-old war veteran, was the man responsible for the bombings. McVeigh, born in 1968 in Pendleton, NY. He enlisted in the U.S. Army 20 years later, where he served as an active gunner in the Gulf War. After the war, he wanted to join Special Services, but was deemed unfit. He then returned to Pendleton to live with his father, according to a BBC news special. In spring of 1993, McVeigh was visiting Waco, Texas, when federal forces surrounded the compound ofthe Branch Davidian sect, a religious sect originating in 1955. In their 51-day

see OKC, page 5

"The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself" THU. 78/57 - Mark Twain

FRI. 79/57



April 19, 2007

THEVISTA Editorial


Teddy Burch, Editor in Chief Steven Reckinger, Copy Editor Ivo Lupov, Afanaging Editor

Alex Gambill, Photographer Travis Marak, Photographer Lae Hyung Lee, Photographer



Nathan Winfrey, Senior Staff Writer Andrew Knittle, Staff Writer Lyndsay Gilum, Staff Writer Aaron Wright. Stuff Writer Abha Eli Phoboo, Staff Writer


Megan Pierce, Ad Director Aaron Pettijohn, Ad Designer

Cartoons/Illustrations Zachary Burch


Justin Langston, Sports Writer Jeff Massie, Sports Writer

Danyel Siler

Adviser Mark Zimmerman

The Vista is published as a newspaper and public forum by UCO students, semi-weekly during the academic year except exam and holiday periods, and on Thursdays only during summer, at the University of Central Oklahoma, 100 N. University Dr., Edmond, OK 73034. Telephone: (405) 974-5549. The issue price is free for the first copy and $1 for each additional copy obtained.

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Cartoon by Zachary Burch

What triggers the April violence? Many looked at this event with stares of shock, but honestly, what's to be It seems this week in shocked about? It seems April is also a week where like just yesterday we were psychotic men love to test all in this same situation. out their recently purchased The sites of prior schools weapons. Possibly if states shootings continue to stay in America gave manda- etched in our memories. All tory psychiatric evalua- a symbolic shortcoming for tions to people wishing to the violence and evil that purchase firearms it may none of us can comprehend. Whenever something curb some of the gun violence. Hitler's birthday, the like this happens, everyBranch Davidians Waco one wants to know why. incident, the Oklahoma The killer's background City bombing and now this is probed and information recent shooting at Virginia comes flooding to the foreTech will continually make front of the case. Excuses this week in the future such as, this one was buldoomed for disaster in lied, that one was on drugs, some sort of mystical sense etc. Generalizations are made about our culture and that we are to blame. It's almost impossible to 2 know why a specific killer acted the way he did, so Tough questions are shouldn't we rather start starting to be asked about focusing on this awful event what we can all learn from and declare a national day the worst shooting in the of mourning and reflection United States history. The on the violence and evil murder and mayhem at in this country? We all Virginia Tech, where police need to spark a national officers stormed build- debate on who Americans ings, medics carried away are as a whole and who the wounded and the dead we would like to be. We also need to start and dazed students walked the campus with shock. thinking about what we can



do to change. How can we as a nation become less violent and if we can, is it possible? . 1 truly believe that we as Americans have the potential for transformation, but when evil strikes, I start to doubt myself. The Virginia Tech massacre is definitely a tragic and horrific ordeal. That is why I believe we need to shed light on the larger picture of violence that surrounds us. We need to go beyond this tragic event so that we can be able to see it in a broader national context.

Opinion 3 What is it about April that seems to cause violence? Waco, Columbine, the Murrah Building bombing and now the Virginia Tech massacre all occurred in April, close to the same day, too. What causes this violence? I personally like to think of April as a good month. I was born in it, as was my father. We get great weather and some really cool thunderstorms sometimes and early morning soccer games

are no longer too cold to stand. However, there's always the looming shadow that some. of America's greatest acts of domestic terrorism and violence have occurred in this month. Some people think it's because of Hitler's birthday is on April 20. There might be a bit of truth to this. Reportedly, McVeigh and the Columbine shooters had apparently revered Hitler and wanted their attacks to be some kind of tribute to him. However, this is merely speculation. I don't necessarily think that the month itself is what causes the violence. I just think that April is the breaking point for too many people. Stress seems to mount up right around the middle of April. There are finals to be studied for, projects that need to be completed, graduation expectations, AP tests, proms, work that's expected to be completed before summer, etc. The list goes on. It seems that April is more of a nexus of stress than any other month. Even December, with its Christmas rush and semester finals never seem to be quite on the same level.

Personally, I think that stress builds up so much at this point, that some of the more unstable people just can't take it anymore. April is the breaking point and this is when they snap. Many of these acts of violence have come from desperate men who truly wanted to be rid of some kind of pain, be it real or imagined. With all the things piled onto them at a single point, the stress probably builds too high and crushes them. I think that these attacks are out of desperation almost as much as they are out of hatred. I don't want to seem like I'm rationalizing these people's crimes. I don't even want to attempt to explain them, either. It's just; people seem to ask "why April?" I think a look at some people's schedules might give some insight into why.

your vegetable plants in the garden. It is a time of spring to life and putting away the winter coat and living life outdoors again. Unfortunately, since David Koresh and the Branch Dividians of Waco, Texas in April 1993, this month has been showered with violence. Maybe there is a link between April and these acts of violence, and perhaps there is not, however one thing is apparent. Events such as Waco, Oklahoma City, Columbine and Virginia Tech are becoming more common. Which brings up an obvious question, why? Why is this happening in the land of the free and the home of the brave? What is the drive behind these brutal acts? One thing is for sure, there is violent nature in American society that is brimming over the rim, and this doesn't exist in other "well established" countries.

Opinion 4 The third week of April should be celebrated with the changing of the seasons, the April showers bringing May flowers and putting

CAMPUS QUOTES: Compiled and photographed by Alex Gambill and Aaron Wright

"Do you remember where you were when the OKC bombing happened?" "I was in the 3rd grade, probably doing cursive practice."

"I was at my neighborhood friend's house."

"I was in, the 1st grade. I was in Edmond and it shook the whole school."

"1 was in my art class, sophomore year of high school."

Chris Porter

Becca Phares

Public Relations


Sarah Chukwuma

Jennifer Yeaman


Campus Marketing director

NEWS April 19, 2007

Japanese Knight entertains Virginia Tech's aftermath reveals further details in tragic shooting by Andrew Knittle •Staff Writer In the days following the deadliest shootings in U.S. history at the Virginia Tech campus, new details in the case, stories of horror from witnesses who survived the attacks, and tales of overreaction have all come to the forefront. At UCO, there have been no mass evacuations or any other hysterics associated with posttragedy paranoia. That's not to say the massacre — and those who were killed or survived it — are far from the minds of students here in Edmond. In fact, a wall-sized banner has been set up in the Nigh University Center by the Student Life Office for UCO students to write messages of support and condolences for their counterparts in Blacksburg, Va. Seth Rine, a senior finance major, said he signed the wall to make himself feel better, as well as for those who may read his 'message hundreds of miles away in Virginia. "I don't know if anybody will actually read what I wrote, but it makes me happy to know I did what I could for them [VT students]," Rine said. "Hopefully, someone will read it, though, and maybe it'll make them happy to know someone all the way in Oklahoma is thinking about them." The Division of Student Affairs and the Student Life Office will also be holding a campus panel discussion April 19 in Constitution Hall to highlight services offered to students, faculty and staff following events like the VT shootings. The discussion will run from 10 a.m. to 11:30

a.m., with a question and been relayed to the media answer segment to follow. regarding the shootings. The lone gunman, 23-yearElsewhere in Oklahoma, a state that's no stranger to old Cho Seung-Hui, apparently tragic events, some universi- used two handguns to carry out ties are getting a little skittish the April 16 attacks at two sepin the wake of the massacre. arate locations, officials said. According to police, SeungNorthwestern Oklahoma State University, located in Alva, Hui was found dead of a selfOkla., will begin locking all res- inflicted gunshot wound to the idence hall doors, all the time, head, his body lying among sevspokesman Steve Valencia said. eral of his victims in a classroom. One of Seung-Hui's profes"At NOSU we're well aware we're not immune, sors, poet Nikki Giovanni, said even though we live in a she had problems with the killer safe area," Valencia said. before he went on his rampage Even the University of and cited his "twisted" writOklahoma, the state's larg- ings and "intimidating" classest school, wasn't immune room behavior as early indifrom post-massacre jitters. cators of his violent potential. "It was not bad poetAccording to OU's website, the entire university was locked ry. It was intimidating," down April 17 for about 20 min- Giovanni told CNN April 17. "I know we're talking utes after a student told school authorities she saw a man carry- about a youngster, but troubled ing something suspicious across youngsters get drunk and jump the campus Tuesday morning. off buildings," she said. "There David Boren, OU's presi- was something mean about dent, said his school is ready this boy. It was the meanness if a situation similar to the I've taught troubled youngsters VT shootings were to unfold and crazy people - it was the at the Norman campus. meanness that bothered me." Giovanni also told CNN "We have really good plans," Boren said. "Particularly after Seung-Hui was kicked out of the [Joel Hinrichs] suicide, her class after his odd behavior we have stepped up our com- began to affect other students. As of April 18, the death toll munication with [our law enforcement] so that if they of the VT shootings stands at 33, [identify] anybody who might including the shooter. Dozens pose a threat, they notify us." of other victims were wounded In Austin, St. Edwards and taken to local hospitals. President • Bush attendUniversity was evacuated April 17 after authorities found a ed a memorial April 17 at threatening note in a bathroom. VT and expressed his perAll of the day's classes sonal condolences as thouwere cancelled, but school sands gathered at the school officials said business resumed to pay tribute to the victims. as usual April 18 after a police search turned up no Viable threat to students. Since The Vista's last Andrew Knittle can be reached at issue, several new facts have .


by Vista photographer Alex Gambill

Yusuke Nishiyama of The Dull Jays performs "I Fought the Law" during Japanese Knight April 13 in Constitution Hall.

by Abha Eli Phoboo Staff Writer Japanese Knight, the annual cultural event organized by UCO Japanese Student Association on April 13 at Constitution Hall, set a new standard in terms of teamwork, lights and sound techniques, programs and presentation. The theme for Japanese Knight this year was 'Battle of Spirits.' The participants were divided into two teams: Red and White. The cultural event was fashioned after a contest, where the teams were pitted against each other. Outside the hall hours before the show, a long line of people was waiting to buy tickets. The foyer had been made into an

exhibition area where origami creations, board for souvenir photo shots, hanging scroll and a WISH table had been set up. The evening commenced with Kenbu, or sword fight, as the opening act. The Masters of Ceremonies Yuko Miyata and Naotoshi Ichimura did an excellent job with keeping humor and engaging the audience's attention while building the tension between the two teams. Dances ranging from modern to traditional were showcased but Rendezvous, the Japanese break dance group, stole the show with a new routine using characters that could have been straight out of children's books. Rock SoRan — Bushi, a modern fisherman's dance of

Hokaido, made use of lights and sounds to portray the strength of wind and high waves. The choreography together with the costumes and style made the performance really powerful. The Karate demonstration was presented as a mime to show situations where selfdefense could come in handy, before a few wood planks and bats were broken. The Dull Jays was all right but the A Capella group took the cake. Singing "Love, love, love" and "The only one" in Japanese, the singers enthralled the crowd. They also asked the audience to join them in singing "Happy Birthday" to one of their group members and two people in the audience. The Japanese Taiko drum group had its act refurbished and came with new costumes, a new style and a new routine. The drummers, who won the first prize in the International Festival last semester, outdid themselves. The fashion show concept had a new take as the choreography was designed to reflect the summer festivals with snippets of stories that came together at the end. Characters dressed in different summer clothing walked, ran and acted to show that the clothes were a part of the 'festivities. A projection screen at one side of the stage set the mood with the background noise of the festival. The virtual fireworks display and correspondent in various places in Japan added to the entertainment. Also, a demon character from Japanese legend at the end created a great distraction while the stage was being set. The space management and use in terms of audience interaction was cleverly done. Each program book had a yen taped to the back cover. The audience was asked to use the yen to vote for Red or White team according to their impressions. The yens were counted. Team Red won 15 — 13. Abha Eli Phoboo can be reached at .

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NEWS April 19, 2007



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NEWS April 19, 2007


Designers share their ideas

Photo by Cynthia Mitchell

Members of Sigma Tau Gamma, Pi Kappa Alphas, Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity and Alpha Xi Delta sorority celebrate after their team wins Greek Week.

Greek Week ends in competition by Jeff Massie

Staff Writer

Photo Provided

"Raleigh's Page" is an original illustration by Stillwater illustrator Time Jessel, which will be used on the cover of a children's book coming out in September. Jessel will be among the featured speakers at "Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk: Four Designers Share their Professional Journeys" at 12:30 p.m., April 19. by Lyndsay Gillum

Staff Writer

"Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk: Four Designers Share their Professional Journeys," a public lecture held by UCO's Department of Design, takes place 12:30 p.m. April 19 in the Troy Smith Lecture Hall in the Business Building. Speakers for this event include illustrator Tim Jessell of Stillwater, who works alongside Texaco, Nike and AT&T; graphic designer Frank Grubich, Executive Creative Director for Maddock Douglas, Inc.; interior designer Julie Wyatt, an American Society of Interior Designers fellow;

and architect Farooq Karim, who acted as project designer on Gaylord Hall in Norman. A 20-minute audio-visual arrangement of each speaker's work will be given. The presentations will represent their journey towards becoming a professional designer. They also will show samples of their work, share stories and experiences and give tips and advice for new and hopeful designers. "This event is a great opportunity for students to hear from successful designers on what it takes to become a part of the business," said UCO Assistant Design professor - Ruki Ravikumar. Following the lectures, there

will be a moderated panel discussion, which includes a public debate of issues related to design by groups of experts or other concerned people at the lecture. "Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk: Four Designers Share their Professional Journeys" is free and open to the public. This event is followed by UCO's 2007 Spring Graphic Design Seniors Show titled, "Our Design Can...," at 6 p.m. on April 26 at the City Arts Center. For more information, contact Ravikumar at 974-5210 or . Lyndsay Gillum can be reached at .



Last Friday, a week full of games, competitions and charitable acts came to an end. The week known as Greek Week was "so hot," and it featured UCO's fraternities and sororities. The theme for the week was "being Greek is so hot right now," and the four teams all based their skits and songs around that idea. One team went with "Sigma News" as its theme. Another used "Greektube," a play on words of the popular "Youtube." Team 3 changed the meaning of UCO to "The University of Celebrities in Oklahoma," while Team 4 went with "How Britney stole Greek Week," an idea poking fun at how crazy Britney Spears has gotten recently. "Greek Week overall was a huge success," Greek life coordinator Jessica Schmidt said. "Everyone got involved and gave 110 percent." The week started the morning of Monday, April 9 with an "Amazing Race" themed scavenger hunt. It sent teams running around campus searching, for all the items on their list. This event was won by Team 1, which was comprised of Kappa Sigma fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma fraternity, Sigma Kappa sorority and Sigma Lambda Gamma sorority. Team 1 jumped out to a quick lead after taking home the gold in the scavenger hunt. Teams submitted both a day and a night rosters for the week events. The first night competition of the festivities was a Greek/UCO quiz game. Team 3 — Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, and Alpha Xi Delta sorority — answered the most questions

correctly and came away with the win. The victory vaulted Team 3 to the overall lead. With Tuesday came the start of the Order of Omega penny wars. This was a moneyraising contest with a twist. Teams got points for all the pennies they raised and any other money donated would take points away. This created competition as teams would donate quarters, dimes, nickels and bills to other teams to take away their points. A nickel removed five points, a dime ten and so on. The funds benefited the American Hear Association and $3,895.59 was raised over the three-day period. The day rosters competed in a sculpture building contest using canned food donated from their teams. The sculptures included a replica Broncho, a giant Tabasco Sauce bottle, a skillet, and what can best be described as food arranged to say "hot." An estimated 1,000 cans were donated. Team 1 's Broncho was voted the winning sculpture. The second biggest challenge took place Tuesday night, the step show. All the teams began preparing to stomp the yard weeks in advance of the showdown. Team 4 served the competition. Acacia fraternity, Alpha Gamma Delta and Delta Sigma Theta sororities made up Team 4. A second place finish by Team 1 was enough to lift them to first place overall, followed by the step show champions, Team 3 and Team 2. Team 2 consisted of Sigma Nu fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, Omega Psi Phi fraternity, and the ladies of Delta Zeta and Alpha Kappa Alpha. A two-day blood drive began on Wednesday, and 200 people donated blood. Voting for Greek god and goddess also began, and it would last through Thursday.


"Based on the contributions that Greeks gave alone, you can tell how amazing the Greek system is," Schmidt said. That evening, a speaker came and talked about how important it is for people to "buy in or get out" of the Greek system. He preached on the importance of fraternity and sorority members and what should be done so that people see the campus involvement, community service, philanthropy and other worthy causes that have Greeks as the driving force. He also touched on that despite all the accomplishments, the public focuses more on the screwups in the community that give others a bad stereotype. Thursday ended the penny wars, the blood drive and the voting. Team 3 won both the penny wars and the blood drive and retook the top spot overall. Logan Reynolds of Pi Kappa Alpha was elected as the Greek god and Alpha Gamma Delta's Bonnie Green won Greek Goddess. "It's flattering to know that the Greek community feels like I'm a good representative for Greeks as a whole," Reynolds said. All of the events culminated on Friday night with the week's most prestigious event, Spring Sing. Spring Sing can best be described as mini-musicals where the four teams come up with the songs, dances and skits to entertain the audience. This is where the teams' themes come into play. Practice for this event can go on for well over a month and the audience is almost always guaranteed a good show. Team 3 — Pike, Sig Tau, Alpha Phi Alpha and Alpha Xi — came away with the Spring Sing win, and the points carried them to a Greek Week championship. Jeff Massie can be reached at .

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April 19, 2007


What Nathan Thinks by Nathan Winfrey

Geese, sewer cats revealed as sources People often ask me how I come up with ideas for my columns, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to let you guys in on a secret. The truth is I've had help from a variety of sources, some of which may surprise you. First of all, there's no better source for scandalous information at UCO than the geese who hang around Broncho Lake. Especially that gossipmonger Terry (he's the brown one with two wings and a long neck). For a small fee of gourmet worms, Terry has been one of my most trusted informants on campus since I started writing these columns in January. If you've ever seen me on all fours, nodding eagerly and scribbling notes as a goose sticks its beak in my ear, consider this your explanation and please stop avoiding eye contact with me when I pass you in the hallway. The geese see all and hear all, so be careful what you mutter on your cell phones as you walk past them. Buddy Broncho is a contract assassin working for the Mexican government. His trademark attack, "Flurry of a Thousand Hooves," is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the deadliest move in equestrian kung fu. All the underwater scenes for "Finding Nemo" were filmed in the Hamilton Field House swimming pool. There's a secret parking garage a mile under the Business Building for favored students who pay $1,000 a year for permits. A professor in the biology department successfully

cloned a stegosaurus from DNA scraped from a "Jurassic Park" ticket stub. The Old Blue Crew is actually a front for a secret society founded by Christopher Walken in 1889, shortly after President Webb sailed to the New World and claimed this land for UCO. These facts are all common knowledge now, but not before my little geese informants tipped me off. Of course there are other ways for me to get information. I like to hide in trash cans with a tape recorder and a small flashlight that I use to make shadow puppets when I get bored. You'd be surprised what people tell their garbage seconds before it's thrown away—how many deep, dark secrets have been ner-


vously confided to an empty Gatorade bottle or a ketchup-covered napkin. And I'm there to write it all down. You'd also be surprised how many incriminating things people throw away. For example, Bronchy the Broncho Lake Monster frequently uses the

trash bins closest to his watery home to dispose of his failed attempts at poetry. I find soggy, wadded-up scraps of paper almost daily with corny, cliche-ridden free verse scrawled across them in Bronchy's handwriting. They usually have to do with eating kids that walk too close to the water, or h o w lonely his is being the only aquatic monster at UCO. In the months since I blew the

1id off the sewer cat conspiracy with my shocking expose, I've not only befriended the smelly, subterranean felines, but have become a trusted member of their society. It seems the mythological cats who've built a home for themselves in the sewers that crisscross beneath the campus have been yearning for discovery for some time, and they now feel like they can visit the surface to scavenge for rotten fruit and

moldy bread with dignity. Please don't be afraid of them. They stink in aroma only; their souls are as freshsmelling as regular cats, perhaps better. If one approaches you, don't cringe in horror. That stench isn't gross or scary, it's the scent of their homeland—an important part of their culture. That spotted banana peel stuck to its head isn't garbage, it's a hat. That matted fur isn't ugly, it's the latest style. To repay me for making sewer cats more acceptable, their leader, Mr. Snickerfritz, has allowed me complete access to their extensive files, which contain a wealth of information on everyone and everything on campus, including the deepest, darkest secrets of UCO. For those of you still wondering, yes, one of the candidates for student body president is a solar-powered cyborg from the future. But I don't want to say which one because I don't want it to affect your voting. Ballots should be cast based on the credentials and hotness quotient of the candidates, not their ability to travel through time, shoot laser beams from their eyes and lift a car with one arm. And the number one way I come up with ideas for my columns is to simply lock myself in my room with a can of Red Bull and make crap up. It's surprising how fun and easy journalism can be when you pull your information out of thin air.

Library week April 15-21

OKC from page 1 siege, 82 members were killed. McVeigh was captured by police 90 minutes after the bombing for driving with license plates. He was detained for firearms charges. Prior to his release, he was identified and charged with the bombing. On Aug. 10, 1995, a grand jury indicted McVeigh on the charges. In February of the next year, a judge rules the trial be moved to Denver, Colo., due to the negative media coverage of McVeigh in Oklahoma. On June 2, McVeigh was convicted on 11 counts after a four-day jury decision.

He was sentenced to death by lethal injection and executed on June 11, 2001 in Indiana. On April 19, 2000, President Clinton flew to Oklahoma to appear at the opening of the Oklahoma City National Memorial with included 168 for each victim in the Field of Empty Chairs. A reflecting pool and an elm tree, called the Survivor Tree, were also part of the site. Aaron Wright can be reached at awright@thevistaonline.corn.


Today's Highlight in History:

In 2005, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany was elected pope in the first conclave of the new millennium; he took the name Benedict XVI.

On April 19, 1775, the American Revolutionary War began with the battles of Lexington and Concord.

Ten years ago: More than 50,000 residents abandoned Grand Forks,N.D., as the rising Red River overran sandbags.

On this date:

Five years ago: The U.N. Security Council gave unanimous support to sending a U.N. fact-finding team to the Jenin refugee camp to determine what happened during Israel's military assault. The space shuttle Atlantis returned to Earth after installing the first girder for a giant framework at the international space station.

Today is Thursday, April 19, the 109th day of 2007. There are 256 days left in the year.

Come together @ your library: celebrate National Library Week at UCO's Max Chambers Library, April 15-21 It's National Library Week – a time to celebrate the contributions of libraries, librarians and library workers in schools, campuses and communities nationwide – and the perfect time for our community to come together @ your library. The Chambers Library is celebrating National Library Week by having the 6th Annual Friends of the Library book sale April 20th presale for members only (you may become a member at that time), April 21 – 22, the book sale is open to the public 12:00 – 8:00 pm. Friends of the Library is sponsoring a book collecting contest open to all students, staff, and faculty. The Calvert Collection reception will be April 18 at 3:00 p.m. First sponsored in 1958, National Library Week is a

national observance sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries across the country each April. For more information, see the library's website at

In 1897, the first Boston Marathon was held; winner John J. McDermott ran the course in 2:55:10. In 1933, the United States went off the gold standard. In 1943, during World War II, tens of thousands of Jews living in the Warsaw Ghetto began a valiant but futile battle against Nazi forces.

In 1951, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, relieved of his Far East command by President Truman, bid farewell in an address to Congress in which he quoted a line from a ballad: "Old soldiers never die; they just fade away." In 1975, India launched its first satellite atop a Soviet rocket.

One year ago: White House political mastermind Karl Rove surrendered his role as chief policy coordinator and press secretary Scott McClellan resigned in an escalation of a Bush administration shake-up. The U.S. government released a previously secret list of the names and nationalities of 558 people held at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

In 1993, the 51-day siege at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas, ended as fire destroyed the structure after federal agents began smashing their way in; dozens of people, including David Koresh, were killed.

Today's Birthdays: Actor Hugh O'Brian is 82. Actress Elinor Donahue is 70. Actor Tim Curry is 61. Pop singer Mark "Flo" Volman (The Turtles; Flo and Eddie) is 60. Tennis player Sue Barker is 51. Recording executive Suge Knight is 42. Singersongwriter Dar Williams is 40. Actress Ashley Judd is 39. Singer Bekka Bramlett is 39. Latin pop singer Luis Miguel is 37. Actor James Franco is 29. Actress Kate Hudson is 28. Actor Hayden Christensen is 26. Actress Catalina Sandino Moreno is 26. Actor Courtland Mead is 20.

In 1995, a truck bomb destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people. (Timothy McVeigh was later convicted of federal murder charges and executed.)

Thought for Today: "Never one thing and seldom one person can make for a success. It takes a number of them merging into one perfect whole." _ Marie Dressler, Canadian actress (1869-1934).

In 1982, astronauts Sally K. Ride and Guion S. Bluford Jr. became the first woman and first black to be tapped for U.S. space missions. In 1989, 47 sailors were killed when a gun turret exploded aboard the USS Iowa.

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NEWS April 19, 2007

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2007 tylc..:Dorialci's

Report: Japanese mayor killed by mobster TOKYO (AP) The mayor of the Japanese city of Nagasaki was shot to death in a brazen attack Tuesday by an organized crime chief apparently enraged that the city refused to compensate him after his car was damaged at a public works construction site, news agencies reported. The shooting was rare in a country where handguns are strictly banned and only four politicians are known to have been killed since World War II.

Pentagon unveils changes to troop care WASHINGTON (AP) Under criticism for poor treatment of injured soldiers, the Pentagon announced new measures Tuesday to provide more health screenings, improve its record-keeping system and simplify an unwieldy disability claims system. Testifying before a House panel, Michael Dominguez, principal deputy undersecretary of defense, and Major Gen. Gale Pollock, the Army's acting surgeon general, acknowledged a need for major changes in the outpatient treatment of wounded soldiers and veterans

Dems weigh next step in Iraq challenge WASHINGTON (AP) Congressional Democrats say there is no doubt President Bush will soon be confronted with legislation calling for an end to the Iraq war. But the new majority must decide how far to go in trying to tie Bush's hands and what will happen after the president's inevitable veto.

Another scare rattles Va. Tech campus BLACKSBURG, Va. (AP) Virginia Tech students still on edge after the deadliest shooting in U.S. history got another scare Wednesday morning as police in SWAT gear with weapons drawn swarmed Burruss Hall, which houses the president's office. The threat of suspicious activity turned out to be unfounded, said Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said, and the building was reopened. But students were rattled.

Four bombs kill 127 people in Baghdad BAGHDAD (AP) Four large bombs exploded across Baghdad on Wednesday, killing at least 127 people and wounding scores as violence climbed toward levels seen before the U.S.-Iraqi campaign to pacify the capital began two months ago. In the deadliest of the attacks, a parked car bomb detonated in a crowd of workers at the Sadriyah market in central Baghdad, killing at least 82 people and wounding 94, said Raad Muhsin, an official at Al-Kindi Hospital where the victims were taken.

2008 candidates on spot over gun control WASHINGTON (AP) Gun control has been treated with a mix of silence and discomfort in the presidential campaign, a stance that may become insupportable once the nation finds its voice in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech mass murder. Democrats have been deliberately muted for months on an issue that, by their own reckoning, contributed to and perhaps sealed their defeat in the 2000 presidential election. That's when Al Gore's call for gun registration cost him votes in rural America and dulled the party's appetite for taking on the gun lobby.

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NEWS April 19, 2007

'FUBAR: The Musical' explores the darker side of humanity by Steven Reckinger Copy Editor

"Fubar: The Musical! Part 2" is a continuation of the experimental student directed and written performance that tackles worldly issues among the younger generation. Put on by the Department of Theatre, Dance and Media Arts and supervised by assistant professor Daisy Bristow, it was carried out April 13 and April 14 in the Pegasus Theater. "Fubar" explores the darker side of humanity by exploiting the very things that plague society, such as being over-conscious of weight; abortion; miscommunication; confusion of alternate lifestyles; and jealousy. By the end, the individual segments become a whole representation of social commentary, challenging the audience with ambiguity of the subjects that are right in front of their faces. Accompanied by ambient rock music that helps set the tone, the dramatic performances are what mold the mysterious side of the play's content. From the environmentally engrossed "Prairie Sky" to the comical glorification of death in "Tom Got Shot," all the theatrical endeavors are executed brilliantly according to the subject matter. The show starts off with a brief message on how to define the word `Fubar.' An acronym for a phrase that can't be fully revealed here, it basically implies the feel of the show with its bizarre and sin-

ister undertones, while providing an amusing interpretation. After the introduction, it moves right into the first scene with a short humorous segment on exercise called "Group Warm-Up." It then shifts into a longer piece by James Dickson, where a contemporary 'city dweller' tells the Greek tragedy of "Orpheus and Eurydice" from his own perspective. The short piece, "Phone Call #1," demonstrates the consequences of breaking up with a mentally unstable person. The fourth scene is Bronwyn Agnew's "Hepburn Size," a disturbing vision of how women perceive themselves based on weight. During this segment, various photographs of anorexic models and obese victims flash on the projector screen to emphasize the sore reality of one of America's biggest problems. The next piece proves to be an interesting one, considering the creative effort put into it. Called "Two sides to every story" and written by Nathan Hendrix, it tells of one man contemplating where his love life has gone, while a video of the same actor is shown in sync with the exchange of dialogue. Since the video had to be recorded prior to the show, it demonstrates the actor's ability to balance himself between roles. Annie Macumber's "Happy Birthday, Jamie" is one of the few lighthearted performances that made the audience laugh to help level the amount of dark material portrayed in the entire

by Vista photographer Laehyung Lee

Members of the cast of 'FUBAR: The Musical! Part 2' take part in one scene out a dozen April 13 and April 14 in the Pegasus Theater.

play. The other tongue-incheek examples are Dickson's "Miscommunication" and Jillian Gokey's "Tom Got Shot," which possibly earns the most humorous one out of the mix, due to its satirical nature of death shown in today's world. "Sister Meeting Sister" is an unsettling piece, portraying the effects of spousal abuse and abortion. If none of the other scenes held any influence onthe audience, this one would surely catch its attention with the tragic and unnerving story told between two women.

Jimmy Pike's "Untitled 1" is a dance and singing segment with a one-man show moving to the band's progressive tune. Done exceptionally well, it's the only piece that seems radically different than the others for its virtually optimistic tone, whether or not it's intended that way. Scott Venters' "The Black" is probably the most avantgarde of the collection, displayed with a strobe light and a dancing female while reciting poetic lines of devastation and love. While she moves frantically on the stage, the other cast

members start to consume her with their bodies. The transition emerges into Macumber's "Untitled 2," presenting a relationship gone wrong due to the man's acceptance of his homosexual nature. Like "The Black," this also possesses a poetic feel to it and shows off the authentic spirit of theatre. The last and perhaps the most controversial is Dickson's "I Killed God Today," a story that confronts religion and the fragility of faith. A religious woman is confronted by an individual who claims to have prov-

en the false existence of God. The woman's willingness to be persuaded by the man's ideas leads her to commit suicide. At the end of the production, the audience is left exhausted with brief sketches of insightful and alarming material that should leave a dire effect. Once again, the theatre students prove themselves with compelling writing and dynamic acting. Steve Reckinger can be reached at .

UCO grad recognizes design professor as influence for Arockalypse "Watson always said, 'take what's working; eliminate the rest,"' -Jeff Mains by Andrew Knittle Staff Writer

A UCO graduate combined his design education and passion for skateboarding to become one of Oklahoma's newest entrepreneurs. Jeff Mains graduated from UCO in 2005 with a degree in Graphic Design, and he recently put his education to the test when he redesigned and refurbished a building at 6900 N. Western in Oklahoma City to open a skateboard gear and apparel store—Arockalypse. Mains honed his design skills in UCO's student-run Clocktower design studio on projects for clients includt ing Flatire Burgers and the International Photography Hall of Fame. As part of that design team, he developed many of the ideas used in the design of his store. "There was a lot of application from my Clocktower work in the build-out stage of the store," Mains said. "It helped me to decide the presentation of the store, the color pallet and flow." The interior of Arockalypse mimics a skateboard's functional design with industrial materials, exposed hardware and wood accents. Perhaps by accident,

the layout of the entire store is a metaphor for a skateboard. The concrete floors evoke the image of old-school clay skate wheels and lead to the steel racks and display case, which would be the trucks, or hardware, of the store. The dark wood trim floats above the hardware like a deck and ends at a dull, black grip-tape-like ceiling. Mains used a natural, warm color pallet and inconspicuous lighting throughout the store to draw one's attention to the massive wall of raw skate decks and the wall of skate shoes—the store's two major focal points andtwo skateboarding essentials. "I wanted to keep the fodus on the product," Mains said. "So, I made the store as clutter-free as possible." He referred to the advice of Dr. Jim Watson, design professor, as a major influence on his design. "Watson' always said, 'take what's working; eliminate the rest,'" Mains said. "He told us to assess our designs and try to improve them to benefit ourselves and others." Mains cited the attention given to planning and research at UCO as essential in the design process and a catalyst to find all possible solutions for every problem. One prob-

lem he perceived was the need for a flexible design plan that could evolve with the store. "I'm constantly assessing my design and trying to improve it," Mains said. Mains described his design style as "minimal distractionism" and applied the same philosophy when deciding the name for the store. Mains chose the name, Arockalypse, because it places no expectations upon the store. "I wanted something tertiary, not cliché, not tied to the industry and not held to any stereotype," Mains said. "It's a fun name, and it's caused a lot of interest in the store." In 2000, Mains was a pivotal part of bringing the skate park to J.L. Mitch Park in Edmond. Since then, he has worked as a sales representative for several national skateboard companies, and he continues to bolster local skateboarding and its participants by organizing semi-annual skate jams at local skate parks. "The skate scene needed this store," Mains said. "If you don't have a good scene, kids will drop out, and. I want this to be a central hub for the community."

Photo Provided

Jeff Mains, center, with Arockalypse employees Preston Cheeks, left, and Brandon Sowards stand before a towering wall of skateboards at Oklahoma City's newest skate shop.

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NEWS April 19, 2007

ye S aro

Odds and ends To the right please FLERS, France Police in a small town in northern France have launched a poster campaign to remind British expatriates and tourists to drive on the right side of the road _ literally. Lt. Eric Turmet, a police official in the town of Flers in the Normandy region, said there have been two deadly accidents in the past two years caused by Britons driving on their customary left side of the road "We had to act to avoid further tragedies," he said. The English-language posters peppering restaurants, hotels and campgrounds in the town say: "For your safety, keep right on French roads." Police have also printed 3,000 stickers so British families who live in town can put the message on their cars. Thousands of British families and retirees have moved to the area because it's within easy driving distance to ferries that head across the English Channel to Britain.

SOLD FOR $421,000

in the stomach of some herbivores, made of a stone or hair covered by a layer of calcium phosphate. Bezoars that reach or exceed the size of an egg become tremendously valuable. This one went for $45,360. The molar of a Siberian mammoth sold for $6,480.

Look out rabbits BUDAPEST, Hungary Five thousand rabbits blocked a highway Monday, tying up traffic after the truck that was carrying them collided with another vehicle and overturned. Neither driver was hurt, but some 500 rabbits were killed, authorities said. The M1 highway the main road between the capitals of Hungary and Austria _ was closed for hours while authorities gathered up the animals, Highway Patrol Spokeswoman Viktoria Galik said. By midday, 4,400 bunnies had been rounded up, but 100 were still roaming the fields surrounding the highway. "Those 100 are free to go. We will not collect them," Galik said. The ending wasn't so happy for the ones that were recaptured. They were expected to complete the trip to a slaughterhouse, authorities said.

Toilet turmoil



dard fixture in Japanese homes. The popular Z series features a pulsating massage spray, a power dryer, built-in-the-bowl deodorizing filter, the "Tornado Wash" flush and a lid that opens and closes automatically. Prices range from $1,680 to $2,600.

Great turtle race by Vista photographer Laehyung Lee

PARIS If you were looking for the skeleton of a prehistoric mammoth, Monday was your day to buy. Christie's auction house sold one for $421,200 a world record. The unidentified buyer was adopean who collects contemporary art and 19th century furniture, Christie's spokeswoman Capucine Milliot said. The mammoth sale was one of a dozen world records set during Monday's auction of OKYO Japan's leading toipaleontological curiosities that let maker Toto Ltd. is offerbrought in a total of more than ing free repairs for 180,000 $1.53 million, Christie's said. bidet toilets after wiring probThe 10,000-year-old skellems caused several to catch eton of a 13.5-foot-long rhinocfire, the company said Monday. eros sold for a record $162,000. The electric bidet accessory That of a 7.5-foot-high preof Toto's Z series caught fire in historic cave bear from the three separate incidents between Russian Urals sold for $63,180. March 2006 and March 2007, The skeletons previously according to company spokeswere owned by private collecwoman Emi Tanaka. The bidet tors. Most were bought by individ- sent up smoke in 26 other uals, although a German muse- incidents, the company said. "Fortunately, nobody was urn and a French museum _ neiusing the toilets when the ther identified purchased fossils fire broke out and there were for smaller sums, Milliot said. no injuries," Tanaka said. The Siberian mammoth "The fire would have been from the High Plestocene era, just under your buttocks." dubbed the "The President," The company will repair was the star item at the auc180,000 toilet units manution. At 12.5 feet tall and 16 factured between May 1996 feet long, it had been estimatand December 2001 for ed to sell for about $199,000. free, she said. A manufacThe last such item sold at auction, last year in Paris, went turing defect is thought to for $254,340, Milliot said. have led to the faulty wiring. Toto has been a pioneer in Among other items sold was high-tech toilets fitted with presa bezoar, a sort of pearl formed surized water sprayers _ a stan-


ca p (MC-1


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SAN JOSE, Costa Rica Biologists will switch on satellite trackers strapped to the backs of 11 female leatherback turtles on Monday, starting what conservationists have dubbed the "Great Turtle Race" to raise awareness of a species threatened with extinction. Sponsored by U.S. and Costa Rican environmental groups and businesses, the race will track the turtles on their annual 1,200 mile journey from Costa Rica's Pacific coast to the Galapagos Islands. Environmentalists say 90 percent of the leatherbacks have vanished and the species may disappear within 10 years due to illegal poaching of their eggs, ocean contamination and development near their nesting grounds. Internet users can log on to , read about the turtles and then track them over the next two weeks as they complete their migration to the islands off the Ecuadorean coast, according to the event's organizers, headed by Washington, D.C.-based Conservation International. Most of the competing turtles are expected to be in the water by Monday after laying their eggs on the beach at Playa Grande in Costa Rica. The Web site features virtual trading cards with caricatures of the turtles with names like Freedom, Windy and Stephanie Colburtle after U.S. comedian Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central fame. It also has stats on their egg-laying history. The leatherbacks, which can grow to be more than 6 feet and weigh as much as 2,000 pounds, are the world's largest turtles and are found throughout the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans, ranging from Alaska to as far south as the Cape of Good Hope. Scores migrate to Playa Grande to lay their eggs each year, but officials at Las Baulas Marine Park there said only 58 female leatherbacks arrived this year, down from 124 in 2006. Scientists estimate that worldwide, the female population has fallen from an estimated 115,000 in 1980 to fewer than 43,000 today. Besides various threats to their habitat, the leatherback population is threatened by floating plastic bags or sheets which they mistake for jellyfish _ a staple of their diet. Ten race sponsors _ including Yahoo Inc., Plantronics Inc., Philadelphia's Drexel University and Dreyer's Ice Cream _ donated $25,000 each to purchase the tracking equipment and protect nesting areas from development.

Louma Sebaihi sells Earth Day T-shirts during the Earth Day Fair April 18 near Human Environmental Sciences building.

by Vista photographer Laehyung Lee

S.G.T. Karen Sandlin, Oklahoma National Guard, climbs the rock climbing construction wall April 16 near Broncho Lake.



by Vista photographer Alex Gambill

(from right) Dr. Terry Clark, President Rodger Webb and Dr. Pamela Washington, cut a ribbon at the Mass Communications building during an open house April 13.

Did You Know That The first CD pressed in the US was Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA."

Many sailors used to wear gold earrings so that they could afford a proper burial when they died.

On average, 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year.

The British did not release the body of Napoleon Bonaparte to the French until twenty days after his death.

Toto was paid $125 a week during the filming of the Wizard of Oz. Walt Disney was afraid of mice.

There are over 200 religious denominations in the United States. Paul Revere was a dentist.

Learn about the law school admissions process. de valuable test-taking tips and strategies. Hear from experts at a panel discussion.

Bluebottle flies can smell meat from distances 7 km away. A female cod can lay up to 9 million eggs. Elephants spend 23 hours a day eating. Iceland has the highest concentration of broadband users in the world. In 1800 on 50 cities on earth had a population of more than 100,000.

There are 240 white dots in a Pacman arcade game.

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teller in the NW 122nd & May area. Hours are 7 a.m. to 1p.m. and every other Saturday morning. Apply in person Mon. - Thurs., 9a.m. to noon and 1 to 4p.m. at our main bank - Yukon National Bank, 401 Elm Street, Yukon (HR Dept. - 2nd Floor). EOE M/F/D/V Affirm. Action Employer

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31. Used for expressing intention. 32. Cooked dish of taro leaves. 33. Informal tens for money. 35. Actively cause something to happen. 36. Slight competitive advantage. 37, Surface measure equal to 100 square meters. 38. Hindu goddess of time and destruction. 39. By way of. 40. Transient cessation of respiration. 42. Majestic, long narrative poem. 43. Symbol of the chemical element astatine. 44. Map showing an object's movements. 45. Bitter wild cherry. 48. Never. 49. Light. strong brittle gray toxic bivalent metallic :dement. 50. Village in Williams County, Oil. 52. Tending to persuade by forcefulness of argu-

61. Being of the nature of a notion. 62. Acronym for Urban Service Area. 63. Fictional character of the EarthBound video game series. 64. City in the state of Silo Paulo in Brazil. 65. Brian McKnight album. 66. Long ago. 57. Past tense and past participle of "stand."




ment. 60. Anticipated outcome that is intended.

3 2



20. Interest followed with exaggerated zeal. 22. Whether. 23. Seagoing military forces of a nation.




18. Vase with a pedestal. 19. Physicist who studies astronomy.


11 1



1. Last portion of the small intestine that communi-








',tiles with the large intestine. 5. Flow of air driven backwards by an aircraft


1. Acronym for International Livestock Identifica-

tion Association. 2. Commune in northern France in the Pas-de-Calais ddpartement. 3. Novel by Edith Patio, 4. Person who makes use of a thing. 5. Account of personal experiences. 6. Marcus _, American cavalry officer who participated in the Battle of Little Big Horn. 7. Robert _, Scotland's most famous architect. 8. Repeat a passage from. 9. Seemingly without end. 10. Condition caused by deficiency of ascorbic acid. I I. Impressive display. 12. Fecal matter of animals. 17. Message received and understood.





30. Appear briefly. 31. Volcano in the western part of Nicaragua. 34. Earth containing workable quantities of minerals of commercial value. 35. Acronym for Low Altitude Proximity Sensor. 38. Large brownish-green New Zealand parrot. 40. One of the 180 woredas in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. 41. Relating to, affecting, resembling or derived from a pig. 44. Informal term for journalist. 46. Assist in some wrongdoing. 47. Fourth episode of the sixth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. 48. Loud outcry of protest. 51. Caress. 53. River in Central Europe.

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24. Pay a penalty. 25. Give a promotion to.

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29. Place someone in a certain position in order to

58. AKA Bastard Sandalwood. 59. Feeling happy appreciation for.

secretly observe.

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propeller 10. Unhappy. 13. Grant use of under a term of contract. 14. Cut and assemble components of.

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o t_ .°14 1-1 u RI ' EC 'Al LIE N101\1 LL At T CR AW 4•L'Y OAN NAT -ATOR I UM bNTO 'ELLS t ENG I REEK "NE E D ESKER

SPORTS National League; the rundown THEMS/A

April 19, 2007

gles over seven shutout innings but remained winless despite a 1.80 ERA, thanks to a bullpen that squandered a 3-0 lead. Steve Finley led off the eighth with a pinch-hit home run, his first with the Rockies. Garrett Atkins started a two-out rally with a single, and four batters later, Torrealba doubled to the wall in left off Correia (0-1). Ramon Ramirez (1-0) pitched a scoreless eighth for the win, and Brian Fuentes finished for his third save. Braves 6, Nationals 4 John Smoltz moved within one strikeout of Cy Young and within five wins of 200 in visiting Atlanta's victory. Smoltz (2-1) didn't allow an earned run until the seventh inning, Chipper Jones homered, and Kelly Johnson had a career-high four hits. The Braves made three errors, two by shortstop Edgar Renteria, and squandered most of a fourrun lead but held on against the Nationals, who wore Virginia Tech baseball caps as a tribute to the victims of Monday's shooting rampage at the school. Relievers Oscar Villareal, Rafael Soriano and Bob Wickman got the final nine outs, with Wickman earning his fourth save. Jerome Williams (03) gave up three runs in the first, and opponents have outscored the Nationals 19-0 in the first inning this season. AP photo by David J. Phillip Padres 4, Cubs 3, 14 innings Geoff Blum doubled in Houston Astros' Carlos Lee hits a two-run double as Florida Marlins catcher Miguel Olivo waits for the go-ahead run in the 14th the pitch during the fifth inning of a game on April 17 in Houston. inning to lift visiting San Diego. Khalil Greene led off the outs pushed him back two days. offensive struggles last season. horse while receiving congratuDavid Wright extend- inning with a double to the "It's a big plus," he said. latory pats from his teammates. "I promised them that I would "Once you get a cushion, you ed his career-best hitting right-field corner against Will do it and I did it," he said with can kind of just go right after streak to 24 games, tying Ohman (0-1), and with one out, the furry horse peeking out of his guys. Before then you kind of the Mets' franchise record. Blum sent a shot to left that Rockies 5, Giants 3 Jacque Jones let skip by him. locker over his right shoulder. have to pitch with caution to Doug Brocail (1-0) struck Yorvit Torrealba's threeLee's offensive burst not give_ up too many runs." Houston begins a four-city, run double off Kevin Correia out four and allowed one helped Astros ace Roy Oswalt improve to 3-0. He was pitch- nine-game road trip Wednesday, capped a five-run eighth hit in two scoreless innings. ing on short rest and allowed but Lee's new companion inning that carried host Trevor Hoffman pitched one run, Hanley Ramirez won't be making the trip. Colorado past San Francisco. the 14th for his third save. Pirates 6, Cardinals 1 Matt Cain scattered two sinhomered on his third pitch, "He's a home horse. He has

AP-Carlos Lee made good on a promise to his fans. Lee, nicknamed "El Cabal or "The Horse," received a stick horse from the fans who call themselves "Los Caballitos" before Tuesday's game and vowed he'd ride it if he hit a homer. The 240-pound slugger hit a two-run shot and drove in two more runs to lead the Houston Astros to a 6-1 win over the Florida Marlins. The home run to the Crawford Boxes in left field off Jorge Julio put Houston ahead 2-1 in the fourth. Lee trotted arotmd the bases and then galloped through the dugout on the stick

and six hits in 6 1-3 innings. "That was vintage Roy," Astros manager Phil Garner said. "He did a masterful job." In other NL games, it was: New York 8, Philadelphia 1; Colorado 5, San Francisco 3; Atlanta 6, Washington 4; San Diego 4, Chicago 3, 14 innings; Pittsburgh 6, St. Louis 1; Cincinnati 11, Milwaukee 5; and Los Angeles 6, Arizona 4. Oswalt has won nine straight decisions dating to August, tying a career high. He struck out seven and walked three. The Astros have scored 15 runs in Oswalt's last two starts, a statistic that is comforting to him after Houston's

to stay at home," Lee joked. "You can't bring a horse on the road _ too much maintenance." Mets 8, Phillies 1 At Philadelphia, Freddy Garcia's long-anticipated debut with the Phillies was a bust. Moises Alou homered twice and drove in three runs, and Tom Glavine (3-1) got his 293rd win for New York. Garcia (0-1) allowed three runs and eight hits, striking out six in 4 2-3 innings. The two-time All-Star acquired from the Chicago White Sox in the offseason missed two starts with biceps tendinitis. He was scheduled to pitch Sunday, but consecutive rain-

AP photo by Kevin Wolf

Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz throws against the Washington Natioinals on April 17 in Washington.

Tom Gorzelanny (2-0) and Matt Capps combined on a fourhitter and Adam LaRoche hit a three-run homer, to lead visiting Pittsburgh to a two-game sweep. St. Louis' 6-7 start is the worst by a World Series winner since the 1998 Florida Marlins were 1-11. Adam Wainwright (1-1) gave up five runs, four earned, and eight hits in six innings. Reds 11, Brewers 5 Ryan Freel had four hits and singled to start a seventh-inning rally for host Cincinnati, which split a fourgame series with Milwaukee. Left-hander Mike Stanton (1-0) pitched two hitless innings to get the win. Brian Shouse (1-1) allowed a single to Josh Hamilton, who later scored the

tiebreaking run on a bases-loaded wild walk by Greg Aquino. Dodgers 6, Diamondbacks 4 Juan Pierre doubled and tripled and scored three runs to lead visiting Los Angeles. which won for the 10th time in 12 games and swept a two-game series to take a 1 1/2 game lead over the second-place Diamondbacks With the game tied at 44 in the seventh, Pierre tripled off Tony Pena (0-1) to drive in a run, then raced home on shortstop Alberto Callaspo's throwing error ChadBillingsley(1-0)pitched two scoreless innings to earn the victory. Takashi Saito pitched the ninth for his sixth save. .


Hornets dethrone Kings in Sacramento AP-In a game that lacked much defensive intensity, the New Orleans Hornets produced a season-high points total Monday night in outgunning the Sacramento Kings. David West scored 25

points for the Hornets, who shot 56 percent and pulled away late in the fourth quarter to defeat the Kings 125-118. Defense seemed only an occasional consideration for two teams heading toward the conclusion of disappointing seasons. Both teams had uncontested outside shots throughout and combined to make 19 3-pointers. "It wasn't a defensive game, it was more like an All-Star game," said ex-King Bobby Jackson, who had 20 points and five rebounds for the Hornets. "You have two teams that AP photo by Rich Pedroncelli aren't looking to make the Hornets guard Chris Paul (left) gets a pat on the playoffs. We head from teammate Rasual Butler on April 16 in were just out






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there to have a good time and try to make things happen." It was Rasual Butler making things happen late for the Hornets, who outscored the Kings 31-25 in the fourth quarter. He scored five points in a 7-0 run that put New Orleans ahead for good in the fourth quarter. Butler tied the game at 114 with a 3-pointer and David West followed with a jumper with 3:27 left to put the Hornets ahead for good. Moments later Butler connected on another 3-pointer for a five-point lead. He finished with 13 points, including six in the fourth quarter. "He (Butler) hit some key shots down the stretch," Hornets coach Byron Scott said. "Bobby helped get us back in the game and Chris (Paul) and David made some big plays late. There were a lot of people who played well tonight." Creating havoc off the dribble in directing the fastbreak and the halfcourt game, Paul contributed 23 points and 12 assists. Devin Brown had 20 points and Marc Jackson added 12. "Paul took over the game down the stretch; he's a guy who is very difficult to keep in front of you," Kings coach Eric Musseiman said. "Not only the way he scores the ball, obviously the way that he finds teammates." Ron Attest had 22 points,

seven rebounds and five assists for Sacramento (33-48), which will have its worst record since the 1997-98 season. Francisco Garcia and Mike Bibby each scored 17 points, ShareefAbdurRahim had 15, Kevin Martin 12 and Quincy Douby added 10. Both teams have one game remaining on Wednesday. The Kings meet the Lakers at home and the Hornets play their final game in Los Angeles against the Clippers. The Kings were inconsistent all season and have played poorly down the stretch as their string of eight straight playoff appearances ended. "Hopefully we'll end on a win," Bibby said. "Pride, just try to win the last game. It's a long wait if we don't." Injuries were a factor throughout the season for the Hornets, who were eliminated from playoff contention with a loss Saturday to Houston. "No matter what happens Wednesday night, you have to give our guys a lot of credit for all the stuffwe've been through," Scott said. "We still have 38 wins going into that last game." Brown scored 16 points as the Hornets rallied from a 16point deficit to tie the game at 61 by halftime. Abdur-Rahim scored 13 points and Bibby had 12 for the Kings at that point.

AP photo by Rich Pedroncelli

Hornets guard Bobby Jackson goes up for the lay up against the Sacramento Kings on April 16 in Sacramento.

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12 Broncho baseball team leads division

April 19, 2007

play. The two teams split 11 earlier in the season when UCO hosted the Bulldogs. During its current sixThe team from Weatherford game winning streak through ranks ninth in the conference Tuesday, the Broncho baseball with a .290 batting average. team has rocked its competi- UCO is third, batting .359. The tion. UCO swept both Cameron Broncho bats are more potent, and East Central, outscoring Southwestern has no players the two teams by a combine that rank in the top 10 in terms score of 63-14. of batting T h e average. UCO Bronchos hold has three. a one-game The bite of "Every g ame is imlead over the Bulldogs' portant fr om here on pitching staff Southwestern Oklahoma is not strong oil t." S tate either. A University in team ERA the Lone Star -Coach S11111710115' of 8.47 puts Conference Southwestern North Division. second to last, The team will just ahead of have an opportunity to pull away East Central. The Broncho from the Bulldogs when they have fared much better on the travel to Weatherford for a three- mound. They rank second in game series over Friday and the league, behind Abilene Saturday. The contest will fea- Christian, with an ERA of 4.76. ture a doubleheader on Saturday. The team's ace has been start"Every game is impor- er Nate Nance. Nance is throwtant from here on out," head ing at a mark of 3.60 and is tied coach Wendell Simmons said. for the lead in strikeouts with 74. Only eight games remain in He's tied with Southeastern's the regular season, and each one Clay Glover despite throwcan be the difference on where ing 14 fewer innings. the team ranks in the North. UCO's scoring charge Southwestern has compiled is lead by catcher Breck a record of 15-26, includ- Draper and shortstop Michael ing a 9-4 mark in divisional Pollock. Draper and Pollock by Jeff Massie Sports Writer

by Vista photographer Laehyung Lee

Dean McIntyre throws a strike against Southwestern Oklahoma State University on April 4 at Broncho Field. McIntyre threw a complete game shutout in the game and gave up only two hits.

have compiled 57 and 50 RBIs, respectively. Draper's 14 homeruns are more than anybody else in the league.

On paper, the Bronchos appear to be better than Southwestern. Despite the statistical deficiency, the Bulldogs

currently sit second in the divi- or losing the North divisioin; sion. Taking a team lightly at this point in the schedule can be Jeff Massie can be reached at the difference between winning


Golf teams go down swinging; by Justin Langston Sports Writer

by Vista photographer Alex Gambill

Mitch Boles hits an approach shot during the UCO/KickingBird Classic on March 27 at KickingBird Golf Course in Edmond.

On Monday and Tuesday, both UCO Golf teams traveled to Dallas, Texas, to compete in the Lone Star Conference Tournament. Both teams came down the very end and managed to come in second place, with the women's team losing by a single swing. Furthermore, Mari Suursalu finished number one in the tournament, even after being ranked number three at the end of the first day. "After the first day, we were 12 shots down," women's golf team head coach Patty Coatney said. "It came down to the very last hole. That's golf for you, one shot will do it." In the first day, Mitch Boles, who had been named Lone Star Conference player of the year at the pre-tournament banquet

on Sunday night, led the men's team. Although he had a slightly bumpy morning swinging four bogies and a double bogey, he came back in the afternoon with a smooth performance making five birdies and having a tournament high of 12 birdies. At the end of the day, UCO was ahead of most of the pack, behind only Northeastern State. The women's team didn't fare as well, winding up in third place at the end of the first day. Combined the team hit five double bogies, three triple bogies and a quadruple bogey. Still, the team was ahead of defending champion Northeastern State.

In the next day, the men's team was trailing by 12 shots. Determined, the team got within four, but NSU pulled ahead once again. Boles, who once again led the team with 74, came within one swing of being named number one in the tournament. NSU remained on top for the whole day, beating the Bronchos by 17 swings. The women's team had a much higher hill to climb than the men did, starting the day in third place and behind by 12 shots. UCO pulled close to Cameron with the game going down to the final hole. In the end, Cameron managed to triumph, taking the gold away from UCO by one shot. Meanwhile, Suursala managed to come out as number one

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by the end of the second day; topping her immediate rival by, a single shot. This is Suursala's first win of her college career; having been second in several games throughout the season. Currently, both teams are awaiting news of whether or not they will receive a bid to compete in the NCAA Division H National Tournament. If accepted into the tournament, the Men's team will compete in Florence, Ala., from May 6 to May 9 and the women will compete in Austin, Texas, April 30 through May 1.

Justin Langston can be reached at

The Vista April 19, 2007  

The University of Central Oklahoma's student voice since 1903.

The Vista April 19, 2007  

The University of Central Oklahoma's student voice since 1903.