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April 10, 2007

Native Americans dance to the rhythm of spring

by Vista photographer Laehyung Lee

Kerri Larney from Seminole tribe, left, and Cecil Gray, business management senior, dance during UCO powwow April 7 at Wantland Hall.

by Aaron Wright Staff Writer

The drums from the 37th Annual Spring Contest, hosted by the Native American Student Association, could be heard throughout

Wantland Hall on April 7. The festivities started at noon and lasted until 11 p.m. that night. The day started with gourd dancing. Vendors scattered the corners of the dancing arena, selling everything from T-shirts to artwork to jewelry. Brightly colored fab-

rics and elongated feathers decorated the body of dancers as they circled the drummers in their traditional regalia. Joseph Blanchard, president of NASA, said the planning started last fall. By the time the group members finished their Big Fall Dance in

November, they had ideas for the Spring Contest, he said. The association, with about 12 active members, is in charge of publicity, such as sending fliers to local powwows or securing advertisements. They also solicit donations from various tribes. The event is also partially funded by student activity funds provided by the university. Another important task the group handles is the selection of the head staff for the event. "Basically, we take recommendations from members. Usually, the head staff is chosen based on their knowledge of the area," said Blanchard. The drums are in the center of activity and the arena is everything circling the drums. The membership votes on head staff. The head staff constitutes key players in the powwow. The positions are the Master of Ceremonies, the head singer, the head man, the head lady, the color guard, head gourd dancer and arena director. This year's head man was business management senior Cecil Gray. He has been dancing for about 10 years and specializes in men's fancy dance.

see Powwow, page 3

by Vista photographer Alex Gambill

Sage Lamebull dances during the first grand entry at the UCO Spring Contest powwow April 7 in Wantland Hall.

Students take batting practice on mailboxes

by Vista photographer Alex Gambill

This mailbox on Jim Robinson Drive is one of 48 in the Smiling Hills neighborhood near Bryant and 33rd street.

by Andrew Knittle Staff Writer

Three UCO students who allegedly played an epic game of mailbox baseball early March

31 won't face federal charges, Postal Inspector Ray Santiago said. "The local police department is handling the cases," Santiago said. That's about where the good news ends for the three men. Richard Reed, Kyle Parsons and Alfred Parsons will still face 28 counts of Malicious Mischief/Destruction of Property, one count of Receiving Stolen Property and one count of Public Intoxication in Oklahoma County, Edmond Police spokesperson Glynda Chu said. The charges stern from the predawn hours of March 31, when Edmond police reports state the three men went on a destructive spree in the Smiling Hills neighborhood, which is a few miles south of the UCO campus, police reports said. According to the reports, the

trio prowled around the modest enclave near Bryant and Smiling Hills Blvd. for some time as they damaged or cornpletely destroyed 48 mailboxes. The men were also attempting to steal a street sign when Edmond police arrived at the scene, reports said. Police reports said a search of the suspects' vehicle yielded three mailboxes, three pieces of mail, an opened bottle of Merlot and an opened can of beer — things one might expect to find under the circumstances. All three suspects were taken to the Oklahoma County Jail following their arrests in Edmond, reports said. Chu said the men's game of "mailbox baseball" was the worst of such cases she'd seen while at the department, add-

see Students, page 3 by Vista photographer Alex Gambill

UCOSA president Michael Goodman discusses the UCO student survey and its possible effects on the university.

'Much Ado,' update to Shakespeare classic by Justin Langston Staff' Writer

During the past week, the UCO Department of Theatre, Dance and Media Arts put on a production of William Shakespeare's comedy "Much Ado About Nothing." This version, directed by Dr. Robert McGill, was set in 1907 at the fictional east coast University of Messina. "Much Ado" is a story about a young couple so in love with

the idea that they hate each other, they haven't rualized they fell in love with each other a long time ago. University faculty wrangle with love and fidelity until everything ins neatly wrapped up when graduation rolls around. The conversion from the play's original setting of Italian nobles in the early 1600s to university professors some 300 years later is fairly seamless. There are, of course, a few minor changes to the script for the sake of setting, but nothing

Watch News Central Channel 6 @ 5 P.m.

President Goodman to step down after term by Abha Eli Phoboo Staff Writer

As the semester draws to a close, Michael Goodman, president Of UCOSA, prepares to step down. Goodman is putting the finishing touch by Vista photographer Alex Gambill on the projects he began as Theatre students unveiled a statue of Shakespeare by Gary Lee his term ends. Elections for the Price in honor of theatre professor Doug Getzoff who died of lung new UCOSA president will cancer in Oct. April 6 in front of Mitchell Hall. be held April 18 and April 19. "I'm sad that I have to leave that changes the overall narsee ADO, page 6 but I know that it's the best for rative or meaning of the play. UCO. I feel like I've done a good

job, or a job, whether people think it's good or bad. I can't wait to see who gets the job next and to help them," said Goodman. On the wall in his office are charts with little boxes with crosses on them. Each item is a target that Goodman set for UCOSA. "I'm a nerdy teacher kid," he said as he read the list. "I've got tons of projects and every single time one is

done, I check off one of them."

see Goodman, page 3

"In peace the sons bury their fathers, but in war the fathers bury their sons."

TUE. 65/46 WED. 72/48 - Croesus

OPINION April 10, 2007

THEVISTA Editorial


Teddy Burch, Editor in Chief Steven Reckinger, Copy Editor No Lupov, Managing Editor

Alex Gambill, Photographer Travis Marak, Photographer Lae Hyung Lee, Photographer



Nathan Winfrey, Senior Staff Writer Andrew Knittle, Staff Writer Lyndsay Gilum, Staff Writer Aaron Wright. Staff Writer Abha Eli Phoboo, Staff Writer


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Cartoons/Illustrations Zachary Burch


Justin Langston, Sports Writer Jeff Massie, Sports Writer

Danyel Siler

Adviser Mark Zimmerman

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Cartoon by Zachary Burch

Libya sends Bulgarian nurses to death Using tragic accidents to justify improper actions, which influence international communities, usually ends negatively for all involved. Such an event took place in the city of Benghazi, Libya, in 1998, when five Bulgarian nurses and one Palestinian medical intern were charged with conspiring to deliberately inject over 400 children with HIV. The incident itself brought a catastrophic outbreak of the virus in the hospital of El-Fath. Presently, the medical personnel are sentenced to death by a firing squad. Unfortunately, the sides of this purely social and scientific tragedy have turned into political actors carrying agendas different from the initial purpose of the trial. The epidemic in the children's hospital is by far the largestAIDS outbreak in the state and is causing international public outrage. After an immediate request from the Libyan authorities for an independent scientific investigation on the accident, the prosecution intentionally ignored the findings and built its case on controversial reports from Libyan scientists. The original report from professor Luc Montganier and professor Vittorio Colizzi states that the epidemic is due to the "poor sanitary practices in the hospital."

mal for an authoritarian state with no transparency, no equality in front of the law and philosophy of presumed innocent till proven guilty. It is understandable when a national crisis occurs and the public requires punishment. The prosecution intentionally avoided evidence proving the accused innocence, aiming at a fatal verdict for the prisoners and ultimate pubic satisfaction. All defendants pleaded not guilty. The prosecution submitted confessions. The accused testified that the evidence have been taken with extreme and inhumane torture. Professor Montganier, codiscoverer of AIDS, testified the virus in the epidemic is typical for the area, and an infected child had started the outbreak due to the poor sanitary measures. According to the records, such infection is possible not only with multiple uses of same needles, but also oxygen masks, or other types of skin penetration. He testified the epidemic started a year earlier than the medics' first day at the hospital. On May 6, the accused were sentenced to death. The convictions were appealed to the Libyan Supreme Court. The Court revoked the sentences and ordered a new trial. On December 19, 2006, the court returned the same fatal ver-

In 2004, the medics were sentenced to death. The silent diplomatic efforts from the Bulgarian embassy at the beginning of the investigation and the accusation of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi of an international conspiracy against the children of the North African state, brought more attention on the trial. The diplomatic crisis first started in 1998, when many Libyan families were telling the public about the number of children with infected the virus. February 1999, the Bulgarian embassy announced the names of 23 missing Bulgarian medical personnel. After a weeklong silence, the Libyan authorities released the names of five nurses who were brought to the attention of the consular. The nurses were being detained for further investigation on charges of spreading the epidemic. On March 7, 1999, Kristyana Valtcheva, Nasya Nenova, Valentina Siropulo, Valya Chervenyashka, Snezhana Dimitrova and Ashraf al-Hajuj were arrested on charges of: Murdering with a lethal substance, randomly killing with the aim of attacking the security of the state, causing an epidemic through spreading a harmful virus, acting immorally, according to the state's law. The trials followed, as nor-

dict- all six were found guilty. According to the medics, all confessions were conducted with torture. Nasya Nenova testified, "We were alone there with those men who did everything they wanted to do." Ashraf Ahmad Jum'a told the Human Rights Watch, "We had barbaric, sadistic torture for a crime we did not do." The Palestinian intern testified that he lost one eye and paralyzed hand. The Bulgarian government found enormous international social and diplomatic support. Even Gadaffi's son Saif al-Islam al-Qaddafi, voiced support for the detainees and hoped for a peaceful solution of this matter. EU members expressed their shock at the verdict and called for revising the court's decision. Nonpolitical organizations such as Amnesty International, International Council of Nurses, World Medical Association are launching media campaigns in support of the medics. Amnesty International states in one of its press releases: "We deplore these sentences and urge the Libyan authorities to declare immediately that they will never be carried out. The death penalty is the ultimate cruel, inhumane and degrading punishment, and in this case it has been imposed

after grossly unfair trial." Many international media outlets such as The Economist, Guardian, Der Spigel, and The Daily Star (Lebanon), are watching closely and reporting every detail on the case and the detainees status. "The sentencing to death of our innocent compatriots and of the Palestinian doctor covers up the real causes for the occurrence of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Benghazi," said Georgi Parvanov, president of Bulgaria. The entire Bulgarian community is united behind the arrested or so-called "Benghazi six." Many Bulgarian celebrities and political leaders are carrying the country flag ribbon with the words "You are not alone." The Libyan leader on many occasions has linked the medics' trial with the Lockerbie trial in the late 80's, when Libyan terrorist Abdel Basset Ali alMegrahi bombed a Pan Am Flight 103 and is now serving a life sentence in a Scottish jail. Gaddafi claimed at the beginning of the diplomatic crisis that CIA, Mossad and Bulgarian Intelligence have plotted and carried out the experiment on the Libyan children. According to Gaddafi, the medics will be released if the Libyan terrorist is released and $ 2.7 billion is paid to compensate

for the families of the victims. Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ivaylo Kalfin refused to agree on such measures, which would automatically acknowledge the guilt of the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian medical intern. Kalfin said in one of his speeches that the link between both cases is completely unacceptable and groundless. On Sep. 8, Libya released a document seeking 40 required items in the form of aid, but Bulgaria sent only 24. Many web forums and other interviews with members of the Bulgarian society expressed concern regarding the government's handling of the crisis. Many citizens felt the Eastern European nation did too little, too late. Currently the Benghazi six is part of a new trial where the prosecution is seeking additional jail time for the group on slander charges. According to the charges, the officers conducting the investigations have been falsely accused of torture. It is very interesting how a state such as Libya, whose government revokes any rights on international prisoners prior to their convictions, fights for one of the most important principles of democracy by investigating slander charges with full force.

CAMPUS QUOTES: Compiled and photographed by Alex Gambill

"What is the one thing you would like to be remembered for?" "That I made an impact on someone by volunteering, such as tutoring refugee children and teaching them how to speak English."

"For being an active member in the Greek community

"My character. Doing the right thing even though no one's watching."

"My outfit."


Christina Truong

Britney Wise

Brandon Smith

Hung Nguyen

biology freshman

nursing freshman

business management junior

advertising senior

NEWS April 10, 2007

Goodman from pagel Of all the goals he initially set, Goodman says that he's accomplished a lot of them. Among those is producing a student survey book, which has been distributed to key figures and departments on campus. "When I was elected, one of my big goals was to make an assessment of what the student body needed, what they were feeling, what they wanted to see, what had been through and where they were going. We are elected as a megaphone for the students," said Goodman. Around 300 surveys were returned, according to Goodman, from which 150 were selected for print. "I wenttodifferent fraternities, sororities, big and small organizations, spoke to cheerleaders and athletes, talked about it in classes and really got a diverse range of student feedback," said Goodman. "Everybody in the office was relieved when I finished because it was all I could talk about for a long time." Five boxes had been set up in the university center and in different buildings on campus. "I'd get really excited even if there was just one survey in the box. The survey was an opportunity they'd been waiting for," said Goodman. The survey report traverses many diverse topics that are written as negative comments, positive feedbacks, plans and suggestions. Goodman sees them as instrumental. "There are things in here that have never been said before. This book is critical in making UCO better because it is what the students have to say," said Goodman. The survey conducted asked for anonymity to avoid bias in the responses received. Of the select responses, Goodman has printed some on the cover. "Some of the answers give me the chills when I read them," says

Goodman as he points them out: We always use the • phrase we are starting something new that we'd like to see become tradition. The only problem is that we don't have people to stick around and make it happen. – Interpersonal Communications, Senior • A leadership house or building. It would be a great place to meet and exchange ideas. We can put it in the middle of campus. Leadership is central, right? – Mathematics, Junior It's time for people • to actually start caring about UCO. And when I say people, I mean not just a couple of student leaders that do everything. I mean the community and people who are directly affected by everything that happens on this campus and what happens to this campus. – Junior UCOSA has presented the survey report to UCO's President's Office, Student Affairs, Campus Life and other pivotal divisions of the university. "They can never say I don't know what the students think, feel or want because they have this book," said Goodman. However, he adds that his goal is not have any expectations from the survey. "If I did, it would be to see every single need met and for every single student to be super proud to be a Broncho but I know that's not going to happen." Goodman was in the House of Representatives in his freshman year, before taking over as vice president and then president. Once he steps down from office, he will intern in the Office of Student Affairs under April Perry's guidance, helping students, parents, and planning events. "I'm ready to be member of UCOSA now, to see other people step up, lead and say, this is my school too. I truly believe that new, fresh and innovative ideas is what'll change this campus," he said.

Abha Eli Phoboo can be reached at .

by Vista photographer Laehyung Lee

Lydell B. Langhom from Absentee Shawnee tribe gives thumbs up during powwow spring contest April 7 at Wantland Hall.

POWWOW from page 1 Gray is a competitive dancer. During the powwow season, lasting from March or April and ending in November, he will travel all over the world almost every weekend to compete. "A powwow dancer that is a serious competitor will have traveled coast to coast by the time the season is over," said Gray. His regalia, a mixture of hot pink, lime green, orange, blue, purple and white, is made by a mixture of his own work and that of his closest relatives and friends. Gray does his own feather work, but his family members and friends work on the beadwork and construction of the outfit. The Men's Fancy Dance was sponsored by Gray's family.

by Vista photographer Laehyung Lee

"His parents and grandparents did this in honor of his graduation," said Blanchard. Two other special dances were held during the Spring Contest. Junior's Grass Dance Special was sponsored by the Wayne Longhorn Family in honor of their 3-year old son getting initiated into the arena. The "Joe Buck" Singing Contest was sponsored by the Blanchard family and NASA. The dances are taught to those wanting to learn by family and friends. Blanchard said every dancer has his or her own style that develops. There are several traditional dances that are taught. He also said competitive dancers learn from watching their competition.

Blain Barber from New Mexico, Dine tribe beats a drum April 7 at Wantland Hall.

"In each tribe, everything is learned by listening and just experiencing it," said Blanchard.

Aaron Wright can be reached at .

"In each tribe, everything is learned by listening and just experiencing it." -Joseph Blachard





from page 1 ing that the incident was far more than just a childish prank. "A lot of these people had to get out in the weather to fix or replace their mailboxes," Chu said. "It's been a big disruption for that community." Not surprisingly, all of the victims expressed a desire to press criminal charges, Chu said. While the suspects didn't exactly provide police with a concrete motive for their rampage, Chu believes alcohol was a prime factor in the vandalism. "If you're going to drink,

Alfred Parsons

you should do it responsibly," Chu said. "They obviously didn't act responsibly once they started drinking." Chu said she wasn't at liberty to discuss whether or not


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To learn more about a career in the Commissioned Corps, visit or call 1-800-279-1605.

• GEICO C•Nral •• , (.111 , i).111n1 CO • Gr1(0,W.1th ,

Richard Reed

the men would face jail time, but added that previous arrests could factor in to such a decision by the judge who hears the case. Andrew Knittle can be reached at .

Kyle Parsons

Put Yourself to the Test... Do you have the skills and knowledge to challenge one of our exams? We have approximately 45 nationally standardized exams and 158 tuts developed here at UCO that you can take to earn college credit to benefit your degree.


NEWS April 10, 2007

Earth Day scheduled at Broncho Lake April 18 Imus insults women's basketball team "The primary purpose of the Earth Day fair is education." -Dr David Bass by Lyndsay Gillum

Staff Writer

UCO will host its annual public Earth Day fair from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Wednesday, April 18, at Broncho Lake. "The primary purpose of the Earth Day fair is education," UCO Earth Day Committee Chairman Dr. David Bass, UCO professor of biology, said in a press release. "Through this tradition, we give the public the opportunity to get a better understanding of the environment and our responsibilities to protect it." Local businesses and agencies, as well as student organizations, will have booths set up at the event to share their environmental missions and messages. Participating agencies and organizations include the Oklahoma Department of Environment Quality, the Oklahoma Water Resources Board, Martin Nature Park, the Sierra Club and the City of Edmond's Keep Edmond Beautiful. UCO's Physical Plant also will be present to discuss developments in its biodiesel operations, according to a recent press release. Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, proposed the first nationwide environmental protest as he said, "to shake up the political establishment and force this issue onto the national agenda," according to the Earthday

Network. Since 1970, Earth Day has become a day celebrated worldwide raising awareness and promoting environmental citizenship and year-round progressive environmental action. The first Earth Day led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Act, according to Earthday Network. Free refreshments and live entertainment will be provided, as well as a plant sell put on by the UCO biology club. Earth Day T-shirts will be for sale for $5. The event is free and the public is encouraged to attend. Earth Day Network Reality Check: "495 million is the number of dollars U.S. consumers spend on gasoline every day;" "550,000 is the number of trees saved if you recycled all the newspaper in the U.S. on one average Sunday;" "4281 is the number of acres of rainforest lost every hour worldwide;" "9 is the percentage of species facing extinction because of global climate change;" and "1 is the number of people it takes to start change." For more information about UCO's Earth Day 'fair, contact Bass at 974-5772.

Lyndsay Gillum can be reached at

Don Imus had a hot seat on the other side of the microphone Monday, appearing on the Rev. Al Sharpton's radio show and enduring more criticism for his offensive cornments about the Rutgers women's basketball team. Imus issued another apology for referring to members of the team as "nappyheaded hos." Sharpton called the comments "abominable" and "racist" and repeated his demand that Imus be fired. "Our agenda is to be funny and sometimes we go too far. And this time we went way too far," Imus said on "The Al Sharpton Show." Earlier Monday, on his own radio show, Imus called himself "a good person" who made a bad mistake. "Here's what I've learned: that you can't make fun of everybody, because some people don't deserve it," he said on his show, which is nationally syndicated to millions of listeners. "And because the climate on this program has been what it's been for 30 years doesn't mean that it has to be that way for the next five years or whatever because that has to change, and I understand that." He pointed to his involvement with the Imus Ranch, a working cattle ranch for children with cancer and blood disorders in New Mexico. Ten percent of the children who come to the ranch are black, he said. "I'm not a white man who doesn't know any African-Americans," he said. Imus said he hoped to meet the Rutgers players and

their parents and coaches, and that he was grateful for the appearance on Sharpton's nationally syndicated show. "It's not going to be easy, but I'm not looking for it to be easy," Imus said. Meanwhile, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and about 50 people marched Monday outside Chicago's NBC tower to protest Imus' comments, and an NAACP official called for the broadcaster's ouster. Imus made the now infamous remark during his show Wednesday. The Rutgers team, which includes eight black women, had lost the day before in the NCAA women's championship game. Imus was speaking with producer Bernard McGuirk about the game when the exchange began on "Imus in the Morning." The show is broadcast on more than 70 stations and MSNBC, which is owned by General Electric Co.'s NBC cable unit. "That's some rough girls from Rutgers," Imus said. "Man, they got tattoos ... ." "Some hardcore hos," McGuirk said. "That's some nappyheaded hos there, I'm going to tell you that," Imus said. Imus apologized on the air Friday, but his mea culpa has not quieted the uproar. James E. Harris, president of the New Jersey chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, demanded Sunday that Imus "resign or be terminated immediately." Allison Gollust, a spokeswoman for MSNBC, said

AP Photo by Rex Arbogast

The Rev. Jesse Jackson leads a protest outside Chicago's NBC Studios Monday, April 9, calling for the firing of radio talk show host Don Imus for his offensive comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team.

the network considers Imus' comments "deplorable" and was reviewing the matter. Karen Mateo, a spokeswoman for CBS Radio Imus'

employer and the owner of his New York radio home, WFANAM said the company was "disappointed" in Imus' actions and characterized his comments

DID YOU KNOW THAT Bats always turn left when exiting a cave.

At age 16 Confucius was a corn inspector.

Less than 7% of the population donates blood.

The first product Motorola started to develop was a record player for automobiles. At that time, the most known player on the market was Victrola, so they called themselves Motorola.

If you are chased by a crocodile, run zigzag, a crocodile is not good at making sharp turns.

It is estimated that millions of trees in the world are accidentally planted by squirrels who bury nuts and then forget where they hid them.

The number of possible ways of playing the first four moves per side in a game of chess is 318,979,564,000.

All 50 states are listed across the top of the Lincoln Memorial on the back of the $5 bill. Assuming you could walk to the sun it would take about 2000 years.

A monkey was once tried and convicted for smoking a cigarette in South Bend, Indiana.

In the country of Turkey, in the 16th and 17th centuries, anyone caught drinking coffee was put to death.

A person at rest generates as much heat as a 100 watt lightbulb.

It costs $6,400 to raise a medium size dog to age eleven.

In Toy Story, the carpet designs in Sid's hallway is the same as the carpet designs in The Shining. Irving Berlin, who was born on 11 May 1888 and who composed three thousand songs in his lifetime, couldn't read music. In the White House, there are 13,092 Knives, forks, and spoons.

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NEWS April 10, 2007

THIS DATE IN HISTORY Today is Tuesday, April 10, the 100th day of 2007. There are 265 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On April 10, 1912, the RMS Titanic set sail from Southampton, England, on its ill-fated maiden voyage. On this date: In 1790, President George Washington signed into law the first United States Patent Act. In 1866, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was incorporated. In 1925, the novel "The Great Gatsby," by F. Scott Fitzgerald, was first published. In 1932, German president Paul Von Hindenburg was reelected in a runoff, with Adolf Hitler coming in second. In 1957, Egypt reopened the Suez Canal to all shipping traffic. (The canal had been closed due to wreckage resulting from the Suez Crisis.) In 1957, John 'Osborne's play "The Entertainer," starring Laurence Olivier, opened in London. In 1963, the nuclear-powered submarine USS Thresher sank during deep-diving tests off Cape Cod, Mass., in a disaster that claimed 129 lives. In 1972, the United States and the Soviet Union joined some 70 nations in signing an agreement ban-

ning biological warfare.

had fueled nationwide unrest.

In 1981, imprisoned IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands was declared the winner of a by-election to the British Parliament.

Today's Birthdays: Actor Harry Morgan is 92. Actor Max von Sydow is 78. Actress Liz Sheridan is 78. Actor Omar Sharif is 75. Author David Halberstam is 73. Sportscaster John Madden is 71. Rhythm-and-blues singer Bobbie Smith (The Spinners) is 71. Sportscaster Don Meredith is 69. Reggae artist Bunny Wailer is 60. Actor Steven Seagal is 56. Folk-pop singer Terre Roche (The Roches) is 54. Actor Peter MacNicol is 53. Rock musician Steven Gustafson (10,000 Maniacs) is 50. Singer-producer Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds is 49. Rock singer-musician Brian Setzer is 48. Rapper Afrika Bambaataa is 47. Rock singer Katrina Leskanich is 47. Actor Jeb Adams is 46. Olympic gold medal speedskater Cathy Turner is 45. Rock musician Tim "Herb" Alexander is 42. Actor-comedian Orlando Jones is 39. Singer Kenny Lattimore is 37. Rapper Kamaal (aka Q-Tip) is 37. Blues singer Shemekia Copeland is 28. Actress Chyler Leigh is 25. Actor Ryan Merriman is 24. Singer Mandy Moore is 23. Actor Haley Joel Osment is 19.

In 1998, the Northern Ireland peace talks concluded as negotiators reached a landmark settlement to end 30 years of bitter rivalries and bloody attacks. Ten years ago: A federal judge struck down the LineItem Veto Act, a law that let the president strike specific items from spending bills passed by Congress. (The U.S. Supreme Court later set aside the judge's ruling; however, the nation's highest court ultimately struck down the veto as unconstitutional in 1998.) One-time fighter pilot and former POW Pete Peterson was confirmed by the Senate as the first postwar U.S. ambassador to Vietnam. Five years ago: Eight Israelis were killed by a suicide bomber aboard a bus in Haifa. One year ago: Former Enron Chief Executive Jeffrey Skilling began testifying in his fraud and conspiracy trial in Houston, declaring himself "absolutely innocent." Hundreds of thousands of people demanding U.S. citizenship for illegal immigrants took to the streets in dozens of cities from New York to San Diego. French President Jacques Chirac caved in to protesters, canceling a law on youth employment that

Thought for Today: "To understand another human being you must gain some insight into theconditions which made him what he is." _ Margaret Bourke-White, American photojournalist (1904-1971).


Climate report: poor will suffer most BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) The world faces increased hunger and water shortages in the poorest countries, massive floods and avalanches in Asia, and species extinction unless nations adapt to climate change and halt its progress, according to a report approved Friday by an international conference on global warming. Agreement came after an all-night session during which key sections were deleted from the draft and scientists angrily confronted government negotiators who they feared were watering down their findings.

Suspect connected to FBI shooting caught READINGTON, N.J. (AP) State police captured a third bank robbery suspect Friday connected to the deadly shooting of an FBI agent who had been tracking the men. The agent's team had fired on the armed suspects outside a bank branch in Readington on Thursday, but the FBI said the suspects did not shoot back and the agent may have accidentally been killed by one of his own colleagues.

Britons: Iran bound, threatened captives ROYAL MARINE BASE CHIVENOR, England (AP) British sailors and marines held for nearly two weeks in Iran were blindfolded, bound and threatened with prison if they did not say they had strayed into Iranian waters, a Royal Navy lieutenant who was among the capitives said Friday. Lt. Felix Carman, safely home with his 14 colleagues, said the crew faced harsh interrogation by their Iranian captors and slept in stone cells on piles of blankets. Unable to see and kept isolated, they heard weapons cocking.

N.Korea: if funds freed, inspectors in PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) North Korea's top nuclear negotiator told a visiting U.S. delegation Monday that his government would immediately invite U.N. nuclear inspectors into the country if $25 million in disputed North Korean funds is released. North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan met with New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Anthony Principi, President Bush's former veteran affairs secretary, who were visiting the capital.

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at:ucokeedu/heartwalk Let your heart decide

Walk, Donate, or both together we can create hope, inspire change, and celebrate change

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NEWS April 10, 2007

What Nathan Thinks

Hines selected to represent UCO at the state capitol "SAB was created to be the voice of what the students want the region to fund in the state of Oklahoma." -Jason Hines by Aaron Wright Staff Writer

Jason Hines, UCO Student Association President Pro Tempore, was selected to represent UCO at the capitol as part of the Student Advisory Board for the State Regents of Higher Education. Hines, a public relations junior, is one of two representatives for the regional schools of the state. He is one of seven total representatives with two serving for community colleges, one from the University of Oklahoma, one from Oklahoma State University and one from a group of private/individual universities.

"SAB was created to be the voice of what the students want the region to fund in the state of Oklahoma," said Hines. His term begins in May 2007 and ends in May 2008. He will meet with the other representatives one Sunday a month for a brainstorming session. Hines will also be required to visit two universities throughout his term and talk with their student governments. In addition, he will conduct two research projects on two subjects he wants to learn more about. "Something I'm interested in is the progress of technology in the classroom," said Hines. He was voted as the representative by the Oklahoma Student

Aaron Wright can be reached at .

len and returned to him by the watch without him ever knowing. The cast did such an amazing job that the audience was laughing the whole time. Having only seen the Kenneth Branagh version, I was personally glad to see someone good cast as Don John. It's something of an insult to Gerrin Mitchell and his performance, that the only comparison I can make is to Keanu Reeves. The Theatre Department put on an excellent production. The acting was very good and the adaptation to a different setting was pretty close to perfect.

ADO from page 1 Callie Kays and Jimmy Pike had excellent chemistry onstage as Beatrice and Benedick. The arguments between the characters had a great deal of authenticity, and both actors seemed to highlight the obvious attraction between the characters. When Benedick went on his rant about his ideal of the perfect woman, it almost seemed like he was saying "Beatrice" over and over, thanks to Pike's excellent performance. Who truly stole the show however, was Dustin Goss and his turn as Dogberry. Combining Dogberry's over-

Government Association after filling out an application and having a nomination speech given on his behalf by another student in OSGA. During his time of service, Hines will contribute to a workplan, created by the advisory board, based on the research gathered by state employees. Hines said he is most excited about visiting other universities and seeing how their student governments work. He has been involved in the UCO student government since his freshman year, 2004.

the-top character with boatloads of charisma was excellent. Whenever he was dri ihelStage, Goss' Dogberry took 'immediate control and was hilarious almost every time he spoke a line. This was enhanced by Rhys Henley's role as Verges who played an excellent straight man for Goss to play off of. The physical acting was another feather in the play's cap. The scene with a drunken Borachio and Conrad being hoodwinked by the campus watch poorly disguised as stat- Justin Langston can be reached at ues was a laugh riot, especially . when Borachio's flask was sto-

Nominations for outstanding UCO alumni being accepted by Lyndsay Gillum Staff Writer

Nominations for outstanding UCO alumni, who are to be named Distinguished Former Students, are being sought through May 25. The awards honor graduates who have continued onward to distinguish themselves as the university's best. "This prestigious, annual award honors a select few former students who have become world-class ambassadors oftheuniversity and the UCO Alumni Association," UCO Alumni website read. Sponsored by the Alumni Association, award recipients have achieved unique and outstanding accompl ishments in one of three categories: Professional, Community Service and Service to the University. Distinguished Former Students in the Professional category are recognized for their accomplishments in their chosen profession. The criteria for measuring achievement includes: recognized leadership

qualities, impact on and success in the field, dedication to field, recognition within the field, length of professional ser- vice,

degrees and pub- 1 i tions, research within field. The community service category honors former students whose voluntary leadership, dedication and contribution of time, effort and enthusiasm improve the quality of life in their neighborhood, community, city, state, or nation. "The accomplishments of a Community Service Distinguished Former Student

are especially enduring in value because their work results from personal commitment rather than a desire for personal gain," read the Distinguished Former Student rules sheet. Alumni honored with the University Service awards will be based on the nominee's devotion and loyalty to the university through volunteerism, participation in campus activities, financial support and on their continued promotion of UCO, its students and the UCO Alumni Association. Nominati ons mu stbe received in the Alumni Association office by 5 p.m. on Friday, May 25. The award winners must be present for the university's Alumni Awards Banquet on Nov. 4. For more information, or to get a nomination form, contact the Alumni Association office at 974-2421 or visit Lyndsay Gillum can be reached at

Services for Birth Mothers: •You Choose the Family for your Baby Open Adoptions •Continued Contact with Family Available •Confidential Counseling

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An Adoption Agency and Maternity Home"

by Nathan Winfrey

I'm glad to announce the success of last month's mission to the sun. The spaceship I built in my back yard touched down on the molten surface of the fiery center of our solar system as planned last week, delivering the first payload of useless and annoying celebrities into its cleansing fire, and a collective sigh of relief was heard throughout the world. However, through careful scouring of the tabloids and shows like "Entertainment Tonight," it has come to my attention that we need at least one more mission of hope. The following are the top candidates for the next shuttle. Angelina Jolie—This overrated actress-turned-political activist is about as annoying and useless as her movies ("Lara Croft," anyone?), but the worst thing about her is no one can go through the checkout line without getting ten come-hither looks from magazine covers with the pouty husband-stealer's freakish face on them. And why do we honor this woman who made Rachel from "Friends" cry? This never would have happened 10 years ago. Note to women everywhere: don't let your husbands make crappy spy movies with this one. Kanye West—He has perhaps the most bloated ego of any rap/ R&B artist in the business right now, which is saying something. If you have doubts, just look at his cover of Rolling Stone, where he appeared wearing a crown of thorns, his claims in Playboy that he should be mentioned in history books and the Bible, and his reported demand that his assistant "issue Amelle [Berrabah] with a furious telling off" when the Sugababes singer refused his romantic advances. His music is catchy, but his sweaty, conspiracy theorist rants trump any value he might have as a musician. According to him, AIDS and crack cocaine were invented by the government to bring down black people, and Bush Sr. sold anthrax to Saddam. Whether he's right or not, his first class ticket is already in the mail. Hillary Clinton—I recently saw a portrait of this presidential hopeful, but I could barely tell it was her because it was lacking

so many of her distinguishing characteristics. Like her warty, hook-like nose, green skin, forked tongue and that toothpick she uses to pick bits of puppy flesh from her teeth. Paris Hilton— Coming up with reasons to send Paris to the sun is eas-

ier than dropping a cinder block on a school of retarded fish swimming in a very, v e r y small barrel. And if I do that, I'll prob- ably get angry letters, so pick what you hate most about her and assume that's why she's getting a ticket. Dick Cheney—President Bush's grimacy sidekick has always brought to mind images of fat and greedy corporate America, but when he shot a guy in the face last year, he may have exposed another glaring character flaw: he plays way too much "Grand Theft Auto." It's the only explanation for such a sudden, violent turn. It's a proven scientific fact that everyone who plays violent videogames will start shooting their friends, and Cheney's shotgun rampage only drives home the point. We should make an example of the vice president so we can send a message to the children of America. "Grand Theft Auto" leads to real-life hunting accidents, and hunting accidents earn you a ticket to the sun. Green Day—Come on, guys. You're too old for punk music and nobody cares about your politics. Your "stick it to the man" mantra doesn't work any more because you're so old you ARE "the man." I remember a day when Green Day fans were cool, edgy and enlightened. Now, they're a bunch of green-necktie-wearing emo kids feigning perpetual heartbreak. Perhaps most bizarre is the "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" video, where lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong

says he's walking a lonely road alone, but there's two other guys walking right next to him. Is all that black eyeliner obstructing his vision? Or can he just not count? Green Day, you better pack your suntan lotion! Ryan Seacrest—Ryan is by far the most attractive woman on television today. But does she really think she's fooling anyone with all that agedefying makeup and youthful hairstyles? And exactly how did she usurp "New Years Rockin Eve" from Dick Clark and "American Top 40" from Casey Kasem? And why was she deemed worthy to fill in for Larry King? Why is she famous? Ryan! Sun! Now! Lindsey Lohan – Weren't there like two of these girls back in the '90s? I seem to remember a movie where two Lindsey Lohans had to save the day somehow. And what's the deal with her weight fluctuations? A couple years ago, she was a regular girl, and then she dropped a million pounds to somewhere between Calista Flockhart and a broom handle. Honestly, I don't care what happened to the other Lindsey Lohan, as long as their numbers are decreasing. Kevin Costner–This self-glorifying triple threat (actor, writer, director) churns out crappy movies faster than Malaysian child laborers churn out powdered wigs. Remember that movie where he had gills and swam around fighting post-apocalyptic pirates? Or that movie where he delivered post-apocalyptic letters? Or that movie where he actually SAVED Whitney Houston??? Why would he SAVE Whitney Houston? The Olsen Twins I know I may take a lot of flack on this one, especially from guys who have fantasized about little Michelle Tanner since she was in diapers, but really, since Full House,what have they done other than crap that went directly to video and was lucky to co-star Steve Guttenburg and/or Kirstie Alley? That should fill up most of the seats. If you were mentioned, please have your ticket to the sun in hand and show up early on the day of blastoff, because the line's gonna be long.

evii./V JOBS Deliverh g to campuses nationwide. .52i4)6 f:1,liNie CcotrAl Netve

Collr9t Crolul

Nclerolk te9t,ttrvf tr:0,1.krK C.0,'Ne Ctf,i0f fleb,mt,

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NEWS April 10, 2007


'Grindhouse,' a dynamic homage to exploitation films '




by Nathan Winfrey Senior Staff Writer


If graphic dismemberment, intentionally bad dialogue, unapologetic sexuality and antiestablishment cinema presented through the loving, rose-colored lens of nostalgia sounds interesting to you, "Grindhouse" has "awesome" written all over it.

Back in the good old days, you could stretch your dollar by buying a ticket to a double feature, usually two back-to-back B-movies featuring car chases, monsters, decapitated bodies, topless women and badly-dubbed kung fu. They were violent, gory, sexy, vulgar and low budget. Visionary directors Quentin

Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have tried their best to recreate the grind house experience with their aptly-titled double feature, and the result is something that a handful of the public will adore, but most will likely ignore. But this movie was not meant for them. "Grindhouse" is a lovinglycrafted gift to movie lovers, a balls-to-the-wall nostalgia piece that harkens back to an era when car crashes were created on real highways using stuntmen in real cars instead of on some geek's computer, and when exploitive gore, clichés and nudity not only went well together, but came standard. This definitely caters to an exclusive audience, but for those lucky few who grasp why this movie is not only important, but in its own way brilliant, there's no better way to spend an evening. "Grindhouse" is actually two movies—Rodriguez's "Planet Terror," a cheesy zombie adventure film and Tarantino's "Death Proof," a campy retro car chase spectacle—separated by fake trailers for nonexistent horror films made specially for this film by budding horror directors Rob Zombie ("The Devil's Rejects"), Eli Roth ("Cabin Fever," "Hostel") and Edgar Wright ("Shaun of the Dead"). The trailers are just as entertaining as the movies they separate, featuring ridiculous premises and sight gags that will induce nonstop belly laughs from those familiar with the subgenres they spoof. Tarantino and Rodriguez have collaborated on a number of projects, perhaps most nota-

bly 2005's experimental "Sin City," so it's no surprise the gore-hound duo play so well together in the twisted, campy sandbox that is "Grindhouse." The plot of both features is deeper than one might expect, but no one who buys a ticket does so for the character development or (in Tarantino's case) witty dialogue. They want to see heads explode, cars crash and genitals melt, of which "Grindhouse"provides plenty of. The cast is perfect, with Kurt Russell back in gritty, macho form as Stuntman Mike, a sadistic gear head who preys on beautiful young women in "Death Proof." Bruce Willis is a war hero with questionable tactics and "Lost" star Naveen Andrews is a testicle-collecting biochemical engineer in "Planet Terror.'' Also, those paying attention will notice a hilarious surprise cameo in the faux trailer for "Werewolf Women of the SS" and haggard genre mainstay Danny Trejo in "Machete." Several actors and characters cross over between the two films, which both take place, at least in part, in Austin, Texas. The actor crossovers add to the realism of the experience, because for once, the audience is not expected to believe that what is happening on the screen is real. Instead, they are supposed to feel like they've been transported back in time and are sitting in a real grind house theater. It would make sense that the same cheap actors and actresses would get hired repeatedly for such films. Also, sci-fi and horror fans will recognize Michael Biehn "The

Terminator" and Tom Savini Stuntman Mike's car blasting "Dawn of the Dead". and other through a drive-in marquee with notable minor roles. Also, Fergie "Scary Movie 4" headlining. The three-hour running time of the Black Eyed Peas has a small role in "Planet Terror." may seem like too much of Other little details that a good thing, but at no time have been thrown in for effect does "Grindhouse" become include intentional continu- a chore. Somehow when the ity errors, scratchy film that final credits start to roll, it sometimes melts and breaks, hasn't overstayed its welcome. "missing reels," retro fashion, music and hairstyles. "Planet Terror" is fun, kitschy trash that maybe could stand alone with some tweaking but "Death Proof," while worthwhile, unfortunately leaves something lacking. Tarantino is a brilliant neurotic director, and you can tell he loves each Ditch class and go see it project he works on like a dot- right now. ing parent at a flute recital, but after two hours of nonstop **** mayhem and bloodshed, it's a little hard to sit through long Catch it on a boring spells of his trademark rapid- Tuesday night. fire dialogue. A much different film than "Planet Terror," *** "Death Proof' builds and builds to a rewarding climax (while Rent it and make your offering some great thrills along friends pay for it. the way), while "Planet Terror" assails the senses with thunder- ** ing explosions and blistering pustules. Perhaps flipping the Avoid it like a psycho order of the films would have ex. helped this, but it's a tough call. "Grindhouse" is a sleaze cinema history lesson that works only because of the way it's prjespAted. Resurrecting the Worse than a round of grirjd house is a unique con- rabies shots. cptAat really delivers what it promises. Nothing about this double feature is to be taken seriously, except perhaps the message that movies today Nathan Winfrey can be reached at have lost their way, a theme best illustrated by a shot of .

4 1/2 Stars/5



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NEWS April 10, 2007

Thousands protest fourth anniversary of liberation

AP Photo by Alaa al-Marjani

A follower of anti-US cleric Muqtada al-Sadr beats a stuffed snake bearing a stars and stripes design with his shoe, considered an ultimate insult in Iraq, in the holy city of Najaf, Iraq, Monday, April 9, on the fourth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad. al-Sadr called for an enormous demonstration to mark the anniversary in the holy cities of Kufa and Najaf and ordered his militiamen to redouble their battle to oust American forces and argued that Iraq's army and police should join him in defeating "your arch-enemy."

Tens of thousands draped themselves in Iraqi flags and marched peacefully through the streets of two Shiite holy cities Monday to mark the fourth anniversary of Baghdad's fall. Demonstrators were flanked by two cordons of police as they called for U.S. forces to leave, shouting "Get out, get out occupier!" Security was tight across Iraq, with a 24-hour ban on all vehicles in Baghdad starting from 5 a.m. Monday. The government

quickly reinstated the day, as a holiday, rescinding its weekend order that had decreed that April 9 no longer would be a day, off The Najaf rally was) ordered by Muqtada al-Sadr, the powerful Shiite cleric whoittslayrgarlier issued a stateme ✓ardeting his militiamen to redouble their battle to oust American forces, and argued that Iraq's army and police should join him in defeating "your archenemy." Demonstrators marched from Kufa to neighbor-

ing Najaf, 100 miles south of Baghdad. Those marching were overwhelmingly Shiite, but Sunnis who are believed to make up the heart of Iraq's insurgency have also called for an American withdrawal. Some at the rally waved small Iraqi flags; others hoisted a giant flag 10 yards long. Leaflets fluttered through the breeze reading: "Yes, Yes to Iraq" and "Yes, Yes to Muqtada. Occupiers should leave Iraq." "The enemy that is occupy-

ing our country is now targeting the dignity of the Iraqi people," said lawmaker Nassar alRubaie, head of al-Sadr's bloc in parliament, as he marched. "After four years of occupation, we have hundreds of thousands of people dead and wounded." A senior official in alSadr's organization in Najaf, Salah al-Obaydi, called the rally a "call for liberation." "We're hoping that by next year's anniversary, we will be an independent and liberated Iraq with full sovereignty," he said. Al-Sadr did not attend the demonstration, and has not appeared in public for months. U.S. officials say he left Iraq for neighboring Iran after the Feb. 14 start of a Baghdad security crackdown, but his followers say he is in Iraq. Iraqi soldiers in uniform joined the crowd, which was led by at least a dozen turbaned clerics _ including one Sunni. Many marchers danced as they moved through the streets. The demonstration ended without violence after about three hours, but two ambulances could be seen moving slowly with the marching crowd, poised to help if violence or stampedes broke out. Col. Steven Boylan, a U.S. military spokesman and aide to the commander of all U.S. forces in Iraq, praised the peaceful nature of the demonstration, saying Iraqis "could not have done this four years ago." "This is the right to assemble, the right to free speech they didn't have that under the former regime," Boylan said. "This is progress, there's no two ways about it." Monday's demonstration marks four years since

U.S. Marines and the Army's 3rd Infantry Division swept into the Iraqi capital 20 days into the American invasion. Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said Monday that "mistakes were made" after Saddam Hussein's regime was ousted four years ago. "The main mistake was a vacuum left in the fields of security and politics, and second mistake was how liberating forces became occupation forces," Zebari told Al-Arabiyah television. Cars were banned from Najaf for 24 hours starting from 8 p.m. Sunday, said police spokesman Col. Ali Jiryo. Buses idled at all entrances of the city to transport arriving demonstrators or other visitors to the city center. Najaf residents would be allowed to drive, he said. In a statement distributed in Najaf on Sunday, al-Sadr called on Iraqi forces to stop cooperating with America. "You, the Iraqi army and police forces, don't walk alongside the occupiers, because they are your archenemy," the statement said. Al-Sadr, who commands an enormous following among Iraq's majority Shiites and has close allies in the Shiitedominated government, urged his followers not to attack fellow Iraqis but to turn all their efforts on American forces. "God has ordered you to be patient in front of your enemy, and unify your efforts against them _ not against the sons of Iraq," it said. Al-Sadr had reportedly ordered his militia to disarm and stay off the streets during the Baghdad crackdown, though he has nevertheless issued a series

of sharp anti-American statements, demanding the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops. Sunday's statement was apparently issued in response to three days of clashes between his Mandi Army militiamen and U.S.-backed Iraqi troops in Diwaniyah, 80 miles south of Baghdad. American troops continued operations in Diwaniyah on Monday, detaining four guards at the office of a Shiite political party and scouring two neighborhoods in the city's northern and eastern sections, police said. At least 24 suspects were detained and one civilian was killed, police said. U.S. officials had no immediate comment. On Sunday, thousands ofresidents in Baghdad's largest Shiite slum, Sadr City, boarded buses and minivans bound for Najaf. Iraqi flags flew from most houses and shops in Sadr City. Drivers and motorcyclists affixed them to their vehicles. Police escorted convoys of pickup trucks overflowing with young boys waving Iraqi flags, en route to Najaf; Despite the curfews, violence persisted Monday. In southern.: Baghdad, a sniper killed a civilian and a policeman, and a morh:",: tar round killed one person and, wounded two others, police said: Police in Buhriz, about 35 miles north of Baghdad, said clashes broke out between unknown gunmen and al-Qaida fighters leaving 30 people injured. U.S. forces captured 14 suspects in raids across Iraq on Monday, targeting alQaida in Iraq members and car bomb-makers, the military said in a statement.

Pope Benedict XVI mourns 'continual slaughter' Even on Christianity's most joyous day, Pope Benedict XVI lamented the "continual slaughter" in Iraq and unrest in Afghanistan as he denounced "the thousand faces of violence which some people attempt to justify in the name of religion." In his message for Easter, Benedict said suffering worldwide puts faith to the test. "How many wounds, how much suffering there is in the world," the pontiff told tens of thousands of pilgrims, tourists and Romans gathered Sunday at St. Peter's Square where he had just finished celebrating Mass. Benedict, delivering his traditional "Urbi et Orbi" Easter address from the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica, denounced terrorism and kidnappings, and "the thousand faces of violence which some people attempt to justify in the name of religion," as well as human rights violations. "Afghanistan is marked by growing unrest and instability," Benedict said. "In the Middle East, besides some signs of hope in the dialogue between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, unfortunately, nothing positive comes from Iraq, torn apart by continual slaughter as the civil population flees." He also had harsh words about the "underestimated humanitarian situation" in Darfur as well as other African places of suffering. These included violence and looting in Congo,

fighting in Somalia, and the "grievous crisis" in Zimbabwe, marked by crackdowns on dissidents, a disastrous economy and severe corruption.' Benedict said political "paralysis" threatened Lebanon's future. "Suffering, evil, injustice, death, especially when it strikes the innocent such as children who are victims of war and terrorism, of sickness and hunger, does not all of this put our faith to the test?" In contrast to his sorrowful address were the bright red, pink, yellow and orange splashes of color from flowers which adorned the steps of the basilica and surrounded the outdoor altar where he celebrated Mass under hazy sunshine. Voices of choir boys floated across the square, as did the smell of incense sprinkled by clerics. In an unusual touch for the Vatican's Easter Mass, blackrobed clerics intoned a long chant from the Byzantine liturgy. This year, Eastern and Western celebrations coincided. The two rites often celebrate Easter on different dates because of different church calendars. Benedict ended his appearance by offering Easter greetings in dozens of languages, including Arabic and Hebrew, and gave the crowd his apostolic blessing. After a grueling Holy Week schedule of long public appearances, the pontiff, who turns 80 on April 16, planned to spend a

AP Photo

In this photo released by the Vatican's L'Osservatore Romano newspaper, Pope Benedict XVI looks on for the "Urbi et Orbi" ("To The City and to The World") Easter address from the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, Sunday, April 8, 2007. The Pontiff decried suffering in much of the world to tens of thousands of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square, and read out a litany of troubling current events, saying he was thinking of the "terrorism and kidnapping of people, of the thousand faces of violence which some people attempt to justify in the name of religion, of contempt for life, of the violation of human rights and the exploitation of persons."

few days in the papal summer residence at Castel Gandolfo, in the Alban Hills south of Rome. Besides his birthday, April

also brings the second anniversary of his election as head of the world's 1.1 billion Catholics.




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NEWS April 10, 2007

Minister's wife accused of killing her husband "I was just tired of it. I guess I just got to a point and snapped" -Mary Winkler

AP Photo by Russell Ingle

Mary Winkler walks into McNairy County Court in Selmer, Tenn., Monday, April 9, for jury selection in her first degree trial. Winkler, 33, is accused of killling her husband, Matthew, a popular young minister who was found dead from a shotgun blast March 22, 2006, in the bedroom of the church parsonage in Selmer.

A young minister's wife walked into court with her lawyers Monday for the start of her murder trial in the shotgun killing of her husband in their church parsonage. Mary Winkler, a quiet mother of three, was met by a crowd of photographers and TV cameras as she arrived for the start of jury selection. Authorities said Matthew Winkler, 31, minister at the Fourth Street Church of Christ in this small western Tennessee town, was struck by a single blast on March 22, 2006. His wife was arrested a day later in Orange Beach, Ala., some 340 miles from Selmer, with their three young daughters. Police say she admitted shooting her husband, and that it had something to do with his constant criticism. "It was just building up to this point," Winkler said, according to a statement taken by Alabama police. "I was just tired of it. I guess I just got to a point and snapped." The trial could last several weeks. Because of the attention

the case has drawn, the town of about 4,500 people, some 80 miles east of Memphis, had to make preparations for the horde of reporters and spectators who showed up Monday. About 160 potential jurors crowded into the tiny courtroom. As jury selection began, Judge Weber McCraw kept reporters out of the courtroom because of the lack of space. "We've had some murders in this county, but nothing this sensationalized. It kind of caught us off guard," McNairy County Circuit Court Clerk Ronnie Brooks said. Friends have said they can't understand how someone as sweet and quiet as Mary Winkler could be charged with murder. "This was a perfect family,'!Audy Turner, a member of a' church where Matthew Winkler was assigned before coming to Selmer. If convicted, Winkler would be senteked to life in prison with paroleVoSsible after 51 years. While Winkler has been found competent to stand trial, her attorneys, Steve Farese

and Leslie Bailin, have indicated they may argue that she lacked the required state of mind to commit premeditated first-degree murder. But mostly, Farese, Ballin and prosecutors have been mum about the case. "I'm sure it would allay a lot of people's fears if they know the whole story, but as you know, they cannot know the whole story until we go to court," Farese said in August when Winkler was released on $750,000 bail. The Winklers were married in 1996. They met at FreedHardeman University, a Church of Christ-affiliated school in Henderson where Matthew's father was an adjunct professor. Mary took education classes, and Matthew took Bible classes. Neither graduated. Before moving to Selmer, Matthew Winkler taught Bible classes part-time at Boyd Christian School, a Church of Christ-affiliated school in McMinnville.

Iran announces uranium enrichment program "What we are looking for are reasonable Iranian leaders who view the cost-benefit calculation and see that it is not to the benefit of the Iranian people to continue to pursue the course on which they find themselves." -Sean McCormack, State Department spokesman Iran announced Monday that it has begun enriching uranium with 3,000 centrifuges, defiantly expanding a nucl earprogram that has drawn U.N. sanctions and condemnation from the West. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said at a ceremony at the enrichment facility at Natanz that Iran was now capable of enriching nuclear fuel "on an industrial scale." Asked if Iran has begun injecting uranium gas into 3,000 centrifuges for enrichment, top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani replied, "Yes." He did not elaborate, but it was the first confirmation that Iran had installed the larger set of centrifuges after months of saying it intends to do so. Until now, Iran was only known to have 328 centrifuges operating. Uranium enrichment can produce fuel for a nuclear reactor or the material for a nuclear warhead. The United States and its allies accuse Iran of

intending to produce weapons, a charge the country denies. Sean McCormack, the State Department spokesman, said the U.N. Security Council and the U.N. nuclear watchdog group "don't believe Iran's assurances that their (nuclear) program is peaceful in nature." The Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N. nuclear watchdog, had no immediate comment on Monday's announcement. The United Nations has vowed to ratchet up sane: tions as long as Iran refuses to suspend enrichment. The Security Council first imposed limited sanctions in December, then increased them slightly last month and has set a new deadline of late May. "What we are looking for are reasonable Iranian leaders who view the cost-benefit calculation and see that it is not to the benefit of the Iranian people to continue to pursue

the course on which they find themselves," McCormack said. Iranian state television reported Monday that an Iranian Revolutionary Guard general who is under travel restrictions urged by the sanctions has visited Russia without any difficulty. Gen. Mohammad Baqer Zolqadr, who is also deputy interior minister for security affairs, was quoted on the state TV Web site as saying that his six-day journey to Moscow, which ended Monday, showed "the ineffectiveness of the resolution." The resolution urges all governments to ban visits by the 15 individuals and says that should such visits occur _ presumably for exceptional circumstances _ the countries should notify a U.N. committee. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Krivtsov confirmed that Zolqadr visited Russia. He told The Associated Press that the resolution does not prohibit visits by the listed

individuals, but calls for heightened vigilance "directed first of all at people who are directly related to nuclear programs" _ suggesting that Zolqadr was not. Tensions are also high between Iran and the West following the 13-day detention of 15 British sailors by Iran. The sailors, who were seized by Revolutionary Guards off the Iraqi coast, were released on Wednesday, but since then have said they were put under psychological pressure by their captors to force them to "confess" to being in Iranian waters when captured, angering many in Britain. In his speech, Ahmadinejad insisted Iran has been cooperative with the U.N. nuclear watchdog, allowing it inspections of its facilities, but he warned, "Don't do something that will make this great nation reconsider its policies" in a reference to the threat of increased U.N. sanctions.

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"With great honor, I declare that as of today our dear country has joined the nuclear club of nations and can produce nuclear fuel on an industrial scale," Ahmadinejad said. Larijani, said his country was willing to offer assurances that its program is peaceful. But he said the West must accept its nuclear program as a fact. "We are ready to reach understanding with the Westerners through a corridor of real negotiations _ in the current situation, in which Iran's nuclear activities have been concluded," state television quoted Larijani as saying. "The understanding regards assuring the other party about the peacefulness of Iran's nuclear activities," he said. "But we do not give in our rights." On April 9, 2006, Iran announced it had first enriched uranium using an array of 164 centrifuges. Across Iran, school bells


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rang on Monday to mark the "national day of nuclear energy." The. government sent out text messages of congratulations for the occasion to millions of mobile phone users. In Tehran, some 200 students formed a human chain at Iran's Atomic Energy Organization while chanting "death to America" and "death to Britain." The students burnt flags of the U.S. and Britain. Experts say the Natanz plant needs between 50,000 to 60,000 centrifuges to consistently produce fuel for a reactor or build a warhead. In the enrichment process, uranium gas is pumped into a "cascade" of thousands of centrifuges, which spin the gas at supersonic speeds to purify it. Uranium enriched to a low level, at least 3 percent, can be used as fuel, while at a far higher level, more than 90 percent, it can be used to build a weapon.

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°April 10, 2007

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1. Riff _, California jazz band.

5. Suggestion of some quality. 10. Act in a teasing way. 14. _ Dream, 2005 film. 15. Small measure. 16. Pier produced by thickening a wall at its termination. 17. Wavelike motion. 19. Magna published monthly in the magazine Afternoon. 20. Plural of "goose." 21. Roused to anger. 22. Sticky substances obtained from the stems of some plants and trees. 23. Accelerate the movement. 25. Located below something. 27. Consequently. 29. Muse of lyric and love poetry. 32. Ilene _, folk singer. 35. Sing with trills. 39. Attempt to get something. 40. DIIII brown color. 41. Wattled. 42. Mask attachment protecting the neck and throat area. 43. River in northwest Germany. 44. Vadym _, Ukrainian banker. 45. Disordered condition. 46. Tortilla chip topped with cheese and chili pepper and broiled. 48. Pliable metallic strands made in many lengths and diameters. 50. Gillian _, actress. 54. Any age prior to legal age. 58. Aromatic resinous substance used for healing. 60. Center on which something rotates. 62. Essential oil obtained from flowers. 63. 6th month of the ecclesiastical year in the Jewish calendar. 64. Island in the West Indies. 66. _Tiler, fictional character on Dr. Who.

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11 Broncho baseball; the statistical story April 10, 2007

While in hot pursuit of a second divisional championship, the Broncho baseball team has amassed a successful 26-13-1 record as of April 7. UCO has an opportunity to strengthen its case when the team travels to Lawton to battle Cameron University on Wednesday, April 11. Cameron is even with a record of 1818, but is tied for first in the division as of last Friday. The hopes of the team are carried by the top of the order. Lead off hitter Derec Norman has reached base safely in 69 of his 151 at bats. He has also scored 41 times, which ties for the lead with second baseman Tim Sullivan. It is designated hitter Byrce Columbus though who leads the team in batting with a.430 batting average. He has safely reached base in 83 out of 121 at bats. He's been beaned a team-high 13 times. Columbus has sailed to 13 doubles and a pair of triples, both of which tie Sullivan for the lead in each category. He has also added three homeruns and 32 RBIs. Sullivan has been a machine this season and is the only other batter hitting above the .400 mark. He's earned an average of .409. Sullivan has been Walked 21 times, the most of any Broncho, and he has batted in 32 runners and knocked the ball out of the park 4 times. Shortstop Michael Pollock is tied with Norman for the lead in the hitting category. Pollock has 53 hits on the season. He has the second most RBIs with 42. It's catcher Breck Draper that carries the big stick. He has hit the ball out of the park more than any other player. Draper has belted 11 homers, two more than second place Tyler Carroll. The man behind the mask also

by Vista photographer Laehyung Lee

A UCO baseball player slides into first avoid Southwestern's pick off attempt on April 4 at Broncho Field.

leads the team with 48 RBIs. "I've been seeing the ball really well," Draper said. Draper played last year at Oklahoma State as a pitcher where he hurt his shoulder, ending his desire to pitch. He transferred to UCO in an effort to gain another position. The pitchers also deserve their fair share of credit for the team's success. Starter

Nate Nance has been nothing short of brilliant. He has tallied a 3.40 ERA with a record of 4-1. Nance leads the team with 60 strikeouts, compared to only 24 walks. He's pitched the third most innings and has the best ERA of all Broncho pitchers with 40-plus innings. "Been pitching really well," head coach Wendell Simmons said of the team's

performance on the mound. Closer Cameron Kamer has been automatic in his late game appearances. He's pitched 22.1 innings and has an ERA of 2.42. He's struck out 20 and walked 11. The Bronchos have had an impressive season up to this point, but stats only go so far. The remaining games all feature match-ups with divisional opponents and give the team the

;.) . 6,, H.

opporttyaity to increase the most importatateistat, of all — wins. 1 0 , ,! • •

•YTotni :

Jeff Massie can be reached at J71

Tennis team loses close match by Justin Langston Sports Writer

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The UCO Tennis team took on No. 12 NAIA Oklahoma Christian last Wednesday, taking them to the last game and losing with a tie breaker. "All the girls really put their

heart into the match," head coach Natalya Smith said. "It was a really great game, it came down to one match and unfortunately we didn't make it. I think this is the last year we'll lose to Oklahoma Christian." In doubles, UCO won only one of the three games. The

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Broncho's No. 1 doubles team of Julie Vo and Dasha Titinka lost 8-1. In the next game, UCO evened the score, with a victory from the team of Kasey Adams and Domi Kovacikova, defeating Oklahoma Christian 8-2. In the last game the team of Amy Cabato and Kyra Cody came close to taking the doubles victory, but lost 8-6. In singles competition, UCO was barely edged out by Oklahoma Christian 5-4. Vo, Cody, Cabato and Tarryn peSouza each had victories, but Adams was beaten in the last game by only one point. Vo won the first game, defeating her opponent in her set, first 6-1 then 6-3. The next two sets were losses when Titkina and Kovacikova were defeated. Caboto stepped up next, and promptly won both of her sets, first 6-4 and then 6-2, putting the match at 2-2. Adams came next and had a split set. Going into the tiebreaker, Adams almost pulled off the victory, but was defeated 7-6. Cody came onto the court next and quickly defeated her opponent in both games, first 6-0, then 6-3. The team was set to play two road games on Friday, but both of them were canceled. UCO's overall record is 4-11. Their next game will be at home, against Newman University on April 13 at noon.



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anistifEng10 bilingol skills.

Picture by student photographer Iva Jalava

UCO sophomore Amy Cabato hits a backiind against Oklahoma Christian on April 4 at the UCO tennis courts.

Justin Langston can be reached at

Retraction: Abilene Christiqo st> ked No. 6. Abilene's ranking was not No. 28 as stated ina on April 3.




to 1 •

Equal Opporrunlry Employer





April 10, 2007


Bronchos take two of three from Redmen by Jeff Massie Sports Writer The Broncho baseball team disposed of Northeastern State University in Tahlequah over the weekend, winning the series two games to one. UCO has been victorious in six of its last 10 games. "I thought we played really well," head coach Wendell Simmons said. "Played good defense." The Bronchos succeeded in the initial game of the series, winning the match-up 11-7. After three innings, UCO trailed 4-2, but then added three runs in

the fourth and another six in the sixth inning. The game was a nine inning affair compared to the other two seven inning games. The sixth inning scoring surge proved to be vital, and expanded the lead from one run to seven. The Redmen would continue to fight, and added another three runs before the game would come to an end with UCO prevailing 11-7. The team was aided by Northeastern's poor play in the field. The Redmen committed four errors which resulted in seven unearned runs. The Bronchos had 10 hits, and with six stolen bases, employed

some strategy to advance the runners. Centerfielder Tyler Carroll successfully stole a pair of bases. Rightfielder Dustin Dailey was key at the plate. He had a team leading three hits in five appearances and also tied for the most RBIs with two. Designated hitter Bryce Columbus also had a pair of RBIs and went 2 for 5 on the day. UCO used a pitch by committee approach in the game and gave up a season-worst nine walks. Starter Nate Nance was credited with the win. He struck out four and walked seven in five innings pitched. Nance also surrendered four runs.

The second game ofthe series proved to be a pitchers duel with UCO's Joe Noyes coming out on the losing end of the 1-0 defeat. Noyes pitched a complete game, holding the Redmen scoreless before yielding a walk-off homerun in the bottom of the seventh and final inning. Noyes had only given up three hits before the homer and struck out two while walking three. UCO outhit its opponent 6-4, but was unable to convert any of those into runs. The Bronchos left five runners stranded. Columbus led the team with two hits in three plate appearances. After a tough loss, the

Bronchos responded with a earned three hits in all three decisive 8-2 victory. Pitcher appearances at the plate. Pollock Brett Case went all seven also had a double in the contest innings and earned the win. He was one of six Bronchos to He struck out a dozen Redmen belt a double. Dailey also earned while only giving up five a triple as seven of the team's hits, two walks and two runs. 11 hits went for extra bases. Coach Simmons said The Bronchos will travel both Case and Noyes threw to Lawton for a doubleheader really good games dur- against Cameron University ing the Northeasern series. on Wednesday. Cameron UCO trailed 2-1 before tak- is tied for the lead in the ing a one-run advantage in the North division as of April 6. fourth. The remaining five runs were then added in the sixth inning. After the first inning, Northeastern was held scoreless. Shortstop Michael Pollock Jeff Massie can be reached at was flawless at the plate. He jmassie2©

Softball Statistics: Batting Average: -M. Campbell .488 -J. Craig .419 -K. Kauk .356 -S Walden .341 -E. Bounds .310

'I'm running late . ••,

• NI, t ,

Doubles: -A. Roberts 6 -J. Craig 5 -K. Kauk 5 -S Walden 5 -E. Bounds 5 Homeruns: -S. Walden 6 -J. Craig 4 -A. Roberts 4 -K. Kauk 3 -E. Bounds 1 RBIs: -S. Walden 21 -J. Craig 20 -A. Roberts 15 -K. Kauk 15 -E. Bounds 14 Stolen Bases: -M. Campbell 17 -S. Walden 9 -A. Roberts 6 -C. Cleaver 5 -S. Canfield 3


ERA: -H. Brandt 1.13 -A Blake 1.33 -M. Shivers 5.00 -B. Zimmerman 5.40 Strikeouts: -H. Brandt 64 -A. Blake 59 -B. Zimmerman 15 -M. Shivers 14

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-M. Shivers 7 -A. Blake 9 -B. Zimmerman 10 -H. Brandt 22 Innings Pitched: -A. Blake 84.1 -H. Brandt 68 -M. Shivers 14 -B. Zimmerman 11.2

The Vista April 10, 2007  

The University of Central Oklahoma's student voice since 1903.

The Vista April 10, 2007  

The University of Central Oklahoma's student voice since 1903.