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Freshmen royalty crowned

CREATIVITY STRESSED AT SYMPOSIUM by Justin Langston Senior Staff Writer

On Friday, the University of Central Oklahoma hosted the Creativity and Innovation in Education Symposium. It served as the event for the launch day for the State of Creativity concerning higher education. The symposium had several speakers, including Sir Ken Robinson, Pascal Cools of Flanders DC, UCO University President Roger Webb, and Oklahoma Secretary of State Susan Savage. "The symposium was to start the discussion on how we, especially in higher education, can be innovative," said Cynthia Rolfe, UCO's vice president for Information Technology. • The symposium was dreamed up after Gov. Brad Henry declared 2008 as the Year of Creativity. The state wanted to harvest the creative spirit which has emerged over the past year, and also to make sure it didn't fade into the background once again, Rolfe said. "As we went through the different communities of Oklahoma, we found there was a lot of innovation that no one talks about," Rolfe said. - UCO volunteered to host the symposium because the administration felt creativity is an important skill for its students to have. The school took a leadership role in order to cultivate the intellectual atmosphere to allow creativity to flourish for students and faculty, she said. Rolfe believes the university doesn't want creativ-

ity to simply be a buzzword with no real substance. The school intends to apply creative thought to teaching and thinking skills by utilizing the creative method. This requires different thinking and is designed to expand and exercise aspects of the user's thinking skills, as well as to solve problems. By applying this to the classroom, it requires that students learn to think differently in each phase of problem solving. UCO also hopes to apply the use of creativity by recognizing that students in the same class are looking at the given information from different perspectives. By recognizing that people think differently and look at problems from different perspectives. The school believes people will do better at solving problems by taking in different perspectives and encouraging collaborative efforts, which the school sees as inherently more creative, Rolfe said. "You put 20 people in a room with one instructor, the instructor tells them the same thing and the 20 students interpret this through their own personal lens," Rolfe said. "Even if the individual is creative, he isn't' as creative as the collective consciousness." According to Rolfe, the university hopes its new initiative will better prepare students for the current world as well as enrich their own abilities as students and thinkers.

by Jordan Richison Staff Writer

by Vista photographer Brenda O'Brian

Sir Ken Robinson speaks at the Grand Ballroom in Nigh University Center on Friday, Feb. 8.

Justin Langston can be reached at jlangston@thevistaonline. COM.

Jacob Lewandowski and Elizabeth Le were named 2007-08 Freshman King and Queen on Feb. 6 during halftime of the Men's Basketball game at Hamilton Field House. After being announced the winners, 2006-07 Freshman King and Queen Jared Epling and Amanda Ardese crowned Lewandowski and Le at half court. Lewandowski, biology major, is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and Presidents Leadership Council. He is also involved with Freshman Follies, UCOSA, and Murdaugh Hall Council. Lewandowski has also volunteered for the 9-11 Service Project, WinterGlow and Dodge Ball for the Kids. Lewandowski said he was humbled and excited being named Freshman King. Le, speech language pathology major, is a member of the Delta Zeta sorority. She is involved in several activities on campus including WinterGlow Chair, Freshman Follies, and Emerging Leaders. Le said being named Freshman Queen feels absolutely incredible. She said getting crowned by Ardese made it even more special because she is one of her Delta Zeta sisters. UCO sprit coordinator

see FRESHMAN, page 5

Vice Pres. Munson Ex-police chief to speak tomorrow leads lobbying effort . M.T. Berry, OKC's first such an esteemed person to

black chief of police, will share with us at this event. Mr. speak in Heritage Hall Berry's accomplishments are a testimony to the progress of tomorrow.

by Nelson Solomon Staff Writer

UCOSA Vice President Cyndi Munson promised in her campaign last spring that she would make student lobbying a priority during her term. That goal is becoming a reality when representatives from UCO, on Feb. 27, will attend Higher Education Day at the state capitol. Munson said students from UCO travel to the state capital every year for this day, but their goal this year is to have UCO's presence and persistence known. "This year, our goal is to bring a record-breaking number of students to show that UCO is very serious about paying close attention to higher education where funding is concerned," she said. While most schools end their efforts at this event, Munson said her goal is to maintain the pressure on legislators. "We intend to follow up by

by Andrew Knittle Editor in Chief

by Vista photographer Brenda O'Brian

Cyndi Munson speaks to the Senate at the UCOSA meeting in the Robert S. Kerr Room on Monday, Feb. 11.

writing letters, making phone calls and making random trips to the capital to meet with state legislators about issues in higher education," she said. "Eventually, I would like to see that we get involved with the State Regents since

see MUNSON, page 3

News Central Channel 6 Mon. through Thurs. at 5 p.m.

Oklahoma City's first black Chief of Police and U C O graduate Major "M.T." Berry will speak at 2 p.m. tomorrow in the Heritage Room, located in the Nigh University Center. Berry will be the keynote speaker for "The Audacity to Dream: African American Success Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow," where he will address "leadership, character, civility and community," according to a university press release. Barry Lofton, president of the African American Faculty/ Staff Association, said Berry used hard work, education and commiment to become a success and noted how proud the local black community is of the former police chief. "We are delighted to have

African Americans," Lofton said. "He is an inspiration to individuals of all cultural backgrounds who strive to achieve their dreams." . Berry served as chief of police in Oklahoma City from 1998 to 2003 and currently works for OKC as an assistant city manager in charge of the fire and police departments, municipal courts, the Fire/ Police Capital Equipment Tax Office and other community services. The event, made possible by Multicultural Student Services and the AAFSA, will also honor Blanche Washington and Shelia Fugett-McGill for the pair's service to the university. "The Audacity to Dream: African American Success Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" is free and open to the public. For further information about the day's events, contact Lofton at 9743603.

"Sitting at the table doesn't make you a dinner, unless you eat some of what's on that plate. Being here in America doesn't make you an American. Being born here in America doesn't make you an American." -Malcolm X

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M.T. Berry, a UCO grad and Oklahoma City's first black chief of police, will speak in Heritage Hall on Feb. 13 at 2 p.m.

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February 12, 2008 11S


M 2 A 'ID 4 E 5 1_ e E E 8 ID S 191 't It W E R °A L 0 R E 'T A M E lb L A T 1 A I R nip A S E 0 2bRC 21 1 SM 22GUill 2 tMS 2filEE1DLE 2-11D 'LEI i_ A let '0 K 4 E 42TERNAL *t O 37s 38, o °REMORA 1DOOD1_ E B L Y °I T A L I A N 4 `\A 'TAMES 'OWE 13 R 5/ I ICINt L 5N( E 54S NOR 13 1 N 6t A sti13 EL 1-1 E R E 1 7b E R eeL 67U D E 1\1 'APSE 'TR I ES 72R ET E T 76AL ER T S T E N 7 MAS 1



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5 7 2 4 1 6 9 8 8 4 3 9 9 5 7 4 2 8 1 7 3 1 2 9 5 4 3 3 8 7 6 2 1 6 5

6 2 1 4 3 5 7 9 8

3 7 5 8 9 6 1 2 4

8 3 6 1 5 9 2 4 7

1 4 2 3 7 8 6 5 9

9 5 7 2 6 4 8 1 3

Cartoon by Jared Aylor

Puzzle by

CAMPUS QUOTES: Compiled and photographed by Chris Albers

"If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you be and why?" "I would be Beyonce because she's my favorite person in the world. No one can touch her."

Brittany Johnson Freshman, Elementary Education

"I would be Johnny Depp. Yo ho!. I would be a pirate, of course."



Junior, General Studies

"I would be a movie star, so I wouldn't have to go to school."

Jasmine Lewis Junior, Nursing

"The Drift King, so I could drift cool cars that aren't mine."

Jacob Tyler Junior, General Studies

"I'd like to be Hillary Clinton, since it would be cool to be in the political life for a day and see what she is going through."

by Alex Gambill Superdelegates, what are they? Well, they don't wear capes and spandex, and they don't have superpowers, but they do have great power. With great power comes great responsibility. They could overturn the projected winner in the democratic race by choosing not to vote for the people's choice of candidate. Over the weekend Sen. Barack Obama picked up a string of wins in Maine on Sunday after winning caucuses in Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington on Saturday. The weekend brought him to a total of 1,121 delegates to Sen. Hillary Clinton's 1,148. To win a candidate needs 2,025 delegates. With these current numbers and the future forecast, the nomination will probably be settled in back room deals at the Democratic National Convention held in Denver, Colo. Does this undermine the democratic process? Well in 2000, President Bush got the Electoral College and former Vice President Al Gore got the majority. One must learn that democracy, like political power, is controlled by the few and the people on the bottom don't always matter. Superdelegates are current or former officeholders and party officials. They are free to endorse any candidate

AP Photo

Newly-named precinct chairman Matt Sexton stands atop a table as he explains nominating and voting on delegates at a Democratic caucus at Seattle Central Community College Saturday, Feb. 9, 2008. Democrats crowded into caucuses in schools, union halls and homes around Washington Saturday, drawn by the tight race between New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. regardless of their state's outcome. This year's Superdelegates represent one-fifth of the total number of delegates in Denver. Superdelegates were not instituted until after 1980. The purpose was to give active politicians and other elites more influence to supposedly strengthen the Democratic ticket. This year it looks like the superdelegate vote is only

THE VISTA Comm. Building, Rm. 107 100 .N. University Dr. • Edmond, OK 73034-5209 405-974-5548 • EDITORIAL


Andrew Knittle, Editor in Chief No Lupov, Managing Editor Alex Gambill, Copy Editor

Chris Albers, Photo Editor Brenda O'Brian

ADVERTISING Lynae Lorenz Freshman, Speech Pathology

"Bill Gates because then I would sell all of my stock to me for the next day."


Keith Mooney, Ad Director

Justin Langston, Senior Staff Writer Nelson Solomon, Staff Writer Jana Davis, Staff Writer Abha Eli Phoboo, Staff Writer Jordan Richison, Staff Writer Carrie Cronk, Staff Writer

Garrett Johnson


Logan Walcher Junior, Psychology



Jeff Massie, Sports Editor

Tresa Berlemann



Steven Reckinger

Julie Clanton

going to further confuse the general voting public and further alienate Michigan and Florida moving their primaries up in the calendar. I wish we could just go back to having no Superdelegates and maybe get rid of the Electoral College while we're at it. We should also fine people for not voting. Honestly, people who complain about the government but don't vote irritate me.

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I'm even more frustrated by people who don't know what's going on in the world. For example, there was a large number of people who voted for Mitt Romney this past week in a few primaries even after he left the race. In the end, most adults in this country don't vote, so if we get another illegitimate politico in the White House it will be business as usual.

to the editor. Letters should address issues and ideas, not personalities. Letters must be typed, double-spaced, with a maximum of 150 words, and must include the author's printed name, title, major, classification and phone number. Letters are subject to editing for libel, clarity and space, or to eliminate statements of questionable taste. The Vista reserves the right not to publish submitted letters. Address letters to: Editor, The Vista, 100 N. University Dr., Edmond, OK 73034-5209, or deliver in person to the editor in the Communications Building, Room 107. Letters can be e-mailed to editorial@

February 12, 2008


Student Programming Board to host Valentine's Day event by Jordan Richison

Staff Writer

UCO's Student Programming Board is hosting the first ever "SPBe my Valentine" this Wednesday at 8 p.m. on the third floor of the Nigh University Center. Katie Comtois, SPB recreation co-chair, said the event was started as a way to give students another dance on campus. "'SPBe my Valentine' was created because SPB wanted to put on more dances on campus and we thought Valentine's was the perfect day to have one," Comtois said. She said the event will

also speed dating before the dance. "We figured we would add speed dating as well because we thought it would be something fun that students would be interested in," Comtois said. Comtois said that SPB had a hard time trying to figure out the specif- ics of speed d a t ing. She said they had to look up how speed dating actually worked in order to

figure out how they would put it on. In the end, SPB decided to make speed dating look and feel very similar to the speed dating events seen in the popular movies "Hitch" and "40 Year Old Virgin." Students will have three to four minutes to talk and once time is up the guys will rotate to the next table. At the end of the event, participants will write down the names

of the people they are interested to see if they match up with anyone. If two people match up then they will be contacted the next day with that person's information. Speed dating will take place inside the ballroom located on the third floor of the UC. She said that signup will start at 7:30 p.m. and spots will be limited. One of the things SPB is stressing is that speed dating is very non-committal and is designed to be a fun and enjoyable event. Comtois said SPB is trying to make it as relaxed as possible because they don't want everyone to think it is only

for desperate people "Speed dating is very laid back and is not supposed to be taken very seriously. It is just a fun unique way for students to meet new people," Comtois said. Some refreshments will be provided during Speed Dating. There will also be drawings for door prizes throughout the night for gift certificates from places like Panera Bread, Starbucks, Blockbuster, Coldstone Creamery, and Ted's Cafe Escondido. Directly following speed dating, the SPB Valentine's day dance will take place in the Heritage Room on the

third floor of the UC across from the ballroom. Comtois said it will be similar to the AfterGlow tacky sweater dance that SPB put on in December. The dance will feature a disc jockey playing popular dance music. Comtois said with this being a Valentine's dance, he will play an occasional slow song every now and then. She added that SPB is encouraging people to bring their friends with them to the dance. For more information about speed dating visit www. or contact ucoconcerts@yahoo. com.

MUNSON from page 1 they play a vital part in allocating funds to colleges and universities," she added. Looking into the longterm future, Munson wants to "see that UCOSA designates a committee solely dedicated to the Student Lobbying Task Force." Munson said at a recent UCOSA meeting that UCO is one of the most under-funded universities in the state, and she is using the Student Lobbying Task Force to try to make changes. "I would like to see that UCOSA carries this out as a priority because if we do not continue the fight we will not receive what we deserve in terms of funding," she said. Colleges and universities from all across the state are invited and expected to attend Higher Education Day,

according to Munson. "A majority of the students from UCO are from UCOSA, but they are representing different facets ofUCO," she said. In the past, Higher Education Day was thrown on someone at the very last minute, Munson said. "However, I feel that we are better prepared for this year since it has been one of my goals for UCOSA as I ran for Vice President," she said. Nelson Solomon can be reached at

Campaign 2008 WASHINGTON (AP) Democrat Barack Obama has a narrow lead over John McCain in a potential presidential matchup, while Hillary Rodham Clinton is about even with the Republican front-runner, an Associated Press-Ipsos poll indicated Monday. The survey is the first look at voter sentiment since last week's Super Tuesday presidential contests around the country and Mitt Romney's departure from the GOP race. Obama and Clinton are battling in a Democratic campaign that may take weeks or even months to resolve, while McCain, an Arizona senator, is the likely Republican nominee. Obama, an Illinois senator, led McCain in the poll by 48 percent to 42 percent when people were asked which one they would prefer if the presidential race were held now. Clinton, a senator from New York, got 46 percent to McCain's 45 percent in their matchup. The poll shows Clinton leading Obama in the race for the Democratic nomination, 46 percent to 41 percent. McCain is well ahead of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who has remained in the Republican contest, by 44 percent to 30 percent. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, has 9 percent.

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02008 US, Cellular Corporation. Things we want you to know: 30•day trial available only to now Napster subscribers. Credit card or PayPal information required. If you cancel your membership anytime before the end of your free 30 days, you will not be charged. After 30 days, continue using Napater To Go for just $14,95 per month. Active membership required to play songs downloaded from Napeter To Go. Syetom Requirements: PC Only, Windows Vista or XP and Windows Media Player 10 or higher, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 or higher, Internet connectivity, Napster, Napater To Go, and the Napater logo are registered trademarks of Napstor, (IC in the United States.

4 CLASSIFIEDS February 12, 2008

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EDMOND RESTAURANT With expanding retail division is looking for a personable, motivated seller who wants to help solve our customer's problems. Parttime, hourly plus commission. 900 S. Kelly. Ask for Zac between 2-4PM. 3-STAR CHILD CARE FACILITY Looking for persons wanting to work in a fun atmosphere with children. Flexible scheduling. 282-1746. JJ KELLY BRIDAL Part-time, must work Saturdays. Fashion merchandising internships available. 405-752-0029. IN-STORE SEAMSTRESS NEEDED Full or part-time. JJ Kelly Bridal. Call for interview. 405-752-0029. ALTERED IMAGES TATTOO Is seeking energetic, general studio help. Duties include greeting people with big smiles, front desk, phone, helping customers and cleaning. Weekends & possibly some evenings. Possible full-time in summer. Only naturally friendly with good cleaning skills need apply. 122nd & N. May...minutes from Edmond. $7.65 per hour. Apply in person 1-10pm seven days. Check us out at WESTIES SHOES Now hiring outgoing people for sales positions FT-PT hourly plus commission. Flexible scheduling. Apply @ 2150 W. Memorial Rd., by Old Navy. SERVER POSITION Available @ Pearl's Lakeside. Apply within. 748-6113.

MIDWEST CITY YMCA Seeking outgoing, responsible individuals for our Fitness Center. Great opportunity to work with members developing and monitoring fitness programs, including cardiovascular exercise, strength training and flexibility. Early morning, evening and weekend shifts available. We will certify you in CPR and First Aid. Join the YMCA family. Contact: Leigh Ann Hardin, Health & Fitness Director at 733-9622 CITY OF EDMOND Summer positions @ Pelican Bay Aquatic Center. Asst. Pool Manager, Cashier & Cafe Managers, Cafe Staff/Cashiers, Lifeguard Staff, Water Safety Instructors. Golf Course, Arcadia Lake, Parks & Recreation jobs also open. Job Info Line 359-4648 Apply at 100 East First, . Room 106 EXPERIENCED SERVERS Needed at Al's Cafe and Grill. Danforth & Kelly. GREAT hours! 216-9580. RECEPTIONIST & CASHIER Study while you work! Great parttime college job. M/W/F 8-1:30. T/TH 8-12. Every other Sat., 8-4. Call Brenda @ 341-8767. NEED STUDENT To' run errands, clean vacant apartments & office. Afternoons. Near UCO. Must be trustworthy & do quality work. Call Connie 641-0712. HELP WANTED: HANDY STUDENT Property maintenance. Near UCO. Afternoons 1-5 during semester break. Must be self-motivated, trustworthy. 641-0712.

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SENIOR SERVICES OF OKLA Is looking for students to fill part time positions. Several 9am - 1 pm and 1:30 pm - 5:30pm shifts are available for Mon-Fri. We pay $10 per hour for energetic phone work educating senior citizens on healthcare issues. No experience is needed we will train. Business is located at 1417 NW 150th St. in Edmond. Call 879-1888 to set up an interview. Ask for Hannah McMahan.

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■■ 63




Directions: Complete the grid so that each row, column

and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit 1 to 9.

2 9 3 5 8 1 4 7 6

4 8 9 7 1 2 3 6 5

6 2 1 4 3 5 7 9 8

3 7 5 8 9 6 1 2 4

8 3 6 1 5 9 2 4 7

1 4 2 3 7 8 6 5 9

9 5 7 2 6 4 8

111.16/ 0 CIM 'A El DOOM 13100011 12112111 L11000 011100111 00E0

Previous Solutions:

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EIMIE1129 ourerqg CI MOM MI MMIBISICI Z -z M121121M

7 6 4 9 2 3 5 8 1


5 1 8 6 4 7 9 3 2

n n


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Sir tap EIEICIL ascot


1 Ing A L


ellitE 0 F tri F 1 OMODM MIME

BS 141:ON A°



Services for Birth Mothers: • You choose the family for your baby • Free housing, medical & legal fees • Continued contact with family available • Confidential counseling Please call or visit the website: (405) 216-5240 or toll-free (866) 397-7202

Cbrig Ian erv1ce5; „c old,or,„,„ "An adoption agency and maternit y home"

Across 1. Produced by a manufacturing process. 5. City on the River Aire in West Yorkshire in northern England. 10. Acronym for In Search of Space. 14. Open vessel with a handle and spout for pouring. 15. Village in the Chiplun subdivision of the Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra, India. 16. Very restrained. 17. Animal's den. 18. Leisurely stroll. 19. Thin strip of wood or metal. 20. Character in the mythology of William Blake. 21. Visionary theory. 22. Cement consisting of a sticky substance used as an adhesive. 24. Abbreviation for Emergency Medical Services. 25. Small, sharply pointed steel instrument with an eye to receive a thread. 28. Author, Sandra _. 30. Being satisfactory. 31. One related by blood. 33. The _, U.K. series created by Jimmy McGovern. 37. Pit for packing away green fodder for winter use. 40. One of the seven departments of the Sissili Province of Burkina Faso. 41. Continuing without interruption. 43. Dog with curly hair that is usually cut only on parts of its body. 45. Family of marine bony fishes with the anterior dorsal in modified into a suctorial disk on the head by means of which they adhere to other fishes. 46. Romance language spoken in Italy. 48. First-person singular possessive. 49. Competent, capable manner. 50. Domesticates. 51. Indebted to. 53. _ (My Treasure) movie from Israel. 54. _, ovvero La leggenda del dormiente risvegliato opera by Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari. 56. Scandinavian people who raided the


■■ 23

■ .




...then look no further!

VISION QUEST IS NOW HIRING! apply online: or call (405) 749.0332 today!









II.. 80





















9 6

Looking for...









LOOKING FOR A JOB That will work around your school schedule? Well look no further. Papa John's is now hiring all positions at NW OKC & Edmond ONE BEDROOM APT. locations. Whether it's the quick Gas and water paid. No Pets! fast money of our delivery driv- Located near UCO. 1209 N. ers or your trying to build your Roosevelt. $360.00/MO. Plus resume by working for our man- deposit. 641-0712 agement team. PJs has what's right for your college experience. DILLON PARK APARTMENTS Call or stop by today. 844-7900 Now pre-leasing for Summer & Fall. Free cable T.V., UNDERCOVER SHOPPERS phone & high-speed internet. Earn up to $150 per day. Under- Call 285-5900 cover shoppers needed to judge retail establishments. Experience COLLEGE DISCOUNTS AVAIL. not required. Call 800-722-4791. Spacious 1 & 2 bed units priced from $450.00-600.00. Limited availability. Call today to reserve your new home. (405) 341-8911.








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Sudoku 9

ONE BEDROOM APT. Half a block from campus. Prefer women only. $375/per month. All bills said. Please call 823-1356.









n 71



coasts of Europe from the 8th to Ilth centuries. 60. Enclosed place for storing grain. 63. Bite, chew and swallow food. 65. Supreme triad including Anu and Ea. 66. Giant father of night. 67. Municipality and town in the province of Noord-Brabant, Netherlands. 69. Offspring of a male lion and a female tiger. 71. Present location. 72. Network of blood vessels. 73. Acronym for Tactical Radar Imagery Exploitation System. 74. Polygonal termination to the choir or aisles of a church. 75. Nuts of forest trees used as feed for swine. 76. Abandoned settlement on Ellesmere Island in Canada. 77. Narrow.

Down 1. Numerous fruits of the gourd family having a hard rind and sweet, juicy flesh. 2. Bearing in mind. 3. Become free of ice. 4. Make a mistake. 5. Mistake resulting from inattention. 6. Katrina _, country music singer. 7. Ancient Greek goddess of the dawn. 8. Small amount of residue. 9. Capital of South Korea. 10. Acronym for Intelligent Transportation System. I I. Particular instance of selling. 12. Strategically located monarchy on the southern and eastern coasts of the Arabian Peninsula. 13. Acronym for Stock Exchange Electronic Trading Service. 21. Kind of person. 23. Collective term for small, round, facc:,L1 diamonds, such as those mounted in jewelry. 26. Aimless drawings. 27. Generic term for any variety of quadruple reed oboes used in Thai music.

29. Distinctive characteristic. 31. Japanese calligraphic term referring to a free or running brushstroke: the socalled "grass" stroke. 32. Light, strong, brittle gray toxic bivalent metallic element. 34. Rounded protuberance on the surface of something. 35. British nobleman next in rank above a viscount. 36. Violent, deliberate murder. 37. Skewer for holding meat over a fire. 38. Ninth letter of Greek alphabet. 39. Soil composed of a mixture of sand, clay, silt and organic matter. 40. Beverage prepared by infusing the dried leaves of a small evergreen tree with boiling water. 42. Take a sample of. 44. Strong, tightly twisted cotton thread usually made of long-staple cotton. 47. Negative. 48. Second album by Sandie Shaw. 52. Person speaking and one or more others. 53. Slippery liquid or liquefiable substance not miscible with water. 55. Scene of the Allied conference between Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt in 1945. 56. Russian unit of length. 57. Generally incompetent and ineffectual. 58. Inhabitant of Scandinavia. 59. American punk rock hand _ Day. 60. Acronym for Backup Range Management Processor. 61. Approximate calculation of worth. 62. Materials made of threads of rope woven loosely with spaces between them. 64. Revolving piece of machinery. 65. Fermented alcoholic drink made of hops and malt. 68. Textile in which the warp and weft yarns are looped or knotted at their intersections. 70. Give. 71. Third-person present singular of "have."

February 12, 2008

Students view works at Thursday's Graphic Design Student Exhibit on the third floor of the Nigh University Center. Illustration by Chris Albers

by Vista photographer Brenda O'Brian

Jacob Lewandowski and. Elizabeth Le embrace after being named Freshman King and Queen 2008, knocking Le's crown to the ground at Hamilton Fieldhouse on Wednesday, Feb. 6.

FRESHMAN from page 1 Jordan Smith said that 10 freshmen were nominated, five men and five women. He said that the candidates had to be sponsored by a campus organization, be enrolled in at least 12 hours and have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Smith said that a panel of judges selected the candidates. He said that some of the things that were looked at in the selection process were their interviews with the panel and their involvement on campus. Smith added that only freshmen were eligible to vote. He said this year a record 375 votes were placed, topping the previous mark of 276 set last year. Lewandowski said that he felt honored by the fact that his peers selected him as the winner.

"The fact that it is peers that selected me makes it that much more enjoyable because it lets you know that the people around you appreciate you

and what you have done on campus," Lewandowski said. Le said it means so much more that her peers selected her. She added that she is very grateful for all the hard work that her friends and sorority sisters put in campaigning for her. "I honestly wouldn't have been able to obtain as many votes as I did if it weren't for my sorority sisters and other Greek and non-Greek friends who did countless things for me and supported me outstandingly! I couldn't ever thank them enough," Le said. The Greek houses went above and beyond campaigning for their candidates. They went out last week walking the campus trying to lobby freshmen to vote for their candidate's votes. Campaign T-shirts, flyers, posters, Facebook groups, car paint, sidewalk chalk, and even screaming and yelling their candidates name at passing cars are just some of the different advertising techniques they used to campaign for their candidates. Smith said that besides having the title of Freshman King and Queen, Lewandowski and Le will get to ride in the Homecoming Parade in the fall and crown next year's Freshman King and Queen. Jordan Richison can be reached at .

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Randomplay, playing soon by Jana Davis Staff Writer Three broadcasting students will be hosting a new gaming show called "Randomplay," on Fridays, to discuss videogames and updates on technology. Daniel Orren, broadcasting junior and Chase Bell, broadcasting senior, will be the hosts and Steven Farrell, broadcasting senior, will host different segments on various topics throughout the show. The first show will be Friday, Feb. 15 on UCentral, channel 125 at 1 p.m. Farrell encouraged anyone who wants to come to participate in the live audience during their Friday afternoon broadcast. For the first show, there will be a personal interview with Tom Green. Orren managed to stop Green for a brief interview down an escalator at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. "We got him saying a couple of slogans," Orren said. "There are three or four different things we can use [from the interview]," he said. Throughout the show there will be different segments that include, "The Best Games of 2007," "The Biggest Disappointment of 2007," "Friends Don't let Friends Play this Crap" and "Top 5 Games Even Your Girlfriend Would Play," Farrell said. He will also do a segment called, "Steve's Top 5 Web Sites of the Week." The show will be played randomly throughout the day on Friday and in between music videos, Orren said. "We play music videos on our channel right now, there is no set time for the show," Farrell said. He said that it will be played at least six or seven times throughout the

Photo by Alex Gambill

Broadcasting students Daniel Orren, left, and Steven Farrell are two of three students that will host "Randomplay," a segement on channel 125 to discuss new and old video games and new technology this Friday at 1 .p.m. Chase Bell is the third host. day. "We're not a news station, we are just a show to play randomly throughout the day," Farrell said. Orren and Bell are doing this for their practicum in broadcasting, but Farrell is doing it for fun. "I wanted to help out. I love doing this stuff," Farrell said. "We're all really good friends." Both Chase and Farrell

will be doing an independent film for the Eighth annual deadCENTER Film Festival from June 11 through the 15. Farrell encourages students to visit his Web site, www. to watch the show at any time. He said students can upload skits from the show, watch the interview with Tom Green or watch his personal segments made from home.

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February 12, 2008

UCO Hockey Club goes out with whimper, not bang by Justin Langston Senior Staff Writer The UCO hockey team went head to head with cross state rivals, the University of Oklahoma, this weekend in a pair of games against the No. 4 ranked team in the ACHA. UCO lost both games in overtime; the first game at the Bronchos' new home rink at the Arctic Edge Ice Arena on Friday and the second were on OU's home ice on Saturday. "We were close, but we didn't quite get over the hump," head coach Craig McAlister said. "We didn't let the rankings intimidate us, and I think it showed." Friday night's game, UCO lost 4-3 in a game that went all the way into overtime. The first period was completely scoreless, with a few close calls on both sides, but nothing quite made it into the net. Less than three minutes after the first intermission, however, OU got on the board with the first goal of the series.

Unwilling to allow a repeat of December's series, UCO responded quickly when forward Jake Roadhouse, with an assist from forward Jason Thibodeau, tied up the game. A couple of minutes later, forward Shawn Steggles fed an assist to Thibodeau, who scored the goal to give the Bronchos the lead, which the team held until the end of the period. After intermission, UCO was determined to hold their lead, which was solidified when forward AJ Alfrey knocked another one into the net, with assists from forwards Matt Cohn and Jonathon Canizzo. However, it was here where the Sooners begart to rally back. A minute later, OU got back on the board, closing UCO's advantage to a single point. Then, near the end of regulation time. OU got one more goal in to tie-up the game. At the buzzer, both teams sat at a 3-3 stalemate, forcing the game into sudden death overtime. 37 seconds into overtime, OU knocked

by Vista photographer Brenda O'Brian

Hayden Scolaro breaks from the Sooners at the Artic Edge Ice Arena on Friday, Feb. 8. The Bronchos fell to OU 3-4. one into the net and took the looked grim for a moment, victory. when OU scored in the first 30 The next night, things seconds of the game. Further,

the loss of Roadhouse, who injured himself during warm ups earlier in the day, didn't

help matters. However, the Bronchos, looking for revenge after three consecutive defeats against OU this season, refused to allow an easy victory. The Bronchos tied up the game five minutes into the first period and held the line for the entire game and through all of overtime. It wasn't until the shoot out that OU took the victory, with OU winning 2-1. This weekend is the first one the team has had off since the break, which is going to be a time for the team to rest and heal before their final game of the regular season. "A lot of people need to get healed up after these battles over the past three weeks," McAlister said. After the break, the team is off to Ohio to take on the University of Ohio on Feb. 22 and 23. The prospects for UCO entering the playoffs this season is still up in the air. Justin Langston can be reached at .

UCO wrestlers put the smackdown on Truman 39-7 by Jeff Massie Sports Editor The Bronchos dropped a bomb on Truman University last Saturday night, winning the away match 39-7. The landslide victory came a week after UCO dropped a pair of matches to highly ranked teams, a skid that dropped the defending national champions to No. 6 in the polls. With the new rankings, the Bronchos have faced four

of the top five teams and hold a combined record of 1-3 against this premier competition. After such a tough stretch, Truman forecast to be an easier opponent and the prediction turned out to be true. "We took care of business and that was good to see," head coach David James said in a statement to UCO's media relations. The Bulldogs have zero wrestlers ranked in the top eight of any weight. Quite

the opposite can be said for UCO, who has six ranked competitors out of the 10 weight classes. After dropping the opening weight, the Bronchos did their part to ensure the audience would be home early. The next three matches didn't last long, UCO won each with pins in the first round. No. 6 Tim Elliot forced his opponent's shoulders to the mat after just 1:34. Neither Trey Brascum nor No. 8 Colby Robinson let their bouts go 4

much longer, each grappler won in only 1:44. Brent Sarette then posted a 10-6 decision before Paul Mayfield suffered the Bronchos only other defeat at 165 pounds. It was then back to business as usual. Daniel Morrison inflicted the most impressive beating of the night at 174 pounds. He pinned his out-matched opponent in a mere 61 seconds. Heath Jolley, Jarrett Edison A

and Dustin Finn continued to keep things rolling, winning their three matches by a cornbined score of 31-6. , Jolley beat his man 10-4 and Edison followed with an 18-2 technical fall. At heavyweight, Finn didn't yield a single point and gave UCO another three points with his 3-0 shutout. Two home matches remain before the Bronchos embark on their most important tournaments of the season — Regionals and Nationals.

The top four places at Regionals earn a spot at Nationals where they can compete for an individual national title. The more grapplers that advance to the final tournament of the season, the better the chance UCO has to earn their 16th national championship in the previous 29 years.

Jeff Massie can be reached at .



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The Vista Feb. 12, 2008  

The University of Central Oklahoma's student voice since 1903.

The Vista Feb. 12, 2008  

The University of Central Oklahoma's student voice since 1903.