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Is this the last portrait of Henry VIII painted in his lifetime?

Photography: BNPS.


A picture of King Henry VIII, which has been on display in Longleat House in Wiltshire for more than 300 years, could be the last portrait of the Tudor monarch painted during his lifetime, new tests reveal. Although the high quality, half-length portrait, which is painted on a panel made up of four oak boards, bears the inscription: '.Anno RR . 36. .Etatis. 54.' (‘The 36th year of the king’s reign and in the 54th year of his age’, that is between 28 June 1544 and 21 April 1545) it had been thought it could be a later copy, painted after the king’s death in January 1547. Recent dendrochronological examination, using annual growth rings to date and locate the wood used, has revealed three of the boards are made from a single oak tree which could have been felled in the eastern Baltic sometime in or shortly after 1529. ‘Although this only represents a date after which the portrait must have been painted, it does allow for the key conclusion that it remains possible the work is of the same date as that implied by the inscription it bears,’ said Longleat Curator Dr Kate Harris. Read the full story on our website where you will also find a competition to enter.


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Eaton - contemporary garden room. The walls are clad with maintenance free thermally modified timber all under a felt roof. Joinery as the Forster. Internally, lined and insulated with TGV boarding.

SPARKFORD SAWMILLS Ltd, Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 7LH

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In Passing ...


AVE you recovered from the festivities yet? Not the Christmas and New year festivities, nor Somerset’s traditional January apple wassailing ceremonies, nor even the boozy Burns Night Suppers on 25th January when the haggis, neeps, tatties and Scots were well and truly toasted. No, I’m thinking of National Potato Day on 26th January when, according to the press release, we were all ‘urged to get involved with the festivities’. What festivities, you might well ask. Although this annual event has been held for 16 years it receives scarcely a mention in the media, and from what little I have managed to glean it seems that very few events took place on the day itself. Bristol had its Potato Day on 12th January, Swindon opted for the 18th and Castle Cary will be celebrating it at the Constitutional Club on 9th February. Exactly what form these festivities take remains something of a mystery to me. There are now, I am reliably informed, more than 260 national months, weeks and days dreamt up by the public relations industry, so you could be forgiven if some of them passed you by unnoticed. I have to confess that National Potato Day failed to impact on my consciousness, perhaps because it didn’t hit the headlines on TV or in the papers. That, of course, is the object of the exercise – to get the free publicity that raises our awareness of a problem, pricks our consciences about a good cause, or promotes an industry and sell us the product. Take a look at the name of the vested interest sponsoring the brouhaha to see who’s lining the PR people’s pockets. Quite why the potato industry needs this sort of promotion is another mystery to me. The potato is one of the most versatile of vegetables and is widely used in cuisines throughout the world. It is good for us, being low in fat, high in carbohydrates and containing plenty of fibre. It can be roasted, fried, sautéed, baked, boiled, mashed, grated and used in soups, stews, curries,

salads and countless dishes from the simple bubble-and-squeak to the sophisticated potatoes dauphinois. Most of us consume plenty of them already. And a lot of people grow their own. New potatoes fresh from the soil taste so much better than those that have been washed, put in polythene bags and transported for miles to end up on supermarket shelves. Here in Visitorland, in the area between South Petherton and Ilminster, we are blessed with some of the best soil for growing vegetables, as the local gardeners as well as the commercial growers know well. For them it’s a potato year, not a Potato Day. Sadly the PR people for growers of other vegetables could latch on to the idea. Will they invade our calendar with a National Pea Day or, worse still, a National Leek Week? Perish the thought. NN.


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THE VISIToR February 2014 3

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Letters to the Editor Theatre Trips

Sir, Langport & District Red Cross Group Theatre Trips to Bristol Hippodrome would like to announce our latest reservation is for English National Ballet’s production of Coppélia on 6th November. Bookings that are due to close in February are for Welsh National opera’s Manon Lescaut (11 April) and La Traviata (12 April), the record breaking musical Blood Brothers (17 April), and Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake (21 May). Book on line at or e-mail or phone 01458 273085. Christopher J. Cox 2 Camden Road Somerton TA11 6RN

Official Response from Frack Free Somerset, January 13th 2014, in response to David Cameron’s comments on Fracking

Sir, Frack Free Somerset stands opposed to the government’s plans to offer a huge tax break for any councils willing to approve fracking projects in their area, as announced by David Cameron 13/1/14. The Prime Minister said local authorities would receive 100 per cent of the business rates collected from drilling schemes – double their usual 50 per cent. We believe that at a time of austerity this is a very cynical move by the government, when councils up and down the country are facing all kinds of budgetary cuts. However, it appears tantamount to bribery and indicates just how desperate ministers are to push through this deeply controversial technology. They have seen the protests against fracking, and are willfully ignoring people’s concerns about the harm it has already caused to human health, livestock and the environment in the uS and Australia, due to the disruption of radioactive radium within the shale, hazardous toxins polluting the water table and respiratory problems caused by air pollution, amongst other issues. This announcement also highlights the degree of corruption at Westminster. When various ministers and special advisers are known to have vested interests in the fracking

industry, it seems clear that they want to ensure a good return on their investments, and as David Cameron has said, they’re ‘going all out for shale’, regardless of the costs to the British people and the environment. However, Frack Free Somerset believes that once councillors are fully informed about the risks inherent in unconventional gas and oil extraction, they are not going to be so easily bought. Mendip District Council has already passed a unanimous motion to raise their concerns about fracking to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and is setting up a working party to look further into the risks, and Frack Free Somerset calls on other councils to do the same. Finally, we urge Westminster to follow the example of France and Germany, where fracking has already been banned, and would like to remind the government that communities around the uK are already experiencing the effects of climate change through extreme weather and flooding and that extracting more hydrocarbons from the ground will wreck our chances of meeting our 2020 carbon emissions targets. Frack Free Somerset E: Twitter: @FrackFreeSom

Somerset Farmers set to discuss implications of Fracking on their land

Sir, on 26th February, landowners and farmers from across Somerset will gather from 7pm at Wells Town Hall to discuss and explore the implications of permitting unconventional gas exploration on their land. At a time when many local farmers are struggling with flooding and the Environment Agency is facing budgetary cuts, what additional environmental impacts might they expect from this highly controversial technology, against which many European food producers have already been protesting? With 650 square km of Somerset currently licensed for unconventional gas exploration, and an estimated 2,100 wells required across our county for the industry to achieve its stated production values, many local farmers and landowners can

expect an approach from fracking companies at some point in the future. But apart from the potentially large financial package on offer, what could people expect to happen were they to accept? Any company seeking a landowner’s permission to drill would also be subject to local planning, as the infrastructure of a ‘fracking pad’ is seen as development. However, with Mendip District Council unanimous vote last September to communicate its concerns about fracking to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the government’s strong support of the industry, and a wide range of media reports, public information on the subject can seem difficult to gauge. It was for this reason that members of Frack Free Somerset, who are organising the meeting, identified a need to create a forum where the experiences of landowners and food producers from other countries could be heard. People attending the information evening on February 26th will have the opportunity to listen to speakers and to watch a selection of short films, including one specially commissioned on the subject, featuring interviews with local geologists. There will also be opportunities to ask questions, network and raise concerns. The meeting is free to attend, but advance booking is welcome. For more information, please email: info@frackfree Frack Free Somerset E: Twitter: @FrackFreeSom

News from Cary Brook

Sir, Here at Cary Brook, the New year has brought us both new staff and residents and hopefully a volunteer, after she read our recent appeal in the Viz. We still have room for more - so why not make it a belated New years resolution to ‘Be a Friend’. As we look after residents who experience problems with mental frailty and illnesses associated with dementia, we would have to ask you to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service form (DBS). one of Cary Brooks Christmas presents to ourselves was an eye pad, many of the residents and the ‘mature’ staff members are now learning about this new technology. Three residents have also joined ‘Ages 2.0’. This is an exciting research project to find the benefits of teaching people who receive care on how to use a computer for social networking to contact family and friends. The results will be analysed by research assistants and Professors of The university of Exeter, to see if having increased contact with others through the internet can improve quality of life for people receiving care. Residents saw an appeal on the TV to ‘Adopt a Tiger’. They were so interested and asked if we could do it. Why not we thought - so Activities organiser Barbie has started to put things into action and hopefully soon we will have our very own ‘Tiger’. our oldest resident Emily Bentley celebrated her 106th Birthday with friends, residents and staff – all entertained by Adelaide Brown on the flute. Christine Stone Cary Brook Residential Home Castle Cary

The Visitor can now be read online: THE VISIToR February 2014 5

carnivals. They are particularly interested in visiting primary schools to promote the knowledge of carnival arts, skills and heritage through their specially created schools DVD (and the four large boxes of carnival costumes, hats and wigs for the children to dress up in). For more information visit

Mentioned in

Dispatches New deal and business growth good news for South Somerset

A visit from the Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat MP for Twickenham and Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills bought good news to South Somerset before Christmas. A £1billion deal to build new helicopters in yeovil for the Norwegian Government will safeguard 3,000 jobs for employees of AgustaWestland. The announcement is a major shot in the arm to the economy of yeovil and South Somerset affecting the future of the region's major employer and all the many independent local companies and businesses that work in support of AgustaWestland. AgustaWestland will supply 16 AW101 search and rescue helicopters to the Norwegian Government and will include up to 15 years of support and training. A visit was also made to Numatic International Ltd in Chard, who have announced that they will be bringing some component manufacturing back to the uK and creating 100s of jobs in the area.

No More Carnivals in Mere!

Gerri Lavis was the winner of a Christmas Hamper, from artisan bakery ‘Kitchen’, in the Great Langport Christmas Bake-Off. The hamper was presented by Langport’s own ‘Mary and Paul’.

Numatic International Ltd produces cleaning products including the well-known Henry Vacuum Cleaner and the business is doing extremely well. Numatic International Ltd is seeking to expand the premises in Chard with order books looking strong, particularly their overseas market.

The Great Langport Christmas Bake Off - results

The week before Christmas saw Langport’s own celebrities thronging to Langport, despite the dreadful weather, for the Great Langport Christmas Bake off. Langport’s very own Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood were in town to judge entries for the Great Langport Christmas Bake off, hosted by the town’s artisan

“Prayer and Healing Place” We are a team of Christians that offer: Prayer for Healing • Prayer from Addiction Feel free to come in and see us for a chat or for any other specific prayer requests. The Women’s Institute Hall, MISTerTon nr. Crewkerne, TA18 8LZ (opposite school) ✴ First Thursday of every month ✴

a. J. Wakely & SOnS lTd independent Family Funeral directors • Golden Charter Pre Paid Funeral Plans • 24 Hour Service • Private Chapel of Rest

Golden Charter Brochure available on request Clive Wakely dip F.d. M.B.i.e. The Old Police Station, Carrington Way WinCanTOn Ba9 9JS Tel: 01963 31310 6 THE VISIToR February 2014

bakery, Kitchen, as part of Langport’s inaugural Christmas events. ‘Mary & Paul’, wonderfully played by Rupert Cox & Clare Valentine, were impressed by the standard of entries, everything from Mini Christmas Cakes to Reindeer Biscuits, Gingerbread to Ho!Ho!Ho! Cakes for Santa. The winners were Gerri Lavis who won a Kitchen Christmas Hamper, Zoe Pinkham who won a Kitchen Baking Class and Joe & Mia Chittenden, who won Kitchen Christmas Goodies. All in all, lots of good fun, and great entertainment. Congratulations to the winners and judges who really entered into the spirit of things (and who enjoyed tasting all the festive fare) – all the entrants produced some wonderful Christmas treats. Get planning now for next year’s Great Langport Bake off 2014.

CISPP - Carnivals in Somerset Promotion Project

Founded in 2009 by a group of like-minded carnival enthusiasts, the aim of CISPP is to promote carnival to the wider community across the county of Somerset and beyond, raising awareness of the historical importance of our local carnivals. CISPP are keen to take their mobile exhibition van and its archive out into the rural community so that people can experience and enjoy the heritage and culture of illuminated

If you enjoy Carnival and want to see it continue, Mere Carnival Committee needs your help NoW. The very small Committee has struggled to keep Carnival going over the last few years and due to retirements the existing committee now feels unable to carry on. If you would like to see Carnival continue they need help. Anybody interested, please come along to the open evening and meet them at the Walnut Tree Inn on Tuesday 11th February 2014 at 7.30pm and hopefully together the future of MERE CARNIVAL can be secured. For more information contact Clive Hazzard, Chairman, or Carol Payne, Secretary - 01747 861639.

Such Interesting Speakers visit the Queen Camel Tuesday Group

Did you know that 400 years ago there were many Eurasian cranes in England? (No, not the lifting variety, the birds). unfortunately, they tasted delicious and Henry II had 115 cranes killed to satisfy his Christmas guests. others shared Henry's passion for the delicacy and the cranes disappeared from our shores. In recent years moves have been made to reintroduce these wonderful birds and we were fortunate enough to have as our January speaker, a representative from the RSPB who has been involved in a 5 year programme to bring cranes back to England and to our own Somerset levels. We were shown a most interesting and amusing film showing how the programme is progressing. Crane eggs are taken from nests in Germany; apparently Mum and Dad cry for 2 days after

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Mentioned in

Dispatches the eggs are removed but then soon lay more. They are sent to England and when the eggs hatch they are adopted by 'human' foster parents whom chicks follow around constantly. The foster parents are dressed from head to foot in long grey smocks and carry 'sticks' shaped like a cranes head which are used to imitate a 'pecking action' for the chicks to copy. The chicks never hear a human voice although bird songs are played to them. These include a parent crane calling its young to food when the foster parent is ready to feed the newly hatched chicks from long handled spoons. The birds are taught all they need to know from their grey smocked parents, and eventually are tagged and fitted with a G.P.S.transmitter. They are then ready to be released There is not room for me to write all the interesting facts about these amazing birds.

Suffice it to say that so far, 4 years into the programme, 77 birds have been released into the wild of which 66 have so far survived. They spend most of their time flying between the Levels and Slimbridge. So next time you think you see a heron flying over, look again, it may be a crane. The Tuesday Group meets in the Queen Camel Memorial Hall on the first Tuesday of each

month, at 10.00am. If you want any more information about our activities, please call Pat Champion on 01963 32264 or Marion Chapman on 01963 220741.

in Bangalore. Local fundraising events have already provided just over £1,000 and a member of the local Soroptimist club will visit India to meet the three girls.

Funds Pledged

Winners of the tickets to see the Magic of Motown Baby Love 2014 Tour at the octagon Theatre on 8th February are Paul Emery of Wells and Audrey Whetham of Stalbridge.

Soroptimist International of yeovil, Sherborne & Districts have pledged to give £300 a year, over three years, to fund higher education for three teenage girls

Ticket Winners

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9am – 12.30pm, or by appointment

Morley House, Market Place, SOMERTON, Somerset, TA11 7LX •

t S i l a i c e p S SeRViceS


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THE VISIToR February 2014 7

uPS collection/delivery point for parcels. Wild Cardz have balloons for all occasions – including wedding day arrangements.

approaching, come and share the love with them. With a collection of gorgeous roses, wrapped with love and the temptation of delicious chocolates, gifts and balloons, why not come and browse their new shop or place your order over the phone. Visit them at Williams Florist, Williams Nursery, Station Road, Stalbridge or call 01963 362355 to place your order.

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Romantic or funny, Wild Cardz of Wincanton will have a Valentine card to suit from their extensive range! There are plenty of gift ideas too including a lovely selection of cuddly toys - new in - the Blue Nose Friends range of collectables. Silk roses, foil balloons, mugs and many more gift ideas in store! Wild Cardz are now pleased to offer a quality card range from just 99p. They are now also a

Williams Florist, Floristry & Gardening at Williams Nursery Stalbridge have undergone a major redevelopment of their shop and it’s now open! A little earlier than was planned, but they are settling in well! With Valentine’s Day fast

Spoil the love of your life with a delicious Valentine’s supper at the attractive Living Pretty Tea Rooms in Curry Rivel, starting with a Rosé Prosecco cocktail, followed by a mouthwatering menu including a romantic sharing platter for dessert. Champagne breakfasts and

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Something Special for Your Valentines

Wild Cardz

Mayflowers of Gillingham have a wonderful choice of fresh flowers, house plants and spring flowering bulbs. Give flowers this Valentine’s Day, delivery locally, nationally or internationally - why not pop in and discuss your requirements today?

Mayflowers Your local Interflora Florist

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From the heart Gorgeous romantic flowers delivered direct to your valentine Roses, bouquets and arrangements Balloons, chocolates and gifts Free delivery on Friday 14th February in the local area LARGE FREE CAR PARK OPPOSITE Open Monday ‒ Friday 9am ‒ 5pm Saturday 9am ‒ 4pm 8 THE VISIToR February 2014

LocaL & NatioNaL deLiveries avaiLabLe

Mothering Sunday 30th March St. Patrick’s Day Monday 17th March BOOK your advertisement in ...

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March Issue Print: Thursday 27th February Deadline: Monday 17th February

Valentine’s afternoon teas are also available. See their advert on the back page or visit their website. Gift Vouchers are available too!

Ward & Sibley Jewellers

Ward & Sibley, the Jewellers of yeovil, is a well established family jewellers who offer a personal and friendly service. If you are looking for something special this Valentine’s Day then do call in. For the lady in your life jewellery is always the perfect gift whether it’s a sparkling diamond, a simple pendant or a

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Business & Professional Robert Stone & Co, chartered accountants and tax advisers in Ilminster answers questions from small businesses in Somerset Q1. I have four rental properties, and I have recently remortgaged one property to provide funds for my son's education. Can I set the professional fees and charges connected with this re-mortgage against my letting income?  Robert Stone replies:

Delight your loved one with flowers this Valentine’s Day. Visit Andrea’s of Yeovil for all your floral requirements. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Beautiful Bouquets - Single Roses - Arrangements ♥ Why not add a Box of Chocolates, Balloon or Teddy? ♥ ORDER EaRly FOR GuaRantEED DElivERy Day ♥ ♥

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Ward & Sibley Valentine gifts to treasure ... THE CASKET, 103 MiDDLE STREET, YEOViL Tel: 01935 474065 Car park at Rear for customers while visiting the shop

Normally fees connected with obtaining finance for a business (including a lettings business) are allowable against the profits of that business, but in this case you didn't use the additional funds for the purposes of the business, but extracted them for your own use. Therefore the fees and charges connected with the new mortgage can't be set against your letting income.

Q2. I've got into a muddle over childcare vouchers. When I started the voucher scheme in 2012 all my employees were taxed at 20%, so they all received vouchers worth £55 per week. Now some are paying tax at 40%, but they are still all getting the full amount of taxfree vouchers. What should I do? Robert Stone replies:

As an employer you are required to review all your employees' relevant earnings at the beginning of the tax year, and adjust the amount of tax free childcare vouchers for any employees who are expected to fall into the higher tax brackets. If at the time of that review it was not foreseen that some employees would be paying tax at 40% at some point later in the year, you are not required to adjust the amount of tax free childcare vouchers. The level of tax relief for the vouchers is set at the beginning of the tax year, or

when the employee takes up employment with you in that year. If your review of relevant earnings in April 2013 was incorrect, you may have given vouchers in excess of the tax free amount to some employees. In those cases the excess amounts should be reported on the P11D forms for those employees.

Q3. All my employees are entitled to a bonus for exceeding performance targets in 2013, including those who left before the end of the year. How should I report the bonus due to the former employees to HMRC, and do I have to deduct tax? Robert Stone replies:

under RTI you need to set the 'payment after leaving' indicator on the full payment submission (FPS) that includes the bonus payment to your former employee. Also on that FPS use the same payroll ID for that person as applied while they were an employee, and show the date the employee actually left. The year to date figures on the FPS should include the bonus payment as well as the previous pay and deductions for the former employee. When paying the bonus to a former employee you need to use the PAyE code 'oT' on a month 1 basis to deduct tax and NICs. If you have an urgent query, do not hesitate to contact Robert Stone on 01460 55661 or email your questions to: info@the

Max Foote associates Ltd Chartered Certified Accountants and Registered Auditors 26 Lower Woodcock street castle cary ba7 7bH tel: 01963 351052 Business and limited company accounts, self assessment tax returns, VAt, Payroll, Book-keeping and training Personal and professional service THE VISIToR February 2014 9

Business To Business serViCes Security 3 County Locksmiths

Whether you work from home in a ‘home office’ situation or from a business premises, 3 County Locksmiths of Gillingham can help you keep your busines secure. They have an extensive range of safes in a variety of sizes to suit your requirements including Euro graded fire safes. If you are unsure what safe you require to be insured by your insurance company give them a call. The safe should of course be bolted into position - 3 County Locksmiths offer an installation service. Grills and shutters for

windows and doors can be supplied and fitted. These can be either expandable or made to measure. Door entry systems are also available ensuring only those with the correct access code can enter the premises or restricted master keys for larger businesses. From key cutting and padlocks to locks and keyboxes, 3 County Locksmiths of Gillingham. No obligation survey on request.

Recruitment Red Berry

Red Berry Recruitment are proud to announce the imminent

opening of their third office. Having only been established for 7 years, MD, Helen Lacey, said that the opening of the Bridgwater office is a massive achievement and owes so much to the support of her staff, her clients and the candidates that represent Red Berry. Supplying Temporary and Permanent staff to many different sectors, Red Berry with offices in Shepton Mallet and yeovil have 5 in their business plan, with the imminent launch of the Bridgwater office, it will be exciting news to see where Helens’ other 2 locations will be in the future. you can contact them on www.redberryrecruitment.

accountants Chalmers & Co. Plan for Progress

We are now in the last quarter of the current tax year that ends 5 April 2014. If you are in business or pay income tax at the higher rates there is a strong argument that you should consider, and invest in, a tax planning review with your professional advisor. Why? Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted is a waste of time – it is like an acknowledgement that an action should have been taken earlier, and is now a futile re-enactment of something that no longer has value. From a professionals perspective there is nothing quite as depressing as the realisation that a client is not going to benefit from a legitimate tax planning strategy and purely because information was not provided before a particular deadline – in the terms of this article, before 5 April 2014. What sort of information should we be examining?

If you are in business:

1. your current management accounts. 2. your plans for the coming year. 3. Changes in tax legislation that will apply from 6 April 2014 and that will have an impact on your business: we now have published information about some of the

Make your business premises secure with

CHALMERS & CO. CHArtereD ACCOuntAnts Personal & Business Tax Advisors • Business Start Ups Payroll Bureau • Accounting and Audit Specialists Full Business Support Services • VAT returns & Advice A personal & friendly approach to business that will work for you Free InItIAL COnsuLtAtIOn

■ ■ ■ ■

Grills & Shutters - for windows and doors Safes - all sizes, fire proof rated Door entry Systems Free No obligATioN restricted Key Systems Survey 44 Brickfields Business Park GiLLiNGHAM SP8 4PX

Tel: 01747 826311 •

24 Hour Emergency Call Out 0800 652 7097 10 THE VISIToR February 2014

Crewkerne 01460 279000

6 The Linen Yard, South Street, Crewkerne, Somerset

Yeovil 01935 476499

Magnolia House, Princes Street, Yeovil, Somerset

Langport 01458 252323

The old emporium, Bow Street, Langport, Somerset register on our website at

for Free monthly newsletters updating you on all business matters

Business To Business serViCes significant tax changes for 2014-15.

If you are a higher rate income tax payer:

1. An estimate of your taxable income for 2013-14. 2. An estimate of your taxable income for 2014-15. 3. Changes in tax legislation that will apply from 6 April 2014 and that will have an impact on your personal tax liability. So, if you have not considered these issues thus far, contact us now. We will need time to consider your particular circumstances. Please get in touch as soon as possible, certainly no later than the last week in February 2014.

A complete range of promotional items such as mouse mats, mugs and keyrings can also be personalised. There is no minimum order, just an initial settting up charge. Turn around is prompt. There is a full colour brochure available on request. So whether you are a local pub looking for polo shirts or a construction company looking for workwear – give them a call.


Business premises Woodside Court, Sparkford

An attractively converted former dairy farm Woodside Court, Sparkford offers wellappointed ‘out of town’ business units to rent. Within easy access of the A303 and with ample free parking, Woodside Court comprises 15 business units plus warehousing and storage. Modern, light and airy offices with full facilities including kitchen, toilets and meeting

room facilities - ideal for startup or expansion businesses. Rentals are competitive and tenancy agreements flexible. For more information contact Maryanne Stokes on 07747 676833 or email: info@woodside



corporate Wear Jazziez

Jazziez of Crewkerne can supply a wide range of corporate clothing personalised with your company logo/brand. Everything from polo shirts and jumpers through to hi-vis jackets and hard hats.


Business accounts Welcome

printing Papertrees of Wincanton offer a complete printing service from posters and leaflets through to training manuals and brochures. Binding and laminating is also available. on the premises photocopying up to A3 size is a very popular service. Business accounts for office stationery are welcome – with free local delivery and a discounted price structure. Visit their website for further details or call in to their Wincanton High Street shop to discuss your requirements.

if you would like to be included in our Business To Business serViCes Tel: 01963 351256 or

★ Printing: posters, manuals, brochures, etc. Keep your office (or your important domestic papers) tidy in a storage box. The box pictured will hold five A4 lever arch files, four foolscap lever arch files, suspension files or four 5 Star box files. Available from Midwest the Stationers, Sherborne.

Open: Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm, Saturday 7am – 2pm, Sunday 7am – 12noon

33 High Street • wincanton

Tel: 01963 32356 •


Woodside Court, Sparkford Stationery, Cards and Gift Wrap Office Equipment & Furniture Printer Inks and Toners Competitive Prices FREE Local Delivery Full Range Of Archiving / steel storage See our ColouR BRoCHuRE with over 18,000 products, or view online

Stockists of Lamy, Sheaffer & Parker Pens Filofax & Collins Organisers

Office spaces to let in this pleasant well appointed business centre Attractive out of town premises within easy access of the A303 Ideal for start-up / expansion businesses

Call at our shop ...

Full amenities – including toilets, kitchen, meeting room facilities and ample free parking

21 Cheap Street, Sherborne Tel: 01935 814225

Competitive rental – flexible tenancies

non restricted opening hours

or visit our website ...

enquiries: Maryanne Stokes 07747 676833 or email: THE VISIToR February 2014 11

Leisure & Tra vel Point-to-Point at Badbury Rings

The Savills Countryside Alliance Point-to-Point on Sunday 23rd February at Badbury Rings, near Wimborne, Dorset, is set to be bigger and better than ever for


Including Circus Memorabilia Exhibition The Half Moon Inn, Horsington In Aid of Horsington & South Cheriton Defibrillator

6 LiVE BANDS & OPEN MiC’ COMPETiTiON Saturday 5th April, 10am ‘til Late BBQ • Live Music • Bar • Child Rides Craft Stands • Bouncy Castle Tickets from – Papertrees, Wincanton Half Moon Inn, Horsington • Templecombe Stores John Sansom: 07974 662145 Tickets £3 in advance or £5 on the door

2014. With attendance growing remarkably each year, the day provides some of the most exciting horse racing of the season and consistently attracts record entries. The events huge success however is also based on its family appeal with countryside and children’s activities, country crafts, local food stalls, Parade of the Portman Hounds, Countryside Silent Auction and a large shopping village. Gates and Shopping Village open at 9am, followed by Terrier Racing at 10am and the Hound Parade at 12.30pm. The first race is at 12 noon. Entry costs £20 per car and picnics are welcome. For those who enjoy the VIP treatment, special Patrons Packages are available including

premier parking, 2 entry tickets, use of Patrons tent with food and refreshments all day and a champagne reception before racing. The Packages are just £55 and can be purchased by calling 01752 830430. Countryside Alliance Chief Exec. Barney White-Spunner commented ‘This has become an exciting and important event for the Alliance, where those of all ages with an interest in the Countryside will be welcomed and entertained.’ Speaking of Savills’ first year as the main sponsor, David Cross, Director of Southern Rural at Savills said, ‘Savills is delighted to be the main sponsor of such a prestigious local event set in such a stunning part of the countryside.

With multi-disciplined offices in Wimborne and Salisbury, Savills is well placed to deal with all property matters in the locality and we look forward to the day, meeting new friends and old clients.’ The event’s chosen charity for 2014 is the Weldmar Hospicecare Trust, which offers care for patients with cancer and other progressive conditions requiring specialist help across south and west Dorset either in their own homes or as in patients at Joseph Weld Hospice. For more info visit

Festival of Cards 2014

Card Collecting is an absorbing hobby as there are so many different cards to choose from.

Antiques & Collecting gold & Silver Jewellery Wanted Best prices paid for wedding rings, pendants, chains, bracelets, and broken items, etc.

Phone Jenny Martin Castle Cary

01963 350733

There were plenty of surprises at the recent auction held at Lawrences of Crewkerne.

Beaminster Antiques, Vintage & Collectables Fair

Pictured right is a small green glass wine bottle from 1755 which sold for a remarkable £4,420.

Saturday 15 th February Public Hall Beaminster Dorset

9.30am – 4.00pm

✱ Next FaiR ✱ Saturday 8 th March Bookings & Enquiries Meadow Fairs 01297 24446

Say you saw it in The Visitor

Vintage Country Interiors And Clothing Store Individual & Creative Ideas for your Home & Garden including ... French Antique Furniture vintage Textiles and Clothing ... and oh, so much more!!!

cabinets & Spaces

tO let

1 Canvin Court, Somerton Business Park SOMERTON, TA11 6SB Tel: 07779 594009

PASTIMES of Sherborne We pay TOP PRIcES for OlD TOyS - any condition Trains • Cars • Lorries • Soldiers • Etc. Britains * Dinky * Corgi * Hornby Meccano * Tri-ang * Etc. shop Open Mornings 9.30am - 1.00pm Monday to saturday

Tel: 01935 816072 Mob: 07527 074343 HOMe VIsIts By ArrAngeMent

3 Westbury, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 3EH 12 THE VISIToR February 2014

Leisure & Tra vel Whether you collect postcards, cigarette cards, trade cards or more recently, phone cards, you are sure to find something to add to your collection at The 2014 Festival of Cards at the Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet which takes place over the weekend of 21st & 22nd February. Here you will find a huge choice covering a wide range of subjects from over 140 dealers. Stamps, postal history and accessories also available. Make a day of it, refreshments from professional caterers available.

Welcome to the High Tea Society!

The High Tea Society has been launched by a local yeovil lady – who after retiring and looking after a disabled husband found her social life greatly curtailed. The High Tea Society welcomes anyone who is perhaps on their own, is retired or who would just like to meet up with others socially - in a

relaxed and friendly atmosphere. There will be regular monthly meetings including trips, quizzes, and talks. The first meeting is on Thursday 6th February at The Manor Hotel in yeovil. Tickets are £17.50 and include a delicious afternoon tea using the best of West Country ingredients - plus an informative talk, by TV presenter Valerie Singleton oBE, on the Simplicity Envelope – easy to use and fun to learn computer software. All welcome. Call Chris on 01935 434770 for

tickets. For further information visit www.thehighteasociety.

New Members Welcome at Yeovil Probus Club

yeovil Probus Club, holds a twocourse lunch every month at Westland Leisure Centre in yeovil. Now in its 28th year, it is organised for the benefit of retired and semiretired men who have a professional, business or engineering/sales background. Last

year the club’s programme included a variety of events & activities (including a tour of a Somerset Quarry and the studios at BBC Bristol), as well as a social evening in May and an annual dinner in october, to which partners are invited. They are putting together a programme of events for 2014 and are always looking to welcome new members. Anyone interested should enquire to club secretary Michael Kerr on 01935 882609.

Festival of Cards 2014 Bath & West Showground ShEptOn MallEt

Friday 21st February 10am - 6pm Admission £4 Saturday 22nd February 9.30am - 4pm Admission £2


Children Free

Postcards  Cigarette and Trade Cards Phone Cards  Stamps  Postal History Autographs  ephemera & Accessories 140 + Dealers professional Catering • Large Car parks

Details 01278 445497 7th February - Quicksilver Mail, yeovil

Will be holding a

TRAdiTiONAL AfTERNOON TEA at e Manor Hotel • Yeovil Gates

9am Open

Come and Enjoy: Point-to-Point Racing Terrier Racing - Parade of Hounds Enlarged Shopping village - Licensed Bar and Bookmakers - Countryside Alliance Auction - Children’s activities patrons package available including: Raceside Parking, Entry and Racecard, Champagne Reception, use of Patrons Marquee with Complimentary Food and Drink. For more information contact 01752 830430 or in aid of Weldmar Hospicecare trust and Countryside Alliance

on ursday 6th february 2014 from 2pm until 4.30pm

Just come along and join us, open to everyone with or without a partner, you will be made very welcome. If this appeals to you, please join us for ...

Traditional Afternoon Tea and a delightful talk by

Valerie Singleton OBE about the unique Simplicity ENVELOPE® software which makes PCs easy to learn and fun to use.

Ticket £17.50 - join the chattering classes! For more information and to purchase tickets call

Christine 01935 434770 Or visit our website – THE VISIToR February 2014 13

Annual Model Railway Exhibition – Admission Prices held for 2014!

The Gartell Light Railway hold their 9th Annual Model Railway Exhibition on Saturday and Sunday, 8th and 9th February, with plenty to interest anyone who likes trains and railways, or even to those who would like a family day out with a difference. The venue will be the Pines function suite,

Leisure which doubles as the Gartell Light Railway’s Common Lane terminus. The Gartell Light Railway also intend running a diesel train service, for which a small extra charge will apply. Timing will be dependant on demand. Please note:

so, you think you know your pop music, do you? by John osborne • answers can be found on page 47 1. Who is declaring that he is ‘Happy’ at the moment? 2. Who had a hit in 2002 with ‘Papa Don’t Preach’? 3. the Billy Joel song ‘Just the way you are’ was also a hit in the same year for whom? 4. Which of the Beatles sang lead vocals on ‘yellow submarine’? 5. Whose first compilation album was named ‘High tide and green grass’ (1966)? 6. Lyric - ‘Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids’ 7. Who was ‘Walking On sunshine’ in 1984? 8. Heavy metallers ‘Judas Priest’ was formed in which english city? 9. Who asked ‘Which Way you going Billy’ in 1970? 10. ray Dorset was best known for fronting which 70’s band?

the trains will not be running onto the new line extension over this weekend. The exhibition opens at 10.00am on both days, closing at


5.00pm on the Saturday and at 4.00pm on the Sunday. The GLR has a large FREE car park, and is situated off the A357 at yenston just south of Templecombe, and will be clearly signposted. Visit our web-site at and why not join our Facebook group as well?


February 8th HELL’S BELLS - Quicksilver Mail, yeovil 8th JOHN RAYMOND - rose & Crown, Bradford Abbas 21st HOBO JONES & THE JUNKYARD DOGS - rose & Crown, Bradford Abbas 28th BARRY PAULL as ELVIS - Quicksilver Mail, yeovil 28th RAILHOGS (in the bar) - Quicksilver Mail, yeovil

aN adVeRt iN the puB pageS eNSuReS a FRee MeNtiON heRe

Cycle-babble ~ Cycle-babble ~ Cycle-babble IF you FEEL 2013 was a bit of a hangover from the unprecedented cycling party that was 2012 (a bit harsh on Chris Froome, but given he didn't even make the top three in the BBC Sports Personality poll last year, it seems it might be a common enough feeling) then I have good news. There is much to look forward to cycling-wise in 2014. For much of the coming spring and summer, the eyes of the cycling world will be turned towards our nation as the uK becomes the centre of all things bike. Here are just some of the major events to be heading our way over the course of the year. Get your diaries (or iphones) out, underline these dates, get your bags packed and ready, and head towards the sound of shoes being clipped into pedals and wheels zinging across tarmac. you can be part of what promises to be one of the most exciting years of cycling the uK has ever played host to. March brings the first post London 2012 elite level cycling event to the olympic Velodrome, now known as the Lee Valley VeloPark. Some of the biggest track stars will once again take to London's boards to battle for honours. Whilst the prizes on offer won't quite be as sought after as an olympic Gold, the level of racing will still be high. The meeting runs 14 THE VISIToR February 2014

from 14th - 15th March. See www.cycling for up to date details of who will be riding. The Giro d'Italia is arguably the toughest of cycling's three Grand Tours (the generic term for three week long stage races - the Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana are the other two). The Giro often has a route that would make even a professional cyclist weep in disbelief such is the severity of some of the mountains it climbs. Like the Tour, it sometimes takes its circus into foreign lands and in May it visits the uK for the first time. Northern Ireland will host the race's first three stages, with the Grande Partenza taking place in Belfast. Stage one is a short individual time-trial; stage two a 218km grind out and back from Belfast, via Giants Causeway, that will showcase the glorious landscape of Northern Ireland; stage three starts in Armagh and then leaves Northern Ireland bound for Dublin. It's free to stand at the side of the road to watch, so get yourself over to Ireland, grab a Guinness and cheer the best in the sport. It all starts 9th May. More information on www.girostart Can't get over to Ireland in May? Then head east and take in the inaugural Women's Tour of Britain instead. Five stages over five days

will take the peloton from oundle in the East Midlands to Bury St Edmonds. It promises to throw up some exciting racing and given its 2.1 ranking will attract the best in the business. Women's cycling is wrongly starved of attention, let's hope this new event starts to address that. It runs from 7th May until the 11th. See www.the for more. If all that whets the appetite for actually getting out on your own bike, but you're looking for something that little bit different, then June's l'Eroica Britannia could be just the thing for you. With its heritage lying in Tuscany, this is the first time it has come to these shores. L'Eroica (the heroes) started in 1997 in Italy to raise awareness of, and protect, Italy's traditional white roads or Strade Bianchi. It became a fantastic success. It's an event swimming in retro style and now we have our very own British edition, partnered with the original and retaining its ethos of sustainability, territory, food and heritage. All bikes need to be pre 1987 and meet certain strict criteria. There are three route options and alongside the ride is a three-day festival on the banks of the Wye. In these days carbon, garmin and strava it all sounds deliciously refreshing to me. From 20th June, www.eroica for fees and more. yorkshire has its very own Festival of Cycling in July. From the 4th July, the county becomes the centre of the cycling world when the Tour de France arrives for its Grand Depart. It promises to be a fantastic few days as Froome, Wiggins, Cavendish and Co. take to British roads with the rest of the Tour peloton. Harewood House, on the route of stage one, is the location of the inaugural Dare 2b Yorkshire Festival of Cycling. The festival promises to be a feast of fun with all manner of camping options, entertainment, guided rides to great vantage points and giant screens. It is just as easy to find your own spot on the route and watch the peloton pass for free, but the Festival will certainly add another dimension to your Tour experience. Go to www.festivalof to learn more. Finally, as July turns to August, all attention switches north with the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Tickets for cycling events at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome and the Mountain Bike races have long sold out but fear not, the road races and time trials take place on Glasgow's open roads and are free to view. Keep an eye on for details of the route. Giles Belbin.

Spring Weddings From Tiny Acorns does mighty Love Grow: how trees and forests have been linked to love over the centuries

Our woods and forests have long been steeped in vibrant folklore which has entwined romance and trees for centuries. With the unmistakeable whiff of love in the woodland air, Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire brings you Forestry Commission England’s guide to the myths, fairy tales and quirks that make woods and forests some of the most romantic places on earth. Follow their guide over the next 8 pages of this wedding feature.

1. Traditional tokens of love

In many traditions, declarations of love were expressed through the exchange of love tokens. One example of this can be found in Wales, where it became popular to make a specially carved ‘love spoon’ for your beloved (although acceptance of a spoon did not necessarily lead to marriage). Due to its dense straight grain and pale colour (free of blemishes), sycamore was the most

commonly used wood for creating these spoons.

Print & Design - Bespoke Wedding Stationery

Every couple want their wedding day to be extra special. Steve and Sharon Tucker of Print & Design of Yeovil understand this and make it their goal to design wedding stationery that is personal to each bride and groom. It may be that the couple share a particular hobby or interest or perhaps are getting married in an unusual venue – whatever ideas the couple may have – contemporary, traditional or just wacky they will design wedding stationery that fits the bill. Steve is a talented artist and has produced wonderful sketches of many local churches and popular wedding venues. Amongst the many designs they have created are Red Bus invitations complete with bus ticket and a vintage Clutch Bag invite decorated with lace.

The invitation can include separate reply cards, menu choices, directions and accommodation lists – P & D can even write a poem for you! From invitations and order of services to seating plans and place settings, P & D can produce all your stationery needs – and in

any quantity. Steve and Sharon have been designing/printing stationery for over 14 years and love their work and you are sure to love their work too!! To find out more please feel free to contact them:- Tel: 01935 420899 or E'm: st13.pad@

Steve and Sharon Tucker of Print & Design Wedding Stationery - with just a sample of their extensive range.

Bespoke Handmade Wedding Stationery ... Created especially for you! From a sketch of your wedding venue, through to more contemporary designs, we work with you to produce a co-ordinated range of wedding stationery that is as individual as you are! No minimum order AFFordAble prices Over 15 years experience

Would you like a drawing of your wedding venue on your invitations? Steve and Sharon, of Print & Design, will be pleased to help and advise on all your wedding stationery.

For an informal consultation call Steve or Sharon on

01935 420899 THE VISITOR February 2014 15

Spring Weddings 2. Acorn-ucopia of love

If you’d like to know if your relationship will stand the test of time, find two acorns (one for you and one for your partner), then drop your acorns into a bucket of water at the same time. If the acorns float towards each other, then your romance will go from strength to strength. If they don’t, try again … The Big Belly Oak in the Forestry Commission’s historic Savernake Forest, Wiltshire, is around 1,100 years old. It took root at around the time William

the Conqueror defeated King Harold in 1066 and is known as the great-grandfather of Savernake.

The Table Gourmet Catering & Events

The Table have recently established themselves conveniently at East Pennard making access to our Bride's in Somerset & the South West very easy. As truly unique, innovative caterers and event organisers The Table would be delighted to discuss your occasion in more

detail with you. The ingredients they use are from local producers, a Master Butcher, fish delivered on ice from Dorset, a fine food company for a more exotic menu and fabulous cheeses and creams from a local Somerset dairy. Visit to see their stunning creative canapes – with over 20 years experience you can rely on The Table to make your Wedding day that little bit extraordinary.

Wedding Daze

Wedding Daze is a directory of professional wedding suppliers, FREE to all brides and they also organise wedding exhibitions covering, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset and Wiltshire. For a list of forthcoming exhibitions visit or email for your FREE admission voucher to any of the exhibitions. They can also be found on Facebook.

Spring 2014 Wedding Exhibitions

Thursday 30th January 2014 Southampton Guildhall, Southampton, Hampshire Sunday 2nd February 2014 Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset Sunday 9th February 2014 Holiday Inn, Taunton, Somerset Sunday 16th February 2014 Lighthouse Poole, Dorset Sunday 23rd February 2014 Five Rivers Leisure Centre, Salisbury, Wiltshire Sunday 2nd March 2014 Somerset Cricket Ground, Taunton, Somerset Sunday 9th March 2014 Littledown Centre, Bournemouth, Dorset

3. Sowing the seeds of love

The winged seeds of the ash have long been used by people to find out what their future love life has in store. If winged seeds did not

With its backdrop of Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, this photograph taken by Graham Hiscock of Wincanton captures a special Wedding Day moment.

Graham Hiscock LBIPP LMPA • 01963 34424 3 Church Street, Wincanton, BA9 9AA

Stylish ... Creative ... Informal ... Wedding and Portrait Photography For more information about all our exhibitions

visit us at t: 01202 741650 │ 16 THE VISITOR February 2014

W BI ed PP Of ding Sou Th Ph th e Ye oto Wes ar gra t 20 ph 12 er

Graham Hiscock LBIPP LMPA

Wedding Photography Naturally

Spring Weddings appear on the branches of an ash tree, the owner of the tree was thought to be unlucky in love. It was also believed that if a lady placed an ash leaf in her left shoe, she would be fortunate enough to meet her future spouse within minutes. Alternatively, you could find your intended love by repeating the following verse: ‘Even-ash, even-ash, I pluck thee, This night my own true love to see, Neither in his bed nor in the bare, But in the clothes he does every day wear.’

One World

If you are looking for an unusual wedding gift, a visit to One World in South Petherton is a must. Here you will find six individual showrooms over two floors displaying a beautiful range of gift items from around the world, and many of them Fair Trade. Ceramic pots, wooden figures, rugs and hand made glass vases make unique gifts - you will also find within One World unusual greetings cards and stationery items to wrap your gift. There is a stunning range of silver jewellery - ideal as a gift for older bridesmaids. For the younger bridesmaids and page

Ward & Sibley, the Jewellers of Yeovil, where you will find a wonderful choice of engagement and wedding rings, gifts for the attendants and gifts for the home.

boys visit the toy department with its wonderful selection of traditional toys. Do call in.

Skin & Tonic

To ensure you look the best on your special day it is a good idea to visit a beautician prior to the big day. Nikki at Skin & Tonic, Sherborne will advise on skin/nail care on the lead up to your big day. Regular facials will ensure

your skin is looking its best. Tanning is ideal for a healthy sun kissed look. Pamper packages are available – tailored to suit you – perhaps a relaxing massage followed by a manicure and pedicure – whatever you require

pop in and see Nikki who can be found at Jon’s of Mayfair. Home visits can also be arranged.

4. Core, I really fancy you!

It is said that if a person wants to entice another, they should sleep

17 St. James Street South Petherton Somerset TA13 5BS 01460 241166


Look Radiant on YouR SpeciaL daY We offer a full range of beauty treatments ... Elemis Facials ✴ Eyelash Extensions ✴ Tinting Tanning ✴ Waxing ✴ Shellac Nails & More ❤ Bridal Pamper Packages ~ tailor made for you ❤ Contact NIKKI today 01935 812884 • 07597 282642 alternatively call in at

Jon of Mayfair • Long Street • Sherborne

The Jewellers of Yeovil Where Quality & Service Count

Ward & Sibley extensive range of wedding Rings special orders undertaken wide range of Bridesmaid, Page Boy & Best man gifts The CaskeT, 103 Middle sTreeT YeOVil Tel: 01935 474065 Car Park at Rear for customers while visiting the shop THE VISITOR February 2014 17

Spring Weddings with an apple under their arm. If they can persuade the person to eat the apple the following day, the person will fall in love with them immediately. If the sweaty apple approach doesn’t work, try buying them a cider or a refreshing apple juice instead. Apples are aphrodisiacs!

Hooper’s Hat Hire

If you are looking for an overwhelming selection of beautiful hats, hatinators and fascinators to hire, then a visit to Hooper’s Hat Hire is a must. Sally continually updates her already extensive collection with the majority being her own

exclusive creations, so no chance of getting caught in the same hat as somebody else. You also have the option of having something made exclusively for you to purchase to complement your outfit. You will be given plenty of friendly help and advice to make the right choice for you. Sally’s showroom offers a very relaxed atmosphere and her main concern is that you are comfortable and happy with what you have chosen for your special day. Hooper’s is based in Yeovil and is very easy to find so check out the website www.hoopers for more information and her gallery for a small sample

of what is on offer. Remember Sally has over 500 hats / fascinators to hire so you will need to ring to make an appointment to view the full collection, you will not be disappointed!

5. Will you snare a millionaire?

Ever wondered what job your future partner will be employed

in? If so, the cherry tree can help. After eating cherries, count out your cherry stones while reciting the following poem (one stone per word - if you have more than eight stones, start the poem again): ‘Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief’ The profession spoken on your last cherry stone will be your

Make a statement with a stunning fascinator or hat. Hooper’s Hats of Yeovil have a wonderful choice of both in a myriad of colours and designs.

Hooper’s Hat Hire

100s of exquisite hats and fascinators to hire, buy, or made to complement your outfit

01935 706555

✴ ✶ ✴ B’ Dazzled HAIR SALON Give your hair a new look with a touch of colour ...


February Promotion 10% oFF aLL Hair CoLour Professional Hair Design & Colours ... with Sam, Jen & Megan Wedding Day Hair and Nail Packages Nails by Lorna: Acrylic - Gel - Extensions - Manicures

Unit 2 Greenhill, Sherborne, DT9 4EW Tel: 01935 816708 • Late Night Thursdays 18 THE VISITOR February 2014

The perfume and colour range of roses make them a popular choice for bouquets. Whatever your floral preference, visit Just Maria of Ilchester who will be pleased to help.

Stunning Flowers for Every Occasion Beautiful Bridal Accessories inc. Wellies & Brollies unusual and imaginative gifts Unusual Cards – Vintage Clothing Painted Furniture ✶ decorative chalk Paint by annie sloan

The Old Chapel, Church Street, IlCheSTer Tel: 01935 706121 • Mobile: 07837 385734

Spring Weddings future spouse’s calling. The Forestry Commission’s National Arboretum at Westonbirt, Gloucestershire, holds a stunning cherry collection that is perfect for spring walks.

Caveat Emptor!

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day and choosing the dress of your dreams is an exciting experience. But it has been brought to The Visitor’s attention that brides-to-be are visiting bridal dress shops to find the dress of their dreams and then ordering it from the internet. We have been reliably informed that unauthorised on-line dress sellers are using designer dress pictures to sell cheap copies, using inferior fabric and shoddy workmanship. Don’t be disappointed with your purchase and ruin your wedding day ... make sure you go to a

reputable bridal shop where you will be offered a helpful and personal service. For more information visit

Oomph and Lift Lingerie Fashion Show

A Fashion Show will be held at the Victoria Club, Street on Saturday 8th February. Doors open 7pm.Tickets in advance £7.50 or £10 on the door, price includes entry to raffle and a drink on arrival. Tickets available from Oomph and Lift Lingerie, Vestry Court, Vestry Road, Street and Runway Fashions, High Street, Street, or by calling 01458 898952. In aid of the Breast Cancer Awareness Charity.

6. The secret of a fruitful marriage

The hazelnut is a symbol of

fertility. A bag of nuts bestowed upon a bride will ensure a fruitful marriage. Hazelnuts can also be used for love spells. Assign the name of your passion to a nut and throw it in the fire whilst saying: ‘A hazelnut I throw in the flame, to this nut I give my sweetheart’s name, If blazes the nut, so may thy


Lingerie Professional Fitting Service Hosiery * Swimwear

passion grow, For twas my nut that did so brightly glow.’

7. Eternal beauty elixir!

Hawthorn was thought to increase fertility and was often incorporated into weddings, especially those performed in the spring. It is also said that if a young woman wishes to remain beautiful forever, she should

Beautiful Lingerie to enhance your figure StockiSt of

Panache: 28 – 46, D – K New In ‘Sculptresse’ Range: 36 – 46, D – K ... also Sports Bras Charnos: 30 – 38, A – H Lepel: 30 – 38, A – G Tutti R uge Now In Royce Non-wired Bras * Girls First Bras Mastectomy Bras * Nursing Bras Miraclesuits: 10lbs lighter in 10 seconds

Vestry Court, Vestry road, STreeT

 01458 898952 • Turn by William Hill - opposite Living Homes

Cupids Corner Bridal Design

Wedding Gowns Bridesmaids Dresses Flower Girls Dresses Prom Dresses & Ball Gowns Accessories Jewellery Shoes

01747 825525

‘Macie’ (above) is a stunning lace gown with a fishtail in deep ivory with delicate beading on the bodice, available from Cupid’s Corner Bridal Design in Gillingham. Pictured in their advert is ‘Carolina’ a slim-line gown in crepe chiffon with floaty sleeves and delicate beading to the bodice and skirt, finished off with a beaded illusion belt.

8 Newbury Court Gillingham Dorset SP8 4QX THE VISITOR February 2014 19

Spring Weddings bathe in the dew of the hawthorn tree at dawn on Beltane (the first day of May) while chanting this rhyme: ‘The fair maid, who on the first of May,

Goes to the fields at the break of day, And bathes in the dew from the hawthorn tree, Will ever strong and handsome be.’

For all your celebration cakes, whatever the occasion

From the most expensive, to the plainest sponge - the same stone ground flours, free-range eggs and quality ingredients go into every

cake. Any dietary requirement can be catered for. This past year Talitha’s Cakes have made traditional fruit, rich chocolate, lemon and gluten free wedding cakes, to name a few.

Karen Baker of Bond Street, Yeovil has an exciting range of wedding gowns in stock to suit all tastes and budgets.

Talitha’s Cake Creations We can create cakes for any occasion ... Weddings ✳ Anniversaries ✳ Birthdays Baked on the premises using quality local ingredients Additive free • Food allergies catered for Call in and discuss your personal requirements 59 High Street (‘A Family Thing’) Wincanton • 07979 023649 or visit our website:

Graham Baker and Karen Baker 3 & 20 Bond Street, YeOVIl, Somerset, BA20 1Pe Tel / Fax: 01935 423257 GrAhAM & KAren invite you to view their extensive range of bridal and grooms wear. In all styles, sizes, colours ... and shoes dyed to match!

Bridal wear

extensive range of dresses. Accessories such as veils, tiaras and jewellery. Prom dresses, evening wear, ball gowns, complementary footwear and bags.

Grooms wear

extensive ranges of mens and boys formal wear. Waistcoat range second to none. cravats and ruched neck wear to complement your bridesmaid choices. 20 THE VISITOR February 2014

The cake pictured is a rich chocolate cake, covered in hand made chocolate fondant. The top tier and the tree designs were made in edible 23 carat gold leaf. Talitha's Cake Creations are going through some changes this year. They will be selling their daily cakes and biscuits from Steve's Wholefood shop in Wincanton.

The Vintage Wedding Car Company

Several Vintage cars available including Saloons and open tourers Ring Nick Baker for details on

01747 822745

Spring Weddings Please visit their website to see photographs and they welcome comments on their blog. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

8. Everybody hurts, sometimes

Unlike other trees with romantic links, the willow tree has a dark side! For although many cultures include the willow in their love stories, its weeping branches have often led it to be associated with the sadness that can come with love - from the broken heart of unrequited love to the loss of a loved one.

The Montague Inn at Shepton Montague - the perfect country wedding venue

The Montague Inn is the perfect venue for the intimate wedding experience. The airy terrace room seats 70 most comfortably and the terrace itself is a great place

to meet and greet your guests, whilst enjoying the panoramic views with Alfred's Tower on the horizon. Sean and Suzy are always available to discuss and choreograph your very special day.

Sean & Suzy welcome you to the ...

Montague Inn Shepton Montague nr. Bruton Tel: 01749 813213

Preview of Wincanton and Langport


Whether you are a guest or Mother of the Bride - a visit to Preview of Wincanton and Langport is a must - here you will find a delightful choice of outfits which are sure to please. The spring/summer collections are now arriving from Dublin, Barcelona and Canadian fashion houses. The trend this year is lace including longer length lace coats over shift dresses. Whilst classic Black & White and Navy & White are with us this season they have been given an up to the minute twist. For those who like a spalsh of colour, vibrant bluebell is on


Bespoke parties large or small are our speciality

Call to discuss your personal requirements

Fashion with Style

fashion boutique & designer room

A figure-flattering outfit in cerise with matching fascinator - just one of many elegant outfits available from this seasons new collection at Preview of Wincanton and Langport.

Shopping Parade Langport 01458 252010

Market Place Wincanton 01963 31676 THE VISITOR February 2014 21

Spring Weddings trend as is pale blush - a flattering pink/peach. To compliment your outfit there are a range of hats in various hues from the British milliner Failsworth - fascinators too. A range of shoes in easy-to-wear neutral colours such as champagne and navy add to the outfit. Mother of the Bride outfits start from £299 and hats from just £49. To complete any outfit there is a selection of attractive jewellery available. Do call in - there is always friendly and helpful advice on hand and the stock is constantly changing.

Poplar buds can be carried in tiny red bags to help mend a broken heart. These buds should be kept as close to the heart as possible. They can also be placed under a pillow and slept on to the same effect. Treat your sweetheart or spouse-to-be to a woodland walk that they’ll never forget this Valentine’s Day. To find out more about visiting Westonbirt Arboretum, go to www.forestry. The Forestry Commission.

edding W e g F a t



This stunning bridal gown made of silk satin and embroidered with gold thread has a six foot long train. The wedding dress graced the society wedding pages of The Tatler when it was worn by the daughter of aircraft designer Rex Pearson, the developer of the Wellington Bomber. This dress is just one of a collection of 300 that can be hired from Janice O’Brien of Forever Fashion in Wincanton. Forever Fashion are holding a Vintage Wedding Fair on Sunday 9th March.

9. 100% natural, calorie-free heartbreak remedy

Sunday 9th March 10am – 4pm

Capture the glamour of bygone eras ... Vintage Wedding Dresses to Buy / Hire Photography • Cars • China • Flowers Jewellery • Accessories & More ✴ SOME STANDS STILL AVAILABLE ✴

Forever Fashion - Vintage For Life Church Street • WINCANTON • BA9 9AF Tel: 01963 34308 22 THE VISITOR February 2014

Zilla - a charming waved mid-brown sinamay free-form hatinator sitting on a small round base and held on the head with an alice band. The headpiece and base are edged in cream satin binding. The central flower can be removed and a different centre piece added. The flower comes with a brooch pin and hairclip already in place so the whole hat has potential to be used in 4 different ways. Available from Hats by Emelle, Castle Cary.

HATS by EMELLE Handmade / Bespoke BUY or HIRE Castle Cary 01963 351423

A Wedding Gift with a difference

If you are looking for a really unusual wedding gift, how about a Disanthus cercidifolius? (pictured bottom left). This is a medium-sized deciduous shrub with wide-spreading branches and large, rounded, heart-shaped leaves which turn deep crimson, purple and orange in autumn. The flowers are 2cm in width, deep maroon, with five narrow petals. Photo: Gina Mills The Forestry Commission.


A local Diary

LOOKING GOOD Family Health with

Jenna Evans First Aid

Just a few of the photographs that will be on display at the Trixie Hiscock Exhibition on 1st February.

Photographic Exhibition

An Exhibition - The 365 Project by Trixie Hiscock (one photo everyday for one year) takes place at Wincanton Memorial Hall on Saturday 1st February from 10am until 5pm. Following the completion of her 365 Project year, Trixie, a local photographer from Camelot Photographic Ltd, is delighted to announce the exhibition of all 365 images. Trixie originally decided to do the Project to expand her photography knowledge and push herself out of her Portraiture comfort zone. Trixie is hoping to raise money for Cancer Research so will be asking for a small entrance fee of £1.50 on the door. Tea, coffee and cakes will also be on sale to raise funds for the Charity. Calendars, greetings cards and card mounted prints will be available for puchase on the day and Trixie will be taking orders for framed prints and canvases should you see something that particularly catches your eye. This is an opportunity to see the whole year's work on display at once, which Trixie hopes will make quite an impact. Come along and browse - Trixie and husband Graham would love to see you and discuss any aspect of her work. Graham will also have some of his photographic work on display and will be available to discuss any printing and framing queries.

Look Out for Top Musicians Performing at St. Gregory’s Church, Marnhull, in 2014

Stephen Binnington, organist at St.Gregory’s Church in Marnhull has created a programme of Concerts for 2014 that will feature the new organ in the Church and some of the country’s

finest musicians in an outstanding line-up. The series commences with the Gillingham Imperial Silver Band on 26th April followed on May 17th by a Recital by soprano Emily Armour who often sings with the Monteverdi Choir; she will be accompanied by Martin Ford assistant organist at Westminster Abbey. Events start at 7pm and last for about 60 minutes with entrance of £5 or £6 per head payable at the door. Further details available from email:

Somerset Open Studios 2014 - Registration now open!

Somerset Art Works (SAW) are pleased to announce that they are now welcoming applications from artists who would like to take part in one of Somersets largest art events, Somerset Open Studios 2014. More than 300 artists took part in 221 venues in 2012. This year the event will take place from 20th September - 5th October 2014. Registration deadline:3pm, Thursday 27th February 2014. Who can take part in Somerset Open Studios? Somerset artists who are members of SAW are eligible to take part in this event. Full details regarding membership can be found at Schools are also eligible to take part, please contact SAW for further information. SAW HQ is located in the Old Town Hall in Langport and the SAW team can be contacted from Tuesday to Thursday, 9.00am – 3.30pm on 01458 253800. Any enquiries regarding the event can be sent to: admin@somersetart

THIS MONTH we’ll be taking a look at the remedies I think should be in every holistic home for those inevitable bumps and bruises. Naturally, it is always best to prevent injury as much as possible and anything severe should be investigated by a medical professional. That being said there are plenty of remedies in the fields of herbal medicine, homeopathy and aromatherapy that minor injuries can easily be dealt with at home. Bruising - Soak cotton wool or a flannel in good quality vinegar and apply to the bruise as soon as possible for 20-30 minutes. Comfrey cream is also excellent for helping to heal bruises - apply regularly. The homeopathic remedy arnica can be useful for all kinds of physical trauma - it is often taken before and after operations as an aid to healing. For a little aroma help, add a few drops of lavender and/or helichrysum essential oil to cold water or the vinegar soak. These oils can also be added to a base cream or oil or indeed the comfrey cream. Burns - For minor burns my absolute favourite remedy has to be lavender essential oil. This can work very quickly to relieve pain and aid tissue repair. It can be applied neat to the skin (but always patch test, some people may be allergic) or added to a cold water bath for the burned area. Honey is another traditional remedy to apply. Homeopathic remedies of use include cantharis - for pain creating restlessness, hypericum - nerve pain, and urtica urens - for prickly, stinging pain. Cuts - Always clean cuts well. Salt water or marigold (calendula) tincture/tea can be used for this. To halt bleeding powdered cayenne or yarrow can be sprinkled on the cut - use with care (especially the cayenne - not something you want to accidentally get into sensitive tissues or the eyes!) Honey and colloidal silver are useful antiseptics to apply to wounds. I

would certainly never be without a bottle of colloidal silver in my house. I have seen it work wonders for pretty nasty cuts and wounds. It is also a useful bug busting remedy to use at the first sign of the sniffles - a spray bottle is a handy way to apply to the skin or onto sore throats. Insect Bites & Stings - Wasp stings are alkali and bee stings are acid so the most common home remedy theory is that an acid such as vinegar is the remedy of choice for wasp stings and an alkali such as bicarbonate of soda will neutralise a bee sting. Now stings are much more chemically complicated than just being acidic or alkali, nevertheless I have heard good reports from this method - so why not give it a try? My go to remedies have always been neat lavender oil for general bug bites/stings and good old colloidal silver. Sprains/Strains - Start with ice packs and vinegar compresses. Homeopathic arnica is the go to remedy for trauma and it is often recommended to be taken immediately and for several doses until the swelling starts to subside. Then people may choose to switch to either rhus tox - to alleviate stiffness and aid general healing, or ruta grav - a general remedy for injuries to tendons, muscles and joints. An aromatherapy blend of ginger (anti-inflammatory), rosemary (to aid circulation) and juniper (to assist the lymphatic system in removing waste from the injured area) can be useful to support the body’s repair mechanisms. Try roughly 2 drops of each essential oil in 10ml of base oil and apply at least three times a day (always patch test before first use!) For anti-inflammatory and pain relieving supplements see over.

The Dress Circle Dress Agency

QUAlity fAshion items WAnted to sell on A Commission BAsis wedding hats, wedding outfits, cruise wear and good quality casual wear and accessories, accepted every day ... 10am - 4pm monday - Friday 10am - 2pm saturday For large quantities collections can be arranged

4 Brunel Shopping Centre Somerton TA11 7PY  01458 273485 THE VISITOR February 2014 23

LOOKING GOOD Sunburn - Keep a pot of aloe vera gel with some added lavender oil chilling in the fridge - wonderfully soothing to sunburn and makes a good general aftersun moisturiser for the skin. Pain - For pain relief and as an anti-inflammatory a supplement containing ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, boswellia and bromelain can be helpful - think of it as a herbal ibuprofen. The herb white willow and the

supplements DL Phenylalanine and 5-Hydroxytryptophan are also often used as alternative pain killers. Just as no one conventional pain killer will work for everybody, no single herb or supplement is helpful to all. Experiment! These supplements can be especially helpful for managing chronic pain in those who wish to eschew to use of other pain killers (always check with your GP if you have an


Ladies Fashion for All Ages Stockist of Mistral and Tenki

Separates • Dresses • Jeans • Leggings Ladies & Gents Slippers Local Crafts inc. Cushions, Bunting, Paintings, Jewellery, etc. DO CALL IN AND BROWSE

April’s, e Black & White Shop 13 Fore Street, Castle Cary, Somerset, BA7 7BG  01963 351626 Email:

ongoing medical condition). Tension headaches can be helped by relaxing herbs such as chamomile and lemon balm - try regular teas if you are prone to these. The herb feverfew is often used to manage migraines as is the vitamin B2. Many of the supplements mentioned above may also be helpful but it is important to get to root causes of regular headaches and migraines. Well that’s all for this month, until next time - stay safe! Jenna Evans ©2014. Ceres Natural Foods in Yeovil have a great range supplements. Jenna is available instore at Ceres to advise by appointment, please pop in or call 01935 428791 for details. Always check with a health professional before making any dramatic changes to your diet and lifestyle or starting a new supplement, especially with any existing health conditions.

April’s - a new clothes shop opens in Castle Cary

April Mills has recently opened April’s Ladies Fashion shop in

Castle Cary. The fashion is easy to wear and sensibly priced. Attractive jersey tunics ideal to wear with leggings, soft cardigans in lovely colours and jeans are just a few of the items on sale. The Mistral range of clothing and Tenki are stocked. Ladies and gents slippers plus accessories such as scarves and tights, proved popular over the Christmas period. Local crafts on sale include paintings, cushions, bunting and doorstops, plus an attractive range of vintage greetings cards by Lora Verna. Do call in and browse – the stock changes regularly (closed Mondays).

Perfectly Toned

Perfectly Toned, situated on the Bancombe Road Trading Estate, Somerton, is a ladies only toning table centre. Toning tables are specialist designed exercise tables that incorporate the well-established PILATES concept of low impact exercise that gently improves flexibility of joints, increases

Unisex Salon

We have moved to stylish new premises! Opening Promotions for February £5 OFF when Spending £15 or More ... with Leah or kayleigh 15% dISCOunT OFF a Cut & Colour ... with connie plus Free nail Shape & Polish Blow dry £10 plus Free Moroccan Oil hair Treatment ... with kelly Stockist of: Moroccan oil – Matrix – d:fi

★ NEW SERVICE: OPI nails including Gel nail ★ Book your Manicure today!

Pictured from left: Connie Warren - Junior Stylist, Kayleigh Walter - Senior Stylist, Kelly Osborne - Junior Stylist and Leah Chapman - Proprietor

We look forward to welcoming customers old and new

oPEN: Monday 9am – 8pm, tuesday 9am – 8pm, Wednesday Closed thursday 9am – 8pm, friday 9am – 5.30pm, Saturday 9am – 1pm

 AT NOW 30 High Street, Wincanton, BA9 9JF (opposite Barclays Butchers) Tel ephone: 01963 32300 24 THE VISITOR February 2014

LOOKING GOOD All treatments are with a registered nurse and colon hydrotherapist. For more details please visit our website www.

Give weight loss a kick start with Colon Hydro Therapy Dermal Fillers Juvederm TM SkinCeutical Skin Peels & Skin Care Products Dr Schrammek Green Peel & Skin Care Products All Treatments are with a Registered Nurse / Colon Hydro Therapist Treatments & Skin Consultations by appointment only — The —

Corn House CliniC Aesthetics and Complimentary Therapies

Tel: 01935 842000 Mobile: 07939 095222

At Hanson’s Fabrics, Sturminster Newton - the forthcoming demonstration day will show you how to customize your wardrobe including shoe decorations, plimsole painting, beading for jumpers, accessorizing and more! Embellish, stitch and decorate to your hearts content - Saturday 22nd February.

suppleness and improves posture, which make them ideal for ladies with a history of arthritis or replacement joints - like hips or knees, or ladies with back problems. The tables can also aid inch loss. Gently exercise in the relaxed and friendly environment of this family run business - ideal if you want to exercise but hate going to the gym. Clients can pay as they go with no contract – sessions are just £6 or save money on a block booking of 10 plus 1 free for £54. To book your free trial please telephone either Marilyn or Kirsty on 01458 273600.

The Corn House Clinic

Good health starts from within and Colon Hydrotherapy ... the ultimate cleanse, could help you if you suffer from: - Constipation; IBS; Diarrhoea; Acne; Bloating; Fatigue; Headaches; Eczema; Psoriasis and Bad breath. The benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy are numerous, as well as hydrating and cleansing the bowel, the aesthetic benefits include a natural skin boost, increased vitality and a reduction in cellulite. As metabolic efficiency improves it can also help with weight loss ... a healthy colon is essential to a healthy body!

Improve your mobility flexibility & posture ● Pilate Toning Tables are perfect for strengthening core muscles, improving mobility and posture ● Gentle exercise in relaxed and friendly surroundings ● Ideal for ladies experiencing back problems, or who have had knee/hip replacements etc. ● Also proved very effective for inch loss if following a weight loss programme


Cost per session just £6 or a block booking of 10 plus one free for £54 Open Monday to Friday and Saturday Mornings • Early morning & evening appointments available

Contact Marilyn or Kirsty at Perfectly Toned 12 Canvin Court, Bancombe Road Trading Estate Somerton, TA11 6SB

 01458 273600

THE VISITOR February 2014 25

Golden Years ~ Caring for our Elderly Careline reaches 2000!

SSDC’s Careline Service has reached a new landmark by having a total of 2000 customers currently registered and receiving the service. Careline provides an emergency alarm button and pendant that can be worn at all times, which links to a control centre where emergency staff are on hand to answer calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. SSDC has been running the service for 32 years and it continues to be invaluable to residents, particularly those people living alone. The growth in the service reflects the great reputation built up by a team of dedicated and experienced staff, and the quality of this invaluable service. Pressing the alarm button puts the customer straight into contact with staff who could call a family member, neighbour or doctor if the resident was feeling unwell, or an ambulance if needed. They will also call the police if the person felt intimidated or in danger.

The service offers a range of other ‘telecare’ devices which can help people live independently, such as smoke detectors, fall detectors and key safes. Alice Knight, Service Manager says that ‘More and more people in South Somerset are taking advantage of our service, from those who are elderly to people with disabilities and those who are considered as at risk by their loved ones. We find that friends and family feel reassured with the knowledge that we are here to help their loved ones if they ever need it’. The installation of the alarm system costs £32.05 but is free to those who are on certain benefits. There is a weekly charge of £3.74 for hire and monitoring of the equipment. Cllr Ric Pallister, South Somerset’s Portfolio Holder for Housing, Environmental Health and Inclusion says, “I am incredibly proud of our Careline service which provides people with reassurance and enables many elderly or vulnerable

residents to live as safely and as independently as they possibly can. I congratulate the team on this great achievement of achieving 2,000 customers, a true reflection of the commitment of staff and also the excellent reputation of the service”. To find out more on how Careline can help, contact 01935 479815 or visit www.south

Cary Brook Residential Home

Hello and Happy New Year from the staff and residents at Cary Brook! We had a fantastic Christmas at the home and everyone got involved in the preparation, whether it was making decorations, decorating the tree or helping to peel the

vegetables for Christmas dinner. In the last year we’ve had a variety of exciting and interesting activities and recently we’ve been bringing everyone into the 21st century after buying an iPad. Our residents have really enjoyed using the tablet to play games, take photographs and Skype relatives and friends. If you would like a tour of the home or have a few hours to spare and would like to become a volunteer please feel free to give us a call.

News from the Aurora Care Group

Hendford Care and Nursing Home is now a student practice placement with Bournemouth University, and we will be helping to educate nursing students. We

Keep your independence at home with

Careline gives that little extra support to people who want to remain living at home independently for as long as possible while bringing peace of mind to their family and friends. Do you … ■ Live alone or sometimes feel at risk? ■ Have elderly, frail or infirm dependents? ■ Worry about their safety in an emergency? ■ Want to help them maintain their independence? If yes, Careline can provide help at the touch of a button 24-hours a day 365 days a year! Through Careline, you can actually enjoy the independence of living in your own home, secure in the knowledge that emergency help or advice is available at your fingertips. We offer a free demonstration and if you are happy with it, our staff can fit the unit for you immediately. Call 01935 479815 Initial connection / setup fee £32.05* Hire and monitoring £3.74 per week * Waived if on certain benefits 26 THE VISITOR February 2014

Residents help staff to prepare the vegetables for Christmas dinner, at Cary Brook Residential Home in Castle Cary.

Golden Years ~ Caring for our Elderly will also be providing placements for newly qualified nurses and those returning to practice. Additionally our qualified psychiatric nurse will be taking a mentorship course so that we will be able to support nurses from the adult, learning difficulties and mental health branches of the NMC register. Meanwhile, congratulations to Hurst Manor staff: we have achieved Beacon Status of the Gold Standard Framework Care Homes Accreditation. Hendford is starting the process of GSF

accreditation, and five members of our team have just passed the IOSH health and safety qualification. Hendford will soon be working with a dementia nurse at Yeovil district hospital to implement the ‘This is Me’ care system developed by the Alzheimer’s Society.

new home to be ready in the spring months and it’s all they can talk about! The new home will offer high quality nursing care and support to 55 residents and will be located next to a brand new GP surgery

in Behind Berry, which will be perfect for developing links within the community. The home will have excellent facilities including large bedrooms with en-suites, specialist bathing facilities and emergency call systems.

Wessex House

Amy Yapp is the new Manager at Wessex House. Amy is really pleased to be joining the team in Somerton at such an exciting time, as they are expecting the

Nearing completion, Wessex House at Somerton.

Private Nursing Care from £700.00 per week The Aurora Care Group offers private nursing care in our Somerset nursing homes at prices from £700.00 per week 166 Hendford Hill, Yeovil, BA20 2RG 01935 470400

Our homes are spread across south Somerset and variously offer: ● 24 hour nursing care in purpose built accommodation ● Large single en suite rooms with ensuite wet rooms ● Comprehensive social programmes with several activities a day, designed to stimulate physically, intellectually and socially ● Restaurant standard dining in own rooms or dining rooms ● Frequent trips out in our own minibus ● Beautiful landscaped gardens with breathtaking views over the Somerset countryside Hurst, Martock, TA12 6JU 01935 823467 Higher Holton, nr. Wincanton, BA9 8EA 01963 33370 THE VISITOR February 2014 27

Golden Years ~ Caring for our Elderly Burnworthy House

Happy New Year from all at Burnworthy House! 2013 has been a busy year for us all at the home, we’ve held a variety of events from our annual summer and winter fairs, to trips out and coffee mornings. Our Activities Co-ordinator, Claire, has worked hard over the past 12 months to provide a showcase of activities and links with the local schools and community. Recently we held a special Birthday party for Eileen who celebrated her 100th, a fantastic day was had by all including Eileen’s family who joined us for the celebrations. In recent months the home has been redecorated with a fresh lick of paint and we would love for you to come and have a look around.

3 years and is personally run by husband and wife team Adrian and Lisa. They offer a complete range of mobility aids including Scooters, rise and recline beds and chairs (disposal of old furniture free of charge), living aids and stair lifts. They undertake repairs and servicing on-the-premises or in your home. A free collection and delivery service is offered and Home demonstrations are available. Why not call in today conveniently located near the car park.

The Mammoth performance range is scientifically proven to enhance your sleep

Residents of Burnworthy House enjoy their links with locals schools.

Regency Care & Mobility

Situated in Falkland Square Crewkerne, Regency Care & Mobility has been established for For all your mobility requirements

riSe & reCline ChAirS And BedS Scooters – new and used FREE delivery & removal of your Old Furniture FREE home demonstrations FREE Collection & delivery ★ SCOOTerS ServiCed ... only £39 ★

A recent study by Dr Jason Ellis, a world leading sleep expert, proved that Mammoth mattresses enable you to fall asleep quicker, sleep for longer and enjoy your sleep more. What more could you want from your bed? Tested under controlled conditions, 3 key sleep elements were tested on a particular group


‘If you can’t come to us, we will come to you’

10 Falkland Square, Crewkerne, TA18 7JS Tel: 01460 271172 Full Planning & Design service

If you are having difficulty getting in and out of the bath ... a wet room is the perfect solution. Wet rooms can be tailored to suit your personal requirements VISIT our ShowroomS

simply Bathrooms & Bedrooms The Old Bakery, Half Moon street sherborne, DT9 3ln (Through Archway by Half Moon Inn)

Tel: 01935 817111 28 THE VISITOR February 2014

Golden Years both at home in their own bed, and in a laboratory on a Mammoth Performance mattress. The results were outstanding.

1. Sleep efficiency

Participants were monitored to measure the ratio between

how long a person spends in a bed compared to how long they spend in a deep sleep. On a Mammoth mattress participants improved their sleep efficiency by an average of 7% and moved up a clinical relevant zone, from poor sleep efficiency to a good sleep efficiency.

2. Sleep onset latency - how quickly you fall asleep

The test proved that participants fell asleep more quickly on a Mammoth mattress.

3. Sleep enjoyment

Participants were asked to grade their nights sleep – on average they enjoyed their sleep 21% more on a Mammoth mattress.

Mammoth is endorsed by the Chiropractic Patients Association.

The Bed Specialist of Yeovil stocks a range of Mammoth mattresses – they recommend you visit the store and try for yourself. The Mammoth range is endorsed by the Chiropractic Patients association.

Genuine Winter SALE NOW ON

Protecting your assets in your Will By Sally Manning, Lawyer in the Wills and Probate Department of Battens Solicitors in Sherborne THere are upseTTIng sTorIes about people selling their homes to pay for long-term care, and lawyers can certainly advise on this, but there are also other situations where your assets or savings may be under threat. a long-term friend was talking to me recently about his daughter who is going through a divorce and wondered whether that meant he should amend his Will. a neighbour also spoke of how worried she was that her son could become bankrupt due to extravagant spending and asked whether something could be done in her Will to stop him wasting money out of her estate when she died. Difficult family situations are, sadly, common. so what can you do to protect your assets and funds and ensure the intention behind your Will is followed through? one way, and it really doesn’t have to be complicated, is to include a discretionary Trust in your Will. You first decide which assets are to be put into the Trust. You then nominate two or more Trustees to be responsible for those assets. The choice is vitally important as you will want Trustees to be both reliable and honest. They can be the same people as your appointed executors or your lawyer. The key points are that the assets are legally the property of the Trust and you are in effect charging the Trustees with responsibility for distributing the assets to anyone you have nominated as a ‘discretionary beneficiary’. Your Trustees would be empowered to use their discretion and no one beneficiary is entitled to everything outright, Trust assets will not be taken into consideration in any divorce settlement, by a Trustee in Bankruptcy, or the state. Your Trustees can be guided at the time as to how to set up and run the Trust. Lawyers can also act as professional Trustees for you if you so wish. as a result, a Trust can be a useful and legally sound solution to help keep assets and funds in the family and away from third parties. as always, the best advice is to speak to the experts. Battens solicitors has been established for more than 300 years and is a Legal 500 firm. I can advise you on preparing such a Will or updating your existing one and my colleague sarah eplett in our Trusts & Taxation Department can advise you on running an existing Trust. For more information send an email to or ring 01935 811304 (Sally) or 01935 846250 (Sarah) OFFiceS in SherBOrne, YeOviL, DOrcheSter and WeYMOuth

THE VISITOR February 2014 29

Golden Years Independent Bathing Systems

Independent Bathing Systems is a small family-run business serving the needs of the elderly in the Somerset, Devon and Dorset areas. They specialize in bathing aids to help the elderly maintain independence in their own homes. From battery powered lifts to bath replacement walk-in showers, Steve at Independent Bathing Systems can offer free advice and a home survey on the cost and suitability of the wide range of products on the market. Choosing a bathing aid such as the bath replacement shower pod shown can be a difficult decision for some and Steve is keen to point out that no high pressure salesperson will be sent out from Independent Bathing Systems and that clients will be given written quotations and plenty of time to compare prices and service.

St. Johns’ House

The bath replacement shower pod, available from Independent Bathing Systems.

Bathing Difficulties?

Maintain independence in your own home For free information on the full range of bathing aids & walk-in showers

InDepenDent BathIng SyStemS Chard 01460 221058 • mobile 07796 383330

sT JoHns' House HaLF Moon sTreeT sHerBorne DT9 3LJ

Residential living need not be a worrying prospect; it can be the start of new friendships, comfort, security and enjoyment in life. St. Johns' House has for many centuries stood at the centre of the historic abbey town of Sherborne, which is a well-loved town with a warm community spirit. But St. Johns’ House is more than an architectural gem. It serves the community today much as it has done for the past 500 years. It offers permanent residency as well as respite care on a weekly or daily basis. St. Johns’ staff take great pride in providing a safe, warm and caring environment for their residents and do their best to make it a real ‘home from home’.

We offer the following services: ■ Permanent residency. ■ respite care – can be just for a day, a weekend, or longer. ■ Lunch available every Monday for non-residents. Must be booked in advance. For more details or to look around, please contact The Manager Mrs Jackie Griffin on 01935 813245 • email: 30 THE VISITOR February 2014

The Visitor can now be read online:


Pub Pages


WHO WOULD BE AN M.P.? Well not me, as politics holds no interest for me at all, and my views do not seem to be expressed by any political party of any colour. Nevertheless, we are stuck with them. ‘Whoever we vote for the Government still gets in’ - as the old adage goes. CAMRA and others have been running campaigns to get our leaders to look at the pub industry, even suggesting there should be a watchdog for the industry. Why? Well it doesn’t take a genius to see that tenants are frequently charged huge rents – which are often raised by large amounts without seemingly any just ifica t ion. Furt herm ore, products sold at their pubs have to be bought through the owners / pubcos. To my mind this smacks rather of the time when workers had to buy their day-today goods through their employers, a situation that (eventually) led to the Truck Acts, which stopped it. Needless to say, thanks to vested interest, those acts took some time to become law. However, I do think there is another side to this as in fairness no-one with any idea of business would go into the industry without checking out the terms and conditions of their lease. So why do they do it and what does it mean for us pubgoers? Inevitably it means higher prices as the prices of a cask of ale can easily be 40% more from a pubco to one of their tenants. Government did, apparently, make a promise that a Pub Watchdog would be formed, although being a bit of a cynic; I do not have too much faith in those sorts of organizations through personal experience. With about one third of pubs in this country being owned by pubcos, this is a significant number which cannot be ignored

and even as I bash out this on the keyboard, the M.P’s should be debating this very topic of what could or should be done. Certainly the strength of feeling by pub goers is significant with a goodly proportion of the CAMRA members signing a petition to get the debate moving. I have to be optimistic that something positive will be done, as we have seen a small cut in beer duty – according to CAMRA, the first for over 50 years - and I think that this organisation was in some way responsible. Last year the Government recognised that ‘there is some real hardship in the pubs sector, with many pubs going to the wall as publicans struggle to survive on tiny margins. Some of this is due to pubcos [pub companies] exploiting and squeezing their publicans by unfair practices and a focus on short-term profits. Four ‘Select Committee’ reviews since 2004 have highlighted these problems’ (Vince Cable MP, January 2013). There are many cases indeed where the hourly rate earned by tenants comes well below the minimum wage and according to a recent survey well over half of tenants of pubcos earned less than £10,000 per annum. A recent news item in a Derbyshire paper tells of a landlady who

earned £4,000 last year, her rent was over £16,000 and the pubco (Enterprise Inns) intend to jack that up by another £6,000, thus making the business completely unviable. Clearly something is very wrong, and with some of the pubcos having huge debts from buying up property when the prices were high, they too, need to do something about their own situation, but in my opinion trying to get more and more from less and less will not solve anything for anybody. CAMRA continues to grow in numbers and strength, with the running total now in the region of 158,000. On more than one occasion it has been described as the ‘most successful consumer organisation in Europe’. The monthly newspaper has some lively debate, as one may well expect from an organization that prides itself on being democratic, although since the publication of a quarterly magazine with the uninspiring title ‘Beer’, there is not so much on the article front as these tend to appear here. Despite down-turns in the economy the CAMRA Members Investment Club continues to grow, where those in charge and in the know, invest members funds with those who support real ale. I have been informed by those

Sean & Suzy welcome you to the ...


Friday 14 February 3 Course Dinner Glass of Champagne £35 per person Add a third person for £25

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

WINcANToN RAcEs Saturday 15th February Lunch, Taxi to and from The Monty to the Course Premiere Enclosure Tickets ... and Dinner back at The Monty £40 per person

call sean on 01749 813213

Bradford Abbas • Tel: 01935 474506 Tuesday 4th February: Back Gammon night saturday 8th February: John raymond Friday 21st February: hobo Jones and the Junk Yard Dogs Friday 14th February: valentines night bookings now taken 2 course £18.95 ❤ 3 course £21.95 sunday 23rd February: Quiz night in aid of Yeovil Heartbeat cream teas every Friday 2pm – 4pm ... in village hall in aid of Yeovil Heartbeat


Wyndham Arms


Shepton Montague nr. Bruton Tel: 01749 813213


quite probably familiar with the game Shove Ha’penny around here, a recent discovery has been a sizeable league for the game called ‘Push Penny’ in Lincolnshire of which even the author of the book ‘Played at the Pub’, Arthur Taylor, did not know about. As he said, this makes his book a little out of date, but at the same time, he is pleased to be able to say so! This was also the case for the Mendips Table Skittle league, details can be found on the ‘net, and a very interesting and informative site this is, for history, terminology, variations and other information can be found about the game, as well as details of participating pubs and clubs in the league. Do take a

The Rose & Crown


Montague Inn ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

who understand these things that the return on capital over the last ten years or so has been in excess of 11%, and taking into account all the banking nonsense of the late noughties, this is not an insignificant amount. How paradoxical therefore, that this month’s offerings give a brief synopsis of the industry in a crisis, yet real ale continues to grow in value – and the number of small breweries being now in excess of 1,100! My fascination with pub games continues, and having been in touch with Mark Shirley and his ‘Shove it, Chuck it, Toss it’ blogspot on the internet it’s good to know I am not alone in my interest. Indeed, whilst we are

We at The Wyndham Arms empathise with customers suffering due to the flooding particularly those who live in the TA10 area. So for those who can get out take a break, cut / tear out this advert and bring it to the pub ...

We will give you


to book your tickets

2 course Lunch Deal £ 10 Monday to Saturday

Tel: 01935 823239 Please visit us on our website: to see full menu details THE VISITOR February 2014 31

WINCANTON, BA9 8LD • 01747 840439

little time to check this out (as well as Mr. Shirley’s blog). I was lucky enough to win a table skittle game on eBay (other auction sites are available) which as well as being in excellent condition, did not cost too much even with delivery, but had a little history insofar as the blue baize bottom of the game had

‘Ruddles Best Bitter’ emblazoned on it. It would seem that this was made for a promotion of said beers, although I have not been able to find anything to back this up. Whilst this is not a beer often seen in the Visitor area, perhaps there is someone who can help me out on this. Perhaps there is also a table skittle league around

Never one to miss a bargain, Vinny ventures over to South Petherton

new Menu Out now

SeniOrS Menu 1 Course £5 2 Courses £7.50 3 Courses £9.95 don’t forget our

TueSdAy CArvery

12noon – 2pm use our 2 for 1 Offer ... and get a Carvery for £5

— The —

Queens Arms Wraxall, Shepton Mallet Somerset BA4 6RQ

Now Serving Home Cooked Pub Classics Tuesday — Saturday Lunchtimes and Evenings Plus Light Bites at Lunchtime Traditional Sunday Roasts Served from 12.30pm — 5.00pm Mezé & Tapas Menu Served Evenings Only ❤ Bookings now being taken for Valentine’s ❤ On Friday 14th and Saturday 15th February

Authentic Greek Kleftiko Set Menu £27.50 per couple Bookings Essential Call us on 01749 860201 or email

Mothering Sunday 30th March St. Patrick’s Day Monday 17th March BOOK your advertisement in ...

 01963 351256

March Issue Print: Thursday 27th February Deadline: Monday 17th February 32 THE VISITOR February 2014

472 all-party groups. Subsidized beer? Hmmm … perhaps being an M.P. is not such a bad idea after all.






here or even someone in this area who still makes them? If you have any information on this or indeed anything that is pub related, do drop me a line at skittlealley@ or by snail-mail to the Visitor office. My thanks to a recent correspondent who used the latter method to top up some details about a local pub owned by a pubco. I hope one day we can enlarge on this. With the M.P’s now in session (hopefully) I look forward to hearing something good coming out of the debate on the future of our pubs. Actually, at the end of the day, I am sure they will be heading off to the House of Commons bar where you and I are subsidizing their ales. How many of them will be doing this I wonder? Well quite possibly a fair few, for the Members beer group consists of over 300 M.P’s, which is by far quite the largest of the

IN OVER STRATTON ... Chas, wine waiter and musician, was a roaring success at the new Farm Restaurant on New

The Rose and Crown

Bower Hinton • Martock • TA12 6JY  01935 822393

Year’s Eve ... beat the winter blues with the voucher promotion - not to be missed at the Royal Oak ... Winter Warmer themed evening at the Brewers arms, South Petherton very popular complete with mountain murals, alpine clad staff etc., St. Patrick’s Day menu now available ... rugby lovers should make their way to the Dinnington Docks, Dinnington for the screening of the 6 Nations Rugby ... and in Bower Hinton everyone is welcome to join in the fortnightly

quiz at the Rose & Crown. Cruising on to Kingsbury Episcopi where the Wyndham mole tells us that Charlie’s parking ticket, issued by Ivor Scooter, is on display at the Wyndham arms where you can save 10% off your meal with the voucher in this month’s Visitor ... will cous cous and tagines be making an appearance on the menu at the Lord nelson, Norton Sub Hamdon after Helen and Mark’s return from their recent sojourn to Morocco ... eyes

Market Bar & Bistro Market Place, Somerton

Homemade Food served all day from our Bar menu for £7 plus ... Light Bites including Baguettes & Jacket Potatoes are available

Remember ... Scrumpy Duck ... Braised Ox Tail Tapas ... and more … ?

We host regular Live music on Saturday evenings ... plus a fortnightly Friday Night Quiz

Open daily for Lunch and Dinner (closed Sunday evening) Traditional Sunday Roast plus menu choice

Come and watch the Six Nations Rugby ... starts 1st February For further details of our menu and events please see our website Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 12pm ‘til Close



2 Course Lunch £9.95 – Monday to Friday

Bookings taken for Valentine’s

Tel: 01458 272468

Lord Nelson

Rectory Lane Norton Sub Hamdon

Mark, Helen and staff welcome you to ‘The Nelson’

Good Food - Good Beer - Great atmoSphere Sunday 2nd February: Quiz Night hosted by Amy Maunder Saturday 8th February: HAMDON HA HA tickets on sale Tuesday 11th February: Film Night “The Weekend” Saturday 15th February: Valentine Menu ... plus Entertainment by Jon Snell Monday to Friday - Two Course Lunch £8 Tuesday & Wednesday - Steak Night - Two Steaks ... and a Bottle of Wine £25 Courtyard H Beer Garden at rear ample parkinG open all day Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Tel: 01935 881473

Home-Made Food Served 7 Days a Week

Real Ales - Garden Skittle Alley

TRadITIoNaL CoUNTRY PUB Serving Sensibly Priced Food & Drink

Steak Night Wednesdays £22.50 inc. Bottle of Wine 3 Meat Carvery every Sunday £8.95

❤ BOOK NOW FOR VALENTINE’S DAY ❤ 3 Course Set Menu £19.50 ... or choose from The Board 6 Nations Rugby on TV - starts 2nd February Dinnington, Nr. Hinton St. George • Tel 01460 52397 email THE VISITOR February 2014 33

They Say That ornithologically speaking, it was an unusual Christmas for Mr & Mrs Christopher White of Queen Camel. That Karen Jones of Stalbridge, a staff member at The Crown in Marnhull, showed dedication to duty in adverse weather conditions by turning up for work on a tractor. That the redoubtable Charlie Stone of Kingsbury Episcopi, a member of the Wyndham Arms Seven Sunday Club, wants his colleagues to arrange a collection to pay his parking fine. That best wishes for a speedy recovery go to butcher Charlie Hill of Castle Cary. That congratulations go to the winners of the Langport Best Dressed Window Competition namely, The Langport Stores and Maya Boutique - first and second place respectively. That the mature and photogenic sextet that can be seen enjoying lunch on the website of the Fox & Hounds at Lyndhurst are not currently available for spontaneous photo-shoots. That ‘Fetch the Rolls Round’ has another understanding for Chas Leeks of Cambridge. That according to Sally Payne of Wincanton, scarves and trousers zips are not always a compatible combination. That in France, a mistress is somewhere between a mister and a mattress. That if Christine Hunt, great cook as she is, wins any more Shoe Vouchers at the Annual Dinner of the Dorset Vintage Motorcycle Club, Gabby will have to open a Shop. That after a Boxing Day get together at The Bay Tree, JB unfortunately discovered that he’d lost his Thunderbird Lapel Pin. He was extremely pleased however, when ‘eagle eyed’ Sylv found it in her car the next day. That George Graham of Sparkford doesn’t ring very often - but he does love to reply. That due to a tumble, Sandie Barrett of Elegance in Wincanton now has her very own personal chauffeur. That painter and decorator Chris White of Queen Camel, would be pleased to hear from anyone finding his Hi-Viz yellow jacket. The garment was last seen being worn by a white van on the A371 at Castle Cary. That Somerset has two entries for the National Sexiest Farmer Competition. 34 THE VISITOR February 2014

Pete Lambden & Staff welcome you to .....

168 Hendford Hill YEOViL “now i'm no longer alone Without a dream in my heart Without a love of my own” ThE FiRST pERSon to tell me the above song gets a free drink. Last month Suzanne Caller from Yeovil correctly guessed it was Greg Lake with ‘I believe in Father Christmas’. Well, i suppose it’s a bit late to say ‘Happy New Year’ but i will say it just the same . We had a great Christmas & New Year here at the Top of the Hill. Lots of great parties and some have booked for next Christmas already ... which is nice . Got to say a big thank you and well done to Morgan Giles who hosted a big get together in aid of charity here at The Quick. it was a super do attended by a fantastic bunch of wrinklies, myself included in that bunch, but a splendid time was had by all. A super band - One Night Stand - rocked the place and everyone had a great time. Well done to Morgan and his much younger wife Pat . Dawn Coleman celebrated the Big 7-ohh with a nice party, a few friends, a few drinks, and some great music. Congratulations Dawn X. on the first Friday of February we will have Karaoke from 9pm. on the 8th we have the AC/DC Tribute Band Hells Bells making a return visit. Tickets are available from the pub at £10. hey lads, don’t forget Valentine’s! This year it lands on a Friday, so a really good idea is to book a table for two at your favorite little place … NO!!! HERE at The Quicksilver. you know it will get you some ‘brownie points’ and you know we will look after you! Barry Paull will be bringing his Elvis Show here on the 28th of February. Tickets are £5 with the proceeds going to the hospice. on the same night The Railhogs will be playing in the bar from 9pm. And finally: i was sat in the pub last night when this bloke walked in with a black top, black shorts, and a whistle in his mouth. i thought to myself “hey-up he’s gonna kick off in a minute”.  TOOT TOOT!!!


 01935 424721


Pub Pages

down for a full house at the Cat head Inn, Chiselborough ... will Garry of the muddled man, West Chinnock be returning with a suitcase full of cuban cigars ... a Portuguese themed evening to be held at the Crown & Victoria, Tintinhull on the 5th February ... and well done to Pete at the Quicksilver mail, Yeovil, whose ad was in a week early!! Bumbling on to Bradford Abbas where Mary would like it known

White Lion Inn February 14th VALENTINE’s Pan Fried Scallops Breast of Mallard and confit leg Profiteroles £26.95 pre-booking only

High street, Bourton, Dorset, sP8 5AT 01747 840866 Mark & Isabel welcome you to the

Crown & Victoria Inn

Farm Street, Tintinhull nr. Yeovil, BA22 8PZ

♥ Valentine’s Day Dinner ♥ Friday 14 th February • £30 per person S TAr TerS Celeriac and bramley apple soup with toasted walnuts and Dorset blue vinny Gin cured salmon with buttermilk pancakes Ham hock and caper terrine with real ale chutney, pickled shallots and toasted white bloomer Baked Camembert with balsamic sticky onions and sourdough bread ***************** Champagne sorbet ***************** MAInS Pan roasted chicken with chicken leg and mushroom pie, butternut squash puree and potato gratin Local Somerset pork belly with a honey glaze, roast potatoes, apple and sausage stuffing and tender stem broccoli Braised shin of beef with oxtail dumplings and potato puree served with star anise glazed carrots Tomato and olive tart with Lyme Bay Gurnard, wilted spinach, tomato fondue and triple cooked chips Caramelised shallot and tomato tart tatin with Vulscombe goats cheese, poached hen's egg, shallot dressing and buttered Savoy ***************** Sw eeTS Chocolate delice with coffee foam and pistachio ice cream Caramelised pear baked in a thin brioche crust Vanilla pannacotta with rhubarb jelly and poached forced rhubarb Cheesecake with passion fruit and lime where possible our food is locally sourced and free range / organic. It is freshly prepared and made here at the Crown and Victoria Inn. If you have any specific dietary needs please let us know B eAuTIFuL GArDenS • reAL ALeS • AMPLe P ArkInG • e nSuITe A CCoMMoDATIon

Bookings Tel: 01935 823341 Fax: 01935 825786 • email:

she is definitely not on the move from the Rose & Crown ... welcome to the new hosts at the Rose & Crown in Trent ... book early for the forthcoming Fish and Champagne evening at the Queens arms, Corton Denham ... all back to normal at the marston Inn, Marston Magna after Christmas flooding, and now taking bookings for Valentines. Shifting on to Shepton Montague where it’s odds-on favourite that you will have a good time on race days at the montague Inn ... Coquillage Plateau and other delicious dishes on the Valentine menu at truffles Restaurant, Bruton ... two for one promotion at the hunters Lodge, Leigh

Common, see advert for details ... always a good pint at the natterjack Inn, Evercreech Junction ... tickets are available for a fund raising dinner for Wells man Richard Keen who is training to make the GB Paralympics team, to be held at the Swan hotel, Wells on 8th February ... and finally, don’t forget to book your adverts early for Mothering Sunday 30th March.

The Visitor can now be read online:

TRUFFLES Restaurant & Bistro 95 High Street Bruton, BA10 0AR

wine & Dine Food to Cheer

IF YOU’RE feeling a little fed up with our dull and wet weather, try cheering the family up with our recipe for Poacher’s Roll.

Poacher’s Roll

Ingredients 12 oz frozen puff pastry, defrosted 6 oz streaky bacon 1 lb pork sausagemeat 2 oz button mushrooms, chopped ½ teaspoon dried sage Salt & pepper to taste Beaten egg to glaze Method 1. Roll out the pastry to an oblong 13 inches x 10 inches. 2. De-rind and chop the bacon and mix together with the sauagemeat, mushrooms,

onion, sage and seasonings and mould into a sausage shape. 3. Place along the centre of the pastry, dampen edges and roll up. Seal pastry at both ends to enclose filling completely. 4. Turn roll over so that the join is underneath and place on a dampened baking tray. 5. Decorate roll with pastry trimmings and make three cuts across the top. 6. Brush with beaten egg and bake in a pre-heated hot oven (220ºC, Gas Mark 7) for 20 minutes. Reduce temperature to 190ºC Gas Mark 5, for a further 35 - 40 minutes. 7. If necessary protect roll with a sheet of foil to prevent overbrowning.

Book early for your loved one’s treat this coming vALentine’S WeekenD 13th, 14th & 15th February 5 courses, £60 per couple • see website for full details Limited spaces for this weekend due to last years popularity!

French BuFFet Lunch every Sunday ... so you can try the best of French Cooking (Chef loves showing off on a Sunday) ✴ Don’t forget Mothering Sunday 30th March ✴

FOr reServAtiOnS teL: 01749 812180

The Queens Arms Corton Denham, Sherborne, Somerset, DT9 4LR ★ AA Rosette Restaurant ★

Valentines Weekend

Arrive Friday 14th - Depart Sunday 16th February Included in this package ...

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Luxury Accommodation in a classic double or executive room Glass of Champagne on arrival A Rose in your room Candlelight five-course dinner for two on Valentines Night in our restaurant Full English breakfast served to your room on 15th Afternoon Tea with selection of sandwiches, homemade scones and chocolate strawberries and glass of Prosecco Three-course dinner in our restaurant on 2nd night Breakfast in our restaurant on 16th Prices for this package start from £400.00 for the above package in a classic double and £450.00 for an executive room based on two people sharing. Book NoW to avoid disappointment – 2 rooms left DoN’T WANT To STAy? ThEN ...

Valentine Meal

Friday 14th February 2014 – £35.00 per person Book a romantic table on Valentines Night and enjoy a five-course meal

Champagne & Fish Evening

Friday 21st February 2014, 8pm – £55.00 per person Taittinger Champagne House are hosting another delightful Champagne and Fish Evening, four-course meal and all Champagne included in ticket.

Tel: 01963 220317


£ 27.50

Includes 3 Course Meal & Entertainment Accommodation Offer £ 65.00 B&B per room


Wardon Hill, Evershot, Dorchester, DT2 9PW (on the A37 between Yeovil and Dorchester)

Tel: 01935 483430   Email: THE VISITOR February 2014 35

House & Home designed with you in mind Kitchens for the way you are ❑ High gloss & modern ❑ Painted wood and traditional

We can design a kitchen for you ❑ Refurbishing? ❑ Replacement doors? We can give your existing kitchen a make over Quality Kitchens - Sensible Prices Personal Service ★ No obligatioN quotatioNs Home visit or visit our showroom give adam a call today to discuss your requirements ...

01935 849559 AP Kitchen Solutions, Northover, Roman Road ILCHESTER BA22 8LD

36 THE VISITOR February 2014

Window Dressing

Sparkling windows and stylish window dressings can set the tone for the rest of your home. And as we enter 2014, Sarah Quilliam, head of product design at Hillarys, the UK’s largest manufacturer of made to measure blinds, curtains and shutters, gives us some of the key interior trends we’ll be inviting into our homes this year. ‘Fashion and interior design trends often collide and generally tend to mirror global mood,’ says Sarah. ‘Identifying the trends that are coming through into mainstream interiors is part of the day-to-day job of our product team at Hillarys. They visit the most influential textile shows throughout

Europe and consult trend advisors to make sure that the ranges they put together are ‘on-trend’ and reflect what’s happening elsewhere on the High Street. ‘If you love pale colours and soft neutrals, look away now, it’s time to embrace an explosion of colour! The patterns and palette we’re going to see coming through are bold, cheerful and optimistic with yellow being a stand out shade, along with luminous accents of orange and neon pink. But fear not – the key word here is ‘accent’ as they do also look great with taupe and ever popular greys. ‘Prints are always a key feature in fabrics and interiors and this year we’re moving on from nature

House & Home and woodland creatures to ethnic designs with a strong Moroccan or Mexican influence as well as lots of strong, graphic geometrics. That’s not to say we’re over lush green botanicals – there’s a definite Club Tropicana vibe coming through for the summer. ‘Vintage will also continue to be

Floral prints are still popular this year, like this rose-covered blind - pretty for a bedroom.

a massive trend as our love of shabby chic sees us delving back into the past to take inspiration for the future, but with a modern twist. Expect to see lots of lace and chintzy, floral vintage prints on a white background. Our obsession with handmade and ‘old-fashioned’ crafts like knitting, crochet and stitching is also coming though into textiles along with lots of hand drawn effect prints. ‘Our homes are a reflection of our personalities and increasingly we’re not afraid to have fun with colour, mix old with new, minimalism with drama and handmade with technology for a fabulous quirky, eclectic and mismatched imperfection.’ For more information visit or call 0800 916 6516.

kevan Davis Plumbing & Heating Ltd Reg. No. 177361

4 Fairview terrace, Castle Cary telephone: 07976 741029

for all your Tool Hire Requirements including Mini Digger Hire and Garden Machinery Higher Farm, Sutton, Ditcheat Tel: 01749 860199 • Mob: 0777 163 2221

keep warm this winter ... with underfloor heating! CuRRently on speCial oFFeR Suppliers of Thermonet and Comfort Zone – economical to run ... from as little as 1p a day subject to local tariff & type of equipment purchased Give us a call today

CaRy tiles

Unit 6, Torbay Industrial Estate, Torbay Road, Castle Cary tel: 01963 359388 Open: Monday 9am – 2pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 9am – 5pm, Thursday 10am – 2pm Saturday 9am – 1pm (Closed Friday and Sunday) • Part of GWM Tiling

Cane Furniture The Largest selection in the West Country! We can offer prompt free delivery within a 50 mile radius All suites assembled

Update your suite with made-to-measure cushions with removeable covers

Or come in and see us ... you won't be disappointed!

Cane Furniture

EstablishEd ovEr 60 YEars

Open 7 Days: Monday - Saturday 9am - 5.30pm, Sunday 10.30am - 4.30pm

In store at Haskins Retail CentRe sHepton Mallet, Ba4 5aX • 01749 343414


Over 20 displays on view in our showrooms ... Bedrooms kitchens Home office ❑ FREE design service ensuring best use of space ❑ Extensive choice ❑ Excellent quality – sensible pricing ❑ Traditional and modern styling ❑ A family-run business “transform your home” with ...

bedrooms • kitchens • home office

5 & 6 Bancombe Court, Bancombe Road Trading Estate, Somerton, TA11 6SB

tel: 01458 272699 • Ample Free pArking

THE VISITOR February 2014 37

House & Home Kitchen talK

If you’re lookIng for a new kItchen applIance but are baffled by the terms used to describe them, here is a quick guide:

General terms

Built-In - an appliance fitted into a cabinet - not under a work surface - giving you convenient eye-level use. Built-Under - an appliance

installed under the work surface - allowing an uninterrupted working area. Digital Display - a clear and bright display providing at-aglance information. Energy Ratings - the energy label attached to each appliance which shows how efficient it is. A+ + + being the most efficient

rEpair sErvicE ★ All makes of TV repaired ★ On the premises workshop

★ Loan TV whilst being repaired

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H.R. Hodge

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Specialists in the repair and restoration of antique furniture We also offer the following services

• Repairs to all types of Furniture inc. Flood Damage • Bespoke Furniture made to order • French Polishing • Re-Leathering of Desk Tops, Bureaux, etc. • Dining Table Tops Refinished We have many years experience in the trade and assure you that your furniture is in safe hands Unit 6, 15 OXFORD ROaD Pen Mill tRaDinG eState YeOVil, SOMeRSet, Ba21 5hR tel: 01935 471154 Cabinet Makers • Antique Furniture Restorers

38 THE VISITOR February 2014

House & Home and D being the least (dark green the best and dark red the least). Freestanding - an appliance not attached to anything else. Integrated - an appliance designed to have a furniture door fitted to it, hiding it from view, intending to make it look like a kitchen cupboard. Semi-Integrated - an appliance designed to be partly hidden from view, to give an alternative look, particularly where free-standing appliances are used. Timer Delay - this allows you to set the time for when an appliance will start operating ideal if you want to take advantage of lower energy traiffs, or perhaps have a meal ready when you get in from work.


Anti-Bacterial Protection - a coating used on some fridge/freezers which helps reduce the number of bacteria and reduce odours. Economy Holiday Setting - if you’re going away for a long period it reduces the freezer’s power consumption whilst keeping food fresh. Frost Free - automatically defrosts the freezer compartment at regular intervals to prevent build-up and helps keep the appliance running at optimum level. Super Cool - a feature which cools the fridge compartment for a pre-set time, handy if you’ve put a lot of food into the fridge and want it to cool down quickly.

Super Fast Freezing - useful for freezing fresh food. It freezes the food rapidly helping to preserve goodness and texture.


Auto Defrost - a useful feature. You enter the weight of the food and the microwave will automatically set the best

programme. Weight Adjust Cooking - enter the food code and weight and the oven will automatically select the correct cooking time and temperature.


Ceramic Hob - this works using radiant heat generated by

Bryan G. Paully Ltd

Domestic / Commercial Installations / Replacements Plastic / Metal Tanks • Temporary Tanks Leaking Tanks • Tank Cleaning / Moving / Disposal Above or Below Ground Tanks

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Built-in appliances are helpful for those who suffer from back problems as they offer eye-level use.

Town Centre Mudford

Kitchens & Updates Zoe’s Hair


Town Centre houndstone

Preston Road Ilchester

Retail Park

SALE ENDS Friday 28th February


The Old Well House Shepherds Hill, Buckhorn Weston GillinGHam, Dorset SP8 5HX

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New Year -New Carpet!

Visit our new showroom to see our extensive range of flooring

■ Carpets ■ Vinyls ■ Naturals ■ Woods ■ Laminates ■ Tiles


Domestic & Commercial Flooring Friendly & Helpful Advice Free Measuring and Quotation free parkIng outSIde the door Call in today! Fire Station

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nc .T

ow n

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NEW SJH Tythings Centre


need a new conservatory? replacement windows or doors? contact

TURnER WindoWS – of –

SomERTon LTd ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Full RanGe oF Replacement Windows Replacement Doors Conservatories Fascia / Soffitt / Guttering Secondary Glazing

seRviCes ... ■ Window Repairs ■ Handles / Hinges ■ Misted Up Units ■ Garage Doors ■ Blinds / Fly Screens

Quality pRoDuCts All products adhere to as endorsed by celebrity world snooker champion Steve Davis peRsonal seRviCe no faceless sales team: Craig Turner (proprietor) will be happy to discuss your requirements, or alternatively call in to the showrooms  Wishing customers old & new a merry Christmas 

CustoMeR satisFaCtion

pvC-u aluminium

FENSA Registered Company

“This installation is the best we have ever had. You did what it said on the tin. Your men started on time, your team of two (Jason and Alec) were courteous ... nothing was too much trouble ... took great care and left the house clean and tidy. We employ an assortment of tradesmen and there are only two or three that we would endorse. Welcome to the club.” – david & Pam Watts (February 2013) Just one of many testimonials from satisfied customers ★ See online for further personal recommendations

Turner Windows of Somerton Ltd

Unit 3 Bancombe Trading Estate, Somerton, TA11 6SB

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The Visitor can now be read online: 40 THE VISITOR February 2014

elements beneath the ceramic surface. The flat surface is easy to clean and looks sleek in a contemporary setting. Halogen Hob - this uses light sourced heat, backed up by radiant heat from halogen light generated beneath the ceramic surface. Quicker than a ceramic hob. Induction Hob - works using a strong electro-magnet (induction coil) positioned beneath the ceramic surface. Heat is generated directly in the pan and not in the ceramic surface. Efficient, quick and safe. Conventional Oven - heat is produced by elements usually at the bottom and/or top of the oven. The heat travels by natural convection. Good for long, slow cooking but not always popular as they are slower. Single Oven - one cooking cavity containing both the oven and grill. Not very versatile as only the oven or grill can be used at any one time. Double Oven - two cooking cavities. Larger oven usually below with a smaller oven on top which contains a grill. Both ovens can be operated at the same time, so very convenient. Fan Oven - a popular heat method. An element around the fan distributes heat evenly and quickly throughout the oven for same temperature cooking at all levels. Consistent and quick. Multi-Function Oven - this offers fan or conventional cooking - grill or fan grilling for versatile types of cooking.

Washing Machines

3D Aquaspa Wash System - a system used by some washing machines in which water enters the machine from three sides for faster and more effective water distribution. Child Lock - a system which involves entering a short sequence of digits to operate a washing machine, so that if a child presses a button during a wash cycle, the programme is uninterrupted. Super Quick Wash 15 - a 15 minute washing programme that can be used for small quantities of lightly soiled laundry. Reduced Ironing Option - a feature found on some washing machines which helps reduce the creasing during the spin cycle.

tumble Dryers

Condenser Drying - removes moisture from the air without the need for an extractor hose, so the appliance can be located in any well ventilated room.

House & Home Dishwashers

Triple A Rating - a dishwasher that has the highest ratings for washing, drying and energy efficiency.

Vacuum cleaners

Bagless - a cleaner that stores dust and dirt in a container rather than a dust bag which can be emptied when full, so there is no need for replacement bags. High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) - a vacuum cleaner filter that removes very small particles - useful for some allergy sufferers.

needful things

Needful Things Interiors offer a very diverse and comprehensive soft furnishings service. No job is too big or too small. Whether you just need a tiny roller blind for the downstairs loo ... or a full home makeover including carpets, curtains, wallpaper, paint and bespoke furniture throughout. They have the suppliers and the expertise to help you create a truly individual home. With over 400 fabric pattern books to browse through and free measures and quotes, why not pop in and find out what your creative ideas would cost? Brands such as Sanderson, Harlequin, Designer's Guild and many others offer the very best selection of

prints and weaves, silks, velvets, cottons and linens. So whatever look, colour and texture you like, Needful Things can find you the perfect solution. It's a fun shop and you'll have great fun creating your dream interior!

harriet Sandys Winter Sale

If you’re looking for something unique to brighten up your home or perhaps an unusual gift, Harriet Sandys is opening her mediaeval barn for a Winter Sale this February. Situated in the

tiny hamlet of West Compton near Shepton Mallet, here you will find an exotic display of Asian and oriental treasures including carpets and rugs, furniture and glassware, clothing and jewellery.

Harriet Sandys

Oriental Carpets and Decorative Items from Central Asia & India

Winter Sale 2014

Friday 7th and Saturday 8th February, 2pm — 5pm Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th February, 2pm — 5pm The Barn at the Manor House, West Compton Shepton Mallet, BA4 4PB Sale laStS until 28th February

Open by appointment if you wish to visit on another day Don’t forget Valentine’s Day • Gifts available online Venue will not be signposted

For directions: email: Telephone: 01749 890582 Credit / Debit Cards accepted

Don’t despair - we repair ...

tvs - Radios - Recorders - Hi-fi - CD players etc. We can RepaiR most makes and models in our on-tHe-pReMises WoRksHop ✴ Specialist audio repairs undertaken ✴

And if it can’t be repaired ...

Don’t be blue - we also sell new! Our fully stocked showroom offers the very latest tvs & audio from panasonic Free local delivery, installation, and disposal of old appliance

From bespoke chairs & sofas to curtains, carpets, and rugs, visit Needful Things, Castle Cary.

Greenhill, sherborne, Dorset, Dt9 4eW  01935 813451

“Where the customer comes first”

needful things Interiors  cURtain MaKinG  Fabrics - Furniture - Paint Wallpaper - Carpets

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seWinG MaCHine seRviCe CentRe Repairs & Servicing To All Makes - Domestic & Industrial Collection and Delivery Available

Embroidery Engineering Services Suppliers of Computerised Embroidery Machines Telephone: 01963 350068 • Mobile: 07947 725315 Email: robert UniT 8, Torbay indUsTrial EsTaTE CasTlE Cary ba7 7dW THE VISITOR February 2014 41

MOtOR VintaGe Motor cycling WITH THE Christmas and New Year festivities well behind us I can report that over the holiday period I spent many hours pouring over the riding calendar for the year ahead. I have planned my riding events and filled the diary for another year. As usual I have a few new events in mind plus old favourites I have enjoyed for many years. If the weather is kind, as in 2013, there will be lots to look forward to. Winter evenings spent in the warm are ideal for planning the year ahead, and a great deal better than trying to work in a cold damp shed! Winter riding can be great fun. I expect no-one to ride if there is snow or ice or torrential rain, but there are many pleasant days in winter to ride and enjoy your old bikes. Providing you have good quality kit to stay warm and dry then this time of year, with slightly less traffic on the roads,

From Somerset to the Gambia, Mrs. Jill Ollis and her team hand over bikes and sponsorship money raised.

can be a joy. I have mentioned before the luxury of having fitted heated handlebar grips - they have now been well tested and this small investment has proved a great success, I thoroughly recommend them. I have also

GliDeRol GaRaGe DooRs All garage doors are different, so as a roller door specialist, (I don’t replace windows, etc.) I can survey, quote and install to your requirements and make the most of your garage opening, as generally no frame is necessary. With the option of automated operation with remote control, a top quality garage door need only be a phone call away.

G.h. SaleS. tel: 01935 891414

A company built on an excellent reputation

Yeovil Auto Tuning

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Repairs and Servicing Specialists MOT Testing • Engine Tuning Brakes, Clutches, Gearboxes Competitive Rates Professional, Reliable, Friendly Service Specialising in VW T4 + T5 Vans Revo Engine Re-Mapping (VW & Audi Group)

Alexandra Road, Yeovil Tel: 01935 426515 / 01935 411946

BREWERS GARAGE LTD air Conditioning • diagnoStiCS tyreS • Mot ServiCing • repairS Telephone

01935 812720 Western Ways Yard Bristol Road, SheRBORne, Dorset Dt9 4hR 42 THE VISITOR February 2014

purchased a top quality riding suit and initial trials have shown it to be much warmer and more comfortable than my old kit. Guaranteed to be waterproof I look forward to even more pleasant winter riding. It pains me when motorcycling constantly receives poor press. Yes, we do have a few idiots with no consideration among our ranks, but so does every other walk of life. How nice it is then to report the positive side of motorcycling. Many clubs and Sections raise money for various charities or do other charitable work. Mrs Jill Ollis, a Somerset Section member, has recently undertaken a mammoth task. With a group of others she has raised sponsorship and then ridden her motorcycle from Somerset to the Gambia in Africa. This journey of 3,500 miles was undertaken with all members riding Honda 90cc machines. This is testament to the riders and the bikes. I understand that few mechanical malfunctions arose but a few punctures were encountered. The journey took three weeks to complete and on reaching their destination the men in the party spent days carrying out maintenance work around the village. Jill being a trained nurse spent days working in the local hospital, this proved quite an eye opener. At the end of the visit they handed over the sponsorship money they had raised and also gave the machines they had ridden, so they can be used in that community. The plane ride home must have

seemed bliss. My picture this month shows the weary travellers at their destination. A splendid effort by Jill and her colleagues, they have my admiration and congratulations. Last time I mentioned various makes of machines being resurrected with all new futuristic designs. Brough was one of those marques I mentioned. Brough’s were called the ‘Rolls Royce’ of motorcycles, they were extremely well made with every machine tailored to the requirements of its rider. All Brough machines were therefore expensive to buy and exclusive, so command high prices today. Within the last few weeks the first pictures have arrived of the 2013/4 version. True to tradition the same qualities are being applied. The engines remain a V twin but built to the latest specification. The power can be programmed to suit the type of riding the owner envisages. The petrol tanks follow similar lines to those of the 1920’s, and a development of the girder fork retains the older look but combines modern roadholding and handling. A superb machine built to the highest standards and using the latest and highest specification materials. These bikes are destined to be instant classics which is perhaps a shame as many of them will be locked away in garages or placed in museums rather than used on the road as the makers intended. Prices start at around £55,000, which is an awful lot of money, but is it really so large for a hand

MOtOR built exclusive machine which is unlikely to lose any money and will almost certainly gain in value over coming years? I don’t expect to see many of these on our roads, but it’s heartwarming to see British makes back on the market. I wish them every success with this project. Brough will be introducing more new models as time goes on. Another marque making a comeback is Hesketh. Only a very small volume producer in the early eighties, Lord Hesketh produced the machines which bore his name from his stately home at Easton Neston. The bikes were again very expensive, hand built machines. The company has passed through a few reorganisations and owners since then but now a new owner has updated and improved the machines and started production once more. The promise of completely new models will follow. Again I wish them every success. There will be other makes following suit so watch this space for future announcements. February is a joyful month for

me. By the end of the month I know that winter is virtually behind us and any bad weather is likely to be short lived, I also know that the promise of spring is just around the corner. Club life continues of course, the Somerset Section has its AGM at its club night on the 6th and on the 23rd they have Ralphs Run, from Fivehead near Taunton. The Dorset Section has its Lunch Meet at West Stour on the 5th, club night on the 12th at Pulham, and on the 16th they have a Winter Run from Gillingham. Lastly they have the Breakfast Meet on the 22nd. The Wessex Veteran and Vintage Section will have its club night on the 10th at East Stour. All Sections will have stands at the Bristol Classic Bike Show at the Shepton Mallet Showground on the 8th and 9th. This show is a must for anyone interested in old bikes and always such a social occasion, definitely not to be missed. Another must do event is the autojumble at the Bath and West Showground on the 1st March. For further details ring 01935-872528. Rod Hann.

GARDENING GaRDeninG MOnthlY by Richard Cumming Orchard Park Wetlands?

THIS TIME LAST YEAR we were under a blanket of slushy snow, this year it is a lake. Both situations resulted in wet soils which is quite important if you happen to garden on the Kimmeridge Clay. But it will dry out, I have no doubt about that, and things will grow! The winter so far has been more than a bit miserable at times and I can count the number of days that I have felt suitably inspired to go gardening on the fingers of my left hand. I am not great in winter; tend to hog the fire, gaze at bright lights and Google cheap holidays in the sun which is not terribly productive. So as you can imagine I am really looking forward to the spring. Day length is gradually improving and we will be on just over 9 hours of daylight by the beginning of

February. Soil temperature is a vitally important factor for plant growth and most seeds will not think about sprouting until the soil reaches 7ºC (45ºF). There are exceptions but why take the risk? Seeds sat in cold wet soil can quite easily take up moisture and then rot rather than grow; early sowing is a really good idea provided you can give a little warmth starting things off in seed trays or pots. Anybody starting grow-your-own projects should invest in a small heated propagator which is simply a seed

Suppliers of quality lawn turf Full ground preparation and laying service available Telephone somerton 01458 272091 Mobile 07850 310998

THE VISITOR February 2014 43

GARDENING tray sat on an electric blanket so that the warmth travels through the moist compost and gives the seed the stimulus it needs. Wet soils are not great for the wildlife we depend on to keep garden pests in check, but it is reassuring that the gardener’s best friend, the earthworm, can survive for long periods in saturated soil and its eggs can hatch even after a couple of years under water. I would certainly suggest staying off wet clay soils to avoid damaging their structure. You can’t dig clay

successfully until it has dried a little and then it is very easy to puddle and create a mess that will take time to restore. Adding coarse grit and organic matter, even just laying it on the surface, is probably the best thing you can do as soon as the water has receded. The standard advice on planting through the winter is to avoid frozen or waterlogged soils. We have had frosts, which are fine and expected, but no deep frozen ground to worry about – so far! However, it ain’t over yet.

Quality Used Mowers Snapper Yt2452F 24hp Garden tractor with 24hp twin cylinder engine, 54" cutting deck and 3 bag turbo collector £3999 (less than 12 months old)

Plant of the Month

Winter Heathers. Bright and cheerful and very hardy, heather is a great plant for the garden in February bringing some much needed colour in the dark winter months. Part of the Ericaceae family and with over 4,000 varieties to choose from, there is a plant to suit everyone in every situation. Heather is a fantastic plant that brings glorious pink and purples to a garden brightening up any bed, border or pot. It is such a versatile plant and the different varieties can bloom in both winter and summer. They provide an invaluable food source for wildlife throughout the year with bees

attracted to their nectar and smaller creatures taking refuge in the dense close foliage. Great for ground cover, Heathers are very hardy, evergreen and need little maintenance so ideal for the novice gardener. They are best planted in beds totally devoted to themselves with plenty of drainage, not under trees, and in a sunny, south facing position. They are also good as path liners, rockery plants and in pots. Apart from the flower colour, heathers have foliage which changes colour throughout the year and are also perfect for pollinators such as bees. Erica heathers are lime tolerant, so will therefore grow in

Lawnflite 604GLh Lawn tractor, hydrostatic drive, 30" cut with collector £1099 Hayter harrier 41 pedestrian rotary mower, variable speed roller drive, 16" cut £325 (choice of 2) Lawnflite 990Spo pedestrian mower, roller drive, 18" cut £180 Qualcast Classic 43S pedestrian cylinder mower, nEW EnGInE, 17" cut £399 Atco Windsor 14S mains electric cylinder mower, 14" cut £180 Wolf 18" mains electric rotary mower, self drive £100 (to clear) Grillo CL700 Climber 30" pedestrian rough cut mower with 11hp Honda engine and hydrostatic drive £1100

Unit 2, Beardly Batch Depot, Cannards Grave ShEptoN MALLEt, BA4 4NB tel: 01749 343881 •

Podimore Recycling Ltd Suppliers of Quality Recycled Aggregates

top soil / suB soil Crushed Concrete All types of Stone • Sand • Tarmac Road Plannings and Screened Top Soil Small Tip for Clean Building Rubble & Bricks Small & Large Quantities Collected or Delivered Site Clearance Specialist • Tipping Facilities Tipper Lorries • 180° - 360° Excavators Fully Mobile Crusher and Screener Hire Barns Down • Farm Yard Demolition Yards Crushed • Stone Supplied DiGGeR anD CRusHeR HiRe availaBle tel / Fax: 01935 849250 Mobile: 07973 844145


Gardening is a regular feature in The Visitor Why not book your advert for the season? Book your advertisement in ...

 01963 351256 March Issue Print: Thursday 27th February Deadline: Monday 17th February 44 THE VISITOR February 2014

Lee Holmes (centre) and his team in the extensive, new first floor showroom on the Bancombe Business Park, Somerton. Here you will find a wide range of new and used garden machinery.

hydraulic hoses & Fittings For ...

plant Machinery • Civil Engineering Agriculture • Forestry ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Replacement hoses manufactured on the premises Extensive Range in stock Parkers Hose agents hose Doctor 24-hour on site hose replacement Mobile Service – nationwide network EMERGENCY CALL-oUt Wiltshire: 07970 621454 • Somerset: 07725 671203

J.H. Rose & sons ltD

Station Yard • GiLLiNGhAM • Sp8 4pZ tel: 01747 822514 “ Remember ... Roses for Hoses”

GARDENING most soil types, acid or alkaline. They will also grow in full sun or partial shade. Varieties of Erica Carnea and Erica Darleyensis provide flower from November until May, a very long flowering period, with white, pink, purple and red flowers available, as well as green, yellow, gold and terracotta foliage. Popular varieties recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) include:

Erica Carnea Alba Golden Starlet Erica Carnea Alba Isabell Erica Carnea Challenger Erica Carnea Rosalie Erica Carnea Wintersonne Erica Darleyensis Albiflora White Perfection Erica Darleyensis J W Porter Erica Darleyensis Kramers Rote Celebrity champion, David Lindo, The Urban Birder is passionate about heather and


getting urbanites to realise that there is a whole world of wildlife under their noses in the world's cities. Previously Head of Membership at the British Trust for Ornithology, David is the author of articles on urban birds and writes for many websites, publications and magazines including the membership publication for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

David Lindo - The Urban Birder, championing heathers in the winter garden.

Wheathill Garden Centre!

Spring Planting

Seed potatoes vegetable and Flower Seeds potted Spring Bulbs thRee BaGS of cOMPOSt - £10

This Month’s Favourites ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

Tea Rooms

primroses Helebores Hamamelis rhododendrons azaleas Camellias

daily Specials Homemade Cake Light Snacks Delicious Sunday Roast 2 Courses Main & Sweet - £8.95

gifts & Cards

Wheathill lane • Milborne port • Dt9 5ey tel / Fax: 01963 251500 Open: 9am - 5.00pm Monday - Saturday and ... 10am - 4pm Sunday


Independent Garden Machinery New showroom Now opeN

— We Have MoveD — The Market

Garden Wincanton


has now amalgamated with the Ltd Castle Cary branch

ViSit uS FOr ... ■ Fresh Flowers & House plants order now for Valentine’s and Weddings ■ Floral Deliveries ■ Fresh Fruit & vegetables ■ landscaping & Garden Maintenance Large or small projects, contracts, or single tidy-ups

For an even wider range of new and used garden machinery

atCo • gardencare

■ now incorporating three Counties tree surgery offering a complete service including dangerous tree removal, planting, thinning etc.

15 Cary Court, Bancombe Business park somerToN

The Market Garden FoRe stReet, Castle CaRy

tel: 01963 350650 Mobile: 07738 524254

Tel: 01458 274261

THE VISITOR February 2014 45

GARDENING He said: ‘Heather is also an extremely important plant in Britain’s moorlands and heaths with 46 species of birds depending on it for feeding and breeding. My favourite bird, the Ring Ouzel - a type of thrush, is very associated with heather as is the gorgeous Dartford Warbler. They, like I, cannot live without heather.’

Jobs for the Month

The main theme for this month is to catch up with the winter jobs before spring does get going. General tidying up, finish winter pruning of dormant trees and shrubs, especially the fruit. Try to get the roses done as early as is practicable avoiding pruning in frosty weather as the newly cut surfaces can be damaged by the cold. Ornamental trees often need a little surgery, young trees need shaping, and mature deciduous

TREE SuRGERY SPECiALiSTS Crown thinning and reduction dead and dangerous trees removed new trees Supplied and planted tree Stumps removed

shrubs often need thinning out (about a third each year for many sorts). It’s a good time to cut back overgrown deciduous hedges, and, of course, prune the wisteria. Evergreens are best left until March for pruning although hardy evergreen hedges can be dealt with now. Use secateurs on large leafed plants such as laurels to avoid leaf damage. Seed potatoes and onion sets are now in the garden centre – so for the best selection and the sought after varieties – get there early! The grow-your-own incentives have never been stronger and we are surely due for some decent weather this year so there is no reason why any of us should be denied a decent harvest. If you are growing vegetables from seed, it pays to cover an area of ground with black plastic to allow the ground to dry out a little and warm up – makes early seed sowing more productive. Early sowing in seed trays, pots or modules are easier to manage and will be ahead of the outside sowings. A greenhouse is best,

Approved contractor to dorset & Somerset C.C.

but a porch or window sill will make the difference. What to sow? Try Broad beans, summer and autumn cropping cabbages, celery, spinach and rocket. If you have got a greenhouse or tunnel then start a few tomatoes and cucumbers off now with a second batch in March. Onions grow well from seed and will equal the crop from sets provided they are sown early enough. Spring onions are tough customers and a few in modules now will be useful soon enough.

Gardeners Question time

ORCHARD PARK will start their 2014 events calendar with the return of the popular ‘Gardeners Question Time’ on Thursday 20 February at 7pm. The event will be held in association with Shaftesbury Snowdrop Festival which begins on February 15th and the illustrious panel of gardening experts includes Pippa Rosen, an Organic seed specialist from ‘Beans & Herbs’, Angela Whinfield from ‘Snape Cottage Garden’ who has over 400 snowdrops in her collection,

leading bulb specialist Duncan Witt from Taylors of Hollbeach and Gavin Cooper Orchard Park’s new Garden Centre Manager. Shaftesbury Snowdrop Festival Organiser, Pam Cruickshank will be the guest speaker. Tickets are available from Orchard Park and will include a delicious 2 course supper prepared by Orchard Parks own Chef, Shaun Carthy using local ingredients including meat from Lagan Farm. A bar will also be available. The event will be for general gardening questions so, if you have a problem with your Hellebores, if your soil is too chalky or sandy, or if you need help getting started on a growyour-own project come along and our gardening experts will do all they can to help you. Guests will be treated to a full evening of lively discussion, comprehensive knowledge and wonderful food, so this event is not to be missed! For more information visit or contact Jilly Sitch at jilly@orchard


Approved Contractor to Somerset County Council and Local Councils Phone B. P. MOntGOMeRY for a Free estimate tel: 01963 240532 Mobile: 07970 397248 email:

All ASPeCTS oF TRee CARe And dAnGeRoUS TRee ReMoVAl



Utilise the generous grants now available to restock neglected woodland or areas of wasteground

All types of Fencing • Gates • Trellis • Fence Panels • Tool Sheds • Summer Houses • Garages • Workhouses • Greenhouses • Field Shelters All Buildings are hand-made at Bourton using Scandinavian Redwood Shiplap Timber. Bourton, Gillingham on the old A303 Nr. Zeals For Free Survey/Estimate/Brochure

TElEphonE 01747 840752

Alan Dodge BSc 46 THE VISITOR February 2014

GRAS nd to scarif S & B R U u ro g h g u tiNG ro 160 plan ying, orcha S h C U t t i ta N RotAvA . Tel: 07659 550 rd s d Tel: 0 tions, play s, paddock G seed be ing fie 7659 s 55016 lds et , 0 c. hig h lift Mi Ni Di GG iN G an d 60 01 55 9 65 07 l: Te dumper. ANiNG MoSS h C L E ng etc. t pRoB A p ti spiking, L p A t i o chanical poin coring, EMS scarify me Tel: 076 ing 0 d 6 n 1 a 0 5 59 5501 659 5 60 Tel: 07

the end bit... PaPeRchaSe

NOWADAYS the cover price of the Western Gazette is 90p. The strapline on the front page still claims it is ‘bringing you the local news since 1737’ but recently it has been joined by another one, in larger type, boasting ‘news all day, every day, at’ – so I’m beginning to wonder whether it’s worth forking out for the paper. In the editorial comment in the 16th January issue Emma Slee wrote that ‘I want to talk about value for money . . . every week the Western Gazette gives you, the reader, a host of offers and promotions which ensure you get the money you’ve paid for your newspaper back in your pocket – and more’. But I’ve never felt tempted to take advantage of any of the offers, mainly because they entail spending cash to ostensibly save cash rather than putting cash back into my pocket. And it seems that I could keep 90p in the pocket by reading the news on the website. Alternatively I could pocket

34p a week by having the paper delivered to my home and paying for it in advance. An item in the 19th December issue informed readers that ‘home delivery offers the convenience of having your copy of the Western Gazette brought to your door every week – with the added benefit of savings on the price of the newspaper’ and ‘a year’s subscription in advance costs just £29.12 – a saving of £17.68 on the cover price’. Sign up for this deal and you also get a Club card that ‘will give you the kind of perks that will help you keep extra cash in your pocket with savings on everyday essentials as well as luxury items and gifts’. I wonder what Visitorland’s newsagents think of this scheme. On Saturdays the Register pages of the Western Daily Press carry a ‘dinner tonight’ recipe. You may have missed the one in the 28th December issue because it was tucked away at the bottom of page 28, but it came as a tempting change from the all the festive fare I’d been eating over the previous three or four days. It was for butter bean, aubergine and Parmesan croquetas, which also contain ground almonds and rosemary and sound very tasty indeed. According to the paper it comes from a new book called ‘Bean Feasts’ by Genevieve Taylor, and although I couldn’t try the recipe on the 28th because I hadn’t stocked up with aubergines for the Christmas break I cut it out for future use. The newspaper’s



t. M.

Fill in the grid with the numbers 1 to 9 so that each row, each column and each 3x3 block contains all the numbers 1 to 9.

editor must have shared my concern that you might miss the recipe because it appeared again on page 17 of that issue’s magazine supplement. Word-forword the same, along with a much larger print of the same photo of the croquetas. Somehow the second helping sounded somewhat less appealing. In last month’s column I commented on the growing number of ‘free’ magazines financed by advertising. Since then I’ve been given copies of three more that are new to me, although they have clearly been around for some time. One, The Hambook, describes itself as ‘a magazine for the villages around Ham Hill’ and is a monthly 48page A5 publication in full colour throughout. It is very smartly produced and contains a two-page noticeboard of forthcoming events in the villages which must make it very useful for readers as well as the event organisers. Beyond that the content is almost entirely advertisements, with just five or six pages given over to articles and competitions, so it is of little interest to anyone living outside the area. The November issue carries an advert for another magazine, Parrett Plus, ‘for the villages around the South Petherton area’, from the same publishers. Although I haven’t yet seen a copy, their formula of minimum editorial content and maximum

Answers to pop music quiz on page 14

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

pharrell Williams Kelly osborne Barry White ringo Starr ‘rolling Stones’ ‘rocket Man’ – elton John ‘Katrina and the Waves’ Birmingham ‘poppy Family’ ‘Mungo Jerry’

Solution to January


paid advertising is clearly a financial winner for them. Much more interesting is Sherborne Times, another monthly A5 publication in full colour throughout but running to 68 pages and perfect-bound rather than stapled. The strapline says it is ‘written by the community for the community’ and the November issue was packed with articles on topics as diverse as the holistic approach to dementia, fly-fishing and liver fluke in sheep and cattle, along with features on gardening, pets, crafts, local businesses and much more. Add to this the guide to local events, the recipe, the crossword, suduko and horoscopes and it makes for an excellent read. It knocks spots off The Hambook. However, best of the three, in my opinion, is The Langport Leveller and I’ll report on it in next month’s column. Chronicler.

February Notice Board MaRtOcK

A Concert at Martock Church, 13th February at 7.30pm, ‘Elite Syncopations’. Steve Graham's international sextet with Mike Denham piano, +Clt+Tbn +Bjo+Tuba. 1890-1920 ragtime eg Joplin's The Entertainer + some 1920s jazz. £7 on door or £6 from 01935 822706.


Toby Buckland, well-known TV gardener and author is giving a Talk on Changes in Television Gardening over the Decades in Henton Village Hall (near Wells) on Wednesday 19th March at 7.30pm. Tickets £10 from Diana 01749 672084.

aDVeRtiSe YOUR MaRch eVent heRe!

A listing under our Notice Board costs just £5 - send details of What? When? Where? to The Visitor, P.O. Box 1, Castle Cary, Somerset, BA7 7BG. All entries to be pre-paid, maximum 20 words. Extra words 30p each. Deadline for March issue, Monday 17th February. THE VISITOR February 2014 47

Send Details to: The Visitor, P.O. Box 1, Castle Cary, Somerset BA7 7BG 30p per word (£5 minimum) pre-payment essential

Classified Ads

PHONE - a - FiRM




✽ If you require a receipt a s.a.e. must be enclosed with payment

Multifuel Stoves ... over 200 on display Chimneys Relined ★ Full Installation Service HETAS • OFTEC • GAS SAFE

✴ Chimney Sweeping Service ✴ Showrooms Open: Monday to Friday 8am – 5.30pm and Saturday 8am – 4.30pm Email:

High Street, Curry Rivel, Langport  01458 251476

NAME ........................................................................................................................................................................ ADDRESS ................................................................................................................................................................. .................................................................................................................................................................................. .................................................................................................................................................................................. Tel: ............................................................................. Cheque Enclosed for £ .................... Minimum £5

Situations Vacant


THE GEORGE ALBERT HOTEL has the following vacancies: night Porter and Experienced Food & Beverage S t a f f . S u b m i t C V t o : or George Albert Hotel, Wardon Hill, Evershot, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 9PW (A37 between Dorchester & Yeovil next to Southern Counties Shooting Ground). Call: 01935 483430 for further information.

REDUnDAnT MOTOR MOWERS, rotavators, chainsaws, strimmers, cement mixers, etc. Tel: 01460 77844.

GARDEnER WAnTED, plant knowledgeable, semi / retired man required, Barrington area, approximately 2 hours fortnightly (not weekends). Tel: 07971 901780.

Passport Photographs PASSPORTS - PASSPORTS PASSPORTS and I.D. Any legislative size. Any time to suit you. Easy parking. Tel: Graham Cox, Photographer, 01458 223769.

mobile Bars / Catering HARRY’S MOBILE BARS, all occasions, weddings, parties, etc. Tel: 01747 825553 QUICKSILVER MAIL outside bar facilities for any occasion. Call Pete on 07779 306751.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

DAVE BUYS ALL TYPES OF TOOLS, salvage, bygones and collectables. Daves Tools - Tel: 01935 428975

Services HOUSEHOLD & GARDEn RUBBISH CLEARED, old sheds / oubuildings demolished, etc. Tel: 01460 77844.

Storage STORAGE for furniture in locked cubicles. Lock-up garages to let. Tel: Sparkford Storage on 01963 440045 or 440526 or 440692.

Dog Holidays HOLIDAY FOR YOUR DOG. Let your dog stay with us when you are away. 24-hour attention and long walks. Fully licensed and insured. Vet approved. References available. Tel: 01963 240650.

T.V. Rental T.V. REnTAL - long or short term, domestic & commercial, up to 50inch plasma. H. R. Hodge. Tel: 01460 240645.

ReaCHinG oveR 60,000 ReaDeRs

shouldn’t you be aDveRtisinG HeRe? tel: 01963 351256

48 THE VISITOR February 2014

07921 074602 • 01749 677440 •

Domestic Appliances


PReMieR electRicS Est. 34 yrs

Covering tHe SoutH LoCaLLy Kitchen appliance Sales & Repairs Ø repairs to all leading brands of Kitchen appliances Ø 12 months guarantee on all repairs Ø diagnostic work charged unless work undertaken Ø 24 hour service Ø oap discounts

telePhOne: 01935 609300 / 01747 470212 / 01460 220660 / 01458 298212 For your nearest technician

Taylors Domestic

Appliances Ltd. Sales & Repairs for Dishwashers, Washing Machines, Cookers, Tumble Driers etc. Ridge View, Penmore Road Sandford orcas dT9 4Se Professional repairs by qualified engineer on most makes of appliances.

01963 220366 email: Covering the areas between Wincanton Castle Cary, Sparkford, Sherborne and Yeovil

Clock Repairs CloCk RePAIRS Antique and Modern Clock Repairs. Free pick up and delivery 40 years experience

Tel (01935) 477582

Framing SceneS

artist Materials & gallery

« picture framing « restoration « Large selection of prints & paintings « greeting Card Blanks high St. Gillingham tel 01747 824050


Tel: yeoVIl (01935) 422088 or mobile 07850 405433 nO CALL-OUT CHARGE

MaRCH DeaDline

Monday 17th February  01963 351256

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Electrical Contractors

Transport & Storage The key to all your storage needs! Fully Insured Storage at Highly Competitive Rates Call us today for a quote!

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Specialists in period and listed properties

Leadwork Chimneys Fascias Gutters Flat Roofs


26 Stembridge, nr. Kingsbury, Martock TA12 6BN Telephone: 01460 240229 • Mobile: 07917 411961

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Flat Roofing • tiling • slating GRp Roofing

Maintenance and Repairs

All New Work Fully Guaranteed

For further information & estimates contact Allan Carey

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Bourton Roofing Co. Slate  tiling  Flat roofing. upvC Fascias  guttering FREE ESt ImAt ES

 01747 840064

... or 07866 296453 email:

Services East Lydford 01963 240185 or Mobile 07811 211586

Say you saw it in The Visitor

Good PoTAToeS

Takeaway Bags of Coal • Calor Gas Car & Van Rental Competitive Prices

Anchor hill Service Station WInCAnTOn 01963 32609

• • • • • • • • •


exterior and interior decorating Gutters cleared and cleaned High level painting and cleaning Conservatories washed down Removal of disused sky dishes and cabling Repointing of stone and brickwork Patios cleaned Many other jobs undertaken No v.A.T. competitive rates for seniors

Contact JaMes CaDe on 01963 34272 or 07967 307179


u Can’t i Can pAUL ChEDZoY property & Garden Maintenance

Decorating, gardening, Building and general D.i.Y.

 01935 472669 ... or

07884 345511


Trading for over 6 years CUSTOMeR ReFeReNCeS AvAilABle

the visitor can now be read online:

WeStline cOMMUnicatiOnS Business telecom Specialist For all your telecom needs For free, friendly and professional advice call ... John Penny on 07976 967349

THE VISITOR February 2014 49

Oven Cleaning


HALLWORTH LTD BUILDERS “a company of traditional values” Telephone: 01935 829037 or 07771 907340 A family business with over 30 years of building excellence, Members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, covering all areas of Somerset & Dorset ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖

Mister Oven

Independent Oven Cleaning Specialist Ovens - Hobs - Agas etc

Denture Repairs

Refurbishments GRP roofing Commercial works Small works /maintenance also undertaken


• Renovations & extensions

While You Wait collection & Delivery Denture advice

the visitor can now be read online:

❖ ❖ ❖ ❖

Please call for a free quotation or to discuss your requirements

DentURe RePaiRS

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FRiENDLY & • Roofing + Carpentry RELiABLE • Plumbing & heating SERViCE

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Mr. C. dunn

registered dental technician

Competitive Prices ✳ No VAT ✳ No job too big or too small

MaRCH DeaDline

01749 812585

 01963 440256 / 07974 844682

Monday 17th February  01963 351256

Prize Crossword No. 328 Set by Frank Butler

Correct entries are placed in a hat and the winner is the first name drawn. the prize is a £10 voucher to spend with any one advertiser in this issue of the Visitor - please do not forget to state your choice of advertiser and your name and address. 2






across 1.


SEND COMPLETED ENTRIES TO: The Visitor Crossword, P.O. Box 1, Castle Cary, Somerset BA7 7BG to arrive by Monday 17th february.


24 hour emergency call out • email:


9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 15. 17. 19.



22. 23.



25. 26. 13




27. 17






Six balls in cup: What a hiding! [5-2] Set cups for the person to watch. [7] Family member and great graduate. [7] Worth Seeing, with lack of place to eat. [7] type of lens to confuse a plain cat. [9] So, swallowing globe, find rubber. [5] is returned before des puts teams together. [5] Went on, sort of unnoticed. [9] Sign everything with hesitation pulling levers in a box. [9] repeat what came earlier as gentle tree comes back. [5] Some arrive regularly at the nile, for example. [5] Final hesitation in half-period for an artisan. [9] not far around river on January 1st. [3,4] Short internal diameter in taverns for native americans. [7] the heavens are sad with shade [3-4] Monodon ran back before 80% of whale. [7]

7. 8. 14. 16. 17. 18. 20. 21. 23. 24.

as the fire dies, there's the Queen holding an honour. [5] tool he'd adjusted to get initial advantage. [3-4] tiny station over northern river, giving access to other levels. [9] "Sped back before share" : that's how it's told! [9] pulled for favours with insect injuries across run. [7] Collapse at a main road. [4-3] War damage in coins as an aid to motor-cleaning. [3-4] Scrutiny of country girl. [7] unspoilt around the south keeping money safe. [5] as in 16th century, 500 involved in rising rout. [5]

Solution to crossword 327

Down 22



1. 2.



50 THE VISITOR February 2014



3. 4. 5. 6.

Scan goC and look back on brandies! [7] Kept in a small bottle and strove around the lot. [7] Fuss in the navy is a gas! [5] usable pr deed in charge of aluminium. [9] thus about on can be heard. [5] if a sister is organised, she may be one who pleases. [9]

tHe Winner of our January Crossword 327 was Stephanie Fry of Stoke trister, who chose to spend the £10 voucher at anchor Hill Service Station, Wincanton.

Beat the winter chill in style ...

The Mendip 8 is a stunning stove, efficient, British made and available in a choice of seven colours. VISIT


17d Wincombe Business Park, SHAFTESBURY, SP7 9QJ

 01747 851021






The Visitor Magazine Issue 363 February 2014  

The Visitor Magazine Issue 363 February 2014