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Lifeguard Services back on Orihuela Costa Beaches The Orihuela councillor for Beaches, Luisa Boné, met the press on Thursday where she clarified the services that would be available on the coast ahead of Holy Week. She said that "the countdown

has already begun with all the services now in place and ready to receive the thousands of tourists who will be arriving in the area on holiday." From last Saturday, 13 April, and until Monday 22 April, from 10am to 7pm, all of the Orihuela Costa beaches will

have a lifeguard service. There will be a total of 27 lifeguards on duty, consisting of two per beach, a service coordinator, two health care technicians, a rescue boat and a jet ski. The Jet Ski will be located on La Glea (Campoamor) beach and an ambulance in Cala

Bosque (La Zenia) beach from where they will be able to respond to any possible incident. The councillor said that "this year our beaches will be improved with additional facilities and services. Continued on Page 2


Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019 CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE Lifeguards in plce for “Holy Week”.


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Councillor for beaches, Luisa Boné

The chiringuitos are already open and operating on most of our beaches with a more modern and Mediterranean design. The Ayuntamiento is also beginning to install the new rescue and lifeguard huts that follow the same design as the beach bars and that will improve the working Boné, also said that “The Winter Beach” activities are also now underway on the Cabo Roig beach (La Caleta), the program for which is available on page 21 of this newspaper and on the Facebook page of the Department of Beaches. Activities are held on many Saturday’s and every Sunday and this coming weekend there

will be canoeing, aerobics and activities for children, all of which are offered completely free in an absolutely unbeatable environment.

Pilarmonics - Undefeated champions of Spain

SABS National Champion Chorus 2019 by Eric Ideler. On Saturday 6th April 2019, SABS (Spanish Association of Barbershop Singers) held their Annual Convention in Calpe, Alicante, where choruses and quartets from all over Spain competed in what was a superb contest. All competitors were up early with full stage make up and stage outfits on before 9am. Pilarmonics had a last minute pep talk and warm up before crossing the contest stage and performing to the judges and audience. Their mantra was to sing from the heart to touch hearts, to enjoy their time on stage and to have fun. And boy they did all that and more. Many months of rehearsal, dedication and coaching paid off when Pilarmonics, based in San Cayetano, was awarded the GOLD medal as 1st placed chorus in the Spanish National Competition with the highest score ever awarded in the National contest of 74.8%. In addition, they also received trophies for the Highest score in all 3 categories which are Music, Singing and Performance. Musical Director, Dawn Ritch who lives in Cabo Roig, said “This is beyond our wildest dreams. When we won 2 years ago in our first ever competition we wondered whether we would ever replicate that success but we’ve done it and with the highest score ever so we’re doubly pleased to be Double Gold Medal Champions.” Pilarmonics President, Jo Scott, said “We received amazing feedback from the judges, particularly the esteemed Performance Judge, Joe Connelly from the USA, who pointed out that we are actually the ‘undefeated champions of Spain’ competed twice won twice! We definitely loved hearing that!” The annual AGM of the Spanish Association of Barbershop Singers

took place shortly before the end of the convention and two members of Pilarmonics were voted on to the SABS Board as President (Dawn Ritch) and PR (Donna Walsh) so its exciting times ahead not only for Pilarmonics but also for SABS. Donna Walsh, who has been with Pilarmonics since the beginning said “We all work really hard together to make a great team, we have an amazing Musical Director in Dawn who continues to learn and grow as we all learn and grow. We are also proud that Pilarmonics will be representing Spain in the International Contest in Killarney, Ireland in October.” Donna added. In addition to chorus success 2 members of Pilarmonics also entered the International Quartet Contest with their quartet, Double Bass, and were also awarded with the 1st Place Gold Medal. So it was Double Gold for Sarah Cole (who has been with Pilarmonics since its inception) & Karen Adamson who are both based mainly in the UK but travel to Spain for rehearsals and coaching. Pilarmonics rehearse in San Cayetano and Dolores de Pacheco every Wednesday evening from 6.45pm – 9.15pm then they head straight to the local bar for a couple of drinks and more singing. If you would like to see the Undefeated Champion Chorus of Spain in action and find out what barbershop is all about then please contact Caroline Francis by email or phone 696 720 025 to chat with Donna Walsh. Check out their Facebook page with a like to be kept up to date on future events etc.. If you’d like to book Pilarmonics for your event you can get in touch in the same way.


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Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019

Surve y ors finally g ain entry to L a T orre Vígia It took until the beginning of April for surveyors to finally gain entry to La Torre Vígia in Torre de la Horadada. In January, Elche’s court of administrative issued a ruling authorising the authorities to access the sixteenth-century, privately owned watchtower, in order to inspect its state of preservation but it is only now that the order has finally been realised. The local administration and the General Directorate of Culture and Heritage of the Generalitat have been trying to negotiate a visit with the owners for more than 18 months because the grounds and the tower, both protected as an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC), are falling into an increasing state of disrepair. They finally gained entry on 5 April. A town hall spokesman said the visit was necessary in order to determine the extent of deterioration of the real estate and although reports are still being prepared it is understood that they will undoubtedly lead to some form of economic investment. The building is an asset of Cultural Interest and, according to the Law of Valencian Heritage, it must reopen for public visits at least four times a month. But the family that holds the noble title today has so always refused and it is only with the recent court ruling that they have agreed to allow entry.

Quite whether they will now go a stage further an reopen it to the public is still unknown but the mayor of Pilar de la Horadada, Ignacio Ramos, has said that the municipal authority will take it one step at a time. The watchtower and the adjacent house are located on an imposing estate overlooking the Mediterranean. It even has a private staircase that gives access to the Conde beach. The tower has a ground floor, two floors and a terrace with a security gate. Despite the building’s absolute decadence, it’s green wooden windows are rickety and the heraldic shield that the crown shows obvious signs of deterioration. The metal fence that borders it is old and rusty. The wall that holds it, cracked and full of holes. Of the gardens that once were a garden, only wild stubble remains and neglected palm trees. The painting of the walled courtyard is peeling. The access doors are closed, the bell does not work and there is only one element that would make one think that someone lives there: a television Aerial. The locals say that for most of the year nobody lives in the house and the owners only holiday in it for a few weeks in summer. Despite its status, since 1995 the tower has been registered in the General Registry of Real Estate of Cultural Interest of the Spanish Historical Heritage. As such the owners enjoy important tax privileges and neither do they pay IBI. Ramos has said that that if they need to do so the City Council will take ownership by expropriation but he now hopes that in view of a recent thawing in the relationship between the council and the owners, such a move will not be necessary.



Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019

BREXITDevelopments - HMA Simon Manley I’m sure you have been following recent developments in the Brexit negotiations very closely, so I wanted to give you a quick update about what all of this means for British people living here in Spain. The European Council has agreed what is being called a “flexible extension” to the process of our departure from the European Union, until 31 October. Flexible, because if the Withdrawal Agreement is approved by both the UK and the European Parliaments before then, we will leave on the first day of the month after that approval. So for example, if we pass a deal in the first three weeks of May, the UK will leave the European Union on the first of June. That would also mean we won’t take part in elections to the European Parliament. If, however, a deal is not passed by that point, European Parliamentary elections will take place in the UK. And if you are registered to vote in European elections here in Spain, then you should be able to do so. I understand all of this is unsettling and frustrating for many of you. You want to know on what terms we are going to leave the European Union and what that may mean for you as a UK national living in Spain. During this extension period, the UK remains a full member of the EU and consequently your existing rights will not change. So, for example, your rights to healthcare, to residency and to travel throughout the EU, remain exactly

as they are today. Nonetheless, during this extension period, as we prepare to leave the European Union, it remains really important to ensure that you are correctly registered. I understand, however, that many of you are finding it difficult to get appointments. Let me assure you that we are talking with the Spanish authorities about this. Meanwhile, the Spanish Government has advised that if you can’t get an appointment now, you should make sure that you’ve got proof that you were living here before we leave the European Union, whether that be a padrón certificate or utility bills. The Spanish Government also advises on their Moncloa website on Brexit contingency measures, to keep checking for new appointments to become available. Should we leave the EU with a deal, as we very much hope, you will have until the end of the Implementation Period, currently set at 31 December 2020, to register, if you have not done so already.

Should we, however, leave without a deal, as could still happen, the Spanish Government has said you will have a 21month grace period from the date of our departure to register. You can also prepare by signing up for email alerts for our Living in Spain guide on or by joining our Brits in Spain Facebook community, where you can also find some videos on what you need to do to prepare for Brexit on issues such as registration, driving licences, healthcare and travel. I wish you and your families a very happy Easter. This article is also available in video form at


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Torrevieja dismantles the Pascual Flores

Only ten years after the schooner was completely overhauled in 2009 all 3 masts have now been removed from the Pascual Flores. The councillor for culture, Domingo Perez, said that there has been a rapid deterioration of the wood and for safety reasons, in order to ensure they don’t simply topple over, the decision was taken to remove the foremast and the main mast, having already dismantled the mizzen mast 2 years ago. The firm contracted to remove the masts is linked to the Nao Foundation, a charity that specialises in the promotion of history through the construction, management and display of historical ships, and they will try to preserve some elements. The works represent an expense of less than 15,000 euros. They say that the hull is in a good state of conservation. The Pascual Flores was the last sailing ship built on the beach in Torrevieja during the early part of the last century and was restored to her former glory in 2008 at a cost of 4 million euro. However, whilst moored in Torrevieja her condition has gradually deteriorated. Talks with the NAO Foundation over the future of the Torrevieja sailboat were discontinued by the present council when it came into power in 2015. It is known that at that time the charity was extremely keen to be involved in the ship’s future. It could well be that those discussions will now be resurrected.



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Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019

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Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019

Eduardo Dolón and Rosario


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Ciudadanos team approved to run Orihuela Campaign The local group of Cambiemos Orihuela has now unanimously approved the Campaign Committee that will be responsible for preparing the party campaign for next national and local elections. José Aíx, Antonio Sanchez and Juan Ignacio Lopez

Rosario Martinez confirmed on Torrevieja PP list According to the PP leader and candidate for mayor in Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, she is the one person who cannot be absent from the list and simply must be included as a candidate in the upcoming municipal elections, Rosario Martinez, who is regarded as one of the most popular figures in local politics.

she goes.

He says that she has shown that she will work for the PP team in any capacity, she is completely committed to her task and that she spreads good humour and joy wherever

During the 4 years from May 2015 she has continued as a PP councillor, but in opposition.

Pilar de la Horadada held up as healthiest municipality The PSOE has included Pilar de la Horadada on the list of the healthiest municipalities in the whole of Spain, with a liquidity of more than 21 million euros. The City Council now has 10 million euros more than in 2014 and in 2019 it will reduce the debt of 9 million, inherited from the Partido Popular, to zero. According to Pilar María Samper. "The figures are not open to interpretation, they are objective. And what they tell us is that the money management of the town council has been excellent," she said. The accounts of this legislature at the end of its current term show that the City Council's liquidity has grown more than 100% since 2014, since it has increased by 10 million euro in a liquid reserve of more than 21 million. "This amount may be allocated to investment projects, which will have to be financially sustainable at the discretion of the Ministry, and which will involve an injection into services and infrastructure for the collective benefit of all residents," said the PSOE candidate for mayor. "Fortunately, both the Government of Spain and the Generalitat have been sensitive sensitivity and with a clear intention to support all municipalities; but in addition, we have been very proactive and we have fought each call, " she added.

Rosario was elected as a councillor in the Torrevieja government in May 2011 to May 2015 where she was responsible for Youth, Foreigners and Education. During her period of office she made many friends, particularly among the expat community, to which she always gave her complete support.

Fluent in English she has taught the lan-

guage at all levels including business English, as well as teaching Spanish lessons for foreigners. She has also worked as an English teacher at La Inmaculada School and at the Virgen del Carmen School, both in Torrevieja. In announcing her candidature for the municipal elections Dolón said that Rosario will be one of the most important components in the city’s future, which he is confident will be under a new Partido Popular government.

Ximo Puig and Ignacio Ramos with PSOE candidate for mayor Pilar Samper

The Ciudadanos Orihuela campaign team comprising of 23 activists, is led by Antonio Sanchez, who, in addition to being the Chaiman, will act as spokesperson and is also in charge of electoral strategy. Two of the current councillors, Luisa Boné and Mar Ezcurra, will be responsible for drafting the electoral program while Juan Ignacio Lopez Bas, number two on the Alicante list of candidates for the Congress of Deputies, along with Andres Aniorte and Luis Ruiz Rodriguez, will act as agents. The coast is represented in the electoral committee by Alfonso Alemán and Óscar Berdún, while Stefan Pokroppa will be responsible for international residents. "We are already working towards the upcoming elections with a great team of committed people who will take Juan Ignacio Lopez Bas to the Congress of Deputies and José Aíx to Orihuela," said Antonio Sánchez.



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Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019



Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019


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organisers now say that they want the tournament to be spread across all of the towns in the Vega Baja. The first competition took place in 2012, although it was a completely different championship to the current one. “Even though there are many people who, like me, have attended every year, it's not the same tournament. There are many differences between the 2012 and 2019 editions. The organising company is different and, in addition, this event was born with the intention of playing across all the towns of the Vega Baja, although currently it is focused exclusively on Torrevieja “explained Alberto del Amo, co-director of the tournament. “We really need to make sure that subsequent competitions are played out across the whole of the region.”

Pet welfare campaigns in Pilar

At present there are two editions of the Torrevieja International Cup that take place during the year. The first takes place during the Holy Week celebrations, from April 18 to 21. The second is played during the summer, from June 27 to 30 using exactly the same format.

Plenty of new donors give blood in Pilar There was a total of 126 donors who gave blood at the most recent edition of the transfusion session that was held last Saturday in Pilar de la Horadada in addition to which 15 people signed up to become marrow donors.

Perez concluded by stating that "we have chosen this date because it gives us the assurance that the signing of the contract can now be formalised in time."

The President of the Greater Board of Brotherhoods, Mari Carmen Villaescusa and the Alicante Blood Transfusion Centre, said that they have been organising such events in Pilar for more than a decade but she added that the organisation was particularly pleased with the numbers who agreed to provide marrow.

The cost of the Sevillanas Fair in 2019 has been set at 141,000 euros.

The Department of Health highlighted the importance of finding new donors, as well as the loyalty of those who give blood on a regular

agreement that were not included last year. The Department of Animal Protection and Health has launched two campaigns in Pilar de la Horadada to neuter and sterilize cats, as well as the issue of passports, vaccination for rabies and implantation of microchips in dogs The objective of both campaigns is to support the residents of the municipality who live with their pet to whome discounts at reduced prices will be offered thanks to a Council grant. Both campaigns will take place from April 15 to June 15. All the veterinary clinics in the municipality will be involved in the campaigns, and these are Clínica Veterinaria El Pilar, Del Sureste, Pelo-Pico-Pata and Moby Dick, where the subsidised services will be carried out. Vaccination and issuance of a passport will cost 10 euros, the implementation of a microchip 22 euros, castration services for cats will cost 25 euros and the sterilisation of cats 50 euros.

Torrevieja International Cup attracts more teams from overseas After the success of last year’s tournament, in which more than a hundred teams took part, many from overseas, the fourth edition of the Torrevieja International Cup will take place from April 18 to 21, where for four days thousands of people, and more than a hundred teams, will be brought together at the Torrevieja City of Sport. The competition is one of the great sporting events in the city that also provides a great economic benefit to the area. However, the

New dates agreed for Torrevieja Sevillanas Fair Originally scheduled to take place from 8-12 May the City Council has not been able to meet the deadlines to formalise the contract, and as such the Councillor for Fiestas, Domingo Pérez, told the media at a press conference on Tuesday that the celebration of the Sevillanas Fair 2019 will now take place from Wednesday 29 May 29 to Sunday 2 June. Perez said that he regretted the change, since at the beginning it was proposed that the date was set between May 8 and 12, but he wanted to make it clear that "it is not due to any major drama, but to administrative needs". He explained that the city machinery is very slow and that the government team has not been able to meet the deadlines to formalise the contract in a timely manner as a result of new additions to the

CINEMA PILAR English Language Cinema in Pilar de la Horadada - Calle Canalejas 4 Thursday 18th APRIL at 7pm and Saturday, 20th of APRIL at 5pm

JOHNNY ENGLISH STRIKES AGAIN When a cyber-attack reveals the identity of all active undercover agents in Britain, Johnny English is called out of retirement by the Secret Service

Cast: Rowan Atkinson, Olga Kurylenko, Emma Thompson, Ben Miller Dur: 1hr 28min Genre: Comedy. Action | Spy Film. Parody. Sequel

basis. The Blood Transfusion Centre of Alicante said that 250 units of blood are needed every day in the province of Alicante. Unfortunately, in the case of expats, anyone who has lived continuously in the UK between 1980 and 1996 for a minimum of one may not donate blood in Spain due to the risk of transmitting mad cow disease. However, each region has different rules about donations. The donation helpline can be found on 935 573 500. Alternatively, visit to find out if you are eligible.



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Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019



Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019

The case of the Final Farewell A Murder Mystery Was there indeed a murder……if so, who dun it? Members of the Rojales Pantomime Group were asked by the Royal British Legion to entertain their guests by performing a Murder Mystery play at the Phoenix Nights Bar and Restaurant in San Miguel. Not having done this before this was definitely a mystery to the nine cast and crew but they rose to the challenge….. a script was written, parts were chosen and rehearsals began around Joan’s dining table! Around eighty people attended the evening’s performance, some of whom dressed for the part as different famous sleuths (they were deadly serious). After a delicious meal, the scene was set and the plot unfolded yielding various clues throughout the play. Before the conclusion D.I. Holmes interviewed all the suspects to give the audience the chance to decide who, in their opinion, was the murderer if, in fact, a murder had been committed! Everyone was asked to fill in a murder form indicating their chosen suspect, which created lots of speculation and discussions. The correct answers were then sealed in an evidence bag and, after the conclusion had been played out, naming and shaming the murderer, the name of Wendy Cottom was picked out to win a special prize. An entertaining night was had by all, not least of all by the cast and crew, and most importantly, the Royal British Legion raised over 400 euro for the poppy appeal. The Rojales Pantomime Group ‘s last pantomime in January, Camelot The Panto, was a roaring success and their next chosen pantomime is Treasure Island which should be lots of fun. If you are interested in joining the pantomime group to either perform or simply help behind the scenes, email us on Also for further information regarding the Murder Mysteries ring John on 681 266640 or Charlotte at

ESSENCE DANCE & FITNESS ARE OF TO THE EUROPEANS IN ROME!! At the end of last month (30th-31st March) 16 students and their families from Essence Dance & Fitness traveled to Avila for the Gran National Finals of Spain of Vive tu Sueño. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears during rehearsals it was time to take the stage and do what they all do best! First to compete was our HipHop team Baby Essence and as a dance teacher would say “they smashed it!”. Words can’t describe how extremely proud I am of them! They all danced their little hearts out and had the time of their life’s! It’s a great achievement as it is to say they had reached the national finals of spain, as they are only aged 5-8, but when we did the on stage wait for the results and got the call out to announce we had won 3rd place was such a surprise and an incredible feeling! Not forgetting all our little dancers faces, which

will be a memory cherished forever!! With our Baby Essence winning 3rd place Intermediate it’s extremely exciting to announce we have qualified for THE GRAN EUROPEAN FINALS IN ROME celebrated this July as well as winning 1st prize for best costumes!! We’re back to hard work in the studio and under preparation for our European adventure along with many other competitions along the way as well as lots of fundraising preparations as we will be raising as much funds possible to help all the children with their travels to be able to experience an event of a life time and to be able to represent the country! If anybody would like to sponsor Baby Essence on their European experience please contact Paris on 638 601 139 or by email at : Last but not least I would like to say a big thankyou to all our amazing parents and our current sponsors for a their continuous support and help along the way: CEIP Las Culturas, Quesada Fish & Chips EcoCity Torrevieja, Comaskey Rentals Go Home to Spain, CJBuilders And a massive well done to all my little super stars! And not forgetting our soloist Lili Hart who has recently placed 3rd in her last two federation competitions in Valencia, well done Lili!! Hard work pays off and it’s safe to say these children prove this every time! Onwards and upwards from here, ROME HERE WE COME!!


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Los Montesinos Mayor leads tour for Foreign Residents

The Torrevieja Salt Lakes

By Andrew Atkinson Los Montesinos Town Hall received a round of applause from foreign residents who were invited to a taste of Vega Baja history in Rojales and Torrevieja on a tour that was attended by Mayor José Manuel Butron. Rojales Museo De La Huerta was once the residence of the Hacienda, that showcased interiors from yesteryear, with sewing rooms, weights, measures and lighting room, and traditional pharmacy. The Hacienda de los Llanos is a 30,562 Sq. metre farm, converted into an agricultural museum, with original furniture and tools on show. The secondary house, houses the Mill and traditional bakery; stables and trades' exhibits, along with the Oil Mill, including one of the last Oil Mills working in the municipality. The stables, which were used for cattle, are redesigned to recreate traditional works and long lost trades, including hemp work, ice cream making, fieldwork, beekeeping, slaughter, hunting and fishing.

flax, hemp and cotton. In the 19th century the salt was mainly shipped from the town by Swedish and Dutch ships. At the turn of the 20th century a quarter of all the salt harvested from the lagoon in Torrevieja was sold in Spain. Other markets included European nations. In the 21st century the Torrevieja Salt Lakes are a major supplier worldwide. A train tour of the Torrevieja Salinas and a talk on the history was given. "Thank you to both Rojales and Torrevieja for allowing the foreign residents from Los Montesinos see an insight into their history," said Los Montesinos Mayor José Butron, who was on hand throughout, assisted by Town Hall staff. A round of applause was given to the relevant Rojales and Torrevieja officials, along with thanks and applause to Mayor Butron and staff in respect of The Town Hall tour arrangements. Photographs: Helen Atkinson.

The old Mill building houses instruments and equipment from the former Lo Pepin Oil Mill. A visit to Rojales Caves followed, with the spectacle of Manuel Fulleda Alcaraz's decorated 'shell' house - with patterns of shells, tiles and mirrors. The artists' caves in Rojales - ‘Cuevas del Rodeo’ - are situated on the hillside above the town, giving spectacular mountain views. The Cave houses location is stunning, with regular live jazz music evenings staged, filling the evening air. Arts and crafts markets are held monthly, with stalls of homemade products and demonstrations taking place. Art exhibitions are staged each month, with a mixture of artists' exhibits in the Sala Mengolero exhibition gallery cave. The Torrevieja Salt Lakes tour gave a history of the Salinas, where until 1802, Torrevieja existed only as an ancient guard tower. In 1803 Charles IV authorised the movement of the salt production offices from La Mata to the town itself, allowing the construction of dwellings. In 1829 the town was totally destroyed by an earthquake, but the basins were reconstructed and reopened. In 1931 Alfonso XIII gave Torrevieja city status by special grant. During this period, there was also a growing market for

The mayor with the author



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Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019



Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019


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ANSWERS QUICK ACROSS: 1 Counterfeit; 9 Nod; 10 Situation; 11 Essay; 13 Isolate; 14 Fright; 16 Trying; 18 Scuttle; 19 Dingo; 20 Loathsome; 21 Wan; 22 Gesticulate. DOWN: 2 Odd; 3 Nasty; 4 Entail; 5 Flavour; 6 Imitation; 7 Unselfishly; 8 Underground; 12 Stipulate; 15 Hatchet; 17 Heroic; 19 Dwell; 21 Wet. CRYPTIC CRYPTIC ACROSS: 1 Proletarian; 9 Ebb; 10 Manifesto; 11 Fount; 13 Talents; 14 Eldest; 16 Ostend; 18 Version; 19 Riser; 20 Chain gang; 21 Pot; 22 Meteorology. DOWN: 2 Rib; 3 Limit; 4 Tenets; 5 Raffles; 6 Absentees; 7 Self-service; 8 Considerate; 12 Undertake; 15 Science; 17 Unfair; 19 Regal; 21 Peg.

10, 22. Steel, 23. Basketball, 24. Zanzibar, 20. Andrew Johnson, 21. John Paul I, 19. Tanganyika and


Poppy, 25. Three, 26. Michael

CAN YOU MASTER THE SUDOKU CHALLENGE? Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

the Romans as Sarbiodunum? 17. Which New York airport is closest to downtown Manhattan? 18. Which Pope was allegedly murdered? 19. Which two old states combined to form the Republic of Tanzania? 20. Which US President avoided impeachment by one vote? 21. How many hurdles would you find in the 110 metres hurdles event? 22. Which strong metal is composed mainly of ion and carbon? 23. What game do the Chicago Bulls play? 24. From which flower is opium produced? 25. How many of King Henry VIII's wives were called Catherine? 26. Which TV Newsman presented 999 on television from 1992 to 2003? 27. Who is Stevie Wonders Happy Birthday a tribute to? 28. Who hosted The Krypton Factor on British TV? 29. What is the capital of Canada? 30. Where were the 2004 Olympics held?

Buerke, 27. Martin Luther King, 28.

Solution on Page 23

1. Who taught Latin at Brookfield school? 2. Titan is the largest moon of which planet? 3. By what name is Clementina Campbell better known? 4. What name is given to a Japanese military commander or ruler in former times? 5. A Mexican immigrant who crosses the US border illegally by swimming across the Rio Grande is known as what? 6. Lying in the northern central USA, it is the chief dairy state and its capital is Madison. What is the state? 7. What was the colonial name for Zambia? 8. Who first defined the ‘unacceptable face of capitalism’? 9. What makes a pink gin pink? 10. What police force did Mack Sennett create? 11. Which cigarettes were cool as a mountain stream? 12. Which city is nicknamed Auld Reekie? 13. Which country’s parliament is called the Riksdag? 14. Which English City has a railway station named Temple Meads? 15. Which English coin was withdrawn in 1960? 16. Which Modern English City was known to

Gordon Burns, 29. Ottawa, 30.


Distress (7) Destiny (7) Threat (6) Victory (8) Resist (6) Slender (6) Scold (8) Guest (7) Suffer (7) Empty (6) Business (6) Inborn (6)



DOWN 1. Games period (7) 2. Essential requirement for starting a mine in California (7) 3. Riches gained by breaking the law (6) 5. No longer minded being drawn out? (8) 6. Pirate money (6) 7. What a baby may play with will make one nervous (6) 13. A bad actor? (4-4) 14. Yearned anew for clerical office (7) 15. It may need a jack up before being repaired (7) 16. This style of architecture has its points (6) 17. Purist organisation to agitate (4,2) 19. Subjected to decreasing pressure? (6)

DOWN 1. 2. 3. 5. 6. 7. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 19.

1. Mr Chips, 2. Saturn, 3. Cleo Laine, 4. Shogun, 5. Wetback, 6. Wisconsin, 7. Northern Rhodesia,. 8. Ted Heath, 9. Angostura Bitters, 10. The Keystone Cops, 11. Consulate, 12. Edinburgh, 13. Sweden, 14. Bristol, 15. Farthing, 16. Salisbury, 17. La Guardia, 18.

ACROSS 4. Act or dance (7) 8. Ten are ordered to be more smart (6) 9. Runner allowed to take part in a different heat (7) 10. It is suspended when it is very cold (6) 11. Pointer to what the heckler tries to do (6) 12. He looks after the nannies as well as the kids (8) 18. Poor ending it might make (8) 20. Accommodating place makes a change for those approaching fifty (6) 21. Make sharp attack upon Reformed Church (6) 22. Find her with nothing on in bed, smoking one? (7) 23. Refined engine driver (6) 24. Possibly respect a sign of authority (7)

ACROSS 4. Narration (7) 8. Iced (6) 9. Animate (7) 10. Deadly (6) 11. Result (6) 12. Meet (8) 18. Request (8) 20. Bestow (6) 21. Tempt (6) 22. Calendar (7) 23. Powerful (6) 24. Dark-skinned (7)



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Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019

‘Letters from the Canary Islands’ Barrie Mahoney was a head teacher and school inspector in the UK, as well as a reporter in Spain, before moving to the Canary Islands to launch and edit a new English language newspaper.

He enjoys life in the sun as a columnist and author, and continues to write a series of popular novels, books for expats, as well as designing mobile apps and websites to promote the Canary Islands.

CARRY ON CAMPING Over the years that we have lived in the Canary Islands, we have seen a rapid increase in tourism. Much of this has been due to instability in some countries following the ‘Arab Spring’ and terrorism. The hugely successful efforts to promote island tourism by the islands’ government has also been a huge success, since there has been considerable financial and professional investment in marketing the islands in recent years.

Over the last two years, the number of motor caravans has rapidly increased with the last count a few weeks ago being twenty-two units crammed together in a relatively small area. There are no waste disposal or water facilities nearby, and villagers were beginning to express their concerns about exactly where toilet waste was ending up. There was also a noticeable change in the type of visitors arriving. Families and couples arriving for a quiet weekend from the city were now replaced by larger family units of children, teenagers, dogs and even cats on leads.

The nature of tourism on the islands has changed over the years too. There is now a rapidly growing interest in rural tourism where visitors are content to relax in a rural environment, and well away from the busy tourist centres and ‘all you can eat’ hotels.

Huge mobile caravans, usually bearing German and other European number plates, began to appear and stay for a week at a time, and sometimes longer. Often, the accommodation would be supplemented by canopies and a number of tents sited at the side of the road or pathway. Villagers taking dogs for their usual walks were unable to pass through ‘caravan city’ without dogs off leads bursting out of the motor caravans and attacking local dogs. There was a small number of the “We have a right to be here” contingent of unthinking and selfish people who were unaware of the consequences for themselves and others. This peaceful location was being ruined by loud music, barking dogs, the foul stench of barbecues and litter.

Personally, I have nothing against motor caravans. Indeed, we owned and used one for several years and had many happy and memorable holidays exploring and relaxing in the islands and highlands of Scotland. Until recently, two or three motor caravans would

b y Bar rie Mahoney

arrive in our village on Friday afternoons, park close to the sea, and enjoy the local restaurants and bars before leaving on Sunday afternoon. Most were couples and small families from Las Palmas who were anxious to escape city life in a quiet seaside village for the weekend, and many locals got to know these 'visitors from the city’ very well.

Those who know the islands well, will know that these islands have something to offer almost everyone, from lazy sun-drenched beaches, lush ancient forests to breath-taking landscapes, as well as the opportunity to engage in a wide range of sea-related sports.

We are beginning to see the opening of hostels to attract younger visitors on a tight budget, as well as for those who are happy to stay in more relaxed accommodation. Then there is the growing curse of motor caravans.


Suddenly, without warning, the local authority placed heavy concrete barriers across the road, which prevented any vehicles from entering the area. The move was done quietly without the usual noisy public meeting, petitions or any fuss that we usually have to go through to get anything done. It happened overnight and villagers were overjoyed to see the area return to its usual peaceful state. There are officially recognised caravan parks with full facilities in the area, so campers are not being denied the opportunity to enjoy a few relaxing days away from home. I suspect that the local restaurants and bars in the village will miss their temporary customers, but most of us will not miss “Downtown”, as it became known, in the slightest. If you enjoyed this article, take a look at my websites: and or read my latest book, ‘Living in Spain and the Canary Islands’ (ISBN: 9780995602724). Available in paperback, as well as Kindle editions. Join me on Facebook: @barrie.mahoney


Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019


 637 227 385


years for dismembering Cambiemos Orihuela & C.L.A.R.O. make proposals to 7a corpse in Torrevieja save the Orihuela Costa Municipal Sports Centre

The Seventh Section of the Provincial Court of Alicante, based in Elche, has sentenced a woman to seven years in prison for covering up the kidnap and the murder of a man in Torrevieja and also for helping to dismember the body

The two political parties, Cambiemos Orihuela and C.L.A.R.O., are to make proposals to reopen the Orihuela Costa Municipal Sports Centre, to change the form of management and reduce prices to affordable levels with discounts for those on the padron and for vulnerable groups.

The Court found her guilty of a crime of illegal detention, for which she was given a four year sentence, an offense of fraud, for which the penalty is two years, and the crime of concealment of murder, punishable by a further year in jail. The man allegedly responsible for the murder died just a few days before the trial got underway, prior to which he wrote a letter stating that she was not involved in the actual murder.

The two parties, which have just announced that they will join forces to contest the forthcoming municipal elections in a Coalition, are combining to save the recently closed Orihuela Costa Municipal Sports Centre. For some time, Cambiemos councillor Carlos Bernabeu, has criticised the privatisation of the Centre which has resulted in the highest prices in the area and transferring public money into the private company which has been running the Centre. The company has not been respecting the contract and the resulting financial damage to the municipality could reach a total of €700,000. His party has denounced the contract to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor. He has also emphasised the need to look after those employed in the Centre who have not been paid for some time. Helen Akerman, President of C.L.A.R.O., has stated that the closure of the Municipal Sports Centre is the latest and most tangible demonstration of the lack of interest by the

The jury that had to decide the verdict was dissolved after the parties reached an agreement. The women acknowledged her guilt and accepted the crimes and penalties requested by the Prosecutor's Office and the private prosecution. The case against a third defendant was dropped. Youngsters arrive at the centre to find it closed present coalition government in making good the deficient services from which Orihuela Costa residents are suffering. The Ciudadanos Party, which has principal responsibility for the affairs of the coast, must shoulder most of the blame for this situation. The contract for managing the Sports Centre was terminated by the government last July but unsuccessfully and the procedure has had to be restarted. As a consequence more than 500 people, young as well as retired, are without sports facilities and some 250 school children who continue their training in the evenings often do so in the dark without light or water.

It is urgent she said, to put an end to the discrimination from which the coast suffers. The two parties have submitted a Motion for consideration in the next Plenary meeting of the Town Council, the last before municipal elections in May, the main points of which are to urge the government to accelerate the reopening of the Centre, to require a report into the transfer of management of the Centre from the private sector to the public and to reduce prices to make the Centre more accessible and to offer discounts to users who are on the municipal padron or who belong to vulnerable groups.

The event leading up to the murder took place on 26 August 2016, when the victim and the alleged murderer argued over a parking space in a building in Torrevieja. During the fight, the defendant assaulted the 62 year old victim with a blunt object, knocking him unconscious before immobilising him. A few days later, the defendant, who died a few days before the trial, killed the victim. After the crime, both he and the accused woman dismembered the corpse and threw the different parts into different containers in the area. They then cleaned up the house and painted the walls to hide the traces of blood. During this time the woman also transferred 800 euros from the victim’s bank account to hers. The murder was only discovered when the head of the deceased appeared at a landfill in Elche. Two days later, two legs were found, with the feet, as well as a bag containing the heart, lungs and the rest of organs.

Churches and Services

Car and Vehicle Sales

Social and Clubs

The Car of the Month at Automoviles Crespo is a 2018 Ford KA Petrol which is on Special Offer priced at just 6,900 euro. Come along to our showroom in Elche and see our vast range of used cars or call 96 666 22 60 for all our latest offers. The biggest and best for price, choice and quality.

The next monthly meeting of the Orihuela Costa Branch of the Royal British Legion will be tomorrow, on TUESDAY 16 APRIL at the Olympia Restaurant in Mil Palmeras starting at 7.30pm. All are welcome. The Torrevieja Branch of the Royal British Legion meets on the second Friday of the month at

the bowls club in San Luis, Casa Ventura, meetings start at 7 pm RNA - The Royal Naval Assn meet at Restaurant Danmark, Plaza los Alcones 27, in Torrevieja at 5pm on the 1st Weds of the month. Call Margaret Forshaw, on 966 92 1996 Age Concern Costa Blanca Sur is here to help you with problem solving and well being for the over 50’s. We need volunteer Drivers and people to join our Residential Home Visiting Team. to visit people in a Residential Home, and take them out for a coffee. If you think you can help call into our centre at C/Paganini s/n, Urb. La Siesta 03184 Torrevieja or ring 966 786 887. Or you can email: Almoradi Meal Club. If do you fancy a meal out and meeting new friends, come and join our English speaking club. We have twice monthly meals at various restaurants in and around Almoradi. For info go to FaceBook or contact me at Badminton in Pilar de la Horadada. Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs. 10-12.30 pm. Call John on 634 658 506

Torrevieja Retired Activities Club meet on the third Wednesday in the month from 11-1pm at Marina Club Cafeteria, International Marina, Torrevieja. The joining fee is 10euros but you can attend one meeting or lunch before you join. For info phone Sandy Hollywood, President 698 266 696 or Jill Hayes, membership Secretary 672 983 019. HAH CB need you to help us help those in need in their own homes, short or long term medical conditions of all ages and nationalities. Contact our head office on 965 328 794 or email: charitycentre Curious about the work of Samaritans in Spain? Have a few hours a week to help with the charity shop, fundraising or admin? Come and join us for a chat at our Centre in the Punta Marina Shopping Centre. Volunteers are unpaid but expenses are met. Email: The Orihuela Costa Drop In Centre is in C/Cipres, Lomas de Cabo Roig, where we can offer you a full range of activities Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Info available at:

La Siesta Evangelical Church hold services each Sunday. Our 11.15am Services are held every 2nd and 4th Sunday in the month (and on the 5th Sunday, if this applies.) On the 1st and 3rd Sunday’s our Services are at 9.30 am. Our choir sings at our 11.15 am Services and there is also a Sunday School, Stepping Stones, on these Sundays. For info see or phone Pastor Keith on 666 180 108 The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) in Torrevieja meet at 10.00 each Sunday in their chapel at Rambla Juan Mateo Garcia, 104. All Welcome. You can phone or whatsapp the missionaries on 667 533 597.. International Christian Assembly, Calle Urbano Arregui, 23, Torrevieja - Evangelical nondenominational church. Sunday service 11a.m.; Sunday school; Prayer meetings; craft and computer clubs. Ladies Bible Study: Thursday 11a.m. Church Bible Study: Thursday 1.30p.m. House groups in Torrevieja, La Siesta –

Contact: 966 752 543 / 617 215 463. Phone: 966 799 273 / 966 752 543 / 617 215 463. Torrevieja Christian Fellowship (TCF) is an English speaking church located on Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas,68,Torrevieja 03183. Each Sunday It holds its Weekly Service with communion and Kids Church at 10.30 a.m. On Wednesday’s at 6.00 p.m. we hold a Fellowship Meeting (Bible Study) We invite residents and visitors to visit our friendly and welcoming church. Website or tel no 966700391

Personal Transvestite Diana, blonde, new to Torrevieja. Great figure big breasts. Active and passive.well endowed. By appointment. Playa los locos. 651 363 396 Sexy, elegant Spanish lady. Playa Flamenca. Punta Prima. Private house. Erotic massage. All services. From €40. Call Ana on 657 603 495. Speaks English.



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Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019


Samaritans in Spain – You Talk We Listen Another True Story "People say, “You only live once, so make the most of it.” Well, I’m proof that you can get a second chance says Kevin – and I owe it to Samaritans. "Looking back, things had been building up for a long time. Redundancy, relationship breakdowns… it was just one thing after another. And though I had two lovely sons and some great mates, I didn’t want them to know how low I’d become. GOODBYE LETTERS "Then, one evening, I found myself writing goodbye letters to my friends and family – I really believed they would be better off without me. "The next day I had breakfast with my son and watched as he left the house for work. As far as I was concerned, this would be the last time I would see him. "I left the house, thinking that I would never return. "I found myself looking through the contacts on my mobile, wondering if anyone would miss me. That’s when I came across Samaritans’ number from a time when I’d called before but hung up, unable to talk. "To this day I don’t know what made me call again, but I’m so glad I did. MAKING THE CALL "The volunteer who answered was amazing. I was in a terrible state, but she was calm, understanding and, most importantly, seemed to genuinely care.

"I poured my heart out to her and she gently suggested that I walk to the Samaritans Drop In Centre, where I would be safe and there’d be someone to talk to. "She stayed on the line while I did this and, at the Centre, the tears really began to flow. She listened to what I had to say, and talking to her helped me work out what I could do. MOVING ON "Over the next few months, I slowly but surely began to put my life back together. Now, nearly three years on, I’ve got a whole new life. Should you identify with any of these issues and want to talk to someone in complete confidence then why not give us a call. We are SAMARITANS IN SPAIN – You Talk We Listen. Phone 900 525 100 Email: or Send a Message to 634 325 906 to organise a WhatsApp call.


Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019

Horadada BC

Quesada Bowls Club by Dee Stephenson

with Irene Graham

On Monday the summer season started for the South Alicante Hurricane Division under beautiful, warm blue skies. The Horadada Hawks were at home to La Siesta Wasps. The match was played in good spirits and enjoyed by all. Two of the rinks were hard fought throughout with a nail biting finish for the Hawks. We even had a visit from our regular squirrel who comes to give us his support! We managed to win on three rinks but the overall shots went to La Siesta. Our winning rinks were:Janet Jukes, Mark Jukes and Barry Evans 17 – 15, Jenny Davis, John Goddard and Wayne Jackson 21 – 19, Tracey Paffett, Ken Barber and Bryan Eatough 27 – 12. Very well played to these players who got through with the win in the end. The final result was a draw with 85 shots for to 94 against giving both teams 6 pts. The next league match is not until 22 April as the Champion of Champions tournament starts today 15 April. We wish all of our entrants the very best of luck in all disciplines for this annual event. Horadada offers a warm welcome to new or experienced bowlers, and provides the necessary equipment. Roll-up days are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings. Contact Fred Trigwell on 659 139 129 for info.

San Miguel Bowls - Barry Jones On Monday San Miguel Moors were home to Emerald Isle Victors losing 4 - 8 (82 shots for & 89 shots against) the best winning triple were Sue Miller, Don Whitney and Lee Sinclair 24 - 10. San Miguel Christians were away to San Luis Wellingtons losing 2 - 10 (78 shot for & 105 shots against) the best winning triple were Bob Nesbit, Derek Farmer and Dave Champion 22 - 18. On Wednesday the last Winter League game was played with San Miguel at home to La Siesta, where they had a great win 11 - 1 (117 shots to 59). The best winning rink were Don Whitney, Dave Johnson, Gail Willshire and Fred Willshire 28 - 4. A reminder that the Wasps sessions will not take place this Wednesdays, due to the Club hosting the Champion of Champions competition, back to normal next week. For further information on San Miguel Bowls Club please contact the President Stuart Hemmings on 965 72 0461, or the Secretary Gail Willshire on 965 02 0492.

We welcomed a new President, Pearl Houghton as well as new and returning Committee members this week at Quesadas AGM on Saturday 6th April. Meanwhile, four of our members played in the Les McCracken Memorial competition at Emerald Isle. The hosts put up a very strong and competitive field of players but the QBC team fought hard and won the Visitors Trophy, beating the other 6 visiting teams. A fantastic result by Jim Donnelly, Steve Hibberd, Dee Stephenson &John Stephenson - well done and congratulations! The rest of the week has been relatively quiet as there weren’t many matches scheduled. Heres; the highlights: On Monday in the South Alicante Summer league, the Blenheims played away at Vistabella, who won the match 10-2 points and shots 75-57. The Lancasters had a bye this week. In the last match of the season in the Winter league, Quesada consolidated their position finishing 4th in the table. They played San Luis this week, who won the match 8-4 with the shots 98-87. A good result for Quesada team in the Winter league - well done everyone. Meanwhile there weren't any matches scheduled in the VCL league this week. In fact, to allow for Champion of Champions matches and Easter holidays, the VCL league won’t resume again until 5th May. At Quesada Bowls Club we welcome both new and experienced bowlers. We’re a friendly club with a mixture of competition, league and casual players. In addition to league matches and Club competitions we have our popular Saturday morning chicken drive which is open to visitors and we have free coaching for new members. So come along and see what we have to offer! Contact our membership secretary Angie Goddard


SOUTH ALICANTE SPRING/SUMMER TRIPLES League Tables & Results 8th April SPITFIRE DIVISION San Miguel Moors 82 (4) San Luis Wellingtons 105 (10) Vistabella Fairways 75 (10) Quesada Lancasters Bye

Emerald Isle Victors 89 (8) San Miguel Christians 78 (2) Quesada Blenheims 57 (2)

P W D L O/W San Luis Wellingtons 2 8 0 2 2 Quesada Blenheims * 2 6 0 4 1 San Miguel Moors 2 5 0 5 1 Vistabella Fairways 1 4 0 1 1 Emerald Isle Victors 2 4 0 6 1 San Miguel Christians 2 3 0 7 0 Quesada Lancasters 1 0 0 5 0 * 2) deducted for failing to field a full side

Diff 86 30 13 18 -52 -47 -48

Pts 20 12 12 10 10 6 0

HURRICANE HURRICANE DIVISION Horadada Hawks 85 (6) Emerald Isle Vulcans 93 (10) La Marina Pilots 100 (7)

Emerald Isle Vulcans La Marina Pilots La Siesta Wasps Horadada Hawks San Luis Hercules Greenlands Gladiators

P 1 1 1 1 1 1

La Siesta Wasps 94 (6) Greenlands Gladiators 68 (2) San Luis Hercules 80 (5) W 4 2 2 3 2 1

D 0 1 0 0 1 0

L O/W 1 1 2 1 3 1 2 0 2 0 4 0

Diff 25 20 9 -9 -20 -25

Pts 10 7 6 6 5 2


Vistabella Greeners Greenlands Glosters San Luis Mosquitoes El Rancho Buckskins Country Bowls Badgers La Siesta Hornets

The Winter League Squad

by Sheila Cammack The Champion of Champions tournament is running from Monday 15th-Sunday 21st at San Miguel, + Vistabella on Monday & Tuesday; we wish all our players the very best of luck. Monday 8th SL Wellingtons v SM Christians, 10-2, 105 shots-78. Winners: Kath Reid, Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 20-14, Colin Jackson, June & Keith Jones 26-18, Pam Lockett, Giuseppe Galelli, Brian Pocock 18-10, Margaret Morrison, Sabrina & Russell Marks 23-14. Thursday 11th v Vistabella Fairways SL Wellingtons; 8-4, 87 shots68. Winners: Bob White, Ann Holland, Neil Morrison 26-11, Colin Jackson, June & Keith Jones 14-9, Kath Reid, Pam Lockett, Ian Kenyon 17-14. SL Hercules v LM Pilots 80 shots-100, 5-7. Winners: Ros Holmes, Peter Fuller, Brenda Brown 21-15, Ray Watmough, Bill Webb, Derrick Cooper 19-18, Judy Carroll, Mags

The start of the new season saw the Gladiators away to the Emerald Isle Vulcans, a good start was made on all rinks but were unable to maintain the momentum resulting in just the one rink won and four lost. Final score, shots 68 - 93. points 2 - 10. winning rink - T Powell, D Toozer, skip J Obrien. 21 - 14. In the Harrier Division, the Glosters were at home to Country Bowls Badgers. A good start to the season with an excellent win, final score was, shots 94 - 85. points, 9 - 3. Best winning rink were C Stobbart, R Wattley, skip G Stobbart. 23 = 14. In the winter league we travelled up the

 637 227 385

Vistabella Greeners 141 (11) San Luis Mosquitoes 57 (1) San Luis Mosquitoes 101 (8) El Rancho Buckskins 72 (4) Greenlands Glosters 94 (9) Country Bowls Badgers 85 (3) La Siesta Hornets 73 (2) Vistabella Greeners 113 (10)

San Luis Bowls Club

Greenlands Bowls Club by Dave Webb


P 2 1 2 1 1 1

W 8 3 3 2 1 1

D 1 1 1 0 1 0

L O/W 1 2 1 1 6 1 3 0 3 0 4 0

Diff 124 9 -55 -29 -9 -40

Pts 21 9 9 4 3 2

Haines, Les Bedford 16-16.

son it looks as though we will have 2 squads in both Division A and

SL Mosquitoes v ER Buckskins, 8-4, 101 shots-72. Winners: Chris Jackson, Chris Lythe, Sue Ross 23-14, Val Lever, Mary Fromson, Ken Dullaway 25-7, Dennis Jackson, Robert Hicks, Tom Fromson 23-7.

Division C on both days.

Wednesday 10th Winter League: v Quesada, 98shots-87, 8-4. Winners: Irene Everett, Pam Lockett, June & Keith Jones 23-10, Kath Reid, Margaret & Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 19-13, Jan Pocock, Barry Edwards, Sabrina & Russell Marks 28-11.

There will be plenty of games for everyone and opportunities for players of all levels of experience. We have an established open and fair selection policy for all divisions. League entries have to be in by mid-August. If you commit to playing for us by joining on 1st August you will have 13 months membership to 31.8.20. We also have 7 months membership from

San Luis BC would welcome more new members.


Anyone who has played against SLBC, whether home or away, will know that we are a friendly, social, club; competitive at all levels, whilst also enjoying our bowling.

Come along & bowl for free on any Sunday morning at 10:00am to

Despite the recent change agreed at the LLB AGM, that a side will comprise 6 teams, we are still determined and committed to playing 4 squads in both the Monday & Friday leagues. For the coming sea-

AP7 to Bonalba, The wind was making things difficult for all the players but that made the games more interesting. Final scores were, shots 76 - 95. Points, 5 - 7. best winning rink goes to C Rudge, J Hier,L Rudge, skip D Toozer. 16 - 14. This being the final match of the Winter League leaves us in a better position than were in last season so well done everyone especially to the players who filled the breach at short notice. No report next week as its the Champion of champions all week, please support our entrants when you can, it does make a difference. For all Enquiries please contact Chris Dewar on 698 418 987, or visit our website.

try the game….ask at the bar. For further information please contact our Club Captain June Jones – 691 903 773 or Vice-Captain Ian Kenyon – 662 282 103. We look forward to hearing from you.

La Marina Bowls by Chris Bould Monday 08 - 09 - 19 saw the beginning of the Summer Trips. La Marina were at home to San Luis. W2 L2 D1, the points were 7 for and 5 against. Shots were 100 for and 80 against. An excellent result as La Marina got off to quite a poor start but came good. The two winning rinks were Kathy Manning, Roy Hart and John Morgan, 27 - 12;

Maureen and Dave Taylor and Mike Stone, 24 - 12. Reg Jackson, Cliff Rawlinson and Dave Hadaway picked up three on the last end to earn a well deserved draw, 16 - 16. The rink of Barbara Forshaw, Dave McGaw and Maureen Kidd went into the last end 18 - 18, but lost by one shot. All in all not a bad start for La Marina. L M B C wishes all our competitors in the Champion of Champions the best of luck. That’s all folks.



 637 227 385

Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019

EMERALD ISLE BOWLS CLUB Dukes played at San Luis Falcons in VCL and were beaten 4-8 aggregate 88-91. Winners were, P Rhodes 21-20, D Gerrard 21-13 Sat saw the Annual Les Mc Cracken Trophy game played. Thanks to all the visiting clubs for taking part again in this competition. The visitors Cup was won by Quesada and the Emerald Isle rink of C Smyth L Freeman R White M Odell won the Shield. Well done all



Victors travelled to San Miguel Moors and had a good 8-4 aggregate 89-82 win. M Riley S Watson J Mulloy 24-10, G Shoots M Breen P Coffey 2116, C Ayling G Odell M Odell 17-14 Vulcans played at home against Greenlands Gladiators and had a fine 10-2 aggregate 93-68, winners were M Willicott D Leeming J Pooley 2310, C Thomas T Dix P Willicott 25-13, L Freeman B Eldred G Ponsford 17-13, V Cameron H Rhodes P Dix 14-11

It was a pleasure to share the ring with Anthony Joshua Paul Butlin (right) and Anthony Joshua.

turned pro in 2002, aged 26, after 12 amateur bouts. Butlin, a sparring partner for Tyson Fury, ahead of Fury's victory over John McDermott in the 2010 English title fight, is says that Joshua's right hand punch was the best he has ever taken but still got up. Butlin, who had a title fight with Jonathon Banks, on the undercard of the Wladimir Klitschko-Ruslan Chagaev fight in Germany in 2009, watched by 61,000, said: "Anthony Joshua is a nice guy, and we remain friends today." Former Midlands area champion Butlin, who had a total of 41 fights, winning 16, three by KO, losing 24 and drawing one, said: "It was a pleasure to share the ring with Anthony Joshua."

Les McCracken Memorial Trophy. Best visitors winners Jim Donnelly, Steve Hibberd, Dee Stephenson, John Stephenson

VISTABELLA BOWLS CLUB Sponsored by TV Choice, Venture Fleet & Beniconnect. A quieter week with the lead up to the Champion of Champions competition due to begin on Monday 15th, we wish all our representative good luck, please go along and support your friends. SAL SPITFIRE League Fairways started their campaign this week with two games, the first was at home against Quesada Blenheims where they kicked off with very good result. Our winning which was due to the opposition failing to field a full side, the others wins were from the teams of Alan Whitley, Barry Norris & Maggie Furness 19-10. Del Gunning, Neil Burrows & Martin Foulcer 18-10 and Lynne Bishop, StJohn Broadhurst & Eric Bishop 15-13. Shots, VB 75(10) - 57(2) Q Later in the week the Fairways played a rearranged home match against San Luis


Wellingtons, the game was very even on most rinks but we only finished with two wins, they were from the teams of Lynne Bishop, Peter Rees & Eric Bishop 18-16 and Lin Watkins, Charlie Watkins & Maggie Furness16-14. Shots, VB 68(4) - 87(8) SL. HARRIER League Greeners played the Hornets at La Siesta and enjoyed another great result, four wins from the teams of Olwyn Ratcliffe, Stuart Allman & Brian Dunn 32-5. Steve Wilson, Sue Jenkins & Sue Wilson 23-14. Stan Dibble, Bert Ewart & Pat Rafferty 20-18. Rosemarie Savage, Ken Savage & Avril Kendal 21-19. Shots, VB 113(10) -73(2) LS. The concluding games in the Vistabella Open was unfortunately rained off. The match Secretary agreed a monetary settlement with all the teams. Thank you Arthur & Barbara for your hard work.

Carp R Us Angling Club Carp-R-Us fished Round Eight of their Spring Series was fished on the canal at the rear of Marjal Camping, Guardamar (usually lovingly referred to as Nancys). On its day this water can produce some decent weights and biggish fish, today was not its day and the disappointing year, from a fishing point of view, continues. First with 2.40kg was Roy Buttress, second with 1.65kg was Alan Priest, third was Dave Sutton (0.75kg) and joint fourth were Jeremy Fardoe and Richard Crawshaw with 0.40kg. Further information about the club can be found on its website www.carp-r-us.weebly.comor on our Facebook page Carp-R-Us Fishing Costa Blanca.

Former professional boxer Paul Butlin and his parents Barry and Elaine from Los Montesinos, Alicante, talk Exclusively to Andrew Atkinson about his fight with current world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua in 2013. PAUL Butlin faced 2012 Olympic Games Gold medalist Anthony Joshua OBE six years ago, in what was AJ's second pro' fight. "I'd planned to box non-stop aggression," said veteran heavyweight Paul, 43, who proved to be a sterner test than Joshua's first professional opponent - Italian Emanuele Leo - who he dispatched in two minutes 47 seconds. Experienced fighter Butlin, 6' 3", who retired in June 2016, who had won 14 of 33 bouts going into the Joshua fight, had channelled his plan into unsettling the quicker and technically superior Joshua, with raw aggression and physicality. The referee stopped the Butlin-Joshua contest 50 seconds into round two: "The plan was to be aggressive from round one.

Paul's mother Elaine, said: "I don't think you realise how famous Anthony Joshua is. When Paul went into the ring with him Joshua was up and coming. "But Paul said after the fight that Joshua would go on to become world champion." Elaine, who was at ringside in many of Paul's fights along with his father Barry, said: "Being at ringside was amazing. I was terrible, almost up there in the ring!" Paul Butlin is featured in Anthony Joshua's book. And his parents are proud of son Paul, who has visited them in Los Montesinos: "We are proud of his achievements in boxing. He has been in the ring with some top boxers," said Barry. "I wish Paul had got Anthony Joshua to sign his gloves!," quipped Barry. Elaine added: "Paul had no fear when he entered the ring - he was amazing - and we are very proud of him."

"I knew if I didn't, he'd stop me," said Butlin, who was 37 at the time, against a 24 year old Joshua. Butlin rose back onto his feet - but with a cut below his left eye and a badly swollen face - the referee stepped-in to stop the fight. Joshua, who was 13 years' younger than seasoned stalwart Butlin, has gone on to become the unified world heavyweight champion, having won 22 pro' fights, 21 by KO. Oakham born Butlin, who started boxing aged 24,

Barry and Elaine Butlin at home in Los Montesinos. Photo: Helen Atkinson.


Club25Serena Golf Society A society within a club Club25Serena is a golf society based at La Serena Golf Course at Torre Pacheco for more than 10 years. Club25Serena is all about friendship through golf, offering competitive golf, combined with a warm and friendly atmosphere, playing on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, throughout the whole year . We play a Club Championship, Monthly Medals and Stablefords under the auspices of the Spanish Federation and more informal rounds of Texas Scramble and Fiddle, to mention but a few. Society members, all of whom are members of La Serena Golf Course, have a variety of handicaps ranging from single figures to 36. Away Days (3 or 4 each year) and golf weekends (2 each year) are always popular, introducing members to different golf courses around the Costa Calida and further afield. Our members try to play good golf but try harder to make good friends!! Captain for 2019-2020 is Alan Boggess who looks forward to maintaining the traditions of the Society which includes an annual donation to a local charity or cause. Last year, under the Captaincy of Ken Sharp, Club25Serena Society raised a total of €200 which was donated to a local teenager, Millie Grundy, to support the medical and follow-up costs following a life-changing back operation to correct an extreme spine curvature. Captain Boggess recently presented the donation, on behalf of Club25Serena, to Millie’s mother who expressed her sincere thanks to all Society members. Club25Serena welcomes all golfers of all nationalities and abilities interested in joining or want to find out more? Email, or check out the Club25Serena web page

Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019

Mike ProBert talks golf We at THE LEADER are committed to providing to our golfing readers affordable golf without the need to join a club or apply for a card but simply contact the number below to have instant access to discounted golf prices, many of which are exclusive to us. The deals shown in the table are some of the best currently available to you until 31 May. Charity Golf Day for Help Vega Baja On Thursday 20th June 2019 Help Vega Baja are holding a charity golf day at Vistabella with all proceeds going to ALPE with is the local centre for disabled children and adults in Torrevieja so is a worthwhile cause. The main sponsor for the event is Sapphire Properties although a host of local business have pledged their sponsorship for the event. The event will be a 4 person team stableford with the best two scores to count on each hole and playing off full handicaps. The cost per player is €55 and includes golf,shared buggy and charitable donation and there will be a raffle on the day. Individual players can enter and will paired with other players to constitute a team. This will be a shotgun start at 8.15am and there will be a number of prizes for the day. If you wish to enter this event please contact the events co-ordinator Brian Davis on or call the Help Vega Baja office on 966 72 3733 Golf Course Alenda Alicante Altorreal Bonalba Don Cayo (Altea) El Plantio Font Del Llop La Finca La Marquesa La Serena Las Colinas

Price €146 €154 €120 €130 €114 €112 €134 €176 €47 €52 €99

Comments Two Players and Buggy Two Players and Buggy Two Players and Buggy Two Players and Buggy Two Players and Buggy Two Players and Buggy from12pm. Two Players and Buggy Two Players and Buggy Sgle Green Fee from 2pm Single Green Fee Single Green Fee

Greenlands 1st Spring Golf Cup

Greenlands Adventure Golf's Enrique Moya, Justo Roch, writer Andrew Atkinson, and Pedro Garrido. second group at 12.30pm. By Andrew Atkinson Enrique Moya, co-owner of Greenlands Adventure "Entries have come in from across the Costa Golf Sports Complex in Los Montesinos, Alicante, Blanca. With Scandinavia nationals well presentis all set for the 1st Spring Golf Cup on April 25. ed," said Enrique. "We are going to celebrate the first 18 hole adven"Along with players from Scandinavia, there are ture golf tournament participants from Iceland, Finland, England and The Spring Cup - which we plan to be an annual Spain," said Enrique. event," Enrique told me. "The 1st Spring Cup is open to all nations," said Greenlands Adventure Golf Sports Complex is the Enrique. biggest 18 holes mini golf in Europe, that has been The 1st Spring Cup entry fee of 15 euros includes carefully designed, nestled amongst palm trees, a BBQ after the tournament, along with chicken bushes, waterfalls, rivers and rocks. paella and vegetables being served. "The 1st Spring Cup will hopefully be followed by "There are prizes for the top 3 participants in each Summer Cup and Winter Cup events, that is what of the mens and ladies categories," said Enrique. we are aiming for," said Enrique. Prize category: 1st place: Pro-Tekt putter + Bono "To establish annual golf events at Greenlands," of 10 Minigolf games + Bottle of Cava (value said Enrique, 25, co-owner of Greenlands with 160€). 2nd place: Bono of 10 Minigolf games + Mario Revuelta and Pedro Garrido. Bottle of Cava (value 130€). "Substantial work has been undertaken at 3rd place: Callaway cap + one round of Play & Greenlands since June 2018, with collaboration Eat in the Adventure Golf + Bottle of Cava (value and design-improvised ideas making it real," said 60€). Enrique. The last day of subscriptions to participate in the The 1st Spring Golf Cup on Thursday April 25 1st Spring Cup is April 23. Contact: 673 434 443. will start with the first group of 90 players at 10am, with a Shot Gun Tee Start, followed by a


 637 227 385


(in assN with Costa Blanca Green Fee s vcs) Las Ramblas Lo Romero New Sierra Golf Roda Villamartin Villaitana Poniente Vistabella

€124 €168 €82 €150 €142 €66 €122

Two Players and Buggy Two and Buggy (B4 10 or after 12) Two Green Fees and Buggy Two Players and Buggy Two Players and Buggy Single Green Fee and Buggy Two Players and Buggy

For Bookings and info Mike at quoting the reference LEADER or on 966 704 752 or 661 345 931



 637 227 385

Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019



Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019



Good fun night. MOTM: John (Trinity Rioja Panthers), Cheryl (Hub Hellraisers)

Thursday 11 April - 2nd Half Results Week 5 Division 1 El Capitan 9-3 Las Rosas Bullies Fire Station BW 6-6 The Jaguars Hub Hyenas 10-2 Trinity Rioja Pirates The Jackals 5-7 The Ale House Division 2 Angels Arrows NR Pint Depot Queens Chemies Chicks 4-8 Chemies Loungers Trinity Rioja Panthers 9-3 Hub Hellraisers Pint Depot Jesters 8-4 Peta’s Bar

The Jackals v Ale House MOTM: Hugh Galloway (Jackals) 180, Mark Ellis (Ale House) 180 El Capitan v Las Rosas Bullies MOTM: Nigel Justice (El Capitan) 180, Adrian Buitekaht (Las Rosas Bullies)

Division 1 Hub Hyenas El Capitan The Jackals The Ale House Fire Station BW Las Rosas Bullies Trinity Rioja Pirates The Jaguars

P 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

W 5 4 3 3 2 1 1 0

D 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1

L 0 1 3 2 2 4 4 4

F 44 45 32 31 28 24 21 15

A 16 15 28 29 32 36 39 45

+/- Pts 28 10 30 8 4 6 2 6 -4 5 -12 2 -18 2 -30 1

Division 2 Chemies Loungers Angels Arrows Pint Depot Jesters Trinity Rioja Panthers Peta’s Bar Chemies Chicks Pint Depot Queens Hub Hellraisers

P 5 4 5 5 5 5 4 5

W 5 4 4 2 2 2 0 0

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

L 0 0 1 3 3 3 4 5

F 46 40 39 30 28 23 11 11

A 14 8 21 30 32 37 37 49

+/- Pts 32 10 32 8 18 8 0 4 -4 4 -14 4 -26 0 -38 0

Tuesday/Martes 09 Apr 2019. Week / Semana 13 El Balcon Chicas Wildcats at Macklins Black Dog Ladies Friendly's Temps

6-3 6-3 1-8 6-3

Friendly's Chicas Primadonnas Gaps Ladies Macklins Dolly Mixtures

League Table Gap Ladies El Balcon Chicas Macklins Dolly Mixtures Black Dog Ladies Friendly Chicas Friendly's Temps Primadonnas Wildcats at Macklins

P 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13

W 11 10 6 6 5 5 5 4

Pts. 35 33 25 25 23 23 23 21

Hot Darts: Bliss wright 160, Lorraine McGrath, Annette Dobson 140, Lorraine McGrath 135, Sharon O'Rourke 134, Anita Morfee, Eileen Rood 133, Pat Woods 132, Shirley Stephenson 131, Mitch Halliday 125, Simone de Lacy 123, Sue Cam 121, Jane Barnes 119, Simone de Lacy, Chris Greenwood, Sue Casey 117, Pat Schofield, Eileen Rood, Linda St Lawrence 115, Marylin Jackson 110, Pat Schofield ,Jane Barnes, Brender Harper 101, Bliss wright 4 x 100, Mitch Halliday, Sharon O'Rourke, Lilian Thomason, Pat Woods 100 180’s and 171’s: Pamela Taylor, Bliss Wrigh 180, Simone de Lacy, Shirley Stephenson, Sue Casey 171. Least Darts: Sue Casey 21, Cynthia Jevons, Pamela Taylor, Bliss Wright 22. Highest Checkouts: Kim Fickling 107, Anita Morfee 105, Lin Cousins 104, Chris Greenwood 85 (9/4), Ellie Attwood 80 (9/4). Bull Finish Kim Fickling, Beaty Powell, Cynthia Jevons, Pat Woods, Annette Dobson x 2 (9/4), Mitch Halliday, Chris Greenwood (9/4) Ladies Singles Competition: Tuesday 23rd April, New Tavern, San Miguel - Captains, entries were requested by 9th April, if you are not entering anyone, please could you confirm this to the committee. The draw will be done prior to the competition and will be revealed on the night. Registration will be from 19:30-19:45 and captains to collect all player fees and register them when called.


Adam and Lucy swam for Torrevieja for many years

Adam Stewart, Down syndrome swimmer, was recently selected to swim open water for the Special Olympics for his new home, Gibraltar. Adam was one of 19 athletes selected to compete in Abu Dhabi/ Dubai Special Olympics in March. He had been training in the cold waters around Gibraltar for months. His race was on the morning of the 16th and he won a gold medal with his unified partner, the first for Gibraltar, which inspired his team mates, who amassed 19 gold, silver and bronze medals between them, along with several 4th, 5th and 6th place ribbons. Competing in the Special Olympics and winning gold has been a lifelong ambition since he was 17 years old said Adam. Two weeks later, with his sister Lucy, the pair were competing in the Down Syndrome Open European Championships in Southampton with 200 swimmers from 8 different countries, Estonia, Sweden, USA, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Gibraltar. Adam easily adapted from open water to pool and won 3 golds, 1500, 800,100 meters, knocking 13 secs off his time in the 100 free, 2 silver,1 bronze and 3 ribbons, a great achievement. Lucy competed in 5 races winning 2 silver, 1 bronze and 2 ribbons. Adam and Lucy would like to thank GASA and their coaches in the pool and open water for preparing them for both competition, jobs well done. Both would also like to say thank you to all who supported them for many years on the Orihuela Costa.

Trinity Rioja Panthers v Hub Hellraisers A fun game was had by all, lots of laughter and banter, Cheryl for hellraisers got man of the match for winning her game and getting the highest score for her team 117. Panthers played well with lots of high scoring from John and Michelle, who had the highest score for Panthers 127, Allen, John, Pauline and Susie finished with good doubles, just beating the hellraisers, Gill, Lesley, Cheryl pulled the game back at the end for the hellraisers.

Torrevieja Ladies Darts Org

 637 227 385

Adam Stewart strikes gold swimming for Gibraltar

By Tracey


L 2 3 7 7 8 8 8 9


Cadena Sunrise Bowling 10 April - Week 28 999's Strike Force The Bandits Alley Cats Spare Bears The Spares

4 2 6 6 2 8


4 6 2 2 6 0

Top Performers Ladies High Game High Game Hcap High Series High Series Hcap Men High Game High Game Hcap High Series High Series Hcap Team Sol Amigos S***T Happens Strike Force Alley Gators Spare Bears Alley Cats The Spares Pin Pals Sunrise Colegias Pin Pushers 999's The Bandits

P W D 84 66 0 84 65 0 84 64 1 84 60 1 84 59 0 84 59 0 84 54 2 84 53 1 84 53 0 84 52 0 84 44 1 84 40 0

Pin Pals Alley Gators S***T Happens Sunrise Colegias Sol Amigos Pin Pushers

Sue Kenyon Sue Kenyon Lynne Ailsby Eunice Letts Paul Kundiss Paul Kundiss Gaz Bowden Graham Dunnett L 46 47 47 51 53 53 56 58 59 60 67 72

Tot 46609 46886 45965 45408 45859 45667 45120 45640 45784 45469 44847 44632

Ave 554 558 547 540 545 543 537 543 545 541 533 531

202 240 535 592 208 227 528 639 Pts 132 130 129 121 118 118 110 107 106 104 89 80

Las Ramblas Golf Society 95 points was the winning score for John and Ellen Drakesmith, Geoff Biggerstaff and Hendrick Oldenziel in Monday’s ‘Waltzer 1-2-3’. Whilst just short of the record (which stands at 98 points), Ellen in particular had a tremendous game managing to contribute 16 of those points over just four holes. Geoff also had a ‘4 pointer’ when he parred the most difficult hole on the course (the 17th). Well done to you all! Wednesday was round four (of six) of our Club Championship ‘Eclectic Joker Stableford’. Mike Frankish made a long awaited return to the leader board, winning with 42 points. The bridesmaid again however, was Joyce McClusky with 39, just beating Benedicte Kruse on countback. Four ‘2’s today, Nora Betts, Heinz Lei, Lindsay Forbes and Alan Douglas. After a very enjoyable lunch at El Prado in San Miguel on Thursday (where I failed miserably to read out the raffle numbers in Spanish) we moved onto Friday’s ‘change partners’. With 82 points our winners were Olga Douglas, Nora Betts (yes I know!), Nigel Price and Bryan Neal. Runners up with 76 points were Terry Field, Trevor Pulleyblank and Ken & Liz Robertson. Por ultimo, this week’s quote is attributed to A.A Milne who once said ‘Golf is so popular simply because it is the best game in the world at which to be bad’. Pues, hasta la semana que viene, Peter Reffell



 637 227 385

Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019

Magnificent 7 as “Molly the Dolly leads the way “Molly The Dolly” leads way as Leader forecasts 9,172/1 'Magnificent 7' THE Costa Blanca and Costa Calida Leader hit the bookies again on Saturday with a 9,172 accumulator - following seven winning selections. Molly The Dolly (5-1), Wazowski (11-2), King's Advice (6-5), Leodis Dream (3-1), Raise You (1011), Another Reason (5-2) and Emirates Empire (31) returned Leader punters a 'Magnificent 7' accumulator! The Leader 'Spring Double' big race winning tips, Auxerre in the 2019 Flat season big race opener The Lincoln, and Tiger Roll's 2019 Aintree Grand National success followed winning tip Altior in the Queen Mother Champion Chase at Cheltenham one of 11 winning selections at the Festival in March. First Flight was a huge 25-1 winning Leader selection for trainer Ben Case during the 2018-19 campaign. Takingrisks gained a 25-1 shock win in the 162nd running of the Scottish Grand National at Ayr on Saturday under jockey Sean Quinlan, the Nicky Richards trained horse winning by 3 lengths, ahead of Crosspark, with Cloth Cap and Blue Flight placed. "He's been a grand horse, very honest. We've had a great year - and Takingrisks will go and enjoy him-

self on a grass field for the summer," said Richards. "It's great to win famous old races. It worked like clockwork and was a treat. Sean gave him a great ride," said Richards. "Takingrisks travelled superbly and jumped well. Going across the winning line I filled up - it was emotional," said Quinlan. "It was an unbelievable feeling. To get a chance to ride in the Scottish National - you get so much joy to ride in such a race," said Quinlan. "I was quite surprised how well he travelled - as at one stage I nearly fell off!," said Quinlan. Top NH trainer Jonjo O'Neill celebrated his birthday on Saturday at Bangor, thanks to his son, Jonjo jnr, winning on the Trevor Hemmings owned Orrisdale. "I needed that for my birthday! Orrisdale is

a grand horse and one that is pinpointed for chasing next season," said O'Neill snr. Leader selections for Friday April 19 at Lingfield: Betway Stakes: Amade (2.00), Ladbrokes Champions Stakes: Move Swiftly (2.30), Sprint Stakes: Kachy (3.05), Ladbrokes Conditions Stakes: Red Impression (3.40), Mile Championship Conditions Stakes: Matterhorn (4.10) Easter Classic Championship: Wissahickon. *The Costa Blanca and Costa Calida's 'Voice of the Turf' Andrew Atkinson's weekly Saturday racing column live Online every Friday at with news, interviews and tips. Make sure you're on the Winning team. ONLY IN THE LEADER!

The Leader hit the bookies again with a 9,172/1 'Magnificent 7'

Jekyll and Hyde Torry urgently need stability CD Uni Alicante.........3 CD Torrevieja.............0

Just when you thought Torry had found an answer to their goal drought, they put in possibly their worst performance of the season. Rewind 7 days, to when Torry slammed 4 goals past Callosa, at the same time as Alicante University were getting stuffed 6-0 at Independent Alicante. Conceding 2 late goals against Callosa did appear to have a knock on effect, for against a determined University side, Torry were never at the races. To make matters worse, next up for Torry are Independent Alicante! So with now

Members of the Torry Army who turn up week after week

only 3 matches remaining, Torry have still not made headway in overtaking Benidorm, who currently occupy the slot just above the relegation zone. Yet again, more new signings made debuts for a team, which is now full of strangers! Columbian Perlaza started his first ever match in Spain, whilst fellow newbies Jumu, and Papa both made appearance off the bench. Is it any wonder that not only was the distribution diabolical, defending naive, but also a severe lack of fire power, when the team has been changed more times than Mrs May´s declarations on Brexit. Rumours persist that an amalgamation between CD and CF

Torrevieja is on the cards for next season, the newly formed club allegedly returning to their sacred home of Vicente Garcia stadium. Whether this be the case or not, there is still a small matter of avoiding relegation to lower league (park) football. A small loyal band of Torry Army fans arrived at the University sports complex, full of hope that the long long wait for that elusive win was about to end. It didn´t take long for reality to set in, for on 12 minutes Torry´s diminutive keeper Armando did well to push a Fredi goal bound shot onto the bar, then over for a corner. A well struck corner found Luis unmarked at the near post, his firmly placed header gave Armando no chance. Torry´s best opportunity of the 1st half (if not the whole match) arrived via a cross cum shot by Thales, which went begging, but alas found no takers. Shortly afterwards, Benja hit the frame of Torry´s goal, then on the half hour mark, a linesmans flag ruled out University going further ahead. From there on the 1st half became scrappy, with neither goalies being called upon to earn their keep. Luis forced a fine save from Armando, as the hosts showed clear intentions of recording a double over Torry. Young Armando came to his teams rescue once again on 59 mins, this

time turning over a fierce drive from Benji. A clear cut penalty for University arrived on 68 mins. Matias mistimed his tackle on Benja, giving Fredi the opportunity to make it 2-0, from which he sent Armando the wrong way. Fredi should have scored again 5 minutes later, but he shot wide of an unguarded far post from 10 yards. He didn´t have to wait long to record a brace, for on 77 mins, the striker blasted a free kick from the edge of the box, around a badly placed wall. Substitute Pablo hit the bar twice in the dying minutes, as University made light work of dispatching a very poor Torry side. As it´s Santa semana next weekend, there´s no preferente league football. Torry are next in action on either 27 or 28 April when 4th in the table Independiente Alicante are in town. Check press for venue, timings and other details.



Torrellano and Murada in race for Regional title BY ANDREW ATKINSON AC Torrellano jumped to the top of the Valencia 1st Regional Group 8 - ahead of CD Murada - following a 3-0 away win at Callosa Deportivo in the race for the title with two games to play in the 2018-19 season. CD Murada and San Fulgencio shared the points in a 2-2 draw, keeping the championship title race open, with just a point separating Torrellano and Murada. At the bottom of the table the battle against relegation intensifies - with Callosa Deportivo B, Betis Florida, Rafal, Delores and CD Montesinos in the mix. Monforte are relegated after suffering a heavy 7-2 away defeat at Monovar. Los Montesinos based CD Montesinos, in their second season in the 1st Regional, face CD Murada on April 28, ahead of their final game of the campaign in May, against Callosa Deportivo B in what's set to be a nail-biting finale to the season. Racing San Miguel's title hopes ended after a 1-1 draw against Atletico Catral. CD Altet gained a 2-0 win against Bahia Santa Pola to move into the top 10. CD Dolores gained a 3-2 away win at Betis Florida to move out of the relegation zone. Santa Pola CF defeated Hondon Nieves to keep alive promotion chances, with Hondon's hopes of promotion petering out.

La MangaTorre CC reach International Semi-Finals BY ANDREW ATKINSON LaMangaTorre CC reached the semifinals of the Spanish International Cricket tournament against Goatacers (England) with CDP (England) meeting Pinatar on Sunday. LMTCC and Stockholm played in the group stage for a place in the semifinals: "It was a great performance all round," LaMangaTorre CC captain Kieran Wood told me. LMTCC were put in to bat with great knocks from J. Brook (65), C. Rumi (30) and C. Hunt (44*) chalking up 173-3 against the Swedish team on their way to victory. S. Khan took three wickets, with wickets for R. Maini (2), A. Court, T. Rumi and K. Wood, claiming a wicket, run-out. CDP qualified to reach the semi-finals after winning their two games. Stockholm defeated Madrid to reach the semis, the Swedish tourists claiming victory from the Spanish tournament hosts. London Shooters (Eng) meet Stockholm (Sweden) for 5th/6th place in the tournament and Madrid play Alliance (Eng) for 7th/8th place. Reports on the semi-finals and final games of the Spanish International Cricket tournament will be in the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida Leader Online at



 637 227 385

Monday 15th - Sunday 21st April, 2019

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The Costa Blanca and Costa Calida Leader Edition 761  

Leading this week with details of bathing and lifeguard services available on the Costa over the Easter holiday period. Inside we feature t...

The Costa Blanca and Costa Calida Leader Edition 761  

Leading this week with details of bathing and lifeguard services available on the Costa over the Easter holiday period. Inside we feature t...