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Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019

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welve days and twelve nights, almost without a rest, hundreds of volunteers, friends, neighbours, local residents, many

of them ex pats, have continued to join with officers from the Civil Guard, the Local Police and Civil Protection, in the search for 20 year old Henry, who disappeared from home on New Year’s Day. They have spent hours searching through gulleys and

ravines, open fields, coves and any other corner of the Oriolan coast where he could be hidden. However, following a siting at Smiling Jacks in Cabo Roig the search has now also been extended to the neighbouring towns of Torrevieja and Pilar de la Horadada as efforts con-

tinue to find the young man. His family has confirmed that he was seen on a security video recorded at 23.42 hours on January 1, outside the popular Irish bar, the last clue that there is of his whereabouts. Continued on Page 2


Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019 Continued from Page One


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Henry’s mother runs a hairdressing salon in Orihuela Costa. Henry's brother, Andrés, has said that his mother "is devastated," as is their 6-yearold sister, "who spends every day asking when Henry will come home." “As the search continues it is becoming increasingly desperate that we find him. We miss him very much, and neither do we believe that he left voluntarily," says Andres, “after a friend reported that he saw him on 27 December in Los Balcones, an area that he knows extremely well, in a thoroughly confused state, so we now fear that he may have a psychological or memory problem”.

between 8.30 and 9.30 am, from 1 to 2 pm or from 5 to 6 pm. More information regarding the searches can be found on the dedicatet Facebook page, ‘Plataforma de Familia y Amigos de Henry Alejandro Jiménez Marín’ where, on Saturday morning a post from his family was left saying “There are moments when we close our eyes, to embrace what we love the most, and we never want to let them go ... We will never stop looking for you.” Anyone who has seen Henry in the period since New Year’s morning, or who might have any information of his whereabouts, is asked to call the emergency services on 062 or 112.

Police sources say that although they are becoming increasingly concerned for his safety, the search continues, with groups still being organised three times a day from the Orihuela Costa Town Hall, each for a period of approximately three hours. So if you can spare a morning or an afternoon please join with The last known siting of Henry in Cabo Roig. Front page image the other volunteers at Abbey Tavern Football team join in the appeal - Facebook the Ayuntamiento

Costa Coffee will move from San Javier


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 637 227 385

Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019

' M editerranean bicycle corridor' e xtends into the Veg a B aja S

parkling emerald seas, kilometres of golden sand, mysterious islands, wonderful food, ancient cities…it’s not hard to find convincing reasons to travel along the Mediterranean! And what better way to do it then by bike along the roughly 5,900 km long Mediterranean Route? Admire for instance Granada’s Alhambra or Gaudi’s mind blowing architecture in Barcelona, feel the romance of Venice’s canals and Dubrovnik’s old town or pull your bike up alongside an inviting beach and just relax. EuroVelo 8 connects many destinations that are popular tourist attractions in their own right: Barcelona, Monaco, Venice, the Croatian Coast, Cyprus – the list goes on. It is little surprise therefore that the Mediterranean Route receives more interest than any other EuroVelo route. And whilst many of it’s destinations are already internationally famous, there are still lots of undiscovered gems to be found along the way, not least in Albania and Montenegro. And now the Province of Alicante is about to be added to the route. The announcement was made by the Director General of Public Works, Transport and Mobility, Carlos Domingo, who said that stage nine will link Elx and Santa Pola, San Fulgencio, Guardamar del Segura, Rojales, Formentera del Segura, Benijófar, Almoradí, Algorfa, Benejúzar, Jacarilla and Orihuela. Domingo said that it provides "an opportunity for the municipalities to focus on a different sort of tourism that will make a refreshing addition in this part of the country, and where cyclists can be offered more than 10,000 hotel beds in an area that will provide a "representative sample of the diverse cultural landscape of the Valencian

Community" He spoke of the many places of interest through which the route will travel in the province of Alicante such as the Solana of Benicadell, the lagoon of Gaianes, the natural parks of the Serra de Mariola, the salt flats of Santa Pola and the Font Roja, as well as the dunes of Guardamar and the historic centre of Orihuela. In the Comunitat Valenciana, the route that has been agreed with the different administrations and that has now been sent to Eurovelo experts for analysis, will cover more than 500 kilometres and will cross 78 municipalities, some declared of Historical interest, as well as four natural parks that already provide an important attraction to 2.4 million inhabitants before the inclusion of tourists and visitors. Eurovelo aims to form a single transnational cyclist network in Europe. Currently, it already has more than 45,000 kilometres of road and track throughout Europe and, once completed, it will exceed 70,000 km in length. The route that runs through the Comunitat Valenciana is the EV8Route which is about 6,000 kilometres long and crosses 11 countries of the Mediterranean basin and its various regions.



Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019


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M AT T E R S ORIHUELA COSTA - Your Right to Vote in Municipal Elections

Municipal and European Parliament elections are due to be held on 26 May 2019.

WHO WILL BE ABLE TO VOTE? In addition to adult Spaniards, citizens from the following countries will be able to vote: European Union member States, Bolivia, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Korea, Ecuador, Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru and Trinidad and Tobago, as well as from other countries setting up agreements in the future and who are resident in Spain and who are aged 18 or over on that day. To exercise your right to vote it is essential that you are registered on the Electoral Roll [Censo Electoral].

NATIONALS FROM EUROPEAN UNION COUNTRIES European citizens must first of all state their intention to vote in order to exercise that right. 1. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY STATED YOUR INTENTION TO VOTE IN PREVIOUS MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS and you are still registered as a resident [empadronado] in your town, you do NOT need to do anything, as you will still be on the Electoral Roll. However, to be absolutely sure, it would be wise to visit the Town Hall to confirm your status. This can be done fom Monday 14th to Friday 18th January as above. Simply ask at the front desk for Fermin between 8.30 and 2pm, who will help you to confirm your registration. 2. IF YOU ARE REGISTERED AS A RESIDENT BUT YOU HAVE NOT PREVIOUSLY STATED YOUR INTENTION TO VOTE, you will have to make a formal statement of your intent to exercise your right to vote by going to the Town Hall where you are registered.

NATIONALS FROM NON EUROPEAN UNION COUNTRIES If you are a resident from a Non EU country the deadline by which the necessary procedures must be completed is Tuesday 15 January. Provision to do so is available in the Orihuela Costa Town Hall on both of these days, 14 and 15 January. Simply ask at the main desk between 8.30 and 2pm for Fermin who will answer your queries and help you with your registration.

Although you have until 30 January 2019 to complete the procedure you can do so, as above, from Monday 14th to Friday 18th January by asking at the front desk for Fermin who will help you to confirm your registration. The Electoral Roll Office [Oficina del Censo Electoral] has posted a letter to all of those people who have not stated their intention to vote and who have registered as residents after September 2013. If you have received this letter you can complete the formal statement in the letter and send it to the provincial branch of the Electoral Roll Office [Delegación Provincial de la Oficina de Censo Electoral]. Or, if you have a Foreign National’s Identification Number (NIE), along with your letter you will have received an online procedure password [Claves de Tramitación Telemática (CTT)] which you can use to make your statement of intent via the

internet, by accessing the National Statistics Institute [Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE)] electronic office: Referencia de hipervínculo no válida. UNIDAD DE CIUDADANOS EXTRANJEROS CIUDADANOS EXTRANJEROS]. Foreign Nationals' Unit [Unidad de Ciudadanos Extranjeros]. Avda. Federico Soto 4, entlo. 03001. Alicante. Tel: 965.10.73.91 Email:

DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN ALSO VOTE BY POST Those who are correctly registered and who wish to vote by post can do so although specific dates have not yet been published. The procedure, however, is quite simple and would seem to be ideal for those of you who will not be able to vote in person on 26th May. Once the dates are confirmed you can request a form at the post office, which will enable you to vote by mail. (No dates have been published for this system as yet) Go to your local post office with your passport and NIE. Request to vote by mail. Once you have made the request you will receive the documentation to vote by certified mail. Complete the form and send by post to the specified address.

THE DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN CITIZENS at Diputación de Alicante has also produced a simple video which explains the procedure for foreign citizens, both from EU and non-EU countries, of the requirements and procedures to be able to vote in the next municipal elections. See the video at:



 637 227 385

Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019



Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019


 637 227 385



HE MUSIC ACADEMY IN LOS MONTESINOS is the venue with performances scheduled for the evenings of 17 and 18th January at 7.30 and a Matinee on Saturday 19th. Tickets are only 7€ adults and 5€ children and can be reserved for sale on the night by ringing the ticket hotline on 678 212034 or emailing

Pediatricians fear a rise in cases in the coming days due to the sudden drop in temperatures.

Tickets are also on sale at Card Place Benimar, Post Box Dona Pepa, Post Room Benijofar, Quentines, Algorfa, Redz Quesada, Cards and More La Marina, Chinmes Bar and Food and Ddrink Stores Los Montesinos and Bargain Books in San Miguel. Audience participation is compulsory...... OH YES IT IS to make this a truly MAGICAL Pantomime.¨


he Spanish Society of Pneumology warns that children's schools are frequent sites of infection during the autumn and winter months and recommend that children are not taken to them if they have colds Pulmonologists also advise that the age at which the children start nurseries is increased in order that children are not infected with the bronchiolitis virus, especially in autumn and winter. This is one of the recommendations made by the Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (Separ) to deal with the virus that is currently affecting a high number of children under the age of two and is responsible for numerous hospital admissions. They say that in recent days up to fifty children have had to be admitted to the different public hospitals in the province, five of them are currently in Intensive Care Units. Separ imply that nurseries are a frequent site of infection and although they recognise that parents have to go to work they say that they should not take their children to the daycare centres if they have a cold otherwise they could be responsible in starting a chain of infections . The peak of this disease usually occurs between October and January and although the situation in local hospitals is a little better than days ago, the province of Alicante is in a critical situation with regard to incidences of bronchiolitis this week, since the flu is at very low levels. However, pediatricians fear a rise in cases in the coming days due to

Children with infections should be kept at home the sudden drop in temperatures. The disease is especially affecting babies under six months, as a result of which there is an increase in hospital admissions, more than other years. The Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery has published advice coinciding with the peak of the disease. In addition to keeping children out of nurseries, they also advise people with a cold not to approach a baby although if an approach cannot be avoided, always wash your hands or put on a mask. Bronchiolitis is a disease caused by a virus , which causes inflammation affecting the entire respiratory system. The main symptoms are that the child has difficulty breathing and coughing and cannot each because he is exhausted. Over 20% of all consultations in health centres at this time are for symptoms of bronchiolitis. However, In most cases it is a disease that pediatricians can deal with. It is only advisable to go to the emergency centres of the hospitals if the child has difficulty breathing. Faced with this condition there is no specific medication and the infection cannot be treated with antibiotics.



 637 227 385

Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019



Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019

LOCAL POLITICS Fighting for your rights on the Orihuela Costa SOFÍA ÁLVAREZ has been the Orihuela councillor for Tourism and International residents for 4 years. She is also a senior member of the Partido Popular and as recently as last Saturday she attended a meeting with Pablo Casado, the man who is likely to be Spain’s next Prime Minister. Based on the Orihuela Costa, in the playa Flamenca Town Hall, Sofia has spent her entire term of office working tirelessly in support of the Orihuela Costa, ‘championing’ the rights of Foreign Residents, helping them to integrate themselves and their families into the local community, and with the municipality comprising of residents from over 100 different nations, the task has never been greater as she attempts to encourage them into embracing the new ways of life and culture of living here in Spain. “Learning the language opens the door to Spanish society. It is also important that foreign nationals know their rights and their obligations, comply with local laws and understand the fundamental values of Spanish society,” she said. And one such area on which she has spent a good deal of her time recently, informing, debating and attempting to convince her constituents of the importance, is that of registering on the Padron, the ‘certificado de empadronamiento’. “It is not a form of ID, neither is it Spanish Residence. It is simply a


 637 227 385


“It is also important that foreign nationals know their rights as well as their obligations.”

Sofia (right) with the Councillor for Health, Noelia Grao

census that enables the authorities to calculate how many public services (health, police, schools, administration, etc.) that each area needs. The more people registered, the more services an area receives, thereby enabling the town hall to assess the number of dwellers in the area and therefore bid for grants and funding to maintain and improve the infrastructure.” Sofia also explains that it is obligatory for anyone staying in Spain for more than six months to obtain a Padron. Currently she is very active in ensuring that all international residents are properly registered to vote in the upcoming Municipal elections.

the UK after March.”

“The more people that vote the stronger we will become as a municipality, one in which the Partido Popular will continue to fight for the rights of international residents, in particular for access to healthcare and education.” We will also continue to promote social integration and the rights of British residents in Spain, as well, of course, as Spanish residents in

She explains, however, that if people wish the voice of international residents in the area to be heard, it is essential that they are correctly registered to vote, that their padron is up to date and that they support her and the Partido Popular, as she works daily to further improve the conditions for the Foreign community, facilities, business, activities and employment throughout the Orihuela Costa.

Scandinavian forum seeks a voice for the coast

AE ORIHUELA COSTA in support of the Orihuela Town hall held an informative meeting for Scandinavian residents on Friday campaign, in order that they be better informed of their rights to vote in the upcoming local and EU elections, and better understand the procedures involved. Christina Berardi, Scandinavian Coordinator AE Orihuela Costa, invited Scandinavians to a meeting at restaurant El Nacional. Also present were support the Swedish Consul Björn Sandström, Director Gert Gunnarsson, Skandinaviska skolan Orihuela Costa, Helene Åkerman, President of Claro and Sofia Alvarez, the Councillor responsible for Foreign Residents in Orihuela. Around 60 Scandinavians gathered to receive information and ask questions around various issues but mainly the Padrón, Residencia and how to register to vote in the upcoming local

election to be held on 26 May. The importance of having a Spanish Will was also mentioned and assistance offered by people on the panel. The importance of integration and better involvement from the Scandinavian residents was emphasised by both the Consul Bjorn Sandstrom and other members of the panel. One of the most effective ways of doing this is of course to vote. Sofia Alvarez stressed the importance of increasing numbers on the padron in order to increase local services. She gave data about the numbers of citizens. The owner of the Scandinavian school spoke of his tireless fight to obtain a more suitable venue for his growing school in which the number of children have tripled in just 4 years. Mr Gunnarsson said how he has been asking the council for a plot to build a school for many years, but how he has been ignored. He expressed thanks to AE for caring about their community. Helene Akerman explained the importance of voting to secure representation in Orihuela, for a fair distribution of municipal funds, which for years the politicians based in Orihuela have ignored. This was one of the topics that generated a lot of questions once the floor opened to those present. In this last legislature the government has had more than 30M funds to spend, the majority from sales of municipal plots of La Costa and have yet to finish even one of the projects requested on the coast. Christina Berardi, the AE Coordinator of Scandinavians and organiser of the forum, explained that AE is a citizen movement, composed of associations and collectives and neighbours of La Costa, that seeks a voice to defend the interests of all the residents of La Costa, and in particular the flagrant lack of basic services. It will seek a voice that defends the interests of all the residents of La Costa.

THE SMARTIE CHALLENGE 2019 was relaunched at the Winter Ball in December held at The Clubhouse La Marquesa Golf in Quesada. Vincent Real Estate who were once again our main sponsor for this charity event have also agreed to help with The SMARTie Campaign in 2019 by being the main pick up and drop off point for the SMARTIES tubes! So huge thanks once again from Elche Children's Home to Vincent Real Estate the SMARTie Estate Agent 2019! I would like to thank The Leader, the SMARTies FREE PAPER, for it’s continued support in adverting these fundraising ideas and events supporting Elche Children's Care Home. You can pop into the Vincent Real Estate Office in Benijofar and collect your FREE tube of Smarties - while stocks last - and we do have loads! All we ask is for you to eat the smarties and then fill the tubes with 20 cent coins during the next few weeks and drop the filled tubes back to the reception desk at Vincent Real Estate Offices in Benijofar.

Thirty five tubes of smarties have already been given out so we will keep you posted with the results every "smartie taker" will also be given a unique Vincent Real Estate number on a business card and some of these numbers will be winning numbers and when you take the filled tube into Vincent Real Estate in Benijofar some folk will be lucky winners and will be able to choose a prize! Many thanks to Irene and John Kirk who regularly donate tubes of smarties for this fundraising idea for Elche Children's Care Home and also thanks to their neighbours Pauline and David Shaw who have also joined the Smartie Trail and and bring back supplies from the U.K. The next event is a Fashion Show at Bar Med in El Raso and then The Summer Ball which will be in June 2019! If you would like details for either event Fashion Show and Cocktails or The Summer Ball as soon as they are released then please send an email to:



 637 227 385

Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019


FOXY LADIES Formerly known as THE WOMEN OF FIRE How many of you remember Women of Fire?


his group consisted of ladies that were in business or recently retired and we met once a month to network, support each other in every business need, have speakers within the group and all done over an enjoyable lunch. Many ladies came every month and found the group helpful to them for various reasons. each bring leaflets and cards.

Sadly Women of Fire extinguished and from the flames, FOXY LADIES was formed in January 2017 and we have now been enjoying two successful years. This month we start our third year and we are celebrating this start at our lunch on Friday 25th January at La Cosheca restaurant in Benijofar As Foxy Ladies, the lunches will be informative, fun, a relaxed way of lunching but still supporting each other. You don´t have to be in business to attend but if you are, we encourage you to attend the lunches and be part of us ‌..and if you are not in business but like to meet like-minded ladies, we would love to meet you. Please bring along a friend or colleague so that we can have a good

Any charity is encouraged to come along too so we can learn more about the work done. As Foxy Ladies we are interested in everyone and it is always enjoyable to network over an enjoyable lunch. number attending each month. The difference will be that we can discuss amongst ourselves the direction that we can take, and some of you may want to organise the lunch venue of your choice at times. If you do have a business and want to promote any event, or promotion and want to speak to the group, then that will be encouraged

If you are interested in becoming a Foxy Lady and want to come along to our lunch on the 25th January, or at a later date, please note that we will meet on the last Friday of each month at different restaurants. Please contact Christine Quinlan, founder, on 966 795 103 or contact me on... I need an email address to send the invite to.


Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019


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HELP Vega Baja Connections Team opens more local doors In July last year HELP Vega Baja launched the Connections Team – a 24-hour confidential, emotional support helpline. The service has gone from strength to strength receiving over 100 calls a month on their dedicated phone line 965 021 552 plus many emails at The team of trained and experienced listeners have also met people face to face over a cup of tea at the San Miguel Centre of the charity. In order to reach out, further “meeting places” have now been set up. If you would like to meet a member of the Connections Team, you can pop along to any of the meeting places below for a warm welcome: Monday - HELP Vega Baja San Miguel Centre (2-5 pm) Tuesday - Cruz Roja Social Centre, La

Marina, Calle Berna (10.00-1.00) Wednesday - HELP Vega Baja San Miguel Centre (2-5 pm) Thursday - Hope Christian Fellowship Church, La Marina (10-1.30 pm) opposite Market site Friday - A.E.C.C. office, lower floor, Playa Flamenca Commercial Centre (10-1.30 pm) Co-ordinator of the Connections Team, Jane Troubridge said “since we established the Connections Team, we have been delighted that people have helped to raise awareness of the service we provide. This has enabled us to support a large number of people through some very difficult times in their lives. As the service is part of HELP Vega Baja, we have also been able to offer practical support to people which has proved extremely bene-

ficial. I have been helping people for many years through listening and watching the recovery through this combination of listening and practical support has been far more than I could have possibly expected”. President of HELP Vega Baja, Michele Masson added “we would like to thank the other charities such as Cruz Roja and the AECC who have been a great support to us by offering their facilities for the team to use. This gives people much greater choice in where to meet our volunteers and the opportunity to support people in a friendly and of course, confidential area. Working alongside the rest of the charity and in particular our Welfare Officer, the Connections Team is now very well established within the charity and a huge benefit to those people who are struggling and in need of support”.

trol which will allow her to sit up un-aided, whenever she wishes. Irene who has had Huntington's Disease for several years now, recently had a fall that broke her upper arm and twisted her leg, which Within the latter part of the year, Huntington’s Disease Association required emergency correcA chess set made from acorns members, their families and friends, enjoyed lots of fun during their tive surgery. Doug, her fund raising events. husband, who is Irene's At Café Vienna, in Almoradi 36 people enjoyed a mouth-watering main carer said “I cannot afternoon of cakes, tea and chat when Bar owner, Heather hosted an thank the Association Afternoon Tea. 204 Euros was raised altogether. Added to this 65 enough for coming to our Euros was amassed through collection tins left at Café Vienna and rescue and giving us a grant Restaurante Giovanni’s, also in Almoradi. towards Irene’s bed. It now means that both of us Eighty five enthusiasts took on the challenge of solving the ever Heather receiving a can enjoy a much better popular Christmas Quiz sheet. Another 170 Euros was raised certificate of thanks sleep at night” “ what a from Margaret through this. The winning recipients, Jeannie and Geoff Cooper lovely Christmas present”. were delighted to receive this year's prize of a beautiful hamper. The couple received a grant earlier in the year to help pay for emerThe correct answers have been published on the HDA website gency care for Irene, when Doug was struggling to cope, following an accident. Praise was received from a couple in La Marina, following receipt of Huntington’s Disease Association, is the sole charity in the Costa a grant from HDA Costa Blanca, towards a special bed. HD sufferer, Blanca area, that offers support to families who have a member sufIrene Hallett was delighted with her new bed that has a remote confering with this terrible degenerative disease. The group hold a variety of different functions – in order to raise funds for this much needed support. A support group meets weekly, on a Friday, at O'Briens Bar in El Raso from 2 – 4pm. This gathering gives both HD sufferers and their partners the opportunity to sit, chat and exchange ideas and information in a friendly comfortable atmosphere. The next organised event is a Quiz Night at The Pines Restaurant in Benijofar on January 26th, starting at 7pm.. Tickets are 10 Euros, which also includes supper. For tickets, contact Marion Smith 634 905 249, or email On 23rd March there will be a Murder Mystery evening to be held at AJ's Country Club in Quesada. For further details contact If you know anyone in the costa Blanca area effected by Huntington's disease, or you would like to hold your own fundraising event for this worthwhile cause, please contact the President, Marion Smith at, or telephone 634 905 249. For further details on HD, please visit

Cakes, fun &praise for Huntingdon’s Disease Association

Jane is also the trainer for the Connections Team volunteers and is about to start the latest training course for new listeners. If you are interested in finding out about volunteering with Connections, the training and ongoing support, or if you are interested in volunteering in any other area of HELP Vega Baja, contact the charity on 966 723 733 or email HELP Vega Baja – helping people in the community for over 36 years…..



 637 227 385

Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019

‘Twitters from the Atlantic’ Barrie Mahoney was a head teacher and school inspector in the UK, as well as a reporter in Spain, before moving to the Canary Islands to launch and edit a new English language newspaper.

He enjoys life in the sun as a columnist and author, and continues to write a series of popular novels, books for expats, as well as designing mobile apps and websites to promote the Canary Islands.



the time of writing, the UK is in a period of collective limbo regarding Brexit. As a result, HM Government, through its network of British Ambassadors and Consulates, is busily issuing advice to expats living in Europe, which is meant to be helpful. In addition, writers, observers and bloggers, such as myself, are also offering their opinion and advice. In reality, of course, no one really knows what will happen, and most of the advice given could turn out to be irrelevant or even unhelpful. It is in this spirit that I offer the following information. The UK Government has suggested that in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, mutual recognition of driving licences between the UK and Europe will cease. UK citizens wishing to drive in Europe after 29 March 2019 would need to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP). Whilst I vaguely remember being aware of this document, I had never actually seen one. I thought it was only intended to be used in remote, non-European destinations and was a kind of relic from post-Empire Britain. I couldn't have been more wrong. The IDP is basically an official translation of the UK licence in various languages, which allows the holder to drive in another country when accompanied by a valid licence from their home country.

In theory, the document helps drivers to motor around the world without a language barrier. It is valid in all countries that have signed the 1949 and 1968 Conventions on Road Traffic, and is particularly useful in some countries where car rental companies require one before a car may be hired from them. I remembered that they used to be available from either the AA or the RAC motoring organisations in the UK, and so decided to apply for one from the AA. The total cost of the licence, together with overseas postage costs, was fifteen pounds. The application form was easily downloaded on line, but it required a postal application and a cheque for payment; certainly, no credit cards or Apple Pay welcome here! The entire process reminded me of a bureaucratic procedure from the 1980s. Two weeks later, the document arrived. Whilst the application process was surprisingly efficient, the contents were nothing short of disappointing. The actual document is a


b y Bar rie Mahoney

dirty grey colour, which reminds me of a wartime ration book, rather than a modern driving licence designed to meet the challenges of swinging, post-Brexit Britain. Disappointingly, both the AA and RAC will no longer be permitted to issue IDPs from the end of February 2019. In future, IDPs will only be available from around 2500 Post Offices in the UK who will, I am told, offer a much simpler application process for just £5.50. The permit is valid for twelve months and it will no longer be possible to order one by post, since it now requires a personal visit to a UK Post Office. My guess is that the IDP will never be needed, and certainly not in its present form, but cautious readers may wish to apply for one just in case. If you enjoyed this article, take a look at my websites: and or read my latest book, ‘Living in Spain and the Canary Islands’ (ISBN: 9780995602724). Available in paperback, as well as Kindle editions. Join me on Facebook: @barrie.mahoney


Orihuela Costa Police offices refurbished Following demands made by the Orihuela Costa Police officers union regarding the poor condition of their office and changing facilities in the Playa Flamenca Town Hall it seems that the councillor for Infrastructure, Juan Ignacio López Bas, has decided to intervene in order to ensure that necessary works are carried out.

Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019

 637 227 385


"This year we have not reached the forecasts of sales of salt due to mild conditions", a spokesman said. The annual production of salt averages around 600,000 tons and, apart from the de-icing of roads, much of it has is used with food (salted meat, bread, pasta and sausages) as well other industrial uses.

Opposition demands repair of public lighting Councillor Sandra Sanchez (PP) has asked the Torrevieja council to resolve the lack of public lighting for breakdowns along the main access routes into the town, where the responsibility for maintenance is municipal. According to the councillor, who has been warning of the lighting problems for over three and a half years the lack of street lighting compromises the safety of pedestrians and vehicles, especially in the vicinity of pedestrian crossings, such as the San Luis roundabout on the CV- 905 or the pedestrian crossing along the same road, next to the Park of Nations.

López Bas, explained that "refurbishments consisted mainly in adapting the changing room showers and replacing the tile floor with a non-slip variety as well as replacing the wooden doors. The garage has also been painted, leaks repaired, ceilings repainted, and various plumbing and masonry tasks are being carried out. "


The councillor said that there are further outages along the variant of the N-332, especially at the by the municipal cemetery, where there has also been a high incidence of accidents. She also asked for replacement of lighting along the Avda Alfred Nobel Avenue between Los Locos beach and the Mar Bella residence.

years. He has been a Primary school teacher for 24 of them, the last ten in the Joaquín Carrión public school in San Javier. “It is an incredible honour” he says. “I am happy and proud. Teaching is very exciting and can be extremely positive, but in these days the rewards are very few. However this is recognition of 24 years innovating, researching, caring for my students, training, publishing in blogs, attending talks ... It is very rewarding, the effort of my daily work that is not often seen.”

Almoradi Police removing unsightly Satellite dishes The Almoradi Council has said that its local police officers have been implementing regulatory ordinance that will result in the removal of all satellite dishes and other domestic items, such as washing lines, in places where they are not allowed, and are clearly visible from the streets, such as balconies and building facades.

40,000 euros for San Pedro asphalting

Luisa Boné, the councillor responsible for coastal services said that "the repairs were absolutely necessary and I think it is important that municipal personnel work in the best possible conditions".

Torrevieja salt on the move as Europe freeze gets underway More than 175,000 tons of salt have left the Torreveija salt flats in recent weeks bound for Spanish roads and a number of northern European countries, mainly the United Kingdom, Norway and Sweden. Sources have said that the salt has left on board about forty ships. Approximately 25 percent, some 44,000 tons, has also been distributed within Spain in a stream of trucks, during the last 10 to 12 days.

Motorists are likely to face a certain amount of delay in San Pedro del Pinatar over the next couple of weeks as work gets underway with asphalting and the repair of potholes in streets throughout the municipality, both in the town as well as many rural roads. A total of 40,000 euros has been allocated to the works which are included in the investment plan for the 2018 fiscal year, aimed at improving urban roads and public spaces. The councilor of Community Services, Angela Gaona, explained that these works are aimed at ensuring the safety of road traffic and pedestrians by making these roads more accessible. She said that “This action complements the remodelling of pavements carried out in the last quarter of 2018 with priority of work given to those roads that in poor condition”. She also said that her department is currently in the process of contracting a much large tarmacking programme, worth approximately 500,000 euros, which will involve the renewal of asphalt on dozens more streets in the municipality.

However, this number is significantly lower than that recorded in previous years, since the number of vehicles would normally be expected to range between 40 and 50 a day. Although we are now told that the temperatures are likely to drop in the coming days the company has not yet seen an increase in orders, despite having a large number of tons stored for future use due to any worsening weather situation.

Spain’s best Primary school teacher is in San Javier Antonio García Arias, who teaches at the CBM Joaquín Carrión, is the 2018 winner of the Educa Abanca Awards. He has been selected from a list of over 2000 candidates as the best Primary school teacher in the whole of Spain. Born in Galicia, Antonio has lived in San Javier for over 25

Following a series of bi-weekly meetings Town Hall authorities have told the police that they must initially notify all residents who did not comply with the ordinance by having antennae or clothes hanging from the balconies, to warn them that they were not complying with the regulations and they must remove the elements, under the threat of a fine. Despite the fact that the majority of residents of the municipality have heeded the warning, some have kept them in view so the Local Police has begun to impose light sanctions on those owners. Councillor María Gómez, explained that "it is a danger to have elements in the façade because in case of wind these items can become detached" and added that "we have been warning residents for several months that they must comply and in most of the buildings antennas and clothes lines have disappeared”.

“Flavors of Lent” in Pilar de la Horadada The popular gastronomic Festival “Flavours of Lent” will he held in Pilar de la Horadada from 4 March to 19 April with special available in restaurants throughout the week from March 4 to 7, and then every Friday of Lent on March 8, 15, 22, 29 and April 5, 12 and 19. Participating restaurants are the Bodegón La Peña, Callemayor, Camping Lo Monte, El Calar, Nostrissima, Los Caracoles, New Plaza, Mesón Río Seco, Plaza and Torremar. The IX gastronomic days 'Flavors of Lent', organized by the Department of Tourism is an initiative that aims to offer added value to Pilar de la Horadada as a tourist destination during this period, since the Pilare gastronomy occupies a preferential place in the culture of Pilar de la Horadada and renowned across the Vega Baja for its quality.



 637 227 385

Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019



Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019


 637 227 385




ANSWERS QUICK ACROSS: 4 Scatter; 8 Hoodoo; 9 Envelop; 10 Lordly; 11 Unique; 12 Offering; 18 Palliate; 20 Hamper; 21 Racial; 22 Against; 23 Thrust; 24 Progeny. DOWN: 1 Shallow; 2 Horrify; 3 Cooler; 5 Conjugal; 6 Thesis; 7 Exodus; 13 Imprison; 14 Maximum; 15 Deflate; 16 Dagger; 17 Spring; 19 Loathe. CRYPTIC CRYPTIC ACROSS: 4 Spigots; 8 Ornate; 9 Braised; 10 Notary; 11 Intern; 12 Grandees; 18 Tangoist; 20 Pastor; 21 Sluice; 22 Pageant; 23 Mosaic; 24 Leather. DOWN: 1 Tonnage; 2 Instead; 3 Stared; 5 Partisan; 6 Guilty; 7 Theory; 13 Entrance; 14 Minimal; 15 Stretch; 16 Ravage; 17 At rest; 19 Gallop.

DOWN 1. Gains unlawful entry to destroy wrongdoing (6,2) 2. Possibly Adam?s fruit (5) 4. Attacks with stones, perhaps (6) 5. They take interest in their work (12) 6. Novel affair (7) 7. Some conversed in Gaelic (4) 8. You and Eve (6,6) 12. Gets lies about poets (8) 14. Fare for the main course (7) 16. Canopy covering one side around the north (6) 18. Angry with some of the United Arab Emirates (5) 19. Rather dull adaptation of the Bard (4)


Solution on Page 17 CAN YOU MASTER THE SUDOKU CHALLENGE? Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.


DOWN 1. 2. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 12. 14. 16. 18. 19.

Headache (8) Play (5) One dying for a cause (6) Hats (5,7) Respected (7) 365 days (4) House-trained (12) False teeth (8) Argument (7) Type of cloud (6) Cake decoration (5) Resonation (4)

L EA D E R T R I V I A Q U I Z 1. What does the acronym MASH stand for? 2. Which is the only major golf championship to be played at a permanent venue - 1pt for the championship - 1 pt for the venue 3. 2006 was the Chinese year of the dog - what is 2007 the Chinese year of? 4. What is the 10th wedding anniversary known as? 5. The DSM, Distinguished Service Medal is awarded in which service, army, navy or airforce? 6. What is the highest command in the army? 7. Which two of Henry viii wives did he divorce? 1 pt each 8. What was the 7th day of Christmas? 9. Who are the two dwarfs who begin with the letter `s`? 10 What nationality was the artist Goya? 11. When is St Georges day? 12. Whose last words were `I shall hear in Heaven` 13. Who had 60s hits with `Zabadak `& `The Legend of Xanadu`? 14. What is an animal without a backbone called? 15. Who was Poet Laureate from 1930 to 1968? 16. What is kept in an apiary? 17. On which river does Runcorn lie? 18. Oswestry is in which county?

19. In which year was the Queens Silver Jubilee? 20. Who had a no 1 in March 2001 with ‘Pure & Simple’? 21. What was the name of Dick Turpin’s horse? 22. Which was the first Sunday newspaper to be published in Britain? Times, Telegraph or Observer? 23. Who wrote the poem ‘Ode to a Haggis’? 24. In golf what is the opposite of a slice? 25. Who had a no 1 in July 1997 with ‘ Do you know what I mean’? 26. If you were travelling on a bearing of 336.25°, to which of the main 16 points of the compass would you be heading? Clue: A Cary Grant & James Mason movie 27. Muhammad Ali's professional boxing record was 56 wins, 5 losses, 0 draws. Name the five boxers who defeated Ali in the ring. 28. What was the name of the longest ship in the world between 1858 and 1899? 29. From the Greek for 'all the devils', which uproarious name did 17th century English poet John Milton give to the capital city in Hell? 30. Who directed all of the following films? Cocoon, Willow, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind and The Da Vinci Code.

29. Pandemonium. 30. Ron Howard

26. North by Northwest. 27. Five

April, 12. Beethoven, 13. Dave, Dee,

(Mar 8, 1971). 28. S.S. Great Eastern.

Robert Burns, 24. A hook, 25. Oasis

Sleepy & Sneezy, 10. Spanish, 11. 23

21. Black Bess, 22. The Observer , 23.

Cleeves, 8. 7 swans a swimming, 9.

Shropshire, 19. 1977, 20. Hear Say,

7. Catherine of Aragon & Anne of


aluminium, 5. Field Marshall, 6. Navy,

1981), Larry Holmes (Oct 2, 1980),

Invertebrate, 15. John Masefield, 16.

US Masters – Augusta, 3. Pig, 4. tin /

answers. Trevor Berbick (Dec 11,

Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, 14.

1. Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, 2.






ACROSS 1. Stand for no bull in the stock market? (4) 3. Begin to get one letter wrong for business (8) 9. Train to speak? (7) 10. We are all entitled to have them (5) 11. Don?t give up working as a judge (4,2,6) 13. Selected to play, but not on the wing (6) 15. Finish the act? (6) 17. Second anniversary of press merger? (5,7) 20. Birds mistaken for castles? (5) 21. Raids or no raids (7) 22. Banter becomes wicked in time (8) 23. Observes from both sides (4)

ACROSS 1. Created (4) 3. Agent (8) 9. Charm and allure (7) 10. Cuban dance (5) 11. Oscar (7,5) 13. Nakedness (6) 15. Dog (6) 17. Analyst (12) 20. Condiment container (5) 21. Obstruction (7) 22. Excessive amount (8) 23. A long time (4)

Norton (Mar 31, 1973) and Joe Frazier Leon Spinks (Feb 15, 1978), Ken



 637 227 385

ARIES (March 21 - April 19) Aries, if you were born with a pioneering spirit, the start of this week begins with testing the waters in business and perhaps exploring new networking and business building opportunities. Image and career take centre stage at this time. Your love life is still important to you, but with so much to do and so much winning happening right now, you will be focusing on your personal climb to the top. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20) Taurus, similar to the Ram, almost all planets are in the upper part of your zodiac sign which means that this week continues the same progression of career focus, but now with a little more digging in and perseverance. Later this week, with a New Moon in Capricorn and a Sun entering Aquarius, work and play can come together nicely. Happy hour and business meeting, anyone? GEMINI (May 21 - June 20) Here we are Gemini, it's been quite a year already. You may still be dealing with some things, and yet for the most part, people are starting to notice you more than usual. You may find that you're being invited to more social

Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019

activities, and although this is something you enjoy, you may not appreciate all the drama that can come with spending time with friends. If you're single, now is a great time to be more open to the idea of getting to know others where there's mutual interest. CANCER (June 21 - July 22) This week should be a fairly even keel one at home, work, and financially. When the New Moon in Capricorn takes place you may feel a sense of focus more on financial planning, getting yourself in a stronger position and start saving again. If you're someone who loves to spoil yourself with different food and restaurant experiences, check out ways to cut costs there too by opting for specials. LEO (July 23 - August 22) This month there's a lunar eclipse that will impact your zodiac sign, but for now focusing on relationships is a smart thing to do. It's time to be humble and let go of things that are out of your hands so, if someone prefers to do something and it's not that big of an inconvenience go with the flow. You can begin to channel some of your personal needs toward self-presentation. Clear out the closet, and perhaps start the health club you've been thinking about joining.

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22) It's a great start to the new year, and now that things are finally slowing down, it's a happier time. Financial planning that you have started can help you to see that things in life may not be free, but they are meant to be enjoyed. You could be looking for new experiences and instead of buying items that are just beautiful, you can look for things that make life easier and happier, too. This includes your friendships and relationship. LIBRA (September 23 - October 22) This month things take on a blend of business and pleasure. Perhaps your spouse or friends have started to change careers and you are also building your own. Socialising comes easily this week, and this is where you shine brightest. You are able to show support in loving ways, and get the same in return. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21) This week the saying, "home is where your heart is" rings true more than ever. Relationships with deeply personal meaning are brought to the centre. When things at home and the people you love feel happy, you do too. Passion in career will channel in a cause and effect sort of way. You may find that things require you to adapt rapidly to change. Although you don't mind being reactive, it's not your thing. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 December 21) Starting this weekend with the Moon in your sign, you may be feeling quite in touch with your darker side of self, not in a bad way either. More of like an owl who senses it's wisdom and wants to warn everyone else of the things that are to come.


This week, sort everything out that you need to work on. If insomnia strikes, don't lay in bed lamenting that you can't sleep. Think through some ideas, make plans and clear your mind so that you have your plans in place by the morning. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19) With the Sun preparing to leave your sign and all planets shifting into their own positions, things have remained productive. While everyone else has been socialising or trying to catch a breath at work, you've hit the ground running and are on your way to the finish line. Do try to balance your fitness and personal goals at this time. If you're not going to have fun blowing off steam, then hit the weights or some cardio to get the stress out. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18) This week, it's all about you but not in a selfish way. You just have things you need to understand, and this includes the universe and life. Karma plays big role this month. The spiritual lessons from last year, continue through this month making this a beautiful time for you to explore what makes you unique and how to use that to your advantage in the career and business relationship aspect of your life. PISCES (February 19 - March 20) You already trust the universe to meet your needs, and right now, some of those are financial. Focusing on your career and work related activities will prove beneficial. You might enjoy adding a few learning experiences that help to improve skills through online study or you could reach for a book or the hand of a mentor that you trust to show you what to do to improve.


Car and Vehicle Sales The Car of the Month at Automoviles Crespo is a 2015 Ford CMax Diesel which is on Special Offer priced at just 15,499 euro. Come along to our showroom in Elche and see our vast range of used cars or call 96 666 22 60 for all our latest offers. The biggest and best for price, choice and quality.

Social and Clubs The next monthly meeting of the Orihuela Costa Branch of the Royal British Legion will be on 17 January 2019 at the Olympia Restaurant in Mil Palmeras starting at 7.30pm. Following the meeting there will be entertainment by the fabulous Al Joel. All are welcome to join us. RNA - The Royal Naval Assn meet at El Paraiso Restaurant behind Carrefour in Torrevieja at 3pm on the first Wednesday of every month. For info contact the secretary, Margaret Forshaw, on 966 92 1996 Age Concern Costa Blanca Sur is here to help you. Our aim is to assist with problem solving for the over 50’s and promote their

well-being. We need volunteer Drivers and people to join our Residential Home Visiting Team. You will visit people who live in a Residential Home, and take them out for a coffee either in a wheelchair or walking. If you think you can help Age Concern in this respect call into our centre at C/Paganini s/n, Urb. La Siesta 03184 Torrevieja or ring 966 786 887. Or you can email: Almoradi Meal Club. Formerly the Almoradi Monday Club. If do you fancy having a meal out and meeting new friends, then come and join our club. We are an English speaking club that have twice monthly meals at various restaurants in and around the town of Almoradi. If you would like to become a member and receive information about us then please look us up on FaceBook or contact me at Badminton in Pilar de la Horadada. Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs. 10-12.30 pm. For information ring John McGilvray on 0034 965 27 2701 or Mobile 0034 634 658 506 or e mail

Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019 Torrevieja Retired Activities Club meet on the third Wednesday in the month from 11-1pm at Marina Club Cafeteria, International Marina, Torrevieja. We have a speaker at our monthly meetings, or quiz, etc. Enjoy an activity once a month such as petanca, mini golf, 10 pin bowling, and on the first Sunday of the month we organise a restaurant lunch. The joining fee is 10euros but you can attend one meeting or lunch before you join. For info phone Sandy Hollywood, President 698 266 696 or Jill Hayes, membership Secretary 672 983 019. HAH CB need you to help us help those in need in their own homes in areas surrounding Quesada, San Luis, La Siesta Torrevieja, La Mata, Orihuela Costa, Villamartin to Campoverde, short or long term medical conditions of all ages and nationalities. Contact our head office on 965 328 794 or email: charitycentre Curious about the work of Samaritans in Spain? Interested in becoming a listener? Have a few hours a week to help with the charity shop, fundraising or admin? To find out more, come and join us for refreshments and a chat at our Centre in the Punta Marina Shopping Centre, by the Punta Prima roundabout, on the N332. Volunteers are unpaid but expenses are met. Email: The Orihuela Costa Drop In Centre is in C/Cipres, Lomas de Cabo Roig, where we can offer you a full range of activities Monday, Wednesday and

Thursday including music, language classes, drawing and painting, sewing, general information, bereavement advice and more. Further info available at: THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION BAND IN SPAIN is looking for musicians, all instruments and of any nationality, to joint its band. We rehearse every Tuesday in Lomas de Cabo Roig. Call or email the MD, David Last, 638 108 078 or

Churches and Services La Siesta Evangelical Church hold services each Sunday and everyone is welcome. Our 11.15am Services are held every 2nd and 4th Sunday in the month (and on the 5th Sunday, if this applies.) On the 1st and 3rd Sunday’s our Services are at 9.30 am. Our choir sings at our 11.15 am Services and there is also a Sunday School, Stepping Stones, on these Sundays. For info see or phone Pastor Keith on 666 180 108 The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) in Torrevieja meet at 10.00 each Sunday in their chapel at Rambla Juan Mateo Garcia, 104. All Welcome. You can phone or whatsapp the missionaries on 667 533 597.. International Christian Assembly, Calle Urbano Arregui, 23, Torrevieja - Evangelical nondenominational church. Sunday service 11a.m.; Sunday school; Prayer meetings; craft and computer clubs. Ladies Bible Study: Thursday 11a.m. Church Bible Study: Thursday 1.30p.m. House groups in Torrevieja, La Siesta – Contact: 966 752 543 / 617 215 463. Phone: 966 799 273 / 966 752 543 / 617 215 463.

Local Services Section TRANSLATOR. SPANISH with University Degree in English. Medical visits, NIE, Spanish taxes,etc. Also Spanish Classes, individual or groups, from Alicante to San Pedro del Pinatar. 696 693 696 AWNINGS, VERTICAL-VENETIAN Blinds. Roll-up insect screens. Quality, economic prices. From Alicante to San Pedro del Pinatar & surrounding areas. BLUE SEA SERVICES. 619 704 398 NEW AND REPLACEMENT Windows and Doors, Conservatories. Quality and economic prices. From Alicante to San Pedro del Pinatar and surrounding areas. BLUE SEA SERVICES. 619 704 398


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conservatory, fully furnished with air-conditioning, off-road parking, communal swimming pool. € 94.950. Reference: 000912



 637 227 385

Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019


NEW PRESIDENT, NEW TEAM AND A NEW DIRECTION FOR SAMARITANS CHARITY Last Year saw significant changes with the Samaritans Team in Spain. An ambitious programme of change was introduced and successfully implemented. Changes were needed as the then current President, Ed Purcell, and the Treasurer Michael Hyland, were due to retire after a significant number of years in post. The Organisation also needed to be modernised and new ways of supporting our Clients throughout the whole of Spain needed to be introduced. These changes were introduced and managed by the newly appointed President Lynda Brettle. It has taken a Year to effect the changes which begs the question to Lynda as to "how and why did you get involved in charity work in Spain? Lynda answered “Around 2005 a neighbour and his wife were the President and Press Secretary of Help Vega Baja and my then husband assisted them in setting up the in-house legal advice surgery, while I joined the hospital visiting team for a few years. After that I also helped out with some fundraising for Paul Cunningham Nurses before joining

Samaritans 5 years ago. There are so many worthy causes and all the organisations do an amazing job. I am proud now to be part of a Nationwide Charity that offers a free emotional support service, staffed by Trained Volunteers, to any English speaker in distress anywhere in Spain and the Islands.” Introduced as part of Lynda’s changes are new methods of communicating with Clients (including WhatsApp), Satellite Branches throughout Spain to be closer to people, and innovative Fundraising methods. So Samaritans is in a very good position this coming year to support the people in the whole of Spain that need their support services. To Contact Samaritans : you can call Samaritans on Freephone 900 525 100 Email us at Or Call 634 325 906 to organise an appointment for a WhatsApp call. Lynda is seen in the photo (2nd right) with the outgoing Samaritans President and Treasurer, as well as Simon Manley the British Ambassador in Spain and other members of his Team.

Stagestruck Presentations total 5,000 euro

Local theatre company, Stagestruck, were delighted to be able to present 500 euros to Paradise Rescue Kennels, and 4000 euros to the Torrevieja Alzheimer’s Society from the

Carp R Us Round Six of the Carp-R-Us Winter Series was fished at the El Bosquet complex. With temperatures expected to be several degrees lower than previous days the talk at the draw was that the fishing could be hard, and so it proved to be. Out of the field of fourteen, six failed to weigh in, an unusual occurrence at this venue. First was Neil McBirnie with 7.35kg caught on pole and bread from peg 4. Second was Terry Screen with 2.55kg using the same method on peg 8. Third was Jackie Breslin (peg 2) with 2.40kg caught in the feeder and fourth with 2.20kg was Jeremy Fardoe.

proceeds of their Christmas Pantomime, Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood. A further 500 euros will be donated to the San Fulgencio Ayuntamiento to give to a char-

ity of their choice. Pictured are Leigh Humphries, Mary-Anne Dunning and Suzanne Stokes (Director of Stagestruck).



Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019

La Siesta Bowls Club by Rod Edgerton

Monday saw the Titans play at San Miguel Alsations and they won 8-4 agg 87-82, winners M Riley, M Veale C Lindgren 26-12 P Rhodes K Jolliffe D Gerrard 20-13,D Jones C Smyth M Odell 16-14 The Neptunes hosted Horadada Falcons and they finished all square 6-6 aggregate 83-79, Winners were C Ayling B Eldred J Mullarkey 26-11, A Brown S Watson D Donovan 18-15 Moonrakers played at San Miguel Dalmations and had a great 8-4 aggregate 91-68 win, winners were LHarris P Willicott R Clive 26-9 V Cameron G Dyer P Dix 22-14, and they had a W/O Monday 7th saw the restart of the league games and the Titans played at San Miguel Beagles slipping to a 10-2 aggregate 96-79 defeat. Winners were D Jones C Smyth M Odell 18-15 La Siesta Sputnicks entertained the Pointers in the Voyager Division and Neptunes played at San Miguel Dalmations and lost 8-4, aggregate in another close match lost by 91-87. Winning rinks for the Sputniks of 87-80, winners were M Whitelock J Westall H Rhodes 26-8 came from Dot Kocsis,Molly Russell and Lee Plummer winning 24-11 R Adams S Wickens P Heaney 19-12 and Gary Randall,Sheila Millward and Jim Eastwood winning 16-13.So Moonrakers played at home against Horadada Falcons and won 7-5 4 points to La Siesta. aggregate 75-78, winners were I Hughes B Smith M Willicott 17-15 In the Winter League San Miguel beat La Siesta by 107 shots to 67 with L Burns T Harris G Ponsford 15-14, L Harris P Willicott A Burns 16-15, V Cameron G Dyer P Dix drew 16-16 the winning rink for La Siesta being provided by Barbara Cooper, Alan Saturns played at home against San Luis Vulcans and had a fine 8-4 Mawer, Florence and Mike Edwards by 23 shots to 11. aggregate 84-75. Winners were M Munro P Creswell J Mulloy 24-8 In the Fed4’s the Hoopoes played Country Bowls and lost by 51 shots to B Taylor T Roche T Upham 16-11, C Selby E Shepperd R Ede 14-11 40 the winning rink coming from Dot and Joe Kocsis with Tony Wed brought Javea Green to the Isle in the Winter league, and the Campell and Norman Adcroft winning by 17 shots to 16. result was a good 8-4 aggregate 100-78. Winners were P Rhodes C In the Southern League A Division the Blues entertained El Rancho Smyth M Odell C Lindgren 31-8, D Rhodes J Mulloy P Coffey I Mustangs and won by 92 shots to 76.The winning rinks were Irene Brewster 20-17, S Kavanagh T Dix P Dix B Kavanagh 22-20 Mangan,John Taylor and Alex Morrice winning 25-11 whilst Dawn and Berleen won 20-7 M Riley S Johnson B Eldred H Rhodes Friday saw the E I Cavaliars playing against the E I Claymores and Taylor, Pat Harman and Jenny Bowman won 20-13. The other winning the Cavaliars came out on top 10-2 aggregate 96-70. Winners for rinks came from Trish and Pat Reilly with George Richardson and Ann CAVS were S Kavanagh D Leeming B Kavanagh 27-7, S Johnson C and Robert Heath with John Ball, so 10 points to the Blues Smyth C Lindgren, 23-14. D Jones K Jolliffe D Gerrard 15-14, M The Golds in B Division were away at El Rancho and won 85-77 winRiley J Pooley G Odell 16-13. ning on 2 rinks. Winning rinks: Jo Elkin,Tony Campbell and Vic Mahomet Claymores winners were B Doran C Thomas M Thomas 22 15 winning by 25 shots to 12 and Barbara Cooper with Irene and Dave Friday saw the E I Outlaws play the E I Roundheads and the Laverick winning by 21-14. The overall points being shared 6 each. Outlaws won 8-4 aggregate 99-89 The Outlaws winners were In Division C the Silvers travelled to La Marina Merlins and lost by V Cameron P Willicott R Clive 26 13, L Burns G Ponsford P Dix 100 shots to 62 with the winning rink coming from Tom Heaslewood, 24-13, L Freeman T Dix E Bennett 25-13.Roundheads winners whre Ann Edgerton and Lee Plummer winning by 13 shots to 12. K John P Creswell J Mulloy 26-11, C Selby R Andrews T Upham 2413

Horadada Bowls Club

Pat Emmett, Graham Richardson & Jim Rennie 23 – 13, Sylvia Rennie, Ray Emmett & Phil Warrington 29 – 8, Carole Donnellan, Lynne Bryce & Dennis Birkett 29 – 6, Sandra McIlroy, Derek Jiggins & Gordon Dixon 30 – 8, Pat Ray, Peter Robins & Brian Ray 14 – 10. Flamingos 12 – Romulans 0

San Miguel Bowls Club by Gail Willshire All 4 Monday league teams were in action this week. The Dalmatians were home to Emerald Isle Neptunes winning 8:4, 87 shots to 80. Unfortunatley, due to an administrative error, the result ended up the opposite way round – oops! Therefore, the best counting rink was Bob Nesbitt, Dave Champion & Barbara Scotthern, 21:15 (sounds familiar); The Beagles were home to Emerald Isle Titans, winning 10:2, 96 shots to 79, the best rink, once again, going to Margaret Patterson, Johnny Raby & Stuart Denholm 20:13; The Pointers, away to La Siesta Sputniks won 8:4, 91 shots to 87, with the highest result coming from Paul Cutting, Barry Jones & Alan Campbell, 24:14; The Alsatians, away to La Siesta Apollos, unfortunatley gained just

by Irene Graham

Bowls Geckos in the Southern League. Once again after a cold start the match was played under beautiful blue skies. The Royals only managed a win on two rinks, so very played to our winning rinks of: John Goddard, Jack Linehan and Barry Evans 31 – 10 Mark Jukes, Ken barber and Roy Thomson 16 – 15 The final result was 83 shots for to 100 against, giving us 4 points to the Geckos 8. Keep ‘em bowls a rollin’ team for better results next week and move up those tables. Horadada offers a warm welcome to new or experienced bowlers, and provides the necessary equipment. Our roll-up days for this friendly club are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings. Please contact Fred Trigwell on 659139129 for more information.

Country Bowls Club The Flamingos travelled to San Luis hoping to find the Romulans ‘cloaking device’ had failed.Trekkies out there will know what I mean. As it was, the Romulans were lost in space and the Flamingos executed the necessary ‘ coup de grace’ winning on all 5 rinks. What a great result and congratulations all round.


 637 227 385

Emerald Isle Bowls Club by Elwyn Morris SOUTHERN LEAGUE 2018/19

Two home matches in the Enterprise Division against opponents from San Miguel the Beagles beating the Apollos by a close 88-84 with the rink of Dawn Taylor, Dave Davies and Irene Mangan winning by an impressive 33-9 whilst Brian Gardiner with Harold Charleton and Jenny Bowman won 18-16, so 4 points to La Siesta. Against the Alsatians a better result for the home team with a 10-2 victory by 102-71. Dawn Taylor, Jenny Bowman and Irene Mangan having the biggest winning margin by 30-9.Pat Harman,John Taylor and Jean Cooper and Trish and Pat Reilly with George Richardson both winning their matches by 7 shots. Completing the winning rinks were Ramsay Sinclair, Brian Gardiner and Alex Morrice winning by 5 shots.

First report of 2019. A very Happy New Year to all. Our first match of the year was Monday in the discovery division on a lovely sunny day and we were away to Emerald Isle Moonrakers. Four rinks out the five could not have been any closer. Only separated by one or two shots. The 5th rink was a better result and gave us the overall shots. Our winning rink was: Jenny Davis, Peter Davis and Sheila Westwood 18 – 11, our drawing rink was: Wayne Jackson, Les Davies and Mick Kirby 16 -16 Very well played to all of the team, so close and yet so far. The final score was 78 shots for to 75 against, giving us 5 points to the Moonrakers 7. Not such a good result for Friday’s home match against Country



DIVISION A San Luis Tigers Vistabella Picadors Em Isle Claymores Greenlands Oaks Quesada Swallows La Siesta Blues

79 65 70 60 85 92

Vistabella Lanzadores Emerald Isle Cavaliers San Luis Lions San Miguel Bulldogs El Rancho Mustangs La Marina Ospreys Quesada Swallows La Siesta Blues San Luis Tigers Emerald Isle Claymores Greenlands Oaks Vistabella Picadors

Friday saw the Gecko’s away to Pilar de la Horadada on a cold cold Friday morning but a lovely warm welcome from the Royals. The Geckos managed to steal an away victory winning on 3 rinks with a score of 8 – 4 . Total shots 100 to Country Bowls Geckos and 83 to Horadada Royals. Well done to the Geckos & thank you to Geoff Eggleton as acting captain. Great result. For more information on Country Bowls Club please visit the website ring 966 19 1552 or email: 2 points, 71 shots to 102 with the win provided by Alan Booth, Ken Hope & Cliff Plaisted, 22:13. Wednesday’s Winter League team were at La Siesta, coming away with 10 points, 107:67. The prize for best rink went to Sue Milner, Dave Johnson and Gail & Fred Willshire, 24:4. This result puts them joint second in the league. All our Fed 4s teams played at home on Thursday. The Cherokees faced the Mohawks winning on all rinks, with the shots 64:36. The highest scoring rink was Noel Davis, Gail Willshire, Carol Broomfield & Fred Willshire, 32:9. The Apaches played the La Siesta Parakeets, gaining 6 points, 46 shots to 43. The best rink comprised Anita Brown, Ron Nairey, Mike Douglas & Alan Campbell, 21:8. On a very cold Friday, both teams managed to score maximum

San Luis Lions (7) Vistabella Lanz (10) Em Isle Cavaliers (10) San Miguel Bulldogs (12) La Marina Ospreys (4) El Rancho Mustangs (2)

P 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

W 39 39 38 35 32 32 28 24 22 23 19 16

D 3 2 4 2 2 3 4 3 1 1 1 0

L 18 19 18 23 26 25 28 33 37 36 40 44

Win 9 9 8 5.5 8 7 9.5 4.5 3.5 2 4 2

Diff 284 260 247 45 54 15 50 -111 -175 -244 -171 -254

80 92 96 100 72 76 Pts 99 98 96 83 81 81 76 60 52 51 47 31

DIVISION B San Luis Leopards Montemar Toreadors Horadada Royals San Miguel Boxers Quesada Swans El Rancho Broncos

65 95 83 128 70 77

(2) Mazarron Miners (8) (10) Montemar Matadors(2) (4) Country B Geckos (8) (12) La Manga Crus (0) (2) Quesada Swifts (10) (6) La Siesta Golds (6) P 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

Mazarron Miners Quesada Swifts La Siesta Golds San Miguel Boxers Montemar Toreadors Horadada Royals La Manga Crusaders Montemar Matadors Country Bowls Geckos El Rancho Broncos Quesada Swans San Luis Leopards

W 40 33 33 32 34 29 29 27 25 23 20 18

D 2 3 4 2 4 3 0 3 1 4 4 4

L 18 24 23 26 22 28 31 30 34 33 36 38

84 65 100 52 108 85

Win 10 9.5 8 7.5 6 5 6 6 6 5 2 1

Diff 254 204 117 100 54 44 179 -75 -56 -246 -273 -302

Pts 100 88 86 81 81 71 70 68 61 58 48 42

(3) (0) (8) (10) (3)

Em Isle Outlaws Greenlands Cedars Vistabella Conqu La Siesta Silvers San Luis Pumas

(8) (12) (4) (2) (9)

P 11 11 11 11 11 10 11 11 11 11 11

W 42 34 36 36 27 23 19 20 18 20 17

Diff Pts 409 104 350 90 213 90 388 88 -112 60 -126 54 -56 49 -275 46 -214 44 -223 44 -354 38

DIVISION C Em Isle Roundheads Greenlands Elms Vistabella Swingers La Marina Merlins El Rancho Rangers

89 43 119 100 67

Geoff Paylor and Jo Richardson

Many thanks to Brian Ray, skipper for the day. Well done Flamingos.

(5) (2) (2) (0) (8) (10)

Greenlands Cedars La Marina Merlins Emerald Isle Outlaws Vistabella Swingers Emerald Isle Roundheads Country Bowls Cubs San Luis Pumas Greenlands Elms La Siesta Silvers El Rancho Rangers Vistabella Conquistadores

D 0 3 0 2 1 2 2 1 2 1 2

L 13 18 19 17 27 25 34 34 35 34 36

Win 10 10 9 8 3 3 4.5 3.5 4 4 1

99 142 63 62 113

points – marvelous! The Boxers were up against the La Manga Crusaders winning 128 shots to 52, with Paul Cutting, Pete Masters & Frank Scotthern heading the team, 29:6. Meanwhile, the Bulldogs, away to Greenlands Oaks scored 100 shots to 60, with the rink of the day going to Ken Hope, Linda Plaisted & Alan Campbell, 26:11. A reminder that the Wasps sessions take place Wednesdays 1:30 for 2:00 - €5 for an afternoon’s bowling with shoes and woods available to borrow. Due to the popularity of the Wasps, first time bowlers are asked to attend an initial coaching session on Tuesday afternoons, starting at 1:45. For further information on San Miguel Bowls Club please contact the President Stuart Hemmings on 965 72 0461, or the Secretary Gail Willshire on 965 02 0492.



 637 227 385

Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019

Spirit of 3 Kings at Greenlands Bowls Club Hi everyone, first report of the New Year and its a good one, But first of all last Sunday was our regular get together to celebrate 3 Kings Day, dressed in fancy dress. The sun shone and everyone entered into the spirit of things. the bowls were played in a men versus ladies format just to inject a little competitive edge into the proceedings. The final result was the men won by a fraction but its not the winning its the taking part and we all enjoyed the day. at the buffet after prizes were awarded to the best fancy dress. Ann Eagle and Stuart Hamill were the worthy winners so well done to them and thanks to everyone who made

El Rancho Bowls Club With the season’s festivities over and the Pintos playing the Eagles at Vistabella, what a splendid day it was, if a mite chilly in the shade. The Pintos came away with 2 rinks and just a deficit of two in the overall shots, which is always a good away score, I enjoyed a good match in great company, as I am sure we all did. Meanwhile the Raiders played host to Greenlands Chestnuts and came away with 4 rinks and a draw, a very good day for them. In the afternoon the Palominos were also at Vistabella playing the Buggies and put in a good effort against a stronger team, but it’s all about the company. The Palominos came away with one rink but were not shamed and gained a little more

the effort with their fancy dress. We kicked off the new season with the Maples at home to Monte Mar Torreadors, final score was shots - 107 - 56. Points 12 - 0. A fantastic result, well done everybody. The Best winning rink goes to Sally Cordell, Roy Cordell, skip Chris Dewar. - 25 - 10. In the Voyager Div. the Chestnuts were away to El Rancho Raiders, Not the best of surfaces to play on so any rinks won is a bonus and so it predictable went the oppositions way resulting in the final score of .......shots - 72 107. Points 1 - 11. In the Discovery Div the Sycamores were away to La Marina Pathfinders. experience. Friday morning found the Mustangs at La Siesta playing the Blues, their seemed to be a few trying to shake off colds from UK trips and a chilly start reminded us why we live in Spain. The Mustangs came away with just the one rink, but several were close run games. Meanwhile the Broncos entertained La Siesta Gold and played well taking 3 rinks in a chill that made joint moving an early challenge. In the afternoon the Rangers played host to San Luis Pumas and were grateful for the afternoon warmth, taking one rink and drawing another. For further membership information contact Sheila Cox at or Brian Taylor on 965 077 093 or

final score - shots 79 - 58. points 10 - 2. Best winning rink goes to Brian Tomlin, Ron Stansfield, skip Dave Dudding 21 - 12. In the Fed 4s league team Ash were away to Monte Mar. Final score - Shots 40 - 60. Points 2 - 6. Best winning rink were - C Rudge, V Sale, L Rudge, skip Mel Brown. 23 - 18. In the Winter League the good results kept coming, we were at home to Bonalba. final scores 113 - 69. 11- 1. Best winning rink was - J Giddings, D Watt, D Toozer, skip R Cordell. - 40 - 7. In the Fed 4s Beech were away to San Luis Bazeas, A very good result with two rinks won, so


by Dave Webb final score was - shots 50 - 33. points 6 - 2. best winning rink was D Watt, P Lockley, M Lockley, skip G W - 22 - 7.. In the southern league, It was a good result for the Cedars, unfortunately their opponents were our other team the Elms. Final score was - shots 142 43. points - 12 - 0 Best winning rink - P Lockley, M Lockley, skip Mel Brown. 41 - 10.The Oaks had a bad day at the office losing 12 - 0 at home to San Miguel. for all inquires please contact Chris Dewar on mob No 698418987 or visit our website


Mike ProBert talks golf

Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019

(in assN with Costa Blanca Green Fee s vcs)


 637 227 385


San Luis Bowls Club By Sheila Cammack

Here on the Costa’s golf is one of the biggest leisure time activities for both tourists and resident alike and with this in mind we have secured the services of Mike Probert of Costa Blanca Green Fee Services to provide a weekly round up of local golfing events and topics and in conjunction with us at THE LEADER will provide discounted golf prices to all of our readers and run our golf competitions.

I hope that the above will help you understand your winter golf experience here in Spain and perhaps give the green keeper a break from ill informed complaints.

The first full week of league matches 2019 has found many of us reaching for extra warm layers, gloves, hats and hand-warmers; hopefully just a cold snap and so far no snow!

We at THE LEADER are committed to providing to our golfing readers affordable golf without the need to join a club or apply for a card but simply contact the number below to have instant access to discounted golf prices, many of which are exclusive to us.


The deals shown in the table are some of the best currently available to you until 28/02/19:

SA League Monday 7th Klingons away v MM Matadors; definitely a game of 2 halves with an excellent result, 114-66, points 12-0. Winners: Colin Jackson, June & Keith Jones, 27-6, Ann Holland, Sheila Cammack, Ray Pollock 24-17, Giuseppe Galelli, Janet & Peter McEneany 20-17, Margaret & Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 20-12, William Holtham, Sabrina & Russell Marks 23-14.

Here in Spain we are blessed with a host of excellent golf courses which are generally in good condition all year around with exception for the periods of hollow tining work which are a necessity. They do all however have one feature which shows itself in the winter months,namely they wear a yellow/brown winter overcoat which give the appearance of the courses being dry and in need of watering but this is far from the truth. In climates such as our here in Spain we have long summer months with extremly high temperatures and limited rain fall and the grass used for fairways and rough need to handle these conditions which is why Bermuda grass is used. The grass used on the greens is different and needs constant watering as it can't handle these extreme weather conditions. Bermauda grass does however turn a yellow/brown colour when the average night time temperatures fall below 7 degrees which is what golfers see in the winter months. I once had a group of Danish golfers at Lo Romero in winter months who complained that I had taken them to a course that was dead and dry so I had to explain the above to them. One week later I stood in the same spot with a different group from Denmark and the course was perfetcly green and we had no rain but temperatures had increased. Some courses such as Vistabella and Font del Llop now spray dye the fairways to keep them looking green throughout the winter months.

Golf Course Price Comments Alenda €116 Two Players and Buggy Alicante €110 Two Players and Buggy Altorreal €120 Two Players and Buggy Bonalba €116 Two Players and Buggy Don Cayo (Altea) €88 Two Players and Buggy El Plantio €110 Two Players and Buggy from12pm. Font Del Llop €86 Two Players and Buggy La Finca €128 Two Players and Buggy La Marquesa €46 Sgle Green Fee La Serena €47 Single Green Fee Las Colinas €164 Two Players and buggy Las Ramblas €104 Two Players and Buggy Lo Romero €144 Two Players and Buggy New Sierra Golf €68 Two Green Fees and Buggy Roda €130 Two Players and Buggy Villamartin €110 Two Players and Buggy Villaitana Poniente €57 Single Green Fee and Buggy Vistabella €92 Two Players and Buggy For Bookings and info Mike at quoting the reference LEADER or on 966 704 752 or 661 345 931 BRITISH LEGION VOUCHER STILL AVAILABLE for sale with all proceeds going to the British Legion: Alicante 2 players and buggy €80 (Valid until 31/01/2019). An ideal Birthday gift for someone.

Captain v President - Alfies Golf Society January 6th

Trekkers home v LM Explorers, had a good result; close shots 8983, 8pts-4. Winners: Allen Bowen, Suzi Cooper, Scott Malden 2017, Irene Everett, Peter Fuller, Les Bedford 20-12, Judy Carroll, Bill Webb, Derrick Cooper 21-9. Vulcans away v EI Saturns, 75 shots-82, 4pts-8. Dennis Jackson, Margaret Clarke, Ken Dullaway 17-14, Chris Jackson, Sue Ross, Drew Russell 18-16. Romulans, h v CB Flamingoes, a hard day at the office; shots 45-125, 0pts-12. Wednesday 9th Winter League: away v Quesada, some close matches which could have gone either way but the second half of the season is ahead with all to play for: 2pts-10, 75 shots-93. Winners: Ros Holmes, Jo Pering, Ray Pollock, Julian Pering 1715. FED 4’s League: Thursday 10th SL Ospreys v SL Condors, a hard fought match, Osprey Winners 6-2, 64 shots-44: Shirley Verity, Janet McEneany, Giuseppe Galelli, Peter McEneany 18-16, Pam Lockett, June Jones, Ray Clarke, Keith Jones 31-7. Condors Winners: Judy Carroll, Bob Bromley, Bill Webb, Drew Russell 21-15. Southern League: Friday 11th SL Lions v SL Tigers, a close battle, Lions won 7pts-5, shots 80-79. Winners: Kath Reid, Pam Lockett, Ian Kenyon 17-17, William Holtham, Ray Clarke, Giuseppe Galelli 22-12, Margaret Morrison, Keith Phillips, Neil Morrison 21-12. Tigers, Winners: Shirley Verity, Jo & Jules Pering 17-8, Kevin McKenna, Marina Beardsall, Barry Edwards 21-12. Leopards home v Mazarron Miners, 2pts-10, 65 shots-84. Leopards awarded 2pts & 10 shots; because Mazarron were a team short. Pumas, away v ER Rangers a great result 9-3, 113 shots-67. Winners: Pat Baylis, Chris Lythe, Ralph Jones 24-13, Chris Phillips, Terry Baylis, Geoff Francis 19-19, Val & Allan Lever, Harry Epsom 22-11, Robert Hicks, Bob Bruce, Lyndon Johnson 37-6. For more information contact June Jones, Club Captain on 691 903 773 or visit SLBC website:

Quesada Bowls Club

by Dee Stephenson

It was back to business on the bowling greens this week after the Christmas and New Year break. The week started with mixed fortunes for our teams in the South Alicante Winter League. Quesada Diamonds played Vistabella Drivers who unfortunately could only field 4 teams, so the Diamonds started the day 10-2. However, they won on 3 rinks and only lost by one shot on the fourth rink. So the shots were Diamonds 100-47. A really good start to the season - well done!

By Wayne Stevenson Our first event of the new 2019 year saw the annual Captain’s versus President’s teams going head to head on New Sierra golf course. For the majority of the 30 players it was their first visit to New Sierra Golf, which was in great condition and represented excellent value for money. The teams were selected by the Captain, Wayne Stevenson, and President, Tony Hall, who then in secret set out their teams in order of play. This event is loosely based on the Ryder Cup with 11 singles, 1 fourball and 1 Texas scramble.

Vistabella Bowls Club With Lynne Bishop Happy new year everyone, let’s hope 2019 will be a good one on and off the green. After much indulgence and merriment we find ourselves back playing the game we all enjoy...good luck to you all. SAL Enterprise Division Albatrosses were away to Quesada Pearls doing a grand job by winning on three rinks to share the points equally. Shots VB 78(6) - 116(6) Q. The Drivers were also away at Quesada, they played the Diamonds and picked up just two points, unfortunately they were unable to field a full side and were penalised for that. Shots, VB 47(2) 100(10) Q. Discovery Division. The Eagles were at home to top of the division El Rancho Pintos, they had a great result, three winning rinks plus the overall shots...well done Eagles. Shots. VB 75(8) - 73(4) ER. Voyager Div. The Buggies at home to El Rancho Pioneers carried on

Both sets of players battled it out with most of the matches going to the 16th and beyond before being decided. We ended the day with the presentation being held at Alfies bar, La Ronda and the results showed up with yet another win to the Captain’s team who won the day 10.5 to 4.5. Our President, to his displeasure, presented the trophy to the winning team. I would like to thank our sponsors Alfies Bar, The Avenue and The Celtic Drop also thanks to Kat and Liz at Alfies Bar for the postmatch food. Our next meet is at Las Colinas on the Thursday the 31st January. with their winning streak with four wins and a hatful of shots. Shots, VB 128(10) - 46(2) ER. SOUTHERN LEAGUE. The start of the second half of the season saw a couple of home derby's, the first was between the two Division A sides the Picadors v the Lanzadores, there was some close games as you would expect on the home turf but Lanzadores took the majority of points with four winning rinks. Shots, Picadors 65(2) - 92(10) Lanzadores. Thank you to Ged Rees (new bowler) for dropping in at short notice. Division C. The Swingers v Conquistadores. The Swingers won on three rinks to the Conquistadores two with the long game also in the Swingers favour. Nobody enjoys playing against there own club mates but it’s all played in a good spirit. Shots, Swingers 119(8) 64(4) Conquistadores. WINTER LEAGUE had a bye this week but still stay number one in the league, we resume play next week at San Miguel...good luck!

Meanwhile, the Pearls played Vistabella Albatross and the match was drawn 6 points each. Pearls took the shots 116 to 78. Currently in 4th place in the league with 80 points, there are only 3 points between them and 2nd placed Emerald Isle Titans with 83 points, so theres still a lot to play for this season. Rubies didnt have a very good day when they played away to Mazarron Miners. They lost 12-0 and the shots were Mazarron Miners 108, Rubies 56. Onwards and upwards Rubies! In the Southern League, Quesada Swallows played La Marina Ospreys at home and in a close match won 8-4 and 85-72. On Friday Quesada Swans hosted Quesada Swifts at home. A lovely sunny afternoon, the match, as always, was played in good spirits. However, the Swifts won the match 10-2 and the shots were 108-70. This performance means that the Swifts maintain their 2nd position in the league. Meanwhile on Wednesday Quesada played San Luis in the winter league. They won the match 10-2 and the shots by 93-70. Overall, a good start to the season for our squads - well done! At Quesada Bowls Club we welcome both new and experienced bowlers. We’re a friendly club with a mixture of competition, league and casual players. In addition to league matches and Club competitions we have our popular Saturday morning chicken drive which is open to visitors, and we have free coaching for new members. So come along and see what we have to offer! Contact Angie Goddard



 637 227 385

Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019

“I enjoy America more, the weather, the convenience,” he told reporters. “I want to play against the strongest fields week in and week out, for the most part of the season that is in America.” The European Tour’s CEO Keith Pelley held crisis talks with McIlroy last month, trying to persuade him to commit to four events, the minimum required to retain European Tour membership, but by the look of the picture Rory is saying he will only play in two events. At least I think that’s what he’s saying. THE TIMES has cast doubts on the financial stability of the European Tour, which made an operating loss of £9.5 million after tax in 2017. The working capital was also down to £424,000 (after 15 million in 2015.) Keith Pelley’s £2,75 million salary in 2017 also raised a few eyebrows, though judging by his schedule-juggling for this year he does do his best to earn it. “TWIST FACE” and “FLASH FACE” sound like Batman’s latest rival, but actually represent the technology for Taylor Made and Callaway’s latest drivers. With “Speed Injected Twist Face” TaylorMade can now produce the thinnest face to start above the legal limit of COR, before dialling it back by


By the look of the picture Rory is saying he will only play in two events.

‘In the Bunker’ with Mick the Grip FOUR-TIME MAJOR winner Rory McIlroy says the PGA Tour offers him a lot more incentives than the European Tour.

injecting a specific amount of resin into two 'tuning' slots on the driver face to get to within 2-3% of the legal limit and give golfers an extra 2mph of ball speed. In addition, TaylorMade’s M5 and M6 irons have the “Speed Bridge.” A single beam of steel that connects the sole to the crown of the iron, it is designed to stabilize the head at impact. Positioned exactly at the point that vibrates most, it works with the Speed Pocket to improve sound and feel, creating, you guessed it, more ball speed. TaylorMade claims its design is revolutionary, but it sounds suspiciously like Jailbreak Technology. Callaway’s ‘Flash’ technology consists of computer-designed ridges behind the driver face which optimise ball speed all across the face, and the thinnest part of the face is now in the centre (unlike previous Callaway drivers.) The face is forged on the inside then milled on the front in order to get the thickness down so that it is consistently closer to the limit. And, of course, Jailbreak technology. UNFORTUNATELY FOR TAYLORMADE, Justin Rose won’t be showing off their latest gear in 2019 as he has defected to Honma Golf. In December the premium Japanese brand, famous for 60 years for artisan-style craftsmanship and eye watering prices, signed the FedEx Cup winner

to play a minimum of 10 Honma clubs and sport their cap and staff tour bag, but could not announce the deal until the completion of Rose’s contract with TaylorMade.

Winner Xander Shauffele’s caddie took the flag out, but his boss’s stunning final round of 2 eagles and 8 birdies for an 11-under 62 showed Xander wasn’t bothered either way.

Rose is expected to play Honma’s TW747 driver, forged irons and wedges, giving them their first outing at the PGA Tour’s Desert Classic in Palm Springs on January 17.

Advice from Bob Hope: “Arnold Palmer told me how I could cut eight strokes off my score – skip one of the par threes.”

TESTING THE NEW RULES at Kapalua, Justin Thomas said he couldn’t take himself seriously if he left the stick in. Bryson DeChambeau did the Okey Cokey by alternating between leaving it in and taking it out. Marc Leishman tapped in his eagle from three-inches with the stick in and laughed at himself.

And finally a tip from Dan Marino: “Swing hard in case you hit it.” Until next time: Happy Golfing. Contact Mick for regripping and repairs. Call 638 859 475.


Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019


 637 227 385

EURONICS THURSDAY DART LEAGUE “THE ELECTRICAL SHOP” - BLUE LAGOON Thursday 10th January - Results Week 11 Chemmies Loungers 5-7 Junction Jaguars Fire Station BW 11-1 Chemies Chicks Hub Hellraisers 2-10 El Capitan Junction Jackals 10-2 Pint Depot Jesters Las Rosas Bullies 9-3 Peta’s Bar Patti’s Panthers 6-6 Angels Arrows Pint Depot Queens 3-9 Patti’s Pirates The Ale House 2-10 Hub Hyenas

El Capitan Hub Hyenas Junction Jackals Patti’s Pirates Fire Station BW The Ale House Las Rosas Bullies Junction Jaguars Chemies Loungers Angels Arrows Patti’s Panthers Peta’s Bar Chemies Chicks Pint Depot Jesters Pint Depot Queens Hub Hellraisers

P 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11

W 11 10 9 7 7 7 7 5 4 3 3 2 2 2 2 1

D 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 2 2 1 1 0 0 0

L 0 1 1 3 3 3 4 5 6 6 6 8 8 9 9 10

F 108 105 97 84 75 72 75 63 62 58 57 45 37 47 39 32

A 24 27 35 48 57 60 57 69 70 74 75 87 95 85 93 100

+/84 78 62 36 18 12 18 -6 -8 -16 -18 -42 -58 -38 -54 -68

Pts 22 20 19 15 15 15 14 11 9 8 8 5 5 4 4 2


By Tracey Betteridge

Fire Station Black Watch v Chemies Chicks

Hub Hellraisers v El Capitan

and D2 respectively.

The trebles started with Black Watch taking all three trebles with high scores from both sides notably Chemies Chicks Michelle 101, Andrea 74, Val 70 and FS Black Watch’s Barry 100, Les 100, Roger 85, 85 and John M 94. Finishers for FS Black Watch were Les D1, D4 and John M D5.

A special mention to El Capitan’s Nigel on scoring 180 !!

MOTM: Patti’s Panthers – Evergreen John, Angels Arrows – Kain

The doubles went the same way with FS Black Watch winning all 3 games. High scorers for the home team were John C 100, Sandra 88, 95, Ralph 97, Terry 80, Roger 98, 90, 97 and John M 85. Chemies Chicks had shots on doubles but just couldn´t put them away. Their best scorers were Henni 83, 63 and Lara 73, 73. Best finish of the night went to John C who took a three darter on 106. Five of the singles went to the home team before Chemies Chicks Susan took the final game with a magnificent 117 and a stunning D9 to beat FS Black Watch Les to chalk a game up for the visitors. A great night with some fun banter. MOTM: FS Black Watch – Les, Chemies Chicks – Susan

MOTM: Hub Hellraisers – Jan, El Capitan Edmundas. Patti’s Panthers v Angels Arrows The New Year’s first match had both teams struggling to put out more than 6 players each. However, there was some quality play, particularly from Angels Arrows Phil, Paul and Kain, and John and Michelle helping Patti’s Panthers cause. The match went to the wire, literally. The triples were won by Angels Arrows 2-1, the highlight being Ron’s top score of 116, and a 17, D6 finish. The pairs were won by Patti’s Panthers, the highlight being a 72, D16 finish by Michelle, blowing the cobwebs away. The singles were drawn 3-3 with Angels Arrows Phil showing the way in the first leg with 68, 60, 85, 92 and D20. Angels Arrows Steve throwing 60, 85, 60, 85, 83 and a 24 D6 finish. Both Paul and Kain had great legs D4

Las Rosas Bullies v Peta’s Bar A good night was had by all at Las Rosas against Peta´s Bar. The match was much closer than the score suggests with many legs decided by the quickest to hit their double. Las Rosas Bullies started well with Stef finishing on D1. Peta´s hit straight back with Paul scoring a brilliant 174, before Jim finished on D4, followed by Margaret finishing on D1, to give Peta´s Bar a 2-1 lead. Rosas then won 8 of the last 9 games to take what looks on paper as an easy win, but it was far from that. There were more than a dozen scores of 100 or more with Pauls 174. The highlight with many scores in the 80´s and 90´s. Paul´s 174 won him Peta´s “Man of the Match”, with Jem taking the accolade for Las Rosas.

Torrevieja Darts Ladies Organisation League Format - Week 1 Results: Gap Ladies 6 - 3 Primadonnas Friendly's Temps 4 - 5 El Balcon Chicas Black Dog Ladies 2 - 7 Friendly's Chicas Macklin’s Dolly Mixt 6 - 3 Wildcats at Macklin’s League Table Black Dog Ladies El Balcon Chicas Friendly Chicas Friendly's Temps Gap Ladies Macklin’s Dolly Mixtures Primadonnas Wildcats at Macklin’s

P 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

W 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 0

L 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1

Pts 1 3 3 1 3 3 1 1

Hot Darts: Eliz Cowan 140, Ellie Attwood 132, Joy Don 131, Cath Carter 130, Bliss Wright 128, Beaty Powell 126, Kathy Morgan 125, Noreen Dobbs 122, Pamela Taylor 121, Cynthia Jevons 120, Sandra Crabbe 116, Caroline Shepherd 115, Jenny Binfield 115, Jean Warnock 115, Sue Casey 114, Eileen Pond 114, June Hawkins 109, Jackie Tomkinson 106, Angie Jeffrey 104 Hot 100’s: Pat Schofield 2, Jane Barnes, Sue Cam, Eliz Cowan, Joy Don, Pam Horton, Beaty Powell, Pamela Taylor 1. Least Darts: Cynthia Jevons 22. Highest Checkouts: Kim Fickling 107, Lin Cousins 104, Beaty Powell 99. Bull Finish: Kim Fickling Please note that the mid-season Captains’ Meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th January at Da Vinci’s Bar, La Siesta. 8 for 8:30pm. This is for Captains and vice captains or a representative if one or other are unavailable. Please can you submit items for discussion ahead of the meeting to Pam Horton.

Monte rocked by Altet at home in shock defeat CD MONTESINOS ........ 0 CD ALTET ......................1 CD Montesinos suffered a shock 1-0 defeat against rock bottom club CD Altet in the 1st Regional Valencia Group 8 at The Municipal stadium. The visitors, who look certain for relegation having chalked up a mere 7 points from 15 games going into the fixture, netted a spot kick on 87 minutes to take a rare 3 points. To make matters worse Montesinos defender Morante was red carded for dissent following the penalty kick. Montesinos, sixth bottom, having sacked coach Carlos Perez in November after a dreadful run, appointment Ruben in their quest to retain first division status. And after the unexpected defeat CD Montesinos President Felipe Paradez exclusively spoke to me, saying: "We didn't deserve to win - but we also didn't deserve to lose." Montesinos bagged four goals against Altet

in September - and on a sunny winter afternoon the home crowd were hoping to witness more of the same - but it wasn't to be. Roberto Paloma, formerly of Torrevieja CF, signed in December, was making his 2nd appearance for Monte, and worked tirelessly throughout. It was Altet who took the game to Monte in the opening stages, with keeper Michael making a fine save, when tipping the ball over the bar. Roberto, Maccan, who suffered another injury, German and Vazquinho went close for Montesinos as they attacked the Altet goal. German netted, only for the 'goal' to be disallowed following handball, on 60 minutes. Roberto was brought down, when attacking the Altet goal, with the offence seeing the visitor's defender receive a second yellow card, and subsequently sent off.

Daniel brought down an Altet forward in the dying minutes - with the spot kick duly fired into the Montesinos net. David, formerly of Guardamar, was making his Monte debut, with Montesinos adding a further two players to the squad this week in a bid to turn round their fortunes. "We will have to keep working hard and get better. There are many points to play for," Felipe Paradez told me. *Next week Andrew Atkinson talks exclusively to Felipe Paradez on CD Montesinos' season - ruling out relegation.



 637 227 385

Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019

Controversy mars long awaited derby In the game itself Horadada were forced into an early change after a serious injury to Gabri saw the player transported into the back of an ambulance on a stretcher. The game continued but there seemed little enthusiasm until Julian’s languid attempt was easily saved by Ros.

UD Horadada .......................5 CD Torrevieja .......................0 TORRY EMBARKED on their first match of 2019 against Horadada without a permanent manager. Last week, joint managers Kiko Lopèz and Paco Guillen left the club, leaving youth manager Moncho to temporarily take over both sides. Were Kiko and Paco sacked, or as stated on the club website, did they leave for personal reasons? The club are keeping quiet. Also leaving the club last week was Keeper Juanpe, who has joined Murcian 3rd div side Los Garres on loan until the end of the season. On Sunday afternoon the local derby against Horadada, renewed acquaintances with ex Torry manager Pedreño, who had two spells at the club and with both sides desperate for the points. Horadada were sitting on the fringe of the relegation places while Torrevieja was just 1 point and 1 place better off (although looking at the league table on the official club website, Torry STILL refuse to acknowledge the 6 points deducted by the Valencia FA!).

The situation was only calmed following 3 yellow and one red cards to Torry players, the unlucky dismissal falling to Micro, a price that the team had to pay for their aggressive protestations. Down to ten men, and a goal behind, the situation looked desperate for the visitors and as the home side began to press their advantage Torry were under pressure for the remainder of the opening half.

Racing bolster promotion bid By Andrew Atkinson

Samu was the first Torry player to go close with a header over the crossbar on the 15 minute mark. This was followed by a similar effort just moments later when Roberto fired over from close range but there was controversy just around the corner. Following the award of a free kick to the home side, and the placement of the ball by the referee, while Torry were organising their wall, David kicked the ball 5 yards forward where it was stopped and placed again by Julian. Prior to any sort of a signal the striker then played the ball around the wall to Nico who walked it into the net with Torry still anticipating that thee referee would move the ball back to the correct place. Instead Snr Lopez inexplicably awarded the goal, the signal for a mass protest from Torrevieja.


RACING SAN MIGUEL returned to winning ways with an emphatic 5-0 away win at Betis Florida to consolidate top spot in the 1st Regional Valencia Group 8.

It was as though the visitors had the stuffing knocked out of them as the decision, and the injustice of it all, seemed to linger well into the second period as the home side completely dominated play.

lead from the spot.

Mauro, Esha and Samu were shooting at will and there seemed little that Torry could do to keep them out. Surprisingly, however, it took until the hour mark for Horadada to add to the scoreline and it was Mauro again, who beat the offside trap to slide the ball under the advancing Sergio.

Further goals from Samu and Roberto took the scoreline to 5-0 in a game that both sides will long remember, but for very different reasons. Neither was it a game that new coach Moncho will want to remember, although he will be pleased that his players continued to battle despite suffering their heaviest defeat of the season. And all credit to Horadada who took full advantage of Torry’s unfortunate predicament.

Moments later Mauro was pulled back by the Torry skipper who was duly dismissed after which Mono increased the

Next Sunday Torry entertain Villajoyosa in a 5pm ko but keep an eye on the club website for any changes.

After a shock 2-0 defeat against CD Dolores in December, that gave hope to CD Murada and Hondon Nieves, the chasing duo for title champions this season, Racing were back on song against third bottom Betis, with goals from Adrian Ortiz and Jonny increasing their points tally to 40. Racing, who go eight points clear, ahead of Hondon and Murada, who shared the points in a 3-3 draw, have bolstered the squad with new signings Samu Lopez and German born Anas Moussalin. Santa Pola thrashed second bottom Monforte CF 5-0.



 637 227 385

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Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January, 2019


The Leader Newspaper edition 748  

As the search for Henry continues the authorities say that they are still convinced that he will be found alive. Posters are now being sprea...

The Leader Newspaper edition 748  

As the search for Henry continues the authorities say that they are still convinced that he will be found alive. Posters are now being sprea...