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Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018

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rive along the N332 and you will see a lot of ugly, unsightly and illegal billboards that present a negative urban image on one of the most popular tourist areas of the province, and to which a succession of mayors and Councils have shown chronic incompetence and indifference in tackling.


Despite the promises of successive councillors and municipal

authorities it is abundantly clear that neither the Ministry of Development nor the bordering City Councils have been able to address the chaos inflicted by hundreds of illegal advertising billboards along the N-332, especially, the section that runs between Cabo Roig and Punta Prima. Continued on Page 2



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Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018

Continued From Page One Illegal Advertising Hoardings In February 2017 the Association of La Zenia Residents and Traders issued a complaint to the Directorate General of Roads of the Ministry of Development. The group say that they have proof that Fomento told the city council to remove the hoardings that are located on public land, where they are expressly prohibited by highway legislation, reminding the council at the same time of the authority they have to impose sanctions.

the number of hoardings that suffer serious damage during winter storms the answer would seem to be fairly clear.

The highway legislation expressly prohibits this type of advertising, where it is forbidden to advertise on any site that is visible from national roads, in general any advertisement that can distract drivers. The prohibition applies to all signs, posters, inscriptions, forms, logos or images, regardless of their type or size.

Similarly, on changing the advertisements that the billboards carry, many of the previous posters are simply dumped by the side of the board adding further to the unsightly clutter that many of them present.

In Orihuela the council is said to lack an ordinance that can regulate the location of this type of street advertising where there are many open records of urban infringement against the illegal hoardings which often presents a negative urban image in one of the most popular tourist areas of the province. They say that they are unable to act as the means used to sanction and force the removal of these signs are limited, and are supported by administrative procedures that are slow and complicated.

So not only are the hoardings unsightly and a major blot on the image presented of the Orihuela Costa but many are also unsafe. In a normal world a building inspector would be required to look at any installation and sign it off before further use was approved. But of course this never happens so there’s no way to know if they have the proper structural integrity and won’t topple onto the road.

As a succession of mayors and Councils have shown chronic incompetence and indifference in allowing the billboard industry to flout the law, Politicians know there’s just one way to wrest back control of the streets: by getting their hands, once and for all, on an inventory list of the owners and locations of thousands of illegal billboards and then forcing the companies to remove them, something that is unlikely to happen any day soon.

So their lack of control continues to be exploited by many of the companies responsible for such forms of advertising, regardless of the legal breaches.

In the meantime, Billboards must get public approval otherwise they don’t pay their way and are removed, so if you feel strongly about the way the law is being flouted by the agencies that erect the boards, and their supporters that use their services, the answer is quite simple…don't buy the product!

The bizarre lawlessness has gone on for so long that Orihuela council has no idea if the hundreds of illegal billboards are even safe, but on the evidence of

In encouraging the disastrous mess that borders this busy coastal thoroughfare the advertising industry is doing itself no favours at all.

Approval for another 102 homes on the Orihuela Costa Calle Gigantes y Cabezudos looking back toward Villamartin.


he building industry is booming once again in Orihuela, one of the municipalities where the housing bubble exploded with disastrous consequences in 2007, after years of frenzied building, especially in the coastal area. You would have thought that during the intervening 11 years lessons would have been learned but still with a lack of necessary services, especially on the Orihuela Costa, that appears not to have been the case. The waste collection service is still inadequate as is the disposal of human waste human which still often result in appalling smells, sewerage spills onto roads and pathways, across the municipality. However, the number of cranes that can be seen across the area suggests that there is still little control by the government of the construction industry where there is still the paradox of new homes being built next to abandoned housing developments, houses unsold and skeletons of buildings that were only half completed. Indeed so far this year the City Council has authorized more than 260 new constructions. The most recent was just last week when the Local Government Board authorised a developer to build four more apartment blocks in the Orihuela Costa, a total of 102 more homes, on Calle Gigantes y Cabezudos in Villamartin. He said that the development model is "impossible to maintain" recalling that in 2011 there were more than 10,000 empty homes in Orihuela, according to the Valencian Institute of Statistics.


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Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018

Building inspectors again refused entry to Torre Vigia T he owners of Torre Vigia, the watch tower in Torre de la Horadada, first built in 1591, are still refusing access to surveyors from the Ministry of Culture, who wish to gain entry in order to access its state of preservation.

On Monday, April 9, municipal and regional building inspectors attempted to enter the building, along with the councillors for Culture and Infrastructure, Trinidad Escarabajal and José Francisco Albaladejo, but they found the site to be locked up. Despite assurances to the family of the current owner, the Count of Roche, that they only wish to assess the current state of the building, entry is still being refused. Ignacio Ramos, the mayor of Pilar de la Horadada, has said that he has had enough and if there is no movement in the family’s stance in the coming days he is going to take the matter to the courts. Surveyor have been able to conduct an inspection from the outside of the building after which they highlighted the deteriorating state of the building which they feel could also be reflected inside. The metal fence that borders the plot it is old and rusty. The wall that holds it, cracked and with many holes. Of the once magnificent gardens only wild stubble remains and a number of neglected palm trees. The paint on the walled courtyard is peeling. The access doors are closed, the bell does not work and there is only one suggestion that would make one think that someone lives there: a television aerial. The tower was built in 1591 as one of Felipe II fortifications of the Kingdom of Valencia. It was constructed for the defence of the inhabitants of what was then Campo de la Horadada against the attacks of the Berber pirates which continued right up until the end of the 19th century, when it was eventually sold at public auction to the Count of Roche.

The authorities say they are concerned by the gradual deterioration

In recent years the tower has been awarded the status of ‘item of cultural interest’ and as such, in accordance with the Law of Valencian Heritage, it must open to the public at least four times a month. But the family that holds the noble title today has so far refused, as a result of which its contents remain a closely guarded secret. Meanwhile, the authorities grow concerned as they see a gradual deterioration in the site, particularly the watchtower itself, that provides a historical link for the municipality going back over 500 years, and that today represents a connection which the Pilareños say they are not willing to give up. But for now, the Torre Vigia will remain a forbidden tower, although the next chapter is still to be written as the story is by no means over.




Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018


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Bascuñana looks for approval on the coast E milio Bascuñana, the mayor of Orihuela, joined with coastal associations, residents groups and local citizens on Thursday at a hastily arranged meeting in the Alameda del Mar Civic Centre, where he hoped to soothe waters that have been growing increasingly stormy on the Orihuela Costa in recent weeks.

Following local demonstrations, which are being joined by an increasing number of dissatisfied residents, Bascuñana seems finally to be realising that the support his Partido Popular Party has with coastal voters is not as assured as it once was, and that with the influx of Spanish citizens, many of who have moved into the coastal zone in recent years, there is much more interest in the local political scene, resulting in a gradual decrease in the number of followers that now seem to support his constricted view of fair play. Neither was the mood helped by his unpunctuality, when, despite calling the meeting himself, he kept the 70 or so residents packed into the centre waiting, for almost 20 minutes. Items to be discussed – we expected an update on the Emergency Centre, medical support for costa residents, the pedestrian bridge over the AP7 and a report on increased spending on local infrastructure and whilst many of the points were glossed over the meeting was largely high jacked by individual residents with their own agenda’s. As such the mayor was required to spend too much time responding to individual complaints rather than focussing on the main reason for the meeting, that of addressing the lack of services caused by the unfair division of budgetary spending in the municipality. However as he attempted to appease the audience there were some items of good news for Orihuela Costa residents. The mayor confirmed that the La Zenia Emergency Centre is scheduled for completion in June next year and that and that a mandatory feasibility report is being prepared for the pedestrian crossing over the AP7.

He explained that items contained in the 2018 budgets include the installation of a football field, a skate park; the execution of the project for the new multicultural centre, improvements to parks, refurbishment of the coastal walkway between Cabo Roig and Cala Capitán, additional facilities on beaches; tarmacking and paving; as well as the refurbishment of the Alameda del Mar Civic Centre.

The mayor was accompanied by a number of councillors and advisors including Luisa Boné, the councillor for the coast.

Councillor for the coast, Luisa Boné said that in the next Governing Board it is hoped to approve the start of paving and asphalting, at a cost of 570,091 euros, in Campoamor, Los Dolses, Villamartin, Playa Flamenca, La Zenia, Citrus and La Florida, as well as the start of additional works and improvements in parks and gardens, budgeted at 300,000 euros. Whilst the importance of a second medical centre on the coast was stressed by some members of the audience the mayor explained that it is something that depends on approval by the Consell. Currently there are only 17,000 medical cards issued on the coast and there should be at least 25,000 to justify the second centre. He stressed the importance of all residents being registered to ensure that better services can be validated. We all know that this is currently not the case! It was also unfortunate that, in an area where a large majority of the population is non-native speaking, the two-hour meeting was conducted entirely in Spanish which meant that a lot of the expatriates in attendance were unable to keep up with many of the exchanges taking place between the mayor, his councillors and the audience. Opinions on the mayor’s performance varied enormously depending on who was asked but I think that all agreed that it was a meeting well worth holding which, with better management of the question and answer session, could be worth repeating in the future.

Getting on ‘yer bike in Torrevieja Professor Arie Romein, from the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Delft –Holland, was in Torrevieja as the guest of the Councillor for Tourism, Fanny Serrano, as part of the Strategic Tourism Plan for the area. The professor was visiting the city to lead a discussion, held in the Torrevieja Casino, where the promotion of the bicycle as a means of transport was proposed, leading to the inevitable reduction in both congestion and pollution in the area. Romein spoke of the situation in his native country, where there are more bikes than inhabitants. He said that there would need to be vast improvements in the network of cycle lanes, and the introduction of a good rental system with both sufficient fixed points of return and

affordable pricing. The proposals provoked an interesting debate on the way in which the use of the bike in Torrevieja can be improved. Fanny Serrano, asked if it would be "positive and advisable" to accept the proposal of a bike rental company that might wish to put 3,000 units in the city, in response to which Romein said that it was a figure that he saw as being a good starting point that equated well to the size of the municipality. He said that the advantages of this transport system for the city are obvious with less emission of polluting particles, less congestion due to traffic, the need for less parking spaces and better accessibility to the commercial urban centre by bicycle.



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Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018



Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018

Councillor praises Irish initiative L

ast weekend we had the first ever Irish Pub Route in Spain. The event was the brainchild of Sofia Alvarez, the Orihuela councillor for Tourism and foreign residents who said that she was delighted that so many people got involved in this special event. There were 31 participating Irish pubs in Orihuela Costa for the weekend event. The town Hall provided three coaches for this “Irish Pub Crawl” so everybody got around the route safely. Between midday and midnight, a coach passed each of the 31 pubs every 35 minutes or so. Each bar offered a drink and a tapa (finger food) for 2.50€ and in addition they had many special offers and entertainment.

There was a special app showing where each of the pubs are and how to get there. Judges will chose the “the best drink & tapa”, “the best pub atmosphere” and “the best decorated pub”. Orihuela Costa is a truly cosmopolitan area

All of a twitter in La Union About 200 birds will take part in the regional bird singing competition that will be held in La Union’s sports centre next month. This is the second time that the contest will be held in the small Murcian village to which it is expected to attract almost a thousand visitors who will gather to take in the spectacle and enjoy the birdsong. Traditionally, the judges will give each bird a set amount of time to impress them. The judges will listen carefully – even counting the number of times the birds chirp – and award points based on their melody, pitch, clarity, stamina, modulation and volume. If you have never witnessed such a spectacle and wish to go along the competition will take place on Sunday 20 May at the Antonio Sanchez Unionense sports centre.


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Civil Guard shortfall of 200 officers

with residents from over one hundred countries living here. Sofia is working hard that all of these foreign nationals feel welcome and integrated into the Orihuela Costa society. This could be the first of many such initiatives.

The President of the host club, Sociedad La Primitiva, Juan José Fernández

With an estimated population close to half a million people, based on staffing levels recommended by the Government, the Independent Association of the Civil Guard (IGC), has said that there is a shortfall of over 200 officers in the Vega Baja. A prime example is in Callosa de Segura barracks, where a population of 60,000 residents is supported by just 27 agents, and where the recommended number is 44. The lack of agents is seriously undermining surveillance and prevention services in Torre de la Horadada, which covers an extensive area and population with a single patrol, Dolores, Jacarilla, Almoradí, Callosa and San Miguel de Salinas. The president of IGC, Joaquín Parra, said that "if we continue to have this deficit, the Civil Guard is going to become a mere trafficker of complaints, without the possibility of investigation or prevention of crime."

Free Online Spanish Courses for Expats

New Spanish online courses are being offered free of charge by the Diputacion Alicante to the first 500 applicants. The course is available to Foreign Nationals who are registered on their local padron. It will last for eight months during which time there will be regular level and progress tests. The system can be accessed system wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in any one of the 20 interface languages available with the course adapted to each student's own level.

It is necessary for applicants to complete a registration form which they must send, together with their "empadronamiento" certificate by e-mail to: Registration is free and is done on a first-come first-served basis as registration forms are received. All of the necessary information and the forms, in English, can be found at the Leader website:



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Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018



Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018


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THE BOWEN TECHNIQUE TREATMENT The Bowen Technique does not rely on hard pressure, it is a very light touch therapy and there is no twisting, bending or awkward repositioning of the client during the treatment. It can be performed through light clothing.

With Body Harmony

A key element of the Bowen Technique so that we work holistically and do not treat a specific condition but look at the person as a whole.


he Bowen Technique was pioneered by Thomas Bowen, born in Geelong, Australia. After working in miscellaneous labouring jobs as a young man, he developed a great interest in massage and body work and spent time observing football trainers and others involved with sports.

What can Bowen safely treat. Common presenting problems include back and neck pain, knee problems, sports injuries, RSI, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and respiratory problems. Conditions such as chronic fatigue, hayfever, headache, kidney problems and problems requiring lymphatic drainage have responded favourably to Bowen Technique. Some people use the Bowen Technique as a means of stress management and health maintenance, seeing their therapists regularly 2-4 times a year.

By the time he was in his early 40´s, this gifted man had established a full time practice in remedial therapy using the technique he developed. It is amazing at the effectiveness of this simple and gentle “hands-on” therapy. The Bowen Technique is suitable for everyone, from the tiniest of babies, to athletes and frailest of adults. It looks at restoring balance to the body by a series of very gentle rolling type moves made with the therapist´s fingers and thumbs over precise areas of the body.

The Bowen Technique also addresses many other conditions and it is regarded as safe and effective for people of all ages.

The actual Bowen treatment With Bowen Technique, I am happy to work either directly onto skin or through light clothing.

A unique feature of the Bowen Treatment is that after a series of set moves, the therapist leaves the room for a couple of minutes. This prompts the body to reset, repair and rebalance itself.

The first session will consist of a consultation during which I take notes about you, your lifestyle, conduct any assessments required and then carry out the Bowen Therapy. Treatments are normally about an hour. Every person is unique and therefore treatments and times are tailored to the individual. An initial course of three treatments is recommended to see how

New lifeguard huts for Orihuela Costa The lifeguard hut on La Zenia beach, just one of many that will be replaced

Orihuela councillor for the coast, Luisa Boné announced the imminent construction and installation of eight huts for the First Aid and Rescue Service on the Orihuela Costa beaches.

the client responds to treatment, usually at weekly intervals. Some clients will experience instant pain relief, whereas with others the body may respond over the next few days, but normally even chronic conditions will see relief with an initial set of three treatments. It is recommended that clients are not receiving other physical therapies whilst being treated with the Bowen Technique. If you feel that The Bowen Technique is actually what you need right now and would like to book an appointment, or if you would like to have any further information, then please call Christine Quinlan at Body Harmony. Telephone number is 966 795 address is... and website is.. BODY HARMONY IS BASED IN LA MARINA

Volunteer youngsters to help Almoradí seniors

The councillor said that "the service has always been provided with prebuilt modules that have been rented every season, however, the City Council for Beaches considers that it necessary to invest in rather better facilities in order to improve the image of the beaches, as well as the working conditions of the staff of the First Aid and Rescue personnel who provide their services to the public". Both the specifications and the design of these modules, which are made of wood and will consist of one floor, have been designed by Council staff. They will have all the necessary facilities to ensure proper services, such as cabinets, speakers, sinks, stretchers, etc. The huts are divided into two sections: a public area for the provision of first aid and a private area, for storage for the staff that provide the service. The private area will also have a toilet. "It's a very simple and modern design and we hope it will please everyone” said Ms Boné.

Drone hits inbound aircraft at Alicante Airport Elche Police have said that a drone has hit a commercial aircraft as it was coming in to land at Alicante-Elche airport. According to the statement, the incident occurred last Sunday on the coastline close to the village of Arenales del Sol. Although the drone didn’t cause and damage, it did create a possible risk to the inbound aircraft, crew and passengers. The police spokesman said that the airport has an extensive no-fly zone but drones are regularly seen flying in the vicinity. He added “I believe that this is the first time a drone has hit a commercial aircraft in Alicante, and I am extremely relieved that the aircraft didn’t sustain and damage and was able to land safely.”

Almoradí has launched a pioneering project in the Vega Baja in which 51 youths have agreed to undertake training sessions that will allow them to become an active part in the day to day life of the elderly who are housed in the Casa Verde residence. The teenagers have all signed up to take part in the scheme in which they will form part of the life of the elderly at the Casa Verde residence, hopefully enhancing the circumstances for those to whom they are assigned. The program will begin with a programme of education for the youngsters which will develop into participatory sessions as the young people are gradually integrated into the day-to-day life of the elderly. Centre Director, Alberto Giménez, says that both he and the residents are delighted with the project, which they agree will be beneficial for the residents as well as the young people who are taking part. . In search of making the life of the elderly in this residence more entertaining and easier, the City Council of Almoradí has opted for this volunteer project. After a few days of information in educational centers, 51 young people of the town.



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Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018



Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018


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Little interest in Orihuela District Boards

Euro slightly weaker as Pound on the move! Friday currency update 13 April 2018 GBP/EUR 1.156 UP on last week GBP/USD 1.426 UP on last week EUR/USD 1.233 UP slightly on last week The pound has strengthened again on progress regarding one of the key issues that could still derail Brexit negotiations. UK personal borrowing is down which reduces the risk to the financial system. Next week PM Theresa May and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull meet to discuss post-Brexit trade (currently GBP/AUD = 1.831 which is close to a one year high. Meanwhile the Euro is slightly weaker after the minutes from the last meeting of the European Central Bank showed the head of the ECB expressing concern over a potential global trade war. Interestingly China had its first trade deficit in a year as exports dropped by 2.7% and imports rose by 14.4% in March. Eurozone trade figures for February are due soon and with disappointing recent German trade data, forecasts of a small increase in the trade surplus may turn out to be optimistic with a result that the euro could slip. An interesting Brexit ‘fun fact’ is that if the US and China becoming more protectionist, the UK becomes a more valuable market for the EU, not that the EU will admit it of course!

As always, financial markets react to rumour and fear. In the current tense climate around Syria be very cautious indeed as financial markets are very sensitive to political and military tensions. Written by facebook @CurrencyExchangeUK

Participation in voting at the District Councils last Monday was almost non-existent despite claims by the Ciudadana Councillor Sabina Galindo, that the procedure was a great success. Only 5 of the 11 districts were able to hold elections as, in the rest, the number of candidates was less than the number of places requiring to be filled, and in two of them voting was suspended. Two of the districts in which voting should have been held were districts X and XI (Orihuela Costa), however, an error in the ballots forced the voting to be suspended. The councillor said that these ballots will be re-run in the future. There were only three districts where voting took place, Districts II (Orihuela centro), VIII (Hurchillo-Arneva) and VII (Desamparados). However in a statement issued toward the end of the day the councillor Galindo attempted to put a positive spin on the proceedings saying that "today in Orihuela a great step has been taken, because for the first time, elections have taken place to choose to the representatives of the different districts." Of course she failed to mention that voting took place in only 3 of the 11 Districts and that the turnout was abysmally low. She added "we are pleased to be pioneers in a project that should have been launched years ago and has finally seen the light." What she failed to say was that the light was rather less than a flicker!



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Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018



Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018

Public criticism of Council decision to suspend Chiringuito contract The Orihuela councillor for the coast, Luisa Boné, has confirmed that the contract for the Chiringuito bars, which provide the catering service and other seasonal activities on the beaches (food, drink, sunbeds, umbrellas, leisure, entertainment, etc.), have been suspended. This decision has been based solely on a conclusion of the Prosecutor's Office, that the original award of the contract in June 2014 by the previous council, could have been fraudulently made. Little regard seems to have been paid to the fact that, during the tenure of the contract, the services afforded have always been first class, or that the many hundreds of people who still use the Orihuela Costa beaches now have no refreshment facilities, no first aid and no toilets. So much for the councillor’s ‘Winter Beach’ initiative introduced by the Ayuntamiento on La Caleta beach two weeks ago, where on Sunday afternoon, there would have been no medical assistance available for yet another heart attack victim but for the chance appearance of a Chiringuito employee who was able to break down the bar door and gain access to the defibrillator. He was able to treat the 50 year old Spanish man, with the assistance of a holidaying doctor, until the surprisingly prompt arrival of a SAMU ambulance which subsequently moved the victim to Torrevieja Hospital. At this stage I understand there has been no judgement from the Prosecutor’s Office to proceed with any charges so I find it strange that the council has made the decision to close the Chirunguitos down, a result that will affect many hundreds of local beachgoers, with even he councillor herself saying that there have been no complaints about the service provided by the current contractor.

Surely it would have been much better to have the new contract in place, and allow the natural transfer of services, prior to the termination of the old one! Although a new tender document is currently being drawn up, knowing from previous experience of the difficulties that such procedures often face, there is now no guarantee that the new service will be in place before the start of the main holiday and tourist season. In a statement made on their website by Chiringuitos del Sol, the company say that they were told to close down the Beach bars on 12 April at Aguamarina, Mil Palmeras, La Caleta, Punta Prima, La Glea, La Mosca, Playa Flamenca, Cala Cerrada, Cala Bosque, Cala Capitán and Barranco Rubio with no prior notice. There statement continues “It is our desire to return this service to the thousands of people who come every day to the Orihuela Coast. But given the dates, if this decision is prolonged in time, the beaches of Orihuela could be left without care or services throughout the summer.” “We deeply regret the inconvenience that this circumstance, which has occurred against our will, to our clients, whom we thank for their loyalty and affection. Chiringuitos del Sol reserves the possibility to take legal action by the prejudice that this measure, against which we have lodged an appeal at the Town Hall, for the company, which has already made the assembly and recruitment investment for the 2018 season.” On the notice board adjacent to Cabo Roig beach dozens of messages appeared at the weekend, all critical of the councillor’s decision to close down the beach bars, underlining the absence of toilets, first aid and the many other services that the bars would routinely provide.

La Caleta beach on Saturday morning where many hundreds of people now have no refreshment facilities, no first aid and no toilets.


 637 227 385


Thirty-nine tourists poisoned in Xàbia hotel Thirty-nine tourists who stayed at a hotel on the Arenal beach in Xàbia were poisoned over the Easter period after consuming cooked mussels. The Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition, reportedon Thursday that the visitors had suffered food poisoning after eating Galician mussels of the Estrella Polar brand. Only two of those affected were admited to the hospital in Dénia, one remaining for two days admitted when developing a viral picture compatible with food poisoning. Meanwhile, the other was with the other discharged after a few hours. All of the patients were satisfactorily treated, according to the Conselleria de Sanidad of the Generalitat Valenciana, which says that it does not rule out new cases. The product data, according to the Agency, are frozen cooked mussels of Galician origin. The name of the product on the label is super shell half mussel; the brand, Polar Star; and the lot, 010DOP-18. The best before date is 1/2020, and the manufacturing date is 01/19/18. As a precautionary measure, anyone who may have the product in their homes is recommended to refrain from its consumption.



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Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018


IFA’s Three Auto Exhibitions in one


hree major exhibitions in one will be taking place at the IFA Exhibition centre, alongside Alicante Airport, on 20, 21, 22 April 2018, where visitors will be able to enjoy the Firauto Car Fair and Expocar, a major exhibition of new and second hand vehicles that will both run in conjunction with the Sobre2ruedas Motorcycle Fair During three intense days, IFA will become the biggest showcase of new and used vehicles and motorcycles in the Province. FIRAUTO will exhibit new vehicles and the very latest national and international market developments in the car industry, while at EXPOCAR, the public will be able to browse, and purchase, used,

second-hand and kilometer-0 vehicles, where models will be available to meet all tastes and budgets, with some incredible prices. You will also be able to find a whole range of associated products including financial services, vehicle insurances and much more. APPLUS ITV will be on hand during the exhibition where visitors will be able to have their vehicle mechanically checked from 11am to 2pm and from 5pm to 7pm on each of the three days of the show. The entrance price is 8 euros for adults, 6 euros for pensioners, those under 30 years of age or anyone presenting a discount vouch-

er that can be downloaded from the website. Accompanied Children under 12 years of age are free. Additionally you can purchase your ticket in advance, from the IFA website ( at a discounted price of 5 euros. Place: IFA - Alicante Exhibition Centre Dates: 20, 21, 22-April-18 Hours: 10:30am to 9:00 pm. www.feria Facebook:


Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018


 637 227 385




ANSWERS QUICK ACROSS: 1 Dead; 3 Watchful; 9 Soldier; 10 Utter; 11 Anticipation; 13 Cranny; 15 Prison; 17 Extortionate; 20 Aroma; 21 Dissent; 22 Mastered; 23 Stay. DOWN: 1 Distance; 2 Allot; 4 Abrupt; 5 Counterpoise; 6 Fatuous; 7 Lure; 8 Disconsolate; 12 Ancestry; 14 Anxious; 16 Stodge; 18 Alert; 19 Calm. CRYPTIC CRYPTIC ACROSS: 1 Fact; 3 Swaggers; 9

ACROSS 1. Children's game 4,3,4)


Writing fluid (3)


Enquire (3)


Access (5)

Ravioli; 10 Onset; 11 Wicketkeeper;


Fatigue (9)


Not broad (6)

13 Rapids; 15 Vienna; 17


Swarthy (5)


Unhappiness (7)

Encyclopedia; 20 Recto; 21


Alfresco (4-3)


Height (9)


Nakedness (6)


Invariable (4,3,4)


Allot (6)


Stargazers (11)


Not fact (7)


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Hard-wearing fabric (5)


More dense (7)


Protrudes (6,3)


Bury (6)


Simple tune (3)


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Very upset (11)


Wonder (3)

Maestro; 22 Black tie; 23 Eden. DOWN: 1 Firework; 2 Civic; 4 Whisky; 5 Goose pimples; 6 Eastern; 7 Site; 8 Domesday book; 12 Macaroon; 14 Panacea; 16 Alumni; 18 Dated; 19 Grub.

L EA D E R T R I V I A Q U I Z 1. What is Elton John's heroic middle name

and US Open) Can you name them?

after he legally changed his name to Elton ?

11. What is the culinary term for cutting food


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2. The name of which board game translated

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5. The name for which form of transport stems

kneads bread"?

from the Latin "for all"?

15. What was the only country to have hosted

6. What did Chuck Yeager break on 14 October

the Summer Olympics and not win a single gold



7. Energy contains the Greek root 'erg'. What

16. In which E.U. country does 'Wiehed' mean

Solution on Page 23

does 'erg' mean?

one? (as in the number 1)

8. Name the three Oscar winners for Best Film

17. What nickname was the horribly disfigured

in the 1990s with a single word film title.

John Merrick given?

9. Sometimes called "the first great war of the

18. Which company built the Dr.l triplane flown

CAN YOU MASTER THE SUDOKU CHALLENGE? Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

20th century", which two world powers were at

by the Red Baron?

war with each other between Feb 1904 and

19. After leaving John Mayall's Bluesbreakers,

Sept 1905?

Peter Green became a founding member of

10. Eight tennis players have won the mens sin-

which famous band?

gles title in all four Grand Slam tournaments.

20. When does one use the word 'Kanpai' in

(Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open




Schindlers List in 1993. 5. Bus (omnibus). 6. The sound barrier when he flew the experimental Bell X-1 at Mach 1. 7. Work. 8. Unforgiven, Braveheart and Titanic. 9. Russia and Japan. 10. Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Andre Agassi, Roy Emerson, Rod Laver, Don Budge, Fred Perry and Novak Djokovic. 11.

DOWN 2. Whiskey or port? (3) 3. It could be the absolute end (5) 4. Gentle nurse? (6) 5. Funfair turns out to be rough (7) 6. Senator is making a claim (9) 7. Egomaniac's sort of store? (4-7) 8. Thoughtful form of desecration (11) 12. Promise to leave some? (9) 15. Discipline learnt by nieces outside top college (7) 17. Not just dark-haired (6) 19. Member finding a student of the law (5) 21. It may provide transport for the concert (3)

1. Hercules. He changed his name legally to Elton Hercules John. He chose the middle name "Hercules" not after the hero of mythology, but after the horse named Hercules on the British sitcom Steptoe and Son (1962). 2. Mahjong. 3. Tropical Fruits, 4. The Artist won the award in 2012 prior to which it was

ACROSS 1. Class of wage-earners making it a real port (11) 9. Sheep from the West (3) 10. Obvious love for a party plan? (9) 11. Type of source? (5) 13. See grim problems for refugees (7) 14. Such a son normally succeeds (6) 16. A French type can be cruel (6) 18. Edition of new revision lacking one (7) 19. Does it rule the waves? (5) 20. There are strong links between its members (5,4) 21. Obtain a sheep that came back (3) 22. Science often met in its abbreviated form (11)

Julienne. 12. Shocking Blue and Bananarama. 13. Vatican City, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Andorra and Luxembourg. 14. Lady. 15. Canada (Montreal 1976). 16. Malta. 17. The Elephant Man. 18. Fokker. 19. Fleetwood Mac. 20. When making a toast. (as in Cheers, salute, to your health).



 637 227 385

Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018

‘Twitters from the Atlantic’ Barrie Mahoney was a head teacher and school inspector in the UK, as well as a reporter in Spain, before moving to the Canary Islands to launch and edit a new English language newspaper.

He enjoys life in the sun as a columnist and author, and continues to write a series of popular novels, books for expats, as well as designing mobile apps and websites to promote the Canary Islands.

The bust of Betancourt in front of the St Petersburg State Transport University.


During the time that I have lived in the Canary Islands, I have come to understand, appreciate and admire the contribution and influence that these small islands have made over many years; an influence that is far in excess of the size of this unique archipelago.

I was reminded of this once again when it was reported that the authorities in St Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia, announced their decision to dedicate a bridge on the tributary of the Neva River in honour of the Canary Islands engineer, Agustín de Betancourt, who worked for Tsar Alexander I. This bridge will be inaugurated on the eve of the opening of the

World Cup later this year, which links the islands of Petroviski, Serni and Dekabristov through the Malaya Neva. The naming of this bridge after Agustín de Betancourt marks 260 years since the birth of this Tenerife engineer. This bridge will help to reduce the traffic congestion of St Petersburg, which has traffic jams as big as Moscow, and has a stadium that will host one of the World Cup semi-finals. Agustín de Betancourt was born in 1758 in Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife and his roots can be traced back to Jean de Béthencourt who began the colonisation of the Canary Islands in 1402, declaring himself as King of Tenerife in 1417. Agustin’s father was a well-educated businessman with commercial interests in textile machinery,

Brit couple’s effort to ‘save the environment’.

“Not one council employee or refuse lorry was to be seen” said Tony Mayes A quiet drink in a seafront cafe in La Mata turned into a bid to help save the environment on Wednesday for two Brit ex/pat families. It started when wind whipped up outside the cafe and a whirlwind developed with plastic bags of all shapes, sizes and colours being hurtled into the air. When they got outside they discovered the nearby road where a street market had been held earlier was a sea of plastic bags. And the ever increasing wind was blowing it all across a boat park and sand and into the sea. Eileen and Tony Mayes and Pete and Kate Goodger got busy grabbing hold of the wind/blown plastic, trying to stop at least some of it from getting into the sea. Three large bags full

b y Bar rie Mahoney

and his mother, Maria, was the first woman in Tenerife to publish a scientific article about dyes used in textiles. Agustin graduated in Madrid, and worked on canal buildings and mining, before travelling to Paris to study hydraulics and mechanics. Betancourt had work published on engineering within the coal industry, but his main role was to discover new technologies that would benefit Spain. His work took him to England where he visited James Watt and Matthew Boulton, who were pioneers of the steam engine. Much of Betancourt’s work appears to be connected with intelligence gathering from engineers working in France, England and the Netherlands, which would probably be called commercial espionage nowadays. His interests were wide and varied ranging from the optical telegraph, Spain’s first hot air balloon, harbour dredging, gun barrels, building a city jail, preservation of several ancient churches, building a cathedral and rebuilding a fairground, which gives a flavour of the interests and achievements of this dedicated engineer at work.

he Russia Connection

Anyone who has travelled across these islands and has driven through some of the older road tunnels, carefully crafted through the centre of some of the volcanic mountains, will appreciate the impressive engineering skills demonstrated by the talented workers of earlier generations.


Eileen Mayes and Kate Goodger chasing plastic were collected, but it was only a drop in the ocean compared with all the plastics and other rubbish already in the sea and still along the market road. Said Tony Mayes: “To leave a road after the market had gone with so much rubbish in it is ridiculous. Not one council employee or refuse lorry was to be seen. Market traders had left hundreds upon hundreds of plastic bags on the road, all destined to be blown into the sea. “We are hearing over and over on TV news programmes about the volume of plastic entering our seas and oceans eaten by fish which are being killed by all the rubbish. Quite rightly there’s a massive campaign in Britain to deal with plastics but it is totally useless if other coun-

tries couldn’t care less about the environment. The local council should be ashamed of itself not bothering to clean up after the weekly market. It would be interesting to calculate how many tons of plastics have entered the Mediterranean from the La Mata market alone because traders couldn’t care less about the environment and interested only in making money. He added that the world needs to change its attitude to the environment quickly to avoid major problems. The world has an increasing population which will need feeding – and allowing any rubbish, and particularly plastics to get into the oceans to kill our fish food stocks is simply crazy.

It was Betancourt who became the founder and director of the Institute of Communication Route Engineers, and, among other things, designed the first paper money printing machine in Tsarist Russia. He lived in Russia for 16 years and was also involved in construction projects in the Nizhny Novgorod main commercial precinct during the Nineteenth Century, and the modernisation of the Tula weapons factory. During his life, he also created the School of Civil Engineers of Roads, Canals and Ports for Madrid and built the Double Effect Steam Machine. Agustín de Betancourt died in 1824 in St Petersburg. Engineer, architect, builder and inventor, Agustin de Betancourt has a memorial in the form of a bust in the premises of the University of Railway Engineering and is buried in the cemetery of Alexandr Nevsky Monastery in St Petersburg. Once again, many will be surprised, as well as humbled, by the achievements of this son of the Canary Islands. Available in paperback from Amazon, Waterstones and all good bookshops, as well as on Amazon Kindle. Join me on Facebook: @barrie.mahoney


Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018


 637 227 385


Patient falls from speeding ambulance CINEMA PILAR


patient fell from a basic life support ambulance (SVB) belonging to the Department of Health recently as the vehicle was travelling around Ondara in the direction of Valencia. The woman fell onto the road and was severely injured.

English Language Cinema in Pilar de la Horadada Calle Canalejas 4 Thursday, 19th April at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday 21st April at 5:00 p.m.

The accident was witnessed by Michael Kaworsky, a German resident of Moraira, who was driving along behind the emergency vehicle at approximately 110 kph. He said that the ambulance was going at a similar speed.


The driver told the Spanish press that he stopped only three metres from the injured woman. He shielded her with his car, signalling approaching traffic to slow down as she lay motionless and covered in blood. Mr Kaworsky said yesterday that he still has trouble sleeping. He said he is still "traumatized." "I saw the back doors of the ambulance open. I was in my car about 500 metres behind when something fell out. I thought it was a blanket, but it was actually the woman, probably between 20 and 40 years of age. I managed to stop when I was almost on top of her”. “She was still alive, although she was breathing hard." This Moraira resident said that it was some time before the two paramedics realise what had happened at which point they turned around and came back in the opposite direction. "When they arrived back at the scene, I told them that we had to call a doctor and the police. But they wouldn’t listen. They bundled the woman back on the stretcher, put her into the ambulance and drove off. I over-

took them my car and waited at the Oliva toll, but they continued on towards Valencia." Kaworsky presented his complaint in the Denia court. He was able to take a photograph of the ambulance. He maintains that the driver and his companion told him that it was all the fault of the passenger because she was crazy. The Ministry of Health confirmed that the accident had occurred and said that it has opened an investigation to clarify how the patient was able to open the back door of the ambulance. They said that that the woman suffers from a mental illness and that she was travelling in the back of the ambulance, was being monitored by a paramedic and

was secured on the stretcher with a belt. Michael Kaworsky said that the accident caused him a "great shock" and that he is very concerned about the fate of the woman. "I'm afraid that she might not have survived. Her injuries were very serious, "he added. He originally went to the Civil Guard in Gandia to present his complaint, but it was closed, while the National Police and the Local told me that it was not their responsibility, but that of the Alicante Traffico department of the Civil Traffic Guard, because the accident had occurred in the Alicante province”. Finally, he was able to file his complaint last Thursday in the court of instruction number 2 in Denia.

Horadada Centro de Salud to be extended

The contract was signed by the mayor last Wednesday and should now be underway within a matter of days The project for improvements to the Health Centre in Pilar de la Horadada is now underway. The mayor, Ignacio Ramos and the councillor for Health, Mayte Valero, have now formally signed the contract with ImesApi, the Madrid Company awarded the works, explaining that the improvements will get underway in the next few days.

approval has finally been confirmed from the Department of Health to process the works for the extension of the building which will cost 907,124.59 euros.

A municipal source said that the need to improve the sanitary facilities are long overdue, but now

The work is expected to take approximately 8 months.

In addition to that a further 170,066.29 euros will be spent on internal renovations.

Paddington is happily settled with the Brown Family but when the perfect present for his beloved Aunt Lucy's 100th birthday is stolen it's up to Paddington and the Browns to unmask the thief

Director: Stephen Chbosky Stars: Hugh Grant, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Dur: 1h 35min | Comedy, Kids Fantasy, 2017



 637 227 385

Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018



Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018


 637 227 385



Apartment for Rent Villamartin, Very large 2 Bed Flat, 2 Bath, Fully Furnished, Air Con, Sky TV, Com Pool, Very large Sun Terrace, 5 Mins walk from Plaza, €400pcm plus Bills , Call Dean 639 288 935

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Social and Clubs The next monthly meeing of the Orihuela Costa Branch of the Royal British Legion will be on 19 April at the Olympia Restaurant in Mil Palmeras starting at 7.30pm. The Torrevieja Branch will meet at the Casa Ventura in San Luis at 7.30 pm on the 11 May while the La Marina/Gran Alacant Branch meets on the 1st Monday at The London Bar, behind Dial Prix in Gran Alacant at 6pm. All Welcome.

Age Concern Costa Blanca Sur is here to help you. Our aim is to assist with problem solving for the over 50’s and promote their well-being. We need volunteer Drivers and people to join our Residential Home Visiting Team. You will visit people who live in a Residential Home, and take them out for a coffee either in a wheelchair or walking. If you think you can help Age Concern in this respect call into our centre at C/Paganini s/n, Urb. La Siesta 03184 Torrevieja or ring 966 786 887. Or you can email: Torrevieja Retired Activities Club meet on the third Wednesday in the month from 11-1pm at Marina Club Cafeteria, International Marina, Torrevieja. We have a speaker at our monthly meetings, or quiz, etc. Enjoy an activity once a month such as petanca, mini golf, 10 pin bowling, and on the first Sunday of the month we organise a restaurant lunch. The joining fee is 10euros but you can attend one meeting or lunch before you join. For info phone Sandy Hollywood, President 698 266 696 or Jill Hayes, membership Secretary 672 983 019. HAH CB need you to help us help those in need in their own homes in areas surrounding Quesada, San Luis, La Siesta Torrevieja, La Mata, Orihuela Costa, Villamartin to Campoverde, short or long term medical conditions of all ages and nationalities. Contact our head office on 965 328 794 or email: charitycentre TORREVIEJA Official Liverpool FC Supporters' Club, Costa Blanca. - Why not join us

at Kennedy's Pub, Playa Los Locos, to watch the games? Curious about the work of Samaritans in Spain? Interested in becoming a listener? Have a few hours a week to help with the charity shop, fundraising or admin? To find out more, come and join us for refreshments and a chat at our Centre in the Punta Marina Shopping Centre, by the Punta Prima roundabout, on the N332. (Volunteer positions are unpaid but expenses can be claimed). Email: The Orihuela Costa Drop In Centre is in C/Cipres, Lomas de Cabo Roig, where we can offer you a full range of activities Monday, Wednesday and Thursday including music, language classes, drawing and painting, sewing, general information, bereavement advice and much more. Further info available at:

Churches and Services La Siesta Evangelical Church hold services each Sunday and everyone is welcome. Our 11.15am Services are held every 2nd and 4th Sunday in the month (and on the 5th Sunday, if this applies.) On the 1st and 3rd Sunday’s our Services are at 9.30 am. Our choir sings at our 11.15 am Services and there is also a Sunday School, Stepping Stones, on these Sundays. We welcome residents, visitors and children. For information see our website or phone Pastor Keith on 666 180 108 The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) in Torrevieja meet at 10.00 each Sunday in their chapel at Rambla Juan Mateo Garcia, 104. All

We reserve the right to enhance these citeria after shortlisting Welcome. You can phone or whatsapp the missionaries on 667 533 597.. International Christian Assembly, Calle Urbano Arregui, 23, Torrevieja - Evangelical nondenominational church. All nationalities welcome. Sunday service 11.0 a.m.; Sunday school; Prayer meetings; craft and computer clubs. Ladies Bible Study: Thursday 11.0 a.m. Church Bible Study: Thursday 1.30 p.m. House groups in Torrevieja, La Siesta – Contact: 966 752 543 / 617 215 463. For other church matters: Phone: 966 799 273 / 966 752 543 / 617 215 463.

Musicians Wanted Forming Royal British Legion Concert Band is seeking experienced musicians, especially French Horn, Trumpet and Cornet. Call MD on 638 108 078 for information.

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Items For Sale Why not use the power of the Leader to sell your unwanted goods or to advertise your business. Classified advertising is available on these pages from just 5 euro per entry. Email



 637 227 385

Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018



Hub Hyenas Wee Rockers Porter House Angels Junction Jaguars Amigos Misfits Hen's Teeth Fire Station

LEAGUE A Hub Hyenas El Capitan Junction Jackals Porter House Wee Rockers Las Rosas Angels Tavern Oldies LEAGUE B Ale House Junction Jaguars Porter House Bees Amigo's Misfits Pint Depot Queens Fire Station Hen's Teeth Hub Hellraisers

9-3 7-5 5-7 1-11 9-3 2-10 6-6 8-4

El Capitan Tavern Las Rosas Junction Jackals Porter House Bees Ale House Pint depot Queens Hub Hellraisers

P 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

Pts 38 33 29 25 22 22 22 13

5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

23 17 12 12 8 7 7 1

Legs 43 37 34 25 34 29 18 20

45 39 34 25 22 34 24 16

180’s this Week: Mark Todd (Junction Jackals), John Walker (El Capitan), Del McCauley (Hyenas) Highest Check-out: Jeff Ward (porter House) 147 [T20, T17, D18] Hub Hyenas v El Capitan 9 -3. 1st V 2nd at The Hub Bar Villamartin, the home side knowing a draw at least would secure a second successive league title. Both teams were at full strength and the match didn't disappoint! The 1st treble saw Del, 'The Doc' McCauley, Alex 'tequila' Nikolov and Joe 'Windy' Miller up against John Walker, Aroldas and Jim Storey. Walker showed El Cap's intentions with the very first throw of the match....180! Swiftly answered by Doc, 140.Nikolov, 100, 85 and Miller 100 added to the total, Walker replying, 125. High scoring by both sides, but it was the tequila kid who cleaned up, 66 out, T6 S8 D20. 1/0 HUB 2nd Trebs, Durrant, John Williams (98) and John Eyre (100) v Ed Klimonis (100, 81), Vycka ‘The General’ Bobinas (90), and David Rotella. Eyres hitting S16 D20 to make it 2/0. In the 3rd Trebs , Doc (100,100), Eyres and Nikolov (85, 100) played Walker (85, 85,) Aroldas and Edmund. Aroldas finishing on a classy 2 dart 84. T20, D12 -

Torrevieja Ladies Darts Organisation Ladies Pairs Finals The Ladies of the League gathered at the Black Dog in Torrevieja for the Finals of the Ladies Pairs competition. The first Quarter final between Ann Wharton & Stacey McDermott against Simone de Lacy & Tracy Simpson was won by Ann Wharton & Stacey McDermott. The second Quarter final was won by Mitch Halliday & Beatty Powell who played against Christine Simmonds & Marylyn Jackson. The third Quarter final between Pamela Taylor & Val Millar against Janet Boyd & Denise Groves was won by Pamela Taylor & Val Millar. The fourth Quarter final was won by Sue Cam & Maureen Church who played against Selam Dyer & Lorraine Veale. The first Semi-Final was won by Mitch Halliday & Beatty Powell and the second Semi-Final was won by Pamela Taylor & Val Millar. Joint 3rd went to Sue Cam & Maureen Church along with Ann Wharton & Stacey McDermott. Well done ladies. The exciting Final between Pamela Taylor & Val Millar against Mitch Halliday & Beatty Powell was won by Pamela Taylor & Val Millar. Congratulations to Pamela Taylor & Val Millar our Champions for 2018 with a special mention to Pamela Taylor who scored a 171 during the evening’s games; and finally well done to our Runners Up Mitch Halliday & Beatty Powell Thanks go to Kevin and Barry for hosting the evening and the

1st Pairs Miller (85,83) and Durrant beat Aroldas and Dave, Durrant hitting D18 to make it 3/1 Hub. In the 2nd Pairs, John Williams (122,137,99) and Nikolov (100) couldn't overcome Edmund (81, 100, 100) Walker (85, 81) Walker hitting the required finish, S10 D5 3/2 3rd Pairs: John Eyre (121) Doc (180) had double trouble against Vyka and Jim (96). Vycka outing on D2 to leave the game all square at H/Time 3/3 After some tasty half time Fish and Chips, the Hub knew 3 legs would do. They won them all! First up was Nikolov (100) and a smart finish of 80, T16 D16 seeing off Aroldas. Joe Miller produced the performance of the night, rattling off 3 successive 100s and finishind D8 to beat John walker (96). John Williams (96) V Ed Klimonis (140) up next , Williams finishing on D5 to secure the draw and the Title! 4th up in the singles was the Doc (95,100,97) seeing off Vycka (97) and 15 darts at double 1 to make it 7/3! Durrant (83, 140) won a tight game with Jim Storey (81, 100) and then men’s singles finalist John Eyre (140, 100,125) was last up against David Rotella (100), Eyres hitting D18 first dart to take the final leg FINAL SCORE 9-3. A great game, 2 good sides, lots of 100 pluses and 2 maximums! Played in great spirit! Porters v Rosas 5 -7:- Good food, a few beers and a good humoured night out by all at Pati' s Bar. The first three trebles were all close encounters Sid Cross scoring 100 for the hosts but Steph Simmo replied with a 100 before Adrian finished on D12 for Rosas. Although the high scoring was done by Spencer 120 and Jem 100 for Rosa's, Ray Sanderson finished D10 for the Porters. Jeff Ward stepped up in the third with 100 and D13 with Preston hitting 100 for Rosas. The doubles started with Rosas levelling the score through Chris Montes D3 with both sides struggling to finish. Ray Sanderson then finished his second double of the evening D9 with Spencer hitting another 100. Rosas won the final doubles easily, Adrian getting 140 the D8. The singles dominated by Rosas starting with Steph 132 and D2, Cris Matson taking the second 60+D18 and finally Jem left Peter Ayers well adrift giving all three games for the visitors. Ray Sanderson stepped up again with his third finish of the evening for the Porters with T15. D20. Ray Hayes made the match interesting by winning the next. The match ended with Rosas deservedly taking the match 7.5 with Alan Preston hitting the winner. MOTM Ray Sanderson (Porters) Cris Montes (Rosas).Report by Brian Nash Hen’s Teeth v Pint Depot Queens 6-6 Started off with HT Joe, Dave and Mike v Queens Marie, Ally and Rachel. The Queens got o? to a good start from Ally 54 and Marie 68 but Joes 58 and Mike’s 60 and 62. More high scoring Marie 69, Dave 77and Ally 86 got the game down to 8 for the Hens and Queens 6 with Dave getting in Þrst with D4. Up next was Hennie, Jan and captain Tony against Debbie, Pam and Lorraine. A good opening start for Tony with 54 and with loads of banter going on Lorraine got 67 and Hennie 58, Debbie copied with another 58, Jan 60 and 55 and Pam with a great 74 and both teams were down to doubles but Jan was the Þrst to get it with D1. The captain decided to keep the winning team going so Joe, Black Dog Ladies for organising the Raffle. Special thanks to Stan Veale and Barry Wheaton for marking during the evening. League Results to date: El Balcon Chicas Wildcats at Macklins Black Dog Ladies Friendly's Temps

5-4 6-3 2-7 3-6

Friendly's Chicas Primadonnas Gaps Ladies Macklins Dolly Mixtures

Wildcats at Macklins Gap Ladies Macklins Dolly Mixtures Friendly Chicas El Balcon Chicas Black Dog Ladies Friendly's Temps Primadonnas

P 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

W 12 11 7 6 5 3 2 2

L 0 1 5 6 7 9 10 10

Pts. 36 34 26 24 22 18 16 16

Reminder for the A.G.M. New procedures are in place for this year’s A.G.M and all Proposals are to be with the Coordinator by the 30th April 2018. These proposals will be issued and discussed at the Captain’s Meeting prior to the A.G.M. Pam Horton 96 571 0066 Email:


By Simone de Lacy

Mike and Dave up to the oche against Marie, Maggie and Pam. A slow start till Maggie got a fab 76 and Mike retaliated with 85, Marie 60, Dave 76 a great high scoring game till Marie got a classic 6 and good humoured abuse was hurled by both sides and then Maggie did the same. Very quickly more high scores from Mike 79, Marie’s 63 and Maggie’s slightly better 64 and this bought both to 57. Maggie got them to 28 and Mike left Dave with 12 which he got with a D6 to Þnish the trebles with the Hens up 3 games. Debbie decided to have a practice before the pairs and got 100, boy was she fed up, however she soon scored 81. Jan got a spectacular 5 but luckily Tony made up for it with 62 but we are playing badly and are 150 behind the Queens. Rachel and Debbie were quickly down to their double. Tony’s well needed 62 helped and the Hens got down as well. After at least 10 of both teams just missing, Jan got D2 to relieved cheers from both teams. The second pairs saw Mike and Hennie against Marie and Maggie, a 67 from Hennie and Maggie got 64 with just 2 darts. This a great high scoring game with Mike 100 and 101, Marie 74, 57 and the game is very close 132 to 154 and both down to doubles but this time Marie got to hers Þrst with D11. Joe and Dave up next against Lorraine, good scores again with Joes 100, 55, 85 and Lorraine 75, 110, 77 leaving the 30 to Þnish. Hen’s Teeth also needed 30 to check out but Queen Ally got there first on D15. The score is now 4-2 going into the break. Pork chops with a lovely sauce, chips and bread were just what we need before the next half of the game. Thanks Steve and Veronica and all the sta? as normal it was really lovely. The singles kicked off with Dave v Lorraine, Lorraine’s 84 was fab then Dave seemed to like 58 with 2 in a row. Dave then did a Robin Hood or William Tell not sure which, one dart on another. A 73 from Dave and a 72 from Lorraine kept the game going. The Hens needed 110 but Dave got 128 and bust it, then 70 to leave tops but Lorraine pipped him to the post with D18. S2: Joe and Marie after a slow start both get 100 and a 97 from Marie soon follows. It doesn’t take them long and they are both trying for their doubles and keep busting but eventually Marie wins out and it’s now 4/4. S3: Rachel and Mike next and a steady game, Mikes 57, 81, 81 and Rachel’s 57 left them fairly even on 102 v 142. A few more throws each and mike Þnished on D4. S4: The best game of the night was between Hennie and Maggie. Hennie started with a 55 then Maggie threw a 86, Hennie 62, Maggie 72, Hennie 79, Maggie 67, WOW it didn’t Þnish there Hennie 80, Maggie 77 an amazing game Hennie 114 leaving herself tops. Maggie is on 12 and an easy D6 and we are 5/5. S5: Tony and Debbie are up next with Debbie getting 81 and Tony a trio of 60+’s Soon Tony’s on a 32 Þnish and Debbie on 48 which she gets 7, 17 and D12. 6/5 to the Queens and they are in the lead for the Þrst time. S6: Make or break for the Queens now as Jan faces Pam in the last game. Pam gets a 71 and a 73 and Jan gets a 50 and scores steadily after this. The atmosphere is tense waiting to see which way it goes but Jan just gets in front and hits double 12 to make it a draw, a really fair end to a really fun evening. Report by Jan Hassall

Hens Teeth happy with a draw! Men’s Pairs Finals:- The four pairs left in the competition will be down to 3 on finals night this Monday (16th April) as unfortunately one pair cannot make it. The remaining chaps will play a round robin semi-final with the two top pairs going to a final of 601, best of 7. The matches will be played at the Hub, Villamartin Plaza.


Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018

San Luis Bowls


 637 227 385


with Sheila Cammack

On Saturday 7th we held our annual Presentation Dinner at Casa Ventura. For those who had won, or were finalists, in the club championships the presentation of awards was a bonus. For everyone else there was an enjoyable evening with a tasty meal, good company and lively entertainment for those who were energetic enough to get up and dance! We hope that our winning club representatives all have the same success in the Champion of Champions Tournament hosted by San Luis (first 3 days) & Quesada (all 7 days) from 16th to 22nd April. Good luck to everyone; here’s to good weather and excellent bowling. South Alicante Summer League: Monday 9th April SL Wellingtons away v EI Victors, had a good first result 10-4, 121shots-92. Winners: Helen Hammond, Ray Pollock, Scott Malden 31-13, Steve Simmons, Sabrina & Russell Marks 27-10, Irene Everett, Bob White, Vic Slater 18-13, Shirley Verity, Jo & Julian Pering 20-18. SL Hercules BYE. Wednesday 11th VCL: SL Falcons away v Vistabella Saxons, had a good result; 8-4, shots 91-71. Winners: Singles – Kath Reid 21-11, Pairs – Steve Simmons & Russ Marks 21-16, Rinks – Helen Hammond, Pam Lockett, June & Keith Jones 22-9. SL Hawks BYE. Friday 13th VCL: SL Hawks were badly mauled at home by the Quesada Tigers. Fortunately Ros Holmes took charge of her singles match, picking up 3 shots on the last end to win 21-16. Sally Cordell & Les Bedford just lost by 2 shots after a really close battle in the pairs. Pts 2-10, shots 65-100. Information: or contact June Jones, Club Captain: 691 903 773.

Horadada Bowls Club

by Irene Graham

On Saturday 7th April Horadada were represented in the Les McCracken tournament at Emerald Isle. This is an invitation event where 7 different Clubs provide a rink to play against each of 7 rinks from Emerald Isle. Each game was over 4 ends with 2 points going to each winner and 1 point for a draw. Our rink of Linda Hier, John Jukes, Jeff Hier and Barry Evans finished a very credible 2nd on 10 points having won 4, drawn 2 and lost only 1. This was only 1 point behind the winners Vistabella. Because of our better shot difference things could have been even better had the opposition skip not drawn shot with the very last wood of the last end of the last game thus giving us only a draw. Still that’s bowls! On Monday we played the first of the Hurricane Division matches at home against Emerald Isle Vulcans. After a very hard fought match, during which, on the majority of rinks, fortunes swung back and forth, we managed to win on four rinks gaining 10 points to Emerald Isle’s 4. The results were as follows: Pat Patton, Wayne Jackson and Brian Patton 15 – 12, Margaret Odell, Linda Heir and Terry Hucknall 13 – 10, Jeff Heir, Fred Trigwell and Barry Evans 23 – 9, David Miles, Roy Thomson and John Bailey 22 – 19. The overall shots were 99 – 88 so congratulations to every member of the team, and let's hope we can emulate last season and win this division as well!! Wednesday’s match was the VCL League at home to San Miguel Deputies. There was some great bowling from both sides, and it could have gone either way, but the turning point was the fours getting 5 shots on the last end, and the trips winning by three shots on the last end which gave us the overall shots and 8 points to San Miguel’s 4. The results of our winning rinks were as follows: Gents Singles - John Jukes 21 – 11, Triples – Carol Linehan, Jack Linehan and Barry Evans 15 – 12, Rinks – George Burrage, Roy Thomson, Bryan Eatough and Terry Hucknall 23 – 16. The overall shots were 77 – 74.. Once again congratulations to all our players and thanks to Fred Trigwell and Alan Miller for marking duties. On Saturday 14th April 4 of our players are representing Wales in the 4 Nations competition to be held at Monte Mar. We wish them all good luck and good bowling. Horadada offers a warm welcome to new or experienced bowlers, and provides the necessary equipment. Our roll-up days for this friendly club are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings. Please contact Fred Trigwell on 659 139 129 for more information.

Vistabella Bowls Club

with Lynne Bishop

Congratulations to Martin Foulcer, Mike Regan, Gary & Carol Thorpe for winning the Les McCracken tournament last weekend at the Emerald Isle. SAL Summer Enterprise league saw our Greenways team go down six wins to two against the Christians at San Miguel. It was the first game for our new squad so things will get better... The two winning teams were Mike Irwin, Martin Foulcer & Eric Bishop 30-11 and Lin Watkins, Bill Corbishley & Peter Whitehall 20-13. Shots, VB 94(4) 118(10) S.M. VCL. Hard games this week with both the Vikings and the Saxons playing very strong sides. The Saxons at home against San Luis managed two wins from the Men’s Singles Martin Foulcer 21-15 and the Triples Neil Burrows, Stuart Allman & Brian Dunn 14-12. Shots, VB 71(4) - 91(8) SL. The Vikings still shell shocked from their big defeat at San Luis last week suffered the same fate at Quesada this week. Nil wins again but that didn’t reflect on how well the team played, Men’s Singles and the Triples only lost on the very last end and the rinks team led the way until the last couple of ends. Should have been six points but was not to be! Shots, VB 84(0) - 108(12) Q. A short break now while the Champion of Champions are being played, good luck to all our representatives

La Siesta Golds squad, the winners of the LLB Southern League, Division C - 2017/18

Greenlands welcome for Gosforth Empire with Dave Webb Well, for our first game in the summer league the Gladiators were away to La Siesta Wasps by who they were well and truly stung!! Final score was Total shots 75- 133. Points 3- 11. Winning rink was Vic Young, Ann Butterworth and Jim Wilcock, 16-14. On Tuesday we had a visiting team from the West Country, Mr Darts Team. The Weather was kind to us and we all enjoyed the company and the bowling. On Wednesday in the VCL the Jasmines were at Home to Country Bowls Herons. After a somewhat dodgy start the members pulled their socks up and finished well to give us a good result once again. Final scores were - Total shots 85-81. Points 8-4 The Winning rinks were, Pairs - Jean Thompson and Mel Brown, 20-16. Triples, Janet Webb, Ronnie Stansfield, Tony Hodges 25-10. Rinks, Brian Tomlin, Margaret Dewar, Jim Wilcock, Barry Collins 15-13. On Thursday we entertained Gosforth Empire Bowls Club and as usual we had a very competitive and friendly game. The weather was superb and we all thoroughly enjoyed the bowling, afterwards there was a BBQ which once again proved to be very popular and enjoyed by everyone. Thanks to Haley for

her help with the food preparation and sterling work behind the bar also to our Chef of the day John O’Leary for serving everyone with speed and dexterity. There are no League matches next week due to the Champion of Champions so we wish all our entrants to this competition the very best of luck. For all enquiries please contact Haley on 966 84 4399 or visit our website bowls club

San Miguel Bowls Club with Pat McEwan Both SAN MIGUEL MOORS and SAN MIGUEL CHRISTIANS had a good start to the season, both winning 10 point to 4. The MOORS were away to La Marina with a shot difference of 122 to 81. For the MOORS, Gary Raby's team won 27-9; Stuart Denholm's team won 24-10; Lin MIllers team won 24-10; Fred Willshires team won 25-15...Good scores by all! The MOORS are second in the league by 1 point after their first game!! The CHRISTIANS also had some high scoring teams with Pat McEwan, Jan Farmer, Dave McEwan winning 27-8; Sheila Errington, Derek Farmer, Brian Errington 18-15; Bob Hanton, Jack Jackson, Bob Donnelly 22-11; Dave Champion, Frank & Barbara Scotthern 27-10. Shots were 118 to 94. 10 points to SM 4 points to VB. Well played both teams. In the VCL the SHERIFFS had a good win at home to Emerald Isle Dukes winning 9 points to 3. Cliff Plaisted won the gents singles 21-13; Noel Davis and Fred Willshire won the pairs 18-10; Trips, Val & Chris Collier, Lyn Miller drew 13 across;

Rinks, Margaret Patterson, Dave Johnson, Steve Cantley, Stuart Denholm 23-13. Shots were 91 to 70. The MARSHALLS also had a good win at home against Quesada Cheetahs. Ann Eagle won the ladies singles 21-8; Sheila & Brian Errington drew the pairs 15 all; Good win for the triples Ian Hope, Pete Masters, Michael Douglas 37-10; 7 points to 5, shots 103 to 73. No other results received. No league games this week due to the Champion of Champions being played. REMEMBER THE AGM - Thursday 19th April 0930 for 10 am. Note that the green will be closed until after the AGM. WASPS on Wednesday afternoon 1pm for 1.30 start. €5 for an afternoons bowling, shoes and woods available to borrow. For further information on San Miguel Bowls Club, please contact the President Rosamond Stockell, telephone 965 32 9778 or Secretary, Pat McEwan, telephone 966 71 4257

El Rancho Bowls Club Our 1st Harrier League match of the season, on Monday, was a little bit of a disaster as far as the score went; Country Bowls took all the points and deserved them. We were outplayed, but we did have a good time, which is the main thing.

Sheila Cox 21-10. Gents singles: David Whitworth 21-11. Pairs: Sheila Cooper and Carolyn Harris 22-15. Trips: June Whitworth, Diane Yates and Jane Hamill 34-15. Rinks: Brian Taylor, Bob Easthope, Mike Cox and Stew Hamill 18-13.

On Wednesday our VCL team were at home to La Siesta and had a splendid match, taking all the points with the home advantage. Makes you glow a little, doesn’t it? Ladies singles:

For membership details contact Brian Taylor on 965 07 7093 or at or Carolyn Harris on 966774316 or at



 637 227 385

Emerald Isle Bowls Blub

by Elwyn Morris

The Dukes kicked off their season with a fine 10-2, aggregate 96-65, win over Quesada Lions in the VCL league. Winners were C Lindgren 21-12, A M Stevenson 21-17, M Whitelock M Stacey 1810, C Thomas S Westall M Odell 25-14 The Earls travelled to San Miguel Marshalls and they had a fine win 8-4 aggregate of 97-74, winners were P Heaney 21-13, C Alying L Fisher D Close 17-11, G Dyer B Smith S Watson A Burns 24-13 The Emerald Isle played the Highjackers on Tuesday and the visitors recorded their first win for a year by 4 rinks to 3. Bob captain of HJs, played his first game for a long while so well done to everyone always a good game against great opponents On Sat the Les McCracken Trophy was played for with seven visiting clubs playing against seven, E I rinks. The winners of the trophy were Vistabella with M Foulcher M Regan C Thorpe G Thorpe. Colin Lindgren skipped the highest EI rink on the day, with M Riley G Dyer D Close. Well done to Tony Capewell and Dave Jones for organising it all and Geoff Farrington for giving his time to umpire the competition, and of course thanks to all the clubs that entered hope to see you all next year Sunday saw the Gosforth Empire bowls club make their Annual pilgrimage to the Isle and the home side came out on top 4-1 on rinks aggregate 86-60, we look forward to their next visit Monday brought San Luis Wellingtons to the Isle and they left as 104 aggregate of 92-121, winning EI trips were M Riley J Pooley J Mulloy 22-12, D Jones C Warner J Rimmer 16-13 Wed brought San Miguel Sheriffs to the Isle against the Dukes and the visitors took the spoils with a 3-9 aggregate 70-91. The winners for EI were A M Stevenson 21-16 and J Pooley S Wetsall M Odell got a 13-13 draw The Vulcans played Horadada Hawks and lost 4-10. The Earls travelled to Quesada Tigers in the VCL and went down 10-2 aggregate of 71-92. The winners were, pairs S Kavanagh B Kavanagh 23-12 The Earls played at home on Friday against Quesada Cheetahs in the VCL league game and they had a good 10-2 aggregate 125-50 win. Winners S Kavanagh 21-3 C Warner 21-14, C Ayling R Adams A Burns 36-7, S Adams B Taylor S Watson J Mullarkey 33-6

Country Bowls Club

by Jo Richardson

A fantastic start for Country Bowls Badger’s on Monday, we couldn’t have hoped for better. We played against El Rancho and they were certainly put to the test. Despite fielding two substitutes, Dave Smith & Salma Hempstead, Salma’s first league game (well done) the Badger’s were unstoppable and won 14 to 0. Congratulations to all the players, a tremendous team effort. The scores are as follows; Rink 1 – B Nokes, D Jiggins & A Bryce. 28 – 6, Rink 2 – L Freeman, G Richardson & G Paylor. 30 – 10, Rink 3 – L Bryce, B Jiggins & G Ponsford. 32 – 9, Rink 4 – S Hempstead, P Emmett & J Mallet. 22 – 16, Rink 5 – N West, R Emmett & P Warrington, Rink 6 – G Eggleton, D Smith & J Hassell. 36 – 8, Total points 14 – 0. Shots 179 – 57 It was a different story though, on our first away trip in the VCL on Friday against Greenlands. Brenda Jiggins and Geoff Paylor won the men’s and ladies singles while Gary Ponsford and Linda Freeman held a strong lead right through to the last three ends in the pairs but Greenlands came in strong at the end for a win. Lynne Bryce, Derek Jiggins and Pat and Ray Emmett in the rinks were jousting for lead all the way through but Greenlands took the spoils for another win. Graham Richardson, John Mallet and Andy Bryce in the triples had a hard game and were overcome by the home team in a deserved win on the day. While the total shots were close, the overall went to Greenlands with a final score of 8 – 4 . For more information on Country Bowls Club please visit our website Ring 966 19 1552 or 868 18 3703

Las Ramblas Social Club Golf By Mike Mahony Monday we played a Waltzer and the winners with a score of 84 were Marleen Billing, John Shervell, Peter Wickham and John Conway. Wednesday was round 4 of our Medal Competition and the results were as follows: 1st John Conway 71 pts, 2nd John Shervell 72 pts, 3rd GeoffBiggerstaff 75 pts, 4th Olga Douglas 76 pts, 5th John Dobson 76 pts, and 6th Lindsay Forbes 77 pts. 2 ´s Club Ron Phipps and Terry Cullen. Friday it was Change Partners again and the winning team were Dave Pulling, Rod Doel, Rachel Leckey and Alan Douglas with a score of 86.

Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018


Monte Mar Bowls Club Sponsored by The Belfry, The Pub, Bowling Abroad, Avalon, Lounge D and Rogers Toreadors and Matadors End of Season Lunch On Monday 12th March we held our end of season lunch at Maritaos Kitchen Gran Alacant. Unfortunately both the Matadors and Toreadors struggled this season, losing points for not fielding a full team. The Toreadors managed to finish fourth in the Friday League. A big thank you to all for your support. The lunch was well attended and everyone had a very enjoyable afternoon. Monthly Dinner Dance - The dinner dance was held on March 13th at the Alonia Resturant, the entertainment by Tony Francis. Everyone enjoyed the meal and Tony Francis soon had most people up dancing. Touring Team - On Friday 16th we entertained the Driffield touring team from Yorkshire. We had a very enjoyable morning, having five rinks which were played in an extremely friendly manner. Monte Mar had a good result overall but the scores really don't matter on these sort of occasions as everyone involved had a excellent mornings bowling. Finals Day - On Saturday 24th March we held our Ladies and Men's Finals. Joan Harding v Jan Gatward and Graham Smythe v Keith Simpson. After two good matches played in not very good conditions Jan won the ladies and Graham won the men's. Afterwards we enjoyed a buffet lunch in the Rincon followed by the presentation of the trophy's to the winners and runners up. Winners: Australian Pairs Jan Gatward and Ronnie Cairns. 4321 Jan Gatward, Mike Farrelly, Les Bounds and Bill Young. Ladies v Men Diane Horsington and June Young. Ronnie Cairns and Mick Soars. Fun Day Challenge Ron Jones 422 Sheila Roberts, Chris Harding, John Hunt and Joan Harding. Ladies Invitation Jan Webster and Mick Soars. Presidents Cup Terry Cottle. Mixed Rinks Jan Soars,Harry Dobson, Lynne Armitage and Colin Armitage. Two Wood Trips June Young,Val Hignett and Ronnie Cairns. Mixed Trips Sheila Roberts, Alan Wilkinson and Graham Smyth.Ladies Trips Lynne Armitage, Rita Towle and Pauline Woodfine.Mens Trips Alan Ashberry, Harry Dobson and Colin Armitage. Two Wood Pairs Lynne and Colin Armitage.Drawn Pairs Sheila Roberts and Ronnie

Paddys Point Golf Society

Cairns. Mixed Pairs Pauline and Chris Merry. Ladies Pairs Sue Bounds and Rita Towle. Mens Pairs Alan Ashberry and Dave Melville. Ladies Singles Jan Gatward. Mens Singles Graham Smyth. Saturday 31st March saw the annual Captain v Chairman match at Monte Mar on a sunny but windy day, it was a very competitive mornings bowling played in good spirit. It finished with a good win for the chairman's team. Following the match we gathered a Lounge D for drinks and the presentation of the cup. Medals were presented to the team of Val Hignett, Cliff Norris and Harry Dobson as the team with the best shot difference. This was followed by an excellent buffet provided by ladies of the club and LoungeD. As this was the last match for the Club Captain Ronnie Cairns the Chairman thanked him for all his work. He went on to thank Lou, Ged and their team for help making it a successful day. For further information about Monte Mar Bowls and Social Club check out our website or email us at We are also on Facebook.

La Marina Golf Society The Scottish Invasion !! Our return to Altorreal was dominated by our members from the northern reaches of the U.K. a windy and chilly day together with a course recovering from work by greenkeepers resulted in a difficult round for many players. Winner of the gold division on countback with 33points was Garry Garbett. In the silver division captain Elspeth Craig also won on countback with 35 points and also took a nearest the pin prize.

Our Captain’s Day this year saw us celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Paddy’s Point Golf Society. El Valle was the venue and although the course was in good condition the blustery wind destroyed many a scorecard. Despite this we all had a good day out and an even better evening at our Annual Dinner Presentation at Los Angeles Restaurant Campoamor. A massive thank to Hazel, Rory and all who helped make this a memorable day. Again we had many sponsors and thanks to them we able to award many prizes, your continued support is much appreciated. The staff at Los Angeles also deserve a mention for looking after us so well. Main prize winners - Best Guest Paul McCormack 29pts. 2nd Lady Myra Coull 32pts 1st Elsie Cowie 34pts. 4th Gent Eldon Carey 31pts 3rd Gerard Moloney 33pts 2nd Gene Duffy 34pts 1st Joey McAvoy 34pts c/b. The new Captain’s Drive is on 9th May at Saurines. Annual membership is now due.

Other nearest the pins were won by Alan Craig, Mick Cook and Jeff Wiszniewski. Our next meeting is at Alicante golf on April 26th, when we shall be playing a Texas scramble for the Optima Optica trophy. First tee is 1100 at a cost of 45 euros. Only 24 places are available so please get your name on the board at the sports centre or contact Alan Craig on as soon as possible. Our next social function is a quiz night at the sports centre on 15 May. Contact Iain Lyall on for further details.


Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018

Peter’s stunning back 9 wins the day at the Wolfpack And so it came to pass that we arrived at the Wolfpack’s April Society Day. Traditionally the date for The John Woodey Trophy, but numbers were disappointing a week ago, so we postponed the trophy competition. As it happened, a decent number of members and guests eventually played. It was great to see Joe Booth visit us for both pre and post round celebrations, nice to see our old pal back on his feet again after his back operation. The wind was picking up and the sun hiding behind clouds as we approached tee time. The wind sensed that 11:32 was a good time to increase its strength and it duly did, raising its power steadily during the day until the last 3 or 4 holes were played in gusts which sent balls every which way. At the half way stage, several players had recorded good scores, the pick of the bunch being Bob Eno’s 21

San Miguel Golf Society at La Serena 11 April Gold category 1-2-4-3: Barry, Eva, John A and John O

Our thanks go to the team at La Serena for an enjoyable day and if they could just turn up the heat a touch for our next visit, we'd be obliged. Next week sees us visiting Vistabella and you can keep up to date with all our news and fixtures by logging onto Results for the Stableford competition: Best guest - Richard Morgan with 28 points. Abacus prize – Hayden Williams. Nearest the Pins – Micky Roscoe (Hole 3), Chris Hamblett (Hole 9) John Aitchison (Hole 17). Bronze division - 4th Norman McBride (28c/b). 3rd Marit Ronsen (28c/b). 2nd Ralph Tilbrook (31) & 1st Charlie Harkin (38). Silver division - 4th Phil Birtwistle (28). 3rd Mike Greatorex (30) 2nd Mike Inns (31) & 1st Theo Boelhouwer (34). Gold division - 4th John Aitchison (34c/b). 3rd John Osborne (35). 2nd Eva Pettersson (36) & 1st Barry Roehrig (38) which was also a good enough round in the singles knock-out to beat Willy Fenn 7 & 5 – well played, Barry.

 637 227 385


Rockets Golf Society at St James’s Gate

points. Ron Colclough had picked up the nearest the pin prize on the 6th along the way. On the back nine there were again some good scores, some players obviously impervious to the windy conditions. Bob Gorrill took the back nine prize with 20 points, but nobody managed to hit the green on the tricky 15th - surely because of the wind ? Back at The Royal Oak, once order was restored it was time to present some money and prizes. In third place was Bob Eno with 35 points, which would have been better if he hadn’t “no returned” on the 17th and 18th. In second place was another Bob, Gorrill, with 35 points and the winner with a whopping 42 points was “Bomber” D’Amery. Well done sir, a fine round under the conditions. 23 points on the back nine was the clincher. Thanks to everyone for supporting us - it turned out to be a good day after all.

Peter D’Amery and the other prize winners.

Just eleven days into April saw 40 members and 3 guests trundle a short distance south down the AP7 to visit the “local Lake District” or La Serena, to give this tricky track its correct name. Many golfers across a wide range of handicaps approach this course with the vast majority fully expecting the 16 holes containing water hazards to swallow up their fair share of balls! A chilly morning, but drenched in tranquil sunshine, greeted the early arrivals as the outlook for the day's weather prospects looked quite optimistic until the sun disappeared and the area was once again gripped by the recent spell of cool, cloudy conditions with a stiff breeze adding to the difficulty. Serena itself means calm, peaceful and settled but by mid morning it was far from any of those – “windy and wild” was a more fitting description. “Keep left” is the local rule for avoiding most of the trouble but even the 15th, an unassuming par 3 of some 140 mts, became a hole which demanded some respect – out of the 45 tee shots, not one stayed on the green !!


In the Silver Category Geoff Wild took first place from Rocket Ron and Ged Dobson

April Home Game Back to our home course for this month’s home game with a tee off time of 8 am. We had a full compliment and with the weather being a bit chilly it was a pleasure to see the sun come through and warm things up. Scoring was average which was surprising as the course still had plenty of run on it. In the Gold Category Andy Billings came in with 33 pts to take first place. Second place went to Liam Foley with 32 pts and 3rd place to Ken Hopkins with 29 pts. In the Silver Category 35 Pts by Geoff Wild took first place. With Rocket Ron in Second place with 29 pts and Third was Ged Dobson with 28 points. His first time on the podium. Nearest the Pins: Hole 2 Geoff Wild. Hole 6

Mic Hithersay, Hole 15 Andy Billings Longest Drive Ken Hopkins, Best Guest Dave Bowers Our next outing as the 9 Hole course New Sierra Golf and we will be meeting at the course at 9.15 am for a 10 am Tee Off. After the game we returned to our home the St James’s Gate pub in Torreta 2 for eats and Refreshments. Thanks to Lynn who cooked us Sausage Mash and Peas, our Lovely waiter Kevin for serving it and not forgetting our Hosts Laura and Hughie for supplying it Big thanks to you all. Anyone who would like to join our friendly Society or just to have a game whilst on Holiday. Give Rocket Ron a ring on 0034 678 849 142 or email

Villamartin Ladies ‘in the pink’ Villamartin’s Thursday ladies group were ‘in the pink’ this Thursday for their Spring Competition. Five teams of four played ‘Pink Panther’, Similar to ‘the yellow ball competition’ players take it in turn to play a Pink ball and can score double points for the hole. Added pressure being that if you lose the ball it’s lost for the rest of the competition.

With two scores to count you really want to keep a hold of it! Three teams did just that coming in with excellent scores, the winning team being Wendy Nuttall, Veronica Richards, Sue Golding and Jenny Farmer - Well done ladies! All the ladies enjoyed lunch in the Jardines, the golf clubs restaurant before being presented with the prizes. Special thanks to Eva Pettersson for organising the event - we loved it!

Med Bar Golf Society, El Raso, @ Altorreal Off to Altorreal for another late start. Some of us took advantage of the late start and filled up with a full English breakfast before we left El Raso and still had plenty of time before our 1st tee at the course. The weather was lovely to start but got a little cold towards the end. Unfortunately we had one injury on the course which resulted in retirement, but he still managed to play the remaining par 3`s. thanks to the staff at the course management for being understanding. Results for this individual staple ford outing: 1st Buck Taylor – 45 points and a decent cut from handicap secretary. Runner up – Martin

Morgan 31 pts. 3rd Eric Owens – 28 pts on CB. Nearest the pins on par 3`s was Martin Morgan x 2, Nearest the pin in 2 on par 4, Andy Trefry. 2 `s club not won on the day so carried forward. Football card winners: Alan Snape Thanks to Steve and his staff at the med bar and bistro for the lovely buffet provided, our next outing is at Mar Menor 24 April Anyone wishing to join our society is welcome and we can either be contacted by e-mail at: or pop into the bar where all details can be left and we will get in touch with you



 637 227 385

Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018


Shot shy Torry lose again I

n front of 125 sun loving fans inside Vicente Garcia Stadium, Torry were able to field a full strength team, plus 4 subs on the bench, for this latest Preferente league fixture. But that's where the good news ends, for throughout the whole 90 mins play, they had only 1 shot on target.

CD Torrevieja ......................0 FC Jove Español ..................2

from the start of the season. Where and why have other players left the club? Why does the starting time of home matches change within a few days’ notice of the original published time? Who is currently in charge of the club? These, and many other pertinent questions, might well be addressed to a certain Graham Knight.

Even though Pedreño’s men failed to trouble the opposing keeper, their commitment was never in doubt. It seems light years ago since Torry nicked a late winner in Alicante when the 2 teams last met, but whereas Jove Español now top the table, troubled CD Torrevieja now seem to be in total freefall.

Although masquerading as a football club director (allegedly), he chooses to treat the press with total contempt, being arrogantly oblivious to the long term damage that is being done to this once proud club.

Realistically, there's no danger of relegation, but it would be nice if long suffering fans could be treated to a goal, let alone a victory! Only Vicente Boix, Lewis and Santi of the starting 11, are originals

Jove made their intentions clear from the start - attack, attack attack! On 10 mins, Dani rounded Torry keeper Cristobal, but fortunately delayed his shot long enough for the danger to be averted. A cross from the right on 15 mins by Carlos found Fuentes at the far post, leaving the striker with a simple tap in for the opening goal. The game took on a cynical edge as both teams picked up bookings for bad tackles, then adopting tit for tat tactics. Sammy curled a free kick around the wall on 21 mins, but Cristobal did well to turn the ball away for a corner. From the 3rd consecutive corner, Cobo headed just over the bar, as Torry were well and truly under the cosh. Silver did have a sniff of glory on the half hour mark, but a linesman flag interrupted his run when through on goal. Ref Alvarez waved aside strong penalty appeals for handball inside the box, as the hosts were getting more and more into the match. Then

Mike ProBert talks golf Here on the Costa’s golf is one of the biggest leisure time activities for both tourists and residentS alike and with this in mind we have secured the services of Mike Probert of Costa Blanca Green Fee Services to provide a weekly round up of local golfing events and topics and in conjunction with us at THE LEADER will provide discounted golf prices to all of our readers and run our golf competitions. Golf Course Review - Saurines This golf course is located only 20 minutes drive from San Javier airport and the beaches of the Mar Menor and close to the town of Roldan and is one of the many courses in the area designed by Jack Nicklaus. Travelling on the AP7 motorway from either the North (direction Cartagena) or the South (direction Alicante) leave at exit 782 onto the C-3319 signposted Balsicas-Murcia and continue for approx 6km as far as the exit for Roldan. Take this exit and follow signs for Roldan which take you immediately over the C-3319 along which you were travelling. Continue in the direction of Roldan and after a few roundabouts you will see La Terrazas de la Torre Sur on your left and take the last exit from the roundabout. The clubhouse is located in a bar which most visitors for the first time will consider unusual but somehow it works. The course is a par 72 measuring 5,938 metres (6,531 yards) from the yellow tees which is relatively short by modern standards but is ideal for resort and society golf. Unusually the course is very lightly bunkered has only two lakes but one of these measure some six hectares in size and plays a strategic role on a number of key holes which wrap themselves around this vast expanse of water. While being promoted as a desert style course by the designer it actually gives a ’links’ feel with many of the holes snaking between ‘dunes’ with rolling fairways and undulating greens. The par 5 holes all measure under 480 metres and so are reachable for the longer hitters wanting to give the ball a ‘belly wobbler’ but danger lurks for the errant shot particularly on the opening hole. The par 3 holes will give society organisers a problem for nearest the pin prizes with two of them over 200 yards in length and even the 6th

(in assN with Costa Blanca Green Fee s vcs)

which is the shortest at 126 metres (138 yards) is over water to a long narrow green making accurate club selection critical. The course greens are generally fast, undulating, elevated and with many run off areas on the aprons. In summary this course is ideally located with easy access and with competitive prices available from agents such as Costa Blanca Green Fee Services should be played if you are on holiday in the area and will be included in the schedule of many local societies. We at THE LEADER are committed to providing to our golfing readers affordable golf without the need to join a club or apply for a card but simply contact the number below to have instant access to discounted golf prices, many of which are exclusive to us. The deals shown in the table are some of the best currently available to you. Golf Course Price Comments Alenda €142 Two Players and Buggy Alicante €138 Two Players and Buggy Altorreal €120 Two Players and Buggy Bonalba €120 Two Players and Buggy Don Cayo (Altea) €110 Two Players and Buggy El Plantio €112 Two Players and Buggy (after 12pm) Font Del Llop €134 Two Players and Buggy La Finca €160 Two Players and Buggy La Marquesa €45 Single Green Fee La Serena €41 Single Green Fee (after 2pm) Las Colinas €99 Single Green Fee Las Ramblas €116 Two Players and Buggy Lo Romero €156 Two Players and Buggy New Sierra Golf €80 Two Green Fees and Buggy Roda €110 Two Players and Buggy (from 2pm) Villamartin €136 Two Players and Buggy Villaitana Poniente €48 Single Green Fee and Buggy Vistabella €106 Two Players and Buggy Deal of the week: VISTABELLA €200 for 4 players and 2 buggies. For Bookings and info Mike at quoting the reference LEADER or on 966 704 752 or 661 345 931

The luxury of substitutes in 1st half stoppage time, Torry captain Silver brought off a fine save from keeper Josette, who dived full length to deny a shot creeping inside his near post. Unfortunately a Pedreño inspired half time talk, fell well short in achieving the desired results, for his men failed to trouble a redundant Jove keeper throughout the 2nd half. Luis shot inches past the post on 48 mins, then sub Adria shot from distance, but achieved the same result as that of his Jove team mate. Jove had a valid claim for a penalty turned down when keeper Cristobal appeared to bring down an opponent, as the contest became one way traffic. The deciding goal arrived on 76 mins, involving 2 second half Jove substitutes. Soxo played an inch perfect assist to Adria, who from 10 yards coolly drilled the ball under Cristobal's diving body. Vicente had been on the receiving end of a particularly nasty foul earlier on, and he was a very lucky man when already on a caution, not to pick up a 2nd for a none too subtle lunge at his previous perpetrator. Without Tomi in the side (I presume he has left the club?), there does not appear to be a natural goal scorer who is likely to end the drought that Torry now find themselves stuck in. Next weekend, Torry were due to play away at Calpe, but as Calpe have been kicked out of the league, they are without a fixture. The following Sunday 29 Apr, (ko 1130, 1200, 1630 or 1700? - check club website regularly for up to date details), when Hercules 'B' are the visitors to Vicente Garcia Stadium.

Carp-r-us Angling Club - Round Eight Round eight of the Carp-R-Us Spring Series was fished on the Eden Stretch if the Rio Segura. It was good to see that all eleven anglers caught, as is usually the case at this venue. First was Andy Foden with 7.72kg caught on a combination of pole and feeder, second was Dave Sutton with 7.04kg using feeder and corn, third Tom Marshall with 3.22kg and joint fourth Derek King and Geoff Tempest with 3.14kg.




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Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April, 2018


Costa blanca leader edition 712  

All the latest LOCAL News, sport and information from across the Southern Costa Blanca and Costa Calida

Costa blanca leader edition 712  

All the latest LOCAL News, sport and information from across the Southern Costa Blanca and Costa Calida