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Arts 7

Out Reads 2021 by LYNN NICHOLS


Streaming Strategies by ERIC SEITZ

Culture 11


Guardians – More Than The Name of the Game by JILLIAN VANDYKE


Calling All Voices by RYAN ROLIFF



Fashion + Wellness



Coping with Anxiety Through Life Changes by COURTNEY BYRNES


FriskMeGroovy Fashion Show by MAX TORRES


Mask-Friendly Halloween Makeup Looks by LAUREN KOLESZAR

Social 33

The Age of the Video Essay by SAMRA KARAMUSTAFIC


College, Money and the Burden of Passion by KRISTINA MARKULIN


Poetry 37

5, 7, 5. by ANONYMOUS


Dec. 30th by REEM ABUMERI

19 THEVINDI.COM ­­ | 2





“On Tuesday, August 31st, a Cleveland based advocacy group called Utilities for all held a vigil in downtown Cleveland to raise awareness about utility injustice. This past year, at least seven residents of Cuyahoga County who were unable to pay their utility bill lost their lives to hypothermia after city officials shut off their heat and gas utilities. Representatives from various local advocacy groups took turns honoring these individuals, called for an end to utility shutoffs and demanded further accountability from local leaders.” — RYAN ROLIFF

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Venus of Willendorf Part 2. “marbled view depict pear

Past Life. “What had happened to him in a past life?

shaped women

Prelude or prelim.

draped ribbons

Primmed up in 05’

swathed and tightened...”— ANON

rollin’ snake eyes on a black die...” — ANON



w h a t’s h a p p e n i n g i n

O C TO B E R 10/1- CMA Install.

Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Cleveland. Tickets are on sale through February to see the art installation of Van Gogh’s artwork at the Cleveland Museum of Art. University Circle is accessable by the RTA system from campus.

10/9 Hard Cider & Doughnut Fest

Cleveland Hard Cider & Doughnut Fest - Part Bar Hop, Part Sweet Celebration! Featuring 5 bars & restaurants, beer, hard cider, hard seltzer specials and more!

10/14 Photo Fest



10/18 Harry Styles Love on Tour

Pixel Photo Fest is an immersive photographic experience offering informative workshops, award-winning speakers, hands-on activities, gear trials and so much more! WOLFSTEIN CENTER $99 8AM-9PM

10/16 Concert

After the long awaiting reschedule from July of 2020, Harry Styles is finally making his way to Rocket Mortgage to perform songs from his own discography but also throwing fans for a loop with a One Direction song or two. ROCKET MORTGAGE FIELDHOUSE 7:00 PM

Chris Renzema is a singer/songwriter and performer. Chris grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he learned to play guitar, write songs, and performed at local churches. Renzema blends aspects of indie rock, CCM, and folk amongst other musical influences. GROG SHOP $15-$20 DOORS 5:30, 6:30 THEVINDI.COM ­­ | 4


The Cleveland State Vindicator was founded as a Black student newspaper in January 1970.


ccording to famous self-help author Wayne Dyer,

"Our intention creates our reality,” . As the long-


term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic become apparent, society grapples with what a day-to-day

life should look like and whether a return to normalcy is

attainable. Dyer’s words ring true today, for our lives are not what we think they should be or expect them to be — they are what we intend them to be. In our first print issue since March 2020, writers tackle a number of topics that pertain to the idea of intentions. In our cover story, social editor Cara Robbins runs down the essential Cleveland to-dos for those less familiar with the Cleveland area in “Welcome Back to Cleveland” on page 15. Managing editor Megan Mullaly highlights organizations dedicated to mitigating the effects of global warming in “Cooling Climate Change” on page 19. New contributor Ryan Roliff brings awareness to an issue facing the Cleveland area in his video on the Utilities for All vigil. Read his article on page 13, or watch his video at I began writing for the Vindicator in 2020, and I found in it a team of contributors passionate about the subjects we address. From bringing marginalized communities to light as copy editor Lynn Nichols does in “Out Reads 2021” on page 7 to analyzing the meaning of a ball club’s name change as art director Jillian VanDyke does in “Guardians — More Than the Name of the Game” on page 11, contributors to this publication are filled with intention — intention to share stories from around CSU, Cleveland and the world. As a fun tie-in to this issue’s theme of intention, the editors put together a playlist of songs that touch on the topic. Check out the list on page 14, and download the playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.




Faculty Advisor Julie Burrell Web Specialist Daniel Lenhart



Jillian VanDyke Art Director

Megan Mullaly Managing Editor

Lynn Nichols Copy Editor

Lauren Koleszar Features Editor

Courtney Byrnes Arts Editor

Kristina Markulin Culture Editor

Samra Karamustafic Fashion + Wellness Editor

WRITERS Lynn Nichols Samra Karamustafic Megan Mullaly Cara Robbins Ryan Roliff Eric Seitz

Cara Robbins Social Editor Abigail Preiszig Online Content Editor

JUNIOR DESIGNERS Lauren Koleszar Courtney Byrnes Abigail Preiszig Jillian VanDyke Max Torres Kristina Markulin

Emma Splete Shannon Driscoll Megan Mullaly



Reem Abumeri

Max Torres Jillian VanDyke

Disclaimer The content of the Vindicator does not necessarily represent the opinions of Cleveland State University, its students, faculty, or staff: nor does it represent the members of the Vindicator staff or our advisors unless otherwise stated. The editor reserves the right to comment on any issue that affects the student body in general as well as the multicultural community at large. Letters to the editors and other submissions are accepted, however they must have the authors name, address, major if applicable, and telephone number. All submissions become property of the Vindicator and the Vindicator reserves the right to edit submissions as deemed necessary. Magazine and newspaper theft is a crime; limit one per person. 2121 Euclid Ave, MC 471, Cleveland, OH 44115 216–687–2118


OUT READS 2021 Powerful narratives for National Coming Out Day

balances a strong and often hilarious voice with a

Lynn Nichols

deeply emotional, personal narrative. “Over the Top”


has since published his first picture book, “Peanut



was a Goodreads Choice Award winner, and Van Ness

n October 11, LGBTQ+ people and allies will

Goes for the Gold.”

celebrate National Coming Out Day. First

Content warnings: addiction, homophobia, sexual abuse.

observed in 1988, this day of recognition and action was created by Richard Eichberg

“One Life” is a memoir by World Cup champion,

and Jean O’Leary. According to an article from the

Olympic gold medalist and equal pay advocate Megan

American Psychological Association, Eichberg and

Rapinoe. Rapinoe’s autobiography details her early

O’Leary selected October 11 to honor the anniversary

life and soccer career, with an emphasis on her per-

of the 1987 National March on Washington for Les-

sonal and political awakenings as an activist. This

bian and Gay Rights. This booklist commemorates

journey includes her meaningful decision to come

Coming Out Day with a selection of memoirs, short

out as a lesbian when there were no out players on

stories and novels, whose stories represent just a few

the U.S. Women’s National Team, and the convictions

of the diverse experiences of coming out. These nar-

which inspired her protests in solidarity with Colin

ratives demonstrate the personal and political power

Kaepernick. In a clear, engaging style, Rapinoe subtly

of coming out while showing that LGBTQ+ identity

challenges the stereotype that LGBTQ+ identity must

and experience extend far past the closet door. We

lead to an internal struggle. Instead, she shows that

celebrate the icons in the LGBTQ+ community, and

her experiences as a gay woman are essential to her

at the same time, we recognize that not everyone

identity and worldview.

has the safety, the need or the desire to come out. National Coming Out Day challenges cisheterosexist

“Surpassing Certainty: What My Twenties Taught

assumptions until cis and straight are no longer seen

Me” is the second memoir by editor, producer and

as the default.

activist Janet Mock, who came out as transgender


in a 2011 Marie Claire article. Her first memoir was “Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More,” which explored her


“Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love” is a

childhood and teenage journey of self-recognition.

memoir by Jonathan Van Ness, the nonbinary activist

“Surpassing Certainty” focuses instead on Mock’s

and television personality famous for his grooming

life as a young adult attending college and entering

expertise on Netflix’s “Queer Eye.” Before his book

the professional world. She examines the unique

was published, Van Ness was already out and vis-

pressures that she navigated as a Black, trans woman,

ible on television as a gay, gender nonconforming

including the decision of when and with whom she

person, but in the memoir, he also shares his story

could safely come out. Mock’s profound and honest

as someone who is HIV positive. The autobiography

prose make “Surpassing Certainty” a compelling


second coming-of-age volume.

field-Wolf Book Award.

Content warnings: misogynoir, racism, sexual assault,

Content warnings: sexual assault, xenophobia.

transmisogyny. “Maurice” by E.M. Forster is a coming-of-age novel


first written in the early 1900s. The novel was not published until 1971, the year after the author’s death.

“All Out: The No-Longer-Secret Stories of Queer

While he was alive, Forster never attempted to pub-

Teens Throughout the Ages” is a short story an-

lish “Maurice,” fearing public backlash and the risk

tholog y edited by author Saundra Mitchell. The

of outing himself. Forster’s writing is introspective

anthology collects contributions from 17 different

and character-driven, and even with the focus on

authors with stories centered on the many aspects

20th-century England, the novel’s style is accessible

of the LGBTQ+ experience, not just the experience of

to modern readers. Contrary to norms of literature

coming out. The genre selection is just as diverse as

during the time period (and even some literature

the protagonists, with stories ranging from contem-

today), the novel did not end by condemning its gay

porary slice-of-life, to period pieces, to queer ghost

characters to death or suffering. Protagonist Maurice

stories and trans reimaginings of Robin Hood. Popular

lives in a time and place where he can never safely

authors published in the collection include Malinda

come out to the world, but Forster frames the end to

Lo, Anna-Marie McLemore, Mackenzi Lee, Shaun

his story as mostly happy. This is a rewarding novel

David Hutchinson and Kody Keplinger. Mitchell has

for readers seeking a connection to historical LGBTQ+

also edited a follow-up anthology (“Out Now: Queer

narratives and community that has always existed

including Meredith Russo, C.B. Lee and Julian Winters. Content warnings: forced outing, homophobia, transphobia. “It’s Not Like It’s a Secret” by Misa Sugiura is a coming-of-age YA novel, focused on the romance between two young women of color. Through her protagonist Sana, Sugiura depicts high school drama and first loves, as well as the model minority myth and other prejudices which Sana confronts as a Japanese American teenager. The novel explores multiple relationship dynamics, not stopping at Sana’s struggle to come out to her family. “It’s Not Like It’s a Secret” was recognized with the Asian/ Pacific American Award for Young Adult Literature and included on the 2018 Rainbow Book List. In summer 2021, Sugiura published a second sapphic romance novel, “Love & Other Disasters.” Content warnings: anti-Asian and anti-Latinx racism. “Exit West” is a literary fiction novel by Mohsin Hamid. The novel begins with a familiar plot, as main characters Nadia and Saeed search for passage out of their destabilized (and unnamed) home country. Hamid diverges from typical refugee fiction, however, with the magical realism of “doors” that can


These narratives demonstrate the personal

We Go Again!”), which spotlights 17 more authors

and political power of coming out while showing that LGBTQ+ identity and experience extend far past the closet door.

transport characters between cities, countries and PHOTO CREDIT GOOGLE IMAGES

even continents. Nadia and Saeed’s story is interspersed with carefully crafted, lyrical vignettes of unnamed characters from all over the world. When the novel’s gay and bisexual characters escape and emerge through these doors, Hamid illustrates subtle yet powerful coming out narratives parallel with immigrant experience. “Exit West” was shortlisted for the Kirkus Prize and Booker Prize, and Hamid has been recognized with the Cleveland-based Anis-




Eric Seitz

A look at the place that streaming services hold in society and their financial impact for corporations like Disney



treaming services are trendy. Attractive

the Ten Rings” — the sustained blow that the movie

and buzzworthy, they’re like the man-

theater industry is suffering still looms.

nequin challenge of 2016 — initially a

“Shang-Chi” comes off the heels of Disney’s

suave, niche idea, but as time progressed,

ongoing lawsuit with “Black Widow” lead Scarlett

the internet grew inundated with yet an-

Johansson over the royalties she received (or, DIDN’T

other corporation attempting to capitalize on a been-

receive) due to the movie’s lackluster performance

there-done-that trend. Despite the oversaturation,

in theaters. Unlike “Shang-Chi,” “Black Widow”

streaming services have staked their ground in the

saw day-and-date release on Disney+ (for an extra

realm of entertainment. As the powerhouse that

$30), meaning fewer people would head out to see it

is Netflix continues to increase its user base, other

in theaters than if the film had seen a theater-only

entertainment giants like HBO and Disney carve out

release. This only affects Johansson because a tenet

audiences of their own from a society flooded with

of her contract for the film stated that she would

access to instant entertainment.

receive a bonus depending on how well the film did

Though the existence of streaming services was

in the box office. Johansson’s representatives claim

already on a trajectory to whittle away at the box-office

that she is losing out on over $50 million.

numbers, the COVID-19 pandemic appears to have

But what does this mean for streaming? Lawsuits

expedited the demise of traditional film viewing.

notwithstanding, did Disney benefit from tossing

Warner Bros. Pictures broke the internet late last

theatrical releases like “Black Widow,” “Jungle

year when they announced their entire slate of 2021

Cruise” and “Raya and the Last Dragon” on Disney+?

films (including “Godzilla vs. Kong,” “The Suicide

Is it a short-term benefit, or are these moves signs

Squad” and the upcoming “Dune”) would drop day-

of Disney focusing on the long game?

and-date on HBO Max at no extra cost to subscribers.

Disney+ launched in fall of 2019, flooding pop

While the preemptive time-of-death declarations

culture with waves of nostalgia from the likes of

that movie theaters faced turned out to have been

“Hannah Montana,” “Star Wars” and “Monsters,

exaggerated — much thanks to the recent box-office

Inc.” Over time, the platform heralded new content,

success of Disney’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of

like “The Mandalorian,” “High School Musical: The


The MCU is a 25 movie-high monolith that rakes in cash

Musical: The Series” and the slew of Marvel Studios

between “Endgame” and the untitled fourth Captain


America movie, starring Anthony Mackie as the new

“The Mandalorian” was the platform’s first heavy

Captain America.

hitter, and millions flocked to Disney+ solely for its

If “WandaVision” hadn’t happened, would fans

shiny new canon Star Wars content. However, the

care as much about her “Doctor Strange” appear-

series’ money-making potential comes less from its

ance? Further, would a Wanda appearance make

ability to draw new subscribers in, and more from

sense without the context “WandaVision” provided?

its place as a vehicle through which to sell more

Every MCU product — whether film or series — is

Star Wars merchandise. From the adorable allure of

a vehicle for decades-old characters rooted in the

Baby Yoda to the collectibility of Mando’s helmet,

comics. Each installment keeps them alive and renews

“The Mandalorian” is more than just a series — its

their relevance in the pop culture scene. Before the

value as a merchandise seller outweighs its value as

character’s death, Loki was a cult favorite among

a subscription increaser.

fans. The series “Loki” is a sign of Marvel Studios

The Disney+ offerings in question the most are its

ensuring the character remains top of mind for his

Marvel series — the theory-churning “WandaVision,”

millions of admirers.

the socially relevant “The Falcon and the Winter

Gauging the financial impact of a single series or

Soldier,” the timey-wimey “Loki” and the Let’s see

film is impossible, as no hard data exists on the cul-

how many times we can kill Iron Man “What If…?”

tural relevance of the Winter Soldier (or any licensed

Sure, each of its four current shows have spawned

material, for that matter). However, Disney’s strategy

their own merchandise, but we’re not seeing Alligator

for the streaming scene is to play the long game.

Loki plushies every tenth step we take. The MCU is

Returns on investments may not make themselves

a 25 movie-high monolith that rakes in cash from

apparent in the short run, as subscription numbers

every corner of America. If the movies make so much,

continue to increase only slightly. But how much of

what good do a bunch of shows starring its B-tier

the value of a film or series is placed on its ability to

cast (and I say that with a passionate love for one

increase subscriber numbers? To investors, probably

Paul Bettany) offer?

a lot. To Disney itself? Hopefully the Mouse House

From Marvel Studios’ perspective, the decision

can see through the lines, graphs and numbers to

to create a television series stems from four main

understand the real value that consumers place on

financial incentives — garnering new subscriptions,

its properties: their power to connect with viewers.

selling merchandise, increasing brand recognition

Just ask the crowded auditorium full of sobbing adults

and maintaining the relevance of characters (this

at the end of “Avengers Endgame.”

last one’s important).

corner of America.

spurred the largest spike of the four shows, increasing the service’s user base by 8 million subscribers. At the time “WandaVision” hit the platform, though, Disney+’s subscriber count was at 86.8 million. That, coupled with the fact that many subscriptions are shared among friends and family (heck, I have someone on my plan whose last name I don’t even know), means that the subscriber increase brought on by adding several installments of new MCU content to the platform each year can’t be the primary reason for Disney’s ardent focus on streaming. In a franchise like the MCU, brand recognition


from every

As the MCU’s first Disney+ Original, “WandaVision”

is everything. It’s why comic lovers who lost their minds at the appearance of Thanos in “The Avengers” returned for its sequel and its sequel’s sequel ... (and the one where Iron Man dies). Series like the Disney+ offerings increase that recognition. Fans who adored the romance of Wanda and Vision in “Infinity War” subscribed to Disney+ to watch their story continue in “WandaVision” — we already know that. But it goes one step further: those who watched “WandaVision” will now buy tickets to see Wanda in the upcoming “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” Like-

“WandaVision” spurred the largest spike [in DIsney+ subscribers]...increasing the service’s user base by 8 million...”

wise, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” is the link




Jillian VanDyke

Cleveland changes the name of its baseball team after over a decade. This change goes beyond a name.


name change that has been the talk of the town for years has left Cleveland as the Guardians after the Indians 2021 season. The process started with the logo change in 2018 when the team

changed Chief Wahoo to the classic C logo. However, the team continues to sell merchandise bearing the smiling, red-faced caricature that has drawn protests from Native American groups for decades. But, questions still loom: Will Indians gear — especially

merchandise containing Chief Wahoo — become more expensive, and will the name change have inadvertent consequences? What brought the MLB to finally come to terms with changing the name was the derogatory history behind the term Indians, along with the symbolism. Indigenous groups have been protesting the name and mascot for its racist roots for years. This is another step in the long process of creating a more inclusive society. However, those who do not agree with this sentiment continue to push back. Sometimes doing what is right is better than pleasing the population. Guardians will be the fifth name in franchise 11 | VINDICATOR

The fact that the Guardians are so close to the stadium (quite literally watching over it) is also relevant.

Here is the new design for the Cleveland Guardians. Examples include the diamond C, Guardians script, jersey mock up, and the Guardians fastball Logo

history, joining Blues (1901), Bronchos (1902), Naps

name change of a landmark Cleveland organization

(1903-14) and Indians (1915-2021). The last name had

like the Indians has the power to create ripples in

no good relevance to the city, whereas the Guardians

the greater Cleveland business scene, so this name

pertains to the Guardians of Transportation — statues

change could cause undue stress on business owners

on Hope Memorial Bridge that connects downtown

who used the Guardians image before the baseball

to Ohio City — which are visible from Progressive

team’s name change.

Field. Of all professional sports team name changes,

Case Western Reserve University law professor

this one has been the most notable, because of its

Aaron Perzanowski said the issue reminds him of a

connection to social justice.

case the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame brought against

The Guardians name is a moniker unique to the

a photographer who took photos of the exterior of

city. Not only does the name itself bear meaning, but

its building and sold them on posters in the 1990s.

so too does the mascot. The Guardians represent the

“The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame argued, ‘Well,

idea of protection. Cleveland folks are protective of

wait, that’s our trademark. You don’t get to sell our

their city and their teams, and have a strong sense

image on your poster,’” Perzanowski said. “The court

of home-team pride. The fact that the Guardians

eventually rejected that argument and said, ‘Look,

are so close to the stadium (quite literally watching

you can’t stop people from photographing your

over it) is also relevant.

buildings.’ And I think the same sort of approach

The Guardians represent a sense of loyalty within

would apply, you know, when you’re talking about

the city. So with the name and logo change, will fans

the bridge… maybe even more strongly as a kind of

still promote the team?

piece of public infrastructure rather than a private

When the name change was officially announced


in July 2021, fans rushed to stores to buy Indians gear

But for now, “Cleveland Guardians” it is. Whether

before it was gone. This signaled that the name change

or not that remains is for time to tell. Regardless, the

might not be effective. However, some fans may want

Guardians of Transportation are still there, watching

to buy merchandise bearing the new designs because

over Cleveland like they have for almost 100 years.

they like the change. This will benefit local businesses in Cleveland, along with the overall social-justice message behind the change from “Indians.” Another issue to consider, however, is the number PHOTO CREDIT GOOGLE IMAGES



of other Cleveland businesses that already bear the Guardians of Transportation as their logo or some sort of trademark. Some include Metropolitan Coffee, Guardian Cold Brew Coffee and even the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Furthermore, local artists and businesses that use Guardians imagery in their work are left feeling frustrated that the team is now using something that is already a staple of theirs. The







Ryan Roliff

Jillian VanDyke

A film that capturing a vigil held in Cleveland to bring awareness to those that have lost their lives to utility shutoffs.


n Tuesday, August 31st, a Cleveland based advocacy group called Utilities for all held a vigil in downtown Cleveland to raise awareness about utility injustice. This past year, at least seven

residents of Cuyahoga County who were unable to pay their utility bill lost their lives to hypothermia after city officials shut off their heat and gas utilities. Representatives from various local advocacy groups took turns honoring these individuals, called for an end to utility shutoffs and demanded further accountability from local leaders. More on the short film at THE VINDI.COM




Spotify Playlist

The articles of this issue of The Vindicator are wrapped up in a theme of intention. Editors, designers, and writers contributed songs to a playlist based on intention-

ality. From songs analyzing a person’s romantic intentions to music that declares a

resolve to live intentionally, the Vindi team explored a gamut of angles from which to approach this playlist.


The Vindicator Staff ILLUSTRATIONS BY

Emma Splete




Cleveland WRITTEN BY


Cara Robbins

Jillian VanDyke

Heinen’s (900 Euclid Ave) The Heinen’s on the corner of Euclid Avenue and East Ninth Street is a fantastic resource for students,

Being back on campus feels like a breath of fresh air. After a year of online classes, limited student interactions, and significantly less people on campus, seeing the school back at nearly full operation is exciting, overwhelming and confusing all at once. This year, not only are plenty of first-year students trying to learn how to navigate CSU and Cleveland, but also plenty of second-year students remain unfamiliar with both the city and the campus. Whether you’re new to campus or simply looking for a quick brushup of the city, look no further than this everythingbut-the-kitchen-sink breakdown of what any college student wants to know about Cleveland, including where to find groceries, places to study, places to eat, activities to be had, and sights to be seen. Groceries and Essential Shopping First and foremost, you’ll need to know where you can get the everyday essentials in Cleveland. The

city offers plenty of options for any budget, many of which are within walking distance from campus.

Cleveland is a bustling city that can be a bit overwhelming for new



specifically because of its large range of food options (including fresh meat and vegetables) in a convenient downtown location. Cleveland’s Heinen’s is also considered one of the most beautiful grocery stores in America because it is located within the historic Cleveland Trust Building. While shopping, enjoy the beautiful architecture featuring marble archways, painted murals and a gorgeous stained-glass rotunda ceiling. Heinen’s can be a bit pricey when it comes to everyday grocery store finds (like brand-name snacks, for example), but it is surprisingly affordable when it comes to fresh vegetables, deli meat and cheese. Aldi’s (7500 Euclid Ave or 3586 Steelyard Drive) Unfortunately, there isn’t an Aldi within a walkable distance from campus. There are, however, at least two options accessible by bus or short car ride. Aldi is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to Heinen’s, especially when it comes to shelf-stable food. They don’t always carry name-brand items, but if you’re looking for affordable groceries for roughly the same quality, then Aldi is a great fit for you. A great way to get to the Aldi on Euclid Ave by


bus is by taking the Healthline to Stokes Windermere

CSU, but if you’re looking to take a breath away from

Station and getting off at the Euclid Avenue & East

campus or kill time

71st Street station.

between classes, there are certainly plenty of gem

Dollar General (1701 E12th St)

within the city that provide a

The Dollar General located off of East 12th Street near

friendly study space.

Walnut Street is a great resource for any students

Cleveland Public Library (325 Superior Ave)

looking for an affordable place to pick up any home

The Cleveland Public Library, located

essentials outside of food. It’s just a short walk from

on Superior Ave past E6th St, is

campus, and because it’s designed for people living

a beautiful, expansive

downtown in apartments, it caters specially to any

building with

needs that you may have if you’re living on-campus.

plenty of quiet


nooks and

(840 Euclid Ave)

crannies to get lost in. It serves as a

The CVS located on the corner of Euclid and East

great space to do some studying,

Ninth Street is another resource for students that

and also has plenty of

is located in a walkable distance from CSU. Though

resources to help with

it’s pricier than the Dollar General, it’s more likely

research. While

to carry name-brand and specific items. 1900 Food and Beverages (1846 Euclid Ave) Because it’s located on campus, 1900 Food and


Beverage is a great place to grab anything you may need on the go or in an emergency quickly. However, it can be a little pricey, especially since prices typically aren’t marked on the products. Places to Study Sometimes all you’re looking for is a quiet space away from a roommate or a noisy home to get some work done or simply relax. There are certainly many studyfriendly spaces in



there, make sure to sign up for a library card-- it’s

in Playhouse Square on Euclid Ave, halfway between

completely free of charge.

East 12th Street and East 13th Street. While the food

StoneFruit Coffee

isn’t anything to write home about (especially com-

(530 Euclid Ave.)

pared to some of the other options listed here), it’s

StoneFruit Coffee, located on the corner of Euclid

a reliable option to find comfort food at breakfast,

Avenue and East Sixth Street and attached to the

lunch, or dinner. It also provides a great atmosphere

Arcade, may have some of the best coffee in Cleveland.

if you’re looking for a good spot to dine in.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and cheery environ-

Susie’s Soup and Deli

ment in a central downtown location with prime

1701 E12th St)

people-watching, then this is the studyspot for you.

Susie’s Soup and Deli is pretty up front about what

Milk and Honey

it specializes in: soup and sandwiches. It’s a great

(1100 Superior Ave)

pick to find a quick, affordable lunch. It’s located on

Located on the corner of Walnut and East 12th

East 12th Street, near Superior Avenue.

Street inside the Oswald Center, Milk and Honey is


a cafe that is a great choice for anyone looking for

(850 Euclid Ave)

some great sweet treats to go along with their study

If you’re ever in the market for delicious Caribbean


food with just the right amount of spices and excep-

Cafe ah-Roma

tional chicken, then make sure to check out UJerk.

(2230 Euclid Ave)

It’s another great spot for an affordable lunch or

Cafe ah-Roma is a great choice specifically because

dinner for anyone with a tight schedule. It’s located

it is located on campus and caters to CSU students,

on the corner of Euclid and East Ninth Street, but

making it a great spot to grab some coffee and get some

make sure to keep an eye out for the door — it can

work done. Its snacks aren’t quite as good as Milk and

be easy to miss.

Honey, and it’s coffee isn’t as good as StoneFruit, but

Bombay Chaat

its convenient location, pleasant environment, and

(2044 Euclid Ave)

fantastic baristas make up for this. Cafe ah-Roma is

Bombay Chaat is a perfect location to find great Indian

located on Euclid Avenue, just past East 22nd Street.

street food, and is especially convenient because it’s located on campus, on the corner of Euclid and East

Places to Eat

21st. It’s a good pick for anyone looking for a quick

Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, most

take-out meal.

college students are always looking for a quick and affordable bite to eat. Luckily, Cleveland has a fan-

Things to Do

tastic food scene, with plenty of great bites just a few

If you’re in the city, why not make the most of it?

blocks away from campus.

You can find plenty of fun and exciting things to do


in the city when you’re not busy with school. Best

(1900 Euclid Ave)

of all, what Cleveland has to offer can fit any type of

Located halfway between East 18th and East 21st

budget, if you know where to look to kill some time.

Street on Euclid Avenue, Cassa is a fantastic Medi-

Edgewater Beach

terranean restaurant with tasty food, with possibly

(6500 Cleveland Memorial Shoreway)

some of the best falafel in the city. It’s a great spot

The beach can be the perfect place to get away from

to pick up lunch or an early dinner, and is especially

the city, take a breath of fresh air and enjoy Lake Erie,

convenient because of its on-campus location.

all with a beautiful view of the skyline. The beach is

Pho Thong Café

free to the public, and also has the Edgewater Beach

(815 Superior Ave)

House, which can provide any type of amenity you’ll

If you’re ever looking for fantastic authentic Viet-

need while enjoying the lake, including food, drinks,

namese food in Cleveland, then Phở Thắng Café is

a changing area, and occasionally live music. Edge-

for you. The restaurant is especially well-known for

water is just a short drive away from downtown by

its superb noodle and soup dishes, and is located on

car, but can also be accessed by bus. Go to the station

the corner of Superior and East Ninth Street.

at East 22nd and Euclid Avenue, take the 55 to Lorain

Addy’s Diner

Co Line, and hop off at Clifton Boulevard and Lake

(530 Euclid Ave)

Avenue. From there, it’ll be about an 8 minute walk

Addy’s is a classic American-style diner, notably with

to Edgewater Beach.

some stellar pancakes and delicious melt sandwiches.

The Cleveland Museum of Art

It’s a great option for breakfast and lunch, and can

(11150 East Blvd)

be found inside the 5th Street Arcade.

Cleveland’s art museum is a fantastic resource to the

Yours Truly

city, especially because general admission tickets are

(1228 Euclid Ave)

always free to the public. It’s easy to waste an entire

Yours Truly is another classic American diner, located

day wandering through the expansive exhibits, and


it’s just as enjoyable on re-visits as it is on your first

ing out, such as Coco’s Chalky Paint. This massive

exploration. Make sure to also check out the Fine

under-the-radar shop is situated in a beautifully

Arts Garden attached to the museum, which fills

decorated space, and features an art gallery, a thrift

the space between Euclid Avenue and the building’s

shop, a painted furniture workshop, a plant and crys-

entrance. The Cleveland Museum of Art is only a

tal shop, and more. The Arcade also features the Tea

short drive away from campus, but you can also get

Lab, which carries some of the biggest and tastiest

there through a quick bus ride. Pick up the Healthline

selection of loose-leaf teas in the city. Be sure to also

towards Healthline to Stokes Windermere Station,

check out boutiques such as Haymarket or Intro, and

and get off at Adelbert Road. From there, it’s about

grab some sweet treats from Yum Yum’s, Colossal

a four-minute walk to the museum.

Cupcakes, or Kernels by Chrissie. You can find the

University Circle

Arcade on the corner of Euclid and East Sixth St.

If you’re visiting the art museum, then you’ll already be in University Circle — so make sure to check out

To Wrap Up...

what else the area has to offer! Among the list of

As a bustling city, Cleveland can be overwhelming

things to do is checking out the Cleveland Cultural

for new students, or for those who haven’t spent a

Gardens in Rockefeller Park, which you can find

lot of time downtown due to the pandemic. However

alongside Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. There’s also

the city is dotted with many fantastic places that

the Cleveland Botanical Garden, which has several

should make being a student at CSU all the more

stunning outdoor gardens and an enormous glasshouse

enjoyable. This list barely scratches the surface of

with two separate biomes filled with animals like

what Cleveland has to offer and hopefully will spur

tropical birds, turtles, and hundreds of butterflies.

you to begin an expansive exploration of the city.

The Cleveland Natural History Museum is also a great place to spend time, especially if you’re interested in checking out their observatory and star shows. Keep in mind that both the Natural History Museum and the Botanical Gardens charge for admission, unlike the Art Museum. If you’re looking for a bite to eat between all the excitement, then you’re in luck — University circle features multiple different Asian-fusion eateries and specializes in ramen. Ohio City (West 25th St) Ohio City, an exciting hub on the west side of Cleveland, offers a variety of shops, restaurants and activities. Simply walking along West 25th Street will offer plenty of new experiences, including several different local breweries and the West Side Market, where local vendors will offer fresh vegetables, meat, cheese, bread, pastries and other delicacies. There’s also Tabletop, a fun cafe that specializes in boardgames, and Horizontal Books, which sells overstock books at an extreme discount. Make sure to stop by Mitchell’s Ice Cream for a sweet treat! Ohio City is a quick trip by car from campus, but you can also take the bus. Go to the stop at East 22nd and Euclid Avenue and take the 11 Quincy-Cedar to Downtown until you reach the stop at Superior Avenue and East Roadway. From there, hop onto the 22 Lorain to Westgate TC, and get off at the stop at West 25th and Franklin Avenue. Ohio City will be about a two minute walk away. 5th Street Arcades (530 Euclid Ave) eet Arcades (530 Euclid Ave.) The 5th Street Arcades, aptly named for where you can find it downtown, is a great place if you’re looking to shop from some fantastic local stores. There are several different stores particularly worth check-




Megan Mullaly

Tubik Studio

Remaining motivated in the face of the harrowing projections about climate change can be difficult. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of some of the most interesting projects paving the way toward a brighter future.


he temperature of the Earth’s crust will

learning about it can be a positive experience when

reach the warming limit by the year

emphasizing interesting scientific and technological

2040. This and other projections con-

projects making an impact.

cerning climate change were published in a 2021 report from the Intergovern-


mental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Started in

SCoPEx, short for Stratospheric Controlled Per-

1988 by the United Nations, the IPCC assesses climate

turbation Experiment, is an effort driven by Harvard

change every six years and publishes their findings.

University’s Keutsch Research Group. The experiment

The IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report included a se-

tests one of many proposed methods to cool the

ries of disconcerting studies, including the projection

global temperature — spraying calcium carbonate

that the temperature of the Earth’s crust will rise by

into the upper atmosphere and studying whether or

1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit), which is

not it can reflect some of the sun’s rays back into

the warming limit, in less than 20 years. If the global


temperature reaches this warming limit, the effects of climate change are likely impossible to reverse.

OLIO OLIO is a food-sharing program that was incorpo-

People dedicate their lives to fighting climate change

rated in 2015 by two London-based moms. The aim

and work tirelessly to reverse its detrimental effects

of their program is to reduce food waste, which they

while it is still possible. Organizations like 350,

have been able to do through their app. Users post

Greenpeace and the Union of Concerned Scientists are

their extra produce for neighbors to claim in order

raising awareness, funding grassroots movements

to avoid throwing it away. The OLIO website sums up

and conducting projects aimed at slowing climate

just how big of a problem food waste is: “A third of

change and reversing its impact. While climate

the food we produce globally is thrown away, and in

change is a daunting topic that many people avoid,

the UK households are responsible for over half of



all food waste.” OLIO has already reduced the amount

Germany. The first program, Aktion Pflanzen-Power,

of the UK’s food waste and has since expanded to 59

is sponsored by German health insurance provider,

other countries.

BKK ProVita, and ProVeg International, a “leading international food awareness organization.” The

Impossible Foods

program aims to educate schoolchildren on how

In 2009, Stanford University Professor Dr. Patrick

to make healthy and sustainable food choices. The

O. Brown gathered a team of scientists to address

second program, KEEKS (Climate Efficient School

the ever-growing issue of climate change. Their

Canteens), is sponsored by the Institute for Future

goal was to recreate meat, dairy and fish products

Studies and Technology Assessment, ProVeg, ifeu,

using plants in order to make the global food system

Wuppertal Institut, Netzwerk e.V., Faktor 10 and the

more sustainable, as animal farming has had one of

German Federal Ministry for the Environment. KEEKS

the largest impacts on climate change. In 2016, they

trains public school kitchen staff in how to make

released the first Impossible product, the Impossible

“sustainable, low-cost, healthy meals in public

Burger, and now have a sausage and chicken nugget

schools.” The projects have reached over 23,000


students and 150 different schools across Germany and have the potential to reduce the carbon footprint

Organizations like 350,


Greenpeace and the Union

the “safe” ice season is


shortening and making it

HelpUsGreen was founded by Karan Rastogi, a

more dangerous for those

graduate from Warwick Business School, who re-

that live in Arctic coast-

searched sustainable ways to process floral waste

al communities to travel.

from religious ceremonies and created a program to

SmartICE, short for Sea-ice

turn that waste into a variety of lifestyle products.

Monitoring and Real Time

Since the creation of HelpUsGreen in 2015, the orga-

Information for Coastal

nization has recycled 21,060 tons of temple waste,

Environments, was found-

winning numerous awards for their efforts.

of Concerned Scientists are raising awareness, funding grassroots movements and conducting projects aimed at slowing climate change

of those students by over 1 million kilograms.

Because of climate change,

ed to fight this growing issue. SmartICE works in

“Yalla Let’s Bike” Initiative

collaboration with the Inuit

“Yalla Let’s Bike,” or “Come on Let’s Bike” in En-

people to monitor their

glish, is an initiative started in 2014 by Sarah Zein. The

program. They track the

goal of her program is to take a stand against sexual

characteristics of sea-ice

harassment that female cyclists encounter when on

and measure how safe it is to travel to create maps

the streets of Syria and to “promote bicycling as a

of recommended travel routes, as well as distribute

healthy and eco-friendly mode of transportation.”

travel warnings and observations made by travelers

Since the creation of the campaign in 2013, “bicycle

in real time.

sales have risen by 60% in Damascus,” the capital of

and reversing its impact.

Syria. The initiative has also led to the installation of Aktion Pflanzen-Power & Keeks

bicycle paths and parking in Damascus, something

Aktion Pflanzen-Power & Keeks, or Climate-Efficient

the capital city had neglected until “Yalla Let’s Bike.”

School Kitchens and Plant-Powered Pupils in English, is a collection of two different programs based in

We Care Solar We Care Solar has provided life-saving, clean energy to 7.5 million mothers and babies during childbirth. The program was founded by Dr. Laura Stachel, and Hal Aronson, a solar energy educator, who studied the high maternal mortality rates in northern Nigerian hospitals and designed and created Solar Suitcases to fight the high mortality rate. Midwives in northern Nigerian hospitals were often operating without reliable electricity and left to conduct life-saving procedures by flashlight. We Care’s Solar Suitcase is powered by the sun and provides light and electricity during life-saving operations. Since their first model’s distribution in 2012, We Care Solar Suitcases have provided light during over four million births and prevented nearly 70,000 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. THEVINDI.COM ­­ | 20


Do Your Part, SHOP SMART


Abigail Preiszig 6 Local Second Hand Stores for those making an effort to support local while also making their closet sustainable!

Designer Consigner 17118 Detroit Ave, Lakewood $

Fitting Rooms? Yes. Online Shopping? Yes, for high end items through Ebay. Clothing for the people. Husband and wife duo Bernadette and David Smith have been the owners of this sweet boutique for 11 years, but the store has been around since the 80s. Designer Consigner was originally known as Westgate Resale and sold “everything but the kitchen sink.” It was David’s favorite place, so when Bernadette heard from her sister, who was told by a stranger on a bus downtown, that it was up for sale, Bernadette jokingly told her husband to buy it, and he did! “It’s been the best thing,” said Bernadette. She loves seeing generations of shoppers come to their store and recall its past lives, meet those who move away and come back to visit, and give new customers a place to talk and feel good on a bad day. “We try to recognize everybody we know on a first name basis, because it is a community store.” This love of community and customer loyalty was apparent during the pandemic when people left messages promising to be back as soon as doors reopened,



asking to shop one by one, and even donating money left in their accounts. “It was heart wrenching how much support.” Bernadette recalled. Designer Consigner may sound like an intimidating name, but it is really for the everyday person. They carry both men’s and women’s clothing and, although they don’t discriminate based on label, sell brands such as Banana Republic, Loft, Gap and more. It is a great place to shop for business casual items. Clothing is constantly on sale based on arrival and after 75 days are given back to the seller or donated to a nonprofit called If Not For Love.

Avalon Exchange Ohio City: 2925 Detroit Ave, Cleveland

Cleveland Heights: 1798 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights $

Fitting Room? Yes. Online Shopping? Yes, through instagram. @avalonexchangehingetown & @avaloncov Your dream pinterest board. Avalon Exchange has two Cleveland locations, one in Hingetown near Ohio City and another in Cleveland Heights. Avalon Exchange is a family owned business that first began in 1988 as a vintage clothing store in Pittsburg, PA. They then expanded with locations in Georgia, Missouri, Florida and Ohio. Avalon Exchange is the place to go to buy, sell and trade clothing, shoes and accessories. They “buy from the public so selection is always a reflection” of their community. The criteria for their clothing is trendy, clean, in season, in good condition and from brands that do well in Cleveland. They have a $1 sale that takes place over a weekend twice a year to usher in the new season. The next sale is projected to be in March. The Ohio City storefront is the pinterest board of your dreams. They have a small selection of handpicked thrifted finds and lots of youthful name brands such as Zara and Urban Outfitters. Everything is fairly priced, with most clothing items ranging between $10 - $20. The staff is friendly, well-dressed, and has great taste in music. The racks and fitting rooms are clean and organized. This is a great place to find trendy thrift store items without searching for hours and shop fast fashion without feeling guilty..



Flower Child Vintage ReFried Vintage 11508 Clifton Blvd, Cleveland $$$

Fitting rooms? Yes.

2275 Professor Ave, Cleveland $$

Fitting rooms? Yes.

Online Store? Yes, through Facebook.

Online Store? Yes, through Depop.



Blood, sweat, and tears.

Fashionable, eclectic, expressive, fun.

This retro vintage store is a labyrinth of clothing, decor, furniture and knick knacks. Upon entering there is a beautiful showroom of furniture that tempts you to sit back and groove with the oldies music. Further back, you’ll find a few racks of clothing, then a room of clothing, then steps that take you to the basement where you will find rooms and rooms of clothing, as well as a small record shop! Even with so much stuff, the store is well organized and easy to maneuver. Owner Joe Valenti opened the store in 1999 and specializes in items from the 1930s to the 1980s. There are 10 vendors that currently occupy the store, but it is also a buy, sell and trade. Vendor and employee, Rita, says “It looks like fun and games, but it’s a lot of work. Blood, sweat and tears.”

Highland Throwbacks 15220 Madison Ave, Lakewood $$

Fitting Rooms? Yes. Online Option? Yes, through Instagram. @highlandthrowbackscle Unique, nostalgic, cool, rare. Blaring rap music, a fun yellow carpet and a Britney Spears cardboard cutout meet the senses upon stepping into Highland Throwbacks, a well curated 80s and 90s vintage store. The perfect place to load up on vintage Cleveland sports gear, old t-shirts from local employers and theme parks such as Geauga Lake, classic Nike and Disney items, and anything nostalgic. This place is truly a relatable blast from the past for the college generation. Owner Ben Hyle, a Kent native, opened his first vintage store in Akron and later expanded to the Cleveland area in November of 2018. According to an article by, Ben wanted to create a spot where people can invest themselves in where they’re from. He forages for items at flea markets and thrift shops, but the store also buys, sells and trades in store. When asked what to bring here Johnny, an employee at Highland Throwbacks, said, “Anything cool.” If you’re looking for a deal, they have $5 bins and a $10 rack in the back of the store, everything else seems to retail for $20 or more -- a fair price for such a thought-out selection.



“Cleveland is a great homebase for vintage. The market isn’t as heavily saturated like in LA or NY. So it feels very ‘new,’” says Sivan Eshel, owner of ReFried Vintage. Sivan opened ReFried Vintage on Etsy back in 2013. The experience was very personal to her because she began buying vintage at a young age, going to estate sales with her mom. “I just fell in love with it. When I was growing up I was very short and petite and a lot of vintage clothes would fit me better,” she recalled, “Now as I am older, I am more interested in the quality of clothing. Vintage wasn’t always mass produced.” She and her husband have been traveling cross country the past 2 years, so she sources clothing while on the road. Sivan loves “the hunt” for vintage clothing, searching thrift shops throughout the country. Her formula for new clothing is wearbility, what customers want, and what speaks to her. ReFried Vintage’s customers range in age and gender, catering to both men and women, while also carrying gender fluid selections. Sivan works to make her store accessible to different budgets by pricing her items fairly, based on the market, and the era, quality and condition of the item. She has sale racks at the end of the summer and winter seasons, and currently gives you 10% off when you bring your own bag!

Sweet Lorain 7105 Lorain Ave, Cleveland $$$

Fitting rooms? No. Online store? Occasionally post items on Facebook. @sweetlorainvintage A slice of life. Upon entering, you feel as though you are transported to another world. Sweet Lorain is filled floor to ceiling with cases, shelves, and racks of vintage items organized by decade. They have been named Magazine and are celebrating their 29th year. Owner Redwin Lewis has been in charge for the past eleven years and finds their items by visiting homes, regular sellers and vendors, and traveling. “Anyone can have fun here,” said Wendy, an employee at Sweet Lorain, “During the pandemic people came in because these were things that made them think of a happier moment. You get to see so much history, a slice of life.” A lot of collectors visit their store, but there has been

a stir in younger shoppers thanks to TikTok.

You get to see so much history, a slice of life.


one of America’s five best vintage stores by Detail





Courtney Byrnes

Emma Splete

What changes can be made to lessen anxiety symptoms.


nce widely considered taboo, many people are breaking the stigma and having open discussions around mental health. In fact, a public statement in April 2021 from President Biden

officially recognized May as National Mental Health Awareness Month. This proclamation helps broaden the conversation around mental health and comes at a time when many people face increased mental health stressors and barriers to healthcare due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although conversations about mental health are not limited to specific months, there seems to be no better time to have this discussion than in October. Along with being National Depression and Mental Health Screening month, October has weeks dedicated to mental illness awareness, OCD awareness and national health education. National Depression Screening Day and World Mental Health Day are also observed in October. While October does not specifically focus on anxiety, nearly half of people diagnosed with depression also have an anxiety disorder, according to the Anxiety & Depression Awareness Association. The ADAA also finds that nearly 450 million people worldwide live with a mental illness, yet two-thirds never seek treatment.


The past year-and-a-half has also created a difficult situation for many in terms of mental health and receiving treatment. The COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis deeply affected Americans’ mental health as they dealt with isolation and loss, whether that be of a job, routine, loved ones or health. In the midst of a healthcare crisis, there has been lurking a less-discussed mental healthcare crisis. At a time when mental health services were increasingly needed, many faced barriers to access. With the healthcare industry overrun by the pandemic and people avoiding going out so as not to catch the virus, many did not seek out mental health treatment. With the pandemic ongoing, these barriers have not gone away. So, if you are suffering from anxiety, you may be looking for some temporary fixes. While all decisions regarding mental health and treatment should be discussed with a licensed professional and tailored to each individual’s needs, here are some tips to help lessen anxiety. Healthy Habits and Reminders While it is easy to say “just cut out all stress from your life and you won’t have so much anxiety,” this is not always possible and may not even be helpful. If you have a stressful job that makes you completely unhappy, by all means, try to find a better situation.


But you should not have to completely uproot your life and stop living because of anxiety.

& Body Works. That is not to say that such products do not work;

Evading all stress in life is impossible, and according

they very well may help to provide temporary relief

to the ADAA’s Myths & Realities, “avoiding anxiety

at the height of an attack. However, they should not

tends to reinforce it.” Coping with anxiety is not about

be used as the only form of treatment.

hiding from the world and living in fear, it is about

So how does this work? According to the Mayo

forming a new relationship with your thoughts and

Clinic, “aromatherapy is thought to work by stimu-

creating healthy habits.

lating smell receptors in the nose, which then send

The best thing you can do to lessen anxiety is to

messages through the nervous system to the limbic

take care of both your mental and physical health.

system — the part of the brain that controls emotions.”

Here are some healthy habits and reminders to start changing your mindset: Don’t be too hard on yourself: Hannah Montana said it best — Nobody’s perfect. And that is OK. Remind yourself that you are amazing for who you are, and

Aromatherapy uses essential oils that may be inhaled or applied to your skin. An array of essential oils can, depending on the fragrance and chemical makeup, provide relief for different ailments. Lavender oil is one of the most popular essential

be proud of how far you’ve come.

oils. It is found to be quite relaxing and is often used

Laugh: Even if there is nothing to laugh at, laugh at

to relieve stress and anxiety and promote good sleep.

yourself. Life is too short to take yourself too seri-

Bath & Body Works’ Aromatherapy line includes

ously. We all have embarrassing moments from the

Stress Relief products that use eucalyptus to clear

past to call on when we need a good laugh.

the mind and spearmint to soothe and uplift.

Think positively: If you start to feel anxious or have

Another company, Essence, has created a product

negative thoughts, recognize that — but don’t

to discreetly take aromatherapy with you and enjoy

dwell on them. Instead, turn these around and fo-

its benefits throughout your day. Their nasal diffuser

cus on the positive.

is a silicone nose ring infused with essential oils that

Don’t try to control everything: You shouldn’t have

is clear and small enough to go largely unnoticed —

to. Accept that some things are simply out of your

especially now with mask wearing.


Products like these can provide temporary relief

Treat yourself: Do what makes you happy, whether

and help you stay calm. Sometimes it is enough to

that’s grabbing your favorite comfort food at the

know that you have relief close by if needed, to put

grocery store, watching your guilty pleasure mov-

your mind at ease. But they may not work for all.

ie for the 500th time or splurging for some retail

Coping with anxiety has a lot more to do with


your thoughts and attitude; if something causes you

Rest: Sleep helps us to reset from the day and gives

to dwell more on your anxiety, it probably will not

our bodies and minds a much-needed break.

provide you with much relief.

Eat right: Food is fuel for the body and mind, so what and how you eat matters. Make sure to get the right nutrients and don’t skip meals.

feine as a stimulant — and they can trigger an anxiety response or panic attack. Exercise: This doesn’t have to be anything too rigorous; just aim to go on a walk or ride a bike for 30 minutes, 5 days out of the week. Recognize your triggers: When you feel the onset of anxiety, take note of this — you could even start journaling your symptoms. The more you know about your anxiety, the better you will be able to cope with it. Aromatherapy Aromatherapy has gained popularity over recent years and oftentimes is specifically marketed to relieve anxiety, but be wary of the claims companies make. At the end of the day, they are just trying to make a profit. There are no “instant cures” when it comes to treating anxiety and if there were, we probably would not find them on the shelves of Bath

Coping with anxiety is not about hiding away from the world and living in fear, it is about creating a new relationship with your thoughts and creating

Limit alcohol and caffeine: Both affect the central nervous system — alcohol as a depressant and caf-

healthy habits.


Cierra Boyd







Jillian VanDyke




On the eve of September 1st, at Goodnight John Boy, Cierra Boyd, owner of Frisk

Me Good, hosted one of her many incredible fashion shows. With 3 performances being the interludes between walks, many colorful pieces floated down the runway for the audience to see. DESIGNERS FEATURED :


- Briijanay


- Maya temple


- Yuval drmvzn


- Egi - Charles







more depth.

Lauren Koleszar

Sharply follow the cheekbones with the black face paint and blend. You can also use black liquid eyeliner

Makeup artist Carlie Wotton is ready to show you four makeup looks for Halloween that will make anyone look like a pro, no matter your skill level. Even better? All of her looks are mask-friendly, so you can wear them anywhere and everywhere this Halloween.


hether you’re in a time crunch and need a quick costume, or you’re celebrating Halloween at a location that asks you to wear a mask, here are a couple of fast,

mask-friendly makeup looks that will make you look and feel like you put time and effort into your spooky look for the night. Makeup artist Carlie Wotton has designed four makeup looks that are only three steps each — half of them can be done with just some black eyeliner!

LEOPARD What You Need: bronzer, black eyeliner pencil Apply bronzer in a wide semi-circle on the upper sides of the face where the spots will go. This will make the spots look much more natural on the skin. Use an eyeliner pencil to draw thick and uneven U shapes and smaller, chunky lines for a chalky and softer look when making the spots. For extra ferocity, continue drawing spots down to your collarbone and/or alternate the size of the spots on different sides of the face.

SCARY SKELETON What You Need: white face paint, black face paint Optional: red face paint, black liquid eyeliner Apply a base of white face paint over the whole face. Darken the eye area with black face paint to create the impression of deep eye sockets. You can also gently add a layer of red around the sockets and blend for 31 | VINDICATOR

to draw a crack down the top of the forehead of the skull and add more precise detail.

70’S DREAM What You Need: black eyeliner, brown/colored eyeliner Use the black eyeliner to create a long, thin wing on the eyes. With either brown or colored (purple is a favorite) eyeliner, mimic the curve of the eye directly onto the bone above the eyes (note: this is NOT the crease; this should be ABOVE the eye and you should be able to feel the bone onto which you are drawing). For the authentic Twiggy look, use either the black or colored eyeliner to add short, defined lines beneath the eyes, creating the illusion of doll-like bottom lashes.

WITCHY SPIDER WEB What You Need: black liquid eyeliner Optional: charcoal eyeliner Angling the liquid eyeliner from the corner of the eye, draw a line all the way to the hairline and continue drawing lines in a semi-circle around the eye. Draw smaller, connecting lines perpendicular to the others in between each of the web stands. Carefully trace over the lines with a charcoal pencil liner for a less harsh, more blended look. For added detail, draw one more line below the eye and sketch two connected ovals and eight small angled lines to make a spider hanging from the eye. Carlie, modeling the Seventies Dream makeup look, is finishing her degree in Film and Media Arts as a senior at CSU and aspires to do screen and stage makeup professionally and work as a costume designer.

Tag us on Instagram (@vindi_csu) if you try out any of these looks this Halloween! Models: Lauren Koleszar, Luke Peters, Carlie Wotton






Samra Karamustafic What they are, why they’re so popular right now, and why you should be watching them


hen looking at any creative platform or medium, it’s normal to see various trends and changes in what’s considered “popular content” over the years. For ex-

ample, Instagram used to be riddled with photos edited with the app’s native filters, but now it’s all about the photo dumps. The same can be said for another creative platform and its content: YouTube. At one point, the likes of KevJumba, NigaHiga and Smosh dominated YouTube with their comedic sketches and parodies. After a while, vlogging and lifestyle videos took the platform by storm, to the point where nearly every girl felt compelled to make sure that she always had a lit Bath & Body Works candle in her mint-colored bedroom — myself included. But now, a newer type of content has been making its way onto “Recommended” pages

imaginable, from the effects of social media on today’s youth to how “The Sims” serves as an anti-capitalist critique (yes, this is an actual video essay!). WHY ARE THEY POPULAR — ESPECIALLY IN THE MIDST OF THE TIKTOK ERA Video essays can also be as long (or short) as the content creator wants it to be. For the most part, the typical video essay tends to be anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes in length, but it’s not unusual to find video essays that clock in at hours-long. Considering that we live in an era dominated by short-form content and dwindling attention spans, one might ask how exactly this long-form content is thriving in terms of engagement and view-count on YouTube. A couple of key factors come into play for this to work. For starters, what makes a particular video essay appealing to many viewers is the fresh take

far and wide: the video essay.

it might provide on a relevant or popular subject.


sophomore album “Melodrama” and formed your

Don’t let the word “essay” mislead you. A video essay is not a recording of a student simply reading a term paper aloud for a class, but rather the latest form of content that has grown in popularity in the YouTube community. According to a blog post from film production software company StudioBinder, a video essay is simply a video that analyzes a specific topic, person, or thesis, in hopes of educating or persuading the viewer or critiquing the subject matter. Although many video essays are centered on film, shows or music, they can cover nearly any subject


For instance, you might have listened to Lorde’s own thoughts and opinions about it. But, did you ever consider it to be an ancient Greek tragedy, like YouTuber Internet Jules did? This is the reason why so many video essays succeed: they select a relevant topic to focus on and expand on said topic by providing an original, creative spin on it.


Another important component to the appeal of video

likes fashion and movies,” which is an apt descrip-

essays is that most of the time, the person recording

tion, considering that most of her video essays center

the video essay keeps you engaged throughout the

around those two topics. Despite the fact that she

entire video. This could be because they have top-

joined YouTube in May 2020, she’s already at 622,000

notch public speaking skills, a well-written script

subscribers and has a total of 23,000,000 views!

packed with jokes, a fun editing style, or a combination of the three — all of which keep you hooked

Most Popular Video: “TikTok is Kinda Bad for Fashion”

and attentive throughout the entire video. Tiffany Ferguson: Tiffany (known on YouTube as “tiffanyferg”) first began filming video essays in

doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually have to

2018 with the video “Joana Ceddia is the New Emma

sit down and view the video essay in order to absorb

Chamberlain.” Not only was this the first video essay

the information. Convenience plays an important role

she ever made, but it also kickstarted her popular

in why they continue growing in popularity.

ongoing media commentary series “Internet Analysis”.

Let’s face it: most people have a lot of responsibil-

Most Popular Video: “You’re Not Relatable Anymore”

ities, which means that life is busy. Maybe you feel you don’t have time to sit down and watch a movie

The Nerdwriter: The Nerdwriter is a weekly video

or show, let alone a 30-minute video essay.

essay series hosted by Evan Puschak that’s been “putting ideas to work in the form of 5-10 minute

But the solution is simple — multitask! The next time

video essays” since 2011. Puschak’s video essays cover

you’re cleaning your apartment or out for a walk,

several different topics, like film, music, politics,

simply pull up a video essay you’d like to watch,

paintings and more.

pop in some headphones, press play, then go back to what you were doing in the first place. That’s one of

Most Popular Video: “Parasite’s Perfect Montage”

the great advantages of video essays: while they are in video format and may have some quirky editing,

CJ the X: An up-and-coming artist who posted his

in the case of most video essays, you don’t need to

first video essay in January 2021, CJ and the X’s

actively look at the content on the screen in order

channel has already garnered 3 million total views!

to enjoy them.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that his approach to video essays is quite unique. Not


only does he talk incredibly fast and deliver jokes


in a hilarious, deadpan fashion; but he never films The types of video essays that you can find on YouTube

a video essay without a glamorous makeup look and

are nearly limitless, and the same goes for YouTubers

a glass of wine in his hand. His content focuses on

whose focus is primarily video essays. But with that

pop culture — primarily film, TV shows, and music.

being said, there are a few notable content creators who are well-known for their video essays — whether

Most Popular Video: “The Neurosis of Cat Valentine

they’re about fashion, film, or anything in between:

- Video Essay”

...the person recording the video essay keeps you engaged throughout the entire video.

While the word “video” may be in the title, that

Mina Le: Mina describes herself as “just a gal who





xploring the impact money has on a college education, even post-graduation.


Kristina Markulin


Emma Splete

CSU student Christina McIntosh discusses how she feels the money and time spent in college does not necessarily break even once you enter the workforce. 35 | VINDICATOR

Christina McIntosh’s program history is

long. Like many students, she has switched programs throughout her college career.

The past three years have taken her from Psychology, to Sociology, to moving three buildings over in Computer Science, just to end up back in Psychology. McIntosh’s reasons to switch around majors are


due to something all students must consider when

pay less, people are still drawn to them. And those

going into college. With mounting student debt and

people who are drawn to them pursue those jobs. They

grad school ahead of her, McIntosh had one major

don’t go into these fields for the money, but because

concern: money.

they genuinely enjoy their work in those fields.But because these jobs aren’t held in high esteem, those

stress was something I was constantly surrounded

in the field struggle.

by,” McIntosh said.

“Some things are so undervalued you can’t guarantee

McIntosh has been at odds with herself in her

food on your table,” she said. “No degree is worthless

college career. Her passion for psychology reaches

in my eyes. A degree is a degree, but the thing is

back to her high school days. But a Psychology ma-

degrees are valued differently in society.”

jor is often a heavy financial burden, one that every

The issue is bigger than one student or one college,

student who enters the field has to grapple with. For

it’s an issue across the United States. The idea of go-

McIntosh, the burden was beginning to take its toll.

ing to college and not being able to support yourself

Psychology requires years of study. In order to get a

burdens the minds of not just McIntosh, but most

job that pays well in the field, students usually have to

students who enter an undervalued field. College

continue for a master’s degree. However, that means

then becomes less about enrichment and more of an

more years in college, more money spent on tuition

obligation, and an expensive one at that.

, and more student loans to cover the cost of those

“Knowledge is never something that’s supposed to

years. Computer Science, on the other hand, is a field

feel like a burden,” she said. “You should appreciate

that reliably pays well, even with only a bachelor’s

knowledge and the opportunity to gain knowledge,

degree. It’s a profession that leads to ample jobs and

not regret taking the time to invest in it.”

financial stability.

McIntosh is glad she’s back in psychology, it’s a field

“Society operates on how we value these different

she enjoys and is passionate about. She still plans

degrees, and that’s why I changed,” McIntosh said.

on continuing to graduate school and has expressed

“I felt that for the amount of physical work I was

that she’d probably still end up there if her situation

going to be putting into my degree, I didn’t think I

were different.

would have a stable life,” But there was one small issue.

“If I was walking out of CSU right now with no debt, I would still go to graduate school, because I would

“When I got to Computer Science,” she continued,

be comfortable studying to do something I want to

“that burden of passion came back. And I went back

do, with the solace that I wouldn’t be in debt possibly

to Psychology because I couldn’t handle doing some-

beyond my death.”

thing I didn’t love.”

But after all of this, we have to consider; is college

She’s not alone. There’s a growing uneasiness in the United States among Millenials and Gen Z around

worth it? McIntosh still thinks it is, but not necessarily the way it is now.

college; more specifically, college debt. Students

“I think that everybody should have the chance to

now more than ever need to carefully consider their

gain knowledge and pursue intelligence for as long

financial position as they decide what professional

as they live and as long as they want. But knowledge

field they want to enter.

should not come at a price that isn’t just dollar signs,”

“Not every degree is guaranteed to pay the money needed to pay off that debt,” she said. Psychology isn’t the only field this happens in. Many professions are undervalued in society, and those who enter those fields struggle as a result. Job opportunities, post-graduation pay, student debt, these all compound to make surviving more difficult. She provided an example, saying “the career opportunities in a bachelor’s for electrical engineering is a lot higher than the career opportunities of someone with an English bachelor’s.” According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for someone with an English bachelor’s degree is $52,425 per year, while the average annual salary those with an electrical engineering bachelor’s will

she says, “but every type of stability you have.” “Because then who wants it?”

With mounting student debt and grad school ahead of her, McIntosh had one major concern: money.

“Growing up, financial stability and financial

receive is $81,173. That’s around a $30,000 difference, which means a lot when someone is trying to pay off student loans. But even though these programs and these jobs



5, 7, 5. There was a haiku in my art history book. Not five, seven, five. It made me question, asking myself, “Am I wrong?” But of course, I’m not. My brother and I Used to talk to each other In five, seven, five. For example “I wonder how he’s been. Papa from the Papa’s Freezeria game.” “I don’t care just give Me the ketchup to put on My dino nuggies” How did my textbook Get the syllables so wrong With seven, nine, five. Anonymous



DEC. 30


I got off of work early today, looking forward to relaxing. Although, when I walked in and said, “I’m here” my entire world started collapsing. My phone on 25 percent I didn’t know who to call. What I should do. He couldn’t see or walk, and I was left with panic that I’d lose who I look up to. “God why did this have to end with a fight?” They were so quick about it, we didn’t know where he went or even had time to think. All I could remember is my brother speeding and my heart starting to sink. “God why did this have to end with a fight?” It started with three people, then seven, and then maybe thirteen. It’s these types of moments I appreciate, but wish it could be unseen. 3, 2, 1! New Year’s Day has passed. yay. And while my grandma pretended to be home, we were all stuck here, left to pray. “God why did this have to end with a fight?” Finally I could see him, the energy felt so grey. The doctors say, “Your dad survived his first stroke, but he still had a long way.” God, thank you for making my last moments with him not end with a stupid fight. REEM ABUMERI



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