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JULY 06, 2012

VOLUME 106, No. 27 C.W. PrescodJunior Panorama ChampsSchool-based bands. Right: Sion Hill Euphonium Junior Panorama ChampsCommunitybased.

Jelani NilesJunior King of Carnival from Blondie Bird and Friends “A glimpse of Kingstown.” Right: Jayniah Prescott- Junior Queen of Carnival from Blondie Bird and Friends “A glimpse of Kingstown.”

L-R: Kristiana ChristopherCalpyso Monarch, Primary; Shade BarkerCalypso Monarch, Secondary; Otis Cain-Soca Monarch. Right: Lornette ‘Fya Empress’ Nedd, Ragga Soca Monarch.




Carnival Heat

Kristiana ‘Singing Kristy’ Christopher, retained her title in the Primary school Calypso Monarch competition.

Hattrick for Shade

rendition, ‘Welcome’. Kristiana ‘Singing Kristy’ Christopher from HADE BARKER, the Layou Government representing the St. School made it two in Joseph’s Convent row with Primary School Kingstown, stamped her titles. She did the authority on the Secondary number ‘Making a dream version of the Junior a reality’, which sketched Calypso Monarch the completion of the Competition with her third Argyle International successive title. Her song Airport. ‘Rights to live’ gave her Second place went to the hattrick. Abigail ‘Abbi’ Alexander The second spot went of the Fancy Government to Shade’s school mate School. Her song ‘My Gillian Smart, whose secret lover’, pointed to number was ‘We should her books. be loving we’. In third place was In third place was Jenille ‘Jennie’ Garrick Deroney May from the from the New Prospect Sandy Bay Secondary Primary who did ‘Stop School with his the violence’. Otis ‘Flippa’ Cain is turning out to be some sort of royalty. He was the 2010 Primary School Calypso Monarch. The following year he entered the St. Vincent Grammar School. While he did not maintain his royalty in the Calypso arena, Flippa earned the Soca crown with a song called ‘Laptop’. He repeated the trick this year with ‘Squeeze up’ which took him to the 2012 Soca title. Delanzo ‘Lanzo’ Lavia with ‘Wuk yuh body’ placed second. Third spot went to Singing Kristy. Completing the Primary School Monarch race were: Antonya Telemaque from Kingstown Anglican ‘We need a new school’; Aileka Baynes, Park Hill Government — ‘That one is for me’; Aaliyah Nero, Owia Government — ‘My hero’; Deandre ‘Raving King’ Lavia, Owia Government - ‘Harmony’; and Cha-Chano Morgan, New Prospect Primary ‘Tribute to our teachers’. Shane Wynne from Bishop’s College Kingstown had two throws of the dice, but came up empty in the Calypso and Soca segments. His numbers were ‘Think it over’ and ‘Wave’ respectively. Kurtney Pompey placed second in the Soca category in 2011 but not this time. Fitzroy ‘Vincy Prince’ Johnson with ‘Love life’, Giovanni ‘Super D’ Collins with ‘Throw it up’ from St. by WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY


Shade Barker, three times winner of the Secondary Schools Junior Calypso Monarch competition. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua’, Omalli ‘Magic Man’ Collins from Greggs Government with ‘Telephone’ completed the Soca category. Patrick ‘Kool Kid’ De Freitas, from Grammar

School, who did ‘Education’, Beverna Simmons, ‘Things salt’, and Iran Pompey from Sandy Bay Secondary, ‘Jail them’ were the calypso finalists.

Otis ‘Flippa’ Cain repeated his victory in the Junior Soca Monarch competition.



News 3

Climate change issues highlighted by SHERON GARRAWAY ENVIRONMENTALIST STEVE MAXIMAY has called on Caribbean people to come up with more creative ways to deal with climate change. He made the appeal while delivering the feature address at a public consultation organized by the Caribbean Agricultural Research Development Institute (CARDI). The consultation, held at Frenches House on Tuesday 19 June, sought to sensitize the public on the emerging issues related to climate change and its effects. Maximay spoke on the topic, ‘Will Climate Change Really Be About Water? What Every Citizen Should Know’. Maximay addressed the issue by re-enforcing that water was a necessary component of

everything that was needed to survive and develop, and warned that if attitudes were not changed, everyone would suffer. He emphasized that raising awareness and getting feedback have become necessary for transformation, and noted that a similar positive attitude change occurred when persons were warned about chlorofluorocarbon ( CFCs), which were banned because of the damage they inflicted to the ozone layer. It was time for a “movement of converts” to address the issue of climate change, water conservation and the protection of the forests, Maximay urged, and advised that scientific instruments were needed to gather data to aid in climate change analysis in the Caribbean, and to

WE CONTINUE DOWN the Carnival Memory Lane as a direct response to a large number of our readers. Apparently, former Minister of Culture John Horne, an outstanding culture man in every sense of the word, was reminiscing, during a recent live radio broadcast from Victoria Park,

Right: (L-R) Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar, CARDI Executive Director Dr Arlington Chesney and Environmentalist Steve Maximay at the consultation on climate change. prove how it has affected agriculture, tourism and other sectors of development. According to the conservationist, some 65% of the rainfall for water consumption comes from the May to November summer rainfall, and that climate change’s irregular weather patterns will impact such dynamics. Climate change was not just frightening but alarming, he warned, called for galvanized efforts to combat it. He lamented, “We will find ourselves struggling with the quality and quantity of water…rainfall is being

about the days of the African Mas bands. He related the tales of yore when, for example, the giant of a man we referred to as ‘Gruma’ would make his annual pilgrimage to Victoria Park (late 1950s and early 1960s) to demonstrate during carnival, some aspect of the traditions of African tribes. Of course, Mr. Horne remembered in detail, the time ‘Gruma’ played a statue. Those of us who witnessed that portrayed will vouch, even today, that ‘Gruma’ didn’t move a muscle when he was made to assume his position on stage, and remained in that motionless poise for the entire portrayal by his band. When he was lifted off the stage, he was as motionless and stiff as a tree trunk. Witnesses to this performance swore that day, that ‘Gruma’ was dead. We couldn’t locate a photograph of ‘Gruma’, but we thought a substitute from the African Mas bands of the late 1950s would suffice. Here, with the compliments of another renowned Vincnetian man of Culture, Paddy Corea, we share this photograph of Leroy King playing SHAKA ZULU, in an African mas band of 1958. Pity this was not in colour so that we could share the radiance of the costume. Thanks, Paddy, for sharing with us and we hope that the photograph rekindles something of the old spirit of Mas in you and all carnival loving Vincentians.

messed up and continues to be. Coupled with that is an increase in temperature at a high evaporation rate.” The private sector, especially manufacturers of food, did not escape his perview. He cautioned that they should be cognizant that the quality of water would be affected. And he encouraged the

formulation of a food security plan since, as he purported there would come a time when there would be a surplus of money and scarce food to buy. Proper legislation and policy guiding “an army of converts” would also be needed for change, Maximay suggested. Minister of Agriculture Saboto

Caesar also supported the need to focus on combating climate change, and advised persons to engage in home grown, authentic, indigenous and creative ways at solving problems. Following the CARDI consultation here, the team is expected to visit St. Lucia and Grenada.




Businessman shoots thief in the buttocks Supermarket and Randy’s Wholesale, Randy Kennedy ,was UP TO PRESS TIME, about to get on his Georgetown resident, motor scooter to make a Andrew ‘Pumpkin’ Daniel journey to his was still nursing a gunshot supermarket on Bay wound that he sustained Street, when he was after attempting to escape stopped by one of the with a bottle of Hennessy workers at the Wholesale Cognac he had stolen from who informed him that a Randy’s Wholesale at man wearing a yellow Linley Street, on Tuesday jersey had just stolen a 3rd July. bottle of Hennessey. Around 2 pm, Randy hustled on to proprietor of Randy’s his vehicle while a Stories by KENVILLE HORNE

worker, on foot, chased after the man, Daniel, who was heading in the direction of the Public Health Building, on Linley Street. Daniel ran on to the busy Back Street and through OT’s Parking Lot but turned to realize that Kennedy was on his tail. He stopped and threw the bottle of Hennessy at Kennedy and then proceeded in the direction of the North River. Kennedy said that he fired two warning shots but Daniel failed to surrender and instead, tried to force his way through a locked gate between the St. Mary’s R.C. school and Finishing and Furnishing. The businessman said he could see that Daniel

was having little success squeezing his way through, but he, Kennedy, did not approach the culprit, since Andrew ‘Pumpkin’ Daniel on stretcher on his way to the he was unsure if Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. he was carrying any weapon. the river bank just below up the bottle and give “When he failed to the R.C. School. him what belongs to him. surrender himself, and The wounded man, “On many occasions then attempted to jump inhibited in movement persons would steal from over the railing of the me and get arrested and bridge adjoining the area by the loss of blood occasioned by the bullet I would tell the police I behind Finishing and am not pressing Furnishing, I fired a shot wound, lay helpless in the bushes and was charges”. aiming for his foot,” apprehended by a police In 1998 Kennedy was Kennedy told THE officer. shot at and robbed of VINCENTIAN. He was taken to the over $40,000 at his New According to Kennedy, Milton Cato memorial Montrose home. Whether the man turned just Hospital where he is still this latest incident would about when he had deter thieves and robbers released his shot and the warded. Kennedy, who is the is a question on many bullet caught the man in holder of a firearm persons’ lips. his buttocks. licence for over 20 years, Charges of theft are to The wounded man stated that he would not be laid against Daniel, a somehow managed to police source confirmed. jump over the railing and have shot Daniel if he ran into some bushes on had complied and given

CDC Technical Manager defends himself Police officer moved quickly to apprehend the culprit.

ANDERSON PARRIS, a Barbadian who is Technical Manager for the events hosted by the Carnival Development Corporation for Vincy Mas, is disputing rumours that a spat that erupted between himself and T&T Soca Artiste Machel Montano, was his fault. Persons who lingered at Victoria Park after the Ragga Soca Monarch competition, were surprised when a heated exchange ensued between both Parris and Montano. However, according to Parris, the incident started while guest artiste Jamaican Konshens was performing. Parris said that after it was cleared for Montano to make a guest appearance during Konshens’ appearance, he advised the Trinidadian that he should make no mention of the following evening’s Wet Fete, at which Montano was the billed act, since it was not a CDC-sponsored show. Montano, together with local soca icon Skinny Fabulous joined Konshens in what patrons say was a lifesaver for the Jamaican artiste. When the unplanned performance finished, Parris said he sought to take the microphone from Montano but the Trinidadian refused to hand it over, instead, he “promised to burst my face with it,” Parris told THE VINCENTIAN. Parris said he walked away from the scene, did what he had to do to close the evening

event and proceeded to his vehicle. To his surprise, he discovered Montano leaning on his vehicle. On seeing Parris, Montano is said to have flown into a tirade of abusive language which descended into the use of expletives. It was when the expletives started that Parris said he responded in kind. Hands flew into faces as the confrontation escalated. Better judgement prevailed and Montano was whisked (L-R): Machel Montano, Konshens and Skinny away from the scene Fabulous on stage at the Ragga Soca Monarch which had by this show. time attracted quite an audience, THE VINCENTIAN was told. Parris was adamant, when THE VINCENTIAN spoke with him on Tuesday, that “there is nobody, no artiste here in St. Vincent could walk onto a show (in T&T) and proceed to do what they like without consent.” As far as he was concerned, the incident was not provoked by him, and he was taken aback “to hear a certain announcer on a radio station, saying is my fault. That is a total lie.” Efforts by this reporter to solicit a response from the CDC and Montano handler (L-R) Anderson Parris and a member proved futile. of his technical crew.




Sr. Ivy receives emotional send-off Remarks

written by Mr. Nollie Mc Dowall and Mrs. Janice Miller respectively; the curriculum was expanded to include the playing of musical instruments - drums, cuatro, violin and back-up instruments; the sports programme broadened to include lawn tennis and squash; the school’s Brownie Pack was revived; implementation of the writing and use of long-range planning for teachers at the school; an Annual Teachers’ Retreat became a feature of the schedule of the staff; the PTA was revived and strengthened; the entire toilet facility at the school, the kitchen and reading room were completely renovated; and the Building Fund Committee has borne fruit, enabling the school to secure a property on Tyrell

Mrs. Elizabeth Walker, Senior Education Officer with responsibility for the SMRC School, gave brief remarks. She spoke of Sr. Ivy’s friendship and her contribution to education and the work which she was able to accomplish at the school. “The achievements of the St. Mary’s R. C. School under your watchful leadership are many and varied”, she said. “You have fashioned the lives of so many citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as they said goodbye to their Alma Mater. Mrs. Clorith Daize, President of the PTA, gave the congregation a run-down of some of Sr. Ivy’s achievements Above: Sr. Ivy Pacheco, retires as Principal of the St. Mary’s at the school. “Goodbye is School leaving a legacy of achievement too final. We could never by GLORIAH… Sunday, 1st July, at the fully compensate Roman Catholic Cathedral of you for all you “SOME PEOPLE COME INTO our the Assumption, on North have done,” she lives and leave footprints on our River Road. said. hearts and we are never the same. You are such a person.” Contributions During Sr. Ivy’s These were the words of Tenure long standing teacher of the The function saw St. Mary’s Roman Catholic presentations from students, Under Sr. School (SMRC), Mr. Herman teachers and representatives Ivy’s watch, the Preddie, as he paid tribute to of the Ministry and the PTA. St. Mary’s R. C. retiring Principal, Sr. Ivy Students sang and a Pacheco. teacher recited poetry; the St. School has seen many changes In a very moving, yet Mary’s Cuatro Group, eight and innovations. celebratory service, the staff, students who are now She secured a parents and students of the secondary school students, school logo and school, Ministry of Education gave two renditions: the introduced the officials and other wellSMRC Dance Group did a wishers bade farewell to Sr. riveting routine; and the staff school song and school prayer, Ivy, at a ceremony held on climaxed with a song. St. Mary’s Cuatro Group, the result of Sister initiatives, performing at her send off.

Staff members bid farewell to their colleague in song.

Street for expansion.

Response Sr. Ivy, in reply, thanked all for being a part of the school in some way or the other. “My cup is full,” she said, “you are all a part of what has been St. Mary’s.” She said that God has truly “carried us” and had been the centre of the school. She expressed the wish that it continue that way and informed all that she feels comfortable to leave the school in God’s hands. As to her replacement, Sr. Ivy said that she was unable to name that person as a decision has not been made. “Whatever happens will come through decision making and it will be the person God wants it to be,” she said.

Ivy’s support for new




Conroy Huggins, Project Co-ordinator giving an overview of the project. Right: A section of the land which is already under cultivation.

BCK launches Agriculture and Poultry project Agriculture Minister Saboto Caesar takes a closer look at the chicken pens.


this”‘revitalized” project. He noted several actions that must be taken if SVG were to benefit from agriculture, among these being: fostering appreciation for agriculture within the context of our emancipation; and working together to make sure that agriculture becomes a Project overview recognized business in SVG. Against the backdrop of the Mr. Conroy Huggins, Agriculture availability of 17,500 acres of arable Teacher at the school and the person lands, 6,500 registered farmers, some who initiated the project, gave a brief of the most fertile soils in the world, overview of the project. excellent schools, and students who According to Huggins, the main are a product of a modern-day objective of the project is “to raise greater awareness of the importance of education, Caesar declared: “If we can’t do it, then it can’t be done.” youth involvement in the agriculture He pledged his Ministry’s “100% sector by marketing the sector as a viable and sustainable business to our support” to the project, then declared the project launched, after which three students in the first instance, and to students involved in the venture, the community and nation by Afeisha Spencer, Yannic Bacchus and extension.” Marvet Pierre, received the garden The project involves the use of a ¾ tools, seeds and the keys for the acre of gently sloping, arable lands poultry project, from Verrol Young, situated on the school’s compound. A Chairman of the Food Initiative variety of crops is already being Project of the Church of Jesus Christ cultivated on the ‘farm’ including of Latter Day Saints. chive, tomatoes, sweet peppers and This was followed by the inspection ginger. It will also see a quantity of of the field and poultry pens. chickens being reared in newly Among the high ranking constructed pens. agriculture-related personnel and Conceptualized in 2009, implementation of the project began in stakeholders attending the launch were: Mr. Micheal Dalton, IICA — earnest in 2011, and has received SVG Country Representative; Mr. support from the Inter-American Jethro Greene, Chief Coordinator of Institute for Cooperation on ECTAD/CaFA; Elder Clive Henderson Agriculture (IICA) and the Eastern Caribbean Trading in Agriculture and of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints — Missionary to Development Organization (ECTAD). SVG; Ms. Luan Gilchrist, Chief Education Officer; Mr. Philmore Feature address Isaacs, Agricultural Consultant; Chief of the Taiwanese Technical Mission in Minister of Agriculture, Rural SVG, Mr Lee; Mr. Ashley Caine, Transformation, Forestry, Fisheries Agriculture Diversification Officer; Mr. and Industry, Hon. Saboto Caeser, Sylvester Vanloo, Senior Agriculture delivered the feature address at the Officer — Banana Services Unit; Mr. launch. He praised the school for its earlier Marcus Richards, Plant Protection achievements, especially in the field of Officer; and Manager of the Agriculture Input Warehouse, Mr. agriculture, and expressed delight at Lennox Francis. the coming on stream of THE BISHOP’S COLLEGE KINGSTOWN (BCK) launched its Agricultural Science Crops and Poultry Production Project 2011-2015, on Monday 2nd July, 2012, at the school compound.



Carnival Heat

Blondie Bird does it again! dominated the street judging in the Uptown LONDIE BIRD AND competition. The band’s FRIENDS has Individuals 5-9, ‘Coins — outdone themselves, from the BOSVG, earned was the prevailing a commendable second sentiment at last place to add some feature Saturday’s Junior Carnival. to Blondie’s hold. The mas band The winners repeated victory in the presentations were: Junior Band of the Year, ‘Lotto’, individual 10-15, and generally ‘hogged’ a blue and gold costume, the spotlight at Victoria adorned with the Park as well as on the winning numbers; and road. portrayed by Alicia Blondie Bird and Thomas ; ‘Coins’, Friends, sponsored by Individual 5-9, a sparkly Guiness, Y de Lima and silver number portrayed Hitz 103.7, took the first by Thalia DeShong; position in all but one Junior King was category with their Heritage Square - our colourful presentation, ‘A Cultural Heritage, glimpse of Kingstown’ portrayed by Jelani which put a spin on Niles. He retained his significant activity in our hold on this segment. . nation’s capital. The Best Junior The band took first Section” was ‘Coins place in Individuals 10from the BOSVG’. Bank 15, Junior Queen, Junior of St Vincent and the King, Best Junior Grenadines”. Section as well as SVG Players

Best section 2012,’Coins - from the Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Blondie Bird and friends.



International, other than a first place in individuals 5-9, with their vibrant section “Dragon Fly’, was second to Blondie Bird and Friends in all other categories, in the Victoria Park competition. The band’s second places included: Best Section — ‘Fireflies’; individuals 10-15 — ‘Fly your kite’; Junior Queen —‘Fly me to the moon’; Junior King — ‘Fly, flying fish, fly’; Band of the Year — ‘Come fly with me’. Lynx Mas Band,

The 5-9 entry from Mirage Productions’ Forbidden Fantasy - the one that got away from the judges. (Photo credit: Oris Robinson)

‘Chords of Asia’ from High Voltage’s Making of the Caribbean Civilization.

‘Aztec Civilization’, took third in the Junior Band competition, and fourth in Individuals 10-15, fifth and sixth in Best Junior Sections with ‘Montezuma’, ‘Young Warrior’ and ‘Maidens’ respectively. Digicel Nelson Bloc took fourth place with their presentation of ‘Dat is Sos: Tribute to Winston Soso’, and placed second in the Uptown competition.

In the Junior Band of the Year runoff, High Voltage Mas production placed fifth with their interpretations of the theme ‘Making of the Caribbean Civilization’, and second, ‘Chords of Asia’ in individuals 5 -9. They also managed third place among the Junior Queens with ‘Chords of Asia’ and fourth among Junior Kings with ‘Emperor Abu Bakari 111’.

Other notable places in the competition went to Nelson Bloc with a second place in the Uptown Competition and fourth place in the Band of the year contest. Melbourne Artisans claimed a third place among the Junior Kings with ‘Sequeyah — The Cherokee Investor.’ My Imagination Mas ‘Sweet Dreams’ took fourth place in the Junior King section.



Views The National Newspaper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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Hands off the culture THERE HAS BEEN SO MUCH THROWN UP recently about this government’s readiness to serve as a ‘party of reconciliation’ between warring parties that, in some circles, it has occasioned a reflection on what could be the real purpose behind all this ‘arbitration’. In recent times, it was the Chris Gayle-WICB impasse, then the more home-based Skinny Fabulous/FiremanCDC issue. An intellectual’s reading of the recent interventions might well be that this is all part of this government’s demonstration of its theory (what our friend Vonnie Roudette might call) of aesthetics and creative sublimation. Now, if we are to understand Dr. Ralph Gonslaves for what he is, the intellectual, philosophical ‘brain’ behind the greater ULP plan, then we would want to credit him, given his aptitude to act as mediator, as one looking for every opportunity to enforce a national (regional) hegemony. All of this is really his reading of how to create a national ‘story’; how to advance the Caribbean civilization, based upon the diversity of ethnicity and culture that abounds within the national boundaries. If this be the case, then expect that this administration will choose from the rich as well as the poor, combining the many found treasures, to weave its national tale, or is it its plan. But sadly, given its clear preferences and biases, not all local ‘stories’, local treasures, even if they use the culture as their base, appear to be appropriate to the ULP’s concept of national unity. Consider the open acceptance of some calypsos (stories, treasures) and the separating of another set into conscription or obscurity, because they are deemed inappropriate to national unity, which in fact means the tale or plan that the administration has for its own version of national unity. If not, why the open, once unheard of, use of calypsos, the stories of the people, as open targets for political attack? Why all the open, rash, simplistic reaction to the work of perhaps the most creative of our cultural exponents? Such reaction and whispered indications of action, to read interference, do not encourage an advancement or autonomous cultivation of local, indigenous (art) forms. Is this an attempt to redefine Vincentians and their traditions in order to ensure the survival of a particular thinking? If so, is this not a threat to the very survival of the culture? In order for genuine ‘national unity’ to work, local culture, packaged and unpackaged, must be allowed/encouraged to add to and enhance this greater national culture and identity, in a free, albeit responsible and open expression. There should never be, in any plan that advances national unity and advances any civilization, a biased selection of elements to be included. To enforce a bias selection process, to attribute to oneself the right to determine what contributes and what doesn’t, is to cause a redefinition and recontextualization of the culture. Is this the master plan? Is the plan one of cultural reconstruction? Political and cultural policies, which ideally foster nation building, which includes a diversity of views and expressions, should never dichotomize the national culture, thereby creating other, ‘upper classed’, ‘acceptable-to-the-state cultures. Any policy that results in dissonance in the culture is fraught with theoretical complexities and speaks to disastrous results. Any expression of control of the culture for self-interest or in pursuance of a narrow political end is dishonest and not founded in our history of facing up to the challenges and coming out better for the effort. Then again, may be the present administration really doesn’t have a master plan for the culture. Hands off the culture, anyway!!!!!

“The role of calypso in Caribbean Society” I DON’T THINK THAT it is vitally necessary for me to remind anyone about the role that calypso and calypsonians have played in the development of the Caribbean. Long before people like Dr. Ralph Gonsalves came on the scene, calypsonians have been on an unending quest for the ennoblement of our Caribbean civilisation, particularly its Vincentian component. It must be noted that since the emergence of the art form, despite the many changes, calypsonians have never departed from their core mission. Therefore, any attempt by thinskinned persons in authority to smother the creativity and expressions of these respected bards must be utterly and completely crushed. According to my research, calypso rhythms can be traced back to the arrival of the first African slaves brought to work on the sugar plantations in the region. Forbidden to talk to each other, and robbed of all links to family and home, the African slaves began to sing songs. They used calypso, which can be traced back to West African kaiso, as a means of communication and to mock the slave masters. ... As a man of European descent, it appears as if Dr. Gonsalves has somehow missed the point. I think that this is the same gentleman that often reminds his listeners over and over that, among other things, we are the “rhythms of Africa” with the “home grown lyrics” of the Caribbean people. Does the Gentleman realize that he speaks of calypso? Why then, does Dr Gonsalves along with his sycophants and acolytes now berate our calypsonians?

Government, launched a frontal assault on another columnist who dared to comment on Dr. Gonsalves’ response to kaisos that are critical of his government. Mr Glen Jackson, the washed out social activist cum press secretary, goes around like a well-trained pit bull viciously biting anyone who dares to criticize his government in song. Despite the high quality of calypsos coming from most of the calypsonians, ULP sympathizers have deemed them to be of a poor standard.

The U.L.P Response

This calypso season has served to show how duplicitous is Dr. Gonsalves. He champions the cause of free expression. Yet, he seeks to silence those who speak out. He publicly applauds the calypsonian and privately seeks to destroy some of them. Many of his political minions have taken the cue. They scurry about the place like crazy ants trying to make sense of songs of resistance, and hope that they emanate from our local calypso bards. Gonsalves and his crew should simply shut up, listen, and take heed. I wish to remind you, the ULP administration, in the word of the Sunbeam, the son of Sunblaze, that calypsonians: “...sing for the voiceless, the abused and hopeless” and they even “sing for you”. The foregoing was expressed in 2003 when the present regime was barely two years old. It demonstrates that from morning, Gonsalves had set out to build a monolith, never a plural society with freedom of thought. More than ten years later, the battles are still being fought in earnest: the struggle continues, though “Candy Edwards” may be missing in action.

Dr. Gonsalves and the Calypsonians

Perhaps the most curious response of all has come from Dr. Gonsalves himself. And, once again we see the duplicity of the man. Publicly, the Prime Minister gives the impression that he has no problem with the critique offered by some of the calypsos. While he, like many other persons, disagree with some of the lyrics, the Good Doctor also tells the country that the bard ought to have “poetic licence”. Some persons are justifiably suspicious of this pronouncement, for privately and actively, the Prime Minister is singing a totally different tune. Dr. Gonsalves has encouraged his pit bull, Glen Jackson, who plans to harass some calypsonians. The Prime Minister has his time and the resources of the Government to personally contact some calypsonians to change their lyrics to show his Social and Political Commentary Over the Years government in a more favourable light. Kingstown is still talking about the encounter between him and Calypsonians continue to highlight the difficult De Man Age at Phil’s some days ago. The gentleman conditions under which people live. Nothing is is said to have spent a considerable amount of time sacred, and no one escapes the critical scrutiny of cajoling Age to change his lyric. It is said that he Caribbean calypsonians. Even Her Majesty’s dismissed some of the other calypsonians who sang bedroom and what goes on therein came in for against him as “coke heads, and therefore, sees no exposure from the Mighty Sparrow in ‘Phillip My point in reaching them the way he attempted to Dear’. reach De Man Age. I heard the story, but I don’t More recently in S.V.G, former Prime Minister think it is true! Is our Prime Minister that childish? Sir James Mitchell bore the brunt of many attacks Dr. Gonsalves must listen carefully to the from all sorts of calypsonians. The gentleman was calypsonians. There is no point in attempting to even referred to as a gambler by a calypsonian civil intimidate them. No one, not even a maximum servant. It must have been difficult for the PM at the time. But like he always did, he fled to Bequia to leader, has the right to command or demand a certain kind of lyrics from our poets, bards or our listen to classical music. As much as Sir James wanted to ban many of these songs, he realized that calypsonians. I am totally disappointed to hear that my role model has sunk so low. Such behaviours are it would have made no difference. Parnel Campbell must have urged him to do so, but Mitchell stuck to more fitting for the political wards such as Cecil Ryan, Glen Jackson and Caspar London. All calypso his guns and blew the winds out of the sail of the aficionados are simply laughing at the Comrade. more strident of his calypsonian critics. Despite his ethnic origin, Sir James realised that it was no point Conclusion in messing with the people’s culture.

Despite widely held expectation to the contrary, Vincentian calypsonians have continued with their traditional mandate under the U.L.P administration. At first, one thought that they had gone the way of the media, the unions, the Christian Council and other commentators in our society. One thought that they had simply shut up, like the Man CP, or were now in the pockets of the administration, like Zion-I. However, it is a pleasure to know that many, not all, of our calypsonians are bold enough to sing as they like, despite the pressures to do otherwise. It is somewhat disconcerting to hear that the Prime Minister and his colleagues have adopted a strategy to intimidate anyone who sings what they have dubbed as anti-ULP calypsos. I have not seen a single positive story or editorial comment in the News regarding calypsos this year. The Searchlight has used its editorial to criticise the organization of the tents. Caspar London, an apparent ward of the administration, took to writing crap from more patriotic songs and less of the anti-Government variety. Cecil Ryan, another ward of the




O’Neal demands gazetting of Information Act

Dear Prime Minister Gonsalves,

otherwise, would prevent them from being left behind in education. In 2011, SVG suffered its worst Common Minister Miguel said that the 2003 Entrance Exam (CEE) results in history, Freedom of Information Act has not with 1116 children of the poor and 56 yet been gazetted, and she is under no per cent of males failing. obligation to give the CEE results by Mr Ivan O’Neal went with a individual school. witness to see Minister Miguel to get a The Director of Planning in the copy of the CEE results by individual Ministry of Finance and Economic schools, to carry out a scientific Planning stated that some students analysis as to why so many children of scored as low as 5 per cent on some the poor, and males failed the CEE, papers of the 2012 CEE, adding that and ascertain what financial help, or the issue should concern the entire

country. (Source: Searchlight 22 06 12). In June 2012, the Ministry of Education again blatantly refused to give to Mr Ivan O’Neal the 2012 CEE results by individual schools for scientific analysis. The Freedom of Information Act was assented by His Excellency the Governor General on 15 December 2003, nine years ago. However, to date, no justification has been given by the Prime Minister Gonsalves for

Embarrassment !!!! SINCE THE GUARDS changed in the Ministry of Education, a picture of gross incompetence has been painted as it relates to Physical Education and Sports, specifically School Sports. We have seen the formation of the different committees to deal with the sports specific in schools, headed by the respective Associations, an approach that is only being done in SVG with the obvious, i.e. a hindrance to the progress and development of sports in schools. This system (in the above mentioned) is the brainchild of outside influence/interference only to help justify the existence of a certain sporting organization. A

question was once asked: Where in the world you have a sporting organization running school sports? Up to this date, no answer was given. Within the Ministry of Education, there are over ten professionals who are trained in the Management of Sports and Physical Education, so why in heaven’s name has the Ministry been taking this outside influence/interference to every negotiation and meeting? Name it, football, netball, cricket or track and field, is he the guru of Sports? Or is it that the Ministry doesn’t recognize these professionals within its midst? Or maybe it’s because everything is

‘caba caba’ presently? Because of this senseless approach by the Ministry, this outside influence/interference has gained what he has been praying for: the near isolation of the Governmental Arm that is responsible for sports in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (The Division of Physical Education and Sports). I must agree the governing bodies for the respective sports have their role to play in the development of school sports, but this role should only be of a technical nature which must be channeled through the division of sports. In closing, we must

remember the ferryboat tax and now, the Sellout of Bequia lands? Why? In the elections, more than 80 percent of Bequians voted against the Great Leader. Even Tropical Storm Tomas and the subsequent handouts of materials donated by friendly nations couldn’t change that. Rejected by the people of Bequia, but nevertheless handsomely paid by Government for holding up a socialist outpost while mingling in the island’s affairs without democratic mandate, and like the “Godfather”, attending expensive meetings all over the planet, it stands to question if Belmar follows his convictions or if he is forgoing his island. Indeed, this he has to work out with his own conscience. Facts are, in Bequia, roads and other infrastructure are in a deplorable state. For instance, in spite of governmental responsibility, the reconstruction of an important walkway for tourism, allowing visitors access to hotels, was financed by friendly donors. The same with some water supply in one area, again made available through foreign aid, not Belmar’s Government. What about

Ivan O’Neal   BSc(Hons), MSc,

Let us talk about taxes

move away from insularity, and be aware of persons with hidden agendas. Ministry of Education, do the thing. Concerned educator

Royal medals - colonial orders, how pathetic! AMAZING, in a country where the present Administration lobbied vehemently for the removal of the Queen, but nevertheless continues to happily attend lavish royal festivities at the taxpayers’ expense - the icing on the cake for them being the annual handouts of the ‘Sweeties’ - the so highly sought after Colonial Orders, constitute a challenge to any truly independent mind. Some fragile Egos seem to be in need of such decorations, glitter rather, in spite of our history laden with exploitation and atrocities. As we are living in a supposedly enlightened world, not in past societies, to label such practices hypocrisy, spineless or quite simply dog-like devotion, is anyone’s choice. What pops the cork; the bestowal of the, “Most Excellent Order of the British Empire”, to one Herman Belmar for his, “distinguished contribution to education and the environment in the Grenadines”. Belmar hails from Bequia, the island greatly abandoned and punished by his boss, the Right Honorable Comrade Dr. Ralph Gonsalves;

refusing to gazette the Freedom of Information Act 2003. I write demanding that you, Prime Minister Gonsalves, gazette the Freedom of Information Act 2003 within 28 days of this letter. Failure to gazette this Act within the 28 days will leave me no option but to apply for leave from the High Court for judicial review on this serious matter. Please be guided accordingly.

affairs? the overfishing of our waters by Japanese and Richard Hadley - New Taiwanese trawlers, York destroying our fishermen’s livelihood? What about the lion-fish and sea-moss invasions, our dying reefs ? However, even more crucial; who can explain that under a socialist * When is the Government, hundreds of Commissioner of students from the Police going to Grenadines have to publicly commend brave a daily boat-jourthose hard working ney to St. Vincent? Often CID officers, a 12 hours day in order especially those who to get a ‘somewhat’ betso quickly made ter education, not to arresst in the killing mention the financial of that artist? burden on the parents * Can the CDC and stress to the kids! In expect an increase in this light, an award for its 2013 government Education appears outsubvention, now that right ridiculous! Further, the PM has promised on Bequia, where every an increase in Soca year whales are being Monarch prize slaughtered with the money? help of speedboats, just * When are the as turtles suffer and disroads in Cane appear by the hundreds Garden going to get in a so-called some attention? Are “Sanctuary”, an award the residents there for the Environment is not tax payers? not only anachronistic * What’s the latest but nothing short of a on the re-opening of joke. Bottlers (St. Vincent) We certainly do not Ltd? Are those begrudge the glitter, workers who have neither the British Way been on the breadline of Life. Who needs it for well over two should have it. But what years not deserving did Belmar do, to better of some indication the above described about when their educational and severance payments environmental will be made? catastrophic state of

PERHAPS the time has arrived for us to initiate dialogue on the question of taxation. For generations, we have accepted the fact, that governments through individuals provide certain services for the welfare of all the people. These services are funded by the monies collected from the citizens and visitors to our shores. These are the taxes. When it is perceived that there is any recklessness in the usage of these funds, there ought to be constitutionally defined mechanisms by which redress could be pursued. This is particularly pertinent in a system where the burdening of the population with additional taxes, is in the sole authority of those who may in fact be culpable, for the leaking of the nation’s resources. My opinion is influenced, primarily, by the declared intention of our government of the ULP administration, led by Dr. Gonsalves, to raise property taxes. It borders almost on being immoral and insensitive, to even contemplate such increases at this time. Here are a few reasons: (1) The roads to our properties have continued to deteriorate under this administration. This has been acutely so, despite the pre-election promises in 2001, that road repairs and maintenance would have been seriously addressed. The painful reality is that we have not seen a serious effort being made to address it. (2) Because of the poor quality of the feeder roads, farmers are finding it very difficult to produce food at reasonable prices for poor families. (3) The introduction of the VAT drove up the prices of the widely used important food and household items at the Supermarkets, and also on such local foods as plantains and callaloo. (4) It must not be forgotten, that a few months after the introduction of the VAT, the Prime Minister informed us that the revenue from the VAT was substantially in excess of what had been projected. Yet we did not see a revision downwards, although the people were crying out. (5) The proposed increase in property tax seems to reflect a callous indifference to the fact that all the material used in the repairs and renovations of houses, in our effort to make them more resistant and safe, attract VAT of thousands of dollars, on which interest still has to be paid to the Banks. (6) The funds realized from the sale of the National Commercial Bank were indeed no windfall. It was just about 50% of the $100,000,000, which the government had to borrow, to straighten out its indebtedness to the Bank, before the sale could have been pursued. Those funds therefore, should have been spent on our pressing needs, like the repairs of our roads, the purchasing of medicines and the settling of accounts with companies, to whom government has been indebted, so that they can keep their workers employed. It is sad indeed, when the acute pressures on the citizens can be traced to the indifference of their elected representatives. Le Roy Providence




Progress in the British American Insurance issue The following is a press release issued on the sale of the traditional life insurance of British American, to Sagicor. The Judicial Managers of BAICO together with the Government of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) are pleased to announce that an agreement has been signed to sell the traditional life insurance business of BAICO to Sagicor Life, Inc. (Sagicor), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sagicor Financial Corporation. The ECCU Governments have undertaken to provide funding of up to US $38 million to assist in restoring value to the transferring policies. The sale was agreed after a formal sale process, which resulted in strong interest from 7 parties with 4 final bids being considered.

Policyholders whose policies are proposed to be transferred need not take any action at this point. However, prior to the completion of the sale, policyholders are encouraged to continue to pay, and if necessary bring up to date their life policy premiums, to representatives at existing BAICO branches within the ECCU in order to maintain their policies. Policyholders will be provided with further information (either directly or by local advertising) about the proposed transfer of the business in the coming Policies included in the sale months as Sagicor and the Judicial Managers of BAICO seek the necessary The business being sold is made up of Court and regulatory approvals. Group Pensions and the following Once the transfer is completed, traditional life policies issued by BAICO Sagicor will contact affected in Anguilla, Antigua, Dominica, policyholders to inform them of the Grenada, Montserrat, St. Lucia, St. change in ownership of this business. Kitts and Nevis and St. Vincent and the On completion, Sagicor will assume Grenadines. BAICO’s place as the legal issuer of the > Universal life policies > Term life transferring policies, and policyholders > Whole life > Endowment will be able to once again operate their > Home Service Life policies in accordance with the contract Approximately 17,500 policyholders terms. are expected to benefit from the sale, restoring the policy values for nearly 2 Payment of outstanding Claims, Maturities, in every 3 BAICO policyholders. Surrenders and Bonuses It should be noted that under the terms of sale, all valid and in-force life The obligation to pay certain unpaid policies as at the Scheme Effective amounts to policyholders under these Transfer Date will be transferred to policies (being claims, maturities, Sagicor without any amendment or surrenders and bonuses) will transfer to change to the respective policy, allowing Sagicor with the business, and the policyholders to benefit from the terms ECCU Governments have arranged they historically agreed with BAICO. funding for the payment of these in accordance with the terms of the Completion of the sale policies. The payment of claims will be subject to the claimant meeting the The life insurance business will be requirements of the policy terms, and transferred to Sagicor once all necessary signing an appropriate release. approvals for the scheme of transfer from the relevant Courts and insurance What about policies that have lapsed regulators in The Bahamas (where BAICO is incorporated) and throughout The ECCU Governments are mindful the ECCU countries are received. that, during the past three years, due to It is expected that the approvals for the uncertainty about BAICO’s future, all countries will take a further 3 — 6 many policyholders may have stopped months, at which point the transfer of paying their premiums. In many cases, the business can be finalised. The this will have resulted in them allowing Governments will work with Sagicor their policies to lapse. and BAICO to finalise this as soon as The Governments, Sagicor and the possible. Judicial Managers of BAICO are It is intended that the entire business currently considering whether it will be described above will be transferred at possible to offer to reinstate policies that the same time. However, as a have lapsed in this period and further precaution, if any approvals are delayed information regarding this issue will be or not received within the next four communicated to affected policyholders months, the parties can agree to prior to the completion of the transfer. transfer the business in stages. Policyholder Queries Sagicor and its commitments to the ECCU region Many policyholders may not be aware if their policy is current (for example, Sagicor is a highly respected they may have ceased paying premiums insurance provider operating across 19 some time ago, but the automatic loan countries in the Caribbean as well as in feature of their policy may have been the UK and US. Its parent Sagicor triggered, meaning essentially that the Financial Corporation is a listed entity accumulated value of their policy was in Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and used to pay their premiums). the UK. Sagicor has a financial If policyholders have queries, they strength rating of A- (Excellent) from can contact their local BAICO branch to A.M. Best. Group revenue reached US find out the status of their policy. $1.5 billion for the financial year 2011 In conclusion, the sale represents an and Shareholders’ Equity and Assets excellent outcome for traditional life stood at US $578 million and US $5.4 policyholders, and reflects the ECCU billion at December 31, 2011. Governments’ and Judicial Managers’ Sagicor Life Inc. is already a continued efforts to work to identify regulated entity in all of the ECCU solutions for individuals and institutions countries involved in the transaction. affected by the BAICO collapse. Sagicor has demonstrated its Although the sale is structured commitment to the ECCU region by: specifically to transfer the ECCU > Agreeing to set up an ECCU traditional life policyholders to Sagicor, Consultative Committee, to play an the sale is also beneficial to all other oversight role (including compliance, policyholders and creditors to BAICO anti-money laundering, capital who are not covered by the terms of the adequacy and corporate governance) in sale by reducing the remaining relation to the performance of the liabilities of BAICO. The Judicial Business; Managers and the ECCU Governments > Placing its ECCU business into a continue to work on solutions to recover separate ECCU-based entity within 12 assets of BAICO as well as to pursue months of completion of the transaction; those responsible for the collapse. and The Judicial Mangers and the ECCU > Committing to listing at least 25% Governments wish to reiterate their of the shares of the ECCU Entity on the appreciation to all those affected by the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange BAICO situation in the region for their within two years of its commencement patience as this progresses. of operations. Issued by the Judicial Managers of BAICO and the Governments of the What should policyholders do? Eastern Caribbean Currency Union

Hon Arnhim Eustace soon to be SVG new Prime Minister The Hon Arnhim Eustace attended St Vincent Boys’ Grammar School. He attended Sir George William University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics, and a master’s degree in economics from University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada. In 1977, Eustace joined the Caribbean Development Bank in Barbados. He rose from Administrative Officer through the ranks of the institution, ultimately becoming Director of Projects before repatriating to St. Vincent in 1993. In 1985, Eustace was for 18 months seconded by the CDB to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) which assigned him to the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to review and implement changes to the public finance system and to manage government finances as Director General of Finance and Planning. Upon his 1993 return to St. Vincent, Eustace was appointed Fiscal Adviser to the Government of St. Viincent and the Grenadines. From 1993 to 1998, Eustace was chairman of WIBDECO as well as the Joint Venture Holding Companies in the UK. He headed the Windward Islands negotiating team for the acquisition of GEEST Bananas in a joint venture with Fyffes of Ireland. Eustace was chairman of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS).He was also the Government Director on the board of the East Caribbean Group of Companies. In 1998, he resigned from the public service and ran for political office, winning the East Kingstown parliamentary seat (which he has won for the past 4 consecutive elections by increasing margins of victory). Following the 1998 general election, he was appointed Minister of Finance, Planning and the Public Service. Later that year, he was offered the post of Deputy Secretary General of the Commonwealth Secretariat, which he declined. In 2000, Eustace was elected leader of the New Democratic Party and, upon the October 2000 retirement of Sir James Mitchell, became prime minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines until the NDP’s loss at the March 2001 General Elections. Eustace remains president of The New Democratic Party and Leader of the Opposition. In the three general elections his party has contested since he took the helm, the NDP has risen from 3-12 to 7-8, within narrow reach of forming government. Champion for the poor, the issues NIS Opposition Leader the Hon. Arnhim Eustace is calling on the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) to have a mechanism in place that would minimize the amount of Vincentians who will be receiving a lump sum payment instead of a monthly pension. Mr. Eustace, who recently raised the issue of the lump sum payment Vincentians will receive if a total of five hundred contributions are not made, said this issue is one that every Vincentian should be concerned about. The livelihood of many Vincentians is at stake because the one off payment they will receive will not sustain many of them for more than a year. It is therefore imperative that the government and the NIS find a solution to deal with this issue.

which they are negligent in the payment of their workers, and the Opposition will not stand by and allow our local workers to be victims of this. He made it known that he is very sensitive to the pleas of Vincentians, who rely on wages to provide for themselves and their families, while adding that any government has the obligation of protecting the rights of its citizens. In response to statements made by Harlequin Resorts that he is creating unnecessary alarm, Eustace said that he must speak out on this issue, as he cannot simply allow an investment company with questionable reputation to come to this country and put undue pressure on the local workers they have employed. CLICO/British American Raising over US$225 million dollars could possibly be a feat that the OECS government may not be able to accomplish, leaving persons who invested in special annuities in CLICO and British American in a bind. Leader of the Opposition the Hon. Arnhim Eustace disclosed this in response to a parliamentary question on whether any OECS governments has indicated its contribution to raising the US$ 225 million, the Prime Minister indicated that this had not yet been done. He revealed that the US 150 million dollars that was pledged by the government of Trinidad and Tobago has now been reduced to US 50 million dollars. Eustace said this implies that the expected contributions from OECS governments will have to be increased. Given the current fiscal situation of the OECS countries, it is unlikely that these governments will be able to afford any significant contribution, he added. Banana Industry With the Banana Industry showing no signs of recovery, the New Democratic Party will soon be outlining its proposals for the recovery of the Agricultural sector, with special reference to bananas. This was disclosed by the Opposition Leader the Hon. Arhnim Eustace. The party has been meeting with both crop and poultry farmers throughout the country, who shared their concerns for the industry while making suggestions on what can be done to revive the agricultural sector. Members of the Opposition Party have berated the government for their general mismanagement of the banana industry and the late sigatoka spraying programme that has placed the industry in serious decline. The NDP is of the view that under the ULP Government, bananas have seen their worst days in relation to its contribution to GDP.

Conclusion We must not be distracted by the side shows created by the ULP to shift the debate from the real issues that confront us here in our blessed land. We must stay focused and continue to discuss these issues that affect our daily Buccama Bay Resort lives. We must keep on discussing: the “Pay the people their money”. This is sad state of this country’s economy, the the call being made by Opposition demise of agriculture and the Leader the Hon. Arnhim Eustace, in disrespectful way the ULP is treating regard to the situation at the Buccama our farmers, the state of our health Bay Resort, where there have been service, the deplorable conditions of our constant complaints of workers not roads, the low morale of our public being paid on time. sector workers, the high cost of living, Speaking on the New Times the increased cost of gasoline, why the programme, The Opposition Leader three (3) teachers who contested the urged the government to make efforts to last general elections for the NDP have protect the rights of the workers, not been re-employed, and so many especially local contractors, whose other issues that affect us from day to payments are long overdue. day. However, the time has come for Eustace added that Harlequin the ULP administration to go! It’s time Resorts has a history of incidents in for the NDP to govern this country.




The hero in you “Unbounded courage and compassion join'd, tempering each other in the victor's mind, alternately proclaim him good and great, and make the hero and the man complete.”- Joseph Addison (1672-1719) English author, politician, publisher, essayist, poet. THERE IS A TENDENCY FOR EACH OF US to underestimate our abilities to do good and great things. Most of us wrongfully assume that outstanding feats are meant to be performed by other; not ourselves. But this article comes to invite each of us to look at life differently now. To understand and appreciate that there are events that you and I must do; it calls on us to unearth the hero that is within. And as we proceed, we discard those negative debilitating thoughts that seek to invite us to continue to sit on the fence and be spectators because of our lack of education, inability to speak well, gender, skin pigmentation, and whatever else we may have used to hold us back over the years. We have seeds of greatness within, and we now take that step to unleash them; to set them free; to allow then to run and fly and soar. Join me now on that mental journey to free up the hero within. This writer may appear to be presumptuous to say that “I don’t have to know who you are or where you live or where you have been to conclude that you have greatness within you.” And while you may have failed at many of life’s tasks, and wrongfully concluded that you are a failure the words in this article beckon you to shed those negative thoughts and embrace the new challenges that life affords you. Failure is not final. Many useful lessons can be learned from failures if we have the right attitude and look at them for the enrichment that they often bring. I know what I am talking (writing) about. I have been there ... and done that. Having said that, let us get back to the topic at hand. It is truly amazing what we can learn from the Internet. I now regularly view speeches on, and am encouraged by the endless inspirational videos that are archived there. Scientists, social activists, economists, and “ordinary folks” share their experiences on how they make the world a better place. also provides many inspirational videos, if you know how to search for them. I recently did a search for the CNN Hero of the Year, and came across their hero for 2009: a young man from the Philippines, Efren Geronimo Peñaflorida Jr. (born in1981), who is a teacher and social worker. Efren is the founder and head of the Dynamic Teen Company which offers Filipino youth an alternative to street gangs through education. This outstanding young man searched out disadvantaged and abandoned youths wherever they were and enticed them to embrace the challenge to pursue their education. He created school settings in unconventional locations such as

cemeteries and trash dumps. By exposing them to education “at their level and in their setting”, he was able to turn their lives around and change communities for the better. But we do not have to go all the way over to the Philippines to find outstanding individuals who change the landscape of their communities for the better. Consider the young lady in Jamaica, Deika Morrison, who pioneered the “Do Good Jamaica” concept. Deika saw the need to encourage play and creativity among pre-school children in Jamaica, and mobilised the private sector and responsible citizens to contribute crayons, play dough, books, children’s scissors, balls, and building blocks to her organisation. These were then redistributed to day care centres where such items were needed to improve the motor, cognitive and social skills of the children who attend such institutions. Parents and teachers testify of the significant improvements that they have seen in their children as a result of Deika’s proactive approach to early childhood education. St. Vincent and the Grenadines has created its own share of “Unsung Heroes” too; individuals who have given selfless service to their respective communities. We commend First Caribbean International Bank for bringing some of these to our attention through their annual Unsung Heroes programme. Individuals like Cleopathra Jackson, John Roache, Veolant Cupid, Amanda David, Dr. Vivian Child, Yolande Stewart, Jestina Charles and Lucy Miguel readily come to mind. They, and many others, toiled for decades to provide for the less fortunate in their respective communities. We salute them for doing so “out of the kindness of their hearts” - expecting nothing in return. Be assured that there are heroes in each of us; and there is a hero in you. You and I have so many dreams and aspirations that can improve our respective communities. In doing so, we’ll make our nation a better place. You and I have brilliant humanitarian plans that are struggling to break through. Some of the examples that we have shared in this article provide hints of similar projects that we can engage in. Will we? Will you? There is a hero in you (and in me too) struggling to be set free; wanting to do that great act that will help someone else to soar; to help someone to better cope with the various challenges of life. Let’s set the heroes free. Release the hero in you... and let it ignite the hero in others! Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to

Carnival is not a fete

CARNIVAL IS NOT A FETE. Carnival is a package of cultural entertainment experiences that showcase high mas, classic calypso, soca as well as sweet pan music. Unless this fact dawns on those responsible for carnival, our festivities will continue a slow, painful slide into a jump and wine activity devoid of all cultural content. Carnival is not a fete. Carnival ain't just about getting wet. Carnival is more than glow. Carnival must never be branded as insomnia and fire fete. All of these are nice additions to the festival, but they cannot be promoted at the expense of mas, cultural fun, sweet pan music or the uplifting voice of a people’s poet pointing to social ills with biting social commentary. Maybe to save carnival we should abandon the hype of ten days and return to the vigour of two days. With only two days, carnival officials, pan men, mas women and calypsoians can spend more time creating and delivering a spectacle that is uniquely Vincentian and high in cultural content. The slow death of carnival can be seen all around us. From the decision to impose a onesong policy for calypsonians to the misplaced emphasis placed on beauty pageants. The Carnival Development Corporation maintains that some shows are too long, boring and fail to attract crowds. But it offers no suggestions to make the shows lively or entertaining. Pan has been in intensive care for the years. A few years ago, Fire fete organizers attempted a rescue mission and teamed with pan. Within a year the idea of melding fire and steel was dropped like hot bread. We thought fire liked pan. It stood alone last year. Its promoters ran out of energy and abandoned fire fete altogether. Last Wednesday the CDC tried to revived the concept under the banner of 360 degrees. We await appraisal as to the intensity of heat at carnival city. To improve carnival, we should remove Miss SVG and Miss Carival from the carnival calendar. They do nothing for the culture of carnival. These shows skew the thinking about the festival. They are popular and make money, whil pan, mas and calypso struggle financially, but carnival attracts regional visitors and nationals from the Diaspora. Few of them come to SVG to witness beauty shows. Although they remain wildly popular among our women, beauty contests are a parade of brawn over brain. The young women fumble their way through their interviews; while some of us take cruel delight, some contestants engage in embarrassing babble. Miss SVG attracts the largest single bundle of prizes in carnival, but does nothing to advance carnival or culture. The soca competition, like the pageants, makes money, but for

how many more years will we be asked to jump and wine as we raise our hands and wave flags. Before this year’s carnival is declared the best, biggest and the hottest in the Caribbean, we must reflect on the origins of carnival, where we are now, and ways to guarantee future carnivals that are much more than fete. Anything less than a complete review will ensure the continued slide away from carnival as cultural artistry to simply fete, jump, wave and wine. It is too soon to proclaim that SVG is witnessing a resurgence in good, high quality calypso. But the songs for this year should warm the hearts of all calypso lovers and the organizers of the calypso competition. The semi-finals on June 22 was of a very high quality. The judges had an unenviable task. As a result, there were few negative statements or protests with the ten kaiso bards selected to try to dethrone Tajoe. Historically, some calypsonians are notorious for being one song wonders This cannot be said for this ten most of whom have been toiling long and hard. Even an ever confident Tajoe must acknowledge that Reality, Brother Ebony, Poorsah, Sonny Banks, Zion-I, Man Zangie, Fya Empress, Bump-I, Joy C and Abijah predict a real challenge. The high quality of the songs were also reflected in the big increase in calypso fans who attended the semifinals. The hope here is that fans will come out in even larger numbers on Sunday night. Even with the general improvement in the calypsoes for this year, we must admit that the fine art of calypso writing needs to be cultivated. Many calypsonians had very good topics, but appeared to have stayed with what first came to their minds, rather than discipline themselves and work just a little harder on their composition. There are two trends in the calypsoes deserving of comments. One is the amount of writers who expressed the view that our nation needs to change course, mend the divide if the country is to go forward. The other, a negative trend, is the celebration of rum. Marshal tells us his bottle of rum never butt him yet, and Fya Empress will take any amount of rum from a pt quart to a factory. With the level of alcohol consumption and abuse rising rapidly, one longs for songs that promote clean good fun. With so many events planned for this weekend, I wish all revelers a healthy, fun filled and peaceful celebration. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to




730 congratulations – one disappointment

where the NDP and the grossly incompetent Gonsalves-led ULP regime have not had the entrepreneurial vision to go to before. A visionary Green government will make SVG the centre for SEVEN hundred and thirty (730) students graduated deliver jobs, nor provide surplus revenue for our university education for our brothers and sisters in from the Community College built by the vision of the country. the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States. NDP. Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ireland focused SVG will only attract foreign direct investment in Congratulations are in order for the students’ their respective economies on tourism. They have science and technology when we have high-quality achievements. But, the question is: Where next for learned the hard way; their economies have failed human capital. For this, SVG must have science them? with massive public debt. Tourism is an economic universities to offer these 730 Community College The one disappointment of this great graduation delusion, and it cannot provide the people of SVG graduates and all future graduates in SVG. A highly is that, under the incompetent Gonsalves, SVG has with long-term, high-paid jobs. Tourism only creates educated population must be the foundation and driving force for sustainable economic growth in our nothing to offer these students. There’s no SVG mass poverty and unemployment, and we see that country. university, and with the economy being so today in SVG. Over the past four years alone, we have seen dilapidated, there are no (new) jobs in SVG. For future students who graduate, we need to end In Gonsalves’ somewhat strange vision, he has the disappointment of nowhere to go. For this, SVG rapid advances in infocomm technologies globally; they have transformed the way we work, live and built a king-size jail and an electronic gun firing needs to build a strong and sustainable economy. learn. SVG needs a globally competitive infocomm range, before building a university in SVG. The next But first, we must change our mindset and go industry and an infocomm-savvy workforce to natural step for these students would be university Green. spearhead the transformation of our economy. or employment. What use is a jail or a gun firing A Green government will build a university and Singapore has an established infocomm industry range to these newly graduated students? Surely give a high priority to mathematics, science and with a revenue of US$49.5 billion in 2009, they would want to continue their learning in a technology and information technology. This will employing over 140,000 people. The World Economic university, not in a gun firing range where they give future graduating students a world-class Forum ranked Singapore second in its Global learn only to kill accurately. education and access to high-paid, high-skilled jobs. Information Technology Report 2009-2010. Not one job has been created for these 730 It will also strengthen the fabric of our economy by SVG Community College graduates need students who graduated on Tuesday 26 June 2012. creating thousands of new high-skilled, high-paid universities, not a jail. This is extremely sad, and demonstrates that the jobs. Gonsalves’ regime is just a talking shop, thinking A Green Government, with its visionary new SVG Green Party only of tourism — a dead end product - which cannot ideas for growth in jobs and wealth creation, will go

Informational notes for media on age benefits at NIS 1.0 Background The NIS was established in St. Vincent and the Grenadines by Act#33 of 1986. Its primary purpose was to collect contributions and pay benefits to eligible persons. The NIS provides benefits under three main categories, namely, longterm, short-term and the employment injury. Long-term benefits include age benefits, invalidity benefits, survivors benefit and funeral benefits. Short term benefits are sickness and maternity benefits, and employment injury covers benefits payable as a result of an injury on the job. Pursuant to Article 17 of the National Insurance Act, the NIS is mandated to conduct an actuarial review every three years. The main purpose of the review is to assess the actuarial and financial state of health of the NIS, and make specific recommendations to preserve the social relevance and financial viability of the plan. To date, seven such reviews have been conducted and all revealed that the NIS is in a good actuarial and financial condition. 2.0 Age Benefits

According to SR&O # 13 of 1994, an age benefit is payable to an insured person who reaches the age of 60. The age benefits comprise of either an age grant or an age pension. 2.1 Full Pension An insured person may qualify for either a reduced pension or a full pension. To be qualified for a full pension, the following criteria apply: * Has attained the pensionable age of 60 and * Has paid or been credited with at least 500 weekly contributions of which at least 150 weeks were actually paid. The amount of benefit payable is dependent on the number of contributions made and average insurable earnings in the best three contribution years of the last 15 years. For instance, a person who retires with 500 weekly contributions (10 years) will be eligible for a pension of 30% of his average weekly insurable earnings. For every additional year of work beyond the first 10 years, an insured person would be eligible for an additional 1% up to a maximum of 30%. Therefore, the maximum

pension rate that a person may receive is 60% (which can be attained in year 2027). 2.2 Reduced Age Pension In an effort to enable older workers to receive a pension in the early years of the plan, there was a provision in the Act to accommodate a reduced age pension. The reduced age pension was applicable to workers who were 37 years or older on the 5th January 1987 (date on which NIS was established in SVG). To be eligible for this pension, an insured person must have; * Attained age 60 * Paid at least 150 weekly contributions * In addition, the insured person should have paid or been credited with an extra 25 weeks of contribution for every year of age that they were under age 50. As per recommendation of the fourth actuarial review, which was approved by then Minister of Finance, Mr. Arnhim Eustace in 1999, the Actuary stipulated (or recommended) the following minimum qualifying weeks for a reduced pension as 150 contributions from years 1987 to 1997. For each year

between the years 1998 to 2010, the minimum requirement for a reduced pension should be increased by 25 weekly contributions respectively, up to a maximum of 475 weekly contributions. This was enacted by SR&O 13 of 1994 (gazetted on 23rd of August 1994). Consequently, the reduced pension was phased out fully in 2011 since the minimum contribution requirement for a pension was 500 weekly contributions (consistent with the requirement for a fullpension). Throughout the Caribbean, and in the US, ten years of contributions is the minimum requirement for age pensions. 2.3 Age Grant An age Grant is payable to an insured person who satisfies the following requirements: * Attained age 60 * Paid a minimum of 50 weekly contributions * Has not met the contributions requirements for an age pension. The amount of age grant is equivalent to six times the average weekly insurable earnings for every cohort of 50 weeks paid or credited

contributions. 3.0 Conclusion A minimum contribution requirement of 500 weekly contributions for a life-time pension is consistent with international and regional best practices. Lowering the contribution requirements, after 25 years of operations increases the generosity of the plan and threatens its longterm stability. This problem would be more acute for NIS, given that it provides relatively generous benefits, and it has the lowest contribution rate in the region. The NIS is currently undertaking its 8th actuarial valuation in order to determine the financial and social relevance of the plan in the prevailing and forecasted economic and social landscape. It is anticipated that the Actuary would provide a set of recommendations to the NIS to ensure the plan remains actuarially and financially sustainable whilst meeting the income replacement needs of the workers and beneficiaries. Release issued on June 28, 2012 by the Office of the Press Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office




Jennifer Lewis In Appreciation JENNIFER LEWIS, the Vincentian artist who was shot and killed at her home in Belvedere, St. Vincent, June 17, seemed to have reached out in inexplicable ways to persons whom she had never met. Mary Thompson, Englishborn, writing in her blog since Jennifer’s passing, said that she didn’t know Jennifer, except through her (Jennifer’s) blog and Facebook page, but found her to be an inspiration. When she connected with Jennifer after being Woman encouraged to do so by a friend, Mary writes, “I Right: immediately felt some kinship Bronze with her,” and described her sculpture as “a dynamic, earthy, and a powerful, and spiritual paper woman.” vase. Mary said that she was “shocked, horrified, and saddened to hear of her unexpected death.” She continued: “I simply wanted to share my humble appreciation of Jennifer Lewis’s art and her strong positive energy and influence on my life. My heart breaks for those who were close to her, and the loss they must now endure.” Mary posted a number of pieces of Jennifer’s work on her blog. Some are shared here.

Baptiste: Justice will be done FORMER Culture Minister Rene Baptiste is convinced that ‘justice will be done’ in the recent shooting death of Jennifer Lewis, a Britishborn educator and professional artist of Vincentian parentage. Baptiste was present at Rene Baptiste, former Minister of Culture a gathering of the local and a renowned artistic community in campaigner on behalf conjunction with the organization ‘Linking in of women’s rights, Time to Stand Together looks to closure on Against Crime’, held at the the case surrounding SVG Postal Services in the death of Jennifer Kingstown, Friday, June Lewis. 22, to highlight Jennifer’s death and violence in general, especially violence against women. Baptiste told THE VINCENTIAN, “The loss of any life is like a ripping away of piece of your soul. It is worst when it is a woman. The cradle of all civilizations come out of a womb.” She stressed that Jennifer was very much beloved by the artistic community of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. According to the former minister and lawyer by profession, Jennifer was just about to expand the scope of what she was doing. Baptiste highlighted Jennifer’s outstanding skills in the various arts, especially pottery. She described her death as a tremendous loss, but is convinced that ‘justice will be done’. In May 23-26 2001, Jennifer was here among members of a British Trade Mission to promote, advertise and sell her arts. An exceptional feature of Jennifer’s work is the deep interest in her African heritage which has taken her to the continent and in particular West Africa, where she has spent some time, so much that her production of greeting cards and prints is a reflection of that strong Afro-Caribbean feeling. Jennifer is the youngest of three daughters born to Eric and Daisy Lewis of Belvedere. She died after being shot in the chest around 3 a.m., on Sunday, June17, while at her Belvedere residence where she lived with her mother.

ÂViolence at crisis levelÊ, says artist

Jennifer Lewis was actively involved in the promotion of visual arts here.

production and teaching the various arts,” Comblem VIOLENCE has reached a crisis level explained. in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Coordinator of Arts in That’s the view of Cecile Action, Kingsley Roberts, said Comblem, a member of Art in Lewis brought a freshness to Action and close friend of the late art in St. Vincent and the British-born professional artist Grenadines because her style and educator, Jennifer Lewis, who was different. She was involved was also a member of that local in all aspects of the profession. organization. Roberts, a professional Lewis, who had Vincentian photographer, said Art in roots, died after being shot in the Action had started some art chest around 3 a.m. on Sunday, classes for youths, and Lewis June 17, while at home in Belvedere where she resided with was supposed to do the second class during the July-August her 88-year-old mother, Daisy school vacation. The first was Lewis. She was killed two days done by Comblem, April — June. after celebrating her 46th Art in Action was formed birthday. She had returned to some three years ago to these shores to take care of her Cecile Comblem is concerned that mother, and was actively involved sensitize Vincentians about the violence against women is so with the arts fraternity here. different media of art in SVG. prevalent that people take it for granted. Stories by HAYDN HUGGINS

Violence taken for granted

Comblem is of the view that some people may have overlooked the crisis level of violence here because it has been such a reoccurring reality, that they have grown accustomed to it. She expressed her feelings to THE VINCENTIAN, Friday, June 22, during a gathering of the artistic community, in conjunction with the organization ‘Linking in Time to Stand Together Against Crime’, held in front of the SVG Postal Services entry in Kingstown. The event was aimed at highlighting Lewis’ death and the issue of violence, especially violence against women. Comblem opined, “There is a lot of violence right now. We don’t know when it is going to stop. There are a lot of people at risk”, and she stressed, “St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a tourist destination”. Comblem described Lewis’ death as a great loss, and hopes that the perpetrator(s) would be brought to justice. “She has done tremendous work. She was involved in



Skinny and Fireman for Soca Monarch

Gamal ‘Skinny Fabulous’ Doyle, main challenger to Fireman’s title. AFTER A PERIOD OF UNCERTAINTY soca enthusiasts here can breathe easier. The two leading soca artistes here are heading for the Soca Monarch Competition, Victoria Park, Saturday 7th July.In a joint statement released last week, Gamal ‘Skinny Fabulous’ Doyle and Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper have declared, “..we have decided at the last minute to take part in the Soca Monarch

Competition.” According to the release, the decision to participate is, “in response to the overwhelming requests from the public, our managers, the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and for the love of our fans and culture.”Reports are that it was the Prime Minister who put the matter to rest and influenced the decision to

OPERATIONS Title Location Kingstown

Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister and broker. participate. However, Skinny and Fireman have made clear their disappointment with what they describe as the “autocratic demeanor” of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC), with respect to prize monies for the Soca Monarch.The two artistes, who have been trading the top position on the soca barometer here for


Guardsman SVG Ltd. is looking for an Operations Manager to join their growing team.

The Role As Operations Manager, you will be responsible for the coordination of the Security Operations services, including training and mentorship of the operations staff, and the maintenance and development of innovative Quality Control systems infrastructure. Furthermore, you will act as a security consultant to clients, assisting them in the implementation and optimisation of security trends.

Responsibilities • • • • •

Implement training programmes for all new Operations staff Mentor and develop quality systems across client teams Act as an escalation point for all security queries Identify opportunities for innovation and improvement through the use of new technologies, and champion the development and implementation of new tools and systems Work with clients to advise them on the value, development and implementation of new technologies.

Candidate • • • •

4+ years’ experience in a Management function, or related role. Critically, you should have expert understanding of security systems. Ideally you should have strong coordinating skills, be proactive and posses extraordinary team building skills, with a profound understanding of the importance of quality. Degree in management or related field

Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualification. Qualified applicants are asked to submit curriculum vitae, two recent testimonials and a valid police record to: The General Manager GUARDSMAN SVG LTD P.O. Box 2734 Kingstown


All applications should be submitted by July 14th,2012.

Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper, reigning Soca Monarch.

sometime, also informed that the Prime Minister has assured that “an overall increase (in prize monies) is certain for 2013.” So, with the impasse out of the way, Fireman will now defend his crown against seventeen challengers including: Lornette ‘Fya Empress’ Nedd, Shaunelle Mc Kenzie, Gamal ‘Skinny Fabulous’ Doyle, Aurella

‘Queen B’ Beache, Antonius ‘Baddy’ Simmons, Raeon ‘Maddzart’ primus, Zoelah Boyde, Glenroy ‘Homey’ Delpleche, Justin Arrindell, Bernard ‘Mentalist’ John, Godwin ‘GAO’ Billy, Eddison ‘Lively’ Mc Dowall, Hance John, Cornelius ‘Poorsah’ Williams, Tamisha Nichols, Roland ‘Pressure’ Peters and Travis ‘Wizskid’ Launch.



Carnival Heat

Bomani dressed the part of his Sagga Boy’. Right: Skarpyon delivered another top figh performance.

Fya Empress wins Ragga Soca Monarch Right: Fya Empress well into her performance.

by KENVILLE HORNE ORNETTE ‘FYA EMPRESS’ NEDD is this country’s 2012 Ragga Soca Monarch. She dethroned 2011 winner, Shernelle ‘Skarpyon’ Williams, with a masterly performance of her popular ‘Bam Bam talk’, last Friday, June 29, at Victoria Park. While ‘Skarpyon’ was admittedly his usual controlled, enthralling self as he delivered his ‘Wine N’ number, he had to give way to an even stronger performance and the overall stage presence of ‘Fya Empress’. From the movement ‘Fya Empress’ appeared on stage, clad in a black black dress with a trailing back, contrasted by three red hearts running down the chest area, and a tiara glittering on her carefully arranged hairstyle, there was a roar of acceptance. With an evenly controlled voice, near perfect elocution and tantalizing melody to carry her lyrics, the audience knew she was going to be the one to beat. Orande ‘Bomani’ Charles once again demonstrated why he is one of the better soca artistes in SVG, with a typically suave


performance. His ‘Sagga Boy’ was considered strong enough to take him to the top, but he lacked the extra touch to make him a winner. Newcomer and recent graduate of the Junior Soca Monarch competition, Hance ‘Hance’ John, gave a very good account of himself, with an energetic performance of his song ‘Down Dey’. He would have felt he could have been placed higher than fourth, but this is enough encouragement for the young man who is definitely one on whom to keep an eye. Frankie ‘Wise Guy’ Thompson, ‘Bumper turn over’, also had the crowd moving, but not the judges. Zoelah Boyde’s absence from last year’s competition attributed to her lack of popularity this year. Her song ‘Jack it up’ did not find favour with the adjudicators. Raeon ‘Fete King, Maddzart’ Primus, the 2009 Ragga Soca Monarch, will have to wait another year for a chance to regain glory. He worked hard, maybe even overworked, but his ‘Woman love married man’ could not earn him serious contention as a winner. The other competitors, Danielle ‘Daneel’ Veira , ‘Troots N’ Ice ( Gary Young and Levar

Fraser), veteran entertainer Cornelius‘ Poorsah’ Williams , Tamisha Nichols, Phill ‘Dr.P’ Da Silva , Aurella ‘Queen B’ Beache, Eghorne ‘Troublous’ Alexander, Shaunelle Mc Kenzie and Godwin ‘Gao’ Billy performed to varying degrees of crowd response, but found little favour with the judges. The competition out of the way, the stage was cleared for Jamaican reggae star Konshens. He belted out some if his more popular numbers, including ‘Gal a bubble’, ‘Do summin’, ‘Bad Gal’ and ‘Good girl gone bad’. He seemed unable to truly ‘turn on the crowd’, and the general consensus was that his appearance was saved by the unscheduled appearance on stage of visiting T&T super soca star, Machel Montano, and local soca icon, ‘Skinny Fabulous’. They joined Konshens in an impromptu performance, much to the delight of the crowd. In the end, the night belonged to Fya Empress who has captured, as we go to print, one of three titles for which she is vying in Vincy Mas 20012. She will appear in tomorrow’s Soca Monarch finals and the Calypso Finals slated for Dimanche Gras, Sunday, July 8.



Olufunmike Banks – Devonish , Miss Anguilla

Miss Carival 2012:What to expect by KARISSA CLARKE THE VINCENTIAN met with the Miss 2012 Carival Contestants on Tuesday. Here’s what they told us to expect:

Olufunmike Banks – Devonish , Miss Anguilla, 22 “You can expect a burst of personality on stage and everywhere else.”

Charlene Christmas, Miss Barbados, 21 “You’ll really have to come out and see, but you can definitely expect the best; something different, something you will really enjoy.” Charlene Christmas, Miss Barbados

Sion Hill turns the tables Davia Chambers , Miss Trinidad and Tobago

Nadira Lando, Miss Dominica, 19 “I won’t give away any secrets on what to expect of me.”

Emilicy Montano, Miss Dominican Republic – 20 “On the night of the show, you can expect me to give the best of my culture and your culture, if you allow me to. I want to give back a lot of the love that I have received, and also represent the vibrant colours of your carnival.”

Astrid Hidalgo Martinez, Miss Venezuela, 20 “ You can expect the very best from me on the night of the show. I will be dancing for my talent, but it will be more of an aboriginal dance.”

Carice Glasgow, Miss St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Kalia Huggins , Miss St. Kitts and Nevis , 23. “In pageantry, I really want to continue to prove myself because in my younger years I was very boyish. I never want to limit myself but I wont give anything away, Come out to Miss Carival and see!”

Davia Chambers , Miss Trinidad and Tobago, 20 “Expect to see the best aspects of Trinidad and Tobago come alive. Trinidad is the land of pan and soca and bongo and more. Expect to see all that come to life on stage. “ Emilicy Montano, Miss Dominican Republic

Nadira Lando, Miss Dominica,

Carice Glasgow, Miss St. Vincent and the Grenadines, 24

Roxanne Didier Nicholas, Miss St. Lucia

“Vincentians can expect me to do my very best in each and every segment on the night of Miss Carival. I’ve learnt that consistency is what counts, and I plan to give just that. For my talent I’m going in a totally different direction”

Roxanne Didier Nicholas, Miss St. Lucia, 19 “I’m a a trained dancer and dancing is my life. But I won’t give away any secrets on what to expect from me, but just come out and support as I show the talent produced by my island, St. Lucia.”

Candise Bulli, Miss Jamaica, 18 Astrid Hidalgo Martinez, Miss Venezuela

Kalia Huggins , Miss St. Kitts and Nevis

(Miss Jamaica had not arrived in SVG when the contestants met the media last Tuesday.)

Candise Bulli, Miss Jamaica

“STARLIFT AND SION HILL….. Sion Hill and Starlift, round and round on the turn table,” one ardent steelband fan exclaimed last Sunday, at the end of the Junior Panorama, held at Victoria Park. This time around, Sion Hill Euphonium had the upper hand on arch rivals Sea Operations Starlift.

amidst an otherwise uncomplicated arrangement. Starlift, with fifty players from the west, came over with a sound that was uncharacteristically loud, not far from booming. The rendition lacked movement and the accustomed Starlift’s excitement. It was, though, the most challenging arrangement offered up last Sunday. Another second place The big three was added to their list of achievements. With a contingent of 75 Vita Malt Symphonix, South players, working a Rodney Leeward based, had given Small’s arranged and indication on previous outings, conducted version of Winston that it would be a threat to the Soso’s ‘Big Bottom’, the lads status quo. and lasses from the east were Their 2012 performance did not spectacular, but were just that, and to some effective. Their runs were connoisseurs, the band could nothing new, but were expertly well feel that they have been executed and well-placed maligned. For their workings

dominated by tenors, with little middle and back support. The Mustique Charitable Trust Georgetown All Stars never seemed to have captured the feeling of Dan Simon’s traditional African mas chant, ‘Mezumbe, Mezumbe’. Septimus Caine’s arrangement was disappointingly lifeless. Port Authority Genesis, which had previously impressed with their steady rhythm and clean sound, may just have disappointed their supporters. A Delano Brisdtol’s arrangement of ‘King of the Road’ by X-a-Dus, was slow and defeated the melodic catches of the song. The two newcomers in this category will, all things even, return to fight another panorama battle. The Lowmans Windward New Dimension chose to interpret Blaksand’s ‘Point your Finger’ through an Sion Hill Euphonium turned it arrangement by Sonny Banks. It was simple and steady but on to reclaim hold of the Junior Panorama Community- lacked harmony. The youngsters, all of based bands title. primary school age and enrolled in the Canouan Left: Sea Operations Starlift relinquished their hold on the Government School and going title after a runaway victory under the name CCA Sand last year. Dollar, were inexplicably entered in this category. with precision and returned to The seventeen or so the body of the song with youngsters, under the tutelage consummate ease. of Collette Myers, herself a There was no disturbing the young but talented status quo this time; the judges pannist/musician, bravely placed Symphonix third. attempted an interpretation of Papa Das’ ‘Caribbean Woman’. The others Their rendition was discernibly tentative, understandable so, Five other bands competed and short of any vibrancy. in this category. And so, the 2012 Junior Rose Band North Stars, Panorama Community Bands under the guidance of Junior category accorded another ‘Super’ Delpleche, did ‘Sweet’ round of bragging rights for the by Becket. The offering by steelband warriors from the their fifteen players was east.

of Becket’s ‘Gal ah rush me’, arranged by Jomorro Francis, was perhaps the most pleasing rendition of the afternoon/evening event. Displaying an improved blend of instruments, their sound was clean and made for near quality tonal quality. The call and response approach was effective. And even when the 37 players moved into their ‘runs’, Vita Malt Symphonix would have felt they had disturbed the status quo. they did so



Carnival Heat

A first for C. W. Prescod HERE MAY HAVE BEEN AN INCREASED number of participating steel orchestras in the 2012 Junior Panorama, but school is still out with respect to whether there was an improved quality. That being said, the 2012 Junior Panorama threw up two new winners in the respective categories. Perennial contender, the C. W. Prescod Primary School, under the directorship of Kelson ‘Taffa’ Wilson, proved to be a lesson in ‘stayability’, and earned


themselves their first ever Panorama victory, when they won the School Category of the Junior Panorama, played off at Victoria Park, Sunday, July 1. The Junior Panorama was divided into two categories of competition — School-Based and Community Bands — in 2010. In copping the 2012 title for Schools, the C. W. Prescod became the first primary school to lay claim to this title and can also boast about being the only Junior steel orchestra to have

C. W. Prescod: 2012 Junior Panorama Champs in the schools’ category. competed in all the Junior Panorama competitions since the band made its debut in 2001.

Girls’ High School, defending champs, managed second place. Right: St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown, third place. Kelson’ Taffa’ Wilson’s arrangement of ‘We dancing’ by Becket, was worked with ease and smoothness by his complement of twenty-seven players. His lengthening of short chords of classical origin was ‘expertly’ handled by his young peers, the oldest being seventeen years. And when THE VINCENTIAN contacted the indefatigable Kelson ‘Taffa’ Wilson, he may have been short on words, but overcome with satisfaction. “I feel really good. It’s wonderful…. .. It was all about the children’s performance… they made me and themselves proud,” he told THE VINCENTIAN. The defending champions, Girls’ High School’ did not disgrace with their second place position. A Johnny ‘JP’ Pompey’s arrangement of ‘Go right up in dey’ by

Poorsah, made good use of the ‘call and response’ approach. The 25 or so players did justice to what their arranger demanded of them, but they lacked their usual driving, enthusiastic style of rendition. Third place belonged to the St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown, not so much because of what they did, but moreso because of what the remaining competitors didn’t. The thirty Convent girls chose a rather ‘unpanorama’ type song in Touch’s ‘Loving Can’t Done’ and worked hard to arouse any real enthusiasm and excitement. Others up for consideration were The New Adelphi and

Troumaca schools. Sonny Banks’ arrangement of ‘Happily Married’ by De Man Age for New Adelphi suffered through a poorly blended ensemble of pans and lapses in co-ordination. Troumaca’s rendition of Poorsah’s ‘Soursop’ was ordinary and plagued with poor timing. Consistent hard work will prepare them, in the future to handle some of the ‘runs’ arranger Junior ‘Super’ Delpleche tried to extract from them. The number of participating schools in this year’s Schools’ category of the Junior Panorama decreased by one. Missing was the once dominant Bishop’s College, which had made a return in last year’s competition.




Caribbean Defense Officers undergo ground training DEFENSE OFFICERS from fifteen CARICOM countries spent some time last week responding to a riot, confronting armed suspects and mulling over hostage negotiation dilemmas. These were all fictional scenarios that were part of Tradewinds 2012, the ongoing regional military training exercise funded by the United States Southern Command. The most recent exercise was held beginning June 16, in Paragon, Barbados, which was a hive of activity as scores of police and army officers went through various training exercises at the base of the Barbados Defense Force (BDF), and at the nearby Regional Police Training Center (RPTC). At the BDF, well over 500 regional army officers practised riot response techniques, including keeping formation, learning commands and learning how to use riot shields effectively. Much of the training was focused on perfecting formations which are essential to law enforcement during a riot, with officers locking arms behind massive riot shields and moving in time towards the “aggressor.” Over at the Regional Police Training Center,

police officers practised high risk vehicle stops, going over the techniques needed to safely remove an armed suspect or suspects from a vehicle. Elements included “surprise” attacks by suspects hidden in the car trunk. In addition to the practical training, Tradewinds has involved classroom training to reinforce the lessons being learned. In the nearby Regional Police Training Center classrooms, scores of regional officers discussed hostage negotiation scenarios

and best practices, raising pertinent questions relevant to their specific countries and experiences. Tradewinds is a U.S. Southern Commandsponsored annual security training exercise. It is an interagency, multi-national exercise designed to enhance the collective abilities of Caribbean defense forces and constabularies to counter transnational organized crime and conduct humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.

Police officers apprehending a ‘suspect’ during a high risk vehicle stop practice.

Officers on the pistol range during shooting practice.

Army officers in formation behind riot shields during riot response practice.



ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Colleagues may try to undermine you. Don't let your jealousy be the reason for a decaying relationship. Your energy will be high; however, if not channeled suitably, temper tantrums may erupt. You should be on the road. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) You're best to avoid disputes. Do you really want to start something with someone you can't reason with? Look into projects that you feel would con tribute something to your appearance. Your input into their activities will help bring you closer together. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You need to start planning that vacation. Emotional deception will cause friction on the home front. You must deal with an emotional problem with your loved one that you have been avoiding for some time now. Your tendency to dramatize may be a little much for your partner to take constantly. CANCER (June 22-July 22) You have to know what your boss wants if you expect to do your job correctly. Your involvement in groups will be favorable for meeting new and exciting individuals. Do not expect too much from others. Look into physical activities that will help get rid of some of that tension you may be feeling. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) You can find solutions if you are willing to communicate. Your reputation may be at stake if you partake in gossip. Only offer to do the things you have time for. Luxury items will cost you more than you can truly afford. Not everything you hear will be legitimate. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Travel should be on your agenda. Your tendency to take on too much will end in fatigue. Your tendency to dramatize may be a little much for your partner to take constantly. Don't be too critical. LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Think before you act if you wish to avoid friction. You have the ability to motivate others. You may end up being blamed if anything goes wrong. Do not give your heart to someone who may not live up to your standards. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Try to spend time with those having similar interests. Your diplomatic nature will help you in straightening out unsavory situations. Social events will lead to a strong and stable relationship. Problems with fire, gas, or oil may cause disruptions and annoyances. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Your need to put great detail into everything you do may cause you to miss the overall picture. Your mate will enjoy helping out. Find out all you can; secret enemies may lead you astray. Trying to deal with your mate will be unproductive and possibly hurtful. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) It may not be the best time to socialize with clients or colleagues this week. Go on business trips if at all possible. Educational pursuits should help you develop your hobbies. Your ability to deal with others will help you accomplish your goals. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Don't let coworkers get wind of your ideas or they might try to take credit for your hard work. Any difficulties with peers could be unnerving. Pursue outdoor activities or any physical exertion. Proceed with caution if operating equipment or vehicles. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Avoid joint ventures and steer clear of groups that want you to contribute financial assistance. You can make drastic changes in your professional direction this week. Do a little shopping. You're likely to find a real bargain. Don't let your mate stop you from attending an event that could be most important.


34. FDR’s successor 35. Walk heavily 1. __-esteem 37. Sooner than, 5. Favorites in poetry 9. Expand 38. Popular 12. Low poker Nabisco hand cookie 13. Go backpacking 40. Not under 41. Swear 14. Neckline falsely shape 42. Tramp’s 15. Uncivilized canine 16. Hip to (2 companion wds.) 17. “__ Believer” 44. Standish’s stand-in (2 wds.) 46. Like secret 18. House messages addition 49. Murphy 20. Bible king Brown’s 22. Surpass show 25. Corned beef 50. “Entourage” __ channel 27. R.E. Lee’s (abbr.) gp. 51. Italian 28. Oil cartel sparkling acronym wine 30. Astonishes 54. “Finding __”

(2003 film) 58. Slippery fish 59. __ Marian 60. Equal 61. Deli loaf 62. Average (hyph.) 63. Loses tautness DOWN 1. Flowery season (abbr.) 2. __ Claire, Wisconsin 3. Jar sealer 4. Given liberty 5. Oprah’s doctor 6. One (Ger.) 7. Ring decision (abbr.) 8. Posts a letter 9. Tel __ 10. Moore of

“ghost” 11. Like a discharged battery 19. Stolen goods 21. “Caught ya!” 22. Eight, to Eduardo 23. Russia between 1917 and 1991 (abbr.) 24. London art gallery 25. Weighty 26. Top 29. Egg on 31. Unite metal by heating 32. __ Canal 33. Viewed 36. Say grace 39. Bullfight bellow 43. Second president 45. Short notes

46. “Mask” actress 47. Follow commands 48. Give out 49. Rover’s buddy 52. __ Miguel 53. It is, poetically 55. A Gabor 56. Actress Tilly 57. Switch positions








July 6th, 2012

July 7th, 2012

July 8th, 2012

July 9th, 2012

July 10th, 2012

July 11th, 2012







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Afternoon 12:00 Headline News 1:00 Las Vegas 1:30 3D 2:00 The Doctors 3:00 CSI 4:00 Good Luck Charlie 4:30 Austin & Ally 5:00 Caribbean Power Outreach 5:30 The Parkers


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An unwelcoming sister-in-law would have to let her know and she would let me know if it is ok to come SINCE my brother got married a year ago, or not. She said she did not want me just dropping by. things have changed between him and Before she was married, George, the rest of the family. We are five she would come to our house without brothers and two sisters in all, and our mother is still alive.   I sat down with him notice, and we never told her zip. All of a sudden she wants to regulate the numerous times and warned him about traffic in and out of her house. We are marrying that girl, but he insisted I just family, and family should not be did not understand her.  I happened to see a side of her that dealing so with each other. I heard also that she said that as far as she is I don’t believe he ever saw, or maybe concerned, family begins with her that is what I wanted to believe. Anytime we go to his house, she would husband and children - no one else. I am dying to confront her, but I show us a sour face. Things came to a want to run it by you first. I do not head, and she finally told us that we want to make a scene, but I have to do are not welcomed there. She told me something about this because it is that whenever I want to come over, I

Dear George,

Covering for her unfaithfulness Dear George, MY FRIEND and I have been pals since primary school, and we are still friends to this day. However, I am having a problem with the way she is handling a particular situation. She has a boyfriend and hopes to get married in the coming year. They are good together and she could not have chosen a better man to be with. The situation is that my friend is going out with a guy who came down from New York for the carnival celebrations. She has told me everything that has been going on between them, and the latest she told me was that she plans on getting pregnant for this guy so that she could get to go the United States. She claims that the man told her that if she gets pregnant for him, he would sponsor her and she can get to live in the US. I have tried to talk her out of it, but she is not listening. I am tired of covering for her, and I do not think it is fair to her boyfriend to be doing this to him. He is such a nice guy. She has asked me to cover for her over the entire carnival season so she can get to have her fling with this guy, and I

made her a promise, but I’m having second thoughts now.

Guilty heart Dear Guilty heart, Your friend is playing a dangerous game, and it can only end with a lot of people getting hurt. It is good that you are concerned enough to write about it. It is sad that she seems to have fallen for the promise of PIE IN THE SKY by this guy, and we both know how that story could end. You can begin to make corrections to your contribution to this mess by refusing to do any more dirty work for her. Let her know that you are through with the lies and deception, and she has to clean her act up before things get worse. Her boyfriend is exposed to STDs, and she is as well, and this cannot be good for either of them. He deserves to know what is going on. The fact that she involved you from the beginning therefore, she should not think that if you talk to her boyfriend that is meddling in her affairs.


Should I marry him? these women and gets them to go with him. He denies this, but I have MY BOYFRIEND wants me to marry caught him a few times and he always finds some sleezy excuse for his him, but there are so many things that are not right. I am not even sure behaviour. With all of this, should I still marry if most of them can be made right, but this man? I want to be happy when I I do love him and won’t mind being get married and I am not sure I will with him for the rest of my life. The problem is whenever I think of be if I marry him. some of the things that are wrong on Wondering ‘P’ his side of things, I get second thoughts and feel that marrying him would be a mistake. Here are some of Dear Wondering ‘P’ the things that are not so right: I think you know the answers, but He has a hard time getting and you are either not ready to face them maintaining an erection. We have or believe that things would change been to several doctors about it and magically. That is not going to one counsellor, and the result is the happen, and you must face your same. That is a huge problem as far reality. as I am concerned. The man you marry should have He is unable to have children, and most of the qualities you desire in a the doctors have confirmed that this man, enough to make you feel assured might be a permanent situation with that you will have a good life with him. He is saying we can adopt or him. If your desire is to have children, that he will keep trying and maybe one day he will succeed in getting me a vibrant sex life, a committed pregnant. That is wishful thinking as partner and good communication between you and your mother-in-law, far as I am concerned. then you are marrying the wrong He is still a mama’s boy. His man. You will have to decide if, with mother controls his life, and I don’t all of his shortcomings, you can accept believe I can deal with that. She has him as is. If your answer is no, then told me that I am not going to take move on. her son away from her. The last big problem is, he is a George womanizer. He flashes his money to

Dear George,

eating me out. Who does she think she is?

Angry bro Dear Angry bro, It is not such a bad thing to let your sister-inlaw know when you plan to visit. Some people are sensitive about being attired inappropriately, and would welcome advance notice of a visit. She should be allowed to have some say in how her house should be managed. If you observe that she is being unreasonably rude or disrespectful to you when you visit, then you can take

it up with your brother. Let him be the one to address it, and that would help to avoid a full blown family feud, of course depending on the way he deals with it. If that does not work, then you have the choice of keeping your distance and leave your brother to his wife and home.





Colette - breaking new ground

to first time arranger Colette Myers. Colette hails from THE SAND DOLLAR STEEL Calliaqua. She played Orchestra from Canouan, pan for three years as a comprised of a group of students all under the age member of the Girls’ of twelve years, performed High School (GHS) Steel Orchestra, mastering for the very first time at both the tenor and cello the Junior Panorama pans. She then settled Finals of Vincy Mas last for the cello when she Sunday, 1st July, at the became a member of the Victoria Park. The small, but visibly Calliaqua-based Potential Steel Orchestra enthusiastic group of Calliaqua. graced the stage in 2nd Collete’s ability as an position in the arranger was tapped Community Bands first when she worked for Category, each player nine months with the resplendent in their Lowmans Windward signature sky blue tops. On cue, the band struck New Dimensions Steel up and for the balance of Orchestra. She would go on to work with the their performance, they Buccament Weslyan gave the patrons at Holiness Church for five Victoria Park a years, arranging and delightful but performing solo acts on challenging rendition of the tenor pan. Papa Das’ “Caribbean Colette is now Woman”. Their quality of music employed with CCA Ltd. of Canouan, as a teacher did not make it of pan to the members of completely clear to all Sand Dollar. Her lessons that they were a new take place three times band. What was clear, per week, each session however, was that they lasting about one and a had made an excellent half hours. She also first impression, thanks performs administrative

by Gloriah…

duties. In an exclusive interview with THE VINCENTIAN, Colette explained that doing the arrangement for panorama was not really difficult. “It was not difficult. It came naturally. What was difficult was to distribute the song to all the players and have them grasp and understand the music. They are children and their focus was difficult,” she explained. As for focus, Colette thanks Patrick ‘Grey’ Baptiste, President of the Potential Steel Orchestra, who inspired her with his focus. “He was very serious and taught us that it will not be all fun, but hard work too,” she said. She also gave thanks to Johnny ‘JP’ Pompey, arranger of the GHS Steel Orchestra. “He was the first person who took me to Junior Panorama. I was inspired by his transfer of music, making the sound beautiful and

The CCA Sand Dollar Steel orchestra making its first ever appearance at Victoria Park.

making us understand that it is not just about winning. I loved his style,” she confessed. Gratitude also went to Francis ‘Pess’ Llewellyn who she said encouraged and pushed her to do the arrangements in Canouan. “He made me believe I could do it,” she beamed. About the children’s achievement on competition night, Colette is extremely

proud of each player. The band did not place in the first three positions, but she said that she was happy that a Junior band from the Grenadines could come to the mainland and do so well. She is also proud of herself, as she didn’t know she Colette Myers has taken could really do it. on a task which some Colette joins a rare say belie her age. band of arrangers here. She and Marla Nanton are the only two orchestras arrangers currently in St. Vincent and the working with steel Grenadines.

Too much ‘Pressure’: A soca artiste speaks out “EASE-UP THE PRESSURE, Mr. Programme Manager. Stop frustrating the youths. Stop frustrating nation building. Stop frustrating the development of our precious culture.” This is a plea from Roland Peters, aka Pressure. Pressure claims new artistes do not stand “a single chance of getting recognition or getting their music played

on local radio stations, unless sanctioned by the programme managers.” He recognizes the need for vetting so that radio can maintain a standard, but he is convinced that too much is being done to stop youths in their tracks, causing serious frustration.

Trying to break through

‘Pressure’ performing at the 2009 Vincy Mas Launch.

Pressure entered the soca scene in 2010 with the song ‘Tsunami’, after a failed attempt to gain recognition in 2009. He recalls his “tribulations” after he had ‘dropped’ off his song in 2009 by one radio station. “After a few days during which I didn’t hear it aired on that radio station, I inquired as to why. I was told to pick up my CD. No explanation was given as to why the song was not play.” Pressure tried another radio station but was told, via telephone, if he couldn’t wait for them to put it in the system, he could pick up his CD and play it himself. He spent three weeks making sure that the other radio stations had his song, but faced the same nonresponse.

countdown for several weeks. On that success, Pressure was invited to perform ‘Tsunami’ at major carnival shows, including Soca Swing, Fire Fete, Wet Fete, and he secured a place for himself in the 2010 Soca Monarch finals. Pressure is convinced that, had it not been for his video, which he placed on several social networks, he would not have stood a ghost of a chance of breaking into the mainstream soca market.

The more things change…….

He took something of a rest in 2011 but returned this year with a number entitled, ‘Clear d Road’. To his surprise, not to mention disappointment, Pressure claims he has faced the same old 2009 problem, all over again. According to him, programme managers on some A change of tide stations have “blocked my Pressure credits music from going mainstream ‘Hyperactive Sounds’ and with no explanation given as ‘Shaney Hypes’ for playing to if the lyrics or production of ‘Tsunami’ after a friend in the the song needed tweaking.” Hot 97 chat room requested it. Pressure said numerous It took off. More and more new artistes who look up to persons requested it and the him often ask him how he song developed a life of its manages ‘to make it’. He own. reminds them that he is facing Soon IKTV rotated the the same obstacles as they. video which Pressure had Pressure credits the CDC decided to produce as added for doing its part in exposing promotion, and it held the #1 new artiste via the new song position on the IKTV top ten competition and also via their

Roland ‘Pressure’ Peters has a few harsh words for Programme Managers of local radio stations. new carnival TV channel. But he chides those persons who claim that “the carnival ain’t getting no better,” for causing division among camps. “How can you give instructions to DJs to play one man song for ten minutes straight while there are songs sitting on the shelves and artistes’ CDs in your garbage box?” he questioned. He is calling on the relevant persons to take note that these young persons who are looking for a break, could have chosen other endeavours, like crime, but “they chose to try to make a way through music.” Like him, those young persons need all the encouragement they could get.





S.H.A.R.E Care Givers graduate so that they are nourished with the right The 23 elderly Care Givers physical, emotional and who graduated from the spiritual food. The graduating class of the S.H.A.R.E Care Givers programme. Serving Housebound and Walker also reminded important persons who unfinished tasks. She insisted that Retired Elderly (S.H.A.R.E) persons in society to laid the foundation and Perhaps they wanted to programme on Sunday prepare for the inevitable many elderly persons be a banker, pilot, prime contributed immensely to who have served this June 24, have been senior stage of life. minister, and things may areas such as education country in their various encouraged to ensure that The retired nurse have gone wrong in their and agriculture. He professions should be senior citizens age explained that the positively. majority who lived to be treated with dignity and lives…they keep re-living pointed out that sometimes the elderly the pain.” could still make a The two-month 65-years was living into New Democratic Party feel neglected, depressed training session, which their 80s and that today, contribution to the and isolated, and that (NDP) shadow climaxed with a in the Caribbean, one in society. any effort to assist the She reinforced, “Offer representative for the graduation ceremony at every 10 persons was South Central Windward elderly was appreciated. them opportunities to the Greggs Seventh Day over the age of 60years. Meanwhile, President area, Addison ‘Bash’ Adventist Church under She further noted that by share their knowledge the theme, ‘Putting in 2050, that number would and skills…involve them Thomas, commended the of the NCW Nelcia NCW for bringing the Robinson-Hazell also in community affairs, the Gold in the Golden be one in five, and she programme to persons in underlined the need to schools and street Years’, was an revealed that by 2050, assist those in their children to help to instill the Greggs community. Australian Government persons over 60 years golden years who have Thomas said that funded initiative which will out number children some morals. Some of senior citizens were very made a contribution to them may have had was coordinated by the 0-14 years. National Council of Women (NCW). Former nurse Patsy Walker, the featured speaker at the event, noted that many elderly persons dread the senior stage because they fear being filled with illnesses, loneliness, isolation and neglect. She said that in order to “put back the gold and shine” into the lives of housebound elderly persons, it was essential to have trained personnel who are equipped with the skills L-R: Addison ‘Bash’Thomas, Nelcia Robinsonto deal with the elderly, Hazell and Patsy Walker. by SHERON GARRAWAY

this country. She described the granduands as a group of very interested, committed and dedicated individuals who stayed the course to the completion. The NCW President said the three main components of the course were: Knowledge of the Principles of Age Care, Age Welfare Promotion and Care and Organizational Management.




George Stephens: Schools’ Cricket champs The George Stephens Secondary School (GSSS) are the new champions of Secondary Schools Cricket in SVG. They dethroned the Georgetown Secondary last Monday in the finals of the United Insurance Secondary Schools Cricket Competition, played at Arnos Vale Playing Field. It was a repeat of the 2011 finals, but with the results reversed. Georgetown batted first and posted 182 for 8 from their 40 overs. Captain Ray Jordan topscored with 67, Othneil Lewis made 29 and Kimron Quashie 23. The top bowlers for George Stephens were Daren Greaves who picked up 3 for 6 and Darius Martin had 2 for 33. In response, George Stephens top order employed a measured approach and coasted to 185 for 3, in 36.1 overs. Asif Hooper hit 51 not out and Action in the George StephensGeorgetown Secondary finals at Arnos Vale Playing Field.

George Stephens Secondary School, champions of Secondary Schools Cricket. the players. The George Stephens Secondary’s Deron Greaves was the player in the spotlight at the presentation Romario Grant 40 not out, to see their ceremony. He copped the awards for the player team home. scoring the most runs, the highest Also making important contributions with the bat were Terran individual runs in an innings, the best batting average, the best all- rounder Barnum who made 39 and Wesley and the most valuable player. Williams who knocked up 29. Greaves scored 511 runs, which Hooper’s knock and his 1 for 16, included two centuries, 127 and 164. from his eight overs, earned him the His batting average was 85.16, and he player of the final award. took 19 wickets. The win earned the George Another recipient of individual Stephens Secondary the winner’s awards was Recarvo Williams of the trophy and $500, and gold medals for Georgetown Secondary, who had the best bowling performance 7 for 34. Hanson Latchman of the St Vincent Grammar School was the best wicketkeeper, and his team mate Rhazene Da Breo, the highest wicket taker with 20 wickets. Rhazene Da Breo (right) accepting his most wickets trophy from Allan Burnett.

Deron Greaves (left) receiving his trophy for most runs from Curtis King. George Stephens Secondary won zone A, the St Vincent Grammar School zone B, the Petit Bordel Secondary zone C and the St Clair Dacon Secondary zone D, in the preliminary rounds of the competition. Ronald Lynch of the sponsors United Insurance, who spoke at the closing ceremony, reaffirmed his company’s sponsorship for future competitions.

Maple unseats Mitres in Knock Out campaign Vita Malt Maple landed the last blow of the 2012 National Netball Tournament , last Monday night at the Kingstown Netball Center, when they collected the final piece of silverware, the Division One Knock Out title. Maple unseated arch rivals Western Union Mitres with a 62-48 win, and stopped Mitres from doing the double for the second year running. Mitres had secured the league award, leaving Maple to settle for the runner up spot, with French Verandah X- Ceed third. In Monday’s final, the 57-year-old Maple, the

reigning OECS Champion of Champions club winners, took charge of the match from the first whistle, as Mitres began the match at a numerical disadvantage. For Maple, Skiddy Francis Crick was the top scorer with 48 goals, and for Mitres, Gailene Gordon scored 41. It was a good year for the Maple club, as Maple 2 won both the League and Knock Out titles in Division three. Second in the league in Division 3 was Sea Operations Nar Fren Dem and third was Layou Orions 2. Also winning both titles

in their divisions was Netters Netball Club, who won the league and Knock Out in Division 4. Placing second in Division 4 league competition was Dutch Lady Clinchers, and Vita Malt Maple just keeps on Petroleum Services adding to their collection of ASCO was third. silverware. The Division 2 titles were shared between C Netters Netball Club, the & R Enterprises Sion Hill, most disciplined team at league winners, and Hill last Monday’s prize giving View, knock out champs. and closing ceremony. Sion Hill’s runner up in Next up for the St the league was Hill View Vincent and the and third was Minors Grenadines Netball Construction Calliaqua. Association is the Firms Green Hill Sports Club and Industrial collected the most Competition which opens improved team award, and in September.

Maple 2, League and Knock Out champions in Division three.




Kadijah Williams was the top junior shooter.

Francis-Crick remains number one RETIRED national goal shooter Skiddy Francis-Crick still remains the top scorer in the top flight of local netball. Franci-Crick, of Vita Malt Maple, collected another award for being the top goal scorer in the senior competition, when the prize giving ceremony for the 2012 tournament was held at the Kingstown Netball Center, last Monday evening. Francis-Crick was also awarded with the trophy for the best shooting average. The top goal shooter in the junior division was Kadijah Williams of Dutch Lady

Clinchers. William was, earlier this year, selected to the Caribbean Under-16 squad. Patterning Francis Crick in beginning to chalk up a number of most valuable player awards was Vasha Adams, also of Vita Malt Maple. Adams was also the best defensive player in the senior competition. Naomi Williams of French Verandah X — Ceed was the most valuable player in the junior division and was the best defensive player. Nicole Sandy-Stephenson was the best mid-court player

in the senior category and Kasukie Daniel of French Verandah X — Ceed, the best mid court junior player. Vita Malt Maple’s Saska Diamond got the award for the best attacking player. Rochelle Franklyn of ASCO was presented with a special award for being an avid follower of netball. The most valuable player on each team received an award. Lat Monday’s closing ceremony was addressed by president of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association, Dellarice Duncan.

Skiddy Francis-Crick continues to dominate goal scoring at the highest level of netball in SVG.

Hector in the spotlight WINDWARD ISLANDS middle order batsman Donwell Hector stole the spotlight in the only match played last weekend, in the NLA Premier Division National cricket competition. In the process, he helped Victors One to first innings All-rounder Alston Bobb points over Saints, in a drawn made a half century and took Sunil Ambris was Saints’ Donwell Hector hit 112 for game. 6 wickets for Victors One. top scorer in a losing Atticus Browne hit 70 for In reply to Saints’ 176, Victors Victors One. effort. Victors One. One were 307 for 5 when play ended, Hector having struck 112, Atticus Browne 70, Alston Bobb 50 and Miles Bascombe 36. Isaac Haywood was Saints’ best bowler, picking up 3 for 61. Saints’ only innings was centered on Sunil Ambris who topscored with 61. Kenroy Peters hit 37, Rickford Walker 36 and Mozario Matthews 25. Alston Bobb took 6 for 55 and Keiron Cottoy 3 for 60. In the NLA First Division, Victors Two defeated Unique Warriors by an innings and 65 runs. Unique Warriors made 131 ST VINCENT and the Grenadines senior Vincentians, for 7 declared in their first innings. female volleyballers have advanced to the dumping them 3-0. next stage of the World Championships Christroy John hit 47, Christopher Brian of the NORCECA zone, and have reached Campbell 26.Damaul Phillips took Burke, manager The National Female Volleyball team who participated in the the finals of the Eastern Caribbean 5 for 25. of the Vollleyball Association (ECVA) finals. In reply, Victors Two made 218 recent World Championship and ECVA qualifiers. Vincentian They attained the two qualifications for 7 declared. Henderson Morgan team, reflecting last weekend in Grenada, when they led with 64, Nicholas Baptiste 63 even surpass them. on the outing , commended the players placed second to St Lucia. and Roland Wilkinson 31. “A lot of them are young and are SVG and St. Lucia join Dominica and for “proving a lot of people wrong.” Christroy John took 2 for 62. Burke thought that the players gelled gifted volleyballers and have the Antigua and Barbuda to the ECVA Unique Warriors were dismissed finals, and along with Grenada and the potential to reach far, once they stick well in Grenada, which was a together and be disciplined,” Burke for a ridiculous 22 in their second British Virgin Islands, are into the World contributing factor in placing second. suggested. innings, Damaul Phillips taking 4 “The morale in the team was good, Championships second round which will SVG was represented in Grenada by for 14 and Kunard Adams 2 for 2. both on and off the court,” Burke said. be contested in 2013. Assessing the other three teams in the Brenda Pinder- Captain, Shaquille In last weekend’s first round of the The competition has been Brancker, Bretisha Gregg, Danielle qualifiers, St Vincent and the Grenadines competition, Burke singled out St Lucia suspended for this weekend to Lavia, Krystal Ralph, Sharon Richards, as being some way ahead of the others. defeated Grenada 3-2, and St Eustatius allow for the carnival celebrations.

Female volleyballers head to next stages


3-0, but lost to St Lucia 0-3. In the final on Saturday, June 23, St Lucia again had the upper hand of the

However, he believes that, once the local players set themselves high goals, they can catch up on the St Lucians, and

Andean Spring, Pranka Williams, Ladonna Woodley and Junette Young. The team’s coach was Marlon Williams.




Congrats to Sion Hill IT MIGHT sound like a fairy tale that the squad which represented St. Vincent and the Grenadines came out champions in a regional competition. Some might dismiss it as a street football competition with no value of the real surface. But there is a hint that some sentiments harboured about our potential in football are well grounded. If only we take it to the next level and assemble the squad and prepare for the various encounters. We have to make do with facilities thatexist for training and overcome the obstacles that may be in our way. The different sporting outfits have to settle their personal grouses and scout and ensure that the talented youngsters found in our midst in the different sports are given some stage on which to perform. Even if there may be some bouts of depression from time to time, we have to realize that sports like life is a cycle. When difficulties arise, it makes no sense throwing one’s hand up in the air and wallow in self pity. We have to face the music and deal with the downturn. Whatever the situation, there are always avenues to offset any misfortune. Believe in yourself and going forward. It is heartening that the Secondary Schools cricket came to a conclusion. It would have been a cardinal sin for that tournament not to have taken place. That remains the main showpiece for the emerging youngsters. It was through that avenue that Gidron Pope gained his exposure. He is attempting to transfer that talent above the Under 15 mark, and his 95 against Barbados propelled the Windward’s Under 17 to a massive triumph. Opportunities abound for other athletes to showcase their talent. However, some impediments turn up from time to time. Or there seems to a sense of nonchalance in the approach to some matters. The 2012 Olympics will soon be the talk of the town. Whether St. Vincent and the Grenadines will mount the winner’s rostrum is left to be seen. Those who have qualified and their chances of success will also be disclosed. Our Under 20 Footballers have a task to comply with, and there is the Digicel Cup on the horizon. The world is experiencing a sense of hunger for football that is, once the Euro Cup has been settled. But the arguments have heightened, with Spain’s unceasing success. The Spaniards will have earned an increased fan base with their invincibility. And the betting will intensify in the run up to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. That is a long way off, and the attention will shift from one factor to the other over that hectic period. The tension in the West Indies has changed from the Gayle/Sammy hysteria to calls for the complete removal of the West Indies board. The Caribbean is never short of drama, and with the stage that the region is blessed, there will be no shortage of actors. How those scenes unfold depends on how the scripts are written. Some are carefully crafted and orchestrated. Others are drafted and take shape as the winds drift and or help to adjust to the climate change.

U-23 netballers after 13th title for the Grenada trip. The team shows four players from French Veranda X-ceed in Ruthann Williams (Captain) Maryann Fredrick, Naomi Williams and Kasukie Daniel. Western Union Mitres has one selectee in Shelisha Davis, who is the Vice-Captain. From Gairy Construction ASCO One come Bownie Allicott, Rochelle Franklyn and Zulekia Ross, with Sea Operation Nah Fren Dem represented by Delonie Sam. The team is completed by 3 J’S Valley Strikers’ Shantol Williams. Daniel, Franklyn, Ross and Shantol Williams are the newcomers to the team. Former president of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association, Godfrey Harry, is the team’s coach, with former national player, Thelma Foster, the manager. Moeth Gaymes is the St Vincent and the Grenadines representative on the panel of umpires for the tournament. St Vincent and the Grenadines placed second last year, and last won in 2007. The Vincentians open their campaign this Saturday versus Antigua and Barbuda. The tournament concludes next Wednesday. The ECCB-OECS Under-23 netball tournament began in 1991, and has Coach Godfrey Harry giving instructions to his players at the seen a tournament each year since its Kingstown Netball Centre. inception. NATIONAL Under-23 netballers are in Grenada this weekend, hoping to bring back the thirteenth title to St Vincent and the Grenadines, in the 22nd staging of the ECCB OECS tournament. The Vincentians will have to contend with four times champion of the tournament, St Lucia, host Grenada, which has three titles under its belt, and defending champions, St Kitts, with two titles. Others who are contenders for the title are Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Montserrat and Dominica. Selectors here have named a ten-member team

Spain continues its dominance Jordi Alba clear on goal with a perfect through ball SPAIN, with their trouncing of Italy, 4 — 0, in last Sunday’s final of the European Cup 2012, put spend in the 41st. “We deserved it, we were superior,” Xavi said. to all the criticism about boring play. “We played a complete game and perhaps the best The Spanish mid-fielders, in particular, seemed of the entire European Championship. We made to have taken on the task of shutting up their history and now we have to enjoy it.” critics. Statisticians report that Spain completed 815 In what the majority of football commentators passes in the final, to take its overall total in the described as a ‘masterclass’ performance, Spain’s tournament to more than 4,200. attacking football last Sunday, led only one place: When Italy was reduced to 10 men following the to the top of European football, the second in as injury of Thiago Motta in the 64th with no many recent tournaments. substitutes available, the Azzurri had no chance as Spanish coach, Vincente del Bosque, must have Spain controlled through its passing with felt duly repaid for sticking with a starting lineup substitutes Fernando Torres and Juan Mata adding without a dedicated striker. Mid-fielders Andres Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez, Cesc Fabregas and David late goals. “I don’t think there’s one way of playing football. Silva were involved in nearly all four goals as You have to find a way to score,” Del Bosque Spain, almost to perfection, executed their quickresponded when asked if his tactical decisions had touch passing and mimd-boggling combinations. Cesare Prandelli, Italy’s coach, summed it all up changed football. “We have very intelligent players who we can when he was heard on Television after the match to have said: “Even without a traditional striker they trust. It’s a balanced team and we have total confidence in our players.” still cause a hell of a lot of problems”. Spain will certainly feel it can defend its World Interestingly, Spain employed the same starting Cup title in Brazil in 2014, especially with talented 11 that was used in the opening 1-1 Group C draw against Italy. The criticism started there and then youngsters like Mata, Santi Cazorla, Pedro Rodriguez and Jesus Navas available to carry the — about how boring the Spanish were — and style forward. (SR) continued, even heightened, after the Spanish disposed of Ireland 4 — 0, Croatia 1 — 0, France 2 — 0 and Portugal after a semifinal penalty shootout. But last Sunday’s final would have silenced the critics almost straight from the kickoff when Silva capped a goal that resulted from a play that involved at least four players. ESPN quotes Inesta as saying: “Everyone has his own opinion, way of seeing things. We’re not here to say if this is the best way of playing or not. Tonight we were at a high level and true to our style.” Spain’s captain, Iker Casillas, chimed in with, “What we do is difficult, but we make it look easy. It wasn’t a walk in the park”. Xavi, Spain’s mid-field general, who appeared to be far from his best in matches leading up to the final, saved his best for Captain Iker Casillas holds the Championship trophy aloft last and rebounded in fine style as he sent among an overly elated Spanish team. (Getty images)






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The National Newspaper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines



JULY 06, 2012

VOLUME 106, No. 27

A.I. REAL ESTATE Calder 2 bedrm Property on 6,523 sq.ft. - $146,000.00 -H876 Stubbs 6 bedrm Property on 6,658 sq.ft. - $440,000.00 H870 Cedars 3 bedrm Property on 6,395 sq.ft p.s.f. - $428,958.50 - H600 Other listings are available Phone: 457-2087 Fax: 457-1382 Toll Free (USA): 866-978-0951 718-732-0545 Email: Website:


SAGICOR TO BUY BAICO THE TRADITIONAL LIFE insurance business of the embattled British American Insurance Company (BAICO) is to be sold to Sagicor Life, Inc. (Sagicor), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sagicor Financial Corporation. In addition, a sum of US$38 million is to be made available by the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU), to assist in restoring value to the transferring policies. This was disclosed in release made on June 29, 2011, and credited as jointly made by the Judicial Managers of British-American Insurance (BAICO) together with the Governments of the Eastern Caribbean. According to the release, the sale includes the Group pensions portfolio and the

said. Meanwhile, policy holders involved in the transfer are being encouraged to “continue to pay” and bring their Policy holders life premiums up to date. Payments can be made The sale represents at existing BAICO offices some 17,500 within the ECCU. policyholders across Policy holders have Anguilla, Antigua, been promised that they Dominica, Grenada, will be kept up to date on Montserrat, Saint Lucia, progress on the sale, St Kitts & Nevis, and St formalization of which Vincent and the will come following Court Grenadines, and the and regulatory transfer will not affect or approvals. change the respective They are also being policies therefore encouraged to contact allowing policyholders to their local BAICO branch benefit from the terms “to find out the status of they historically agreed their policy,” and have with BAICO. any other queries “It is expected that the addressed. approvals for all On the sensitive issue countries will take a of policies that may have further 3-6 months, at lapsed, the statement which point the transfer said that “The of the business can be Governments, Sagicor finalised,” the release and the Judicial following life policies: Universal Life policies, Term Life, Whole Life, Endowment and Home Service Life.

Managers of BAICO are currently considering whether it will be possible to offer to reinstate policies that have lapsed in this period, and further Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves pointed to the information regarding need to update insurance laws so as to deal with this issue will be any reoccurrence of the BAICO-type debacle. communicated to affected policyholders prior to the will be set up in one having Annuities with completion of the year, and that 25 per the former British transfer. cent of shares from the American Insurance Sagicor sale to be on the Company. New entity Towards this end, Dr. Eastern Caribbean Gonsalves reported that Securities Exchange in Meanwhile, Dr. Ralph two years. a sum of US$100M is to Gonsalves, Chairman of be made available, Valid policy holders the OECS Insurance Sub will be entitled to US$75m of which will be used to pay those with Committee, praised payment of outstanding less than $30,000. Sagicor and vouched claims, maturities, and The Vincentian leader during a press conference bonuses to be paid by rehashed the threat to last Monday, for their Sagicor. commitment to the He pleaded with policy the region’s stability brought on by the region. holders to continue to insurance debacle and He expressed the “have patience,” but for sentiments last Monday him, “this is tremendous stressed that “we didn’t have anything to do with during a press briefing. advance,” and expects it.” Dr. Gonsalves that the next phase will “We have to update anticipates that an entity see attention being insurance laws,” he based within the ECCU focused on those persons harped.

Published by The VINCENTIAN Publishing Co. Ltd, St. Vincent and the Grenadines;

Printed by the SVG Publishers Inc., Campden Park.

July 6th 2012 Edition  

The Vincentian Weekly Newspaper

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