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JULY 13, 2012

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This is Sos – Winston Soso

by LUZETTE KING Producer and Host, Global Highlights

repertoire of soul, ballad, funk and gospel when singing soca.

The push and pull of the songs

“SINGING WITH BECKET, Scorcher and those guys is a dream come true.” So says Winston ‘Sos’ Soso, one of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’ (SVG) soca icons. On the eve of his 60th birthday (July 14), the appreciative ‘Sos’ declares his respect for Alston ‘Becket’ Cyrus and Cyril ‘Scorcher’ Thomas: “There is this brotherly, happy feeling when we meet; we’re not there to compete against one another.” He extends his gratitude to musical maestro Frankie Mc Intosh and record producer extraordinaire Granville Straker.

For over thirty-five years, Sos has sung hundreds of songs, all written by him. The former Clymax vocalist vows that his love for producing soca will go on “for as long as God gives me health and strength, I will carry on.” Not long ago, one of his fans in her late 60-70s attended a fete in New York just to hear Sos sing ‘How Some Men Love Their Woman’. The refrain of that is “…big bottom and plenty hips.” According to Sos, “When I started singing that song, you couldn’t tell the age of that woman who was dancing on the floor.” Paying tribute He makes no apology for always writing about women, Hats off to Nelson Bloc Mas and explains that women band for recognizing Sos’ make great fans. “More than contribution to calypso, soca that,” he adds “yuh can’t go to and, by extension, carnival. a party and wine up on a Their 2012 carnival display, man.” ‘Dat is Sos — A Tribute to Arguably, some of Sos’s Winston Soso’, has provided songs have crossed the line. Sos another opportunity to One of his first big hits witness for himself the impact ‘Dianne’ (1979) with the of his cultural contribution. chorus “Yuh gettin’ it now,” is “I have been a king for a day”, an example. He explains “I he humbly admits afterwards. had no one in mind when The ‘Legends in Concert’ at writing that song; it is all part Aquatic Club on Friday, July of storytelling for my audience 13, 2012, sponsored by Vibes .. the name Dianne was chosen Caribbean and Aquatic Club is by us (Clymax) for the ‘ring’ another opportunity for Sos the name has.” and other icons to bask in the ‘In the Pan Yard’ with the warmth of their fans. Sos refrain “Is me who have your promises to charm those woman down in the pan yard” present with his velvety voice is another. in ‘Rolls Royce’-of-Calypso He further admits “I try to style at midnight, as he imagine the stories my launches his 60th birthday. audience would like and how they would respond to me on Growing up stage.” The quietly confident and private Sos, who often displays a spirited sense of humour, traces his interest in a singing career as he reminisces, “As a boy growing up between Paul’s Avenue and Sion Hill, I looked forward to hear people like Becket, Scorcher, Sheller and Lifeboy sing, especially at carnival… I grew up singing with my friends … We made drum sets from biscuit tins and played the ukulele.” His mother, Olive Lockhart, corroborates this: “Since he was a school boy, he told me he want to sing.” Sos can now boast a fan base in Holland, England, Canada, The USA, Trinidad and elsewhere. In fact, this writer remembers tens of thousands reveling to Sos’s big hits in Notting Hill carnival, during the 1980-90s. He was and is much loved for blending his vocal

The new ‘wave’ Ready to defend Sos’s often sensual renditions are young soca artists such as Aurella ‘Queen B’ Beache. Queen B was not even born when Sos started his singing career, but insists: “To me his songs celebrate his love for women … he not singing some crap like these folks these days calling women bitches and whores.” Sos is less known for his classical social commentaries which radio icon Randy D plays, occasionally. The two that he recalls are ‘Government Mess Up’ and ‘Out On the Edge’, and explains, “I don’t think it’s fair to comment anymore since I do not live in SVG.” Consistent with that decision, he declines offering an opinion on the state of Soca and Calypso in SVG. The closest

Sos in a pensive mood. he has got to a recommendation for change is buried in his 2012 ‘Give Me Some Brass in Me Mas’. Some of Sos’s contemporaries also recount his contribution to SVG’s soccer as one of its best goal keepers. Fewer know of his

WE END OUR SOJOURN Down The Carnival Memory Lane with this 1944 photograph of Raphael ‘Raffi’ Davidson depicting ‘Montezuma — Aztec Emperor of Mexico’ from Raffi’s band of that year, ‘Halls of Montezuma’. We thank Albert ‘Jus’ Edwards for sharing the photograph, and below offer an extract from an article written by Edwards. That article will appear in this year’s Vincentian Carnival Souvenir Magazine. “Raphael ‘Raffi’ Davidson and his brothers, Lawrence Davidson and Louis Francis, introduced the age of the ‘gown mas’ in 1944, on their return from Trinidad. The mas featured costumes made from velvet and satin, with honeycomb front and sequins. “Raffi’s first ‘gown mas’ was the ‘Halls of Montezuma’, in 1944. He followed in 1945 with Arabian Sheiks. In 1945, Raffi went to Curacao, returning in 1949, when he presented Assyrian Kings. “Winston ‘Samo’ Samuel and Leroy King continued the gown mas tradition for a few years thereafter.”

meticulous tailoring talent and fewest, his child-rearing and mentoring skills. From all of us, HAPPY 60TH, SOS!!

Winston ‘Sos’ Soso… the charmer.

V Sitting down with Fya Empress


Carnival Heat

Stories by KENVILLE HORNE LORNETTE ‘FYA EMPRESS’ NEDD was arguably the most popular and requested female calypso/soca artist for the 2012 carnival season. Her offerings for Vincy Mas 2012 landed her in the finals of the three major calypso/soca competitions here: the Calypso, Ragga and Soca Monarch competitions. She copped the Ragga Soca and Calypso Monarch titles, and placed a commendable 2nd in the Soca Monarch. However, eight years ago, the name ‘Fya Empress’ hardly rang a bell in entertainment circles here. All that has changed; her relentless effort to make her mark has made it possible. So what really makes this Vincentian-born, Tobago-resident, mother of two teenage daughters and wife of Trinidadian entertainer David ’Fusion’ Reid so active, despite her commitment to family? She sat down for an exclusive interview with THE VINCENTIAN a week before the Ragga Soca Monarch. Here are some excerpts from that Interview: excerpts from which follow: Question: When did you decide to take music seriously? Answer: Music for me started 15 years ago, when I won the Tobago Soca Monarch. I have been three times soca monarch winner in Tobago since 2007….. I have been coming to St. Vincent since 2007, and since then I have been doing the Soca Monarch. I entered the Ragga Soca Monarch last year, and this year I am into Calypso. So this year, we have ‘I am a woman’ for the Calypso Monarch, ‘Bam Bam talk’ for Raga Soca and ‘Pass me a drink a yo rum’ for the Soca monarch. I also have a Road March contender, ‘Music a part of me’. Question: What makes you stand out as a female soca artiste? Answer: I think is the family and friends that I have around me. My daughters are always there to guide me; I have a 17-year and an 18-year-old daughter. So having two daughters gives me a firm ground, and I have a husband who makes things easier for me. I try to make my music a little down to earth, where you are involved in what is happening around you. ‘I am a woman’ was not written by me, it was written by Jeffery Thomas; but ‘Rum please’ and ‘Bam Bam Talk’is split between me and my husband. I would normally come up with the hook line and he would finish it, then we would allow people to listen and give honest opinions before we put it out on the street. For carnival in Trinidad and Tobago, also St. Vincent, I don’t know how it is for other female artistes, but I get my respect. I always say if you respect yourself, others will respect you. Question: You have such a melodious voice. Did that develop from singing in church? Answer: Yes, it did (broad smile). I grew up a Seventh Day Adventist, so obviously that’s where all that musical, melodious tunes come from. Question: What are you hoping to achieve for Vincy Mas 2012?

Ragga Soca Monarch 2012 – ‘Fya Empress’.

Lornette “Fya Empress’ Nedd and husband David ‘Fusion’ Reid are in it together, as they should.

Answer: I looking to make a clean sweep. Our presentations in the past have been a little below standard and we know the reason why. When you have a few dance groups in SVG and then you have the main artistes who are here 24-7, locking down the dance groups for the season, it’s difficult to get them. But we have been stretching our arms and we are hoping to make a clean sweep this year. Question: Who are some of the Vincentian artists that have been doing well in Trinidad? Answer: Skinny Fabulous, since ‘Head bad’ has been making a wave in Trinidad. Zoelah has been around for some time …. but not much. That is the thing about it….. Nobody studying marketing or maybe they need help in marketing their products outside. I have the privilege because I am a Vincentian

married to a Trinidadian , so it gives me the opportunities. But if it wasn’t for that, I might have been in the same position. But good marketing structure is what takes your music to go forward. Question: What would you like to say to the Fire Empress fans? Answer: I would like to say thank you, thank you for the continuous support, I felt it from the time I won Best New Female Soca Artiste in the International Soca awards. It felt really good because that was something that was done by voting, and I believe that most of my votes came from SVG. If you think that this year was good, next year could only get better because I have a team behind me working and thinking about progress at all times.

Tajoe disappointed 2011 CALYPSO MONARCH, Maxwell ‘Tajoe’ Francis is disappointed with his fourth place finish in this year’s Calypso Competition, held during the Dimanche Gras show last Sunday 8th July. In an exclusive interview with THE VINCENTIAN, the primary school teacher and folklorist, who hails from the North Windward community of Fancy, confessed that he was anticipating a position in the top three. “But you win some and you lose some,” he said reflectively. Tajoe, who won last year’s Calypso Monarch title with the touching number, ‘Memoirs of an Addict’, noted that he would be going back to the table to determine where he went wrong, if he did at all. Comparing this year’s result to last year’s success, Tajoe is unsure if it was his choice of topic or his actual performance, since he has been consistently creating high standard calypsos, with a style that is distinct from the other calypsonians. He stated, “I don’t know if the judges couldn’t

relate to the topics I chose for this year.” When asked about his inspirations for this year’s calypsos, the former calypso King replied, “The inspiration for the first song ‘Read Between the Lines’, came from all the domestic violence taking place in the country, especially the abuse against women. The concept for the second song, ‘World Hunger’, comes from the fact that a lot of people in SVG take the many privileges they have for granted, while there is a lot of unfortunate children who are suffering in the world.” Tajoe expressed thanks to his fans, and urged them not to feel too disappointed. “We will live to fight another day! Next year, Tajoe will be ready and coming back strong”, he promised. Maxwell ‘Tajoe’ Francis is disappointed, but has no intentions about bowing out of the Calypso Competition.

V Bequia does the choral hat trick



This year’s competition theme was: THE BEQUIA ANGLICAN ‘Our Children Talk PRIMARY SCHOOL again Tourism: Embracing the walked away with the Diversity of Our Cultural Ministry of Tourism Treasures’. Schools’ Choral Speech Students participating Competition title. ranged from very low A total of nine graders right up to the primary schools gathered Sixth Grade. at the Peace Memorial The presentations Hall, Monday, 2nd July showed diversity in topic to contest the finals of interpretation, richness the competition. These in content, and included the: Lodge interesting presentation Village Government, styles. Added to these, Mustique Government, there was meticulous South Rivers Methodist, attention paid to Lowmans Leeward costuming and props. Anglican, C. W. Prescod The judges expressed Government and Sandy their pleasure at Bay Government. conducting their task, By Gloriah…

and pinpointed the relevant strengths of the presentations. They were heartened by the extent to which the presentations captured the subject matter, and endorsed the wealth of information that went into the content of the speeches, and the interpretations. Chief Judge, Mr. Reginald Thomas, Director of the National Insurance Services, told the students that, “There are no winners and no losers; it’s just that some reached the tape before the others.” For their 1st position,

KPS takes Karib Cable Spelling Bee Title THE STAFF AND STUDENTS of the Kingstown Preparatory School (KPS) were given one more reason to be proud of their Alma Mater, when a team of youngsters from the school secured the Karib Cable National Schools Word Up Spelling Bee 2012 title. Aranique Stapleton-Jackson, L-R Front: KPS winners Jordan Hamlett, Aranique Melissa Adams and Stapleton-Jackson, Melisa Adams with Karib Cable’s Jordan Hamlett General Manager Ed Riley and Hallia Wickham secured the top position for the school, (back), their teacher. against 10 other primary schools, drive. namely: The Bequia Anglican, The Troumaca Government Brighton Methodist, C.W. Prescod received one LCD projector, while Government, Evesham Methodist, each student received an MP3 player. Georgetown Government, Langley Some members of the audience felt Park Government, Lodge Village that word choices were a bit difficult Government, Pamelus Burke for the students, and in some cases Government, St. Mary’s RC and were “inappropriate.” Troumaca Government, were the The students also seemed to have other finalists in the Competition. an especially hard time with some The Lodge Village Government words when enunciation by the School placed second, and the officials was difficult to decipher. Troumaca Government School secured The awards for best spellers went the third position. to Akeem Joseph of the Lodge Village Kingstown Preparatory School was Government School and Aresia Jones awarded with the Champion’s Trophy, of the Troumaca Government School. two desktop computers and one The prize for the most supportive television. Each student on the team team went to the Lodge Village received a DVD player and a flash Government School. drive. Teachers of the top three schools all The Lodge Village Government expressed their joy at their students’ School received one desktop computer success, and anticipated returning and one printer, with each student next year to compete for the title receiving a digital camera and a flash again. (KC)

A jubilant Bequia Anglican Primary school receiving the Choral Speech Champions Challenge Trophy. with a total of 311 points, the Bequia Anglican Primary received the first place trophy, and the Challenge Trophy for a hat trick of wins. They also received a flat screen television and a DVD player. The Calliaqaa Anglican placed 2nd, and received a trophy, a printer and a digital camera. In 3rd position was the Lowmans Leeward Anglican who received a trophy and a CD/cassette player. Fourth was C. W. Prescod Government,

Sandy Bay Government

School for Children With Special Needs. with Stubbs Primary placing 5th. They received trophies. All schools in the competition received Certificates of Participation. The Best Written Speech went to the Lowmans Leeward Anglican School. The

Bequia Anglican was awarded Best Costume, Best Interpretation of Theme, and Best Presentation. The School for Children with Special Needs received the Special Award for performances as guests during the competition.

V Vincy Foreign Based committed 6. FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2012. THE VINCENTIAN


Peters, Director of the Ms. New York THE ‘VINCY FOREIGN Continental Pageant, BASED’, as they are then got together and, affectionately known, using personal funds, started their involvement organized a Monday Tin Vincy Mas about six shirt band. It has since years ago. grown. Spokesperson for the Now, not only foreigngroup, Mr. Ansely based Vincentians from Primus, who is the New York come to SVG organizer of the New for carnival; Vincentians Song Competition in based in Canada and New York, explained England also join the that when they first throng. Visitors from started to come for Vincy countries like Barbados, Mas, there was nothing St. Lucia and Trinidad specially arranged for and Tobago who live in Vincentians based New York are also overseas. among the visitors A group of eight forming a unified band. persons including Mr. With much on-theGarnes Byron, Mr. Garry ground work coming ‘Tunka’ Edwards, Mr. from Mr. Conn Mc Sebastian Audain, Mr. Barnett right here in Earl Tyrell, Mr. Winston SVG, on Carnival ‘Kopey’ Robin, Ms. Monday, the huge truck Shandel De Riggs, Mr. bearing the name ‘Vincy Primus and Ms. Yvonne Foreign Based Band’ was By Gloriah…

L-R: Winston ‘Kopey’ Robin, Yvonne Peters, Garry ‘Tunka’ Edwards and Ansely Primus, members of Vincy Foreign Based.

well decorated with flags of countries from which its patrons originated, and many were the revelers, wearing the signature blue t-shirt and carrying the orange mug. It lent a special flavor to the festivities. There was obvious enjoyment. The ‘Vincy ForeignBased’ group is not only concerned with

The Vincy Foreign Based music truck on the road for Monday Evening Jam in Vincy Mas 2012.

bringing a Monday Band. They provide a bar on Bay Street close to the Container Port, where they are encouraged to congregate and mix and mingle with locals. The group also does charity work and was

instrumental in organizing barrels of clothing and foodstuff for victims of Hurricane Tomás. It has also been supplying to the Carnival Development Corporation, a trophy to be awarded to the winner

of the Best Talent segment at the Ms. Carival show. Read more about Vincy Foreign Based in THE VINCENTIAN’s 2012 Carnival Souvenir Magazine.

Film Production Collective launched A NEW ENTITY KNOWN as the Film Production Collective has been created and launched in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The group, which has created an online presence at ‘,’ describes itself as “an organization with the mandate to ‘inter alia’, harness the talent which exists in the local film and audio visual community, and to develop new talent in an effort to create a stimulating environment for the development of a Film Industry in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.” With a Board of Directors and a general membership including David ‘Darkie’ Williams, Bernard Joseph, Bryan Hadaway, Duane Daniel, Vynnette Frederick and Sean Patterson, all persons with an interest in things film and audio visual, the Collective will independently, and in

collaboration with other organizations, undertake a number of initiatives to encourage the development of film production in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. As one of its first activities, the FPC will work in collaboration with ‘’ to hold “Camp Innovate IT”, a Film Making Camp for youngsters between ages 10-18, which will run from July 23rd to August 5th, 2012, at the Greenhouse in Cane Grove, starting from 8:30 British film maker Rachel Meyrick a.m. and ending at 4:30 p.m. on will be one of the camp facilitators. weekdays. Registration forms are available at Coreas, Singer, dramatist David ‘Darkie’ bookstores and photography Williams, over the duration of the stores in Kingstown. two-week camp, to teach the A team of three film making rudiments of film making, professionals from the UK, led by photography and drama to all Rachel Meyrick, will volunteer campers. their services, along with local The FPC hopes to make this film maker Akley Olton, and camp an annual event.




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Editorial Carnival: Culture and the economy CARNIVAL in St. Vincent and the Grenadines was, and is supposed to be, a colorful, creative and unifying characteristic of our culture. As is well known, the carnival in the early days climaxed the day before Ash Wednesday. It was considered, given our adherence to Christian orthodoxy, the last opportunity to release stress, emotions, before entering into the forty days of fasting and repentance we know as Lent. The carnival expressions then, represented the very being of our people’s daily lives: traditions, customs, idiosyncrasies, even our humour. The carnival was shifted, 1977, to the latter days of June and the early days of July, primarily to: avoid the competition from the Pre-Lenten Trinidad and Tobago festival, so as to allow the genuine Vincentian calypso, mas and pan culture to develop; and to encourage greater numbers of Vincentians in the Diaspora to return, and persons from the region and beyond to visit for carnival, thereby encouraging heightened economic (tourist) activity during an otherwise dormant period. These remain two noble intentions that seem ideal for marriage and, as a result, for the furtherance of our nation as a people and their economy. One intention involves the very essence of our identity, and the other an alternative and sustainable source of tourists (nonresident nationals and non-nationals) revenue. How many at the time of the change to our June-July Carnival, baptized Vincy Mas during the course of its 35year old history, recognized and understood the need for balance between these two intentions, is now up for scrutiny. There is a growing voice among carnival-loving, carnival-concerned citizens, resident and non-resident alike, that speaks to an observation that the event we call Vincy Mas, that which we herald as our premier cultural festival, has moved away from its original intentions and meaning, i.e. that as a result of an increased (albeit recent) open emphasis on ‘bacchanalia and fete’, the link to the culture, the root of the culture, is fast diminishing. This is not to deny change; to deny that culture, a cultural expression, especially in the open societies of the Caribbean, will not be influenced by trends in the rest of the Caribbean and the world. However, the extent to which we have incorporated these influences, and we have, seems to have affected our cultural distinctness and authenticity, resulting in the culture of carnival, the festival, being simply a commercial exercise, even at the level of carnival component groups. At the level of the policy-makers, carnival is fast becoming nothing short of a strategy aimed at attracting tourists in the off season. That in itself is not a bad thing. But what makes the pursuit of this intention laughable is the static that sets in, fueled by political machinations. In the end, the genuine culture suffers. No right-thinking watchdog of this society will say that there is something wrong and evil about using our culture, our heritage and customs, i.e. our music (calypso and pan), our art (masquerade bands) carnival art, to advance our tourism product. But we ought not to be sacrificing the traditional and genuine cultural expressions of our carnival on the altar of the tourism product. What we do when we play off one intention against the other is akin to a knockdown sale which reduces the price, the value of the two intentions, and before we implode as we grapple with the carnival, we need to strike a balance between the economy and the culture. Not to do so, as mentioned earlier, is to lose our uniqueness which ought to be the driving force behind selling this country as an alternate tourist destination. Has anyone taken the time out to discern why the thousands of Trinidadians who once ‘invaded’ Vincy Mas, have dwindled to a trickle? Is it because Vincy Mas is no longer any different from what obtains in their homeland? The lesson here may be instructive. This country competes with other Caribbean islands for the tourist dollar. Many of the other Caribbean islands have far more advanced tourist infrastructure and promotional wherewithal. Our advantage has to be our uniqueness and carnival. A genuine concern for and emphasis on its cultural expressions, will set us apart from the status quo, and attract its own attention. Dominica has shown that this is possible. Are we prepared to admit the errors of our ways and strike a balance?

Might as well we all join up IN HIS PRO-WINDWARDS UNITY JINGLE, folklorist, Keane Douglas, has his target say. “Join Up? You late! I done join up long time. I born in St Vincent. My father come from St Lucia. My mother come from Grenada. And my three woman come from Dominica. You want me and you to join up?” Well, when the Regional Constituent Assembly meets here on January 14, God’s willing, many of the major actors have news for Keane -Douglas. Leader of SCOPE, for example, Julian Hunte was born in St Lucia. His father come from Barbados. His mother came from St Vincent. And he is married to Prime Minister Compton’s sister-in-law. Compton was born in Canouan in St Vincent and the Grenadines, blood line relation of St Vincent’s Prime Minister “Son” Mitchell whose step- father, Alfie Baynes, had set up home in St Lucia where he was treasurer in the good old colonial days. Mother Mitchell lived in St Lucia, and “Son” got his first job there, a teaching assignment at St Mary’s. Dominica’s Minister in charge of Unity Affairs is Attorney General Brian Alleyne (who spent part off his childhood in St Vincent where his father Keith, did a stint as Crown Attorney). His wife is St Vincent- born with a Grenadian father, Dr. Kenneth McMillan. Both of Dominica’s Opposition Leaders, Michael Douglas and Eddison James have had Vincentian brothers-in-law in Glenroy Dear and Alstar Mars. Not to be outdone, Grenada’s Attorney-General, Dr Francis Alexis, is also blessed with a Vincentian wife. Of course, George Odlum, Leader of St Lucia’s Progressive Labour Party was married to a Vincentian. And our own Dr Gonsalves, Leader of the Opposition MNU has wedded a Dominican lass. U.P.M’s Leader, Adrian Saunders is married to a local girl who grew up in Dominica where her Vincentian parents are now naturalised citizens. Like Ralph, on the other hand, Dr .Adrian Fraser noted newspaper columnist and historian, “joined up” with a Dominica damsel. Then there are other linkages such as a Minister of Government in St Vincent Herbert Young, whose brother, Frankie, is married to a St Lucian, and former leader of the St Lucia Labour Party Kenneth Foster, whose brother “Joey” reciprocated in kind. For that matter, Bernard Coard’s older brother was husband to a Vincentian wife. Only St Lucia and St Vincent set up National Advisory Councils. A daughter of the St Lucia Chairman, Hunter François, was married to a Vincentian Julian Francis. The St Vincent case is most intriguing. The first Chairman, Henry Williams also has a daughter with a husband from St Lucia where they live. The second chairman Mr. Noel Venner, has a son Dr. Dwight who is also married to a St Lucian, and Chairman Number Three, Senator Stuart Nanton, boasts a St Lucian step-grandfather, Mr. Vernon Theobalds. The brothers, Vernon and Ernest Theobalds, left St Vincent toddlers after the 1898 hurricane, returning thereto in their forties as Port Manager and Education Officer respectively. Ernest married a Grenadian. This business of forging inter-island bonds has been going on from way back when, aided and abetted by the transfer system of the colonial civil service, the working of sub-regional institutions, and the inter- play of tournaments and excursions. Grenadian Chess Gibbs was St Vincent’s First Assistant Administrator. His daughter Peggy Antrobus who won a coveted island scholarship herself married a Vincentian island schol winner.

Grenada supplied us with doctors- Commissiong, Charles, Frank Alexis who married local, and Kenneth McMillan, spring readily to mind. In turn, Vincies virtually ran the administrative show in Grenada 1955-1965. Assistant Administrator Henry Williams, Financial Secretary Noel Venner (who performed similarly in St Lucia to be succeeded in later years by his son, Dwight). Attorney General Rupert John, Superintendent of Works Barney Thompson, and so forth. It is significant that a Grenadian and St Lucian Superintendent of Works in St Vincent, Ronnie Smith, and Pat Browne were married to Vincentians, and that the families of Dominican engineer Dalrymple and Grenada’s legal man Nolan Jacobs, decided to make St Vincent their home following the deaths of the heads of the household! It equally bears recalling that part of the Vincentian Dopwell family remained in Grenada where father Ainsley, had a tour of duty as Treasurer in the same way that Mrs. Alfie Baynes (Mitchell) remained in St Lucia. Way back in the 1930s, Vincentian Jimmy Cato was appointed Labour Commissioner in St Lucia, followed many years later by Phillip Charles as Police Commissioner and Oswald Jack as Chief Magistrate. Former Archbishop of the West Indies, Grenadian Cuthbert Woodroofe took a Vincentian wife and settled in her country. Another sister of his wife married lawyer Desmond McNamara and made St Lucia their home. If things go according to plan, Roman Catholic archbishop Kelvin Felix will speak for all the interest groups at the inaugural meeting of the R.C.A. Kelvin’s deceased sister, Elsa, was married to a Vincentian Vanrick Alexander, scion of the Liverpool family that hails from Georgetown . Kelvin was himself born in Dominica but grew up in St Lucia where his father was in the higher reaches of the colonial police services. And he is brother to Val Felix, captain of the Windward Islands cricket team which has done so much to lash the islands together. Right now, the manager of the team is Vincentian Carl Glasgow who played cricket at the sub-regional level as well as for St Vincent and St Lucia where he worked for several years. Vincentian Alfie Roberts the first Windward Islander to make the West Indies team, was born of a Grenadian mother. The camaraderie of islanders at these tournaments was something else! A classic result flowed from the tournament held in St Lucia in 1948: Vincentians Hutson Martindale, Hudson Soso, and Rudy Matthews (who lived for some time in St Lucia with his civil servant father) all eventually took brides from the host country. In 1957, Vincentian agriculturalist George Philips was persuaded to settle in Grenada where he took a wife. His brother, Sir Fred was such a benign administrator at the time as to be thought a compatriot by the Grenadians. Incidentally, Justice Albert Matthew played in these tournaments, as well as represented Dominica in cricket and football in the Windwards circuit.

(Reprinted of article 16th Jan. 1991, cont’d next week.)

V ÂGod hates CarnivalÊ



“TO BE CARNALLY MINDED IS DEATH; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity/enemy against God…” Rom.8:6, 7. Carnival has a history that spells only disobedience to God; it is simply a graphic display of the carnal mind at work, which is totally opposite to God. This is why there is such nudity, drunkenness, strife and gratifying of the flesh at carnival, because that is what the carnal mind finds pleasure in. The spiritually minded or the Christian will find pleasure in spiritual things. We are told, “Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying. But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lust

thereof.” Rom 13:13, 14. Carnal: relating to or given to crude bodily pleasures and appetites, temporal, worldly, fleshly, and sensual.” Merriam-Webster dictionary. This shows clearly that God is not in carnival. It is transgression of His commandments. I ask you, how does carnival glorify God? It does not in any way, and it just cannot. So how can God bless it? How can He bless the mas bands, the soca artistes, and the wet fetes? God is not pleased with any of it; it is stink — an abomination unto Him. He says “love not the world, neither the things of the world….” 1 John 2:15 “For if ye live by the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify (kill) the deeds of the body, ye shall live” Romans 8:13.

Do you see those piercing words of God? They are showing that God HATES carnival, and who would want to be involved in something that God hates? Christians do not take any pleasure whatsoever in carnival, for it will be distasteful to him, and he will warn the people of the coming destruction so they can repent and live. “Now the works of the flesh are manifested, which are these: Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envying, murders, drunkenness, reveling, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the

Kingdom of God”. Gal.5: 19-21. “Through thy precepts (commandments) I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way.” Psalms 119:104. Carnival is a false way that promotes that which God forbids; and God said that His wrath will come upon all the children of disobedience. (Colossians 3:6) ‘Bacchanal’ which derives from the Greek word Bacchus, which according to Greek mythology is the Greek god of wine, is hinged to carnival. “Bacchanal: used of riotously drunken merrymaking; a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity.” (Word web dictionary.) All these are against God, all these traits of the carnal mind are enmity with God.

FROM SINCE I can recall, my parents beat into to me that ‘Manners Maketh Man’. I understood that to mean, that good people had good manners and bad people had bad manners. As I quickly reflect on my recent return home for the carnival, I couldn’t help but remember that ‘Manners Maketh Man’ slogan used by my parents. No one is going to tell me that my people, Vincentians, are not, generally speaking, mannerly people. However, there are always a few bad apples in the basket, and this carnival showed many of those. I could hardly believe that there were no “good mornings”, “how can I help you?” from the store attendants at many shops on Back and Middle Streets. Even one restaurant should be brought over the coals for the poor manners of their staff, what we now call customer service. Church does not escape the net also, for there I found children and young people to be unmannerly… not a

hello or good day to their elders. Is it that all this feting that I have heard about — a fete every weekend in some car park or by some river where the young people indulge in all kinds of rude and unbecoming dances - responsible for this display of bad manners? My hope is that the tourists are not greeted

Maydon Parris

Is Emanuel Fatima Adams a forgotten hero?

with the same uncouth behaviour. People are the most important tool in the promotion of our country. If we are not mannerly and welcoming, no one will want to come here or come back here as in the case of those of us who are resident.

THE CAPTION SPEAKS for itself. It is a burning shame to see a man who worked so hard for his native St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and particularly for his native Union Island, so neglected in death. Emanuel Fatima Adams has done more for Union Island than any other islander. Many who have made no contribution to the welfare of the island have had their names written for posterity, disregarding the person who has set the pace and molded the social economy of the island. Fatima was a first in nearly every social discipline in Union Island. He was the first native lay reader of the Anglican Church. He was the first graduate teacher and first to achieve the status of Headmaster in the educational system. As a lawyer, he was the first professional; the first politician; the first speaker of the House of Representatives; and finally was a role model to many who followed his example and became professionals themselves. Fatima was a patriot who didn’t forsake his island by travelling overseas to improve the standards of other countries. Am I hearing that the square in Clifton, his hometown, is being renamed Emanuel Fatima Adams square? Or the Secondary School in Ashton Union Island renamed the E.F. Adams Secondary School, for his contribution to education and law in that island? Or is a “founding father” lost to posterity?


Another Concerned Citizen

Where have our manners gone? * Was Vibrating Scakes given a stern warning by a minister of government about his (Scakes’) Bumper Sticker calypso? * Can the judges explain why Poorsah wasn’t in the top three of the 2012 Calypso Monarch competition? * Is the CDC deliberately underselling the Dimanche Gras show, or is the poor patronage something to do with the carnival components themselves? * How many foreign-based nationals returned for Vincy Mas 2012? Anybody agrees with me that it might be the smallest number in years? * Is the Junior Calypso Competition a competition for teacher-composed songs? * Could we find more appropriate songs for the juniors to jump up to on Junior Carnival Day? Anybody thinks it was wrong to have children jumping up to a song about, ’pass the rum’?

Therefore, God hates it and cannot bless it. “…If any man loves the world, the love of the father is not in him”. 1 John 2:15. I pray that you will be convicted by the Holy Spirit to repent and believe the Gospel and be saved by God’s grace. “But except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.” Luke 13:3.

Reinstate the three THERE HAS BEEN much debate and discussion on the failure by Government to rehire the three teachers who ran as candidates for NDP, during the last general elections. I would like to add my bit, free from political bias. When we look at Mr. Elvis Daniel’s case, he ran as a candidate in 2005, lost and was rehired, and then ran again in 2010 and lost. Unfortunately he has not been re-employed by the government since. If he is reemployed and was to run again in 2015, then it can be safe to say that he is taking advantage of the system, and this would give rise to a questioning of his intention. However, it would seem that he will not be a candidate for NDP in the next general elections, thus it throws a different light on the situation. In looking at the situation in a

balanced way, the NDP has an obligation to take care of the three teachers. I would have thought maybe Mr. Addison Thomas and Mr. Daniel would have been made senators, while Mr. Johnson would have been made a research officer with the party. For I guarantee you that, had it been Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, they would have been taken care of, by his party. Be that as it may, it has not happened. We are made to understand that the agreement made between Government and the Teachers Union with respect to the rehiring of teachers who contest and lose in a general elections, is not legally binding. Yet, teachers who ran and lost previously were reemployed, except in this case. Therefore, I am left to believe that there may be some other reasons why they were not

rehired. Whatever reason or reasons why they were not rehired is/are left to speculation. In the spirit of reconciliation, I am asking the Prime Minister to give consideration to these teachers. It would be a good moral and Christian act of love to give consideration to these teachers. After all, they have families to take care of, and also this situation will definitely discourage teachers from offering themselves as candidates for future general elections. Forgiveness is a hallmark of Christians. I trust that some consideration will be given to these gentlemen. Demonstrating love and concern can bring good support to the ruling ULP. Kennard King




Squeezing the lifeblood Back too reality – out of the banana industry there’s hope The issue THE BANANA INDUSTRY has been the lifeblood of the Vincentian economy for more years than we can remember. As part of the Agricultural sector, it was a major contributor to the Gross Domestic Product of the country. For a number of years, it was called “green gold”, an apt description of the value of this crop. Vincentians built their houses on the strength of the banana industry, sent their children to secondary schools, and in some cases universities, and financed trips abroad for business and health purposes, and even the odd holiday. Bananas offered employment for thousands of persons in the rural areas. Just as important is the food security that this crop provides, either in its primary state, or the limited attempts here and there, to develop by-products such as banana chips. In the 1980s, the market conditions for bananas were favourable. The trade preferential system in the United Kingdom was still in place, and there was very little or no competition. In any case, the UK market offered protection. The cost of production was low, with labour being cheap, and the costs of inputs like fertilizer and chemicals, being affordable. Then came the banana wars in the 1990s which saw the Latin American countries, with support from the United States, successfully challenge the preferential system in Europe, under the WTO/GATT agreement.

Still the NDP did not learn, and did nothing to address the problems in the industry. In fact, the NDP turned a blind eye while farmers squandered a surplus of EC$25 million in 1991, to a deficit the following year of approximately EC$20 million the following year. There are stories of price adjustment to benefit farmers and several other scenes, including the “cess” scam that allowed farmers to acquire excess “cess” credits, which they then sold on the open market. Many stories have been told about the so called “schemes” within the Banana Growers Association that resulted in some farmers, mainly those associated with the NDP, getting rich, at the expense of poor hardworking small farmers, who simply wanted to get on with their banana production, to provide for themselves and their families. So that when the revenue disappeared, many small farmers simply sold their lands and abandoned the industry. Others moved away from bananas, opting to plant other crops like dasheen, yams and sweet potatoes. In short the banana industry had declined drastically, despite the welcome given to Arnhim Eustace when he entered the fray that “the savior has arrived”. Arnhim Eustace never had the administrative and managerial ability to halt the decline. When the ULP arrived in office in The NDP was warned 2001, the Banana Growers Association had a deficit of EC$31 million, and the By 1987, the James Mitchell led industry was on the very edge of a NDP administration was being demise. The ULP had to provide over warned by officials out of the United Kingdom, that the preferential market EC$100 million in assistance to the farmers over the last ten years to keep will disappear over the next five years. The NDP was advised to adopt the industry on its legs. This includes money for disaster measures to put the industry on a recovery following the passage of footing, to withstand the competition Tomas, and the heavy rains in April that was coming from the Latin 2011, the financing of the American countries. In fact, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, at the rehabilitation process after the Moko time at the helm of the MNU, wrote to and the Black Sigatoka attacks, and the severance payments for the Prime Minister James Mitchell on February 23rd 1988, highlighting the winding up of the Banana Growers Association. problem, and urged the adoption of a regional approach to address this NDP hit and run tactics issue. But the NDP turned a deaf ear to The NDP is engaging in some hit these warnings, simply because run tactics with the banana banana was too lucrative in the minds and industry. They are visiting certain of some of its supporters who were in the country, to speak with major banana exporters. For example, areas who are supporters and in 1990, the country earned a gross of farmers members of their party. Its message is EC$120 million from the export of the ULP is responsible for the 78,000 tons of bananas. In response to that current situation affecting bananas, the warnings, the then Prime and it follows this up by claiming that Minister, James Mitchell, said the ULP administration is not doing “everything will be alright in the anything for farmers and bananas. morning for bananas.” Nothing could be further from the Vincentian farmers simply accepted truth. As we have pointed out above, this assurance from the NDP. It was a it is the NDP who squeezed the costly mistake, because from 1993, the lifeblood out of this all important industry went from crisis to crisis. industry, by ignoring the warnings Internally the NDP could not solve the which came out of the UK, and by administrative and managerial failing to follow the advice of the problems in the industry, and decision experts, including Dr. Ralph making suffered as a result. Farmers Gonsalves. The NDP did not prepare could not get any encouragement to our farmers for the advent of increase their production, and there competition in Europe. It did not were quality issues that were not mount any serious political and addressed in a significant way. diplomatic campaigns, to address the Externally, the market regime critical issues under the WTO and the kicked in to start competition in GATT. Europe, because of the Single It is the ULP that has addressed, European Market, coupled with and continues to address all the decisions made at the WTO forum. salient problems affecting the banana From a high of 70,000 tons in 1991, industry. It is only the ULP and exports fell rapidly to 40,000 tons in Comrade Ralph, with the young, 1993, and this generally downward energetic and resourceful Minister of trend continued under the NDP Agriculture, Saboto Caesar, who can administration. resuscitate this important sector as we move forward.

The disappearing revenue

AS VINCENTIANS brace themselves for the rest of the year, they do so with the firm knowledge that things will hardly get better economically. Vincentians continue to grapple with a very high cost of living, unemployment, crime and the poor economy. The powers that be seem lost in finding solutions to ease the burden on a people that are fast becoming disoriented.

Lack of leadership and vision We have just come through a most rudderless half year, where the lack of political leadership and the blatant waste and corruption, in these economically trying times, have brought us, as a nation, to our knees. The ULP administration seems to be going through the motions, offering much talk and promises which seem not to bear any fruits. If one looks back to the past promises made in the estimates and budgetary addresses, it will be seen that very little of what’s written/promised has been accomplished. The vision for the development of the country is certainly lacking. Indeed the greatest achievements of the ULP administration over the years have been derived from projects which the NDP had conceptualized, but did not have the opportunity to implement, having been voted out of office. The Windward Highway, the Windward Water Project, The Education Programme (the so called’ Education Revolution’), the Solid Waste Disposal Project, Island Wide Garbage Collection, the VINLEC Power Plant at Lowmans Bay, Computerization of Schools, Construction of Schools and Clinics and the Electrification of Mayreau, to name a few. Now that these projects have been completed, we are seeing very little ideas coming out of the ULP for the development of the country. They certainly appear to be bereft of ideas. It was the NDP which had the vision to put policies in place to bring about a broadening of our economic activities to include more emphasis on tourism and financial services, whilst attempting to diversify our agriculture. Our development seems to be tied to a mendicant foreign policy, so much so, foreign governments have had to refer to ‘those coming around with their hats in hand’. Indeed, these are hard economic times worldwide, but one would have hoped that we would take care and pay attention to the areas over which we have control. Instead, the Government’s gross incompetence in dealing with our agriculture has virtually destroyed the banana industry, our surest foreign exchange earner. And worst, the political directorate refuses to accept responsibility. This has left our farmers in a very dire financial situation hopefully this too will pass.

detriment of our youths. Fraud and wrongdoings, when exposed, are rewarded with a slap on the wrist and/or promotion; often not even investigated. We have witnessed the sufferings of many Vincentians who have been victimized and, in some cases, have had their livelihoods threatened, all for political reasons. People are even fearful of speaking out against what is wrong in our country, lest, they too are victimized. Fellow Vincentians, we say to you, keep the faith; this too will pass. A way out Looking for a way out of this crisis, our people have turned to the Government and found it isolated from the mainstream of our nation’s life. The Government has become an island. The gap between our citizens and our government has never been so wide. The people are looking for honest answers, not easy answers; clear leadership, not false claims and evasiveness and politics as usual. What you see too often is a system of government that seems incapable of action. You see every extreme positions defended to the last vote. You often see a balanced and a fair approach that demands sacrifice, a little sacrifice from everyone, abandoned like an orphan without support and without friends. Often you see paralysis and stagnation and drift. You don’t like it, and neither do I. What can we do? First of all, we must face the truth, and then we can change our course. We simply must have faith in each other, faith in our ability to govern ourselves, and faith in the future of this nation. Restoring that faith and that confidence to St Vincent and the Grenadines is now the most important task we face. It is a true challenge of this generation of Vincentians.

A better life

We advocate that there must be a better way to govern a country. More time must be spent in planning development strategies for the advancement of St Vincent and the Grenadines. We in the NDP promise, that when we come to office again, we will not pretend that we are working for you, and give you words and promises, but will put forward a vision for the country’s development and work towards its achievement. Let us pray for our leaders, for vision for them, that they can lead us to a better place. Pray to rid the nation of fear, crime, victimization and bitterness, and that we will all be our brothers’ keepers. Corruption and victimisation Little by little, we can and we must rebuild our confidence. We can spend It is quite fair to state that this until we empty our treasuries, and we ULP Administration is easily one of may summon all the wonders of the most corrupt administrations to science, but we can succeed only if we ever govern this country. We have our greatest resources — the seen all sorts of contortions to ensure tap people. that certain party supporters are We will do our best, but we cannot taken care of. They are placed in it alone. Let your voice be heard positions, often for which they are not do whenever you have a chance. With qualified, or not the most qualified, God’s help and for the sake of our and are paid handsome salaries for nation, it is time for us to join hands touting the party line. St Vincent and the Grenadines. Let Unemployment is rampant among our in us commit ourselves together to a young people, yet we see the party rebirth of the Vincentian spirit. By faithfuls being given attractive working together with our common contracts on their retirement, to the faith, we cannot fail.




Architects of our future Dr Cyrus is simply profound “The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you.” –Tom Bradley American novelist, essayist and writer of short stories. The George Stephens Secondary School held their 2012 graduation on July 3rd. I had the distinct honour and pleasure of delivering the feature address. The theme for the event was “You are the architect of your own future”. Preparing for events like these always provides me with a tremendous amount of excitement as I seek to ascertain what thoughts I can share, what quotations I can insert, and what props I can use that will gain and sustain the attention of these youngsters who are more anxious about receiving their certificates, collecting their prizes and saying their “thank you” and “farewell” to teachers, staff, and fellow graduates. Quotations from Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Dr. John DeMartini, Sir Arthur Lewis, and Og Mandino flooded my mind. Biblical passages floated to my consciousness. Inspirational songs emerged and tugged at me, insisting that they be included in the address. Stories and anecdotes emerged “from nowhere”, seeking to convince me that they were worthy of mention. Time did not allow me to develop all of the thoughts that I wished to share but I trusted that, in the end, those who attended were mentally stimulated and challenged to excel at all that was noble; that they were reminded that we are the architects of our future. This week’s column seeks to place the spotlight on some of the thoughts shared on this topic. Following the 1979 eruptions of our La Soufriere volcano, the Commonwealth Secretariat offered the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines a one-year scholarship in residential social work. It was considered one of the ways that they could have contributed to the development of our blessed land as it struggled in the aftermath of the eruption. I was teaching at the Liberty Lodge Boys Training Centre at the time and was invited to apply for the scholarship. I was packed and headed off to Jamaica within a relatively short time. Part of the training required attachments at a variety of child care facilities in the USA. As destiny would have it, I was assigned to the Try Centre in St. Petersburg, Florida. It was there that I was exposed to the research work that was done by the famous Dr. William Glasser (author of the book “Reality Therapy”). His approach focused on redirecting juvenile delinquents to take responsibility for their actions. It was amazing how many of the teenagers who were in his programmes felt that someone else “made them do bad things”; they were seeking to put the blame for their failures and foibles on their mother, father, teacher, or some other person — but not on themselves. Glasser concluded that such individuals are unlikely to demonstrate responsible behavours until they had come to the point where they accepted responsibility for their actions. In other words, until they realised that they are the architects of their own future. Except in cases where we may be drugged or forcefully subdued (e.g. as is the case when raped), we decide; we are responsible for our actions; nobody made us do it; we chose. We determine whether we will develop the discipline to study. We determine whether we will be truthful, kind, caring, gentle, and honest. We decide whether we will pursue excellence or settle for average performance. We decide! We cannot place the blame on parents, teachers, pastors or anyone else. And while they may influence our thoughts and our actions, the final decision is always our own. We are the architects of our own future. Many of the proverbs and sayings of the older generation appear to have vanished away. But one that readily comes to mind is “You can take a donkey to water, but you can’t make

him drink.” Many parents, guardians, teachers, and other concerned citizens can readily think of a youngster who is talented but just seems to lack the drive to achieve great success. We see the potential, we see the talent and abilities, but we just seem unable to get that individual to ignite the genius that is within. Amidst the frustration and disappointment, we are challenged to step back (but not give up) and wait for that individual to get to the point where the individual realises that he or she is the architect of his or her own future. They must decide. They must commit. They must make that choice. But, in the meantime, we continue to plod and plead; to think of videos that they can look at, persons they can talk to, and books that they can read, that will spark some desire for energetic pursuit of that which is noble. We must forever seek to find ways to make them realise that they are the architects of their own future. One of my favourite Albert Einstein quotations is, “Try not to be a man of success, but rather seek to be a man of value.” There is so much wisdom trapped in those few words from the great mathematician and physicist. So many persons pursue material possessions (and equate this with “success”) and neglect the importance of character. That is where the real value is. When everything else is stripped away and we are left with the nakedness of who we really are — what does our character say of us? What kind of character edifice are we building? What have we designed? What is at our core? Some time ago, I came across the story of the Pencil Maker. He had just commissioned a pencil, and decided to give it some guidance before it left his shop. He said, “Pencil, there are five things that you must always remember. First, you must always remember that your value will always be dependent on whose hands you are in. Second, you will be sharpened by life’s circumstances, but do not lose hope or faith — those situations will make you write better. Third, I have placed an eraser on one end of you. Remember that, as you make mistakes, it will be possible to erase many of them. Learn to forgive yourself and correct the wrongs that you may do. Fourth, remember that your value is largely dependent on what is inside you. Always concentrate on that inner value. Do not take it for granted. And finally, strive to leave a good mark in life.” Those five lessons from the Pencil Maker return to challenge us today. As we reflect on this anecdote, we challenge ourselves to be more responsible with this tremendous responsibility that we have to be architects of our future. What future are we building for ourselves? What tools do we need to help us construct edifices that will stand the test of time? This writer is convinced that the Bible continues to be that great manual for good and great living. As we look towards the future and all of its uncertainties we can chart courses with faith and confidence when we imbibe its God-inspired instructions. And so, to the youth (in particular) we say, “You are the architects of your own future. We have confidence that you will design a future that will make us all proud. Hold God’s word dear. Incline your ears unto wisdom. Hide it in your hearts for those moments when your trials and temptations come (and they will come). You have the potential to lead noble lives and to keep our society strong. You have our confidence. Go forth with gusto and pride, knowing that you are the architects of your own, great, future.” Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to

IF DR CECIL CYRUS were to die tomorrow, the publication and launch of his second book, ‘Dr Grandad’ represents a crowning achievement in the life of this eminent Vincentian. We hope that even at this ripe age of 83 years, Doc lives to publish at least one more,  an autobiography, which is destined to be a  motivator of generations to come. The book, ‘Dr. Grandad’ is primarily Dr Cyrus’ recollection and observation from over 37 years of service to his patients, especially ‘ his children’- all of the little ones he delivered or cared for over the yearsand to the country he served with distinction and aplomb. The final chapter on womanhood is recommended reading, not only for the truths revealed therein, but for the quality of writing displayed here and throughout this volume. Dr Grandad can be seen as a book for children, and those who so perceive it will not be in error. But the book is more than a children’s book. Others may read Dr Grandad and come away feeling this is a book about children. Those persons are also correct, but that will also be a rather limiting and limited conception of the book. Parents and those yet to plant seeds or conceive will find tremendous satisfaction from reading Dr Grandad. Adults may get new insights into the ways of children. Dr Grandad may cause a reordering in the kind of relationship parents develop with their children. Even with the limited conception of Dr Grandad as a book for children and about children, the book is really nothing short of a book for the ages. Everyone can find joy, laughter, solace, satisfaction and contentment from reading the book. Dr Grandad will stand as a compass, a star to steer by in our new relations and understanding of and about children and women. But readers will short change themselves if the foregoing are the only points of light they recognize in Dr Grandad. More importantly, the book is about the mind of a man, its author, Dr Cecil Cyrus, whose mental arc to greatness was bent at the tender age of 7 years as he observed the way in which medicine or the lack of it was dispensed to the villagers of Layou, the small town, where he was born, on the western coast of his native island. As I was read the book, my mind raced to a point made by Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft. Among other things, Gates said beware of what you said about nerds because you might end up working for one. Understanding Dr Cyrus is to understand the mind of a nerd. Dr Cyrus’ mind is so well organized that

he could have worked well as a detective, mechanic or an engineer. Had he walked away from medical studies, he would have excelled at any other endeavour he chose. At 83 years old, his ability to recall is impeccable. The doctor is an individual who pays microscopic attention to detail: hair, skin tone, colors, mode of dress, speech, sounds of his patients and their parents and names, animals, life, all forms of life. Had it been otherwise, more of his patients would have been lost, and there would have been a lot of sad families at large. The outpouring of persons to the launch of Dr Grandad, on a wet evening two Wednesdays ago, is testimony to the high regard with which this esteemed man is held. Dr Cyrus is a cultivated man, and this side of him shines through as readers work through the pages of the book. He loves writing and ideas. This is reflected in the ease with which his words flow off the pages. Dr Grandad is testimony to Dr Cyrus’ deep and abiding love affair with children. In the African tradition, we are reminded that ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ Dr Cyrus demonstrates through his four decade long medical career, that a dedicated and committed individual dispensing love, care and attention to patients can impact on their lives in very positive ways. Children can be brutally honest, and this quality shines through brilliantly in Dr Grandad. You can’t read this chapter without reminiscing about the many sayings of your own children. Those of you who looked at American television may recall Bill Cosby’s show ‘Children say the dornest things’ as you read this section of the book. Among the choicest of politically incorrect mouthings of children collected in the book is where a child tells her parents ‘I do not want Cecil Cyrus to come to this house.’ My own encounter with this kind of honest exuberance is when my own daughter of no more than 5 years old told me in the presence of a colleague to tell my friend that his breath is stink. As you read Dr Grandad, you may be drawn to the profoundly simple manner in which the book is written. Don’t be fooled by the style. Dr Cyrus is not a simple-minded man. The quality of the book is verifiable proof that Dr Cecil Cyrus, its author, is simply profound. Send comments, criticisms& suggestions to:




Gonsalves confused and incompetent ABOUT THREE YEARS AGO, the airport fire truck was chasing an animal off the runway at E.T Joshua airport and the truck’s front tyre burst. Incredibly, there was no spare tyre, and the airport was forced to close for over 11 hours, until the SVG Coast Guard went to St Lucia to borrow a tyre. On Monday 2 July 2012, the fire truck had more problems; yet again the airport was closed, this time for about 7 hours. This is a joke, and shows incompetent management by the Gonsalves-led regime. In 2007, Gonsalves’ ministries went into excess capital expenditure. Gonsalves is not a university graduate in finance, and did not mitigate the problem. Consequently, Gonsalves overspent by $63 million without the prior approval of the SVG House of Assembly. With sound vision, the government of the late Milton Cato built the National Commercial Bank (NCB). The NCB was a profit-making bank and properly served the needs of our people. In 2007, Gonsalves blatantly ignored several warnings from Director of Audit and the Parliament-set ceiling of a government overdraft of $40 million. Gonsalves pushed up the overdraft at the NCB to $170 million and killed the NCB. Between 2008 and 2010, Gonsalves cut capital expenditure on education by 51 per cent; subsequently, in 2011, SVG suffered its worst CEE

results in history. Gonsalves illustrates incompetence and confusion in trying to manage the so-called education revolution. Year of budget Capital expenditure

2008 53m

2009 36m

2010 26m

In June 2012, the Director of Planning in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning stated that some students scored as low as 5 per cent in the 2012 CEE, adding that the issue should concern the entire country. SVG Green Party says we need more money put into education, not less. SVG’s economy is in such a shambles that statistics from Her Majesty’s jail revealed a sickness of our country. The research showed the jail was full of inmates who all had previous convictions. Many of the inmates had three or more previous convictions. The table shows this. 2008 Year of imprisonment Number of inmates 520 Number of inmates 520 with previous convictions



511 511

458 458

A male, who was under 18, appeared in the

Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on 5th July 2012, on a charge of breaking into a house and stealing a number of items. The youth pleaded with the magistrate that he had no employment, no money and no skills, and that he was desperate for money to live. This is the sick situation in SVG. There is a large number of poorly educated male youths who are unemployed and feel forced to steal to survive. This governing regime is confused and incompetent. No country can progress positively without competent leadership. All countries with strong economies have strong leaders. Leaders have to be visionary, creative and must know their subject. The leaders in SVG are confused and incompetent; consequently and sadly, our economy and country are falling apart. SVG Green Party

Our justice system stinks! WE ARE VINCENTIANS by reason of geography and law. Geography has only to do with the physical boundaries or the land which we occupy (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines). Law, however, is the concept of living harmoniously and contentedly together as a community, and all the rules we know up to now, are directed towards achieving some basic, practical accommodation to exist or live together in the geographic area we occupy. Man trumpets that he has progressed from the days when he was created to the present day, and we have words like Hyskos, Hammurabi, Hannibal, Genghis Khan and a host of noted tyrants, warriors, kings, dictators and vagabonds. And so we trace from the Code of Hammurabi, the Mosaic Laws, Roman Law, European Legal History, Rules, Codifications, Constitutions, Bills of Rights, to the present day when we have ambitious, uneducated people without knowledge but who are endowed with cunning and charismatic deceptions. We live in our geographic area under some concepts bandied about but never implemented until today; we exist in total endemic discomfort. Man, it is said, must have for his existence food, shelter, companionship, security and the facility of community

interaction. No man can live alone. We consent to be governed by people who we choose to govern us, and what we have are systems designed and practised to provide optimum comforts, safety and security for themselves, their offspring and their friends. If you complain, our system for complaints are regulated by rules aimed at protecting the offenders against the very rules. You accuse a Prime Minister of rape, and he who ought to be supervising the machinery of justice enters a ‘stop the proceedings’ Nolle Prosequi and the offender goes free. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has the record for the most Nolle Prosequi for government’s alleged offenders. There are no statistics for persons who have been prosecuted and/or charged and who have been freed before called upon to make a defense. On the civil side, there has not been a single solitary soul, case of complaint against the government or its officers being settled on its merits. It is always a fight, and it is known and accepted that if you fight with the government, you will lose and then be victimized. The instances are myriad of false arrests, malicious prosecutions, negligence of government departments and/or its officers flouting the constitution and by means of pressure

and the hope of advancement. The rules are bent, ignored or pushed aside to facilitate the disregard, the demands for justice and the written words of the constitution and the rules under the same (the rule of law). It is evident, or, plain to see that lawyers particularly and doctors practise their profession wickedly influenced by politics. There are two (2) distinct groups of lawyers in our community, the barefoot man on the street, should he overhear your conversation about any lawyer for any matter will name those for the National Democratic Party (NDP) and those for the Unity Labor Party (ULP). It is as though lawyers are divided into one set for the government and the other for the opposition. And this spills over, the lawyers representing the government are the ones who manipulate the government’s offices, and it is clear, if you take the time to think, that the mechanics of internal procedure at the courts display preferences. But one will believe that as a lawyer you can introduce some sanity into the functioning of our justice system. As one lawyer puts it, when queried about the delay of a simple matter as that of filing a deed, he replied, “I have a rent to pay, a wife and two children to look after, and I have to find work. What do you want me to do, put us all to starve?”

What is worse and most distressing is the inability to use the rules to rectify or set on the proper course the rules of the judicial system If something is wrong, you can APPEAL but you cannot appeal if, for example the Registrar or the Registrar’s office delays the progress of a matter, since the rules do no cater for the exercising of a clerk’s discretion. The clerk can therefore permit your matter to languish and fail to be adjudicated upon, and its eventual throw out. In all parts of the civilized world, a constitutional motion is heard within six (6) days of its filing. A maritime matter, dealing with ships carrying cargo is usually heard within weeks for the sole reason that an idle ship incurs heavy expenses every day just to keep it afloat. So in countries other than Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, there is hardly a backlog of maritime cases. And what is the bitterest gall, is the staffing of the Judiciary. There are two (2) judges in our jurisdiction who show competence and they are overworked. So what do we have here? No Confidence in the system and the rules that govern us, and we’re powerless to even, Mr. Editor, write this type of letter to you. Justice Watt




Sion Hill does the beaver trick THE 2012 PANORAMA threw up the same old rivalry that has characterized it for some time now. At the end of the exercise, Sion Hill Euphonium and Sea Operations Starlift were adjudged first and second respectively. In the process, the men and women from the Hill recorded their first beaver trick in the competition. It was, however, a night of not so much of what was done, what innovations in musical styles and interpretations were offered up,but rather a case of what was not done. The majority of the steel orchestras on show played to the judges, sacrificing the elements of excitement and riveting runs, and showcasing of real ‘pannmanship’ and ‘panwomanshp’. Nova Scotia South East Steel Orchestra’s choice of Skarpyon’s ‘Pan Dream’ allowed arranger Marla Nanton the opportunity to incorporate classical music styles and pieces, though sometimes long and straining on the ear, and in the end she sacrificed tempo and excitement that are essential to the Panorama expectations. Forty-five players played their hearts out for their arranger. Solidarity Inc. Elite, with Ziggy’s ‘Vincy Sweet and Nice’, co-arranged by Kelson ‘Taffa’ Wilson and Tilal Webb, sounded different from the get go, only because the orchestra was better blended. But the rendition, though pleasing as it sustained an openness of tempo, had its moments of glitches; one being when the band moved back into its main key from a temporary movement outside. Dynamic Stars from Union Island fielded a complement of 27 players, the same number as Elite, and rendered De Foe’s ‘Woodlice’. They were structurally unbalanced in the range of basic steel

Potential Steel Orchestra, 3rd place 2012.

Sea Operations Starlift, 2nd place 2011 and 2012.

orchestra formation, and an overabundance of tenors meant the front line was overworked. They made hard work of their rendition which resulted in dips in intensity. Mustique Charitable Trust Georgetown All Stars was a welcomed addition to the completion slate. Septimus Caine, Sion Hill Euphonium, Panorama Champions 2009 – 2012. arranger and drill master, for the given night. Their arrangement by Seon and his thirty players failed to effectively ‘Wake up the Party’, their choice Gomez of Rejector’s ‘Pan revolution’ was not spectacular, not exactly innovative or fresh, but of song from the collection of Scorcher. The effective to the extent that the arranger demanded. performance ‘improved’ as it went along, but it Their overall presentation was even, employing sounded in the main, like a combination of tenors effective use of their wide range of pans. They and percussions. Potential Steel Orchestra, one of the two officially appeared controlled, but with that bit more exciting unsponsored orchestras in the completion, was also than what was otherwise on show. On the given night, they deserved their place of the only band that was tuned and blended by a Vincentian, i.e. Francis ‘Pes’ Llewellyn. Johnny ‘JP’ glory. (More detailed review in the 2012 Carnival magazine. CN) Pompey, arranger, and his charge of 31 players offered a melodically even interpretation of Winston Soso’s, ‘Set it Off’. Potential was clean, and rhythmic and while it may have lacked the overall tonal impact of the larger pans, was appropriate to its size. Sea Operations Starlift Steel Orchestra was, for the second straight year, outdone by their archrivals, Sion Hill Euphonium. Arranger Kingsley ‘Hero’ Roberts’ error may have been to have slowed the tempo of Becket’s ‘Mas at Victoria’, They were loud in parts, distracting attention from an otherwise intricate pieces of work that ‘Hero’ had nursed out of his players. It was generally unexciting, untypical of Starlift. Sion Hill Euphonium was clean, the pitch easy on the ear, and tonal quality just about right

V Fabulous return for Skinny 14. FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2012. THE VINCENTIAN


Skinny Fabulous did the number ‘Monster’ and, fueled by both offGAMAL ‘SKINNY stage and on-stage FABULOUS’ DOYLE is the support, he returned to 2012 Soca Monarch. He royalty. beat Lornette ‘Fya There was a strange Empress’ Nedd into twist of reality with Fya second place. Empress who did the Third spot went to number ‘Rum please’, Shaunelle McKenzie, following Skinny. while Antonius ‘Baddy’ It was, so to speak, Simmons took the another Skinny/Fire number four position. (Fya) clash. This year’s Soca clash Delroy ‘Fireman’ was plagued with Hooper has stamped his controversy. There were authority on the Soca calls for increased fees Monarch scene with by two soca giants, seven titles under his Skinny Fabulous and belt. Fireman Hooper last year’s winner, earned his seventh title Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper. in 2011. That included Vincentian Prime two hat tricks. He was Minister Dr. Ralph stopped from doing Gonsalves exerted some the beaver trick by influence, and he Skinny, who himself promised that there will went on to do a hat be more money for the trick. winner next year. How For the last eight that pans is left to be years, the Soca monarch seen. title has been shared between Skinny Fabulous and Fireman Hooper. This year, Fireman Hooper opted out of the competition. Skinny filled the slot. But it was not plain sailing. He had to stave off the Fyah Empress avalanche. Third place went to Shaunelle McKenzie with her number ‘Carry on’. In fourth position was Antonius ‘Baddy’ Simmons who did ‘Road calling’. Former Soca monarchs, Reaon ‘Madzart’ Primus who did ‘Haunted’, and Cornelius ‘Poorsah’ Williams ‘Wrong Hole’, could not find the formula of their previous successes. Bernard ‘Mentalist’ John - ‘Bend down and wuk up’, Aurella ‘Queen B’ Beache - Love it bad’ and Ryan ‘Royal’ Abraham — ‘No pity’, were also in the final. Travis ‘Wizkid’ Lynch with ‘Hard wuk;, Godfrey Dublin - ‘What you think?’ and Glenroy ‘Homey’ Delpesche, ‘Stampede’, did not make it into the top four. Zoelah Boyde - ‘Cyah move me’, Godwin ‘Gao’ Billy — ‘Soca teacher’, Roland ‘Pressure’ Peters - ‘Clear the road’, Edison ‘Lively’ McDowall by WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY

Fya Empress was hot and energetic and was not humbled by all the hype.

Skinny Fabulous, in his ‘hospital patient wear’, created an impact with his on and off stage theatrics.

Shaunelle Mc Kenzie made a welcomed return to the top tier of Soca Monarch performers. ‘Mother country’ and Tamisha Nicholls -

‘Breakaway’ completed the line-up.




Blondie Bird and Friends: Band of the Year 2012 It has been described as unprecedented in the annals of modern ‘mas’ here in St. Vincent and the Grenadine: Guinness Y. De Lima Hitz FM 103.7 Blondie Bird and Friends’ recorded victory in all but two categories of judging for costumed bands in Vincy Mas 2012. The two categories in which the band failed to fill the top spot were the 5 — 9 age group for Junior individuals and the Uptown Competition for Bands, part of the Mardi Gras activities, Tuesday 10th July. The band placed second in both. One of those categories/competitions in which the band paraded to an overwhelming victory was the Band of the Year, also judged on Mardi Gras, Tuesday 10th July. In a parade across the stage at Victoria Park, Blondie Bird and Friends, defending Band of the Year title holder, were pitted against thirteen contenders. Up to that point in the costumed bands competitions, the band had won all but one of the categories. The law of averages indicated that the band was going to be no easy run over, if at all. And when the judges’ tabulations were complete, a presentation entitled ‘A Glimpse of Kingstown’, designed by master class artist Oswald ‘Ossie’ Consatnce, had brought victory for Blondie Bird and Friends, for the third consecutive year. In the process, the band had put spend to the early ridicule that their presentation would have been a reworking of an earlier Royal Ralph’s production named ‘Backstreet’. A full ten-section band, numbering some 400 and more masqueraders, skillfully unleashed symbolism of some of the services, landmarks and ways of life that characterize capital Kingstown. The symbolisms were carefully chosen to reflect a variety of designs and

structures, and brought to life in a range of colours that while contrasting, came together in a blend from which emanated feelings of pride, joy and celebration. The ten sections together compose a lesson in civics: COINS from the Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines; HERITAGE SQUARE, Our African heritage; LOTTO — Gaming; FIBRE OPTICS - telecommunications; MARKET VENDOR, Linking rural industry to capital Kingstown; PIZZA: representing the wide variety of cuisines; JEWELS — Kingstown a city of romance; LADY JUSTICE - an effective judicial system; ALLIANCE FRANCAIS — appreciation for other cultures; LITTLE TOKYO (Section of the Year) - forging relations with the world. Other bands on parade were: SVG Players International - ‘Come Fly with Me’ (2nd place); Nelson Bloc Production - ‘Dat is Sos-A tribute to Winston Soso’ (3rd place); Mirage Production — ‘Forbidden Fantasies’ (4th place); High Voltage — ‘Making of the Caribbean Civilization’; Lynx Mas Tent — ‘Aztec Civilization’; My Imagination Mas tent — ‘Things we dream of..’; Dragons — ‘Retrospect: A reflection on ..’; Melbourne Artisans — ‘Totem Pole Indians of the Americans’; Beautex International —‘Caribbean Craft Market’; Owen Ralph and the Professionals — ‘Celebrations in St. Vincent’; Tribes Mas Band — ‘Journey to Ancient Egypt’; Ahdrenalin Mas band — ‘Numa-Sutra’; and X-treme Fanatics — ‘Mythical Voyage’. The question now: Can Blondie Bird and Friends do the beaver trick?

St. GeorgeÊs Cathedral is King with sword in hand, ready to slay the fierce dragon on his left, which constantly bobbed to the rhythm of the background music.

COSTUME DETAIL ‘Lady Justice’ – Blondie Bird and Friends

From ‘Forbidden Fantasies’ – Mirage Production

‘Alliance Francais’ – Blondie Bird and Friends

The costume opened up into shapes and patterns above his head that drew the eyes of the viewers to the three stained glass windows above, in which three saints were cleverly positioned. These windows, which possessed three dimensional appeal, gave the audience exacting pictures of the religious figures, solemnity in their eyes and all. And to complete the concept, the huge King of the Bands 2012, ‘St. George’s Cathedral’ portrayed sun at the back threw radiant by Ricardo ‘Ricky’ Adams from Blondie Bird and friends, rays of sunlight to further ‘A glimpse of Kingstown’. illuminate the images. There was no questioning the By Gloriah… judges’ decision to name ‘Ricky’ 2012 ing of the “Slay the dragon! Slay the dragon!” were the excited shouts coming from members of the Bands for the second straight year. crowd close to the stage, as Ricardo ‘Ricky’ OTHER WINNERS Adams paraded his costume entitled, ‘St. Gordon “Tarya” Boucher of Melbourne George’s Cathedral’, in this year’s King of the Artisans placed 1st runner up, with a costume Bands Competition, held at Victoria Park at entitled ‘Geronimo — Last Warrior Chief of the the Dimanche Gras show, Sunday 8th July. Apache’: an explosion of surrounding colour and glitter with the warrior chief at the centre. CARRYING THE COSTUME Norman Quashie of Hairoun Imagination The costume was Guinness Y. De Lima Hitz Mas Band placed 2nd runner up, with his costume ‘Nightmare’: a portrayal of the FM 103.7 Blondie Bird and Friends’ sinister things we may dream of, highlighting interpretation of the city icon on Grenville menacing dragons ‘spitting’ fire, and gave Street, from their mas band’s presentation of, illusions of doom. ‘A Glimpse of Kingstown’. Third runner up went to Mc Neil John with To the unknowing eye, ‘Ricky’ looked like a a portrayal called ‘Tempo Cricket Champion” seasoned King of the Bands masquerader. The He represented Metrocint General Insurances truth is that, though a veteran masquerader, Co. Ltd./The Vincentian Publishing Co. in this was only ‘Ricky’s’ second year in such a Association with Hairoun High Voltage Mas role. Production’s ‘Making of the Caribbean What would have belied the fact was the Civilization’. The costume was a ease with which he carried the huge costume, and the amount of enjoyment he seemed to be representation of the colours of the West Indies Cricket Team, with their emblem above having as a masquerader. And so he should! Built for ease of carriage and maximum visual the head of the masquerade, who was dressed in cricket ‘whites’. appeal, ‘St. George’s Cathedral’ was the epitome of detail. ‘Ricky’ stood out front portraying St. George,

1st Runner-up K Chief of the Apa ing of the Bands, ‘Geronimo – from Melbourne che’, portrayed by Gordon ‘T Last Warrior yr A a’ Bouch rt is an ‘Totem Pole In (Photo: Oris R dians of the Am er obinson) erican


2nd Runner-up, ‘Nightmare’ portrayed by Norman Quashie from My Imagination, “Thing we dram of.. ‘. (Photo: Oris Robinson)

Semone: 2012 Queen of the Bands The Queen of the Bands competition this year saw some seven contenders. In a contest for supremacy in areas like creativity, originality, use of colour, construction skill, art in craftsmanship, and spirit of carnival, Semone Richardson wrested the title from rival Jenilee Glasgow, who had victoriously snatched it from her last year. Semone emerged winner with a presentation entitled, ‘A Collection of Jewels — Sealing a Romance in Kingstown’, from the Y. De Lima, Hitz 103.7 FM Blondie Bird and Friends’ 2012 production of, ‘A Glimpse of Kingstown’. al

Internation VG Players S – ’ is Ib t ‘Scarle

Caribbean Civilization’. The other competitors were: Hitz FM 103.7 Owen Ralph and Professionals’ Verlene Ralph-James with ‘A Celebration of Carnival Relics’, from their presentation of ‘Celebrations in St. Vincent and the Grenadines’; Cheryl Hornsey-Blackman from the Hairoun Imagination Mas Band, with her portrayal of ‘World Peace’; and Cleopatra Weekes, with ‘Effigy of an Arawak Goddess’, from Melbourne Artisans’ Totem Pole Indians of the Americans’. This was Semone Richardson’s fourth victory in a seven-year period, including 2012.

COSTUME MECHANICS All the contestants had to contend with the strong wind which, on many occasions, attempted to ‘play its own mas’ with the costumes. Creativity, construction and craftsmanship easily discernible, each masquerader had to prove her mettle with an ease of carriage, which would be evident in her ability to turn smoothly, and not appear to become stuck in one position. Of course, facial expression helped to tell whether or not this process was being skilfully executed.


‘In de pan yard’ – Nelson Bloc

Semone brought a particular flair to the stage. She made the costume appear lightweight, as she swirled the red and gold masterpiece with absolute enjoyment. Jenilee’s costume, ‘Queen of Circle of Life’, came in 2nd. It depicted the origin of life — plants - and was very colourful and easy to carry, but it showed a sparsely decorated rear. Coming in 3rd position was Petra Pompey with ‘Effigy of an African Princess’, from Metrocint General Insurances Co. Ltd./The Vincentian Publishing Co. in 1st Runner-up Queen of the Bands, ‘Circle of Life’ portrayed by Jenilee Association with Hairoun High Voltage Mas Production’s, ‘Making of the Glasgow from SVG Players International’s ‘Come Fly with Me’.

Queen of the Bands 2012, Sem one Richardson portraying ‘A of Jewels – Sealing a Romanc Collection e in Kingstown’ from Blondie Bird and friends’ ‘A glimpse of Kingstown ’.

2nd Runner-up Queen of the Bands, ‘Effigy of an African Princess from High Voltage Production’s “Making of the Caribbean Civilization.



Carnival Beat

St. Lucia takes Miss Carival 2012 title

contestants, garbed in their respective national wear, introduced themselves to the anxious but welcoming crowd, which from cursory observation, looked to have decreased over 2011. Thereafter, the girls appeared in swimwear and evening wear, performed a talent, and were interviewed. In the swimwear category, most swimsuits were well-fitted and colour appropriate, with the crowd warming towards Miss. St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Carice Glasgow as she emerged onstage in a gold number with white Roxanne Didier Nicholas, Miss fans. Ms. St Carival 2012. Lucia, Roxanne by KARISSA CLARKE Didier Nicholas NINE LADIES FROM THE ENGLISH and Ms. and Spanish-speaking territories of Trinidad the Caribbean joined Miss SVG and Tobago, 2012, Carice Glasgow, as Davia contestants in the 27th edition of Chambers, Miss Carival Pageant at Victoria offered Park, Friday, July 6, 2012. Those competition coming in for the prestigious in this pageant were: , Roxanne Didier category, in Nicholas (St. Lucia), Olufunmike their red Banks-Devonish (Anguilla), Kalia and polka Huggins (St. Kitts and Nevis), Davia dot Chambers (Trinidad and Tobago), numbers. Nadira Lando (Dominica), Emilicy However, Montano (Dominican Republic)’ and Miss SVG Candise Tiffany Bulli (Jamaica). came out on Roxanne Didier Nicholas After the national anthem, and an top in this Best Talent. amazing display of fireworks, the

through her interview explained why she admires Oprah Winfrey, was Talent extraordinary awarded Best Interview.Trinidad was able to handle her interview question Roxanne Didier Nichols, Miss St. far better than Ms Venezuela who had Lucia, a tined ballerina, danced her apparent troubles communicating with way into the crowd’s hearts. the translators. At the end of the Performing to ‘My Childhood”’ a night, Ms. St. Lucia wore the crown, soothing classic from Michael Jackson, with Miss. St. Vincent and the Didier Nicholas executed smooth and Grenadines awarded 1st runner up, artful movements from the moment followed by Miss Trinidad and Tobago she stepped on stage, to the moment of as second runner up. Ms Anguilla was exit. The crowd was wooed to complete voted the Most Community Spirited silence, and a hush took over Victoria with Charlene Christmas of Barbados Park as she took on the character of a adjudged Ms. Photogenic and Ms. young child, going through various Venezuela, Ms. Congeniality. childhood antics with undeniable grace and skill. Another talent piece that captivated the crowd was that done by Miss Barbados, Charlene Christmas. An artist by profession, Christmas took to the stage with canvas and paint to present a talent never seen before in Victoria Park. In a matter of minutes, Christmas transformed her blank canvas into a scene of a jungle. Other notably performances came from Miss SVG, who highlighted in song, the issue of negative talk, and Miss Anguilla who opted to turn a carpenter’s saw into a musical item. Other contestants opted to sing and dance, with Miss Venezuela, Astrid Andrena Hidalgo Martinez, performing ‘Goddess in Transformation’, an aboriginal dance. For Evening Wear, the ladies presented a variety of styles, all of which shimmered in the light as they crossed the stage to answer their interview questions. Miss St. Kitts and Nevis, in a red number dubbed ‘Caribbean Inferno’ set the stage Carice Glasgow, Miss SVG, first place ablaze. in swimwear. Miss Trinidad and Tobago, who category.

Little Tokyo: The giant section

‘Little Tokyo’, first place, from Blondie Bird and Friends ‘A Glimpse of Kingstown’. by GLORIAH

Vincy Mas. On the night of Thursday, July 5th, an evening of ‘Steel and Glitter’, which included the ‘glitter’ of the costumes in the Section of the Bands competition, Blondie and Friends beat eleven other competitors into submission.

MAS BAND LEADER Elroy ‘Blondie Bird’ Boyde had nothing to prove. However, he and his Friends, grouped under the banner Guinness Y. De Lima, Hitz 103.7 FM Blondie Bird and Friends, proved again that he and his band of mas men are great SECTIONS OF THE BANDS mas men, who continually find and strike winning chords The competition featured: within the various Ahdrenalin Mas Band with masquerade competitions of ‘Indian Wedding’; Hairoun

Sting Power Tribes Mas Band Mas Bands with ‘God Baset’; Nelson Bloc in Association with the News and C K Greaves Co., with ‘Pan Yard’; Hitz FM 103.7 Owen Ralph and the Professionals, ‘Independence Celebrations’; KFC Heineken Dragons in Association with the News and C K Greaves, ‘Oriental Toothpick Bearers’; Melborne Artisans, ‘Apache Warriors’; SVG Players International Mas Band with ‘Circle of Life’; X-treme Fanatics with ‘El Dorado’; Metrocint General Insurance Co. Ltd./The Vincentian Publishing Co. in Association with Hairoun High Voltage Mas Production with ‘Rhythm of Africa’; Hairoun Imagination Mas Band, ‘Nightmare’; Lynx Mas Band with “Aztec Civilization’; and Guinness Y. De Lima Hitz 103.7 FM Blondie Bird and Friends with ‘Little Tokyo’.

WINNERS The clearly visible leading contenders took the top three

positions: - Little Tokyo’, 1st place ; ‘Circle of Life’, 2nd; and ‘Nightmare’, 3rd.They were simply several notches ahead of the others. But what made ‘Little Tokyo’ stand out were: the creativity and use of colours, organized in an exquisite blend; its neatness and the interpretation of the concept. Generally, all mas bands showed some level of creativity, some moreso than others, with combinations of colour and proportions of glitter that reflected well under the lights, and resonated well with the spectators.

‘Circle of Life’, second place, from SVG Players International, ‘Come fly with me’.

‘Nightmare’, third place, from My Imagination Mas Band, Things we dream of… ‘.



Carnival Beat

Empress takes Road March by WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY

‘Fya Empress’ Nedd rounded off the season with the Road March title. AS IF THE RAGGA SOCA, and National Fya Empress wrote her name in the Calypso titles were not enough, Lornette records with the title. She is the first woman to win the accolade since the event has been documented locally from 1971. Her song, ‘Rum please’, which propelled her to second spot in the Soca Monarch showdown, picked up sufficient momentum on the road and at Victoria Park on Mardi Gras afternoon, to give the Tobago-based songster the Road March honour. She beat Gamal ‘Skinny Fabulous’ Doyle with ‘Monster’ into second spot. Shaunelle McKenzie maintained her Soca Monarch posting with third in the Road March race. Shaunelle’s number ‘Carry on,’ was an unknown quantity before the Soca monarch night, but built up a regularity of airplay to project it into a contender. But Fya Empress had the weight of her other Fya Empress doing her ‘Rum please’ number at successes going, and her the 2012 Soca Monarch finals.

capture of three titles and second in Asterisks, with Donneth Dopwell out the other, stands out in any context. front, started the trend in 1981. She joins forty other songs over the Fya Empress joins an elite club. period. Alston Becket Cyrus with eight title winners, is the most prolific Road March winner. He is followed by the Godfrey Dublin/Touch combination with seven festival songs. Cornelius ‘Poorsah’ Williams has his name attached to six Road March titles. Lloyd Providence, known in the calypso arena as ‘Lord Hawk’, captured the first three titles in 1971,’72 and ‘73. Quintin ‘Toiler’ Toby broke the barrier in 1974, after which Eardley ‘Gringo’ Bennett did it in 1975 and 77. Errol ‘King Brooklyn’ Dublin filled the breach in 1976. Shertz ‘Problem Child’ James with titles in 2007 and 2009 is another figure on the list. Godwin ‘Gao’ Billy with ‘Sheep’ in 2011, and Raeon ‘Madzart‘Primus 2010: ‘The King Road’, are recent acts. Garret ‘Icon’ John did the trick in 2008. Kenneth ‘Vibrating Scakes’ Alleyne held the rod in 1982 and Carlton ‘CP’ Hall did likewise in 1984. No one has forgotten Orande ‘Bomani’ Charles with his 2004 smash. James P and Shernelle ‘Skarpyon’ Williams took the 2006 title. Bands New Direction, featuring Fya Empress brought a touch of Justin Arrindell in 1996, and Rebels royalty to the X-Treme Fanatic band with Al Wilson in 1997, showed that it on Carnival Tuesday. (Photo: Oris doesn’t have to be an individual affair. Robinson)




SVG needs solid and strong political leaders now! THE WEAKNESS and failures of the ruling and opposition parties in St. Vincent as demonstrated by their prolonged disregard to their duties to protect and uphold the constitutional rights and freedoms of the people, are alarming. Their reluctance or incompetence to promote good governance, transparency and public accountability is frightening. These failings lay the foundation and foster the environment for dictatorship. It is often said that people get just what they deserve. But in a democratic society, the people elect their representatives (government or opposition) as their leaders, and expect the best possible representation from them. Candidates and eventual representatives must listen to and digest the people’s views and perceptions in a very real way, and never underestimate them. Something is dreadfully wrong in this country in which so many issues of transgression and corruption abound, yet our opposition politicians fail to see the wisdom of tackling the problems strategically and head-on. Instead, they push the burden on the poor citizens, which only helps to weaken their resolve and in the end, strengthening the ruling regime. As a result, the government gets more draconian, holds the masses to ransom, and is never pressured into accountability. In the end almost, atrocities go unpunished. The opposition leader and his executives have not been totally honest with the masses. They have not been consistent and strategic in their fight to demand democratic reforms and political respect by this government.

Losing faith in Government – The Census Recently, a National Population and Housing Census was undertaken here. There was much opposition by ordinary citizens into whom had been instilled a raw fear by what they perceived to be a dictatorial style of governance. The masses seemed to have lost all trust in the government, therefore the census could not be completed. Then, strange enough, we heard of the fire at the Census

Office that allegedly destroyed the so called Census information. Millions of tax dollars went down the drain (or up in fire in this case) and up to now, not a “proper” inquiry; instead flimsy and laughable excuses from the “one man leader” about “CHEAP FANS”. The government has now seen it fit to force another census on us, and the main advertisement voice on radio luring people to co-operate with the Census process is the opposition leader. Is this man for real?

More opposition failings Last year, the government attempted to unlawfully alter our RPA; the opposition made a little noise and with just a month of halfhearted and poorly organized protest, went back to their slumber. Just recently, the government contributed further to further serious setbacks in the banana industry when it failed to see to the spraying for the Black Sigatoka disease. The Government then put the blame on Ministry of Agriculture workers. Again, the government has been able

civic society must get on board and start directing the course of the opposition. Mediocrity, arrogance, selfishness and hesitancy must be replaced with vigilance, respect, efficiency and accountability, to prevent the opposition from self destructing, or in the end, all the people’s aspirations and sacrifices for freedom, justice and a brighter tomorrow may go down the drain. One way forward for our nation is to find a new leader and leadership from all the political parties! Here are some suggested attributes a candidate for this new leadership should possess: be financially secure and be party to integrity legislation; have parliamentary and leadership experience; be God fearing, professional, humble, of a high moral standing; a believer in democracy, meritocracy; practise honesty and Finding new leadership truthfulness, and always be willing to account to all the This fight against the people; be above 35 and below excesses of political 70 years; be versed in the law dictatorship must start now. and the constitution; must be In order to achieve anything versed in business in life there must be unity, or management and hold a hard-work, sacrifice, perseverance and faith in God. high level of education; The masses must set the pace; have national appeal and a “vision” for his constituency to wriggle out of this to some extent, because the opposition went chasing after orchestrated red-herrings. Why do the cries for change of suffering of the farmers and the loyal supporters fall on deaf ears? Why the hostility from even the opposition toward their people for their constructive criticism? The opposition, unfortunately, does not see themselves (just like the dictatorship) as being accountable to the people. Could it be that the opposition has been compromised? We are their bosses and must not allow the violation of our constitutional rights to continue. It does not matter our political persuasion; each of us has a moral obligation, without fear or favour, to join in the struggle to apply the brakes on the prevailing contemptuous behavior of our political servants.

and for the nation; be able to connect with all genders, age groups, all social, religious, and political and minority groups; must be a TEAM player and be people friendly, and must always keep the promises he/she makes before the elections; not make opportunistic promises; be resolved in commitment to serve the people and to win the general elections; be consistent in their political life, and one that can be trusted by the people; be willing to listen to the voices of all the people, and be willing to make changes on consultation with the masses and not just on partisan arrangements; be able to take criticism without becoming vindictive; and be mentally tough and be willing to stand up to pressure from his own party and his opponents. On becoming (the leader), that person must be: willing to step aside after two (2) consecutive losses in the general elections, and always be willing to step aside if or when he/she becomes a liability to his party and the PEOPLE’S chances. Concerned Citizen

Stepping up by ELIZABETH BULLOCK STARTING something new can be challenging. It can be entering a new school or class; starting a job; getting married; becoming a parent; getting into a new habit, or learning to evict an old one; or even learning to ride a bicycle. I like to describe these as acts of ‘Stepping up’. The list can go on to encompass the many new activities we start on a daily basis, even some we may not have consciously planned. This can be stressful to us, as we must adjust our lives to embrace these new events, in the hope that eventually they would be beneficial to our present or future lives. However, there is a list of requirements that should be fulfilled to ensure the transition of ‘Stepping up’ is a smooth one.

first thing we must employ before attempting anything. How many times have we said to ourselves, ‘I’m going to do this, whether I like it or not!’ and we end up not liking it at all, and quit before we have even tried? Maybe, if there was a positive attitude in place from the beginning, we would have continued and taken pride in our efforts. This positive attitude should be based on a close, personal relationship with God. Having a keen interest in our endeavours promotes success. Too often, the lack of a positive attitude results from the lack of interest in the said activity. Many times, we give in to others or ourselves to start something new, despite our efforts at saying NO. If the interest is non-existent, then we are well on our way to stepping back.

Motivation Attitude A positive attitude is the

Motivation is key to making things happen. Think

about the time when your parents would have promised you a gift that you were dreaming of, if you performed extremely well in your exams. Some, if not many of us, may have received that gift, because we were motivated by the promise of a reward. Motivation can come in many different ways. The people around us, the circumstances we face, the fear of the unknown, and the little voice inside our heads and hearts, all motivate us to ‘Step up our game’ for better or face the consequences of no action.

Be patient Patience is something that comes with experience, and it should be administered when starting something new. Be kind to yourself. If things are not going exactly how you need them to, take the time with yourself to improve on your weaknesses and build upon your strengths. Once we master this art, we can utilize

it to enrich the lives of those around us, and of course, ourselves. Keep it simple. Frequently, when we have the zeal for an activity we have started, we try to do everything at once. We go to the extremes to accomplish the impossible, without thinking of what may happen should the unexpected occur. One such resulting setback could well be boredom. Yes. you eventually become bored of the thing you love best. The joy is no longer there, simply because you have taken advantage of the one thing that makes you happy. The old saying ‘too much of one thing is good for nothing’ comes to mind when the endeavour is not kept simple. If we savour these five seemingly trivial requirements, instead of overlooking them, as we embark of something new, the act of ‘Stepping up’ becomes as easy as one, two, three.


ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) You can make wonderful contributions to any organization that you join. You can find out interesting information if you get a chance to talk to people you respect. Think twice before eating spicy foods; you may have problems with your stomach. Your talents might just be discovered. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) You are best to listen for the time being. Socializing will be more than just entertaining. Get involved in a competitive sport that will bring the challenges you thrive on. Your ability to deal with others will help you in getting the support you need. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Get down to business and do the work yourself. You'll have problems with authority figures if you don't play by the rules. Those you care about may oppose your ideas. Involve yourself in group endeavors. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Romantic encounters will develop through group activity. You are best to stick to yourself this week. You should be making plans to spend some time with the ones you love. You will need to finalize important deals this week.

ABOVE 1. American ship abbr. 4. “Let them eat __” 8. Grow dim 12. Tippler 13. Ken of “thirtysomething” 14. One Redgrave 15. Damage slightly 16. Bed board 17. Affirmatives 18. Fabricate 20. Country lodging 22. On-line auction house 23. Wartime mail checker 27. Modify

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) You may find that your family responsibilities are piling up. Your lack of attention may have been a factor. Don't get involved in expensive entertainment that involves gambling. Your emotional partner may make you angry this week. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) You may find out that someone is trying to undermine you. Try not to lend or borrow money or belongings this week. You should include children in your activities. Expect temper tantrums on the home front if you haven't been letting someone have their way. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Minor accidents may occur if you don't concentrate on what you're doing. Resist any idle chatter. Focus on your own domestic problems. Don't let others know about your private affairs. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Enlist the aid of family members and consider the feelings of your mate. Your talents are likely to be discovered. Overstatement will be your downfall. Don't let situations get out of control. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) You can help other people with their financial problems by setting up a budget for them. Arguments may flare up in your home. Be cautious while traveling; minor accidents are evident. Unreliable people will be negative about your ideas. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You will learn a great deal about yourself if you go somewhere secluded. You always seem to spend more than you make. Don't let any small misunderstandings get in the way. Career changes may not be your choice right now, but in the long run they will be to your advantage.

7. Tempted 8. Swashbuckler Errol 9. Sailor’s “yes” 10. Heredity initials 11. Pulver’s rank (abbr.) 19. Have __ in one’s bonnet (2 wds) 21. Born as 24. Disney World mementos 25. Killer whale 26. Fans’ shouts 27. Baldwin of “The Aviator” 28. Hot, flowing rock 29. Abraham’s nephew 32. Scoundrels 33. Quicksand 35. Calendar abbr. 36. Invent

Douglas of “Spartacus” 47. __ spumante 49. Unaffiliated voter (abbr.) 50. Chimney pipe 51. Cambodia’s neighbor 52. 18-wheeler 53. Fair grades 54. Very angry 55. Farm structure DOWN 1. Branch of the Armed Services (abbr.) 2. Sail upward 3. Trolley 4. Ginger, to Fred 5. Bowling spot 6. Korean auto name

38. Finds agreeable 39. Croc’s kin 42. Single entity 43. Anxious 44. Col. Sanders’s outfit 45. French island 46. “You’ll __ the day!” 48. __ Miguel


LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Unpredictable events will disrupt your routine. Visit friends who have not been well. You will have a productive day if you organize yourself well at work. Situations in your personal life are moving a little fast lately. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Plan a nice evening for two. You will have a great deal of insight when dealing with others. Don't upset elders in your family who don't under stand your present situation. Don't forget that your budget is limited right now.

29. Most common Chinese name 30. “Are you a man __ mouse?” (2 wds.) 31. Lingerie feature 32. Fisherman’s need 33. Great deal 34. Zsa Zsa’s sister 35. Exerciser’s pad 36. Prima donnas 37. Guitarist Montoya 39. Actor Richard of “Sommersby” 40. Business abbr. 41. Boulevard 44. Actor







July 13th, 2012

July 14th, 2012

July 15th, 2012

July 16th, 2012

July 17th, 2012

July 18th, 2012








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V More than one woman per man 22. FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2012. THE VINCENTIAN


Dear George,

I BELIEVE EVERY MAN should have one woman, but sadly enough, my boyfriend does not believe that. We have argued about that several times, and I am getting fed up with going over the same

thing, over and over again. He is saying that a man should be allowed to have more than one woman, as long as he is able to afford them. He has not only said so, but he has been with more than one woman since we have been together,

and this was without my knowledge. The last time we had a fight over this was when he brought a so called cousin to our house to stay the weekend, (she is visiting from New York) only to find out that she was another of his

women. He had me cooking for her and feeding her so that she could be well enough to deal with my man. I am so fed up with this situation!


but to part ways. It makes no sense to remain in the You and your relationship just to be boyfriend have a arguing over something fundamental disagreement that should that should be text book. I guess when you get fed be of grave concern to up enough, you will leave you. The fact that he him to his multiple strongly believes he is entitled to be with more relationships. than one woman, should leave you with no choice George

Dear ‘Sue’

Violence on my mind Dear George,

Dear Sam,

I AM BECOMING more and more upset with my wife over some very minor things. I never used to argue with her the way I am doing now. Several times I came very close to hitting her, and that frightens me. If she stays out too late for any reason after attending a function, I would get mad to the point where I would want to hit her. I do love her, but I do not understand why I am like this all of a sudden. My wife is so afraid of me that she does things for me clearly out of fear. I see how afraid she is when we are in bed and that, in itself, does not make me any happier. I do need your help!

It is good that you have acknowledged that you do have a problem and need help. You need to see a counselor so that you can work through the issues to see where your anger is coming from. Sometimes, we internalize anger that manifests itself at the ‘wrong’ moments. Of course, you need to hear that hitting a woman or anyone else for that matter does not help to better the situation. I am sure your wife will be pleased to know you are about to seek professional help and, at the same time, grab that opportunity to table some of her own issues. There is hope for your relationship!



My wife pregnant for my boss child is mine and not his. His wife has no clue as to what is going on. What am I supposed to do now? I am caught dead in the middle of all of this.

him that whatever existed between them is now over. He needs to MY WIFE IS hear that from her. His PREGNANT, and the wife should not be child is not for me. She allowed to plan that told me that, and shower, because it would confessed to me how it devastate her when she happened. She is finds out the truth about pregnant for my boss. I Clueless the whole matter. want to confront him and Dear Clueless, These things have a deal with his case, but I way of surfacing. Doing do not want to lose my You need to focus on the right thing in this job. She too has been case may not necessarily working for him. He can what is important and the most important thing translate into your losing put us both out of jobs. is to consolidate your Rumour has it that your job, or your wife’s relationship with your my wife has a for that matter. She can wife. I see no reason relationship with him, make use of the chance why your boss should be given to her now to but I do not believe allowed to think that you that. She said it was a spend some quality time one-time fling and a one- are not aware of what has taken place between with the baby, and find time mistake. himself and your wife. If another job when she My boss meanwhile thinks she can work it was indeed that she has asked his wife to again. foolishly got entangled organize a baby shower with him, she can now, for my wife, giving her with a clearer head, tell George the impression that the

Dear George,




Wifi ready: ItÊs time enough !!! ALL BUSINESS HOUSES IN SVG AND BY EXTENSION THE ENTIRE WORLD, depend on customers to make their enterprise profitable, but sad to say very few plough back some of their profits into the communities that make them profitable. It is hoped that the following series under the above caption will be seen as a catalyst to make a good thing better, and to start a good thing where it does not exist.We live in a technologically advanced world where communications is critical to the success of business, safety, access of knowledge, as an early warning system, entertainment and the list can go on. Nowadays, the ubiquitous cell phone (many of them wifi ready), smart phones, tablet and laptop computers, e-readers are all common place, but all of these devices cannot access information from the www without the service of wired or increasingly wireless (wifi) routes.

Time to go wifi

Additionally, complimentary wifi That’s why it is time service can be shared by enough for ALL banks, service providers at the other financial two main bus terminals, institutions and public Victoria Park and Arnos utilities to have Vale Playing Field, complimentary wireless Botanic Gardens, internet service at their Heritage and Tourism institutions to allow sites, including Fort customers to be Charlotte and the Cruise ‘connected’ whenever Ship Terminal. Some of they are waiting in a these areas can also be queue to pay their water fitted with live webcams bills, telephone bills, which can act as crime electricity bills, waiting deterrents. Come on, we for the next available are not living in the dark teller at a bank or credit ages; it is high time that union, and restaurant. these facilities be As a matter of fact, installed as the anywhere you have to technology is available line up and wait for a easily and is now far service, free internet cheaper than when the access must be available technology was just as a service to those developed. So, despite customers who make the fact that we might be that institution late in getting the profitable. Yeah, it is technology, coming late time enough. All the is a blessing in disguise, previously mentioned as we are now the institutions can afford to beneficiaries of the latest pay the less than in technology … what do EC$100 per month for an you think? independent wifi service Down the road, and for their customers. not too far in the future, I can envisage each sheltered bus stop with

Sharing the wifi

SVG Carnival in days gone by IN DAYS GONE BY, ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES’ ANNUAL CARNIVAL CELEBRATIONS CARRIED A TRADITION OF BEING THE BEST IN THE CARIBBEAN. This may have been due to the size of the island compared to the creative genius of its mas men, who would have led the field in integrating detail into their productions and giving significance to the various aspects of mas. Today’s mas, with the exception maybe, of individuals such as King and Queen of the Bands, reflect shoddy showmanship, nonuniformity and dullness. There is some glitter, some semi-nude outfits with feathered headdresses, and it becomes Las Vegas more than it is Kingstown. My pick for best mas this year, was Blondie Bird and Friends. A look at their work under construction this year, showed a costume featuring something like

a sundial with peacock motifs. This brought to mind the earlier days of carnival supremacy. Do children really enjoy playing mas? They absolutely do. It is a huge boost for selfesteem when a child is featured, and has the spotlight for a moment, as a precursor to life’s misery later on. As I write this, it looks like Fya Empress’ “Tell Dem Wey Day Want” might cop the Road March title. This, and Skinny’s “Monster” were front runners in the contest. Both are seriously lacking in originality, substance, and morals. One encourages a loose approach to excess alcohol consumption — as if kids don’t have it badly enough today; the other glorifies the dark side of carnival. On the other hand, ‘Wine Down Kingstown’, the 1979 Road March, typifies genius,

creativity, and artistry. It reflects classical music values with creative instrumentation which promote good clean fun. It will be remembered long after “Tell Dem Wey Day Want” and “Monster” are gone. That said, J’ouvert and Monday Jump-ups were well attended. People seem to have had a great time. Speaking of responsible promotion of kids and our culture: big-ups to LIME for an example of courteousness when they showed appreciation for me a few years back, with a gesture of gifts of t-shirts, whistle, cup, and novelties; for my coverage of their cultural contribution to local music in their sponsorship of the ‘Soca Dans’. Good luck to LIME and children who lime at Carnival. Remember, too much liming can give you a heartburn.

its own wifi router powered by renewable energy and serving the community where it is placed. Better yet, I see service providers providing WLAN service in all villages and towns which is easiest, as they can use existing cellular towers, which will make maintenance of this service much easier and safer. Wifi routers placed at bus stops can be vandalized by the unscrupulous, as has been the case with the many public phone booths throughout our beautiful state in the past. Existing wifi services I must, on behalf of the Vincentian community, thank LIME and Karib Cable for providing wifi service at the ET Joshua airport, and I wish that it can be duplicated at other airports in the state like Union Island that currently does not enjoy that service. Some of the popular restaurants like

Bickles have already provided wifi service to customers, but it is time enough that others take the cue and provide broadband internet for the entire Vincentian community. With the many visitors coming in for Vincy Mas 2012 and beyond will have with them wifi ready gadgets. Let’s get on board; wifi routers can be installed and working in less than an hour by professional servicemen, and less than half an hour if there is an existing LIME or Karib Cable line to those premises. Come on, it’s time enough !!! The Government has made the timely decision to provide our school children with computers, but all children who own these devices do not live within close proximity of the schools they attend and most of these wireless routers placed at the schools have their output power reduced,

while the service is also content/access limited, to protect against abuse. How can these students complete or do their homework requiring research from the www if they don’t have an internet connection. Poor people cannot afford 3G/4G service and therefore it is time enough that a community wifi router running full power be placed to serve the community in which it placed. Information is education, education places most people in a better income bracket, when people have more spending power they will be able to afford an improved service to cater to their private needs, let’s look down the road, the dollar you invest today will reap thousands tomorrow. Let’s invest in the future of SVG today, … it’s high time !! Donald De Riggs.




L-R (Sitting): Anesta Rodney President, Silma Mc Lean First Vice President, Laurette Kelly-Joseph Public Relations Officer, Secretary Onika Rodney and Treasurer Audrey Walters Butler. L-R (Standing): Second Vice President Kaskie Miguel, Trustee Beverly Richards, Committee Member Norma Williams and Assistant Secretary Brenda Olliver.

Newly elected executive for NCW way then many others will see, join and shine.” NEWLY ELECTED President Rodney PRESIDENT of the noted that this unified National Council of approach to getting Women (NCW), Anesta things accomplished on Rodney, has beckoned the behalf of women in this new 2012-2014 executive country, does not have to to take the torch in be a “shout and prance” championing the causes affair, but through the of women. building of oneself, In her short family and organization, acceptance speech after the women of SVG would the election during a be victorious. general meeting held on The incoming June 30 at UWI Open president was in high Campus under the praise of outgoing theme ‘Strengthening President, Nelcia the Women’s Movement Robinson-Hazell, whom Towards Peace and she thanked for sharing Security’, Rodney said privileged lessons in that she expects that the development, which she two-year term would be said was not usually a road filled with taught by institutions. challenges, but that, “While working as with the help of the Vice President under ‘Sis executive, “great things Nel’ for the past two would be accomplished.” years, my life was The retired educator touched, which led to an advocated,“ We are going awakening,” Rodney to be heard as one…the revealed. national executive of the She explained that as National Council….. a retiree society might whatever we do, it is want to lead one into the going to shine out. If we belief that a person’s in SVG are able to take most productive years this torch and lead the were extinct, but by SHERON GARRAWAY

considered herself as opposed to that assumption, and called on women to continue to make a contribution to the development of other women. Rodney concluded by describing the humble Robinson-Hazell as a “great woman” and urged her to “take your roses now.” She reinforced that other women could become great if they came together and unified their greatness into a greater force. The other members of the NCW executive are First Vice President Silma Mc Lean, Second Vice President Kaskie Miguel, Secretary Onika Rodney, Treasurer Audrey Walters Butler, Assistant Secretary Brenda Olliver, Public Relations Officer Laurette Kelly Joseph, Committee Members Annis Cottle, Patricia Fraser, Stella Jarius, Norma Williams, Vangie Frederick and Trustee Beverly Richards.




Supt. Cecil Straker calls it a day

Straker recalled “going to Barbados was very THIRTY-SIX YEARS hard for me, the first EMPLOYED with any couple of weeks institution is indeed a very especially, since I only long time. For knew the seven other Superintendant of Police training partners who Cecil Straker, it is enough. went with me. It was the Straker, a graduate of first time I was the St. Martin’s travelling, but after you Secondary School, joined get accustomed to it, you the police force on July feel a little at ease.” 16th, 1976, a Friday he Straker successfully would never forget. Six completed his course and days later, after was subsequently completing his written accepted into the Royal exam, he and seven other SVG Police Force. training partners were His first posting was off to Barbados to attend at the Police the six-month Police headquarters in Training Course at the Kingstown where he then regional Police served for six months Training School. Robert before being transferred O’Garro was the local to Union Island, where Commissioner (Chief) of he would spend the next Police at that time. two years. by KENVILLE HORNE

From Union Island, he was assigned to the Immigration Office, Kingstown. He would spend the next nine years in that department. Thereafter he served at a number of out stations including Mesopotamia, Georgetown, Barrouallie and Bequia. At the time of his retirement, he was stationed in Barrouallie, with responsibility for an area that stretched to the North Leeward district. During his thirty-six years of unbroken service, Straker served under seven different Commissioners. He singled out former Commissioner Benjamin Jackson for special mention.

Changes and challenges

Supt. Cecil Straker has no regrets as he looks back on his thirty-six years of service as a police officer.

As far as changes in the Police Force, Straker identified the increased number and expanded role of women police as significant. According to him, Policewomen have moved from being confined to pedestrian crossings to enjoying equal opportunities in every department and facet of policing in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He also recognized the addition of the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) as a significant addition, and noted that the Police Force’s enrollment was now 800 as against 356 when he joined. He also recalled that the Special Services Unit was a very

small outfit, five or six when he enlisted. It now numbers in the region of 100 men and women. Straker admitted that the Police Force faces many challenges, not least being the difficulty in convincing persons to share information and appear in court as witnesses. He also noted the difference in crimes committed, and attributed some of this to

the poor state of the economy and to laziness. “There are some guys out there who just off a crime. They don’t want to work. They sit down and plan how to execute a crime and then they go about doing it,” he lamented. Now that he is retired, the husband and father of four children intends to relax with his family for a while, after which

he will consider any job opportunity that presents itself. By way of advice to younger police officers, the seemingly gentle Straker said: “Don’t just see the job as somewhere you can come and get a salary. Do what is expected of you, and you will get your reward. I enjoed what I did for the past 36 years, and I have no regrets.”




Nedd to lead National Under-19 Squad by I.B.A.ALLEN

THE ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES NATIONAL UNDER-19 CRICKET TEAM will be looking to clinch another title when they participate in the 2012 Windward Islands Under-19 cricket competition, scheduled to take place in Dominica. Kadir Nedd will lead the team for the first time. When THE VINCENTIAN spoke with him recently, the young man said he was satisfied with the preparation of the team which has been together for a while now. “I believe the team has the all-round ability to regain this title which has eluded us for some seasons now,” he assured.Coach of the team, Deighton Butler, while admitting that the team’s strength lies in its fast bowling department, he is confident the batters will also do well. He recognizes that the return of six players from the team that competed in last year’s tournament will add

some level of experience to the unit. The squad which left the state earlier this week includes: Kadir Nedd (captain), Ray Jordan, Shaquille Browne, Romario Bibby, Kenneth Dembar, Andrew Thomas, Kenville Sam, Terron Barnum, Ricarvo Williams, Cuthbert Springer, Gidron Pope, Otis Matthews and Kimron Quashie.Four (4) reserves have also been named. They are Shammon Hooper, Vidal Edwards, Mozario Matthews and Anson Latchman. The Deighton Butler, coach of the Under-19 tournament bowls off on team. July 14th.

Kadir Nedd, captain of the SVG Under-19 Cricket team.

Ambris in W.I. World Cup Squad VINCENTIAN TOP ORDER BATSMAN, SUNIL AMBRIS, is well into a training routine as he prepares to join a 15-man West Indies squad for the Under-19 World Cup in Australia, in August. Ambris will team up with his Windward Islands counterpart, Dominican Kavem Hodge, in the regional line up. Kraigg Brathwaite, who has played nine test matches, will lead the team and will have John Campbell as his deputy. The full squad reads:, Kraigg Brathwaite (Captain), John Campbell (vice-captain), Anthony Alleyne, Sunil Ambris (wk), Ronsford Beaton, Derone Davis, Justin Greaves, Kavem Hodge,

Akeel Hosein, Jerome Jones, Keiron Joseph, Stephen Katwaroo (wk), Amir Khan, Kyle Mayers, Marquino Mindley. The team will leave from Barbados on July 17 for a camp in Brisbane, before the official pre-tournament matches. West Indies have been drawn in Group C alongside India, Zimbabwe and Papua New Guinea in the 16-team biennial event. They play their first match against India on August 12. Former West Indies captain and fast bowler Courtney Walsh has been named manager of the squad. I.B.A.ALLEN

Sunil Ambris wicket keeper/batsman Kavem Hodge batsman

SVG eyes OECS U-23 Netball honours UP TO PRESS TIME LAST WEDNESDAY EVENING, ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES UNDER-23 NETBALLERS had put themselves in pole position to take the 2012 Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States netball title. Twelve-time champions St Vincent and the Grenadines was set to meet the 2009 and 2011 winners, St Kitts, in the title decider at the Tanteen complex in Grenada. Both teams had gone into the last match unbeaten, having had their way against their five opponents.

In their opening match on Saturday, St Vincent and the Grenadines whipped Antigua and Barbuda 77-21, and defeated four-time winners, St Lucia 44-30 on Sunday. On Monday morning, the Vincentians smashed minnows Montserrat 107- 9, and returned in the evening to edge out hosts Grenada, 47-46. On Tuesday, St Vincent and the Grenadines romped to a 49-33 triumph over Dominica. St Kitts had a similar comfortable passage to Wednesday’s final match with the Vincentians. The Kittitians beat Antigua

and Barbuda 71-29, Grenada 50-45, St Lucia 56-43, Montserrat 104-12 and Dominica, 52-31. This year’s competition, the 22nd hosting of the sub-regional battle, saw seven teams participating, as Nevis, which had originally indicated their participation, pulled out. St Vincent and the Grenadines was seeking its thirteenth lien on the competition, having endured its longest drought, when the title was last won in 2007 in Antigua and Barbuda. The National Under-23 Netball team.

V Volleyball heads for primary schools 28. FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2012. THE VINCENTIAN


THE SPORT OF VOLLEYBALL could soon be introduced to the primary school level here in St Vincent and the Grenadines. This is one of the major plans of the Executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Volleyball Association, led by Eardley Martin. Martin said that the introduction of the sport in the primary schools is being targeted for the new school year, which begins in September. According to Martin, “the primary school is the best way to get the youngsters into the sport. .. We are trying to build on the rise of Volleyball here, and no better way that to do it, but with the youths.” Martin explained though that “This will be basically an introductory process which will be built on when the students go to the secondary schools.”

A resurgence of volleyball Martin singled out the secondary schools competition

and the national male and female tournaments, which are set for resumption soon, as testimony to the return of volleyball Volleyball has made its way back into main stream sports in SVG, so says Eardley Martin, President of into mainstream the SVG Volleyball Association. sports here. At present, Martin rewarding efforts. 2nd September this year. school’s hard court and other suggested, “Volleyball is Listing the successes, In April and June, both the facilities. enjoying a new resurgence in Martin reported that in 2010, male and female senior teams, interest and popularity. the Junior male team placed placed second to St. Lucia, and Plans “We are seeing persons who second to St. Lucia in Antigua, head to the second round of were once in the sport coming under coaches Marlon In outlining the plans for the FIVB World back, and we are also seeing the remainder of 2012, Martin Williams and Vance Andrews, Championships and to the new persons getting into said that the St Vincent and while the male senior team finals of the EVCA volleyball”, Martin noted. the Grenadines Volleyball place third to St. Lucia and competitions. This rebirth in Volleyball, Association will have a Grenada in St. Lucia, in The males will do battle in said Martin, began in 2010, presence at the FIVB 33rd Eastern Caribbean Volleyball St Lucia, with the females and he was quick to assure World Congress in Anaheim, Association (EVCA) contesting the six team that the resurgence has been California, September from competition. competition in Antigua and both on and off the court. 17th to 22nd. In the same year, both the Barbuda. Martin also revealed that in male and female schools These, Martin said, were Achievements November, the St Vincent and volleyball teams claimed titles achieved despite his at the Windward Islands Association not having a home the Grenadines Volleyball Apart from the tremendous schools’ games in St Lucia. court or an indoor facility, like Association will host its amount of ground work done Annual General Meeting and In 2011, the Junior male the other territories. by the current executive in team won the male ECVA Martin though, is thankful “this to chart the way forward advertising Volleyball, recent for 2013, which should be competition in Anguilla, which to the principal of the Girls’ successes of national teams on qualified them for the 2012 another big year for volleyball High School, Andrea Keizeroverseas missions have in St Vincent and the Continental Cup in Colorado Bowman, who has permitted sparked a rerouting of Grenadines.” Springs from 25th August to his Association the use of the

New Zealand takes one off W.I.

Russell: Andre Russell had an outstanding allround game, but could not save his side from defeat.

NEW ZEALAND breathe some life and competition into their tour of the West Indies with a win in the 3rd ODI played in Basseterre, St Kitts, last Wednesday. It was beginning to look like a walk in the park for the West Indies, with the tourists having been mauled in the previous games, and being hurt by a number of injuries to key players. New Zealand batted first on what one commentator described as “a pancake flat pitch,” on one of the smallest internationally approved grounds in the West Indies. The tourists might not have been pleased with the 249 they put on the board, given the batsman-friendly nature of the track, and how explosive the West Indies batsmen, especially Christopher Gayle, have been. They lost 9 wickets but faced the allotted 50 overs. It was to prove quite contrary to whatever fears they had, when the West Indies, in reply, capitulated

for 161 in 155 minutes of batting, during which they faced 34.3 overs. Allrounder Andre Russell topscored with 42, batting at number nine. Seven other batsmen got into double figures, but the next highest score was a paltry 19 by Dwayne Smith. Three New Zealanders had two wickets a piece: Trent Boult, Jacob Oram and Nathan McCullum. In New Zealand’s innings, Rob Nicol contributed 59, batting at number one. He faced 63 balls and hit 3 sixes. McCullum proved to be the useful allrounder he is known to be with an even 50, and BradleyNathan McCullum proved vital John Watling joined in with both bat and ball to secure with 40. Andre Russell continued New Zealand’s victory. to impress with a wicket haul of 4, but he went for West Indies lead the One an expensive 57 runs. Narine Day series 2 — 1, going into did his usual stuff, taking 2 the next two matches, wickets for a measly 28 runs scheduled for St. Kitts on July in his 10 overs. 14 and July 16.




Tributes to Boucher and Morton IT IS IRONIC that on the day the West Indies chose to pay tribute to their fallen comrade Runako Morton, they lost to New Zealand. When New Zealand reached 249 for 9 off their allotted 50 overs, one thought that the total would have been a walk in the park, especially in St. Kitts. That ground is not known to present many terrors for batsmen. The size of the ground and the number of big hitting West Indians in that line up, led one to believe that overhauling the target would have been a forgone conclusion. But the New Zealanders had other ideas. They realised that this was their last chance of redeeming themselves. Had West Indies taken that game, the series would have lost its competitive edge. Not that West Indians would have bothered. They would have been satisfied with a white wash. For the West Indies have endured many an assault that have left their fans demoralized. If it was Pakistan that was playing and had lost in the way the West Indies did, one might have raised the question of match fixing. But knowing the anxiety of the West Indies team to continue to record victories and come out of the losing streak, it was a miserable display by the West Indians. The New Zealanders have rebounded, and they are in with a chance of winning the series. Should that happen, that would open another can of worms, and would renew the debate as to the intelligence of West Indian cricketers, selectors and administrators. That the match was in tribute to Runako Morton sends a message that even in the thoughtfulness about the gesture, the ultimate aim of solidarity with their fallen brother did not achieve the full objective. Congratulations to Darren Sammy and Dwayne Bravo for donating their match fees to the Morton family. But the family and Morton would have been more satisfied if the donation had come along with a victory. We know how fragile life can be. Things can change in the twinkling of an eye. That transpired with South African wicketkeeper Mark Boucher. He is approaching his 36th birthday, and this English tour was earmarked as his last. The announcement of his retirement was expected at the end of the series. South Africans are anticipating breaking England’s stranglehold. Boucher was to be one of the pillars of the South African challenge. But an unfortunate incident has put an end to Boucher’s career. While we may have cultivated a dislike for South Africans, a legacy of the apartheid era, one had moved on, and Boucher and the rest of the South African cricketers were welcomed into the world of sporting civility. Boucher could not have imagined that, having played 147 Test matches, 295 One Day International games, and 25 T/20, he might have seen it all. But the success of his leg spinner in bowling a Somerset batsman in a warm up game turned out to be Boucher’s misfortune. So with 532 catches and 23 stumpings in Tests, 403 catches and 22 stumpings in ODI and 18 catches and one stumping in T/20, Boucher could not have imagined that the bail could have made it into his left eye. But no one could have envisioned such an incident. And that is the fact of the matter. Sympathies to Boucher. One hopes that his recovery is smooth.

Adams takes bronze in Anguilla cycling race TOP JUNIOR CYCLIST CAMMIE ADAMS placed third in the annual John T. Memorial 50-mile road race for Junior cyclists, which took place last Sunday in Anguilla. Adams’ time was two hours 47 minutes 07.568 seconds. The other Vincentian in the Junior category, Zefal Bailey, finished sixth. Reports are that Bailey was given wrong directions by some of the route officials, which caused him to discontinue the race, with six miles to go. Taking the top two

places were the Guyanese pair of Paul De Nobrega in two hours 38 minutes 59.090 seconds, and Rdymauk Jeffrey in two hours 38 minutes 59.513 seconds, first and second respectively. The Junior race was not the only one which suffered the fate of misdirection, as in another category, all cyclists were sent the wrong route by officials who were not properly informed. In the elite segment which rode off on Sunday, Orano Andrews, the lone

National cricket resumes THIS COUNTRY’S TOP CRICKETERS will be back in their whites this weekend, when matches resume this weekend, in the NLA Premier and First divisions of the national cricket competition, following a break for the carnival festivities. In the NLA Premier Division, Rivals will face Police Two at Arnos Vale One, while Saints oppose Police One at Arnos Vale Two. Log Masters oppose Smashers at Stubbs, Victors Two take on Bryden’s Frutee Youth United at Buccament, and Sion Hill clash with Radcliffe Too at North Union, in the First Division. I.B.A.ALLEN

National cricket action at the Arnos Vale Two playing field which will host a match this weekend.

Vincentian representative placed fourth in the time trial and ninth in the 85 miles Elite Road race. Andrews is based in Tortola, the British Virgin Islands. He clocked 20 minutes 11.562 seconds in the time trial and three hours 53 minutes 17.332 seconds in the 85 miles race. Meanwhile, the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cycling Union will stage the Davy Spaghetti- energy National Cycling Championship road race in the Georgetown area,

Cammie Adams took 3rd position in a 50-mile race in Anguilla. this Sunday 15th July. The race will start at 2pm in Langley Park to Torouma, and road cyclists will cover 70 miles, which is 7 laps, while the BMX cyclists will do 2 laps, covering 20 miles.


OPERATIONS Title Location Kingstown


Guardsman SVG Ltd. is looking for an Operations Manager to join their growing team.

The Role As Operations Manager, you will be responsible for the coordination of the Security Operations services, including training and mentorship of the operations staff, and the maintenance and development of innovative Quality Control systems infrastructure. Furthermore, you will act as a security consultant to clients, assisting them in the implementation and optimisation of security trends.

Responsibilities • • • • •

Implement training programmes for all new Operations staff Mentor and develop quality systems across client teams Act as an escalation point for all security queries Identify opportunities for innovation and improvement through the use of new technologies, and champion the development and implementation of new tools and systems Work with clients to advise them on the value, development and implementation of new technologies.

Candidate • • • •

4+ years’ experience in a Management function, or related role. Critically, you should have expert understanding of security systems. Ideally you should have strong coordinating skills, be proactive and posses extraordinary team building skills, with a profound understanding of the importance of quality. Degree in management or related field

Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualification. Qualified applicants are asked to submit curriculum vitae, two recent testimonials and a valid police record to: The General Manager GUARDSMAN SVG LTD P.O. Box 2734 Kingstown


All applications should be submitted by July 21st, 2012.

Congratulations to 2012 graduating class of the Salvation Army Pre-school.








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had fulfilled her promise of bringing something different ‘Brother Ebony’ placed second, with LORNETTE ‘FYAH EMPRESS’ NEDD to the arena. will cherish the year 2012. Even if With her numbers ‘Woman’ one of his numbers being perhaps the most popular song for 2012, she achieves a feat as phenomenal and ‘A true Vincy,’ Fya ‘Nothing at all’. in the future, she will remember this Empress captivated not just one as the trend setter. the audience at Victoria Park, loving’, and Elvis ‘Abijah’ Abbey, She took the 2012 Vincy Mas but importantly those doing the with ‘Only the poor,’ and Ragga Soca and Calypso Monarch final adjudication. ‘Nightmares’, also succumbed to titles, and placed second in the With musical accompaniment the onslaught. Soca competition. provided by the Police Band, Sonny Banks, with ‘Violence Some cultural enthusiasts had which had a 12-piece brass line, against men’ and ‘Put yo money’ penciled in Fya Empress for four she added some throbbing drum titles, the Road March being the sounds to her rendition of ‘A true could not break into the top tier; neither could Zamfir ‘Man Zangie’ additional one, as the season Vincy’, and when her stint was Adams, with ‘Enemies of the unfolded. Such was the impact of over, there was a hint that her environment’ and ‘Building her repertoire. rendition had created an So, when the results of the additional impact that could drive relationships’. Alvin ‘Zion I’ Dennie rendered Calypso competition were her to the top. two numbers which reflected his announced early Monday In second place was Fitzroy experience. They were called ‘26 morning, it was Fya Empress who ‘Brother Ebony’ Joseph whose years,’ and ‘I brave;, but whereas was smiling. songs were ‘Nothing at all,’ and they aroused the most reaction That was not a surprise; she ‘Ladder of success’. from the audience, they did not fit Brother Ebony won the New in with the judging criteria. Song competition five times, Bernard ‘Reality’ White’s two including this year, with ‘Nothing numbers demonstrated his at all’. versatility. He regards himself as If you want Geography and the oldest active calypsonian here, other lessons about St. Vincent and must have been feeling that and the Grenadines, Brother this was his time to secure some Ebony provides it in this song. silverware. But his numbers ‘Not His ‘Ladder of success’ St. Vincent,’ and ‘Racial Equality’ sustained his penchant for were not enough to push him into positive messages. His the big circle. performance pushed him within The other finalist was Glen touching distance of the crown. ‘Bump I’ Richards. His renditions In third position was threewere ‘Woman’, which highlighted time former monarch Bridgette the strides that women have ‘Joy C’ Creese who did the numbers ‘Implementation a must,’ made in every aspect of life in St. Vincent, and ‘Fly out’, a view of and ‘Relationship.’ persons seeking medical attention Last year’s monarch Maxwell outside St. Vincent and the ‘Tajoe’ Francis was relegated to Grenadines, instead of at the fourth position, with ‘Read Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. between the line’s and ‘World Fya Empress is the third Hunger’. female to be crowned National Two other previous winners, ‘Tajoe’ may have relinquished his title, but only after he put up Cornelius ‘Poorsah’ Williams, with Calypso Monarch in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. ‘Oneness,’ and ‘Woman is for a stern defence. by WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY

‘Fya Empress’, 2012 Calypso Monarch, joins an elite group of women to have taken the title.

‘Joy-C’, with her 3rd place, remains in the top tier.

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July 13th, 2012 Edition  

The Vincentian Newspaper 13/7/2012

July 13th, 2012 Edition  

The Vincentian Newspaper 13/7/2012