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MARCH 8, 2013

VOLUME 107, No.10


Ralph Gonsalves (left), Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, embraces Hugo Chavez upon the Venezuelan president’s arrival in the island state on February 16, 2007.

In this photo released last month, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez (centre), poses for a photo with his daughters, Maria Gabriela (left), and Rosa Virginia in a hospital in Cuba. VENEZUELAN PRESIDENT Hugo Chavez has died. His death was announced by Vice President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday, March 5, in a live telecast. President Chavez’s death comes after a two-year battle with cancer, and it ends a14-year tenure as leader of Venezuela, an oil-rich South American country. The 58-year-old leader had been diagnosed with cancer in the pelvic region in 2011, and since that time had undergone, according to official reports, four operations in Cuba. His last surgery was as recent as December 11, 2012, but he had returned home on or about February 18, to overwhelming parades of welcome by his supporters. Continued on Page 2.

Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias first assumed the office of President of Venezuela in 1999, vowing to rekindle the spirit of Liberator Simon Bolivar.




President Pres identt Chavez Cha a avez succ cumb bs to succumbs canc cer cancer Right: Right t: President Hugo Chavez was seen s regularly in public in his military m uniform.

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condition The President’s condit tion had s, and worsened in recent weeks weeks, leader since his return, the leade er had been completely out of the e public bli eye. Communica aThis week, Communications Minister Ernesto Villegas confirmed that Chavez President Chav ez had “contracted a severe infection," this after Vice President Maduro had admitted earlier that the President was using a tracheal tube to breathe. All of this came in respon p nse to response activity heightened opposition act tivity that which demanded proof th hat the president was alive and actually a in Venezuela. President Chavez Maduro, whom Preside ent Chav ez successor, had named as his success sor, said in his televised disclosure off his leader’s death that "It's a moment of ng to according deep pain," as he, accordi observers, held back the tears. t

Option for the poor Hugo Chav Chavez ez easily won wo on a new six-year term at an electio on in election October 2012, and his dea ath will be death mourned by millions of su upporters, supporters, once margin-especially the poor and on nce margin demonstrated alized, who have demonst trated for hear, seem-the world to see and hear r, a seem ingly undying love and ad doration for adoration the charismatic leader. He was heralded and supported s in his consistent anti-US anti US stance, stance and friendships ships with even as he courted friend staunchest some of the USA’s staunc chest ‘enemies’, e.g. Iran, Cuba and China, he was considered a savio or by the savior Venezuelans. millions of poor Venezuelans.

Left: Comrades Com mrades in arms, Fid del Castro and Fidel Hugo Cha avez. Chavez.

C ez introduced President Chav Chavez d policies and oil-financed programmes programme es that, among other things: brought brou ught subsidies for food; h clinics throughout the built health and especially in the slums, country and d free service; introduced that offered wealth redistribution rediistribution and land reform prog programmes allevi-grammes aimed at allevi ating poverty; poverrty; and created an m programme extensive micro-credit enable ed the start-up of small that enabled businesses. businesses. f side, President On the flip Chavez Chavez was was castigated for his nationalization nationaliza ation of Venezuela’s oil production, production d ti , many private i t business, b i sta ance against a genuine and his stance op pen media climate. free and open His friendship frien ndship with Cuba, and more particularly particcularly that country’s revolutionary revolutiona ary leader Fidel Castro, was frowned frowne ed upon by the US, but this only he helped elped to fuel even greater co-operatio on between the two co-operation Spanish-sp peaking territories, that Spanish-speaking saw Venezu Venezuela uela assisting with Cuba’s ds, and Cuba reciprocat energy nee needs, reciprocat-ing by providing prov viding thousands of doctors and d teachers for work in Venezuela’s health and education Venezuela’s systems. Presiden nt Chav ez reached out to President Chavez the Caribbean Caribbe ean with the enticement of ALBA, the th he Bolivarian Alliance for the Peopless of Our American, which is described d as ‘an international n organization based on cooperation the idea of the social, political and econom mic integration of the economic countries countrries of Latin America and the Caribbean’. C ALBA was formalized in n 2004, and this country was one of the

Carib bbean territoterritofirst Caribbean become a full ries to become S member. SVG has since n areas of oil benefited in pp ((unde er Petro support (under caribe), health,, education infra-structu ural support. and infra-structural th hat with Observers say that Chavez’s death, investors investtors will be on Chavez’s the lookout for signs of political Venezuela a. instability in Venezuela. w largest Venezuela has the world’s o the most oil reserves and some of s it is very heavily traded bonds, so much part of the globall economic and financial landscape. landscape e.


elecction. 2012 election. However, even independent pollss However, give en Maduro the edge over have given Capriles,, and he, Maduro, is d to benefit further by the expected emotiona al fallout that will follow th he emotional the Presiden nt’s death. President’s Shoulld Maduro, for whatever Should reason orr combination of reasons, d , Venezuelan watcher rs suffer a defeat, watchers voicced the opinion that this have voiced occcasion major changes in an nd would occasion and Venezuela, not least among these e to Venezuela, s in Venezuela, being a softening Chavez-lled ALBA initiative, which Chavez-led brou ught unquestionable aid to has brought cou untries, not least being many countries, wh hich has to thank Venezuela a Cuba which rescu uing it from financial ruin in n for rescuing 1990s. the 1990s. th hing is certain, the world One thing n a different place because of o has been Ra afael Chav ez Frias, who once oncce Hugo Rafael Chavez th he Associated Press: "Wha at said to the "What e most is poverty, and that' hurts me that'ss d me to become a rebel." what led

Now, with Chav Chavez’s ez’s death comes lection. the question of a new el election. Observers will be wa atchwatchful, wanting and waitin ng to waiting see the extent to which a new election will safegu safeguard uard the socialist revolution marshaled by Hugo Ch avéz; Chavéz; whether the ideals of th he the revolution l ti can live li on without his dominant presence and personalit ty. personality. Indications are that a vote ought to be held within w 30 days, and it is more than likely that Maduro willl come up against Henriq que Henrique ated Capriles, who was defe defeated Nicolas Maduro, Ch Chavez’s successor. havez’s preferred successo or. by Chav ez in the October Octob ber Chavez Supporters of President Chavez in celebration following his victory in the October 2012 presidential elections.



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Statement by Prime Minister, Dr. The Hon. Ralph E. Gonsalves on the passing of His Excellency Hugo Chavez Frias YESTERDAY EVENING while attending a Central Executive Meeting of the ruling Unity Labour Party, I received the sad, numbing, and heart-wrenching news that President Hugo Chavez Frias of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela had died after a long illness. A titan of Latin America and the Caribbean has been taken from us at the relatively young age of 58 years. A beacon, a shining bright light has been

extinguished in the flesh; a light which has illuminated, and not blinded us, in our quest for justice, peace, democracy and the upliftment of humanity, particularly the poor, the disadvantaged, the marginalised. Hugo Chavez was a philosopher of 21st century socialism, a believer in central Christian principles, a warrior in defence of his people’s patrimony, a practical political figure, a leader who

Dr. Hon. Ralph Gonsalves with President Hugo Chavez Frias on a visit to Venezuela. drew out of his people that which is good and noble, a Bolivarian, a nationalist, an ardent promoter of integration, anti-colonialist, antiimperialist, and a devoted and loving father. In September 2001, in a private meeting in Havana, Fidel first spoke to me about Hugo Chavez who in time became my close friend and comrade. Fidel told me that there is an historic force that has arisen in Venezuela by the name of Chavez. In time I came to know at first hand Fidel’s assessment of Hugo Chavez as someone who dearly loved people, especially the poor, and workers; he hated injustice, and was possessed of an abundance of generosity and solidarity with fellow fighters for justice, peace and genuine democracy. Without Chavez, there would have been no Petro Caribe, no ALBA, no CELAC, no worthy bilateral programmes in all fields. He was the vital bridge between Latin America and the Caribbean. St. Vincent and the Grenadines has been a huge

beneficiary from all of these initiatives and more. His early death has left a void; uncertainties have arisen; and his unfinished tasks are still to be completed. Those of us who have been toiling with him and the Bolivarian Movement in the vineyard for all people’s upliftment, materially, socially and culturally, must bind ourselves ever more tightly to still the uncertainties and finish his talks in the on-going journey for the further ennoblement and advancement of our people. In this regard, I pledge continuing solidarity with his successor, Comrade Nicolas Maduro, and the Venezuelan government and people. On behalf of the government and people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on my own behalf and that of my family, I extend profound condolences to the immediate family and friends of Hugo and the government and people of Venezuela. May he rest in peace. And may light perpetual shine upon him.

family.” Upon completion of this transaction, Columbus’ retail operations will span eight countries across the region, pass more than 750,000 households and businesses and serve in excess of 500,000 retail customers, further strengthening the Company’s position as the leading triple play service provider in the Caribbean.

brand name, FLOW and corporate data and cloud based services under the brand Columbus Business Solutions. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Columbus Networks, the Company provides capacity and IP services, corporate data solutions and data center hosting throughout 25 countries in the greater Caribbean, Central American and Andean region. Through its fully protected, ringed submarine fiber optic network spanning close to 18,000 km and its 24,000 km terrestrial fibre and coaxial terrestrial network, Columbus’ 2,100 plus professionals provide advanced telecom services to a diverse residential and corporate client base of close to 500,000 customers. Visit (Contributed)

Columbus International Inc. acquires Karib Cable COLUMBUS INTERNATIONAL Inc. (“Columbus” or the “Company”), a diversified telecommunications provider in the Caribbean, Central America and Andean region, is pleased to announce that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Kelcom International Limited and certain of its related companies (together “Kelcom”). The announcement marks the fifth significant transaction and third acquisition entered into or completed by Columbus in the last twelve months as the Company continues to scale its operations while transforming the telecommunications landscape and infrastructure in the region. Kelcom, a privately held company, operates under the name Karib Cable and is the leading cable system operator in St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Antigua. The company also holds a host of telecom

licences in Barbados where it is in the early stages of network deployment. Kelcom’s fiber-deep HFC cable systems pass approximately 110,000 homes and serve close to 60,000 customers offering cable television, high-speed Internet and telephony services. “The acquisition of Kelcom marks another important milestone for Columbus as we expand our service footprint to deliver our brand of services across the Caribbean region,” said Brendan Paddick, chairman and chief executive officer of Columbus. “We believe that this is an exciting opportunity to build upon Kelcom’s past successes to offer a truly worldclass suite of services and technologies to the people and businesses of St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Antigua. We look forward to welcoming Kelcom, its customers and its approximately 250 talented professionals into the Columbus

About Columbus Columbus International Inc. is a privately held diversified telecommunications company based in Barbados. The Company provides digital cable television, broadband Internet, digital landline telephony in Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, and Curacao under the




No prison uniform for ÂQue PasaÊ Linus Goodluck, had informed him that the doctor who is assigned to the HIGH COURT JUDGE WESLEY JAMES, male prison did not recommend that LAST FRIDAY, MARCH 1, made a ruling in Gellizeau see a specialist. favour of convicted money launderer The Assistant DPP added that the Antonio ‘Que Pasa’ Gellizeau, who had prison boss said Gellizeau was made to accused prison authorities of making wear prison uniform for security him wear prison uniform, and not reasons. allowing him to see a specialist doctor. Justice James, however, ruled that He is on remand awaiting Gellizeau be allowed to see a specialist sentencing, expected to be handed doctor and to wear civilian clothing off down at the current sitting of the and on the prison compound. Criminal Assizes, and a confiscation Chief Magistrate Sonya Young, hearing after being convicted in sitting at the Serious Offences Court, connection with the biggest ever had referred sentencing to the High money laundering case in the Eastern Court after convicting Gellizeau and Caribbean. Winston Franklyn Robinson, a seaman Gellizeau made the complaints of Bermuda, on March 9th, 2012, of when he was taken before the High two money laundering charges. The Court last Friday in relation to the charges stemmed from the April 5, case management of his sentencing 2008 seizure of US 1.73 million and confiscation hearing. The (approximately EC $4.6 Million) procedure involves the filing and aboard the yacht Jo-Tobin, in serving of related documents. Vincentian waters. Robinson is also on Gellizeau , however, seized the remand awaiting sentencing. opportunity to complain that although The men were charged with he was not serving sentence, he was bringing the money into the country made to wear prison uniform. He also and concealing the cash, the proceeds told the judge that he was not allowed of criminal conduct. An investigator‘s to see a specialist doctor in relation to statement required by the court, was a back problem. He noted that three filed on December 11, 2012 by the medical doctors who had examined office of the Director of Public him recommended that he see a Prosecutions (DPP). An Application for specialist. the Confiscation of Gellizeau’s Assets Assistant Director of Public was filed March 9, 2012, the same day Prosecutions, Colin John, told the the men were convicted. The Court that Superintendent of Prisons, confiscation application, which was Stories by HAYDN HUGGINS

prepared by the DPP’s office in conjunction with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), is made in relation to approximately EC 10 million, believed to be Gellizeau’s benefits from criminal conduct. These include vehicles, yachts, houses and cash. THE VINCENTIAN understands that based on investigations, a yacht in Bermuda called ‘The Vagabond’, of little value, is the only thing identified for Robinson. Justice James had also ruled last Friday that the prosecution and defence should have a meeting of last Tuesday March 5th , to determine when the sentencing and confiscation hearing could be done. However, THE VINCENTIAN understands that up to press time Wednesday, no date was set, since there were certain documents still to be filed. In the High Court, money laundering carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and or an unlimited fine. However, if Gellizeau does not satisfy the confiscation order, he could face an additional sentence of up to ten years. Gellizeau is represented by UK based attorney Shiraz Aziza along with Equity Chambers.

Antonio ‘Que Pasa’ Gellizeau is still awaiting sentence.

Lawyer thinks PM was grandstanding Attorney Kay Bacchus-Browne thinks Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves was “just grandstanding” when he told a news conference last week Monday February 25, that he had suggested to his lawyer Graham Bollers to apply for a Court Order to garnish the ‘Save Nice Radio’ account at the RBTT Bank. “I am appalled by the Prime Minister’s statement. That is a ridiculous suggestion without legal

merit. I think the Prime Minister was Nice Radio Appeal’ added, “There is no well as prescribed costs of $30,000 on only grandstanding,” Bacchus Browne merit in his, (PM’s), suggestion, and the claim. Lynch was ordered told THE VINCENTIAN. there is no legal merit in him trying to individually to pay Gonsalves $20,000, BDS Ltd, owners and operators of garnish the account.” and both defendants were to pay five Nice Radio, had paid off its entire The lawyer stressed that the ‘Save percent interest on the judgement debt judgmdent debt to Dr. Gonsalves Nice Radio’ fund started long before from November 26, 2008 until full and February 25. BDS paid $168,880 in Gonsalves had applied to the Court to final payment. the morning while another $36,262.47 have a receiver appointed. Gonsalves had taken Lynch and was paid later that day. On June 21, 2011, the Eastern BDS Ltd to Court in 2002 for Gonsalves said he did not know if Caribbean Court of Appeal had defamation after Lynch had made anyone connected to the Supreme ordered former talk show host certain remarks on the opposition New Court heard about the application and Edwardo ‘EG’ Lynch and BDS Ltd to Democratic Party (NDP) sponsored told the debtors, prompting them to pay Gonsalves $140,000 in damages as ‘New Times’ Programme. pay the Judgement. He also noted that he had signed to a sworn affidavit to have the account seized and the receiver appointed for Over a year after police the Central Leeward him went to ‘Nice discovered the body of 12Secondary School first Radio’ on February 2. year-old Dwayne Rakeem former was discovered However, BacchusMiller of Layou, the man November 4, 2011, five Browne, one of the said to be the subject of the weeks after he had gone signatories to the investigations has been missing. Patterson, on account, who had left eventually charged. May 7, 2012, was the state on February 19, said, “Before I left McCarthy ‘DJ’ Patterson, committed to stand trial the state, the decision 28, of Layou, was taken in the High Court for was made to pay in before Chief Magistrate the attempted murder of the money because we Sonya Young at the Serious Miller’s Cousin had already collected Offences Court on Joemarro Phillips, 18, of the full judgement Wednesday, charged with Layou, at the conclusion debt plus interest. All Miller’s murder. of a Preliminary Inquiry we had left was to Patterson was not at the Serious Offences cover cost and that required to plea and was Court. The indictment was raised while I was returned to Her Majesty’s allegedly stemmed from abroad. That is why Prison where he has been a choking incident at two cheques were Attorney Kay Bacchus-Browne says remanded since November 8, Happy Hill, Layou, issued.” that there was no legal merit in the Bacchus-Browne, 2011. A preliminary Inquiry hours before Miller’s Prime Minister trying to garnish the one of the persons who (PI) is slated for June 21. body was found. That account in the name of the ‘Save Nice McCarthy ‘DJ’ Patterson is spearheaded the ‘Save The decomposed body of trial is pending. Radio Appeal’. charged with murder.

Layou man charged with child’s death

V Peace Corps phasing



out in two Caribbean islands THE UNITED STATES PEACE CORPS says it is phasing out its operations in St. Kitts and Nevis, and Antigua and Barbuda after five decades of service in those Caribbean territories. According to a statement The Peace Corps released in Washington, the logo that signifies Peace Corps programmes in service by US these Eastern Caribbean volunteers in 139 countries “have been countries across extraordinarily successful by the globe. achieving development and cultural exchange goals such as empowering local youth”. It said that the programmes leave a strong legacy in both countries that will be carried on in the communities served. Volunteers in St. Kitts and Nevis worked in the sectors of youth development, institutional development, small business development and HIV/AIDS prevention, and as Peace Corps Response volunteers, while those in Antigua and Barbuda worked in youth development and as Peace Corps Response volunteers. “Long after the last volunteer’s departure, the most essential component of these nations’ cooperation with the United States will remain in the fellowship between Peace Corps volunteers and their Eastern Caribbean host families, colleagues and friends,” the statement said. In addition to St. Kitts and Nevis, and Antigua and Barbuda, the Eastern Caribbean post also has programmes in Dominica, St. Lucia, Grenada, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines and tthose programmes would continue. More than 3,770 Peace Corps volunteers have served in the Eastern Caribbean since the programme was established in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy by executive order on March 1, 1961. (Source: CNC)

Owen out, Mia in, again MANY PERSONS, in Barbados and the rest of the region, are beginning to think that former Barbados Prime Minister, Owen Arthur, is a sore loser. Immediately following his failure to lead the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) to victory in the general elections of 2008, Arthur resigned as leader of the party, making way for his attorney general, Mia Mottley, to be elected leader of the party and therefore, leader of the parliamentary opposition. However, after a period of “reflection”, according to some Arthur loyalists, he returned in 2010 to engineer the ousting of Mottley, and was returned as leader of the BLP. Mottley, on accepting her removal as leader, reaffirmed her commitment to the BLP but accused the party of “engaging in a kangaroo court” to ensure her

CCJ convenes in Jamaica THE TRINIDAD-BASED Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) began its first ever sitting in Jamaica last Monday, to hear evidence from witnesses in the case in which a Jamaican national has sued Barbados. Shanique Myrie, 25, was granted leave by the CCJ to file the action. She alleges that when she travelled to Barbados on March, 14, 2011, she was discriminated against because of her nationality, subjected to a body cavity search, detained overnight in a cell and deported to Jamaica the following day. Myrie also claimed that she was subjected to derogatory remarks by a Barbadian Immigration Officer at the Grantley Adams International Airport. She is asking the CCJ to determine ‘the minimum standard of treatment applicable to CARICOM citizens moving around the region’, and therefore, is as a landmark case with respect to the guidelines of the revised Treaty of

Chaguaramas. In 1989, when the Heads of Government made the decision to transform the Common Market into a single market and economy, it was also decided that for the transformation to take place, the Treaty would have to be revised. In 1992, following the adoption of the report of the West Indian Commission, an Intergovernmental Task Force was established, to work on the revision of the Treaty. Between 1993 and 2000, the InterGovernmental Task Force (IGTF) which was composed of representatives of all Member States, produced nine Protocols, for the purpose of amending the Treaty. These nine Protocols were later combined to create a new version of the Treaty, called formally, The Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, establishing the Caribbean Community, including the CARICOM Single Market and Economy.

Shanique Myrie will test at least one protocol of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas. Allowances have been made for the subsequent inclusion in the Revised Treaty, by way of additional Protocols, new issues such as ecommerce, government procurement, trade in goods from free zones, free circulation of goods, and the rights contingent on the free movement of persons. With the latter protocol in mind, Myrie’s lawyer, Michelle Brown, commented: “Caribbean nationals must be able to travel freely throughout the region under the guidelines of the revised Treaty of Chaguaramas.”

removal. Arthur, perhaps encouraged by some opinion polls, would have thought his chances as being more than good of returning the BLP to government, and himself to the position of Prime Minister, as he led the BLP into the February 21, 2013 general elections. As the records show, Barbadian voters, in keeping with tradition, gave the incumbent party, the Democratic Labour (DLP) Party led by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, a second consecutive term, albeit by a closer margin of 16 seats to 14. The victory for the DLP in 2008 had been much wider, 20 seats to 10. Mottley’s return as leader of the Opposition was announced last week Monday by Gline Clarke, secretary of the

parliamentary group of the BLP. Reports are that Arthur did not attend the meeting that endorsed Mottley, he preferring, according to Clarke, to accord the opportunity “to allow the opposition legislators a free hand to elect a new leader.” Clarke assured, according to quotes in the Barbados press, that “The party is united. Mr. Arthur felt he would give the members of the parliamentary grouping the freedom to choose the future of the Barbados Labour Party, and we thank him and respect him for that.” According to BLP sources, Arthur is expected to serve as a full member of the House of Assembly, dispelling rumours that he would resign his seat and cause a bye election.

Owen Arthur has twice now, given up the leadership of the Barbados Labour.

Mia Mottley will, once again, assume the reins of leadership of the Barbados Labour Party to which she remained committed, even after her ‘inglorious’ removal in 2010.




Prison officers before Tribunal The Tribunal was appointed by the PSC in accordance with UP TO PRESS TIME Wednesday, the Public Service Regulations. two prison officers were before a The two prison officers are tribunal in connection with the currently on suspension with November 21 2011 escape of full pay. murder accused Godwin Moses, Moses, 27 of Rillan Hill, had from Her Majesty’s Prison. escaped from the male prison Chairman of the Public sometime during the day on Service Commission (P.S.C), November 21, 2011, one week Cecil ‘Blazer’ Williams, told after his murder Preliminary THE VINCENTIAN on Monday Inquiry (PI) commenced at the that the tribunal was held to Serious Offences Court. His life determine whether any evidence on the run ended on December of negligence or misconduct on 11, 2011 when police shot and the part of the officers caused killed him at Happy Hill, Layou. Moses’s escape. Checks made at the firearms The PSC Chairman said that, database had revealed that a 38 at the conclusion of the hearing, revolver, handed over to the the Tribunal will submit its police by the driver of an findings to the PSC which will omnibus in which Moses was then make a decision as to what travelling, just prior to his should be done. death, was the licensed firearm by HAYDN HUGGINS

of Dental Technician Ewart ‘Ells’ King who was killed about one week before. King was reportedly shot and stabbed on December 4, 2011 at the Pembroke house where he and his family had resided. Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Dr. Ralph Gonsalves had mandated Assistant Commissioner of Police Michael Charles, now Acting Deputy, to spearhead investigations to determine the circumstances surrounding Moses’s escape. The PSC Chairman had told THE VINCENTIAN on April 23, 2012 that the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security had taken preliminary action by informing the PSC of the evidence which

had come to light so far. The PSC Chairman had disclosed then that disciplinary action proceedings were expected to commence against the two prison officers in connection with Moses’ escape. Moses and Tamika Sutherland, an 18 year old woman of Prospect/Sandy Bay, had been charged jointly with the December 9, 2010 murder of Stevan Badnock Springer, 29, of Layou. Badnock Springer died after being shot in the head and hip while holding his one-year-old daughter, Alinda Telpher, in his arms. The child was unharmed during the incident which occurred in the vicinity of Karib Cable, Kingstown. Sutherland was discharged at

Even in death, Godwin Moses continues to hold a space in the limelight. the Preliminary Inquiry on January 20, 2012 after Chief Magistrate Sonya Young upheld a no case submission from Sutherland’s lawyer Kay Bacchus-Browne.

‘Blazer’ not aware of any transfer by HAYDN HUGGINS CHAIRMAN OF THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION (PSC), Cecil ‘Blazer’ Williams, has no knowledge of claims that Inspector Calvin ‘Gold Teeth’ Glasgow of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force has been transferred to the Licence Office at the Inland Revenue Department. There has been widespread speculation

that Glasgow, considered to be the best traffic cop in the Constabulary, has been transferred to the Licence Office. However, when contacted on Monday, the PSC Chairman told THE VINCENTIAN, “I have absolutely no knowledge of any transfer. Any movement from the police department to the general public service has to be approved by the Public Service Commission and the Police Service Commission.”

Williams is the chairman of both Commissions. He pointed out that if the Licece Office was made a Unit of the Police Force, and Glasgow was placed there, neither Commission would have any jurisdiction over that. But he said he had no knowledge that this was the case. “We have no jurisdiction over the movement of anyone from one unit of the Police Force to another. That’s an internal administrative

matter,” he explained. THE VINCENTIAN has been reliably informed that there would be some changes, but Glasgow would still be a police officer. The source declined to comment further. THE VINCENTIAN caught up with Glasgow this week, standing inside the Inland Revenue Department. Asked whether he was working there, Glasgow said he was working at the Traffic Branch but was there to collect some documents. Glasgow, attached to the Traffic Branch for several years, is regarded as a ‘no nonsense’ traffic cop with exceptional

Cecil ‘Blazer’ Williams, Chairman of the Public and Police Service Commissions, said a matter concerning Inspector Glasgow had not reached him.

Inspector Calvin Glasgow has had a long and distinguished service as a traffic officer.

ability. Up to press time, Wednesday, efforts to

reach Commissioner of Police Keith Miller were unsuccessful.

Vincentians detained in Antigua FIVE VINCENTIAN NATIONALS have been detained for entering the Island of Antigua and Barbuda illegally, following a joint operation conducted by the Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP) and the Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force Coast Guard. The men arrived onboard a 30 ft. ‘go fast’ vessel on Thursday 7 February 2013 and Randell Stephens, one of the five detainees, was charged for possession of 26 grams of cannabis. In addition, a 25 ft. Antiguan vessel with drums of fuel onboard, believed to be connected with the incident, was also detained but later released, according to Caribarena news. On Monday, in the St John’s Magistrates Court, Stephens pleaded guilty to the offence. He was fined EC$1,000 forthwith or one year in prison in default.

The ‘go fast’ vessel in which the Vincentians are said to have arrived in Antigua and Barbuda. An order was made for the cannabis to be destroyed and the defendant deported as soon as he paid the fine. The other four Vincentians, Allison Blugh (captain of the vessel), Ezekiel Robin, Phillon Joseph and Adolphus Lawrence, also appeared before the chief magistrate to answer to charges of illegal entry. They all pleaded guilty and were ordered to be deported immediately. However, the

magistrate was then informed that the Customs Department also had an interest in the matter, and they were referred to the Comptroller of Customs who imposed a penalty of $15,000, to be paid immediately. THE VINCENTIAN understands that the vessel in which the defendants arrived in Antigua was in the custody of the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force. (KH)

V Nelson King: His exploits speak for themselves



Public Administration from Baruch College, City University of New York; and a Master of Law (LL.M) in US Legal Studies from St. John’s University School of Law in Queens. King obtained his undergraduate law degree — LL.B (Upper Second Class Honors) — from Huddersfield University School of Law at Holborn College in the United Kingdom. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political More than a journalist Science (honors) and Journalism from Brooklyn College; and an Associate Besides journalism, King has been Degree in Liberal Arts from St. Leo working in the health field in New University in Florida, while serving in York for almost 20 years, holding a the US Army at Hunter Army Airfield, number of supervisory, managerial and administrative positions with New Savannah, Georgia. York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and SUNY Downstate Military service Medical Center and University Hospital of Brooklyn. This April will King, a former active duty US Army mark five years that King has been a sergeant, was an aircraft technician, Senior Staff Associate at Downstate specializing in repairing and testing Hospital. avionic navigation and flight control Following up on his early equipment. elementary, secondary and postHe holds a number of military and secondary school teaching career in his civilian awards. His military awards native land — he taught at the Petit included the US Army Commendation Bordel Secondary School (over the hill Medal, the US Army Achievement from Chateaubelair) for almost five Medal, the US Army Overseas Ribbon, years, and subsequently with the the Non-Commissioned Officer Award; Ministry of Education’s Evening the US Army Good Conduct Medal; Programme at the Grammar School — and the “Iron Man” Award for being the indefatigable King, for the past the “strongest man” in his battalion five years, has been an Adjunct while attending aircraft technician Professor at Brooklyn’s Medgar Evers school at Fort Gordon, Augusta, College, specializing in American Georgia. History, World Civilization and Besides his most recent honor — Political Science. Leader in Excellence Journalism An avid sports fan and former cricketer and footballer, King was the co-founder and first ever president of the North Leeward Cricket Association and the Chateaubelair Football Association. In the mid to late 1970s and early 1980s, he was also very involved in community and church activities in North Leeward, heading, for example, Clubland, the drama group of the Chateaubelair Methodist Church, and serving as a local preacher in the Chateaubelair Methodist Church. He is still very active in the community in New York, serving as an associate member of the Central Brooklyn Lions Club, and was vice president for five years in the Brooklyn-based Vincentian Christian Charity Organization and ex-member of the Community Board of Directors of the Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Brooklyn. A devout Christian, King is a certified lay speaker at Fenimore Street United Methodist Church in Brooklyn. He currently holds six degrees, including three Masters’ — A Master of Arts in Political Science from Brooklyn College, City University of New York; an Executive Masters in He is also the US Correspondent for THE VINCENTIAN newspaper. In addition, he is a certified Brooklyn Community Access Television (BCAT) producer. In the past, he had written for other New York publications, such as the Daily News’ Caribbean magazine and the Queens Chronicle newspaper.

Editor’s Note: Following on numerous requests for ‘information’ on Nelson King, THE VINCENTIAN’S USA correspondent, we are pleased to provide the following. NELSON KING, WHO POSSESSES A VERY IMPRESSIVE RÉSUMÉ, is renowned for his journalistic exploits, in which he reports on myriad community activities – from politics, to cultural activities, to health and other affairs, to human interest stories, to sports. In his early journalism career — which was launched in the mid-1970s, when he was a teenage school teacher at the Chateaubelair Methodist School — King worked, sometimes pro bono, for a number of radio stations, newspapers and other media houses locally, regionally and internationally. These included the BBC (Black) London; the defunct Radio Antilles in Montserrat; CBC Radio Barbados; Radio St. Lucia; Radio Free Grenada (during the revolution); Caribbean Contact newspaper; WLIB Radio in New York; Vibes Caribbean on WNJR in New Jersey, with producer Ferrand “Randy D” Dopwell; Roots, a defunct North Leeward community newspaper, published by former opposition leader Calder Williams (sports); the former 705 NBC Radio (sports); and The Searchlight, The Star and THE VINCENTIAN newspapers. King has become a household fixture in Brooklyn for his objective and prolific reporting for Caribbean Life, the leading Caribbean newspaper in the United States. He has been one of Caribbean Life’s more senior writers for about 20 years — almost as long as the paper’s existence. For over a decade, King has also been the United States Correspondent for CMC, the only news agency in the Caribbean.

Award - King’s civilian awards, over the years, comprise: Proclamation of the Council of the City of New York; the St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ New York Consulate General Award, under former Consul General Cosmus Cozier; the Chateaubelair Development Organization Award; and the COSAGO Independence and Advisory Committee awards. Other awards are: The Dee Vee International, Inc. Award; the Grenada-New York Independence Award; the L & D Community Service Award; Carnival Players International Award; New York Red Stripe Cup 1994 Sports Writer Award; Central Brooklyn Lions Community Leadership Award; BB (Bridget Blucher) Ministries Award; and VincyCares Award. King is married to Dofflyn nee Cox, a registered nurse, of Troumaca, which incidentally is his mother’s birthplace. The editor and staff of THE VINCENTIAN newspaper including his former teacher and mentor, proof reader Mr. Leroy Mulraine, all join in congratulating Mr. King on his oustanding achievements, and wish him God’s blessings in the future.



Views The National Newspaper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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Editorial On the passing of Hugo Chavez HUGO RAFAEL CHAVEZ FRIAS, ‘El Comandante’ as he was known to Venezuelans, will be mourned by many of his country’s poor and by many Caribbean leaders, not least our own Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. It was in Chavez that ‘radicals’ like Dr, Ralph Gonsalves found comfort for an ideology that hey had used to advance their own profiles, but who were intellectually and pragmatically astute to refine and adapt to suit the times and the reality of electoral politics. This might be up for debate, but Chavez would have done much, to provide a haven for those Caribbean radicals, sometimes referred to as ‘progressives’, who had become tempered in their approach to unset the ‘mimic men’ that had been thrown up as leaders in the immediate post years of independence in the English-speaking Caribbean. With Chavez’s support, his unflagging rhetoric, his oil-financed porgrammes of assistance (thankfully so), many a once-upon-time radical found it possible to play the game of north versus south, by making good through outstretched hands in either direction. But if certain Caribbean leaders have lost a friend and benefactor, those Latin American leaders who shared a mindset with the Venezuelan leader, like Cuba’s Raul Castro, Ecuador’s Rafael Correa and Bolivia’s Evo Morales, have lost not just a friend but a crutch on whom they relied for diplomatic muscle, not to mention cheap oil. That Chavez was a tower of support to Latin American and Caribbean leaders cannot be disputed. The outpouring of sympathies that will follow, the number of Heads of Government who will attend his funeral and burial, will give indication of the extent of the loss. And for all of his bravado, his anti-US pronouncements, his provocation of the west, his sometimes ill-informed haste to want to dispel with traditional financial and economic systems, Chavez will be mourned genuinely by thousands, millions of poor Venezuelans who, under his insistence and a clear intention to demonstrate what some theologians call ‘an option for the poor’, were provided with oil-funded, popular housing, health, food and education programs. There is no doubt that thousands, millions of Venezuelans felt for the first time in their once miserable existence, that Venezuela belonged to them, and that they could not just survive, but live comfortably in their own land. For regardless of which side you’re on, wrong is wrong, and Venezuelans had been wronged for generations by the greed and misconceived superiority of oligarchs. His was a ‘popular revolution,’ and was able to survive through elections in 1998, 2006 and 2012. His fourteen-year rule was enough testimony of his popularity as it was of the dichotomy that, try as much as he might have, he could not remove, for it remained clearly visible in the demographics of the electorate. But if the truth be told, Chavez labored through all his popularity with a Venezuela that was plagued with a rising murder rate, regular blackouts and soaring inflation. These were grounds of obvious discontent, and that was translated in the slip in the margin of support in 2012 (approximately 9.5%), down from 26% in 2006 and 16% in 1998. It meant that there could have been a possible slip in support from the ‘poor’ or simply that the opposition was able to help those Chavezdetractors to build the courage to come out to cast their vote. Credit Chavez though, with fighting a good fight that made it possible for him to overcome a resurgent opposition and surging public frustration. That victory, 2012, showed, to the world and to our Caribbean leaders in particular, how to use the ballot box to consolidate power. Chavéz, not unlike some of our leaders, pushed policies that drove a wedge into their societies. (The political divide in SVG bears proof.) That wedge that Chavez drove and of which our leaders have to be careful, alienated the wealthy with expropriations, while pandering to the poor with social handouts, albeit necessary given the abject poverty in which so many Venezuelans lived up to the time of Chavez’s assumption of national leadership. The question now is: While Chavez’s victory in 2012 might have been to him, approval of his self-styled 21st century revolution, does his passing now guarantee that? That he has publicly endorsed Nicolas Maduro as his successor is not guarantee of assurance that the ‘revolution’ will be sustained. It may be not farfetched to surmise that, even with Maduro’s endorsement which came after what was Chavéz’s deliberate denial of any real opportunity for others to come through as leaders within his United Socialist Party of Venezuela, there could well be some infighting that would demoralize the revolutionary spirit, which would see the ‘cause’ going under, much to the detriment of Venezuelans and Latin American and Caribbean dependents on ALBA and Petro Caribe. Whatever the outcome, this is a time for conveying to the people and government of Venezuela, deepest sympathies on the passing of their leader who reached out to his people and other nations in their time of need. May he rest in peace.

National Heroes: E.T. Joshua (Reprint of 13th March, 1992) EBENEZER THEODORE “PAPA” JOSHUA, a born leader, a noble patriot and committed Vincentian, passed to the great beyond on Thursday, March 14, 1991, a year ago this weekend. Indeed, he died on the anniversary of the death of Carib Chief Joseph Chatoyer and in the month of the birth of both Hugh Mulzac and George Mc Intosh, adding another dimension to support the popular call for March to be named National Heroes’ Month. Joshua was a colossus that bestrode the political centre -s, and one who contributed positively to the shaping and moulding of modern St .Vincent and the Grenadines. Significantly, Papa Josh saw active political service from 1951 to 1979, from Adult Suffrage to Independence or, as Eric Williams puts it, from the time of the “Colonial dirt-track to the Independence Highway”. Joshua’s political career can be neatly divided up into three separate decades 1951-1960;1961-1970 and 1971-1980 embracing Joshua’s ministry of thirty years. His finest hour undoubtedly fell in the first period when he lifted the level of political awareness of the man-in-the-street, raising his social consciousness to new heights. But when confronted by stark choices, the second phase saw Joshua reneging on his early promise, seeking out the lines of weakest resistance and setting himself on a course leading to decline, which accelerated in the third period as the integrity and fortunes of the party took a turn for the worst and the leadership finally lost all credibility . Joshua was part of George Charles’ Eighth Army and United Workers and Rate-Payers Union that captured all eight elected seats in the first elections under Adult Suffrage. The cutting edge of the group, Joshua had won the North Windward Constituency after Milton Cato had backed away from the 8th Army for whatever reason. During the 1950’ Joshua was in his element. He was the tribune of the people, championing their every cause, real and imagined. Living the simplest of lives, he rode his bicycle around the town and, with wife Ivy, walked from village to village preaching the Gospel of anti colonial politics and spreading the word of militant trade unionism. In thunder, lightning or rain, Joshua held his regular Wednesday night meetings in Kingstown, and on other nights where ever two or three were gathered in his name, hammering home his message by constant repetitiveness fired from a voice box of gravel. For their part, the masses enjoyed every bit of it, as on their behalf Joshua challenged the might of the Plantocracy, stood up to colonial authorities and defiantly twisted the tail of the establishment. Always, Joshua remained in constant touch with the grass- roots, taking the pulse of the people, and keeping his ear close to the ground. One afternoon he would be at Mount Bentick pleading the cause of the sugar workers. Next “fore-day” morning he would be at Richmond “opening” an arrowroot field. In “power” in 1957-61, Joshua behaved “responsibly” concentrating on infrastructural development, of which a

feeder-roads and school- building, and Low Income Housing Programmes together with the Arnos Vale airport bear eloquent testimony. His timely intervention into the banana industry turned that crop into Green Gold. After 1960, Joshua denounced socialism, and his Government became more businessoriented, self centred, even corrupt-as witness the Public Works scandal, waiving of Ministers’ income tax and the issue surrounding the Deep Water Pier, the building of which was a feather in Joshua’s cap. The PPP-FIAWU became riddled with internal strife. As his world crumbled around him, Joshua became more conservative and repressive. Among other things, Joshua made a mockery of the Kingstown Board affairs and resorted to unfair control of the street for purposes of demonstrations in order to camouflage from the public view the obvious fact of the reversal of his fortunes. He helped to create an unsavoury political climate on the approach to Statehood which ultimately led to the dismal defeat of his Government in 1967 . After Statehood 1969, PPP’s fortunes dipped more sharply as Joshua struggled for survival in political quicksand. He began to see a communist under every bed. To him, the Labour Party had gone Red and Mitchell had turned Marxist. He cast aspersions on “The Black Power boys” in reference to the burgeoning Movement of black consciousness on the upsurge in the early 1970s. Finally, Joshua embarked on a course which, despite its short-term gains, could only lead ultimately to his downfall. First, he joined with Mitchell in 1972, purely as a tactic to buy time and keep the Labour Party at bay. Then in 1974, Joshua caused consternation amongst his top brass, and panic in his rank-and —file when without consulting them, he abandoned Mitchell and jettisoned some of his most loyal and devoted followers, to enter into a unholy Alliance with the Labour Party, which for 25 years he had represented as the very embodiment of evil. Three years later, Joshua who ranked foremost in the vanguard of the movement for self-determination, broke with Labour on the pretext that the country was not ready for independence. It was probably about this time, too, that he shook off the “Shakers” and joined the Church of Latter Day Saints. In the ensuing 1979 elections held three months after the grant of independence, the PPP failed to win a seat, Joshua himself suffering ignominious defeat in the former PPP bastion of South Central Windward. Six months later, drained and battle-weary, a punch drunken Joshua threw in his political towel. The story of Joshua represents the classic case of the populist leader whose magic was lost, whose spell had been broken, and whose hold over his people therefore loosened as his charisma waned, his native gift of grace worn thin. Correspondingly, it is the story of a once towering figure who could not march with the times, out-lived his usefulness and eventually lost his direction. Finally, it is the story of the leader who became cut off from his roots and so withered and died.

V Police must get smart



I HAVE BEEN READING WITH INTEREST, the developments in Trinidad and Tobago as they concern the army there, and that country’s effort to fight crime. I understand that the government in that country will soon be taking a bill to parliament which will give the army the same rights as police officers, e.g. the power to arrest, search and to carry arms. In reading about this move in T&T, I couldn’t help but reflect on our own situation. It appears to me that, while we have no standing army in this country, we do have two divisions of the units in the SSU and the RRU, which are no different from an army.

Members of the SSU and RRU are police officers, but they act and behave in manners similar to what we perceive to be the actions of an army. Perhaps the T&T government didn’t need to unleash their army on the people; all they needed to do was to set up two units like we have in the police force and transfer soldiers to those units.And while we are at it, I remember a letter writer to this paper, some- time last year, beseeching the police to get up and do their work. I am led to believe that what we need in this country is not more of the ‘brute force’ approach but smarter approaches to policing,

and that includes the use of more intelligence to complement the day to day policing. The last thing I would want is for this country to end up like Trinidad and Jamaica with high levels of violent crime. That is why we need to support our police but at the same time, we expect that the police will avoid the temptation to step over the line when dealing with the citizens of this country. We also expect that our police will investigate crime like fraud and ‘big people crimes’ in the same way and with the same effort they go after the little man with a stick of ganja. G. Jones

We Have Confidence in the FSA I AM A SHAREHOLDER OF THE ST. VINCENT BUILDING and Loan Association and I speak on behalf of several other shareholders who have signed a petition that will be published. We have confidence in the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and its efforts to address some of our Association’s deficiencies and then

return it to our control. We have no confidence in the interim committee established by Junior Bacchus and his associates at a “meeting of comrades” that was held outside the scope of the Rules (of the Association) on February 21, 2013. That interim committee is not authorized to interact with the FSA on

our behalf or to play any role in the transition to new institutional leadership. We will work with the FSA in the best interest of the St. Vincent Building and Loan Association. Shanelle Neverson Permanent & Redeemable Shareholder

SVG/CUBA Friendship Society mourns loss of President Chavez IT IS WITH GREAT SADNESS THAT the St Vincent and the Grenadines Friendship Society mourns the death of President Hugo Chavez of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. In his 14 years in power, President Chavez has proven to be a true and reliable friend of the Vincentian and Cuban people, and indeed the peoples of the entire western hemisphere. He was a spearhead for the wider regional integration movement, and a source of inspiration to the long-suffering and perennially oppressed people of Latin America. Testimony of this can be seen in the growth of the progressive movement throughout the region and its accession to power in democratic elections in several of these countries, which has dynamically changed the political map of Latin America and altered the balance of forces. Though President Chavez died before beginning his fourth term, he has left a lasting legacy in the fight against poverty and exploitation, the struggle for equality, the battle to end the unjust isolation of Cuba, and has extended a hand of friendship and solidarity which has hugely benefitted the poor of the region. His memory will live on in the annals of history, following in the footsteps of Chatoyer, Jose Marti and Simon Bolivar. Renwick Rose President, SVG/Cuba Friendship Society

Miss Heritage title was revoked her behavior, and she wrote a letter, THE NATIONAL SECONDARY dated 15th October, 2012, further SCHOOLS’ Miss Heritage Pageant outlining her intent to do better. Planning Committee takes this On January 29th 2013, it came to opportunity to respond to the Searchlight Newspaper’s article dated the committee’s attention that Miss Chance was involved in yet another Tuesday March 5th 2013, which physical altercation with a young lady addressed the assault by Miss. at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Jonique Chance, the former National Community College. At this point, the Secondary School’s Ms. Heritage. unanimous decision was taken to On October 22nd, 2011, the National revoke the title of Miss Heritage 2011 Secondary Schools’ Miss Heritage Pageant Planning Committee crowned from Miss Chance. A letter dated Tuesday 5th February , 2013 was Miss Jonique Chance of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School the winner written to Miss Chance informing her that her duties as Miss Heritage 2011 of the 2nd biennial Miss Heritage Pageant. She was adjudged the winner will cease effective February 15th 2013. in the Best Ambassadorial and Best The Planning Committee as well as Talent categories. Upon her victory, Miss Chance was the host institution, The Girls’ High informed of the expectations of a Miss School, are very saddened and embarrassed as to what has Heritage Pageant winner, and it was emphasized that she ‘is now viewed as transpired with regard to Miss Chance. The aim of the pageant is to a role model for young ladies all over the island, and that her behavior and assist with the moulding of a future conduct must exemplify an upstanding generation of women who exemplify qualities of discipline, decorum, and ambitious young lady’. dignity, and positivity. When the On September 27th 2012, Miss young lady who once held the crown Chance was found to be in a physical we hold in such high esteem is caught altercation at Heritage Square with in such a predicament, it another young lady. Upon hearing of demonstrates a failure on our part in this altercation, the Miss Heritage Pageant Committee met and discussed the fulfillment of our aim. the possibility of dethronement as a National Secondary Schools result of this very unfortunate Ms. Heritage Pageant Committee incident. However, it was decided that Miss Chance would be called in for a meeting to discuss her actions. After the meeting with Miss Chance, she gave several assurances that she was very sorry for WINFA express region through ALBA, condolences on the Petrocaribe and other passing of the late Hugo mechanisms of support. Chavez. The WINFA We share in the grief of family extends sincere the loss of such an condolences to the important son of the government and people of reigon. the Bolivarian Republic May his soul rest in * Why do two teams of Venezuela, following peace. in the national inter the passing of President community league Huo Chavez. He has Kozel Peters Fraser football competition made a significant Acting Coordinator have use of the contribution to the WINFA national uniforms? development of our sub-

WINFA expresses condolences

* Is the current recovery effort by the FSA/BLA a case of ‘Peter having to pay for Paul’? Do persons who want to withdraw their money from the BLA have to wait six months before they can do so? * Were those questions asked by the PSU of the NLC ever posed at a meeting of the NLC? Who is expected to answer? * When is that bus driver going to get paid for services rendered to a certain resort here? * How many of those laptop computers that were distributed to school children are in disrepair?

An ‘opening hours’ tale I SIMPLY HAD TO CHUCKLE when I read a letter in your newspaper of March1, 2013. The letter had to do with ‘two complaints’. Now I am not going to respond directly to the complaints raised, but I will simply tell a tale which I think is related. It so happened that I needed to get a certain ‘national document’ before 4:00 pm. I journeyed to the place in question and arrived there at about 3:15pm. The sign on the door clearly stated: Opening Hours 8:00am to 3:30am, Mon — Fri. except on public holidays. What a surprise I got

when I pushed the door. It was locked; locked at 3:15pm. There was a security guard on duty. He looked in my direction and said, “The office close for the day.” It was no later than 3:19pm when he said that. But there was more to come. I asked the guard, “So when should I come back?” “Tomorrow,” he said. “When do you open?” I double checked. “Half past eight,” he replied. So much for opening hours notices. What a country!!!! George




The dilemma facing NDP supporters

NDP’s plan for private sector development

The Dilemma

THE NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY is committed to securing a strong and sustainable economy for every single citizen of this country. One of the major strategies we will utilize towards this goal involves a focus on Private Sector Development. Private Sector Development will draw upon private investment, which is a proven engine for economic growth and poverty reduction. In order to foster Private Sector Development, an NDB government will endeavour to create an attractive investment climate. Private Sector Development has many benefits for the St. Vincent and the Grenadines economy. It will expand economic development and support a sustainable source of revenue — tax and otherwise — that will fund essential social programmes. Private Sector Development will become a nucleus of employment and therein accelerate the process of socio-economic development. Private Sector Development will improve the lives of our people, whether directly or indirectly. It will expand the variety of goods and services available and reduce their cost, to the benefit of consumers.

THESE ARE NOT GOOD TIMES for the supporters and the members of the Opposition New Democratic Party. Many of them are in a quandary as to the direction of their party, and the role that it is playing in the socio-economic development plans for St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Many of them are tired and fed-up with the wrangling in their party, over leadership, over the candidate selection process, over the absence of a philosophy and a vision, and the lack of a narrative which defines the thinking of their party and its leadership. They are looking for positive signs from their party, signs that Arnhim Eustace and his crew are ready for leadership, ready to take over the reins of governance in this country. Sadly, there are no such signs, and the horizon is empty of any such possibility. They do not particularly want to support the ULP, although they are faced with the unvarnished truth that the ULP is the only party with a compelling narrative at this time, and with a strategy to take the country through the current turbulent global economic and financial crisis. They hate the ULP, and Comrade Ralph, and having been fed a constant diet of lies, half-truths and propaganda from their leaders and talk show hosts, don’t know which way to turn. Their beloved party has let them down badly, and there is no real hope in sight.

The Lies exposed NDP supporters cannot fathom why their party leaders and spokespersons are uttering so many lies, on the ULP administration, on Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, on the economy, and even on the country itself. They feel that “all this is politics,” but when the lies are proven to be so, they are embarrassed. The economic growth of the country is a case in point. Despite evidence to the contrary, the NDP still tell their supporters that the country experienced four years of negative growth. Their supporters now know that this is not true, and that in fact St.Vincent and the Grenadines is the only country in the OECS, to experience two continuous years of positive economic growth. Worst of all, is the statement from the President of the Caribbean Development Bank, Dr. Warren Smith, that supports and corroborates that fact. Yet the NDP persists with their negativity, and their supporters continue to agonise. Over in Grenada, now Prime Minister Keith Mitchell, in his message in his election manifesto, had this to say: “In St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the economy has maintained jobs, attracted investment, and they are pursuing the largest public sector investor project perhaps in the history of that country”. This is a strong endorsement from the Grenadian leader; but it’s old news, since most Vincentians, including those who support the NDP, are in support of the work of the government. Still the NDP will persist with their gloom and doom stories, confounding their supporters even


Short-changing Vincentians The NDP is pursuing a path aimed at “short-changing Vincentians” from the benefits of the people centred development strategy of the ULP administration. It seems as though nothing is good enough for us as a people. They have criticised a number of projects implemented by the ULP administration, but which have provided tremendous benefits to Vincentians. Among these are the Education Revolution, the Housing Revolution, the bridge over the Rabacca river, the international airport project at Argyle, the divestment of the shares in the Bank of St.Vincent and the Grenadines, and the list goes on. Can you imagine, you, as an NDP supporter, getting an opportunity to own a low or middle income house, while your party is critical of this project? Can you consider that while your children are benefiting from the education revolution, getting an education, and earning money, the NDP is critical of this all important strategy? And there is more. The NDP will do anything to close down the Buccama project, a business entity that is providing jobs for their supporters. So clearly, they don’t want you to work, to put bread on your table. Then there is the Building and Loan debacle, where the NDP has provided no leadership, and in fact would rather save their party, than that important Vincentian financial institution. In short, they care nothing about you as a supporter of the NDP.

A discredited party As a supporter of the NDP, you must now know that your party is discredited. Its leadership is in crisis, with the founder father, Sir James Mitchell, calling on the current leader to step aside. There is no philosophical plan that outlines the direction it will take, if it is elected to office tomorrow. And Sir James points out the obvious. It is events as they unfurl, which control the policies of the NDP. They wait for things to happen, and then they adopt and pronounce a policy based on the event. The evidence is there, as can be seen in their approach to the BBC issue, the collapse of BAICO and CLICO (and the absurdity of floating a bond to compensate policy holders), the attack on Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves, and the Building and Loan debacle among others. The NDP feels that our country is a “two by four, insignificant state”, a most insulting, derogatory way of thinking, from a mass party, as represented by Linton Lewis. It is statements like these that make us tag the NDP as unpatriotic, and not fit to administer the affairs of this country. The ULP and Comrade Ralph, is the only hope for our country, particularly in these difficult financial and economic times.

Sector Development shall contribute to an expanded tax base that will allow for investment in the health, education and welfare of all of our people. Benefits of Private Sector Development * * * * * * * *

Increased national incomes; Sustainable employment; Stable economic growth; Competitive markets; Higher standard of living; Infrastructural development; Wealth creation and distribution; Consumer cost savings.

Main Goals

* To increase the number of self employed persons through the creation of quality jobs. This new work environment will produce new economic activities. * To increase the motivation and skills of the unemployed in the rural area. To actively seek and create new Improving the Investment Climate employment opportunities within their own communities. Opportunities for firms to invest, * To ensure an equitable distribution create jobs, and expand are key to of wealth through all sectors of the fostering Private Sector Development. national economy. This will lead to a This is intrinsic to establishing reduction of poverty and the negative sustainable progress in any attack effects associated with poverty. against poverty, aimed at improving * To empower people to trust in their the standard of living for all own abilities and knowledge. To learn Vincentians. the basic values and operating The New Democratic Party principles of business, thereby adopting recognizes that improving government policies and behavior will not only shape a practical approach to the world of business. the investment climate and drive Private Sector Development, but it will Establishing the New Frontiers also drive overall economic growth and improve opportunities for everyone. We, The New Democratic Party therefore, will provide a range of recognizes the current international incentives and support to encourage reality, indeed a new set of imperatives, Private Sector Development and above against which background we must all, create the stable macro-economic formulate our economic plans and and social environment that will managerial initiatives. encourage investment. Everyone we believe now hears and We will eliminate red tape and even speaks of globalization. Not all, we restrictive bureaucratic practices and are sure, can chart the appropriate processes in the public sector, and course to improve productivity and develop a facilitative and responsive competitiveness to face the global public sector. We must ensure that we put in place competition. We are of the view that we need not, measures that promote competitiveness in all cases, re-invent the wheel. The and growth in the private sector. truth is: much of the basic research has Private Sector Development that already been done for us. The World encourages growth will create Bank makes the point that we must sustainable jobs and opportunities for move beyond decades of reliance on macro and micro-entrepreneurs alike. traditional markets and trade Micro-economic development is one of the key pathways through which people preferences into new sources of growth. Your New Democratic Party, can escape the trap of poverty. We will however, further argues for a renewed give each person the power to shape emphasis on a new approach to their own destiny. economic development, not just more of The resultant economic growth the same, but fundamentally different envisioned will also help to reduce the sets of endeavours. costs of goods to our citizens. This is In this regard, the NDP, in especially important to those who suffer the economic burden the most. Private diversifying and transforming the economy, will recognize the pivotal role of information and communications technology (ICT) in this regard. There must be greater emphasis on Resource Based Industries (RBI’s) as against the traditional Import Substitution Model (ISM). We subscribe to the view that, even in a hostile regional and international environment, there are still benefits that can accrue from small size, for example: small quality production; focus on unique products e.g. arrowroot and nutmeg derivatives; niche markets e.g. for essential oils.




Fences create true freedom What a heart that cease to beat “With proper boundaries, children are more secure and can truly enjoy their surroundings. We need to see God’s restrictions on our sexual behavior in the same way, as gateways not to slavery but to greater freedom.” — Moody Bible Institute THE TITLE OF THIS WEEK’S article may appear to be a contradiction. How could fences create freedom? “Fences” conjure up the image of keeping individuals in or out of a specified area; it conveys imagery of restriction – not freedom. The word “freedom”, on the other hand, paints a picture of being able to roam unhindered. How, then, can fences create true freedom? It could very well be said that this week’s article is especially directed to this column’s readers who are in the adolescent phase of their life. The quotation from the Moody Bible Institute that was used to introduce the article may also provide a strong hint that the focus is on child rearing practices in general, and the need to provide guidance, restrictions and/or boundaries in particular. However, the thoughts that will be developed over the next few minutes will be useful for all age groups. My reason for stating that the youthful reader may especially find this article useful is based on the fact that I have interacted with so many youth groups over the years, and understand and appreciate the many frustrations that they face as their minds and bodies move through the tectonic phase from childhood to young adulthood. In addition, now that I am in my postyouth stage of life, I can look back at my journey through those “challenging transition years”, and provide some insights that may be beneficial to those now on that journey. If only my generation will find more opportunities to share our successes and our failures, our strengths and our weaknesses, our mountain top and our valley experiences, so that the next generation will understand and appreciate that we have gone that way before ... and they can learn from our experiences and be guided so that they traverse the adolescent minefield without being maimed. Many in my age group will testify that we may have resented the restrictions (fences) that our parents and guardians erected and maintained while we were growing up. We wanted to be free to do what we wanted, go where we wanted, when we wanted, and so on. But we can now look back at those days (and nights) of frustration and be thankful that the concerned adults insisted in grounding us ... for our own good. And, even as I pen these words, I reflect on the fact that the grass often seemed so very green on the other side of the fence. But little did we know that they were sprayed with hazardous poisons. Yes, you get the picture that is pained in this analogy — sometimes the activities that we may have thought were so “pleasant to the eyes” could have been so very destructive; the friends that our parents and guardians cautioned us about could have encouraged us to engage in self-destructive behaviours. And even now, we shudder to imagine what could have resulted from some of those escapades. Some individuals did not have the

fences erected or maintained, and would have ventured into some very dangerous pastures. Others were determined to jump over, tunnel through, veer around, or dig under the barricades — nothing could hold them back from “having fun”. They now feel the pain that has resulted from their unwise expeditions. Some bear the scars of unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, heavy loads of guilt, feelings of resentment and un-forgiveness. But all is not lost — there is still life after such spiritual and emotional amputations. And we can go anywhere from where we are. The choice is ours to determine which direction we will take. And having experienced the setbacks that have resulted from these foibles, it becomes important to sound the warnings to the unsuspecting so that they avoid the pain and trauma that we went through. This will be the responsible thing to do (and not to say “We learnt the hard way and so should they.”). Rupert Brooke (1887—1915), the English poet who died in World War I, was known to have said, “The worst of slaves is he whom passion rules.” As we reflect on the thoughts shared in that statement, we understand and appreciate the significance of controlling our basic drives — our passion. We must be disciplined enough to avoid taking the easy path to self-gratification. We must make sure that constraints are in place to suppress the basic desires that will infringe on the rights of others and/or break the rules and norms of society. And it is especially during that period of adolescence that concerned adults need to erect, as best we can, the fences that will aid in influencing this disciplined approach to controlling those passions that are deemed destructive and/or negative. Laws, rules, and regulations are meant to be fences erected to keep us within society’s safety zone. God’s commandments function the same way on a personal and community level. God’s laws are designed to keep us in fellowship with Him and away from the harmful practices that can hold us in bondage. Our safety and happiness will be guaranteed when we stay within the boundaries that He has laid out for us. I like the way Joe Sowell describes it when he states, “God’s boundaries are not meant to take the pizazz out of life. Instead, they are divine fences constructed with God’s wisdom to help us avoid the treachery and trouble of reckless living.” Without these, or when these laws are breached, society heads on a downward spiral to a place at ground zero called disaster. We, adults and children, are more secure and can truly enjoy our surroundings when we bask in the sunlight that reflects His righteousness. Although they may appear like fences, we need to see God’s and society’s restrictions on deviant behaviours as gateways to true freedom ... not imprisonment. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to

We are not minded to argue that leaders are indispensible. We know there are many who once thought themselves to be irreplaceable, whose remains decorate cemeteries across the world. But today we can do no less but to proclaim that the passing of President Hugo Chavez, last Tuesday, represents a major loss to those forces who believe that a new world is not only possible and necessary, but inevitable. The toiling masses of Venezuela, the people of the Caribbean and indeed the world, lost a true champion and friend. One does not have to be a revolutionary to appreciate the strength of character, vision, foresight and commitment of President Chavez. President Chavez believed in democracy. He believed that a people united could never be defeated. Whenever there was a contentious issue in the Venezuelan body politic, he took it to the people and allowed them the chance to decide in a democratic vote. UN Secretary General Ban Kimoon spoke for millions of people around the world when he said President Chavez spoke ‘to the challenges and aspirations of the most vulnerable Venezuelans.’ More than one insightful person have correctly declared that ‘the hallmark of a great leader is their relationship and commitment to those who can least defend themselves.’ President Chavez left his mark, and it is hoped that after the sorrow brought on by his passing, the joy in the morning will be demonstrated in the engagement of millions of young Venezuelans in the national task of furthering President Chavez’s dream of constructing ‘the new socialism of the 21st century.’ President Chavez had no interest in being just another politician whose ambition took him to the presidency. He declared his intention to be transformative. His 14-year tenure as Venezuela’s president is living proof of his work. President Chavez used the enormous oil wealth, which before his emergence was used to feather the nest of the management class in Venezuela, to benefit the broad masses of people. President Chavez built hundreds of thousands of new homes for the poor. Education, health and dental care were delivered free of cost. Millions learned to read and write. For the first time in their lives, many vulnerable persons gained the opportunity to live a dignified life. He paid off the country’s debt to the International Monetary Fund so as to remove its stranglehold on all economic matters in the country. But President Chavez was not only concerned about the plight of Venezuela. His vision was for a new world that was based on mutual respect, unity of the peoples as well as just and non exploitative trading, economic and financial relations. He worked tirelessly to build up a unified front among the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean. He cancelled the multi-million dollar debt which Haiti owed to Venezuela, assisted Argentina with a huge soft

loan when the IMF tried to strangle that country. His friendship and assistance to revolutionary Cuba helped the country survive a very hostile and destructive American blockage. In our Caribbean, President Chavez will long be remembered for the Petro Caribe Agreement which offered preferential payment terms on the delivery of fuel at a time when fuel prices reached close to $150 per barrel. This agreement allowed some breathing space to SVG and other CARICOM countries as they battled to survive through a very difficult economic period. Our country, because of its political divisions, has never really appreciated the quality leadership that President Chavez represented. In death, some may well get a renewed appreciation for him, especially if the Venezuelan opposition wins the presidential elections which are scheduled for early April. The opposition has pledged to cancel Petro Caribe, disband the ALBA bank and return to relations based strictly on neo-liberal terms. President Chavez, along with Cuban leader Fidel Castro, committed to assisting with the construction of the Argyle international airport. These countries’ specific commitment had to do with the preparatory earth work. This work is almost done, thanks to the selfless contribution of these two brother countries. Castro and Chavez have shown that true friendship and international brotherhood can have a positive impact on the developmental needs of poor developing countries. Looking at the reports of President Chavez’s passing, Plain Talk admits to a sense of sadness and loss. Why must Chavez leave the political stage so soon? Why not another ten years so as to consolidate the gains of the poor and vulnerable? And then we snapped back to reality. We are reminded by the Walter Rodney refrain: ‘Don’t mourn , organize for the battles ahead.’ The masses in Venezuela have an election to win. Their gains under 14 years of President Chavez’s rule must not be reversed. A victory for the Venezuelan left, led by Vice President Nicolas Maduro, will allow him to rest well. Nothing must be done that causes this great friend of the poor to turn in his grave. In 14 short years, President Chavez did more for the masses of Venezuela and the Americas than the collective effort of leaders who preceded him in the 20th century. Now he is gone, but we are soothed by the words of the wise: death is not real when one has done his life work well. Farewell President Chavez. Go rest with the giants. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to




SVG mash up!! The country mash up. Gonsalves’ incompetent financial management and economic strategy have mashed up our country. There has been a rapid and deep decline in our economy. Things are so bad that we received aid recently from the USA. On 23rd February 2013, a USA military plane brought humanitarian aid to our povertystricken country. We are receiving aid like Haiti and Bangladesh. After 12 years of a ULP regime’s financial madness, our country is in shambles. SVG is an empty shell: poverty and suffering have now constituted the staple diet for many in SVG. Unemployment is out of control, and many businesses have been forced to close as there’s no money circulating. Many families cannot make ends meet. It is no surprise that Gonsalves’ economic plan has disintegrated into

shambles. When the ULP regime took office in 2001, Gonsalves started driving the SVG economy on a foreign policy of begging and borrowing. SVG Green Party warned the ULP regime that their economic strategy was dangerous and not sustainable. The ULP regime ignored SVG Green Party’s warning, and now SVG is mashed up - heavily indebted and needing foreign aid to survive. The bottom has dropped out of the ULP regime’s begging bowl: Gadaffi was forced out of office in Libya; Badawi was forced out of office in Malaysia; President Chen of Taiwan is in jail; and Manning was voted out of office in Trinidad and Tobago. The ‘coalition of the willing’ is now the coalition of the impotent and deceased. In Haiti, in the past two and a half years, over 8,000 people have died from cholera. Even before the

earthquake in January 2010, more than 70% of people in Haiti were living on less than $US2 per day; 86% of people in the capital were living in slum conditions — poorly built, concrete buildings; half of the people in the capital had no access to latrines, and only one-third has access to tap water. Is this the plan for SVG under the incompetent ULP regime? Is this why SVG is being compared to Haiti? Will the aid shipments to SVG become monthly, weekly or daily? Changing the economic strategy from begging and borrowing to aid dependence is not an act of genius. SVG must avoid becoming an aiddependent country. The urgent solution is to stop Taiwan creaming-off billions of dollars every year from our deep sea fish licence, and abolish the tax and customs duty exemptions

given to the super-rich of Mustique and Canouan. Taiwan and the super-rich of Mustique and Canouan are major obstacles to sustainable development in SVG. We have no choice but to build our own fishing and fish canning industry, and collect over $100 million of tax every year from the super-rich of Mustique and Canouan. The country is mashed up, and we must rebuild and rejuvenate our weak economy. Under a Green government, the SVG economy will be driven by education and science and technology. Financial competence and innovation will create a strong Green economy, thousands of new jobs and surplus revenue. SVG Green Party

Political Women for Education and Re-direction (Power) This year marks the 39th Anniversary of the celebration of International Women’s Day in St. Vincent & The Grenadines, and 102 years since it was internationally accepted, after being proposed by German Socialist, Clara Zetkin. Undoubtedly, women have made significant gains beyond the home, and Earlene Horne worked tirelessly there is cause on behalf of rural, marginalized for celebration women and men. as women advance in the world of MESSAGE ON THE work, leadership and OCCASION OF proficiency in traditional INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S and non-traditional DAY – MARCH 8, 2013 skills.

However, women’s cup is but half full. There is cause for lament over the injustices that affect women, for example, discrimination in respect, remuneration and status that reduces them to second class citizens in their own country. In spite of efforts at government and nongovernmental levels, there is still inadequate support services for child care and elder care, placing an additional responsibility on women who also have to work to maintain their homes. It is true to say that ”home” for many women is a place of torment, as the crime of domestic violence is committed daily in their homes, as partners’ abuse of alcohol and other addictions take their toll on families. Recent cases of incest against children below the age of consent attest to this. Further, the inability or unwillingness of men to accept when a woman says she no longer wants to have or continue an intimate relationship with them, often leaves women

wounded or dead, bereaved relatives, and perpetrators behind bars. When assessing the cost of domestic violence, all suffer, including the State. This International Women’s Day, we celebrate the bravery of those women who raised their voices against the “empty” cup of unsatisfactory social conditions of the poor, and in so doing, effected change. Let us celebrate women like Bertha Mutt, Elma Yvonne Francis-Gibson took her trade union Francois, involvement into representative politics and made trumpeting from the streets; Ivy Inez women’s affairs her main focus. Joshua, Valcina Ash, Yvonne succeeded in effecting minds of the people, so Francis Gibson, Rene change. as to change conditions Baptiste, and Girlyn Today, we recognize that now exist”. Miguel, among others, their contributions, and Today, let us our who faced the polls to stand tall and proudly on common sense, advocacy, trumpet from the House their shoulders. Let us research and of Parliament; Sarah employ their strategies, mobilisation skills to Baptiste and Earlene and like Ivy Joshua and bring about a legislative Horne, trumpeting from Elma Francois -“talk agenda that will improve the communities for politics to the people, women’s lives. better health and social show them their rights, conditions, and and create a fire in the Nelcia Robinson




Registered Nurse Cynthia Williams-Bernard cuts ribbon, opening bakery, flanked by chief baker Hezekiah Hunte, of Biabou, and friend, Registered Nurse Laverne Munro, of Georgetown.

Patrons at the newly-opened Ethlyn’s Caribbean Bakery.

Veteran Vincy nurse fulfills dream: Opens bakery

my parents had a bakery while I was growing up,” Williams-Bernard told THE VINCENTIAN in an exclusive interview at the bakery, as ONE WOULD HARDLY Vincentian and THINK that a registered Caribbean soca and nurse, with over 40 years calypso hits blared in the of experience, would background. engage in the bakery Her late parents were business; but Cynthia Ezekiel and Marion Williams-Bernard has done Elizabeth Williams, of just that, fulfilling her Richland Park. long-held dream. Last Saturday, on a Why a bakery blustery and cold, wintery morning, Williams-Bernard, Williams-Bernard, who who works full time with hails from Richland Park the United States federal in the Marriaqua Valley, government, at 26 opened her first bakery Federal Plaza in lower in the heart of the Manhattan, in charge of Caribbean community in hospital programmes, Brooklyn, New York. said she plans to retire Williams-Bernard said from nursing in about the bakery, named two to three years. Ethlyn’s Caribbean In the meantime, she Bakery, after her said she will be at the grandmother Ethlyn bakery on evenings and Hector, replaces the weekends, with a young Vincy Bakery at 1621 employee in charge Nostrand Ave., between during the day. Tilden Avenue and Williams-Bernard said Beverly Road. The Vincy Biabou native Hezekiah Bakery had closed its Hunte will be the baker doors about a year ago on hand seven days per shortly after its former week, with assistance on co-owner, Nicholas Saturdays from Clouden, expired. Barbadian Andy “I thought about doing Williams. something for my “I chose bakery also retirement and decided because it does not to open a bakery because conflict with my job,” Story and photos by NELSON A. KING; US CORRESPONDENT

said Williams-Bernard, disclosing that serious thought about launching the bakery came about a year ago. “Anything I’m doing should not conflict with the federal government. They have very strict rules about conflict of interest. “My goal is to expand (bakery) in a couple of years, get a bigger place and do delivery,” she added, stating that she chose the current location because it represents a wide crosssection of the Caribbean community.

Williams-Bernard (4th from L, front) with employees, friends and supporters at launching of bakery.

puff; red belly; Bajan and coconut turnover; cassava pone; bread and sweet potato pudding; A Haitian bakery is currant and coconut roll; located two doors down, codfish cake; fried bakes but Williams-Bernard and codfish; escovitch said she is not worried about competition, since fish; Jamaica bulla; cross that bakery’s specialties and cinnamon bun; heavy bread; coconut and clientele are sweet bread; penny different. “The Haitian bakery is bread; and hard dough wheat bread. not a threat to my After graduating from business,” she affirmed, the St. Vincent and the stating that she Grenadines’ School of specializes in a wide variety of “freshly baked” Nursing in 1970, Williams-Bernard said Vincentian and she worked as a Caribbean goods. registered nurse at home Among the mouthfor four years before watering delicacies are: beef, chicken and codfish migrating to New York. patty; cheese roll; pine Nursing tenure and coconut tart; jam

Facing the competition

In New York, she said she worked in nursing with the State’s Department of Health for six years before joining the federal government. Her stint with the federal government includes 10 years in Miami, Florida, where she investigated Medicaid fraud and abuse. Medicaid is a jointlyfunded, US federal-state health insurance program for low-income and needy people, covering children, the aged, blind, and/or disabled and other people who are eligible to receive federally-assisted income maintenance payments.

Thirty-two states and the District of Columbia provide Medicaid eligibility to people eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. In these states, the SSI application is also the Medicaid application. Medicaid eligibility starts the same months as SSI eligibility. Williams-Bernard said she re-located to New York in July 2011, with the hope of realizing her bakery dream. “I’m just following my dream and hoping the community will fully support me along the way,” she said.




Caribbean leaders saddened by ChavezÊs death by NELSON A. KING; US CORRESPONDENT

Caribbean leaders have expressed profound sadness and have generally been swift in reacting to the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Here are some extracts from what they had to say.

ROOSEVELT SKERRIT - Dominica Prime Minister PORTIA SIMPSON-MILLER – Jamaica Prime Minister “Although it was well known that President

BALDWIN SPENCER - Antigua and Barbuda Prime Chavez was battling very serious health issues, I was always of the view that the brave and Minister “Chavez was a true champion of not only the working class people of Venezuela but of the entire Caribbean. “Being in his presence and interacting with him was always uplifting and was a positive symbol of great hope for Latin America and the Caribbean. “His contributions to the development of Antigua and Barbuda and the Caribbean in general will always be remembered,” he added. “The Caribbean owes a debt of gratitude to Venezuela for sharing with us a son of the soil, whose imposing physical presence was equaled only by his exceptional intellect and compassion.”

courageous fighter that he was would have led him to overcome the challenge with which he was afflicted. “This was not to be, and we will have to live with the reality of him not being with us anymore. (He was) “a sincere, jovial, and a very vociferous and committed leader in the defence of the rights and welfare of the most marginalized and vulnerable in the society, and a fighter to correct inequalities in his country, the Americas, and the Caribbean region. “I will miss him dearly. Long live my friend. Long live Mr. President. Gone but not forgotten.”

“I have lost a personal friend. “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. “At this hour, I ask that each of you place the family of President Chavez and the people of Venezuela in your prayers. We share the pain and great loss. I am sure that in the days ahead several Caribbean leaders will speak to the social and economic benefits Dominica and the rest of the region derived from President Chavez’s full Caribbean policies. “The impact of these policies on the lives and well-being of Caribbean people will be recorded, I am sure. Comrade Chavez did all for the people not only of Venezuela, but for Latin America and, indeed, the world. “He will be remembered also for bringing the Caribbean and Latin America together. I have lost a personal friend, a comrade, a colleague. I am deeply saddened. The struggle continues.”

DR. KENNY ANTHONY – St. Lucia Prime Minister “President Chavez's death looms very large for several Caribbean states, especially those which shared a close working relationship with the Venezuelan government. He will be remembered for a long time, he accomplished so much in the short 14 years he was in office, and all of us have reason to celebrate the friendship and memory of his accomplishments. “Chavez was a wonderful friend of the Caribbean, who sought to build bridges.”



Fashion Art

Déjà vu Fashion Show delivers as promised

Shernicia Mayers design by WESTFORD JOSEPH KIMON BAPTISTE OF KIMMYSTIC INC. PROMISED AN EXCITING, TOP QUALITY FASHION SHOW, and she delivered.Déjà vu Fashion, staged on Saturday 2nd March at the manicured grounds of the Balcombe’s residence which rims the beach front at the popular Indian Bay beach, ideally set against an idyllic Caribbean sunshine, caressed by the melodious sounds of the Sea Operations Starlift Steel Orchestra. The parade showcased designs of varying tastes, emphasized by the different styles, patterns and colours that incorporated the

vibrancy of the Caribbean personality. Fashion and Design Houses whose works were paraded included: Poshelle (Lisa Cordice), Atelier Shernicia (Shernicia Mayers), Tami B (Tamiko Browne), Ethel (Donna Weekes), Kimmystic Clo. (Kimon Baptiste). Also on parade was the work of New York-based Viktor Luna, the featured designer. In addition to being enticed by the fashion parade, patrons had an opportunity to view firsthand, displays set in booths comprising a ‘Fashion Village’. Displays of bags, jewelry, art and craft and other accessories were provided by Just Jeon, Renaissance Creations, Merle’s Arts and Craft, Benett Jewellery and Immense Bags. Portraits from McAllister Designers were also on display. Patrons with whom this reporter spoke, described the event as “impressive,”… “mindblowing,”… ”excellent,”… and “amazing.” Shanna Browne, Export Development Manager of Invest SVG, one of the sponsors of the show, considered the

A Tamiko Browne design

effort as something for which persons in SVG have been waiting. Mindful of her agency’s ongoing effort to expose local designers, Browne posited that Invest SVG would endeavor to sponsor the event again, indicating that those who missed the first show should definitely look out for other shows by Kimmystic Inc. Viktor Luna described the show as being “awesome and fantastic.” He admitted he was a bit nervous about showcasing his designs, especially as the aesthetic was more Fall/Winter as opposed to Spring/Summer. However, he was extremely pleased with the response he received from Vincentians, who he stated “know their fashion.” A Kimon Baptiste design A Victor Luna design An obviously elated Kimon Baptiste expressed appreciation to all the persons who came out in support of the show, acknowledging that she had received many positive comments from patrons. Baptiste hinted at plans to make the show an annual event, and intimated, “We have so much talent here (St. Vincent and the Grenadines), and it is my dream to see those talents showcased to the rest of the world.”

A Lisa Cordice design

A Donna Weekes design



Agriculture Agr ricu i ultu ure alive aliv ve e on on the t Leeward Lee ewa ard side sid de anticipates He anticipa ates the setting up of three green en house parks through additional gre which, “we can n normalize, and have a and locally.” sustainable an nd viable production locally y.” Recognizing g that green house farming g is not traditionall to SVG, Minister Caesar there noted that the ere are students currently being trained at the Technical College, in n technology. conjec-green house te echnology. This, he conjec tures, will help p with the intention of his “marry technology ministry to “m marry international technolo ogy traditional al methods of farming,” and with tradition d ensure a new generation g of farmers.

Tree crops – a viable alternative Female farm farmer mer Avorn Davis welcomed d n to the Wallilabou Propaga athe delegation Propagation Station an nd led a tour that revealed and expansive prop pagation and cultivation off propagation tree crops, incl lusive of mango, wax apple e, inclusive apple, nutmeg, bread dfruit, guava, sour sop, breadfruit, papaya and co oconut. coconut. The station n is also involved in grafting g, grafting, which involvess the transfer of tissue of on ne one plant into ano ther to produce another another variety. The sta tion also has some 500 coco oa station cocoa plantl ets ready for free distributi ion, plantlets distribution, wh hich the Minister is encoura agwhich encouraging farmers to utilize. A ten-minute drive to ook took the party to the Belle Isle Correctional Facility’s farm. There, prisoner rs prisoners are involved in the cultivation of vegetables and roott crops for f use by b the th facility, with the exc cess excess sold on the open mark ket. market. From Belle Isle, the tour moved to the Findlay y’s Findlay’s fa arm in Spring Village. farm Th he farm boasts the largest The

allilabou Propagation Minister Caesar catching g a glimpse of work at the W Wallilabou Station.

by b y KENVILLE HORNE IN KEEPING WITH HIS INTE NTION TTo o ha ve a INTENTION have fir sthand impression of tha at ffor or whic h he holds firsthand that which responsibility, Minister Minister of A griculture, Sabot o responsibility, Agriculture, Saboto C Caesar and d his hi tteam eam off agr gricultural i lt l of fficials fi i l agricultural officials continued their field ttours, ours, the mos o mostt recent tto the Lee ward side, TTuesday uesday 28th F ebruary. Leeward February. The first stop at Peter’ ’s Hope made for a Peter’s picture of modern farming g techniques and practices.

Green House farming in practice There, the tour party visited v the Peter’s Hope Green House Park, an operation run by y National Properties p Lt td, and consisting g Ltd,

a Peter’s Peter ’s Hope. The Green House Park at

ten of te en green house tunnels and two enclosed green houses. ses. hou irriga-A Aided by an irriga tion n system that is served serv ved by water collected colle ected in a catchment f m a stream from t running i through thro ough the location, the concen-farm m is currently concen trating cultiva-trat ting on vegetable cultiva tion, cucum-tion n, primarily, lettuce, cucum Preparations berss and tomatoes. Preparation ns water are afoot to add pumpkin, wate er melon melo on and ginger to the crops grown g at Peter’s Pete er’s Hope. M Minister Caesar was visibly y impressed, citin ng the Park as an effort in the t direction citing nsuring g this country’s y food security. y ensuring of en

Citrus abo abounds unds on this Spring V illa age Farm. Village

cultivasingle citrus cultiva ation on the Leeward side of St. Vincent, and also includes a large number of mango trees. The number of citrus and mangoess trees is said to be in n the region of 250. Mrs. Judith Findlay explained their that they market th heir citrus by providing sale sa e in $5.00 bags o on the open market an nd by y and orders. e From Spring, th the next stop was at Wellington Dodds’ 20-acre farm in Cumberland, where e e, he plants pine appl apple, water melon, planta ain and tannia. plantain “Once we have ir rrigation we produce irrigation good crops right thr rough,“ Dodds boasted, through,“ with a slight smile. smile He made known n his intention to build a green house to prod duce 1000 to 2000 lettuce produce heads per week to further f enhance his current sale arrang gements with hotels. arrangements The entourage’s next stop was at Coulls Hill where they visi ited with Gary visited Archibald. Archibald is the largest cocoa farmer on the Leeward side off the island, with over 9 acres of cocoa underr cultivation. He expects to be reaping rewar rds in the next three rewards years. Archibald’s yout thfulness nursed out of youthfulness Minister Caesar a comment c of commenda commenda-tion, he noting thatt he was “happy to work with young personss in the agriculture.”

Composting Vale Academy.. Co omposting at the Richmond dV ale a Academy Left: Belmont, Lef ft: This Boer goat at Belmo ont, is used for breeding.

Varietyy in the industr Variet industryy The Belmont farm pre presented esented a difference of sorts. Primarily a live estock breeding livestock centre, the farm caters to o sheep and goats, with ith a variety i t off breeds: b d Dorper, D Katahdin K t hdi and the popular Barbado os Black Belly for Barbados sheep; and the Boer and Anglo- Nubian for goats. The farm also has a number n of pigs. Something of a break occ curred at Rose Hall occurred when the party stopped at Jack Hill. Jack Hill is of great significan nce to the people of significance Rose Hall. It is where th heir ancestors had their resided before the 1898 hurricane h destroyed their settlement and forc ced them into the forced lower area of the village.. The area was known to be the ‘bread basket b of North Leeward,’ and governme ent’s stated inten government’s inten-som me semblance of tion is to return it to some that status. The final stop was at the Richmond Vale a major Academy at Richmond, another

Jack Hill, once the bread basket of the North Leeward area.

Encouraging banana culti cultivation vation at Richmond.

con ntributor to SVG agricultur re develop contributor agriculture develop-ment. involved me ent. The institution is involv ved in organic far rming, compost production, bio gas farming, pro oduction (from kitchen wast te), livestock production waste), rea aring and banana cultivatio on on 30 acres on, rearing cultivation, of land. l Five Vincentians are employed wit th the project, with the maj jority of with majority stu udent volunteers coming fro om overseas. student from The Buccama Resort is the e Academy’s ma ajor purchaser. major All in all, the two tours, on ne to the one Wi ndward, one to the Leewar rd, coming Windward, Leeward, wit thin the space of eight days s, gave clear within days, ind dication of the potential of agriculture a indication and d the contribution it can ma ake to the make GD DP of this country. GDP F Farmers and d ffarm workers k s welcomed l d the e Minister and his delegatio on, and many delegation, wer re encouraged by the visits. visitss. However, were the ere is no denying that much h work has to there be done to return a sustained confidence in the e industry. All hands are ca alled to the called dec ck in this regard. deck



Carnival Heat

Continuing support for Vincy Mas to view his institution as a “partner” rather than a sponsor. He used the VINCY MAS 2013 will see a scaling down of opportunity to promote the VC3 Channel activities organized by the Carnival powered on Karib Cable, and pointed to Development Corporation (CDC). their coverage of carnival events. Dennis Ambrose, CDC’s chairman Nikala Williams, representing LIME, gave indication of this last Tuesday pledged her company’s support for the during a CDC press conference, pointing festival. They will be making it easier for out that the CDC will not be holding the patrons to attend several activities Fire Fete this year, and that there will through innovative incentives. be no CDC activity for the Thursday LIME will continue its links with night during the celebrations. cultural artistes, and Williams left open Another major shift is the reproposals from new artistes. She positioning of the Miss Carival Show projected on LIME’s Monday Evening from its traditional last Friday to the band and dubbed it as a platform of the opening Friday, June 28, of the official festival. Vincy Mas programme. St. Vincent Brewery was represented Ambrose considered this year as a by marketing coordinator Lamont move towards a “collaborative effort,” Medica. and promised that there would be an He commended the CDC on their increased involvement of private early awareness programme, and noted entrepreneurs. that the international community was Major sponsors were on hand to attracted to the Vincentian festivity. He confirm their support for the festival. made it known that there could hardly Anthony Dennie, representing the be any national exercise without the National Lotteries Authority, preferred Brewery’s involvement. Stories by WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY

The Brewery is having a special promotion designed to signal their bond with the country, and Medica promised his company’s support. LIAT’s island manager Dominic Patterson noted that his airline has been flying the Miss Carival participants from the first event in 1985, and he used that as proof of his company’s commitment to the festival. Patterson assured that Dennis Ambrose, LIAT “has no intention of Chairman of CDC, abandoning the Miss promised a year of Carival representatives, ‘collaborative effort’. returning Vincentians or visitors.” will Tourism Minister Cecil Mc Kie is anxious for 2014. For him, that year will welcome the be a “game changer.” He was referring to entire world.” the opening of the Argyle International Airport, and in Mc Kie’s summation: “We

Luke Boyea, renowned local entertainment promoter. Could he be one of the private entrepreneurs expected to play a greater role in Vincy Mas?

Miss SVG Pageant contestants introduced

Contestants in the 2013 Miss SVG Pageant (back from left) Therese Chambers, Maressa Endeavour, Anna Laborde, Hannah Hamilton (Front from left): Brooke Legair, Shannon Bess, Chenead Hackshaw, Shara George.

CONTESTANTS in the 2013 Miss SVG Pageant were introduced to the media on Tuesday, at a press briefing held by the Carnival Development Corporation. Cheryl Rodriquez, chairperson of the Beauty Shows Committee, which spearheads the Pageant, introduced the contestants and reminded them “self-esteem is the value you put on yourself.” In addition to the $80,000 scholarship, the Miss SVG winner represents this country in the Miss Carival Pageant, Friday June 28. Those in preparation for the Miss SVG title are Shannon Bess, Ann Therese Chambers, Maressa Endeavour, Chenead Hackshaw, Hannah Hamilton, Anna Laborde, Brooke Legair and Shara George. Bess was born in Trinidad and Tobago to Vincentian parents, but completed secondary education at the Campden Park Secondary, having attended the Emmanuel High School Mesopotamia and St. Luc’s High School in Canada. She works as a Travel

Consultant at Irie Travel Services and plans to pursue a career in Business Management. This is her first beauty pageant. She credits her preparation with her involvement in the Image Modeling agency. Ann Therese Chambers is keen on Cosmetology, and is determined to pursue a career in that sphere. Entering the Miss SVG Pageant is not simply an honour, but the fulfillment of a dream for Ann Therese. Maressa Endeavour earned an Associate Degree in Business Sales Marketing from the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College Division of Technical and Vocational Education in 2012. She is especially fond of her mother’s guidance which urges her to “never give up.” She has her eyes on being a counselor and knows that achieving the scholarship will be a tremendous boost. Shara George is passionate about marketing, and she is blending her studies in a Bachelor’s Degree programme in Business Management with her preparation for the Miss SVG Pageant. She is also a sports enthusiast, and has represented this country in karate tournaments around the Caribbean. Additional exposure includes participation in the Ms. Heritage Pageant of 2005. Shara describes herself as “outgoing, and compassionate, with a determination and faith to overcome any obstacles.” Chenead

Hackshaw will have the support of the North Leeward constituency. She hails from the area of Spring Village. She plans on owning a Health and Beauty Spa. But should she be the 2013 Miss SVG title holder, she will pursue studies in Caribbean History. Hannah Hamilton, from Dorsetshire Hill, completed her Associate Degree in Secondary Education last year. She intends to get a Bachelor’s in Education in Family and Consumer Studies, and then on to her Master’s. The Miss SVG title will give the foundation to fulfill her dreams. She enhanced her communication skills while working at a Law firm after her College stint. Anna Laborde is no stranger to beauty pageants. She has been a Miss P’tani title holder. Her experience with the Mije Modeling Agency puts her in good stead. Should she be the 2013 Miss SVG winner, Anna will study Tourism and Hospitality Management, but she will not veer away from her modeling ambitions. For Anna, “life is about passion, freedom and love.” She believes that there is one life and she intends to “make the most of it.” Brooke Legair of Paul Over, Kingstown, graduated from the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College Division of Technical and Vocational Education in Business Administration. If she wins the Miss SVG title, Brooke will attend the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus and study Human Resource Management and Fashion Designing. She is also keen on modeling, and her attachment with the Mije Modeling and Personal Development Agency has facilitated her take off in this arena.




Karaoke Tour attracting good support Right: Keshroy Young and Pershia Ross-Da Silva, winners of the round held at Jasmine Bar, Georgetown.

televised show, continues to attract patronage beyond the organizers’ wildest anticipation. Georgietha Nanton, co-ordinator of the activity, said that the Sandy Bay session, for example, “attracted hundreds of patrons,” and that “all the other sessions to date have been well attended.” The sessions got going on February 5 at Jasmine Bar in Georgetown. From there, the tour touched Georgietha Nanton, Co- down in Diamond at the ordinator of DSWTS Octagon on February 8, Karaoke Tour is moved to Sion Hill at overwhelmed by the The Chill on February 14 attendance at the and then on to Miller’s sessions. Bay in Sandy Bay, February 23. DIGICEL SINGING WITH Action continued at THE STARS (DSWTS) island the Boat Club in tour, a  karaoke Calliaqua on February

27 and at Gonsalves Bar in Colonaire, March 4. The tour is expected to continue in Arnos Vale at the Tree House Bar and Restaurant, March 11 , at Jar Plum in Richland Park on March 21, and then to Layou at Maggie’s Bar on March 31. Each of the sessions is televised on SVG TV on the following Saturday, during which subscribers to Digicel can text their choice of winners. To date, winners, who shall compete in a semifinal round for a place in the finals and a first prize of $1,000-.00, include Pershia Ross-da Silva and Keshroy Young from the Jamine Bar round, and Jennie Thomas and Desroy Adams from the Octagon

session. Digicel subscribers who text their choices (winner) to no. 434 — 7949, also stand a chance to win a $500.00 cash award. Nanton, co-ordinator, is thankful for the

support the Karaoke Tour has received from sponsors, and is even more pleased with the level of patronage from karaoke

SVG Country Music Festival in sight Standing room only at Miller’s Bar in Sandy Bay.

The Country Relatives will take to touring the mainland to spread the Country Music message. Country music lovers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines will soon have their own music festival. Arden C. Tannis, President of Next Level Country Music Club, the organization that has been in the forefront of country music promotions in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, announced plans for the hosting of an annual Country Music Festival in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, starting as early as 2015. Consequently, the organization will launch a thirty-one months’ programme of country music events and activities aimed at raising the mation’s level of awareness of country music, while building support for the event locally and regionally. The programme, dubbed ‘On the Road to SVG Country Music Festival 2015’, will be launched officially later

this year. In the meantime, this country’s lone country music band, the Country Relatives of Bequia, has already begun to prepare for the task ahead. The band will return to mainland St. Vincent after a brief absence, on Saturday, March 30th, 2013 for a session at the Octagon Restaurant and Bar. This event will mark the first in a number of regular appearances the band will make throughout the mainland, and also allow them to connect with country music singers and fans. With an SVG Country Music Festival 2015 in sight, Next Level Country Music Club is taking its country music activities to the next level. The President of the Club has issued an open invitation to individuals who sing country karaoke to grab the opportunity to sing live with the band, by submitting their contact

Arden C. Tannis, President of Next Level Country Music Club, promises a mainland festival by 2015. information to email address nextlevelpromotionssvg@ Tannis explained, “This initiative is taken to encourage more singers to take up the country genre,” adding, “You never know where it may lead by 2015.” Tannis invited country music lovers to rally around the Country Relatives in supporting their unique brand of country music, which has captured the ears of the international market.

enthusiasts. She anticipates this level of support “right down to the finals.”




Vincentians weigh in on BLA crisis above all, the customer service was excellent. AS SHAREHOLDERS AND The frontline staff was DEPOSITORS in the St. second to none of the Vincent and the banks in SVG.” Grenadines Building and Now though, the crisis Loan Association ponder management strategy — on the way forward, to her mind — is “creating Vincentians here and more crisis and around the world are uncertainty, especially voicing opinions, when there is such lack conjectures, as well as of transparency. The offering advice to shareholders were not investors, potential given a choice about who investors and the Crisis would control their Management Team investments, and worse, deployed by the Financial the people involved leave Services Authority, all in much to be desired. How an effort to make some can we trust a LUZETTE KING: sense out of this current Producer and Hostess of government and any of debacle. its agencies who have Global Highlights. THE VINCENTIAN failed so dismally with Newspaper interviewed its fiscal responsibility She confides that she several persons both here was an investor with the as demonstrated by the at home and across the failing of several institution up to “a few Vincentian Diaspora in institutions and projects: months ago and knew an effort to chronicle the cross country road, nothing about any their independent views trouble.” the uncertainty of the on the developing saga. funding of the King says she was Here are some of the drawn to the Association international airport, views expressed. etc.? Bottom line, this particularly because of strategy warrants a their “focus on helping forensic audit throughout small investors and by JP SCHWMON

the Ministry of Finance.” King remains adamant that her monies would not stay invested in the Association if she was still a member. Instead, she says, “I would look for small businesses to identify viable ones and invest in them, especially those by young people...”

SIMON KAMARA: Businessman, High Court Mediator. Kamara, is of the view that “the Government taking over the Building and Loan Association is a good move. We have to be mindful of the fact that if the Government did not act, we may have had a disastrous financial situation on our hands locally.” He sums up the situation facing the organisation as being precipitated by “confidence in the institution being eroded by the perceived and/or concrete malpractice of a few members of the board… the 72 year old institution did nothing to correct the problems affecting it. What I can say here categorically, the market could have been affected in a negative way. However, it is a strong institution that can rebound from this... and it will continue to be so, once confidence is restored in the public sphere and with new and potential investors.” Kamara shares that the Authority’s (FSA) mandate is to “supervise and regulate the operations of financial entities; promote stability, public awareness and public confidence in the operations of financial entities; establish

standards for institutional strengthening, for the control and management of risk in the financial services sector and for the protection of customers of financial entities as well as creditors and the public.” Since no deadline has been established by which time, the FSA is legally obligated to cease its probe and release control to the Association’s owners, Kamara further advises that persons be patient with the on-going processes as “restoring confidence will take some time and the way in which it can be done is to do what is being done: audit the books, call in those loans that have gone unpaid for years and refinance those that can be refinanced...” And as far as the debt restructuring exercise being chaperoned by the FSA resulting in a glut on the local real estate market, Kamara opines that “the FSA will put the proper personnel in place to sell those properties in the Building and Loan Association debt recovery portfolio, which in essence is exercising the power of sale contained in any given mortgage… Any glut can only mean more to make a choice from by the potential consumer.”

MARLON BUTE: Toronto based Vincentian writer and storyteller. Bute is dissatisfied with the way the situation is being sorted,

claiming that “it was poorly handled… there needs to be transparency. The latest revelation that the Prime Minister’s family withdrew their shares doesn’t inspire confidence. We need to test these matters. That is why we need integrity legislation. I’ve been calling for this [because] it allows us to ask questions and to seek recourse before the courts and government agencies. Checks and balances.” Across the board, most persons are anxious to see confidence in the Association speedily restored and control released back to the institution’s owners. To this end, one exit strategy proposed to the FSA by local shareholder Philip Jackson stipulates that shareholders ought to be invited to “elect 2/3 of the Board of Directors at a special meeting as a means of rebuilding confidence and a greater sense of ownership. The FSA should lay out a very clear plan moving forward with all the mechanisms for transparency and collective monitoring. They should also legally redress all wrongdoings, including delinquent clients.” Jackson acknowledges that a bankrupt SVG B&LA would “affect my mortgage plans for home ownership. I might also have some difficulty realizing my shares investment. I am very concerned about the contagion effect [and any] further depression of the [local] investment climate.. .” Bute meanwhile professes “B&LA is an old institution that needs to survive — that we want to survive. It has the money of the working class, but at the same time, people have to make decisions in their best interest. It is hardearned money; while we would want folks to keep their shares, the reality is that confidence has been substantially eroded so, it is up to them to decide. It is a tough one for all: save self and years of savings or save SVBLA?”


ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Time is money and you must be ready to take action in order to reach your highest potential. Resist secret affairs that could be detrimental to your reputation. This is a good day to check out your investments. Expect to experience a sudden reversal of fortune. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Avoid joint ventures and steer clear of groups that want you to contribute financial assistance. Romantic opportunities will flourish through travel or communication. You can make career changes that may put you in a much higher earning bracket. You may find yourself in a romantic situation. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) A residential move may be in order. You can meet new and exciting lovers through work related projects. You may become rundown if you take on too much. Be careful disclosing information. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Look after financial transactions this week. Misunderstandings could cause confusion and upset. Disputes may start because of a lack of honesty. Dig deep to find out how costly a new venture will be before you sign on the dotted line. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Get out and rub shoulders with people in high positions if possible. Matters pertaining to your home environment will be favorable if you are direct. You will attract new love interests. Travel opportunities must be taken advantage of. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) The home environment will be unpredictable this week. Be discreet about any information you uncover. Social events held in your home will be successful and entertaining for those who

attend. Romance will come through involvement with fundraising organizations. LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Dinner, theater, or a comedy club may be just the place. You may overspend if you travel this week; however, the trip will be one to remember. Pamper yourself; the self esteem it brings you will be most gratifying. Think twice before eating spicy foods; you may have problems with your stomach. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Be careful what you say. Try not to let relatives or friends cause any friction with your mate. Your high energy should be spent pleasing your mate. The experience will be good. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) You may end up being blamed if anything goes wrong. Do not let the reactions of others get you going. Difficulties relating to children will be stressful. Don't overextend yourself in the process. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Spend some time on yourself. Put your time and energy into travel, philosophy, and soul-searching. You need adventure and excitement in your life. Good friends will give you honest answers. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Throw yourself into your profession. Uncertainty regarding your mate may emerge; reevaluate what you see in each other. Promote your ideas now. You can get good solid advice from relatives or close friends you trust. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You can find out important information if you listen to friends and relatives. Networking will be a necessity. Find out more, if you want to start your own business. You can meet potential new mates if you socialize with friends.


54. Horse’s eye flap 1. Shine up 57. Fleets 5. Chilled 61. Pull apart 9. Quote 62. Sleep nois13. Emerald _ ily 14. Divas’ 64. Miniature delights 65. Poker 16. Garden tool opener 17. The “A” in 66. Opera’s USA (abbr.) Marilyn 18. Horrible 67. Author 19. Rome’s Hunter home 68. Valid 20. Sacred bee- 69. “Star ___” tles of Egypt 70. Fill 22. Twelve in craps DOWN 24. Mrs Ram 25. Large wad- 1. Slant ing bird 2. Branch of 26, “Golden Girl” the Armed Getty Services 29. Family men (abbr.) 32. Drug-regu3. Pet pest lating org 4. Weasel’s 33. Shuts viocousin lently 5. Ferdinand’s 35. Gossiping queen busybody 6. Farm crea37. Juan’s water tures 39. “Farewell, 7. Brownie Fifi!” 8. Without a __ 41. Comet com(positive) petitor 9. Salad bar 42. Flagmaker nugget Ross 10. Least bit 44. Breaks 11. Ruler in 46. Unrefined Tolstoy’s metal time 47. Coffee 12. Slipper critoption ters 49.Nonprofess- 15. Sailing ional vessel 51. Baseballer’s 21. Inspires goof reverence 53. Animation 23. Bone photo collectible

(hyph.) 25. Study group 26. Tidied the hedges 27. Use a wok 28. Boys 30. Certain pear 31. Footballer Bart 32. Detergent brand 34. Garment joining 36. Chopping tool 38. Went up 40. In trouble, figuratively (3 wds.) 43. 36 inches 45. Stalk 48. Newly

baked 50. Raises the spirits 52.” Believe it __!”(2 wd 54. Be boastful 55. Carson’s successor 56. Division direction




57. “Rule Britannia” composer 58. Opera star 59. College course (abbr.) 60. “Auld Lang __” 63. Hockey great Bobby




Special Needs School more secured THE SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS KINGSTOWN IS MORE SECURED. That comes after with the support of two of this country’s corporate entities. Michael Davy, of Davy Agro Industries, and Glasgow Providence, of Providence Electronics, officially commissioned a security system at the school last Monday. The installation of the state of the art security system comes as the companies’ joint response to frequent reports of break-ins at the institution in recent times. Principal of the School, Phedra

Samuel, expressed delight with the new provisions. “We are very grateful,” Samuel stated. She echoed instances when the School’s security arrangement was breached and expressed satisfaction that the building was “more secured,” now that “everything is under surveillance.” Fifty-six students attend the School for Children with Special needs. It is located in the Kingstown Park area and has become a target for burglaries over an extended period. (WKA)

Left: Phedra Samuel, Principal of the School for Special needs, accepts the operating manual for the security system from Glasgow Providence in the company of Michael Davy.

Roving Caregivers win OWA AWARD The Organization of Women of the Americas (OWA) has awarded US$5,000 to the Roving Caregivers Programme (RCP) of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The award will fund the RCP Project — ‘Women, Children and Community Learning together in the Roving Caregivers Programme’ - which seeks to enhance parenting knowledge,

stimulate good parenting behavior and promote appropriate child rearing practices among project participants. RCP is an informal early childhood development programme that aims to reach young children (birth — three), who do not have access to any structured formal early childhood development services. The programme’s core objectives are to

provide early stimulation for children in their formative years and improved parenting practices amongst parents and other caregivers. The Organization of Women of the Americas, a non-profit, charitable organization founded in 1997, comprises lady Ambassadors who are permanent members of the Organization of American States (OAS) as well as the wives of Mrs. Melene Glynn, OAS Country Representative Ambassadors, Permanent (left) and Mrs. Judith Hull-Ballah, Coordinator of Observers and Alternate the Roving Caregivers Programme. Representatives to the OAS, along with the The OWA award was presented to wives of the Secretary General and of RCP Coordinator Mrs. Judith Hullthe Assistant Secretary General of the Ballah on Monday, February 25, 2013, OAS. The Organization works to at the Office of the Organization of highlight the social and cultural American States (OAS) in Saint realities facing women and children in Vincent and the Grenadines. The OAS the Western Hemisphere and supports Country Representative, Mrs. Melene the identification and financing of Glynn, made the presentation on solutions to their needs and problems. behalf of OWA. (Contributed)

Locals invited to participate in Schoolchildren’s Art Exhibition Education of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) here has issued an invitation to Vincentian young artists, aged 615, to participate in the Art Exhibition. The Art Exhibition aims to promote mutual understanding and friendship among young generation across the world, through the exchange of children’s art work. The exhibition of art work will include oil paintings, water colors, wood cut prints, pencil Just one example of a display at a previous sketches, crayon drawings, World Schoolchildren’s Art Exhibition, held pastels, collages, etchings, graphic designs, etc. Winning in Taiwan. artists will be awarded certificates or medals. The 44th World Schoolchildren’s Art Interested persons here must Exhibition will be held in Taipei, ensure that their entries reach the Taiwan from August 28 through Taiwanese Embassy no later than September 17, 2013. April 15, 2013. Further information It is hosted jointly by the can be sought through the Embassy, Association for Children through Art telephone no. 456 - 2431. and the Association Formative Art




ÂCaptain Guy preserves and makes History

environmental challenges within the context of local cultural reclamation and is conducted on his organic farmstead. Students learn about cultivation and processing of indigenous root crops, herbs and spices, NITNETY-TWO-YEAR-OLD MR. livestock rearing and local Lawrence ‘Captain’ Guy, should culinary arts. Whilst by now be a household name in discovering their rich heritage SVG, for as well as preserving of resourcefulness and our history, he continues to creativity, they will also record make it! his oral stories, and discover For the second year that ‘community practice’ running, Mr. Guy is literally translates into facilitating a course for ‘enjoyment of working and students on the SVG learning together’. Students’ Community College’s Fine Art, documentation will contribute Design and Cultural to an expanding publication of Communications programme. Mr. Guy’s recipes and short The Associate Degree stories. Programme, designed by Intergenerational exchange Vonnie Roudette, takes presents a model of students through 13 experiential learning that specialised art/design/ecology provides a new purpose for courses that focus on the future generations. Youths practical application of the enthusiastically documenting creative process to address their history, using modern social challenges, whilst technology, provide a providing a strong foundation liberating alternative to one for professional practice in all written and researched fields of art and design. elsewhere. By applying what The course, ‘Island Heritage they have learned in their own and the Environment: communities, our Elders’ Community Enrichment knowledge is preserved and through Cultural Practice’, passed on to its rightful focuses on creative solutions to owners to be developed and Editor’s Note: In this, Heritage and Heroes Month, we take time out to highlight the work and continuing contribution of some of our unsung heroes. Larwence ‘Captain’ Guy fits into this category.

regenerated in new forms. This innovative approach to art education provides Vincentian youths with widening possibilities for applications of the arts in community, environmental conservation and sustainable creative enterprise. Roudette describes ‘Captain’ Guy in her book ‘The Nature of Belonging’ as “a National Living Treasure.” Undervalued in his immediate community Mr. Lawrence Guy (left) leads the students on a tour of his farm. after surviving many setbacks to his projects, she has seen that working with students strengthens his resolve. Referring to this initiative to expose an increasing number of youths to his practical knowledge, Mr. Guy says, “It makes me very happy and gives me hope that my knowledge will live on.” Every youngster in every community deserves to know their heritage, and we thank Mr. Guy for devoting his life to preserving and sharing our culture of sustainable living. (Submission) Students learn about flour production from Mr. Guy.

Mama is 100 we’re never too sure how long they have with SUNDAY 17TH FEBRUARY, FAMILY AND us.” FRIENDS — to wit the community at large — Area Parliamentary celebrated the 100th birthday of Addlin Scott, Representative Saboto formerly of Lowmans Windward, but who now lives Caesar, in his toast to the at Laparine, New Grounds. constituency’s latest The mother of seven children has lived long centurion, paid some enough to play with her fourth generation offspring. attention to the fact that At Sunday’s celebratory feast, ‘Mama’, as she is Mama would have lived fondly known by kin, spelt her name in its entirety, through “interesting to the admiration of those gathered to mark the times” spanning from the occasion. 1919 Great Depression, “Presently her faculties are still functioning well World Wars I and II and — a testament of her strength,” Eli Francis, one of the Global Depression of her six sons shared with THE VINCENTIAN on 2008. Sunday.“My Mom has always been a very “She would have lived hardworking woman, I remember her as someone through much of our local carefully allocating the scarce resources. She has history — from the days of always been fair to us as children and tried her best plantocracy, labour Addlin ‘Mama’ Scott (seated 2nd from right )receives a bouquet, one of the to instil those very values in all of us,” he continued. reform, the attainment of many gifts and tributes she received on turning 100 years old. Scott, like most mothers of her generation, was Statehood and Adult very poor, but she managed to be both mother and Suffrage, to name a few,” has changed. Heather is full of tales shared by her father to all her children, performing as a “stalwart” Caesar said. grandmother regarding her working life on local and making sure they all received some level of He made an impassioned plea for the Ministry of estates, her school days, even to one vivid memory “schooling.” Culture to become involved in producing that she shares. … “Now she has a heart Joining in the celebrations were members of the documentaries of persons’ lives, once they start condition, but if you don’t know that, you won’t sundry churches she’d frequented overtime, pushing 90.One granddaughter, Lycia Bruce, shared know by just looking at. For her age, she is still including the St. Joseph’s Spiritual Baptist Church’s that she was “very proud of Mama, and I wish I strong and very mobile. ..” Prayer Group and the Streams of Power Church in could live that long.” The 100 plus friends and family who gathered to Sans Souci. Pastor Joseph of the Streams of Power Another granddaughter and current caretaker, mark ‘Mama’s’ special day testified to the great Church exhorted the gathering to “treasure people Heather Peters, acknowledged that she was never relationship she has enjoyed with the people in her more, since “really close to Mama growing up,” but now all that community over the years. by JP SCHWMON



Sports Feature

40th Anniversary– Regional First Class Cricket

by EARL ROBINSON Last Friday, March 1, 2013, marked exactly forty years (1973-2013) of regional first-class cricket at the Arnos Vale Playing Field. From 1970 to 1981, we in these smaller islands, Leewards and Windwards, looked forward in the early years to the effort of the Combined Islands team. Back then, all and sundry used to say, “Shell Shield,” since the four-day day regional cricket competition was sponsored by the oil company Shell

Antilles and Guianas Ltd. The first match of the 1973 season was played well in advance of the other first round matches. The encounter was Barbados versus the Islands at Kensington Oval. The latter came out of the contest with a full point but not without controversy. Umpires Cortez Jordan and Stanton Parris kept the players on the field in poor light to allow the home team victory by four wickets. In the following match, the Irvine Shillingford captained team was

defeated by Guyana in Antigua. In their next away game against Trinidad Elquemodo Willett became Irvine Shillingford led the and Tobago at the first test player from the Combined islands in the the Queen’s historic match 40 years ago. Leewards. Park Oval, skipper gone wicketless in the first. Shillingford and the Montserratian allWhile listening to the radio rounder Alford Corriette registered commentary at home on the final day, second innings centuries, to ensure the I learnt that the Islands won by 86 result was a draw, with T&T taking runs. first innings points.

Combined vs. Jamaica at Arnos Vale - First Leeward Islander 1973 The 1973 regional four-day The stage was now set for the

competition coincided with the tour of Islands final round match against the Australians. By the time stumps Jamaica, here in St. Vincent. were drawn on the historic match at Captained by Maurice Foster who had Arnos Vale, the first test (Aussies scored centuries against Barbados (145 versus W.I) was finished, at Sabina not out), T+T (136 not out) and Park, Jamaica. Guyana (118), Jamaica was considered Although it was drawn, the home a formidable force. On paper Foster’s team came out of the match second team appeared superior in batting and best. The selectors decided to make bowling. It comprised Desmond Lewis, changes for the second test in Herbert Chang, Lawrence Rose, Barbados. Out were Uton Dowe, Maurice Foster, Renford Pinnock, Michael Findlay and Inshan Ali. In Neville McKoy, Arthur Barrett, were Keith Boyce, Deryck Murray and Leonard Chambers, Leonard Levy, Elquemedo Willett. Uton Dowe and Cecil Lawson. For us in St. Vincent, it was a Michael Holding toured but did not bittersweet selection. Willett became make the final eleven chosen for the the first player from the Leewards to encounter. play test cricket. The bitter pill was For the Combined Islands, the men the omission of wicketkeeper Findlay. on show were Lockhart Sebastien, Findlay never played for the West Veron Edwads, Irvine Shillingford, Indian again, even though he toured Vivian Richards, Livingston Sergeant, England as part of the W.I. party in Alford Corriette, Michael Findlay, 1976. He was dropped two years Norbert Phillip, Elquemedo Willett, earlier against India, making room for Martial Francis and Grayson Desmond Lewis behind the stumps. Shillingford. It meant that seven test Findlay played six consecutive tests players were on show for four days. and ten overall. On no occasion was Of these days, yours truly was able he on a winning team; eight were to witness play on the second and drawn and two were lost. Did you third day. The match commenced on a know Findlay opened the innings in Thursday. It was a low-scoring his final test knock? He scored 13. encounter with neither team reaching Unlucky number, eh? 250 as an innings total. Nevertheless, Forty years since the first first class four batsmen were able to record half (regional) match at Arnos Vale, we are centuries. The highest individual score happier. Windwards defeated Guyana was registered by Chang. He got 90 in by four wickets to commemorate this Jamaica’s first innings. His dismissal historic occasion on the said ground.It was a delight for my friends Karl appears likely this year’s Windwards Brazel and Rouyden Glasgow, but it unit might win the title after thirty was a disappointment for me. years (1982 — 2012) of failure. The Personally, I wanted him to create Leewards have won the title four history by recording the first first class times: 1990, 1994, 1996 and 1998. hundred at Arnos Vale. He was, after By May 7, 2013, all cricket followers all, one of the best young batsmen in will know this year’s winner. Best of the region in those days. luck, Windwards. For the Islands, Sergeant got 80 in the second innings, but earlier two Dominicans, Norbert Phillip with 60 and Irvine Shillingford with 52 gave their bowlers a score to defend. Richards made 14 and 4. Dowe had the better of him in both innings. The standout bowlers were Corriette and Willett. The former had match figures of 7 for 56, while Willett, with his left arm orthodox spin, had figures of 6 for 89 in The Arnos Vale Playing Field has seen significant Jamaica’s second improvement in its facilities since that historic innings after having match of 1973.





LIME seeing beyond the court LIME ,and efforts will be made to ensure that netball players are part of LESLIE JACK, LIME’s, the LIME Internet General Manager, has Summer Programme. registered his company’s Jack expressed commitment to netball and excitement about the the holistic development of prospects of netball, and this country’s female vowed that “Netball is population. back on the agenda.” , Jack did so last week Towards fulfilling this, Thursday at a function LIME is ensuring that the that formalized that off field activities are telecommunications highlighted and there will company’s support for the be contracts out for Cheer 2013 National Netball Leaders. Tournament, which gets This year’s Netball going this Sunday, March activities will not be 10. confined to the central He alluded to a Grass zone. Jack is looking Roots Summer forward to games outside opportunity in which the city. LIME will be players involved in the providing netball tickets to sport will have the chance business houses so that to improve their lives. they can pass them on to LIME’s $50,000 their employees. scholarship facility is also Incentives will be on the table for netball offered to spectators enthusiasts, and he took turning up for the the time to emphasize how matches. education was “crucial” to LINME’s Corporate the long term development Communications and of the netballers. Marketing Officer, Nikala When the Phenomenal Williams, did not hide her Women’s Conference pleasure with the LIME comes off in April, some sponsorship. netball players will be She beamed with attending, compliments satisfaction, and echoed by WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY

Leslie Jack, General Manager of LIME, made clear his company’s concern for the holistic development of this country’s female population.

Clinchers seize Stubbs netball title

her company’s involvement at all levels of the sport. LIME will be taking care of the Under 16, Under 23, National and Industrial Netball competitions. Meanwhile, President of the local Netball Association, Dellarice Duncan, is under no illusion that returning the sport to its pinnacle will not be an easy task. Duncan, a former national player, was entrusted with the leadership of the administration of the sport at the last annual general meeting of the Association.. She is confident that the journey could be accomplished, and is encouraged by the recent victory by the Under 23 team at the sub-regional level. She is hopeful that the national team will make a good impression in the next Caribbean Netball

GIANT MALT CLINCHERS ended the reign of Combined Girls as champions of the South East Development Inc competition, beating them 33-28 in last Sunday’s league final. The final was played at the Stubbs Primary School hard court and brought the curtains down on the 2013 edition. The former champions had to cope with a Clinchers outfit who were determined to spoil the party. Clinchers pocketed $300 and a trophy, while Combined Girls got $200 and a trophy, and Nar Fren Dem- $100 and a trophy for third place. Earlier in the afternoon, Nar Fren Dem got past Owia Trail Blazers 24 — 22, to take the third place. It was not only the league title for Clinchers, whose Danielle Spencer claimed the most goals award, for her 199 goals. The most valuable player of each of the competing teams was awarded during the brief ceremony which followed the final. Keitha Mc Caul was the recipient for New Era Pepper Stars; Combined Girls- Rose Clair Hall, Desperadoes- Janella Browne, Owia StingersShandeen Baptiste, Owia Taril Blazers- Shevonne Lewis, Clinchers- Danielle Spencer and Nar Fren Dem — Delonie Sam. New Era Pepper Stars collected the most disciplined team award, to go along with the best dressed title, secured at the opening of the competition. Clinchers also won the net- o-rama competition, as they set themselves on good course for their outing in the division 2 title race of the LIME national club competition, which opens this Sunday at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex.

Dellarice Duncan is not denying that the road towards the revival of netball to its past heights will be a challenging one. Association championship, which will mark that association’s 60th anniversary.

Clinchers – champions of the SEDI netball competition.

Skiddy keeps going ... No retirement in sight role for Maple, is said to bring back memories of her record breaking WHEN THE LIME performances during National Netball LIME’s earlier tournament opens this involvement. Sunday at the Arnos Vale Among her many Sports Complex, it will be exploits of folklore graced by the presence of proportions is becoming a local legend in colours the first and only player to worn for near three have scored a hundred decades. goals in a single match. That local legend is ace The tall Mespo- born goal shoot, Skiddy shooter achieved this feat Francis- Crick who joined on April 19th 2000 when Maple Netball club in she converted a whopping 1986, at the tender age of 106 goals from a 112 14. attempts, as Maple In her 28th year trampled BMC J.Js 117leading the Maple charge, 31. the lady with unfamiliar According to statistics, name will be seeking to she converted 28 of her add to her ‘trailer load” team’s 30 goals in the first trophies and awards in period, all 27 in the second what maybe a the dusk of quarter, 25 of thirty in the a career that has third period and 26 of illuminated netball courts thirty in the final quarter. across the island, the Reports said that Caribbean and other parts Skiddy had always looked of the world. likely to break the The return of Cable & hundred goals barrier Wireless, now trading as with previous match LIME, to national netball aggregates of 90 of her sponsorship with Skiddy team’s 96 goals in 1996, still set to play a major and 86 of 97 during the by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT

2000 Cable & Wireless tournament. Commenting on her achievement, she said: “It is a great feeling to be the first player to score one hundred goals in a match because it is not so easy to do this.” Skiddy, who first wore national colours in 1989, was just as devastating in the shooting circle when she led SVG to four consecutive OECS Under 23 titles, on the way to claiming the top goal shooter award on each of those occasions. Her team never lost a match over those four tournaments. She was consistently in the top three in the Caribbean Netball Association (CNA) Tournaments and was also in the circle when SVG won CNA Titles in 1992 ‘93 ‘ 96 ‘ 98 and 2002. In 1990, one year after making her national debut, she was selected to the West Indies team, and in 1998 she served as vice captain of the regional

team which toured Australia. Skiddy also travelled to England two years later (in 1995) with the St. Vincent and the Grenadines team to the World tournament, where she came away as the fourth highest ranked shooter in the world. She has collected many awards at the CNA and OECS Tournaments during her outings in the blue, green and gold, as evident by her bulging silverware cabinet. In 1993, Skiddy was named this country’s Senior Sports Woman of the Year, and again in 1999 at what was once the annual National Sports Awards. She was recognised for her contribution to the sport by the Caribbean Netball Association (CAN) in 2003. Skiddy was one of five persons named as Goodwill Ambassador in 2001, ironically the same year she was dropped from

the national team. One year later, she was recalled and helped SVG win the CNA title in Antigua. Her national career was brought to an end in 2008 when she was substituted at the end of the first quarter of a match against Barbados when she had 9/10 and SVG went on to lose 52-36. Despite not playing at the national level, her ravenous appetite for goals remains uncurbed. She was rated the top goal shoot in the 2012 national netball tournament with most goals and best shooting average. And in the ASCO tournament, she was at her imperious best by taking the Most Goals, Best Shooting Average and Player of the tournament awards. At 42 and a mother of one, she has set no deadline to call time on her playing days. “I don’t really think about that….once I am fit and motivated……I will be

Ace shooter Skiddy Francis-Crick will turn out, once again, for her beloved Maple Netball Club in this year’s LIME National Netball tournament. playing,” she said with her usual hearty chuckle. She has played alongside sisters Juliette and Michelle, but will renew the rivalry with Michelle on Sunday, when Firms Netball Champs NBC Radio, at which she has been employed for the last 15 years, takes on runners up RSVG Police in an exhibition match, at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex.




Shillingford achieves Milestone 47 wickets at 18.00. His career strike rate is just over 58 balls for a wicket and economy rate of 2.63. WINDWARD ISLAND OFF SPINNER SHANE Against the other regional teams he has amassed: SHILLINGFORD, who recently passed the milestone of 42 wickets against the CCC at 15.95, with a best of 300 hundred first class wickets, will be looking to add 7-34; 41 against his current opponents Jamaica at to his tally in this week’s regional four-day match an average of 24.36 with four five wicket hauls and against Jamaica, in Grenada. a best of 7/66; 36 at 28.27 against Trinidad with no Last week, Shillingford bowled the Windwards five-; 31 against the Leewards with a best of 6-66; to a four-wicket win over Guyana inside three days and 39 against Guyana at just over 23 a peice with at the Arnos Vale Playing Field. This was the a best of 7-64. Windwards third straight victory in the Shillingford’s returns against international teams tournament. have been mixed, with 14 against Australia at just SCORES: Guyana 151& 211, Windwards 276 & over 26 with one five and one ten wicket haul. 90-6 Against South Africa, he has snared 9 at 57 each, The Dominican, who has fallen out of favour Sri Lanka 5 at 55, New Zealand 5 at 15.40 with a with the West Indies selection panel, ended with a best of 5-77 and England one for 138.00. second innings 7-64 to reach the milestone. He The Dominican spin wizard though will not have had finished with 4-40 in the first innings and international cricket on his mind immediately, but ended with a match haul of 11-104. the colossal figure of West Indies opener, Chris The 30-year-old Shillingford had suffered the Gayle, who has requested to be included in the ignominy of being reported for a suspect action in Jamaica lineup. 2010 while in Sri Lanka with the West Indies, and Last year, the big Jamaican slammed a second had to undergo remedial work. He was obviously inning century to help his team record an 81- run extremely happy with his returns. victory over the Windwards. He hit 165 off 155 balls Overall, he has taken 306 wickets in 76 matches with 14 sixes and eight fours , to record his first at an average of 25.31, with 15 five- wicket hauls century against the Windwards at that level. and four ten-wicket hauls. His best bowling is 8Shillingford took 1-46 and 6-75 including the wicket 33 against Barbados against whom he has taken of Gayle. by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT

Shane Shillingford has overcome the taunts for having a suspect action to achieve a milestone in regional cricket.

Regional 4-day Cricket – Round 3

Yannic Cariah had a good allround outing against the Leewards.

CCC had batted first and scored 109 all out with Kyle Corbin getting 26 and Shacaya Thomas 21. Chris Jordon destroyed the CCC innings with 7 for 43. Barbados replied with 372. Captain Kirk Edwards led from the front with 109; Kraig Braithwaite fell for 90 and the consistent Shane Dorwich hit 56. Akeem “Pinky” Dewar was the pick of the CCC’s bowling with 7 for 116. Trailing by 263 runs, the CCC were blasted out for a mere 78. Dewar was the top scorer with 22. The wickets were shared among: Ashley Nurse, 3 for 18; Jason Holder, 3 for 22; Miguel Cummins, 2 for 11; and Chris Jordan, 2 for 15. Jordan was named player of the match.

T& T rebounds against the Leewards Barbados thumps CCC by an innings Barbados inflicted a whopping innings and 185 runs victory within three days on the Combined Campuses and Colleges (CCC), at the students’ own back yard, the 3W’s Oval.

At the Warner Park in St Kitts, Trinidad and Tobago overcame a spirited Leewards team by 120 runs Adrian Barath 58, Yannick Ottley 58 and Stephen Katwaroo 55 in his debut match led Trinidad and Tobago

in a late recovery, closing on 279. Quinton Boatswain 4 for 82, Gavin Tonge 3 for 57 were the standout bowlers for the Leewards. . The Leewards in reply Chris Jordan demolished the CCC. posted 194. Sylvester Joseph hit 68. Imran Khan took 4 for 62. Yannic Cariah had 3 for 35 and Amit Jaggernaut , 3 for 39. Batting a second time, Trinidad and Tobago got up to 249 all out. Yannic Cariah struck 82 and Adrian Barath 71, batting at the top of the order. Larry Joseph with 4 for 66 and Anthony Martin, 3 for 60, spearheaded the Leewards’ bowling. Set an imposing 334 to win, the Leewards’ response Kirk Edwards continues to attract the attention stopped at 214. of the regional selectors. Orlando Peters, 45, Sylvester Joseph, 39 and Amit Jaggernauth took 4 for 63 and Devon Thomas, 32, were the Leewards’ player of the match, Yannic Cariah, 3 principal scorers. for 39.

Weekend Football Round-up DEFENDING CHAMPIONS Barrouallie and Layou played to a one all draw in the Hairoun Beer National Community Inter-League Football Competition on Sunday, March 3, at Victoria Park. Vasbert Ledger scored for Barrouallie and Troy Jeffers got the equalizer for Layou. In an earlier fixture on Sunday, also at Victoria Park, Central Kingstown beat Arnos Vale 5-1. Elsewhere, Bequia

League team defeated Sion Hill 1-nil at the Clive Tannis Playing Field in Port Elizabeth, Bequia; Georgetown beat Marriaqua 5-1 at the Chili Playing Field in Georgetown, and South Leeward defeated North Leeward 3-1, in a highly controversial game at the Campden Park Playing Field. In the Under-17 division, Barrouallie started the defense of their title in grand style with a 5-2 thrashing of North Leeward, at the

Layou Playing Field. Second place Layou were held to a goalless draw against South Leeward at the Campden Park Playing Field, while at the Calliaqua Playing Field, East Kingstown fell to Marriaqua by 2-1, and Georgetown defeated Stubbs 2-nil. Current leaders in the three zones of the senior division of the competition are as follows: Zone A — Central Kingstown -12 points; Zone B — Barrouallie — 8 points;

Goal scoring action in the North Leeward-South Leeward clash at Campden Park last weekend. Zone C — Stubbs — 8 competition continues on points. Saturday. The seniors Action in the Under 17 will do battle on Sunday.





Sadness THERE IS NO QUESTION as to what caused a depression last Tuesday afternoon. The atmosphere conveyed the message of Hugo Chavez’s passing. There was a hush in the air. When the news hit the airwaves, it was confirmation of the suspended path. Whatever one says about Chavez, he created an impact. Relationship with St. Vincent and the Grenadines was deep. Many Vincentians deepened their interest and involvement in sports through training in Venezuela. In recent times, Venezuelan football has been on the radar, and they have proven themselves capable of qualifying for the 2014 World Cup in nearby Brazil. There is a hint that Chavez’s devotion might have spilled over into aspects of patriotism. And the success train tends to have multiplying effect. Little wonder that Chavez was able to galvanise the nation around him. He stretched his charm beyond his borders and served as a symbol of unity in this hemisphere. There will be critics, and the portrayal was that Chavez was the complete villain. He survived the travails up to a point. For certain things are out of range, so one must be content with the gift of life. That made me drift to my trip to Venezuela in 1971. That was my

first overseas journey, and I recall nearly every inch of the journey by plane. There was some drama taking off from the Arnos Vale Airport. And we had to return to land for a delayed departure. The eventual flight took at least one segment of the tour party to Piarco via Pearls Airport in Grenada and Crown Point in Tobago. A close colleague and I managed to bunk out in Belmont at relatives of another friend on the trip. The next morning we made our way to Piarco to resume the excursion. Touchdown was at Maturin airport, and I recall the bus ride to the city of Anaco where we stayed. It was a trip to sharpen our use of the Spanish language. Two Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) Teachers to the Grammar School had made the arrangements. It was when we were in Venezuela that we appreciated the extent of the contacts between the British and counterparts of our teachers in Venezuela. I was too naïve to understand the role of diplomacy in any ideological battle. I recalled collaboration between British and American personnel during that trip. For at that time, Americans were dominant in

Venezuela. And even though it was not our business, there were signs of inequality which appeared to have been encouraged. It may be the shift in fortune spearheaded by Chavez that has engendered his vilification. I enjoyed that Venezuelan sojourn if also for the additional feat I accomplished of visiting Caracas. That came, compliments the family with whom I was staying. The father worked in Caracas and I was part of the excursion to the city with him as a token of hospitality. The return home was by bus, and I don’t have many memories about the traveling. I must have become tired along the way. The Venezuelan experience awakened me to the existence of a foreign country not so far outside our borders. There had been tales of escapades whereby crafts had drifted into Venezuelan waters only to face hostility. The situation between the nations has normalized since. So it hardly bothered me about Chavez’s threats to anybody.

Penalties decide Mustique champions THE 2012/13 Mustique Football League came to an end on Sunday, February 24, 2013, but only after two nail-biting play-offs. In the third place playoff on Saturday, February 23, Basil Ball Rollers had to endure the scare of penalties before they emerged winners. In the play-off against Simplicity Sharks, the score was deadlocked, 0-0, at the end of ninety minutes of regulation time. The stipulated penalty sho0t-out produced a knife-edged finish with Basil Ball Rollers winning 5-4. Sunday’s play-off threw up the same level of excited expectations. Like Saturday, Sunday’s finals between Lot 73 Strikers and Alumbrera Strikers ended in a nil-nil tie. Penalty kicks followed, and on the back of two fine saves by their goalkeeper, Delano Pope, Lot 73 emerged champions of Mustique Football, 4 — 3. The presentation ceremony followed Sunday’s final. In addition to the top three team awards, which included trophies and


David Smith of Simplicity Sharks was adjudged the Best Midfielder. Right: (L-R): Kevin Creese (Lot 73) and Barry Nero (Simplicity Sharks) shared the honour of Best Striker. prizes, other awards handed out were: Most Disciplined Team - Jigsaw United; Best Mid-fielder David Smith (Simplicity Sharks); Best Defender - Jeffrey Keil (Lot 73 Strikers); Best Goal Keeper - Carl Hamlet (Alumbrera Strikers); Best Striker — Kevin Creese (Lot 73) and Barry Nero (Simplicity Sharks ) with 6 goals each; Most Valuable Player 2012-13 League Rohan John (Lot 73

WANTED Cook, Waiter/Waitress & Cashier Email applications to: by Wednesday 13th March with 2 references and 1 passport photo or call Tel: 454-4424

FOR RENT Holiday Apts at Villa Beach from US$25.00 nightly. Tel: 530-9415/593-1286 1 Unfurnished 3-bedroom house at Diamond. Please contact 784-527-4775 or 784-526-2618 for further information. Business Space for Rent Ground Floor, Bay Street Tel: 533-9542 of 452-1011





KURL KIRBY St. Patrick Anglican Church Barrouallie Wednesday 6th March, 2013 3:00 p.m.


Glen Baptist Church Thursday 28th February, 2013 2:30 p.m.

SHEILA CAESAR S.D Adventist Church Layou Sunday 3rd March, 2013 2:00 p.m

KURT PATRICK SAMUEL Church of Christ Kingstown Park Saturday 2nd March, 2013 2:00 p.m.

NICHOLAS DEVON MC MILLAN AKA ‘Pinda’ 27/12/1982 17/2/2013 St. Joseph’s R. C Church Belle Vue Saturday 2nd March, 2013 2:00 p.m. ESTHA GERTUDE MOSES

Chateaubelair Methodist Church Saturday 2nd March, 2013 3:00 p.m.

The National Newspaper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines


MARCH 8, 2013

VOLUME 107, No.10




Villa 5 bedrm Property on 21,922 sq.ft. - $1.4 Million - H899

Belvedere 7,446 sq.ft @ 12.00 p.s.f. - $89,352.00 - BB465 North Union 7 bedrm Property on 7,848 sq.ft. - $781,584.00 - H287

Other listings are available Phone: 457-2087 Fax: 457-1382 Toll Free (USA): 866-978-0951 718-732-0545 Email: Website:




René Baptiste provided legal counsel for the Nanos.

Arhnim Eustace took to the media immediately after receiving a letter of claim from the Nanos, to deny receiving any money from them.

Sir James Mitchell denied he had ever entered into any loan arrangement with the Nanos.

offence in SVG.The laws were subsequently taken to the House and passed some months later. Minister of National Security Sir Vincent Beache had indicated that he was unaware of the warrant at the time that the fugitive was still domicile in the jurisdiction.

letters with a view to shaming the borrowers. ELEVEN YEARS AFTER US AUTHORITIES This appears to have been the case SAY HE WAS ALLOWED TO LEAVE ST. in June 1995, when the Nano-owned VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES with an Owens Bank had demanded the arrest warrant out for him for money repayment of loans, with interest, from laundering, Thierry Nano is sitting in a attorney general and deputy prime French prison after being arrested by minister at the time, Parnel ‘PR’ police in France. Campbell. Campbell was also a former Media reports say that Nano, 54, Rising and falling in SVG lawyer of Owens Bank, and according was arrested after the licence plates to reports, was a member of the Board on his vehicle attracted the suspicion According to reports, the late of the National Trust Authority which of the police who stopped and Armando Nano of Italian/French had a major say as to the operations of subsequently arrested him and the two connection, along with members of his the Offshore sector here. other occupants of the vehicle. family and close associates, lived in St. He was forced from office and The warrants were said to have Vincent from the mid 1970s to the subsequently lost his Central been issued by French authorities for early part of 2000 when their offshore Kingstown seat in the 1998 General fraud and other financial banking enterprise, New Bank and Elections. wrongdoings.US officials say Nano Owens Bank, ran into problems with Former government Minister Rene skipped St. Vincent using an SVG Air the then James Mitchell Baptiste, who managed the National Charter flight from Union Island, then administration. Trust for a number of years, was also to Martinique and later France, after His son, Thierry Nano, his perceived a legal counsel for the Nanos for a being given the ‘heads up” that the heir apparent, was seen as a secretive several years. American authorities were on their but endearing figure who claimed to way to arrest him. have been generous to many officials Eustace’s letter withdrawn Irate US officials said that, knowing and MPs, leading to open of the US arrest warrant, the Reports say the licences of Nano embarrassment on their part. Reports Vincentian authorities refused to act and Sons 1146 Private Bankers and allege the Nanos had a history of against Nano. Prime Minister Ralph granting unsecured, interest-free loans New Bank were subsequently revoked following pressure from the United Gonsalves claimed then that they to government ministers and could not arrest Nano because money demanding repayment through public States, and this led to the issuing of more public letters demanding laundering was not an extraditable by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT

Published by The VINCENTIAN Publishing Co. Ltd, St. Vincent and the Grenadines;

Parnel Campbell, was forced out as Attorney General following a claim that he had received a loan from Owens bank. repayments on monies from Prime Minister Sir James, Health Minister Joseph ‘Burns’ Bonadie, Finance Minister Arhnim Eustace and a number of other senior government officials. Eustace called a media conference immediately upon the receipt of the letter to refute the claims, and threatened legal action against the Nanos. Sir James also denied borrowing any monies. The others accused failed to deny or refute substantially the claims made by the Nanos. Eustace, a former Prime Minister and minister of Finance, had indicated that he had refused to meet the younger Nano despite many invitations by Sir James to do so. On Monday he confirmed to THE VINCENTIAN that the letter to him was later withdrawn. Nano, in 2003, is reported to have filed criminal complaints in a French court naming two prime ministers and other local officials and US law enforcement officials as defendants. He also named two senior government officials as “important debtors” to New Bank Ltd.

Printed by the SVG Publishers Inc., Campden Park.

Vincentian E-Paper 8-3-2013  

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