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APRIL 19, 2013

VOLUME 107, No. 16


A KEY WITNESS for the prosecution in a murder Preliminary Inquiry (PI) told the Court on Tuesday that a police officer whoM he identified as “Sergeant LaBorde,” promised to drop two robbery charges he was facing, if he testified that the murder accused told him (witness) he (accused) was the killer. Cleroy Pinder, on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison, Kingstown, was one of two key witnesses who testified for

the prosecution at the Serious Offences Court on Tuesday, in the murder P.I involving Lowmans Hill resident Junior Providence. Providence, 29, was charged with the murder of 80-year-old Ulric Hercules of Arnos Vale, which reportedly occurred at Arnos Vale between January 31 and February 1, 2012. An autopsy showed that Hercules died from manual strangulation.

‘I strike a deal’

Junior Providence walked away from the Serious Offences Court a free man.

with me that he would drop my charges if I come court and say that Junior Providence tell me that he kill the man.” Sergeant Jeffrey La Borde of the Major Crimes Unit (MCU) was the investigator in the matter, and was also listed to testify for the prosecution, but the prosecution closed its case before. Continued on Page 3

When Pinder took the stand, Prosecutor Inspector Adolphus Delpleche asked him to tell the court what he knew about the incident. Pinder said he could not recall anything. When the Prosecutor asked if he had given a statement to the police, Pinder replied in the affirmative. Pinder also admitted that the statement was read back to him and he signed it. However, when the prosecutor asked Pinder if he wanted the court’s permission to refresh his memory from the statement, he said,”No”. When Delpleche asked why, Pinder said the police “strike a deal with me.” Asked what was the deal, Pinder said, “I get lock up and I had two The witness accused Sergeant Jeffery robbery charges. Sergeant La Borde of making a deal with him La Borde made a deal (the witness).


Lawyer ‘hard’ on the police

ATTORNEY Grant Connell has assured that his client Junior Providence, who was discharged from a murder Preliminary Inquiry (P.I) on Tuesday, would be seeking redress. Cleroy Pinder, a key witness in the matter, had testified that a police officer, whom he identified as “Sergeant La Borde” promised to drop his two robbery charges if Pinder Attorney Grant Connell had testified that some hard and harsh words Providence told for the state of investigative him he was the practices in the police force. killer. Providence was discharged after Chief Magistrate Sonya Young upheld a no case submission from Connell who contended that there was absolutely no evidence before the court.

Question of confidence “You can’t lock up an innocent man,” Connell told THE VINCENTIAN on Tuesday, hastening to add that his client also wants to ensure that the allegations leveled against Sergeant La Borde “don’t fall on deaf ears.” Continued on Page 3




News 3

Lawyer ÂhardÊ on the police From Front Page

There are other cases pending where there is significant delay and they (cases) would suffer the same destiny.” Connell noted that Sergeant Jeffery La Borde is a member of the Major Crimes Unit (MCU), which is supposed to be comprised of elite police officers. “The society will soon lose confidence in this system. How is the family of the victim to feel?” Connell lamented.

closed its case before the investigating officer could Sergeant Jeffrey La Borde was the say what he investigated. investigator in the matter and was Connell described the listed to testify at the P.I. allegations as frightening. Pinder also told the court that La “My client was charged Borde had told him he would get the in this case to save face Magistrate to deny him bail if he did and make an officer look not give the statement to the police, competent, and give some and he would suffer in prison. temporary relief to a “These are some serious allegations family who suffered loss; made against La Borde that interfere but all La Borde did from with the course of justice, which is an The good ones have gone his so-called investigation attempt to seek a conviction at any was add insult to injury,” cost, even at my client’s liberty,” He expressed the view that it was Connell contended. Connell said. the experience of the Prosecutor, The lawyer suggested According to the lawyer, “This is not Inspector Adolphus Delpleche,that that Commissioner of the first case in which I have raised saved, “the can of worms from being Police Keith Miller issues with this particular Sergeant. opened.” He noted that the prosecution constantly monitor the various divisions of the police force, to ensure that his men are at a certain level of competence. “It is now at a level that you could look at a charge sheet, see who is that investigator and predict if the case would fail,” From front page Later that day, Inspector Delpleche Connell said. Connell, though, had RESPONDING to further questions told THE VINCENTIAN he agreed words of commendation for from the prosecutor, Pinder said La with Connell that there was no a Sergeant Dwayne Bailey Borde told him that if he did not give evidence. A call has been made for of the Rapid Response Unit (RRU). the statement, he He said the Commissioner of Police Keith Miller “If it is an officer like Sergeant would get the prosecution’s case was Dwayne Bailey of the RRU you expect to be constant about his monitoring Magistrate to hinged primarily on of the various police divisions and a thorough investigation and the case deny bail, and he the evidence of the units. would be almost impenetrable.”. would suffer in two key witnesses. He added that with former prison. “With them not giving when you use investigating officers Assistant Superintendent of Police Delpleche did the evidence in like La Borde,” Connell opined. (ASP) Wilisford Caesar no longer in not pursue further keeping with their According to him, “What transpired the force, Assistant Commissioner evidence from statements, it did not in this case is a manifestation of police Lenroy Brewster now out of active Pinder. make any sense to incompetence and their failure to duty, and ASP Sydney James not continue the matter investigate matters properly. They being an active member of the MCU, Dismissal because we had no depend on tip offs and confessions, and as he now heads the Criminal other evidence to take if neither of those exists, the case fails. Investigation Department (CID), The other key the case to the prima You can’t be using such backward competence seems to be lacking. witness, Earl facie stage.” methods to solve crime in these times.” “Why is station Sergeant Trevor Jack, currently When asked for a In the existing circumstances, Bailey not a member of the MCU? You serving a prison comment in relation “Justice will pay the price,” Connell are giving criminals a comfort zone sentence, told the to the allegations one concluded. court he saw the of the witness leveled accused and against Sergeant La Pinder speaking Borde, Delpleche said, Prosecutor Inspector Adolphus in Kingstown in Delpleche does not believe there “I want to state March last year, is any truth to the aspersions emphatically that I but he did not don’t believe any of cast against one of his hear what they the allegations made colleagues. were saying. against Sergeant La The Prosecutor did not pursue Borde. It is very unfortunate that the SEVEN Residents of further evidence from Jack, neither witness would have said these things. Ruthland Vale Plan in did Providence’s attorney Grant Sergeant Jeffrey La Borde is an Layou, who were Connell cross-examine. At this point, experienced police officer and has occupying lands for over the Prosecution closed its case, been an investigator for several 36 years, now have the following which Connell made a noyears.” opportunity to own their case submission, which was upheld by Delpleche, however, explained, lands. Chief Magistrate Sonya Young. “Based on what the witness would On Monday April 15th, have said in court, my belief is of no Connell had submitted there was Parliamentary absolutely no evidence to support the moment to the matter. In a court of Representative for Central law, we deal strictly with the evidence Leeward, Maxwell charge. More residents in Layou (pictured) now have the and not belief from a prosecutor, since Charles, handed over As a result, Providence, who was right to own the lands they have been occupying a prosecutor’s belief has no bearing on letters to the seven remanded since October 2012, was for decades. the case.” discharged. residents which will give Delpleche indicated that the matter them the right to obtain deeds for Sergeant La Borde and two civilian In addition, the seven residents could be brought back if other witnesses were the other witnesses have been given the option of paying their lands. evidence is gathered. listed to testify. The P.I. had for their lands in four installments. He noted that the distribution of Hercules’ body was found in a chair the letters is just the first step for his commenced April 10, when the Verene Lynch, Travis George, prosecution called six witnesses. The at his Arnos Vale home on February residents to obtain their deeds. Vincent Velox, Kamara Hazelwood, 1, 2012. matter was continued on Tuesday The lands will be sold at 50 cents Lorenta Peters, Nathan Sam, Tonya Providence was not arrested and with the two key witnesses being per square foot to the residents, in and Ron Christopher are the seven charged until October 2012, about called. keeping with the Government’s recipients of letters to obtain deeds for seven months after the incident. commitment to ensure that residents their lands. Support for La Borde get lands at reasonable rates.

Witness: Police offered me deal

Layou residents receive letters for lands




ÂBubby StoneÊ site officially opened by KENVILLE HORNE

On Thursday, April 11, a group comprised of residents from the Diamond community, Agricultural/Forestry officials and media personnel converged on the Kamacrabou mountain in the Lumber Heap area , which is part of the wider Diamond community, part of the South Central Windward constituency. The purposes: a hike along a four-kilometer trail, leading to a large rock structure, which suggests the shape of a female’s breast, and popularly referred to as ‘Bubby Stone’, ‘bubby’ being the colloquial name for breast. ‘Bubby Stone’ is located in the Bubby Mountain which stands some 2,500 feet above sea level. Fifteen minutes into the walk to ‘Bubby Stone’, the hikers came upon small huts, which served as ‘rest stops’, of which they made ample use. Twenty-five minutes later, the party had reached the ‘Stone’.

Overview of the project Benefits The party now on site, it

was time for Project Manager Simeon Greene to give an overview of the project. The ‘Bubby Stone’ project, executed by the Diamond Heritage Group, was encompassed in the larger ‘Eco-Tourism Protection and Bio-diversity Protection Project’ for the Kamacrabou Mountain and the Diamond Village community. It was

On the trail to the ‘Bubby Stone’ grant funded to the tune of US$ 20,000 from the Critical Eco System partnership fund (CESPF) and was undertaken in three components. The first included the training of 12 women in preparing dishes using local produce; the second entailed reforestation of a significant amount of lands; the third the construction of the trail leading to Bubby Mountain.

Minister Saboto Caesar with the some of the ladies trained in the first component.

The view from the top of ‘Bubby Mountain’.

Greene also stated that the Group received US$10,000 as a grant from FAO, which was used towards stabilizing both sides of a stream in the area, through the use of fruit trees. Cornelius Richards of the Forestry Division, a major contributor to the development and establishment of the trail, described the undertaking as a manifestation of government and community partnership. He lauded the Diamond Heritage Group for the work they have been doing in forestry conservation. Jay Belmar, representing the Ministry of Tourism, commended the group for their hard work and successful completion of trail. She, recognized the community’s involvement in the project, and highlighted the large turnout of young and elderly Simeon residents. Greene, Area Project representative Manager. Saboto Caesar was quite excited about the project. Citing a 2008 analysis on land use, Caesar emphasized that there were some 6,500 acres of land available for use in the South Central Windward constituency and therefore “blessed with an abundance of nature.” He envisioned the day, with the opening of the international airport, when

The ‘Bubby Stone’ the venue and the community will be packed with tourists and stay over visitors, and residents making a living from the sale of produce. Caesar pledged his ministry’s support to the group, and urged other groups to follow suit.

Diamond: no stranger to organization Denniston Douglas, a member of the Diamond Heritage Group, reminded the gathering that the community “is no stranger to organization.” He pointed to the Arwee group that was formed in the 1970s and the Diamonites group that was established in 1979. What stands out about the Diamonites is, according to Douglas, the fact that “ we are persons who will have different political beliefs, but we have learned in Diamond that the best brain and the most dedicated and committed person can work together for the development of the community,” as the Bubby Stone trail project demonstrates. Douglas disclosed the group is preparing to acquire a parcel of land from the Dasent family, to establish a documentation center. Minister Caesar declared the site officially opened before the touring party made its way back down to Lumber Heap area, where they partook of some delicious refreshments prepared by some of the ladies that were trained in the first component of the project.




Caribbean gets a warning CUBA could well be the next big consequences.” threat to existing tourist Robinson, in addressing the markets in the Caribbean. issue for which he is This warning came from renowned, was forthright in Jeffrey Robinson, considered telling the Heads that the world’s leading financial “services for the dirty money crime author, when he market, including money addressed a meeting of Heads laundering, would increase in of Caribbean Financial this scenario. Intelligence Unit, in Antigua, “It will have a short term April 3 and 4, 2013. economic gain, but it will have Robinson is recognized as long term consequences — an expert and speaker on increased crime, violence, organized crime and money corruption and economic ruin,” laundering. His seminal work, he said ‘The Laundrymen’, 1995, Jeffery Robinson addressing the meeting of Heads of Caribbean Robinson encouraged the Financial Units, in Antigua. details the extent of global region “to plan a response money laundering. It is now,” and pointed to an option English speakers who Jeffery Robinson is considered one of considered as the definitive of greater involvement in Call understand how American the world’s foremost experts on the book on the subject, and is Centres, since “the region has business functions.” issue of money-laundering. used as a text in universities the advantage of having (Source: Antigua Observer) and law schools. Robinson, in typical dramatic language, warned that a “financial tsunami” will hit the region in a few years. CIVIL SERVANTS in St. The decision to return consider new proposals through something like According to the Lucia returned to their to work came hours after put forward by the CSA. this. As I have been Antigua Observer, desks on Tuesday, April the culmination of In making the saying, I believe that this Robinson told the Heads, 9, after three weeks of another march through announcement to return is a model that has “In the next three to five strike action. the capital, Castries, as to work and to enter into outlived its usefulness. years, Fidel Castro will In doing so, the Civil civil servants continued a new round of We need to look at better die and when he does, Service Association with their protest negotiations, CSA ways for compensating Raul (Castro) will not be (CSA), bargaining agent against what they claim president, Mary Isaac, workers, instead of what able to hang on. for the civil servants, has was unfair treatment said, “I am hoping that we are engaged in now.” “The invasion of Cuba accepted the from the government in that we do not have to The three-week strike is now being planned and government’s condition negotiations concerning deal again with by civil servants has cost it will be massive. It will that members of the wage increases. negotiations as they have the country well over be something the likes of union return to work to When the two parties been conducted. We are EC$3 million, according which no one has seen facilitate continued meet in a new round of hoping this is the last to Cabinet Secretary negotiations. negotiations, they will time we are going to go Darryl Montrope. before.” Montrope told the Robinson explained media that, while the that the invasion to Mary Isaac, president of strike did not have a which he referred was the St. Lucia CSA, is crippling effect, the not a military one but a anticipating smoother government is pleased “business invasion” LAWYERS for Shanique She also claimed that talks this time around. that civil servants have Myrie, the Jamaican she was subjected to which, he said, would be national who claims that derogatory remarks by a returned to work, adding especially at this led by the likes of that it was in no one’s she was discriminated Barbadian immigration “Hilton, Marriot, Four time.(Source: interest for there to be against when she tried to officer at the Grantley Seasons, Ritz Carlton,” Caribbean 360 news) industrial unrest enter Barbados on Macrh Adams International some of the biggest 14, 2011, has called upon Airport, and is asking names in the the Caribbean Court of the CCJ to determine international Hotel Justice (CCJ) to the minimum standard Industry. compensate the of treatment applicable When these hotel Seems we got it all wrong with respect to a Jamaican. to CARICOM citizens chains and the American caption for a photograph of Hon. Mark Brantley, Attorney Michelle moving around the tourist industry hit Cuba, Brown told the sixregion. carried on page 5 of our April 12, 2013 issue. Robinson predicts that member CCJ that her On September 27 last We referred to Mr. Brantley as the Leader of “the rest of the Caribbean client should be awarded year, Jamaica was the People’s Action Movement (PAM) in an may not see a tourist for damages to the tune of granted leave to article. five to ten years…… your US$500,000. intervene in the matter. In fact, Mr. Brantley is the current Leader of Shanique Myrie is tourism business is dead In considering The CCJ, established the Opposition in the Federal Parliament of St. seeking compensation for five to ten years.” judgement in favour of in 2001 to replace the Kitts and Nevis. He is also the Deputy Leader of from the Barbados Robinson pointed to her client, Browne told London-based Privy government for what the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM), a Cuba having the distinct the CCJ that it should Council as the region’s she claims is party which is another opposition party in the advantage of being a also “lay down firm final court, held sittings discrimination. Federal Parliament, along with PAM. After mere 90 miles from the guidelines pertaining to in the Shanique Myrie CCM won the local Nevis island election in case in Jamaica and US coast and a 20-minute the treatment of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Barbados, before returning to its January, Mr. Brantley now also serves as flight from Miami, nationals at airports throughout the headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago Florida. Deputy Premier of Nevis. for continuation. “How are you going to 15-member regional grouping,” since We apologise for the misrepresentation, and as was the case involving her client, Browne also argued that Barbados earn a living?” was the assure that there was no ill-intent on our part. ‘Barbados is not living up to the spirit is not living up to the spirit of a blunt question Robinson On your story “Dr Douglas gets time to of that conference decision by only decision by CARICOM leaders in put to the meeting. prepare defence” we made an error in the And while he provided granting CARICOM nationals a three 2007, by only granting CARICOM caption of the photo. Hon. Mark Brantley has nationals a three month stay instead no direct answer himself, month stay instead of six months. never been a member of, never mind the Leader Shanique Myrie, 25, alleged that of six months, when that decision he issued another of, the People’s Action Movement. when she travelled to Barbados on gave the claimant the right to enter caution: “I know how you Please edit your caption which describes him March 14, 2011, she was subjected to Barbados, and should have been better not be earning a as Leader of the People’s Action Movement. a body cavity search, detained granted an automatic stay of six living, because money overnight in a cell and deported to months. Thank you. laundering has Jamaica the following day. The case continued into last week.

St. Lucia civil servants return to work

Myrie wants US$50K





Caribbean & African Diaspora Strategy launched Belfast, NORTHERN IRELAND: Dr impressed with the eight strategic Christopher Stange — Hon. Consul for aims you have set out because they St. Vincent and the Grenadines to promote a fair and equal society which Northern Ireland & Chairperson (Ag.) embraces and celebrates Northern of the Registered Charity African Ireland’s increasingly inter-cultural Caribbean Community Support identity in the spirit of mutual respect Organisation of Northern Ireland and growth.” (ACSONI), along with Jonathan Bell Junior Minister McCann said: MLA and Jennifer McCann MLA — “ACSONI has for 10 years represented Junior Ministers at The Office of the the pride, drive and talent of the First Minister and deputy First African Caribbean people here, and I Minister (OFMdFM), launched the am confident this strategy will Caribbean and African Diaspora continue that work for the next 5 Strategic Plan for 2013-2018 at years and beyond.” Stormont Parliament. Dr Christopher Stange added: “We The Strategy focuses on 8 specific are committed to social cohesion and objectives to increase Caribbean and African Integration, Community Development, Cohesion, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship, with a primary focus upon furthering engagement with all stakeholders and communities in Northern Ireland. The event was attended and supported by Leaders of the various National Caribbean and African Associations as well (L-R: Front): Dr Christopher Stange – Hon. Consul for as key stakeholders St. Vincent and the Grenadines to Northern Ireland & and statutory bodies ACSONI Chair (Ag.), Jennifer McCann MLA & in Northern Ireland. Jonathan Bell MLA - OFMdFM Junior Ministers with Junior Minister Officials and Leaders of the National Caribbean and Bell said: “I am African Associations and Statutory bodies.

integration, because of the enrichment it provides. An inclusive, integrated, equal and shared society, which is at peace with itself, is what we are determined to achieve.” The Caribbean and African Diaspora is becoming one of the largest, diverse and fastest growing

ethnic minority communities in Northern Ireland. The event concluded with a live musical performance from ACSONI’s Community Got Talent representatives followed by a luncheon and Fairtrade refreshments. (Contributed)

Children Club moving on Felicia ‘Aunty Felicia’ Blackman and her husband Chris are satisfied with the progress of the ‘Children on the Move Children Club’. Their television programme has returned to local viewers from 11:30am, on Sunday mornings. And more children will get the chance to share in the experience when registration takes place at the St. Martin’s Secondary School Monday Chris and Felicia ‘Aunty Felicia’ Blackman April 29, from 3 to 5:30 initiators of the ‘Children on the Move Children pm. Sessions continue at the Club’. same venue on Saturdays and 14 are eligible to register, and from nine in the morning until one in she stressed the aspects of “manners the afternoon. and discipline” for acceptance. ‘Aunty Felicia’ is keen on the Participants will be exposed to participation of talented children, and international competitions, field she will be looking for those gifted in strips, academic help, birthday arts and music. celebrations and television She expressed satisfaction with the appearances. response from parents to the The Blackmans work within programme. communities and have enlisted the Children between the ages of five support of volunteers. (WKA)

V Negotiating skills seminar rescheduled



The CED/BIMAP one-day Negotiating Skills Seminar is rescheduled for Thursday, May 9, 2013. The one-day seminar is designed to give participants a step by step guide to effective and skillful negotiation, through the application of techniques and approaches which positively influence the outcome of any negotiation process. “Having good negotiation skills is a critical area that is too often ignored. It can be the determining factor between success and failure in the business industry, as those who know how to negotiate tend to rise to the top of whatever business they are in, while those who do not know how to negotiate tend to lag behind,” says CED Training Coordinator Keisha Phillips. “If you want to be successful in the any business, then you

should not miss this Negotiating Skills Seminar. Remember one of the main benefits of having good negotiating skills is that it saves you and your business money. You also make money; so if you are in business to succeed, then you should make it a priority to learn and acquire good negotiating skills.” The seminar will look at: What is Negotiation; Types of Negotiation; Theoretical Approaches to Negotiation; Characteristics of Good Negotiators; Effective Negotiation Skills; Negotiation Tactics; Common Negotiation Mistakes;

Weed man says, “time hard” A 52-year-old father of eight who told the police he was into the marijuana business because of economic hardship, will be sentenced on Monday, April 22 for possession of the illegal substance, with intent to supply. Members of the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) arrested Eli Browne of Kingstown around 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, at Lower Bay Street. The officers, who were on foot patrol in the area, were attracted by what seemed to be the odour of marijuana emanating from a shop. They entered the a shop and noted Browne standing by the door. He placed the shoulder bag he was holding on the ground. The lawmen became suspicious, picked up the bag and searched it. The search revealed the marijuana. When cautioned, Browne said, “Officer, ah mine, time hard and ah dat me hah foh do.” The drug weighed 2,626 grams. He pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Sonya Young at the Serious Offences Court on Wednesday. He accepted the facts and pleaded with the court not to send him to prison, declaring that he was the father of eight children, ages ranging from two to 16. Sentencing was then postponed to Monday.

Negotiation Dilemmas; Improving Your Negotiating Skills; Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration; the Role of a Labour Department/Arbiter in Negotiations; among others. It will be conducted by BIMAP facilitator, David

Carrington, who is also a part time lecturer in Human Resource Development and Law for Human Resource Professionals at the UWI Open Campus in Barbados. Persons interested in registering for this seminar

can contact the CED Office at 451-2235 for the course outline, registration fee and the registration forms. The Negotiating Skills Seminar takes place at the Ministry of Health Conference Room, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.



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Editorial The Blackness of Caspar London CASPAR LONDON was an ardent reader of THE VINCENTIAN. In fact, he was a friend and loyal supporter, contrary to what others might have thought, given his association with another publication here. When we reflect on his passing, we find it difficult trying not to focus on his Blackness to which Black educators have spoken; a Blackness which Caspar, humility personified, maintained throughout his life endeavours. Not a racial Blackness but a one that spoke about the nature of a man caught up in a struggle to identify himself in the world community. In reflecting thus, Casper reminds us that Black men are ageless; ageless like the land on which he trudged and for which he gave his every being. His love of country was unapologetically professed — always mindful that the land of his birth, the land that had nurtured his Blackness, was a land of beauty, and possessed much love amidst all its calamities. A true Black man, Caspar was brave, brave like the primates who dared to explore their world during their evolution, disregarding their physical limitations and using their cognitive skill to rationalize, understand and interact in a world forever changing. Caspar’s life and living reminded us that Black men are diverse, which allows them, himself included, to merge into their environment… adapting, evolving and expanding their own horizons and that of their land. Moreover, his proud Blackness made known for the world that Black men are intelligent — intelligent enough to find revolutionary ways of carving out their places in society and of influencing positive thought and action, even if it meant waging battles against the walls of resistant institutions. And in those battles, Caspar demonstrated how strong Black men are; a strength like the land of their forefathers, one that can support diversity. But that is not all to the measure of this fallen comrade. He represented a Blackness that is timeless, recognizing in his work the important contribution of the Black man throughout history, and working to build on those contributions, even as he made bare how other cultures work to deny the rightful place of the Black man in the history of mankind. That he remained true to his Blackness was as much because he recognized black men as unique as anything else; that, despite being enslaved, beaten, murdered, even castrated, the Black man still sought acceptance and equality. And in rising out of the ashes of the fires of slavery, the Black man, Caspar would say, now shares in the destiny of great lands, with hands and hearts stretched across the world but emanating from their Black, ancestral homeland, Africa. And who could blame Caspar for being the consummate optimist when he professes that, regardless of the odds still tacked against him, the Black man is victorious. His lesson was that that victory comes in the continuing struggle for existence. That the Black man may never be accepted as his true self, but he should shout aloud like the cherubim, for it is in the very existence of struggle for acceptance and equality that the Black man’s victory is founded. And in this reflection, it is obvious that the best would be kept for last. For those who were privileged to have sat with him recall that Caspar maintained that, above all else, the Black man is notorious for giving and requiring love. In his assessment, this Black love grows out from the history of marginalization, oppression endured for centuries. Who better to give love than the one from whom it was taken and to whom very little, if any, was extended. For the love of the Black man comes from the soul. And that love, as one would remember Caspar articulating, mushrooms into a love of freedom; freedom from strife and tribulation and moreso, freedom to express this love as only a Black man can. Caspar London loved humanity as only a Black man can. That is the least of the message that we should take from the life of this Black man who gave much more than he kept for himself.

Caspar London and national heroism CASPAR LONDON is dead, after struggling with diabetes and related maladies for the past ten years or so. At least, we shared common diseases leading to death which is the end-all. Otherwise, Caspar seemed determined to make a political “enemy” of Arnhim Eustace and myself way back in the mid-60s and continuing for fifty long years. It was his passion. But this is not the time to dwell on our differences and feuds, save a passing reference to an area of over-riding contemporary significance, national heroism. I recall very vividly that Casper and Co had put out a publication in the early 1960s, before “Freedom” and “Justice”, in which Joshua was religiously pilloried. In fact, the publishers had stated that they could hardly wait for the time when young people could piss on the grave of the Comrade. So it was good to see that Caspar had matured with time to appreciate the positivity of Joshua whom he had come to support for national heroism. At the same time, however, he warned the public of my supposed hostility to Joshua of whom I had been a follower since becoming a teenager in 1951, published supportive articles in “Flambeau”, and actually produced a Ph.D thesis in 1971 at Manchester University whose sub-theme is a sympathetic look at the times of Ebenezer Joshua. Not only that, but up to current times, I continued to write and lecture on Joshua’s case for the noble award. And the paradox is that Joshua is emerging a very good candidate, backed by Comrade Ralph! The national selection process was flawed from its outset. In choosing a Chairman of the Vetting Committee, the Prime Minister could have done much better than Rene Baptiste. I will suggest five other persons who could have handled that job with fairness, balance and lack of partisan-political bias: Oscar Allen, Nelcia Robinson-Hazell, Andrew Cummings, Dr. Edgar Adams and Douglas Williams. The problem with Rene` is that Milton Cato had deliberately chosen her birth date as the time of the Statehood constitution and, later, of our national Independence. There was no attempt to seek a date which resonated with some positive aspect of our history. The irony is that 21st of September 1935, when the first blow was struck for the democratic Revolution, was less than a week adrift of Rene`’s birthday, but it was by-passed like an exam. My argument is that there is every probability that Rene` would want to return the compliment by recommending Cato for National Hero status. In any event, the stronger argument is that no leader whose selection has been influenced by such personal consideration on national questions, should be

eligible for the highest national award. Further, in choosing a statehood flag incorporating a little Union Jack and expressing the possibility of having the discarded 22nd January Discovery Day as Independence Day, Cato had exhibited a backwardness that ruled him out of contention for national heroism. Paramount Chief Joseph Chatoyer, by consensus of the people, had been anointed National Hero in 2002. In the same year, the ULP Government rejected my suggestion of three new candidates — Hugh Mulzac, George Mc Intosh, and Ebenezer Joshua. Then all of a sudden in 2004, there was a mad burst of activity aimed at making Milton Cato, and no one else, SVG’s second National Hero. This drive petered out for whatever reason. Now there is more agitation, with more seriousness, and a sense of urgency. The UWI, “Global Highlights” and “Nice Radio” took up the drift with sponsored lectures by Dr. Fraser and myself on Mc Intosh and “Josh” respectively, with P.R Campbell promising to elaborate on his positive expressions on behalf of Dr. Parmenos Eustace. The community was shocked by the news that the Prime Minister had volunteered to join the programme with a talk in context on “Mc Intosh, Joshua and Milton Cato”! P.R Campbell advised the Prime Minister of the impropriety of his intended contribution. Jomo Thomas, Adrian Fraser and others joined the chorus of protest. The Prime Minister wears too many hats. It is back to papa. Ralph does not back down but claims that he has changed the focus of his talk. What if the talk does come off, but it is found that all Ralph changed was the label, with the contents remaining the same. Then all hell will break loose, and anything could happen, including an indefinite postponement of providing Joseph Chatoyer with congenial company, standing aloft and alone, like the cheese. This possible scenario is painted to cover a situation where Ralph, ironically, needs the Cato legacy to cover his flanks, particularly in the East St. George constituency where he hopes to introduce his son, Camillo, whether or not Camillo succeeds in buying Cato’s house! If push comes to shove, Ralph could perhaps accept Joshua standing alone,- but certainly not Mc Intosh. It seems that SVG has stood still since its independence date 1979. Imagine that after thirty-four years, political discourse is still generated by a handful of persons - Ralph Gonsalves, Parnel Campbell, Renwick Rose, Oscar Allen, Adrian Fraser, St. Clair Leacock and Kenneth John — erstwhile members of the United Peoples Movement!




Stop begging and help yourselves

Myrie’s case is of great significance I MUST thank you for keeping the Shanique Myrie case profiled in your regional page. In so doing, I take it that you have recognized, like the majority of Caribbean people I hope, the significance of the case, i.e. what it will mean for inter-regional travel. The case is unprecedented. One would want to conclude that the matter might not have had a day’s hearing, had there not been a Caribbean Court of Justice, with its jurisdiction over matters arising out of infringement of the article of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas. What I gathered is that the Jamaican team of lawyers was trying to show (prove) that Barbados has demonstrated a pattern of discrimination against certain Caribbean nationals. My own experience tells me that many Jamaicans and Vincentians can attest to this. Long and many have been the stories about the treatment handed out by Barbadian airport personnel to Vincentians, many of whom would have been merely using their airport as a transit point to another country. That Shanique Myrie was prepared to take her matter to the Caribbean highest court is commendable, and something for which we must thank her. Of much more significance is the ruling of the CCJ in this matter. The question they have to consider is whether, even as CARICOM has agreed that a Caribbean national should get up to six months stay in another Caribbean territory, to what extent should authorities go to ascertain whether an arriving Caribbean national is more than he or she says he or she is?

SOMETIME ago I read in your newspaper that the Carnival Development Corporation was considering raising price monies for carnival this year. Every year is the same old thing, calypsonians and soca people threatening not to sing, masmen want more or else, this one threatening not to do this, etc. The same old games roll over year after year. Mr. Editor, I have one question for all those carnival people, and that is, Brewster what do they do for the whole year to raise money for themselves? I see a lot of other organizations and young people do this and that to raise funds, but I hardly ever see, if I ever saw, a group of calysonians and masmen doing anything like that. This country doesn’t SIXTY-TWO (62) years ago, our colonial masters began to relinquish their stranglehold on us by have a money tree, and granting us Universal Adult Suffrage. At that regardless of what the time, they handed over a country divided by PM might want to class. Since then, our home grown politicians encourage for his own political end, the carnival have added a new dimension to this division. They, in their wisdom, have taken partisan party people can’t take politics to a level of unimaginable proportion. themselves out of the For a country like St Vincent and the bigger picture. Grenadines, with its wealth of human So, my message to all resource, to be so backward in so many areas the carnival people: get of development, is nothing short of ludicrous. How can we as citizens arrest this downward up off your sets and do spiral and help our country to fulfill its true something to help potential? Undoubtedly, there are no easy yourselves. answers to this question. Presently, this country is split right down Barney the centre between red and yellow - ULP and NDP. At any moment in time, half the country is trying to build while the other half is trying to destroy. No country can develop this way. As I am writing this piece, I am listening to Burns Bonadie on the ‘Shake-up’ programme passionately putting forward the * Are some case of the late Hon Milton Cato for National restaurants now Hero Status. I am also listening to a number serving back and of callers, just as passionate, opposing Mr. neck roti and Bonadie. This shows how we have descended charging the same to such depths of divisiveness; we cannot price? debate the issue of National Hero Status with * Will the any degree of objectivity. Ministry of Trade I want to send out a challenge to all move to control the members of this present Parliament. At the price of beef on the next meeting of the House, I am asking the local market, now Prime Minister, with the permission of the that we have agreed Speaker, to walk over to the Leader of the to send most of the Opposition and give him a meaningful cattle to other brotherly hug. Both of you must then islands? encourage the other members of Parliament * Is the Ministry to follow your example. Thereafter, you must of Education aware announce to the world that in the interest of that some schools healing and development of the Vincentian opened on Tuesday peoples, you are going to ask your party instead of Monday as followers to love and respect all Vincentians was prescribed? regardless of party affiliation. * Why wasn’t Of course, what I am proposing is difficult, proper provision but it can be done. Let us take a close look at made for paying the two persons, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and Mr. those workers at the Arnhim Eustace, who are central to the Irrigation Station? success of this endeavour. Both are men of Is this not a workers’ stature; men with a wealth of knowledge, government?

A breath of fresh air

experience and wisdom. They are both loved by their respective party followers. Both men are very persuasive, and I believe strongly that they both love St Vincent and the Grenadines, and genuinely want to see the country develop. In all of human history, every country of the world has had seminal moments in their forward march to development. This present Parliament has an opportunity to impact itself with the same profundity. I urge you to seize the times and embrace this chance to help St Vincent and the Grenadines in its upward march to prosperity. Be bold and resolute, and let us introduce a breath of fresh air in our politics.

Grandma and I The sunlight is shining and feeling so hot! I came through the bushy pathway, then stopped. I looked up and saw Peter and Jim Sitting on a mango limb, Eating the mangoes and dropping the skin Dirty my clothes and it’s a scolding, From grandma Matilda, who would be home in the kitchen Waiting for me to come home any minute. As I got home I tried to run past grandma Who was standing patiently outside the kitchen With that stern look, I realized grandma knew something was wrong Then I held my head down and grabbed an apron And into the kitchen and started washing the dirty pans. Just for grandma to see I am busy And to forget what she had seen On that dress she had given to me. I looked at grandma busy making her pancakes As her customers came to give her the regular sale With me I kept smiling away Hoping grandma will still be busy baking her goodies Not remembering me for the balance of the day Unknowing to grandma about Peter and Jim I guessed I just got away, I am happy ever since The mango limb, dropping the skin Not a scolding, just look at me grin Felicia Thompson February, 2013 St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Jemoth Campbell

The Penn Relays I MUST say how impressed and proud I was to read your spread on plans to ensure that a team of athletes from my homeland, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, participates in the 2013 Penn Relays. Undoubtedly, there is so much to gain from our participation. Given what I understand the state of track and field is in SVG, it may be some time before we ‘medal’ at the relays, but this should not be a deterrent. All praise to James Cordice and his group in Philly for making the preparations and for taking good care of our young athletes. It might be some encouragement to note that a Jamaican 4×100-meter relay is among this year’s Penn Relay Carnival Wall of Fame inductees. That team is the 2004 Vere Tech girls’ 4×100-meter relay team which holds a nine-year record of 44.32. The team of

Indira Spence, Maris Wisdom, Sharneter Stewart and Simone Facey broke a meet record that had lasted six years. An earlier Vere Tech team had held the record previously for three years. The Vere Tech girls’ team was selected this year along with three other teams and four individuals by a panel of Penn Relays experts. Is it too much to dream of the day when a team from SVG would not enjoy such an accolade? I think not. Congratulations to the Thomas Saunders Secondary School for taking the ‘bull by the horns’. That school is surely carrying on the legacy of the person after whom it is named; Mr. Saunders, after all, was a pioneer himself, waging a battle for the formation of co-operative especially among low and middle income persons in SVG. Best of luck to the TSSS. Best, USA.




Improved Health Care now and in the future The Issue

MAINTAINING AND SUSTAINING the health of every Vincentian citizen is a national priority: however, like the world over, it is also a major challenge. SVG has long been admired for its achievement of 99% immunization rate, an infant mortality rate of 15/1000 and a maternal death. A recent study placed SVG third in the Caribbean and 8th in the Latin America/Caribbean region for the number of undernourished persons, a significant improvement in reducing undernourished over the last two decades, 1990-92 (19.9%); 2000-02 (10.6%); 2006-08 (6.3%) and 2010-12 (4.9%). This is undoubtedly linked to the war on poverty, and reduction in indigence from 27% to 2.9%. St. Vincent is 43rd in the world, and third in the Caribbean for average lifespan. This compares with the highest; Japan and the lowest ten nations of the 190 assessed including Namibia and Cambodia.

Perceptions of Health Care Most assessment of the different national health care systems worldwide revealed that none of them is perfect. Almost every system, whether European, Canadian or ours, has its strengths and weaknesses. Almost every nation is in pursuit of the elusive Triple Aim. The Triple Aim is a concept first advanced by Donald Berwick, Tom Nolan and John Whittington, all at the time affiliated with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Cambridge, Mass. Improving SVG’s health care system “requires simultaneous pursuit of these Triple Aims: 1. improving the experience of care, 2. improving the health of the population, and 3. reducing or stabilizing per capita costs of health care. Simply put, what we need is better health, better health care, and we need it all to cost less. There is no nation on earth that is not worried about the skyrocketing cost of health care, and there is none that believes it gets top value for the money spent. In St. Vincent and the Grenadines, there is a perception among a few that we should choose between health care and major infrastructure development such as the International Airport, Tourism or Agriculture. However, each is integrally related to national development and inextricably linked, so all must be pursued. The growing prevalence of noncommunicable chronic diseases, (ranging from Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease and Cancers) and HIV Disease, and the rising incidence of Autism and Alzheimer’s, will significantly challenge future budgets unless health care becomes far more focused on these issues and patient’s needs. Poorly run systems, characterized by high mortality rate, unattended patients and a callous indifference by staff, is prevalent in many countries. The pursuit by the ULP administration for better health, better care and affordable cost and bringing all these goals into alignment is challenging, but the Triple AIM can be achieved.

medication instructions, measures will be put in place to prevent he/she ending up back in the hospital. In 2012 the ULP administration spent a record EC$57 Million on recurrent health care expenditure. EC$6.5 Million was spent on Drugs and Medical supplies, $26.2 Million spent at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, of which $21.7 Million or 82% of this cost was labour (Admin $0.8 Million, Doctors $5.8 Million, Nurses $9.5 Million, Tec/Lab $1.3 Million, X Ray staff $0.4 Million and Domestic staff $1.3 Million). Unfortunately, only $1.87 million was collected as revenue from hospital, laboratory and X-ray fees. Similarly, EC$2.2 Million was spent at the Lewis Punnett home, EC$3.8 Million at the Mental Home and EC$2.1 Million at Rural Hospital and Health Centers. The ULP administration is focused on achieving the Triple Aim and providing modern health care for this nation. It will reduce the long wait at the Casualty, provide appropriate and modern diagnostics tools for early detection and improving the patient’s health care experience and outcomes.

Additional care

This nation is fortunate to lack dangerous Infectious Diseases which plague other nations. Arguably, we have the best drinking water in the Caribbean with 99% access on mainland, an abundance of fresh fruits all year, and cheap affordable local produce. We have eliminated the shortage of nurses, we have several notable doctors available, and the country boasts the lowest price for CT scan services in the Caribbean. Currently a study is being conducted with World Bank funding to determine the best site for the new modern state of the art MCMH. Possible sites include the proposed 66 acre New City at Arnos Vale, and the Penniston/Pembroke and Fenton areas. This new facility will certainly improve the patient’s experience. An EC$32 Million EU Grant will provide money to renovate the MCMH and increase the operating theater space to 5 rooms. Two additional 24 hour, well equipped polyclinics at Buccament and Mesopotamia, will improve the access to urgent care and significantly reduce casualty waiting times. A new Mental Health Facility will be constructed to replace the Mental Home which was partially gutted by fire several years ago. The Modern Medical Diagnostic Centre at Georgetown will offer a range of new diagnostic equipment and tools such as Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy and Dialysis, which will eliminate the need to pursue these tests abroad and help detect certain diseases much earlier. SVG now has 100% nursing coverage since hundreds of nurses were trained and many have gained contracts abroad. There are new nursing specialties, and we must congratulate New Developments Dr. Audrey Scott-Gilkes on becoming the first Vincentian nurse with a PhD, SVG has recently installed a an inspiration and example to others. Computerized Health Information Plans to construct a Children’s System (HIS) linking all 43 medical Hospital are in an advance stage and Clinics, Medical stores and continued training of professional staff Pharmaceutical Services. It will analyze in specialized techniques will provide all medical and pharmacy claims and and improve the perception of better electronic health records to monitor care. supplies and usage, introduce quicker It is clear that tremendous gains electronic ordering and cut waste. have already been made, but soon the It will use predictive computer quality of health care will be even modeling to identify people at risk for better, under the ULP administration. possible triple aim failures. For example, when a frail elderly patient is discharged from hospitals, and he/she is unable to understand his/her

Energy in St. Vincent and the Grenadines MOST VINCENTIANS CONTINUE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE HIGH COST of electricity; they are finding it extremely difficult to pay their electricity bills. The end result is that their electricity is disconnected. And as if that is not all to the burden, this month we are confronted with an even greater problem: the highest fuel surcharge ever, thanks to this wicked and callous ULP administration. This over-burdening situation comes as a direct result of the ULP government’s mismanagement of this country’s economy, which has seen unemployment skyrocket to its highest levels. This ULP government appears to be clueless as to how to reduce the high cost of electricity so that the business community, the poor and working class can benefit. The ULP government has given only lip service to the real search for alternative energy. Under the current government, there seems to be little room for the private sector to become involved in this critical component of our development. The power plant at Lowman’s Bay had to be retrofitted at great cost to be able to use Bunker C fuel. The size of the engines used also raises the question of the over working of units which will impact on the reliability of the service, and highlights the need to upgrade urgently. Nontraditional sources of energy, such as wind and the sun, have not been given the attention they deserve. Now is as good a time as any to remind Vincentians of the NDP’s plan for energy in this country; a plan that will ultimately bring long-term benefits to the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Vision The new vision will focus on an action-oriented programme of development of our indigenous sustainable energy sources, with emphasis on geothermal energy, wind and solar energy, as well as a commitment to energy efficiency — the efficient utilization of all of our energy which will positively impact on the lives of every Vincentian.

Geothermal Energy

Solar Energy Solar energy use at present in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is very limited in all sectors and will be expanded through the application of a coherent programme of tax and financial incentives. Hotels, businesses and households will get a tax write-off on the purchase of solar water heaters in the year of acquisition, and a NDP government will encourage local lending institutions to access EU low interest funding available for solar energy development. The NDP will undertake a pilot project to air condition a government building using solar energy, as part of a wider programme of developing an indigenous solar-cooling manufacturing and assembly industry, which will be able to produce solar cooling equipment for the CARICOM market.

Energy Efficiency Whatever the source of our energy, it needs to be used more efficiently. The NDP’s vision is to move the nation towards adopting a culture of energy efficiency. This will be led by example from government level and will involve a comprehensive programme targeted at the transport, household, business and government sectors. To improve the efficiency in the provision of energy on a multi island state such as ours, the NDP will work through our public utility, St. Vincent Electricity Services Ltd, to undertake a technical and economic feasibility study of the development of an interconnected national power grid, which will ultimately be powered in the medium term by a minimum of 90% renewable energy.


At present there seems to be little room for the private sector to become involved in the development of renewable energy. There is little doubt that non-traditional forms of energy such as wind and solar have not been given the attention they deserve, especially since the cost of oil has gone to over $75.00 per barrel. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is an excellent choice for the development of geothermal energy. Where available geothermal energy is a significantly cheaper and renewable energy source; should our potential be realized, this will have significant and positive impact on our fledgling manufacturing sector and give a competitive edge to many small and medium sized enterprises. It will also afford a unique opportunity to attract new manufacturing enterprises Wind Energy that depend heavily on energy input. The NDP is aware that there are Preliminary wind regime many options available for the measurements in St. Vincent and the development of alternative energy Grenadines have indicated that wind sources, including using private sector energy is a readily-available resource firms that will bring their own that is going to waste. The new NDP investments with long term payoffs for administration will use regional bestpractices as a model for developing wind the company and the country. The NDP farms using existing technology to will insist that VINLEC focus on its core provide affordable, environmentally competencies and give up the political sustainable electricity for businesses, distractions that are hindering its institutions and homes in St. Vincent ability to deliver at optimum efficiency. and the Grenadines. The NDP will pursue an aggressive agenda for development of our country’s geothermal energy resources by working with capable, proven private sector entities with the necessary track record in geothermal energy development. The objective for geothermal energy in St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be to: immediately commence a thorough investigation of the geothermal resource on mainland St. Vincent, and if the resource is proven, proceed to develop 20 — 50 MW geothermal base load power capacity on the mainland. This capacity will:- dramatically reduce foreign exchange expenditure on imported fossil fuels; drastically cut national greenhouse gas emissions; and eliminate the fuel surcharge from customers’ electricity bills.




Lifestyle Changes

“Modern society will find no solution to the ecological problem unless it takes a serious look at its lifestyle.” - Pope John Paul II (19202005) Walking through the Kingstown Market on Friday last (April 12, 2013) afforded me the pleasure of conversing with Sister Sylvia Jackson. She was then in the process of setting up a “nursing station” where passersby could have their blood pressure and blood sugar levels checked. She was not dressed in her nursing uniform that day. Her blue T-shirt advertised that she was representing the National Diabetic and Hypertensive Association. She, along with the three other members of the association, attended to over one hundred passersby during their fourhour (9:00 AM to 1:00 PM) vigil. We commend the organisers and the “foot soldiers” who make such outreach programmes possible. The Caribbean region continues to be challenged by the ever increasing incidences of diabetes (“sugar”) and hypertension (high blood pressure). The Ministry of Health in Barbados, for example, continues to champion programmes aimed at combating the rise of obesity and the “lifestyle diseases” that accompany the excessive weight. One of the leading newspapers in Trinidad and Tobago recently published a report of research done in southern part of the country confirming that there had been an alarming number of amputees there. The article further indicated that, in many cases, individuals diagnosed as being diabetic had neglected to follow the recommended diet, were delinquent in taking their prescribed medication, and/or had not engaged in a sufficient amount of physical exercise. It was not that they did not know what was required to keep the disease at bay. It was simply that they omitted to make the necessary lifestyle changes ... and they suffered the consequences. As I shared the above information with Sister Jackson she commented, “You seem to be suggesting that we should conduct such a study in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.” We exchanged smiles as one of her colleagues arrived to assist her with erecting their banner and setting up their work station. Later that morning I observed the nurses in action as passersby took their seats at the portable booth and benefited from the free services provided. Our lives can be changed for the better when we adhere to the guidance provided by such health professionals. It would be remiss of me if I neglected to share another part of the conversation that I held with Sister Jackson that morning. It is also a revelation that I recently shared with Dr. Lennox Adams, my personal doctor, friend, and mentor. It is a personal confession that now becomes public with the desire that it will impact others in a positive way: I have had a “blood sugar problem” for years. I sometimes joke about it by saying “sweetness is my weakness”. But diabetes is no joking matter. If not properly controlled, it can result in damages to a host of organs (including the kidneys). In addition, the resulting poor blood circulation at the extremities (e.g. toes and feet) can result in poor healing of wounds. This may result in amputations. Some unfortunate diabetics experience blindness if the blood vessels at the back of the eyes become damaged. I know that I should be exercising on a

regular basis (so that I burn up as much energy as I can). Thus, at least twice a week I set aside time to do a brisk early morning 6-mile walk with three of my dear friends. But I also know that I should be checking my blood sugar levels on a regular basis ... and this is where I fall short. And by publicly admitting this shortcoming I simultaneously commit to resuming this worthwhile, life changing monitoring. Why “life changing”? I realise that when I had been in the habit of monitoring my blood sugar levels I would make a conscious effort to reduce my sugar intake whenever the readings go above the recommended levels. In the absence of such monitoring it is possible that I move merrily in the direction of amputation. Now, that got your attention! Some readers are as guilty as I am in relation to not monitoring blood sugar levels. Let us recommit to doing what we know is right. This is the common sense thing to do. But, alas, common sense is not common practice. Let us make those lifestyle changes so that we could “live life in style” (without the complications that accompany delinquency in this area). We (you and I) have received counsel. We know what should be done. It is now left for us to be responsible enough to do it. The other aspect of lifestyle change that we need to consider is directly related to the quotation from Pope John Paul II that was used to introduce this week’s column. Our modern society needs to change the way we are denigrating the ecological system that has sustained us for years. We need to become more involved in recycling and reusing items that we have been throwing away. Those empty metal tins (that previously contained, milk, peas, beans, cheese, etc.) can be recycled and used, for example, to grow seedlings. We can do the same with so many of the plastic containers that we readily discard en route to the landfill. And while we commend the staff at the Solid Waste Division at the Central Water and Sewerage Authority for the excellent work that they continue to do in relation to public awareness campaigns and the physical removal of waste, many of us are still to come on board in relation to our commitment to reuse, recycle, recover, and reduce. We have to make that lifestyle change as we seek to preserve and enhance our beautiful part of the globe. Finally, I pause to commend the various church assemblies that have accepted the challenge to go out to the highways and byways to preach the “good news” about the love of God and the saving power of faith in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Several “big tents” can presently be seen throughout the length and breadth of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Paying attention to our physical, emotional, and environmental health pay great dividends ... but taking care of our spiritual being and making the necessary life changes in that area will pay far better dividends now and in the life hereafter. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to

You have to be sorry for the opposition OPPOSITION LEADER ARNHIM EUSTACE’S position on reparations did not surprise us but we were definitely disappointed by Eustace’s base response to a matter that is so vitally important to the eventual development of SVG and the wider Caribbean. Mr. Eustace evidently lacks the vision or foresight to make the connection between the reparations for the debt owed for slave trade and slavery, and genocide committed by England and other European powers. First things first. It is political nonsense to say that Gonsalves is raising the reparations issue as a ‘red herring.’ The issue of reparations has been on Gonsalves’ lips since 2006. Gonsalves raised the issue at the United Nations General Assembly session in 2007. He has also been talking about the issue on and off since. The problem with Eustace and the opposition is quite simply: they have tuned out Gonsalves; they have stopped listening to him or reading what he writes. So when Gonsalves brought up the issue of reparations on Heroes Day, Eustace and the opposition saw politics of the electoral kind. Those of us in the reparations movement have been on Gonsalves’ case. We have argued that his commitment to reparations has been episodic and inconsistent. Therefore, when he used his formidable academic and research skills, plus the bully pulpit of the prime ministerial office,and produced a draft document that makes the case against the British for reparations, those champions reparations in our midst were elated. Eustace claims to have a theoretical understanding of reparations, but his position that reparations cannot bring food or development to our people or country, betrays a dearth of understanding of the issue he claims to grasp. Had Eustace studied the issued he would have known that our country is underdeveloped precisely because of slavery, the slave trade and colonialism. SVG remains in its backward state because, as Dr Eric Williams declared in ‘Capitalism and Slavery’, ‘the foundation of capitalist development of Europe and North America was built on the backs of the enslaved Africans whose free labour was exploited.’ If Eustace understood the reparation issue he would have known that when slavery was abolished, all of the enslaved Africans in SVG and the region were thrown to the ‘wolves’ to eke out a living, while the slavers were paid. We were left penniless. That is the genesis of the poverty and the underdevelopment of our people. If he understood the call for reparations, Eustace would appreciate that the poor economy and the difficulties faced by our people are rooted in the pillage that began in 1795 when the English murdered and or exiled more than 80 percent of our population. Eustace would have known that the 30 plus percentage unemployment rate goes back to 1834 when there was 100 percent unemployment following the emancipation of our ancestors. The fact that many of our people don’t have lands to work and feed themselves, goes back to 1795 when the English stole 100,000 acres of lands from our ancestors. The English either sold or gave land grants to English men who had served them well. They profited and must pay.What then is the theoretical understanding of reparations that Eustace boasts? His statement on

Monday demonstrated that he has no understanding. His lack of understanding places him in the camp of those who are opposed to reparations. But alas, he fears coming out against reparations for fear of a political backlash. And resorts to political platitudes: “The priority is to lift our economy and put people back to work,” Is it that simply? Obama, with far more resources, has thrown more than $4 trillion at the US economy and still has not been able to put the American people back to work. Millions remain unemployed. In fact, the sluggish US and European economies have created a drag on our economy. And these are states with money to spend! “I understand the reparations issue, you know, and theoretically I have no problem with that, but for it being practical now, for me that priority is looking after people now.” Any attempt to look after people must be all embracing. It is like saying that while we are fixing roads we cannot build a hospital or schools.Is our collective mind and attention span so small and narrow that we can only do one thing at a time? Are the governments of Antigua, Barbados and Jamaica playing politics or failing to prioritize for establishing reparations commissions? Without making excuses for any government, a big part of the reason why the country is in a sad state, with people not being able to make ends meet, is because of the legacy of slavery and the slave trade. Things were bad before adult suffrage. They were bad before Gonsalves. Underdevelopment began with colonial conquest and may worsen if Eustace ever gets the chance to unleash his austerity focused, neo-liberal policies on our country. Part of the reason why reparations may take generations, as Eustace suggests, is because if he were to regain the reins of power reparations will become a non-issue. To ensure that the time is shortened when we can get monies from reparations to assist with our country’s development, Eustace should join his party with the government’s efforts. By the time the united front gets some money his party might be in power. But he is too myopic to conceptualize and visualize such a reality. Eustace’s view that ‘while there may be good arguments to support reparations, where was the money coming from; and from whom and when’ reflects his true position. This is his eternal mantra. He expressed similar views about the construction of the international airport. Yet he speaks of a theoreticalunderstanding! This position reflects a profound failure to grasp the very topic on which he pronounces. He has no understanding of the theory and practice that will lead to development. It is he who pulls the political ‘red herring’ to camouflage his profound lack of understanding on the issues central to the development of SVG.

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Taiwan eating our lunch, while our children go hungry Editor’s Note: The views expressed here are not necessarily those of THE VINCENTIAN PUBLISHING CO. One of the most serious mistakes made by SVG policy makers since independence in 1979, was to establish diplomatic ties with Taiwan in 1981. Taiwan is a leech. Taiwan takes our fish and indigenous resources. Taiwan’s presence in SVG is a major obstacle to sustainable development in SVG and prosperity for our people. SVG Green Party calls for the Taiwan’s embassy in SVG to be closed immediately. Taiwan gets blanket tax and customs duty exemptions in SVG. The Taiwan Embassy press release on Wednesday 10 April 2013, confirms that Taiwan fishing vessels are registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines under the High Seas Fishing Act 2001. Over the past 30 years or so, Taiwan has been creaming-off billions from tuna without paying taxes. In return, Taiwan gives SVG peanuts for the use of our deep sea fish licence. The Taiwan Ambassador put out a press release on Wednesday 10 April 2013, confirming tax exemptions. According to the Taipei Times, a Taiwan national newspaper, Taiwan uses a new jumbo class of fishing boats. Japan says Taiwan’s new boats can take up to 11,000 tonnes of tuna a year, twice the amount of the older boats. On 5th January 2012, the BBC News website reported that in January 2012, a bluefin tuna was sold for three quarters of a million dollars in Tokyo a price almost double the previous year’s record sale. The bluefin tuna, prized for making the finest

sushi, fetched 56.49m yen ($736,000, £472,125) at Tsukiji fish market’s first auction of the year. The 269kg (593lb) tuna also set a record for price by weight, market official Yutaka Hasegawa said. The total price translates to 210,000 yen ($2,737 or £1,755) per kilogram. In 2011, a 342kg bluefin tuna caught off Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido fetched 32.49m yen, or nearly $400,000 (£257,320), setting a record then. It is estimated that Taiwan has 40 vessels registered in SVG with an off-shore company. Below is an estimate of the astronomical amount of money Taiwan creams off every year from SVG’s deep sea fish licence. Let’s assume a Taiwan boat on SVG’s licence catches 5,000 tonnes of tuna a year, which is less than the Taipei Times estimates. 1 tonne = 1000kgs, therefore 5000 tonnes = 5,000,000kgs. Taiwan’s 40 boats on SVG’s fish licence catch 40 x 5,000,000kg = 200,000,000kgs of tuna. Let’s assume a price of only £1000 a kg, just over half what the record tuna got in January 2012. At £1000 pounds a kg, each year Taiwan earns on SVG’s fish licence 200,000,000kgs x £1000 = £200,000,000,000 - in other words 200 billion pounds. In EC dollars at £1 = EC$4 dollars, this is = EC$800,000,000,000 - in other words 800 billion EC dollars. Divide this by the SVG population of 110,000 = EC$7,272,727 a year for every person in SVG. In return Taiwan gives SVG peanuts: we get the occasional donation of a fridge or a few motor cycles

or an insulting cheque. This is immoral, as our people suffer in poverty. SVG Green Party challenges the Taiwan Ambassador to tell the Vincentian general public: how much Taiwan makes from SVG’s deep sea fish licence; how many years has Taiwan been using the SVG fish licence; how many Taiwanese ships have used the SVG fish licence; what is the total catch in tonnes of fish from these Taiwanese ships; how many billions have been made by all Taiwanese ships when using the SVG fish licence. Ambassador, as you enjoy writing in the paper, why don’t you answer these questions? There are many children in SVG who go to bed hungry. There are many children in SVG who go to school hungry and find it hard to study. Taiwan is taking the food from their very mouths by not paying tax and customs duty. This is immoral and shameful. Taiwan is a world leader in manufacturing, yet in 32 years of being here, Taiwan has not built a single factory or fish plant to help SVG add value to its indigenous products or create new jobs and surplus revenue. Taiwan is milking our country, and Taiwan’s 32 years in SVG has been negative in terms of nation building. SVG Green Party calls for Taiwan’s embassy in SVG to be closed immediately. Taiwan, pack your bags and go home. We want China, because China will be a true friend to us. CHINA FOREVER. TAIWAN NEVER. SVG Green Party

SVG receives Mission from Drug Abuse Control Commission THE Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism (MEM) of the InterAmerican Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) — a specialized agency of the Organization of American States (OAS) serving as the Hemisphere’s policy forum on all aspects of the drug problem conducted a sensitization mission to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on March 26 and 27, 2013. The Mission comprised Ms. Angela Crowdy, CICAD’s Acting Assistant Executive Secretary, and Ms. Karen Sanjines, MEM Specialist, and was

joined on-island by Ms. Melene Glynn, OAS Country Representative. The MEM is a diagnostic tool designed by the member countries of the OAS, which carries out periodic, comprehensive, multilateral evaluations of the actions taken by individual member states and by the hemisphere as a whole to deal with the drug problem. The Mission sought to build support for and promote the fullest participation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the MEM process.

Missions/OAS reps and local health officials: (From left) Ms. Patsy Wyllie, Chief Health Educator, Ministry of Health; Mr. Harvey Farrell, Health Educator, Ministry of Health; Ms. Angela Crowdy, Assistant Executive Secretary ag, CICAD; Mr. Luis DeShong, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health; Ms. Karen Sanjines, MEM Specialist, and Ms. Melene Glynn, OAS Country Representative. During the two days of meetings, the Mission met with key Government officials, including Hon. Girlyn Miguel, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education; Mr. Luis DeShong, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Wellness & the Environment; Ms. Patsy Wyllie, Chief Health Educator, Ministry of Health, and Mr. Harvey Farrell, Health Educator, Ministry of Health. The discussions centered on the revised MEM process, the recommendations emanating therefrom for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (which include the approval of a national drug plan and establishment of a national drug authority) and the support that CICAD could provide in this regard, particularly the secondary school survey currently being coordinated by the Ministry of Health to determine the prevalence of drug use among students and the related issues that affect them. A workshop to inform national anti-

drug stakeholders about the MEM and to prepare them for their participation in the Sixth Evaluation Round, which commences this year, was held on the morning of March 27. Participating in the Workshop were officials of the Ministry of Health, the Royal Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, the Ministry of Legal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Financial Intelligence Unit, the Customs and Excise Department and the University of the West Indies. Speaking upon conclusion of the current Mission, Ms. Crowdy noted that the workshop marked “…a reenergizing of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’ participation in the MEM’s process”. Ms Crowdy welcomed the commitment expressed by Permanent Secretary DeShong, and looked forward to St. Vincent and the Grenadines “…deriving the benefits offered by this multilateral process.” (Contributed)




Break the Silence Campaign launched JP Schwmon The most recent efforts to end Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) got underway here last Friday with the launch of the Break the Silence Campaign at LIME square in Kingstown. A Ministry of Social Development initiative, in collaboration with the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), the campaign consists of three main elements — advocacy, raising awareness as well as behaviour and social change.

abusers: “… to the perpetuators, please stop what you’re doing because you are hurting a lot of people.”

LIME’s involvement – more than sponsorship

Supportive legislation The Campaign is intended, in part, to foster new thinking and action related to CSA/incest and implications for HIV, as well as influence leaders (including key policy makers and donors/partners) to increase their commitment to gender sensitive, evidence and human rights based

Minister Frederick Stephenson assured that SVG had taken action legislative to support the fight against child abuse. Officials and children involved in a symbolic gesture of ‘Breaking the Silence’.

LIME’s partnership is not just limited to its role as host of last Friday’s launch but, according to the telecommunication giant’s Marketing Manager Nikala Williams, “We are in discussion with the Ministry to help with the development of a crisis centre. We’re looking at providing a simple 3-digit number that persons could call for help.” This phase of the Campaign, Williams told THE VINCENTIAN, “is still in planning” as there are a few other infrastructural issues to be addressed. Friday’s launch comes as a precursor to the Break the Silence Road Show which heads to Fancy from Peace Memorial Hall today Friday 19th April. While the caravan is expected to travel from Kingstown to Georgetown non-stop, Dr Ro-Ann Harry — coordinator of the local Break the Silence Initiative — tells us that “whistle stops would be made en route from Georgetown to Fancy” as the Ministry of National Mobilisation, Social Development et al take its message out to the windward end of the island.

that this initiative would encourage the victims to break their silence and seek help through the local social UNICEF’s Elaine King, in her interventions that prevent and address services. salutations at Friday’s launch event, CSA/incest and HIV. described the But it is not, according to situation Frederick Stephenson — the surrounding CSA Minister under whose portfolio as a “silent this novel initiative falls, “a emergency” while licence to maliciously accuse calling on church and defame the character of and community the innocent.” leaders to “break Delivering the feature the perpetual address, the Minister norm” since entreated the onlookers to “silence is no consider the impact of child longer an option.” sexual abuse on the social She noted that cohesion of our multi-island a recent study state. “This campaign aims to conducted across ensure that children are not the Eastern cheated out of their childhood Caribbean has [as occurrences of CSA puts shown that children] at risk for HIV/AIDS between “20 — 40% UNICEF’s Elaine King and early pregnancy called for an ‘all hands of our children sometimes resulting in lasting have been exposed on deck’ approach to devastating psychological combating the scourge of effects as well as undermining to some form of child abuse. sexual abuse.” their potential to succeed in King also told life,” he said. the gathering of parents, civil servants The first time MP further noted and Police representatives, “People that the prevalence of CSA/incest in know about these abuses, but fail, for Ministry of Social Development staff members donned jerseys which carried local communities also “places sociowhatever reasons, to report the economical burdens on our country, as a variety of messages in keeping with the initiative. incidents because they see such cases local children are often robbed of the as taboo subjects.” The campaign, she opportunity to contribute to National reiterated, would serve “to teach the Development.” lesson that there are no innocent The local child protection system is bystanders to as everyone has a be further developed and regulated, responsibility to ensure the protection Stephenson said. To this end, several of children’s rights…” pieces of model legislation have been The Break the Silence Campaign established across the Eastern launch featured musical renditions by Caribbean. They include the Child the Royal Police Band as well as Care and Protection Act, Status of Jerome Christopher and Rondelle Children Act (which ensures that Brooken, who used the opportunity to there “are no more bastards”, as an launch their hip-hop flavoured anti“equal share of parents’ wealth is to be CSA admonishment dubbed, ‘Don’t apportioned to each child”, whether Touch My Body’. born in or out of wedlock), and the The audience also heard from the Child Abuse Protocol and Report Vice President of the St. Joseph’s Guideline. Convent Kingstown Young Leaders As a direct result of these who added her voice to denounce the legislations, victims here in SVG can evils of child abuse in all its forms. now testify on camera as opposed to Even as she implored child abuse having to face their alleged abusers in victims to “speak out and end the court. This, Minister Stephenson silence,” the youngest speaker to grace explained, helps to shelter the victim the platform had a few words for the from further suffering. It is also hoped




Girl Guides to mark 100th anniversary Baptiste gave an overview of the programme. Next Monday April 22, the The Girl Guide Association of St. Vincent Vincentian contingent will link up and the Grenadines will celebrate one with their Caribbean counterparts. hundred years of guiding on April 17, That same day will see the 100th 2014. The milestone will be ushered in by anniversary launch in Georgetown. The Association’s website will also be a year-long programme of activities observed under the theme: ‘Ever alive, unveiled. When the annual Guides Fair comes celebrate and thrive’. off May 4 this year, the Association The programme was launched last will identify 100 communities and 100 Wednesday, April 17, at the Girl Guide Headquarters at Level Garden, managers for 100 Projects. Baptiste was enthusiastic about this Kingstown. venture, and she hopes that the President of the Girl Guides activity will encourage youngsters to Association of St. Vincent and the become Girl Guides or Brownies. She Grenadines, former Minister of anticipates that by the 100th birthday, Culture and current Speaker of the the membership will increase by 200 Organisation of Eastern Caribbean from the current 2,000 figure. States Constituent Assembly, Rene A Vintage Car show is scheduled for July 13, and the compilation of a Centenary documentary will be in August. By September, the documentary as well as other memorabilia will be released. October’s segment will be (L-R): Both Chief Commissioner Rechanne a Photo Exhibition Browne Matthias and President of the highlighting the ten decades Association Rene Baptiste spoke with a pride of Guiding and a 100 Leg about their beloved movement. Walk and identification of by WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY

100 places with unusual names for signage will form November’s activity. When the Centenary Magazine is launched next January, celebrations Proud Girl Guides at last Wednesday’s launch of will gather momentum. A their movement’s 100th anniversary celebrations. Bridal Spectacular planned for February 14, Browne/Matthias stressed the 2014 will be an attraction and 100 importance of service for the Girl volunteers will be remembered at the Guide Association and for her, the March 8 commemoration of priority was the “full development of International Women’s Day next year. the potential of all the ladies.” The Centenary Week of activities For that reason, the Girl Guide kick off April 13, and twenty persons Association was not allowing the 100th will be honoured at a Dinner April 17, anniversary to go by without doing 2014. “something memorable and Former Minister of Culture and remarkable,” the Commissioner Tourism, Rene Baptiste, currently promised. Speaker of the Organisation of The launch featured a Choral Eastern Caribbean States Constituent Speech highlighting the history of the Assembly, outlined the list. Association, and performed by the Lodge Village and Sion Hill Brownies Remembering the journey Pack. A group of Guides performed the Chief Commissioner Rechanne Centenary Song written by Browne Matthias gave an overview of Browne/Matthias. They were the Girl Guide movement here. accompanied by Cuban flutist Anna She paid tribute to Methodist Rodriquez. Minister Arthur Cox who started the body, April 17, 1914. Browne/Matthias noted the “significant strides” made over the period and she “is proud of the Association’s record,” and the contribution of volunteers. Whereas the larger Caribbean Federation failed, Vincentian Girl Guides remain part of the Caribbean Girl Guide family, sharing the common objective of These Brownies captured the history of the striving always for movement in Choral Speech. excellence.







Maduro wins, Capriles not satisfied EVEN in the face of a declaration by the National Electoral Council that the result of last Sunday’s presidential election in Venezuela was “irreversible,” opposition candidate Henrique Capriles is demanding a recount of votes. The result of the election shows that Nicolas Maduro, 50, representing the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, the party of former president Hugo Chavez, defeated Capriles, 40, the candidate of a coalition of opposition parties. The result shows that Maduro won 50.7% of the vote against 49.1% for Capriles, a margin of victory that was narrower than that polled by Chavez in the October 2012 election, when he defeated Capriles by more than 10 percentage points. Reports from Venezuela said that shortly after the result was announced, Capriles emerged from his campaign headquarters, “angry and defiant., and made known his nonacceptance of the result”. According to him, there were more than 300,000 incidents from Sunday’s poll that needed to be examined. In what was described by some observers as an emotional outburst, Capriles proceeded to denounce

Thousands took to the streets to celebrate the victory of Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro as being “illegitimate”, and described him as “the biggest loser today,” since, “the people don’t love you.” Maduro, for his part, was obviously elated with the vote of confidence after being named by Chavez as his heir. Addressing a large crowd which had gathered outside the presidential palace after taking to the streets, dancing, singing and blasting car horns, Maduro declared that the result was “just, legal and constitutional.” For him, the result was a clear indication that Hugo Chavez “continues to be invincible, that he continues to win battles’’.

Maduro told the gathering, that he had spoken to Capriles on the phone, and that he would allow an audit of the election result. He called for those who had not voted for him to “work together” for the country. President Maduro is well aware that his tenure will not be without challenges, none more daunting than the fact that he has to govern a country which is, according to the result of last Sunday’s election, severely divided and polarized.

President elect Nicolas Maduro wants all Venezuelans to work together for the benefit of the country.

Opposition candidate Henrique Capriles is not taking the results lying down. (Source/Photos: BBC News)




Vincy cop kills boyfriend and 1-year-old baby

Dondre Samuel, Rosette Samuel’s son, was the sole survivor of the ordeal. (Internet Photo) Continued from Backpage..

Sole survivor The NYPD said Samuel, who joined the force in September 2000,

was transferred to the 108th Police Precinct in Queens two months ago after working for a number of years at the Manhattan Traffic Division. Browne said there was nothing in Samuel’s departmental record to indicate that she had serious personal problems. He said the sole survivor in the bloody horror was the officer’s 19-yearold son, Dondre Samuel, from a previous relationship. Dondre told police investigators that he’d heard a “pop pop” as his mother got ready for work, and that she had been arguing all night with Peters, while walking around with the gun. Brown said Dondre escaped the bloodbath by climbing through a second-story window as shots rang in the quiet Caribbean neighborhood. Relatives said Peters, who lived nearby and was a track maintenance supervisor with New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority, had planned to take Dylan

NIS Recruitment The National Insurance Board is seeking to recruit a professional Programmer who is certified and proficient in php, javascript, actionscript, and in the use of relational databases to develop software applications. The successful candidate should have practical experience in building working projects, and will be required to give examples of working projects. PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Degree in Computer Sciences from a recognized University and/or a minimum of 5 years practical programming experience. Applicants should be proficient in the following languages: Languages: PHP Javascript Actionscript C++ Knowledge of the following languages: Java, Perl. The programmer must also be able to automate routine tasks using scripting languages, performing arbitrary tasks to manipulate files, parse text input, and translate data among multiple forms and formats. EXPERIENCE Experience in utilizing existing frameworks. (Demonstrated proficiency in the use of the Zend and Flash Builder). Experience with and proficient use of relational databases. (e.g. MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL) Ability to apply the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to projects. The programmer must understand the principles behind interactive web pages and web-based applications, including one or more of JavaServer Pages (JSP), Java servlets, Active Server Pages (ASP), and ActiveX controls, must also have knowledge of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML 5 n and XHTML.. PERSONAL SKILLS Ability to manage time and meet deadlines Ability to solve logic and programming problems Strong verbal and written communication skills. Ability to work as a team member Ability to multitask in a fast paced business environment Ability to interface (interact) with business users Strong problem management and problem investigation skills and an ability to learn new skills to add value in problem focused areas Only suitable applicants should apply. Applicants will be shortlisted and will be required to attend an interview. All Applications should be accompanied by two recent testimonials; preferably one should be from your last employer. Applications should be submitted by 23rd April 2013 to: The Executive Director National Insurance Services P.O. Box 305 Kingstown St. Vincent.

swimming, as was customary, at a nearby indoor pool later on Monday.

Reactions Just before the tragedy, police said Samuel had called the 108th Precinct, stating that she would be late for work. “I never heard them have an argument,” Agnes Samuel, 83, originally from Vermont, who lives next door and is Officer Samuel’s aunt, told reporters. “She was a very good girl,” said Officer Samuel’s cousin, Jeff Joseph, who also lives nearby, tears flowing down his cheeks, while trying to fathom why she would Jeffery Joseph, Samuel’s cousin, in commit such wanton acts. “She tears on hearing of the incident. (Photo: always did good with her life.” NYDaily News) Another neighbor, Ricky Lascare, said he felt safe in the everything,” she wailed without giving neighborhood until the tragedy. “I her name. “Oh Father. Oh God. What don’t know how anyone can do that,” a loving son I have.” he said. “A kid died, too. It’s sad. It Samuel was reportedly the sister makes me sad.” After collapsing on the of Shorn Samuel, currently serving cold pavement and helped up by police time in jail for beheading 21-year-old officers, a woman dressed in royal blue Stacy Wilson, also of Vermont, at the hospital scrubs said she was Peters’s Leeward Bus Terminal in Kingstown, mother. before horrified onlookers in December “He’s my son. He’s my 2006.




Sealey: ÂPut your money to good useÊ McGregor Sealey, Manager of the National Lotteries Authority (NLA), has advised Lotto winner Devon De Freitas, and Super 6 winner Icilma Sergeant, to spend their money wisely. Sealey lamented the situation where persons who won before, “today have nothing.” He urged the winners to invest in their children, build or repair their homes. He pointed out that “you will have a lot of friends,” and cautioned them about wastage. De Freitas, a construction worker, was trying to come to grips with his fortune. “I still can’t believe it,” De Freitas quipped. He praised the Almighty, and declared that he never stopped playing the Lotto. For him, the slogan ‘You got to be in it to win it’, has been his approach. De Freitas secured a quick pick at

Phillip Jack’s outlet, and when the draw was made Tuesday April 11, the numbers on his ticket, 11: 15, 21, 29 and 32, earned him the $290,000 jackpot. Icilma Sergeant, a caterer from Ocar Reform in Bequia, was similarly thankful to God. She noted that God is not into gambling, but that “he knows poor people’s needs.” She plans to divert some of her winnings to assist her daughter who is studying medicine in New York. She purchased a quick pick from Grenadines Sales and Services in Hamilton Bequia. She secured the $235,000 jackpot with the numbers: 02, 05, 13, 19, 22 and 23.

Sealey used the occasion to appeal for support for the intuition. “We need your support more than Sealey and Lottery’s Marketing ever,” Sealey outlined. He mentioned Officer, Anthony Dennie, both remarked on the historic nature of last that the NLA’s mandate has expanded beyond culture and sports to embrace Friday’s presentation. It was the first health, education and nation building time that winners from the Lotto and generally. Super 6 were receiving payments at This year’s carnival is expected to the same time. The lottery started in 1989, and the see an injection of some $1.5 million by the NLA. (WKA) Super 6 began November 2004.

‘We need your support’

(L-R) Super 6 winner Icilma Sergeant, Manager of NLA McGregor Sealey and Lotto winner Devon De Freitas share a picture perfect moment.

NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE is hereby given that in exercise of the Power of Sale contained in a certain Indenture of Mortgage dated the 29th day of August of 2000 and registered as Deed Number 3624 of 2000 and Deed of Further Charge dated 27th day of July 2004 and registered as Deed Number 3146 of 2004 made between SELWYN CLARKE of the One Part and THE SAINT VINCENT CO-OPERATIVE BANK LIMITED of the Other Part the following property is offered for sale by private treaty. Offers should be in writing addressed to: Rochelle A. Forde Chambers, Solicitor, P.O. Box 1483, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Offers should be received by: 10th day of May, 2013 SCHEDULE ALL THAT LOT PIECE OR PARCEL OF LAND situate of Buccament Bay in the Parish of Saint Andrew in this State containing by admeasurement Five Thousand (5,000) square feet more or less and abutted and bounded North by lands of one McCoy South by lands of one Miller East by the Leeward Highway and West by lands of Roheima John or howsoever otherwise the same may be abutted bounded known distinguished or described together with all buildings and erections thereon and with all ways waterscourses rights lights liberties privileges and easements thereto belonging or usually held used occupied or enjoyed therewith or reputed to belong or be appurtenant thereto. AND ALSO ALL THAT LOT PIECE OR PARCEL OF LAND situate at Buccament Bay in the Parish of Saint Andrew in this State being One (1) Lot more or less abutted and bounded North where it measures 91 feet by lands of Jessica Collins South by the Beach East where it measures 83 feet by lands of the heirs of James Arrindell and West by lands of Rohenia Mc Fee or howsoever otherwise the same may be abutted bounded known distinguished or described together with all buildings and erections thereon and with all ways waters watercourses rights lights liberties privileges and all other easements and appurtenances thereto belonging or usually held used occupied or enjoyed therewith or reputed to belong or be appurtenant thereto. Dated the 10th day of April, 2013

ROCHELL A. FORDE Solicitor for the Saint Vincent Co-operative Bank Limited The Conditions for sale of the above property can be inspected at the Chambers of the abovementioned Solicitor between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. daily and from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m on the day of the sale.


ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Your doubt could lead to insecurity. Loss or theft may occur if you are careless with your belongings. Children may pose a problem if they don't like suggestions. Your confidence is growing and advancement is apparent. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Residential moves will also be advantageous for all concerned. Educational courses will be stimulating and successful. Make creative changes to your living quarters. Get involved in creative projects that could turn into moneymaking ventures. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Don't spend too much on products that promise amazing cosmetic results. Be sure to think twice before you say something that might hurt your partner's feelings. Take precautions while traveling; you don't have to get anywhere that fast. Control your emotions and everything will fall into place. CANCER (June 22-July 22) You may have more people on your domestic scene than anticipated. You will find your vitality is lowered. Your determination and sheer desire to do your own thing will be successful. Your flair for dramatic appeal will unleash itself at social functions. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Problems with skin, bones, or teeth may mess up your schedule. Your need to put great detail into everything you do may cause you to miss the overall picture. You can expect insincere gestures of friendliness this week. You will enjoy physical activities more than you think. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) You can prosper if you in vest in property or mutual funds. Someone you care about may not be too pleased with you. Try to satisfy both of your needs. You may find that female colleagues will be more help than you anticipated.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) You may find that female colleagues will be more help than you anticipated. Romance may be better than you ever thought possible. You will reach the most people if you speak out at an organizational function. You may have a tendency to put on weight. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Digestive disorders will be a result of family squabbles. Be considerate and avoid being overly opinionated, or arguments will ensue. You have made an accurate assessment of the situation and have come up with ideas that will save money. You should channel your efforts into getting rid of bad habits. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) You can come up with ways of earning extra cash. Regardless of your first reaction, the outcome will be favorable. Your partner may push buttons that infuriate you. Pursue outdoor activities or any physical exertion. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Uncertainty regarding your mate may emerge; reevaluate what you see in each other. You may not be that popular at home but you should be able to shine at social gatherings. Limitation could set in if you've been spending too much. Curb the impulse to make lavish purchases and maybe spend some time with good friends. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) You don't want to give anyone fuel for the fire. Secret enemies will be eager to spread rumors about you. Your partner's a little jumpy. Your involvement in interest groups may bring you popularity. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Arguments with relatives may lead to a split in the family. You can't make things better if you don't know what to fix. Deep discussions may only lead to friction. You may need to make a choice.

ACROSS 1. Rental units (abbr.) 5.Interrogator’s question 8. Obscure 12. Actress Roberts 14. Spring event 15.Motorcyclist Knievel 16. Distrust 17.Backhanded comment 19. That gal 20. Came down 22. Blows a horn 23. Legal claim on property 24. Spy Mata __ 26. Wanted poster word 29. Vehicle for hire 32. Sagas 33. Lunch spots 34. Dirt plus water 36. __ of Man 37. Maidens 38. Aloe __ 39. __ de plume 40. Gross 41. Littlest fin ger 42. Answering __ 44. Cleans the blackboard 45. Dream 46. Bride’s topper

47. Circular 50.Exclamatio -ns 51. Make edg ing 54. “Honey, We Shrunk __” (Moranis film) 57. Eel 59.Newspaper item, for short 60. Shut in 61. Mythical baby bringer 62. Smaller amount 63.Comprehe nd 64. Use a key board DOWN 1. Tacks on 2. Milne bear 3. Honest 4. Bro, e.g. 5. Least bit 6. Possesses 7. Be behold en 8. Brave 9. Tennis’s Lendl 10. Bridge’s roadway 11. Caribous’ kin 13. Escalator alternative 14. “__ Peaks” 18. Actor Sarandon 21. Went first 23. “Arsenic and

Old __” 24. Foyers 25. WWII alliance 26. Bridle strap 27. __ Downs 28. Fred Flintstone’s wife 29. Brief 30. Prayer finales 31. Actress Billie 33. Actress Keaton 35. Week units 37. Hold firmly 38. Medicine bottle 40. Household job 41. Light split ters

43. Storage cupboards 44. Shoe width 46. It might be bulletproof 47. Jester 48. Oil change’s partner 49. Blue flower 50. Kelly or Autry

51. Actor Donahue 52. Senior citi zens’ org. 53. Small child 55. Records (abbr.) 56. Neckline style 58. Mel of Cooperstown




DEBT RECOVERY AGENT The Public is invited to submit offers in writing for the following properties: (1) Location: Questelles Description: 21,780 sq ft of Land. Address offers to: The Debt Recovery Agent Bid for Land – Wendell Robinson P.O. Box 2716 St.Vincent (2) Location: Barrouallie Description: Two Bedroom dwelling house Address offers to: The Debt Recovery Agent Bid for House Byron Scott & Ferrand Walters P.O. Box 2716 St.Vincent

(5) Location: Pilgrim Hill, Top Gomea Descritpion: 5360 sq ft of land Address offers to: The Debt Recovery Agent Bid for Property Jasmine Robertson P.O Box 2716 St Vincent

(6) Location: Canouan Description: 4,991 sq ft of land with small wooden structure Address offers to: The Debt Recovery Agent Bid for property(3) Location: Upper Cane Hall Nyika Farrell Description: 3 bedroom dwelling house P.O Box 2716 Address offers to: St Vincent The Debt Recovery Agent Bid for House(7) Location: Diamond/Kings Hill Calvert Edwards Description: 60,000 sq. ft. P.O. Box 2716 lands (Suitable St.Vincent for sub-division) Address offers to: (4 ) Location: Dorsetshire Hill The Debt Recovery Agent Size: 3 bedroom dwelling house Bid for lands Address offers to: at Diamond The Debt Recovery Agent P.O. Box 2716 Bid for PropertySt.Vincent Annette & Natasha Greaves P.O Box 2716 St.Vincent

Please Contact: Tel: 532-9221 for details


ANNOUNCEMENTS Members of GECCU are asked to note that scholarship application forms for the 2013 Common Entrance Examination are available at the Kingstown, Georgetown, Bequia and Union Island offices. Completed forms should be returned to any of GECCU’s offices, along with the candidate’s Birth Certificate, on or before May 2nd, 2013.

V More than a Too much appetite taximan for sex 22. FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2013. THE VINCENTIAN


Dear George,

Dear George, My wife is never satisfied! I give her what she wants every night; well, at least so I thought until I discovered that she was saying I am inadequate in bed, and never able to

satisfy her. George, we go at it about 3 times every day, and that does not include the night time. I find myself getting more and more tired because she is never satisfied. She never once told me that I was unable to satisfy

her, so I believed that I “Let’s go to bed.” I said was. Until, one day I to her, I have to be going noticed she was to work now, and I don’t unusually quiet, and so I want to be late. That asked her if she was was when she said that I alright. She replied, must not be surprised if someone else takes my place while I’m “too busy working.” I asked what she meant by that, and she said I must figure it out. She has left me with serious doubts about her fidelity and our marriage.

Suspicious Dear Suspicious, It is obvious that your wife has a bigger appetite for sex than you bargained for. Having said that, it does not give her the right to go outside the relationship to find satisfaction for what can be a sexual addiction. I suggest that you both visit a sexologist/marital counselor to get to the bottom of this without creating waves that could rock your boat beyond rescue.


I have been with my girlfriend long enough to be thinking of marrying her. She brought up the subject for the umpteenth time a few days ago, and frankly speaking, she made out a basic case why we should get married. Accepting my suggestion to go away for a weekend to talk things through in a stress free environment, we went to Trinidad. The cab driver who took us from the airport was very talkative and funny, to say the least, and he made arrangement with us to take us out while we were there. That same evening, he came back to our hotel and took us out. Throughout that evening I noticed he began hitting on my girlfriend, and she looked like she was enjoying it. He asked if he could come by the next day to take us somewhere, and before I could tell him we would just spend a quiet day, my girlfriend readily said yes to him coming by. I discussed it with her and reminded her why we were in Trinindad, and she made an issue out of it. She told me if I was not up to going, she would go. True to her word, she left without me and went with the guy. Needless to say when she got back, she did not meet me. I caught a plane back to SVG that same day. Since that time, she has been calling me to talk, but I am simply not interested. How can I get her to stop bothering me?

Lone wolf Dear Lone Wolf, If you are through with this relationship, then you need to get that message to your girlfriend. ‘Bothering’ you is her way of questioning the future of your relationship with her. She deserves to know that her decision to take a taxi trip without you has left you with enough doubts about her commitment to you, and has also exposed your insecurity. That situation has given you both enough for discussion, and maybe at the end of it all, you would both come out of it stronger and more confident about the decision you made to be together. You have the right not to remain with her if you so desire, but she also has the right to know that the relationship is history.


A plan to sneak away Dear George,


My wife of 22 years has been secretly planning on going away to America. Her very good friend told me of her plans to leave, and asked me to check out her movements. Her friend showed me proof of her plans to travel, and it left me speechless. Her plans include going to New York and hooking up with some guy she met last year carnival, and eventually settling there with him. I confronted her directly on the matter and she denied it. I do not know of any problems my wife could be having with me. I have been a model husband to her. Just two weeks ago, she was telling me how lucky she was to have a husband like me, and she does not know what she would do if I leave her. Should I play out her game, or should I let her know that I know, and let the chips fall where they may?

Dear Heartbreak, It is possible that one partner in a relationship could be of the view that all is well, when in fact there are chronic, unattended issues. It is also possible that one partner could feel the need to change and push for something very different from what they now have or have become accustomed to. For your own peace of mind, it is better that you tackle this right away and get to know why she chose to do this at this time, etc. Her girlfriend deserves a pat on the back for looking out for your interest by giving you a heads up about the pending plan by your wife to sneak away. Now would be a good time to evaluate your marriage and see if it deserves being saved.





SVG to host Guinness Street Football Challenge finals by KENVILLE HORNE IT IS NOT often that a small country like St.Vincent and (L-R) Devon Poyer (SVGFF) , Lamont Medica (Brand Manager for Hairoun Beer), Shafia London the Grenadines gets to host a major sporting event, so (Regional Commercial Manager at the St. Vincent Brewery Ltd ), Pete Macferlene of Radar and Kasai it is understandable that excitement and anxiety Simmon (Brand Manager for Guinness) at last Tuesday’s press conference. abound as this country gears up to host the regional finals of the Guinness Street Football Challenge. the Challenge. Challenge is allowed to register seven players, but The disclosure of SVG as hosts was made at a He pledged his Federation’s full support, pointing the team in play comprises only four. press conference last Tuesday at the St. Vincent out that his organization’s officials will be involved SVG are the defending (2012) Guinness Street Brewery Headquarters, Campden Park. to ensure adherence to the Challenge rules. Football Challenge champions. In making the disclosure, Shafia London, Each team in the Guinness Street Football Regional Commercial Manager at the St. Vincent Brewery, explained that in the build-up to the regional finals, the local leg of the Challenge will begin today, Friday 19th April, at the Chili Hard ONE LUCKY person attending the committed to the development of Court, Georgetown, and continues in four other forthcoming Vincy Innovation Expo local entrepreneurs and their venues across the country, including Bequia, ending (VIPO) will walk away with a products”, said Kirby. on May 24. The final for the local leg, involving five Blackberry Playbook, compliments Marketing Manager at Digicel, teams, is scheduled for June 22 at the Arnos Vale mobile telecommunications service Juno De Roche, said that her Hard Court. provider, Digicel. company is happy to assist with the The winner of the local Challenge takes home Communications Officer at development of the private sector $5,000.00 and a place in the regional finals. Invest SVG, Tedra Kirby, whenever they can, as persons in Pete Macferlene from Radar, the company confirmed on Wednesday that the private sector use Digicel’s responsible for promoting the Guinness brand and Digicel has donated a Blackberry service to help run their the Challenge, noted that the competition will be Playbook that will be used as a businesses. bigger and more difficult, as more teams from giveaway at the VIPO, scheduled “We are glad that we can help as different countries are expected to participate. for Diamond Industrial Estate on the development of the local private Seven teams will journey to St.Vincent for the Saturday April 27th and Sunday sector is very important”, said Tedra Kirby of Invest SVG, gladly regional finals, and the entertainment segment will April 28th. DeRoche, adding that the accept the raffle prize from Juno feature regionally acclaimed dance hall artise Patrons of the Expo will be Blackberry Playbook raffle will De Roche of Digicel. Aidonia, along with a cast of local artistes. required to complete a ‘raffle form’, hopefully help attract persons to According to London, the event is expected to as entry into the contest, with the the event. manufacturers and entrepreneurs have worldwide coverage from ESPN, while VIPO is a call to action for electronic device as the grand prize. who may have a product already negotiations are taking place to have FOX Sports on “We are very happy that Digicel Vincentians who have innovative known to the public, but who may board. products that they want to impress wish to add a new twist to its decided to come onboard with us. Devon Poyer of the SVG Football Federation was upon the public. It is also expected presentation and promotion. This shows the company is present to affirm his organization’s endorsement of to attract Vincentian

Digicel partners with Invest SVG




Massive support for Dr. J.P. Eustace as National Hero by R. THEODORE L.V. BROWNE

Dr. John Parmenas Eustace – “The La Soufriere of our National Heroes” is really unique and incomparable. Dr. Eustace is without doubt “the La Soufriere of our National Heroes” — he towers majestically and gracefully high above the rest who appear like King’s Hill, Sion Hill, Johnny Hill and Calder Ridge. In his majestic elevation, a panoramic view is revealed, exposing the liberating power and beauty of education; the strengthening and health promoting benefits and national pride of sports; the serene hills of the gospel of peace, love, goodwill, compassion and salvation promoting social cohesion which eliminates national division. Exposed also, is the celestial mountain range of possibility saying to all; “no matter where you were born, and no matter who your parents were, and no matter what the colour of your skin is, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you”. Dr. Eustace gave us hope, and triggered in us a consuming passion which reminds us constantly that it is always too soon to give up or to quit. That word of encouragement inflamed his students with a passion to succeed. It was like an eternal flame fuelled by words of encouragement. What a man! And he was born here and died here. Oh the invaluable lessons Dr. J. P Eustace taught by his words, life and deeds! He just did not say what to do. He showed others how to do it. Can this be justifiably said of any other Vincentians — living or dead?

P.R. Campbell Q.C. praised by international committee The International Committee for promoting and advancing the Case for the Nomination and Declaration of Dr. John Parmenas Eustace as a National Hero is deeply indebted to Mr. Parnel R. Campbell Q.C. for his excellent, erudite, scholarly and inspiring presentation on the great Dr. J.P. Eustace. Other presenters can profit, if they are prepared to learn, from him. The two, televised, “The Law and You” programmes were most enlightening and edifying presentations pregnant with pertinent facts, information and figures which clearly demonstrated that in at least

five areas of our national National Hero would bring life, Dr. Eustace’s finality to such an exercise, contribution was and thereafter, the supreme, unparalleled, National Heroes Act should unique and peerless. I become spent. Some have wish his two televised become well known presentations could be —perhaps more notorious repeated as a national than famous - in a single service, to complement area, but their the Education Revolution. contributions have not been After Mr. P.R. positive as required by Campbell’s second Section 10 of the National television presentation on Heroes Act. In other words, Dr. J. P. Eustace — a Dr. Eustace is eminently presentation which qualified by his positive revealed many, hitherto, contributions; indeed, he little known facts about a exceeds the qualifications well known man, Doc’s by far in at least five areas popularity soared far of our National life. No beyond the reach of any other citizen, in my opinion, other. Mr. Campbell’s is even remotely close. The two powerful television evidence in support of Dr. presentations further Eustace is traceable, stimulated thinking visible, tangible and about some brilliant identifiable locally, starters who could not regionally and Dr. J.P. Eustace even complete one lap of internationally. And to the 10 Lap Hero crown it all, the evidence is Marathon Race. Others, after an compelling, persuasive, apparently brilliant start, did not go incontrovertible, unique, living and beyond the first round or lap. Doc. abundant. J.P. Eustace, completed the marathon Here are some indisputable facts:with consummate ease while being 1. Dr. J.P. Eustace pioneered virtually alone in the race from the Private Secondary Education; for second (lap) round to the final 10th example: Intermediate High School in lap. In a strict sense, he was a lone 1926 at the age of 20; Emmanuel High ranger in the race. Victory in a School, Kingstown, 1952; Emmanuel heroes—race is not for just the swift or High School, Mesopotamia in 1963. To those who appear superficially to be fit date, he is the only Vincentian to have and to be off to a quick start, but for done such a thing, and for this alone the men or women who endure to the he should be declared a National Hero. end. But whether it was a sprint or a But, there is even more pioneering marathon, Doc. J.P. Eustace was work by him, later to be revealed ahead from the start and maintained herein. The above qualifies him, under his lead — 1st place - to the end. As he Section 10 of the National Heroes Act. was always first in school, so he was This was not an ordinary achievement; first out of school. “First” always he had to fight British Imperialism appears to be the natural place for Doc with brain power. That’s why he to be. His whole life tells that story, called the school, Intermediate. That as if he was inspired and motivated by was a most brilliant, mental strategy — Deut 28:13…… “to be the head and to suppress and diffuse the eruption or not the tail,” as a child of God. provocation of the wrath of the British against the defenseless Colonists of St. From Columbus to Gonsalves Vincent. Doc was guided by biblical principle: “Blessed are the In any one of the following many peacemakers for they shall be called, areas, Dr. J. P. Eustace would be the the children of God,” and the proverb only Vincentian from Columbus to which reminds us that there are many Gonsalves to satisfy the criteria for ways to choke a dog other than by a qualification under Section 10 of the rope around its neck. National Heroes Act No. 7 of 2002. He pioneered primary school and And his appointment to the status of rural secondary education also. Wherever the social need existed, he did what was necessary to solve the problem created. 2. He also pioneered or established primary schools at (1) New Prospect/Simon 1938 and (2) Sandy Bay 1948. It is amazing to think that in every decade from the 1920s to the 1960s, he established schools at the primary and secondary levels. This pioneering achievement exceeded the efforts of the government of the day — and that Government was British.

that system at the Secondary level. Graduates of his school can be found in every village in the State of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and on every continent. He made secondary education affordable, available and accessible or reachable to all without discrimination. And for pioneering coeducation alone, he should be declared a National Hero, when serious consideration is given to the hitherto insurmountable obstacles including the imperialist power and its cultural imposition and penetration. Examine again Section 10 of the National Heroes Act, and don’t be influenced by baseless rumour, old talk, politics, misconceived emotionalism and personal and irrational preferences, inflated by the pride of selfimportance, illusions of grandeur and imaginary excursions, with no connection to reality.

A bright and glorious day

In education, at the secondary, primary and co-educational levels, Doctor J.P. Eustace has offered outstanding service to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and his contribution has altered positively the course of the history of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Eighty-seven years have gone since he triggered the revolution in Education. Today, it is the flagship of the modern, progressive, egalitarian, democratic and compassionate U.L.P Administration — the best government so far, to administer the affairs of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Education slumbered and slept under Joshua, Cato, Mitchell and Eustace, and was jolted out of its slumber into galloping activity under Gonsalves. Indeed, under Gonsalves, it broke all speed records at every level, and effectively merged quality and quantity. It was a bright and glorious day of national victory when in 2012, Terral Mapp was named valedictorian at the graduation ceremony at the Cave Hill Campus of the University and when another Vincentian, Keisean Stapleton was named valedictorian at Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies, and when also in 2012, another Vincentian, Kevin Charles was named the valedictorian at the St. Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies, and when Candé France of Calder Ridge, St. Vincent emerged as the top student in a competitive Science Examination involving students of all the Universities in Cuba. I can imagine how happy her humble mother, Gloria France felt. Indeed, all Vincentians should salute all the students for their record breaking academic performance. Perhaps this was Doc’s projection of the culmination of what he started in 1926, but like Moses he saw the promised land but did not Pioneered co-education enter it — but it was left to our modern Joshua — Ralph Gonsalves, to take St. 3. He was the pioneer as well, of Co- Vincent into the promised land of education in Secondary Schools. Prior education and mental freedom and to his intervention, which was global educational opportunities for revolutionary, boys and girls were Vincentians. What a bright and educated at the Secondary level in two glorious day! Doc was resolutely different schools. Boys and girls were determined or had a “burning desire” educated together at Kindergarten, to succeed. The expression “burning together at the Primary level and desire” was first used by Dr. William separated at the Secondary level and Matthews in 1872 to describe an brought together again at the tertiary intense determination to succeed. level. Doctor Eustace changed forever TO BE CONTINUED




School of Nursing stages Career Showcase The School of Nursing at Largo Height was expected to be abuzz with a heightened activity beginning at 10:00am today, Friday 19th April. The buzz is the annual Career Showcase involving forty-eight (48) Final year (3rd Year) Registered Nursing Students. It is being staged under the theme, ‘Visionary Nursing Leadership’. According to Sister Beverly Liverpool,

Deputy Dean of the School of Nursing and Co-ordinator of the event, the activity is in keeping with the practical component of a course, titled ‘Nursing Professionalism’, which is taught to the Registered Nursing Students in their final year of training. The overall aim of this Career Showcase, explained Sister Liverpool, is to assist the 3rd Year Registered

The School of Nursing (pictured) will stage its annual Career Showcsse today, Friday. Nursing Students to examine areas of specialty that are available for Vincentian Nurses. This year’s Career Showcase is

Another LIME ‘big win’ winner JOAN GEORGE was elated when she received the call from a LIME representative telling her she had won $250. George is a ‘shut in’ resident of Stubbs, and is unable to move around. She boasted with an air of pride, “I have been a LIME customer from ever since, and my phone never got disconnected.” The ‘LIME BIG WINS’ promotion rewarded LIME patrons for ‘simply doing the right thing’. When LIME customers paid their bills on time, in full or even in advance, they were entered in a weekly draw. Five (5) winners were pulled weekly, which will include 1 grand prize winner. Grand

prizes included FREE LIME services for up to one (1) whole yeas and cash of up to $1000. This promotion ended on April 5th with a total of 40 lucky customers winning unexpected prizes. LIME personnel described the promotion as an extension of the existing ‘Reward Points’ programme which rewards customers for paying their bills on time and in full, by giving redeemable points towards the purchase of products or accessories, and also redeemable at CFL supermarket for groceries. These are just a few of the things LIME does to give back to its customers and reward them for keeping their post-paid accounts current.


Contact: St. Vincent Building & Loan - Tel: 784-457-1796 NAMES


Stephanie Wilson-Adams, Roseman Adams & Diana Thomas Kevin Greaves

3,864 and 4,125 Sq. Ft. Lands at Union Island, accommodating various businesses

11,935 Sq. Ft. Lands at Rivierre, accommodating 3 bedrooms, a living room, 2 bathrooms, laundry, storeroom, kitchen and dining room 6,898 Sq. Ft. Lands at Glen, accommodating a kitchen, Augustus & Seraphene bedrooms, bathrooms living and dining rooms Belgraves 10,211 Sq. Ft. Lands at Spring Estate, - Incomplete Lyden Browne 18,605 Sq. Ft. Lands at Riley [Bank of Marriaqua], Frances Layne accommodating 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen/dining rooms 6,810 Sq. Ft. Lands at Brighton Bernard Danzine 37,425 Sq. Ft. Lands at Calder John De Grads 9,023 Sq. Ft. Lands at Park Hill accommodating 3 Zelleann Horne & Zanford bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a carport, kitchen and dining Edwards areas Patricia Benn & Adrian Ashton & 2,803 Sq. Ft. Land at Richland Park, accomodating 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a salon, living room, Leonora Primus kitchen/dining rooms 7,891 Sq. Ft. Lands at Harmony Hall, accommodating 3 Joseph & Sophia Warren bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, study, laundry, utility room, kitchen/dining rooms 6,106 Sq. Ft. Lands at Liberty Lodge accommodating 3 Randolph & Jemma Kennedy bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, study, kitchen/dining rooms 4,001 Sq. Ft. Lands at Fair Hall Gamal Richardson Kathy, James & Nodica Haywood 7,404 and 12,264 Sq Ft. Lands at Lowmans Windward, accommodating 4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen/dining rooms and a retail shop et al 21,867 Sq. Ft. Lands at Brighton Camela & Aaron Richardson 17,273 Sq. Ft. Lands at Cane Garden, accommodating Harcourt & Denise Scott 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, strom shelter/storeroom, laundry, kitchen, dining and a carport. 3,600 Sq.Ft Lands with house Anita Knight-Hart 2,500 Sq. Ft. Lands at Kings Street, Georgetown Roshad & Roshane Smith 51,403 Sq. Ft. Lands at Chapmans, accommodating 2 Sandra Derby bedrooms, a bathroom, living room, kitchen/dining room. There is also a small outbuilding 5,799 Sq. Ft. Lands at Ottley Hall accommodating 3 Beulah King bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, kitchen and dining areas, a shop and workshop. 4,850 Sq. Ft. Lands at Fair Hall, accommodating 6 Edson Joseph bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 living rooms kitchen/dining area; siting on 3 seperate floors 7,273 & 8,419 Sq. Ft. Lands at Mt. Pleasant accommoAndra & Enid Fergus dating 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, laundry room, a storeroom, kitchen and dining areas. 9,390 Sq. Ft. Lands at Ottley Hall Kenrol Daniel

expected to focus on five (5) specialized areas: two (2) traditional areas and three (3) emerging/futuristic areas. The students will make presentations appropriate to the areas of focus, and will also display/illustrate changes that are envisioned within the Health Care System in the next twenty (20) years. At the end of the Career Showcase, marks will be awarded for creativity, accuracy, organization, adequacy of content and neatness, etc. The activity is open to the general public, but Nursing Education officials are hopeful that as many senior form secondary schools students as possible, would take the opportunity to be apprised of the attractions of Care-giver (right) collects prize on the nursing profession. behalf of Joan George.




Ambris leads impressive Saints batting Stories by E GLENFORD PRESCOTT A well compiled unbeaten

Omar Bibby proved too much for the Victors TWO batsmen.

century from Guardian General Saints top order batsman Sunil Ambris helped his team to secure first innings points over Victors TWO, in a weekend Premier Division cricket competition encounter, played at the main Arnos Vale Playing Field. SCORES: Victors TWO 171, Guardian General Saints 260-3. Ambris, who struck eight fours and one six, showed a great deal of patience and maturity in hitting his first century of the season. He was given a let off on 93 when he attempted to steer a ball down to third man, and was badly missed by the wicketkeeper. He featured in partnerships of 109 for the third wicket with Omar Lorraine, who got 65; and a further 56 with his elder brother, Romel Currency (18), as his team collected three batting bonus points.

Lorraine had been the more sedate partner in an opening stand of 68 with Rickford Walker (54), but came into his own as the innings progressed. He struck five fours before hitting a long hop to point, where Oberton Ollivierre took a smart catch. Walker got the innings off to a brisk start with some excellent shots through the offside and lofted on the leg side. He struck four fours and two sixes before throwing it away. Earlier, Victors TWO were indebted to a counterattacking innings from captain Denis Byam, to pull them out of serious strife at 3-2, to an eventual 171. The former Windwards senior opener, now a physiotherapist by profession, was in no mood to do any massaging, as he bludgeoned his way to 61, which included six fours and two sixes. He added 80 for the

Sunil Ambris was the mainstay of Saints’ innings. seventh wicket with lower order batsman Shaquille Browne, who hit 45. Browne, who also chose attack as the best form of defence, struck three fours and two sixes. Kishore Shallow, reportedly dismissed under controversial circumstances, made 21. Reports say that Shallow was given out caught when the

fielders claimed a catch had been taken after the ball had rebounded off the ‘keeper’s boot. The appeal was upheld by umpire ‘Eddie” Williams, even as Shallow protested that the ball had hit the ground. Pacer Omar Bibby, who created the early woes for Victors TWO, ended with 5-35 and Sheldon Hooper 2-39.

Unfancied ASCO upstages News Spartans A GOOD all-round performance by St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ T20 player Desron Maloney pushed unfancied Carl Joseph Law Chambers ASCO to first innings points over the News Spartans at Arnos Vale TWO, in the National Premier Division cricket competition on the weekend. SCORES: Carl Joseph Law Chambers ASCO 208, The News Spartans 203. ASCO, who seemed for the most part a disjointed but talented bunch, won the toss and elected to bat on a pitch which appeared to be under-prepared. Maloney, their best talent by some distance but also one of their most temperamental got a top

score of 46 which included six fours and two sixes. Jurani Baptiste, another good young talent requiring proper supervision got 27, and Andre Hunte 23 as ASCO scored at more than five an over, taking 40.2 overs for their 208. The innings was helped by the addition of ten penalty runs which came when two deliveries struck the helmet placed behind the wicketkeeper by the fielding team. Pacer Darnley Grant, showing a welcome return to form and fitness, grabbed 4-43 from 12 overs. Spartans, packed with past and present national players, looked to be on course to overhauling the total when veteran Dawnley Joseph (36) and

Gidron Pope had put together 64 for the first wicket. However, the dismissal of Joseph who struck seven fours, proved a decisive blow as the innings never regained its momentum. The big hitting Kissinger McClean, who made 31 with three sixes, and Renaldo Coombs 29 (4x4 1x6), tried to resume the fight, but it all fizzled out. Spinner Jenry Ollivierre 4-59, Maloney 3-21 and Deron Greaves 2-37 shared the wickets. Batting a second time, Carl Joseph Law Chambers ASCO were 106-4 when rain brought a close to the game. Greaves hit a pulsating 40 with nine fours and Maloney 33 mot out.

Pacer Darnley Grant impressed with his pace.

Desron Maloney turned in a good all-round performance to lead ASCO to an unexpected lead over News Spartans.




Layou to defend Under-13 football title

East Kingstown will want to keep the trophy in the capital. LAYOU WILL HAVE A the final of the 2013 CRACK AT BEING Metrocint Insurance CROWNED repeat national National Under-13 Inter Under 13 champions of Community League. football when they face off The winner of the against East Kingstown in inaugural championship

in 2012, Layou stopped South Leeward 2-nil in the semi final last Thursday, at the Grammar School Playing Field. A goal from the eyecatching Gareth Leigertwood and an own goal helped Layou to their second consecutive visit to the final. Layou’s opponent in the final will be the East Kingstown, who recorded a 1-nil win over Barrouallie, thanks to a Sherome Dopwell strike Barrouallie took some consolation from their involvement when they

beat South Leeward, 3-2, in the third place play off, which followed the two semi finals. Barrouallie’s goals came from Shane O’ Garro, 2, and the one from Kory Anderson. South Leeward’s responses were from Jodumo Slater and an own goal. The Layou-East Kingstown final is scheduled for Victoria Park, Sunday 5th May. East Kingstown will be hoping to avenge the defeat suffered at the feet of Layou in the preliminary round of

Defending champions Layou are set on repeating. competition, Layou putting 2 goals past year’s performances their custodian to the one they scored in response. Layou, on the other hand, goes into the final having not lost any of their matches, but they are expected to face a

serious challenge from East Kingstown who will be looking to go better than their third place in 2012. The winner and the other top finishers of the Under-13 competition earn themselves school supplies.

Young tennis players make their mark

Gabrielle Benn secured the girls under-12 and under-14 titles

YOUNG TENNIS PLAYERS MADE SURE that their skills were taken to another level, when the 2013 Grassroot Tennis Club Easter Junior Tennis Tournament took root at the Haddon Hotels courts at Murray’s Road. The one week tournament came to a close last Saturday afternoon, with a presentation ceremony, which was preceded by some final matches. Che Connell won the boys under-8 ahead of Afi Lucas, while Demetra Fernandez secured the girls title of that age group, with Alesha Culzac the runner-up. Fernandez returned to win the girls under-10 ahead of

Sage Bascombe. Akeil De Roche, fresh from taking the Easter Caribbean Under-10 title in St Lucia two weeks ago, won the boys under-10 and under-12. Runners up to De Roche were Rio Connell and Miguel Francis respectively. Gabrielle Benn secured the girls under- 12 and under -14, defeating Alexi Humphrey on both occasions. Richard Hoyte won the boys under-14 title, with Arnel Horne, second. Humphrey and De Roche were adjudged most improved female and male respectively. The Development Division, which is the most anticipated,

saw some new talent emerging incorporation of the under-16 Taking the boys’ under-6 was and under-18 divisions which, Mc Kelly Ince, with Luke he projected, would take place Spence the runner-up. at the National Tennis Centre Kathryn Miller won the at Villa. girls under-6, with Morya Dallaway in second. Last Saturday’s closing ceremony heard addresses from Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture, Hon. Cecil Mc Kie, as well as head of the Grassroot Tennis Club Grant Connell, and the tournament director, Agostini Soleyn. Connell said that the Under 6 new rising stars, left to right Morya Dallaway, Luke Spence, Kathryn 2014 tournament Miller should see the

SVG too strong in OECS Championships got a grip on things. The BVI were second with six medals: one gold, two silver and three bronze, while former

The victorious SVG National Junior Squash team. DEFENDING CHAMPIONS, powerhouse St. Lucia had ST. VINCENT AND THE two silver and one bronze. GRENADINES, steamrolled Kai Bentick, who follows all comers to run away with in the footstep of his father the 2013 National Lotteries and the team’s coach OECS Junior Squash title, at James Bentick, a former the National Squash Centre in OECS champion, showed Paul’s Avenue, on the glimpses of talent by taking weekend. both the Boys Under 13 SVG’s medal haul of 21 was and Under 15 titles, while almost four times that of the Gianna Miller Alexander other two countries, BVI and was too strong for her St. Lucia, who competed in the opponents in the Girls event. Under 17 and Under 19 The hometeam collected categories. nine gold, six silver and six In addition the bronze medals to put in a Vincentians collected gold dominant performance, albeit medals in the Girls Under against opponents who never 11, won by Giovanna Miller

Alexander, Girls Under 13 which won by Lauryn Doyle, Girls Under 15 by Thandi Myers and Boys Under 19 Jason Doyle. The homesters were also second in six categories, where they collected silver medals and six others for placing third.The BVI coach, Joe Kneipp, in assessing the tournament,

said he was satisfied that there is a lot of talent in the sub-region, and is hoping that coaches will give the time to develop these young players.“I can see some bright prospects for the future of the sport, but it requires patience and a lot of commitment to keep the youngsters focussed,” said Kneipp, a former professional

squash player. An Australian who is employed by the BVI Government as a professional coach, Kneipp said he was looking forward to the OECS senior championships as he is confident that a high level of squash will be played, and that the tournament will be hard-fought.

St. Vincent Police Co-operative Credit Union softball results STING POWER NICE RADIO CLINCHERS, CGM Gallagher Novice and Fyah One, all recorded victories while heavy rains forced the abandonment of the Dr. Thomas Injectors and La Croix United match, when action resumed on the weekend in the St. Vincent Police Cooperative Credit Union Clinchers Softball cricket tournament, at the Richland Park Oval. On Sunday, Sting Power Nice Radio Clinchers beat Calder United by 126 runs. Batting first, Sting Power Nice Radio Clinchers got to 176 in their allotment of 20 overs. Osnetta Cato hit a topscore of 47, with five sixes and three fours, while Donwell Hector made 43, with five sixes and two fours. Moses Alexander took 3-12. Calder United were then dismissed for 50 with Hector returning figures of 3-3 and Leslie Richards 3-19. In a match reduced to 15 overs, CGM Gallagher Novice beat Sea Operations Nar Fren

Dem by 60 runs. CGM Gallagher Novice batting first got to 129-5, with Dean Farrel getting 52 with four sixes and three fours and Sidney Campbell 43, five fours two sixes. Sarshin James took 3-30. Sea Operations Nar Fren Dem were then dismissed for 60, with Keno Mathews making 22 and Everton Durrant taking 3-15. On Saturday, Fyah ONE forced Richland Park Melody Makers to hit a wrong note after condemning them to a seven-wicket defeat. Batting first, Richland Melody Makers were badly off tune and fell for 52, Gosnel Toney 3-11, Shawn Williams 3-8 and Rajiv Roberts 3-13 were all in harmony. Fyah One easily got to their target, ending on 53-3. Dr. Thomas Injectors and La Croix shared the points after rain curtailed their match with only one innings completed.




On the ball THE FOCUS is on Windwards this Sunday with the revival of the Windward Islands Football competition. Time was when that tournament was a much anticipated annual fixture. The three other teams joined the host country in staging the showdown. That was the coming to being of Caribbean Football Union and prior to any of the individual nations to the FIFA status. Those elder citizens will recall the crude manner in which the format was abandoned. It is not our proudest moment in the civilization, and most Dominicans especially will want to forget the tribal manner in which the Vincentian football contingent had to find some source of shelter in the midst of raging Dominican fans. That episode may have surpassed us, and we would be inclined to think that there is a new wave of acceptability as evidenced by recent developments on the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States front. The Windwards take on Jamaica in a Super 50 semifinal today. That is in cricket. Most persons have dismissed any thoughts of a united Caribbean Football squad akin to their counterparts in cricket. The Windward Islands Football entity might be encouraged to consider the merits of a regional outfit, if only for the virtue of it. For while we harbour hopes of individual countries making it on the big stage in football, prospects appear to dim as the road toughens. The Windward Islands Football tournament will help with preparations for those FIFA qualifying matches to which we pay great attention. But we are yet to reap any genuine benefits from our participation in those engagements. We lack the collective base to make real progress. Then we lack the capacity to handle matters at the administrative level. For with the worldwide recession having some impact, business entities will be less willing to venture into the realm of supporting sporting causes. And they will be justified in their actions. The legacy of Caribbean administrators does not inspire confidence. The revival in Windwards’ Football comes in the wake of the bombing at the Boston Marathon earlier this week. That turned out to be an episode of chilling proportions, and it has sparked off a wave of reactions. It will be cold not to exert any level of sympathy to the victims of that lethal encounter. And there can hardly be any merit in supporting such carnage. But things have a way of playing themselves out, and perhaps Americans will harp to the October 6, 1976 incident off the Barbados coast, when the Cubana airline went up in flames. That took care of a number of persons including some sporting oriented. That remains an encoded chapter of American involvement in world affairs. This week also saw the burial of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Her death jolted me to the epic days of the antiapartheid struggle. She turned out to be a defender of the illegal regime, and incurred the wrath of many persons. But she weaved through the hostility and gained the respect of many. Thatcher held her own on controversial issues. Up to her burial, there was a chasm between those who wept and those who didn’t. Such was the extent of Thatcherism that persons were prepared to hold their ground on how they felt about the ‘Iron Lady.’ Time is the healer of all wounds, and Thatcher’s death has traversed the passage over its own turbulence.

Windwards football: History marries nostalgia at Victoria Park BY E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT “The mountain” is no more, and in the eyes of some experts, the talent is not as good. But to the mature section of the football loving public, the absence of the hill in the centre of the field at the Victoria or the possible dearth of gifted players, will make little difference, once Team SVG is in competition with the other Windward Islands - Dominica, Grenada and St. Lucia. The islands will meet from Sunday in the revived National Lotteries Windward Islands Football Tournament, after more than a decade of dormancy or state of intemperance.

The early years

Victoria Park in its original splendour. Note: no fence, and its sloping terrain. (Photo Source: Clifford Edwards).

The new look Victoria Park, with its level playing surface.

History says that years ago, the countries, then realms of the British Empire, battled for glory and the coveted Popham Cup, a piece of silverware named after one of the many governors who were given the opportunity to enjoy the Caribbean sunshine, under the guise of being administrators of the islands’ resources. Reports say that, impressed by the talent which abounded in the small islands, Lord Popham introduced a trophy in his name, to be contested annually by the countries playing in one country. According to information the Tournament was first played just after the end of the second World War. Some reports put the initial tournament as taking place in 1947. While information, on the Tournament remains sketchy, based on what is available, the widest margin of victory is an 8-1 beating by Grenada over Dominica in 1961. Grenada’s 7-1 defeat of St. Lucia in 1966 follows closely behind. Interestingly, the Tournament was usually played in the late part of the year, with the cricket tournament contested for the Cork Cup taking place in the early part of the year. This resulted in a number of players representing their country at both sports. These included, among others: Mike Findlay, Carl Glasgow (deceased) Fred Trimmingham, Colville Browne and Stanley Hinds from St. Vincent; Rupert Polius from St. Lucia; Tyrone Harbin and Theo Redhead from Grenada; and Thomas Kentish for Dominica.

a result of some bad blood, which had developed over the years between the two territories. In 1995, Barbados played as a guest in the tournament. .Many things have changed since the venerable ‘Doc Adams” stood between the upright for St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the late 1940s. The Victoria Park is now a level playing field, putting everyone on equal footing. In fact, many may argue that its billiard board appearance has more to do with lack of access rather than excess work. Wooden uprights are no more, and the balls are no longer the weapons of leather with an inner tube that Norbert Hall and the others of such folkloric fame, kicked with such ferocity so as to split those uprights. On Sunday, it will be a new breed of players and young spectators who may not even know the likes of ‘Mori’ Millington, ‘Pabits’ Davis, ‘Rudy’ Boucher , Pete Morris, Raultie and Guy Lowe, or for that matter the ailing Tyrone ‘Tweety’ Spence or Errol Thomas who was concussed in one of the matches and just recently lost a leg, all of whom pushed SVG to dizzying heights. And sadly, they will never know ‘Babs’ Jones or William Muckett who have both gone to the great beyond.

The new dispensation

But it is expected that they will be there, even though they may not even have been conceived, or for that matter even their parents, when the power of the sport was encapsulated in that memorable How things have changed proclamation four decades ago that, ‘Soccer…. is the game of the people’. A home and away format was introduced in 1973. On Sunday, SVG, the winners of the last St. Vincent and the Grenadines emerged victors. tournament more than a decade ago, will battle However, the Tournament reverted to its original, Dominica from 8pm, and this will be preceded by St. format in 1974 and was scheduled for St. Lucia. Lucia versus Grenada from 6pm. The years 1974 to 1977 saw the Tournament On Tuesday, SVG meets Grenada from 8pm after being cancelled over problems between Dominica the Dominica and St. Lucia battle at 6pm. And the and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with both final matches will see Dominica and Grenada in the countries refusing to travel to the other for fear of 6PM contest to be followed by the SVG/ St. Lucia possible crowd disturbance. Sources say this was as showdown.


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Dason Peters’ mother broke down and had to be assisted by a Police Officer. (Photo: DNA Info, NY)

Rosette Samuel is said to have shot her boyfriend Dason Peters and their son, Dylan. (Photo: Starbroek News) East 56th Street apartment in the predominantly Caribbean Flatlands section of Brooklyn. The 13-year New York Police Department (NYPD) veteran, who was off-duty, then went into NEW YORK POLICE SAID ON MONDAY That a the bedroom and killed the baby with a single bullet Vincentian-born female police officer shot dead her to his chest, then took her life, cops said. Guyanese-born boyfriend and their 1-year-old baby, then Police investigators said Officer Samuel turned the gun on her in a case of double-murder used her “off-duty” gun, a 9-millimeter Glock that suicide. she was authorized by the NYPD to carry when not Police said that Rosette Samuel, 43, who on duty. hails from Vermont, first shot the baby’s father, Cops said they found the deadly weapon by Dason Peters, 33, early Monday morning in her the assailant’s side and that there were no signs of by NELSON A. KING; US CORRESPONDENT

Published by The VINCENTIAN Publishing Co. Ltd, St. Vincent and the Grenadines;

any struggle inside the apartment, nor were there any breakfast preparations under way, indicating the shootings likely occurred first thing in the morning. NYPD chief spokesman Paul J. Browne, said the bodies of Samuel and the baby, Dylan, were found, face up, on a bed. He said officers discovered Peter’s body lying just inside the apartment’s entrance, in the front hallway. “It was a tough crime scene,” Browne said. Continued on Page 19..

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