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AUGUST 2, 2013

VOLUME 107, No.31

Leslie Jack, General Manager of LIME, is adamant that Digicel is ‘misleading’ the public. Digicel Country Manager, Sean Latty, maintains that Digicel has been honest in their dealings with the public.

by KARISSA CLARKE “OVER MY DEAD BODY will I allow Digicel to get away with this. It’s either Digicel decides to get in line or move out. Be a real competitor.” These were the emphatic sentiments of LIME’s General Manager, Leslie Jack, when he spoke at a Press Conference on Tuesday morning. Never has the Telecommunications realm of SVG seen a more serious rivalry than 2013’s LIME vs Digicel Saga; from rivalling advertisements to

LIME making the move to a rate of 60 cents a minute, and Digicel rebutting by recently declaring a reduction in rates to 59 cents. Jack is at the helm of LIME ‘calling out’ Digicel for what he describes as “misleading” the Vincentian public. Publicly accusing its competitor of charging higher rates than what they have advertised, LIME sought to give the public indisputable proof that this is true. Continued on Page 3.





Dennis Ambrose, Chairman of CDC, accepts a copy of the 2013 Vincy Carnival Souvenir Magazine from THE VINCENTIAN's General Manager, Jacinta Elliott, to mark the official launch of the magazine.

King of the Bands 2008 Atiba Lockhart, portraying ‘Jupiter Explorer’, from Blondie Bird and Friends’ 2008 presentation ‘Party in Space.



IN THE ARTICLE CAPTION ‘Harrison’s Cave is King’, the article introducing our feature on the 2013 King of the Bands Competition as carried in the 2013 edition of our Vincy Carnival Souvenir, we referred to Ricardo ‘Ricky’ Adams as the ‘first ever King of the Bands masquerader to score a hat-trick of wins in his first three attempts. We stand corrected, and can now say with an apology to the person concerned, that Atiba Lockhart was indeed the first ever ‘rookie’ to score a hat-trick of wins in his first three attempts in the King of the Bands competition. Those wins were achieved between 2007 and 2009.



News 3 PM seeking apology by KENVILLE HORNE

confidence in the judicial system, without any reason whatsoever, PRIME MINISTER Dr. Ralph just based on falsehood and Gonsalves has informed the nation malice” declared Gonsalves. that he would be instructing his The Prime Minister said that lawyers to seek apologies from THE John who is a lawyer, would VINCENTIAN newspaper and its know that if he (Gonsalves) had Columnist Dr. Kenneth John, for done what he (John) alleged, “I libelous comments published in last would be guilty of misbehavior in Friday’s edition of the newspaper. public office”, a criminal offence, He made his intention known at which would subject him to one a press conference on Monday, year imprisonment. July 29. Gonsalves also indicated that “If you read The Vincentian he would be seeking an apology newspaper with Kenneth John’s from The News newspaper for column, he says that Vynnette’s comments made in a letter by case is another of the charges that Matthew Thomas. D Comrade ‘planned or “Similarly, I see The News countenanced against his political published an article by Matthew enemies’,” he told news personnel Thomas that the Gonsalves-led and the nation through live radio administration had instituted The Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph broadcast. the criminal charge of sedition Gonsalves made no bones about “Now, to say that I, as Prime against Ordan Graham. What? his intention to seek restitution for Minister, planned to charge Am I the DPP?” asked defamatory statements made Vynnette is an outrageous libel. Gonsalves . And I am sure that when the The Prime Minister said that against him as carried in two newspapers here. editor, Cyp Neehall, looks at it sometimes when people defame and the Managing Editor, Desiree him “in a personal sense”, he Richards, who are all good people, lets it “ride off ma shoulder,” which go to the governance of the they would see that what Kenneth adding further, “but when you say country. That is to say, that I John wrote there is rubbish,” that I interfere with the justice in interfere with prosecution, that I Gonsalves said. order arrest, and they know it not the country, that I prosecute “Kenneth has defamed me to be true. But they are using somebody or I arrest somebody, before, but I had let it slide and I those dastardly falsehoods to see if and I am indicating it to really don’t like to be asking they can mobilize people’s everybody who publishes it, apology from a fellow who was opinions,” said the Prime Minister. including some fellows who once my teacher and who I played Up to press time, THE publish some things like these on cricket with and he is in declining VINCENTIAN was not in receipt one or two sites, I would have to years and not in good health. But of correspondence from Dr. take those on to,” Gonsalves this kind of a rubbish, to impute Gonsalves’ lawyer on the matter of threatened. that of me, to state that of me, is soliciting an apology for the “There are species of allegations undermining people’s public statement referenced.

U N - H E A D L I N E D


Horsing around at McDonald’s A WOMAN HAS BEEN FINED for taking her horse into a McDonald’s restaurant in Greater Manchester, England. Police said the woman, who has not been named, was in the saddle when she was initially turned away from the drivethrough kiosk on Bury New Road. The woman then led the animal inside, where it “ended up doing his business on the floor”, a Greater Manchester Police (GMP) spokesman said. McDonald’s said it was unable to serve customers on horseback. A girl riding a pony also went through the McDonald’s ‘drive-thru’ with the woman. The horses that caused the furor at A spokeswoman for the company said: “On 20 July a woman a McDonald’s restaurant. allowed her pony to enter our restaurant in Whitefield after being refused service in the drive-thru lane. “The incident caused distress to customers and disruption for the restaurant, and the police issued the woman with a fixed penalty notice.” She added: “The health and safety of our customers and staff is our top priority, and for this reason we are unable to serve pedestrians, bicycle riders or customers on horseback through the drive-thru.” Greater Manchester Police said: “The sight and smell of this caused obvious distress and upset to customers trying to eat, as well as staff members. “Officers arrived at the location and the woman was issued [with] a fixed penalty notice for causing alarm and distress to other customers and staff.” (BBC News)

LIME versus Digicel Continued fron Page 1. The highlight of Tuesday’s Press Conference was a ‘Rate Test’ conducted by members of the LIME staff. The test sought to expose Digicel’s varying rates per minute from a Digicel Prepaid phone. General Manager Jack explained that this demonstration was done for several reasons, but the primary reason was to “make Vincentians aware that they are being cheated. The hardworking people of our country, the fisherfolk, the vendors in the market and more, who work for their hard- earned dollar, cannot afford to be robbed of their credit,” he stated emphatically. The ‘robbery’ of which Jack speaks is a reference to the results of the LIME conducted rate test which saw an increase of 0.03 and 0.02 cents on calls in comparison to Digicel’s advertised rates. ‘Digi to Digi’ calls are advertised at $00.86 cents per minute, but in LIME’s ‘rate test’ they registered at 89 cents, while Digi to LIME prepaid, advertised at 89 cents per minute, showed a rate of 92 cents in ‘rate test’. And the ‘rate test’ indicated that Digi to LIME Fixed line advertised at 98 cents per minute, were in effect, $1.00. The Digi to Caribbean rate of 98 cents per minute, computed at $1.00 in the LIME ‘rate test’. The ‘rate test’ was conducted in the presence of media personnel, LIME staff and legal counsel, and saw employees testing the rates of calls for a minute. The gathering was able to see on a monitor as each call was placed followed by the credit balance being checked. Jack encouraged all Vincentians to save themselves from “this injustice,” and to trade in their phones at LIME. “Bring your phones in today, we’re ready to switch you (as) the message is clear: Digicel is out to take advantage of the Vincentian public,” he added. Though the ‘rate test’ tested Digicel’s rates only and not their own, LIME is confident that anyone who tests the rates of either provider would find LIME’s ‘rate test’ to prove true, and also would see their 60 cents per minute flat rate to be true as well. LIME has dispatched a letter to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) informing them of Digicel’s discrepancy with rates since July 18th , and is awaiting responses, according to Jack. .

Digicel’s side of the Story This is not the first letter which has surfaced during this recent period of lowering rates. Digicel’s Country Manager, Sean Latty, recently sent a letter to LIME’s General Manager and staff informing them of his company’s change to 59 cents. According to Jack, Latty outlined that this 59 cent rate officially makes Digicel the lowest in the market, and asked LIME to pull advertisements describing their rates as the cheapest and best. Jack rebutted at the Tuesday press conference, saying, “That is ridiculous. Digicel’s information is misleading, and we maintain that we have the cheapest and best rates on the market.” When contacted for Digicel’s side of the story after the storm which LIME created on Tuesday morning, Latty disputed LIME’s rate test completely, adamantly saying that, “the rates that are publicized are the rates that our customers are getting. With all our promotions and value plans, we want our valued customers to get the best from us.” Though Latty did dispute LIME’s rate test completely, he went on to confirm that a letter was in fact sent to the LIME headquarters as “If we get into the way they’re advertising the 60 cent rate, we now have the lowest rate which we’ve been advertising at 59 cents.” He went on to say that, “there is no doubt in the market place that the Vincentian public still loves Digicel and are confident and satisfied with the way we are. There is no debate there, and hands down, we offer better value to Vincentians.” Both Telecommunication providers seem to have made it clear this week that they are ready to ‘duke’ it out for the hearts and pockets of the Vincentian public. Who will make the next move? Up to press time, there was no response from the NTRC on the ongoing feud between the two telecommunications giants.




Camillo Gonsalves receiving plaque from Laverne Mc Dowald-Thompson surrounded by some executive members of COSAGO.

Jose Avila presenting plaque to Camillo Gonsalves, flanked by some members of the Garifuna Coalition, U.S.A., Inc.

Gonsalves gets rousing send-off voice for world peace, global justice and sustainable development of the financially poor countries of the world,” said Maxwell Haywood, the New Grounds-born chairman of the St. THE VINCENTIAN COMMUNITY in New York Vincent and the Grenadines Diaspora last Saturday night gave a rousing send-off Committee of New York, Inc., and UN to United Nations Ambassador Camillo Development Officer, about Gonsalves in Gonsalves, honoring him with plaques, a relatively long exposé. speeches and standing ovations. “He has done excellent work in a After over 6 ½ years as St. Vincent number of areas at the United Nations,” and the Grenadines’ Permanent added Haywood. Representative to the UN, Gonsalves, 41, These included: the revitalization of the eldest son of Prime Minister Dr. the UN General Assembly; Arms Trade Ralph Gonsalves, on Sunday returned Treaty; increased recognition of the home, where he said he will be on international community about the vacation and to “fix up an old house I impact of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade purchased at Ratho Mill” in the East St. on black people the world over; Climate George constituency. Change; Non-Communicable Diseases; Though Gonsalves declined to the role of developing nations in the comment publicly about his political Security Council; and solidarity with the ambitions, speculation is rife in New Cuban people and other ‘progressive York that he will contest that seat in the governments’ in Latin America. next general elections for the incumbent Haywood noted that the foreign policy Unity Labor Party (ULP), replacing of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Clayton Burgin, the current “attracted much attention at home, in representative and Minister of Health. the Caribbean, and in other parts of the Tributes were paid to Gonsalves at a world,” under Gonsalves’ tenure. gala reception ceremony, organized by the New York Consulate General, at the Consolidating SVG’s reputation Friends of Crown Heights Educational Center in Brooklyn, New York, Vaughan Toney, the Calliaqua-born describing him as a diplomat who “truly president and chief executive officer of represented the nation very well.” the Friends of Crown Heights Gonsalves, a trained lawyer, lived in Educational Center and a former New downtown Brooklyn for five years during York City Council District candidate, his tenure. congratulated Gonsalves for “a job well Gonsalves also presented a plaque to done in holding high the banner of St. ex-police officer Godfrey Pitt, a Vincent and the Grenadines on the Georgetown native and former president international stage, and for doing so of the Brooklyn-based St. Vincent and with unparalleled dignity and the Grenadines’ Ex-Police Association, distinction.” who chairs the Argyle International Under Gonsalves’ tenure, Toney said Airport Committee of New York. St. Vincent and the Grenadines has “continued to articulate a principled Foreign Policy attracts attention commitment to international peace and security, and to the economic, political “He has been a strong and genuine and social well-being of all peoples. “He has consolidated our reputation as a nation equal in stature to any other on the world stage,” Toney posited. Story and photos by NELSON A. KING; US CORRESPONDENT

A friend

Sir Louis and Lady Straker.

Laverne Mc DowaldThompson, COSAGO’s Chateaubelair-born president, said many in the New York community and will “hold on to” Gonsalves’ good deeds.

“I just want to wish you the very best in the future,” said the former Chateaubelair Methodist School teacher in very terse remarks. “We’re grateful that you have come out here and represented us well.” José Avila, the Honduran-born president of the Garifuna Coalition, Inc., said he regarded Gonsalves as his “personal friend and friend of the Garifuna community. “We were privileged to have Ambassador Gonsalves,” he said.”The relationship with this diplomat we will not forget.” Pitt said Gonsalves “stood by us”, through fund-raising efforts, to help construct the Argyle International Airport, disclosing that, to date, his group has raised US$30,000, of which US$20,000 have been handed over to Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne. “Ambassador Gonsalves is very special,” he said. “This is a man who works endlessly. He’s doing the ground work (for the international airport).”

Getting the position Former Deputy Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker, who was also Foreign Affairs Minister, said he was the one who hired Gonsalves, then a senior crown counsel, for the UN position. He dispelled reports of alleged nepotism — that Gonsalves’ father had a hand in the matter, stating that when he (Sir Louis) and Sir Vincent Beache had first broached the notion with the prime minister, the latter made it clear: “I don’t want anything to do with it.” “He’s done a herculean task,” said Sir Louis about the younger Gonsalves. “He deserves a debt of gratitude. He’s a very humble man. “This is a man with strong mental ability and leadership skills,” he added. “He wants to serve but to serve his people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.” Gonsalves acknowledged that Sir Louis, his ex-immediate supervisor, was “the one who gave me this job — contrary to what some people say,” adding that he was “very touched by so many of you coming out” for the farewell reception. He also said, in jest, that the tributes sounded like “a eulogy.” “The best case, the most noble case, the most inspiring case is the case of St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” he said.

“It’s always invigorating to get up in the morning and your job is to know that the flag of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is flying very high,” he added. “If my successor does not do a good job, it reflects on me,” Gonsalves continued. “We can raise St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ flag very high.” Sir Louis said Deputy UN Ambassador Nedra Miguel, the daughter of Deputy Prime Minister Girlyn Miguel, will act as UN Ambassador until the government names a successor to Gonsalves.

Camillo Gonsalves (L) with Lennox Daniel, ex-Deputy UN Ambassador, now executive member of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Organization of New York (SPOONY), the New York affiliate of the New Democratic Party (NDP).




LIAT still in delay mode Ian Brunton, CEO/LIAT addressed the issues of ‘contract crews’ and failed injection of cash in LIAT’s re-fleeting programme.

already heightened contract crews which we may not need, as a result of the re- if everybody puts their pedal to the fleeting programme. wheel.” In response to a Seemingly not prepared to hold back Leeward Islands any punches, Brunton also said that Airline Pilots the failure of LIAT’s regional Association shareholder governments to inject the (LIALPA) concern full $27 million promised for the over scheduling, “initial” cost of re-fleeting has put the alleging that the company was carrier even further out of pocket. engaging in “illegal” practices by The Caribbean Development Bank having some of them work longer recently approved a US $65 million Brunton confirmed hours than stipulated by the Eastern loan for LIAT’s refleeting exercise. the regional carrier had Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority, The government of St. Vincent and the enlisted “contract Brunton suggested that pilots were not Grenadines is responsible for US$7.5 crews” to replace former being team players. million of the loan disbursed. (Source: Dash-8 pilots who are He indicated that the company Antigua Observer and Carribean News now flying new ATR would not have had to further deepen Now.) aircraft. its cash flow problems by, “pulling in The ‘contract crews’ are expected to fly the older planes in LIAT’s fleet, but Brunton told THE JAMAICAN REGGAE ICON jumped 25 death, jumped to ninth place from listeners to the radio Members of Guyana Blind Cricket Team were split places to break into the Top 10 of number 34. between two flights as a result of LIAT’s back-up out programme, that it will Billboard’s Social 50 chart last week. According to a William Gruger be another “two to three of Guyana. CALIFORNIA, United States, article on, Marley is weeks” before they Wednesday July 24, 2013 — second to Michael Jackson among (contract crews) take up PERSONS USING THE SERVICES of the Thirty-two years after his death, Facebook fans, with Marley registering duties, since they have to “satisfy the Honourable Nesta Robert ‘Bob’ Marley, 44 million (fans) to Jackson’s 66 regional airline LIAT may just have to OM continues to enjoy unprecedented million. regulatory system.” endure the inconvenience of delays and popularity across the Marley is Brunton apologised to passengers even cancellations for some time to globe. remembered for his for the several delays and come. The Jamaican powerful message of cancellations that have plagued LIAT Ian Brunton, Chief Executive reggae legend is unity and respect which Officer of LIAT, gave indication of this over the past few weeks. riding the charts continues to resonate in The CEO admitted hiring the pilots again, having broken when he spoke on the ‘Voice of the country of his birth Barbados’ radio programme last week was a “tough decision to make,” as it into the Top 10 of and around the world. worsened LIAT’s cash-flow problems Thursday, July 25. Billboard’s Social 50 Since its release in chart last week. 1984, three years after The Social 50 his death, Marley’s ranks the most Legend compilation has popular artistes on annually sold over electronic media 250,000 copies, YouTube, Vevo, according to Nielsen Facebook, Twitter, SoundScan, and it is SoundCloud, only the 17th album to Wikipedia, Myspace exceed sales of 10 and Instagram. million copies since The sudden ascent Robert ‘Bob’ Marley continues SoundScan began its was attributed to a to attract new followers with tabulations in 1991. recent partnership Marley “One Love” his ‘righteous’ reggae. with television sports was designated Song of network ESPN. The network has been the Millennium by the BBC, and showcasing Marley’s music since July. Marley was bestowed with The Marley, who remains the most Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Graffiti sends a signal of the presence famous and revered Jamaican, even in in 2001. (Source Caribbean360) of gangs in this St. Lucia community.

Bob rides high even in death

St. Lucia takes action against gangs

be plunged in mourning as a result of gang warfare, has Dr. Kenny Anthony, Prime Minister of which also eroded St. Lucia, says his country can no the social longer ignore the rise in criminal fabric of the gangs. state’, Prime Minister Dr WHILE THERE HAVE BEEN Kenny Anthony said Saint OPEN military-type reprisals Lucia can no longer ignore as a response to the growing the rise in criminal gangs menace of gang related and the attendant gun violence in most CARICOM, related violence and territories, St. Lucia, like homicides. Jamaica and Trinidad and “In the past we silently Tobago, is adding to its effort ignored the mushrooming of in this regard, with the gangs in our midst, introduction of anti gang sometimes under the legislation. misguided notion of freedom The Dr. Kenny Anthony of association; but since led government of St. Lucia when an association is preparing to enact antiestablished for criminal gang legislation as part of enterprise to steal, murder its “no nonsense” approach and plunder at will is to curbing gang-related protected by our violence and ultimately, constitution? To date, the dismantle criminal gangs police are working that have taken root in that assiduously to deal with island. gangs and the negative Acknowledging that gang culture that spawns ‘many families continue to anti-social behaviour and

organised crime. We will support their efforts by enacting anti-gang legislation as has been done in Trinidad and Tobago and about to be done in Jamaica,” Anthony said. The prime minister reiterated a call for the police and citizens to work in tandem in order to effectively dismantle criminal gangs and their associates. “This is no longer only an urban or inner city phenomenon; it has spread to encompass sub-urban communities as well. The networks of drug trafficking, mayhem and malice must be defeated by a network of surveillance, intelligence and smart might,” he said. The Prime Minister also reaffirmed his government’s support for the police in their effort to deal with gangs on the island. (Source: Caribbean 360 News)

The entrance to the Bob Marley Museum, Jamaica, one of the many physical tributes to the Jamaican legend.




CalypsonianÊs penalty surprises lawyer received the maximum penalty. He noted that Ralph pleaded guilty, did not waste the court’s time, had ATTORNEY Jomo Thomas is surprised by a penalty no antecedents, and that the drinks were magistrate Rechanne Browne-Mathias imposed on confiscated. calypsonian Patricia ‘Pat’ Ralph for exposing liquor for The facts presented in court revealed that around sale without licence. 2:30 p.m. January 28, 2013, police officers acting on Ralph, a resident of Sion Hill, pleaded guilty information received, went to Ralph’s Liquor Shop when she appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s at Walvaroo, Sion Hill, where they met a variety of Court on Monday, and was fined $2,500. She was alcoholic drinks shelved for sale. ordered to pay $500 forthwith or three weeks The lawmen asked Ralph if she had a licence to imprisonment and the balance by October 1st, or sell liquor and she said no. The police informed two months behind bars. She was charged under the Ralph that it was an offence to sell liquor without Liquor Licence Act. Speaking with THE John is charged with VINCENTIAN on Treldon John, a 27-yearold labourer of Campden unlawfully and Tuesday, Thomas Park, was remanded maliciously inflicting described the until last Wednesday for grievous bodily harm on penalty as, “an Spence, a 39-year-old improper exercise prosecutor Inspector Adolphus Delpleche to stevedore of Lowmans of the court’s obtain a prognosis on the Hill. discretion”. condition of his victim John was not required According to Cosmos Spence, who was to plea when he Thomas, the law warded at the Milton appeared before the says a person is Cato Memorial Hospital Chief Magistrate on liable to be fined with chop wounds to the Monday. up to $2,500 for Delpleche objected to the offence, but he left arm and back. On obtaining the bail, stating that the was surprised prognosis, the prosecutor victim was still that his client will report to the Serious hospitalized suffering Offences Court for Chief from injuries following Attorney Jomo Magistrate Sonya an alleged cutlass Thomas Young’s consideration on attack, and is closely expressed the issue of bail, and for monitored by his doctors. surprise with the a date to be set for a Spence told THE severity of the Preliminary Inquiry. VINCENTIAN from his fine. Stories by HAYDN HUGGINS

licence, confiscated the drinks and proceeded by summons against her on the charge of exposing liquor for sale without licence. Prosecutor Assistant Superintendent of Police Glenford Gregg produced a document in court from the Inland Revenue Department which stated that, “according to our records, Patricia Ralph of Sion Hill is not a holder of a Liquor Licence.” Ralph, a former Junior Calypso Monarch, returned to the calypso stage this year following a short break.

Stevedore hospitalized with chop wounds bed at the male surgical ward on Tuesday, that he sustained the injuries during an incident around 10 p.m. last Friday, while attending a fete at Burgin, Lowmans Hill. Spence, the father of two children (girls), ages 13 and 17, said, “I don’t make trouble, I have my job and I have my children to look after.” He noted that the injury to his arm took ten sutures, while the one to his back took two. Cosmos Spence is the victim of an alleged cutlass attack.


WINFRESH WI NFRESSH IS DIVER DIVERSIFYING RSIFYIING Winfresh is pleased to announce its intention to purchase fresh produce from Local Farmers. W Po Potential Crops: ‹4HUNVLZ‹7HWH`H‹:V\Y:VW‹.\H]H‹.VSKLU(WWSL‹7PUL(WWSL‹7HZZPVU-Y\P[‹4LSVUZ ‹                     ‹(]VJHKV‹:^LL[*HZZH]H‹7LWWLYZ‹.PUNLY‹3PTLZHUK6YHUNLZ‹7SHU[HPU‹+HZOLLU‹;HUUPH,KKVLZ ‹                    ‹)\[[LYU\[:X\HZO‹/LYIZHUK:WPJLZ ‹       Fa

(S  (SSJYVWZT\Z[ILVMJVTTLYJPHS]HYPL[PLZHUKT\Z[TLL[[OL                 YYLSL]HU[*VKL_VYV[OLYHWWSPJHISLX\HSP[`Z[HUKHYKZ L Farmers and farm enterprises interested in supplying any of these crops to Winfresh may JVU[HJ[4Y2LTZ[VU*H[VH[=PUJ`MYLZOVU! 1 (784) 451-1767





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Editorial Marty’s kind of patriotism MARTIN ‘MARTY’ KING is no more. The man of short stature, blessed otherwise with a big voice, big heart and an entrepreneurial spirit, passed away recently and was given a send off fit as they say, for a king. ‘Marty’ was considered ‘the mascot’ of national sports teams, particularly football, his first love. He was a barometer for the local calypso fraternity here, combining with others of like mind and favour, to make or break a member of that fraternity at the cock of an ear or the turning away of that said ear. He may not have endeared himself at all times to all men, but he represented, even if we fail to admit it for others to hear, what we would have loved to have done, how we would have wanted to do it and where we would have wanted to have done it, but feared so to do; for in our frontal lobes, we thought Marty’s demonstrations to be childish, unbecoming of our status, while deep in our sub-conscious, we thanked him for being us. ‘Marty’ was, as so many who knew him and moaned him, a patriot. And as we reflect on ‘Marty’ the patriot, his life would have been meaningless unless we reflect on the meaning of patriotism and our relationship to it. Because far too often, and oh so glibly, we spout how patriotic we are, from positions of security. ‘Marty’ may have carried the largest national flag ever seen, but ‘Marty’ knew his flag was but an outward bearing of his love of country; it was symbolic rather than real, for it is how he lived with others and caused others to love their country that would define his true sense of patriotism. Flag bearing and waving exercises are not the end all as expressions of fulfilling the true meaning of patriotism; and ‘Marty’ understood that in his own, simple way. Even as he engaged in political banter that put his and others’ patriotism to the test, whether he knew it or not, he was facing up to the challenges of how to engage those in public life, to include those involved in politics, for whom he had a special ‘fascination’. He confronted those active in as well as those retired from active politics with equal vigor. He was as strong in his condemnation of those active politicians whom he deemed ‘absent from their constituencies’ as he was of those who consistently lamented how they have retreated from public life and politics, bemoaning its direction, frustrated by their seeming inability to change its course. Listening to ‘Marty’ tackle the two fronts was a lesson in how to think through the essence of patriotism and the need for its genuine renewal… one, as Marty would say, “from the heart, soul and mind, even yo belly.” Patriotism can so easily be usurped, and ‘Marty’ knew that the banner of patriotism can as quickly and as easily be held high by bigots and criminals as it can be by church people and innocent children. Yet, amidst this openness to misuse, patriotism can ill-afford to be exclusionary; it must, by its very sense of oneness as a nation, as ‘Marty’ understood, include all. This suggests that genuine patriotism means a people bringing their whole selves to public life, since devotion to a country cannot be fulfilled simply by going through the motions of rituals or halfway actions, as seen so often in the disappearing acts of so many once-upon-a-time public (political) officers. ‘Marty’s’ living taught us, as we will discover if we look beyond his public demonstrations, that genuine patriotism flows from a love of nation so deep that one is willing to search for what is good and right; this moreso when the path is hard, and when issues get confusing or tough or feel downright uncomfortable, as ‘Marty’ would have experienced as someone willing to carve out with his own hands, an opportunity to make an honest living in his beloved SVG. Blind acceptance, falling in line, resignation, avoiding differences — these are the enemies of patriotism. ‘Marty’s’ legacy begins with us accepting that there is much unfinished work to do in our nation and communities: ensuring that all children receive a good education, learning to live with increasing diversity, making sure all people and all perspectives have a place at the public table. We need strong and healthy politics and public life to determine how we will do this work. We owe it to ‘Marty’ to stand as part of public life and politics, not apart from it as mere bystanders, commentators, or spectators.

Real change in the air VYNNETTE FREDERICK is fast becoming a name around which so many issues hang. I am proud that among the many persons who have been moved to criticise the manner of the recent arrest as “the last straw” have been Parnel Campbell, Adrian Fraser, Arnhim Eustace and myself, members of the Educational Forum of the People of the early 1970s. We then laid a stress on the dignity of man, and were diametrically opposed to anything savouring an abuse of rights and freedom. As we were forty-odd years ago, so we remain to this day, unshakeable in our resolve. I recalled our admiration of the French philosopher Voltaire, who maintained that he may disagree with a person on some issue, but will defend to the death that person’s right to express his thoughts. I had cause to relate to some timid souls last Thursday that there is nothing more frightening than fear itself. They should take part in marches to make their point felt, regardless. And in a matter of hours, Adrian Fraser had once more referred to the story where the German Nazis had picked off their groups one by one, until there was no opposition to talk about. I repeat ad infinitum, that Vynnette could have been arrested with civility, not because she was a lawyer, senator, or popular young woman, but because, as Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves often put it, she is a well- respected citizen. Political tribalism should be a thing of the past, in which case there should be no desire to hunt her down before sundown merely to slap on charges, a 9 for a 6, aimed at nullifying the victory gained at the courts, which had thrown out the original charges as being inadequate. Parnel saw Red in like circumstances, he had as a lawyer lain down on the tarmac to prevent a plane from taking off with a culprit, against whom he had a Court Order! So P.R acts on principle. The radio talk-shows had a field-day in sowing mischief and malice. One ULP woman exclaimed that Vynnette could not be handled with kid gloves. If, say, they went to her home to effect a straight forward arrest, she might have screamed that they had fondled her breasts. So they operated in broad daylight, in a public place! But Senator Julian Francis had already set the stage. It was a matter of tit for tat. Could you imagine the NDP taking lying down the throwing out of matters against him by a Magistrate? So he would advocate and accept a pre-

strike which broadcast to the world that this system is selfperpetuating, and is politically driven rather than controlled by the Courts. Francis’s outburst earned an angry riposte from Bertram Commissiong, our most experienced Q.C. If, at anytime, party politics appears to be closing in on the preserves of the Judiciary, the office of the DPP must be scrutinized. I had opposed Colin Williams’s appointment on about six grounds which were cumulative in effect. But Colin was chosen against the better judgement of the Bar Association. Let me state emphatically that Colin is a hard working, diligent and personable young man, a fine fellow. But his misfortune was to be favoured by the ULP coming out of a wrangle between Vincent Beache and DPP then, Roger Gaspard, to face a baptism of fire with the famous allegations of rape. It was a situation from which he escaped unscathed, with some difficulties. Defending his general position recently, Colin pointed out several appointees to judicial offices, and dared to mention Brian Alleyne among them, when our PM had put up strenuous objection to the very Alleyne. Alleyne’s wife who was born Vincey was welcome, but not hubby! And so the story goes. Democracy remains under threat in these small islands. Keith Joseph, the other ‘K.J’, did not mince matters in dealing with them last week. What is so sad that the politicians still leave an island to its own devices while hypocritically crying unity and regionalism. St Kitts is the latest threat to Democracy, as we understand the term. For over eight months, the Speaker of the St Kitts Parliament has refused to entertain a vote of No Confidence by an Opposition of six as against five members of Government, and the fellow heads of government utter not one word on the outrage. We have to be so careful that after the liberation from slavery some 179 years ago, we do not replace it with home-grown serfdom in which they understand even better than the Europeans did. I have a gut feeling that the time is nigh for real change in the Caribbean. We are all witnessing a gathering storm that blew through the island chain in the 1930s. This time, when it falls, its fury will wipe clean the social slate on which we can begin to write anew.




Dishonest judgment WHEN ARE we going to get honest judgment in this country? Our leaders: Where are our leaders who are supposed to be specialists in their fields — the Clergyman, Mr. Peter and Mr. Shine? The Clergyman is a trained lawyer. How then has he not put the court house in order? Did you ever hear the announcement that the head lawyer is meeting with the magistrates and judges to bring justice to poor people? To have all those law- breakers severely punished, especially those who keep stealing people’s animals and reaping what they will never plant? Think he (really) wants the farmers to go back to the land? The magistrate will throw the cases out for lack of evidence. Who can remember the evidence after months and years have passed? Is this a way to set these criminals free? Am I right to say this is another problem he must micro manage? Mr. Peter is a specialist in fishing. Did you ever hear the announcement that the head fisherman in the country is meeting with the fishermen to tell them they must bring the fish price down so poor people can buy? That they are only making VINLEC rich, and soon people will wise up and stop buying ice fish? That fishermen must stay longer at sea? That the government will restructure the fishing industry soon so that it doesn’t fall into foreign hands? That we must build on what we have and not depend on the cocoa plan? That the fish market must go later to accommodate those people who finish working late? Am I right to say he is only looking to put ‘WHO IN OFFICE’? Mr. Shine is a specialist in economy. Did you ever hear the announcement that the head economist in the country is going to have a public meeting to teach the people how they must economize? That the government must cut back on the amount of liquor licences issued in the country? That government has to use its own lands to put the hospital and to try to bring some economic growth to Georgetown? That the cabinet must bring a bill in parliament to make workers work their full eight hours for a full day’s pay? (Instead they go to cabinet with nonsense, nothing for the people; pushing chairs and tables will not help.) That we must work along with the developers who came to SVG while his pay day is already in the bank, and he is too proud to beg like the clergyman? Am I right to say he is only looking to go up in that big house?

‘Que Pasa’

Things not right and THE PRIME MINISTER can put whatever spin he wants to last Friday’s march by the NDP, but he can’t take away the fact that close to a half of this country (electorate) does not support him, his party, his politics and his government. And if he doesn’t admit to certain things, that half would increase. I am not a card carrying member of any political party here, preferring to remain unattached and be guided by my conscience when ‘the day come’ (election day). I have found myself, over the last three elections, shifting my vote according to how my conscience told me things were going in the country. Right now, things are not going right in this country. With all the boasts about economic growth,

reduction in poverty, improvement here and improvement there, why am I every day, bombarded with requests for assistance to buy books, buy food, pay for prescriptions? I am certain I am not the only one in this situation. I am a humble monthly paid worker in this country, paying my taxes and abiding by the laws, yet I have to find money, out of the goodness of my heart, to offer monthly charity to a number of persons. Time we stop talking all this bit talk of macro-government — GDP, per capita income, fiscal surplus, etc., and admit that there are still people catching their ‘…’ in this country. HG

Emancipation day I DON’T KNOW if what I gather is correct, but from where I sit here in the ‘Big Apple’, I have not heard of any plans for activities to mark Emancipation Day (August 1st) in SVG. I am left to conclude that the Day will just be another day of fete and frolic. I would have thought that with all the hype about ‘Reparations’ for the slave trade, slavery and genocide, that this

year would have seen some heightened effort to reinforce the significance of this Day. Where have all the ‘black consciousness’ gone? Where have all the advocates of black pride in ourselves and our history gone? Come on, we can do better than that. I hope I am wrong about the lack of activities. Garnet, NY

Tribute to Cadman ‘Victor’ Bailey

The ÂVictorÊ I remember by PATMOS RICHARDS Throughout his boyhood days, He always showed mannerly ways. Mentally he was beyond his youth In later years his adult life would bear this truth.


Victor was a humble, friendly lad Jovial, sometimes reserved, but never made his peers sad He shared whatever he had with many a boy. Boyhood past times of yesteryear were such a joy.

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Marble pitching, top spinning, kite flying and tree climbing These were native to village life And because of our parental training there was no strife This helped us to live a good, normal life. Victor was a tall, strong built boy, never a bully, But his missions, whatever they were, reflected a hurry Victor was loyal to his parents’ service Even to his friends he never provided a disservice. Victor was respectful to authority His actions reflected his sincerity And with that was his final ability To prepare fearlessly for eternity. May his soul rest in peace.

* Is the Cubanborn Chief Engineer still on the job at the Argyle International Airport? * Was a prominent lawyer recently at the bitter end of a tirade by a high ranking political figure here? * Did those responsible for local Inter-school sports team refuse the services of a local qualified, experienced and proven track and field coach? * Why are school children saying that the Leader of the Opposition made a mistake when he appointed Dr. Lewis a senator? * When is the Book Loan Scheme going to service primary school children?

Duprey SO WE CAUGHT Mr. ‘Que Pasa’. We charged him for money laundering. We found him guilty in a court of law. We sentenced him to 10 years hard labour. QED. I say hats off to our law enforcement officers, our state prosecutions office, and the judicial system in general. At last we have put somebody behind bars for money laundering. Let’s hope he will not be the first and only one. There are more still at large. But I got to thinking about another person who has never, to the best of my knowledge, been charged for a crime not too dissimilar from that which we convicted Mr. Que Pasa. I here speak of one Mr. Lawrence Duprey, a Trinidadian by birth, the big man of CLICO and BAICO and so many other companies, who swindled thousands of persons from across the region of their hardearned savings; promising them high returns (on their investment). The story is now well known: Duprey used the money for his own gain, failed to pay a cent in return to us poor investors, and then shouted bankruptcy. I say, Duprey is as guilty as Que Pasa. He should be made to answer in a court of law for having misled and misused the legally gotten money of Caribbean citizens. Then again, this must be wishful thinking on my part since Duprey seems well connected politically, right across the Caribbean, while people like Que Pasa may have fooled themselves into thinking they also were (protected). Jason




are no more afraid Educating the young Vincentian under Vincentians THE NDP WOULD LIKE to thank the thousands of Vincentians who the ULP supported its protest march and

The Issue LAST WEEK, FORTY-FOUR young Vincentian nurses left the State to take up work in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. These are nurses who were trained by the State, and who were paid a stipend to attend the School of Nursing. This is a ground breaking strategy by the ULP administration, as part of a wider focus called the Education Revolution. You will never hear the NDP leadership and spokespersons on radio talk about this development concerning the young Vincentian nurses. They would rather the nurses remain at home un-employed, so that they could earn propaganda cookie points. This is not the first time that our young Vincentian nurses have been deployed to regional countries for work, and in fact, this is the third batch of nurses to be employed by the government of Trinidad and Tobago. Our young nurses have found employment in Barbados, and in smaller numbers in Tortola. Some have found employment in Canada, the United States and in the United Kingdom. Currently the government of Australia is looking at a mechanism to employ some of our nurses in that country, and officials from Canberra visited the State with this purpose in mind.

conditions of work have changed in a positive way, and the government has pumped massive resources into education and training. In fact, since 2001, the ULP administration has spent more than 1.5 billion dollars on education and training. No child is being left behind. Where there are challenges, these will be, and are being addressed in an efficacious way. More can be done, and will be done, once resources have been identified.

More Support for parents

This week, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves announced a series of special works, to provide mothers from the poor and the working class with funds to take care of the back to school requirements of their children. This is a standard programme adopted by the ULP administration, mainly around August and December, targeted at this sector. This is a mark of a caring Prime Minister, one who is concerned about all Vincentians, from all walks of life. Additionally, parents are seeking direct appointments with the office of the Prime Minister, to seek special assistance where there are difficulties. These are difficult times, as the effects of the global financial and The Background economic meltdown continue to impact the economy of St. Vincent and The training of these nurses is all the Grenadines. But by and large, the part of the Education Revolution. In country is holding its own, and 2001 when the ULP administration took office, it was recognized that the Vincentians are finding creative ways to address many of their individual education system was in shambles; there was no strategy for training; the economic issues. In the face of all this, let us education plant was in a mess; and remember that the ULP has increased there was an acute shortage of nurses. the wealth of the country, from a Vincentians will remember that the Gross Domestic Product of EC$1 ULP administration had to recruit trained nurses from Cuba, to meet the billion in 2001, to over EC$2 billion in 2012. The per capita income has demands in the medical sector. moved from EC$10,000 in 2001, to The Education Revolution, as EC$21,000 in 2012. Vincentians are launched by the ULP, is the central saving their money like never before, plank of the socio-economic platform so that they can find disposable for living and production, and for income when required. How else can human and social development. This we explain the tremendous outpouring strategy has been immensely of support for the just completed successful, and the country is now reaping the rewards of the Education carnival festival, and the T20 cricket matches at Arnos Vale? Revolution. The progress has been hailed by educationists locally, in the Conclusion region, and internationally. Poor people children, who hitherto While we must celebrate the could not access university education, are going to several campuses in their employment of the young Vincentian nurses in Trinidad and Tobago, we numbers. On the completion of their courses, they are gaining employment must also recognise that there are many more successful programmes at home, in the region and further being implemented by the ULP afield, earning income which will be used to enhance themselves and their administration. Many of these families. There are many examples of programmes are being spoken about on radio, and they appear in some of poor people children who have returned to improve the status of the the newspapers. From time to time, Prime Minister families. There are stories being told Dr. Ralph Gonsalves will come to you about graduates who have improved the family residence, purchased cars, to explain what is happening in the and generally provided extra support country in terms of the socio-economic for their brothers, sisters and cousins. development. Much is being done, and So there can be no debate that the there are many plans in the pipeline in terms of projects to be Education Revolution has enhanced the lives of many persons in the state, implemented. We urged all ULP supporters to mainly from the poor and the working pay attention to these projects, and to class. Before 2001, only the children of position yourself to take advantage of aristocrats and the privileged in our the benefits that will come your way. society got opportunities to go to Above all, do not be afraid to defend university. That has changed. your party in the face of the obnoxious Conditions in the education sector propaganda coming from the NDP. have improved. Salaries are better,

picketing on Friday 26th July, 2013. The thousands of Vincentians who identified with the NDP on that day sent a strong signal to the ULP administration that they have had enough, and it’s time for them (ULP) to go. The large show of support for the NDP at the protest march and picketing during the day demonstrated that Vincentians have begun to free themselves from the shackles of fear of the ULP regime. Vincentians are no more afraid to identify with the NDP, and it was heartening to see representation from a wide cross-section of Vincentian society. However, we must not lose sight of the goal and focus our attention elsewhere. The goal is for the NDP to win the next general elections and get into office, so that it can implement its programmes and policies to make the lives of Vincentians better. Our people are suffering and meeting it real hard, and we cannot continue to be governed by the ULP regime for another term. Our people must guard against those who say they are NDP and have personal axes to grind, and whenever the NDP is on a high, they come out of the dark and make statements to divert the discussion from the real issues. Pay them no mind!

Crime During the past week, there was an uncomfortable number of robberies, reported shootings and at least one murder. Moreover, since the ULP gained power, there has been an overall increase in criminal activity in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and the ULP regime must take the blame and responsibility. Sadly, it would appear that the ULP administration is not concerned about or does not have what it takes to stem the flow of criminal activities here. We have not been hearing from the Minister of National Security, who happens to be the Prime Minister, as to how to deal with this serious problem. We must not forget that in 2001, the ULP’s campaign was focused on crime. They said that they would have been tough on crime and the causes of crime. Twelve (12) years have gone and the situation has worsened; another failure for the ULP administration. The NDP is concerned about the crime situation and believes that the following steps should be taken to enhance the detection and prevention of crime, and to ensure the development of a more responsive and accountable Police Service. * Implement the Spiritual, Social and Redemption Charter as the prime mechanism to deal with issues pertaining to our emphasis on the prevention of crime; * Increase police manpower to focus on beat and other patrols; * Make sure there is police presence in communities, especially those with high crime rates; * Reduce response time; * Improve the collection of evidence in crime investigations to deal with crime and the causes of crime; *Establish a Crime Prevention Department; * Introduce the Crime Stoppers Programme;

* Introduce legislation for tougher sentences for sexual offences. The NDP’s priorities are clear: better prevention and detection of crime, more effective prosecution of criminals and enhance rehabilitation to reduce the revolving door offenders. We will deliver tough action on drug dealing and crimes of violence, strike a better balance between punishment and rehabilitation, and give our police and prosecutors the manpower, tools and financial resources they need to make St. Vincent and the Grenadines a safe and livable community.

Youths The youths of this our blessed land are being maligned, labeled as lazy by the leadership, members and supporters of the ULP, and blamed for everything that goes wrong in society. They do not deserve all this criticism. And the ULP must stop humiliating our youths like that. Most of our young people are just waiting for that opportunity to excel, but that opportunity is not being provided by the ULP government. Therefore, the ULP has failed the youths. They have not provided the jobs that were promised during the general elections campaign. The NDP recognizes that the youths are central to the establishment and success of our knowledge based economy. The NDP also believes in the capacity, willingness, competence and potential of our young people, and will do our best to empower them to participate in the development process. Our youths will be given the responsibility to promote our IT programme as we seek to excel as a nation. After extensive consultation with the youths, we will propose a number of incentives and programmes to address their most pressing concerns. But most of all, our young people need jobs and more jobs, and the NDP will provide jobs, jobs and more jobs when we are elected to govern this country. When we get into office and we implement our Development Projects and our 20/20 Vision programme, thousands of youths will be employed. When one looks at the total value handed out in contracts to ULP’s bigwigs, it amounts to over $1.5 Million. This (amount of money) can employ over one thousand (1000) young people at a salary of $1500.00 per month. And be reminded that it’s only about eight bigwigs of the ULP who have these contracts. Hence, the youths need to join with us to get rid of this vindictive and oppressive ULP administration.

Conclusion The huge turnout at the recent march and picketing has strengthened the confidence that the electorate of this country have in the NDP. The message did not only say Ralph and the ULP must go. It is also saying we are ready for the NDP to govern so that our lives will be better. We are ready for the NDP to provide jobs for our youths. And we are ready for the NDP to manage the economy of this country.




In search of true wisdom “Wisdom is a beauty of life that can only be produced by God’s workmanship in us.” — Charles Spurgeon (18341892), British Particular Baptist preacher. It is truly amazing how much wisdom is trapped within the pages of our bibles ... just waiting to be discovered. The jewels of knowledge and pearls of wisdom are strung through its pages — from Genesis to Revelation. But we must search for them, imbibe them, and live them if we are to reap the tremendous benefits that they bring. It is not until we allow God’s workmanship to be reflected in our lives that we really qualify to be called “wise”. Wisdom is not synonymous with “book knowledge” — for there are many learned ladies and gentlemen whose follies and foibles clearly demonstrate that they are starved of this life-changing, lifegiving “commodity”. Revisit the introductory sentence with me again; that statement about how much wisdom is trapped within the bible. When we think of “biblical wisdom”, there is a tendency for many of us to immediately consider the Old Testament books of Proverbs and/or Ecclesiastes. Others may even insert Songs of Solomon. But the entire bible is pregnant with instructions that will make us wise (if we will just follow the biblical guidelines for successful living). The New Testament book of James is also filled with instructions on how we can obtain wisdom and how it is possible to have it demonstrated in our lives. James says that wisdom is reasonable, flexible, forgiving, peaceful, caring, given to friendly visits, small acts of courtesy and kind words. He notes that it is humble, transparent, simple, gentle, and gracious to the core (James 3: 13-17). James provides us with a comprehensive checklist and seems to beckon us to place our lives alongside this and take a measurement. How wise am I? How wise are you? How wise are we? It will certainly be a wise choice for each of us to go through James’ wisdom checklist and ascertain how well we are doing in each category. Such an objective analysis will do us well, once we decide to proactively pursue improvement in the areas where we are deficient. Such an approach is also recommended by that same James as he beckons us not to merely look at ourselves as in a mirror and then proceed with the very same lifestyle. Our task is to do the introspection and to make adjustments where considered necessary (James 1:22-25). The adolescent years tend to be preoccupied with that intense search for knowledge and wisdom. And that is certainly understandable. This is the period when the “child” is growing into the “adult”. It is considered a very vulnerable period of development for a host of reasons: there are changes to the physical structures; thought processes are maturing; hormones are pumping through the bloodstream; emotions are being

tested, and so on. But this is a journey that all adolescents must go through. There is no way to transit from childhood to adulthood without going through the tectonic and necessary changes that take place throughout adolescence. And this is precisely why it becomes so very necessary for these teenagers to have positive role models and mentors. This is the period when it is so very important for these youngsters to have good communication with caring, concerned, and empathetic adults. Without such support and guidance, the gullible youth could very well become prey to the snares and traps that can retard and/or maim the unsuspecting. And while the search for wisdom may seem to intensify during the adolescent years as the individual expands his/her understanding of abstract ideas (e.g. higher math concepts, moral philosophies, etc.), the quest continues into and throughout adulthood. We should all be regular wisdom searchers. The pursuit of true wisdom should be a lifelong experience. Modern technology now exposes us to a proliferation of temptations and tests of character. Cable television, the Internet, and the expansive print media now appear to regularly bombard us with the temptation to make wrong seem right and right seem wrong. What we read, view, and listen to can influence us for good or for evil (depending on our tendencies to pursue right or wrong). Yielding to negative thoughts can have devastating consequences; leading us along paths of physical, social, and moral pain and destruction. However, those very “thought conduits” (TV, books, etc.) can be a source of positive influences too. It therefore behoves us to constantly fortify our minds with what is pure. There is wisdom in pursuing such an option. We must make the right choice, the wise choice, and nourish our minds with thoughts that are clean and uplifting. We must make the right choice, the wise choice, to mentor and model individuals and behaviours that are elevating. We must make the right choice, the wise choice, to associate with individuals who will build us up. And, conversely, we must consciously avoid thoughts, individuals, and the print and electronic media that will influence us to do wrong — or to seek to justify wrong when we see it in others. These are important considerations as we pursue true wisdom ... regardless of our stage in life. We will live better, richer, lives and have a much more positive influence on those around us as we continue our search for true wisdom. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to

Facts and shame in FAO numbers The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) issued two reports in the last month that generated lots of discussions. The first report claimed that our country made significant strides in the fight against poverty. The second declared that over 25 percent of the Vincentian population was obese. The first FAO report placed St. Vincent and the Grenadines among 18 countries that reached both the Millennium Development Goal and those of the World Food Summit (WFS), having reduced by half the absolute number of undernourished people between 1990-92 and 20102012. The second report places SVG behind Trinidad and Tobago which heads the regional list with 30 percent of its adult population being obese, followed by Antigua and Barbuda (25.8 percent) and St. Vincent and the Grenadines (25.1 percent). Dominica is right behind us with 25 percent of its population topping the obesity scale. The first report lends support to two sets of studies done by the Kiari group of consultants from Trinidad. In 1996, the NDP government conducted a study into the levels of poverty in the country. The Kairi Consultants found that the level of indigent poverty in the country in 1996 was 25.7 percent of the population. In 2008, the same group of consultants found that the level of indigent poverty had dropped from over 25 percent to 2.9 percent of the population. A casual walk through Kingstown, any day of the week except Sunday, will leave no one questioning the report on obesity, Bulging stomachs and waist line, best reflected in the bodies of PM Gonsalves and opposition leader Eustace, are like wailing sirens signaling a major health emergency to which a few among us pay attention. If one is engaging in a policy conversation about the state of the nation’s health, and these two reports form the basis of the policy discussion, it is virtually impossible to accept one and reject the other. Sadly, SVG is a place where virtually no policy conversation takes place. Those who are mostly politically opposed to the government, completely reject the report, citing the improvements in the fight against poverty while they say little or nothing about the serious health epidemic of obesity that is raging in our country. Those supporting the government praise, to the high heavens, the genius of their political leader, Gonsalves, and their party for leading the country to this anti-poverty achievement. But they are blindingly and conveniently silent on the dangers lurking in the obesity numbers. Many of them celebrate their bulging stomachs as a sign of arrival, a coming of age, a sign of success. There is no doubt that more food is available to our people. It is also indisputable that many more people than before have money to spend and use it to purchase food. If this view is disbelieved, an objective observer simply has to go to the Kentucky and Subway outlets or cheaper food outlets in or around

Kingstown. People are eating more. The larger problem is what they are eating. Clearly, they are consuming lots of food that is not good for their bodies. They are eating foods with lots of salt, too much sugar and transfats. They are eating larger portions and much more frequently than before, even as they become much more inactive. We are no longer an outdoor people. Our children are consumed with electronic games rather than ring games and outdoor activities of the past. No statistic pointing to the improvement in poverty numbers should blind us to the fact that we still have persons living in horrible conditions with very little to eat or drink. But the stories about deepening poverty, as a result of government inaction or policy, seem wrong-headed. But there is a caveat to this sweeping statement. It is well established that in difficult economic times, and times have been very difficult since the world economy tumbled in 2008, people find it harder to make ends meet. Therefore, there could have been some reversals on steady anti- poverty gains accumulated since the turn of the century. In developing countries like ours, gains on many fronts can be wiped out based on the actions of others. Therefore, we need to do more than most to ensure that our gains are sustained and sustainable. Part of the strategy for doing so in the poverty and related health field is to pay particular attention to our children. The nation’s youth have to be convinced of the vital necessity of physical activity. They have to be programed from the earliest age to consume foods that will do their long term health good. Fast food and all processed food should be consumed sparingly. They should be an occasional treat and not daily or weekly staples. Too many of our young people are excessively overweight. Many of them are developing childhood diabetes with all of the attendant risks that flow from this illness. A generation ago, few persons suffered from weight problems. Apart from the discomfort of excessive pounds, people suffer from self-esteem issues and may later develop lung and heart problems. All of these problems will create a further drain on the national treasury as planners fight to meet the additional cost of care. In a competitive electoral democracy, it is expected that politicians will seek to score cheap political points. However, it is irresponsible for the rest of us to discard our thinking caps and join in a mindless debate depending on which side of the political fence we sit. The facts and shame in the FAO numbers should be properly studied if we are to keep on making progress against poverty. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to




SVG’s economy has disintegrated The SVG trade figures for the first half of 2013 reveal that SVG is being swamped by imports. The table illustrates the ULP regime’s economic incompetence. For every dollar SVG exports, SVG imports about nineteen dollars. The trade ratio is grim. It shows that, not only is the economy rapidly shrinking, but that it is on the verge of collapse. Gonsalves’ economic policies cause much pain and suffering, and we can expect to see an increase in the cost of living, more businesses closing down, record high unemployment and even less money circulating in the economy. Life will be even tougher and there is a real risk of social unrest.

(Source SVG trade statistics- Research by Ivan O’Neal BSc. Hons, MSc, MBA.) SVG does not grow rice or wheat, yet the trade figures show exports of rice and flour as SVG’s main export. Also, the banana boxing plants are underused as far as activities related to banana export are concerned, but are popular venues for fetes and beauty pageants. That’s how badly the banana industry has disintegrated. It is strongly believed that the fiscal results for the first quarter of 2013 will show the overall balance in a massive fiscal deficit. SVG Green Party has asked to see the figures for the government’s fiscal operations for the first quarter of 2013, but was refused. Why is the ULP regime hiding these figures? SVG must change direction and become a Green economy and create thousands of new jobs. The ULP regime has killed the banana industry; we should focus on fish now and build a fish processing and canning plant to create jobs and revenue. The 2013 fisherman of the year told us that billions of dollars can be made annually from the fish industry. SVG must get rid of the Taiwanese and take back our billion dollar deep-sea fish industry from Taiwan and operate it ourselves. There is a big international market for fish and a fish industry would create hundreds of jobs and get

money circulating around our country. The more SVG imports, the more jobs we are funding abroad. For the past two years, Vincentians have spent almost half a billion dollars a year financing jobs abroad. We must create jobs in SVG by producing much more of what we consume and spending our money locally. SVG needs an urgent solution to lift our country from this desperate situation of a weak economy and high unemployment. SVG Green Party calls on the ULP government to divert the $204 million earmarked for the Argyle Airport and urgently invest the money in the construction of a fish processing plant. A fish processing plant is not too high-tech to build. It could be constructed and in operation within 12 to 18 months. The priority at this point in time must be jobs for our people, not an airport for tourists. SVG Green Party

End violence against women in SVG, now!! by LUZETTE KING Host of Global Highlights VIOLENCE against women has reached what some say is epidemic proportions in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). According to Jennifer Yang, Staff Reporter of the Toronto Star Newspaper (Nov 12, 2011): “Over the last decade, more women have been murdered in St. Vincent than any other country in the ninemember Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.” More recently, too, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (the Refugee Agency) April 2013 Country Report on Human Rights Practices indicates that in St.Vincent and the Grenadines: “Violence against women remained a serious and pervasive problem. The law does not criminalize domestic violence specifically but provides protection for survivors. Authorities

could bring charges in cases involving domestic violence under assault, battery, or other similar laws, but police were often reluctant to follow up on domestic violence cases. As a result, perpetrators of crimes against women often enjoyed impunity. The government’s Division of Gender Affairs offered 19 different programs to assist women and children. The government opened a crisis center in April for survivors of domestic violence, which has a hidden location, received referrals from the family court, and also served as a temporary shelter for women and children in between homes. However, the shelter was inadequate to meet the needs of

local women because it could be accessed only through court order, precluding assistance to those in immediate crisis.” In that same Refugee Status report, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is cited as not dealing adequately with the issues of sexual harassment, torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. They emphasize that the law does not specifically prohibit sexual harassment, although authorities could prosecute it under existing laws, which local human rights groups considered ineffective. Even though the constitution and law prohibit such practices of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Human Rights Association (SVGHRA), a non-governmental organization (NGO), asserts that the police invariably used excessive force. The recent spate of violence against women in St.Vincent and the Grenadines and the physical arrest of a young, female lawyer, Senator Vynnette Frederick, by a group of mainly male police officers and Special Services Unit on July 11, 2013, highlight the need for the recognition of the protection of the human and constitutional rights and dignity of WOMEN in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, and the need for a formal code of conduct for the Police Force in conducting arrests of women and in general. As such, we demand that the government of St Vincent and the Grenadines: 1. Establish a bureau tasked with

the responsibilities of conducting research, collection and an annual census on/of statistical information pertaining to violence against women in St Vincent. 2. Set up a committee within the Legal Department to develop policies: that are designed to empower women, through recognition, voice and equal participation initiatives; that guarantee protection for women who have encountered violence; and prescribe stiffer penalties for men who violate women’s basic human rights. 3. Set up and provide ongoing budgetary support for local shelters and counseling centres to offer shelter and counseling to women and (children) girls fleeing violence, and ensure that local community members and law enforcement personnel are trained to offer such counseling. 4. Reform the electoral system to have more women included and represented within parliament. 5. Develop a comprehensive programme in education on issues related to violence, for incorporation within the school curriculum. 6. Offer women an opportunity to return to school to upgrade their education and to receive scholarships which enable them to pursue higher education. WE, the citizens of St Vincent and the Grenadines, in collaboration with the rest of the international community, demand that our government take action now to address these issues. We affirm the core principles of human rights, the right to freedom, equality and dignity.

(Editor’s Note: THE VINCENTIAN has been reliably informed that there is planned, action follow-up to this article. We will keep readers informed as information comes to hand.)




NDP holds march and rally by KENVILLE HORNE

Democratic Party (NDP) senator, Vynnette Frederick, and to HUNDREDS OF OPPOSITION highlight other issues of supporters and concerned national concern. individuals took to the streets of Opposition leader, Arnhim Kingstown on Friday, July 26th , Eustace, led the protestors in in support of embattled New a peaceful march from the NDP headquarters at Murray’s Road, circling the town before ending outside the financial complex for a rally. The march was characterized by flag-waving protestors who danced to carefully and appropriately selected calypso/soc songs. Speaking outside the financial complex, which houses the Prime Minister’s office, along with other government Arnhim Eustace, Leader of the Ministries, Opposition and Dr. Godwin Friday during Eustace renewed last Friday’s march. calls for fresh

elections. He said that the protest was originally planned to show support for Frederick, but widened to include the highlighting of “ a lot of the problems that citizens in St. Vincent and the Grenadines face.” Frederick was re-arrested on July 11th, while having lunch at a restaurant in Kingstown, about two and a half hours after three charges of making false declarations and three for false swearing, involving her, were struck out at the Serious Offences Court. The charges were reinstituted and three more charges were laid against her. She argued that the re-arrest was unlawful, while the Prime Minister and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Colin Williams contended it was legal. While some protestors’ placards carried slogans in support of Frederick, others accused the ULP led administration of victimization, and decried the state of the economy, among other things.

The tail end of the march as it made its way down Bay Street. “People are suffering too much in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. And every day, I have to face people coming to my office or calling me at home or meeting me in the street, and everybody is complaining,” Eustace said. The opposition leader said that even ULP supporters are complaining that things are very hard. Eustace belittled Government’s view of a stable

economy, citing situations of persons being unable to pay their bills, and businesses are closing, citing as support for the latter, that a café once operated by the Prime Minister’s wife was no longer in operation. “You notice the Prime Minister’s restaurant is right over there and that close too?” Eustace quipped. The Prime Minister was out of state during the protest.



Behavioural Measurements Biochemical Measurements by PATSY WYLLIE Chief Health Educator Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment CHRONIC NON COMMUNICABLE DISEASES is a major burden not only to individuals and families but also the state. In order to address the issue, on 16th July, 2013, the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment, in collaboration with the European Union, launched the National Health and Nutrition Survey. The survey will be conducted during the period 30th September, 2013 to 30th November, 2013. In the July 19th, 2013 issue of this newspaper, an in depth background of the purpose, goals and objectives of the survey were outlined. If you are between the age of eighteen and sixty-nine years, there is a strong possible that you might be selected to participate in the survey. Once you are selected, you are strongly urged to cooperate with the enumerators when they visit your home. The data will be collected on several measurements. This article outlines the types of questions you will be asked under the category called BEHAVIOURAL MEASUREMENTS. These include questions on tobacco use; past and present smoking habits, alcohol consumption; frequency and types of alcohol consumed. You will also be required to give information on the amount and types of fruits and vegetables that you usually eat. Do not worry, as the enumerators will carry flash cards and models to assist you in

quantifying the amount and types consumed. Even though you may not consider yourself to be physically active, you will still be required to respond to questions related to physical activity. These include moderate and vigorous intensity activities such as, paid or unpaid work, household chores, or harvesting crops to running or playing football. From time to time, you would have heard many healthcare providers encouraging persons to get a medical checkup. If you have done so, then your healthcare provider would have requested some basic health tests and checks, such as cholesterol and blood pressure. Therefore, it should be easy for you to provide information to the enumerators on your history of the following conditions; raised blood pressure, commonly called pressure, diabetes, otherwise known as sugar, raised cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases such as a heart attack or stroke and cervical cancer. KNOW YOUR FAMILY HISTORY-an important piece of advice that is often given. This can help to determine your risk for developing certain diseases. You will therefore be asked to volunteer information on your family history of diabetes, raised blood pressure, cancers stroke and heart attack. You will NOT be asked to give the names of any individuals. Once you are selected to participate in the survey, kindly cooperate with the enumerators and give accurate information.

by COSMORE DENNIE Senior Laboratory Technologist

Introduction ONE OF THE COMPONENTS of the National Health and Nutrition Survey is the ‘Biochemical Measurements’ which seeks to provide vital information on the actual physiological status of the population by the use of selected indicators. These indicators include glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides and HDL cholesterol. This component of the survey will also provide information on what is occurring ‘in vivo’ (on the inside) in participating individuals and may directly impact health decisions both in the short and long term, not only for the individual but for the entire population. This article, seeks not only to provide information that should aid the readers’ understanding of the topic but also to stir enthusiasm for participation.

What are Biochemical Measurements? Biochemical measurements are tests performed on body fluids such as blood to determine the level or status of various chemical constituents of the body. During the survey, only a small drop of blood will be used for testing.

The Technology Employed

The past thirty years has seen huge leaps in testing technology internationally as well as greater ease of availability here in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Computerization and miniaturization have both been combined to place medical testing literally at your finger tips. Convenience, speed, and ease-of-use are now some of the consumer-friendly benefits of this particular ‘dry chemistry’ mode of testing. The quality of results is increasing assured through improved mechanisms for accuracy among other factors.

What equipment will be used for testing your blood?

ation of this biochemical is usually an indication of Diabetes Mellitus (commonly called sugar), a disease which is very prevalent in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Diabetes Mellitus significantly affects the quality and length of life of those affected, if not detected early and controlled. Fortunately, with advances in medical science and the availability of treatment, it is possible to live a quality life. Therefore, it is within everyone’s self interest to have their blood sugar checked.

LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) the so-called ‘Bad Cholesterol’ and VLDL (Very Low Density Lipoprotein) can be measured directly but are usually calculated as part of a Lipid Panel Test. However, in this survey LDL and VLDL will not be measured.

Requirements for Testing

Cholesterol is a part a common panel of tests called Blood Lipids, which also includes Triglycerides, HDL, LDL and VLDL. This panel is used to assess lipid metabolism. Elevated cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) which puts individuals at risk for heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems. It is essential therefore that this parameter be assessed.

Please note that biochemical testing will only be done on a certain percentage of the survey participants and not on everyone. Therefore you may or may not be selected for this component. However, if you are selected, a twelve hour fast will be necessary prior to testing your blood in order to obtain acceptable information regarding your lipid and sugar status. Fasting should begin at 10:00 pm the night prior to testing until the time of the taking of your blood sample. One blood sample will be taken via the finger prick method to perform all the tests. You will agree that this is not a difficult requirement and should be easy for you to do.




The CardioChek PA meter is “A state-of-the art, hand-held, battery-operated, software-driven, reflectance spectrophotometer” which will be utilized to read reagent strips to which a drop of your blood has been added. Results are typically obtained in two minutes, thus shortening processing times and eliminating delay.

This is another lipid faction which when elevated puts you at risk for heart disease. The body converts extra calories into triglycerides and stores them in fat cells for later use. This faction responds well to diet and exercise interventions.

What Will Be Tested and Why

HDL Cholesterol


HDL is an acronym for High Density Lipoprotein. This is the so-called ‘Good Cholesterol’ which if it decreases (is too low) creates a risk of heart attacks.

The prospect of having over fifty dollars worth of tests free of charge and at one’s own convenience is a bargain that should not be refused. However, even more significantly, the opportunity to determine your health status in regard to chronic non-communicable diseases while contributing to the information base for better health planning, is what we Vincentians will call a ‘God Send’. I urge you therefore to grasp this opportunity to contribute towards better health for yourself and the nation. After all, the motto is “Your health a shared responsibility”.

Commonly called ‘blood sugar,’ glucose is a primary indicator of carbohydrate metabolism. Abnormal alter-



Teachers focus on Special Education

identification of students’ weaknesses and strengths, LAST FRIDAY, 26TH JULY, TWO and being able to work with WEEKS OF INTENSIVE TEACHER both the struggling students TRAINING came to an end in an as well as the gifted ones, as impressive Closing Ceremony at each forms part of the the Peace Memorial in concept of Special Ed. Kingstown. She told the gathering The workshop formed part that the SVGTU’s workshop of the annual in-service content “dovetailed quite training of the St. Vincent and well with the agenda of the the Grenadines Teachers Ministry of Education, with Union, held in collaboration a programme that promotes with the Canadian Teachers the best interest of the Federation (CTF) and the child.” Ministry of Education. The Next year, Dyer informed workshop marked the second the audience, thirteen year that Macmillian schools will participate in Publishers and the BNTF the new form of assessment have supported the for entry into the secondary programme with sponsorship. level of education here. SPECIAL EDUCATION They will function as ‘pilot Workshop participants in a simulation exercise. According to Mrs. Aldea schools’. From academic Gumbs-Dyer, Senior year, 2014 — 2015, all President of the SVGTU, Disabilities and Differentiated his delight and honour to Education Officer at the schools will come on board. Instruction Practices, Early represent his organization in Mr. Oswald Robinson Curriculum Unit, with the The CPEA is intended to Childhood Education: SVG. He reminded the commended the participants coming on stream of the replace the now Common Foundations, Authentic audience of the history of for seeing the need to become Caribbean Primary Exit Entrance Examination as a Assessment Practices, and training which the CTF has involved in the training even Assessment (CPEA), special means of entry into the Integrated Computer established with the SVGTU though they were out of education training has become secondary school. Technology in Education. here in St. Vincent and the school. He also thanked the a very pivotal part of the Leader of the CTF Team, A wide range of visual aids Ministry of Education, the teacher’s understanding and Mr. George Huczek, expressed Grenadines, and applauded the decision to tackle the issue produced by the teachers were hard working organisers of the on display at the Closing of Special Education at this workshop, and the sponsors, Ceremony, while members of year’s training. and wished that next year’s the groups sought to put on “Teachers will now be able activity will be equally dramatic simulations to to use strategies to challenge successful. highlight concepts learnt. themselves to their fullest potential,” he stated. Mr. Huczek urged all to share their knowledge with their colleagues and to SEVEN MORE VINCENTIANS HAVE leaving to pursue tertiary education in network to GRADUATED FROM UNIVERSITIES Cuba. establish a in the Republic of Cuba and will The other, Stedroy Deane, hails core of return home over the next several from Sandy Bay and is proud of his intellectuals. Aldea Gumbs-Dyer, Senior weeks. Garifuna roots. He took up studies SPECIAL George Huczek, Leader of the Education Officer at the Graduating from the University of inCuba after serving in the classrooms COURSES CTF Team, expects that Curriculum Unit, told the Oriente, Santiago de Cuba in the at his Alma Mater, the Emmmanuel Among the teachers would use the Closing Ceremony that the eastern province of Cuba, is Yoni High School Mesopotamia, from 2002 course content strategies learned to Workshop dovetailed with Jardine from the Mesopotamia Valley. to 2007. Stedroy is the outgoing challenge themselves to their the agenda of the Ministry of were sessions He pursued studies in Mechanical president of the Vincentian Cuban on: Learning fullest potential. Education. Engineering. Students Association. He is joined by female engineer Both he and Sherman look forward Natoya Thomas who pursued Civil to continue to uplift the levels of Engineering at the University of instruction in their chosen fields upon Camaguey and, like Yoni, looks return. forward to putting her newly acquired In addition, three nurses, Kayasma expertise to work for the benefit of the Charles, Reah Dasent and Cashika development of their homeland. Yoni Olliviere, will join their counterparts returned home Friday 11 July. who graduated before them, armed Meanwhile, the area of sports with their degrees in nursing after five development stands to benefit from years at university with rotations two more graduates of the among Cuban hospitals in Matanzas. International School of Sports and Cashika also had the distinction of Physical Education in Havana. receiving a special award at this Former secondary school teachers, graduation ceremony which saw Shernan Jocobs and Stedroy Deane, students from Grenada, St. Lucia and proudly received their university Jamaica being among the twentydegrees on Friday 12th July in seven foreign students to receive their Havana. Shernan, who hails from Lowmans nursing degrees, from a class of over one hundred. Windward, is a former student of the St.Vincent and the Grenadines has St. Vincent Grammar School and a qualified Level 1 swimming coach. He graduated to date forty- seven taught Physical Education at the West graduate nurses from the Republic of Cuba. (Contributed) St. George Secondary School before by Gloriah…

Seven more graduates from Cuban Universities



Customs Officers complete promotion course by KARISSA CLARKE SIXTEEN CUSTOMS OFFICERS ARE BREATHING EASIER AFTER COMPLETING a threemonth Junior Customs Officer Promotion Course ‘J’. The participants came together in a closing ceremony, Monday, July 29, to hear Comptroller of Customs and Excise, Mr Grenville John, beseech them to truly implement in their daily life and work, everything they had learned. “The real success of this course will not be realised by obtaining your certificates today, but in the next 6 months to a year when it can truly be seen the quality of officers you have become as a result of this training,” John told the Officers. He urged then to strive to be quality Customs Officers who can be looked up to by society and their colleagues, as persons to emulate. John, though, had a warning for the Officers. He cautioned against complacency. “Liking the idea of working at Customs is

different from being a truly good customs official. I hope that you find pleasure and satisfaction in your work, and dedicate yourselves to being the best you can be,” he concluded. Mr. Samuel Thomas, Deputy Comptroller/Chairman of the Training Committee shared John’s sentiments and encouraged the Junior Officers to strive for their best. Thomas pointed to the importance of training as “it is seen as an important component in the development of our organisation. Especially as we live in a changing environment and must teach each other how to adapt to the changes.” Hon Frederick Stephenson, Minister of National Mobilization, Social Development, Family and Gender Affairs, was present and assisted in the presentation of certificates. In brief remarks, he too encouraged the officers to strive to be the best they can be. He highlighted the important role the Customs plays in government’s revenue

Minister Frederick Stephenson was returning home of sorts when he addressed the officers of the Customs and Excise Department with which he would have served.

collection, and stressed the importance of Officers not just stopping at this level of training, but continuing to do research and maintaining awareness of current issues. The Promotion Course ‘j’ involved, inter alia, an initial evaluation of the Officers’ ability, two post tests and an oral examination. The Officers who successfully completed the Course were: Maxwell Burke, Monifa Charles, Timesha DeFreitas, Jerome Deshong, Sheldeen Edwards, Kenville Glasgow, Shamlan Hackshaw, Ishma Jacobs, Kayreen Payne, Andrez Prescod, Karlon Roberts, Rafique Roberts, Farisha Robinson, Rosbert Samuel, Lakeitha Sutherland and Terence Williams.

Junior Customs Officers who pursued an Officers Promotion Course, display their certificates in the company of Comptroller of Customs and Excise, Grenville John (4th from right front row).




Civil Servant called to the Bar

SENIOR CIVIL SERVANT, Mr. Steve Stewart, currently assigned to the Department of Labour, was called to the Bar of England and Wales by the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple in London at a ceremony held on Thursday 25th July. Stewart completed the Bar Professional Training Programme (BPTC) in 2012 at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle, England. He began his undergraduate Law Degree Programme by distance in

2004 with the University of Wolverhampton in West Midlands, England, which he completed successfully with Honours in 2008. A past student of the Union Island Secondary School (UISS) and the St. Vincent Boys’ Grammar School, Stewart began his professional career as a teacher after pursuing the two-year teacher training programme at the St. Vincent Teachers Training College. He then taught at the UISS for some nine years.

Stewart attended the Mona campus of the University of the West Indies where he pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration and International Relations, and graduated with an upper second class honours. In 1998 Stewart was awarded a European Union Fellowship under Lome 1V to pursue a Master of Science Degree in Public Sector Management at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y

Maestra in the Dominican Republic, which he completed in 1999. Following the completion of graduate studies, Stewart was posted at the Service Commissions Department in Kingstown and worked with the Training Unit for two years, before joining the Administrative Reform Programme (ARP). With a background steeped in Public Sector Management, Stewart was instrumental in the transformation and restructuring of the ARP into what it has now become, the Public Sector Reform Unit (PSRU). He was the driving force behind the introduction of the Performance Management and Development System (PMDS) initiative for the entire public service in 2001, and served as acting director of the PSRU in 2003. Stewart was transferred from the PSRU to the Department of Labour in 2004. Two years later, and again in 2007, he attended short training programmes in International Labour Standards at the International Labour

Organisation (ILO) Training Centre in Turin, Italy, and at the ILO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. At his current posting at the Labour Department, Stewart is responsible for the preparation and submission of SVG’s annual reports on ratified Conventions to the ILO, and he is also the Coordinator of the SVG Labour Market Information System (LMIS). With a passion for teaching, Stewart taught at the Open Campus of the University of the West Indies from 2001 to 2010, as a part time tutor for the undergraduate degree courses in Public Sector Management and Organisational Behaviour, and a certificate course in Environmental Relations. He also tutored part time the undergraduate LLB programme for one year (2009 to 2010) with the St. Vincent Branch of the Trinidad-based K. Beckles Law Tutors and Associates, where he taught two modules- English Legal Systems and Equity and Trust. Stewart has been a regular contributor to THE VINCENTIAN newspaper, providing news articles and analytic pieces on a range of topics, not least being a treatise on the Union Island Uprising of 1979. THE VINCENTIN congratulates Stewart on his latest achievement, and looks forward to his calling to the local bar and welcoming him back to our pages.

Steve Stewart and his wife after he was called to the bar of England and Wales.




Turtle, bird watching Scotiabank touches lives made easier

The presentation of the turtle and bird watching equipment was, as expected, a happy occasion. TURTLE AND BIRD WATCHING in Union Island and other southern Grenadine island may just have been made easier, thanks to the St. Vincent and the Grenadines National Trust. The Trust, on July 17th 2013, handed over to the Union Island Nature Adventure Tours Cooperative some EC$26,000.00 worth of turtle and bird watching equipment. The equipment includes tents, headlamps, rain coats and backpacks to help with the efficiency of the Cooperative’s guided hikes, bird watching and turtle

watching tours. The equipment was handed over to Turtle watch is quite popular with the Cooperative by visitors to the Tobago Cays, a stone’s the Administrative throw from Union Island. Officer of the Trust, Mrs. La The establishment of the Verne Bentick Phillips, who Cooperative was one of the travelled to Union Island to achievements of the project. present the equipment. She The project has also was accompanied by Ms. trained and certified 9 Lucine Edwards, Fisheries persons from Union Island at Officer. the Matura Turtle Sanctuary The provision of the in Trinidad in turtle equipment was made possible watching. under a UNDP funded Global Vincentians and visitors Environmental Facility (GEF) are welcome to visit Union project, designed to create Island and take part in the new livelihoods that do not turtle or bird watching tours. threaten the environment.

SCOTIABANK STAFFERS recently staged another outreach effort under their Scotiabanks’ Bright Future Programme. Accompanied by Hon. Frederick Stephenson, Minister of National Mobilization, Social Development, the Family, Persons with disAbilities Cricket equipment for the boys at the and Youth, the bankers Liberty Lodge Training Centre. handed over a quantitiy of Kiddies cricket keeping with Scotia bankers’ packages and stuff toys to the commitment “to be involved in Salvation Army Children’s the communities and work with Home at Buccament, and the Liberty Lodge Training Centre less fortunate families”, and a demonstration of the bank’s for Boys, Friday 26th July. values and commitment to its The Home currently serves 10 children, both girls and boys, corporate social responsibility. This latest demonstration of and the Centre houses 15 boys. goodwill is another precursor to According to a release from the expected August 31 launch the bank, the effort was in of a mentorship programme, which Scotiabank hopes to implement in collaboration with a corporate partner and Mr. Stephenson’s ministry. Scotiabank is the official sponsor of cricket and Kiddies cricket across the region. The presentation party at the Salvation Army Home for Children.



Sports Feature

Pakistan too good for disjointed world champions mandatory team training. The situation was put in perspective when PAKISTAN, just as they had done in their Tino Best sent some uncomplimentary opening ODI fixture in 1993 against the remarks in the direction of captain West Indies at the Arnos Vale Playing Daren Sammy, who had missed two Field, won because of an intelligent, easy opportunities to score. unified and clinical performance; they It is said that Marlon Samuels beat the hometeam convincingly in their hardly mixes, and this looked two T20s last weekend. apparent that even while tapping in a The Pakistanis always looked the goal in the scrimmage, he stoically more organised and confident team in moved back to his position without the historical two matches, as their paying much attention to the batting and bowling, save for some appreciation from his team mates. minor periods, stuck manfully to the While Chris Gayle showed off what task. he said was his six-pack and his They won the opening match by two enormous arms while doing some wickets off the last ball when chasing exercise, some players then got a target of 153, and the second after engaged in doing ‘throw downs’ and setting a target of 136 and restricting others went to the nets. their opponents to 124-9, to win by Interviews then followed with Chris eleven runs. Gayle, Sammy and Samuel Badree, The West Indies who went into the and then, as the morning turned into matches with more hype than afternoon the apparent tension substance always looked to be “also remained, with just the minimum rans” against Mohammad Hafeez’s conversation. talented unit. Then the Pakistanis arrived after Even before match day, the West being caught in the Friday’s (July 26) Indies looked a disjointed outfit with NDP demonstration in Kingstown, and some players hanging by themselves no doubt fully appreciative that there or with their ‘countryman”. were no suicide bombers among the It would not have been out of place marchers, they looked in high spirits. to think that the players had been After a light workout, the parachuted in on different planes, just Pakistanis proceeded to go through for the six hours of cricket. paces which were characterized by The players were robotic in their much joking and laughing and back “kick around”, as the players just took slapping without denigrating the the opportunity to engage in what was seriousness of the exercises. by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT

There is no want of home support for the West Indies cricket team, which continues to respond with disappointment after disappointment.

The encounters In Saturday’s first match, which was the 321st T20 for 2013, the West Indies won the toss and elected to bat and were held to 152-7. They were indebted to Dwayne Bravo (25), Keiron Pollard (49*) and Darren Sammy 30 for their eventual total after being 424 in the seventh over. They had seen Gayle (5), Johnson Charles (1), Lendl Simmons (6) and Samuels (25) all back in the hut. Bravo and Pollard raised 56 for the fifth wicket and Sammy and the latter 53 for the sixth. Left-arm spinner Zulfigar Barbar took 3-23. Pakistan were taken home by Umar Amin 47 and Shahid Afridi 46, and despite having to do so off the last ball which went for six with one run needed, always looked capable. The rift in the West Indies team was displayed for thousands to see when Bravo, who was not used in the match, took the ball to bowl the penultimate over but was rebuffed by Sammy who went for the expensive and wayward Shannon Gabriel. Gabriel finished with 3-44. In match two on Sunday, the Pakistanis won the toss and were restricted to 135-7, with Ahmed Shehzad making 44 and man of the

match Umar Akmal 46 not out. Sunil Narine took 3-26 and Badree 2-16. Set 136 for victory, the WorldT20 champions never looked in the hunt after slipping to 17-4. Sohail Tanvir’s extra bounce accounted for Johnson Charles and Marlon Samuels; Mohammad Hafeez got Chris Gayle for the second time in as many days. Gayle, who had promised in his presser to give the spectators plenty runs, fell to a leading edge to continue his miserable run. The records show that since his century in the first ODI of the triseries earlier in the season, Gayle has not gone beyond 30 in 10 international innings, and averages just over ten. A strategic promotion for Sunil Narine injected some life into the chase as he scored 28 off 16 Kieron Pollard gave them late hope with 23 off 10. But the dismissal of Pollard and Bravo off successive balls and the senseless run out of Christopher Barnwell, put paid to their ambition. As at 28th July, 2013, the West Indies, with a rating of 120, had slipped to 4th position in the ICC Twenty20 Championship standings. Sri Lanka leads with a rating of 134, followed by Pakistan, 124, and India, 121. Following the back to back defeats, the West Indies could well find themselves slipping even further down the peaking order.


ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Opportunities will come through long term investments. Payoff all your debts before you go out and celebrate. You might find that coworkers will support your endeavors. Don't make those you live with feel unloved or unworthy. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Good day for romance. You'll regret every word for some time to come. Try to visit a country that excites you. Overstatement will be your downfall. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Try not to be too harsh with your mate. Make plans to meet again in the near future. You can find solutions if you are willing to communicate. If you act with anger you may blow the relationship. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Don't take your frustrations out on loved ones. You will need to take a look at the renovations that are necessary and try to find the cheapest way to get things done. Look before you leap. Older members of your family may try to take advantage of you. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Your partner will blow situations out of proportion. Monitor your budget carefully to avoid unnecessary stress. You need to be around friends and family. Travel may be confusing. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) You should regain some of your selfesteem if you get involved in organizational functions. You should check out prestigious clubs or groups that have a cause you believe in. Joining organizations will provide you with stimulating romantic contacts. You may meet that special person if you attend fundraising functions. Libra (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) You will be able to make financial gains. Problems with your partner could be reaching a high level of con-

cern. You may need a physical outlet that will help you relieve your tension. You can get the attention of important individuals but it might not be the time to get them to help or to back your ideas. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Don't let your anger consume you and don't allow important matters go unattended to. You may want to stay in the background this week. You need to look into ways to change your self-image. Investments that deal with property will pay off but could cause conflict with some family members. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Arguments with children or friends may leave you steaming. You will be in the doghouse if you are being. You will find that unfinished projects at home will be most satisfying. You may find yourself in an emotional fix if you interfere in other people's problems. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Try to include friends and relatives in your activities. Your mate may not be too sure about your intentions. Either way, you're up for a passionate encounter with someone special. Help if you can, but more than likely it will be sufficient just to listen. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21.- Feb. 19) Try not to be too harsh with loved ones; there will always be two sides to an Issue. You can make money through your creative efforts. Cultural activities open your eyes to new ways of doing things. You're in the mood to spend time with your lover. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You will be prone to carelessness that could result in accidents. Problems with relatives and friends could surface. Your family needs to spend some time with you, too. You can't lock your partner up and if you keep restricting their freedom you may be left out in the cold.


52. Cotillions 55. Like “Ice 1. Dr. or lbs., Age” e.g.. 60. Draft 5. Tosses a coin status (hyph.) 10. Tylenol unit 61. Caesar’s 14. Folk language learning 63. Pepsi, e.g. 15. Transistor __ 64. Against 16. Akron’s state (prefix) 17. Bread unit 65. Athlete’s 18. Wrinkle negotiator chasers 66. Dug up 19. Artist’s weeds apartment 67. Nicholas II, 20. The “I” in e.g. IRS 68. Goods 22. Uses the 69. __ out VCR (supplements) 23. Scrap 24. Kind of DOWN protest (hyph.) 1.”__ Want for 27. Plotter Christmas” 31. Knitting (2 wds.) device 2. Timely 34. Sleuths’ benefit helpers 3. Babysitter’s 35. Lower edges bane of a roof 4. Football 37. Dorothy’s officials aunt and 5. Ornamental others border 39. Pair in a 6. Zhivago’s rowboat love 40. __ salts 7. False gods 41. Sir’s female 8. Safely __ counterpart 9. “Mayday!” 42. Low card in 10. Warsaw is poker its capital 43. __ and 11. Popular dagger breakfast 44. “Q” of song spot (abbr.) 45. Moves 12. “That’s __!” furtively 13. Land 47. Formal parcels letter 21. Broadsides 49. Loser 22. Connec51. Cheerios tions grain 25. Call on, as

in prayer 26. Rain heavily 27. Edinburgh resident 28. Cat’s scratchers 29. MichiganOntario lake 30. Rest 32. Minimum 33. Internet messages (hyph.) 36. Cute __ button (2 wds.) 38. Hook’s right hand 40. Actress Sommer 41. Handlebar __ 43. Detroit output 44. Thailand,

formerly 46. Filled pastry 48. Sharp ends 50. __ familias 52. Yaw! or sloop 53. Landers and Jillian 54. “__ Woman in Your




Life” (2 wds.) 56. Traditional workday start 57. Stole 58. Robert __ (2 wds.) 59. Pops 61. Judge’s field 62. __ Khan




A Botham marries on Mustique

with his partner of just over a year, publisher, Lisa Harrison, on Friday THE GRENADINE ISLAND of July 27th 2013 on the Mustique, home to some of island. the world’s wealthiest The younger Botham celebrities and a getaway and Harrison, who is for others, last week from Northern Ireland, played host to another reportedly visited high-profile wedding. mainland St. Vincent last Sources tell THE Thursday, to organise VINCENTIAN that Liam their marriage Licence at Botham, son of the the courthouse in capital former England Kingstown. allrounder Sir Ian According to the Botham, exchanged vows British media, it’s a first by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT

(L-R): Joel Garner, Ian Botham and Vivian Richards spend their last day in the Somerset dressing room at Taunton.

marriage for 32-year-old Harrison and the second for Botham, 35, who is 35 and played county cricket for Hampshire, as well as being a professional rugby player. Among the close group of friends who attended the wedding ceremony was the irrepressible batting great, West Indian Sir Vivian Richards who is a long time close friend and “partner in crime” of Sir Ian. Sir Viv is also, according to reports, the godfather of Liam. Both Sir Viv and Sir Ian played for English county Somerset for a number of years in the 1970s and 80s. However they both left the county at the end of the 1986 season after the members voted to sack Richards and Joel Garner whom they accused of “not pulling their weight”. Botham in solidarity with his friends resigned from

the club and went on to play with Worcestershire and later Durham. On Friday the two greats, now knighted, were able to toast to the future of son and godson and his bride, on one of the most secluded and famous pieces of real estate this side of existence. Reports say Sir Ian took time off between the second and third test in the current ashes series where he is doing commentaries, to be part of the wedding. According to sources, the Bothams stayed at a US$50 thousand a week Villa. Media reports say that Mustique has played host to a number of high profiles weddings and honeymoons since it became part of the ‘must visit” destinations on the calendar of the ‘Rich and Famous”. The latest royal couple, William and

Liam Botham with bride Lisa Harrison. Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, were among those to have spent their honeymoon there, while Sir Paul McCartney and his bride Nancy Shevell did likewise. The island has also seen visits from a number of famous sports stars from the NBA, including Tim Duncan, the disgraced pair of

sprinter Marion Jones and her shot putter husband at the time, CJ Hunter. The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger, the controversial garment mogul Tommy Hilfiger and rock star David Bowie are among ‘famous’ names who own homes on the island.



Nero confident in new role

worked hard for the past weeks, so I expect the team to do well,” Nero said. Nero anticipates her new role as captain will be a hard task because she has seen the pressure that captains go through. However, once she gets the support from especially the senior players, and work towards the team’s goals, she expects her job would be easier. She has high praise for the newcomer Edelyn Turtin, and believes the unity in the team is sound, which is a plus going into the tournament. She admits that the team will depend on persons like former West Indies batter Cordel Jack, Mellissa Billingy, Sherry-Ann John, Mychica George, Hazel-Ann Foster and Latoya Juliana Nero, SVG’s new captain, has Providence, who impressed her last tremendous experience at the year, and again with her improvement regional and international levels. this year. When asked about her personal JULIANA NERO, NEWLY APPOINTED captain of the SVG Senior Female Cricket achievement over the years, both for team, is upbeat about her team’s chances SVG and the West Indies, Nero said in the upcoming West Indies 50 overs and she just wants to continue to play and enjoy her game and represent her T20 limited overs cricket tournament, which commences in Grenada next week. country, and leave her selection in the hands of the selectors. “I expect my team to go out there Edelyn Turtin, the lone newcomer, and do their best because we have

said she feels happy to make the team at this young age. “Last year, I didn’t make the team, but I was not upset by it because I knew I will try my very best this year to make the team which I did and I feel proud of myself,” Turtin said. Turtin, the wicketkeeper / batter who played for the under 19 team last in Trinidad, believes her cricket has improved. “I want to continue to improve my game and maintain my place on the national team, and in a couple years I will be looking to make the West Indies team,” Turtin expressed with an air of confidence. The competing teams are SVG, Grenada, Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana, St Lucia, Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago. The SVG team reads: Juliana Nero (Captain), Cordel Jack, Crystal John, Terisha Lavia, Melisa Billingy,Edelyn Turtin, Roshelle John, Myschia George, Sherre Ann John, Latoya Providence, Hazel-Ann Foster, Vinisha king, StacyAnn Adams, and Shavorne Clarke. Three reserves have also been named in Xavian Stephens, Ronelia Fergus and Sue-Ann Martin.

Lynch hurt by omission Lynch explained that before she left for Australia I wrote to the local Cricket Association informing them that I would be out of state and will return on July 22nd ,and that I would be available for selection.” Lynch intimated that while she was in Australia she continued her training, intending to keep in top shape for her return and expecting to participation in the regional tournament. On her return, she joined Samantha Lynch didn’t hide the training squad which was her disappointment in being already in training but omitted from the national suspected the team was female cricket team. already selected. “I made several inquiries on SAMANTHA LYNCH, a fixture on whether I was included in the the national cricket team in team, but later found out from recent years, is disappointed the coach (that) I wasn’t,” she with her omission from the said. national team for this year’s She said no one from the West Indies female limited selection panel has given any overs tournament, to be held in reason for her omission from Grenada this month. the squad. “I was just told I In addition to citing am not in the team,” Lynch disrespect in the way it was lamented. done, Lynch told THE But even with a sadness VINCENTIAN, “It hurts, it still lingering on her mind, hurts, it hurt like hell. I cried Lynch assured that her , I cried and cried and I omission does not signal the couldn’t believe it and the end of her cricketing career, reason why. IT affects me and vowed to continue to play this much because I would have put in a lot of hard work her cricket locally and also continue her coaching stints. to maintain my place on the She is a qualified West Indies national team.”

Level 2 coach assigned to assisting with the development of youth cricketers here. “Had the selection panel sat with me and outlined the direction in which they are looking to take the national team, I would have understood. …. Based on my performance in the local tournament and in regional tournaments, the way in which I was omitted from the national team, it’s a mark of disrespect to national players who would have given their services to their country. “I think there should be more respect for female cricketers and the contribution they had one way or the other, because at the end of their playing careers, those persons can make other contribution. If this level of disrespect continues, the former players will just turn their backs on cricket in the country,” Lynch stressed. “I am not sure if there is a selection policy, but I believe players selection to national team should be based on players’ performance locally and for the national team, and also the ability of the players and how they can enhance the team’s performance, not personal issues,” she added.

Former Windward Islands batsman Kenroy Martin will coach the team with Josette Cambridge as the manager. The tournament runs from August 3rd to the 23rd in Grenada. Jamaica is the t20 defending champion.

Edelyn Turtin, wicketkeeper / batter, is the sole newcomer on the SVG team.

Packed Basketball weekend in Bequia

First Division basketball action in Bequia last weekend. YOUNG WIZARDS BEAT TITANS, 42 to 28, in one of five under-16 division matches in the Vitamalt Bequia Basketball Tournament, played at the Clive Tannis Hard Court, last weekend. Leading scorer for Young Wizards was Jermaine John with 20 points. He also had 7 rebounds and 4 steals. Kirsty Bailey with 15 pointts led the scoring for Titans. In another under-16 result, Rockets defeated Dragons, 22 to 19. Leading for Rockets was Tivin Bynoe with 12 points and 6 steals. Leading scorer for Dragons was Givin Forde with 10 points. Hornets U-16 had the better of Hawks, beating them 32 to 27. Anthony Thomas led the scoring for Hornets with 14 points and pulled down 16 rebounds. Leading scorer for Hawks was Cody Compton with 12 points. Also in the u-16 division, Young Wizards defeated Rockets

46 to 28. Jermaine John was again Young Wizards’ top performer with 21 points and 9 rebounds. Reon Ollivierre led for Rockets with 16 points. In the Second Division, Rising Stars II defeatedYoung Duke 68 to 58. Leading scorer for Rising Stars was Sharas Foyle with 20 points and 4 assists took top individual honours for Rising Stars, with Marco Browne, i8 points, doing likewise for Young Duke. In the only First Division match of the weekend, Warriaz got the better of Gladiaorz, 53 to 43. Warriaz’s Keon Skinner had a good all round outing, registering 13 points, 4 rebounds and 7 steals. Leading scorer for Gladiatorz was Colin Blugh with 12 points. Matches continue this weekend. I.B.A.ALLEN




Male volleyballers finish third in qualifiers ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES senior male volleyballers earned third place in Pool K of the NORCECA zone of the 2014 FIVB world championships last weekend, in Tortola. The Vincentians were crushed by the Dominican Republic, 3-0, in their opening match on Saturday at the Multi-Purpose Sports Complex, but rebounded to defeat the British Virgin Islands, 3-1. However, against Panama, the Vincentians endured another 3-0 whipping. In the third place play off on Sunday night, SVG stopped the British Virgin Islands again by a 3-1 margin. The group was won by the Dominican Republic who ended with an unblemished record, winning all four matches. They trounced Panama 3-0, in the final. SVG had earned the right for a second round shot, after placing second to St Lucia in the first round last year.

Individual awards galore For coach of the St Vincent and the Grenadines outfit,

Dominic White, it was a consolation to at least take away the bronze medal. “It is some satisfaction by taking back home the bronze medal… This should encourage us for future tournaments … It was good tournament for us,” White said. But White was in glee at the closing ceremony, as St Vincent and the Grenadines copped five of the individual awards which were at stake. The Vincentian standout player, Cassius Franklyn, was named the best scorer and the best server. Other Vincentians on the awards list were Cluevvan Cumberbatch the best blocker, Jahmal Small - best setter, and Akins Questelles — the best receiver. Panama’s Ma Valenzuela fetched the best digger and best libero titles. Captain of the Dominican Republic, Miguel Caceres, was the tournament’s best spiker and the overall Most Valuable Player. The Dominican Republic joins St Lucia, Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala as the first place winners who have gained berths to the

third round. The last automatic place will be decided this month from among Barbados, Nicaragua, the Bahamas and French St Martin. The best second place among the six groups based on the rankings at the end of the year, will also get an opportunity to be part of the third round. The seven will join automatic qualifiers, based on their rankings, Mexico, the USA, Canada and Cuba in the third round. The final of the world championships is set for Poland in 2014.

The senior male Volleyball team that earned a bronze medal at a recent NORCESA qualifier.

Barnes cautions young footballers LEGENDARY former England footballer, John Barnes, cautioned young local footballers last week at the Buccament Bay Resorts, that they must pay attention if they want to be at least good players. Speaking to the national male under-15 football team, Barnes told the youngsters that even at their age, they must stay away from the girls. He said that paying too much attention at an early to the opposite sex often sidetracks players who have the potential to become big names in football. Barnes claimed that several former players nd even some current players, have been unable to go further because they became distracted by the

Grassroot Tennis Camp concludes

The 4th Annual Grassroot Tennis still at the Grassroot and his The close of the Camp signalled Club Summer Camp came to a efforts last year to raise funds the start of the Annual Milo close on Friday 26th July 2013. resulted in our team participating Junior Tennis Tournament which There were 90 participants. in the Junior Tournament in served off on Monday 29th July At a brief closing Ceremony on Antigua. I thank him and wish 2013 at the Grassroot Tennis Friday, Director of Grassroot him all the very best.” Club, with a total of 58 entries. Tennis Club, Grant Connell, Connell thanked the signage Nestle Branch Manager Mrs. thanked Mr. Ryan Gonsalves holders of the Grassroot Tennis Kim Connell said they are pleased and Subway for the support to Club who continued to fuel the with the way the annual event this year’s Camp, and Mustique efforts at the Club and the results unfolds each year and it is Company Ltd whose contribution can be seen. He also showered obvious the children really enjoy Connell said was given to a praise on the DaSilva Brothers, the food drink of Champions. participant to assist with needed Casper and ‘Silky’, who allowed The Tournament would run for supplies. him to create the opportunity for the week and is expected to have The Camp was run by Head youngsters to access and develop a closing Ceremony and Trophy Coach Trevor Sam who Connell in the game of Tennis which they presentation on the afternoon of described as “main anchor” at would not have without a facility Friday 2nd August 2013. GTC, assisted by Khir Huggins of this nature. and former Coach at GTC, and Deron Grant who took time out of his brief visit home to work with the children. Grant, a ITF level 2 certified coach who now works in Oman as Head Coach at Ras Aamra Recreational Centre, was commended by Connell who said, Participants and coaches at the closing of the 2013 Grassroot Tennis Club “Although Deron lives miles away his heart is Summer Camp.

Members of the SVG under-15 football squad listening to what John Barnes had to say. perceived glamour. He also cautioned them about the side shows, like the hair styles and the likes, which also take away from the focus of the sport. Barnes reminded the youngsters that football is a team John Barnes sport, and while there is a place warned against for individualism, team is the the distractions key. that challenge The Jamaican born Barnes young players. said: “If football was one against one, we (the Caribbean) will be some of the best player in the world, but we have to know how to play as a team … team responsibility, know how to play in positions, know how to play one and two football, know how to play without the ball because we all like to play with the ball”, and cited this as what he has emphasized for the last 5, 6 - 7 years, “since I’ve been coming here in the Caribbean coaching.” Speaking to the media, Barnes, a former Jamaica national senior team coach, said that players must harness their skills in a team setting. “…If you look at the development of football in the Caribbean in terms of individual players (mainly from Jamaica and Trinidad) who have been given an opportunity in Europe …. they are getting better exposure by players abroad. Now obviously we want (that) for the young players and the longer that happens the more experience they get and the better it will be to help the national teams.” Barnes also recommended that the state of the football pitches needs to be improved, and called for the region to produce more players with intelligence.




Post match wrap

HERE ARE A FEW COMMENTS following West Indies back to back defeats by Pakistan at the Arnos Vale Playing Field, in two T/20 internationals:

they bat good, they bowl well too. I satisfy, but we should have done Sammy is the man for the job, but better. I am not disappointed because some ah de fellas them not I love to see them. They throw away supporting him. the game. Gayle should have done better. Sammy has done good. Leorol Gibson Dorsetshire Hill I was hoping for West Indies to win, so I was a bit disappointed with the results. I came to see Gayle, by KENVILLE Narine, and Holder, Philma George Michel Clarke Leorol Gibson HORNE but Holder didn’t come. I love Sammy, SOME 150 and they should Angus ‘Sappy’ YOUNG and keep him as the captain Narine, and I also think they should Evans aspiring keep Sammy as the captain. He is a Redemption footballers, Michel Clarke good captain. In my opinion, I think Sharpes from Kingstown since Bravo get the one day captain, When West Kingstown, I was here for the two they not playing good. Indies bat South Leeward days. The guys didn’t and the Central second, I always apply themselves. I was Jemore Ryan - Arnos Vale Leeward feel they will Orande Ash gets the attention really disappointed with districts, and It was a good game, but I am make the runs. of a youngster. grouped in Gayle, because I was disappointed that West Indies did not They were categories of looking for more from batting good, but win. I think they should have made under10’s and under-17’s converged on the him. In the first game, I Chris Gayle went more runs in the second game. They Richmond Hill Playing Field last Saturday, for a thought Sammy had a batted better in the first game, but the through too day of fun and football. good economical rate, so fellas up top, who were to make the early, still yo The activity, dubbed a ‘Football festival’, was I was looking for him to runs, did not fulfill their obligation, can’t put the organized by Ornade Ash, North Carolina based and bowl the last over. blame on Gayle, and the tail enders did. I was former national footballer, and SVG Youth Football Pakistan had their mind disappointed in Gayle and they should he is only one Academy, headed by local youth coach, Ian Sardine set on winning so they have walked with Jason Holder man. They had The actual play saw four games being played the game to win. instead of Shannon Gabriel. Sammy is apply their self. I don’t simultaneously. the best man for the job, but he needs know if Sammy is the Pollard was Sardine explained that each time Ash comes to best man for the job, but more support from the other guys. St.Vincent, “we conclude his visit with a ‘Football going good, he I like his spirit. I think Festival’.” was hitting some he gives it his all, is just He admitted that participation this year declined Kendol Kiel - Barrouallie fours and sixes by about 60, which he attributed to the numerous that they didn’t win the The game should have play a little but he shouldn’t (other) activities that were taking place, including two games. go after the last better,… bad management. The first the first international T-20 cricket match at Arnos two balls. They set of players (top order batsmen) Vale. Philma George make no runs and the tailenders throw away the ”Tournaments like this are necessary. We should Bridgetown batted well. Pakistan fielded good, game. I like get this every 3 months,” Sardine said.

Football festival a success

Angus ‘Sappy’ Evans

Jemore Ryan

Kendol Kiel

SVG TT to return to regional circuit THE ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES Table Tennis Association (SVGTTA) is currently making plans to participate in the Annual Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Table Tennis Championships and the Senior Caribbean Championships, scheduled for St. Lucia from August 23rd to August 25th 2013, and August 26th to 1st September 2013 respectively. This country’s last participation in the OECS Championships was in 2011 when the SVGTTA hosted the event, and captured the men’s open singles and doubles titles. This would be the first time the senior Caribbean

Action in the 2011 OECS Table Tennis Championships played in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Championships would be played in the OECS. Trials for the selection of male and female teams will take place on July 29 and 30, and August 3 and 5, at the Girls Guides Headquarters Kingstown Park. The SVGTTA is hoping to field a team of five males, three females, a manager and a coach. At least one of the players will be an under-21 player. And even as trials for and participation in the OECS and Caribbean championships take attention, the Association will also focus on staging its biggest local Business Houses Tournament ever in September, 2013.

This Tournament will take place from the 9th September to 20th September 2013, at the newly built West St. George Secondary School in Belair. At this tournament, no former or present National Players will be allowed to particicpate in this Tournament so as to, according to the Association, make the matches among participants of the respective business houses more evenly contested. A business house can register a maximum of three teams per gender, for participation in the Teams, Singles, Doubles and Mix Doubles categories. A business

house can also join with another to form a team but that team must share a single name. Matches as it relates to the BHTT will be played nightly from 7:00pm.

He spoke of the difficulty in securing support from business houses, most of them having complained of ‘hard times’. Ash quipped, “It would be nice if we had support in providing the kids with refreshment, and there is enough business here that can do that.” Originally from Barrouallie, Ash heads a nonprofit organization called Adare Soccer Inc. Each year, he visits SVG, bringing with him football gear and coaches. Many of the young footballers in the country have benefitted from his donations, and from a Youth Programme which Adare supports at the Kearton’s Playing Field every Sunday. Ash expressed pleasure with the talent that is emerging in SVG. He told THE VINCENTIAN that his objective is to create a space for young footballers to develop. “The kids are developing and they are creating opportunities to get scholarships to help their family.” In his opinion, the event was a success, and he is already making preparations for next year. Ash and his contingent left the state last Tuesday.

Action in one of the four matches that were played simultaneously.







St. Georges Cathedral

New Testament Church of God Rose Hall

Tuesday 30th July, 2013 Service at 3:00 pm

Saturday 27th July, 2013 Service at 2:30 pm



World Wide Mission Church

St. Patrick Anglican Church

Redemption Sharpes Sunday 28th July, 2013

Barrouallie Tuesday 30th July, 2013

Service at 2:30 pm

Service at 3:00 pm


The National Newspaper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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I was going into a strong doze, I feel something hot in my face, so I jump up AFTER RETURNING HOME from the and I say ‘oh gawd, help, help’. Grenadine island of Canouan last Allen added that he then saw Saturday for some relaxation, somebody whom he identified by construction worker Walwyn Allen ended name, run through the sitting room. up at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, Since then, he has not seen that nursing extensive burns to his face and person. right arm. Despite the seriousness of his Allen, who said he lives at Fair Hall injuries, the 43-year-old man managed with his girlfriend, told THE to make it to the main road where a VINCENTIAN that he was burnt “in car pulled up after the driver saw his his sleep” last Saturday shortly after condition. returning from Canouan around 3 p.m. “I ask him (driver) to drop me to the Allen recalled, “I was lying on my hospital. He told me he can’t go back back in my bedroom and I doze off. As Stories by HAYDN HUGGINS

town (Kingstown) now. He told me he would call the ambulance, and he stayed there with me until the ambulance came,” the father of Walwyn Allen received burns to his arm and five, two alive, explained. face. The latter is deliberately not shown as Up to press time, Tuesday, Allen was confined to bed in a it could be disconcerting to some readers. private room at the male working in Canouan for a year and surgical ward with a disfigured face. But he indicated that he was feeling a three months, returns home every two little better, and seemed to be in good months. Someone was detained at the spirit. The construction worker, originally Calliaqua Police Station in connection of Lowmans Windward, who has been with the matter, but up to press time no charges were laid.

DPP appeals Magistrate’s decision THE OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR of Public Prosecutions has filed six appeals in relation to Magistrate Rickie Burnett’s decision to strike out six criminal charges against opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) Senator, Vynnette Frederick. DPP Colin Williams confirmed this to THE VINCENTIAN on Tuesday. Burnett had on July 11 at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, struck out three charges of making false declarations and three of false swearing, after upholding an application by Frederick’s lawyer

Andrew Pilgrim Q.C. of Barbados that the charges lacked sufficient particulars. However, about two and a half hours later, Frederick was re-arrested, the charges re-instituted, with more particulars, and three additional charges relating to the fabrication of evidence laid against her. At the commencement of a hearing, April 30, at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, the matter was stood down to allow Assistant DPP Colin John, leading the case for the prosecutions, to amend the charges after Pilgrim stated that the information on the charge sheet was not

sufficient for him and his client to know what charges she had to answer. When the court resumed, about an hour later, the Assistant DPP presented the amended version to the charges which read that on January 11, 2011 at Kingstown, Frederick made a false declaration to a private criminal complaint before Sonya Young, Chief Magistrate, and to an affidavit before Fay James on June 16, 2011 and May 23, 2012. In addition, she was charged with falsely swearing to an affidavit before Fay James on June 16, 2011 and May 23, 2012 as well as to a

private criminal complaint before the Chief Magistrate on January 11, 2011. Magistrate Burnett granted the application for the amendments, but Pilgrim insisted that the charges did not have sufficient particulars for his client to know what charges she was facing, and that the charges should be dismissed if those details were not provided. When the charges were read to Fredericks she replied to each, “I do not know how to plea.” Burnett then adjourned the case to June 11 for ruling on Pilgrim’s application. After Frederick was re-

Published by The VINCENTIAN Publishing Co. Ltd, St. Vincent and the Grenadines;

Colin Williams, DPP, confirmed that his office has appealed Magistrate Burnett’s recent ruling in the Vynnette Frederick matter.

Senator Vynnette Frederick was rearrested hours after being dismissed by Magistrate Burnett.

charged, she was released on station bail and appeared at the Family Court, July 12. She pleaded not guilty to all nine charges and was scheduled to appear at the Mesopotamia

Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Burnett on Wednesday, July 31. Frederick is also represented by Senior Counsel Keith Scotland of Trinidad and Tobago.

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