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AUGUST 23, 2013

VOLUME 107, No.34


President Ma Ying-jeou sets foot on Vincentian soil for the first time. Left: The President paying respect as the national anthem of Taiwan is played. Below: Children lined the route to the Colonaire bridge to extend a flag-waving welcome to the Taiwanese President.

by KENVILLE HORNE ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES was host over the weekend to President Ma Yingjeou of the Republic of China (Taiwan), arguably one of this country’s primary benefactors. President Ma deplaned at the ET Joshua Airport for a one-day state visit, on Saturday Left: A warm welcome for President Ma (back to camera) by Mrs. Eloise Gonsalves, wife of Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves (left).

17th , and was greeted by Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Leader of the Opposition Arhnim Eustace, Government ministers and officials, opposition members of Parliament and other dignitaries. A cadre of regional and local journalists, a contingent of school children waving Taiwan and SVG flags, well- wishers and curious onlookers peering through the perimeter fence at the airport, added to the rousing welcome the President received. Continued on Page 18.




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Metrocint Caravan heads Leeward

Inc. The 2013 Vincy Carnival Souvenir ON SATURDAY, 17th August, Magazine, published by employees of the Metrocint the Vincentian General Insurance Co. Ltd. once Publishing Company, again departed the company’s was also promoted and headquarters in Paul’s Avenue sold. and headed out on their The caravan made caravan. This time, the party several stops along the turned towards the leeward side way. Promotion efforts of the island. were concentrated in The main aim of the activity Questelles, Penniston, was to promote the services of Layou and Barrouallie. Metrocint General Insurance According to one staffer, Co. Ltd, and its sister “The majority of persons company, Metrolife Agency with whom we interacted

Metrocint staff members bring information to the doorstep.


Inset: Senior Metrocint Staffer, Coleen Fraser, has the undivided attention of this citizen. told us that they knew about Metrocint doing vehicle insurance, so we used the opportunity to let them know about our life and property insurance coverage.” The message of these innovations in the company was brought out loudly and clearly by the company’s new point man, Shevrell ‘Candy Man’ Mc Millan.

Two weekends ago, the caravan had proceeded along the windward side of St. Vincent, as a start to the celebration of the 45th Anniversary of Metrocint. The staff took the time to familiarize the Vincentian public along their stops, of what the company had to offer.

DEAR RALPH: Dr. John responds Shevrell ‘Candy Man’ Mc Millan, the Metrocint point man, making sure the Metro Bus doesn’t roll away. Like Metrocint, he has it covered.

16/8/2013 The Honorable Prime Minister Ralph E. Gonsalves Administrative Building Kingstown

U N - H E A D L I N E D


French woman rents her breasts A WOMAN HAS PLACED a timely ad on a French commercial website, called (erent), offering her breasts to gay couples who want their adopted children to be breastfed. According to the Daily Mail UK , the woman describes herself as a 29-year-old mother, and trained nurse, in perfect health. “I am renting my breasts to suckle newborns. Gay male couples do not have a chance to breastfeed their babies — however, breast-feeding helps improve babies’ health. Mother’s milk provides comprehensive nourishment. Contact me through this site — those who are not serious should stay away.” The woman, a Parisienne who uses the pseudonym “cecelia 232,” is apparently asking 100 euros ($132) per day for her breastfeeding services. Considering the fact that France only just passed a controversial law allowing gay marriage and adoption, I have to admire this woman’s entrepreneurial spirit. It’s illegal to sell breastmilk in France, but apparently only out of

bottles. Surrogacy and assisted reproduction for gays is also not allowed in France. I think this woman is pretty brave to place an ad renting her breasts on a commercial website. According to a report from Reuters, cecelia 232 has received over a dozen responses to her ad, only half of which were genuine. “The rest were from perverts.” You’d have to be pretty well off to be able to afford $130 per day to feed your infant. I’m curious to know if this woman will manage to make a career as a modern-day wet nurse. I’m also wondering if she could rent her breasts out to more than one set of clients at a time. Source: Babysitter Blog)

Dear Ralph, For the removal of all doubt, I do concur in every material particular with the apology sent to you by “The Vincentian” which I have served as columnist for thirty-one years, submitting to date a grand total of about 1560 articles. The current charge, your expressions to the contrary notwithstanding, has been the only one in which I may have crossed the line, and you can rest assured that it will remain the first and last slip-up to you or anyone else. THE VINCENTIAN’S apology was in response to your specific request to settle matters amicably under certain terms which were met fully and promptly. It is to be noted that your solicitor wrote a single letter addressed to the managing-editor and copied to the “practising” editor and myself. I therefore assumed that you were dealing with us as a team and not in isolation so as to expect a separate and distinct response from me which, apparently, you do. I trust that following this “one worry”, you and I could resume cordial relations based on mutual respect befitting old friends, despite differences in political outlook. Incidentally, what am I to make of the reference to Vynette Frederick as “Mr. Frederick” in the last paragraph on page one of the said letter copied to me? Fraternally yours Kenneth R.V John




The road along which Deron McDowall was travelling.

The break in the wall shows where Mc Dowall and his bike impacted.

The area (circled) where McDowall and his bike landed.

Georgetown man dies in vehicular accident

Deron McDowall was said to have been on his way to a Crusade. TWENTY-THREE-YEAR-OLD Deron McDowall, well known in his community of Georgetown as ‘Eye Spy’, met his death in a vehicular accident last Monday, 20th August.

A resident of Georgetown reported that Ms Angela Cruickshank, Deron’s mother, recalled that around 5:15 pm on the said afternoon, Deron left home with his car and she never saw him again until the accident. The accident occurred on the Mt. Bentick Bay Road in Georgetown. Deron is said to have been traveling along the road on a motor-cycle when he was hit by a passenger van, HS 464, driven by Mark Ollivierre of Enhams. The impact sent him and his bike crashing into a nearby brick wall. It was reported that he suffered a fractured neck, and later succumbed to this injury at the Georgetown Hospital around 9:15 pm. A close friend of Deron stated that before the accident, Deron had said that he was invited to a Crusade and he was going home to change his clothes. It was while returning to the Crusade that the accident occurred. Deron was a former student of the

Georgetown Secondary School. He formerly made a living washing vehicles but later worked in an auto body shop in Caratal Village. He was said to be a very dependable individual, always giving assistance when asked.

He is survived by his mother, three sisters and one brother. According to the Traffic Department, Deron McDowall’s death brings to seven, the number of road fatalities for 2013. (Information and photos submitted by Bernie Browne.)

Youth serves time for threatening detective by HAYDN HUGGINS A 17-YEAR-OLD boy of Rockies, Kingstown, began a 4-week prison sentence on Monday for using indecent and threatening language to a policeman. Kimron Mc Dowall told Detective Constable Collin May, “Boy May, you play you handcuff me, you muder…… Boy you ah one carib nerd, you want come wild up town man.” Mc Dowall also told May, “Boy May, you

mudder…., you does dey ah town ah sell, you have picknee. Remember that you lucky ah nah hah me blade pon me. Me brother dey ah jail and ah nah fraid for cut you and do ah 20 years for you.” Mc Dowall pleaded guilty to both charges when he appeared before Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Mathias at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Monday. On the indecent language charge, he was

fined $400 to be paid by August 23 with an alternative of four weeks in prison. For threatening the detective, he was sentenced to four weeks to run concurrently. Mc Dowall opted to serve the sentence. Mc Dowall had committed both offences on December 6, 2012, while in custody at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) holding area.

Kenmars Mall burglarized by HAYDN HUGGINS UP TO PRESS TIME Wednesday, police were continuing their investigations into a number of burglaries at Kenmars Mall at Halifax Street, Kingstown. Reports are that four businesses were burglarized between last Friday night and Saturday morning. They were ransacked, and a quantity of cash and other items stolen. Up to press time, THE VINCENTIAN was unable to ascertain the extent of the loss. The The Kenmars Mall is home to a variety of items removed, are said to include business and services. electronic equipment, mobile phones, phone cases, clothing and A door was then forced open to shoes. enter the ground floor. Reports are that entry was gained THE VINCENTIAN understands from the eastern side of the two-storey that entry was made to three building through a glass window, from businesses on the ground floor and one which a burglar bar was removed. on the upper floor.

V LIAT flight woes to continue



LIAT itself which, in a recent statement, warned passengers “to brace for more travelling woes this week,” after one of its new aircraft (ATR 72) was grounded “as a result of a technical issue.” Further, LIAT’s chief executive officer Ian Brunton is on record as saying that the travelling public would continue to face problems, even as the airline improves upon its bumpy summer schedule. The aircraft grounded was, according to reports, at the Grantley Adams Airport, Barbados, where it had to await personnel and parts before any rectification work could begin. It remained out of operation for upwards of a week but has since been re-commissioned. Add to this, the seeming unpreparedness by LIAT for the more recent closing of airports (e.g. E. T. Joshua airport) to accommodate the Ian Brunton, LIAT’s CEO, who was dismissed from CAL in 2010, has his visit of Taiwan’s President, and an hands full trying to sort through LIAT’s even greater number of passengers would have been expected to be myriad of flight challenges. affected. Citing a string of reasons for the NEW AIRCRAFT OR NOT, LIAT flights are continuing disruption in its operations, set for a still undetermined period of including scheduled and unscheduled disruption. maintenance of aircraft and staff The indication of this comes from issues in Dominica and Barbados,

LIAT sought to assure that it was doing its utmost to maintain its scheduled passenger and cargo services. Its statement read in part: “The company regrets and would like to One of LIAT’s brand new ATR aircraft was grounded in sincerely Barbados as a result of a ‘technical issue’. apologise for the this day due to lack of foresight and inconvenience to its customers as a planning on the part of LIAT’s result of the current challenges. We executives, and second because of are doing all we can and we will LIAT’s disastrous public relations provide open and honest communication to you while we seek to which has revealed the depth of your normalize the situation for our valued executives’ indifference to your customers”. customers by providing the care and LIAT was expected to take delivery support that you deserve.” of its third new French-made ATR 72 Meanwhile, LIAT continues to get less than complimentary reaction from during the week beginning August 19. The re-fleeting exercise is scheduled across the region. to be completed by 2014 when a total Gregor Nassief, a hotelier and of 12 new ATR -600 series aircraft are president of Tecsys Latin America, in an open letter to the airlines Board of expected to replace the current, aging Dash 8 complement. (Partial Source: Directors, wrote of eight weeks of Caribbean News 360) customer service “which continues to

St Lucia ALBA membership Hydropower Project in Guyana stalled challenged LESS THAN A MONTH after St. Lucia became a full member (July 30, 2013) of the ALBA grouping, that membership has been challenged. Recently elected leader of the opposition United Workers Party, Allen Chastanet, has warned about the “potential fall-out” of ALBA membership, not just with respect to the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), but also the UK and the US. Chastanet expressed concern about the proposed used, of the SUCRE as ALBA member countries trading currency, raising the question about implications for the Eastern Caribbean Monetary Union (ECMU). “In other words, does St Lucia plan to leave the ECMU and abandon the Eastern Caribbean dollar?” he questioned. Chastanet also wondered about whether membership to accession to ALBA now put St. Lucia in conflict with the pro-Argentina position on the Falklands Islands. A position that, according to him, could have serious repercussions for St. Lucia’s foreign policy standing with the United Kingdom.

Allen Chastanet, Leader of the Opposition St. Lucia United Workers Party (UWP), has raised concerns about his country’s membership in ALBA.

Chastanet said such decisions can have widespread implications for the nation as a whole, and ought to be part of a national debate, so that they (the people) could have the opportunity to express their opinions. . “…the articulation of policy intent within a Throne Speech does Dr. Kenny NOT mean that the government Anthony, has the ‘go ahead’ to take Saint Prime Lucia to the ‘gates of hell’ before Minister of St. consulting with the people and Lucia, led his parliament. The fact is, most country into Saint Lucians do not know or membership understand what ALBA is or of ALBA after represents. This approach is the UWP what in our folklore is referred to government as ‘Jab an Sak’ (the Devil hidden had resisted in a sac),” Chastanet said. doing so. (Source: Caribbean news Now)

EFFORTS CONTINUE in Guyana to save the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project, the region’s largest hydroelectricity project. This, after Sithe Global, a major American investor in the project, earlier this month (August) gave indication of its intention to “pull out” of the project. The investor cited the ongoing failure to reach consensus in that country’s National Assembly, as the reason for its decision to withdraw, even after investing some US$16 millions in the estimated US$840 million project. One of the fundamental conditions of the project was that all political parties should support the project. President of Guyana, Donald Ramotar moved quickly to address the situation. In a statement on August 19, he said that he had spoken to Opposition Leader David Granger, urging a national consensus in support of the Project, and “the pitting aside of partisan politics, in the interests of Guyanese.. .” According to President Ramotar, David Granger, Leader of the Opposition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), has said that there were outstanding issues to be resolved: that the Project is likely to “condemn Guyanese to excessive indebtedness”,

and that project does not “provide assurance that the final cost of power to the consumer will be appreciably lower than the current tariff”. The President stated that he agreed with the APNU that these two issues are the most important ones, but insisted, “they are easy to resolve.” Towards this end, he suggested a meeting between Government and Opposition teams to “once and for all settle these issues, and to publicly communicate the meeting’s outcomes.” Funding for the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project was earmarked to come from a US$175 millionloan from the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB), some US$413 million from the China Development Bank and US$152.M from Sithe Global. According to the Peoples Progressive Party-Civic government of President Ramotar, Guyana will incur no indebtedness from the Project, and that it would result in a reduction of over 20% in the electricity bills of Guyanese businesses and consumers within two years of the commencement of operations. However, noted Guyanese economist Dr. Clive Thomas has

Presdient Donald Ramotar has invited the opposition to talks to have the impassed settled.

David Granger, Opposition Leader, listed two major concerns his party had. predicted that the Project will become outdated by 2019. Up to press time, there was no indication that a resolution to the impasse has been reached..




Accused: ‘He touched my vagina’ four weeks in prison. She was also bonded for six A 37-year-old unemployed months. In breach of the woman of Golden Vale bond, she will have to says she intends to seek pay $1,500 forthwith or legal advice, after being go to prison for six found guilty on Monday of months. assaulting and causing But Walker, in an bodily harm to a 74-yearinterview with THE old man, whom prosecutor VINCENTIAN on ASP Glenford Gregg Tuesday, insisted that described as an elderly she defended herself statesman. after John touched her Upon conviction at the vagina. Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, Magistrate Pushed into a drain Rechanne BrownMathias ordered Michelle John testified on Walker, originally of Monday that around 6:45 Frenches, to pay p.m. on July 31, he had compensation of $800 to just returned from the laboratory technician beach when he met Selwyn John. Walker, with whom he Walker has been once had a relationship, allowed until August 31 at the gate to his home to make the payment, at Stoney Grounds. with an alternative of According to John, an by HAYDN HUGGINS

argument ensued between them and he told Walker to leave. However, instead of leaving, John said Walker struck him on his head with a bag containing something and he fell into a drain. When he got up, she struck him again in his head, pushed him down into the drain and left. He said he stopped a police vehicle which, luckily for him, was passing the same time, and told the lawmen what had happened. The officers arrested Walker who was still in the vicinity. A medical report revealed that John sustained bruises to the right arm, right hip and bottom.

Defendant: A case of self defence In her defence, Walker told the Court she acted in self defence after John touched her vagina. She said she was walking in the vicinity on her way to visit someone at a laundry. She recalled that John passed her in his vehicle, stopped outside the gate to his home, exited, crossed the road and proceeded to where she was. Walker said John told her, “Look at that big fat ‘butter cup,” and touched her vagina. The defendant said she felt uncomfortable because she had had a caesarean when she had given birth to her daughter, now 13 years old. She indicated that she is still affected. Walker added that she also felt embarrassed as there were people passing in the area, including a couple who knew her boyfriend. She said she pushed John and he fell. He got up and picked up a rock (stone) but she ran. She denied striking John on his head or pushing him down.

Cross-examination Under crossexamination by prosecutor Gregg, Walker said that while she was in custody at the police station she reported that John had touched her vagina, but her report was not entertained. She added that she was still feeling pain in the area of her vagina, but the police refused to issue the medical forms so that she could obtain a medical report from her doctors. She indicated that she related her version of the events in a caution statement to the police. Walker said she ended the relationship with John after he admitted to

Michelle Walker insisted that ‘justice did not prevail’ in her case. complete defence. He also pointed out that John testified that he was struck on the head, but the medical report said nothing about a head injury. “When women get their head cut off, society cry out, but it is the very system that entertains it,” Connell argued. Browne-Mathias concluded that Walker’s evidence was not credible, and agreed with the prosecutor that the medical evidence was consistent with John’s testimony. After the penalties were handed down, Connell declared, “I want to go on record as saying this is a very one side affair, the court has the power to address issues like this.” Walker told THE Defense lawyer: This is VINCENTIAN on a one-sided affair Tuesday, “Justice did not prevail yesterday, and I However, Walker’s am going to seek legal attorney Grant Connell rebutted: “Although the advice. What this shows case provided some comic is that anybody can meet you in the street and relief, there is a very they can touch you in serious side to it.” He noted that reports places on your body which makes you feel of harassment and uncomfortable, and the indecent assault are people who are there to made to the police and protect and serve do are not entertained, but nothing about it. I am later the system cries. He is of the view that “if confused that the court would see me on the the ‘butter cup’ is wrong side of the law.” touched again, she Walker added, “The (Walker) will do the prosecutor referred to same thing”. Mr. John as a statesman, Connell highlighted that John’s evidence was so was I charged because not corroborated and he is a man of the state?” that self defence is a her that he had sex with a 12-year-old girl. Police Constable 325 Charles testified that Walker never made an official report to the police. In his closing arguments, Gregg pointed out that the medical evidence was consistent with John’s testimony. The prosecutor contended that Walker journeyed from Golden Vale to Kingstown to harass John, who he described as an elderly statesman and a witness of truth. “She (Walker) said Mr. John feel up her ‘butter cup’. She said she made a report but up to this day she has not followed up that report,” the prosecutor argued.




New SVG Consul General appointed in Canada accomplishments that will be built to facilitate cooperation between over 25,000 Vincentian nationals in the APPROXIMATELY SIX and one-half years Toronto area, plus Vincentian ago, Steve O. Phillips was appointed by residents and associations in Ottawa, the Government of St. Vincent and the Montreal and all provinces and Grenadines’ Consul General in Canada. territories across Canada. His tenure ended on August 1, 2013. Apart from the early morning to He is succeeded by the well known late at night, day-to-day requirements Vincentian marketing executive and of a Consul General, several initiatives professional telecom engineer, of which Phillips is justly proud Fitzgerald Huggins. include: the establishment of the The activities of the Consul charitable organization, SVG REMA General, apart from being the official (St. Vincent and the Grenadines representative of the Government, are Relief, Education and Medical to assist and protect St. Vincent and Assistance Organization of Ontario); the Grenadines’ nationals residing in The St. Vincent and the Grenadines or visiting Canada, as well as to Business and Professional promote trade and friendship; to Organization of Canada; The National encourage investment in St. Vincent, Federation of St. Vincent and the and to increase the export and Grenadines Associations in Canada; importation of goods and services and the complete planning and between our two countries. relocation of the offices of the The Consul General also provides Consulate General in Toronto. assistance with bureaucratic issues to On top of all his activities as Consul both the citizens of the SVG who are General, Steve Phillips distinguished travelling or living abroad, and to the himself (as well as our country), by citizens of Canada who wish to travel being appointed Dean of the Consular to or trade with St. Vincent and the Corps and the Chair of the Consular Grenadines. Corps Association of Toronto. The Phillips returns to St. Vincent Toronto Diplomatic Corps is said to be leaving an impressive legacy of by BEN HARRISON International Correspondent

the second largest diplomatic corps in the world, with 102 member countries. It goes without saying that his boundless creativity, energy and commitment to his diplomatic post will be sadly missed. Outgoing SVG Consul General Steve Phillips (right) However, the extends a warm welcome to his successor, Fitz Huggins. gap created by the loss of Consul General Phillips, will be facing in the months and years ahead. He firmly believes that by most ably filled by Fitzgerald Huggins, encouraging positive dialogue and effective August 1, 2013. cooperation between existing In an interview with THE VINCENTIAN, Huggins, who was the Vincentian groups and individuals, and by working together as a team to Vice-President of Marketing in St. Vincent for LIME, expressed optimism reduce or eliminate redundancy, the hard working volunteers will identify and enthusiasm as he settles into his and focus on common goals, to the new post. benefit of Vincentians in need, both in Currently, he is meeting with as Canada and St. Vincent and the many Vincentian organizations, and networking with centres of influence in Grenadines. Canada welcomes Fitz Huggins and the Canadian Vincentian Diaspora and government and industry circles, (and) his wife June to Canada. They are a welcome addition to the Diplomatic listening and learning of the challenges and opportunities he will be and Consular community in Toronto.



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Oh LIAT, Oh LIAT!! CAN LIAT get any worse? No one would want to think so. But, given the last two months or so, one can understand those, even our PM, who broadcast to the world their stories of inconvenience, disappointment, downright dirt treatment at the hands of the Caribbean’s Airline, LIAT. This country has pumped much of its slender resources into ‘keeping LIAT in flight. It is in our best interest to do so; after all, we have no other choice of a ‘genuine’ scheduled airline service in and out of this country. In fact, that service is particularly important to resident nationals of this country. Not so for the stay over visitors; they can charter flights directly to their destinations from nearby Barbados and St. Lucia, not forgetting those who can jet directly into Canaouan. So, led by the front man, our own Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, the shareholder governments of LIAT have beseeched us with their pleas for understanding in a world of high fuel costs: with their promises of improved services, even as industrial action persists at island stations; with their talk of cost cutting measures while salaries remain inordinately high, given the scale of the economy of Antigua, headquarters of LIAT; with their talk of a new strategic plan and projections of operating profits without making provisions for predictable expenses; with the need to re-fleet as a means of cutting operational cost (new planes will cost less to operate) and keeping up with the competition, thereby projecting the period of contracted loans well into the future. And just maybe, all of this makes sense because international airport or not, no jet liner airline will ever service the ‘short drop’ reality that is the Caribbean. LIAT, therefore, has a role now and well into the future, unless by some unimaginable turn of geography, the islands, become further distanced from one another. But back to the present on which LIAT is being judged. Was the management of LIAT serious when it apologized for grave disruptions in service with reasons like (inter alia) bad weather conditions, airport challenges, decreased numbers of crew and planes in service, and frequent breakdowns in the old fleet? How severe has been the weather recently? Does LIAT have its own metrological services? Was LIAT serious when it failed to make early provisions for the void left when it knew, in advance, that pilots from its current complement would have had to be withdrawn and sent to France to undergo training to fly the ATR 72’s? Did LIAT not know, in advance, that those (pilots) sent for training in France cannot go back to flying the Dash 8 that still comprise the majority of its fleet? Was this the reason for reducing the Dash 8 fleet before LIAT took possession of even one of its new ATR’s? Did LIAT not know that all of this would have meant increase in expenses and therefore infringement on its cash flow? Was LIAT serious about selling all of this to the Caribbean public? Did its PR experts not learn from the folly of its response to the Richard Branson ‘silly letter’ exposé? Was LIAT, more recently, serious about keeping its promise to improve its service, when it proceeded to accept to fill a charter to accommodate the visit of the Taiwanese President, thereby throwing its scheduled service further out of sync? And seeing that it would have had ample time to consider the request for this charter, would LIAT not have known that certain airports would have been closed, even temporarily, to accommodate the President’s visit, and therefore, should have notified booked, paying travelers that their flights would have been affected? Could it not have made provisions to ensure that persons’ travel arrangements were adjusted so that those with ongoing connections were able to meet these? And as a serious airline, with a hawk’s eye on safety, could LIAT management not see that, with all this, especially at one of the busiest periods in its annual calendar, that its pilots and engineers would have been overworked? Why then, schedule the receipt of new aircraft at this time? So now that the Chairman of the Shareholder Governments has himself felt the wrath of LIAT’s inefficiency, and has himself given certain quarters the better part of his tongue, would more time now be spent dealing with the internal (administrative) mess at LIAT, and stop the musing over CAL’s fuel subsidy? In another time and space, heads would have rolled and rolled a long time ago? Instead of laying blame at the feet of overworked, underpaid counter clerks at LIAT island stations, the shareholders ought to take a look at the competence or lack thereof, of its highly paid management staff. There just have been too many silly, almost childlike errors made in the recent past. CAL didn’t stand for it, should LIAT? And, given this sorry present, are we to blame if we hold little hope for the future?

Ralph and I: “Reparation” of sorts PRIME MINISTER Ralph Gonsalves, in wishing to soften the blow directed at me, has rested his case on nostalgia, that I had been one of his teachers at the Boys Grammar School way back in 1960. But he did not mention the specific contribution I made to him. After a short-run of the class as to what career the students intended to pursue, the first dozen or so said “Law” and “Medicine”, which were running dead heat. Then I interjected: “What about agriculture, engineering, accounting, political science, et cetera?” When I resumed my poll, Ralph Gonsalves shouted “political science,” which he had heard about for the first time. So, this country owes me a debt of gratitude, or is it a good cursing, for introducing Ralph to politics. That Form 2 in 1960 contained some interesting boys. The back row where the brightest sat, included Ellsworth Charles, who doctors both to me and Ralph. There were three Nantons, John, Mc Gregor, and Stuart who became secretary of the NDP and Senator. Then there was Ralph, sitting next to Cornelius Olliverre and Donneth and Renwick Rose. There were, too, a Wendell Greaves, and Errol Maloney, and Frankie Young. Somewhere in the middle sat Glenford Stewart, an engineer today, who had a short spell as NDP Minister; Emile Cox who is a Judge in the USA, and Lennox Iton , a person of whom I was very fond and have not set my eyes upon for the last fifty years, who is a university professor somewhere in the USA. For some ten years, 1961-1971, Ralph and I dwelt in separate worlds until he came to Manchester University to pursue a course of studies in politics, in which I had been awarded a Ph.D, and was off to London to complete my law. I left Ralph a copy of my thesis which stood him in good stead in the politics of the Caribbean, and the charismatic personality of Comrade Joshua. I figured that Ralph was going to reach places politically when he sent me back an anti- septic note from Southern Africa, where he had gone to do some research work for his own study. As I closed the air-letter form, I realised that it had been okayed by the security of that political butcher, Idi Amin of Uganda! Back together in SVG in 1979, we ended up in the UPM. We had had our first clash; I voted for P.R as leader, and that failing, proposed Mike Browne and Renwick Rose, both of whom had belonged to the Yulimo faction, like Ralph. Finally we settled for the “Three Headed-Monster” as leader - Parnel, Ralph and Renwick. It had been a recipe for electoral disaster. Our total defeat in the 1979 Independence Election, the withdrawal of the Forum faction on ideological grounds, and the abandonment of the UPM by its own leader,

Ralph, who formed the MNU in 1982, followed in rapid succession. Ralph, who had pursued the Law after UPM’s crushing defeat, returned to the struggle in earnest about1985. Immediately, we struck up an excellent personal relationship. To begin with, Ralph was now our legal colleague, our brother-in-law. I had formed a cricket team of lawyers, with the set purpose of breaking down social barriers and showing the human side of the legal profession. One of our earliest matches was in South Rivers, before Ralph had been called to the bar, around 1983, but attended as a camp follower. Unfortunately, one of our star players, P.R Campbell, twisted an ankle just before the match and was ruled unfit to play. A rather slim Ralph was drafted in P.R’s place, wearing P.R’s outfit that was then too large for him. Too big was really a fit, Ralph wearing P.R’s clothes. They were two legal brothers before political enemies who said the worst things of each other. As captain of the Lawyers’ team, I had my coterie of speakers who, for the most part were budding politicians - Ralph, P.R, Stalky John, Andrew Cummings and even Arthur Williams, then a Labour Minister. Beyond the court-room and the cricket field, Ralph and I grew closer, partly because we had a common foe in the Labour Party. Socially, he once overnighted at me, and we swam together at Rose Cottage beach. He attended my 25th wedding anniversary in 1986, where he was the soul of the party, exchanging pleasantries with P.M Mitchell and P.R. In turn, I was invited to Isis’ first birthday party, where I mixed easily with MNU leaders and associates. Almost daily, we compared political notes, and joined in attacking Labour, especially Vincent Beache who we made into a laughingstock after Cato’s withdrawal from politics, and Hudson Tannis demise. As chairman of the PSC, I was scrupulously fair to non-NDPites, including Aberdine Browne for PNO; Winfield Williams for headmaster at Grammar School; Joye Browne, headmistress GHS; Dr. Veronica Marks for principal of Community College. Tyrone Burke was pitch-forked to the headship of an elementary school. Above all, unknown to the NDP authorities, I permitted Ralph to join me in conducting Government sponsored classes for public servants, most of whom now stock the higher reaches of the public services. As to Tyrone Burke as CPO, he became, it seemed, part and parcel of a victimisation policy, including teachers of whom he was once a stalwart. Of course, I ran for cover on hearing the 2001 election results. I continue to say my piece in my column, begging the government to mend its errant ways and restore basic democracy to SVG. We are too old and fixed in our ways to become close friends again, but there is no reason that Ralph and I cannot peacefully coexist.




Where are our town planners? THAT IS THE QUESTION which comes to mind when one looks at the situation where the integrity of the Grammar School building is being seriously compromised, by the run-off water from those properties bordering the school. Those properties are large, and the drain which takes their run-off water empties at the back of the school building, by design. All those persons who have been responsible for initiating this untenable situation should feel obliged to offer their services free of cost, to correct it! I am using this opportunity to call

once again on the “Old Boys” of the school, to bring their influences to bear, in the strongest way, to arrest the obvious degradation of the property. Some years ago, I saw in one of the newspapers where a group, engineers I believe, were offering their expertise to advise the authorities on matters relating to improved systems of maintenance of our physical infrastructure. What was the response to that offer? I heard Mrs Miguel, the Minister of Education, express her department’s desire to limit those extra-curricular activities which her department

determines have been impinging on instructional time. I quite understand the Minister’s concerns, and I encourage her to have her department critically address the following related areas also: 1. The absence of shelters at the bus stops near to the Girls High School where thousands of students must congregate for transportation. 2. The reduction of the yard space so essential for the relaxation of a growing student population of the Grammar School and High School. Is the construction taking place there around the Grammar School lawn

designed to enhance the influence of the school? 3. Was the Education Department consulted with respect to the placing of a bar at that critical location? If not, did the Ministry indicate its disapproval? The foregoing points, though not impacting directly on instructional time, are yet worthy of the scrutiny of the Minister and her Department. So the question remains, where are our Town planners? LeRoy Providence

Libya, why not Syria?

Staying with Taiwan

I FIND IT interesting, Mr. Editor, that the conflict in Syria has not evoked any real public discussion here like the ‘war’ to overthrow Libya’s Kaddafi did. Now, these are two countries with which we have diplomatic relations, and countries which our Prime Minister has visited, along with contingents of other Vincentians. Why then the difference? It seems to me that there is hardly any fundamental difference between the Kaddafi regime and the regime of Bashar Hafez al-Assad in

TAIWAN’S HISTORY is a unique and complex one, (but) it is a history that we should study. The communists took mainland China in 1949. The nationalists fled to Taiwan and established a nationalist government and maintained that it was the legitimate government of all China. In 1954, the nationalist government and the United States signed a mutual defence treaty. Taiwan, which is some 100 miles (160km) from mainland China, received military and economic support from the United States for almost three decades. For two decades, the United States, and many other countries, treated Taiwan as the representative of all of China; but in 1971, the United Nations ousted Taiwan as the representative of China and replaced it with the People’s Republic of China. In 1978, the United States recognised Communist China and broke diplomatic relationship with Taiwan. As a people with some 32 years or so relationship with Taiwan, we need to sit up and think. Having their president visiting our land, and a section of our population in opposition to this relationship, we need also to wake up and think. Had it not been for Taiwan, God alone knows what would have been the plight of our economy We remember one of her ambassadors saying that every time she sits in parliament is to sign a cheque, sign a cheque. The tax payers of Taiwan have helped us a lot, and without this help, our situation under this administration would have been in the dung heap. Under the NDP government, farmers got direct assistance. Under the ULP, it’s a kind of nationalization — all assistance from Taiwan to government then to a selected few. The argument of the Green Party is the eviction of Taiwan. The Christian Democrats defer: we are not ungrateful, we are spiritual, scientific, and progressive minded. We will ask the Taiwan leadership to assist in industrial development, argo-industries, etc., and to put godly principles in their education institutions and public life. We will ask them to accept the principles of the Kingdom of God, so that the Kingdoms of capitalism and manmade communism will be found in the wilderness of no return.

Syria. Both men are (were in the case of Kaddafi) dictators with a closely knitted band of supporters to help them rule their countries and keep the people in subjugation. The civil war in Syria is a dastardly thing. The country is very quickly being transformed into ruins and the expense of the loss of thousands of human lives. Why anyone would want to continue to wage a war against his own people, with the intention of seeing the demise of those he considers his enemies, is beyond my

comprehension. The people of Syria have a right to determine their own destiny. President Assad should at least have agreed to give more authority to more persons, and then may be, there would not have been this prolonged murdering of innocent people by both sides in the conflict. Maybe a letter to the President from our PM could jog Assad into a cease fire. This might be farfetched, but anything that has a mustard seed chance of succeeding

We have descended WHAT IS becoming of this blessed land of ours? For the last few months, it seems we have descended to the depths of hell with all this killing. Gone are the days when elder persons could speak to younger persons and they would listen. If you have the guts these days to offer some advice or to correct then, brace yourself for a barrage of expletives and an epistle on how old and boring you are. But while they fail to listen to the elders, they wage war among themselves. I know there are many who will disagree with me, but I put some of the blame for the attitude and behavior of our young people squarely on the music and television that have infiltrated our society. This is not to take away from the lack of good parenting that is also missing from our society. Too many of our parents are themselves ‘children’, and they are prone to condone the misbehavior of their children, believing that they are all saints. All this gangster rap, dance hall and soca music influence young minds for the worse. Add to this the movies that glorify gangs, drugs, sex and murder, and we have a perfect recipe for disaster. I know there are churches which are doing their bit, but their efforts are made to look meaningless, because there are too many of our civic and cultural leaders who encourage the

reckless behavior among our youth. However, regardless of whether the churches are winning the war, the answer to our social problems lies in turning to the Lord. Only He can make a good life or change a life for the better. Only He has the recipe for a safe and sound society. Mrs. S. Charles

Try being positive I WAS BROWSING the internet recently and came upon a suggestion that caught my attention and which I think is so applicable to our situation. A letter writer to a newspaper was suggesting that we do something positive just for one week in the life of her/his country. The writer suggested: “ If everyone forgets his or her own agenda but instead concentrates on doing things for the benefit of our beautiful country. “Everyone” includes the Government, the opposition, trade unions, the media, business people, civil servants, the general population, It wonder what will happen! “ I wonder...can we try this in Vincy Land? Walter

should be tried in the interest of the survival of millions of human beings. Fred

* How much refunds does the Customs and Excise owe business people? * Was there a fracas at the Customs and Excise recently? * Has the Prime Minister put two boar rats to fight it out at the Housing and Land Corporation? * Will there be any reprimand of a telecommunication s service provider for having misled the public? * Is the former Commissioner of Police heading for a nice, cozy regional job?

A Christian Democrat




Vision and Philosophy of the ULP

Re-printed from 2010 TENETS OF THE ULP THE CONSTITUTION OF THE ULP lays out with crystal clarity the foundation principles or tenets of our great Party. These are grounded in the tried and tested values of our people, their individual and collective interests, the philosophy of social democracy as applied to the conditions of SVG, national unity and oneness, and regional and international solidarity. These are everlasting principles applied in practice through policies and programmes as demanded by the circumstances of the real world of our people and our nation. That is the way our great Party has functioned in opposition from October 16, 1994, when the ULP was established, to March 28, 2001 when we were elected to government; that is the way, too, our great Party has done its work in government over the last nine years and two months of exceptional quality governance. The ULP has repeatedly reiterated these principles, ideas, philosophy, and Manifesto commitments over the years. These have been our guide. They have been responsible in large measure to our great Party’s achievements. We are not a Party of opportunism; we are not merely a coalition of electoral elites in quest of political power; we are a great Party of noble ideas, ideals, principles and vision, united to serve our people under the suzerainty of Almighty God. FOUNDATION DETAILS

quality of the judiciary; public accountability and transparency; and good governance generally. Thirdly, the socio-cultural framework: Our great Party acknowledges that there is a vital socio-cultural component of our people’s development which rests on the compelling idea that SVG is part of a unique, authentic, legitimate Caribbean civilisation of achievement and nobility, fashioned by our history, geography, our multi-racial oneness, culture, and the realities of our contemporary world. Our Caribbean civilisation possesses a trajectory for further ennoblement and advancement. It involves, too, our own image, likeness, interest, and truth. Fourthly, the strategic economic path: Our great Party has advanced the strategic quest to build a modern, competitive, many-sided post-colonial economy which is at once local, national, regional and global, in the interest of our people’s upliftment, material progress, and equity. Central to this quest is economic growth, development, and fairness achieved through a wholesome, integrated, tri-partite economy of the private, cooperative and State sectors. Our Political Leader, Comrade Ralph, has fleshed out all of this in a major document on the subject which has been hailed as relevant, creative and innovative by objective observers, including the Governor of the Central Bank, Sir Dwight Venner. Fifthly, the praxis (theory and practice) of good governance: This is connected to intimately with the socioeconomic and political dimensions of our Party’s philosophy of good governance for which the ULP administration has been praised by governments and international agencies or organisations overseas. The best practices of our good governance cover the framework and practical delivery of our political, judicial, institutional, and administrative systems of the State apparatus and their inter-face with the people and nongovernmental organisations. Sixthly, regional and international solidarity: Our great Party promotes always the deepening of regional integration and a foreign policy based on core principles as enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and a pragmatism grounded in our national interests which see us as friends of all and satellites of none. At the forefront of international solidarity are the principles of cooperation and dialogue, the defence of our nation’s sovereignty and independence, complementarity, peace and justice, universally-accepted values and the maintenance of international law and order. Seventh, policies and programmes: These policies and programmes, detailed in the Manifestos of our great Party, and the authoritative documents of our government and leaders, cover every facet of human endeavour and interests in our society, including: the economic, fiscal and monetary; education and poverty reduction; wealth and job creation; health and wellness; housing, roads and the physical infrastructure; disaster preparedness; air, sea and road transportation; the services of water, electricity, and information communication and technology; the social safety net; the working people, farmers, women, youth, and the elderly; sports and culture; the environment and climate change; regionalism; foreign policy; and our Diaspora overseas.

In SVG, the ULP has been the only political party which has detailed the foundation bases upon which it stands. Our political enemies cannot and will not be permitted to distort them. Let us lay them out again. First, our vision: The vision of our great Party rests on the guiding faith and love that our nation is founded on the belief in the supremacy of God and the freedom of man. Consequentially, our vision, too, is people-centred; it is focussed on uplifting our people individually and collectively; it envisages bringing the best out of everyone, enhancing people’s possibilities and reducing their limitations as far as is humanly possible, enlarging their opportunities for fulfillment in the interest of their humanisation; and doing all this in solidarity with each other. Secondly, our philosophy: The philosophy of our great Party is that of social democracy applied to the condition of SVG. Social democracy is a socioeconomic and political construct. The social dimension of social democracy is grounded in the principles of social justice; equality of opportunities but necessarily of outcomes; fairness; human dignity; fundamental rights and freedoms; an absence of discrimination on the basis of race, political or religious beliefs, class, origins, sex or associated groupings; the belief that we are not better than anyone, but no one is better than us; and the privacy of family life. The economic dimension of social democracy rests on the individual right to property, the pursuit of just economic rewards for labour, collective or cooperation action where necessary and desirable, and the building of a harmonious economy of growth and development through the private sector, the cooperative sector and the State. The political focus of social democracy rests on the ordering of our society through the principles of democracy, free institutions, social justice, fundamental individual rights and freedoms; including freedom of the press and of association; equality before the law, the separation of Together, these seven pillars of the powers; the independence and high ULP constitute an integrated whole.

The NDP will reduce the cost of electricity ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES has one of the highest electricity rates in the region. The high cost of electricity is negatively affecting the business community, and is deterring potential investors in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Domestic consumers also suffer from the high cost of electricity, to the extent that most of them are unable to pay their electricity bills on time, and suffer the indignity of having their electricity service disconnected. The high cost of electricity that Vincentians are currently paying could have been avoided had the ULP administration installed and implemented the plans for the Lowmans Bay Power plant, as was set out by the former NDP administration. That was not done. Instead, the ULP regime delayed the implementation of the project for political purposes. Today, Vincentians are paying the high price for the folly of the ULP government. For instance, Barbados implemented a project similar to what the former NDP government had planned for Lowmans Bay in 2001, and presently Barbadians are paying significantly less for their electricity. Because of the high cost of electricity, the ULP administration is forced to explore alternate sources of energy. Presently, the ULP administration is pursuing, through VINLEC, a photovoltaic energy (solar) project. This prompted the Honourable St. Clair Leacock to ask the following question in Parliament, on Thursday 15th August, 2013, “Any increased use of renewable energy that results in an advantage to the consumer is clearly a welcomed initiative. In this regard, VINLEC’s recent announcement of a three million ($3,000,000) initiative into photovoltaic energy (solar) is welcomed. Will the Honourable Prime Minister please indicate: Whether this will realize in any reduction in the basic cost of fifty cents per unit to the domestic consumer? How soon will the photovoltaic initiative translate into a reduced energy surcharge to domestic consumers? What is the minimum capital investment in plant that is necessary to realize a 5-10% reduced cost to consumers? And what is the earliest forecast of this government for the reduction in the electricity bill to consumers and what is the projected cost of the investment?” Although the members of the government seldom answer questions, the Prime Minister’s answer to Mr. Leacock’s question was startling. He revealed that from the investment of $3,000,000, VINLEC will save $500,000 annually. When that $500,000 is divided among the 40, 000 consumers of VINLEC, they will see an annual reduction of $12.50 on their electricity bills. This means that consumers’ bill will be reduced by just $1.00 per month. As a result, a proposal was made by the NDP that the savings of $500,000 be passed on to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) to assist with the financial burden there, so that the poor and working class can benefit from improved services at the MCMH. The NDP is concerned about the high cost of electricity in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and is committed

to reduce the cost when it is returned to office. In preparation of this, the NDP has established a special committee to do a detailed study and devise a strategy. This committee is headed by our leader, the Honourable Arnhim Eustace. All this is part of the preparatory work by the party so that when it is elected in the next general elections, it will hit the ground running. However, when the committee’s work is concluded, the proposals will be presented to the Vincentian public. Moreover, the NDP is committed to pursue the use of alternate source of energy. Since the late 1980s, no renewable energy sources have been developed at the national level. The ULP administration policy on energy does not present a forward-looking and action oriented prescription tailored to the situation of the multi-island state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. In fact, the development of a vision for a sustainable energy future for our country has been neglected over the past twelve (12) years. The NDP is committed to aggressively developing our indigenous sustainable energy resources within the framework of a forward-thinking energy policy that will bring fundamental, long-term benefits to the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Under the current government, there seems to be little room for the private sector to become involved in this critical component of our development. The power plant at Lowmans Bay had to be retrofitted at great cost to be able to use Bunker C fuel. The size of the engines used also raises the question of the over working of units which will impact on the reliability of the service and require upgrading urgently. Whatever the source of our energy, it needs to be used more efficiently. The NDP’s vision is to move the nation towards adopting a culture of energy efficiency. This will be led by example from government level and will involve a comprehensive programme targeted at the transport, household, business and government sectors. To improve the efficiency in the provision of energy in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the NDP will work with VINLEC to undertake a technical and economic feasibility study of the development of an interconnected national power grid, which will ultimately be powered with a considerable amount of renewable energy. The NDP’s main objective is to reduce the high cost of electricity to the consumers of this country, and will do just that when it is returned to office. Cheaper electricity will benefit this country tremendously. It will ease the burden of the poor and working class; the business community will also benefit significantly, and potential investors will be attracted to do business here. Therefore, the electorate, if they are to benefit from cheaper electricity rates, must elect the NDP whenever the next general elections are called.




The Rotary Four-Way Test... and You

“Of the things we think, say or do: Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?” —The Rotary Four-Way Test of the things we think, say or do. MEMBERS OF THE ROTARY family worldwide recite the Four-Way Test of the things we think, say, and do, at all formal meetings. Close examination of its content reveals that it is a moral code for personal and business relationships. Reciting these four questions beckon members to introspect in relation to pursuit of high moral and ethical behaviours. Relationships matter. The relationships that we have with ourselves, and the relationships that we have with others will influence the quality of harmony and goodwill that exists within our homes, neighbourhoods, workplaces, the wider community, and across national borders. Rotary’s Four Way Test, when imbibed and practised, can create and sustain healthy inter-personal relationships. The Four-Way Test of the things we think, say and do was scripted by Herbert J. Taylor, a Christian businessman, in the 1940s. The Chicago-based Rotarian was then an international director of Rotary, and offered the Four Way Test to the organization. The international service club then adopted it for its internal and promotional use. The twenty-four word test has not changed over the decades. It remains a central part of the Rotary structure throughout the world, and is held as the standard by which all behaviour should be measured. It has been promoted around the world and is used in many forms to encourage personal and business ethical practices. Taylor allowed Rotary International the right to use the test, and granted permission for the organisation to own the copyright in 1954. However, he retained the option of using the test for himself, his Club, the Aluminum Company, and the Christian Workers Foundation. The world will be a much better and safer place if we will be guided by the principles that are foundational to this test: truth, fairness, building goodwill, and strengthening friendships. Imagine how different the world would be if our leaders in business, government, and society practise the Four-Way Test. Imagine how much happier we would all be if we practised the Four-Way Test. And that is really where we do have some control. We cannot control others. The most we could attempt to do is to influence them. However, we can control our thoughts, conversations and actions. Continuing today, let us seek to make

our corner of the world a better place by encouraging the principles that underpin the test. These principles are not merely to be considered as a part of a service club’s ritual. They are meant to guide our lives and to encourage us to walk the higher moral and ethical road. As we live these principles we will be a more positive influence in our homes and the communities in which we live. Teachers can share these insights with their students and see them evolve to become more responsible citizens. Church leaders can champion these principles in their various assemblies and see positive changes there too. Politicians can practice and propogate these foundational principles and observe how readily partisan politics and “political enmity” vaporize. Some readers may venture to say, “Never happen!”. And while it may be difficult to visualize new modes of behaviours, it is not beyond us to accomplish such a noble task. One person (you) can influnece this positive change at home (or in the workplace) and see it spiral out to have a positive impact on others. But we must be consistent. We cannot have a “flash in the pan” appraoch to such an assignment. We must commit to hanging in there for the long haul even as resistance to the ideas and concepts may intensify. One teacher can embarce the challenge and influence positive change in her class. That class can influence positive change in that school. That school can influence a district. Yes, we are getting the picture. We are visualizing the change. We can make it happen ... if we really want to. The Rotary Four-Way test has been around for decades. It has influenced many generations. It has had a positive impact on many communities throughout the world. It has guided many business enterprises. It has influenced lives for the better. It has championed initiatives for truth, fairness, building goodwill, and benefiting all who embrace its principles. Individuals, groups, organisations, and societies that are guided by such noble ideals can certainly expect greater harmony and expressions of love and concern. Divisions and misunderstandings can be minimized. Greater empathy can be demonstrated. We can all experience a more fulfilling life when we have the things that we think, say, and do reflect truth and fairness. When we make sure that they focus on building goodwill, freiendships, and are beneficial to all concerned. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to

Making the reparations case DR HILARY BECKLES made a most compelling and convincing case for reparations from the British for genocide and slavery. The lecture accompanied the official launch of Dr Beckles’ book ‘Britain’s Black Debt: Reparations for Caribbean Slavery and Genocide.’ The event, hosted by the University of the West Indies (UWI) open Campus, was held at the Methodist Church Hall, last Tuesday. Other local organizations and businesses, including the SVG Reparations Committee, collaborated with the Open Campus to ensure the success of the event. Those who were not at the hall or missed the live radio coverage, missed an absolute gem of a lecture. In a 2hour presentation, Dr Beckles looked at the moral and legal arguments for reparations. He argued that Caribbean people can begin a conversation for reparations that will succeed only if we unite when demanding justice for the wrongs done to our ancestors. The continuing legacy of underdevelopment still plagues our region. Dr. Beckles was masterly in demonstrating that the children of the persons who were rich and powerful in the slavery years are currently at the very top of British society. He made connections to show the complicity of the British Monarch, the state, the church and rich planters and merchants fashioned the laws and the economy in ways that benefitted them. There is clear proof that ancestors of British PM Cameron and Defense Secretary, Hague, Queen Elizabeth and others in British high society enslaved Africans. At emancipation in 1834, they collected millions of dollars while the enslaved did not receive a cent. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the British state and church were in locked step as laws and religious tenets were passed and preached, aimed at rationalizing and justifying the dehumanization, brutalization and exploitation of our ancestors. Some of the divisions we manifest now, have their roots in the tactics employed by the enslavers. Barclay’s, Royal Bank of Scotland, Midland Bank, as well as the Rothschild Banking empire under different names actively participated in slavery and the slave trade. They profited from the pain and suffering of our ancestors. The £20 million paid to the enslavers amounted to 40 percent of all the moneys budgeted by the British state in 1834. Most of this money was paid to the British ruling elite who reinvested it into the British economy. This reinvestment helped to fuel the rapid development of the British society. Sometimes we take slavery for granted, and this may explain why some people think it is okay to forgive, forget and move on. According to these persons, slavery is too far in the past. But Dr Beckles lecture opened new wounds afresh. It certainly opened eyes and helped to place the reparations case firmly on the agenda. Dr. Beckles’ description of the Zong case, where more than 300 Africans

were thrown into the Atlantic, demonstrated the wanton disregard for human life. In fact, Africans were seen as property, not human as Judge Mansfield ruled. The dumping of the Africans were akin to tossing pigs or cattle. The captain of the Zong, who essentially murdered 300 Africans, was able to return to England and claim the insurance money for the Africans whom he threw to the sharks. There is also Dr Beckles’ description of the role of African women during slavery. They were the ones depended on to perpetuate slavery. A child born of an enslaved African mother was doomed to a life of slavery. The African woman was used and abused, raped and assaulted at will. If the African man was brutalized, the African woman was dehumanized. It is not by chance that African people, who experience slavery, to this day, exhibit behaviors that reflect destabilization and maladjustment. It is a kind of disorientation seen in many of us that Professor Joan O’Leary describes as Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. When I lived in the United States, I was often asked whether I was not ashamed of the performance and conditions of African Americans and other people of colour. My response then as now is that rather than being ashamed, I was surprised and heartened by the fact that so many of our people are doing so well, in spite of the odds. The same view holds for those of us who called the Caribbean home. Those who disputed the negative legacies of slavery must have been blown away by UWI research which showed the connection between the slaves diets our ancestors consumed for centuries and the fact that Caribbean peoples were now some of the most unhealthy on earth. Dr Beckles revealed that Caribbean people are afflicted with hypertension and diabetes more than any other group on earth. The slave diet makes it difficult for our people to break down sugar and salt. Those living on Africa’s west coast, where many of our ancestors were captured and enslaved, suffer from these ailments like other population groups. The slave experience in the Caribbean makes all of the difference. Dr Beckles’ lecture demonstrated the vital importance of the fight for reparations. Reparations is about making the children of former enslaved Africans whole. It is a tribute to those of us who have escaped the trap of underdevelopment endemic to the post slave state. But the journey to free ourselves from mental slavery and for holistic development of mind, body and soul would become just a little easier when we unite in the struggle for reparations. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to




That Argyle airport’s runway orientation

THE ARGYLE AIRPORT runway orientation is contrary to the Argyle Airport Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) consultant’s recommendation. The EIA report recommended a runway orientation of 02/20 stretching between Stubbs Hill in the South and the Escape area, near to the RC church, in the north. However, the ULP regime has changed the orientation, making flights more exposed and susceptible to dangerous crosswinds when landing and taking-off. This can cause a passenger aircraft to tilt over and a serious air disaster at Argyle Airport. To avoid a disaster and many more hundreds of millions of dollars being wasted, we are calling for all work at Argyle to be stopped, and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) requested to come to assess, not just the runway

orientation, but the whole Argyle site. Given the potential for flight safety hazards at Argyle, it is unlikely to get an ICAO licence to operate international flights. Gazipasa-Alanya Airport is situated on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The airport was completed in 1999. However, the airport was unable to open or operate any airline services, because it was built between the sea and a mountain, with a runway that was too short. Sounds familiar? This meant that it could not be licensed for use by the ICAO, because of the danger of an aircraft colliding with the mountains when approaching or taking off. They had to redo the runway and the airport finally opened in July 2010 — eleven years later! Imagine the scenario: E.T. Joshua airport is closed and

we have a grand opening ceremony of the Argyle airport, , with the usual ULP regime chest-beating and empty pontificating. Then, the ICAO refuses us a licence for international flights, and we are told to re-do the runway. Imagine having no airport for 11 years! We must get the ICAO to inspect the Argyle site immediately to assess all flight safety hazards and avoid having no airport for 11 years. Blindly carrying on would be highly irresponsible. Building the passenger terminal before finalising the runway orientation shows how confused the ULP regime is. Argyle has high, rock cliff faces at both ends of the runway, and a runway too narrow — only 45 metres — to be an instrument’s runway. This high terrain can seriously impede an aircraft on approach.

The ICAO would not certify Lumbia Airport in the Philippines for international flights. General air operations in the Lumbia airport vicinity are restricted by high terrain. The key constraint, in terms of aircraft take-off performance, is the high terrain south of the airport. It is over 50 metres above the runway elevation, and its height exceeds ICAO standards for the inner approach slope. The high terrain affects flight operations. Even with the existence of navigational aids such as the ILS (Instrument Landing System), it restricts low-visibility operations because of the terrain’s effect on missed approach and circling

operations. At Lumbia airport, night flights and wide-body aircraft operations are impossible. We must stop all work at Argyle and call in the ICAO now to assess the Argyle site. If E.T. Joshua airport closes and the ICAO refuses SVG a licence and say we must re-do the runway, we could be without an airport for 11 years. This will destroy our country. We cannot afford to waste hundreds of millions of dollars more when our people are poor and urgently need jobs. SVG Green Party

Tackling the Porn syndrome THE JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES CHURCH organisation is known in St. Vincent and the Grenadines as having elements unique to its theosophy and beliefs. One cannot, however, accuse the ‘ Jehovah’s Witnesses’ of being disorganised. One of the best demonstrations of its organisation is its weekly publications, the Awake’ and ‘Watchtower’ magazines, which tackle timely issues and trends affecting Christians and non-Christians. The August 1st 2013 issue of the ‘Watchtower’ addresses the topic, ‘Pornography, Harmless or Toxic’? The opening of the article defines

pornography as available in “advertisements, fashion, movies, music, magazines,” a facet often embraced and accepted unknowingly. It then goes on to include video games, smartphones, mobile devices, websites and online photo-sharing as avenues for porn. The key to this opening information is crystallised in the pivotal question: “Is pornography a harmless pastime, a deadly poison, or something in between?” Jesus said: “Every good tree produces fine fruit” (Matthew 7:17). What fruitage does pornography

produce? Porn addiction is new on the St. Vincent landscape, since unfiltered activities are prevalent, and the fruitage is evidenced as spin offs in the local headlines of violence, rape, sexual deviance and abuse (in one case animals in the hills sexually assaulted and killed). This article is one every Vincentian should read, since it offers solutions to the problem of which only a handful of adults may admit. In its concluding section, it offers prayer as the first step towards ‘Breaking free of pornography’ and ‘Get help from others’, a way this writer has always advised, e.g. in the form of support groups. Here’s an interesting quote: “Porn addiction is so secretive and shameful that you feel you can’t ask for help. You think you can beat it by yourself. But that is not true — you can beat it only with help. So I swallowed my pride and opened up to my wife. I also sought the help of a trusted friend. It was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do, but I got the help I needed…… I felt a huge gush of relief… .” As always with these articles, vital statistics are given: every second,

30,000 persons view porn websites; every minute, internet users send more than 1.7 million porn emails; every hour, nearly two hardcore porn videos are released in the U.S; every day, an average of more than 2 million porn movies are rented in the United States alone. One fact the magazine article omits is the proximity of satanic sites to porn groups, a side that may already be becoming visible in Vincentian society. This article is a must-read, even if you don’t subscribe to the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion, since it seems to be one of the very few demonstrations of having life-saving information at hand, presented concisely with much support from the religious text universal to Christians — the Bible.




Vincentian hits on a good thing Interview with an innovator


GLORIAH: Who are your clients?

THESE DAYS, with modern technology providing new methodologies to tackle old problems, the media never ceases to bombard us with what are accorded such names as ‘miracles’ and ‘wonders’. One such issue is the one of baldness and the replacement of lost hair. Meet a Vincentian innovator who chose to investigate and make his mark in this field. He is Augustine ‘Sardo’ Sutherland, a cosmetologist by profession and now Technical Consultant and Educator, who sat down with THE VINCENTIAN’s Gloriah, to explore the issues from his point of view.

SARDO: I deal mainly with clients from Caribbean countries and locally but, over the carnival season for example, I saw people from England, the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, who had heard about me and my products for hair loss. Many only did consultations to find out if their hair could grow back. Others also did treatment.

GLORIAH: Good day, Sardo. Tell me, what do you do?

SARDO: No. Anytime the blood stops circulating in a particular area of the scalp, hair will never grow back. For example, people with chronic anaemia will have problems with hair. Their baldness will not regrow hair at all. We call this “hair diabetes”.

GLORIAH: We look at some glowing Augustine ‘Sardo’ Sutherland (left) has been exhibiting his products at a advertisements on television about number of trade and services related events. fantastic stories of hair regrowth. Could Inset: Augustine ‘Sardo’ Sutherland, may have hit on a good thing that is still every bald head regrow hair?

not known widely.

SARDO: I deal with hair and the overall problems that could arise from hair and scalp, especially hair loss. GLORIAH: What are some of these? SARDO: Hair is often burned up by chemicals; then there is ‘alopecia areata’, which is a disease which affects the hair follicle, causing patches of hair to fall out. Chemical hair loss from poor usage of chemicals and colours, especially when relaxer and hair colour are used on the same day, is a popular problem, and sometimes relaxer is left on the scalp for too long. There is also hair loss from too-tight braiding of hair and hair loss from poor blood circulation.

GLORIAH: Do you have a special formula to correct hair loss? What do you use? SARDO: Over the years, I have developed a line of products under Sardo’s Cosmetic Services. For hair regrowth, I use a mixture of sulphur, rosemary oil, coconut oil and aloe. All these make up the ‘Calinago Scalp Treatment’. GLORIAH: And how is your product different from those which we hear

with hair loss who were using so many products without positive results. I was SARDO: People from overseas with confused. My confusion caused me to similar hair loss problems may not get want to investigate the issue, so I the same results like mine. During my decided to do my own testing. I used research, I found out that many products volunteers from St. Vincent and the use “food sulphur”, sulphur extracted Grenadines who willingly agreed to from plants. Our sulphur is volcanic. It undergo testing. The good thing about it has many healing properties but it also was that the procedure was not harmful. could be very dangerous if one does not It was either hair regrowth or none at know what proportions to mix with other all. As my investigation proceeded, I substances to get the proper mixture. found that, from person to person, hair The gas in volcanic sulphur must be follicles began to open, and then there extracted before the sulphur is mixed was resulting hair growth in patches. with other substances. The rest is history! about and see on television?

GLORIAH: Are there any before and after stories that you could share?

GLORIAH: Did you ever have to change formula or strategy as you went along?

SARDO: Yes, there are so many. I remember a special young lady who came to me. She had been bald for over twenty years. Within a year and a half her whole scalp was covered with hair. I have the pictures to show! It was not simple, though. I had to completely change her diet first and then let the results of that change work along with the use of the scalp treatment.

SARDO: sure! It was a new area for me. I had to revisit my first model. Afterwards, I was able to get it as right as it is now.. Any hair loss resulting from chemical problems will grow back!

GLORIAH: How did you come up with the idea to manufacture these products?

Tel: 456-1821 Fax: 457-2821 E-mail: Website:

SARDO: I work with hair all the time. During my work, I’ve been seeing so many persons

GLORIAH: How can anyone take advantage of what you have to offer? SARDO: Persons must do a consultation first. It is at this stage that I must determine whether the hair can regrow or not. Then it will involve research into the client’s diet; the status of their blood, whether it is anaemic or not; and the length of time with baldness. It will also be necessary for me to know what medications, if any, that the client is using, as some medications contribute to hair loss. GLORIAH: So, are you planning on expanding the hair replacement idea? SARDO: Sure, why not? But, I also have something else that I’m currently working on. It is revolutionary and has nothing to do with hair loss. GLORIAH: So we will have something to look forward to. Sardo, thanks for granting this interview. I sincerely wish you the best in your endeavours.




Project C.U.R.E. holds successful mission by GLORIAH… A TEAM from Project C.U.R.E., the world’s largest distributor of donated medical supplies and equipment to

healthcare facilities in resource-limited communities across the world, conducted a medical mission here on the grounds of the St. Vincent Grammar School,

Visual acuity and further optical examinations were conducted by the medical team.

The team of visiting and local persons who organized and delivered service during the medical mission. between Thursday, 15th and Sunday, 18th August.

Project C.U.R.E.’s visit was made possible Who is project C.U.R.E. through an invitation from the local Medical Project C.U.R.E. is a Relief Association, not-for-profit headed by Fidel Caesar. organisation started in The team comprised 1987 by Dr James medical doctors, nurses, Jackson. Its primary respiratory technicians, purpose is the delivery of physical therapy “health and hope to the technicians, one world”. It does this counsellor, and other through two formats: non-medical helpers. programmes of gathering These were joined by surplus medical supplies local personnel in the and equipment and medical field. They distributing them to included, Dr. Orly places in need; and the Adams, ophthalmologist; supply of medical teams Dr. Niki Lewis, to such places. Thus far, gynaecologist; Dr. Project CURE has served Caroline, a gynaecologist; over 130 countries Dr. Ossie Berry, general around the world. surgeon; Ramona Solomon, a medical Team and helpers student at the Trinity

School of Medicine; and a pharmacist, Mr Jones. The SVG Police Force also put on a display of narcotics and other illegal drugs.

Services offered According to Mr Caesar, the mission functioned as a health screening project. It was organised to check persons’ general health and medical issues. After medical consultations with patients, the team conducted tests in the following areas: blood sugar, blood pressure, rapid HIV testing, urine analysis, EKG, ultrasounds, peak flow monitoring for asthma, administering nebulized medication, and pulmonary function. Health education was also provided, with team members going through asthma education, stress management, and nutrition counselling. Height and weight checks were also conducted, and fluoride treatment given to children for the hardening of their teeth. Team leader, Dr Paul Scott, when asked about the incidence of the chronic noncommunicable diseases of hypertension and diabetes among patients turning up at the mission, told THE VINCENTIAN that the cases they saw had not reached the stage of amputees, but many did not know that they had the disease. He reported that it appeared uncontrolled, all patients manifesting chronic overweight.

Dr Paul Scott, team leader of the visiting medical team.

Fidel Caesar, local coordinator of the medical mission. When they were questioned, he added, they revealed that their diet consisted of too much starch, like rice, pasta and potatoes. These patients, he said, were sat down and given explanations about what was happening to them and why. It was reported that about 300 persons were seen within the four days of the mission.




Rehab Centre opens


THE FIRST EVER DRUG and alcohol rehabilitation centre to be established here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and located in Belair, swung open its doors to the general public on Thursday, August 15th. The facility, which carries the name, ‘God’s Eternal Mercy Rehabilitation Centre’ (GEMRC), is the brainchild of its founder and Executive Director, Mrs. Cornelia LeeLayne. She professed to those gathered at the Opening Ceremony that she had received the concept for the centre in a vision. She explained that she had tried to eliminate the thought from her mind many times, but found that it was a command from God, who later steered her into a situation in Montgomery County in which she became involved in a similar endeavor. That prepared her for what was to happen here in SVG. GEMRC is a non-profit international organization.

The Centre’s Mission According to LeeLayne, GEMRC will be a home for male and female drug and alcohol abusers in SVG. It will incorporate a “holistic approach which addresses the whole person: mind, body and spirit.” The facility aims to make sure that every

‘God’s Eternal Mercy Rehabilitation Centre’ (GEMRC), Belair. Inset: Cornelia Lee-Layne, Founder and Executive Director of the Centre, said her calling to found the centre was received from God. The new facility is run by a Board of Directors comprised of Mrs. LeeLayne, its Executive Director; Pastor Douglas Neverson of the Evangelical Church, and Mr. Lennox ‘Lenny’ Daisley. Mrs. Doris McIntosh serves as Secretary to the Board, and Ms. Stanice Anderson is the person who utilizes its service, “will be educated Programme Director. about the danger of drugs and alcohol, which is an essential part of the The Centre’s Programme process to transform them spiritually, Clients are expected to mentally, emotionally undergo a four-month and psychologically. It stint of treatment at the will provide a safe and centre. Godly environment, The Executive offering counseling and Director explained that other programmes to for the first two weeks, help clients say, ‘No’ to no client will be allowed drugs, and ‘Yes’ to abundant and purposeful contact with persons from ‘the outside world’. living,” Lee-Layne This, she said, was explained. necessary in the first The Centre’s Directors phase to make rehabilitation successful. After this period, visitors will be allowed, but they will be confined to the reception area and will not have permission to go to the clients’ rooms.

that Lee-Layne believed that the centre must be done, “because God said to do it.” He appealed to the audience for pledges of financial support as the charges to clients will be minimal. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment, Mr. Luis DeShong, called the centre, a very important facility in the development of our nation. He said that the Ministry is deeply indebted to the centre for its establishment. Mr. DeShong informed the gathering that the Mental Health Centre at Villa is about to be restructured, with the current patients being housed in a facility located at Orange Hill. Speaking also from a Ministry of Health standpoint, was Dr. Karen Providence of the Mental Health Centre. She

spoke of the overwhelming numbers of persons requiring treatment for substance abuse. “About 40% of male admissions to the Mental Health Centre is from substance abuse,” she disclosed. Special invitee Andrew Cummings Q.C. was full of praise for the centre’s founder. He said Andrew Cummings Q. C. is in that Mrs. LeeLayne’s character full support of the Centre’s intention. was molded by good parents. contended, “We cannot Her attitude and excommunicate our actions are “generic, it is young people who have in her DNA,” Cummings fallen away, so the centre said, and pointed out is essentially to build that the centre was not a them up.” surprise, given what The GEMRC will be members of that family fully operational as soon could do and have done. as its furniture arrives, “Her sister has a diabetic and is expected to cater foundation,” he reminded to 16 clients, six males all. and six females, at any All in all, Cummings one time.


Pastor Douglas Neverson serves as a member of the Board of Directors.

Among the speakers at the Opening Ceremony was Pastor Douglas Neverson of the Kingstown Evangelical Cornelia Lee-Layne (left) takes invited guests, including Commissioner of Church. He intimated Police (Ag) Michael Charles (2nd from left) on a guided tour of the facility.



Scuffle mars N.Y. Vincy Unity Picnic


attended the picnic for the very first time, told THE VINCENTIAN that, the “gathering of Vincy people is something we should be proud of. “Vincy Day itself is a great idea,” he said.

AN UNEXPECTED SCUFFLE close to the end of the cultural Cause of scuffle package, triggered by an apparently intoxiThe scrimmage broke out cated youth, marred between the unidentified an otherwise very young man, who had been peaceful and mamconsuming a significant moth Second Annual amount of alcohol throughout Vincy Unity Picnic on the cultural package – which Former national football captain Elliot Saturday, August 17, at began about 2:00 p.m. – and a "Morrie" Millington (L) displaying plaque Heckscher State Park in couple of supporters of a with Guyanese friend Earl Johnson. Long Island, a New York prominent Vincentian businessCity suburb. man in Brooklyn, New York, who The scuffle occurred had been giving logistical support about 15 minutes to program organizers. ejected him. Cordice had trekked before the ending, at Erlene WilThe youth, who had from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 7:00 p.m., of the cultur- liams-King rendering frequented the stage throughwith a busload of nationals for the al package, just about out the programme, reportedly get-together. the SVG national when 2013 Soca and had inexplicably struck the “It is extremely important for all anthem, with MC Road March Monarch businessman. of us to be reminded that, in a public Ulric "Soca" Jones, Jamal ‘Skinny FabuThe businessman declined setting, such as 1,000 Is. (in Canada) Jr. in background. lous’ Doyle was about to speak to THE VINCENand Long Is., that one arrest for to roil up the ebullient crowd. TIAN on the matter, preferring that disorderly conduct can impact this The brief, but very disturbing, the issue not overshadow a picture reunion negatively,” said Cordice, a scuffle aborted Skinny’s performance, perfect day of sheer Vincentian unity. Clare Valley native and a former as park troopers instructed him to The young man somehow manpresident of the Philadelphia-based speak but not to sing, in order to aged to return on stage, from where St. Vincent and the Grenadines avert further distur community activist James Cordice Organization of Pennsylvania bance – to the (SVGOP). disappointment of “It is imperative that we encourthe massive gatherage policies that ensure the conduct ing. of our citizens is at stake,” he added. “It’s very unforChairman of the Vincy Unity tunate what Picnic Committee of New York, happened just now,” Consul General Selmon Walters, Skinny told vowed to clamp down on trouble picnic-goers. “I just makers at future unity picnics. want to tell you “We’ll do something better next (that) what year,” he added. “Those who don’t happened up here follow the rules will be expelled.” (in the stage area) Walters agreed that the incident is not a reflection of marred an otherwise “very wonderour Vincentian ful” event, that was characterized by people” (cheers). good camaraderie, and featured local A few minutes delicacies and drinks, great music Playing dominos, L-R: Wayne John and Adrien before, Skinny, who and cultural Campbell, of Belair; Courtney Culzac, of Campden Park; and Mark Phillips, of Lowman's Leeward.

Vincy flag prominently displayed on a tent.

NY Consul General Selmon Walters delivering remarks.

performances in lovely sunshine and temperatures in the low 80s (Fahrenheit). Consul General Walters estimated the gathering to be in the region of 7,000, and described it as an “interesting mix” of persons from throughout the United States, Canada and even home.

Reactions Laverne Mc Dowald-Thompson, president of the Brooklyn-based umbrella Vincentian group in the United States, Council of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Organizations, U.S.A., Inc. (COSAGO), said it was United Vincie Cultural Group of Brooklyn during folkloric performance. “highly pleasing that my beautiful Vincentian people have taken Gospel, soca and cultural performthe pride and joy to ers included: former calypsonian share in the largest Angus ‘Brigo’ Lynch; Firstman gathering of Vincies in ‘Bardo’ Hills; Monadel Ollivierre; the United States.” Philmon ‘Philly Dillie’ John; TheophiAccording to her, lus Homer; Cypril ‘Scorcher’ Thomas; about 15 buses brought Winston Soso; Wayne Commissiong nationals to the picnic, on steel pan; Mas Productions Unlimin addition to thouited masqueraders; and UVCGB who sands who travelled by performed nostalgic folk songs . cars. Organizers also honored former Draped in a large captain of the SVG national football Vincy flag, Douglas team, Elliott ‘Morrie’ Millington, who Howard, an ardent currently resides in Brooklyn. New Democratic Party Renowned calypsonian, recording (NDP) supporter, said and performing artiste Alston he refused to discuss ‘Becket’ Cyrus, perhaps summed up politics on Vincy Day. the intention of the Picnic. “You can’t discuss He said, “It’s a great idea,” as he politics on Vincy Day,” Registered Nurse Ann Thomas, of the SVG Nurses savoured on saltfish, sweet potato the Edinboro, Kingsand breadfruit, while selling his CDs. town native told THE Association of New York, Inc., checking the blood “It’s good to see people I have not VINCENTIAN. “Poli- pressure of a patient, while a relative looks on. seen in ‘donkey years’.” tics has its place. “This thing is very Amelia Edwards, president of good for us,” he the St. Vincent and the added. “It gives Grenadines Association of ourselves a ‘oneness’, Massachusetts, said she even for a day. It’s brought along a busload of good to see Vincennationals. tians coming together “This year is much bigger as one. I hope it can and better than last year,” spread to St. Vincent said the Chauncey native. and the Grenadines.” “The atmosphere is just “David ‘Sky’ great. We plan to do this Llewellyn, former every year.” national table tennis player, said , “It’s a wonderful thing to Other activities and cultural bring Vincentian package people together.” Alleyne De Roche, Chief Executive Officer of who hails from the St. Vincent and the Former national table Canouan, said she Grenadines Tourism Authoritennis star David "Sky" ty, Glen Beache, was also on felt “so blessed that we, out of St. Vincent Llewellyn. hand, promoting the Argyle and the Grenadines, International Airport and could be here as one community. urging nationals to participate in a “I pray that we continue with this survey about the airport, and to trend,” she said. “I feel so good.” support a raffle in aid of raising funds Claude Leach, a former manager for the airport. of the Development Corporation, said “I don’t care if you’re yellow, the Vincy Unity Picnic is “a good idea. white, brown, black or green,” he “I think it can grow,” said the added. “This is about you and the Bequia native. “It’s a good concept to development of St. Vincent and the keep Vincentians together.” Grenadines.”

Members of the United Vincie Cultural Group of Brooklyn behind fire and cooking local delicacies.

Reunion Time: Ex-teachers of the former Richmond Hill Government School in Kingstown (renamed Thomas Saunders Secondary School), L-R : Joslyn Burnett, Sandra Millington, Patsy Ash-Comas and Doffly Cox King. Below: Section of the party crowd.




ÂFlow of ArtÊ for President Ma by GLORIAH…

One of the many floral arrangements that caught the eye of the visiting Taiwanese delegation.

THE MINISTRY OF TOURISM, Sports and Culture organised an exhibition of art in honour of the visiting President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), His Excellency Ma Ying-jeou. The exhibition was mounted at the Curator’s House in the Botanical Gardens, last President Ma Ying-jeou at the exhibition of Saturday, August 17. local art staged in his honour. The exhibition, Bags and accessories, all made from local material, entitled “Flow of Art” were also on display. The Ministry of Tourism, showcased the best of issues. and from straw. Sports and Culture is St. Vincent and the Various genres of art were The creative floral designs currently in the process of Grenadines in visual art, craft, strategically positioned to were a hit with the President’s organising to utilise the wings souvenir items, local catch the President’s eye as he team, some of them finding it of the Curator’s House to literature, floral surveyed the display. These difficult to believe that the make paraphernalia of the arrangements, and tourism ranged from oil on canvas, flowers and other components Botanical Gardens available paraphernalia. It was charcoal and collages. were real. The florists were for purchase by visitors to the coordinated by Ms Kenlyn The craft and souvenir Ms Anna Barnwell, Ms Agnes site. George. items comprised a collection of Fraser, Ms Vonis Joshua, Ms The Botanical Gardens will Creating an impressive handbags and purses, Malessa Joshua, Mrs Madge celebrate the 250th display was a collection of exquisite jewellery, items Leacock, and Mrs Sandra Anniversary of its existence local fiction and non-fiction made from the coconut shell Evans. this year. books on a wide variety of

SVG welcomes President Ma Addressing the gathering, Prime Minister and area representative, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, said the relationship between the two countries has evolved as relations between family members. He said that symbolically the ceremony is a further strengthening of the relationship. Gonsalves said the people of Taiwan have worked hard and diligently to transform their country into an economic power house, and he implored Vincentians to learn from President Ma and Dr. Ralph Gonsalves cut Taiwan and do the same, the ribbon to officially declare the Taiwan“because no progressive society funded Colonaire bridge open. has been built on leisure, pleasure and nice time.” Referring to the financial Continued from Front Page. support that Taiwan has been providing to its allies, and the criticism that has His arrival was also marked by a 21accompanied such aid, Gonsalves gun salute and guard of honor posited, “And that is why, and I want the inspection, before the delegation media here from Taiwan to know this, proceeded for the Botanical Gardens. this is one country which does not badThere, at the oldest botanical gardens spend one single cent of any assistance in the Western Hemisphere, the which we get from Taiwan. Taiwanese president planted a wax “We spend this money wisely, because apple tree, after which he and his we know you work for it very hard. It is entourage viewed an exhibition of arts an important point that I have to make.” and craft mounted at the old Curator’s Gonsalves said, based on the quality House. of the bridge, it is expected to last over 100 years, “and with maintenance, Colonarie Bridge - a vital artery certainly it will last longer than usual.” Pointing to the importance of the All was set, after a brief break at the bridge, Gonsalves declared, “Without Governor General’s official residence, for this bridge, traffic from the North East the trek to the Colonaire, for the opening of this country would not exist; that’s of the New Colonaire Bridge, how important this bridge is…… the construction of which was funded to the second town, Georgetown, would be tune of EC$3 million by the Taiwanese virtually cut off, so this is a vital artery.” government. He beseeched the people in Colonarie, A large party of flag-waving children that as they go about their daily lives, to and residents of Colonaire and other remember Taiwan and that generous communities of the North Central people of the country. Windward constituency, greeted the President.

SVG – a true friend President Ma, speaking through an interpreter, said that PM Gonsalves proposed the idea for the re-construction of the Colonarie bridge two years ago, to be included as a prioritized item under the Civic Development Project, an idea which the ROC government readily supported. The Taiwanese president, who is currently into his second term, said he was pleased to learn that the Vermont/ Francois Bridge would be completed by the end of this year , “so hopefully, the bridge would become a nice Christmas present for the local people.” Referring to the unbroken 32-year span of relations between the two countries, President Ma described SVG as a strong advocate for the ROC on various international occasions. “This fully demonstrates the friendship, justice and love, and genuine friendship between our two counties, and what we do today is only a small token, of paying back to your great nation,” the Presdient said. Speaking in English, he proceeded to say, “The English saying goes, ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’. So this is a true reflection of the long friendship between our two countries. So, once again, I want to tell you, I wish our friendship will last forever, just like the bridge.” His comment drew thunderous applause from the audience. President Ma and the Prime Minister then proceeded to cut the ribbon to officially open the bridge, and after waving to cheering supporters, Ma and his delegation then journeyed to Gonsalves’ private residence in Gorse, for lunch. The delegation later visited the Taiwanese-funded terminal building at the construction site of the international

President signals the end of his visit to Colonaire with a wave of appreciation to the hundreds who had turned out for the opening of the bridge. airport in Argyle, and thereafter returned to Kingstown where the President and the Prime Minister affixed their signatures to a joint communiqué. Under the communiqué, St. Vincent and the Grenadines will continue to offer support for Taiwan’s participation in international organizations, while Taiwan will persist in supporting development plans in its allied Caribbean countries. The president also attended a reception hosted by Taiwan’s ambassador to this country, Weber Shih. While at the reception, he presented scholarship certificates to 17 Vincentian students who will pursue studies in Taiwan. The President departed SVG for St. Kitts and Nevis around 7:30 p.m. Saturday. President Ma Ying-jeou is the second Taiwanese president to visit SVG; former Taiwanese president Chen Shuibian visited this country and other Caribbean allies in the region in October 2005.




Vincentians win big in Soca awards Stories by KENVILLE HORNE TWO VINCENTIAN soca artistes were in winners’ row at the 11th annual International Soca Award, held on Tuesday 6th August, at Spice Basket, Beaulieu, St. George’s, Grenada. Soca Bad Boy, Shertz

Shertz ‘Problem Child’ James was adjudged Best Song Writer. Right: Lornette ‘Fya Empress’ Nedd did herself proud with ‘Rum Please’.

(L-R): Maxanne Rocke , Abigail Haynes, Raphilia King, Rosemarie Lewis and Roland Layne, at the Bridge House where the paintings can be viewed.

Visual artists join hands to assist A NUMBER OF VISUAL ARTISTS have come together to assist their colleague in raising funds to finance her studies. RoseMarie Lewis, a Graphic Arts major at Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, Kingston Jamaica; Roland Layne, an Art and History teacher at the St. Vincent Grammar School; Raphilia King, a teacher by profession; and Maxanne Rocke, also a teacher at the J.P. Eustace Secondary School, have put their work on sale to support their colleague, Abigail Haynes. The art work can be viewed and purchased at the Bridge House,

located at Heritage Square. Haynes is an announcer at the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and a visual artist,. Some of her work can be seen at the Children’s Ward at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, a project in which she collaborated with Rose Marie Lewis and Roland Layne. She has also worked on a project at a Pre-school in Belair, and done paintings for restaurants in Kingstown. The exhibition and sale which began last Monday will conclude tomorrow Saturday.

‘Problem Child’ James and Lornette ‘Fya Empress’ Nedd, did St. Vincent and the Grenadines proud, when they took home awards in their nominated categories. ‘Problem Child’ took the coveted award for Song Writer of the Year with the songs ‘A little

whine’, ‘Life of the party’, and ‘Love me carnival’. And ‘A little Whine’, voiced by Trinidadian Patrice Roberts, was also adjudged ‘Song of the Year’. ‘Rum Please’, sung by ’Fya Empress’ received the Best Female Power Soca Song award in the female category. It was

also the song that won her the Road March title in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 2012. The International Soca Awards, a red carpet affair, featured awards in 34 categories. Trinidad and Tobago artistes, deejays and producers took home 26 of these.



ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Set a limit, or you'll wind up on a tight budget. Be careful that you don't spend too much time with a person belonging to someone else. Don't use emotional blackmail on someone you love. Put your money into a safe place that will ensure a profit if you let it sit long enough. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Your partner may push buttons that infuriate you. Time to deal with institutional environments, government agencies, and matters of a private nature this week. Include the whole family or those you love. Find out all the facts before you jump to conclusions. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Ignore colleagues who appear to be going in circles. You may end up being blamed if anything goes wrong. Your creative input will be appreciated by your boss. You can enjoy short trips. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Confusion could result when communicating with others. Opportunities for romance will develop through group endeavors; however, the association isn't likely to last. You will have a productive day if you organize yourself well at work. Financial limitations will not be as adverse as they appear. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Opportunities will develop through those you encounter while attending organizational events. Strength will come from your ability to overtake just about any one. Deceit with coworkers is apparent. Talk to someone you trust in order to see the whole picture. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Make sure that all your legal papers are in proper order. Major job changes or opportunities to get ahead professionally are apparent. You may find that doing odd jobs around the house will be successful and appreciated by loved ones. Try to be understanding.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) You must deal with an emotional problem with your loved one that you have been avoiding for some time now. An older member of your family may have left you with a pressing situation. Creative pursuits should payoff. You may have the opportunity to get involved in some interesting conversations. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) You may experience setbacks due to additional responsibilities with loved ones. Knowledge can be acquired if you listen. Luck is with you. One of your female friends may try to disrupt your day. Stand up for your rights. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Changes in your domestic scene are evident. You might be overly emotional when dealing with your partner. Secret information will be eye opening. You need to get out if you want to meet potential partners. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Opportunities for new partnerships will develop through the organizations you encounter. Talk to people who can give you important knowledge. Your personal secrets may be revealed if you let coworkers in on your family dilemmas. You could be attracting individuals who are anything but good for you. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21.- Feb. 19) Don't prejudge. You may get drawn into a personal situation that will not be to your liking. Use your innovative mind to surprise youngsters. You may get upset with peers or relatives. Be extra careful with your valuables; loss and theft are evident this week. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You can make or break your personal relationship this week. You can learn a great deal more if you listen rather than rant and rave. Elders may get you going this week. Difficulties may be encountered while traveling in foreign countries.


49. Raspyvoiced 1. Follow 52. Entrances commands 56. “__Know” 5. PDQ, in a (2 wds.) memo 57. Grind one’s 9. “God’s Little molars __” 59. Doily 13. Seldom seen material 14. Sudden fear 61. Lacking fat 16. Lament 62. Must, 17. Landed informally 18. Possessor 63. Golfer’s woe 19. Circle 64. Like epic sections novels 20. Sparklers on 65. Feign a freezing 66. Gilbert of day “Roseanne” 22. Singer Kitt 24. Grizzled DOWN 25. Solid 26. Italian wool 1.“…man __ 30. Stops mouse?” 33. Prayer (2 wds.) closings 2. South Seas 34. Exposes isle 35. Follower 3. Actor Stoltz (suffix) 4. Abominable 37. College Snowman sports gp. 5. Greek god of 38. Mine extract light 39. Like a snail 6. Cut lumber 40. Snaky 7. Sothern and swimmer Miller 41. “__ Irish 8. Humble __ Rose” 9. Emmys, e.g. 43. Finish a 10. Tea wagon puzzle 11. Impress44. May ionist Little birthstone 12. “Born Free” 46. Treats lioness without 15. Fold mark respect, in 21. Inmates the ‘hood 23. Onassis 47. Scarlets and and Meyers crimsons 25. Toast start 48. __-de-sac 26. Stallion’s

pride 27. Roast host 28. Kingly domain 29. __ bind (2 wds.) 30. Defied 31. Cultivates soil 32. Hotpoint product 34. Prepares water for pasta 36. She-sheep 39. Distress message 41. Greek god 42. Troublemaker (2 wds.) 43. Sediment deposit 45. Transgressing

46. Duke University’s locale 48. __ Rica 49. School passageway 50. Parkay product 51. Actor Alda 52. Byway 53. Elevations




(abbr.) 54. Video game heroine Croft 55. Dueling mark 58. Digits (abbr.) 60. Clean air gp.




None of your business

Avoid the temptation Dear George,

MY WIFE has 4 sisters, and all of them are very beautiful and younger than she. The youngest of them is 28 and bears the greatest resemblance to MY HUSBAND and I allowed our my wife. My problem is that 2 of these sisters are daughter and her husband to live in Dear Mom, hitting on me and have been doing so since I our basement after they got You seem to have became engaged to be married to her. I never told married. The idea behind this was forgotten that your little girl my wife because I guessed I was a bit naïve and for them to find their financial has grown up and is now her thought they just liked me in a brother/sister way. footing.  I, however, have one need to rethink your decision to own woman, and therefore, no concern which I have discussed Now that I am married, both of them are trying to longer answers to you. It appears allow them to stay there. with my husband. He told me to get me into bed with them. They are very open If your daughter is OK with the with it and are suggesting “we all get along” (both as though you are the only one “butt out.”  I do not think I should treatment she is receiving from who has a problem with what is butt out, for I am the mother. sisters and me ). her husband, and has not happening in your basement. Almost every night and I do not want this situation to ruin my marriage, complained to you or anyone else, The ‘happenings’ in your sometimes in the day, they are at and also, I do not want to tell my wife about it, for then you need to heed the advice it, and the noise coming from my basement do and should not fear that it would ruin the relationship they have of your husband and “butt out.” concern you. If the ‘noise’ basement is quite worrisome. among them. I would hate to see them drift apart From what I have heard, this man prevents you from comfortably because of this. My wife trusts me completely George enjoying your dwelling, then you seems like some animal. I can around them, and often speaks about hear him banging away at my how we live so loving with each other, poor daughter, and she would be and how proud she is to see me living there crying out, to the point this way with her siblings. where I was tempted many times Please give me some guidance here to go down there. The way he They objected to this, with his mother Dear George, before something happens that is not gets on is no way for a man to be saying that she had quite a few of her supposed to happen. treating a woman, especially friends and associates to invite. In the MY BOYFRIEND and I finally set the when that woman is my little date for our wedding which his parents end, between them both, the guest list Married X girl. swelled to one hundred plus. volunteered to finance. This gesture I think he is an animal and I don’t want to be rude to her, but Dear Married X, needs to be tamed and taught how was a welcome one, as it saved us from should I repeat myself and tell her that to handle the opposite sex. There scratching our heads, wondering how we want a small wedding of not more we were going to pay for the wedding The only thing that is supposed to is no way my daughter could be than 30 guests, or should we just leave happen here is you asking your in-laws we wanted. enjoying the sex with him! How them to do whatever they want? to keep a safe distance from you and the We told them that we just wanted a and when should I tackle this problem? relationship you have with your wife. small wedding with just 30 guests. Unsure Let them know that they of all persons should not be the ones to contribute to Dear Unsure, the unhappiness and ultimate demise of their sister’s marriage. Your boyfriend’s parents no doubt You need to take control of the seem to be very excited about this situation and do what is to be done, wedding, and may want to ensure which is, stepping up the tempo in that the day is special for both of tightening the screws on your you. relationship with your wife. If they Allow them the opportunity to refuse to layoff, then you have no choice indulge, and try not to make their but to let your wife know what is enthusiasm and good gesture a happening. problem on your special day. A Your relationship with your wife is slightly bigger wedding certainly paramount and deserves your best cannot do any harm and will not effort to keep it alive and well. Your inchange the way you feel about each laws need to know that their advances other, nor negatively impact on your toward you can only hurt the decision to marry. Besides, they are relationship between them and your footing the bill anyway! Give it a wife, and bring nothing but misery to all parties. chance and see what happens.

Dear George,


Go with the big wedding!



V Success is not easy!



when, as her school’s top performer, she obtained ten subject passes in the THE THOMAS SAUNDERS 2013 May/June CSEC Secondary School, one of Examination. Her range the more recently of subject passes commissioned secondary included English A, schools, continues to English B, Information make its mark on the Technology, education landscape of Mathematics, Biology, this country. Principles of Accounts, And sixteen-year-old Principles of Business, Nathalya Browne of Lodge Village, has played Geography, Chemistry her part in ensuring her and Spanish, and she received three Grade school’s place of pride. One’s, five Grade Two’s Nathalya did herself and two Grade Three’s. and her school proud by GLORIAH…

The young lady admitted that she was not sure that she had done well enough in her exams to achieve the status of top student for her school. She contended that, as a student doing Science subjects, she found it very difficult because her school did not have a properly functioning Science laboratory. “We had a ‘room’ where we ‘tried’ to do experiments,” she

scholarship recipients, their parents and guardians, and officials of the NSPD at the Awards Ceremony.

NSPD continues scholarship award scheme “I WANT TO THANK THE National Society of Persons with Disability for a really good effort, and appeal to more people to be appreciative and supportive of the work that the Society does.” This was the sentiment expressed by Ms. Barbara Charles as she spoke on behalf of parents and guardians at Tuesday’s Scholarship Award Ceremony hosted by the NSPD, at its headquarters in New Montrose. Ms. Charles was at the function to receive an award on behalf of Phil Ollivierre who is attending the Sunshine School in Bequia. Ollivierre is one of five recipients of

awards under the NSPD’s Melanie Mc kenzie Scholarship Fund. The other recipients for 2013 are: Melissa Sutherland and Rhea Burke, both attending the Georgetown School for Children with Special Needs; Janelle Miller of the Helping Hands Centre at New Montrose; and Devin Richards who will attend the St, Clair Dacon Secondary School, Carapan. Mrs. Patricia Cumberbatch, President of the NSPD, in a brief address, appealed to parents and guardians of ‘differently abled’ children, to be steadfast in their support for their cares; and to encourage them to be as “creative as they possibly can,” as they strive to make the children “more independent.” Stanley Richards, Vice President of the NSPD, who handed out the awards, lamented the decreasing funds raised in support of the Scholarship Fund. He pointed to the Society’s intention to increase the number of scholarship’s but explained the current state of the Fund did not allow this. Funds for the Melanie McKenzie Scholarship Fund are raised through public solicitation during the Society’s Annual March and Rally, and from private individual donations. Some fifteen students have benefited from the Fund to date.

Ms. Barbara Charles made an impassioned plea for more persons to support the work of the NSPD.

explained, “but because it had other uses, much did not come of our investigations.” She never blamed her school. She admitted that a lab is currently being built, and it must take time. She is happy for future students who will be able to use this facility. Nathalya told THE VINCENTIAN that success is not easy. She said that she had good study habits, but

whenever things were not going well for her, she would become depressed. She commends her father, Mr. Newton Browne, a supervisor at the Campden Park Container Port, for coming to her aid. “He used to sit with me and help me to go over Nathalya Browne, top performer at the Thomas my work in primary Saunders Secondary school,” she said, “but School in the 2013 CSEC in secondary school, he Exams. used to sit and listen to me and encourage me.” Vincent and the When asked about her Grenadines Community philosophy of success, College Division of Arts, she immediately replied, Sciences and General “Put God first. Don’t Studies. She intends to ever be discouraged pursue studies in when failure comes your Mathematics, Biology way. Don’t make failure and Chemistry or an option to give up. Environmental Science. Whenever a challenge Her eyes are set on a comes along, don’t back career in medicine. down from it, because Other top performers success is not easy. at the Thomas Saunders Challenges make you Secondary School were stronger!” Kingesha Caine, Shanis Nathalya has sought Cato and Sade Audain, admission to the St. each with 9 passes.




The reparation issue takes front stage

The lecture, titled ‘Britain’s Black Debt’, attracted a wide cross-section of LAST TUESDAY EVENING, 20th August, the Vincentian community. historian and lecturer extraordinaire, Essentially, the lecture brought to Professor Sir Hilary Beckles of Barbadian the fore centuries of humiliation meted stock, delivered a stunning and didactic out to the Africans, who toiled lecture at the Methodist Church Hall, to ceaselessly and were beaten the overwhelming approval of the mercilessly by the cruel European audience. slave masters, on the West Indian by PATMOS RICHARDS

estates. Noticeable amongst the audience was a cadre of parliamentarians, political activists, public opinion leaders, foremost among these Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and Leader of the Opposition Hon. Arnhim Eustace . In his scholastic delivery, Sir Hilary Beckles noted Dr. Gonsalves’ posture in confronting and subsequently influencing his regional colleagues at a CARICOM forum, to come on board with this universal issue of reparation. The Vincentian Prime Minister was admired by Sir Hilary for his noticeable involvement on matters of regional importance. I remember vividly the following words my mother would utter to me from time to time, when I was on the cusp of my adult life. “Boy, you must always give Jack his jacket and Rover his coat”, she would say. Whether you like Dr. Gonsalves’ political style, his style of governance, his demeanour or his general outlook of life, the aforementioned quotation aptly applies to him. He has impressed with his sharp knowledge of history. Rightly, he is the only Vincentian leader thus far who has, in his own inimitable way, identified with matters of an historical nature. Small wonder our Prime Minister has spearheaded the vanguard movement regionally for reparation. The issue of reparation, is now selling like hot bread, it is having multiplying effects in every conceivable corner of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. A highly sensitive sector of the Vincentian society regards this reparation agenda as the pathway towards avenging our ancestors: the indescribable horror they experienced, the brutality they suffered at the hands of their inhumane, insensitive slave masters and owners. There are others who express the sentiment that the reparation issue is embroiled with political overtones. Among all of these mixed feelings, credit must be given to Dr. Gonsalves for bringing the issue of reparation more and more into the public domain. This writer feels strongly that Opposition Leader the Hon. Arnhim Eustace may be silently giving tacit support to his counterpart’s passion for reparation, which Dr. Gonsalves said would not be easy to achieve and is transcendental. For his excellent efforts in forging links with all sectors of the Vincentian community, his paternal embrace of

Dr, Ralph Gonsalves is credited with forging a CARICOM response to the issue of reparation.

Professor Sir Hilary Beckles commended Dr. Gonsalves for his involvement on matters of regional importance. his regional counterparts and Vincentians in the Diaspora on this ubiquitous subject of reparation, I would bestow, albeit unofficially, the cognomen ‘Dr. Gonsalves, father of reparation’.




TCCU gives scholarships by GLORIAH… THE ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES Teachers Cooperative Credit Union (TCCU) has rewarded 46 students who were Some of the book voucher recipients and officials successful in the 2013 of the TCCU. Common Entrance Examination. At a ceremony last Monday, August 19, three of the 46 received full scholarship awards while the remaining 43 book vouchers. Two scholarships were awarded, as is done yearly, to top performers in the examination. This year, these were Areanna St. Luce who placed 1st for girls and 2nd overall, and Linron John who placed 44th for boys and 107th overall. A third scholarship, called the Scholarship winners (L-R): Chaconia TCCU 35th Anniversary Scholarship, Lewis, Linron John and Areanna St. was awarded to Chaconia Lewis of Bequia, who placed 97th for girls and Luce. 154th overall. Similar awards were given in the 25th and 30th Anniversary Board of Directors of the Credit Union year of the Credit Union. This is the encouraged the recipients never to 35th Anniversary. complete school without obtaining skills Students receiving book vouchers in a technical area. “There is a scarcity came from schools all over the country. of professionals in a number of areas REMARKS including the technical areas,” he said. Chief Executive Officer of the TCCU, He implored them to strive not only Mr. Julian Jack, congratulated all the for high numbers of subjects, but for recipients. high quality grades. He encouraged them, that as they Speaking of behalf of the recipients, have come to the end of their primary scholarship winners and book voucher academic careers, they should look winners, Chaconia thanked the Credit forward to taking on the secondary leg Union for giving them the opportunity to of the process, but they must not stay receive such help. which she said would there. “Move on to advanced education. “ease the financial burdens of our Do your best to get to higher heights, parents.” not necessarily just the Community Mrs. Marilyn St. Luce, on behalf of College.” the parents, also thanked the Credit He, however, lamented the small Union for considering their children. numbers of boys among this year’s The TUCC has been offering this kind qualifying students. of assistance since 1980. Mr. Dwight Lewis, President of the

PSU awards scholars

received their BESIDES ITS ongoing OBJECTIVE to promote assistance. and protect the interest President and welfare of its of PSU, members, the Public Cools Service Union (PSU) Vanloo, said continues to demonstrate that the its responsibility to assist PSU’s in the development of its constitution makes members’ children, by provision for the award of providing scholarships. scholarship to children of On Tuesday 20th members, and this has August, at the been done successfully for organization’s over 50 years. headquarters at Mc Kie’s He appealed to those Hill ,the Union awarded students who were not full scholarships to five successful in receiving students, and bursaries to scholarships, not to be ten students who will discouraged but to work enter secondary school in harder. “It’s not so much September 2013. failure that matters, but it Those receiving is what you do with that scholarships were Latique failure,” he said. Browne, Khadawn Bibby, And to the awardees, Shakira Peters, Jayden Vanloo said, “We wish Bissessar and Gabriel that you would continue to Fraser- Frederick. They succeed and do well, and are expected to receive take advantage of all the support throughout their opportunities provided to entire secondary school you by the government in tenure . its various provision in Additionally, 20 current education; your parents, scholarship holders who would have provided by: KENVILLE HORNE

The 2013 PSU scholarship awardees.

Guest Speaker Vinron Benjamin urged the awardees to develop a good mix of academics and extra-curricular activities.

you with sustenance, so that you could succeed.” Guest Speaker at the award ceremony, Vinron Benjamin, a 2005 PSU scholarship recipient, told the awardees not to take their education lightly. He said that parents may appear extremely strict when coming to their children’s school works, but “they want nothing to get between you and your books. This is simply because they know how important it is to have a good education; they know that the key to building a new and better future is a good education.”. The former scholarship holder said that while academics are important, extra- curricular activities are equally as important. He also encouraged the students to know their Creator. The Public Service Union was formed in 1942 and was registered as the Civil Service Association on the 21st February, 1954. The name change to the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Public Service Union was made in 1981.




Painful period for SVG womenÊs cricket cause. Jack, 31,one of SVG’s most successful female THE ST. VINCENT AND THE players, is said to have GRENADINES Cricket had serious problems Association is set to with team officials even hunker down over the next prior to leaving here for few days, seeking a way the regional tournament. out of the perceived According to one source, calamity which resulted in this was evident with one senior member of the what is described as “a women’s team, parting serious outburst” at a company with the squad in match at the Buccament acrimonious Playing Field. circumstances. Reports say that Problems are plentiful former captain Cordel Jack walked out of the Manager of Survivors SVG camp in Grenada Club, Jack’s club, during the West Indies Wendell Glasgow, Women’s tournament, speaking on radio last after what is being weekend, indicated that described as a protracted Jack had been pushed to row with team members take the action because and officials. she had little support in One source told THE the team. VINCENTIAN that prior He went on to list a to the final action by the number of problems player, there were a plaguing the SVG number of back and women’s team. forths, some of which, Glasgow said that the according to the consumption of alcohol is individual who was a problem in the team, speaking on reported and pointed to one information, got nasty situation which, and personal with according to him, references to sexuality resulted in one player, on and alcohol consumption a flight back home from forming part of the root a tour a few years ago,

Cordel Jack is reported to have parted company with the national female cricket team while on duty in Grenada.


Denis Byam, Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee and Second vice-president of the SVGCA, is expected to be called into action.

Symantha Lynch had earlier voiced her disappointment about being left out of the national squad.

Byam, is head of the Disciplinary Committee. A few weeks ago Jack, in an interview with Action awaits reports THE VINCENTIAN, had raised concerns with A source from the Cricket Association said certain aspects of the being so intoxicated that the years, had been women’s game here. that they will have to omitted for no reason her team mates “had to The former West wait until reports are whatsoever. tell the air hostess not Indies player suggested received from both He said there was no to give her anymore that more attention manager, Josette reasonable explanation alcohol for fear of her needs to be given to the Cambridge, and coach, given as to why the opening the emergency sport, and some cricket player, Samantha Lynch, Kenroy Martin, before door.” officials have shown little proceeding on the Jack According to Glasgow, was not selected. interest in the issue. They, however, Reports say that the selectors and manager have not done a Lynch had been overseas indicated that the matter development of the sport, and little respect for the will be dealt with fully, when the team was good job with the team, players. with all parties given a selected but had and he highlighted the A frustrated Jack, at chance to give their side indicated her situation where one the time, had hinted at of the story. availability. Glasgow player, who he said had Second vice-president retirement from the contributed greatly over said that provisions could game. of the SVGCA, Denis have been made for the player to meet the team in Grenada.

Kiddy Cricket taken to another level THE SKILLS OF YOUNG CRICKETERS involved in the Scotia Bank Kiddy Cricket programme here will be greatly enhanced following a one-week Kiddy Cricket Camp organized by the West Indies Cricket Board, in conjunction with Scotia Bank, the sponsor of the Kiddy Cricket programme. Coordinator of the camp, Stanley ‘Gunny’ Hinds said

the inaugural Kiddy Cricket Summer Camp will see the top 60 children from the 54 schools, which have participated in the local Kiddy Cricket programme. Hinds explained that in the local programme, participants were exposed to basic cricket skills. He is hopeful that “from the Camp there will be an elite batch that will advance to

Stanley ‘Gunny’ Hinds, Camp Coordinator (2nd from left) with coaches (from left) Clayton Barnet, Ian Allen, Uza Pope and Bertram Stapleton.

the grass root programme for players 12 years and over.” The former national and Combined Islands off spinner views this as signs of “continuity in cricket development for the young talented players throughout the West Indies.” The Camps, in addition to cricket skills, will focus on injury prevention, nutrition, drugs in sports, personal hygiene, and a viewing of the Fire in Babylon video, the story of the period of West Indies supremacy in world cricket. The St. Vincent camp is one of eight camps that will be held simultaneously across the region, the others being in St Kitts, Antigua, St Lucia, Dominica, Grenada, Anguilla and Montserrat.

Participants in the 2013 Kiddy Cricket. Left: Participants going through a bowling drill.

Norman Cumberbatch, a representative of Scotia Bank, said they are pleased to be

part of the initiative in taking the programme to another level. The coaches availing their expertise to the camp are Bertram Stapleton, Uza Pope, Clayton Barnet and Ian Allen. I.B.A.ALLEN




Keith Joseph still running after finish line

Keith Joseph – a case of déjà vu. by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT SIXTEEN YEARS AFTER BEING brought down by way of a vote of no confidence, Track and Field lead official Keith Joseph appears to be running afoul of his affiliates again. Reports say that Joseph is well into his second fouryear term, despite being elected for one such period. According to reports, Joseph has indicated that he is awaiting the auditors, report before calling the long overdue meeting. However, one member of the executive, Vice-president Leroy Llewellyn, upon being reminded that affiliates were promised the meeting after the London Olympics, noted that one year after the event, there has been no such meeting, and stated that he was not in support for this delay.

Dr. Lennox Adams – too busy to serve.

Llewellyn said that in a recent letter to the president, he had demanded, inter alia, that the General Meeting be called in the soonest possible time. Interestingly, though, Llewellyn went on record as stating, that while he cannot support the current situation, in his opinion “Keith Joseph was the best person to be president” of Team Athletics SVG. “Joseph knows how to get things done, and he knows the ins and outs of the sport,”” Llewellyn said. Sources say that affiliates, fed up with the current situation, have already been contacting possible candidates to replace Joseph. One such person canvassed was former president Dr. Lennox Adams. The former national athlete told THE

Mike Ollivierre – will serve wherever the affiliates might want him to.

VINCENTIAN he had been contacted but was too busy with other matters and therefore, was in no position to return to administration. Another person showing interest is another former president, Aubrey Burgin, who laments the state of the sport, and was scathing on those who he said were “in it just for the trip” and not with the best interest of the sport in mind. And yet another former executive member, Michael ‘Mercy’ Ollivierre, has been mentioned as a possible candidate but has been coy on the idea. He views his role as contributing where affiliates may wish him to serve. In April 1997, nine clubs instigated a successful vote of No- Confidence against an executive led by Joseph. They accused the executive

then of compromising the constitution of the then SVG Amateur Athletics Association-SVGAAA, pointing to: the composition of the Executive as not constituting an Executive quorum; failing to hold the quarterly general meetings for more than four years; presiding over a sport that had become stagnant for a decade; not providing information on sponsorship and no financial statements for more than four years; usurping of the Treasuer’s duties by the President and General Secretary. Joseph was booted from office and an interim committee led by Garth Saunders. Burgin was later elected as president. But tables turned again, and Joseph was returned to the helm.

Bequia B’Ball Round-up WARRIAZ TURNED UP their form when they bounced past Rising Stars in a First Division encounter in the Vita Malt Bequia Basketball Tournament, last weekend in Bequia. Tyson Joseph, with 22 points, 12 rebounds, 2 assists and 3 steals, assured Warrizaz’s 71 — 66 victory, even though Rising Stars’ Kristin Lamkin had a game high of 26 points, to continue his good individual form.. In the other First Division weekend match, a low scoring match, East Blazers defeat Gladiatorz 46 to 33. East Blazers was led by Shavia Farrell led with 10 points for East Blazer and Cosmus Hackshaw, 15 points for Gladiatorz. In the lone Second Division, Rising Stars II and Wizards threw up what was the most exciting match-up for the weekend. When the final whistle was blown, Rising Stars II had registerted 65 points to their opponents’ 63. Sharas Doyle dominated for Rising Stars II with 29 points. In the Under-16 Division, Hawks defeated Titans 41 to 16. Jadley Bynoe and Cody Compton shared the honours for the Hawks with 12 points each. Leading scorer for Titans was Kirsty Bailey with 10 points. Also in the Under 16 division, Rockets defeated Hornets 34 to 32. Leading scorer for Rockets was Keron George with 11 points, while Hornets’ leading scorer was Lennox Ince also with 11 points. Titans sealed a winning weekend with a 38 to 35 victory over Hornets, with Kirsty Bailey showing good form with 19 points and 12 rebounds. The leading scorer for Hornets was Anthony Thomas with 20 points. Still in the Under 16 division, Hawks also sealed a double victory when they beat Young Wizards, 46 to 25. Leading scorer for Hawks was Cody Compton sttod out once again with with 20 points for Hawks and Young Wizards with 14 points. Matches continue this weekend at the Clive Tannis Hard Court. I.B.A.ALLEN

Bentick is top of his game McKie praises ‘Break Away Masters’ THE OECS HAD THEIR best results in the Vet’s Category of the recently concluded Caribbean Area Squash Association (CASA) senior championships , when James Bentick took the

Men’s Over 40 Champion. He disposed of Garfield Wiltshire (Guyana) 11/7, 11/9, 9/11, 11/8, Mark Sealey (Barbados) 11/6, 1/11, 11/7, 13/11, and Peter Pirtheesingh (Trinidad) 11/6, 11/4, 11/1, on his way to claiming the Caribbean title to add to his Masters titles in Barbados and Trinidad. The 2013 CASA Senior Championship was played between August 11 and 17 in Georgetown, Guyana. And when games were over, Guyanese Nicolette Fernandes and Jamaican Chris Binnie had retained their number one positions. And at the end of James Bentict rules the Over 40 the day, Guyana category among squash players had taken both Men and Female team in the Caribbean area.

titles. The Championship featured teams from Trinidad, Jamaica, Cayman, Barbados, OECS and host Guyana. As far as the OECS Men’s team was concerned, only Vincentian Kevin Bailey managed any match wins and he ended the Championship with an improved ranking, moving from 20 to 15. Jules Snagg , Jason Doyle, Eswhann Adams (SVG) and Dion Anselm (BVI) were the other members of the OECS Senior Men’s team. Sherian Slater (SVG) also had a creditable second place in the Women’s over 50, and Winston Findlay (BVI) placed 3rd in the over 60 category. The SVG mean’ team will remain in training for the Commonwealth Games 2014. The 2014 Senior CASA will be held in Barbados.

by PATMOS RICHARDS THE BREAK AWAY Football Masters, an offshoot of the original ‘Master Fraternity’ which was established in the 1980s, came in for high praises from Minister of Sports and Culture, the Honourable Cecil ‘Ces’ Mc Kie. Mc Kie was at the time delivering an official address last week Saturday 10th at the Grammar School Playing Field, to mark the opening of the Break Away Masters third firms Invitational Football Tournament. Minister Mc Kie alluded to Break Away Masters’ experience and expertise in successfully completing previous tournaments, and challenged the sporting entity to continue its good works. The original sponsor, Digicel, will not be alone in this year’s tournament. There are two additional sponsors, namely Aero Post and Corea’s Inc. At Saturday’s official opening, which was marked by a penalty shootout, brief addresses prior to this activity also came from president of the Football Federation, Venold Coombs, and the representatives of the

Break Away Masters host yet another Football Masters Tournament. three sponsors. All the speakers gave their support to the Break Away Masters interest and development of football in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Sixteen (16) teams will participate in two groups of the Digicel — Aeropost — Corea’s Break Away Master firms Invitational Football Tournament 2013. Group One comprises Combined Banks, Prime Minister’s Office, SVG Coast Guard, Bonadies, C.K. Greaves, SVG Port Authority, VINLEC and newcomers Gibsons Building Supplies. Group Two includes Transport and Works, ECGC, Media House, Post Office, Customs and Excise, E.D. Laynes and CWSA. Digicel are the defending champs. The tournament kicked off in earnest Sunday, August 11, at the Grammar School Playing Field, the official venue.




Sion Hill says thanks to ‘The General’ by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT ‘MOREY’, ‘Skip’, ‘General’ are some of the names which the venerable Elliot Millington, former national footballer and coach, is addressed by on the “Hill’. ‘Morey’ captained the St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ senior national football team for a decade. He is considered the country’s most complete footballer by many “in the know” powerful kicker with both feet, excellent header of the ball, expansive knowledge of the game . And last week, the newly formed Friends of Sion Hill and the Sion Hill Football Club came together to award the outstanding player for his years of service in the ‘Green and Black’, the colours of the Sion Hill community. The recognition took place during the Second Annual Vincy Unity Picnic, held last Saturday at Heckscher State Park in Long Island, New York.

The Millington pedigree ‘Morey’ came from a family steeped in football tradition. He began his illustrious career with Somerset B, the smaller team of the Somerset Club for which his brothers Irvin, Bonnie, Edgerton and Ken had already made their mark.

Irvin and Bonnie, the older siblings, were regulars in the team, with the former also playing good enough cricket to be on the verge of wearing national colours at both cricket and football. However, his career came to a halt and then to a stop, when he answered a call by to the National Bulk Carriers with an offer of employment. Bonnie also went that way. Ken, known as ‘Targie’, who moved on to play as a midfielder with Honveds, won national attention and subsequent selection with his smooth and skilful play. He was rated highly by all who saw him perform at the Victoria Park -the home of national football. He and Edgerton, a defender, soon migrated, leaving the Millington name to be carried by ‘Morey’ and his younger brother Osbourne, fondly known as ‘Sheen’. ‘Sheen’, at an early age, had already begun to display remarkable football skill. It was a great sight to behold the tiny ‘Sheen” running through the legs of the late Vibert Dublin and Glen Gooding, both teachers, on the Sion Hill Playing Field, now the home of the St. Vincent Technical College. A younger brother, Bernard, also made his mark at the club level but never challenged for national selection.

‘Morey’ rise Reports say that there were no early indications that ‘Morey’ would rise to national and regional prominence in football, since during those formative years his initial love was cricket. He opened the bowling for the Sion Hill Government School which passed fifty years on May 7th 2013, and batted number six in a team captained by Monty Warner. His switch to football saw the coming through of a natural player. He made the National Youth team in 1974 and rushed into the senior team one year later. Two years after making his senior national debut, Elliot ‘Morey’ Millington, in a move which stunned many outside of Sion Hill, was appointed country captain in a match against Barbados. He was to hold this ten years until his and retirement. His brother ‘Sheen’ replaced him in that position. During his tenure, with heaps of detractors always baying for blood, ‘Morey’ remained dignified is his role and led by example. Combining knowledge with an allround game beyond compare, spiced with passion, admirable work ethics and an impeccable disciplinary record, ‘Morey’ cut an

team, considered by some of the largest many as a good running crowds ever seen at the team but with little ball Victoria Park. skill, was transformed in It was this the 1980s into one of the contribution, one to most formidable units, community and a nation under the guidance of as a whole, which moved the erstwhile ‘Morey’ the Sion Hill Community who carried out duties as to honour one of their captain and coach. most famous sons, last Under him, Sion Hill week. took on and beat the best ‘Morey’, who migrated Elliot ‘Morey’ Millington teams in domestic to the USA with his displays the plaque of competitions, winning family a few years ago, is appreciated he received the national titles in said to be battling kidney from the Friends of 1987 and 1988 and going problems. He however, Sion Hill and the Sion on to play in the CFU remains in high spirit, Hill Football Club. Club Championships. and expressed gratitude They also won for the appreciation imposing figure on any invitational floodlight shown by the people from field with an air of grace. competitions and drew ‘The Hill’. Under him, SVG won the Popham Cup, supremacy of Windward Islands Football, placed second in the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) competition in 1979 and 1981, beating top Caribbean teams, TnT, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Suriname on the way. When his playing days SVG, with four defeats in their five games in the waned, he was appointed preliminary round, seems set to be eliminated from national coach, and is the next round of competition in the inaugural still the most successful CONCACAF U-15 Championship. national coach, having The Championship, on the way in the Cayman taken the country to five Islands, set SVG in Group D, along with Haiti, El consecutive Caribbean Salvador, Antigua and Barbuda, Puerto Rico and tournaments. Martinique. In their first outing, against Antigua and His mark on Sion Hill Barbuda, the Vincentian lads dominated the play but missed a number of chances at goal, and went Sion Hill football under 1 — nil, the goal coming in the dying stages of the game. SVG went under yet again to El Salvador, 4 goals to 1. It took El Salvador 23 minutes to break the deadlock through Juan Martinez. Josue` Melendez doubled in the 43rd and 49th, and El has adopted the opposite side of Salvador’s victory was put beyond doubt when the road which borders a river, Carlos Herrara Romero struck in the 64th. SVG’s and has planted banana and consolation strike came from the foot of Kaicy coconut trees along that side, to Penniston in the 69th minute. boost the appearance of the Rattled, SVG took a trouncing from Puerto Rico, entrance into capital, Kingstown. going under by a margin of 6 goals to mil. Details According to a statement from of the encounter were unavailable. the GTC, the project is, in fact, a They suffered their fourth straight defeat when direct response to the widespread they went under to Haiti 2-nil. Reports say that littering with the boxes and the Vincentians put up a better showing, but glasses used by fast food allowed goals in the 49th minute, which captain operators. Deron Rouse did his best to avert, and in the 58th GTC has issued a challenge to minute when a fierce strike was the result of a the fast food franchises and other failed clearance by the Vincentian defence. fast food operations to follow its There were no results up to press time for the lead and provide bins like the six Vincentians final encounter against Martinique. placed outside GTC, and which are emptied twice a week by private service provider. I.B.A.ALLEN

GTC: Keeping it clean THE GRASSROOT TENNIS CLUB (GTC) has added another community-improving project to its mission, with the launch of ‘Just Bin It’. The project, the placement of six garbage bins outside its headquarters on Murray’s Road, was undertaken with the generous support and community spiritedness of Mr Dennis Joshua of Alhap Customs and Shipping, Mr. Lloyd ‘Orey’ Cox of Oreys Body Work Shop and Mr Conroy Deacon of Deacon Trucking Services. The project is quite simple in its intention: to encourage Vincentians to be good citizens by

throwing their litter into receptacles provided for this purpose. “One simply has to follow the instructions and the blue arrow and just bin it,” says Grant Connell, Director of GTC. “It’s one thing to tell people ‘don’t litter’, but how can they when there are no receptacles provided? This is particularly noticeable in the capital itself where gutters and drains are used in the absence of proper garbage bins,” complained Connell. The bins are expected to encourage persons to keep the area clean, and in addition, GTC

A formidable Sion Hill Football team which ‘Morey’ (2nd from left back row) coached and captained.

SVG U-15 footballers outplayed





ALVIN “LEADER ROBERTS” BOSTON ROBERTS Sunrise: 2nd November, 1941 - Sunset: 8th August, 2013 Church of the Transfiguration Lowmans Hill Spiritual Baptist Rite Wednesday 21st August, 2013 2:30 p.m. MARIE LOUISE YOUNG Better known as Marma or Auntie Marie Apostolic Faith Mission Campden Park Saturday 17th August, 2013 Service at 2:30 p.m.

WALTER EDWARDS Glad Tidings Tabernacle Gomea Wednesday 21st August, 2013 3:00 p.m.

MRS. ELLEN LENSARO SUTHERLAND Sunrise: 27th November, 1915 Sunset: 7th August, 2013 Holy Trinity Parish Church Monday 26th August, 2013 2:00 p.m.

BRO. SAMUEL ELKANAH YOUNG Sunrise: 11th October, 1913 - Sunset: 9th August, 2013 Ebenezer Gospel Hall Sunday 18th August, 2013 2:30 p.m.

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AUGUST 23, 2013

Travis Williams of Diamond

VOLUME 107, No.34

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James, told THE VINCENTIAN, “We are relentless in pursuit of Justice for ACTING Commissioner of Police Michael victims of serious crimes. Murder Charles has commended his men, as well cases are not closed, and we are as citizens who assisted in any way depending on information from possible in the recent cracking of a citizens to assist us in the fight number of homicides, including one against crime”. dated as far back as June 2011. James assured, “Investigations into The top cop’s comments came on all unsolved homicides are ongoing.” Wednesday, two days after four men On Monday, Travis Williams, a 25appeared at the Kingstown year-old mason of Diamond, appeared Magistrate’s Court on Monday, on before Magistrate Rechanne Browneseparate charges of murder. Mathias at the Kingstown Magistrate’s “As any Commissioner would feel Court, charged with the murder of when there is a breakthrough with Grafton Hutchinson, a 71-year-old investigations, even in cases of petit businessman of Stubbs. Hutchinson thefts, I am elated,”Charles told THE died after reportedly being struck in VINCENTIAN. the head with a claw hammer at He added, “I want to give Stubbs between June 19 and 20, 2011. Vincentians the assurance that the Shunna Jack, a 30-year-old mason, police will do all in their powers to and Rackene Maingot, a 19-year-old bring crime down”. farmer, both of Layou, were also before Charles, who took up duties as Magistrate Browne-Mathias on Acting Commissioner on July 16 this Monday. They were charged jointly year, after Commissioner of Police with the murder of 46-year-old Keith Miller proceeded on prelabourer Steve Douglas of Layou, by retirement leave, had, shortly after his beating him about the body with a appointment, urged Vincentians to cutlass and striking him on the head “work hand in hand to make St. with a bottle. The matter stems from Vincent and the Grenadines a better an incident at Layou around 4 p.m. on place.” August 13, 2013. When contacted earlier this week, Thirty-five-year-old farmer Ian Head of the Criminal Investigation Gould of Lowmans Leeward, appeared Department (CID), Assistant in the same court on Monday accused Superintendent of Police (ASP) Sydney

Rackene Maingot of Layou

Ian Gould of Mourn Rounde


for Acting Commissioner of Police Michael Charles promised that the police will do all to effect a decrease in crime here.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Sydney James, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), assured that investigations into all unsolved homicides were ongoing.

murdering 47-year-old Troumaca So far, 19 homicides have been farmer Owen Pompey. Pompey was recorded for the year. Five remain reportedly stabbed about the body with a knife at Morne Ronde, on the North unsolved. Twenty-eight (28) homicides were Leeward side of the country, around recorded for 2012, compared to 21 for 4:30 pm. August 12, 2013. 2011 and 25 for 2010.

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