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The National Newspaper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines


OCTOBER 19 2012

VOLUME 106, No. 42



Justice Bruce-Lyle had some stern words for the young men as well as their parents.

,DARRON SHALLOW 20, and Jolaney David, a 22-year-old mechanic, have been put on curfew for five years. They must not leave their homes between 6:00pm and 5:00am for that period. The unprecedented restriction was imposed by Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle at last Wednesday’s (October 17) sitting of the Criminal Assizes. In addition, Justice BruceLyle ruled that should they appear before the courts within that period and are found guilty of any offence, including breaking the curfew, they or their parents will have to pay $10,000 or they will spend ten years in jail. Bruce-Lyle warned the youngsters that the Police could visit their home at anytime, and cautioned the youngsters: “One mistake, and it’s ten years in prison.” The judge also had stern words for Shallow’s mother and David’s father. He summoned them to the dock after lecturing the youngsters.

Pleas for leniency The Justice had listened to pleas of leniency from defence lawyers Ronald marks for Shallow and Jaundy Martin on David’s behalf. Marks outlined that Shallow had deepened his

commitment to his Church since the incident. He pointed out that “neither of these two was the mastermind,” adding that “the plot was hatched by ‘South’” and “he (‘South’) has paid the price with his life.” Marks pointed to the incident as something from which young people can learn. Darron Shallow changed his “Either of these young men plea to not guilty to the charge could have been dead,” Marks of possession of a firearm. stated. He begged the Judge to give his client a “second chance,” adding, “He has shown by his action that he prepared to uplift himself,.. and would be able to speak to other young people so that they wouldn’t make the same mistake.” Martin painted a picture which outlined David’s character as “quiet and reserved,” pointing out that ‘South’ had befriended David who at that time was an apprentice at his father’s mechanic shop. Martin noted that David had fallen prey to ‘South’s’ influence, and stated that no one else beside ‘South’ knew what was going on. “The perpetrator dragged these persons into his plan,” Martin pointed out, and asked the Judge to “temper justice with mercy” by imposing a Jolaney David – his lawyer non-custodial sentence. claimed he had fallen under the influence of the man killed in Continued on Page 3. the foiled robbery attempt.


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News 3 Five-year curfew for would-be robbers Continued from Frontpage.

surrounding the incident. The two accused were among four who boarded a car at Belmont on the Change of pleas night of Friday, October 22. They were expected to head for a beach party. Shallow and David had pleaded not They stopped at Chewee’s Chill and guilty at first to four counts including Grill sometime in the early hours of attempted robbery. Their charges Saturday, July 23, where they bought stemmed from an incident at Chewee’s three bottles of water, the proprietor, Chill and Grill, Villa, on Saturday, Truman Quashie, serving them July 23, 2011. himself. At around 3:10am, the The two accused faced four charges quartet rolled into action. but last Wednesday, they changed They were all armed, but before their pleas. Both men pleaded guilty to their guns could begin blazing, ‘South’ attempted robbery. Shallow pleaded was shot and killed by an alert guilty, while David pleaded not guilty Quashie. to charges inclusive of possession of a The others including a 15-year-old, firearm, and possession of a firearm escaped, but the getaway car could not and ammunition, without licence be used. The keys to that rental Director of Public Prosecutions vehicle were in the dead man’s pocket. Colin Williams was “reluctant” to Director of Public Prosecutions accept the not guilty pleas by David. Colin Williams noted that the offences Williams outlined the facts carried stiff penalties. He pointed out,

Justice Bruce-Lyle to “give him (David) a chance.”

Colin Williams, DPP, was reluctant to accept any change of plea. Pointing out that for the men there were many opportunities lost, but that his client can still do better, he urged

AS WE COME to the end of our brief series on Kingstown, we are especially privileged to have the opportunity to share this rather ‘hard-to-come-by’ photograph. It is a photograph of a painting of Kingstown, with a particular detailed

impression of the harbor with its calm waters, as it was in the early 19th century. The painting was put on display at Sotheby’s, London, the international Auction House, known for its display and sale of

famous works of art. The photograph is also credited to Sotheby’s. The supporting text for the painting, guarantees that the work is an accurate artistic impression of Kingstown at the time mentioned.

Both man and nature have wrought their changes on the landscape of Kingstown over the last two centuries or so, and we are thankful for impressions like these that afford us the opportunity to judge those changes.

however, that “each situation is tailored by the specifics.” The DPP made it plain that sentencing was outside his domain, and stated: “I do not venture into the realms of sentencing.”

Strong words for the accused Justice Bruce-Lyle scolded the youngsters for having brought shame on their parents. The Judge noted Shallow’s performance at the Common Entrance and asked: “This is what you want to do with your life?” Pointing to David, Justice BruceLyle indicated that the family mechanic shop was there for his inheritance. But the Justice did not seem pleased with the men’s action, and burst out, “He should have shot all of you.” He described the youngsters as “menaces to society”, but acknowledged that they were “influenced by ‘South’ ” and that “you have been traumatized by this. I know.” Bruce-Lyle revealed that he knew the proprietor as a hardworking man, who had suffered at the hands of robbers on several occasions. He threatened to send the accused men to jail, but that measure was altered because “South was shot.” “Too many of our youngsters are qualifying as criminals,” Bruce Lyle added. There was a period of silence, broken only when the Judge announced his imposition.




An understandably pleased Dr. Ralph Gonsalves led a tour of sporting facilities in his constituency.

Major playing field development taking place eight acres of land on which the facility is being constructed. Works included the construction of roads leading to and from the playing field, and the demolition of banks to get a flat playing surface. Funding was sourced through the now disbanded Social Development Fund (SIF) and from the NLA. The project is scheduled to be complete by December 2012.


South Rivers

WHEN THE SPORTING FACILITIES are complete in Park Hill and South Rivers, the constituency of North Central Leeward is expected to be home to two of the best playing fields in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This is the promise of Prime Minister and representative for the constituency, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. Dr. Gonsalves made the statement during a tour of the facilities last week Friday, October 12. The touring party included government officials, representatives of the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) and media personnel.

A ten minute drive from Park Hill took the touring party to South Rivers. There they were greeted by a lush green field almost ready for use, and a facility for seating spectators, equipped with modern toilet facilities, bathing area and changing rooms. Funded by the Government of Taiwan and the NLA, the South Rivers sporting facility is also estimated to cost EC$2 million and, is expected to be commissioned in December. Dr. Gonsalves reminded the touring party that the refurbished field was the one on which top sportsmen like Deighton Butler, Cameron Cuffy and Lindon James developed their talent. He mused that perhaps the facility could be called the Cuffy/Butler Sporting Facility since the two have played for the West Indies cricket team.

Park Hill At the first stop at Park Hill, the touring party observed ongoing work on the construction of a pavilion, and preparatory work on the playing area. According to Dr. Gonsalves, the Park Hill facility is estimated to cost EC$2 million, inclusive of EC$800,000 which went towards the purchase of the

An elated PM A visibly beaming Dr. Gonsalves told the touring party that with the already in use Georgetown playing field

Work continues apace on the playing area at the Park Hill facility. Right: The pavilion at the Park Hill facility under construction. and the playing fields in Cumberland, Park Hill and South Rivers are expected to host local and regional matches, and even internationals, along with other cultural activities. “You will have more people who would come and watch it (cricket) in South Rivers and Park Hill and Georgetown and at Cumberland when it’s finished, than you will have watching it at Arnos Vale,” he noted Addressing the position being touted that it was only because he was Prime Minister why such facilities were being provided in Park Hill and South Rivers, he admitted that “there might be some truth to it,” but added, “I can’t help being the Prime Minister , I can’t help being the Minister of Finance, and I can’t help it that I am the representative for the area. The people in the area get the benefit and the burden,” the burden being that he is not very frequent in the constituency, the benefit being the people get the services they

The playing surface at the South Rivers facility. Below: The pavilion at the South Rivers facility is all but complete.

need. The NLA did not escape the purview of the Prime Minister’s comment, that institution coming in for high commendation. His confidence in the attraction and standard of the facilities was re-endorsed with

his expressed hope of seeing Darren Sammy playing on one of the fields. Dr. Gonnsalves was first elected representative for the North Central Windward constituency in 1994. He has been re-elected on four subsequent occasions.




Another DJ gunned down

YET ANOTHER JAMAICAN Dancehall artiste has gone the way of the bullet. Veteran deejay, Wayne ‘Captain Barkey’ Hamilton, fifty years old, was shot and killed outside a Bronx motel in New York on Saturday, October 13. Captain Barkey’s female companion, 38-year-old Tracy Bennett, was also killed during the incident, NYPD reported. The NYPD also indicated that the couple was shot by Bennett’s exboyfriend, name given as Joseph Kernizan, a 42year-old Haitian who has two children with Bennett. Up to the time of her death, police confirmed that Bennett had had a restraining order on Kernizan. The New York Daily News (newspaper) reported that the NYPD was able to make a clear identification of the assailant after viewing video footage captured by the hotel’s closed circuit TV. In a graphic description of what

transpired, police told news personnel that Hamilton and Bennett were about to leave the motel in Bennett’s white Toyota Camry when they were attacked. “The killer was waiting when the couple emerged from the Holiday Motel around 3:10 am, and he blasted more than two dozen bullets at the helpless duo,” the New York Daily News reported witnesses and police as saying. According to the Daily News, “Hamilton hopped from the passenger seat and tried to escape the hail of bullets that cut him down just outside the motel office”. “The suspect then turned his pistol on the weeping Bennett as she stood next to her parked sedan, its motor still running,” the newspaper report added. Both the Daily News and the New York Post reported witnesses as saying that Bennett pleaded for her life before she, too, was shot

Wayne ‘Captain Barkey’ Hamilton had apparently previously taunted his lover’s former partner in a song called ‘Nah Lef Joe’.

dead. ‘Captain Barkey’ was a veteran of the sound system circuit. He had a few minor hits before topping local charts 16 years ago with ‘Go Go Wine’, after which he scored with ‘Bun Fi Bun’. He eventually partnered with fellow deejay Wickerman (real

Left: Tracy C Bennett is said to have received two bullets of more than a dozen witnesses said they heard. Inset: Police suspect Joseph Kernizan of murdering Ms Bennett. He was still on the run up to press time (Wednesday).

name David Taylor) and the duo put out a number of hits, recording for giant dancehall producers King Jammys and Steelie and Clevie.

Plane crash investigations continue REPORTS OUT OF ANTIGUA say that investigations are continuing into the plane crash that claimed the lives of three Caribbean nationals, and seriously injured a British national at the VC Bird International airport in Antigua on Sunday, October 7. Donald MacField, Director of the Antiguanbased Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCA), told news persons that the

investigations could take some time and therefore, he refrained from giving any timeline. The crash involved a nine-seater Fly Montserrat BrittenNorman BN2 A Islander aircraft that was destined for Montserrat. Eye witnesses say that it lost height immediately after becoming airborne and crashed onto rainslicked Runway Seven, shortly after takeoff. The pilot, Antiguan Jason Forbes, was

The remains of the Fly Montserrat Britten-Norman BN2 A Islander aircraft that crashed at the V.C. Bird Int’l Airport, Antigua.

pronounced dead on the scene. The Antigua Observer (newspaper) reported that a 50-year-old Guyanese woman, reportedly travelling to Montserrat to visit her daughter, and Annya Duncan, a Jamaican teacher at the Montserrat Secondary School, also died in the tragedy. The sole survivor was a British national, who was said to be in stable condition at Antigua’s

Mount St John’s Medical Centre. The accident is believed to be the first major aviation incident in Antigua since a plane nosedived into the sea at Dutchman’s Bay in the 1980s. Fly Montserrat resumed its regular service on Monday, October 8, between Antigua, Montserrat and St. Kitts.

The cruise ship port at Falmouth is not the revenue generating prospect for small Jamaican operators, as it was promised to be.

Cruise Ship Industry leaves bitter taste TOWNSPEOPLE in the old Jamaican sugar port of Falmouth are complaining that the tourists stay far away from the local people. The many Jamaicans who were encouraged to set up shop to offer t-shirts, wooden figurines, beach towels, among a host of local products, are shouting loudly to the authorities that, “We’re on the losing end. “We were promised that we’d be able to show people our Jamaican heritage, sell our crafts. But most of the tourists stay far away from the local people,” said Asburga Harwood, an independent tour guide and community historian. The Jamaica Port Authority and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. had pitched the $220 million port at Falmouth as a place where passengers would dive into the historic city for “a wraparound experience not unlike Colonial Williamsburg, but one that is infused with the signature warmth of the Jamaican people.” Locals were told the tourists might spend more than $100 each. Far from that, claim the operators. According to the operators, including taxi drivers, not many of the cruise ship visitors even venture beyond the terminal’s gates, unless it’s in one of the buses that whisk them past increasingly disgruntled vendors and taxi drivers. While some stakeholders in the cruise ship industry point to the injection annually of some millions of dollars into the economies of the Caribbean, there are others in the industry, especially the small operators who have been encouraged to invest hard-to-come-by money, that the industry produces relatively little local revenue because so many passengers dine, shop and purchase heavily marked-up shore excursions on the boats. All of this sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

V PM accused of being untruthful 6. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2012. THE VINCENTIAN


Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonslaves was adamant in his stance that he had heard the West Kingstown MP express certain sentiments. by KENVILLE HORNE MEMBER of Parliament for West Kingstown, Daniel Cummings has accused Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves of making an untruthful statement in Parliament. The Prime Minister had claimed in the Thursday, October 11 sitting of

Parliament that he heard Cummings stating, in a previous sitting, that he is opposed to the construction of the Diagnosis Center in Georgetown, because it is in the La Soufriere belt. However, Cummings denied making any such statement, and challenged Dr. Gonsalves to produce the tape with such a statement, since if such a statement does not exist on record, then the Prime Minister would be guilty of speaking an untruth about another member of parliament, a breach of law under the standing orders. Dr. Gonsalves remained resolute in his decision. “I said I heard him. He ask that I produce a tape, I don’t go about taping the speeches. He (Cummings) said that he did not say it, well I said that he say it, he said he didn’t say it. That’s a political matter for the people to believe or not to believe. This doesn’t attach to any integrity in relation to any matter in the house,” the Prime Minister retorted. The Prime Minister further warned Cummings not to elevate a subject to any different matter which it is not. And even though he confessed that he did not have a recording of the statement, Gonsalves claimed he had a recollection of what was said, and he would even repeat what he said publicly. “Let him sue me, because there is no character issue involved here, none whatsoever,” Dr. Gonsalves asserted.

Hendrick Alexander, Speaker of the House, sought to quiet MP Cummings by insisting that he had already ruled on the matter.

The Speaker rules The Speaker of the House, Hendrick Alexander eventually intervened, reminding Cummings that he had already ruled on the matter. However, the MP was not satisfied, and accused the Speaker of allowing the Prime Minister to speak an untruth on another member of parliament. The Speaker insisted that he had already ruled on the issue, but Cumming rose again to inform that he had another point to raise. “I am saying again, that you, Mr. Speaker, permitted the leader of government business to repeat a statement that is untruth, and in the process he is again committing an act contrary to the rules of the House” declared Cummings. A heated exchange ensued between the Speaker and Cummings. The Speaker demanded that Cummings take his seat, reiterating that “issue is finished, let’s move on,”

MP Daniel Cummings has promised that the matter will not go away anytime soon. which provoked some grumbling from the Opposition bench.

Cummings not satisfied In an interview with THE VINCENTIAN, the West Kingstown representative explained that parliament operates on precedent, and in all cases when someone makes an accusation and it is denied by the accused, it is the responsibility of the accuser to produce the evidence. Cummings is adamant that there is no such tape, “because I never made such a comment.” He downplayed any such suggestion that the Speaker did not understand the rules of the House. “He very well understands the standing order,” Cummings said. He feels the issue is not being handled in a fair manner, and threatened that he would not let the matter pass. “This would not be the last of it,” he promised.

V ‘Brother Fred’: FCIB Unsung Hero 2012



by KARISSA CLARKE Edward ‘Brother Fred’ Williams is the 2012 local CIBC/First Caribbean International Bank Unsung Hero. He was recognized and honored as such at a gala dinner held at Government House, on Saturday 13th October, during which he was awarded with a US$6,000 cheque to be put towards his cause. Aleithia Dickson, Local Coordinator of the Local Unsung Heroes Awards, encapsulated the measure of the man, ’Brother Fred’, when she said: “The summary of Edward Williams’ work and contribution is certainly not exhaustive. We still have not heard half of what he has done and continue to do to build his community and the numerous individuals’ lives he has touched. His life is an astonishing one, and even at this age and stage in his life, there’s no sign of his slowing down.”

Who is ‘Brother Fred’? Edward ‘Brother Fred’ Williams is a physically challenged man who committed his life to the selfless care of others, in particular young children. He was born on October 15th 1928, the 3rd of 6 children to Mathilda Williams. ‘Brother Fred’s illness first manifested itself when he was ten years old. He felt the first pain in his ankle. By age 16, his mobility had become severely restricted, and this would worsen as he succumbed to the throngs of the debilitating disease, polio. He spent the next fourteen months and twenty-three days in the hospital, following which he lived with his aunt. When that arrangement

became untenable, he was sent to the Leprosarium (Leper Home) located below Fort Charlotte, and then to the Lewis Punnett Home. He spent nineteen years between these institutions, and it was during that time he began his life service to others. He cooked, cleaned, made beds, told stories, recited poetry and made craft items from milk cartons. Soon, persons in the wider community came to know of his prowess, and they took to bringing him materials to transform into beautiful craft items. He would venture out on his own, taking up residence along the Fountain road. The community and passersby soon came to recognize and value this man, limited by his physically challenge, but who could turn out some of the best craft and household items anywhere in the country. And ‘Brother Fred’ also took to extending a service which many ablebodied persons find so physically and mentally demanding. He would, in his lifetime to date, raise five children singlehandedly. Having accepted Jesus Christ in 1959, he has led many souls to Christ. He has been very active in church, serving for 24 years as Steward, Temperance leader and Sunday School teacher. Upon accepting his award, Brother Fred spoke to the gathering, sharing the wide and varied knowledge he had accumulated throughout his life, and offering advice. “I am so honoured to be here. I wish that all who sit here and hear my voice will take Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, and I hope that persons who hear of His works will take Him into their hearts

tonight,” he admonished his audience. The name of Edward ‘Brother Fred’ Williams will be submitted for consideration as the Regional Unsung Hero. If he is so honoured, he will become the fourth

Vincentian to have attained such status. Edward ‘Brother Fred’ Williams addressing the gala dinner at which he was honoured as the 2012 CIBC/FCIB Unsung Hero.



Views The National Newspaper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Managing Editor: Desiree Richards Editor: Cyprian Neehall Telephone: 784-456-1123 Fax: 784-451-2129 Website: Email: Mailing Address: The Vincentian Publishing Co. Ltd., P.O. Box 592, Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Editorial The Literary Arts Industry OVER THE LAST TWO WEEKS or so, this country’s landscape has been awash with a display of the Vincentian Literary Arts industry, one might even say, literary genius. The Literary Fair, jointly hosted by the UWI Open Campus and the Association of Artists Writers and Producers, the Book Exhibition staged by the Writers Association, the separate launches of two publications, all compressed in a two-week period, may have been a mouthful and difficult to absorb all at once. But, regardless of its dosage, it was a refreshing revelation, in as much as it must have been a jolt for others, to come to grips with the fact that this country has come of age, is now home to a considerable number of published writers, and demonstrates a true literary culture. One is assured after viewing what was on display over the last two weeks, to declare that the local literary arts industry has never been more alive. Without going into detailing names and numbers of the many Vincentians who have moved from mere pen to paper to published works, whether in hard copy or through electronic conveyance, this is a period of immense proliferation of Vincentian artistry; for each published piece has its own style, its own persona, its own message, but a single commonality of being ours. It is, therefore, indisputable, if it was not so before, that this country has an abundance of talented writers. Surrounded by the beauty of nature and a unique culture, one wonders why, it seems, that it took this long for us to realize that our multi-island state is an inspiring place for the literary arts. What is now realized is an unearthing of traditions of poetry, storytelling, historical re-interpretation, informed by the many cultural backgrounds of a pot pourri of peoples coming together as one. The unique blend of these influences has produced lively and fascinating contemporary Vincentian literature; literature steeped in tales and interpretations of survival, exile, resistance, endurance, emigration, which has much to offer to the rest of the Caribbean, the Caribbean Diaspora and the rest of the world. As such, Vincentian literature now takes its rightful place within the broader Caribbean Literature, and has positioned itself to contribute to the post-colonial studies that will guide us to a genuine development as a unique people. And, in as much as we no longer have a shortage of those who have works to be published, as a nation, we have to see the next step as also being real and attainable. That next step is establishing a vibrant, local publishing industry. The publication of any piece of literature is as much a work of art as it is a financial investment. The published work becomes a product for sale, in a market place that is as competitive as the market place for beverages. Like any other industry, there is no sentimentality in the business of the Literary Arts industry. Once published, the literary work becomes a commodity. That many of our published writers have gone the route of self-publishing is commendable; it shows determination in wanting to get a piece of work published — a love for writing. It also allows for complete control over one’s work, inter alia, content and promotion, and presents an opportunity to earn some side money. However, there are risks involved in self-publishing that could well inform a move towards establishing local publishing entities. Self-publishing very often puts on the back burner, the financial investment that makes the published work possible. There is no recourse when the publication doesn’t sell; the writer absorbs all costs and therefore, all losses. And while self-publishing might be an opportunity to cross over to a mainstream, traditional publisher, it is a risk, even with the immensely popular e-trading avenues Amazon and Ebay, that could shorten, if not weaken, the reach of the work. So while we bask in the realization that a local literary culture is alive and well and working to impress our culture on the world, not to invest in all stages of the process could well mean having to compromise our uniqueness.

Giving peace a little chance THESE TWO WEEKS RUNNING up to the celebration of the thirty-third year of our Independence, I have decided to forego narrowly political themes, since we need space to embrace our national birthday, at least with some semblance of unity. So, for this week and the next, my column is devoted to a reprint of non-controversial and pleasant material. Let us enjoy the armistice! I therefore, present the VANS for three reasons: to lower the temperature at Independence; to provide a little mirth and joy; to pay tribute to Pastor Snow, my Jehovah Witness friend, whose life slipped away two years ago without my knowing. Snow had been an avid reader of my columns, and had rated these two articles on the Vans as a piece of inspired and captivating literature. I take the opportunity also to sing the praises of two Vincentians, now deceased, Dr. Kenneth Antrobus and Dr. Bernard Marshall, as well as the living Fitzroy Dowers who had taken the simple bus and van names to weave a fascinating and gripping story around them in verse.

forgetting to suggest that they return in “Easy Going” ! Apologies are also due to “An-Jo” for mentioning only “JoeAnn”.


Several men were outraged at having been left out, though no slight was intended. “Zarruck”, “Rus”, “Billy” and “Braid-E”, “Trevor”, “Bobby”, “Randy” and “Nolly”, all accosted me about the matter. On the other hand, the girls such as “Mary J”, “Annie B”, and “Jackie J” were as “Polite” as ever, saying that they were prepared to wait in their own words — “My Turn”. “Why Worry” they added, woman as well as “Man Must Live”. And to think how well-meaning my plan had been. My aim was to keep away men like “Rocky” who is “The Hardest”. “Kristo” who can “Stand Tall” in any “Uprising”, and “Z ippy J” who is known for his “Harder Touch” from molesting the likes of “Belle Vue Beauty”, sweet “Candy N” and especially the shy “Clite”. “Ball Head”, that “Young Blood” who delights in “Hard Play” had also to be kept a distance from the alluring “Black Joy” and the charming “Ayana” , both of whom sport shapes like figures “88” and suggest that the Van Driver, She’ll Take It Here gift of “Topaz” would be in order. Indeed, if I could, I would protect many of the You just cannot please everybody. Instead of fellows from themselves, particulars the funpraise, “Bloze” rained on me for failing to mention loving guys led by “Ral-E”, “Patrick”, “Nick-O” a number of van names which space did not and “Stand O” who just like to “Live Up”. This permit. four-some burn their candles at both ends, “48 And judging from the reckless way in which Hours” non-stop. When they go on the “Nightthe newcomers drive with the tearaway of a Beat” they invariably end up having to seek “Silver Arrow”, it must be obvious that they are “Refuge” with the “Night Nurse”, “Sister Greets”. itching to see themselves in “Black and White”, one way or another. Facing the Music In vain I tried to explain that I was practising “Economy”. But people seldom display Yes, there is “Little Love” in Mini-Bus affairs understanding and “Vision”. “Remarks” were nowadays, side by side with the riotous living that thrown at me, and at one time I was virtually leads to so many accidents and casualties, and the held “Hostage”. Some went so far as to suggest “Rat Race” which nobody wins. There has sprung that I was seeking “Fame”, for merely doing the up of late a budding religious strife lacking in job with “Honesty”. “Love and “Concorde”. Vying for “Power” and Quite a few accused me of applying “Different “Pride” of place are Rastaman “I Van”. “Chang” Strokes” in my “Enterprise” by dealing only with the Chinese, the “Spot Less” Muslim “Abdullah the so-called “Elite”, the supposedly “Top“and the “Boodah” himself, all hopelessly caught Ranking”. “The General” feeling was that I should up in this no-win situation. stop flying high like a “Falcon” and seize the When all is said and done, however, I would “Opportunity” to “Touch Down”. hate to be remembered as “The Upsetter” who Let me at once admit that some of the critics struck “Man Ice Cold” with a column that was have reason to complain. I cannot myself prepared to call a van a van , and not a ”Microunderstand how on earth I could have trotted out Bus” or “Maxi Taxi”. I would prefer that we join so many musical names and not say a word about “Mr Positive” in looking at the brighter side. the “Dee Jay” and, the “Piper” of music. “Hotspot”, In a sense, we are “Special”, and we now have one of our best music programmes on “Radio 705” “Layou Special” as well as “Hairoun Special” in escaped my notice, as did the band “Astericks” keeping with our Heritage. That takes us back to which is a real “Thriller” these days. “Roots”. Moreover, educationally, vans have Some of the old family names persist. The moved away from ‘Dan is the man in the van’. “Brother B’s” continue to grow; “Colours Return” Having begun with “ABC” we are cruising on now and there is now “Bigger Crucial”. Grease” has to “CXE” come on stream, running in the track of “Grease Altogether, this Van Business is pure Lightning” which featured last time without “Theatre”. And “That’s Me” in print for 1984. thunder which normally follows her. Meanwhile “Goodwill” and “Peace and Love” this Similarly it stands to reason that twinsChristmas season, and “Prosperity” for the New “Gemini” would travel together, yet I had Year. recommended passengers to go in “Going Easy”, As they say in “North” England, “Tata”!




Laptop worries I WAS MORE than overjoyed when the government of Dr. Ralph Gonslaves decided to make computers (laptops) available to our children. I thought that for the first time, a new generation of Vincentians will not be kept in the dark, for I remember the days when all we had to go by was a radio and an occasional newspaper from Trinidad or Barbados, to keep us up to date with what was happening. But to be honest, I am now having my doubts about this computer business. There is a computer in our house (a desktop) and we have internet access. I have no problem with my children using that computer to do their homework and research. But I get all worried; my son, who is preparing for Common Entrance, picks up his laptop and goes outside and picks up another internet signal which allows him to surf the world of good and bad. With all this talk about block this and block that, I have seen my son, and I am sure there are many like him, bypass these and end up seeing what they want to see. And don’t talk about games; you can’t prevent this on their laptops, it seems. I am sorry to say this, but I had to seize the computer from my son. It is now under my control. I wonder how many more parents are in my position. A Mother

Property tax yes, but⁄. I AM NO EXPERT on this Property Tax business. I am a tax payer, and while I have no problem paying my taxes, I would want to make sure that like all those big businesses and high earning professionals, that I pay the minimum I can. After all, isn’t it unfair that as a monthly paid worker, my PAYE is deducted without question, while some professionals are allowed to go scotch-free every month, and pay a dribble at the end of the year? Or so I think it works. But let me get back to this property tax business. I own a house

Reintroduce Corporal Punishment WHEN I READ and hear about all the crime (including murder) in my once ‘blessed’ homeland, I have to reflect on what has gone wrong. Often I have tried to do this in discussion with other persons of my own age (50 — 60 years old), and the discussion seems to come back to the same questions. The questions that we 50-60-year-olds ask ourselves include: Why is it that the serious crimes today are being committed by the generation after our own? What is missing today that was there in our time? One thing that I am adamant about, which I think responds to both questions, is that Corporal Punishment has disappeared, both from our homes and our schools. Gone are the days when correction involved a good licking; whether it was in front of your friends in the village or in front of your friends at school. Back then, one lash with the strap, depending from whom you got (my time would have been from the likes of Mr. Duncan or Mr. George at St. Mary’s R.C.) was enough to prevent you from repeating your error. I am not advocating that you beat the daylights out of the children, but there has got to be a stern hand in dealing with them. They

have so much more at their disposal, yet they are allowed to get away with so much more. Therein lies the problem. I say, we must consider the reintroduction of corporal punishment at the class level in primary schools and even the reintroduction of caning at the secondary level. God bless the late Timmy Richards.

I thank him for that caning, one only, which he administered on my behind. I learned my lesson from those six strokes. We owe it to our children to bring them up in the right and proper manner, or else we would continue to produce delinquents. Samuel Jones

and, as I say, I have nothing against paying my house and land tax. But my situation is like Mr. Leacock says. My house is valued by the bank for a certain amount, but in the real world, is no way anybody is going to pay me that amount, not for a house in the area in which I have lived from the days of my grandparents. So why should I pay tax on something that is, for all intents and purposes, a book value. In my real world, I would have preferred to pay on the rent I could get, which I am sure would be a smaller amount. And as I say, I, like everybody else , looking to pay the minimum. For all its worth from my humble abode, that

George H.

Envious deeds come back to haunt us THERE WAS ONCE a farmer who lived on a hillside, just outside a small village, with his wife and two children. One Easter season, the Village Council organized a ‘Flower Show’, and offered a large sum of money for the person who brought

The life of Jesus on earth

MUCH TALK about Jesus these days: whether Jesus had a wife, ate and drank wine or whatever. Those have nothing to do with the gospel He brought from God to us. He said that God sent Him to proclaim his kingdom — Luke 4:43. Down the line of history, Christians have wrestled with accepting the incarnation of Jesus, choosing only to describe Him as the Saviour of the world. They emphasized his deity, focusing on the attributes and actions that only belong to God, and forgetting that Jesus ate fish, drank wine, slept, got glad and sad and even vex (as in the temple) like other men. We want to look into his philosophy (Colossians 2:8) to see what He was teaching humanity. “At last the time has come,” Jesus announced, “God’s Kingdom is near.” (Mark 1:15). Jesus was speaking about the prophecy in Daniel 2:44. Daniel was telling and explaining a dream that the first human world leader had. This king had forgotten his dream and decided to kill all his advisors if they failed to tell him his dream and the meaning. Daniel was the only person who could and did. In explaining the dream to this first political world leader, King Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel told him that the head of the image

is how I see it. I admit, I am not a member of the tutored class, at least from the halls of some place of higher learning.

* What percent of the laptops given to our students are still functional? Would the NDP laptop project have had any different results? Why are they mum on the issue? * Are parents being asked to do what teachers should be doing? * Are some Ministers of Government dissatisfied with the behavior of some top ranking officers at the Customs and Excise Department? * Did a certain full-time public servant don another uniform to perform duties for which he receives a payment in lieu of professional fees lost? * How come there is no public show of solidarity from the trade unions here for the plight of the Ju-C workers?

represented him and his kingdom. That there will be three kingdoms to follow after him, then the God of heaven will set up his kingdom, that will destroy all man-made governments. Jesus was born in the time of the fourth kingdom — Rome, and he then made the declaration in Mark 1:15. The amazing truth that Daniel said will happen has unfolded itself in history. Consult your history books and encyclopedias and you will find that the Medo-Persian took world power from Chaldean Babylonian set up by Nebuchadnezzar, around the 500’s BC. Then Alexander the Great took power and set up the Greek empire around the 300’s BC. All those who are acquainted with history know very well that Rome was the fourth world power. We are living in the age of the two feet in that metallic image — capitalism and communism - and the toes — the European economic community with the little horn — Islamism. In teaching his philosophy, Jesus said that he did not come to do away with the (civil) laws and (prophecies) of the prophets (Matt. 5:17). This is a clear picture that Jesus’ gospel message is about government. Christian Democrat

in the most beautiful bouquet of wild flowers. The prize was very attractive, and the farmer’s children (one boy, one girl) decided to enter the competition. When the time drew near, both children went out into the woods to gather flowers. The boy observed that his sister’s bouquet was way more beautiful than his, so in order to get the prize, he killed his sister and took her flowers. He then dug a shallow grave and buried her. Some years later, a shepherd boy tending his sheep on the hillside found a bone. He put the bone to his mouth and began to blow it, and this is what he heard: “Shepherd boy, shepherd boy, do you what bone you blow? ‘Tis my brother who killed me in this world and stole my flowers away, And then he dug a little hole, and there he buried me.” The shepherd boy was amazed at what he heard, so he took the bone to the farmer and asked him to blow it, and this is what the farmer heard: “Father, father, do you know what bone you blow? ‘Tis my brother who killed me in this world and stole my flowers

away, And then he dug a little hole, and there he buried me.” The farmer then took the bone to his wife and asked her to blow it, and this is what she heard: “Mother, mother, do you know what bone you blow? ‘Tis my brother who killed me in this world and stole my flowers away, And then he dug a little hole and there he buried me.” The farmer and his wife then decided to place the bone on the dinner table, and when they sat down to dinner with the son, they asked him to blow the bone, and this is what they heard: “Brother, brother, do you know what bone you blow? ‘Tis you who killed me in this world and stole my flowers away, And then you dug a little hole, and there you buried me.” The boy was unable to eat, and from then on starved and grieved to death. There’s an anonymous quote which runs thus: ‘There’s a destiny that makes us brothers, none goes his way alone, What we send into the lives of others, comes back into our own.’ Leroy Jackson




NDP wrongheaded and foolish on Petro NDP on agriculture and fisheries THE MAJOR resource base of our country Caribe, citizenship and passports is its land, which has been traditionally The Issue The opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) and its leader the Hon. Arnhim Eustace exhibited a high level of wrongheadedness in Parliament last week Thursday, October 11, 2012, on the issue of Petro Caribe, while their newest senator Hon. Dr. Linton Lewis must have no doubt felt foolish after asking a series of questions on passports and citizenship which among other things revealed that four (4) Iranians were granted citizenship under the NDP while none (0) was granted under the ULP. For weeks now, the NDP has been linking Iranians with Vincentian citizenship and or passports with Canada’s imposition of Visa requirement for Vincentians travelling to that country, but it was interesting to learn that they were the ones who had issued citizenship to the same Iranians.

was the same. Dr. Lewis and the NDP had also tried to link the granting of citizenship to Cubans and Venezuelans to Canada’s imposition of visa requirement for Vincentian citizens. Dr. Lewis also asked for numbers in relation to Syrians and Lebanese who have been granted citizenship between 2005 and 2012. The question is being asked as to why Dr. Lewis lumps the Syrians and Lebanese with persons of other nationalities in this question when this country has a sizeable population of these two nationalities. Is Petro Caribe and Arnhim’s wrongheadedness Dr. Lewis trying to create a rift between other Vincentians and Syrians and Lebanese who have been granted this Persons listening to that sitting of Parliament may have been in shock and country’s citizenship? The fact is more Syrians and awe to hear the Leader of the Lebanese were granted citizenship Opposition the Hon. Arnhim Eustace under the NDP (33 Syrians and 23 state once again that he would unsign Lebanese between 1990 and March Petro Caribe if the NDP comes to 2001) than under the ULP (23 Syrians power. Mr. Eustace has stated this and 18 Lebanese between April 2001 many times before, but many would and 2012). This of course is in addition have thought that by now, in the year to the many children of both Syrians 2012, the Opposition Leader would see and Lebanese who were born in this the light and the benefits of Petro country and so naturally are entitled to Caribe. Except for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Exogenous Shock Vincentians citizenship by reason of birth. But why make this an issue when Fund which offers a 0.5 interest rate over 10 years, where else can countries the Syrians and Lebanese continue to make meaningful contributions to this get loans at 1% interest over 25 years! country, especially in the field of Yet Mr. Eustace says he will unsign business where they provide Petro Caribe! employment for many Vincentians? Former Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding, when he was in The issue of the destroyed passports opposition, had held a similar view as Eustace; but within a week of forming The NDP also tried to make much government, Golding had a change of weather of the destroying of some heart after his top economists and technocrats showed him the importance passports (9789 to be exact) because of an error in the printing on one page. of Petro Caribe. Essentially what Mr. This error, not a defect, had had Golding was told is that without Petro nothing to do with the security of the Caribe, the Jamaican economy and currency could see a total collapse! Both passports or the Data Page, but relates to the Design and Contractual political parties in Jamaica and even agreement re: specifications of Books. the editorials of the major publications The Observation Page of these in that country praise the benefits of passports was omitted and replaced by Petro Caribe. Petro Caribe started in 2005 with 14 a Visa Page. The Observation Page is normally used by the Immigration countries, four (4) more have joined since, bringing the total to 18 including Department to make amendments 13 CARICOM countries. No country has including stamping if there is a change left, despite changes in political parties of name, so a Visa Page had to be used in the interim instead. These passports in several member countries over the last seven (7) years. There is no political were part of a shipment of 25,000 that were received on September 21, 2011 party or Opposition Leader, as far as and have since been replaced by this writer knows, in any of the 18 countries which today say, it will unsign Canadian Bank Note Company Ltd, the Petro Caribe, except here in St. Vincent company which prints our passports as and the Grenadines where Mr. Eustace well as those of Canada and the Canadian currency. Canadian Bank and the NDP says they will. Is Mr. Eustace right and the leaders Note also provides the system for our National Lottery and is said to be in and political parties in these 18 line to provide similar services to the countries wrong? Or is this another United States Government for their example of Mr. Eustace’s passports. wrongheadedness at work? The passports, with the error, were destroyed between September 6 and 8 NDP and Dr. Lewis’ foolishness on passports 2012 at the Government Printery in the and citizenship presence of officials from the Printery, the Immigration Department and NDP Senator Dr. Linton Lewis has been leading the charge on ‘NDP Radio’ Canadian Bank Note. There was absolutely nothing about Iranians with Vincentian untoward about the destruction of the passports and citizenship, so much so that it seems the Doc started to believe passports, nor was it in any way his own propaganda. He was warned by connected to the imposition of Visa a close source that the NDP had issued requirement by the Canadian government for Vincentian citizens passports to Iranians, but Dr. Lewis travelling to that country. In any case, persisted and brought the issue to Parliament in the form of a question to the destruction of the passports occurred before the Canadian the Prime Minister. Dr. Lewis, known for his cricketing skills, left himself bare government announced its visa requirement. at the crease and was exposed to a googly from the Prime Minister who Conclusion revealed that 4 Iranians did indeed receive Vincentian citizenship, but it was under the NDP! The shock was The NDP is in a state of desperation. obvious on Dr. Lewis’ face when his Having predicted the fall of the ULP guile grin turned upside down when he within a month, then 6 months, then a realized it was the NDP Dr. Gonsalves year, and coming to the reality that the was talking about and that none, zero, ULP and Prime Minister Gonsalves are was granted under the ULP. stronger, they have become dangerous Dr. Gonsalves also revealed that the and unpatriotic. In this state of number of Venezuelans getting they are willing to lie, citizenship (10 between 1990 and March desperation, ignore facts and do anything that they 2001, and 5 between April 2001 and 2012) were less under the ULP than the think will score political points. The people of SVG need to take note and NDP, despite closer relations between both countries. It was also revealed that recognise that it is the ULP that remains the party of truth, hope and the number of Cubans (6) who were inspiration for our nation, and granted citizenship between 1990 and protectors of our sovereignity. March 2001 and April 2001, and 2012

devoted to the cultivation of crop and livestock species for local food consumption, export earnings and job creation and income generation. The New Democratic Party recognizes the central role of agriculture to the economy of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and its considerable contribution to the livelihood and wellbeing of Vincentians throughout successive generations. Our country is the best disposed group of islands in the Caribbean for agriculture; it is endowed with an extraordinary agricultural resource base. Its tropical climate, very fertile soils and abundant supplies of clean water, coupled with the skill and will of the people in farming, make it ideal for year-round production of high quality agricultural products. For that reason, our country has been correctly categorized as an agricultural country. The soils in particular are so productive that the claim is made that “if you plant a nail, you’d get a crowbar”. In earlier times, our country had earned the celebrated status as a place of excellence for Sea-Island cotton, Arrowroot and Coconuts, as well as its classic hillside contours and contourfarming techniques for the protection and preservation of the environment. St. Vincent’s agriculture has contributed more to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) than that of any other Caribbean country. The agricultural sector has traditionally bolstered the economy; created jobs and employment opportunities for our people; provided honest incomes and earnings for many in our society; sustained significant levels of foreign exchange earnings for extended periods; and offered a measure of food security for the population. Thus, the sector has created wealth, and maintained a high standard of living for the widest cross-section of our people. This has been especially true for our peasants, small farmers, processors, marketers/traffickers, and workers, i.e. our local, or indigenous, private sector. Despite the importance and vibrancy of the agricultural sector, its dominant position in the life of Vincentians has declined substantially in the past decade, as large numbers of people left the sector/industry. Three main causes have been identified for this decline: 1. Government’s virtual neglect and degradation of the sector; 2. The imposition of ill-advised policies like terminating the banana credit system and failure to incorporate the established banana facilities overseas to expand the national diversification efforts; and 3. The negative impact of a range of external factors such as the high cost of imported inputs, stringent quality standards imposed on our exported products, unstable markets, low prices offered for produce, all of which are essentially beyond the control of our farmers, processors and traders. The very obvious fact is that many established farmers have been forced out of agriculture, and vast areas of formerly highly productive land are now disbanded and lie idle. Even a cursory examination of our countryside, or rural areas generally, reveals a deteriorating situation, with large sections of areas previously deemed part of the national food-basket now underutilized, or converted to non-productive uses. This is serious! Our responsibility is to help rehabilitate the sector. Mission The mission of the New Democratic Party is to arrest the deteriorating situation and revitalize the agricultural sector to make it efficient, technologically prepared and internationally competitive, so that the sector can regain its place of prominence as a major contributor to the national economy, and guarantee the food and nutrition security of our people, and provide employment, income, and sustainable livelihood, while preserving the environment for present and future generations. The goal is therefore to regain the elite status that once characterized Vincentian agriculture of the past. This

mission and new policy can be realized by developing appropriate activities, in collaboration with stakeholders, to address the following minimum key objectives: * To include our marine resources, rivers and ponds as part of the agricultural sector resource base; * To encourage/motivate the widest cross-section of Vincentians, especially the youth, to become involved in agriculture; * To support the production, handling and marketing of safe, healthy foods; * To ensure the safety of food supplies; * To develop sound business systems for agricultural production, processing and marketing; * To ensure efficiency and international competitiveness of the sector; * To establish linkages between/among agriculture and the other sectors; * To promote sustainable rural development and the sustainable use of natural resources for present and future generations; * To transform the role, structure and functions of the Ministry of Agriculture to confront the new realities of globalization and modernization of the sector; * To endorse agricultural education programmes that will produce entrepreneurs of farmers, processors, traders, technicians and others involved with the sector; * To incorporate flexibility within the sector to adapt quickly to changing external Global situations. A New Democratic Party administration will facilitate and support the private sector to tackle these objectives by instituting relevant actions through the Ministry of Agriculture (Food production, Forestry, Fisheries and Rural Development). As such, the Ministry will be to repositioned to meet the challenges of the 21st Century, and promote a vision of food and nutrition security, rural prosperity and improvement in the quality of life and livelihood of all Vincentians. The vision will be shared, or advanced, through strategic planning meetings, seminars, workshops and field visits, in order to encourage partnership, cooperation and participation with key stakeholders in the private sector, NGOs and civil society. Such contact will inform national priorities and development plans, and determine specific programmes and actions. This approach will accordingly motivate farmers, fishermen, processors, marketers, agribusiness entrepreneurs and technicians, to be more productive and gain confidence in the Ministry as a tool, or facilitating mechanism, to aid their business operations. New Democratic Party will: 1. Introduce an Agricultural Development Bank. 2. Establish a special regime of incentives for new farms. 3. Establish a Consumer and Prices Advisory Board, with a mandate to address prices for agricultural supplies as well as matters pertaining to prices and consumerism. 4. Establish farmers markets in other areas of St. Vincent and the Grenadines including Sion Hill, Calliaqua, Georgetown, Barrouallie and Campden Park. 5. Continue to make agricultural lands available to farmers through the Land Reform Programme. 6. Designate areas for small ruminants (goat, sheep and pigs) production and some for root crops to generate national food security. 7. Re-introduce agriculture in primary school and a youth appreciation in agriculture (YAPA) as a programme for young farmers.




Scars become stars “One man scorned and covered with scars still strove with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable stars; and the world will be better for this.” - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (1547–1616) Spanish author & dramatist, wrote Don Quixote, The Impossible Dream

GIVING UP IS SOMETIMES an easy option. It occasionally seems so much easier to quit when things get rough or uncomfortable; to float downstream rather than to swim against life’s currents; to lose hope rather than to practise faith. Yes, when we are battered and bruised by life’s varied setbacks and disappointments, it can become so very easy to throw in the towel; to give up. But that need not be the case. Disappointments can usher in new opportunities; closed doors can lead us to a floodgate of blessings; and scars can become stars. Dr. Robert Schuller, the American pastor and best-selling author, regularly reminded readers and listeners of these realities. The Catholic community in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is now shepherded by His Lordship Bishop Jason Gordon. His pastoral services also include the parishioners in neighbouring Barbados, and he must therefore share his time between these two nation states. He is a visionary leader who possesses exceptional leadership and management skills. His intelligence is also readily evident. So, too, is his empathy for and commitment to assisting the less fortunate; those who are socially, spiritually and financially disadvantaged. I first met him shortly after he was assigned to St. Vincent (just over a year ago). He then shared some most inspiring experiences of “interventions” that he and his team did in the crime-infested village of Laventille; just on the fringes of Trinidad’s capital city, Port of Spain. It was during that hour-and-a-half conversation that I reflected on the need for more leaders like Bishop Gordon to champion the changes in the mindset of our people, and to let us understand that scars can become stars; that the disadvantaged can turn their lives around ... with a little help from others. (I will be forever grateful to our mutual friend, Nigel Salina, for putting me in touch with Bishop Jason.) It is known that there are “pockets of crime” in various sections of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. If we were to do an analysis of the sources of these socially unacceptable behaviours we readily discover that there are relatively high rates of unemployment and a comparatively high rate of drug activities in many of those neighbourhoods. Unfortunately, both of these situations (unemployment and drug activities) can influence the creation and sustaining of a mindset among the inhabitants of that subculture that makes right seem wrong and wrong seem right. But even while that may appear to be the case, it does not mean that these individuals and these communities cannot change for the better. We need to be determined to get to the source of the problems rather than merely observing or treating the symptoms. We need to care enough to intercept these segments of our society and encourage a more socially acceptable route to social and financial sustainability. The preceding paragraph (especially the latter sentences) may have unearthed varied responses in the

readers. Some may conclude that all of this is “wishful thinking”; the deviant behaviours that are demonstrated in those parts of the country are irreparable; it is virtually impossible to reverse or eradicate the problem. Some may go beyond such thoughts and conclude that the present population in those communities must be considered “lost causes” and that the salvation of those settlements will be largely dependent on influencing the next generation. Well, I beg to differ. There is value in stimulating economic activities in those areas as we seek to steer the inhabitants in the direction of more socially acceptable behaviours. And while we commit to improving the conditions of the next generation we must not lose sight of assisting those that now appear to be “infected with the deviant behaviours”. This task must not be considered a “simplistic” or “cosmetic” solution to the challenges. There is ample regional and international evidence that there is a strong correlation between employment levels and crime reduction; we can influence more socially acceptable behaviours via job creation. These scars can become stars ... on a personal and community level. The interesting debate continues: some now claim that they have heard this talk before; that if it was all that simple, why is it that nothing significant has been done before? These are valid comments and questions. Too many of us have been engaged in theories. Too many of us have become comfortable with being spectators in and of life. We need to venture out and pursue some of these thoughts that we know to be desirable. We need to come together (across the political and other divides) and pool our resources to make these noble dreams real. Our action can convert situations that once seemed to be nightmares (as in the case of high crime rate) into dreams (harmonious living). We can intercept one individual at a time, one neighbourhood at a time; one community at a time. We need to venture out and take the calculated risk. All of our interventions will not succeed; some will fail, but we must not resign to the position where we fail to try. Many of the readers of this column are influential persons in the community. Several are members of active service clubs, church assemblies, and other worthwhile organisations. It is not beyond us to brainstorm a variety of approaches to turning these scars to stars. Once we have the will, the desire, the commitment, to make the change, it becomes easier for us to make them real. Once we are convinced that it is doable and commit to a collaborative effort (that involves the respective communities in coming up with the solutions), we can create efforts that will convert those scars to stars and sustain the noble changes over time. We can make that kind of evolution on a personal, community, and national level if we (you and I) want it strong enough. Scars can become stars. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to

Venezuelan Revolution is real and deep ‘THE VENEZUELAN ELECTION process is the best in the world.’ This pronouncement by former US President Jimmy Carter has thrown right wing opponents of President Chávez into  a tizzy. How do we call a democratically elected leader a dictator? For all of his 14-year-old rule, people were fed a steady diet of negative and bad stories of democracy in Venezuela. But there has been no other country in the world where a leader has placed his programmes, policies and intentions up for popular approval as in Venezuela. If the revolution demands that the constitution be changed, he puts it to a vote. When the opposition tried to recall him and went to the people, they decided that President Chávez was the man for these times. Even after proclaiming his intention to transform Venezuela and build a ‘twenty first century socialist society,’ the majority of people in Venezuela decided to vote for the transformation. Therefore, now that President Chávez has convincingly won reelection, the hope is that the leader will be given a chance to engage in democratic and participatory governance. Governance that benefits the majority. Is this not what democracy is all about? Venezuela is living proof that democracy is not just an exercise where a popular vote is cast every 6 years. Democracy in Venezuela means that, along with the right to vote, there must be a connection between the leader and the people. There must be education, mobilization and organization. The repeat reelection of President Chávez is further proof that, even when times are difficult, a leadership that works to raise people’s understanding and consciousness is in a far better position to win and retain the trust and confidence of the people. Politics in Venezuela should be very interesting as President Chávez enters his fourth term in office. Once his health, which caused much alarm and concern among his supporters, holds up, Chávez should be the leader of this resource rich country until 2019. President Chávez has made two basic pledges since his victory was announced. He proclaimed that he will strive to be a ‘better president,’ and to ‘deepen the revolutionary process.’ One can only hope that, with a ten point electoral victory, the revolutionary government will be given the opportunity to govern and to carry out its mandate. After all, President Chávez’s margin of victory demonstrates the depth and quality of the Bolivarian Revolution and the broad support it maintains 14 years after the experiment began. The next big challenge for the revolutionary process is in Gubernatorial elections in December 2012. And the race to watch will be Miranda, the second most populous state, currently governed by Henrique Capriles. The Bolivarians’ trump card is Elias Jaua, recently released from his duties as vice president to take the fight to the opposition. Capriles won the governorship in 2006, but in the presidential elections on October 7, Chávez won Miranda, which includes Caracas, by 11 percentage points. The interest in the Governor’s race is also high because not only did President Chávez win the presidential

race, he whipped Capriles in 22 of Venezuela’s 24 states. Pointing to the importance of President Chávez’s victory, former Brazilian President Lula De Silva declared that ‘Chávez victory is a victory for all the people of Latin American. It is another blow against imperialism.’ President Lula is clearly speaking truth to power. One remembers him at a major international conference in 2009 declaring that the current international economic and financial crisis was not of the making of the mostly non-white population of the Southern Hemisphere. The forces of imperialism whose disguised label is globalization and whose strategy is neo-liberalism are intent on solving the financial and economic crisis facing the world on the backs of the people. Their strategy for development is cut in government spending on programmes that benefit the most vulnerable sections of the population, little or no taxes on the rich and strict austerity measures intent on showing a surplus even as workers lose their jobs and generally cannot make ends meet. These are the reasons why Chávez led Bolivarian revolution is so hated by the western media and the ruling political and economic elite that owns and controls them. Chávez’s rule has impacted in substantive and substantial ways on the lives of the people of Venezuela. The impact is felt most profoundly among the poorest sections of the population who were locked out of the wealth of the country. To date millions of Venezuelans have learned to read and write, another 3 million are in universities, many of whom had no way of financing an education before President Chávez came to power and decided to share the country’s wealth with the citizens. Millions of citizens who were not involved in gainful and productive activities have found employment. Apart from earning a salary to care for their families, many who were alienated from daily life are now making worthwhile contributions to the development of the country. Millions more have moved into new homes and away from the horrible slums, that blighted much of the land mass of Venezuela. There are still slums but the government continues to work toward making life more bearable. Inequality is less stark than before President Chávez became leader of the country. All attempts are being made to spend the country’s wealth on the people of the country rather than a narrow elitist band who have lived off the country’s wealth like parasites. The revolution’s roots are deep and real. In Venezuela, people vote their economic interest. Even as the health of president Chávez places a shadow over the revolution, the hope here is more the movement to throw up many more leaders who are guided by the principle ‘let those who labour hold the reins of power.’ Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to




Downgrading: Moody-ULP conspiracy to inflate the need for Argyle airport? THE RECENT downgrading of SVG to B2 from B1 by the ratings agency Moody’s confirms Gonsalves’ incompetence in dealing with SVG’s finances. Moody’s says that ‘prospects for future growth depend critically on improving the competitiveness of the tourism sector and the completion of a new airport’. However, is this not a conspiracy between Moody’s and the ULP government to inflate the need for Argyle airport? Moody’s highlights the real crisis with SVG’s economy, by saying that our economy relies heavily on tourism. SVG’s problem is that any possible yield from tourism could never meet SVG’s current expenditure which is $609 million for 2012 (source: SVG Budget Estimates 2012). The problem in SVG over the last 7 years is that hundreds of millions of dollars have been dumped into Argyle and there has been no return. The situation is identical to that of the ghost airport in Castellon in Spain. Rather than be the source of SVG’s prosperity, tourism and the Argyle airport are the cause of our country’s poverty and weak economy. Spain’s Agency for Air Security found that Castellon’s runway is too narrow for airplanes to turn around and too short to allow airplanes to

safely land, taxi and take off. Castellon airport’s runway is 2,700 metres long and 45 metres wide. The Argyle airport runway is 2,743 metres long and 45 metres wide. Castellon airport failed to secure a civil aviation licence to operate flights, and the airstrip is due to be torn up. Argyle airport has the same dangerous flight safety problems as Castellon airport, and Argyle too, will fail to secure a civil aviation licence to operate flights. Argyle’s runway is exposed to dangerous perpendicular cross winds. The unopened $150m airport at Castellón symbolises ruin and financial mismanagement within Valencia, a region that has seen its banks collapse and its deficit soar. Its debt has been given junk status by ratings agencies. This rating is typically given to debts that are in default and show little prospect for recovery of the principal or interest. Valencia urgently needs a bailout of $3.5bn. Let us not get to the stage where SVG needs a bailout. SVG needs change now. Castellon airport and Valencia show clearly the route SVG must avoid at all costs. Castellon airport soaked up money that should have been invested in hospitals, schools and local

businesses in Valencia. Argyle airport is doing the same in SVG, and blocks the way to a strong economy, prosperity and the creation of thousands of new jobs for our people. We must abort Argyle airport now. The downgrading of SVG by Moody’s and the junk status of Valencia’s debt are the clearest signs that SVG needs new leadership and must change course to a Green economy. SVG urgently needs to invest in productive sectors that bring revenue from abroad. A Green government will invest heavily in education and science and technology, and bring in renewable energy to enable the price of electricity to be cut by 50%. Our people deserve good jobs and prosperity. SVG Green Party

Stop the modern day lynching in SVG!! Luzette King Host and Producer, Global Highlights Only recently, July 6, 2012, CARICOM leaders welcomed a report from the region’s human rights commission: The Situation of People of African Descent in the Americas. While there was recognition in that report that “people of African descent have made a significant deposit in the treasury of human civilisation in this hemisphere,” H.E. Irwin LaRocque, Secretary General of CARICOM, urged that we should accept this report as a “sober reminder of the deeprooted problems which remain in the hemisphere.” It is from that soberness that I wish to highlight the racist implication of what transpired in parliament on Thursday, October 11, 2012. I make particular reference to the first question which was designed to implicate the Hon. Arnhim Eustace, leader of the opposition, the New Democratic Party.

To deal with the question of race, we need straight answers to this question: When we look at other races and skin colors, what do we see? In the case of people of African descent in SVG, utterings from some radio callin programs, press conferences and political platforms, in particular, seem to address this: too black and ugly, manicou, monkey, pickee head, untutored, uncultured, breadfruit mentality, dutty dawg, vagabond, lazy, dotish, lack business acumen, etc. Even when black people achieve, there is this constant reminder that they could get there only with the help of people of European descent. For example, how many more times are we to hear how Eustace became prime minister, notwithstanding his previous accomplishments academically and professionally? It follows, therefore, that Eustace as PM twice may not have been part of the 2000 Grand Anse Beach Accord.

therefore, that Gonsalves should set about answering a question put to him by one of Some may point to his appointed senators, about Eustace’s conservative approach to our economy, the how the Eustace-led opposition spent the money fact remains he is an accomplished economist. For Parliament voted for their those of us who had doubts of office expenses last year, including the salary of a his capabilities, we need to take note of Moody’s rationale research officer? Of interest, for downgrading our economy too, is that the senator works in the PM’s office from where from B1 to B2. Over a number of years, Eustace has he could have had the same been ridiculed for pointing out answer, albeit not in a public forum. So, what was the some of the same things: the purpose of Gonsalves outsized role of the public sector in our economy and the expressing his appreciation for Eustace’s integrity when, as deterioration of our Minister of Finance, he could government’s debt-to-GDP have commissioned an audit if ratio, for example. he had concerns? So rather than have a candid parliamentary Withstanding the attack discussion on the economy, PM Gonsalves sets out to In the interest of fair play, associate Eustace with dishonesty, which is one of the according to some parliamentary experts, famous lynching attacks Speaker Hendrick Alexander against ‘dangerous’ black should have given preference people. In fact, mail fraud was used to imprison the Hon. to more authentic questions on the order paper. Was it a Marcus Mosiah Garvey in surprise, therefore, that 1922. Alexander would refuse Was it insignificant, Eustace the chance to defend

A disguised attack

his “character”? The extent at which Gonsalves, the consummate criminal defense lawyer, would have managed to further taint Eustace’s image is left to be seen. However, having worked and studied in Canada in the 1960s, Eustace is able to withstand the heartlessness of racism: “This is not the first time they have raised this matter, and each time, I have offered the same explanation … only that, I have not had the chance to do so in parliament. .. I take these things in my stride.” Vincentians of all political shades and races need to do all in their power to resist this form of modern day lynching in SVG, particularly in parliament. This is 2012 not 1812 WHEN EUROPEANS WERE BUSY MAKING HELL OF THE LIVES OF ENSLAVED AFRICANS!! It is important also that we be careful that our history reflects accurately the era of the Gonsalves-led administration.




V ÂBeaverÊ to be sentenced for manslaughter 14. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2012. THE VINCENTIAN


revealed he died from a single bullet to the back. When the matter was APPROXIMATELY six years called last Friday, after the body of a 23October 12, at the year-old male was Criminal Assizes, discovered in the York Samuel pleaded guilty to Mountains at Campden the lesser charge of Park, someone will be manslaughter. sentenced for causing his Director of Public death. Prosecutions (DPP) Colin Alaski ‘Beaver’ Williams accepted the Samuel of Redemption plea. Sharpes was initially Samuel will be indicted with the murder sentenced November 9 at of Ishmael ‘Ras’ Byron of a sentencing hearing in Questelles, whose body which a social inquiry was discovered in the report on him will be York Mountains between presented. Attorney Kay April 29 and May 1, Bacchus-Browne is 2006. representing Samuel. A post mortem On September 12, Stories by HAYDN HUGGINS

2007, Samuel was left alone to stand trial for Byron’s murder after his co-accused, Fitz Allan ‘Wizzy’ Bramble, also called ‘Terror’, and Carlo ‘Bundo’ Free, both of Sion Hill, were cleared of the charge at the Preliminary Inquiry (P.I). Samuel was 21 at the time. Free was discharged at the P.I on September 10, 2007 after then Crown Counsel Saboto Caesar, who was prosecuting, withdrew the charge. Free was then called as a key witness for the prosecution.

Bramble was discharged September 12, 2007 following the testimonies of six prosecution witnesses. The then Chief Magistrate, Simone Churaman, had upheld submissions from Bramble’s attorney Stephen Williams, and ruled that the prosecution failed to prove that Bramble participated in the crime. In relation to Samuel, Churaman concluded that the issue of credibility raised by his lawyer Kay BacchusBrowne in relation to the key witness was a matter to be taken to the jury.

Five accused of murdering St. Lucian FIVE MEN appeared at the Serious Offences Court on Tuesday, October 1, charged with the murder of a St. Lucian whose body was recently found on the North Leeward Coast. Noel Franklyn Browne, Kelwyn Gloster and Paul Nicholls, all of Chateaubelair, along with Alister Gould and Bernardo Barbour, both of Barrouallie, are accused of murdering Javed Clair Dwen Prospere on October 8, between Morne Ronde and Walliabou beach. The men were not required to plea when they stood before Chief Magistrate Sonya Young, and were remanded. The matter has been adjourned to February 27 and 28. The five had appeared in court only a day after four men were before the same court charged with the murder of an unidentified man at Morne Ronde, October 10. They were also remanded and the matter was adjourned February 20 and 21.

St Lucian fined for weed, illegal entry A St. Lucian national who told the court he came here to visit his friends in Fancy, North Windward, was arrested last Monday at one of his friends’ home. Kenely Destin, a 25-year-old mason/carpenter, was taken before the Serious Offences Court on Tuesday after being charged with possession of 118 grams of marijuana with intent to supply, and entering the state illegally. He pleaded guilty to both charges before Chief Magistrate Sonya Young. Destin was fined $400 forthwith or one month in prison for the marijuana possession charge, and $500 forthwith or three months for entering the state by boat and disembarking without clearing immigration. The sentences will run concurrently if the fines are not paid. Destin was arrested October 15 after Corporal Barker, on receiving certain information, headed a party of officers to the home of one Thomas of Fancy, and executed a search warrant. The marijuana was found during the search. Destin was handed over to the Immigration Department and he gave a statement that he came here by boat on October 9 and disembarked without clearing immigration. The records were also checked and there was no record of anyone by that name entering the state legally.









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The Fuel Surcharge: Necessary evil, or unnecessary burden? rapidly inflating prices, the cost of producing electricity was similarly ELECTRICITY CONSUMERS in St Vincent increasing. Overnight, utilities were & The Grenadines received an faced with the prospect of having to unwelcome start to 2012 with their first pass the higher costs of their primary electricity bill, delivered by St Vincent raw material on to their consumers, or Electricity Services Ltd (VINLEC). The bill go out of business. included a fuel surcharge rate of over It is important to acknowledge this fifty cents, which meant that (excluding basic principle. If a company is VAT), more than half of domestic producing a good or delivering a consumers’ bill payments were going service, it must at least break-even towards the widely misunderstood and doing so; it must be able to sell the much-maligned fuel surcharge. product at a price that is at least equal That situation wasn’t entirely new. to what it costs to produce it. A Over the past decade, the fuel company that cannot do this has no surcharge rate has risen steadily in future. Naturally, going out of practically every year from 2002 up to business was not an option for the 2008, when it first shot past 50 cents utility, so a solution had to be found. and stayed there for seven months. There was a critical technicality. Over that period, consumers became The price that the consumer pays for increasingly confused, frustrated and electricity (referred to as the tariff angry — to the point where irate rate) was fixed, under the provisions of protesters picketed VINLEC’s the Electricity Act, at a specific dollar headquarters every Friday for several value per unit. That tariff rate could weeks in 2008. This year, however, not legally be changed without a has been unprecedented: the fuel lengthy application and review surcharge has been higher than fifty process. But by early 1974, the price cents for eight consecutive months. of oil was literally changing every And yet, despite all the aggravation week, and there was no way the caused by the fuel surcharge over the company and the authorities could years, which at the very least should make tariff changes quickly enough to have provided a clear incentive to the keep up. So, the company’s owners utility to explain it properly, devised the fuel surcharge, which was consumers are today none the wiser. introduced in 1974. So, is the fuel surcharge a necessary The purpose of the surcharge was evil — as the utility would no doubt simple and uncontroversial: it was to insist — or an unnecessary burden, as pass on to the customer the full cost of is the consensus opinion of the man on fuel used to generate electricity. The the street? It’s both. mechanism employed was innovative but straightforward. Split the total cost of fuel into two parts: a fixed part which represents the cost of fuel before the price increases started, and a variable part which represents the variations in the cost after that time. The fixed part of the fuel Specimen Electricity bill showing fuel surcharge. cost is included in the tariff rate, (which remains the same as From whence and how it came before) and the variable part would be added on as a surcharge each month. First, consider a little history. In Then, amend the law to allow the 1973, a brief war broke out in the addition of a surcharge and presto, Middle East, between Israel and a problem solved. coalition of Arab nations led by Egypt Except, not quite, because the and Syria. Angered by America’s subsequent problem arose whereby support for Israel in the conflict, the customers could not understand why oil-producing nations deployed their their electricity bills were so volatile. so-called Arab Oil Weapon: they One month they would pay a declared an embargo on oil shipments particular amount and the next to the USA. The price of crude oil on month, without much varying in their global markets, previously stable for consumption behaviours, their bill decades at about three dollars a might be so much higher. barrel, quadrupled to $12 within a matter of months. Inadequate explanation This presented massive problems for utilities all over the world that Of course, during most of the postused diesel (a by-product of crude oil) 1974 period, electric utilities didn’t to produce electricity for their really care about any of this. Up to customers. Because utilities were the turn of the century, their concept suddenly forced to buy diesel at of customer service was roughly By Herbert A (Haz) Samuel

The Lowmans Bay Diesel Plant that generates 12.2MV of power with 2 MAN engines. something like: “We supply you with electricity. You pay us. Or else.” So, not surprisingly, for most of its history, VINLEC never properly explained the fuel surcharge in a way that its customers would understand. In more recent times, the company has attempted to change this, but to little effect. Over the past decade, VINLEC’s efforts to explain the fuel surcharge have ranged from practically nonexistent (prior to 2004, when new management took over) to inadequate (thereafter). Part of the problem lies in their terminology. On the customer’s bill, the fixed part of the fuel cost is included in what is called the “Energy charge”, which its name suggests to be the price for the electricity you have consumed. The term “Fuel surcharge” doesn’t really explain anything, least of all why you still have to pay for fuel after you’ve already paid for the energy generated by the fuel. What’s worse, at the times when the fuel surcharge is high and coming down, VINLEC might issue a press release advising customers that the fuel surcharge will be lower on the upcoming bill. The wording of the advisory would sometimes subtly (though one would imagine, inadvertently) suggest that the reduction is something that VINLEC is doing for its customers, rather than simply passing on to its customers. The impression comes across that VINLEC actually has control over what any particular month’s fuel surcharge will be, even though the truth is that they don’t.

A necessary evil So, on a month-to-month basis and for the basic reasons outlined above, the fuel surcharge is a necessary evil. But this is only half of the argument. The fuel surcharge was clearly necessary when it was introduced 38 years ago, but today, in the second decade of the 21st century, not so much. To see why this is so, consider the fact that VINLEC has a significant penetration of hydropower in its capacity mix — which, in a good year, supplies close to 20% of our total

electricity needs. This is a good thing and (except for Dominica) unheard of elsewhere in the Eastern Caribbean. Our use of hydroelectricity has the happy effect of keeping our fuel surcharge low; a fact proudly emphasised by VINLEC’s management most recently during their 50th anniversary celebrations. But herein lies the crux of the matter. A progressive, forward-looking utility in VINLEC’s position should, in this year 2012, be firmly on a path towards near-100% renewable electricity penetration. A bold but realistic energy vision for VINLEC should have been set out when the Petrocaribe agreement was signed in 2005, and it should have been almost cemented in stone by July 2008, when oil prices hit a record high, dramatically exposing the unsustainability (not to mention sheer folly) of our continued dependence on imported oil-based energy. The vision should have said something like, “We will achieve 80% renewables-based electricity supply by 2020, by harnessing all existing hydro resources and developing geothermal, wind, solar and energy efficiency measures.” Achievement of such a vision would deliver all manner of economic and social benefits — and would practically eliminate the fuel surcharge. Instead, what we have, at a time when VINLEC has recently turned fifty with significant achievements under its belt and should be on course for another five decades of new achievement, is lip-service and window-dressing, exemplified by a few in-house photovoltaic projects, a nonexistent wind farm project and vague statements trotted out each year about “exploring possibilities in geothermal energy.” The only real action seemingly taking place is a backward step to using heavy fuel oil for electricity generation. So the upshot is that, a few years hence, we’ll still be paying the fuel surcharge — and it may well be higher than the one we’re paying today. At that point, it will be an unnecessary and dangerous burden, imposed on us by an unfortunate lack of vision and progressive leadership in our energy sector.


ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Investments may be misrepresented this week. You're in the mood for love. You'll be pleased with the results if you take the time to decorate your home. You can discuss your findings behind closed doors with your boss. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Don't get involved in idle chatter that will hurt your position. Do not give your heart to someone who may not live up to your standards. Take care of any pressing health problems. You may find yourself changing plans for some form of entertainment. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You have the stamina and determination to succeed. Do not let others exhaust you financially. Avoid letting children and friends borrow. You may experience setbacks due to additional responsibilities with loved ones. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Your involvement with children will be most rewarding. Think twice before you agree to take on any new projects. Make changes to your living quarters that will please the whole family. Sports, physical fitness programs, exercise in general will make you feel better and show some pretty quick results. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) You can get a great deal accomplished if you bring work home. Heed the advice given by family or old reliable friends. Your need to obtain additional details will lead you into strange topics of conversation. Instant romance could be yours if you go out with friends. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Dinner, theater, or a comedy club may be just the place. You need to put some trust in others. Don't overspend or give too freely to others. You are best to look into investments that will grow in value over an extended period of time.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) You may find that family members may not be too easy to get along with. Emotional situations could bring out your stubborn nature. Problems with your partner could be reaching a high level of concern. You could lose money or precious belongings if you aren't careful. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) You are best to be accommodating for the time being. Sudden romantic infatuations won't be lasting. Don't let others put unreasonable demands on you. Home improvement projects will run smoothly. Your ability to put a deal together will surprise others. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) You can write beautiful love letters this week. Try not to argue about trivial matters. You can do well on stage or behind the scenes, the choice is yours. You'll only hurt your lover if you don't. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Visitors may be likely to drop by. Make changes regarding your friendships. Make amends if you can. Hold on; your time will come. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Lovers will be demanding. You are best to sign your partner up for activities that will be tiring. You can expect changes at your work place. Look into making changes to your personal papers and don't neglect those bills that have been piling up. Deception in your home is evident. Don't beat around the bush. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Your attitude is changing rapidly and your plate is overloaded. You will be in an overly generous mood this week. Take care that arrangements to spend quality time together are made in advance. Unexpected romantic connections can be made if you go out with friends or take a pleasure trip.

ACROSS 1. Visualized 5. Compass dir. 8. Public TV inits. 11. Singer __ Guthrie 12. Thirdlargest Hawaiian island 14. Lunch meat 15. Standard of judgment 17. __ de France 18. “__ keep” 19. Actor Cornel 21. Soothed 24. Remained concealed 25. Burn plant 26. Tower on a Mosque 30. Football flagger 31. Used mucilage 33. Ga.’s neighbor 34.Secondhand tire 36. Potter’s oven 37. Gp. 38. Filmfestival site 40. Sheik’s group 43. Mediocre (hyph.)

44. Crack aviator 45. One who designs buildings 50. Retiree’s acct. 51. College sports gp. 52. Stepped upon 53. Cousin or uncle (abbr.) 54. Abby’s sister 55. Small-dog barks DOWN 1. Cul-de-__ 2. Stray 3. Hebrew judge 4. __ like the present (2 wds.) 5. Globe depiction 6. Spinnaker, e.g. 7. “__ goes there?” 8. Singer Collins 9. Like Telly and Yul 10. Captain Hook’s pirate 13. Release from tension 16. Paris summer 20. Director

Lupino 21. Author John Dickson __ 22. Skipper’s direction 23. Artist’s apartment 24. Rush 26. __ bath 27. Precipitate 28. She (Fr.) 29. Sunbathers’ desires 31. Leipzig language 32. Dally 35. Shad product 36. Like pine paneling

38. “Over There” songwriter George M __ 39. “__ was saying…” (2 wds.) 40. Kojak’s lack 41. Farm tract




42. Actual 43. Glance over 46. Sony rival 47. Historical time 48. Robber’s pursuer 49. Football coups (abbr.)




Women, women and more women Dear George,

my friends suggested to me that the reason why my wife has not been bothering me about the women I have is because she too could be sleeping around. I am asking, George, if this could be so. I do not think my wife would sleep around, but I want to know just the same.

I HAVE A CONCERN which I am going to put to you. Before I do, let me say here and now that I am no saint. I have been married for 6 years and 3 months. Before I got married, I had a lot of women. Today, I have 12 women whom I am Concerned seeing seriously. I just cannot ignore seeing a sexy and beautiful woman without wanting to sleep with her. After I sleep with a woman, I find that I Dear George, want more, and would always end up forming a WOULD YOU AGREE permanent relationship. with a woman who In any one day, I would sleeps around just be sleeping with 3 or because she believes her more of these women. man is sleeping around? This has not affected my My girlfriend has always sex life with my wife. accused me of sleeping She has no complaints in around, and although I that department. One of told her countless times

seriously shallow, and you need to do the gentlemanly thing and It is sad that your only release your wife. She concern is whether or not deserves better. Confess your faults to your wife is sleeping around. You seemed not her and give her the to be bothered about the choice of leaving a way you are exposing marriage that has so far yourself and your wife to been less than what she STDs and other health expected. risks. Your understanding of George love and marriage is

Dear concerned,

No tit for tat that she is accusing me falsely, there is no letting up on the accusations. I have given her no reason to be thinking that way at all. Then, a friend of mine told me that my girl was sleeping around with a friend of his. I confronted this friend

that he was telling me about, and he said she told him the reason why she was sleeping with him was because I was sleeping around. He further told me that he was not the only man she was seeing, and gave me names of 2 other individuals. I went back and confronted my girl, and she asked me if I wanted to be wrong and strong for wanting her to keep herself to herself, while I went about sleeping around. It seems like if her mind is made up to do what she is doing. I am wondering where that leaves me now in terms of the relationship.

A honeymoon turned sour Dear George, WHEN WE GOT MARRIED, my wife and I were unable to go on a honeymoon because of financial limitations. Two months ago, we were able to go on that long awaited honeymoon. I wanted for us to go to some place in the Grenadines, but my wife insisted that we go to Barbados. I wanted so much to please her so I agreed. We went to Barbados. It turned out to be a disaster. My wife was on her cell phone 24/7 talking to somebody she described as a “friend” of hers who lived in Barbados. I argued with her as to why would she want to be chatting with another person when her time should be devoted to me and me alone. This “friend” came to visit her at the hotel, and I was shocked to see this “friend” was a man. My wife led me to believe that the friend was a woman. She met the “friend” in the lobby. After 2 hours, I went to look for her and met her holding the man’s hand the way she would hold mine. I was stunned, but I managed to turn away, went back to our room, packed my things and left for the airport. I told her to pack her things, and she said she would leave the following day. That action still has me paralyzed! She returned to St. Vincent 3 days later and gave me no explanation. Since that time, I have had to be practically begging my wife for sex. I do not feel like her husband anymore, and need to know what my next move ought to be.



Dear Disappointed,

Dear Hurt,

It would appear that your wife was the one who had the ‘honey’-moon in Barbados. It was very disrespectful for her to be involving others at a time when you should be completely together. It would have helped if she could have given you a sound reason for remaining in Barbados for 3 days without you, but I guess you already know the answer to that. You and your wife need to sit down and decide if you are going to remain married. If you do decide in the affirmative, then it would help to get some marital counselling. There is much that you need to talk about, and the sooner the better.

Sometimes we look for excuses in the weirdest of places to justify our behaviour, and your girlfriend, it appears, is only too happy to use this opportunity to do her own thing. Two wrongs never make a right, and getting yourself mixed up in multirelationships does not speak well for your moral and ethical standards. This situation has given you the opportunity to see your girl for whom she is, and be thankful all of this is revealed now instead of later down in the relationship. Cut your losses now and turn the corner.






Patricia Brathwaite-Marshall, Vice President of Sagicor Life, hands over cheque to COP Keith Miller, in the presence of other top ranking police officers and Mr. Syd Hazell (left) long standing local representative of Sagicor.

Sagicor gives the police Âa rideÊ Toastmasters L-R): Ruth-Ann Richards and Jacinta ThomasElliott are on a quest to bring glory to the local Toastmaster movement and to SVG.

THE ROYAL ST.VINCENT and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) is lauding Sagicor for its assistance in the fight against crime. On Tuesday, October 16, 2012, the RSVGPF received a cheque valued EC$30, 000 from the insurance company, which will be used to purchase a vehicle. Commissioner of Police Keith Miller, receiving the cheque, said it is commendable when an insurance company can join the fight against crime. He added the vehicle will be used to benefit Vincentians.

Miller commended Sagicor for responding in a timely manner to his request for assistance in purchasing a motor vehicle. “I want to believe we are Sagicor’s best clients,” said Miller, noting that over 600 police officers are members of Sagicor. He encouraged police officers who are not members of Sagicor to seriously consider joining the insurance company. Patricia Brathwaite-Marshall, Vice President of Sagicor Life, said the provision of the

donation for the purchasing of the vehicle is a good gesture for her company to get involved with. “From the time we saw your request, we did not hesitate….Sagicor did not think twice,” said BrathwaiteMarshall. The Police insurance plan with Sagicor, which includes Life, Vision, Health and Dental insurance, commenced on June 1, 1994. (Contributed)

LEO’s Literacy Competition on the way THE LEO CLUB ST. VINCENT’S 14th Annual Primary Schools’ Literacy Competition is underway with the theme for this year being, ‘Agriculture and the Economy’. The preliminary round was held on Friday, October 5th, 2012. Twenty-nine (29) schools participated and wrote on the topic ‘Agriculture is important to Vincentians. Do you agree or disagree?’. Eight (8) will be selected for the finals to be held on Saturday November 3rd, 2012 at 2:00pm, at the Kingstown Methodist Church Hall. At the finals, students will be expected to read their prepared passage, as well as a spontaneous

passage from which two questions relating to that passage will be asked. The competition, which was formerly known as the Leo Club St. Vincent’s Primary Schools’ Reading Competition, seeks to encompass all components of Students writing their entries in the literacy: writing, preliminary round of the competition. reading and comprehension. Services Limited (VINLEC), The sponsors for this year’s Central Water and Sewerage competition are CIBC First Authority (CWSA), Jujubee Inc., Caribbean, RBTT Bank Caribbean Rent and Drive Karib Cable, St. Limited, St. Vincent Cooperative Vincent Brewery Ltd, Willy’s Bank, St. Vincent Electricity Restaurant, LIME.

head for Grenada by GLORIAH…

TOASTMASTERS JACINTA THOMASELLIOTT and Ruth-Ann Richards left the state yesterday, Thursday for Grenada. The two will represent St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation contests respectively, at the Toastmaster District Annual Conference which will be held at the Grand Anse Resort in Grenada on Saturday, October 20th, 2012. They will compete against Toastmasters from throughout the Caribbean in their bid to be declared Caribbean Champions of Humorous Speaking and of Evaluation. The ladies won the respective local competitions, held on September 30, to earn the right to represent this country. In a show of support, a number of local Toastmasters are expected to journey to Grenada with their colleagues to guarantee representation and to allay whatever nervousness that might pop up. Toastmasters International (TI) is the leading movement devoted to making effective oral communication a worldwide reality. Through its member clubs, TI helps men and women learn the arts of speaking, listening, and thinking — vital skills that promote self-actualization.

V Operational Efficiency: Key to sustaining profitability and growth 24. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2012. THE VINCENTIAN


I COMMEND the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, especially in this month of October, for continuing to take the lead role in highlighting the importance of financial education, a requisite that is even more important today, characterized as challenging times for households, businesses and governments around the world as they grapple with the effects of a declining global economy. I encourage those among us who are knowledgeable to do likewise and help in this educational process. We are at a time when market growth is slowing, even as marketing and sales costs are on the rise. This circumstance has occasioned an increased knowledge among consumers. It follows, therefore, that

businesses and service providers must be efficient in their operations, and sustain this efficiency, if they are to survive. Operational efficiency is the capability of a business to deliver goods and services to its customers in the most cost effective manner possible, while ensuring the highest quality of products, service and support. As businesses try to cope with external market pressures, which more often than not are not of their own making, streamlining their core processes could enable their businesses to address their unique operational challenges, while allowing businesses to focus on the consumers, the core of any business. Simply put, to remove the fat

customers. e Modernize business through technology. Allow for more automation of the business processes which will allow for a more modern service delivery, less manual labour and Here are five steps towards improving your increased output.

and waste of resources within businesses will not only save money but allow those businesses to divert resources and time towards satisfying their customers’ needs.

operational efficiency: e Analyze the current situation through an efficient process of identifying the areas of weaknesses/wastages. Establish benchmarks and develop a roadmap of actions to improve performance. e Optimize and streamline business processes to remove wastage and inefficient operations which will help cut cost, while allowing the business to focus more on the

with improved operational efficiency that delivers more value In order to attain to a customer at much operational efficiency, a lower cost, can contribute business needs to reduce towards increased waste and excesses, customer value and while leveraging the customer retention. An resources that contribute organization with more most to its success. It satisfied customers is, can do so by utilizing the more likely, to be better e Leaner and meaner best motivated staff, positioned to sustain organization means technology and operating profitability and growth. agility and speed in processes. Market forces producing and delivering may not allow a business CERLIAN RUSSELL high value for customers. to increase its prices or Operations Manager Being lean and efficient profit margin, but having Bank of St. Vincent and along the value chain, a leaner organization the Grenadines Ltd. from input to delivering the service/product to the customer, is where value is added at much lower cost. e Monitor and evaluate performance regularly with established benchmarks. Best practices will help the organization keep

cost and other quality checks at the forefront.

Regularly Monitor your Progress You should often sit back and review the status of your business so you can make the appropriate plans and come up with strategies that will help you confront problems more effectively.

Financial Information Month Radio Discussions FIRST DISCUSSION DATE:

SUNDAY 21 October 2012.




Hitz FM Radio, Dorsetshire Hill




Joel Providence Curtis Dennie Grenville Williams Michael Nanton

— — — —

Coreas Hazells Inc Invest SVG Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) Chamber of Industry & Commerce


SUNDAY 28th October 2012.


11:00 AM


NBC Radio, Richmond Hill



PANELISTS: Ms Andrina Brackin Mr Cerlian Russell Mr Felix Lewis Mr Leonet Anderson

— Youth Business SVG — Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines — Centre for Enterprise Development — General Hardware




Getting around the Christmas barrel rush business year for KLC and a great year for Christmas gifts, as the much anticipated barrels TO AVOID disappointment start arriving from by their family and friends, friends and families Vincentians living overseas. overseas have to plan their While KLC Freight Christmas shopping and handles shipping worldshipping arrangements wide, it is the principal many weeks in advance. consumer shipping Last Friday, THE agency from Toronto and VINCENTIAN dropped Montreal to St. Vincent into the Toronto offices of and the Grenadines. KLC Freight Eastern Each year, about this Caribbean Freight Lines time, Ken and his staff, Ltd. and spoke with both in the office and in owner Ken Chitole, and the warehouse, have very his hard working staff, little free time. all preparing for the Thousands of barrels, annual influx of boxes, and shipping Christmas barrels crates, appliances and destined for the Eastern yes, even motor-vehicles Caribbean. are brought to the Judging by early warehouse and carefully activity, it looks like packed into containers 2012 will be a banner for the sea voyage to St. BEN HARRISON – International Correspondent

Vincent. They arrive at Campden Park and are off-loaded and trucked to the terminal in downtown Kingstown to be unpacked. Wayne Crichton, owner of Arabesque Customs Brokers in Kingstown, swings into action, sometimes working round the clock to notify people that their shipment has arrived. Following inspection by customs officers who charge duty where required, the paper work is completed and the shipment can leave the bonded warehouse. The process of getting a shipment from overseas to St. Vincent can be straightforward and be delivered in good

LIME ahead with new IVR service

LIME, the Caribbean’s leading fullservice telecommunications provider, has established another service innovation for its customers, with the introduction of its enhanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service to Post-paid customers across the region. The service, which went live in all 13 markets in the region, two weeks ago, is complete with voices reflecting the general accents of the region, and is expected to give customers even more self-service options including bill payments.. The service comes only a few months after the company had introduced a self-service IVR system that assists its prepaid customers with simple day-to-day tasks, such as buying services and credit top up. Regional VP, Customer Assurance, Joan Whitehead noted that this move gives customers more power at their finger tips, with more options to have their queries resolved faster. “We know that customers want what they want and they want it right away. This is why we know this service improvement will deliver that experience as this puts all that power in their hands. Convenience is a big part of delivering world-class customer service to our customers,

and our enhanced Interactive Voice Response — which represents a revolution in customer service in the region - is the perfect innovation to achieve this.” LIME has partnered with VoxGen, which manages the system on its behalf. Wally Brill, VoxGen’s SVP of Strategic Consulting said: “LIME’s dedication to its customers allowed us to design, create and user-test a system, from the customers’ perspective, that answers their needs and gives them the best possible user experience.” In addition to bill payment, both pre-paid and post-paid balance information can all be accessed by this channel. Late last year, LIME raised the bar for customer service by being one of the first companies in the region to offer online customer service to its customers in all its markets. (Contributed)

Vincentians resident in Canada are urged to get their barrels ready early to meet a pre-Christmas arrival date in SVG. time without complications. It can also be full of perils, from mechanical and weather related problems for the ship, accidents both on sea and on land, and occasionally labour strife at either end of the journey. We should be hearing details of this year’s Christmas barrel concessions from the PMO shortly. Every year, many last minute shoppers wait until several weeks after the

announcements have been made to do both shopping and shipping. Both the sender and the receiver are disappointed when their barrels and gifts arrive sometime in January. Avoid disappointment: Prepare your shipment now with delivery to the KLC Warehouse no later than November 18 to be assured of delivery in time for Christmas. Their address is 50 Tiffield Rd., Unit 15, Scarborough, Ontario.

Ken Chitole, owner and manager of KLC Freight, the principal handlers of freight from Toronto and Montreal to SVG. Vincentians living outside of the Greater Toronto area, visit


Paul’s Avenue, P.O. Box 592, Kingstown Tel: 456-1821 Fax: 457-2821 E-mail: Website:


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Troumaca Starlights, losing finalist, took pride in making the finals after only two years in the competition. Left: Stanley Browne Ajuba, deserving champions of North Leeward Twenty/20 cricket.

Ajuba takes North Leeward 20/20 title by WILLIAM ANTHONY

CELEBRATIONS IN THE NORTH LEEWARD VILLAGE of Spring will continue for a long time. Their cricket team, Stanley Browne Ajuba, copped the Vinlec North Leeward Cricket Twenty/20 championship last Sunday. Ajuba raced to 129 for 1 off 10.5 overs, in response to Carlos James Troumaca Starlight’s 123 all out, in 19.3 overs. Kenny Stapleton, with an unbeaten 71, powered the team to victory at the Petit Bordel Playing Field. Kenny and Walliston Stapleton shared an opening 96-run partnership. Walliston fell for 29, but Casmond Walters, 21, continued the onslaught as Ajuba overhauled their target with nine overs to spare. Carlos James Troumaca Starlights lost two wickets with the score on six. Their highest run getter for the season, Leshaun Lewis, was run out, and his opening partner was caught on the same score. Rolando Samuel, 38, and Taquin Roberts, 21, shared a 60-run third wicket stance; but Ronneil Jeffrey, 4 for 30, ripped out the heart of

the batting. He picked up a hat trick, and from 66 for 2, Starlight collapsed to 76 for six in two overs. Kesrick Williams, the Vincentian and Windwards speedster, justified his inclusion following his return from the University of the West Indies where is pursuing studies, with figures of 3 for 11. Gemel Jeffrey, 2 for 40, added to the Starlight decline. Kenny Stapleton, as expected, earned the Man of the Match award, and his performance crowned a consistent 2012 campaign. He scored the most runs, 330. Ronneil Jeffrey’s 4 wickets in the final took his tally to 16 in the tournament, equaling Kentish John from Starlight who entered the final with sixteen. Kesrick Williams, the Ajuba captain, was satisfied with his team’s achievement, and he was also pleased with his own returns. He praised his players for their efforts during the tournament, and was confident that he had the ammunition to accomplish the task. Williams was also grateful to the sponsor. Kenny Stapleton was delighted with the team’s success. He expressed his pleasure in a post match interview conducted by National Broadcasting Corporation’s sports caster McNeil Morgan.

Carlos James, the sponsor of the losing finalist and also the semifinalist, pointed to the talent that exists in the Troumaca community. He complimented the team on reaching the final in only their second year on the competitive stage, and praised the Ajuba

team on their achievement. The Petit Bordel Playing Field was a scene of colour and anticipation as the match progressed. The event, however, turned to an anticlimax as the tension associated with a final never pierced the atmosphere.

Kesrick Williams, national fast bowler, showed his class in his only match of the competition.

An elated Kenny Stapleton, Man of the Match.

‘Table tennis in the doldrums’ “I AM REALLY DISSATISFIED with the state of table tennis from a national stand point in St Vincent and the Grenadines.” So said Joseph Carrington, former national player, now a coach in the Ministry of Sports, during a conversation with THE VINCENTIAN. Carrington explained that he was making the assessment as a player, coach and a past executive member. As far as he was concerned, “Since the present executive took over (The SVG Table Tennis Association) , in their first fouryear term, there was a slump in every aspect of the sports.” In his opinion, “The only persons who are playing table tennis at present are a few older guys having a sweat at the AVESCO building.” He lamented the absence of any real developmental programme, pointing especially to the absence of a youth programme which he said was in existence before the current executive, and which, he said, reached out to at least “twenty young and promising players who

have since been forced out the game due to a lack of programmes.” Carrington also highlighted what he described as “no avenue for the players to play in tournament.” He added, “During the Shaun Stanley period, there were training programmes for the youngsters, tournaments for the youngsters at different levels, national championships, an Independence championship, even a semiprofessional tournament where prize monies were awarded, visiting teams from Trinidad and Barbados, as well as several training sessions with experts from Egypt and America.” In a brief statement to THE VINCENTIAN, Sean Samuel, Past President of the Association, described the sport as “being close to extinction,” and alluded to the current executive being “unconstitutional by being in position for well over four years.” Kamal Hunte, a national player presently attached to the Ministry of Sports, supported the sentiments of Carrington and Samuel, but said, “ I am,

Joseph Carrington, table tennis coach and former national player, laments the absence of any real local programme for the development of the sport. however, hopeful that things will change, and I am in full support of a new general election so as to allow for the election of persons who are willing to serve in the interest of the sport.” St. Vincent and the Grenadines, three-times OECS champions of OECS table tennis, now occupies the cellar position. I.B.A.ALLEN




Vincy Heat begins Digicel Cup hunt

Vincy Heat into one of their training sessions at the Arnos Vale Playing Field.

Charles back as captain. “His experience and leadership Stories by skills will benefit the team, I.B.A.ALLEN especially when the going gets tough on the field, and also off the field,” Huggins said. The SVG national football team, Arnos Vale, before its For his part, Wesley dubbed Vincy Heat, will be in departure today, Friday, he Charles said, “It’s an honor competition next week, in St. expressed satisfaction with the and pleasure to be back in the Lucia. work the team had put in over national outfit.” The Vincentians will join the past weeks. Charles, a defender who hosts St. Lucia, Guyana and “I am confident and believe first donned the national Curacao in a preliminary we can win the zone,” he said, colours when he was 18 years round fixture of the 2012/13 admitting though that he will old, admitted that, “it will not Digicel Cup, symbol of football be ensuring some final work to be an easy tournament, but I supremacy in the Caribbean. ensure that “the boys can expect everyone to work as one When THE VINCENTIAN make optimum use of set unit towards winning the caught up with Cornelius pieces.” zone.” Huggins, head coach of the Huggins also expressed He also expressed his team, during one of the team’s delight in having Wesley pleasure for the opportunity to final training sessions at

work with Huggins, against whom he competed in local competitions, and alongside whom he played for the national team. SVG will face Guyana in their first game on the 21st, followed by St Lucia on the 23rd and Curacao on the 25th.

Wesley Charles will captain the national team and would hope to bring his experience to bear on a successful outing for the team.

Cornelius Huggins, coach of Vincy heat, is confident that his team can come away victors in this round of competition.

Local volleyballers get assistance THIS COUNTRY’S national volleyball players as well as aspiring players, and in particular beach volleyball players, will be exposed to a higher standard of coaching during a one-month stint, currently in progress, of Brazilian coach and FIBV instructor Joao Carlos Moraes Campos. Shaun Young, General Secretary of the National Volleyball Association, confirmed that while Campo’s primary focus will be to assist with the

Shaun Young, GS of the NVA, is hopeful that the stint by the Brazilian coach will encourage greater participation in the sport.

development of beach volleyball here, he will also pay attention to court volleyball. Young informed that this country has been competing in overseas beach volleyball tournaments and competitions for well over six years, but it is hoped that the Brazilian will not be able to refine and enhance the skills of current players, but also encourage greater participation. While acknowledging that the biggest challenge facing beach volleyball is the lack of playing area for training and actual play, Young was pleased to announce that his association has been able to procure the use of the Buccament Bay Resort , for two days a week, and the Girls’ High School court. As far as court volleyball is concerned, Campos is expected to assist with preparing the senior female national team for participation in the Eastern Caribbean Volleyball Competition, scheduled for Antigua from November 24 to 26. Campos is also expected to visit communities on the Leeward and Windward sides of St. Vincent and

Joao Carlos Moraes Campos (right) in session with national female volleyball players at the Girls’ High School court.

Joao Carlos Moraes Campo, Brazilian volleyball coach, is one a Caribbean assignment that includes this country. in Bequia, to make an assessment of the state of the sport and advise accordingly in terms of development plans.

A number of schools will be visited as the Association continues its drive to encourage the sport at that level. Coach Campos’ assignment in St. Vincent and the Grenadines was made possible through the North Central and Caribbean Volleyball Association. This country is one of a number of other Caribbean territories he is expected to visit.

Masters 20/20 action continues The National SVG Masters 20/20 cricket competition will resume this weekend with several matches, following a rain hit weekend last week. North Leeward is expected to face Rudy’s Electrical Barrouallie Masters from 1.30pm at Petit Bordel on Saturday. On Sunday, Bickles Fun Masters will oppose Bequia Masters at Arnos Vale One at 10 am, followed by Computec Belfongo Masters against St Vincent Cooperative Bank Ptani Masters from 1.30pm at the Arnos Vale playing field. Also on Sunday, North Leeward Combined will face Log Enterprises Kingstown from 1.30 pm at the Buccament playing field. The visiting New York Masters will also open their one-week tour with a game against the RSVG Police Masters from 1.30 pm at Arnos Vale on Saturday. On Sunday, they will face London Masters from 1.30pm at the London playing field.




Congratulations to Ajuba The Stanley Browne Ajuba Cricket team conquered the Vinlec North Leeward Cricket trophy last Sunday. They did so in emphatic fashion. That the match was so one-sided came as a disappointment to fans, many of whom had become accustomed to nerve wracking clashes even at the preliminary stage. No one can fault Ajuba for their overwhelming triumph. And there are no excuses for the dismal performance by the Troumaca Starlights. They played with gusto hitherto, overcoming supposedly more experienced squads when the odds were against them. Starlights beat Ajuba in the preliminaries. There is a saying that lightning does not strike twice in the same place. That may be a convenient analogy, for there is no documentation of where lightning strikes. What is certain is that persons like Kenny Stapleton, Casmond Walters, Harley Skerritt, Lennox Douglas, Donson Andrews, Gemel, Reginald and Ronniel Jeffrey, Edson, Keswick and Kimali Williams would not have faltered twice. There has always been rivalry between the communities of Spring and Troumaca as far as I can remember. Its continuation was nothing new. That Ajuba achieved their success in such a rampant fashion gives them every reason to rub salt in the wounds. Ajuba played to win, and achieved their objective. Troumaca were intent on being winners also, but there is a fundamental tenet of unity of purpose whenever any exercise is being under taken. That there was implosion in the Troumaca camp does not take away the impact of the Ajuba win. Some persons considered the previous week’s semifinal encounter between Ajuba and Troumaca United as a more fitting final. Ajuba, having overcome that hurdle, was ensuring that there were no obstacles in their way. But the Troumaca Starlights did not grasp the matter at hand. They faltered from the start, and Ajuba never released the stranglehold. The atmosphere at Petit Bordel was electric, befitting any final. The missing ingredient was the will to fight that Troumaca was guilty of. That the tournament reached to a proper end is tribute to the North Leeward Sports Association. One individual stands out. Julius Anthony must be commended for his input. Vinlec have been sponsors for the last thirteen years. Anthony is a member of the Vinlec staff. The collaboration has paid enhanced dividends in the community. Vinlec’s sponsorship is evidence of their satisfaction with their community interaction. The value of the tournament can never be estimated. The Vinlec North Leeward Cricket tournament was the springboard of activity from the time it started last July. Some people anticipated many more rain affected games. Matches were played on Saturdays and Sundays at Petit Bordel. The championship generated enough interest to keep it a burning issue all week. The platform has been set and there is the foundation for prolonged interaction between Vinlec and the North Leeward Community. With the North Leeward aspect firmly entrenched, Vinlec’s may be encouraged to broaden the grid.

Coach supports Goal Project The FIFA Goal Project currently being pursued at the Brighton Playing Field by the SVG Football Federation is a “tremendous idea.” This is the view of former national footballer cum coach, Raymond ‘Birdie’ Trimmingham. He belives that the project, initiated under the Joseph Delves led Executive, “will benefit not just football but all sporting disciplines in the country, and by extension the region”. According to Trimmingham, the Goal Project envisioned the construction of facilities, an Executive Centre, to be used, among other things, for housing national teams preparing for competitions and visiting teams.

It will accommodate approximately 28-30 players with coaches and managers for two teams, and will also have a gym, conference room and manager’s office. The facilities would also include a technical centre, equipped with technological aids to assist with classroom sessions on matters related to the sport and health. Himself a part of the Goal Project development team, Trimmingham admitted that the project should have been close to completion by now. Unforeseen circumstances have resulted in an adjusted date for completion, i.e. early in 2013. Trimmingham also attested to the fact that

Work continues on the Executive Centre, an integral part of the Goal Project. there has not been enough work done on the actual playing area, since the Brighton Playing Field was handed over to the Federation. He assured that general cleaning of the field will commence soon.

Benefits Returning to underscoring the benefits of the project, Trimmingham said that the project “will benefit the development of young footballers especially in the summer, when the kids will have an opportunity to be exposed to a wider teaching of the sports, in theory and actually playing football at least twice per day.”

Raymond ‘Birdie’ Trimmingham is in full support of the Goal Project. Once up and running, he sees the facility as a perfect setting for building team spirit since teams can assemble for longer periods. He did lament the fact that the national team currently in training for the Digicel Cup was without a ‘home for training’, but pointed to the Goal Project as being an answer to that and many other needs of football in SVG. I.B.A.ALLEN

The playing area at the Brighton Playing Filed will soon be cleared and cleaned.

Rain affects TBPO weekend fixture RAIN AFFECTED play in last weekend slate of matches in the National Lotteries Authority TBPO Softball Cricket competition. Of five matches scheduled, there was actual play in only two matches, with another being decided on default. In one of the matches played on Saturday, Glen United defeated Mac Little Saints by 4 wickets in the National Lotteries Authority TBPO Softball Cricket competition in a rainhit weekend match at the Dauphnie playing field. Batting first, Mac Little Saints posted 141 in 19 overs. Amos Clark topscored with 40 and Sebastein Davis hit 31. Elvis Wood took 2 for 19. In reply, Glen United made 144 for 5 from 15 overs. Afran Byam led the batting with 32 and Maxie Hackshaw 31. Henderson Morgan made 21. Frederick Jack took 3 for 26 and Amos Clark 2 for 31. In the only other match played on the weekend, Pine Hill dairy

Clinchers beat Vincom Next Level by 47 runs. Clinchers made 124 from 19.1 overs. Kendal Buntin hit 29 not out, Oheiyn Toby hit 20. Courtney Joyette took 4 for 26 and Enoch James 2 for 37. In reply, Next Level reached 77 in 17.3 overs. Eswort Lewis made 16. Oheiyn Toby took 5 for 20, Peter Richards 3 for 10 and Nicholas Ottley 2 for 11. Dr. Thomas Injectors won by default over Warriors. This Saturday, from 1pm, ASCO face Pine Hill Dairy Clinchers, followed by Bangers against RSVG Police Force from 3pm. On Sunday, ASCO oppose Dr. Thomas Injectors from 9.30am, Mac Little Saints clash with Dr. Thomas Injectors from 12.30pm, and Sunset Strikers match wits against CGM Gallagher Novice from 3pm All matches are slated for the Dauphine playing field. I.B.A.ALLEN






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OCTOBER 19, 2012

Senior Magistrate Donald Browne upheld the defence’s request for an adjournment. Stories by HAYDN HUGGINS THE DEFENCE in the trial involving opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) former general election candidate, Burton Williams, has been granted an adjournment until November 5 to address certain issues in

VOLUME 106, No. 42

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relation to the case. The unexpected development occurred on Monday, October 15, when the matter was scheduled to continue before Senior Magistrate Donald Browne, at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court. The NDP central committee member is facing charges of behaving in a manner in which a breach of peace was likely to be occasioned, and

attempting to damage property. Both charges stemmed from an NDP led march and rally in Kingstown, January 28, 2011 to protest proposed amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code and the Representation of the People Act (RPA). The hearing had been adjourned last week Tuesday, October 9, after Williams was reexamined by his attorney, Andreas

Man awaits sentencing for manslaughter ROLAND GUMBS, an Arnos Vale man who became the lone accused in the August 28, 2008 murder of Atiba ‘Crimo’ Waldron, after his four coaccused were cleared of the charge while the other died of a heart attack, will be sentenced November 9 for manslaughter. Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Colin Williams accepted Gumbs’ plea of guilty to the lesser charge at the Criminal Assizes last Friday, October 12. Gumbs was initially indicted with murder. He was originally charged jointly with Kamani Williams, Jawanza Frazer, Devon Charles, Benford Joseph, Orman Hanaway and Marlon Stokes. However, only Gumbs and Stokes were committed to stand trial for Waldron’s murder. The others were discharged May 21, 2009 at the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) after Chief Magistrate Sonya Young upheld a no case submission from their lawyer, on the grounds that there was not

sufficient evidence to link the men to the crime. Gumbs, Williams, Stokes, Frazer, Charles and Hanaway were represented by attorneys Kay Bacchus-Browne, and Grant Connell, while Carlyle Dougan Q.C. appeared on Joseph’s behalf. Stokes subsequently died at Her Majestry’s Prisons from a heart attack, leaving Gumbs alone to face the judge and jury. Waldron fell to a hail of bullets at a Pembroke gas station August 28, 2008. The facts revealed that Gumbs was the driver of the vehicle in which Waldron was travelling when he was shot. Gumbs was told to pull up at the gas station and run. When he ran Waldron was shot. Gumbs, represented by BacchusBrowne, will be sentenced at a sentencing hearing in which a social inquiry report on him will be presented.

Coombs. Coombs had indicated to the court that the defence intended to call two witnesses: his father Venold Coombs, who is also president of the local Football Federation, and technician, Lincoln Prescott. However, on Monday, October 15, Coombs made an application to the court to have ‘an issue’ dealt with in chambers. The application was granted, and the Senior Magistrate, Crown Counsel Colin John, who is prosecuting the matter, defence lawyer Coombs, Court Prosecutor Inspector Glenford Gregg and the Senior Magistrate’s clerk retired to Chambers where they deliberated for about 15 minutes. When they returned to open court, Magistrate Browne informed that Coombs had indicated to the Court that, “there are certain situations he has to deal with, and asked the court for an adjournment to November 5.” Browne also indicated that, “In our little conference, the prosecution objected to the adjournment, but the court has granted the adjournment.” Speaking with THE VINCENTIAN later, Coombs, without any reference to the exact

Published by The VINCENTIAN Publishing Co. Ltd, St. Vincent and the Grenadines;

Burton Williams’ charges include one of attempting to damage property. nature of the ‘issues’, said, “There are certain issues in relation to the matter that the defence needs to address, and we requested an adjournment to November 5, to have time to address those issues.” To date, seven witnesses have testified for the prosecution, including Assistant Commissioner of Police Michael Charles, Constable Godwin Charles of the Special Services Unit (SSU), Sergeant Ornan Jacobs of the Special Services Unit (SSU), Corporal Wilma Black-Williams of the Major Crime Unit

Defence Attorney Andreas Coombs gave no indication of the details of ‘certain issues’ to be addressed. (MCU) and the arresting officer Wilisford Caesar who was, at the time of the protest, Assistant Superintendent and head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), now retired. At the close of the prosecution’s case, the defence made a no case submission which was overruled, following which Williams made his defence. The hearing had commenced at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on September 11.

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Issue 19th October, 2012  

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