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FEBRUARY 14, 2014

VOLUME 108, No.07



One of Edson Augustus’ recent undertakings was to guide the umbrella Relief Committee set up in York o to assist flood New York victims in SVG. He took on his duties in a hands on mannerr, according to manner, reports.

Edson Augustus assumed duties as Deputy Consul General in New York, York, o in June 2011. 2011. A. KING Story Story and photos by by NELSON A.;; US CORRESPONDENT

THE CIR CIRCUMSTANCES, CUMSTA ANCES, unclear,, though sstill till vvery ery unclear reportedly repor tedly surrounding the recall of Deputy Consul General tto o New New York, Yor o k, Edson Augustus, have shock Augustus, ha ve sent shoc k waves waves throughout the Vincentian community in the United States. U nited S tates. Besides shock, many nationals with whom THE VINCENTIAN spoke, expressed sheer disapdisappointment, sadness and embarrassment that the second-in-command at the Consulate General in New York, would engage in alleged fraudulent activiactivities. At the same time, some nationals, though vocifervociferous about the reported “scandal”, declined to go on record in expressing their views, stating, as in a AugusConsul General Selmon Walters (right) seen here court of law, that AugusWalters a tus, a former Seventh-day with Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves, was Drr. Ralph Ra Adventist Church pastor, home during the time when the news broke of is “innocent until proven Augustus’ recall.

guilty.” Still, others spoke guardedly about an issue that they deem to be of grave national concern. “As nationals of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, we must resist the temptations of slander, especially on social media,” James Cordice, Cordice, the architect behind St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ participation in the prestigious Penn Relays at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, told THE VINCENVINCENTIAN, alluding to what he described as uncensored and irresponsible comments posted on Facebook. “We must realize that these allegations against our Deputy Consul General have not been proven true,” added the Clare Valley native, a former president of the Philadelphia-based St. Vincent and the Grenadines Organization of Pennsylvania. “Let us continue to conduct conduct our affairs and wait for the verdict before we condemn anyone,” anyone,” he continued. “Certain discussions can even damage diplomatic relationrelationships. Let us all say a prayer for divine intervention. May God bless our nation!”

A serious matter

Camillo Gonsalves, Minister of Foreign Affairs, is still to give a substantive statestatement on the circumcircumstances that led to Augustus’ recall.

Laverne McDowa-McDowa ld-Thompson, president of the Brooklyn, New York-based Council of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Organizations, U.SA., Inc. (COSAGO), the umbrella Vincentian group in the United difficul-States, said she was having difficul depar-ty speaking about Augustus’ depar ture “when we don’t know the exact reason for his abrupt termination. “However, when someone is booted out of office, the way he was, it’s showing to us that he has done something inappropriate,” said the Chateaubelair native and ex-school teacher at home. “And it is a serious matter.”

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V „I squared‰ ⁄ a success !! 2. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2014. THE VINCENTIAN


These competitors from the GHS try their best to convince the judges about the ingenuity of their presentations at the I Squared finals. WAS THERE, FELT THE MOOD, witnessed the keen competition, the joy of achievement and the tears of not achieving what was considered their best shot … that was my take on the finals of the “I squared” competition hosted by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commisssion (NTRC). As I had an informal chat during a break with Apollo Knights, the Director of the NTRC, he noted that he was pleasantly satisfied with the quality of the presentations

and wished that more schools participated. He went on to say that the aim of the competition was to unearth ideas that will ultimately make life a more pleasurable experience for mankind, using technology to facilitate that process. The closing ceremony, which started at 7:00pm came to an end just after midnight, bringing the curtains down on the first ever App design contest in SVG. There were a few technical glitches that

slowed down the proceedings, but that apart, the show flowed. The presentations by the students at secondary level were great for a first attempt, and I strongly believe that there is an abundance of talent from schools that did not participate which needs to be encouraged, harnessed and exposed, in keeping with the ultimate vision of the NTRC. The tertiary presentations showed more depth and planning, but could be embellished to “make a good thing, better”. The prizes were attractive, with first prize winners in both secondary and tertiary levels winning smart phones as well as cash. The mentors were also rewarded with cash prizes, so it was a win-win for everyone, including the parents and other invitees including myself, who soaked in the lively presentations by our upcoming IT specialists and ‘would be’ gurus. All in all, a wonderful process has been put in motion by the NTRC, and I anticipate that future events like this

will expose the dearth of latent talent waiting for an opportunity to be unearthed. Good shot ! … NTRC.

Commentary by: DON DE RIGGS

Tech Dojars rule THE GROUP CALLED Tech Dojars, comprised of students from the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College: Department of Arts, Sciences, and General Studies, won the Tertiary Group category of the Mobile Application component of the NTRC-organised Tech Dojars pose proudly with their I Squared Competition winner’s trophy. last Tuesday. Grenadines Community The team, including College Division of Nursing Rolondo Abraham, Oshakie Education sealed the second Gittens, Saieed Davis Sharmarsh Adams and Jairoy spot. The SVGCC Mobile Fergus, outran three rivals to Group captured the third spot. The other finalist was Infinitake the first prize. They will be geared up with Tech from the Division of Arts Sciences and General Studies. 4 G Hand Sets sponsored by In the Tertiary Idea LIME, in addition to securing Category, Advocators from the $3,500 for having won the Division of Nursing Education title. was the only competitor and Nursing Innovators from came away undisputed. (More the St. Vincent and the on page 13.)



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News 3

Consulate “scandal” rocks Vincentian community in US tion over the New York Consulate General, also declined comment, referring THE VINCENTIAN to the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Kingstown.

Conttinued from Frontpage. McDowald-Thompson said she “got to know and worked closely” with Augustus while in his official capacity in New York, stating that they sat on several committees, including the Diaspora Committee of New York; COSAGO Independence Church Service Committee; and the most-recently formed St. Vincent and the Grenadines Disaster Relief Committee of New York, of which Augustus was deputy chair. New York Consul General Selmon Walters is the chair. “This is not how we would have liked to see him (Augustus) leave – no celebration or expression of gratitude, or simple goodbye,” McDowald-Thompson added. “I just have to wish him all the best; and, no matter what the situation, keep him in prayer.”

No comment The normally outspoken community activist, Maxwell Haywood – who chairs the Brooklyn-based St. Vincent and the Grenadines Diaspora Committee of New York, is a member of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Disaster Relief Committee of New York and an ardent supporter of the incumbent administration in Kingstown – declined to comment, saying it would be premature to do so. Stephen “Scombo” John, newly-elected president of the Brooklyn-based St. Vincent and the Grenadines Progressive Organization of New York (SPOONY), an arm of the main opposition New Democratic Party (NDP), also declined to elaborate on the

No response from Government officials

Ambassador La Celia Prince, under whose jurisdiction the Consul General falls, had no comment when contacted. alleged scandal, adopting the same stance as Haywood. Another staunch NDP supporter, Vincent Bacchus, SPOONY’s immediate past president, who is normally glib in his comments, expressed ambivalence about the allegations. “We don’t know if the allegations are true,” he said. “Everybody has his or her story. “We have to wait until it (the issue) breaks,” he added. “It’s like a zigzag puzzle right now.” In addition, top government officials, including Prime Minister Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves, Foreign Affairs Minister Camillo Gonsalves and Consul General Selmon Walters, Augustus’s immediate supervisor, did not return repeated calls and email requests by THE VINCENTIAN, up to press time, seeking comment or elaboration on the matter. La Celia Prince, the ambassador to the United States, whose Embassy in Washington, D.C. has jurisdic-

In a follow-up email to Foreign Affairs Minister Gonsalves, THE VINCENTIAN requested answers to the following questions, to which, like the first email, sent on Sunday, the younger Gonsalves did not respond: “1. What specifically was Mr. Augustus engaged in? 2. Will he be prosecuted at home and/or in the United States, and for what? 3. When do you expect him to return to SVG? 4. Who else at the Consulate or in the Vincentian community or other communities in the US are involved in this matter? 5. How does the government plan to tighten up on the issuance of passports at the Consulate?” After news of Augustus’ reported recall broke in New York last Thursday, the Foreign Affairs Ministry waited until Monday to issue a relatively terse, unsigned statement, confirming the decision. “Mr. Edson Augustus has been officially recalled from his post as Deputy Consul General at the Consulate General of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in New York, USA,” the statement said. “On Wednesday, 5th February, 2014, the Ministry of Foreign

Affairs of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines received reports suggesting that Mr. Augustus, while posted in New York, was involved in activities outside the scope of his employment and inimical to interests of the Consulate General and the Government and people of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,” it added. “Having subsequently received sufficient confirmation of those reports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines acted promptly in recalling Mr. Augustus with immediate effect,” the statement continued. “All matters touching and concerning the said activities are under further review,” it said. The statement was issued on the same day that Walters, a former minister in the Gonsalves-led Unity Labor Party (ULP) administration, returned to office in New York, after travelling home for a reported “all-important” meeting. It remains unclear whether Walters was called home for consultation or update on the issue.

Allegations abound – Opposition demands answers Some reports indicate that Augustus was allegedly involved a “passport/green card scandal,” but THE VINCENTIAN was unable to verify the allegation in view of the prime minister and other top officials’ apparent refusal to return repeated calls and/or email requests, and their seeming adoption of a tight-lipped posture. Meantime, Opposition Leader, Arnhim Eustace, a former

prime minister, has called on the government to be more transparent on the issue. James Cordice, noted “This kind of social and cultural advodiplomatic letter is cate, called for resisting good to send to an the temptations encourembassy or a governaged by social media. ment – not to send to the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” he said on his New Times radio program soon after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the release about Augustus’ recall. “People need more information than this, otherwise the information would be given otherwise, you know,” he added, disclosing that he already has “certain information” in his possession. Laverne McDowa“Come clean, say ld-Thompson, president of who all were involved (COSAGO), described the other than him affair as ‘a serious (Augustus), and let’s matter’. deal with the matter here in our country,” the NDP president urged the administration. In addition, Eustace expressed apprehension that Augustus’ alleged activities “would make things more difficult for Vincentians going to the United States, especially when an embassy official at that level gets involved in activities Community activist Maxwell Haywood was uncharnot consistent with acteristically quiet on the his duties.” matter. The Opposition Leader noted that the Consulate “scandal” say that Augustus has comes “only a few refused to return months after Canada home, as urged by the has removed the right Ministry of Foreign of Vincentians to travel Affairs; that he is still freely without visas. in New York. “It speaks to someBut other reports thing smelly in our say he’s currently in foreign offices,” he Trinidad and Tobago, alleged. “This is a very where his wife resides, serious matter, and the as their young daughgovernment has to ters attend school become even clearer there. and say what it is that Augustus also did Mr. Augustus has not return requests by done. If they don’t, THE VINCENTIAN, to somebody else will do his cellular telephone it.” and email account, for Some reports also comment.




Van driver jailed for beating policeman Stories by HAYDN HUGGINS A 25-year-old omnibus driver of Calder will spend the next nine months behind bars for beating a police officer, and damaging his uniform. Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Mathias handed down the penalties after Ellyet Guy was found guilty of six charges, at the conclusion of a trial at the Kingstown

Magistrate’s Court, on Wednesday 12th February. Guy was sentenced to nine months for assaulting police constable 806 Chet Soloman causing him bodily harm, six months for damage to property to wit the policeman’s uniform and three weeks for stopping other than at a bus stop. The sentences will run concurrently.

Guy was also fined $500 forthwith or two weeks in prison for unnecessary obstruction to traffic, $400 forthwith or three weeks for using insulting language, and $258 forthwith or two weeks for damage to property. Those sentences will also run concurrently if the fines are not paid and concurrently to the nine and six months sentences.

The prosecution’s evidence revealed that around 12:45 pm. January 24, 2014, PC Soloman was on motorbike patrol in Arnos Vale when he saw the ominibus, HB158, driven by Guy, stop where there was no bus stop and began taking up passengers. According to the evidence, the bus was obstructing the free flow of traffic. As a result, the

15 years for robbing Nice Radio employee JUSTICE Frederick Bruce-Lyle sent a strong signal on Tuesday to robbers and would be robbers. “I don’t have sympathy for people who commit these kinds of offences, especially with a firearm,” Justice Bruce-Lyle told Kyle Bacchus before sentencing him to 15 years in prison for robbing Montgomery ‘Monty’ Cupid, a technician employed at Nice Radio. The penalty was handed down at the Criminal Assizes on Tuesday. Bruce-Lyle described Bacchus as “dangerous” and a “menace to society.” Bacchus had nine previous convictions, including seven of a violent nature. The 15-year sentence will run concurrently with a 10-year term Bacchus is currently serving for another robbery offence. The 22-year-old Sion Hill man was also sentenced to 7 years on Tuesday for possession of a firearm with intent to commit an offence arising from the incident involving Cupid. That sentence will run concurrently to the other sentences. It took the jury, comprised of seven women and two men, one hour and 17 minutes to return with the guilty verdicts. Cupid was robbed at gun point shortly after 4 a.m. September 14, 2012 at Sion Hill, while he was en route to his work place at Dorsetshire Hill. He was relieved of two cellular phones valued at $799. Cupid told the court that the accused, wearing something over his head, came from behind, pointed a gun at him and demanded that he “pass over everything”. After he passed the phones, the assailant demanded money. He told the bandit he had no money, and the man struck him on his forehead with the gun. Cupid said he held onto the gun and a struggle ensued. At that stage, a neighbour shouted from a house, and his attacker ran up a track in the vicinity of the Anglican Church. He recognized his

officer approached the driver, told him he was going to give him two traffic tickets, and Ellyet Guy will not be driving requested his his omnibus for the next nine driver’s licence. months. Guy replied, “Whey yoh want and a tussle ensued my driver’s licence for, between them. In trying move yoh stewpid ….. .” to get away, Guy boxed The officer then told the officer. The cop Guy he was going to maintained his hold on arrest him for using Guy, and with the insulting language, and assistance of a plain told him to come out of clothes police officer, the vehicle. they were able to subdue Guy exited, but when him. During the tussle, PC Soloman held onto the officer’s uniform got him to make an arrest, damaged and he received Guy grabbed the officer’s an injury to the face. clothing at the collar,

Rum fight lands man in jail

Kyle Bacchus chose to hide his face from photographers, but that didn’t take away the 15year sentence the judge imposed on him. attacker. One witness, who lived in the area, testified that she heard someone screaming, and when she rushed to her porch, she saw two men wrestling. She said the accused, whom she knew, then ran in the vicinity of the Anglican Church and she was able to recognize him through the lights from the church. In his defence, Bacchus said he was at the home of his father Joseph ‘Bongo Shines’ Caine when the incident was reported to have taken place, and he called his father to testify on his behalf. However, Caine told the court Bacchus came to his house from November 1, 2012 and spent four weeks there, but Bacchus, in his evidence, said he went to his father’s house from November 12, 2012. Crown Counsel Karim Nelson led the case for the prosecution. Bacchus was not represented by a lawyer.

MORRIS FRANCIS, a 32-year-old man from the North Windward village of Fancy, is into his third day of a 7-year prison sentence for wounding fellow villager James Priam, 37, with intent, by chopping him in his back and face. Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle handed down the penalty at the Criminal Assizes on Wednesday. Francis was initially charged with attempted murder, but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge. The prosecution accepted the plea and withdrew the attempted murder charge, to which Francis maintained his innocence. Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Colin John told the court that on June 20, 2012, Priam, who owns a liquor and provision shop at Fancy, was at the shop having a drink with friends when Francis entered, took up the rum and had two drinks. He attempted to take a third, but Priam stopped him. An argument ensured which ended in a fight. Persons in the area separated the men and Francis left for home. He returned with a cutlass and attacked Priam from behind, inflicting the injuries. Persons on the scene then struck Francis in his head with a half of a concrete block. Both men went unconscious. They were taken to the Fancy clinic then to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Sandy Bay man ordered to compensate villager AUGUSTINE MCDONALD, a 43-year-old labourer of Sandy Bay, was this week ordered to pay $4,000 compensation by May 1 to fellow villager Percival Ballantyne, 35, for wounding him with intent. Justice Frederick BruceLyle made the order at the Criminal Assizes on

Wednesday after McDonald pleaded guilty to the offence. In default, he will go to prison for five years. McDonald was also bonded for five years. If he breaches the bond, he will serve five years behind bars. Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Colin John told

the court that on November 17, 2012, McDonald and Ballantyne were gambling in a shop at Sandy Bay. They were playing a card game, commonly called ‘wappi’, and McDonald was winning. Ballantyne got annoyed and tore up $20 for McDonald. An argument ensued which

escalated into a fight between the two. They were separated by persons in the area, who held onto Mc Donald to allow Ballantyne to go home. After Ballantyne left, Mc Donald was released, but he headed in the direction that Ballantyne had taken, met him on the way, and struck

him with a bottle in his forehead. The bottle broke and Mc Donald took an edged piece of it and stabbed Ballantyne in his forehead, chin and upper abdomen. The matter was reported to the police, and Mc Donald was arrested and charged.




Arrest made in St. Kitts/Nevis fire

LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS in St. Kitts and Nevis have confirmed that two people, including a woman, have been charged in connection with at least one of the recent spate of fires that have rocked that twin island Federation. Officials confirmed that the two have been charged in connection with the fire that destroyed the Venezuelan Embassy and partly damaged the building housing the Organization of American States (OAS) Office, January 5. Dr. Denzil Douglas, Prime Minister of St. Kitts

and Nevis, had warned that his administration would deal “firmly” with anyone “involved in fomenting mayhem and destruction” in the twinisland federation. In a radio and television broadcast, Dr Douglas said that in recent months, those who opposed his administration “have attempted to undermine my Government and weaken our nation by attacking, in various ways, relations between St Kitts and Nevis and other nations.” In response, Opposition

Leader Mark Brantley took the Prime Minister to task for his “innuendo,” intending “to inflame this unfortunate incident and blame the Opposition.” He dismissed suggestions by the government that opposition politicians may have played a role in the fire that destroyed the buildings. So far this year, there have been four fires in St. Kitts and Nevis, including one that destroyed the Treasury building in Nevis, and another that gutted a building

belonging to former leader of the main opposition People’s actionMovement (PAM), Lindsay Grant. The police say they are continuing to investigate the Nevis fire, but said that the blaze at the building owned by Grant was due to an electrical fault. And in the charged political atmosphere that has engulfed the Federation, Dr. Timothy Harris, who heads Team Unity, which groups three political groups in St. Kitts & Nevis – the People’s Action Movement, the Concerned Citizens Movement, and the People’s Labour Party has responded to the prime minister’ s comments labeling him greedy and ungrateful. Dr Harris opined that Dr. Douglas was “getting into the quicksand of desperation, instead of “focusing on the issues and policies of the day.” The Team Unity leader argues that it was Prime

The remains of the Embassy of Venezuela in St. Kitts which was destroyed by fire. Right: Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas has been fingered for having implied that opposition forces might have been involved in efforts to unstable the country. Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas who was exhibiting signs of being power hungry because despite having a minority of elected members in the parliament, he has frustrated the opposition’s wishes to have heard, a motion of no confidence that is now approaching 14 months since it was filed by the opposition leader of the federal parliament, Mark Brantley.”

Dr. Timothy Harris has called on the Prime Minister to focus on the real issues affecting St. Kitts and Nevis.

LIAT continues to be plagued with financial challenges.

LIAT should look for private More than prayers needed sector partner ROBERT MACLELLAN, Managing Director of MacLellan & Associates, a leading regional hospitality and tourism consultancy since 1997, has called on LIAT to find a private sector partner “which can provide a viable long term financial structure.” MacLellan’s call comes amidst a continuing precarious period for the regional airline as it grapples with setting itself on a course to some financial ‘stability’. The call also comes on the heels of the collapse of the much heralded business plan put forward by the previous CEO, Ian Brunton, and the airline’s ongoing disruptions in service. Only last month, LIAT’s financial problems sank deeper into seeming ‘disrepair’ when it is reported to have defaulted on payment to lessors of the aircraft it operates in 21 destinations, forcing the airline to choose between paying staff and meeting those lease payments, in order to avert the grounding of six or seven of the nine

aircraft it is currently operating. It is understood that LIAT pays the lessor, GECAS, well over US $100,000 per lease each month. According to MacLellan, LIAT is set to be overly burdened going forward as it grapples with additional debt, occasioned by increased leasing charges, maintenance and fuel costs, not to mention salary commitments. And further, MacLellan said, LIAT has done nothing new, nothing different “to drive increased levels of business for the new 46 seat and 64 seat aircraft.” All of this and more, points to MacLellan call: “The only sustainable solution for LIAT is to find a private sector joint venture partner which can provide a viable long term financial structure, along with the professional management and marketing expertise necessary to survive. For LIAT, it is now a case of pick a partner or go out of business. Some

Robert MacLellan has called for a joint venture between LIAT and a private sector partner. experienced Caribbean business minds seem to favor the latter outcome. However, regional air services are vital to the social cohesion and commercial activity of the Eastern Caribbean islands, and a joint venture ‘soft landing’ for LIAT would be preferable.” Investigations could not unearth a clear response to whether LIAT’s shareholder governments and/or Board of Directors have ever considered with any seriousness, the option advanced by MacLellan.

PRAYERS ALONE CANNOT SOLVE the economic and social problems of the Caribbean. This was pronounced by retired Anglican Archbishop of the West Indies, Rev. Drexel Gomez, during a recent visit to the USA. “When you pray to God, you have to be willing to listen to what He has to say, and also to have eyes to see and ears to hear,” he told the New York Carib News, and warned that, “It’s not only a matter of throwing up a petition to God. It is a question of being willing to be led and to be guided and directed by what God has to say.” Rev. Gomez, a Bahamian and former Bishop of Barbados and the Bahamas, was responding to questions relating to the growing appeals to God now being heard across the Caribbean. He acknowledged that across the Caribbean, people were flocking to churches, and kneeling in prayer, making silent and highly vocal appeals while their countries were being rocked by spiraling crime and violence and fiscal mismanagement. Given available statistics, and those still to be computed, the Caribbean region could well be heading for a record year of homicides. And while, according to Rev. Gomez, the actual

Right: Caribbean people are flocking to churches to pray for better times.

acts of crime and violence are the results of illegal behavior by individuals or criminal gangs, this abounds while Caribbean countries mount up massive debts and live beyond their means. He directed his attention to a possible solution when he said, “We must have persons in charge of our financial management, who are equipped to handle our affairs and who can be innovative in dealing, not only with a crisis, but innovative in the sense of being able to utilize what we have and find ways of adding to what’s possible.” And added, “Perhaps the Almighty can provide them with the intestinal fortitude to move ahead.”

Rev. Drexley Gomez, retired Anglican Archbishop of the West Indies, says prayers alone will not make it for the Caribbean.




New Spoony prez disputes crisis claim

comprise: Gaylan Forbes, treasurer; Samanta Batson Forbes, public relations But despite the seeming officer/communications officer; discord, John, a former teacher at Adelphi Secondary Annette Sardine, Chaplain; School in the Biabou area and and Maureen Barrow, Errol current principal in the Office “De Man Age” Rose and Ian Sardine committee members. of Adult and Continuing Meantime, besides John Education in the Bedfordand Wyllie, the new SPOONY Stuyvesant/Williamsburg executive, elected last Sunday, sections of Brooklyn, said his comprises veterans Phil immediate focus is “on the Stewart, younger brother of mission of the NDP. former NDP Communications “I want to focus on SPOONY and prepare for the and Works Minister Glenford next election (constitutionally Stewart, of Union Island, first vice president; Montgomery due next year); focus on the Harry, of Biabou, treasurer; popularity of the party; and and trustees Bacchus and the we’re trying to listen to meet Rev. Alwyn Craigg, a former the needs of Vincentians,” he police officer in the local said. constabulary, who hails from “I honestly wish they Arnos Vale, chaplain. (former top executives) didn’t Other executive members resign,” he added. “I wish are: Charmaine Bailey, of the they’re still part of the Gomea area, second vice organization. president; Lennox Daniel, of “There was ample time to Biabou and former Deputy talk of those issues,” he United Nations Ambassador in continued. “I wish it didn’t the incumbent Unity Labor happen, but you move on.” Party (ULP) administration of The resigned SPOONY Prime Minister Dr. Ralph officials have also moved on. Gonsalves, general secretary; Three of them have since Sally- Ann Cuffy, of Enhams collaborated with some in the Diamond area, assistant Vincentian community general secretary; and Judy members in forming a new De Freitas, of South Rivers, group, Vincy Liberators of trustee. New York. John admitted that he and Howard, who was elected other executive members had chairman at the group’s first received numerous calls from meeting two Saturdays ago, home and throughout North said Vincy Liberators of New America since THE York is “non-political” and is “committed to helping those at VINCENTIAN broke the story last week about the reported home in any way we can.” “crisis or turmoil” in the Da Breo was elected vice group. “They’re very chair and Williams as concerned,” he said. secretary. Other members

Looking ahead

Stephen ‘Scombo’ John, newly elected President of SPOONY, has his eyes focused on readying his organization to assist the opposition NDP as it prepares for the next general elections.

Vincent Bacchus, former president of SPOONY, committed his support to whoever is president.

Caesar, secretary, of Rose Bank; and Laverne Williams, assistant secretary, of Cemetery Hill, New Montrose — told THE VINCENTIAN last Story and photos by week that they were compelled NELSON A. KING to quit the group because of; ongoing internal strife and constant opposition by some US CORRESPONDENT veteran executive members to Howard’s leadership style. THE NEWLY-ELECTED president “We resigned because of of the New York arm of the main internal issues, and we opposition New Democratic couldn’t see eye-to-eye,” Da Party (NDP) in St. Vincent and Breo said. “And we chose not the Grenadines has flatly rejected claims that the group is to go down that road anymore. “All of us want the best for in a crisis or turmoil. our country — only that some “There’s no bitterness, of us chose to do it in different there’s no crisis,” Stephen ways,” he added. “We took it ‘Scombo’ John, who was upon ourselves to part ways elected president on Sunday, with the group.” at an emergency meeting of the Brooklyn-based St. Contradictions Vincent and Grenadines Progressive Organization of Howard had also told THE New York (SPOONY), the VINCENTIAN that some affiliate’s official name, told veteran SPOONY executive THE VINCENTIAN in members had “problems with anexclusive interview. my leadership because I was “Bernard (Wyllie, the going out there and getting group’s public relations officer), in a personal email to the job done.” But while rejecting claims members, had some concerns, but there was no in-fighting,” of a SPOONY crisis and questions about Howard’s lack added John, who had of tertiary education, Vincent unsuccessfully contested the Bacchus, whom Howard 2001 general elections in South Windward for the NDP. replaced as President of SPOONY, acknowledged that “There was no screaming. “They decided they wanted some executive members had to go in another direction, and problems with Howard’s leadership style, alleging that that’s fine,” continued the Calder Ridge native, referring Howard made decisions to the former four top officials, without consulting them. “The president failed to who abruptly tendered their consult with the executive in resignations at SPOONY’s whatever (was) going to take extraordinary, executive place,” Bacchus claimed. meeting on Jan. 26. “I’ll support who is the The former leading executives — Douglas Howard, president, but you have to do president, of Edinboro; Victor the right thing,” he added. “It’s not a dictatorship. You Da Breo, vice president, of have an executive, and you Queen’s Drive; Marilyn have to report to them.”

Keith Howard’s, resignation as president of SPOONY, along with the resignations of other executive members, caused the convening of a meeting to elect a new executive. At the same time, Wyllie, an erstwhile NDP government minister and Minister Counsellor at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Mission to the United Nations, contradicted John and Bacchus’ position on the SPOONY ‘crisis’. “By now, every progressivethinking member of SPOONY should be cognizant of the fact that this organization is in a state of crisis and that there is an urgent need to take decisive action to arrest its rapid downward spiral course…,” he said, inter alia, in a letter to SPOONY executive members on Jan. 22, calling for the Jan. 26 emergency meeting.

NDP Central L’ward youth elect new executive AT A MEETING ON Tuesday January 28th 2014 in Layou, The Central Leeward Young Democrats elected a new executive for the upcoming year 2014-2015. The executive reads: 1st Vice President: Ms. Fitzrean Francis; 2nd Vice President: Ms. Janis Griffith; Secretary: Ms. Kimisha Smith; Assistant Secretary: Ms. Davina Francis; Treasurer: Ms. Krishna Smith; Assistant Treasurer: Ms. Nicole Chambers; PRO: Mr. Somora Gaymes; Assistant PRO: Ms. Kerisha Smith Committee Members: Mr. Leroy Spring and Ms. Dea Creese. President of the NDP

Young Democrats, Nick Francis, thanked those in attendance for their commitment to bringing about positive change in the constituency, and challenged them to work diligently as a team to meet their goals and objectives. Mr. Benjamin Exeter, Candidate for the NDP for Central Leeward, congratulated the young people for their Ben Exeter, NDP candidate urged participation and the Central Leeward youth to give discussed with them serious attention to the issues related to youth development of the constituency. unemployment and political victimization. the development of the Mr. Exeter stressed the constituency and the country importance of young people in moving forward.

V A plan comes together



AT A FUNDRAISER HELD AT NICE Radio on January 6th, co-host Carlyle Douglas of CTView Multimedia, an advertising/production company, made a suggestion to his co-hosts, Randy Dopwell and Jerry George. Douglas suggested that they set up an organisation, using radio and the social media, to highlight the issues of the day, solicit support for needy causes from Vincentians all over the world, with the builtin commitment to show details of who and what was contributed, who benefited and the difference the assistance made. That idea has taken root, and Douglas credits his motivation as coming from a conversation he had with Modesto Joseph of KFC. Using the reach of his radio programmes, ‘Hot Seat’ and ‘Sweet Dreams’, aired on

NICE radio on Saturday mornings and Monday evenings respectively, Douglas promoted the “idea” to his listening audience far and wide, and was “pleasantly surprised when the thing took off.” Following the January 11 airing of ‘Hot Seat’, on which MP for North Leeward, Patel Matthews was the guest, there was a prompt and positive response to a request on behalf of a Christmas Eve flood victim for help with a wheelbarrow, to assist with the removal of dirt and debris from her place of abode. A donor, who prefers to remain anonymous, came forward with a brand new

Carlyle Douglas (left) hands over wheel barrow to Patel Matthews, for transfer to a flood victim in North Leeward.

The home, showing a hole in the wall, of the flood victim to whom the wheelbarrow was donated.

wheelbarrow for the cause. A visibly pleased Douglas reported that the momentum continued into his ‘Hot Seat’ programme of Saturday 8th February, when Jim Lewis of ‘Canada Connection’ programme suggested, “I find two flood victims to award Valentine’s dinners at $200.00 per couple, to be financed by himself and Fitz Huggins, our Consul General in Toronto, Canada.”

Since that, the Montrose Hotel has come on board and offered a cut rate for their ‘Reignite The Spark’ Valentine’s dinner to the worthy couples. Also joining the gesture are Facey’s Trading, who will provide chocolates for the evening, and Eurias “Snail” Campbell, of Virgin Gorda, BVI, who has offered another $200.00. The recipients of this

Valentine’s treat were selected during last Monday’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ programme,. They are Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Jack of Rose Bank and Ms. Janice Welcome and Kent O’Garro of Buccament. Details of the activities of this new initiative can be seen on the facebook page of Carlye Douglas/CTView Mulitmedia. “I love it when a plan comes together,” said Douglas when sought for a comment.



Views The National Newspaper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Managing Editor: Desiree Richards Editor: Cyprian Neehall Telephone: 784-456-1123 Fax: 784-451-2129 Website: Email: Mailing Address: The Vincentian Publishing Co. Ltd., P.O. Box 592, Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Editorial Questions to be answered EDSON AUGUSTUS, this country’s Deputy Consul General in New York, USA, has been recalled. That is, according to a statement dated February 10, 2014, issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on its official letterhead, and circulated to media houses here on said date. Interestingly, there was no caption to the statement, nor was there an authroised signature that would have lent authentication to its contents. That said, given all that had developed since Thursday of last week, media houses, and the other parties to whom the statement was circulated, took the contents as official. According to the statement, Augustus was recalled following reports received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “suggesting that Mr. Augustus, while posted in New York, was involved in activities outside the scope of his employment and inimical to interest of the Consulate General and the Government and people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.” The actual recall was issued after the Ministry “received sufficient confirmation of those reports… .” There could not be a more diplomatically ‘correct’ statement. There must have been some careful and prolonged consideration of what to say, when. Unfortunately, from where many, if not the majority of proud, ordinary citizens of this country stand, and that includes those in the Diaspora, what is ‘diplomatically correct’ leaves much to be desired. Its (the statement’s) very insufficiency begs a truthful, unabridged explanation of the circumstances that gave rise to the recall of one accorded diplomatic status by a friendly government. In short and simply put, there are obvious questions that require answers. Yes, answers are due!! Agustus was a public servant, acting on behalf of the government and people of this country. Are those people not entitled to a proper and truthful explanation of the facts? Not to provide same, for the government to remain silent on the ‘real reasons’ for the recall, is to deny the people their right to information that is of public importance. There is no threat to our national security behind which to hide in this case, or is there? Need we remind those in authority that every questionable, far less criminal act committed by one of us in another man’s country, is reflected, in magnified proportions, on all of us? So, what was the nature of Augustus’ activities that fell outside of the ‘scope of his employment’? Were those activities in contravention of his duties as a person of diplomatic status, or simply activities that ran afoul of Consulate’s lines of authority? Did these activities contravene the laws of the host country, in this case the USA? Were these activities of a criminal nature? Who provided ‘confirmation of those reports’ that occasioned the recall? Was the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) involved to any extent in uncovering Augustus’ wrongdoings? Was Augustus recalled, in fact, or was it a case of our Government having no alternative? Was it a case of him being ordered to leave the host country? The latter is not an uncommon practice. Diplomatic staff have been asked to leave one country or another for a myriad of reasons. The question remains: Were his activities illegal? In that case, he would have been ordered to leave the host country, with SVG having no recourse in the matter. But, we are not privy to the facts and therefore, rephrase the question: Was Augustus involved in activities that broke the laws of the USA? Further, how do these activities affect the operation of our Consulate in New York? The long-term effects of the whole affair are difficult to define, but that does not mean there will be none. As far as we know, Augustus was not arrested by the US authorities; then again, we really don’t know, because it has been difficult discerning his whereabouts since news of the sordid affair broke. Question: Can the authorities here shed any light on that? If school children are correct in what they say playfully among themselves, Augustus’ appointment, in the first place, left a bad taste in the people’s mouth. School children say that he may have left here for his diplomatic appointment ‘under a heavy cloud’. If there is any truth to what school children say, his appointment may just have lacked that due diligence that is a requirement when making diplomatic appointments. So the air surrounding the Edson Augustus recall from his diplomatic posting remains tainted with speculation and conjecture. All we ask is for a little ‘smogging’, a clearing of the air by the government, in order to put spend to any ill-founded assertions. By the way, the diplomatic word is ‘recall’, as it relates to Augustus’ removal from the SVG-NY Consulate. Is there something else in line for the ‘gentleman’?

On my mark, getting set MY POLITICAL PLATE is jam-packed to overflowing. After this week and continuing, I believe, up to election time, I go strictly political. I will then start with the choice of National Hero, which should be beyond partisan politics, but in fact is suffused with electoral political content, courtesy Dr Gonsalves and, to a lesser extent, Rene’ Baptiste, Chairman of the Selection Committee. This week is, however, concerned with some interesting matters as they relate to general life and living. About a month or so ago, the business of Trotman Enterprises celebrated its fiftieth year of operations, which I hailed. I recalled Mac Trotman returned from Curacao or Aruba and started his electricity business on the ground floor of a building in Back Street owned by the Hadaways, in which my dear wife then lived. A group of secondary school friends had decided to present a meringue band for the 1957 Carnival season. Mac Trotman adopted the idea and decided to sponsor that band, which will advertise his Ansonia Records of which he was the local agent. So Mac taught the group how to dance the meringue, and off we went, capturing first prize in our category. The dancers included girls such as Judy Neehall, Pat Cambridge, Pat De Roche, Pat Clouden, Anelle Paynter, Jennie Gabriel, Joan Dellimore, Cynthia Ashby and others. The men were Alfie Roberts, Fred Herbert, Tim Daizy, Vibert Deshong, Castine Quashie, Karl John, Ian Hadley, et cetera. I remember that we all wanted to partner with Patsy Cambridge who, in later years, married Alfie Roberts. Castine Quashie danced with Jennie, mybride-to-be, and I showed up my motion with the elegant Canouan beauty, Patricia De Roche’. With a start like that, Trotmans Enterprise took off, never looked back as it soared to the skies. All hail to the meringue band and the folks that generated the electricity that sent the business into orbit. Luke Browne has published brief encomiums on two Vincentian personalities of yesteryear, and I wish to add my two cents worth. During a period of our lives, a group of friends made weekly pilgrimages from Kingstown to Georgetown, taking in visits to Uncle “B” ( Basil Bascombe) for a drink to pick up vital parts of our history, and generally to savour of his pearls of wisdom which came by way of his raw wit. Basil’s rag to riches story is now proverbial. What he revealed to us is that it all began in his head. He had been dirty-poor as a boy who was employed as a childlabourer at Mt Bentick, one of his chores being to hold the horse steady as a “Massa” mounted or dismounted, as the case might be. One day, “Massa”, who was naturally white, recklessly flung his foot, causing it to land smack in Uncle’s head. He bore the pain stoically while silently pledging that he must own that estate someday, which he did times over!

Edgy was, as they say, something else. The same Georgetown group once made plans to spend a weekend in Fancy with Edgy, who was the manager of the Estate owned by the government of the day. Our relationship grew by leaps and bounds. I knew him as the PLM candidate for North Windward in 1957; the candidate for the PPP in 1961 and 1966 elections for the PPP in East St George running against Cato, and, following a break from politics, as the SMN candidate in Central Leeward in a byelection in 1983. He ran for three parties, in three different constituencies, and was never successful —a record of sorts. But Edgy was hugely successful as a selfmade entrepreneur, especially in the insurance business where he established Metrocint. And in the newspaper world, taking over a sickly journal from the planters in 1982 and breathing new life into it so it became a thriving paper up to today. Edgy not only managed THE VINCENTIAN, but for a time edited and in any case, wrote articles and some short stories and poems for it. The Barbados Magazine, Bim, recognised his manifold talents. Naturally, Edgy had gravitated towards membership of the Kingstown Literary group that published “Flambeau”, 1964-1967, of which I was editor, and from 1982 wrote “This Week” in THE VINCENTIAN . At various times in his busy life, Edgy had been a planter, trade unionist, Spiritual Baptist sympathiser. As a social activist, his last and lasting production was made in 1991 at Joshua’s death, when he mounted a platform of speakers, including Oscar Allen, Ralph Gonsalves and myself, to hail Joshua a national hero. A great West Indian and Trinidad lawyer, Carl Hudson-Phillips, once referred to Edgy in a local case as “Lord Richards of Penniston”. Incidentally, the enlightened jurist died about a month ago as have his wife and mother of Claude Leach of Bequia to whom I send sympathy, as well as to Dennis Joyette whose angelic helpmate has called it a day. I end this column on a happy note. The new Pope in Rome with whom Ralph recently had audience, also recognizes black people anywhere at any time of day, as when he appointed a Windward Islander, Kelvin Felix of Dominica — St Lucia, the first Englishspeaking Caribbean man, Cardinal of the church. I had the honour and privilege of meeting Kelvin Felix in London, England, when he visited his sister Elsa (now dead), former wife of Vanny Alexander, my boon companion. The cricketing fraternity knows well the cardinal’s eldest brother, all-rounder Val Felix, who once captained the Windward Islands team. Finally, I bounced on Emile Cox, a classmate of Ralph in 1960, whom I taught at the BGS. Cox was holidaying from his job as High Court Judge in New Jersey, USA. We met accidentally on the eve of his departure; the explanation is probably that he stayed at a mutual friend, Sir Louis Straker!




Set up buying groups

ONE OF THE ELECTION promises we had hoped Julian and the ULP would have kept was the one where they promised to “crush the greedy supermarket operators”. That was the kind of action needed to safeguard the nutrition of our nation, as many are simply unable to eat healthily because of the overly inflated prices. We had dreams of the Marketing Board supermarket bringing in cheaper, alternative brands, along with affordably priced fruits and vegetables. We expected it to be a service for the people, keeping (its) profit margin minimal or just covering costs, as a true socialist endeavour. This could have been successfully achieved by keeping prices low and sales volumes high, as customers flocked there to keep their families well fed. All Vincentians would have benefited. Instead, grocery shopping in these hard times is a dismal affair,

as the majority of items on the shelves are priced way out of the reach of the weekly budget, and the few items that are seen “on special” are past or close to their expiry dates or damaged. Rarely is there a genuine special offer, as is seen weekly in most countries, despite the fact that suppliers and manufacturers are known to give promotional discounts or special prices. Sadly, these discounts are gobbled up by the greedy and voracious store owners before they reach the consumer. The profits they make are then used to maintain luxurious lifestyles, including overseas real estate. With little if any investment in actual manufacturing in our country, businesses here are quick to order from overseas. We can, however, act to lower prices ourselves rather than wait for the supermarket owners to grow a conscience. We can set up collective

socialist from wholesalers in the USA and distribute the items amongst our members. Each village could have one; even with a few families in each village coming together, we will have enough to act. By selecting each household’s required items from a list, we can gather enough to order a full case which would then be split up. We would have no actual stores and only one full time employee to attend to the necessary administrative tasks, along with a few parttimers to off-load and organise goods on arrival. Members would then collect and pay for their items at a central location within a few days of say, a container arriving. The intention is that everything be prices solely to cover operating costs and not make any profit, thus benefiting the members who would save on their food bills by paying considerably less then they currently

do. All we need is a couple of well-meaning persons with social consciences to front up the money for each order (which will of course be repaid when distribution is completed) and give us a covered area to store the goods for a couple of days. Your country and people need your assistance. Please come forward and contribute to this great idea. Marcus Jack

Legitimising what is bad THANKS TO PEOPLE like ‘Burns’ who has been providing a newspaper service for God alone knows how long, I am able to pick up a paper from Trinidad almost every weekend. The recent weekend issues of at least one of those papers, have been riddled with public outrage about how many teenagers are getting pregnant, and how sexually active Trinidadian teenagers are in general. One person, writing to the editor, claims that things are made worse in that country around this time, their Carnival season. The writer refers to the soca songs and the soca artistes as encouraging the sexual perversions that seem to be riddling that country. Why I agree not all soca artistes go down the road of sex and winning, I must admit that we have the same problem here in SVG. The majority of songs released for our Carnival, especially those that get the most airplay, are all about gyrating, wining, something to do with lewd behaviour, women and sex. The problem that Trinidadians are complaining about is not confined to that country; it is widespread across the Caribbean as this ‘soca wave’ engulfs us. And the bad thing

about this whole affair is that we legitimise this kind of music and its lyrics by having a competition, the most advertised, as part of the official programme for

our carnival. So, the question remains: To whom are we complaining when in fact we have given this type of behaviour our blessing.

We can’t eat our cake and have it. G.C.

That flogging issue I BEG TO REFER to an article entitled ‘Licks don’t hurt’ carried on page 9 of your issue dated 24th January, 2014. I felt the sentiment of the piece, and was able not only to empathise with the writer, in view of the evident breakdown in the moral fabric of our society, but also to identify with him. I feel duty bound, however, to advise caution where flogging in schools is concerned. It is true perhaps, to reason that children would not be beaten unless they misbehave. What though constitutes ‘misbehaviour’? Some teachers are known to have beaten for the slightest reason, beat excessively, and have sometimes beaten based on misinformation. What about those teachers who can’t discipline their own children at home, or are emotionally stressed by a spouse, and come to school to ‘take it out’ on other people’s children? It is hoped that, with the increased levels of consciousness, especially

in the field of ‘counselling’, the strap would be a last resort, a rarity, and should it be resorted to, would ONLY be held in the hands of teachers whose conduct emulate past, precious

teachers like Mrs Doris Mc Kie and others of like mind, calibre, character, commitment and stability. G. D. John

Shame and disgrace SOMEBODY reminded me that when you oppose, it means that you don’t agree with somebody else or with something. If that is the case, then this country is caught up in a world of conflict. I know, we have a system that allows for elections. The winner will form the government, and the loser or losers will form the opposition. But this should not mean that we must always be at war with one another. Instead of working to bring our country out of these hardships, is more opposition and pulling and dragging than ever before. It is a real shame that big men and women, especially those who call themselves our leaders, cannot put their differences away and come together to make sure those people who were affected can return to some normal living. I don’t know about the rest of the people in this country, but I think that both the ULP and the NDP playing politics with people’s lives, when this should not be at this time. Each party wants to win votes for itself, so each is doing its own thing. And while this is happening, people outside must be wondering what kind of people live in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I am a simple person, and my view mightn’t count, but I am a Vincentian, and I say that the behaviour of the ULP and the NDP is a big shame and disgrace. AP – A country man

IWD March 8, 2014 EACH YEAR, since it was first held in 1911, International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8. It is a day that celebrates the economic, political and social gains, while focusing world attention on areas requiring further action by and behalf of women. Organizations, governments, charities, educational institutions, women’s groups, corporations and the media celebrate the day. ‘Inspiring Change’ is the 2014 theme for International Women’s Day and encourages advocacy for women’s advancement everywhere in every way. It calls for challenging the status quo for the equality of woman and vigilance to inspire positive change. The vast array of communication channels, supportive spokespeople, equality research, campaigns and corporate responsibility initiatives, means everyone can be an advocate inspiring change for women’s advancement. This year, the Commonwealth Women’s Network focal point in St. Vincent & The Grenadines, will celebrate Women’s Day with an Exhibition of women’s work, and literature on the women’s movement, followed by a Rally at the Old Intermediate High School on James Street, Kingstown, from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., and is open to the general public, groups, and school children. Focus will be on the advancement made under the 12 critical areas of concern as defined at the Fourth World Conference on Women held in Beijing, China, in 1995. These areas are, Women and Poverty, Education and Training of Women, Women and Health, Violence against Women, Women and Armed Conflict, Women and the Economy, Women in Power and Decision Making, Institutional Mechanisms for the Advancement of Women, Human Rights of Women, Women and Media, Women and the Environment, and the Girl Child. The struggle for equality for women has made positive gains, but the world is still unequal, and in St. Vincent and the Grenadines our cup is half-full as we review progress, alongside the ravages of violence against women, poverty, unemployment and the loss of vibrancy and social activism required to effect change. The Commonwealth Women’s Network is hosting the events in collaboration with the Committee for the Development of Women and the Casper/Maria Marshall Centre “A GANAR” Alumni Association. The goal of the organizers, is for this activity to serve as a vehicle for inspiring change in the minds of women and men, girls and boys, and ultimately the policymakers. Nelcia Robinson Chair/Commonwealth Women’s Network

For my love What would I do without your smile? Sometimes I wonder what’s going on in your beautiful mind, Sometimes I am dizzy just by looking at you, You took my breath away, I know you been hurt in the past, But together we will be alright, So here is my hand, Take it, Together we can make it through life, So here we are, Going far and if we give it a chance we will make it through, We are like a star, I will never let you down, Because I love you! Yanic Sayers (2014)

* Was there a recent stabbing incident, involving two patients at the Mental Health Centre? * Are acts of violence commomplace among patients at that institution? * Why are people saying that David Browne, who contested the South Leeward seat on a ULP ticket in the 2010 elections, got a rotten deal from the ULP? * Is there a special ‘over-the-limit’ speed limit for some mini buses? Or is it that there are too many ‘blind eyes’ in the Traffic Department?




Excerpt From The 2014 Budget Address By Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves National Security MR. SPEAKER, my government will continue to upgrade and strengthen the framework to bolster the security and safety of the citizen and nation. Central to this exercise is the enhancement of the overall working environment of the nation’s security forces, mainly the Police Force, the Coast Guard, the Prisons, the Immigration Service, the Fire Service, their allied security organizations, and specialised entities like the Financial Intelligence Unit, Customs, and Maritime Administration. This national security apparatus is linked inexorably to the Regional Security System (RSS), and the security institutions of CARICOM certain international security agencies, and the security systems of some traditional allies. From a policy stand-point, the ongoing upgrading and strengthening of the framework for national and citizenry security and safety is grounded in the principles and programmes as detailed in a Resolution on National Security adopted by this Honourable House in February 2003, the Durrant Report on Reform in the Police Force, the policy decisions of the RSS and the regional security agencies in CARICOM, and the cooperation regimes devised through certain international mechanisms and organisations. These policies find targeted expression in the strategic and day-to-day work of the security apparatus of St.Vincent and the Grenadines as reflected formally, by-and-large, in the strengthening of the legislative framework to fight crime, in the pronouncements of leading security officials, especially the Minister of National Security, and the Commissioner of Police, and in the Result Indicators in successive Estimates approved by this Honourable House. The Result Indicators in the 2014 Estimates cover, in a succinct way, the policies and programmes to be pursued in 2014 in relation to a wide range of citizen and national security issues touching and concerning the following, among other things: the regime for CARICOM and OECS migration and immigration generally; firearms; Pan Against Crime; the National Commission on Crime Prevention; security for the yachting and tourism industry; maritime administration; the Police, Fire Service, Coast Guard, Prisons; Port and Airport security; the regulation of private security firms; the Cadet Force; Community Policing; lifting the quality of security personnel; and legislative reforms to fortify the security forces in their fight against crime.

of America under the Secure Seas Programme of the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative of President Obama. In the 2014 Approved Estimates substantial capital provisions are made for the rehabilitation of the Union Island and Spring Village Police Station, the establishment of substations at Belair and Fancy, a further upgrade of the Belle Isle Correctional Facility including the construction of a correctional wing for females, the purchase of vehicles for the Police, Prisons, Coast Guard, and Immigration Departments, and the purchase of other equipment for the various branches of the security apparatus. Overall, in the 2014 Approved Estimates, recurrent spending to the Police Force, Fire and Coast Guard Service, Prisons, and the Immigration Department amount to $47.0 million; in the 2001 Estimates the corresponding figure was $23.5 million, less than one-half of the 2014 Estimates. In 2014, there are 1,170 officers for these five services ___ Police (816); Fire (69); Coast Guard (91); Prisons (131); Immigration (63); in 2001 there were 880 officers in these services ___ Police and Immigration (665), Fire (57); Coast Guard (67); and Prisons (91) ___ an increase in the aggregate of 290 officers in 2014 over the 2001 figure. It is noteworthy that the expenditure on salaries and allowance for the security forces in 2014 is twice that of 2001. The Business of Security

Mr. Speaker, citizenry and national security is the business of everyone and every nurturing or supportive institution in the society, but especially the family, the church, peer groups, the schools, civil and community organisations, the media, the trade unions and business sector, the security institutions and those of law and order, all the mechanisms of the State, and the economy. It is through a focused coordinated approach of these institutions and persons within them that we can better tackle crime and the causes of crime. Although, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a relatively safe country in which to live, it has to be acknowledged that the dangerous neighborhood in which St. Vincent and the Grenadines is located and a small minority of criminals among us, constitute an on-going challenge which we must face resolutely as a lawabiding people. My government’s Upgrading Physical Facilities central policy in this regard continues to be “tough on crime and the causes of The physical facilities of the security crime”. forces continue to be upgraded. In this Mr. Speaker, on the issue of respect, no government hitherto has immigration, I refer to a few issues of done as well as my government; the immediate relevance. record speaks for itself. Still, as My government has entered into a always, more work is to be done. contract in the amount of $3.5 million Accordingly, work on the upgrade of with the Canadian Bank Note the Old Montrose Police Station is Company (CBN) to design and produce nearing completion, a project executed an enhanced ePassport. with funds mainly from the Republic of Work is well-advanced on this China (Taiwan). Very importantly, the project, and it is expected that by the Canouan Coast Guard Facility, though end of the first quarter of 2014, an not formally opened, was completed even more secure travel document, the last year and is operational. This ePassport, will be available for issue to Coast Guard Base was constructed our nationals. with resources from the United States

The ULP administration and corruption DURING THE 2001 GENERAL elections campaign, the ULP labelled the former NDP administration as corrupt. The ULP also outlined in its manifesto that it would fight against corruption. It further declared in its manifesto that the ULP would make government clean and transparent. Thirteen years later, Vincentians are still waiting for the ULP government to implement what it promised in its manifesto. Based on the numerous allegations of corruption that have been made against this ULP government, if all of them are true, then we can only conclude that the ULP administration is the most corrupt administration ever to govern St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The ULP administration promised to introduce integrity legislation. One senior official in the government said that if integrity legislation was not introduced within one hundred days (of ULP taking office), don’t look for him. We are still waiting on the government to introduce integrity legislation, and that senior government official is still very much part of the ULP administration. The ULP also promised that it would have introduced procedures for openness, transparency and equity in the tendering process, and strengthen the criminal laws against official corruption. Were those programmes and policies implemented? Instead, Vincentians have been hearing, Corruption! Corruption! Corruption! A couple years ago, a former chairman of the then National Commercial Bank (NCB) was involved in a questionable banking transaction at the said bank. The Director of Audit found that officials managing the Cuban Integrated Health Project in the Ministry of Health had bought computer supplies and fast food and paid monies to the International Airport Development Company (IADC) contrary to government policy. Also, in the Ministry of Agriculture, under the Agriculture Diversification Project, microphone cable was imported at a cost of US $12.14, ($EC32.73) and was sold to the ministry for EC$1499.76, (US$555.46). $1 million was deposited at the former National Commercial Bank and when the Hon. Arnhim Eustace asked the prime minister who deposited the huge sum of money, he refused to answer. In addition, the situation at the Ministry of Tourism, where a senior government official was involved in a company that was formed to market and promote tourism in this country, and most recently, the recall of Deputy Consul General from the Consulate in New York. The sudden recall of the Deputy Consul General has created much debate and speculation as to why he was recalled. As a result, the Hon. Arnhim Eustace, Leader of the Opposition, has called on the government to come clean and tell Vincentians the reason or reasons why the Deputy Consul General was recalled,. The call was echoed by a number of callers to the New Times programme and other radio programmes on Monday and Tuesday. The reason that was given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was communicated through a simple letter that was sent to the press, stating that the Deputy Consul General was recalled. Furthermore, the Hon. Leader of the Opposition said, “That is a very serious matter, and the government has to come clearer right now and say what he

has done. It is not in the best interest of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, both in the Diaspora and those who wish to travel to the US.” Mr. Eustace further went on to state, “Our image as a nation is also a function of how people in that capacity operate in the country to which they are assigned, and because of what I know, I am ashamed of what has happened, and embarrassed.” Zero tolerance on corruption The NDP has a “ZERO TOLERANCE” policy on corruption, and when the NDP returns to office, anyone found to be involved in corruption will be dealt with swiftly and to the fullest extent of the law, The NDP also believes that corruption stems from a lack of good governance practices, poor transparency and the absence of accountability. Therefore, for employment services and suppliers contracted by the state, the NDP will implement laws requiring transparency, and implement a new structure with regard to the tendering for public sector projects. The NDP believes that accountability and transparency encourage the efficient and effective use of national resources. All government agencies and their officials have the responsibility of ensuring that all procurement processes are transparent and accountable. Accountability demands that procedures be in place to ensure that procurement processes are conducted ethically. All procurement related actions must be transparent, documented and substantiated in accordance with legislation. Governments carry a great responsibility for the prudent management of the public’s resources. Within the public financial management framework, public procurement is an important activity conducted by all relevant departments and government agencies. The guidelines concerning procurement constitute a key mechanism to enable agencies to manage public resources efficiently, effectively and ethically. The NDP wants to ensure that officials maintain a strong focus on achieving value for money. As such, we have sought to further highlight and strengthen references to this principle. Our focus on seeking the greatest value for money will enhance transparency of procurement practices across our government agencies. The adoption of these new practices will increase opportunity and access for our competitive small and medium sized enterprises. They also allow agencies to act in a manner consistent with international procurement agreements. Value for money is the core principle underpinning the NDP’s proposed procurement policy. In our procurement process, the principle requires a comparative analysis throughout the entire procurement process of all relevant costs and benefits of each proposal. The principle of value for money is enhanced by public procurement by: encouraging competition by ensuring nondiscrimination in procurement and using competitive procurement processes, promoting the use of resources in an efficient, effective and ethical way and making decisions in an accountable and transparent manner. The ULP administration has failed miserably. It is corrupt to the core, and it is time for them to go. It is time for the Hon. Arnhim Eustace and the NDP to govern the affairs of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.




Using the imagination to solve human problems

“We even used Pythagorean (formula) to measure shadows ... we created theme songs using sine and cosine.” — Camille Selvon-Abrahams, University of Trinidad and Tobago. IT IS TRULY AMAZING what can be accomplished when we venture to use our imagination to come up with new ways of teaching; new ways of sharing knowledge. This thought occurred to me while reading page 8 of the Trinidad and Tobago NEWSDAY SECTION C for Monday, February 3, 2014. That page featured extracts from the Human Imagination Forum that was held at the Central Bank Auditorium in Port of Spain on November 18, 2013. And while I was fascinated by the synopsis of the presentations done by LeRoy Clarke, Steve Ouditt, and Nicholas Lok Jack, it was the segment that summarised the presentation by Camille SelvonAbrahams that inspired me most. Mrs. Selvon-Abrahams is the current programme administrator and lead lecturer in animation in the Digital Media Department at The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT). She is an internationally recognised animator and multi-media producer. She is also the founder and creative director of the Caribbean’s first animation and new media festival — Animae Caribe Animation and New Media Festival. This young, brilliant, proactive Caribbean national has also founded the Full Circle Production Animation Studio, a stateof-the-art production and training facility for young animators. And it is under her creative direction that animators from the studio (and also from outside Trinidad and Tobago) are producing an animation series for television entitled, “The Anansi Chronicles”. The newspaper pull-out referred to in the introductory paragraph described her creative new approach to teaching mathematics through a technique called Mathscape. SelvonAbrahams advocates that there is need to “shift things in the classroom, making learning more relevant and appealing to a new generation.” She is convinced that the students who are finding it difficult to relate to the way in which mathematics is traditionally taught can master mathematical concepts, once they can relate the principles and concepts to everyday life. In this regard, she encouraged her students to create a city out of cardboard. However, to do so, they needed to measure, fit and calculate in order to make it workable. She asserts that using cardboard had brought about a dramatic turnaround in their mathematical scores and their interest in the subject. Wow! What a stroke of brilliance! Wow! What imagination! It is now likely that many of these students that she has intercepted with intent will continue academic pursuit of outstanding accomplishment in mathematics, physics, and the other sciences. We

congratulate her and her team for using their initiatives and reminding us that there is value in “thinking outside the cardboard box” as we seek to inspire others. Camille makes learning mathematics fun. She makes learning mathematics practical and relevant. And that is how it should be. In doing so, she ignites a passion for learning ... by her passion for teaching. During the period 1972-1974, when I was a student at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ College, I also conducted some “trials” in teaching mathematics to the boys who were then residents at the Liberty Lodge Boys’ Training Centre. Most of them were in their early teens and had dropped out of school. Most of them (if not all) hated mathematics. However, like Camille, I sought to link mathematics to their everyday life experiences, and especially focused on the games that they played. Students of psychology will understand this to be a simple form of “anchoring”; linking something that the individual likes to something that you want them to like (my simple explanation of the concept). Well, it worked beautifully. Who would have thought that you could teach mathematics by playing marble games? Who would have thought that you could introduce mathematics to students who are more interested in “spinning tops” — by linking their activities to mathematical concepts? There is so much that we can teach and learn when we use our imagination to solve human problems. The insertion of the above paragraph is not intended to detract from Camille’s outstanding initiatives. Far from that. It is meant to encourage this column’s readers (especially teachers, parents, and guardians) to contemplate new and imaginative ways of sharing knowledge. In addition, it is hoped that many will be encouraged to share their own experiences along similar lines. These experiences can be disseminated via social media, the print media, at Parent Teachers Association (PTA) meetings and so on. Additionally, it is anticipated that other readers will be inspired to come up with fresh ideas in relation to solving novel problems. Thinking “outside the box” does not have to be limited to the school-based examples captured in this article. We can use similar techniques to solve problems in agriculture, technology, the environment, and so on. Many of our human problems can be solved if/when we focus on using our Godgiven talents and imagination to make things better. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to

Black History Month: Are we failing ourselves? MALCOLM X WAS FOND of saying, “Our history did not begin in chains.” Yet every year, that’s where Black History Month lesson plans in schools begin. They begin telling the story of our history – black history – in chains. Young black school children don’t learn that our people mapped, calculated and erected some of the greatest monuments ever, like the pyramids, the sphinx and the obelisks, or that our people were literally the lifeblood of some of history’s greatest civilizations. They don’t learn that calculus, trigonometry and geometry all trace their origins back to African scholars. Black History Month lessons never begin with Haile Selassi I, ruler of Ethiopia, who could trace his ancestry to King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, and beyond that to Cush in 6280 B.C. Never mind that Selassi actually has the most ancient lineage of any human being in history. Black History Month lessons certainly never begin with one of the greatest conquerors the world has ever known, Hannibal, an African, who conquered and extended the rule of his African Empire into Italy and Spain. The lessons about our history don’t even begin with the kingdoms of Mali, Songhai, Cush or Ghana, all of which rivaled the dominance and territorial acquirement of ancient Greece or Rome. They don’t begin by teaching school children about the ancient Egyptians, who were clearly black Africans and who had arguably the most influential civilization of all time. Ever heard of the Ishango bone? What about the Lebombo bone? They’re only two of the most important developments in the history of mathematics. The Lebombo bone, dating back to around 37,000 B.C., was one of the first calendars ever created, and the Ishango bone has been called “The oldest testimonial of numerical calculus” in human history. Both were created by Africans. Our history isn’t taught in popular culture and it is absent from the history that most teachers deem to be important. That’s why Black History Month was created. It wasn’t a chance to glow over the achievements we’ve heard about time and time again, and to recount stories of Africa’s majesty. Black History Month was a time to bring to light the stories of people from Africa who have contributed so much to who and what we all are today in human society. When Carter G. Woodson (Miseducation of the Negro) created Negro History Week in 1926, his goal was to teach children and adults throughout the African Diaspora about the proud history and tradition that Africans have. He wanted to teach young boys and girls in the U.S. and around the world that Africa was and is so much more than people living in huts, hunting lions and dancing around campfires. He wanted all people to know and understand that being African was not something to be ashamed of, but instead should be a point of pride and confidence. Woodson, one of the first black men ever to graduate with a Ph.D from Harvard, doing so in 1912, was devoted to teaching all people about the contributions in our society that

come from Africa and Africans, and it pains me to say, so far we have failed in his mission. If you don’t believe me, find anyone still in school, and ask them to tell you something about black history that predates the slave trade. During the month of February, you can generally count on lessons to begin with some sanatized retelling of a black historical figure like Frederick Douglass, the great orator who counseled Abraham Lincoln and wrote numerous articulate and moving tomes about his life as a slave. Or they’ll begin with Abraham Lincoln “freeing” the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation (and will conveniently leave out the fact that the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t actually free any slaves Lincoln had the authority to free, and allowed slavery to continue in the Northern states where his words could actually have carried some weight). At most schools, you’ll be lucky to get a lesson beyond Martin Luther King’s dream and Rosa Parks’ defiant bus ride. Perhaps some devoted teacher will pay a nod to Booker T. Washington or Jackie Robinson or, in recent years, President Barack Obama; but that seems to be about where it ends. Those people were all luminaries and pioneers in their fields, and certainly worthy of our admiration; but they are not the whole of Black History. Black History Month is about Mansa Musa, the King of Mali who extended the empire’s reach into one of the largest on the planet, and imposed the system of provinces and territorial mayors and governors. It’s about Lewis Latimer, the man who invented the filament that took Thomas Edison’s light bulb into the next century. It’s about Robert Abbott, the United States’ first black newspaper publisher and one of the nation’s first ever black millionaires. Black History Month is about Kwame Nkrumah, Bill Pickett, Imhotep I, Samori Toure, Belva Davis, Crispus Attucks, Dr. Ivan van Sertima, Fritz Pollard, Stokely Carmichael, Aaron Douglas, Denmark Vesey, Tousaint L’Ouverture, Nat Turner, Shirley Chisholm, Mae Jemison, Fred Hampton, Scott Joplin, Ramses II, Zumbi dos Palmares and hundreds of other men and women that you have probably never heard about. The march from slavery clearly demonstrated the struggle and the power that black people are capable of, but it’s not all we have contributed to the world. It’s time we used the month of February to extend the dialogue beyond that banal and onto the tremendous accomplishments of Africans throughout history who have advanced math, music, language, the sciences and so much more for thousands of years. Then and only then will we truly be celebrating Black History Month. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to




$112.9 million missing, where is this money?

where this missing money has gone. Not that it should matter, but according to the United Nations, corruption is a scourge that hobbles sustainable development and generates other crimes. “Corruption is the thief of economic and social development; stealing the opportunities of ordinary people to progress and to prosper,” UN Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC) Executive Director, Yury Fedotov. Corruption has a devastating impact across the world. The World Bank estimates that every year, between $20 billion and $40 billion are lost from developing countries due to corruption and bribery. The people of SVG deserve an explanation about this very large sum of missing money, which was equivalent to about 16% of the SVG 2008 Budget Estimates. Many people in SVG suffer daily hardship as there is not enough money around to adequately educate our people, provide jobs for our people, reduce the tax burden on our people, bring down the price of water and electricity for our people, and to make sure children of the poor do not go to bed hungry. $112.9 million would have gone a long way in helping to reduce the poverty in SVG.

taxpayers’ money seems to have gone missing and no explanation has been given by the minister of finance, Gonsalves. The Director of Audit Report for 2008 was presented to the House of Assembly in 2011. Three years have passed, and the ULP government has not presented an explanation to the House of Assembly and to the people of SVG for this massive difference of $112,925,578.21. The NCB was the brainchild of the late Prime Minister Hon Milton Cato. The NCB served the people of SVG as a significant instrument in our nation’s development during the NDP’s 17 years in office. The NCB was killed by the ULP government in 2008 with a massive bank overdraft of $185 million, and subsequently sold. In the public interest, SVG Green Party strongly $112.9 million is still not accounted for. The ULP calls for the SVG Minister of Finance, PM regime should tell the people about the NCB Gonsalves, to give an account to the House of missing money, the sum of $112.9 million. This is Assembly, and by extension to the people of SVG, further evidence of ULP regime’s financial about: incompetence, and shows that they cannot manage (a) why the ULP government account at the money. National Commercial Bank was not reconciled as The ULP regime cannot move SVG forward, as requested by the Director of Audit of Public SVG Green Party they are utterly hopeless in the management of Accounts; and public finance. This is a serious worry, as millions of (b) the massive difference of $112,925,578.21, and

On the 27th January 2011, the constitutionally appointed Director of Audit of Public Accounts failed the ULP government in the audit of public accounts. The Director of Audit cited the following of particular concern for the year 2008: The Accountant General’s Current Account was not reconciled with the National Commercial Bank (NCB) Account: Accountant General Balance $185,142,677.08 OD National Commercial Bank $72,217,098.87 OD Difference $112,925,578.21 (Source Director of Audit report 2008 Researched by Ivan O’Neal BSc hons, MSc, MBA)

This country was built on the back-breaking work of our foreparents who toiled in the arrowroot fields.

The days of sea island cotton cultivation in St. Vincent.

parasitic plants, attach themselves to socio political structures, touting love for people, while they clandestinely, and in recent years openly, UP TO THE EARLY 1960s, it seemed we have resigned ourselves to the advancement and security of their manipulate the social and political we were well poised to heighten our chaotic vulgar confusion which has for progeny. mechanisms for their own personal pursuit of wealth creation through some time now been seemingly They were aware that the world advancements. agriculture, a way of life which had holding us impotent, in its gluey grip. was changing! Now comparatively, These unprincipled operators evolved in natural extension to our Undoubtedly, a lot of the blame must economically and socially, the world function with impunity right under past experiences. rest on the heads of our politicians, has change, and the grandchildren of the noses of our indifferent educated When we assumed or were the architects of this ‘spin hole’. the men and women of yesteryear are and intelligent sons, our allowed/won from the colonial masters, Conducive to this malaise is the better equipped with the knowledge “intelligentsia”. This abandonment of the right of the responsibility to take pathetic supplication of our ‘short and skills to cope and succeed in the responsibility by our intelligentsia has charge of the management of our own rooted’ technocrats and the pathetic management of their lives. Politically, allowed unscrupulous politicians to affairs, our governments, in the main, ineffectuality of our scholars who seem they have the capacity to play a more run riot in the society, promoting sought to strengthen our to be programmed to indifference. significant role than their themselves as the messiah, while they infrastructure to help boost our But is it manly to turn away from, grandparents could, in the cripple the psyche of the people. economic growth. or look down on, the activities in determination of the direction and One of the products of this It was just after the end of the which our grandfathers honestly welfare of their society. recklessness has been the devastation second world war, and the dynamics of engaged, the benefits from which It is sad to see, therefore, how those of the agriculture sector, the evidence the world economy hinted towards the provided for the nurturing and who have been the beneficiaries of the has been well documented, and thus reasonable expectation of growth, the sustenance of their families? They had opportunities to advance and enrich the legacy of our fore-parents is improvement of living standards for applied themselves with dedication, the society, from various standpoints, treated with lack of appreciation, people of ambition, and hope for a dignity, satisfaction, and pride of on the basis of their education and almost with disdain. ‘better life’ for those who were achievement. Albeit, the world then training, seem to be reflecting a lack The time is long overdue for the prepared to apply themselves. And so was much different from what it is of appreciation, for the hard work and awakening of our dormant our country sailed on a good and now; the universal circle of effort of their forebears, to such an “intelligentsia”. It should be brought sturdy ‘agricultural keel’, allowing the opportunity being today than it was extent that they are content to rest in to their attention that their children communities to keep their pots on the then. They in their time, when the the status quo. and grandchildren may be just as fire, to a fair degree. The proliferation opportunity arose, expended much of Because of the paucity of vulnerable as anyone else when the of breadfruit, mango and other fruit their energy and other resources, to community spirit of these persons flood comes. trees extended, as more former estate provide for the educating of their described, the docile and very trusting labourers took control of lands. children, recognizing that the process people fall prey to the wiles of LeRoy Providence Today, however, it seems as though represented the hope for the unscrupulous politicians who, like

Where is SVG headed now?




Rewards for Grammar School students youngsters. Their presentation touched on the theme: ‘Connecting the FIVE Grammar School Boys, Keron agricultural sector for Sustainability Glasgow, Kyle James, Justin Robertson, and Food Security’. Sky Morgan and Christopher Browne They had as their tagline: ‘Reaping took the Mobile Application Category of what we sow; linking to grow’. the NTRC’s I Squared Competition last The youngsters faced the judges in a Tuesday. showdown with five other contenders. They call themselves the ‘Forever They verified queries from the four Innovators’ and they reaped the ,member panel of judges and displayed rewards of their labour last Tuesday at their creativity on the network the National Insurance Services sprinkled by on screen updates. Headquarters in Kingstown. In addition to the $3,500 for first The Ministry of Agriculture might prize, the youngsters collected be encouraged to invest in these Blackberry phones with data for one Stories by WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY

Principal proud WESLEY OLIVER and Quincy Morris are the toast of the North Union Secondary School. Principal Sinclair Da Santos was delighted with the top performances in the first annual Idea and Innovation Competition, organised by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC). Da Santos looked at the success as proof that his school’s emphasis on allround education is paying off. “I’m happy for the boys,” DaSantos beamed. He acknowledged that his school has been on the winners’ podium on previous occasions, especially in the Public Speaking arena. He admitted that females have been dominant. The North Union team of Wesley Oliver “I am proud of the boys,” Da (l) and Quincy Morris made their Santos echoed. principal and school proud when they He looked at this triumph as took first place in the Idea and driving home the message to the Innovation Competition. males that “they can do it.” “We have to find a way to motivate students,” the Principal added. Da Santos referred to incentives provided at his institution which ostensibly reward males. He is satisfied that the strategy is working. The school holds regular Mark Reading and, according to the Principal, boys are emerging from the ranks of near obscurity. Some youngsters have been selected to National Under 15 and Under 19 Cricket teams, DaSantos pointed out. He is ensuring that there are subject areas available for every student so as to make them “relevant and be counted,” and emphasised that there were Technical Subjects which his school is offering from Form One. Those include Plumbing, Clothing and Textile, Woodwork and Technical Veneisha Daniel, Information Drawing. Technology teacher at the North DaSantos noted that the boys are Union Secondary School received a performing, and they were rewarded prize from Minister of Technology for their academic performance by Camillo Gonsalves. being treated to dinner and being awarded badges. He observed that girls maintain youngsters make the best use of their good showing, but he was happy with opportunities for learning. the strides that the males were He was in high praise of his making. Information Technology teacher, Da Santos is keen on having Veneisha Daniel.

The winning Boys Grammar School team of (L-R): Kyle James, Justin Robertson, Sky Morgan, Christopher Browne and Keron Glasgow. year, compliments Digicel. The Grammar School team was followed by the Girls’ High School with an application entitled ‘Atstachio’. The three-person team had as their platform: ‘Get going with your application’. They insisted on the process of obtaining a Driver’s licence online. Third place went to the St. Martin’s Secondary School duo of Jodd Alexander and McNeil Trotman. Their creation dubbed, ‘Heritage Quest’, aroused a sense of cultural curiosity. Two other St. Martin’s teams made presentations named ‘Battlefield Soufriere’ and ‘Bullying This trio from the Girls’ High School had to settle for second place. in School’. A Girls’ High School trio with a of the future’, rounded off the Idea presentation called ‘e-class: ‘Education category.



Bishop’s College Carriacou visits BCK

by GLORIAH... A CONTINGENT of some thirty-five current and past students of the Bishop’s College Carriacou, and sixty-eight adults, including the Principal, staff, parents, past teachers and wellwishers, arrived in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the wee hours of Friday, 7th February from Carriacou. Their purpose was to join in the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Bishop’s College Kingstown. The visit held great significance for both schools. The Bishop’s College Carriacou (BCC) and the Bishop’s College Kingstown (BCK) are

sister institutions, which were both founded in the same year, 1964, on an initiative by then Bishop of the Windward Islands Rev. Grant Harold Piggott, and, hence, currently celebrate their fiftieth year of existence.

Students of the BCC (left) joined in the BCK assembly. Right: BCK students and staff perform a song during their cultural presentation for their guests.

Accommodation Teacher of the BCK, Mr. Ronnie Richardson, told THE VINCENTIAN that the group was scheduled to participate in a number of activities during their short fourday visit. They were hosted in smaller groups at the homes of current and past students, and local well-wishers. Others

camped at the Church Hall of St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Calliaqua and at the Glad Tidings Camp site at Queen’s Drive.

school uniforms, with Principal, Mrs. Rholda Assembly Quamina and her staff dressed for a day at The visitors attended school. Principal of the the general assembly BCK, Mrs. Cecelia King, convened at the BCK later was elated in welcoming on Friday morning. They her guests. Both were dressed in their Principals made addresses, giving glorious accolades to each other’s institution. They took the time to outline the functioning of their particular schools, and then exchanged gifts of institution memorabilia. After all the formality, the assembly took on an atmosphere of gaiety. The Principal, staff and students of the BCC took charge of the affair, presenting a cultural package which many a BCK student will be long remembering. The entertainment included singing and drumming. Fifth Former of the BCC, Kadee Adams, who was the winner of the competition for a Carriacou National Dress, strutted the walkway to the “oohs and aahs” of the crowd. She entreated them with her winning ambassadorial speech. A patriotic song, written by another Fifth Form student, to commemorate the 40th Independence celebrations of Grenada and Carriacou, was performed.

Other activities Following on this, the activities moved to the Nutricia Netball Centre, for a friendly netball match between the students of the two schools. The neck-andneck game ended in favour of the BCC, 18 to 17. Saturday saw the group on shopping trips and a

(L-R): Ceceilia Akers-King, Principal of BCK, and Rholda Quamina, Principal of BCC, exchange school memorabilia. round-the-island tour around 11:00 am, after during the day, while the having attended church evening was spent at a services at the St. Paul’s concert, entitled ‘Give Anglican Church in Thanks with a Grateful Calliaqua, and the St. Heart’, hosted by the BCK George’s Anglican and organized by teachers Cathedral in Kingstown. Ronnie Richardson and The programme of Janelle Thomas. activities to celebrate the The enthusiastic and BCK 50th anniversary energized visitors, with continues until the end of expressions of satisfaction the school year (July). A written across their faces, return visit (to Carriacou) boarded the vessel which by students of the BCK, is would take planned for March. them back to Fifth Former of the BCC, their Kadee Adams, showing off home

the dress that won her the Best National Dress Competition in Carriacou.




Turkey strengthening ties with SVG

R-L: Honorary Consul of Turkey Tansal Akcayli and Minister of Foreign Affairs Camillo Gonsalves at last Monday’s hand-over ceremony.

Camillo pointed out that the computers will contribute to LINKS BETWEEN Turkey and St. the effective running of not Vincent and the Grenadines are just his Ministry, but the being strengthened. government machinery. Honorary Consul of Turkey The Foreign Affairs based here, Tansal Akcayli, Minister is not keeping all the noted that Vincentian Prime gadgets in his department. Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves There were over 100 was the first Caribbean leader applications for the gifts, but to visit Turkey after Cuban he plans to see where the President Fidel Castro in the computers are most needed to 1960s. ensure the government Dr. Gonsalves visited functions smoothly. Turkey in 2008 and since He outlined that then, the relationship has his Ministry was been “strong and robust,” on a big thrust according to Foreign Affairs, towards Commerce and Information technological Technology Minister, Camillo enhancement and Gonsalves. announced plans to Minister Gonsalves, son of hand out nearly the Vincentian leader, made 13,000 Lap tops to the observation last Monday secondary school at the Foreign Affairs students. ministry, during a ceremony Highlighting in which he accepted 30 Desk Turkey’s role in Top computers, six Lap tops, international five printers, a Flat Screen affairs, Minister television, and related Gonsalves referred equipment. to that country’s The Minister was pleased role as a mediator with the donation of the between Western computers, especially in light and Eastern of the fact that his Ministry countries, as well has Information Technology as as its role in part of its mandate. promoting the by WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY

Pentecostals hold Convocation Service Vincentian society. He also highlighted OVER ONE THOUSAND the social ills existing in persons, representing St. Vincent and the thirteen out of fifteen Grenadines, including Pentecostal Assemblies domestic violence, verbal here, converged on the and physical abuse in the Arnos Vale Sports wider community, and Complex to hold their called for a spiritual Convocation Service last revival. Sunday, February9. Other significant Absent from the contributors to Sunday’s Service were Mayreau Convocation Service were and Union Island the renditions of creative assemblies. poetry rendered by Rev. The theme of the George Frederick and his Convocation, ‘Growth — poetry renditions, and Numerical, Financial, Sis. Shirlene Pope. Administration, Presiding Bishop of Membership the local Pentecostal Commitment’, was Assemblies, Rev. Sonny elaborated upon by by Williams, had earlier Rev. Alvin Walker. He given welcome remarks pointed to the necessity and his characteristic of members of the words of inspiration. Pentecostal Assemblies Sunday’s afternoon networking through a session was reserved for synergy of numerical dancing activities led by dominance, financial the Diadem Dancers of power and the Faith Temple administrative skill, Church, and others from along with membership Kingdom Life commitment to the Tabernacle, Glad Tidings overall growth of the Tabernacle, Vermont assemblies. Miracle Church. Rev. Walker, in The Pentecostal another dimension of his Assemblies of the West address, exhorted the Indies was established in gathering of Pentecostals 1910 for the purpose of not be hindered by their bringing all the situation, making Pentecostal churches in references to the sociothe West Indies together economic problems that in ‘Holy Convocation’. beset many in the by PATMOS RICHARDS

Palestinian cause, and reminded that Turkey is a nation where many of the cornerstones of ancient civilisation are found. The donation of the computer supplies was Turkey’s most recent gesture of goodwill to this country. Just a matter of weeks before, Turkey provided US$40,000 to the humanitarian Relief following the Christmas Day Floods which wreaked havoc

on parts of mainland St. Vincent. In addition, there are five Vincentians on scholarships in Turkey, the result of Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves’ visit to that country. Turkey has also identified with construction of the International Airport at Argyle.

This country supported Turkey’s bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council in 2010.





FFAF to impact more students next year music videos, television commercials, THE 2014 ‘FILM, Fine Art photographic expositions and Fashion’ festival, a and documentaries. programme of the Visual art exhibits were Department of Culture gathered from students within the Ministry of in the CSEC Visual Art Tourism, Sports and programme in the Culture, will be structured secondary schools and to impact more students from other local artists. next year, its 7th year of The fashion segment saw production. a number of collections of The exhibition, which clothing and accessories functions as a traveling from local fashion showcase to areas in and designers. around St. Vincent and During a series of the Grenadines, was highly interactive made available this year, sessions, students were to primary and taken through the idea of secondary school moving from pencil and students on the island of paper drawings and Bequia, in North Union, scribblings, on to story Georgetown, Barrouallie frames for videos; and Kingstown. The completed works of showcases were well visual art; and designs of received by students and fashion which can be teachers alike, and made converted into clothing or contact with an accessories. approximate eight Minister of Tourism, hundred students, whose Sports and Culture, Hon. participation was Cecil McKie, at the extremely engaging. All Closing Ceremony held were given the at the Peace Memorial opportunity to pose Hall in Kingstown, questions to and receive congratulated the answers from the Department, and issued facilitators. a challenge to have the The festival content festival expand next consisted of exhibits of year, so that it reaches films, art and fashion. even more students. The film segment Minister McKie told included short films, THE VINCENTIAN that by GLORIAH...

GHS Art Teacher Kemara Brackin takes some viewers through the art display.

A group of students discussing what they saw on display.

his call was “built into the fact that we will soon be welcoming three times more people to our shores, and we need to expand the skill set across the cultural scope to be able to offer events that are more varied, to the cultural tourism product.”

One of the interactive sessions that formed part of this year’s ‘Film, Fine Art and Fashion’ festival. The Department of Culture has already begun to look into a

number of areas where students, whose numbers the festival could be they have vowed to enhanced and benefit the increase.






Rivers flow for The Angelicas

Angelicas in the grand finale of the evening’s programme. by GLORIAH... AN EVENING OF PRAISE dubbed ‘Rivers of Musical Pleasure’ ran its course on Sunday, 2nd February, when the Angelicas

Youth Ministries launched their 2014 national outreach programmes under the auspices of Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne, at his official residence at New

Montrose. The programme began with tiny, excited, ripples of sentiments expressing the group’s delight at the audience’s attendance, then it

coursed its way into cascading falls of riveting dancing, expressive singing, and miming. By the time the rivers had arrived at the veritable delta of musical pleasure, there was a spiritual presence in the place. The audience was conducted through glorious praise and deep worship.

Who is The Angelicas Angelicas Youth Ministries, which was founded in the late 80s by Ms. Karyn Byam, is an interdenominational, non-profit organization which has been actively involved in ministering to the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of youths and other individuals here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The group comprises forty ordinary members and ten honorary members, who have an expressed mandate of doing missionary work, through evangelism elaborated by singing, dramatizing, dancing, preaching, miming, and worshiping. The group’s Executive is comprised of: Director Rev. Paul Duncan; Assistant Director, Evangelist Ayodele Pompey; an Evangelism Coordinator, Music Director, Finance Directors, Prayer Coordinator, Drama Coordinator and a Communication Director.

Youth Ministry Programmes For 2014, the Angelicas Youth Ministries plan to

Dancers performed to live singing. conduct a Children’s Ministries Programme in Layou and a Youth Ministry in Bequia during the first week of June. A series of Zonal Youth Rallies will begin in Chateaubelair on March 29th, and the group will team up with the ‘Every Home for Christ Crusade’ to distribute ‘gift shoe boxes’. Their Mentorship Programme at the Liberty Lodge Boys Training Centre will continue, and they will round off the year with back-to-school drives, and career guidance seminars at several schools in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and at the Alliance Francais. Currently, the Angelicas Youth Ministries is involved in the ongoing rebuilding/relief efforts in St. Vincent and the Grenadines occasioned by the tropical weather system that affected the island on Christmas Eve, 2013. Donations of clothing, foodstuff and money have been collected for this outreach, and the group is awaiting donations to this venture from Memphis Tennessee, through the efforts of one of their members who are presently pursuing studies there. ‘Rivers of Musical Pleasures’ was held to sensitise persons to

and solicit support for the mission of the Angelicas Youth Ministries. It was an evening well spent. Offering praise to the Almighty in mime.







Members of CYEN smile with satisfaction after a job well done, and hopefully one that brought attention to the need to safeguard the environment.

Youth organization on a clean-up drive THE CARIBBEAN YOUTH ENVIRONMENT Network St Vincent and the Grenadines (CYEN-SVG) Chapter, is a non-profit, body geared towards empowering young people to take a positive stance to tackle, socio-economic and environmental issues such as poverty alleviation, health, climatic changes, and the

preservation of natural resources. Its programme of activities for 2014 got going on February 8, with a clean-up at Canash beach, an activity the group described as aimed at bringing awareness to the fact that St.Vincent and the Grenadines’ marine environment is being seriously polluted. Vice President Mr Lenford Foster According to handing over a garbage bag to information one of the groups that visited the from CYENsite. SVG, the cleanup began at around plastic bags and condom wrappers. 9:20am and a total of CYEN-SVG described nine (9) garbage bags, the activity as a one oil drum of garbage filled with garbage, a tire resounding success, and recognized the assistance and a coca cola crate of the Central Water and were collected and Sewerage Authority and removed from the site. The garbage collected Erin Gilbert and Aaron Richards of included, but was not Environmental Club of limited to, plastic cups, spoons and forks, alcohol SVGCC, in this, the first of many activities to be glass bottles, pampers, staged for the year. styrofoam containers,

Some of the plastic bottles removed from the Canash beach.

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Aries (Mar. 21- April 20) Secret affairs will eventually backfire on you. You will meet new romantic partners through the company you keep. Self-improvement projects will payoff in more ways than one. Don't count on getting any help from those you live with.

Libra(Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Plan a nice evening for two. This may not be the day to get involved in risky joint financial ventures. Be careful when dealing with female members of your family. Opportunities for romance will develop through activities with large groups.

Taurus (Apr. 21- May 21) Sudden changes regarding your domestic scene are probable. Insincere gestures of friendliness are likely to occur. Only bite off what you can chew. A need to express yourself may come out in creative ways.

Scorpio(Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Travel should be on your mind. Problems with in-laws may cause friction in your personal relationship. You can take advantage of opportunities if you are quick to make a move. Moneymaking opportunities will surface.

Gemini(May 22-June 21) Your intellectual charm will win hearts and bring opportunities that you least expect. Catch up on your reading and correspondence. Trips should be your choice. Make plans to meet again in the near future.

Sagittarius(Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Family members may feel anxious if you make promises you don't deliver. You will make new friends through physical activities. You can expect changes at your work place. Someone you live with may feel totally neglected.

Cancer(June 22-July 22) You will have to control the way you feel. Don't be angry, but be on your guard. Try to do things with children that will enable you to bond closer to them. Spend some quality time with your lover.

Capricorn(Dec 22.- Jan. 20) You will be confused about the intentions of someone you work with. Be diplomatic and honest, and that person will only be made to look bad. Don't bother trying to make someone you live with see your point of view. Don't depend on coworkers to help; they may only hold you back.

Leo(July 23-Aug 22) It might be best not to spend your money on luxuries this week. Set the ball in motion and be relentless until you complete the project. You will find that money could slip through your fingers. Do not let them blow situations out of proportion. Virgo(Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Some situations may be blown out of proportion. Calm down and take a step back. Keep your feet on the ground, if you can. Don't overlook that fact that someone you care about may be hiding something.

Aquarius(Jan. 21.- Feb. 19) You can enjoy entertainment if you join in and follow the crowd for a change. Enlist coworkers in order to get the job done on time. You can make changes to your living quarters, but not everyone will be pleased with your efforts. Focus your efforts on your work. Pisces(Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Don't let someone try to bully you into doing things their way. Property purchases should be on your mind. You could come into extra cash. Help if you can, but more than likely it will be sufficient just to listen.


40. Cycle starter 41. “The Lady __ 1.__ Rambler tramp” 5. Heroic (2 wds.) 9. “30 Rock” 43. Map feature network 45. Labor __ 12. “Jane __” 48. Catch sight of (Bronte) 50. Jubilee year 13. Sea bird 52. Like a dishrag 14. “Are you a man 56. Switch __ mouse?” settings (2 wds.) 57. Use a 15. Necklace part penknife 16. Singing group 58. __ about (2 wds.) (approxi18. Surprised mately, 2wds.) sound 59. __ Miguel 20. Low-heeled 60. Took to court 19. Sandy’s 61. Scruff shoes sound 21. Diminish 21. Scots’ caps DOWN 22. Diva’s solo gradually 23. Robert __ 24. From __ Z 1.Dick Cavett’s Warren (2 wds.) home st. 24. __ spumante 25. Live and 2. Sailor’s yes 27. Small breathe 3. Spanish lady quantity 26. Coniferous (abbr.) 28. Rooter’s yell trees 4. Lawn item 30. Puts water 29. “__ the night 5. Nest contents on before…” 31. Developer’s 33. Knee-exposing 6. “__ Fiction” 7. Island (Fr.) purchase skirt 8. Chin feature 32. Comic Sketch 35. Quaker grain 36. Mild cussword 9. Lopez’s theme 34. Senseless 10. Macho one 37. Hourglass filler toiletry label 39. Taste 38. “__ Masque11. Hacks champagne rade” 17. Fabric 42. Uses scissors

44. Hose material 45. Aliens’ crafts 46. Actress Foch 47. That being the case (2 wds.) 48. To be (Fr.)




49. Backyard building 51. __ de toilette 53. Actress Balin 54. Swabbing tool 55. Before (prefix)

V An alcoholic at 16? 26. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2014. THE VINCENTIAN


Dear George,

Distressed Mom

MY DAUGHTER has a serious alcohol problem, and she does not want to quit drinking.   I am at the point where I am very tired and do not know where to turn for help.  There were a few times when she drank so much, she passed out and yet she keeps on drinking. I am very concerned about her because she is only 16 years old. There are days when she cannot go to school because of her drunken state. George, I am very scared for her, and I am turning to you for help.

Dear Distressed Mom,

drinking, to many ‘risks’ These include sexual assaults and worse. Thank you for your letter. Your daughter just There is no need to attempt this alone, and by cannot get up tomorrow morning and quit her writing to me it shows that you are already alcohol problem. Her addiction to the substance reaching out. Make the call to Marion House needs professional attention. I would suggest that immediately and take it from there. In the she be recommended to a treatment centre, and you meantime, continue to support your daughter and can get information on that at Marion House. give her the understanding that she needs, and Marion House will be able to offer help in the begin the journey toward getting her to talk about immediate and provide a long term recovery plan the reason or reasons for her drinking. which most likely will involve going to detox. As it stands now, she is exposed, because of her George

My husband tells lies about me I took your advice how he has met me many times with women in his bed. I do not see I DO NOT WANT to why he would seek to continue being married destroy my image like to my husband. He is a that. I am not a lesbian womanizer and a wife and will never be one. beater, and goes about He was the one who his business as though he is some kind of saint. suggested to me a few times to get my This pretence has to girlfriend to sleep with stop. People need to know who he is, and stop us. I adamantly refused, listening to the lies he is and that infuriated him, and that maybe, is why telling them about me. He tells his co-workers he is on a mission to that I am a lesbian, and bring me down psychologically and

Dear George,

emotionally. I am done with this man, but I need to know about my rights regarding property sharing, etc.

cruel. The physical abuse you do not have to put up with, and you have legal recourse for that. To get correct and adequate information regarding property rights Enough and sharing, I would suggest that you contact a divorce/family Dear Enough, law lawyer and submit It is unfortunate that your claim after knowing your husband would how to proceed. stoop so low as to destroy The truth will your character and ultimately surface, and image. That behaviour those same co-workers is certainly childish and will eventually see him for who and what he is. It will help if you can, at the same time, get some much needed marital counseling so that you can reconstruct your thoughts and proceed with wisdom and calm.


Dear George, THANK YOU for the advice you gave me several months back when my wife was on her way out of my life. I got her to go for counseling (I went with her), and there we discovered many things that were swept under the carpet on a daily basis. I became aware of the role I had to play, and after I began playing that role, things took a turn for the better. We are back in full swing and in love just like we were thirty years ago. Thank you, George.

Blessed Dear Blessed, I do appreciate your letter, and share in your joy. It is always a good thing when couples can rediscover the joy of their relationship and go back to the basic principles of love and marriage. Both partners have parts to play in keeping a relationship together, like not being selfish, judgemental. Time should be spent finding ways to attend to the needs of one another. In short, if you UP the communication and DOWN the criticisms, keep a constant flow of complimentary remarks, there is much hope for yours and any relationship.


V TaiwanÊs scholarships continue



IN ORDER to encourage more Vincentians to study in Taiwan, First Secretary Richard Chen and First Secretary Philip Shih of the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), will make presentations on the 2014 Taiwan Scholarships at SVG Community College and the National Public Library. The first presentation will be held at the Division of Technical and Vocational Education on February 19 at 1:00 p.m. The second presentation will take place at the Division of Arts, Sciences, and General Studies on February 20 at 10:00 a.m., and the third presentation is to be

held at the National Public Library on February 28 at 4:00 p.m. The aforesaid presentations are aimed at detailing the benefits, qualifications, requirements and application procedures of the Scholarship. The President of the SVG Taiwan Alumni Association Mr. Shallow and other members of the Association will be invited to share their experiences of study in Taiwan. The Taiwan

Generation of electricity during a period when VINLEC’s hydro-plants undergo refurbishment and repairs, will be borne by the company’s diesel plants, like this one at Lowmans Bay.

VINLEC subsidizes fuel surcharge rate CUSTOMERS of St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC) will from February, benefit from a decision by the Company to subsidize the Fuel Surcharge Rate in the absence of the Company’s hydroelectric plants. VINLEC’s hydroelectric facilities, which traditionally contribute an average of 18-20% of the electricity generated annually, were severely damaged during the December trough system. VINLEC has informed its customers that the Fuel Surcharge Rate applicable on electricity bills for the month of February 2014 is 48.33 cents per unit, which, in the absence of this subsidy, would have been 60.09 cents per unit. The subsidy will cost VINLEC 1.3 million dollars. Meanwhile, VINLEC also disclosed that during the month of January, with hydo production being 3.7% of what it was in January 2013, the Company spent 6.8 million dollars on fuel for the generation of electricity. This compares with 5.9 million dollars in December 2013 and 5.6 million dollars in January 2013. The Company’s technical and civil works teams continue to work diligently to restore its hydroelectric facilities in the shortest possible time. The Fuel Surcharge Rate is calculated based on the fuel consumption for the previous month.

Embassy President Ma of Taiwan with Vincentian awardees of the 2013 Taiwan welcomes Scholarships. Vincentian postgraduate degrees in For more information, students and youths who are Taiwan to attend the please call the Embassy at interested in pursuing presentations. 4562431. undergraduate or



Business Feature

by BEN HARRISON International Correspondent JUST ABOUT EVERY MONTH, what initially looks like an enormous dark blue rectangular box with the letters NYK painted on the side, seems to quietly drift into Kingstown Harbour, to position itself along the entire dockside in front of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Financial Complex. At first glance, to a person standing in the city centre car park, the floating box looks like it is even taller than the financial building itself. It seems out of place, and in less than 24 hours quietly slides away from the dock to deposit its cargo on another island.

The ship On checking further, it turns out that NYK stands for Nippon Yusen Kaisha shipping lines. The floating box is a RoRo ship. It towers 12 stories high and has an overall length of approximately 210 meters. It is capable of carrying up to 5980 automobiles to ports around the world. RoRo is a short form for Roll on, Roll off, using strategically located ramps to drive vehicles on and off the ship. The RoRo ships combine innovative design with high technology, to safely transport new automobiles built in Japan to world markets, and to deliver used vehicles to countries requiring right hand drive cars.

Japan: A prime source for used vehicles From January to May last year, 460,000 used cars were shipped from Japan. It is a large global business, and speedily, costeffectively exporting vehicles off shore is essential to the automobile manufacturing and sales industry in Japan. Why are so many used cars available in Japan? It is primarily economic: Japan has strict motor-vehicle inspection requirements and high depreciation rates on its cars, which make used vehicles worth very

little in Japan after six years. Japan also has strict environmentalprotection regulations that make vehicle dismantling and legal disposal a very expensive process. Due to the escalating costs of passing the mandatory vehicle inspection tests, cars are usually totally scrapped or exported before they are 10 years old, with most taken off the road after six years. It is more profitable to find a buyer in the export market at almost any price than to dismantle them for scrap and recycling.

Buying used cars from Japan Through the years, many Vincentians have

purchased used vehicles over the internet from Japan, and have had them shipped to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It is not a difficult process, as long as you understand that there is some risk involved and there are no short cuts: Government rules and regulations must be understood and followed, and all taxes paid. Obviously, one of the first things to do is check out the current import rules and regulations that apply, and duty and taxes that will be charged. Generally speaking, the taxes and import duty will more than double the purchase price you pay for the car. Talk to a local customs broker for specific, current information. When you have that

Halbich fills tree with Budweiser THE BUDWEISER “King of Christmas” promotion came to an end when Earl Halbich stacked his Christmas tree filled with Budweiser beers last Thursday, February 6th, 2014. Halbich made the big sweep at the CK Greaves and Company supermarket in Pembroke after his name was selected, Friday January 31st, 2014, from a specially marked Budweiser raffle box. The Budweiser “King of Christmas” promotion commenced on December 16th. Customers were prompted daily to write their name, address and phone number on the back of their receipt stub. Each entry KOC HandOver (Left-Right) CK Greaves General Manager, Derrick (the purchase of one bottle of Greaves, SVB Trade Marketer, AnDano Coombs, King of Christmas Budweiser) enabled persons a winner, Earl Halbich and Marketing Assistant at the St.Vincent chance to win a Christmas tree Brewery Ltd, Caricia Taylor. filled with Budweiser; a total of seven (7) cases. “Budweiser is a premium beer. Whenever you For the final week of the promotion, the number purchase a Budweiser, you are purchasing the of entries doubled daily as ecstatic customers premium quality of the brand.” commented Trade submitted their Budweiser receipts, in the hope of Marketer, AnDano Coombs. being the “King of Christmas” winner. Winner of Budweiser is distributed locally by the the promotion, Halbich expressed his gratitude, as St.Vincent Brewery Ltd., and is packaged in a he shared with the team that he had not expected 7fl.oz breakable bottle. to win the promotion.

Above: NYK liners are specially outfitted to transport motor vehicles. data, visit one of the Japanese used car sites on the internet. There are many, but one of the largest and most successful firms is They list and sell thousands of cars per week from an excellently designed website that gives specific details on all vehicles to be auctioned or sold from their own inventory. There are numerous photos of each car, including the exterior, interior and engine compartment, with any damage, no matter how small pointed out in the pictures. The overall condition is described, and if the car is from its own inventory, they list an asking price that is subject to negotiation. The website will also give you the actual number of miles/kilometers on the car, and the shipping cost. There are no import restrictions on the make and/or model of a car you plan to import.

Checks and balances Once you have a vehicle in mind and know the selling price, you can calculate the price delivered to St. Vincent as well as all

other charges. Before proceeding, you should do some local shopping to compare prices in St. Vincent to the total cost of importation. Also consider warranties and service that might be available from local automobile dealers that may not be available if you decide to import a used car. If there are several thousand dollars in savings to be had through importing, that may well be the way to go. No matter which route you take, it is an interesting exercise at no cost other than time to scroll through the IBC Japan or other exporter’s websites to see just what is available and at what cost. You will find that customer service is excellent and you can talk to English speaking staff 24 hours/day, seven days per week. If you decide to proceed, talk to your local customs broker. There are almost 20 brokers listed in the local telephone directory under Customs House Brokers. They will assist you with information and handle all the paper work involved, including the import clearing details.

Turnaround time for an NYK in port is surprisingly quick.




The budget presentation and that magnificent and formidable trio of Senators

by R. THEODORE L.V. BROWNE THE BUDGETARY PRESENTATION by Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines had some memorable and creative features.

First First of all, it was masterfully conceived and crafted in a manner which highlighted the biblical imperative in Proverbs 29: 18 “where there is no vision, the people perish.” The presentation emphasised the fact that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is blessed with a Prime Minister who can see and also foresee emerging challenges or problems, and find swift appropriate solutions for them.

Secondly Secondly the budget was designed to promote the welfare of all Vincentians, irrespective of their political party connection or party loyalty or racial orientation. The P.M. should be applauded for his impartiality and for the promotion of national cohesiveness and social inclusion at all times — disaster or no disaster. But I don’t think the geriatric leaders in the Opposition have the capacity and discernment to appreciate this. They are as anachronistic as dinosaurs in matters of Economics. When Finance and Economics are combined, Eustace, who is perhaps functionally illiterate in Mathematics, appears to be still groping and meandering in the darkness of the stone age. Gonsalves, on the other hand, is current and appears to be light years ahead of Eustace.

Thirdly Thirdly, the creative provisions in the budget are practical and implementable, notwithstanding the multifarious nature of the problems arising from the recent deluge

which was not forecastable or predictable, and which left in its wake millions of dollars in damage, and even damages which have been irreparable, like the loss of lives. Further, the generated bee-hive of social activities exposed how humane, compassionate and kind Vincentians can be to one another. If we can sustain this kind of demonstrated love for one another, we may very well conclude that imperialist powers have tried and are still trying to keep us apart by imposing upon us a twoparty system which seeks to divide us although we are in one House — the House of Assembly - with one queen as head of State; yet the House is divided into two; with one side “for” and the other side “against” — that is, one side is the Government and the other side is Her Majesty’s loyal Opposition. The present Opposition appears to think that in being Her Majesty’s loyal Opposition, it has a single, inflexible function to perform and that is to oppose, whether the policy of the government is good or bad. They even oppose what is in their best interest. What a thinkless, uncreative and unproductive species of human beings conditioned into so behaving by Her Majesty’s Government far away in cold England. It is really pathetic when human beings, made in the image of Almighty God, can be so programmed that they become nationally outmoded by progress, and are paid for preserving in the flesh what is extinct. They are held in bondage and serfdom by the invisible chords of British colonialism. Are not such people still enslaved and imprisoned though the prison door is open? But worse than being disloyal to their own people, they abuse and exploit the same system which they revere and adore by abandoning their post of duty

Mrs. Nicholls should take comfort from Deuteronomy 28:7 “The Lord shall cause thine enemies who rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face; they shall come out against thee one way and flee before thee seven ways,” and Paul’s description of Elymas, the sorcerer in Acts 13:10 “ “O full of deceit and all mischief, thou child of the devil, thou enemy of all righteousness, wilt thou not cease to pervert the right way of the Lord?” “Rashatta , the truth shall make you free!” Stick to the truth as you have always done, and your foes will be vanquished. No technicality can Mrs. Nichols - A woman circumvent a solid of strength and substratum of facts, and character you have done well so far against the pettifoggers Innocent Rashatta of evil who may now be Nichols who worked so seeking an adjournment to escape the inevitable. hard and faithfully can benefit from some of that Victory is on your side. money for the welfare of her struggling family. Fourthly She is a decent and devout Christian lady. Fourthly, the She should not have been budgetary exercise subjected to such cruel provides abundant, and inhumane treatment compelling and by Eustace — particularly incontrovertible evidence in circumstances where of the creative genius of she seems to have been the P.M. in a small state abandoned by even the beset by the problems of otherwise vociferous and smallness. No wonder he anaemic “Human Right is with much justification Organisation.” Is it ranked as the greatest because Rashatta Prime Minister in the couldn’t afford to pay world. No exaggeration. them? Or is it because Let us not be misled by the Human Rights size. But he is not the Association has first world class degenerated into a cell of personality our State has the N.D.P? An produced. examination of its composition, structure Other world class Vincentians and history may tell a story. Check it out! But why should anyone For example; repeatedly impose hardship on young and (i) Maurice King, a intelligent decent ladies Vincentian, who lives at in East Kingstown? “New Road,” was once First, it was Anesia, and ranked as the strongest now Rashatta. It was a man in the world, pound subtle, kinder and for pound. gentler attack on Norma’s business. Is this (ii) Christian Ivor a demonic attack on Martin (C.I. Martin Christian ladies in East (Cims)) of Biabou, was Kingstown? Who will once ajudged the best be the next woman essayist in the world victim for Eustace in when he won a global East Kingstown? Who is essay competition on the really behind all this? life of Abraham Lincoln. The global essay contest was sponsored by the Take comfort whenever an opportunity arises for them to justify their payment from poor, hardworking tax payers. We have to be creative and cease to follow blindly what is not in our best interest. Any member of the Opposition who is so disturbed by his conscience for getting money he did not really earn, and who voluntarily returns his salary to the Treasury for the benefit of more deserving and decent citizens like Rashatta Nichols, should be made leader of the Opposition. After all, only a true leader would do that — lead the way out of the accumulation of unjust gains.

United States government, and Theodore Browne, another Vincentian, was the runner up. (iii) Edgerton Mc Lean Richards (Uncle Metro) another Vincentian, was cited as the man who had formulated “the most effectively mild detergent” in the Caribbean and the world. The detergent gently removed all grease and grime from all kitchen utensils. It was a marvel which gently cleaned without any abrasive effects on the hand or skin. It is now believed to be a multi-million dollar industry with its head office and ownership in another country. And what about the great and incomparable Dr. A. Cecil Cyrus? On the world stage he is a scintillating diamond — in elegance of speech and diction and skill in the execution of surgical procedures. There are others.

Is it true! Is it true that some relief supplies have fallen into private hands and are being sold at what appears to be attractively reduced prices for personal gain? Is it really true? Is it really true that some people are seeking to make a fortune out of the misfortune of others and are brazenly and shamelessly making public appeals for relief supplies to be sent to them or to their private agents without reference to NEMO or the Red Cross? Let us investigate and expose them, whether they are U.L.P. or N.D.P. supporters.

Fifthly - an enviable dream team Fifthly, the budgetary exercise revealed that Mr. Eustace, Leader of the Opposition, is at least acquainted with two elementary concepts in Economics by virtue of his frequent and monotonous repetition of them — they are

“surplus” and “deficit”. But the concept which was most glaringly demonstrated by the Opposition in the House of Assembly recently was that of “diminishing returns.” Listeners to the debate were left in no doubt that the Opposition appeared to have ‘peaked’ a few years ago and was no longer capable or possessed of the capacity to add value to the debate. The information in their presentation revealed more heat than light. Are they so mentally lazy that they are now producing more heat than light? So rather than expose their rapid rate of declension into uselessness, they ran out of the House for cover — any fool can do that — even dumb animals run from danger. They took no chance, when they contemplated the forensic, and mental fire power and energy of the star-studded and formidable trio of senators — that is Camillo Gonsalves, Jomo Thomas and Luke Browne. Combined, this trio of Government Senators must be the youngest and most brilliant and undoubtedly, the most able group of Senators ever assembled anywhere in the world. Again the electorate is well pleased with the P.M. for allowing this gush of fresh air of senators to infiltrate, impregnate, purify and perfume the stuffy political atmosphere in a section of the House of Assembly and to remove therefrom the old cobwebs of geriatric staleness associated with unproductive and funny antics which desecrate the House of Assembly. Clearly, the Opposition lacked the demonstrated capacity to sustain a debate pitched at so high a level by the Prime Minister. After all, does a thimble or even a tablespoon have the capacity to hold a tank or even a drum of water?




Duncan hoping for netball revival by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT THE ST. VINCENT AND THE Grenadines Netball Association (SVGNA) will be looking to spread the game among the grassroots, in an effort to revive the once popular sport, according to re-elected president of that body, Dellarice Duncan. Duncan was speaking to THE VINCENTIAN shortly after being returned to the top post, at the organisation’s AGM, held at the Thomas Saunders Secondary School last Saturday, February 8th, 2014. “We have to look at ways to get back the following that this sport once had…..we remember the days when a match between Maple and Joggers or Mitres had people coming in rain to back their team; that sadly is not the case now…and we have to find ways to regain that level of support,” the former national captain said. Duncan said that they would be able to begin the process by what she termed as “a rebranding of the netball product.” She said that things such as netball coaching caravans and the primary schools festival, which were held for the first time last year, will be among priorities to enhance and improve the programme. She explained that the primary schools festival is used to introduce the game to children between the ages of seven and eleven, through fun, and is geared primarily to get them to enjoy the sport while learning a few things. The standard of play between some of the top teams is said to be like a chasm in some cases, and Duncan, while admitting such, is confident that over time, that disparity will not be a factor.

Former president, Gloria Ballantyne, filling out her ballot at netball’s AGM.

Dellarice Duncan was returned as president of the SVGNA, and she has plans to return the sport to the level of national prominence that it once enjoyed.

Members of the SVGNA executive: (Standing L-R): Sec. Doris McIntosh, Treasurer Jacintha Ballantyne, Committee Member Pearlina Thomas, PRO Jennifer Richardson, Games Secretary Thelma Foster, Committee Member Gailene Gordon. (Sitting L-R): First VP Natasha Stapleton, President Dellarice Duncan, Second VP Sylvorn Harry.

Duncan will be hoping Second VP Sylvorn Harry, to implement plans and Secretary Doris McIntosh, programmes with the Treasurer Jacintha “The older players in those Ballantyne, PRO Jennifer teams will be exiting the scene new executive in First Vicepresident Natasha Stapleton, Richardson, Games Secretary just now, so the teams will not have to contend with Skiddy (Francis —Crick), Thelma (Foster) and myself for much longer…it is important for them though, to get good and committed players as part of their teams to do well,”, she said. WALFORD ‘WALLY’ Mc Kie, Meet, for which dates are yet Off court action and facilities Physical Education (PE) to be finalised, the PE teacher teacher at the West St. George pointed to the intermediate Duncan believes that, in Secondary School, is girls’ category as the school’s addition to on court action, the anticipating improved strongest. Association must embark on performance by his athletes, “Over the past two years, workshops for officials and during the 2014 track and the girls have been finishing administrators. She lamented field season. second to Thomas Saunders in the fact that when courses are “We have moved from a the 4x100 relay, with a few held, few clubs/teams send position of 13 and 14 to 7 and individual wins, but we are representatives. 8 over the five years I have hoping to do better this year,” Duncan has also identified been at the school, and I he said. the revision of the believe this is positive Apart from expecting good Association’s constitution as a progress,” Mc Kie told THE things from the team, he has very important part of the VINCENTIAN in a recent also singled out few athletes vehicle of renaissance. interview. who he feels will do well: Currently, the elections are “What would have worked Venice Lewis, who was the held every two years, and for us over the years was the School’s junior and suggestions have been made, mental aspect which has intermediate champ and was and about to be taken on strengthened our regular a close second last year in the board by the president, to programme, and the 100 meters girls intermediate move it to a four-year cycle, in conditioning sessions which to Shafiqua Maloney; and line with all international are also held off season,” Mc Onique Woods, middle and sporting bodies. The term Kie cited. long distance, and Jonel limit of executive members, Mc Kie was also quick to John, 200 and 400 mnteres, in which is set as two consecutive comment that he has observed the intermediate boys’ terms, will also be looked at, improvement in the academic category. according to Duncan. performances and general And while the school is still attitude of those students who without a developed playing She is hoping that there are actively involved in track field of its own, the athletes will be at least one covered and field, and sports travel regularly to the Arnos facility with a conducive generally. Vale Playing Field for training surface, which is now part of Looking ahead to the 2014 sessions, albeit at the the modern game. Inter-Schools Track and Field personal expense of their PE “No longer are teams playing netball on concrete surfaces and having to run from rain….we have to look at possibly getting the court at the Kingstown Netball Centre covered and upgraded if we are to attract international teams to our shores….but I know that will be a big ask right now in these times,” she Athletes of the West St. George Secondary School in training said with a little chuckle. Field.

Thelma Foster, and Committee Members, Pearlina Thomas and Gailene Gordon. Harry and Richardson are the two newcomers to the executive.

Mc Kie anticipates improvement

Walford ‘Wally’ Mc Kie, is anticipating that the work put in with his athletes would result in improved performances. teacher. As far track and field in SVG is concerned, Mc Kie, himself a former national athlete, believes there has been some improvement over the last two years, and cites the return and involvement of renowned track and field coach, Michael Ollivierre, as one contributing factor to this upward movement. “There is a renewed positive attitude to training and this can only hold well for the future,” Mc Kie opined. I.B.A.ALLEN

at the Arnos Vale Playing




Police brings P20 to local cricket

Police ONE in pre-match photo.

dismissed for 85 in 32.5 overs. Hooper was the top bowler The lawmen showed a bit of fight in the second Team name: Police ONE. Players: 11. Team Total: 20 once again, with figures of 4innings, with Parnel Browne hitting two sixes in his runs. Batsmen failing to get off the mark in the match: 19 and a match haul of 8/24 topscore of 29, and Calliston Cottoy (15), who was 10. Batsmen making a pair in the match: 3. as his team wrapped up run out in both innings, putting together 34 for the These were some of the stats of the P20 (Police victory just after 3pm. third wicket. But it all fell into the foxhole as the 20) conjured up by the lawmen in their first innings Earlier, Team Rivals, led lawmen went from 68/4 to 74/9 before being against joint defending champions Team Rivals, as by Harley Skerritt, 70, and action got going in the 2014 National Cricket season Roneil at Arnos Vale TWO. Asif Hooper - chief Jeffrey,43, The total is among the lowest team score in local wrecker with match declared at figures of 8-24. cricket. 212/8 in 43.3 They went on to lose the match by an innings and overs in 107 runs after only reaching 85 in their second ideal batting conditions. Browne innings, when faced with a deficit of 192 runs. finished with 3/30. SCORES: Team Rivals 212/8, Police ONE 20 & Competition continues this 85. weekend with action in the With T20 and the Soca Artiste DJ20 getting Premier Division featuring: Joint seasonal attention, Vincentians are expected to go champions Victors ONE meeting with gay abandon as they merge sports, The News Spartans at the main entertainment and law enforcement for the ‘Hottest Arnos Vale Playing Field; Summer Festival’ in a few months’ time, in memory Guardian General Saints versus of last weekend’s display by members of the LIME Radcliffe at Arnos Vale constabulary. TWO; and Police TWO taking on But Commissioner of Police Michael Charles, Carl Joseph Law Chambers ASCO Deputy Hadaway and Assistants Lenford Sampson, at Stubbs. a former national pacer, and Frankie Joseph may all All games commence at 1:00pm be chanting, ‘after doing so bad feed dem stinging Saturdays and 10:00am on nettle fuh dem to sho some mettle’. Sundays. Police ONE batsman Gosnel Cupid (16) drives through the offside. by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT

Showing some fight, but….

A dismal display

“We really did not apply ourselves in this match…..we just cannot make any excuses for such a poor batting performance on this pitch,” confessed Police ONE captain, Vertel Davis, as he stood leaning on his car, gazing in disbelief at the empty playing field where his side had, minutes before, acted as deserters instead of battening down the hatches. Davis, who won the toss and inserted the opposition, cut a forlorn picture from the grinning individual who told Team Rivals captain “You all will bat,” upon winning the toss. Their troubles, however, did not manifest themselves until just before the close of play when they were asked to bat for half an hour, a period in which they lost four wickets without a run on the board, to end the day at five wickets for four runs. On day two, the ‘Carnage at Arnos Vale TWO’ continued, with the lawmen running into a murderous fusillade from the relentless Team Rivals marksmen, and quickly ‘gave up the ghost’, to fall for 20 in 13 overs. Left arm seamer Deighton Butler took 4/10 and left-arm spinner Asif Hooper 4/5, as six batmen failed to trouble the scorers, including the opening pair, Marcus John and Peter Morris, and middle order batsman Gerald Gould, who all got a pair. Despite coming nine days before the 75th anniversary of the 1929 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago, the clinical action and execution by Team Rivals could be used as a sporting re-enactment of that episode of three quarters of a century ago.

James in Windwards 4-day squad AFTER MISSING out on selection to the Windward Islands squad for the Nagico Super50 West Indies cricket tournament currently in progress in in Trinidad and Tobago, Vincentian wicketkeeper/batsman Lindon James has been included in the Windwards squad for the Mervin Mathew Garey Mathurin – Nelon Pascal Regional 4-day Lindon James has makes a return his omission may should add some tournament. been recalled to after being have surprised experience to the Also included is assume absent for a few some pundits in fast bowling Grenadian fast responsibility seasons. the sub-region. department. bowler Nelon behind the stumps. Pascal who was The squad, which Pascal. not a member of the 50 over side. opens its campaign against Windwards , eliminated at the Pascal will be joined in that defending champions Barbados in preliminary round of this year’s department by Mervin Mathew St Lucia on February 28th ,in a Super 50 after going into the who makes a return to the 4-day day/night encounter, reads, tournament as defending squad after a leave of absence for Liam Sebastein (captain), Andre champions, and, according to personal reasons. Fletcher, Devon Smith, Johnson team officials, determined to Notable omission is St. Lucian Charles, Keddy Lesporis, improve upon their semi-final left-arm orthodox spinner Garey Thyrone Theophile, Dalton place in last year’s 4-day Mathurin, while Vincentians will Polius, Lindon James, Delorn tournament. be pleased with the inclusion of Johnson, Kenroy Peters, Mervin their own, Alston Bobb, also a Mathew, Alston Bobb and Nelon I.B.A.ALLEN left-arm orthodox spinner..




Johnson sets eyes on long run in Windies colours by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT

Sports awards TOMORROW Saturday, February 15, the National Sports Council will honour those who have stood out last year. Its return to the calendar after a year’s absence is evidence that sports are not a weather beaten trail. It is easy to become despondent and follow the wide road and say the easiest thing: ‘Sports gone to the dogs.’ The Sports award was revived in 1999, and proceeded annually until the one-year break. There have been queries about its format. There will always be. The National Sports Council came up with the decision to leave the judging up to a group of journalists who are in the trenches of sport reporting. Their decision ought to reflect some accuracy as to what transpired. What has been obvious is the scarcity of senior male athletes. That leaves one to question if the scourge of male marginalisation has hit its lowest. That will be so demoralising if such a trend were to take root. Never in the history of humanity has there been such avenues for sporting personnel to make a career in sports. The staging of the Sports awards comes at a sad time. It is always sad to face the reality of death. Fitz Allan Bramble, otherwise known as ‘Wizzy’ or ‘Little Terror’, was buried last week Thursday. His passing raises a spectre that has become familiar. A number of Vincentian youngsters continue to fall victims to gun violence. One may say that death is a part of life, and that life balances itself. In other circumstances, Wizzy could have been a nominee for the Sports Award. He represented the nation at the Under 17 level. He had all right, for when it comes to sports, he came from high pedigree. His father was a stalwart for the national Football team. He made his contribution for an extended time and still has the capacity to make his mark in another dimension. He can share his experience with the younger generation. ‘Wizzy’ was multitalented, so much so that he might have been a little too far ahead of his time. His input into the cultural landscape is without question. As a youngster, he teamed up with me in a recording named ‘Sixty minutes’. That was a title given so as not to make the hook line ‘One more hour’ so blatant. I was moved by ‘Little Terror’s’ ability to produce spontaneous lyrics. He displayed a type of discipline which underlined his capacity to hold his own in the entertainment industry. Terror entered the studio without rehearsal and was given a track on which he proceeded in free style. Recording Engineer and Studio owner Junior Sutherland mixed Terror’s version along with one by Nettle Ranking in the production. That was 2001. Up to today, Terror’s lyrics are as relevant as when they were first uttered. There is a timelessness about his creativity. It is ironic that he is a victim of crime. His passing has left a sense of bitterness in the community to which he had become attached. That feeling of hollowness pervades, for the citizens are incensed that this type of execution can go on with apparent impunity. Police are investigating the circumstances of ‘Terror’s’ death. How soon will the ‘Terror’ episode come off the investigation list will be seen. Instances of the ‘Terror’ type are prevalent. If ‘Terror’s’ name is removed from the list of mysteries, it will signal that the security of all citizens is given priority. Until then I could only say thanks Terror for the lyrics you filled up my song with.

WINDWARD ISLANDS left arm pacer, Delorn Johnson, is disappointed with his team’s early exit from the NAGICO Super50 now taking place in Trinidad, but was satisfied, for the most part, with his own performance. The Windwards, who went into the tournament as the defending champions, were eliminated in the preliminary stages of the competition after suffering defeats at the hands of Jamaica, Guyana and Ireland, the other three teams in their group. Johnson who, according to commentators, had shown marked improvement from his Michael Ollivierre, Track and Delorn Johnson recent outings at both the sub-regional and Field Coach, is working with recognizes his weak areas regional levels, was rated as his team’s best Johnson to improve his and is prepared to work on bowler, despite not collecting many wickets. fitness level. overcoming them. “Yes, anyone would be disappointed with the results that we had…..and they are The Vincentian results which if we had played with a little more pacer said, in understanding of the situation could have seen us addition to his giving ourselves a chance of repeating last year’s bowling, he is success,” he told THE VINCENTIAN shortly after working on his returning home from the tournament. fitness, which he “We were in positions to win those matches, but we just fell away from those good positions……and thinks has not been one thing I noticed is that as the tournament went at the level he wants on, our batting went down and the bowling it to be, and he has improved, and this is where we lost those matches enlisted the help of mainly……the batting,” he said. one of the country’s best track and field Working on weak areas coaches, Michael Johnson said, for his part, there are still a few ‘Mercy” Ollivierre, to Delorn Johnson is always on the lookout for advice from small areas which he has to work on to bring his work with him. former players, selectors bowling to a quality with which he would be happy. “I was getting and officials. “I still find I am giving away too many runs in tired too quickly, the closing overs I have to improve my ‘death and I had put on bowling’ by getting the Yorkers right and putting some size around my middle area, and he is working the balls in the right areas…in addition, I need to with me to get a fitter body and deal with bowling develop more variation to confuse the batsman and long spells,” he said. not be too predictable,” he said. Johnson said his ambition is to play for the West The 25-year-old former West Indies A team pacer Indies senior squad in all formats and to be a said he is also hoping to work on some advice given permanent fixture in the team. to him by Ian Bishop, a former West Indies “I don’t want to play one or two one day matches speedster who is now a commentator and analyst. and that is it….I want to get in the team and to “He told me that I need to make some adjustments to the way my front leg is positioned at play for a long time….I want to be the longest test the point of delivery, as it is landing a bit too wide,” player from St. Vincent,” he said in a soft but serious voice. he said of his conversation with the Trinidadian Johnson, if selected to the West Indies senior paceman. team will follow in the footsteps of Alphonso According to Johnson, he was told that, once he makes that adjustment, he “can add between half a ‘Alphie” Roberts (two tests), Ian Allen (two tests), Mike Findlay (10 tests) Cameron Cuffy (15 tests 58 yard and a yard of pace.” ODIs), Nixon McClean (19 tests, 45 ODIs), Winston Davis (15 tests 35 ODIs) and Deighton Butler (five Eyes on the future ODIs).

Rugby taking root The SVG Rugby Union celebrated the end of the first week of its Grassroot programme with a day of rugby and fun, at the Arnos Vale Playing Field, two weekends ago. Some 60 plus Grade 2 and 3 students from eight primary schools participated in the day’s activities, under the direction of members of the SVG National Senior Males, Senior Females and the Under 19’s rugby teams. Youth Development Officer of the Rugby Union, Valarie Pelletier, described the day as “an excellent start to the programme,” and expressed how “excited for the following weeks we will be as we slowly introduce the concept of

tag rugby to the children.” Beaming with satisfaction, she said, “I can’t wait to see them play a friendly competition at the end of the programme, and for us to recruit new schools in September.” Since the programme began on Monday 27th January, it has reached over 300 primary school students. The programme will continue in all 8 participating schools until May 31st, and will close with a grand finale featuring an inter school tag competition.

Cecil Mc Kie (centre), Minister of Sport, has given his support to the Rugby Union’s Grassroot programme. He is pictured here with IRB Educator Jack Hanratty (left) and President of SVG Rugby Union Sophie Goddard. I.B.A.ALLEN


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Another man charged in Insurance Co. robbery ANOTHER young man has been charged in connection with the St. Hill Insurance Company robbery. Kwasie Ryan, a 24year-old tattoo artist of Paul’s Avenue, who up to press time last week was assisting police with their investigation into the robbery, has since been charged with: being armed with a gun robbed Raymond Durrant of Ratho Mill of one (1) green St. Hill Insurance Company Limited bag, containing a sum of cash and cheques, property of St. Hill Insurance Company Limited, and one (1) 9mm pistol and four (4) rounds 9mm ammunition; had in his possession a firearm without a licence issued under the Firearms Act; had in his possession two (2) rounds of ammunition, without a licence issued under the Firearms Act; used a firearm with intent to commit an offence, “Robbery”; unlawfully discharged a firearm at Raymond Durrant; and had in his possession a firearm with intent to endanger the life of Raymond Durrant, at Grenville Street, Kingstown on 30.01.14, the date of the robbery. Last week, Jariel Belle, a 26-year-old unemployed man of Paul’s Avenue, was also charged in relation to the same robbery.

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FEBRUARY 14, 2014

VOLUME 108, No.07

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‘GOLD TEETH’ APPEALS PENALTY accordance with section 32 chapter 30 of the Laws of St. POLICE INSPECTOR Calvin ‘Gold Vincent and the Grenadines Teeth’ Glasgow, represented by revised edition 2009. lawyers Kay Bacchus-Browne, One of the main grounds of Nicole Sylvester and Grant appeal is that “there is no Connell, has appealed the $200 discretion in the Chief fine Chief Magistrate Sonya Magistrate as to the fine to be Young imposed on him forthwith, imposed in the circumstances January 22, for contempt of of this particular case, and in court. light of the factual matrix, the Glasgow is asking for a punishment is excessive, and remission and/or repayment of that he was not guilty of any what he was ordered to pay alleged misconduct in light of the court. the peculiar set of Bacchus-Browne confirmed circumstances.” to THE VINCENTIAN that In a sworn affidavit filed on the appeal was filed to the Monday, Glasgow stated, “I High Court on Monday, in wish to state on this record, By HAYDN HUGGINS

my sincerest apologies to the Hon. Chief Magistrate for all that transpired on the 22nd January, 2014, that has culminated in these proceedings. At no time did I intend to disrespect the Honourable Chief Magistrate or to bring the court into disrepute.” On January 22, the Chief Magistrate was presiding over traffic matters at the Serious Offences Court building, when a defendant appeared before her in a case in which Inspector Glasgow was the arresting officer. Glasgow entered the witness stand

when the Magistrate was speaking to the defendant. She told Glasgow that she was not ready for him and asked him to step out. Glasgow ‘sucked his teeth’ while leaving the dock. When Young inquired of him if he sucked his teeth, he replied in the affirmative. As a result, he was held in contempt of court

Metrocint connection brings relief RELIEF AID has come to the recent flood victims of St. Vincent. This time, it’s from MetroLife Agency Inc., the General Agency of Pan American Life Insurance Group (PALIG) in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, , acting on behalf of the staff and executive management of Pan American Life Insurance Group Trinidad Ltd. On Tuesday 11th February 2014, CEO and General Agent of MetroLife Agency Inc., Ms. Desiree Richards, and Administrative Staff, Mrs. Rachelle Roberts-George, handed over a quantity of supplies to the Director of National Emergency Management Organisation, Mr. Howie Prince. The total cost of the items, which included food supplies, toiletries, clothing and stationery items, amounted to $20,000.00. This gesture, by The Trinidad group, was initiated by Mrs. Charmaine CedenoAlleyne, with full support from Managing Director, Mr. Miguel Sierra, Nicole Curden and other staff members of Pan American Life Insurance

From left: CEO and General Agent of MetroLife Agency Inc. Ms. Desiree Richards and Administrative Staff, Mrs. Rachelle Roberts-George, hand over supplies to Howie Prince, NEMO Directror. Group (PALIG), and facilitated by the General Agency, MetroLife Agency Inc. In handing over the relief aid to Mr. Prince, Ms. Richards expressed that it was a privilege for her office to assist its colleagues in Trinidad in their noble act of charity of bringing some relief to the flood victims of St. Vincent. On accepting the supplies,

The staff of Pan American Life Insurance Group Trinidad Ltd. that raised assistance for flood victim here: (From left back row): Beryl Providence, SherryAnn Lopez, Melissa Nakhid, Rachiel George. (From left front row): Petal Clarke, Charmaine CedenoAlleyne, Reneece Francis, Nicole Curden.

NEMO’s Director expressed gratitude to the management and staff of Pan American Life Insurance Group (PALIG) for their thoughtfulness and proactivity in collecting the much needed items for the victims . “This sort of assistance is going to be extremely useful,” Prince indicated, and confirmed that there was a need for ongoing assistance, as there are still 140 persons at shelters throughout the

Published by The VINCENTIAN Publishing Co. Ltd, St. Vincent and the Grenadines;

island, as well as three hundred families receiving supplies on a weekly basis. MetroLife Agency Inc’s partnership with Pan American Life Insurance Group (PALIG) has existed since its expansion into the Caribbean region. MetroLife Agency Inc is located in the Metrocint building in Kingstown, and offers a wide array of life insurance, health and personal accident products.

Police Inspector Calvin ‘Gold Teeth’ Glasgow has apologised for his action, but is pursuing an appeal of his fine. Kay Bacchus-Browne is one of three leading lawyers in Inspector Glasgow’s corner. and fined $200 forthwith. Commissioner of Police Michael Charles had told THE VINCENTIAN, when contacted January 25, that the contempt of court matter involving Glasgow was “very serious”, and assured that “the necessary reports will be forwarded to the Police Service Commission.” When contacted last Tuesday, the Commissioner said, “The matter is still under investigation.” Speaking with THE VINCENTIAN February 3, chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC), Cecil ‘Blazer’ Williams, had confirmed that, to date, no report was sent to the PSC by the relevant authority. He explained, that, “we would look at whatever reports are submitted and decide upon what action, if any, we should take.” Williams confirmed on Wednesday that, to date, the PSC received no report on the matter. The Police Service Commission deals with issues of a disciplinary nature from the rank of Station Sergeant to Commissioner. The reports are usually received through the Ministry of National Security. Glasgow, who had a long and distinguished service as an officer assigned to the Traffic Department, was transferred from that Department to the Georgetown Police Station, from July last year.

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