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JANUARY 10, 2014

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‘’He (Hector) asked a guy to open a beer for him,” and he appeared to be AS POLICE CONTINUE their “under the influence.” investigations into the circumstances The next time the resident saw surrounding the death of Rudolph Hector was early Monday in a pool Hector, a 54-year-old mechanic of of blood. He is of the view that Fountain/Brighton, the relatives of the Hector might have fallen and hit his deceased believe that he was killed. head and other parts of the body. The body of Hector was His sentiment is also shared by discovered on the public road, some villagers in the community. opposite Huffles Ranch, in Brighton, on Monday, with injuries to the face Family believes he was killed and chest, according to a police report. But family members do not share A Brighton resident told THE the same notion. VINCENTIAN that he last saw the Cornelius David, one of Hector’s deceased on Sunday night at a younger brothers, was the first Karaoke session at Huffles Ranch. family member to view the body. He by KENVILLE HORNE

described as horrific the scene where his brother was found. “He was face down, with blood coming from his head. His shoe was one way, his key was one way, and he one way,” said Cornelius, adding further, “when I watch his chest, I know something run over him, because his chest was very flat.” The deceased was described as a capable mechanic who plied his trade where he was called to, “but there was a man in Brighton who he normally works with,” disclosed Cornelius. According to the brother, “that man told me that he believed Hector was coming at his workplace for tea

Hector’s family, including (L-R) his nephew Rashon Joseph, his youngest sister Cecelia David, brother Stanley David and father Larson David, are still trying to come to grips with his death.

Cornelius Hector, another brother, was the first family member to view the body.


Rudolph Hector was a mechanic. Above: The area in Brighton, outside Ruffles Ranch, where Hector’s lifeless body was found. when he was hit and killed by a vehicle, because it is early morning he does come.” What is even more convincing for Cornelius is that he could recall a police officer telling him his brother’s spine was broken. Stanley David, another of younger brothers, who works as a sailor on a cruise line and was here for the Christmas vacation, expressed sadness at the death of his brother. He said he was at home when Cornelius called him and told him he had some sad news. He bemoaned the way in which his brother’s body was found. “The man dead like a dog”. According to Stanley, “I was told by a police officer at the scene that it was a hit and run. The condition the man was in, there is no way he could fall down and dead. The doctor say the man chest mash up,” Stanley told THE VINCENTIAN. He remembers his brother as “a nice dressing guy,” but admitted that he fell into a mode of not taking care of himself. Stanley, however, described his relationship with his brother as a good one, even though Hector was not the easiest person to get along with all the time. “He was a very good body work man and a brother” said the distressed Stanley. Continued on Page 3.




News 3

Vincentian heads T&T Securities and Exchange Commission ANOTHER VINCENTIAN has been rewarded for his achievements in the financial fields. Mr Wainwright Iton, son of Mr Clement Iton and Mrs Millicent Iton of New Montrose, Kingstown, has been appointed the new Chief Executive Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (TTSEC). He was previously the CEO of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange since December 2007. His appointment has come just after another Vincentian, Mr Errol Allen, was awarded the Knight

Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (a knighthood) in the New Year’s honours announced by Queen Elizabeth, Head of the Commonwealth. Mr Iton has had a distinguished career in financial services. Before becoming CEO of the TTSE, he was in the field of private consultancy, providing guidance on corporate financial matters with emphasis on structuring International Public Offerings (IPOs). Previous to that, he headed the

Weather system eases AS THOUGH STRUCK by a trail of bad luck, Vincentians braced themselves from Monday this week for the passage of another weather system. The system was forecast to bring general instability and increased moisture levels, resulting in moderate to heavy showers. Fortunately, Tuesday and Wednesday, up to press time, passed with few showers but nothing near the extent of the torrents of that which produced ravaging floods on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Schools, which were due to open on Monday after the Christmas break, remained closed for the week. Some of the schools which are being used as emergency

shelters, are still without pipe-borne water. And even as most of the roadways have been cleared, there is need for serious refurbishment to, if not new construction of some twentyeight bridges that were severely damaged or totally destroyed by the ravaging raving waters. This is in addition to repairs to farm roads, and replacement and installation of river defences. During a press conference last Monday, January 6, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said, “I need to know everything. That is the way in which we address the humanitarian challenge,” as he lamented the slow rate at

U N - H E A D L I N E D

Jamaica Stock Exchange from 1987 to 2004, and was credited with leading its transformation and modernisation. He was also a project manager and corporate planning analyst at the giant Grace Kennedy corporation in Jamaica. “Wain”, as he is affectionately known, is the twin brother of Dr William Iton, Registrar and Head of Administration at UWI, St Augustine, while older brother Andre, also with a distinguished career in economics and financing, recently completed a stint as Chief Executive Officer of the SVG National Commercial Bank.

Wainright Iton

Was Hector Killed? Continued from Frontpage.

Dealing with the death

Insurance companies offering vehicle coverage also felt it in the seams of their pockets. which projects are implemented, pointing to the situation of projects for disaster relief operation caused three years ago by hurricane Tomas, remaining incomplete.


Woman caught sneaking into U.S. in suitcase CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION officers foiled a smuggling attempt at the U.S.-Mexico border when they discovered a woman contorted and hidden inside a suitcase. Officials released a photo this week showing the woman tucked into a ball and lying inside the luggage in the back of a vehicle. The woman, a Thai national named Pornkamol Mongkolsermsak, was charged with re-entry after deportation, CBP spokesman Victor Brabble said. She was discovered on December 30, Agents on the Arizona border foiled the when inspectors at the border referred the attempted smuggling of a woman hidden inside driver of a Honda SUV for a secondary a suitcase on December 30, 2013. inspection, CBP said in a statement. When officers inspected the vehicle, 56-year-old Phoenix man who was driving the they opened up the suitcase and found the 48SUV. year-old woman hidden underneath some The case has been turned over to clothing. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, CBP Authorities did not release the name of the said. (CNN)

THE VINCENTIAN also spoke to the deceased’s father and one of his sons. Hector was a father of four, including one son who is employed in the British Navy. His closest, Keronie Dowers, who resides in Diamond, said he feels “shock and disappointed” that his father is gone. He last saw his father on Saturday, two days before his demise. Keronie first received indication of his father’s death via a querying text message, but was doubtful. “Someone send me a text, asking if my father die. I suck my teeth and said no me na hear,” said Keronie. While waiting for a van in Calder, someone informed him that his father was indeed dead, but he was only convinced when his uncle Cornelius, conveyed the terrible news. “He was close to me and he would tell me anything that happen to him. He does tell me who does short pay him, who rob him,” said Dowers. He admitted that his father was an alcoholic, but ruled out that alcohol contributed to his death. According to Dowers “ he don’t drunk and walk around the place like a mad man; wherever he get drunk, is there he does stay.” Hector’s death was also a hard pill to swallow for Larson’s David, his father. “Me feel it, ah feel it,” said David with teary eyes. David who resides in Fountain said that his son attended the Belair Government School, since the Fountain Primary School was burned down. The elder man said his son once worked as a mechanic with Metrocint General Insurance, and also went to train in the field of welding in Italy, with his brother Cornelius. Following his return, Hector worked at different locations, and eventually moved to live in Brighton. “Me na know if he in a society, me na know, me five children and is the first child fo me way dead”, said the grieving father. Hector’s autopsy, performed on Wednesday, revealed that he died from ‘Crash injuries to Chest and Abdomen, and bleeding due to multiple injuries.’ THE VINCENTIAN has been reliably informed that ‘Crash injuries to Chest and Abdomen’, indicates that something heavy would have pressed on the body. This suggests that the Hector family might be right in their assumption that a vehicle might have contributed to his death. As police investigations continue, Rudolph Hector’s family is appealing to persons with information to come forward to the police.




Damage assessment done at the MCMH OFFICIALS OF THE REGIONAL Health Response Team have estimated the cost of damage at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, as a consequence of the passage of the trough on December 24 and 25, 2013, to be approximately US$314, 210.85. This is according to information released by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment earlier this week. According to the release, the assessment was conducted between December 29, 2013, and January 2, 2014, by the relevant staff of the Ministry and representatives of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). The assessment team outlined that the Administrative Block suffered damage to records, electrical systems and furniture. Maternity A received damage to electrical beds, outlets, transformers, furniture, as well as the power supply to the

cardiotocography (CTG) which is used to manage contractions during labour and delivery. Patients’ records prior to 2012 were also damaged by water, while the transformer and refrigerator in the lecture room were both damaged. Meanwhile, the Male Medical Ward and corridors were completely washed out, resulting in loss of equipment and supplies that were housed at those locations. Additionally, the CT scan machine at the Physiotherapy Unit, which received 12-15 inches of water, is currently being assessed to determine the extent of the damage. The oxygen plant has also been severely affected and is currently not operational owing to damage to the compressor. (Contributed)

An idea of the water onslaught through the Paediatric Ward at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (Photo Credit: Jerry George) The Moringa plant under propogation at the Richmond Vale Academy.

Look out for the Moringa trees by KENVILLE HORNE

Health woes for Mayreau

The clinic and nurse’s residence in Mayreau showing damage to roof.

DESPITE HAVING COLLECTED 100 signatures from adults on Mayreau to petition the Minister of Health for a resident nurse since March 2013, nothing has happened. Since January this year when the resident Registered Nurse went for training as a midwife, no- one has replaced her. Early in December, a woman gave birth in a speedboat taking her to Union Island for professional care. Fortunately the baby girl survived and is alive and healthy. If there was a resident midwife, a situation like this could have been averted and risks associated with child birth minimised. One person died owing to the absence of a professional health care worker. This prompted the petition mentioned earlier. Another incident involved a wound that was too serious for first aid only. The victim had to travel by speedboat for advanced medical care in Union Island. Residents claim that a nurse from Union visits the small Grenadine Island on Mondays, while the district doctor visits Mayreau once per month, usually on the first Monday. Diabetics are at a disadvantage, as well as persons with heart problems. The feeling of despair is understandable, as the condition of the clinic that should also house the resident nurse has cracked walls and a damaged roof. With those conditions, no nurse would feel secure. It is hoped that this matter is addressed soon.

ON THE 25TH OCTOBER 2013, THE VINCENTIAN newspaper published a story entitled ‘A Moringa drive is on’. The story focused on the Richmond Vale Academy’s (RVA) plan to distribute some 10,000 Moringa trees, a tree said to possess substantial health benefits, to 20 different communities across the country. And though the nursery at the Richmond Vale Academy sustained heavy damage during the recent rains and floods, Kata Lovassy, team leader for the Climate Compliance Programme under which the Moringa project is managed, assured THE VINCENTIAN that there is enough of the tress to allow for a continuation of the distribution programme. In fact, Academy personnel will take to the road on Monday 13th January to distribute plants in Sandy Bay and Georgetown. The exercise will continue on Tuesday 14 in Mesopotamia, Calliaqua, Arnos Vale and Sion Hill. On Wednesday, it will be the turn of residents of Edinboro, Rose Place, Campden Park, Clare Valley and Vermont. Buccament, Layou, Barrouallie and Keartons will be served on Thursday 16, and this phase of the distribution will conclude on Friday 17 in Coulls Hill, Rose Hall, Rose Bank, Petit Bordel, Chareaubelair and Fitz Hughes. The Moringa plant is purported to have had some degree of positive effect in the treatment of some cancers, ulcers, arthritis and common influenza.

A field of mature Moringa trees.




Selling Caribbean citizenship raises concern

CONCERN has surfaced among governments in North America and Europe about citizenship for investment schemes, especially as it concerns to whom passports are issued. Citizenship by Investment Programmes schemes are available across the globe. Under the programmes, passports are provided in return for payments or investments of between US$0.1m and US$1m and in many cases are not conditioned on the basis of residence. Among those who have sought to exploit the programmes are newly wealthy Chinese entrepreneurs whose interest in holding alternative citizenship is motivated by the desire for

personal freedom, among other reasons. Also exploiting this opportunity for alternate citizenship are wealthy Russians, wealthy citizens from the Middle East, the former Soviet Republics and Africa, and US entrepreneurs who want to escape the US’s ever widening tax net. The problem is that such programmes, where they have existed for some time, the nature of the due diligence undertaken in granting citizenship, and in some cases those who are appointed to sell such schemes globally, have become controversial. In the Caribbean, the potential for raising revenue under such programmes has become particularly attractive not

least by smaller heavily indebted nations. Grenada is set to become the latest Caribbean Government to announce a Citizenship by Investment Programme, as one of a number of measures aimed at bring some order to that country’s fiscal situation. In his 2014 budget address, expected early in 2014, that country’s Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell, is expected to announce that he will bring before parliament in early 2014 a new Citizenship by investment programme tailored to Grenada’s needs, which he purports, will take great care to attract clean and credible investors. This programme, Dr. Mitchel is expected to

Sparrow, Rihanna among top ÂCaribbean PeopleÊ THE MIGHTY SPARROW, still on the recovery path since his hospitalization after

Rihanna continues to turn heads and dominate international music charts.

Tessanne Chin wooed the USA and the world with an effortless movement through a range of music genres on ‘The Voice’.

fallling into a coma in the latter part of 2013, is among a list of the top ten ‘Caribbean People of the Year’ compiled by the Brooklyn-based weekly newspaper, ‘Caribbean People’. The list, carried in the newspaper’s edition of January 3 — 9, 2014, includes the Mighty Sparrow in a list that also features Barbadian pop-singing superstar Rihanna; winner of The Voice Reality Show, Jamaican Tessanne Chin and the world’s fastest man, Jamaican Usain Bolt. The publication describes the Mighty Sparrow, real name Slinger Francisco, as “one of the greatest entertainers of all times”, and as the undisputed “Calypso King of the World.” Rihanna, real name Robyn Rihanna Fenty, is considered by the ‘Caribbean People’, to be “the most dynamic and leading influential female entertainer throughout 2013.” The Grammy Award winner was also recognised for “consistently reinventing her style and image, most notably since her third album, ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’.” The popular publication noted that Chin “is a reggae fusion recording artist, best

The Mighty Sparrow has been at his craft (calypso) for near six decades. known for winning Season 5 of the American singing competition, ‘The Voice’. In recognising Usain Bolt, the paper said his achievements in sprinting have “earned him the media nickname, Lightning Bolt.” The weekly, owned by Trinidadian businessman Howard Hughes, also named late South African President Nelson Mandela, US civil rights activist the Rev Al Sharpton, Trinidadian soca artiste Bunji Garlin, sociologist David Muhammad, businessman Conrad Ifill, and Howard University acting president Dr Wayne Fredrick among the top 10 “Caribbean People of the Year”. (Source: CMC)

European and North American governments have expressed concern about Citizenship by Investment Programmes in the Caribbean and elsewhere.

advance, will raise an estimated US$10m (EC$27m) in 2014. Antigua has a similar scheme, as do Dominica and St Kitts-Nevis which offer investment variations on citizenship, without a residency requirement. British overseas territories, e.g. Montserrat, on the other hand, have been told by London they may only consider programmes for residence as long as there is no guarantee of citizenship. In contrast, St Vincent and the Grenadines is on record as saying that it will not follow other OECS nations. In August 2013, St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Prime Minister, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, said, “I know

what the downsides are, and I insist that the highest office in the land is that of citizen, and it is not for sale…. the passport is the outward sign of the inward grace of citizenship and it is not for sale either.” Mr Gonsalves said that instead, he preferred to see citizenship garmented to those who “come in and they invest and later on” [become citizens]. Citizenship programs are extraterritorial in their effect, and as such therefore, the offer of an OECS passport potentially provides any new citizen with the ability to move freely within the region and in some cases beyond, to the Schengen area, (i.e. 26 European countries that have abolished passport and immigration controls at their common

Dr. Keith Mitchell. Prime Minister of Grenada, is expected to introduce a new Citizenship by Investment Programme for his country. borders) or to other parts of the world that do not as yet require visas from citizens of certain Caribbean nations. This has created unease within some CARICOM countries who have suggested that there is a need to examine the implications in relation to free movement and national security. It is clear now that traditional partners are watching closely the development of such programmes. (Source: David Jessop – News Americas)




$45m for relocation of houses Stories by: WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY

ABOUT THREE HUNDRED of the 495 houses damaged during the December 25, 2013 floods will have to be relocated’ and lands will have to be identified for that purpose. This was disclosed by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves during a press conference here last Monday, and he also expressed the likelihood of some encumbrance if persons were not willing to be relocated. The Prime Minister put the replacement cost of each of those buildings at $120,000, and with infrastructure plus the cost of lands, reported that it will take approximately $45M to complete the relocation.

Householders will face no prison term for One of the near 500 houses that were Already, some $4.5M worth destroyed across the country. reneging on repayments for household of building material has been items damaged or washed away by the rains have been contended that this will have ordered from the Jamaican and floods. assured that firm Tankweld, and a further to be managed “properly.” they will face no court battles. programme, including meeting $5M has been ordered from In fact, even if they are drawn with construction companies, No prison term local companies. and business and finance before the court, Dr. The East Caribbean houses. One such meeting Householders who lost Gonsalves has promised that Metals/Plastics Industries Ltd was held with Derry Williams, fridges and stoves during the “no person will serve prison.” has been approached for a CEO of the Bank of St. disaster will have their items He will invoke his powers as supply of galvanise. Browne’s Vincent and the Grenadines, replaced, the Prime Minister Chairman of the Mercy Hardware will provide credit and construction Companies. guaranteed. Committee to ensure that no facilities for galvanise and “I want to match monies Mattresses have become one is punished as a other building material. with companies,” he outlined. items of need, and the Prime consequence of the disaster. The Vincentian leader Letters have also been sent Minister is ensuring that they Dr. Gonsalves highlighted pointed to other business to a number of countries as are provided as quickly as measures taken to source houses whom he has well as development agencies. possible. assistance for the recovery approached for material. Persons who Arrangements have been are worried made for credit on the about supplies. According to Dr. repayments for Gonsalves, “significant household material” is being mobilised. items that Dr. Gonsalves outlined the immediate need for “a certain vanished in the floods, volume” (of material), and

PM: “This is not normal times”

Many householders are still counting their losses.

Damage to roads and bridges was widespread and will necessitate a massive rehabilitation programme. (Photo: Don de Riggs)

ST.VINCENT AND the Grenadines’ Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has reminded the nation of the disaster to which this country is responding. He did so at Cabinet Room last Monday, January 6, flanked by: Ministers of Government Nigel Stephenson (Social Development), Saboto Caesar (Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries), and Camillo Gonsalves (Foreign Affairs); Dr. Simone Keizer/Beache Chief Medical Officer; Elsworth John from the Regional Diaspora Unit; National Security Advisor Sir Vincent Beache; and Howie Prince, Director of the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO). The Vincentian Prime Minister acknowledged

that there was a “humanitarian challenge” facing the state; but he does not want that situation to grow into a “humanitarian disaster.” He pointed to disruption caused by damaged roads and bridges. The loss of productivity was outlined. Business enterprises were destroyed and crops were washed away. The Vincentian leader was encouraged by the response by civil servants and volunteers, countries from the CARICON fraternity and the International. Persons in the TriState area of New York came in for special recognition for their relief drive, and the Prime Minister thanked workers for their

Crops, not least the banana crop, took a beating again. (Photo: Don de Riggs) “extraordinary” effort. “This is not normal times,” he stressed, and pointing to the need to “make adjustments,” he urged that, “people have to change their ideas and operate in different ways.” Engineers. and technical personnel in Forestry, Hydrology and Water Courses are needed, the Prime Minister declared. He concluded that nature was at war with humans. “We tamper with nature to our peril,” he indicated. He chided farmers who cut down trees and leave the logs at nature’s mercy. “Nature is unforgiving. What you put in is what you get out,” he added.




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Schools, education and climate change IT REALLY should not be a surprise that the reopening of schools for the second term has been delayed by one week, and it is a decision which, while causing minor inconveniences to some, should be welcomed by all. The scale of destruction and dislocation brought about by the storm is such that those personal one-week inconveniences are secondary to the larger picture. Such is the extent of the damage that it is not just clearing up which needs to be done, and relief supplies to be provided, but the very logistics of the operations and the trauma caused, particularly to young children, need to be addressed. In this, one cannot ignore nor underestimate the physical damage to schools, the loss of educational materials of both a personal and institutional nature, and the fact that many teachers themselves have been affected and are suffering. Over the past week, the SVG Teachers Union (SVGTU) brought the matter to the attention of the public as it mobilized support for the teachers affected. Of necessity, the immediate focus is on the pressing needs of teachers and students alike, and relief efforts are pre-eminent at this stage. However, such is the widespread nature of the disaster and the alarming underlying causes, that as soon as practically possible, there is need to move beyond relief and rehabilitation, to address the wider issues. Those events of December 25/26 in the Windward Islands have to be put in their correct global perspective. Reports from every corner of the globe tell us the story that all is not well with the weather patterns; something has gone wrong “upstairs”, as we say. The phenomenon known as “climate change”, with its roots in humaninduced “global warming”, cannot be denied nor ignored. We will be doing a great disservice to ourselves and future generations if we were not to make an attempt to understand these phenomena, how they affect our lives, and to respond appropriately. The damage to schools and physical surroundings, the dislocation in the school system, and the general hardships caused, provide us with golden opportunities for longer-term responses. No child is too small, no teacher so obdurate as not to be able to imbibe the message. We have to pay respectful attention to preserving our environment; we must adopt proper garbage disposal practices. The flood damage that we continue to suffer is related to these matters, and our very vulnerability is connected with how seriously we face up to realities. It cannot escape the attention of those teachers in the most affected areas, those who are suffering directly as well as their more fortunate colleagues, that there is a clear connection between our natural environment, natural hazards, and our levels of environmental consciousness. We simply cannot go back in the classroom and revert to set syllabuses, with no regard to what is happening around us. Before all else, our children in schools must be taught this connection so that they can better prepare to handle the world around them. Our school curriculum must reflect this reality for, what is education if it does not prepare us to deal with the world around us? Climate change, disaster preparedness, global warming, environmental consciousness must now become part of the new expanded environment. Let’s start with our schools, our teachers and our pupils and students.

Appreciation of Vincentian family as we refocus our thoughts from mourning a national tragedy The Connell Family EARLY in the New Year, the death occurred of a favourite son of a great Vincentian family. Tracy, scion of the Connells of Lower Back Street, Kingstown, passed away on the 3rd of January 2014. To begin with, the event marks the passing of the tenth of twelve children, six boys and six girls, leaving two surviving sisters. The Connells had been one of those large families that serve as a moral exemplar and standard- bearer of good family life in SVG in the twentieth century. The patriarch had been a very efficient and strong disciplinarian father who imbued his children with a sense of social concern, respect for everyone, love of country and, generally taught the traditional tried and tested values that could sustain a developing nation. Old man Connell had been clerk of the Legislative Council at the time. His sister had been the wife of Barbadian head-master of the Boys Grammar School, William Marcus Lopey. The family grew up in the Christian faith as staunch Anglicans, pillars of the Kingstown Cathedral. In fact, three of them identified with the Anglican Priesthood: two sisters Kathleen, who married Father Paul, and Eileen, who still rallies on as widow of the beloved former ArchBishop of the West Indies Cuthbert Woodroffe, and Robert who became a priest in his own right. The remaining nine children were: Charlie who lived principally in Trinidad; Stella Cameron who married a Grenadian; Carol, a one-time Head tutor of our nursing facility; Phyllis who married Desmond Mac Namara then Registrar of our Supreme Court, and emigrated to St Lucia, her husband’s native home; Arthur who took part in local government politics and later became a businessman. Norris had been a public servant as Joe before he went abroad spending his last days in Tobago. Evelyn, the other survivor with Mrs. Wooddroffe, was noted generally for her artistic talent and resides in the USA. As for Tracy, the man of the moment, he was a robust lad at the Boys Grammar School, featuring as a cadet and loving out-door games. He was a fine high-jumper, and a full-back —player on the School’s football team. Above all, he was a tremendous all rounder in cricket, a penetrating medium pacer and a hard hitting batsman at number 7. I recall two situations: firstly, when he was a respected member of the Grammar School powerful cricket team that took part in 1949 Inter-Schools tournament which baptised the new and current Richmond Hill playing-field. The batting order was: Hudson Soso and

Ardon Antrobus (openers) Ardon Daisley, Victor Cuffy, Jack Pollard and Skipper Hutson Martindale (middle order) Rudy Matthews, Tracey Connell, Leon (Ta) Douglas, Bertram Compton and Edmund Sealy. Two years later, in an inspired piece of bowling in which he captured 7 wickets in an innings, he all but brought championship victory for the Grammar School against the allconquering K.C.C of Leon “Congo” Bonadie. Tracy went to England where he brushed up on his artistic talents and general cultural outlook, returning home and delivering of his attributes to all and sundry, particularly carnival, creative dancing and acting. He also went into the restaurant business, with the Bounty where I was a regular customer seated at the Captain’s high table where Tracy held court. It was great while it lasted forever. There was another death which I must record: that of my school mate in the roaring 40s at the Wesley Hall “Fraser” school - that of Edwin Mills of Lodge Village, known affectionately at school as “Crazy”.

New Year’s Honour Awards At long last, the ULP Government, in its policy of recommending persons for New Year awards, seems to have been moved this year by an element of fairness and reason. I compliment the recipient no less than the Government for the award of highest accolade to Errol Allen, a most deserving case of a simple, down-to-earth personality, who with no flashing bulbs whatever has contributed mightily to whatever stability there is in the general area of public finance. This deserving case of Sir Errol Allen nonetheless serves to highlight the utter folly of past awards of knighthood to Vincent Beache and, especially Louis Straker, which were obviously based on Party-political considerations and nothing else. It is so sad that, in the circumstances, Allen felt constrained to accept the nomination after it had been so stained and cheapened by earlier recommendations. Let us hope that Sir Errol’s badge marks a welcome change of policy, that will be scrupulously followed in the future. We welcome, too, the official recognition given to a pair of Vincentian citizens of foreign origin: Mrs. Mona Dare and Mr. Faez Moussa. A big bell is sounded for integration and rationalised international relations by our small nation, which is the road to travel.

V Dining Horrors



Vincentian (or Caribbean) Christmas dish or beverage. Instead, it featured a MANY VINCENTIANS choice of three meats cannot afford to eat out very regularly. They do so (fish, chicken breast and on very special occasions steak); and a choice of two side orders from or at certain festive among Jasmine Rice seasons of the year, with with Curried Lentils, anticipation that this Garden Salad, Sautéed outing will be one filled Vegetables, Mashed with fond memories. When you do choose to Potatoes and Potato Wedges. The drinks list eat out, you know that offered Hairoun sodas, the menu items will be fruit drinks as orange, priced higher than the pineapple, passion fruit average fast food restaurant. But you are and cranberry. We had our food prepared to pay the orders taken, but had to extra, since you expect signal for service before the ambiance, service our drinks order was and food to be better eventually taken. It was than the ordinary. quite evident that the On the night of the lone (senior) female 21st December, all the worker that evening had hope and promise of a the task of bartending superb evening drifted and serving tables. right out to sea, with Our drinks were rumbling tummies served in inappropriate foaming and floating fashion, with the server right behind. calling out ‘who order My friends and I passion fruit, who order decided to celebrate on this evening (two of the cranberry’, until all the drinks were served. To companions were add fury to insult, the celebrating birthday young assistant co-opted around this date) by dining at a restaurant in to assist the waitress, stretched over the table the Ratho Mill area. to hand drinks to two The first shock and person on the other side. disappointment of the After all of that, two evening was the menu. It among our party had did not include one wrong drinks presented familiar, traditional (Editor’s note: Edited for length and reference)

to them. The wait for our meal was interrupted when the assistant came back to the table to let us know that they were out of mash potatoes. So some persons opted for Jasmine Rice or extra wedges. When the food did arrive, approximately two hours after being ordered, it was served in the same fashion as the drinks were. Amidst growling stomachs and the agony of an excruciating long wait, we discovered that some of the food orders were wrong. When we enquired, we were told they ran out of Jasmine rice, and so the kitchen had taken the decision to put ‘something’ on the plate, like it or not. As it turned out, we could not eat the food; it was unpalatable, flavorless and cold. The steak was extra hard and dry; even the steak knife had difficulty in severing the flesh. Chicken breast, the tender part of any poultry, was tough, chewy and inedible. My friends moaned over the tragedy of having to leave the food there after paying so

much. They requested a doggy bag, so at least their dogs could enjoy it. It has always been stated that even if you had exceptional service and the atmosphere of the restaurant was great but the food is awful, you would not feel so let down. Many of the establishment owners either lack the knowledge of good service, or have very little regard for the very customers to whom they provide this service. Disappointed: CBN

Dishonest judgment WHEN ARE we going to see honest judgment?

The root of evil When is the justice system going to look at the root of evil in this country? The Caribbean Court of Appeal and the ‘pee wee council’ must get their acts together, or soon it will be a back fire on us. Their poor judgment is causing the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to suffer. One of my most recent observations is a matter in which a criminal was given twenty years for killing a man with boiling water. In another case, two coldblooded murderers had their sentences reduced to twelve years. The reputations of these murderers were on the wall before the act was committed, but today’s lawyers are making them look good. The lack of justice is

Caribbean leaders better be aware of the mouse trap which is set up to catch them in the medicinal marijuana saga. Look at what has happened to the banana industry. There is no opportunity for the Look at the court Caribbean to make a If you are caught billion dollars from the stealing, it is always the legalization of medicinal first time, and you will marijuana. The bait is on be given a month as the trap to catch the Causes proposed by your lawyer. leaders; there are If you are caught with This is a word that we hundreds of medicinal must apply to everyday stolen goods in your marijuana products in possession, it is always life in St. Vincent and storage awaiting someone who gave it to the Grenadines. What distribution. Will any of you, and you will be has caused the downfall the factories that are of the police system given a warning by the producing marijuana court. If you are caught today? What is causing products be set up the hospitals in the with a gun, it is never around the Caribbean? your gun, and chances country to keep running are the case will be out of supplies? What is Spy causing so many girls to dismissed. If you rob someone at gun point, be pregnant? What is causing so many grown your lawyer is going to say it is your first men to want to be robbery, and some looking like women? These are just a few; magistrate might agree please find the answers. with that. If you kill a person, having robbed them of their Mouse trap pushing the hands of victims to their own court. Am I right to say the poor judgment in a lot of cases is one of the root causes of evil in this country?

possessions, and you plead guilty, the court is going to look with leniency on you because you did not give the court any problem. The court chart is too long. Am I right to say soon people will come to the conclusion that the court system is not working for them?

Resolve to be one I AM SORRY to have to say it, but why is it that it always seems to take a disaster like the one wrought by the recent rains and floods, to bring us together as a nation? In an ideal SVG, tolerance and respect and love for one another should light up our lives every day of the year. It should be that wherever and whenever we come together, at church, in schools, at the workplace, that each of us has an equal place. In taking advantage of this opportunity (i.e. the recent disaster), unfortunate as it is, we should rise above all the political mudslinging. We should resolve to accept that our enemy is not found in the party or parties we do not support. We should recognise that the real enemy is crime and poverty, and in the present circumstances, those who have lost loved ones, homes, etc.. As an independent people, our goal should always be to unite as one, and work together for the economic development of our country and, at this particular time, to work together to re-build our country. Neither the ULP, the NDP nor the Green Party put us in this mess. It was an act of God challenging our resolve to live as one people. Politicians once again have an opportunity to help unite this country. They should grab the opportunity to do so, and stop trying to score political points at the expense of those hundreds of people who have suffered loss of loved ones, homes, crops and livestock, household and other personal items. Lord, grant us the strength to be one. Colin C. Kingstown

Being responsible THERE WILL always be persons who use social media for the wrong purpose. Take this so called pro-Garifuna Vincentian advocate. She goes on social media and says that after the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day rains and floods, that a State of Emergency was declared in SVG, and that there * Why can’t we were 22 persons whose have a single lives were lost. national programme On the back of this of delivery of totally incorrect emergency supplies information, she reaches to those who out to persons to make suffered as a result donations for those who of the Christmas were affected. I hope that rains and floods? whatever is given reaches * Why must the the right places and NDP and the ULP people. (government) have Those who consider separate themselves responsible programmes? persons must act * Why are persons responsibly. saying they have Responsibility is not lost confidence in something for sometimes, NEMO and that the and something to be government should discarded at other times. recognize the Red As far as I am concerned, Cross as the agency you are either responsible through which to or irresponsible. channel assistance Was that person who to those in need? posted that incorrect * What is the latest information responsible? on that match fixing allegation Jack made by a former vice president of the Football Federation? Has FIFA called for an investigation? Is any one person to ne blamd for this mess?




Reporting for duty; the restoration process continues The issue THE RESTORATION PROCESS, following the heavy rainfall of December 24th 2013, is continuing full speed in this country. Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves is leading this process, and is doing an admirable job, using all his leadership skills in the process. It is times like these that leadership skills are measured and assessed, and it is times like these that many Vincentians are grateful that the man at the helm of the government is Comrade Ralph. This week, at his first media conference for the year, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves used a phrase which sums up the relief effort with clarity. He said “report for duty”, a clarion call for all persons concerned, to get involved in the relief and restoration process, regardless of colour, class, race or creed. In essence, it is saying that this process requires all hands on deck. There is also a very important angle that we cannot dismiss, since it concerns those misguided persons who feel that they need an invitation to become involved in the restoration process. Where does it say that we have to be invited to provide assistance to our countrymen, in their time of need? Where does it say that someone has to issue an invitation to a person, or persons, to become involved in the restoration process?

Reporting for duty Let us examine this concept in some detail, and see the response of those persons who reported to duty, without an invitation being tendered. From the early hours of Christmas Day, a number of Vincentians responded to this disaster, helping to rescue persons, clearing roads and driveways, providing water and using their own heavy equipment in some areas, to clear away the rubble. They did not need an invitation. They reported for duty, since this was required by a grateful nation. There was a similar response from churches, organizations such as the Rotary and the Lions Club, public servants who were off duty, and the list goes on. They all reported for duty. Regionally, a number of countries reported for duty. Trinidad sent a senior official to ascertain what assistance was required, and then placed a helicopter at the disposal of the government. St. Kitts sent one million EC dollars to the government, Grenadians responded, the Barbados government got into the act, and Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer of Antigua came to visit. They needed no invitation. A leading British Government official on holiday in Mustique, requested a meeting with Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, in an effort to determine how his country could assist in this process. He could have gone about his business after his holiday, yet he reported for duty. Further afield, Vincentians in New York, in Boston, Miami, Toronto, and Montreal, and in the United Kingdom, as well as the Virgin Islands, responded to this crisis, donating food, water and household items, all of

which will be gratefully accepted by persons in the disaster areas. They needed no invitation, they reported for duty. One would have expected a similar response from the opposition NDP. Instead, we have a situation where they tried to obtain political mileage from the suffering of Vincentians. What is the point of persons in NDP branded garments delivering water to persons, if not to gain political mileage? And what is the point in calling for the Leader of the Opposition, Arnhim Eustace, to be invited to a meeting with engineers and financial officials, to jump start the rehabilitation process? All political of course, since it is an attempt to make the opposition look relevant.

Further response Vincentians will pay no attention to these issues. Instead, they marvel at the way Comrade Ralph is handling the response to the current needs of those persons who are affected by the rainfall. They note that he has found a donor who will provide a stove and a fridge to some 495 households in the country. They observed the way that he is handling the issue of Vincentians in the disaster areas, who have hire purchase obligations. They further observe how he is applying the relationship capital gained from his interaction with world leaders and international business officials, all aimed at providing relief at this time. They note too, how he has started to marshall the financial resources needed to begin the rehabilitation. This is the same Prime Minister who attracts the criticism of the NDP, when he travels abroad to attend important meetings, and to interact with persons who are critical to the development of the country. Now, this is beginning to pay off, and at the right time. Now, we can begin to see the respect and the esteem that Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves commands, from the international community.

Conclusion We have a long and difficult road ahead of us as we begin the process of restoration. There are some difficult decisions which the government will have to make, in respect of the denudation of the forests area, and in the relocation of those persons in the disaster area, who need to move, among other things. These are decisions which will not be taken lightly, but rest assured that the decisions will be made after full consideration of all the facts, because that is the approach of the ULP administration. People in this country are suffering, and there is no time for cheap political tricks. This is a time for serious people who are ready and willing to report for duty. Our nation demands that.

Flood relief victimization - it begins SOMETIMES, this writer wonders whether the term ‘numbskull’ can significantly apply to those who choose to sanction, ignore, instruct, direct and dictate that NDP supporters, or APOLITICAL people who do not care for politics, should be singled out for victimization, or discrimination. Sometimes, this writer wonders whether the term can apply to those who choose, after national disasters such as the Christmas Eve floods, to implement this protocol: this code of conduct. You see, it is an established practice with this government who told its supporters to own the government and own the jobs. It appears that today they are intent on OWNING the relief efforts. A Prime Minister adrift and asleep? We in the nation, and abroad, listened to the contempt of the Prime Minister in his dismissive approach to those who condemn him and his government for excluding the Opposition from the meetings on relief efforts. It would be laughable if it were not so tragic that in the movie in his mind, he is a General and those whose economies are stronger than ours, whose pockets are deeper than ours are his foot soldiers being called up for duty. Not only is it clear that the Prime Minister does not know his place…he also does not understand the occasion, and is incapable of fashioning the appropriate response. Since when is a national disaster a war? The despotic agenda manifests itself. He is a novice in times like these, and failed miserably in deciding to deliberately exclude the Opposition from National Meetings following the disaster. The idea that no one must question, or hold to account those who are expected to function as government at times like these, is to say to us, give up democracy and replace it with despotism. Only someone adrift and out of touch with reality would use such a time as this to promote a partisan political agenda. Wake up and smell the mud, and watch the debris and the destruction, Prime Minister. Now is not the time to pose with your helmet and baton. The war is in your mind, the disaster is our nation’s reality. WAKE UP! The ghost of Tomas relief Howie Prince and NEMO must come under intense scrutiny as we seek to rebuild this country. Why should they be held to account? Because there are people in this country who have not received assistance from the government, which provisioned itself to give rebuilding material to those whose homes were damaged after hurricane Tomas. If you think we are not speaking the truth, this is one list compiled over two hours of radio programming. Persons who received no relief after hurricane Tomas This evidence of victimization cannot be denied. What is the rationale for these persons not being assisted? Among the names are some well known NDP supporters and activists. Why would they be told that they would be “dealt with” by a benevolent and all embracing government? The fact remains thus: The ULP is not a government that can be trusted to act in the interest of all Vincentians. These are only some of the names of people who have watched others, in their neighbourhoods, who suffered no damage to their homes, hold on to material intended for persons who have suffered loss. The talk is that that material today, some three years on, is still being stored under tarpaulin in persons’ yards. Their houses are pristine, but these people, some of whom are listed above, have had to bow and scrape to get back to some semblance of normalcy. Here it is, three years on, they are not helped, they are still covering roofs with tarpaulin, still catching water when it rains through holes in old galvanize. Julian Francis? One last word for the political animal that is Julian Francis. To charge him with the responsibility for sharing relief items of any sort to the suffering people of this nation, is to admit as a government, that yours is a political and not a humanitarian mission. There is not a nationalist bone in his body. His deeply partisan political agenda is borne out in every non obituary utterance that he has ever made in the Parliament of this country. He is the epitome of ‘Own the Government’ As a matter of fact, this would be his boast. We reprint one question asked of a donor to the relief fund earlier this week. He asked: Is this a government with a heart for the people of this nation? Vincentians, the power is in your hands.

V The joy of unselfish giving



“Time is not measured by the years that you live but by the deeds that you do and the joy that you give.” — Helen Steiner Rice (19001981), American write of religious and inspirational poetry The poetry of Helen Stenier Rice (1900-1981) has fascinated me for decades. Her poetry especially inspired me during my teen years when I was addicted to reading and writing poems. It was therefore not surprising that I commenced collecting several of her selected poetry that had adorned greeting cards. It seemed as though she was penning many of my deepest thoughts. She seemed to describe and highlight feelings that I was unable to put into words. She had a gift of using words that appeared to be wrapped in profound truth and beauty — lifting my spirits as I wallowed in her poetic writings. She was such a talented and accomplished poet. Her poems have timeless appeal as they reflect her strong religious faith, and portray her ability to express deep emotion. It is therefore not surprising that she has been acclaimed as “America’s beloved inspirational poet laureate”. Approximately seven million copies of her books of inspirational poetry have been sold. That is no easy accomplishment. It provides ample evidence of the depth and quality of her writings. The title of this article is borrowed from one of Helen Steiner Rice’s poems by the same name. The introductory quotation was extracted from the opening words of that sonnet. As I read that poem, I reflected on the fact that there can be so much joy in giving time, talent, money, materials, etc. if we do so with good (pure) intentions. And the joy of giving can be multiplied when we give something that we treasure; not from our surplus but from our very own need. For example, we may just have purchased a special piece of clothing and we discover that there is someone who needs it (more than we do). We resist the temptation to provide the individual with one of our older (wellused) garments and, instead, provide them with the newly purchased item. Wow! What a way to give! And what a joy we experience if/when we do so with pure intentions — expecting nothing in return; thinking more about the joy that the gift will bring to the recipient. And it is when we get to that level of selfless giving that our own joys appear to be multiplied. Unselfish giving calls for tremendous discipline. It demands that we embrace the deep, rich feeling of empathy and love. Selfishness appears to come to us naturally. Selflessness may therefore seem “abnormal”; it is unlikely to be our first response to an observed need in another’s life. And this is precisely why it demands discipline. It takes determination to swim against the tide of our normal tendencies to look out for self and, instead, cultivate thoughts and actions that bring

pleasure to others. And we do not have to wait until Christmas, or a birthday, or an appeal following a disaster, or any special occasion, to demonstrate such giving. We have opportunities to give to others daily. We have the privilege of expanding our joy via giving on a regular basis. It is truly amazing and interesting how giving to others with pure motives seems to magnify our blessings. Many readers of this column can identify with this truth. Reflect, if you will, on the last time you went out of your way to be kind to someone via your presentation of a gift of some kind. Think of the pleasure that lingers even now as you reflect on such display of generosity. The afterglow of selfless, sacrificial, giving can last a very long time — even if/when the recipient neglects to show the kind of appreciation that may be expected following such benevolence. There are some who are hesitant to give, because they assume that the recipient may perceive that the “gift” is small/insignificant. But we are encouraged by the old Hindu Proverb that says, “If it is given with love, a mere handful is enough.” As we reflect on the wealth of wisdom that is trapped in that proverb, we can conjure up an image of a hungry, starving individual receiving a handful of rice — given in love. And we think of the herculean achievements of Mother Theresa (1910-1997) working in love among the poor, hungry, sick, and dying lower caste citizens in India, demonstrating “little acts of kindness” and changing lives for the better ... even as she cultivates the joy of selfless giving; giving of herself. And we are reminded that even those acts of kindness that are demonstrated through our “small giving” have tremendous value. Scott Raymond Adams (1957), the American cartoonist, challenges us to “Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” We can never really tell or fully appreciate the full extent that our unselfish giving will create and influence. We can never really tell or appreciate the full extent of the joy that we create for ourselves when we reach out and give to others. We never really know the significant role that our acts of kindness and generosity will play in creating and sustaining healthy communities ... and how these will nurture healthy, sustained joy in our lives. And, as paradoxical as it may seem, we go forward seeking those opportunities where we can give unselfishly, knowing that, in doing so, we enrich ourselves. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to

When we praise Nelson Mandela TO ACCURATELY and usefully grasp the measure and meaning of Nelson Mandela or any person of greatness, we must move beyond deserved but detached declarations of admiration; interesting but insufficient in themselves, anecdotes of personal encounter; and certainly beyond the extensive but self-serving and manipulative coverage by the established media. In a word, we must put Mandela and all our praise and claims for them in context and view them, not detached from their people and history, but rather in the midst of lives born and lived in community, struggle waged with and for the people, and a victory cut and carved out of the hard rock of a daily reality of sacrifice, suffering, martyrdom, resiliency and refusal to be dispirited or defeated. The media mythology seeks to reduce the liberation movement to a man, and then redefine him in ways that instruct us and other oppressed and struggling people how to win their freedom and White favor. The stress is on accommodation to Whites, called variously racial reconciliation, forgiveness, compromise, and “transcending racial passions”. But may God and good sense save us from such seduction by our oppressor and illusions about their embrace of us. For in their unsolicited “approval”, there is the unspoken reality that they only praise us for doing what is in their interest, even if it means injury to ourselves and the world. This media mythology, which also seeks to make Mandela into a servant of White interests rather than a servant of his people as he defined himself, must be resisted and rejected at every level. They are re-defining him so that he stands alone and outside the very people that brought him into being, supported him as he struggled and was taken captive, sustained the movement, demanded his freedom and enabled him to negotiate from a position of power rooted in the people. Moreover, this means we must praise others along with Mandela, those who also struggled and were brutalized, tortured, imprisoned, banished, murdered and martyred in the interest and advancement of the struggle. For Robert Sobukwe, Steve Biko, Winnie Mandela, Albertina Sizulu, Walter Sizulu, David Sibeko, Elizabeth Sibeko, Chris Hani, Albert Luthuli, Vuyisile Mini, Oliver Tambo and many others are being left out of or erased from the very history they helped make and embody. But we can’t give Mandela and ANC credit without dismissing or diminishing Robert Sobukwe and the Pan-Africanist Congress, Steve Biko and the Black Consciousness Movement, the Azania People’s Organization, the labor unions, the people and youthful soldiers of Soweto and numerous other groups and formations, as well as ordinary people who suffered everyday humiliation, harassment, hanging, judicial persecution, constant torture, poisoning, letter bombs and merciless pummeling, and many other forms of murder and mayhem. And let us remember, raise up and show proper respect for the central and sustaining work and struggle of Winnie Mandela. For it is she who, as Madiba’s wife and fellow freedom fighter, served as a vital link between him and the liberation movement throughout the 27 years of his captivity. And let us note with added admiration that she did this in the midst of raising their children, eking out a living and resisting the hounding, hassling, arrests, banishment and imprisonment inflicted on her by the racist regime which has been officially absolved in the interest of socalled racial reconciliation. But clearly no man, group or government can officially and rightfully absolve a victimizer; only victims, themselves, can do this. Clearly, we cannot let the corporate hypocrites, who holler hurrah for

Mandela now, but demonized him as a terrorist earlier, define his measure or meaning for us. They praise him for “reasons” of their own, not for our reasons. They praise him to appropriate his image and memory; to redefine his life and legacy, and hold him up in his redefined and limited legacy and role of racial reconciliation, congenial compromises, unangry and unembittered elder statesmen made wiser by this imprisonment, underserved suffering and “rightful” respect for White power and perspective. But if the oppressor nations are so impressed with their definition of Mandela’s legacy, they should follow his example in some meaningful way. Perhaps, they could demonstrate commitment to his ideas by: ending the occupation of other people’s countries; releasing all political prisoners; stop invading countries and plundering other people’s wealth; returning the people’s wealth; tearing down the apartheid walls on the borders and in conquered and colonized lands; ceasing the torturing of prisoners; and stopping the plundering, polluting and depleting of the earth. It is more than interesting and vulgarly hypocritical to urge Africans and other people of color to love their oppressor, forgive the savagery of their suppression, and to embrace the victimizers as fellow human beings, even when they have done their brutal best to dehumanize us. But we all know there are no similar lessons for the oppressor of loving his enemy, forgiving his brutalizer or enslaver, or even offenders of White racial interests and sentiments. Thus, shocked at our relentless resistance and struggle for liberation, they indict it as racial hatred, bitterness and a desire for vengeance or retribution. When we praise Madiba, then, let’s praise him for our own reasons–for his sacrifice for the liberation struggle and his dedication to it; his willingness to lay down his life in armed and any form of struggle necessary; his refusal to disown allies who assisted the South African liberation struggle, neither the leaders nor the people of Cuba, Palestine and Libya; his peace-making and condemnation of oppression and war-mongering; and his serving as a symbol and inspiration to all freedomloving, peace-seeking, oppressed and struggling people. And again, let us do this without denying the sacrifice, suffering and relentless struggle of the South African people. Indeed, let us praise them, as we praise Madiba, and recommit ourselves to continuous support for their unfinished struggle to lift themselves out of poverty and misery and end the continuing White monopoly of wealth and its associated power. But no matter what praise oppressors have for concession and compromise, and no matter what condemnation they have for resistance, we must continue the struggle. For we know righteous anger against oppression is not hatred; uncompromising commitment to justice is not vengeance; and wanting the people to regain their land and freedom is not seeking retribution. And so the struggle continues and in the distance, we hear and join the liberation song of the martyr, Vuyisile Mini, who on the way to the gallows called on fellow prisoners and the Movement to continue the struggle, defiantly chanting: “Watch out (oppressor), Black people are coming”. And so, we still are. Dr. Maulana Karenga, Africana Professor and Creator of Kwanzaa.

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We must not destroy our country for the sake of tourism ACCORDING to a resident who lives opposite the holiday resort in Buccament and (who) observed the construction of the resort, stones were removed from the nearby Buccament river and used to build a high back wall for the resort. The devastating consequence of the removal of the stones from the Buccament river, was that the Buccament riverbed dropped and was several feet below the level of the sea. Therefore, when the heavy rain came, the Buccament river water could not adequately flow into the sea. This caused a massive build-up of the Buccament river water, and the Buccament river was forced to change its course due to the sheer pressure and volume of water. The resort had been protected with the big stones in its wall, but this left the people and village of Buccament dangerously exposed. We must not destroy our country just to get a few dollars from tourism. The flood disaster on 24th and 25th December 2013 is a clear indication that there are foreigners who come to our country, under the guise of tourism, who will have no qualms about destroying the environment of our country as long as they can make a few dollars from tourism. There are many alternatives to tourism that can create thousands of new jobs and bring prosperity to our people. We can start our own billion

dollar tuna fishing and canning industry; we can build factories to export goods from agro-processing; we can export water in tanker loads; we can build a university to educate our people and create a nation of entrepreneurs and thousands of new small businesses, and we can rejuvenate the agricultural sector by using import substitution. These are just some of the alternatives to tourism we can turn to that will not destroy our environment and not cause misery for our people. As well as focusing on these alternatives, we should also take positive action to protect our environment. We must: * make preparations to reduce the effect and frequency of disaster; * make sure a proper environment impact report is done before big projects are started, and that the report is adhered to; * put in place appropriate infrastructure changes so that we adapt to climate change; * stop the cutting down of trees in the forest area and plant more trees in the forest area; * make changes to protect the watersheds, otherwise fresh drinking water will become scarce and we will see an outbreak of diarrhoea, cholera and other diseases caught from drinking dirty water.

We must make the SVG economy Green by investing heavily in renewable energy, local food production, innovation, small businesses, science and technology, and education to skill the workforce and change our economy so it is export-oriented. The global Green market is worth

more than £3 trillion and is projected to reach £4 trillion by 2015. Going Green is the clear alternative to tourism as the engine of our economy. Going Green will also protect our environment. SVG Green Party

The MHC: Attending to mental illness AS THE Mental Health Centre (MHC) gears itself towards a relocation to Orange Hill, supposedly a few months from now, we feature here the old institution and its service, and some issues concerning the public’s attitude as it relates to the mentally ill. Two areas to cover are: the importance of medicine in terms of treating mental illness, and misconceptions which the patients have about it; and the lack of education of the caregivers and relatives of the mentally ill. In my experience of interacting with both in and out patients, both groups and their relatives have the explanation or excuse for mental illness, that a person just trips out due to trauma, (e.g. a breakup or excessive mental workload), or is a victim of obeah and the like. However, the experts will affirm that it is not so. It is an illness often hereditary, or caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. In the same way as you would treat diabetes or hypertension, mental illness can be treated and controlled. Patients always complain about the feeling one experiences especially under sedation, and with general use

for the first time. Hard to get used to are the side effects of some of the medications. However, there are at least two very effective side effects medicines offered at the Mental Health Center. In reality, if you stay on the medication and take it under direction, there would be no need for revisits as many patients do to the hospital. There needs to be a massive reeducation of the public, the families and patients. Also we hope that the powers that be take steps to import more current medications, a few of which have no side effects at all. L.W. is a returnee to the MHC. He is currently in a situation where he will have to continue to reside there. His complaint was that the medication spoilt his ability to concentrate and be creative in his chosen field - music. That can be true to an extent, however, the aphorism “God gives us not more than we can bear’, applies. The fact is that a well regulated diet and natural dietary supplements can offset the long term problems to be expected with taking medication. A pure spiritual connection to the higher power can also play its part.

Signs of the time THE SON of the Most High and liberator of humanity gave us some signs preceding his second coming to set the kingdom of God on earth. Many so-called Christians and nonChristians do not believe that. Jesus taught his disciples and us today to pray for that kingdom to come to earth, not that we go up to heaven, but ‘God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. (Satan will be kicked off planet earth as he was kicked out of heaven) Before we look at the signs of the time, let us look into the mind of our creator, God, to see the reason why he created man and placed him on earth. ………. Let us make man, (how?) in our image and likeness, (why?) and let them have dominion over every living thing on earth. Did God confirm that after he finished making man from earth and breathe life in him? “And, he blessed them and said unto them be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it, and have dominion over everything that moveth upon the earth.” (Gen. 1:26-28). We see God’s plan (implementation and commission) for man to govern planet earth. How Satan got between God and man? Lucifer, a name which appears only once in the Bible (Is. 14:12), was the chief musician and light bringer in heaven. He saw God take earth and make a dead man. He didn’t see when God breathe life into

man. Lucifer was upset because he did not see how life was placed into the dead man, Adam. He started a campaign, and one third of the angels believed and followed his rebellion. God kicked them out of heaven to earth, then his name was changed to Satan, the devil. He deceived Eve to make her believe that right was wrong. Adam fell into the deception. As earth’s population grew man got more evil because of Satan’s magical and witchcraft influence. Man enslaved man, exploited and oppressed one another. Pharaoh in Egypt did it, but when Moses and Aaron used the power of God against Pharaoh and his magicians, they couldn’t withstand the power of hail and fire (Ex. 9). Down the line of history, many politicians, religious authorities, businessmen and leaders used that satanic witchcraft power to enslave, exploit and oppress people. It is still rampant in our world today. There is much more to learn, but we are left to think as we look at the signs of the time. Just like the signs in Egypt and in the days of Noah, so shall it be today. Change in the weather and in human nature, man will be confused, distracted, cornered, embarrassed, mystified, puzzled, worried, troubled — Jesus said these words in one word, ‘perplexity’ (Luke 21:25). Christian Democrat




Storm relief efforts continue in US Story and photos by NELSON A. KING; US CORRESPONDENT

STILL VERY DISHEARTENED by the freak Christmas Eve storm that left nine people dead and an estimated EC $150 million in damage in their homeland, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Vincentian nationals in the United States continue to work feverishly in sending relief supplies home. Some relief volunteers pose for THE VINCENTIAN, L-R: Allyson “I cannot find words to Seales, Ingrid Bess, Vanya Jones, Judith “Baffy” Cuffy-Murray, express my feelings Preparing relief supplies, L-R: Jackson Farrell, O’Brien Donna Ash and O’Brien Simmons (in middle). about the Diaspora — not Simmons, Jofford Sutherland, Almond ‘Precise’ Thompson only in New York but and Shirlon France (holding box). outside New York,” Relief supplies are expected York, because we don’t want Edson Augustus, Deputy New to be distributed in the North any politics in this,” he York Consul General, who is Leeward, North Windward affirmed. also deputy chairman of the and the Buccament Valley “We want the supplies to Brooklyn, New York-based areas, and to the Milton Cato get to the people who need Relief Steering Committee, Memorial Hospital in them,” he added, stressing, told THE VINCENTIAN. Kingstown, among other “We don’t want any political “They (nationals) gave places. football. That’s why we did sacrificially — not only of their not send them to the NDP.” time but also of the items SPOONY’S effort Howard said residents requested,” added the of Fitz Hughes, a Richland Park native. “We Douglas Howard, the newly- Chateaubelair suburb, in worked as a family. elected president of the North Leeward, will be “I must commend the young Brooklyn-based St. Vincent beneficiaries of SPOONY’s people who worked in the and the Grenadines next shipment in two weeks’ various (relief) stations (at the Progressive Organization of time. Friends of Crown Heights New York (SPOONY), an arm Educational Center),” he of the main opposition New Accountability continued. “Those who Democratic Party (NDP), told Pallet and barrels of relief supplies. volunteered, it’s the kind of THE VINCENTIAN that his At a public briefing late commitment I’ve never seen message (last Saturday, at the Friends of group on Sunday donated 10 before.” October). New York is barrels, a large box and a Crown Heights Educational As relief operations on pallet of relief supplies to the Center, Augustus also insisted certainly acceding to Sunday wound down at the that call.” that supplies reach the homeland. center, which served as the Meantime, the He said the pallet of canned intended beneficiaries. chief operating venue, Brooklyn-based “I will not be able to sleep milk and Milo was given by a Augustus urged the Vincentian American distribution outlet in the East at night, as well as the other community to bring supplies to Adventist Association New York section of Brooklyn, members (of the relief Standard Shippers, 3116 committee), if the items do no (VAAA), in through the efforts of Allyson Clarendon Rd., Brooklyn, for collaboration with the Seales, a Kingstown native reach the people who are in shipment home. New York Consulate and member of the Relief need,” he said. He said items needed Steering Committee. “We are going to insist that General, next include pots and pans, bed Saturday, Jan. 18, at Deputy New York Consul General and In addition, Howard, who we receive a report from sheets, curtains, mops, 6:00 pm, will stage a deputy chair of the Emergency Relief hails from Edinboro, said NEMO, the National buckets, soap, deodorant, gospel concert to aid Committee, Edson SPOONY this week donated Emergency Management furniture and medical relief efforts. Augustus, addressing volunteers, EC$3,000 to the Nanton Organization, which is supplies. The event, which flanked by committee members. family in Rose Bank, the distributing most local relief Augustus said the first takes place at the family who lost their house supplies,” he added. shipment of relief supplies, Boys and Girls High and five members in the “Every cent you give us, transported free of cost by School, 1700 Fulton storm. it’ll be well accounted for,” Amerijet, arrived at E.T. He also said the group gave Augustus told the volunteers, Street in the BedfordJoshua airport on Jan. 2. Stuyvesant section of EC$1,000 to Leotha flanked by members of the That shipment of 77 barrels Brooklyn, features Hackshaw, of South Rivers, relief committee. comprised, among other who also lost her home UN Ambassador, I. Rhonda leading Vincentian things, food items, clothes, and Caribbean gospel through the storm. King, also commended the medicine, water and toiletries. artistes, including Howard said former NDP New York Diaspora in Another shipment — a 40 ft. Trinidadians Wayne particular for “their response minister Jerry Scott will container — of the foregoing and Devon Johnson, and the way in which they distribute, on behalf of items, plus tools and shoes, and Pastor Wendy SPOONY, all supplies and have stepped up to the plate. was expected to arrive home Mitchell; and “This is what nationmonetary donations. later this week. “These supplies will not be building is all about — working Vincentians Augustus also disclosed that Theophilus Homer, of distributed by the NDP or the together,” she told THE St. Mary’s Hospital in Atiba Williams, president of the Richland Park, and Government of St. Vincent and VINCENTIAN. “This is what Richmond, Virginia, has Bishop’s College Kingstown Past Evangelist Ellsworth the prime minister had asked the Grenadines, even though donated four, 400-odd lb ‘Lifeboy’ Quammie, of Students Association, “manning” a us to do in his Independence we’re the NDP arm in New pallets of medicine. lift. Stubbs.




SenatorÊs matter will be heard Stories by HAYDN HUGGINS

NINE criminal charges against opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) Senator Vynette Frederick will be heard in Court. During a sitting of the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court Wednesday, Magistrate Rickie Burnett threw out applications by Frederick’s lawyers, Andrew Pilgrim Q.C of Barbados and Keith Scotland of Trinidad and Tobago, to have all nine charges dismissed. The matter was then adjourned sine die. Frederick is facing charges of making false declarations, false swearings and fabricating evidence, allegedly committed between 2011 and 2012. Earlier this year, Magistrate Burnett dismissed the six charges, three of making false declarations, and three of false swearing, initially brought against Frederick. His decision was made after upholding an application by the defence that the charges lacked particulars. However, within hours, the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) reinstituted amended versions of the charges, and added three additional charges relating to the fabrication of evidence. On November 13, the defence made applications for the nine charges to be dismissed, arguing that the six which were reinstituted came out of the same facts. They cited section 84 of the Criminal Procedure Code Chapter 172 of the Laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines revised edition 2009. The section states that, “A person who has once been tried by a court of competent jurisdiction for an offence and acquitted or convicted of such offence, while such acquittal or conviction has not been reversed or set aside, shall not be tried again for the same offence”. The defence also argued that because an appeal by the DPP’s office against the Magistrate’s decision to dismiss the first six charges was pending, it was an abuse of the court’s

process to allow the nine charges to continue. The lawyers had made written submissions and presented arguments in Court. The matter was adjourned for Assistant DPP Colin John, who leads the case for the prosecution, to make written submissions. On November 25, at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court, John argued that there was no trial, and asked that the word ‘tried’ be given its ordinary English meaning. He pointed out that when the matter had come up on a previous occasion, Frederick indicated that she did not know how to plea, no witnesses were called and no evidence had been taken, so it could not be said that a trial had taken place or that she had been tried for the offences. Regarding the abuse of process issue, John argued that, while the Magistrate had a discretion to stay a proceeding in order to avoid an abuse of process, the Magistrate’s power should be exercised sparingly. He cited the case of Henry Liu vs the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Dominica, to substantiate that argument. He also cited the case of the Queen vs Horseferry Road Magistate’s Court ex P Bennett (1994) in England where the House of Lords confirmed that Magistrates’ power to stay criminal proceedings for abuse of process is strictly confined to matters directly affecting the fairness of the particular accused with whom they are dealing. The Assistant DPP further argued that it is the duty of the person/persons alleging abuse of process to prove it. He cited article D3.57 of the Black Stone Criminal Practice. John pointed out that the defence had not proven to the court that if the matter is to proceed, Frederick would not receive a fair trial. He submitted that there are sufficient safeguards in the legal system to ensure that Frederick receives a fair trial. He asked the Magistrate to dismiss the defence’s application and to adjourn the matter

pending the outcome of the appeal by the DPP’s office. Magistrate Burnett, who delivered his ruling at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, agreed with the Senator Vynette Frederick leaving the Georgetown arguments Magistrate’s Court in the company of her lawyers Keith presented by the Scotland (left) and Andrew Pilgrim. Assistant DPP.

Assistant DPP: I felt confident ASSISTANT Director of Public Prosecutions Colin John was confident that an application by the defence to have nine criminal charges against opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) Senator Vynette Frederick dismissed, would be thrown out. Magistrate Rickie Burnett threw out the application when the matter resumed at the Georgetown Magistrate’s court on Wednesday. Frederick is facing charges of making false declarations, false swearings and fabricating evidence, allegedly committed between 2011 and 2012. “I welcome the outcome. I knew that the law was on our side. I felt as confident as when I completed the modules of my LLB course. I expected the outcome, based on my knowledge of the law. I will be very much prepared for the trial as I was for the preliminary point,” John, who leads

the case for the prosecution, told THE VINCENTIAN on Wednesday, following the Magistrate’s ruling. The Assistant DPP pointed out that, “the law is the law, regardless to Asst. DPP Colin whether it is John is ready to do cited by a battle again, having junior won the first round. practitioner or Queen’s Counsel.” Queen’s Counsel Andrew Pilgrim of Barbados and Keith Scotland of Trinidad and Tobago are representing Frederick.

Pig thief ordered to pay compensation PROSECUTOR Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Glenford Gregg admits that a number of praedial larceny offences come before the court, but the defendants are charged under the Criminal Code instead of the Praedial Larceny Act. He agrees that it is an issue that needs to be looked into. ASP Gregg, who prosecutes at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, was speaking to THE VINCENTIAN on Tuesday after Michael Thomas, a 41year-old farmer of Cane End, was ordered to pay $500 compensation forthwith to his brother Carlton Thomas, 54, for stealing his pig. In default, the defendant will go to prison for two months. Up to press time Wednesday, the younger Thomas was behind bars, as he had not compensated his brother, a forestry officer. The defendant was charged under the Criminal Code. He pleaded guilty at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Monday, but Magistrate Rechanne

Browne-Mathias remanded him until the following day to hear from his brother. He had told the court that he would give back his brother a pig, if he would accept it. However, when the elder Thomas showed up in court on Tuesday, and the Magistrate told him what his brother had said, he indicated that he wanted compensation. Prosecutor Gregg had told the court on Monday that the elder Thomas owns an animal farm at Cane End, and around 5 p.m December 21, he left the farm with all his animals there. He returned December 23 and noticed one of the pigs, a sow, missing. He reported the matter to the Mesopotamia Police Station, and investigations led to his younger brother. When cautioned, he told the police, “I thief the pig and sell um gey a butcher in Cane End.” When questioned by the Magistrate, he said he was unemployed and thought that was the only thing he could have done to make some money.









CWSA - A response in quick time!!! No flinching in a

water distribution system since they have been working with the company. Phase 1 of the CWSA response plan was to assess the damage which was done. In many cases, areas of concern had to be accessed by foot, as many access roads were blocked by significant landslips and rock slides, therefore inaccessible to vehicular traffic. Phase 2 and 3 occurred almost ONE SIGHT THAT HAD A LASTING IMPACT on me on simultaneously: damaged pipelines which were Christmas Day, following the freak rain storm and easily accessible were repaired immediately, while ensuing flashfloods, was a team of CWSA staff blocked roads had to be cleared to allow pipe delivering potable water, so that residents from fitters to bring and install new pipelines, replacing the Buccament Bay area could get clean water to those damaged or destroyed by the savage flash cook their Christmas lunch. floods. I was at the time conducting an assessment of In the upper reaches of Spring Village, the damage wrought by this unusual weather system, main pipeline which serves communities from on the Leeward side of the island. This water Barrouallie to Chateaubelair was severed in three distribution came less than 18 hours following places. In one area alone, the raging floods had major disruptions to water mains in several ripped apart over 800 feet of pipe; in another area communities ... commendable actions indeed! (Hermitage) close to the intake at an elevation of CWSA Engineering Manager Brian Da Silva over 1400 feet, about 80 feet of pipeline was also said that eight of the eleven water sources had destroyed, while midway between the two previbeen adversely affected by the rain storm. Brian, ously mentioned areas, a huge breadfruit tree along with other longstanding CWSA staff, includcrashed into a 12 inch main line which traversed a ing General Manager Garth Saunders, said that narrow ravine. This damage was indicative of the this was the worst damage ever experienced to the extent of the restoration/repair work that confronted the ‘soldiers’ of the CWSA; they never flinched. In a herculean undertaking, scaffolding had to be erected across a slippery and muddy ravine, to accommodate two heavy 12 inch pipes. It was a Photo Captions: challenge for me with only a camera in hand, much less for about 10 persons taking a huge 1. The CWSA responded almost immediately pipe down a slippery slope. with a portable supply of water to And as you may have guessed, despite due care affected residents. for safety, accidents do happen and can happen 2. Access to areas where pipe lines were under such unfavorable and unstable conditions. severely damaged was denied by While raising one of the 12” pipes on to the landslides and slippages. 3. Getting ready to construct the scaffolding for scaffolding, one of the cross members snapped under the heavy weight of the 18 foot long pipe, use across the ravine. almost crushing one of the CWSA workers. He 4. The task of getting the first pipe across the was taken immediately for medical attention, scaffolding begins. and the diagnosis indicated that the injury 5. First pipe safely across, Carlos James was not life threatening. (facing camera), CWSA Supervisor, is Consumers need to understand: Bringing on spot to oversee the connection. water to your homes is not as easy as turn6. The second pipe is successfully connected ing on your tap. to the first. 7. If ever there was a deserving meal, this was Contributed by: Donald De Riggs. it.


cause of national proportions (Pt 1)


6. 7.


V Young Island employees recognized



in the Caribbean. “I don’t know how we can adequately thank “For those of you who have you for the contribution worked in any institution you have made.” for over 25 years, that means two things: one, Honorees that the institution has been good to you; and Those who were two, that you have made recognized were: Ratho significant contribution to Mill resident and the institution.” Maintenance Supervisor, Gladstone Greene, who is THIS IS WHAT SEVEN the longest serving employees of the Young employee, with 32 years Island Resort were told of service; Godwin when they were addressed Peters, former policeby Sir Frederick Ballantyne man and Assistant at a ceremony which Maintenance Supervisor recognized them for each for 27 years of service; having given 25 or more Executive Chef years of service to the Christopher John, also Young Island Resort. with 27 years of service, Sir Frederick, a coand who, like Peters owner of the resort, told hails from Stubbs; Senior the honorees, last Chef Vibert Barnum Sunday on the resort, from Glen , along with that “nobody thought Restaurant Supervisor that Vincentians could and former netballer and own a hotel like this. Sion Hill resident That was 30 something Zerelda Greene, each years ago. The fact that with a 26-year tenure; we have been successful Season Chef Collin is due in great measure James, a Calliaqua to the contribution of all resident, and Assistant of you.” Restaurant Supervisor He commended and Louann Robinson of Fair thanked the honorees for Hall, for 25 years of keeping the hotel afloat service to the resort. during challenging times General Manager of for the Tourism Industry the Young Island Resort, Stories by: KENVILLE HORNE

Bianca Porter, read the citations of the honorees, and paid tribute to their willingness. “We have a number of good, loyal people working for us at Young Island, and I believe that we must be doing something right to retain them,” boasted Porter.


Co-owners Sir Frederick Ballantyne (left) and Vidal Browne (right) with honoress (front from left) Louann Robinson, Collin James, Zerelda Greene and Vibert Barnum; (back from left) Godwin Peters, Gladstone Greene and Christopher John.

Co-owner of the Resort Vidal Browne described the occasion as “unique and historic,” noting that the seven employees accounted for a cumulative total of “188 years of experience.” He paid homage to all the honorees, and highlighted their sacrifice. “You have made a tremendous contribution to Young Island. You have made sacrifices …., because the hotel industry is one where there is no day off per say, no Christmas Day; we start at six in the morning and finish at 12 midnight. Your children are probably missing

Worker credits Young Island GLADSTONE GREENE with 32 years of service, is the longest serving employee at the Young Island Resort, and attributes all that he owns to staying with the resort. “All I have owned, I have owned through the company, even my wife I have met here. I own properties all because of this company,” Greene told THE VINCENTIAN LAST Sunday, when the Resort held a recognition ceremony for its longserving employees, Greene included. Greene said that he started working with the company in 1980 at the age of 26 years as a carpenter. He has since climbed the ladder to hold his current position of Maintenance Supervisor. He has done numerous stints overseas, and has brought back knowledge which he has used to benefit other workers and the resort. When quizzed about

Gladstone Greene accepts an award for his thirtytwo years of service from Keisha Browne, in the company of Bianca Porter (left) and Melissa Ballantyne. his decision to stay with the company for so long, Greene said, “I always wanted an everyday employment, and I got it here through Mr. Vidal Browne”, a principal shareholder in the resort. Greene attests to having a good relationship with the other employees at the resort, but bemoans any one of them who doesn’t comply with the rules and regulations. The father of three observed that the hotel industry was currently facing trying times but

he is hoping for the best with respect to the Young Island Resort. “I hope for 2014, things improve and this institution continue. People don’t recognize some of the things Young Island is doing. Apart from hosting guests, Young Island provides persons with knowledge and skills, so that they can get a living for themselves and family. The directors are very easy persons to get along with, and they try their best to help the employees,” Greene said.

you..... that is the sacrifice you have made, and we really appreciate it,” said Browne. Following the staff recognition ceremony,

during which the honorees were presented with plaques depicting their years of service, an awards dinner rounded off what was indeed an

excellent night of appreciation for the long serving employees and management of the luxurious resort.




Tracy brought a unique expression of culture

accustomed as a boy, in SVG. According to Chester, Tracy sought to uplift and help Vincentians become aware of their identity through drama. “He created a wave in drama and theatre in a way no one else did, and made a significant contribution to the artistic Tracy Connell will be movement in remembered for his telling SVG,” Connell impact on the arts in SVG. added, while speaking to by HAYDN HUGGINS THE VINCENTIAN on Tuesday, shortly after VINCENTIAN his uncle was laid to rest RADIO/TELEVISION in the yard of the St. personality and journalist, George’s Cathedral, Chester Connell, says his Kingstown following a uncle, the late Tracy service at the Cathedral. Connell, brought a unique expression of culture to St. Leanings identified at Vincent and the an early age Grenadines, and invested as much of himself and his Chester, who had knowledge into anyone several exciting willing to learn. conversations with The Vincentian Tracy, said his uncle had cultural icon departed a passion for acting since this life January 3, he (Tracy) was a boy. following a brief illness, Chester recalled one 16 days before he would conversation in which have celebrated his 81st Tracy related how he birthday. experimented creatively Chester described his with drama from a very uncle as an actor, dancer, early age. thinker and creator, who According to Chester, sought to maintain the Tracy told him he made high standards of culture a parachute, placed a cat to which he was in it and threw it off the

‘tower of the St. Georges Cathedral. The cat landed safely. As a boy, Tracy enjoyed going to the movies. His favourites were those about ‘Cowboys and Indians’, and he would always be seen imitating the characters in those movies. Tracy was a keen sportsman, and played mainly football and cricket, while attending the St. Vincent Grammar School. However, Tracy’s dream was to become an actor, and at the age of 19 he left these shores for England, after making arrangements to join the Royal Air Force as a precursor to him getting into acting.

The England years While in England, Tracy spent about 20 years in acting school at the expense of the Royal Air Force. He did dancing, singing and acting. He learned fast, and on leaving acting school, he hired agents who found jobs for him as an actor. His stage name was Nik Zaran. In the 1960s, Tracy did commercials for Frys Cocoa and British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) and acted in the popular television series ‘The

Saint’ with Roger Moore. He also played parts in the epic movie ‘Cleopatra’ that starred Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. However, perhaps many Vincentians got to know Tracy for the first time when he acted in the popular movie ‘Shaft in Africa’. Vincentians were proud and fascinated to see their own on screen in the cinemas which were very popular then, as not many people had televisions.

His return to SVG On his return to SVG in the 1970s, Tracey immediately began what was to become a significant role in the cultural development of the country. He concentrated on dance and theatre,

tutoring several Vincentians who continue to contribute significantly to theatre and the arts generally in SVG. Tracy moved, on identifying the void in performing arts here, to found a theatrical company which staged several shows at the Peace Memorial Hall in Kingstown, including the phenomenal ‘That Christmas Feeling’ which he wrote, produced and directed in 1981. Actress and dancer Greta Chaffer of Trinidad and Tobago, who was here for Tracy’s funeral, specifically remembered performing with him at the Royal Albert Hall in London years ago. She was then Greta Ferrer. She noted that their performance followed that of the then unknown British group

There was always something ‘in character’ about Tracy. the ‘Beatles’, who would later rise to international fame. Greta told THE VINCENTIAN that she felt honoured to have been Tracy’s friend and dancing partner. Tracy’s wife Toni told this publication, “Tracy was the warmest, loveliest person you could meet, with the most generous heart. St. Vincent and the Grenadines has lost a great icon.” THE VINCENTIAN extends sincerest condolences to Tracy’s wife, Toni, his relatives and friends. We feel assured that this country is better off for having given birth to and benefited from the expertise of Tracy Connell. May his soul rest in peace.

Tracy Connell and Greta Chaffer née Ferrer as they appeared in an advertisement for British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC).


Aries (Mar. 21- April 20) You can get others to do things for you but be sure not to overpay them or lend them money. Do yourself a favor and leave your plastic at home. Work at home if at all possible. Anger might lead to carelessness and minor Injuries. You can write beautiful love letters this week. Taurus (Apr. 21- May 21) Try to satisfy both of your needs. Put your energy into self-improvement programs that promise to make you into a better you. Accept the inevitable. Make sure that you have all the pertinent facts before taking action. Gemini (May 22-June 21) Feeling under the weather may be a result of overindulgence. Uncertainties are still prevailing. Time spent with family, children, or good friends will be regenerating and positive. If you're already in a relationship, use this added energy passionately. Cancer (June 22-July 22) Don't gamble unless you can afford to lose. You will be ready to jump on anyone who gets in the way of your progress this week. Don't overspend on friends or children. Intellectual stimulation is what you are looking for. Leo (July 23-Aug 22) Don't make any unreasonable promises. Make love, not war, and all will be fine. Include the whole family or those you love. You will meet new romantic partners through the company you keep. Virgo (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Travel will turn out to be far more exciting than you imagined. Involvement in fitness clubs will be conducive to engaging roman tic connections. Lack of funds may add stress to your already uncertain situation. Your need to obtain additional details will lead you into strange topics of conversation.

Libra (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Move forward if you want to turn your life around. You may want to make drastic changes concerning your personal partner. Your talents are likely to be discovered. You need to be around friends and family. Scorpio (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Realize that you don't have to do everything yourself. Make changes in your domestic scene. Either way, you're up for a passionate encounter with someone special. Your emotional attitude with respect to your status and direction in society may be unrealistic. Sagittarius (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) You will be able to talk about emotional problems with your partner. Travel will also entice you. Deceit around you is evident. You can pick up information that will give you an edge. Capricorn (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Comfort is a necessity. Check your motives. Don't promise to deliver the goods if you aren't positive that you can meet the deadline. Get involved in competitive sports. Friends will appreciate your attention and playful nature. Travel opportunities look positive, but be cautious while driving. Aquarius (Jan. 21.- Feb. 19) Be sure to double-check the house on your way out. You will need to do a lot of research if you wish to get to the bottom of things. Interaction with colleagues will only be upsetting. Your own small business on the side sounds pretty lucrative. Pisces (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Others may want to steal your thunder when they realize your ideas are pretty solid. Family responsibilities are escalating. Don't let others know about your private affairs. Your uncanny insight will help you make the right choices.

ACROSS 1.__ Antonio 4. Lifesaving skill (abbr.) 7. Harper Valley gp. 10. Infant’s bed 12. “Bali __” 13. Movie meanie 14. “__ Keep” (procrastinator’s motto) 15. “Honeymooners” role for 2 Down (2 wds.) 17. Flat __ pancake (2 wds.) 19. Heredity initials 20. Issue forth 24. “The Lion King” lion 28. Orchestra member 30. Russian rejection 31. Be mistaken 32. Night sound 34. Pad 35. Hamelin pests 37. Specialized dictionary 39. Wood strips 41. Attaches 42. Unit of energy

44. Caustic chemical 45. Lingerie item 49. Ritzy 53. Dutch __ 54. Great amount 55. Ionian and Ross 56. Mem. of Congress 57. __ and don’ts 58. Decompose DOWN 1.Physics, e.g. (abbr.) 2. Actor Carney 3. Zilch 4. Defrauding 5. Memo __ 6. Orange peel 7. Double boiler 8. Besides 9. Abby’s twin 11. Flavorless 13. Wheat, for one 16. Switch positions 18. Notched tools 20. Pitchers 21. Fable’s message 22. Blood channel

23. “__ Gay” (famed plane) 25. Fanny Brice song (2 wds.) 26. Man’s facial hair 27. Lawyers (abbr.) 29. Tiny beads of rain 33. See at a distance 36. Beer mug 38. Percolates 40. Certain Upperclassmen (abbr.) 43. Top Olympic

medal 45. Comic Bill’s nickname 46. Wide street (abbr.) 47. Three Wise __ 48. Brit’s bath




room 50. Poetic “above” 51. __ Paulo (Brazilian city) 52. FDR’s successor




An ‘Ex’ getting between us knows what she is doing, but just does not seem to care. I have asked her MY HUSBAND and I are numerous times to back constantly arguing over off, but she just laughs his past relationship. He insists on remaining close at me in the most arrogant of ways. friends with his ex, and I am totally fed up told me that there is nothing I can do to change and do not want to do that.  I take opposition to what I really want to do; but if pushed any the relationship they are further, I might just do having, and although I have made myself clear in it. telling him that, I do not Enraged mind him being friendly with her by saying hello, Dear Enraged, etc. I am not expecting him to have her so close to Undoubtedly, this him; that it worries me.  I relationship your am not a jealous person, but I am not stupid either. husband has with his ex can cause the demise of He wants me to be OK your marriage, and he with him and her attending functions that I needs to listen up. The idea of him taking her to am unable to attend with enjoy a trip away from him and get this, George, home and taking your he won a trip for two to place is absolutely Barbados, and wanted to take her with him because horrendous, and he needs to immediately reI had to work.  He is driving me nuts, examine his decisionand I want it to stop and making abilities. Your husband has to stop now. His realize that those relationship with this privileges he wants to woman is destroying what we have, and he is afford to his ex should be reserved for you. He too blind to see it. She

Dear George,

My girlfriend is a lesbian Dear George,

needs to publicly endorse your position as wife to this ex of his, and let her know where her place is. Both of you need to revisit this issue, and I am advising that you

seek professional help in doing so if he continues to lend a deaf ear to your views on the matter.


My boyfriend lies repeatedly

I HAVE proof that my girlfriend is a lesbian, but she does not know that I know. She has apparently been keeping this secret from me for the past year or so. I have pictures and letters that she wrote to her lesbian friends. I love this woman more than life itself, and I know it is going to cause a possible breaking up between us, once I call her out on it. Should I ask her to choose between me and these women or should I just go on pretending that I do not know, hoping that in the end things will change for the better? I am hoping this is just a phase, and she will come back to loving and sleeping with me and only me.

Wonder Boy Dear Wonder Boy,

Dear George, I HAVE caught my boyfriend in one lie after the other, and every time he tries to give the best explanation there is. I just cannot get him to speak the truth. I have asked him on countless occasions what is he afraid of why he can’t speak the truth, but he would just say that he did not lie to me. He has all these women calling his phone and texting him, and he keeps on saying that they are just his regular friends — all lies. He lies and cheats more often than it rains, and I want to know how can I get him to stop.

Tired Dear Tired, It is one thing to lie, but it is another thing when the lies can directly impact your wellbeing. You can choose not to be in this relationship, and now that it is clear to you that he is a pathetic and pathological liar, it becomes your decision whether or not you want to continue having him in your life. You are better off getting out of this relationship, rather than using up your energies trying to get him to change. You do not want to spend the rest of your time with this guy, wondering if he is still sleeping around or not. My question is, how would you know when he is telling you the truth, given the history of lies? For this kind of situation, your boyfriend needs professional help, and it is your decision to make whether you love him enough to see him through this or not.


You have pictures and letters and knowledge of her being involved for at least a year or so, and you are still hoping it is a phase she is going through? If by some slim chance it is indeed a phase, the question is, are you OK with sitting by and waiting indefinitely for her to snap out of it? You need to confront the issue head-on, and let her know, that you know and that you are not OK with it, that you are willing to give the relationship a chance by asking that she make her mind up as to which sex she wants to be with. She needs to hear it from you that she cannot have both. The final decision lies with you and what you are comfortable with; but one thing is for sure, continuing in this pretense just to preserve your relationship is not the way to go, and you could be just prolonging the inevitable.





Three win in E.D. Layne raffle The elated Sports Council Manager said THREE PERSONS are now that he was taken by smiling after being surprise when he declared winners in the received the call Edwin D. Layne & Sons informing him that he Ltd. Christmas raffle. was a winner. He had Cecil Charles, already forgotten that he Manager of the National had placed his receipt in Sports Council, claimed a box at ‘Laynes’. It took the first prize of a one of his co-workers to Generator; Canouan remind him that he had resident Karen Rock took dropped the receipt in a the second prize of a box. Charles expressed Hamper; and Jomarie happiness on his McKie from Lowmans winning, and revealed Windward was awarded that he would be the third place prize of utilizing his prize at his an electric drill. work place. Charles and Rock Rock also expressed were on hand to collect happiness with her their prizes during a fortune. According to brief handing over her, it was the first time ceremony at the she was winning a gift, company’s main store, and she intended to Kingstown, last Friday. share it with family, “but by KENVILLE HORNE

LIME winners collect big OVER 120 lucky customers have collected their prizes in the LIME Share the Cheer Christmas Promotion. The promotion, launched on the 15th November 2013, made it possible for Kemuel Walters receiving thousands of Samsung Galaxy from Sophia LIME Williams. customers to win FREE gifts for the season. Prepaid customers gained entry into the draw each time they topped up $15 or more, while post-paid customers gained entry with every $15 of their bill they paid on time and in full. It has been an exciting Christmas season at LIME. Apart from the great deals offered on products and services, patrons got several opportunities to win Samsung Galaxy Tablets and Hams by completing their usual transactions. “We listened to our customers, and we are pleased with the investment we made to ensure that we shared the cheer with so many persons this season, ” said Nikala Williams — Marketing Evadney Charles (right) receiving Samsung Galaxy from Joycelyn Head at Collis. LIME.

not the cologne,” she declared with a broad smile. Manager at ED Layne & Sons Ltd. Leanora De Freitas congratulated the winners and thanked all those customers who have supported the company over the years.

L-R: Manager of E. D. Layne & Sons Mrs. Leanora De Freitas with winners Karen Rock and Cecil Charles. (Absent: Jomarie McKie)

V CCA assists kidney patient 24. FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 2014. THE VINCENTIAN


Crichton stated that Sergeant has relatives working with CCA, and explained that the company felt obligated to help, “especially when that person is in dire need.” The CCA/ PRO said she hoped the donation would provide some much needed relieve for Sergeant. Camille Crichton (left), PRO/CCA, presents a cheque to Sergeant, in Catherine Sergeant at Health Solutions Inc, the Dialysis response, Unit located at Beachmont. thanked CCA for by KENVILLE HORNE CCA, Camille Crichton, the donation. She said handed over a cheque for she appreciated the A FRIEND IN NEED is a US$3,000 to Sergeant to assistance very much, friend indeed, and this is assist with her medical and was hopeful that a what CCA, a subsidiary of expenses. little more help would be Canouan Resort Crichton explained forthcoming. Development (CRD) that the money would go The Richland Park Limited, is to kidney towards paying for resident, a former patient Catherine Sergeant’s dialysis employee at the Sergeant. treatment at the Health Metrocint General On Wednesday, Public Solutions Inc. located at Insurance Co. Ltd., said Relations Officer of Beachmont. she has been on dialysis

SDA joins in relief efforts ones in the tragedy were visited, ministered to and prayed for by representatives of the church, including the President, Pastor Dermoth Baptiste, and Communication Director, Evangelist Claudius Morgan. They were encouraged to trust God for their healing and comfort, and to be assured of the fact that Jesus knows all about pain, tragedy President of the SVG Mission of Seventh-Day and death, and can comfort Adventists Dermoth Baptiste (centre) assists their aching hearts and mend their broken spirits. with meals for persons affected by flooding In addition to the effort in in Rose Bank. Rose bank, community services members and THE SDA MISSION of Seventh-day Pathfinder groups were actively Adventists on New Year’s Day and on engaged in assisting in the cleaning of Thursday, January 02, distributed houses in the South Rivers and over 800 meals during a feeding Vermont communities. A special gift programme for residents of Rose of love and thanksgiving was Bank, who were displaced and collected, as part of the disaster relief seriously impacted by Christmas effort, during the SDA churches’ New Eve’s flooding, resulting in massive Year’s services. devastation and loss of lives. The ADVENTISTS Administrators, directors, pastors DEVELOPMENT AND RELIEF and community services leaders were AGENCY (ADRA) will be partnering all part of the distribution with local SDA churches in the programme. In addition to the food response and recovery efforts. distribution, the residents were The SDA church is in sympathy entertained with gospel music, and and solidarity with the Government, during those sessions, many testified people, relief agencies and families and praised Almighty God for seeing who suffered loss of lives and them through the terrible ordeal. materials in this catastrophe. The surviving members of the (Contributed) Nanton family who lost five loved

since January 2013. She uses the Dialysis machine at Health Solutions Inc twice a week, at a cost of $ 500 per visit. With her voice descending into a frail manner, she noted, “I have to find some source to help me.” CRD Ltd., which has presided over the construction of the Canouan International Airport (CIW), Tamarind Beach Hotel and Yacht Club (TBH), Canouan Resort at Carenage Bay, numerous general purpose and luxury homes and villas, the CCA Warehouse, a state of the art Marina, and the Canouan Police Station, continues to play a significant philanthropic role in this country’s development.

Concert to bring Hope Taylor of the Hope for SVG Committee, the name given to the organising committee for the concert, mobilizing the Christian community has come about as “it Prime Minister Dr. Ralph really is our Gonsalves and Opposition responsibility to do Leader Arnhim Eustace will bring our part. It is messages of hope and unity at ours, first and the ‘Hope Concert’ scheduled for foremost, to lead this Sunday. the way in helping our brothers and by GLORIAH…. sisters who have suffered loss of this magnitude.” PRIME MINISTER Dr. He assured that “Not Hon. Ralph Gonsalves and only will we be making the Leader of the tangible contributions, but Opposition Hon. Arhnim also praying. We will not Eustace will address the only pray for the victims, nation with messages of but also for the whole hope and unity from the nation…… including the same platform. leaders, that they may The platform will be find strength, favour and provided at an event grace to find the help dubbed, ‘Hope Concert — An Evening of Prayer and needed, because the problem is a huge one.” Praise’, to be held this ‘Hope Concert — An Sunday, 12th January, at Evening of Prayer and Victoria Park. Praise’ will be an The event is a charity inspiration for those concert, no entry charge, present, as it will feature and patrons will show their solidarity with those several worship teams, affected by donating food, singing uplifting songs and encouraging an clothing and cash. atmosphere of praise. According to Mr. Fidel




‘Fya Empress’ joins Roy Cape’s line-up season. another, entitled 2014 International Soca ‘Fya Empress’, Thus far for 2014, ‘Fya ‘Earthquake 7.5’, Monarch in T&T, and seen here THIS COUNTRY’S reigning Empress’ has released to produced by Neil apart from performing performing at the Ragga Soca the radio waves, a song Bernard. with Roy Cape All Stars Vincy Mas 2013 Monarch, Lornette ‘Fya entitled ‘Ah Ketch it’, The Tobago-based for the season, she has Ragga Soca Empress’ Nedd, has been produced by Andrew recording and performing already been booked for finals, has been added to the vocals line-up ‘Hitz’ Phillip of Grenada. artiste has plans to be a major fetes in Trinidad busy touring and of the internationally She is soon to release strong contender at the and Tobago. recording. renowned Roy Cape All Stars Band for the 2014 T&T carnival season. ‘Fya Empress’ now complements the male by GLORIAH… ballads to up-tempo rhythms, Club was vocals of the already to an authentic Bob Marley adjudged established Blaxx. The Achievers Toastmasters reggae rendition. Crowd According to the Club, the first Toastmasters The competitors were: from Favourite. Vincentian song bird, she club to be chartered here, held the Achievers TM Club — The is “honoured and ready its second Annual Kenrife Matthias, Sheryl Champion Toastmasters Karaoke to take up the mantle of Matthews and Suraiya Club for one Competition Saturday, Hadaway; from the Creative year was the female vocals to December 21, at the Time Out Thinkers TM Club — Kamora the accompany the world Café located at the Kingstown Bynoe and Westford Joseph; Achievers renowned Roy Cape All Cruise Terminal. from the Imperial Champions TM Club. Stars.” The event, dubbed TM Club — Lisa Hussain and A ‘Penny This comes after ‘Fya ‘Toastmasters Got Talent’, saw Denisha Cuffy; and from the Karaoke’, Empress’s’ successful competitors representing the Dynamic Leaders Club — involving Kamora Bynoe Kenrife Matthias accepts T&T carnival season in three clubs (Achievers, Cloreena James and Shonel the receives certificate and certificate and trophy 2013, with her soca hit, Creative Thinkers and Imperial Delpesche. audience, trophy from Division from Division Governor ‘Rum Please’, which led Champions) involved in the Toastmaster Kenrife followed. Governor Nigel Scott. Nigel Scott. her into the inaugural contest, and Matthias of the Achievers TM This International Soca not only for the sake of newcomers Dynamic Leaders Club was awarded the trophy produced much enjoyment and Monarch finals. a contest, but also to give Toastmasters Club. for Best Male Singer; while contributed to the success of She is currently back Toastmasters an opportunity to Each competitor rendered a Toastmaster Kamora Bynoe of the event. in T&T after completing meet and interact socially. He song of his/her choice, then a the Creative Thinkers TM Club According to a member of tours to the Caribbean, believes that other clubs could random Christmas song chosen was awarded Best Female the Organizing Committee, Europe and North from a bag. First-round Singer; and Shonel Delpesche Toastmaster Reynold Baptiste, use the event to generate ideas America, and is readying selections ranged from soulful of the Dynamic Leaders TM the competition was organised for other such events. herself for the carnival by KENVILLE HORNE

Second TM Karaoke Contest a success




Windwards players improving fitness level competition. However, CEO of the Windwards Board, Lennox John, said TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT OFFICER (TDO) for cricket that he is still awaiting word from in the Windward Islands, Irvin Warrican,is part of a the TnT Cricket Board about team assigned to getting the St. Vincent and the finalising the arrangements. Windwards’ players ‘cooling down’ after a hectic session. Grenadines (SVG) players who are part of the Seven regional teams and Ireland, Windwards squad, in tip top shape. have been split into two groups, with Inset: TDO Irvin Warrican (foreground) has a smile and an eye for The players are preparing for the West Indies the Windwards playing in Group A his cares. Wicketkeeper Lindon James is also pictured. Super50 tournament, which bowls ofF in Trinidad alongside Jamaica, Ireland and at month end. Guyana, while Group B comprises Trinidad Ministry of Tourism, will be played over a Warrican told THE VINCENTIAN at Monday’s TnT, Barbados, the Leewards and CCC. two-week period with matches in both Trinidad and training session at the main Arnos Vale Playing The Windwards will begin their campaign on Tobago. Field, that a programme is being conducted to January 31st against Jamaica at the Queens Park The Windwards won the 2013 title after easily ensure that all players meet the required level of Oval. TnT will face the Combined Campuses and beating the CCC by nine wickets, via the fitness and discipline prior to the selection of the Colleges (CCC) on February 1, also at the Queen’s Duckworth/Lewis system route, in the final at the teams. Park Oval. “In the past, players, after being selected, refused The tournament, which is being sponsored by the Kensington Oval. to do any meaningful training, and turned up for matches unfit and carrying injuries which they hid from the team management……we are not allowing this to happen this time,” Warrican said, as he looked over his charges going through their paces. According to the former Windwards off spinner, players will be involved in running and fielding “I AM JUST ENJOYING the 2013 West Indies further stated. exercises on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at A FEELING of Super50 title, and was “I had a good the main Arnos Vale Playing Field, while on contentment. I am very rewarded for his tournament in Dominica Saturdays the venue will be the Sion Hill Playing happy with my successful year by leading up to the Field, where net sessions will take place. He said achievement, still capturing the Senior regional Super50 and that there are also plans for a practiCe match humble and working Cricketer of the Year and was rewarded when I got between the Windwards selectees and a SVG team, hard to do my best Best All-Rounder awards a call up to represent the at a venue to be decided. whenever I step on a at the recent St Vincent Windward Islands team,” Warrican said that the remaining players from cricket field.” and the Grenadines Bobb said, but admitted the other islands of Dominica, Grenada and St. So said Windward Annual Cricket Awards that he was not happy Lucia are to be monitored in a similar manner by Islands all-rounder ceremony. He was also with his first game for coaches and selectors. Alston Bobb during a among the top five the Windwards. He He indicated that the attendance of players will break in a training named cricketers of the improved as he went also be monitored by way of a register which will be session of the Windward year. along, “with the support done on a daily basis, and this is being done to Alston Bobb is pleased Islands players, as they “I wanted to make a from other established ensure that the players maintained a high level of with his current form, prepared for the valuable contribution to players in the team.” discipline and commitment. and has set himself a Regional 2014 Super50 the team’s success, and Bobb was also part of SVG, which won both the Windwards Two-day lofty goal. and four-day winning the Super50 was the SVG team that won and T20 competitions last year, gained ten picks in tournaments. a great achievement for both the WINLOTT the 24-man squad selected after the tournaments. upcoming season, Bobb Bobb was part of the me, in fact one of my 20/20 and the two-day As part of the preparations, the Windwards are has his eyes on filling the Windward Islands senior greatest achievements,” Windward Islands expected to travel to Trinidad for two warm-up spot opened up by the cricket team that won the leg arm spinner tournament last year. matches against the host, before moving into the He confessed to not being absence of Shane Shillingford, the at his best in the 20/20 Windwards’ leading tournaments and cited wicket taker. his improved He admits it is not an performance in the twoNINE (9) TEAMS will contest the Operation Nar Fren Dem, ASCO On Sunday, Mespo Combine day tournament, as being easy undertaking, but “if second edition of the Marriaqua 1, Dutch Lady Clinchers, Mespo oppose ASCO 1 from 3pm given the opportunity, I responsible for him Netball Tournament which Combine, Lime Hill Shotters and followed by Sea Operation Nar retaining his place in the am up for it. I have been opened last Sunday at the Barrouallie. Fren Dem against Lime Hill thinking about it a lot Windward Islands Richland Park Government hard In the exhibition game Shotters from 4pm. while talking to other Super50 team. court. following the official opening, R.P Matches in the tournament “My success I will say players trying to get The teams will compete in one Ballers outplayed Full Loaded will be played at the Richland some feedback, but I am is basically hard work, division. The four top teams will Boys, 59-20. Park Government school hard up for the challenge,” he trying to stay fit, then contest the semifinals to Matches in the tournament court on weekends. The assured. working on my determine the finalists for the will officially shoot off this tournament is expected to finish Bobb represents concentration, trying to championship title. weekend. On Saturday, High in mid-February to accommodate Victors One in the local keep it simple and The teams taking part in this Park United will take on 3 J’s the national netball tournament. premier division cricket sticking to the basics,” year’s tournament are High Park Valley Strikers from 3pm, and competition. Bobb explained. United, 3 J’s Valley Strikers, from 4pm Star Girls face Ever I.B.A.ALLEN Looking ahead to the Everready Future Stars, Sea Ready Future Stars. I.B.A.ALLEN by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT

Bobb feeling on top of his game

Marriaqua Netball Tournament opens

V Ollivierre heavily tipped for SVGFF 1st VP post 28. FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 2014. THE VINCENTIAN


Championships. Information shows that a total of four persons have indicated an interest in contesting the position, which is charged with responsibilities for technical matters. Recent reports said that Third Vice-president Elroy Boucher had withdrawn his candidacy. Boucher told THE VINCENTIAN that he was nominated without his knowledge, and had Bert Francois will move to no hesitation in declining have an amendment to the a chance to move up, since Kenton Ollivierre is heartened by constitution to curtail the he was happy with his problems associated with the show of support for his current position. voting at FF meetings. candidacy. The four, as named by the SVGFF, who would be by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT seeking the position are Clemroy Francois, Kenton ST. VINCENT AND THE Ollivierre, Wayne Grant and GRENADINES Football Osborne Bowens. Federation has served The four are men close to notice to its affiliates that the sport, and have been the process to elect a new involved in administration at First Vice-president to fill certain levels. However, the vacant post created by indications based on the resignation of Lloyd investigations by THE Small, will take place this VINCENTIAN are that Saturday, January 11th Ollivierre, a businessman, 2014, at its office at appears to be the Bentick Square in overwhelming favourite to be Kingstown. elected on Saturday. Small resigned a few “I am humbled to know that months ago, citing a people see me in that light, number of concerns within and this can only be as a the executive, including result of my contribution to Osborne Bowens will hope for an that of match-fixing in football here…….I am a League and Club upset.

professional and have been doing things which will develop the sport over the years,” Ollivierre, the longserving president of Campdonia Chelsea, said. Indications are that at least one other person may withdraw from the race before Election Day. The lead-up to decision day has been drenched in its usual eyebrow-raising incidents. Branded by many as an organisation in a long standing relationship with controversy, the SVGFF appeared to have reaffirmed this bond with the content of its release advertising the meeting. The first part of the release, according to one sports administrator, seemed designed to shut out some people who have been close to the sport but vocal in their criticism of the current Venold Coombs-led administration. The initial part of the release said; ‘Please be inform that there would be a meeting of all financial affiliates on Saturday 11th January, 2014 at the FF office from 10.00 am’. The SVGFF does not have the authority to stop members of clubs, leagues or teams from attending any of its general meetings, but it can refuse non-financial members from

voting on issues and matters relating to the administration of the game, a former executive member of THE SVGFF told the VINCENTIAN. Francois, a current committee member of the SVGFF, who was instrumental in assisting with the drafting of the Federation’s constitution, described the suggestion as per the release as, “Stupidness,” adding, “Everybody who voted at the last meeting still have the Right to vote in any elections…..this sort of release would lead people into thinking that there is a hidden agenda…..I do not support this.” Francois is making efforts to have an Amendment to the constitution tabled at the meeting, The amendment seeks to limit the number of problems which occur during voting in elections at football meetings. “We cannot continue to have this set of arguments every time we come to voting, with clubs who just surface at election time having so much say,” Francois said. The agenda for Saturday as outlined by the release is ‘Update on some Financial matters” and the election of the 1st VP of the SVGFF’.

West Indies in New Year win

Dwayne Bravo celebrates his century during a Man-of-the-Match display. (Photo credit: AP)

THE WEST INDIES Cricket team gave their followers at home something to cheer about when they trounced New Zealand’s Blacks Caps in a historic win to level the five-match series. The diehards have skipper Dwayne Bravo and Kirk Edwards to thank as the two added one century each to take their side to 363 for four, the highest total in any one-day cricket match. The score means the West Indies have beaten their previous record oneday total of 4-360 against Sri Lanka in the 1987 World Cup. Opener Kieron Powell, who made 73 runs from 44 balls, got the Windies off to a flying start from which they never looked back. Edwards and Bravo came together at 3-143 and ended up putting on 211, the highest partnership for the West Indies in one-

dayers against New Zealand. Edwards’ century was his first in ODIs, and he ended unbeaten on 123 in an 108-ball knock that included 12 fours and four sixes. Bravo’s century was his second in his 154-ODI career. He closed on 106, having been caught at third man. The total proved too much for New Zealand in its run chase. The Windies bowlers made light work of the Black Caps batsmen, sending them packing for a measly 160, just short of the 30-over mark. Martin Guptill (6), Jesse Ryder (17), Kane Williamson (16), Ross Taylor (9) and skipper Brendon McCullum (6) were all gone by the time the score reached 65. Kyle Mills led some lower-order resistance and got the only six of the New Zealand innings before he was run

Kieron Powell (left) and Dwayne Bravo celebrate an historic West Indies win. out. Windies left-arm spinner Nikita Miller finished with 4 for 45, while Bravo followed up his century with a miserly 1 for 12 off five overs, and was duly named Man of thye Match, The West Indies’ 203

runs victory means the series ended tied at 2-2, with one game washed out. The two teams will now play a two-match Twenty 20 series beginning in Auckland on Saturday, Jan. 11th. (Source: News Americas)




‘Ras’ Kebajah looking for more success by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT

The ‘Bird’ and Wilfred Slack LEROY ‘Bird’ Sardine will be laid to rest tomorrow Saturday, January 11 in his home village of Troumaca. Bird was 72, but his innings is worth more than that. He was not a batsman per se. In fact he made his mark as a fast bowler. One with a slim physique up to the time of his death, Bird generated a lively pace with a smooth action. He was a committed and serious cricketer. I saw him at the Troumaca Playing Field in rivalry with one Mervin Cordice. Those were the serious days. Mervin would challenge Bird one on one. And I recall Mike Findlay coming to Bird’s support once. Mervin edged far and high to the slips. But he didn’t cater for the athleticism of Mike Findlay. Mervin migrated to Canada where he still resides. Mike Findlay went on to represent the West Indies. Bird kept his interest in cricket, and his contribution to humanity is part of the ongoing Troumaca legacy. Bird was also a cultural activist. He was a fulltime pan man. He established himself with many of the Steel Orchestras around the city area. He ventured out of the village in search of opportunities of advancement. But he remained close to his roots and returned there long ago to live out his existence. Bird has some brothers, and they too have their stories of cricket pedigree. One Eldon, title given as Samuel, lived on the Windward side and in fact was killed there. His family lineage produced Delorn Johnson whose name has surfaced at the West Indies circle. Another brother Cal Lewis was a baker. He worked at Petit Bordel for some time, and he was a driving force in the transformation of a banana field into the Petit Bordel Playing Field. Bird’s death comes around the same time memories flash to Wilfred Norris Slack. Born December 15, 1954, Slack died in Banjul, Gambia January 15, 1989. Slack joined his parents in England at the age of 11. He worked his way into the cricket circles and played three Test matches for England. Such was Slack’s impact for the Middlesex County team, that one of their outlying grounds, the former Barnet Council Ground on East End Road Finchley was renamed The Wilf Slack Ground Finchley in 1995. Slack was part of the Windward Islands outfit in the domestic tournaments of 1982 and 83. He carved out a famous victory against Barbados at Kensington oval against bowlers like Wayne Daniel, Ezra Moseley and Albert Padmore, with an unbeaten 68 to guide the Windward past 241 for victory. He shared partnerships of 113 with Norbert Phillip, and 48 with Lockhart Sebastien. Slack was again at Arnos Vale when the Windwards pulled off s stunning triumph against Barbados. That attack was spearheaded by Malcom Marshall who bowled not stop for the innings as the Windwards chased down 132 to win. Slack’s record at the highest level was not by any means stunning. His highest test score was 52 in Antigua in a partnership of 127 with Graham Gooch. It was while on a tour with a Cavaliers squad that Slack collapsed while batting. He was rushed to the hospital but never recovered. Post mortem revealed a damaged artery. Suggestions are that, had the matter been properly diagnosed, Slack could have been outfitted with a pace maker and may have been alive today. This year, Slack would have turned 60. His country was prepared to honour him by providing for the setting up the Wilf Slack Nets at the Arnos Vale Playing Field. Persons here have called for some form of recognition for Slack. There have been appeals that some signs be erected to point persons to the house in which he was raised here. With the Troumaca Playing Field having become a political football, the time is rife that steps be taken to establish some symbol in Troumaca to mark Slack’s journey on earth. A Playing Field would be an additional legacy. There are ample choices for the stands at that ground, including persons like the ‘Bird’ himself, Mike Findlay and Reggie Bentick.

THE TRIANGLE Tennis Academy has enjoyed a high level of success within recent times, and Coach “Kebajah” King, who is assisted by Samantha Goodluck, is looking forward to the next twelve months, with plenty of great expectations of his young players. Known to players and parents alike as ‘Ras’, the coach appears to have set up a good rapport with all and sundry as he goes about his sessions for hours on end, each and every day at the National Lotteries Tennis Facility on the site formerly known as the ‘The Triangle’. According to ‘Ras’, he has a membership of about 100 players, and he tries his best to dedicate his time and efforts, not only to making them better players, but also positive and respectful human beings. “I try my best to make sure that they eat the right way…..practise good manners and etiquette, even make suggestions or give advice on school matters,” he said in between giving instructions about playing a better shot to a player on court. ‘Ras’, who competed with distinction against some of the country’s top players during his playing days, feels that assisting many of the young players is his way of contributing to the sport, since in his time he did not have the type of attention shown to him by the top players. “The players pay a fee, but I am not in this for the money because I can make much more by sitting at my machine at Edinboro,” Ras, a tailor by profession, said. He said that when the young players come to the sessions, they are asked to be punctual, properly attired and to bring

along the required equipment. He said that as a rule, no tablet and ipods are to be on display. “They are here to play tennis, and that must be the focus,” the muscles in his face moving from relax to taut. He cites the hard work as paying dividends, and refers to participation in the 2013 ITF Coca Cola tournament in St. Lucia, where the players acquitted themselves exceptionally well. “We were very professional in our approach in the lead-up to the tournament, and when we got there, we continued and maintained that level throughout….for instance in the practice sessions, we went to the court very early so that when the other teams came, we were already warmed, while they got about half hour or so ‘knock up’,” he said. He, however, pointed out that after the tournament, in the post mortem some parents who travelled with the team were concerned with the early hours the children were awakened, but themselves admitted that it aided with their

Amarlia Benn, one of the leading players attached to the Triangle Tennis Academy. Gabrielle Benn showing off the silverware that hard work has earned. success in the end. In assessing the 2013 period, ‘Ras’ was elated with the returns as his players took many of the aged titles on the local scene, or were runnersup and even enjoyed international and regional success. The Benn twins Gabrielle and Amarlia were undoubtedly the leading players, with a total of nineteen trophies between them in doubles and singles play, while Alexi Humphrey, adjudged the Most Improved Player in 2013, teamed up with a fast improving Anatasia White to beat the twins

in the New Year’s Day U14 final, to grab some attention. The next big outing for the Academy is a tour to Barbados and Trinidad later this year.

Alexi Humphrey, one of the rising stars from the Coach Kebajah ‘Ras’ King’s camp.



CASMORE ELROY MC DOWALL Sunrise: 2nd April, 1957 Sunset: 28th Dec, 2013 The New Life Prayer Tabernacle South Rivers Sunday 12th January, 2014 Service at 3:00 p.m.

DESMOND HARRIS ROBERTS WILSON Paradise SDA Church Vermont Sunday 5th January, 2014 Service at 3:00 p.m.



Born: February 14th, 1933 Died: December 19th, 2013 Cathedral of the Assumption Kingstown Tuesday 7th January, 2014 Service at 3:00 p.m.

Sunrise: 23rd Oct, 1995 Sunset: 25th Dec, 2013 S.D. Adventist Church Barrouallie Thursday 9th January, 2014 Service at 2:30 p.m.



Age: 96 Years Chauncey Methodist Church Saturday 4th January, 2014 At 3:00 p.m.

6W-RVHSK¶V5& Church Belle Vue Saturday 4th January, 2014 Service at 2:00 p.m.

The National Newspaper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines


A.I. REAL ESTATE Carapan 140,402 sq.ft @ $10.00 p.s.f. - $1,404,020.00 - BB489 Park Hill 5,789 sq.ft @ $4.50 p.s.f. - $26,050.50 - BB485



JANUARY 10, 2014

VOLUME 108, No.02

Byrea Mountain 4 acres with banana shed - $42,960.00 - BB486 Other listings are available Phone: 457-2087 Fax: 457-1382 Toll Free (USA): 866-978-0951 718-732-0545 Email: Website:


SAMUEL MOURNS FOR HER MISSING SISTER Mavis Samuel is still trying to come to grips with the probability that her sister’s body might never be found.

Shirley Ann Edwards was washed away by ravaging waters that engulfed her home at Buccament.

Houses were dismantled by the might of the gushing waters. (Photo: Don de Riggs)

Shirley journeyed to Lowmans Hill with hair accessories and dry A VERY DISTRAUGHT Mavis Samuel of coconuts to sell. She was not too Lowmans Hill visited THE VINCENTIAN successful, so she left for home last Monday, 6th January, to describe around 7:00pm, after eating some what she surmised was a tragedy of dinner. immense proportions. Shirley reportedly returned the Ms. Samuel is the sister of thirtyfollowing day, Christmas Eve, and six year old Shirley Anna Edwards also left around 7:00 pm to catch a who reportedly lost her life in flood van to Buccament. The rains were waters at Buccament, during the already pouring at this time, and Christmas low trough weather system 11:00 pm she still had not caught any which affected St. Vincent and the transportation. Her daughter, Grenadines. Shanika, a Fourth Form student of According to Samuel, her sister the Bishop’s College Kingstown, Shirley, originally from Rose Hall, begged her to stay in Lowmans. A lived at Buccament with her neighbour from Buccament was said boyfriend, Earl Jack. Shirley’s two to have given Shirley a ride to her children lived at Lowmans Hill with home. their grandmother, Stella Roberts. Samuel told THE VINCENTIAN On Monday 23rd December, that she was informed by her sister’s by GLORIAH…

boyfriend that he and Shirley were in the house together when they heard a funny sound and decided to look outside. “The water had come up real high and they had to get out,” she recounted. Just after they got out of the house, she went on, a huge quantity of water came and pulled it from its foundations, driving it into a dislodged tree. By then, the couple was holding each other’s hands, but the tree fell between them, separating them in the process. “He (the boyfriend) said he didn’t know where the water took her, but he found his feet tangled in barbed wires,” lamented Samuel. “Police help him but they never find she,” she cried sorrowfully. “I don’t know where she could be; maybe

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somewhere covered-up by sand and stone by the river mouth or the sea down there.” When asked how the family is coping, Samuel reported that her niece had cried hysterically for a whole day, until her eyes were swollen, after they received the news from the police. Her son “is just walking up and down, confused. I feel real stressed out and sad. “Sometimes when I lie down, I could still hear her calling, ‘Mave, Mave, hold the dog!’ I always used to tell she to come back home where she would be more comfortable, but she never come,” Samuel said. Up to press time, Wednesday, Shirley Edwards’s body was still not found.

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